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#1503 - Josh Barnett

2020-07-07 | 🔗
Josh Barnett is a mixed martial artist and professional wrestler who competes in the Heavyweight division of Bellator.
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When we get together, we just talk about life in interesting shit and he's just a bad motherfucker. I love him to death. Please give it up for the great and powerful Josh Barnett the job will gain experience, demons demons demons, Demons I'll, take em, others is absorbed them in your soul, sure enough in need of them with your own darkness, as probably possible. You know just appeared alone. Much care more could be have definitely always got. The soundtrack for culling Monroe, fucker real one that we are actually has taken quite a long time. I am not of the sort who who is prone to growing facial, hair and shit like it took me until probably thirty. Six before I had a single Chester, what Gaia really I blame the the native American sat a mile. That's crazy, yeah! I'm I'm got back here now:
pull back here, something over the last like from the time I was like public thirty five. Started growing like series back here, not fifty two and you know I'm not like? Whose at russian wrestler dude is one? While there was this guy victors and give who who actually did professional Saying that guy was just quoted in it yeah right, another guy, somehow she MC I've also just a fur coat who's. The there was one wrestler who had he done a bunch of films and of Georgia animals tee. Well yeah him is about his hairy mass teacher, something really life. Yet that's let down! Look it up. On guerrilla, I mean a guy, was a fucking werewolf air on em. What do you know where I went when you gotta head, like that? It's like you're, always walk in under a full moon. He's. He was in a bunch of leg, aren't house movies. I could see
that. What there was also a guy named tore, something who is in plan nine from outer space, and he was also professional wrestler. Well, I mean they're acting all the time like the Harris wrestlers, don't you pulled up looking for the rest, I bet you. I bet you if you put in the Harris wrestlers feet, I'm sure that would show up to here. The rushing guy is a current competitive grapple or in his bill. Berkshire House needs covered and Hair Isaac is everything here, Yes, I'm not, naturally, all that prone to being particularly here, but you bearded, so uniform, it's beautiful sight. The front part is dark and the sides imperfectly white mean any better than that? Do you know it's? It's it's coming to kind of nice, You are the right lotions and tinctures engines they do use lotions I own now tat I was like you do not have very high maintenance guy. Every now and again I will put some beer to Ireland, but that's about it, beard
oh yeah, and its mainly because I'm just trying to keep the knots out of it. Yet people will look down on you. If you groom your beard hair in any way for some strange reason, I have seen that already we got, you took a razor to adjust this etc possibly giving shave, but you can't trim now you Let this shit just go to need is a full bill to power right here. Just does what it wants to do. Get stronger everyday, I give you took your pubic Harrison Miller Crown out for sure you just tell you just can't formulated that year in year out here, you're monument to your cock, who the dude there was a guy who was a? U of sea fighter? a hair and o Brien Rhine ever so yeah yeah. He really is a kooky, awful guy, very skilful, very slick. He was again that had fought many
Jeremy Horn type character with a hundred plus fights yes serious ever saw guy more calm, cool and collected in a fight for supper. I said he has it pointing upwards lagging. Yet here instead of but I guess, the nature of chess tears is ass. Such yeah, maybe just one, would not shots here you go, you gonna, mentally Mariana cured one hour. I like that, when he probably I waxed have to finish at off. There's no lines had someone? Do it? Someone really talented That's your abroad that looks like a real serious brought head garlic. Who knows what he's doing he's out there you fucking around
when it comes to Chester Gather Guy, he just what happened, he just stopped and enough- I don't think he's argued retired, but he had so many so many fights I gotta figure. You know what what is the? What? What is the length of time that you can continue to be an athlete? I've said this to a lot of folks, and that is you don't know what you're athletic window is right, especially when you create something exceptional like you start, if you're an olympic F weary World class athlete professional athletes, as you continue to move up the ladder of a difficulty, so to speak, the shorter the window is that yeah compete at that level. Obviously, but everybody's athletic window is limited. So one of the length of time you can be a competitive fighter is who knows how long but I guess I've seen some stats say over five years starts to decline over seven around seven. It really starts to taken
dive nearly safer problem, a fighter. You have nine years to compete at a very high level, but that's whose day and even then, that nine years is still more towards the tales and not not into the middle of it, and I mean a lot of folks. You'll see him you'll get to the. U have see they are there for about three. For years and then even towards the tail end of that for years, it's like they're there no longer in cup in in the running for any of the major fights yeah, I think for people. Outside a daunting. They understand. What's going on in terms of injuries wearing tear, just the overall, punishment that your body takes through the growing sessions, training social sparring dagger year, you're doing untold amounts of damage to your body, and there is, of course, a matter of chance in terms about, did somebody Roland you need that day more not or did you just land a punch wrong? I mean there's all kinds of other factors, as this can't be accounted for
That's why it's kind of crazy. We see a high level fighter whose, like training for World championship fight and there in one of those group class environments, wherever there's like thirteen other deeds around them put Jesus. Raised me that so risky. It is, and I think a lot of it stems on the origin of anime. Its wrestling being right from wrestling from that. You too, from martial arts, Structured Elam, but also the money wasn't therefore dedicated trainer manager types row. It's like as soon as the manager construct came in to Emma may, and I say, construct because I dont think most anime managers are actual. Managers are mostly just agents, they just they find fights and whatever and they'll they'll get a collective of other fighters under their wings, so they can have some sort of collective, getting by having these other athletes are always being able to shuttle somebody in depending on what the Euro,
see or some other organization might need, but they're not really. Overseeing someone's career right. We should talk about that. Look what that means we will. You essentially saying is that they are not like boxing manager, wills slowly, build you towards a world title fight and a u have fighter, doesn't really get there opportunity. No, that's true and part of that is because I would say a lot of these quote. Unquote. Managers want to fast track an athlete into getting them and with boxing manner there's an end. There are times when people are fast track, look at low machine, so he was such a ban level that there he's already being put into the sea, the big Hidell, more looking over enamel May John Jones, where it actually worked? Yes, in fast tracked, boy or yourself, the youngest ever you. If you have a champion true, but I did. I was twenty four fights by the time I ever hit. You have see something like that, but you still will you twenty three one
the Thai was twenty four. When I want twenty thirty, four still very young partake. For a heavyweight? Yes, yes, I know it is quite young and its it lasted as the young You have see champion of all time until John Jones beat it by like a few months or something like that message when he won his title butter, but these management types came into the two fold, and then that I call you know we get thirty three percent or twenty percent are always to think that it is thirty three. There are ones out there that the cheese it surprising that's Clare was a case around a fighter suing his former manager and the manager was getting thirty three and a third so which I guess was the maximum allowable by California standards, I believe, but
That seems so right has seem wrong, but the other thing about this and then there are the way I approached it was you you get these numbers. You get these ideas from boxing in these other, these other avenues that are more established, but here's the thing a boxy, manageable, take a fight. How's them in the cat skills or whatever take him to big bear put him in a home pay for sparring partners so on so forth and the amount of actual management in terms of logistics and everything else going around someone career is being is, is vastly different from just oh yeah. Well, I called up: do you see in said yeah? Throw you in two weeks were the same thing? Do you think you deserve thirty, three and thirty percent FR with my fighters, I tell him look once I can make you over ten Grand star pay me, because in that way. What am I gonna do with your two hundred bucks right by most value managing geyser tribute. I have actually been managing fighter since early two thousand.
No shit, yeah. I didn't know that your training, guys no. I I started off with managing the gloomy Fuji career got her first fights in the. U S helped her turn pro all that and negotiated her belet ordeals all that kind of stuff, and then I manage Victor Henry. As for like a more modern athlete, I'm working with Victor Henry he's on eight fight winning streak he's probably next in line to fight for a title and rising he's been taken. The crap out of people in and rising d, the deep world champion he's been people up and
And the thing is, you know, people are so concerned about just the U Fc or the american market, which I get it. It is the largest market is the most notable and it has incredible fighters in it. But there is incredible fighters everywhere and there's also that process towards graduating a fighter up to their to their best position and giving them the best experience for that fighter, and I was just talking to someone at the you have seen the other day about Victor and he goes you're doing the right thing with him now you're building him up here, you're, making him the best version of himself. He can be and you're taking care of him and getting him paid. Now, that's that's part of the experience and also I try to make sure to give my fighters the experience of being around the world, seeing the world there's nothing that will change your outlook towards being and other places, especially the more disparate. From what you're used to look up. I got a great fighter,
name a J, Bryant Featherweight and took him all the way over. The Turco bar Russia, well, and it was a real I opening experience, but the thing was it was I opening and all the right ways and he had such a blast being such a different environment and and getting to be really out of his his comfort zone, and I live to do stuff like that, from my fighters, yeah that's growth as a human, exactly which will translate into growth as a fighter. I don't see how it won't, especially, I think, within the within that over apparatus of fighting and the constant fail failure to succeed rhetoric. Could you can't you just can't come out and and immediately win at everything that you're trying to do, and you won't come out immediately, be graded everything you do something shore, but it's about the overall path of all of us is about your overall growth and where
You started and where you end up- and I think if you look at the overall talent pool in the world, it used to be that the the elite fighters were all either at pride or it you have seen that that's what it used to be, but now I, like you, see when any Alvarez went over to one who thought that Timothy Nazi Yukin- yes, yes, it is a bad mother. Fucker must be if he's beaten, Eddie afterthought as tough as yet in and Eddy Avez. Of course, former you have see champion his world class Jovius see him get beat down by them. I know what these mother fuckers are out there and the town level so high, like this guy's to the sea and when they write when they get here, you go holy shit. Was this guy been? Might pewter Yan, whose fight thing is vital for the title this weekend against Josie Aldo, pure yawn is as bad as russian do his fuckin vicious and when he first came over the you have similar cheese Christ, whereas this guy been its
you see, these guys, who are all over the world now seen see an elite world class fighters and its just as you have seen more like. I firmly believe Douglas lemurs one the best well to wait on the planet tonight. If not the best yeah he's got an incredible dynamic. To his game, tease his as offensive capabilities are just absolutely deadly, yeah he finds holes. You know I mean for him to know about my little pain, but we're not talking about my daily life, made for him to knock out Michael Page gotta mean pages hard even hit that car he is used area. Louis Evan, I know let people like to really rag on page I think he's asked me to man and I met the kid. So we are to think they re collect kid domain.
I mean a misnomer, youngest anywhere. You have seen to have you here. You go, there's still some people, I'm sure I'm kid to Mark Coleman. I'm sure he'll always call me kid and energy labelling urging the Bell dear, how two percent, if you ever come across gene few. If my name comes out of your mouth, he's gonna go, tell tell em go Jean said, thanks for teacher, my camera never ends, and I Mrs Hazan carrier he's the I love Uncle Jean need TAT. We do, but there is great fighters everywhere and really promotions, one of them, their biggest one of their biggest duties, is to find them to cultivate those fighters. They're not great just because there in you, organization their great, because you, your organization, finds great fighter rise right, yeah, they're out there and mean, if you think about
just the level of awareness of elite fighters now because of you too, because of all these different streaming services me you can watch. You could be anywhere in the world and watch top flight town. It's not a surprise, any more. There's even amazing, guys out there, like Jack Slack and Lawrence tension that do bring down on specific fights fighters and specific techniques where, if I send Jack slackened, Lawrence kinchins stuff to my team, all the time in groups ass. I watch us. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, you know of any of em pick up like, keep like SAM Art than unlike job done, yeah and I didn't have to think about it with a letter. Those clips are so great to because they highlight a specific technique. They'll shoot the UK or the finnish and then they'll break down all the different moving parts like both those guys are fantastic, Robin Ex created is robbing glass pink. Around Blabbin. Is very?
pertaining to is a really entertaining person in also, and his enthusiasm for martial arts really comes through, and I do love his sincerity yeah I had at least over something that is missing, Yosemite and authenticity and anything you do and just like. We talked about the the the Rogan man cave, but it is not about being a man. This place is an extension of everything that you're trying to create for yourself and that isn't honestly, Whether you have the means to create something like this or you just have the means to creep something really small on your own little apartment, leaving everything that you do should be in worship, so to speak, to what you're the ideal you're trying to create right, and you can't do that if you're insincere, you can't do that if you're, if you're, just trying, to be the packaging and not the item yeah. We were talking about that earlier that there's too many
I think this is part of the problem with social media is a people or intoxicated with this idea of having other people, think they're, awesome so they they put out all this stuff to make. It look like you know like their this amazing person and will put up these quotes and put up this shit, but it's it's not really what they're into they just want you to think they're into it, and it comes off that way like you like one of my big, Pepys I and I will get it. I posted a quote last I am not a quote rather, but an image of Miyamoto massage he could not get into the book a five rings again. I cannot wait to hear what what just criticism some came out of nowhere to tell you what it, what a jerky were, how wrong you? Hot! I don't know! I don't know there is as amended, pay attention, but what I was criticise is. I was going to say that I have an issue with A lot of people
online, isn't even that I have an issue it doesnt resonate with me is a better way of putting it with very negative there's so many either posting motivational ship. They haven't done anything true, is try media and trying to be the packaging, and you can do that if you feel that go do this. This is this is how you go get. It is what the fuck are. You done I have to do something- and I didn't say this last night, but this is what I meant when I posted it like. If you want take inspiration, there's something but the words of me, a multi, massage III that are poor found the inspirational because he's a man who best it over sixty men and one on one sort fight. So when he's talking about strategy or he's talking about technique and he's talking about preparing Asian, and you must research this. You must look into this, and this is how you go. This is how you go about attacking. This is how this is how you play if your opponent strategy, what he's too
about life or death with a fucking sore can't get more seriously comes through and his words men, even translation, from Japanese to English, even though its four hundred years later there's something about that guy that it gives me goosebumps moment. I read a shit I fell in love with samurai philosophy a long time ago from what need obey and the hunger career and is even one called Bhutto or earths samurai flat philosophy. The summarize it forget the name of it, but it's really short, succinct book that really nails down some things and I think part of why what they have to say is oh so so, authentic and so so real so to speak, is because its life or death or that bill reading storm of seal by earns humor and you're reading this guy's take on being in world war, one and its, not that he was never afraid. It's not that he didn't understand what war is
it's just but him from his position as a soldier in the way he approached things in the way even still saw beauty in these moments in living in that part of his life. It's it's clearly somebody that, I believe, has a good grip on being towards death, as Heidegger would put it like being embracing what it means to be alive and by bracing that you're all embracing the fact that you are gonna die, It is not going away that that death is alongside you and you don't know when it's common and there's no need to, because you're not supposed to thinking about whether or not you're gonna die or when it's gonna com or anything like that. But you need to be thinking about what you're gonna do before that time does show up. How you're going to do it for why you know what is how How are you finding meaning in fulfilment in life so that when when death comes along and tugs on, you shoulder in on your shirt, sleeves you're, like our eye or this, is it near and those guys people they leave described, weather
who saw she or any of those people, but what comes out in their words. Is authenticity because the fact that they have led these extraordinary lives and they have faced incredible danger, they have lived There's there's something about that way. You can genuinely learn from those people, whereas there's a lot of but that really haven't, but they know that people long for those things, so they try to recreate it. May try to recreate these quotes or they try to find Some words that will inspire you'd get going in and seize the moment and make the most of the day and go out there and conquer and right, and kick ass and it doesnt mainly that gets all per sought, is attempting to take on its presenting the persona of that kind of individual, mainly because they know that deep down, all of us realise that there's weight to those kind of, as you know, and I am sure the piercing would be like it's a bloody arc,
type, something that we are using examples well, meaning He talks about what it whatever is talking about. Word what you always talking about glove, archipelago go or anything he's talking about from a place of profound understanding and that resonates like when when he critiques Marxism or it certain philosophies and certain certain trade is he sees in certain social social behaviour like he's doing it from a place of profound understanding? And that's that's why it resonates of people? That's why he became so famous people think somehow another that he became so favours because there's axed in a lot of like weak man, Sherry tapped into that's. The typical criticise us level, the surface level, diagnosis of all these kind of air prognosis, but the thing
is even as much as you too, to put it in perspective. So I have I own journey, dealing with with Marxism near Marston. Whatever and how it is, and at one point with a part of my life and just making me absolutely miserable from another person. Why where's your dating idea. I was sent some other relation with and it was just like I'm getting assaulted in a way. Now I'm not translate words of violence. Canada, I was just under. I felt like I was under attack all the time for things that I didn't do and things that I from arguments that I had or accusations on my I don't understand why I am being this has been off loaded onto me at the time. So I start researching and researching in researching, because We believe I essentially like J S. Mill says that, though, that who he who under stands only one side of the argument, not the other understand little of both, and so even through all this
I have to re. I had come to the fact that as much as, if you'd want to take that shallow diagnosis of of Peterson, it's the same as if you want to take a shallow diagnosis of Marxism. These things aren't operating out of complete falsity. They're not coming out of nowhere they're not built upon nothing. There is truth being said and everything this is their. This from truth. So that's what you mean by red marks. There is true critique, says: there's true things within it. Now, where people often go wrong, is you know they take a seat of truth? they plant a forest of bullshit range. So just because you can you can grow, it doesn't mean you necessarily, I think, a ban boot right. So if you put ban boots and a lot of places, especially in western, especially of seven orthe West are or Western America depends on your climate zones, where we're not gonna, get all that but
A lot of strings of bamboo will grow to the point that they, just they can't be stopped. They will grow through concrete. They will grow through asphalt, they work. So if you're going to plant it, you have to plan it in like steel boxes and concrete barriers and things they make sure that the bamboo stays only where it's supposed to be. Otherwise it's going to be fucking everywhere, and it's going to out, compete and dominate everything now playing the bamboo great idea, but if it goes knots and destroys all year, your native flora fuck that wasn't so great now was it right in a grey. I hope you, like bamboo books. That's all you fucking not now yeah like there's truth in a lot of those philosophies in terms of they have a point, but then, when apply large scale, and then you taken human nature and how humans
find ways to blame others for their own shortcomings and find ways to Duke the system and and then you wonder whether mass- why certainly a problem if you take mostly in external, look at everything it's at all outside of me. It's all other thing, all these these. It's all these systems. It's all these other aspects, these external processes, and it's none of it is me right and none of it the individual, and none of it is. You know the small group too large group too, that all these things change from every voice. Each point from from the single person to the small tribe to the larger national nation. Size community and mean to think about the logistics it takes to keep some of these systems working and working accurately or as accurately as we can at times something dumb like I don't know it's making sure electricity gets your house its enormous values.
