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#1544 - Tim Dillon

2020-10-01 | 🔗
Tim Dillon is a comedian, tour guide, and host. His podcast “The Tim Dillon Show” is available on Spotify.
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our blades awaited handle, foaming shave gel with aloe and a travel cover to protect your blade when you're on the go so go to Harry's dot com, Slash Rogan, redeem. Your trial offer today aren't friends my guest. It is a great friend one of the best comedians. I know a whole areas in a regional person and one of my favorite guests in the park ass, please give it up for the great and powerful TIM deal the job experience, the appropriate kid covert, get bail, you're free, free you covered for Anti he's a negative? Are you worry? You try Evelyn rate risky circumstances. Now a lot of these clubs that you work are they're pretty fall. I am pretty for I've been living on those lines
so to club on well yeah. How big is this place? Regan, a socially distance, all the apple it doesnt seem doesn't seem that socially distance. By had all I don't know, but we also know nobody. You know I back the isn't airborne. Can you get a ass? It is air blunder percent. Well, that's not Gregg. No, you devilish can get it from there, but here's. Thing man it's. This is so politicized, it's been so politicized. If you look at the numbers of DAS, the numbers a way down the talk about the numbers of like cases or outright, but the ass, her way down, yeah there much better a way better, but also its like people are better taking care of themselves. They're gonna go out and do things to understand you gotta to most people are aware of vitamin D. Now I take it everyday. Yeah thousand acres dagger alot of your, whereas zinc lobby A vitamin c and We were also that our high risk they're not going yeah, really look at people in the clubs like I'll. Look at some members of my body is, unlike you should they are taking.
making way too big of a risk for a few ha ha's yeah, but I'm happy about the ticket and thanks for coming, but I'm not just looking at them, and I wouldn't be in that chair. If I were you, why you gotta make your life. Maybe after I would. I think, if I was locked up for six months, I couldn't go out and then, when my favorite, how much is in town fact: let's go out. Let's go out, do it will take? You come in here we gotta, be it obviously wanted. We're getting out. But there is a level of fatalism where you have to say: listen you now, there's no guarantee you could walk out of your house and encounter any number of things that could kill. You. Will Florida too said fuck they just voted were open enough ferocity. Everything com search everything you could do like arenas. Women have been closed down for that law, not that they close after a few. We long enough yeah, they would like that's enough and it was
oberdoffer that was just a hat and everybody got sober in Florida. They sobered uppermost. Let's get back at it. Digitally worlds been open forever, reduces the land and lay still closed. Europe ought to go bankrupt, yeah Disney world of commodity. Where I'm asking you forget, who cares, gadgets come and be careful giddy by an alligator yeah. You might get eaten by now you or what you might get a cough right for. You might get a cold. It seems like we were training in the direction of things. Opening up. Listen. You gotta, give people freedom this the gun. it was never supposed to have the ability to tell you what you can and cannot do in terms of like what's risky The argument against that is that you're putting other people in danger, this point in time were six months into this Fuckin yang you, you gotta, put peel the bandit off. You gotta do something he can't. You can't just allow people to
a bank robber I never never be able to work. Less also item is solely the economists eddies like there are no, so one of my favorite quotas is no solutions is only tradeoffs, so your gear it's a trade off rights. If you tell everyone, yes, you might keep some people healthy, but at what level of damage to the economy to people's livelihoods, suicide is up. Child abuse is up other all kinds of problems, come from a locked down its way up. Sides way that's crazy suicide, child abuse and shocked me. The child abuse was because I was a coup. Other child abuse was like a fixed thing, meaning if you hate you kid, you just hit you kids. Now I think people react to it. Heavy stress train, I mean really. People just broke and dont know what to do in their kid want shut the fuck up, and I just got a smart young, it's terrible sad. It's the saddest fuckin time ever, because people are losing their jobs and their losing their livelihoods, and they didn't do anything wrong right
and they only tile nobody's addressing that ran like nobody's addressing man and then there's a lot of people. You know celebrities and people have a lot of money that our shaming people, who want to go back to work and their saying that these dubious monogram party and have fun I know they need to earn money. Well that that that's shaming people wanted to show I've seen right, yeah, it's crazy. There there fools their people with money and it listen people hatless people can do almost anything that puts them at risk and freely right. You can be a mixed bud bike. You can fuckin bungee job you could go. Gap sailed even eat anything. You want He the ocean, you can fuckin, you get hand glide. You could do all these different things that are like super dangerous. You can do anything. You want good, get drunk all time till your liver right. The idea that this should be something that you should be able to try or do, because you gotta put other people at risk, but
back? It's real sketchy that gets real sketchy, because the people that are ass, they know their risk. It's not like your sneak up on them. It's it's one thing! If you have a kid, this work is dangerous. Have you ever get twenty one year old kid parties all time and then you're like sixty ran your kid comes home and gives it to you and you die right that that's real yeah, that's real live with you, fuckin parents. We deliver the grandparents yeah, don't do anything high rescue finance. yeah. But if you like, a regular person, person lives by themselves lives with some friends and you want to be we'll, go out you're willing to take the risk. You should be able. You should be able young people need to make money for the governments not supposed to be able to have a kind of power of right and one they have at its very difficult for them to let it go where we sought after nine eleven right after nine eleven, the government took a lot of power, supposedly for a very good virtuous reasons of keeping America say for protecting everybody and they allow those powers, they never let him go and we can go run into conspiracy.
Never gave them back now. I just I just thought it was a nice said what you have. Your cue teacher, I just thought was an eye secular. That's all! I just know it inevitably grass does. We could go just a nice router. You know the underground military bases, Bowman's, true, that they have a lot of power and they don't give it none of the powers they get. They don't give them back in uncle all the diseases over now innocently contact tracing. It sounds great right, but how it doesn't even sound rate The idea of it is like, if you are in contact with people they trace, who you weren't contact with, because a covert they're gonna do that for other. Reasons and you're, not gonna, like it. They're gonna use technology to trace peoples that are considered antisocial. personality disorder or whatever it is. They don't like what you posted on Facebook, and only I mean that's coming, but would have get injured with you hurt your back and they know that they put you on pills right They say: hey right, you drive and ten. What's going on to drive and right, you Baxter right around the pills. Are you I've only isles, yeah war, whatever the fuck it
is. If there's someone look, Snowden talked about how people could just read your emails right right: well, who's! What's this stop someone from tracing. You say you have some political disagreement was guy who's in office, but you also cheat on your wife right and they are located TIM's Goin over this Fucking Ladys House near slipping oleo financial as all right. It's its problem is probably that oh, but like we ve all resign ourselves to the fact that its happening- and we just got Roger, shrug well we're busy yeah, that's how we feel about laughing, there's too much to think about less, that's how it is with the USA, Although the mass surveillance mean people just sorting aware when it is what you gonna do now, people are like you're, my favorite. and I've set until it's like you like. If you want to me doing nothing at all that, everybody's. Like a survey, may I get it? I said I'd make jokes like that, but it's it's. I think it's when you look at tat.
And how much power the taxes was acquired over the last five years. For example, have U s a social dilemma? I dead wholly far yeah yeah, I mean I've got a lot of that was pretty well known before it as well only you ok, but I think for people who don't like really pay attention to see here. Is you and I and the regular folks right people have a real job? Save you work right, Microsoft Ray you're, fucking job all day is thinking about Microsoft right, you have real input, shit? You have bottom lines. You have to bump up yet give goals. To me. Your meetings have together right. They have things to think of. Did you can't we're just fuck off? Oh yeah, yeah yeah. I know that a good point. We don't we don't well, and part of our job is to kind of fuck off. Yes right, part of our jobs to figure What's funny out their right and you can't do that by really focusing on one thing: you have to just go all over the place right, but I think the social dilemma when I watch it out, like you,
it's the thing. Would social media? Is it's not designed to work? Well like it's designed to work, how its working right I mean that was maybe the biggest thing about social dilemmas like this is designed to work. This way your she should be fighting the negativity spreads very quickly. People- are gonna, go at each other's throats, you're fighting the family. May I fight, I look out family members fight each other, they don't even talk in real life. like they wouldn't even know each other existence they find each other and fight and would never see each other. They would maybe do at once at a reunion. Every three years What's the answer is the answer to just log off. That seems to be the only answer. Logging off sent the worst idea right. I think you know I was in the woods recently. I was in Utah hunting and no service for three days and it was great Do you feel a high burner say, like you feel, a high the day like a day of no phone, they say you feel, like you get up the next day you noticing, like birds, you notice things. You feel better. If you can
check your phone. All time. Could doesnt work yeah? You don't check your phone yeah! You look at your pictures over and over again you not right that you one interaction, that's what wanna check. Likes doormat, also mean here yeah, I don't read comments and I dont check likes and around. I have a very strict policies. May me very happy about, but even that even that yeah I watch. I look at other people show Russia would go to look at your page or half a year stuff. How can I go read your comments raised as a peace should read the breed assholes biblical lean and yeah, even though it's not about me and has nothing to do with me, I we still occasionally run two things: bothered me. I run into behaviour that annoy rife and then like. Why am I focusing on some person that doesn't even have a real name yeah there? Their name is, like you know, fuckin, a pious yeah. Why stop the comments when one of them was said, but we think Whitney Cummings is too Dylan CIA handler. I said I'm going to check out now like this is yeah. There were like he's
Talking about Obama, gate on his show its because wouldn't come in time. So what would be coming? I love that out of the genome, Obama gaiters, and I have mentioned it a few times. It was but it was so funny I started laughing but, like I could speak mental illness like you're, just living in people's very dysfunctional mines. Why just people? I know that I know not good friends, but I know pretty casually yeah. That will tell me that, I think the CIA talks to me about who I can have on the shirt right now, because I've had my Baker on right who used to write in the sea still in most likely you still even choked with yet it. but my interaction with him is about what we talk about on the podcast right and then afterwards we talk about like fishing, he asked Kennedy, right as our contemplating a room and threatened as now does not as yet have a pod division right like they're not who's on Marin this week, that's not what they're not booking podcast than they do now, that's interesting, they might thy bed. They do now.
He's better reminded in before we came around, but now they, my wooden, J, how their stand there. Big movies are big and movies that huge, like movies, is passed. movies that are made about it as your dark thirty things like dad about torture. Catherine Bigelow, like they try to justify their policies to popular culture all the time. Oh yes, propaganda, yeah, but I don't think it's hilarious, the idea that they have to now check whose on upon they, I don't know if it's the sea I am a whose doing that, but at some point and government is most certainly has relationships of Hollywood. Also, like the people in Hollywood of the CIA, calls you haven't. You do know: Google Zero, dark, thirty right and they go we'd like to talk to you about this fucker, talk the when we adopted the seals are gonna tied, essay yeah, you want you want another than they can also video. Whatever information. for sure. There's that for sure that's and for sure there's been propaganda has been spilled through Hollywood. There's no doubt about it. I think they missed the boat on his podcasting that it knows comment they should have gotten involved. They
what they had if they need to have a few undercover CIA agents doing apart. That broke lent apartment you now to be good and making millions not been after our mental illness. You have to be honest, yeah you, when I think of how many how many hours I've talked to our coming hours. You ve talked for there's something wrong something wrong: something very well yeah, yeah that people need to realize like. If you take my opinion seriously like listen to me, I don't even take my friend seriously where are you listening to me, for I have atomic just think it out loud right. I'd like literally maybe forty percent, of the things that I say in his pocket. I don't know what I'm saying what I'm saying right, I'm just thinking out loud right and that's a whole art form are doing this because you and you have to explore every possibility- and sometimes I have a thought- that's very well thought out, sometimes where it's like not thought about this for a while, and this is why I believe this yeah there's a different
Like you, you'll hear right, you hear things that I say that I like really clean. I, like, I know what I'm saying right on time and then you here, like rambling nonsense, drive and you gotta. That's just how girls of ya think out loud. You gonna have both Those that why do you think people are so angry at the idea of that, like people give very angry the idea, like being just being open to the idea of being wrong, my people get angry like every word out of your mouth has to be absolutely the what you wanted to being it's weird too, because we're in a gotcha sound bite, culture right, so the one of them they'll digest your shower. My show is some old put a clip up. Look at this pieces. TIM Dylan said else have something that you said completely out of context.
