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#1541 - Bridget Phetasy

2020-09-24 | 🔗
Writer, stand-up comedian, and cultural commentator Bridget Phetasy’s writings can be found in The Spectator, Quillette, and The New York Times. In addition, she’s the host of the YouTube program Dumpster Fire, and the podcast Walk-Ins Welcome.
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and go to athletic greens. Dot com, Slash Rogan, to claim my special offer today are at my desk. Today is a brilliant authors, slash comedian, Slash, pod, castor, slash, cool human being one of the most well rounded and interesting and introspective people. I know please give it up for the great and powerful Brigitte fantasy experience of bridges, whereas they were the others were an ounce of I'm sorry for be late for the most California reason over are really meditating for twenty minutes, and I was forty five minutes animals like one last time. We talk you hadn't even started meditating at so tell me about this large. I would do it occasionally. You are millions arm. I was getting an attack,
like meditating, but you know that the tank is its own. Thank you, but yeah, but doing I had this guy James Nestor on he's author, breathe breath brief breath. Brat brass breath, brats bugs breath. I forget which ones has either but I really got into breathing exercises words, and so I mean I'm calling it meditating, but I'm really doing both a meditating and doing while I'm doing these breeding exercises, I'm just concentrating on breath. It is generally It is the mass wagons for, however, just now goes away. I may I, oh guy, and I always said if you could, if you had to choose, like all all the different parts of that practice, if I had to tell somebody just to do on who had been reading the exercises are the best there's something about it. To that look, you don't
realize how shallow your breath is most of the aid until you sit down. He do these be. I do six in six thousand seconds and big, and I. I did it for forty five minutes, and I just in now and by the end, my my by skins tingle unlike, I feel high yeah, its wild that's why I love that Irish Matthew s eyes, SAM Heiresses meditations, because they have you reflecting on your own consciousness leg notice. You know, pay attention to wear your paying attention or what it s so trivial. Get in my head and next thing? I know my dazzling taken acid. I loved her hers I love her over the town? Is he he's not do anything really fast sound?
Please would you have me so's higher inflation, but he knew somebody, though, that got it early in ITALY and got really serve yeah, but then upon questioning I was asking him a bunch of things like the guy was drinking like good goes partying, and then he was skiing. He caught covered. So the people that I know that have got it and got a bad we're all compromised. You are wrong beaten down worn out and then it got him. That's where it gets. Aren't you don't know. We had a friend whose boyfriend's brother died of it and he got it, but he was sick for two weeks and his wife is like please go and he didn't because he's a dude, and then he went and found out that he had like diabetes. Sunday he didn't even know he had so use compromise, and it is really tragic and sad why nurse was Tellin shoes. Her horses,
yeah, she's, high WI, FI lashes. I write about she's she's, great, a lover, but anyway, when she's doing the test, she's telling us about all these kids that rape, the younger in us Fucker, getting pneumonia and dying from raping here's a fun story, I was talking to my physical therapist and he is married to Helen woman, so they were hearing all the stories from ITALY and then all the whole thing about leg, hydrochloric hydrochloric when came out and works or the height hydroxyl arguing. However power that you set, He had been hearing from the people in ITALY that this was a kind of working web likes them in. There was helping so after Trump side it was helping he I was trying to get some on the West side and he's like all these motherfuckers you're talking shit about it. You couldn't get anywhere on the west side of outlay every rich person and I went on
bought it and then was leg o this. We should be listening to those you like. You couldn't get anywhere where my daughter, told me that people are not taking it because they hate Trump out here, sharp got it sharp. What your political leanings are he's like white and these like well Hydroxyl clerk and has been proven to be very effective in the early international Ngos fuck and give it to me. What are you talking about Madge. If you're from dialogue will hear, people have lost their minds. Masterminds it's it's I saw three yesterday was like I'm so tired, I'm so tat. Unlike this whole idea of everybody baby like I'm. So exactly what you're saying fuckin ass your watch, you know
like your honor couch you're, waiting for posts, maids like fucking, tired from you're, exhausted from tweeting like it so hard educating. All these people are these fascist than line. What are you fucking, exhaustive wrong? I don't and educating Russia's everybody who disagree with you is a fresh and everyone else or so, and it's our sacking calling Quinn for my part since we are talking about this. I was like. Do you now get chef relay he's like? I feel I work? in the same place and ours as they doing it shed for veinlike. Both. Sides. Music, isn't like isn't that insane now, like that, the people were like trying to see things reasonably zero like getting attack, he's no, the middle used to be the people against the zealots being like you're, fucking, crazy, and now there are linking it ass, their like you.
Guys GDP. Starved, the Middle EAST is reason needs to be stopped well because you make them confront their own buyers. Yeah. You don't have a problem when you are, if you're regional person expect, especially for someone like you or I, who has a platform in your reasonable and there's a lot of people listening and then people equality issues. Firstly, I got some good points. Now does a fascist, gave no less allow. I don't have a black woman like you guys, but the real shame that her platform Asian, a third- that's like a really really do we're gonna does to pursuing go live mad about others. That's like Hollywood math. When we told you make any money where it is, really, why I'm watching the hatred that people who are you
then said the other day I saw I I'll say something like I've heard, because I put out an article in which lay guy. Why don't we I'm not voting for the president. Like fact this amount, and I got all these emails like nine hundred emails in two days from people who are concerned, Voting for Biden from people who are Democrats were- and I'm saying, I'm like I'm hearing a people saying that they ve never voted for. Tromp reconsidered and they're going to and there and they're, like that's propaganda, I was so anything you don't want to hear is propaganda, like I'm just reporting what I am hearing anecdotally on people and you're, telling me its propaganda, which it is Ruth opposite a problem. The problem is that the media, overwhelmingly is liberal right overwhelmingly like there's five, news and ones that ale in
Eric whenever it is theirs is one crazy network. Now I go out right on the edge of the clowns angle tattoo in their back, and then you have everything else and we ever thing else as liberal, whether its where they pretend to be or not they, they lean liver, whether its NBC Cbs, yeah MSNBC. Of course, CNN Cnn is seen as Russia's? This is why so bad? I used to be my favorite source of news, and now I I see well when you he Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo talking about white people and and and and like why people of every day, and like why, don't you have an education? Why don't you have alone and increase corn was just stand there, a glutton, Don lemons, here's what? What are you guys to you were apparent years. Have you ever been appellation? Now they have they. Do nobody really poor white people out there there there there's people.
Why people all over the world I tweeted something's freeze their like Don lemons, calling out celebrities, and I'm here for a nice like down lemon. Is the arsonists stand here and house asking for everyone else to put out the fire like what this guy has been so divisive you? So what are you even talking about generalizations all of them, but do nobody any good, no, but their fun, but I just made one: I know that their survive there are very fun when worse were comics. Yes, you have in the world of generalization. I said this wage or saying stereotypes. Don't exist and avoid leg has a wager There was a ten percent wager thing. Ninety percent, and trying not to profile beep about was the hardest part of my job, just like our right leads widely he's going to be a pain in the ass he's. Rightly that fact, thereby mad with the fact. You could say that on CNN you could say something ridiculously biased and encourage a gross generalization.
On CNN, as long as you're saying it about the right people, whether your your mocking all trump supporters of being DOM demerit, we did at the end. There was this whole thing where they like that. I was not mocking. Now I really needed, the ran away. Yes, he was like fake laughing yeah It was so funny like what is. This was like when you go to one of those all rooms and in an end ones laughing at some shit that you know nobody thinks he's really funny like what is how I am was it's weird voodoo in the earth forcing people to comply? I think what one of the things that really? surprising to me that I'm hearing from a lot of people and in my next com I kind of talk about this- is like the the mainstream media inadvertently red tell the eye huge sector of America during the pandemic. Oh yeah, as they were like lock up? This is for the best shot, your business down. Don't bring your kids, the schoolmaster funerals, miss
weddings, Miss graduations, Miss sports, Miss Comedy, Miss has reading that you should go home and then there are leg of the protests are ok and everyone, and you know the how many people protests it like what percentage with like what point, percent spread the virus and good solid number, two plaza. He said the only protests you could do black lives matter. Protests like hey motherfucker, This is America yeah. You can't do that. Now. You can't saving lives is imperative. How is even Ria, he can't be real Gambia. South park made are living in a sound hard. We are its end, so yea. I keep hearing this from people that that was. You know, I don't even think, there's a protest because I think most people are actually on board, especially around George Floyd, everyone's pretty united, like this is her effect. Yes, we need to address this police brutality is a problem.
Someone should be stepped up, though some mayor should be stepped up and said I am with you, but we are going to have a real problem with health. If we just all gatherings- we like this and it's not even in the street, at the making posters beforehand and your buddies. How I see now am I getting together afterwards and having drinks drink. Everybody was still get together in apartments and houses before and after these protests- and it's interesting it it's just that. The thing I keep hearing is not even it's not even the protests, it's the rioting when you are set standing in front of a burning building and you're saying these are mostly peace. What people fuckin have eyes wrote like you, are lying to their face and I just think they overplayed their hand. They ensure that seen in pieces of how the blue rise or being misconstrued by right wing media, while their most most the peaceful Ryan that they made that with a photo of a building on fire. Is it
so crazy, ass lady, that the biggest gas lighting event of our times actually justly demanding they use swallow the lie, it's worse than gas leading edge, just demanding you comply with the lie that their presenting. Now we get this on the right to where its leg I yield directly country. Something that is clearly on video that you set limit change. Yet I'm a changes, the biggest one on the right, we're there. They just full on trotted, deny climate change. In its apart the narrative of the ideology of the right, there's a lot of people, to deny the narrative of climate change, their young republic and who are changing, thus thou and I use and have some of them, because their youngest, whom I, while there's some young kids, who are really
washing back against. They don't like that. They believe that we should conserve our parts, that we should concern. That is important and they hate that has become this kind of partisan thing, and that is now Republicans. Our anti climate is does messaging, and so there there are some young people and that space they just don't have a bigger. A voice thoroughly, but they're they're out there in their pushing back against that they have some really cool things that are going going without good, because it does need to be some push back, the problem The narrative on the right is that they are so pro business that their willing to sacrifice some environmental standards to people see the repercussions that, rather than like hey
and I understand that you want people to people to work. You want people to make a living, and you want to raise the standard and trickled down economics and all that shit. But you can't you can't sacrifice the fucking environment re like that, should be a no brainer. First, do no harm rattling. A doctor. First, do no harm and that you do and harm like you can't make money while your polluting, like that's, that's, not good anybody's future yeah there this and in areas where that you know. I think it is really like Louisiana about there's like tons of instances of more Covin mortality and they like chemical alley we're all those fucking chemical plans are and that's the kind of untold cause than cause and effect that we need to pay more attention to, and this is why I hate when these things like that I mention be it. We should be able to have a conversation about this and I think, with the right wing. It's it's more that its use as a college.
This silence, everybody and you're supposed to just get on board, and there are so many things that are lot of them will agree that there we might be having some effect on about what is the best way to to try and make those changes so that new ones conversation is what needs to happen, and everything is just partisan breathing. Even the mass thing I got all of it and want to be able to come from a place of fax is the same with no police brutality. All these things. If we can start with what the actual facts are, that would be awesome and productive but which we don't start their restart worth, while this brutality thinning or you get his videos of horrific actions It also radio is a really terrible video. That's going around right now that people are using as evidence that cops are racist because they didn't shoot this white guy, who one of shooting and killing cup in Oklahoma. Did you see?
seen it I've been successfully offline every time, a drink coffee with cream. I say: I'm not gonna. Do I'm going as I do on the part of them. I get Fleming I have to say, makes you humans. Sovereign people is like annoying brow, but it's a bad video tapes this guy over they may some day they dig. Did they hit him? What the pepper ray they take em. They do everything he's just a drug dealer. Or a psycho yeah who knows, and they get to some sort of a wrestling exchange and he gets the cops gun and unload and here the cop you from the cops body camera you see him get shot and he seemed screen. This is fucking thing about. Her does Toby that I hate I've seen someone die like every day for the tat passed two weeks online line. You no one hears my point, this people looking at this and o the cops are racist. Kosovo's black are, they would shot a re. My position is okay. This is these are two totally different cops.
And maybe they didn't shoot him because they would have never shot. Anybody made me ray, raise cops. There were shot a black eye or white or asian Geier. Anybody, but the point is this is how dangerous it is to be a cop right, and this is why non leaders two cops on one guy and they can control this motherfucker yeah, and this is why non lethal methods- art though the cops, are reluctant to use them some time yet, and this is so it just shows you how fuckin hard it is to be a cop. You get this crazy dude and you can't take em. You can't peppered. Grammy still gets your gun and can shooting? kills one of you can not it isn't that the aiming at its edge- and I think you can't really jump to oh this is racism. When no evidence of He says I'm right. In that case there is no racism right blog there saying as far as we now, if this was a black eyed, they would chauvelin. I understand why they feel like that, because there are all these video yeah black eyes, get shot cops, it is horrible, but
situation is to totally different human beings. That's the problem in a general observation. Is that the problem is and stereotypes. The problem is in the fat with the real problems that these fuckin cops exist at all. That wid would shoot a guy. That's black just because by those guys are real yeah. Those cops aren't there are indoors, so many crops other than a PTSD. So we have sat here that this they just don't know what is going on there just shoot ass, a lot yeah I mean I had I've had people writing me saying, like blue eye. I work with Cobb's and they need better training home. You know they, their cops themselves will say: we need more training and to act like some of them are raised This is a dead delusional, acting like all of them are united. Thank you have to take it out on a case by case basis, honestly, the thing that SAM did you lose the sound hairdressers, our lying thing there that everyone should listen to that? Very good of you know it's it's based very.
Much in and what we know is far as facts because he's your legs super reasonable, and it was that I sent into like my dad who super you know my my left, mice, send centre left people in my life and who is like that was very good. Know. I don't think he hears that perspective brought, whereas SAM's serves a brave Harry, had a brave man because he's already been attacked so many times for having these unconventional but very reasonable positions, and yet still puts them out there, and he knows before puts them out there. That is gonna, get some flack and get some but he's the heat deleted as twitter from his phone. It doesnt have twitter and swung around my fire. That doing things like that can have a big impact talking shop today is deleted. All social media from his phone has any social me.
In his life anymore yeah. I really only use twitter and I only have it on my desktop so that, if I'm, I can only check it when I'm like in front of a computer, I haven't worse or blemish, be writing we. I mean that may be a problem to emergencies, delete at cards, let me get a computer that doesn't connect to the internet. I think the leg from the nineteen eighty do otherwise, like Snowden has won the hazardous switch were literally shut, the while I may need that can't be attempted, Yes like why you're working the wifi off me, you can always go to wifi into the Ba KU seems ago, They have asked without fail. I think up not want a button. I click usages. I'm like, though I know it's too tempting is this means a writer. You know as much as anybody the the temptation to procrastinate yeah
It's so are to war. I mean I love. I would I actually want to know how many words everyone on Twitter and I've deleted. I always kind of just delete all got a move around like I'm, deleting everything that Russia's solely every dewey- and so I was thinking like adds. It's really a shame. Many bugs I've written and who, in fact, also Twitter great American. Now do it has also given you a very large following that's how I knew you yes door, but I, We got in your shit because a twitter yeah now I think you can tell pretty quickly about someone on Twitter, I think, is the best social media, foreseeing whose someone is because everyone, no one's afraid to be a kind of their peace, a shed self on twitter hours. Really the most is the most.
Ass. They think our social media, because its primarily a battle of the wet annual ed's, not using the jets, not so much like in sir, and which I can't stand. I don't know how people I don't know how anyone does Syria or you oughta, I'm but I never use it. I hate that I got about I just every itself fake it. So, carried out. I know, because all the people in Sir I'm showing me their lives. They call me with other problems like I know, what's going on in your life beds, it's not like that is so true, and so I think it justice like phony, remain. I go in there and like I can't, and all women are just how.
Is anyone feel ok about them solve on their. I spent five minutes on areas like I'm, I'm jazz during a very accurate exaggerate girl. I gonna go away. He showed civilian, any diedre. The sum this filter thing that So why are you posted about your daughter that your daughter's kilter made you the pretty lady hours? You know that was used in a class Texas tech. That's thereby terrify yeah, but that's what girls are dealing with deliver them. So in the mirror and then they look at like like to the Courtney Chloe, which one None of those people are real, but the witch which which was the one where she had a totally different head. Maybe they're or I don't know any of them, the which one which one Chloe Chloe. Ok, you know it
looks like yeah. She looks one way and then the picture was like ok who's this year and it wasn't her. I mean they're doing stuff. Moving their frame around and changing gathered, their cells are doing stuff in real life, but this one was so bad that she photoshopped one side of the chain on her neck off, so she's wearing a change girl, yet it, but she didn't realize the very thin chain that she had accidently Photoshop one side of the chain was gone. Was not in the image. Why the chain like have right answer chain is missing. Very well her body. Here I mean does maybe that is so great but it's so damaging that so put much pressure for young girls and hers. Well, she's gonna go outside, I'm not worried about her, but I'm worried about her
I am worried about her she's, a human being. She ended up by that's how you get jets. I get people off your case attack or other people. No, not exactly know homage Agnew doing is problematic, it's terrible I can choose a person she's, a human ear. Dehumanizing car gas in really were not cool. I don't feel bad the red while, but that's a problem when you say things like that, they suffer from ITALY and we all suffer. We do but it's easier when you're edge given the degree of the same. I think that could be the same picture well. How do they do the face smile and that doesn't make sense to me that I don't mean the exact same photo its viability, Emperor shoot wow, that's crazy, I don't know where I bade they have allowed under their bodies too. I think someone could probably do the doctors offers could make
I mean if I run out of money, maybe you think so decoration we'll see when I have money I'll come in and like completely their wares bridge and who are you, I'm Brigitte, I just got wretched now- I have tons of work- I've reconstructed, my entire being where one Renee Xl Worker Debts yeah, I realise their life. What are you you can't? We have what you look like. What was who is the original one who did as Jennifer Gray issue yet she sat around her life. She was ignore her nose and then she got the new job and that kind of ruined her ability to get work yeah. Oh ah, I think she said that That makes it should stop Workin yeah and she was hot and the army.