Of completely take it for granted. A great micro version of what we're talking about is the key blow hill autonomous zone which turned out to be a fitting hauling desired and silk, nor how Joe I'm from Ballard yeah you know it so interesting is that, of course, it would be on Capital Hill was like our little hate ash barriers of sorts, but you know I thought Capitol Hill had had really jump the fuck. Shark a long time ago, when I was reading an article about people wanting to be on capital hell, so bad they were willing to live and shared apart. Shared shared living space scenarios, Are there sharing bathrooms and kitchens, and all this and paying like stupid money for a room, and I dont mean a room in the house. I mean purpose built habitation scenarios too
do they say why the fuck? Do you want to live there? That bad? I mean there's plenty a cool shit there, but this leaved cook shit all over slatter. What was it about capital held, because I'm not a Seattle guy. There was just you know it was the youths. The gay or algae BT Now, as you would refer to a epicenter it was a lot of their had some headshot staff. It was a sort of a counterculture district. You know- and I remember as a kid you know we go up there and go to the weird store than he had been placed me. You wanna buy some crystals in Perhaps it would be there, but it was a groovy, very densely cultural place and famous for a lot of things. Some things unfortunate. Like me, as a party getting killed by the comet, tavern or but also
Many many great things too, but it was, it would definitely be the place where you would see something like a Chaz pop up. It's just that the either that the separation from idea to reality with something like a Chaz is in, and it's always gonna be this case. It's always gonna be just mountains in between the two in the funniest part. I think for me, is watching that altercation video with wrath and his his his new police, stating where the police now and the guy in being approached for graffiti in a building going, what's up with all the guns and only like, I always guns in this lady, whose filming on don't don't worry about us? Haven't gods? Who cares about guns, cops, carry guns, guns are no big deal rooms. Wow, you guys to exert basically made all the worst aspects, The country they put up a border immediately. They copy
often go in and they had no medical. They had no police yet up their police. Was a bunch of thugs. If something went wrong, they beat people up, attacked him. One guy was filming things. They didn't like, remember that they jumped a mere beat his at yes, there's a picture or at least of wrath, and the guy then embracing each other which to work inside I'm thinkin see. I fuckin told you people. Violence is the worst thing in the world like you know, perfectly honest violence can bring people a lot closer together than you think we ve never rain together, but we know what it's like to train so There is already this inherent report between us and then they had the report between You and anybody that gets on the mat is almost sucked out immediately because you just cannot be cannot be on him in a situation like that in and be living on, persona how long you need to really be who you are, and that might be a really great fighter,
might be a really mediocre what it doesn't really matter. Everybody is generally towards their pure self. When put into that kind of scenario. It is the chuck I can't say last name Poland, poetic Pierre via Pelenore power, he's been progress. Now he's an awesome. I lose all he's either renewed parliament, Pat, ok and he in other line about You never know who you aren't. You been in a fight like yeah. Learn you really want to know who you are getting your fight, but but watching that name So this item he's gone of like a perhaps you know, a little bit of fisticuffs could could things a little better. You know, especially if we are to talk about the law. Mutual combat that exists in Washington Right, which is really, I think, should be national to be perfectly honest. Deleted probably have would that is that, like they let people fight out on the street, which you should be aware that if you get killed you
MIKE, you might die. I know there has been amounts off. The Congress has to be included in such a law. You're gonna have to do. I look you're taking or life in your own hands like legitimately, if you do it out in the dirt, I'll be right, but we can't nerve the world that more attention than just can't it's not possible and as much as we would love to think about the ideal scenario for everything you you, you can't and always gonna be that one, ten, whatever it's it's just not possible, and so on. Then you see around this guy is echo it's all good, but it's a stable, but what of cops just got to just MAC people all the time in that part of the problem with police issues in general. Right I mean that we and go on about I've. Seen that you know you get the arguments about stats from the FBI and about the shoe wings and unarmed shootings in all this kind of stuff, but they don't have stats for how many times has accomplished, beat someone's ass
bright or have they don't you know, and and it's a right, but with that with the the the this thing. That the saddest thing about all this, even besides I'll, take an argument on this. Even besides all the fucking property damage in the just tearing everything up and obviously, loss of life, right. There is theirs. How'd you killed their release to right, I think than war. Having people died, Evan she hasn't Lars dead. And so we have a drink to those people tat we should. We should absolutely everything to those people warm. Your own whisky, yet our laboratory edition of the fuckers at their own risk a few a few, but we can get into my love of whisky at some point here, seven people disabled people died in chairs, which is obviously awful, that is clear is but what I guess, where I'm going with you
on what I think could possibly be the worst of all of this people, not learning people not learning that it's not so easy to put societies to get right, small or large and even that one it was basically you occupied you you'd do basically did whatever buddy complains about the founding fathers to correct. You took over poverty and land that was held by other people. You conquered Aspasia, you can't raspberries and and even Congo for very long Well, that's good! I hired for Esteem WAR, Bringer, Mesquite smoked. This is good. Shit.
It is a joint metal winner, Emily San Francisco international spirits, competition. I was beat think those people drunk due notice, because I was that of a reserve of as a judge for high times once for all that the average yeah it was our posture. I dont know how guys like I'll see tony honey. You go up there and do this whole fuckin stick. If you gave me any of that, done. I can have a coherent conversation. I'd be. I would be unable to actually keep track of what the fuck anybody's talk you get accustomed to. I guess it is marijuana. You build up a tolerance but YE some rough knights were, doesn't see what it is like for working out material. What what cannabis, is it allows you to have these possible It is that you can open these doors or not, but they're they're like you, if your high, like
I ve been doing your act and you're doing stand up for five nights? A week in year, you're really in the groove, your honed and you're, not gonna, get thrown out by state by some part. You know what you're talking about an especially if you smoke Latin, but what part does do is Gets you to these places where you might not have gotten before. Like you go home, judging whisky like work, why? What are they doing like? And then you like off off the cuff, found stage He'll go into this place that maybe not gone into before your fine. Ideas. So what I like, bout, it is, is it it opens up like a flower, these Kate these ideas and they spread, but not always, though, sure it's a risky thing, you just never know. What's gonna come with any sort of yes alteration to your mere minds, It also makes stand up a little more dangerous, so gives you a little scared, and that is also good, because it it it opens up possibilities
and it allows you to stay sharp because you're a little nervous like if you been no one, knew instead of a thirty one years. You know what I'm gonna do It is kind of normal even like last week- and I did the Houston improper, understandable ninety days before, turn up on stage. I listen to a lot of recordings. I went over my notes. I knew what I was doing. It was fun. Was a lot of fun, wasn't terrified but if I got really high before it would be fucking terrifying suited to the idea of a terrifies a shit out of me, I have material I got all kinds of, but but I'm just like that, hilarious, a guy's fought, is many times you of did stand on the scariest things I ever did was the first time I ever thing on stage or the bad that was This ban Nile death, metal ban, and so I'm friends with them. Karl, you you're the man, but I'm sitting in the audience there with my women with whether my ex my girlfriend at the time and where the house of blues in Hollywood and He literally goes a job
dear this than the other book at this man. They put a spotlight on. They go, he's gonna, come out and help us in black sea, the vengeance of them, the so called Euro. I'd tell you before you know and silenced, or no Ok, so at some point Yet, by the way people fronting abandon the microphone, you have an inordinate amount of power. Be careful, but are you flex it so I go back stays come grab me! I'm just waiting and I'm breaking out a full sweat I can think of that. My throat is going to close up only squeaks in and like Weird MAO's noises are gonna come out, he's gone off and I get up there- I I I can't hear myself
I'm doing my thing and I get off stage like eyes, pretty good and is losing my shit he's like what I have never been more scared in my entire life and what are you afraid of being onst age and just singing when people trying to kill you? I go honestly fighting for my life feels. I am not saying that that is the way most people should have you things and- and- and I am of the believer that if here, if you enjoy delivering violence, If you really are into it than you, so enjoy when violence is brought to you and the escalation that comes from viewing of of life, you like there in your best mindset, is a feeling of power that is derived from it like it. I talk to our goal and all over the place, a you might think we were already high, but it did you always fill it. Disturbed yes go into.
I talk to you. How did you feel like that when you first fight? Yes, we heard you first right, like actual just fight back when you are the baby face ass. My first fight was nineteen years old. I was winter vacation from from the Embassy Montana, one of my russen coaches, call me up and AMC Pan creation was. Apology was approaching that providers and there out there and I knew of them, but this was one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, so this shit was still real. Right, the I why sorra there wasn't really of an avenue towards things in these I've talked to Mme people. Now these guys don't get it. You don't know what it was like back then, and.
My mile rising costs because maybe go hey. I know you'd been training under your into this there's an overt there's, an opening to fight this guy Christian knows on January. Whatever it was so was eleven days. Are I eagerly? Oh Christian Oceanic thought super boys. Propria when all right love days, I'll, be there and that's it. I just went by train with an old martial arts. Coach in mine ran a little bit and I was already training. I can Montana over Jim Harrison's, but she to conquer rotting in rest in peace and say much love, but am I wrong? cool, I want to fight, that's it, I'm standing in line to go through the medical's and this other cat he looked at me. This is his name's hussar, also Chris, anything on that that card, and he goes so. Where do you train man? I got to know,
Montana, but also trained about in this. This church basement- and he just looks to me, like cool. Later. He tells me because I thought you were going to die at this conference is going to annihilate you back in the day, there were guys had no business being in for sure, and ass. I get in the ring I fight Chris. I choke among conscious in my two minutes. And met, gets in the ring and egos hey. We love you come back in the summer and fight again, my I'll be here, and that was just there, the matter of. I was so the funny thing is. I was ready to get out there and apt to do it, but even then, when you get started, it felt like first, ever wrestling match to some degree in thy everything kind of eternity tunnel vision and its it It's a strange, strange feeling, about how everything seems to be going a million miles an hour and you watch it back on reversing like oh, my God, there is actually a lot of time and between stare segment, ADA segment B
and I do remember my first wrestling match, especially because I fuckin head north This guy, who had already placed he'd placed in the district, so are the city. Whatever metro we call it rested for Ingram was she remembers. Name is cool. Tat, but I throne, with a head norm boom and as I'm painting am, I move, I'm screaming, had you ever scream before when your pinning? So maybe it was my. First ever wrestling now, I hated errands and I throw brought and put him on his back and I get the Panama what the fuck was that everybody, I keep your shit together. That's crazy thing right about life, real real, live normal life and then competition chaos or enough fistfight does there's a thing, looks like
to enter into a world where all of a sudden, the sky looks from column you're through your hands. Don't move the right way here? You're you as a t, you're thinking too much it's it's weird to watch people enter into their world for us for the first time. I think that part of it, I would say is that were were to disconnected from dangers associated that state not just danger, but just that I'm a chaos too as I got more and more and more in the philosophy and I'm really really heavily into nature. In fact, that's actually even how even came across your peers into begin with, without looking for lectures on me, ray line and this it before any of his stuff with the pronouns and the bills and stuff, and now this is listen to his university lecturers that this year, oh gee calf. You have Oh him, never now than ices go once he did, or some
one from his twitter reached out to me at one point: one is book came out and said: hey we'd like to send you copy sure, no problem and it was signed, John what I do not look bad happened, but I don't like the way it's kind of better. But what sell. So the guy named John signed it. I dont know no to John John said of Josh Jesus. I don't I don't know you, and I know how that stuff goes. But I saw him sitting there and as someone being so in each, I started to look at it as this is tapping into like you're highest state of being so to speak. So when I'm in the ring? I feel like things that are attached to me from modern and general living are removed. I feel like it is the most free
being alive moment in my life and as I can look back even to that wrestling match even to getting into fistfight as a little kid like. There was always something about me that was drawn. Do it not just because I wanted to conquer and crushed skulls, but that I literally could not get enough of the feeling of alive now see from it. Wasn't just that it was dangerous, but it wasn't its bit beyond that. It is, I think, more akin to like people talking about that, that that no mind state and, of course, if you can operate in that state, Then you might Michael Jordan yourself a night and and look amazing, but even when that isn't the case, if you can, you can centre your phone, us into being. In that moment, you can experience a type of being that is at its highest level of human existence is just that. It's not something
is I had to learn? Is not you can't be that way all the time and other people can't relate to you when you're in that state, when you just be your ability to communicate with your fellow man, isn't really there unless there also in that state with you right, yeah it's these moments where you are forced to live in the moment you have to there's no other way around it and everything requires so much attention and so much focus. Then, when you go back regular life. That's the thing that fighters have a really difficult time with yes and people I understand: why did they he's coming back and don't they know, it's over while they find other things too, because there's and it's gonna bring their bell like a fight? Is nothing like getting up for,
knowing that its around the corner? The anticipation you have do you have to build a way out of fighting so to speak. I believe to try and really simplify it and remember there was that clip just not log of of Thyssen talking about no longer being a fighter and injuries broken into tears? Like I, I was but the watch it once China from afar so to speak, but I could watch it again. Good now, Martin to no! No, that's it! That's a hundred percent like I.
