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2012-04-12 | 🔗
Neal Brennan, Brian Redban - Date: 04/12/2012
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nearly all love flash flashlight that voice is the voice of neal brennan if you don't know now we going here right now he was the co creator of the chappelle show shut up to no one care on road on that lazy gentlemen don't hate i do it just because you can get ahold of a guy on twitter and go we know you were the full coast your cold looking creator whatever you are dude we heard already yeah next next day what else did you do how people don't want to hear that man is the one he had that the actual truth meanwhile if it was them god damn stop people if they don't if you don't know neal brennan he does used to be recognized for what he has accomplished i just served bitch he deserves a free flashlight would you like one yeah i would love one i got a good one for you a fresh new one a new pack which were sponsored by the fresh light there's nothing in that one brian 'cause you sucked it out like a fucking weirdo if you
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weightlifter chop it really helps absorb the sweat and you just rub it down chalk it up before each set but when you're sweaty it forces you to grip it harder i think it's really have your hand strength so lately i've been not using the powder and just trying to concentrate on just gripping and even harder and i i have really sweaty hands but i think it actually improves my grip strength it's you know but you also gotta worry you throw in a fifty pound kettle bell yeah that's my wife yes lucky 'cause i do it in my living room so it's like i have a tiny gym that i lift weights and it's like a small is this office so i'll fucking if i slip does that happen a lot no no they should have one of those made my grip one hundred times not one hundred times but for ju jitsu it's made my grip way better than it ever was before because i'm regular throwing these seventy pound things around with each hand and is much inertia is so much like when catching it you're catching this like there's a fat metal bar with a cannonball behind it that's the point yeah it builds your whole body to work as one unit when everybody does
you know if you lift weights like lifting weights is great if you want to get your biceps bigger do curls you want to get you know it's all simple everybody knows how to do it right when you're doing that normal body building stuff you're isolating all your muscles which is really weird and it doesn't ever happened like that in the wild you know if you're using your body you're never in the u never in a jungle doing like triceps extension most people are training for the wild correct you're moving around yeah the life you're moving around as one unit okay if you want to get strong you should get strong the idea behind it is one unit so when you're doing is your whole body is working i gotta say kettle kettlebells taking my s from a maybe a three and a half to a seven dot so strong it says no what it look in a manger al's a seven day its the you walk deal on front of me okay and i i can't i mean less your sag and assigning mel's idea
no but i know heading about nothing i have his number why does it side to side i think i was on the doors i think i was knocking on the door you're thinking about until i read for our body and then i started doing kettle bells in miami i mean like sag their pants like hip hoppy yes hipaa i think at this point it's a little corny ridiculous i mean it didn't buy yeah i was probably one of them although i will i do pride myself on having never really been jived out drive down not really no i never like little maybe for a second like it was the most embarrassing statement you might have said ninety two i had a i had a goblet ganymede jacket nine right me too okay which you know was a little corny and i had a but was about it i mean it wasn't like crazy
i probably would have bought a public enemy jack if there had one for sale buy one today it was a now you would but this was on there like descent you were just late and i would say that i would say the n word a lot real just around like i like guys feeling my hours are black a black dude yeah anne around it what i was yeah i was like feeling like devil yeah i've been around those why do still saying they are black i'm like you know you are what do you doing man do you try to start some here right like what are you pretending that that's not like inflammatory problem you know we're just supposed to let it go we just let it go because you're cool about it yeah month silly he does so that's a highly charged word now that was my thing yeah anyway what drugs you bionic dot com that was a commercial check out our shit go online let's start it's going to do something here i'm telling you these kettle bells in your ass yeah it's amazing workout i love
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alright that's it start the podcast neal brennan seal asian gentleman pichel broken experience join my day joe rogan podcast by night all day powerful nick diaz representing i'm going to watch nick diaz compete in a grappling match brian you want to come and film it it's like may 12th in long beach nick diaz fight a braulio estima this world champion br doing jujitsu black belt they're going to have a grappling only match weird yeah dope hey what is powerful yeah i've seen you texted me power over the powerful it's not only with the order and then it's sort of a catch all so yeah as well as having powerful new brennan and somewhat you know your powerful give energy i'm firing you up thank you you know i'm happy to be around you when you say to someone you're happy to be around them powerful neal brennan right