It's a nose. That's not perfect is not make you unsexed. He just doesn't it comes from within was like a crazy shut up, If a body she too great personality, she was pretty. She has had a non perfect, no is funny guess what sown. Why be major areas again, whether the other day like some, asking our how I and covet and what I'm doing and like I focus on the only two things that matter and life being hot and wretch HIV and hotter and richer. That's, yes, the raw get management or I do push up. I just you know the temptation to alter your face like that. I guess, if you see what some of the success stories now, some of the other carnations
done it, and it worked out. Awesome yeah, there's a lot of pressure. Now there is a shared. Definitely I was not to enter any of it and then I started being on camera more with all these media heads and there's like oh man, I had at somebody just screen cap for one of the interviews I did. I was like deserved the person doing this hate me. Why would they choose that? Look like areas ease she cakes brag. Did they catch org eyes, hurried links with the male. Really. I think how many chins do. I have I do after this boy, I am on, your shy just kept getting emails, stop eating Brad about that. Now. Remember too tat guy re Tags. They re an emailing random strangers, aim as appealing brook tat, this kind of pressure that Hollywood puts on you you just before me.
Have as our industry, for I mean fetching, worsted work that echoes the problem, its work. For me, it's worked, I may, when I went on their carnivore diet. One of the reasons why I got up to twenty five pounds for me as a kind of us get. No labelling else do at least love handles and we did this way in so broad and over and people are going to your belly. You might find it is causticum out and I'd. I got there for the that at the worst time, because I eaten and I eat like a Wolf like there's no food coming forever. Golly like two stakes are eligible past. I love Jackson. I love another Yankee barbecue for breakfast, which places a began to what's that and we're Matthew, Mokanna hey. This does it's the one, we're Matthew, Mokanna, hey, which set his favorite famous line and days and confuse the ah, it's good. They use toolbars. Now it's
fire sped through so many out here? You can't be bad and stay open, yeahs guide. This debate, our guide for a place that, as like two million people live in an area like a hundred thousand barbecues pilots. There is right there like that anyway, yeah birthplaces, amazing. I went to the other one. That's really big! There really famous one that's kind of our Franklin's. Now I haven't been area Arid Maisie, LA barbecue know it. Tonight. We are that the other than I real bromides like an hour alive ass, just named her rescue ways. This is I found out around curry that virtually was Germans. Come came here, and then they had like a smoked meet tradition in Germany and that and they brought that became Texas Barbicane. Went down to green green
green taxes. Everyday needs not far, but there's like an old, it's a dance hall kind of common. We went the other night. It was awesome. There is just a guy, I hope, very ass. I we were you can't dance, because everybody's has the kind of social distance in there, and here is just that sit on state. Playing the guitar, and I don't know it's just that. It's a tiny little town, but I think that some there is a german founded town, yet centre saying there are jukes bird is very german, and thus applause. That sort got a lot of light craft polices and wineries and yeah there's tons of history. Here I was it. I was in Georgia and there is the protests in front of the city hall, because, though, there's a confederate statue as small proneness, how people is mostly way people and you think they got there because of a russian troll occur
I don't know there's a guy with. I spoke to like one of the confederate like you after orders, while he's a descendant of these fighters and he was trying to fix Wayne that they just don't want them to death or create that, and I he's like we want go down to green and death desecrate their soldiers and they were union soldiers and we just think YO desecrate soldier thou is like his hall argument for it and he's like of end of the line edge, and so area urges chatting with them in, and he was in a moment descended a mile away feels like leave MAO alone here. Like you now you just don't come in leg, does the great the statues in and why not by he He said they came every Tuesday and they'll have to darken. It seem like there are reasonable. Conversely, Ed seem pretty you no reasonable, it wasn't like screaming on one side and another is like pretty child. It is a good question right would give their son.
It's openly racist and represents one of the worst aspects of our country's history like what? How do you treat it? Do you just leave a statue up or should we have like? maybe we should have like a graveyard for confederate statues and it can either go This one was actually in huntsmen. Alabama was actually further courthouse until last year, raising a tour of elegance that had taken of down smash them. Wouldn't be interesting. If there was a place you can go, we could see all of them, but then people- now that we need to put these back me here about what I feel kind of like air. We I mean you, don't you earn some I, but the problem is. There is a process that we usually go through to take them down. So I wouldn't general,
air on the side of going through that process by yeah, but the process doesn't work some time, yeah exactly and sometimes people to feel I did want to pull down. I spent this is another things going over and others is the perfect storm. The convergence of all these different things that are happening at the same time and one of them being the Ovid locked out yet social media, the covert locked down the polarisation of our country with Trump, and then you know this, this weird seeing where everybody has to pretend that bind isn't dying, this is all happening together at the same time like everyone else to pretend he's. Gonna do great job, only vote for which need to get trump out of office like well, my God again, freeze this yeah freezes. A rethink. This take us anybody else on deck, not unknown. I mean, I guess Harris we're timberlands, I guess he's one of us, I fear
we love. The two eight who ever wiser is like funding under cover gap that anyone who sees anyone wearing these in a glove. This brand nearer the undercover gap which Parliament Marty Charlemagne on Instagram was like because it was here that she's bring back timberlands and he was what the fuck are. You How can you planets, like he's he's in New York, dues in New York have been wearing timberlands forever? They ve been wearing them since the eighty or whenever they started where they never stop. We're like this that she's bring it back timberlands. Obviously, some guy Sanna bring about chucks bring back, converse, alters for kill. You are never went away, man, you can't bring back something, never went away, timberlands in New York, especially ever went away yeah. You're not allowed to go back abiding you're. Now I d say that mirrored problematic about my black, but I've been given council for that, for I certainly I started my column. I said something
he may or may not be slipping into dementia mentioned about. Why and avoiding, and then someone from the New York Times said that isn't a widely debunked conspiracy theory that he's flipping and to Demand- and I said ok I said, may or may not- and can you post lakes site site your source for where this has Bundy bunked, so that my leg people reading this right can see it and this New York Times researcher right says, while I've seen him speaking and that's just what I gather from leg you see, I think, We a aware had already bond gang. I situation that night, you ok, so you see something and have a different opinion and other people have a different opinion, bad that widely make our well I've seen it and that's it. Could you imagine, looks whisper term the common air was the democratic nominee and bite and was a Republican, could you imagine,
how savage yeah they would be attacking his mental incompetent yeah. Now now, that's actually really interesting. With his experiment. Bizarre bias comes into play, and this is where what is getting gaslight, because their pretending that everything's, ok, because all they want to do- is get trump out of office. But in doing that, your exposing this very bizarre tendency that people have to comply and to go along with these lines of thinking and behaving in talking- and I can't get that man cause that's called shit. Yes, religious shit, that's where these things come from, come from everybody, not saying what they really feel, because there is an agreement, that's been met, the average european right team. Aren't you going to do the right thing you can do the right thing would burn your fuckin house down some day. We ask that these fascists are burn your house that someday offered many an interview with someone who are probably
in view of the many way, and he said if you vote for Biden, I will get you this as an interview come on, we have to save the country like those those real message. Era, like hey Brow, Suddenly we laugh and had so there you have. It says that I understood you go with a sexual, crazy, yet fucking insane isn't quite safe country sure? What what about? What about it? You say the cut, but but but parts can save. What is it? What can happen when I was I don't wanna via brats unity, campfires Did you yeah, and you know I was asking I would like everyone is saying that the other side of the existential threat and then brought was kind like well. We need to come together because this time, is the existential threat, but everyone, but isn't that, unlike what
is everyone on flight? Ninety three quickly! Now like scared, of course, but it's also, I guess. Maybe I have optimistic face in America like I dont, really see how Trump or Biden like were how can may I don't know- I don't know, but I hope that egg- why either one of them can destroy America for years, because that means America's already fact what were cut a forked. I don't like say. I know my my sixteen year old, never arouse brands was in an idle wanna. Give these children no hope for the future. I hope for the future, but were far do they would do and we're not without a dark ages, though the Mongols aren't coming over the hills with horses and flaming arrows. It should, I only say where it lay people like there's: a civil war, Microwave Mary Sue fat, verse of wire, whose fight? What does that
even look like there will be more armed conflict brightly. That's that's gonna happen, because when you have things like the Canosa guy who show up in our within a are an industrial take his gun. Yeah. I know she all this thought the crazy off. It's crazy, like that, more that's doves gonna happen. You have more these complex and there hey idle or the guy in Seattle is not love. Was Seattle or Portland? Worship shouted Portland right! Wasn't it's out the Transporter Youse Portland? I was now kid gets too fuckin sociopath yeah, who found a team that he could get with yeah there's the interview with him with vice before they them here before the US it was did. Did you ever see? documentary. Now that show where they made fun of vice. They parodied mice it that Have you a bad guy remaining, me exactly of the documentary now parity of vice. It was like this can't be real.
They interviewed a guy after he killed a guy in the street with a gun and then was justifying it with, like his this? I am a deadly. Did it like admit did he did in the way he did. It was in this weird com, de Witt liked what he was saying. I wasn't gonna, let him kill one of my friends of color, nobody said like, but it was. It was so clear that this is a person whose, like saying the things that he you're supposed to say to signal that year on this t, I think they believe it thou. Oh yeah, I mean look if you believe Trump as literally Heller,. All of that behaviour makes sense, because what lengths would you go to stop Hitler, but the same thing in not calling out Joe Biden yeah right, not saying Joe Biden is. It is having mental issues is the same thing, because it's all you what you're doing is You are you're, saying things that
necessarily have to make sense, but the line you with a group rail line you with your compliant your fitting into the It needs to be said that that you it's occult yet on both sides. Right wing and left wing shrunk, devotions God, it's already derangement, which is real and there's Trump devotion syndrome, which is the magazine, and it is it's real. Oh I we made fun of Emma Dumpster Fire just because he said something like clearly retarded and deserves to be all politicians deserve to be marked. What happened America used to make fun of all of our politicians, and so I think that in that same adversaries, made fun of leg ban in the hall, Cardy be thing where he went viral, whereas policy, which was alive. Is by the way, if you listen, social, organic, logical condition, if you listen the whole ten minutes is a very good bet, it's pretty funny and so few in money Oh yeah he's really smart dude is binding, so here
tweet it in my cousin calls me she's like we arm art Amazon on Youtube are alike insane people defending tribe they couldn't get past. Two minutes of us make The next segment we make front abiden and then proceed to make financial policy and everything else, but they could not get past. Two minutes of us make Five, I later There is an issue, I mean it some both ways there, its trump tweeted a thing recently with me and Matt Tybee talking about buying where I said the flight and other flash nowadays Commedia I was making a job but and the same podcast. We talked about Trump in a sociopath winter. We talked about all his life. Just american lives like it was a trop supporting park area but trumps like good enough, post mega and every just gins mag, where we live, and within this world with no nuance gas, it's very cruelty.
But I wonder how many of those trump supporters that you get on Twitter or Botz Gaza, of em, a lot of ammonia, the devotion, Israel, devotions Ray. I mean people in real life through our borders. And he went on and there they cried. Why Jane. You know the urgency for sure they're there, the devotion- and I understand luck- I get it to because he he rose out of the domination of the mainstream media, the culture, the domination of academia. Hollywood all all of it, and he was like a fact you vote by many people and they feel like he is defending them in the thing I hear from them over and over again, as he will stand up, he'll stand against this tide of sanity coming from laughed till stand up for us as much more people voted for. The outer silent vote right now. The ass aside, that's gonna, be just like two thousand sixteen, to start again to her all thought, everybody felt
you how this is another thing I keep hearing, which is hilarious, pupil. People who told me that he could never one in twenty sixteen and that it was impossible, are telling me again it's impossible. He can't when I make. You're telling me that thing that already have been that you thought was impossible is impossible. What kind of logic is this? It doesn't even the there so regulations, and when you know that about russian meddling, We'll talk about russian metal and I love it. Here's the real thing about russian meddling. Real thing is these trolls like they do affect people he added. It really does work. I give you get enough of these. Troll. Accounts, that they literally hired to post pressure on things and Anti Biden thing, means all these things, the like? I, it catches people up and the waves they want to be a part of that group of people pilot on against by piling on four trump and alive?
of it like there was one what what there was a protest is. I think it was an often forget. Where was but was a protest against white rage? This is a protest. And this dude trace the IP address back to Russia. Like this, his great, but their organised area. Protests have Renee director. She did this whole study of it and it was its really fast and it is because she found hundreds thousands of these posts- oh yeah, there were all from his intimate researcher to see Russia. I look there funny now. I love it when it is something to trending on twitter and somewhat to be like it's nine. I am in Russia that binds laggard someday random like wisest trending added something antivirus and resolving descend in its legs always spelled wrong and said just lay go. Russia's again for their worry day. He too, to what's fucked up about it. It's like we're talking to
meddling in our elections but, like you know what that's like, like someone, who's a fuckin thief Yang, someone's been stealing from me like what those still in some shit you stole the equity talking about yea. Do that with other countries, yeah we're Zat that China is working with us you got. We fuck with China. Come said. It's like that american supremacy of mentality. Words like how dare these countries, who, with his thirdly, a metal than their elections Madeleine our election. Don't you understand MRS outrage and where the police of the world now it's it's, then it's it's a while You know. I had a funny experience kind of observing how people will engage with these bonds, and my nephew is probably too young to be on Twitter, as it has kind of recently got on he's like they call me deeply de I had a tweet, they went pretty big and it was like him making some comment about it. They were coming.
Your leather. He made this kind of their coming after was sent for son, he's, and he made a point about it. There was smart, but it wasn't necessarily like you know, with a b logic, cause he's like twelve and people, a doll we're commenting and yelling at Heaven. Unlike, oh, This is why I'm never going to argue with someone I don't know on twitter again because they might be twelve I will dwell rehab but very likely twelve or what is this report Arizona tee means paid to file social media pose for campaigns, Woe Washington, Post report of yesterday, paler than being paid in them when asked this is the quote from I get the ceo of the company, real kids, operating the real social media profiles and promoting me, stream american values, while Jake Hop and president the EU of Rally Forge said, Anne E mailed statement, Wednesday that the post war
nothing more than in his quote: real kids operating. Real social media profiles, Promoting mainstream american values said what these yeah Arizona activists are doing is honest and sincere political activism in the twenty first century, in the age of covert nineteen, whose firm was linked by the post to the turning point project. It's turning point deniers was wondering Turning point action nor the affiliated turning point USA responded for request. Turning point. Conservative use. Outreach organism in its founder Charlie Kirk- was a featured speaker, the Republican National Convention, yeah sounds like a sweat chancellor heated barometer, paying a selective gear, political activists, goods. Imagine if there is a lot of money in it, the real writers start like people like you starts. I wonder if I could say a theory
that's what everybody on both sides should be happy. I'm nine either one of these clock insides in utero, thanking as there are now a pig in a fog inside bury the others that I thought of it before affordable, extorting Non was just saying: all things are really feel. It is going to war with people on Twitter. I've never done, and I won't do it. I really won't do it because I feel like the problem. Was that being deceptive, like here's, what I one hundred percent committed to. If I say some, it's because I mean yeah, I have do you guys got me here and women, be running right. I m wrong, allow all the time, but I'll tell you. I was wrong yet, but you you can trust that the words that come out of my mouth or what I really think why thank and I could be wrong, but I think we share as somewhat desire to explore
honest the honesty in our honestly, while I'm feeling- and sometimes I have to push back against myself- sometimes I'll, say things so that I can get pushed back and here see them I'm not going not gonna, know what my own blind spots are. Unless ice put, my opinion now baron here back from people, not all of it, is great some of its really reasonable criticism that I I can take in from people. I respect you know, I'm not not even people who may be. I am completely if, if someone is not even my friend, but they they could teach something and respectful way out here that you know I don't. I feel like its necessary to just I try really hurts you re honest. I can't it's not lucrative, may be set
No, I think letting in real and scale does turn now. I gave you an ultimately. Ultimately there is theirs, there's a future in that ultimately, but where this is one of the reasons why I am so steadfast, today is because we're in the most polarized the most idea, logically, based time ever in terms of like you have a side, you stick with it. You battle against the other side, and I see this from smart people and drives me crazy. I drive me crazy because, unlike I know, you're smart As you know your educator now, you know a lot of facts, but you are so fucking stupid human nature to behave like this, because you're denying the very thing that, really made us racist. The very thing that made us go to work.