In a two and a half hour ran right where you just like talking nonsense about J F K still being alive or whenever it is yes, I mean I added. I and my life show every every day. Every shy to do right now by say thanks for having me everybody, Ruth, Better Ginsburg, is burning in Hell. That's and its that's fine, because to me, I'm like I've. Seen is praise lavished upon her and deservedly so right, but did the funny angle to me Is that she's actually burning in hell and good night? And that's but that you and you you know you don't understand. So funny thing to say yes and that there is no. How Probably in I don't know, is there, but that's the funny angle to say of course yeah yeah. It was one of these in Louis CK, said when he was talking about comedy material, and you know what getting in trouble for material he's like. He is often saying things that you're not supposed to say right,
That's why you say that everyone knows you're, not supposed to say it, and then I go and say, unlike our God and that's what's funny. Yes, the idea that you're holding people to those thoughts as if this is like affidavit right and they ve signed there. I worked it out with lawyers in this. My position- and this is the where I stand no you're literally talking off the cuff, saying something preposterous like Ruth better Ginsburg is burning, inherit right and you're you're doing that job. Nobody else goes by gets a big overlook. Is it's crazy? It's entertained! It's crazy and may be true well, but what is crazy about it. Is that time it's that unites the unexpected. It's the it's too crazy, just out their say, the most insane thing you can well the thing about it today, though, is everyone is looking to catch people saying things you shouldn't say and getting mad at you and then no one, a silence. You rightly want to stop you saying the things that you
what about a curious? You know two means a lot of this is the death of curiosity rikers, I grew up when I listen to all these different radio show us out of this. I am talk. Radio guys, like Bob Grant, rush, limo mob grant? Use it I get off my followed, you fake phony fraud, which is not bad. People would fight with people guys chrome is always the same at Bob bought. This is Tony from seaside. I'd go and you go. You know, I figure, you know the Clinton's digital light, I'm back out, will you shut up and they would just fine. All day. I didn't know if the guy was right or if he was wrong. I just knew what was happening was hilarious, an interesting and I was curious about what other people world. I was a young kid being driven around by my parents, but I'm like curious about what other people the world thought what they were saying, because when you listen Let's talk, radio shows your inequality driving on and you hear some psychopath on debts acquired by great negotiated Bob Grant. I can t really disappointed me,
What do you know me? You have any knowledge of who I am like. I disappointed you and then you would try to look the car but I wonder what psychopath went home and called the guy you know. So I was just curious now seems like theirs is death of care ass. If no one is curious, what anyone else's thinking, unless it happens to be what their think it has his career side. Exactly with how you view world society uninjured! It's it's if it is social media in part of its trump right, impasse heave his brand of being president, that his way of doing His polarize peace, while so hard that they will do anything and everything they can to keep him from being. as again round being present a second term in their forcing compliance. You have to comply with our view what's going on around the world, and I think I find it
sitting just going through my answer on feed and looking a people or trumps supporters and tromp haters and looking at their perspectives right and looking at this. This fucker, giant Grand Canyon like divide, and my favorite thing is vote telephone devote that's what I've been does not tolerate. I did all biogas up so this week ago. I'm not telling you devotes not my job voted on vote. It's out of well. You don't eat your vegetables. I don't tell you John I'll tell you to do anything, I'm telling you have committed to raise your kids. You spend time in these spending time of your son, he's in college. You and him don't talk like what in God's name like you, walk into a night, to see me. I say with British, whose words burning it up then turn right of everyone make sure to have a voting plan. Well, what's happened, there's a lot of these fuckin idiot that aren't getting any attention and we ve found out why there in show business there, not just in show business to create there, not just in show business to hone there. Raft and to be good as an actor or be good as a comic. They want attention. Ryan,
When there's no attention to be had on stage, they seek it out on Twitter and I seek it out by being correct about yeah Some people using twitter digital areas just is saying Did you a shirt very fond of same thing with Instagram like Little duvals, my favorite laissez never gets political now get serious re ever. These is having a good time. Yeah. Occasionally talking up was right. that's it mostly what he does yeah, but some people that they lack that self awareness and all they want is likes right. So they try to figure out. What can I say to get people thinking and I'm really progressive and really open minded? And you know what what can I say there really like it's the tone and gets lotta juicy like yeah I'd like to hit about two thousand like right. It's. So we are close to me, social media, so fund, because the people that are really the best at our fifteen, they there, the winners. I could take that kid's, the winners, the we'll girls like eighty men, like you re making money they're making real money like millions of dollars and mortal impasse, death might
twelve years after the house, all the issues So what are we all live in trying to like your? Your tail is not half of them going like this right. So what are we doing like your numbers enough, like those. So I look at it. It's like it's a joke like children. you should be a joke, as it is a joke, because the people, a really monetizing it like a lot of those people theirs eighteen year old and their dancing around, and it's like and its on serious it. If you really think humiliation of time during the day right, if you look at people's phones, I loved it gravitas MILAN following go eight hours right, eight hours, you're on your phone eight hours, how many there people are interacting with other human beings for eight hours. Do not not yeah Nari here. Very few and certainly not having meaningful conversations and long like that with their due? Is there seeking approval through others, online and azeri fake? hollow shallow way, and that's what twitter is a arguing with people and a kid. But some people use
Well, this journalist that use it well, there's this people that might find interesting things to discuss and debate. If somebody will pull it off, but Not many yeah, I'm wondering if the answer is just abstinence, because I dont think people can handle this I found out. I think that the EU you might have to just this act and I wonder if subsequent generations will Just now, we saw what happened in twenty twenty and this stuff. Almost to a civil war and craziness? We don't want any part of too many people like it too. Many of you like it for everybody, boss, but a single enough people can understand because a documentary with a social lemon conversations that they have with each other about it, where they gonna digging to check out and that There's that what is at the light phone is what is called the one: that's like it's, a black and white phone or you could do, is taxed and make phone calls off of it. It's like us,
more gathered, so it doesn't give you the like. The vivid, even dream of an Iphone Ryan Watch Youtube videos on call nine one. What have you wanna tax meagre tax? May I have your call me call me and that's all it does not know data. So what is called the light found yet look at this thing see this is for people there. Realize their junkies and they like a junkie. What a little embarrassing now that you guys can control myself. I need a light. It is, and it isn't, though, yeah because if something to be said for this, do something really good to be said for this yet so far, On an alarm could play music on it. You get a taxi with taxi. Where do you live? soon. The Bangladesh so light phones can sneak in a message in Fiji liked lifeforms can ask it to start to creep and none. I Mama amazed that it has music, though I am shocked by the light phone call Text or set alarms out of the box will be right there, some parable by this, for the cable,
you can have a phone, but all you can have is allied phone and then kids will hack comic IKEA should be it by the way they should have like a fight phone. We're the only thing on its twitter call. Any attacks must have rights fight on it. just Twitter is days my dear, and you can't call nine one wanted to get hit by a car. Optional. Tech available includes calculator, a simple music player and a pod cast to while you fucked up there. Dry, ass, big problem, here's an animation of some of the interfaces, our future tools that are still in development, not all these tools are yet available. You know, I know friends who of can Twitter and Instagram and Mailbags SAM Harris deleted Instagram Office for a long time. We were told me because I'm infinitely happier without it on my phone, because he would get arguments with people on an ancient.
And analyses. We tolerate twitter, Twitter and I text him a Billy with a fuck you doing man, you're, neuroscientist uranium wave right with people. I live with these areas, but it's the slight. You get wrapped up in people like saying disparaging things you'll, get your being defame than you like, an idea that I read it. You have to read it keep moving Europe Big, your big with that, like you, don't get into the fray when people say nonsense about this too many people saying nonsense: right right, do spent my whole day doing right because what it would take hours and hours and that's how you wind up not being productive. This exact well you're gonna, get things done, argued people about who you are right. He won't you do you know who you are. If you know you are, you can argue with people, but who you are right. It makes sense that people want to bring up Daisy made ten years ago or fibroid. Ok, great good luck with that. Try to diminish mean
yeah, it's a silly way to treat people right, wouldn't do it to other people. I don't want them to do it to me, but I don't want to argue with you either right. If you wanna talk in person, if you want to go, in person, that's how people work things out and most time you do that you went up. again or laugh at most people are cool. Yet shit way to communicate is bad. I know people see people fighting face. Oh, I know you'd have each other's numbers by end. and also fuck fuck. The number, if you saw each other person, I guarantee just talk right nine times out of ten right, you would just talk right would just Billig. What I think is this Maybe I'm ianu Rakkeed? get out right, isn't that wall there said between you on social media. It's also like when someone's writing something, and you can't you're not there in front of them. That is writing it. Then you have to read it, and then you write something back. It's like its. We have an amazing way to communicate, involves looking at each other in evolves.
near each other in evolves, reg. You're stirring when you say something mean in the per it, bothers a person right like all that stuff out the window, and you just texting when you're tweeting, twitting, even worse right It is in the whole world, seeing you know something something mean about you. Another Marina right, isn't, was we re all every book and read it yeah? It's it's a terrible way to communicate its. The worst is probably the worst way history with ever had to have a productive conversation, and there are so many people that are mentally ill because of it, mentally ill get. Do you think it exacerbated somehow entered per year? Two hundred percent and a lot of these fuckin actors and actresses yeah that are just did not getting the attention its narcissism, run. Wild and there is no puncture ring it with any type of objective reality or fax to live there, creating their own work, to live in this get worse still, I think a kind of gets worse. I think it heads to a kind of just Toby in place,
everybody lives in their own. Reality were seeing that right now, and it just seems to be inevitable to a degree. The real fear is, that's gonna, get more immersive, don't write the real fears that the solution will be even worse than this and it's gonna, be like in your head. Jane, had yeah Nerli type shit that the next level of this interaction, the net Next level technology is going to be. Way more immersive. That's what I'm worried about on Y, a more exactly me something he escaped from you. Gonna skate like you, just leave your phone there. They did this. If, if, if that phone goes into your body, you not escape ages it switch termed. Isn't this what you don't turn on when you pay and you dont check your messages while european rights, when we see how people feel about the cook with AIDS, marriage Enrique roots, going, I gotta be honest with it- would sound, show convenient the chip already because I lose my fallen alot. Some, like already like. I could just get a chip and then just gonna clicking
and I will just chap yeah, worried about it. You're a strong man. You can learn, sticks and stones and her your bone. I now maybe we should embrace it. Maybe we should just go that road like maybe there is no fight any more. Maybe we should just in, but maybe we're, not spending enough time onto it. Right just be caught twenty four hours. It does lay in a spot and tweet go to war, just go towards fire off tweets all day. Every day, five people- you don't know just just quote people go bad, take nope. I love that you just quota of nope. bad, take better, be matters live better, just keep going is all the passiveaggressive. Should they yeah, we're almost wonder is it is, do you just jump in hard and then you have like Facebook, which is dear to me, the funniest one, because it is truly a great it's a graveyard, its elderly people screaming out into the void into nothing right. It's part of our young men all to book a higher graph POE
its purgatory for people that are like on their death, you're, in the latter years of their life, their dog, just died. got a picture of their dead dog on Facebook. Their sing MAX took his last nap and then the writing three parent. It's about Kemal Harris, it's like a and then other people are fighting with the and it's really sick. But I like I enjoyed, I do threads about instead of a Netflix movie, sometimes just two or three hundred common thread and yeah, just read it out, just read it I'll just call wow, now. Some people are surprisingly smart, some people are so out there, some people, to some cocaine. Are now big into family values, resigned, that you a lot of my ex cop dealers are now Q people,
so like save the children on like you, didn't raise your children, solemn cocaine. I was a child. I was doing it when I was in my deeds and now you're like we need to save the children in the tunnels. Unlike what so its money, track: the progression of people through those sites. This enough real child trafficking or those people get like positive reinforcement. There is, of course, likely we we're talking about richly Jamie those thirty five people that were saved in Georgia. as long as they are there. Also right, that's the thing about. That's you people as long as they are there also right in certain instances, theirs Trafficking is a massive problem real, but I've been massive cover up with our government and many other governments do another right now of one right now today, there's more slavery today than when we had slave states. Twenty five missing endangered kids rescued in Ohio over two weeks you have
Marshall located dozens of missing children Ages of thirteen and eighteen in emission called operation safety net. The children found Cleveland EAST Cleveland, Akron Mansfield. What is usually you clear, good Euclid, Willoughby and even my only Florida while sorry, that's an operation to trafficking operation with its real yeah. That's that Israel and its particularly real when you can get kids. at our orphans or through the cracks, foster kid yet any government. I mean this is what nobody really wants to admit that the United States government at present All levels has in many ways like been either a kind of I, wouldn't I won't say a sponsor of this on the whole, but there's elements of the CIA that have allowed things like this to happen in order to get information on pay.
All this is that this is what I was the idea about the Epstein. Absolutely it was as they let him do. That really would have something over the actual, and that is sick beyond human comprehension and most people don't want to really admit that happened and when I think like allowed, the cube profound, that's about, then their brains, melted and they were like all the data. if it's bathes eating kids. It's like that's, not as that's not work out what it is. It is that you a lot of people that are you getting educated overnight and their minds cannot handle the amount of information much of it very disturbing memory. Last week, when you asked that, like that was the first time that that happened, DIA Epstein style story- and I mention that which- which Things tat was like that. I think you said something like this has never happened before. Like senator. Oh, that's right, then you found that other story he's the one I learned about it from
You will notice happened before it happened in enormous Nebraska was called the Franklin scandal. A lot of people know about integrating nickel Bryant wrote a book about it and there was an interstate pedophile network that was trafficking kids to wealthy and powerful people. Many them in the government I mean. There's a market is money. When this was we want not separate from North Fox Islanders, North Fox Ireland. Also in these many many he knows a lot theres many. My idea, guys on the podcast blew my mind. I know, and I was a conspiracy going. I had no idea that this was going but a lot of it is blackmail, and a lot of it is by allowing the worst things jumble to happen to children in order to gain leverage on other people? That's what was happening with Epstein, that's what was happening with with Franklin, but it's all show people that have that hunger. They have poor appetite wars that share, of course, they're they're, six, a distant pedophiles, and then some group of people call it in it Elgin Agency or whoever whoever wants leverage, whoever wants power using this as a means to obtain it. So even though the
you people are set our cause, they're they're, saying like what everyone and highly was been executed. Another clouds. I mean it's like it's kind of a funny, it's kind of funny. Little bed, you know they're really, but you know J. Hey Juniors Eliza, some real whilst up but the core premise, which is that human trafficking is a horrible insidious thing that it connected to many high powered people isn't necessarily wrong right now, it's It's not wrong and there's a lot of evidence throughout history. That's why you know that pizza gate shit turned out to be nonsense, but their creepy and that artists creepy, thou wouldst, not just that the artist creep yeah. It's that the the tumor bright Bart wrote a tweet. John to dust yeah, and he said a something to the degree of when will it come out? The John Podesta is like protecting. You know sexual predators, or something like that. I forget between Jane. It could find it is along the lines of that. It was almost like that he was helping them right.
A balloon rack enabling gas and I've been younger. I mean that there have been people like that in high levels of government and in leadership how Prague girl, John Predestine, isn't household name is world class under age sex slave up cover upper defending unspeakable dregs escapes me now, two thousand eleven every fourth. He died shortly after that, didn't die long after the not Molly. He also is unhealthy. Ngos are used crazy to rather know much about him, but I'm sure he was a little. While I mean to get into that business, you have to be right. I would imagine I mean he was a guided, did a lot of stance. He was very like you know he was the incendiary, like he made an air from south made an for company. That's the problem with those guys. like whenever someone goes way out of it wait, do stance and do things it's like her and then something else.
You're involved in something and then its legitimate. Now I have to go round, but is it that the guy. What the fuck is his name, that guy that's always doing under coercion. Jim Jesse, James. Okay, if he's got a new one now about ill Oh my outlets in the air, the bows of the car he's got these guys say, look at all this balance of euros bows, but you gotta go. What that guy, you gotta go. Ok, but I didn't mean to there was some shit with Roy more where they were trying to get girls to say that he knock knock them up and there was like a lot of What's anybody she's, like anybody that you know he he's coming to this with an agenda. Was there He also catchy shit. It's real! Yes, like he caught those people on Twitter. They twitter executive. Talking about how the shadow Ban PETE S talking about other ban conservatives or how they block conservative right. That's all right right, that's really at inwardly sorts
whenever someone can't be straight with you and they have will tricks and they have stopped remember that you are you going to argument that those guys make is that to get any attention in the climate that were in it almost impossible to do. It was like a sober, reasoned, rational approach. You have two because its circus, yet competing with Trump, the competing with anybody there competing for oxygen with some of the most, though the most entertaining president history. Far by far right so anything you do now has to be on that level of of of spectacle to get any type of attention. Look at the intellectuals that were they were left wing or right wing from thirty or forty years ago. Their appalled at the people now we're carrying their message. people now we're carrying their message are like we're at work where existing in- climate that worry now. What is the general consensus like ours the media dream is ill and oh, Martha my Sandra Namer.
