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#1568 - Tom Green

2020-11-20 | 🔗
Tom GreenĀ is a comedian, actor, filmmaker, and talk show host. His latest project is The Tom Green Interview: a podcast series featuring weekly conversations with celebrities, newsmakers, and everyday people.
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I'm her Monday. Today this might be the law. is podcast of twenty twenty four me. I think it he's right. Jamie attains the longest. Tom Green, and I we not, we started off sober and that it ended drunk it was a long and fun conversation with a man who Tom Green is one of the main influences from me and starting a park asked when I went over to his place. We talked about this ad nauseam on the show, its of course I always said he the reason why I thought about doing it like I could he was one of the very first influences where I saw his house that he had set up a television studio and I was like holy shit. Look with Tom Green is doing and they planted the seeds. For me, to decide to eventually star do my own part. Gas he's always been cause. Fuck is a really good guy
funny is how and he just fund to be around. I love him to death. Please welcome Tom Green will gain experience to comprehend the power. you're you're, the wild man living in a van now, oh yeah, You are that eccentric character. You go from being television and movie star to be in a wild man travelling the land with your vagabond dog. They got from another country, she's a rescue from the Bahamas, yeah Charlie, here she's rescue from Bahamas it out demonstrable getaway, our she's beautiful in short, You are this eccentric character? No, look you, I guess so I feel like. Maybe I feel like in some way. What I'm doing right now is the most normal thing I've done in my life, but it is actually kind of crazy to its it's crazy compared to people, but I think it fits you like a glove. I really do yeah yeah. Well, you know.
gone out into the wilderness. I always have an I've been out in van that I just got, which is amazing, and I'm goin pretty hard with it Is this the first even tested sincere tested the last time Eliza I got tested one time between, but that's another interesting story, but here? I have well. My ex wife asked me to come and talk show, and I haven't talked for fifteen years. We drew drew yes, and so let us set a trap. Ass, it was nice nervous, it was nice, it was nice. We had a good time, that's cool and but I'd get tested to do the show but it was interesting because you know I mean- was very sort of interesting thing casino. We haven't talked in fifteen years at all at all, and and then you know, all of a sudden. I got a call from our city. Welcome an only child and her shows reduces really pretty wacky. You know like a cease fire she's, getting really kind of like a few hands off yet lackey. Oh yeah, whacked like she is definitely
pushing it in a very short of I may. I join the show its very funny what she's doing very very very over the top some of the things she doesn't. That's representative hers of her as well: it reminds me a lot of of of her went well, it is her ear for sure what she really is likely. She really, I think so, yeah Will you tend to be able to? gradually really are better like like when you like dunes damn thing, I'm the guy eleven down by the river, in that it makes sense to me when you told me we're gonna, do that I'm gonna travel across the country and just drive around the van with Might. I was like the. I could see you enjoying that. Yet you know it's it's it's a whole world man. It's a whole world that you did it's just that I didn't even know about, like I didn't know in in candidates, called crown land. here. It's called be alarmed land bureau land manage when I'm sure you know about that from hunting and going up to the wilderness no about Bureau of Land Management, land and there's certain acts that will show you all the fire roads
all the remote places that you can go and do dispersed camping, go boondocks because that is our van- have off road capabilities can drive on rugged trail, yeah, pretty good. I got like it's, not it's not an off road vehicle. It's me. It's a ram pro master, twenty five hundred zero delivery truck that date, convert into lobby for doing that. These days, afferent temple did daddy, got her. I believe you got a ram as well, as was around wasn't a game. I think it's ram as well, and he did the same thing to turn it into a bug out van, so the rammers is wider than than Mercedes. Mature Van wish to see a lot of its wider slackened. Actually sleep full with wise. The beds would like that which what with was at the back, but But you know it is just kind of happened. Pretty you randomly. I saw this clip online and these guys in Arizona who convert the vans. I call them up they you're on shark tank there, these guys it's called Bobo
Spends copper wholly really cool did bow yet Bow B, o h, oh yeah, and by the way they are like they love but I'm here right now, they're your biggest fan. They, like literally as much every episode of your show and so they're, going to take a shit right now to call you can believe He then mentioning them on the shell, but they they weren't shark tank they just these two young guys. They started this company are, they bought, ran Pro masters, totally independent thing and they do this great carpentry like they build bill. the inside cedar that you have images of year. Your van my yeah, that's stay inside of me and said I like a nice, yea, air and sea, like I'm a speaker set up and the thing that's that's kind, Like my listen, the to hobby, desert, Charlie Chaplin liquor,
So when you say you have your studios, you're doing your podcast from the road yeah exactly and how are you doing it like whenever you feel like it? You just fire up the pod cas when you ve got something to say and yeah Nothing looks killer in their area, you got a little kitchenette set up and how you cookin airs. There's event I an awning and I'm shooting these drone shots to which are pretty fun. You wrote Roland, drowned, look at this area, this is them a hobby check out all those Josh. What really is burned does or burn Josh what reason, but so
no it's it's kind of like you know. I've always been into that Turkey can build out studio stuff right. So that sure, when I found out about these bans, the thing that really kind of peak my interest is the the battery and solar technology that exists now. Soldiers to solar panels on the roof and the back. I've got these batteries. Ok, they're, really critical battle, born batteries, direct release, solid, like the policeman sailboats to go around the world, basically and this forum and the solar panels or charging and constantly so I've been I gonna computers have got my cameras. I've got my drawn charger batteries batteries the time I've got a refrigerator and there's like me. I can now have beer right and and sweet. So I can go out into the middle of nowhere and have virtually unlimited electronic capability and to stay. There is lungs,
until I run on food while so those solar panels, how efficient are they like? Will there they power here video and all that stuff, where you don't have to use your your engine enough to start up new gas, exactly you a diesel in your now now, but that just that just happened to be the way it went causes that Van was avail. Oh and I've- got that one by how's, the gas mileage pretty good I'll. Tell you one thing, though I am always filling up like I. Never let it go below three quarters of a tankers justification. I never know where I'm going every day. That's like I got weird store over the last six weeks where I've just been like, not sure where I'm going to sleep and it's the sun's go. When down and then I end up going down a crazy road and then the first night I got stuck in the Mojave desert because I looked up on this app dispersed fire road? I'm up! That's pretty cool. You know that I get there. Others there's scientists tortoises crossing carefully, restrict start driving under the desert.
Two hundred yards in I get stuck because it's the soft sand get stuck in the soft and so but a lot more careful, but but Tom you now need stuck in the soft and culturally. Now I come to those other. I was a hundred yards from the from from the freeway. It was like I hadn't gotten into it, yet it was so pathetic. It was hilarious. I've been planning for months, you now and then all of us, like I'm seeing the near the freeze, so our stores before we get into your invention. I wanna get more into this. And bigger yeah yeah yeah, so you started out with just binds Van anew Van or did you guy Ranuzia, so you bought a brand new van and then you Breakthroughs Bow Hogarth and these guys, what do they do? They ask you what he planted on doing to plan useless as a studio. A gear idea from the job was to do your podcast on the road, with no no plans other than your own whims. So when
when you do something like that. How do you know what you're gonna need? You didn't really have an experience and like off rotating or that kind of not reliving out of a van. Have you know what you're gonna need a code? Did you research so well their spears couple categories of research When was the building the studio itself, so I built the studio at home. First, that's just thought. You know nitty gritty technical stuff and what kind of microphones what kind of amps and preamps I'm going to use. I have some apps that use tubes. I got rid of those cuz. I figure the tube that route eleven, the dirt road, so boring, techy, stuff, but but as far as the survival and the food and the all of that in the van they ve been real great. Like I built my studio equipment into a real case, and I know I knew that I thought that could fit under the bed and we are planted outward little door that
you can access it under the bed and we ve wired all the cables through the walls and it's pretty fishing so ass? He had everything you need to do a pod cast down into one box, yeah just pull that box out, and then you ready to its actually it's actually permanently house under the bed. So I just have a table. It pulls out that table. I was sitting at their just under their door. Opens microphones blood in no way it up, but the other side of it is like a lot of the video stuff too. Like the drawn, the cameras like up. I've got some new cameras and I'm kind of messing with that are exciting me, and so so I'm gonna out there. The thing that I was thinking of thinking and I get bored out here yeah, that's what's gonna happen all alone with a lonely. I'm gonna get border lonely here and I haven't because I've populated the van with stuff to do so and I get bored of the drone than making music to us. I've made
so recorded music studio to a kind of music. Why doing some sort of different stuff. I've got my acoustic guitar, so song gonna start doing some some country right, type of you gonna go poor country, rapid, collect, crap Joe it's a country gonna want, or maybe maybe as a singer I could see that now I don't know I don't know I mean I probably may be incorporated into my stand up or something I was a wrapper when I was a teenager, some yeah. I remember that India, so so to get back to this build out, see were you really are ready? He saw me I know I write and then you decide all right. Let's do it. Start the car and you got where'd you go. I drove draw vote the Mojave Desert, that's the first one, with the destination was Utah Tom, and so I started by going out to them a hobby desert in what
what type of but Tammany years as this was a good six or seven weeks ago. I guess I've been on the road ever since I have an avenue, It was great address eating out of your ram Yes, all that was part of planning like the food, so I've got these big rubber made containers in the trunk. Four of them did refrigerator ever for a trader. That so, is that so apart as well, it's runs off the electric system, so the solar charging, the batteries in the batteries, run the leopard for the whole van. All the lights are Ellie D, so it's very effective efficient. and on the fringes. Also high efficiency, cooler, essentially so says it like one of those roll out cores of people have under one of the seats scholar, dramatic.
Cool, because there's a lot of guys who do it's not like? They don't call it off roading. What do they call it when they go out into the Boondock, honest Boondock, and I think they called that either. That's the Van Life term for four, but people are doing with their these man's now, but aloft red and dotterine these things to filipino word from the: U S,. Military that deserves a lot of people that plan they met. They get a kick out of meticulously. Planning like a five hundred mile venture through the off road through the wilderness. With these like offered Africa, they call it tracking dammit, but it's others. Got into it for a while, I went on a rabbit whole there's tons. Videos on Youtube of these guys over landings. Aren't that's overlapping, so I'm going. You know, I don't have extra fuel, so I've got my tank of fuel.
oh, I usually when I get off the main highway, I'm mixture. I've got full tank and I've. Never I've got close to one another. Few have you thought now that you ve had this thing for six weeks, and we don't have six weeks to make revisions like like me, We have some exterior fuel canisters, maybe put an extended range gas tankers, mobility. Us a love these question, the overlanders do all that stuff, so others like, definitely definitely Another thing is: is this van is? Is there I could? I mean
look. I'm amazed how remote you can go Just- and this is what I want to talk about my my social media- that videos videos make a new to him, sometimes started telling people like hey enough here, like sitting around at home right now and in your board and you're angry about shit. You wanna, given just get your car and drive out to these beautiful place The last week I was on the top of a mountain in the Lincoln National Forest right on the border of New Mexico in texas- and I mean is this drone shots words you does. Nobody for, like seems like a hundred miles like it. I drove for an hour up this to lean paved highway,
and didn't see a car, the entire time driving there, and then you get up there and you find a place to camp in theirs. There that's hunters are up. There are so there's lots of disperse spots with fire pits and you're up there all by yourself and you get up in the morning, and I make coffee with this gas powered kettle. So I'm not eaten my battery and other gonna lose propane tanks at a calm and stole I'm cooking with my com and stuff. I've had a lot of cancer beams, I'm lost spam and right do I remember you gimme some shit about the ragged. Less time splitting the rag thing I gave you still count joking around but, like you know, I mean a lot, can focus is part of a part of what happened was started from the whole quarantining right I got oldest, can food for the house, and I was just cooking for myself and then a thug
Take yourself take this on the recent. You spend a lot of time with no people like did it for weird coming here: resolve people security, people here and Jamie and made to feel weird. I was people was a village. You know it's interesting because you start to feel a little bit, and I think this is probably something that may be is affecting everybody with them. The corn teenage the pandemic and also maybe not- maybe maybe certainly not about in their van. But you start to get to the point where you think, maybe I I didn't get social anxiety coming here. Cause like I know you gotta get not tested, not stuff, but I have a little, but you know I have a little bit more paranoia.
Getting this virus than the average person of cancer has answered, I think so yeah, so you know cause I just don't it's not even that I feel like a more susceptible to it. It's just I really hate being sick. When I have cancer was in the hospital for six weeks is painful. It I just hate it. I feel that law of control, so so, but now I mean I think yourself, like vitamin wants you taken like. I supplements I think, I'm eating. Eddie healthy. I dont with day spam and revenue, but I mean like there's a lot of item and slow down the ladder vitamins and that stuff? No, I'm I'm I'm beginning, I'm exercising our law to walk. Do a walks. That's cool, going deals good into these woods. Are you getting any fresh vegetables at all, I can't corn, I have. I have a large quantity of, can corners, barely vegetable
I was told I was told, corn, rice and beans is enough for substance subs. this gives us a alive. Doesn't Sunday amounting in destroying the stately. You know how much it is take carries out like vitamins and nutrients and so horny. very little that they have onions. Thus, I last a long time and potato yeah well aluminum, potato and potatoes Kyle live off they last a long time. I have I mean, full disclosure. Just to be clear, I have done a few. We curbside pick up a walmart and got oranges oranges ass? You won't go inside you're, not not really trying to not to go in I haven't. I have gone inside a couple of times. Admittedly, nerves go on insider Walmart. I did. I did you at once. Yeah it was late knives. Quite hungry but your hard core with this fear of the virus, I'm not sure how? Yes, I am yes, I am
I am sure that I am, but I also am enjoying not enjoying that's the wrong word. I am I'm just trying to see if I can do it to trying to see. If I can do it, is it possible to go remote off the grid and just so it'll be disconnected from the the the luxuries we used to having a life of being able to go to a warmer grab. Any food you want in the gloves some sushi in ok, ethical, bright boy, grabber played a fresh cut steak. I mean it's kind of interesting to gonna. Go out into these places that are incredibly remote and beautiful and to cook open flame, and I brought a fishing rod, haven't bought anything yet redundancy fishing. I did a little bit, but I honestly, you haven't had a lot of how you get your licences online. Unlike online. yeah. I I also did bring shocking as well. Oh geez for protection or for bird
well. I have a lot of its I've been hunting, but I have not actually seen and animals no animals at all, no brain your dog, I might be apart. The problem now don't bring the dog. Actually so when you say, go hunting witty hunting for well, for my mind. It would be, it would be for birds numbered gun, so, but what age? A twelve gauge the finale gun birds? Is it well? Well, I guess I got yeah besides a blind alley for the rocks. I guess- maybe I don't even know what I'm doing here. I don't know about you, but but birds you targeting. Well, I'm not really, honestly, I honestly haven't just cuz I feel like when I am going in bear country and when I go walking deep into the woods I kind of feel a little nervous. So I got my bear spray. I've got my you know: hunting knife. I thought my hands ready, rock I'm ready to rock
but I want to say just like to walk in the woods and I like to go deeper into the woods and I've been compass with me and I go away out not I have system do not get lost. Ok, I know this freedom ecosystem with the system as well basically so like last last last week I was up on this mountain top and linking national forest, and so there was a sort of a long straight I'd call it like a ravine or something so I just walked straight along rubbing. I knew that would led back to the van, and I followed that until I probably a mile or so until I hit a landmark that when that way it was a true the limestone ledge that went straight.
So I dont go so far that I'm going circles rank, but I'm always keeping very good track on those landmarks, and I just know that ok, I walk walk a mile down to this ravine and this ravine too, to this limestone legend, I welcome all that way defined self way more aware of where you are, because you have to be responsible for yourself and because you are alone off grid different, then You would be that if you're worried about friends wandering around you probably wouldn't be paying that much attention. I love it. It's my favorite thing. You know, I really do love it. You know we talked about it before. You know how I used to go and canoe trips in Canada as a kid, and just you know this the first time, I've ever done it alone alone and I'm camping alone before who goes camping, but you know I did. I do something even really extra special about it. Now I have a lot of friends who really enjoy an index
if I like I do bring the dog with me on a lot of these walks and when I have the shotgun, but I have no intention of firing the gun her ears right, I am sure that, but but if I ever went with the intention of possibly firing the gun them, then I'll leave her up in. If you have to worry about coyoats with her aware and she she this was this happened cup nights ago, it was really kind of interesting daughter, so smart, we shall never be no she's she's a little dog but she's adorable, the other night say hi chopper other night. I sweetie she was sleeping. You could tell us like that: just like the other day. I asked the other night. We were surrounded by the multiple times we been surrounded by in the van at night like so it was served late at night and had a campfire gone and we just heard
the more than I've ever heard. Actually they must have been like thirty or something out there, and they were Helen and in a moment she barked and then I said why it and then she sort I realized. I could see her realized. She barks at everything, is a video. I put up a my youtube, which is pretty funny cuss young we saw some. We saw have Alina you know, wild boar, don't kill you Don T mind. Yet we were in the van so you're driving down this road, and this was a new Mexico and I'll get my camera to get the shot at his new wild boar and she's. Not really have leans pig looks like a piglet nostrils, the peccary two different kind, animal yea eyes. I think it was a wasn't a well born was how Billina, I think, an azure I'd, never seen one. But where was this a new Mexico
that Gila National Forest he'll, healer he'll hear young, so she so cute. So she starts barking at it. Will you this year? There are your video footage jail. I rather like an unholy alliance and she starts Barkan and then it runs official fuckers they killed standoffs neighbours dog, oh the surrounding it's interesting by itself. Yes, all! Actually later we had just at the role we drove by in her she barks and then she yawns she's, so well taken care of she's, not worried good job on that video has already impressive, because, while beautiful they are so that next year there is. This is the dear she scarce the dear way here- and this is that is just outside of less cruises. Next. you got a few dear out. Their availability odd out there and dumb got that's not actually make good. That's in New Mexico has New Mexico and she's bargains dear
What tat one moment, as there is a week ago, they might be in season son, oh yeah, this! I am not yet when I mean when I vote for my walk, I got my my orange Hunter or Indrawn Endeavour. Licence issued dear tag, I dont know I just have a small game licence justa next, if you gotta dear, do you know what to do with it? Why I haven't on your tag and sure enough of here near us and by myself I mean what am I gonna do with it? Well, you know him before I do have some even hours Rinaldi's book on small game by preparation, really immigration. That's when I loved your Europe episode of that by the way I just have one with him a couple days. You knew what now own azure hello loser for five years. Five weak yeah he's awesome I particularly like the fresh nobody, mental face, particular just so rescue first thing she did
bite me. You run out of the wagon tell bit my fingers. They also just wants to play you still teething when I wanted you she's, but solely six and a half months. She so cute, she so playful too, but solely for slaughter and I'll never really hunted before I don't I'm not a hunter. I've never before lot of fishing grew up fishing get a ton of that, but I just I do like I just I just there's something about being all alone in the middle of nowhere at night, sir, rounded by coyotes that I'd be line. If I say it wasn't a little bit scary like tones too little bit scarce, there's something about those law alone: trips that people say you're Eve you do sort of an inn Tori every life and starved, assessing your your behalf, saviour and who you are, and you're alone
for so long that year you forced to sort of think about what you ve done. and are you happy with your choices and lie for you happy with your job by you happy with your relationships. So will you experiencing, Inter Alia, my friend, Aaron Snyder has been on the part just before he owns Kaffar. it's a big backpack company. They make like really super high end hunting backpacks and he spends hundreds of days a year in the woods by himself, either by himself or with other people hunting, and he goes on these long backpacking solo adventures hunting. Here we go deep into the woods, many many many miles and by himself with justice camp on his back. That's it that's the thing that he's always says you you get in there and then went once back civilization? You want to call ex girlfriend and apologize all friends, men, fences and you know just sort of like give you an inventory of what you ve been some. I think. Sometimes we get caught up in Mumbai
item in life. You know that life is a series of things that you have to do you wake up in the morning. You have to be at work at a certain time. You try to get to the jam you try to it this, and then you have a phone calls I have to make, and then you have to you know, sank your counter with the other people you work and wealth and then use this man than your planet for two weeks at that meeting, and this number above above and you get so caught up in momentum. You never stop to take a breath in look at yourself and look at what you're doing it goes this. What I like this is what I want I do, or is it something that I'm just am I on this like sled, that wine down the side of the snow covered mountain. I don't know exactly how many get off of it and you made me think of something a lot of the places. I've been no cell service, and so it's three days and like maybe a text, will fire up, but there's no video,
No, no reading you two comments now reading you two comments. How nice yeah there's been a few days were I'll, get there the self service and the meat I'm highlands more than enough. We talk about this before I want to try to adopt that. What is it you said? Postman ghost, I love that Ngos. I want to try to do that because I observed gone the opposite approach rhyme, like interacting very much with with with those comments- and I am sure the fans like that, the nice fans I find the kind of a fun creative exercise like sometimes all have you hate or whatever and then I'll get into a little thing with him in its fun, but for the most part of create a kind of a very positive thing, but but like what's fun is just gettin away from it from the phone, but, like a lady said, is exactly what its been like. Through that I just love it out there and and and what have you learned myself definite I've been on my phone too much but
I think one thing that I've learned is that it is that I I actually do pretty well being alone. Actually I was, I was worried that maybe I would would not be able to like. I thought, one of the things I was thinking when I started this whole process of planning is planned for several months, getting the vanguard and other stuff ready as I. What if I get out there and I can't stay You know what, if no two days in, but I gotta go home money my shower and my bet, but but I actually, after a couple of days, are to start a really Kunak get very relaxed and you start to kind of feel a very nice connection with with with with nature,
yes, I mean you know, I'm going to bed at eight at night, nine at night waking up at five hundred and thirty in the morning making my coffee as the sun is rising over a mountain and son watching the sunrise and it's cold, it's cold in the morning up, there are men, so especially when he's up in northern Utah like cold there's a whole system to keeping the van warmed stuff too, but but so listen system. The keeping of Anwar well said the first few x. I didn't have this proper insulation on the windows. I ordered this stuff it for them and windows that you got glued to the Windows Magnets Magnus. You just take it off. I stick thicker sort of a pattern.