Michael. I know this way too. Fuckin lunch here, you're talkin on strings. I don't I don't really want to play with right now that I already know of, and it's just the air I don't. I don't expect to other people- are always going to know what that's like an that's. Ok, when people say that they don't understand my affinity to violence, I'm like ok, yeah sure that makes little sense to me. That's your capable of it. By the way. All of us are like there, but not everybody's built the same, to do the same things just as much as my way of abstract thinking. If I sit down with Eric wine steam I've, he leave these me behind. If you take certain subjects and like ok, I'm just gonna be along for the ride, because I can't my brain can operate on the same level in this fashion that you can't let you haven't spent time in the realm well yeah and make made may be could become complicated enough in
You would have to say that we all wish him, but I start your life over. The one sign talks to me about that stuff and I'm, like I, don't know where you're going does anyone know what you're saying there, but I saw was Eric. I was talking to because he's always interested for my take on on violence and how violence relates to humanity and how it relates to being- and I listened to his pod gate he his pockets with Jacko and that, I would say, army was really great and I've never met Jack but he sounds like a really awesome. Do he's the best beloved too, but I but I said Erica one of the things that I thought it was kind of different here in the way that both me and Jocko seem to approaches. Is that he's so very clinical about it very regimented? And I understand that because, if he's in a military presence that you can't just have a guy who's, you know soaking himself in the enemy's blood and running around the battle
screaming at the top of his love. It isn't that that doesn't help anyone right revelling in something like this. Isn't really necessity in anything right. That is its beside the point in two thousand and twenty Twond. If anything Especially in twenty twenty, when they went after a soldiers, nepalese soldiers who were sent on kill, kill mission to grab some sort of extremist and they might well. We need more gonna have where we want proof to so. What are they? Do they potter cookery and take the view that often bring it back, and then they went put that guy on trial for doing his job, because we thought oh, that's too much too much proof it it It's death and war and violence. What is too much you know what I mean. I mean what what have his head out of gotten cut off and then was stuck on a pike somewhere to be like I mean the problem is. How is it appears to people the don't live in our world right? That's, that's the problem like if you, if ever saw
Roger, kill someone, and then they say we need proof that you killed that person. They bring back a head and you hey you fucked up now you brought back his head like will? What do you want to do? bring back a picture from death. A good enough, you need the head, correct, corrected and, and also I guess, to take on a tone that seems to be permeating the the general sphere of consciousness in the west, who are we to tell workers that they are not allowed to cut people's heads off as to cultural area? Don't don't don't do this crazy. I don't do this yeah that cookery I only ask cookery from cold steel man in that thing is my point, my prize possessions. Why did they shape it? That way,
I dont know the history of why the blade takes on that shape, but I can say that the shape of the blade the waste design is one of the greatest shopping devices you will ever come across because of the angle in the blade and the way that it widens out towards the Tipp. It creates this belly of cutting pressure that when you swing that fucker edges wax right through anything with radioactive Damascus, one young minds old school sand. My three cochineal that has my logo on it. Thank you, Andy and and Lynn Thompson for that one, but it is Arguably one of the bad as fighting knives ever created a great deal, but it will take off the pretty much anything very old school ass, a nineteenth century, their small ones that they make up,
others and called still had a small other Roger three, and, with that same blade design, they can just whack through a bunch of pork ribs or whenever just take it apart and just poor. Just explodes scorn so weird shape it. But it's interesting vesicle sure. I'm sure air could sit down here, yeah sure, that's what it's interesting, that it was not universally adopted. While it has to do with a lot of different things, I mean I'm trying to go back through my when the literary and a hand fighting Samara since the flag of the amount, the samurai blade like that catana or you know value of two for being able cut from horseback issuers, cutting blade as well, but it's interesting that that blade was not recreated by other cultures. What similar in Korea
similar blade too, and there's more resembles early style. Blaze called touches. I believe, and then the Chinese have the broadsword and then, of course you have so they don't have. Exact, same design. I'll give you that you know with the way that they have designed the these the shape of the edge itself and the way that they, they refined their point with that that sort of Wedged Tipp but simitars are curve. Also for their cutting ability and also for when you're on horse. If you come by and you swing that that curved blade when it starts to make bite as your continue to go through it, it transfer that energy, across the blade in such a way that doesn't take care of your arm off. Horse manager, there's a youtube. Video of every person ever died by the hand of a sword just from beginning at times, chapter What about that? That's part of the problem with
seeing things on video there. I do not see all the life that was live before that moment were somewhat chopped. He just see the chop the conversations and on civil law about the Europe See guy goes out, their gal goes out, their fights loses and then, when people up the their position that, oh from this moment on oh now they re little matter, because I would write that lady. Just one thirty five in a row and never lost now she sucks now. She said because she lost a fight. Well, that's the problem with our culture, where pit isn't culture thing, yes, people or commenting that have no understanding of what their commenting on other than the who act of a knee hitting a chin like all the people that rag on Ben Astrand from getting knocked out fast, as you have seen, knock out by Jorge MILES without yes do that guy endure
today. Was this the one year anniversary, so I've sob and pay attention just comments today to like goddamn Ben likes to be big mouth of sorts and he really loves to rail shit up, but he know, even if the better person necessarily mean better than Ben. I just mean the better person as a general has to look at that which, even if you dislike Maybe you hate the way been speaks and what he has a say it with that doesn't take away from what he's done. I'm sorry, like his body of work, stands on so sure when you can think he machete person or earth or gods greatest go back and watches Firewood Douglas Lemme, who we're talking about who is one of the best fires and world. He rag doll, Leah. He rag doll corps Gov when he was the Bell Door Champion a mean there? They had a problem and that his style, no one to defeat him and it wasn't fund-
watch for people like Emma may, unfortunately, bends finishing capabilities did not did not grow or did not It didn't grow to the same level of that Hitler wrestling ability, but it did when you went to one See you got much better but because they allowed him to do some shit, you couldn't do over and belcour like NEA down. Opponent has shore, but only bench assortment, southern guys left and right, Morocco or, but he just didn't quite now, in my opinion, always was at least from watching it likely, if you're, this inventive of a funk wrestler in and collegiate, selling, and what have you international wrestling, I know you could be als literal submission machinery I had to be just approach, may be brought pressure to just get those
get those winds. I mean I mean there is an issue with, I think some of the restless coming in and thinking about the game structure of wrestling and be unlike. Ok. Ok! So if I win this five minutes, then I'll give him, next, two minutes and then I'll take three minutes or other thinking about how to win a match rat, whereas I've never thought like how you know, maybe a fiber MIKE I'm gonna kill him, and if so, one doesn't come in to stop me. I'm just going to keep to a faggot. You know and if maybe his corner jumps in then I'm gonna kill him, then I'm innocent. You know it's just like I don't have any,
friends when I'm in the ring the only people, I have the people that have my back that are in my corner and that's it. Everybody else is the enemy. If they decide to get in front of me and that's a different Gina fighters, mentality in someone's trying to win a match, correct and and Ben Aspirin is awesome at he was he's, he's been awesome at anime. He was an awesome ressler, its and its indisputable another. They attain the consideration for people or been asking haters been asking needs a hip replacement and he's need one for awhile Nanda. He, his hip, is pretty fucked up over the last year and a half of his career, and I mean, I think, he's talking about it now, but definite talked about it to me. It's fucked I, but I have no doubt that allow these wrestlers common market and got a hip replacement, John, in part, just got a hip replacement. That's all over his dignity. He went and elected, I guess, to get what the regime, which obviously has technique it's better one of my friend someone.
You might be used to row of Victor Victor Webster yeah, he got discs were placed in his back, ran out he's back on the mats. Yet Bravo get the same thing exactly trains with its ass tat. He got a titanic. Am this articulating titanium disk instead of getting his back fused victor goes. I've never felt better. That's me in any event, as pain in his nothing's, nothing but I think in fact, his back up so bad before he got it. Fixed could be like he was all the edge of the bone itself was getting hot phrase out in the EU is developed this extra bone because your bodies trying to fuse it itself you bite, to figure out what to do with health information source. You know that was a thing about Pat Military Pat melted didn't get his neck views, but it fused itself. Its aim by TAT Body bulletin. What man, the body will do it needs, do to keep going yes. Well. People actually reported that Pat melted had next surgeries and pat melted had to spend all this money.
To this end, our MRI done and x rays to show now didn't get it. Next surgery ever exercise but the wire dislike that they fuckin fuse together from combat they're. Just the in you know, he's got a lot of atrophy in one of his arms, like Bosh Basri, Has there been eradicated problem but that it wants to, and luck he was able to get it sorted out. I am bosses right arm is obviously not its best anymore and assets. I don't fucking around with the spine damage around the spine is something that we really need to be. Super aware of, but at the same time something is as it is unavoidable may happen to may not you always from the beginning of your career, you, you have always had a love for cats wrestling and catch wrestling, a particular egg to call got school. Catch wrestling was very conditioning heavy, yes, very strong
conditioning heavy menus, a big proponent of clubs- yes, May says I made someone. I was asked me about your. Do I have waited my house, I go. I have a twenty two pound mace at my house and people at twenty pounds, Brahms Squat foreign. Fifty there. They they would think. There's not a good work sounds like oh ever. What what's up at this thing I'll tell people like no do not try to swing this you're probably a blow your elbows out of you. Don't know what you're doing now funding the only two pounds deleted Here you go. Look up, you call me Otto there's videos, him Sweden, clubs and he's probably sixty something now, and he can still pick up a couple and just start meaning the shit out of me you, over the iron cheek, yes dear, knew his career is ass. Big ass, a wooden clubs where the video where Iron Sheikh was doing call out set some event right. It was I got up
Oh thank you know where the biggest strongest geyser in your coming. You see if you can swing these clubs like me, and one of the guys it comes up. There is often a warrior. It owes any couldn't fuckin swing now manners. That's us very specific kind of strength that you have to develop yes and its strength. Coordination, mobility to move through all the plains of movement. In fact, I did a whole time of club, and may swinging in preparation to fight Frank, mere. I get this as is precious paw, and look at precious Paul that guy's a gorilla too. Yeah. The size of this motherfucker can do that, but he's not swing in a meter. I mean just letting go back and forth swinging. The shield cast his work, it's different. Yes, It's it's much easier to do this. It they're just got back north essays like two down with America.
And he's a guy who's really heard. I look at the raft was like Jesus man, don't get passed on this gap. Yeah see the difference between the way he's doing it. Does that shield cast motion? That's a very difficult motion. You're into our club and may swinging, there is theirs to people that I highly recommend wanted. Jake Shan and the other one is great Walsh. Those two guys are, I mean, may swinging club swinging are especially may swinging for. Gregg are part parcel to the entire like foundational aspect to their training, stuff, yeah so and their Jake's, a catch guy, Greg's of physical fitness conditioning guy. So but I think the maize is a fantastic tool for building great strength and it's all its rest, related, warrior related, didn't call have some crazy requirements that you had to achieve physically before you are able to train with him. Yes and part of that was also to just keep idiots away.
Yeah I dummies away because Carl was such a irascible dude, but I mean Coraline give me a train a little bit on your car. All made me feel like I've met. Someone who you know may have been related to me in some way like I felt like this. Guy was somehow part of my family, but I didn't know it for so long and yet, I'm from part of that that lineage especially and were sitting there and these japanese reporters us at this whole thing up and there like here, Carl watch you fighting maternal right and get his opinions. That's cause watching this thing and he's just I can see this is made comments. Comanches turn into it and he's being highly critical. It say certainly look at me, eight smile at about eight say some anymore I'll, send out, and the japanese reporters us at the end of their just losing their shit. There's all God. That is not what we expect it to happen, there is like
what's gonna know how it is going to fall apart like this Carl. Just we tore this. Let's go I know a new one over this and car looks at me because what I say is that piss you off, I looked at all and I don't care all. I want out all it's important to me. He is trying to understand what it is from. How see it and see what I can do to take. That can be better and an end to take your criticism in your eyes and your experience in the way you see it so that I can use it to make myself a better fighter, and he looked at me and then he just start showing me stuff, and he would call me and give me work out and see how I'm doing it I honestly not being able to spend more time with Carl and and even to an extension, your Billy Robys anyone I train under him for years and years and years in Japan, there there were never enough time. Billy Robinson was a work with Sakharov, rapidly Robinson worker, Sakharov and all the year
w Ef I fighters and Karl is started with New Japan. Progressing Antonia Nokia brought him in there to be their head trainer and he's the one Captain Oki for four Ali, you can see some of Ali's camp Gettin rid ran, bunches and Karl. Just laughin smiling even though he knows that that an oak he's been Tis handicap like all you can't throw me campus emissions on. You can't do this. You can't do that, so that's crazy. They allowed leg kicks they didn't think about it. That's so funny they had no idea on the way he did it to from his back and from aside great story, I'm with Victor Webster and we're hang out and he's. And with Commissioner Norton, who is an absolute sweetheart, and so can Nortons daughter, so were hanging out at this coffee. Shop and Kamisha comes by
her friend Samea Victor there and we're talking, I'm wearing this t shirt and it's it's got a Nokia arts, it's gotta, Nokia, on the shirt and one that the friend that comes a canoe chagos at its ensured. A year ago, em, like I put my dad, hospital he's, one of always daughters, were kicks. Em all will we get honour. I don't remember. I only met at one time why, but I know it wasn't Leyla obviously she's, obviously on the public all the time, but therein, I should say the public spotlight, but I just like Yet those like ts, horrible guess that did happen, and I, like you actually and Oki, is one of my my mentor say: he's worked east help. Train me in professional wrestling and Anne was part of the reason why I was in New Japan progressing It is such a crazy moment that they decided to actually do that match or Ali.