have a bright red but i don't use it at that much i would use the out of that yeah you get about tax form yeah yeah you powerful me on the arm and spread out the positively that's what is sounds with core need to say spread out that positive i don't it's just very sarcastic well it's been silly that's fine powerful fun powerful is is like it's like it's like positive fun can no like yeah whoever name a guy name oh gosh jonathan taylor thomas jonathan taylor thomas can't give me one point if only those are the two things that come up as the bombs what happens to guys like that they did to go into lifetime movies now you know i think i think he's one of those guys a prop i think i could be completely wrong but he did the school thing where he's like you know i'm gonna i'll go on do it for him that's the thing to do i don't know why i there was a member i think the kid from jerry maguire got into like a dui yeah he
a dui and i remember an like an accident and i remember he was driving a saturn and i was like come on show business you better think that kidding saturn he he he grew up really well good like he his parents and him are really close and stuff like that now is a like does ju jitsu he's been doing jujitsu since he was a kid okay which gives us the guys jonathan and i wanna say live nikki didn't exactly yeah yeah yeah yes have friends body yeah we had my uncles have front did you get together to gases that's a burly is good it's a real cool guy real nice guy really well brought up listen some guys get through it we had ricky schroeder on here member how nice he was and he's really he's always like out in jellico he's almost a born again mom was for a little bit but he's he's kind of melt off that now they were like pretty hard core what's his business whatever but he's a he's a super nice guy you know yeah he's in somehow another he made it through you know he made it through is it fucking he said he had a weird
way of describing it when he's on the podcast he said he is never not been famous it's all i've ever known it's weird and everything but it's all i've ever known i've had a you know some ups and downs and trying to figure out how to deal with it but that is that's his whole life yeah i guess so fuck that's nuts that so that was a really fat in conversation do you being famous you compare it to not being famous very much anymore um meaning like do you go like de want sedating a fuck i wish i could just i wish you were one thousand nine hundred and ninety i wish i had the identity of nineteen ninety no you know how i look at it it's just a bunch of people being nice for the most it's like what do you put out there have opinions about things and i joke around about things like the last boy add energy that i got was when i was making fun of some dude in the country music awards but homeboy was standing in front of a jet plane a country music song with jeans that had like cut rips on 'em all purpose like all over them
come on that's for that's ridiculous you were okay not about on twitter i couldn't stop moving on yeah and a group id on those jeans and it was you'd admitting that i wear pack and i have a a wallet chain and i'm still to fit on that like that's stupid does well yeah jeans were like when they were gonna look back on those uses country music band country music is supposed to be merle haggard johnny cash and you know that that's like real country music this is like this not that's not real country you're standing up for genia the fuck you do it in front of a jet what are you doing like in a hangar like he's playing playing like this is like with the boys getting from the jetta supposed groups our sound like an f15 exactly and it's like what what are you doing there isn't it i don't know if the whole show was in front of a jet they might have done the whole country music awards from a jet which would have been awesome yeah i don't know if the sets changed i have no idea i only watched it for a little bit but it was i made a joke that country music awards hates
people so much they won't even use black microphones because he was a red microphone on floyd last time you saw red microphone yeah that is funny 'cause i will shit on stuff online and i'm like well am i at a certain like comics been in certain ways go wendigo i don't want to make fun of that i don't know it's hard man because i what i always wanted to say what's funny what i would say amongst my friends who would judge me like that did the we will call be talking like like perfect example amy schumer when amy schumer's on yesterday and we were talking to her we were joking around about her mother possibly being a cunt and i'm like how often do you you know you can just always go there when you're with a bunch of comics are all just sitting around shit each other you could always go to some terrible place we don't really think you mean it we're not going to call you i know you're just trying to be funny right by saying something up up that's yeah that's that's with the
the we talked about at the end where last time but i was i was thinking about how thanks i was thinking today how my brother kept comedian kevin brennan anna tell when i was in high school had a joke where if they would like beyond stone and they're like hey what's the weather like in maybe like terrain and maybe like fucking niggers the blast has every will control the weather stupid and the whole right hello that is the thing is like now of course you don't mean and also the idea you're making fun of the idea that don't i so again but they won't they're not able look at life with layers right and they can't see that at the bottom of it it's supposed to be about intent you know in this is this is not just about why guys