and you he'd up the van inside and then you put that up and I might add, ons arrested and put it on. I put it covers the windshield up to front passenger the all all windows there completely sealed, and then I struck the engine and I shall run it run the gas Albania run it for ten minutes. The thing heats up, and then I just don't open the door, and I do that right when it's time to a kind of crap eliza, keep warm for. You know it warm until I fall asleep and when I wake up in the morning freezing my boat off, but now it's not too bad. I mean I do. Think this would be something that you would want to go out in the winter in, but but but you know this time a year it and down here in Texas. It was. It was nice to last last few days, a nice does he's got a video he's living it out of his van to doing the same sort of situation, he's very organized at the whole deal, but he's doing in Colorado and he's in the middle of the winter like covered in snow and does all
detail things like how he gets out us now what he does and high stays warm Yachats its. I imagine it would be a lot less simple. up and in that kind of like just for camping in cold weather, is rough. You know you have to have them right insulated sleeping bag given to make sure they of down booties down booty sats wiped my new discovery. on the internet right. This was hilarious about the world we live in and now with the internet in everything having access to everything before I left a start researching. Oh, oh, here's a guy talking, but winter, capping down booties right there. That is loaf feathery down things. Can you put em on your bare feet at night in wearing you're sleeping bags and your feet or warmer if your feet, or so I start like sort of seeing all these little things said that oh that'll help you know these new products and go on Amazon shows up your house, the text, a new supplies start building up in but area
these down, booties and and I've got but got nice marina wool under garments and things like this and I think it is immoral The will and hunting stuff in out Marinos will both great because when you get wet it doesn't make you cold out of you when in cotton and then you get cold you're in trouble here, The issue: is it going somewhere in your hiking in its cold out or even know, it's cold out. If your hiking in you wearing a lot of layers, you're gonna sweat. But if you swore and you weren't cotton you're in big trouble right because the sewage cool off that wet cotton freezes its fills terrible here, but wool is different. Wet wool keeps you wore
yeah, like you can be in wool and it gets where its wet still not the most comfortable thing. But your warm right, it's it's very interesting yeah. I guess cause it's like an animal fibre else. I'm hatreds! It's it's! It's! It's been relatively comfortable, but few nice Robin little. told her than I would have liked to have been, but a lot of the places right now I've been right now. It's no fires because of the costs dreams also others, but the last week I was in place. I can have a fire, so keep nice campfire D. Where were you I was in that was up and then Healer National, no, not at a late, Lincoln National Forest Lincoln National. So you went to New Mexico and then he drove your way up to Austin will first I what for actually first so one the most beautiful places I went by the way was a new tie went to this place called the valley of the gods of her the Navajo reservation there. Oh my gosh yeah, there's a video that
in view of the year that drone shot, that is it's like they shot all the John Wayne movies at their monument Valley and then just down the road. Is this place called the valley of the gods. Look at this place so look all alone right there you Does your drone foot idea? Why and you know a big power This for me is also looking for places that and then a foot photograph. Well, you know cause I enjoy photography and video. So do you have the stuff on Tom, green dot com? Is this on your you to download Youtube Genoa, and then I like it to my website, gets on time. Green dot com to you, you so so I get these shots. Missy Charlie Chaplin, other Charlie's, like intrigue by the drone like the first ten times, have flown at just sort of sea she's going under the Van cause she hears the vote drawn coming. Did you call her chopper and Charlie? Not honest, is not Charlie collar. Chopper did I just call trapper, maybe
that's a good there's, your own name. That's union middlemen, Charlie Chopper. Why doesn't collar chopper some unknown to color chopper outside the Charlie you earlier Nate named after travels with Charlie, the John Steinbeck novel tried and if you see in the man see at the back, I can't read it, but there's a blurry word right above the rear, we'll its rosson, which is what right there, which was Steinbeck called his fan. Lhasa, which is named after Don Quixote horse. So There sits while layers of homage is there, but look at that shot is not amazing. It is amazing. I loved your shirt to that's very lumber. Jackie shirt, you're, a liar warmth. Warmth. The last shot of this video of you can just turn. I had soap, pretty lash others be I waited for sunset. I use my there's only take a shower, so you can go out there in camp anywhere. You want just pull over and camp the now given concern about running the serial killers. Well, that's why the shock and Joe, but you know
like a serial killer. You look like you could like. If I was going through there with my family, I know you're like hello and uses waving. I blogger fuck yeah yeah! Want it's crazy. You know. That. Look at the last shot right after this. So there's just this sunset, I kind of like look those those buttes in the background see that Shot after this one to just let it just let it roll you'll see it's literally all see, but there's a kind of like to wait for the sun to get these nice shot. So this is a shot here. Watch this drone shot is pretty cool so and to kind of get these interesting images. See the sun will go now. What are you strap on the ground as it built in? We just got a camera on it, so this is just daddy and super look. What's a sun disappear and then, and then the music.
just playing his music that I made in the van so score. You can you play the audio if you wanted to my music, but it's a score. I'm doing this for the ambient score kind of drugs. You again, you know nothing too crazy. Nobody. So I see the Sun Papa says like ocean music, like music, that I expect to hear about. Like Documentary and Wales doesn't it's kind of a Brian Eno influence type of vibe? are you doing a video whenever you feel like it, you doing amount to schedule a kind of, I'm always shooting stuff and then I'll add it, and sometimes all the first, the first the first month I didn't post as much because honestly I was trying to figure out how to survive out there, and now I've got a good system. I saw, I think of it. you gonna, start coming a little more fast and furious. Now is there a moment we were like what the fuck am. I doing lacked Ella every day every day, every single day,
four per and I'm not even sure I got your everyday, I get up and go with a phenomenon, but you keep going yeah because I have I have some. I have some things on the agenda that I want to accomplish in the next month in Texas, when I leave you for slide on orange sleep tonight, I'm gonna, but I'm I'm I'm. I have a few little interesting tricks for that too. but if I ever get stuck in a bind Ryan and been driving, and I haven't found a nice place like that I'll go do straight up truck stop annulled, wedge between a bunch of eighteen wheelers crash get up in the morning and you know start finding my destination what I've been finding is I get on these sort of this sort of pattern where I'll go a couple of days where I don't find a place like that enough? That's like, but every three or four days I'll, find a place kind of at that level of beauty. And then I once I'm there I'll stay there for four
five days and just really get into it. I'll shoot a lot a video of at it, creates and music and create some things. And then, when I get back to sell service or post and then I go look for them spot. So my agenda, when I leave here today, is I want to go around Texas and go find some goes towns and ghost town lots Towns and Texas lottery cylinders, apparently there five hundred of them I've the ghost town back and silver mining in gold mining days when they built the railroads principle, the silver with dry up the town with dry up. So there's these town centres, dilapidated broke,
downtowns in the middle, the didn't kill Basinger by one of those. She did. You really did reign in Georgia right. I think so you and I want this- must be losing marbles while she, by a ghost town yeah. I don't- I don't know, but you know, there's a real sort of beauty to it, because so there's two things I've been doing that I found I really enjoy in their new things. I can't speak to them like with total detail, but I'm next time attacking and have a lot more information about this. The other thing is native ruins of like, like First, there is unbelievable amount of native american ruins out there in the desert in New Mexico. The reason I wasn't in their healer national Forest, I went to the the cliff dwell. things that were built by emphasising the add those bastards years in Colorado and this but chicks? They looks just like an offence exactly like that and us
others are they the now wearily them Mongolian. Indians recalled in twelve of eighty eight and so that videos that is a clip of that twelve eighty yeah there's a clip it out in the Arizona Wonders clip of that, and these are like personal, very remote. That was right. Actually, where we saw the have Alina was right after I went there, there are fifty rooms in this thing, built out of stone up on a cliff is created, and so, but it was built in twelve eighty and then not discovered by then that the parliament, Told me this last week got rigour. Why that's just sitting there not discover none was covered in till eighteen. Seventy four wholly shrine eighteen, seventy four, and so they discovered this and it wasn't until a few years later that Roosevelt Theater was
made it a national monument. So in the between one thousand, eight hundred and seventy four- and I think one thousand nine hundred and seven it got looted a bit when they found it was full of pottery was full of all of us, artifacts and stuff. Now got looted, that's gone, but there's some things in now that we're really interesting that they did discover like they discovered a cough whether this is this is pretty beautiful places. While now a new year dissolve drone footage. Well, this is me, shooting with my hand, healthcare sooner allowed a walk around up here, so have a nice. It's really set up nice. It serves me, DR in one, an ice paved road and then there's up national park, specific state, Parker, national practice, the Healing National Forest facility, their national park facility, oblique butter and others. Some some rangers there and some some people with knowledge of the
three, and then they have a nice maintain path walks up, we'll whether people there looking at her with you there was on that day I saw the sun was gonna, go down there and there were two other people and they walked up ahead of national monument he'll equipped Cliff drawing Seattle, healer willingness to heal a wilderness is where they have some of the best out hunting in the world. Yet there was a lot of hunters and- and I saw some elk Us- Malaysia harms cream, and I didn't I didn't on that day. They were the thing I noticed about the elk which, but just the one time I saw them as they were ass dry. Adding sized riman, I'm very remote tour of I'm, not gonna and not taking any interstates. I never taken intrastate all the way from L. A whole way to here maybe was on the ten for, like maybe,
a couple of miles just to get from one my way to another, so you take the smaller highways and then you see like these towns, these places that you know when away when the railway was built somewhere else for them to put the interstate somewhere else to town dried up and then there's these towns that are just kind of half alive and fledgling towns. And it's a real beauty there do it right so you're from a photography standpoint. You know like there's a lot of nice architecture and things just really interesting so, but consciously made a decision, the beginning, this journey to not take any interstates because I want I want to go find these places that are off the beaten track and an end in photograph them really but so I was coming around a corner and there's a herd of Elk and they were sort of in the distance and they were running like playing with each other arguments. Like this one was running and then they weren't how arouses homes us seven days
How can we wouldn't be the right? The right is in September they were running. I do sometimes they late wrought in October. So what one? It was one was running and I thought they were horses for sure connives. Now I've never seen, then it was fast really fast, like process was a german farmers feel an airplane when it then I could then the car pulled up. I pulled up my current. They immediately stopped and looked at me and walked off into the woods. But but I was it's: it's it's beautiful at their man, but the girl stands. That's that's where I'm going to this end it go try to find some ghost hands under and photograph those in and I'm writing, and I am I right in the van I'm workin on things and I work in on you know if you know I'm not just completely off the grid. I mean I'm writing Inanimated series right now that I'm sort of working on so I am on my computer time animated series. This is working with this great company out of Ottawa, my hometown, Nicole,
mercury, film works and there they actually mandate Mickey Mouse and all sorts of stuff for Disney, the big big animated part company, and so I'm writing a A fund show about a crazy kid who likes Poland, pranks and we know and I'll buy you. Yes, a little Tommy green power on the nose is like a dentist, the menace you know, but he goes out and do pulse pranks on his parents and does a lot of the kinds of things I did so, but but you know, I'm writing that end and just kind of yes interesting. Found that, like I can kind of do everything that I would do at home. In the van with this electrical system premium you seem like you're in a good place like its seems like it's been tricky, but You may have gained the impression that you are really enjoying this. I am as this can extend
you do this, for this is discipline, is a very good question. Is your new life. It's possible really are not selling. house or anything in them, and I think what I'll do is bought the van and sudden rent it for a quick one off tripping on and and I've put, lotta time into it and I am enjoying it and YO one thing as I've always loved photography and bringing alike film cameras. Well, some shooting lot still. Photography is well and it's nice to have something to take a picture of go somewhere interesting, so I'm enjoying that. But I think that I think that what I'll probably do is you know when life gets back to normal? Whenever that us there was normal anywhere part of my plan is too you know and I start turned again do and stand up again. I think I'm. I might.
take a few less airplanes and in the future and be in the van a little bit more until I say if you have a gig, if you decide to stand up a new time, I drive there. I'm thinking I might start to talk to you know the way I booked it about. Sort of doing more of a road trip, type run of like in a straight line supposed to gone. You know the auto. This weakens Boston next week right. We have to view icicles run or do that's Marcel, so I'm thinking there might be something that I do. I mean I'm not I'm not to move into my van full time, but I definitely do deliver move in that direction. It seems like look I'll its interest, what you say. I believe it is true because getting therefore
By the way, this is aware, my coffee too. I make coffee with this thing, Sonata endorsement or anything, but it's pretty cool products called a jet Boil Asia point there is a greater Heather grateful hunting. Yes, so because I dont use my battery, so my boil it my water and then I make my coffee, poured into a thermos Bellfield in hot coffee in this is amazing his days out of it. I was thinking about that and technology thinking, but that exacting- and why is that now as thermos technology changed. Oh yes, since in Canada was a kid you take a thermostat hockey cause. We, outside on outdoor ranks and you bring a thermos of hot chocolate. We didn't yeah! Well, when I was a kid waste ice fish, whispering hot coffee out on the lake it much of that
It's it's fun besides one as regular fishing, but when you're living in a place like Boston reinventing the hut. Now we decided here where we efficient for piker trout, easily trap yeah pike to the pact. A pretty active in cold weather. Did you modulation? These days do- and I had my can. Unfortunately, ever since I moved Austin, that's been kind of playing catch up and get an opening set up, and you know just I'm still not totally moved. I mean a move down, but I'm not totally settled in, but I'm pretty close up didn't catch. Much trout grown up mostly large mouth bass and pike was where I would, but I would fish were, but But yet Thermos technology- I don't know if it's change, but it's amazing. Oh yeah, Yeti flip the fucking game on its head really yeah cars are amazing. I have yet for that. I take my hand, and you can put I some that yet corps in the summer,
Seven days lady Levice its bananas, their crazy, I I took it video that I put on my instagram of we shot dear in Hawaii, not, access dear in Hawaii. Put the you know: they they put the thing the cargo seal up, though yet got it all the way back to allay left it. Outside overnight. Then, the next day at noon. I opened it up and it was filled with ice lamely like rock solid ice? Ok, it's crazy! How good those things That's better insulate the it's better than I just have a regular thermos for my coffee, but that's pretty amazing. I don't know how coolers are way better. The thermoses are better those and yet he makes those tumblers, though, keep your coffee hot. Like literally all day, I do know what they're doing some photo, but it's fuckin, amazing I loved, and I love the soft foot walk in did the we were with Steve, oh yeah, and you sneak up on dear. Yes, that's that something I love you ve done before.
yeah, my friend Remy warrant calls of Anne S, O S, shoes off situation, going here your closing in on particularly on meal, dear now, dear very sensitive predators, L cannot nearly sensitive elk. here a lot annoy the elder big animal in their worried about Mount lions and bears and stuff like tat. But you know there their little less worried than the smaller animals are so me, dear particularly worried to their very jumpy thorough, is like like this now in their ears, her question and if you snap, a branch they'll de pop up and start running. Was at a obviously that was a fun day with you and Steve out there, but like what was was that must happen. that was in Nevada, wasn't yeah. Those in the Nevada high country were hunted mule dear we struck out, I got real close a couple times today, I didn't really get shot. Did you feel is a kind of sort of nice, sometimes when they get away I'm yet because you failure, because
it's a luxury because I'm living in a first world country and have access to food I'm not starving, and you know it so it's a luxury that I can enjoy the fact that they got away because this is something I've been grappling with. A little bit because, like I said, I'm not a hunter haven't, but but now I am hunting, but I am actually seen anything. I'm just looking man just think what I'm saying a hunting, looking for something you can for bird tat an end in my mind. I'm thinking ok grow, Sir Quail, like and mobile believe we know rap my head around shoot that yeah, because, first of all you know I mean wrong. Anson and and Grand can't beans out there are not cook and on its, but you know, I'm em now would be pretty tasty on ice. Georgia can help so they sell wild chicken, but the thing is: is I also kind of know I'm never going to find one, because I don't know what I'm doing right so like and I don't have the. I think you really need dogs that are trained to Ralph's the birds
now necessarily ya know you even you there's a lot of birds that you can get if you just so I've done some research. Ok, so I went to I went to this was up top of a mountain. Where was this? This was for a while, but it was. You know that I know the dusk that the dusty grouse is native to the de certain elevation in the wit way such plateau. That's where I was the way such plateau in Utah and their healthy today said what was actually, I think, that's a judge. The August, I don't. I just read the sign when I grow up the road and offend of a country that I got it and therein the aspens, and so you know locked it, but there was a
moment where I was walking through the aspens. Looking for the the dusty graphs- and you know I didn't see one, and then there were three beautiful dear standing there like spires dreamy away. Look at me standing there my shot gun looking at him and it's like I don't know what I'd do if you guys, but time pretty hungry right now, but I ll. Let you guys let you guys can help, keep looking for my bird but But so I don't know, I don't know that I would ever have even really want to shoot mammal, a mammal for some reason. I dont know if I yeah. I know I know that's a pretty talk about this and I agree with it too, but but but but but I just don't know. If I'd be able to do it, I don't know you would definitely be able to do it if you had to for food,
Yeah and I'm sure you would develop a different sort of relationship, the animal. You would think that you're you're very appreciative of them, but you will you develop this real predator pray relationship with animals if you need to survive. You know I have talked about this many times, but am forts lemme talk about it again is a fantastic series that vice guide to travel. Did back in the day, quite a few years, or at least eight years old, I think it's called Hindmost Arctic adventure and it's a guy. I think his name's high Mo Coos last time, any lives up in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, and he She has a life, chance to be in this particular area or a permit to be in this particular area that no one else can ever have a house in there again he's like grandfathered in and all the sky
does is to go out and subsistence hunt. So it goes HANS Caribou goes out new fishes and that's all he does. That's that's his whole life and this guy has this incredible connection to to life. his food and bodies also very articulate, intelligent man. So when he talks about it is able to talk about it in a way. This is the guy right here, while so he's got all this food in its. rose into that's his cabin, that's where he lives and he's been out there, since I think, since the seventies man and where I had a soup, yeah. I think so perfectly healthy and really robust this guy didn't fire not about nine eleven until quite while afterwards I think he found out from a photograph gas he lives up there. Like one of those with his wife, Japanese sold
they found in the woods of swords? Six and I realized The war was going, but this guy he's got a really interesting way of describing what he thinks is great about this life. Why wait? Let's? Where do I find us? This is excellent. Vice guided travel yeah there it is, surviving alone, Alaska, higher high MO eighty, I M O courts that assets Caille, Artie Age, well yeah. I want you that show alone actually, which I loved. If you ever watch that yeah, oh, is amazingly kind I was stout, was something I was getting on my head and the latest season, but the one guy who got the moose and Jordan Jonas Right does. It goes beyond the parterres yeah any like made a fishing net out of Roper nausea. I was incredible, but it is something something amazing about it for sure, but so yeah yeah, it's and by the way, like first of all, I believe I said
congratulations already off camera. But how cool is s man thanks Congratulations buddy! I in all I'm sorry, per and makes us so proud of you, because I mean what the fuck but you know like I am, though I mean like I just I think it's so cool. I sent you a text right after the look after you announced year, Spotify dealers, thinking like nobody has ever done that before, like. Like in the history of all broadcasting, and I said you Johnny Carson was the guy who we all looked up to back in the day, had every buddy watching him was a different world, television was three network ex everybody watch Johnny. He was a guy who became this very successful person off of traditional media, but to to do what you ve done is to solar increase a bull congratulation. I definitely something that you know
I you know we talk about this before, but I always thought bad. You could do that. You could do that. You could be the biggest show and not be on network tv. I always believed that and say you for four four for proving it because it's like it so cool, and I love the studio by the latest and thank you for being a pioneer man, because you I mean real manner now living in a log shop and wood for creating a european year. This cause. You gave me the seeds of the earliest ideas about doing a pod caslon. You ve been very kind of with with when they have said these things to be over the years, and last time, but but you know what I what I find amazing about it that I never was able to figure out. I was into the technology and I left I was never really able to figure out what is so amazing. What watched you figure out is
You ve really made a show that really captures the interests of people. We allow huge population of people, love what you guys talk about on the show and that's what's what's cool. You know you know just just I mean how did you determine that? Like you know, I just watch your interview with Kanye. I just watched your interview with Alex Jones and I'm chillin, seeing all these subjects that seeks whirling around and I'm gone? Well, that's the kind of stuff that, like when I go down a rabbit hole on the internet like I want. I want to learn about these yeah thing. Was there a moment where you realized away like? If I talk about, ex wire z. That's really capture and people attention or whenever not just while you were interested, is never for a second For a second- and I said this is gonna capture, peoples and never everything. He's been like who I wanna talk to that guy, like I said
He was in a Navy air, a Navy jet and it was tracking. You have found Commander David frames. HU. I want to talk to him. Oh Bob Lazard Seti worked on alien technology in area. As for oh, I want to talk to him. This guy said he saw Bigfoot or that guy says he's working on life extension and figure out how to lengthen you're telling me ears or sky knows how to you know what it whatever it is. Whenever there there thing out, the age of the universe or people are just dump. The writing books are people that are you know, former military be bore people that are whatever they are with. If I find them interesting, I like people, I'm a big fan of peace, Oh I like talking to all kinds of different people. I like the way their brain thanks. I like comparing way, people's brain things like sort of like seeing how they view the world, because the you view the world is the way you personally view the world but its very much
influenced by the things you ve found attractive about the way, the other people that you run into see. Things like we are not individuals in the sense that we're autonomous, completely alone without end influence whatsoever from the outside world. We are, we have made T influences constantly being influenced by our invite. Why your and where you live is so important. And why isn't that I found in moving from allayed Austin? Is it where you live, It makes a big impact on them out of stress you have and how you feel I feel so much better here does right away disconnected from Hollywood. Connected from traditional forms of show business, but also the people here? The people here are dead. front there more relaxed the regular people Chapelle, and I were having a conversation about this last night and it was like we are talking about how like people here and Austin their real people, they're, not people
all that are trying to get famous and people that are trying to you know get on television, shows, do movies in this weirdness too that life, and so The people to do that war really cool yeah, just it's it's rare and nice. When you run into a gala Chris Pratt who who is a super famous guys in the movies, but couldn't. be more generous in general, could not be more down to earth, could not be more normal. Unfriendly super great guy just happens to be a big movie star, but that's rare most of it people that want that life, the wrong kind of wacky and fucked up and you you you're in their world with their energy and they in fact, the people around them. They affect people that are in the service industry managers agents. As this fuckin hive of weirdness out here. There's none of it is none of that and all immediately, I felt a lowering of stress lab almost immediately and then the people you deal with like.
