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#1525 - Tim Dillon

2020-08-14 | 🔗
Tim Dillon is a comedian, tour guide, and host. His podcast “The Tim Dillon Show” is available on YouTube & Apple Podcasts.
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First purchase it's more than a year supply of vitamin d. That's athletic greens, dot com, Slash Rogan, our friends my guest today is one of my personal favorite guess. When my personal favorite Stanhope comedians he's a fucking awesome got his podcast. It's hilarious is an amazing guest and today the honestly probe our best one. Yet I love him to death. Please give it up for the great and powerful TIM Dillon The job will gain experience by Jo Leinen on fresh article. They just type in the body of the nose feeling good when I go out with friends to restaurants in L a day you know every he gets the gun. The temperature gun your head, but you know it's fucked up lot of my friends. You don't do they do it to me at all. I guess, I'm the only one that look sick because they live get me in they go, get him get him, and then I ask other people
might. Were you hit on the way and they like now so length? Yes, weird, it's an arbitrary the way they do everybody. I know. Maybe they think like drew a overweight. Die. Daylight, wouldn't want him tying. It bow. I stay house, there was Hollywood. Oh you can either be falling on a tick talker boas announced play all is all outside. Yet here all outside those outside places are there they're doing good their jammed, but the fuckin inside places are doing their doomed and they will not reopen many of them, a lot of them the out so big problem. Let me ask you this year: when do you think LOS Angeles open it back up again? Next spring like April. Well I mean it depends what this second wave does right. If there is a second wave right, does that? Do we get clobbered in the fall, or do I mean by
the time LA reopens, it's gonna be Terminator here, don't you think that's gonna be Terminator after November, no matter what we do. Probably I feel like with all of the fund tension like there was a story in Chicago right. They thought it was a fifteen year old girl shot by the police. It turned out to be a twenty year old man, and he shot, but it was still alive. How did they get that wrong? The Fuckin telephone game right, yeah doesnt work, it's crazy, so that everybody Crazing goes looting so that people are looking for an excuse to go crazy if airdrop wins Gatt, it's gonna burn, namely that it's it's gonna, be the mail in thing right, so they gonna do that eight hundred percent so can take days. I mean I was They're gonna have some pulls the open, someplace and we're not gonna know we're. Not gonna have an answer that night. Now, that's gonna, be a fun weak scare me or not. Translated as remember what happened. Two thousand. No one cares. It was funny that we didn't have a president like yours,
it an owl scared. Send you to everybody's making fun of it. There was no real unrest in two thousand, but now we cannot handle that the uncertainty of not now. We need to know that night, the other dangling chance thing. It's no big deal you. It was funny runners wondering who does what What are we doing a bit off we're go. We don't need a president, whatever we want so much more emotionally healthy as a country at that moment than they are now yeah, there's funny, but his true gap because we laughed we go yet. Who cares? They got we're fine, and but now it's like chaos and we need a break We need a break. Whoever wait like everybody can be a political pundit, like my aunt Connie, be writing about trade. I Facebook. I think we should leave it all to Alyssum, allow D. Looking forward to her tweets in November, I was going to follow all the yeah yeah. Well,
It was like she's, gotta podcast. We know that is fine yeah, I mean relevance, rage I'll try to be well of everybody's relevant, like they have to be asked to get your opinion out their superior horn and that's the way to be relevant now is to just be. You know like be political oil day that rejects. Will you go from ACT activists all very interesting as soon as the fuckin call stop come in here. Like are adamant. What's so funny as we now, because we're lacking in this thing that getting good at yes, whether its comedy being enacted very tough. You know spending your life thinking about other people? Let's just be real for the most part. Just now? I didn't you thinking about your career here. You think about your career. I nonetheless decade, thinking about myself, my jokes. How do I get it? How do I get ahead? How do I get on television for three minutes like so this? idea that these people are now
going to pretend that they ve spent their entire? We are thinking about global warming, just not true like I know these PETE like I've met. You people- oh yeah and and my friend open for somebody's of, and I know that, like these people are going out there and there, like you, know, listen we gotta do this got to do that to get a move the country for, but I've seen them make people cry backstage at sea. Because he's not enough water in the dressing room right show. Those same people that are really cruel, going out and everybody how good if a person they are all the time they find the pattern behind the pattern of the wood, the way they have to talk in the things you have to talk Rain lock into those things with no deviation they find Whatever the line is we're. Hollywood wants whatever the last always left. Yes, always the progressive, always super woke and they fuckin ride. That line
fuckin railroad trains is to choose to write down. No deviation so obvious. I know dude I used to do over MIKE's with who, like their tweeting, it may regard Seti squealing about the budget in a lay like the budget's being passed, tweeting or set the budget. Unlike you, You don't have the money to pay your. Like you have no idea. What's going on in the world and you're tweeting garcetti above and are doing it so that they can get a job rather too to that somebody can seem ago. You know what he'd be. You know he had a great Seti tweet. You should write on both Jack oarsmen TAT The way it works. It does get to work like that. I just never been more amused, it's very funny, but am also terrified. It's very we're. Gonna die
It has both of those things it's like out of me is laughing at how stereotypical nobody is at our cliche yeah. But then part of me is like this is terrifying. Like the people out, Should this throats Terrell are enemies now, like illicit people, never loved each other causes a competitive business polite. I like people, was it merely as intense as it is right now like the feeling of like? If you disagree with somebody, they are your enemy income, many and they want you do not have a job, but I've never felt thou, about it, and I don't care what you if you're funny. I truly Don't care rough, your right communist if you're out, whatever, whatever you are you not, many power. It's not your fucking, my life. You can believe whatever you want if you're funny you're funny? I don't like this say this in general. Is Asia, so don't think I don't believe in generals agents, but right now I love them die due to their fun. I need the there there
That's I mean we need them without caught without generalizations communist, but more people on the left or doing this than people on the right yeah. I don't see that many people on the right I see a few, but an icy is many people are right, calling for people to be cancelled forever, but the people on the left are like burn their house burned to the ground. Will the right we'll do it? The right I mean the Cuban on things kind of away there doing where they're like David Space, Scott and ECHO Press on and he's in jail and transport. I've wanted to address like there in this their thing words like all you guys have left the planet. You, like so explained to people who don't know with what this cure nonchalant accumulated stuff, as I did there is this idea that there's an intelligence dissemination, operation happening, meaning, but The scenes, high level intelligence, guys or military people are leaking information about a shadow war that we don't really see happening. And this shadow war involves trump and people on the side of lightness battle
the you know these deep state, pitiful, canopy, pedophile Of course, I gotta know why I like. I don't never understood what I have to be cannibals, though they were cattle. There know their cannibals you're eating children, and then they get you June. Chromatic keeps him young others, so this or the end, then Trump is going to war with all of them right now. Listen carefully is a big problem. They do come corruption at high levels, the hundred percent- yes, the Epstein stuff- is one hundred percent real controversy. Clinton's on that plane is on that island Twa six, yet the Frank, scandal, their scandals all over the world. So I'm a deal legitimize like the idea of real human trafficking about, but the idea that Donald Trump is fighting human traffickers and the human traffickers Alan It is a little while everyone in Hollywood eating children and there tunnels under central poor, I mean it's hard to keep up with and
You dropped so to speak. Our like these. These you know they're like the like poems. Are there their coded information. So it's never like hey this is what we get. These drop Liddy get a fortune or something like on forty. Ok for fortune is the best place in the world. Its troll yields a lot of well that's what maybe this is. This could be like that's what I'm saying you could be attainable, troll, nobody, no, because its bay, it has nuggets of true right. Regret, is like anything else. Rather, it has now gets a very real things. The government shadiest fuck a lot of the leads are doing things engaging pedophilia and probably worse, like some others, and I ve seen silent, probably did disappear, but the idea that, like that that tromp is fighting this underground war and it's all about human traffic. I just don't think that's borne out by the fact that there's no facts to point I mean trunk was like friends with cleanse for his whole life. Would not only there if tromp was doing it and not talking about it? It would be so high character
Imagine this one thing that is doing this. The most noble thing ever done ever right using jungle is the most important, the morale of humanity and he's lying around it just secretly winking he had all the queue people. Well, you know the end. So everything he does there's like a reason he does it. They say like when he wishes lame actually goes. I wish her well now. The thing is, does that's a rich whose forgetting the president, who just oddity of more loggers I've already talk. I mean that's literal and I've been around if you like, really wealthy people. This is how they too, when you say something bad anything bad. If you go, you know, you know Johns wife. Cancer. You know their kid at a d, we he's gotta problem. Yet a couple incident stare at Harvard Neglect. This guy wish him well t off that's how they talk. That's how they too, it's just a dismissal, its awaited dismissing the queue people are, like others, meaning there's hid, meaning he saying she's and if
look. It of vodka is wearing this tragic owns and it's just like. Listen, I'm a conspiracy guy, but this is ignored. Although I don't hear my, U jacket the jacket, the I don't care? Do you know what it said? He I don't care, I don't really care deal right were who yeah I'm innocent. We fuck is this. Yet these are weird things. What are we doing, citing the Trump administration feeds the Charles, I think, they're, like I've been killed by the time electoral run he'll be like full four key just leaning, enclosed, whose behind the scenes, Polis transit of vodka, Daddy Sancho Cushion says a lot about how we are going to be funny if it was a vodka doing holding that could she's the one like stroking her chin, like she's the boss? What is it? What is the nugget? We released? Niagara? She's? U analyses a smart one who, yes, it says: how do we yeah she's, the pretty daughter everybody dismisses? I mean only take a rash of back run on the whole fuckin charities with you, black leather gloves, the elbow like the inspector
at hand. When you see your hand typing unfortunate, send send you, I don't. I don't know man anal, Steve, bad and said something in it. Memory about Errol Arrow Morris made a documentary about Steve Vanity balance. It is very interesting thing. He said you know There's a guy out there. We got a horrible life like he's. Divorce is kids, don't like me as a shitty job, but when he plays like League of League of Legend toward the work of one of these games, he's hero and we dies in real life. Nobody really cares what he dies in the game, so many people come out and You know they shown respect, he's your lying with people from all over the world to balance which which life is the real life, so which, of course, is the real one that you're living, not this fantasy game, but I think the queue and on thing I think, the trump administrations I give let p believe their hunting. Pedophiles online, it gives their lives, meaning let these people believe they're like hunting the Clinton's. It's like fun, Sech, a fun video game for them Then you don't have to ask why they don't have health insurance and can't get a neo.
Duration. I dont think that there is that involved. I think it's just a thing. That's happening, yeah that happens to fit in with human nature. That's probably true, too like. I don't believe that the Trump Administration has the resources to do that, but still I mean if they you have to be so for DE chess? They would they really have you may like incorrigible l- I think their neighbours- poor little gasoline of it. Well, maybe not, I think, that's their base year. They like why not having fun, I wouldn't go as like shop rally. You want a little fun offshore yeah yeah! That's the thing! Isn't he does that our mistakes get like these, these interviews that he does where he who argue about shit like ill? Who argue about how well they're doing or what you know what's wrong or what he got right or what is I q is or how well he did at this intelligence tasks like any he's playing like three teach us, nor I do that. No, no he's not playing
each she's, like instinct, he's he's roofing, and you have said it before. I have said on the show before it's like It's amazing, the watch, a guy, get up no material, anxious crash and interest he's really going by instinct, he's Perviz perfectly suited for this era because he's like he he's hypnotize, like you, we start losing him. You can't stop like I'll. Try to watch one five minute clip. An interview I M watching the whole our because he's like there's a hypnotic thing. That's going on where just up and down- and you just you can't not less- here. She's got out of talk about now. Scott items is interesting. Guy he's a very intelligent. I wrote the Delbert com you know so he's basically saying that Trump is like a master, persuade her and sky atoms understands hypnosis. Some persuasion and interest is talking about the way the guy does it and how he does it that he's a master, persuade a lot of people disagree with them, but with interesting
is he's naughty. He doesn't. Even votes got out, doesn't vote and he's not really a trumps porter, although it does say a lot of things that seem to like, I feel guilty. He leans towards tromp being more persuasive, then just gone by his got good. I sort of fills his he's got this theory that lines with his theory, so it goes alike. I see him leaning into it a little bit where it's not like it's totally objective about it, but he's lost millions of dollars, because this merely really people of two fuckin they ve learned on. He was seen on twitter, the other did its people are slow down front of his house to scream that he's a racist Jesus for nothing is yes because he said that tromp is persuasive, rightly said that he thinks Trump is essentially point. People strings and manipulate people in a really interesting way. Tat many years at me, like any president, does that by Trump. Does it extremely well,
Why does it a non presidential right we're yet a weird way of doing it? he's a car. I love con artists in drifters into me. Trump is the highest level biggest can ever most success, fall. We would The question I mean, like you, know, he's the king of all of those every guy sit in an office right now calling people, trying to sell him should, over the phone, that's to trumpet, and from the highest level that you cannot. I mean anybody if you're using a fake, I d try to buy cigarettes up, the There is Donald Trump like all the way up and that to me I think Ones like he's, evil or he's jesus- it's like I don't I don't look at things that emotional x. I guess I'm just not a total loser. I think that's really what it is. I think if you're really have nothing going on, everything becomes bout politics, which we don't worry, I'm never going to meet Nancy Pillar.
