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2012-03-22 | 🔗
Brody Stevens, Brian Redban - Date: 03/21/2012
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Protests demons were level. We are yes and, as you know, Brodie Stevens, the european project is brought in by the flashlights. Did you know that protests deviant hold one right? Now? That's not a flashlight, that's a rubber, but whole it has nothing to do with the flashlight. Not that is an inferior product. That's a paper Michel portion, my friend, ok, not the same. The same quality, the same craftsmanship that goes into a flashlight, I'm telling you it's goddamn work of art, They left you alone in Ireland with all the information in the world and all the tools in a million years reveal to build a flashlight right need. We need a bunch, Of highly scientific mines creative minds behind this to build something like this, something that makes masturbation better. It's really better than a lot of the Chinese would be ass. It is better than having sex with a girl, of course, because it is more than just the actual quality of the feeling of girls vagina. But, let's be honest, girls very we in the way the vaginas feel yeah and some of the marked so good right
yeah they would. Unfortunately, my village, I'm sure yeah we all know. I mean you know. We all know that there's somewhere out there for sure, unless you're some crazy, freakin nature, this guy's who's, this guy a bigger academia together ass, it happens. It ass to happen and for the girls that guy with a bigger jack that probably feel better. I would imagine I feel better. Now I think, up to a certain point of this autumn, When does it starts to hurt, but I bet it still freaks him out that it's so big. I bet it's exciting and I also If the guys like not to rough with em, I bet it does feel even better. Better get used to it. What is this natural too, in the same way with tight vaginas and some girls with China is unfortunately, are built that tight to build the slide baby, nice and easy or shop. Just like Can a guy use a vibrator on a woman is act or a dildo or add like demeaning? Is
don't feel that you should ever bring tools into the equation. Tredah Hitachi. First, though, always going strong. Now the problem as man you introduced that shit and eve you basically set a bar that you can't you can hit the bar on your own. Bringing them Scenery, shit show you guys, I r p m the batteries and if I don't know what kind of an unnatural thing is that you pussy with a lawnmower man me. What are you doing? You're trying to view break her into stimulation like supernaturally. In a way that would never happen in nature, snake this crazy freak bitch addicted to stick in view. Braiding machines into her body to make yourself come, she's gonna be trying to distract herself from the stress of everyday life so hard that she's. Just taking things machines inside of a just to try to make her come. That's what she's doing not support that Brodie! I support being healthy.
Girl can get off when you need a pussy she's broken and you dont want to around two oral ok, if you can find out what is ass good ass, almost time, if you don't talk, fuel need. Pussy is wrong with you. Why we do not want to do that. It feels great those graver, girl, taste, good graveyards acknowledge its excited is positive energy. I love exciting its. If you love a girl, you and you haven't sex the exciting to eat or push said I've done that alot. Who needs to you, but it's like my the other things I gotta take like. I don't believe in machines. Barone, ok, we'll wishes, but maybe what about a pill like God help me appeal, like Viagra grateful I need to sort out their exercising. You stopped yeah. I think its effective. My blood flow they're probably does right an unseen first hand. The lack the scene access. I'm forty two in May, and start Islam yet does at that
I'm alright ammo, sir. What can I do to combat the heavy lifting like high intensity sets of thy kettlebells and stuff? Steve Maxwell showed me a bunch of different stuff that you do to sort of slow. The aging process itself very, very intense lot that is a sequences of exercises like you're doing a whole bunch of stuff whole budget differently com. Ex movements in a row and when you do online, maximum effort like tiny, really blow yourself out. Apparently ages, jolts your bodies, endocrine system and forces, your body start producing all kinds higher levels of sex hormones test. Superstar, soon, human growth hormone, your body, when, when you put your body into You put your body into a sedentary position. You put your body like some sort of an office job. You know you just sit in a cubicle in there's, not much physical activity going on. Buys like why we worked so hard to have all these chemicals running through our body that we don't use all day. So it's let's leave the day. Let's, let's leave the body like dislike you now able to
execute sentences and be able to figure things out at work, but you don't need any physical strength at all. You need nothing! You don't need to run away from jaguars, you don't need to fight your enemies, you don't need any that so just shut all that shit down and when, your body, says well, we don't need to make that we should all that shit. Doubts, that's not gonna be available for you in the weakens. It's not gonna weakens we wanted you crazy shit. Other said nearby springs to life our response to what what kind of stimulus you put it under and if you live, leave Europe Eddie, you know in a in as Juba go all day and you should he food and you don't ever get to exercise if you're, unfortunately, too, busy king motivated yoga, is defined- mean there's no way around it. It's gonna be a certain way, the you can change that. You got force yourself to do some serious fuckin exercise not like just go to jam again on elliptical and ride that thing now you're gonna do like
we do these sets of kettlebells. We gotta do like power power sets. Were you doing like swings, cleans presses squats in an you. Do that in a set of like twenty yeah, you know when you blow when you're fuckin system out, when you do that kind of anxious, as we forces have to do, that, your body spawned. I think we'll users at small potential of what our As a cable. Most of us do so. I people there like workin farms, are so fuckin strong. Their bodies develop? Their way like they had to be very Europe. Fuck groundwater, former Nebraska wrestle with a duty as a former no way yeah you don't you wanna wrestle with farmers man they are there, don't stop. Fucking added throwin reveals a hey all dietary straw, yet they get a whole. Do you feel a little bitch? That's a fact, and that's it's a girl, farmer, yeah. Girl, farmer, you gonna fuck the shit out of IRAN again just you know you can't pull out machines. I was workin out. Can you get it back? If you status in here, you can get it back to take a lot of vitamins and minerals, and you have to make sure that we get a lot arrest is a lot of them.
Have to do, is get older to ensure that your body is in good shape its not sign as easy. Now, when I was twenty years, although I didn't have to do shit at noon, take vitamins when us fighting in tournaments. I wasn't even take environments this eating, whatever the fuck I followed eating and in just competing right, would then as you become forty years old like man. If you don't, is a significant impact for me, I feel it significant diet. Verses, come about reforms in a rest versus how my body arms, like everything, works great. As long as I get sleep and I well but throw either one of those are the equation, like you feel it like instantly, he fell in your your boss It's not the same body I get my sleep knock on. Would I make sure I get my sleep. It is not always possible if you're super busy right, you gotta where's, it man, you fuck. What super busy with life is worth. You know. What's important. Is life he's out when a, but these other things, these super busy things that you throw into your life to fuck up you're sleeping and all that might not be right for you right now.
We needed to pay bills in autumn. We needed to keep ourselves move unwittingly, Brian we're about to fund, and this was Well, you might provide MIKE's messed up when you don't. Do you don't know the issue where the purple stripe is gonna talk into feel like thank you. Brian sounds exactness above closer to the table. I think it's hard to say sounds to exactly the same. Those chaos anywhere. Where were we flashlight gotta jargon that net click on a link and The code name, Rogan, save yourself, fifteen percent sure Zahm by boom were also brought to buy on dot com on it is a supplement company that we make our brain, which is a cognitive, enhancing supplement. What that is a new tropic if any interested in trouble. Excessive, seem shit every week, but I have to repeat it chance that maybe someday somebody's gonna,
This broadcast and they'll never heard any. This shit before is make it yourself here. He's gone shut up Brown younger Brian Brian is alot of people to have heard is commercial access to say yeah my leg or show us a commercial mocked. My little my words so brazenly listen when I'm Tryin sailors. German is this things you can do that help your mental function help your your your brain form sentences bettered for me. That's what it does, what I notice a difference. If I'm taken it, I'm not taking him and now smooth words come to me me that sounds silly, but very up. That's what I feel you know and dumb its there's, a bunch of different new tropics fuck just buying hours. If your interest, in this stuff, I always say, go on Google and check it out. Just Google neutral pics and. O t r, o p. I see as in what what new tropics hours a bunch of different nutrients that have been proven to have
in fact, a measurable effect on how your brain produces Neuro, transmitters and chemicals and how they interact each other. It is like it speeds up, you're you're function a bit its knowledge crazy. It's not limitless! It's not like that they Cooper Movie where you dumb person becomes genius, but for me, it makes me feel clear. Gives me luck, it's good! for me, like I love taken it when I land, if I have jet lag, is like Mama best things for jet lag from a pop two of those and even me out Is it anything like five http? Now, that's another supplement, that's serotonin boosting supplement and that's a lot of people that are taking antidepressants or supposed not take those in other doctors. That think that you can get too much serotonin and that with essentially, what five HTTP, if you're not on anything and you take five htp, then it's fine, but if you're on in some sort of
in any sort of antidepressant that they boost your serotonin. Then you, you can actually have too much of it. Yeah, because the five https providing and then you're you're, your medicine is providing a too, but what I just like what what's the other than this, that value abuse its five http boozer, atoning and dumb there's also a l trip defend which actually becomes five http in the body. We have that combined together, on something called new mood and when new Moon is is just it sister A bit better of five. Eight should be on its own is great. If you're interested in you know, Google that check that out of try thyself Zackie as at all too clear good thing, also the file, you sure you know when you have more more happiness for sure you're gonna be more clear. Minded you feel better, I think, whenever you feel better, you can make better decisions mean that that asked clarity. You know I just some a big believer environments. Well, I'm a big believer in of healthy diet. First most important because you can t
the vitamins you want. If you really should he crabby sugary fatty foods, you know you're still, gonna feel terrible. This is, There there really toxic for your body, there's a lot of shit that we that, even though its yummy as fuck it so toxic rear body like sugar, yeah, sugars, fucking arab before you drinking so it is taking so did like might be just as bad as drinking alcohol, cerebral, foyer, sugars. Horrible, free system. You know you can. I cut out that undecided store or you can well, you know one man I find in this sound so silly because its it does is, it seems silly, but, like I got it, two things here. One of them is this limelight drink Buddy Atomic Tense Yahoo Easter. One of the guys you soviet affliction is my whose put on the innovations you're very nice guys greeted his own numb. His own energy drinks. Recent worrisome, really tastes good, but you know announced his good Fuckin Waterman, yeah watertight.
