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#1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon

2020-10-27 | 🔗
Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show.
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so she dot com, Slash, Rogan, soap, go to Hell, o tissue dot com, Slash Rogan, to get ten percent off your order and free shipping a right boy. Do we gonna walk before you folks buckle up some will be happy. Some will not please welcome my good friend TIM Dylan and the great and powerful Jones, the job will gain experience. Young Jamie back in the fuckin saddle, I feel and very well covered free. four days in a row now kicked it yeah. Now these still can't taste anything it
You, like a matter him back today, Bialik five percent taste nets. Cubby passages does noticing anything really just isn't water low reward, but you don't have any residual symptoms. Nothing wrong again could breathe. Everything could see bout. I do a little worried about you, worried about you not worried about you, Alex, chose. This is the most anticipated thing I ever did. I probably had no exaggeration to three thousand people. I should have asked me: When are you going back on Joe Rogan, and I'm always saying I don't know, I don't know that I learned you're moving here like three four months ago. now we're here. This is this is exciting. I dont get butterflies anymore, but it actually have him here, and this is this is great good butterflies for about twenty years- didn't get Two times I was on. Did you get it when I interviewed tromp didn't get him a lot of things, but I've got butterflies and tomb.
The fact is this a kid in a candy store. They let you for making this dream come true. This is what I've always wanted to do and we ve made it had. This is my make a wish. I can die happy mapping. Ya got my fridges, lane short, because I believe all women is that I say it it's. I think so. Yeah I thought a lame other led. My gallant is gives like do you know like me now, I'm going because life is lame that's ridiculous name! Her father was a famous my sick, massage spy Importantly, you sex operators to control people he diving thrown off got in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Of course she got caught in that farm house on the EAST coast and she was really the over Epstein in a giant sex network ring over scientist, they work. compromising so there control? I discovered that industry and science, and so that was the matter your black, no operational right and sisters are big and tech like Isabel
Maxwell. They she s, sisters that are in: U S, tech companies, over sisters were part of creation Magellan, which was that big search engine real. So yet they are a very powerful family and they have all kinds of different operation you heard was the biggest publisher in England. so the biggest donor of private tv stations in England and Germany, arbitrarily was affront basely for intelligence networks? Now, let me run off the bat say you were telling me about Epstein in this island years ago. You are telling me long before anybody would. I think you told me about him before his first arrest long time ago. I thought about how they have these islands. They they fly the compromise children, but I learned all this from TED Gunderson twenty plus years ago he was onto the FBI director. He was the heaven at the eyelash Angelus he's a very famous f p. Age and even Ranco until broke into civil rights.
I apologise for that, for he died in the two thousand eleven, but he came and he was the one that explained to me about how to use these. These blackmail rings, elements the CIA and in foreign intelligence groups and and how they would have make people have sexual children part of these clubs. These cultural were setting up. I knew about all this from category with a young girls that did they tell them these girls were under age, or did they look like they were older, like like this, the boar movie, where they truly has. Unfortunately, I up now, haven't seen. It is very disappointing. Because they shut him up ass. They did set him up, but nothing happened. They made it look like Giuliani was jerking off from this You ve taken its MIKE off. He would have to be the biggest savage on earth to deter coffee in that situation, and they also said that he inappropriate touched her back when he touched her back. I am not exaggerating like this right.
It was a couple of light tat on the back, while she was close to him taking off his MIKE thing. He does a thank you very much dear and host your site, I need your name in your phone number and then she takes office MIKE and then he leaned back in his talking sure back just pull them. I go right, but he's lying on the bed do now, if you're, an old man and I'm sure he's project a bad back like that. probably how you would do that any of us that have had to put the marks on our side and then you put it in your pants up your shirt and then you ve got It's me up. You ve gotta, get it out, that's what you do, but but it's worse than that remember when you play in the who's, the guy care AAA like ten years ago, Bruno Bruno remember, Congress for Paul, the Thomas had run for president and he's in the hotel, Yos o the light broke. Please step into this room, so there's no chair RON. Paul sits down is written, paper and comes in and pulls his pants out. His own have sexual you. Now that will be sexual assault. That was a man to a woman on Paul pushes rather way goes out of the room, and so this is
he does Germany to other people, especially is a say you're being interviewed internet. Listen! Let me just before we go any further, I fucking love usage of iron coincide. Comic June, I think he's brilliant amazing, but his interpretation of happen, the room with Rudy Giuliani. It's it's not accurate. In my opinion a little when I meet in who is american he's too, is tapping her while she's touching him and removing his MIKE. He does this little tap on her ways, but it's not creepy. It's like an old man like little tapped, tat right like if, if you want to take it out of context, like I don't know, There is more to it than but let's go further. Let's go further. After this happens, boycott hospital and runs in in painting
I'm a browser has six would mean fifteen. She too. Oh yes, so this is an unduly always like what they are doing. What is this my fucking a twelve year old sense of humour, loved yeah, but the thing about it is their making It seem like Giuliano jerk off in front of you and that's not look here, lies back any tucking. His pants like if you could shut the whole thing, so we can look at it. We don't have they put it out promotional material with agenda. We we can watch in here, but Gabby. This is not exactly the right now. There shuttle trot attack you they put the saddest promotional material to be promoted, they put it out. the clip is on Miss Pats, give a shot. Miss Panic, Jamie behind right on Instagram, it's on her instagram. If you but let me draw the bombshell Aouda bombshell, Nano Ebene, big fan,
I share common till I learned he spoke at the eighty l last year and call for my arrest for free speech any he call for Jeff, Zuckerberg arrest, remarked Zeb remarks arrest, so he got from my arrest and an for Mark Zuckerberg arrest for four. spanish, he wants to work in Hollywood right gotta do it. You got a deal that let's go further. Eels are agreed with me. He said arrest, people for their free speech and he said, words are not so how does he make his money being this avant garde? Cutting edge really over the edge comic. That does things technically be seen as illegal. I support is free speech and then he says I don't deserve it. Well, it's really dangerous he's flawed. Like many great artists, yeah. No, I mean I am until they for him he's not understand. This slippery slope of censorship and that you know this is another thing that you know. People have
We criticised me for being friends with you and for talking to you, and they also criticised me for not supporting, allow these people. They got to abandon de platform, might take on and has always been the best way. To counter wrong speech, is correct, speech the right when someone says something, that's wrong. If someone says a conspiracy theory, this not accurate. The best way to counter that is is to to do better spent to do that. People say the accurate information and to let the truth rise. The top when you start censoring people. The problem is it's a fucking slippery Open is a reason why we ve been so steadfast in supporting the first amendment in this country, and people think it doesnt plot attack because he's tech institutes are private businesses and they should be able to do whatever they want with a private business. The problem
Ms, that fuckin slippery slope has gone from censoring you for banning Alex Jones off Twitter a year and a half ago to getting the White House Prick press secretary band off twitter because She proposed something from the New York Post, which quays crazy. It's court that are too certain whatever Euro american elders wherever and they what she said that the post with what they put printed and put out there. is accurate. Then let's go further. Let's go further than denying that there are, the real story, but I don't ever say the emails are fake. They use. It's a smear. Now it's a real laptop. The videos have been released, its confirmed, but just think of It is a smear in that their trot they're, putting it out there there their timing. It sure, but they're not denying their not denying its real, though it's real, it's real, how did the lab topcoat? How did this laptop become this big store? That's where it gets trick, yeah caretakers, supposedly he dropped it.
of a dial up repair shop in Delaware. What am I meet whose, while crack it right? rising warrant because smoke, I agreed, forgetting he smokes crowded. While he died at the time, apparently kicked it solved gratulation step, but the the I had some problems, nice itself admitted in and all other receipts and here's the thing he call. Dozens of times that thereby nobody Bree laptop raising and they say if you don't pay for this, we're in a wipe it sell it, and so much goes by six months ago. Why nobody becomes a gets it. guy goes to look at it and repair shop. The owner, and there's all these twenty five thousand files. What looks like under age, girls and all the rest, crazy, stubborn him smoking cracker, God knows what he usually FBI re. Does nothing the director hide it from Trump and show People was just say inside it had copies of that they to root out Giuliani, who the now started to put it out so, instead of set of facing up to they just say anyone promoting this weather,
the House or Sinnott committees that were linking to it or the new post or the president's press secretary, you, now band which give showed its its election meddling, its gate, keeping become of this but we will also come out now. His daughter binds daughters our purportedly reportedly and they do not deny that was brought three days ago left. diary and a house that she had read it and the die. We talk about all the same stuff in everything we know what the fuck is wrong with you, ve been hold us always going. When I was looking into this thing, I keep seeing. People say that he lived in calculating calf. One is an idea that is true. That's what I keep reading. They fly back and forth the Delaware lose jets. Are they Ukraine, or that also might make sense that that's why I didn't go back to Delaware to pick up the laptop, because when you crackdown, California is really hard to make the flight,
right. Little tin is only one hears guidelines, the firms they live and firm. It's not easy flight coming down off cocaine or crack yeah Have you smoke record low, have free based cocaine, which has basically yet close. How close is it not? Is close is why ever went made shady deals in the Ukraine work? What that's like out as a united action, the emails. Finally yeah. Well, you thirty million part of it goes. The big guy then go here. We want to meet with your dad there's photos of the meeting and playing also maintain this is real. The FBI has the files they Israel. It's a big deal, but it's a real problem to ban the stuff from Twitter. Putin rejects Donald Trump criticism, abiden family business. Well because it's the rushes, bribing hunter by three point: five million through through potent through the Moscow mayor who is friends with two hundred binding it? While I was Putin
denied to listen. Putin has got to love this. If I was Putin sitting back right watching these fuckin people eat themselves alive and destroy the first amendment, droid democracy and re, I'm sure they have a hand. I'm sure China has a hand in it. I'm sure IRAN has a area. This is what the intelligence communities have been telling. For a long time now? Is that it's not just one foreign company or foreign country, that's trying to fuck with our demands we see the idea that the Russians have a monopoly on this. The Russians were in and I fell full vaulting. They be like the lower third and by the? U S a China the top to write, and we should say we should say the United States. Does it too short a hundred percent confirm these? Are the idea that Russia's got trump in is asking? Because here's what happens noticed they try to compete. Prompt just nine months ago for Stephanie ray, because whatever they are worried about, they project, okay, so Trump
doesn't have Russia connections, prompt, doesn't have other connections dropped doesn't have those outside connections. You can't buy him, he doesn't have lobbyists the problem ass. He then s friend We had people around him that basically become law, for themselves and Trump isn't really even aware of it, and then that's going and I mean even junior AIDS now, you'll find out how people, given the millions of dollars, you just say something of the present. Is this standard shit. Is this just stand, how politics have always been damaged, now we're seeing it well. It was energy Security years ago you ve got a wife for the brother or or some other wars. The lighthouse organised last hundred years lobbyist trumped literally cut the lobbyist off, but all was now make everyone around him. A lobbyist do not occur. We lobbied how to cut the lobbyists off. He just stop Meet weatherman. Stop interest that I won't briefings and what's going on all decide, that's my pistol! Washington off now, there's even perfect, but that he actually. came. The president for many years himself instead of having consortium's lobbyists, pay him for policy. That's why says
bags raise more money than we. Of course, I can call up all these companies will give me any money. I want that I've got do what they say, but it would put him in a compromise position. Yes, but I'm being honest about it, the vacuum in and the blind spot is this: everyone around him and his cabinet in every one that works there evened out a mid level. People are now getting multi million dollar contracts for companies like de Antium stuff, just two suggested. Even g mention some of the now behold above, for you know you any for that. You set eighty indeed, as it has been proven that eighty or you just say in eighteen t like companies Good. I'm upset entities battling entities overall, get someone. What is eighteen t doing something bad? No, I just I was mentioning that is fortune. Five hundred companies? Ok, but it's not eighteen to know it's not even so. We shouldn't say that see this, why you need someone It's like a fact check right now: go it slow down the mediaeval shea I'm wrong right about that, but ok, but but hold on his personal lawyer his personal lawyer, the one and it is going to jail actual.
Michael Michael Cashman, was getting money for media to God bought up. I was just trying to give you just start crying out us, but I just want to have told you before What you really need your show is. I got a legit journalist whose next year with a laptop Gaunt Alex hold on hold on to slow down, but I think you're right about because we didn't get so much right but gets something wrong, that's it, but when you get it is eighty anti confirms it paid. Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen's company, yap, nigh. Remember that each out there are always saying that I am making rather lying right everyone's, while my memories before graphic over my everything. I've done, it's not it's goes use to be it mutually. Click. Ok, show What I'm saying is that we just did data knowledge, ok and then I can like ok yeah did I say that yeah real check it out, but but try to mixed up innovation. The time here it is eighteen to confirm Tuesday evening. The paid president Trans Personal Oil Michael Column, in two thousand seventeen for in quotes insight
into understanding the new administration insights. I love that so how much they pay up to two thousand bucks in four separate payments of fifty bucks in late, two thousand seventeen early, two thousand interesting gravity got paid. I think the number was ten million total from a handful of companies, but we can t get. It is eighty look avenue naughty alleged that essential consultants, a shell company set up by calling before the election to a stormy Daniels was paid by several corporations, including eighteen tea. At the time, eighteen tea was seeking government, problem for its acquisition of Time Warner CNN pack up larger majority. yeah, but I'm telling you ate. Unity is a sweetheart compared to Google and Facebook and Twitter people, so I wasn't attacking them. I was given the example of how everyone and his entourage becomes a lobbyist because he thinks I'll just cut lobbyist off he's, not taken any money,
but then everyone around him becomes lobbies. I don't you worry about the influence of people showered cushion to have cause. I know that a lot of biggest his supporters again. cultures. Trumps biggest importer goes. I don't love the Kennedy hired is children and that day have a lot of connection. I can tell you this. I can tell you this people were we passed, who were patriots, the intelligence community other areas, but also enemies of trumpet kosher, had so much influence, but now cause she's got a lotta respect. Because it actually got a lot of huge peace, deals down that nobody else can do for fifty years now, interesting how little press peace deals ever gonna, not l, press yeah, it's really concerning show. So now by me they were piss like who's this kid and now everything you touch. It turns to gold, but it looks like the omen we ve covered. He looks like a little huddled atlas like down any page. Is he pay twice what it was worth for likes it, six six park avenue. Oh Jesus Christ, that's not good enough! Well, that's not great. Why would you want that was more than twice look up. Six executive
seven hours had. Maybe it's funny, maybe he's a signal- has getting good deals that in the Middle EAST as a good deal, their civil rights gives good the allows it. I'm gonna be elusive ferry and at least by peace in the Middle EAST. Like come up that maybe Saint John One can do that. Eighteen tease a really good cell phone company, yeah right, hey, hey, Just wait works. I mean you wanna when I mention eighty anti. It's an example that paths my head of about an unofficial lobby was happy that we called you wanna, because and we found out its correct yeah, look, keeping cool asked about a lot of shit. This is my point from jump. I've found out about agent provocateurs from you from your nine eleven road to tyranny, video weather use them at the World Trade Organization Protests in Seattle, the late nineties, like I had no idea that there was a common practice to say And in masked people too, Lord smashing things during peaceful protests. So then they could go a long way over the straight Dublin Anti Voting order that good, ok,
Those sixty six for gravity project have been a black hole of cash for years until a sovereign wealth funds made a substantial investment for the property after commissioner was already serving as trumps top adviser in the White House. While ok might be a nice building, though, what is it say the cushion your company is Otis companies was the residents of the cushion companies six six six park, Avenue project, that's Larry, us, I think that's. Oh he's down into prison for us. I believe, setting up his brother was like a prostitute, yeah yeah. What yeah that's there are fun, family the cash we ve been awaited with when they had set up the brother with up with a prostitute, Cloakroom Antonio step by step. We can in fact check everyone, not only. It is well known that the end, but we need to have this for the people I mean Alex. Don't you spout off my half the fact? I know you have the facts, but I wanna make sure Chris Christie, Jerry Pushers, Father, committed one of them.