This is a television shout rain. I am not saying that real things don't happen. People aren't affected, but this day to day like your inundated with, like he said. She's tat policy shows its like dude carers, my favorite Pelosi and tumor image. Yet all time was them with Africa. Lafayette. Unease now realising that the clause pattern they wearing was from a tribe that was notorious for selling slaves, yeah yeah well notorious for me a major part of the slave yeah loud sounds democratic party for many years and whose behind is that people don't know yeah that when you go way back to the democratic progress where the Confederates yeah lips so an anxious Looking at these people for too long, we ve done an image of using I love road, but goes to honour on their knees, I alone
hands on the hips light out the mask as well. They ve got em on edge, yeah, beautiful invalid. Some will say that like well, you have to respect Nancy Pelosi. Someone said to me, and I said she won't sixteen year old to be able to vote. Look by the way like invaders, it just came into a country slaughtered people and took their clothing hopped off of a boat year. They look like well, that's just colonizing area and took their cloth there. What their wherein like swamp boots isn't shed light blood, how oldish millions to Morocco I mean. Do the. Does anyone retire to genuine step away? No, you you'd die at a Trump road like or maintain yeah we're going to respect a hermit canvas. No matter how far this way yeah went out. There now ask he doesn't want to protect ye had cancer and eating he had cancer. I thank oddity. Yeah, my DAK Kova yeah, you have covered new dire cancer is still there. Go right, it's huge! If you hit by a car, you gotta think they do that far well he'll say. Those here, there's gotta, be a
humanitarian fears about this and are now New York Times are saying today that thing, it's underreporting think did the covert death or somewhere around two hundred thousand. Here I mean less. Emily was tied. Assure my point. You just have to stop reading, because everything you need every hour contradicts the lasting you ve read and no like its airborne. No, it's Yes, it is no its not unlike what do I do You get off services, nightcap just kill me like I don't know, what's happening, I don't. I don't know the priorities there they're making it up on the go because they get new data all the time they are constantly getting new information. New studies, new things, but they don't react to all. The studies like one of the big ones is the fact that it dies in sunlight. So that's the case,
you should let people do all sorts of outdoor activities. These studies, when you read about the studies d, like we sampled, a certain amount of people- and this is what we found in a side- does not necessarily indicative right of anything. Well, it's it's information better than nothing. Depends on whose reading study and what their biases and what they're trying to say, but either this its clear that they're trying to figure out mean. Obviously it's only been around four six seven months and they say the repeating that are really reacting to it. I invite cases a lot like, for whatever reason their immune system has not had as many prior variances, with crowd a virus. So european system is caught in a lot of cold and you fought them off supposedly you're in it. Our position to deal with this, then somebody who has not had that term Forbes or fucked. German folks. We might in fact they were. We were shaken hands and on our planes that might be good and strengthen our immune system. While they're saying that about people in prison, I grab a reason.
Or the people in prison are doing so well with it like. When guys are in prison. You would say well fuck and terrible place for immune system, but was it woman was it Andrew Huber. Moose talk knows about this. I think it was. He was saying. Might not have been him to any guests They were talking about immune systems in that, when you think of your immune system, you think well, if you are you're healthy and calm and well slept- and you know you're not stressed out that's what your immune system is at its best when it's not really the case and those people that are in jail, stuffed in next to all these people, breeding and everybody's bacteria and all of viruses and shit. That's in the air no escape from each other, no way to social distance, People actually have pretty strong immune systems of your good because their immune system is like in shape, so the l, a homeless populations gotta be great out there. Probably they probably of an actual immunity, have typhus life, I have no idea. They found typhus. Yeah yeah. A middle aged disease like it's coming
yeah, like the conditions that are in middle age, mediaeval I'm really fucked it up. Every time you do that This time we get it right. Nope, I would say where'd. You happened with corona because I have strong immune system, so why don't we open economy store up in just have the homeless, be the servers like white, we open our businesses and allay and just how the homeless, whose frank than their immune systems operate the businesses, work led them shoot the voice did than lead homeless. People go in and direct the voice. I dont think do they don't show up a lot at stake. There are very reliable thereon rely, a bomb. Maybe you should have like three homeless for each job, Yale, Galicia, I couldn't Becky's ready actors on standby beckons, odor shaking scratch. You have here right. Yeah pointed
How we method is America's got talent to seventy thousand ovum. Giuliano is crazy, didn't even know really how many they are now beginning to seven thousand on before Corona there's gonna be. There is merely millions of his a million homeless. Going gonna, be millions of homeless people. It's gonna. Look very soon like and it's already started they're, like a movie like a post apocalyptic movie, you drive them arrows and everything's boarded up. And you see a lot. You like it's gonna, start looking really bad here. It could look really mad New York is a nightmare of hurt. Like New York decree I'm skyrocketing, and you know there's just you know that the relationship between the police and the people's very fraught and is very high. I mean it's like civil police like fuck. It wouldn't want to do anything. You like, stand a lot it their just like Lithuania, sit back and then now a lot of areas.
Is being police by criminal elements by gangs and stuff, like that cassettes happens in a power vacuum. You know. If you get rid of the cops and that's it shouldn't be reformed. They shouldn't have all these new regulations but like if you d, find them or get rid of them. Somebody steps into that vacuum and it's gonna be We usually a gang- the mafia crime syndicates whatever to De Palacio Knocker. If you think your mayor Bad De Palacio is a nightmare he's, like all my beer ease, bad he's. The one he's pizza with a fork and what's greatest he does, he does yeah. What's great, is it everyone hates some like the left, take them and net for different, since then, the right hates and even the black lives matter, people hate and they all show pandering when they dont lately that guy with a forest disgusting who, what kind of a fuckin human, as is the mafia, whose sitting with bunch old della people, Look at the map of ridiculous offices
teachers, one guy. What this sleeves the go to sleep tat? Is he better ninety deputy with a fork? I will fuckin find him yeah. I made the bless. Yo he's a fake. He's a real here he's like a goofball yeah and he gets up with his wife. They did like a rally right after corona virus and like she gets up and she goes power. To the people and then she thought like it was gonna, be like good sixties rally, and then the crowd was He stared at her like what what I thought Gonna die lady. Here they turn once coffin yeah. They thought it was gonna be like they were. Just are beaten, tambourines power to the page like her the blood you think you're like living some here, story moment in that they are yet now. What can it not was there in the wrong movie? It's it's rough man. Yes, cities are in trouble. Will he He literally said you can only protest if it's a black lives matter protest
this is much is I support the movement? That is not freedom of speech. You can't do that. Now. That's anti! First amendment, that is a big part of who we are you can't say, now. You can only do one kind of protests. Everybody's got a protest or nobody's got a protest. Rang ones, gotta be a lot. You gotta loudly and time asked, People can assigns Saint songs with Sean hadn T. A physicist may need to let the black lives matter. People do it. Everybody's gotta be able to broach yeah. I don't know about this directive. Has the desert it's a hundred nineteen degrees every day, so PETE? Not only can people not protest, you can't leave you house without dying like Julie, Viagra gets, can cancer satellite and they tried to do a protest less and I swear to God. Let's at three blocks, they will like back like you, a bang in a thing like now, just as Oh no p like they had no idea, and then they were sitting down you so like sitting down eating ice.
One hundred percent for police reform hundred plus one hundred percent. I one hundred percent believe is too much police brutality to me. I am also one hundred percent of in in the belief that there is a lot people that are doing this and following this movement, because, like we're talking about before the it is, the trendy thing to do, is social and then also what you seeing in like Portland in Seattle, you seeing crazy white people trying to like government buildings that what they think of tape if they bash the windows of Amazon. This is the beginning of the revolution. How right in at all connected to please referrals, it is not connected in all to please, is advocating a higher value unleashed. I'd like it in. Getting it s likely to be burned out a target, it was fine Ivan laugh. I said who gives a shit it's in Minneapolis like that this happened in Minneapolis, so what a target gets? Minneapolis the guy gets charged the next day. It's fine, but what? new unleash total chaos. You know more about violence in anybody. You can control it. You can't directed to the to the targets it you think are,
It's also intoxicating, Johan Reich all those we will intervene wearing mass, showing up every day to talk there, given their gives their life, meaning right it does it trying to beat the man right to trying to break down the fuckin fence they put her on the federal building and the China light that bitch on fire using bibles right the lightened by it was on fire cheese and it's all. Chaos sawdust inhabit the mayor of Seattle, like maybe this is our summer of love. Get there I never been there? I don't want to ever girl. Like I haven't, I'm, not the Pacific northwest I hate I know you do. I don't give a fuck about people, I don't care about those trees and trials, and then they all looked like vampires their pale and got three why they are so weird am way that scam started up their little multi level. Marketing started there yet they're all can for Sumner believe in that's that those problem areas. Well, that's where Break Einstein was teaching at Evergreen and that's where they can't unwarlike patrolling the campus with bad looking for him loose, like he's
is literally is progressive as a human can get right and also a nursery yeah, but two guys guy gap and they you know there are common for him. It's I've never liked, as shown by the Pacific, northwest I've just never. I never connected with a thought about living there. One yeah. I mean that's your! U love that stuff. I don't give a shit about all time. I know, but that's why these p fluoride, throwing bibles its federal building. Is rain tat. Well, I dont know what makes that place so progressive and so left wing. But the thing is, it is like you saw hints of this many years ago, where anti for would stop traffic. The angelic doing these things is tat when people will never get people to say blacklist merits equitable pointers for that they were connected with bright lives matter before the corona virus thing before, but George Floyd, the anti for people It's all about right wing people. There was all about combating right wing folks right land problem. They would other skirmish exactly right. But that's where the proud boys came from raw came from
Gatt, and why we speakers Azalea they wanted some want to fight back antivirus shutting down racked people who are speaking colleges who arrive when people like my love or anybody alter what those kind of people. So that's where it all came from the first ways, but when who would go to Seattle. They were letting these fuckin people direct traffic, or is it moment Portland They were letting he's fucking people direct, they were telling people. You can't go down this road. The answer this old man like I'm going in and they should change it and when they kick disaster beating on it's fuckin car earlier, I dont know why people want we defend that, and I dont know why a lot of celebrities defend it, and I don't understand why a lot of mainstream Democrats don't Just call that out for what it is. I've never once seen a mainstream Republican. Ever I mean send like the proud boys are wrong or- or that was certainly not,
hill to die on micro. Ever mainstream Republican defended them. It was very like it was a huge new story. Usually I don't know why. I think the big problem is its Ike. Things are happening, you see them with your own eyes, and then people tell you that they're not happening right there like no, that protest is peaceful. You like I saw them a guy on fire and use them as a battering ram to get an email six like well, you know he gave them a look. There's only the planet earth, because it was weird qualify area. They like well, here's what have you like? They were beating a child like. Let me explain what happened here. They were gathered together a day burning, bibles, bows and arrows by clocks in chains that China, across the street. That child's My dad's, a cop, you see the child starting like no theirs, always weird like, but they we noted the thugs of the left wing, they're they're, doing the dirty work to the left wing wants to get there like theatre catch. You like people that failed stand a comedy and theatre, and they moved back up.
