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#1535 - Tim Kennedy

2020-09-11 | 🔗
Special Forces operator and retired UFC fighter Tim Kennedy is the founder of Sheepdog Response, a training program aimed at giving law enforcement, military, and others the tools they need to quickly and effectively respond to violent threats.
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By going to man's gaped dot com, Slash Rogan, Twenty percent off free shipping at me. Landscape, dot, com, Slash, Rogan, trust me! Your balls will thank you. I friends since this episode is going to be released on September eleventh, I could think of no better person to be with me today than the most american mother fucker. I know TIM candidate, he's a former. You have seen fighter ranger, sniper special forces operator and again the mole american motherfucker. I know and a great human being in a patriot and just an awesome guy. Please give it up for the greatest
awful TIM can the job will gain. Experience like, of course come bearing gifts to two new Texan. So that's does a separate thing, but I did the range working as wearing a hawaiian shirt. It wasn't even Windsor, I bought it in Czech Republic and but look like wine shirt and in the comments section, as in body armor I had my gun. Has literally working, everybody was like? Oh, my gosh you're wearing a Hawaiian, shirt or you're part of this super extremist, like white supremacist group, and it's like when a white shirt, they Starlight freaking out like cancer culture, and it's like I bought that. I just matter where I bought it, but now
because you're tellin me I'm not supposed to wear it, because I guess when church her, but what for a uniform for white supremacist got please Google is. This is a new thing, your hats, yep, hawaiian shirts or went supremacy. Do it so, of course, the first thing I did was like by every winter. I can possibly find just because I'm not supposed to you know who the fuck is saying this. I need to see this. That is the dummy, thing I've ever heard, how can a hawaiian shirt be white, supremacy, I don't think, there's any logic ever attached to any of these things now, but like the boat, I think that the big loop brows at the Wall Street Journal says why they will extremists bugaboo boys, where hawaiian sure please put that on screen I need to see this nonsense. Don't like others, Israel, why? The extreme is Whew boys undertook I've, got a low. How shirts have become a disconcerting signature from
Ambrose of a gun, toting anti government was say you made a little too big. I work for the government so faction. Does it does that council is Tom, God in the past couple is found to kill you George Floyd curiously dress, counter protesters have attended scattered demonstrations across the? U S armed and disconcerting. We garbed in Magnum P, I style. Floral Hawaii ensures Mangaboos pretty fucking him. He is pretty epic three things here: they're really comfortable Florence, a great pattern and their very breathable and you can and on the range I do, the top button thing and Papa collar. She don't get hot brass down your neck because our shootin again such liquor and I'll get burned, don't be redneck, like I hate white supremacist, but what's wrong with hawaiian shirts Mackay Let them take away hawaiian, outlast, exact point that I'm trying to make. You tell me the things that I'm not supposed to do and I want to do those things because I'm not gonna. Let you take those things for me. Then they are far right. Bootblue,
movement is using Hawaiian turn a chubby assure tensions, the dude right there on the far right. I had that shirt they wearing the shirts to hide their intentions, clear they wear them because their comfortable and their breathable and there's this won't stretching, did taken away everything fund, the do ok, anymore, member! Ok! Now I suddenly than I do it's been around wait too long, you can't steel showed that skydiving military, like you like, I can't I don't The other symbol is for not ok, there's some things that it's like gay people took over the rainbow. Ok, you can have a rainbow. Are I liked? Might my son really likes you I like rainbows, he's alive at all to where Rainbow. I don't give a fuck off for sure that I do recognise that they mean least they have partial ownership of it the other ok son. They can use the emerges detects people and I cannot help
use. The ok sign for any along the emerges yet is for any positive response. Controversial it's not about thumbs. Up ones are going to be bad. Pretty soon has developed, plugins stupid, it isn't some other country correct thumbs up is yet I've, or I was young. I was taught us like middle finger, mean something America by, unlike some other country doesn't like thumbs up at some countries will ban the sort of like caught in England. I give at times I do the trunk. The chin yeah I've used for countries mean different. I don't know how bad it really mean not really get past, but I've heard that service. This final word thumbs up as bad. I'm never going kid. The thumbs up, we'll find out were saying: ok as bad as an doubting it word here. Most of those started off with four champ just fuckin around four times protect in? I ran Greece, Russia, Sardinia and parts of West Africa. The thumbs up is
who does the middle finger is in the UK, so no posing in front of the Parthenon, making the thumbs up gesture like nerdy tourist, I'm doing it. If I go them, do that for sure, I'm in West Africa Bunch and where this this is. This is ok. Ok, yeah, there's only black people there so now is getting mad at my ok symbol. They probably due to I've, got a picture beyond say doing it. I saved a bunch of pictures of black folks do an a simple and I was sent to my friends. People are saying that there's something wrong with the oak and, like you can't take nothing is something that's been around forever. The just means ok be in the hope that the thing
out, there were some people that were doing it like upside down. So its military thing, oh ok, yeah, it's an asshole. This is natural, so the game is at any moment. You know we're talking over here. Hillock, I'm gonna hurt my leg down here. If you look at it, I gotcha and I get it you on the deck really yeah. Psych pap wait a minute, but if you can cancel it, if you can get a finger in their work, So it's a game has existed in every single basic training gagged. Remember that the audience or typewriter like these, Sir Volunteering to go to war so that they are not right. Let me this for as long as I'm in military for sixteen years. This is asshole and the game has always been like gotcha. It's got u moment if they looked down at it. So if you do that that that thing and then someone sees it, they have to stick their finger in it or you hit him on the deck
That's the game was again for two years ago. I stole and apply this with my friends, but it became this whole thing, but I'd never heard those doing. It could also be internet fortune, meme shit, where they're taking it to another level. I'm giving? Would you remember when those cops on so they get in trouble because we are taking a picture and everyone say these cops are doing the White Power thin, but you're saying there's not with that is now so West went at one of the recent graduations. I think Trump spoke there. A bunch of the West Point graduates, we're doing that simple causes, W p yeah. What that's what The article was like: oh, no, a bunch of white supremacist graduate from West Point and So there is a huge military and investigation. I mean Pentagon sending people out to do research this and there, like oh shoot, its them plain, an asshole game this is actually not better because now or West point the most prestigious military academy, our gradual.
Sir Plain their senior year at a trump graduation. The asshole game and the actual game has consequences, and those are dicks lap get much. Unless you do finger in there and then you're safe tat, so foggy ridiculous. Yet we ve like amuse ourselves The problem is with something to be able to write an article like that and say this is a white power symbol and then all the sudden he's people get labeled as white supremacist and then there's no repercussion, because once the articles out there, you, if you have a retraction, the arctic region, articles still out and the damage is done
None and those guys are labelled as white supremacist when the religious dogs have you ever read or retraction, not one. Now now I don't believe I have me. Maybe summonsed showed me one a couple times of that when someone gets accused, something like that, it's pretty heinous thing like retraction, knocking to reach the same amount of people now I'll be enraged. If somebody is like hey you're, a white supremacist, because you did this thing and has not always premised and That thing is an asshole thy cower. Gonna equal this out here is that she does not valuable they should be sued, and it's like that you're doing some some irreparable damage to someone just so weird today, everyone dislike of I can't imagine a time where people are more outraged about more things here. I really think it's just you see more people, but I really just think it's a small percentage of people that are always outraged,
on both sides all the time and they have an opportunity to talk about. A more yeah began, we're all connected and they can piss other people off. I wanna go by both sides and like give people big hope, Harry Ogre, Troll, hugs black, it's all can be ok, you know, like we love you, it's fine! Please stop! Tweeting like Trump just gimme your phone you're, not a tweet anymore, Elysium funny, sometimes sometimes sometimes he's fucking funny. He makes me laugh like one ten times. I will love out loud tweets now for a first was sometimes a laugh out like a camp leaves. The fucking present here believe that guy's, the president and then he'll say some ridiculous shit and I'll just go on my god when he called the girl. Did he factor? that porn star, Multicolor Horsefaced Twitter, as this is amazing. So crazy I am amazed that man's president right now, president,
acting President right out a woman he fucked horse. Now Burma gun it suggested, weird, twenty, twenty, what it? What a time out amazing, but I mean you know, there's some! I wish I could be don't stand up right now. You know if I could do stand a baby more fun, because it me stuff at me so much out here out of here but yeah but actual materially work out about today. Holy shit, there's never a bigger gold mine. We hit, you know what it's like. You get up hands out of the river. I think you're going to talk about it, though oh yes, you are yeah. I know you think that comedians should be allowed, as as I do, I think comedy is the best way to address socially sensitive issues like if you can't, what are things that the military is there's a lot of dark, humor and people kind of look at us as the scarred damaged people because of that humor. But the truth is like we're able to talk about those things through this humor and
it's like a release for a post, traumatic stress or just how are able to get to the next day. How are able to go and do some things that we do because we're allowed to joke and laugh and burn that stuff off these sensitive times, and I think that's what comedy does to these socially charged issues? Yes and your Jp Sears long, hair China hippy you to her. He he has been recently kind of attacking how comedians can't make jokes right now and how everything has been charged and there's not a way like you can't make racist sexist.
Jokes or political, jokes whatsoever without being cancelled and as it that's the best time to do it? You are sure fear had the best quote about that. He said this a great time for communist commies, actually dangerous. Again, it's cool, factually danger or is like five years ago. You would say something: people like they didn't come see you now they're they're all attack and you have consequences, but I think you just have to structure you bit better. You have to: u have to treat him a good Doug. Stanhope has a great quote that it was talking about. He said I go over my bits, like I'm, a defence attorney like I like I'm going over my bedside I'm being prosecuted for with you know someone's using them the bit against me, and so I have to figure it out like a defensive turn. Em like that's a great way of looking at it, gave a widow,
global approach in the process to it? Isn't it isn't because he writes to joke first and then he figured out how to make bulletproof. You know why I I have my method is usually I shit on myself so hard tat by the time that de shitting on someone out yeah, like of our averting figured out o like what most of my bids that are controversial. They start out with me belittling myself like in the most vicious. Where can I explaining when a fuckin idiot, I am and then all the dumb shit that have done? That's related to this thing and the like, when I wanted to make a joke about Caitlin Jenner, what I try about was the first I had talked about how living with all women have three daughters and my wife like as in the way described it, was its like if my manhood was a mountain of marbles every day they take too
but you have so many marbles- God is everyday- is snatch a marble snatch, marble and my whole bit was getting to. I was one I wanted to get two people saying he was born. A woman he's always been a woman. I was like maybe or maybe, if you live with crazy bitches long enough, although they fuckin turn you into one Maybe you go crazy. Maybe that too, especially those ones especially those ones, and saw I out of it out a way to do, and so I came up with this thing, whether demons and they did whisper and easier in the middle the night they talk him into being a woman took forever defeat. Got away, but I have but it worked. It worked in people even get mad at me for it I had to figure out a way to do it well at first by belittle myself, and then I explain it in a way where it's not it's not dehumanizing, Trans people's. Just it's saying are we sure Are we sure we lost a fucking olympic gold medals, goddammit
will we lost one of our greatest athletes ever looking record? But what does it say now under Bruce Jenner? What does it say, as if you ve got to say that any more I don't? U can Wikipedia, is gonna put up whatever they want, which won't be factual. But how would the record book books portrayed on how they handle? If you say that on Twitter, you'll get banned for life, have you calling Bruce General Twitter is dead? Naming the ban you for life could do no go areas that that vexes me in a different way. The fact we have to think about a joke and its political or cancel culture ramifications to make sure it politically correct enough for it to be bulletproof, whether you, like your defence attorney at that sucks to me it doesn't it doesn't because it is, it is an opportunity to make a joke better, just make em in the end again, which you can get away with it. It's more sweet more juicy here
really like that. First amendment thing really like being PETE people being or say things that make my blood boiled. I dont want them to say things that are like: I don't drink coffee when lukewarm attic. That's what conversation is when you put it when you're everything politically correct is justice disgusting gross version from half champagne on freezing cold. You know a perfect thirty, thirty six degrees and our lukewarm coffee at lukewarm ship pain. I want perfect and that's what that's what communication is and when you start neutering, how someone can talk like that? That's not being able to express an idea limiting the counter that those that, when you do get away with it, it makes it even more powerful agenda. Gunter yeah, I'm telling you man, the jokes that I've said on stage that are
against political correctness that are good like the way I figure out a way to weave some of em when they hit man they hit like a bomb. The whole rooms I buy like they'd, know, God, you know I'm right, you know what I'm saying I don't know about, person. You know what I'm saying like I have this. This whole chunk that I do on on banning words and the whole chunk is like it took forever to figure out how to manipulate it and get it to this place. Where it's? U can sneak in on people and sneak a people that would ordinarily say those words and in, like company unpeopled for Assholes men's up being get it in and when you get it and would tell you, but I'm with you, man
You know I want to ask you to get me drunk. I dont want fake whisky, I'm not interested. I think this should be consequences. I think I think the best way to combat things that you disagree with is to say how you feel that not to say that person shouldn't be able to say that that's ridiculous them. I was watch this video yesterday and these guys are to Saint dumb shit, we're talking about people getting cloned in China. And this lady goes deep platform that shit seriously. So what I want dump people to say something guess, especially ability are politicians like the. I think the art of listening has been lost. What one of the best things about? I think this podcast is it your good listener riot takes. It takes a decently smart human that has a self confidence and in developing personal skills, to listen, that's lost in current culture,
where am I gonna- get so whistler vis vis really outraged at something that somebody sane I came in here their point of view of, even if that point of use wrong, you want that person to say that dumber. It is the more I want them to say it, because the dumber they sound and the more we collective lodge reasonable person. People are like well that person's really dumb and his ideas are not gonna work. So what's up all him anymore and they were able to progress as a counter. This is what's wrong with with persons, but the other years was to de platform them so bad. It's so stupid, because then one of someone thinks that they should be platform. You- and I think you probably should be de platform for tone. People. They should be platform about that. If the person that, if that's more dangerous than some dummy thinking, that their cloning people in China and by the way they might be cloning people still no, I mean who the fuck look. They can call on people
We know that we know anybody can do it, don't to do it What we do and let me know they're probably doing look, I mean it's the public. What the least of our concerns you know As far as overpopulation goes me, China trying not to have as many people today, namely that of what don't one child policy forever turn out to be disastrous and tilted. Everything extraordinarily male mean I would not be want to be a man in China trying to find a woman right. I mean out of that. That out yet, but there was a real issue for a long time. I wouldn't want to be in China at all. I am a big fan of frequent get freedoms, nice pretty pretty pretty powerful Scott Import and we say de platform people you, you don't think you taking away freedom, but you are taken away a little bit of freedom in ethical extra, important right now we're
people have been isolated fur this, whatever sick, five months now from covered, where their creating echo chambers, when there, when the curate their own information, access or like I'm, no listen. This guy or I would scattered DE platforms or indeed a social media, is obviously are or limiting what kind of voices are being heard while you're sitting there at home for the past four months and years in this echo chamber of your own ideas and people that I agree with you, it it magnifies and radicalism, is what you believe and there's no logical, SAM, sound borders, no bounce off, there's no pressure check theirs refiners fire to those ideas because its neck chamber and like your reading, the exact same things on twitter. You ve seen the same things on Facebook. You look at the same things on Instagram, then you turn on the tv and, of course, they're saying the same things that you already agree with their just these ideas,
you and gain momentum and they're, not real, because I've never been tested against anything that disagrees with them or that that contradicts the and all all ideas have to go through that process. For them to be real. Is that that that refiners fire of is this really gonna work rights, apply pressure and find out you others. This is defined the police things going around right now. My friend matter this funny thing that happened. He has a sun sons about twenty five. I think he said, and his son was talking about defining the police. Unease argued with them. Is sons in a real liberal in the whole deal, then his son, who stated that they have a beach house into old house and houses, making like some crazy, noisy, ran outside and called his dad. He said something going on the house. I'm gonna call the police, yours. I thought you want to define the police are here now you do the fuckin houses hunted and you call the police what you went from defined the police to Houses house is making noise. Let me call the cops. That's that's a pretty fast jump. I mean that's not only idiotic, it's dangerous, it updates.
