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#1499 - Aron Snyder

2020-06-30 | 🔗
Aron Snyder is the President at Kifaru international, and also the host of the KifaruCast podcast available on Apple Podcasts.
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sure that they know that we sent you my guest today is a good friend of mine have been friends this guy for a long time, and he is one of them hard CORE backpacking Bow Hunter deeds on the planetary spends like two hundred and fifty two is a year sleeping under the stars in the wilderness, and he is one of the guys it runs to follow. Cathedral is a hard core. Backpacking company and you just an interesting dude. I always of talking to him and talking about his experiences and his wife in his trips and all the craziness that has been through. Please give it out for my friend Aaron Schneider, the job will gain experience. You see my did this See you I am. I had been pestered about. Four main times are: when you get Non Robins Pakistan, we're gonna, yes Grogan! I don't. I don't know so when you finally asked them like Hulu, I was excited, have like I've made it
Why so many people have asked me when you have worn you're sure this people at work? What does a shirt rhino sure? What is that that can follow? That's your backpack company. And because more than this on the park as people who, when you gonna get snored wrong. When you didn't moon area ab should break its old. I am have to respect the amount of people it. How can you changed your phone number unless Kenya, multiple the I'd, keep it? move. You gotta, keep move, I might have to copy you, and I've got one tenth of the following. You do I just there it's hard to keep keep up and people express how sensitive they get. When you don't respond, your mouth like they get angry Deanna! Like me, I've had guys like, I know, you're, not that busy. My really you don't people get real weird, but that stuff when they want something. You know it's like, there's something the text, you and then, if you don't tax on right back I'll, send you question marks like question question come on man, it gets its we're trying to
the little than I know where I would end up in life compared you know, work and where I started from an in now was it's funny. Might my life. She knew me in we met in O seven. They never found. No computer lived in the woods slap on a firmer. Their mantra. Do you know a phone or a computer and oh seven, it was bad. You know what I think got a flip flown right around the timeframe and our sleeping on a gun, and this is a noble sit story. She'll tell you, I had gotten divorced and I kind of made this you know do whatever I yet. I wanted to highlight get on the woods lot, so I slept on a firmer EST air mattress in my. U, you bring checks over there like lackeys s yeah, I didn't have the seed of twenty four its wide backpacking, your masters. I slept. On that- and to save you, no money for Waiver Huntington outdoors and then she- and I you know I grant for while we were apart for several years and we got back together
fuck. Are you like we're in Walmart election? I are that a friend of yours and I have no idea who that is, He skipped all that time and then I'm marketing and wired and all the time she's like are you different person, a different body, because I was not different acting she just. She said she knew me as the low tech do just with anti. You know it's all because of your podcast leg, in that We were in and then gritty bomb and before that, yet all that stuff forums in Vienna, whatever all that different stuff, I did well known and then get went from there. Without world the world of outdoor Tuesday, s and backpack hunters is such a rabid world, the guys we're really into that people don't Stan, it's like. You combined ultra marathon running rocking and hunting together. It's kind of all those things because its
large amounts of them on the package before- and I know I brought you up before, but this is it some that world it's the combination of athletes. I dont like when people called bow hunting sport because I think it's more of disappoint. It's a weird thing called a sport, because it's not like there's a game going on it's it's your hunting and animal yeah, but it's a discipline but it also requires athleticism and requires the kind of work out that I mean it if you're gonna be able to make it fifteen miles into the back country with a forty pounds. Pack on you have to be in Ain't shape and you're gonna be able to get out with an animal on your back and multiple trips. It could take several days like the amount that just a taxing affected. On the human body so the guys at her into that shit when they run into garlic you that's legit. They get very rapid, its croquettes crazy examiners. There are well, I would say, on cam, kicked it off right. He was now the not there. You know people get sensitive about.
That can was not the original, but can was the original that everybody knew it, and I made a book to ask a great book. When he was a guy that you no going back like he was the first one to promote backpack hunting with a platform like I'm at the first. Stick bow guy right, first, it will give the platform you don't owe me like I'm. The first do. Did she to recur vat It is somewhat known where for people who don't fall hunting, let me explain you Erin got to shooting with a compound bow, which is probably one of the hardest ways. The HANS we decided shoot with a fuckin like a medieval bow. Let's talk about how they got started so I was I was. I was you in fact. I made fun of stick, though guys like I was bad like. I was truly mean to like somebody, come down you're innocent people and understand when you got one and arrange you ve, one long line, and you ve got targets on the far right, which is like the five pound wasted, the Jim and the far left. You ve got two two hundred pound dumbass. That's a hundred yards bail.
So I'm over two hundred yards Bell, shooting Reinhard eighteen and one hundred hundred twenty, and I would have stiff bow guys come down. To me and tell me I'm on ethical for shooting that distance and I would be like you- can hit the bail down there, ten yards Europe did the chump side. Would you given you know me shit for any? I gotta tell you your unethical first, shooting at a target. We are practising their range like what were they? It was weird it with weird, and why is that want to do that they want to you. What you are doing is wrong. I don't human nature I guess, and now I ended up doing a podcast talked about you. God forbid, you break down mathematically right. You can break down the speed of an arrow in the accuracy and you take a guy. You know shooting whatever two hundred and ninety ft per second. How long does it take his arrow to get to eighty yards? How long does it take an arrow to get from? You know one hundred and seventy five per second to thirty five yards. So I can't even all that up and said. Well, here's apples to apples, oranges, Georgia! Does it
I got hate mail. I mean you're a horrible honneur you're, using your ability instead of hunting skills, you know to shoot and such like Phuket, I sold everything I had ever come on every side. Every airline didn't want that temptation, and, unlike I'm gonna, shoot up we'll see right. I will see how good I can get good I'd never shut to stick, but as though you Just because of people's reaction to you, you decided to go to a recur via the underprivileged as but for people, honest and the difference. So this can be absorbed by people, dont hunt the difference it when you have it, how about you have a site compounds that will allow you to scroll out. You could roll out like some ice It is set at thirty yards, its words normally set out, but you go all the way to a hundred and twenty yards, and one does is it raises your pen, changes? Were the pain goes up and down and the pain is how you aim so he can get really accurate, Savior,
I campaigns, I mean he. Could he shoots at a hundred yards? All the time and you know he can get into a small group at a hundred yards John Dudley. The same thing: it's very accurate, whereas with a re bow, there's no sight, you're doing it with the point of your arrow in Europe You have to practice much more and it's like thrown a rock like you get a vague eastward over time. You gonna get a feel of where you can throw that rock yeah drone that Iraq was lot harder. That is going to be, let me so very goal oriented and I I've at it a problem which is much he I don't remember, get a losing intimates animal spoil, loser, I'm psychotic! When I lose it, something like my wife will take other tournaments first thing I do when I get home, I'm heaven or filmy breaking down things, so I thought well,
we're going to see. If I can, if these people are right, I'm going to I'm going to find out I'm going to do nothing but trad, and so traditional traditional archery and iso I'm lucky enough, he for Tom come right in his like their yoda of traditional archery. So I go to with a wad of cash and I'm like and they've got several hundred acres. I've got my k, I'm going to shoot a stick, bug guys and they're like they've seen you mean shoot. A compound are like cool, but let's get you set up and I'm thinking that good hand, eye coordination and shouldn't be a problem. Fuck man, I'm like I went from shooting 50a taxes on a five spot. On average, two, I can't hit the target it twenty art and, unlike Ho Ho, this isn't what I've a salary curveball a couple times. What did it recently in Hawaii like last summer, and they had like some range out there in the region, Both you eager chewed. It's amazing how difficult it is to hit something if you don't have any experience doing that
and I was lucky- is ahead the whole family there to help me right there. You know it's like you, haven't Dudley and keen eye right They took me under their wing in their explain in this, and so I got what I thought was good, pretty fast, which forty artistic thus far, but I d and hunted. Yet you know until the night I go out and I don't remember, I shot that black bear and you know I'm within forty yards of it twenty minutes and in my mind, I'm going to hit you would be so dead. If I had my compound, I just couldn't get a shot and I finally squeaked it in missed it at like eighteen yards and I'm like she's and Tom had told me this. He said you're going to get two or three shots Will they don't get on here? The boat they dont landed by its feed conflict around and unlike? Oh, I'm not gonna, miss you against scattered on the second shot, and am I got this, isn't a gang
get this regional have any qualms about hunting with how long did it take before you felt ethical enough to hunt with it? Will I hunted within three months? Did you feel that was a smart move or do you feel like you rushed it? Well, let me I was psychotic shooting ten hours a day like I was shooting constantly. So, if indeed I think I was fine, they had the coaching. I had to help and I had accuracy I could hit I'm out doing well to what I had to compare to around me. I was like okay. This is good, so I didn't feel like I went into it. Unethical, like I couldn't hit. What I was aiming at, but I didn't have experienced. You look at knowledge and wisdom right knowledge, you're reading about it wisdom you're experiencing it wife thought what I knew from shooting a compound. My hunting skills would be enough and they were. I ended up, shooting, I don't know one thousand one hundred and twelve animals that year
but fuck man. It was like every time I went out. I was learning something new and I had a totally changed my hunting style when you think about it. From a respect, someone is a non hunter date. They question why you would want to shoot a bow and arrow in the first place, because they think that that would be less out to golden using a rifle. If you wanted to shoot something, you should use a rifle, you could kill a quicker it's better. To go from that to a compound boats are. Why are you doing that? and then they realize I go. You can actually be very accurate with a compound bow if you have practice, if you learn how to do a correctly in your discipline, but to take at another level and to go to a rigour like that's, that's where it gets too. Some people's minds like are you hunting for food Are you hunting for your ego, like what are you doing like? Why are you doing it with a recur FAO? And I think, One of the best answers is I've ever heard from anybody is that they said is much more difficult.
Also much more rewarding and when you're eating that animal you have this insane. In a sense of accomplishment that actually another level past, even with a compound boat that makes you explain it better there than I could and I'm going to give it a whirl. So I went from your side of things making fun of everyone to being addicted to getting close. So now, my the first year, I said a mule deer at four feet in the cliffs when I drew my bow back, my arrow is between its horns. When I drew up Frank, took photos of so crazy and it, but it was one of those things were now, the the the reward from it like yeah that that feeling you have when you get it down is tat because it much more difficult, much more yet much. Let s think about like what it must have been like to be the native american tailors flag, fuckin Hungary's what it was like a minute it. I have technology on my side right, I have a life finders get evacuated, Oh that's everything, and so that
year, though, when we were going in on a lot of these animals, I was able to get a couple turkeys and a cup of black and a shot. A mule dear, not merely. I said when I was in those cliffs, my arrows between its antlers when I drew back so I shouted it three feet and Frank: crazy, It was crazy this and I would never have, and how did you sneak up on it like the lug wind, the answer, Frank he he was glassing it in. I circled, I two and one slash two miles around me. You were above it on the cliff that we were when I shot it. I was so you know we were across from it. However, are we were at me over a mile and I looked way around, and I told you frank, I said hey when you see me just gimme that you know the touch down and I'm I'm above it man. I lost. I stock the wrong to rock twice. I lost my boots. You know I'm like what does it take issues of this nature
yeah but except I sneaked in on a Fuckin rock right out. I wasn't it. The right rock, and I I can t go that far and hit the exact same spot is, is difficult because I lost sight of Frank. Almost the whole way they couldn't both myself. So when I looked around when I would see Frank, he was so far away, and I was so close to the rock that I sought to dear was under I don't want to make any crazy movements in and I would go back a hundred yards try and find my boots get my boots back on loop back around to try to find the spot. So when I finally got the right spot Frank stood up mile away, tell his hands economic. It's gotta be right in front of me and I caught the top three inches of itself in its velvet ailer sticking up and it was windy. So ever gust of wind, which about every ten fifteen seconds. I took a step. I got two nine yards. Can I grabbed Iraq and threw it in the mule deer everything they tell you everything you need to know in the top four inches. There are some watching those to see. If he moves then move at all
nuthin through another rock, nothing through another rock, and on my own explained to me, we thrown Iraq to target as things stand, you get a shot to get a shot. Jethro in Iraq has to make noise and hopes that he just starts to react in debt and now anyway, they didn't move and I'm like a claim on that rock bet it under an army and talk about you couldn't put a Greece Black Sea through mass with a hammer. I just started doing this and at this dearest feet from me, and I my foot on the rocky was on and unlike hopeless, you know the plant and offer my right foot to spring up onto this rock. I waited for a gust of wind, so I'm twenty five seconds for media you from this dear he's got no idea there. That gust of wind handed I pushed off, and I was worried the shade
think about mine Paulsen on so you see the shade of my fat head on the back of his neck and, unlike you know it so one most intense moments of my life. We know as far as this goes, and so when I went to draw, I had this sweet, my arrow right between US horns and drew back and shot him in a straight line. And he ran the arts and other deep when you eat that animal. That's gotta give this insane feeling of accomplishment. It is extreme Lee extremely rewarding two points hard to explain in words because you ve used. As did the animal and Waterways ways with sure skill in that thing that, like I'm, really bad ass, I'm just saying like you have snuck in, what's living room, there's a lot of arab and you ve earned it yak as it is it at the right were possession is you know I've shallow supreme, far away with a compound which I'm not embarrassed about. You know it?
now rather hanging that badge of honor. How will I can shoot? It's also how well I can now, in its been an uphill robo, I mean there's been how often you think about like mean. I find myself thinking about another time, like I'm real lucky, that by food in a store because This is not even with a regular compound bow with a but with great binoculars, and you know, use range finder and all that jazz. It's not guarantee that you're gonna eat no you. Think about that. When you're running like what this is this, it must insane to be, one of the you know the American Indians on the plains. While I did well you you had Jordan on as well, yeah, whatever the alone guy right, they attitude had a is ice edge. I wouldn't want to go against him. I mean that it is born to live on nothing right. So I wish to put things in perspective and he brought it up to was,
when things are down right when you're, mentally or whatever drained, and yet you think about it's like I, I chose to put myself out here. You know the people before me. They had to hack it out with they didn't have yeah. You know any great, yet enough sit together albino. They did have this data. That is so. It helps motivate me for one, but I'm like it is weird as it sounds. I think of that. A lot when I'm get my ass kicked. Basically, it's like five to live off this thing. I've had to put in that extra now that they have to make their own bows impact that levelling down of life- I mean I got on this real long kick of native american books. Others guy named as seek a sea Gwen and he wrote this book called dumb empire the Summer Moon and it's all about the comanches and alive
it, talks about their lifestyle and talks about the hardships that they had to go through and enow, mostly bow and Arrow Bow and arrow hunting for dear and Buffalo, and its is that that life must have an insane it, but the dolls. It also talks about one of the main characters. It is woman. Cynthia Parker was abducted when she was nine years, and then the recapture the Americans recapture when she was in thirties, and she wanted to go back she didn't want to live in less than a town and live in a house and she fuck and hated it yes, that life of, even though it so difficult that subsistence hunting life, it's it's so insanely connected you're. So insane We connected to the forest into the woods, to the animals to just to the earth itself. You you are in any, I think on me, a disk I spent punter fifty two hundred nights a year in the wilderness.
You probably do more than anybody that I know that's why there is why I want to talk to you about this because you, you know your company, our, which makes you know some of them. This is some great backpack companies out there that make like amazing gear, but you guys make mean there's no arguing is top of the food chain and one of the reasons why your company makes such good backpacks cause of your experience. In the woods me. You fuckin live out their lives, it's weird! So when I started Patrick lately owner, he lay same way right. The amazed eighty we're how Rowena seventy nine eighty he was the same way as I was so when I, when I started their whatever decade ago. He was when saying hammered he was happy to see a younger guy. They could not get out of the woods, and so what was crazy, where most people end up getting stuck in an office if he came in the office- and I was in their disgruntled he'd like we don't go beaches
in the woods and he wouldn't want you well, there are no wrong with make em in fish. I bet I package. May we got a lot of stuff going on his in any? He always has glasses. Ready, looks overtopped, music son. It can wait, there's kazan, so what he wanted was a guy. And when he called you know there is, there is a long trial period to find his successor right. There is a lot of questioning if we backpack in any by K once catch some fish you to couple rabbits and a few squirrels for dinner, like I call do at bringing back he might when cleanup might arrive core somewhere. I didn't know he was tested in realising my gun and at one point
he told me like you, have passed the test and I'm like I've Indonesia's birth. Patrick unease, like everyone says that very people have in my my my backer, my hometown, like human or people, write em, logging, communion organ, it's right off the Pacific, crests trail, I mean that's all we did. I was on a trail crew team, clear enough wilderness trails with a fuckin cross cuts on shit it fourteen years old. That's what I did in the summer's from money. So that's crazy differ lifestyle right I mean my daughter and I let my daughter to death and she Baghdad agenda job in your minds and, like I was running a fuckin. Seventy two inch more still taints on yeah. I had a job, you know and she cheese I ve been able to pass a lot of things under her, but it's a different lifestyle. When I was in high school, you could have guns in your truck you taken into the principal's office, he'd keep minutes office, and when you get out, you go dear honey when you you know I'm not that much younger knew, but a little bit. I've heard those days
the guy, you know something you skip and school which gives cool the hunt. Will they take off opening day a national holiday, almost as a big deal, and so in Sweden only money as poor as a kid. We, we mushrooms, mushrooms, trails, Gama carts, whose Morales this ratio for school close split firewood. It was a different lifestyle and so as I've gotten older. You know all of those things that I learned have carried on Where now and pretty be up, can myself for unjust bunny? What part organ were you in Detroit? and is that was at Roosevelt Elk country. So it's east of I twenty five to their hybrids every, Rocky Mountain and Roosevelt Beer in it. So it's came nigh right. Beside waning, worked super close from around his forty five minutes away. The first bow that I got. Actually I was thirteen at mode lawns all summer and worked or whatever we went to the beau rack,
my mom and that's just what bring field Orient. Yet we drove down there and I remain hardly remember my mama's tellin me me. We bought a bow and he's doing right arm and I would say, like the way that you know at that time. I was pissed because we gotTa Football campsite have like the poor kid stuff in whatever, but it makes you better person. I think it yeah that'll feeling when you poor Young, that's irreplaceable. You know I still think about when I was young like not knowing. If we're going to have enough food I think about that, and we were on welfare when I was like seven years old- and I think about those days remember being nervous that We wouldn't have enough food or people be mad at me that I ate too much dear. I have never been my kids of eight too much. But I remember that I would get people get upset at me for eight too much and we think it may. We might not have enough food and there's like this summer.