Believe me, I mean look at me: do you think I know how to pronounce you know about the main ill Hano Mars than when I looked Dax. I saw yesterday. The initial response I saw was primarily more from a liberal side formulate this is just to fog the conversation, because, while the tax up that just came out now like take this with a great salt because of his history yeah, but takes time to so it takes time to get gather up that kind of information. I don't buy that it's just when the taxes came out, because that seems like something has been organised by why he's got absentee ballots. Car yeah, yeah, yeah, just filling a map. It was an eye works. Here's the thing: if that's not real, whereas turns out to be bullshit, there should be a punishment
absolute as you are you're absolutely manipulate. We always fun, remember the kid Jacob Wool who got banned. That's what this guy, which is set out these blatantly fake things like they tried to get tat. I forget it. Maybe Robert Mahler somebody they try to get somebody accused of like sexual assault. He would do these stance all the time just kidding a blog and he would just is a fun young guy from Orange County is a fun guy and he would go on twitter and like try to let you do fake press, average Joe, they will call the whole media and they will go we're about to reveal something spectacular and crazy, and none It was ever true, and I mean he would just you over and over again, so that was It was this. He was just haven't Fannys a kid havin fun, but it will work. Say it, but if it turns out to be true, there should be punishment as well, and right would like when something like that gets revealed, and
the more of those it turned out to not be true like this should be a number of those you could pull off right before we go alright, we that we can't listen to anymore. Why is he there what I do is. I am as accurate as back. It is what the James O Keefe guy isn't no he's I've, intelligent friends, yeah that sent me the Omar thing and there I this is very disturbing. Well, I think lot of it is. I mean, like we were taught true. They said, there's a treasure trove genre caveats for ever true, those two words in there I mean it's if I'm any the James Oki videos, you know they're alive James O Keefe has many what a bunch of ballots in my car. We know it's a new driving the cavalry yeah revenue. Can you not? I got all these ballots and I'm speaking jamaican action. Then he asked
unfortunately I dont know. If it's true, I mean it was what it was funny, because he was tweeting out that she said something about how vote fraught. Voter fraud is like this, like the numbers of vote of our so many schools, I point zero zero, zero, six percent yeah. Then he tweets the stuff about her and voter fraud right, and I'm wondering how big I dont know how big voter fraud is I'm, that's something I have no idea I'd. I've never met a person in my life to set going on. I'm gonna do today the company to go fuck invoked seven times. I've never met them person. The one thing we watch the video just watching it in its obviously highly edited. So, like you can't say it's not an editor video
that doesn't take a lot of things away. Cuz you have to edit the video cuz. It's got to be small, don't know who the people are that are being covered up. I think when I was reading through people that are like, I think news we was digging into each piece of it today and I I don't know that they could verify everything cuz. They weren't saying that this was necessarily false, but they asked if that guy worked for who they said he work for, and I don't think they got to respond to said. Yes, you verify we worked for this cup like these people's hearts. So that's we're gonna gets, but why would if someone was doing something that illegal? Why would they, I cooler you strange men with Canada Common got back if red brick law everywhere guys. What is change keeps deal he's just because I'm just going to figure out a fun conspiracy? that's happening like he goes. Like how does he get into these things, you get out now and then goes that she's gettin cameras in I don't know like a youtube. Prank shall fuse would like political exposes. The problem is the twitter stuff. The problem is this stuff:
for he actually did untitled executives or excuse me catch employees that we're talking about how they make it so that concern the voices don't get hurt yet, which has William. We saw a hundred percent hundreds real, it's real whether or not it is top down. Or whether or not the tools are available to employees yeah and they act as activists. The rascal to re think tat. I was reading about this at the it's about bout harvesting and according to this article it says that it is actually not illegal Minnesota, but there have been propositions current laughing tools he gathered put some up till I have it be made illegal emigration one type ballot harvesting is not something I understand what the hell is. Ballad has explained ballot harvested wish I could buy. As from when I read quickly about it. Certain workers who are not supposed to be paid by any one which is part of like you're not supposed to be paid for this is worth it gets muddy. You're allowed to go, collect ballots from people too, didn't turn them in
right, but only three, I asked. I think you can't be more than three right: that's where it gets really there when I read and this guy haggling, all volume look originally stuff. I do on camera you for me, you come with me I'll show you say stupors doubt about it so feels off strife feels make, but I do want they are going to do what it might be rigged. He might be the kind of guy the you hired to do something because he's crazy guy works were cab company I and entails he doesn't give a fuck and it has no there's a camera care. Maybe does knows a camera autumn. Maybe what's edited is this guy go and you know what fuck tromp, I hope I'll fuckin. If I could wrote thirty times, I'd vote to thirty two times that we need to get about office rise book, racist, anti, sexism, alien painting, fuckin taxes that
guys, always going off about socialism, please I'll fuckin, socially, I gotta thirty about it. Tat Fucking cheat cheetah lie. I get paid. I throw these away! Watch that I was like what is this like what I mean, bullshit logic is interesting. So what is this? What is what is this I mean this election, they select he's gonna have problems, it's gonna be chaos as Harmon Sexes yeah you. She moved here before November. Third, unlocking myself my studio onto my pursuing an event where I got on that, leaving the studio until there's a president. Will you be there for years? While I hope but I'm doing I'm going to learn. I myself can then it's gonna be Polos forty eight hours, you think I'm gonna get that she's gonna do offer press conferences from that very beauty. Salon we're studio, mask I think if the president, dozen, except the results, would evident in there is like time period. Words not decided
he does become. Oh yeah he's a loser in person in charge, she's a speaker, the house, that's how it works. that's real! We need a landslide, we need whoever wins. We need someone to take flawed in Ohio early in the night and I dont know if it counts. Without the balance. if they're encouraging mail about here's disturbs me when one party wants mail and balance in the other party doesn't like. Why did they want it? I dont know the answer to this. I'm too speculating. Why are the Democrats want it and why does Trump not want democratic, Saint covets? Gonna keep! people from voting. Is I dont believe it is? I think that's welcome up. Is it keep me? from buying groceries is keep me from going to Jack in the box, and I know people that these people hate Trump so much as they will then have that be your last act. Have that be your last earthly act to how how beautiful with that They all you ve gone right. You got all you ve done is say these guys wound your life every day go die and and get rid of him. I wish there was so in a route, for
I now know no one, and I wish there was someone who just stood out as being like this fuckin perfect person that I really love. Now we don't, I wish it was, tells you Gabert, we fuck and vote for naked I'll be out there cobble my mouth of low, a vote and formal. There were people who were interesting. Alexander's was interesting ass. He was, he didn't like he was in the system like everybody else, but it also seem like maybe a lot of what he wanted to do. Never would ve gotten done, but I was interested to see if he could pull it off. I was taught us where people are talking about what he wanted to do verses. What he was tall But what we want to do. I was like. Oh there distorting your your voice, their distorting your narrative, and when I had upon the park ass, we talk for why you're not crazy right is too good guy right, who wants to do well for the working people? and your ideas it take a small fraction less than a penny of these speculation, trade right and then
the money off of that and dedicated to social causes. Like you I'm in here I mean, if that was what it was like. A lot of people would have been, but its he's just one of those small group of politicians that is, it doesn't get. The airtime like you gave me, time, but you you. You rightly said he had to explain that in thirty seconds. Yes in under normal circumstances, but then I gave this tepid endorsement of and they use that with all drugs. You shit that I may add, has homophobic transfer, but rain fell back, can everything I and they took him out later. With their when then the fuckin Dnc all aligned together to get mayor Peat and Amy Closure and Elizabeth Warner. They want all dive out that they quit yeah and so that the handed I would get there. It's the whole thing was dirty and sees rigged. This now like twice against him, pretty much twisted what you don't Brazil's book talk openly about it right now in twice dude, it's
dirty organization, the bolt dirty but shows little you're nice, yes, Trump Route like trumpeters litter Republican Party on fire, I mean anyway, I now he said Mccain's out of here. I, like people, putting a casual will, went right, a chair Bush They were mass. They were these political dynasty, thereby party. He just layaway sleepy laid waste to that'll energy. Gerbil energy Jack just went in there and see it as was like all these are my colleagues and I respect of unlike that's not the way to that's. The reason why he did ask is that we really I now and that night now, bullshitter he's not foolish, and that's why I like them. I enjoyed talking to Amelia. I really did analogous to sit and remind you write a book no hidden by the book. No one's gonna buy big you're right You can have a little ice cream, but if you want in the big game you got it, you gotta go thank you. Gonna get to club, oh shut up. You centrist, Bitch,
a private bags or go then he asked to go and just lay waste everybody everyone. come Allah talked, he should want cop. Shouted a car? That's who trotwood done? Email, like you told you Sanders, goes this guy's dead ease in bed with. medic our companies in Delaware. He had the worst, we'll just his bill ever that guy's, a corpse like that's, was Sanderson. Nicknamed everyone like trumpeted Korbes Cobb. It's crazy is when there is corruption, but they'll ignore it, because it'll it'll interfere with what they want right like this Hunter Biden. Chit. Yes, barreaux is crazy. This was. Donald Trump Junior and his hunter them on the passed away, or now we want to still alive he's a wanted, millions of dollars, he marries a the wife of the brother. I hope So I dont know SEC went wild there. I didn't sell awhile Jimmy someone weird with the rather than
my wife, and how do I think we want a quote me on this, but the scandal is that he too, A shit ton money from russian billionaires right, isn't that the scandal Jamie's double Google and right now hold was lit with let's start with abroad. The wife of the brutal, I could be wrong- arouses hundred Biden, Father child with a woman while dating brothers, widow woe. I mean this is a well I'll hold family could see a picture. This girl good point she made not as large L Biden is the one on the right Hunter Unhealthy Biden. They broke up after nearly two years dating he filed she file the paternal suit. same month. Hunter Biden forgone Mary Melissa, Cohen after just six days of data in gaol. Ok, maybe he found the if a girl stir heater. He knocked up does other check and this so that chick you fucking hate, but vowed to take care. The baby, you know, but its energies
in the breeze, went out our interest and messy shore. People are messy shore, listen the brothers dead, maybe he's in love with the widow. Maybe it's a perfect relationship sounds I don't have a problem with right. I mean it's weird this strange certainly saw glacier is wanted. Binding, is holding up children and sniffing that. Does his eyes. Never what the other thing that Others me is how much did he get from some billionaire? He got. money from a russian billion. I think, like some A very large monopoly all involved in this energy company. They all find these little scams that nobody, is about and then eventually they come out like once every four years election year, but I think a lot of them, were working like this seem energy company in the Ukraine. This involved. All these problems- yeah well did mean Hillary Clinton. environment. Russians, you know it's hilarious. Is one mean it's a really good mean yeah. It is
hundred Biden receive three point: five billion wild transfer from russian billionaire yeah. Ok, he was briefed about sons and buying breathed about sons involved and according to Hunter, binds Paris Ma Hunter Biden, Boris my. What does that mean? I'm ok, scrope scope by others. Is Burma Huh turbine Joe Biden, Son Hunter made money from Russia, China, ok, I don't know, maybe he earned money for. I know: but I just know that it's weird to media is kind of ignoring it. Wasn't me not miss one in GR out that in the tank they don't want Trump winning ninety percent of media,
and you presented them exactly. Four o clock news, candy silence, meanwhile, to media immunity, and now you have a canvas. Knowledge is bigger than anyone. She is she's on she's on Facebook, Scarlet three hundred million view. I mean she's, crazy, giant, I'll, ivy cheese and I gotta be honest with you. You can't not watcher whether you like it or not, she's Harry Smart is very take your. She really knows how to talk. She knows, I am now makes it less while she like she'll, do a go, find me for that committee Mcveigh, you they'll just us is suit over Trump Affair story. After Fox NEWS argues, no responsible viewer takes Tucker, curls and seriously. Their defense was that it's basically like parity almost and that's why it's not touch. It crosses parent, India. Now his lawyers, defence of, have what they were saying this. But this is a smart legal defence that they all do that's This is only on that's snapping. Its fate is fine. I can public time I've heard and I lost that Fox NEWS is admitted there not news there, entertainment yeah, I think,
the kind of have to do that. Like wrestling does get to say they don't really wrestling you. I know it. I know it but they choose you're too smart move yeah, it's a little work around. Did you see the thing where Tucker Cross and was playing all these videos of Chris Cuomo talking to Michael? Owen coaching him on what say when he interviews him did not see the oh, my God Fox NEWS. What CNN just ignored the fuck out of the report and pretend it didn't even happened right and they didn't address it at all and Fox NEWS played at multiple times over multiple nights. It is clearly Chris Cuomo talking to Michael Cohen and he is coaching him on what to say when he talks to him about the hush payments crazy, but just like I don't know why. He would even I don't know why they did that. Will the Cuomo. I don't like the idea that one of them is a governor and the other ones in the news
some of my friends with Michael Corn, and he was just trying to help amount ashore and like if you are going to be I'm. Let's be honest, right coming to be honest with you. if TIM Dylan was involved in some fucked up shit, and I had an interview, I podcast right. What do I say? You know, because you and me alone- and I will quote you a hundred percent- I would say this is what you should say: Riah reducing those trying to help you right yeah. I understand that. But if he's Friends with that guy I get it. I ended up. Problem is he's a broadcast Master on see an end, which is the cable news network was wasn't. No it's nothing. I mean it's not the absurd cameras on their talk about he's, got corona aiming to do in their own videos. Unlike what is is not a scandal. Here's another scandal he pretended corona. He is theirs, a bit of the pretending to leaves basement, I'm pretty sure, I'd while he said he cured my chest exercise I mean
by dies, but here's another one. There is a picture of him sitting at his desk. Holding a hundred pound dumbo up in the air and body bill, we are calling bullshit anxious to see Also because of the angle that he's holding now yeah Chris Cuomo is I'm italian. I can say this he's a guinea where a lot of those guineas are stupid. Strong there there monkey Dr Betty is the lot of, gas, and not only are there, was a guy that used to run sandwich shop house who could curls on body weight ten times he nobody believed them, and this guy barely lifted weights, and he did it before wrestling meet. It was like a big time: Wrestler Newton, South and they wind up losing the wrestling meet, is like legend in the town, because his arms were blown out cuz. He made like a hundred bucks on a bat. Showing people that have body weight. Ten times I don't know you strive for,
Examples of this is nice is fuckin serious brow, ok,. This is where we get our news and am now would is, there's a photo and he's wearing a teacher. This is different, that's real, that's a real weight whether or not their ways a hundred pounds, it might way a hundred pounds I don't believe that he has a fake hundred pound. Wait, he's a big person, I think that guy's you so that you are. I'm sure he's now, I'm sure the waiters in fake. That's the picture, here's the thing. I saw these people that are planing and say it's not real and all this shit, I listen. You can do that. That can be done. You think you can do that. Are crazy, he's younger than me bigger than me and there's a video of me on Two gram whither, ninety two pounds, cattle bow and I'm cleaning it and pressing at ten times over my brain he's big
that guy's a lot bigger than right. He can hold hundred pounds over his head and root like that rugged viable two hundred pound dumbo market, much my arm right now I can press it he's bigger than me: he'd do some people are fuckin strong. You don't have any problem doing that its when he does a challenge to Chris Cuomo, proved you're, not a liar prove you can actually live that way. You're shone with see this guy just wants attention, because you should know that these people that are freak strong there could lift that I like ranks countries our own Othello, that guy's name Francs Country Store Newton Newton. It was not you mustn't, Newt, never false, somewhere Newton Massachusetts, Newton Centre at such a great and Boston story where it's like Guy, loses the team. We lose the reference values nearby subs there, because we walk there from school by subs from frank curls. On putting my ten times, it was a tank since the legend who resisted a fuckin stack little guinea.