Recent stupid and its everything, etc. Wrong with these ideas to just get propagating online with that no one really thinks through, but then they get, they become a thing that you, if you're cool you say it if you're in the right group, you say it and that's what defend the police and in even fighting against those ideas. For some reason you like, if I I believe, differ to funding the police, as the dumbest thing could possibly do do, think there might be problems with law enforcement. That should be addressed for short for sure, like how do you fix those you need funding. You need funding right like I've, a school, that's underperforming cannot graduated from high school. Do we should do? We should take money from the school and we should give them fewer teachers. Now, let's see, if that's gonna help now fast, I can help you have to give them more teachers yet again for funding. After him, more access to information and then maybe that's cool starts performing a little better. A police department is no there's just humans.
Further imperfect. They need training, they need funding, they need support, ran out any morale and then he people and they need to get rid of the people that suck yeah. They need those things to and one of the best ways to do this through training you we'd people out you find out who can't caught it. It's what that's? What it's supposed to before the that one of the best things about the special operations. Is that they're, so much training and process that refiners fire? The Chaplin, the wind, like you, throw that stuff up in the crap blows away. The good stuff comes back down and take that stuff and you go and carry it into a fire, and then you can eat it and then you pulled out and you found it then hit it again, be pounded and he didn't found it and what you're left with at the end is this pretty cool thing? If any of that is with law enforcement, all of those things can only occur through training.
And if you want to test somebody, if you want to check, if you want to find racism like having them, show up to work for eight hours and letting them hop in a car and run out, ever gonna know what's inside of their, though in time they get access, they get. Peaks of that is at these stressful emotionally drained moments. Yet I am delighted that you can create those is through training. I've been arguing that we should have that. For all of our leaders like when we are talking about the mayor of California, the mayor of LOS Angeles and the governor of California and the people are deciding. You can't trick a treat. This here. This is the new thank the one fucking holiday, where you have to wear a mask. Yours those two where mass now and they
Whatever reason they ve decided, they gonna save people by stopping little kids. The ones who have the least problem with its disease from trick or treating it's fuckin asinine is so dumb, and I think part of it is because the people that are in that position, the people that are in the position of control they don't have to be tested. They don't have to show their character. The justice The want of popularity contest that no one wants to enter. No one wants to be the fucking mayor of whose whose entering no one wants to be the California people self serving people entering Adler here in Austin, yeah same shit, gas get get out of here can now is. Is there a public servant that wants to step up. You know what Eminem to sing that song with a real public servants step up, others there's nobody did they get so scrutinised in such a ruthless business that the only people you get left? These were wishy washy, milky people. I do wish that
political parties were afraid of the people again, yeah that that created a really healthy balance where they understand that their represent that they represent their constituents and their job is to do what their people want. Once they get to this certain level of political power, they punish do whatever they, what they forget that they're supposed to be rubbing the people. I've never seen California so charged right now against California, like People are mad you're protests in long beach in San Diego and more Largo, like it's crazy. The number people at her coming out and be like I'm, not okay with what's happening right now, and they shouldn't be it's insane freely, given dork the ability to tell people that can't work. That's what This, then that's governor, Newsome and Mayor Garcia. Those guys are dogs and therein control, of whether or not people can take risks and work. How can
Tell you not to work. Is that it's not scientific, it's not politically incorrect, it's even if it were scientific. How can you tell me not to work, but you can't believe the idea is that you're putting other people at risk by working cuz if you get infected other people going to get infected to this the idea behind. But it's a super flawed idea. All super out one of volunteer to inject my neck with a hypodermic needleful of covert compared to Children starving to death because I dont work yeah an inch like the salon owners are like. If I don't open up I'm out For months behind on I'm on my mortgage or my rent to include this building comical be homeless, as or my kids and you can be, with that next month. If I don't open right now is that we were just leave, the state will amend, go somewhere. Where have freedom? That's why so many people come in here
Texas now will be better remember why they laughed exactly that's important. I want to talk to you about that. I'm gonna have Texas politicians on to try to explain what the checks and balances are in the state that have kept him from being fucked up and given the freedom that it enjoys right now, and one of the reasons why people coming here in the first but in general moves yeah, I mean from New York in California, I've. I argue if you walk downtown Austin if you walked even up north, like Lamar, Parma and used use harry from four out, Five people are gonna, be from California New Orkut and that's what you're not you're, not from Texas to include myself and you know, and you like all you ve done region, California, Central California, don't get out here after nine eleven happen enlisted, and you know Georgia Fort Bragg Deployments, Georgia Fort Bragg deployments. That cycle
When I was fighting, I I liked it This and I can't live anywhere. If he's gonna go to New Mexico into my training camps, my wife is from the south. She went to live in south she's from Louisiana. She took a. She was a government contractor, so she took a government contracting job here and dumb be no is when you were going to Texas, we didn't know where and Austin felt like California, so that's really how we ended up here and they have a special offer, a huge outside of Fort Bragg North Carolina. This has a largest group of special operations in the entire country. Real interest, huddled up in Texas has the ideals that we gonna stand for actually have a present for you from the Texas Special Operations community there, like a second, so um they
I say that they come here in droves. We have hundreds of green brays in the state of Texas in from their border patrol workers that are still serving as green bird is there a police officers, firefighters work for FBI, but they live in Texas, so they can be Texas. There are green brays that then have their their other shenanigans. Awesome jobs shoot while you're shrunk by, I didn't know. Well, they figured out its awesome here. It is awesome, very unusual at almost fuel, comfortable talking about how great is here I'll make you a couple a little bit and I give you a present or future right, so we can do this in Texas Gun. These are cigars and other important, just as from the special operations forces depressing baron rate range led. The way it's our motto around liberal
it is of the oppressed, smells good. One of these is yours, and one of these is yours giants which ones so this one's yours there's a pocket constitution journey time, you're like men, Are we supposed to do? In this instance, you can just Hockett Constitution. I love you. These reference real fast down the smells great you're talking about Men with Congress shall make no law respecting any establishment religion prohibiting the free exercise, their of bridging the freedom of speech, press, the right people to peacefully assemble petitioned the government for redress of brief references, such as all them in here. So this gun. I took it has been shot so zeroed it for your beautiful got your lesson or thousands. They bring your guns.
Scott loophole that loophole delta point red dot on their love report, so this is like ready to be ready to go. It's zeroed it some offend five or nine compact, Paula, Jimmy getting Gunnar a gun. Now, alas, no longer my gun that is you're gonna get Emma Jane, have you ever shot gun? I saw your gun Although dreaming come over here and shouted so audition rifles right, yeah but can I didn't know it is a dope what kind of users we were so this adjusts too. I can put this
Anything in like your bag or fanny Pack, if not I'll, get your conceal carry holster like that. I love this holster thanks. It adds its pretty handmaid. So this is an f in five or three single stack, nine millimeter. So this is like what you could carry here on austin- and this is very nice- Compact- go What people run now uncomfortable they ve got die. Are you uncomfortable this your first gun come come here. Chemicals gimme a mug come here. Listen Welcome didn't have yet again, probably say I got my first gone from TIM. Other foreign can hear about that.
You never forget that I was because you came to Texas. We're gonna go the range with TIM and Outs Jones. How about that taxes? Only hollowing thing you can shoot! You can get in a group and shoot zombie now with real guns. Obviously, by like sums, omby kill it real people, probably dressed up as armies, Arctic Paypal. It's really at some later. At an equal to those. We have like rom, responsive targets that are built, like zombies, see shoot em, unlike blood comes out on signals and we have calm, heavy metals, zombie competitions. So it's like a gun competition. So you have to shoot forty five three await twelve gauge and you only had shots count. So as you like society so far, you have the clamour wish our claim your years ago, zombie Safari ass is open every Friday and Saturday in October. Well we're goin yeah we'll have to go to that.
Weathers call cooling off so Randy what more helicopter pig hunts. Twenty four underground, still zombies. Now, when you do the helicopter pick on, how do you guys gather up to meet the of someone drives after the help? depends on where we're going to what we're doing so. Some some branches we're exterminating solely on him gather up to me. No and some Amr disgusting loudly than me. Still got now? It's not rose really. Now why they're like you guys are all male that maggotty rancid roast, of meat, and then you get like a year So yeah by those old ones, though seriously, if you put him on a smoker and do it right, you brine on this filters, why talk when you have a five billion pigs in Texas? Why would cook a nasty one, woodcutters can compete in thy Sweet went over there,
and are so many of them like. If we go next week, I take you, you would shoot fifty picks. Why and how from helicopter. Why would you pick a gross one? I see what you say, but it just seems like you don't want to waste the meat though Our people that would show that we are going to talk about no food, wise, compare food meta sauna on a farm, twenty five percent of your crop is destroyed by Pharaoh picks yes every year, so Robin here, if you're, if you're, not a million dollars, Europe automatically at the top fifty thousand dollars of your crop is gone to. Fair topics so you have the rancher like scene. Heavy handed Harry ogre? Like me, they like wake you'll, come
and kill pigs on my property, and yet I have to do anything that the welcome you how many times you done as a thousand I have no idea a thousand times after them. What a great place near by it's different- shooting, though, because instead of a pot, so if some and moving fast like a vehicle. If I was going to be engaging some, moving Lucy from right to left dominant ye have to lead. It will you're in a helicopter. You actually have to given what a negative lead, you're an issue behind you going too fast? Yes, whatever speed, if you're goin, what's a eighty knots, you're gonna have to be behind it about about the tail and the speed that helicopter is gonna. Make up the difference. To give you a middle impact, interesting, that's how fast the helicopter gone when you shooting
depends on the pilots and sometimes that use a shooter you're, just kind of having to judge how fast your going and Mcshane who will fly with his great pilot, and so hill. It can't the helicopter, like a forty five degree angle and open up the shooter door towards so Worley Going like thirty knots, so you can and miles an hour ago one and a half. What are these not I don't know it's naval and aviation use, it does the confused river here. But at that speed you can aim point aimed point impact right, rack, em up. While we shot enough in violent before no thorough, yeah yeah, struck her fire issue. Gluck yeah! It's real similar trigger a little bit more combat feely, that's the compact! So you can download you carry it now. I can t carry or effects that ok like superfast around
here? Did you can't be here? I gave you concealed a horse. Carry stay open tears. Don't please don't do that Yemen's! It's like very antagonistic, yeah, but like that, What why I believe you have the right to do. That It's also of those things. That's like it's also done to do it from a technical perspective right Why would you be sitting here with the thing that you went right to protect? You expect to the haunt our world and telegraphing If I walk into a room, that's like the first time. I want your Paul useless to is I am concerned about you and not as an asset, but rather as a threat right like theirs. I dont others on it. If you went out to any
new, the guys out here. Any of my friends. I do open carried the big. Now, that's done. I can't do that while this that thing that, like I, was getting into the protest when people are showing up at these black lives matter, protests with a case around their neck. Now, what are you doing during times of accident discharged their weapon into the crowd. I'm sure it's happened like a dozen times, I'm sure it's heartbreaking cause like I respect that they're trying to for we believe in protest, love, peaceful protests. I'd like that. That kind of bravado of open carry in that sense. Where they're like really are get a freedom not exercised freedom, that's gonna atrophy- and I were the reasons while of comedy- is because you are pushing the limit of what people are comfortable with, especially the first amendment. Was your kind of torn and open carry in that sense, I think it's Superdome
but I, like people exercising the freedoms interesting, there are serious and the right person I want out never be it a protest of. While I support its, I would to dangerous to be there right now. Oh, I wouldn't the costs verses gain of what happens at those peaceful protests and then that the thought of even open carrying his is idiotic. I grew that Felix show another one, those protests with a gun like unless they're coming to you and trying to take your house or break down your door. While you haven't why you walk around with a gun just now, you suppose it supposed to be a peaceful protests and the ideas like would have someone comes to try disrupt that peaceful protest like the Europe inviting them almost one that gun yeah Emily. We had a poor kid killed here in Austin. He had a k and pour over driver got.
In the middle of a protest and he's like wholly crap his his note when he drop, he had a drop off and he went to go to another pick up and goober like automatically rots, though the way to go so he's following his little goober out, and he turns any like a man, I'm in the middle of a protest he's a soldier from four hood right here. And he's concealed carrying in, in his overview, and am he get stuck in the protests and the protesters swarm his car and this this this kid that died. He's actually really neat kid, because his his girlfriend was black. Is there to support her She had a bunch of visible fiscal impairments and she was in a wheelchair yeah. Some he's like a neat kid. He, like not smart, he's open carrying out a protest in only you seem custom, inflammatory think beforehand, but, like I d, give point in his purpose was really good and pure and like trying to do.