It gets instilled in you when you're poor, when you're young there's like about nervousness drive that I'll do ye could replace kid, it grows up affluent. I just don't think it's possible. I would agree, and I mean you ve been around all walks of life like I have myself and the one thing I wouldn't take back. As you know now, they'll be, you know cause yet successful people are like. Oh, you know, he's got money, he's got this and it's like I'm, my daddy were for the highly department. He was so provider for the family of four make him like fourteen hundred bucks a month, and I had a sister and YO my both my parents smoke my dad drink a lot of beer, so whatever that one thousand four hundred went to it was a lot less than that after those price is right, and so, when I needed something had to for it I member work massive to get a per converse, which is a huge deal there like fifty bucks or somethin were now. You know my daughter. She works hard. So I try to instill some of those things on her, but I'll still price spoiler too much because I am like I do not want you to say
our struggle? I know it's not funny. It's like what means what makes people interesting? I always it is about my friends like all my friends that are interesting, grew up. Fucked up all of em I grew up in my crazy households and fucked up and and now are just like me. They all like really loving parents, they love Vienna, Father and in unlike outward were given these kids a life that is ensure that never gonna be interesting. God for my daughter, because I would she five. When we got divorced and on my side of things, you ve got backpack hunters and power lifter photographers in a team in a like a tier one group, guys and cases like all walks of life. She speaks to enact language working on official, an f she's, not fluent in three so that they too have died. I want to say she's, blue and area she's in Sheep shockingly caucasian, and she speak split, fluent Spanish, like literally she's from Mexico, and so
that kid is good real to was just heretic forum, his own, we know we have different ito. People of some are sewers and things need supervision should inspire. Will I I've? Do we ve done good between my ex wife and I because that kid budgets to appoint I wanna choker, because which she just moved up here and I'm like look I'll just pay forts signal any money. Imma do it on my own. I budgeted all this and I'm like. I must have done something right, because that you know I would have prayed for help. Cuz I'd have help after having sometimes as genetic stewards, which makes it a kid a kid if a guy have on kid. That's insanely, ambitious, like super hyper focused and she whatever she gets into, she becomes obsessed just completely obsessed and it's not because of want or need.
It's just some weird drive, so it's like you know that I think they called epigenetics it something something that's transmitted down from parent to the child, some desire to for perfection and things. We should talk about that cuz! That's interesting! I brought up I've, never smoked weed in my life. Never no coke, no heroine! No, no! Nothing! My dad is a huge pothead. I am incapable of losing. I hate losing my dad has the most uncompetitive man you would ever meet in your life and it's weird it some skip into two. You don't I'm he like yeah. Well, that's my family to my mom is like real, laid back like she's, not ambitious at all she's. She's real friendliness, sweet uneasy go in there and I have always been just psychologically driven from when I was I'm alright came home once I was running in the snow and also sixteen and
run up. We lived on a hill, I ran up the hill and ran up the stairs into the house, and I opened the doors fuck it snow and like crazy, outside she's got a cup of coffee concerning the modules We even know where you came out of the kitchen has breakfast. I tell you what, though it is good yet. You know I'm not father dear by any means, but when we do you no simple things fur your kid to see like we do, backpack cardio cayley comes, you know and she can see you're giving it you everything you ve got. You know you know, I mean they see it at that shit's pray. Isn't you know that they learn impressionable? I guess yeah hell yeah yeah, they say like the best way. A guy can be a father to his daughter is too too, especially like to set them up for the future is to show them how they should expect to be treated and show them how you treat other p.
Like the way you behave around them is like what they're gonna learn, arabic being if your respectful and friends, the like the way you are that that too often times better for them to see than even what you teach them and tell them, because we tell them oh you're so far, but what they see it you drive or driven when they see work hard when they see you diligent and respectful and friendly? That's that's what really like sinks and, dare I say it is work. It's I'd cross, my finger. She nineteenth I mean I, I wouldn't maintaining arousal forget when I kid I was, yeah I was have occurred as a focus for sure we're talking YO. Where I'm from where we're bouncing around the rabbit hole that there's a a lake. I live on Psych nine miles long and you're up your product of what you're surrounded by. So you know that all my dad and his friends, you know, did not like tourists right, so we would cut both loose and push him out in the
fell, the people camping, yeah till now knocking and trouble aided and dad was teaching. You do the aid and teach us that he would just costly complaining about tourists, rights We were dumb wreak havoc in India. Yogi Baron, you know, get him up. The steel everybody's beer nominal nice does any one who did not like tourists. Was it I dont California pry the worst one right. I mean free from organ you now you informed if you're from Idaho you bitch about people were Washington right, I don't you know my my
with so much different, because I left at seventeen and may I join army as an army for a few years, and then am I got out and so from how I was raised to how I end up as just sister frent. You know, I mean two hundred people, my home town. We deliver Denver now, for God's sake, so big difference, giant of a swell and I may spots social diversity as well. I mean they're like it now. I e from where I was too to like right, Now that the views I was raised worse- and I mean everything- has changed greatly for the better. I mean I'm, you look back me. I'm sure you think they may do you now. May I mean where's my dad was not exactly easy army but What made me tougher yeah then we're
so you would want to go through it again right. You don't wanna be, but there's some insanely valuable lessons in that, but I think you know I'm out. I don't think it's impossible to raise a good kid. You know if you're you're not struggling, I don't think it's impossible, but I think it's more difficult. What is that? the expression it's easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to go to Heaven and know that what think that's an ancient biblical expression you re, my things- are much different than that lazy forum, but yeah that I'm sure that sounds, I'm sure. That's that experience I just bought out your Copenhagen Data. My called a chair near I again, I load a bottle to spit it out. I got this here were the em. How often you have to touch it funny mentioned by Canada half a day. But our boy gave me some once and I swallowed it did you did you puke, like Luke? Moreover, there are you? U mandeb. I didn't you didn't you make me sick, Luke Puke.
Over yesterday's even right. Now, the film you everywhere for the tournament in Luke has just yakking like uncontrollably. I'm like oh good God, somebody in Cameroon and Jimmy thinks it's funny did even know you swore like that. I did not leave a border, though that I get so disgusting. I asked if you picked right away. I am now include that's pretty solid. It's weird. I drank for the first time with Luke not too long ago. I'm drank a couple, Kids are really what made you have a drink. I told him I would he said I want you to get fucked up on my part, gas that you out of his first guest in their lives You know you know look for, for I mean I don't know. If you quite always salient Leucadia. He is involved in amazement involves Mme forever, you specified or worse with just engaging, because you have see interim lightweight
yeah I've known on a long time. So has been around so we shoot Archery Consulate fact INA for every listening. I have taken every bit of money from Loki, but yet divorce gesture. Mind you that Luke and not as gambling archery omega in Amerika gotta gamble against in archery. So I didn't know, gambling and archie was a big deal, but it makes sense. It is a bowling and pool, and we think about it. If you'd have you know, pick eyes. You get, you know, Dudley Income in me and you, and in less than a few Levi Morgan, others horrified greatest archers ever hold a bow in his hand. I hunted with him and now you tell us you're the super cool during a hamburger, Gregor think about the amount of money. If everybody's got a few hundred in their pocket in a shit owned and starts, will no doubt the epic shit talker, but he does not have the skill levels
to back that up so desires torture. He does so. I go to India to gambling. So yesterday think he's forty five dollar short of paying, but I'm pressure is about to get a divorce from gambling. Too much No, yes! Well in poor. They would always tell you that you should gamble, because it'll make your game better. Tell yes it where its, and I would imagine that same thing will be said for for shooting, because you would be able to fire under pressure yet willing pack and right now, I'm back in a minute, put an upper deck and upper decker. Do you worry about mouth cancer with which I do Jesus Christ over the size? That was only thought dude? Oh, my god, I was crazy, then its worth in the bottom lip like. I was a handful of grass. I guess grabbed grab some mulch. The idea. Yeah I start to insert in Messina: what's that then fake? Now, it's not fake
its strong when it another the carcinogens in it, but that Christ we know, may makes making Jamie. Can you look at what? How could they take the Carcinus xo if people him coffins another covert folks, I did stand up this weekend for the first time in three months in Houston, shut up to use them and my voice shot from screaming. I my I didn't realize it, but your your voice gets in shape, yeah, you know and my voices way out of shape after the first show. My voice was very little horse. You pack the house the out. Well, it's Busby at seventy five percent capacity, that's where they they were their say it was so was it was packed them. It was a lot of fun. Man was weird. It was very weird to be back on stage again a lot of fun though, but LA is bad right now the comic Georgia's fur load, all of its employees. There were hoping to reopen and they had opened as a bar
outside patio seating and they had it all set up nice, social distance and everything, and then the governor just came down with another order to shut all the bars down and now the comic store has no money coming in so they're fucked, and then it looks like it's not going to they're not going to open up anytime soon they were hoping to open the comedy club back up in August or July know. That was the hope and it looks like that's not happening now, so we're fucked that sucks suck doesn't texts, they had it down you where mass people were masking the audience. Everybody had masks like getting into the all, although servers had masks the czech temperatures in places that they know how to keep people safe. You gotta give people the opportunity to make their own decisions, that's my thing! You know if you want to wear a mask or stay home, that's your prerogative prerogative, but you know I'm not Of course you know I'm young and healthy, so whatever I'm not worried about it, but you lock people in I mean I don't see any good coming.
Out of that- and I know it's not it's not good for the economy is not good for the people. It's not good for their their sense of like how they fit into the world. Well, and I'm I'm kind of with you. I am all for fat, shaming I'd be fatter than I am now one for fetch him in your the health. I mean you think about how unhealthy people are getting to sit at home. Yes, not good. Seventy percent of the denied dates is overweight. That's insane mean a really is insane and that's a real problem with covered. They say that one of the major factors and covert is obese. It a huge factor which is may I know in general or whatever it's pretty, I get a kick out of them. How were pretty soft? You know us is, as Americans have meaning, especially for third world countries, and then you look it like people are happy. They don't have to go to. Work now MIKE, I know good God, like a lot of people, are actually making more money from unemployment than they would be if they went back to work, especially waiters and stuff like tat, because
You deal with a much smaller amount of people on the agenda in the restaurants and businesses, because they're, even in Like Texas, even though the restaurants or open, I think I think they were at seventy five percent capacity than is rolled back to fifty percent of your workin as a waiter, a waitress. You know you're you're gonna make less money. So for some folks, it's actually better for them to say I don't want to do it. I'm scams is keep collect and unemployment the actually make more money than we have talked of. A bunch of people have said that they make more money off on employment. Will we we on it kept far? We just kept every we get, pay everybody Vienna. We took up four month off. I guess this paid everyone we would ever and we you know. I was looking at like how that work and I was like a guide. What they started. Reading about the time of the unemployment
am I t. Sisters can be a lot of people. I don't go back to work and see our Colorado by, but it's it's sad man. It's really sad because, as a lot of people that are losing their businesses through no fault of their own, they didn't do anything wrong. They work hard their disciplined. They show up every day they put together a business announced folding. Let's go in under and dumb, it might be happening to the calmly store. Then I do not know what they're gonna do, and I heard the laugh actors about under as well so estate of Comedy and California is in a real bad, real bad place right now, real bad, yet at socks at it it and when it dive into this too much ragists, it's it's it's fucked up, it seemed way, blown out of proportion and I'm not a conspiracy theories but how many people you know their sick personally, I know one day almost died. And he's not old. Guy is names. Michael Yos Comic here, there's a bunch of extenuating circumstances and one of them being than he has vitamin d d fish
another one being that he flew to New York with very little sleep worn out? radio and promotion did tv shows then did too shows that a comedy club to shows the next night back home, again, very the sleep gotten his car with his family drove to Vegas He was wise family and then drove back home on the same day so that at least eight hours in the car just driving, and then he audition the next two days and each was wiped out was burned. Cannibal thence they got real sick, really immune system which is crushed
but that's you shouldn't do that all those things that that's too much you know it's just poor planning, and then you know, on top of that, I think he was run down already like he might have had a little bit of a collar ready, so it kicked in and it was bad and he was hospital ass for over a week in his doctor, actually told them. They were thinking up, putting one of venom later ass. Doktor said: if we put you wanna ventilator you're probably die. It turns out as doctors, a wise man, because somewhere around eighty percent of the people they put on ventilators New York City died. The I heard that that's crazy. The doktor was saying that if you put the guy, if he, if you put him on a ventilator, his body was stop working like. If, if I give your body this machine that starts work and for new body stops working, there's no guarantee, you can start working ants can breathe on its own, rang scary, fuck that shit man that they you know
but here's a big one man. There was a real big one that drives me crazy. Why are they not talking about how to take care of yourself? Instead of all this fear of, got to wear a mask and you got a social distance and all that sounds great yeah. You should do that. You should wear a mask. You should Social justice but you know you should also do drink a lot of water. You should also get sleep. You should also start beaten. Sugar should also take vitamins supplement. You die try to get some sunshine. You know do do other things you need to do for health. Get Asher size increase, your cardiovascular capacity is a giant factor and whether or not you you know you recover from this disease or how quickly you recover. Now, my my buddy John called, and he was like going on a tie rate about exact, same thing. You're talking about you, you know he he's on my nomes Pierre S. Shooter long range sure he is too fat. Guy lawnmower keynote normally gradients like a lawnmower deal anyway, but
one of the better shooters in the United States or for North America. Longrange rifle shootin yeah he's crazy kid. I would not want I'm shooting at me two thousand yards, and he you know hit. His thing was why the fuck Can't we given people dieting advice? Why are we telling people rather than having all these announcements is like hey we're losing so much money like. Let's start focusing people are dietician less. Let's get people on a healthy food care, let em like I mean how many people and pick a hundred people. Ninety nine programme, and how to eat healthy rhyme. Not not. Therefore, rightly, I didn't know how to later I agree, and I mean you know on my end, I'm super lucky. We live at ten thousand feet. You know I've had my wife drop me off the bottom, a mountain, so I have to hide
to get dinner right. You want you one way to get Elsie, so she dropped me after bottom, a mountain and I go to the top cheats. She cooks, all organic and I talk to some of these people have other issues in their word about Cove Edna length, you're about Fucking Cove and you ve got a hundred other problems that Kobe dry you're like diabetic and a bunch of other shit. It's amazing! Let's get on a diet thing but milk is pretty bad as far as that goes well to money into that. Our health system is all about sing you once you're broke him, it's not about preventing you from being broken every Is about our healthcare systems, all about care once you're injured, care once you're sick. It's very little is about preventative nutrition and make sure you take care of your body and education mean our governor Ali, all mayors, always people are doing, as is talking about wherein masks talking about staying home flat in the curve
make sure they mean all this shit there talking that no advice at all about taking care of yourself no advice on meditation. Now, advice at all on an eating healthy natural size. It would add, I say that, as I just jammed a giant lot of two into a bit how bad is everywhere, either men, if you I mean, as far as like doing it gives you a little jolt right yeah well. For for me, I will say the worst things. Obviously, cancer, random maybe that's bad, but other than that I mean. There's not know how many people get cancer from which it is a real common man. I'd have to lick data, but now I am what's that their neuro gum does mention another kind of shit, I'm addicted to get stuff, Mozilla new Tropics in mint form before he got me addicted delegation on on it. You know what the first time I took out. A brain that we're just driving down all tat. I had the most crazy asked dreams which I knew that shit work, because I don't dream Anna
but either way I mean. As far as the Copenhagen I'm district, my buddy was addicted to cocaine in Copenhagen. Try to quit both he still chewing coconut the idea is not easy to quit, but that then, what we talking about it, it is just nicotine in it and it does he. I am others lie as he wine and his first time my life. I think I'm rebelled acquit. So I went from Canada half a day to about a can every four day there. It is we are nicotine pouches safe. Recently, a novel non tobacco nicotine products in has been developed is cinnamon similar to snuff. I never knew has enough. Thank you. I think, However, it contains no Nightrobe see means that Port nature Simons or we hydrocarbons, which may be better, so we may potentially be carcinogenic. The
Overall, safety of Zinn is better than snooze, however, in only has a little bit less nicotine and snooze. What is I mean- and I did you say don't read anything bad you're gonna take away my birthday here. I am so it's a pouch sciatica out pack, a water, mulch and stuffed in your face. Yeah, yeah and more professional just gives you a jolt. I tell you what I put to amend the first time I get disease shit he's got some straw it means Pediculae, said it's a hundred cigarettes and cannot you really equal of Copenhagen? Oh, my god, and really man and hundred cigarettes were the nicotine, so they say so how many cigarettes worth was. A giant was stuffed in your face. I don't know I'm gonna get monsieur me hate mail from this, I'm talking about being fat and unhealthy names you in Copenhagen, but idea. What's a stimulant yeah. Well, the other thing that physical addiction, s proposition. Spit write me that I mean
clearly the earth. Well, our idea, tasted, maybe that's why I get so dizzy. I got like I'd citrus one or whatever, but I just stats for some ally for I've been IKEA. The ethical my build quit wanted. A stunt guys is to work with unfair factories to swallow a Jew and told me that he learned to swallow the spit in L a term we learn. Do that on sets, because he couldn't just carry on about around the spit, a new or spinning cup, so he just would swallow the Jews I thought it was self fucking disgusting. It is disgusting, habit, debt pretty bad though, but we're gonna. Whenever will see, I guess in three months: vitality and black hair fuck wit- do drink a lot of coffee, too