right, like this five foot, seven guy who's like five foot, seven why'd, I don't mind people not liking tromp. It's weird when they're, like hang great, like icy, critical malaria angry their angry, but isn't done his job. It shouldn't be it in its entirety. He met like tavern problems, our team now he's entertainment and the others had yeah, but anyway, Tucker Carlson's been ruthless say what you like about dark crossing. That guy is very good as on point shedding a people yeah and being smog about it being conquer all areas. If you look at a lotta where he stands politically is not he's not like a corporate right wing, I mean I listen, he's wealthier from a traveller Bob Bob what he actually seems to lie. find lot of merit in some of the more social listed type programs like he talks about. It now since his statements that are allowance them out, like your watch him in yoga this guy does it seem like some radical lunatic. But he's in that category. Where is everyone
like oh he's, a white supremacist, always a racist rightly, would give me a chance that only one chance, but this is this- is how partisan. We are, however, I literally divided. We are right when nobody wants a listen to anything that anybody says that even doesn't even agree with them at all right. There's a great fuckin documentary from a few years back about the nineteenth sick, these and it is, I think it's called bitter enemies. It I've talked about it before it's good, moreover, DOW verses willing enough chocolate, YAP massive enemy, best event as our enemies yeah. It's amazed unbelievably so good, yeah, and you have this conservative unwilling up Buckley, who really seems an account. Gore vodka. My version of what a liberal should be that I like right and intelligent open minded very well read very particular person right. I love that debate right and then, when Gore VA, DOW gets under willingness, Buckley Scheme
and- and he says crazy shit to Albany says lay out. He says our sock. U else, some! real barriers, something because I'm a fit, but its very dated like right, you'll, see plastered or subway. I suck you in our time new, pretty hard to yes, but he was. Obviously lost his cool and asked. The debate has Well now we could debate. We have to hide the location because they would be riots outside yeah yeah, everybody would pit fire lie. Oh yeah big really be shooting fireworks into debates. You can't even have a remotely controversial non orthodox opinion, new media and sport- and I hate to say this because I am a left wing person. It is from the left right, laughter, the most bother doing this for the most part a right might, they might mark people
The laugh, but are not trying to shut down speech. A right is now well the right used to do it. They did it a lot in the nineties. They did it a lot with art. They did a lot with people. There were anti religion, they did it a lot like the family values catholic. All those coalitions used to do it a lot that used to do a lot when cartoon did something made in lying left it to those dude, yes or no. To more and more was the one with trans stop the rabbit alertly misuse account was why a hundred percent but she's kind of an anomaly at that point. It was a lot of us cover the Christian right, but now all of that has been transferred to the left. Yeah, that's fine, so confused, I'm airless its transfer to the left was supposed to be about like, tolerance level. Open minded views are member. There was a forget, the artist nay, but he had a peep peace called piss Christ, and it was during that ITALY an Giuliani yeah. Ass. I remember it came to Boston,
Remember a crucifix urged in that's. There is this: and raise Andrews, Sir, I know it's a small plastic crucify submerged in a glass tank fill with piss for with his own This and people were losing their fucking minds that this guy dunked, a plastic statue in a bucket appears rather like p, get off yeah. It was like there is like civil war about this research. He has a real big issue and I want to say I'm not looking to date here: bonuses they eighty seven, eighty five, eighty five, He's projects I gotta be iron is yeah. I would this was post high school for me and I was still trying to figure out what made sense. how is like this, when I was, I was just get. That is those eighty seven means I was twenty, which means those just gettin out a house, just get now the house knows twenty knows live with my friends, and I was kind of a loser whose all
a winner, martial arts, winner, arousal, losers, writers. Like will you look at me, I'm paper, would you do with your life? Came like a problem? Yeah problem and he's trying to figure out what made sense- and I heard about this- and I want to see it, and I also want to see Yoko. Ono art exhibit well, the yoga honour our pieces, yoga honour this was she had a block of wood. Nails in it and there was a box of nails, a hammer and chief curry aged people to participate in the art If she wants you to pick up a nail and knock it into the wood, why that was that was her. Art is like. I want to encourage participation, a bit about it. Back then, I don't like, if you want, encourage participation, take the nail putting my forehead fuckin light around delightful. They got it yeah. This is what I was an open.
If you look at that and so bad, but certain calmly specials will be remembered like that gas. Certain things yes commies possibility. That was our now moment, don't try that we ve already figured out the art formula yeah Anti will know already, and we do it. There's no need the yeah yeah it's crazy do not everybody's, and this is probably you know. This is probably overinflated all that's, but if I start facetious complete fodder, they have literally said nothing to Murat Riera rats. Never come up now. Is there someone at Spotify this complaining about Abigail Schreyer. Episode are sure right, I'm sure. There's someone is complaining about it. Isn't it its phobic episode. It's not the wrong turn round its nothing to do with that. Right has to do with the fact that human beings are actually malleable. We all know that. That's why cults exist right, there's a there's, an a thought process. Now that of your time, nothing at all about trans people. You have to be one hundred percent support. If you can never question
whether or not children should be allowed to transition babies, Ramon Blockers, pre pubic. in children This is madness like right. Here's the question are there are some people who are horribly sad that they trends that that they transition and regret it terribly. The answer is: yes: right are there some people that are very happy they transition and their much more happy in the gender of their choice, while they feel then the gender of their birth answers. Also, yes, right, because people are very wildly which she's talking what abigails talking about in her book. Irreversible damage is large clusters of kids who, Mostly it's that are socially awkward. Many of them are autistic. Many of them have never had any praise at all in their life and they transit. And they get all this praise from people right, because it is right now
its involve social contagion amongst that subsidy as valuable and their high there at high risk for their easily influenced? And yes, yes, that was the problem that word contagion one of the things they had an issue with, as it already deeply transphobia. It's not trends. Contagion is also used to talk about is like disease. So that's, but that's not right, but let us it is language and raises the problem. Is that they look at this and they say this is openly transfer, but it is not trans phobic, it's not transfer back. No, it's not. I think there is good. To be space for conversation, and I think that a lot of this in a rigid NATO elite hence too I mean listen. We all know the trans people are in many cases are much happier when they transition and they have better productive, fulfilling lives. Everybody. I don't think anybody to like. There are people who don't want
that but they're, probably a minority but he's only a small minority of spectrum of human beings in their happiness, is so fuckin, broad yeah that to say that all heterosexual people are happy or a homosexual, Abby or all transferable happy is nonsense. Notch it's crazy right away! you talk about a particular issue where the uptake of girls transitioning called rapid onset, gender disorient rice, psychological psychologist, you're? Talking about this like it's a real issue, because there's an uptake of several thousand percent over the last year they're looking at this and are trying to figure out what the fuck is going on right. So, when does happen. If you can't discuss it in you, you will. found ourselves in this terrible place where There's no longer nuance. There's no law hunger in frank discussion and you I've decided that a subject is off bounds or out of boundaries night. If people think that I should have trans people on and talked about, I'm happy to do that right. But that's not what they're saying right now:
I don't know what the actual conversation has been from Spotify talking to these employees. But if there are these employees are listening. I would tell you emphatically: I am not in any way anti trans now anyway. In anyway, I am one hundred percent for people being able do whatever They want is honest. Doesnt harm, other people. If you choose to do anything, whatever you want. Whatever you personal choices, I am happy if you're happy, I dont care, I'm I'm one hundred percent open minded, but if you say that I can't talk about something when a woman wrote a whole book and research too deeply and is talking about not not just these children themselves that have grown up and then gotten out of school and then realize they made a horrible mistaken, its irreversible. That's the name of the book irreversible damage where we can discuss this. The guy had a friend who reached out to me and was saying thank you because my daughter has friends and for us
just decide their trans together and they're all awkward and I've been trying to tell her that this. This is probably statistically not impossible. They will all be trans. Riotous of this is that they might be something else, and then they read this book or the here. But this conversation and without even looking into with a decided that that transphobia it it's not trans phobic to say that some p, regret, transitioning, it's just a part of being a person right, look, p, who are so malleable there so easily influenced and for us to die that doesn't do anybody any any good anybody, and so this is the main issue they had with that. You know this is apparently. This is the main problem they had. Was this one particular episode and I'm sure they're out were issues with other episodes as well. But, like I said before, like we're, I'm too and off the top of my head and alarm times, I'm saying shit. That aren't even mean
because I'm saying because this is a fucking podcast it if you have a problem with people saying terrible shed, you work for Spotify, maybe you should listen to some of the lyrics right. Ok, as some of the lyrics in some fuckin music, do you guys play over and over and over again makes my shit pale and compare pale right of urine. Listen in some rap music right now, I'm not Ty rap. I love rap music from up fuckin, say it all to you. Go back and listened and W way right go, go back and listen to like some of the early shit wrangle. Let's go back, it was an icy caterpillar when the body count yeah day right. Yes, while a lot of rap is not female. Follow yes and I'm a fan man, I fucking love rap music, I'm I'm a big family. I met Willy de from the ghetto boys recently, when I was there did gigs and use it as a little kid mechanic store right, I'm a huge ghetto boys or am I love rap music? But it's it's a stand. if we can apply a standard, it is eight is type of art in talky. Shit is also too
Aren't you might not like that? Type of our because it seems too much like a real statement rise. Sometimes it is a real stay right and sometimes it's just talking shit yeah. But just fathers and which is which and price I mean have two fuckin time you and I Talking of you took a we say adequate, which is one of things they did with the Burmese Henderson retook things and put him in quotes, and some of them were so ridiculous yeah. But then That is what people do when it discredit someone in its. What they're doing is there there there not being honest, does not it's not an honest, take its Otto, it's on a real honest, take onto a human being. Is this denial, of new wants to deny, of all the complexities that make a human being citing, like you said this and you said, make
Mccain arise out. You know fuck these tests right, you found your adapt arrested. I do not mean China baby with their dad is certainly possible to admit that this is I get it if you're twenty three year old woke kid, you know you work for this company I'm gonna put your foot down ways in it. I guess in the beginning attack everybody that got an attack was like birds. It was woke the people that are like revenues. Let me on this side reading these fuckin articles- yeah, like oh, my God, Spotify centering, robot Spotify, doing this by its not has bought a fine, has said nothing this unto me nothing. You haven't said anything to my manager raven setting to me this nothing right Dave apparently had meetings, but they I have a lot of meetings right. meanings about all sorts of shows ray of meat. about the music they have. They have meetings about, they have people that have problems: but in this day and age, look it's a great company there openly they treated employs very well. They let him have discussions about things and I dont know what is discussed.
Like I don't know what happened. I really dont, but in terms of like them, silencing me zero writers been nothing right has been nothing and then it will the new thing out. Rove ye way right with the new Supreme Court's ass. It adds a big deal. What it was always interested me about a lady has, like eighty kids, should work on allotted wilder and machines. What she's, a catholic woman who likes below them back and God Lover and she's a smart charge and read that sea she loves, she loves Christ and her husband, embrace and babies. He's adopted. Some of them are adopt. She brought them, including in this in their cod lesser abortions, FUCK, and it's a weird counselling one. You know why cause it's it's a particularly human subject right. Where it's like a messy one. We're like I'm a hundred percent Favor for women have no right to choose. Let's get out of the way right away. I'm gonna percent broach alright, but when it's like nine months, all like what will each Einstein
I'm I'm alive my! I am in favour of abortion hormones up until eighteen, you up till up until they start telling me Spotify complain. If that's what you build a boy, you kids, like we, anybody who says you are anti abortion. Yeah! Ok, like ok. What, if it's to sell? right, one of the probability is the letter again stem cell research there against any type of you know. Contraception. The case is, maybe novelist generalised, yet nobody are a lot of time, a luxury that are hard core antiabortion are like we shouldn't be doing anything condoms, you, no good birth controls, knows crazy, their crazy. We're greater wild, but you know, and also the late term version people crazy. Those are crazy people, that's a baby. it adds that babies alive if you took it out the body be alive. That's crazy! That's a weird one! Man is very strange that people will take a hard line, ideology party stance. Like I am left wing, I believe an abortion rights, no matter what
you say up to eight months when you think about eight months. using about nine. I can't do that can't do that its we, but some people believe in that and it just it's. It's such a human issue because it's it's so there so many things going on there Robbie Way, if it's overturned goes to, the states have really possible I guess it's really plausible. I mean it could be your Anna make women carry rate babies, I don't know, but here's what would happen, I think, would go back to the dates right? It was your wouldn't be a ban on abortion. It would just make it states rights decision, so there would be abortion and instil most Americans it, which again I don't agree. that I think should be available, not fifty states. I think those people want to cut our federal funding any type of federal funding. Available in every stay right now? I believe so ya federally. I believe so. That is what Roby way.