Right thing, but then he runs up to the side of car and point a gun at an goober driver. That is scared and confused and you get shot. That's the recipe for disaster. I saw so many different versions of that story to where the people had twisted the facts, people that said he was unarmed people that the guy who got shot. People are saying that the guy who did it was a white supremacist drove into the protest purpose. There were so many video is edited where it looked like. The guy was making right turn expect up cause you're trying to get around a person and they cut right there, because it looks like the guy speeding up to go into the crowd, but super when you watch whole video. It's really obvious. Without poor kid was trying to do the drive I saw a fascinating this phd. Aren't communication broke down from the initial released
the information of the story, how immediately started being distorted, yeah fruit for two different sides? They gonna leave out this detail of an include this t detail and by the time you got the game telephone, we're. Ok, here's this catchphrase and by the time gets all the way around the room. It doesn't sound like any semblance of what it did when it started. We got to the final version. I'm super enraged at one version and am super enraged at another version, but neither of them are true
and like that, that's what every single issue is happening from defining the pleas to backlash matter to intifada it's like. Can we just be reasonable and talk about what's really happening, and we have some real good examples of what the worst case scenarios are in this country is now one of Us Portland like Portland, is one of the best case scenario is of a completely unreasonable, ridiculous shit. That's going on every single day, three hundred and one days approach. They got that fuckin mayor There is the most progressive mayor in the country and the like. Fuck you resign were blown your house Tele hit a move out. As they're gonna burn is placed ass. They tried to burn down his lobby. They were throwing five everything's into his lobby, their relighting fires and from stream from his house having dance parties in front of his apartment building. So I was just coming back from Africa,
on an essay mission. The security forces assistance again we the military, go to places that have insurgents and we try to legitimize the process of government. So in counter insurgency, there's like all of these different missions from joint combined exercises for training to foreign, internal defence, to S affairs, is security forces assistance in I'm over there doing a counter insurgency mission and I'm coming back and I'm seeing the same kind of the who horrible, dangerous recipe in Portland enough. The that the same types of organization structure and in its insurgency is a charged idea. That new insurgency by the studio data finds it is an organised group trying
You d, legitimize or overthrow a constitutional government debts thou the d, a duty to find it, and I think, if you went to almost any one in power Ireland, like what are you trying to do right now, like that's what they're trying to do, you think that's what the early their open about it, which is all right, and that creates a really hard how'd. You combat that has yet to combat the grievances and the ideas you have to invest as dangerous. It is. Those ideas are like a cancer, because when the truth and information is being adjusted just like we talked about with the shooting here in Austin, we have two different versions and some people are in the echo chamber of only here in one side of it. It just keeps radically in more and more and catching more momentum and then the reason that there there is is so convoluted with enough here. Are you
for black, like matter or you they're Tina too, to fight systemic racism. Are you here, too What are you protesting about, like, I think, he'd get allotted for answers? That's dangerous, now now it now is there to do damage like you're, not really trying to do anything. That's good! That's also exciting. The other thing about it. When, when you're allowed to throw fire into the lobby of the apartment building, where the, Mayor lives and no one stops you and you're out in front and people are playing music and dancing in everyone's gonna. Black lives matter. This excitement to that right. Something's happening And then, when you talk about people that are out of work, the economy's fucked. No one knows what to do. Everyone's scared, cove. It's killing a certain percentage of people, you can't do anything about it. There's no way scenes? There's all this tension in the air and then you this movement now, and then this is the most exciting thing, that's happening and then for people who don't have job,
I can't go anywhere what the fuck do you want them to do? They're gonna get sucked up into that, especially if it outlines with their police, nickel ideologies that there are left leaning person and they like look. We have a real chance for real revolution here and there, but with what they don't understand. What I was talking about, Seattle you're doing the same thing that you would hate for people to do your taking over businesses with force You you are occupying land that you don't deserve your stealing buildings literally occupying buildings that other people built and then once you get there you're establishing boundaries you putting up barriers. You have a police force, that will attack and brutally beat people up for just filming what they perceive as in justice is or what Can you put on the internet and then people get shot and you're calling the fuckin cops. You call the police and ambulances when people get shot their goddamn crazy. This is it so poorly thought out across the board, and if you do that
if you take over an area what's to stop people from doing that to you You ve already set a precedent. You already said we can do this with force we're gonna move in. With no law behind us with no court ruling with no reasonable discourse. We're gonna move in with force and we're gonna take over with numbers and threats and then what's gonna start, someone from doing that. Do nothing. You fuck you very soon, a precedent. You pretty said this is how it's done it's. Just Coulson Anarchy just gets worse. They got accurate in them. Violence and larger group will win show from a that, The mission of counter insurgency like how do you fight those ideas is stability, security right? If we want, see. Positive change in in you know, cause destitute part, stricken areas of the country. Urban areas. Where, like really you contact us
ethnic racism. We start looking at Detroit yeah in Baltimore in Chicago how'd. You fix that it's not fewer PETE police officers as more police officers. The way that you fix. It is providing providing stability and security in an area so that businesses can flourish capitalism arrives more job, opportunities, more wealth, more education, more Immediately in ten years, use you'll see the the the formation of a block when a when a good business comes in and good things are happening, that business can't go there if it's dangerous, if its riding in its looting So if you look at every one of the city's add serious riots in inner from like Rodney King, how Add those areas still are. It takes like fifty sixty years if they ever bounced back to come back from that. So if you, Yo go black lives matter, but then you're goin in writing, you're absolutely condemning yourself to more poverty. And then you go Indy
the police in your move, the one thing that can provide- insecurity out in an area that will bring in com? that will bring in business and jobs like the ear growing yourself. If you so hard for people to see that, because it's a long game now and in the short term, they want justice and they like no just snow peace. These were like shit on far, and I understand that there are angry and understand that sentiment, but itself, no one's explain, that this is. This is how this plays out. Your literally gonna fuck. That area for long time. Yeah yeah takes a law and a lot of money is gonna be have to be spent in order to bring it back so much. The monies are hard thing insurgencies are really cheap enough. If I want to ruin something meal, it doesn't take a lot of effort for me to destroy it for me to build and protect something that takes a lot of manpower and manpower in ours
Insurgencies are also way more successful than a gale conventional type war, even if it should war of ideas, that were in a civil war, think I will have a geographic lines that these radical groups could align themselves with. Could then would be in a different problem. It takes not just manpower funding you like if you're going to flood say Baltimore with, police officers. That's a lot of money and it would take a long time for a business to feel like a safe and secure for them to go in there and start affecting to change, opening, more stores, more jobs, more jobs, more wealth, more wealth, more education, more education, better schools and then boom. We have a flourishing community where people can prosper
but it takes. You know one idiot with Molotov cocktails to bring that all crumbling down again. The end you start from scratch or below scrap that's where we're mean this is trying time for us in the weirdest of ways, because I don't like anybody anticipated everything going as far south so quickly and it has not done this is yours was a constitution backup. Fuckers yeah. I got the papers just how it is dependence, not for interpretation. It's just as it is just read the words just amazing that these guys saw human nature and how it could be fucked up and how they could ruin everything so far in advance. Do you smoke cigarettes? I don't u dont at all now, I'm a pretty straight edge person don't drink at all
I'll have like a glass of wine every other night. It's good for your blood! Could your heart allegedly that's what they say. That's extent of it yet, but you know those alike. Epidemiology studies like how many people have a glass of wine every other nine. How are they doing and look at them? It's not like the proven a glass of wine does x or why tells his tastes really get without taste. Good. I like mistake: I'm a big fan of red meat and read one good company. That's the big, pretty liquor, cabinets, nothing that ever drink that people just give me. Some people come over my Kagan, you'll, mushrooms, no psychedelic, now never done anything ever soap that might be party problem. I've lots of problems No doubt that that is on the long, dignified list. I've thought about thought about that, and then I have I've teenage daughters that we'll ones afresh
and in college ones a senior in high school and am in on. If I ever thought about it, it's got and then I have a lemon Montford in a five year old. So do you do a lot of work in the ass, all of them will be through school before ever thought about it, that my dad was a Marquis officer, that's what errand, which was funny, because I have like intentionally just to make mad. I friends that were drug dealers, but I would never. I would never use, but I'd be around it all the time. That's interesting, how'd you avoid it. I've been an athlete anymore, Florida Bein a fighter.
I was more into being able to be somebody up. Then not. What was your first marshal the unity karate look on a showdown, then I went to japanese jujitsu after that and take a kid you too, and that for a while- and I ended up at the pit wine Campo drawn Hackmen in shock waves of his well organised and was both and then that's that my was actually geek shields. That brought me to the pit real yeah he showed up. So I was like the big guy at the german grappling ray. I wrestled in so I could go in cars smash alot of people and then this cannot awkward, weird white kid comes in and just like
map bike mops the floor with my soul as like who are you? Where did you come from? And what did you do like what? What is this is Edwards, that kept rustling. You know it's Kullak Jude it's you in and wrestling gonna put together. You know and am, but then we fight- and I think us sixteen at this fifteen fifteen. Sixteen at this time is it. Can we in similar Bisbee. Others is other guys that do it, the scan, Magee and Scott Adams and chuckle Adele, and to tell you about whalers crews, Gomes and on a sick I wanna go there. So I went there and got my brains. Bashed infer forever, had omens uninteresting character himself. He is is quite yeah. He he's a great coach, though aspect
back then P invested a lot and he was old school in Gaza, chalk it myself and we need it old school now they coaches can't do or say the things that John would say back then, and I love draw now, but- I know he was not a kind coach. Will you still training, Glover yeah, go glow and then Alex per errors with them now as well, which are was very interesting. Committee is still in and out always in courts had some injuries right. Yeah yeah, I think, is whole careers kind of intellect,
yeah, there's a guy owes always on my radar, like I thought I might fight, throw it to Jackson, is clear, break separation and then he's in the pit in Utah rising down by his thank us. Stay healthy, he's a isn't. It he's one of those guys that almost died and came back because of drugs and there's a few of those guys that are almost unbreakable, though I think they they almost die and come back, and then they become these insanely discipline, people and he's one of them. Is that good, though, to almost died on drug, I dont think its good. I think whatever led him to drugs, he probably could a squash those demons with training now, but the problem with theres many obsessions in addictions that come from almost the same energy that could be applied,
to something that makes you an incredibly successful, it's these, they were. Your brain is fixated whether its on gambling or whatever it is whatever these addictions are. They could ruin your life or you can decide you gonna be the bad motherfucker that ever lived, hence the same kind of addictions. Enough talk to Thyssen about this. I talked to a bunch of fighters about this that have these addictive tendencies, but those of tendencies are also obsessive tendencies which can be applied to something that is ultimately pie. Positively careening. That's what I do yeah. I have huge. I've never had any addiction to negative stuff, but I think if you look in my life
how I train how I shoot how I work. However, my companies- you like this, this guy's a psychopath with the the disciplined regiment of of little pain and suffering that intentionally but my body through an that's to stay, productive and so tall. Constructive Ike, always joke that. If I didn't do martial arts and fight and go to the military, where all of those things were encouraged yeah, we want you to fight. We want you to have to be a violent, bad ass. I would be in prison yod that for sure, polio, lots of people a lot of people out of you, but are in prison. The rights to this day feel like we could have got em when their young them and said: hey
listen? This is the path IRAN, but this is visible way better path. You can get on it's fucking, exciting and it's gonna feel good mean its painful, its heart, so rewarding that solar were trying to talk convince somebody like tat, tube, into this way a life. You know- and I think, like his hard work, the all the things that you want on the far side of hard work and end somebody to believe that where they have to make all these kind of small decisions, where am I waking up? early, am I not gonna be drinking? Am I not could be doing drugs? Am I going to be training and are going to all of these tiny little decision start adding up and like the titanic slowly turning the boat?
You know but tat they started. Turning about earlier, they went struck an iceberg, an element of died right, but you have to start making all these incremental adjustments and, like imagine what the Titanic would have been had not truck the the iceberg, like a connection between two worlds, that poverty being able to move to a new world and the rich elite been commingling and who knows what the world would be like habits boat, not sunk, and it would have only taken these small early adjustments to see the whole entire change of its course. But the belief right, Europe helm and you're telling me judge to start moving to moving the bone, I hadda- I don't wanna we're gonna need to all the excuses are there, but it is show. Rewarding to be on the far side of all that it just people needed. They need to know about these procrastination demons that haunt your mind, and they will rob you of all possible success of everything. Vote, though, still
everything from you. What when people come to r r courses that the biggest thing that we're trying to impart I'm not an end in two and a half days? I'm not gonna turn some integrate fighter, I'm not gonna turn somebody to a great shooter into an app days. What they're gonna learn as they can learn their assets and liabilities and they're going to learn. But themself about what do they need to do that? We're gonna put him on a course a direction, a path, all the things they need to do to positively change their life and it becomes us. I'll use addictive, like this all consuming passion, to want to know that your family safe, do not live in fear to know that you're healthy, like I have a less by play fat, I'm feeling kind of like a badass. I like want to flirt with my wife a little bit more now, I'm having more sex. Now my energies going up now, I'm sleeping better in the next days, even better, so I can train a little bit more. I can work a little bit more. I can shoot a little bit more and then, like the next day, I'm even better.
One per cent incremental changes now too much removed like who is this person useless? Twenty pounds of like you got callouses on your hands. You have that fat baby, on your face any more and more important. I see life in your eyes. Were you showed up two months ago, there's like this ghost skeleton of human. Now I see a person, it's rad etiquette, see this transformation of people told a favorite things. What would I do yet so hard for people that don't do it to understand that if you do push your body gets stronger and you grow, and then you literally feel better. I try to explain it to a friend of mine. I said a mansion if you have a race car and the race car is four hundred horsepower in a certain width, tire and a certain kind of suspension, but literally you can make it have more horsepower and handle better and why all you have to do is work and just have to push it in the tires will widen and the suspension will toughen indo beam more more pliable around corners that that the engineer gets
wronger the exhaust will sound better it'll be more rewarding to drive. You can do that. You do your body like your boy literally is heavier masker. Yes, in your mind, goes along with, which is another thing that bomb me out. We're really smart people dont want to work out. They think it's like they think it's for meat heads or they think it's it's a stupid, egotistical pursued. Might not you. You literally, are all connected in your brain Your body are one tone, total human condition, as it is because you look if you're an awesome penis. Right and you're really good at playing the piano. You have to understand That's not just your fingers right. That's your mind. Your mind is also making you play the piano. Well guess what have you better cardiovascular shape. You probably could do that even better, because in the whole system would work better everything. Would we
better, and this is the same with every DNS inspiring ass. You know everything everything is going quicker. Yelling in Gaza, Rachmaninoff Big, huge, powerful hands. It could play these big, huge cords. His body conditioned to be able to do those things. It wasn't like immediately. He had this one and hath octave reach right. He learned in his hands literally grew to be a replay court that if you like and play them right now, if cobblestones six months, he like his is body adapted, evolved to bureau. To like this, dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar. To sell fricking cool, I love humans. I am of humans to my friend. Campaigns. Does bunch
marathon of his son awesome dude here, and he started out like a fine words or talk to my guess: we're gonna start running a reserve, beer run a mile and that's it so someone saying like how the fuck does someone run two hundred and forty miles, I go. We start by running a mile. He started an elephant yeah, you start in you just you keep in the next thing. You know you can run three miles and you could do it a comfortable pace and then, six months later, you can run six miles. A comfortable pace, and then six months after that, you can run a marathon at a comfortable pace. And then six months after that you can run and ultra marathon she's gotta. You said six months, though, like people and media and early gratification right like how can I just had a button right, this watch apropos of a Youtube video and teach me how to do that because it takes work. Yeah, that's the thing, a thing so how to convince somebody to do it cause than this
idea this costume republic that were in like it was possible because the individuals were strong self sufficient and they believed individual responsibility right and in fact, in ball. Yeah they're coming another powerful, did a fight, a bare start republic start a whole new thing. That's another symbol to know. Without that individual been a frequent stud right and not this fat flag Gelatin Schuman sit on the couch playing video games and that didn't
that none of these ideas are possible. If we continue down this soft trajectory of winning instant gratification and believing that were entitled to anything, we have, we have to believe that you gotta be about ass for this to work to so many people that are conditioned instant gravitation and so an agreeable it's worth a pill. That's that's! That's another problem today in that you feel bad, feel that we need to take a pill or or go run for miles. Brain. Does the same frickin thing that your pill just major do, but it happened naturally and you'll be healthier and you can produce more of it to Morrow. You like I dont know a lot of really depressed frustrated, sad, healthy, smart people who are says a lot
I mean I'm sure, there's some, I'm sure there are absolutely some mental imbalances. Just like some people of liver disease right and they don't even drink some people, they get cancer and they didn't do anything wrong. Is the body fucked up? Sometimes that also happens with your brain. It happens with hormones that happens with the what you're being your brains, ability debris but whose dopamine serotonin, sometimes it just doesn't work and that is that is a real thing, but more often than not, that's not what's going on nope just go. Do the work is going through the wood feel so good and everything like how much love eating your elk love is not meant as a taste bent aspect, not only do you look at it and remember every time I'm cooking, whether like I've Lazard near the other night, it took some the elk made italian sausage, look at a port fat bunch of the time oregano time there were met mixed in the meat, No, I mean Le Zonia with ground backdrop and italian sausage two nights ago, Brett them like as I'm cooking and remembering
walking up this mountain and seen at two ridges away, and we like ok, where's. The wind coming from comic, emigrate buttonhole around this thing, so that I can stay up when of it and catch it in this next ravine. You know and like every single moment, the smells it's all coming back to you and I sat down to table my family with me and we're gonna eat this together. It's amazing slick magical, it's hard for people understand that have never done it before, but it is eating something that you have hunted untilled yourself as a different thing. It's a different thing, really is so funny. In Texas Boy, what a good place to do it virtue in anywhere here, there's so many ranches here, it's so much like this now public land such can be a little bit differently, two percent, which is all stay which car bonkers yeah, but I mean his the government really supposed to be owning our land. Well he's gonna Texas on here. It was not opposed owning property, and you
and paid a hunt. All these places. The most of these places are a lot of em. I should say our commercial hunting, branches and they're, not unreasonable, and you can go in for a small amount of money. When you think about the amount of animal that you'd gap, I mean, if you hundreds of pounds yeah especially pigs, to get some wild first, while, while pigs eaten while pigs, I fucking love them. I think they're goddamned delicious, I love em, go get the right when you gotta get the right way. Well, I've got I got lucky in the ones that I've hunted have been tone ranch in California. In the eet allotted acorns, Hawaii were real thick with fat, oh my god, so good a shot, one with John Dudley and we brine didn't slow, cooked it on the trigger. It was incredible ILO the trigger love it. So that's something I had this walk in his path to size, the studio this walkin smoker
and it had eaten heeding elements and the smoke elements and had it. Kunak insulated is like it here an entire rack of elk ribs in there, but I had to sit there twenty four seven. For, however long as eastern and smoke. This and out it is towards adjusting smoke balls and heat levels in, and then it's like. Oh now put this thing ammo and walk inside with my phone. It's against accurate, asked me a pay Add some more stuff in here I smoking like, while too is even better.
