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#1510 - George Knapp & Jeremy Corbell

2020-07-17 | 🔗
George Knapp is an author, speaker, and the chief investigative reporter at KLAS TV in Las Vegas, NV. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker.
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also with him is Jeremy. Corbell Jeremy has been on the show before a couple times He is the a man who produced and created by bizarre area. Fifty one and flying saucers he's the director and the producer which, finally, just a fascinating documentary, if you haven't seen, and it's the one that really turn me around on a thousand made me start to reconsider it again and then, after that, he also introduce me to commander framer. Who is the guy who saw? The TAT. You are so the very famous one that was awful San Diego? We talked about that we talked about New York Times articles we talked about deep- girls in what they're getting wrong. We went down deep deep down. Rabbit hole with these two in including George.
His history with Bob as and what it was like for him when he broke the story back in nineteen, eighty, nine, I'm talkin to much. This is a good one. I really enjoyed it. Please welcome Jeremy, CORE Bell and George Nap The job will gain experience. My Lord George pleasure to meet you Joe Great honour get previously diversion. I don't see you too and Germany. He again, but it is good to see- and this is what you are doing, this often becoming a thing. Georgia. I think that your problems, like one the most important figures when it comes to journalism in Ufos and when you broke the bog our story was is at eighty nine one was a light. Eighty nine, eighty, nine! Ninety! maybe nine I remember reading about it. Remember hearing about it. I remember watching clips on television and in watching countless Bob was our interviews. It all came out
you I mean, did you think at that time? And what was your thoughts about? You are first before or you admit, Bob Pasok, and how much it change while you, To know him in here is story change quite a bit. I had not really when it much thought at all. You know probably the same level of curiosity, ass, most people, you go about your life, you hey, you're bills. You go to work, you love your family and it's always out there somewhere hey. I wonder what the deal is on their. I had not had not really dwelt on it until was a day and nineteen. Eighty seven into the studio, comes a guy named John Lear, and I had heard sort of a little bit about a mist family was famous, is developed the learjet, the eight track tape John, had run for state Senate and he had a certain credibility with our news organization Cayley as TB, because he had helped us breaker big story in the story. Was the stealth fighter deaf one seventeen he had told my boss NED a managing editor about this amazing plain that was invest.
Well, to write our flying up a tone and airy fifty one we had an interest in fifty one not UFO related but NED broke that story. It went national. Sir John here comes into the station one day with a stack of what turned out to be you up our documents, he plop some on NED's desk and says This is gonna, be the next big story, the biggest story in history. It too you up a cover up aliens are here, technology has been recovered, NED takes a look at it and says: I'm not doing this story. If it was true I'd. Alright. Now know about it, this is crazy. What I'm eavesdropping, as I tend to do on the curious person so ice. As he's goin out, I said Lear. Let me take a look at this material and I looked at that with his cut interesting. I would at the time I was producing it, listing this little public affairs shall thirty minute interview. Show it would era. Sunday morning at six o clock, nobody watches it. It would be interviewing a city councilmen accounting, commissioner, what the heck I'll put layer on it and I let him go- and he told me this bigs nets, area, about secret tree.
He's with aliens and recovered technology in a giant cover up some of information sounded outrageous. Some of it seem like it would be worth checking out. Suddenly the phone start throwing off the hook. I'm good calls about people that were who was that guy? What was the deal on that you are post up? Is it real? I had him out again. Six months later, at the response was bigger, Adam on a third time, with a guy named Bill Cooper that- and he told him and even more elaborate conspiracy he's the behold, the pale horsecar yeah yeah. I read the book and have we throw like why in the fuck is this year? tied in their J F K, assassination bases on the moon aliens there right now he had had the scenario where he had seen these documents when he was in the Navy and he's when you tell the world about it, then he's gonna go away, while every time he ate told the story, the documents got bigger and bigger, and anybody who criticized Bill Cooper became part of the secret government, including me
so we do. This third show with Lear any hint that he knows a guy who might be going to work out a very fifty one and no some about alien technology. That guide turns out to be Bob Lazar Lear didn't give me the name at that time. Couple months later I am anchoring the five o clock news on Cayley us and we have eight nightly eared evening interview segment. Five minutes segment live interview. Our guests doesn't show up and were we're scrambling to find somebody due to fill that whole, and I thought about Lear psychology not knowing what had been going on in the tsars, life or Lears life and I said, Hey- is Europe that you up? Ok, you told me about his he around. Would you do an interview just turned out that Bob had been? the ringer and a lot of stuff gone on in his life? He felt threatened and he said ass, where the black out his face. We do this interview, Henny spills, the basics of the story. I worked out there at a place called it. For. I saw nine
flying, saucers and an underground base. This is technology that came from somewhere else. I've been fear for my life, holy cow, the phone start ring and off the hook. My news director comes russian embassy. Manager. Is that for real? What's the deal on that and we realized, we had touched the pulse of the public in a way that, I didn't really understand. We arrive to go meet Bob. Those are my new structure, Bob's when I that, following weekend and put into a places where we would ask em questioned about his background and how he got the job, we spend a couple hours weatherman. We walked out meaning taken holy shit. What if this is true, This is really risky for us, as journalists and risky for our personal reputations. If it blows up in our faces- and we do it, story and it would really damage the reputation of our news organization, which is failure. The jewel. It's always been a leader and in LAS Vegas one of the best tv news operations in the country. We are putting a lot on the line. Well, look we decide, let's take our time
look into this guy story and in an what are to understand the tsar. We'd have to look at the bigger picture of your foes, so I started a cramp course on you. Follow me and I read everything and I spent eight months. Like cramming for a final exam that never happen. I read everything I interviewed people that same year, move on had its is entered into national Symposium in LAS Vegas. I met there all the world's you up. Oh people came right to me. I get to interview. Traveled around went to LOS Alamos Lazard took us into the lab. We cameras and there he walked around waving to people. We didn't even have to stop for security, took us into the at the lab, like it was a rabbit going through its own borough. He knew of the plague is way around. We were allowed like a camera, and there we put those stories together, put him on the air in November and manage just went through the roof every night of these nine, this nine part series people got
the audience got bigger phones during an off the hook. People calling giving us information suddenly on something called parents at which was a sort of a precursor of the internet, and it was huge, an end em. It changed my life for sure I had no idea that there were so many people they're interested in the topic, and I was hooked, really got hooked on. Those are not only because his story, a big personally you know I was interested to him. We became friends. I saw what happened to him after that live interview and in the seven and a half months before we went and I revealed as identity, that people really messed with them. I mean there were you cannot convey what it was like how weird it was then breaking into. This house, leaving the windows open messing things in his in his home, breaking into his car leaving the doors and windows down. Messing with his head, then you think that was the government was to do. I think so and then so I had put out a call to people here
I want other people to come forward as a school for his identity was removed, the atom shot explain. Yes, I am actively seeking information from the public. If you ever worked very fifty one or ass. Bore. You know anything about this you're at Nellis AIR Force Base reach out to me. So I started getting calls and sixty people right in a row who had talked to me on this. An offer to give me information were visited right after the call one of was a guy who did tax returns for people at no AIR Force base needed got to know these guys? really well and got in. For me about crashes there. There's a guy who was a Gulf pro at no US who had gone on our road road trips with officers and told him about with this weird stuff out. An error fifty one that seem to be from somewhere else he gets visited until shut up. There was a lady who worked in the court system. A cop told me about her and I talked to her on the phone and she had worked at the court system, but before she had worked for a company called homes and
however, which has a defence contractor, and she said she sat in as a stenographer in these meetings and heard these conversations between the government contractors and airforce officials about crash saucers, and they would, after the meeting Nate to take the tape out of their typewriter and and destroy it and take all the notes and she agreed to? tell me the story. It was just a tiny piece of the story. The next day she visited by these two guys in sooth. They tell her look You are still subject to your security clearance. I hope you know that and then they said we know you travel to allay to see your daughter, and we know she comes here. It's a big desert out. There be terror if happened. On the one hand, this lady scared, shitless, she didn't make that stuff up. So six people who would offer to get me information on the phone one right after another get visited and it it made me man it also made me mad that dealing with trying to fill in peace
is about bazaars liked. I know there's some gaping holes. I know it better than anybody ever had to deal with it. For thirty one years, but always thought if, if he worked De Los Alamos in classified projects and scientific or technical content, capacity, then it would make sense that he could get hired into a program like us for us, What do you thinks outside the box? Despite personal, shortcomings or whatever they might bring. Some like him in to help him crack a problem that they, many will resolve themselves. So I focused on LOS Alamos I He had been there. I talk to people who remembered and from being there, but the lab kept telling me no no record of he's, never here and then show them well. Look I've got the LOS Alamos newspaper that a small town paper there. It is on the front page, a front page story Bob Lazar Physicist Mason facility. Los Alamos lab is a story about his jet car. No still have no record of him. And then I found his name in the phone book from the
era. When he was there is in the lab book. He had been hired by a company called Kirk Mire, which is a company that I had hunter. That fills positions at LOS Alamos and places like that. So great a reach out to Kirchmeier, they said yeah, we hired. Now we got records, can I get it? Gonna get his payment records that would show where we went to school. Whatever information you guys had yes couple weeks ago by nothing coupled more, ex go by. I call him again. I start writing them. I've got a stack of letters that things went on for two and a half years and fight by the end of it. They said he was never When I have any records that that piss me off, it made me mad, and I think that that is really. What got me hooked in the story is that I was being jacked around by government a national facilities like that we should explain the LOS Alamos thinkers. The LOS Alamos thing coincided with him doing work at MIT Right crack, that's how he explained in India in Railway Hicks, and to me
I I'm at liberty to, say what the project was, because the project, though he was describing it is essentially internationally illegal, like what they were working on. That's one of the reasons why he was saying he explained what the project was sounded very. Feasible, also very evil, and then it was. It was basically a weapon, and then he, he said that this is the reason why there was no actual record of him studying at MIT. It was an important and he got a degree. It was important that he understand that the technical specifications of what they were attempting to accomplish. That's my understanding as well, and you know it's always been the most problematic part of his background and its where a lot of people in the boundless our story, that's where they stop, but the thing is when you listen to him talk and when he describes thing, it's very clearly that the educated always a brilliant guy
Here's I had always told him, and you know Bob you're, my friend I want to have a conversation with you about these claim degrees cuz. I didn't believe that he'd ever sat down in those day You go to college like MIT or Caltech and get a degree you gotta take classes something other than science. You tat, I could not imagine. Bobo's are taking an English lit class to save his life, but he is a brilliant guy. He ought to give you an example in April. The thing is is raging, my wife and I are as staying at home, we're getting package's delivered for food things of that sort, I'm a little worried. They didn't know about contact whether you can get it off a cardboard boxes or whatever Bob and a phone conversation. I'm thinking. By one these uv screener systems because wait, a second don't buy one. I think I've got the parts that I can make you one of my. Roger and a week later it arrives. This thing he's got it into garage handmade, this big scanner with these uv things that hope works, just whipped up
his garage, I remind you, you got that the scanner I got a laser grain. You're a laser time did mandate. Is super powerful states like a handheld toy that he retro fitted with a superpower, so, unlike lighting, should on fire him, I suppose I wouldn't looks like a handheld Tories evidence actually Paralyzer, it's a toy with full noise, but he put a diode in there and its super powerful kickin light shit on fire, but my pace that so I got the lays a gun. You also get the flame throw that laws are made of flame. Throw this before your buddy Elan made will comment on our yeah. Well, it's a massive aid. What I'm lamp their massive he's! Obviously, a very intelligent man When you listen to him talk, there's no bullshitting going on when he talks about very when he's too talks about undeniable concrete things when it comes to science, when it comes to elements when it comes to propulsion systems, he clearly knows what he's talking about and the really confusing
for people that are detractors. Is he really hasn't changed story in thirty one years really is the same story, and that's really hard to do Even. If you tell a true story, thirty one Slater later get get screwed up a little bit. It's hard like when you are calling on thirty like about to had a remember things. Thirty. One years ago, that's like I'm one year understand of comedy thirty one years got member it. I beg I'm gonna you'd, like all year, was a Sunday night and then my friend Gregg Axes, Wednesday arose Wednesday, who, as a whole we will have it. I don't know it's a blurry slideshow, but Bob has been remarkably concern. And the only thing that he's vacillated on very little bit is the whether or not He saw alien or whether or not he saw someone who was looking something that was the size of an alien like a small figure, whether or not they were trying to determine how large a creature would have to be to use
no small craft possess. The crafts were very small, terms of like four for a human being. They'd they were, it was more like some, it was built for a child and he walked by window and looked inside and in some of the earlier discussions of it he, but leave that he might have seen an alien, but it was really you're, the only sought for literally a second as he was walking by saw something and again you know how the brain works in memory you could you can really plant memories. Everybody wants and pretend their memories. So good memories are terrible. While Bob admitted from the beginning, it will remember The first interview we did, I think it was June of eighty nine, so it was a little after we did that live interview, but months before we went with his id and that was really recorded it in case something happened to him. He was afraid it was going to be killed. There were a lot of really weird things going on and and I was worried about it too. I wanted to get it on the record and clay case. Suddenly he disappeared. So we record
this long interview in and always he downplay stuff like that. That's an example: I might I saw something that was that size. I don't believe it was an alien. It was just a glimpse with their message with my head. He also admits that they did mess with his head that he had to. They underwent some kind of hypnosis that they made him drink. This we're green liquid, probably lsd about maybe they said it was analogy to us, but you have to your point to throw a quick is, after thirty years not that he changed story he's changed. So when I was interviewing him, you know he cracked book back open with me. It was like he was seeing the science into knowledge is what I know I had my hands on it. I can't attest to what I read in the documents yeah. I saw something for a brief millisecond through a fuckin window, but I dont know what that was. So so people have taken what he said in exaggerated, but has always been skeptical
the things he didn't have his hands on, admire that and he's changed as a human as a human he's matured. Soon, He's saying: ok, let me look at irrationally. I dont know what I saw to that when I appreciate that he's he's so straight geysers. True today, various scenarios of popped up over the years about why he came forward. There are people who believe we just made it up. He was trying to make money or wanted attention. There are people who believe its government disinformation to distract attention from something else. What's going on out there or they believe, both of which you know it would seem to be moved mutually exclusive. Bob would admit that he had no business being there that they may be that there are much more quickly if I'd people to work on those kind of things, maybe he was I who thinks outside the box who might given slant on trying to figure this out that they had had for decades and had not had not been able to dupe. We explain a little bit. The LOS Alamos LAB store was him. He put a jet engine on a Honda Red and its. It was a functional jet car.
That. He built himself, so he was Legitimate propulsion, expert and again like a super science nerd like where he got his education, is what we finally got an interview with the guy that wrote that article two weeks ago, so the guy Terry English. Finally, after this time you come back three years late. You noting that will put em in the movie and I said, look here's the point. You said Bob Bazaar was a physicist at LOS Alan So how did you base that your writing a paper and he goes yet and it got picked up by a p news. He goes if I had misrepresented that he was a physicist at LOS Alamos. I would have been blackboard by everybody at LOS Alamos. They take that very seriously. He was a physicist. I reported a penis picked it up. They repeated it not word one from anybody saying he wasn't a physicist, doubtless elements its little things like that.