Most loathsome disgusting crimes are prosecuted, while why in fact check all that is crazy. We make that bigger for my old eyes. Look at this wears a according to the experts in the book or published by access in the guardian Christie claims. The younger cushiony was behind his departure from inner circle after two thousand sixteen election writing that he was still apparently seething over the events that occurred a decade ago. What is the events? they offer prosecutors, daddy should have gotten like you should go. probation for trying to set up his brother with a hooker setting out a bunch of time? Magic dad setting you up with a hooker? It's crazy though he shut the other family, never up! Here's! Here's! What, if my father's guilty, I would MR cook your blood guilty. He admitted the crimes Christie said and so what am I supposed to do? As a prosecutor, I mean, if a guy hires a prostitute seduce to suit his brother in law. I was his brother in law what he set his brother in law. His brother in law. Ok I'll, get confused and then videotapes.
and then sends the video tapes to his sister to attempt to intimidate her from testified before grin jury. There really need anymore justification that holds it wasn't to intimidate taxes. Interpretation that stuff goes on. Divorce is all the time people go, video the person cheating. So that's why it was wrong to prison because he wasn't doing he was doing that show that the parts of death of I was wrong. Of course, we're trying to influence testimony withdraws its this idea that, yes, there cheat, I told you they were here's the prove. How does that become fraught Ocampo view? so. He set up his brother in law with a prostitute. show that this has been going on before what she'd, already alleged, ok and the plot Kirshner hired a prostitute to lure shoulder into having sex in a Bridgewater New Jersey, motel, first If you find yourself in a Bridgewater New Jersey, motel fact run as I've as the hidden camera roles I tabled, the encounter then send a cushion her sister
shoulders were out o story sawdust process we trot, we would I just made a comment that you thinking about like who's running the cut the these stories and on how to bind runnin around with Peter under age people on a laptop you stuck on. Why does everyone work for ukrainian gas Company like who are these people running the contract, a less because trade, Ukraine, so that you can use that as as as the money laundering off its other Ukrainians running right, they use it. Is that, but but let's expand on this Joe. What I'm getting at here is added and bring up eighty anti there, a good company overall there, not the one century and stuff. Ok, the big tech threes my raise? That was just one that pass had the first one, its mass what's going on, which is being honest, that trouble rightly a couple hundred grand, let you mean as much as that. sounds like a lot of money, given the bigger ones like he's talking to Communist China, Amazon COM and China's even bigger oak is bigger than big tech. It little we spent hundreds of billions of dollars by us off, Hollywood? It owns a lot of the big telecoms. It owes the majority of our dead and I got
articles in the airway times. In your times, I brought for you where they say Gigi paying must destroy tromp to save America. He was our leader and then of the Davis group. He said three, you go. I will destroy drop. I will work with Hollywood. I've got always quotes right here and it's easy pink shit. I want to overthrow american democracy. I want appreciate it. Credit Gigi paying admit he admires Adolf Hitler and chose Stalin, ok, but isn't he doing ass bladed? That's trying to pull up. I understand I'll show you step by step up its isn't he doing now, because trumps trade deals like the trade deals. The trump wants it do with China are not nearly mother, not one sided for four here one. What happened space what really? U S wanted it opened up. China seventy one that most of them have running water electricity, their hard work, My folks, but by one side, trade deals where we we have high tariffs on them. They are us all the rest of it or vice versa through deals
they use a slave labor of China, then take over manufacturing worldwide and so China's a clue state of the globalist, and so now the wash imposed the alike times the New York Times. I brought you the articles here, dreams of red emperor, the relentless rise of Gigi pay, and it says in these articles. He must Roy American western christian values. We love young and we accept. As our master had the goddamn article, but whose this just region before do right here, imposed But whose saying that quote, whose at quote here again today this is this is the wash imposed that is a huge article Ella Times. I understand what the quota you just said about. He must destroy jobs Like I said a, He gave money. Unofficially lobbying you pulled about. I read the Arctic: I'm not giving an eye, and I understand we say, but what I want to ask you is who you quoted someone, but who did you quote when you said I am quoting from when I read these again this morning before I came here. What I remember David, Don, Dirry, Turley, Rebecca and and
This is kind of lady. That wording is talking about the prevailing sentiment of what they feel they must understand, but I quote somebody is best known alone. Are we not? I just said in these articles would look at the headline: jeez choice, destroy dropper, save them from Weakened America. Gee data destroy Tromp, the Chinese, dictators to destroy our president. So do you think that they're doing now, because job wants to change the trade, deals. You know tat trumpeted to start a trade war. He ended our surrender. Have been surrendered for forty years with China. they don't take our goods, but we take all. Oh there's an eminently. Their currency, but we haven't been manipulated, Ares, where we have carbon taxes than Obama put in to shut down over half our coal plants in a clean and our electors, prices went up when you could not run a factory here: competitiveness, China, soldier, says we're in a cut off all the fossil fuels, not just racking. If you did that we wouldn't just go bankrupt, started at seventy,
percent of our power comes from fossil fuels, changed it step by step, beginning our coal plants really clean one hundred percent clean. How is that possible? I'll tell you please there's two to four types of major police when he says clean coal, a role my eyes. Every time when trumps like clean coal, clean Well, that's because the internet, using damn good, is it I'll tell you please they had all fashion coal plants. China doesn't have one shrubbery or filter on their coal power plants. Doesn't have clean burning coal there's one place, placing states as major deposits of coal that has such pure carbon feelingly scrubbers, nothing, comes out the carbon dioxide, water, Will they know we know waters not bachelor? Was carbon dioxide people think monoxide, like studies, if you say that and if it name of water, most people in Pinon tellers gets on the street was ban divergent monoxide, you'd love reach arrogant and asked a hundred of us tonight. The dioxin monoxide is everywhere. If you get too much of it, you can die ground and most
people say I want to ban the hydrogen peroxide. That's the scientific name of water. Same thing. We do the sign of a name, a sound, scaring bolt so so. hydro monoxide is the bad one. Hundred dockside is a good one. The lifecycle on Arthur's there's light. There's water, there is oxygen, and its carbon dioxide doses of fort things, you gotta have proof for life, and so they ve people, convinced to say, coal is dirty. It puts our carbon dioxide and water vapor and so on. Tell about the Seventys. We were still Barton dirty call for mercury. Oliver. They can huge deposits of clean burning coal West, another new taller and the whole world for over a thousand years. Well, what's the difference between the call a moment or two One call is show damp here and it's only the outdated major deposits that basically you put scrubbers on, but our son just in the forest, the Sixtys and Seventys. They realise that Eddie CALL has mercury and it has always
we'll talks if they put scrubbers on twenty drab. I call planet this big, huge buildings and wire and in an and houses and big huge geopolitical alien spaceship. That's because it's called districts. They know how to burn it and the take off all the chemicals all the toxins and make plastics chemicals and pesticides and make everything else, That comes out of that and then out of the stack nothing. But what, if centres on nothing but water and and totally clean, totally pure shout That's what's going on, so carbon monoxide is whatever, but is worried about carbon dioxide, increasing and the environment as no negative effects. We'll talk about it. They ve done ice course. Samples, ok, all over the Antarctic and the Arctic. They ve done mud core samples in in all of the world Siberia and Wales. For some reason, we hope you Google, and got some distance to pull up, but he's got better show. So what happens is that
go back twenty thousand, a hundred thousand two hundred thousand years, at least in the eyes, and they know that they also expect Commodore into stone they scan until it was their carbon oxide was over five hundred times stronger in the town, with a t? Rex? Ok, in the Jurassic age. That's why plants grew so fast things were so big. There was a higher oxygen level, just Mars. Lawsuits atmosphere used have an ocean; they have now gone and prevent it lost its amateurs. Smaller planet couldn't hold, it prepares the earth losing its atmosphere. so it's crazy as we come along at this time pop up all of the jewish, the carbon that was produced on the service with plants and animals that Randy The cracks in the earth were now pumping out all that carbon saved for millions of years ago and actually tariff forming the planet, more carbon dioxide in the. We actually need right this time like alien to figure this out as a whole, but hopeless, isn't carbon dioxide responsible for an increase in the temperature of the earth
but they said that we would have a seven increase. They said that by twenty thirteen, all that LA would be flooded in Europe. Be refunded. All that's lies, ok bullet would forget about what was said in the past, and what they're saying now is that carbon dioxide increase is responsible for an increase in the temperature of the rich which which we hope does because rope, it increases the sheriff, the last ice age holder but hold up The last item has ensured that the increase in temperature to earth is responsible for the increase in hurricanes, the frequency and the power the hurricanes. If you look up this spectrum in the last hundred years, hurricanes have gotten weaker. That's all media hype immediately, oh geez job Joe Joe, I swear to God, I swear to God. I can privilege to use it, so you turn audience a Europe carbon dioxide salesman, less oil we shall pay for all companies are not, but can I please let's go on. Yes, please do. You're a carbon based life form. Let me show you what I came here with my notes. I
right here in my notes, the urban conspiracy and that a exactly what I mean to get into here with you in mine out, because this is everything. Are you a climate change to my secret imagine imagine how that's how they use that term right. Are you a climate change in Article nine, eleven denier? Rhino, the towers got blown up our garden had prior warning and had been funding our guide and all that came out later? Instead reports and twenty eight, go there just now, because we're gonna go down the road that that's true, but let's go to carbon that that I agree with you there. What are you? What is what is what is what is Joe Rogan made up out of carbon based lifeline what we are literally stardust, what our song rags exactly water treatment of Trieste Carbon Carmen. But carbon based life forms is most the thing on the planet and show the dish. the carbon cycle. This is mainline, textbooks understand so
so just like they like they come out and assault reality now and say a little boys biologically a girl. I don't care of growth that must be a single general rabbit or was not go down, but I think it's not science they go. The science is settled. There's not to genders could be lacking as ok, let's not go down that road. Where will you go on that road on a future on a well it I'll? Do it like John? I wanted to talk about carbon and want to get off track. I will because is near a delicate balance with the temperature on earth and a rising levels and the melting of the ice caps. This is all established by a lot of airline. They send. Science has settled but very concerned, Environmentalists have said that an increase in the temperature of the earth could be disastrous. Our obligations power up. Are you sure it's a power? I absolute regulatory, but how do you? How do you know that it's not or how do you know because they're, arrogant and all written white papers on that I've rather give you white papers, that's not what you see: manoeuvre, cold white papers and just like
I just as why people get banned from the internet. This is these. Can conversation we better bayonet right now, let's not ban it, I'm just a throne. our lives are not only not banned, they don't. I was an ailing wishes. You page, let me say the story untasted by the way, what you you to pay thank limited. This right now will be for another bank overhauled in the European Union for the arrest of scientists that question the cause of anthropogenic warming or image, manmade, ok, but there is a contributing factor scientifically. It's been proven that increase carbon dioxide has an effect on the temperature of the You grew that it depends on the models they use. Sometimes, actually more carbon dioxide cause pooling effect, but generally could cause a heating affected depends on potash the atmosphere, volcanic ash. objections, the time and also solar, maximum and minimum, but animal
if you bought activity, is the main generator a planetary climate but the wide, but yet a giant swaps. scientists that are examining carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Would you agree that the majority of them believe that it's a contributing factor? future warming of Joe. It's a mantra where they say the majority of scientists agree that climate changes caused by humans? I agree with climate change. The only This constant is change, of course, the climate changing. What I'm, when you wish carbon dioxide Side was fifty two five hundred. I was putting on the time period higher. millions of years ago, yet it is now, but that's all, but you also realise that that was what he had his I naturally here. What do you think the motivation is for them to present the evidence in this way, like you said, this is a fraud and everything. What because I've heard you talk about this before what do you think there all is by linking all of this climate change to manmade activity. What's the goal
The goal is a centralized world government. They can monitor all carbon and control. It is a toxic, bad thing, you're carbon. It makes you bad that it So now it's o, you haven't hold your dirty with covered. We ve got a track loading. Actually, when control you, so the new thing is covered to cut the carbon footprint movement that before we go down the cove irrational, there set. A the environmentalists are not in bed with the industrialists, the environmentalist or are there not in bed with all these people that think that they can control though, the world's actually BP and extra mobile honours the biggest funders that climate change moment did the biggest funded contrary to what you hear, how so here's the thing the emphasis in the smart guy, Stan you wanna go reach pieces, let's go here and what we have to we have agreed was gathering speed, but but understand you understand it. The way you talk- and I enjoyed the way too fast, but the way you talk is fast and you go on these long tangents and you go to frogs being gay,
Things happen, I wanted to be able to tell what are your record out? Yes, but I want to do it step by step. Was to this this limited, but most people, the vast majority we got here. Bp commits one hundred alien to fund new emissions reductions projects. But let's just go back for second to appreciate you back me up. Yes, look! Let me rigour, Africa, You want to get to the frogs ever deeper connected all It is by the way we live on a stone. I was probably find out where we going to smoke. It God is sober October, have raised the goddamn rule and they go and extradite. Cannot. I cannot. dwarfed. Why, on election night, where your hammer right, let's tonight, I'm gettin Howard, if you read round the top in your ear, you can happen, but we ve told everybody that we're doing a lot out. We're not Kyle yeah Kyle Linsky much TIM Dillinger me she's gonna pop in lives can be fun lives.
While you watching the world around So here it's just like why do you? I love you. Do it just like when you said, what's the eighty and tedious Alan look it up, but but but listen we did look it up and we found a big ocean. This is big roquette. Let me let me get my brain focused from an electronics Lando have literally nervy and probably besides, two hundred top scientists from petroleum, geologists, astrophysicist to astronauts to call mechanics to petroleum go up because I have to I know: moron, ok, you're, more they're, not trust me! no you're, smart guy and I just cover- is smart. Oh yeah, right and yellow yeah right, I'm smart more on the right Let me tell you what's going on I to say it again. You can any major study just type in carbon dioxide levels were hundreds of times higher in earnest
pack. Will I understand that, but also understand alone, you can look at the ocean models. They, I guess you were the ocean models right and it's true. The oceans did cover more lay out Jones. Human beings were alive sixty five million years ago in it with the environment, was incompatible for we put out a fraction, we had developed a while. We were moles. We had the truce shrews you, but my point as you right now is that is that last time. Sealed to was this high humans didn't exist. The last time there's much carbon dioxide c, o two in earth. Co2 levels are far higher. Now they have been for any time during the past and also a single c o to Morocco can remain in the atmosphere. Would you do I see I asked and ok, so it's let's just go to what this as in. What is this
paper, that is, this climate, central dot, Org. Ok, the last time. There's this much carbon dioxide is atmosphere. Modern humans didn't exist, Maggotty Sharks propelled the oceans, blah blah blah. We as we near the record. For the highest c o to concentrations in human history. Four hundred parts per million climate scientists worry about what we are about to me about where we were then and where we are rapidly headed. Now, according to the data gathered by me Mandala observatory. Why dope spot the four hundred ppm mark may briefly be exceeded this month when Sir typically had to seasonal peak sure, another factory scientist on other climate challenges, not about the killing her. I can tell you all that Russia, or the current Ralph, killing the researcher to deduce that did it. Did carbon dioxide most important, long live global global warming, gas and once its emitted by burning fossil
Fuel helps us keep our atmosphere hold please hopeless, but once it to me it by burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil. A single seal to molecule can remain. In the atmosphere for hundreds of years global see to emissions reached a record high of thirty five point: six billion tonnes in two thousand to Tutsis me, two thousand twelve of two point six percent from, thousand Levin carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Warm the planet by absorbing this on energy and preventing heat from escaping back into space, which means it enhances the around the sea level didn't like well, aren't they melting but it's a Palladour said by two thousand thirteen Al Gore up joke, but listen. Just one guys take rather flying around you found a guy admitting these be higher than it is now telling you used to be way higher than it is now this, but then that they asteroid hit the Yucatan killed. All the dinosaurs and change the entire with pride. Don't wanna of the plant with a dark wonder was very bad for everything.
By atmospheric dust for a long fuckin time, one major volcano like announcing hellenes, they estimated put out more dust and decades of human dust. Yes and an inhuman die she is what helped cause Nuclear formed a car storms. So you are affecting our environment, but most the astrophysicist and most efficient talk to a most climatologist. I've talked to They haven't broken down that the shunned by magnitude, ninety eight percent of the driver of what but such why, when the sun spots take place us in Europe, ejection from the sun, and one of shoot radiation in our direction. It'll be cleared, Skype, but they know when we get hit by that it hits our magnetic field causes an ionization of the atmosphere and electrification of it, and so that causes the giant storms the main driver of climate is the sun. I think everybody that'd be assigned. so now, what's the main thing that earth living off the sun, the sun,
and so its other telling us that carbon dioxide does this one? A budget is carbon dioxide goes up, they said can be in the utmost. For hundreds of years it's warmly absorbed plants immediately who they ve got. Studies. They are found giant crocodile skeletons from just ten thousand years ago in the central Sahara, one hundred square miles? It is nothing the dunes ten thousand years ago it was. It was lush, jungles and beautiful, but had goats and they ate all the plants and well killer, so the younger driest theory of asteroid impacts that they think ended. The ice age one thousand years ago, tenable to impacts, believers, twelve and then somewhere. but the answer is we don't know at an end, so they ve now looked at all these big models, saying that all carbon dioxide and each night, The shine its asteroids is checked. its electromagnetic of but isn't co2 emissions. The one thing that we can control so
human created global warming gases like co2 emissions, if we can put a cap on Wouldn't you agree with me as your question. We dont, but we continue to put that stuff in the atmosphere and it contains get higher and higher and higher levels of co2 in the atmosphere that's gonna- make it's gonna make it of the studies. Show it's gonna make death search, become green again and plants. absorbed the carbon. What studies are these? Look? I'm up. Ok, let's find out, and that's why the laughing and says, but if you're gonna say something like that and I'm not argue with you, but if you are going to say something like that, that's that's a very bold thing to say you should probably just say, look em up. There should be something I understand that it was time at others. Hundreds of hormone like actually brought my gallant. Even the articles right here. Do you have something that you read. That makes you so confidently. You could say that I actually know what what what studies show where in greenhouses they grow plants will harbour higher carbon dioxide and plants can grow up to three times faster. They live longer. Hours play
it's my on carbon dioxide. What are they put out more oxygen? Well, this one thing that has been proven as it is more plants now than they have been one for a global greening happening s counter us losing our atmosphere up until this point the earth has less atmosphere than did a million years ago, and it's like God, did this or something or we discovered all this oil, which is blind luck that we are terraforming the planet back to an earlier health your state by taking ancient carbon that was under the ground and putting it back of the atmosphere, but isn't the problem? that along the way, were also increasing the temperature of the planet and we are not aligned with a higher temperatures, you realize that we don't know we don't know, but in nineteen sixty three the the rooms of the limits to growth plan had models? In actual I have copies of this. My game, seminal films, free online, enable every level lighter predicts a virus released a lot things down. Everything is now happening to their own documents and
and then I visited three levels to growth Club of Rome plan. They said we believe they'll be a global ice age by twenty twenty because the last ice age ended about twelve thousand years ago and were set for that. We're going to tell the public that Actually carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is bouncing solar radiation off the earth because we three volcanoes cause? This darkening effect in freezing shall we believe our scientists believe the carbon dioxide gonna make the earth freeze by twenty twenty and so we ve got to have a global regime to take control of all the factories in all the energy and put attacks in for global government, the name of stopping the ice age than Bible. nineteen eighty seven they want. Actually we think it's gonna heat up instead, so they flip the leave the propaganda. Ask anybody you know: ok, but don't you understand that science back then didn't have as much data as they have now, so there their models and what they predicted in nineteen sixty three
faulty compare the information they haven't just like found. She said two point: five million will be dead, but from Calvin investigators, one thousand but world wide. What is it a worldwide? I'd Tuberculosis killed, twenty million people one I wanted inordinately in your last year- Madonna Years- kill what covered kill them all the time. A million worldwide flat not normally one, nor is it true, come on we'll. How do we know oh yeah, you and models there that there are boss switches The debate shows Shea the lock down has to go on other, go over against the lock down your nation states that it is therefore, because they know millions are starving to death that in the long term, that is true and very under reported. The debate shows now come out against lockdown, saying that the reaction can't be a worse effect than the sure zealously back Alex up, but the climate changes sector there. There certainly will you know we are contributing to man made global warming, but also What are you gonna do? What are we gonna do
but you know what I mean. That's another question: what are we gonna do? Why does this might sound weird? Is it is it's hot is on it or is it I'm hearing it I'm here in, like a break up of his mind, tells me TAT line Amelia. That's weird! Ok, I'm sorry! It must they may, Jamie's really low usanga right. He sounds good. Look at what is that I'm a control as very interesting like the idea of use in climate to control because, as He said with covered, and we talked about this week- while the latter rights right in the name of crime my exactly what it. What would it look? There's real issues. We don't really know what's going on, they wanted to attract. All carbon and tax it with a. I should a lunch grid with a social credit score over it yeah, and they admit all of that TAT Joe. They tell us what I understand that, but you do understand. The environmentalist or concern are not the there's, a giant amount of them that are less
did Emily concern that were ruining the, as I understand the greenhouse effect fossil fuel Anna greenhouse works, but these people the reason why they are acting the reason why they are trying to get people an electric cars and trying to get people off huh, fossil fuels or the police. There there legitimately concerned I cannot believe that these actual environmentalist, for I agree with you but early all the new looks though you lumber, looks bad ass, here's the material. but I'm not getting one, because I know what the Tribune global warming make sure you don't want to contribute to go. Let's be serious, did you know? Did you know that On average, more carbon is spent for electricity into a car. There are ninety three octane gasoline. While I would believe that, because I would think it takes a lot to make a fuss electric car, but one male. No, no, that's! No! No, no trade! commission lines you lose up to the house. Of transmission and most of its coal powered brother, so
her letter mega. Why it's more it's more like that! I'm test land and I think because that is how I think, I'm a good guy unplugging. My tesla I'm help and save the world are not because I'm control in two power, no you're drowsy you're contributing to reap pudding, pudding, carbon dioxide, back in an oxygen and three tariff? Forming the planet you're doing a better job, The biggest energy guzzlers electric cars are bad ass. They are put not more Carter than anybody yeah. They don't come out the tell by they come out the power plant top. but would electric cars Carlos? Had to carbon carbon real about harboured? Ok, how do you feel about nuclear power? Absolutely? Why do you hate it? Isn't it clean No ninety four jobs criteria? Don't tell me I don't know any there, though no more, no, no, no! No! No, I usually for nuclear power would happen. Europe did research. What research did you do
there was saying it's totally clean, no problem, but then, look up the union's or numbers which I believe, the International Atomic Energy Agency. Look this up CBS News, ninety four per: set of nuclear plants are leaking a dangerous levels. S up pause, Jamie. Ninety four percent of news, we're power plants are legal. Dangerous levels isn't the problem. we're using old tech like yeah, thanks to your smart electricity, always know everything Joe the which power plant age is thirty? Six years almost always, our pleasure, the life of twenty to thirty five years, Like a shame, was already a decade. All that was supposed to be a general electric model is imported. radioactive leagues, founded. Seventy five percent of? U S, nukes judge. Worse than that. It's ninety four percent. Ok! Well, that's not that's a good one What is the problem of the light or wouldn't it be possible with
innovation that they currently have access to. Yes, yet egg, because our a corrupt companies annulled the illusion if people actually women's these right and the executive. Here's example beeping. I think great as toxic problems. We should clean it up. We should find alternatives, there's also declared Do we should go to that, isn't soul, Great whatever they got. Fish fusion of budget have come down, take one of the best was out there because it shall accurate, because I had lawyers on from. I read the transcript of the trial, the event horizon with with BP They literally have all these degree engineers out there and BP calls them up England, Houston and says you're spit and twenty five billion dollars a day on the super, deep experimental whale we ve decided not poor concrete. They call it mud in on top this, the executive say, will save twenty five million dollars a day. If you dump water and all the engineers went? We have mathematical equation, just like water balls, a certain amount of care we have set
we're chromosomes this fact and they own record, go you're fired if you don't orders the dove water into it so they follow the order, dump waterin for five days and it blows up because water, didn't have enough pressure to hold, gonna become out when they finally get that giant oil and gas deposits down there. One thousand feet above the ground or whatever was superbly while it was reported that show you watch the movie with Russia on the rest of it and Marcie Mark was an event horizon the one word they define our arises where they go yet event horizon is Aspasia. That doubt remember all arise that, unlike winnowing Lawrence Fishbone right here, I think a go to hell. Here's my brain,
deep water. Water, then HORIZON says a great fucking move. I love that. Maybe it's like they go into a new dimension in one also not be, but she rang out that wrong. Hosanna purple! That's ok that that's the shit he pulls his eyeballs out tells everybody, member that yeah that's a great fuckin movie pure evil banana my trot here when I'm tony tellers the same thing with nuclear power plants were will the executive should BP orders are engineers and do something that was gonna blow up adjusted you engineers are full of crap. Do you're gonna make not like to be arrogant engineers on after all, and they made a big mistake. I don't know that's what I'd be cubby, that's what happened. That is what happened well. Well, those guys are probably tweaked out those those executives saying it wasn't in areas where we executives the abbot executives. That's what I'm saying. Why do you think they were like keep porn water in a key porn water out because they were insane right
I mean that's what I'm saying about ingenuity. Engineers are at the mercy of these executives who don't have the degrees the engineers have, and they made a crucial error and they forced the engine. Do something that was all ten. So I was agree with you about. We should listen to scientists and engineers. Hours go back to your point that the DE yet we don't know about the warming, we don't know what I'm doing the money They all use on warming factor out the sun and you can't throughout the summer equation that other scientists that son in and in there and they think, despite all we're doing that. or two hundred years we're going to be very serious devices. I think This point is that in all of these things, There are legitimate things to eat. A covert has three: there are the real things: people getting sick, global warming, get out to extend them sure, as is happening. Of course. It's happening but then are also fairies characters. They wanna use that to take away your freedom. There are people, I don't want you owning a car, they there's all these legacy systems with you. As a journalist who came on my show said a lot of people didn't want to.