Love when you do a recipe through the app the app actually navigate to cooking cycle changes temperature for you, but then, at the end of the day, it's really just fire and would that's the beautiful thing? There's no chemicals, there's no gas. This is just fire and would it so it tastes like you cooked it over and open fire, so good, it's fuckin, awesome and wild game. That way is the best is the best means a reason why so many hunters by traders felt pellet girls, any Pella girl. If you know a trigger Pella girls are the shit there. So good big. I love how easy it makes life like might mile let out or could kitchens next to the pool. So I go throw that stuff in there and, unlike in the pool their heads Martineau an interest and that shit, no, they are wasting my whole entire day. My kids are passed. You know, like you, better appreciate this brisket you can. I spent fourteen out
put on it. You know like that, never happened so I can put in there- and I forgot about it like when I watch videos of Franklin's Franklin barbecue in Austin, that that dude he uses old school in Olaf, set smokers with wood and throws the wooden with the logs and obviously the result is fucking insanely, delicious, I appreciate it, but I don't have time for that, but this is full time job at Yale and, frankly, I got it. That's amazing do in that thing, I'll drive and invite needed by I'll have the time to do that, and I love look into my up all the meets at a hundred twenty degrees. Getting close and send you a notification. I love it. I love it and I I can't get enough while game. I need to bring more out here. I didn't bring enough out here. I have I have it in commercial freezers, so move back home, so I literally might take a trip back home to to fill up some coolers and bring meat back crazy with dry ice.
What I have just put in a yeti. Yeah, it's frozen, it'll eager to put the send it regular ground mail for five days and we'll get their fucking frozen. Its Crazy, how well those things keep temperature I put on either end, although cardboard vertical separate her from the meat and I packed dry ice, and then I just leave like an inch along the top, if I'm shipping stuff and then it just keeps it superfluous for how long hello, alas, the dry ice, no evaporates it the same, whether regardless of temperature so inside there that, alas, for five days- oh yeah yeah, it's it could be done each ship it what it is doing to Morrow nine eleven, while the reason why had you on here today is because this progress can be released on nine eleven, I think there's no more appropriate person to have on nine eleven, the new we have a pike asked tomorrow that we're doing a Skype, one,
fellow from the UK the that there are way more appropriate people in me, like any firefighter that was their ground zero. Have you been to ground zero? No man, you gotta, go every American, I think near cities off my last for life. Now, that's a stick that's good point, but being there and see sitting by the way we live in New York, relax and coming back, they it but ten economy there, yeah, there's still doing army there. You have to do it outside the fat content, but dont people combined the funds and scream here yeah that had already too John, how common too- and I talked this week. We call music he. What would you do if you're at a restaurant in your centrally
ambushed by people scream at you trying in a telling you to raise your fist and like one I'm not be there, because I before I go places and making sure that it's safer to go there and I'm not going to be sitting at a restaurant where a protester can be walking through, and I know they were targeting ones specifically to try to catch people and get the I got you a moment to is their situation, awareness, it's not I'm sitting here and I see some people congregate in across the street of a wait and see what happens a lot of people. I see cameras as she make a phone, so I can still sit here and wait and see what happens. I got you like five six people wearing black hoodies masks. You know what little red fish painted on their shoulders and dinner done. We're out of here. We pack up and go New York, crazy.
Crazy place, but that that memorial is. I dont know what it is about that place. If you can feel our souls like, you can feel the pain there. I think that through a thank you dumb Modality Gettysburg and a step farther news there, and he said, I'm never believed that there's a place, we could feel sadness he has, but it did. You just feel did the people had died? There feel it palatable describable heaviness year it's not like I'm up like I'm, not a guy that meal Victor Crystal now back. You can feel it and never forget right how quickly we forgot, while they were trying to cancel the fuckin, putting up, though the lights why? Why would you do? Have you seen falling man documentary so there's a photograph called the falling man that it is
Google falling in- and you see this sky and this this any time, I need to know the reason why I am going all over these places. Doing that set a dude off. I can look at it. Is it like I mean it gets me. Can you talk about this dude for second, he sitting standing kneeling Lane on the four of a shattered window and he's looking back inside. He's making decision, whether he's gonna burn alive or is gonna jump to his death him in hundreds others, there sitting there. Americans looking inside of a building be like ok do I burnt alive or do I jumped my death and now that that YO and that picture so unnerving, because he consciously is making the choice to die the whole entire way down. You can see he staying in like I'm going to face plant,
the asphalt and all the way into the ground he's making that choice, because he didn't want to burn alive. So like every time, Second are suffering or or for a frustrated. If I to go, you know do another mission that I, of course our duty sexy things over the planet and but sometimes it gonna get a usually does so with military works. Don't pick, and am I think about that, guy but the three thousand Americans were standing there and be faced with that. Ways of am I burnt alive. Or am I going to jump to my death because insurgents wanting to meal radical fundamentals- one? to destroy the idea that we stood for capitalism. American freedom you're with five hundred thousand dollars and box cutters. These untrained assholes were able to bring down largest superpower on the planet? I guess what asymmetrical warfare is like asymmetrical is
is something not aligned with everything else and warfare in these. Under a snatch warfare is cut halves, not fighting the haves and when in ways that nobody's ever done it before it was. It was genius and horrible that this small group of untrained, guys with box cutters did butts, Tommy trillions of dollars- and we spent in this war- seventeen billion dollars and damage just in that one day three thousand american lives more life since pearl, harbor, we went to war, the Japanese dropped to atomic bombs for that. We're so short with what we remember this current societies, generation is fast influx of information like, and I want to never forget that man's face and do we know who he was. They think they're like ninety percent.
There was another couple that did. It is one other there. There is like a few dozen. We haven't got like are on the right word, or maybe she's white uncovered and soot, but she's literally looking down trying to get a breath of fresh breath of air before she, their self kits or burnt alive, and then she jobs. I'd never again, we say never forget me. I never again like how do we stop that, and that is the constant, unrelenting fight against these fanatic ideas, and it's not just that there are countless. Types of of revolutionaries and insurgents, milk ones that do it for religion
reasons, ones to push out foreign powers ones because of the the Hutu and Tutsi like that's just ethnic, but they're all the same kind of formula of we're not happy about something. So we're gonna. Do something horrific to try and change a snatch warfare to try to change the shape of something and that fight against the These extreme outliers has to be one that were committed to all the time, Otherwise it will happen again. It might be a train, it might be a bus, it might be a dirty bomb. Thank God, Boston, Pie, the next worse thing that happened since then. Which was a couple idiot with pressure cookers because we have been so aggressive, not just here but so abroad. Ensuring that this doesn't happen. It's weird written
I think, the last time I shares telling how bad it is, and special operations special forces specifically in recruiting, like we're hurting for people and the right people, and all the people who have been coming in. They came in to fight this war, but now we have kids in training that weren't alive when nine eleven happened, a tiered on nine eleven because of this. But now we have I don't even know how I'm calling them kids their heroes that they're their selflessly serving their country. But we're leaving Iraq we're leaving Afghanistan by I had to deploy next to that looks like it's going to get spanked, because Trump is pulling back our forces from these places for us to do their things and those other things are counter insurgency, its foreign internal defence, its security forces assistance. Its joint combine exercises for train and like while I wanna go pro my body armor and have a beard and go look sexy and go do all these things. Those are the
port and jobs that we have to do in the coming in the coming years? To make sure this doesn't happen again right if we're in Afghan Stan and ninety? Ninety nine, with a presents trying to help the afghan government have a constitutional republic or a government, and in a way would have this happened. Maybe not I don't know, but probably not the same reason. Why we're all over Africa? Some reason why we should presence and NATO, with the same reason that work were present in the Philippines. It's trying to fight these radical ideas so that security instability provides an area. For people to live freely. However, they want to telling anybody had alive right Philippines Africa is year in Algeria, Mauritania, kinda Faso. You guys do your things whatever that thing
we're here to help you do it, but it's gonna be done safely to brighten brought stability and security. I never once again like to us here in Amerika. We, like I like to see my kids, but I want to burn alive. So I'm going to jump fuck you and your extremist ideas. I might find you and whatever fight you till the day we die, but we have to be vigilant about it. When you hear people talk about defunding the military, when you hear people talk about pulling troops out of other countries, and a non intervention as foreign policy, but you know what you know, and you know why this stuff has to be done. How do you react that its ignorance, I mean first, it's pity it's like I, I feel bad for them. They are all go to a country in West Africa and Asia. Back two years later and I will see the school that I help build or was
fighting training for the people that are gonna, be protecting it at school, still functioning and they had two years of people grass, but even at school, and now I go to what was like this potent village and people are sooner. Reading a book like you can read a cat. I had how to read last year. Why this is so cool. You know, like you, have fresh, water. How did you have fresh water like I will we learned How to read, and then we started, reading these books and that we actually do natural filtration through the soil and and were also doing this tiered irrigation like check our crops like crap, you have crops. Even have cropped here two years ago in two in two years, I'm seeing transformation of a people, so every single radical group from ISIS Al Qaeda Taliban fork.
Two intifada: they go and target the poor and uneducated, that's that's who they recruit from and that they take these ideas. They plant seeds and plants seeds through like your soup or your daughter's, going to get married, I'm going to come in as the bad guy as the ISIS member and I'm going to pay for your daughter's wedding and the endowment imma. Do it all, and I would like you're indebted to me and your wife and her new husband are kind of like a person of to me but now I have a hook in you and I can- and it doesn't take a lot of money to pay for a wedding in Somalia, so that there's the population there's the poverty and there's the opportunity for them to plant these seeds of fanatic right
dick uselessness and that's that's what they do. So when I see somebody that's like heaven you to pull everybody back in in wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. We we have created stability there and I dont know, or we can never govern Afghanistan like they can't be that whether the people aren't gonna, call, is kind of also frightening because are so nomadic. Yes, it's been travels forever. I mean you go back to Genghis Khan, you don't like they ve been insurgents from Con too to the British, to the Russians, to than the British again to French to then the Russians again than to us. But they ve just been doing this thing for as long as have been in existence, so leave him. Be.
Right. We can still be there with the government like hand in hand, advise and cyst, and a company like how to do things, but we don't physically need to be there fighting wars all the time and that's kind of what we're doing right. We're facing back or physical direct action presents But it's something that we need to pull everybody, and we only need to check our own borders and, let's just be present here. It's super naive and it's super ignorant, because this is the result of us not being outside. Of our own borders. Did the idea of policing the world does not sit well with people, though I will have to face the area the world. That's not what we're doing Security forces system, sir or joint buying excise retraining or for internal defence. That is- and I am not walk- around, be like hey you insurgent you, back in the building, I'm with like by within, through working with the local government by their side with them with their mission in their intent.
Through their own purpose and ideas I understand. But how do you get that message to people that do think that its policing the world that I you think that we should mine on business and take that wrong Paul approach and pull the troops back and take care of our own and not worry about other countries Oh, I wish I could take people with me to show them heavier was neuron Pantagruel, others, yeah yeah for sure I think The easy answer- and I never like easy answers- is that this house had nine eleven hasn't happened again, even though they have. We know that they have tried ten twenty thirty thousand times they ve tried to do this again in every single way and whether such terrorist of training, where we got up whether the new ISIS leader Witherspoon, Al Qaeda leader, whether it's the next.
Iranian, their secret service. That's funding, group, and terrorist organisations all over the planet. We got You know like we have been constant and vigilant in in finding them and stopping them, and we have to their wise. But how is out? How isn't does not happen again are their fewer extremists, though we have stopped them through our actions. If we did not do anything, this would happen again how much of an effect does it have in whose president man a lot like what was the difference? You nobleman trump, I'm out just use ammo as an example. As a soup like again not an easy is trying to draw parallels
that people can wrap their heads around. If I'm going to forecast how much ammo I need for training, I'm going to find out what my mission is, I'm going to set up kind of like the training calendar of all the events that we're gonna do flat range is, seek you be long, distance, sniper, stuff mounted training and then that forecasts, how much Emily need and then I go, and I asked for the ammo and I would get like I'd be allowed to ask for about a third, then during Obama of Rice, loud to ask for with Bush or no tromp a third a third. While I was your rationalization for that. It's just like a funding
us being able to buy cool drones or new guns or different optics like the funding. Is there the funding is not there and if, while the Big Department, defence military machine may not be the most efficient thing when it goes down to the individual like it comes down to me being like, I can have this Gunnar. I can't I can't have this optic or I can't I have to use this old rifle. That's been shot by twenty soldiers before me or I get a new one and down at its it black and white. It's like dollars and sense, like I have nine dollars under this guy. I have three dollars under this guy. So when you left fighting men went back into the military was one of the reasons you did that because Trump was in office and then there was more funding. Yes, I dont, like
using at anything and going into a fight that you are not prepared to win is a pretty bad idea and knowing I use cow, Kelvin Desolate as as an example supposed to fight were shot Evans at New Year's eve, or I met and square gardens in November and fight fell through medical things, and I mean, by the time I get to Kelvin, guess form of cut my of cut. We two different times now my ballooned up to two twenty back I want to be five to twenty. Now, I'm cutting weight back to one hundred and eighty five again and now, a five month fight camp. I like walking out to the octagon tired, like I just warmed up in the back with Brandon and Greg, and I'm like that's a bad feeling to walk into a fight, not in a
Position to fight and we're when, when tromp was elected, we were one hundred percent still at work. Isis wish arriving by all the places I wouldn't fought in Afghanistan were now controlled by ices, a ghetto bad that sucks to look at all the places where I remember friends getting hurt, or you know, like Jacko, the places that he went, but those were occupied by ices. Physical occupying. He lost countless front. Felicia Romani sought or city of this place all innocent syrian border control by ices, land that we control and fought and then lost and then think anabolic, have to go back in here and do this again, but I have the third a third amount of the resources to do it that sucks or knowing that ok now, but have a guy that is going to back me with a pocket book to go and win? Not that was the the choice for me was.
I just want to win. I dont want nine eleven happen again and that's hard to stop when you're, giving when your cream vacuums for evil, too, and how much of an impact hasn't have has had having trump. As president, in making those decisions to fund the military better in terms of success overseas over we smashed ISIS year one here they rose for three and and started gaining ground the ices cow fits into all Of the Middle EAST, like they were popping up, we're ice people swearing allegiance to ISIS in Africa. Google chrome is again we're ISIS now. What are you kidding me in that cancerous plagues? spreading all over the world, because we weren't aggressively with vigilance fighting those idea. Then
November role around twenty sixteen, and it was by at February of twenty. Seventeen o is like go. It was off, were literally smashing them. Every single opportunity dropping the biggest bomb beyond Taliban, the jam or the was at them. Allow yeah, that's critical eyes dropped the peel the bomb next to the size, the nuclear weapon thus also- and this is all because of Trump getting an office in funding the military yeah. So the present comes out with this national strategic plan, and that goes to a bunch of different things, from Department of Defense to Department of state and every single one of these. Look to that idea. That document as to how they're going to operate, and then you have the appointees to those positions like matters, for example, where than he
interprets what the intent is from like the executive plan and then for Department of Defense. How are we going to fulfill that? And then that goes to all of the regional commanders and act? All the special operations unit and then missions are built off of the filling these ideas and those as were smash. Isis, remove radical terrorists off the planet and provide security and stability with all of our partners and then grow who are partners are. Take an Africa if you went back five six years, you have three or four five countries that were part of this. Like this group of red, general Africans wanting to be free rein, They don't want. Baccarat morale, Qaeda or ice is coming in and in telling them what to do. They want a free constitutional government.