Now we drink a decent amount of coffee. I mean I'm like caffeine, united I'd I'd, I'd, get migrants one five hundred milligrams. Today I really much map it out, so you take caffeine to avoid migrants know. I just know that I can get as I say that when I got on Turkey a migraine once every three months, so let's get him once a week sailor, whatever Turkey did, which I thank you for that Let's talk about that in a minute Berger, I e, I learned really quick Seein, Neuro psychologists and brain doctors and forgetting about the human brain there like here to ignore pills and so literally dont we're in real trouble Blair. Given me these band AIDS now might look. I don't want something that fixes after I got it. I want to fuck it get em like you know this thinking, predicament midnight, asshole turnout start talking back to me. The flock negatives. To this pill, I'm taken from my my migrants, or so
Was it one of those pills, there's some pills you take once a week. I just take when I get one so I have an ocular migraine like I couldn't. I couldn't tell you two apart when I get home, I get blurry vision an hour before I get to migraines. So I take that pill. As soon as I get blurry vision. Now my head itches and I'm all kinds of goofy there's some kind of anti anxiety or depression. In that thing, a bunch of other shit, I don't nobody, I don't get a migraine, but those pills cannot be good for you. I wanted to get to a point. Is that my I end is out. What's give me the migraine? Is it caffeine? You know cause. There was a time I didn't take any caffeine. So I map out everything and I kept a log of when I got migraines, and so once I got this y know exists grab. Would it feels like I've never had a migraine was filled Jamie permanent fuckin nail through my socket just so just intense pain. I went on matters that I to get a spinal epidural for because I was keeping up blood chasm convulsing base,
Finally, what among your lines there So when you get em they're, not that man, but you get sick and you had vomit control blend in year. Esophagus would rob together whatever need, bought, omelette blood, and so so you you're from explained, the blood coming from your ear. You said your on the acid asses rubbing rubbing together heaving no different. When you're kidneys rub together, we need to hydrogen piss blood. Same principle accepted your thoughts. What that is it is a rubbing together. This whole science yeah people a few times on back, because you're, not a water, kidneys, road together, new they blood together, that's what's causing a gag it, so it seems wrong. Well, I M not a doktor. I just play one on a pike ass button. I've had doctors. Tell me that's why Kenny's rubber gather? Well, you know you're a soft guesses rubbing together from you here
from: the pain of the migraine from the beer from my grandmother, fuck. So people listening to us, I'm sure you're gonna get all kinds emails! Guess! When I started talking about podcast, I started getting tons of people. This is I took to get rid of a missing. You know, I mean literally hundreds of people that have suffer from migraines and I've had a lot of concussions. You know shit so that I'm sure that's part of the problem. Well part of the problem is my blood. Pressure is extremely low. When did you get them? questions from the service or I had one bad when there I had to bad ones in football, flipped bike over Cancun packet in ahead, once later on, I was pretty bad incorrect and another one outside had nine than did the migrants come after that yeah yeah, and actually I recently had the alike it at a way out of the metal. Listen to it, I'd steep tetra. He was a station with cream. I get it with an eighty. Four got fired off a rocket launchers right behind it. That's I get that big, not on my head up here. That was one
started that with bad and so whatever Michael, you were taught him before. He actually play football in high school college and he had real bad concussions. He gets migraines because those well never think there's probably connection will I would I would then have to be, but one thing I notice my whatever
gone on in my melon, my blood pressures low, and I got a bit of a temper problem, and so when I, my anger, spikes up but pressure rises, I get a migraine. The next desert, the real connected in our brain damage and temper is very can why I started working on meditation like I've. Really yellow I've really helped in my shooting, as I can really focus out, you know I can get commies. Where does the sounds? Re become one with yourself right tried it so try and keep my blood pressure low. Well, I think, with a t, r T, my blood thickened up some from when you know when I wasn't taken a level of a super thin. Maybe that's it'll save thickened, like more red blood cells, was well when I say thickened. This has no scientific, nothing when they take my blood every three months
when I first took my blood ran like water? When I took it the next time they were like: hey your blood stick and up whatever that is bread, blood cell count on a row there were like your blood is thicker, it is not. It is not a stain a runny. Is it wasn't for and I'm like my blood pressure up. There said it was normal, for everybody listening is welcome to another episode of two morons talking gang ill. Ever think that I told the lady that I work with and she'd basis said, the same thing she's like well, take credit for it, although I don't know that I have any scientific weight on the subject, but the moment I started taken, teardrops testosterone increases of cloud formation in two ways, a common side effect of testosterone therapy is, and we go the words Polly, me, which increase
the body supply of him a global, and he made him a man of great affecting the blood cells. This can increase the blood pressure and thick in the blood cells. ITALY. They go see, I'm not full of shit lottery one. I was four hundred per cent truthful cells ions, whether that has to do with it. That is the red neck. We await saying I don't give migraines anymore in. That it be why, whatever the actual scientific reason, if my blood is definitely thicker and my blood pressure is normal organisms, it happens also, the people have had a bunch of head injuries. Is your endocrine system does not function properly? You pituitary glands produce hormones correctly, and it makes people depressed. Gotcha makes you very lackadaisical. Lethargic is very difficult to get motivated four things and dumb. They find that with football
players particular with soldiers, lot of soldiers that are treated by my friend Doktor Mark Gordon. He runs this Traumatic brain institute. In that the whole goal of this list, it was essential to try initially try to figure out why these soldiers, football players and martial artisan how these people were experiencing so much depression. What what was going on and it turned out that many pituitary gladness really sensitive YAP when endocrine system to get really fucked up by even jets king, luckily like what they like. Having my blood test every three months, can I don't go to after him, bad about then, and so that was first, I'm ahead, physical, basically, and so ever couple decades. I dont got pneumonia once and I want a doctor for that- almost died. I was too stupid. Do you know that how
man or woman whatever how a certain individuals brain works is stupid. Looking back at it, I thought I had like allergies or Somethin Anna Michaelis GO. Do cardio me work this out of my system. I work my ass right into the hospital, I double ammonia and why when any push yeah yeah. I put my way right in almost dead. Like Pneumonia NOS nineteen. It was rough will. I took me like six months to get back on track, but there, Eighty with super nicer member going in and she's ok he's your doctor, I'm like a doctor and she's like we have Keyser inshore and some like five a doctor. I've seen him, you know, I'm, like you tell me why doktor is good. I don't know you know and can assign you and writer you. No one was responsible. People not alone are negative. I'm horrible, unlike the worst adult or known a man, is bad and so seed. They gave me the x ray and there like, give doubling the Mona adult in his art. It is, he know, people gimme in ok,
each suck at any things, get a photography shooting up again. I'm fuckin horrible adopting at inform my taxes for four years, and I let us out they'll taken care of now it's what I have people at work. They come up with an issue in a kind of embarrassed. Homelike, look, there's nothing! You have worked out that I haven't. Please do not be embarrassed. I can help you Cosette. I focused on so many other things. Things like that is geared pushed, but I still find them. Because of all the time you spend the woods that it's kind of difficult to concentrate all that solution, because its when you're out the primal environment. You know like there's something out of that makes all other stuff seem meaningless, and I want to focus on Tor and Jack is now live in a society where it's important and I'm not good at tore. By talking about, I would find the work I mean. I hire people really smart around me
because I'm just not you not, we could be sitting there in a meaning. I should say this allowed, which is an extremely important meaning. I'm sinner taken what my gear list is and how much my clerk and take away on a five day, backpack hot as its normal dove. Spent, fifty percent more time, literally sleeping under the stars. What's it gets? there were the medium like who took note because I, but I am now have gotten better at just telling people ahead of time, like hey you're, going to talk with me, we're going to do our initial bullshit session you're not going to want to deal with me after this lay you down I'm too busy. Kennedy was franker ordain around whoever that works. For me, you're India, with em, don't expect me to come through, could at my minds on too much other stuff, and I've had to get a lot better at that, because I just don't function well and stuff like that admitted that oh, the one, the reason why the company so good you guys make such good backpacks is because there's this really like it's hard to put it there in the real world. You know it's not,
Accounting or bookkeeping, and look where are you know? We have to do the work here, but doing the work of actually sleeping on the stars, actually camping, actually hunting and hiking. That's there's! That's invaluable man. There's been a few heated arguments over that where they have given me crap about paperwork, and I might go till I get it. I want to get better paperwork, but your asses come in with me on a ten day: backpack Hunt and you're, not fuckin slackened and you're gettin water and your building fires in your spot in animals. And when we get on with that, if here is good at that, as I am, the nominal get better at paperwork, but until that Fuckin day right now, what were good ad is making bad ask here for the basque country. That's why I hired you
it's gonna work together, right leg, you ve gotta, be able to do that and they ve gotta be able to do the shit that you can't do and work. We have a tight knit group now, which is great like we have. Everybody, knows the role and we're all supportive of each other and but there's times where I got a kind of staff and really take it like Gacek Round, like manna, have so solely focused my life on living and not dying like like thing and in staying alive to wear. Thank God for my wife frighten me, she's an angel because, like she's working by house right, and so we actually met this ice, we gotta get credit grain credit. I could check my credit score. When would you say the last time I had credit was less and credit loans taken? Guess we're normal human for you Twenty, so they're like well you're dead income ratios great, which is unheard of and am I gonna cool. Then I can only credit egg cell phone, like no unanimity credit, because you don't
will have like a least car or you haven't, had a mortgage or any of those things that fuck and eighty and so I would like to let me get this right, I'm going to say much. Make buddy. I do good and MIKE so my wife makes substantially less has substantially more bills and her credit score. She gets approve. For more than I do what they want. They want to show that you have a history of paying things back. I was told that early I'd like to get credit. You should actually get alone, as they will. Wouldn't it be better by saved money, well. I know it's actually better. If you spend money in and pay the bill, why can tell you? I made an ass myself at that alone, office cause I was like. Are you fucking kidding I'm like so I can go right now by a vehicle cash, but that's bad that's bad. My wife was laughin your ass off. He knew how I live. Like a cave me I mean I don't get built. I I save and a guy like up. I bought a tunnel I paid cash for decision they'll be healthy
seems like its fiscally prudent. You are wrong, Joe Apis literally, I was like so we had to go it's what so I go to believe or not to go to discount tire, I gotta proof or twelve hundred dollars, which is insane for what I make em like. So this is a need for tyres that I got to go you, don't you don't credit, and so my credit score now is the custodian ten that means so yet it is by more shit with credit to get credit. Oh my wife, when go, we gotta be a photo card. We got so we just got a bunch of cards that we could pay off. Maxed mall answers payments. It is fucking. Weird is not that we exist like that they mean, as young people could buy houses. Really, though, how if you're making a hundred thousand dollars a year- and you want to buy a six hundred thousand our house- that's impossible either by the time you're done. Saving
is the house will be worth more than that anyway, we'll see if my wife gets a kick out of it, because she knows how I mean obviously super close to me, and so she knows how my brain functions and I'm like. Why don't people just work harder and put you now go- do some side jobs to figure it out while she's like yeah. I know people who do that honey you're, weird putting on credit and unlike wool uncle puts into shower door, and I figured out well living you like life. That way for twenty years is not good. A lot of people to find that out because of this pandemic. That living like that with credit in and you know, having high bill, rules and paying those bills off. That's a lot of companies did because they thought it was the right way to do it, and those companies are fucked right because they ve had no income coming in at all for three or four months, and it's gonna implode, my body and you shoulda best. He said this pandemic, has exposed weakness, is both in people's health and and businesses financial health expose the flaws in the way they operate. Now I was an eye
opener for me- and I know this isn't like something to be proud of- that I am and get it adopting for twenty years, but I just I literally was like off. I want to set up an accurate, save up five and on how many people contacted you to talk to you about hunting, though once shit started getting weird an awkward level and not just hunting sustain meant Keziah can I training named Rubber Barcoe yeah sit on John Barclay works with sick, a gear, and he- and I are if you my brother, you had never known, say, mentality, same thought, process, same ideas on gear and he loved his great heat. We just did a podcast secretion listing in a piss anybody off, unlike fuck it. They need to hear it right, and so will we personally block with new reality of how life works living in the woods and people at fake it? Basically, you know how many people you stay, their three days. Now. Listen their exports right here. The reality out photos, yeah yeah!
the reality of living being able to survive and be happy and in what you read and everything else, basically just talking about that so with the. If okay, so everybody grab toilet paper right in third world countries, you wipe your ass with your hand, you dont worry about toilet paper, so toil papers gone. What wipes are gone, so the grocery store everything that last forever so they're, like you get pasta top Rahman, simple stuff, it's all on the shelves, but all these things that Americans have to have a month later, when a white man from my hand, mainly means, but you don't need to a paper to survive right, any clean water right. You need food body last, quite some time, three or four. We should have food with why
its couple days and so I'm looking at all these things leaving- and I have all my I'm not like a proper by any means, but we ve got crept a house and out you know so that this came story time for my wife from explaining to her what would happen if everything kind of shit hits the fan and what's gonna happen and Americans are so weird was away that we think, and so I had tons of people from what kind of what what kind of survival stuff fire starter. What kind of stove so you know I saw butane stoves Mr stuff, that's the thing everybody uses those but a multi fuel stove. When the world come on Orleans, zombies are common, a multi fuel, stove burns, kerosene, diesel, gas, white, gasparones everything, no one uses those any more. He that little bit heavier, but things like that that multi fuel stove everyone should have one of those guys. You can no matter where you go. You have some type of fuel to burn in that thing, so we we talked a lot about that on the progress. That was a lot of questions. I got was in a statement
legally so I mean so weird world we live in by life. I deftly live, probably weirder one in some way, yeah mean ever but he wanted to know how to get a gun. Everybody wanted to know how hard it to go hunting for the first time, those those the questions that I got a lot like. How do you get a gun? Was a big one in there was lines are so the l, a gun stores was really crazy to say when my wife was worried about in my country, We're gonna take there's like that. What they know how to use it, we're good simple somebody comes try to get your stuff They are in line with a local game. Warden he was we tax back and forth. He was like did you would not believe how many people are like? I'm just gonna go: wait: it out drove their asses into the mountains and set up some Walmart and in a snowstorm hit that given a story this it he's like, they were point people out like crazy. They were doing this in March yeah in our Otto yes allow juices he was laughing. I do you not believe the amount of people that were like coming to await this thing out in the woods and it's like
camp and beside the road you ve met, really weight anything out. So people don't even understand what once you you just one night by yourself out there and you would have a totally different understanding of what what it actually means to exist in the wilderness without assistance, very scary, we're we're so accustomed to life with assistance, whether its buildings early Trinity Year, air conditioning and federation and all that from things that we use supermarkets we'll get we're so so dull We well know soft window with the longest Uganda talking to somebody,
not very long Jamie, maybe a day. So you look alike alone. May I explained in my love, unlike the gear they have is enough like they have enough to survive. I say what kills people as they are alone. They don't have that many people to talk to right. They dont the fear, think Mammy people are afraid of the dark, growing element and in what did we know what to do? If something happens, is that all that unknown and that to me like we go out for fund for fourteen days. Backpack in with, what's on our back for fourteen days in which were choosing to do that, I would about solo. What's your long, a solo, sharp fourteen fourteen sola boy, but none have any fuckin skeletons in a closet. I may I talk about this a long time. You want to talk about everything you fucked up in life by day, seven yellow.
I'm a piece of shit. I should have done more for my kid widen night cause. You have seven days to think about everything you ve done wrong and in that's one thing that people really need to understand is getting right, with which I have tried to work on a tonic, just getting right with everything in life it up until that point, like any wrongdoings, you've made any made any anything any skeletons, Destrier cleaning up. Well, if you stay busy in life, you can avoid all your mistakes. You stay busy, dont, think about your mistakes, but when you're alone- and you have downtime that's when a creep in your mind well and in sleep deprivation, water, deprivation, food deprivation, all of that along, with you, being alone, starts, take a toll on the human mind and it's it's funny. You see same with alone with same backpack honey. I gets a thousands of emails. You know what I'm going to my first backpack hunt going in for fourteen days.
Having grown fourteen days, but that's your play in the right you're going on about three Colorado loves you you to donate five hundred bucks to an old tag, and you can get an area in a bit out head back out by three days, were to take your money, not given it back at the average yeah threefold. So a lot of guys think they're gonna be able to do it and what would get something? What's? That was the first thing that gets other than mentally weak right. That's it that's. What gets the big yeah I mean. You know I mean not bring up came again, but he blew that like it was fun rate monopolies in raising. I have to say, like you like, he's, not a gear, geek right, chemist, just harder than woodpecker lips, Ryan's he's not a gear when I see thy gear geek he so fuckin tough. Like I talked with some other days his example, he pushed his Gore text Spivey, which is the worst thing in the world asleep, and but he so tough, you don't give a shit. Well, all these people are sleeping
It's a good text, coffin right, you don't get. You can hardly puncher clown in that fuckin thing. Let alone have fun and in so when whether comes in here in this cortex coffin cant do anything your gear, so gorgeous baby is site. Basically a sleeping bag. That's made out of four daughter, proof material and it asleep in it and it probably has no breathe ability or very little very little. I mean it has some, but you could condensation your foot box and then, if you use down your foot boxes, were once a downs where its flat, it's no good. It's a contractors bag she- and I mean they make some that are decent. But you know I would laugh so hard when came was coming up and people are reading all this stuff and I'm like you're, not fuck. It can write. You know you can do you could think you want to be when you when you hike in usually enough here, you're coming from back east right, you, U forums and all Facebook, whatever I'll shoot. You don't forget your pack and way too much shit.