Dance for Daphne. So what happens if they get rid of that and states would vote on it in states would decide what the appropriate they would have made their law see. The problem is one of those an eighteen year old girl in her abortion as its legal. Seventy three case abortions. Even all states, every state has at least one abortion clinic figure. I but here's the thing like if Europe, if you make it the states, rights and a girl, just turns eighteen, the law comes into play in all abortion get shot down. She doesn't have any money, he's fine, she's fact, she's she's, Frank, that should I want to do, and also, if she's, to poor wrangle, Ford's out of a state where you can get an abortion but which, by now go to it in her state rights faraway, exactly it's very tough, its I mean it's one of those issues where I think that were never going to have everyone on page. We just have to realise that those issues in America, when not we're, never gonna, come to get we're, never gonna,
come together. One hundred percent on that as long as you still have people with a very kind of religious tradition. View of when life begins, because you can argue with somebody he says if life begins, damn minute it you have captain. Then what the stem cell research, which is very beneficial, to people who were stem cell research is advanced at the point where they don't have to do that. But the Good NEWS is to people, I think, getting smarter and realising that they can't legislate things based on board. That was written two thousand years or whatever I mean. You hope that that's the case. But now you know we have we now the legislating from Vienna but their writing the books, as we are, writing the new religions, as we speak so lady that Trump wants to Amy gone in, it are and what it. What is her deal catholic Judge only been judge for three years, like a maniac raise, but it's only on the district court for three years or somethin she's here He likes her she's, a traditionalist Catholic and the anti abortion people did
her I mean, although ink and called it, doesn't think she's conservative enough. So like it's a weird Mick, south there of like she's a woman. So it's very tough for people too. So while they are slamming another slamming her because she has to blackens which spray disgusting that she adopted from Africa, which is pretty heinous that they're they're they're they're, writing all these things about. Oh, she still a racist or let me to end its like you're going at our family It's so grotesque that yeah, there's your name is grotesque. She's she's. Obviously, if she's got that many kids she's, obviously a person who cares about children kiss It was not a bit like this is what I don't understand. I don't understand why try to make this woman in a monster but with their there are help because they want someone that refers. Will they want Biden to win and they want someone to come in is going to be nominated? By might might my amateur my over as a great joke about that? Is this guy get honey? He basically says that Light Evan their basically salaries
binds getting load into the ground a day. After do you know you re he's got three: we its President Kemal voting for Kemal really, so he made a good point there. So it's like Biden like Bicycle, spend a few months in the oval office couple photo out, and then Kemal is gettin in and you're going to jail. He just wants to get it on the books yeah her one yeah, did it and then face plant done? don't call hardwood floor, Somalis come in and then everybody in Europe and then she's gonna, ask went away all over and lock us. So what maybe we need that? Maybe we will need to go to jail, I'm open, maybe that's the only we turn this country around me. Well may very so far crazy people on the left, Beata. We we come back to the Middle EAST, everyone so angry at Trump. It be good time The treasure train my little tail cycle in jail, then trot Sherwood yeah, who has yeah yeah yeah with holds evidence in yeah. Why
prosecutor. You have people in jail ass. They were supposed to be released to use them as cheap labour for the state like fires have heard. One good thing recently is that she's ensued, decriminalizing Merrill gonna learn for you, baby heavier guys, joy. She PAMELA come on. She's coming around but I shall be nice presence. Sumac singled out of honest she'll, be into criminalizing tweets she's. The hottest vice president shall be into criminalizing facebook statuses, you think so now I who knows, I get really about what could happen with big tack if there is, if, if they just you, are allowed to run amok run a model. Tat, wouldn't trump hasn't done things to happen, thing. What have you done now do not mine? Now, maybe I think you did a very anemic weak thing where he was like. You can now try to seize training institutes. Him appeals process. If you get tee platform, but it doesn't have any teeth, these are private companies, it can do
they want show that the real debate is like either public utilities. Are they private companies out under the answer to that? I'm not smart enough to figure out the pros and cons of either, but I just that when you have such a small, three or four companies, these motherfuckers have more power than Carnegie Rockefeller. All of the people I made these people have access to your thoughts with you. This trump a judge blocks trumps administrations, ban on new Tiktok downloads from yours. Appstore try to do that. Every step to thirty would Tik Tok then, but the tick tock thing is slightly different because we're not talking about tiktok banning anybody, Tik, Tok, he'll. Take anybody then abandon anybody right would tik. Tok is knowing which, although they are, they are taking information from you in an astonishing rate. Yes, like they had an engineer back engineers, Software- and he said this is
the worst violation of privacy features of ever seen ever in and rehabilitation right like its man, it's crazy! It's following you other me as a question. If they looked at, U S, companies aren't they doing that and I'm not saying that China should have our information, but, like our Google, unfair Aren't they do say? One thing is one step up for apple and I am very happy that apple did this apple just stepped up, priests, and now apple is going to make it so that you- do pull this up, because I want a banana budget this because it is actually pretty important. There is. Facebook is furious about this, because you all it'll limit the amount of ads like you have to sign off on whether Now they can sell your data ochre, whereas before and Facebook say Is it going to cut our money in half like right? If you give people the option, you say: do you wanna? Do you want Facebook to people, sell your data Oh yeah right amendment, no one
Most people get it. If you have to click. Yes, we're not going to say not, but we believe that that is the only way that getting our data, this up, ad tracking I'll s, fourteen will give uses the option to decline, app, add tracking. But no it's the only way, but this is a big deal, is a big step so scroll, please, so that a new version of ILO S wooden the same letter, bunch security and privacy updates apple on Monday announce a ton of new features of bacon. I was fourteen expected out later here with the release of new five iphones, an Ipad civil use they would allow users to share your approximate location with apps instead of your precise location, it allow adds to take a rough location of your identifying. Precisely where you are other option users will have is when they give over their location up up up up, but I want to young women Cameron Micro Is it you also get a camera and microphone recording indicator and the status bar? Oh, my god, is that what that light is then someone's vericourt me all day, long
yeah, but I remain, and pops on usually do the camp there there's this report This is what I mean. No one could be motherfuckers. I'm talking shit about people to use like pleasure, pops up Agus pow up about, at the light permission to track you across the Alps and websites owned by other companies. While I just think that yeah, obviously doubt, but I just think it's like data has become what is it? They say more valuable than oil. I mean we're going to find a way to harvest that data from you whether your consent, I know that's the case they have up until now, but if, if apple can figure out a way because it doesn't benefit them, here's what these apps harvest the data which benefits them is if the APS give them a piece of pie when you sign up and there's some apps that now our requiring subscription on their website, they'll, probably just start giving people a better deal on certain things. If they share their data, I mean that
that will enable people to go hey. I want to save a few bucks. I don't care. If you honor me out probably the direction they go well There is not really give up these billions and billions of dollars. Selling, but it's not whether or not they give up apple cuts them out of it, and then everybody has a choice. You can Google phone get an android phone and then you just give away all your information very or apple in Tuesday's privacy, laws or privacy features and you get to decide who tracks. You get to decide whether or not they they can user information and sell it. You get to decide whether or not you get adds value I'm all if the apple those that'll commit them forever rose. This data data as a commodity that you never really signed off on realize look, there's benefits to write like if Are you phone knows how much minutes a taste for you to get home? You just look at your forces. Ten you'll be home and twenty million to great right, but has no that, whereas its tracking you re right,
your phone knows what you like and where you go on. What's on your calendar, what is certain Venus is to a tracking you write in those trade off add is that you lose all, but you know privacy, yeah yeah, but the trade off this positive. As I say, if you go to a website and recommends you and add- and the ad is like some things you're into rather you know- maybe you been looking for a nice Yeti, Tumblr recommends laying hold of it ends up being. Ok, if you always trusted the government, if you always trusted the federal government has sent a government well bosses companies yet, but there there's government people that are using that information honey that is not the real problem, the real problem is government that is, is is companies rather like face. But are literally making hundreds of Billy kinds of dollars. Are have your data right and you like? What what are you providing? providing a way to get addicted. The that I'm just Are you with my grandma and they want to get beyond the needle? That's what they want, but it there's
argument to be made that this is a commodity that no when New was a commodity until it was too late right, yeah the cows ready out of the bag. Yeah, it's it's too big. It's it's a big thing. It's a big thing, yeah it's! gigantic thing, and if a company comes along like apple and says you know what you mean can be allowed to do this. We're gonna make it's like. If you want to give away your privacy rights, you should have little box, you check on every little apt that user and then comes along? I will be a second loyal apple right customer for life. I just think whether its government, whether its private corporations, the whole fear here, is dead. Malevolent forces are bad actors, get hold of this data right do, and so that is the major problem, whether its intelligence agencies, whether they're keeping tabs on you for reasons of sound and use a signal right do know that is, I don't know what it as its listen I'll. Ass is far more secure than S M ass right right, but I
I owe s whether its eye message. A message is more secure than sms. If you have a Google phone, unless you using what's app you're sending it regular text message. What does us speak freely signal? This is what Snowden recommends and the thing about it, as its encrypted you to me- and it doesn't go to a third party, so I alas, if you have an eye message. It goes to the Paul server signal does not ok signals if you and I are making sending messages to There are now going to this right and you can set it so, the your message, self destruction, two minutes, while yeah there's there's different things you can do, but it's not going somewhere else or someone else can intercepted rights all encrypted right, sms, would you have if you have an android phone, I'm an android phone and I have I've settle Iphone. My iphone is I message, but usually like the green text, message those green tax. Anybody could pick up rapidly and there also
casting on the funding of the continent where its vomit don't look tat bad. When you have the night and mode on now, they do mine Why do you have an android is attractive to fill without the poor? People feel that I'd like to have both operating system intricate? Look, this isn't about Green Temple, has an annual says we entered. I was sad. I look at that green and, I remember my degree, sewage money, golfing. Maybe a nice pool table green green cloth ya. Perhaps eight I less is more secure its more sky In that regard, like I messages more secure, the thing about I messages superior there's a couple things, one, the big one is pictures. If you send me a pig sure- and I message it's a big high resolution picture, if use a video. It's a nice high resolution, video and you can send it to me. air drop in its like in perfect quality right. If you send me a fuckin video through a Google phone, it's comes out. Looking like a flip, fallen friend, a late nineties, right it so bad yeah I've,
and its people are like. Oh, my god, I ever when they're my notes, a galaxy note: yes, a beautiful phone as a beautiful screen, high resolution, the camera, the videos amazing yeah. But if I text to somebody it's bad, it looks. Fuckin pleasantly, aren't, should galaxy cameras at Lahti. Indra cameras are better than I thought how they're not bet they're just great. There are very good there illegal. But so is this their everything's great now there are great Sony makes ridiculously good cameras on their phones. They have an experience I think it's an experience to one one to rethink its call for what it is but they have like amazing video stabilization and all these different, like their cameras, are off the charts and, if you're a photographer, The Sony ones allow you to gain their tweet shit and so the Samsung ones. You do a lot weakening in fucking with their settings and Samson has. Credible zoom, like they have this galaxy S, twenty ultra and it
This raises zoom on media because your movies are allowed to that end. The I've amaze yeah and the gauchos five thousand Miller s battery. So it's like the battery last forever but you still sent text messages. They haven't figured out an encrypted. Version of a messenger. So unless you have friends, you gotta talk, demented gettin, what's app or you gotta talk, too many using signal its like. Why can't I get that shit together. they didn't even have an ability to transfer data like like. You can send me a picture through blue like. If you are an android phone and I have an Iphone, you can't send me a picture not native at least mean ride the applications that are, after the fact now yeah they just not quite there yet they're not there yet, but I still believe feel like it's just you announce a system of control that is going to be more and more on the present. His is a thing I should say when I haven't, if my Samsung phone, my
text, are not green rock and make my text any color want. Ok, it's totally customizable I'll interest on my only ever your texting me. I've only ever seen the green ones you voicing them come to you crack. That's cause. I message date. though they make you look like shit, rice and a green tax. They know people hate it. I know comics, like you, make out what it is about. How do you manage disgusting Some it's weird that Google hasn't figure that out an Android haven't figured out a way to make a version of like I message that works on I'm as it's like, I guess, Apple has locked down. They wanted lockdown yeah. That seems to be what they want. They want Now the wall in our old Wall Guard at seems to be the issue now is that you can't do anything without, in business with somebody. These companies weathers Facebook Youtube. Google Amazon, like you, have those five companies are run. Tacky gotta be a business with them. If you want any You gotta be on the grand you don't really have too much of an option and now they're instituting this thanks in a while, you can, you can opt out
the data, but I guarantee they find a work around with that problem in a word and that's really, and then you start thinking about like what can it now they want they want. Here are two cars you want everybody to be in fleets is self driving cars. This is something that people want to. He gave a nuisance. Let's face our cars by twenty thirty five ways to phase out gasoline car will of normal gasoline cars, but he's a fucking idiot this the fact that their doing this in the middle of like the Anti American, their education system is falling. Apart is poor, kids you're getting a terrible education before, rather top priority should be fixing them education system it s got to how much time are they wasting putting together. This thing is virtue signalling thing we are trying to make ban car. that new cars that are gasoline cars, but I guess there are high. Yet their whole argument is now that the fires that here people realise that its problem blah blah blah, that's true, there's a political will, but listen you gonna fix what you haven't fix. A grazed agree
You know I mean that, while the other thing is, you know they, they pass a carbon tax in New York City and they started goobers started crossing a lot more money. A lot of people in New York City used Goober pools to get to work because the Subway New York, which is old legacy system doesn't always run efficiently for people that were going to work in Uber's and specially the pool door pool feature. It was very cheap. They instituted a carbon tax in a congestion tax. All the sudden, uber rates went up, and now people were unable to couldn't afford to get to work. So it's like yes, you're, helping the environment, but you're damning people in that respect. Here's my favorite thing: they just passed their allowing transgender inmates to go to the prison of the gender. They choose, is so vile. Our male sex offender Norfolk, who decided there trans, can go to women's prisons. That's going to work out what
there's no way. That's gonna be bad. Now knows this, it will arrest that Brigitte fantasy sent me a thread on twitter word. This. This journalist goes over all of the issues that they ve had with people turning Trans in Canada doing this and all the horrible people that have got many female prisons using it and the different she female prisoners in male prisons, about how much more violent male prisons are, or if our female prisoners violent bear. one that Airbus is disappointing. The ices dominant women go in there and I'd like to believe that their rights that their violent, I think some of them are not violent dammit. I think I just want equality well. I have wireless yeah. I just want a quality of violence happen. I want women, their beaten, the shit out of each other, throwing each it's mostly pillar fights,
run. Their underwear did just talking shit about each other's waitin for guys come and fuck em yeah, that's girls, present, pillar fights and and carrying us. It's all only fans, yes, what percentages. Only fans grown during the pan massively will everyone's become a whore. I mean everyone, people that, for one or two have I don't know how many people one step away from legitimate prostitution. I've told several of my friends are but better looking to me be a whore. Let's do it, because there is no job Christine This key was explained this to meet her and Tom, removing out here by the what yeah and they were out here- they'll they were to dinner and she was telling me that Aaron Carter's, as name the same with the text, on his phrase as a method, gotta only fans countenance need jerks off from people out, listen It's a lot of money and good for him. His careers been not great. She said it for my kids, though she's like Jane is ready.
Sadly, I kill yeah, so he's Jane is due on only fair and it might well. No one knows what that means there. I mean ok what are the only jobs left is logos, isolate national aid. Listen, it's it's! Yours! a cam girl or your instigating a race for those are the job to jobs in Amerika there. It is airing Carter's, now doing porn former child pop star recently joined cam, so the same shit so well. He was a former defence tattoos child pop star, while the real new year. I mean these face. Tattoos I mean you see, everybody now lay with them. A lot of these young reels have em yet lot will not everyone, but a lot of these you know I have them. They just ok, see, had and only fan That is why I was in the bachelor boy. Can you not porn on only fans who can do whatever you want really, but most people use it for twenty. Maximov look at him hold in his letter of yet another step. People really
he will get out only fans because they want to reason. Discord alone was a seventy two bucks, oh for three months. What is the most a gal can charge. You can get a lot and I ve seen people than explaining how this whole system works for them and like they have a whole, it's not pyramid scheme but like if I got you guys to both sign up for a certain time I get shares of. Money two wires like incentives for gruel. It's it's a the place of his other, but as a jailer days in front of the beginning, that's one attempt as what pimps used to say the hookers they built find a few. Your friend says this just lay Maxwell, there's no difference at a hundred two examples to illustrate how you feel while haven't Is he doesn't tell you that part? I guess he's in private and details of cheap labour. I've not safe for work article two hundred and twelve hundred- that's it missus. I don't know this is better than doing cameo. Ok, Let's thank you for your livestock. Cameos, though, is how can we make and somewhere in the neighbourhood of thirty Grand a month Jane, I shore, twelve hundred to want
It is on its own blast. As of now bands, better than working, listen, He had to work a job here that thing on his face and people The guy Jesus, deep sorrow on that go back to doing that shown up what you're trying to work it, but it's amazing how that during the pandemic, because everyone's home, the Bijou and anything Agus everybody's jerking off your headings employs your turn, the new most dancing fan Cuban is other soldiers, this- is the love of these plans? You turn the nude. He still try to hold on to it. You know what I mean I got a new song, enables a body when this irrational yeah, that's about whether this is spread. Your cheeks he's, like I wrote this about yet no one can you fit the neck in your ass? Monopolies are paid money had paid.
Merrick and money. Additives are disappointing. The paper is only faster than his strumming a guitar. Maybe the message really good: it's not. How do you know I'm guessing its not Joe is throws a fit in court after ordered to forfeit guns five hundred years Oh, my god, a result of his sister was a scrubber sister, winning a restraining order case. Oh well, that's not good. Threatenings Alot of these people. They get famous very young, it's a very rights, a rough road. It is unmanageable. Yeah. I don't know anybody man yeah Miley Cyrus was on the broadcasts couple weeks ago, and I told her I thought you'd you ve done about as good as you could do it right, she's a she's got a lot of barriers up though you tell you could tell she's going through it. You can get that famous Thou young she's twelve years, all playing arenas, how the fuck yeah man. I mean I just who- and it was funny her talk about on the show that was, it are Mama grandma.