So we started helping now, there's like a dozen of those countries that are part of this group and they're all doing there all doing the work, and it's me it's amazing to see what happens and just couple years in any one of these countries when they start doing the work is no different person rights like but a group of people and their all believing in these ideas of a freedom of education of prosperity and a word is creating an opportunity for those to be realised. This is a message that gets out enough. What you're saying right now about the importance of funding the military, about all the positive aspects of these operations and about how squashing these fundamentalist terrorist groups can lead to democracy in all these places and can lead to flourishing schools in the growth of these individual era
is tat. This is not a message. It gets out enough. No I'm in its by design a little bit I think, you'll have the country doesn't want the other half to look. Good and we definitely no that are all our enemies, foreign enemies are one hundred percent protest. Putting right now is a move towards November. In delegitimizing what this country stands for in the process of our elections and what were allowed to do especially overseas. So you know from Russia to China like they are in the business of hurting America, and they are not only here like making a election seem unfair or broken, also abroad, where they're they're, trying to every place that we are there.
Are as well and they are trying to do the opposite of we of what we like they're there. They want radicals, they want broken they once cuz every little bit that they do is more that we have to fight against when I said that and insurgency is cheap and a counter. Insurgency is expensive, but we're fighting counter insurgency of the planet. As we move towards the elections with the Portland firing, Seattle Fire off, I think be very naive for us not to think that China and Russia are negatively participating you'll get twenty sixteen with Hilary and Trump. Were the Russians involved yeah, For sure they're they're stoking the
fires of hate on both sides- and it didn't matter who one like they didn't want trumped. When they didn't need Hilary to win. They just need the process to look broken. They just have to make us look bad. It doesn't matter to them who wins in coming to bite in Trump. It doesn't matter, who wins it matters that they do legitimize the process of a fair election and a constitutional republic drew easy to do. How many you smart? You have a birthday coming up. You are going to turn sixty happy birthday, look rate for being sixty jobs and you're gonna have a party celebrate this, and am yours have all your friends over. You know you got some gay guys got some black eyes. You got some Mexicans yeah yeah yeah you're, pretty balance person with lots of different friends from lots of different cultures. Not but they're all can be in the same room right at this big huge
melting pot of your party cool. It's can be read party you gotta bar, you can rent. This cool place has about awesome. Few bathrooms has his night. Nice balcony is beautiful statue and there is like this ice sculpture. That's that's great drinks on it in the punches underneath it I dont you have good party, I'm I'm your insurgent idle! like you, I don't like your ideas. I don't like this idea of everybody being able to commingle, so I'm going to go and I'm going to ruin your party. I had a friend of a friend that kind of got me in. So how hard for me to ruin. Your party super easy right people piss in the punch. I can go find that gay guy you some homophobic slurs and find that that Muslim over in the corner and you know tell him that with the pillows at dumbest group on the planet, you know that is real food on everything and that you don't Muslims. Her ignorance, multi wife, ass
is all of its untrue. It doesn't matter if I believe it, I'm just there to place people off. I may go to those two bathrooms Amigo give you an upper Decker Michael put in the top of to those toilet, will have disgusting right, stinks Maybe I'll go chip away at the that little beautiful sculpture, so when something goes to scoop the during their first punch, the whole thing toppled topples over. So easy and so cheap for me to ruin everything about your day? that's what I'm trying to do in election right there destroyed or road the process. And ruin it and it costs them nothing to go piss off. Every single group the far right, the far left. They just want people angry in the process is so simple. Now with Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. I this stuff these, these massive Botz that can go and like things in Crete and they place long game where they just start planting seeds of distrust and and their spending
money to make anti format their spending money to make the Google Bert brows look mad and they want everybody to be mad at everybody moving into November. So then the process the election is Jack, but your party, so you do have an option there's the catch twenty, two of how difficult it is as a leader to stop it like I can hire security guards. I could put a guard at the front. I could put a car by the punch. I could put a guard every bathroom, I could check all idea of everybody come in. I could have a guest sitting exact list of people that are allowed to attend. But now I just ruined you just ruined your. One party because you're trying to provide instability put all of that in their air, but now party shocks, replica, get a drink. I'm only allowed one drink and knows how to talk to each other. Nobody nobody's hang out everybody s to in separate, so you ruined
On party, so in either case you give me freedom of movement, the american way and ruin it or you try to come in to heavy handed and then you will like a dictator in. Are you ill? You look like Hitler himself. So how'd he out. How do you have a good party tarred? That's were Rattray now. There are literally doing that with with every way they can frightening. So this idea that Russia just wants trumped when its horseshit. Here? They don't care, they just need a process to look bad. So when we have a cautious public order, they have, but it dictatorship absolute. So they don't need a free. And they just need the process- the idea of America to look broken. That's what that success to them. If I
I can say this with such absolute and neck conviction, because this is what we do. This is what we do, This is what we go overseas and do we have specific groups that are doing this exact thing to make them look bad, but they're doing it to us and because is so free, it's so much easier to do here. A cowherd is it for me to go to Russia and Or bland in China and go and start planting seeds of discontent cricket hard right. I cared not so hard to fight. This is so because of the fact that we have freedom, because the fact that we have these democratic elections, because the fact that we have the ability to express ourselves and communicate free. The on line, which they don't really have an either one of those countries, meters severe repercussions for criticising the government in China severe and same thing about Russia,
so because we have is freedom over here they participate and the way they participated through the internet research agency, and I had a woman on the name, Renee Diresta us who extensively researched this and was talking about how spectacular this up. Was what they would do. Let the glitt literally organised a pro Texas meet up across the street. A pro Muslim meet up and they said it up. They set it up that where a friend whose very well versed online found this anti for rage, this thing against white rage on line and they they Tracy IP back to Russia. This is wild. This is wild. Surely there is now a mild, though, like Amerika will yet a miracle your eyes, because if wake up and open your eyes to this is happening, where how naive as it for us, not to think that our enemies are trying
negatively affect what is happening here right, because this is the place where you can negatively affected in the way that they can do it here, which is different than the way you could affect anything in Russia or China, because the fact that we have this freedom of expression- they don't they dont need somebody to win. They'd have to make us look bad. This is where our media's failed us, because our media takes this horrible partisan position, whether on the left or the right. They they only want to look at the things that show that the left or the right, depending on who your enemy is, is fucking up and how China Russia, who every whoever you deem that with the player that the key player is in fluency our elections, because they want this personal. One of you love America. You will vote against trot because The Russians want trump to win. This is this. The FUCK, a narrative tat- keeps getting spit out at us and it's not. It doesn't sit well with me. And I'm glad you're explaining the way or explaining it because partisanship in this this
A bill inability to look at things objectively is really fucking us up. It's really bad. These motherfuckers. At a running the media. There reason why people aren't paying attention anymore, there's a reason there's a reason why those those sources are not trusted. Divided is perfectly divided you if, if, if, if I were in China or in Moscow, I like exactly what kind of environment do I want. So I can negatively affect an election you're looking at it right, I'm going to stoke the fires of the one percent on the right of a stoke, the fires of the one percent on the left and I'm just going to. Let them show angry. I've created all these different accounts that have Vowels followers there fake the followers are bots and the people that are saying that those are real people that speak perfect English and they are in there in those groups, just planting hate, so people just get madder and madder and madder.
We look like Black Lodge matter. I don't think there's a single American that that's gonna be like now, black live, no matter whether there might be one but screw that racist right so few and so irrelevant such a minor position, That is their solidarity for sure. Like or the solutions. The things been talked about not really now real. Why is that? Like? I'm spending, probably half of my waking hours right now, developing away to be what train police officers and get something in every single police department said they can look into unconscious bias training about how to deescalate understanding, different cultures right if I'm walking down the street and I seek seek- and I'm like- I was just a muslim- have to go ahead and fight this guy. The guy comes in a little bit close that's part of our culture and ask the parlor culture. They have a knife and I don't know any this and I just misunderstood this person is and his religion and his ethnicity.
Now I have the super bad interaction, because this guy stepped into my space and all that could have been trained out. I could have taught somebody those things and what everybody been show stoked on getting angry and finding out the problems nobody's talking about solutions and how do we are we, if there's a problem in law enforcement, and there is but how do we fix that? Can we talk about that? Instead of of trying to find the the next pour goober driver that good? lost immediately, calling him a racist or or finding the next and tv guide that is really just poor law. His job has been living in his pocket placement and just need something to do it? Let's go
them something to do, and that's like make a positive impact. That is a real part of what's going on to the real part of what's going on with people, don't feel like they belong and when there's a movement going on. If you jump on that, you see that guy who shot the pro Trump supporter in Portland and see the interview with him afterwards, the interviews Classic You listen to interview him, he's a loss, guy, a lost weird social outcasts to found a home and then is soaking up all this attention and eager for shooting a trump supporter. These claiming was out there trying to kill a friend of his of color is description of it and please show up here and he tries to shoot them. Yeah, there's a lost person, a violent lost. I mean if somebody lot with no purpose right is a dangerous thing. I've actually one who doesn't understand the consequences of their acts. It.
My brother's, a sheriff Nick Inner in California and dumb. The things that he has to do in a day you know the number of people in interactions that he has to have that he has had in his career and every What time is it gonna? Be this anti guy that just shot somebody in Monterrey, their doors? Actually, some tea for guys had thrown some pipe bombs in Oakland and then draw move into northern moderate county and set off some more pipe bombs shot a couple more cops? this kind of got buried in the news, but my brother was one of the guys that showed up there and they have to deal with that like a radical domestic terrorist. And they also have to show up when a husband or wife are having a dispute. They have to walk up to. Everyone. Car as if that person is gonna, kill them. That person might be a do. I That person may not want to if they have broken the law, not one
out of the car ugly and make me out of the car industry hardest job in the world there under train their under funded and but They are the necessary security for us to prosper and be Successful and my brothers, the most selfless incredible person- is most the guy's a train with a ton of law enforcement and nobody there not perfect. Nobody is no human is, but you can get train perfection, but you can train bad out of people and that is one of many reasons. Why think training show Paramount and it or to the election. People are always focusing on the bad. You gotta find solutions if you're you're mad and you believe in black lives matter. What is your solution? I fear if you think that, cops have a problem, like I'm and if I got found a solution, I work for creating this. This effort. Reality headset that wouldn't be a reply,
and every single police department with they'll be up to listen to you and interact with different ethnicities that that are consistent with the populations that they work in the be able to identify unconscious bias. I'm pretty aware of the biases that I have, because I looked through the lens of my life through pretty jaded glasses, right things, I've gone and done and seen but there's no way that I am aware of all of them, but Would there are ways you could train that out of people and that you can show them and explore with like some the best brightest, my Phds law enforcement, there's that are designing these things that we can like put specula theories. My partner in this We can take these things and send to every single wander for law enforcement department and train people, about how to interact and win. Your hammer and everything looks like a nail and you're going to
All of these different interactions with like is this going to shoot me it's hard because he might, but he also might be having a bad day in eating the how to de escalate that and am, but you also have You could enforce the law not so hardest things right now, and I know Chinese and the Russians are loving the fact that the we are questioning. Do laws really matter? Can we just let things go? Can we tear down statues. Can you just walk out the middle of an inter state and stop traffic, because you believe you have the right to do that now, you you can't do that like the real rule of law. Is there not just for you, but for us, if you believe the collective, then you have I believe that those laws are therefore good and we have to make sure we elect good guys that putting good laws but like if you just don't
leave that it matters and you can go and you can write you can loot and it's just property like you can burn that voting down. It's just property lives or more unpopular important than property? But there are people's lives there attached to that property, it might be how they make their money and might be where they live, like watching tv, throw them molotov cocktails, while their kids sleeping upstairs in the apartment. Building a shame on you, you're being played right now, not only that, but what you said earlier, if you do destroy their property, understand the lives and is to be effective because that community is gonna, be entrenched in poverty for generations. You're not doing good. Your harming. Stop harming here start doing good, find fine as one nine eleven of the time may be. The last time that we, We were united as a country where we're like. No. Never again, we can do that now,
We really can, I believe, in the American Spirit Bike. They, this petty, immature hate that people have against other people like They're, not other people, their other Americans? That believe in the same thing as you and I want the same thing is you they may have a differ. We go about it and get in their apartment perspective, Belike war We all believe bread,
We all believe in the same thing, we want the same thing and just finding out how to get there. I wonder what can be done to decouple us from the influence of social media in terms of like there's no way you could stop as of right now, there's no way could stop. Trawls is no wakened. Stop things like the internet, research agency in Russia or all these different online groups that are just completely created just a fuck with people there's no way. We could stop that now know what if we could would be better for it. Yes, we do better for it. We figure out what is actually happening if we could clearly identify this. Worst of all these different things and let people know, but people wouldn't even believe it right now. People are so jaded right now he said hey. This is a russian troll people. I know it's not. You didn't work for Trop. I know what's going on here: you're not gonna, tricked me
My buddy chain- and I were talk about gas live in this morning. Adam he flew hid. His buddies flew their helicopters over the Trump parade. Not just happened here in Austin, the thousands of boats, wealthier Adam, like a few boat sunk and one guy rented about you, ve got to plug in there and one of them is a really crappy fishing boat that should have been on the water and then, when I bought a brand new boats do not operate in port. I suck his boat, but Jeanne six point around. He sees everything in order there robinsons forty for her. I do in these cool v flights, and down your ghastliness, telling somebody something that's not true.
They are seen it with their eyes, but their hearing that it's not real right, that the original play gaslight was this guy, making his wife be crazy. Hued who'd adjust the he would be able to adjust the the wick on his gaslight so get darker in there. Is it darker in here just now with this? What's wrong with you? Are you crazy? What what's. You weren't a time where people are telling us what we're supposed to be seen but that's not what were seen something over this conflict. My myspace belief, what I'm scenery here, but we're been gas lit by The wrong information. That's been curated in our hands in our phones and unknown, and an honour TVS so late, Travis thing. In reality, there is hundreds of both thousands thousands of boats that are supporting trump. Three sunk, but the narrative your hearing in the media is like a catastrophe today.
Was there. I was working, but now my best friend is flying around and helicopters and easy whole hold his videos of our body, people crazy on boats, but You know he literally sees the whole entire lake from a bird s eye view, and he has photos of the the puts the boats. The few that got were been told in Asia over the crap. You You are even know how those in your on the water, but there's people who want to participate. But what is This huge half the boat sunk, there's torn Underwater noses this disease. Asked or of an event she's like ass, not thousands of boats with yellow tidies being shown in for dancing and trop flags, and am I being gas? Let those asking this work that so the definition of it. It is amazing that the narrative was the three failures, but if we take the
is that micro and blow it up? The matter of that happens in absolutely everything the shooting here in Austin right. We have what happened, and then we have what were told run on both sides that the only if I don't think you to take the final version of these two stories and be like this is the same. The same situation that there's no possible way that these two stories that went to the right and went to left that are now trying to cooperate, could could it could have happened in the same situation with that's how far the lies or the partial truths go Tom Atto. How do you fix that? I think the only way to fix it as some kind of technology that allows you to accurately reed exactly what's going on that, doesn't exist right now. There were there. There might be something on the horizon that there are some neural linked type
You were there working on the ability to bypass. Does that make the right now the connection between human beings and information? Is you read it or you see it, but you don't really know what it is. You know you're reading and you're, seeing it went my information not leniency it's going from the person. That is getting it to a thing and then that thing is controlling what the next group see us ass. That's a huge progress like I don't want my information curated. I just want information right and let me, as a rational, rational, reasonable person be able to figure out. That is the problem. The problem right, the problem, as you can't trust, whoever there's not there is not an unbiased source, is not an unbiased until an end. Every source is also a corporation they're all connected to the machine in some really deepen and crazy way.