Is there a boxing gloves on Nokias? Kick no legs like what the fuck and they Molly was the champ than are no, I don't I don't know, I don't know if he was but that from to remember where he was in his career like White Year was in the seventies. I'm pretty sure about that gene Labelle was the wrath. Why now, some wild stuff. But but you know interesting enough. That was of an era where boxing still knew how dangerous wrestling was because boxing addressing used to be really interconnected to itself and to each other, and it wasn't actually until the Marquis de queensberry rules or were they started. They got rid of, can make it up as you go, I mean there used to be about two pugilism in backing. When whenever were ok, well yeah, you can head by you they use whatever, and so they finally set up some sort of structure of rules. And then eventually, you know gloves and other things came into play but dumb, but even you
go red thing I only say how he was the reigning Debbie BC, W B a heavyweight- That's crazy, wild here's, the thing if, if anarchy would have been allowed to tee, submissions at all is gonna start over the matter over six hundred and seven times. Oh my god! Why? Now here's the other thing if in Oki didn't? If he had worn gloves, then he could punched. But what's the point of trying to Rarely you know there's no. What's amazing that Ali absorbed all those lay kicks daydreaming, when cool Vince Philips fought Mazato. Oh yes, there was a time where a guy who is pretty close to the top of his game, Vince resigned,
sliding a little bit, but he was still up there. Pretty close to the top of his game. Fought Masato Misato just lit his fucking legs up, so Stitch was used to read my hands: do my cuts for all my pride stuff everything, so I brought stick with me from the USA and still goes yard. He talked of it. Said, don't do this and you you should not mean ring with this guy your dear to do. But this is a different story, Castille train my tie in Thailand and all kinds of stuff saying: don't and Vince got femur cracked. Oh my god, they really s holy shit. Yes, from a leg: kick cats are harmless, autos or, or you know many like kicks dad. Time. Mazato was the top of the food chain besides, I was not. He was in its prime yeah, it's like oh well, he ease winning the K. One MAX rigour: we abbeys like Macao,
how're you down where law either all killers mailers like that, was a crazy time for that way. Class. That's that's those size guys there were so many murderers, now's Ramon, Decker, yet EL as those days God. That was a crazy time, what an amazing thing to see such high level artistry, now consistently man, the r Well, don't understand like what K wanted to, and unfortunately I heard the glories going on that too. I mean it's just so hard to continue the ship owner in and out right now, everything's factor covert, everything's fucked it stats such up. Palmer though man. I am such a huge fan of high level kickboxing and more time, you know line fights. I was always like why why people are watching this? We, what do they have to do? It's just everybody talks about the YO, see Mme, like the people,
don't like grappling. I hate it when they go to the ground. I got a solution, for this should never goes the ground how this watch these guys, But for whatever reason never caught on, don't I found at least some blame on the? U Fc for even creating an audience that was like a leg when they go to the ground because look like the first model zephyr takes over. How are they ve been in charge on the two thousand and one two thousand want so for probably the first ten years of you have see highlight stuff around every event run every promotional, opportunely run. You have seen what is it knockouts knockout knockouts everybody's, getting primed to watch for knockouts and yet- they're going to ground again showed P Verona dragging on board. Will you tell him the light? We're ok with people getting arm Barton choked with they didn't like is like
Ben Ass Grin beating cars car. I meals kind of fire me that's a bit later longer in the tooth, but also a may certain later light, like everything eventually goes towards what is incentivize and how you can game it. System is now I mean for me the way look at a map of five minute rounds now than a bullet that gets too too short anymore, like these, the everybody's, government athlete they know how to gain the system to go round by around scoring. Now you gotta get rid of that. You gotta rid of five minute round. You gotta go at least, probably the six, maybe no ten I think it is also a problem in incentivize in people did just win because you have a in bonus. Wind bonus. I do not like I have said this, in the beginning. I just don't think it's fair. First of all, if you're gonna wind bonus? You need to do something about the judging yes, the hunter for that you need to have a better
scorning system any need to get rid of incompetence and then, when you go to other states need to take a troll. The situation at its credibility to the island to its in other states its dire. By give you- and I want a name states, but there's been states, we do fights, worm, scorned. What who watch that fight here. How is that that was as even possible people just get fuckin rob tests? So if you have wind bonuses- and you know if a guy comes in and he's getting fifty and that if he wins it gets another fifty you stole fifty thousand dollars from that. By giving him incompetent. Judging yes and I dont, if you're a fighter, you gotta, do your best to win. If that means, take guy down and help and end and of punches, keep the referee from standing up. That's fist, thousand dollars. Now add in oh By what you lose wings is cut your contract up gap no no security, yeah yeah, it's crazy that doesn't that doesn't help anybody really and I would say a better system- would be to have a wind bonus and finish bonus in the finnish bonus, be double the window
I say, no wind bonus or at least crash, going to sound a great finish by sounds great. She's gonna entice people too, to fight harder, but course I want a fighter did know that if you're you're gonna get x amount of dollars, this is what you're getting for that fight. It's not you gonna get half that, because judges are idiots correct, yet I feel you there and that's a lot of ways, the: U S, style of pricing, which seems to be kind of a general model, for you for Emma may is that you get you get five bucks to fight and five bucks to win you're, a guy that you might have paid M eight dollars to just fight yeah. No, I sellers. Where am I I understand the concept of a wind bonuses and send devising, but it only incentivize to win. It, doesn't incentivize the finnish and favour the arguments his advisers, those guys at the top level means you guys are trying
for here is that you have not tried to win. No, no, but I'm not that. I know people who tried to wait do just I've. I've been in fight with guys who are out there trying to just when the cards against me I've been in there with guys cards against you I mean just like. I need a win these round, even if I can't o this guy seems like he's too tough to take out fuck that right, just just when the fight and I see it all the time I deal with it with my own fighters. I go. You need to make sure that you really put a heard on this person and make them make them want to call for God, because otherwise, if they get a chance, Just gonna. Try and get in control this shit out, I will, but I was numerous glad I made it through that ok, cool grey man. That's not what anybody paid to go and see, and I thought we came here to see who can win. We could finish a fight, I think, but finisher fight. Yes, I think finnish bonuses,
a bad idea, but I think it should be a bonus, not like half of your fucking purse. I agree it would be better if people Well you, u pair that, together with say, more dedicated contracts like so, if you're, if I'm running a company, I'm gonna. If I hire somebody, if I put him on a long term exclusive deal, I do it because I believe in them now there the ups and downs and what have you and I could make a mistaken I'll- just have to take that. But I want this this individual, too able to go out there and give me absolutely everything they have and no they're they're not going to be punished if they fall short. And so I'm gonna to pay them appropriately. Now, on the on the flip side of things I might, if I'm running something is because you have see I'm gonna, just how lot of one off those on the lower levels and tell I see that person that I think I'm gonna invest in this person and that's a thing their skin in the game and that investment and theirs
in the game for them, and that's where you get you you're gonna get the best response is out of people. Now, you're gonna get their best efforts their best energies, and sometimes you gonna, be wrong, but sometimes isn't isn't all the time not take the I'll. Take the exception to the rule. As long as the rule is giving me what I need a year, I would it Lee like to see someone come along with an alternative, take on how fighters are paid, and we have really seen what I look man, if you Someone put me in a position to do that. I'll do it, but nobody wants At the same time, nobody one! to create their proper accountability structure for judging either or for No even for some of these, these these athletic commission apparatus for all these things and witches you know when you talk about Chaz and all these things and about universality, everybody weather
their voting left right middle, doesn't matter. I everybody have they fall in any side of any this shit. Everybody knows, and I think that part of this this big protest, slash riot at times last have you is that everyone knows that these states allow these state in these bureaucratic structures are unaccountable, there are being held accountable and their ability to affect them to make them accountable is also minimal, if at all, if potentially impossible, and then, on top of that, the what is the? What is the thing that you see as the apparatus that you interact with and interacts with you the most and directly the police? So, but what would I wear? How do you relate that to F The commission's athletic commissions are in charge of how judges get trained, how people get licence, how events IRAN, how so all
stuff, so faint fuck up or if these judges do a bad job. The referees, incompetent or someone has to be accountable right there filtered there, never account right are hardly ever made to be accountable That is a good announcing, then right, because what you see with the justice system. When you see when, when people who live in a hood c, p brutality over and over and over again and nothing ever happens, and then finally, the world pays attention really interesting. How there have been many George fluids. Right. Yes, he's been many situate mean even the era garner case in New York, which is equally egregious in terms of what the actual crime was. Nothing like, George right now, you know at worst give my ticket right whatever. If you have to offer maybe try and a conversation with them and to say, like do come on we'll George Floyd, one tools like a fuckin fake, twenty dollar bill gates,
you in a cage, and I realize White Box counterfeit bill is a felony whatever I gotta I did it. I don T know how you prove that he deliberately You mean there are countless counterfeit bills in circulation that nobody knows about so gave me a counterfeit hundred once said, I mean I didn't I just I was looking at him fucking, weird and and I don't remember how I figured out that it was an actual counterfeit hundred. I don't remember I was quite a while ago more than ten years ago, but I remember looking at it- I could feels off, but they can get pretty goddamn close true and have you not paying attention and in wasn't George foot on drugs? Yes, they say was hot. I say what they say was on today, a variety of dress and also how the fuck is, he gonna pay attention. What are not a bill is legit. I don't know you whacked out. You know it's been a really interesting to me to see people come out and
Try to run off in trying to justify but justify, but definitely there this taken sire trying to demonize George and, unlike because of his previous stuff, about like that, the home invasion. Point, a gun at a printed woman's belly and raise on drugs. And what have you- and I know you know what whether the union realises- but you just made the greatest argument for why he shouldn't be. Then, because whether you ve done something terrible or you ve been the best person ever, you need to get the same amount of justice as anybody else equal treatment and equal treatment, the union to be, if you, if you have to be put into coughs or anything, I beg of you- have to be brought in whether you did X Y see- or you did- you know the nicest
ever and you just have this one slip up. That was rope. It has to be the same across the board. That is the great argument that why police have to be held far more accountable than your average citizenry, and that means to just land a bunch of shit on top of their head like live up to this, though dumb fuck. Now, it's why you need to prepare them and help them and foster them to be able to be capable, like a loser ever gonna, be capable of doing anything if you dont give them the right so I can't send in some amateur just started: whatever fighter go to go out there and fight Ben Askren, that's never gonna, I'm just gonna to get them murdered like they're, not capable, but over time, B. I can get them to the position and maybe they'll never be capable of being able to fight a been asking, or maybe they're, not capable of being a police officer, but also maybe they're, not people being a lot of things, but there is something they are capable of,
but one that leaves the morale of my responsibility than that's a different story. Well, when Jacko and the pact has not. Jacko has a deep level experience at training. People in war mean and Training Navy. Feels turning the elite of the elite, and he said they should be doing twenty percent. Of all their time on the job training, twenty percent. I agree those they day train for a few hours when they feel let's get the giant, then the rest of their life is doing the job. Yes, he's like that's crazy. It is crazy. There should be doing. Escalation training you gotta be psychological training. Coaching shabby were figure out how to handle the situation and when you see someone who's abusing someone like other kobza, were rounded up and stare something steppin. You know if if a cop needs to play, Nissan next. First, seven minutes on anyone, your current competent arms and the thing is it's not as if I can't understand and be sympathetic for how difficult job that must be right
Kay, but there is no way to have a rule of law, society and proxy out your violence too. Another apparatus instead of you doing it yourself without that apparatus, fighting handicapped all the time it's just. This is the way it has to be. You know the do freaked out at the he was games getting arrested, he had he was drunk at his car and what have you and then he finds out he's gonna geese. Actually, gonna go be taken infer for this to you. I oh shit, steal the taser. What ok, I get all that, but as soon as he you fucked up me got away and he's back to you can't shoot em. Are you just can't shoot em, I think they're point is that he was shooting the taser while he was turned around and when they shot him he was pointing the taser at them. Yeah. That's why you shooting him in the back. I get it, but it was what Machu cops on consular. I believe, there's two cops I dont know I got a partner. Sorry got trust him
laptop blast is due in the back. I even when he shoots is fuckin taser that he stole off. You eventually got his car. You know the fuck he is. Does this have to show me like a man? I know this is a real bad and I'm sorry that its real bad and I'm sure you never intended for being too to be this way, bad, but we gotta do something. Someone at a real good point that you shouldn't call the police for something like that in the first place, because the person is drunk and theirs sleep in their car and there should be some under the call that, were there person knows you're, not gonna, get arrested, Swaziland and we're going to and who were we're good. You look at how much matter at another part of this whole thing in that this all this falls and all this stuff. We need that weary constantly calling on the police can everything no one wants it just be responsible for their own life, then I'm gonna take the abc of protecting their own. Things, is standing up, be being who
being their own agent in the world? They always like. Oh shit, something happens. Call this person call that person, always he had promised them at work. Sit down, have a conversation with a known fact that call hr call this rule this person. It's always everybody wants them TIM to map out their responsibilities, to something else, while the system is structured, that way what we, fewer in an office, and you have a dispute with somebody. You sit down and want to talk to them person to person you're, putting yourself a handicap. Real dispute with a person like say, if someone did something to you, that you found questionable or against the rules like you, have your incentives, to contact HR, Are they really push that Europe? you're right go in, and that is that bureaucracy for bureaucracy will always. Grow. Don't you job just what I say to people here someone needs to do those jobs shouldn't be yeah well out of there. I wagon and ninety five for a good reason: I've worked in environments of that nature,
were. They charge I kind of working intact and for doing the things and I've done sales. I've done menial, you're, not a structured for that. No I had a real. I had some struggles where they are most able aren't mean you'd, you neuter a person when you make them work in those environments, man or woman. It's not natural. Now, it's not natural. It's not natural! To like its mean cooperative there is a fantastic as long as the cooperation is, is mutually beneficial and natural corral like if you have to get friends annual. I came out star, fuckin motorcycle accompanying together. Let's make motorcycles Why do it? They do it together and you enjoying it. You you guys, there's probably but you enjoy communicating can you get it if you a person you want to make a living. Give the join a cooperative venture that you know you you're in an off of people that you might not ever hang out with real life and then, when you get coffee, some creepy foxes weird shit about your ass. They, like God, dammit
and you're a woman you have to deal with is like a walk out. Your car unease ask you to go to dinner with them or something you like this book, it does not what I signed up for Christ. I just want to living like I get it from all points of view, but at the same time you would like to be able to that? If you can just go and say hey, I'm not interested in, I would like to but a thousand woman. I would never believe that guy's a disgusting guys operators and so many weak guys, there's so many weak guys that would it when a woman Well, look. I was reading this thing about the Unabomber about one of things that happen with the Unabomber went with his brother. The brother had. Did he had to chastise the Unabomber Z, Unabomber Unabomber, when TED talk, ski here this issue with a woman who he was interested in her and she wasn't interested in him and when she interested in him anymore. He started leaving all these factors. No, it's for her saying horrible shit during the brother had like that's real with men.
And for a woman that Shit's scary silicate for a man it's scary, like all this bitch going to slash my tires, if she's going to say I raped her or she's going to make up a story about me, I can get get fired. I get arrested, that's scary format, right yeah, but for a woman, to worry about their actual ladder at another level, manner, more persons or delay this Man, men, are more agents of of physical violence and action, women are. Yemen are more character, assassination espionage, things like that yeah, which completely makes sense, but Now you? U shoved them in this environment, to get any say like now: don't allow anything to go sideways right. You know it's hard, for men and women to try and figure out how to interact with each other in a space to even get in each other's pants to create any thing of value. I mean it's not easy right and Andrea Office, like people actually do wind. Updating, yes, which is fucking crazy,
I mean it's really typical that right so like you working together, so many or look at Jim's Oh yeah he's all Murat yeah, oh my god and then you're also dealing with like emotionally damaged people for the most part I mean half of the people that are fighters are fucked up the fighters are an interesting. They keep it together through fighting again through I mean it's not like they chose to be fucked up. A lot of them are fucked up their physical and sexual abuse and that's what led them to fighting in the first place: to try to exercise some of those demons, and then you have them. Involved in relationships with each other in the training together then there's other guys around. The girls around, and then this. Fuckin mad. There was some studies. There was at least something about how people we're getting really into doing yoga. Now
of a sudden, all these people in yoga duties are fucking each other, like man how you so, and there like well, what's happening as these people are getting into better shape their testosterone going up. All these different things are happening on like unto me. I just thought. Oh, she started being more towards a more natural state of being in or being physical, being active me I understand it. This is in a very trawled, proceed, The environment is not like your running around trying to get an elk, because if you don't you're tribes gonna die, but you people need to be active in yoga up, it's very sexual mean guys, I'm wearing sure you aspect to yoga. There are some ways area landed and then there's yeah you get those those those that those tights that are made like limbed in separate the but cheeks and all this stuff, and besides, that is just an intimacy. In fact, they are struggling together by give overcome this
thing together exactly and then you want to go to lunch. Look and asking about biology that, with martial arts training charm, you guys are struggling together. Your overcoming together both facing adverts City, the same adversity and dealing with in your own way up and that creates camaraderie- am really they can create an intense report but that does necessarily mean even that that can be sufficient, or that that that relationship can then go towards something more long term, infirm right which in a week we gave were so great at lined or selves and fooling ourselves all the time. I oh I'm so intense with this person and argue we looked at been this in that and then used are getting together and then it's it's a shit show. You know, because you thought that just because
You guys had this one metric, which you guys were both very intense, that that would cover for everything else and I well. No, that's not how relationships are built and that's how humans have a lot of fuckin. Things need to be checked. Boxes. There's a great website are a great youtube that I send all my friend. And and and and all of my fighters for sure called Academy of ideas in this dude has these awesome lectures on all kinds of things dealing with with life and current climate stuff and always different things, but off dealing taking pieces and building these lectures around philosophers and and
throughout historical, historically correct lens or are not historically correct, but you know going through papers and and and pieces by all these people throughout time. And it's it's been really. You know things like that and we we we need or things to help us with orientation and such an absurd world, and we take for granted that things are just. Microphones and cameras- and I don't know how many tens of people and watches cause that ship- oh, but you know like I- have this whiskey right, I love the shit out of it, but I'm not making a whiskey be a celebrity with a product in oak. Otherwise, have vodka, because that's just a who gives a shit quality thing so my doctors have the move. Vodka is always the move, because by shit, but why has just supposed to be odorless? Tasteless, gray, neutral grain outlaw that's a good boy yet, and so you want to make your suit
vodka. So you can be a bottle service. An idiot you like of Amr by this vodka, take a look I could give vodka for fourteen dollars is. This is good as that who gives a fuck. You could take vodka, it's cheap and put it through a bunch of filters. They put him through war, filters and apparently you can make it tastes, really good luck and less shot out all the shyster. Unless it's depending on whether it's me from wheat or potato or try to care ever re like the grain base. Maybe my influence some of it, but the standard definition for making vodka in the United States is odorless tasteless distilled at over a hundred at up to a hundred eighty proof I mean come on you're, not get that much different. The only way that you can really fucked it up, as if you really don't care about the process of fermentation that much you just trying to get the product through an you're, not our concern with the source of ingredients. So what is it it is like a Dame brand thing.