Nothing Bob is ever said. Had I designed item real, hardly any did the story, because the car was bad ass when he desired it up when he has three this. He also made a hydrogen powered corvette later on Yeah he's he's a wizard was a very smart guy. You know he will admit to you Maybe he was picked for the job. They figured are right in case he blobs. We can discredit this guy like that when we're done with them and there's things in his background, he likes it the blow things up. He likes explosives. He had up pirate plague on his on his house at that. That I first met him he'd, like machine guns, he you know, we had an illegal firework show that would go out in the desert. Every year that became o a world class event. He got. To some legal trouble after eight worked out there. So there's a lot of things in his light. They can use to discredit him, but the people who still maintain that Bob was a disinformation plot. It was meant to distract attention out from something else going on out there
Weber came up with that idea should be fired because, as a result of Bob coming forward that story, every fifty it is now known all over the world. I am sorry, but the Bob was our version of that story. The tail is the one that prevailed its everywhere it's been a movies in books and tv shows it. It's launched a thousand different projects, products like that, the hat them LAS Vegas, fifty ones are triple. A baseball team became the fifty ones because the laws are story, the he d highway is created and Christian by our governor. You know that that story that in that. He told is now known all over the world, whether detractors like it and if somebody was trying to distract attention away from something on at area, fifty one it failed miserably because tens of thousands of people, made the truck out there even today, thirty one years later, every single day there's somebody with binoculars or a scope or something. Looking for whatever is flying around out there every major news organization in the world. After given me now
then, but grief has made up a beaten, a path to area fifty ones door. All of them they have all done and Bob's story about revert engineering craft from somewhere else is now a part of it. Larger and current series of others. So that we can get into yeah and- story that he told when he was on the podcast here doc phenomenal response. There were so many People that I talk to that were my friends who are sceptical about that shit. They they We have a good, hey man, I'm starting to believe this is real and, unlike you should work, what's the documentary, and then you should watch the Commander Fravor Interview where he talks about the tik Tok you up the TIC Tac Ufo that they ain't out off of San Diego. Can you talk about a rock solid military man with no shenanigans. In his background, who is tat,
a story about a craft that they cannot explain doing things that defy physics in our understanding of propulsion systems and quite a few people from that interview have completely changed their tune. Friends of mine who thought it was total horseshit on a one eighty and they like fuck is this real. Then the New York Times story came out, of course, in the New York Times is showing all these images of these ufos and these these things that they can explain that all exhibit very similar propulsion, those methods, or at least a spy. Aids that they can explained they. They move the same way and there's legitimate people legitimate scientists. Now that are start to take this into consideration, say: ok. If this is from earth, then there's got to be some sort of a programme that has technology that's far beyond anything. We knew was possible. How did they do that? Is it because Some super geniuses that the government gets hold of right when there
college and they immediately ship them off to the desert and having to create this stuff, or are we in fact and care during something like us from the future or something from another place that has had a completely different path to technology, but it's not outside the realm of possibility. You're here we're here, sending videos to our phones to each other. You know we're talking to people did that that's being relayed, but through the sky, we're watching films that are instantly downloaded wires. Firstly from these servers mean with it. Just the technology that we have right now is complete the alien to anybody who is around and Roswell nineteen, forty seven from road eighteen, forty seven to two thousand twenty in terms of the universe is not even a half of a blink of an eye and then tomb. Things have changed so radically. It's not it's not crazy. To think that
something from somewhere. It's far ahead of us. Yes, so that's one of the big things getting caught a framework in that room with Bob was so cook. Is people Bob talks to whoever is talking with? He helps you understand what I'm saying he can go into high specified detail and stuff, but typically just talking to whoever's there when, when I got him in front of me afraid of all of us in Matt we're on room. It was, is increased commander framer short too. He saw something like Bob sought and the way that the craft, the tick tock moot it. It can not be something that we have because it was clearly gravitationally propelled the system they talk about commander framers sought bouncing like a ping pong ball on the inside of a glass. Did the inertia being able to combine, and the cool thing Bob said was what command framework day. It could have been subject to time distortions you're, seeing at one when they start talking about gravity amplification. It was
So could you see them talk without an audience? What the fuck do commander framer C and Bob was it's called it when he could can be calm and chill like that this talk to another human and: what's crazy is what commander favour is describing is what Bob was. This driving the propulsion systems of nineteen, eighty nine. They were working strata, its exact same thing, even the way it turned sideways to move on, to move off without exactly how he's describing a yeah, that's which is crazy, gimbal, crafty, and we have this video. Nobody says: oh it's this! It's that it's another plain and f a team dude I've talked with due to Boeing hoof. He serviced these pods that it was caught on the gimbal. That thing is self rotating, it is a saucer shaped thing It is rotating mechanically against the wind. We they all know that this is has to be a gravity propelled programme. We understand the science that it takes to do it. We can't replicator.
He pulled a. I always do that. We have a register for wheat. We can't replicate it right, with our material sites is our best information. At this time we can't replicate this technology, but we do understand how it works. Fundamentally, fundamentally. We just don't have the power to actually make it cereal science. Even just the actual physical material science, the materials, its Meda Then that's what's been in the news now, madam materials, it there are materials from craft that we have Georgia talk about that, but it lives are, is parallel with what seeing today and which also really bonkers, is in eighty nine. He was talked about element one fifteen. It was with scientifically proven to exist until two thousand thirteen, so eighteen, eighty, nine years talking about is a science fiction is making things up in two thousand Thirteen they act, we were able to create for a brief moment, an element, one
fifteen, which is this insanely dense element that they believe is perhaps the propulsion system for this craft. It was always theorized, of course, our amendment fifteen but fabricating it was an achievement but yeah you're talking about being a winner every time, history, rights itself right Bob is it's insane, these bad, a hundred percent hunters, and he knew there was a place called S four. There has been no no articles about that, no mention I look for and I called no Us Air Force Base and ask him to have a place called us. Or anywhere on the range yeah we have more than one you tell me where they are now. Can you tell me what goes on there? No well, there was a somebody at Papoose, I think it was built in the into the sight of them. And then you can see the dirt road on the old satellite photos. Why? Where people going down there and then, of course, the video he goes out there with his friends when he thinks he's gonna, be killed or or gonna disappear any and three weeks in a row. You ve talked about on this programme and they did
here. Take this and all the women. Those who were there have verified it and it was Oh very fifty one. It was over papoose which officially, No no facility nothing is ever been? There Bob knew a lot of stuff that he couldn't have known, otherwise ended it's been broken of any didn't know stuff that was disprove and it's you didn't come on. He didn't make up a bunch of crazy shit. They! U go like like the William Cooper Book right like the wooden move, there's a lot of people. Speculated what that was all about whether William Cooper was just gets. A frantic weather, He was writing some truths mixed in with crazy things, so you could discount the truth mean that, as that is a real strategy that the government will employ if they know that information is I get leaked out and they want of somehow another discrediting the connected to really loony stuff. That is absolutely not true and he'll say. Would we
you get that information or I got from behold a pale horse up. Oh Christ, did you read all the stuff look right right mean so there's there's that thought, but there's no that Bob with Bob everything that he talked its so eerie that every time you turn over a stone. I think I'm going to find a first. That's how George and I met. I thought I was going to see these guys cooked it up. That was my first entry point in twenty twelve. I thought they cooked it up every stone. You turn over to be clear with George said, I said, there's a place called for that was never mentioned anywhere at papoose. He verified it in eighteen, eighty, nine, had a public relations who is a homey of his air. If you want, we, then all thirty years later, and they give us the funniest Spock answer trying to not talk about Cyprus, a he confirmed it every time he turn over stone man. Every time, Bob's proven and it's it's annoying. What was the experiment that he did with element? One fifteen that you guys videotaped
It was available online. Can someone watch that? No, and so it s out there. It was called a cloud chamber tat, so he had this stuff. I know people don't believe that it exists and he never had any of it. There welcome to believe it, but he had had If had this, would you the only time I ever saw it was in his lead shield round disc, and he had it for a while it was in another because its radio radioactive link is stable. I think is radioactive. That's how it was shipped to him, so its inauguration disk protect it from bombardment, because it will become unstable, very quickly. That's how he says they use it in the craft so yeah he had it in a park and an end hockey, Look at me, like a metal said what then its lead? Yeah yeah. You must stay, is there an? I showed it in. I had it in the background in one of our story, just sort of an inside joke and sit in a narrow, but Bob used to keep it in front of a particle accelerator that he had built at his home. You know, every every scientist. I bring nonsense.
This builds a particle accelerator in their home and he had it there when he thought it was gonna, be killed. He was sort of a defence mechanism for me at a right in front all he had to do a flip, a switch and heat. He thought it could explode. I think he meant to scare people from coming in in trying to turn to take him out but this cloud chamber test was the only time I think he ever took it out of this thing, and I got there right is that as the experiment ended where they had this little chamber and it bent they were. They show me the video. I don't pretend to be a scientist. I don't try to be an x on things I really don't know, but it looked to me like light, was bending in this experiment which, it should be able to do it. Like a laser that Ben I've seen some of this Jeremiah was unable to find men. This was a search of George from day one. When I'll have it right now, did you on me. It's in my movie, ok, so submit basic. What
It's so annoying, unlike you guys, have footage of this gets Bob, never film this to put out to the public. It was to show his friends like taking them to the tests. It showed them. The saucers it was so his friends don't think you're fucking crazy, so that they film it and more, hold to give it to George it's in a brown case. It's someone is archives. I've sorted through his whole, Damn house man. I can't find this tape, so then I ask Bob: is there any where this could be anywhere else? It's important footage bob and I find it sandwiched between two golden girl. Besides on some tape he kind of recorded over. So I got out to the public what seventeen or thirty seconds of this cool down phase of the tasks that on one anyone it's in it's in my so I can put it all right, but is it online as an oil nigh God? And I found it in these all tapes, then they couldn't. We live up to people, take little things from movies and something maybe maybe somebody had they up. Our posted man, Papa S, crew,
go. It doesnt Bob says he's so impressed with everything he's a journey that doesn't show that the cool part of the test, it's just a cool down period and unlike what it shows you film this with your friends back then in it. Yet these you believed you had one fifteen. So what I have the film it's not definitive proof, but it shows that they weren't lion that that they filmed George was there Bob would just assume that that goes away, that people not ass, yet it is. Is it yet at it to me the best Jamie what's happening here explained this looks like he's grown apart, or some shit rights. So this is why Bob was so unimpressive what I found sandwiched in his person home videos. Let us discuss the top of the disk will go across on yet
though he was trying to show his friends like today. If you had a laser pointer, so here's the here's, this cloud, you can look at over their Germany feed. I want to turn, got it so so so Bud had a laser point of back then, when the principles of the one fifteen which he did get out, he doesn't we oughta one fifteen, this image inside of the in that this, clamshell inside of the park. So that's the surface, we're looking at the sir. Yes, it is clear from the top of this thing and so he'd eat habit in there now. The whole sensitivity for him is real world implications. If he's Thomas, to us about it. I don't understand when I just saw them in seeing you didn't body in a band. We don't really that against the only piece of the tape that still exists, but is not the only part of that All. It shows Jos, that they filmed home experiment back. Then he demonstrated for his friends how light was bent by their material itself understand but are not seen that unites you're, not saying what is as an early piece of the tape that still exists, but is not this the centrepiece was this in the film yet was briefly
highlighted because it was like. I did, I'm not seen anything in this. This is what's confusing to me. This seems like nothing like muffins going on there, all right that that that's the point is that He has a long version. George blame hidden, it's my phone Albert Einstein, but why is this in the film men of nothing's happened? It was a splash over the limit when he was talking about one fifteen. He doesn't like how Tom how we got it out, but it was like a eastern Germany. They demonstrate that that had been. The recording get exist at one point, but that's the only peace, that's left of it, I'm the guy who got the tape, so you got a full take. My gun was well aware. It is no it isn't your how somewhere, I doubt it. I'm not lift he's. Looked I've looked where it could be. Do dishes. It's his. I look for years man, I went to made him taken digitize all these tapes. I took hundreds of tapes and digitize, I'm looking for this little two minutes. Seems like a big deal. I really big deal lose, I mean I've. I've got thousands it tapes
run that era, and I have saved them all, and I moved him around and under I'd use, em, indifferent productions. I can't find it. I know that That is very unsatisfactory for people in their I've been accused of making it or dying very appropriate. Currently considering the history of the stuff, yes kind of funny. Russet writing ass. I thought cars, but what kind of funny the the aftermath about common border course it it messed with his life in a big way. Andy. You know he was not all that much of a sort of a semi recluse anyway, but the stop that, goes on here, even thirty. One years later, you know what it's like these of fanboys he's got. People had got the Bob Disease really bad they still deal with them. They spend their days now, all these years later, focusing on Bob too ago, somebody puts up on twitter, it was our view. Some these guys gone to New Mexico to find people that had worked with Lazard long time ago and then try to dig up dirt. Hey remember working with Bob! You knew him back then yeah did he have a teenagers
work in form, it is Photoshop yeah you everything thing. We're with him and little girls know the guy as and then the interviewer says what we heard that he tried to solicit of fourteen you're a girl to work at a brothel, and then they put. This the guy says anything about that. They put this on Twitter with the headline, Bob our solicited fourteen year old girl to go into prostitution. So who is doing this to some disguise controls people have got it bad and there are so many of them- that every day they pose some about Bobo's are it's really my God did. Well, I think you are foes attract a certain percentage. Just gets a frantic totally. But as this is like so horrible the way that his story, I mean they just at I've, never seen it like this, I'm never I get it. I because I did a film bob. I get death threats because a bomb
That's how that's his life every day. You know, I might add up of a military guy who had asked years ago about disinflation note. You guys have to cede disinformation out there to discredit the of our story said we don't have to debt planned anything you of all people, do it to themselves I mean they're nuts I had I I got a phd in you follow GI in essence by working on that story and then subsequent stories, because the public have reacted in such a way. All right, I'm gonna stick with it, but that what you run into and the topic it's. No wonder that you ve gone back and forth on it. So by questioning whether is this a good use of my time, because there are so many of them are absolutely nuts and and psychopaths and they makes it up and they also make a living doing it. Legal Jamie and I were watching agent alien so the day we're laughing we're like like what are the qualifications of being a? U S, a researcher.