whether someone is working at the Counter Walgreens or restaurant there. So nice there so friendly so because early on in your show, you had the confidence to just do your own thing right. You you create IRAN thing you didn't have these serve tentacles coming down telling you all you can't interview that person, yet let that allowed They just talk to the people that you found interesting when you happen to be interested in interesting shit yeah, but in the beginning nobody wanted anything to do with it. That's it's hilarious, like my agent, in the beginning didn't have anything to do with the sparks than what they'll at what do you do wasting your time? Why? Because back end, like two thousand people watching listen is nobody's worsening, with mine. I was trying to tell people, as is gonna, be, I know, you'll get the fuck out of here. What is your movies? Kid you're busy, so equally in the beginning, when I may be, could have used a little help getting guests or doing
things are getting advertise better, sunlight that they didn't get involved, because if somebody got involved, they would a definite told me to not do things that have turned out to be very successful, like I'm sure they will talk, told me that not interview, controversial people or not interview people that you're gonna get critics criticized for specific topics or in specific people at a writing books that may minimum ruffle of much people's feathers, and I want to know what they think I wanna know why they think the way they think I want to ask some questions and there's a lot of people that don't Thank you should do that and you don't know they'll, be the gatekeeper words to your. The infamy information that you take in and the conversations that you haven't. You distribute, and it's not good this now look. If you talk to someone- and it was a mistake when now you know, but at least you know You talk to them. If someone tells you it's a mistake to talk to someone, but you want to talk to them and then start thinking all. Let me run it by MIKE and the team and then the theme of those sit around think about their mortgage. They sit around,
think about whether or not you get in trouble and that can really decade eventually lead to them having a decrease in their income, and then they start to fuckin play it safe. I've in that man are seen not withstand ups. I've seen that with people like there's people that you know they have have podcast and they have a bunch of people that are there. At the studio, telling them talk about different things, telling them to pick different subjects telling them. Let's move on like I've seen that I've seen in the middle of podcast me to take say: let's, let's move on you guys are on this subject. Let's move out who the fuck are you? Let's move on some some guy standing on the outside that get some sneaky paycheck that he doesn't really deserve is now saying: let's move on holding clipboard as if it like it. What are you- we get the fuck out of here. It's two people, talking and if they decide to move on to move on, but people there.
like our who bring up this bring up. That would bring up this, who are Why are you here, but that's what they do and if you ve ever gone too, like I went to did a guy named the sports guy bill segments. I did his show on HBO he's great guy really interesting guy, and I love the way he does his podcast. But I did To be, oh, shall do in yours. a rounded by Paypal does mean him sitting in both just like this, but there's fuck and people there and its people there and its people walking around a set its distracting. It is people stand round. They got notes and clipboards in his camera. People everywhere are you what it is not necessary to have a hundred people here or twenty give twenty people here. You need one one person and then managing all of those people becomes but bigger priority than actually the content and then you have into office politics tat place. You have relationships with people, I mean
You mean that not even I don't mean relations boy, girl, boy, boy, girl girl, I mean like boss, friends and yeah. Then the weirdness egos ego is. Are you going to do that? Then they are mad at the talent, Gaza towns getting more attention than glowering everyone's la no one would have ever. Let me do the show that they have never yet no one has ever let me and it's not by design that I did It's not like. I see what they don't see. I'm gonna do this I didn't want to listen I'd like to get out of here, fuck off where'd, you wouldn't want to do you had that confidence in and just great up sort of just sort of you didn't give a fuck. You just did it. we think that came from heavier factor money right that help you for your file over your factor, money in the bank, or am I give this shit completely hit the fan. You know.
I can just sort of live off that and also I don't I've, never been very good with the whole boss. Someone telling you what to do. If I did that I was given that I would never become a stand up. No one of never done most things that have done, and I certainly would have. No, no thank you. certainly we ve never been able to do the podcast. This way, if I brought people born and there was a certain point time- were people we're talking about it before the show the people did want to come on board started, getting offers of had offers, were people wanted by half the pie cast and yet like pretty generous amounts of money. As like this, I don't think this is was not was Leon weird spot. If I was a first offer where they came around, they said we don't want you to do anything different. We just want a licence How do you decide what you're gonna ask people just gone with the flow? Do research on stock, as I really love some the questions, you asked cognac trying to remember what they were, but I mean deep sort of plan in advance or you can just sort of
because we're with we talked about doing a park for a long time, but I was worried that gonna come off a member urgent question was why do you want to do this right was when he was run for president yeah on such a great question? Could just like you know? Why do you want to run for President Avenue. Knapsack was yeah, but it was just you just right into it was just great in a while. I'm a fan of his music I've always been found was music, and I think that the way he communicates is sort of manic style of thinking. Constantly creating and doing things it's why so successful in us that this is like stream of consciousness that he has is all Why so prolific as an artist like I mean he is all sounds good has never done. You know you, go from one of them to the next and are all like he's got this stream of creative ideas that are constantly running through his head and he talk. Sometimes in these streams, were they on end. He goes from one subject next subject and so
I was curious as to like how I was gonna talk to him and, I wanted to make sure that we can do it in a way where other people are gonna appreciate is a great value and the way he thinks and then, if you get sound bites. You get it in some weird thing where he says something: people get mad at him in a boom. Are somewhat valley. you're missing who we really is, who we really is him all day? It's not him in this. Thirty second chunk. We don't like what he said, guess what he publishers, what he said: either. Ok, he's fucking streaming he's going he's running with these thoughts and ideas, but that's all. Oh, why he can boil those thoughts and ideas down these amazing fuckin songs. You know like this is. that's what I wanted to get out a ham while we're talking because people an american ham and people in China, and I'm like I don't you have a choice between this man, the K did
overweight, con yea, who doesn't get anything done or manic crazy carcases. Wild shit, you boy man, it's crazy, cognate! Yes, manic crazy countries want to makes amazing music and I've been around him. He's a nice guy. Man he's a really genuinely nice guy and when the cameras, Rothstein things nice guy with all the staff and everybody he's cool, he's genuinely cool, but whatever wanna call mental illness. That's that problem, is like when you call a mental illness, well, what you gotta, give it medicine these bent a luminous you're gonna give a medicine. Do you really, because at mental illness is making some pretty amazing shit right? Look at us forget it we cannot allow look at all. The music is made, that's all because a mental illness now that we have you call an illness, is on two particular style of thinking that he has the sort of nonlinear its its wild and its
all over the place, but it's also very focus. I found in that interview, though, that you know I've seen him interview quite a bit, but I was for that was one where he everything you said. Meat a sense, he certainly done a lot of. put a lot of thought and a lot of stuff. He was talking about with everything, from real reorganising the way civilization works emanates Eindhoven, thereby raising takes lava thinking to come up with how to reorganise the entire way civilization works. That was one of the things I thought was really good about the interviews you do get a chance to see like this is not true, the crazy person a book by his own bullshit and by the way, when he's like the Brad, these stuff. That kind of does talks of himself. First of all is being honest about where he is he's a sort of affirming who he is, but also jokes around accused
Joking around about it out, it was showing us this video that he had made for his wife for his wife's birthday, and it was really emotional, very beautiful, because he does. He made a a hologram of her dad. And he wrote the script for all this. Oh you yeah and he wrote the script for other things at the hall Groundless, telling herds which really intense- and you can do that now, the EC they can take your voice and for you and I would be easy for them to do cause. There's hours and hours now us talking, so they would take. This voice got imagine what they could do. They already have theirs. They ve that you used me as an example for one of these companies in Canada. They use me as an example for how well this deep, vague technology works, because there's Fifteen hundred fuckin plus podcast me, there are three hours long he'd take these. These sounds that come out of my mouth and then
you can make me say anything literally anything as every noise and I'm capable of making I've made right. So you use this catalogue of, sounds that my voice can make and that's what he also did without Hologram, because Robert Cartouche hinders although cases and all the different times has been interviewed on television, is a great catalogue of his voice and you can. have him speak to her. But even in then like he has him say You know in your genius genius husband, but he was laughing when he said it and showed it does. He was laughing. It was funny that he's he had them. They had robber carnation, call him a genius amazing genius, husband like her. He thought it was funny like he's not just its, not just ego, it's not just crazy. It's also there's brilliance. There he's a complicated.
Person it's nice to hear that because, like you know it's interesting and how the media can turn refrain, Persia right and then take away nuance. People are nuance. Man, people are really arbitrated! You decide to decide that a person is this person because of one sentence. They said one time or because of one thing that they did with a I wish they didn't or because of one concert they did where people booed them or what? Whatever you pick about, Congo, that people decide he's this people to love to put someone in a box and category. Eyes them and just decided did they want to dismiss them, and this is the problem cancel culture right. It's like we have this idea of of of things will we want a boil them down to almost a tweet. You know with things that are like enormously complicated. A man whose lived forty, years of his life
and in that light of experience, heartbreak and sorrow and success and failure and friendship and betrayal, and all these different things and all that they create the passions that you poured out if you were in they wanted just boil you down to a sentence or two and it's crazy. It's crazy! It's crazy for the person doing that and trying to boil some down. It's crazy people to read it and accepted its it's so negative as one of the most negative things about, social media is that we were two, categorize, someone by individual, tweets or individual statements or people are fucking immensely complex, immensely. complex, and deny that, deny that is its its varied. in its dishonest. It's bad for our understanding of us is bad four are our understanding of who we are personally as a human.
when, when someone decides define you basin a sentence or call you there, the Tom Green is just a bump bump bump. And then you read it you, like, oh shit, I am foot like we're talking on industry to believe it, but that's one comments or negative When you reading comments reading one person's typed out thing- negative about you and you're saying I got myself like yeah that that is all up. There's the real issue, with the way human beings are taken. In other people's opinions It's not. That is anything wrong with taking in people's opinions. Were people's opinions disposed to be shared like this, when you and I are sharing opinions like you too, play. Something, and I tell you something, and I say: did you just mean this New York? No! No! I meant that and you like okay call, so you think that you like yeah, we get each other we're talking, but it's change
It's very rare that you can just nail something with a sentence or two and also there's not you not limited by time normal television there's all we ve got seven minutes before the commercial breaks or we gotta get tell us understand us, and then you never really and talk about anything. That's been the bit the best part about podcasting, without a boss. Is that no one has ever told me like. It has to be forty five minutes long and asked to begin here. Let's added out the parcel. Worn is good, let's chop this up and make that like why why so you gonna go, backed Ella at all. You know keep a studio there too. I'm gonna fly over it in a play when it's on fire gonna, whether the comedy story when Gavin Nuisance donate money deadlines the nickel weapon that he has under his desk. What about stand up because they decide that they gonna kick amount of. Others is comedies, he'll have a suicide Vesta yeah Dumas MR over the coming years to calmly story. More sought open right,
and over up again, you gonna. If what's, if is not always on a ten p m curfew. Now you know why, because code It has a better by time, covert ten p m it. It comes out and egg attacks people report and p M, but we are back Simon right when the vaccine expire it'll open up again and why why ten p m with it so arbitrary? You tell me can't catch cobra between six and ten, but there's gonna be some sort of a thing than, happens after ten people. Motor more vulnerable drunken play its nonsense. Man, it's nonsense, he's fucking, assholes imposing rules on people to close their businesses down silver, none of our wandering picture as if I've won. I might get you nurse All this crazy talk of covert- and I just mentioned alcohol and hastily recommended we can have some sort- Jimmy go Let's get some whisky, some text, was gay some glasses, no ice, we're gone like and today no ice pocket what kind of whisky you drink and you're in Texas I'd ever we I have a favorite,
I've been drinkin. Bush mills, that's good stuff, like Buffalo trace. what we want. We had that Iceland is a sponsor an they been around since before America started. Ah, don't get had been around since seventeen. Seventy three us. It's really good one like whisky maker the year twenty Bush mills is my grandfather's irish heritage. Thrills northern nor in Ireland. Of my friend, Josh Barnett has a great whisky is well god dammit. I a bottle here to remember the name of it. It's like war master took a smoky. Whisky is very good. He brought it last time. He was on the pot cast Dron Drinkin Scotch to Bovina Scotch. The Macedonian hammered out there in the woods by herself in the woods I dont have above any in the woods I bring me. I got a lot of many bottles like airplane bottles. Up fretful of those Why are you just a big bottle and lousy open at all? You don't really want open bottle. Boozing your van we'll drive around so you just wrinkled
at a time, and I was an open container. That's my idea came that's really. You can have an open container in a car exactly as you exactly so. I just got a bunch of little ones- drinks, quite smart, sir, so it was a healthy poor. My friend sell my brother. You access. This is still Austin straight bourbon. Whiskey. Cost of who the jet very nice yahoo- good, oh bourbon, as this Don't drink lives, corn, right, bourbon, current during alone, so don't know normal social. Incur ever do you, I guess, but a smoke we'd allow yeah yeah. I like to eat up why right yeah yeah. I heard Carlin talk about that. I mean red or something you talked about- how he may get this right. I got it, you modest and any
right to polish money would drink and when he would you drink when he was coming up isn't he would polish it up with some ouida our meat was the other way round, but he definitely would punch it up with that with pot. He said he would smoke PA and then punch up the matter. It is interesting like how are you supposed to write totally straight in Lorraine the morning Lot Matthioli straight. right. Yes, you're gonna get that energy but I got a lot of times that just it's just a scaffolding just a framework and then caught like when I smoke the way the weeds like delegates, cheating sometimes does. The idea is not really mind at the wheel, ideas. The weakest like this now says, relaxing your mind and taking you away from mere distractions and allowing you to just kind of relaxing think of things that you might not have thought of. A few were distracted by all the seriousness of life.
I think it's more complicated and that I think your body is interacting with molecules that it doesn't come in contact with the regular world and these molecules have a spiritual connection to the universe that you are not able to access without them. That's what I really believe late said that again, I think them molecules of marijuana in particular when used Papa you just get this theirs is theirs it a connection that you get with the universe is not available when you're soap right when you're vat when you're sober. I think that your feelings in some ways: deadened deadened by accumulation of life experience and overwhelming burden of your existence. In your friends in your bills, in your obligations in Europe. Like this. All these things going on and all these things sort of like wash and deaden your sensitivity. and then everything just
law. Everything opens up, and then you have access to thoughts and ideas and feelings that it isn't. Available without the we'd get absolutely it's it's a beautiful than men. For my remember the first time I was on your show how many years ago that Europe now I think that's back in the day was already we were pretty high for that one. I think we'd like to highlight two times of low shows, as I did in Europe as the last time I was here as I don't like to smoke and under the thinkers I can't get quiet. get nervous. We're talking about the election yesterday and I did it with downtown and Dave, should welcome on. I got way too. I am trying to think of what I really think about the election while I'm doing it I don't want you and I'm, like, I hope, people are more relaxed, like the people hated trauma hoped it
more relaxed and help everybody just like. Maybe maybe they can you can heal together, but the other side, like the people, to think the Trump got robbed of their angry at psychiatry. So people are more separated than ever before and you know and there's a lot of people like there was no election interference. There was no election fraud MIKE there's always election fraud. Always the questions much of it is there of utility without hundreds of thousands of workers like we're talkin but it s day like what is the number of election fraud? Is it what's the percentage It's not zero. Is it more than zero, most rebuilding its more than zero. Yet like so what's the number? Is it only liked? a thousand episodes of fraud in the whole country over millions of millions and millions of votes and thrilling. Not you know when to enter of the overall effect? It's it's quite possibly it's that now, in my opinion, I don't I don't know, I mean I just I haven't done anything to researchers. I wouldn't be able to tell you for sure, but I
worried about the state of the country. In terms of like this polarization between the two sides, the red versus the book of the day. It's mostly bullshit, I think mostly people are just Americans and we need to do Like whoever is in office now, what's like, let's support them and hope they do the best, because one things were saying yesterday was that I feel like when tromp was in office. People literally wanted the economy the tank so that he would be a loose they want to things to go bad because they didn't want him do well. They would rat Lego saying if you gave a lot a hard core people that were true it. The choice. Would you rather have the country do fantastic and have pumps. All of his ideas turn out to be the best for our are culture, our economy. Job business everything everything's doing great, but he's brow again these on tv or would you rather have everything tank and he goes to jail fact: ham,
jail. I think there's a lot of people who would say that they would rather the economy go to shit and tromp. One of getting but in jail and removed from office. Then him being winner and being successful. It's very strange because he's such a polarizing figure that we we would rather him fair, and then the United States, not we some people would rather him fail and the it states being a real bad situation than him. Kick. ass in do amazing the United States booming, but this so that you hate is like the hero. What you, do here is amazing because you have this sort of very broad audience of people on both sides on your show, and you have found a way to- I guess not polarize it so badly that half the people don't wanna M attention. I don't think we do have two sides
I think it's a lie and then we have America. I think we have picked yours and that Somebody wanted write something about you, A negative comment about you and you too, like that by the way you don't have to sites like that, because I've been think a lot about that lately, because I've been I've been united. If you in some of the videos I advocate. I got you a citizenship last year. I think I told you that I've been dilemma in way after twenty is about, but I saw you I got I: U S flag, that I hang for my awning in my videos and beautiful beautiful thing, you're out there and part of what I've been doing with me. You know my photos in my pod cast my travel. as I really part of what it is. I just want to show my little body and set them this time. The tuning- and I want to show them how much there is to celebrate in this country, is beautiful at three
It's rare to don't go out that elsewhere, such beautiful again incomplete and was so I'm flying the flag and very proud to be an American. I am very proud of her house at least know MA am free right. I am. I am, and I am also proud to be canadian. I was getting a little grief season Save that you don't bring tat. You are ill. I put a little candidate in Canada that I think countries countries are bullshit. They you guys are basically northern Americans. They got mad. When I go wrong, North Amerika, you go your candidate go. This is no different to me than being from Fuckin South Dakota come on we're all humans on earth. I agree with that is nonsense. You just give a different king, but no it's it's! It's! It's it's interesting, but
as you know, I you know, everybody on social media has to kind of me. If you're putting information out there, you end up now having to deal getting drawn into this argument which is frustrating to someone like me, because you know I just want to take some cool pictures and tell some jokes and have some fun Allison. Oh, I said something that indicated I believe this or that near everyone's mad at you. So I mean I've. I find it pretty incredible how you ve found a way of navigating that. Well, I don't know how I did. Everything be an honest, is one of them and then also I dont believe in the two sides I share. A lot of opinions from both sides I do not have an ideology that is neatly tucked into the left, or the right. Wouldn't you endorse, Bernie loves
I love all of his ideas about helping community and I think this is a problem. There is a problem there. People that think of themselves as right wing. Don't they don't want to look at the good aspects? of someone from the left, someone from the left like Bernie. First of all, he wants to observe people, student debt. I think it's possible to spend trillion of dollars and he's never ending wars, it's also possible to absolve people student debt. I getting people right debt hundreds of thousands of dollars when you're fuckin Seventeen is crazy. Exert brain is when I was seventeen. I was a wild person. I was bare, the man. I was crazy into for seventeen eighteen years old to have a person like me and give them saddled them down with hundreds of thousands. Does that's going to follow them to their grave? Is crazy and that's a giant.