Open economy until they re made the economy and our of all these legacy systems like- and this is a dark with Eric when was that had a google, you could look it up and they were so you know that considering these legacy systems like cash, private ownership of cars. You know, like that, like getting rid of all of these things, are art distinctly american ways, life just saying that, like we don't want you to? on a car. We must not allow an organ thing. That's been shattered. What I find out. Why me? I once had been a time. Why would they want to get rid of private ownership of car? Because want control of people and if you allow them to drive their own cars and use cash and run their own This is a live in their own right, but let's start with our verdict. Integration would start with ours. Don't you think that maybe the concern is there looking at the future of our Thomas vehicles, which would
rascally lower the mortality rate on highway and their saying, I think there are the people who run this country Joe concern with the mortality rate. I mean the bombing other countries to do in this area. To let us have they want to control eyes control whole. Please we're we're committee was the act of former for the founder of apples that holds the best hosting inspiring this thought yeah, but hold this thought mortality rate not lie. Where listen, you can't think if either of the world with goods, but the people would at Google that are working.
Autonomous vehicles there not the same people that are trying to control governments all let it out, but its control about those guys. All of those people in Google want to usher in a brave new world. They want to remake the world in in the way they are all these people. Some of them are just writing software. I tell him how to ride of and that are not Jago are gonna fucking voice of reason. You guys possibly tell why opium now. I dare you to title end with your Varick about Joe Visa Utopians. It want to create a paradise on earth. Joe. I brought you through control. I brought you the documents that we have a cigar. We have the documents I'm succour to guard like it's a Jew. We don't I'm hoping to get the we on the UN's MIKE I'm licking the outside. Would you got there piece of paper? Will tell you what does it say? What is this, They could confirm a good idea for the end of humanity. But what is this see? Ok, but its approach, wrote this its Adam
she's probably got a pistol in his mouth right now. Let S regional covers where I really mean that item of apollo- that's, no, that's the wall. Street journal cover story. May I please tell you what I came here for you came in for a reason. Yes, although here it is covered, nineteen has spot lighted the promise in peril of Trans humanism. The idea of using technology to overcome sickness aging and death. Ok, but what is he saying? to fall asleep every night listing Alex talk about this, I want to let Alex talk about this until they took about you. Ok, but make sure you are aware that not only do they do that, but I do not think they fuckin took a young Turks, pod cat youngster out podcast. What you're talking about that men? Can? I politically gets away the progressive. I would yet we get some we have from the outset. Now you need it now. can a blow at you'll, get your cat hocker. Does that not cheated of upload your face I'll blow? Your voice are getting kind of life from the cigar. Will you listen? I need to talk to you a little light headed our ominous. I'm gonna go get it
apple juice and I'm an upright oh Jesus. We got some in here, listen, listen! I need to talk to you. There still go around gotta go grab some bottles in some. I get him some averages for the Trans humanism. Discussion places. Listen, you gonna want so crazy. Now, because I discovered this stuff. rather mainline documents and I've known of twenty six years twenty seven years. Well, here's another thing: let me tell you something I like we. We all know that you fuck some things right in your biggest fuck up a sandy hook, but you ve gotten so many things right. This is why keep talking about these things and why I defend you and why I think that its fuck and dangerous to censor you and say: oh this guy, we need to get m d platform, get hosting your reviewing some things that have been proven on the show so far to be true that make people very unkind, Well, the first thing I want to thank you and me and have the courage, but I was going to face the fuckin bohemian growth in the boat.
you mean growth, and that was a mate. That was the first time I really got in what he was doing. That was leg amazing I mean when you watch that movie watch that NATO it's it's paradigm shit. I've had people's rely too Myanmar's that other people guys tailed. I go listen to me. I'm not a building all over the world, take on a good I've been there and other he's just a gateway to things, but was given to believe me revenue moment. I really want to give you: Gimme, the potential of the big into lot. Ok This animal lay saw Sir just like an elbow. I saw I do too just like I'm saying the engineers meanwhile lot we have good points are not saying the wrong about all this stuff, I'm simply and you I've read, the blood will have a say in their own establishment, communicate and I have it right here in my notes to talk to you about the post human error and a system that they are setting up, where in all
their main publications. They say humans are flawed. Humans are bad are, but they are flawed bright. But then he celebrations are saying: they're going to take us out of our bodies and make us look on That's what you must love about where those worship a gods well, actually talking about neural link, which is something where they're gonna, be able to interface with your brain and increase the ban within which you access information, but go ahead, but that's it answered it seems, inevitable, doesn't know it's not inevitable. Already Broader was cars, dont know Erech up ahead, or what to do they have more accidents. City was as I was saying earlier. The founder of co, founder of Apple says, best day. I isn't a million percent close tab. and aunts briars stopgap, stop, stop stop when they first develop cars. Who said why you gonna, take em, there's no real.
sure I doubt our roads. Yours, if you understand that the a I that's powering these cars now is not a you understand the people running the eight hour, predatory, anti humans, the said they want to get rid of us is not predatory. Until now, I'd say you are but understand. He's working on autonomous vehicles said. Beware those that speak of I got yes, ok, allied people are worried that look you out is more concern. Don't kill me One of those who keep that should away from me, mother out, I'm trying God thank you so bright road. You all this extra, I'm sitting ICE Alex Jones, others hi, I'm learning election night, ok, listen election. I wouldn't let but the These guys who are making there's like an holly where this is fake. This is only a corn serve colouring teasing. This is That idea, though, this idea that we should be expanding our minds in this way and put our chips are: don't think it's good or bad I think it is the nature of human innovation. I think we'd take thing, I don't we prove upon them. When we do that with everything,
when I was growing up so you know one of the time it was one he's only there was didn't do, did you did it dad Morse Code right ass? They went from Morse Code to you being able to send me a face time. Video understood whether these things I just want to get involved humans, we're not against acknowledge that. Ok, I'm not against technology. But what I'm saying is: if you follow technological innovation, it becomes. At her and better and more and more invasive? No, you need a design it where it does. It make us obsolete humans, take control their environment. We build our environment, the global. If we are to have a post human future where humans are no longer relevant is where you lose. I can show you that I am quoting Globalism he's getting me because I just gave him an article advocating an orange all candidate, because I think he's right eye the only reason we're still around, because they haven't figured out how to get robots good enough to get rid of all the if they the right robots. There would be no war, martyrs weight of everybody. You you don't think that if they were
right, robot right, so there may be rid of the work carried out by divergent cooler. I like to go to war. More is not, but once you have a robot, you won't want to go to Walmart. Why? Because it's it's its turkey is felt ever of it. I listen. That's wandered over the deposit, measured current on essential undercover it they listen. They not us they want to train. You listen, Can't calculators were great, no one as I do. Math now look I'll phone. Right, no one knows or numbers anymore, all the city to show that the science technology is making us down and that why they wrote the big article, the co owner of Sun Microsystems in two thousand bill, Joy wrote why the future doesn't need us and explains you went to top billion or tech conference and they made the decision. that's not what humans should around a play: video games or the future. They will just go slowly phases out, kill everybody stop did not
trying to kill, ok, pull up while the huge rise in Vegas, but why why? Why are drowning? Tell every possible! Why wouldn't day can we reverse engineering question? I recalled useless owners, I dont think they're trying to kill people. I think, to try and improve when a person is what I think we're doing all by chomping ourselves, balls off. Ok, gonna go down. Another rabbit, you son of a bitch by increasing our ability, To access information and by becoming a sort of a symbiotic creature, aligned with technology and once we're align with ay, I consider everything we do. You think big tech, the minute big tat got control it against censoring and its behind that are very predatory, Joe. I do agree, with you. There is no higher walls, hijab, here's the problem. The first amendment currently does not apply to big tech I believe it should be done. we're violated cartel laws. I blame you organize. I believe that what's happening now with whether its twitter or Facebook or Youtube these platforms are so big. I think, Argument can be made that they are utilities and,
should be regulated like your daughter is, it should be a human. We agree. We do not have access to these things. We did not Crocodile will recover privileged it we can talk about. someone's greenish this. What I wrote last night gave you already called red for you. I want you to get down another silicon called. Ok, good is another article. No, I wrote this euro you're talking points the silicon called defiantly. The war on carbon announce up front than I am really a liberal or conservative. I want a programme in future. Please listen to me and hear me out: let's stop right there, because you he's right, called a NEO conservative you get caught all right. You called a far right person. When I first met you, you were protesting against George W Bush, and you are saying that what he was doing and what he was trying to usher in what was was essentially going the downfall. Western civilization
Before I was elected yes, I remember that specific. When people say Alex Jones is far right. Guy, like he's complicated he's he's really against corruption. More than these against any particular party. You just found that the right was less apt to censor you and more apt, since your idea exactly and unaware all not stone today were behind like little aggressive, but that Israel election night of hunger, immigration of beer or duration of Albert well well well well get hammer but listen. Let's get into bohemian grove, let's get to the technology. Let's get into who runs. Things was given to the mindset. Whatever points you want, I'll drop, yeah I'll, throw it. This is yeah zones will. This is because you say they want to point out the other look at his thin young, handsome boyish baby. Faced Alex Jones. Let us have a thousand four, but I've been under you in like manner. well. No, ninety eight, but there is not yet this was when you were ninety.
Is when you are protests- and this is my clip- you guys are welcome to play this. It's really good yeah I'll sign outside a fortnight of you. It is what is going on in this interview in the lizard let's without this as late as it has been a lot newspapers and that's the bohemian You started over its Davis Gurney only go alone. Ninety seven set up got there is rocketing David cargan him outside what main thing in New York whereby place by the way this is one billion was alive. So I can confirm that you are not, though Madison Square Garden, Madison Square Garden, and here comes David, gurgle Carl robots like this five administrations and I'll do that as part of the actual ritual bohemian grow. So I bring it up
many blows up at me here it s these, like a fatal, is our cameras or you are right there, just about just wanna get information. First, look like, and I now understand we're talking to David Gurgaon and he has advised several presidents and, of course, as a Briton got a few books and is, I will call you a political partner researcher Commentariat over the hill, whatever one last question are washed in times article many years ago, where do you get a comment about the organization and then now it's been in the wall, Street Journal spent a lot of different newspapers and that's the bohemian grove and back in what was a nineteen
Ninety six, when you joined as Colinton adviser they work, the Republicans were criticise you all. What about what you mean Grove in and you counter, and then you counter them by saying hey, I don't run around in the woods neck at what is happening here is that before mentioned Washington Times article where he said I didn't run around neck like they do. I don't know what I don't know. I quote you're referring to are not aware of any more like that. I am happy member of Aimee Grove. I like the folks who come there and its really inappropriate for me to talk about the group chairmen. Have you been there for the ceremony with the promotion of care? frankly, they said that I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about know what we're watching for people that are just listening is a bunch of people wearing robes
burning and effigy in front of a giant statue of moulded. The owl gonna see every of a child lot know it. That's what it is. I think it's? U effigy of a child. It will soon. I believe that our own woman, many Roma, Atwater Gouty, watches, refrain Hey, that's not gonna vouchsafe. We message. I said he
take part in a ritual about us, Alex Jones somewhere promotion of care. Frankly, that I don't think that's something only talk to you about really afraid. I'm Alex Jones and I stuck in their two thousand on the guy that blue at lot open to billions but national day. Well, I disrespect for them. I do not want a big public officials, no one in there, you don't we deserve, and you took it- and I don't know about you- and I don't worry about yourself, but if you go in there wouldn't understand and new violated that understanding by religion has failed and I dont respect for that really crimes. Are you took an understanding when you went in there that you would not do that film and you did you have an understanding you went in there now? Did you crashing? Yes, it has. No trespassing signs are two dozen years after our Sir
in their before I know, I went surplus and I'm sorry, you violate the understanding that it was not. There was not a gentleman. I think that now what about the ritual is the ritual? Genuinely that's all the people, these fuckin heads estate, Billy, there's every other think they run the world. Oh you, this kind, you you have. You know it's called ambush journalism and disrespect for that as well. So thank you ever think about original leave, your damn business. Oh listen! I was getting cocky you go around and make understands the people and violate them. You use ambush people on the streets when that's that's an appropriate form of journalists. If you wish to practice exercise but don't ask others respect for you wanted to you
do your for American! I can anyone if you wanna, be uncivil and rude and ungentlemanly that's up to you, but don't expect the rest has essentially all while Europe, Mr Garriga and I'm sorry. Nobody says policy and there we try to be gentlemen, and obviously you don't belong. Weaving spotters come out here: There three pillars and you can ignore that imposing a bunch of poor people in the woods to that guys, even when we were even then it would be weird. These guys are that are the top of like every industry in America. Its lead curious who goes in there while people- I can reclaim eastwards guy Not a member look! Look. Is it fun? Look its twenty seven hundred acres, it was shut up Mark TWAIN and it was a lie. Rural deal for like cookers and engage Just everything else. It's a big huge which say: gated located gay. Ok, do so now So if you go back to like the eighteen Seventys, when
TWAIN's set up. It was classically liberal. It was partying. It was around forty, seven and eight years with saloons. They brought in female workers either with gay guys in their everything images but he me and groves what they call tat people do whatever they wanted. It was. It was so he was open and they have liked. what tree they had plays in the rest of it, then by the term Howard TAT became president. The Republicans basically bought it for them its importance. Is the Republicans go there to like they ship and these private hookers all these jets land near by They also have a lot of gay sex, which they use them to basically compromise people into the call a lot of gay sex. How do you know this about a news articles. No one ever got footage of it. I was in there for one day I snuck in people I look good backed and they allow me a lot like young people. I recognise tv- right right now I mean it's a big gay hook up deal four Republicans I'm telling and then and then this this ritual, that's only the feeder group. So I'm murder in the ritual and cohesion.