Portland formulae and other liquids burn it all down. I didn't get a comedy central of our overseas receiving is here. We see the ones that are practising self defense. Now They train actually trend and they like they were there. These anti four people were meeting in the park and you're getting ready for skirmishes would yet lanky Brussels. This is all pre covert, Ryan. This was funny right. I represent over this- is funny when it stopped being funny, was highly pronounced. Last name go and and he never yeah, when Andy no got beat up and they re not shake them and people are marking, and my came up up up up up what. Why do you think it's ok to beat this? How do you think? It's ok to steal the skies care again, only one that no one is saying this in along yeah, then I started to say like ok. This is this is going to be a real problem and then he economy I shut out- and you cannot endure like all. This will only make this bigger and yet
fuel the fire that again it's like these people who go there, whether they're, trying to like the federal building on fire or direct traffic. They have a purpose now they have a thing and they have a cause right like when they took over that six x. Six blocks of Portland Seattle, rather yet Chaz yeah, but it was a dutch child. What was it highly aunt was Chaz Chop chop. Ok, this up, but it started jack, but young countries often have you now they changed leadership cops and as they develop collapse we can have that guy. On my show that I rise yeah, I was too that I got caught with a gun. I now who's handing eighty someone or whatever I still had a moment, couldn't get a zoom link working help me in person interesting, Darwin Havin fun, maybe yeah. I was a man of support. You do you don't do anything, but you can't
bringing out a guidance, and I really want to make sure that your name shot two people there. Well, I don't know he didn't shoot. What he'd it somewhat somebody I did do everything they were doing that we create was they basically became a really shilaley run country. They they put up borders, a browser media on immediately barriers. They want order. Was people we're doing things that it wants to do? They were the worst case of police brutality to beat the fires pay people are so if your turn of film them- yes, something they want, you found it just kick your ass well, this is just like if you believe in something really fervently not not like it. Always the end justifies the means. However, you get there, it doesn't matter like anything's justified in the pursuit of this utopia, that you think you're going to Iraq in doubt town Seattle, but also you do have seven blocks what you think shouldn't have been done to America, your occupying land rights, taking overriding structures, you're kicking out the indigenous peoples yeah yeah, I think
the funny thing is like electoral politics is imperfect, but that's what you have to do like looking Cortez, she got elected. You know like that, but I believe the things you believe can get elected. They have to work within the system because all the votes, I want to cast will do, will give the government a reason even clamped down more now. They got people and thrown people in advance apparent that the age ask again. You knock it overthrow the govern you ve been overthrown. Imelda sought the way it's gonna work that you're, not you, Breakin property gotta, be an excuse for them to clamp down more and it's gonna where we're going in more of a police state than we were yeah the idea that when they did that somehow another incited the violence. To get worse, like TAT, is I don't love now true? No, it was. It was chaos every night there are. Fifty two is not for the unmarked vans. I think that's a bet. I think all of those things and not being because look at what but after nine eleven they said will do this dizziness and then all of the sudden noise
but he got any rights back by the way. You're going males are still being read: privacy that still there so have we just Ablishn president. If I get some people need get thrown in advance and will explain will explain why that is. That becomes a major problem going, How would you see when they get thrown in advance? How excited everybody else was? What's your name yesterday will get you out friend right? It's like you guys are all wants Luke Skywalker. This is what happened in resistance when you shut up country down for three months. This is the only fund laughed. Things open anymore. The only fund hunting mediators is to overthrow the government, gets round an event hisses summer vacation to people Oh, you know that you have those dumb escape rooms. People used to do those as it aims you shut the fuck up, they're stupid. I love. This is a real why this is a fun real one. Now it is a photo on. Is that you like the federal building? Now now it's real want it's its interest
man? I wonder how these people going transition into regular grownup life have I think that, as a channel AL job, I think regular grow up life. The ship is on both sides of the people, they weren't Charlottesville marching around like working level. Country, we're gonna. I mean these people here will not replace yeah. There's shoes when I reply is like those people are as well. You'll never please the far left in the far right right, like you'll. Never like the people that are really on the fringes it didn't you never gonna make him happy like come, hours by the way. Is a fine VP, true, yes, we're all gonna get put in jail. Yes, she's gonna put you in jail, but guess what who's gonna pick Elizabeth Warren. Who lied about being a native American like do Kemal is, could be the people in the middle don't candidacies cop, no again shit? No one cares. You might care she locked up people, but republican conventions can be very
tough, to really get people. Man come on how to get the fuck em, all Oh yeah, the Gonna go she's a cop and she locked up. Minorities will probably go ah These are real problems like I just think you do. What do you think you think she's, the worst? I don't think she's the worst, but I think it's it's very inch. Well. Somebody wrote on twitter that the left is very much against sexism and racism. They elected someone or they chose them to be a dvd based entirely on their sex in their race right. But we knew that was going to happen we knew that this is why all these people on twitter and guides it. I really like that. I really love Conklin Scheme, those people, but it's like that. Actual man about it. My guys didn't you see, what's gonna happen, didn't you didn't you like? If it's the most predictable choice in history, I was thinking if they went nuclear, Michelle Obama that would have been
wild right what they want they want, they would have Cuomo from New York. Why call me by the governor of New York Meatball admission? Obama when to chew it is promoting. Now so doing our colleague Linsky. Certainly this he's out of control over their humanist by his brother pretended to have grown a virus, but they pretended what is Chris Cuomo City be crossovers by doing chest exercises. Well, I swear to God. Did you video workers, Cuomo got, you know this just get in your body and wants to stay there. But you know what you just start stretching you're just doing this you get rid of it. That's literally, I mean he's
Never forget lie a liar. Is that true? Yes, he's a liar, get a stretcher. Yes, if you can find a Jamie, it's real, and he said he came out of the german here. It himself by doing chest exercises and stretching his lungs out with the worst part was when he pretended to come out of the basement for the first time when he had already been fuckin fight. With some of these, we in Rome, by their pathological liars both of them. I don't think that's what the cases ok, this might take from appropriate, worked in show business a long time. I think he had a producer that had at the end- and they had this shot scheduled. You gonna we're gonna film you coming out of the basements can be amazing, engage your family for the first time in two weeks: ok, did the produce from printmaking pretend now you they're out of our almost not acting as Wall Street donors from democratic tax bills. So this is but the tweet I sent you Jimmy, but is it I didn't, send you the tweet inheritance, who disclosure Russia show Andrew Comoros, largest head thought hedge fund donor, just funneled huge money too
governor precisely the moment. Cuomo has been blocking democratic legislators bills to reinstate New York's financial transactions tax. That's crazy! That's crazy! Not if that's the truth, that's the case, if like he knew that tax was coming and he blocked it just so that he can get paid know enough about finance. I know no houses tell me clouds the sub mortgage guy I mean I know these. I mean what I mean I am I gotta go to yeah good. I mean I is very possible that he did blockage. You get paid me. These people give themselves raises constantly, no matter what circumstances are no matter. What for the city, governments in these people constantly give themselves raises and Cuomo gotta play. An interesting came because wash money is how New York is even alive. If enough Wall Street people leave their fact, whether fucked right now, but I was not right now- fifty percent of the taxes York,
by the rich right and they're leaving one percent. The people pay fifty percent of a lot of unwanted hamptons lot and got out of the city, and a lot of them are leaving the city forever right. So you, you know, You should, on the ridge, probably Bligh, think a lot of them should be. You know a lot of them get out, get out of paying taxes by Roy, adding their money off shore, they do a lot of things I shouldn't do, but that tax base is essential for that city, a hundred percent hundred persona Britain, and this is where we are, and criminals Sad as it is third world they Peters chinese Amusement Park, tycoons russian oligarchs and assorted murderers. You need! money? That was how you gonna cells? That's two reality like they have to come in and launder their money through new real estate. They gotta come in by tenable. Governments they dont use and then their daughter go. And why you I mean why's that whole cities can afford points not right or wrong good or bad. It's like it's just what's gonna happen it just what
this decision is also trying to bring the rich people back so come on over a cook yeah, a cookie, their coup he's a goon eigenvalue cooking for browsing. Eighty. This is that folksy horse shit that, ideally, like me, baldly lights good for you. Allow not letting the city get destroy our not sending sick old people to the nursing home where they can. In fact, everybody was that I was for, I think I think, a good brush friar through the nursing homes is going to be honest with you, God, my mother's, a nursing home her her roommate had, Ovid. For a month. My there never got every day they would go in and they, like, we you'd my mother's. An annoying woman loud looks like me every day they walked like will you die she's, like I feel great, so we're hope and wave but It's not You know she won't die the woman's three hundred pounds more like what is eating.
Everything probably Roma, who died, she's, probably eating her, but the woman walked she's indefatigable clothing. They can't great word yeah I'd. I would point out here I was right. I don't think I said: ok, say Medieval, Harriet scared, This is how is black? I don't think that things to talk about it tightness not an outmoded out his stop defending it I have to defend all this is insane because I have too much of that in me. This is this. Is the vaccine record of ours by we're gonna like this stretching? Instead, searching look up the stairs behind them. It's all. The horse shit looks fine obvious set yes, probably Saturday night here. He goes you now ecosystem fires. Getting you want to kill you because you know what I do. I just stretched along stretched along then, and it's like ok, so we shut down the economy for three months for a virus or you can just
our children can stretch the logs in and that's it sometimes off. Well, that's viruses fucked up, because if you talk to some people, it's nothing and I know people have gotten locked and then, in other people have got in there fuck still right. I guess it's Michael. You We still have the problem of fatigue, my man at my axe managers? His wife got it, she still can't smell well hello three months. She still she is now a few facts. Jesus I now see healthy. Yeah she's a thin middle aged woman it's weird and they also saying that some large number of people that get it they still they evolve heart damage. So I have lived over there. They show it like the baseball player there, professional baseball player that has hit other ass. A season you get checked out mean keys, twenty nine years old or something we and they found that. He has some inflammation in his heart. Nobody
Hence we rely. Any of this is happening. We talk about the brute Weinstein's, Damn khazar Brett, whose biologist was saying that this disease has all the markers of a disease has been manipulated for research right problems, Why does it so infectious salmon stipulated for research like manipulated, so that it can research? It are manipulated as like. How can we make something dangerous? It might be a weapon now they manipulate it so that they can do research on the high now. What kind of cures they can create for corona violins understand the lab that they did. Research at was inward Han and it's a level for lab. I research facility and they had been cited in two thousand eighteen for safety violations. There get real sloppy over there because we're working under communism, you now have a lot of incentive. Ryan ran a lot of money. So it is very possible that this is a genetically modified virus and that in the maybe that's why they that has all of these different effects on people exactly within its probably more.
I say the one on India so different that if we come up with a vaccine for the american version is our work on the indian version. Is it just arrested for history? Now is just viruses and pandemics, and, like I mean this seems to be because all the conditions for this you know are are ours. Are Munich gonna still be they're like you're still gonna be these wet market still still be. A lot of US if handling of of puff of producing and not put only protest but, like you know, different types, animals, and what's so this main be. The end of this may be the beginning of an era of just different types of pandemics and Iris Swelling Morning, us about this problem Bill Gates had that TED speech, yeah two thousand fifty set its common. You know now he's the devil now reflect Ok, I guess I just like people get weirdly uncomfortable when it's like billionaires, wanted Cute like bill gates.
Considering once shooting a missile of dust at the sun to help climate change? This is a fact. What yes Show- is considering this and then wait a minute yeah, we'll gates, Bridger either. This is what kind of dust the biggest donors but till gates was considering shooting a missile full of dust at this sight. Now, obviously, people set him hey, not a good idea and he relented, but and you have these Batman villain clean air is not that there are evil, but that they have a lot of money. They could do whatever they want. People get uncomfortable with, just one guy saying This is the way it is, and this is what you need people to feel uncomfortable with. China is a real Jiang. Zemin son Savior Bill gates want to spread millions of tonnes of dust in the stratosphere. Ok, that's different to stop global warming, but critics fear could travel calamities yeah! That's not at this but that was that, as suspending particles in the atmosphere, the act like understood to reality as people go on taking a little uncomfortable. When
billion air from a layer is decided to start shooting dust in the atmosphere, and you know here is: where is, did we Easter any democratic process? says here were anybody. Will ever have any say in anything. Ever again, I saw me just gonna. Listen a basis in him do that they could do whatever they want. Well, it's hard to say, because, when you're that rich, we listen anyway, because we Your house has got two hundred billion dollars. You somethin he's must know something We don't know we assume shore but smarter than Heaven knows what you know. Also. They have lot of money. I don't even think they want more money. I think a lot of them. They want more more. Some of them do, but they also have a day just have designs in the way they want the world to look. They have an ideology. I trust basis more than our trust bill, because Basler doesn't where a uniform bill gates were statement. Mr Rogers Uniform yeah. I don't trust it. I dont trust Warren Buffett, because I feel like he's in Alma Hodges eaten eggs
lives in the same Fuckin house that he bought and why not he does dank he does that. Shook Isaac also be like what are down to earth sky lank, but he's a million dollars lives in a foreign affairs nor how sums wrong that makes me more suspicious. Then I would be. If you had a man, you should have a big match bill gates. Will that's not even his regular outfit, the regular, that's the regular out there. He's a sweater create with assured it. What do you do in its a hundred degrees bill when he wear them in Algeria same sweater with the shirt. Look he's got that fucking television, but why has the attack Ah man, that's a silicon valley, they're gonna period get very nervous, which would Silicon Valley billionaires. While it's an incredible amount of money that is available amount of influence. People are really really worried about Mark Zuckerberg, yet these guys at a new locker Carnegie and he's fucking, really young he's really and by the way speaks Perfect Mandarin well. You got a girl whose why Israel s marriage, Jesus Christ, I don't know He still am invited his home. You know our kitchen I'd love to do is get your facebook page over seven hundred,
thousand I'd, love to girls, I get banned from Facebook within an hour being there get away. I just I just gotta go. Can you get rid of my aunt Kathleen? Please is a crazy video of him, China and eyes on a television show and start speaking in Mandarin, and they go crazy. They can't believe you can do it in a clap and cheering interested, what takes very little to impress them well they're, just digital white guys doing as the guy from Facebook speaking Perfect Mandarin while but he's ready that's kind of potential offered by the EU is going to bring all the head of the head of Facebook is yakking it up with out maybe our biggest enemy. You that's nice, he's gonna, be super excited about new world order. Gimme survive on this What force it would destroy America through translation. Is America? Will the prison. We
Send your government yeah rule our this happens when you're like a genius- and you don't get laid in college- and you just say you know what I'm just going to take over the war. This is like pinky in the brain, but the real thing, while he's also a guy who was friends with the people who put together Facebook, yet great movie social network. I didn't see the movie, but I really article about she added with little story, the actual real stories kind of fucked up, yet he kind of well there. Does winkle vast twins and they had this Harvard Dating APP or something, and then Zangara came in. I think Sucker Burg had more of a vision of what he wanted it. But it was certainly sketch little sketching. Happened here, but the fact that their trying to do money. Now. The trinity to Facebook Bitcoin like a currently never end, never it'll, never at inevitably Facebook vaccine ill fierce made it just what I mean don't know how it still relevant. When you go on Facebook, now, she's still crazy people screaming and at an end
if still kept them all on their. They ve kept them on their legs. Zuckerberg figure out a way to keep the boomers on Facebook to sharing recipes and and complaining about keen yet took acute on my aunt psych shave the children and here's a recipe for banana bread, Maya there's tunnel to understand so park and are making a fanatic cream pie later. So, if you, The recipe, Emily literally recipes and Q drops that's my aunt phase. Two jobs I mean it into her. Head is melted. I've talked to multiple people that really truly believe in the queue announced some of it listen some of it. You gotta, given the benefit of the doubt like I don't even plainly you're, not people's much because like if you were ignored. And of everything, and you never thought anything was conspiratorial and then obscene analysed I've happen. You're mine would melt and that's what happened. Ages been listening and following weird shit, I mean our remit,