Like you have to have it agree. You just have to be a bullshit artists who want to get on the history channel and talk about Ufos, like literally just have to know a few facts that you get spit out and some guy were clearly reading off of a script unlike this is gonna, be there Lois BAR for, like in terms of like What is your son? Do he's a scientific experts on the history channel amaze but what does he really is a fucking you a researcher? What does that mean? Just meeting the guys in the? U S, foes hook and string words together in an appropriate set. Hence it seems like you know, there is talk and mount so they put him on tv and when I did that size, I show Joe open questions. Everything I lost all my face and you have a research area and brought it back because of your your documentaries. What brought and data I guess you're talking to day, fuckin Loveday, I love data and but he's so into it. Madame I really like you gotta, look into this. You gonna look into that tunnel all these things, but I will more time here we go
And then, when I watch you doc, minerals are holy shit, greatly recast the old my thoughts about Bobo's are because I remember being really interested in the nineties, the topic itself courage as serious inquiry by the by scientists, because you have to wade through so much crap Ninety ninety five percent of its total crap worry. It is honest man identifications of prosaic objects, but that five percent- it's really interesting, and that's why government is now you know looking into it once again near. It is really weird to see the government looking into it openly. That's what strange like the fact that there is the younger version of May would be like bracing, myself or contact about. It gets comment that talking to us about it now, because my thought was always like they problem if you are those are real and aliens exist, they happening contact, they probably don't think we can handle it. So they probably want to keep us as com is possible and just dismiss everything and go back to work. Go back to sleep, do what you gotta do
Don't pay attention this. This is all nonsense and that's what most people do, but one government is actually openly discussing the fact that they not only have been studying but they have some video footage, some things they cannot explain and they're saying this just out in public in legitimate, recognised publications, newspapers, television shows its it's weird a very weird for me: now it's a u no thirty, three years that I've been chasing us and I become. I don't want talk about me, but I mean it. I began The! U up, our rapporteur, whether we like it or not, I'm not the EU, of our reporter, I'm a reporter. Who is interested in that the Euro, stories, I've done in all that time. It's been a lot but of as a percentage of all the reports that I do, small right, I'm out whose guy chase bad guys, mostly for the item but those those you Both stories have gone all over the world. The use of open yield, is so polluted, with with liars
exaggerated and fast buck, artists and and people who appropriate this story for the Roma political agendas to make money to get attention. It it, takes ninety percent of your energy just away through the crap and and get to the heart of facts, and aren't that many of them and figure out who is telling the truth, whose reliable, whose honestly trying to pursue the story and get at the truth? It's it's it's a task that is difficult and I don't blame other journalists for not giving it a fair shape because it's not something you do at a week. I remember saying to myself as cocky I was in the beginning is in we need you up. Oh books in this field the mass, but there is some good information? And here give me six. Months and I'll, have this figured out wealth hackers. Thirty, four years later, I know lesson did now. I know I have a lot more facts and my head, but all the big questions of answers to him. I don't think anybody does who they are. Where therefrom, why they're, here? What they're interested in us? What the long term
agenda, as we don't know that, and I don't think anybody does I've gone pre fire for high up the food chain as a career journalist? What Did you feel like to you when you started seeing the government actually coming out and saying we are trying to investigate these reports, No, that there is something to them. These are real claims by you know real pilots real science to review these things and they find troubling. It is it's a mix the most immediate reaction as astonishment, because all the years, I'm chasing this everywhere, you go. You run into brick walls when dealing with the government. That's really what got my attention and where I wanted to focus, because I can't go out and wait for you of those to show up, although I've done that, but I wanted to follow the paper trail parliament has this whole big long history of documents that they exchanged reports memos incident reports about Ufos
before the Freedom of Information ACT became the law, the land and their very candid with each other there not that way anymore. They hide stuff, but back in those days there were candid This is from somewhere else. This is real, it's not fictitious! We we need to look into this. We gotta make short russian Sir Chinese, and we figure out who's got this technology, because we don't it's not ours and then, of course, when freedom, Information ACT became the law of the land, all these agencies that had lied about it. Now, when I have any you up, oh reports have to cough up thousands and thousands of pages. They have absolutely stonewalled us and lied to the public for a long time. So to finally see them admit yes, we're taking it seriously which I have known all along. Of course they have to study this unknown craft flowed over our nuclear missile bases, disarm the missiles weep CHE, have fighter jets, go after him. They leave em in the dust they comply circles around our best, knowledge that mess with nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons, nuclear,
facilities like Loud LOS Alamos. It is national security issue and they have been paying attention to it. They just have and telling us so for the New York Times was to come out in December, twenty seventeen and say yeah. There was a programme and yeah they looking ufos, oh by the way, it's all done now. It's still a mixture of lies and and some glimpses of truth, but I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. I never thought I'd see this much progress the last to an half years. Has there been them? the astonishing time in the history of the subject and I'll, take it Joe theirs. Bubbling right under surface now. That is gone. Rock our world, I think in the next year's. Do you see trump on? You ve, been interviewed by some here was cattle areas at this the interesting things very, very interesting, work, Roswell, open rods were white men are fifty one wise, barely paying attention. I think he has been briefed has been brief more than once in. I think, because he watches Tucker Carlsson and Tucker's got three
for people on there once a month. Doesn't he's been hurt, you said for last year he said you of all people once a month or so Lou Elizondo and Chris Melon people like that, and I thought that, wouldn't, if anything that would get trumps attention, could you know that's what he pays attention right? That's That's a these stories about Ufos over nuclear bases and and and weapons facilities and things along those lines. Is that been substantiated? Oh yeah, yeah So this I and only the stores, nineteen, seventy five. They that the northern tier case, so we have a string of bases up by the canadian border all the way across the? U S from Maine to Montana Nuclear Messapus. But he's they were ready to go in the darkest days of the cold war, those missiles icy becomes are ready to go aimed at Moscow other places and in nineteen many five? Seventy four! Seventy five one after another. These bases were visited. They thought they were mystery helicopters or something like this. I write over the missiles in a couple of cases. They they disabled message
If we had gone to war, we would have had thus missiles being able to fire. There are some indications that the launch control codes were interfered with, and then we scramble jet a military personnel had reported this up and go away. We can't catch him whatever they were it clearly. Is a threat to national security must not be forgotten. That is there an official record of these encounters. Yes and those documents you can find him at Washington Post broke the story in this, haven't you? They had obtained some of these documents after freedom of Information ACT came forward and then the them recent studies Bass also that we can talk about they also really focused on the northern dear cases and they looked up some of those guys. They found some of nuclear missile officers and security personnel and interviewed him, and hold the story all over again. There's a guy named Robert Hastings, Ufos nukes he's been his special day for the last thirty years I wrote a book made a film, its chilling part
What has happened is it not? We happen to us, the? U S, but in Russia. So once again, you: have a fever and became a europhile reporter. I travelled all over the world and One of the places I went twice was Russia. After the fall, Soviet Union. It occurred to me that may be, we might be able to learn more from the Russians about what our government about your those than our government will ever tell us and Madeira. Physicist who was here in in the ass to lecture disarmament issues at national labs. He was getting ready to go back to Russia. He had been the net, security adviser to Boris Yeltsin. He was an national security advisor to the russian parliament. He had taught russian cosmonauts how to spot Erica nuclear submarines from space he was connected, so I had a beer with them at suggestion of a: U S, congressmen and said Diana collide, you ever hear, and your guys in Russia and high level Talk about you oppose now can't get really think that doesn't ring a bell
we have another beer is. As you know, I do have a guy at the KGB who told me that they had looked into it for a while, and I thought well, they had just the KGB, just released its Oswald files that maybe this is a golden opportunity find out what they know, because they are a superpower. They have nuclear weapons, they would have seen the same things we ve been saying. So I went to Russia, we sent go over to back to Moscow, gave him a stipend, and is instructions were fine people who are in a position to know high up in the military or the blood of the government who have never talked about this before, and it took about eight months for him to rip back and get all these people end up, and then I went to Russia and matter and interviewed, and these were former military guys there was a guy named Colonel Bora Sokolov. Who was a golden information. He told us about a previous the unknown study, probably the biggest you of our study in the history of the world, for ten years from seventy eight eighty, eight, the Russian
military empire every military unit in Russia. Their whole military global. If they saw when a ball of light, a novelist aircraft, you up- oh anything, weird like that they had to report it to the KGB all information, went to one desk at the Ministry of defence. Colonel Sokolov was that desk and they had thousands of reports that have never been made public before he told me about Forty five different incidents were russian warplanes and chase. You oppose couldn't catch him three of them. It says that you up, I was shot him down to those pilots died and after that Add the order went out. Look if you see these things, don't mess with him. He said there study was for brig practical reason these craft could do things at the Russians could not and they wanted to get, an advantage over the Americans in terms of stealth technology. So they wanted to do what people in reverse engineering programmes are doing figure out. How to let us work so they can have an advantage over us,
had to smuggle some of these documents back if I had been caught with the stuff, because some of those classified if I'd been caught, I'd still be in a good long somewhere, but I got it back. I shared with some people, it eventually found its way into the: U S, government hands and it it tells us. Basically a lot of what we now know about our own government, that they have always taken the seriously and one the incidents I'm sorry I made the long way around. That story was an icy beyond in the Ukraine Sokolov says that a giant you of all peered over this base. These are missiles that are trained to go to New York, LOS Angeles there very serious stuff there, too, very secure facility giant. You of all appears over this base, it splits into pieces and then at melts back apart I shall end it performs this dazzling display for a couple of hours that basis, hi alert and others the nuclear control, somebody's lights up like a Christmas tree,
whenever this thing was, it entered the launch control codes. The missiles were enabled they start firing up there ready to go and then You have all goes away. The whole thing what's down goes back to normal, colonel soccer I've said his team. He and his team sent there to investigate it, took their machines apart, could not figure out what is done. And he told me on camera. We think that they were sending us a message that these are your most powerful weapons, but we're not impressed same kind of thing happened here. We don't like to admit it, but that there's a pre strong paper trail that it really did happen now. What is a bigger national security issue the net or like the tiktok. You got a nuclear powered carrier, air and other warships around it? And you got these strange rate, our sight sightings for a couple of weeks right off the coasts of the? U S. This is an intruder. And even though these aliens, whatever they are, are not fire.
Beams and wiping out hours our cities. You have to consider the threat that the job of our defence of our they don't know what it is, but they know it should be there and is not ours, and I think that's what the programme is going on right now. It's a legitimate national security issue. It deserves to be investigated, in spite of the larger social implications that we're not alone the the tick Tock craft are Tik Tok craft ticked goddamn talk, can get away from the tick tech, craft that was spotted of San Diego. It performs something spectacular in terms of its Billy to go from the surface of the of the water to sixty thousand feet in how, along less less lesson, Secondly, there is actually more to it than there was a craft member was talk with clatter favour before this is public. There was a craft under the water to the tick tock would drop from sixty thousand feet is what their sands
sixty eight it, but that's the scan volume of the spy one radar, so everybody have talk as if they were coming from above they were come from outer space dropping down within a second and stopping a and then making the movements commander, framer song, but public instead of a glass. Then he said to me first talked ever I'll. Never forget this cuz, I'm talking to a fighter pilot. I got to talk fighter pilot man, I don't know, and he says to me it noticed me I know what you mean. I noticed you, he says as was descending rapidly to engage it. It turned its nose and began to intelligently mirror. My movements can write up by me and he says faster than you can see a like. You can see a bullet leave a gun, no, it just Pham shot off, because we don't have anything like that. I wish we did. We don't whatever propels
that is not a reactionary propulsion system, meaning it's not pushing something off the back to get it to go for, like everything else higher an explosion. It's a field propyl, yet anything else. You know you gotta have something go on back to go forward. Rockets were still using the same ones for background this thing instantaneously. Without effects of inertia can move now and that distortion, that's exactly how Bob described these things would work or do work in his opinion. So commander braver got to see it and these incursions by the way
Look there's stuff George reports on there's a lot. He doesn't as a filmmaker myself. People tell me stores all the time these incursions, it's not a rarity. These are happening to this day. I just heard about one in Guam incursions over high security airspace over our weapons systems and in Guam there was just recently an incursion, the pan text facility, with the igloos, where we hold our nuclear war. Pins, and suchlike that there are incursions over these suit. To Georgia's point that the reason why maybe all this a secret is not cause, we can't handle it people flipped out, maybe we just want to make sure we fuck and get this tech first cause it's a game changer. Now, let's talk about the people who have tried to debunk this and why they're off. Because they ve made some debunking claims about some of these videos and about the technology that was used to track these things? That's incorrect, where they dont
I don't really understand what their debunking right. So, please please, Explain that, because, as one of the things that people immediately going to go to the gonna go well make last has already debunked in I've, read the stuff that he says it's Mental gymnastics, to try to explain at the way he's explaining it without recognition of the fact that these things were actively blocking radar. These things were actively blocking tracking systems. These work Physical crafts- this is not like a bird now. Little allowed a wacky theories that he has like. I wonder you know it's real weird like that a smart man can make such ray we bizarre conclusions very weak, Almost like someone wants him to do those sure, I'm in the It's so exciting that that we're seeing something in the government's hang. Ok, these are ufos. We have not identified them, they have propulsion techniques that we don't have and we're not we're just hung about the videos. Let us talk about the debunking. Ok talk about the deep
in and what his claims are in the de bunked. Ok, so one that I recently like attacked, it was show ridiculous. Is he was saying that the go fast video, which is this? You know, object that goes along in a straight line, one of the three videos that was really said. What was probably a bird that was his first theory the go fast video. Yet I mean I recently went deep into talking with Boeing experts who who work on these fleer, putting their Tommy, how they work, what they can capture. Why lame? What a Fleer potter's a for a forward looking infrared so basically on fighter planes, you have a camera. So here's a video Poland, a brochure that dismounted and its essentially recording in thermal imagery. These things are. This is not instagram. These things are weapons systems that are highly trained.
To be able to accurately represent spatial awareness and to be able to target you enemy combatants. That's this is not an an Iphone and Instagram. These are weapons for us. So out of the three videos, if we just look at this one, although I like the tick TAT. One commander fragrant Elect Gimble one. Those are awesome. This one gives us very little information but that the idea that this would be a bird. If you talk to anybody that uses these pods you don't you can't pin point on a bird, you can't lock a weapon system on a frickin bird, but look out fast. It's going to wake here's. What so interesting is everybody can debate speed? So this is where it's locked in right. Now weapons system is locked in on this thing: it's tracking it now right and in they got real excited when they locked it cause it's the boot this box to moving target right. They so here's the deal them at anything. I could say about this video,
This is not a lot of information in their. What I can say is that object. You're, seeing is colder than the surface of the ocean I looked at the surface of the ocean temperature at that location at that time, because we had the information. It was like sixty five degrees, what propulsion systems? Okay, so a bird a bird is about hundred and say five degrees. Siegel seagulls can go, maybe fifteen miles an hour and a half ass. They can go, but there they wouldn't, they wouldn't be colder than the ocean. They'd be hypothermic and dead. It cannot be a bird because this ought what we're seeing? Is it holder object, then the surface of the water? That's why you sing it white and how, fast as ago, that's under debate that there's different interpretation. Yet so I'm I'll give you one interpretation about you? No two hundred and forty miles an hour. Some people say and then they can argue well defined Disburden Nosedive could go that fast. Backup we have an object, did is colder than the surface of the ocean,
that immediately gets rid of the bird theory, because a bird would be hypothermic and drop like a paper weight into the water. It cannot fly at that so that's the piece of information. I would attack that debunking, but this video, when you're watching that, if it is going to hundred miles an hour, that's not outside of what's possible with with spacecraft or aircraft or or just plain right, but I ain't but it's cold. I understand it is critical that it is don't very interesting, but it's not moving anywhere near as cracked is detected. No, no! No. This is just something because this is part and George can take. This is part of a much bigger series of events. So, like the gimbal craft itself, that's another debunking thing. They said it's a plane
banking away and you're, seeing it through thermal first we'll talk with the pilot, not fuck, and so this is the gimble gimbals poignant up right now and as our fast this thing's post began. You know the speed from what I recall wasn't registered on the on the right. It's not that it's going fast. If you talk with the pilots, was rotating- it was spinning- like a top and for like eleven hours without refueling, I mean the things just sit now This was not this, isn't a curtsey happened over the course of many many weeks now when it rotates like that. The debunking theory is that you're seeing a plain bank, so as if our military doesn't know what another plane is. Other planes look very different when you see them through thermal. This thing was self rotating, and I just did the interview and how fast this, rather, how warm, as this thing's posts to be this symbols to actually be hot and I
I am unaware of easy we're gonna through thermal Randy. I'm unaware the specifics of that one when it comes to heat. All I know is that it is self actuating. It is not something that is a glare or flare of a heat signature. Making it look like it's turning the actual craft is self actuating, and what is that the halo around it? That's just and artifact of the of the Fleer thermal was not the idea miss that the? U S government would tell you all right. Look we're gonna release these videos, reluctantly Lou Elizondo, the guy. They got him released and then the? U s- government, formerly release them by a couple of months ago. The idea The? U S, government would release the Pentagon says these are unidentified the end. You know if it was a bird or a jet engine. The pilots would not have the kind of reaction that they had that you can hear on the audio. Our government does not tell
a members of Congress, the Pentagon doesn't go to descend Intelligence committee show them those videos and say yes, I'd unidentified if it isn't- and you know the reaction of the pilots that the fact that they we were forced to release it to begin with some, Is there really is unidentified identified have addressed it. What do you think that they have addressed the fact there suddenly things? Why not just continue denying? I think they were forced to and some props to Tom along. I know you guys had a pretty spirited conversation when he was here. He created unaware Elizondo who ran that programme came forward and brought. With him those videos I saw them two days after Louis under stepped on a stage with Tom and said I was in charge of the programme. He and Chris Melon have been or the engineers of getting that story into the York Times that changed everything as I the last two and a half years. Everything