pretty cool, logical, shut up or I'll, kill you and they're all taking very seriously, and I must say it's a gay thing, I'm seeing something goes on. You were saying it was cool people getting angry. That you're saying I don't mean obvious quietly when all is really interesting. I shot out. This is a very important measurable and they take Very serious horse comes in with the body of a child, it is an energy. There, The bundle of sticks closer here not will later others infiltrated later that worked era. Goddess photos of its own image of a kid, so kit, cosmology in biblical, is who they are sacrifice the cane and essential goal, but they do it is now, but it goes in earlier, but from the Bible, as you would sacrifice a child who might have not your children to the fires, a Moloch Ryan and saw that have given it to everything, experts and religious history, Simon from Christian Perspective, It's a foul streamline the old mixed with babylonian and religious stuff from tire yeah. It's quirk look at that. Look at that, our God and look at the fire
the Algarve and there's Ronald Reagan. I mean, if you saw that if you in the woods- and you just saw that you would be Tarifa Edward, your next and fair- Nixon on their introduction. Deep says: it's a gay orgy, Richard Nixon but then you pull out Richard Nixon talks about yet Richard Nixon said something about it where he must goddamn foggy thing everything I think it's, gets choose allowing for another two years. That's what I'm doing. guys and orange gather that are that engage in a day, acts in the woods and then they have something on each other. Similar Epstein silent were that, if that's what it is a rich into each of logic, it's like a fraternity, doing you're gonna, throw that points. It is almost and they do not allow women now it says, how did one thousand eight to by a group of male? That's the context that Youtube our bahamian grab. This is the title.
videos. You had told you found, I teach Richard Nixon Grove, most baggy God, damn thing he could ever imagine. We yes play it on every side play it. I want to hear initiatives for meals in California, what Yeah San Francisco crowd goes in their terrible occur too. Where did the owl any. It's interesting in it otherwise seriously they take it. I mean that's a real question wrangling and all good things. A side issue right. The point here is that I've talked to people that the court in it
Gunderson first I've heard about this was from this former high level at the age of whose with the deputy director, but he would no longer corruption. So he wasn't don't record Gunderson We have no direct any blew up like do things like two frankly scandal and he's bitter has a finders and find a law which is you got. It was the CIA was quite for advocating there. You know the fight is called. It was called trafficking in children and the CIA squashed. The Florida Gunderson got it landed in DC, and IRAN also facility with us Films lacks machine, and so he told me about all this and I thought he was crazy. We even know you TED Gunderson, you told us about it and we actually pulled up one. All stories- and I was correct: yes, your correctness, Thank you, so TAT Gunnar seems reasonable to me. He said he said that they get people interested would do with that ritual monsters. thousand members that bring about a thousand guess: motorbikes bring a guest, looked ahead of each Canterbury, guess most hammer nice. When he's what goes there, you know canny, gloves was there, but to all
El who's gonna want Danny Glover, Danny Gluttonous mention whose either weapon diagnosed ollinger. How the fuck is he in there they probably come from logistic, fungi silent. When I was there, I saw their interesting, I'm sorry I believe this is not a suitable if we can get it. I'm sorry to believe it's about that John Rogan. They'd have intimated me not now to applaud can guarantee the owl, but I just want to say that overall once started out as a truly artsy liberal diagnostics, good guys deserving off the woods does humans volume and party you do whatever and so it is. But the thing is The weird Scott? Here's? What happened about? Nineteen? which skull and bonds that was it yea all in new haven't Connecticut, that was a german death call. It took overbooking me and rob, and that's when I set up that as the central deal, so it's this big inviting party. What happens is gone bones cause that's one other rumors Let's go and buy their economise. You on the compromise you so the euro is a part of this,
organisms before he died. I did multiple interviews with Anthony sudden, the top congressional adviser to Senator Frank Church and when we know about certain because Charlotte is me whose father was high level still abounds, gave him all of their internal manuals and she's been a frequent guess. She she's retired, now MAC secret establishment in the introduction to the order scandals. okay, and so this is. This is Jay Russell Trust. True, Illuminati Illuminati set up a one thousand seven hundred and seventy six to counter our revolution battle by Sabaton, the jacobins. It funds, the french Revolution, its leaves, a true egalitarian, open window revolution. It's the leftist! We say that the liberal liberal in latitude infidels left his left hand, passed Satanism. Liberalism is a gallop, Terry, open society, true liberalism, so the left hand path let this up and then they want
they. They should all this opium money that, over in eighteen, thirty one to Yale to set up a german secret society of the Illuminati, which then has some of the Donner societies and in their that you actually, satanic rituals they get in coffins They do simulated human sacrifices. They have gained acts as part of the ritual regulate, late bathe and huge facilities feces. This was for this was a made by Robert Nero may a movie Elam bonds are keen to do and that stuff now absolutely out of had broken. But while who's the? How can this be proved? but Matt Damon made a movie called the good shepherd. I think us, and in that, as Robert and Arab directed it ok, super accurate, we're trapped in the short and the devil in there and therein these big vats of commoner, they did leak of Facebook of Photo album of.
Bunch of collarbone kid hand on a deer island, a kind of look like losers. I know I know they're not, but a kind of look like lose. I mean it was kind of like allow resilient airs, look like lose yeah. They look like it. May she ain't you will like these are the visa, the Illuminati it was kind of. I totally agree with you. Yeah remember ABC News. They wanted to get Bush in trouble right before the two thousand and four elections, Another frat was able to Geraldo this crap rude video down into it with we're going dabble, equals death Satan and they had girls Finally, rotted membership was all boys before yeah, sacrificing so coarse its idiotic. It training wheels for what they do, but inside your grave rob I've got to run a most skull, yet adjudged stubby Bush stall, supposedly soldier Animo Skull. You gotta do things. I don't know. If that's the route, that's a legend rumour playing at what finally in broken into yeah. I want on the police one in there, but the point is that skull and bones orders did you two is the Illuminati Germanic desk called the now set up
cap, resolve the? U S and it took over bohemian grove around nineteen hundred So that's why bohemian rubbish still this artisan? ideal of a latest artist. But then it got co opted by the Publican party has come about and but Schmidt german Chancellor wrote men and powers of political retrospect. Will you retired in the late eighties showing I love our Illuminati rituals that we haven't, Germany and our own sacred rose but I think you ve got to a new level with skull unbound at both Union Grove. I really enjoy the time we have. These are just these elite. institutions where an scrambled. I think they seek to create close for and amongst people it may not know each other create loyalty amongst us. the plan what they got to tell him all the things that you gonna, tumbled sexual history, all that stuff. They want, these to be loyal to each other Sherwin they dare not more to the laws of Amerika there loyal to this, this oath that they take with each other and exactly uninvited team America, ITALY, this descendants,
sue skull and bones over Geronimo bones. documents show George H, Bush and George W Bush is grandfather, Rob Geronimo Grave members, member the secret society, allegedly steel, valuable things and put them in tomb great. Grandson says: Geronimo should be burnt buried in accordance with tradition, federal law protects native Americans rights too. family members remains We all know that what he just said, there's just goes on studying, it's like! Thank you! It's like a team America when they had guy goes so person is ever said. I don't know nobody says you suck my cock Gary, it's not about sex in Ellen Bones and bohemian grove what he says most these guys are not gay. of dominance. Like oh you're, a senator. You only president bend over and like a former presidents, grudgingly ass, an so they did. The ritual is I'm in charge. large bend over ways, not a thing with fraternities anyway, like hazing the ideas on a cracker, exactly you know, it's the next they'll give up most
of returning. I mean these are the top kids, these kids, if they think that occupied leadership positions in the were an auto undue and often do so Even let me give an example. Even John Ransom saw the photo, and they always looking very meagre up here and there. hanging in the people who want to get a video camera hidden right. Here, Henry Kissinger been over, in a woman's dress in his fingers and is ass bill clay in a new dress. With Jeff interfere scenes ass. You have adopted an artist rendition. Do you know that that was just an artist made that this was an artificial wearying clubhouse? Yet auction wrote about us out suit is a photo or even though it was a little too far. But what you say it's a painting I dont know I wasn't means its. memory. Twenty years ago, twenty plot, you know what I mean, What's it like that, unlike that Kissinger Yardage Kissinger it it's all about being improper right all go get caught to compromise each other to be in the club haste.
So that they can trust each other, because there are doing shady shit? Yes, even if it's an artist rendition, wise Jeffrey Obscene haven't in his townhouse appears for the president in a blue travel, because president flew in his Well, that's what I want to that's what I mean is best and the way high Maxwell is now come on in court and shooting no, tension confirming Ok Clinton did flood of that island that broke. Days ago, Scott zero agenda, then I'm thank their not being until we haven't heard anything other than those core document suggested. Allison, I told you it was because it's not like I'm even that special. My mom's brother was a famous helicopter pilot Vietnam. Runnin black option do louse in Cambodia and stuff. Maybe I shouldn't telling stories, but not a word to stuff, but animal growin up in telling me that stuff it was, it was true like they were like I'm, not gonna, do it. Please please talk what I'd probably just geared to a close the danger. He said so much longing. Let's just say he took the fall for something that was going on in trouble,
for he had promoted, they re all than I ran Contra and that's how people get from if they fail upward by taking a lot of times to blame for something or this is that like how shall I ever loved, I grew up, not just here. Other family, in other words, it was like some special than you know, but those names you guys got security, demagogic register, that's what I'm military. Does it's not what you hear on the news right and and and it is completely out of control stuff and only mild told me he said, he said yeah. I got out of work for these groups. Everything, as you know, an army officer that was shaped everyone. we wonder what we're Norm Uniform Sylvia. hot we're, talkin highlight what yet I can run the real
like rights, May Hobbs either where he was in charge of command basic Guatemala City is using a top Morse Code Guy Course satellites there, but nobody can reduce Morse Code Coated seems to have the. Why not Morskaya like the video games like music killings of champion worker, so he was a distant command. He was like run all stuff and he just said I had to do it because he said it was kids being smuggled. Orphanages by the CIA for Sex option Dc Jesus. Why told me that he told me that when he was dying, Pneumonia Jesus fog. Now, what what is it with Why is the way to compromise people in ITALY? Is the energy to the additive Somebody'Ll, her kids and odd? If somebody I guess what out they'll do anything, but that's what everyone so terrified of today right that there are some sex trafficking and sex called that others are ten times overturned on little people, but that that's like they are there, but that in fact right. But if you want to get away with not shirk its wild hated, sloppy and messy, and you ve talked about that to get sloppy messy and that our right about everything, but the idea
There are human tragedy, the The entire EU and honest people on the internet, like playing logging, acting like dragging credit for something and a lot of work. People are just that for you to give them like bonafide like look. They just button a giant child trafficking ring Associated Press. They don't want that. what now there's underground bases and there's dinosaurs? There's alien wants a real shit, I don't wanna river, so is it that they're just into things that would just be huge. More ridiculous than reality like what is yeah, because its escapism inhaler region presents currently arising? They just learned about the world over the last year and melted there might like. You can look at it. I will not remain Roma. Joe a few months ago, you less was a perfectly. They ve been asleep. Now they look it up, and now they everything's a cartoon virginal sailor. You shall yet well. It was just like again. It's like if you didn't know anything about the frightened scandal. You know about Epstein. If you hadn't read these books, you did know their stories, your uncle told you then eventually just found that there was an island where all these, Politicians were going to and having said four kids, they were getting compromise
your mind would melt and then you would get paranoid and then you would start thinking that everybody's a pedophile in that there's tunnels under when the reality is either is bad, but sometimes you have to take a step backwards a breath and realise at like. There are good people not. Everybody is evil, but there is a lot of evil out there, but you gotta take a step back in and try to realise like what is what will there's one picture of Clinton, gettin massage by woman and they were using is sort of evidence, but the woman's. Clearly a woman, the decision or twenties, and they rather than organ forms, is yours, like fifty list ever use Let me cite the example of the cuban people being wrong not everyone observes I've. Never, there is that's a grown woman. She had grown up. So less and less I declare the media in a lemon and hang out. They went with these. Whistle blowers instead of all the other people and and the fact that the way This is reported upstream island in the key
be a little Saint George. The only other island to that boats would pull up the middle of the night, to shacks will with little boy our kids and those that once again disappeared, but who report this its end? it's in the dictionary you're documentaries, its Netflix documentaries, which in all the witnesses we talk to- and they said my witnesses, my people I talk to over ten years ago. When we tell me about it, they ve got it. On the Caribbean Island in the Mediterranean, they got ranches in the southwest that day, when he had arranged the mask not letter. I was actually where me the idea that these kids would disappear, potentially isn't crazy and now he's crazy, not crazy to all the fears and example, I was told by a high level source that major Hollywood producers by name ran a call They branded women. Now their vagina Nixy am thing, but but but I put it out- terrorist fort broke jets, told us by high level source. I remember you talk to me about it and then they have even had articles going in having imposed Jones claims. Harvey wives
connected. The groups that you know do all this and I was just going off what people told me- and I said I would say one state: that's what's crazy as they were already, and covered in case. I said that not all! Why should these involve the branding women whenever they came out it was. It was the other guy right out and she's latin. What you said did turn out to be true gap as untasted is it sounded as outrageous as ridiculous? It turned to be traversed I'll. It's in the new for some. I ever heard it said Gunderson. We would point out together some on Wikipedia up to be happy. Rectories ahead of Ella, imaginary ordinarily Tommy yours now, I've been there twenty years later, to be the head of Allay Euthycles Devil, worshipping everywhere gloomy wave, your pedophilia, you name it. About the massive dangling namesake, Yannick Ritual and there's a shudder from the brass can enjoy the camp Y know this friends with whose friends with a giant camp was a guy who he blew the
thing wide open, let you see I e B blew the whole thing. Why don't you Hampshire either, but he was only told me franklin- is one of the good Lady uses Alban operation, freedom they kill well well, that was, was his mentor showed the camps. Mentor was a guy who was a high level CIA guy Jamie could pull that up. He was in a phoenix up and he was killed and I in the end in the in the canoe, an elite of the dinner, was still on the table whose killed him yeah. This high level CIA Guide jarred the camp was in a brass cassandra who broke open this human tragedy. Operation this vital, I'm having all the whole we'll get those a pet of all. there was trafficking kids across Amerika, was a set it out of the Omaha Federal Omaha Photo credit. It was being run by getting Larry King was rising. Storing the Republican Party is probably still alive. He's picture morning Reagan all that stuff. These it's were being trafficked DC too late in New York. Wherever the camp stumbled upon us. Stumble upon the occult weird ritual
it goes on to. In addition to the pedal in all that, and then he went to this guy, his mentor, who we knew from from Vietnam from the military, whose Yea Guy, whose name is escaping me? We import we call me, what do you call me and William CALL be basically said, did can't listen, you're, gonna, forced you're, going up against forces in a way to powerful. You don't even know what you're you're? U knocking on here and then getting cold, if it changes, monitored, fuck it. You know what we should stop we like? Let's, if going, to fight this, that's why and then a little while later, William Coolby, whose great healthcare treasure colleague has acted in a canoe is found dead. in a river right by his house, with his dinner still on the table. So it's like nobody. Nobody gets up in the middle of the dinner to go canoeing. So this is in a common theme forever, whereas if you go against these these people, you find your dead. He was seventy six. When he drowned
but in a canoe while he's gonna withdraw our people have heart action or seventy said I, and I understand I understand that you are connecting dots here, that maybe we don't need to disclose. Ok, Incredibly directors, director central intelligence chose disclose from the nations darkest secrets to save the spy service he loved drowned on April ten seven that attributed to talk to the growing older they killed with. Seventy six. Have I've learned your desk. I Gary care door. He was a private investigator hired to get to the bottom of the temporary sailor. Man they're getting rid of the people. I just get rid of them, so so nice, we're not Bohemia thereof of London, was nobody. Should the camp was on record running major level operation, Phoenix Which was a high level CIA torture operation in an execution operation? So Apocalypse now is kind of based on some of these
but he's on record highly decorated. I don't wanna go too far with an obscene thinks I still have a whole lot more postcode, accepting ok, the island self, like first of all, Epstein had this crazy play in New York, Savage Story Palace that the guy who own Victoria secrets he gave it to him yeah, because abruptly blackmail, and then there was other billionaires who turned out had, and this is like had been glad- SK over including Bill Gates bill gates. Razor and try to deny it but- engage denies staying with Epstein but confirmed we stay there and in his parasol- and this was also he met with imposed- is first arrest. Cracked, yes, because he was arrested You, a lot of people did Chelsea Hitler at dinner with em. I believe. After the arrest too, I mean a lot of people looked pass that apparent yet another more british royal, ok Bill gates met with Jeffrey empty many times. Despite his path,
and there I gotta say Jamie's really fast is the best is the best soap. Let's, let's go act, this Mary Ellen, we're absolutely. I believe that a huge interest in tech- we love Tech, yes, yes, and he wanted to. He brought scientist and and big people over his house in New York City, here's the deal they were doing. I said this over ten years ago that they were. Indeed and she quit breeding programmes for cloning before we get to that scientists How are they getting decide? What were they getting the money? First, for we're getting the money, get design where's. He getting the money to buy this giant. Organ, He was. We now know that he was a nexus point from the dirty sides, the CIA am I six massaged at least, and so they were compromising people and then, as he would compromise people. Most of them, neither being compromise. They want to be compromised me. Let in two then run operations.
and we give it even more money. It was also the money manager for guy named less wax. There was a billionaire ones, Victoria's secret, the loaded, among other things, ass, the guy He was gifting. Epstein property gave him alive and well that's where I got some of the first money. Will Eric Weinstein's, whose legit, yes, financial guy, looked at him and said the Scottish North, He's talking about said, he's playing a and then say that it was an scientists were like that to when they went to his house ago. Epstein is is like playing a role. Yes, he has no. So whatever he's doing he's working for some gonna tell you, they want corrupt the signs of ITALY to go along with our agenda on climate change to go along with it, gender on viruses to go along agenda, two thousand scientists are respected. She wanted the compromise, so they still or whatever it is you want so whatever it is you want. So if you want to do something to manipulate reality, to make your agenda go through, you compromise scientists and then these elite experts who you have on film,
having sex with sixteen year olds, then you guess maybe Mammy global. Maybe men Global warming is real and really bad as matter the solution. They have a global tax. You pay them, so it's a scam, but as big as empty was he was small. Compared to these their finders groups and other organisations that aim the news. The time, though, in the light of these early ninetys and then the count Chinese, their running the blackness. Range with Hunter Biden in the Democratic Party and and dying Feinstein, and all these things at levels way way way above anything, anybody else ashamed, Jesus, Christ. I was who's got a bad feeling from Diane Feinstein. I never had any turned out her main armenian assistant was a chinese actual agent yeah. That's lacks well, POW pleads for release, says jailed air. Sir starving,
humility in clothes and that's unfair for her, and I think I mean that one of the leaders statement at least we should give her. Oh, oh she's been on record this one was almost horrible. Things are now: oh, my She's been humiliated, Cloe. Why do you think Trump will said like when they asked her about it? Well, I wish well he's always smart ass, like a kid Epstein was killed in prison. So, as I wish her well, I want to get data is like a rich guy. He knew were right, I mean well he lighted, provided we have done. What do you think clean and everything- and in this I mean are you won't get the amount from why? Why, like too, because I know that I gave you gonna go you're, my only superpower is that I really try to be accurate. Take those mean, I'm always right, not only five percent of that, that's what really went on the rabbit roll, what I'm saying, listen Trump doesn't like lobbyists. He fired him, always try to make the best decisions for everybody in a pragmatic, free market and I'll have one side radials, but his blind sidewise by him, not letting lobbyist in everyone. became artificial lobbyist
A twenty minute where rattle was about bitching about eliminated ultra prompts dad. was a super right wing Pro America dude who was actually. huge flutter the job, our society in Used him to the the house on american activities Group, work for Nixon Eisenhower that actually ran the Red Scare Charlotte was goes well, was bad Roy Cohen, and so he's personal lawyer for twenty five years, Roy Cohen, who was John Mccarthy's best friend, rational Mccarthy. She was deaf to the staffing. Is if he were rabbit he ran house and serenity, was that he was a big enchilada and so tromp was I, heavily influenced by his father. That was anti communist nice, a liberal in New York, but like knew all this John society like dog and whole nine yards wasn't. Roy cone also involves a blackmail stuff. He was huge hooker.