would nine eleven was a big thing. Now. Nobody even care at least bring that up. People roll their eyes, I'm a militant change. That was a huge thing. Interposing we're gonna, get the answers and then people to stop caring and then you move onto this, and indeed five there's cuban on people, blackmail, stop caring and then it'll be a they're, saying and eventually You just have to like iconic check out because it gets boring, but you gotta wonder: disinformation campaigns have existed for where they tat legitimate information and then they lump in went nuts. Yes, crazy shit, Gary crazy people in crazy shit, and then they put it out there because it contains all the legitimate information as well hundred per se. Is a great book. Behold a pale horse, your reality in Cooper, yeah, yeah yeah. He read some of it, you gotta make sense, and then you know what the letter like an alien based on the moon, but what's that some of it just goes laughed gets really crazy has put Patricia neoliberal, great point. Where he's like the people will be Del, then say two things that make a lot of sentimental put marbles up there ass, that's the way you said it, but
chill, he said, and I know when I was like, but it's hot but eventually just for your mental health. You gotta check out you got it. So you know what is more to life than Paul tax and there is more to life than hunting. This can spirit, see forever, because it's not none of what you think is going to happen is going to happen. I think that's part of what unit you just nailed. It, though there's more to life, but there's not for some people, some people, if they put on a fucking, Maga hat- and they do you know they have liberals with a line through it gonna go out there and they fuckin yeah, that's egg and they get to the rally I was. I was out during the desert tat. All these women and there in a Mercedes, like PETE Beautiful Day now is how does it usually is women in like pop down Mercedes you'd think like on a day you just gotta, take DR put an album on good ticket Libya up the mountains, beautiful instead, They had these pink women for tromp flag and they all men in a corner and they're all waving their flag, and it's like Gulf people. It's
like middle upper middle class. Of people- and this is there. A sports was like high school spirit night. I wish her well yeah, that's what it is and it's the again thank God I found comedy. Thank God. I have something like yeah, because maybe I'd be somewhere, where the flag waving a flag running around. That's what it is like so many things to do. Nobody has Hobbes might not just now we have Hobbes are right. Now, no one has a job, that's a problem. So like no money coming in your desperate you're scared, blaming other people. Everybody else you don't know who the fuck is to blame. You have no idea where no one is a disease that might kill you yes that you, your anxious style or depressed their social circles been caught dramatically dramatically and now. The only thing you could do is gonna go online for nineteen hours a day radicalized in whatever direction. That's the thing that bothers me too about like when it
People talk about whether its CAN spirit see the arrests or whatever the one thing that drives me nuts, is that people say we have to stop. These can spirit like when all these covert conspiracies we're going around that. Well, that's a different one right because I guess some of them could be actually responsible. For people making poor choices and under those aid until we're gonna make a choice is before that. That's my point. Yeah is like if there's people out there that are pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories like who are you worried about? Are you worried about getting to you right now? You're, not right: where do what you believing Russell, you think you're smarter than everybody else yeah. Well, I think it's just people get deeply uncomfortable with the idea that they lose. Control of the public sphere, the public space right for so long. You had these these mainstream media outlets. They had real direct control. I mean everything you saw everything you watched everything you read, it was under the twelve, relatively small amount of people and
was how it was for ever right, This was not like an aberration this, was literally how was forever every single thing. You read or saw, was curated by a small group of people and now it's the wild West new and alive of people and you're gonna get bad information. You gotta get good information, you have to figure out, which is what and the country not good at doing that. People are not good at doing that, and shopping we'll get worried and there like wait a minute, but you can't put the Genie back in the bottle where the problem as they can right than they were in Denmark in all the relevant to hand them. Yet the video of the bunch of doctors talk him on how drugs the clerk, when in YE packs and that woman who's a witch doctor. I liked her, I like that which doktor I want to hear more about. I find her opinions on on on demons, Fucking you more interesting than Gov. She needs apologia. She needs a pie. I don't care about Hydroxyl clerk. What I want to know who demons. You fuck you in your sleep. We should have around you and me with phrase. If you get her me,
you and her would be phenomena. We could fly her and when you wear masks she would not wear masks. She'd fight a carpet Ella. Where does it really great? I have no idea where, where does that war and live she practices? Medicine is trip MA. Am you seen? It knows literally like right next to me, a lot of talk, just your bullshit low year out of doors, new large percentage, especially and allay both doctors are humans. Rights go to school. They learn to be a doctor. There's a lot of crew whom you nobody comics at work, because my doctor friend said it's a practice, which means we're still practising a cycle. That's not comforting our practice me! That's not at all what practice the sucker you freak see you later so major failings like you even have a degree. Did you go to medical school? That kind of logic is like when people say programme would took terawatt tv programmes, the programming bro right, that's stupid, like linguistic garbage, linguists,
now there are. You are you? Is there any part of? It? Is gonna Miss LOS Angeles, oh yeah yeah, I'm going to miss it sure you can imagine store but I'm missing. The LOS Angeles surmounting exists right now: ripe and you got on Mailros, you see everything boarded up and you see fuckin homeless, encampments everywhere, like I took the wife to Venice yeah and talked with as before. Unfortunately, sorry if you heard it before but driving by parts at a red light, you know stop the red light rather and theirs is fuckin house to my left, pray worth five billion dollars and right. Cross the street. There's ten tents right. So imagine you you're fuckin! Kid is in your frontline. You, you made it. You got a beautiful house in Venice. Were five minutes from the beach. I love it. You get ten junkies camped out in front. Fuckin house need urgent street like this. Crazy, fuck, intense everywhere yeah? I was in bread when this morning, it's Kay yeah yeah. Do you get off the four or five inches garbage stacked up seven feet high and tents, fuckin habitually grills out?
yeah, that's right! Yeah! I mean that's why I got this house's deserts. I'm like I just want to get out, and you know as soon as you get out there, something happens when it gets really cool, hi and there's none does I'm living to Texas yeah yeah thing Texas is like yeah. Texas is like regular world, but you wear mask gap and a lot of people from Texas Job Set, but I'm talkin about so much and people are moving out there. But I'm sorry sorry, your ass. Sorry you're an awesome spot. Yeah too seems like the first of all high population centres. It's this is at a time for high population centres is let everybody knows that the whole idea, I live in Manhattan. This can be great everything's. There was one right here: she is. She taxes, firepower, ministries, dot org. I love that but of war. What fire, partly as a weapon of war, Gimme the full image homeless and you ve got back back back back. I can't yet negative fire power ministries. What does that guy
battle, axe and weapon of war, see that I wouldn't want to write to the website, but it was not worth fire but majority S. Look at what it says. Their gods battle, axe and wept of war. I it. I need that tattooed yeah, I'm gonna, get that on my right leg. Firepower minish, I love lot that bound ministries and weapon of war, seven ministries and when you have got on my heel, that, where she, the christian resources right there, that sounds good our apartment, Firepower Ministry, pay deliverance, counselling, bookstore print shop gifts. I will send a limo to get. You gives in more bring you to Austin. We do podcast we're gonna have a good time. It sounds fun. It looks legit yeah, porthole, witchcraft section if well, if you know, get a book on witchcraft, Hagen, learn you to go to a which they might lie to you more for her. Protecting us from witches will gods battle, axe and weapon of war.
You're right now, your twitter men. This is her everybody. Please listen to me out. I've never asked for anything. I want every update your twitter bio to gods, battle axe, a bit of war. I want every one of you and I might do that too. I may do that. I will do that right now. Hope: zero students important power on the important to show solidarity with that woman and her gods battle, axe and weapons. Fire pole, firepower, ministries, ass gods, Battleax and weapon of war profile to do at a profile. Here we go! Every man is coming out of the woodwork now, like you have a lot to give friend. If you have, if you have anything to do with medicine at all, you could come out now. Jesus, you can't you could build a brand. Yeah she's building a plan Bible versa, barrel reeling yeah! You want my work, may mislead alone, and I made it,
it's already moved to a wretched build in a brand under similar. Do yeah tanker the branch just what it s got. Everybody can see a list of MILAN some Somerset unless MILAN, as some people have to be gods, weapon of war, yeah backs battleax and weapon of war. What areas Bible quote this embargo codes make what they know the people car. They dont want the light touch. Bible quote: no, they don't want the like give the old man, soup or whatever unison version that they want, like the fires will reign through your. I like that type and says yeah the upon their into that. So many p, Bulges really love that decided imagery from my book a revelation. Yes, they want that statue,
report, the Bible, a lot of them care about. You just want the end. They think it's coming. What's goin on here, gimme some gimme, some of this. What she said was that, yes, we give life to Christ, but we ve been living in sit right was that we did not believe TAT. God exists, but we ve never surrender our or to him so reasonable. As always, but because of the kids, don't be afraid, give your all crisis I feel comfortable. She walked into aware hospital waiting room and start treating me, I feel very comfortable, and then she brought back I out and she goes meet. My nurse is my head nurse. You know what is interesting, though, is this the political association said a word others. It she rock that's exactly goodbye.
Those are, if that's the blaze, yours wife, trying to get in trying to get a response from people. In our view, the p nuthin yeah yeah yeah wonder to real nightmare out there. It's weird yeah, really where we can say alive. It's awesome, those long as nobody love dies and thus to good. I think if we come out on the other hand, which I think will be next spring as it will you go through the fall and winter it's gonna, be we heard the elections we are like. Have you ever have you ever? looked forward to three months, less nook and these three months of intense I haven't tensing. Idea about the election right bedroom, where my yeah, this could be bad girl could go. Interestingly, it could be a real mess in this kind I think it'll be a massive amount of who gets in I'll be less of a mess. If Biden went, I think if I'd ones will be the last of the mask and I think people will shut, I'm hoping people will shut up like him
apple juice, shut off and not going to shut up yeah they're not going to shut up because, first of all, the Trump people, if Biden, wins they're going to be furious. Right Trump has said that, like the mail in vote, things going to be for fraud he's, maybe he's not wrong about that either. I dont know enough about it, but no, why we can have a regular election with masks. Why don't know why we can entertain the scene is: oh you and I dont know what the fuck we're talking about was to go all in and say I believe it to be a fraud or what you d mail. It I think it could be too. I think they should vote online. How can we can do backing off right here, because they're, not commercial national laws and chinese trawls and all the trolls and Botz. Meanwhile, you bank, on no problem, but what's more important than your money. Nothing now that it's good point, we mildly, they figured out how to do that. They should have a regular elections. Six feet distancing mask spray everything down in between us. I mean what are we doing phone opens up with your face the mind us least, or you fingerprint. Why can't you use that?
I just I agree with you, but I dont know why we can have a traditional, regular election with masks and distancing. We certainly can. I think we can. I think it's stupid not to His passion and elections can be this contentious anyway. We You probably just have a regular election with masks and distancing wonder what is going to be like the poles. Am, I give really an elderly people. Yes, you should go to nursing homes that really elderly people and let them let them touch a computer screen I'd, let my mother going there let my mother tongue, because she loves tromp. She asked me the other day she get me a mega hat. Unless you yeah she's gets a frantic, but she loves her she's kind of his face. She because she goes yeah. She goes a year. She goes, I love tromp. She does he just trying to do the right thing for the country in a figure picture you and false tribes, Does your aunt on it doesn't understand Donald Trump trying to save us from people who want to hurt us as I care
gets down. I always try to let the people and narratives afghan aunt on everybody has one yeah semi that's my ears, question who's, gonna name, it kid care, and, after all, ass, thou God their names out so right. You know you're Emmy, my name that happened due to where every policy that is being done, bribed and eightys with that little Timmy everyone everyone did and name is decreasing popular, which is fine. I don't want it. I don't want a name that everyone as but every body was the pussy name forever was like Timmy. What about eight off by the way, not a good guy. Great name thought about it. A great name strong Wilhelm, clip this send us right. It's a drawn name. Wilhelm, UK user, you can't use you can't use aid. Often Maria
how many kids a useless as was stood upon Romany kids a year are named Adolph, probably nobody, nobody right want to know. I want to know how many shoulder to talk about a social justice warrior the guy's name data. I gotta go hard. What actually was that this was a? U S, article could say worldwide in Article Europe's role in the official records are apparently so. This record show that only third in children were named Adolph between two thousand six and twenty third to follow them? Netflix dominated small, come back sense than forty six children have a naval assets. Are you there? Germany is going, there's gonna be a lot of eight online yak as they got some issues and refugees were hello. That number is follow. The start kids at a great Netflix act. Mallory, like you, just call it thirteen aid offs. And you follow them and see how they how they deal with. Having that the name of
in our genocidal monster? Really, but maybe I'm getting Genghis. You can name you kid Jane. No! No! It is a dangerous or Genk Angus. Genghis Khan, I like and as long too have said, Dingus, but I think you really spoke. Said: Genghis I'll Katrina, Kate lay waiting well now no market Monica biogas. Her out, I says: there's a few: I don't you ever gone somewhere. You see some of the Middle EAST and dissent. Their name is Islas. It's like a beautiful name. Isis Ellen's rough famine is like an old, but it's a rough one. Now it's a rough one now cause she was running. The grave in the back of her, shall that's a rough ride up she's out there dancing with Christian Balin and back is people that getting up on a rack like this. It's so weird when you see like a lot of people, saying that someone seems so. Nice is nice at all, She doesn't seem nice, but that's it that people have a very poor judge of character. Doesn't seem. Nice seems forced people that are like that all the time.
She doesn't seem nice very force and whatever you're allowed to be a bad trade, you're allowed to be better than to be nasty. Two people, your accomplished comedian, you did all thing you're not allowed to do. Is have they, Guantanamo Bay situation in the back of your head, where everybody's walking around afraid for their life is like out with grave with their hopes up two wires, and they are my random here. She's, not dogs. If an internal lay to have a hood on, I dont support that stance. Yeah yeah, I'm with you now I mean You know I wish disgust, she's around for too long tail and warn all these people walk away. You ve been famous forever walk away, like eventually everybody you're just going to figure it out now thousand in Nepal. Gee door because poverty talk as if the black face like is well. He was he had to go around and apologize a million times are like they're gonna find the thing. If you don't go away got it, you gotta have a good run and we have a good run. You stepped back. Ok, I'm starting to do my thing, but like
I mean there's only a few jobs and entertainment right right show. I think a lot of the cancer called you shoot. Motherfuckers want those jobs who do How long is this bridge gonna be dancing? I can dance when Hillary Clinton, like you, do the job. Austin with Henry Kissinger, whatever the fuck does out there did Charles did she. This goes out. Did you to chastise Gulf war criminals at the current push you jump and around I mean right: choose both with Bush. Notions must see age, Steve we paddock and do not have for sources, the Stephen improvement paddock who's that he was the guy that is shot the biggest concert that was very ning. Listen to this, the only guy that source even paddock lives names, hazy, compost, he was a guarded Mandalay Bay. He got interviewed no aroused. No, we got interviewed in the beginning, Belen, Alan, really weird, and then they went on. If you could fund
clip they went on with a weird like diagram of how it happened in Ellen's like showing the people out? I'm not like an emotional like. How are you feeling how you holding up? It was a weird a of like, and then he went to the left and the right. It was very strange to what the Hell's going on this issue, a time shall, which is the paddock guy, but there's two guys a chubby. Your guy is the hazy sky, and now Ellen is doing it. That thing of of how this shooting up and look out she's got like an antenna from someone here York than she's a pointer pulling. Why is this happening on like a daytime show is weird where'd you get that pointer she's, not all she stole off in turn car. Why would you just use your finger? Give that was you? who's your show, the don't you just point the as yet. This is also a giant screen behind declared put it on that. Sure, but the reason I find it very strange. I don't know why those are real palm trees yeah. I know that street. I know that block about reveals that she is
I dont know why they're doing this on a daytime talk, just keep it running. Look at she's dress like Colonel Anders, not colonels Sanders. She just likes and this guy looks like a measure of our staff working elfish wearing She wears where's as we like militant. Lest I should tell you shall form yeah. Does an odd look with all those buttons like. Why do you have so many risk buttons? It was given Langley dealing with what you have that many responds? If you look at the clothes on somebody, get a look at our everyone says she looks a friendly. She looks scheduled friendly. She does look very oh dear she's, a militant woman with a very expensive watch, to deal with a lot of discrimination which it came out. It was very sad, but then she enjoyed the CIA. Her house got broken into while she was at home, real ere. She got a dope place and monitor, and said, and then they broken while she was there and those people still being tortured to this day, probable you're still in an underground jail, yeah, she's, feeding them to our staff.