The tentacles runs deep EV, withered C and Anna Fox NEWS or well, when away an or whatever the fuck does, whatever new source of MSNBC Cbs Abc Nbc, they're, all giant corporations, they all have huge political investments and they're gonna, give you sums, sums super distorted version of what actually the known does not one person who will sit down those, not there's. No Walter Cronkite on television there's a few that are on line. You can get a bunch on line. That's one, the reasons why on line news journalism is flourishing, and so many people are turning to these people that are on line, but there also,
flock assert their human and they have their Elias ashore Andy. No, I follow me on Twitter. He's days been on, the broadcast has put bringing fruit, prettier passionate guy. Now, I guess he's assaulted, behind diva hit him with like some cement, no trick or something and maybe the worst mistake they made because they ignited what was just kind of an independent journalist. Now he's like nope a matter tv, you guys like beat me up, damage my brain and are you know, but his journalism on intifada, albeit trying to be as accurate as possible. We know he has biased he doesn't like them them. I guess they hit him in the head on the beat him they they threw some at Milkshakes Adam. So Ike, even even somebody that has to
trying to do the right thing? It's in perfect, because with that person comes by us like how do we just get information again? I really think they were so limited because of the distribution methods that we have right now for getting out information allow for price's, and I don't I don't know what the future has in store, but I think that we're going
to come to a time in the not too distant future, where you're going to be able to know exactly. What's real must not real, I hope so so cool things don't be a lot of resistance against it. To find out, a lot of people are full of shit. How could that be? If we have the fact checker, which is like the biggest bullshit ever as a politicians? Talking, like fact, check in the person fact checking is the most bias furthest thing from a Jack objective fact gasoline possibly get as like, but your checking the fact one if at as that person was talking real time like this is true here: slicked the truth, not Wikipedia statistics, not like Google, also curated statistics, knowledge, information driven from whatever news corporation, but just like the real data, was next to that person, as are doing the next
bait. If a debate happens that we call on all those things happened now, how can have a debate? Biden started and do it? I don't think you can. I don't think you can stand there for that. Long and last, I don't even know what his ideas are this appointed a debate right is is for me to learn about somebody's platform. Well, you know at this point he's doing well by not talking now undoing oil hurts them. No, I don't I don't. I would never allow him if I was in the thousand Dnc public there's no way you're debating terms. Destroy him, but it doesn't matter because the ideas are the thing that were voting on, but it doesn't matter because people want to see who can hang in a debate and they don't want to vote for a loser solve the guy, gets up there. Falls apart in the debates to stumble in his words starts flooding in forgetting what he was talking about like by
It's done and multiple occasions, a lot of people are not going to vote. I swear. I thought they have scheduled debate in a couple of weeks time by a hundred bucks. That, That's, usually where I learn about somebody here, then I tried out Are you trying to win? I dont know about aspect. Like I love it when local politicians to debates, because those her like that no holds barred truth. Tax you're like y know, you took money from this auto part place. You know like this guy's like y know, you get money from no better or Rourke and you're like This is also a learned, so much right now, there's no way I would have learned and they do end look. I mean we can have an idea about trumped policies, but how do we learn about violence policies down on them? I think they're, just one think binding at this point just wants to win. I think the best way they think to win is to keep him from talking to me.
Five really had a guess. They can only Common Harris's on doing a lot it in a different reason. Talking what he'll avenant there's trying to look up to see what the new information about the basis- and this is the story I found stumps burns traditional debate, prep with first face of less than three days with three we. So it was saying response that this mostly what about three weeks now have a single mock debating say need to to present travellers not held a single marked bids, no plans to stage to formal practice round practice ready for his first face off, resolve, withdraw but less than three weeks. According to multiple people, familiar with the discussions, the present has dismissed a typical debate preparations. He partition
in four years ago, joking AIDS and allies. That he's been pay preparing for debate. Since he was born this. This is what happens to fighters in either ass kicked his ability to fight back and opponents in real time. He's argued, isn't something you have to practise that's yeah, maybe instead Trump has so far chosen to prepare through informal discussions with key allies and with briefings from top officials and his administration on various topics that will likely come up. Like that are likely to come up, these people said kit and you would you do debate what are yet. If, if like another problem I have with, if I had to do a debate, not tonight, not u debating, somebody had prepared a month. I know you'd be fun to watch, but you be
the control mechanism to the candidates, like Biden, Trump Debate with Joe Rogan hosting your questions, I would want that first Vaudois known, in the room. I just the pillars camera so in we can record with a truly aren't as the three of us and you'd have to stream. It lives unknown. Can edit it don't. I would want them enough for hours an idea We could hear actually believe in what they're gonna do, who they're gonna point? What judges, and becoming in what policies from gun can, brought to us all of it. Yes cake Why can't we have that? We should have that. This is two thousand twenty, where we have the ability to have that cuz we're not talk about one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine we Talkin about two thousand and twenty. If they wanted to do that, they both wanted to come here in Austin, sit down and have a delay. When one hundred percent do it, my god on one another
Do the amazing it would be the best way to find out what I dont think to bind can handle. Think Biden is like I think, he's mean people get mad at me for saying this, I think is something wrong and I don't think there's something wrong, because I'm guessing or because I'm pro trump, seen him fall apart. I think I've seen him straight. Talking he's had mould Brain surgery is this. Is this? Is him saying I that you that thing yesterday right plate with this. This is something I mean trying to be biased in any way shape or form. Bernie Sanders supporter, I I just want to make our Chief Aberdeen, so let me be yeah do occur.
And or chief, I told you, love me- Toasty Jacko, a hundred percent that double fun Jocker run for president just beginning of it. Just the beginning of his starts talking about his brain surgery, the only on charter purse, totally uncharted portion of the universe is the brain in I had is refused to Sanderson excuse
when a personal privilege I had two crinoline reserves and they literally how to take the top of my head off and take a saw. They cut your head off and go in to find the artery that is one was leaving the other that head before it burst resist. Those grew docks now, there's a every every procession: every profession, ass, their sick, jokes, the joke among upon docks. It is how do you know someone salamander crinoline resumed on the autopsy table. Only twenty percent of the people haven't even get to the table. Well, what are the fascinating? Things is the second operation after the first on which it was a bleeding. They gave me a relatively low chance of surviving. Remember going down doc, ask in the dock and review your count, the silly tiles headed in the operating room. What have you been there and I said DOT? Well, my chances to great neurosurgeons
Never again, I will not mention his name is leading a surgeon in the world. He said senator for mortality and morbidity. I'm thinking I swear to God was now. This is not a knock on this guy, I'm happy he's alive, but that this is what we're talking about we're talking about someone who these are legit issues is not he's. Had we sit in a briefing room when a bunch of people from the Pentagon walk in and say we have found the number one terrorists on the planet. Would you want to do in that? Guy has to me
choice. This is by the way when he was vice president. This is this is quite a while ass. This film shook the keeping something at the only thing that comes from isolation is a Unabomber like that. There's nothing good that you can take a candidate and Stick him in a basement and hide him there when he is gonna, have to be in front of seven billion people and be their representative, and both foreign and domestic about how we're going to be operating, and, if that that's that scares me, it's weird it's I know, there's other people that could run for president. I just don't understand why they chose him and why they worked so hard to make sure that he's the guy. It's It's weird that the Democrats chose that. Do you think we're going to have, but regardless of who wins, do you think we're going to have a fair election? I hope so I don't know I'm not informed enough to make a.
Stay. Think here we are in September. We have set up a toolbar and then we have the election. Yet pretty quick super quick November third is around the corner. I argue that right now, people are trying to negatively affect our election for sure, and we kind of have to be aware of that. So, the next time that you pick up your phone and you're like a former fry, the sky at White privilege, Twitter handle I'm gonna get you that the person who just wants you to do exactly what you're doing, which is be mad. The supply problem, a high probability that there's allow that going on, and that is its just feeding the flames It is even worse because we had the stupid pandemic. That is locked. People into the go chamber of their own idea and you can also get even worse by the way Trump behaves in the way communicates this. This
polarizing way that got him famous. You know: you're fired and fuck you and here and all this. This way that he's become famous, it doesn't suit some and to be the commander in chief, saw these people who say that he's not presidential he's not. It doesn't act like a statesman there right they are right, but this is not what you would want from a person who is the leader. You'd want some of them, exemplary you'd want someone is speaking in a way that we would make you proud like that, is an american president and the weight speaking part, but that is what we got from Brok Obama, what we got from him. So presidential, amazingly presidential, is presidential anybody's era, but I would add, argue more so than anybody ever even then Clinton Clinton when you as best, I think he was really good. I think Obama was better but most spoken or to guess parachuting. Yes, the measured you know it did that it made you feel good that a guy smarter than you as the President, you don't feel like that. Would tropical cheeses cried adults
that is what the fuck are you doing get out of here like I'm, not like, I'm, not a supporter of Trump. When I'm sick I'm. Seeing, though, is that if you're not, if you don't more all the things that are going on with binding. Somehow or another you're a bad person, and that that to me as a person is a comedian as a person who hates fundamentalism as a person who hates rabbit ideology, that's driving me crazy. Because this shit is all right in front of you. You watch them stumble through his words constantly left in we're, ignoring the fact that these seventy seven years old, we're ignoring all these signs that sure I'm not saying that you should vote for trial, what I'm saying is how the fuck are. They dammit that's running with this. How is this in twenty twenty? This is what we're doing This is this solution. Leave the choice of tolls Kapital. I mean it of a right of locking tells you carried out rather the choice of eliminating her. The whole thing sat with me.
So it's so grows the way they did it. The way they pushed her out there with it, wouldn't wouldn't even led her speak at the Dnc throng and in it was almost like that she got cancel by her own yeah yeah its exact. What it's like an that's! That's evil Riah, like we have a smart, veteran tooth too terms or six turns rather is six years. The congresswoman toot too. Overseas, tours to bid Congress, whoever six fucking years. Pigs simpler. We record really reasonable, really intelligent displays all of the things you are the qualities of leadership that you would want from someone running for peace. But, let's doktor yeah. Let's do that. The whole thing was crazy. The whole thing was crazy, and then then his choice to chew, like literally said, I'm going to choose a woman as a running we'll have to choose the best person that best It happens to be a woman, that's great, but if you tell me, you're gonna specifically
eliminate males what we heard you say in terms of identity. Politics is this. The same Joe Biden has been in politics for fifty fucking years. All of a sudden, you you're an ideal log who is going with us identity politics over the best person for the job. Absolutely clearly clearly this is crazy, talk Mala, so the parties defined the police might like that's up left progressive idea. She is literally the police he's a cop and not like if we're solidarity black lives matter and believe that we can possibly effect change what she was doing. As a cop she's, the worst of the copse she was targeting in the most racist vicious way, trying to attack black communities and and black, not not even criminals like drugged, the drug users
and just hammered them with everything she possibly could and but now she's are vice. President presidents, not only that she withheld evidence that would show the people were innocent, withheld it from defence interns. She kept p bull incarcerated to use them is cheap labour to fight fire when they were supposed to be released, what it would we have to do to get it, tells you Jacko or a right. You either the rocker, I love the rock he would be like I told you, or we can. I only wish that they could literally win big literally went, and I would be a hundred that is just we're doing. With this machine man and this machine wants us to stay in control and who is going to be a good. Player for the machine Can I was gonna? Do the right thing, who's gonna do the bidding, You mean this is how they got Bernie Sanders out both too. They weasel them out and he still better than eight of them. Every time why I don't know wise good guy
doesn't want. Conflict at sea are very reasonable guy. When I heard of respect for him while I disagree with a lot of his position, supported right, a discreet budget policies on foreign policy body. Do that but phobia conversation should I can guess I would love to have you have that guy leads the way you explain it and from your own person, experience serve. It is not just some can pull it Larry. I very ideas. I go everywhere with these things like I'd journal kind of like I take little weird notes and you could go in there all dated from trips, Iraq to Afghanistan to this year? Tunisia area to Burkina Faso to Mauritania to Morrow Go to South Africa, every freakin crazy place that I have to go and you can look and then like go for
two years three years and look again get what this change. I can see what black and white written drive you may my impressions of physically being there at the same place, removed by twenty four and that has happened time time again with that's. Why I wanted to how you want to talk about this as a narrative, the doesn't get discussed, because it's either your approach, promptly programme. Biden envisage for Trump racism. If your for bride and you're a fool like this, it's like these narratives are so goddamn, stupid and they're so damaging to us, and I think a lot of them have been reinforced in stoked the flames had been stoked. People in other countries that are that are acting as trolls. I think that's a lot of what's going on this, a fucking, great video saving, you find the cat work on Algeria, as you guys are talking. I found some other way interrupt with, but support. We're talking about- needs our veins, repopulating, Jonah, Murat Russian Chinese in iranian hackers. All targeting,
when twenty election Microsoft says: you're, not a blog today and detail. What's been going on with these companies surprise? Anyone let us If they are doing this, what else are they doing in real time? So they're? Not just online, you don't, think that there were, or we com, Jed bergs. If you don't think that their or foreign operatives that are working here, both at universities and in cities, part of the political process or part of it and teeth a strategic organization. They are doing this in real time in person, not just online is crazy. We observed yeah is strong strontium operating for Russia's attack. More than two hundred organisations, including political campaigns, advocacy groups, parties and political consult zirconium operating in China has attacked high profile and visuals associated with the election, including people associated with the Joe Biden for President campaign prominently ears in the international affairs community phosphorus
from? I ran has continued to attack the personal council people associated with doll, J Trump for President campaign, yeah there they're fucking with us, but look Is it one side or the other? Now over the place Trump Biden The parties consultants, that the point is they have to deliver and de legitimize the process and the only within the best way to do. It is just to make it look bad and they make us fight and to make us argue and like that, the fact that there's people walk down the street be like, I hate cops, you guys are evil, but do you know any or did you just read what you ve just been reading? What has been echoed like my friend Matt Son, who call the cops when the fuckin the house's make a noise? That's that's! That's where these people hate the visitors, a video of a crow fucking with these two cats, when my favorite videos
A crow and there's these two cats are look at each other from opposing rooftops and look at each other and the crow gets over and gets near. The cat starts fuck over them. The cats and get out here watch this so here's the cat and is Crow and the crow flies over and starts fucking with these cats and gets these cats to do It out he's he literally instigates this fight. Looking flies over working bird is coming near cat, why would you do that he's doing it because you want to fuck with them. So we get some a little agitated and then he flies back It's a little agitated fucks with them just a little bit. Material must end any flies over to the other cat, and he goes back and forth and Fox would look close behind them and fucks with them he's irritating closer fucking, smart man and this little cut just starts. Pestering these cats and gets these
look at him he's package that is ass, his little looks and they haven't hurt. You have us my enemy revived. The cat reacts by jumping over and fuck in attacking the other cat. Go off into the room and the profile awesome. This fucking crow is a monster that Crow is all the online trawls. These abiden trump supporters engaged in more mortal combat here ludicrous, but go to the Fucking Hall with a basin areas and the crows like bad losers owners. Black. Your way is not amazing the videos and exit right there. I fuckin loved every video is exact. What's going on, there were just look at each other cancer, just look at each other. They probably gone the rest the day without fighting cash, that crap and some milk chasing a mouse. But no, I got hunt of a crow started up fired up and that that that crows, Russia, China and around area the country that aids us and then those nice peaceful cats fell off a roof. Fighting
that's what we're doing really literally pushing each other off clears another crows. Do just really look at em. Look just walk up to that. Can fuck with they'd like watching vines. I get asked you guys get have to read at top guitar on. How funny is that the crows like to do so? They do it on purpose those little twat it's kind of amazing. It is kind of amazing may not get by to the crowd for figured that out Lecosck for cross it just like people. We all like watching fight and Looking Americans, it's pretty easy to not pissed off now. Yes, every single one of these little hot button topics, Papa there's somebody over they, like all other pushed up and then a new pot button pops up, like all other pushed up, and how many buttons can we have right now, because we're getting so pissed off at everything you're all button, Robin Veritable buttons go.