Absolutely area as a whole game, obvious, dry, rat, yesterday's Christ, you guys a deep you deep and I know the guy. I know this was all athlete. Listen every night I would fall asleep unless you're many of our and then our trail. of human rights, and I fully- and now I can't do that anymore. Thank you here, too, you can. If it was dark com I live, I allow you know we're have theirs. I should say people s where people industry, this item love you I'm sorry your offer. No, we have record traffic and enforce dot com and banned dot. Video bandit video. We have videos, I've had videos this week with three million views. Two million views, a million views. I pray, Ben every watches, enforced comic during holiday. You would be having Christmas will mean a room watching impulses, speaking censorship, Youtube and Facebook of now banned all the queue and on stuff roaches crazy. But this is what crazy like. What's next, you gonna ban generalities conspiracy. If I make a joke about you- and I am- I gonna get banned, that's the other pine for committees, like you said that those young Turks show less
some of the internet is the that show that what the Jacobites because TIM Dylan had put the the show he had put a senator Jamie, seek it see what it is going to send you, the video, the TIM Dillon accidental and Pool Sammy Emma seventy right now. Jamie shows These points. Ok, young turds are anti free speech for everybody, including me, and then she goes, but I'm not a Jeffrey speeches, one just Jones banned, but didn't they have. This new show called the Jacobites. Let's talk about evil, the The Turks were the group that ran the armenian genocide they ran the armenian genocide on record cal over a million outrages. They know themselves, you aren't urging all we don't know what that means. Now there The Jacobin the Jacobin ran the french Revolution and worthy Illuminati acknowledgement of Euro area. So it's like every name they ve got is like they were youth. Basically, I mean that you of that
young Turks, and that is a very unfortunate, namely what they what's a people run around with. You know the people that watch a lot of their shows walk around with it in the chicken short or their own ironically calling themselves Maoist. These are like suburban white kids walking around going on there. I have an hundred dollar smartphone right yeah. That is a problem subsided. I think they're trying to do good. I think they think they are doing good awry. Do I think when they thought that hey I'm not anti free speech, but Ban Alex Jones right? They just don't understand what that means is a reason why you can't just go around censoring people and again the answer too bad speech is better speech. That has always been the, but here's the big problems once they silence you, come in make up whenever they walks people the tiny roads. Worse doubts on this is you personally, but the problem is when they silent someone with a sensor someone and then that persons- not that's, that's not the target anymore. They look for another
and they invariably go left they invariably exactly the power to Europe but hold on. Second, the left is not left enough so. If you are a centrist, they'll call you all right, because you need to be compliant completely with the ideology you're not compliant they they will. They keep moving what's acceptable and what constitutes racism. Sexism, classroom homophobia. Transport is a power grab, but they keep changing it in a more line or plough talked about this and nineteen. Eighty four. He was like with you ban all the words of all you, you will let you will literally you I'll bet. You will change thoughts because you, you can't have all the effort Orwell's words on.
And we're using language. He says he showed that they want to reduce the language, were no one's, even able to communicate and that's the goal. So we think of us left this thing. That's out of control, no science, a paraphrasing. I fucked it up, but the point is what they didn't see. They didn't use hindsight. That's what they need is called ink sock. What with it it sought to talk with you with what they didn't do that, didn't look Joe you! It also allows the they didn't. Look too, where these girls, they didn't understand that Strap away, they didn't say, or maybe someone has nine in some of them, but you want to go with you start. If you start censoring, there's a real and I know people are saying no. You should sensor people to see terrible things is the influence. Are children and you you can't logical some power grab. They get off once they got one scalp they're, gonna, scalp everyone, including some chance. That's the motivation of the people that are doing it. That's not what I'm concerned with what I'm concerned with is the problem itself, because you
keep finding a new target. You keep finding a new approach and a new person who is doing something. It's in the throne of saying that I want to give out they barely one more more more, but it's not that they're trying to grab power. It cities, you always trot. Look if you ve started the aim yet again losers and want to control reality because their projecting their own hatred themselves on you don't think part of it is that they want power to control the discussion. There is most certainly a part of that yeah. That's apart, its human nature but Joe you, I'm hearted deal as well, because you talk over people when they're talking you don't let him get you been talking a lot. You can't you dont. Let people get a full thought out there in TIM, doesn't like when he's How did he would sit on your good? What I'm saying is he's talking in you, you jump in and the problem is. I know you have some things to say, but then you fuck with the thing that's coming.
the other person they explain to me how the centres are loving people, that's what you're driving, not saying they love people, I'm saying they dont did do not looking at correctly, because the way there looking out, if they think, they're doing a good thing and going to usher for some utopia end of world of communication where people are always saying the things they agree with the problem. That is, you don't find out who's right. Let's get it talk it, but she agreed only Joe it's worse than that. You can have an echo chamber, it's dangerous did echo chambers are dangerous and in what tat has done is created these lists. Swing. Ideological echo chambers that totally great, and there also forcing people to self censorship, because if you dont comply with the rules that they ve set forth, then you get ban so you comply and you you, you find if you find people it is a cult idea ideologically like this listen, It is called Joe, I think, there's a lot of these cultural and I'm trying to say to you as you ve, never meant, not smoking. We with me on air
I know it's a bummer who should have come at a week. You're angry Europe set higher environmental issue to be on before the election, in the show who do you, think's gonna, win by the way, Donald Trump Pursuant to win this up within the democratic and a contested, the seventy nine days? While, why are the poles showing the Joe Biden is entirely disease offers like last time they said it was gonna win. Given these are the post post election poles? I wanna do is toxic waste I think that is a good fire conspiracy phone sex operator section. I only one here drink. This is a right wing timber. When these two bills, that's on item, don't talk to build. You do really think that Trump is gonna win, Nigeria went back interesting, really but I think that, but I was not trying to interrupt you earlier. Will you this is how you talk.
ok you're here there are, you guys, got last Joe, I'm calabash you talk twice as much that are less for our, but guess I love it. This is this Aubrey, Joe Rogan. Let's get back to this trap, what we arguing about about political correctness- I don't know what you're saying we are arguing, he would say the second reading with the sensors, some of the centres are trying to do the right things, and You were saying: listen it's deeper than that, and then that's where we left almost scientifically set up what I always say our offer outliers now and die. Whistles. It's all new normalizing, centralized control, big techno, that site logical algorithms! It's totally destructive China, that has people in Muslims, in death camps, Christians and of Camps Buddhism death camps is true: and totally normalize censorship? Here, domestically when the whole left is involved with Communist China through big tech. Does it work
but then they have no moral high ground to stand on Joe well. We have a real problem in the society when, when it comes to tat first of all, as all the people that are on the moral high ground were buying iphones, you know where those things are being made. We all we all know there I admit I admit I admit it as well. There's no, I phoned that are being made in Ohio with highly skilled workers that are paid an excellent wage and they have great healthcare benefits. That's not what's happening, I dont know why, but that's not what happens if they ve decided that it's better to make them cheaper or better, to have a higher profit margin and make them in other countries. they decided that initially another stock. Let me ask you this. Who do you think you know when I will be very subdued, Knossos, Umberto Jorgensen yeah, I think your Georgia's it as a great shot too soon, and then Cotonou I think a Georgia's economy was, I think, it's
it's a male by its neck anatomize, you crazy things now cannot grow Jennifer Amazon was she made a tweet this drive me crazy, you're fat ignore right now, and I love because you're not drinking others did what there was a fucking hilarious respond by Kenya. Ass she said Jennifer asked and put on Twitter eight. It's not funny to of voting for Congo. Dont do it and he goes. Friends wasn't funny that hilarious, whose right he's right, that's great both you see the two of them together. Friends was a financial joe. You were great conference. I wasn't conference job What do you think's go using tromp, I don't know, what an hour of character. Who would you it blank right legion of reason, I don't think so. who's my alibis names, Joe Jennifer's, my successor, television, a very, was damp dumb. Perfect. Would you like a dentist? Jennifer, innocent horrible boss,
she was a dentist what'd. You do molester our patients when it under well, you could be molested by worse. People will do not care to sing funny that they yeah someone who's. An actor would say that, like the does this thing that they feel like they have this influence going to change the way we, as over this eighty day, of how you speak of what is that entail just like an mentally prepare. Seventy nine days, seventy nine days avowedly some seventy nine days with a road. What what's gonna harrowed Chevy nine days of us locked up in here with cases whisky huge, thousand marijuana he's lit nano. A little late, but I don't actually. I could see that bottle and it was a fresh bottle when you know. That's all. That's that's fake! That's Hollywood! Nuts, Hollywood, we're in Texas. I gave up how would years ago. I haven't worked in Hollywood. Let's talk about this. What we just ask seventy nine days how evidence, Democrats, Kutuzov, relax problem, Suriname Zoos, lover
seventy nine days of hell that how many days there are after November. Thirdly, inauguration and John Pedestrians in the New York Times they had a big war, gain the newer timeshare democratic, high level organ Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden alone. When they said we're going, can test. We take we're going to win, but if we lose or so that I can test and we're going to contest we call the U N to cover, not by the? U S. Do you I'm gonna, argued by the end of a New York Times came out share with you in. to intervene in the: U S election, another four horsemen just call for that yesterday is So they are planning to happen before horsemen. I see in the rest of the current and so those others, the tribe anyway, and so there are planning to western states western states, a seed,
others say: they're gonna hold the election of the already saw their starting to not less luxury. They could take Portland Yea taken all taken a lot of those seventeen lies of hell. Let me ask you this curse when did you decide to try to escape California are deluding- with the looting. What are you call me off aeronautical you I'd faith in their ability to Maintain law and order, because if you're gonna, all that money in taxes. I feel like you should at least feel like their protecting things, and when they were just letting them smash, windows and cops were told to stand down it particular in Santa Monica that do was like direct orders in the sheriff was it'll, be widely criticized for this they were told to stand down while he's peeing matching, including things when, when they were doing that, I was like what you can't live in a place where that's being tolerated, because this is this, this This goes from stores too,
they'll move to night clubs and moved to rest rather decide what it had nothing to do with George Floor now. It had nothing to do I grey areas, restaurants, those stores had nothing to do with George Floor now like in Minnesota, Minneapolis the crammer it's like tripled. The police won't even show out their like point. Why are you even paying social? What do you think both of you. Mr Dillen. What is the end game of the summer since my man not done yet? It was also that there was restrictions that were put in place. It did make any sense to me. There's restrictions for restaurants, restrictions for comedy clubs, restrict restrictions for gems, like. Why can't you just where Myers churches close, but all Alban Walmart of wire churches close? But why is it ok to protest lies everybody ok, wisely nobody letting people protest right? Why? Why They saying listen. I understand your. U want desire to protest but understand that your most likely contributing to the spread of the virus, because that's a fact right. Even if you support the protests,
the address. The endgame seems to be. If you let's Sorry get bad enough. People than accept all these more draconian. Already measures and and censorship across the board, would you tat that's what's going on with California like? Why do you think they ve kept California lockdown this much want to kill the? U S economy, China's monopoly for six months. They admit it's leaked, they're doing this to kill the US economy. Members leaked out how come on democratic party while reports its edge? It it's been stated Jimmy Democrats, all the news that we want a depression to make trumpet look bad, who said this before you have a bit more is not a part of the democratic parties, a comic opera, but I used to go home a jubilee jokes around about that. Like look, ok, we're rash, Yukon. Ok, regardless would Jews, try to or Baptist in New York Trot a habit of in the police open or ask them what they want.
eighty four or be alarmist. We're on Bernstein down that mayors. Have this great and the mayor said Danglars. You said this is legitimate. And if a legitimate, your churches, it you're synagogue, isn't so power is selective enforcement. Its martial law, What was right, it does everything I brought today. I have proof ABC measures, reporting in blue cities and in taxes that going to come to your house and demand a coven test. If you don't they're, gonna arrest you, while the Federalist the court's lean old area that has where's that being said about El Paso, No taxes will, but I want to bring you back to what you're saying about crash run out on me. Use bill Mars Unexampled, I just don't think that's a credible example could ultimately showed that yeah, but he's a comic and although they always hey issue that Islamic television coverage, the news people now that's what Colbert and all the policy areas people Alex you, you can't use him as an example of someone really a politician who
call an extra the economy and, tragically, if I was a Democrat, I wouldn't want things to open up again until tromp was out raw greed I mean that's true. You want high now on China. China wants to shut down. China admits that using the virus to keep us shudder by a weapon, That should give you our long treatise on tat when I tell you what we'll get to that momentarily anger, Yellow forward for we know are lobbying or elsewhere and like delve Argos, we want a rather get drunk of Islamic it on the floor began to sit down. You said something that I want you to back up. You said that the Democrats are true, I'm not denying the possibility that this is the case this seems like if that was the case, it would be a grand conspiracy that would at least have you'd have to have some evidence of this to make that statement that they're trying or they want to crash economy because they they want to to maintain power and each
ain't censorship and to change the way. There are laws that angel. Ok, we ve had governor notion. We ve had Governor Connally Whittemore Cuomo exactly all say the economy is gonna be. Because trumps done a bad job, we're not gonna open until he's gone and a wet regime will come out of it is women. Newsome has openly said that you sure DR an enemy. But what do you think he's sat on the lever. I listen. I'm a criticism. I've come a critic of Newsome because of his this is becoming. Crap is because wineries open, but that is a lot of issues. Right is there's a lot of issues so that they play they closed, so many things Yo Joe Joe. Globalism was about shelling America often bankrupting us under Cloward Piven strategy, but don't don't change a subject on I specifically, what Newsome has said
You can pull it represented, told him of the eighteen o heed. What did he say that you think again, I'm not a fan of him, I'm a credit. Listen, I think you gotta give people grown adults the choice, if they d look, we Don't have overrun hospitals, we don't have people dying in record numbers we know that libraries, citizens rights would have been watching the cases and the deaths are increasing. That is true. but as long as there's a disease they're going to increasing the quota. The question is at what rate and the people that are never have never morbidity fact ever about the death rate. It's always about increased infection because a death Its way down now generate is regarded as the winter enhance their science flew and ours. The coal how's that you get me again when we You say the DAS increase. That is going to happen. The question is by what rate and how many
right will reject a normal, flew and an pneumonia and morbidity liked it this year, and you add, to the number: they want run the same scam, and so whenever they don't count flows, or dimona anymore. They only like they all kind of cool because they get remaining on the chart, but they got fifty plus thousand dollars when they call it a cover death plus when they say that they get. three thousand Santa cohabitation and I get. Twenty nine thousand, whatever actual when they integrate somebody now, since, when is like Congress saying our new medicine, while the isn't the idea that they're doing this to give money to these hospitals to help them in the. Of a pandemic yeah, so the Lebanon little reason code. Every thing is covered to get the money. That's come out. They killed most people today, died, nursing homes or die from innovation. When, auto immune event. You dont want innovation agenda. That cannot be what they initially thought you did, but that's why they're not because I was respite. Gaza numbers went down as they stop intimating. Yet
that's only now, it's all about everyone's being whereas in others the death rate, because they were waiting, and they were counting on. There were killing old people were soon stop seven votes to old arms that work environment digs no son, one like this, so so infections, like testing, pulled the draft that, what's your science pulled up in ill infections like this death like this right, will you go up and downright desktop Now what did Gavin Newsome Say, though, that you, when you said he said is not going to get better until trumps out of office. Well, it's it's wit. Said that specifically- and he said remember that too, but he was just pissed like well. I want to be friends with Trump: isn't a bad response when they keep the lock down going and you don't chill trap this wrong until we have a change, is going to continue on and then it's always about the power grab like oh, Two years, if new adults thou its first, its fifteen days, keep the hospitals empty and it sab it
oh six months and our two years at Gateshead like a week ago, it's ten years and now they ve got the people. Voucher another saying: no, it never ends. You never shake Hannah and under the U N rules, they say: don't look at someone and turn your head so in Europe intact, the chin Citizens of the UK told do not look at other people and turn your head. It's called pro granting man, as he is a pretty common talking point, and some people agree with it. Like a lot of Democrats would say: yeah, it's not gonna get better until trumpets out, because Tromp is made a mass of it. I don't trust the best, that's what he said, but that's that's. A car en Bloc, as you have done better, one? I don't matter he shut down flight from China. February, one, policies running around in Chinatown, saying data by the needs at pre, common belief that they're saying listen, we sought only gets a conspiracy, you don't think, like you have to by the source, I think it's like. They believe if he wasn't in that a walk, a better until he's gone, so I don't think they actively are trying to make it better
until he's got exactly. What I mean is want a kind of crisis going again see what you say. I got one another's evidence I want there's an actual statement where he said at one tromp leaves then will open back. That's what S. Actually what Whittemore said specifically but ISA. Where things might well. Let's find we want well remember here, I mean my understand, but yes MA am challenge advantages, but I'm a chance. I'm challenge you on this because remedies available online and today we are going to want to challenge you on this rags. I wanna that's what they loved about our last interview over a year and a half ago, which they loved ones, that people can go. It actually check the civilisation of organic matter. I'm crazy, and a lot of it is true that one find that quote now save Whittemore said that it will get better until trumps out of office. in terms of the lock down which Mercians Whittemore? Damn own angel drops out somewhat. She lose some court case recently. Yes, the hearse report. Also federal courts overruled
across the country that you can't order churches to wear masks. You can't order social does see it's all just getting us to comply. Don't you think it's a good idea to encourage people to wear masks they're going into large gather alot of studies. A lot of studies show that does emerge, actually, listen, listen trunk till the trade a few days ago when he came out, he said we're, never gonna controlled as we have to learn hurt immunity, or if you really scary, I would take a vaccine and the heading but in reality the Rockefeller Hoss, little came out so that I got land on Youtube and illicit ITALY did Social. This is in ITALY did masks. Italy did everything you are supposed to do at their getting clobbered again. So that makes me think that Maybe it's not a bad idea to do these things, but they don't seem them. They don't see the way that it is drunk at where Sweden did do any of it, and it's the low
the death rate in Europe right, but it's also a country of small villages. They have a whole different way of life over their early. Italy is a bunch of three generations. Living in one house does an absolutely the oldest people- Europe, yes, the proviso yeah they need sunlight, they need they smoke, try find Jim over there, drug with frantic smoke in the trade sofa every time a fuckin go there it's hard to find a job, they listen exactly. The regimes like us have a wretched. I came out eight months ago and- and I was summoned to stop us again at the store vitamin d vitamins. She sank at Have that only an age website Canton were according to initiate an ice website, cannot replicated somatic Andrea were the withered virus, plunging the sell it makes. Replicate, ok so I just mean Jones claims. You got a cure, notes on a cure you ve, got sunlight and zinc and environment, see always things you need its very hard to get these things. That's why it's old people
in nursing homes abbot outside of years? There are dying so easily now found finally two months ago, cannot shed vitamins eighty vitamin c that is true and young. Jamie takes vitamin d and kicked in a day and vanity. Using a g. Young Jamie was feeling bad for a day, but I don't want to argue Joe. I want to just say I love bill gates. Ok, let I love. I use windows, I'm looking for tomorrow. I can't let me quote specifically that says that there's lots, of course about them going back and forth obvious things. I've had a I just think anybody like that whether its bill gates are basis or anybody was a billionaire if they say hears the suggested course of action. They have to expect Turkey to be criticised and a lot of these guys don't like taking any criticism when they of their issuing edicts These are billionaires. Addressing this how Gonna live yeah, that's a question that is outdated. Age range, though, that bill gates, who is not a health experts, is all the sudden when a leading voices, yet
its trade boycott, is mine area. That's. My next question: why is Bill gates, is not a doktor, suddenly on tv telling me how my life's gonna go and what to do this by port in parliament. Is this a big project for him? Well, he's also gather want to shoot a missile of dashed into the atmosphere to how plot attachment very few people here we have had the resources even think of doing so. Like my friend he wants to have judged spray year, criminals to block the sun right and the scientists whenever an online journal good. They went not a good idea. Show and then a few quick call upon that is, of course, that it goes the consumer de lies in the conspiracy theories. Is, I know what is can you why you? What is the general base? He went on CBS News logo
percent of those tat. Your vaccine trouble getting very sick summer dies. Well, ledges out is the answer. That is how it is TAT he said. Well, we approve a lot of money to please be relegated wondering what was well yeah. It's a problem That's the problem, a retarded! This is still have remembered wherever two years they said Trot worked for. I've heard a political mudslinging, my whole life for two years. They said Tromp was an agent of Russia. He was, asset of Russia, the president, then report, and then it came but he was it, there was no proof of the CIA, the odyssey everybody and then
Does it work? Well, we might have been wrong about that. I mean it was my trousers urban things to me was when TED crews was cross. Examining call me when he was asking him yeah Russians about what they did with evidence and how they they doctored evident. When you got Jamie, I can't believe it. Brian red Bannister, easy is saved us right flew in when Jamie tested, positive for cooties and we have had like cigarettes. You heard a call, yet ever so we had to have the Protocol was you have to be ten days and yet a test negative three days and Roma and move where you got your brains can remove your he's. Looking at how to renew our two terms can- and I might you're moving your, but I might amounts I'll. I gotta I gotta get some. I gotta say that lay first for our citizens is not coming back, that let's talk about zanuck, color, valleys, Lobo stuff, I want to fight you what happens when I'm not I'm doing this much apple agendas are never trouble. It's ok! It's ok! I love you. Now you just have some now I can't I can't
made a problem, but an election. I can possibly I'm gonna have a last November third, that's November, but I will be able to export we're done. I have seen More days of sobriety, that's gonna be a fire. I gotta begun, I'm a little high from the cigar. You couldn't have a bigger promo for you, election, I'm glad you actually announced here well calculated- he's been asking when he can announce a scenario: they go to fish ego I'm excited to get up every night and what is less, amounting to cover some of the general stutter in real time. Data show yourself here what you gonna. Do we ever find a quote for Whittemore. I can't find anything lots of clothes, but I can't find do you want me to find it? Can you just google on your phone, timid, I'll, talk amongst ourselves, ok level when they will pull up whatever that I'll, get Gretchen Whittemore, they almost kidnapped or by the worries- and I don't have time to commit murder when Trump leaves ass quote, she was almost provided. There was a kidnapping plot against her know it
mark, which fifty percent of our world until twelve gone, that is common rhyme lockdown, won't until trumped Try that what our rhinos to find it Whittemore locked downs, won't until Trump Gaunt he'll find it gathered plot to assassinate her. What fuck. It was not till I cannot put. It was weird, but eyes were inherited from that. It was only after our prerogatives that turned out the two leaders were FBI informants. What even craziness. Fifty two percent of the citizens of Michigan agreed with the plot. That's a jerk figured it added that part. That's a jungle. Rogues guess calls for kidnapping. This is outraged as this day plaid trilateral. I went on Algeria outskirts snob, so is goes. It finds a joke too big for their go. They go correction. Hillary Clinton is not at all pull. You can see the right ones.