Where people really get into like Tito's or something like that, all our about the name, I would say, research Rennie Gerard Medic desire for that kind of thing. So you see somebody else is like all I have to have the you know celebrity vodka, a because as we have someone else goes: oh oh. They like celebrity a while if they like celebrity vodka, a vodka must be the vodka buying some analyses that and so on and so forth. Not be like. We have tat, lovely vodka, a because it's what other people like members cheap. He did he had like a right seraphs. Iraq is still around his shit, the rain or its whatever, like whether why am I gonna payments are to it? If yeah or I'm gonna look cool, I could but I could buy, I could buy pretty much any lower low tier, regular vodka and be digit just as much out of it as any wrap your Josh Barnett of Euro knucklehead skin bottle service to press the Ladys. You want to get some It's got a name. Bran right, you
But I drive a Mercedes aware and our money now it's a matter of are you looking for external validation or own personal validation? Is a job? Is the job to to get a bunch of people so that their all parting with you or the job for them to seem as though year, specifically cooler because of the type of vodka. You have. Isn't it funny that the commercial, that attract people to those particular products show. These sort of superficial relationships and they shall sullen pop in the bottle. They show all the other people looking at them. Everybody looks like they. Ve got a bunch of money as all that the other buildings this this archetype, this, idealisation but I'd, say part of the problem with that of the ideal. Is that the ideal that their pitching is a really vapid one night and has to do with ok, they're waiting, expensive sooner, they have explained money, doesn't doesn't
Give you any idea about the character of the person or the things right, the value of it. You know part before I got into bed with these guys to to start and whisky with them. I said: well, I gotta be there to come and drink it, I'm not Can I put my name on anything that I don't know? I don't like and then I'm not into very design it based on what you enjoy, what they had adversity smoked. Bourbon on the market called war bringer, and I came and they ve host budget. This is an actual nineteenth century bourbon bottle designed to sell I came up there to drink that I drank their school. I came up there to try, all the stuff they had got to drink there. This rum that we're working on straight out of the barrel was came on
real, and from that I go ok, we got something here that I drink, even their their vodkas are the infusions they were doing with them. Is that it I can tell another check out a chicken killin, another chicken it is. It has a blood oath, battle right there and I got talkin to thee, had distiller David about mighty sin whiskey and what, when I was looking to do- and we were already on the same path and so single barrel, cask strength. This is back to which has like a big dark, let note to it and then it. How do you make a dark chocolate? Cherry finished, no well for one thing: this world amaranths melon any child, an own taste age. I don't talk the rotation, I smell the smoke for sure o for sure, but we re knows, and I can smell, that dark chocolate element that more bitter side of things. I think I'm too stupid for that stuff.
Now he's when people do like when they do wind up, nor why certain foreign swung round like this is very Oki at his tenants. But here's the thing is linking so one of one of the people, a part of this company cat she's, a whiskey smile So when I ask that we ask my notes from her like whole flock I am just blown away about all the stuff and I'll smell like yeah. I guess I can kind of see that you are right there exactly quota Psmith. Ultimately you got it. Like it. You smell, which you smell. You related to the things you can really it was you that its regret at the fork in restaurants for a long time to divine tastings and one of the times. The note they told us to look for was cat. Piss wine I have never forgotten about I'm someone mentioned: that's an Ohio thing,
some of them days out of its high quality, pure grant tat labor of it. I man smell the ammonia. I have no idea what was going on internet is the number one problem and having cats man they fuckin pisses irony, whereas I want, if you don't clean the Box office new couch, I've never had a cat lived and died. Really never know. My cats always go outdoors, those murders. I know cats ago outside of the mole ruthless animals at that's. The only kind of cat I've ever had they are responsible for in the bees billions. People don't know this if they have cats and they the cancer q near adorable there they are adorable but their responsible for billions of mammals and millions of bird, yes in the United States every year,
You can't leave hats, PS, aroma, many, a high quality, Sauvignon Blanc Monkey entangled smell. It can be easily similar to another odor, which you find often coming contact Y know how let us have a cat p note down, I can only encourage people to want to drink it. Nobody What are the most for northern cap? He would go at the stake right now: cats, p, TIM Aiken Master of Wine tat, illogical tasting terms are comparatively great burgundy smells of shit. What the final commands very weird. It's very gets wearily! That's how you know you ve lost the plot, like you so far that somebody goes. You know what how do I fuck? I'm just some like everybody else right now, how do I turn this up a notch? Looking for this there's, this smells like specific, like Bangkok, street food diarrhea,
various business models like you know, a week old ease, in fact, I'm looking poured a party from the eighties. Guns and roses concert smells like the smells like a pay phone. It's been in, skid row in L lasting years. Pay phones does is to be a thing. I do have a description now we're in China, man, this fighter, Alyssa and I got a letter. This fight in China prior to this whole, to where I had set up so Alyssa. Garcia is a one hundred and five pound fighter of mine, but I got to this fight at one hundred and fifteen in China, when I was shipping her to go train with Santa Joy TAT. His tie boxing Jim S, job when parse coach and then she was gonna fly back to Tokyo finish your camp, I was gonna, meet her and then she fights and rising ordinary, flattened and deep, so we're over there
and were being taken out to this big fancy dinner ahead of the event and the promoters there were in Shanghai Solace. Big deal at this point room, Ally, yeah. You know I had some chinese wine once it was, was awesome and I'm down to drink. What ever you guys monitoring music? I got the best stuff for you, you just wait. I guess so got these tiny little glasses and what their point, yet it is, this stuff called buys you there's chinese, and the chinese fermented liquor and I'm like oh well- that's that's got a nose on it and I I I drank it, and this was an eye, but it's the kind of thing that- and this is probably a pretty it- was a real expensive one. There tell I mean they just keep porn ones and at some point alone dude. I can smell that shit from here. Why do you keep drinking at a guy? What do you think I'm going to be the guy to turn on and be like you This sucks I hated you know too
your kids fancy. Why are you fancy booze and she goes? Was it tastes like? Ok, this tastes like an old abandoned home. That has been raised on for years and what you ve done. All this water has leaked through onto the floorboards he's dirty floorboards event, event on and dead cats cats this kind of stuff. That's all gone through these floorboards and in its this water has been collected and it's been filtered out through a Hoboes Sock tastes like us to go fuck man. I want once like why what I ever and you know what it's like, I would you or me one of them, babies. How do we get that here or whatever it takes to anger Meyer, you only recent miser, we're gonna we're going to drink. Some buys you together next time we have to set it up. I need to know
probably happened in Texas, its brutal ever people describe it as it tastes like something. You run you a carburetor with its its fermented, sorghum and other stuff it's this some weird tasted, like cultures, sort of have almost rituals with like four. I went there into that. Fermented shark booths bore danger. It was the single most disgusting food he ever eight, I remember being on tour in Japan for newspaper wrestling and having so pretty common there you go from town to town. You would then go out and you be taken out by sponsors for the town, local sponsored remarry, whoever put the event on what have you, and so I get taken. These restaurants and they would always order stuff, like cow intestines, this for different types of raw or this or that and there always I've. I figure. Trying to do is tell me like say we have agreed a sea of zeal with him.
You like it or what her, and so you probably labour, Laughing at that, I know that these rules area- from the eighty, I remember being given cynical changed or choose a korean dish. Actually its raw fish got and fermented like, spicy soy paste now this by He saw based on its own is actually it's pretty good. They use a lot of stuff might be considered. Goats, I'm not sure, but but you know it's rough. Gets, and so they bring this shit out here eat this fuck. So am I but I know bitch, so I started he and his staff. There look at me do like it, I know, but I have to try and miles the whole time,
You can write this taste like bait. This tastes, like of whatever lazily reusing cat salmon, grown up this basic working day and I can't eat salmon egg either. Like it's just too briny salty. But we're one right, but I'm and eggs yeah it's a super, but I realized that that at least in this case, japanese people's palette is more accustomed to these kind of raw really powerful. You know something even similar, across the board. So a friend of mine is Lugo, chef, PLUTO and I we were used to go. His his little bites events, and so I went to this more with my body and he We get this bunni, something but I was gathering up me whenever I love, the air was o, see briny what it was. It was just the first by me and my body Tommo we go it's not so bad, second
as I o k now are already reaching maximum saturation on this third bisect. We can't fucking do it anymore and it would just it was just overpowering us, like our taste buds you couldn't handle it. Wasn't that I would sit there and say that the union is bad issues that I couldn't enjoy. Like it was just too much for me, and I told you it on here, because we have a huge asian client that loves to come to these little bites and they love that you need a ride. Stuff I go, I must be just you know a pallet thing. I really must cuz I can't handle it. Yeah. The owners, weird one like my kids, are into a lot of weird food. They'll, try everything they love sushi. They they eaten wild game since they were babies. But I can't get a mini sea urchin. They thing is the Scots raises stop around with my big giant: fixed blade, knives everywhere, ignore spike phrase. Lethal admired
normal for that with her girls to enter key hanging out of their mouth, but they like to freak their friends out, like my daughter when she was ten, her friends like. What's your favorite food, she is I like bear. There are, though, it what a kid good. Looking are like you serious she's like yeah. You ever have bear sausage. It's amazing my dad makes bear candy and that they're they're, like they don't know what to do. No Kids, never gonna barely alive only had there once and I did get out of what I learned. It was We have had a lot of black bear. I have no idea what kind of bear this was not to hip to the bare popular Asia are buried, bear genially genus of Far EAST Russia. Oh, I was items on me. I was in Albania, which is communal thing in Russia and I'm in Khabarovsk up in the bag, far Eastern North, where its negative thirty degrees below at night,
and I'm up there were in this banya and having a bond Albania is, is basically just like a big sun, and so, but there is It's a traditional set up where they have a an oven with rocks and stone and it's a they will put throw. Why over the stones and things like that. It's not it's not exactly! It's not a dry when, like a Finnish, but it It's a similar to any other sort of Santa set up soon come across, but it's not a steamer and That's also famous, for they have a process where they take these bundles of tree branches with leaves and everything on them and they'll use White Oak eucalyptus other and put blends together What they do is they take these two bundles now whip the around you azure sitting there. They, they whack your body with it in the these.
Leave. These bundles are made of of mostly fresh, so they're still oil. Is there still Liver, there's, still elements within is not fully dried out or anything like that. So this thing is all being hit upon you and now here female. Do all this kind of stuff. To be honest, so the first time ever through this. The skies like beaten, my ass with these names. On a cycle, can get through this and get there. I know it's gotta be healthy. You know I've. I read the Wikipedia sounds all great and I'm sit there and you go through sessions like three men sessions or whatever, and I'm on the third one which is like towards the end, and he sees these whacking away. These were been these things around me and circulating on a super hot air. I swear to God my pale ass, sensitive white boy, skin was just felt like it was on fucking fire to the point I started. I'm like I got here, do the aim and so I'd get up, and I mean I'm yelling.
Japanese, in Russia and jumping into a cold poor, because I am so fucked up from getting my ass, be by this little russian guy with a pilot sticks. Why japanese fuck it. No. I have no idea here you're going out in so much time in Japan that the what Do you not know any russian? Now I don't need over another language our daily to use. My brain was in a different place, dude and, as you can relate wins when you're sitting in those things and it's pretty fuckin hot and you're. Trying to get through it leggy sometime Is you trying to get in the beating from the sticks is like the next level right, it's frustrating enough. Just dealing with the he will think about rights. You're sitting still and you haven't. Maybe you haven't a tough sauna session. Ok, if I don't move enough get through this now, this mother fucker is is pretending to
be a fuckin helicopter skimming around the room and, you think beyond, say fuck and danced number given all hot air blow. All over. You like flying like caressing it up here. Taint all they did. There's no way stop in this yeah yeah, Yuki, either or man in July and fast down, there is lead, sank, it nicely naked and having he's idiot, I would stress during her eyes, hidden your whole body, very rare, that a man hits your taint with sticks. Very rare. I can say that, It has habits scattered. Destroy the USA to take this really neglected pharmacy, by the way I did. Let us start out the whole taint specific movement, around how you need to emphasise and stretched the tab, and you have to know about your taint his whole locked up,
the fashion around like tetanus. Those authorities have minimal kit properly, so this guy so anyways I get through all this and what they have a phone. The goal right to the office and they have a menu in all this kind of stuff, and people will bring food as well and usually like some again, which is russian moonshine, which is its essentially like vodka Stuff thing I hammered out they following behind your aid: it's beautiful! and so import this menu all end external aggression so FUCK Ireland, this isn't does it. Have a google translate number me you're trying to keep the secular I dont know anything. I can communicate all service held there, download the languages I need one I'm in countries jesting, case? That's so I can get translation you use. Android I desire. Is that better? For that think? Google? I couldn't say
One of you think Google translate works better on Android phones. Believe that mean you. You have pixel No, I have Samsung. What is this galaxy? The Galaxy S, nine edge eggs twenty three spacefleet you- I must next childs name. How come you have enough switched over to Iphone your resisting now, no, never not going to do us know. As you also drive a manual transmissions, teller way driver six. Because now I you're part of the reserves. That's good. That's dead when it came down to the fact that apple is too much in charge of your ear. Your hardware in your software, the mid. I found came out as I call phone, but you tell They're gonna pay more money to expand my my memory or my storage capacity. When I have a fucking
memory card. Do you think I don't know that exists? Go fuck yourself, jobs. I know I know you you're on this, but it's like, I feel like Joey pants in the matrix, is eaten mistake. Is there going to be an important person over here? He didn't make Jes and no is in the matrix is long's. It gets a good experience. That's I've. I've, I've, in writing? I have an android or have a galaxy. You are a pixel criteria. They liked your pixel, their good good. The problem is airdrop airdrops, an issue like airdrops, amazing and then the Wall Garden of Apple, like all my apps work, gather my notes, my notes sink up, and I use other note application so that I could think them up with my android found. But the reality is the x
Europeans in ILO, as is better here, I'm not here to say that the apple isn't creating things that are worth while to a degree. It's just that I I refuse to spend that kind money to have a phone. I just won't. Do it nicely? Isn't s nine and this thing is still good three years old it? What does this rate? I get it? But here's I thought I was I am I just by, trying to be a rebel. Am I having an inferior experience. So? I had to sit and think about it, and I realized I was. I have an ipod touch gradually, because the only that, besides that, Itunes, Rita Museum. I have no interest in having any apple products I don't eat. Em I use a laptop, that's a windows, laptop them now use windows, aiding argument as ever the real course you do there.