Good, if you didn't haven't, you would be so site to get it right now with this we disagree with we take it for granted, because it doesn't have like unusual flavors, like Coca COLA, does right. Doktor pepper does I've, who I need I need some unusual stimulation here, but just nice cold clear water is fucking, delicious, most delicious things ever, but our you're monkey brains crave that fuckin high fructose corn Sirop. They figure out to get us addicted to its in everything. Madison for his cereal, its and soda and candy bars, isn't everything. But if you can cut out thirty percent from your life. That's what happened cut out as much as high fructose corn serum. Is you know that the best IDA? it is the paleo living diet and in not because I'm living in the polio ethic era, but because I think you, your body is designed to eat. What, in the things that were natural to us, like fifty thousand
our, so they say it takes a long time for your genes to evolve. So that's it Fifty thousand years ago we have the same bodies: more bodies are designed to eat like vegetables, and me: that's that's all there was there. The really was no passed back. Then these are the longest marshals of all time hours long motion. I believe- and I have to stop this to end. Because it's a good subject: ok and what we'll talk about it after the break? Let go to honour dot com. If you are interested in the tropics, please, Google, the subject, if you in the code name broken you would get ten percent of all the different supplements, a shrewd tech sports room, tech, immune new move. Which is the five http. An l trip, defend, supplement that we're talking about early and, of course, our brain, which is my favorite go there. Do it don't do it argument? listen, what's important is don't get ripped off it is these these supplements a real there, the jet, but if you feel like it's, it's a rip off here. If you order thirty pills, you get percent your money back. The first order cannot keep ordering and keep any remaining pipeline Is your first order. You get your money back
you have said the pills back it we just. We don't want you to feel ripped off and then secondly, Google, Google, tropics if our Belinda's in for you there's a bunch that I like throughout their neural, one was, is a great want by Roman asking the football player. Oh yeah, he created his own blend of new tropics. That's how I got into that's. I was turned onto a by no name from San Francisco from radio radio guy morning, listen go to Chicago and T enter in my last name, which is energy, puts Rogan programmes are. The show gives some ten percent off our bitches Brodie Stevens is here. Finally experience by my body. Grotius me friend, ass, now we're off fella now announced live, not really happen. I was fought, That was my best commercial ever cause. You Brody, I felt like I bring good energy. Do those positive
I'm good at I do. I good it warm up being around funny people helping with the energy, possibly I ever sure you're you're, fun cheerleader. When we were at the calmly store man. You know we have these like really fun late nights. At one time I cite the improv Wanna bet That's ever seen it in terms of like how, with a guide turn the audience around. There was a late night. Show you probably got on was probably one o clock in the morning. I can't get on and people are tired, We could see that look like a Friday rather Saturday, You came in and you put on some and crazy music. It was like village people or something like that, and you got a shirt and started swing in it through the air and like let everybody had everybody clapping along mean. This is a long time you do this, for you did it for like two minutes and a completely change the energy of the room, and then you went up and you fuckin killed like the room was dying man. Every people are tired. They were just not into it,
came out and you just completely changed the whole thing. You walk through the audience swinging swing in your shirt over your head, whose full rate it was thus drums there too. I think one time like on the on the metal railings, oh yeah, drumming than they are under the communist or all the time. You're always do you have a drama I always thought it was funny to believe I, the drama that was the character like sometimes had you know them. Zack. I had Rodya and I came out with a flashlight. They sent me down I drawn to a couple songs. It was fun. I would do more. We talked about this, a nice house chronicles, but for four for functional no Brody Brody's, like is good. And is one of my favorite comedians and he's like one of my comedians favorite convenience they. Now. This is a certain things. Happens to a comic when they ve been doing calmly for certain A time mean that not everybody, but someone is good
where all the suddenly they can make. You laugh and anything doesn't have to make sense. That's you got in you, you hit that mark somewhere. We need started. Doing warm up when you, do in warm up, you got so comfortable with going up in front of people, and just you know it saying things: get them interested in getting and fucking around the audience and bringing them altogether. You you got oh comfortable on stage that like there was a big difference You remember it economic you going up in, like all the sudden, like you know you, you wouldn't figure this formula out on you. You would like, get out? Whatever your you know, your Brody cadence was, and you would say, shit like that, the exterior and we would be owl howling laughed like what is it a car with eleven leather exterior. No one can ever steal that you killed. Members, not yet pickles stuff like that. Exactly exactly, and if you did you, there was a those
a great time now that that and you know that commie store lino. Those, though, sets back then those late nights, hats, really I liked them. Those are our go. Yeah like we are twelve thirty one o clock in the EP on data fats are yet. I feel it keeps happening like your bummed out now language they still giving you really late, I'm getting better spots. I get on my glass eye at eleven fifteen Tommy puts me gives me like on the weak, it gives me an ok spot pon. I usually go like when it's the right over the ended. The hump. Can I get it? I get it. You know we are taking on the road with us. If you don't me magical before I didn't last, I'm with you like, maybe for five months ago, you work insanity I can will you are now you and we ve things a book here. Rogan positivity, pushing roadie no, I didn't know you had me down. There was just yet, let's run for the same kind of thing and I went down there and you know
was right after you got out your situation to yes, probably just get my feet. What again yeah yeah I e there was one the first times you went on stage, but had no fear. Affair. I know you just carbon crush it yet you know when is: it seems that words are good good, real good thing for you to do it then yeah oh my country says have been good living, get better human crushing it did. You have a nice couple times. I've seen its clarity, its empowering right it doesn't it make? You feel, like you know you ve got your shit back together, again you know you have any great sets yeah, I feel good the comedians like it I like it, I'm not I'm relaxed. I know you get em united matured, I've learned from everything so an uncle like Tommy, puts me up last in the main or making gone. Do thirty five, fifty minutes on Saturday, you let me, do it
It was only like twenty people than the comedians come Ambrose able to really stretch there. I think the next phase, for me as to the actual, Nervous about some things, but who does do I yet that's gotta help me break through that. I'd like to do I know what brought hilarious Cisco do the road to get out there. Lobbying formosa, I will be in remote Saturday. We need more in your pocket. You still do not broadcast Lester, we do I have one scheduled on the box, but the show is still it's up. It's on hey! That's right! Now we would like to bring about Heather. I we Heather Heather, nervous Mariah whereby, no esters very funny, she was on to calm, restore store last night. She goes up, Shouted up late night is set to rent. I'm sorry, you become a better comedian at that, but yeah, there's nothing like going out on the road to miss those says well, as late night sets, fuckin fresnel so Humbling
Alice twenty people audience s, but but I like that, I find it in those situations very good that the date show you what's really bullshit those sets. You can fake some shit in front of a giant room full of people, but when you get down to twenty people, yeah no bullshit and twenty people- man they. If it's funny, funny it's not it's fuckin painfully obvious, so I always round yeah. I've always found that those really small shows are very valuable. Small shows a first small, tiny groups of people are very valuable. I can do those the rather important because a lot of guys you're you're, only getting big crowds. That already like you soon, not exactly sure of what you're sings full of shit, those vessels with its new you get it. Well written redo it? You know we ve. Had a joke that we kept a little too long. It was like a joke from the beginning, Our career, where wasn't good, got a lot of those
yeah and I feel like Oh, when I need right new stuff, I well I'm. Fun right, not mere writes that my sets a rude work I guph around, but I definitely consider I know I just would take me a few sessions to sit and right new jokes, but I having done that, because I've been focusing on other things and have been able to get by and you know, Maybe he hasn't it's made me. A strong personality all that, but I need a like get go out on the road in the something have something out so people. Here about you from this part Jas hear about you from yours and other public asset and they were they. Wanna like. I would like to buy a Brodie Stephen see day. They feel but I wasn't gonna have a cd out there. Why aren't I now on Itunes because you know I just I here's the deal, I gave myself
When I got out of that, you see, I lay thing I got will decide. I gave myself like listening scientists to people, because no one knows some alot of people. Listen this park ass. It had no idea what the stories I dont know, the exact it so you tell your you tell the folks what happened. The Brodie Stevens. Ok, you exactly the same as before this incident, but there's an answer. And I had heard about it like second or third hand. Yeah I'd heard hold public incident comedian community, so whenever basically I was doing comedy and I went to. Ireland to perform and went to Ireland perform their never been over there before did well, went straight from Ireland to Montreal. Went to Montreal got sick, physically sick Montreal. I was taking lecture pro up into that point, four, basically to take the edge off.
That's my regular doctor- gave it to me. He said how long is it taking it for four years for you how much of a difference does it make I mean. I think it even me out whatever that means, but I still like would stare the mirror myself be hard on myself, but I wouldn't like feel it. It wouldn't physically affect me. So you have to do the same things, but it would be dull. You wouldn't you and feel the emotional impact of staring in the mirror and full yeah You do understand in the mirror my beards perfect, the scar, my fail, you not talking to yourself right now. I would know no! No! I don't talk to myself. I don't talk to myself, I don't I don't hallucinate. Time not years. Ireland itself yourself has not loosening the dispute would talk themselves to work things out, I don't think there's anything wrong with talking to?
I'm sure everybody does a little bit sounds weird, but would who gives a fuck insists that wise and we are to talk yourself, it's weird to think in your head. What's not where to think out loud. What do you want to hear the words? What is a crazy mean that doesn't make any sense to me? I think you're crazy person and you talk New SAT me- think someone else's engaging in a conversation but sometimes hearing things out loud and defining them by a put right, saying it in a sentence. Sometimes that it makes you addressed things that you would nor narrowly dress if they were just sort of abstract concepts now attached to language rights something you're happy with that you do I need someone or be our something has happy with its forest like enough fulfilling certain aspects of your life. You know not being discipline enough, so yeah but when you, when you say it out loud, ok, Joe Europe, fat fuck, you need to go to the gym
If, if I was your friend, I would tell your fat fuck me, you know when you have like that sort of a conversation with yeah sometimes does not a bad thing to say out loud yeah, I feel like I need to get back to the gym. I really do because I- but I gave myself six months off to love for six months to Know- arise none of well. I have been but honestly IDA Avenue the motivation. I'm stressed out a little. I am I get. I get straight, somewhat am hard or myself, but but I would think that the work now it up to you- and I to do that, but I am also Amano medication, and maybe or I'm gonna medication. I take that back up is that not only on a further like another few months, so you started off in the lab Lex approach. You take that got sick in Canada No, not before that you take the Lex approach yeah, so the Lex Bro you this the first time you ever not taken it or got off of it may have got off at one time in a long time, and if you get off of it, though, you must a wing yourself off correct and I didn't
because I was sick, that's the thing I was so physically sick. I've been that second year, lower somethin. Yes, I I want everything, my body, been wanting to get off lax approach because it makes me go p at night and you can't drink beer, and but that's you know what that's the trade off, probably for having at work when you feel like something is not working its working. You know what I mean what what it's something you feel like you're in a good mood. I don't need a beyond this anymore. I keep taken it. Oh, I see what you're saying are serious. That's so so you doktor just sort of gave it to you to take the edge off. You, weren't complaining about anything like really specific is really no, it was day seems that seems kind of crazy man. That seems crazy, too. Dark to adjust prescribe pill like that, looking to take the edge off Yes, that tell you d, like maybe try yoga or you know well, you know, that's what I need to do. I haven't getting warm. I haven't done yoga ever
but I was exercising you seen these videos. I was one thing I did and I felt like I can eat what I wanted to, because exercising, I also had a regular gig, do an audience warm up for nine years. Basically, so every week I was gonna, paycheck do an audience warm up and then I have not been to an audience warm up for a couple years and its ban on that's not blaming that on its been an adjustment for me, and I have to start thinking like this- is my opportunity. People think I'm funny but I kind of went at a different way through this audience warmer. While you sorted took a job along the way, and it was a good job now, maybe better as a comic yeah, but it certainly go the t right and it's taken about two years and I think that I put little ipod, sometimes put extra for I put pressure on myself, but I think the fact that it wasn't on the lax approach. I stopped
Turkey, just kind of made it worse and you didn't feel like you were crazy. Fuck everybody was are reacting, rap, thought peep. My friends were action. To be honest, I thought there overreacting. I thought like the earth. I like they were over reacting I've Ellison I've been around people that have been high to have a. Conversely out and I've been around. People have been too drunk and are embarrassing, but does not then weirder than people in IRAN Pills man in a Nazi elects rose like everything else, not yap its oligopoly cottons or it's not like Xanax or sat right. There's a there's, a certain something that happens when people are taking like pills
yeah pharmaceutical pills. The effects are very rarely positive. You know when I, when I hear someone's taken pills. You know this this Lex approached of I don't know if you needed it, you know. I don't know what the doctors are. You know what you said to him. I don't know, but I noted that stuff way, especially when you get off that Orpheum mix it when anything else. It's very tricky. I'm next to a pot, stop taking lax approach, cold, Turkey! I was on a canadian antibiotics and then I had regular stresses. Maybe from this all these good things are happening to me and then I was kind of celebrating actually wasn't stressed out. I was celebrating, and then my friends were like free now people in that kind of like got to me? I was in a good mood.
They and which is the one that's supposed to make you crazy. If you would take her without causing zoloft because our legs, Olaf, is like Ob Hahn, cocaine, it makes a psychotic or some might do. You think that, maybe that a lot of people are have more success, what there's a more successful re with people that are It though they just don't talk about it, you don't even know their on it. I think that recycling, although a lot of people that are on these, thank you, I think most of its good. I think we just hear about once in a while. We are a crazy person. Do it well, that's one out of I feel we should be very careful when you make a statement like most of its good, unless you ve done some serious research and really can back it up is its very controversial. I think for some people it's definitely helpful. I have a friend that had helped him a lot and he had a real serious bout. Depression couldn't get a shit together, got on antidepressants, got himself together sergeant and shape turned his life rugby.
Completely positive, got a real like good amount of success under his belt, and then we named self off for them, and you know he's amazed much happier guide. He had to change the way his brain was wired. He had to change the way he was making connections with life it for him. It was almost like a gave him. A push start gave him a fresh chance at it and I forget which antidepressants was on, but he was on it. I know I've got a few friends that have been honoured and they benefited from it. I know it. I know there's a benefit to, but I also get scared. I get scared when in oh, I know that people were putting people on these things and is systematically John you, like Jesus Christ in you, changing the way someone's brain chemistry is essentially permanent, man you, you know you your ear in your locked into these fuckin pills these they become, part of the way you're mine functions now like when you get off of it. It becomes very tricky right. Your whole brain is out of black and that's why were you are your whole brain rice like there's? No,
the sudden where the where's, the fucking Lex approach. We ve been running on Lex approach for x amount of years, and now it's not even here anymore, so your ability to deal with stress and all the different in other did did they d yeah put that was coming at you. You couldn't handle it. It would just you just wagon out right yeah. What was it like? What are you feeling? Well. I mean I was thinkin when I was went on it felt I felt fine. I just for I felt. I thought it was. I knew I was on some kind of bender and I knew my friends like freaking out, but I was actually happy, but I was a little combative but I was in a good mood, but then I went too far. I didn't I didn't nail the landing and when I went on twitter people were saying like this is funny like his hat Bags and what he's doing and then people got they got scared in NAM. Scared pine alike. I was it was
Our performance art, yes, because I was trying to be funny and like I knew it was but I do realise Ever- was lookin at me, but the bottom line is yeah. I was I'd. Stop lecture pro pull turkey. I think that's what for me, even though my doctor, he thought that this was just a real manic episode, just like a pro or not. We doktor sounds like a douche bag. Weathers discipline, taxis, leggy. What you get you feel edgy here. Let me changing your brain works and, then I think you just got manic their fella right. While you know that, yet with that's what why? Wouldn't? I think that that was elects a blue legs, a pro withdrawal issue- I don't know he's Jimmy Pills, achieves. We think he stabbed taken them and you go bunkers for low, but this is a different guide that met my job oh practitioner gave me that was a guy says you d be. Unless you need to be on the wrong track. They do that, it's not it's not, I don't eat, but they do that. He said this is like five six years ago,
The reason why I got on stuff- because I just my mind- was always working instead of like you know learning yoga instead of like I was around his ball- and I Didn'T- I wasn't like a support of artistic comedy community What you mean you mind was always working and that's why you gonna look like tired all this working. Would he say: yeah like this too hard on myself? I've always been hard on myself and the UK with it, but that's not working You know, you're you're, saying you saying a brain was always working brains, always thinking. So it's not do. You're. Thinking about things is that you're thinking badly about yourself yet LOS the steam and repeats over and over again in your hand, sometimes have low selfish