I like the gear list wise and over in a minute, but your pack and probably thirty pounds of shit. You don't need, and so then your smoked going in and you watch way too much. Primo sway. And you think they'll come just come and scream and an honour to an advocate doesn't happen, and you don't see him and then me, oh, like my knees, her or who? Oh, I gotta get back to my business. All the excuses come up. You know you can come up with some shit right of heard. Some amazing excuses for common out throughout his you're. Just not tough enough, and I must say that, like you know me, your camera franker whoever's tougher but the reality as if you were mentally tough. And you really wanted it. You would stay, is long and allow their mental toughness comes. The experience to imagine and It also comes with the experience of forcing your body to do. Tough things in one of the things that can talks about is that he really got a new insurance racing to improve his hunting. First told me that I thought there was the dumbest thing I've ever heard outside Germany would get it like you running to prove your butt.
I want you do it for, while you ok, I get a first of all I'd, no idea, you get that tired hunting, just hiking just walking around the words is fucking. Sorting and then, when you add a pack, especially if you're living off your back like you do, you know just way. I do it when I'm stayin a large or I've gotta attent somewhere just carrying your stuff. They, your hunting with, is exhausting, but it's also something about continue. Ie and regularly pushing your body in your brain way, past point where you want to quit and doing it so that you're comfortable with being a comfortable and most people in everyday life or not comfortable with being uncomfortable. They never get to that place. You Jeff, if you become friends with pain, you'll, never be alone and that's what it I care in a dynamic trend, a blow it out of proportion is it. It is fine, if that's what you're into but
reality you're looking at two to seven eight miles in it and in Colorado, your ten to twelve thousand feet when I think about preparing for those things besides the shooting am. Does I think about the fuck machine that you showed me? That's an incline Fred male than has bar bells on the site. You lift up here so you're carrying this thing where you going up a treadmill former carry what is that thing? The hit me lacks, pull that shit up so the weak. Today we have the name for that which we can cuss on here. So it's called the cops Tucker it I put forty five on either side problem with that name. Is some people like certain car to everybody like nobody likes yet none. I got them what we first got it, though, how I got which actually disk leads into that thing. So this
thing you do in a farmer's carry uphill on a treadmill and folks, when I tell you just look at this thing, hurts my feelings so how I got that the guy I have to go on those that the two guys it's, which I guess I got whatever we can talk about this, the guides it's actually purchasing. Far with me, I took on a goat on the day before we went on the goat hunt. He had that downstairs and, unlike dude that is like perfect and he was like man get on it. So I got on with no way he had forty five on either side of like this is made for backpack honey I would imagine us probably other than actually hiking yourself. That's probably the best ways you did ever get in shape for that. Well, you think about you. Look at
I kissed little video there. So what I do is I have a forty five to sixty pounds pack and I to forty five pound down bells and then I'll do five minute animals with just a pack and then I'll grab a dumb bells and I'll do five. Two minutes is shrugs or just hold in the wait up when forty five, then I go and I put it down the like, basically a half mile an hour and I do a truck pull and I put my hands in your basically just drive and forward with your body, not parallel the ground, but just like if your porn, a truck with harness- and I do that- and I do those three exercises- an interval of four. Thirty minutes, I'm pretty fucked up by the time accident. That looks like pull that picture up again. The video that shit that looks like one of the hardest things you could do in terms of like something you could do in a day. Of your carryin that wait like and that farmers, terror and you're goin uphill on a cell is a self propelled tribunal to rent the I have. Are those outside when those air runners, yet with I fuckin love it? Well, you can't break. It is: what's nice right, grandson, propelled was just so hard work on, but that things amazing does it
Mary the pitch. Can you raise it lower it can't very the page. You can just very the resistance, so I had to break when I'm doing a truck pole. I dropped the brow. Gone it, and so you literally very the resistance of the treadmill, tell yet there's a break it's on the left side. Oh my god. That sounds amazing, but would it one thing about stabilizer muscles, though I would think that they don't now. So you the same work. What if you did it with? What do you ever those shoes that they get sued for, team. Car dashing was promoting M D real fast smokey shoes. If I can so they made you kind of stabilize failure in Galicia. I would think that those actually would be good to wear on somethin like that, because What do you know a sand dunes tapirs daily suck? It good good way. One out here, yellow burn out the year. They work different parts of your life, you're a good teacher stabilize Iraq and
I would imagine like having a sand dunes step or type shoe on while you are going on that thing would be the ultimate or you're right and people do not think about that, and that's one thing: the guys that just run on on on flat, hey I'm in flat ground, yours when you say stabilizer muscle what everyone caught the left and right part of your chance. The first time you take a guy out that hasn't height side hills, like thirty five degrees slopes with forty five pound pack, their their legs or their calves, are smoked in the left and right side of their Shin bone is just toasted killer, not working those lateral stability. People understand. That's why I'm not a runner, so I dont like running, but I train with a pack on in a hike everywhere, and so we I do a lot aside hills just to get those muscles
ready for that, because it's a different world and it'll it'll k? O? U I mean you'll be down for a couple days, because they're still sore and stiff, if you never use them in and that treadmill does not help with that. But when I said like that, the sand separates sucks, it's a good suck cuz, it's a way. Doors. You can hear what my ways I tried explained: people stable outbreaks stabilizing sources upside down, tenable press. As I take kettlebells the impress fairly easily like a thirty five pound can about most Gascon Prescott overhead, I'll take it and flip it upside down, so that the handle is on the bottom and the kettlebells above sea, at a balance that sucker out and as your lifting its way more difficult to do an that's. That's using stabilizer muscles yeah thing is those bamboo bars of you, he, one of those that we put all those those well symmetric copied from you for my from it. Jim. That's another one knows you don't realize how much you scared the shit out of tat. You get yeah, pretty amazing,
It looks so easy, but when you put when you got a bamboo bar night, I do it kettlebells with rubber bans side like Heavy Reserve, since bans that are hanging the kettlebells, so dull biting yeah inside your lift, but that means really stabilizes everything concerning type it's funny on what you can torture self was very torture yourself with very little. I am I get that big rope and I just my forms get issue. I took you by the tin, Anita. Some of them were so me doing the rope work out. It's just. I wasn't doing whose hurt my forms, and so I turn that into a rope drag, I hope, one of my belt from Covarubio and hope to harnessed to it, and I put it to the thing in half and wrapped it with girl, a tape and dragged up and down my driveway me that's horrible by its bad, but I say bad
when you ve kind of committed your lifetime, backpack cunning, there's only so many ways that you can get rich. You know you ve got a beat the shit out of yourself. I get ready and get ready so, like purely I'm crazy. We live at ten thousand feet, my wife roughly half the highway and then she goes home extent. She goes with me a lot too, but how far the walk anywhere from five to five miles an hour she dropped me off in its gain couple thousand feet. Is a climate sucks the best way, if you're not feel like working out as have your wife leave you in the middle of nowhere fighting, gettin home right, your eye, Sassiety yeah necessity, and so when people don't, I try to put myself if in a position to where I have to do something, if then make sense, guess who's, daisy, just don't feel like doing agenda, meaner, etc. I make my wife drop me off and I'll tell her. You know, like you say, earned my day in my day. You know I keep track of my steps on my watch and so shall draw my ass, a violent, fucker, fifty pounds and so laughing.
I don't tell people one of the best ways to make sure you do something is have a list just have a list of what you got to do today. Just make sure you do it it's right it down. It seems so crazy, but if you don't have a list, if you don't have it written down what you absolutely have to do and you going to slack off you going to find- and why should do less or some of you do like what I do is one. When I lived, I train myself most, but sometimes I work with trainers, work with a kick works and training now, but most my weightlifting session that do by myself So I have to I've have right out what I need to do and if I don't do that mean that I feel like a pussy, but if if I have a written down like today, you're running two miles, nails you're doing this to you do in that. If I don't do that, it's not gonna get it done. If you just give yourself, oh of a manageable gold start with Israel, symbol make sure like for every day this week you gonna do for
Push jobs you gonna, do fifty sit up just give yourself. Some kind a manageable go, get a China bar do mean TWAIN turnips everyday. Just do the tissue, that's a manageable thing! You can do that in thirty minutes. You can have all that done and your good, but if you force yourself to do that every day, man you're gonna feel real results. Real results like at the end of the week you gotta go fuck, I did it and then, rapid ups more rapid ups more, but it's all about writing it down. You get a White Board and in fact I wrote some on the whiteboard once in a bunch pete, I think you Jack Odin upon cask is the one day I just showed on their just do something rare and he has more than a pike has talked about that in his eye. You know people I mean I know it's at and I really has a free schedule would, even when I worked construction
You can make time most people can make time. Now I don't sleep that much, which is a good thing but- and I was gonna recently got up to six, which is pretty good for me. I was it for for a long time down yeah, but few her my day, rag I would it because you want to sleep for many who you get up early or is it just? You have insomnia, I haven't found adjutant sleep, I sleep, I go to sleep well, I fell asleep. I now it's. When you wake up as you Wigan up with something bothering you in your head or you just fuck em awake, I mistake fuck him awake and I had a lot to do and fill, but it's gotten better too, where I've been track in it on the watch, I think yet a g shocked its waste, whether those ones tracks my steps and calories. Nothing. So I set a Gorman. The answer is: financing solar think that work on solar power helps it mattered life. So I didn't not like the original,
Could they die pretty quickly in a matter? Is their address this one lessons with three four weeks real issue and at the way that I never gate? Often you came great coordinate and only to leave on very long, so it works. I can use it for a long time so that work What was navigation, how long? What last manner, if you left and on, I would think man through four days, maybe loan. So now, three or four, days it's supplementing with solar is and what it is yeah yeah now so that's fucking to me, So the way that I you know navigate which actually go back to the board. I can agree with you more like I just right shit down and it may be three sets of fifty crunches three sets of fifteen lapses, Will you do it yet in Czech em off the letter right and so on those of the day? For my stay, I don't want to do anything those days on my ass again, dropped by mail bag and have to think they're gonna get help.
But with the way that I navigate and I get people crap about this Alla time, are you gonna watch in a garment, enraged and a gps, the outlines a shit and have gained you know not. If I can use it, that's a big pet people might get a list technology put you hit the easy button. You never learn how to use it, and so I'm like a rope stickler on land now, like learning how to navigate to a certain degree and not just using a gps, and so What I do is ever is an aid or tended it. U t him great coordinate and I and a map and lives.
Mean so that, with the way the world was mapped basically and I'll, try to explain his ease I can from from top to bottom there's lines drawn around it spaced and in its Horologue horizontal lines drawn around in each one of those is a square and as you break that down in squares, you end up with a thousand meter grid square. This is like a bird plain Janeway to explain it inside of that great square. When I turn this on, it tells me inside of that grid square. How far I am from left to right and how far I am from bottom to top so eastern in northern and so inside that thousand meter grid square. My pinpoint location is a tin, digit grid, coordinate within three metres my location, Sunni, wants. It gives me that I can climb out and up to where I am and said that grids grow my map and give him my exact location. So what remains of Roma fucked up and have no idea where I'm on external, my watch? It tells me and then put it out of my mouth,
They need a fine, ok, so you eat apply. It shows you on your watch and they knew just looked down at the map to save power and by you who actually know how to use a compass and navigate in actually use a map. Yet exactly that I know my skill you'll have all these different grid square soccer and so leisure for people. Just listen, he's drawn stuff right now paper. So if this it's a thousand meters over a thousand meters up thousand meter but So if I take a line and I'm seven hundred meters eastern or to the right, so I go over seven hundred metres and I'm three hundred meters up. I go up three hundred meters where those intersect. So then you know where you are and where I met, and so what people don't understand like if you talk about intersection and reception if you're lost. So let's say Timmy Urban, the woods very much so you you're out need unaware Europe, but you know to known points so meaning you can see
a mountain over here and here and you know what those are and you have a map from where you're at you can shoot and asthma ass to the top of this mountain with an asthma. You take your compass and it's the basically at three hundred sixty degrees. It's the the ass, miss or thee these the direction of that mountain from worker at so you you take that and then you do a back ass myth. He draw a line from the top of that back the top that mountain. Backward. So if it's over one eighty, you subtractive it's under one. Eighty, you add till you like you, look at his over that's northeast, and so then you look behind yourself. No indigo, that South West nope nope, so if I'm fine lost- but I don't know where a man, but I know this mountain- and I know this one and I shoot this- you know ass, miss with my compass and I know so right now. This is ninety degrees. So that's about
thirty five, so that is under one hundred and eighty, so I add to it, and so one hundred and eighty forty five is what two hundred and twenty five so now I go to on my map, the top of this mountain, and I do, and as Miss and as asthma is gonna, be be twenty five for each of the top mountain is going to cross my exact location. Are you riding the stuff on the map or you get looking at it yet all right around the map and I go to this mountain. I do the exact same thing and wear those two lights Christmas across is my exact location. Your mapped ease Margaret he's a high lighter teddy. Do I haven't traceable pan with me just like that? It's just a little like us, Shoppy permissible pen- and I have a protracted anyway just because if this is a key that takes weeks to learn how to do this from the military and the skills I learn.
MR regionally, when I was on a troika came in and it was, I learn more and more more. When I want a military, I went through some land at schools and what they do. They drop you off and they give you you give they give you two tended generate. Did you grids ones where you're at once? Where you're going do you have to plot from I'm going to lose you here in a minute. Your back. This is boring as fuck cuz it is, but you're going to have to you have to convert it from basically there's different Norris from where you're at is a grid north and magnetic north. Before we get really, here. Once you learn how to do that, you're never lost you can train associate you can with a you know. What's so I'm a real stickler on using all of those things so I'll tell my wife how to do it? It's not that difficult. You know once you get going as far as this is something you learn when you were really young when your countries there are fourteen how savers learn
Then, and then you learn more. You ve been formally trained in this stuff around them again a military. I was formally training in and I would want to a class blouse, so young. I can barely remember when I was working for the forest Serbs. And then now I teach courses for this because the the ability to get where you're going is kind of lost. Now, because you just turn on a cheap. He asked for use based mapper on x or whatever, but the round is is navigating if you're in a hurry. So few- and I you know we're in the woods and we need it to get to a basin before dark, you can have handrails and catching features, features. Let you know if you can look that map and seen a three dimensional way, and I got my company say hey if we had northeast,
You know the whole weight. Half ass, we're going to hit this creaking that creeps can intersect with a trail. I don't have to use my compass anymore, really, I'm going to shoot and a Smith and I'm a look at the farthest point. I can see where we need to go that I'm going to see the whole way that companies going to go in my pocket. We're going to haul ass eventually were going to hit a creek somewhere, but generally, where that creeps ATLAS head trail crosses There's a hand rail and catching feature there anyway. This is boring shit, but it's not their quick. But that's interesting is like very few people, know how to do this, and this is a critical scale. If you do get lost in a lot of fuckin people get lost in the woods one things You were talking about your podcast once and I never really took into consideration was the fact that a lot of binocular holders harnesses I have magnets on them. A lot of people love those I've got one allows and rosa more largely ogier device, but those can fuck with your compass, yet you gotta eat at five to hold it out. Here. Give me shit reported up with them because he said my sales went down from you Dick and I was like
to you. It's just it's gotta be said right I mean it's gotta be said otherwise, people gotta die what's funny because even have I've a compass and might expect Compass with me The time we have really died for. Can we are now am I when I had a g shock, I had a compass beside it. I was on the why I'm here cited a little until the thing is is like when I meant, when I turn out in Texas or the fuck. Am I right You know it's Texas right and we're on these. He is north taxes. So it's like big plateaus in that they share Pedro Canyon, where we're at secular ain't, canyon, talking crazy. So you know where we are. You know these guys have lived there, their entire life. They're like. Oh it's north. He's too, where you're at a guarantee. They know where nor need they formed. Their whole lives were MIKE Fuck, the fuckin sons not up decline, which way is North EAST. Well, there's northeast, so I just have always you know. You know I always have a compass with me, but
Being lost when you're young and almost dying that'll help you pray one learns to this week when I super young door in cotton and sheds knowing and rain and organ, and you D lost a fuck yeah. I must I twice really going overnight eleven, the first time, Jesus I myself will analysis. I don't make this sound way worse than it was a dipshit has, with my dad, he's right, drinkin, what his buddies and, when after a deer and get fucked up and can find my way back were when you were eleven yeah. What God, I can't even over twelve year old daughter, I can imagine man my poor mom right dealing with the should share to deal with me because I was backpacking when our super young ride, like backpacking all over the place and Anna Voice. I to do it, you can imagine you know nowadays, like of my daughter, fifteen said damagon afforded backpacking trip into the
That is why the fuck me can I go gray eyes there with my mom had to deal with a lot of that as a kid of those super adventures. I just think that that feeling of not knowing if you're gonna survive and then surviving. I don't want my kids to have but God damn that's a valuable langley. When you we we talk about it all the time. It's one of the reasons I have so much respect for a guy like franker or Jake. They have no fear of anything. When you get to the point where there is no mountain, truly no mountain, too high, no valley to whatever factor that saying is there's nothing that stops you. You will get out, and most people lack that meaning if youve backpack in whatever six miles and as long as you can get the animal out spicy meal during pack, it out- and you see a mule, your two and a half three my more miles in it and you have no you're like oh, yes, I going to seven eleven or go right. There's not, and this is nor
for any back their comrades, it came would say the same thing. There's nothing. We can't get too there's nothing. We worry about. We have enough gear, its a cool feeling. You know I mean I don't think about it anymore, but its deftly help put Amazon. Well, it's also there's a mindset that the hard core backpack hunter has that you they look forward to those challenges and overcoming those challenges. And then, when the things happen it something that you have prepared for. So it's It's actually like almost like a positive experience, and you get out, and you tell people how far and with the nine nine miles while paragraph one trip There was a big fluctuating lies in Montana, hi, guys of ruin their body doing that to the unknown. Quite a few guys active,
sustained injuries with a heavy pack. I have like crazy stories when one of our bodies- I was he and I he killed, and how can we were seven and a half miles in and they got on the ground well he's younger guy and anyone we split in half and it was down hill the whole way, and I I know I can pack you for infinite amount of time downhill some like advocate, downhill. I didn't want to come back so we're having a little hobnob meeting that next morning we're getting ready to go out and that night I ate everything I possibly could I'd like drink water all night and I picked up the pack and like I think we can make it if we can't just leave some of it on the truck come back up. So we hundred seventy pounds. Legit we waited in the truck coma. He had a hundred. Eighty four mecca so on the way down. These aren't bullshit. This fucking pride took ten years of my life, so we go on
way down- and I took his bow and he took my walking sticks and we're bushwhacking for the first two to the trail and Frank and I went and reacted this cuz, I'm like dude. I got to see how bad this was cuz. I was in fucking spirit world. Like half the time to you and so frightened I we did and we we marked it. I knew it was actually plus or minus right in that seven moraines. So we get to the trail. Unlike look dude, I'm not leaving behind my fucking leaving behind. I can't go to slow. Am I gonna get to the truck I'll turn out, come back and grab you because I was fuckin hurt bad and I called my buddy you press seen among their he's executes. Isn't it he's as F? Do I call him who might dude I I've could need. I need a pick up. I need you come
help us out and he's hard core mother fucker he's, I guess I'll be up. Let me touch my wife will be up there, so I pass him on the way out on the trail and I've got. I thought like a half mile ago. They could hear the highway in these activities like a mile and a half from like her, you fucking kidding me he's I can you make it? Am I go on fuckin making it like? It's mine games now, like I'm, not let this beat me and I'm like what you are going to get my boy he's backed up. So I get to the trail head. I get to pack off on land and my underwear under the truck and might be, I would have gave myself when there's hikers. It was awkward I just hikers when I was like fuck it, I'm done so. I'm just trying to get under the truck was in the shade, I literally just sprawled out four points: a compass trying to cool off cuz we're back in heat stroke I get hydrated and thank God you know my buddy went and helped everybody anyway. He gets back and he's like to. He was fucked up and I'm like how bad he was like when I got there. I keep my my buddy.