Your rebel, while I also I mean I remember when haven't up and I've had computers in my house, since I don't know when I'm not like, like some super programming, geek or anything like that, but I remember what was I get. It operate things you had and learn how to use dos and then other operating system before that are using unix type based staff to get on the internet and do things from the library back in the day. So for me, I just want the ability to to get I need and have them out. Proper amount of storage is necessary in and then that's my phone isn't for. Holding me music on it. It's not for its. I have Spotify which, by the way, I'm I've just took over what used to be the adrenaline work out. But if I play list and now it is the war masters work up alive, put together. Ninety six, ninety seven songs for those playlist for people to just go absolutely fucking ape she had in the gym,
and and get their shit done and as part of my Spotify deal, I am putting together a spot. If I work out how we have a cook out work out a cook out, playlist I've worked out play lest I have, I have a bunch different players. They are driving playlist nice, nice young. So I now do you have the warm ass his work out us if you guys are out there and you want to be field by the deed incredibly powerful, that is metal wanting to serious gains that I've got yes we gotta my Martha got behemoth. We got Baltimore, we got deception. Is there. It is me from every time palaces of Julia,
that guy's a goat matured, her parents are ruled paper had our doesn't fifty people off the states mind body to the right that eighty Williams he's in eighty w is a pro ressler right now as well, you sit in Kigali everytime. I guys keeps up there. Just I don't trust anyone tried saying there's this: she must have been this tiny little boy. On thing who may be weighed a hundred ten pounds at our best day, who I checked her once, and she comes back because I'm on to about this beer the whole fuckin time mind you can, but still there is- and I have a picture that I got from someone. Where she's launched into the air she'll. Has your beer She lands on the crowd and when she comes back to backstage you, girls had in Spirit the area can Champ
far away it have to be, can let you and throw the glass was you know now, is that the data really little drunk the risk is to manage those moments where you like, a giant throw or whether you know no risk no reward ran, maybe a shot glass I'll, throw somewhere shot glass rags, how close hearted break spree heartbreaker, but a bill, your regular beer glass, as language shatter pretty and has just announced, and a pit man ass, bad news, Yes, I've taken over this spot players, in fact that are really busy little fucker come covert. People like me, are you doing busy shit. That's now that a new biodiversity was Barnett's dot com is the oven Runnin or we got this Spotify take or that I just did. Where I'm running this war masses work out playlist, we got the whisky stuff, we have more whisky projects and indeed the works as well as rum. We have our vodka of all things
although that is a sign of a man who adapts and You know there's a challenge with I came here. Some time ago, and I said life gives you the opportunity to. RO in many ways you want to choose to go. You can you d, You can come out of the room and you start shooting arrows youth in some. You decide you want to do and, as you went through life now Joe Romans journey brought him to all these different things and from those he acquired new things new new endeavours, but all these things required growth required having to suck or whatever or deal with new things to begin with. I'm learning how to distil MAR had to say
like I want you running? These runs from front. I want you to learn how to do this from start. To finish, said your part, the entire process, I'm becoming a part of the entire process, even with this through that, so it how it s laugh, it started off with so we talked about where we were going to do as far as a whiskey was concerned and what we wanted it to resemble and by the way it's mesquite smoked, because these places an Oxnard say South West Arrive variant. What you might think of, even as like Isler scotches, which is PETE smoked or we use muskie cassettes. Miss he's found the southwest and we finish it and sherry cask. So, that sweetness. What are you start with likely our, whereas work you take grids, born and glare way: corn, writs corn. What is the difference? You grits goin away that the quality of the corn colonels itself and the way their cut to begin with a waiter Naturally, mailed with leaves them all and and and big colonels, but it exposes the sugars,
such a way that when we go, we put it out there in the smoker that this this this kernel of corn gets hit. The smoke hits all of it and brings all these should to the surface. So you start out with the grids corn and then before anything happened to goes unnoticed. Mocha we smoke what kind of smoker it's something that he David Coup, this guy I am not entirely sure if he has for Phds or at least multiple phds and multiple degrees, I'm not, I don't know he used to be like head of r and Procter and Gamble, really disguise beryllium, bonkers, brilliant and a vacuum. In one of my students, Mary works in pc, works, microbiology, and so I want to bring her up to the trimester under him a little bed, while some shit so grids, corn grids, Carter. Various models are no. It's built out of a giant one of those big cargo containers. Why shipping container
So it's no smoking forego the mobile verse, smoking, grits, corn and then custom thing that he's Belgium's correct. So, as usual actual would you so we we mesquite woods so? He has some sort of side, cart that he's chuck in the wood into and the smoke is going into this yep cargo gas- where is your idea of theirs? Jamie zombie might be on the war Bringer Bourbon website and might be up there of me a picture me Chauvelin, so he was always wore Bringer bourbon even before the young master, yes or no Larry, because it was war. Bringer, Alfred one of the investors came to me and said I we could make this block contain it's gonna in a weak economy. Graters a whiskey in this a hold on? I'm not here to talk bad about Conner rigour. What he's doing I? Don't? I don't care if, if my product in his product or different, it's fine You know- and I understand the marketing potential, but I just I'm a whiskey head like I got into this,
living in Japan. My families always drink whisky. Always been around us, but I really got deep into being a connoisseur this shit living over in Japan, and so I was actually actively searching to link up with a whiskey distillery there together. I am Chauvelin whisky chips to to create a whiskey, and I know that their like Mokanna, hay and other people, and you know Slipknot has whiskey ought to people are doing different booze, but I really I am involved in creating this guy is tat: whisking mechanized gotta whisky with wild turkey. And while there is a great distilleries in a great shit, all right all right blend, probably well because my car, I'm sure it's good. But generally the celebrity route is to make something for the biggest audience possible by right. I did I might now, let's put out this big smoking,
the fucker, you know you're gonna, be like I don't dig it. It's five boastful Baltimore socket has people just good most people, I've, I've. I've had people come back to me. This is the smooth ass best waste He never had just makes me happy to bring that India light. While I love whiskey and very good, does very good it's very unique thy, mesquite flavors you need exactly without your idea was that was David David, I'm with the there with the original Mesquite formula and all of this and then other portion. Of course, portion the mash bill is malted. Rights are multi right. So that goes into a mash and the way he ferments. It is three times as long as a normal whisky fermentation cycle. So, even if you get what's called the White dog, which is the stuff just coming off the still has been Bay, air barrel age in any way, and I sat there with this cat will Burma, Review and we're drinkin straight up.
Shit smooth is how at a hundred and sixty proof- and it's because of the hour Thirty five. Sorry, it's because of the the fermentation cycle, nor the fermentation that he, the city, uses all this and ass a saying it's done, we had three barrels, three barrels to choose from and because the single beryl product gotta choose him. So I did I tested every single barrel took note, did my deal and then we did a blind. And came back again same day. I tested again, and I chose the same barrel twice, and so we went with barrels. Then to be our initial release? This is what a barrel eight and barrel nine, cycle back into normal war bringer, and then we ve got another barrel sitting there ready to be put together, cause fuckin batch. One was done and like to months. It was all sold out at one a gold medal. It was gone, So when you d is bats, seven,
ouch barrel. Seven barely do they have the same flavour, no, oh, my kind, so better batch one which would which was barrel. Seven hundred for this right here. This is better too. This is barrel aid, better legal. This is different, and the difference is also the proof. Yes in this case here. So what you stick it in the barrel right Scottie, whatever happens happens, I this is real shit, there's not a mass produced, not to know this is when people say craft. Celery or small batch. This is we get about anywhere from two, an intense thirty bottles out of anyone. That's that's, and once it's gone, it's fucking gone. It's good stuff did that's very good stuff. I appreciate all that everything you just said the fact there doing that were I that's. The thing is. I have always tried to do everything that I do that way because in his innocence, if you take the concept of what what is your word right, your word is, is essentially
the fact, the social credit on anything you do and if your word doesn't have value right if it doesn't hold up to scrutiny if, if it isn't consistent than Bruno ones, can ever fuckin believe you Well, when I'm endorsing things, that's an extension of my word. So if I were to put bull shit out in the world that I don't fully invest in What am I then than my word? Is gonna, get degraded so fur, even something like a whiskey please, as merchandise like who gives a fuck ray. You could take that approach or you could take. The approach of every body of this shit that goes out and get into summons hands and touches their lips is an extension of me and my word, and so a better hold up to it. And if you don't like it, that's ok like that's fine, it really is fine. Everybody's got their own palette yeah, but that's how you approach everything. I've seen you not a mass produced, I'm not man! That's why you isn't it
could Samsung trying to fight the power and my own little rebellion, my own little most, under our low We need rebels legit rebels for railway, do mandated very today and in particular it so easy to get sucked up in the herd mentality. Of course it is. Nature would say among my, a man goes into a crowd. He the he can and with one mine and gets rid of it and takes on another and it it's true you, there is a difference between the mindset of groups and the mindset of the end of it and I am not one to be like such a hard core individualist, where I think the individualism is the start I mean I believe it is the starting point of everything, but is not the end point of every and where were made to be social creatures
island somebody out of a tribe way back when was tantamount to basely, giving them a death sentence, and they, sad that somebody being in isolation away from other people can at at at a point, become more detrimental to you than in being an alcoholic. How they came but that metric halfback lined up per se, but I know that by not being attached to not having proper interaction with others is, it is, is its degradation to your sense of being, and it is incredibly hard what you saw were made to being groups, men were also made to be individuals. Now I would say that the make up of what you bring into a group is also related to what you created an individual in. Oh, if you, if you come, and as a fully formed healthy, capable individual.
Then you're only going to be somebody could. Potentially, as all you can, you can keep what's important about yourself. You're only going to be of benefit to such a group. That's what's difficult for people. Those two did do have what's called personal sovereignty, to be able to be yourself in a group very hard for people while yet and if a group does something Kay great, but if you're part of that group than your accountable to you, can't just pass it off on everyone. It is certainly a little bit of that, but it's also just keeping your ideas the same or not sometimes as benefit to change? This benefit for sure? to recognising that these ideas that you have in a lot of is. Is there really just sort of a defence mechanism in the sort of shielded you from growth and then Maybe you run into new people that have new ideas, and these ideas resonate with you in a different way and you go. Oh ok! but now I am faced with this truth- that I can ignore.
That my previous conceptions of the world were twisted in some sort of aware how often and you come across people that will fight you tooth and nail to the death to her none of those preconceived la exiled arrival and a simple one I came across was even involved with this covert stuff was trying to talk to people about how the man, the mainstream media, has had bad narratives from the get Nino be it. They were given bad information, but they fuckin double down on it all the time or if its it. View each on their running interference for China, whatever right. There's all this manipulation going on around some That is not, that is its not subjective. Viruses are subjective. The aegis key can't play this game with that kind of thing, and people would fight me tooth and fucking nail to defend the mainstream media over it, and I go look: here's example: one two, three, four: five look at other all fuckin wrong: they're, fucking,
they're doing Esther politicizing. There do all these different things for different reasons, but not of there's really for your own detriment. Understanding and to be safer and healthier and or even dares to say we still don't know yet cause. We just don't have the data and people fight tooth and nail over the ship, because the somebody people that do you who's, the current media apparatus as their main stream sense making apparatus. If you tear that away from home now they have to sit back, go what do? I really know right away? what is the reality of what I think truth is. What is, what is the metric upon? Understanding now that you ve just show me that, and of course, even at its best of course, meet he's gonna be faulty at times because is made up of people right. We're always going to be imperfect boys going to make mistakes, but there is no meeting of mistakes anymore. There's no saying I was wrong. We
you were right is also a problem with mainstream media is the same problem that we have with the police. You're, giving people an inordinate amount of power, and when you give people that amount of power they don't want to ever, let it go and they don't ever want to see the wrong. They don't have one admit fall and they don't ever want to open adored and new, wants correct and that what you see with whether at Sea and Anna Fox NEWS or any these motherfuckers they have this idea tat they. Selling you whether it's this idea. About Russia, where there is the idea about Colvin was the idea about tromp was the idea about Biden. I mean they are selling you some shit and it's it's very, very difficult to get an unbiased perspective on the word they came after you. There are no reasons. The other would write all this kind of completely decision. An EU us just now have driven bullshit around you. A person who bear
These people on has conversations and tries to tries to flourish. That, idea of the what are they vaguer marketplace of ideas like having conversations and trying to earnestly insincerely explore things and try to have a better grip on world and try to better orient themselves twice just knowing and knowledge in addition to even out the fuckin good time about being less competitive thing to coordinate, if someone reaches a point where their root there there interacting with too many people- and they have this potential to really influence things in terms of the political process in terms of the way people view things that becomes very dangerous for people there. I have a different perspective on things or people that are connect did to traditional machine, true, whether its whose papers or whether it's you know and I've, friends in both those things, friends in media, and I have friends, I've people that have apologised for thing.
That other people are written Michaelis meant as part of the game. You're, not gonna. Rattle me, I'm! Ok, I guess you accept you're, not you not sitting saying that it's ok, but what you're saying as I know what the landscape looks like, I know what I expect I understand humans understand. Why people would attack me- and I understand why you even look at very small things that are take? not a context and develop your own perception of mean it's an accurate. I get it. No, I'm not angry about it correct, but I don't I don't want. I dont want to be any different. This. Is it up? I can't like I like the man This really do. I know what you feel I I I on a personal level I can relate to that in this world was logical. A person like me wouldn't have no place where someone just comes from doing some live
dream on a fuckin laptop and then ten years later, as hundreds of millions of downloads, it doesn't make any sense. I don't know I think, you're tapping into something that is this universal. I think that you know when it comes to like I love. Steady, history and and and religion, because those some of the oldest insights, into the way people think and the way people act and within these frameworks are tons of windows into human thought, process and cycle. G and it's the same issues in none of it has changed over the oldest religious text, though this historical things we can fine. The stories that exists, the myths are, they think they're. All this this is, same shit over and over and over again, the first time ever thought. I was reading the hugger correct in saying that the complaints and the issues, the criticisms that this monk, who former samurai had of his current air in the nineteenth century, this
and criticisms of the problems and the same issues with people's actions, deriving from the same hymn, in places of insecurity in and psychological Elam. It's all the same shit anything has changed, but we're not any different, then up. Then, in the sixth century, in IRAN, empire they like that, then than anybody this this area, where we're not different people, we have different technology. We have. We have different communication in terms of which language used, but we don't act differently. We're not river from different impulses. We're not in a word Russo, we're not a blank slate, you know I don't. I don't buy that concept at all, because we're history would look so much a radically different, but a fucking doesn't and I've written you so
times and at times whoever has your old number, whose probably were incredibly confused about what the fuck is this guy Talkin about, but about how? I think a person like you is critical to what the move towards the interaction of the current paradigm is. You are unnecessary City because right wrong, whatever Europe personal opinion is whatever it's a fact of, creating the ability for people to get out here and speak, nobody ever had Tarsi Gabert am Bernie Sanders in a place to feel more and I'll say as politicians, it probably were as open as they could be, but they're fucking politicians in this current and the pipe parent- time of the western politician who knows are legitimately sincere any those fuckers are, but this is
and probably the only place you could have had someone like that and allowed it to do that window into their their least politicians- you know I got to sit here and listen to Andrew Yang talk about you die and be like nodded I'll I'll fuckin by it. But I, like you, a kick out of work and, like you, I, like you, or do you just as just a matter of not being so pent up on, oh god, Oh my narrative, my my ideology, my my fuckin, I got tribal eyes all this into such a degree that I have to tear down everything else around me. So the mine can exist and that even goes to with this This Berliner aiming. I do like. I don't need it. I don't need a cut other things down from mine to rise to two for other people to enjoy it. You don't have to you'll, have to tear apart the mainstream media for years to exist,
You know now mind you, the mainstream media tries to destroy you all the time, but What is this players in the media? The media itself has just it's just a pathway for people to express themselves very limited. I would say the media among a lot of things like there's a good for a term that I really like it's called managerial elites, and so most things are big bureaucratic. Structures that have managers and pitch just all managers everywhere and they're all operating into that human resource paradigm. Them react by earlier than they don't managers, don't usually create anything, and this is not say that managers are an important thing. I think managers are very important, but how many times anybody worked in a place where they have management that has is so divorced from the creative or from the the actual
aim of creating a product or maintain our or whatever that the job role is, and yet these people are making decisions. All the time and bleeding into town when people how to do their job instead of managing people to be able to be best at their job, while they're invested in as well, because they have mortgages and they have bills, they have all they want. The money to keep rolling in so there idea, is to make sure that whatever this thing they're doing, whether it's a newspaper, there is a television show they want to sure they stay in the most wide main stream of lanes. It's gonna bring in the most money and that's the weird pop about media and generals at its motivated by people that are trying to seek a profit. That's what they're doing, and there is a giant machine behind them. We have video editors and Jamie. That's the whole deal! That's that
and you can't you this- this wouldn't exist any other way you'd. If you had more people you would have like. Well, you need a more diverse group of people. Work in here, All you need a higher this need. I have it support trans people, where, where is your money? That's that's that put in bad faith on you. That's thinking that as if some somebody who is trans or what have you might show up for a job that you need filled and somehow you'd be like well, because you're trans, you now if they're capable of doing the job you higher than in person. I agree, but the way look in terms of optics like people, feel like they need to hire. You know, acts amount, of asian people and x amount of this people and there's a weird climate now where's that really bad. He risked that it all. That is that it's a horrible here is to saying that the make of somebody's external or the make up of the external make up a bit of a company?