Or tribalism yeah. This is what it is all of. It stems from people who look like me, or people who think like me, or people from the patch of dirt that arm from those are on my team. Do we gotta stick together and we gotta all agree that debts nonsense? That's not, and we know it's nonsense. We know that in twenty twenty that we don't have to think like that you're not smart yeah, I mean, I think, that our founders really understand human nature and they had this insight which I still don't know how they manage to have it. It's a miracle. Amaze I mean Jonah. Dahlberg wrote this amazing buck suicide of the west, and he talks about all of this. Essentially how early and late men- and we ve just stumbled on this miracle and in the end he has the it's like: if anyone in America should read anything, it should just be the appendix of his book, which is all the staff of how much humanity has been lifted out of the dirt. You know, and we ve lifted up
even in developing world, like everybody's, do gathers problems, obviously, but everybody overall It's never been more convenient and easier for humans to just exist, and I sometimes feel like is this just humans, because they're not fighting and trying to leg survive their self destructing and having to create that reality for themselves, as well as life just too easy. There's a lot of that. There's a lot of the existential risk there. The real risk of of humanity. Up until now has been in war, murders, DAS, cancer so hard, and that was that what people concentrated on. But now because of a mean who, who is just discussing this with me, the other day was dug a smart, Maybe, or was it Africa was coming to get anywhere. Somebody gets here, but this is
This is part of the problem with social media, like the problems that you have today are big to you, because you do not have this problem right. When you have a big problem here, someone new family that you love yeah, that's that that's dying or sick. Someone called you fuck had on twitter doesn't mean anything yeah, but when you don't have that and then you locate fuck you you know like, then you that that twitter comment is the thing that gets you That gives you out of bed, and you check the comments and see without today say all, and I said this would see. I got em now, unless this is your conscience, This is U, with a catapult, it's the last thing now it's crazy because it's like no women on the east side in New York, who are online all day battling and there, like I'm so tired. This is so exhausting I am and so much distress. Its mental illness is in there and am I for doing this to yourself. You are all doing this to yourself. It's not! The award of the conflict and ours
in the center of the other, damn like I'll be worried about America. Unknown can tweet, I gear all tweet and your online bitching about something or other. When you have like you said when you have somebody, for instance, a cancer diagnosis. Someone may live recently with thought they were diagnosed with cancer. Would they weren't for that twenty four hours you realize that is your life now would that's how I felt at the beginning of covert the beginning of the law. Down, I really thought it was gonna, be like September eleven like one September, haven't came around everybody joined up. We all got together because well relay ok, I'll this, petty bullshit, yeah important! What's really important is we got a fuckin Ben together, we have run out of toilet paper and food is a disease. He's, gonna, kill everybody, and then, when I didn't happen, is it's like a wrapped up the other way everybody just got crazier a just goes to show you I'll areas. It is the viewers. Thank you. Never toilet paper you're like marine out. A great point, though Tom Greens point was when you go to the supermarket. Toil paper is a light item, but it takes up a lot.
Speak yet and you'll have somewhat shelf space and they just people seeing other go stockpile. He only tat it and then it's amazing dude. How do I know you like that now? The first thing I would think of that I've I've also worked in front. The might shed in the worst, oh yeah, so you you givin, you know, that's not my first by and the apocalypse like that's what I need to stockpile. Which highlight how water exactly it shows your disconnect, who we are the real threat. I got. What am I gonna? Do I'm not gonna be otherwise my as modest food that I've been getting bogged down in an athletic thing like that's, not a real crisis as drinking constantly everybody's drinking, like some of us, like twenty percent more while the bars were closed, alcohol consumption rose like twenty,
I am on a I had to. It was hard for me because I'm sober and I'm on threads with my very irish catholic family and for the first couple weeks are just pictures of their their booze files, which I one hundred percent would have done. If I was bag my drinking days before even water, it would have an Edward members yeah. I mean my fans I always tell this Joker Legate Ed, something that is funny in our family was like police. It resolve police vigour. Liquors and then fire the emergency goddamn, that's real My grandmother had that in our growing more legal Israel virus thoroughly started till after we drink almost roads or for now is that I think it it's just interested in it. See when I remember when I first started. I resign was kind,
area like no one was out and allay those enters rainy and those first day as I went down to the beach, there is no one on the beach there's. No one even driving and I walked by this guy who's kick back in a sofa. He added television I and he had a beer. He was on his phone just over the nice walkthrough, and I think this is apocalypse. Light could not really I've never seen a more perfect picture of what the modern apocalypse looks like and not fighting for I just remember, remember his train oh and got really bad down there, and people were fighting for food and got a guide, Savage really really quickly and those on, and I think it was unlike the Superdome. Have you ever read the book blindness though I couldn't red, chicken for two years after era that bug and zol about pandemic of blindness, heads people and they all get put in quarantine.
They get quarantine together. The people who are getting this blindness and then the wife of the guy who gets he is like stricken with blindness she fake said, so she can be with her husband and she's witness to all this shit that goes down once all these people are What society in this quarantine and like raisins, murderers and steel, and just quickly, a kind of the veneer of society deteriorates who wrote it. Oh god he won't upholds. Therefore, I'm gonna blank on it. Thank you he's a great writer. It's amazing yeah, so I think they were. You know it's pretty under the circumstances. The other thing that I've been kind of surprise about is, like you were saying, there's more arm crop cons like I was like I'm pretty amazed, the house age, people very much?
three hundred million guns, maybe probably four hundred million now and more than people futile and just a few shooting pretty restrained, pretty restraint, Sidra
America, especially considering the videos of cop shooting black people, especially when you think about how crazy could have gotten there's been some horrific incidents is a really bad. One thing was in Baltimore this, like I walk in industry and for no reason this black. It runs up behind him and hit him on the head with a brick yang I faced plants and the people that are filming it or in a car and they're laughing. Yet, while the briquettes, the guy in the guy face plants on the concrete so much violence, but for no reason, Ryan is crazy, but so little of that comparatively yeah to what it could be Yang. You know: there's a lot of people have thought a real race war was going to happen in this country, but I think most people, the vast majority of people, are not racist, the vast majority,
the vast majority of cops, I think, are not racist. I think the vast majority people are not violent or evil. The vast majority. That's why you can just go places gas! That's why it's not a fuckin shooting gallery everywhere. You go, get the vast, mature people are not violent or evil. You know it's just we have human beings living together in a very imperfect scenario. Yeah, you know we have we are talking about is the other day. You don't hear about the plains of land, and you just you there are so many people doing ceremony, good thing or other. I want you don't hear about, and so your only hearing, even in an police shootings, it's like we focus on a lot of this. Blame on the media is like it. It would be like only focusing on planes that crash whatsoever, anymore. Lot of these things are just online Vince years ago, viral yeah yeah, but I think that so much of that
vision and that way, pegging narratives there. Their driving narratives and I and people are obviously kind of partaking and thus buddies. I still think that its we, when I first like you said about the early days of pandemic, I thought the same thing because you will go out and there was you This kind of like you'd, like you, haven't ask honour and every walk and people out walking as it can go to the jammer. Anything in there would be that you kind of look each other- that solidarity. There is then feeling like yeah we're in this, and it was two weeks later before people are crossing them. Three angrily. I got mass shame by a guy. We were walking in. I had my bandanna just around my neck and he was there. Far away and he was like no risk screaming at us
right, where you are a bad person. You dont have a mask but he's. Unlike do you have a heart attack before covert ever kills you just yelling and people were who don't, mass and and he's not gonna. I wouldn't have to spit in his mouth for him to get covered from me. He's not gonna get from river of black and a half away just galloping, and this is where I think people are driving themselves insane. Well, the unhinge of never have a better time. This is this is their time because there there's so much company You know if you're, an unhinged person like you're on team on hinge, do I feel, like I look at all the people on my side. Were you the one who had that tweed there is like we have a mental health problem that we have a gun brought something my guns and Linda. How do I dont like oil problem? Discards is a growing problem in a tyranny problem described as a security brought yeah. That's a great! We, I think about that, all the time, because man is that played out.
Has now we're just seen the mental health in the tyranny where we legitimately have a gigantic mental problems. Country look, I'm a person who I've I've done, allow things I've ever family, I'm happy. I have good friends on successful and I have been told problem here of mental health problem. Yes, and my mental problems are very minor, but I just want to be real, clear there very minor, but I get it out. Sometimes we all do. We are we all get in funk. Sometimes we all have issues. We olive issues tat when something challenges us and we don't have character, and we don't have a history of overcoming issues and we don't have tools in terms of like whether its exercise or meditation or yoga or whatever you do to alleviate tension, and then have the fuck and gasoline, which is social media and you throwing gasolene on your fire instead of figuring out a way to put out the calls you just can have madness in theirs. So many people that are
all right now and they been alone and isolated, and it just shows how much you need that social and our action because people I feel like I'm losing their manners. You know I've heard from many people and it may my sister texted me. She said I just our real life. Facebook fight at dinner, and it was like Someone else texted me, and he said I just saw a real life, twitter interaction and the grocery store. So this behavior that generally, is relegated to the way we are when we are anonymous or not anonymous online with each other that you would never necessarily be if you were face to face. Because of he's bound mine, it's like they're, starting to behave that way in real life. That's not good without would have what is afraid of was afraid of when it comes to like video games. Yeah people afraid they like violent video games are forcing people or we were going to cost. We would be violent. Real life I dont think does
will. I think they ve done studies that that's an area they ve never been ruin. That too, I think, there's things I've only violence if it's gone down just ass, the opposite, but I think that there's something about the way human beings who just interacting with other human, beings, those video games, you're not shooting a real person, you shooting of of an avatar initiating and it's fun. That's the thing about interaction with people's you're, really hurting someone's feelings yet, and then you get used to doing that Then you, don't you not around people a lot? Yes, most of your interactions are just this way and then, when you are around people, you behave in the same way that you would. If people were in front of you again, I mean I think about how much like how many mental help tools. I need I dont, I'm I'm like you. I have mental health problems. I've had anxiety and my vast at key billeting Andrea that I overcame came common man. I should They write a book about. I shall write, kill your hypochondria week before it kills you because it was
me, I was the village aiding anyways. I asked we wouldn't your browser more. My therapist was like you. How did you do this, but it was basically, I took ok, so it was kind of a three priorities recent MIKE. I can't live like this, because hypochondria truly makes you feel and name- and you know you can objective. We know I'm crazy, but your mind gets stuck it's like oh cd and swords, it's kind of based and oh CD, because you get stuck in a loop like. I would just get stuck on lube for instance, like there's something wrong with my lap. Some there are in my lap, their Sunday rightly my lab. There's nobody around him. I don't know it just gets done, in. I have thoroughly answer. I've thought cancer. I have that I just feel like stuck in this crazy loop. It's it's insane did come slowly or did got worse
have it now. I think I come from like a long line of hypochondriacs, though now because my mommy's to have in others. Do you remember those books before the internet? Where was like, if you have this, as they can choose your an adventure, but it was like a few. Have this symptom before the end at their these berkshire. He built a few of these. Some this symptom go to page two hundred and thirty three, and if you have this- and I remember my mom would use those quite alliance, I think, He has met my dad, survey worry war. So I have that kind of neurotic energy I believe, but I think too, I was smoking who had a weed, and I most got it when I was hung over like that are now would be the worst as I would be hung over. So anyway, I hand as you realize what you did your bar. I think I just had. I had you attack from from three different places, so the first is
the actual I was like, I'm gonna Rewire, my fuckin brain and I set myself. I do as an I put a rubber band on, and I did that stupid thing, but it totally worked where, if I was like there's something wrong with my lap and I'd snap, my rubber rubber band and I feel like I'm healthy. I am out. I would just replace well, I am healthy, advise you come up with other. Do I read somewhere that its good way, to help with lake repetitive thoughts or to just that help yourself. It I mean it. I was trained my dog of this Time to- and I was like this is kind of like dog training. I just have to interrupt that and back that firing and there's a whole idea of what fires together. Why it's not even ideas like what fire together wire together so every time the other thing I headed, what is going on fires together, wires together. So it's this concept of what every year, a kind of thinking and acting on it. It just create like a
half way, a neural pathway in your brain. The gets stronger and stronger. If there is, if it's like that, like, for instance effect, so this is wide part too was replacing. The thought I also can act on it. So I couldn't go. Look in the mirror. I couldn't go. Google anything. If I thought I had cancer. I had to cut myself off from acting on because people have hypochondria the bulk of excessively Google they'll go get task said for everything they spent thousands of dollars, getting task. Luckily, I was not on, I didn't. Have insurance are too poor to really like lean fully into my book, Andrea Thou. I and I just had to stop myself from the action, because that you know any time you have a thought in you act on a reinforces that connection. That, like me, body connection and it reinforce that pattern of worrying man I had sir observing I kept. This is very, I guess, to its very lay gum, C B, T sewed cognitive Behave,
you're a therapy. I didn't know this is kind of what I was doing, but I would keep Now- they have very it's like. You keep a record of thought what they call a thought lag, and I were just document when I had the thought: what brought it up like what triggered that back hazards always kind would trigger, and then what action I took and what actually can take to replace it and, I sometimes issues not acting on at all, and then I started working with their best on all the things that were under pending those that the triggering thought so one was like. I couldn't hold joy. I just anytime I felt like I was excited about doing anything. I was going to Hawaii Bowers when I was like per separating on my lips and I couldn't it was like I could not enjoy anything without my brain, telling me that everything was going to share and I was gonna die. So I had to look that. Where does that come from feelings of worthlessness upbringing?
Whatever you than the other one was shame round sexuality make. There is just some our shame around like I was pretty promiscuity, foreigners drinking a lot, and I didn't I was always proud of the man. I woke up weapon. It happens The party girls and ours is an arrogant international. Let's and there were some. There are some like go I'm catholic to raise Catholics, though, that chick had scored and before I had a chance in Hell, and so there is a lot The shame round add that I had to really look at and deal a ban numb and yes, I just Looking at all this stuff- and I like it, took me- it was work is for, and now I'm like completely for rising, yeah, Maisie, didn't graduations, I mean I, I definitely I feel like I can. Live and breathe, and I can just be present. Meditation was vague and then I think a lot of people forget that you know
Drinking and substances are not are coping mechanism from they can me. If you have you are not using them addictive way. By for many people, I drinking is, though we like, I have recovered towards drinking, unlike bad, that are going to occur. It exacerbates it now I get or not. So I had to quit that and I was joking just like how many fucking things I need to do to star my day. Oh, my god, I wake up. I meditate I have to like you know. I have to work out, I'm a crazy person. I've got to sweat, there's a! I just know what I have to do and people it's important. I think. Instead of and people while the time how I deal with the online hate now, I'm like I'd just go work out. That's answer to everything that answer governor though, because it requires effort- and it requires like- is much as is difficult when you sitting down front of a computer to overcome procrastination and right multiply that times ten and it's gonna get to the jam because the physical?