throwing yeah yeah no it's just like like you'll just go like what a cunt yeah you gotta know when someone is joking when it's obvious there's some people some people will say things in a crowd and like you you'll be the only one that laughs and they'll be with eight or nine people that are really pissed off yeah come on here and i keep on it he said something like gilbert with the with the geico ads and all the gilberts jokes about the tsunami were fucking hilarious they were helping as he was following i was watching them real time going like boy these are fucking funny joke and he well he went too quick why don't you know not to quit because it you could even do that now you can't do tsunami too soon but they were if you couldn't do it now because people don't remember it did you hear
the florida marlins guy who i'm so mad about days so redefined because i actually twitter definitely like it should be protected by the first amendment tell people the story right there were it was he said that in he gave it spent first all everything he says is batshit crazy he's got one of the funniest twitter feed why is this twitter was ozzy again how do tell those e z i e g u i l l e n but go back like two months because he just like a just some g l what g u i l o e n uh anyway he said something in an interview where any great great he he want to apologize for shit so we said something interview in time magazine in espanol that he he admired castro now he what he was saying was he admired him because the guy i admire castro in certain respect the fact that castro's la
this many people as a comic i'm like that fucking hilarious like this the entire world is against this guy he's like no you can send exploding cigars nope you can ok i mean he's a he's a he's tyrannical he's dickhead it's but the fact that i respect his endurance guy that can last sixty years yeah like an well even i mean even said he's a bad mother fucker the words to use you said he's a bad mother fucker i think you alot joey ds will say the same shed and joey diaz born in cuba he'll tell you is looks at castro's a bad mother fucker still running shit down there yeah that's how yeah it's like when bill maher said that the sooner he got suspended five games the coach of baseball team for saying that castro was
great or something was a bad mother fucker 'cause he said that he's been in power for so many years and people have tried to remove him he's a bad mother fucker that's why i said i didn't say like he's doing wonderful things and he's misunderstood humanitarian political strategy now he just said he's a bad mother fucker yeah you're telling me that a guy who's in professional sports can't call a guy who's a dictator for how long she been addicted or sixty years yeah you can't i got a bad mother yeah well that's the thing is what he called king is calling a bad mother people end right yeah that wouldn't be a problem at all you know why genghis khan is dead right and none of his victims are alive exactly and also there's not a huge chinese intention of marlin fans that's the biggest problem yeah that's the biggest problem is that most of the fans of the marla our cuban expats are not most but a lot of the like and they would agree with him what he what he said wasn't out of line he wasn't in support of castro he's acknowledging that this guy you know look it look when people talk about al capone they don't speak in glowing terms right but they go to
you know the al capone stories of chicago are pretty legendary al capone was a bad mother yeah he's obviously an evil person you know happy's dead all that good stuff well yeah that's the thing is like people like michael corleone yeah what the fuck but yet they like story they like theoretical soprano was great yeah don't like that thing that i think is interesting is how far later he even killed he walks by people think he's a bad writer yeah king kong stepped on people he's thinks sharp he's anti hero you one of the greatest any herbal time hannibal lecter fuckin eight people at the end of fucking he having an old for dinner and i'm having an old friend for dinner like you fucking right you're going to have an old friend that is my mother fucker right there spiderman yeah that fucking awful but the question is how for like so that speech is not
checked it 'cause i actually twitter like is he not protected by the first moment and they were like no only protect you from 'cause i said if you criticize castro in cuba you get finished and if you compliment him in america you get punished which is like so that freedom kind of and people were saying well it's his first amendment right is protected the government he can't get arrested for it but if you sign a contract your company say whatever they want but it's odd 'cause like but if you got chan transgender surgery they couldn't fire you or suspend you or united mean like their shit that you can do that's protected uh you if you say transgender whatever if you did something crazy i think there's like certain things are legal the certain things are protected if you went to like a um like
if you if someone marched for against fucking get it march st like occupy wall street right for instance they could get fired i guess by this logic it's like if you say like castro yeah and then if you say i want to occupy wall street you could get fire and there's nothing you can do about it which is just kind of feels odd amid get fired he got this person spends rs yeah but without pay i'm assuming yeah i think the idea is that he obviously has an enormous voice as opposed to a regular guy with a regular job and then what he's saying is influential and that they can't show so port of it because it's you know it's right but what between that and lebron those those guys in their hood up and release in that picture think to a printer