somehow has any real indication of its actual quality and character was lack of diversity is an assumption of prejudice. Correct! That's what it is like if you, if you A writing group like if sitcom I am just going to say this to the true. The majority is gonna, be white, males that a jewish those are the writers of, and they were there really good That would mean there's a whole fuckin culture attached to it, guy- doesn't mean that in asian woman can't be a great sitcom. Writer doesn't mean, but alone be, but it's it's a thing where there is due, in many of these businesses, there is a tradition of of hiring certain kind of people because it been very effective at it. But It is also in a lot of these places, a meritocracy. Is there a boy's club and allow these places where yeah there is, as are they hiring there? and for sure, is, is
harder to get in some of these places. If you're someone different, I would I would imagine there there's all these different scenarios that can they can lay themselves out. Some of it can even be perhaps it that the aggressiveness of men in towards acquiring certain positions verses. Maybe a more subtle about approach. A woman might take us the argument about why women to make as much money and then There is not one of the things I like about when, when Peter some brings out up as is, and people always neglected is, as he goes. It almost seems as if really that perhaps women are just fuckin smarter than us, they're just saner they there like. Oh, why be a maniac that only lives for this job said how body be upset. That does all these other showing takes in their life, where I stood up having myself into this. This insane near single minded obsession by the ceiling metric that we're judging success by. Is money
which money and social status inside of a corporation monies a great tool. Clearly it can do a lot of things for people and and you know it's a lot easier to exchange money with people than to exchange livestock fuckin. I don't know Johnny buildings, pieces, a stone, they got gonna fuckin carry around a bunch of peace. Hold on you, I mean come on. A bill is probably the simplest solution there, too creating ways of barter let us have it. I mean really what we're talking about happiness, yes How do we just incision and not the things you also difficult to measure what mean figure, how happy someone might be buying something verses if you actually built it or think about how happy. Someone might be if they have this like really powerful career, but they don't have a family versus one who does have a family doesn't have any career? Really they do. Is they make enough living to get by but they'll they love of being around their tribe. I keep telling people like there there's there's, there's two people
that I I really idealized out, even if they know this so bill and wander Goldberg and Michael J. Why and Gillian are two couples with families that I look at them, and I think this is proof that this is a thing that is, that is creatable can have a beautiful amazing family and and have a great relationship and you can continue to create and make great things and You can you can really have it all. It really is possible- and I look at that and that that's what I want. I want fair. Really. I want to be able to create my own sort of tribe around that from a familiar sense, and I want to be some. I want to bring child into the world and and and pass along. All that has been given- and I say, given to me by all these amazing people in all amazing relationships and experiences that I have acquired throughout life, and I I try to do that.
With my so called courting quote kids, my my students- and I am part these this law. It's down to them these experiences. This knowledge I gave I give to them- and I give to my friends I do as much as I can to keep that keep the flu. A lively tried homo your baby fever. Have you found a gal, I regret it- issued alive, went into you know there's always practice with the practice is one practice I wanna fuck this moment up. Are you? Are you done fighting a hundred percent now now now forty two Wendy things can be done when I'm done. Just when you come to me. I don't know what that window is. I just know that I've got some face after you're, still signing it out or still sign, and what is that and I have a very high and I went on now and I think there's only interesting like why have they decided not do events without an audience I dont know because well I guess they, The gay I personally would love to even run like people have talked to me. About running my blood sport events, my my progressing stuff that I've been doing
and me and you w could easily put together a blood sport event with no audience, and As long as we got the the red to do so, I will fuck and will make a killer event. We don't need an audience for what we create right and the? U s c has done a great job in the way they have been handling, testing and putting people. What am I my my best friend Eric Hammer, Agora Bella trains and works with spike who fights? you have see right now, ginger Head wild man am, He told me all about the process, they put everybody through for testing and he also worked pretty radios our use, and so you know hats off to the EU of Sea for keeping people employed. I know this, isn't it knock it belcour either, because they I'm sure they have their reason than the rationale for for running their their business. The way they do, but the you have see found a way that they could create the opportunity to keep people working so to speak,
I think it's great time doing in it, the testing is very rich. There is work mean we had a great fight this weekend that gotta cancel value for us to fight commodity small, but had miles without waiting in the wings luck. Let me now how much money has been training out of this problem, but he took it better, be took the gig, its innovation, hiding props them, and it's a bummer. Nearly other fighter, yet butter for Gilbert. Barely but after you over, you know you as long as he's healthy, easily cut. It was a little quick for Gilbert to begin right. Back in after five hard rounds, a tyrant Woodley mean that was just a couple of weeks ago, perhaps or maybe five weeks ago, six weeks ago, whatever was but the fights without a crowd are really exciting. It's real weird man. I know I personally would probably
of it. I love the quietness name. When I fight I fuckin, I think it's the best. Yet we should explain that I ve done one. You have seen Japan, but it's amazing how polite the audience ones they they would really clap and applauded strange things like like someone escaping from yes, well, then there just so well educated, combat sports is such a integrated part of japanese culture me in doing judo or cut out day or something like that, just in great school or middle school, a member. Watching them. Pat some pass a guard, never yeah. I know they're. Looking now, that's create. They know what matter and in others times. I really love the Rockies nature and energy of an american crowd, but I think at least for myself I just don't give a shit about anything else, but going to war. At that moment, I don't care about the crowd. I don't care
anything. All I wanna do is as pluck and kill. That's there's something wild about watch in it when you right there and there's no crowd because you get here the huffing and puffing. Get here shit talk. You get here smack of a body shot. You here is the ear, the smack of shins when they check you know it's like it's a different expire. Man and I don't think it's better. No now because there's something about like a Conor Mcgregor fight at the fuckin sold out t mobile Arena where buddy goes Abe, shit and Nato Connor sing it in this blue smoke everywhere and or green smoke everywhere, something of the wild about that two words spectacle, but there is some thing uniquely raw about these apex fights where they haven't the APEC, center and the one we did one in Florida is well there's something uniquely raw about no crowd
and yet I must see verses intensive. I don't know, but man is not a fucking intensity like that tyrant, Woodley, Gilbert, Burns fight was fucking. Intense man, in others. There's a lot of intensity in these fights is what it's hard to call me when you have a crowd again like when a man loses his mind and gains another as this crowd. Starts to serve you get pulled into it dear. So if you ve got a protest and you're out here to say, like a fucking, get your shit together. Someone starts like now: fireworks middle, unfamiliar crowd. Would you know everyone or someone start turning it into Hagen? Yours Together, hey we're gonna pushes shit in yeah yeah yeah yeah, their island county. There are people who and so plus or minus and you go out there. It goes on and and then, when the crowd reacts, psychologist
really matters? Oh yeah, I'm into it. Now I am I'm involved yeah. You are creased everybody else around you as near the hours. You are right, yeah, it's dead, both awesome they're, both ass. I think, of completely can get behind that doesn't like only by different thing. There are slightly different thing. You know it It's hard to wrap your head around until your actually experiencing a world class fight. You know five right, sounds with no audience it's their different. That's fucking! A mate they're, both fuck em I am glad that it's going on, I'm glad for the fighters, I'm looking forward to win when Scott and company get things up and running again. I just want to see the world in general. Just open up, when fights can be a thing. One of the interesting things seems to be happening Reading a lot about. This is one of things. The CDC the death rate of covert has dropped
so low. It's in in consideration being for being removed from pandemic status. They see say. Ok here, so I think, what's happening is younger. People are getting it now, because a lot of people believe it or not. Because of the protest. I know it sounds crazy, but I want a wild idea. What are you so right here? You talking nonsense. You are right wing or now know I'm in that's items I mean come on folks, you get fifty thousand people and I'm all day by day, I'm a hundred percent in favour protest in, but I am also a hundred percent in favour people wearing masks and going to a restaurant, which I just did. I was in Texas, Ass. We get an intact they got it nailed man. I know they have a lot of cases. They don't have that look. The debt did the pull out of people in tax, there's a lot of people, but also the death it is lower for this round, because it's this tube two possibilities. One possibility is that its lower, because
it's about despite gap and they'll be more deaths soon. The other possibility is heard: immunity is at the devirus. Potentially getting weaker gets, maybe possibly evolving of her. All these different arguments from all these different biologists. Its whole it so hard to run dad swish when you're more on, let me figure out what eggs these very same out, I'm trying to make sense of it. My my had distiller David is used to work in infectious disease and he's he told me about the struck sure of the disease itself and why? Why is open water so effective? Well, the it emulsifier fats around the virus itself in a book, sit down. This is also why things like wind acts will kill it. You know it's not particularly. Hardy gives light. Tells you view I will be lightened, sunlight correct, but he also says that your corona viruses are known for enjoying colder weathers, so fall and winter
possibility and then, when you talk about spikes, so that thing one other thing that really was was in my mind when I was talking about people fighting tooth and nail to defend their use of mainstream media as their de facto sense. Making apparatus is that I was posting self about masks and by the way, all the people, the people that I listened to, who were given me information, either stuff coming straight pass a firewall in China, Weird Twitter account and you tumors in whatever I had my mice, my supplies and of January, because one I live in an earthquake stay many haven't anyways so it and make it wasn't like no cannot my nose. I haven't. I wasn't storing water and whatever and ok I should have that just gave us an earthquake were so I'll. Do it for this and then, but I had enough toilet paper had anything because I figured people.
Are gonna, be the big problem. That's with Russia thing that I could that's gonna affect this the most and I told sir, many people and now all at midnight when he some sort of fuckin, weirdo pepper- and I go, I guess but But when I can wipe my ass your view, you know, let's see what you do and so much your cat likes it when, when you got no more toilet paper left over Can you and your cat of white around? Well, that's not what I'm worried about. I'm worried about food health, food eyes wide rise in their share of theirs reassure floodwaters, which really by right, I was like look everybody. We need to be wary, masks and people would fight mean because the mainstream media don't wear masks. You know you need masks where the look fuck face, I didn't say, and ninety five mass which, by the way, it is also a ninety nine and, as our p, ninety five and p. Ninety nine in there's you and even stand the classification of masks and now you're gonna fuck and tell me when I've have already done the research, and I know what the differences and now you're gonna, just fuckin put cloth of.
Face do something when you have Lex on here: fuckin: sweet, dude, Lex, free I love our guy and just simply showing you that's enough and I look affords us wear masks as a guy. We shall live in fucking, Japan. It help a lot of you in Japan, where Mass at courtesy it just out of courtesy if their pheelum, the sniffles or what have you got it, everything isn't that that that culture was so the head of the curve when it comes to mask wearing with with respiratory illnesses, yes full on AL, so because their jammed on top of each other, of course, is that too? But there are they, they think about their own but they think about the honour of having their own social responsibility for them had a very low death rate very low that new, only a cheery. That too, I think its due to, I personally think, is due to adjust mask wearing on cultural basis. I think it's do if you tell people
in Japan like ok, we got some shit. Come up. Here's these three things you need to do they will do right, the same reason. Why when you have you have a natural disaster coupled with a nuclear issue like the thus army, Fukushima that the older people will come up and go ok hey you younger guys- you ve got families you, you ve, not lived as long as us leave we're gonna go in we'll take care of it. You know, that's why they will put together resource centres, are or or fall out centres for people to to house in widening destroyed and no one's getting raped and murdered. Whereas Katrina heads you felt the soup
down, because only shit man is always people that a displaced. It is it's it's you guys are suffering like mad okay. Well, we got this at least this this piece of property that we can use to try and help people out, and it turns into a fucking nightmare in that place. That won't happen in Japan is just not the way that they are. I find that so far, naming how cultures evolves so differently that it's just so interesting that human becoming a even the negative aspects of it. Like I was talking to a friend of mine once we're talking about communism and of the threat of communism. All you have to worry about that here and I'm like listen man The people that live in North Korea are humans. In twenty twenty and there, under the grip of a military dictatorship, there is no getting around that the p but I live in the United States and twenty twenty or not, but they're just humans on earth. During this year in time and their styles of living. It's a wait, wait!
look at it. But if you look at in terms of scope styles of living. There are styles of living, and these these thousand living, whether whether you're in a cult or whether in a commune or whether you are a part of a republic in tat or whether you're living in Chaz. Therefore, that we're down there styles of living and some style. A far more problematic than others and the style of living that we should really be worried about- is top down power. One person like John, never run in the whole fuckin show, and if you don't cry, when his dad dies, you have to go to jail for six months. Correct- and I spoke to people had a conversation with them a long time ago, and I go look. The problem is: if, if you have the ability to at least vote, I mean- and we can I mean-
I want another discussion about how effective are boats are anymore, but at least there is some semblance of us being a part of the process and being able to freely protest and do other things are trying influence. The way government is going when you have this massive top down structure. That's not going to happen. They're going to dictate from top plus it's the idea that you can. You can predict everything that I was going to need all the time and that's just impossible. You can't predict every necessity can't predict every every problem is going to come, not you you can't do it will this virus has shown that for sure, while long supply chains, you wanna push your manufacture turn out the other places you want to stretch idlers lines or how, but all the people running businesses on the edges of time like all of you get money, don't save it, spend it going.
You know, buy more debt to do this with it and then all of a sudden this happens. It's like you're, fucked cuz. You want to save any didn't see coming yeah, you missed it. You missed this up later yet mean and look. I would not want to be a mayor governor right now, not also seeing the different ways: mayors and governors handily things and new, some of our more of the idea that you should be willing to let your people take chances and these people should, if they want to, they should be able to me the living they should be able to wear, mask and protect the elders and domestic animals there is. There is a possibility, create protocols to take into consideration the unknown. Am protect as many people. As I mean, I've been wearing a mask every public place. I go to our mask. I just do and.
Indeed tribute your time in Japan, for like your sense too, as that that and just what what what what I understand, what little I will say I understand from even reading people like now seem to lab or biology surrender of arson or the oars if are talking to my head distiller or I student Mary, who literally works on covered machines in a microbiology lab, really ok, I can understand a little bit, but I know that even they dont have all the information we. Nobody can read its novel because its new now I know that they ve been studying chinese horseshoe bat krona viruses, since I twenty fifteen or maybe even sooner than that, especially after the issue that the world had with Sars. So of course it starts to become a priority
Fine, but here we are here and now what I don't know, I'm not goin to just assume that things will just be fucking. Fine, that's that's just not away. I can approach things. What I have to do is what I can take on responsibility for myself? Ok, that's mine, but for other people, different story, and when I can do something as simple as where a mask and be in public, I'm not damaging, I'm I'm ensuring myself and others from hardly doing anything. Will we also talked about for the pod Jesse, take the necessary precautions to protect her own health in terms of supplementing Shin in terms of yes, of course.