discomfort of truly liquor. Do you like your mind, while your brain remind fuck, you yeah as right? I have these. Does this have like mugs and t shirts? That say, conquer your inner batch. I love that this. What it is there There is a thing: it's it's in me. I was talking to David Goggins, one of those average people on the planet and he and I had a law hilarious conversation the phone yesterday about it- and I said one thing that are really appreciate about you. As you talk about your struggles. Like there's a video that I put up on my instagram of the day. I just wrote stay hard and it's his video, and it's him talking about this struggle that he has. The dog one of the hardest man alive, he has struggles and does it get suffragist, feeling. Sorry for that, he starts feeling like it just like far from tire, and I want to do yeah and then he actually says he said those thoughts into a tape recorder. You no phone, whatever the fuck. It is an inland listen to play back and he's like
sounds like a straight pick. Axel area lies the and then, if you got fired up in and went out and did it, but what I said to him as would so important about him in what way why he's so important peoples, because he shows you the weakness yeah, shows that he has these thoughts himself, but he just always wins yeah. He overcomes those, but he knows that that those demons are there, though therefore nobody, but he's just got a long history of overcoming those demons, and so he knows that he just has to go to work. It's the warrior ethos. Now in something I've really always tried to develop and myself and I respect and other people, and I think that you don't have to like literal warrior, to develop that ethos and add something they used to be so respected and Spar Diane. There are just so many there's. That was something that was revered and I feel like in our society now, because victim,
become currency like no warrior in the fucking world would ever want to be considered a victim. They will die on their own sword and it's important that I think p all like David and you and adjusted to really embrace that spirit and try and promote it, because, ultimately, it feels better to work against your worst instincts it does. It just might be harder, but it feels at the end to feel so good you, your hat. Did you will at. This is the other thing that I love about. There's a scrape like tiny habits, it's all about bundling habits and how you you don't have to start every day and SAM you just our working out. Every day our no you're, probably gonna, fell just start. In ten minutes, and then you I do more and then bundle with one minute of meditation and just start little increments. And other regions. Thus, then, you know that's great because it
Philly is about building healthy habits, not so much it's it's just my friend said to me it's more more habit. Rascals cause we're so goal. Oriented and goals are good to work towards by you're, not gonna, get there without healthy, consistent habits and people are his disciplines, can hard. It is for our readers when it is hard and the victim mentality. One of the reasons why rejected so heavily is because it's completely contrary to Carmody Yannick. If, if everyone as a victim- and you can't like, have any victims ever will, then you can have any jokes now goes you you're, making fun of things at a preposterous and as soon as you can't make fun of things that are preposterous like like goes talk we're talking before about this vice thing, there was written about a transfer of EC emphasizes podcast and one of the things that the road was that I incorrect,
glee described how Caitlin Jenner Transit or why Caitlin german transition? I'm like! Oh you mean Chris, there isn't really a demon hovers over his bed and we prison his ear, Converted him to a woman. What the fuck are you talking about this? This kind of nonsense is like involved in. Kalen gender got mad at me. I was only just recounting an old joke from two thousand sixteen yeah. I got no hate that party? Now now sorry, if I said the wrong name, I don't avenue hate yet that we are making big deals out of things at aren't big deals and we're making returning jokes into literal statements that are, that is hate, speech yeah. That shit is nonsense and you know it yeah and you know it starts we had I mean we were having. There is weird
even yesterday, and there is a plan baron out above a mexican plays the reader of vaccinations, lay imagine your like going in and there like you're going baby issues like I just wanted to get a margarita licences and we were making all these drugs and I as a car to feel so good. It is viewed as a joke three LEO's because I feel like the the world has become just a few. Or of egg shells in everyone's like why keen on eggshells our time can I say those can. I say this because everyone's many people are dealing with mental illness and that's what it's like: we're DIA, youth, mentally ill people, your car. Really working on eggshells, but its eye we say to comedians. On my don't die, I'm your don't die on the content of the joke die. And the right to be hyperbolic. Just because that's what they're coming after exactly they'll know after
am I don't fight about the content of the Jura, Joe, just fight for your right to be a hyperbolic comedian, because that's if we have that we have nothing. We to be ridiculous. We're fucking clowns will look at Joe ideas. Yeah he's the best example in my opinion the funniest guy I've ever seen everything here. This is everything he's as is so over the top, but that's part of why you laugh. Yet you know he's not being honest, he's he's making. You laugh he's doing comedy and he's doing it by grossly ridiculously exaggerating, so think so crazy yeah. That's why again, man when comedians, I, like you, Who are you shutting another comedians, racy other comedians, going after other comedians for their jokes, unlike what the fuck is happening here is another always bab. Here's that's that's is the fact that the comedian- ago after comedians for jokes? There always media
yeah there's. This is an anonymous, not try and be meat now, and I'm not always is a generalizations the tool, the comic it's not always. Some of them are good comics. Do it erroneously, but the thing that they're doing are doing because there's a feeling inside you that always feels bad that you don't reach the high marks. There's like a thing. Will you dont quite and then you see someone step out a line. I see some and take it maybe misstep, maybe that maybe they fuck up. Maybe they make a joke and it doesnt work, and you want to attack him yeah. You wanted to buy Patrice O Neill set at best. And he said when someone tells a joke that kills or someone says, a joke that offends people and doesn't work. It all comes in the same place yeah and that places trying to be funny yeah, that's what you're trying to do here, not trying to be mean. You know- and I remember particularly the early days of my my stand, a comedy I when I was terrible. I would just say anything to your laugh. Anything and I didn't have to believe it at all
literally didn't have to mean if I knew that it would work and I treated I treated comedy jokes, I cameras. Yet there was like a hammer, I'm just looking for analogous our work. I was lost and I was out of blindfold and I feel for trees. Everybody now that's what I did and then for a while. I realize okay well, some of these, that I have to think their funding and then then it works better. Not then I just had it. Figure out who I was really I got the comedy with very little real social life. When I was when one. When I gonna call me I'd only been fighting like, I didn't, have a normal child, like my child from fifteen to twenty one was all kicking people facing it. Captain when there was my whole life, so my whole sense of like what the world was was all fucked up. So I had to develop opinions on had zero opinions on politics or weddings or, and so all I talked about for the first year of comedy.
Sex yeah? That was my whole common. That's all I had that. That's ready common eventually, when you're twenty wine, what one? What other life experience you have and by the way? Thank God, that's where you dead Do you ever wonder where you would be if you were that age? Now? Oh, my god, you beef out in the streets our real problem, you ve, earned Anti. I don't know what the point is like when I would tell a joke outside of sex. I really didn't know what was funny I didn't. I knew it was like certain things were funny with sex, and I didn't so. I had those But if I tell a joke about something else like I was just swinging at the wind, I love the process of finding it's funny, though, even though it's uncomfortable and awkward I was doing. I was trying to get this
I'm talking about how my dad Sammy down of an awkward conversation about my freezing, my eggs and I was like to old only thirty seven. I was like dad. Just like asking me if I want to freeze the chicken like seven days after it's been in the fridge, you know, you're, probably not going to unfreeze that chick has. It just seems like too. It's like since prime already I feel like. Maybe you should have others conversational me when I was a thirty nine. Thirty seven deceives the ailing I didn't realize you're cold chicken, metaphor and social. To do this and alike have getting like, ah from the audience, and I hate the pity I like here targeted it's fine. Aren't you feel bad for you, but that's my job as a comedian to be like. Ok, wise, every few have been sorry for me. Does allow girls out their freezing eggs. I want to put my hands on her shoulder. No people's, fortunately frozen, keep to keep to its rosy,
do you know that ninety nine percent of eggs don't get yours, I'm sure it's something crazy act, others harangue resonated crazy, high percentage of eggs, they don't get use it. You don't have to do is expensive Trains are expensive by freezing your access, fighting all measurements, experts and you're, just storm european Freaking storage fee. Listen having kisses awesome, don't get me wrong yeah, but you don't have to have kids like this. This idea that the path that everybody taxes- the paths you have to there's, there's something about it. They used infuriate me when I was when I was younger, where people would tell people children went. Hell, you have to have a child, and I feel like a prisoner untie me that I need to commit a crime here. I kicked young was as you dont have to now. You don't have to look at all I don't have a like a steadfast rule for anything involving human being
in their path in life is lungs are doing no harm yeah, I think as soon as someone does, I always feel it to try to justify their own path by truck like how many people who do certain things want you to do those things yellow every shape. The honest parents, like my history, like down, have attentions gay and it's it's another one of those things that in my incense and never it was less about having kid and more about having a family and I never at that point, Madam man, that I wanted to really have a family with an hour's important to me and know it's crazy one in man in my life and I cancer for that one, and so it just had an you know. I am very and then I was I have forty and hers. I got shit. Magna regret that Is it something that you know I'm more worried about? Looking back and being like, I should have, but I just do not adopt. I can always
are there? So many kids who need good parents, and I feel so. I am truly like that- will kind of heavy check who his leg. I am right where I showed me. I have to believe that I have to believe, but you are, you are right. We should be yeoman right, considering especially your past. You are right. We should begin. Can the hearing I mean even just this whole trip to Texas has been so informative because I I went to go. I went through the process of looking. A house is just to see, found all this stuff but really I was like. Oh I can. I can buy a house that some now is an amazing moment. For me, because I went and when I was twenty sex and I have worked really hard to a lake repair, my credit. How to get a little baby three hundred dollars month card that I'd pay it off, and you know why I had to focus on that. She and I feel It was a nice moment of you like. Ok, I can see the path forward and ends
many times in my life when I thought I want something like I really want to derive maximum when I was twenty three IRA found the proposed law. It's hilarious, again I want I was I was as such and boy like a boy's girl. You know I removed a lot and the guys are always nice to me and they always let me in their club. So I was at poker nights and bachelorette parties and all that shit. Where generally weren't aloud and I had access to just the male brain and they were they felt comfortable, being nerd discussing south around me, and I didn't judge them for it and and that site we'd like I need derived from acts, and I get these dudes. I wanna write sex advice and I never you got that Karl I may never have. I don't know anybody tv I live in a small town, I recycling
about the says, like I was so delusion eyes, waiting tables eyes like the town, drawing telling people when our serving them french rice, like remember my name- is raising the fucking angular EU gender religion. Can you get recalls lads enterprise, young lady jargon around I'm pretty sure is: are you being in the alley? The other night? That's why you gotta forgive people when a young yeah, we even when you see someone acting really reduce, was when we don't know roads more forever gas I spent a lot going announced by the story: think of the lying fuckin road, those Bandy Even- and so I didn't get that, but then, and in a brain for playboy, which is even better. It was on the internet. You know I want to re for maximum. We only had magazines and it was much bigger than I could have imagined, but some in the same space, and so no are you now
that there might be another better thing: leg rejection. I love that phrase. I'm rejection is God's protection. I love that and my fair Vassili says protection yeah. It's like you being rejected by a man or a woman, or somebody or a life opportunity it's just because there's something better or yard. A jerk like it just means whatever it is, whether you rejected for a job or rejected either you're, not good enough or the system. Fucked see, I maybe see well, there's a lot of people to get jobs do not deserve them, and people that do deserve those job don't get. Yeah that's cronyism nepotism Mozilla Fucker II that goes on with, but that's ok too, but, alas, times. It's a wake up, call there's a lot of people,
Well, when you were telling people remember my name is a lot of people are really believe, there's something that they're not, and the only way to find out that you are not. That person is to be defeated and that's why this is why I think martial arts is so important for me. This men have it in their head this ridiculous idea that there's something that they're not in the best way to find out that you're, something that you now is to get squash. I am serious squashed. Alot ivy allowed a humble by well anyone who gets good at you, Jitsu husband, fucking, manhandled for a long time and together to reach a black brown jujitsu or even a purple belt, like which is what Andrew Yang thinks every police officer should be, and I think so too, your fucking ass handed to you for years, yeah yeah all the time, and I can think I can close my eyes just think all the time like strangle, Tap tap tap tap on my leg at tat. This is what you just get. You lose all the time most men. Don't have enough opportunities in life to lose losing his very.
Orton, learning or unveiling and losing our so huge that are so important and we live in a culture that it doesn't really. You know it's obviously very success driven and everybody, and you see the you know that ten years to become an hour I'd successor whenever I like that I ate so my irish telling, the story. Today we call in just about how I was so delusion on AIDS I went bankrupt and I started fancied I come when I was for Khazars greeting cards and t shirts and I had this great idea and then I had no business acumen and I drove around America highest gas prices, ever in Amerika. I think to this day for six months and I was like selling tee shirts on the beach, each time, people like me. I remember that their legs Ed Spring Break. I'm not gonna remembered anything area, yeah regions delusional- and I would just I came here and then my cousin, whose partner on a lot of stuff or I'm. You know
We can turn this company around. I was like on the verge of bankruptcy and like we're going to go to Costco and we're going to get some white boards and we got six hundred dollars worth of stuff and two cars. I was maxed out on my credit cards. I go to pay with my credit card and they're like we don't take credit cards cuz, it's Costco. They only take like that one kind american express- or I think it's changed now visa or something I took one and they will take it, and then we just adds leg, abandon you she's, two guards. Why do you think that leg, dry areas boards or the thing that I needed in that moment, spending six hundred dollars and do. Tell young people come to me for advice on. Like you know there is, you have to come and to be a little delusional too, in a creative path in particular because did the difference between delusions and dreams is hard work like you're delusion of your sitting in your mom's base. Many, I am I'm gonna do this never doing anything. But
do you need a little bit of overt? even delusion tat kind of push yourself, you can call it I'll, just called ambition, Yeah, migration and trust in the process yeah, terrible if you're comedian, your terrible right and but you think I know a lot of terrible, gymnasium twin, hugely successful as we should pay tribute to those whose job thieves lot of em. They they start out bad, but they have these moments where they get laughs. If you could figure out what But there is at an end and take those embers and blow on them and and and use it in and in figure out how to recreate that and then figured out to get better at it. It can be done, but you also have to be ruthlessly introspective and that is a thing that most people are not willing to do. Most. People want to protect themselves from their failures and they want to pretend that it was other bills, fault,
or people a plot against the war how come and I was absent them or you get all the brakes and all these days all that shit. Does you zero good beyond his pushes people away from you? You creates exact opposite the exact opposite amount of the exact opposite kind of energy that you need to be successful. Yeah! Well, you need to be successful, is paint yeah. He needed all my best like growth moments in comedy, came after a bombed, embarrassing horrific bombings, those her when I got my shit together and I got better and I got my magala- can do that again and then I got better. This has been a seat, is like been there's this big. Once in my life, where I was like that, like it was the worst feelings of ever yet not I've had losses and fights that feel losses feel bad. I get pdf aegis.
Talking about bombings, forebodings overriding shooting your Amsterdam NATO's bombing feels worse than getting your aspect. You really do. I had one of the communist era that I still remember like I was yesterday. It was with my new mental, a guy that I was kind of having an affair with. Actually he was there with his friend, and which is even worse than I would have rather to ban a thousand strangers and they kept pushing me and it was, and they keep pushing me, museum, nobody and I just kept drinking and drinking and drinking- and I got on the stage in areas like I'm cold and are afraid How is it and then I blanks I couldn't remember any bang- may amuse it was her ice, the ice to preserve it Are you now? You fail me areas that hard to harbour, so I can't watch open Might nights. I can't like one at one of the reasons why take great
meetings on the row with me. I always take funny people because there's nothing weirder to me than war. She someone's not funny and then thinking I can go be funny yea. I don't, I feel like nothing's funny give us someone each yet Montgomery got comedy, doesn't work. I know comedy it's real. This can be done. It can't be done this person's bombing. Nothing is funny. Nothing they're saying makes me think. Oh yeah, I know it's funny and then, if you go on after someone who bombs is terrible yo to kind of reenter, do the idea of things being funny yeah, I get a lot more work cat. This had this actually happened to me in a situation that I had no business being in, which is often the case with stand up, and it was they had made some deal where Bill borough is performing
who's, a God, and then there was just a bunch of nobody is who the vat arrange. That would like kind. It is open for him, basically, so that he got like do as our than he was testing. Considering a fact they're not here, to see any of us there just here to see him and the girl, I was the girl in between a girl who bombed and bell, and I think this is so much fresh or thank God it in the matter. Since I have found that it was your alike, the audience is trumpet. These may need to recover. They need to you need to bring them back and let them know everything's. Ok, dissolve laving, where you know that someone who's gonna have to do is just way better than you and you just start, judging your act and judging off your material, our guy second guessing your tag lines and yet tat like a who was it Jeff girl in Ireland,
opening ram and Irish just so paranoid. I gotta my had the first hours a disaster any like no one gives a fuck bridges. Here to see me and I, like you, can go he's like I'd. I demand. And you got there bomb and he's like you- need to try all new stuff use gray. You push me he's like I don't care. Go on Billig there I'm gonna come out cause. You know him he just as like the awkward islands as ITALY. Latvia is quite eleven you now most people in this moment would be uncomfortable. Does silent? May legs sat down to table and yet I have learned a lot. I mean Isler. I definitely learn more from bombing than I have from yeah. That's where you learn. Will you definite learn from killing to mean one? I just feel like fills awesome, but it also does teach you what's good at your act and the pacing incorrect pricing and
You are presenting debts and I never leave a bit alone. I live long term ready to film. I am always fuckin moving things around and trying to find a better way to an ye. Oh you find out through whether or not it works wet year process. For writing. Well, there's a bunch of different way, eyes. Sometimes I just have an idea, and I just run down my framework. Sometimes only talking my wife and my idea and Jean Gender stance on away a runaway like merely one, and I just write it down like it's like their slip, We fear that our member that you'll never remember, I know now the number. So if a good one pops in my head, I will literally run away in a restaurant or get up and run yeah, unlike what the fuck Don't you adios, like some. Years. Our diet stage, but also sometimes if I'm like them high emotionally- and I think I'm to remember that I have to say
because I don't know, I won't remember, while writing exert. I really like this nail in writing like what was I had. So I have to say it because its quick right now so I have like when I swear down on my Iphone does the the audio recorders wanna thinks it's built in wipe down hit that start yeah. But if that helps, but the other thing is like sitting and sometimes there just ideas that I have them that's running my head, while I'm driving around trying to figure out how to work it out, and then I bring them on stage raw, sometimes I'm having written it down just fuck around with it on stage to see if I can find a place for it. But then the big thing to me is also sitting in front of a computer- and I know a lot of comics, don't like tat, but some of my best bits of come from sitting down in going over the bit.