percentage of our population on what it is, but millions of people yeah saddled down with that kind of debt write, It's too much money and it's crazy. If it doesn't make any sense, education could be something that we make for free. I think we can use our tax money in better ways that benefit the community as a whole. I think one of them is by giving people the access to education, where it doesn't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I well I think we can do it like in Canada. That is a left wing perspective right, but I also like guns- and I think you should have guns- and I think firm supporter the second amendment, because I crazy people and there's people- it are bad people their violent in their broken and they want a herd of the people, and I think you should be of the protective family. I think you should able to protect the law. Loved ones that you you you have nearby you and in this is. This is a real situation that comes out. We wish it didn't. everybody that has a gun hopes. They go to the grave, never have to pull the trigger and a person, but but but guess
what better to have it and not to needed, then deny and not to have absolutely now. We can pretend all day that the world's a perfect place- and you never gonna- need a gun, but you and I both know- that's bullshit right. So this is a debts opinion I share on the right. I'm up, firm believer in the second amendment. Then you get the first amendment. I would think freedom of expression and freedom of speech, is one of the most liberal core tenants that you you could ever ascribed to that side like the left has always been pro First, a member, the ACL. You literally started out defending Fucking Nazis right like saying that, like you to defend everyone's ability to express themselves, even if there are there, but Sir bore it even if their though the most d, gusting beliefs in the world, your ability to express yourself should be applied, of being an American and the way we combat bad speech.
Is not by silencing people, it's by better speech and more speech, and that's that's. How we ve figured out the way human beings interact with each other from the jump from the beginning in this country, and so that right there is fertile well we're talking about earlier when we were talking about how you had the confidence and autonomy with your show to do what you want to do and what you believe politically, that's what you ve also done to me are you like this. You like that you, these are things that are on oxidants wise. Why do these? Why do these issues?
his periods of bided so clearly to divide and words like what why I can't want health care and a shotgun right come out right now. Behind I kind of like like not have to worry about getting sick, and also I want to go hunting I mean tat was one of which the fucking deal. You know I can't a hundred percent right, I couldn't agree with and because you had the confidence and autonomy to be able to just say it, because you didn't have all those people around with it words and shitting, although I do not say that cause we're on this channel or that channel. This is our message here. That's a lot of it right. It's also that I need a job and I think one of the things in the in you can speak to this right when you working in Hollywood, you're, always wanting to make sure that you're not saying anything that can exclude you from being hired right like the if you, if you want to work in television, you must be liberal, you must it or you keep your fucking oh shut if you want to get a job on television,
you don't really have many out. You can't be a right wing, pundit on the side and also working gonna sit com. They don't want you right right or can you be down the middle, though, like your ear, you down the middle you're, not a right wing, pundit you're, not a left wing guy. Can you can get beyond the little bee, but even then you have a zadig name. That is contrary to what they believe in them and then than your troubles were you can be yeah, you hunt being mean. It really depends on how how open minded people and how desperate People are that are higher. You like we will get desperately, gets they get panicky in other, feel, like people get attacked for almost nothing and then a firearm because they don't want blow back this. Is this a big part of the whole Hollywood experience now like who it was it? wasn't Natalie Portman? Who is they actress? That trouble because I should play in witches there,
matador because she played a which, with three fingers a glitter. Who is it it's a new movie, and it's so dumb. She apologized she literally how to apologize. Why weren't Hathaway! Thank you. Why? Because cause she played it's in the book. The original book right would decide ride this, which here it is half way, apologises for four portrayal of limb difference I Have the way has issued an apology for the pain cause to people with limb, differences by her character and HBO Max Movie the witch is based on the roads doll, adaptation, Hathaway portray the evil Grand High, which was three fingers on each hand that resemble the conjecture EL disorder on an oath. That is at It's a hard road, DEC,
impossible were listen actress directly that we're at its word is impossible to say. We need to come up with an easier word for that. It's it's crazy people! Looking for peace, for things to be ended by and yes, it is the listen this is breath and We should have said I played a which that which had three fingers I mean no offense to yeah, it's like no need to apologize, and if you want an apology from that, you, your problem, You fucking asshole. you know, I'm sorry! If you have three fingers, I mean I'm sorry, you have a disease that resembles that there may be some benefits to that too. I don't know if they would be, but will they be That was a good progress with we probably try to come up with some plenty benefits to that's our care. Jamie! Listen! I!
like a sort of understand what it's like. When you have something like that, because I want us to go right, so you know people will sometimes like make a joke about that. Now. Go I'll feel like, oh, so because you have to want us yet said that testicular cancer right and then someone will make a joke about. Then I would like to use your own It's not that fund haven't grass arena when you're tusk, so I'm not trying to break down here to understand. So it's like what happens now is that in the internet to use the internet now one person with three fingers is: you know, obviously saddened by that might not even be real dominium might be some one looks at her and goes. You know what I think she should apologise for a people that don't have all their fingers. Madam, I be someone with five fingers at saying this. Exactly someone with five fingers assumes the three fingered personas offended. Tweaks it exists and then the people at the core
boards at the office who have a reality in council and there is there is their say, there's a retraction statement from an Hathaway. Meanwhile, it's obviously throbbing greenidge good for the movie right now people I heard about it from my mom is my mom recommended to my daughter. So you think they would enjoy this movie now they given our seventeen fingers or like time fingers right. No one's got that surround one would have been offended right now. I have been weird anyone's like a fuckin like like a garden re, get ten feet, there's. An offended no condition we got ten figures on its too few people get upset, and now are we going to get in trouble for a sort of giggling about this no one would have yeah three arms on each side. Would people who worship Shiva get upset you exactly, which is what it I love. The presence of
the national of this removal of obstacles that with no but subject I'm read an article talking to someone, it seems like they were on the opposite side. It says that it seems like they're, more mad, that the character has disability and there are also a villain not just that they have a disability that they made. Bad, well, isn't the character like not a human, it's a which here they ve fucked up teeth in their born people are mounted their bald, also meet So I ve got a man now on board. The real test and people make fun of all people Tom. It's not right. oh really, its rude, I, ball. I am mad and hath his bald that movie fuck her. You think it's funny being bald doing in that about not only I'm could shaped a super lucky, a flat flat back my head kind, hearted I'll check. I did a ball check. My first moved. Ella choose a singer from
you're, the guy like a good, bald head. The thank you like not everybody does not only does godlike zloty booth, weird, have you gotta get bald head like it's like almost like it's almost like Post it almost if, if you had a full had a harry, don't move better aftershave. Oh I tell you right now everything about when you're pregnant. You should a shave at least better, but well I do think to back when I was really freaking out that I was losing my hair. I should have shape my had early on God. I was really worried that I would never get work. It must make out yeah. I got here transplants use Minoxidil or did the whole thing. I was stupid scar on the back of my head, like a big smile from hair transplants from the ninety. because I was in China. I was all the sudden working and outside Mugabe has fallen out fuck. What am I gonna do and I was thinking I gotta do everything I can to keep working because all the sun, those making all this money has never making before us on television and that tv hair,
yeah. You need tv hair and then, once I shave my head, I was like. Oh my god. This is the best thing ever going to have to ever go to a barber. I just every couple days I hit it within the buzzer's. Then I'm good yeah. Well, my standing in ozone shave that Bitch Linda, getting a little crazy. You can't look good is like a wild, crazy man with the hair a long time has been well. I like it. I like your hair, like that low crazy. You you can like get by. With your hair. I fucked up you. You look good with like, as guy, who has like us saw cat who takes it off steps into the restaurant on a cold day and sits near the fireplace will fucked up here. It's kind of good works. We will examine the headphones on I'd. I've made a choice not put them on early, because I thought all what we heard you come here, but but but this is like this,
locks. You in looking only say we ve run across from someone. Why do you wear headphones? The reason why is locks you, one hundred percent in the car recession, and you really aware of talking over each other, which everyone has tendency I was conscious of it, but I've done enough this over the years. I knew to play the MIKE Right, but was missing this x this part of it. yeah, you know what it's like when people dont want to wear the headphones, always I did want to wear them, but I also want to give my how come I had read away before we're in Austin when he's wearing that around you. I saw your video is dust on its most valuable dust. I Gandhi I got this at the Stetson factory of about five years ago and to Real Texas. a hat, so I wanted to John be Stetson Sigh debated, not wearing it. When I came in Bogota locking whenever an hour had but but then I thought
shit we're in Austin. You know I gotta gotta honour your move to Austin, where my friend and Stetson Goddammit redundancies chairs my friends given sorry but no Listen, silver dollars by culture, culture, wall, talks about having to John, be Stetson wakes up in the snow and ditch I got my health, Mozambique, Stetson got me a bottle for babies, Bluebird wine and I look up, I left my staff somewhere down in Preston, along with thirteen of dollars and my mind nice You ve got a culture. While I am not replied. Some have to show a wish, but, while these Canadian Jamie Terminal Interim Jamie's my source, because I'm an old man, a James, younger man, Jamie turns me on good music or culture was, as is its a singer, observes the beautiful poetry.
There was a political dude he's he's a guy that Leonard Cohen NEWS. Also, Canadian he's he was twenty one, any. This song called Kate MC and you into it, and use would swear to. God is Eighty year old man who's been drink being and smoking his whole life it really doesn't make any sense. Like you hear the song you like what the fuck I wish, we could play it that's him! Oh I'm young guy, over youngest here when I hear some crazy better about not having heard of him. I thought he was like some classic canadian artist that has been around for a hundred years on non annoying. Where's might well. How did that? But, but now I am glad that you are showing me the son, a hero, authentic, this cat, and I love this. We gonna get him on. The show we contacted is agent of the agent said he works as a ranch hand in Texas over the summer He's done, we'll get a hold. You Betty from Calgary
from our bird Alberta, cutlery bird, because that's where that's where we got the Albert Canada's, like those Texas of Canada, re ass, calorie stampede, and so I was right, he's yeas, a cowboy calculating couple shouts, my friend, John and Jan, that reference John Jem live up their burden than outward olive Alberta, very soon actually there is now oh wow. from swift current. You know what that's cool, I'm from swift current scotch one Twenty five now my grandparents met in swift currency catch one. My on my father said it's a tiny little place how they meet. I don't know that story that I think everybody knew everybody and swift current back in the early years of Somalia, twenty people living there but does this guy comes down the Texas in the summary works as a ranch India summer and then, when the lackeys gonna be done any time so dislike lit literally, I could try to get in touch with a further publicity, we're blowin em up a blue map on Instagram when I at when Donald Trump asked me to host
podcast with him and Joe Biden. I put it on instagram with it with his tweet in that Walter walls lyrics further, The devil wears a certain time. I put a quote from one of his letters and drew it up there. I was his laughter like their yeah, just just just for just so. People would Into the song so went up and coming art is up and coming artist, oh yeah, when an up and coming artist says they and come on the general, experience the biggest pod in all of the world must just make you want him to come on the show someone out unless you, let's make you like him so much more, and I appreciate married soon, but can I love is music? I love authenticity right of that. So we is literally a ranch and he doesn't have time is tending to the cattle like look whenever he wants to his. He can come here. This is like on, has more baby stood,
like Dave, Chapelle came on yesterday day Chapeau and I've been friends and oh really. Ninety ninety day was here yesterday, while with I've ever met David he's always like Joe eventually I'm gonna come on your show, events that was not the first time you yeah and he came Uncas Donna was here and he has dropped in o roon now, for I was like an hour and then we're events I shouldn't probably say this shell, but I'm gonna anyway, because we're Madrid and we're gonna Dave, and I are gonna, do a residence here, yeah I do a bunch of shows here I'll relic here. Could I do a spot common to fuck? You, I've ministers, Fakir Magog here I would love to hear I've never met Dave is great guy you'd love love to meet him on pc for genuine his is genuine, as it gets he's right there he's there's no bullshit with him he's right. There is right there with you, but that's the same thing like might. Whenever you ready I'm here, you know like the kind of last things like it was almost the opposite. I was like,
like I'm too much. I don't want to fuck em up. I don't want him like he was like when the first time you want to come on the pod cast, it was he was recently unmitigated like he had done this cancer way said he supported Donald Trump and ever boot em in the next. You know he's in a mental institution member that yeah yeah yeah. yeah right. He was to that's concert, yeah them as an end in concert a while, after that he said he wanted to you wanted to hear you talk about things, but nobody wanted to do it or people were afraid to have a more and I said, I'd be willing, on twitter apple and have you on and we could talk about. Whatever you for as long as you want to, and then it becomes this giant thing him and I had a conversation, the phone and are really you're talking to him, but my
Hesitation was purely that I didn't want to fuck em over, because I do think he's made for lack of a better too. I think, he's a special person. I think he's he's. There's a rare diamond right like it's it's hard to make it yeah. Well, it's like there's a few people that I know like that. Like Joe Ideas is hard to make a joy ideas, you don't get a lot of joy ideas in this life, one or two ever. and when I see a person like Kanye Conway, and I see how sensitive he is- and I see all. These people that are trying to chop Chobham down all the time and I made fun- was fuckin sneakers mean James chain. gimme a pair of visas. I was making fun of it, but I make one everything I make fun of me to browse like I don't want, sky to have a bad time? I resisted having him on yeah, even though I knew would be a big shot oh a gratings wise MIKE,
there's got to say something more people get mad at him and I would rather him just making music and I we got into his music like pretty pretty deep after men always loved a shit. I gold diggers, ass. It owes a lot of shit all day. He's got classic shit right, but after he did after he and I had a conversation, I really got into it now, like man, I don't want anything. I don't want this to be negative Then I started getting messages from his people need some people actually gonna contact, my wife, wife and like we don't want Connie, crazy and anything Rowan and ass. I was just leave it alone. Your wife involve with producing zero how to get in contact with know. Somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody inside of a multi chain step. It wasn't even, but it was like. I was like all right. Let's just leave it alone. I just can't enjoy his music Fleet Laconia become yea and then, when he was run for president, then he's in there
he reached out to me a bunch and he's like our and I gonna? Let's just do it and then He and I had a conversation. The following sounded like super, stable and and I think, creator you we accomplish what you set out to do I thought he was. I felt that I saw side of him that I've never seen, because he really was able to have the time and space to say what was mind. You seem to be in a very good place on your show like he was I've seen him on tv and stuff can elect Attard, but he was great and I'm a huge fan, because he knows that I respect him dear. He felt comfortable lilies, yet a little bit of rail by rice like waiting for this attack, right. He knew there's no attack, so I think that out he knows I love is music and he knows think he's a unique human he's, a unique human law bright. I love him
because I know I saw you tweeted something against our recent love annexed gangster down. I dunno Joel a gangster. Oh my god, you know I was a kid. I was wrapper and I'd made rapid stuff and I made beats. I still make beats but- and I like just do it, but I grant star man like that. Was you know back guru, step in the arena that open idled island guru died yeah. That was a bummer, but I am a big fan of dj Here I am. I am a big fan of a lot of that EAST Coast early debate about this, because our airlines from his beats, are like that boom back pay up, Well, there's a there's: a readiness to eat at early hit g rap, New York, Yad Giant fan the streets or do I still. We occasionally lose out as a cock. Loggin could
wrap kind of like at the outset of grave accusations, man, streets in New York, Man- that was a great song. I love EAST cozier pop YO truck up last year, blowing theories favorite album of all time. Many whenever asks me. What's my favorite album of all time I say the low in theory, tropical class evaded One wrapper let em well, no biggie is pre top nonetheless, but also gnaws something about NAS Lyrics, acknowledged as the best lyrics like nozzles lears I'll go back over his lyrics like like that. Rewind song where does the whole story backwards like on man he's so good. He so creative and his his lyric source there. His dad was a as musician, ok, and I think that's true, jazz or blues, his dad was a musician, go, go professional, well respected
musician and not sort of, I think. sort embodied that ethos and put it in hip. Hop in oak is like what they are from mobile blues member that movie movie, where our I being like. real when denser Washington was like it wouldn't even fuck his girlfriend. Is he had a practice as like that dedication, and I remember thinking like that that did education, that of a blues musician has or a jazz musician has with their just constantly practising their instrument, is, must have been a stand up, for the same yeah, but was tenants were very similar to I sometimes think stand up, I mean, but so much of us are fuck a sort of like jazz right, be about fuck ups, in that we dont practice like they do they'll pay
axis four hours and hours every day get up on stage every night, man that's practicing and she'd practice before you get up on stage most comics, don't I will have you to do so from the mirror to write books. Writing ok riding over you know got ya, but I mean I'm just I'm SAM. You know I feel like because I feel like I mean what do I know, but You know you know I'd, say it's the spy between the notes right, that's what the talk, but with jazz right the space between the notes overturning candidate about their breath? the same thing would stand up is the space which when the jokes, even at the space between the ideas, and up is the thing requires a lack of discipline. Sometimes I stand up, is not just it's like
jazz and at any time you play a musical instrument. You must be proficient wait a minute. What is now, I know what I mean, what comes from Don arrives at some good shit, you're sure, That's good! For now I gotta go beyond the moderate, are going to monitor that hit and good call. Stanhope requires almost a lack of discipline to be I'll enough, not to say someone who showed that we set but also discipline to go over your notes. Discipline to lie. Looked at all these ideas and try to structure them the way he's gonna resin, with the audience and then also but, unlike think about the set, and what wrong what went right in China, evaluate, and so the words and stand up and the ideas? That's where you are.