Side. Go exercise will do something called you go have sex sharply? No, if you, if you will make a change like don't throw molotov cocktails, go, find a police officer talked him for a little bit or go find go to What war and talk the black community, air and figure out how you can help you like has any word, gone and figured out what how they can help one of these communities, no natal care. Now, that's that's not that doesn't get you Instagram likes. The other thing that's going onto that's the timing of the fucking pandemic is so crazy. Perfect, I'm not a conspiracy theorist in the sims like I don't. I don't believe the nonsense like this is just too much nonsense. But God, if I was only looking at this unlike this, is this is so perfectly organised and then the spots, key people from working key people from working. So what so the broken scared and angry and then even more subject to the ship, and now as were what five months removed we're having at sea Conversation about schools,
schools as a necessary component for people to work like if your kids in school. You can't go to work because that's a form of child care for a lot of household, yes, and we're like odds, not sure it's safe I was joking about injecting myself with covered in my neck, like you could take my breastfed babies that eat elk and free range chickens and have lived in safety, insecurity in entire lives. And you could like cover the whole entire room with covered and my ten month old is gonna. Put that stuff out like an hour. Because their healthy, balanced, Powerful individuals must teenage daughter like we,
have not lived a day in this whole entire pandemic. Really recognising what we're supposed to be doing. We have maintained health outside activities, exercise huntin, real food and, like so so, better situated and prepared. Now, for what looks, looks like a scary six months in the future. I'm scared because This entire country, six billion people, have been locked up moving into an election that is going to be a frightening dangerous election observers. Nowhere is this election, but the timer wins. Whoever wins is gonna, be chaos so
the other side on you say: I'm not a conspiracy terrorist, but here we are with a pandemic that shut down our economy for five months on an election year that looks like it was the origin is in China. What are your theories? I just think that, first of all, though I talking to Brett, wants to about whose biologist and he went into great. If you listening this barred cast, please go back and listen the most recent podcast David Brat, which is like what four months ago Jamie three months ago, maybe something along those lines- yeah, maybe maybe even two months ago. He d, detailed the the scientific reasons why he believes this came from a lab and there is a m in and deeds, and he said I do not know for certain, but with with reasonable.
Speculation, you could look at this and say this makes a lot of sense. That was come from my because of these particular reasons Lab was cited in two thousand and eighteen for safety violations doesn't mean that China, because because it's a communist country right because they're a dictatorship, there's not a lot of incentive to be pave the way. You would hope that an organisation would behave like you're you're under the knife of in the boot of the government, all the time that people do the best work when they're scared like that and that lab there's illustrative, no incentive yeah! You you much work, fears, you're, only incentive don't get anything more for working, harder, roar, better right, you just don't get killed so two thousand eighteen, they were cited for safety violations. This is exactly the same area whether doing this work on corona viruses from bats, and this
exactly where worthy or the origin of the disease was. This isn't a a rocket scientist fear that it came from there. They dont think that it came on purpose, though they think it was just a sloppy leak from the lamp and sometimes things happen where they're just perfectly aligned, and then people take advantage of those opportunities to take advantage of these situations like theirs. Lotta people to believe that nine eleven was an inside job. What I think is when they found when nine eleven happened. I think there were many people that took advantage of the chaos and there's things repassed. Like the patriot, I heard him fired up swiss reference that constitution again, yeah sits sweeping. Will I talked to Snowden recently these weeping just overall surveillance of law abiding citizens into doing nothing wrong and they lied about it lied about. They all lied about lot about to Congress. A lot about your face, Obama, about everybody lied about. They knew what the fuck they were doing. They took advance the fact that people are scared. They started just
is going and everybody shit single, most intrusive moments in american history and our freedoms not been encroached on, not like a little trickle of cut by thousand her by thousand cuts. Like nine eleven happened, we lost and gave up so much of our perceived rights. I like no, you can't look at my emails. I thought my emails were pretty. Like my mail, you can't open my mail without a warrant there's a due process. To that that's gone, I like, I think, every single twenty year old right now expects that every text message that they send in every Facebook message: Dm Instagram twitch every one of those things can be read by somebody else that they don't own. That stuff! That's how I grew up I group like,
was my ideas. Those are my words, those that's my property. If somebody wants it, they have to have a warrant to look at. It now go from nine eleven to corona. Now, the second, most serious time that we lost more of our freedom, nine eleven and this Winston Churchill said never waste a good crisis. Yes, You want to know when a government is going over reach its crisis. Yes, and if you are now a strong, healthy individual that is able to be self sufficient and be. Rationally. Look at things. They'll, get spun up by the echo chamber that you're living in twitter you're gonna allow that to happen because you're spin pitted against each other by this dribble that's been pushed into your face, by people that it is trying to profiteer off of what you see and what you sit here and what you think, that's exactly what I think is happening right now. That's exactly thing disadvantageous people that are taking advantage of this crisis. So I think the
way to fight. That is as a society to unify to reasonably collectively be like you said. They can't. We know they cancelled Halloween, cancel Halloween Working Groznoe. They can't the only way that they can. Is you allowing a tap right? The kitchen? down your salon. They can't tell you can't go door to door, interpreters right hand, they came out. They can't do that they can try and the only way that they can't do. It is if you go in it, but the fact is: there's no uniformity because their allowing people to protest so you're allowing people to protest that some things but something's Cadillac lives matter. That's it allowed yeah Youtube account or covert protests right. You do evidently nugget covert LOS Angeles. Act tracks uncrown of ours trigger tree. Bandits hollow me good, you Fox. They should drowned a while the fact that even considered it doc you all toilets
we did. We did it in an hour. We, China's California, while everybody freaked out of thirty thousand people. Moved out of California the day they already asked on my mind, got a text from one of her friends she's like fuck this I'm out of here, and she sent her the news on California banning trick. A treat that was hurting. That was a thing had a fairly alone would be another regional leave and IBM California preserve not a pet aphelion, tavern beer. Well, here's another young legislation. That's gonna be passed out there. What is that you put that on your instagram? Is it is? real, Nigeria's out a hundred percent larger, that's rule, so that is ever really mean that a twenty year old can have sex the ten year old ten year because a ten year different so but isn't statutory rape, anybody who is under eighteen, so it nor did lessening the penalty, for it so
Let's say a and the the Trans Community Algebra Q Committee was in big support of this bill because it's not fair for male to female. So if, let's say a seventeen year old sex with a fifteen year old and she gets or I'm sorry a nineteen year old has set for the fifteen year old and she gets pregnant. There is a long place where Pennant he's not gonna go in the sex registry because he is a father that child would have a difficult time. Beating up to with he's on sex registry, get a job paper child support, so they have kind of protection in place where, if the human govern yet but
If he had orally or only at sexual, her, then the law would be the penalty would be more severe severe. He would be on the sex offender Le Federalist, because he's not trying to procreate so were the community like the algae BT, Q community was like this is an unfair law because of its a gay relation. Ship. They have a harsher penalty, then a male and female relationship. So they should be the same. If, while I recognise that- and I acknowledge that- that's the case- and I wanted to be fair, but I also don't want aid nineteen twenty four year old having sex with a fifteen year old. Now I don't care where it is another.
This is a reason. Eighteen is eighteen, revisit its a good number, not should be later these are planning to have sex. I guess eighteen, but like I was a disaster at eighteen I was too, but I can only eighteen, but if I was eighteen and a twenty three year old woman wanting to fuck me out of jail now I was ready. I mean the eighteen years already like the problem is opera options of of sex. I mean I'm talking about. Someone is grown. Adult I feel like eighteen is ITALY's pretty close to glow grown adult it. Maybe in a voting we standard twenty one were drinking? Is it might not be the worst idea, But as far as like being responsible for your actions, eighteen is a good number. Eight is where- and that was the point of my post- is that that person can have consent. Yes, like the Withers Lytton written was somebody will we are having in oral sex right. Seen anybody under eighteen. If you can't but you're not
four you're not allowed to be wilful right, because You don't have the right to have consent. Yet right. You too young to you, you're, not an adult, now yeah, that's a factor law. They will again the the crazy sex trafficking of by saw the pic you're the guy who made the bill to dress well, like fucking dog collar on a weirdo eyelids yo? we'll make any laws, especially around sex. It's it is to understand how it passed it didn't he signed. How the fuck you don't just has to be signed by Newton, its pass legislation as yet it's it's past us when they get started. You just need a wet ink signature, Jesus Christ, that's So in saying that a twenty year old can fuck a ten year old, her twenty, we can have a ten year old boyfriend and decide that its consent a twenty year old man. Can have a ten year old boy friend and diseases within the ten year boundary you so
like again, I realize unconscious bias. I have a pretty jaded view of things and when it comes to like children, heavily involved in counter sex trafficking, moving from deliver fund to guarding group too now with Victor marks. In fighting worldwide and in an nationally like the this disgusting thing that is but Ophelia like that is not a sexual orientation and people in power like finding children too demise and they are worth money, but is a thing now where people are trying to portray it as a sex your inclination as a sexual proclivity didactic. There's a ted acts. About give you seen that with this woman is talking about how we have to have compassion for pedophilia. The same way we have compassion for homosexuals are trans people, it's like what are you talkin about? Let me know I have compassion
for the person, but I'm not gonna, have compassion for any of their actions and if they need help, we can get them help like put them in an institution and they can realign whatever their problems are, but also attracted to childcare is is p. Reed wrong. End of story. I don't care what you think agreed a hundred percent, but here's the thing I was a woman, no like that. This is the thing about pedophilia like someone was not a pedophile to say that this person is about. If I can help themselves. How do you know? What are you what are you basing this? On? A? U basin, you not basing your own personal feels like. I know I am attracted to women. That's I know it because it's it's been and others a lot of people like me right, and so, if I talk another guy anymore, that girls, Javier, she is hot. I get it, I see what you say, but if, if you talking about someone is attracted to children that so fucking alien to me, so You're telling me that someone can help themselves, because this is a natural sex
who inclination like? How do you know that No, I don't know that's true, and I don't know what the fuck due to save them or to fix them. I don't know, but I think the Primary concern is protecting children primary more than MIKE cabin compassionate or pedophiles protection. We have to put action to that word. What about protection? Look like that? That is law, that legislation, that is, people that are being able to stand, not allow evil to happen right for evil or to come. Burgess takes good men, doing nothing, standing back and be like you haven't, I Yes, they could recognise and align themselves with been attracted. No, no, no, no, not it hence the idea of them and you touch a child let me tell you had not good and shouldn't and that's everybody feels everybody lives, has children and specifically fuck just the fact that actually can get all the way through to the governors, as is bankers, who knows what he's gonna do
de facto liquors linger Vienna with which way the wind blowing, how progressive and we're gonna be here in more and more about gettin reelected in his the real acting now fuckin slim to non. Thank God. I hate him now: Oh, my god, he was a darling of California, beautiful man slipped back here. Look great speaks well fuckin hate him there. Now my brother says my sister listen in Paso and her husband, who I call my brother, because, when breast best friends for kid since kids, he works for nuclear power, plant, Chad and so he's pretty like military go get her hard worker in my sister's home schooler she's homes, good all their kids in their brilliant. I play multiple instruments like
of great ahead of everybody else and while the whole, our world is like what are we gonna do by education? Ministers like individual responsibility, you could have been doing yourself that everybody has an opportunity. I understand my mother, my parents with big landowners, my brother Bein, a police officer like we have been in California for it, you know, that's where I grew up and we have been fighting for rational, reasonable politics and that in that and we feel that were in a foreign land here, you ask how it came to Texas is like a coward I just couldn't, I said I wouldn't want to be in a fight that, like that, a chance of winning yeah, maybe now for the first time California has a as hope a chance of like changing the course of Worthington.
The subject for damage has been done, though he knew it and you can do it. I wouldn't Crenshaw was made if he said that if every law that's written, we have two on write. Another law he'll it's a hard thing to do to take legislation, that's already been approved, and passed and then remove it. That's a harder thing than getting the new law. So now we have like this raise the amount of laws, both local state federal and they just keep stacking on top of each other and they're. Not none of them are good or most of them are now I'd, Love Dan Crenshaw, there's that's another gosh run for president. We just I just think California. I mean that there is an article, those written about, maybe in a coward from leaving Majuba, yet totally just stand. Vied like fuck, you fuck you and you for a bunch of reasons. We could start with you not letting people go back to work. I think that's on constitution insane. I think
had so short sighted and people are furious. And then, when you see Nancy Pelosi go to a fucking hair salon without a masculine. Oh, I see how you people really are. You can also never listened to anyone that is telling you to lose a gun when their protected by private secure a hundred percent. You saw that with a mayor Chicago she's, all for protest until they came to her block Jews likes to get the protests off my blog, I have a right to protect myself. What the fuck are you talking about? That's what everybody says you egret! Yes, you hypocrite debts, and this is what happens when people get into power. This is my problem protected entire position, exact surrounded by people with gun, exact and they're, telling other people us you can't go to salons. Can't you can't get your hair done, can't go and have a gun? But I'm going to sit here in my high tower because I know, what's best for you not yet illusion, as I thought this boat about voting out. But even then I think, there's a problem with one person running things, I'm in a hurry,
You think, there's a problem of a mayor or a governor. I think there should be a committee This should be a group of people that their there there is right, you of your city council, so here in Austin we have a dumb mare and that Mere has a bunch of city Council people that's also dumb. There are also Tom and do them things like defined the police yeah, but think that we have a hundred million one hundred fifty uttered. Fifty year the governor stepped in and said Well, if you do that, you don't get any property tax as a genius. These brilliant is a bird brilliant move by the governor and of safety becomes so such a concern. Here he will Roland State police too. Kay comes the difference. Thank a text, and here s, you're gonna learn a little bit about them, their amazing department of Public Safety for Texas. It's it's! Our state police force there in there and credit I have this Super military academy. I think people when they hear military.
Thus talking about the virtual reality. Training that were going to law enforcement. Dyke wait wisest special forces, guy training, law enforcement- liquid, they don't need us. Police officer doesn't need to be special forces. No, you don't need a tank or, and eighty four or you know, of a fifty cowl unless your fight, the cartels. But what you do need is the process of the refiners fire and being able to try
green imperfections out of people. Can you imagine. The city council member had to ride along with the police from month. Does a great idea to go the calls with them domestic disputes, followers for DE wise, not sit in a car. They gotta get out and walk up to that car. They are put their hand on the back of the car, put the finger print on their because if they die, they want a little bit of evidence in please answer to that end. The walk up to car. If you watch them, they gonna, like put their thumb or their hand on the back of the car, for their print, is on the car, so they get killed there
or you can find out who did a great house saddens, but as that police officers woken up their halo, sir, you know you're goin, eighty five and sixty five, I smell alcohol, have to ask you to get out of the car reduced sobriety check here on the side of the road which is dangerous and overhears. A city council member that was just recently elected and there can be observing this account cool- is that there would be a good idea, would eliminate alot of people from that fucking job. They also not did understand that you said how do we get this information out like if you could do anything to toss governor gonna debate about foreign policy? I first have to explain and let them understand what I've seen and that's a hard thing to do. Unless somebody sees it and then it changes in their view on times man. What do you think happens November? Do you think? First of all, I do think that
This whole voting by male thing, which is being hotly contested. It's so Oh I'll, get very nervous when one sides really into it at once. I'm really not into like that. That makes me real nervous because I don't know what the fuck is going on men if everything that legacy. If you pull my wallet out, I have a license for that of federal f ay, like I had to send them home, just stuff for media, but to get into a helicopter right. I have my driver's license. I have my concealed carry permit of my secured consulting license. I have by Deo de idee, like that's five different ideas that are I can't go, do anything in any one of those fields without it the little picture of my face, and- and I really like that because, like I can't access a government computer without that card,
can't go in and signed my suit. My arm, my annual review and Soulier without my card- and it's like proof of who I am and what I'm doing and the thought that they're gonna male out tens of thousands if not millions of ballots, two dead people too, We even know who the rescinding addresses. Did you see what the UK? What's her name daily Mckenna Knee surname. The woman is the White House Press Secretary Sheet Saving vine, this she said that a hundred and seventeen percent of people that are registered to vote in California. There's this visible just find the quote: causes gets kind of crazy but she was talking about here- is the proper she was arguing for against. Voter voting online or sees me voting by male she's like this. Is why like what? What happening here with seventeen percent. More people than are registered. Devote then have the opportunity to voting.