Going over Mateer and also writing essays. Like I write essays, that's alright, like a in a couple thousand words, but I'll extract a sentence that zero dollars and one cents will be a bit. But if I don't sit and write that get that certain re ray and allow to compensate run. Onstage and like you, I do too. I do too I also make myself sit down I need a new. Our every two years really knew our every year, because the last year is really just hammer. The samurai sword down being paying its? honing the blade yeah, but the bit the metal has to be in position after you see I am so. I have to get something and you got like You can come up with it on your own. You could just just just talk and go on stage and socializing with friends a lot of times things come out. Socialism free, add idea,
is open. My head, like you're laughin, am funny, say some crazy out mirage use that you write that down, but there's no substitute for actually writing yeah for sitting down a right, yeah just sitting here ass in that chair. The work it's it's like. It doesn't hurt and is what I tell young comic. So I really feel comfortable writing like that, because it always comes out forced yeah, get better out of me. I, like that's the argument that I've talked to comics, that that just do crowd work ever do bit. It seems fake. My let's costs are not good. Yeah yeah, you better at doing that. Delay, crowd, work, I do it. If some shit is Goin, I am but you know I just do it occasionally, just because of the tap fun yeah, but I feel like there's this: it's a weird sort of fake a meal,
Do you see like there's a fake energy among us coming out of nowhere here you know just so much funding than it really is. Is that people are laughing really loud and la because they know that you're coming up with it in the moment Ray it's fun sometimes, but there's no substitute for real bits. Yeah grew a real killer bit. That's what I like when I would listener richer prior or SAM Kennison. I wanted those fuckin perfectly hone chunks, yet you know that thanks pal I mean God, I watch has saffron like he is like Master class just the way they he constantly. Mr actions, like the job so is on you just so I I mean that opening to the most recent one, the sticks and stones, just it's just
how he managed to bring it back to the anthem, a boarding thing, and then these leg and this guy, I really just Ed's, he's just a master. You see somebody who so gifted at that was so devotees did, However, I feel it this way about calling Gwen actually that New York specially dead, did you ever see that not solely for aid is tiles genius? I he's a genius. I watched it. And re watcher again immediately, because I was like what the how the fuck did. He just do that he tells the whole history of York and all in jokes, hang Seinfeld directed at its Netflix is Yes, I've never seen anything like it. Really. It was like the history of New York and in our own approach, you so,
appreciated yet and but comics appreciate. I remember one time I did tough crowd in college was working the he was warming up the audience and he just did a stand up. So there's an audience there to see tough crowd and colonies just two and stand up for the audience, and it is so good on everything gang afterwards like while I stand up with so much better than the show itself yeah of common interest. Yeah. I heard people dont know how good he he's, how his red staples state very dead is genius. It's like every Airlines, Vienna. Now it's our networks but every arose them all. Fifty states, its freaking Hawaii. Areas. Amazing, he's yeah he's really under, I Billig under appreciated? What why have you learned, in your time off like what learned about your comedy? Have you what are your I can live without it and learn that I can survive well yeah. Without a immediate twitchy, oh well, I got.
That's the one time I did it did it in Houston. Did it we got the improv, but then I got twitchy about giving people the cold dead were like. What have I got it and gave to somebody else. Would worry me, Sir Gettin word about that. I got weight with out about, like you know someone who's compromise getting it yeah. My carelessness and I thought about us like also than those people that you in the audience like our you responsible people, come to see you and then someone in the audience gets cove id like. Are you responsible directly not directly benefiting slackened has fieldwork you'll be free. I now feel go free. I give you find out that a fan who loved you but was overweight and they came to see you and they got covert and died shall I harbour if Europe a few words, I decided. Ok, this is not. I don't know if there's a way to do this, where people get sick. What about the drive? There's our people doing
That seems whack, love them, Bert, loves but births crazy. So it's like it's hard to is having a blast. He loves it yeah, but birches wanted to perform. You know any figured out a way to do it mean I'm pretty sure that the drive in movie comedy thing was his idea. I'll think he's the one that started doing and he's the one for sure whose duty on the biggest scale he tell me, did a shadow, how many where there are seven hundred cars, our last seven hundred cars, that's crazy! It's a lot of people tat! You gotta figure that silly fourteen other people, yeah, maybe more yeah- and you know I said at the end of it. There are flash inner life is like a fuckin UFO, that's chemical! Doesn't he just wanted to be out there yeah? You know I just want to be out there doing stand up and it's gone. Well he's sellen out all over the place. I feel bad for the comedians who were leg just getting that momentum.
You know the ones that were green and ingrained in writing his? I I've been thinking a lot about this just of co. How much momentum was just so It's all over the world, just the momentum firm musicians in. I heard this story about a musician people starting businesses. Just stop that yeah people going to spite college sports, but these comedians, who making money or words musicians warrant. Making money buzzwords issued out only make monitoring yeah. They were just about to start making money, maybe not even languages balancing movement for an hour. How costs can choose open? For me, just really start they paid work and there was actually starting the headline and then went away. I mean that choice when winter mom Wow has no knows no money, there's no one here. How do you make money here? The only way a comic survives today is if they started apart gasp for all this shit, and I have been telling comics this from the Fuckin Joe,
You told me to their mind, is dead Only I remember where I was here is that the countries are an euro legs. Darpa Gaston's, like red jargon, does you survive, as I guess I'll, just look at its very successful now get the thing? Is it's it's a vehicle for you to be independent and to not just make money, but also get your ways out there. Yeah can get your opinions out there in a way that you don't. Anybody leaning over your shoulder like there was a time where I was doing the rounds with some radio people. Where, though there was like some offers from you, do a radio and as there's gonna be like someone telling me when I can't, I can't say Ray is gonna, be someone bringing me guests like this guy come in and that guess gonna come into my. I could probably make do with that, but it would also be those there's uncomfortable moments. I remember when I did rating
whether I knew the dj did not want me they're rash, because they were in a fan of my comedy or their details or we're people and their comics waterways. But a lot of em are like comics endeavour to accommodate re array of this. Like insecurity about the comments about their battling yeah, I remember one guy was mad because he said I looked. I care about to our sleepy smelled like liquor like yeah yeah, I'm a cop yeah I did have to our sleep. I did smell a quicker. We were having a good time, show last night, mother, Fucker yeah. You know we were up until four o clock, the more just laugh in it, and then I came here. Six yeah we'll have a thick flocked to use What I do man median but there's something about the the person who just the comic like a lot of dj, is, I think, secretly wanted to be comics. The artist
I'll. Try to be funny the child, we witty witty Morton guy, but they never. They never put their balls and a wheelbarrow. Not at that stage yet never delay or like now, radio taking the pie gas. Why just didn't, I didn't think we're gonna harmony, but the problem was. I was worried about having a place where I could just say what I wanted to say and I always knew someone's gonna tell me not to do something here. It's so annoying behind. You say something funny and someone's, like cancer
You fuck, it was an episode of your fact. Once with a lady could not reach her hand into this barrel. This is barrel of worms to pull out a piece of paper and the peace paper. I think would say you have to one worm or no worms and pressure. She was vague into so she could need a worm, stepped kill a thing. Salerno Psycho just put your hand in there and grabbed the paper like I can I go, but you definitely can trust me. You can do it. You put your hand in there. You grab the paper and you do it. I go it's not that harm telling you it's all your head, I'm they help you through it and and she's like I just can't. I can't go you saying you can't, but that's not true. It's difficult, but you can. I go watch I'm going to do it. I go watch and I put my hand in there and pull out a piece of paper to see that ago. That's why only men get to be president,
She was so Madam Joe Gang P. I go with you can do like, but NBC wouldn't have had it out, and I remember this conversation I had with the producers outside. Why can't say that? I know you understand, I'm joking right, they will lie. People can get mad. I go you're lucky we get mad at Europe's gas, but is pretty clear that I'm joking and you know I'm a comedian and everybody else does too. So what are we doing when we? Don't? You remember that Fiona MIKE, it's gonna, be that it's gotta be that all day yesterday that all the time it's gonna be there, but podcast are the only place where a comic can say whatever the fuck they want, but what I been Tellin comics from the job is. This is the only place we can do this yeah. Well, you don't have any other people do and thankfully alot of people of listen particularly like cigarette Cassim, like Tom Untiring our station, there are in their mood and you're gonna. Last week he's I just love. I hooked up my real suited
So we were in the middle of this lockdown and meantime on the funding was tube. Thank God. You told me to this pact yeah. He was what the fuck goes. I was making so much money, torturing and then I was basing my lifestyle offer that no one ever thought the plug would be. No one ever saw this common, but not just that they ve established who they are through. That part in a way like you realize how silly he is yeah. Really they already had a thorough, and here are some very there. My fate well than my favorite camp, the other than my favorite comedy yeah, but there's a bunch, the ones like buying Macfarlane, the Average Vos and Natasha Jarrow in motion. Caution is a few that work there and it did that. The answer to these people that sailor comedians she's never data the comedian. Some yeah, my out there one had recover all the good theory. Most of the time but like all theories there
yeah there on the work. Obviously I think they don't I'd think of our time and that they just don't take themselves very soon, these are all at are more their opinions, yeah then, and they are not the people, even though their super successful there, not the people that tell you what you shouldn't shouldn't. Do you know Is that shit's gross? I don't want to do that. That's what it's like you're saying earlier, but I thought I'd just letting people kind of find their path, because I will work for me isn't going to work for the, and this is what we're hearing from you know. These kind of extremes is what's right, for me is what's right for everybody is what you have to do and if I think something you must comply yet, if I believe something you can't say a thing, you can't think a thing. You must do this, you got it here to this or that in others is so much, man s in the world when it comes this shit, it's weird ed. Andrew seem like. I understand you no kind of a clearly. I pray for him kindly. I too am I stand right when he said
wearing the mega hat. I was leg, I get it, I get it because there were so much power, sure, especially like and allay, and when living in that liberal bubbles date? There's so much ideology, Google pressure. I could feel it. I can feel myself not wanting to save gangs, and that's why I just would like fuck it. I'm saying whenever I want on Twitter bro I'll pay, the costs evinces wherever they may be, and I am not going to censor myself and you know I have the whole theory of on Twitter. If you get like a lot of followers for one tweet, you Have you immediately tweet something? That's the opposite sex you can we allow out the leg zealots, an idealized, because that's the only way to pure by the whole problem like there, the radicals and does it work It does work I feel like because I can see it am I mentioned for the most part, my like the people who fall
merely again on the joke? And there are some really smart funny people and I love it when they contribute to the job I our own. My mentions cars are usually fricking hilarious and banners We like one eighty at whose, like oh, this, is the most obvious Griff day. I've ever seen yeah yeah. That drift word is to me dork city. Using that word, I now urge a drifter. Because I like use the word drawer people that are fucking drifters, but there's too many people use that word. It's a good word its one of those words is one word: it's a really form its value to say it has a girl, accurate, yeah, I'll. Tell you where to find grafter is here's a fine thing to do that? I should start justice segment on my pie. Gas I love reading Yelp reviews of eggs. You're out of providing refers are the biggest groups. I could Ebay four hours you won't come Joe, GO reads: psychic reviews I'm yelp there. They are nothing but drift.
The there like, I came in, and he didn't remember my name. He should have known my name when I walked in the scenes that are set. I showed up in this woman was baby sitting there grandchild and then she needed me to give them a ride like these people, who are its bags, are insane. It's amazing. Your audience should take a moment, go reads: them psychic Gallagher, Yelp reviews when you're feeling down. You immediately feel better about less all these people to want you to know that they know our psychic, this real dude, I'm telling you she knows. She just knows thing you gotta talk to her, I hadn't around my black ass. He was addicted to say, Greg Summers. I know a line, how bad credit advance she was like. I spent sixty thousand dollars and psychics last year, like ok, that's an addiction, well, how each other,
money I mean you: are you we'll be had good? Might she had she had decent without making glow with money? If you make more than sixty thousand dollars here, you're, probably not that much of a moron you ve done well, I we do you have that money to blow and psychics ass. That's what's confusing about it! That's crazy! It's crazy, and I think it got to the point where her psychic started feeling guilty. Does he told her tat she had to I caught her off? That's what you're doing here as bro you, you take him in an emergency Kirk. I thought you were fat recited cut her all the arm I gathered VON amazing Wagner is a lack of energy. Is a dirty people through evil people. Do that that those people in the science people, those were even Eviler here. Your father's is me from beyond the grave. I sense he misses you
yeah give money, Gimme Mario's talking you dad dad. Do you believe in any kind of psychic powers? I think I think it is. It is likely that there are evolving senses that we are aware of and that we recognise, but that no one in this current state of evolution has a handle on how to control them. I think there are moments when you think about People may call you, I think there are times we know someone's lying. There is a feeling you get when you know someone secretly hates you is
is weird things. We guy you fucker some thing and I dont know as the laser body language that you're picking I could be there. It could be that, but there's also things like when you think about someone they call yeah people say: oh, that's a coincidence. It you're right. It could be a coincidence tat, but I'm not by and that all the time I think sometimes it's a coincidence, but I think sometimes there's a strange inner connected to life and I think that we used to be animals with no language yet, and then we develop language and your basically when you're talking to me when you and we're talking in years. Speaking with your language, you're making sounds- and I read your mind through though sounds- and I recognize those sounds mean particular things I put them into my own. Organization of what they mean to me and they mean different things to different people, which is why gets things get confused
We also why I'm so ruthlessly opposed to compliance because your forcing me to accept your definition of what these sounds me and what that means in terms of like what what is it, what the actual context of it is and what what what what the intent is behind these sounds and its creepy sneak yet wildly debunk yeah, and I think exactly wildly widely do backed by dry opinion. Drive me crazy, but also just words. Can I can't say yet, but there's something about human beings where I feel he'll like there is a connection, that's like almost there here as like it comes together. Sometimes it's like gesture.
Every now and then you get it, but you don't always have something, and when you do mushrooms, you have it in a big way. In one of the things I was glad when they first discovered, I was one of the ingredients that was later recognised as being already discovered to be of a compound called harming they They started calling it to lap a theme, so the first people that were studying- I was the first scholars and were studying it were the researchers work were client telepathy until they realise that now do the rules of scientific nomenclature did already been established. That was harming the so they knew what the thing, but they were calling it to. Let the theme, because through
This compound people were having these shared experiences yeah without talking and then, when they relay these experiences, they were actually communicating without talking. They were saying, there's a type of telepathy, that's possible with this drug. I think I think we are becoming something and if we don't interfere, There will probably well technologically and with Neuro, Lincoln Autism and crazy things. If we don't interfere, I think we will ultimately become more more in tune with that, our ability to sense things and community. Not terribly, and real each other Nonverbal E. There's something about there's something about us. Where we will we connect in this way. That is you can't measure yeah put it on a scale. You can't put up tape measure to it, but there's something to it. Agri night, my best friend and I have always had
psyche connection, and we just thought the adults weren't witches like we were in that they, so we always developed an end to this day. I can be like call me. Sarah Taliban, Telepath ugly and she was literally within an leg a day. I'd feel legs all hear from her randomly land Joe. It's just that I will again who actively now know when we need each other, and I worked with artistic heads for awhile and part one of my many jobs. And I kind of have a weird theory that autism and the rise of it is the human being in, and evolution and adjust hasn't were kind of catching at mid if evolution, because those kids have amazing gifts. I, some crazy shit working without just think heads just things. It didn't make any sense, like my winnings employees working with a cat and he was nonverbal and we
when the playroom- and he was you know he kept his obsessive flies. He would get obsessed with different things at different times and you would look up Then look back and look up and he was, as we were like a lot. I thought it was locked. It wasn't an he. Runs out of the room suddenly runs through wander on, runs into the kitchen and then MID air grabs a fly as its for higher yeah. I thought I was running on his heels trying to catch him. I was like what the fuck and many brings about into the player Iman. He would like basically play with the fly until eventually the and that is just I mean there were so many moments like thou with all these different kids were I'm like their tapped into They hang out and if you lived in a world and say you heads a zero dollars. Six cents say that you had saving. You lived in a world where nobody could see and you're the only person who could see you'd be banging fuckin head on the wall to if you could see
in areas like what he is AG in bad weather. So sometimes I wonder if it's not they're, not like you're, saying maybe the brain is evolving and we're just catch. It just doesn't fit and society so there there feeling, because there's a lot. I don't I just ass, so many and though there I test, the kids are just an amazing. Some people have that feeling when it comes down to alter them and artistic is that maybe that's an emerging type of consciousness and that, even though we are looking at today as being detriment. That it might be the standard in the future. I mean they have amazing because, like you are saying where animals- and we ve done, I've always been fascinated with how out of touch. We are with our thanks because they still run the show for all of us most payments, people right now, there's so much fear and you can feel it everywhere. Others so much fear everyone's in fear fear
fear fear, fear everywhere, and that derives so much of this body if that were seen my tribalism and I'm trying to be a tyrant, rule over people and feeling, like you, have to stop anything that doesn't make you feel that even language. I don't feel save what is a cause of words like what is even fuckin mean I don't feel safe and that okay, ok, you don't safe by my words by youth leg. Burning down a city is supposed to reproach hack a you know, it's a weird. We live in like weird, too times wherever there's so much, but I feel like. I think it is right really shown in nice. Tsunami. Remember a huge tsunami that was in like two thousand. Fix was entered. She doesn't I've known The one in Japan Little in Ireland in Ocean and all the animals ran away and all humans ran to go, see all the shells and share and why the ocean was. There are tons of people who drown, because there are like what's happening here and now
it to me. Oh, how out of touch with I wonder of our ancestors whereof made that same mistake. Were there like what's happening? I don't know, I don't know or would they have been like we're again that were following the animals? Well, there's a real wonder what kind of what kind of understanding of animals and of the land and and storms coming and also show that animal seem to tune into. Did we lose You know we the houses and did we lose. That is what I'm wondering wondering, or did we just never have any more morons, maybe Let us accept what do you think we were so much more. Cape above expressing ourselves we're so much more occupied with tasks and things and whether its information or computers or tv or different people that we're talkin to constantly That is the mind, is overwhelmed yeah and that our Amazon D spent in the woods. I spend a lot of time
chair. But when you there- and you hear nothing, I love it's weird. I learn like there's a weird quiet to through the mountains like there's a down there tell yeah, I love it and it also its humbling, but you know you ain't shit, not share your. Why I love a desert. I love it because it puts me in my place. It's like everything in the desert has evolved to survive. The harshest conditions earth and everything there is either trying to kill you or will kill you and there's something about that. That pain fall evolution that all the plan. In animals had to undergo that just speaks through man, just even the harsh I mean at nine o clock in the morning, your leg, its so high like I'm going to die, and it's all so it doesn't care about. You go system has existed long before you ever hear, and it's it's it's all. Working together, the bugs are working with the lizards with a snake at in the plant
You know those little water that there isn't coyotes and all this shit is working together and its man maintaining this this system, but I ll of that. I mean that's the thing that I I feel like people losing when they're looking down into these demonic boxes, all day line. Is that connection too, no having your fee kind of being made have made, but also made her stars that famous quote butchering by we are made or start us that we are a part in all. Look out at the stars view what the fuck I'm part of it not even high, and I can experience that trip trip. We aren't separate from I'm not looking at the stars. It's like I'm part of that crazy and were Is it such a miracle that were here in this time and space and in such a wild trip? we're way and we have more than we have ever had in the in the history of humans and we're wasting at carriage.