fingers are on piano right, that's that's the technical side and then the spaces between words and the rhythm timing with audience. That's where also your head Riah, like way ahead that, because I you know, like I mean again like I've, had a new I've I've I've been Lloyd, making music over the years, and I wouldn't say that I'm that good at it, but I definitely love doing it and you can pull up pull it. My very from ninety? Ninety two of when I was a kid in income. I've made a rap album and to me it was like a lot. this I loved that it was a sort of like the technology like a loved I loved. Like I gotta sampler, I worked all summer as mowing long, so I could buy a sampler used sampler and then I started sampling records listening to gangster, and when I try to do that and in so so, but you know man like yet there. This is that's me in the region
when I was eighteen years and only now, luxuriant album, that's nineteen. Ninety. Ninety nine- We want to act like a skinny. I am. I won eighteenth of a megapixel camera yet well, it's it's a bad upload. We actually shouted so shot on film. Actually that was shot on sixteen millimeter film on a steady, damp area. There me gradually store you friends with these guys anymore require your Greg's Gregg Campbell is the other M c is a great wrapper? What's he doing? No, he is in Ottawa and he sees actually kill in it, real estate agent up there and he is doing a great job. He really is killing it. Like I mean it. Is he so, MR big stuff, he called himself up disease, it is incredible, wrapper actually self. Mr big suffering. Seven houses should match. You should get idea show, but the clock- and they still has I'd like you to meet
someday, you still got like an incredible energy. about him and I feel like in the lot of ways like I like and a lot from him. We were kids, you know what women high school, where we were escape borders and he was other skateboard. My sweet couple years younger than me like he's like and when we were like when I was seventeen and he was fifteen, we went to New York and Meda mid a goofy records. Why he's got there and there we are letting reg on the right and that's my Jordi Ferguson, who I have happened, tucked up tat. He was our dj in the middle and but Gregg on the right now last, is where you ll areas. That's me on the left. Cabal must carry you see it's as beneficiaries. Look at me, barely see us as bones. On my hat, that's cause. That's from pal parameter skateboards. I just met, but I was bones embassy bones of skinny bones. Rock and the microphone. I'm like a king on the throne when we think, as I stand alone Non Sandra? I grew last I'm getting. This was our pizza commercial? We did. We do
a lot. We did a local pizza commercial. You can play amazing. was supreme on. Is the pizza companies around the pieces to us for a grocery store train called the lobe you unless you can lay this medium lip plate? Can you play that when you play that with the music we wrapped in it check up on time with the corporal? Not if you don't do this to me That was why do you did a pizza commercial as rapidly? So what could be nineteenth? I did that kid really need glasses. I was at a profit get me a racket right there, where the one where they would rather like an owner gradually two glasses of redressing yeah, really distrust. Was taking a real man, we keep a Reorganise Renwick. You might have you found someone who's wherein fake glasses, lowering glasses, but they weren't prison, oh yeah, wouldn't you get a little uneasy they're trying to
like John Lennon or something earner. I don't know why would get uneasy yeah? Why I I require glasses now for reading. Do you started three or four years ago, and I know how it started, how old you? I am guess, thirty, nine twelve! about thousand forty nine. While you look great, did you do That's very nice. You everyone online tells me illegal logging in reading. Look at home now only looks listen if I was twenty I'd say that shit to the council, this fuck as an sure person that's near your age. I think you're a great thank you. You look great to think of it. What would it? How did we get to this work
We talk about right before the whose ago the glasses Gregg had glasses zone. So I I have glasses. No word lasted only for reading my phone and I know how I know how I got. I know why my classes went. My eyes went back. Why and I cited She said this in the other day in your shall said, make bigger from my old ass eyes. He said, but I I was like, I know how it happened to me, how got old, I thought you gonna tell me about something important like a dynamic, exposure, not that I know I was bad, no they're just get all night, you have a thing. It's a real thing is what it is. when you wake up in the morning and it still dark, dont, look at your phone until you, ve turned the lights on an ethics. Is everything now when you damage your eyes looking at him in the dark I felt them break. I felt my eyes break you ever they lift and wait maybe eyes with someone. You know it's in the darkness and the bright, both the bright light of the policy. As I said, a scanner matches, I think it's, I think it's when you
the reform of the dark, because what makes it makes it go. Imagine you looked at difficult, like the eyes are so much different than a lot of parts. Your body because view left difficult things with legs. You get bigger legs, but who are you get too much shit with your eyes. They break yeah, yes Ray you don't think so. Do not arctic ice! Italy, that's true! That's ones like legitimate! Now! First, why they're gonna break no matter? What right in the heart of it is apparent lakes breakdown eventually, as you get already breakin, but I think it's also like there's a thing about looking at something. That's always a certain distance from you are right. The basis over and over and over again, and I think we must do that. That's all I'm saying as they eventually in the dark, but anyway up in the morning it's darning and there's a bright thing. It as I believe it accentuates the speed at which it's not good for your eyes, because it's that your eyes are exposed in full
Murphy exposed for the darkness, your I was at a certain point than almost any hit it with his bright light. That's what broke I felt at break remember. The day went out of focus. I was in the morning. I was looking at my phone. Ok analyse don't like to be overly optimistic about some shit. I barely understand, but I think that super smart do it's a really on the ball when it comes to like vision and centrepiece for vision. Deterioration has a guy Andrew Human who works on that, specifically he was talking about they're going to be able to put injections into people's eyes and then an absolutely butchering us. then do something with virtual reality that actually improves the way your your vision as I've ever seen. Oh, I don't like the way so they can worded, but they can make and bring our without the laser. I surgery I haven't had that site tests have reversed age, related blindness by deliberately infecting the eyes of the virus. This is exactly what you rule was about,
a small, and this is from two thousand seventeen and preliminary Nickel trial is founded, injecting a com. cold, like virus in the eyes of age, related MAC, the degeneration patients one of the leading cause of lines in the? U S. it- can halt and even First, the progression of the disease so could reverse. While said all these people their way smarter than you, and I tom the different kind of humans through other trying to fix problems, with cancer and age, and tell a mere lengthen and mental. deterioration and all the things that play all of us there throughout their working on our talk where's. Your talking shit you're, bringing attention to it, Joe yeah yeah, but yeah. Absolutely that sets its. But I mean like seriously like that's that's that would be covered.
Get that my friend I would get heading. I would get that injection because I hate I can't stand. That's blurry when I look my phone so annoying. Is it blurry when you look at your foul yet for sure will really yeah ok, get I feel about yellow? If I look at my phone like, I can read it, I heard you say that on the phone, it's not on earth. I heard you say that show the other day and I actually felt like. Data viper glasses. On a little great, as I have guns, I've gotta go good, like dogs I put my glasses like I should go, get my glasses over the van. I can see what a camera by the Van offer them events here I haven't found my account. This is first of all. Thank you, jolting thanks for having me my pleasure rather, and thank you for like legitimately inspired me. This ought not bullshit your show was one First, things are ever did why I thought. Oh, my god, you could do this on your own when, when I went to your house- and you had these wires going through your living room when yet a server room and mean had been unwilling to holy shit. Then it would have broadband
part of what I got me interested and I wouldn't podcast- will go into your spot. No thank you for the inspiration, my friend, but this plenary, we did it. We, I think, we're all in this together man, but you you no doubt without it without any question. You help me a lot because you gave I thought that I didn't really have before that. Some guy could be so ahead of the curve. That you mean you're doing this and like two thousand, unlike what for what we doing what you you have given me, the inspiration of saying, oh shit. It actually could work, it works, it does work Jeff did it. You haven't. I got the idea. A lot of it was from you, the rest of it was from Opium Anthony you not that yearns your ears bearing so many people, because the thing is that's the hardest part about being creative or being an artist or whatever you want to call it a comedian. A writer a musician all these things right, you dream something. So
The variety of not quitting right, that's like really that think us, like everybody, can a sort of second guesses himself says haha. Maybe I shouldn't have join us, but an mentally ill Tom Green. I don't let things go knows beautiful, though man, because it's great to see. I mean here we are in first of all the UFO studio, which I love and I'd. I wanted to ask you some questions about it. Ok, if. What is the inspiration for this incredible Chinese? Restaurants? he's back o o o o love chinese restaurants, oh wow, I didn't actually didn't even noticed that that that joking. I hope people dont get mad at me for that now they love chinese restaurants feel like they're, not negative. Renault, honest is not oh it's not that I was. This was the whole idea behind it. We
Matt Alvarez whose ago built it- and I were word thing in the leg what to do with this? So as a circular space like this, the shape of the space is already there and daddy Nicole, to have a bike ass now and then we found out that they have. sound panels that look like this and you can make an indifferent designed to get show choose what designs again like, those who become a dope as like things on the wall, and we just together, and he did it. Within a five or six weeks of the We decided we're gonna move here, so it happened so quick. So what is done? You know with all this design and everything is we just ran with it. You know wasn't wasn't that was thawed out people that got it's weird in there like yeah, I get it yeah, it's weird yeah! I don't know I like it but this is not the end. This is what I needed to get in here. This is like think of this is spaceship. That takes us from the Ella podcast Studio to the Texas Podcast, who do the Texas Parker Studios under construction currently
yeah. So when all that's this is I wish at this is not the Texas Bugger Studio where spaceship We have travelled from one podcasting through this spaceship into the night, So this is not the ultimate destination we're not now. This is a spaceship leading us, from one studio than I thought I was in the studio, others, a new studio coming when talking to me. When Odin blesses us with his praise and have to wait, but it when's bring back Odin. Imagine, you wanted it. You know what I am great gods. You like go back to the classics, guys thought were Athena below me question. If this is the spaceship Yes, studio is gonna, be enclosed environment like I like this is kind of really interesting to me. I give a better yes real. Now that I'm sitting here,
before I might have said you know. Well, you kids, you know, he's still fuckin roman universe, much bases he wants me to put himself in a minute giant. Think Colosseum commonplace with backgrounds deep, deep background you'd have like, but the thing is like no cause, I always think about depth in view of the Essen but death. But then, when you as far as experience, we are in an intimate conversation with one person for an hour. You said they got to talk to each other for an hour canonize feeling, like does not people back for in the distance. You know it's kind of cutting. It creates an interesting environment like just acoustically. It's really cool. He could argue that nice. That's what I have to say that we are where there's less space, which makes us Some are another more intimate with the same amount of distance. Always it's gonna be in enclosed spaces, are gonna, be a larger, it's gonna, be a growth, would say good by the way for the difference on us, but the differences between this one, the old one but
be more normal, I think less distracting. No. This is often that I mean. Are you too, but I don't know if it's necessarily per which is fun, it's fun to be able to make. Look, I'm not a big designer, but it's fun. Just do it should it be fun evergreen, screen behind in b in space, everyday different, our seas floated behind me like we do allow shit. So what is that they give? that it is that it is in people. Are we drive ourselves to create this vision we have in our mind. You know like it it's it's this thing. I do have a position in your mind. This is not even the end of the vision this is this is this is the beginning of the new vision right This is this is not even the stood. I thought I was in. The studio h is just a spaceship. The first time here in this The first time I've ever said it was the first time I thought of it
There is no other studio. This is the next studio did did take us to the next to the areas. Gonna be an ocean of areas. This is really a spaceship like you. You could look at about that, be a metaphor, metaphor, technical now and it was in that we, I I'm not gonna, ask any more questions about the new studio, because I wanted to do but I want a different man. I want to do. I want to do a bunch different things, but I do want to do some where it's a room. That's a hundred percent green screen, and I will figure out like what we have to do to be in space. I wanna do a conversation in space. So one of the rooms I want to do I want to do- way way way way way way, learn regular, green screwing, with with wifi way. Can you start out against yeah? you wanna do route to, Inter Alia, in space gay, do room where say like you, and I too
green geronium sitting at a bar table a circular Bartell anyone have like. I would share just hang in talking just to microphones and got very intimate behind us all green screen, rain, space or castle. When you see the park, gas is just us in space. So that's what I love. That is that really what we're, where we're going? the problem would be you wouldn t see that it's in space you Jesse Green derived. Is that really weird? We can do that Well, what I'm saying we do. The right thing. I told you about. We could do it you're saying yes, greens none on another, nor would it be actually there. I think I just I think I thought about projected I think I think I have an idea that better gets better cheaper, but it's better. just paid this room, a dream. You could just ass breaking this room, green yeah, so you could have it like green, so he can do that, but all
We have the intimacy of the like Anthony Cumuli from my and Anthony his whole thing's. Greece can screen. He does I grant you didn't go with me. He has set up where, if you go to Channel gotta, go to see if the club of him, but it looks I keys in front of a window that overlooks like this spectacular gotten. It's just just grazed. Well, yes, indoors, yeah, what's up Anthony, got those guys from Open Anthony went in and Jim Norton. When, though, you have you on the park, ass are the radio show, rather I say, pot casket really was the first podcast gas. I think Open Anthony was the first podcast because it was but a structure, less is writ of ass, they split up it is, would up unfortunate, needed a mediator various so that aw green screen behind, and maybe you think, they'll never get back together, fuck, it would be amazing, listen sometimes people when
worked together for long periods of time. They just get onto this nerves. I hate each other, but what they liquor every bad each other a hundred percent, what they had when those guys we're together when everything was rocketing, Rowan and media was a grateful, can show. It was a great show for com. Acts because we would come in and they they taught me how to be just that. They taught me how to just hang I got a radio show, we didn't have to think like. Oh, my god, this is like yours is really structured programme. There is not I'm sure it was our fear and bill Bur and per tree, so Neil enrich via send fuckers. It was fuckin chaos who so fond was so ridiculous and we would, look for two, like a member, I smoke joy and then drink coffee or will it take? hot lollipops or something- and we would
be on our way to open Auntie Licari and I- and it would be you know, fucking six hundred in the morning or exhausted just show. Last night we were so pumped to get there cuz. We knew Maybe call a claim was going to combine these different com is going to be there and it was just a hang man. It was just hang everybody laughing and end of Guph and on each other- and it was you know- sometimes you have four or five comics in there and there are so many people that were obviously in America and the world who remember where they were one at that listening. They were listed all the listeners nursery listening that others, as there were some moments that were the most of what the crew just think of ever seen in my life happen on those show where they had an egg. Drinking contest and this dude. Paul from knocking Pat Pat from we knocking Pat from one Nike
is a dude who won their ignore drinking contests and then vomited in another man's mouth. Who was leaning over a garbage can surrounded by comics bill bird are you sure fear Gummy be Anthony staff through? up in these dudes mouth. Let the pact he leaned over a garbage can opened his mouth like this like this, so he's leaning over the scarves he's got his neck over this and its other guy, Pat, whose behind them is ended alive, he's probably done how many I think you did Jamie Dear Emma close the twentieth, maybe for I had annihilated as you and I do not like us once at the Rivoli Theatre in Toronto actually, but he keep downing these shots of ignored, and he also has diabetes. So we really have to throw it up, but you really can't keep it as well
Is it so much sugar? My kill him? This is crazy. Seen man was here is this, but what have I got way where early two tonnes, So where are you are you this? Where are you I don't know? I mean you're somewhere like ok, ok, I've might be me avelion right there. May that is me, ok, Eric! That's me on might feel now it was just the ninetys were weird look. If we have really has a phone I've, a flip phone and why to throw open as to its boughs running quickly. There, oh wow, that's one of the creative things. Tat keeps go and its cartoonish John. What was what was eating that day is not bro. You now listening, look, look, look I've seen that I think he's got more he's got more. I get is yet another one another like the meaning of life, the final scene of the meaning of life. I think he's yet one more. It's like low preposterous
plasterers amounts of egg dog, while in this guy's mouth it was the correct. Look the same. It's a Dexter, seeing this is Dexter under the ground covered. Plastic, everyone knew there's gonna be throb. This a radio showed you understand praising disease video only came from cell phones. There was no show like on video. This is our bonkers. Radio was back then, and so Those guys gave a chance to guys like our and me and Joey ideas in all those guys who out of that group that Our word do windows radio shows early in the morning. And you would you do showing you go. What can we do this and that's that was a seed to so between you and them, and then the fact
Adam Corolla went right from radio. He went to do in his own podcast little. A bunch of other people did the same thing as like. Ok, it's it's Evans. That's it! I mean look Charlie, just gotta. by the way, that's beautiful thing well type and I'd like to say a chopper, peaceful Joe. Thank you, and what you have told me and Anthony Sallow and and Charlie just woke up levies. get Charlie Charlie Woody doing maybe you can come up here. So this is never gonna work people. I was wandering dogs, Nepal, guys you watch my dog. You are particularly five seconds values. Child can assure she's, show watch deafening interfere with a conversation. Allow ignore her for a second. We'll talk about Marshall, ignore Marshall
May Rogan gas name. Why send ignore words, because he had thought she was going to interrupt the conversation. Jochen veto can show she'd orange what she's she won't she's she's is really little dog is change, which was very sweet energy. What com which mean she's loved like likely look at the way she's embracing the love died, you love her. She can tell look, how she leads into your man when one Marshall, when you pick em, he leans India leg. I guess a swedish thing so use is try to stay calm, take with you here, so I mean I've had had to siberian huskies for fifteen years before Charlie, and up at this is new relationship. We know it's well your seven months old Charley, your seven, you know it's fucked up. Man like you could look at things almost intuitive. We could be a reductionist person sailor. Well, you know the weird thing about dogs. Is it's really what mankind is done? The wolves I too have taken them subjugated em and then
fuckin genetically mutated them to be some thing, that city or lab that relies on you to stay alive like mare and. But yeah, but you can fix that, and dogs are real and the real right now and you can of a dogma Charlie. Yet why? I think about factors like we will return the coyotes Earl burn like dude, I really am living out in the middle. What's this is really kind of crazy like like for real, like that's actually what we ve been doing for the last six weeks and it's ridiculous, but it's really fun and loving it and Charlie's loving it to Charlie's it a doing over a walk in the woods every day, so sweet and she's having a good time. She gets crazy. She gets a little crazy. She gets resuming No lover they do the knots and especially at her a train or can get frustrating.
By Jove run whether do something with our throw a ball tour. Yet no Sheila and she'll instigate all that stuff, so so yes, so that I do want to do one of its worry. If I worry about her, I worry of I'm sure you love around the middle of nowhere. She's got a gps tracker on her collar there I put tape over my phone number on the dog tags before I came to the show, because my personal self numbers on there. You don't wanna get them dick picks. I just didn't want didn't want it up on the thing, so I thought about that. If you did have it up, how many dead picks? Do you think you get? Ok, let let's take a tape, offers economic I'd love to but it is crazy what we did? The wolf yeah, it's crazy, didn't do it or did they they place on opportunity? This our camp fire? They saw a bunch of fluff fresh, cooked meat, delicious they call them would go in
be killed. Someone tells me this is the same argument that predatory women use when they steal man's money in divorce m. I gonna. Lady marriage or billionaire same sort of logic, do we really do it to them? They do it themselves. Did they come close? the camp. Fire were. We want the love, I think I think that I think that's what it is with dogs are far from that right. I think. They are for sure did for a while, they were close to us. and then once we started capturing them, keeping them in our houses and shit, the ones that survived the ones at the most obedient, the ones that were the most compliant the ones it didn't give us a hard time. The one said now just wanted love. I think about that. Sometimes, when I'm hanging out with my dog she's a swedish thing in the world, I love him to death. Have these little hug sessions in the morning. Every morning, when I wake up and go hello, sir, here
so excited to see you he's such a sweetheart of a dog but a mighty. Could survive on his own. The keys he's this fluffy. saying this amazing is full of love like a love sponge But that's not an animal that survived. Serves as an animal its essentially a Carnivora feeding him food have to feed. but as long as I do that he'll stay, this sort of sweet compliant well, FED thing, but like wild dies, kill people some some lady, I killed by a wild dog like a week ago. There are some some article I saw. I think it was a lady. or maybe an old man. But someone got remember Jamie many are killed by a wild dog today day only their order Manco by pack of wild dogs. Florida killed by a pack of wild dogs today today, why is it always in Florida? These things happen
Is the best part on earth? It hits aliens amusement park. areas of training. I wonder in the air a magic that's what they prove like you go you gotta floor yeah get in their body, onawandah like magic, if you go, I want to make a fool of myself here. They prove that if you go to Florida, let your ip drops three percent in. Your inability to say no to math goes up by a thousand vision, drink too much sometimes, but I mean Joe it's an or to be here. Haven't you with your man? Have you for real? let em atley I cited before, and I say it again. You are one of the reasons why do this or thank you very much I mean when you, when you are doing that, show out of your house, and you had me over as guests and I'm ever sit at the table. Are you a green did? This? Is me you, you, you made your own thing. You made your own show and you are doing
call in talk, show the DAS. Listen. I appreciate a job you don't have to. I said I that's it just it's true August, so cool man he's been here and disputes. This whisky is pregnant. Really. I would like a really good pretty embryos with special when you drunk this is still often straight bourbon whisky when you're drunk it's like it's not not clear. What actually is good. What was the first one is a first, ring you had when you were a kid like my law and when you lie member and start Drinkin Wendy start drinking. I remember I know how old were you when you start to drink and high school kids high school? I remember when I first got really fucked up on Jack Daniels. The point we could smell Jack Daniels for years, I have died
experience only wild Turkey, while Turkey in hours my up, but I threw up in a cab and was fifteen years old. I remember that same same fifteen, UNICEF. its listen I had made while Turkey was my first a bourbon experience and it did not end well, but yeah wild Turkey will fall. You are right that stuff is seriously potent. Isn't it isn't it like a higher percentage of olive moonshine. What happened was my friend fill and I who is your best friend grown up? We went. We went on a camping trip, one time we let this is what kids in Canada do when they
there s a boarding, hey, let's go passing a walk about. We brought a canoe and we set this parallel to that island out and you know it would bring. Some bureau brings whisky light, a fire or hang out, and we ve done it was. We went out a flip, the canoe and the way the beer some to the bottom, the lake all we had was her bottle. Awhile Turkey. So within the bureau, was not a good, but I am do yes. Canadian life is a different life. That's People are nicer up there because of more whether, if a deal more shit, you have to like band together more and the language candles. This the winters conduct down a little bit as a country like this. Certain reality that Canada has that the receded, nor, America doesn't have his life. in the wearing get array, a crazy idea, and so like what I mean, you were saying: ice fishing right, yeah, you'd, utilised, fishing
I didn't do it s fishing, but like that it was just walk into school, was going, I sufficient like your for and by the way was the seventies right was born. Nineteen. Seventy one so I was. I was walking to school as a five year old and nineteen. Seventy six. You know it's like in the winterize a had on by Walser out there, so Jesus Tom Green. Would get eaten by wolf and look at Charlie just went to sleep when my back to sleep issues such as Sweden is definitely sweetie pie.