Did not know he had help coming so he's on his hands and knees on the wrong side of the trail lookin for water in the creeks. On the other side, the trail in UK here it is now and again I'm trying to both are proportionate. Just happens right. You start dogma, cognitive skills, dehydration, everything, so my buddies, like hey dude. What four plus for like he's check him he's a man he's a eighteen dollars, a Anna. He was fucked up. He had eaten anything and drinking waters. Brain wasn't working right, and so that's just one example of how fucked up you can get from you, you gotta, be careful. Like you can do damage to how long that high gouty, I did about a mile in our common out, while so seven this about here. I was bad luck.
But I'd give you like you know, that's so long. I can then there, when I was with ten she's a sniper guy he shot his goat at. He was one is: did you wanted to shoot at forty in with a bow or a thousand and out with a gun, cameraman exactly artists, but it was over a thousand yards, so he shoots the sing across this glacier. It took six hours to go eleven or fourteen hundred yards straight line distance. HU, a point where I'm like we're in a fuckin guy getting down to this thing. I get one point how my slid down a Microsoft, Dick my knees slam into my face and I'm like we're. Ok come on down and when we all want in pain right here, come there buddy sliding down and pages like we're. Gonna get out of this like what we now have a fucking choice. Now we slid down it, we gotta get back up right, and so we didn't get back to you clock in the morning or still four miles then so when people you know like the idea of backpacking cunning, that's what their liking is. The idea of a kiss glamorized, the shit out of it
you're, gonna, get him painful, is not normal human. You can't go by his standards, his ideas. They say that sheep hunting the hardest. They say that, like like Alaska Sheep hunting, in terms of like just the difficulty of the terrain and the dangers of it yeah, somewhat yeah, I would say that what I've only been on a couple. She points unalaska right. Most of mine have been a lower forty, eight or the inability of the northwest territories. The thing with Alaska, that's easy is you're not going get much altitude distances far you not, but
the weather is bad. Like generally, the weather is pretty bad and in that the amount of pressure. Now and again, I am not an expert on Alaska. The pressure is much worse than had ever been in, alas, in terms of their mount a hunter saunters here, a lot a hundred other end, then animals grizzlies, yet which is up but can really seen us get charged on video. Yes, when new or the gritty bowman Thou hast terrified yeah, that's crazy! I tell I'm an internal engendered till a true story. Ok, it's not! I thought I'd we're colony moose and unlike look at and I like to think that the most common and a grisly pops out my k get your camera. Let's call this thing here is the true story. Ex we made a seller goes all you're coming,
really, so I thought I was gonna get to that fuckin stump and stop right. You called the grizzly end up is coming into a moose call right. So I my Kay the cameras. Let's get this on video cause, he was looking for a moose calls, so this big pitch gives why that login she stands up, look an and I'm would you can hear my shudder on the video like it hit the ground. It was common and am I well. In immediately me, I've been charged enough to where I'm I'm going to drill into. Can you desensitize tell Michael he's going to eat fucking this other dude ain't? So I'm like you, can see my camera shifting right a little as I'm taking these photos. I have a weapon at a bow, and so here pretty quick. I'm thinking for shoot this the fucker. It's like fifteen yards from us all morning. He fired off around its feet and I knew his gun jammed on the second round. Sometimes so, unlike that work in peace, a shit Bernie able-
jam on this second one or whatever it was right, nothing brownings bad! Will it stopped your member and it came again. I things like twelve ten yards when it finally turned off an arm and go away, but ten yards is nothing. Why t like? That's almost like that wall yeah, it was big case, a big one, but I was busy the out and b c and in reality, though, you talk to arm like to bring up the Lancaster. If I went with when I stayed Nina BT for that two months, time frame those guys live up there. I beg of you ass, a Bart or a clay Lancaster. How many times they ve been blessed charred bluff charge. It's like troubled. It is all just hot with those guys the shit they ve done. Honourable digits, many hundred times a minimum that God so like that. These like this, the shit those guys deal with I ve been doing since birthright
So I Stalinism like like Amy and Frank. I was like ok, you guys know how much I dine and all the different taking a honey. Now many animals are put on the ground. It's a fraction, clay, Lancaster, spin on three hundred and twenty. She points three hundred twenty, that's that's not including caribou. Moose he's been all over the world, so the amount of experience those guys have and the stories like when I get those guys on the Pike S its Larry's, because I You know I just got to experience at two and a half months section of it. We were literally from a light bulb from a paved road hours for men, electricity like it's a twelve hour, drive tour. The helicopter picks you up and then you're flown in another two hours. So when I got bit by that why it was funny as I that bus spider, it was funny at work
I think that the buyer spider up there and my cake clay on my legs fucked up a bit by something his eye out, is not an poisonous up here. Well, my about blogging died. Maya relate swelled up more drawn circles around it. Well the first couple circles right when that big a deal so clay cuts it open it listen podcast, he's lariat because he squeezed that thing in our act like it didn't, hurt a thousand a pass out from fuckin chalk, so squeeze the pass out yet another help, but it gave him pleasure kind of spider. Wasn't man, you gotta, listen by pod guest here, the whole story, but we ended up call at the long cock, black hobo spider in his story by side that, but I think, was a hobo spider, those dangerous yeah, but I don't think they're overly poisonous. I think I was allergic to about the moral of the story and six hours my leg locked up straight. There is vain going up towards my heart and I had called sweats heart rate,
racing in class. I kid we gotta get. You are you're. Gonna fuck die like we are a long, long, long ways from anywhere how far for our helicopter ride, but then you're dealing with some find out. She's doktor, earnest northern. White horse? But what is the value it would have been good. So I called my my called my my buddy, whose american eyesight dude. What should we do any sake I piss on it bleach Ibuprofen flatly each some shit yeah. I guess like bleach, cleans everything out like he's, give me I can't Monroe. The shop was right. I don't know what's to exaggerate, but I was like holy shit. I was like okay, so were poor and pee on it were blocked, crushing up ibuprofen and Do you poor piano? Do you let your buddy pr? So here's the thing one of my boy, that's what I did and we had a big johnson because he was ready to pee on it right there and I might do pay unified by Lemme get an overseer wiener where European on my leg, and so you would
want to write off the tap someone there is a letter, if you peace in a bottle, then pausing, eleven, awkward and think of the stories would have been told after we'll be funny stories way we're porn pm. It if it was a matter of survival, is not funny that you'd rather have a guy p in a bottle and then p then pour that piano than p, then pee you, Can it that way? I get it. I am right there with you. I understand you're you're, dot process boiling I'd. Let the gap has Amida at the time I would like overly worried and then, when my leg, locked up its was so it was if you measured my leg, it gained two and a quarter in circumference, anxious that so much my legs. Well, that's how I felt a lot
yeah. I was, I mean, I'm laughin about it now, but what was funny is wants. It went back down. We just duct tape, Taos around my calf muscle to go and moose HANS because of sofa painful when the infection was going down because of the willows were beaten up and, unlike I really want it Cecily. Seventy its wide moose was taken So we take Taos around my calf, so you never made it out of the sea just down with it. While you were in the woods, I went away and like twenty four hours, what nap and wooden, but you didn't think it was going to start you're gonna die. Mason worse than it was a guy low, nerve, racking there towards things my fucking heart started. Racin like, and I might say about his- do not give an infection. Infections are fucking, dangerous. Will thy head veins going up my late, but you can see the veins at using that's what we clay was talking about those course. You have veins goin up your leg, that's how you get blood tat,
and it showed him a lot, so they were, they were blue or some living in exile, Sketch Goin up my leg, dark yeah, the dark. So your word that the infection was megabits. Video well from what limited knowledge I had was, that is premature thing. You're gonna fuck died, carry any antibiotics with you or anything. When you go into a hunt like that, I do when I go to Canada now cause of their weird government. I kite idea. I should even say this: I have friends little proscribe em to me to take with me now last in eighteen. I remember my hands. Look like a dead pulls face from that milkweed or some shit. I was fixed shit that happens in the basque country. What happen so among at meal. Dear hunt, and My hands are swallowed up and I don't know why in and they look like dead pulls face and unlike what s wrong with my hands and looking around like what you'd be around me. It's not poison!
I in my hands are swelling up like I that movie big trouble Little China yeah nation detains Oh yeah look like that. Well, as it turns out its hog we'd or milk, we pattern some fuckin plant. That does that and if you, if you navigable at Newport up his Forget Massey, but if you want to Google Hog we'd on certain humans, it has this crazy, rash inflammation, so my hands its affected by sunlight. It's worse. So I'm at thirteen thousand feet and mama spotter with my hands in the sun all day to appoint like an inter things out, thirteen thousand free the sun is way. Stronger, fuck yeah like eat. It really burnt up these a solar charger charges up your shit twice as fast as your neck, close to the sun Ass, every one is from or is it just a lack? Oh my god. Look at that giant hog we'd! Look at the hands it wasn't.
Good. Let me tell you whom I should look like those ones and below that picture up on the right hand, corner. That is crazy, one, that you see the large picture, the one the reality that what the fuck man that's from hog we'd go to go to the left the one in the middle there. That's what my hands look like. One of the metal left that one They look like that so Frank comes over needs like to hear what hell is wrong. With your hand that make you know, that's a good good question, so we come out. I pleaded with bad and I go there. Asked the doktor right and I'm like do you know I go to the emergency room and, unlike hey I what we look like Chissano playing. It says you get. Some people got a third degree burns from it. Well, it's it's not get. We see an image as a little plan, get at it that stuff.
Beautiful and as low crawling through, that should be a giant hog weed and its tat, toxic cousins. Wow, that's crazy! What you do the things you just don't think about right. So I went and gave me on all kinds of sterile cream and shit and went away in a day or two, and we like back in this, was in a flower never imagined was released. Is just: how did it get on both your hands? Your hands rubbed up against it. What do you figure it's this big field, of it and I've got my bow, hang and am low crawling and so to me, the gate that what do you do? Do you wear gloves is something you put your hands I just wanna fuck intolerance. Shit is air. I just kept my hand out of the way the next year, God toxic giant hog we plant show up in Dunkin Lake you just made to Big Lake Coward Chan, Gazette where's. That Duncan now says that this working nine veto, it wouldn't tell where I was that it was three foot tall right, but even with your hands up
If we do so just that we'd has like some sort of an oil urged on by tat. They said the doktor is an ivy type deal yeah. Well, it's funny could. When I went there, had no idea, my cave, my buddy from Alaska message me and he said dude. I think that's hog we'd MIKE what I'd seen bracken you'd fuck as our weight, Google, it drove across the road Keyser whenever merchant, things like right across the road from the farm I drove over there and I'm like a you know, I'm all screwed up and What do you know? They don't know what it is now my K. This is what I think it is. They google dislike. We it never like. Oh well, that makes sense cuz they didn't know, and then they gave me like a steroid cream to put on it and went away in a couple days: Jesus Christ. So between that and the bite, what was worse all the bite the bite was,
which were fuck it up. I can get on with that. I just not knowing what it well. We ve been in there twelve days, I'm like eyes, but I'm command anyway, so burn out what was crazy. We came out couple days. We go back in, and francs already got his dear. We go back in and Frank, I thought is appendix burst, as it turns out each state to much sushi and it got clogged up in his stomach. But Frank is harder than woodpecker lips. We get honest. These two deer were trying to get and he's not get out of the tent That's fine frank is not like that unease. Acre here go sir. I want to stay in a tent this morning and I might do you good to keep in mind frank up pulmonary Deemer and Adam Shit Hideout with pulmonary a dilemma he little his lungs filled up with liquid and that's an altitude sickness, ratatouille, sickness and death. Fucker hugged out nine miles with pulmonary diem,
Jesus Christ. He when he got back he coughed and was like in a water bottle, he's a tough individual. So I might do this guy. I even text the on my k, Frank Fucked. Up by my I might have to hit beacon like I may have to. I am I getting up to now. So, anyway, go over. I shoot this dear son was just sushi you guys it's who she in Denver the day before, so I think what had happened. We start ourselves for twelve days right dehydrate and he might in other woods in the woods we came out. You know I took we all out to dinner and I think he ate all that White Rice and it just clung to his intestines like a woolly mammoth Is it enough to take a big poop right but right in the middle where'd? You know you're appendixes he's like it hurts right here and I've had gallbladder issues. I got an attic, I passed a kitten.
Don't like six miles in so I was like he had his appendix it's, a rough he's going to die back here, and so this it show you how the you know: the moxy, the Frank has he drug his ass out of that ten? Oh me shootin at mule dear, and he hobbled is ass. Over thereafter, I shot at it fuck a mile and a half from where he's glass and flag in me, and he just sat by the deer I cut it up whatever now my dad I'll get most of it, you good and he's like I'm, ok, I'm ok and I'm like I can tell you're, not fucking, ok, like you're in pain, and He made it out and then he took down pope and everything is ok but data. I thought that was enacted beacon. That's so bizarre that was just from rice and poop. Well, we're not doctors without that's up to now, maybe poisoning sure was food poisoning. He wasn't puke and now the right thing, but again I'm not a doctor, but every time
I've had it acute, so those are the worst experiences. What about injuries you ever get like really hurt out there trying to think the kidney stone that with a bad one he had that out of was horrible was no tell a quick word of it. I think I was ten days, hunt my shot: a mule dear reader, hydrated, buck, outdated and PETE Blood and courts like an idiot. Oh, my god, fine! Whenever and Guy Camille there, turn around. I admit it. Buddy dropped it often in height back in and they like that, neither the night after I was it was pretty hi elevation, but he knew I went after this ball and suchlike knock loosen my kit united know what it was just Oleson ahead. The shooting pain- and I looked at- did that dude on a green mile trend, a p right in, unlike what I like, I literary MIKE, I'm gonna pass out
I'm shocked what the hell is wrong with me to think it was a kidney stone. I can't even I didn't know right. I didn't. I didn't it was so much pain in my back area that I had knew it had something to do with my kidneys, but every time I tried to pee, I literally would drop me to my knees, and so I was like okay, let's assess this and I'm trying to think through. Should I take next to no gear and try and hike out take enough gear to stay the night, but then have the burden of the weight know what what's going to be the best option? Cuz, I didn't, have any service and I didn't have a beak. I didn't have anything back with me that I could get ahold of anyone, and so I'm like fuck it no guts, no glory. I grabbed the basic essentials and hobbled my ass out and at one point I did have a phone
I aye, I my buddy Tony and said hey. What is the nearest hospital to this trail head and I lost service, and so all he knew was I'm fucked up. So I get the trail had and I get my jeep and I had a giant cheap and I'm due unlike ninety down the road I get pulled over well, the cop was lookin for because my body had called is out. What's goin on some will accomplish Canvas dick Grady I get out, and I'm like hey man, I am. He wanted to call an ambulance now like lifted. I just hiked at six miles on page thirty, five hundred hours were fuck an ambulance ride. I dislike six miles out. I can make it to the hospital So he was a little bit of it of addicts, but he followed me into the hospital and I passed it clinic in the toilet. Tink Tink and it looked like a no,
but it would look like a chick. A p m budget be again well spiky little bastard yeah, it's horrible! Looking Kobe was not very big maybe your Dick Hall Ploy morning having gone through that what was crazies right after that get to go. I mean what are known, as did I was finally by hiked back in the next day. A lot of fighters get those from dehydration from wage cuts. I think I'll go Josie Elbow, has gotten those before more than more than one fighters got waistcoats. I think what they told me my my above buddy minds a doctor when I was some right it out. I was on take him in a lotta, a protein, indifferent. Things said that there was a calcium, build it from that or something I don't know, I'm not a doktor. Some people get them, apparently, from my drinking too many green smooth. These should be careful. I believe that
which one is Thor. Chris Helms worth his brother, his brother had to quit being a vague in and that's one of the reasons why cause he was. He was passing stones, and he had a wife again surgery, air goes Austria, an actor Liam. Hems were told men's health that he had to completely rethink, is vague and died after ongoing surgically surgery for a kidney. Stop Some foods are high in substance call substances called oxalates which can increase the risk of kidney stones. These include spinach potatoes, knots and even chocolate there? You go I've heard of it from Kale to a lot of LEO. I rethink my rock Calles movies. I was drinking a lot of chaos movies in the morning when I found out about the dangers of oxalates and also fund was doing healthy.