She's like it's. Ok, don't worry about it, because you did good. That's that the guy the survivor the guy who met paddock she's holding onto what she's alive. Do that because she's a woman, what it does a man holding onto a woman's arm that long I'd, be rape, real problem that that's for sure, so weird man. What a strange interview man I mean it. Hope the situation was strange. What it's like range never really figured out. Why that guy did there was no motive. He has very little footprint online, whose achievements in the reality and yeah he was made a lot of money doing now. Jamie's just would you do I mean I was you don't know you don't know? What do you think? That's why I don't know Tell me what's going on a story? Ok, but you just made a noise like this is bullshit official gamblers, but as a lot of professional ambush buddy about play, video poker, zombies, yeah? That's all you did. He was an arms dealer and I don't know I just as you are very different,
in a way in which it was an arms dealer there we did have a lot of fuckin guns, Some agent is very strange and a lot of times what happens is game. A cheque for twenty five will good for her biggest check to looking one lot: ass, good, Mozilla is allowed only gave you protect our biggest twenty five gradually. Taxes, that's not even any money about put us. This nonsense said pitch. Haven't you give me some real money and not eight thousand dollars when we give people fifty thousand dollars to inferior fact area. The government I think, take sixteen. He had screamed thirty. Four. Do when you do your first job in comedy of two joint sag, which is three thousand dollars for a lot of times. You like negative yeah, you have to pay three. Granted join the screen hours and then your five metres wide? Well, that's what they're doing right now in California, taxes that try to retroactively tax everybody.
Up with sixty point eight percent, which is Larry yes, Christ, you're going back to January. Like you know, I know you were living here over the last seven months to mean that your tax rate was what it is and you budgeted for that, but no going to steal your money. Are they gonna be able to do that now? The propellers sixteen point eight percent for top earners and then its behind a matter work as it was. Thirteen in a lot of people be painful eighteen, so a lot of money. You go to a state that doesn't manage money Well, it doesn't seem to fix any of the problems special you gotta get that multimillion our house in front a fuckin. Tents were alike. Am I doing here? What am I doing? Work my fucking ass off ten hours a day I come home, exhaustive, try spends in quality tat my family, I'm dodging nourishing Matilda confront Anna payer. Sixteen percent
love he spent in college. I gotta get, but he still like he's on some hookers in coke, and this is still a problem. Is I don't want to come over here and walked through tense? These women are professionals, yeah, don't know the decades coming on that was gathering in Britain we pay someone a watch, two kids and yet, but you know it's, it's falling. A party are very quickly. I wonder, what's going to happen like how far can have a I would have neither of ours. It can fall for sir! Don't get crazy, it will fall further, go in March, a preacher there's no one there. Ok, that's a good point. Families, I've always look, it's gonna be taken over by Tik, Tok kids. You already see it happening. That's why trumped running and take out your security. They literally run outlay these sixteen year old kid they go to that. Stickers, Bauer Boa and they all workers. The dazzled, jackets and energy paparazzi outside and these paparazzi their job here they collect as the world's burning care to do this. The paupers These job is to ask these kids like what's going on in their kin and there they literally have responses like a regular child. What they'll be like
What's going on Madison and she's, like I'm, trying to get a car and he's like our, I run. So like this- is that guy's life he's gotta call around these children at least used to follow around Sandra Bullock. Now you're following ran a kid who, like does This we want do there was a comic oyster comment, but he was a DMZ guy, for while we was yes, I know that guide. We met that dude good, looking use. One of the themes. You got very nice to meet you at the airport autumn. Some thousand answers questions sometimes like Bro, viruses damsel. I get there a little chronic to talk for a fellow com and we're talking and MIKE again it but it, but he was cool, if I told him like I'm not into it, I'm so fuckin tired and I'm not going to comment on my friends. Death like one of em, Yeah right out Anthony Boarding, dynamite,
What a way to make a little! I feel bad for those guys. You have to camp out outside of a Starbucks interviews sixteen year old, like what's the drama this week. They also know where you are somehow there's knocking. These can do what are they get the having at the flight information That's what I want. I don't know. No, it's nice to meet you. I don't want to know how to get the yeah. Maybe I don't know I've and have no one airline, neuron yard yeah. I know now I don't know why you must have someone inside the airline they send the money or something like that. They will have some sort of that's interesting today that this is an issue that alley acts at the right time. He had not just Ellie. Actually they show up when you getting off the Alice, the escalator like at fuckin. You know the fourth terminal, you, no one. In terminal for you coming out, therefore, the ready, while we're safe
outside of the restaurant in Beverly Hills a lot of times, but I guess you asking people to go to jail. They know what restaurants they're gonna get like. Even they re on Zaire or our or hatch or any of those and the food at a lot. I like crags, but a lot of those peddlers reference, not good. Well, it's a scene it to see six. Activities for the food is right. You got this is her. If I ve shown a noble, malleable dinner, let alone the probably so there on the street Yelena Uk Elliot others like the parking lot yeah and then there's the rest. Are you gonna miss that staff frigate amidst like the nobler now Belinda Food, like disunity? Now now I may I now meet not only like fits, I hate it. When there's no meat around my dad's Fernandes Stake ass. He said that this vision? Is pike fishes perfectly good? If there's no me, I lay with the good thing about fishes did it all day long one gets its value if you eat meat, people think you're terrible person, meanwhile there's plenty of cows and we're stuck in fish out of the ocean. The accurate numbers oceans, gonna, be drained, of sir. She me here, but no, you know what
don't know generation before I said a word about us, so it's like I'm going to eat this. Is she mean the kids can figure out that the tick Tock Fox figure out how to get more salmon? But there's no shortage of cattle, like you can Ok, I like using the problem that they fired and then it causes method. I mean I know that, but then they didn't actual service. If you find that they did some, satellite image of the United States. They found out that the large majority of methane release is coming from dumps. And coming from Ireland, which may and a of course to us all that food happenings guarding and it is going to require all of those you know people could they make his political, but with very interesting, is like sugar gets away with everything shoulders. Like eight, like those a committee, who did a great job whose Baron VON and it was like, he goes cocoa, in Heroin look at sugar and I thought that's the fuckin do if it that's a little dry
he's everywhere. Yeah he's now this is real, argues Leah, so I mean sugar is just show endemic in our culture there s not that political, and it is very addictive yeah, really, nourish fear did this and that big geography and a few people we This slim fast challenge for like two weeks, and you read confess ingredients all sugar, you drinking chocolate, Milch judges, much power, those in the sugar rice, and it fills you up in some weird. Where were you gonna Jamie? Research shows removing all livestock and poultry from the. U S alone would only reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by zero point. Three: six percent, you fucks just relax, give you don't those cows they die on their own and knowing its Edam right. That's the problem gap. She got to eat the cows, yeah? This idea that you gonna save the where there was something that was promoted by a lot of these bullshit propaganda. Vague movies ragged, if you like greenhouse gases, are all coming from that? No, no, no, look a lot agree.
Else. Gases coming from shipping produce folks rise, unfortunate and sorrow, agreed. There's a lot of problems with growing things like almonds. You're using so much fucking watered here. These thing right, you drink an almond, well you're, feeling on home. I'd you're gonna knock what you're feeling on whole milk. I think raw milk is probably good for you its raw. Doesn't bother me the wrong us, as on March nine non pastoral. Will you find you can only get it in some stores in this kind of growing there I mean that's like yes, like finding DM tee. I was about to say out loud, sometimes you'll bring up a product like how do you even get? I was drinking raw melt fraud while because you could get it at the supermarket. Think you get a whole foods, but it was good for literally like two days. Does it tastes good? It is great interest, it's really thick. Unlike you drink it and it doesn't make you feel like shit. Like there's something about regular milk, which I love like milk and cookies, Gimme, a fuckin chocolate chip, cookie, a coal glass of milk. Woe yeah so good, you don't get in a year, Dunker deduct. I have done
boa has a dessert where it does warm cookies and that too little scoop nice crimson. It's a problem, very good, real, good, very good thing. But when you drink regular milk, your stomach sort are, we can deal with it. I would ever but whole milk It just cutting goes in there because it has all the enzymes is on boiled down when your body is drinking pasteurized homogenized milk, the ideas it can stay in the of longer, it could feed more people. It also last long teachable from getting sick. I get it all sounds good, but the problem is that you, I don't know what that is. I guess boiled in dead is nine times in re, drink, regular milk, it's like you as we know to do this, this Laura Mill said Melick. It's not this pact like pasture radiation, exert ok, yeah, that's all and you know phenomenal mob. It's a little lighter than homer milk is now nonsense. Such arguments some fuckin shit where you'd take almonds and then you so calm and they are
this murky water and they drink. That lie yourself, and by that I mean First almond milk, a sugar in it like Duncan Duncan daylight dude on milk. So how can I go? Why don't you read homer sugar? It is preserving nineteen grams likelihood of nineteen grams authorities so that everybody loves you drink milk yank. Will you got witness witness ass when he has all these we're plant based things but they're, all kind of like weird, like plant based chocolate, hops in Charleston, Milkin nonsense, but she's there. Think she'd she doesn't need. A lot rose up a lot of people, that's what you die entails beat yeah. It's good point should, at all of those things, all those things help the needles. Everyone that college got nine needles coming I'm like is covered vaccination. What's going on ass, he does the any de both to any deviations,
but yeah I mean, but the plant based stuff never feels that halcyon plant based diet is that which is doing now, shall have meet every now and then, like I'll, bring your food that has made in it and she probably need a war. Yes, really I mean a lot of time to try to bring her like eggplant farmer, John or something that's like in her we'll house yeah she's a diner here, Pink Malik, Billy. Irish, what did you do this she's real Somebody I mean she's like gone off. The problem was an mri need a vaccine sorted Nick Glaser retorted Monkshaven her head on Twitter. How to reach out to our yeah? They did you. Yes, I give you a bit. You steal my thing he calls me. Nicky saw you at it, and solidarity for my friend who has cancer by the way there is no friend is illegal. Immigration and people have an issue cited she's coming next week. I tell ya like you would it was. What are you doing? She's she's gone
crazy, she's she's been was area either Pham yeah she's living their family, while legal, great masses of grants, a fucking, great comics, always get Keller Way these air she's so greatly, and with these really wouldn't keeps getting younger like she looks like she, seventeen years all committed Rina, Chrome, yeah. It's a goods happening there, where the ablution come from. What is that? What is HU this is her assistant! He mused shoots things at her. She knows how to stay round resistance. Hilarious here he's really want together very finding tat. He just like, I don't know cracks edge over at or whatever. I don't know that it's got it. I mean what works? It's! It's a fun, dynamic, she's having a good time, yeah I've she's. What those people that I go, man! How does Whitney function without the store which is private people say about me right to find function, but I mean like yeah course of us peoples is by shooting a potato than adamant in let's activist, I agree MA. Am
get out? I had to go to the desks. I couldn't handle the feeling every day that think things were disintegrating minute by minute and they are yeah that was wearing on me. So I said, let me just go to where this is eighty year old driving golf cart, seer Bob hope you just look about almshouse it's nice, Joe Ideas, had a really good point. I think he's right he's right before you leave your oven. You gotta go down then film that shit, how these motherfuckers they don't. They don't know. Yet. No goddamn now rose. They don't know. That is not what the fuck you and I listened to the episode they would leave when they talk about dissolving the church was like. That was a great fuck it I saw a man and it was like emotional. I was like because that guy I'm with you, help define a whole arab podcasting and comedy and everything so it's like when you hear him talk about walk in from outlay, and why he's doing it in the family, I mean it's a real, like impact. Both don't tell Joe the asking to happen if you're gonna tat one winter in New Jersey and I'm gonna call
Joey. I bought your house. The palm is just a renowned is playing. Its have is plainly that almost I'm, a beautiful house golf course we'll get green, make sure it's really near walking distance to good food. Here by my how yea by him at once, I open up a comic club, the ETA. In your hard core you're like on full, I'm gone you doing, I'm gonna Y know you got that you really do that every they fuck and done everything. Tat was an exciting. I need comedy. I also I feel like Austin is a fantastic artistic community. This lot, like fantastic music, is alive. The capital the world food is fuckin sensational, a very good. The people are cool shit. I fellow that's a good sport hundred, I mean we only come up- do an attempt in long island in two weeks, governors to galvanise us. They have set up a tent in the parking lot and I'm doing it cause Why does like pay good for them? Why not for them? Finally, start little by law.