turned on its head. The New York Times where's the story. The result is other media covered as well. They ve been ignored. It forever and and the end that allowed people who keep these secrets. That pressure meant that people in Congress started asking questions. Two days after the story came out, I interviewed Senator Harry Red, who was the one who, got the money to create. That programme. That became ate him and he said Phone has been written off the hook from other members of Congress who are now suddenly interested. I did Those are programme there telling him how do we learn more about this? It stop. A series of closed or briefings and Capital Hill that continues to this day. The pilots, like Dave Raver, were hauled before Congress first and fry the staff of the Senate intelligence and then scented armed services and then the other, Did members these they senators who get briefed on it and they weren't. Than they wanted more pilots to comment so has been going on for two and a half years, and two weeks ago. No excuse me about a month ago now. The combination
Senator Marco Rubio has now the chairman of the Senate. Intelligence committee drops his bill and it's the budget for the intelligent budget for next year. Any includes a you up, oh provision. In there. We want ponderous once you have a mechanisms, that, by where we get regular briefings from the Pentagon on Ufos that's an astonishing change of events. Its Does the media pressure and then congressional interest. It made it more acceptable for everybody to pursue subject matter. It's got out of the shadows and the Pentagon has reacted in fits and starts. So so times, as they said to the New York Times that programme, and it had nothing to do with ufos at four they said it did. Then they set it. Didn't they Did Lou Elizondo worked on the programme? Then they said he didn't. They ve said that the opt out which is the the programme, the mother program. That became a tip that that had nothing to do with you. Won't you oppose what it did
so they continue to sort a lie and abuse gate and muddy the waters. But the fact is that there is too much momentum. From media and Congress and the public to hide this anymore, you should tell you about how the governor programme also was created directly because joy, I wrote this book about a little place, called skin Walker Ranch with the government with studying this property that happen because of his book DE. I guys what you should tell the story of others that place yeah you yeah right, yes, yeah, I'm night, I think you got up I think you gotta a little misled on him. Tell him how the governments that he had started. You know from your work. Fascinated some of it. Some of its stems back. The laws are so we did that story in the series and eighty nine one of the first people to call me after that was a guy never heard of before now Robert Bigelow, a millionaire me up and says I was really interested in that I've been interested in Europe. Has for a long time? Can I help you meaning? Can you help me? I said I would
for a tv station. I don't need any help, but he was not to be deterred. He then reached out the laws they had a little. He was meeting weatherman and pumping up for information and that really amplified of big long interest in it. He created something called needs. The National Institute for Discovery, science, which he he made a science advisory board of the best and the brightest in the boat, the you up, oh field and the feel of consciousness. So you're. Looking at two questions is there? Is our life elsewhere in the universe? Is it here and it is? do you mean survive after death and you assemble this board former CIA, guys to former astronauts who had walked on the moon, Doktor EDGAR Mitchell Doktor, help put off physicists psychologists, really a brilliant little, tank to take on these two topics. I was allowed to be a fly on the wall for some of it not all of it, but some and told Harry, read about it in ninety ninety six and he said, can I go
and so he showed up and set it on the meetings and he was kind of hook. Harry Reed was the first person I old about Bob was are outside of our newsroom one. Before we heard the stories hid, I'd I'd known him in the first ran for Congress in eighteen, eighty two, then he becomes a majority leader, so he had always had an interest in it, but he didn't want it to be known, publicly that does not help your reelection chances. So in two thousand and five we write a book about skin ranch needs that team bought the rain they were on the property for seven or eight years at that point and had hundreds of different incidents that they investigated. They approached it like scientists would, I looked for prosaic explanations. They look for gravity anomalies. They like or look for psychoactive plants. Could there be hallucinations caused by magic, mushroom, or something or the witnesses lying. They investigated the background of the family that lived there and they found out that they could not be expelled they're all the range of activity there so
not only have activity retard well with starts with you of our, because that's what got their attention? The you into basin in the Eastern Utah, has always been Are you up I'll hotspot? Everybody who lives are basically has seen a balls of light, orbs structured craft, daylight night. In nineteen, seventy, six, a guy named Doktor, Frank Salisbury, wrote a book about the Utah You have our display and he took hundreds of these cases that have been collected by the law goals. There was a local science teacher named Junior Hicks who, because he had taught Innovations of kids sighing, in that area. When they people see, you oppose, they call up junior hex and he went men what investigator many a dead, hundreds and honey defiles he gave them over. This guy Salisbury, who wrote a book about it, and he said these are real. You know they're going on, but Junior Hicks would disregard any hi strangeness cases they came along with the you oppose anything weird big foot, os anything like that. He thought it was too
incredible, any any discarded that Bigelow buys the ranch here's about these stories going on and one property flies in with the rancher, and by this time that enter and his family had lived on the ranch for twenty months and they were so scared that he, his wife and his two kids role, sleeping at night on the floor in the same room because it had messed with em so badly off. Their property had had ghost type activity, poltergeist kind of things, trickster activity, for example, the wife goes shopping to the grocery store. She buys it all this food comes back, puts it on the table, takes outputs. Helps leaves the room comes back in all the foods back in the bag. She would take a shower in the morning locked the door, but to Tell- and I hereby Sean. The cabinet gets out the shower we're still locked hair brush and tell her gone dad's out in the field:
He is a dignified postal using a postal, Digger happy piece of equipment. He stops for a second wipes. His brow looks back and it's gone and they find it two weeks later up in a tree. They start here and voices at night and in the air speaking a strange language. They start seeing shapes outside the window. At night, big lurking humanoid shapes hearing heavy footsteps outside than hearing heavy footsteps, insight then their animal started being mutilated. Cows would do the Detroit would lead up to the snow and then just Begone cabs, mutilated, cut up with surgical precision. Cats wiped out cut carved up dogs that were babe rise. Hundreds of these incidents that they would see holes in the sky like a great big hole in the sky and things flying in and out of it. Now this rancher college education guy, grounded us your group, religious guy, thinks
government is trying to run off his property who's out there at night, working with a gun trying to catch whatever government agents are doing this stuff, and it's not that many to do with something else. They starts you, have our of all shapes and sizes. The first, when they saw, was like up. They thought it was a Winnebago bagel, this ranches, a beautiful place and it only has one way in one way out. They see these two lights. It look like headlights down the third homestead? How did this guy get past the house get down. There must be stuck, let's go down and help him out the light start coming toward he and his son. Then they go up into the sky up over the trees and poof gone these different kinds of orbs of the white ones that were intelligently controlled, not fireflies, not bugs Blue one, that would go, they seem to touch the they fear centre in your brain. They get nearer. They looked like a little bigger than a softball made out a glass with a swirling blue liquid sky,
the hell out of the animals, and then it scared the hell out of the way the people to this literally drove them. To their knees with fear. These red orbs that would stampede the cattle. There are also many cattle that they began to think that there are going to go under their. These four points baseballs and I'm jumping around, but a lot of stories that these four prized bulls two thousand pounds each behemoths. Very expensive animals because they are raising summoned all cattle had amended in the corral and though the husband and wife there was, but like there being watched, he says to the wife as their drive into town. Man of something happens to one of those bulls will go under will be done. They come back half an hour later offer the bulls are gone. They jump out their freedom Where did they go? Did somebody steal them or their rustlers looking all over the place in this corral is a metal trailer where they used to store tools and there's only one door into it, and it's rough, it's locked with his heavy peace, a wire though
the door, still locked the wires still on their the guy. Just as a ass resort, looks into the grating on top of this trailer, and there is therefore bowls and side door still locked, they're all crammed in there. Now you could take a fork left. You can have a team of fifty people and they couldn't get those balls in the trailer, but there they were. He asked: does wife A honey therein here and when he says that the bulls wake up as if out about a trance, kicked the door down and all got out the needs team which had been on the property for a couple years that point flyin they ve been in LAS Vegas. They fly back in may look around they, out the animals, the whole corral, made out a metal had been magnetized, so whatever technology was used to get those balls from the corral into that trailer left a magnetic nature, they were there on the property than its guys for several years hello owned for twenty years, but eventually they gave up.
Whatever this thing was this intelligence, it did not like being stalked and it played tricks on them and they never made the stuff public. Because what are you going to do write a paper about this who who's going to print it? You can't make a a documentary about it because they were there. We really evidence so well, while all this were San those mutilations. I guess that some evidence, but that's only evidence of cows and we can mutilate cows. What what about all the other stuff like four first twenty months when the rancher is there, they dont have any. Evidence, because he's not a paranormal investigator they're not taken photos or something they wanted to go away. So they will have any evidence of that, except for what the rancher told them. But then they talk to the larger community, and this Thing has been happening to all the neighbors guy lives Next door had lost all these cattle is well seized the craft. Sometimes these the craft would float around. They looked like a stealth fighters Christmas lights, aroma floating around, silently again a journey have announced,
not really. I mean us. Bigelow puts up cameras all over the property, and you have them focused here where some activity had happened before the thing moves over here you you move the pop the cameras and focus their it goes away toward the end. The study, whatever it was, that was their rip. The one of these cameras were ripped ripped to shreds it they're up on top of a telephone call. Thirty forty feet in the air and there's wires, rural secured all the way down the telephone pole, and they know that one of their cameras goes out. Figure. Well, there's another Cameron, another pull that should have a view of whatever was that toward this up some kind of animal whatever or whatever it was, was invisible. And I know it's very frustrating. It certainly was for them and for me to try to write about it in that this thing didn't wanna be caught, it want to do- who demonstrated that it was there, but it didn't. Wanna have evidence the key
that was mutilated was in. I know it's it's it's a lot happier the cap that was mutilated, it was a Sunday morning. It's ten o clock and quiet morning, it's daylight the ranch Why? For thereby themselves their tagging? Newborn calves tat their ears and they too, this one right by the ranch house, fifty yards from their home and they go off across the property. It sickly. Day it's unobstructed that their dog is with them and make a noise. It points in back toward that first calf, that they had tag and the and the dog indicates something's wrong and they see the mom cow is dragging its leg and go around in a semicircle. It's in distress, Verona back over there, and this camp had been completely stripped of flesh, nothing left but hide and bone, and one of the femur bones had been ripped out and thrown
on the side, while they call in its guys they bring in trackers. There are no tracks, there's no human tracks, no, no vehicle tracks, no animal tracks. The thing had been completely stripped of blood, there's, not a drop of blood on the ground. It's gone. Seventy five pounds a meat gone again over time period. Of thirty met. Is our team commandos it comes into? Does that before I go and there's this is theirs evidence of this photographs. We see that gap. Where is it I met with I made a movie with a coherent skyrocket. It's it's in there right is that the only place here it's in Spain. Despite some other places photos on bidding, I mean to say that I am worthy man, we're speculation about. Why why? Why would they do this and why would they do the cattle mutilations like what is yeah? Is there any speculation? The sum So some of it is a demonstration I mean it's you
to be a demonstration to get their attention? This trickster element has been reported in, the places around the world there's no hotspot. Quite it's. GonNa Walker, and I know how where did it sounds? There's no spot like that, because it's never there's, no sir, That's been studied. To that extent, the needs guys were therefore, while big alone, the property for twenty years needs was active for seven or eight, then another secret study. By the government came in under an organization called bass. That was the money that Riga You got twenty two million dollars and went Bigelow as a contract, and they hired all these people and found out all over the world. Try to find you up all information, but other related phenomena things that wouldn't seemed normally to be connected to ufos, but which are a guy. From the day. I had read the book and became interested, and he asked for permission to go to the property. This guy's a double phd, a brilliant rockets,
it who had seen it and thought there were national security implications, the hole in the sky, in particular with thing coming in and out. He wondered if someone was using technology to make these dates home that hold the scar mouth then again, that's when the rancher is thereby himself so he's not Are you up our guys reminded? I understand, but Zurich? any evidence of anything, weird anything other than mutilated cows. Well, let's say they. The video of the camera that was torn up by something invisible. They had something that is so in the video you could see the camera being torn apart. You can't see anything you get me, there's nothing! You can't see anything you can see before it happens. It's normal and afterward this, I think, you're. How much time is now taking place between before and after I can't remember, but I mean could that be Hoechst yeah it big I wanted to, but again they weren't there too. In the beginning at least four needs. They weren't there too, to try to prove that
aliens are visiting. There is trying to figure out why all this weird stuff is standing in one spot mixes in a lot of native american lore that got mixed up in the picture, has been going on in that you want a basin for two hundred years. Why don't? I government has studied the matter so like what is evidence of the AIDS so frustrating to me too, when I was introduced to the skin Walker thing through George Man, I'm with you like. What's the evidence what's Goin on the weight of evidence is when you sweetheart people in the area- and they all have these commonalities, some people died of exotic cancers from burns from above. Were lights, came down, it hit him and that's evidence, their faces com, Lee irradiated and they fucking died too. There's the cows the show, so a scientist like Doktor Column Keller, her hold on for a second that's where they found it look at. That is why in the fuck can
that that is so cool now. Did they scan the area to look for another spyware could have been slaughtered before it was moved to this area, what they concluded as it had to have been taken somewhere and slaughtered and brought back, but shall include those that little larger, please kiosk, just dumb zoom in on the Cosette doesn't look very surgical, Dumay that looks like wolves, yet whisk. There's no was just as they actually didn analysis and it was done with two types of metallic tools, but look at the jagged edges. They said they It took samples and they sent of the two pathology labs. Didn't you the guy's. What they're? Looking for you tell us you can see and they dig pathologist said the two instruments had been used. One was a heavy machete type instrument that in many hacked and then there is a scalpel that'd, surgically removed a lot of the flesh underneath the less like some
and killed it, and then they moved into that spot mean if I had to guess the weights eaten now mean it looks like it was eat. Well, there's no teeth marks. There are metallic marks, Mr Clarke nearing David Slice sliced ok something sharp sliced. So I think the bigger point is this was happening on this ranch with owners prior to owners prior to owners. I got to talk to a lot of people. Did so here's the deal the connection of this? So George? Does this thing he reports on this for for twenty years, that government is now studying this ranch rate because of deployment or because of all this weird stuff. Why Is the government spending money through all sap, to study this ranch and other things, and that's where it gets really fuck an interesting? What happens after with our government programmes? And that's what you know this sum is before you too, that this image, like that the jagged edges around the rib cage. That's
supposedly slice that less light hack, hacked ochre and they look it could, let's say its people doing this. You know too farmers to get them out of their. Let's hear some programme, although the cat out of mutilation. Thing huge gave me a stack of documents. This big has been studied by the FBI. It was it's happened. All over the country you no one has ever been caught. Not a single person had turned out, in case with all the same types of cuts. I mean this is not my economic life seen a lot of that? It's really where there is an early we're in the lack of blood. Is the weirdest part of it, because if sea like it makes sense to me is that something killed that they they butchered it chopped, all the mead off of it, and then they remove the carcass from that area and dropped it up there. That's what it looks like via gas as what needs thanks didn't know way that it was killed right there, because you're, seeing
fresh, clean, hey, underneath it everywhere, there's no blood which doesn't make any sense at all. I think the court, is this. A government programme. Is this something, or is this a scare tactic? It's been happening since the fifties like what a weird scares act. It's a click on that one below a Jamie that but the Brown one with the great yeah down. Please, thank you that's That's a weird one too. This is like a whole cut out and there's a bunch of these. They found all over the country and was weirdness like organs removed, but the weirdest hard about is it's almost always there's no blood. Yet I just investigated one, which I never thought I would do I got a call from a guy in taxes yet to see it visit yes right before lockdown I go out now MIKE this is so why are they gotta check this out? The guy cause me, it's a pretty fresh you. On this point I am no expert, but I went and got samples and took him to labs in this sort of thing to see. If there are tools used, she got here's my expense,
Did you get my pictures yeah? I don't have an actual you after I got here, so I got way for great fuck info weird listen man sit by air traffic to me now will seldom to Jamie will, put it up on one other people gets out. Ok, so let me, after the show, was not going to help us why you're lookin I'll tell him about the wonder that theories about the calculations that Doctor Keller, her doktor Column Keller Develop, was that the somebody tracking, the spread of, like mad cow Ryan's through the food supply they ve been doing an under the guise of you out, since no one would take ufos cattle mutilation seriously? They just do it in helicopters and there Instead of just stealing, these cattle are tracking. How far this these indestructible freons travels through the foods like as its in cattle, the tin pigs it gets so, fed into chickens and things of that in feed. Its endear is called chronic wasting disease and, in some circles,
weird will quite rightly wasting diseases. It is not a that's a different pre on disease than mad cow, Well, it's a variation, Creutzfeldt Jake, a disease. I think too so the same kinds of things and different species. It is industry. Again, so you hit a dear. That's got this and you grinding in your feet it to pigs, the pigs get it there. Then, and then it could be passed and other species, and it shows up in different ways. Keller was exploring the idea? Well, whether or not it it might be the cause of Alzheimer's or a version of mad cow in humans. Do you There are going to you right now. The to this is a recent as downloading. Oh I'm downloading them, and they re right right. Are you on the wifi nobody's come through? Here about to go to you says welding got an ill. I guess this does highlight, because this is my
A limited amount of ice and also Jamie to Jim Pierre, whereupon airdrop dreams are showed. How did you right away thread role as airdrop is open? I dont see Bre brow her than there yeah go you're doing so. This is this. Is the stuff that you physically encountered? You physically saw this cow and I'm looking these images right now. We're gonna show them short in Aceh. And this is you, said Texas yeah sir we're in Texas. Gosh was the name of it in the Panhandle yeah blinking. So you see here's the deal. Oh yeah, that's it so I made the the movie based on Georgia's work at the same time to hunt for the scheme, walk right and that
movie was telling this story about how the United States government, with studying this property land, because a ufos and weird stuff that an weird stuff included things like cattle porpoise, there's a lot of weird images, man so the the skin removed. The face right. So this is my skull. This is my first chance to see this for myself. Could. Last time I was on your show it was the ones in Oregon, had just happened up at the ranch. I thought well, ok, never gonna do it. Now is the time to do it. So I go. I get this call, not In my view this is a rancher. This is like this is their livelihood. It's this huge, huge area of land to stop right. There very religious community. Nobody we got to the middle of this land and in the middle there's, this dead cow, no blood, no blood,
and he had seen it prior and end. The reason he called me is because, in my movie you could see this special kind of slice like a jagged slice that is common to these types of things. They think are roommate relations and he is looking at it he's like that's exactly like in the movie. And this is a straight shooter he's a religious guy, he had to ask is past or if he could even like go on camera with me. It freaks amount so here seize this now he's dead animals all the time and he saw this cow. You said before accidentally. He was out shootin be begun with his kid and he's on this big party land. He sees this down bull and it goes overtook needs looking at it and it's on like anything he has ever seen and all of his years before had surgical cuts? There is no doubt somebody killed cut up this animal with those classic like the ear gone, two types of tools like a similar type, but above all I tried to cut it. It is not easy to cut so.