That a well whatever mine came from. It was an eye. Opener Cosette Shit hurt, but I've been pretty pretty lucky. I am yet as far as injuries and nothing, I t bands hinder machine, normal shit right I mean two too crazy. No blown out knees out there, I think needs are great filled out great. That's what we're here. The fuck me blown out any in the basque country and you get a figure out a way to get in yeah. I e not like knock on. Would you know I am I haven't had to. I mean I've been in some hair situation on cliffs. Were storms rolled in blacked out just headache, Tonker down in like a cave right, just wait it out, but nothing, nothing horrible! You kidney stone was bad, but really like some other things. You'd think they would happen if I die back. There's printing and me from a bare and prayed a false cliff like s the one thing I would guess what happened? That's, how canst Buddy Roy died. There was a ship on serious. That's that read that when there is prey worse than any, the chances are having to bury. You is show slam, but light
in in Cliff Sir Brian, the worst ones. Yeah lightning is another: fuckin scary won her. That's on normal experience out their lightning storms again in that one area that songwriter crystals is a mountain range in it like scientifically worse there because of the heat from the ground and a cold from above the lightning storms. There we got energies to photograph Woody, do of urine alighting stormed you get near trees, because if you get near choose one of the trees get hit. When you give you horrible advice, I don't do I get my ten knowing really so, when there's a lightning stormy, just lay new, tent and hide, but doesn't hurt, you mean it, The reality of it is as they blow over. You may be causing, and I am not an expert at this exist. I have ie if it's my time it's my time, so I just get in and I listened one audio book, not there. I and yet that is probably horrible advice, but the reality is my my buddy. What I do
But could you listen to when you're almost dying from a lightning storm, the crow killer? Dear my Johnson, damaging Sears Mountain man? Yet the headless that when you go to sleep, that deeds voice is what else we got to sleep so, but my buddy, which account offering seasonings zero dating him in his body. This fuckin guys get hit with lightning in in a spot where we killed a bull. Any text me- and he said some about this- reminded me of it. He had hit within our Fiji or some and unlike what data are you good? That's a helluva build up to a story with no finnish right he's got hours were the lightning came out of its annoying network entered in it blew the front of his or his buddies, shoe out pots. Second, they hide out hit him in the back and Blues Buddy shoe off because a hidden both at the same time, and so I would guess they were probably more ex train, and I was in whatever they did, didn't work. So any more frank it I just tonker down, and I was known audio books
Remi Warren got hit with lightning in high school outfit. Remember correctly, and I think he lost his sense of smell know. She had something wacky like that member, that movie with what was it that big of a big dude here where the guy gets hit, lightnings like six times and he's like all, you can hit with lightning six times he's like no sixty. Six times you that she joined candy yeah great outdoors. What there's a dyed than has been hit like a record number of times. As wanting to see the Vienna was one Duda, for whatever reason they don't know what they don't dinner stand it, but he's been hit by lightning multiple times. It's not cuz, he's looking for it. Like he's a he's particularly attractive to lightning. For some strange reason, I think I'm particular tract how many times seven times. Parking, come up man, so Roy Cleveland Sullivan. He died in
One thousand nine hundred and eighty three United States Park Ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia between one thousand nine hundred and forty two and one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven Sullivan hit by lightning on seven different occasions and survived all of them. I would I would go home and talk to my wife and see if she put some voodoo on it that's the saying I have. If it was raining pussy you get hit inhibited Dick that guy's bad luck. That seven times crazy, that doesn't make sense. I just I don't know. I just don't worry about it, though anymore. I would suggest the sponsors tent. Tat are nonetheless, I ll show you pussy ten times put fuckin metal had on it is, I think, I'll. Yet these sensitized two different things and lightning is definitely one where Gunnar hang out the ten it cooksey from the inside out, like being in a microwave, says man. Sixty one survives being struck by lightning ten times. Melvin Roberts made headlines two thousand eleven for being hit sick times in one year. Why cities
struck another four times South Carolina man suffered memory, loss, headaches, speech, problems and as nerve damage, in his hands and like like at all so confused and understand. Why keeps hit them. Let me see with their guy, looks like you look so guys been hit by lightning ten times the usual. Bali and your toes of really there and where a single lightning strike is made up of several one hundred million volts. What the fuck man, yet we ve been on enlightening strikes where they hit tree close by its blows, a method of shrapnel. It's pretty wild, hasn't not till people mad if we're at Exeter the tow out Jesus Christ nerve damage in his leg and foot as a result, a lightning strikes. It might in July I says Roy Sullivan as the current world record holder, and then he hears it. Seven times are gather we're talking about.
He died and ninety three by his own hand, oh no, I stuck good yeah you gotta Wonderland, what's left after been hit seven times like yours, it must be scrambled. I don't know man, but those are the things that are probably get you you know like talking about bears is like the last thing. I worry about light lightnings. It's that's a real would the will is there a way to get it to hit something else in your tent? Your it would hit the ten and not you would go right through the tent. I think it go through the ten I sought hit an old grow tree wants and blow a hundred eighty foot tall tree and Peace is not my car did not look. Appealing you know is why didn't happen? Yeah? That's not it. Me, neither when you get when you could you get? If you have service, you can see words going right like the one that past two years ago, Frank, was five zero go and buy me literally four hundred yards and I'm watching cloud the ground and, unlike why text in Franco might dude buckle your shit up,
common- and it went right in front of me and over Frank in the old francs- a funny he lyrical he's like I'm. Ok, sir, and I'd like to you like that was not cool and he had video of its Breakin, you know all around them, but the thing he said is where's. He going to go, cuz he's just run into a store and now you're not going out run. What do you do? What do you supposed he's supposed to go in order to create this oppression and hunker down that went into it? recently, I'm sort of avowing? What's a surgeon ridden through right, Sullivan's Wikipedia says he got struck two other times once when he was a kid, but it didn't hurt him site in climate and then another time his wife got struck. While he was helping her what the clothes, but he didn't get hurt that time. So I guess you didn't claim that time. What is your fucking alien? What why? Why would one guy get hit so any time I'm trying to read what why it says, but it does there's no reasoning wire, anything that so weird like what
about a person's biological make up. We so different that lightning would be attracted to them. I don't know he's got some serious static electricity. The thing is like with you're, the more you're out their epic shit happens. Well, I guess minor considered When I mean the more these apart ranger right. That's what I mean like you you're out there, and then you you may think, but how much time I'm out their crazy shit gonna happen if you're in the woods live mean, there's no well the worrying! Yes, a one in a billion chance For that to happen, I mean that's literally, but the more you're out there she's gonna, have while Jordan story about overrun. Stillness is moose fat where's. I know he had. The one may have given up shit bout, Dat ride like one going guys in history to shoot notary curve and he basic kill or the hatchet. Unlike you, son of a bitch, but he said it could needed, though so disgusting yeah, it's Tom, I had a lot of people you asked me to. I want to ask me, and I was like how money networks nasty, but there you are talking about like with that, with some tiles and stuff, I think.
EL eight o koyo. Yes, him in Remy warrant they cooked Cairo data. It didn't seem that bad seemed edible, not for me title to clear, starving, live. You listen, arming we're out of Eden, Mormon on purpose, marmot, taste, good, you don't need the old ones are not so good a marmots like a rodent right, yeah yeah, that's pretty good. We call it rocky mount fish and chips. Catch credit Catherine broke out any moment there really they're good They're not accurate, but I've had Beaver Rinaldo cooked up even actually read. It. Wasn't a tail, it was the hind quarters. Oh no kin, yeah he's me cooked. It was beef stew, he braes did and then slow cooked it on a crackpot. It was actually very good. Like we were stunned was there was quite delicious yeah I've had Beaver, but to tail more than anything tell him we arrived at, which I think is very fatty, is what it is. But ass, a fat sandwich. I mean I get the idea of arm, you know they eat what you killer
whenever, but I also get the idea that Wolverines eighty shit out of felt no clear based on a mountain, goat and sheep out in a minute debate. She had all story fucker bit the Erwin half on the third arrow in charge me after biting in half teeth. Cry. Pretty crazy was cool, some wild little animal man mean in the badger family and that you know honey, bad. You don't give a fuck is pretty famous You know, me means I gotta honey badger. Don't give a shit now fractious cradle wild little animal to just the way it looks. Doesn't look like a real thing. What was crazy Kazaa? They were fighting, we saw, and so we stopped down in autumn. I was like feared we're thirty yards away, and I was that we were right Jesus Christ. There, like fourteen yards away, you have seen them chase off, wolves from from kills it's crazy cinnamon and video. At least it's a wild little animal. What's so funny how something so small could be so ferocious lily that fucker look at her face. I thought I get six years
my third era: that's a honey badger overruns, real similar, just just any kind of badger, such a strange animal. They are- and I guess, there's a lot of em up in that mountain ring. While they know their encourage, you too, you know whatever shoot em. Could they their hard on non violets to encourage you to encourage you to take them out because the they killed him with a moment. His mouth opened the middle that low down that FARC and aim. Yeah the face slogan is fuckin face that doesnt living a real face. Did I should send you mind you can put it in here like ever higher. Look at its gonna shit, I get the like. I kept a whole high, I just you know when I when we were in there, I was like I'll put it right there next to the chimps that fake this thing. This is, shame against the machine on Instagram. Maybe this? Oh no. She had sat ass, a chump skull that he made out of a zillion symbols,
Like its resolution on the back and remind me that movie Congo, bad guerrilla. Remember them yeah. Do you know why they that you interesting about that? That's a Michael Creighton, but great Michael, cried criteria. What's interesting about that is I thought he was just making that up, but there is a giant chimp in the Congo. Is it a giant kit? They called the bondo ape to to like six feet tall that caught on camera traps. There's a, I think, he's from Sweden or Switzerland forget the wildlife photographer named Carl I'm on, and he was obsessed with these things. He saw one one I believe, and then he set up all these camera traps he spent years and they are trying to document this thing because there is an enormous chimpanzee ago. Sub species of timber Andy that lives in the Congo and its puss called Billy, and he got photos, have a yard of photos camera drab some these two guys who lived there shot one,
you're, an airfield landing strip, its huge. It's like getting kicks, foot tall Champ be equivalent. Asean bigfoot right now, if I ever saw that certainly wanna, go, find it more. I dont yesterday think Bigfoot exists, but if I saw one I certainly want to go, find it once really trip, because it sleeps in the ground like a gorilla it. Unless you have a nest on the ground and the they caught one eating a leopard, they don't over, killed the leopard or if it was just eating a leper that was already ed, but even imagine how strong a chip is now imagine how strong two hundred I mean not to enter six six foot all, probably more than two underbrush three or four hundred with urgent interest muscle mass known to man. That data forget a jungle. The crazy thing is: if a camera trap photos of one walking upright, how Nokia walk at sea. We find that the guy's Carl with a K arm Oman, is this, while laboratory for the gun obsessed with this animal, because there were a lot of people claiming bullshit for the longest time,
that there's photos of one that someone is shot for the 1920s and they were trying to figure out if it was a hybrid. It was a gorilla, chimp hybrid. If that's possible, that's the one! That's the camera shop in the far left. So you see it walking that that fucker was walking on his hind legs. Itchy! and now go back to where you were see that one right beside it on the left as the dead one up up up up up that right. There that's the ones they shot, at a landing trip they shot near an airport. Look at the size of a hog, good, Lord good Lord or size designs that fucker me. No, no, how big the men are behind it, but you know it meaning there five seven, that's that's Six foot enormous chimpanzee, the one in the middle, the black and white one Jamie over that yeah that one that is, the original photo from really really early on? I think that was the early 1900s people trying to figure out what the fuck that was. There was like it's a really big for a chimp cuz he's guys are trying to hold it up.
No. Its legs are still dragging on the grounds of those standing up on its hind legs. It probably is told them good. Lord, crazy, so it is an actual there's another one to that, one right! Next to a tv above right above where your cursor is down, and to the right that one I mean this: a fucking, enormous animal I think that the big foot of the jungle I mean imagine a four hundred pound chimp six would tall foreign upon chaplet what the fuck, so this guy com Oh I'm, on a m m. A an end has been of photographing these things for years and set up these my traps. They have two different types of chimps: they com tree beaters in Lyon, killers the tree Peters are the ones that one of the mental it stand up fuck you day, God, damn that's crazy. If you can watch what a normal jumped as physically that pregnant already impressive, what
I think and yeah I mean they throw themselves through the air with their arms, let literally just throw themselves and in catch a tree. Atwater hang from it. So this is a that's why the Congo movies so weird, like it's kind of sort of loosely based actual real chimp and they get real great look into, which is also true, just like his book, the agency in the movie, they had the gray yeah when those get they get real gray when they get big sort of like a real, as they also have a crest on their head like guerrillas
I see this chimp, this fake chimps call that he made. This is a normal chimps gone, but the ones that they found. That's why they got so confuse these Zob Bondo apes. They actually have a crest like to have this big thick partition, the amateur add the skull, but usually like with bears at an age grimly at that, but crack in their foreheads basin enemy thick muscles that they can crush moose bones with gas. It's crazy, I ate it is pretty wild watching what some of the like less dislike. I got hit by a blackberry It's running. Just click me. He was running scared, but I he hit me as I go about what that was definitely reality check of. Why I'm running a jogging, elf, acknowledging the trail and he ran by me and clip me? Oh no, it wasn't like this crazy, so mean us,
this renewal racks allowing fuck man he hit me- and I was now is reality check of where I stand at the food chain, the fuckin six hundred per linebacker. I mean it blew me back any. He could be on the side, but it happened so fast right went and literally took me a second to like she's twenty hit me. He was running scared right. Oh just a happenstance thing, but South got attacked by one when he was young South caught yet when he was young, but it really shows you like well I've a matrix target. You like those that fuckin bear. My house pushed the sinner Octagon out. He doesn't have a small farms, he didn't released ratchet straps and he has managed to push the middle portion. I buy a peanut butter on my hand and I would point out any smelled it Danny. He was able to push that centre octagon Those are a hundred eighty pounds, little black bear! So imagine what have you? No five hundred pound blackberry, Lydia voice here, run up trees, just use their claws and has run up the tree and full clip
you you and run on the ground but faster, and they go up a tree that way, oh yeah, why weak I ate it? Is it's pretty crazy that that one I got one they charge me two years ago. Guardsman, nothing was like. I hit it. Two times come at me here and here Anna was shit. My knickers right, I mean first, whom I hit. It was a cold white, bread and backwards. I wasn't I was put in my pants river and then I took off and start stop in a groundswell huffed at it again and came again. I was not ready. The second go around either and I hate it here and it ran off broadside now anyway in Canada, but it was hilarious. Kiss my my buddy was like hey: did you get a shot he could see in the timber and unlike dude, I'm a man? I arrows what happened in idleness,
leave me. We got up there might do it's a big bear and I said you here and he said I could hear it stop and- and I was like, did you hear fuck and ready be anyway? I did it really I'm no it and try to eat me as I put cheeses and he would look. There's us react in reacting telling him what happened. It was a trip man, but those outworn black I still, I saw the light of the thought that you were a bare so when the snow melts the king king of the ape shredded, the biggest bears guard the luscious, and so when I stopped in, I actually pull my came off and I put on black fleece because it was in a field hands and knees and heat feed. I get closer need fiend. I got two thirty five yards, and he wheeled out right when I shot and he went into the timber and I was like damn it and then I could hear him in their pop in his teeth, like a He he wants some. So I narrowing the stove the timber and started half an atom and now that's a dominance thing. If I were you
that to get him. Rather, why would you do that? What seamen a good idea at the time right. Looking back caught up in the moment well, but could be honest way it. I've never had wanted to come at me that fast, usually they'll do stand here in the house, and I thought you were gonna blossom and then he would be there for a shot, the air and it in quite turn out like I had planned it and Anna. He came straight at me and I so I started like, oh as for community and started to run a backwards and I shot, but it was from here the tv and I hid it. Why thought? Ok, that's slowing down again that well fuck. It is past him off, so your aunt after twenty yards started up the ground so that this point time I was a bit caught the moment. Now, I'm trying to make this sound anymore me being a dumb fuck, so I started huffing at it again and he came straight at me one more time and I hit him on the other side. What was funniest is is Gary, you know it's like hey to get a shot and I was like yeah dude,
You would not believe this you could tell he was like yeah, whatever we get in there, and this thing's got one arrow sticking out of here, one here and one through the lawns, and it was fucking crazy, seven foot for its a weird animal to eat too in other rivets taught me how delicious they can be. John and Jan River really know how to cook Iman, especially trigger they'll smoke cook. I think slow cook, a ham, it's unbelievable! Why so? Good? I get a kick out of the hate mail. I get about predators right! Could we we eat? Em, like outlined, unbelievable, not gives access dear, but it's pretty damn good and it's like just because it's weird you get less hate mail from a deer than then you do something you can now because it seems like if you kill in an animal like amount, mind you're doing it, because you want to be a bad ass. If that's what it is if you kill an animal like a deer like that's, normal people are accustomed to people Killin dear for food. I had people like all those are endangered, calculate giant, Mount Lion and kill a bunch of bears like their endangered and that's like now. There's actually come up
problem right visit. California than on danger of arts, you hear that talk all the time, there's two whole ranch. They have one particular camera trapper. They cut sixteen different mount lines on a pond Promenade they'll e you Novelli tune after a week pretty easily so I'm not lying, but you think, like people, think you can't eat dinner, some predators, you price, shouldn't, eat, but again in the big picture, which I do not understand how people think they eat everything else and so to be. Truly not the hashtag conservation, but if you're worried about other animals, yet keep everything in relative check. Yet as a weird thing that people have, though, when it comes to present, like. There was a woman who ran and Alpaca Farm in Malibu and she had this one particular mount mind that had found her farm irresistible ends.