and then a little, but I like the OECD, I gotta look a certain way than I still feel and everybody these are things that are, I know, no normal their normal. I just gotta learn to deal with them better and maybe I'm a late bloomer. Maybe you know it's taken mean. Do you know aged forty two to figure it out? I don't know what do you think I think you're great guy, I don't like seen anybody in a confused state. That's transfigure themselves out just Philip that such it's very tricky situation and its very you never know what kind of advice to ever give anybody when they try to finish it out. Now, when I say on what can you say, I don't know how your minds working. Why think? Right now, You know my comedies been great. I feel good and relaxed on stages like these problems at I seem to be any they're. Not even there not unsolvable problems, I feel their normal problems, but the comedy really been good and I'm relaxed. I'm not, I think the levels of zero hilarious, the problems extent
it is often the mere talk about that. That's hilarious, Well? That's all. I want to stop their lack of heroes. Who areas I need a check to say, Brody, relax? That's the lights went in I dont know that using ok go ahead. I don't need any you. If you needed check it ceased to be your friends, love you, we don't need is checked, it tells you. What do you have a? He needs the fuck, some pussy up for awhile, like unlike months, a fucking pussy up in the ILO in Ghana. That's why I'm your women I need by Agora soundings have sex with women means among some pussy up. That's your eyes! Almost forty miles, big bucks, pussy man, you ve, got no seriously way. It's been awhile re Brody like a unique. It's it's your time to fuck some pussy upper brain Brian you listen how your phrasing, this fuck some pussy up those names at this time, to make love to me. I know if I want all times a day, I know of a fine. I know if I want on the road I probably hook up with checks if you want
ready. Probably would you really will Conny? Like you, girls at our into me how what what age bracket probably likes tall blonde. She was jewess women right. Like a blonde address, Actually I don't like they say tat. Blonde jewish yeah. Oh well! That's what he said before once. No they're qr into me by seek you girls when half the time therewith you know they got a boyfriend or they're, not enemy. You know, so be it in LOS Angeles, is a tough place to meet girls. When you say Joe yeah, it's probably not the place where you want it. While I do have a very strict, no headshot policy, I think it's very important, dont day by it's like you yeah, no nobody in the business, nor did it but ass, an You do that. You know you cutting out most LOS Angeles, cutting a huge chunk too. To date, someone has never doesn't want to be enacted. There's undesigning rather be in an actress. It's just that
I find my personality collides with people that are also performers in oh yeah, single and special lotta. Performers are fuckin super needy. Anyone talk about their career, all the time that should gets tired man. I don't I don't like talking to me about my career to anybody. I don't talk about it to my wife and I had very rarely talk about to my comic for You know I just do my shit and and just concentrate on my work and that's it I don't I don't. I don't want to be around someone is like me, you know what, does the odds than being like me and me liking them and being me being able to be around them all day every day and deal with their nonsense now we're at civilians. Civilians that way to get a regular people now you know somebody I got annoy do when you fucking called stupid. It's fuckin tweet ever I hate when you call when you comedians call regular people dont, you comedy civilians, its total insult to our armed forces. It's funny you fuckin,
However, you are out there, you dork, I hope you as it just troll. He wasn't this role in banana someone who's other raw tweets, and I wanted to kick him right now, but Joe nothing wrong with that. America boy, just don't be a pussy about it. This isn't a goddamn captain, America Movie, you crazy, bitch is a reason why comedians call regular folks. Civilians is because comedians are weird as flock, and if you wanted to pretend that that the whole world is filled with comedians you'd, be able to say anything anywhere, it say the rudest rape joke at the top of your lungs and a restaurant while you're on a hot day, yet comedians wouldn't care at all you, you almost have to think of the other people that, like when someone it is especially like when it comes to like sense of humour and the willingness to get insulted by something like that, it's almost impossible to insult the average comedian. Right enough. You have a bunch of us and you came into her room and there's a bunch
but you ve pretty much feeling you can say whatever you want. It yeah, isn't it one of the beautiful things about being a comic like when you would go to the commission nor in Poland to the back you step body or car you could, scream the end word at the top, your lungs and we and we would just go it's a Brody. You could say whatever you want, you can just you know you could just hello niggers and we would hang sad but somebody's out. I'm saying I M not saying it I'm saying if he said that we would have no problem with it. You could say the most ridiculous thing ever because what comedians for the most, barter, almost impossible to to insult like that right. The average person would be very insulted. The average person any you know really off color things you taking a huge chance
and I did on Twitter. I was only old and I was on twitter and people saw that they go and skies freak out. Did you see what really seeking wrote about? Sarah Palin was Fucking Larrea, US air pay little. He was drunk on an airplane tween about O Connor Coventry right now rendered yeah. It was great, it was great. Would you describe twitter for them? but I dont know why winters Brodie people what will? Yes? They do. Twitters vertical, I would Rodya Brody's obsessed with Twitter Indian, that's something I'm not you. Ve been talking about, Lily may be backing down from twitter and I'm trying to town that's a bad ideas. Performers, a calming voting at our biggest rule twitter is amazing. I'm just obsessed by my number. You are I'm impressed and yet I find now. So even you get obsessed about your horse. Yes, go, get excited when I say go up, do you compare yourself to other people exercising alien favourably unfavourably too, like a lot of famous people entering a lover, s question barely hang in there, but if I saw Courtney Coxey today and I am sure with my numbers at schools-
now that stretches out grossly. That would like gives no stress known. Why? Not because I do love Jujitsu, that's stresses male Mars, rest comes from real men. Trying to strangle me a harnesses silly nonsense to me. So as this fun may like. When I looked like Twitter Nebraska Lagoon Come bids. I want to get a million at all. I dont think about. I don't freak out a very. Are you on all those websites so that follow and track like like twitter, star fave star that how did you know about the oh yeah? What are you sure got you say: hello, Yo Yo Yo Yo become like a stockbroker earls. Your fuckin, Ukraine shows how we reach weeds and favours you get minor. I dislike when depressing enjoy. I enjoy a good twitter exchange, joy. I enjoy putting up a cool link and then having a bunch of people, respond to the link and then a bunch of people. Tweet me like related blanks. There are even more interesting. Sometimes you know it's like you get on this little lamb, a vibe about something,
any any subject that you wind up posting about, and you can learn a lot of shit through twitter and just took a few minutes. Yeah. I get it of news and everything, packets greed for news when I found out when they killed the Gaddafi I was. I found that on twitter before heard I was there a couple, different news things so seen on Twitter, Jeff ROS tweeted deaths. When people die, he looks like an old Whitney. Houston died that was on Twitter fund immediately onto it yeah twitter, I rode a modern all the time I follow alot of people. Some people think I follow too many people, but I know it wasn't going to follow and all alot of people Claude Brody, your respected, and you all know have you heard about these tattoos that no key is coming out with prior no, the dude Nokia is coming out with tattoos. Will vibrate when you're fucking phone is tat. So I heard about that. You know it you it's that's! That's most ridiculous thing, everything about it because, like what, if you had like a tattoo back in the eighties, that was a dude, it's a double Cosette player in your arm.
Out like right now, you'll be ok. I got this double Cosette player, my arm, who's, gonna care about fucking, vibrations and twenty years, or you might have to get such a carved out your flesh right, but it's no key. These crazy, Bastards Nokia. Apparently, is like the number one or one of the number one cell phone guys, the world down, even though, like digging crush now by apple, like up until the Iphone came along there like some of the most innovative phones they had like they have like one phone. That's like like at the top of the line shit right now. It's amazing beautiful, but you can never get any because the operating system is like some wonky thing. They irradiated so yeah where's this go. This operating system is going nowhere. You know, you know when there's windows- phones, you know that Does those can be around when I don't
profound. You know that apples always gonna be around, but there's no key in a weirdo fuckin do not work and are there, but doesn't noise missing or no really, whilst talking up dear letter that what was that No one said people, the other runs fucking ghost fishing. We will write a word here, the ice house I saw so fucking great club, it's amazing, comic, lovely, Pasadena and dumb. They have a telling communicate room, though it will always have advanced security, room, advanced security? They can't blame phone spam. Yes, sounds like you don't like when you know how many club in they say, you know I'll, fill out. There's your address name. You know we'll put your rapporteur when tickets and sets Canada, but what it really is come to overcome it Let me help us out this way the bad ass fuckin place? This is this one, the best clubs in the country? No doubt fishing area anniversary,
fifty five zero is not amazing and there's too, here. That's one of the things that make it so bad ass is a little aid. Five cedar that we always do our death squad chosen and there, the most fun man I have a lot of new shit. I've been working on in these little in the little eighty five. Cedars like it so intimate in their so perfect crowds or grey area. Whereby we're doing our briny dick last. But why we're doing our podcast right next door? There's a tell marketing group nor com, people, that's well the noise. You know what I've never followed: SAM, Tripoli, he it was its same patties day or whatever is called an. He he's really engages the audiences I've noticed I watched his set and he's like getting up we're out up right following on Saint Patties day with whenever one drunken young, that was one of the hardest sets I've I've ever done. I don't know if I could follow same aaa. He needs to be a well he's, lowers the falcon. Everyone gets a Clovis. I brought it with me. A bunch of Canadian gives you fuckin. Crushed does great.
He's a real common human, Zambia veteran you have run out his rash crushes. I love watch into its fun comedy. You know, he's a fun dude. You know it's like she's like There is a party leader, you know it's on. Its font is now to show Thursday. Not if he comes yes, our Tripoli he's a great do. I love that guy love gonna, throw them Is it hard to follow a guy like that, like all good, to follow girl, because the crowd is already laughin yeah, it's easy. This is, if your materials good, but isn't because you don't like that pressure, you know we ve talked about this a few times on the spot, just a lot of guys. Go on the road and they take someone on the road that you know not gonna show them up in its kind of like yeah, it's important to them. They want to go on the road with someone who's, just ok enough to get the job done, and then you go up new over here, only knockabout park I'll be with ideas and
so we try to get out of that. Is that what you are right? People wanting you Alex that view is gonna, be giving some public criticism. You just need to decide if you going to do it, companies, not something you do like one day every three weeks and think about it for five minutes before you do indeed same jokes again, if you wanna do it. Why must I only where they only do it about once twice a week now and I tried new jokes on states, because life feel a lot of these crowds of already see me already so light My ass, it's like half open MIKE half pricked practising old bids located in those that are working, but you have with this broadcast, is a legitimate opportunity to become a professional comedian. All you have to do is choose to write, jokes and start performing a reg, base and you can do the road all the time and you don't ever have to work for me or anybody else or idolize eyeliner. What would ever went to work that run the road you ve got no idea, falcons Random hydro to stay at home. Well in have sex. It's now go and look at tvs and stuff.
I wanna do you see either have to have the road in your night like travelling, does take a lot you. You love the road here on the road all the time. I'm amazed you could even survive because I mean I would want to be home with kids and kissing kids, and so I'm home every week when talking about I'm never on the road from more than a few days time ever, I'm a more along the road, a lotta weakens. But that's how I make my living now and I think that if you are a professional stand up comedian in order to be your game, you have to do it all the time I've tried it ways. I've tried doing like one show a week for electing a couple weeks is not good. The best one show week is like just enough to keep beaten up, and if I do that, and I make myself listener recordings Santa comedies, a vibe- you have to be achieved. Poor people in to that. Did that feeling, that you get when you just on top of it. We really got your time. I mean down you you're in the moment perfectly muslim, uneasy vibe to recreate. If you're out of shape, you had a comedy shape, but so when you're in competition
because a comic has a professional. I think that's it's very critically. You gotta perform a lot I try to get on stage white gown stage like three four nights a week here that's hard to do in EL, it is hard to do Noah and then all mention of POD Castle, up. Another show like why get three liked, sometimes maybe I'll get it I get more than the road is the best because later, like I'm doing, Louisville next week and this weekend, where at the coming magical ticket small, almost all that yes come your magic club, Friday and Saturday Duncan trouble doing both night and I find them when you do like a whole week, Annie four shows in a row to on Friday to once out of the sometimes one on Thursday or Sunday, man by the time wrong? That's I'd, show Saturday comes around just kidding you just new bits. Just become crushers, yeah, But that's how, if you got a new bid on Thursday and new jump on age with their impact by Saturday night. How good is it feel,
it becomes a new weapon. You now get that makes me so excited. It makes me hard sleep. I go back to the hotel. I can't fucking sleet excited. I want to write more. You know like what you when you create when you create a great bit when you create something in all this people love it and they get excited by and see it kill and for thousands of people you created this this this, but this burst of energy you create this moment. This positive thing this this laughter inducing thing this pupae stood together with words and expression and idea, and you created, and the bill, it's something that has the ability to extract good feelings out of people live, after hilarity yeah, that's so addictive once you do it, and once you get that feeling you realize it's it's in you and you there's more of it in their age, gonna, pull it out by writing physiology I have to sit down a right and costly work out and you you just put all your phone. Bombs are rewarded a boon rewarded. It's one of the most beautiful things. I think
in all of all life being human disputable, to create something and then bring that should on stage like right away and have people laugh at its one, fuckin greatest gifts ever shadow I get both for those Similarly, I know, but I'll tell you when you're saying this, I did headline went down to a higher gone down there with SAM Tripoli, these are the only doesn't count. I know it doesn't. But it every four they make big for me love, but it doesn't count because anybody can headliner think they d have crazy headliners down there. They have lived on some predict shows down right where people are headline in your bubble, Bob what they shouldn't be. Yes, Maybe I was one of those guys you know well, but me I mean I did for shows down there the kid when on beef, whispered. It go and allows us like six weeks ago, having been ass, his tweeted would a tree the share that people from his pocket would love to go, see alive, yeah, yeah, They were there's a fiasco. Dude
is how it works in time. You ever have anything you do you tell us and will tweeted yeah and then, if you, you know, if you ever want to come on the park ass and talk about something you gonna do just come on paragraphs and toss, but if you, if you're doing a gig somewhere, definitely let us now so that we could tweet it. You know I like to import gas. I love doing the red ban. Podcast love. Do nice house chronicles? Those are all I did always podcast have done stuff Duncan I join my comedy. I'm workin on this age be oh project. It's like I want. I got a lot of things going on, but it's like I just trying to be me right seems we Work aim run, but I will I do want to do the road I feel like out. I may have to wait for something else too. Will you should do it the road? You should do the road with a couple of guys you should get like Tripoli or someone else that that can draw off the internet, people that everybody knows from the internet. The Give say like him in Tripoli, like you in Tripoli, Brion said
you and Tripoli and Brian decided to a couple dates and temporary tongue out tummy guys would until it we what right cat about you. Guys get Throwed foreigner people tonight. I really believe that I you ve, you like on Wednesday. Nine thirty nine in use do a reasonable ticket price price. You know, that's that's a great show. Trips, Tripoli would headline. When you and you become a better comedian, do a notion of a horse. You become a better comedian. When you do a lot of different audiences, you have to be able to deal with it sort of audiences in other you'd get may be in certain parts of Texas and the liberal audiences that you would get in certain parts of California, San Francisco, Northern California, Northern California, very different, this other cuff, oh yeah, in California is maybe twice as smart as southern California. Their hard audience there. They have great audiences in my favorite I did. What am I see these their shiny happy Jihad just because they are just love it. I think so This goes if you they're laughing it because it's fucking funny, there's you now
they're like there, the smartest I think, the most red maybe New York City is pretty pretty close up to. You know: they're they're, probably right right, neck and neck with each other yeah, so you pull over and no dumb shit. It's very de candied gumption San Francisco in New York. Their immunity parts in New York in his burrows in suburbs- and you know he rode gigs I built getaway some stupid shit, but in Manhattan Jesus Christ, you better have good comedy. That's that's a real city. These are real people, they're, not stupid, you're, not gonna, get them what tricks and a lot of these people to go to these Manhattan. Comic. Lamps mean these are goddamn comedy Can a source yeah in other fans of Lenny James yeah? They might have Lenny Bruce finals at home. You know against efforts, has go, there's a lot of like real comedy fans in San Francisco. Like US our people have the show and in our super nice people now all. Thank you very much. We come every week in a winner is comic and towns are failing to. Do we ve seen tat,
now, while we seem to do that, it did not agree to a lotta. We pull out a way out of their lot away a lot of couples. Now he enemy couples like we need. There's a lot of you know: people who love it like those people that are like jazz connoisseurs. They want to just go out and see like live jazz
no, the artist Sarajevo seen on a regular basis. I find them the two places where that happens. The most that I experienced is San Francisco in New York sentences go New York. It seems to me like a lot of people and it s really really into comedy gallic the history of come. If I like the most cool, like history of comedy conversations with people, there's always people that I say fans of one or two when a few guys kicks Turkmenistan like that, comes up and a lot of my shows. Could they know that I was a big fan of those guys you know, but as far as like in cities, where the company has to be top notch, you gotta think like New York in San Francisco, the top two right I love perform in New York. I did it already site that was mats. Wasn't the clubs I did state of New York? I was a barker at the comedy seller. I barely got on at Boston. Comedy club may be wants boss.