Say worlds better than her beaten, Ella doing drugs like radicalized, The choice is like or better than back home doing like us. They felt like this is or take it out in the life of but hurts it was never going to your life. Tat was a famous country, music, star voices. Sawhorse he's got a great she's she's, a phenomenal Oh, my god, she's amazing, I'm in her talking voice, so harsh yeah. It has like mine a little its rougher. Wow! Oh yeah, oh yes and mine, who play it. Let's play some of the place of her place of listen and by the way she says among knock in her I'm a fan and there's one. Eight people goes both phobias put Mostar result. No, I thought, can love Miley Cyrus right We do a much, I think, actually what it stands for. Palma genocide crimes such as is already have you're, always kind O. My Lord, an x ray in a kind of shows you almost like in those thermal type colours of the activity of your brain. There we go so
she had mission cooperation on her throat, cheered like then she still say was it polyps, oh yeah, but you may kill raggedy Andy great. Well, that's a good dude! I listened to her music. Before I told her this I play. I showed her an image of me lit before I felt my Netflix Special as Listener Song Malibu, unlike dancing around backstage, gets my mind off. Oh yeah, that we're comedy oh yeah, dissolute trying to lose myself area and I've been a big fan of earth for long time. I think she's fuckin super talented man. Her voice is beautiful. yeah. I heard her even heard her cover of Julian's amazing fat, its greatest so good. I am its letter.
she's, not fans and failures. Vocal cord surgery were require weeks of science to recover, and this is in two thousand nineteen. All when you try to do is like asking us, have local court surgery, but is his biggest things twitter, so doesn't matter you can't. I mean his bit, you couldn't that's great, but Donald Trump. He could lose his voice and it would matter he could still inflame people which is his finger. Yeah cut his hands. Maybe it would be better if we had one of those yeah Rio minor. You suppose this debate is tomorrow night. Sorry, it's crazy. Are you gonna be here you doing to show clearly show Senate told you to Morrow night this a few tickets laugh, but we are just added because I said I want to do is show on here, and everything in Austin is: are a pickup city, gray clubs not open, My hope and we can bring it back while I'm gonna bring this eminent open up a club. Here I don't want this summit is a lot of things. I'm in the middle of a lot of things, work on a lot of stuff. You allow things happen and yeah, but that will be
things are going to work on now be granted, and none of us know when the stores opening nobody knows anything about anything else. My concern is onawandah. There's a bunch of things, aren't one able again sick, of course, Wanna be able to do it. Where you know the people who work there, wait staff and folks can be safe and can make a living had been talks about promising vaccines that are their showing promised as foreign trial so Journal asked his Johnson and Johnson. one of them. I believe that one of them and then Pfizer electors, there's Joseph Do the rain- and I spoke to doctor said they all seem to their safety. Ratings are good, but their effectiveness is that's. What's going to be the beta, but you did say it's better to have safe vaccine in our work is well because you can always get other ones instead of ones it have
Other proud Jesus, Jamie Waxy trials after neurological. Listen, I'm gloves tell us where you go back to our quarters dick or try very hard to achieve major says it halted the corona virus vaccine study, because a woman who received the experimental shot develop severe neurological ease ass. Our I know vaccines is already here's the thing if it's a trial, the vaccine. Let everyone else Garrison is only one person the gets that out of a hundred people are on it I gotta do when you wrap that shit up two millions, though you get thousands and thousands of people in the act at the way I feel about it is, I would like everyone else, get it the vaccine, and I could not whenever it says we need a vaccine known thinking about getting it themselves. My manager, her dad got the line disease.
vaccine back in the design and gave him lime disease, cheese yeah they stop doing they stop doing on. I think they deny that a gay people wine disease, but he got fucked up from this vaccine. just ignore its actually coincidence. You actually got line disease right before we gave in any case, we didn't mean really sorry on vaccines, creepy, I've, never gonna flu vaccine, I've never gotten the flow. I wanted to do some glad we rather Sub Robert Kennedy, Junior yeah praising legit. Baxter. I rolled back, sir, I I would take what he says and and literally think about it. I've heard him speak, I mean he has a disease which is worth what's my voice, nobody, but he has like there's some very rare diseases. It believers was he's. Just doesn't like facts here me: listen, there's a lot of credible people that not where you gonna, you know not since saying all vaccine. but saying that there are real problems with certain
vaccines and the old man you and the amount vaccines it. The kids are getting there getting a lot of vaccines in a very short period of time, so user MIKE Tyson recently just listen to employ. In my grandfather ram, there were major earth might imagine you're on my Thyssen's hot box, your highest fucking talking those go. So that's how he talks that crystal either right recently found a job is an interesting that he's he's doing MIKE Tyson shall be ILO eyewash. This at the end but he says he's not an Anti Baxter novelty is, I think, a bludgeoning clarification. But here's read that thought thought it did. A thing about. Vaccines is like the thing about all medication, and basically every There's a certain number of people. If you make things mandatory like if you make everyone have take, a vaccine about, there's three hundred whatever million people and most of them have been vaccinated, you're going
I have a lot of people that are problems right, that's just it! sheer numbers issue. Catches can be a big issue and if you look at the vaccine court like how many settlement, and, by the way I should say right away. I'm pro vaccine I've been vaccinated, my kids been vaccinated rain, but I know people who have had problems, and I know people whose children have been vaccinated? Who said that immediately caught RON function was talking about and he's I I don't know, that's what caused it, but right away my kid shut down and we noticed it legos it was instant and we thought he would come back. Never came back. He was different before then he's not the only one and I've talked to us has a six is a lotta concerns about things like that happening, but they don't know if this was something that was inevitably going to happen or if the vaccines were catalyzed. If it's, you know, but vaccine courts have paid out money to a large number of people. Does that mean vaccines are battle? Vaccines are there
my most people that are less. There is a reason why we have died from fuckin smallpox and syphilis and the other disease syphilis vaccine for civil had another receivers. I think that four point two billion dollars has been awarded as of October two thousand night Well, it's just one of those things like that. Through our scenes peddler in court People know so little about it, and people are very uncomfortable because a lot of swell items that means now you're right, but scary was broken down by year, those seconded to the biggest overall, that this is the Wikipedia for four vaccine compensation, national vaccine Injury Compensation programme. That's what he was talking about, which way you got into he still young lawyer in his indulge like you, so fighting this fight. That's this is the thing it's it's not that we shouldn't vaccinate because
If we didn't vaccinate always fuckin kids, it s getting the mumps now and measles, and all the others different serious disease right, really fucked people at home and that are coming back again. But on one of acts, neither kids ray it's fuckin complicated like most things that involve people there very complicated yeah, but I think that a lot of people are. You know because, the crowd of they are just sceptical, because the whole thing has been handled poorly, no he knows what's going on and information is so bad and nobody trust anybody any more. The idea that you just gonna shop to see the asses some conditions in the arm of this accession fat corona virus people. All people cannot that song Simon Synthetic Veronica, whatever the hell, we know what it is. I don't know. Why did you call me are any viruses and what that is. Its in vaccines are the M or in a vaccine, it's a vaccine that stimulates the production of certain proteins that will fight off the corona Viral K. So it's not like you
getting an inert version of the virus and every other vaccine, so so, ok! Well now we got a whole new fuckin thing now too hard it's a whole new one thing. What people are just people just are uncomfortable with any or all information being disseminated right now is just you up for debate, yet people that are screaming each other going. This is the thing I aeronautical David said. Vaccines are on the way, the next articles. It will never be a vaccine. I dont know what to think a reasonably intelligent, not know what to think a lot of these countries not reasonably intelligent, so they don't necessary, like I don't blame them for being sceptical and being a little scared and gone. You know what I'll take my chances out there instead of adding a shot in the arm in a Walgreens, they vacuum you like, a shitty pharmacy. Your boss I like eggs and you get a shot and they say good luck he's doing it. Somebody making minimum wage has no idea what they're doing like yeah yeah
it's a little terrifying I'll, take my chances. Think wages were grown of our next part, which I have heard it I'd knocked to get conspiracy. Oddness part by, like I've heard too late, Nano getting added to RNA, and vaccines stuff no supply about blown bill, gay rights, legal gay got another robot. I don't know. What's actor with boy, nobody took a bigger hit during this corona virus, locked bill gates, while he came a villain out of these avail, and but I also think that listen we're living in a time. of Batman era villain like we're like these guys, have billions and billions of trillions of dollars. I don't think you, Seville the thing is, I don't think he's a villain. That's unless he's village, but here's was for bill. Gates has done more for humanity. Then most rich people would ever imagined. Don't decades. schools and wells and help people get educated or they ve look. Human is his wife, the the Gates Foundation,
They ve done a tremendous amount of positive work. But what I'm saying but he's waiting into the controversial waters of the various listen. But what I'm saying? Oh yeah, that during this pandemic, yeah he's become a villain for the first time ever like seven, because he wants to deliver people the mark of the beast. That's all that's the only reason people have sat with him. He wants delivered people the market, the bees. Let's do that, but rather our talks at what listen. When he got listen, you got to expect it Certain amount of a certain amount of you, no discussion when you're making, when you are Some guy inserting yourself into this very kind of volatile debate about public health and you're, telling people they need to have been vaccinated to travel and the, and these are the standards it you want. We'll do that, listen man he could have just been a billion or that they swam he's fucking pool. Why do you think he talked about like telling people that they need to be vaccinated heap? I guess he is
Given the beverage daddy's wants to help people, I guess not, given the benefit of the doubt. Okay, we don't go. but over the doubt was say that he was the world to look exactly like. He thinks there is necessary and unnecessary things. He thinks that he should be in charge of people's health, public health or the he thinks that a group of scientists or him and his foundation should be in charge of public out to his found. Really I mean listen, there's also billions a trillion dollars to be made off some of these vaccines. Does he, making money a vaccine, I don't know what he's doing, but I'm tired, so much money. We need more money. Why does anyone need more money? I don't think he's doing it for money. Unless it is evil got I'm seeing it. We cannot write a blank cheque lies evil. We cannot write a blank cheques, we can't ride blank cheque Joe to anyone. The next up with us in two thousand fifteen. That's only planet. listen. I don't trust anybody wears an outfit. This fuckin sweater with
the commissioner is this not being totally serious button shirt on him? A doctor fell, she created AIDS. That's all say. That's all right and say why we put you know People the funk around us for farm and they created AIDS. So that's the only reason. I'm a little skeptical now in all seriousness. our society should be structured with one guy stand up by the way in order to travel and go places and open your business is here's what you need to do, and we talked about that in the beginning of the show about the government doing it. Why is it better for private billionaire is doing it, but here's the thing with. Why are we listening to him talk about Health issues like yeah who's, the guy founded, Microsoft, phenomenal question. I mean it's a great question: is it just cause he's rich? He hasn't it what, if I stepped up and start telling everyone it's time to get vaccinated, everyone's gonna get vaccines. Young people like hey, hey, hey canadian cage fighting common right. Why are you
tell me why I tell people to vote. Shows you doing well, that's why people are a little suspicious he's stepping out of his life That sweater would assure the sweater, the creating of AIDS and market the beast all of its proper. There was a great somebody meaning wanting to EU knives. Headed foreigners who want to shoot a miss would thus sign to help climate. You heard about that when you have the capability when you have the capability to do that tape. Someone's gotta check. No one's checking here, You know why not Jacksonville gains allowing trust on. Why does he talks about Tesla, outdo, interesting? Well, and human want body that other fraud were above it I live in. My little house I have always lived in and drink. Colleagues is he's a trillion. Air is a cold blooded trillion, their God love em, but starting with me now stop with that's an act, is a military base under to ask this fucking act. I e dairy queen and all this horse, Europe, you ve, got
a billion dollars. Can you start with the horse shit who lives in a small house inference couldn't go, I'm sure it's not that small, small for girls worth eighty billion dollars or but that those are the guide you gotta watch. I want my billion airs and palaces like that entails some nice little house. I want mine to allow their living like trumpet a Gull department, but listen he's a cheap fuck. You wish to keep the same house alone. I would have us. I gotta, sleepy Goddamn, Jamie Lameter Flu has the peak what is at stake. Picketed war above its wide as other houses is mother fucker. Whatever many hours is, you got Warren? Let him against such good friends, because did they both through in this thing, with a look we're just a little old man? you're saying. Oh everybody's gotta get watched Einstein s he's, gotta be watched by me. You should think that people are watching when you open your trap until her, but it go get vaccinated. People
are not predisposed to trusting billionaires, delivering them edicts. I dont want an edict, any body from the government from a billion I don't want anyone to go here is what you have to do. Explain to me. Why tell me. Wives benefit, and then, by the way, even still give me the freedom to do it or not. Here's what you said about echelon and Tesla, who saying that this Tesla truck thing that buildings semis is not likely because of the fact that the batteries a very heavy and airlines like you to know what the fuck you're talking about already doing here, like their dirty deep it. If Five hundred mile semi trucks right authority operation right there there a year way from implementing them nationwide ran like they have them right. Seen a test for some are yet another exist right, so he's talking about is not likely. Please raise Ex Tesla. What does he say?
while these billionaires have egos your fight each other, ok good day. What's your Pennywell bill gates decorations, refer to elect trucks regards he has no clue, he doesn't have a look you on his balls, deepen that world and then Yvonne's also man, because Bill Gates bought a Porsche tie. Can electric Porsche while these he said Oleg after his father bill gates. Are you once it I've been underwhelmed? When I talked to him, that's funny! Well, you know. The whole thing is tat. These guys have egos and everybody wants to give me a little in five before you put a chip in my arm. Please there's a company that We were watching the video they put chips in people's arm, so they can use the vending machine. Yes, he I don't think that's good a lot of work into chill go for that of the fire you returning chip off
Well, they're gonna. Do I mean, if you do that, I mean this: is this is gonna happen headed out yeah they, while they taking the active ailed down gaucho about natures, attempt yeah, keep that ship in Europe, the rest, your life and just in her breast a track. You have to track you right, or a spot hijacked me on the way in which I thought was they told me you were going to do than interested achieved in my neck when I walked in returning there. I was like ok you they will. They knew the adoption on training they do. They said he's only I like the republic at once. I love Caitlin Jenner. I love if you're transgender Senor against gay marriage, I'm already a fan, nothing! I fucked up by Saint Remy Cancer that new say it even though dorani scar, other tragedies, gay people call gay people faggots, but you say that don't say it dont say you could take you go yes, but if it'll pass I, but I look I now ass. I look to racist who said the Mai wives doesn't believe your guy. She says you just do not just for the jobs we are meeting at Dublin II and they set out of letting her something out and
I said I said, walk and we try and they said gay guy who's kind of like an uncomfortable inside the wrong things and- and I said we'd like to try it out- I told my wife lives in Jersey with all three kids my send money home to every she's, a lovely woman, slightly larger, but working on it, and you know she we're just making money around well, it's just a gay and the media is like is gaze, become annoying now everybody else nor because gay people, like yard few better, be innocent, shut out. Nobody wants Busby Font, they missed the willing grace. Maybe they become more or less swear. It takes all the fun out of it. You're not supposed to take balls out now to tell people how to live there really the reality, that is the reality. We missed the queer eye for the street guy type again tat, while they there's a fun guy. Well that yet because now the geisha bookish an angry and, and therein anti far and the angry.