Figuring out like what this is. Gonna look like good for them for just fucking adapting in. I look like the Astor answer Blake blatantly go on Venezuela taken up the sidewalk Finally, all supposed to shoot out, I want to say why but mean a bunch of other people were so as to shoot something for Netflix in August? lay that never have that! So now it's so you know now what the hell's going to happen with that yeah I I was try to do my next special right around the new year. That was my Ryan and my art in Bogota these oh yeah allotted should booked, but my plan was to make this mad Ronald, who do Boston, Garden, Madison Square Garden. I had all these theaters book me into power, doing a bunch of dates and the thing
Is it common to like January February, just fucking coming in hot and do my next special? And now it's like part at me, like I'm, not happy that this is happening for anybody, that sick or anybody lost a business anybody, but you have to be able to adapt and look at the bright side. So for me, what I'm thinking is right now is at the vet At least what I can do is use this as an opportunity to examine what I want to say in my act: right examine it. Instead of just doing bits that I know are killing cuz, I have That's it. I know just murder and write. What am I going to show you a bit how it? What is the images? I feel this is real, like wit, where, where do I go with this and then go go forth once The year rolls over, I think, around twenty twenty one January February. That's Mosul, I glee if there is a possibility of doing stand up again. That's what I'm going. Open, right, you're, Talkin about haven't some sort of a vaccine around December sought. Well, let's say but yeah now, shore,
I think it's gonna get your point. We're gonna get to hurt immunity little quicker than we think. Well, you know I was talking to a run functions yesterday. Wrong. What is this is it? This is the this is how we live from now on. You can still go to the store. Where am I right, go to restaurant. We wear a mask like is this? What would we do? What we eventually just start doing stand up again say: fuck it. If you catch it, you catch it to get a question. I don't know, I think, You can return immunity with this at a lower percentage than a lot of other things, because we they say we have exposure to private previous kroner virus is an error. You could maybe start reaching some level heard of media around twenty three percent, as opposed to sixty percent, which would mean New York regulating the New York over case is very low. That is one of the reasons I'm doing a tent learning caused the very low right now, but Ellis Skyrocket allay sky. Rocketing. But no one cares. Like every eye was advised Ella skyrocketing, it's the wrath of eventual gods,
I will be very honest: I mean do deserve to not be. No, I I think skyrocket exist. And across country it was just east to west everything's cool kind of starch in New York and ends up in Atlanta, get salt and get ruined and get big and get ruin, Cove and started in New York yet eyes or what I have just gives its yet here is around everybody's. Just uses covert filters that reactors that no one cares and people are out knee outdoor restaurants, him in it doesn't really matter. People are enjoying the rash round the outdoor restaurants, but I feel so bad for other really good restaurants. It don't have allowed us to reach the most pleasant. Adam said aunt, Silverton, P, L, a piano
Nowadays Felix you lying Felix as an outsider. They deal it's wonderful, their whole outside its fantastic. That's Austria go there ever next or restaurant and had this whole outside area, the act out over there's a lot lately desert. When you go to Russian it does you eat food, you actuarial at what the fuck is. This do you know what goes on. I gotta see. Africa has to address that you would seldom I gotta do you know what they say? No, I just wanna good one call Pacifica, which is really good, but there's a lot restaurants at and it does. We got some wrong, so you just decided to go out there did you previously have experienced and harms miracles, but I was in a car and in a people the riot started. So I I was in a car and right started, and I literally instead go back to my house sailor right sunset and upon rid of sunset. Instead of going back, just got on a ten east. I never even been I'll drive, you say why the clothes on my back
swear to God, I started getting on a ten east. What am I gonna? Do I look like a car? I look like a guide incipient burnt alive for every sin that these countries commit it right. No one would care my own parents would be like he probably did something right to deserve that. So, unlike I'm gonna fuck out of here, because I it lit up immediately side Dodge Avenant Kenny's got every b. I talk some due to my cake and it was a nice everyone. I just You're, like a fucking love it out here, it's just nice, it's just quiet. I know people like vacations, of course, I just said that myself only give alleys not gonna, be if our mother to store and I'm not doing anything, I contrived an ado, podcast can easily dragon how undertaking to get here under two. About to San. Diego traffic is mature freeware. Have you ever thought of living down there like oil. Now now too, a surfer
you know what I mean obvious. There are not here. I came here to stand. A comedy can create things I didn't come here to be a surfer riding community, all guiding commuter join, it called, you're going to do anything that an coastguard EAST Coast is where I was born wrestling with us, It's a year in the palm desert yeah because it sure well what we can do and I can't move back to New York, get shot and face so stay there until December to the holidays and figure out who knows will see what's happening there, all the violence rate in New York. It right now is also to lodge yards a little too much show crazy. It's a lot and listen how they turn their back. A little bit turnaround didn't five years everything it's a cycle, little bit about him out a little bit or or be done forever. Blinds Bosnia cycle due to five years about your rich kids, a move in there just like they moved in two thousand nine. The start you unaltered we have common dress and, like fuckin, see no fun in July. I guess labourers start trap that you now unnoticed.
An end that'll be the resurgence of the city. They'll, say, though, dealt opened up a new coffee houses in what used to be homely, shelters and it'll, just and it's just a cycle. But what needs to happen there's gonna be a lot of pain, there's gonna be allotted. The placement of people, and then I think this could be, the route to the city, getting cool again to maybe younger artistic people coming in architects to include shit. Re imagine, in public spaces, no New York needs check it out of its Trillo bit and so does Ella. That's what's happened right. I just want to be here, for it maybe it'll get dirty and dangerous again, it's good, get to the point where maybe everything won't sock time squirrel be like times square understandable that moved to New York? Will all they'll, be. You know, listen if no you could get slashed on the way to the comedy. Show you better kill you better make it work attention. You better make you work if it is safe and you and your friends like skipping down this year, you know you don't ever feel that new, no pressure, where's
but others are right. Pressure is good young man and I think that now you Forget it. You know. Where do you think you're gonna wind up now a text is very interesting about. That's very interesting. I mean the idea that is for interesting, I put up the bad signal forever, but yeah that's very interesting. To me I mean I also thank you. I do like a lot, but I don't know, what's gonna how I do like it here. I mean there yet I don't know what I'm gonna do. I may manage Nuno I've taught about managing Logan Paul's presidential campaign. It grows move back to do that. We're gonna have to talk to you, no he's gonna be like Roger Clinton's trolling right now. A few guns troubles arsenal is Billy. Carter he's got an arsenal, less beer, yeah there's always a guy at your Clanton territories, a brother we got you take you just sit down. Was it an arsenal thing? It was because he was he was still things from the more it was just walking around the mall being babying what he does, which has put a camera, and then I think you know he left eye
They can only forty seven on his hot tub, like leaned up against I think somebody, rapid, a mountain and gonna show it on Twitter something gear. There was some something on em, something by due to a guy like that. With that kind of money I say: get more weapons, gotta get a bio weapons lab. You should have a background of Irish, going twenty four seven get anthrax. Jake Poor get anthrax, who cares you're gonna meet it. When I lay falls. These are the only fuck you know that there are gonna be able to doing. They could have. Arsenals did point the M and why not sought a bad idea? but I don't know like always very weird cozier you're you like we do. I sit in unit without and a comedy like Ipod casting that's good, and I try to make that is funny as I can. But then you look around a lot of LISA Valet, like I dont, really fit in with the actors, not really, one of these kids, it's really like a social media guy and then I'm not one of these cuts. These writers step tweet about global warming, a black eyes metal that she'll you like community of people, which was the store and Ex Nanda com
the into our have now been like dispersed. So it's like a weird like like a man without a country yeah. I feel like that, and I want to be adopted by one of these like someone come in here like one of the ladys tubers. I don't care anybody, one of these guys it walk round You know, like I, beasts in these crazy, sure it's in everything just I'll be one of those guys. Just so we're, not gonna my darling, your own thing. Well, I mean golf shirts and you're, just just Palos test is ill, fitting polos ill, fitting polos for the american Racists apologia always peer like. Why is it that that is legs? The only thing I wear her door where you know what it is. I I've always wanted to look like. I've had money and I've never looked like it and there's a tie. Poor guy. That's from a lot of them live in New York or Long Island or Boston by the way s eyes yes, and they wear these fuckin palos and they have no fuckin money and that's the kind of guy did. I am words like. I always want to look, but there
we sun burned and they ve gotta get ill fitting thing like the collar and Ngos college all fucked up, because I tumble down in the wash it can. I look like I like a golf pro whose fail that everything is wife laughed like John Jago Brother, yeah yeah, I mean, but that's the look and when you have the look just honour the look the eyes look. I remember when I was a kid fake eyes odds we couldn't afford alligator. So what was it like? Mozilla bullshitting nearby from like you know some stupid department year and guys would glue an alligator over all, really pressing, that's raw ground, though it fake they made it out by so funny like leaving. You did a heads. Labels to kids are big deal. You too have off brains. Yours on line, summarised shaved up for of research is shared, and I bought this Rosati. Surety was that this weird mash material, the clings your body now used now we can imagine for many problems with that right
Society has european cut close. Not even if I use the word smallnose cock clothes not cut cut. Their therefore attempt would like small shoulders. You know that you see. Does the matter like they're. Just there there there women like turning right, shall I bought this. Such a shirt, which was like blue and mash, and it was just a night I mean I look like Grover Sunlight cookie monster one or other, and then I just build something on it and then I realized like this. Their clothes. You can't ever spill anything on an ever or you have to like, throw it out like those types of material. It just doesn't work and I'm like the people that, where these Johnny boy or when they in all eaten away that gets things on them or when they get things, it is thrown thrown out, get another one crazier there. While we have never been in a fashion young I've. Never have either, but I have been fascinated by the whole Paris fat
John show runway me closer interest to the point where I've actually like our memory, can? U S was getting into that and you know he was making his stuff and people where non runways right. I've almost want to be there to see what one of those things because I met some of the people. They are probably so preposterous. Yes, so weird, let's go out to dinner, and I let you see these people walk into these restaurants in it's kind of hilarious. You, like these people, are like a meme electorate real around, like oh, my god. So that's what fashion weakest like! I think it's an attack. Business built on bullshit, like an entire business built on like what do you think I'm like but in all this crap like there's nothing real about it other than war, Korea is layers. Our businesses collect that it works like there's no it involves, and it's all pretty much like what set where popular sentiment, going. How much can we affected how much can be directed and then there's eight year old and Pakistan to make all the close yeahs. Yes, all these things,
which is sad, but they need to work with What happened you to shut down a country? Nobody works. We want a Europe Pakistan, is innovative and our work, I wonder what's going to happen with american manufacturing, I wonder: there's gonna be a real shift, recognising what a huge problem is having medicine made in China on all like there's Santa phones made here that a fucking fell single one single want everybody has a phone is millions of come under. This makes us we think, all of that and that we ve gotta be more. I mean that would make sense right, because ninety percent of our antibiotics are made in China that most of our medication, that's crazy. That's one thing that I thought was very interesting about. Tromp was He was like a listen. These fuckin begin fuck by China, they're fucking, and he was right. He was right, but it's just when he's right about things. Those things become wrong: crap because people don't like it
did I say about the political association- whether that's where not of hydroxide clerk went yeah when shop got the covert, he took a doktor asked him. What his political leanings are is like what is a lot of people don't want to take Hydroxyl Eric when because of Trump, is that when I should take those yes, Charlie, getting nervous history task like always, where do you stand on imperialism shelves at wait? What's he was better just coughing what're you talking about gimme the for communication that working better raising a doctor. What was that I think any doctor says this helps. Anybody that doesn't want to take. It is clear to me it's crazy, but it's a strange one in that, so many people are against it, but it's like, or would this like, there's a an article was an article that I pulled up really recently about. Oh here it is the key to defeating covered. Nineteen already exists. We need to start using it, is a doctor. Who is a legitimate scientist right, so they're trying to
figure out like why is nice husk? Ideally, it works from Darth. Professor professor of epidemics, from Yale School of Public health he's not a but he's not fully share apple share. Anything listen, there's real evidence to show that particular in the early stages of this disease, but it works. It stops the virus from spreading. It's a malaria disease has been used for ever, but the dots into your terminals and it was like the Lazarus drug, like people just getting up a walk and out of the hot like like people literally that came in with aid if they used in early enough. It was really good right, but then use here the studies were people saying no. In fact, more people died when there are like well what the fuck, true. What is real yeah either I mean that's when you just have to kind of clock out new go list figure it out. Well, is it because of two b? Is it difference? dangers that disease words on effective. Is it different elections? It old people, and work on, but it works on young animals lines and what are the studies? How are you doing? This study is doing the studies. I mean it's all very difficult. Have you done anything different in terms of light? Take
carries out a mind immediately. How much I take vitamin d. Five thousand, I use it. That's I take vitamin d Our answer to my son. I started smoking because they cigarettes, they said help. There was an order, I'm kidding I die, but now that I've won one to go, but I dont smile smiled, but I have every now and then at night covered as you know, it's a relaxing thing once in a while, not all the time you smoke cigars now I should want one right now, How how greatly appreciated, though I shall star boxes, might by not need another, have destroyed smug, cigars, accessing oxidize Alla time now, because I have an addictive personalities, whatever you can do a lot guesswork That's the problem. Y got good a comedy, DS talks about it later got addicted to dad you now. That's the whole thing is, if you end up getting addicted to Something see better, make sure that something good, but I I've been trying to do better thing.