Our part, a actually herds mice, all Wenzel waterways for that's. Why, when I see people? Ah, you know people how ok little Miss captain fancier aiding team should broad fences. I'm gonna go should ensure that says events ratings, where you are truly regarding listen! I'm out blue! I'm not married any my thoughts yeah! I dont think I think it's good question era. They include yourselves and some thoughts like day, dont, murder, people, yeah, don't steal, don't rape don't know down They tell me a lot things over. You know people dont drown yeah, there's a lot of like real, clear ones, but but when it comes to whether its government or behaviour
or I d owl GI or any the things that we we hold so rigid, I think it's really dangerous thrilling dangers to look at things. The way we look at things- and we did have these. Non pliable opinion, yea and also connect of our own feelings of importance to these opinions being valid gag connect to you as a person I coup your value as a person to whether or not the opinions that you hold our true Yang will fight to the death for those opinions, while that of common sense, common values like all the Trump supporters who were under my comments, and it was like I attacked them personally like I had gone to their house and personally attacked them in their mom and told them that they were share. Em, like you guys, you can't personally identify with politicians, are the biggest piece of shit. Ever they are drug.
Our politician. That's why we learn, learn, Swamp ILO and we're not listen and Hollywood and like you're here, hero is Hollywood even already provide without, whereas what we would call your Hollywood kutuzov mean now in show business. Now it's it's! I just I feel like we deserve are we don't you now in this election makes me feel like we do have we do deserve and we don't that allow! We deserve this, because this is where we ve left. It left it to this, like nobody wants to be fuckin president there's a few people that you could get behind like tools he gathered there, you go. I just, I think, that's who she is mean. I don't think there's any bullshit there, but this very few of those the people that are willing to run for president. This is the kind of people that are willing to do. This is mostly for most people to think about it.
My fuckin skeletons, a friend of mine, it's funny, but that's what I mean. I was just thinking. It would be a shared job and I would hate at- and I would hate myself because I think by the time you get there in order, even nuver, you half dead, Sal yourself out so many times that you don't even know. We think about how many people are just waiting to attack anybody who's running for president and about the way they re. Up there. Their attacks in the end, the machine behind it. It's not as simple as like. I'm Joe Biden and I think, Donald Trump, so fuckin Loser Ganz I'm gonna say that no there's like a whole machine with Lydia millions of dollars on line, because if our team gets in their than we in push our agenda. We can get certain bills past. We can get certain Education through. We can make sure that certain regulation act and cart. Yes and it can literally one way or the other impact corporations in this spectacular way. Yet so they have to really.
Really put a lot of effort into it? The idea that that we allow that. That's that's where things get crazy like it should be. It's almost like, if you want to run for present yells should have no help no, no. I won't be like the asteroids like they take you and they take away your phone and there they they keep you in a hotel room and they just bring you ve place to place, and no one gets to talk to you what is our she's pretty grass roots are, as she has like a whole organization. Try, but justice will examine the squire blogger com, but they also have linked by what's it. What is it? Is it, though, like democratic justice League ethical schizophrenic, like that, it's a pretty socialist thing or innovation, while she's got a lot of people that also agree with her that are also in politics. They also work together and you know an and achieve a compromise.
Round. Democratic socialist am what I can't wait until she's, a republican and like ten years so you're telling me that you would read some of your shit. Tell my god. I will find it for you. I just admit it is. It is like it was a the book, when I was waiting, tables, sign a ruined, remember my name and drunk at all. The time I was I was super. There is a whole part where I was talking about. Bush I don't know anything about politics at all, but I was I was just so. I was lived hard like the definition, by definition of what were they, the right would consider a lived hard. That was what you weren't hard near by I mean I was pretty hardened ed. I've had enough shit up and pre prior to twenty three that you're still hopeful the these sort of airy fairy idealistic notions of what you know. What should be done with our
culture and that this would work, and you have no understanding of economics, no understanding. I think it's going to be. That, hopefully I don't think you should go burn down government buildings envy like legality tear it. Down, but I think it's good to have that idealist their company. Where does that famous quarrel like you're you're, if you dont, if you're not, democratic and you're twenty, as you do have a hard interfered and not a Republican here, Thirty's you'd, I'm brain or something like batter you're, like an alert us is an old yeah. It's an old saying, if you not a liberal as a use, you have no heart. Conservative as you are no brain, I'm and I'm not really either because you know I'm not socially conserved, There are many other! I mean that's Renee, it's funny. When people really go she just a drifter she's got unread pills in sheets beyond the right now and then the rival Sir Dugald about foreign or something I like. I think I am not one of them,
our sacks order, weird weird shit or you know whether or not I mean you know these ideas that you have to be one or the other word so stupid yeah. You can hold both failure. That is what we should be doing. We should be holding both things and evaluating that yeah, but by sleep it's really difficult for me when, when people want to restrict other people's ability to express themselves or do things whether it's you know, gay rights, her Trans rights or civil rights are women's rights are time you want to stop people from doing something. That literally has nothing to do with.
Yeah, you know the gay rights. When was it that the gay marriage one was always weird to me. I got up when I was seven years old. I was seven years old. We move to Florida and I can't this cuban France names Candy candied, oh those last names, candied, oh and the calm, candy Ella that and his dad was so mad. He had a newspapers slamming down the fuckin table and whirling was monies like tagging. With these fags marriage out my guy shoes, I was ours eleven. I was eleven because I'd move from separatist goes. I was eleven and I'm everything I want a fuckin idiot disguise a grown man. See I lived in San Francisco from seven to eleven, so I was like I was right downstream from Lombard Street ass. We were around like my yet or neighbors they would get naked. There are these guys they would get naked with my aunt,
and they would smoke pomp with Mamma. I want my life when I was seven years old. I used to gay people so normal from yet that being around this guy, when I was eleven almost like this is so we software- is about a move from flop from San Francisco to Florida gains Veil Florida, which was so DOM yeah department, complex areas like pure. Do so good and they were so dumb. Do you ought to be smart, supplementing about Florida, like God, dammit so hot down, there can be no it's it's hard. You know that guy, but I was just saying that like so, I don't understand why people who are conservative like why why, if you're, fiscally conservative, that makes sense if you're, financially conservative, if you believe in the second and many of you, have all these ideas about rights,
You have rights, but why do you give a fuck of people get married? What I do know Maitland Jenner, when she transitioned was against gay marriage. Oh here it would have been more traditional rural life. She has Lama dollar, oh yeah, on the Ellen show Ellen Ellen, confronted wow. It was like what, when what happened, what that, what I don't understand, what wishes Republican RE issued it out- I don't know but probably not but with your reply I think so, maybe, but when you're republican, that's one of those things you're supposed to just ain't, it dreams like they. They ve accepted that that lad about all their winning. Well, its evolution of the culture lad at a certain point time. Don't you know any gay people that are cool yeah? You really give fuck if they get married marriages dumb
Anybody DOM enough to get married to give way we're in Arizona and those guys arguing about his daughter in you, and she is gay and diverse, soon, as I got lab gaze no divorce about now, probably gunnery grab fighting for that marriage they're paying for half an hour money, though I got shit, no lack of commitment on the part. Just go and she's been murdered, divorced couple Thompson. Shoes tell me all these women should go to pay homage to alimony. To order was that all about fuels This is crazy. They were a woman has been divorces, paying all these women in our minds that especially like it's not like she's flock themselves. Are they can ever work again? You know you used to be in a relationship with a successful person, you're, not any more time.
A job we ve had a figure. She lick their pussy, so good that just confuse the can fill out forms that had the care work anymore he's dead over there. I am accustomed to those advocates. The vineyards James Ryan gathering. Pussy payment? That's what it was right It is it's I think marriage is is great. If you love someone so much, you will do some stupid yeah does my situation like, I just think it's you know in it. It makes sense of your family man. You have killed because way. I felt like a fairly haven't child is way, moreover, commitment and aiding financial. You feel you're making a huge. In being bringing in the world and you responsible for them for at least eighteen, lays down like twenty five dude. I know people that afforded deliver their parents or that yeah hinder uncovered
tough yeah yeah. I become a european families. Yeah, it's intergenerational you: gonna survive, yeah rigour. The reality is like it's not a bad idea to pool resources together and try to survive and can help each other right. Yet, as we really are at a crossroads. Get like when you realise it really makes us realise how good we had it for so many years when in open, both the economy was boom. People could be independent now there supporting themselves, but then, when that should is literally cut in half like you gotta make. Do you figure it out, and I think it's better for people to be around other people see his own life and you have been isolated. You know people there. It's way more open here, oh yeah, my fine nl air losing their minds who have been alone, can suspend Goin on like six months now, his way more open, her own yeah way more open, and that's why I love it yet It feels normal, it does. A giant
you wear masks roused me, I got a restaurant, it's crazy is an amazing, it's nice, nice, and mainly if it's been nice to just the kind of work normal was retail stores urban Yoda, Rachel Start, but a master and allay evidently I mean it's when I was walking may die and our aim every single day I have to avoid a crime. There's a guy with a machete there is, and then I walked out, and then I was two days every week I go on. There is basically like a crazy homeless for all young woman whose alone in their to having some kind of breakdown and it gets worse and worse every day it like it is deteriorating faster than I could have even imagined, and it makes me mad because The government doesn't give a fuck about me. They don't care about my safety, I'm supposed to have endless compassion for the homeless and they don't care that there's a guy with machete having a. I have a moment later the care they can't do anything about they can now there
There are only job is to keep some white keep me safe as a citizen. That is what they that. Why am I pay in taxes if they can't do that? This is. Why am I fuck you, California, Garbutt artists, to keep these politicians fed? Ok, mobility to make sure that I'm not getting attacked Why I like my dog, but there s a problem with somewhat some places, bigs Ella, there's like the diffusion of responsibility, thing that you get too when you get to a numbers there so high. When you get the twenty million people, you know there was a there's like her expression about how why not expression but there's an example about how, when people see someone getting attacked, give there's only one person there and sums getting attacked. You feel responsible to help, but fear and a crowd and areas in italian, sounder allows everyone assumes so elegant jumpin and nobody does anything gabardine night and nobody feels a possible. It's been now
probably worse, you know, they're there has to be something people are paying tons of money. I was Venice areas in Brentwood date, these people and pain, millions of dollars in taxes, and they have encampments across the street from their house, their kids playing at Saint save further. You know their third something has to We were it's interesting to listen to me, and I were talking about this because they before just the way I don't even know if they know how many actual homeless people are there, because I volunteered ones to be part of the homeless count and that's how they count. The homeless is volunteers, who go through allay for like one weekend and count as many homeless people as they can undo road down, which treats room, yeah if you like on little groups and the image of fine. I didn't I never. I was out of town now we got my outwardly, please don't do it,
while I would legitimately was down now against, I ended up not been able to do it, but I was like I'll call This is how they count the homeless, but that doesn't seem like a very good man of how many there homeless, people, There are about its proud with pay twice as many as it actually reports how, you getting yeah, that's a lot of people, seventy thousand. They say now does New York City is eighty thousand wow there's really there ITALY, and allay way better bullet, better what is to be home yeah, I'll he's like tolerable will be initiated under the underpass gathered during how did they ve loosened dollars restriction? So it used to be like you couldn't black the sidewalk and you couldn't with Europe We saw somebody grilling frickin, like it was a huge. Fire on a girl on the side of the road links with rabotchi or some shit like one just how Vienna, ground metal and there's women with their strollers China, why it's it's madness I dont know.
And I have that's the one I feel like it's the way problem. If I could solve, I would focus on site We have because those on homelessness, because in such a crossroads of agony MAX mental illness. Objection had so many things that are abuse as watch a video about this could use twenty eight he's been homeless, literally, honest reasons. It was nine years old, his he was in a car with his mom there lived in a car till they were eleven and then not from a I've been on, he was on the street as it was terrible news talking about. I mean he, he had no teeth. Like his front teeth were gone. He had his face reconstructed. His arm smash going to beat him up with a bat. He you know: I've been sexually abused, it dad and have any socks. He didn't only shoes. He didn't have anything. He appeared in only talked about the the small amount of close he had in his car. We could use
wheelie for a person who has been homeless and on the street and it's horrible life, since he was nine kind of seemed pretty together like the way it was. Munich eying listeners, video- and you know you realize this is a thing about people when, when you, if you're mad at someone, save him out at someone for their behave like the Saviour, if you're gay person you're mad Caitlin Jenner, does it believe and gay marriage, even though she won transition one you to call her a woman now, instead of being mad- and I guess you could be mad at the idea, but I think what we really need to start doing is look like what what happened, Hedgehog, like what all what are all the things that took place in your life, that that you turned into this right now like one of those things in this, is that the concept of determinism right is the concept that there is.
A real free will now everyone a sort of an accumulation of all the experiences of Heather Genetics Life, all the different factors that are out of their control, along with the decisions that they ve made because of factors and all your emotions and news again genes and drug addiction in all these different things- and it brings you to this point- and I think this is the thing with homeless people that we need to take into consideration as well, because when you see someone is homeless, you like This fuckin loser other drug attic, get away from my house the amount of undoing you have to have to take a forty year. Old person is grilling in front of a house and Agnes, with heroin tracks over their arm and make them at a depth of reasonable, contributed healthy person. Who can you and cannot do anything now I know so much and I have I do- have endless compare, but on the other hand, there is a lot of entitlement theirs.