They had sharp tools and then there's like a very thin slice, Cuyp kind of cut, so I got to take it, get samples taken too long, jobs and try to see what type of tools did this. How did they do this with no blood on the ground? and all the soil around it was dead. So why is it all dead? Is that a natural thing so took soil samples and took him do lab and again I'm outside of makes? This is weird to me, but I think there is a real from and on somebody is killing these animal, something someone what everyone something someone is killing these animals in a highly specified technical way that has been repeated since the fifties on our FBI studied it? He has shown me show many reports of these in association with discs. Saucers like the guy
of any association with discs or saw anything now he's just a guy that owns the land. Just found this cattle three weirdly weirdly mutilated. Somebody killed it yeah and he is like is this demonic. Is this some sort of saint nesting? I said I don't think so man this goes back in history like I'm. Looking at the cuts is specifically with the very unimpressive what without There is no longer a laser. Did it some Loretta scalpel? No, it was a good was like a serrated one was a charade into a mother. That's the thing, I'm sands something that we could do. Oh absolutely we'd have to somehow Do it, though, on in Texas Land, where the guy would shoot you in the face. If you go and try to touch one of his castle, that's the other thing. No one's ever been caught, never says, what's weird, yet, weird it's evaluating too I've been to the ranch. This can walk around in the basin more than two dozen times. I've never seen anything
I'm interviewed the neighbors I've interviewed the scientists. These are phd level, guys who had seen this stuff allotted times. They have cameras that fail. I mean it's. You know you ve heard that story before in this very can be, yet that it happens, just one some giant disk shows up, but it does happen that their car batteries would die in the same spot, whatever it was messed with them and maybe it's humans may be. It is human technology, but no you. Were found to be doing this stuff needs was, for all those years. Tell anybody about it. They shared the information with me, but you can't publish it what there's no real physical proof, so they just left their night. I had tried to do a I ended up by talked him and let me write a book about it, but you know if people, if you're looking for physical evidence and solid proof, and they don't happen. What is the was the price married the are there any primary fears of why they do this to cows by someone's doings to cows.
You need to catch. Somebody and ask around you know: that's that's really look merrily we're that no one's been caught. Investigate the unexplained, don't explain the university of us what he says and it's like. I wouldn't think I would ever be interested in this, but some cause. You still got a fresh cut of mutilation and there you know, there's so said with the other phenomena. Sure I'm gonna look into it. What I find more interesting is what's happening now with the government study that started here, it's going a ranch, also the one that was in the New York Times and where the information now that these are new times. Things are starting to drop to the public and where what is starting to drop well, they so that can Walker story lack of physical evidence, though there may be comes the attention of the defence intelligence agency does guide the scientists who sees it. He goes to Bigelow. They go back the property he looks around. He has an experience he's not. There are fifteen
twenty minutes and something appears inside a house that only he can see he doesn't say anything about. It goes back to washing meet with Harry, read in a skiff in and the capital, and two other: U S, senators, he presents them as the proposal for a study of you oppose and related phenomena, not just like a tip, king it flying saucers that encounter a? U S military, but something more expansive. They put out a contract. Bigelow bids on it Creek an organization called bass. Again, Crete puts together ass, a team of experts, a fifty or sixty Oh yes and they start study. Had they go around the world. Well they interact with other governments. They get their files. They send out teams to hot, to try figure it out. Looking at whether there are connections between We call flying saucers possible aliens and all these other different phenomena. The programme goes on a couple years and somebody yanks the Yanks, the funding and
Yet that's the reason that the dossier suddenly became worried about all this weirdness that was been reported at the in Walker and elsewhere, because they thought it was demonic and they thought. If this comes out. There were studying this weird phenomena, a it's gonna end up on the front page of the New York Times, which it did and we might be invoking Satan and hear these were fundamentalist. Christians in the Pentagon, who pulled the money because they thought it was the devil I wanna making that up and the programme now contain they keep report in that it started. It hasn't, stop the: U S: militarism and studying ufos since the beginning, in every branch of our military. They continue to do so now I pretend they get caught in a lie, so it is continued. Tell him about it is continuing, so asked, apps, money was taken away, but the eighteenth Programme- which is what Lou Elizondo headed up that look. Just at military UFO encounters continued Pentagon says it was ended. It did not it continued.
Couple years and after the New York Times story comes out and creates this fewer it got funding and has a structured organization and it is looking into cases where the? U S, monetary, see, these things and off the coast of the Virginia they ve been in this stuff I think framer talked about it when it was here these beach balls with the cubes and they were sitting there for hours off the coast. Right where are warplanes would go out. Training exercises as if they were where to be seen and it went on. There were seventy or eighty or witnesses during two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen pilots. Some of them were willing to talk about it. Some more it continues to this day, The programme is on more solid footing now Congress. Been informed and they won expanded and get more information. We are told the Nigger times is working on, follow up story. The look into reports of what was our said crash, retrieval reverse engineering,
the existence of these meadow materials, bits and pieces that grand POD stash in a barn somewhere, whether its Roswell or other alleged crashes there took taking it serious lay to figure out. If there's something about these materials that we could not have have created so the Bass programme, the awesome programme created a baseline of What we know about the state of our technology right now, indifferent disciplines, lift an end propulsion things of that sort. The commission, thirty eight papers that would the baseline for what the state of human knowledge was in two thousand, nine and and those papers were put forward published on a an internal department of Defense website, but they never been made public. Six of them have now leaked out, and I brought along two more for that. Not been made public cities in Europe, these are like scientific reports based on the government's study of Ufos.
Case that a commission that these papers only a handful have been released to the public George happen to have a few more so you can get your can be. The first person outside the programme of the media have had the sellers of their hold a dirt. This is a defence intelligence reference document this paper is on met a material, so how you can engineer existing earth materials where you could duplicate what you're seeing up their nodded papers. A two of them actually mention aliens are ufos their strictly on what the state our knowledge is, or was as of two thousand nine, and they reference aliens and you have only to its neighbours do and how do they reference? Well, there's one of the papers that looks at the physical effects of people who come into contact with these unknown craft and it's sort of like the effects of radiation or microwaves there. A physical affects hundreds of cases that have been investigated and that's what that paper looks at and that's already
yet the harm that is done, the body with a cop close proximity to a? U S, which is a? U S. There are known effects to the human body did are horrible and The study that focused on the witnesses. They do know how close encounters like military people and then how it negatively impact of their bodies are each of these reports as he obtained. Therefore, as people find them there very illuminating to what our government no, there was one that looked at how you would track a hypersonic of vehicle travelling through space. How difficult would it be now? It doesn't say you oppose, but is looking things that really travel fast that are coming in from space in our atmosphere. How would you track that? No one that paper was written in two thousand and nine? We didn't have hypersonic weapons. Now the Russians playing got gotta now it's very timely because we're in a rush to develop those things. So that was one of the papers that I made public last year and I interviewed dip engineering professor who wrote it. He wasn't
about you have ours. He was running about the state of knowledge about hypersonic what systems back then it's a similar thing, for Madame materials. That's what this this paper is. How you engineer material? So you could travel through space. That would have say you shoot it with the microwaves and it could develop. Certain special property is just have put in a context, maybe because, here's the deal our government has now admitted. There are ufos that that's the world were living in their unidentified objects or craft that seem to outpace outmaneuver, actively jam our radar systems, even go over our military installations of high sensitivity, their incursions. All of this is now said. It's a different world we're living in. However, the next thing that people are talking about now is well. We also materials. We call Madame materials materials associated with you have aircraft there might even go as far as to say we have whole materials craft.
From somewhere else. So when they're saying we have materials associated from crafts, they saying that they have a crash. Yes, you help us. Who was a physicist who worked with Bigelow on both Aids and bass, made a presentation and Vegas in June, two thousand eighteen or says here: we ve got these materials and we're trying to figure out where they came from and how they wind in near because some of them appear to be multi layered that are beyond what is known engineering possibilities of humans. It looks like they would have had to be aid and say zero gravity of space, and we don't have any manufacturing plants up there. He implied that they came from crashes, doesn't mean it's a? U F, o from Zeta Particular its crash from somewhere and we don't know who's. It is so they're trying to figure out whether we can duplicated or not, and I got a bunch of samples and have you seen aim is now I haven't seen Bigelow and how have you see I've seen what people
claim so the army now has these madam materials that we're famously put in through the actually the coastal Coast show was co arts parts I totally last summer I did. I was able to obtain them briefly and have five scientists from New Mexico that I knew material scientists. Is this interrogate, as they say, the samples for numerous days I dont believe that I had access to the best equipment. We didn't find anything extraordinary. Other people have house right now the army, but when you say didn't furnished raising extraordinary, did you find it, ordinary; no, they weren't organisers of the materials. Here, that's the exact PETE one of the eggs, pieces that I had in my hands and and worked on with my team, and I found it all, but right now, because of tt essay, They have made a deal with the army and I think the army has these parts, but I feel like we're missing that the big note here, the big note, is a few years ago.
Your folks are still laughable. Military doesn't look after that turns out. We have programmes that do I'm suspect maybe you can talk more about it. Did the next piece of information? Is there a reverse engineering programmes which will then make everybody have to look at this hour story a little bit differently once again? We admit that we are trying to reverse engineer either materials or actual craft from somewhere else intelligently, designed, metals or craft and smiles. If there are crash retrieval programmes for vehicles with, we don't know where their from that's gonna make me look at Bob Story, even more even more differently from it. It is not a bigger If this is an interesting time and what it is, but I mean there's no indication that their willing to discuss some retrieved craft right I think that's a heavy left so supposedly the New York Times are working on that story, I think, would be pretty hard.
Supposedly there they are. They ve been asking people about this stuff, but I mean to get that independent to get a pastor editors. It's hard deal are last, extraterrestrial material from the bottom of a wedge shaped craft. In the late nineteenth forty made of twenty six alternating layers, one to four microns dark, the Smith Muse said I said, a bismuth bismuth and a hundred to two hundred microns of silver magnesium, zinc, alloy, each of the six pieces receive from the? U S, army source were formed with a curvature that tapered so. Basically there San for there's no process that we know of that would create this Alloway layered in that type of layer system actually have a piece out about this. Is that kind of how to did Samara swords? Who that school? like, and I am not sure that does alien of any kind, but it is of unknown origin and none, but jock valet has like twenty. As I said, last jock Fatima he's gonna twenties,
seven samples of things associated with crash retrieval of any anybody has an archive of this stuff. It's been scientifically interrogator right now and his studies do show ice topic. Race shows that are not from this earth, so he's confident with his research. My big point he's a confident with his research of what well you'd have to talk. You should talk was Jacques, but he read, but what is confident that you can see that he is that he has always that came from you. A foe crash is or run off. Has anybody independently analyze those things Yazzi at home? He had a presentation is yet whole teams of people, but how come this isn't like public knowledge? Why you listen to New York Times we got to get you got to get got to talk with Jacques. What do you have them? As guess? I'm not good to talk with how old is Jack now getting to get up there. Cuz he's in his yeah Here's I have to go to him right with has my strong did, whereas in San Francisco, specifically
Now? What does your a thing that this programme is ongoing? It doesn't have to find aliens. There are lodged limit national security reasons to be looking at who these, whose flying these craft ratings are. You're being seen over. The jury installations and arm are pending. And wants to know who's linen and that's a perfectly legitimate inquiry regarded. A little green men, no one wants to say there and the Pentagon that were investigating. You have chosen aliens they're. Just in Any word these things come from. Are they a threat? Can we duplicate that technology the Russians. Are the Chinese get the stuff before we we do if they can do what the Tiktok did it's a game changer they want to know how whose it and how we can implement it, and that is a perfectly legitimate inquiry. Whether there are aliens or not. What is the most compelling piece of physical evidence to you? I don't know I mean I don't know that
we have physical evidence other then, if Bob, Our story is true. We ve got craft out there that we did make. I mean that idea that we have stuff that we reverse engineering to figure out how it was made. That would be, that would be. The Clinton Remember, reading about gene Ellen Hygienic when he was running project blue book now initially started it with the intent to debunk all these stories and come up with some sort of rational explanation? They pass off the general public swamp gas. Has time went on, he became believer. I thought that was really fascinating and then, after project Bluebook closed, he was very open and public about it. I'll give you wanna his cases for project blue book its April eighteenth nineteen sixty two The original explanation is it's a meteor. It comes into atmosphere over Cuba, goes all the way up the east coast of the? U S when it gets to New York, it turns left it. That's a left. Turn goes all the way across the United States.
At a couple of places it slows down its picked up on radar jets are chased after it, they can't catch. It keeps on going. He gets to you top there's a little town called Eureka and lands lands in Utah Knox out. The power to the whole town then takes off again that's of a meteor it gets over near Mesquite, Nevada and explodes, and this thing explosion, was seen for hundreds of miles is so sought LAS Vegas in Reno. I had interviewed, that went out there to look for pieces. They thought it might have been an airplane that exploded supposedly never found it a meteor. Travels takes a left, turned slows down. Lands takes off again, that's like no meteor, I ever heard of but jail Heinrichs team from blue book in their files. That's how they explained in a way that the best evidence for me- because I'm just curious about this- is this: is it one of those places where all the answers aren't there I want to know man so that the best evidence for me out
it s the same question: everybody! It's it's the fact that were being lied to that alone. We can prove that we can proof that our government intelligence agencies have actively partake in lying to us about the foe subject. Did there are craft of unknown origin that fly with impunity in our airspace globally and throughout history, and so the fact that they are lying and have been like that makes me I'm like why you lied to me, then I want to find out so for me, that's the greatest evidence at their scientific studies on this stuff and everybody's hush, the fuck hush about it. Why Is it like North Korea? Had we progress, fifty years goes all of a sudden. You know that's our enemy, who is operating this craft that comes in from outer space, drops down to see levelled docks like the Tiktok was talking with
you are so an underwater craft and out pieces are military jets. You got to be dead to not be curious about this, so that's the greatest evidence to me as the first Were we ve been lied to an american population and we're just start an appeal back layers. Did this shit is real and our military? worried about it. Well, if we had been lied to at the very least, they haven't felt it well, if they dont have real thence other than this stuff that were discussing? This is all they have. I dont know what they would tell the general public. I also part of the problem. Yes, what do you say As I said, this is an amazing time we're getting closer to knowing what the government knows, but that doesn't mean we have an answer. I don't think they know either. That was always my take on. It was like. Why would they talk to the government like if you came from another planet and you were looking at us weird
territorial chimps, with nuclear weapons. What would you? Why would you pick one group and then talk to them as opposed to just the general public, Why would you elected leaders what they really be important to us? make any sense at all. I never really but bought into the stories that there's been a formal meetings or anything. I think the government is clueless as the rest of us. They have more information because they have the sensors to collect that. They have a giant apparatus centres that detect things coming in and out of the base and radar somewhere, there's a giant of information that we have been able to see, but it doesn't mean that it answers the question this. This thing has been with human humans throughout history, and it's always just tantalizingly out of reach. You know I used to be golden shields and that it be swords and flame chariots, and now it's flying saucers and it looks like technology that may be weak someday achieve, but always out of reach, and I think it will remain out which well there's the one thing that Bob talked about
from some of the documents that he had been given when he was working. It asked for was that they had actually taken apart in engineering human beings, and that is to me like, if you, if you want to sell it, would What's what's the things? Can it give people the roll their eyes the most well, you would say: allow the aliens Kay down here and they they they do. They got a hold of the lower hominids and they accelerated the evolutionary process. New created human beings, people lotta people go get the fuck out of here. That's crazy, but if you look at people one of the weird things about people's how much we very we're so different, like not like any other animal like other than dogs and dogs are the way they are because we ve fucked with them as we ve manipulate, and we are the dogs of the rest of the world in. If you really think about it, we was so different in every other. Primate does not even eight
close to us, and I know it were some other human species. You out was that how he said dunno viands right Disney The dolls Homo Florina answers, which is those little harbour, p then a bunch of other humanoids, but thing there came as to what we are and if you look at ancient agent primates and us the leap between them and us is so quick. The doubling of the human brain size over a period of two million years has just bonkers. I didn't know why they don't know what happened. They have no idea, but if, if that really is what happen, if they said, listen, they're gonna get there, but we can help like which it was as jump in cause these. Like look chimps are still chimps, rather still murder and each other there still Terran monkeys neat num alive. There there's still do,
same things, they ve been doing for thousands and thousands of years, whereas we're living in condominiums and watch and cable. You know it's like Whatever has happened to humans has happened so that that the advance man is so unique. It's so different than and the other animal if we really I've been visited since the beginning of time since history, if all those biblical stories and all the stories from the bug about Guida and all these ancient tax that do talk- the miners and flying crafts and beings that down from upon high. If all really is aliens intervening with, though the biology juggle evolution of human beings? How fuck? and weird are way. You know I mean I mean if you think about how we are we are period may maybe they can explain that the worst some stupid science experiment? Well, you know people say I want disclosed
I want to know we're ready, weaken handle. It are you sure, you can't handle that true, I mean. Are you sure you can handle it, because we don't know exactly what it is they can be disclosed, but what? If it turns out that were an agricultural product? Now that we are being harvested for something or we're being allowed to to breed in color assert science spare, let's see where this goes and there, It's time to end the experiment. I may I much your people can handle look at how they handled covert Boolooroo, if you would think about. If aliens coming down an interfering with weapons systems and interfering with nuclear. What launch codes and things along those lines like if you think about the up? in alien sightings of sightings, inactivity, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Thou, It makes sense all right. These fuckin dick heads, they ve, gotten to apply.