Come? It was great yeah. It was Alec. Eighty seats humbly seats with gas of delight at small place. I still love doing that place man, but I wasn't. I was a really. I wasn't really pass their so make I was, I would be intimidated Maoist so intimidated. I worked at the calmly seller. I just never Asda get past icily sets at Boston and it would be me Jim Brewer David, tell yeah, Dave Chapelle Committee, which raises yeah, yeah, yeah and then some other Gaza. Funny guys from the ugly Greer Barnes and all these other guys in which you scare killer after killer and wheat. You have this sense like when you watch Nicht APOLLO would go up here. The sense, like, while you know, I'm a round like dumber ransom like really heavy talent, you know had the sense will like, while these guys are these guys you're gonna be fuckin huge, which it was obvious that happen. Like everywhere, because you are you're you're, you always be amused at specific to New York or that specific to like.
New York always has a lot of talent for sure. There's waves, though I would I came on a very fortuitous wave. Now I got to see a lot of super talented guys. You don't mean my wave when I first moved to New York. I saw Dave Chapelle Performer NEWS, like really young man Dave's way younger than me. I'm forty four and I was twenty one at the time. Twenty now, twenty two, maybe twenty three at the time, the most twenty three and Dave was way younger than me. He was like seventeen or eighteen, or something like that. I will do us, but I got to see him before me. Catch rising star, like while how bad asses this kid he was like super chill, and he had the better members thing and I would stage presence he has like really I can joy watch him talk in, is a really compelling and getting so young, which is really rare. You know when some
Young, usually they they try to hard. They rush there too. Anxious to have you pay attention is its distracting that they're not on the right, vibe yell at like as a young teenager. He just had the right vibe onstage. He knew how to draw you and it was. He was a compelling speaker like as a young man, and then it was really funny to on top of its great bits, great timing, shit I got to see like a toy. Develop his style. You know a tell like slowly became that Guy Rio without a lot of that was you know like he gets watch it like come together over the years. Then it became like them. Copied style of delivery ever may be yeah out of New York. Definitely yeah is what it is. It basically ghetto comedy: don't stop! You know you just keep going you're always gonna get. Better offline, some people, some people get better. It's like anything in life is no guarantees. Man, that's what scary, I wish I could tell you you're going to get better. That's now. I might you know, is it, but that we have set
we're supposed to be their mandates as part of what motivates you part of which makes you work. You know what, Things are most excited about right now that I'm about to release my next special meant to film on April twentieth in Atlanta, at the Tabernacle it is still available over the second show for shows Prima sold out, but we're gonna film, Adam to release on the internet and when I'm scared about his writing, a whole new fuck and act, and who knows my neck tat might sock. I might be terrible now, Might I might and might not be able to stand up without the weapons of the path. I dont believe that case on positive them. A bill of rights me shit, but should anything can happen, man anything can happen, and that's that that keeps you honest that keeps you real. You know if you're always going on stage in o killin with these these pieces, that you ve written for years and home to a razor, sharp necessary, after a while, it almost becomes like you just kind of like
going in and using tools, whereas when you're forced to write new shit enforced a craft, a new bid and make it into something? That's that's that your confidence in you know that you could really use on stage with a hundred percent confidence not go here. We know how this we're gonna work. Well, that's Gary arms. I'm scared that I'm scared of right now would but that's good dude. That's important! You can't always be comfortable, you got get up in the morning and run just to let your brain. No, you can do it. You know. Sometimes I force myself do work. Hindu, squawks, I gotta know where you know it almost squatter. I'm up to two hundred now do two hundred of mineral, and I do it before do any work before no matter what I do before I do. I do two hundred Hindi Squat and the reason why I thought about us, like I hate doing he's, fucking things
freedom there, these body weight squats any it's not hard to do one. It's really easy prey then, and you like you, go all the way down your cat. Your heels come off the ground in a very deeps body, weight squat many stand back up. Well, they once you start once you get too like forty or fifty in a row is focused. Socks man, it's socks, yeah, it's your beer, lungs or burn, and then you have to keep taking these huge, enormous, deep breaths. In order to keep the pace, could you be trying to keep the same pace and I've? I've started force myself to do him and to force myself to do him just to let my brain know that you're gonna have to start to just deal with it. Bitch just stop. Stop your fuckin complaining. You know just make yourself: do it it's time to do it ready go? I don't want to do it I'll, do it in the first in the morning before breakfast I'll. Do it before work out, but I'm just too
I'd or eight ready go, and I just have to do it yeah it's! It starts off easy. It starts off. Oh shit, I wanna get off this right. Only that's right! You don't go on three and four, but once you get one seventy five if one, seventy six in your pocket, wags are burning. She get through that man. The residues, easy dress a day is nonsense. It's all bullshit and it puts things in perspective. It puts things into perspective physically because allow the stress that we have as far as like accomplishing fangs and as far as like needing to get things done. There's a lot of physical stress involve now because it sort of never satisfied. Our body connects stress and stressful activity. Just I'm sort of danger, so our body connected to physical activities, reason why get pumped up with adrenaline is a reason why, when you're an argument, someone you're shaking your because you re to fight. Ok, you're, you know that's what it's about you, not making is? Oh, I was so upset know your way to defend your life. You that's what you're doing you know what
we'll get an arduous someone, my handshaking, I'm so upset it's because you wanted to get violence or someone wants to get violent. You are you, since the possibility of violence are your body was preparing yourself or that's reality, yeah and in less you, well that shit out on a regular basis. I don't believe you think is clearly I don't. I don't believe it. I believe your body is designed to have a certain amount of physical stress, and, if you don't instigated, I think you're, u can function you'll be balanced. I think it's just you can be just as imbalance by not exercising as you can buy, being addicted to cigarettes or bit amid the sun is dangerous. Right. Thank health was but mean. I think you can be just as imbalance by just as our whack. I got I haven't been. I used to exercise Brody took out a nettled I'll. Do that hard to do my we're talking about this the other day where those thirty five pounders looks like it. That's hard Do man that under press yeah now was on
ex approach their yeah. You were you look like a fuckin stud Livy you. You look like if there was a rush in gay bath porn you'll be the guy would come in at the end and just for everyone and looks like Jergens brother. Can I get back to that course. What is arguing about its physically possible to force yourself just have to force myself? Yes, Brodie positive people. That's why you brought here today for this podcast Brody. Wouldn't you back in there. I gotta get back into that. You know I gotta get back into that and I feel, like I'm off lax approach, I'm not on it. I'm just on the Dep ago, which is like a lithium geppetto won't or keep me from like spiralling upward. So it is. If anything for the bottom room, spiralling upward, well, nigh downward, dont downward upward upward. That's what a manic moment is. Yet that's why I'm to these, probably for another few months, do they die
Ignacio asthmatic like what do they say what the airlines have official? I guess he said romantic by poor bipolar you'll, be an awesome stripper bipolar with that perfect combination in stripper manic- Bipolar- just likes to pluck hard and get crazy. Judges invasion divorce about you indicate you know like really. Strong, indicates a couch we'd, but I'm close that idea. I'm I'm so focused on my career and I know it's not totally healthy, but I feel like once I get in and get comfortable win then I can be myself like. I can like, as I feel like, I'm not- and I put that stress on like that close work and not rely what maybe relax but still then really go at it. Manic bipolar Brodie gap, but I learn from it. To go back. The house was comics shippers, very close, very Arles, very father. The same very close, very in a lot of ways thing. I think strippers get the same sort of fulfilment. That's why comics always show their bows and strippers always try to tell jokes money, exactly nailed it out,
I got a retreat from buck. Cherry rack as I said, that the bug cherries on crazy bitch is like the anthem of every failed relationship of urban This is why wise that Brody explained to me that explain to me why so so fond of fuck, the crazy ones, with eyes ones the nice ones it. You must settle down with and have a good time with, where did not as freaky no they're not right a book about. You know what I need you, what have we are used to watch porn dislike of the rest of it We body I'd, stop, I think I'm dislike. After all this to happen, I think the difficult sexual side effects. I think my situation of deprecates killing you a little bit
So can you get off that its own energy lawyers? The other thing I must get off it soon is, and what can we be off it? He said the doktor said when they put me in all this stuff. I was in high dosages and indian hundred milligrams deprecate eight hundred milligrams of Sarah well, which is sleeping pill antidepressants like a chemical, Suzie, Daggett how'd, you know my diet could be better. What else has died? Horrible Raina that silly anybody that has any sort of problem with your mind that the first thing we should concentrate on your diet? We gotta you gotta, give your body healthy fuel, there's, no way your body can function, If it's Poland, minerals, are your fuckin muscles and trying to figure out where to go? Is no vitamin c year what it? How do I make this? How do I fix this mother fucker was there's no be twelve. I got enough, I'm gonna get back to that's. Why said, give myself six months to snatch it to stop all this, I'm going to bullshit just do it, man just write it down and fuck, and do it you all you need to do is look at your situation and look at the things you need to fix diet fix that exercise. Every fuckin aged forty years.