And it's just like it's not fun. It's your support is supposed to be a little funny, little dirty and naughty and wrong. That's the whole fun thing about everything: naughty. It's not supposed to be you know a Norman Rockwell, like I'm sure that you, as you could do it, you can have the family could do anything you want, but part of what is fun about gazed at it's not like a fuckin, you not sitting there are likely to have the train gendered lot, though those drag queen. Reading to the kids like great, I don't care about, that. Why are you doing that? It's horrible and not fun? Nobody wants to read the kids in the library, no body. What do you think is? Have you think it's because on twitter and so the media, people can say things and get like so that did they make these statements. They feel like they did a good job and make that statement. Alot of people resonated with equal arms is get into real, ever invested and being a victim. So when gay people started to mainstream- and you got married- you got this and that there was do you weren't really victim. Who shall then what happened?
sourcing queer, and this in that were very different, and nowadays we don't answer now like a lot of these nine binary people with all due respect, Samarova is that Lot of these people are white women in upper middle class colleges like wisely in an overlap in places like that. I don't want to be, I'm happy. They don't want to be of an oppressor, they could put their rich white checks. So my thing on my mind: where you're all automatically now you're, not in the hierarchy of oppression, anymore, move been victimized by a gender patriarchy then has enforced. These tags argue and that might not binary might stick great. I have no problem. I don't care, but also my bell bottoms, let us have for years from now. Guy might be like your mother. Gender ecology was not used to burn down the federal court houses in Seattle. You know it would was Mary say about, nor is it the appeal is call them the really need attention be able how,
because he make so many people, man he's sitting in the bows just a very large energy says you know here. Let me say a few things and will be in the news in four minutes in our life is brilliant yeah, his book, the madness of crowds, Yon Phantom Stick is eat in the US at all. The craziness is going on, but if I can allow every in this New Europe because older gay people, I don't understand this allotted oh now I gotta get like palm springs. Those gay guys does no one talk covert less seriously, then gay people that had money like they were all boss, these bad guys, walkin around no masks dates it less seriously that people are watching for words like they were like this is fake. They survived HIV their letter, we often aids by lifting waits, know we're not fucking taken seriously. So this whole
They don't understand, they'll, be very honest to God and understand what you mean genders. Not real. All point of my life is. Agendas really was the dragged into that gender. That's the whole point yeah. So the end of the day like what you mean, that's not real, so I ve spent an area forever. I just wanted to get beat up at school, going out to join a termagant public. What are we doing that gender is not real things so look: it's like spaces beg the thing you bring the same ideas, then it's it's we're in trouble. Who cares? No one cares is another thing I think people show invested the people hate them if people care, no one cares, no occurs. We life no occurs the man or woman. Nobody gives a shit about anything. Nobody cares about anything, truly the perpetrators. Logic fillet! If water bills paid, they don't give a shit about Europe, but this idea, people are pressing. You other courts invested in their hunting. behind the trees and a common voice. No one gives a shit Yes, your small motivated groups of people that want to restrict your right but by and large most people they might be like?
Oh that's, weird, or were that's a little odd, but they're, not fuming with hatred at you know, and it makes people feel powerful or worthy of yes. Yes, I want to be headed for the right reasons. You are and I believe I am. I think you are I you know I used to say I was gay on stage. People be shocked, now Sometimes people start clapping, you don't I say anymore. You know, and I stay inside I say Ruth Paine against birds burning and how I want that reaction. I rather that real I've chose it another way to say you know it's a fun time to be bad yeah too far, time to say ridiculous shit, because, even though, like there's a lot of blow backed, is also a lot of people to get really happy that you do it
not enough people that are pushing back, did not a lot of people are in, and the people to come out to these shows you can have it so much fun because they want. This is what they want. Everybody wants saw, body to push back and and in a funny way everyone can enjoy and that's what I think we need to do when I don't want people that are free to express himself, yet are not and those people are now most people are not, and also let Hollywood go in, is crazy direction there going into who gives a fuck with of all the tools to just create our own thing, you showed everyone that, and it just like people are over. People are over would you consider writers, Roman right right of free for some show when we see that Emmy Shit harangue Jimmy Jimmy Camel and it was an Anthony Anderson. I don't know who was it that it was with I I heard was so we're is weird that they that he said yeah the sounds good yeah yeah. You know you're supposed to clap your Jimmy say Black last Monday,
likewise matter, say louder, Jimmy yeah blacklist and he's like like clapping, unlike what are you doing? Is it a parity? I didn't know it's a hard thing when you look at me like that they make it fundamental ears. It scared they're trying to make it funny. Yes, there's no audience and they didn't try it out for an audience, India that needed work. What can you do know you are trying to do is. Have you got some really good writers yeah to do that, but you gotta take some chances. Are there go Anthony innocent to make him a little uncomfortable yeah? It's? Why think? That's part of the sketch, though Is that he's supposed to kind of look uncomfortable their part of the fund about it, but I just like Nobody need someone to write something really that yeah something someone to write, something really fine yeah in Ireland and take our Ask adjust its long harmonies. Wasn't Marinos grey areas in there's, no grey areas anymore. So, like that's, a real big problem has been present day problem, especially for any
incorporate Lui made a good point. He said that when you criticised both sides, you end up illustrating deeper truth, which is about humanity, which is what comedy supposed to do. If you look at two sides and go this nasty come to try to make fun of them, but you have no sacred cows or whatever you end up, illustrating something deeper about humanity which people can learn more from and then you know reorient themselves in it in a productive way about any issue, the that does make sense, and that is you have to be. It will look at both sides and in this day and age, if that's not possible for the EU. If Europe could, I should say on past, Well, if you're on a corporate television show, if your television, if you're doing late night, talk show what you you got no shot me. Are you in this many cars in the end, the worst I mean they're, just not funny there very strange they don't look. Catch me found, does not look. Happy following his show, looks like he's chain that desk. It's very strange he's talking to muppets he's talking to miss piggy.
There's map singing on the show- it's just hope yet tribes, they're they're running at high altitude yeah. I guess not just here in the room at that kind of money, and you say to yourself like I just wanna, be stay. I was one of those guys. Don't you jumped ship, unlike upcoming a movie or do some now they can't make movies yeah because know those guys like Jimmy found another make moves Jimmy Fowler right I mean. Maybe they can make. Will be by making a city. I do something else that the guys who make movies already making movies rye set Myers Seth roving rather he's making the movies rise. These fame guys, Ninip Adam Sandler, they're, making movies right for you. Who say: I've, never many movies movies, but I've a bit ass. I wanna make a movie that might work, but I gotta gig that pays you fuckin ten million a year, and why Dick was this gig stupid by rescue? Why risk it yeah and well, maybe I'm still podcast, won't be woody, say wild, show your broadcast and then I can see from you show that you in trouble your progress. Does it make enough buddy? You can't do it immediately, but nobody what to me.
You mean nobody leaves like Alan's back, don't we walked away. Nobody were tight, like she's got hundreds of Mohammed she's got so much money, but she's back. She doesn't care she's back. I think she wants a redeem herself, that's probably true. During the covert nobody got she got taken down. harder than bill gates. She did say Bill gates was like here younger, taken down, but I think they ll forgive her by the way, if you are having a problem as if you you wanna Cox in every other, and you just sit there and you want somebody to help you and you see Alan and Bill gates. Does that make anyone feel comfortable? Now I think the labour force will be very honest, like if two of them were walking towards me and I had like attire out, I would fake my own death. I just I don't something gotta level I she dresses like an executive on West World, wait for you to watching she's. Man, I'm gonna, shoot em, but even diesel song and the like they, the crowd, dancing Don't tell me you ve, singing dont,
This is basically like every dollar you do. It is very bad the enemies who who who's out for right now with our paragraph eighty and nobody, if you're sitting and home you're and Mps ragged alike, who we do ask not the twenty seven million people are about to be evicted, stated that that's not oh, it's, for that is what real right and I wasn't well yeah I mean they should have not had. I think there are for young kids of high school, that want to support one day beyond thirty rock. You know our show like that create a shell like that vin diesel. This is on Kelly. Clarkson show yes, she's gonna here I'll show people like their screens flipped a vertically for the audience is she can see them in this people at home, like they're, going for the NBA go I guess Vanessa new song, and does this thing you right now? Do you think he's talking to her ok here for the audience wary area so their showing, which is a real power. They must have told us
people out there and if ultimately, only see what this is Gimme loaded with stop stop. I heard enough horrible, no not as bad as drew barrymores torture. How bad was it ever since it was horrible, it doesn't even makes out what's wrong shantytowns. What is it all of it? Yeah, just I don't know like the writing. The over acting it just is confusing man. It's like me, have you seen a Jamie Tourism Club. I saw that I think you might have been Tommy Christina, put up like that.
It's so bad site! How'd, you let that slide through, like it someone these teller. I've heard her on talk shows though she like that she's nice hopping seem smarten, funny and interesting on talk, show and doing their own she's like over the top and like really like ACT, the ADI yet bad when here a little bit of area payer offer. Normally. I just thought since you are closing soon anyway, and I do think your boss. This should actually know what an amazing person you are that you will simply not break the rules, but then I was curious, as anyone else ever tried to find a clever way end when, like the sign, say no entry, so to speak, I love receiving a no after I tried everything. That's enough you I mean just register that they're all dead lessons about it and they should. I mean at the end of the day. It is that's why you should just to play its just like podcast drew
Let's see if she asked and unjust be herself yeah globally at or be met battery better than she soon stand up, there will she's trying to be very big anatomy and no one it was. She hasn't done, stand up crazy. Yes, you do instead but you haven't those, in other words, more famous issues to or some that's right. So I mean it's like movies. Was the eat you shouldn t t that what she was on my she's been Business, Brezil long yeah, that's so long ago, yeah That's where it s so easy to. This is a lesson or everybody in a theater arts class right now you could be drew Barrymore doing that show or Aaron Carter jerking off? Those are the two options just wait until you're older? What are you going to develop a personality and and go through some struggle and pay your own bills, like? I, don't ask, don't think it's right? it's like you and as one of things at all times. It has acted as a kid I failed the noise of thousands s misery. Three times we really twice as high speed, you did, you could do
Good, that's what I thought I did the POGO novel obligated legitimately, while the child actually- folks. I had the same voice. I do now is disturbing to cast indirect I'm glad tidings. ok, but I would certainly like allow when they be like when you give up. I gave from sick first play with six six to twelve and then twelve that was yeah yeah God gave up before your puberty ticket and then in that, but I got out, but I was you know I was in that game ass. Trying out you know, I would owe addition against people jobs, the tiller Thomas, a real deal due to made whose idea was a problem I really like doing, and I was really into what I wanted to be you now I can share it, wanted everything and my mother in law Other you know boomers there like fine, may make a little money pay our mortgage.
I know what I mean there would long island, scum love, but you know so our friend who got famous renews young- and this is parents ripped off, really found out later in life. They would have done that tomato. They would have absolutely taken. Everything to gather would have Miss man. dead, did not it yeah, they would have sunk, lose it all up all of em some glad. I am glad that it didn't work out for that sake, because they would have taken all the money and blown we would have been honey, I'm glad at it worked out because you gotta go through some. She's alive. You gonna live you gotta live it's it's hard enough to be a person. Just a groan person is how everybody knows that it's hard, it's hard to be grown up. It's really hard to be fair. right. It's hard, it's hard to manage it and it's way harder if you grow up famous yet as you never had a reality like you, don't have a like random people know Lamb. Oh yeah. They always know where you are right. We you're fucked, because it's like cement, but your taxes.
Mixing it wrong. Rather too much water is never gonna. Harden you can't take the water out, yeah majority fucked yeah, that's what it's like to developing a your level is very difficult. Somebody that's really well known. It can be very difficult. I gotta my level around a fun because, like I get a few p, wanna in a restaurant go hey man. That's me, Mackay yeah, you were fans, we like your body, that's fine, but then it your life. Will it gets a little invasive gives where it gets invasive, but how slow drip You know, I got over a long time right now at a slow, fame drip since ninety four right now yeah an end and then now it states just decision yeah, you can't go to an airport without people, it's a whole thing. It's a thing yeah. It's a thing that people come up. Yonder harmony store people caught, they run up to another. Do rights. Let me just show you this video. While they want me to do things with them. He asked what's weird, but I need you to help me with this project will be helping women.
This project. How do you to be amazed? The fuckin, a number of people during the day that email me or or get home, friends right now, I don't want to get you this. This guy was talked about this. I made its hundreds yeah its constant yeah, because they think that They know hey. You know that guy hate right. I got this thing. I've been trying to make this new kind of pickle right was reflected. Can you invest packages can't hold him? You have had no bullshit, thousand people, ask me to invest and let angle weirdest way someone tried to get on the show. Has there been like weird ways, everywhere. I dont know seventy FED Ex himself to the studio. Beautiful thing about me. Not routing comments are undergoing rise. I don't have to read any of that right and I have good people that filter out all that shit right. They ve done like like tat. campaigns rather like twitter, tweet item areas. This is may say, look at that! Look at that. I
the made it. We just had the walk snuff love. How did you know was TIM bizarre? You? Yes, man come on dancing with that smaller Panic women. Are you sure? That's you that's absolutely. How do you know? That's you. it was. I was I'm Caille to remind us that this is done with Russia and they want to see your little face, different now, it's all from Fuckin bird's eye view earlier, princesses, nonsense, shit by it, you gotta get. I asked him. The outer starting a chubby dies. You guitar, starting a chubby that is you yeah. So what do you think you're right? like I'm really onto how do they get. This is really not what I thought I was gonna be. Did you meet snuff love Agus outside of the oftener? They keep them to see all the big parties to smoke cigarettes outside. He was. This really kind of guy lament Carol something, and he looked very like who like creeping light, will now just manageress smoke and say
some kind of like a bird smokes. Eggs are further kids yeah. Sit outside Historiae coffin, a story studios. What years us? eighteen, I was, I was mean nineteen nineteen nine before he could still smoke cigarettes or from a kiss by our backing and it was my kids- were just shut out and we would take my friends mother what drives ratchet smoke, but I front father would smoke, but in Rome When does that's the grass does all she would smoke Marlborough than I catch cold yak as a you kid yellow windows go right up, so that was when you could treat kids like you know. The garbage, smoking sections and restaurants seem like the such a thing of the past, but I wasn't there fucking along what year was the eyes were out there doing so must have been like two thousand and three four or five summers produce New York was earliest. In York was first will allay was up. It was really deal hazard. They stopped in bars and remembered. True carry was complaining, they stout and grit drew care even smoked, but you just complaining for the business for Barneys Beanery as they
acted Barney enterprise. I why parties Beanery even other smoking section was alone. Let causes We want those eyewear everywhere who could have a SEC? I guess the world just smelled like smoke when you, when you were grown up like all the time it yeah but casinos, you could still smoke ass God, wills fact they eventually again, you now really really that it's very it's frowned upon a half. They are. You can't speak it like. If you're at a table, I can have a cigarette but like walking around most of places like no, but please not, but I think they probably dont want you drop and ashes unexplored burning. The car part of it is a lot of assholes, walk round cigars to Vegas and will foot yeah. I'm aware that might be the casino depend, Will the ceilings are so high and they filter the oxygen. So I'm do they really pop oxygen and keep you Well, that's what they say awake, but it's probably because it such an enclosed space. Yet, to get some fresh air and about keeping
Have you been since the covert? Now I've only been d, the vaguest for the fights and fights are at the? U have see apex and to have you stay, or do you just like now, I fly in and out today and it's weird being there man it's like everybody's we're in a mask and they are very strict law. And Nevada US owing everybody's mast up and yeah. I just think at that time. You can have a tough time back, didn't have real tough time bouncing back, but if they are back, they will money? Dear yes, of love, vague as if they were seen there, it's just whether not that the town itself, though my buddy Randy, was Tommy's, hurt and be lives. There said certain hurt bad is it gets hurt bad like most Rupert through their savings within the first month or two, and you think I always get it
back to it. I don't know Jamie. You were just there, he said it was harbours. Weird I was that I wasn't three airports allay or for technical, I guess Ella Columbus Austin, while pretty empty for, like you, would think the pandemic is happening, o Hare airport last night pact slammed slam, people run around everywhere people for flights every every plain everyone assumes folder. every final gone their life. This is a full fly out, Mitya uncomfortable a full flight with strangers masculine I haven't done. I haven't done a full fly, but I've done I've done flights, and I gotta be honest with you: don't feel that in the in the plane, because there did the oxygen keep did they circular David. They refer to the air. They said that the transmission rates are probably lower there than if you weren't, like an elevator in enclosed small rumour. Some like that,
it's weird how contagious diseases. Well you say that, but I know a guy just ass, a positive in his girlfriend, not positive, and they ve been living together. So weird, it's a good areas. Strange is where you now probably healthy yeah, so I mean, but he's healthy to their both baltic fit as people should give taken the old she might be doing that I don't know, That is that there is a luxury goods, maybe some, although it might be anybody but listen. This he's he was still gave concerns about some rest, motorcyclists and based on the two bodies or I just take divine right. I picked a vitamin d and- and I think that's what you can do- vitamin d, how me in Lahti, zinc vitamin c Indonesia, white sugar and inflammable ice cream. Bullshit and don't ya, don't don't don't you now try to sleep, that's hard.