not what is is it because i don't know what the difference is one is in resistance so what they think is an injustice that was committed by a guy who's a bit sketchy right and you know they want to make sure that someone's brought to justice and the other one is a guy expressing his you know his is yeah yeah i just like to thank god why what i admire how one i don't understand the connection i admire one aspect of that guy's personality is what they're saying that they're saying he is what is what is giving him his props some anything there at my no i'm saying gm is saying i'm giving i it might like i admire the part of him that was has it has it has lasted this long yeah that's the bad part yeah he said of the fact that he's a man see the dis donnie's whatever managed to stay in control yeah as a dictator so long you know it's amazing how long when you hear about like a milled young that whatever his name was kim jong well the guy would die
think about how long that guy and what kind of damage that god in his regime is done yeah that poor country yeah you like black hole it's amazing yet someone can do that that that actually can you know you while you watch game of thrones your watch that i watch when you think about the idea of kings you know its it's amazing that someone still to this day can rocket king style you know but there our guys castro's rocket king style you can call him whatever you want that's the god damn king of cuba you know you kim jong il that's the god damn king of north korea i don't care what you want to call them presidents l wonderful l greatness no what did the honorable whatever you wanna call it okay i guess my question to the lebron announced a male is right right i get that but i'm saying at what point with lebron and the heat get where does it cross the line to like we
can suspend you why would that ever make them be able to be suspended at what if they said i like i respect castro they didn't even say anything no but i'm saying i could have filled up but i'm saying how far at what point does it become objectionable if say you like hitler a dictator hitler of course is the eyes everybody that's the you you like it you like a dictator or stand in support of um a kid that was here's what i mean i'm not making a false equivalency i'm just wondering where does one become objectionable if he had said i kind of like i think there's so many people that are in support of the trayvon martin name trayvon martin and is george zimmerman character that they just arrested today there's so
people in support of an investigation into the into that and there's so many people that felt like in justice it occurred and that that can be gotten killed and it could all right all been avoided there so many people that would it's like it becomes the court of public opinion but that's the thing is almost one slash four public opinion is like we almost live in like a snitch ocracy where it's like hot like that release release the video and then we're like literally you like almost feel people's pleasure when that guy was jerking off on the sidewalk yes we like and we got then we got another one we fucking we fucked you up so badly with scrutiny i feel like the light has net we have been the hotter like the cultural spotlight of like yes we're all and it becomes low hanging fruit to make fun of this guy the coney guy like fucking you don't have your fucking facts straight and connie shit done this for years ago yes but if you even have it in you somewhere that you might get to apa
right where you're running around naked jerking off in the street acting gay as fuck i'd like to see please okay and i'm i'm happy when some pressure cooker situation out some fucking crazy bitch 'cause that's what that guy is you can do that to me alright let's your dough sing me up i'm not running through the streets jerking off make it that's never come up there never been a day without have been a concern that i agree with you that's good do you think you think it's like cultural vetting is like that this is most certainly he failed that he failed life's intelligence test one hundred percent he failed in several factors he failed first of all by making this this whole campaign which was not quite in form armed or what wasn't quite act with the factors like where this guy was the right time and what had been done and what's being done right now and then on top
it was a huge amount of money that wasn't going to the actual crime six percent someone saying i'm out of money and then there was the other dude who is his partner was joking around about it they caught him right video drug right there is so many things about it where it just screamed like a brill plan they right but it also opted i brilliant planned to disguise a money making venue of teacher rather inside some sort of a charitable organization that's what everybody got upset about about it but i feel like there was that was if there if it's a football field i'm on the forty yard line of thinking it was basically good i thought it was more good than bad i think it's certainly generated money that wouldn't have been generated without it right away or noise toys that caused it goes to where do you think it should be should it be a regulation thing or should it be just a court of public opinion it's like i don't want to compare these two there are two very different things but in a sense it's the same lewis