so loved. You get told why she leans into yell a loved and it's a unique situation because of the pandemic and on the fact that got now we're we're all isolating nothing else to do other than go at my van with this new dog and she was rescued by a rescue from their cup. The call thrive in San Diego, and this is what they do. They find dogs in the Caribbean and and Mexico or this is she was born. In the Bahamas and they bring him over some months dope, and I just I just got a good one. Man he's gonna like we it's kind of weird, like I just kind of got lucky because it just happened like I knew I needed a dog, because this has been a weird year guidance. I miss her dogs on dynamic, is also called that she's young enough to weaken teacher the writ Tars like sometimes you go down dogs in their grown and when you adopt documents grown its it more difficult.
road can train omen, get em, so she was three and a half months. What I'm sure she had actually been rescued by someone else, and then they couldn't keeper another three and a half months, but she's she's, very good, very good Puppy enter about Marshall, since he was like six weeks old. so human, how old is worse type he's almost four all four cases we must now have never had a golden retriever before just a different thing. We're gonna see em assist. We just have this law love session suit me ammo man, dog love session, yeah
chart. I truly has Instagram look at her and pictures Charlie. The pot cake dog Charlie, is called a pot cake doc. What's that so she's rescued from the Bahamas in the Bahamas. They call this. The street dogs at are running around strays. They complicate dogs cause they go to the local people, Cookin lady feed them the burnt rice from them from them now whether called pot cake doc. So that's what Charlie issues apart kicked organ and she has a dog. Yes, him, worse type story. I does yes, he dies. Yeah yeah absolutely dies hit the lottery son. Now, that's what's up steeper her child still yeah man, dogs or to site. It's a really interesting is part of me knows that this is a wolf there was nebulae did its ancestors manipulated into this thing. Pardon me, I, like you,
there's nothing. I can do about that right now, like he's alive right now, so he's mile, my snuggled buddy, you do look voodoo Hulu Birdie puts his paws arrive late on his back and Rubbish Tommy, I love em, but its. It is It is strange. Is there's not a judgment. This is Just an observation. It's so strange that people did this to wolves. They took a wolf and turned into a French bolder a French of possible, came from a wolf right right, a wolf right. Well, but I mean that There is no justification. The wolves cooperated Yeah about it, when would that's a tough one way or another of its policy, whatever it's probably a lot of fun for them, I'm sure I don't think we need to. I would think they probably had a lot of fun. Doing that I mean. Maybe why would they not have enjoyed that what they needed food? Probably
let me now being injured and what I'm saying is true, and I would like a bit like you're being introduced. We'd like you'd hate german shepherd we'd like you to meet this Irish Wolf Hound O known, I'm not interested in that. No first, they were interested in those people, I would plead ok now again we're why things like German shepherd serve tough dogs. You know Belgium now was dies specifically designed to attack human beings like those ever seen, those meat missiles puzzle small little they look like german shoppers, but like with dark evil like almost done on a guy's fuck. You up made those Belgium now more, but that is a dog that specifically bread just to attack people, but most dogs are bred to be really nice. People see you it's on ethical that they now set. No animals
up with like that, but cannot say that it's like the nebula have now here's one tat: okay, if they didn't do it Fucking things would be eating US rice is that people have to understand like wool we'll fucking EU right, I'm not saying we should kill the wolves. I love wolves. I loved that I too siberian huskies for fifteen years, so I lived with basically live with. walks. They have a wolf on my phone. Oh my gosh, that's above That is that's my wealth, taken as a picture of any value needed by war chuckled over Amiens D by a two dogs that looked like that for fifteen years living, but will the beautiful I m fascinated by world. Yet on southern, like we'll have a reality. Of wolves. Is they would fucking eat you
the reason why we like dogs is because we ve gotten dogs in a position where we control them and they are not free. If were free, they would kill you like their personal died today whose aversion died today. Sixty five, your man got at tat. Act and murdered by stray dogs where, today, where was it, flame TAT in American or another floored issue. More than one Florida right. Was it the same Florida he was talking about before the same story so worried about this or that are drunk. You listen there's any and Steve those from my dogs for fifteen years, Steve on the Steve on the on the left in this photo? and Annie on the right and that's and allay that's up in Burbank the Codex yeah, and they were good girls. They were good girls.
Dogs are great if you feed them, have a Pharaoh cat. I've had cats, but not a I'm, not sure about a fairer than a fairy tat one. His name's Jack Dempsey left without which mean that meets with our wild. You, like you, found it and then You found as well my friend Laney, founded as a kitten she gave it to me. How did she crept captured a bunch of her boyfriend, try come on in this house, are currently raisins there. I think my gave him. The people and parents found a cat at the side of the road lucky shout out to lunch, Luckily lucky is no longer here. Rest in peace. Luck would have been a while. She had lived nineteen years lucky well that's lucky, nineteen years, good name, Motormen, eighteen or so that's fucking for TAT. I found her at the side of the road. My mother, OSHA, get hit my mother
merit not know how they felt she found her when she was a baby yeah, but they were dry. So my parents, Mary Jane Green and Richard Joe. I want to give a shout it until my brother job they are, you know, live the member, then they found lucky, but the first ball. I love you guys great to see you my my mom and dad and my brother strong support system in my life, and you know I love them, so they are excited that a mere so I'm excited their excited. They are, I am benefit, nor is it.
it's cool. You know butter, but Tom. I here's a funny story, so I talk to my mom on the phone. I do. I don't see in the van in the van they run over Charlie's head with the launch and not I who taught you mom and found every day every day like, like. I got the phone up on an I'm Dr Game, I'm not every day but will like it, I'm DR, usually when I'm driving and I'm trying to find them in another smile. But it's kind of one of my friends and if this would school of the eighty that phone is on the speaker, I can call my friends I'm driving around I'm talking to you. Why should I go to night like an eagle, look for these places, but my mom Mary, Jane Green, Mary, Jane Green, by the way? That's my mother's name. I believe you Mary Jane Green there's, not a great name, Mary Jane. He said
the preposterous, like there's, no way you listening to me, Mary, Jane Jane. She didn't even really I dont think make the connection to the weed reference of it. Until like later, you know, like did should partake, I dont think my mom was a big Mary, Jane Green partake her actually, but that's funny that her name is marriage. Angriness she wasn't a big merging. Green partaken, it's almost sad but like if she was a her she'd be legendary. She she was not applauded Stimuli, mom mom stole your stroll around not too late. Envision a second career for your mom. I could see her being open to it. I mean how s your mom, with one them giant like Ellie De Pot, flag chains hanging from a neck like flashing, everyone tat, it could happen, it could happen. Imagine it could
and among my mouse licks screen, I'm really cool like she'll, she sheep it could happen. I dont think that I don't think she's why I wouldn't you started marijuana company with your mom's name. We ve we mean when we talk about it. I don't talk about it Mary young, green, yes, Mary, Jane Green, come on. We ve talked about it. It's perfect, Why wouldn't you do it don't really know how to do that. You need to try lawyer people there. another matter, actually reality only. I literally don't need to get some lawyer folk. I know how to start a marijuana company. Well, you need some venture capital folk and some lawyer folk didn't know how to navigate the legality. Kids legal states, but not in all of Em California, legal though, where you allegedly live, and so taxes, not legal, not legal filled in
Yeah exactly so, but California Legal, It's almost worth the taxes one way or another, no places perfect, but it's This Lee eventually gonna be illegal everywhere, with a really shed way and that the only reason why is in two or three years or something the only reason why not ask as we have a distorted idea of what it is in its the if the quicker it would be made legal? The quick people would be able to do legitimate research on it and find out why there are Are these adverse reactions that some people have cause? That's that the only thing reefer madness, but that's not real, but there Are certain people that have real issues with pod that other people don't I'll get. It's really is schizophrenia is one alone. Oh ok, yeah. It's some certain right
he's an author who came on this is a journalist and he came on his podcast too wide debate MIKE Heart, who was a canadian doctor that prescribes weed- I guess, Does a lot of work with in a medical marijuana, patients and our spirits and wrote this book on, The dangers of marijuana and though it's like it resonates. It sounds very real- and we ve known people like after three or four people to tell stories about having some experience when there edibles and the other friends say they snapped and what they were. They barely recovered after some people are fragile with their there, their chemical on Wednesday America's first time you got liable in their chemical make up. Do you remember the first time you got high and realized not really the first time, but I remember the first time as an adult, because I really didn't do it for a long time toes about thirty and then I started getting high again
But I only got high between thirty and whenever first are doing it like a handful of tyres for five times my whole life. Until I was thirty I'd, never now, maybe a little more, I was not my eyes. Never smoke marijuana in high school. I was of US strategy, kid drank quite a bit actually to be honest with standard yeah, that's a good kid. They drink and drank a lot but but but then yeah so later in life. Oh, you know it is discovered it. Swine. I just, I think it's very important that kid's brains develop before they it too much of anything to much of alcohol. too much of the marrow too much of anything. When you were a kid, that's what's fucked up about this, I want to tell anybody what to do, but when you were a kid- and this is like again, I said I got drunk for the first time was like fifteen or sixteen really bad, threw up at a car in a cab on the way home a gun. I just don't
thank you, I think there's something that's going on that. You can't think of while it's happening with the development of your brain when you fifteen years there's a bunch of shit. Going on that. You really don't understand and I think. It is in some way it's up to the people that have gone through it to protect you from the pretence negative aspects of all your Bad decisionmaking- absolutely that's one of em with drinking and pot and drugs. Did you want to tell the key It's like. I know I don't want to tell you what you cannon can't do it. I don't want you to develop. This need to rebel against me, but you're doing something to your brain before it's done cooking verse. and you are also doing something. That's incredibly difficult to peep, for people to balance that are mature, well developed dulls, give give well developed adults at all. A lot of them are not very good at managing that a lot of home. Ok,
they get real wacky without era of costs are taken there. All the time, that's well adjusted educated with responsibility, dull threat running it hooked on Anoura. Ok, ok, what the fuck do, you think is going to happen to a fifteen year old. It starts drinking, don't call are set out in part jet brains, growing yeah. I agree. I'm not done. I think drinking is a fun active rebelliousness as a teenager, but but maybe that's probably, where should- and I think in Aceh you'd be better off. If you could mentor your children to understand what drinking is men toward them in a way we, the you, teach them about the dangers of over drinking and you you could you, could do it in a way. We you don't even have to get the kids drunk. It is low. The kids now the citizen- I am, I am a person you're a person I am older than you, I'm not better than you. I've just live longer. I am just
I tell you for your own safety and good that You need to learn how to do this, because if you Jim, start drinking with no supervision when you're twenty one years old or eighteen, some countries, you're gonna, fuck yourself up it will we would both. Be way better off me and not having to worry about you and you will understand the consequences of your actions that we sat down talked about how to drink it's a complex thing its accomplices. Our lot going on it's not just like it you're out in the world here we're we're inebriate yet tell yet well absolutely! While you know title like physically, you gotta know what what's the dose therein. any problem woman you can't drink. Eighteen, your bodies are gonna, build to handle it like a fool hundred pound man has a much larger gap. Then a person like your eye They got a lot more room Lama, Moreover, how much our father gives you
start slow. I definitely figured it out on my own life, which is power, of the adventure of of life, you know like having a few bad nights body, but yeah we're probably would have been better off of at a little warning about for sure of sound, just sat you down its content on look at me, one drink good, but here's the problem to drinks in three drinks and for drinks, if you haven't, quickly. All of a sudden, you dont know what's good and what's bad are suddenly you don't know what's drunk and what sober and you don't know, the right move anymore, because you're fucked up when you fucked up you don't want to do so. You got to avoid getting fucked up get to the point, we're having a good time. Little chatty haven't on social lubricant right, don't own cause, if you're, if you're, now most people just get lucky and nothing that that happens. But you know you're loot, you lot, you lose control in yours,
Perhaps you could certainly think about it that way, but also, if you think about it, since I saw something bad happened to anybody, though sort for should be aware like again before issuing can't we gonna run around as yet you don't know where you, gentlemen, whiskey and talk on point something bad scan but you don't know, what's going on here a near a fuckin whisky. Robot knows. With your fifteen year old kid, the first time he had drunk, you have no experience to draw from what you don't. You dont have like a lot of these under your bout. I got been there before the first time you ever get drunk. I don't I wish I could really clearly remember I can I can I remember one: yes, how me so I guess I can remain so when I was in Ottawa, Canada, what's up Ottawa. You know you know I would I would go, we would go in high school to these things called pubs and they'd. However, I say things called pubs like
you speak in some strange, wasn't a large one, it wasn't a bar, it wasn't an actual pup who was? It was like somebody would read out a community center and they'd be sellen like they that you could go by beer but eat your fifty you're under age and they call them pubs and all the kids went there and our goal, though, where we were and we lose a loophole or was it illegal, is a legal area legal I wasn't pubs, it was perhaps it was. It was issue as it is I was was audible. Can't we go down the Van yea. What's up Vanier venues, part of them well, we got another, be then we'd, all the kids from other high schools would go down there and you can buy a beer for a dollar some. When you're saying this, he knew what I see in my head: snow, the all with so called
I see, cold weather, all your largely wet boots. We would take the O Sea Transport Ottawa Carlton, transpose bus down through the snow and to get to this part of town Vanier to go. first of all, I want to say Joe proof. I love you. I love you too. I love you. I love you too. Thank you, for don't you remember your anger and I wanna an unwanted shouted Vanier because, like China to Van yeah, it's like it so cool, like like everybody in Ottawa, nose like venues like this great place. I grew up basically very close to their and we would you know it's it's it's it's! It's! It's cool Ottawa ya know
No it's it's cold. As hell up there, man, it's real yeah, I'm envision, slushy, blue, your term. That story, I think, an archaic egg. Ok, I'm going to call googling! That's where you are now my google. This count generous Google best. You can't Jamie. Can I ask it ass? She thought of something with as I go, Cougar boots, Cougar boot Kilgour Books- you don't mean Cougar like the nobody- are all now mom, not trying to get some young did not but that one sure now I'm talking about cougar boots they made at a covers no. So this is my experience as as a as a kid drawn from Canada and the freezing Canada This is what was on my feet that one on the the Brown one that the light Brown one that one whose comfy, yet they were comfy and they're like its. It's, not leather. There, like final boots, that was so when I was in these isn't add doing. Cougar boots
What does not exist anymore now, That's like that's like that's your nest, Lenglet Tare, twenty six hundred style, that's like ninety ninety two or something that seems a youth combat we you're right, you're right now would like Olivia Newton, John. Let's give physical type ankle, puffy things other white ones. Before this some things you could bring. back today. People are ripe, they're ready for had bans the rain Joe. You people read, for some weird share and I had been on available when I bet you do, I bet you do Can I go about about Canadian, we're canadian stuff that nothing you appreciate didn't have to ask just tell me: ok, Ok, now blue network, and I beg you any view you check that with is it so when, in the eightys we had the internet, not awhile for anybody.
You're, the eighty. What you the eminently eighties here was an internet was carbon Abu network. What is it and they only others Doug handing the magician Doug heading to commercial? For well. What is it so? It was a network that was run through the cable television system, but it was the internet basically and talk to each other yet switch on too smart be it was like way earlier than it was anything else you talk to me like in a text. Two again when they had video games on their two, yet arcade quality, a dig Doug you had like all these are really dig Doug, someone that comes to mind, but yet on track, feel be another one regret your shake. The yeah really I'd all that and so now boo there to see. There's a logo there, the blue logo right down there. That's it! That's it! That's it! That's all like Ottawa, Rewind shutter.
colleagues. I worry about it was called through your pulled back. It is no wonder what was so edgy with silicone field. Ninety days, video, how industry I'm SAM Johnson I was a little done are taken that part of it, but I mean if Ireland I had Burma sounds like it was pretty fun, both so many rights, a story about this podcast they're gonna, say Marijuana and alcohol fuelled blank. Absolutely that's what they do and I hope that, as a rule, these people they worked hard to make these video games to blame it on Coke cook. Fuelled knowledge can stay on call you assholes, you can say it's all. Coke you know it's like if you're on Coke all day long, I dont, either Ask me so I dont actually don't I nodded is plenty because I'm not a drug. I've done. Don't don't do alone drink. I look so he's on coke living their picture. I mean I would try drugs if, if it go out with you,
by now. That guy shake your hand, we want to go away. Who is now but here's the thing, here's the thing: here's the thing Joe like it was pretty cool like it was like interesting. It was. It was like you had a box that you would plug into the into the key It sounds cool the cable tv am. I saw my dad my dad Richard Green Deck green Jane, Green, the green hanging out Mary Jane did not crazy. As you know the very first now you see I plant deck, there's no one has the pears, Dick and Mary Jane Green. That's right! What games you play you play pong. The first might be the best. I remember playing part for the first
to this day, pon hangs in there by the way you- and I am aware, as long as there's somebody my dad for second, he certainly again, my dad did Green was tank commander. Ok, captain Canadian Army right and one the NATO like artillery, let armoured core like best shot like that, like like competition, yemeni against everybody, Americans, Germans, everybody firing a tank like this, like we are kit drawn up. Yet as I, what did you do with you? I was a tank captain right right and they won. He one might actually did this richer, green one. This tank.
shooting competition for NATO for Canada Right beat all the other, pretty sure I mean when I did it. I can't I cease now I see where boots we all have coffee has risen in his story. It's true. I want you to go I'm only of Israel Tom. I believe you, Will she better than other people doing? My lord? I lived in patois, see if be pedophile canoe precision forces based paranoia was where I grew up. This thing that you dad one can use plainly how worked d What was that they will go out and with the tanks, and they would shoot at targets that were different ranges and they would they would and you damages the wizard, it p,
on the supply of the house was a NATO. It was like nineteen, seventy one or something before a sixty, eight or something my father went to visit. My father went to Vietnam. My father was in Vietnam, with the canadian army as peacekeepers. Does he ever? Is you dance to life? Yes, yes, yes, yes, problems, hearing a little better. A little bit, but he's fine of those guns. Man, oh yeah, you know my dad S. Hearing AIDS actually took a wild for people realize the negative impact of firearms. Yet my father's hearing is for sure you all my friends. I grew up with guns like that are my age. They didn't understand, hearing protection right, then absolutely or northern rock and roll stars. I mean how many rock stars have what serious area rob was absolutely In that crazy, like the thing you love, is
strong your ears. we just another thanks? We just didn't know. I have like yourself Imagine I have earplugs in my life in my life, your plugs are part of my life. ok, what percentage of your life a worn, earplugs, Amy airplane. Plugs earplugs are part of my life you will now cause you're way out over the area, had four shots pressure and I have in mind well ear. Oranges student but now the people like your dad and people there grew up before they really understood. I've never and audible Emily and so now that you mention that so big problem, they prom with rock stars. The centre of Aisy Deasey recently
step down right. Isn't that still correct? As he's let's see, if again Saw a real problem for rockstar man when rocks I'll get old. They developed by Graham Robins their ears, man, you gotta think about Bialik for Gene Seven's, how it thousands and thousands and thousands of concerts. Now while they fix his ears, who put up a start. It. His lead singer of a cdc son- oh yeah. Oh they they put into our rights, overcame hearing issues a return to a cd I, while so that they gave him some earpieces. Well, that's good news that the farmer man version like your fuckin rockstar and the one thing can, do is go out their raw and you're, not without you're the lead. Singer of hasty daisy.