Man for himself and write it down right, don't want! You sets out right, don't use and write down every day Brodie. This is what you gonna do to me of no excuse snowy. Yet fifteen kids run around you, gotta business, you have to run I shit so them the most important thing for you now to be for you to get healthy right. Just don't we all. You should concentrate on don't don't away always y ever tell you don't need me, doesn't fat, nobody issues, but he is wrong, as is issue is nutrients, if you, if you don't, have good healthy, your brains? I'm gonna produce the robber chemicals. You gonna feel depressed. Just a fat guy out high level. I am repress now you fucks with your blood sugar. It's not good! That's super bad effect. That's what the guy killed Harvey milk! You know that guy is linking data heed these. They send that what that his excuses, part of his what they? Actually, I don't know how they justified this, but They gave him a lighter sentence because he said that he was addicted. Eating twinkies yeah, so you got,
a ridiculous light sentence for murdering this guy, and the idea was that is blood. Sugar level was so fucked up for meaning twinkies, that it He made an irrational decision and and killed this Harvey Milk once yeah I was crazy stuff, but that risk at least that there is any scientific way whatsoever that can actually use that as a defence should show, you have fought for your body that, should all day is yeah, especially like you. I know I drink a lot of water more than I should when I was more than he should well to worry about Do about not want to go! I'm like ice I know I'm moving back to the valley, I'm gonna, on a separate scented, just gotta get back, I'm in the process of moving I'm shooting this age, be a project pilot will see what happens with that. Focusing on pod casting It is not enough to do or we're talking about why another solution to the conversation,
if only a fraught with missing on your life, it's miss new life is exercise fix that shit. I see stars doublet. Places noticing would help as well. I just get analyze girl, not pussy a nice girl. If they want pussy will get your flashlight but Joe. How come I'm not? How can I download that drive to exercise like I did before, because your lazy just fuckin do it to happen double espresso and do it right down right down, make so do it. Like I told you, I do these body weight squats, I wanna fuck and doom, but I d do because I don't want to do is make yourself the force yourself on a regular basis wandering legally when I was
right in my book, which are stalled out on getting it right back on that shit. I've been busy right Stanhope. Lately. When I write my book, I noticed how difficult it is sometimes just start to actually just sit down and start yet and the way to do it is just schedule. It would happen. Lesson microphone oversee the way to do this, just schedule at at at eight o clock today, I'm gonna start period. Nothing else knows not me, I'm unplugging the phone. Everybody else go fuck themselves. This is what I'm doing and that's we gotta do it when you, when you want do this workin out. Thank you. How to comes your diet is focused, just write it down, I'm not eaten. Many food, it's done. Should I join a club. The Marines using they'll, take you now. I get bike, entertainment and mine. Avoid China learn from me. Can you do tension ups, not right now, and you can get through boo camp? Why were trained for? Are you comfortable locker room. When you go work out, I am like eastward a naked and every other Wanta crunch. It was Hollywood crunch. Was
I ices, around a gold yeah, the one Monica now, yelled on the one is Monica is was so gay that there was a guy who were was one of the managers at twenty Far fitness yeah just give a shot out to my friend Jack Manager, twenty providence. They may not be his name, he was really funny guy and he had gotten sent over to West Hollywood because they had entered a new. Straight manager had to take over the act is apparently there was just rampant, most sexual sex, going to happen at these club? We apparently it was just like a super gay disco like what the twenty four hour, fitness Come yeah was like this gay dude loved, it was perfect and now they were allegedly allegedly again. This is our second right and third hand. Information. Your people are telling him then he's telling me, but did she would have to fuckin hose down
benches, ah judges everywhere and the frequently walk on duty below and each other I better get, but am but for them. How awesome why let people know when they enter just let people know go. You know when they want to join just specify that they have plenty of people there. That can meet that change, the name of it like twenty five this gay yeah. Can you Guess, past simple joy to change it to twenty four hours is gay. It's all get. You can work out of your stray, but guess what shit, goin down yeah all around you and you got a deal. They have gay cruises so to them there are excited about it. That would be awesome and some to come in and fucked up and host down the bench and kick. Although the blow guys. I swear I wouldn't want to walk
I don't think I've had. I will. I will go to twenty four hour in Sherman out. I don't think I ever saw it. Thank God, the with the goals on coals almost completely Gary several bit about it. My act is really ridiculous. To get hit on like a gym. Guys would like guys like off you. Support like that would offer like the spot. You yeah, when you didn't use early, no need whatsoever for us by the blatantly just wanted dang his balls over my head lately blatantly would come over, and you know, and inside you know, hundred workers. Do you know what you're doing like weird sort of flirty way of communicating with you? Why you? You know why you workin out there like wow. This is what it's like to be fuck, yeah Melinda that that happens at that it still that happens, Africa Guy
you're gay, you would love it. I guess you would do it. What does? Indeed guess you would imagine if you went to a gem and it was all hot checks that wanted to come over and talk to weigh Workin out like getting my work at it, but I would talk to you. I will talk to you'd be flat. Big side it was you wanna get you work at him, but I also want to tell you now get freak on and he went there So it's like a moving away. You look. These girls are great, bodies and the raw flirting with you, but that's what I couldn't go to gauge of UK dude. If you're, you know in shape, gave you already Party Brody, that's good, the end there actually exercising hopefully, their and our as they are, but do it with their. There have been a great time and it's a good thing man for them at a great thing. You know I don't know, there's nothing wrong with gay gems man I fully and Canada. Obviously some gay, but if I was, I would be fuckin psyched it was a gay Jim come on man. I would be awesome if you're just some crazy freak oh, you show up at the german everybody's blow and everybody in which forty yeah fuck him
Imagine you going to engage you guys like with a month, but I think I know I'm not joking here who make up our minds to actually get blood for after their work out. So so dissection after I get to work on in first So, greedy and fuckin don't be so hasty did work on him, get to let the flirt build up Joe, are their current comfortable ignited feel uncomfortable just like. I still think it about. I gotta get back in shape. I'm gonna do where do you keep bringing about yourself get in shape? Just do it right down right now run all right, we're everything and work out how to handle, bears valued and thrown. Why did you know I gotta, I hope soil it do you know what to do just work now. Have these we mean getting back to a. Why am I not do? Why did or is it? I just want to know why I so unkind. Someone hold you in your manner, your mouse, who are you, sir? I'm a man. Are you in control of your own destiny? No, I'm thinking it because I'm off the
suppose out what's causing. I would imagine taking that stuff is probably not the best Four years of after I am often, why think, when you're on those things, one isn't one of the hallmarks of these is that they make you sort of relax uncomfortable with the way life is now for a lot of people. I think I had a friend who was on so laughed and he was saying that what it did was he didn't give a fuck anymore, like a relaxed about dealing things that used to bother. I'm now on a sudden didn't mean shit right, but I was able to like focus and work there like not those things otherwise, those able, though I was like, don't you think that that would so take some motivation away. Yet maybe it So now Bell you look at your belly. Enone lag Congo FARC,
get it now. It's driving me knots. Asteroids will that's why I want to get back to work out. So why don't you and my father and my fuckin dick assuring, cannot well well Brodie die. Do I need to take nitric oxide? You know that as you, Dick is shrinking. Yet again, smuggling prostate thing going on. Why what's happening you prostate, get ingredients pulling your dick beckoned its body, yeah. Well, I thought I sound like a real political turbulent. Really, yes, I believe you know my doctor. I bid you ve as much as a lot of doktor. That's ridiculous! I think if you Doktor knows much as may be fuckin fired. I think you make sense as we It is a public authorities really yeah dude. I'm sure this stuff would it, but you got up the lax approach and that's fine but you're, honest other stuff. Was this other stuff supposed to do? Just keep me from from Denmark yeah if that happens,
then, if you get to a certain point: you're you're, gonna, slowly wing yourself over this stuff, yeah where's that schedule due partly by the and the summer, once its forces after this gang I'll be on average, will be off everything. Gettin tremendous shape right now. Let's go in. I write yourself. Not do so, Only you know make sure you know do like ten cleans. Ten clean presses. You know it. You like a short, maybe fifteen? Twenty minutes, I need a joint Jim. Have you thought about drinking only to do, but maybe just get out and be around people an entrance, maybe goals on coal as we needed while up shave down. What's up I'm gonna idea, that's you move. I need to do it Joe get around a bunch, a gang as I'm feeling a rash in my chest, and I want to learn to deal with the address new chess. Yes, is at your art. Were you ever a big in her at any time in your life? No, never a mean college. I drank a couple times. Yes,
a couple of times about you know not a big drinker. No, because I d like to drink and drive and unite vomited a couple times in college. I got hung over a couple times and that into that I, like part, not at time. Marijuana, love, love our goal to. I just don't know what it does your body, but I love it again. I love a few shots. Haven't some whisky get loan stage? pop nobody'll you're, giving me positive energy. I mean positive guy broken all I needed like that's. Why moving out of this apartment, it's dark and I need to be around people, I'm workin, on this age. We owe project that stressful, but I gotta do it stress what a sense that there's like pressure on me to do this thing and people like list me, I'm gonna. Do this set on call and have you been in parliament for a long time, six months moving now and as you know, that it's a dark place too little dark the neighbours, a kind of creeping. I just went there right item move out. I, like the valley, I like the vied with the valley- that's where the porn stars love ya, the valley, so they talk to them, though the hook you that you can have a good sitcom you and
support stars. Own town house is right next to each other. They circled. If we let our karaoke with me, I go every two dovetails no night sardus yeah. I want I want to be off this. I just wanna do yoga our do therapy, and I wanted to accommodate limitation is the last thing the world listening to this wants to hear Am I saying a bunch of shit that he's gonna? Do I'm gonna? Do I'm gonna do when no evidence whatsoever? That is actually I do it just fuckin. Do it generally want just doing talk about it. But if you want my advice, that's we have to do it right. It down, write it down and make sure you feel that fucking list out before you go to bed there's a list and on that list one of the things is a bunch of fucking exercises and you don't go to sleep until those get period. It's simple you to do it or you don't do it you, the volume. You dont, if you follow you list and every you get your shit done. If you don't, you come up with a bunch of excuses, feed her that day and I had a really big meeting the next day. I want to make shows a tip top mental form shut up. Bitch just do it
oh it's written down, do you think I care about routine due to fuck? You have to do, but that's part of your day that must be done just like brush your teeth. Just like eating meals, you don't forget to shit. Ok, you do it because you're supposed to do it period, Brodie Stevens, it's not what I need. I dont have a brother, my dad's got. This is my brother. He, the bitch, Joe you need, is an urgent need to have a brother is also start letting Brody hang out with you more often work out You should get him to Jesus Christ, I'm not a broken Tony Robin can help to go. Play twenty four slash. Seven. I can help you a certain amount Brody, but I think you got to help yourself. It's important that you get mad, you got to get fed up and you got to think that you don't have that much time left these reality. You don't ya. Much of what is forty years with their that's. What we both have repulse over forty years will but halfway there yeah. What? What is that
that that's how I can point out an eye goddammit a summer come so fucking quickly and then the winter so quickly in its happening. It feels like it's happening quicker and quicker view. There's no time to waste on I'm gonna yeah fuck that shit for just write down everything. You're supposed to do and do it is that simple? You must get an ethic in your head that you must continue to fulfil your list. This is the list of things you're doing period. Yes you're right, Jack, you're, sick or your injured or not I don't psychosomatic and create thick injuries or illnesses good. How much what percentage of your motivation in life is related to sex right now. I may I would say a lot it seems like its ban What do you know? I won't you are one. Of course I see I want to be with a good looking woman, but I dont think about what
I want to have sex with their Bangor. I may do I see a girl with a nice ass. I look at her ass. I go I'd like to like, but my face around it, and I say that yes, you can. Course? I like a trick with a great ass. You know what a good face. Good skin and ice feet, yeah of course, Gimme lips, you eat. Yes, you have done that yeah, they like garment. He preferred prefer I know if I prefer it, but it's fine honey. What girls have you with none of you Why one? Maybe one may be better tat, really dirty one? Maybe no I'm a navy. I bid with checks, but I What you mean one may be, what is you the dip doom You have all out memory now there is like. I think she was a lady
nine, some guy's name we're moving around. I did some dangerous, stuffed it's dangerous ye. I play college baseball. She was. She was of an african american lady of the night, meaning a professional sex worker. I believe so somebody had and we all wish. Time Masood, slow embassies, mouth misuse, massages penises, whether mouth Like honestly, I, like you, like the white, fair, skinned, light white irish girls, like that. Tal shrilly allegorical Kidman. Looking pretty irish girls was a bit like I don't it's german type, but, like We dish right, yeah yeah, like yeah, but I don't have a train. I feel like. Would it mean origins or that's crazy? You think I'm crazy, alright, what they Brody Stevens Gonna, hear hilarious Europe, refunding Iman yeah. Well, you know me, that's they. I think what they get to know me what they are doing their voting. We need. We need reform management company and take care of people like you, and so we need to do
We need a death squad management and send and start booking guys like Brodie on a road sent him out. Maybe that's what we're still Chandra away from Jeff would only home icon for membership open up beside business with us. I mean one I'll, tell you why, like the reason why my judgment, I think it would work out a manager, you you Burbage, which is offered you a whole career instead of conduct a word you, the road once Nergal own steam, page noble gypsies Europe will go with you and I are gonna jump candidate you'll enjoy. If you do it every day, I don't enjoy. Is much enjoy it when I'm gonna work, when I get things done than I enjoy the funds, I like buffeted, of proceedings, but are there, are there are healthy supplements and for the food will help with that gun? Brody forgot that nonsense. The food will certainly help but the disease. A sort of just mental masturbation that goes with it
sorted detailing around the idea of getting on a diet ardently around the idea of getting in shape or changing and lie for writing a book or anything that way. You know you put off and procrastinators there's a bunch of different things can start doing to distract yourself at the bottom line. For a guy like you is like essential things that you need me alive, you need to eat. Healthier food eat again shape because everything else will come from that if you're in good shape and you're feeling good you'll feel better about the choices you make, your you, your body will fund bearing in mind will function better? You won't be you'll feel better. You feel healthier fewer you're way out, and I know I need to do it. A. I that stuff you're on mean, if you can substitute die with yoga and exercise, move its possible for you to still be happy and still be content. Noise things are checked really. Now that we have explained the flute outside its real weird, I think there's some sort of a floor window
What's we're because we get folks it on Itunes protein here. But if, if I get really loud or any of us, do it cuts off that? Yet that's that's because it's it's belted, it yeah yeah Bay, but its that's weird, and then sometimes a here like a little weird something in the background of this, but we do not want to set up. Please we'll take everywhere. You know like it in I wish. I was listening to some fellow pod casters recently, just kind of you know. I've decided to try it out and it's weird, I think, Could I wasting money are qualities kind of shit? You know here and there like its duct tape together, but then I start listening. The other guys. Another, oh shit, no, wait. Wait. Wait, wait! Wait as that there's a lot of guys it just use like one of those big blue ball microphone, yeah, it's like half those sound right. We did then the beginning. When the beginning man, we We would like to add some usb microphone shared. It was terrible this. This is a great set up, the very its various others warp than that you ve made this place. Warm yeah, maybe
like it's broken in this and it's kind of cool. We like the fact that we're here the eyes ass to the ices, there's so much good vibes here fifty years comedy. Somebody grave shows that we have had here the people that work here so nice, it's like they took a super warm environment we come here is like this like home, like family, and I raised hugs. You here and sheds a great place, Pasadena Lotta history ingrained drown in greater. Some of these states drive around like where these big Molly producers from the nineteen fifty used to live, do this is like, where apparently Pasadena explained by my friend Rupert who lives on here said that would essentially, it was created, was a bunch of really rich guys want to give get away. Vow the fuckin, We would not so the Hollywood knots like all the actors. They would move to the Hollywood hills bright and get these crazy mansions in Hollywood, hills and everybody else. What fact isn't gonna Pasadena yeah? They moved Pasadena their essential like an hour away from you know like arrowhead and big Baron, though- and this is
it's up there. Man, I mean just fucking crazy lawns, like the Beverly hillbillies Beverly us now. You saw that the big fuckin dry, Weenen big circular thing in the middle and holy shit. That's Pasadena like every way you there's a bunch of areas for everywhere. You look like these incredible old houses from like the nineteen twenties enchant. There's something something pass about that about. You can own house that existed in the twenties yeah diesel. Just a history and it ain't got tunnel. That's that's how you come out here. I love the rose ball. You drive up in these systems. Green out here you see the mountains in the background, and it's just far enough from Hollywood to not be completely infected with it's bullshit exactly here doing more regular people out here. You know you get more. You get a lotta like enough just fans period that have come from anywhere, but you get like the folks, the regular folks, like that in town. Folks, I just think is like capita, slightly less a small hip,
community others loud. No, there's like single digit hipsters out here, smaller actor community yeah. But if you want to raise a family, be grace grand piano, saying Gabriel Valet out here, and these are what am I live in a big house, you wanna Big House Brody. No big genscher, but big house more. You gotta pay for people to maintain the da. What is economics Wanna one Brody, what we do and we breaking down that bigger houses more expensive to Paypal. You guys talk numbers over there. Aren't you fuckin, cries Prodi. Do you? that's got managements. Gonna have to get you a mushrooms. What we're not sure how you'd respond I would respond. Good guy you give me stuff to play off, I can do it I enjoy. I know you don't shrimps. No, I mean I wanted with Harry really so when you get your mushrooms, but I'm not sure how they would respond with this stuff. You take and yeah I'm gonna be amended. If I'm listen, I'm gonna be- and I know you Leslie, I'm gonna bust.