Where they can do some really crazy shit and they literally might ruin this whole thing. They figured out how to highlight the match like if you, if you take this primate, this animal and you embedded with These superior, or at least more evolutionary advanced genetics any manipulated to a point where you make it weaker, but smarter. Far more curious and obsessed with innovation. We just leave it. There just a matter of time like how much is that times thousand years ten thousand years over time going to figure out some crazy shit because it just gonna be working together like they do and then both bombs, go off without a signal. These crazy Fox NEWS, get out have split the atom we gotta down there and and and keep a closer eye on these people. I'm open to that possibility that being the
I mean it's is where the craziest idea, no there's crazier ones being put up today. Dissonant bangs, a crazy idea when we all agree on that. That's the craziest thing, the whole universe came out and nothing smaller than the head of a pin instantaneously creates everything you seen the night sky technique, gee. That shows up that may be reverse engineer at aircraft or bits and pieces in a like, I sometimes equated with less where aliens, let's throw us a cellphone into into a chimpanzee cage here, have out at sea. I you do for a while. I don't know that wherever gonna fix, the stuff out I'll more now, it would be like let's, let's take a chimpanzee what's monopoly its brain and leave him with a bunch tools in I'll? Give it give it some- things and see what it comes up with then come back and try and I mean maybe neanderthal was like well, you know, they're, not gonna. Get me further pass this like this. This project we need to scrap it start with something new. I dont think
That's not look. We do weird shit to animals mean we study them. We, you know, I was just talking to a friend of mine, about zoos, about how bombed what I was when I went to this Wolf Sanctuary Cosette what is like it's amazing it to see these walls they ve rescued. I got there are some subject: castrated, wolves there will live in prison. I didn't think We call it. Ah freaked me out. I got really depressed, I I think, but you look at what we, you're willing to do to Champs mean our member want to forget. Maybe was Denver. I forget where it was the disease, but there was a zoo where there was this monkey that was in a cage that was screaming just scream. He was going. Crazy was a small cage and people were looking around these are just a nose. Like he's pre probably going mad. This is not how monkey supposed to live, as was to be in the jungle in the wild. You no harm Food and living with other monkeys. That's supposed to be alone in a cage.
Age where these other weird primates walk, buying stare at it. Just four whelms, all of its defence, systems and survival systems. We are willing to do that. Two things that we know, or at least slightly intelligent like what what would be willing to do weirder more advanced experiments. Primates to create and hat. How do you tell a population if you do study ufos? Is the government you find out acacia their aircraft and the cabinet there? Probably studying us like how do you fuck and tell people that, like how are people going to react in the way that it so compartmentalize? That's been the best proof to me as well. If I talked to somebody- whose work not a project, and there, like all I saw, was a super capacitor in nineteen. Seventy four and I know this was not- when we made he was told nothing else. He just so technology that was more efficient than anything he had ever seen. So the idea that people,
following this information. Whoever is fondling it and protecting this informed. As we see how us and in a tip didn't get special access permission? That's a special type of programme. They knew about crash retrieval programmes, so they said we want to compare notes and information with other you are for, projects they were denied access to the door. The door was slammed in their face when they try to ask at sending to read it was sent. A majority later had asked for permission to created and ass I pay special access programme, so they could get access to us. Goodies and they said no, like other retrieval programmes, material programme, stuff that bothers talked about. So just the fact that its it's so hit and even within its own mechanism that they were allowed this scientific team to work on this project. It tells me, as Robbie, says something's up. I'm sorry things up well, that was one of the weird things about Bob's description of areas. For about how compartmentalized everything was about you no one
worked on metallurgy. The other group worked on propulsion and they didn't share information. It passed him off so bad man. While it was what the he described best, is that scientific research, the way you progress is day. Everybody works together and It doesn't happen in a vacuum, so they were literally trying to do scientific research without the scientific method. They were. Trying to withhold information from them and only get them concentrate on one aspect of this project. Without the whole group coming to, there and getting some sort of a comprehensive understanding of what these things are. Bob said he wasn't the most qualified person to do the job either not freak them out and he didn't have the right materials. Even, why think Probably it look. Let's assume they are alien spacecraft. They probably who that no one was qualified. They problematic.
Knew that we did. We just really have no idea, especially if they had been working on these things for decades, like Bob assume they had been, they probably had gone through best scientists that they could and they really No one has any idea. Let's get this out of the box. Weirdo puts jet engines in Honduras. Let's get some some, strict there's a lot of very strange people out there that incredibly intelligent that might not then to your standard educational bundle or Category of reach? which scientist or whatever you might just be a weirdo likes to shoot guns and make hydrogen powered corvettes? What maybe that's the kind of guy? That's going to see something that maybe other folks haven't seen? Yet I think, entirely possible is also possible that they used him to discredit the idea of crash retrieval forever this guy and shown some stuff. Let em spouted out Nemo, we'll cut his legs.
The aim. The problem is the reason why he spouted it out was you know it was so clear that they had nothing to do with that. It was his wife having an affair and he had Topsecret Clarence because he has topsecret. And their monitoring all his phone calls. They find out that the wife is Bang in her flight instructor and so they say less this guy's gonna be unstable. We can't have him work there anymore. They suspend his working privileges and he freaks out. Then he takes people to see the crap. Launch sites. He takes a look. They do this at us. In time period every week, I'll take it down their takes his friends down there. They get busted. They get arrested This is to the actual verifiable facts of his being caught the whole thing
on call thing: the facts, his wife was having the affair. There's no way their play in that kind of forty chess is a fucking regiment. There do goofy. If I found it Bob Bazaar was lying to the world. I would be the first person to tell you there's no reason I wouldn't. That was the whole reason I got interest. That's why contacted George back in the day? I wanted to know he was fuckin making it up with Bob, and I out a test you for whatever you value. My opinion that I have been with Bob in his life met everybody his family, the clue sure you get to his inner circle? The more you understand that he's telling the truth and never wants I found something: we're like Europe, a liar. Never once Yes, it's a weird thing, like the only thing: the people point two in the park gases that he's getting migraines He had Migraines Migraines earlier the day. You mean it wasn't any. You could tell. He would stop and who'd winds and United. Just didn't like the idea that he's gonna do this thing that he knew
Millions and millions of people can see him talk about this for hours and hours and he knew was all gonna come back up again. All the investigation, all the people fucking with them all the attention that he had avoided another important point This is not a guy profited off of the story. No, this guy told this story for thirty one years and didn't profit off of it. The might have been Mcdonald's. His wife was furious at me because, when I brought him over just gets them in your stomach. Manic inciting with bad food could have been that in the pressure but depressions an ash Wednesday innocuous. No, you he didn't know if you'd just gonna in a start asking about you life cheating on them, and you know it's like it stressful man Listen, I get it. Man only now is one of the good reasons why we had the night before with my body andreasen,
and I brought Andrew long too, because he's a really smart guy and suggest to please pay attention. As mother Fucker tell me, we say to serve, you see some bullshit, you see some weirdness. Let me know what you say. Nothing is now that guy's talent through these fuckin crazy yokes Andrews a comic, but a really good one in a really smart ass. His I just want to yell again outside the box have some guys not obsessed with you. Have those at all. Have him come and you know and Andrew asked a bunch of questions, and it was at the bar before when Bob and I arrived, we go to the bar, I didn't know who Andrew was right and then Joe hey Andrew, and he had been sit right next to it was always point spies out. That was a good move, but you know that it's so frustrating it's fun and I think I would stop a Georgian doing this thirty years. It's like you always get one step forward and
look. We all want to know if this stuff is true, but the weight of the evidence is so heavy. Now, with the government programmes and everything that you ve been involved with it, an exciting time- and I think I learn more in in this last year than all the time before, and I think that that's going to continue, I don't think we're all the sudden going to say. Okay, this doesn't matter anymore. If Israel yeah I'm not counting on any answers anytime soon we may know more about what the government knows, but that's not the ultimate answer me. What if it turns out these are not aliens. They live here. There's some other intelligence that we can't see. They can reach and like rats in Emma in a key, age and pop plus out once in awhile or do experiments tourism, it's their planet. We're living in this tiny slice of reality and don't realize what's going on around, does a? U S, UFO does a you have seen. Either a woman named Angela Hills is about ass. An her grandfather is Barney Hill. Oh,
shit shit. I did know until after the park ass her and I did a pug task just talking about her fighting career and then the individuals of one thing I forgot to bring up this after the show of like once? How did you forget bring that up. That is so crazy, her grand Father is one of the most important characters in the history of UFO abduction. Betty Barney Hill, who were a couple, in New Hampshire yes, inane Azure to New Hampshire and they get abducted and through hypnotic, regret can't tell this crazy story of live. They ll, ass time. Their car stops these ufos, shows up, and then they have this classic abduction store that we have heard time in time again and This conversation this conversation with someone where they were saying, do you believe in these UFO abductions, and I said I don't I don't believe in them.
But I do not believe in them either. I don't. I just keep a blank slate with this because, in their take was like when you think more people talk about a month ago. Why would they do it that often, I got how many unique occurrences would have to take place before becoming knowledge helmet times would people have to be abducted before you would believe, and what would they get out of these abductions and look we know what were willing to do with chimpanzees or guerrillas or any other primary rang attends. We find the while they run exe Amazon on they capture they they do things to them all the time. Why wooden something its infinitely more intelligent than us. Abduct is a two folks that are driving somewhere Betty and Barney Hell. Why wouldn't you know why wouldn't take experiment on them there they are, There are people, they don't want attention. I mean it's a interracial couple back in this was fifty's three men. It is probably a lot apart. I mean it was.
Until I found out until nineteen sixty seven or sixty eight like. While I was alive that interracial Those were allowed to marry in the entire country so Barney Hell it's kind of funny. When I'm looking at Barney does kind of look Archangel You see that genetic, I don't know- maybe I'm just here- is a new and solve mysteries, one on abductions, the new unsolved mysteries reboot. Now, oh, do great! case. It fascinates me besides this one, but that one surely fascinates me because as the original but Travis Walter, yes yeah, that's a weird one man, it's it's a solid. Until I mean I've met, Travis appeal times and his story, like Lazard, does not change their additional witnesses. What he went through is comparable to Bob. I mean he was called a liar and basically, I think his friends accused of murdering him and that's a solid case? I mean it's a it's a really weird one too
The great case I meant to the girls, solemn and lethal and remember that school were like eighty kids are something we get some parts from eighty, head saw these craft come down into BBC came the next day with Doktor John MAC, head of harboured, psychiatry and he's gonna wrote a book, abduction yeah. I read this is what got him so these kids see this craft, come down South Africa, and the Ariel School and I actually got to spend a weekend with two of the primary witness is one that was three feet away from she's telling me there was a being there when you hear what happened to them. Not the BBC did Phil The next day you did have Doktor John Macklewain and intestine all the kids and trying to seek consensus what they sought. But when I met these, two and later in life. I can't dismiss what their tellingly. It's like. You tellin me,
you went to the grocery store? Where am I gonna doubt you man, that's how the matter of fact they are about. They don't know what they saw, but they know they know exactly what they saw. They just don't know the implications of it. Well, John MAC experienced a lot of blow by from that book. Oh yeah, you're, talking about a guy who's, was employed at Harvard gap at the top head of hard psychiatry, and so he writes is book about. You are followed up science and a guy I actually found out for, but it from my friend Moura who work with me news radio Wist Day phone she actually was reading the book. She's like this is right up your alley. She goes it so crazy, like I did know what to think somebody recommended it but along the way, she's, like these stories are so similar. It's crazy like these. All these different people that dont know each other from all over the world that really similar stories like if this thing is happening again
How would anyone know and how many times what they have to do it, and why would it be common knowledge like give if they have the ability to come here from another galaxy or another solar system, and they can? penetrate our defences and hover over a place in abducts. Someone experiments on them and put them back there with some sort of a distorted memory, which seems to be the story and many of them that their memory Israelis partially wiped, and they come back very confuse. How many of those would take these before we would all know about it mean you they wouldn't have to do it that often this three hundred million people may do once a week who the fuck is going know where and how are you gonna hear about? What's the what's proof right, what is a level of proof for those cases, this phenomena is elusive.
It wants to show us glimpses of itself and glimpses of other realities, but it doesn't want us to be able to approve it. It's as if it's trying to tell us is like a learning curve. You know reality isn't what it used to be that his way more complicated than you might think it is a sort of like what we out of the ranches that its putting all these different weird phenomena, together when you can't really prove any of em, it's it's. To tell you something. So what can we learn from? What's your taken, Whitley Strieber, it's it's a mess. I think he's a brilliant guy and I think he did have some experiences. I dont know that the experiences continued. You know you get mixed signals from the fact that he is a great novelist, a horror novelist complicates complicated heat. He thinks about it. Stuff on a different level. You know it used to be that we all thought it saw that alien on the cover of his book, communion n and figure.
Space, alien from some other planet and the he's on a different level about what they might be now. What does he think their necks? in essence, gods. I mean job well had said if you can manipulate space time. If you can create your own gravity like the crafted Bob was talking about, you could be from other planets others, solar systems. Other times you could be time travellers you could be from other dimensions or all of the above, like doktor. John MAC had suggested that abductions. And these strange experiences in connection with em suggest that were part of a galactic neighbourhood, a cosmic neighbour, a multi dimensional reality that we haven't got our heads around yet and then it's important- ultimate survival that we figure it out your eyes. I just you know. George George has been member. He is a journalist. It broke mob stories, corrupt
choice, political crap street, I'm just last year. I mean this guy's been doing this for thirty something years. Ufos has defined him because the world at large has to find them by the ufos. That's because of the stigma. Of course, he's made lots of headway in does the coast show like our fell but what he's doing now is kind of cool after Thirty years of studying this and filming with people on news, you get to drop twelve seconds one minute and a news report. He has a cash record of everybody ever involved with claims about the stuff throughout last, thirty years and he's been dumping at all online, so all of his collective wisdom over the years of what could this fuckin be? He is now starting to release those archives, and so this is for me it's a exciting time because, like the laws are there's so much more out there. Now that he had under station. Look. Where do you keep that George called Mystery wire dotcom with it? I work for Kalen
some still part of the item, but since the beginning of the year on focusing most of our attention on that producing nuclear aunt, but all this stuff that I've stashed at home and elsewhere is going up on their doktor John Macrobian. There eventually cause. I got the interview him too, while he alive and he was hit by a car right. What is yes, James was a new area. Fifty one photographs taken private pilots, that was pretty cool yeah they flew over Papoose. Like you know, it's like you are allowed to do now is unique clearance to get by it have a really good camera, but here's what so funny it's like people that aren't chemist will never be convinced. They said. Oh there's, new photos of Papoose Liken We don't see an installation, and I'm like? Oh you, don't see an installation that was built to not be seen from the air? Ok, I mean it's people don't want to You all followed this shit or understand that there always gonna see whatever they were. Wanna see they follow me yeah, oh shit,
I was in it that you look at it blatantly. I was like WWW Avenant argument with someone is nine there. Oh you like arguments. I saw you not seen ones Meyer, and what is this is this I am, I can't being head against the wall, because I don't know what the real truth is drudge is it? Was it a struggle to talk about you? our foes and yet maintain a serious careers and investigative journalist. Very much so you know I thought I had the supply My news director and the station at the time- and you know that, we encouraged by the reaction from our audience. It was, it was big and then it expanded went all over the world, but I think they worry that I was going too far down the rabbit hole. I had to be careful, I mean for me it is not my religion, I'm not chasen this, because I've got a whole and my heart were God should be? the story. It's always been a story, and so I try to be careful and not commit to a position. It space aliens its inner dimensional, I'm following what,
but since there is listening, the witness testimony and trying to figure it out and an overall years. I have been all over the world to chase down in the end a lot. The answers are, the best information was right in LAS Vegas because of Bigelow, the organisations that he found it all that expertise. Came right into my backyard in and Harry Red, be in the There are two now at the programme that became a tip. I mean I've been fortunate to be a fly on the wall and and gain their trust in it. It's tricky. You know it it's tricky, because so many people find this to me crazy and ridiculous, and whenever- I do a story and not related to Ufos it's about some crooked politician or cops or something like that, and people are mad at me, which happens. Often they bring up you offer how does the EU have ok? How do I get to it, but I've had to support my employer and I'm thankful for that- and you know I get to be a little more creative on coastal code.