We need a swimming, allow working. Yet our working out things like that of your talk when evolutionary just talk about addictive personalities and obsessive personalities, obsessive behaviour, and they say that you're. Actually, this is very controversial, but they think some of them think that you're actually tapping into a trade that would make you get very successful at things like hunting our survival. Like you get Ex obsessed something so you you wanna perfect it. You won't be at your obsessed by it, so you become better at achieving a more successful, see survive because you have food. Interesting, which makes sense or jor or combat, or things were going to be able to figure out the that's like up behind you, your trade, that a lot of us have had it gets hijacked by heroin right. Hijacked by gambling hijacked by something hearted gets hijacked by jerking off. Yes, why that's what it is? Lousy would have been a hunter yeah boats. Listen, it makes on represents a diet. I mean it's just it's crazy.
Like in the modern world that that trade becomes. Sometimes a liability will, in the modern world there. So many of the modern world is not natural about it. I think that we do is very recent everything This is your shovel unnatural, like every the way we have yeah yeah yeah. Well, what we do for a living has only been around for a hundred, not even a hundred years right when there was a first stand up, I think, the mafia started. Putting you these nightclubs together after, like vaudeville like it was started those type of acts they started put a brick wall out by that was? You know that was it's all very recent. It's in the last, century yeah? A hundred percent, guys like us, would have been the M c right and new had been like a fuck go go dancer and guy play. I draw yes yeah, that's all that it descended to like it to like. You know, carnivals in circuses. It is crazy that one of the most prominent art forms in the world which stand up comedy is literally within the last hundred years yeah, but a lot of it out?
but like yours, zig, why those Yang poet worried I've done original predecessors, Tuesday and like it was probably in the middle ages, it was a core jester right. So there's always been somebody goofing around of being funny. Sometimes they did cleaning plays sometimes there there to be a guy in the town square, yelling, ensuring sailors and pot, like we're. Essentially it see it's like other than being a whore la hooker, it's like the oldest profession, because what is talk sort of both we're doing new way. We're right would do and other things there getting entertain, whether due and other things which have now what you and our yuck ended up. Yeah, there's a guy who's running around a lake right and he's out there. A laughing is ass off sweating and it distracts heading. Two thousand is watch always say that makes it get my yeah yeah, yeah sure yeah, but it's just it's a simple like twinges according thinks she's law. That is like musicians change too, because everything would have had it been. A hundred percent live procurements shore up if you play, guitar are Harper,
I'll, never forget what have been well. That's what I mean I miss. I love podcasting in it and I get to do it and end, but I do miss alive. Oh yes, periods being in is everything as context. Life here After all, these things have no content. When I did the Houston Improv, which no date that I did over the last few months, it was like a fabulous get away with. Something I like an and then I realized I kind of have like almost like a low key depression right, not doing stand beside add, but it's like right. This is what it is in this life of hate. To tell you all you folks, out their regular people who do not kill you dont go on stage and kill. You do not know that feels like it's a high. It is not just a high, it is one of the biggest highs and all showed his life a firm when you and I will do the main room at the fuckin store and you get off stage and murders gray and, like you and handed it to me, and I think better, oh my god, I think better. It's like the feeling and is a feeling that I remember, like
one on stage like when someone was coming off like they introduce you and they just crush and he looked at their face and you get to see like the face of a just crashed right. They just and I what we do. We say this like. I feel bad for people who don't know what it's like to crush yeah It's also like you look. It accurately have fun. Could that be it's fun, I'm sure it is, but it's it can be. Anyone you respond can be anyone. Restaurant interest in the raw visceral reaction of people and Craig Geraldo always used to say like it's that this role, you know feeling it's not so much that it's not like you're getting love, but it's like you're. Just this. It's like weird, almost like God like it periods you're having in terms of like being able to take it. Room for three hundred people and bring them with you. Wanna journey yes and take them from where they are to apply where hysterically laughing to cheat it's a cat. Local reaction to change people's I'm that's why
God, you know tat. You give it to me like a given a majority, I'm going to do a lot of those shows by said I'll do want. Let me see what it's like, I'm curious as to what it's like. I've shit on them and you and I, and I still may after I do it but like I want to see what it's like to just. Do it in any. In the circumstances? It can be done right now. Are you gonna do with Bert those drive and things who taught that I'm not gonna? Do I love him? but I'm not going to. I dont want entertained cars. You you, sick people in a parking lot out of court. When I start performing to Dodge Doran goes and listened God bless him he's gotta here, and base alot of people doing? I think African did it. I just Personally, don't I feel like that's way to disconnected. For me, this is all personal right everybody's going to fix. Like I love pocketing ipod, I try to be funny that categories crazy right
and that gets a little bit out that I need to get out. I would rather do that then perform in front of cars. Yeah. I don't know man, I feel that rightly underlines I'll. Try the car thing you gotta trade, all sorts doing it all over the country, s gonna drive! through to what I love about. Barbara was like they were like we're shutting down commies. I know we're, not birds like we're. Yeah just get shovelled out there, but it's also it's. You know that the thing about coveted does give you an opportunity if you're comic, to sort of sit down and rethink things, and also to really appreciate what it's like to stand up against yeah. That's sure like when we did that weaken in Houston, like I did it with Moses and hence cliff? And when we came back we're like Manna, MR yeah, I got, it was fine yeah. I mean. I know that I'm walking in a situation where am I ever get Osage go I'll fuck this forever, because it's a rough, you know it's gotta, be different, started thankful that
thanks. I work in a way out of the pyramid. Selling tickets sold immediately like that put more shows on, and then it's my home, I from long island. So I'm gonna have a lot of fun there with the people that come out and were, I think, because it's gonna be a really great place to ease back in because I'm variability material quota taught my head know that, crowd as a lot of shared experiences with me, whereas we all grew up in the same place. It's kind of a training wheels to tat kind of come back in and then hopefully, I'm hoping by this winter, more kind of start, revving up again As we can, I mean what are we gonna do? What do we do if covered is like this next August? If we're all the way to next still, I I guess it on the road again I thank you. Is a certain time we're gonna have to make that distinction, because, like at the the day. How does economy survive? How does the country survive without these sick, I mean.
Sport is a mental people. Need sport, do they need to participate like they need to watch sport. Like you kid take all of this away forever, I mean all these freaks. Wasn't I get the people that the mask state that are like coughing in elderly people face the no good on the other side, you have these people that are like these weird, like cats, mom. Sarah, like wine, drunk baking Brad on Instagram, is like honey we can do this for ten years. I know your because you're this weird freak that doesn't like leaving anyway, people need to fucking, leave their homes near they need to leave their homes and there's not a lot of entertainment coming down the pipe either, not a lot of money he's been made. No, not a lot of ways entertain yourself and that these duty trying to figure out ways to film these movies and and key people say, but it's hard yeah. They had a quarantine, everybody is put out, tells and in the difficult and but That's why I think, eventually in New York,
and reach a very low. I think that it's gonna blow through, I think you're, my pillow second wave but think eventually, viruses weaken they weaken and they disappeared, happened, and nineteen eighteen with the spanish flu. They were In this way, we're yeah I want, is a virus weaken? Well, you know, it just Ahmed epidemiologists and what you see is a lot of times. The virus is just It goes into the hosts and then eventually the virus, like what causes? Is it the people? that is run through issues like a picture, somebody that just fox every body that you Dave just ran through him anymore. They move to the next town right, it is everybody, and then you like. What am I gonna do that if you fuck, like thirty people, both timely for thirty four, does it fairly? I went out and ass in an hour, or so I think this this farce, I mean I don't know, I don't know exactly how it happens, but it does historically app and it happened. Historically, I mean do you think this is a different kind of disease, though I think the big picture
amidst the bigger issue actually now is, is economic even covered a massive issue? I think the bigger issue is: how are we How can I stop twenty eight million people from being evicted or for closed down because they couldn't go to jobs? The guy it literally shut and economies. People could not work so through notion, both of their own. They have a real problem here, we like housing issue, not just that the businesses that are closed down. How do you restarted business when you have no money correct? What do you do? I go on and does the government of mine to give this feeble loans and are now get started again? I mean, I think they have to do something, whether its universal basic income. I don't know what they're going to deal, but that economic issues gonna be really really massive, so fuckin anxiety filled. It is look. How does this end two great movement in Texas: don't do nothing more than did you send in taxes that we all have guns that we all do shit on our march is all day waiting for someone to come near. How avenue shotgun a few times I call upstate New York. I should
I mean I don't have a guy should get it. I didn't think I need to go and I will tell added to get up to sit by my sit on my back with a gun, The EU now assumed relatively safe when I moved the people were annoying, but I didn't they were coming to kill me. I did think you're coming to my windows to kill me, but now that I've now that I'm like, should get a gun. Tend to do. Second week appointee, I'm a gigantic annually, you're one of em, yeah, girlfriends, liberal friend, but he's like a u s interest, as I believe it of our calls and lizard people. I think that centrist, I think, that's the Santer on the fence with lizard people, but the pet of our culture, real they're, all real. I just don't care. I dont care, that's really my political up, its lying think it's not most of it isn't real. Your making a lot of it. Real, not real, walk away like a truly like the like most people at a real activists
a lot of them have like a degree like you're, a lawyer or doktor, and then they use their skills. To actually help people right and they give up really profitable career to do that shit, but do you winter, fuckin, posturing and virtue. Singly doesn't do anything. It's fake its vague and just more to life than red and blue and republican Adele? credit all these motherfuckers trying to kill you in there all fuckin losers and they're, all just emulous in their more capable like that the shit that they ve pulled the CIA. All these people there just to good they're good. They ve beat me they're gonna work, they're going to win the CIA's going to beat you. Maybe you should join. I don't know who needs to hear I'd love to, but I don't know who needs to hear this, but like stop vesting your emotional all your emotions in your time and energy into this thing like you, would be so much better off. If you just found something you enjoyed and did it right, but you don't want them taking away your rights,
closing our town would go to my rice. Send her take by God. Do whenever you gotta do it there? It's no! Winning here. Do you believe it? Oh well, armed militia! Think that's no sir ear, but look I mean you could yet more for people having guns, but a worm militia like it seems like more now than ever, the idea of form A militia is in people's gonna happen. It'll happen, they'll, be skirmishes, revives industry, but it's like it. I was most worried about with Portland Seattle. Yet at the end, the day. You know I mean. I don't know what you know. This country is not designed for massive re. Imagining that sad to say I can say a comedian. It is what it is. The reality is it's just not it's gonna disintegrate, like everything else, it ever fucking insistent on the planet and you just hold that is still the plane lands slowly and does it knows dive into the ground, but the debate
days are over here. The bright like dirt, a hopeful Vienna we're going to the moon that stats Don Quixote- you don't you you don't think so. I think we could be in a little bit of a blip when we nice resurgence in a year and a half from now everything second gotta now know. I think we just heading to a dystopian insane kind of like world where we just all live on compete, like reality barely exists. Now is a real problem to this Toby and world we're heading into what the real problem is. If everything goes intellect are ready player, one type situation where whatever they can manufacture and a computer with Arthur reality is more interesting. That's gonna happen. Unless it most p. Here's the problem. Most people don't care. They don't want these rights, they actually done you liked them cause you like a successful prayers. Most people will give a shit about their rights. They want pizza, they what chicken wings they want, fuckin soda, they want cheap credit. One of the once a year they dont give us
about their rights. They don't all care, they want Netflix and they want. You know garlic knots, no, that's what it is, and you could pretend like a Our is just not a country like freedom, loving, there's, a few of those people most people here like: hey whatever and there the happiest people a lot of those people are talking about, are actually the happier people they're not try to build an empire they're, not succeed they just enjoy like putting some warm in Doha in their mouths, fetch you now and fuckin. Wake up the next angle, shit, I'm here again and an there that is people to get drunk, no boating, that's yet they let you fucked up and go out on the lake. Throw out I'm letting their railed up, and again and it's fun. We just sit around all day. Worry about dark was doing it's like a kind of life. Is that grill a burger? It's over joy, ably hammer the ends, not that bad ends go as things as ends. Go this
it happens to be less areas and they still food and food stores. There that's good point, as I, like. Your optimism is a good end, it's not a bad and not the worst, and I want to see what happens when Joe Biden gets office. All Bala Nap. Allow see what the speeches or I could. It forgets restock, No clue Kemal he'll run for a term live for help, help, help live for a terminal romola and if he's pronounced, on your races, I call R K dog now she she's gonna, run hill held you one term and then shall run. I don't think we'll run for a second term he's already too old. He'll. He'll. Do one term she'll come in again No, I don't care about politics. She'll be ask waning all over the place if he does run for a second term, he'll be in the eighties he's not gonna run for a second time shall we shall run. She knows that, that's what she's pomp do you think they have to think that through when they were when they run for press
I give your seventy eight. You barely hang on now probably unspoken, but I think that's probably, I think why he picked her is because she is, everyone is an invite all. Yet she everybody's got accountable there she's a centrist, she's, a cop care should put right in jail, social put, Cough Sonya, the government, the larger our centres are very happy with shall throw minivans, shall brandy, National law runs whose her VP, God only I mean someone else to chairs are values which are a static pilot consonant allotted for inspiring all Americans too, where mass three months for three months he was, going to briefing by his newly name running mate. Let me hear it all right. It's weird lump specious as this on a here so that as one hears voice here goes Camisa when one arrives and what plans we made for. We talk about significant met, the racial disparities that exist
and how it is covered. The nineteen is affecting the different races differently. And we talked about the continued lack of PPP, protective equipment and testing capacity and the like, but the end I put out a comprehensive plan over the last three months on each of these things? But today I want to talk about one thing: grateful don't have to do it, Democrats, Republicans or independence. It has to do with single, simple proposition. Every single American should be wearing a mask when their outside for the next three months at a minimum, every governor should Mandy every governor should mending