Still detox, seen it, but I'm adopting the positive thing: everybody's detoxified area as it of energy drinking water getting back to it, not beating myself up, maybe I'm just self genetically a pole. I mean it's in my system game. We gotta stop talking about this as yet was almost ready to blow their fucking brains out listening the one guy over and over again wanting to get his life in order on the all our lives and rehashing the same subjects are about the school, but when they change it, If nothing else, jokes said lemon in my tea distresses me this song I heard like two weeks ago, like addicted to the song. Ok, we're wide talked, you will you. I know it is yet, and I thought I'd ever you, I've waited for you and its domain. It sucks, because I have been told, liquidity, Toby like the song like do yeah. I welcome the three months ago. I get begging. You feel kind of bad that you're the law I personally here the song, but then you go and you too, and it is a hundred and twenty two million hits
Youtube on Yours- Volley shit. You shouldn't that far. I think you should feel bad of is when, when you look at so when someone tells you about something or you tell him about Then they go welcome three months ago and you feel bad. The only thing you should feel bad. That is your friend right. That's what you feel about some more on whose, like give me a hard time for not knowing what sums so yeah yeah. What? Why would you feel bad about, because I know I mean, like my credit, how did you know my internet credit? How did I get in- and I think I think about- is that it's the video shows this guy. Extending naked in people's areas. King painted honest up, and I think what happens. I started watching those like I'm not watching this. You know just from from the video because I am, I don't- have the same internet credit that you do, but No, you didn't see ideas on there's. No, it's it's where that that has many had so its cards, some someone that you use someone I used to good song. What does that mean in an increase in its GEO t? Why videos and bet you
The cover has seventy six million hits and cover it in my opinion, is better because it's pretty crazy how these guys do Estonia and the cover will sell to say the name of the cover high yeah. It's why walk off the earth is when it seems to be the name. These guys and it's a band and they're they're holding on a guitar and there's one man was at the very end, there's a woman whose above him and then there's another man whose above her and then another man whose between him and the next guy who's at the very end, just touches thicket, lightly. In this guy singing, it's crazy there all night,
in the music at the same time, closing those windows with just like missile command. Yet this is what this watching this right now is like all. This sound in your hearing is coming from. One guitar appears ass, a guy Bear Guy S, T shirts and the drums like somebody tapping on the end of it. It's a really close on, and I usually don't like listening to guy sing, your lotta people sent me a lot of guy singers. Rattle might listen saying these guys are like the one guy in the very right he's a guys like you just as little twinkle where they probably very should Australia. What this is the cover ban, majorities in the other one is: what does it do to name? This is a hundred and twenty one million is the same Giovanni biology. I think he's from Australia Oh dear, oh, here's, the chicks industries.
And then you gotta catch embodied in Abu Dhabi order was Missus Vrain Exit Brody is that you have a very great great government. They come up with this concept. That's pretty amazing! That's bad! I think that just like money and others We have clearly seen anything like that. What the guitars like the six peoples and about our asked. What does that ban again with a girl buried, said that bit the original strong is called. Somebody did somebody that I used to know by g o t why ie and doubt
one that we were just watching what is called, who, I think the bands called walk off the earth, but if he does, you know, Youtube, Google, it yeah, see the guitar and see all the people lined up on a guitar together, it's fuckin awesome and I'm shared ninety percent of EU people screaming at us now, for you have already heard about so behind, set the sack hamster day. Why does this website that? Why is it that later ever feel like they mean? What is the pushes the push just for more information? Everyone is so excited of the news latest greatest ship. That is like an extreme backlash. If you try to introduce them to something the Verde seen were dude saw three months ago dislike out like adjusting log indignation about what how they're saying, though its ranking systems right, what each ailments, then I believe that I think that is that there is something that the universe is trying to do.
The universe has the internet in place, so people become more and more fascinated by the constant influx of new information and new ideas and new songs, new movies Nunez newer, and it's like its adding. So the incredible amount of information that comes into your life on a regular basis. So it's moving, Ford whenever technological achievements that we're we accomplish. A staggering rate, it crazy exponential rate. That's why people are so addicted to the newest greatest shit on the internet in its like their theirs purpose to that same reason, why you know bees will go to a flower to get pollen. You know, but you people remember. This stoppers is like in a three month it's like gone was moved moving on the next thing. Man, the most important thing is, is more shit more shit the x both the more she ll, see the crazy shit possible and keep Goin and thence stuff in more staff to your crazy consciousness stuff in more shit, your memory newest greatest
keep moving, never stops, never stops ever until we blow up the fuckin universe. It that's a great thing about huge over the internet. Jesse you just just fucking, just spoon faded boom boom boom. Fill your head. Fill your head, educate all that Yes, Brodie they make money off there like a hundred twenty one million hits a guy got on that one does feminine. I didn't have an ad, but I'm sure now that he's pride I bought his city immediately after hearing that song, I did, I think, that's at least helping. Yes, pretty good. It's on and, like I said I don't usually legless- did people even send me. Do bands now really know dude sing. It about love is among some of that sounds like a me boy. I like it. This weird eighties hold a day would like sting meant that sounded the eighties, that you need a growing up in the eighties listening to that kind of music, and nothing really like that. Any more! That's good! So back that really kind of South Africa
sting or guidelines, or something like that yeah you're right. It does have that sort of authentic eighty sound to this actually it's others like the sound of different areas. There's a sea these sound and others are beetles, and then Jim Morrison, Jimi, Hendrix and there's a sound too that man, it's fascinating here, like some songs like Steppin Wolf, you no magic carpet right here like that you like, As you know, that's a sound of an era where their errors like where they considered music was like a damper period. Probably the eighties. It was like a methodology showing great he's: a lotta people, phallic hair bands and poison, a kind of shit alot of people falling what the fuck is going on when we went from lead sample into a poison like forward we're supposed to be moving forward, not presenting wrong poison, ethical and others,
has it, but then Nirvana came along it put the fuckin cabal on all that shit soon, as they heard something real again, everybody was like woe. You know when you heard something real and intelligent raw. When when teen smear went smells like team spirit came out be at home. I remember I was thinkin like this: is the death of all of that nonsense. Hair ban shit like this. No one's gonna, listen to that anymore was our bodies house, and he played it, and he actually said this- he goes dude. I never heard not unlike this Boston dude. I never knew not. Unlike this lesson of this, they called Nirvana when he plays- and I was like woe yet explosive. They were to stay with the whispering in allowed chorus and this. Removing screaming rape me what just another. Just powerful energy? That would that fucking? I was doing. How could it was? It was amazing. No. Why should I
RO? I like doing we like you'd, have red hair on Saturday night live or something like that she's such a bad ass he was a wild mother. Fucker ended so horrible. When you find out that he's so depressed and unhappy, it's what does as things ever, it's like you hate! You see! This guy is like when your favorite musical artists ever and then realise that, even though he is producing this amazing music, his wife was just a hundred percent wrecked, yeah, I've been unlucky, us, maybe not man, Maybe there are some other members like a real imbalance. You know, maybe he could have been solved, there's something, but maybe the without Maybe we'll never made that kind of music and I wonder what the fuck that's all about and how something that can be so bad for the host. Like almost mental illness. A depression can be so staggeringly good for the people that can appreciate the art form. The comes out of that stress, someone's unfair
Is it really is unfair because you know, but you look if you really love her Cobain and you really were loved his music, you would want to be healthy, but guess what have you selfie? That fuckin rate me song whenever the written right. You know it smells like team spirit mean that shit came out of agony. Pain in the fuckin video monies chomping around and sing them like holy shit. I mean it was just that it was so powerful, adjust. It was our actual like the whole fuckin residents of the imagery and that the sound of the song and dancing everything it just pull me like hit you like, there's a force behind it. I don't know if that would have existed if it was a happy person, maybe more like the unplugged. I've city which was grey was great works on pure purely speculating, obviously, of course, but I really do I'm no, so many people that have come from fucked up places. And because of that they're, so good right, weird man really weird, but as you you Laura you, they learn to deal with it
in Libya, have a massive amount of creative drive and motivation a lot of them because of whatever was fucked up about their past or whatever is fucked up in their mind, whether it's a mental illness or an imbalance or whatever you want to call it yeah here, but a guy like her Cobain man means that shit That means that was just hey. No one's found this room before is like he kicked open a new room of culture, its cultures, a giant mansion, and while we already have this rap room going on and no people are advancing, that sort of that, John Raw, but he like doping, a new room, and others a whole grunge seen going on in Seattle, but he kicked opening and how? How obvious is Seattle is depressing. As FUCK Seattle, so rainy, and they always show it doesn't bother me doesn't bother me. I was there for four days and father ok! I was waiting for four days as I where's the fucking son. I live again
you, become a sun, junkie, yeah, but to have so much brilliant, beautiful emotional pain. Music, come from some place where it's never something right now mean does. I was Ohio. Seventy eight percent of the time, almost awful gray skies every day, the socks and you know even become you don't want to leave the house. He began like hey. This is drink, can get drunk and not think about how crappy it is pretty well how many great bans coming from Ohio in old black Brain Oil, honey. Honey Susan exist from Ohio here that we should get a song Ohio on that Billy Jack CD. If you ever about honey. Honey, go download our pockets of them. Their calls, for there are new best friends. There are best ease and there on the road right now and they might be in your city and they just released some new dates go on their website. I think it's honey, honey, Banda calmly I gotta honey honey duck on what is it is running, honeybees dying or inside. I think honey honeys, a gay porn site of sunlight release porn. I told them is China by that, but it might be too late
because as they get more more popular honey honey that comes is probably going to be more more popular as well. What chocolate, honey dot com is definitely support its devil, Brady been hanging around a lot of porn stars lily, I'm worried about you, you're gonna be ok, become party industry area you're, not gonna, start There's there's you know I've. I was counting. Somebody army said something the other day about how you're not some until you have like a naked photo. That's out there something legally with honors Honble girls. You know I got a ladys. Have you know that you are trying to get them right lecture exactly so? I was thinking about the endeavours like thinking how many people, I know, have certain things and it's getting worse lay they saw yeah. I could see myself in a port. Very quick, really. You think so he's out. There stood whether they got. No wonder I wonder if you just released a porn from like five bucks.
Sniggering. We seek a method for poor were watching the stream age in this, like my free cams dot com shit, it's really fascinating to its. Somebody told me about that. I think it was. You actually tell me what my free cams just started going there. It's it's it's addicting rights. Why I went there when I first of all, I went there edible and ours was sitting down in front of a computer. I've been writing on edibles lily. I like doing I like riding on animals, because edibles are the best so. I come out of a tank like edibles hit a peak Ghana tank get the idea jump out, but I got Fuckin jacked, on my way to my Microsoft, word processing programme by my freaking, doktor had cleared away. I was, I was so high nose like what is this goes like this.
Some crazy interface, looking at literally pay. If you haven't seen it folks, it's I don't know how many windows are open at the same time, but it is has to be hundreds. Ok, there's one door pages deep, usually hundreds and hundreds of girls are online making from the cameras to sit. And I just go. Why is this so? I click on one boom and it's a girl and she smugglers cigarette she's got a finger in her ass, like this is the most ridiculous shit I've ever seen in my life and there's one after another after another, and I'm like this is looking else. Raises some language very somewhere amaze, our reality, then I guess they make money off of it by they. They lure you into a dark room. The units on better is the people that are not high. Is this scary ones the ones that's like where woman seventy years old and she's with five hundred pounds? And she has a
three cigarettes and remove it alone. Will if you go to a porn site, a lot of omnium pop up a campsite in the back, rather than all Sonny you like bad any of the pull your window dangle. What is this behind my? What have you got near its new browsers opened up as a girl. You know if she d tattoos as it's a lot of extra scan and there were some amr hot lot of Murat Ballade were not some of the weird ones. Are from West Virginia, some lagree guitar like that, like that's her dad's bed, room he's. I passed out jerk on the in the like on the floor, daggers scary! Well, yes, there's a lot of them when you can tell their trailers absolutely tell their trailers. Girls are making money. That's all that's early! That's a lot of porn stars. Do that now to one of them on the other day, it was Jill. Kelly was on the actual Jill Kelly's yeah yeah, I'm like what is this a
those signals. They sit in front of the camera and they talk to their fans and living guys. Like Harry figured you like your finger and touch about forming. What's up, I guess they have to give money to do that. Yeah? Why some of em just do it for free? But what's really funny is like when some of them do it for free, yet likely get like you just go and how half those rooms are just completely naked, and my girls like like putting up the dildo going I'll fuck this for twenty minutes and in here the sample just shoves this huge thing, energy, Yazzi I'll, do that already in its? If I get a hundred dollars and then and then there's other ones where they it's just ridiculous stuff, like I'll show you move for one dive to Bibbs fatigue eyes. I owe put this broomstick it made about, but for ten dollars and it's it's fine man, it's Lear! It's it's very deep it's weird to get in contact with so many different people that you would never be in contact with under normal circumstances. The ability is instantly be in
West Virginia trailer right just like that, and you are watching this woman and she's fuckin, yellow at her dog and the cats job and have a look. A video that you did with little last little, how that's I'd like a real. Version that yeah and but you guys did there was a parody of something else. Wasn't oh yeah that parity of another yeah, this other there's a video with this girl, where his dad in the background was freaking out, because somebody said something to me. Her video like on you too, like TAT, said some things and then she crying and dads and backer, like five, find you in Burma Blind eye parity, that we forget the acts of the name of the video. But why are you show too in the second year, though, is funny This is a lotta when angry fucks out there and brought it yeah. I mean it's a whole new, it's a whole new world. I mean we're still azure away. There is a learning curve on all the shortcomings that yeah are. We almost. There is right now it's unfair, because the women are sitting there and this camera them and then the man could be fuckin killing
but while they jerk off in the woman doesn't see anything you nomes Anthea mean the man could be fuckin snap and kittens had, as you know, as you know, orgasms is watching your video didn't. She has no idea she's like well, you I have been asked me why he's Killin hookers in front of our youth? Whom who knows what's going on that end eventually, that's actually this anymore. Eventually, when you have communication with someone like that, it'll be like Enerve anymore, Is you don't just how like for the law this time. Look at it this way. For the longest time people had to have, television station or a movie to get an idea across like if you wanted to have a television show. You wanted to tell a story. Unless you want to write a play, you wanna tell store and have it broadcast in front of the whole country or the world you had to have a television sets. Yo, to do yeah. Now we all have email, we all have twitter. We all have Facebook and you can pass information almost instantly. If you put,
the picture, and it's so absolutely hilarious that I have to send it to my friend and so ass, and then it keeps going back and forth and back in What would you do arise at the video is the religious zeal look like little Esther, your comments and for air, recording them all by name are being sent to lead. Me why you were males, will be caught and will be bound and who said you're going be my daughter up, you will have to deal with the police, You ve done ghost, don't you go and egg? It's really intense work him in a woman start there yet, get out later.