You know that a wild ass ban, you gonna, go probably one of the greatest Rock n roll bands. I mean when you think about love? Your learning? If you're like right on like a piece of paper rock and roll and then he went under it. You put the CDC logo pad. Oh that's right! That's right! Rolling stones back and black, damn that's a good song, the submarine it's it's a proper promise. You ve heard it So many times you don't ever get to hear it with fresh ears, but have you go on this in the back and black, the first time, a member, this time. I heard it Guess I was in high school. Somewhere around then we went back and blackmail. Why? You think, like you always three now sat muslins hours
Not some guy readier fuckin, wildly dad I'll, probably early erroneously perceptual, I was in high school early. Eighties relates up eighty The difference we worth Canada little notes that music, for the time when I first heard I was like holy shit down down down down down down down around here holy shit right had so much emperor when you listen to songs like even from sunlight, could imagine would have been like to your Hendricks. The first time like that very famous you're, talking about at that point, you're talking about like. pure dad, even while they had even thought about the idea of being aggressive, yet with music right, well, was pure genius pure, like We are more or less are less being idea. The music doo doo doo doo, also like
rest of I'm angry. Well, it was sauntering or was our anger, and while we wait angry big, although lottery just energetic of Unita, say angry, like I think, What would Hendricks did wasn't an hour. You could kind, of course, some of it like a aggressive, but me I would say energetic. There's like his energy was just different, acute lay the sounds tat people have way of making the guitar sound. So interesting. It's almost like they're using their voice or something they using like as a sound that you can make with a guitar than other folks can't make so? well, I mean you're. So in my opinion, some p or like a return again in the matter.
in my opinion. Some people are like kind like in the moment, more and they're, not thinking it's like what we ve talked about tonight. With with you know, you, with with urine, are showing your credible success in the show, like Jimi Hendrix, had that same kind of energy where he like, didn't wanna play it. The way everybody was supposed to be playing, the guitar you just wanted to fuckin put is energy into it and he he played the way he wanted to. I don't know how to play guitar at all, but someone told me me is this: did he play guitar backwards, or so then like he had lightly. With other hand, left handed the idea, but he played it with his right hand. I think I'm not sure how one of the others they made a special guitars replaited opposite, but you played a weird yeah he's a genius just figured it out no way, but you there's certain people to come a long way
listen to their shit like you, listen a voodoo child like oh, my god. I worked with it the barrel, you you. Will you listen to him play that song and you got all my guys guys in some places known at times died at any like inventing, like you know, rock and roll in a lot of ways: dinner, guitar solo, so we hear and every song was we were growing up, was all like people being inspired by. fuck you fuck, you always gonna, be a guy. That's like at the head of the pack and he's that guy he he still these days that guy that's the craziest thing about Hendricks, if you, I would think about Hendricks. Today like to some brilliant guitarist, there's no doubt, but when people today think bout amazing, rock and roll guitar, you think Jimi Hendrix.
two thousand twenty you just do it doesnt discredit all the great guitars that are alive today. When you think about the guitar, you think about Jimi, Hendrix, Yoda child. First came out must have been, must Boulogne people's minds was the lakes sixty nine one did the child slight returned, come out. He did two versions Did I viewed your child. There was a balloon z s, low versions, really Coon's hoagie, as came out. Sixty eight sixty eight have ever heard the statement that, like it, I've heard it multiple times, but more specifically, with Jimi Hendrix that, like he exists in a world where he, We could hear Jimi Hendrix play. Guitar coffee was Jimi Hendrix wow. That's so deep, of course, wait. Wait. Some say that are to have heard it's like. I've heard it, I think a couple of times but evil, but it sticks out with him. He got too little well, I Betty did get to see Jimi Hendrix play guitar, ass a thing tat. I was on so much shit
probably how he got to see Jimi Hendrix play. Guitar propaganda seem from some lsd dimension many fee. it away from his carbon based body. But let's not forget, of course I mean for me cause I'm you know like forty nine am I you tell me how it even fifty three yes, my way to death halfway there if I'm lucky that they're coming out, with new weird shit that their Donna peoples Bodies that I have, I'm gonna, be, will extend life far beyond what we think of his like the threshold. We just have to survive pattern, a threshold There was something someone sent me today: a stir, It showed that
barbaric chambers, with oxygen therapies, you see. That's all. I sought a figure, barbaric chambers of these high, barbaric rain without with oxygen lowered, people's biological age by twenty years. The way way way way way ass. Ninety days, five days a week wait, wait, wait, Malaysia, treatment, way, ways, talk and hold them. Let us learn I'm trying to say when you said Jane and estimates like four ninety days they did five days a week, ninety minutes of treatment and within that time period. I think a lot of these people are sixty five in order had, however, they measure with too much tell em, ears and alone. Twenty percent, or twenty five years. As someone than there young thing, it was twenty years younger. represent seventy there. Twenty percent and twenty five years earlier is aggressive. Twenty seven twenty Forbes twenty five years so these people they can You know tell me, as are its it's an indication of your biological age, orally,
one of the markers and the idea Is that, as the tell me, your shrink in short and as you get older, they shorten and if you can find and away too late in your tell of yours and actually lengthy in your life. I am way too stupid enough. That's exactly true but I do know something: people like Doktor David Sinclair and his lot like people that really cool. Concentrate on. science and its effect on tell telomeres and measuring tellers. I think it's a critical part of aging and anti aging, of something can come along like this, where you can get into hyper chamber and for ninety days drop your boss? a logical aged twenty years. We got ourselves a shot tank business bitch up up up up with show up, while of us just at fur coats who want to live forever. Colombia is possible or a moron
I would imagine you so samarova. I know you say that on the phone I dont like when you say that we should like it. I'm being honest me imo now, you're not in comparison at length and tell him years, I'm a moron, there's levels, this there's levels. This it's true, listen to me, I'm an honest person, I'm an honest person. I am definitely a moron. You go trust me, I'm just dumber than everybody. I appreciate that humble, but you are not a moral I'm telling you moron. I've met people that are really really fuckin smart. So you know people like you there's something that you know how to do. Somethin maintenance, Yosemite, substantive, really, smart and not in people that are actually smarter, smarter Yeah. smarter than most people. Do. Only last rating for you about. We gotta trust me no you're, smarter than most people, you're smart, very, very, very bravery, hyper! No, I'm crazy! I'm trying to tell you this Our people is crazy, be crazy. We would not have as many fears and they
more shit Don cousin. I worried about the consequences. Small people figure out how to fix things? Those are my people. Isn't there like something you do that some someone doesn't really do and they think they're they're good and you get a little annoyed, Maybe there's a sport that you've done for a long time. Someone just picked it up and they think kick ass at it. Maybe like yeah, I don't no, not really another good at anything. You think about that with intelligence to cause this political, barely people like myself, I like their work at being smarter, barely work being smart, barely and to compare them to peoples, tire lives are based on intellectual discipline right rather rude and there's a difference is you're talking the obvious incredible people literally are really thinking about. Really
complex ideas, levels was kind of not really easy to explain to the average person. So you can't put that an box and send it out there. That's where Neil Degrasse Grasp is so important, right, concise, he's a guys really good at taking those insanely complex ideas about the cosmos explaining them in a way that you can. Grass with you, have regular use, regular beyond high school education that's what he saying like so he'll resume with people, one thousand five hundred and fifty to fifty five thousand years old, how he's is eaten it brings shame on Twitter. I love him. I ve never met him. I don't breathing. Is the oldest people ever figure out how to make you? I was joking by fifty five thousand, but you take is ever going to A time where people can live a thousand years out for sure, our lifetime? Using now, would you want to
measures like you'd be eight hundred years and dealing with twenty year old, I'm bored. That's a twenty year old son. Your eight hundred, you know what you're fucking crazy landlord now, but I'm not board now, because I'm sitting here on this with you Chancellor, that I'm not hoard now so a number. I think you could tell me that, like a thousand years mean eventually we maybe might run or the stuff to talk about in this is my third I mean enough. I want to live a thousand years as like. Ok, we ve talked about the absurdity of this or that enough times you know maybe people figure it out. After a thousand years, Michelle What was tell me yesterday that he knows it nasty Ai Weiwei Ceremoniarii terms, wait much wealth. Yesterday, yeah three terms it every year, oh lover, Of her awesome. Jesse was in Austin, yes, yes, who is an awesome which spell out
she said so. I think she said it was empty- are served three terms. Yes yeah I was I. I did not know that. So she was saying that one of the reasons why he got it was able to get so much shit done. I don't make sense, assent sitting. There was one returns were elections though you one for election Adam. I met that at the very top of his Wikipedia is a member democratic party. He went to record for presidential elections was I mean, so you can do one and then come back couple years later into another one. How many where they back them, because it three does makes sense of its ten years. Could I think he search you say, sir? for ten years. So I believe we have I'm trying to remember this at this is partly history thing. I think he was the vice president for one president, so he stepped in and finished out, one than one, the next election and then more another one. This so few Truckle agreed with so few people that can hold that office and not make you were
that they got it. A guy's got that guy's got it as a few guys in their office like say when everyone about Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton was the goddamn press, a United States of America, you might have thought is doing creepy. Yet and ran around kittens exact and madness, and maybe even a few people got oft. I didn't think about any of that back then. That's all come up in recent years back then we weren't even thinking about that shit. I felt he had it. He said smart. Cleaner slowly, so clever, I was a nice when you feel like ok, somebody's looking after everything, well, then we can go like me out, tell jokes and do. I cast since nice when you feel so smarter than you has the wheel. That's the problem here, people have the wheeler, not spar the new you like back well,
sometimes sometimes there's? Sometimes they are smarter than you and sometimes or not, and it goes back and forth and it's just get accepted it it is pretty bizarre when you get to our age, he realized. Oh, my gosh like they're, just like those inequity talked about like you go to that show and there's people let boards around in everybody s around his lot of that That's how the World Roberts lot of people that want to be leaders that, maybe probably shouldn't be but in their head, they want to be it's just like the big girls run. The same way. It says it's a bunch of people sitting around trying to like you know, I don't know what do you do? You know what I'm trying to ignore. Joe, I honestly I'm trying to ignore it, and- and I don't want to say this- has not let me say this for real, like collect ages reprieve,
Braced herself chapter four reassure Korea has what I'm doing right now, as I heard over there man now, if Russia for sure, ok nothin, like I you know, we just have to you, I'm I'm! I'm I'm travelling around in my van with my dog wooes chopper chopper, whose down to sleep it. What a great dog, she's awesome, she's gone to sleep and revenue great time and used have two yards. Really I'm trying to be positive trend. We paused at the users is there's been so much negativity inner world in the last few years and everybody everybody's serve in told I gotta think this way. I gotta think this way and there's this anger towards each other and ninety. I think you know this. This election more people voted than ever voted. You know that yeah, that's crazy right! I am hoping that also sets
trend in motion were more. People are running for office. That may be could have a better idea of what people want them, what their experiencing right. Now, I think you are a big part of this euro. That's awful! I really do that. I really do I think you are part of this and dumb and and and I I only for people who listen and thus on a big part of the world now, and I think it is a big part- and I think it's important part, because I think that you know listen like let's just be good to each other. Let's all be positive and be good to eat. Other. I know it sounds so cliche right, but it really is the way to do it. You don't have really embarrassed about being good to know. Fellow we're all worried that other people tat. He could do us back, and so we look
To be sure you don't worry about that, that's where MGM comes, and so what I I do as long term trial of Em Dna. Cross United States of America, where everybody just gets a little taste, so that match. If you ran on that platform, I've never done here may for everybody. I've never done me that what is its its is, that protects the sea ecstasy again, I've never done ecstasy spread potent stuff, but its yachts also not great for your play. After I did it and then the next ales. Oh, my god, I'm so dumb, like my brain, was dried out really guess sponge summers rang Draw with Africa, but as it goes away yeah, I guess I didn't know over. You really take revive its tp. This thing you could take a nutrient five http and actually yeah it's a boy sure bodies ability to I've never done ecstasy by the way ever I'm telling you right now fixed on the record. I've never die, what, if you get alone in the woods.
I'm telling you right now I would then I would do it, but I'm not saying I wouldn't do it? I'm not judge passing judgment, but I've never done it. Actually, that's true. That's a fact. I've never done. I've never done ecstasy, and I do ecstasy, but I've never done. It sounds like you're asking for ecstasy. If I was a cop, I want a rest. You right now, like this motherfuckers asking people to give a man I'll see. I am not saying you got any, I know people have now I'm not asking for it not to tricky drug. You don't be happy for no reason, but it is true that I've never done otherwise. I think I heard that little earth. you got an urge. You never did not know, but I. I can imagine it would be probably a lot of fun. Now I could imagine would be it's supposed to be very therapeutic for soldiers.
Third soldiers returning with PTSD, apparently empty amaze, very, very good for them and overcoming some situations experienced. Can I something about the canadian military. Ok, until you have on your gotta get excited, you have to put it so check this out job they say I made for wagon can enjoy this. Yes, it is yet it does it see these boots and other Jamie Consumer Museum, where's, you're, gonna yeah too seriously. Can you can show that this is gonna, be cool, sets up, These are canadian army boots. Ok, I wore these do you know I got them when I went to Afghanistan and did a I went and did a tour with the canadian army. Dad metabolism, Canadian, my dad
and the children of man like these are good boots, I'll. Tell you right now. You tell me about your boots. The we ve come to Canadian partially. Some gather it's right. Will you have a robber leather la Rochelle at that yeah, though their comfort laces really comfortable equality is good. Time always shown your boots and another permanent yeah sure. When you, and people your army boots and say you really need to get on this in our Eliza Especial Abode. Therefore I am canadian you're like a little proud of of our. Can you know we have less seven Canada that people on talk about. They don't talk about it in America, because being alike come like
PS on well and proud to be good day dear right, where I'm kind of sort of free yeah very for a very, very, very surfer, very very for your first mammoth alright. Well I mean No, you don't pay more another story. What might ward comedian HU. I do young on my trouble and there was another guy got trouble who was involved in heckling situation? Is women were hack, lonely, said horrible shit to them. They suit him and then they won in court. It's a different sort of a situation over. There does like your insulting each other back and forth and he's on stage too and stand up and he lot windup losing a shitload of money. Now Jamie there was believe you Vancouver Vancouver material much. He was much of me. I was my ward Andreas. This guy was a different guy, the guy all this guy believe was busy
the one who lost the issue to the Ladys in the audience or hang on. I heard about that. Actually, I know MIKE though, but makes a good guy yeah. I met my funniest flock, but there are a variety of stand up No, not like my guess. I didn't viruses. Might hilarious nl. I shudder to MIKE Ward yeah lesbian winds. Twenty. Why they have to say was that's not lies I rise, but there's a fucked up they like but but hold on a second. Guy earls and the comic book liquids. Lesbian wins twenty twenty thousand. Five hours over comedians insult lesbian, about woman, it's a weird headline: I'm a God, man, that's a weird headlong that isn't identity. Politics headline lead,
be in wins money. Oh you. We know which side you should beyond Tom, I not on the side of jokes. I got an ass. They have no comment on that. I don't even know what's going on with, you should not be on the side of defending yourself against hecklers are trained to ruin, a show, no use be on the side of the lesbians. I think it was a acts. In all fairness, because one of the things that he said about our was that she was a dyke or something like that Are they going to sleep? Well, those situation and said. I'm sure you ve, experienced a comedy shows where people are a drop in the yellow shit. I am comics Yolland Shit, Georgia, audience member sharp eyes MIKE Tyson Religions Junior next week. Tell me others, because I actually dont want to actually don't know. I don't know a lot about about this fight y know about it. I do know about it. Yes, I do But I don't know, I guess I'm just not as in tune with the history of fight. See I mean while there to the altar rates in listen, they're, balls and great. She,
Roger Junior. Has this crazy footage on this page Israel Outer Sonya, added to my Thyssen's first war June's, bought. What. oh no shit alongside sugary Leonard, oh my God and Albert Einstein: that's an amazing line up That's amazing! That's a great idea! There, it's smart there! ball. First, while style benders, the biggest restart the you have see right now, so to have him him and could be demagogic off the two superstars new say for sure and John Jones- zlotys lotta superstars, but the point is having him be MIKE Tyson Card automatically, boosts it up and lay merchant or no Albert Einstein bursting right, not learn. Merchant Albert James, awesome, basic boxing commentator and that's it it's a weird fight because everybody wanted to see that five. There is talk of that fight back when Roy Jones, when a heavyweight title
John Ruiz, and he like about two hundred pounds and Thyssen in his prime was like guinea to fifteen to twenty five and that range, and they had talked about those two fighting and it never came to place a sea of seed problem. One is fifty foreign ones. Fifty want it's crazy, but Roy jobs looks insane. Man is, I know, everybody talks about how good Thyssen loves enticing looks incredible. The veto The Thyssen hit, hitting the paths and is doing with Javier Cordero who's. This very well respected and striking coach, half Ecuador's legendary, sort of that he runs kings, Academy yearnings Emma may enough. It's was at all County or Huntington Beach, worse kings, Emma think debases like Huntington that anyway, how Velcro Darrell's, when training MIKE Tyson, is always videos of my Thyssen the peasants fuckin insane he so fast. He looked so It's crazy, but then you gonna watch the road Jones Junior clips there's Roger
junior clips that were put up over the last couple of days it Roy ramping up for the fight his fifty one he's fifty one can't believe how fast his hands are. Fifty one he's a map, my mother is all these combinations like, oh my god, you forget what he saw you like rap music, ya, forgot got a song, he was wearing jeans junior when it was in the middle of beating the fuck out of every body when it was the number one power for power fighter on the planet. With no questions asked, he was also making rap music really is. Yeah yeah. I almost forgot there are just about Beastie is I'm you know. Well listen. He should be some interesting fight. Man, it's it's interesting cause. It's some people are against it, though I gotta want to see these guys fight. I want to see you guys get hurt, but us in has been their whole business. Look how good roads in your hands. Look. Is this one
recent ones of the last few days, the cuff fucking. ass, his hands arm era, others legacy, we dig add so climbed up CBS left all this is his company. That's what is left her activity. No bullshit Roy Jones, juniors left bicep is through thirty percent larger than his right. Bicep is weird right was Jamie. Because the freaks yeah, it might be more than thirty percent Be sellen ashore, lunching gander, its is left, is fraught hand and he throws off the hook. So bicep is rearing its enormous. It's so much in jokes around about how much bigger diseases right one July. Well you're lying got into like, like I mean like, like you upset, in fighting and like you, I mean do you do enjoy that her. Well, yes, do enjoy, like I mean.