Of in and in now homeless, community there is, but they don't have anything. Or do you don't have anything and you'll do people have things, but this is one of things are seeing with a lot of these rights allowed. The looting and other craziness is haves and have my eye and the half hour these motherfuckers. How do you wanna they have this, especially during covert, because everybody has nothing rain, these homeless people who have anything the annual entitled, because they don't have anything in you- do and there's a weird thing: the people people have this thought that if you have something- and they don't have it it's because this is an injustice, and you have contributed to this to save causes injustice, that's where the entire my comes, and this is a real problem in the way Americans and particularly think about imperatively, think about economics. Yet resentment politics yeah, it's ours. And you can get a lot of people to agree with you. Oh yeah than most people. Most people also don't have good things like
I was reading, a tweet from this girl was talking about in alike, which we need to start going into the suburbs and going into these people's houses yeah. And then she wrote, eat the rich. Yet another thing I now and as I put it so you're, twenty four. Ok, what you would you things can have when you're forty, four and you're one of those be here he's gonna be happy without happy when you're tired has been working all day, trying to achieve a dream and you're exhausted, and you see these people outside this house how the thought this house. How are you that also comfortables Falk we're out here. You know I'm sure you he's some of those people, though reload area. There is one video from I think Canosa and this guy, I'm not sure if that's or noise from, but I just stuck with me, he was like yelling at that they had smashes windows and whose, like I have thought in miles to feed he's a? U want everybody to vote for tromp I've fuckin mouths to feed. What are you doing in like bed smashes weren't, you know penal other doors,
I don't know what they're doing and so many so many of the kids on the streets are truly kids. Like seventeen US children, where are your parents, we met and lacking ocean within Grantline the kitten Canosa. One appeal in those early on Instagram parents are on a girl, found this mother fucker and he's not like my should resign, their results, we know we have a lot of work jobs and there's a lot of us and We can all like we're. Gonna do with some housecleaning and compassion, I think an ash and very passion, clean up your own backyard, get your life together. Do you best? Nobody wants to do that shit They want to blame everyone exact, and we want to clean the shit there, fry yard, exact and not do drugs that are other spending their money and they want to go out, be like the lives, are ruining my live, like burn down a fact in building it. It's weird holders,
environments adjust tolerate like homelessness and in craziness, and then those folks find those environments like Venice yeah like Venice's just about as it's a breeding ground for it is crazy. It's just so much. It's such a that it is really just so complex. I don't even know how you been, but I don't. I do wonder why some obviously some cities are doing things that we're isn't fast stirring and exploding in some cities are so wide on water. What are the cities that habits, What under control reward, our name that's the problem by them as well like Giuliani was when you know he was the law and order guy away to bow to the question I dont know. I don't know what to do
with them, I don't know how they help em. I don't know what they do. There was a upper West side thing recently where they had a hotel and they had like three hundred homeless guys live at his hotel, but then they start like jerk off in front of people, and taken shirts on people's car, bless yo how to move em out now people are pissed off at him for taking these people out and what Europe really is, mostly men, mostly homeless man. It was really crazy, was this article that was written about it was so distorted. It was like. Homeless, families are being relocated when their kids are just now going to school. I first Ralph, yes, literally, that there this is the point. Heartstrings has been a bunch of things are doing lately. To pull it out this, but this was one of the most preposterous articles of the red, one of whom was they're, calling the now calling homeless people the unhoused. Now it's persons experiencing has lost ass where Gimme cancelled for calling them nosey unhoused. No, it's purse,
Lady Harriet, whereas we have our up of grated on how the unhoused this was an article about people that were putting rocks underpasses. That when homeless people had moved out of certain areas, there are going under these underpass and putting these enormous rocks. Second, look at the contents Saint, do you understand what you're doing to the unhoused? These are. The only places then go to escape the elements, You want to go into that undermine its literally difference between life and death. There there is that their that's also somewhat of a math, because there is this. There are bad sometimes ago, empty, because people I want to give up their drugs and weapons. So if there is the idea that, like oh these, they don't have anywhere else to go, isn't always true, while their drugs Bridget, you need to take a little bit more compassion when you're making me statements, because these people that are drugs, they dont know what to do. It is neither drugs Some just do their drugs. Does it feel like we're on the backside of
empire yeah fears at Rome ripe for a job I mean I wasn't a Douglas Murray's. When I interviewed him, I guess I don't interview anybody. Right talked people back ass. You remember that what he was saying that at the end of every empire, there's all these gender issues where her when the depth about it's like Rome, agrees that always had this thing where you like. They want to break down all the count. There is no gender there's, no sex, there's no biology deconstruct. Everything and what and they're also the deconstruct all the norms, all the norms of culture and one slash two more. Disconcerting ones is deconstructing constructing pedophilia. That has been a constant one lately, where you you're seeing weird Para, everywhere, but you know that thing duty is accuses crazy. Ok, that's about argument that govern knew something
where did that pass? Yes, a past has signed it and they said it was a great victory for eligibility to people like because before it was different. This is how this is. This. Is that the idea I might be, but you know, but I'm a do a best before. If you had vanished annul sex, with a girl and impregnated her and say, like maybe you're twenty and she was fourteen, they didn't put you in a sex register list because they wanted you to be responsible for taking care of the bay without created. So this was the idea, but if you had anal or oral sex with her. Then they would put you on the sex offenders, we're yeah! Well, it's because you just being a pervert right, you're, just mouth fuckin, some fourteen year old, as opposed to making a baby that you would then be responsible. We outline soap, ok, but this is why the
they wanted to pass a law, and this is why it would for the ambiguity, Q, folks, whatever gave me, but whatever is They- wanted the disabled, the vaginas not available to gay folks? Ok, I guess you guys don't have a vagina Sophia in their that a twenty year old can have sex the fourteen year old girl and not be put on the sex registered registry, how Come a twenty year. Old man can have sex with a fourteen year old boy, and he is also a sex. Crime has committed a sex crime like this is not fair So the idea is that it's in the judgment, the I urge the sigh okay, so I guess you're giving the judge the ability beside one way or another, so you give them the ability to CERN whether or not this was someone who's in an actual really
asian ship with a person who can commit, which is very weird right by over certain personal consent. So but the problem with people Heather they gave a ten year gap, saw out like five concerning fourteen twenty four, you could say ten and twenty, like I don't know what it means or words where, where its defined yeah, that's weird, it's better dead, you're only doing it because it already this in that re or may frustrate people ray it's, not this sea like we're. Looking at it like saying. Oh now, you're making legal for twenty four years to fuck. Fourteen year old re designing rationally, it's already kind aligned with straight people. I have valuable sacks re. Why is that wild. That's why I didn't even know that that was not. You know. I don't know that. I thought it was like statutory. I think even but I think, if you impregnate, I think this is the idea of the persons impregnated. The judge has the ability to not put them on the six, a friend
worst, so that person can get a job ray. We could support. You try re because, especially in impoverished areas, rang RE bent down the hall edge dreams. I got it everywhere. The curious thing that's more like Judy's duties is here's crew something crazy, theirs story in Atlanta where These these guys had rescued thirty nine kids yeah from ex labour. I didn't hear fucking were now no writer hundred articles about Ellen being mean yeah, a hundred yeah, and I didn't see more than one needs to be one day in the news about these thirty nine kiss arrest, yeah, that's another one. That is really. I was in rest stop. There is like a Och stop on the way here and they had the signs. You know it's like our you being human trafficked and no therein rest
across Amerika like are you working against her well? Are you being forced said, do sat a relation lesbian like three other languages was restored national language about a flight attendant? a man on a flight with a young girl and the young girl road, letter- and I left it in the bathroom and the flight attendant, got the letter and recognised that something was going she's, making our contact with kid. She knew something was wrong and then upon landing. There had police waiting, allow yeah, sorry, that I mean that another one where Israel yards a real problem of human trafficking, is in fact Trevelyan Terry Terrifying and create an crazy and hideous and odious and of the large sayings world, and but then you have to do, which is what are you doing?
what are they doing. I know I've seen the arguments which are going to people who don't know fortuitous securities. Is that it's a movie? I netflix it's a foreign foam. Oh, I believe the director is french. Is she french? That's all right. I just don't know that. I am correct them that in its it's supposed to be a movie about the axe, sexual hyper, centralisation and exploitation of young. Young girl relics of cutie, the nexus film hyper sexual, as is danced troop, but direct dear room, said Monday, That she is fighting the same fight in quotes. They are to stop the exploitation of young girls, so the way she's Dobson is by sexual adding them. Well, I I guess you know what's in a name to them my
My Mon dieu curae- yes, I do Yeah, there's a lot of time that I was about, kids be in wild and in there was an actual movie, but real can gather he's fact that that directly fire got really fucked up now, but about kids is kiss, was a documentary. Now those are actors where am I figure- Missouri Maria there was no one. There was a documentary is found the letter about like a documentary. Oh, oh, that's right. What you're gonna let it, though I myself. Yeah. I was a young girl, I'm ok! I fucked up, I thought that was it that guy yeah, but I got a lot
shit when it came out, and then I feel like I was thinking was, I think, ever saw it and I think it was out pre internet. I think o definitely Brianna. Now. Ninety four yeah. It's fact that It is a fine who's. The directors done, a liar others. Arc sketchy shit right what are the movies is done That was a weird one made twenty million bucks hollow. Yeah that, but I wonder whether the ice I remember I shall like that was pretty controversial to remember. The movie was called happy that it there was a lot of really fucking weird movie about this kid who finds out. Dad is a pedophile, oh god, I'm the guy is its. I think it's hap happiness in there that the guy's cannon normalized in the movie- and it's like the kid is trying to.
My friends, and I got into this on Twitter, about the curious thing in, and you know I I don't know that those girls are old enough to decide to do that. We found ourselves that Graham some of the warnings on it and stuff like I don't even want to watch it. It just seems it seems I probably should and just but I don't really want to first other, just I'd have whatever it just feels by May you know, I don't think it's necessarily leg. Netflix is problem. It seems more like a societal problem that we have buried its netflix, this problem to have it on them. They have it on their network, but it's it's. It's like this writer Jane Coastline said that's like that. The thing
a j since she was like, has anyone ban to a dancer sidewalk as irish sacking by like have you ever rendered dance recitals like we did you some fucked up shut when we were young kids like drawing up and do that in the black and do they might bear a Dick that's a lie: Window Blake Leotard and bread lives. They cannot let all doing these dances, and John Bernay, that's a whole fucking, weird, we're all joy ideas and I were down there We're stands at his hotel in doing as the emperor s hotel where they had one of those things going on in the hotel. So there was a child beauty. Object there. We are indeed was talking bizarre, their lawyering to see it on tv, but to see lying rewards in pumps with full make began alone out here. That movies starts with sex right out of them. The opening scene is, I saw one as I got rented it from the library, the library when I was like seventy or eighty six green nineties.
It seemed like this I mean that's right does is in our culture already that and I think that's more for the and whatever we kind of shit with little kids and those baby booby beauty progeny aspect that who ever Green lit, whose I got loose good short skirt sticker us out, I saw one hears yeah here it s. So just so, that's that's my. I guess my point is not necessarily my feelings about Kyoto, just from what I've seen em like now by it I also think that this is in our culture and we need to examine that that that this, like the beauty pageant- and you know it- is vital because half year technique, oh, come on it's crazy and not everything is vowed. Pedophilia and then you see a reviewing alike enemy. Epic may be there tunnels under what what is it?
my friend said: she's, like my brothers, are their tunnels. Their tunnels under the gaiety or some shit for humans. Half, I don't think that's true there was a fuck island yeah. That was real fact that prominent politicians, only one in twenty six times do a really great impression. There's another fuck. Allows never there really well. There was a await our guide way darker How can I get darker than Epstein? I had a leg heavy, seeing the documentary would update, killed himself case closed, Varas argued, Sir Value really do. A plan, and when I was
watching the document. I had a nice place. You know the fact that realisation I had arrived in our document areas that I would have been one of abstinence girl right. I was a fact. I'm seventeen year old doing drug was a sage in Jeffrey. I've seen was accused of sex trafficking, young girls on his mysterious providence over forty years ago. A different millionaire escape justice in a stunningly similar case. I you know I had a conversation with Eric once done about this and he had a very, I think, accurate perception of it. He said I believe there are people who can help curate experiences for high profile. People can't get these on there This is too dangerous and then someone comes along and normalizes, let's amount from or better yet I know, everything's buyers will only create death. His person and Epstein caitive Rosetta been there oh hell rankings. People like I was you're, just like that will grant, was doing tat.
Zation, that was a prosecutor that had a release him dance. He was tolerated, but sadly the little boy I farmers directly was told it was above his pay great and that this man was attacked yet, and so he had to let him go because it was a part of the intelligence community. So someone told him to let this guy why and so when, when he got arrested rest at the first time be Gallagher, ridiculous sentence. Where is allowed to go back to his house ray- be in jail during the day we could be in jail at night and then how to be his house. During the day he was working. That's right, such bank on says he turned over disturbing. Who is America footed? the FBI. Con says his show nearly help. The FBI expose pedophile rang in LAS Vegas yeah, I was saying. Let weaken we can help you with Guy says: what's terrify, which terrifying is that if, if, if there can be an island that is literally,
curated and run by unintelligence agent, whose bringing in prominent celebrities and politicians and even scientists from all over the world to this place, where they having sex with him, girls, we all know about it, and then the guy gets killed and then I just hung himself or we hung himself and then you, Europe, Michael bad, and whose a famous autopsy doctor says. No, these injuries are inconsistent. And their very consistent strangle position that is these choked out? It's not where someone is work has ligature we re all other things that point to the fact that was murdered months later anyway, whatever hey, that's all twenty four hour and jobs at a bad person. We need to get rid of relieved. Movin Amigo Gawayne. She doesn't go to she's even go to trial until October yeah yeah. That's it yeah we're lady. Now it so
so Weird Howard's, thou get. It was a house in New Hampshire waiting magically, disappears by yourself chop and would factors wavering like really doing like they arrested or in a house in New Hampshire. She bought a house again. The woods thought you could just be out there new change, your hair style However, when she was on she did it took pictures we're at in and out reading a book about CIA agents who have been killed like member that you ve seen should a photo shoe. Oh I get in and out in our way. Yet there was a photo. Shoe where she was still on the loose after Jeffrey Epstein was killed. What she was like, sending messages to people so here she is like clearly posing and the book powerful and now commercial by the way behind
yeah it was pose. So you could see. The book in the book was about CIA agents who been killed where it was deserve, accosted kid dives yeah, one of the picture, theres many pictures like yeah. Where is there. Right under this glass them. I just came out two years ago well so where's would the lower right hand corner that showing what the book is without arrows reporting on earth there? That's where she sat where's the book pricing speed
so much so grand too I mean I was. I had to stop watching the documentary cause. It's so it's it's dark is again how Berwin trump memorials trombone wish her well. I wish you good luck very unfortunate. What are you talking about using you wish the lady who is accused of sex trafficking under age girls. You wish your luck, All these guys are all them tat, leg level of being is so Growth We like everyone in that fuckin circle is disgusting. When I think back damn, you could be disgusting and there wasn't any consequences for you know new when you think of what it must have been like to be. A politician like in the Kennedy days, re just open letter written just do no doubt on the rare diseases. Let us stop now you do it
we'll get your dick stack them and the poor young to do that. Yeah? No one cares. Yeah. Now is this at all crazy or press would not talk about his affairs that the new yeah, how amazing yeah wrists, what a strange shifting of attitudes and how did tat ever exist in the first place? If you, the press and literally your your whole job, is to tell stories- and you ve got this crazy store that you keep it under wraps. I see it all the time now. I see it the time of the candy thing, wasn't even a good cover merrily merrily sang at his birthday party gather every time someone gets me too, Currently we knew about and and whatever- and I don't know just industries protect their own or if they're like
We won in the industries like Canada that was come in. You know yo here illegally stories of those who could I just realized it. It might be like politicians they protect. Each other. I feel I can ever every industry whenever somebody gets out, there's like their life in some sense of like maybe maybe maybe more out there well, when the candle of losing the figures here have not really fascinating? Of that same logic and the allies like those assassination, this photo wondered at TAT out of seventy conspiracies yet was because a thrilling intelligence to really decided was where I would have been like that you know think they could have got away with it. Yes, I fucking left and right donkey man away with a document that document that's the problem. I have not just him a lot of people back to get em L k there was a whole. Written about him, the other Diana, but this this idea that they could have never gotten away with his murder people to talk like no people, didn t
about anything. Of course we could have got away with his murder and especially of the you think, they're gonna kill you and then, if you go and look at how many people who are witnesses who did wind up dying in really suspicious ways. It's fucking bunk, yea there were there for the Kennedy assassination of wound up dying. It's not it's not somebody of a kind of suicide Parker Car in front of a train like all our kind of air. I think that is a world was dark back to areas dark. I think it's always been dyke yeah, but I mean I think, like this whole sex trafficking thing, this seedy underbelly of the world thing I think back. Then it was way worse and I think, has no way of x. Posing. It will gather I'll just got whacked. I think I was like a normal part was probably like when you think of things like skull and bones, and all these weird little clubs
in these secrets aside. I am Edwin Kennedy generates here that Kennedy speech about secret societies now After all, my God talked about us. He could size repugnant before was murdered Kennedy was dance like the CIA and the AN and on this, and he made this public speech about secret societies, who has a say the president and the press addressed for they met newspaper. You can play that we're having a play it because it's it's is really powerful to hear his voice, and you know that guy as well and there's a lot of reasons to think that he was probably killed by the intelligence community oh that's us already up. You can go edge phone fourteen hundred with Tony, hence cliff it. I had a golden stoning to death. Is it's a buzz here? Listening to its roots? Very bizarre, it's a very bizarre,
statement because of wise thing about get today well, ladies and gentlemen, the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are, as a people inherently an historically opposed to secret societies, the Secret Oates and a secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation. If our traditions do not survive with it, and there is very grave danger that in announced need
Increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning, while to the very limit of official censorship and concealment. Do China on us he's trying to warn us about exact, was Patriot ACT. Patriot act, China was stowed in Ireland, Russia, Rhine warn, us really was. You really want me to lessen the cat and then back do not us, and we must know that were no doubt a sheriff hair wherever gonna be dead and twenty or our did away with more shit back to just like everybody else, yeah I mean it's a it's a weird time, because some some of this stuff, you know, I have very conflicting feelings about some of the stuff
That comes out. I think it's good that allow the lights mean shine on it. I also hate bad people, don't get due process so that there is like a very strange. We live in a very strange time, for this were great, more stuff is being revealed, although we seem to forget the stuff, that's actually proven, like Epstein in five minutes and then there's stuff beds, Not you know it, it people are being destroyed and have no. No access to due process or anything, and even and there's no way to defend themselves to anything about the US, things that the mainstream media, let it go get completely. You would think that and they barely even really covered it wasn't even something I too, it's almost like the coveted like theirs. I marry mention yeah, they had to their dimension, otherwise it be complicit rat yeah. It's it's a weird that seems like it should be a way bigger deal and be much more
a word and investigated and thank God for those amazing reporters down in Florida who dead all that investigative journalism, the woman, I can't remember her name, but she she's, really responsible Staying on their beat- and I just I- I think this is why I feel Even in LA during the riots like the local journalism was amazing, they were doing great work. They were on the ground, they were interviewing people real time and part of the reason I see so I hate all the division and all of that, it's like that of local journalism, which has contributed to so much of just nobody. Really knows anything. Bang was also I've been real for giving people right. Click baby articles, Gang One of the reasons why I tell people are journalists are fighting for their life right now. There are very important to me is very important to me that these people that are willing to get the word yeah that we want to explain what's happening and solemn are forced to rights bullshit articles with click baby titles because they have to stay alive.
Because no one is buying newspaper now and it's not generally its use. You're calling? I think my true journalists they're usually called to do at they can't like over story. They want to find my biggest again. This is another weird issue pot place where were in his eye college. One of his own and its activism, masking journalists, and I- and that is where I feel like them. The press is this is where they're losing their credibility, because there are not being honest where there's no one will the somber there is very few, were unbiased. Well, does they owing are their mostly working in local journalism, rags that are being cancelled, bought out, bought up by vera things, and, and so you have the people who were kind of activists and their journalists. Certain per practising journalism and that's damaging to all
nonetheless, because now your undermining what your job is to do, which is present facts and present evidence and present and chase down. Weeds and not have your own opinion about things. Have you no discover something as more evidence as presented to you and always be checking yourselves hope, is that through this independent sources will emerge like you're, seeing that with some independent political sources like you seeing like whether it's the Jimmy Door Show or car kalinowski or rising on the hill. All these people that are not beholden to any one party gather talk, now politics a moment. We're gonna, see that with everything and that these these people with these buys perceptions, and you know journalism as you call it, which has a great word that there they are
owing to because of their own fault, opened the door for independent people that are not connected with the ass. I do have a calling, but their recognise it as a real you. Your hindered have your connected to some machine. I think this is why people are so confused re now, unless- and I hear this from these letters- I'm getting two letters from the political, homeless and their site what happens a wide as they'll get red pulled by the mainstream media? They recognize Conniving MAO's talks a lot about this unjust, recognising the idea of the commodity, moral yeah, he's grow a mate, brilliant and just the idea of the cathedral and is in his eye and I can remember who he always attributed to and written Realizing, there's a narrative and there is an agenda of its being pushed and once they opened their eyes and see that the will there's not much.