That is why it will never be watch a black Africa. About saying this is our. While. I owe you no effort if you haven't a normal, seen life in your in your forties. Oh you, you don't run into this Brodie Stevens, so you need have the internet just to have you connected with these people, but I think what I'll say was eventually we're all gonna have like our own channel. That's what's coming down to was coming down to to be able to create almost anything thing about the adjusted, the graphics that people can create now and do it end in others, a bunch different three be image problem. Where people can makes essentially make their own video games they want he has allowed when videogame engines can actually even like this free demos of them. In ship K bronze distracting now, but I think eventually everyone's gonna have their own channel,
thank you know it's just gonna be like you have your own twitter page, you you're, it's gonna, there's gonna be an even more emergent into your life and that's a good thing. I would think yeah briny everything plain in the background now I took it off just stopped off Now how dairy and then what funny and talented people are just regular people will be able to be conflict winner will lose what might be the end of humans Brodie? Who knows, we might become something different when my interface with computers and be Borg that could be real shit bunny. While they have tattoos it go off when you phone rings, yeah The fact is that the technology is kind of weird like the internet. All it has changed the game for everything coarseness. So I'm we're figure that out in its so this week you got an Iphone. Yes, I do set an alarm clock every morning set of ever moaning and that's when you wake up and work out so use use the technology embrace. It fill your head with. It embraces Brodie We cannot in the morning- and I am alone and tell us: why do it seems
You do not know why? Because I don't like it. That's why I like to do strengthen conditioning morning, fucking hate to do it so I like to do for him. I'll protein, and then you get the hours you sleep at night. I gotta get at least eight and you get those eight hours make myself Stewart. And then what what are you doing stand upon the road you still uses fighting sleep? Why won't you have to get up early? You do stand up its impressive that you'd get the eight hours needed you need. It is non negotiable. Yes rebuild itself. If you don't get it in a night, you gotta get it turn, there's an app yogurt somethin! You fuck yourself up special. You organize your fuck yourself up. You body has to have that downtime yeah I get my sleep. I've always been a good sleeper. Luckily, I feel, like you, never promptly being able to take anything. That's that's that's what gets tricky. I got a lot of friends that are addicted to sleeping pills in a lot like I know. I know several people that have real problems of sleeping pills. Yeah, not a word. I haven't had the revenue that problem. You will take them brown.
Saving both I'll take once in a while. But I don't like it because I don't like being hung over the next morning and they date they tend to have that. Where, like the first two hours, I'm awakened his groggy. I don't like that really, so I don't. I hope that the matter be your time I ever do sleeping pills is when I like. Yes, I need to make sure I felt sleep and have at least eight hours sleep tonight and used to take muscle, relax it's. He should take that when you would be on flights like so he can go to sleep. And he put two and two together. He was doing like to Jesse seminars Bia, so you take these muscle accents and then he would go role the next day and his muscles would be racked, like you, would gas out Emilio, costly, getting injured and then finally put two and two together? Well you're nuts was to do jujitsu on muscle, relaxes. Actually that's! What he's doing was like staying in a system fact is back up once hard doing that the exact businesses on per capita? It actually pulls the nitric oxide you're out of your muscles. Apparently,
or not- I might have have made that up. That might have been something somebody told me that didn't research at all, nitric oxide and all that's good for yes, like load all that stuff you ass will be. You know that three, what does a Jack three d? That's, I think that's also nitric oxide sub, my like that stuff, that's great before he left you wanna do just like regular lifting, and you do that anymore. You wouldn't do, then you don't take that second, take seventy versatile! I liked I like to do like a light work out in the morning as well. My favorite things to do because, if you, if you get used to doing like real hard work outside kettlebells or somebody Melick, something really brutal, then, just doing like a set like a regular set, a bench present dips, something that is so easy to do in the morning cause it's not it's an online tents, whereas in it would be hard to motivate yourself for a work out like that. If that was like the most intense you ever got caught in Rwanda, but, when you're used to doing crazy shit like an easy day of just doing bench present dips, that's it
did you do first thing in the morning before you get Goin, knock it out. Yeah just do that. Do a few sets of that. Just a couple of different exercises, Better than doing nothing might only take fifteen twenty minutes in only much known de barn and some and just do that, consistently consistent basis. As the most important thing, consistency making your body consistently have to work. Then everything will just fuckin start getting stronger and hearing your heart rate or drop and you'll start getting in shape Meme come back. You I needed. Job. It's in my hat into old and take some pills were taken. Viagra fuckin fiery back to life. I tell you what I feel like you. I like I am relaxed and I gotta find that right thing. I'm just gonna like change my mind, change in my brain chemistry, no more! I'm guns! ok, I'm doing right. That's done rogues gun, it's done, but I that's why I love doing the pod Cassa. I don't want to get all Sapien, but all the twitter is all the desk. What people they give me confidence they held me. They make me believe that what I'm doing the right thing, I think, the part,
as for you is its very interesting because it's almost to me like therapy, you know get to hang out with me and a couple frere and just talk it out for two to three hours, hurry word. Normally you no further comic up my say. Hiding from time as member walk away and do something else, you know my kind, I continue engaging in you know what you're deal day is invested, that depth and detail. You know I'd these podcast really help me. I love come in here. Then get the Improv Joey D, ass, great fitzsimons yourself, and then you go do these shows its like. While I love Duenna, you Know- and it's like does give me- I my coffee That's all that all the fans near roadie how to respond to the criticism that you always bring every subject: Pact Brody. Sometimes I Sometimes I doubt it depends on the setting. A MAC can talk How do you ever talk to friends and give friends advice you and advice giver
yeah, they want it, but I don't go out of my way doing too much whose last person came to for advice who came to me for advice, if not a couple comedians back, that the comedy store you gotta, give advice, yeah, I'm archives, actually somebody asked me, in those also unfastening the people who are super good, given advice for their life's. A mass like fat on cigarettes are fucked up this. We need to do which scuttle isn't it. I I just thought you write in arms atoms and you know how that, though, you have voiced on you. The b will want to force yet they dont get it. They haven't done it on their own. Follow their own advice. Leave our people come up. The after shows, until We should have done I've and, having got that recently, ever I gotta get me a couple. Little things you get that Brian guys come up to have to show in course Betsy easily. I more just like that one. She was really good. But over that
one thing about, that's where you know it's not like I'm not like saying you should stop doing that, the kind of like I or east. I me, and I got back handed slap like he devilish thought that it was weird you know, and he didn't like it or not. You know you got a lotta, we're jokes on without a bit, I have to leave the room where Get that one's by what's worse, get ignored. Would you rather like have sundry, be ignored? What's worse, fuck by rhino or a leopard leopard Lee shorts? as you know, right now, the rhino as a bigger and bigger cock. So here I know it hurt more space than the same questions asked me. Ok now. I think that I think for me when people don't know me and I have not bring it back gosh staying at over time. I only what I was doing that gobio you done. It was going back to a question I asked him most. We were pretty nice to me after show. Is a good job? I'm happy with that, but I I mean.
Fans are weird d, get like ie ever goin like one of those legs, super critical blogs like a special thing like tat, now, listen, there's something somewhere Sabre. I've stayed off those comments. After I did, I did some earlier. We o Brien out we're talking out. We were, I did some early podcast a long time ago and I got negative feedback and I learned my lesson and then I also said I'm not going to get involved in I'd start out, put up more positive energy and I didn't want to get involved. With too much internet craziness. I don't google my name going to chat rooms. Google, your name in going to chat rooms, are two completely different. Things happen connect them well for how much time you spend good name, then you have to go to this chat room and you owe them some time.
The Google alert I'll be honest, but I gotta Google learn when someone might raise a story about yours, something so that is as something like TAT really dams. Oh my god. I thought I was doing you have that also effort desk on, while it's mostly just like somebody promote new, show your names at it. Oh somebody might be like fake, promoting some you have someone say that you're gonna be somewhere and you weren't, really, as I was just trying to promote the big of a name, I hope that have I just like heavy metal, music and groups of terrorist kind of guys as well. All my mother about like heavy metal and music and groups of terrorist yeah. What do you mean like? I always get news reports like this death squad out of Egypt and so you have it and then there's there's like some bankcard Death Squad was like heavy metal. There's a man called does mad like there's a ban called fear factory to
one fear far to guarantee the? Why did they not just drop that name right, yeah, the band yeah? I know you probably fear factory first, but dude come on you too, you you ve got engine am Zack logically enough to have a name. Would you be if you are banned your wife we would like a band. You know you can't say: hey it's Brodie Stevens and Joe Rogan, and we're here to sing a song. Now you have to be a fuckin band, so if you are a band of every kind, It was like a band yeah, be tough on the big names. Are gonna, be tough to come up with a kind of funny you know of singers? Don't have to do that like Cheryl grow should go on the road we show crow, but you know I would like to see by the way, be like ray then Wolf craft, she can't make up a name either Joe abroad about drug wrote about the broad street boy? Broadstreet boy? But it's not funny. You know it if you, if you're one person and you make up a name like the queen of the world or some like that- you're a douche bag- yeah, oh, but if you
a band and you call yourselves the queen's the stone age, tat solely cool yeah, you're, right, you're right. It's weird bands and individuals. Its bands gotta be a crazier lifestyle fuck here, while they have to say the same songs to what's really sucks about bands. When people don't want to hear new stuff. Think about that in a way we have to do new stuff constantly. But bands like this there, certain, partly because rolling stones and the boys. Don't you have a new song? People go like roll their eyes. Yes, I think burst. Springsteen's. Get that I hear I run on a couple of years shows that he's doing some of his new stuff, who that sucks be hard and people all they want to do so, then what is it going to work in some new songs? yeah well, when you like Kennison, used, have a joke about the beach boys, but seeing the beach boys after all the years, and they are I'd ever brought his answer for any detail. They hate near. They didn't want
saying that anymore. They really do like these ban, someone so products happy. They have a fan base and the people want to come, see him in there. You know they're happy that they're making a living. You know it's all depends on your attitude. Look if you're, if you're a band like the beach boys or something like that, she could be bummed out to have to sing the same song or you could go Holyshit where the fucking Beach, boys and I'll think about that. Not a lot of people get to be the beach boys. We created some iconic music, their huge stars for decade after decade and if they show up at some state fair or some awesome, you're somewhere people still want to go, see them they're happy there create all that. How now or another is crazy the buy back. Then they probably became popular cause. People lived in shitty places in the United States and they just wanted to hear surf music. They wanted to feel like what it was like to be in California and see. You know, cause that's kind of war.
Their music. Canada has a feeling for right. We set at yeah, that's probably alighted each culture yeah, so the beach cultures. California was like you know, you would see it and like movies, and she had people drive around convertibles and surfboards and the topic, trucks. Woe air was no smog, beach boys, our respect, the people will realise how respected the beach boys are. You know who they affected like the Beatles love dumb ass, guys, that's a good point about, what it must be likelihood in Ohio and looking at that shit and nineteen forties or where the hell was that are saying, though songs. You know what they say about. Sixty sissies said Emily sixties. Not he was a fifties really beach, boys and girls. The fifties pressure in Latvia.
Contented I like it. I, like Lord Beach, was slow it down a little. I think people are stupid, it's fun back then. I think I'll be found. Coercive sure, there's a few incredibly brilliant people, their waste more than me now, but I think for the most part people nineteen fifties there were like children in their their perception of the world around them in own what it what it was like. I think that is very childlike. I think if I could go to one point in history and watch it unfold, I would love to watch. The fifties become the sixties. Tat would have the power to watch it in San Francisco. You know that during the whole of the the generation and in a white with what was going on back then with its huge transformation, the culture from nineteen fifty two, the sixties, what's that that off just like real Sasha Shit, acid acid for sure Vietnam, war, eyebrow
and there was no- I can t see in the merry pranks authors and Timothy Leary, not Timothy, Larry, being a perfect professor things pressure at Harvard right and you know a brilliant I was scientists sudden was advocating turn tunisian Lehne drop out. They want to people, would take acid tuning. The world are living in and drop out of this crazy culture and society, and it was saying that you don't need to you didn't know need to do it like this. You know and of course they locked him up and that was all come out San Francisco, as is our common San Francisco and was all coming out of grass people, smoking, weed and people do in psychedelic,
People became more mean. That's the reason why I was a summer of love. Okay, there's a reason why it was a flower child movement. It was the hippies in the flower children. I mean that what that's all love man, that's all the psychedelic enhance states of consciousness where these people had reached this place, where they felt connected to each other and loving each other, and this is like all the Like turns Mckenna, had hypothesized about being the actual creation or the reason for the creation of civilization in the first place, as that civilization rose out of psychedelic experiences that these these monkeys we're having millions and millions of years ago and Graham Hancock, please the same thing as well. They, the he points to the great explosion of art and culture fifty thousand years ago, like how people from from a certain point in time to today has been, is unstoppable rise of like imagery and art and and and and language knowledge, different things, and he points to it being one of the clear, clear cases of wind
people started really using psychedelic on a regular basis. Here I feel like we're at that kind of state right now with what the internet is an apple and I tunes- and you can do everything so we're like right. There, souci door, you're on board or you're. Not, I feel like more people, on board even conservative types or non creative types. You know you, I found everyone's got it everybody's on twitter. These aren't really Facebook everybody's got yeah. So I feel like why think those are psychedelic. I think that the internet is psychedelic. I think things that breakdown boundaries things that debt dissolve the boundaries between you and the rest of the world, whether is through information, imagery, video, music, whatever the fuck, it is the feeling that you get from connecting to whatever art form they produce or whatever words they without their whatever news stories. They send you that's that energy, that that is all very psychedelic. It's all it's all of changing the culture.