and unity, twenty twenty account was also banned from my where there is just told me that his unity, twenty twenty capitalism, which is calling for a third party, was calling for unity between we want the right and left to get together. have conversations and and perhaps even have an alternative candidate. That's outrageous, but he's a fucking scholar and he's a guy who became famous because he was a professor at Evergreen University and the left is took over the carnage ever going to shut it down a wide scale. Come one day by day they had made him. Yes will win the day, this ban him. They went looking forum in the parking lot phased out eyes, while batty, I was terrifying, show salami. I says the the principle was going along with everything the lit literally the yelled, the principal: don't would gesture with your hands because you're threatening us by He was talking about you're here having reddish universities like Oxford. I think no one look it up
Cambridge, one of the big ones. You can't clap pizza, might whirl aggression to soak rosy, but this as well we were talking about for years, and people say why you concerned with what happens in the universities, its thing we were saying about censorship because it fucking it keeps going. There does not augur well you when you allow that kind of nonsense in universities, those kids graduate and they want to carry these goofy fuckin practices into all these corporation asking you this was now. I wasn't a mouse one of things. I wrote down old, ask Joe Aunt: em, don't work what happened. Where do? Where do they stopped going to keep running until they had opposition which is starting to happen? How far does it go? I was hoping there is going to be some sort of a fig federal regulation. I was hoping that I was going to step in and they were gonna it amend. first amendment to include social media, because I think what yours, what you seeing now the the argument that These are just just private corporations, I dont think
arguments valid anymore, because the impact they have the significance of being able to see we're not being able to speak to speak, has met have implications on our election. We see it within your post. Election is meddling. We see within Europe Post being censored, but this hot underbody story, whether you agree with us, we're being late tonight that the fact that the New York Fucking Post, which is a legitimate news, whereas outrageous as they are, and the fact that they fuckin way house press secretary, gets banned from twitter for for Turkey, that links for it. This is crazy. I mean, I think at least is. Sadly, it leads to violence, because if you take everybody's ability to communicate away, there's nothing left to do but commit acts of violence in and by the way that Kennedy quote derive make peaceful revolution. We found something this is as close as I could get two hours ways: ass, ok, the Trump virus responses- the worst in the globe. She said if you're, tired of the of locked down or.
You're, tired of wearing mass, or you wish you were in church this morning or watching college football or your kids were getting in person instruction. It's too for a change in this country, and that's why we ve got to let Joe Biden, that's pretty remained at me. You can make their say whatever you when almost yeah, that's the common sense of the word right is ripe. Freedom of travel mirrors. The problem is, if you just take it from if you're, tired of Loch downs, and I will not the one you you get one if interpretation of it, but if you back it up to the Trump virus response is the worst in the globe. She said: if you're, tired of lockdown, So what you see is what you mean you're, not necessarily because what sugar Holies, because that's the problem taking something out of context. Would she saying it we ve got honourable bar trompe? I don't know, I'm not saying that what she sings tromp has done such a shitty job there
the reason why we're locked down you can't get it yet at the headline. Does not that's true, though, I think when you got a point you just disease. You got people flying from Europe and China, and all these other countries expressing you you're good you're, going to have spread it's fucking inside can we contagious diseases have on part in Moscow? Is we'll ashtray for southern and the light turns out you're looking at it. Let me ask you this, you're in innumerable hammered out right now on scale wanted to wear it weren't and immorality. This is when it gets good you'd better. Let's talk Savage, Philippe De Villiers? I know you're sure everybody was here when you have a say, What was the question you have me on nine eleven, thus twelve, five five now one five five year, dont connect the dots just in town to random. What he's army years of good at high level on purpose, yeah that was on purpose, is this fund
this rather bad, but I've. But this is how you understand how this quote. You could interpret that in a different way. I would hire a democratic party strategy. I understand you say: tromp was to blame for covered, which into setting economy shut down to you, get them elected, don't and ideology, saying they're all get there all saying. I understand your mind like we're gonna those covered by endless lockdown once drops out. If you want large normal. Do this and their own listen, this a end of civilization event, though, fellows and others put out operation lockstep there. Never stop. This they're gonna have covered. a king. Let him have checkpoints forever. Apps on your phone. How do we stop this? What trunk came out did and said we cannot defeat this with vaccines and with covered tracking, was shut down, and I have to be with her community, which is what this just actually brought our lives, we beady with what he beat it with his. Seventy four needs french fries every day this mother Fucker kicked it in full.
day. That's what I'm supposed to be a death sent Joe you ve got vitamin d vibrancy and Jake it's very hard but clearly he's got more than vitamin D. Vitamin C and zinc he's got a bunch of medical treatments. Re use, in regeneration, he was driven things that are expensive and probably not widely but wait. A minute came and tested positive these, rather whether they live in these young and viral. But I'm saying where it's: where do, since what does something come along and never came with our civilisation rise over the civilization is over very cause of this thing that came out of China. There I'm supposed to come. You announced work overcame as well as Germany, You feel better about disease now detected so quickly How will the unforgettable dealers have another set of ourselves? A little worried for the first day sharing. Are we going down like a two week? Three four, we ventilator a months right because you ve talked to people on the show that have been fucked up. I sure am how
am I gonna be today is rattlesnake, as you know, is very low. Taking all the vitamins and me we. I got all that we had an idea and I knew my sister, like maybe that helped. Surely the further statistically, they said five percent will be dead, it's not even while they thought point one percent, ok, but what they thought there, the all powerful God. Just like the? U N says you will question asked by you all closure and anything. The, U N says we all yours, like all we shouldn't- be logged on it's killing, millions of people, starvation, but still there keeping the locked on going. The United Nations said. Well, what do you think should be done? I mean I We should look at something that is much worse than the flu and say we all need natural vat, once and for circles, and sunlight and health and people just now they got to deal with the way it is because we always get diseases we always get, hours, as we always lay with the idea we lock. Society ought to go and our houses, and this is opposed Industrial move.
But they're, using a roll out these systems. locked down our homes and if you want to be cynical, this is where you step in and say the reason why they want us to be upset and we want the economy to be fought his because eight, the press and they want em out of office. They want to gain power, they want to do without a make up of the american economy, the in the image of what they want. They want to re make a lot of these. These systems that they feel are, for whatever reason than just in just or unjust or whatever they want to use this opportunity. To kind of we draw the line they look after nine eleven, exactly the vision and I love it the U N and and and the day most group all say this the post industrial world, the I recently got a coffee before right here and I say in these documents we are going to reorganise society covetous good to shut down the carbon. Carbon is bad, we're going in success in prosperity,
rock everybody where control their lives all under the name of cover. They said all that they said we're gonna end success, we're gonna, end prosperity, gap in the lockstep Rockefeller document, two thousand and ten they say, level viral release or simulated one that total fear, will bring a police state martial law available for someone to re actual Alex, whether they South Dakota agenda, twenty wise, something where they were saying. We want people living in cities. We don't want homeownership compact, steady job, yet, as you were saying earlier, they go. Oh for the greater good that we have cars anymore. It's for the greater good we dial six thousand and what I was doing was give playing games. You are quoting them what I was saying There's a thing. You said that you believe, and then I was saying that autonomy do believe in cars to autonomous vehicles are, in the future at least likely to be safer than people just having an texting while not say given control these corporations robots make ourselves absolutely way to build a programme and pro human
by one. Oh, you are saying you're, not a feller thing from two thousand ten soup cells weird survive on programme. I started. I was only looking this up. As you mentioned, excited who's going down my little rabbit whole. It says when I first started to find that my first or two says: there's a small, a large conspiracies been built out of his small greater. For this document from Twitter. Ok, that's what it starts to say was that it involves small reign of truth. Yes, God is there is its notes that you go. Let us focus on the grain of number. Who says is a grain of truth. its operation, lockstep- and it says a global police state will be brought in from a pandemic and I'll be worldwide martial law? It actually says it in the document. Ok, it's a girl yeah like all there's no hunter enables the movement of animals are real right. I love that clock that it is with that either seen tcp studios is. It is weird there's a back: ok, we're Rockefeller Foundation annual report, two thousand turn out of Control F, which, like me, look up,
Look up law, police state look up there, just like a police state of his exact words me with you. If your self control F police came up, this is just one paper. That's it that's! The whole pdf is like it's really really long. So when you controls to F, nothing. Ok. What else I've got I've read it before. It says that so If you re right now, you're using the editor, I know not I mean a camera exact world cable. Let's look up and damage look up and ethnic pandemic just means widely distributed. Epidemic major actually set for mentions the word penned. Ok, are it with no network to transfer a critical infectious disease information without, Finland's communications, thousands more false, sick. The new enclosed disease becomes an unchecked pandemic by the time the the right expertise is brought.
To bear on the polar world. It's too late, the disease spread around the globe in a world of global trade travel, what's traded, faster and travels furthest are the microbes every handshakes Althesa. So what are the witnesses in reference to Kay, says a few miles east up up up up young boys when you know that don't please go back to the judges, it's just it. It's just a scenario that their painting so makes it a little larger. Now go back to just go back to where it was the potential pandemic. The fast for decades have severely test towards ability to work cross human borders. Detection remains weak in many parts of the world. Public health response has frequently been Sloan fragmented. The looming threat of infectious disease presents humanity with a new challenge to communicate and collaborate swifter and with greater efficiency than ever before.
That doesn't sound they try to in the world. Will you just read one? One of these documents already pulled the article on, but this is world government controlled. They talk about a worldwide police state University firm pandemic. I'm telling you what these nice ok emerged: pandemics, the new century Sars Avian Flu, and flew if we don't be investigated system is a brilliant global governments like they're trying to prevent pandemics. move quickly, viruses will buy, can knowing our drive to invest in systems that coordinated efforts and share information. The Rockefeller foundation is, working to out what a global governance frail and all of us to meet the health challenges of an interconnected world is the perfect analogy. Terrorism, because, as terrorism exists, people want to prevent terrorism, but how many rights too, give up in order to do that, and then you know these proactive measures that we take to prevent terrorism, a lot of them create more terrorists, who, I think it's like a balance of life.
be remaining a free society and dealing with a lot of the amount lesson I sit here. We shouldn't. We talk about something and on whether Jamie confided or not becomes arbiter, weathers real. So they found someone about a deity lobbying live thing about this. I've got the operation access to documents will they say we're in a brain? and this global authoritarian, but no you have to. Then you have to show us those. I mean I've, I'm sitting here in studio talking to you about this, but I am Dan, I say, but we want to try to do you know everybody else watching the zero while they do video crazy. We I wish we could have found it right then, if it's real not, I know you wanna show, but it might be an interpretation of what you're, saying like the windmill, which has specifically the women quote, is just a criticism of Trump she's but blame. In all this lock, no Whitman was found by the by the Supreme Court of Michigan and by federal court to have he's all three branches of governments and basis
martial law. They re use those terms only was overturned, saying that quote, I wanted, wouldn't you say, If you are sick of lockdown John you're, sick of not being able to go to church, Joe Biden should be elected. I agree that is not a huge job from what he said. Not argue data, but the problem is. The way? It's being said, she was talking about how bad tromp handled the the rate of infection for, of course, Our lives are strand on that. I remember, like everyone loves like fifteen years ago resiliency, and we were looking at documents where It said we're in a bridge. global government, the North American Union, using the threat viruses migration flows and economic collapse, and they said, like a ITALY, fluidly Sars yeah, I'm sitting here watching this power grab watching the? U N and n n n big texting while you can't say that that the U N wrong as the U in charge, since, when is the news Debbie shell in all these doctors, always medical doctors. That cannot say other things
of them like steroids, cured it or you know how I grassy Chloric when helped it. How are they being banned even if they were long, though they should be ever licence? Remove that's what that's about its not cool decides that if something is of the? U N, it's taken down my phone sync with it is a ah bloom that their deciding, which doctors to listen to which doctors not too, when there is some real controversy as to how to handle the virus virus with treatment right. What treatment is effective when isn't it the out of now? It turns out there's a lot of doctors and think that high drugs clerk queen is an effective as a lotta there's, some doctors have thought it was and they think it a combination of zinc hydra. But the crux of the problem is the people that are deciding what gets, taken down or not get Nazi hedge problem down, and the problem is that the doctors ago will we think the ito? It's like this. We we ve met Might the voices of the people that SAR saying one thing and we ve
entered the voices of the people are saying another thing it s like that becomes the real issue. What whether people, I tromp, there's, there's stuff criticise about tromp that we all know that and there, but in their defence you're doing it, because they think that people can do some foolish thing of spread the virus further, because that the media's job, though, to this is the problem. I think the media has taken on this really activist role where they are now. There it's not worse, yet social media, so that not even necessarily the media. What were you have likely a journalist, thirteen Ronald you do you think he would do something to second term about social media other you certainly as hundreds of the eyes, and he done something already because it so complex because the clamorous election meddling, even though they are doing at the same time what we have multinational corporations acting in tandem, There are already making the nation state obsolete their creating a in formation warfare manner. happily and censuring people in using their power they have. Just shipyard, deny it's going on until it's too late a message:
it's a really serious situation and is correct. It is crazy situation where all of these Companies all lean left all of em. If they do They re lean laughed and they support electors. Does not tech companies are out there supporting Donald Trump there's, no technological arranges. What is a very wealthy people right right sanely wealthy, but David Pat good point about that that day like when it comes to their financial dealings, they there. other very conservative, hurry, libertarian unconcern littlepage axis right, will pose. Almost taxes want to tell you this apple can play about shiny sleigh factories in China. No, it's! What I'm telling you is. It's all bs! You study what they're doing research. phone and pull it up. They talk about an lockstep brie and global authoritarian system. About riots, they talk about war, they could find that are their eyes as its aim, and I feel that I found something, but I dont trying to understanding what it thinks it's now. It's too I get speaking about years in the future as though they ve already half or women.