Because it's a four hour show in and you can let people go. I don't have to be judge mental about when I'm reporting as irregular news story have to be more careful about what I include in it. But yeah we're put all that stuff up and it's been a fun right and there's a lot of times. I just want to walk away from it. Like you, I get disgusted by yeah. Have you Have you noticed in your world the world of investigative journalism that attitudes and opinions of changed about? You have house very myself. I think I know I'll go back to New York Times story that changed so much. So I had no known that stuff and when I found out there gonna do it. I had known about the pros It was under way. I said, had white. I get to do this because, I've known about all this time I kept quiet about it. Cosette was my agreement, I'm gonna do the story. They said no. This is hello send her to read, and Tom Delong had asked me: don't do that if you do it, then your time said Bell back out and saw a sort of
and I want to say, took one for the team, but I realized I'm not the New York Times. They were gently letting me. I'm the you up, our rapporteur. If I do it nobody's gonna pay attention to it. If the New York Times does it, then everybody does pay attention to it and they did they. They did that story than the Washington Post and politico all a Newt net, works, did stories of press all over the world. It is now After all, for reporters day dig into it, you have to be careful. There are still lie. Airs and scammers out there who mislead gibbet there is information that can be pursued by reporters and- and I think that's made all the prince, had made Congress more comfortable with exploring it, and our world is different from there. It was two and a half years ago, ya, think the people there were in control of this stuff, also in the sixtys and Seventys they're, not around anymore, so dealing with now people that are in
government involved in the military that grew up in the age of the internet and they have a different preset perspective about these subjects. Of this free flow of information. They everything is there. Why is this? Why is anything causing the young, your people just have a different perception about ufos in general. I think that you're you're not dealing at the post, nineteen, forty, seven people that were talking about it back in the day where they and also the attitude of the way. The military and the government interface with the public means. They'd they could come up at the most ridiculous deception, the rosville cases? Is my favorite ones. Favorite ones used to have a a bit about it, but I'll crazy is that they say in the printed in the paper we ve recovered a down sauce and then the next day Zaza. Whether just like you don't know the difference between us spacecraft from another dimension or another planet or
whether below that was made in Ohio? While the same question now Dave Braver doesn't know the difference between a tick ragged, this weird craft and a sea gull or something- and he won't engage those seen me no arguments. He just won't. Do it he's a fight? If I didn't give a fuck well it's the other thing that he was talking about, the we didn't really get to is that that thing not only was recognising that he was there, but it was jam it was doing some sort of active and inactive war. This is the other paper I want to tell you about it. It does mention alien, so it's a its it is recalculation out of trouble for an out and out of their got classified it says: unclassified just hasn't been utterly run out of the room it just recalculate. How likely it is. There are alien obligations and our solar system are legally. So it's about the Fermi paradox their accumulated during our equation. So they had done this in two years ago about they.
To figure out how many planets around there how many are inhabited. This is a reworking of their calculations and again I can't read it I think that your intelligence reference document introduction to this to statistical drake equation. So this is something that they they created for the Defense Department yeah, so they could get an understanding what the basis of our information is about all those different topics. I told you about and then this one is how likely, is it that we have galactic neighbours and how close might there be yeah? The key question? How far are they? It comes to an answer it it's like learning pages into that, but you the first person outside the programme while to see it give it a drug use, is ok beatin. It's like I'm gonna get visited that our global health farther they think they are big enough for you and again I'm one of them.
This is, I become a journalist, decide on how to do math. So that's one of the key things now that's happening is because of the new times, article on and really cause. You know you had Bob on and clatter favour. People are talking about this in design guys I've had more people. Serious people come forward to me in the last year of my life then ever before, and it includes soccer moms and its people to decide what pose the documentary. Yes, ever since Lazard documentary you know and, and people found out that I kept my word fragrant did tell his story. New York Times told it. I kept all that you know people started to trust me with hey. We can keep his mouth shut if it needs to, People have come for me in droves, sense, the Lazard movie and, of course it's like soccer moms and people.
Play. I want to be known. I just want somebody to hear this, because my husband would think. I'm crazy me to tell you what happened me and I'm out of you like a bourdelais telling you I mean Joe, it's everything you can imagine from seeing crafts that are right there right in front of them to abduction stories, which I don't get into cuz, it's too crazy for me, but the reporting, sightings and counters Oh, you have forced off. That's why they call me the don't call me for other stuff right, but also very serious people, people that have worked or do work within our military and say I had an encounter. I there was an incursion. I know Georgia stop with this four hundred and thirty or so it's just it's just new for me that the the amount of people coming forward to me and telling me their stories and giving me documents and stuff like that. I got to be careful cuz. A lot of it's got to be bulshit you're, a good handful of it is power lot of it is you know it's like bait, the devoted credit discredit yeah. This is that what you think
This is crazy. It's crazy people and some of it might be more organised than that at the rate, your your show, Joe, since, when Bob was on there, I know what what happened. Jeremy as a result of it, I get a little bit of the blow back cause. People are interested in that, topic, but it's amazing how much of an impact is heading to kindle people's interest million that story, but in others of and the general topic by where this paper says. Oh, with a seventy five percent probability, the nearest extra terrestrial civilization is located in between thirteen one hundred and sixty one and three thousand nine hundred and seventy nine light years from us so they're there you go wow
the way they travelled on a shit now and that once dime and that such the important part of it member time at non, reactionary propulsion systems and everybody like ten years guy but he's like ok, the universe is vast, is probably an intelligent life forms out in the soul in in the soil systems in the universe, but they come in here right. But then you look at what Bob said and how gravity wave amplification wood and then you look the testimony of the commander fragrant how those craft move. You see how the gimble moves and then you start thinking well distance, doesn't matter anymore. That's just sing physicist were right will hold on physics has changed, as our understanding has changed. So now we're looking at it, potion system were distance, doesn't matter man. That brings us all much. Closer together. If any of this is true, you have. Even this is true. This they mean there was a lot of naysayers back in the day that we're quote unquote. Ufo experts had had more traditional ideas of how they travel extent Friedman. He had his heart
Tedo theory that they just did it in short, burst, like very fast travel in short birth could tolerate, but if they in any he didn't believe in bottles are too, but I always felt like there are some weirdness there, like UFO guys Researchers are so used to people being full of shit that every but there is full of shit. That's what I felt like was Stanton Inn. Stanton would discredit, Bob's education pass and all these different things I be like yeah, but I don't know, I don't think you know. I don't think you talk to him. I don't think you get in the other. Just empty out empty out. All year predisposed notion of who the guy is and look at it. What, if he's telling the truth what, if he's telling the truth, does that place actually exists areas? For yes, does he have some weird knowledge of it. Yes, He really work at LOS Alamos LAB. Yes, do people who work there. Remember him yeah,
ass. Does he know how to navigate the building from the inside? Yes, was there can article in the newspaper where he built a fuckin jet car and its setting physicists at LOS Alamos LAB. Yes, these things piling up stance- and I wish you were alive I wish you were alive because he was a really smart guy was also obsessed with Europhiles. But again the you have our experts all believe that everyone else's fulla shit. I, A twenty year, dialogue withstand Friedmann, and I respect the hell out of him because he really plot it away and really plowed the ground on the topic and general tried to make a respectable, but he had a blind spot about Bob, we have multiple faced These conversations and exchanged letters over the years did you ever say: What if he was telling the truth yeah, I have said that to him, and he can't get be happy beyond the college degree stuff in that's the stopping point for him and you bring up, like I'm sure Bob told you. The same story told me about
working at LOS, Alamos LAB and his education eliminating. I did not tell him that story, but it would not a matter because stand didn't hear any that stuff. All the things about How does he go out and no it's gonna fly on Wednesday night and take friends out. There are three weeks and around them recorded on radio right doesn't want to hear that one is just didn't hear it only made up his mind. Not good you're not signed it, and I can understand, like my emails and correspondence, is in tax or dumptruck for conspiracy, like every everybody thinks I'm some fuckin believer in making this hit me would like, but can five g covert step and, unlike cheese, is less than a protocol? What's what people? They actually know me, my friends and George, to we're, like the person that's hardest to convince that your story has validity. We ask for documents for military background We we back people write he vetted Lazard. I bet it Lazard not like risks. You're all we want this to be true, tell us your story, but unison.
That's why the skin Walker Ranch thing does nothing from. I understand. I knew them just around I'll see anything there. Yet I see a dead cow. The up there were phd scientists on that ranch for twenty years. Some part of the time working for the. U S, government, trying to figure it out, they would have experiences. They can't document em. They realise that nobody's gonna believe it. I was very frustrating, but they try to look for a bigger picture of what it was trying to teach him why? Why is these performances and that's how they could be considered a like performance? Is there not just you of owes pop in here just cause. It's a portal or something they were showing glimpses themselves for reason, because if they do, one is to see him, we will see if it's like the tick tock, there's the tick tock sitting around it. It's been there for a couple of weeks, zip in and out. We can't quite get a radar bearing on it and it sitting there waitin for framework come along, and then it can reacts, oh
is there is somebody else here and it zips away at it knew that we were there. Get given its capabilities. It wanted to be seen, but why that that's, the difficult thing is is: can you accept so If this your voting is real and there are these intelligent cropped up. Can we accept that it is aware of that? that it is aware that we have cell phones that it is aware that we want to monitor it and if its
I lay advanced wherever it's from, I don't care. If it's fucking aliens are the captain, North Korea now don't get who it is, but if there that advance, if this technology through any weight to which there is then we have to know that they are aware of us looking at them and that they can work from a technologically more advanced amp went right. I mean I have to accept that skin Walker. All that was hard for me when I, when I started doing the film and work with George on it, is hard for me where's the concrete evidence. I see command of braver. That's conquered Emerson documents that we keep. First show me doc. Miss documents, great that's hard evidence, so I know, and it's hard to accept some of that, but I'm not can exclude it like. I didn't exclude Bob. I want to find out the truth. American excluded investigate the unknown done so the in there Mason scary explanations, ultimately that them they live here that they can see us and read our thoughts, and
we're in the shower and were sleeping in there watching and they manipulate us on a micro and RO scale that it's their planet, not ours, that were an agricultural product that scary, the other thing scary, as what we are totally alone. You know that there were the only life in them in anywhere that this the only inhabited planet. Some people believe that I dont, but that's pretty scary to because you look at how we take care of ourselves and not very well. Yeah it's the whole subject is such a weird one because you spend a lot of time on a new start thinking: MIDAS wasting my prayer, This energy here on nonsense like it, but then you here, like the one thing that Bob told me that was so strange. Was when we were doing the park. We saying that they think that one of them was really old. It was from an archaeological right egg and, as I pull why they leaving spacecraft around
are they leave and spacecraft around like? I. Let them figure this shit? Yes, yes, if you think that Think so said, throw in the cellphone into the monkey cage here. Help yourself knock yourself out, and we see these displays. You know if they didn't want to see- and we wouldn't they have stealth capability, we can see them right there and not see him. On rate. Are we can see among radar? Birth are invisible. You know they could only see him some house tooth through thermal, so as our military devices get better detection, Ufos sightings are going up and its because we now can look at them purely through Thermo HEAT signature. Compared to just you know, fly some of them. Don't display a thermal heats signature apps. Some of them do and someone doubt delayed the display different forms of propulsion. I don't know I don't know we'd have. That seems extremely varied.
You know is that there's anything you can imagine a more this cop just called me a month ago and he's not a you're foger anything and he had an encounter. He claims That was so extraordinarily strange, like non aerodynamic, something impossible. He saw something impossible. They come in all shapes and forms, which is that as we look more, We were seeing more think as our technologies increasing and may because are aware, This also were starting to be more curious. Are our gut? our scientists. I think the scientific community should engage. This topic You have stuff to study now meet your Kokoo famously recently said. The burden of evidence about these not being Trust Roquat, is now on the scientific community. Khazars such a made of evidence now did their aircraft craft, our governments working on it. The Russians are
working on it and a Chinese are working on it. Those that we know of for sure that's been told to me directly, send it to read. It said that was one of the reasons he started the program because he's had indications that those other governments are trying to figure out the same stuff that we're figuring out and if some of us can master that technology, the Russians get it a Chinese, get it be We do it's, it's more trouble or the aliens come down and smack everybody around, though. So what do you? What do you? What do you think man after kind of you know two and three rounds and the first ass. You know what do you think that man? I don't that's the problem, I don't. I don't just sit back and I wait numb. I think when you look at favours. Favours? What would favour saw? Clearly there there's evidence, there's theirs not just evidence that it was but jamming tracking, there's them
trying to figure out what it is. There is the incredible rate, a travel where I can go from sixty thousand feet to above the surface in like literally a sack s and they even know how fast it really went, because it takes a second for the radar too to register that's. That alone is just bonkers like what is like what is then, how do you dismissed and no sonic booms as an example, so that would trans medium crap is one that goes through space air or sea, and it doesn't have the same displacement as you normally have. That would be a gravity propelled craft, no sonic booms, no splashes of water yeah. So it's I'd. I'd suggest curious. What were you know before you? Were you ve been back and forth on the topic, so if I get so FED so fed up with the sometimes never gonna Larry thing anything. If he's crazy,
There are so many people out there that have an interest in discussing it to where they do these lectures they tour, and they do these UFO conferences and they just get together with other bullshit artists, and they make a living does have played. Its part of the problem is part of the problem is that there is money to be made in this, and you realize When you interview these so called experts, we sit down and a lot of emerges: there'd knucklehead and they don't risks. Very well to scrutiny. Luckily, he's a journalist with the day job, and I must I'm just a filmmaker, not just that you have our researchers but your kind of obsess I'm gonna be completely honest. I am, and how do you know How do you not be mean it's the one of the most compelling subjects that the human race has ever known? Are we alone yet, and if we're not alone is, is something as advanced to US, as we are to ants you know, and in that is
Obviously, there is, if, if you find show the string of evolution, things become more and more complex and in the case of primates, you become more and more intelligent, more more capable of manipulating their environment. So if we extrapolate- and we go a thousand years from Now- or we take ourselves too totally different environment, where you don't have the same sort of two things: Clock competition. Is you have here on earth we may be. They exist in some sort of a planet with a completely different ecosphere, a completely different issue there of of metals and and and different Papa and systems get invented first long before fire me. Maybe they're just messing with some stuff, very different than us. Maybe they live in a more stable environment where they don't have to worry about asteroid Olympics and they have had a steady chain of
pollution, that's gone on for millions of years me we don't. We really don't know just think about a civilization that so much as a hundred years older than us right, especially now how far we have come in fifty years around the stuff there fifty years ago. Cellphone might be considered witchcraft and any at the rate of change is exponential, something a hundred years. Or a thousand years older than us could have technology, that's basically magic in a million years in terms of biological life on earth is really nothing it's nothing. We and even the life of million years humans have been human for a million years. So just think what goes on a million years from now, there's a thing, was. Trips me out is the archetype of alien. When you look at it, it's like, if you took cave men or are you go back to chimps and cave and and then humans you're, seeing this pattern of their heads,
The bigger the muscles are getting smaller, the bodies getting less Harry. Well of you keep going. What do you get? You get an even bigger head and must, those that are almost non existent. These like like stick bodies, but they still maintain that sort of iconic primate shape their kind, a primate like where they walk on two legs: they have two arms. They vary the amount of digits they have on their fingers. They have heads that have predators, eyes gives the oddest face. Ford like ours. Like are we looking at what always happens to life. I mean if, if life exist the way it exists here and that it always gets to some point where some really intelligent species starts to manipulate its environment and then it starts to look like that where they develop tech, ology where they dont need
brute force any more so their bodies, slowly but surely, shrink in and become something that's just not reliant on a muscle strength, but rather on telling kinetic ability ability to express themselves without words and thoughts. That's one of things that, One said when he was talking about his neural link, which is in if you want there, there's a fucking alien on earth. It's that guy. You go and he's talking about pudding, some sort of a device in the people skulls where wires we'll go to different parts of your brain and you'll be able who greatly improve your ability to? says information. It will increase your bandwidth of information, substantially and in his words, you'll, be able to talk without using words when you look at aliens, the icon a gaily and has a slit for a mouth. Very little nose, Jai eyes and an enormous head. Well, if
we allow ourselves to become some hybrid or sums biotic, pewter cyborg type thing that is now We're gonna. Look like we're gonna blow me. Maybe those things have we skin, because we realise like in a regular skin, kind of sucks. It gets you get cancer, you know it it's punishable, they vertically out a way to make some sort of a hybrid of. Spider, silk in human skin. That would be bulletproof meanness something that is, they ve done, search on lab in whether or not it actually to a human body, and you know who knows, but when you look at those things when you think of I contact alien shape does remind us in or o eight reminds us process of evolution, it what it looks like what we could be like cause allowed people to wonder. If they are time, traveller yeah That's us in the future, coming back to see when we screwed up planet earth or something like that, we could be origin.