You know, it's changing the way your mind works in its forcing new information, it's a very different kind of experience. But if it existed a thousand years ago, man a thousand years ago you could somehow another take someone and then bring them to this podcast and set them in front of a laptop and explain what's happening, they would fuck. Shake a rollerblade they'd be freaking out, they wouldn't be. Wrapped her hand or they would look at the fact that on why our show on use dream, and then I check my email. Oh look, Chris Hardwicke through do the podcast, and then I checked my twitter and oh yeah disguise right. I did say that wrong. You don't mean it's it's it. This isn't about waiting. The first thing they would do like Mary Moreau their pants up. What is this, what is this you can have yet. This is magic words coming from. They would go crazy if you could get Einstein Man, if you could take Einstein, and you put him today and sit in front of a computer. I guarantee you huge, have this incredible smile on his face? He black
I've just been we'd, be so fucking excited about this yet it just snuck up on us create. Our aim is to the point where we're just accepting the fact that it exists to mean this pot look. We we know that the impact of this progress everytime you going to do that this is the weirdest thing. I've ever done ever where we just for free put this stuff, they just just up recording of conversations and at risk. Nature, people than the come to see you in the road, and you have like this whole thing going on and on came out of nowhere. It all came over the internet. This is impossible impossible. Fifty years ago, a hundred years ago, all this stuff that we're doing is impossible in its complementing the live. Performers are real energy to we're, not gonna. The problem is when people on the internet twenty four hours a day and your will your Iphone, of course, but like going out seen people right right, you got it, you gotta do both. What will I think would podcast do? Is it gives people an opportunity to raise
really interact with people about like complex subjects. You know like we ve had a bunch of different people with a bunch of really different, interesting viewpoints in some. I agreed with some that I didn't great agree with, but to be exposed to that many of them and to expose these real open public conversations uncensored to expose it. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people mean that's it. A rare and unique opportunity- and it's all happening, because this fuckin crazy- and nothing, man and this is only gonna get nuttier. This isn't gonna stay like this. It's gonna It's gonna somehow or another job from this stupid box that you have to carry around with to something that you can see in front of your eyes is gonna, be like some sort of a lens that gets implanted in your eyelid. I mean they're gonna say I do that I figure out how to get it down and it's going to be no different than getting a tattoo. It's going to be so normal people going to get these in her face. With a lens and you're gonna be able look really designed them through it and see text on and you'll be able to communicate
whether through cereal be able to pull up websites? For you show you, images, which will show you video stream, you real time movies, you can be a watch movies on your fuckin, fake eyelids, Chris Brown taxi would be like that, like on your eye exactly, but our time up. You're gonna go that's too much like, of course, it is right now they're doing them. Is this the Unabomber with sand back when he was wont to kill all those people when he was gone, crazy, going on these people. They were involved in technology. He was he thought that human beings were aiding and abetting an enemy in that energy use technology, and that you you did. These people were doing it. It was, it was against the human race and whose completely fucking nuts, but if you look at it and global where's is gonna go how where's is going, I mean it don't in one direction. It's going more complex, more guernsey, more invasive and more were digging to each other's lives, more we're connecting with each other. Just the facebook, shit and people tagging. You are just the start
and tweeting and retweeting, and all this stuff, it's it's it's it's connecting put together more and more and more and right now it's this text than that you can control a more now. I think it's gonna, be it somehow another. It's gonna make a leap from text to the next thing and that's when she's gonna get really weird, but I don't know what that next thing is in. I don't think it's video. I don't think it's as simple as you recording video new distributing video. I think it's gonna be some sort of a streaming image sort of a technology sort of like a face time type of a thing, but like the next level, which has come yet where I think the next level. You know it's gonna, be they develop these artificial lenses and they let use through my eyes right be fucking nuts. Could you imagine you? U turn into a guy's channel and your literally living his life through his eyes half constraints that and not not even slightly impossible.
Not even slight? And what have you couldn't stop it like any bigger, just like be anywhere in his back. I hacked into Joe the see what's going on here. I M not a Pope John if you just broadcast on new stream every channel on new stream was like you look in the mirror beating off about that. So who wants to do that. People want someone for sure, and somebody will want to watch it, and somebody will make money off if you can Think of it, somebody wants to do it for sure. There's a lot of weird fuckers out there, man, but they can't you stand up nobody'll right, you know some of them. Cap stamps are weird thing in it
You can do it. I can't do it some guys get better member memories. If you guys, you saw like that, we're like open migrating like discuss, fact he's. Never gonna build with poor guy yeah, it is, can connect and then all sudden, one day they sort of figured out the next, the and other competent. That's weird yeah. You just keep doing that. Some people make it some people make it despite of themselves they discuss or to figure out how to be funny. I never say that some people can't do it gonna. How I did it right and I'm not exactly sure how you do it either. You know out I'll. Do it in announcing that other people can't do it they they have to figure it out, but that's the debts that you can never say that a person of a mind thinking human could not figure something out. You just have to be fuckin completely engrossed in it, whatever it is right, yeah, I'm ably. I hear other comedians or say like all this guy has thousands
you got tons. Heads on the internet is popular and you too, and then they start doing, they start doing stand up and people go. Oh, it's not that great. You hear that a bright guys who make videos you mean yeah yeah, that's a lot of guys did like songs and shit and they made like funny final videos and then try to go on the road. I feel like a Eurostat, a comedian Junior like, hopefully your like you, think, like a comedian. First as opposed to a video yeah, you would think TAT. But that's because you're, like kind of a real comic in your proud to be an economic, and you know I think, a lot of like Joe ideas or is very similar in this way to it's like he achieved his status as a comedian and he's proud he's like a gunslingers right. You know I mean like Joe ideas. If you talk to him about someone he'll tell you, I guess I'm a fucking comic I do it, please you all that economic return, your comic because while you know a joy, diabolic worldlings like this, where all these people can go fuck themselves, yogi.
Can't get me doing onawandah due on the fucking comic, I got. A job are ready, you no good at and paddled. I an editor in anybody does as videos to it does all that does everything he does everything, but he's in joining is always do stand up like this is what we are doing. What we gone he's always he's always you know, I can't do that commonly MAGIC Lavoisier running in Louisville, but I'm gonna be headline somewhere is hit headline in my area improv next week. So if you're Miami, if you are first to move you see, Joey my mom in my Miami soon Tomb in Fort Lauderdale that's a broad. What is it for thirteen fourteen and fifteen at Fort lottery and poverty? Hollywood improv the hard The improvident I won for I've been there, but I didn't fuckin tremendous, we can and may reveal Louisville Kentucky at the empty
the moving in this weekend, her most of beach at the common magical, up all gearing up four April twentieth in Atlanta and that's gonna- be the Tabernacle and dumb superseded about that. That's one film of my special some rain Brodie, I'm gettin, crazy. Writing grew at eight it out there. Europe's fired up a more motivated man had been having. These are diligent our twenty here thyself through the night. I'm having long sets just filled, when you, when you really are working on Somethin man. You really get some momentum. You don't want to stop that good feeling of creating things could feel like everything in that groove. You don't want to stop just one key gaunt. That's why I'm right now fuckin protein. I want to dammit, I want to see you too Saturday about C salads dont kettlebells. What do you want me Saturday, early ass, I wanna see burping before the show. Ten are I'll give you ten hard core berbeus I'll, give you those before the shell when I want
virtually all these alone. You gonna put on his chest: do not a berbeus. Now it's a type of exercise for explosive. He dropped down like a push our position, up to need at up to your feet like in a squabs action and jumped the sky hands up in the air drop down, push opposition any repeat over and over and over again till exhausted. I was thinking of baby perky secular number. Bees converter can be properly You think that's burping, copper, being you guys have a show here. Friday night, a trillion I dug Benson Joe ideas and a bunch people Doug, Benson, powerful, Doug Benson buy tickets available is powerful. Doug Benson wants us to do its part. You know you man? I mean really give a fuck about movie trivia, love, Doug, better Sakharov and I love haven't, do our part cast, but you know start talking like what movie was carried. Already it's that you want to hear this thing means things. It's a movie. Doug loves movies. Me really. Does he fuckin loves movies gap, but
would be like me have anymore and only talking Emma may in time I'll do it a bridle do take our dog, but we love you dog. That's it the shells over Brody's fell asleep on the right. I ride away. Yes, positive energy, you got it so beings who, when they, when can we know if we see crazy tweets? When can we know you completely off for this new stuff you're on one is scheduled detox like three more months through moment, up. I could be off. Why do they have a planned out like that? It takes like a year. Oh you ve slowly, do yeah these cutbacks an hour later yeah. You got back slowly on your dosage, yes, and then there's also a secret. I heard that maybe like even the last couple months, that you are offered the whole time their sugar policy. I think about what they might be put mine games with, whose play online games the government, a government, the governments,
Brodie said Emily. Try to get the Zack galvanise us alien teenage girls. So what it is? We there's a bunch of cameras here. Man want to explore the camera here. One explain what is his HBO? I've got this HBO project a shot, a pilot they seem to like it, so we're going to expand on and I'm shooting these episodes in. It's a little bit about me. Go into the neck level. You know out I'm getting out a warm up going to the next level becoming a stand up going on the road being more mature, doing it and also just Funny show about this, you don't show, but I think I may be yeah. You think you maybe see did a pilot. Now you just going to start shooting, chose and see if they like it while their scriptures loose scripts. It's based on there's one. It's about me getting back in a comedy, I'm working my way back and I'm doing a set on Conan some working. My way back in from that, we document a little bit of my my EL down that I had and showing how you can come back from anything positive energy exercising getting back to the valet than have some fantasy segments, or some scripted comedy talk to my mom,
We, like you writing, like a unicorn anglesea. What is are you in Armenia was gonna, be called get so far. The running titles, all things Brody all things Brodie sounds good yeah, so keep at it. Will you be able to handle the waterfall of hot girls? Are one of sex with you and you become a television started. Inga gadgetry left there's gonna be a letter you will be. The next entourage is a possible. I'm not saying it's. I mean it's possible, I'm not saying it's probable. But it's possible. She loves, you feel it. I'm feeling good thing. Something I wave Wash over Brody, I waited success. I'm feeling that women's tongues, yes can have a lie. Three sons are you not gonna do three, something Do three something you get a driver of driver, sovereign Ike. I thought driver rights or mansion and nails now, just mainly narrowed and dynamic growth? Can I stay at your place, though? Keep it cool when you're gone and lot of em are homeless, we'll have
in a town house in the valley, town House, in the valley, do you gonna have a mention in the hills you gonna be on HBO, you can be huge, you think I can. Why couldn't you would it? Where does Corey Haim live he's not alive and having them beekeeping bags I gotta believe Joe Honey. I'm I'm believe yeah he's believe what I gotta believe it And I do believe believe in love. Yet love is a good thing, I ain't gonna the news he believes. I know I'm fucked up, I know I'm not perfect, whose nine, whose who's not fucked up anybody. But that was not interesting, are a good.
I'm channeling into comedy channel it Brodie of channeling at am telling you like. You ve, been a big positive supporter of my life and that kidding this man. I don't think it's possible in this world. If you pay attention to not be fucked up, because the whole world is contradictory, the whole world makes no sense, weren't foreign wars that make no sense the war on drugs make no sense. Politics. Make no sense. Representative government make no sense, none of it makes sense of special interest groups and make any sense amount of taxes. You pay doesn't make any sense not oil caused the fact that oil is the only way we can fuck and power. This whole thing that doesn't make any sense either. What do they do we run out? None of this shit makes sense. Brodie. If you are paying attention, you gotta be a little crazy just to get through it. To be a little Nazi Biddle a little explosive, a little just wanting to burst at EU funds and at every moment you pay attention this crazy life. We live. You have to be fucked up yeah, in light of the world. It's a fucked up world, but we're in it and positive manner. Positive energy, hard, knock life for Good luck!
following my instincts. People seem to like what I'm doing some do what it on. In it in you know, ah proudly Stevens. I agree. I'm coming July. Twenty. They just announced that you have see in Calgary, If you go to your rogan dot net, tell ya, think it's at though just get the Jack singer Concert Hall and yeah. That's it's already on sale for that tickets are pretty much sold out for New York. New York is February. Fourth, sorry bitch enough everywhere may a fourth from you plane or New York City. Wherever I am wrong. Did some theatre I'll get that night I swear to God. I love Manhattan Centre, something at yet Manhattan. Sinner New York, big place Saudi sold out. So us I give my friends in New York, or can we see a yes I'll? Have a bunch of new material Holler, so this weekend is the harmonious, a beach coming magic club with Don Contralto.
Should fear on Friday night and Duncan Transom Brody's on Saturday, all positive next weekend, Louisville the Improv the weekend after that, or whatever the thirteenth forty to fifty, not that we cannot allow a couple weeks. I'm at the Fort Lauderdale Improv and then for twenty Atlanta Georgia taken taken. My shit at the Tabernacle Verdicts highlights Callaway. Thank you to the flesh life responses. Are broadcast? Thank you. You know before thanked the flashlight man. Thank you to all the fine people turning into this, because if it wasn't for you guys, we would. It would be very sad if we all got together and we sat around and just talked la shit and then recorded it and then put it out there and no one downloader, our thou not be fun. What fun, as so many far, can be bothered donut, we're gonna, get those hell, o Brien or O Brien shirts made. Oh, Ryan, Zactly M, O Brien, I'm one into is out on you. The other survive to tell ya go, go look up, o Brien One and around two exemplary fucking funny.
Thanks a flashlight go to Europe and that now click on a link entering the coroner Rogan, save yourself. Fifteen percent off, and thank you too, on a dot com, au and an I t, use a code name broken. You will get ten percent. Often please go to hire primate dotcom, higher dash Primate Dakar. That's my teacher company people keep asked me about it. I never promoted, but some cool shit lot of monkeys and mushrooms and stuff rejuvenate. But that's me very juvenile, Madam Mina, monkeys and spaceships and shit who is with a lot of is added to it. Somehow, that's a good idea. Do I like what you think instead should have monkeys of big tits? Yes, huge, big, not nipples, grant us the next one I'd folks. We will that's we're done with this week, but we will see you soon. I will also be on Duncan trestles New Pie Castle, the Duncan Trestle Family, our I'm actually heading there right now. Is that crazy? Not just talk Christ connected, but it will thanks base
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