Stop on the way to end now. Why is invite and fighting against pedal why'd? You know they're like you're, just like we. Suddenly, your leg may in line and you ve gone from taking a red velvet legs. Northern them forever may lining and now you're cute. Because our here these people who were start out reasonable, I, like the laugh, got crazy. I gotta go this, I started going down the rabbit hall and then there is really not much, because people are nowhere to leave all of the confusion. Oh you can protest. You can't protest, you can wear mass, you can't we're mess, there's no credibility every system, and this is generally and societies. When you see this kind of breakdown of society is when people lose faith in the people who are governing them the axe, birds. You know you epidemiologists you're, like racism, is the real via the real virus.
That's not the way viruses were her, oh and use it. When you're saying these things too, as a scientist Are you expecting veal and take you seriously when they stopped their fuckin lives? Rio? Did you see what the the union's quote was about the panel? It revealed that the patriarchy giant problem, yeah and then you blaming it. You blaming IRAN, the patriarchy and you have these these institutions that are falling in line with this. So people are there stumbling wilderness and then their online, and then the virtues are, and then there there in these echo chambers, and then going towards anybody disagrees, and then there there are demanding compliance, pay. It's easy freight Tipp people, the thing that concerns me as if you are a person you know I have to check and with myself when I'm like, if I feel I can say fuck you, I am voting for tromp like that. That has been. Radicalized? You know I that is the process of radical zation happening. I understand it is
something that I lot people doing it, but it's completely ocean- I feel like his eyes from for some people- not some people think that, while yet more dangerous than anything is woke potter, yeah yeah, that's it pull the was like the media's lying to us that they're they're gone. Sliding us, and I think that this whole woke bullshit- is more dangerous than anything and he's gone like full, Maggie Why would see that? That is something that I would check in with myself about, because if you were here and now you're here, I understand, and I think this is why we live in one of the most interesting times in american history ever because there's so much migration. Literal migration, you sitting here, is a perfect example of that and political migration, ideological migration, my inbox is evidence of this people from the centre going left or right. People from the re coming laugh people from the laugh coming right. It's
fasten, I mean it's gonna, be those that aids for gas hundred five years. If we have a future You told me, you told me right it's just a fascinating time and are in our history, and I think that people we have to give each other space. Sir Red the real line a little bare by what is worrisome to me, as in the absence of any one to trust so journalism journal. Men journalists have abdicated their raw. Many politicians are with our all just shit. Basically Finally, in a populist message to the people like understand the worse, but all that, in the absence of all this where'd people turn, you know, they're. Turning to people like you you, for instance, because you are willing to have conversations with many for all kinds of people across across the spectrum, so they can
Maybe you know in order to read the news now hear a clear Althea headline if it confirms my by us on, like I better double check that You know, I I immediately unlike ok, double check that out cause you're, smart those out everyone stricken soon in the news. But I understand why they don't because it's like ok and then I require, while that was now, I have to go. Listen to the whole. Ok, that was completely taken. I kind of like now they're, so a study. Now I have to go, read the fucking study. I have I end up with all this go to our material. You have to go to the source material always, but that takes. You mean our to read one article and figure out like what actually true in that article Yahoo. No one has a time it's easier to be. Like I hate this exactly mad yeah, that's that's what most we will deliver find something that confirms or buyers and then they read only those things that that exists in their little echo chamber. But you should be seeking things that you now push against your buyer zone a conversation with a person, my person, a Frenchman, personally,
earth and experimental happens no the unhappy and ours doing a horror movie issues asked. About you a thousand, I said my main problem with ufos that want to believe yeah mean pop Mama, problem with all this evidence like, it seems real seems real sees it, but the problem is, I want to believe Ray and whenever I want something to be real ago, proudly devil Jack, you have my fuck yourself yeah, that's the right way to that's how you can avoid making an ass of yourself online and sharing something it's not real like pretty. Video, I will not share. I see so much video getting share by people who are independent journalists that is cut. We're its added weird. It's not true. You end up and there you know everybody on the internet. I always make fun of this undone survive like everyone's. I hate this new season of wine order where at there's a murder every day in real time and then
internet is like a sleuth figuring it out there like breaking down framed by frame, see this like thanks guys like the pool, on the ground- I am detective, probably have is handled. Thank you for your will. Sometimes, though they do fine people like the guy before did the interview advised and exposed that he's one who killed the maggots border. Yet they found him. They found it because of a tattoo on his neck made identified him people just randalls that were like looking at what line sleuthing actually now that I believe that there is some use than that, but it just seems leg there's also probably more miss information. They had spread that way than actual all facts, and it's that old, quite like the widespread faster than the truth in our ten around world before the truth gets out a bad or whatever the lie. Alai will go around the world over. The truth gets out of bad. True then, in this kind of environment, and then everybody is out, you know I'd,
control farms and chinese lagging a nine m o my god manners. I love it. Dont know where it where it ends, there's no map of the territory. At this point when it starts with us, that's what I'm saying it starts with the individual. It starts with people recognising that their s, red learning, to consume news and a more intelligent way, that's reasonable chow. King fact checking thing- and it starts even before that with improving yourself yeah getting control over who you are, I think, of what you ve done overcome, hypochondria can their hands of all the craziness that you you ve gone through. That's what's lead you to be this critical thinker that you are today and this strong person The promise were asking people to be strong when they're not were asking people wharf there. Right now who they are is not capable of doing these things were asking. And they do. Why has of all the experiences we have had their life needs? No excuse banana its. It is not an excuse, but it is a fact.
They are, is there there so accustomed to behaving in thinking in a certain way it takes a radical shift, rethink this and they can. They can do that. They can act in that way and rethink the way they lived a life, but they have to be severely motivated right to change is so hard well and then there's so much. You know so say you who are say radically, fifty or ideology online and I've I've experienced list just not in shifting ma ideology, just not censoring, then you get swept up with all the legs from you get its reinforced no I mean like. Oh, if I say this thing, this thing does well and that's again asking a lot for people to work again. You have to act, Maybe later, ok. Now. Why am I not saying again because I'm worried I might piss off my new audience whose embraced me you know? I would ask anyone who's got from the left to fall.
To the right like what are you not saying now about things that your noticing on your new team, the Euro I ain't weird thing: when people do completely as a groan, adult shift their ideology, I'm always like. Oh did Jack O Deja, or were you always wishy washy? We always full of shit anyway to be rigid one way or the other is so strange, yeah so strange. Yeah? I guess I am I I kinda tribute my shift to paying attention and being thrown into the culture. Were- and I don't even feel, like my actual values- have changed so much as the culture has changed around me most What I believe about free speech, no rights, the right to have jobs and work. How you want to which I push back on again time in California what they're doing Marin
how do you know they are the fight that GIG society daily fight? I told you about it says here they had a fight with it about Stanhope comics. Their turn includes down upon the commonest or actually was ahead of them. Tat they actually fought and won, and got comics reclassify but there is an issue where certain people are not going to get booked because these arena, these venues rather we're gonna have to employ yeah like we can afford to give you health insurance area. Do a fuckin stupid one Let me show you: there's China passion national version of this call the pro act, and those are trying to do this. The Democrats very earning power to how's that so crews there and its they essentially would categorize independent contracting in those it would put give it the same level. It has an California and other illegal. I do who right yeah goals, we're out on two different publications: you'd have to be unemployed, Vito are joining union, that's what they want It's like you, re they're gonna have to join the Union area
have to work for years that the government or joint hearing in or go get employed by people were gags. Be you know most people are adults. They can understand. The cost benefit analysis that they're making they can say. I might not have great health. Insurance, but I have the freedom to work as a Neuber driver. When I want to I d, unlike in when I want to I can climb out, I can take an hour break. I can do it. I was fuck. I want on my time- and I I understood when I would wager saying that I could have gone and got what worked in a corporate mission. I could have Probably gonna got a job anywhere and had good benefits, and I would have the clock and at a certain time and clock out and probably play the game and not say things that I want to say, and I understood that I would have to take a risk. Your path, and I took responsibility for that now. I think that some of these companies do need to be held accountable in terms. How they treat their workers, how much superior, how much they paid workers- and it is true- I don't I'm not here- to defend over because they do
I mean even just talk to any overdrive received. You know lowered their raids in Its harder for them to make money- and it's all so they're, not exactly perfect, but you can't take agency away from people who are choosing to work is again person in and not maybe join the union or go work at a job, and this is why I can't you know this is something that people should be calling Biden out. I'm because he's come out many times in support of this. Do you know how gross who move comedians wholly union? This ES thank you emerge and now with the control of that union and how may shitty comics yet would go to the head of that union yeah because they don't have any power or agency in their comedy career. He, has really like a huge hr, depart the worst comics with the shittiest ideas of what constitutes comedy Gatt and they would probably start censoring people yeah. The owl away is
we should be able to work where we want and how we want that's freshly. Someone would you want our wrangles for a bunch of different, like also you'd have to be an EU. And pay due while people also one of the women and I'm friends who has had to leave allay because and many single. This is, and I always heard some people- they say there trying to help. She. The single mom and she had you can't work. You couldn't write more than like thirty articles, mug most people were freelance. Are writing thirty articles a week they can you another cranky musings out in there, and if you are a company, for instance, you now have to employ that person, and so companies based in deed, see if your writing for a political, whatever may be, they were saying. We can't work with you, because you we were have to fall under the laws. Baby five in either hire you or that
said and we're not gonna hurt area is the perfect example of where you can be fiscally conservative and socially liberal right and you don't have to agree if you don't have to like uniformly agree with every thing. That's on your side- and this is this- is one Those. This is a conservative viewpoint that I completely agree with give people freedom yeah, especially in it, with what we do with her you're, a writer. We aren't you both, but that that kind of shit is Chris the idea that you would have to be you forcing p. But the join Unions is insane yeah and there, if you really, I encourage people to read the Pro ACT bell and to try and figured out again go to the source material Don't just listen to me. Go research! This stuff, there's some stuff that I think most people are like. Ok, the little reason, Volvo, the problem with these bills, as they trying cram man as much crap as they possibly can, and so you there is on it would make it so that you could there's it's just
very pro union and I again don't have, anything guns, unions, but they shouldn't have all of the power. You know urgent. You should be forced to join the union in order to work as comedian or a freelance writer and at the end heard so many people I heard sign language people who do translation and at hurt people who work is independent. Drivers prove you know. Personal assistance like the issue is an endless. There's a whole website devoted to stories from people from hundreds of different. Why did they process because the woman who dead is an insane person, I mean this, I think, is part of the reason that you lawns probably gonna bounds out there too, because I dont know that he uses you, I'm not sure, but I I am not sure that it uses union people and has factories. I could be wrong that, but I know that part of her beef was with Elan and who and these big corporations, but when you look
who is funding her, which I love doing is following money of all these people. It's, like all the labour unions, so she's in the pockets of these people, and she she will pose something, and then people will be interventions like. Please don't do that! You're hurting ass, you're hurting as you're hurting your constituents. Her name's Le Laurina got Gonzalez you're hurting and she ll just take her or her arm the ability for anybody to replied or make what kind of fucking representative are you they? You are saying, helping people. Your people are like you're hurting Then? She, like mutes, our replies, you'd act, we don't care about your people, you're, just posturing and saying that you do, and in fact you're just the target of unions and pushing a bill that much everyone in this state I mean uber and Lyft for Gonna leave. California, not lake leave, take their head quarters legged, no uber or left in California, because they couldn't comply with their whole freaking business
model of labour. Is independent contractors and left that's the business bad. The business model allows the whole plan. That's the whole thing the deal you're trying to say no. You need to employees feebler what is called Gordon tenure. Gonna, be mad backs. It feels like MAX already a little I mean does little version of guys, it's so it. So it's a heartbreaking what's happening to some of the cities it just I believe that there will be a resurgence, I think, whenever thus cities empty out artists, move in and weird eyes and now like whew opportunity. So I I believe in the creative, especially New York? It's like, if you like New York, is that, unlike its nodded, you now that well, I hope so too, by people still live there in the seventies. Even though is violent. Think Ella has more problems in Europe. Does not just one or quick away from being dead man's lamp began. Now I don't want to be there for that.
And if the earthquake hits you think, there's a mass exodus now tat. The mass exodus now is about freedom, yet its most of its about freedom and then do the worry about taxes because they talk about raising tax. They didn t, I think that fell back in path. I could be wrong when I'm pretty Sure that even now is too crazy for Galifron that it was that the wealth they were thinking about the well tax and then the wealth taxes on through the organ of aid that died, though, that was the most ridiculous proposal of all time is the same tax or telephone internet under it. Over four hundred miles to think about the California one Peter shift talked about it, it's it's, so it was so crazy that ten if you'd left ten years ago, you no money and then yeah for
leave now from ten years on they could get money from. So if you leave today, you owe money for ten more years. It's so ridiculous. How do you even enforced just criminals Eurogroup dealing deal steel yeah, it's shameless deal- and you know the idea TIM Kennedy was on the point here- is that you make under forty thousand dollars you this Joe Biden. You will not by the way I didn't really You will not pay a penny more in taxes when I'm president, the super wealthy and big corporation finally pay their fair share and will asked the money in working families where to reward work, not wealth, nine! Now here's the thing that drive me crazy, where the biggest. Whilst this, I believe it for neither has the most wealth, inequality and America. They have done nothing to help the middle class. They ve eaten the middle. Last completely, all my friends who were my and my age or a little younger and authorities. They are I believe, and go buy a house and they left years ago because they're like it's too expensive for us. Try and get ahead and have kids and these mom and pop
getting destroy nobody. They don't give a shit about the middle class or the working class, and so every you're seeing tons of her, Most people are unhoused and times of people who are, absolutely loaded. I kin. Where am I going to how much money would take them buy a house and allay for downpayment In my neighborhood thirteen hundred thirteen hundred square feet to fifty thousand dollars like a corridor familiar. Laguna me like that's, not damage my words having Bridget so that only the latter fact in mind tat its agenda. There's another task, but I'm not there's still understand. There is no path, wave upward for the middle class in places like a yard or think well, really big, though it's almost there unmanageable when they get really big and they're, always when they're really big. There always run by Democrats. The really big
these are always Democrat run for whatever strange reason I mean to try to get, example, what happened did that the thriving city habits. I was different because them that was when they shifted the Gatt out. Yes, there is This right is one the ridges cities in the world tat. Now that up physician, yeah renouncing Michael Moors. Best movies was about flip piano about how they are silent. Machine was called by disarmament. That was his first movie, the big movies that come on man smuggling or make up foreign language Roger not gradually under Roger Lane Roger and yet it was all about the guy who's. That, GM that what it was, but he was trying to contact to figure out why moving jobs out of the city and didn t understand what you doing to this place and there was, but he was a real populist yeah you now and it's funny how he became a villain when he had this movie criticising the industry of climate change the
Abraham clients as neighbours are you piece of shit? I thought I was. What are you guys? Everyone's cancel area together? It's when We are driving around in our tour guide, our little shore bugger shyness around he. He was leg showing us all, amazing little old awesome in places that are closed because a covert and will probably never open and they ve been there since, like nineteen thirty, eight and all that- and you know we were saying like if I was a film the rapid billion ere. I would by all these little mom and pop ups and help keep them alive because there, the life blood of these cities in there, also just the that. That's who kills me, like. I hate seen this. This coffee shop then spend their sons forever clothes and there's a Starbucks. I store
like they're. Fine, just kill that that is where I want to ask, is all about these little small independent places. Restaurants, independent businesses, as one of things that are really love about yeah, as one of the things that attract reads this place in the first place, I'm hoping that new ones will rise and take. Place. That's that's. The hope is that only ethic of this community we need a more robust middle class, fired. That's all. We need to call cultivate in California. If you want to try and fix California that three start, how do you help people who are living in the one hundred too? six hundred thousand dollars a year range or even less, sixty thousand, because you can why? What is their pathway of sorcery yeah. How do you help? How do you help them? Because that's where that's word, that's what what holds the centre responsible for president backfired
your bill, dump save our very. We should both run. No, no, no, that's probably your vive. None of US port I dont want is more. Rather I give you money before the president. Come on. Powers will be the first woman presentation of Joe Biden when they re ten they're gonna make it with the Temple who did three hours. We ve never really went around thirty four, I passport sorry, was awesome enjoy as finally move you, I am definitely considering it. I don't like it. You follow follower. You are lower our feel so way, though. Why? Because I got there first know now because I'm generally everybody's leaving I'm ran right an idle on hours. Do I just don't know where I wanna gas better may? Well, gonna, Idaho, that's right, but they don't get mad photography channel two boys are dumped.
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