Water to bunch of almond and killed a couple of goats too, and she got a depredation permit to kill this thing and the amount of death threats that she got when they found out that she was going to kill this mountain, my or was told that she got a permit where she could hire someone to take this mountain lion out, and so she eventually wound up not doing it just out of fear and she was just scared. But meanwhile they don't have any problem with this thing, really thrill kill it was just thrilled. I can't help itself once have found out that it could get into that pen where the owl parkers were it just was slaughtering yet the? U S? Well, not just us here. It's kind of weird so dig put things in perspective. Things don't think about this. If you shoot an animal and you dont pack, it all out get a ticket for wanton waste riding. In honestly I mean what do you do about like rib meat? They call them on red meat as every states
for it so collar out? Oh, you have to take four quarters and neck me someplace. You don't have to take her made some places. You do you think about it. How much food I think was wasted in California yesterday, beef? How much was thrown away the people in Finnish, their meals. Their stake was cook medium. Rare there I'm always alive once and they throw it away yeah how people look at that is weird, but didst. It's like the thing of you going doing it yourself in there with. I think they're really worried about someone shooting Indian just take me out,
which is no no. I guess for that portion of it. I don't get the other portion like where I get like well, I got threatened to nine hundred and eighty five hundred pounds of meat a year right eye. If it's a big deal for me, what's crazy to me is, is some dude that just let his kid throws entire stake away. Cuz it didn't taste good is going to give me crap for shooting a deer, don't eat the whole thing clouds, human animals, so we're real bizarre and what we can justify and not justify. You know, and it's sort of things you seeing you know if someone's walking around without a mask, you know on the street people yell at them and tell them you're I mean danger, but you will see in a massive protests and it gets nothing but positive responses from the news in the media like this. Is amazing people worry unified It is amazing that its also amazing the two weeks later there's a giant spike in Kosovo,
and no one wants a lightning something. A red, though, that if there is a big spike in covered but does not a corresponding deaths, bike, yep irish same thing, yeah see, that's true. Re read the true cause. They said that covetous biking but deaths aren't, which is really interesting is that must mean that their better treating it or maybe people a better understanding of how to us five it or maybe the peace we're getting at our younger because a lot of them are getting it specifically from the protests which the kind denying seems letters which is weird there. The whole thing I'm trying to re, examine get depressed people on top of each other. Mohammed percent support the protests, a hundred percent, but people on top of each other. You tell me if their SEC than I can give it to each other. That seems highly unlikely gear and not a doctor a con contradicting yeah use of that, like you can't protests certain things, but you can protest other things and then, when covered first get dollar six
where a mask whatever. And then I see these things where you know there's this six, what thing? But we do we dont mind if you protest and I ain't exactly everything was strange to me and although they have been gay pride, for protest. This celebration this weekend in Chicago same thing, everybody on top. Everybody in urban is like this is wonderful unity, hey that two weeks when the restaurants in the bar shut down again, where we're gonna questioner decisions yeah it's you were watching, like zombie land lose twenty daddy's are first to go right, brag about time. Think about how bad would it be kicked to rewind eighty years like what would happen, Macao, soft we, or is there is a culture. Now it's pretty amazing and then, like you, you may think about some of the different plagues. Here I read list but well hurry cherished a lot audio books me to say I read the sounds, but it does
for me, but the reality is idle. Reach shit, elegant pictures, but I learned magazines. Read articles read articles I'll, read some articles special, my phone, a poem by air, but I rarely read books. I fall asleep when I read in which pray, should read more, but I you know when I, when I look at all of the different every That's going on now a days like if there was any major, actual real major crisis like how flocked we would be as a society's pretty amazing. Well, it's like we're talking about our dietary choice is the fact that seventy percent of Americans That is so crazy son. This is such a weird time in terms of how easy life is without you know, recover, and then people have gotten accustomed to this software a living there. So when someone does something like what you do when you prefer to do, that's what makes it so extraordinary someone uses that ridiculous farmers walk
Farmers carry machine, and here it is as you S corona. Vice coroner virus cases spike country we'll be seeing more deaths. Doktor found she says that guy third, there will be going up, as I understand it, doctor grouchy is a medical experts and a good man, but I am annoyed him for what he said is said about the masks, because- Is he literally said that we told people not to wear masks so that they wouldn't buy them so that health care experts can get em? You can't do that. Do that because any we know you're lying at one can't lie. If can't say: please do by masks because health care workers need them instead get a bandanna instead taken old t, shirt, converted in You're bandanna. Please say that please in the future, don't lie to me because when you lie, then we think you're lying Then why the Miller, exactly especially when it's about something like that, like interest,
and they were probably compelled him to do that, but man that confuses the fuck out of everybody Khazars as video that you know him talking about you don't have to wear masks and Then, a couple weeks later, the like. Actually we have doubts mandatory yeah, that's the whole code. Things are different, it's different irey! Well in item. You send me a text or something like that. Man is blown out of proportion and I think you said deftly for people like like black with me. Yet one with you know one of If everybody was like you, it would be a bad, cold Vienna here you don't get it, but if you do who take a lot of vitamin c during a lotta liquids, get alot arrest, but the problem, as you know, all these people diabetics older folks and as I want to be a dead horse to death, but I really really would like not sound too. What's the word liberal tree Hungary, s like. I really wish bottled water has were drinking it
I'd like to see more options for filling up a nalgene, I would like to see more options for people for health, like God forbid. We spend all this money on stuff like it, wouldn't be horrible for the government to spend money and get some free dietitians out and say I mean I have a plan for this. But knowing is converted fat kid like fuck. I wish I had some help when I was younger. Remember when tromp had that lady those tell everybody not touched her face and then she licked her finger and then turned to page yeah. Exactly that's. But that's when you know when you were talking about health experts and in things along those lines. That's the kind of shit you see sometimes just makes you go God. People are so weird just human beings we're. So we are what we concentrate on what's important to us so strange. You're from New York written. I was born in New Jersey, but most my from thirteen on a rapid Boston not to turn a reverse arose here. But what made you get into hunting?
I see I'd, seen a bunch of those PETA videos, and I was like I'm going to do one or two things: either I'm going to come a vegetarian or I'm going to be. A hunter and then reality we hunting on a show and I dropped a mule dear the moment, the dear dropped. I was like. Ok, I'm doing this and then the moment we ate it by campfire, unlike this, is the best meal probably ever have in my life. It just made me realize, like we cook, did we left Mother we hung up in a tree. Is what it was pretty late only shot it. We took the organs and then we fried up awesome. Liver and onions, and we fly fried up some heart and dumb, but by the camp fire and remember, thinking eat now. If this is the more satisfying meal I've ever had in my life, this home gonna live from now on to take that and multiply it by a hundred. That's why military curve. I dont know how, after I mean it at it, I get it it is. I mean something about watching that
fly through the air? After all that hard work? Now you may want to snap the fucker and half several times on the way to fight hitting an animal but being a guy, I'm driven I'm goal oriented. You know I really like the challenge act. Practice I, like all that I get it totally get. I would imagine that the connection is so much more intense than even the compound as they deal with other camps. Cams, though, where invading hearing knowledge, noise right getting closer like two different things have to do. It is hard for me to explain to you know tip. I have a little bit different perspective cause I've come from that, the compound side being able, I shot my care Buddha, hired. Twenty seven yards. I've got bashed for that right and I'm like a crazy shot. But if you tried to shoot a caribou like laws on, you can get very close. Yet we just we couldn't get close, but I you know without me getting back too much by shooting long distance. Now I really mean getting sub ten yards from an animal is pretty
Freakin Cole. I imagine it is, and you know what people think about trying it out like give it a try right. Only one thing: good in doing your kids to arrogance, a point we are going to make my own arrowheads flock no, not yet cut. My owns Dixon widow. My own arrows, like I, don't really Comanche I've. I've had a lot of people message me about that. In and I mean right now. I can tell you that I, like I, am very accurate as well. We just shut that tournament with some. You know Luke in the group in the compound trad Luke was like so happy because at the end he asked a bunch of compound guys what their scores were. So he could give em shit cause mine tired, because they're every is giving a shit about how you later and beat you with a stick, bow and he's like you screw you guys, you come, do it cuz. I take him with the money from him. I like that accuracy, even though it's not where I was at the compound. I don't know that I'll never build my own photo, but I would say the chances are highly
likely, I'm pretty happy or unmarried building above by such means, cutting the wood and actually constructing a bow would promote yeah, probably the best guy did Tom Clay Haze is a real traditional dude. He sums are not even a recurved, just like a regular elf lumber cut out of his front yard China we would use with while their boat art trees, which has some action in a thrill outside. Maybe is what about our trains anyway, I'm not where did this shit? I don't plan on Vietnamese. I get aluminum riser right now with what am I try out, but the thing I It is crazy. Whelp, when you use no traditional bobo, its men are involved What am I I never raining you get out of this area of maritime ports. Do you really you. You always say I get hate mail all the time for you and I we say why Red Natur, you're right in we'll say you ve been a get influence because I probably in the last five years, I have really gotten to a point where it takes a lot
not for me to get any engagement or any rise out of it. I just freedom and laugh because I'm like a well when I read your opinion, but the problem is with me and problem. I answer so many tech questions. I try to be super involved with our. Customers will have guys need help. So you have to read some emails and some in some, might start masters, but I will say like like that stupid track vein. I came up with its not stupid. I thought that would be good for the community fuck. Now, like I got some runaway dharuma system, it's a vain. You can shoot out of a car. I mean feathers for people. Now the feathers for the arrow, so feathers are, for generally traditional archers shoot feathers, that, because it has to contact the rising, flattened out easy latin thousands, more accurate, yes, exact cause, you don't get to bounce off the shirt lowood with a plastic vain, like you, do with a compound bo
it hits the sheriff sound drop. You get contact by right off, so I had that goat hunt. Got a hold of the guys at a key and ice. Ok, let's get this don't care if you sell em, I swam. Why thought that would have been? This is how we are to the traditional community. As for me, I thought that would be a positive for guys that do backpack Johnson and it was for a lot of guns I made the mistake of reading a few online tradition. Archery forms about myself and I was a bad idea because I was like the devil, because those veins to come and I want them to be feathers. Yeah like Anti Christ or something they want to be feathers, is traditional traditional. Yet, even though the wood is made from US and see machine their riser in their limbs have carbon em. Now people are weird Taylor, weird with when, when an especial in people get into tradition, tradition things. They get very strange and I known to man. I got me out of here if you hunt pink underwear and use of whatever the hell David Goliath, whatever
the boat, so you do whatever makes you happy. I just want people to get outdoors and get off the couch, but you know everybody has different opinions and perspectives and whatever else, but for for me that was just a tool that increase my opportunity. While I was out there, but it was definitely frowned upon by fuck em you dont. Do you think that this would be a really good night time for some sort of hunting education like a program that people can enter where they could be taught like adult onset hunting? I people who are adults learn how to do it. Someone take you mean another's a few people. Adieu do similar things out there, but man would be real nice, especially when you know uncovered happen. And people realize okay, this food supply, a chain is all sketchy we don't really have any total baby here and you know I went my buddy went to the grocery. So. There was one package of ground me that was all that was there and as a gay man, that's that that could go sideways. It was pretty crazy. Some of my neighbours that were now
Keen on me taken my own animals and all that the food. I had the deep Fraser that Alison One come. There would not be keen on like did they tell you, they were keen on yeah you'd, see they're pretty down on you know they say Something to you you know other than like yeah, I'm not into hunting like that. Underlying you know, go fuck yourself, you shot an animal and but they ate meet. You know so I, like, whatever However, you must look ahead. And then, when weirdest covert hit cause. I do eight four five hundred pounds a year. Pretty easy, I mean, maybe more than that plus you know my daughter and when are even I some had come over and warlike hey. Can we try some of that, my guy, don't you know, I'm always get encourage people to try it in and now it's obviously worked out their addicted to a deal of. It was once you cleanest, yeah, it's so good for you to just feels better when you eat it. You, like you, eat a real nice Elk stake like you'd, like energy,
It's weird it's hard to described people it is, and I mean you also have like for me that the fact that, as you know, the way I was aware got it, it's just adds to the whole experience which is hard to explain, but I think the term as a whole. Like lay navigation, you know how to break down an animal. You note animal Xavier yet be all the class that I think wouldn't be a horrible time? I think it would be great for people I mean I wouldn't say: do it with archery I'll, take it with a rifle, and you know it specially people that don't have any experience in it, but I think they would be an incredibly rewarding sites out. Everybody can do or people say that when you talk about hunting as a being a method of acquiring your meat like hey, we don't have to factory farm hunting is still a possibility. People go Wolf, you know you can't feed everyone with hunting and they're right, you're really can't, because whenever ones going to do it, it's like everything else is like you know your home, world, can't go to Jujitsu class. It would be too pact. That's good cause must be we're not gonna do in anyone's too hard just the same thing, with lifting way,
the same thing with yogurt the same thing with aim in this difficult, difficult things not attract people, they attract some people, the attract people that are interested and challenges, and I would say, don't thing if you did you pray want the shooting of the weapon to be the last portion, cause Why do people want to just do that and in bright you know you he'd her. I earn your way to that and you have to have a curriculum right, oh yeah, when I talk about that easy button that people hit all the time I want to things like I'm most thankful for is. I came up with a time with arrange, finder, I had to learn to arrange right. How did you range with no reigned fond of you learn how like, like wreck, dies, actual distance of things by thinking of an Inter
of like body sizes are good at first. It was a tape. We we measure, and you know what I mean you you'd you'd roll it out and we would have different courses or whatever and when I say it in every inch, finders right when I started there is like a bush. Now, five hundred the thing was assizes friggin note book was giant, it was a mano when ocular in that was like the first one, and then they had some other ones. That put there were probably available if you have a lot of money, but you would be patient and out my step as a yard, and so I measured out no or we would arrange it I'd, make sure how far everything what you know. I would pace it out. So I would guess the yardage and I would pace it gets the art is now a pace. It I've heard of Archer competencies with a dont. Let use arrange for other, so here's the thing with that and aunt em. So when we talk about Levi before you know
Levi Morgan has shot higher scores at times on unknown. Three courses worthy known treaty course had a shot, a lower score and those guys had range finders, that's all good that it is so when you say unknown, you mean over three courses, were you can't use rain, find ourselves shooting at targets and you have to guesstimate YAP, he guesses, the yardage and there's another class sheet from the same stakes and they get range. Finders Levi's are beaten them with no range presents itself, fuckin good. That guy filthy, say People talk about. Could you get guys like, I would say, Mein Kampf, not a tournament guy, can't you two hundred and sixty yards shots. We got great shot or Dudley, Dudley, amazing, shot, but don't you look at a Levi Morgan. If you dig into him thirteen a essay world championships in a row, the net
I was particularly still shootin today and then you think he's hidden fuckin quarters, not knowing the distance at a fifty arts is crazy, that someone could win something that competitive thirteen years in a romance is hard to believe what I mean, I think about the time like my wife is making my head too big a pull up a you too, and have her watch an essay with like Gillingham and leave ire. Damn Mccarthy, and unlike these guys, are good honey. I'm just ok like these guys are financially Watson. Obsession right arteries. A weird zen obsession like that, the feel I try to explain to people like if I never hunted again for the rest of my life. If I never never even eight meet for the rest of my life, I would definitely shoot both now. Definitely practice. Archery, because there's something happens when you concentrate on that target and the shot process, the shot breaks. And then arrow sinks right into where you're. Looking at it's amazing, it's a beautiful feeling,
that's extremely rewarding. I dont it would be hard for me. I what will happen with me when I did that switch right. When I was you know it I found a new love for archery that I had lost. Couldn't newness ran away, and I'm not saying I was you know perfect at it, but you can pick up a compound in and I shoot at an inn in skip a week and instead we pretty damn good with it right you don't that stick by you gotta shooter Alla time. So I got to a point where fifteen years ago I would take work, often Collins sick, to set up my bow like I was always been addicted to archery and later on down the line that newness wore off were now well on the boss of common sick, I am so I mean literally Canada. Christmas waiting for shit come in with that require foot it rejuvenated that love for four archery and
it keeps the shit out of you, and so that challenge you know, and I think it should I? U, that challenge of practising it's pretty addictive idle. I was actually surprised you haven't tried it more yet, but you mean additional year. I saw the time I know what it is It's I know, there's going gonna, take it out x, amount of hours every single day and I'm scared. It's like the same reason. I won't play golf. I know me: I'm not doing that, I'm not walking around for eight hours a day and that would be doing every day and everything else would suffer. Just went on to cross fit me honestly, they're gonna deeper competitive fuck. I fuckin headlines, I that a document it is across the documentary. I feel what it's called the fittest or sunlight that shows the competitions, fuckin bonkers Matt, we just we had match and on the other day he some took second and twenty twelve and across what gained I'm not across fitter set on all the different shit. But me fit had for sure, but I I've told Frank I might dude I'm not good at not giving everything I have and one opera fuck myself up physically. You know trying too hard, but two,
the time to put into that with everything else. I've got going on my work out programmes. Fine, you know so am I gonna get enough. I in the fire and when a dive into the cross border Rina gets consumed by that as well as many other things. Even photography takes time and all that shit all your Hobbes take time for private, the crossword think do I know too many people have hurt themselves. Yet did to the push to harden hurt and I'm just read an article about guy was a cross between who got rapto Rob do my LOS us how no share cross Veterinary Saigon across what instructor and I got robbed from across at work up, Just you know you you're pushing yourself so hard with all those reps and you're doing it trying to keep up with all the people that are in the class with you. I get it great for you, but for morons like me, probably not the best move I agree with you in a more on category Mayan kiss a more like me, like I literally frank and our competitive. You know not competitive. You know we both want to do good by going across to a
meet me coming to go home bag of shocks. I lost my mother phenomena go you know like she had cells when it is again get you guys get pissed or whatever about do. You know me I am not talking should about. Ass fit. I'm saying I do not. I would probably slack on form because of whatever the water, whatever its call for the day, the public chintz on Foreman fucked, myself look. I know you can fuck yourself of doing everything. I've fucked myself up doing Jujitsu multiple times, I'm not saying you should do it, but you know I've talked to people that are real, like legitimate There's, like Steve Maxwell said he doesn't like it, because it's lifting weight as sport is lifting way should be something you do that enhances sport has particular many doing. Big movements he's like Olympic Movement shouldn't be done to maximum repetition is like this should be done controlled, and this should be done in our lives. A low number of wraps- and you just try to build strength, but everyone to get there
thought process and when you look at those guys in those competitions and the girls, the girls get the fuck out of me. There's some of those girls are billet fuckin guerrillas, crazy, that's good girls. Domino's into that, but the guys are obviously insanely fit. So it's saying that it's not good for you seem silly. Is it obviously very good for them? You know some of those fucking dudes are so impressive, but I worry about shoulder injuries exactly like the cap's thing eating is what is known: Kip Kippur, the Kip up, turnips and body by not collapse. None those things, late, look like a recipe for me, Like myself, there are less recipe for labour emptier. The guy's, a bunch of guys, gave me shit when I set at my own janitor light would sing across with Gemini my gamma Journey Kip up so like make jokes, but a new treaty, looks like a functional strength. Jim. I do the most ideas they knows as his leg.