So what do you do like? Unlike gonna walk like pay less next week? Let's go spar and not another guy. I asked I still do like little Jujitsu Rowan, but I dont spar striking Hausa like do you do that, though, like you go, it is striking, might have people are no. No sir, I get nervous, I don't you have gloves and you have other and it sounds like it would be fun as hell. I've never done that my life, but I'm trying to tell you it's not good. For you don't do ok, you should do that. what you want to do for career or, if your young, and want to see good you get at it. But when you get us in point. Your life should begin hit in the rise, get hidden ahead is like getting poked in right, don't get stronger You know we're talking about eyes has out as you get older your eyes. Even if you work out hard with them, they actually they fall part. It's not like any other system in your body, we could train it to be strong. drain, your muscular system, the train like a lot lot of the things you do like you, you get it you get it
pathway grooves, where you know exactly how Marshall in that way. Will you know exactly how to do and, as you do longer and longer in your life. You get better at doing it, now, your eyes getting him that those two things when they had something happens, bad your eyes or something have Babbitt's bad your head. It does not get better it gets a little better does not. But if you keep getting hit in the head to get worse and worse and worse so dont spar, that's Antonia, yeah! That's as I love that cause. It's like you know, let's you know, people think did they that it's just sparring, but its you're getting hit ahead. You calling it just sparring is just by any sums I'm running out by I've, never done that like and now that I think about it. I haven't thought about this before that sounds like that would be probably pretty exciting and fun thing to do, but I
I've been punished in the head a few times, Joe, I'm sure you. I believe that maybe once or twice most men by time, certain age, maybe once or twice items hit you and not more than ten times. But but all my my point is this is not to diminish anybody who love sparring if you have sparring just like, if you love riding a dirt bike good and do it I'm now, I want you to do whatever the fuck you up for some people, the value of sparring in getting that aggression out is worth never brain damage they might get or sex skateboarding too, is about risk its but risk. We have really loved. We need to take a risk because it makes us feel, like you know, like we're alive, yeah, taking a risk in us. Cells and that's what I think it's a freedom issue too. You should be free to get punch, NED Right If you want to do it, if you and your buddy want to get together, punch each other and the I don't think anybody should be able to stop you absolute as your friend I want to tell you that you have to think about any hidden ahead. Differently then. Is the same
entered narrative amongst men that don't think about it. The thing is, I don't we push you put to global and listen? if you get hit my head too much your brain, doesn't work well anymore. It's stops, stops fun and a high level I started bellowing, all sorts of problems. I I know so. Oh my gosh, you want some coffee, nor did I dont spar Tom Green. That's insane in don't listen to me if you want to Spargo hidden spark for somebody boats by better for them, because they don't feel depressed like they can get their their exertion out in sparring and they're fine with it for now and then just going to deal with that, I get it. But it's just it's. There's a reality of getting hit in the head too many times tat only so many have any better thing to avoid for the wheels fall off you go. Void of if you can,
yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Well, listen! I mean it's. It sir I probably have been few those but Joe. This is good. Can I bring Charlie back into the equation, for you must Charlie what you want to bring about me? reason for by the way, our new neighbours chopper without words to capture charm. I don't have to that why I thought you'd die was chopper. Yet when I come where I get that want from Does someone say affiliates What said it yeah I might have, I might have said, don't be nice. they give us? If I made it up, let me know I made it up or not worried this. This dog is so cool. I agree, I feel really
is salesmen from products have already bought. Yes, this dog. Will you know I'm happy about the? How much, how nice this dog is. It is a good good girl, she's, a young puppy that got really lucky she's alone. It is a good girl. I can tell by the way Gus cuddle. He has got a lot. She's Eliza is nice doggie in Joe have any plans to do under the comedy special. I can't wait to do one there when you think you'll be comfortable enough to confront crowds like tonight, yeah sure really will we have to do to get your station. I was asked me to come, but what you wouldn't be worried get into a big covert soup.
I would be, but but its Joe Rogan asking me like Oda show last and we did it. We know how to show an ex. If I had a show tonight I would do. I just did a show last night for the first time in a goal and the show before that it did the first time. But if you are serious tonight right now, I would you have. My point is like you're comfortable doing show reviewed. It shows how not at all you know, not a beautiful risk, some the small amount of risk. The I've like right now. There. show. I go to a show, yeah cuz, it be hilarious. We let's go, have a good time and be great, but I would not plan on going out. I'm I'm not trying to go to stand up, now, I'm going away for the vaccine. Yes that's what I do, who works? That's what I'm doing we talk to Nicholas Christophe ass a couple of days go unused. Tell us about the vaccine. How would work like if it was to be effective and safe. I take it, but I would want to know man. I want to talk to those doctors
one. No tell me what you did the full shot. Now I get shot every congratulations. Tom, Green ILO immune system. I, like the flu shot, was awesome. We get the flu I haven't had a sense of struck in the future: I used to get it all the time incidents Nanos instantly assumes a strike in the flesh on every other food. Jimmy was awesome. I mean exactly what it was said. It was supposed to do on ever even had it now
I get heavier than its own analyses, VS, Blackburn, twenty sick and you never get the floor because the flu shot so yeah so make sense. So well, this would happen. Ok, you'll appreciate this. This is ok. This is so. I guess it was like a star and why sir, don't stand up again? I was going out in the road every right every weekend. I would get the flu every year and then I decided certainly solution. I flew again. but yes, oh yeah, I think works. Well, that's anecdotal evidence, Tom Green are taken into account, go over this and try to all the other data and we'll get bacteria exactly. We believe your flew shot. Theory yeah I'd, be a crack shit. Now I think flew shouts, probably great, but I also think that keeping your men system stronger great thank you. Gotta, be
on the bar, and I think people I want to hear that. I need to know. I won't be able to just go to the doktor and get it fixed idea. Exactly I need to know like I do need to be more aware of how to look after myself physically, like what am I supposed to be doing well you know, there's a simple body weight exercise programme that you could do while you're out in these remote locations. You don't need anything headway with me. Do you know sometimes even better than a guy to twenty five pound domvilles, that's good! I just I just do that. Sometimes lets. You know better than I wait. I doing once every seven days I'll do it in Autumn Zeilinger. I'm not I'm not being very attentive to my health. To be honest with you, how come.
And then talk on that MIKE front hungry. Well, you know I mean I. all right? Well, you know, listen! I'm! I don't know. What's it's weird that you think about everything that's going on in the world all the time you use rattles around in your head and you start to think like? Are you in empathic person? You an empath, you know I mean in what sense? A u like gum, as I wanna from using that word correctly. Is that when you say a path Personally, I good deeply entombed on people suffering a thing. That's how China? Yes, that I think that I action. I think I am yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes,
that satisfy us. Ok, I lose a positive word for islands at a person, shelling inability to understand and share feelings of another. Ok, I think that's your. That is, I think there is one I have yeah yeah. You seem like that kind of a guy's eloquent shit is when you say, can we all just get along some people say there's not you have a real sincerity, two ways you're, saying as like. You really do want everybody to like you, your happiness would be enhanced if people were getting along better. There know for sure now. Maybe everybody is, should we should always be happening. I think we need to embrace those ideas if there's anything that we can do as individuals like as because city, so whack right now so out of tune, but the I think that we can do to each other. Like it's. A minimal amount of damage could be, as
nice to each other. We can not saying joking around la stance and keep your mouth shut and don't talk about things. You know that a raw Montana Amazon, theirs ways in most of what we interact the most the ways we interact with each other. We could be nice to each other with just think of ourselves as being in this together. You're, not a republican Democrat you're, a fucking human being this idea that you have to be on that side of this side, you, sport, ham or him or her or what the fuck ever you don't you need. Would we most these people that are talking about politicians and these these ideas that their fighting over as a cornerstone of their life. They don't even really deeply understand. The people are talking about the people they support is a lot of things that messages. the person sinks up with a good enough idea? That's my team! I'm a fucking raiders fan Duff,
good swap by annexing. You know you're looking out the same way. Sports fan does and that's what most people do right and I think it's fucking, nonsense, he's happy now shit and you're all like we. All these weird competitive dry and instincts. That's why people love to get dedicated teams. You want the folk buccaneers. Other examples where it is the big it really dead came to me a lot them feels good to them, but it's a trap. It's true In the same trap, the lead you to Republican versus Democrat that same goddamn trap. It's it's not good for any of us and most of the argument is started out with your on that side. This persons, on the other side and then you like? Well, they can't be right because they're not over here and there and then you become married to you be in right or them they become married, then being right and you just do it out and people
will lie in thirteen manipulate, try to win the argument- and that's me more common than not the weirdest thing about us, and this is like it that the basest most primate level of like map math screaming each other. That is all happening right now, just filtered through really sufficient. It'd law in language and behaviour in Congress and the Senate, and it's all the same Just like this. Why, in the duke in it out there Duke in and out the left and the right. The news anchors, the fuckin, people on MSNBC and Fox NEWS and errors eyebrow ah super in effective ways of communicating everybody scream and into the night. Doesn't it seem like that kind of love? What it is seems like that's what it is all right. It's not a good way to handle them so good way to handle this
the best way to handle. This is everybody's agree to be nice, start from that start from that. Let's go over the differences over the issues that we, how much money do you think I should go to education and why let's look a wise, wise education, so cheap do I go to. What's eating it costs superior teacher? How much would it cost like? Is it a matter? of how much you dont want to give up in taxes or as a matter of how much teachers actually worth we got a lot of things that we would all agree on. If we could put it into perspective of this is how much is actually going to impact you in terms of how much have to pay. This is much how it can actually impact you and how much your the actually Quality of life, the quality of life your community, as I want get some proved. I think most people we willing, if there were absolutely certain to know that the clock body of their life would improve and where they live, if they could just admin, or to the tax poor? They would probably do it. Happily, most people
really thought that enhance everybody that were on the same. I agree with that people think they're getting fucked, that's part of the problem. They think they're getting fucked to get a manipulated. Why did they think that? Because it let's go in California, I dont think that California, where you paints thirteen percent, access. Where's, my money gone. How come you didn't go to know a new pays Europe. How can we derive an hour that way- and I pay Sera, like what am I doing here- why my veins so much money? But a lot of people think like that for rather make sense yeah. I guess you know I personally. I was driving here today. Right asked in tax, I believe you as guy the freeway and people asking for money and so the freeway and you're like Tom, you get a job. No, I did not. I did not. I feel I feel I feel bad. That is that we have to happen,
Going on world? Yes, it some it's very unfortunate. Whenever you see it, because what it sounds to me as a baby, they grew up and became a person that find themselves in the side of the road ass for money, and I don't know but nature know what's nurture. I don't know, I don't know what is drug addiction? I don't know, what's abuse I don't know it gets a person to that. Point, I don't know their life, but when I see them, that's makes me sad. Makes me sad is that a person would get position and not have anybody to turn to not have anybody. They can rely on, not everybody, they lovely loves them back. That's what that is this. If you see a person, The street you're dealing with either drug addiction or person doesn't have anybody early, loves them and they never grew up with someone who love them, so they don't understand loved bad relationships about a communication and they find themselves under a fucking overpass somewhere. I think that should be something that we're all more aware of, and we have a right to worsen. when you look at a city that are in that situation
look at a city like LOS Angeles, for example: that's filled with tense you're failing these feeble, whatever you're doing to take care. If you really want to be apathetic towards people who are homeless or the p, they're down their luck, people that are down trodden you gotta fix. I I don't know how to do it, I'm a comedian, you fix it. You have to come up with is fixed at you, can't let it get worse. Every year just keeps getting worse Ellie as bananas right now, since you ve left how many intensively It popped up. One million one million new tents ochre has made a number of real. Well, I will say like it. It is sad when you drive around in the city in Europe is beautiful city, LOS Angeles, with all its history in everything and it's a beautiful place in those people sleeping under the YAP binder the bridge and attend here. Man come on. You know like what happened. Is all my other people? We should be able to help these people right,
but you know what happens these people develop communities. and then there are high and out together on this light tense trip, and they know each other and are not ideal. But then I started thinking about these people in Europe parliament's work and should he jobs hate their lives, not done enough, is any better or worse lotta people have that perspective. We could live on the beach and Santa Monica set up a tent. I dunno need much If you one of those goods does latitudes out there, I only much on enough shoes. I feel like that. I'm I'm living and abandoned by the river knows. That's why right didn't you closing in on that I'll need much thing now. Absolutely I mean it's funny, Charlie, it's been so quiet. Had she been like the best dog has lost, dog. I know due to start out, do you're doing and then eventually justice,
the truth is a fitness. Gusty Maxwell eventually just travelled all over the world. Got widows Van stop live in his van and stuff living in hotels and living ever he gets hired to do, gigs I have allowed the world doing that teaching fitness, while I gave up on all worldly possessions faggot. He lives out of a bag on his back while Is he here that I mean that I mean listen, it's fun to be able to look for the planet. Do you like going to like it and other places you like going to like new countries, yeah do what's your favorite country that you ve been too. Maybe ITALY, ok, yeah, because, not a chance to go to the Vatican, and you see the art collection or let's go anyone around their place, just think of what kind of insane history was while in that time,
but the world where Rome was conquering everything and you get to have been in our to Rome and saw the Colosseum in Europe, is standing in this place where fruit, who knows how many hundreds of years gladiators, fought the death and just thinking how bananas this whole situation must have been when this place was filled and they would lift up the fuckin bottom of the flu or that be a tiger and do a sword and fight off a tiger like what the fuck man This was this really happened and then you also see the purity in their our work. And now it's this thing about ITALY also because I'm italian, so it makes me think of my ancestors had no wandering around this weird place, like you guys we're freaks has that, no wonder I fucked up you guys we're freaks you if you guys were freaks, yeah yeah, that's it
of all the other, the Colosseum as bananas. You just sit there and you think like how many years did people entertain themselves with other people getting slaughtered Ike. I read Some insane statistic about how many people died in the car policy em over them. Many hundreds of years that it was around wait. How many was it forgets is, I think it was hundreds of Thousands to many using an estimate nation on earth to make was even now amount what's eating in any, but it was too much. Let's get restless, let's get, I want to say, is close to two hundred thousand plus people died. How many people died more? What four hundred thousand four hundred That's what was so I knew was in the hundreds of thousands of four hundred thousand people died in the Colosseum
and a million more hundred thousand and a million animals ok a million while Jesus Christ Four hundred thousand people in a million animals over a period of how long Jamie Foch so think about America. I want you to think of sixteen twenty six. Imagine a college c on Bill in sixteen twenty is still rockin today. There's a dude about a fight to the death with a fucking elephant he's got spear and a shield is going to fight it So the elephant is propagated, get his legs snapped and have, as the elephants stop some as he shoves is fuckin spear knew its heart. he's gonna dragged himself over to the elderly and finish so yeah restful super stressful, oh my god, they use do yeah. They serve
fill the bottom of the Colosseum up with water. They had a very sophisticated all super stressful did they not wanted is like chill out now get stuff. That's a thing Italians are, but now why I just like hate us, look at everything and not do anything to when I was there. I don't They do this for a tool for a chauffeur american tourists, but I was there, ere. I had one of my daughter's in the car with me in this fuckin italian dude in Rome. Stop The car, like almost in the middle of an intersection, to compliment some woman on her figure. my mother. They vote over you literally a caricature drives. My room is really was what happens all the savages from Rome live like my people they ve turned into this now now they're, just nutty. Male taxi drivers, but when you see what they did in the Colosseum like what they decided to do was billed.
an arena where people fight to the death and it became as a pretty crazy one of the most famous arenas in the history of the world. Right, the stability of the history of the world like what is more famous for forms of, like arena? Well, you know that, like people did crazy shit and fought dead, there's, no other place, there's the Colosseum and that's it has no other place. We think of that immediately makes you think of people and sword fights and bows and arrows and lions and its own. The Colosseum yeah, how crazy human beings are. Thousands and thousands of years will right. We ve been roundly one famous place like that the garden is the closest I outing gear, the garden
maybe but no one's dining with Ireland rats why a lonely debt, while that airline acts? That's why drove like and I'm gonna honestly starting tomorrow and going to the all these little? These amazing places you like that that that better than that, there's something you know, there's like like fifteen of those in New Mexico others, but fifteen archaeological sites of early Begin architecture native architect, like the Monday, showed us the Cliffs Stuyvesant since fourteen those many more actually are. They did
the closer there. They are different and there are different places in theirs. Was this whole civilization that was built up out there and we can just tribal? There go look at home where you stand there and no spots, and so I was driving through Flagstaff re before Flagstaff whoop, Pataque Wu Wu, Pataky things whoop, talky, whoop butter. I just saw the sign national monument, I turned off and I went down and here you're all the Senor standing in a place. It's like was built in. It's it's stone, stone walls around you and they were built in there. It s regular army and a guy, I would say James called Bandolier bandolier earlier, like the thing let's go, I might be saying around us: that's ok, those like that
so go our group or talk go. How did they get into those little holes? They have ladders here and now. I don't think I've been area. Actually that's not really do that is in the slightest, but there's stuff like that, all over. That's them Though then you pull the ladder up a night like the foreground right right, you don't The latter down during the debate is like the one you know it's all like the e walks, that's heavy mercy. There's all these e walk kind of this is so weird thing that people live like that, just not that long ago, and it's right there and younger visited. You can just drive out. There just makes you think. If you weren't born in this era of you, born thousands of years ago, and you were born in this spot. This was would be. Your village is be where you live. People like you and me. Regular people lived in that. bought and you think about what it must have been like to be alive. the other one, you show me had twelve hundred BC.
twelve hundred the cliff dwellings Cliff dude, healer Hayleigh. National hundred years ago, eight hundred years ago, you're sitting around eight hundred years ago and you're looking up at the sky and is not this nothing to separate you from the stars. You seem incredible stars and you just trying to keep people from eating your family, it try to keep other animals from eating you. He tried to eat animals you trying to figure out how to the fire on trying to figure out how to make Flint arrow heads they have. Had they had a car feather in so this thing I know it else in this is interesting in the schooner clarify I'm. Totally wasted. This is gonna interesting. They ahead.
Security route to get this mcafee. Aha, they found my car feather in there and then that means that they were trading with Yucatan Peninsula because I'm a cough. We also found a basin bone in in those. So that means there was not by some need Dave that areas the museum trading with staying there. There was not by some native that area in the twelve hundred zero figure that out, I guess apparently, You received the other shit they do when they go back and look at it. Please, seen era look what is the area where they had a north? american lion. There is north. American lion. That was larger than the african line that lived right here. Ok, There was not like a certain amount. I think it was more than fifteen thousand years ago this place, North America was filled with some really crazy shit,
a cyber tooth tigers and also to look We were like when he knows you think about Africa right. He think about leopards, leopards, Asia and Africa to write, leopards jaguars Jaguar, South America right so leopards. lions, crew, Could dials. He think it, the Fuckin predator hikers, are not an Africa. Their age. People always would think o Africa TIGERS does not take us in Africa now, but sure they'll kill you yeah hyenas, think all these wild beasts in and then what you know when we think of like Safari and after the dangers of so far those the animals you think of North America, apparently was filled with them
things. They ve no antelope. Today you wanna north american Antelope is a prom horn. Antelope ever seen one, those yes on. Did you see I'm on your trip? Yeah yeah, really cool. I saw it yesterday dead there really cool is actually only Instagram. Does Historic did you let him answer grammar now. Ok me Tom Green, live what is here at hungry at my instagram I went but seriously. I only wish them really pushing it hard here, Joe. It's cuz I did. While I was driving down the highway yesterday and we saw these antelope and they were like really beautiful, the other beautiful and I said whoa and I stream went on a scam story or whatever, as a check this out. This is antelope and we turned around. We drove back. We looked at him and they were beautiful. It right here are really weird animal there, an animal that pre dates all these. The mass extinction of the north of the north american large mammal,
so, if the north american large mammals, like the afghan lion, which has previous but saver, Tiger American Cheetah, there was a cheetah that lived in America. There was really fast and those cheetahs are the reason why these priorities so fast there so far, ass because they evolve to get away from an animal doesn't exist anymore, but they still exist, so they can run, North american antelope can run much faster so than any other animal around. So like everything else can eat shit they take off on those points mourns, take off their fucking gone man they're, so fast have ever see him and full clip. no they were to stand in there, but it was. It was beautiful, like it was felt like you're, a catholic way. This doesn't feel fell. Asleep. Like you, I d ass, a place
Don't belong, they dont along the other. They do. Obviously they belong here. They don't belong in the sense that there from a different time, their eyes, are set on the sides. They had this really weird way. They can literally see almost behind them. Ok, so like if yours, if year, this is like an animal bits. Year in year over here this Eve Crystal clear, ok, Crystal clear: they just don't see you back here right Right here to see you a hundred percent, they see how two percent here they see a full range that we came opera hankers your eyeballs around. Here they don't even look to belong here. I look like an avatar why a of a prong horn antelopes face answer raise this really there's some there's some cool close up ones that show how bizarre their eyes are like that one up than the one in the upper left holding them enclose the room. His eyes see ya. Wide. His eyes are behind his head.
dear to low play, fascinating animal and that animal exists case me your home. There was a thing: call the north american to. And the skies are not cloudy. Yeah antelope, that's beautiful. You know it. Sir, it's here's a good question. Forty tonne bring a yes, sir; We don't want animals go extinct, ran right, we don't know one does what they do and most of em Afghanistan. I don't want anything to be extinct for sure because of humans, but animals have been going insane. Sicily and ninety percent of all animals and of ever existed on here anymore, cause? There's some weird sort of a contest going on with all of the animals on a planet us included.
Would we be comfortable accepting the fact. That we are like a dodo. Bird were some sort of a dying species. I would be comfortable with would you be comfortable got out there in the middle of nowhere near Van hanging in our