mandatory mask wearing the estimates by the experts are, will save over forty thousand lives the next three months. Forty thousand lives the people act responsibly and it's not about your rights. It's about responsibilities, as in America, that's a bad line, while a great line. I got what he sang LISA got through that stumbling. He seems to be getting better there. Their injecting him with something that was getting better yet know how jet Johnny got off a brain on ivy drip yeah right into his? call he's. Gonna slower now cause your memories to be ass. You got promoted stutter, you know, he's always had like a bit of an issue like a thing it's like aren't. We, like, I, don't know I It should depressing that these people rule loss, but then you also go home
wants is fucking job and if you're really county- and you were even want that job and who fuckin I mean look at- swine alienated blacks. You know what she says: she's everything that's for their health, their well being and for their families. That's what real leadership looks like, and when Joe talks about his priorities, he knows, and he cares about the fact that we have, as a nation witnessed a hundred and sixty five thousand people who, just in the last few months, have died in their country. We know that those individuals represent families, loved ones. Grandparents parents, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles sisters, people, those are all people she could have put in jail
So if such as we could put handcuffs on all of those goeben out, their fight, wildfires go down, could have been working for a war marred fourth ten cents an hour in the Kemal Harris Prison programme. Yeah, you know what you gonna. Do it system it's his wild, that these are penalised Tromp was his career or this old fellow. But that's what I mean is like this is kind of the beginning of de genetics. To me as a vice president, like get away from other, pretty makes the right people feel comfortable. She makes all the right, like all the people that need, somebody in there that will you now check the box. It check all the boxes and Danziger unwelcome. Twenty chart, rather try, who is it was dark transfer, is always wear masks
we're nights night in our effort to be invisible, China, via its many people, say that it is patriotic to wear face mask when ya can't socially distance. There is nobody more patriotic than me, your favorite president, this having this area and child this is your movie tweet a bill, Marta. What are you saying, went off? I've been more outcast, remarked that thing about you, as you did a eulogy form. It said it. Wouldn't you wouldn't get a eulogy, so he gave Tromp was not happy about that. Let me see what he said. I didn't see it. I got it in here somewhere, it's is, is actually pretty funny he is just one that has been so much dump the about this. He goes. His ego is the thing man, that's a thing that really watched Bill MAR last night for the first time in a long time is totally shot, looks terrible, exhausted got in weak if there was
A good reason for no shut down check out this jerk he never had much going for him, but what it, whatever he did have is Miss in action were crazy to eat the suburban. Housewife will be voting for me. They want safety in our thrill I ended long. The long running programme were low income, housing would invader. Neighbourhood Biden. Would we install it in a bigger form with Corey Booker in charge. I mean this is kind of just very race baiting now you now is basically lightened, come hell. This is real coded. So that's kind of ugly. I would call a dog whistle, largely Douglas was a new thing. I've told whistles new and a lot of things to say Douglas was aren't there. Just people are talking, but when you say stuff like tat, we live in
It is worth dialects, new low income, housings invading your neighborhood, you kind of housewives. We know what you're doing a yet housewives. We now I, Mr Teen climate in a window, Mallingham Housing, you now it's yeah, but that's what he's This is what do you do? I didn't he gets advised to say these things. You think these things now anyone's advising, I think, there's all him. That's what's crate Russia's on visa he's a creature and a creation of all of the cold. We'll transit his supporters, hate, which are high we would have a big tack while he is a creation of those teeth, one most wild things recently was the the barber thing what the NASCAR, with the avenues Anubis yeah like what he was saying that NASCAR screwed up the lowest ratings ever first of all, they had the problem. Getting rid of them lag like to mean the confederate via the confederate flesh out. The ratings are low yeah. How about what he said to the Fox NEWS anchor when you get when they go, whose die mortal black people the main there like Lincoln Unmusical. That's debatable, yeah attention
Well we're free! Mr President, yeah you free like that's why it's just a short while he's opera he's off the cuff. He's not think of everything and all iconic games. Yeah. It's ignore assessed on a level that any no one's really ever seen that before in public life at this level attitude shortly he's the worst guy in a crisis. This is the worst got you whenever you wouldn't want to buy, leading a boy scout troop and hurricane darkness like this is a guy that just belittles people vindictive lanes, people take responsibility for any thing. There's a small nest- and it's all very funny like it's all Hillel but when you talk about leading an organization is probably a lot of issues. Does a lot of issues yeah only that, his head was how I used to be eased after Trump hear complaints, but I know that means was in fact about how much water comes out of a shower head and, unlike dishwashers in certain, like people make fun for that, but why these ships had it
rate it be free the hair. So much of this thing, there's too much. Oh, yes, it's CAS is exactly the hair is like his brain itself, also showerheads take a shower, the water doesn't come out. You want wash your hands. What is it come out, so we do here stand there longer. You take a shower long because my hair- I don't know about you, but it has to be perfect perfect. He says perfect because my hair, I don't know about you, but it has to be perfect. That's man yeah. Well, that's what he should be focusing on right now serves to hear his hair. You be functional, hair and ill Marcia. You he'll Marla thought yeah, though more looking glance, I mean it'll be interesting to see these debates are they gonna have debates, they're gonna have version. I think commas gonna work. She's gonna, be there with Panza she's, pretty good and dad, but him in buying gotta be very interesting I don't know how many people you know I mean I think, a lot of people watch depending on the format
I wonder how many they actually have mean they're, not gonna, be able to be in the same room there were they used to be were murmur, the Hilary things go now where he was certainly behind sweep wild, and then you remember the thing where he brought the five women to the debate. To accuse Bell class live right now in this. Seventy two people watching it now, since the White House, seventy two likes plough can't be seventy two people, but that means that's youtube suppressing their views. This is their value to the tabular Elk. Can't be real. Why houses twittering, but while wants you, click on it again, as even make seventy three refresher browser, Jamie is part of the problem. I prefer the proud each day and when are you really saying nativity same? What's five hundred thousand applications coming and going all over the state, nobody, even those where they came from. You saw what happened in New York, which was the nice charter with Congresswoman Carolyn
Maloney there was another browser, it's e mail and voting now and road, and we can give you many other locations insights. What has happened is gets part of a big negotiation. That's a actually small part of a big negotiation. He likes to do this. Yeah could small this his hands. He hears all understand, has all the complicated stuff and brings it in he asked in this It's a master like he's a master communicator, but is but it's like he's not, but he is like a weird thing told you those likes yeah thousand people still I just liked Virgin and still twelve thousand people shit. It's not we know for sure, we'd go, live on Youtube and have a hundred twenty million lives that you antimony, ass raw, that's ok, I mean he is he's. It's been a while It's very interesting, I wonder about the kids at a growing up under him, like the young kids, that I have no idea about politics, except for Trump.
Like they ve, never had any experience with anybody else. This is what they know. A president is undergoing a vote for the first time when he's an awful lot of sixteen year olds or fifteen. When you get a leg, president talks, that's where a lot those kids are going to this. Just ten tik tok you like dancing and nihilism. It just be. Unlike get nothing means anything in there all right. It's us. I mean magic being occurred during the formative time of your life. The world gets shut down. You're stuck in harmony, can even see your friends. You can go to school. We gotta do school over a laptop, it's crazy! It's weird craze, my kids go to school over laptops and I've sat in the room and watch and those teachers could, when it Minoan, watching a teacher I don't care, they don't give a fuck rest Oh bad are so apathetic yeah. I some of our great Bali, my duty as irish teachers. Its I said that I might, the other day, I said, abolished teachers. The fund and abolish is getting a lot of press. Sometimes
I tried to start a movement. It failed, but I said if we're going to let people please themselves that kid's learn on their own abolish teachers. Ok, I'm no cops, no teachers. What else teachers have a much worse track record than cops. If you look at the numbers, will they get paid as much as cops? Well, but still if, if cops, were shooting in many people's teachers were failing, It's that way, I think, that's like teach it. We would have to make cops responsible for suicide to that. But here's all thing: teachers alive They are not doing a good job. Yes, but a lot of kids aren't show up for it Those are the education I know, but I'm saying that if, if a lot of a group, but if we get a broad brush a group I like to do that. If we get a broad brush, cops less progress features they wanted them to. Ok, who also get rid of garbage people take carry on now we need them. We need that when people have a job trail,
universal basic income, comes from the cabinet governance. Obviously issues firefighters, you never see a fire. Let's be honest, I see fires or you don't my old actuated three times they take care of themselves. The reality is you never see a fire tat, down in the city, these guys put desired. And they're gonna moving their liars? Sometimes they go down their white supremacist, these firemen or white supremacist they're gonna black, once more to racial white supremacy. Endemic white supremacy, they don't even know But I don't know I mean business. It is this very few good solutions with covered with DAS. It's like we're. Gonna live in an imperfect world. We have to decide what version of an imperfect world is sustainable. President yeah you're the present president on what we do next. What do we do? Next? You took over. I e a wheat we'd have to deal a universal
basic income for six months. We'd have to do and eviction freeze, probably where's. The money come from. We printer with printed everything else yeah, but you know: what's money would be involved in universal basic income, for it how many minds of while you can also do well, it's a stimulus to doing it right now with the stimulus right. I think the bigger problems eviction, freeze, you'd have to freeze evictions, fatter, freeze, gotta, freeze and mortgages as well mortgages, mortgages and rat. Yes phrase. You know I would do that that's a most, but for how long? How freezer for four months, five months, sex you now and then dead, then you would have the kind of open back up. You know I would put all of all the resources and energy there's, there's not a coup native federal response across all state responses, which I understand, makes sense to a certain degree of states dealing with different things, but there's been a lack of kind of sad. A role I think like targeted, responsive, like here, is what we hope happens. Here's what we give
because I think right now, people just living without the idea of hope or the idea that something is gonna, get better or reopen, and I think that, like they now that needs to federal level at the country needs to go haywire, Moving again we're gonna be able to try we'll internationally we gotta be able to do all these things we used to do here is what needs to happen first and then it's to be a huge Vienna. Push for that kind of clarity, my real fear is the thing that we're talking about earlier that businesses are not gonna, have enough money to react to reopen and that money will be available. So how do you the economy back on track. Well, I think it's got a bottom I'll, probably and unfortunately, gotta protect vulnerable people, but the bombing out- and I don't mean bottom and completely, but the real estate. He's been lowered. All these things happening in our will it's gonna be a year's long process. I don't think it's immediate. I think it's years and I think eventually, what happens is you know you?
have a situation where, because of economic turmoil you might have, but yet the businesses you're talking about a probably fucked but Those people might have a shot in three years when rents are lower and you can cost of financing is, is, is potentially unit, probably not lower, but maybe, if we keep the cost of financing, allow me that's the other thing. Interest rates going to creep Bob and it's just going to piss could of course, people out of a lot more money to borrow money. So much of the economies run on just this cheap I did it. We ve had since in a bomb us, you know, you know been chef in all those guys, explain it we're we're just it's it's a credit card and which is based key borrowing. Money at close to no interest in businesses are expanding. At people are able to get car and gone vacations and get mortgages when those frustrates creep up. I mean it's just a perfect storm or problems. Lotta prevented and then some happy. No, I mean really
the clock internal. Let's was wrapped up in a hired to happiness. Ok, it's over, enjoy it it's over it's over enjoy meaning. It is like a hand like crap, like listen, we're gonna limp through this. Somehow we're gonna be broken and beaten and battered, but work we get through it. We need a war with China, we mean another nine eleven months. I hope the people that run us our think of those things, and I bet they are really war with China, a war with China. We lost flagged, gets a civil war which I know the war with China kills everywhere because a lot of people but the rest of the people. I will open up. Well, I glow in the dark coffee pay It is what it is. I mean it's no good ways out of this. I think we probably need a prolonged war with China, Jesus and hegemony. Finally, can I say this because it is more a China, king or- and I don't want that, but we need it
choose closer to get us in a war with China, Joe Biden or Trump. I think I think trot looks like but I've been, I think, no matter who wins we just which can need water could be called. War, doesn't have to be hot or cold war, Coleman, cold war, cold war. They build a thing we build a dang can't we, everybody gets all economies faked money that is editing. Shove, it needs get Epstein, imprisoned. Inheres, why they're not either knock at a convicted on murder to because there's gonna be a hard time proven intent with that body? Count footage show what about the body can put its well. I mean, I don't know they can. The body can put. It shows that this euro therefore are these out emulous everything chauffeur did was disgusting and and horrible, and but I dont know if you're gonna be able to prove to a jury that he intended to kill this. Murder him or he was subduing a suspect who was resisting arrest. I mean,
He wasn't resin resisting arrest, not at that moment, but he was like the likely effect, but but listen when someone's resisting arrest. When they stop resisting, he supposes tat. In your knee on everything that was indefensible. I'm just stats Maria too! Then, if he dies from that, did you did intend to kill him. This is what did that's the whole thing. It's intent so the reality is that's crazy. That's like give you stab. Somebody did intend to kill us and I'm just saying he can't get off. He can get off. We can't get so agri, so who is that guy was Epstein roommate the guy with the Muslim saw you he needs to go room with him. That's him. He's got room with him more with China up the big covered, the dogs, that's what he's doing and these are the solutions found you may not like him, but there the solutions, TIM downloads, German, thank you so much where we sign out the other guy he's gotta kill that guy. We get a move on, ok that, indeed, is ready to go Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. I love you, but I love it. You thank you so much for having always always employees. It's it's crazy. I walked in here, like you know that
over a year ago. I did this progress and add that move in a changed. My whole fuckin life as amazing, well and you ve done that for a lot of people. So thank you my pleasure. Not just one of my proudest things. Things makes me most happy about this part of gases. It helps you Thank you so much my pleasure. I appreciated always fun time. Thank you are there are different. I love everybody. Thank you. I will not go to war. Thank you for We need to show- and thank you too athletic greens, if you're interested in upping your health routine, and you look for the best most complete formulas out there. You found it and athletic greens, deliver straight? Your door taste great its awesome for you and whether you're here in the? U S when you're in Canada, Australia, Europe or the UK jump over to athletic green dot com, Slash, Rogan and claim this special offer today get a free vitamin d three came to dropper with your first purchase. More than a year supply of vitamin d, that's athletic greens, dot com, Slash Rogan, we're
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