I'll do one arm, dumbbell snatches. I do straight leg deadlifts, but by Germany and moderation, and where I used to live super of heavy for power. Like crazy had we used to be a big mother, Fucker right, seventy pounds, bigger name like until a bench. My goal was to pinch over five hundred night for anxiety, Dick adze mail. Me I buy cheated right. Are you sterile and- and I do not forget doing so by tee what, when you're wiener breaks from taking that, I will make you stop doing anything. That's what happened. I nailed fucker smoking, but I got to where I could lift pretty much anything I I wanted. I couldn't walk from Meda, Jamie and back without getting winded, and so do you like me, I'm just getting list what I took hint and measures so has taken two hundred fifty milligrams or one millimetre of a nanny state every three days so basically taken three shots a week of an anthem that is so our or stuff. No, it's just
testosterone turnover, milligram Phil I take one out of that a week now for being on testosterone PS, yet it s ass replacement, but I was also taken Equipoise. That's for horses Yes, it is. I was taken echo boys I was taking. That makes you super purple Deca I took. Trenabol and for a while, but I could not handle trendy. I logout of a building like train is not good. It's super human strength, aggressive sex drive, but the Super Human Dick head to like you, it's just not for me, so I only took it for a little bit and I didn't take it for that. Long. The one thing I found out is one there's a reason that you're not supposed to be on that shit and I'm not a religious guy. So now I can say God didn't mean you to be that way, but tell me didn't mean me to I can be that way. Lawyer arguing with you're you're structure. You know you have a care
Morocco and biological and hormonal structure of your body in your monkey. With that, your adding massive amounts of muscle to your body or adding superhuman levels of hormones to your body. Well, You know, I'm I'm an eight. Like the first time I took Equipoise it's a horse. Decongestant sets out ok now the transaction. Yes, it cleans out. The Airways opens up to bronchial dilated, some hack and shit up we're gonna get sick. What could us in others, horses and pigs? I'm a fucking, painter, ripe, idiot right of a people. Ask me about my dont: do it eat healthier? You know worker hard like. I lost everything anyway, but the problem lies in the mill at they have Deca and it's got they caught Deca Dick right at me. She like, like no sex drive and I wasn't taken any thing to cause. I watched her doll go
the horse phone, the pit with my daughter and I started crying, I was regarded as a movie right anyway. Horsfalls appeared and horse gets like a spear and its leg. I'm crying quite enough focus wrong with me. Well your emotional cheese my estrogen levels were like through the roof. So I look at like an I was taking. I had two hundred milligrams per millilitre Deca and then I had another bottle, it was like four hundred or somethin. I gotta mixed up for Dublin up on deck. Guess it somebody downward is for and maybe and how did you do so
down afterwards, oh yeah, I was when I first got off. I wish I had a photo of Poland up how big it's. What do? I look like that rock on fantastic for fucking, weird, look doodad Ronnie Common in here. Oh, my colleagues go first of all what a great guy so nice near so friendly and so so happy, even though he is basically broken. Yeah he's had coming back surgeries did he say, had some crazy yeah, like more than ten back surgery, read an article thirteen, but that was probably at its entire back is basically fused dear. But when you look at him when he
who's, Mr Libya, and when it was winning Jesus Jesus that a human being can get that pay. It's it's insane and I mean I always scratch like I did put to come in and he has done in his whole life right. Those guys are freaks, Phil Heath lives by us and in various see him every now near you used to and he's a new kind of our late one gallic Ronnie. The thing is, those like you go to a german grab too, to honour pound down bells, and you start doing inclined bench with no spotter stare. Yogi grabbing some looks, but I didn't Natalie was not built to lift that heavy right that that's there's some help and while the net- but I got to a point where I was super emotional and not like em, I don't believe you in the royal rate think- and I never got that when I
you just tell me you hang illegality side of a building outrage. Yet look let me if its good points, but I think if you just take it increased amount of arm like testosterone, anabolic in general, if you're, happy, guy, you're, happy fear a sad guy, you're sad and if your dickhead you're more of a decade, the thing was well trend. That's why got off it? That was one thing for me that definitely I just I was changing psychologically when I got off it was the problem like emotionally. I was a rack like s closest I'm not like a suicidal guy. Does the closest were my brain. Just didn't function right and then I got a cold turkey in whatever I do. That is a big issue with kids. Young kids. Are there any comments, and crashes and just like we're talking about with soldiers that have been blown up, a launch football players or fighters your buddies, not producing testosterone correctly after you get off that shit, you get really really depressed for some people, bigger
Maxie as what they were tellin me cause. I was afraid to go to the jammed are shrinking er. I thought you know what I did. I join planet fitness there, he can hide an errand, be little and fit right in I'll, never make noise. Now I know did you out local or hopefully the alarm of european alarm go off yeah. So there was a couple muscle heads that went in there. I think to prove it in the gems that I went to writing in dead, lifting and drought. They kick them out. They pull your membership that so crazy. You can't you hard. I know right you're lifting heavy you gonna. Let you do that like hell. That was your trying too hard. We don't want that here. It was we for me, I'm not await dropper, but definitely, if you're doing a dead lived there, some in its heavy some praying to come out of you. Re you're, not you're gonna do some grunt moronto pro, and so I
Tom, I'm not the guy. That makes a crazy amount annoys me, Jim, but there's times were at last couple. You know in or your debts frowned upon. So I went there like six months, which I will say was the smartest thing I could have done. There was no temptation to Europe. A fuckin basket at the front of it right. There is no really oh yeah. They serve Tutsi roles. Pete's others have pizza. Where too should have ever seen at that place in space in my life it was what I need exam, no temptation. I just think it's amazing it. They would set up a place where there are encouraging you two not try too hard they do well, I was and how people I did. I was laughin big words they laughing like for me once I got out of it. You know I was like that. Is the strange shit I've ever seen. There's a jim that wants you to be fat, that's strange! They do pizza tuesdays or whatever is it did they want you to be fat or do they just encourage you to not intimidate the other people with your performance zone,
It is probably because that was, I would definitely oddball the one I went to and so like I would do calf raises, and I would put to forty five on each side on the ground and then I would put for forty five on the like a Smith machine in and I'm just doing, calf drops breath or that got shit can immediately of his light. I told you not to do it. Why one they said I was taken all the weights up and two. They said. That's not, they didn't kick me off totally. They said that his frowned upon Here- and I was like lead- is frowned upon Here- can phrases because out how I was doing it when I was like this strange, but I can't again. It was good for me at that time to get off. This debate was the hardest thing mentally that I added to. That is why everything I hate about America, like that whole just did that the idea behind that don't try to just like you did not hear hear here. We're gonna use forty five percent exertion
Did I get in trouble? Allow you call it Dick for being the guy, that's rubbed him during your crouching, get the fuck up and go like that. Robson turning crotch is a real good advice, you get the point across right. I will, when guys, will ask me certain pieces of advice that they need, like a They need someone like, maybe you or me or renewal, or whoever to give them a. Oh man. That's ok, I'm not deaf fuckin guy. Don't send me a message where you think you're gonna get some kind of arm. You know! Oh, it's! Ok that you suck, you know, keep Goin got try to circle myself with people. Tell me I stuck to try harder than media and I get messages and am I do now? Let's not ok! I, like your your fuckin week, just push harder. That's that's! The key. Keep trying well the only problem with that kind of advice, as some people start off with the terrible base right, if your, if your person that doesn't have any athletic background, no exercise at all, you really do have to start off light, and I tell people all the time, like
you're, just starting exercise. If you work in an office you're in a cubicle you're completely sedentary all you, have to do is start walkin to start with walks than star would do some push jobs. Do a few things tolerating do. Debts real dies. That's what advice I'm giving, though, is that type of advice like one there? They send me their diet plan in its the diet plan of a greek God and, unlike your fuckin lie like unity She like that's what I'm talkin about. I totally agree with what you're saying but think about it. If I message you and said, hey man, I mean eighty grams Carbs day and walk in four miles, no soda, I'm still two hundred and sixty pounds at five nine. I think some drawn it's, ok, you're, fuckin, linear self, is what's wrong or maybe sums really wrong. Maybe an old doktor. I've said that to kiss you I have. I have met a lot of people with them. They rode problems. Then Duff,
but you can get checked out, and so I am probably not the best for advice has literally, if you're, the guy, that's gotten, checked out near just making excuses. I might do just quit. Falander self employment. It is kind of crazy how many people lie about how often they work out what they do is really sad. Yeah. Well and again, I probably sound jaded become, is recovering fat. Kid myself right, like fuck, I wake up any painted by my wife has to hide the shit right I got problem so I know where their coming from you say that but I've never seen you fat years. I've known you ve always been fit, but I always say I'm fat, so I don't get the exam lives with that's the mentality. That's the right mentality versus the mentality that lies about how often you work on what YE one in in in you know. Again, I call myself fat and I've always will because I never want to be fat again. When I gave I get up to
sixty when I, the army, did you ever get to the point where you are making your own meals for the basque country, like judge ever use dehydrated already there now do you did announce? What are you cook like what kind of stuff you make so rewind the cheapest Neil! I can get if I'm in a hurry. I can't make it as I get brown Rice top Rahman in olive oil tuna for people listening. That is a cheap way to do it, but tuna. Now olive oil Brown Brown right top Rahman? Yet what is brown rice top right? the healthcare opera yoga them in, and I make my own seasoning. So it's not loaded with sodium delta, but when I make a meal and there's multiple ways to do that, the like Super easiest is just take elk stake. Rare elk around
took the roads like you normally would and then in that roast a cut up, sweet potatoes and I'll put in veggies in there just basically make kind of a stew, and then in that that I and I put up so when I do That'S- why I put a ton of olive oil in it because of the fat and then I have trays on a dehydrator and they're the the trays where it's like a frisbee, so it can't. Through of I've got elk sweet potatoes, olive oil are usually put in my broccoli, sit shit like that and the sweet potatoes I cut up relatively small. I dehydrated that it sets simple do you have to when you make a meal like that with a dehydrate, you have to add extra seasonings little taste good when you re hydrated, two ways to do it. What I encourage people to do is not as much seasoning when you cook it, because it will be hard to get it right, meaning everyone might, if you're, if at a body or or depending on what the meal is. Some eels are more flavorful than other summer, more bland, I added after one year in its.
Would you pour boiling water into it and then you add the seas, nay, on top of their fill out? What I do is I, depending you can do it in his epilogue bag, but the easiest thing as those just cheap plastic can t, no more! You can put in a tightening when it doesn't matter, but once I you know, kick it off boil it get it right hydrated get the boiling water in there. I just put a lid on it. Let it sit for ten minutes, not very long or boil it until it is. If I have extra fuel and then it's ready to go just like that, just like a mountain house same principle to nothing, makes me fart harder than yeah and it turns your poop funny. Colors like a Maurices in orange and amount houses are green. I've never poop green. I did and I didn't look at it, but the smells that were coming out of my body last time. I ate mountain house at six The shit cannot be good for you. It's got a lot of sodium in most people. Likewise, it matter it's like one hundred and fifty nine dollars a year. If I can matters like I have got to, I can't eat those things all the time. So there's a few new
he's after it's pretty help me that I use, but when I make my own like, I will take Idaho and potatoes and in home I make for shepherds pie and in what I've made and put in a dehydrate her I just mix it with Idaho and potatoes. So I make my own so you dehydrated and then do you vacuum seal it or packets. It depends if I'm a lot of times. No, I actually just put it in his that block bag. Rail is the vacuum seal thing it helps, but if I'm making it per trip or per month, you not you not trying to get it to stay forever. Gambler, I'm not worried about it. So there that's. Why things, but there's other ways to cheat. You nice achieved the system there are other ways that you can save money eat healthier. You know when you're out there and in a lot of guys, if you're going on for seven days that may have a deal but long term eagerly, I think I would also imagine that it gives you an extra sense of satisfaction that you're doing something like your creating it meals in my reading now you know this is a meal that from an animal
you show yourself, you put the meal together yourself, you behind, I didn't know you rehydration that edge extra sense of satisfaction that you doing something it is an ex I've done it. So much now that satisfactions almost Kennedy, I begin desensitized we're talking tore out here. It's warm it's it's normal! What's weird! What's not normal is when people look at me like I'm weird than I do it daddy's weird for me, like I'm like what I like, you cook, Burger, don't you like? Really people come over and won't my wife's real estate agent? She gives a package to to the people that want of wild game did is like this modest thing she ever thought of, because I don't want it, I've never bought out, but I guess it's fuckin expensive. If he got tired, get yes so she'll do like the package. Wild game is a thank you. She says a house, though call and she has all kinds of recipes or whatever so
people come over there like. What are we eating and, unlike that's mountain, go now, that's moose there and in which we have. I call upon you cheeseburger and will mix it without dead dogs out at kinda weird flavour. What is our dad tastes? Like everybody, varied on that some people say it's terrible. Some people say it's delicious. I would say the taste is good. It's tough, stove too. So it's good d like like a brazen cook. It slow cook it. So I don't think you can fuck up anything Sloka. That's the thing when p where am I gonna fuck up arose, but if you like, I took a back, strap, tenderloin and cook did it was pretty tough, so we make everything into burger
salami, you know pepperoni sticks or whatever out of the out dad. Now is it my first choice now, but I take the burghers pretty fret flavorful, so we make almost everything at a into breakfast sausage in burger. Does it depend on what time a yearly of its in the rough? I would say the report has a huge part to do with it, but if you make it into how opinion cheeseburger and give a fuck if he put it into a turd that going to taste good right, it doesn't matter, and so the last one that big big. When I shot we made almost the whole thing and well we did. We made the whole thing and a burger broad breakfast ass has been it tastes, pretty good. It's not bad. I mean, I think people take care of him, who is here is a problem and how they cook it here. So we let led him to wait. We drop him. You know drain, I'm totally and well. When I say age it not aging will lead it hang for a couple days
if we let it age who, as far as let it drop drain out, it makes it more tender. So I I hate when people see say things taste bad when it just your Adam Shit, bad preparation, yes, Brad Prep, because I haven't tasted much wild game that wasn't great dude, which stood three hours. Please do not get God time flies in this room. I know I'm pdf, that's a fuckin Merrick. I know you drank to kill and a bottle of water. Listen man tell her body applaud cask, far casting get. If your interested more in hunting and back Packing Kaffar CAS it's available everywhere and cook. What what does foreign nationals, the pot the website so Kaffar, okay, I f A r: u dot net is the website and knock afar cast? Is the the podcast and best fuckin backpacks in the game. Nay, I appreciate a man thinks we're happy. Aren't gray for being your brothers and was awesome, was really want to talk to you lead definite by everybody. Thank you for
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