too far William lets us like. Their planning another scenario just like they painted with that infection scenario archive dot org. I found what the second page of this link since, like scenario narratives says: lockstep men talk about a pandemic, some point, twelve and the Sars and all sorts of each one on one side stepped into the next page system. While you are talking- and this is the part that that's a little strange- what she's getting too into, I think he is now where's out to me how it started here could assess about in twenty twenty five of people being weary of top down by two thousand and twenty five people seem to be growing weary of so much top down. Control and letting leaders and authorities make choices for them. Whatever net, wherever national interest clashed with individual interests, there was conflict, sporadic push back becomes in singly. Organizing coordinated as disaffected use in
people have seen their status and opportunity slip away largely in developing countries. Incited Sid one rest by twin twenty six protestors, Nigeria brought down the government fed up with the entrenched cronyism and corruption even Those who, like the greater stability and predictability of this world, began to uncomfortable and constrained by so many tight rules and by the strictness of national boundaries the feeling lingered, that sooner or later, something would have inevitably upset the neat order that the world's governments worked so hard to establish. Ok, I've ever read that that's the other stuff it's in there to thousands of pages open it talks about local police state and a worldwide riots, and only when I arrive our weight, is regularly writing now, either with a riding in almost all I've ever seen that hardly if you like of, but I must say it says stuff like that, but listen look those ideas like the EU right, it's a supranational financial architecture. People are so
The borders are racist people saying that the idea of America's races and countries is the idea of a cow for a nation state is raises. There is this growing? idea or ideology that global it is a good thing or that nation states are, you know exclusion comes out of this is not a nation. States are perfect. Multinational corporations are bigger and operate and engages more powerful than governments correct. He answered they want control and they say they want control and they're gonna use racial differences between two countries play him off each other and are going to use global crises, decentralized global control and that, They say. White papers is the corporation using this for global control, and there will be, rebellions against. That's what I read and then people a lot harder, more loyalty to multinational corporations and more loyalty. They have more in common with. people that live in London or Davos or switch then they do too their american citizens and that that become
the problem you ve got Google and Facebook executives on jumbo jets. Mansions telling us we ve got a lower carbon footprint, be poor, their hypocrites it does, old water? Now how do we get there? It is voluntary and capitalism I remember I don't have it in front of me, but I was reading the lockstep Rockefeller documents? They predicted worldwide police state Protectionism, civil war is their predicting two thousand eighteen says: will Africa embrace were Africa's embrace of authoritarian capitalism? Allah, China continue and then Vietnam to require solar panel in every home and twenty twenty two and twenty it's not the same arguments I saw. But nonetheless, the question is it's weird the way the writing this there The writing. This is is that their their predicary haven't yeah withered their talk about it later there seeing the future and
Almost like it's fixed Cuba gets here is wrong, saying we're not gonna control the pandemic. You don't you get used to. It get over it. You fight with neutral showed where'd, you find it with you know with. Was there to the idea that Bill it came out to which none us will be shut, advertising, Yours is a little sad. He should yeah this goes on for ten years. Until there is not one corona case, will they picked? The perfect problem It can never do anything that crazy. Like do you see a guy like Jamie, you literally kicked it in a day and the same we have close down the world for ten days later, war on terror is still going on and we got they want to know exactly what they want a problem than ever goes way. I'm never going to be the cold war when on forever I mean this suggests they like these So what we ve entered into three hours in your two and a half hours in here. We ve entered into this weird spot. Where, like ok, well, could be entering Whiskey another argument about election night, I'm here what could be done? What can be done?
and all I know is I tried to tell the truth. I make mistakes, but I'm sitting here with these notes. I've written where I live. What global essay I gave that Wall Street Journal where in where in pure that we can get sick it's time to get rid of all humans in bars with machines, it's so beautiful and they watch this one cook and then it's almost all these people, RO others trying to convince the public to all roll over and die, but wait a minute that isn't that a provocative article by a journalist, who's trying to paint a rosy picture of ours. Symbiotic relationship, a technology, and we want someone saying would mean literally sang looking forward to the end of humanity. That's it it's a problem. Could have article, but that's the nihilistic attitude these people actually pick up. I mean is it is, but it's also sort of this inevitable. If you extrapolate from where we are now with technology, to where we're gonna be in twenty thirty years, and when you look at things like normally, Can you look it alot of assert a technology that they're they're coming up?
without more targeted, not same sex censuring us, I don't wanna blogged into my goddamn brain. Yes, praise probably have been really adds a bad idea to have them invade your body. Well, when you talk about centralized power like TAT, it s a bad, not a good idea, it's a bad idea to give them all saying the latter here ledger here. I am got a beer tonight. I really appreciate we have to get people to debate the fact that there's people engineers and ten crash choosing their course and that the public is involved in deciding that court lap. I hope people are starting to understand when you see the White House Press Secretary get banned from twitter. When you see the New York posts linked, get banned from twitter do ass. I hope people start understand that giving people power giving large groups power over whether its national discourse, whether its policy. Any these. These think it's bad. It's a bad idea that idea the eight other, our founding fathers, although they didn't predict techniques
she didn't radically internet. They did predict what happens when you give human beings ultimate power. Writer, mean power, corrupts absolute paragraphs, absolutely absence of Joe. You just said it so when we asked this question, see you that a huge audience would you really change? we'll run out. It was a good, no one's listening now their lists. just now, if you want to change the world, you gonna, listen, mulatto, Sharp gotta show none get three times as many listen people that are zombies, don't don't matter of sorrow they made I'm sure she won't examples of a j. I don't think zombie when I shall say rouser listen. You can look at Tony as to our job and asked him laugh item they run, the Democratic Party cannot, Much will the New York Times bragging that they were in the meeting when they were working on thousands of people listening telephone call. They go we're not gonna concede and we're gonna have the country.
break up and we're gonna have secession and we're gonna call for the EU. When to invade America, how fucked up would it be if you all this stuff actually comes through the ways harmonies This'Ll be fuckin into ideas it a good, but when people are talking about be careful with that that camera don't bother camera, but I'm not saying it's gonna happen, I'm staying there saying, because if it does having I'll be glad to throw all I'll. Just hang the attic. No, I You will be grasped, glass, literally saying that, as happened this like this part, tests can be heavily criticized right. We are aware of this, but when we knew that come, but when this goes down if this goes down the way you're describing it? How area with this being? Well, I don't It would be very area very scary, possibility of light This is what they're saying Chamber and do now hope they don't do it.
They are saying that they're gonna contesting election when they lose and of truck cross declare it big tech has led this ay. I system as a block hundreds of millions of Americans from being able saying Trump won election night yeah. So that's why I let you know that is so spectacular and some people can say well, there's never been voter fraud before voter fraud has been so minuscule in the past. That is true, but, however, the ability to vote by mail in advance- existed, legalese is exactly, and eighty million haulage put out their eighty million balanced, but there is a total Walter, who was counting all these bout, it the low, can also to ever grabbing whatsoever. If puts the false names is, but a bunch people arrested right, but if you're so if you're on a democratically controlled state and you so, whose controlling and counting those those bows Brian read them he's a good guy
He'll tell us the truth right get overruled like these. You have two minutes. We need bribe. No, I mean seriously, I dont know we're gonna have a Joe. I know the Democrats he strategy shares we're going to count. The election we're gonna break the country up. Like civil war, eighteen sixty two and we're Do all this and we're gonna say that? No it found water on the moon bag. Awesome they did for you no six month, for they said that bus, call me up. He said this: The money goes, we crash in problem. Nerves are not yet two thousand seminars on learning fresh, linen promo mon. I want you to know where are the crash one or going to find a water? I think about solvent, so he called you up. Just buzz call you often,
No, it's called me like three times. Are you ever shock and you like is he's like it's? How it is, but I like to twenty million vs, where the two of you, too, he was on the shell one timely Ozma Secretary Luxury, since you are you're lucky. Well, yes, scenarios There is the moon of Mars, That is where the real obstacles hills, who doesn't want the aliens the pyramids, not just Joe, you Alex. You got a wife. He said the aliens created the pyramids, There was an endless closer sires, an outlying, that's, not a shocking the buzz. Sergeant said. The aliens create the pyramids, I'm telling you. I was contact above us all, Sector ETA, how big is. Reserves is really believe, you're an initial like whenever this well liked, twelve years ago. What over ten years ago it arose. But hey Buzz. Aldrin was come on. We checked his buzz already. Was Taiwan as new book once it gets on. Ngos,
It is the sole mean, chore, honour, wherewithal, look up. The moon of men of I want memory. Absolutely the sufferings knows of Mars feels that where the true Arbela scares and I will give us the data tapes to the next level and I just want you to know that you're a good person than the parametric greater by aliens and we're doing important work areas. Buzz Aldrin admits aliens built the pyramids and photos monument other the. my regards frequencies mania, as though himself he only said earlier, I told the pyramids I swear, it is kept We want all to resolve. You think NASA's like doing better vetting process now, because this kind, You know it's a tough times well adjusted. From what we endorse from all the military endorse Trump. Although police unit listen, I'm not ragging. I dont know why have I heard about a book? Europe needs
tell me about aliens, the pyramids and the four. Let me ask you this: what did you think about the Pentagon saying recently the Dave Recovery Crafts that are not of this world is probably true. Things pro true what they were like to ditch like movie theater. When I talk to study the digital, when I talk to command a favor who is the guy, I saw that the tick Tock UFO of because the San Diego, the way he describes it under the video footage of they got this thing in his is take on it is fuckin chilling nothing. What From sixty thousand Tate above Tiktok yeah, it looks like Victor Laszlo Chosen, who showed no was directed to Thursday Tik Tok uniform, not unless you it's a huge, I know it is a little thing TAT Day, Mary, Japan and worries about it said that this thing went from sixty thousand feet above sea level. To one inside of a second was that it defied propulsion,
by any, but any understanding that we have of physics. The way moved was insane it. It was actively blocking tracking systems which is an act of war, is a blot on the right are you can listen to him on my ipod cast, but I would actually work many listen tomb on Lex Friedman, podcast, it's available on you too and doesn't amazing job of of talk damp and breaking down Let's do that or do you think the universe is? What do you think? Let's talk real cigarette avers totally reject reports as Buzz Aldrin, so aliens when is up in space, sarcasm well that's, shows that you got up this adventure. He resolved to his people and they said that is bogus and we all know where it came from. its bogus will know about him all my show and said that the pyramid thing a pyramid quote bugs you? Well, maybe they pull them so
A jet lag, let's have funnier, lay outweighs watchings Epic podcast part three Jerome. I want to know so. What is what? What do you think runs? Universe, waited a secret as who are the deity else. Wants a lifetime of deity spend a couple years. I dont think that there is any doubt that there's other life out there, it's a matter of if it contacts, has regularly weather not its contacted us or white comes and why visits or Jacques Valet. I believe I think his perception is not that there from another planet, but that that would be probably the least spectacular answer and that they could be into dimensional travellers. Some people believe that their time try and generally is the guy who Steven Spielberg he model that french scientist and closing down the third line after him he's a really really interest.
Guy and watch. What I believe is the gender dimension that it could be that it could be that our understanding of reality itself is very limited. It's like you know. If you wave your hand, above certain insects. They have no idea you're even their right there. They lack the ability to detect it that we have senses that we assume are the only senses that are available and it is tiredly likely that there are many dimensions that we don't have access to right, and this is the quantum physicists and Those guys are right. The shit on yellow legal pass, you don't understand they. They all believe there's more Many dimensions arises that wherever I grew the aruji, I think the universe is in singly huge and their finding life compatible planets on a daily basis. Theirs hundreds of them, so I really only asked this question and what do we do about this corrupt political elite trying to make us look at them who followed
Might how do we break free of them? One, that's a different thing of the universe. Where my question is, Why are they telling us now that they have acquired these ships or that they they? They have access to these things so that they know these things are real you know, Bob was are, is basically been describing exactly that and exactly the same way, nineteen, eighty nine where and when he was first hiding when it was on George NAPS. Television show in Vegas Nate had amount he is a silhouette and then he event, we came out said that he was a propulsion expert that was brought to area asked for, and they tried to do at him and they ve tried to talk, but one of the things that is those who talked about element one fifteen, and that this was something they used to propel these crafts, and it was something that it can. It could change grab it. Can Ben gravity and propel itself in a way
That is now a guinea propulsion system that we use now, which essentially, you have to put something out, the back to make it go forward with its flames or a rocket or anything else like even an airplane right. It propels things forward and what he was is that what this element one fifteen is allowing them to do is to somehow another Ben space and time some another bow. and gravity obeys, but they don't know how it works. They don't know what it's doing apologize operates on this element started with us all and they know it based on this element. There was only theoretical untilled a thing or two thousand and thirteen or two thousand fifteen: they you de particle collider, and they they the detected it in an actual element, one fifteen
it was actually real and that's what a shiver good that we should work. A lot is therefore well. Let me there there for detecting many sides runs multi these particle collateral for detecting many different things that are theoretical and they they find these things to be true, and then it becomes you no scientific record. What I think is that we are eight, We are these weird talking apes, that our ETA in an adolescent stage of technological evolution and what we might be looking at, what we see these these tik Tok, ufos and other things we might be looking at something from the future we may be living in time travellers we might. be looking at something comes back and realise that accepts as it that's a good approximation, but we're but beyond just apes. Clearly were from outside the planet and the bigger going on like this. This life forms capital, for this is a major test and
We should learn to say our just apes. Nine mean that what I mean by we're just apes is that in comparison, what we could be eventually revolution, you say we're not more of us look at where we are or were on a look, we're alive. smarter than apes right than regular apes that are in most of us in the zoo, or some of the bottoms dumber than radios about, say, sometime or Dahmer paint with a broad brush, but we are nowhere near where our potential ass, right or potential lies far far far in advance of what we are currently and I think some of this house. to do with some of these symbiotic technologies. It we're talking about, like Neuro, Lincoln, allow these things that are being proposed that are eventually go to find their way into the human body, and I worry, but, as with other policy, are they gonna sensor our ability. Well, bleakest already growing and all I see from big tech censorship, so is the narrowing since or what I did while the oil plugging to make me feel great and hit me
pleasure, similar when you're talking about human emotions and greed and power, and all these different things. These are biological issues that we have that the idea is we'll be transcended. If you could, somehow you will leave the bank's lords, aren't like us their their us, though, show there in charge of the same thing that we already are so to say. Oh big tech, lords, you're gonna. Take away from our human problem right, but do under an assurance in their going to make it worse. Ok, but you understand that they didn't understand what technology was going to create when it created the internet, the, the ability to totally they re establishment of elder liability distribute information that existed pre. Ninety ninety, whatever, when the internet became mainstream, it was very very very different than it is today, and it's very hard to get away with the things you get away? in the early nineteen eighties, what they wait, what they can do, now in terms of a regular person and their ability to transmit information access information, it's
mom. All I'm saying is that no ruler giant leaps are getting more of. There are not against the technology, its those. To reduce it to us and they control our deplore understand, that's the big issue, but everything we wonder what I was trying to get to is. The way information, is got now their hands, and you can distributed, Whether they never anticipated, if they didn't, a better guarantee. They will never let the agri I used, highlighting that same thing is going to happen with all other technologies and, if that's the case, technology may be our only hope. Technology may be the only thing that saves us from all, human emotions that the need for power and greed and control the one thing Might save us from that is a symbiotic relationship with technology, where we connect to things that war Leave he ate a lot of the problems. That ago, if that technology, I'm not saying this is good or bad. Your own criticism really goes right right.