For now there were thereof in TWAIN. Sixteen am, I know, a budget that another am I added other stuff raid ago. For this. They have been paying attention so cancers, like no proof of voter fraud by mail, that I've looked up and found that anybody else had been looking up and find a just saying that at school, to be a problem without providing evidence. Nobody's done it tell ya, know it's done at this scale, and we know it had on it like they're gonna. Do it whether what they're saying is they're trying to do the voting by mail or a giant percentage of it by male? That's never happened before the same with the Pope, stop this problem, Berwick! No! We are not going to, negatively affect the lecture. We're gonna try to do everything that we can buy like the post office. Like I don't know if we can do This right now you're, when someone saying there's no evidence for voter fraud in the past year right, but what percentage of people voted by mail in the past has been reasonably small, find out that make any quote because its the kind of crazy thing,
hundred and seventeen percent California registered. She. She was explaining how Hitler's there's multiple issues with this, like these people that are sending in these mail in back It's like how made his people, how many there's a legit? How do you find out how much our much research has to be done on its investigation has to be done to make sure that these are legit bout? You see some of the districts in Illinois during the twenty six elected twenty. Sixteen election there is like a hundred and four percent came in for a while. I do like that not write some distant possible. Doesnt exerts. It's like I'm. A hundred percent committed. Ok, do it out of a hundred, ten percent committed that this upon can't be too who stop there. We can be a hundred and I know you want a bigger number, but that there is an american thing to want, but what I'm not trying to look the supper her all. I am finding our reports, Dana she's, voted by bail out at times, but that's not where we ask I'd, know: em
for the article in question so hard to find find the specific, and you have now started type and like a twitter. So right, a hundred and seventeen percent voted by male when you type in like on Twitter, for example, if you put Trump in a hash tag, the things that popular utterly thought see ya it's it's a ceiling for train wide trumps, evil hump, the white supremacy, but those are the ones- are automatically populate or they project very toss. It did a funny thing they were showing where they knew things were trending throughout the world and here in the United States, at the crazy hundreds of thousands of retreats through this ass tat, but none of it were where we're going to automatically populate in a search under that same thing
the real problem with that for sure that the bias on social media is unstoppable, such as social media, yet information searches when you're tryin, like my of high price, by love, Madonna, Julia and if she was preparing ethics, was sixteen fifteen shoes preparing for like a debate, and she was getting information and she just like Google in the stuff and as like someone in college, I was we aren't allowed to do that, inciting our sources like they had to be like very specific and how that process works and um. You know when you do real research sickle Google's just giving me the information of Nano Google's just giving you the information that Google wants you to have checked, but I'm just Google like she could not compute that the information that should be
given from search that it wasn't just a search and how dear it? And yet, how do you explain to somebody that the information at their reading isn't all of the real information? It's only a portion as it takes a long time, for you really digest that you tubes another weird one, where, like kind of hot topic, issues from an opposing idea, those get buried about all these doctors that were against this idea of the load. The pandemic Can the lock down there saying we need? We need heard immunity merely like real doctors, and I don't agree with them and not saying that the right to say that, like There are banned. Doctors and we use hydra. Hydroxide clerk went and Z packs, and I've had amazing success, treating patients band video band
and the dangerous information? But my own doktor, my own doktor, said hydroxide clerk. When is fantastic, give you catch early, he goes. It really really stops the propagation of the disease if you catch it early, but the latter doc I songs tat, but it becomes it becomes political Brennan shop. When you get covert. You know the doktor said to him. He said I don't know you. Political leanings are, but a really believing hydroxide clerk. When he's like what the fuck are you saying my political lean? How doesn't have anything to do with my has argued committee should have work, and I want to get sick he's like you're got covered we got on the hydrogen Corcoran. He was good in three days. They hear the the red pill near the blue, pearl and they're. Both crazy pills, can I just have? What's in the middle, you know, did that that rational, reasonable, well yeah gimme a purple bill. Yeah, it's a weird can dive for everything you don't have to find that Jamie for you and me. I said I found that action article from two years ago explaining
What how that number was worries went out. There are nine, this video she's talking about it. I found it in the transcripts, but I'm trying to say that like how they found out that there's, a hundred and twelve percent of the people that are registered voters and explanation for people move and they dont fixed. Like ready, right, ok, they're address all her description of it is she's making seem against fraud. Is not. Fraud seems clear that of low listening. It doesn't make sense. Does it know that doesn't make sense and addressed moves on,
that's not that's. Frost she's play a little game. Yeah, that's what she does string together with the whole thing going on. The trouble was being interviewed by Bob Woodward for his book. Yes, back in February, he's downplaying Turks downplaying. As the word it's going all over the internet is downplaying yeah divide the thing yeah. She then said he's not downplaying it. When he's on tape, saying I'm downplaying and now he is coming out same. Those words are used on tape or not the words. I said a cyclical her. Why didn't she? She said there is also a thing which she was confront,
by a press person about that and she said, read the rest of his quote the rest of his quote? It wasn't just a yes, some I'm down, but because I dont want people to be in a panic about this, but I am concerned like there was that there was an additional quoth. He I heard the quote. I wasn't you have three it I heard the video given here I was plant. I do not wish to play both Bob Woodward's, CSI, clever, Elsie and Above board, were what its it isn't. The trumps its trumps words not mark tape at this is where we can get until I get it again in a book and read a book Bob Edward this anti it's all has addressed the lights are confused. What are they? Gonna must be taken as vitamins whose only that loved d, how old are dude must be all as far as probably as forties back in back then seven. When he's always Biden, no, that's the same age. They suddenly
crazy. It is a different time that people are living longer. You know, like, I know some seventy seven year olds, you, like you, look shame my buddy. His dad is like, as a six pack he's push in seventy really like Jack he's out there. Bear footing on the lake at like forty miles an hour, a subtleties every single morning and while all his off his professional bull, rider friends, he like gathered, they got gnarled hands from strap and into the bulls for so long, but there still chunky shoulders strain Actually do this power, you select amazing, you know, I'm I'm forty one look at these guys earlier, humble like this many of his age yeah
You can do that now. In the old days my taste area, yeah, dude, listen man. I had him on the part tat like ten months ago that I had him on the package last week and destitute totally different human beings. Yeah, that's a science project right there there's a lot going on, but you can't do that. Oh yeah, you can do that now. How did he looks fucking terrifying? What silicon ready to How do you fifty three cases of forty one, forty three, do you know anybody that looked at you when you grew up. Does fifty three now they're all dead right? Then they weren't you so like. I remember forty, my dad's forty four. And all his forty year old friends there and ought to talk disparagingly about my dad's friends but another beer bellies you know and guy It's gonna hang out talk and war stories of another glory days in college athletics. Now you look like my friends there, all fortys and you're like prevent,
Jack Jack, vascular, healthy fast. You know, like the kids wanna go play ball there like yeah, try to keep up boy, people know the benefit of exercise for overall health. When you get older now they didn't it. Nobody fuckin worked out the fifties and Sixtys they barely one they worked out there doing sport once we're doing a sport that induce yet be free tidy the grave you like what is wrong with this guy's, whilst training so much that lives up stoking up people come to sheep dog response. You like this seventy or just out shot me exactly When people talk to me about, like you, know what it was, but supple You take on board all of em. Whatever works, what's Workin terminal works are guilty blonde townwards work I'll. Take that what works? What works try to stay Jack. I wanna keep moving. High libido, our energy. I want a ton of funds and by what people do, how do I keep up rage, rage against
dying of the light known softly. One more time the fray will get? I dont think you people know what it's like to be both either people know what, like to be tired and weak, or you know what it's like to be strong in all. But when you ve been both, when you really, when you really know where can slide into and the only way you know that is if you ve been strong, we will never earlier there, but when you strong and maybe get a little bit sick or maybe get injured. Nigger fuck once is ACL hears up, I'm getting back after, You are so good ass, ass. The idea that I wasn't talking about the transformation Jimmy Commodious courses. Jamie's can be shooting people If, as it can, you believe you have a gun you I got one right: their whereabouts should people think he's ready these ran. But, like you get this this contain.
Is it you know like eat your scratch the surface, and then you see, what's on the other side and like all these good little bit more and you see like how fond and like food tastes, better sexist, more fun work is easier everything get better and agreed, you then then you're in, like now your hooked and then, but that processes is like that. You know a catalyst hand, chunky ears man, it's worth- saw worth so fuckin preach. It preach it preacher from the rooftops, but eight get the hell out. Get the hate idea that does not help doesn't help any thing doesn't help you either solution oriented it's the only poison that did it kills the vessel its containing it out of that nets. It's fuckin there before you and it erodes everything physically mentally and younger than I posted a pitcher on Instagram and it was. It was off of anti. No, he just took all the mug shots of everybody that had been arrested.
Download lecture shall bad bad skin sunken eyes, weird hair lines, multiple colors! Here, like bad how too knows every bad things but you could see visually about. A person was in a lot of people like the it looks like they have some mental health issues and I don't know how you see: mental health issues and in people, but there is like you dont. Let yourself look like that. Unless there's a problem, you see, the veto. The woman who was saying. I don't give a fuck that a fascist died tonight, Jersey, their video from Portland after the guy got shot and killed. Her spilling a pair big fat, sloppy lady with with Fuckin, swept pants and the like. Of course, you don't care you care about your own body, don't care by yourself. You don't care what you like. You found a microphone microphone now in your yelling it out, because I've got a whole bunch of other losers who gathered together.
You could say nonsense and they all cheer, but I will all of those people on this site. I, I feel sorry for her. I pity her I wanna go, take her by the hand and when a walk, a couple of blocks with her. I want to pick a couple of meals for her now and get up the next day and walk for blocks with her and then pick a few more meals with her, and they, like everything, starts getting better. The promises she'd have delayed. Go and realize that she's wrong should like over hate to be like over hate. Let go of what she's done to look like over the past. Let go Well, you ve done with your body what you ve done with your brain. Let go the path that you ve been on and reckon you're, a human being, and you could change learning grow, but you gotta recognise this chick. For someone who got murdered in the street. You should be This is not what we're about this is all wrong, saying I don't give a fuck of a fascist die tonight like no did that guy, who you think is a fascist as a human being, he might have a child, he might have a wife, he might Finally, as a mom and dad like this is not right, this is not how we're supposed to be we're supposed to be a community. America's must be a community, and if we do so,
Rio, we agree was supposed to work it out, but I suppose we looking at each other in the streets or fuckin nonsense and you're not supposed to be cheer and about it with a bunch of other losers. That's not what this is supposed to be about and no and no one is doing a goddamn thing about it. In Portland, there is low now go that fuckin mayor is an idiot Jesus. Christ, Z, bad! I loved. Cortland its main ten years ago, I a visiting there. I was there before the pandemic I did the motor centre there. We do our great everyone's fuck you're. Having a great everything that food truck the Pieper are cool. We run a course. There you times a year and we always loved the guys that instructors always like I'll do the Portland One, because the being These are cool. You got all the water of things, gorgeous all the food fantastic and like Oregon. What really that that the whole Northwest Washington northern California and organ like their cool people. Here, they're like their kind
Kind of Hippy, but also kind of like about health and about freedom, but there Our sue me little progressive in some their social ideas, but they want to be left alone so that its to cool people, it's it's a ton of fun, but now we're like. Can we run a course in Poland? colleagues, a small amount of people, man, the small print and to the millions of people that live up there it's a small, loud angry fucked up group of people or the majority, needs to step up and they're kind of trying trying. You, know, there's a lot of people that are very upset about? What's going on and trying to figure out some way to get the mayor to act or get the state police to act or get someone to act as more than a hundred days protests and I love the lawsuits that are starting to pop up by business owners there. What was that that the district in Seattle, where there are like
oh yeah chat. I urge asset and a bunch of people or suing the city and the state for not providing the services that d that by taxes and legible and they're supposed to have some businesses were burnt all because they're saying that the the local government was complicit in letting these things happen by not protecting by not having police come and say. No, you can't do this. There is a law that prohibits you from discussing. Has a cell phone and you don't know who that guy is you don't get to go? Beat him right like I don't have control this business, so I'mma go smash the windows and burn it down. All those things are happening where it's in within that
as the like. What there's laws against that night? That's arson and that's assaults, and but you guys enforcing any these, so the lawsuit is that these people are complicit and it's like it's gonna, be one of them was a father of a murdered. Kid is suing the sight to see the city of Seattle for allowing that to happen. Heavy stuff. That's over there there's rule of law for a reason: security, stability. There is it's like you know. This is The funny thing the trump does retweet law and order our time here, like every few law in order accounts, but he's right. You need that. That's how you have safety zone of have peace which set out the movie where you get like a knight to go crazy and like a purge fire that tell me that didn't inspire a lot of these fucks did for sure and
I bet you actually see. Ike tactics that were used in that movie being used in they sometimes Hollywood is, as is, is more real than fiction and like that's what happened there look what they were watching like are. We can go and do this now you can't and don't try to Texas. No, that's that's a terrible idea, bad exposure. What you're saying about other special skies area so many enjoy the cigars tat they had another Jews. Yeah, everybody loves you, it's funny thanks man, I love them to this new World more than three hours and crap believe that you have how facets time fly as looking that school labelling that those pretty white tailed earshot shot in Idaho, or I will rather my friend John Dudley Property, delicious that guy
comes round kindest watched ass, suitable I'll. Have him talk to us? Haven't teach you can't Haiti's the happy to both those guys. Don't you can't be here next week to hang out with were were shooting you're invited why should he not Thursday, Friday Saturday, Sunday well when Dudley Here- and you will be here- I will I will set it out. I have you shot above four days ago. You haven't, but that's our ethical yeah I'll, have him help you give you some pointers and shutting his fuckin telescopes up like that he's awesome. They spoke appreciate they re much venier, I'm glad you're here am, I couldn't be how to use got stuck saying yes to some of those invites Yoga well about whether droppin captain flyin, I was just wondering wound. I would we, but we have to put this fuckin place together. Move in there was a lot going on. We I mean
literally decided to move and was moved in a month. That's insane so cool body. In less than a month like let's do that girl, My wife and kids ran like let flock and go out and it all coincided with the part gas moving Spotify, which was crazy. They thought it was crazy, like what are you doing and I'm articles Virgin party That's a vote. Man doesn't make it ran on taxes. Thank you to turn up age, brethren, gutless goodbye, everybody. Thank you, friends. Pertaining to the show, and thank you too man, scaped keeping my boy was trimmed and polished. Get twenty percent off shipping, by going to man's gaped dot com, slow Rogan Trust me is the best ball trimmer the world has ever known novel electricity ball. Just there, that's that's the point. It's not gonna cut your balls. You'll just cut your ball here
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