And and and following up on any kind of studies and just any previous understanding of of self limitation in regard to other viruses, em an infection and things like that, but also as one I've when this first came down, I had stuck to protect my eyes. I had and only five masks. I had Timex suit, if need be, what's a tie, the suit the using vision for painting and things like that, but you do not take them off and what have you and me so outbreak? Who knows right, but no what's going on? I don't know, what's gonna happen, I just know that I don't want to get fucked. Your, though, is the big fear when, when the shit hit the fan, the big fear was that this was going to be something that we really have to worry about. That was going to kill. You gotta essentially could have been cut them, but then ok, so it's not that bad, he's right self, but for a while there. What I would do is when I would leave the house. I had my outdoor close in my indoor close when I came back in the House
I took all my shut off in my little boy put it in the corner clean. We took a shower cleaned up then put on my indoor close to make sure that if I was an issue, our right, I'm not, I don't know what this virus can or will do, but I'm avoid bring it into my house as best as possible by now was gone all, and so then, as I, R d learn that ok doesn't seem like exists. Like it is gnarly it's real but its gnarly to certain people, and I have a few friends with it it was nothing I am. I lay in three honest I think I was already said. I think I got it find out twenty five minutes. I think that, to be honest,
I really believe this several strains and I've read that, but I mean it only makes it may be a few strange for sure. Although from what sources, I have krona viruses and are not there they're, not the kind of thing that mutates very much and what their more likely to become more benign not more aggressive. I have heard that, but I also heard that the strain in India so vastly different than the strain here that is developing a vaccine for the strain that's in North America. It literally won't work for, what's in India, Possum you know we're not hurry back. It's a two Merrick thing as a chimera thing, sure this is trying time for us and it is for everybody you don't think about being in India. Think abandoning all these other places and is it is it is it's also like really wrapped up all the anger. I think a lot of it to fear there. Yet
and there's fear. The unknown is one of the greatest motivators or creators of fear, but I would say: that this reminded me a lot from get soon as it was like. Ok, we need shelter and play serves safer at home or whatever the case may be, and it made me think of Cormac, Mccarthy and no country for old man You know you can you can change your name, you can do this. You can do that and go go to some other place, and you know, but at the end of the day, when you your land, their ban. You look up at the ceiling, it sir! It's just yourself staring back at you and I hear your made up of the of the days it came before Nothing else, so you can try and change what all but you're, not any different here, the same person and as a matter where you are in the world you're still you and these people are having to sit there at times, especially those adult
you know, there's these really people in a relationship where there now starting to be like will what kind of relationship do I really fucking have I won't use is built upon or even sitting at home and people have set them basically be in the mirror, all day long with themselves and how many people are really how many people are really built upon the foundational tools of like fulfilling meaningful things like things that here, I don't want to die tomorrow today, not even five years from now, not ten hell. If, given the chance, I would fuckin live a thousand years. If I could, because I think that this world is so fucking amazing that there is there, I don't think I could learn, all the languages of the foods, even the ones like see
all the mountains, all the architecture meet all the people, all the cultures of the fucking, everything that exists in this just glorious, fucking amazing place. I don't know that. I feel sad that my life can't go on long enough to know these things, and but I've lived such a life. To this point, there are three things that ten year old me would just have just fuckin head up aneurysm thinking that this was ever gonna be the way his life turned out. Considering what an an outcast id pushed aside bullied. Fucked with you know, really sort of
set up a confused young lad and getting to where I am now, and I can leave this place and die, and my life has been all fucking great I've. I've learned fulfilled, I I live, because I want to experience things I want to create. I want to do more with my life. My life has been great enough. Springer I've had the things that I need that are dancing says, that's real success! You, yes, now real success. It is hard to find it is very hard to find a guy through the all the advice, city in coming out on the other and better for it. Yet I more can and like an intense and anyway way. I want to die right. I think more about that. You know like the stellar chowder. I wanted
I write. I wonder what about all I want to. I don't want to die a pathetic way from living in epic life. That's more of a concern in terms of death, but otherwise not death is their death is coming deaths alongside me, deaths riding in the car with me everywhere I go and that's fine he's a good. Is it good, fuckin wing man, it's great well, there's. Is that energy that comes with death- that's that makes life so exciting. If I were a mortal it be like playing God Modin, a video game. Is it's not exciting? Now, replayed God Boden Video Games. No, I fuck and have I hate your along on here. I am so I fuckin played doom. Scared me as a key one way- and I my friends- I checked this shit- you know like an fuckin secret drug dealers and the little discs in the library computers MIKE. Ok, ok! What's his blue. And just what a freak out gap play. God mode
modes. Whack yeah, terrible, can't die note for people to know, talk about when you play God body, you have unlimited ammo and you can't die get the ruins realisable. It ruins the game, gas thrilling, but a vote. Your game, where you playing God modus terrible. Reason. Why does is no consequences now? Racine thing is life? There's no risk no risk. If there is no struggle, there's no there's! No there's! No! Overcoming- and you know it's like I always say like I always say this. I a concept of human entropy that all humans without proper suffering, in overcoming to use them just some generic words. Obviously from reaching prison, Active you just go to your lowest state of energy and people are all things the universe is subject to entropy and humans are no different
and so obviously we experience entropy and that our bodies breakdown and obviously we have sell your degradation and things like that, but but weaken we can spiritually degrade and if we don't have proper overcome if we don't have a certain kind of suffering in our life or our agitation. We don't grow. Nations greatly allocations are great and I am also a big fan of Heidegger so like being towards death. Knowing that this is inescapable, stop trying to look for anything to alleviate the burden of your own death and the responsibility of your own creation of an authentic life yucas. At the end of the day, You can do all these different fucking things. You can change your mind, you can. You can become a on this kind of an fuckin, logical per year, communist or you're. All right.
Here dad a year that create always these little things you can be a christian or catholic or whatever ray you can. You can, if you're, using these things, to replace your your ownership of authenticity, the carrying the burden of your own being in the world. Then eventually, regardless, while they she did. You do when you're late, in bed at night and you're. Looking up at that for concealing. You know that you're a fool can fraud and that you have our fellow you ve tried to offload something I can't get rid of us ass, a hundred percent. Well, put I tell people, don't ever seat comfort, seek clarity and seek improvement. You're not going covered sucks coverage, lack Humphreys grave for couple hours. You want to children, watch a movie but comfort as a lifestyle is bullshit you're, not gonna, get an improvement. You need to be tested that that term agitation is excellent. How far did you start shooting arrows?
to practice. While I was really fortunate that I was taught by great people come here, taught me- and you know he had me probably like fifteen yards of first practicing draft Yeah now ensure that, while in here I should have forty five hours, but I have a range of the house. It goes that eighty five percent, but you had to get yeah, you know I went shooting yesterday and pistols epistles and you know I can. I can put some groups together and honestly, that's because you know that the pistols I'm using our fuckin their accurate enough to do it. It's it's not them. It's me and I like to read to you, know, go not not to shoot at ten yards and see yards like ok. Well, ten yards is fine or whatever, but unless I'm doing a specific motion derive drill. What Man I can hit center mass and I can hit a head all the time. I don't care about that. I want. I keep pushing it out as far
and go on the table because I want to get better and I bring it back. Intellect snarked, not not good enough. Been shooting my old forty four Otto mag. As much as I can. Recently, especially their starting to make new ones. They're gonna run redevelop, revamp and re report. This fuckin thing out there and I'm like thank God, I get new parts can and its grip it's. The original cartridge was made by taken like a thirty six. Three hundred eight rifle Did you put it in a base block any anew? cut it down to size. You remit flare it, and then you make your ammunition out of that using of port point. Forty nine cal a bullet my eye, reload. Do you really gamma ray loader? I grew up reloading, shooting hunting fishing as new shoot rounds. You Savior shells are ye, I, if its forty, four automatic yes or for seventy five, will the or any of these kind of wild cat. Weird things that I should die reload, but if it's
Forty five is cheaper to just buy whatever shoot him up. Ammo. You probably get a satisfaction at the reloading right, o a hundred percent because it again it's being involved in the process. And creating hardened and one things I love my automatic. So much is because we want a fuckin weirdo. So if everybody says hey do the easy thing now I want to do the weird and odd thing I want to go, though, why do Jujitsu in Newgate catch wrestling for aid? But why is a manual or an automatic transnonain use Emmanuel? I use- and I thought so For me, it was the outlets by this gun, maiden, nineteen, seventy and it has incredibly rare amount of spare parts available and reloading dad and all this stuff. I guess your I'm game, yeah I'll! Do it and lot at kick to its that bad, actually immediate, kicks pretty substantial, but I've seen women shoot them with no problem but I learned to the point of taking in fact
I dislocated my shoulder fighting croak up, so I couldn't work on my I cobra my mustang and I couldn't even drive it at the time was blows can I do. I want one arms in a sling, I'm gonna take this my auto mag apart and completely take it down the frame. Have the frame be blasted? Put it back together and then I I was on this forms. I'm talking about this Jerry Pistol Arrow rest in peace, Lee Juris, who is famous for creating these custom, bad ass, auto mags and my taking antelope with ATO, magnet that, like two hundred to three hundred yards, really she's quantity is so incredible anyway, crazy shot chatting with this Fucker me yeah, Well, I mean- or he could you sticks and free and whatever like the guy, is like one of the great american pistol shooters while and so I'm sitting here just chatting with this guy on direct message on fuckin forums and he's like
okay? Well, when you're going to? If you want to slick this action up, here's here's the type of compound- I would use here this here. The place isn't so here I am just, can away playing around on this at all this tinkering around this peace and put my gun back together and take, got out and shoot it and adjust flock and cloverleaf things, and this is it's brilliant, but it's also the brilliant that war garnish, whether its pistols or what it doesn't matter. Learning you're learning you're. Putting your from the position to wear, ok, well, you're gonna, make mistakes in here and now you're part of the creative process. I being is involved in the whisky in means that much more me, but I also don't any other way to do it. Like I probably could have had someone make that playlist for Spotify for me or just thrown in a few tracks and then just use the the recommendation at the bottom, but it wouldn't be all that weird obscure
Fuckin death, should that you, like, I, wouldn't be dissected and yeah. I wouldn't be. Events are in there, but the Bronx Morgan S legs bands. I've never heard of that. I bet you'd like the Bronx. No you'd like the bombs. Are there not a death metal ban? What other there a hard core punk banner Ella, and you would like us to semi text message: fuck, you what's do it, I will I will I will, but I just being involved. In the process and starting from not knowing any, thing and then that overcoming Maggie I can agree more manner. I love learning shit and I love doing new things. I love being a beginner and then being beginners really rewarding, and I that, as you get better and things, will you just working out in these things. I really feel like it enhances everything you do. I just think I think it's just adds an edge to it's your mind and as a person who does this for living or talk to people for living, I think its crucial, because, if I just
The same thing over and over and over again I'd be I'd would have wouldn't many framer references. I wouldn't I wouldn't have any interest in it: fuel My curiosity, which I think is one of the most important parts of what I do. I have to be curious, and I just happened to be, which is why worked out in the first place, do podcast but its fuelled by doing new things, while in Europe your pod castigating else, anybody does, take on evolution and one of the things that I would say in regards to you is the way people talk about you to me says more about, then that had ever says about you and when I have someone: I'd say you know, respondents in and take a bunch of uncharitable takes, I'm like all you. Actually don't fucking beard had to do you really not listening you're, not listening at all you don't understand anything over Jos. Creating here you you have. No, you have no clue
and you're telling me not about your at all. Your only tell me about yourself- and I just through everything you do that opportunity for new pathways new growth, better understanding. What is they're, my Angelou quota, we do the best we can and when we know better, we do better and that's it really simple. We have looking at things, but we when we know better, we can do better when we know better whether we do better. We can just do differently sometimes and seeing this process that the progress of this podcast, like I told you, I talk to people from the internet dark web. Now I talked to the idea of you guys. I talk to doktor, so I talk to James Lindsey. I talked to airlines than I have been to dinner with Eric and theirs probably other people I meet through this, and for me it's just. I want to be exposed to all these people's ideas and thoughts, and these conversation
especially when they're gonna be in areas of expertise. I am not an expert its fascinating in. For me, it's very valuable to be able to get those peoples, thoughts and yours as well to get them out to the world. I think it's very beneficial, I think, for a guy, like you ve, beneficial because they look at you and again look to you on the outside the girl, the youngest ever fuck, and you have seen we weigh champions, got some shit to save the fuck out of here. I get a lot of this whole. I'm so surprised that you know. I really didn't expect that this, that of the other. Well, ok, yeah, that's just preconceived notions and its also its more comforting for someone to look at a barbarian like you and say well, he's gotta be dumb and then when you're not then they'll try diminish whatever salient points you ve had and that's again says me: about them than it does really about on Twitter. Where there are like you will you
what a dummy you are clear you been it had too much. They love to do a parallel. Do that, but that's that's also the sign of a loser course it. This is a sign of someone who doesn't actually want to engage in anything in good faith. It's also, they don't want other people to be good at things you don't like a ladder, exceptional piece, of course, and I notice that I feel like personal that I've something I've had to deal with in my life is that I think that there was, or is maybe even still, this idea, this construct of what I'm supposed to be an how successful or what have you, I'm I'm. I should right- and if I exceed that people get pissed that I'm somehow doings something in a way that they don't think I should be
or that I'm getting notoriety in a way. They don't do that. I'm no, no you're not supposed to be that person you're supposed to be this at all. This: you exceed that fuck you for four, being what I want you to be and what they dont understand as it that's fucking of course, if they dont understand that, though they think that somehow or other we I mean, I don't mean it's, I don't mean that's them. I mean it's fucking them over Yes said that mindset is fucking them it's it's. When you want someone to do poorly Europe supposing the flaws in your own figures, supposing your own personal weakness, its super unhealthy, and I used to have it man I used to is to want comedians to fail. When I first started doing it, I still want people to get there. Ass kicked when I first started doing martial arts most of what that, because I did, I was of weak person, and I didn't, but a real I see, and I said oh, this is a trap I got. I have this thing.
Where I am fearful, that I'm not rising to the level of my full potential, and so I want other people to fail so they wear year. Add at this point can then still can be the new, the new p, Tat were suddenly for another year, only halfway up the mountain as long as nobody gets higher than that, it's good enough, yeah yeah. I realise that when I was twenty one and really I remember boiled distinctly the time period when a recognised it. I just recognise that I have had a deep flaw in the way I was looking at things and and I realize, like this- is of this week and then and the moments I recognise it as a weakness. It was impossible to embrace it anymore. Then I really like all k, that feeling of discomfort that you when, when looking at someone is clearly better than you had stuff, that should be a blessing. You should be happy that that person exists, that person is fuel that's going to motivate you to do better as long as you approach it with the right mentality as long as you
become a Haider. Haters are all losers. There's no reigners as there no winners that our haters and they don't even realise that every They hate they think they're getting you are that guy taken her down or throw these jobs. Out there and then it's gonna work and make you feel bad. What they don't realize is there are literally stealing time away from their own interests and love their caging themselves to be only as as they are at that moment, super dangerous. It's a really bad for you, yes, and it says oh intoxicating and so easy to fall into when nobody likes themselves more than themselves and, unfortunately, We are the best at finding every excuse we can to justify. Our position and just like, ok get an ear. Dealing with whatever from all this logical poisoning and all his ship in my own home, and yet at the end of the day, instead of going out there and has been like,
look, how terrible everything is in and just taking a very soon. First, I will understand me like weight. It sucks enmity Itzhak cemetery that this person sucks above the law, but the reality is that ok, even the ideological stuff. It's not all bullshit everything is a lie in and it wasn't necessarily created just a damage me like stop making it all about me, and even then, it's also like ok, if all you do is say something bad about the person, you chose me in a relationship with them, that says more about you'd in them, and I think that I would never be involved in somebody with somebody that I didn't love and enjoy and so to say that, regardless of how things finished, that doesn't mean too sit there and say that that which was negative takes precedence over anything else is really myopic way of viewing gangs and its more or less. I would see it as a tool to to narrow your focus into that which you we want to take precedent.
To you. So you can. You can justify your your grievance in instead of saying, ok. Well, I can and have a real grievance and that's totally acceptable, and I can I can create can, I can justify it. I can show for the grievance itself, but this was only agreements the whole thing itself isn't nothing but grievance it isn't nothing but bad. If it is, then it's on your fuckin ass gap lets it see, clarity, kids, WAR Bringer WAR Master addition go get it working together, they can get it, from the website warmonger bourbon dot com- war master and we ship to everything, but I think maybe only seven states and it is available in some liquor stores, oversee canyon at any bars really right. Now, it's in there not open, but it is yet Goethe. With the website, use warblers her tend to get ten bucks off
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