Be there there there lie, if that's gone further than where we are, and they know the process and that's how they were able to confidently manipulate genetic syllable they're gonna, get there anyway just step in and jack up the process. Maybe we don't have a million years maybe because of where we live. In terms of our galaxy, I mean this is legitimate shooting gallery. There's like some stupid. But, like nine hundred thousand near earth objects, it could end us there. Check the miracle grubbing hurry prices. Maybe they look at it, isn't like hey. We gotta give these people steroids. I dare not growing quick enough, like let's get in there and and get it so that they can legitimately get to a point before they get hit. Then we've been hit many times while we were, you know going through this process but get to a point where we can accelerate their their evolution. Mean I don't know meter. It sounds crazy.
So do we bullet sound crazy, You know car sound, crazy, electric car, sound crazier, it's ok to talk about crazy things, we can. I have your ed couple hours NASA made an announcement that they thought they had found, evidence of or indications of a parallel universe and on what you saw that article or not, but they thought that I don't have their theorizing, that time operated in the opposite direction and that parallel universe not get your head around that one Benjamin Buttons back and timely reminder to neighbouring dark. That's a great show and ethics, though, as I saw TAT the image for it. When I was growing, you demonstrate up it's like a native language, but they translates into lips move a little differently, but man is deep. You have to have like take notice, you watch its, but the Moebius loop of time with alternate dimensions. Blew me the fuck away its rate
It's great yeah. It is the ultimate who knows question, but god damn I wish more people from as for would come forth. If Bob really do work with all those people and they really were Bree the same way he was if we could get more of those people to talk to would be utterly fascinating. Well Your show has a big reach, so maybe this time Somebody'Ll it here data for anybody ever reach out to you that claim to also have work with Bob it as our a bunch. Yet I and to verify, they could not be verified and in fact I think there were lying to me but history, its people down all the time so that guy's fuckin standing on your first age line bullshit, I mean you know journal. He hasn't even here
hope in one other employee would. However, I have had people that work at area. Fifty one confirm parts of Bob Story, one in particular saw him coming off the jet where he says he saw him coming off the JANET flights. I say we go on record with me that you met Bob there on the tarmac know why everything we did there was confidential. We couldn't even tell our wives I would I go on record with you and if he did go on record, he probably get harassed or arrested or yet he can't even tell you what he ate for lunch out there. You know that so one of the guys as real excited to talk with just recently passed away. He actually started the bar. There was at air if it to us, everybody told the bartender stuff. He started as a flower fund, because no one would send flowers of wives when people died out there. But my point is people have come.
Lord to George to me of a lot of people are lion, but it adds up over time, and I got more than two and people who have come to me with bits and pieces of the story who had worked out at every fifty one that I confirm were out there secure People who had seen a disk undertake a tarp in in a hanger different people at work. There are different, I'm fifty sixty seventies and eighties, who had little pieces the story not to confirm Bob and then there was one that I pursued. I don't know for you want to keep going on, but I pursued this guy I was trying to find in the early nineties people who were in a opposite to know about what goes out there and I found one and he had had been active in the nuclear weapons programme. He had worked for Aegean g. He had done Easy Angie. Had the contract manage Erika two on from the beginning, all the way through the first thirty or forty years of it, and so I started basically stock in the guy
One of his sons was a state senator, and he had told me he confided to me that you got ass, my dad about Ufos and aliens and another on had been FBI agent, so I stopped the guy introduce myself. There were a couple of it of public events where I would just show up, and he finally got but enough and made to invite me to his home and start gets out these. Box, and he showed me these stories and clippings and photos the nuclear weapons programme and I'm watching and looked taking notes. Stuff and suddenly he closed the book and goes you're not here to talk about this nuclear weapons area. I said no, not really his wife walks In- and she says- oh you're, not and tell him that stuff area, and then he started telling me then over the course of two years I would meet with them. Have a cup of coffee somewhere, I couldn't take notes. I couldn't record anything but he told me the story now this guy, actually as someone that you ve had reference to on your show member any Jacob sender book a better. If a new, well it's the same guy, but the story
told me was different than what he told her. He said that they eventually play that they had a live alien out there at that. I could not go public with us until after he died that they that they had crafts, that it was in a special spot originally was an indian springs, which is now Creech AIR Force Base, and then it was moving fifty one. When fifty one became active and then it was a very small group that try to analyze the stuff they didn't know where it was from. They did know how we obtained it. He said thing, was alive and, and that day eventually were able to communicate with us, and me that he was gonna, make a videotape and it was gonna, make it level so that after he died, I could have it well. Suddenly, two or three years, later. He totally changes his story. What had happened there was a congressional investigator. His name was Richard D Amato, many workforce and Robert and he oversaw black budget projects and he got onto this you have our story from Whitley, Strieber and
so he was assigned find out what the deal is. A winner on the country talk to different researchers and came to me and wanted to know about area fifty one endless hours. I told the story- and I told him about this guy and he got permission for this guy too. Violate is security oaths and talk to him about it and they had more. The wheel conversations and they went to the founders of e g g, the company in and it became a dead end. But after congressional inquiry. This guide completely changes tune, so he made up the story, which is the one that you heard from any Jacobson that what crashed as well was a russian technology not eating ology flown by the Russians containing a little concentration camp victims who'd been experimented on by Doktor Mengele, completely ridiculous. You no story, but I think you get scared. He was a real guy in a real
vision to know and had cheered with his family. Some of this information. I think the story that he told me was legit, but if the made the tape which I think you did, I didn't get how much time has been wasted. Talking about bullshit and this subject on centuries. That's part of the problem, isn't it but just make shit yeah and the more fanciful and ridiculous the bed, the better. Unfortunately, people pay more data that and consume I had an operation one time after the Lazar thing, somebody who was targeting me and he had other people helping them. That convinced me that he had worked out there with live aliens and I'm getting letters from his supposedly written by his neighbors. Hey. You gotta check this guy out doc. I'll just say x? I he was taken away by armed security in the middle of the night. I think he has something to do with aliens and promoted.
Blue, then? Suddenly I am at a planetarium event and I'm gonna speak about Ufos Sum of events. This community college and the guy shows up in a men's room. Hey Pentium, doktor ex standing there at the urinal you're, not doing a story about Maria. So now, who are you what this was a concerted effort to get me to believe that he had worked out there? L went on for a couple of years and of course it was complete bullshit. When I finally did dig into his background, I was able document were it worked and what he'd been doing through most of his life, and it was just like a fantasy roleplaying thing. At least I hope it was so it's really hard to find a credible people on super luck, You too have Georgia. Cement works when I go Latinus and I should be going right, you think I have already gone. You know left a decade, GO idiot. You know check this out. Sober a lot of people. Have somebody like George, who can tell
you what the bullshit is and improve it TIA before you go down the wrong path, so you're right this field of research or whatever its filled with curiosity. That's the good thing human desire, everybody, Everybody North has your first or know somebody else who does so it's a common link between us all, but is filled with charlatans, kooks freaks and gets a frantic sure you could say that mainly its filled with good intended people who are curious to but haven't people like George over thirty five years. You know not make a major mistake report. The news break story: open? I am grateful for that because it makes my job a lot easier. I can filter the bullshit much faster, so say yes, it sucks there's a lot of cooks and crazy people in this field, but mainly there's a lot of curious people who are good intended. I'm encouraged by what's happening last couple years are not only does the information come another government, because it's a little more solid than what you typically get from you of all people, but also by the new wave of people, are now interested because a year show because of what's happened since the New York Times story
there's a whole new generation of people who were suddenly waking up and paying attention to it and a reading all the boy and trying to figure this stuff out for themselves and also going the process upset separating wheat from the chaff? I'm glad to see you. There's a new energy in it, and ultimately I hope that those folks, if not may, will be able to get some answers on this sum. While as preposterous as we would like. If we want to sleep well at night, we'd like to pretend that it's impossible, it doesn't make any sense. Just when you'd look up you'd, look up, you see infinity, you see hundreds of billions of stars just in this galaxy, and this is one of hundreds of billions of galaxies. Of course there's something out there. It's really just. Of course. It's not If it's not, do you think it's of course? Of course, there's no fucking way, there's not whatever happened here that created us is likely
You have happened in an infinite number of different forms, all throughout the cosmos, the the real question is: can they come here and the real question is if they have come here but where, where from and how and in and how much? How much interest do they have in us and how long have they been paid attention doesnt. How of the ancient scriptures we're really about that. Like I mean everybody should all over Zacharias Citizens interpretations of the sumerian text. But what, if he's right like, would have these right would have the anarchy really were creatures from an planet that came here and manipulated primate DNA to create peace But when you see those those ancient Sumerian those clay tat what's that were created, where you see like a large godlike creature with humanoid monkey creature, with a tale sitting on its lap and its tiny thing and the
the image of the solar system with the correct amount of plant it's in the sun and the centre, or not you realize- was made six thousand years ago. What is that is much as people love to mark? You know his his books. What is that is what our? What are these things? What is obvious- we lost some technologies because I mean I'm not an architect, but the stones that are pressed together almost like their molded all around the world than these. Like pyramid structures, mourners. You know it's my understanding that we cannot create that now today, at with, as such perfection, that's incredible. If that's true, is there a technology that we have figured out and then lost and we're just in a cycle of that or was their intervention was most likely there's been some catastrophes that set humanity back, there's a lot of evidence that points. That is a lot of evidence points to this period I mean and Graham Hancock
Randal Cross and have done an amazing job of illuminating that, on this part, gas, if you go back to listen to the those episodes, there is real fast, legal evidence of asteroid impacts of media meteors hitting earth. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of twelve thousand years ago, and that also when you go to this this period of construction, there's, there's things that look like they could be older, that are built differently, particularly in Egypt. Lot of other parts of the world, and then you find this layer of trips. It was called trite night train tonight night. When is it trinity, Trinity. This nuclear glass find that stuff all over when they do course animal since always around twelve thousand years and then that the almost instant changing of the ice age. The floods that followed me in other stuff. This detail the Bible? I could?
Noah. That coincides they believe with these impacts and that these impacts happened in radically change the climate killed an enormous amount of people, probably set technology back thousands of years and and we are the product of this sort of slow reboot. Could there have been survivors that a small group of them that survive and now our more advice Stan assets at breakaway civilization, also an interesting question. The lot of people have explored. I don't know yeah. Who knows it's, it's why are those again time wasting motherfuckers. We should go down the rabbit all the other time with it. You know its central human kind of question: where are we on the food chain? Why are we here? What what's the reason for this? Maybe and what is our reaction? Gonna be a something visits mean if something does really. However, over the with Trump Lens, the lip reelection, and they like enough
when some gigantic you know city sized UFO huh, where's over the White House. We realise, like, oh ok. I know people say we're ready. We want to know we're ready, we can handle it. Look, it ran Heller, Hamelin Cove it in freaked out people are over. That's when I ready for anything. Maybe if I saw that with your describing a man, I'd love to see it, I mothership you know if I ever saw something like that, like Val Kilmer in that movie, the roller rink, if I ever saw that I'd probably just be like cool job that was announced that you worried me you'd, be like we gotta get a camera crew conflicts. I guess you'd be drive in there with your window rolled down. How did we want to see it? Man honestly? I just. I think it would freak me out with anything. It's like. Oh shit. It is another we see in it than here in all these stories from people which I'm I'm open to everybody's, contacting that's fine.
But seeing yourself yeah, I don't know how I would react, but maybe I dispute Lila your on drugs. I think I think you'd be like IRAN. Psychedelic drugs, I think seeing it would do, would shift Europe. Corruption so radically. I bet you your brain. Would overload about. I bet it would be really hot wrap your head around just seeing it qualified report. As you know the policemen. This is one that keep bringing up this guy man his mind when he saw this impossible thing and I believe him he he's did see what he would. He said he tries to describe it in terms that make sense to him, but he said of course, because we show on the ground was just so odd, so I don't have you ever see one? Let me know that we are all. Let everybody now believe me, you would yeah. I work yeah yeah, I seed shit
yeah yeah, I might the inspector Crusoe in my back channel to he'll probably see it before us, but maybe well. It would be really interesting in Lake George, you've been looking for a long time. We'd like to talk to you. I've wondered you know what would happen if even less than the or whoever they are by. If somebody where does it say, we're gonna show you can open a hanger doors. You can go in and see the sport model. That was our dutch right. You can never or on it again. Would you take that offer probably yeah? I think I to shut my mouth. I just I see it. I made selfish and I'm admitting this because you're gonna I doubt if I say no fuckers. If I say no sailor very well and then going to show me anyway and if I do
show it, and I tell him and then I can tell people to knock a show me anything else. It some it's a hard one idea: family members, that you trust in a somebody that you trust that has reported someone like that. You know no mother, I could think of not like a good friend Turner. Remember, no one, nothing! Nothing where you notice! There's things that People could get wrong right now. There's experimental aircrafts, like I remember when it first time I saw stealth bomber was after September, 11th we were working out in Palmdale, doing fear, factor and that's near Edwards AIR Force base and I saw one of those things fly by like holy shit. It's the fuckin, it's the jet eyes or something mean it just looks like looked like storm troopers like it didn't like something from this world when you see that have you seen elsewhere, it's really easy man. You look a little things like that's a: U S, foe,
I felt like we were in some sort of strange movie STAR Wars movie. It was wild, see nothing fly across the skies like black, but I knew what it was. You know, I think, gum if I really saw an actual UFO. I bet I pay. Your brain would play all kinds of tricks on in terms of perception and trying to interpret it especially was a very quick thing. It was like you would role that through your memory, a member would fuck with you all kinds of different ways you would have cancer weird distorted ideas of what you saw on how you saw what it exactly looked like a boy. So hard to get a super accurate, like re, callable memory and what that thing in some of the most interesting you of all cases are where high strange This is mixed in, so it's not only seeing the crap, but then a lot of really weird peripheral stuff like IRAN. Mush goblins, like a shooting gallery, the Hopkins built case or other
a strange creatures in phenomena maybe comes with a territory. Here's what I noticed. Some call me and this I don't wanna be known. I just want Tell somebody you seem accessible. Let me tell you my story: don't report are ok cool got it, don't tell me they saw you felt like a disk or something big, not like a ball alight. Something big and I'll. Be back up quickly. Is that it is that, where your story ends and an almost every time, there's something much more personal, much was strange that occurred on most every time, so you have to imagine. People are ok with reporting ufos to you or whatever they can say. I saw what I think of it, but a lot of people aren't town the full story until you really dig in fact makes them uncomfortable time. Distortions creatures, beings sought an amount. If any of you,
that's true enough these. If these expenses go beyond the hardware of the saucers, this sort of thing, then it gets more complicated. That now gentlemen, we pass a three hour mark believable, not yet We have pleasure that thank everything you ve done over all these years. You ve made a gigantic impact on me and my perceptions of this whole phenomenon and I think in the UFO community at large, and thank you also, Germany, for your doc Memories are brought me around thanks, Joe, that's asinine thinking. I thank your by you friends, opportunity to show and thank you to thrive market head on over to thrive, Mark dot com, Slash Joe and you can choose the membership model that best suits your lifestyle. They have one month and twelve month membership options, but the sweet spot is a twelve month because it comes down to just five bucks a month. But if you're not sure of thrive market is the right thing.
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