Well, that's the thing about breast milk to though breast milk is phenomenal for kids, mean system Vanka make says, makes sense, but ours, not nearly as big of an issue with children. Anyway, the want of things the Florida governor, Daddy's, put up a chart showed the fatal poverty rate for people that are you know under this age over their eyes and went through all the thing which is accurate, but you just talking about fatality long term effects are creeping yeah. That's about that's an issue! There's some people that have like devastating long term effects, and They don't know how long that's gonna last savagely. This has only been around for six months, but there's people that got it for five months ago that are still suffering from fatigue.
And they did, but they are also saying that, like that's a lot like the lot of diseases that aren't reported like you know, people just have some weird neurological reaction to it and hinges flares up like some type of whether its chronic fatigue, her up obscene bars on I mean, did it's just a bad situation where you hope that we get out of it, but there doesn't seem to be like there's no great option here? The great option is: take carrier health in making just done. That's the option Sure you make your immune system as durables possible and there's this is was drive me the most crazy about our government. You know here peep about that. You don't hear a peep about that, which is why you now started on my Pike S set as a joke. I said: tell people eat a vessel is likely to tell people to vote, there's so much better, revise or equally good advice. tell them other sex and nobody tells anyone anything so yet they ve said not a word about immune health and they said not a word about preventative measures. You can take other than sitting in your house and going broke yeah.
The crazy and allay the talking about schools when one schools can open up this after the election that could you try to pretend that european policies on totally political after the election Devils Khumalo Harris will open the school she'll cut the ribbon to open the school when its ya do have science, she's gonna, smother Biden with a pillow? I mean that eighty gets in that she's gotta go to going to celebrate, going to celebrate the hotel room and she's gonna get on top of now. Anything I've solvers last week this guy's gonna go. This is a big mistake yeah he's been taken. That he's been saying about taking vitamin d. It says if your deficient, the problem with that is everyone's deficient yeah. You know people are thinking, efficient, seventy nine percent of Americans deficient invite of India about but defouled. She just seems to me, like, I have always believed Italian shouldn't shouldn't be doctors and our governors yeah or governors, racked with their should make cars either a hundred percent, but we should have a Jew or an Asian, giving us advice. I, like that noble
He wants a short vowed. She. Nobody wants a fucking delivery guy, giving people advice on around a virus, give us Asian give us an who nobody wants an irish guy either. Nobody wants gotta looks like music now become untenable. Nobody wants dad ten asian or a Jew, plead insanity. Nobody want nobly what you want a doctor or an indian guy, pakistani guy sovereignty and listen to him. Listen goal is telling what you said what it is. I think that's fair. I like when people are racing against white people together, the only gets away with us all. We have left her. You know that you get away with gas shall, over all you have left. Italians are barely. Why that's what I'm sayin? Truly! That's my people are, I barely wife, well, we're we're slaves, we were, slaves and we were. I mean that potato famine was a tragedy. People tend not to remember the gloss over the rocks
potatoes are in front of your ring about you. This was a hard time for your answers. I mean, but I don't know this debate- tomorrow's gonna be like it might be the funniest thing ever I hope and scary, as I hope it falls apart. I hope Biden forgets we're talking about this fall asleep, I hope up goes crazy, starts making shit up here and I hope the United States, the next egg, puts a time out and see tat. Yeah, let's start over would not be amazing commercial. it's an hour and a half commercial free. Why who's that moderator Moderate Chris Monsieur another event things. Chris water is to take stock of what other Chris walls guy. He is very reasonable. He's not bad he's very reasonable, he's a good choice he will hold your fucking nuts to the fire was stupid. Share he's good yeah. He is and he's a Fox news, guy buddies,
good and even liberals. So, looking at him, the like, ok, it's gonna, be too is gonna, be It's gonna be a really crazy debate. I'm kind of I mean I'm doing the show. Instead a dose of sea but I'll, see I'll watch it and I'm sure you'll be idle. watch it afterwards. I was just going to be of it's. The elections would scary to me. We should do. Last year, our last into doesn't sixteen you weren't in L a yet, but you did. I enter the world of podcast yeah, we do something like that in November third Tubby hilarious, we should get some people in here Jamie, Have on do? Have anybody booked don't hurry. Wise anything, don't say, link nothing! There's enough and I dont say: Think Jamie. There might be that all of us as election damage different testament action too. Don't what the fuck it Spotify P For now I gotta keep the guests and why it it's like. You sneak a man, oh by the way, I'm sneak in some people and yeah there's gonna, be some nuclear bombs dropped but yeah. Let's
that let's get together a few guys like maybe Normand yeah. Maybe Should I yeah? Why not crazy people? Do it all in here and doing I may not skype. Options might be available to us. When can we might not be in this room anymore by then I got ideas. Mother, Moving on, don't shut I'll, take this area when you're done What's it to you, I'm right, you're, gonna, move Europe. I my yeah, I mean it's, it's getting a little crazy over there. You move here. I might have this available for getting little crazy over their good and in our view- and I ran black despite this- is the spot I like it. This is like a Boston, chinese restaurant. I had put this thing together, I'm an area who did together Matt Alvarez, yet we can make more red. Yet we have to put thing together. Again, I little we decided from. I like that, leave it like that. I leave it like that is our aim. As tight rested ass nice ass type from from with the signing and we're gonna leave airway to
living here right. Six weeks, quick. Six week, click we were From deciding level leave eighty shipping everybody moving the whole crew yeah, like everybody security, be, Paul everybody Jamie, my family, fuckin. We had a move, all the equipment, We had a set everything we had had a put together. This fuckin room, people again refresher hurry to move their here. It's a spot where I told you I. What do you give a fuck? What thereby may yeah yeah, but I got plans plans for stage to leg I likely address it. Your days had folks relax. saddle now settled now, it's not lost our guiding Labianca! That's like this! I think these are sound panels. Yeah, that's just not local! Why appreciated thanks for letting me use your backyard from my pop up, whenever you want, as tell I very, were started clubs out of anything, I don't think so much
for over two yards get on your people have asked for you cleared off required. No, I think, there's gonna be a mean. This avail veto room here: do they actually just random bodies still do stand up? I don't know, what's goin, I think a lot of stuff Austin is closed and sixty was sketch the other day I drove down sixty during the day and those like work so sketchy nothing less. Good right. Now these holes up weird and night it opens up. Does it I hear music at night on time? I heard music for sure, but I also saw a lot of work very home. see lookin folk. Wandering around. Well, that's gonna worse and worse than most people forget it to get people back to work and get people mental care and all kinds of shared Brigitte Ferris? He sent me a video that took from Venice, its. It's my man real. What's Goin on my all straight
I mean I'm a mile straight of hands like the fuckin video just keeps going and going and going any like now. Now that can, the old Isaac Y know tents in Beverly Hills, though you know, because this people with a lot of money right, that's exactly what it is here, but then they tweet on Twitter about ran. Like what does this plan there they have. This look stupid idea like what's. Ok the rice people think it's a fine it's! Finally, this says he wants to see that listen, geneticists, crazy! This is crazy, but your lungs got I'll. Send this to Jimmy our airdrop too, because people need to see this because a lot of people think like you're, exaggerating hysterically, knowledge, Bates bad. It's not a big deal here, young Jimmy. It's on the way to seize knocker.
really long, video, the centre ready the this is the thing that androids Mason Arab yeah they can eat. Shit is honest, their job and his eyes, apples better with privacy. They can eat shit. You can put it up. There check this process Let's put swatch along with us this, like a minute long, video and much, he would go tent intent, Tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, I'm not exaggerate. Tent untenanted Tintint intended ten contentment and intent intended and content, and ten tintint tent tintint, ten ten it goes on and on and on and on
and in an EU fast forward it keeps going it keeps going like this is a long, fucking video it's more than a minute long, and it is our tents, it's crazy and not just some of it does just some of it. Yet there there stairs real bad problems and there's no good ways to solve them right acts that nobody knows how to fit. What they're doing this dump show putting boulders under the fangs and that the EU can do that. You're just gonna make the move and then they gonna being right somewhere else with a ten August. fidget Mental health care the problem as they keep trying to build this low cost housing, but it it's it's, I think, is seventeen forty thousand dollars per unit of local US, how the ethical, wise crossing that much is so much regulation and red tape and they won't let him do drugs there, so they leave rime and if you dont, if you don't make it illegal for them to just have tents round, fuckin sidewalks. We can't walk around you gonna walk on the highway because I thought contents everywhere. What about mental health care
but that still along play, that's not gonna fix anything overnight, but just shoot. Em comb, though it is a well I'm in a mental health care clinic, did they would walk into thinking it's a clinic and then you would vaporize. I dont know what's going to fix it, but I don't know either. I think it's one of those things were got too far, went too far in when it's too far gone, but they didn't like didn't. Have a few tens listen evokes what's wrong. Can we help? Let's, let's, let's put the programme to help these people here and then covert came along and everything like magnified by ten. He had a system seems to be buckling and in certain places and that's one of the places it seems to be buckling the most, notably as in LOS Angeles and is the peanut. Money or just like fuckin money out of it there just completely, and I suppose in hand to this, both some guy two hands. He had no idea what was going on it. He said to me, as I can only problems on twitter, these real problems on like now there probably, but rather to launch enough people. People literally
insulated by their own social circle or wherever they are. But I mean you know these. These problems, whether it's the fires, the ECB, the economy, the homeless people, they're all it's a perfect storm in LOS angeles- suggests in deep deep trouble and they're not opening up any time soon is so poorly managed. Very poorly me. I didn't realize how important it is to have a good mare until I saw this should arrive and a good God Well, if you want to feel better about LOS Angeles, go right over the New York City and build a blog, has destroyed fifteen years progress in five months, really yeah, absolutely that city right now at night does not feel funny walk around here but what it was like well was earlier. We had an area be mean, do opens for me. We were, we had an urban, be weep leaf, a beautiful apartment on like, but but it was a house kitchen right by times square but we're in, whose high rises. I said you know we're we're all the way up and
oh, but we got manoeuvre that was a hazmat it was. It was wrapped in Vienna literally talk, the guy was in hazmat suit, and over the over was like cellophane wrapped, like that. You know the partition. We do from twelve monkeys. Remember that movie that's exactly from and then he dropped us off. Two blocks from the upper and unity and a camera we're film and stuff, and the walk from the labour to the apartment was. I never felt that way in New York. I mean it was pretty wild, but you were looking at stuff and you'll go on like this is teetering on on a real big problem like they're, just people out in the streets that you know, if you were a tourist not be cat? That's our overdrive! Her. If you were a tourist or if you are somebody visiting the city, it would not be a place, you would feel comfortable or say they defended the police, but a hundred million together take money away and they're gonna have less cops and then, instead of trying to figure out solve some of these problems are just trying to like again. They want to win on Twitter. when the war on to it right? It's like that's what Hilary
she tried to win the elections on Twitter. That was a big thing. Like thing is. Even the progressives are attacking the plaza and will they hate him to Anybody Haiti's his ease across the board, but it incompetent eats Peter with a fork. Yes, and nobody trusts him and he's just a visa empty, headed girl. That's what does go. We describe yeah, there's! No, the Basel fans. Now it's it's a dark time, frontier, city bounces, bilateral, whose right James Altucher or Jerry Seinfeld, but that was amusing, devils long cause there. Neither one I'm are living in New York City Secretary Seinfeld, a trillion dollar home and added measures in Florida selling. God only knows, survival is kids out of his basement, and I like him, but you know these Otto. I think it is absent flows. I think it's a cycle I think you're in for some years ago. as our legs it good. Lord is tourism in a right, yet the awful in the office, our Euro, Sudanese regretted Yahoo, the artists to tick tock or I may turn to workers- are moving yeah. That's what we really programme
yeah. No, I think that's possible that it happens. In a few years things get banned or the roan dried, lower, the rats, he artist command people and then maybe you don't listen. Then you see, like architects, start taking big chances again, because the rents are cheaper to ship to the cool buildings reinventing public spaces. There's some type of renaissance. I mean look after work, do we have a real big boom? The fifth is gonna need a Giuliani or they Can anybody somebody something I need somebody so's Ella Ella is gonna need some guy comes in and puts his fuckin foot and it'll have to get really bad before that you know when Juliana got elected, I think it was in then in ninety ninety there was like twenty nine or three thousand homicides in manner. I mention twenty, nine or three thousand to let us know it was It was twenty nine hundred or through those literally whose duty it was almost three thousand homicides. At an end, then we got down to like four five hundred a year. That's a massive difference in Indiana people getting killed, you'll, get maimed and shot and all these other crimes. While feeling of times square member from back in those days it was weird yeah you'd be doing this list,
Let's get out of here now it's like tat. It was like a mall and Giuliani. Biggie did a great job and he'd, be cuz he's kind of a little bit of a cretin and a lot of people forgot. I bet it was they? Don't you don't give him any of the credit for that they say all the credits to go to somebody else, but the reality was. It was a lot of the new initiatives that he kind of brought forward. Well, here's the thing is much as you like to think progressively and be a person whose open minded and that's who I am yeah- yeah aid law and order Gary NEWS vitally needed. You need these items. We need a society punishment for people break those rules. We need to have a society. Otherwise you have nothing else as well with the amount of people that guy we're a fly or excuse. Random acts of violence against people and private property in the pursuit of a political aim to me is to create that is single, crazy development in my life, I'm thirty five that I've seen that the media and even political figures excuse
random violence, a case against innocent people and their property in. service of an overall political points that is crazy, CNN Ass Cuomo yeah! Since windows protests have to be peaceful, that's crazy. That is a crazy thing I'll, say you think that's what it's almost gas troops that form I don't know, I don't know, but I don't think it scripted. I think He has a mind virus I think, he's sick. I think they're all sick and something's eating their brains. We drop one and I think they all think that when the revolution, whatever happens, they want to be this. I wanna be good. Why? Guy who said God their brand, all down friend, number me, though, of a rich white guy and you dont like them, I told you to burn down we're good right, we're not gonna get you to your their enemy to dummy. You know what they are remember that video with his kids in the in the house and their watch. These people marched by and the given
I draw rocks the window. What we agree with you: ok, I'm on your side. That's exactly when you unleashed chaos, you? U inviting chiaja, there's no way to contain I think the corners of the world and all of those people are trying to marshal the forces that their open, they got a comedian front. Ammonia is Papa said it goes to opening up the gates of hell, they're opening up the gates of and then there trying to like instruct everybody where to go and how bear the fires are gonna, get as acute when you open up those gauge. You have no idea. What's gonna happen November. Third, we'll talk, let's go up in smoke. let's go to download gentlemen kill fowl on Twitter and the Amsterdam was a TIM J Delta, Israel, India, Ella one on Instagram and Twitter, where I think we should all be spending more time, Diaspora, Brasilia by everybody. You friends for Tunisia and thank you too Harry's and their fuckin awesome. Blades Harry Sharp as blades ever at Big box, drug and growth, restores near you just head on
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