Hence the european I've ever seen about being better noisy is good stuff. Talking you drunk. No, no I'm saying this powerful, be nice denies what I'm saying is theirs outside groups trying to program that so you can't projector, oh goodness, I'm not saying, even goodness, I'm saying I know what I'm saying is even running for five minutes, and I will just say I get what you're saying it's just that eat you, your there saying this will free us from Europe problems, but it still humans it programme the nexus points out it. So it could actually amplify the problem that we should be wary of all. Oh, it certainly could look. He could go sideways, it could all go bad, but it also could go to a point where people dont feels indeed to do that anymore we recognise that a lot of what we have is that we are escaping
shackles of our monkey by a voice or monkey bodies. So if we're silicon and have me resources anymore. We could just be spiritual and there will be able to free ourselves, allow her to earthly more happen that Tik Tok and fly to office in Tory in the blink of an eye, Sweden. We shall I already see the transmission, if you can have- spaceship. That would allow you to go anywhere in the galaxy. Would you be willing to give up any of you? motions for that now. I know that I know that another digital deal give up your boy for the silicone gods become a God Zoophyte game, but like we're, not even I mean California are not even allowed to go to Applebee's about wept, Aspasia. Let's just try to get I'm not allowed to leave. My father was a comedy store. Yeah I mean little will get his ship. Eventually, let's get. A few rioting got your very governor luxury, not yours, I like you- and I are let's libraries- twenty
I've. You invited yourself. This figure should settle down area. You told me, I know you invited yourself. We are indeed always that guy NICE said you could come in for little baby, you're you're, making it the Alps Joan, show now not its elimination, their designs elections. You apple jet of an issue, settle down another bit of it. it's gonna be a fun fun expire, Israel Iphone whipping so maybe you use you literally, maybe I'm not rather Joe was debate. My has no idea, listen our to love, you wouldn't what I'm saying and I'm not even disagree with you. I'm saying that I think when you were talking about aliens and we're talking about life forms from outer space space travel shared the big when you re getting of the election. Will you see those fuckin things like the ceremonies? They all have been the other graze little S, tiny muscle, was bought a judge, escaped their decision all of the actual euralia make us. They look like what
gonna be here, but who wants to be that our be there? That's what I'm saying? No would you like being a purse right? I think we should be humans for as long as we can. What do you think aliens are. There are all sorts of inner dimensional forces in the universe and multi dimensional others like bad aliens that are trying to manipulate our development. Gretchen went because a high level exactly I level, would not try to manipulator development right, ok, show so I was like imprinting Ali's demons. He loves unease about personal than us seriously. all. I'm saying is we need to build towards the next level. Do amazing things? What do you think of that Do you think, then I invite myself on the other it's gonna be here, I got a moment. I was afraid of Joe Graduate again right now what Tom Gonna money trying to stop making about you now is Welby, I'm front you're drunk I wanna come on guys ban you from alcohol,
I want a Europe. That is what we would mean. What do you think about it, and I will certainly do that another through minutes. What do you think? I'm crazy? What do you think about the theory that human beings are the product of accelerated evolution that they came down here and there genetically manipulated, lower hominids and they created human bears. Listen. I already have a memory. I already told you all this already epigenetic memory. Yes, this epidemics, Ok! So I have agenda you ever think we were right. I originally memory and I was like memory. The word of God. Memories. So your watch star wars like I've done this before it is totally normal. We are in the universe where, in the planets were here, our life I would have been all over the place like little seeds that govern plan to plenary. Blowings of the space went so yeah. We voted better before because it as one of the things that laws are brought up, that they discussed with him an area as for they said that they believed that human beings are the product of accelerated evolution is like with, and he wasn't sure there
fucking with him like when he was reading. All that is like a dislike disinformation, labour market with them, but God doesn't know we're. God came from well and We should at last rats heavy and we don't know where we came from right, but we have the archetypal memories the go so far, and then we are big. Fears have an evolutionary death of the species like a line of flowers or plant sir you know, whatever we are and it takes a whole it genetic experience, we're conscious individuals with the we having today experience that goes on forever as long as the line of jackets die so world. Have you heard her life as long as we keep it? when kids, they have kids, we live forever. That's us! We get better wells lungs. The earth doesn't experience. Mass
of extinction event, but but that's what I'm saying well for your interplanetary thou, so that may make a third of nine seventy nine days of chaos, and I have endorsing Joe Biden right now for continuity. That might be a good strategy. If you adores Joe Biden right out ominous go with my history, allowing for people who have been on the podcast element of Africa, I go what your Jorgensen cause. I like to back a winner, my city, the same see this kind of yes, you are filled the best before this goes any further. Our rules are, they were good. We ve done it all. You want a mistranslation. Do we got all my notes. You got more shit, you know, I got more share. Did you get virgin imaginary, combat Combat November third eyes: will it s ass? If we allow shows Josephine, you're, the one. Invite yourself don't come, and certainly did. I waited like those values
nineteen months or some other colleagues. If I showed you, the list of people who are trying to get on this fuckin show would make your husband alleys outright. I understand Otto here. You know me this argument is election. I can be fine, we're gonna, be fine, but I'm just stay out. I was out of its very difficult for me to manage a fuckin of small fraction of the number of people at a train out on what this is an epoch. yeah like we're gonna their hour. It is, alas, I get on and this is gonna be bigger, then the Ilan Mosque, Second, we have to be man, but I think it s part of gas- you can't be compulsory. Listener- has to spread this light right. Groundwater died. Well, you know I wrote no tree. Moralities goes to you. Yes, please do. Please. Ok, ok, what's important major goals to accomplish the, how the president could invoke Mars who are you handle this to make out, even though it is like a magic trick, suddenness
now. Remember me have leisure, important. I decided. Do you drive around repetitious in a car? Now he's actually done resource to prepare for the show, and I will not allow research in and I was like- I'm not going to drink word. A year I would have you wish this six days from now. I could probably hours we enter this with three hours and were three and if we don't break the last regulate Oda. What's the last rock now we don't have to break record our champion rant while you're right Let us now our dialogue is true. I was like living amazing, a joke errand. Please come under intellectually listen, we're ghettos, Missy. I ask about Bailey like slackened, we're good feeling, possibly the noisiest. I didn't do anything wrong woman that none of the rabbit but tell me, go you notes and terminal talk.
Everything that you hoped it with. This is my version of a make a wish cared going to Disney world. This is the greatest thing I've ever is to Cecilia I've watch. On thirteen years old the pre nine eleven when he was ranting, but the debate here and I thought, and through nine eleven to Bohemia Grovel, the big events of my childhood, and that this is big to be here. Can I say I am very impressed with you're not like you know a lot of stuff. Like you, you I didn't go to college. You have a lot of time, the lot of time, if you don't go to college, you can some self educated yeah, where this lot information that you haven't parties disposal. Yes, note. I like how your initiatives colon, doesn't this? Need studio came together in just a few weeks with really didn't know without putting their room. We banged at our request this is gonna, be lowers the colon The rapporteur called the referenda yeah, that's
radio run among others is the Readville he call it represents a very rare studio, you're you're, getting a new and ready on oh yeah, we're both we're having problems, find a good location. But our mobile will on my ass I gotta use areas. We need to fight against Basel. Basically we're looking right now when the process of future is covered lovers, the flowers we're good man, we're good, no further, two hours a week I was George I'm on the nightly. There's a debate. You don't have come on man, I'm mobilise. Is there anything else you really want to discuss? No, I mean I'm glad Jamie is better than I am associate. I'm a was ass, but I'm really good at it he's better than I am, which has almost no one is
it doesnt with one hand problem is, I remember all this stuff now, most determined accurate. Sometimes, if not, but I mean alarm stands up and I believe I saw her, I did when I was inaccurate and want to correct earlier, but the year you were talking about something keeps in nineteen sixty three and then they went to the like eighty two, wherever that happened in seventy three, that group wasn't even around yet, though the southern Rome Clever Robia, though there was an increase of sixty eight, so just for clarification purposes? Ok Diana some group earlier failure on yeah well babies come I mean he has George Soros covered. This is a compromise individual. Might a compromise in the records, that's loathing owing to certain myself here. This is the most important thing we said tonight. We should love important days, but both here and in doing so you don't know, but this
Roma M are unable yeah, showing you think about regular vaccine goes in its a broken bacteria, broken virus, its defeated. Your body learns how to kick its ass, a dummy so how an attack dog, trout, dummy the team up beside white blood, so big basket, Thyssen. It learns how to feed it M Rna vaccines go into yourselves as a virus or viruses a virus that genuine that re programmes. Yoursel too didn't have a certain response to things and when these proteins Would you like cancer does, and so they had met on the news that a hundred per cent of able to take these are get sick, twenty percent or go into the hospital, and so they also have axioms that are called behaviour. Modification vaccines. You can type
But let me pause rather am RNA vaccines. You said a hundred percent even get sick and twenty percent. I'm go to the hospital that they had to say It is in one's. Tell you how two percent got sick twenty percent with hospital. Another study, eighty percent got sick and of those five percent with hospital that CBS News Italian Jamie. tat his bill gates grilled over over vaccine dangers. Cbs is important, but the point is they admit. The bunch of vaccine decibel from a test laws are engine before that you were just talking. I M on the air. All yeah pm allocation yeah show type in vat Seemed to cure heroin, but we're gonna get to that. But before we get to that, we got Google the stats on Em Rna Vaccines Cosette. This is gonna, be highly contested, so we have fallen all you could. Try shows club bill gates, but we were just Google. The stats on em are in a pace,
since in the trial they don't have stats. Ol man tat, you know, Bill gates was on CBS. It is any said. Eighty percent, the people get sick and twenty percent of glass bottle now to vaccines, they said one vaccine, a hundred percent got sick and a service in the hospital. The other eighty percent got sick. and twenty percent of those. Sometimes it does happen. Even the flu vaccine right, like sometimes hospital, I swear to God. I type in Bill Gates Grey old by CBS, O Brien rhyme. Certain vaccines do Give people will that we had a conversation with all thing in India. You now you introduce a lot of vaccines in India. There was some negative reactions to them. I mean that's what happens it as you know, a lot of people? I sent you that article MRI mailbox,
sent is article about AP about the majority of new polio cases. Are the bill gates vaccine? You will get to that to see Jamie confine this image amazing. You know you never Morton's next door here am, are and blot out and looked up and on my own Hungary and Slovakia beside Lazzaro? what is our house Please make it a point of vaccines and our stay out hammered and have a drink and orange juice you passed off. I have a bilateral issues, a job too silly. I'm happy here was intimately
If you can't find that the behavioral model occasion that what is it you want to file gates, polio, vaccine causes of polio, AP, AP, AP, DOT, com, headline exact, headliners, wiser, but hey no days gone on so sexy. I I don't give a hate him now it was. It was like a p. you ill gaze did not say. Seven hundred thousand people have negative side of free did say that my god he's around here. And they say move bill gates did not say. Seven hundred thousand people have negative side effects from run a virus faxing. I added a cable port, pull up a p bill, gates, polio vaccine, but that's a crown of ours. He said polio, vaccine art, art and now I must say that one
it was our values are polio, Llanos airline particle? It was that you in. you in vaccine clauses polio, you and vaccine causes polio. Ok, you in vaccine cause, his polio. Google, it out on China. Google is compromised clear. Those ask journalists. Please you end says: new polio outbreak in Sudan was caused by oral vaccine. Woe! It's not good. New polio outbreak in Sudan is caused by oral vaccine, and this will you that his face? Oh my god, is a terrifying image. The image them distributing that look that poor kids face. Imagine I keep getting polio from that vaccine that he looks so terrified.
Oh, my god, that's tragic than about children die, but Jesus Christ Alex shows the pull on hold back up beggar, beggar beggar. Was it stay up there at world level? organization says a new polio outbreak in Sudan is linked to an ongoing vaccine sparked epidemic in Chad. A week the: U Accede- sparked epidemic agency declare the african continent free of the wild polio vaccine World Health org Jason Set of found eleven additional vaccine derived polio cases in Sudan and the virus had been identified. in environmental samples. There are typically many more unreported cases for every confirm, polio, patient eyewash, the highly infectious disease can spread quickly and contaminated water and most oftenest strikes children under five fuck is Christ
and rare instances. The live polio virus in the oral vaccine can mutate in a form capable of sparking new outfit accelerated historic migraine. Their died. Three years ago, at night to credible woman, that's fucking tariffs. He was told by her doktor the nineteen fifty four which she had the second polio shot, they said sorry, it was live. It paralyzed her she's on crutches rest of her life. They told her. It did to her Jesus Cry So I I just told you that through and that's a whitewash what a piece doing I would imagine so, I'm telling you I make mistakes I can't remember all. If I understand you, you remember a lot, but trying to lie. I wish, unless you want to say, is that I like to retire early next year. I would like to finish my work. Cleanup mistakes. I made some other stuff because I'm an update of architecture gone crazy. Do this eighteen hour today, I'd like to get you in shape.
I'm totally stressed out Joe I'm down. No, you are, I little exist of consular. Had we down those parties, I know you do next. You three o clock in the morning. You spot right back you why I wake up, I'm not a victim of Estonia. I'm dying, I understand so I can't do this much longer. And I want everybody to Know- I love my crew. I told him I can't keep running this operation. I just want tell the truth. I want to get out the next year. I will go in your show once year, do like a rat above or something, but I would ask you to get healthy. Try to get out to what am I hire a trainer and higher dietician prime cause. You know you got off the booze require, while we're too. Can you said he felt great? I did feel grab a lot more about. How did you get off the boost for four months and allow all about eight mountain? Barely any and localised wherefore, our Rebecca you, you, you talk. about our real problem. You know why you to talk about that, because that's a good thing for people to hear that the problems that you had without are all because that that should scared
The fuck out of me, I'm not going to get any of that type of stuff. The point is, is that is that the things that doctors push that makes it go on the whole country's drugged up on a bunch of stuff? And it's not good, but I'm not. I do caffeine and alcohol, that's it and it's all very, very destructive, and you know it gets the point where, like you're exhausted unless you drink- and it's not a good thing, that's why I'm glad you were born October, Do you think you could just kick it totally me to take there for four months? Do you think I'll be allowed, wasn't doing a show every day and having to read I mean I'm, not exaggerating. I read fifty articles. I probably five hundred I'm an hour every element? So much of that? It's of each enslaving me, like I just wanna I don't wanna, be around anymore. It's not like I'm scared of
understand something else. It's been negative as native consequences, Eu Health yeah. So so for me, I just want to get away from all of it and when I do love to go hunting and fishing for lacking in oil painting and do its culture of metal sculpture, Oliver, that's beautiful, chimpanzees, Collier actor. I mean I just I've done this twenty six twenty seven years and when you ve done that long, you want to stand a fight, the same. Come you one and not do it anymore. And that's the thing about people, the demographic showing me an attack on me before from even get elected. I was our tell me the land which is coming down. I can't philology, I get busy more them attacking me made me, keep fighting the. Do you think that if, if you were healthier, if you may be just did less you, you could be,
with it. At the start, I mean quite honest with you. I am almost more I'm smart. Are they gonna die of a heart attack like fifty seven, I'm forty seven now, and I just I just have to like there's no way to do this full time. If you do it or you turn loose and I'd like to just a few years just disappear, so you think that the amount of shit that's out there and when this is a problem with conspiracies reckon, keep finding more and more and more that are provable and you start going crazy because he is are really makes actually heads you lose who exactly like the Ottawa. while the worst I'm not giving in to them, I'm giving India. Like my body, I mean it's not like their attacks. Keep me fighting like the other heaping might almost actually more ill give up. That makes me like attack more. It's
Finally, given the top potassium its awesome machiavellian thing, I'm saying I just wanna like I don't wanna be in, and I want to look at the news. Maybe these took some time off in like just got healthy, maybe maybe maybe that's what you need. Maybe extend vacation me you, your your own boss, right! You could do that you everything maybe shrink the operation down a little bit, and then you can kind of do what you want. How you want you now, instead of instead of just being a twenty four hour day operation, you can just take it down what measures my problem we get personal, I mean I have perfect teeth like two years ago. I force a mouth brace because I literally crush my teeth going to sleep like I broke one until the day I got implants going around here and I'm just like a literally in my sleep, clenching my teeth so hard that I've got a giant muscles I announced Schwarzenegger, but my jaws are rather there like Chipmunk, as it is Psychologically and private to feed all this- and this is
is like a third point. I cant do all right. So I feel sorry for myself, you ve earned it events of time off. One just take take some months off just doing a mark and extended hiatus in a whenever you feel like you can get away and just deciding to take three months off put the fuckin cell phone down eat healthy exercise, unique and higher trainer. You know I do other already more than because you know what we're doing a sober October thing. When I'm done in the past when things we ve done, is these fitness challenges? You don't even realize what you can do until you are forced to do something. If you force yourself like, say, hey further month of January, I'm not going to drink and I'm gonna exercise every day and I'm gonna put it up on. You know my website. Let everybody know what I'm doing in and just force yourself too, to try to get healthy. Only healthy food food maybe get a die.
Titian maybe get a trainer, not even maybe get a dietician get a trainer get someone is makes you were like Neil. Perhaps four year gives healthy food to eat and Zaire and eat his. This. No no process, bullshit, just healthy food windy about idea just take a whole month, do nothing but that sleeve the Fox news alone. Let this crazy world sort itself out not because now it is this like he's telling all got them right here s report also unanimously. Oh my god, because you're probably overrun notes we probably taxed out your bodies, probably barely hang in there mean boots and a lot and do not get and sleep in your groaning, your teeth, none! These are good science.
not at all about the wizard, but not the other day like this is fundamental. This is an anti human movement, its globalist womb and get people that are doing in our socio passive created cosmology. To explain what to do, and always you will think I just feel like is such an important mission that it should be. spouse jobs. While you moved awesome leather Thames here whether items move- and you just tell me what I gotta say though, at first and then I want to go with Dylan cascades. Here while and I will come on, we can save Ellie. I now we'll see November third shots so. What is your production? Who wins? Who six days, I'm not smart enough to make the production drugs in a land. I think it's gonna, be chaos either way it can be cast a thing of trump with I've. Never ever in my life felt this country more divided. It feels more divided now that I've ever felt before, where the deposit
of a civil war, doesn't seem outside the realm of of possibilities. It doesn't seem like something: ridiculous doesn't like peace if they said in the past, so much the other countries on the brink of a civil war ten years ago, but listen. This crazy, fuck, yes it now and I go like see an anti I'm worried are moving. While I might have vanished lavishness. I might eventually I don't know, we're gonna, see my gonna open, a coherent vision, a gentleman moved to allay Eureka, and then I look at it destroy the parliament of have here. I might move your problem. We're gonna start a comical about here with us at this place up right. Thank you for having my position, a boy appreciated. Being here was everything I'll get a good? This is a great one legally birds got to see a side of you that the dim, maybe even didn't see in the other two part ass. I think you did a great account of yourself and, I think,
yeah yeah, a lot of the shit that you brought up today was I mean you were pulling shit off the top of your head, a lot of bows: accurate, solid for sound. I travel shit, no you're, not trying bullshit. Now I know you know, and this is what it always told people about you and again. I think that we are at a critical time where we ve got a rethink all these people that are calling for people to be censored and call for people to be de platform, and I think you got a rethink this. I think everybody has to rethink this gives you you might be looking back on this ten years from now and go and all my god what the fuck did. I support I agree with you, but we should you recognized it to the sensors. Their tyrants
I wish it here, everybody, I think, there's a lot of people in this this machine and allow these people they're, not tyrants. They think they're doing good. They really do. I think there's a lot of people that around they're calling for people to be TAT, b d platform com for people to be censored, because maybe they have children, they see their children being indoctrinated into Q and on another kind of ridiculous thinking, and maybe they the they think that the way to to fight. Some of this shit is to just take that stuff online. So the kids I dont know access that only makes her children one more well. in a way that it makes the people that believe that there's a conspiracy to silence the truth that makes them even more fervent in their beliefs. They they start believing in even more rapidly and not only that it it and it creates echo chambers, and then we can as positive you are- I believe this axis african love it here. I love the people. I love the eleven town. I love everything about it. I do, but that's a good is international and
Come here, lower taxes, good Pino. We want all the people rather than the great rude com, good food, food, ass, amazing, yeah, there's a lot of rights to their kids here in the queue and on which I live thing, that's good. All children should be entirely gets out to tender and the fifth grade. Listen. I love you out Jones thanks for being here, I love mutumbi like you forever maniac you guys. We did it, we did it. We did it our What what? What is really have ours sunlight? Yes, and bore to infinity and beyond the video. Don't visited Rand Avenue by everybody. Thank you. Thank you. friends opportunity to show and thank you to Turkey. You can get twenty bucks off all but days pass an additional ten percent off and free shipping, When you go to help turkey dot com slash broken so that help till she dot com, Slash, Rogan and you'll, get ten percent off your order and free shipping
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so I hope a lot of you gotta, a different understanding of who Alex's after their podcast. You know, as I said during the podcast and he's fucked up before he has any sad alcohol problems and a lot of things, but the fuckin guys dedicated literally dedicated to trying to find the truth does get it right. All time. No, but I think we pointed out in this podcast He gets right a lot and a lot of Things are the uncovers are quite disturbing, Hope you enjoyed it and I hope if you did get your panties in a bundle you just move on. Our part can find something. Also isn't it love to all of you much love. Thank you for tuna, and I appreciate the fact that all of you I buy from a bit yeah.
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