dk released a comedy special online for five bucks now that means that no one can release a comedy special for twenty bucks you can't do it online right louis c k who is widely one of the very best if not the best stand up working today he said five dollars for his shit right so that means it's five dollars for your shit and that's how i think that's a good way to establish it i think that's that's a good way and this is your way of saying that we continue charging for the joe rogan point i'm saying the court of public opinion with this guy looked at it and said ok we i think it's a good cause to shine the light on someone who definitely did some terrible shit so there's a lot of good and what you did but why you making so much money off that that's what the court of public opinion is right about this guy and that's where the scrutiny cracked up and that's when he ran out naked i would venture i would venture that no one really gave a fuck about the kids to begin with it was yeah nice story you just go yeah but meanwhile there's homeless fucking kids outside my window and
ok you should move there were invisible kids anyway yeah i don't i think no one really cared i think anyone really cared about the plight of the kids because there's plenty of i think it's like story that you go hey did you hear the story and then you get in you get engaged so and so i think that people never really cared and i also think we will never really care that he was making money i think i think there a friend of people that truly care about kids rights and african issues and shit like that there's a sliver people who care about transparency in fund raising operations and everybody else is just like where we going now fuck him fuck this forget it i honestly think that this is what happens people care but they of their own life to deal with and that's where it really comes in it's there's a lot people that yeah i care about africa of course i do when i look at this
idea that you see these children living in fucking dirt huts and there's no water on the 2000s of the world in awful shit it's terriblr one slash three of the world straight up anthony ordain did some show on mozambique you know and it was trash three mozambican i'm watching a show like this is crazy man they have no running water they have no electricity they have no nothing they have like grass shacks i mean they're essentially living not much differently than people live thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago and they're getting by i mean they're having kids and they're getting enough food and they are keeping the whole process going but you like wow that's it's amazing that in twenty twelve that's that's going i do care but then you also have your own all you care but it's like when you got what can i it's such a massive problem i say like every i'm sorry i feel like everybody place which is the prime i i feel like everyone
has something that they're compelled to do in this life and i think that some people are compelled to charity and i think those people should do charity you know i don't i don't think it's a selfish thing to pursue your own entirely and into only tried to be around an experience of things that you're actually enjoying in this life just people that are not compelled to do that and they should be allowed to do that and they should be allowed to pursue charities our absolute donate money and i i do but i you know i can't get involved to the point where he eats my life up think i think it would it would easily i could easily get my life eaten up by you know help kids if you you helped a bunch of kids you saw them you know get over something certain illnesses you famine whatever if you actually were there experienced it with them and then kept going and then became friends with them and here sort of relationship with those kids jesus christ would could completely life he's like i gotta help
i forgot to get all that so when i got ac yeah what's his name that's what that apparently the deal was yeah if you love them if they became like your little brothers and learning is like worse of course i mean the the real issue is we need to get our own fucking politicians to do that what about what do you make of the pressure cooker though what do you make of the thing like until like when zimmerman was gone i thought oh going to kill himself yeah i'm surprise jerry sandusky horrible complete scumbag there are these are bad examples i think the i think people that just get torn like however he's a get tmz to the point where they yes tack camera people other certain they now see them like you just they just can't take it anymore like yeah and i don't considered vetting i just consider it's like if the call general tab alism is so out of control yeah i think there's certainly that i people are also so angry they're looking for an enemy you know people are so angry the economy there's something like
forty percent of all kids that live in eighteen and i think thirty four living with their parents children in their 30s yeah delivering their parents percent yeah sensing heads that's that's the grip mean there've been made me serial mom relate my house as well usually my house my dog for walks silly you live in america you lucky yells go watch it watch it such a whiny like all your luck high speed internet i got that said it like that does as as a grown adult dusting and cleaning the toilet is sense and so much on big to watch them so it's better for you moves on tv you learn watch the anthony bordain show that we were just talking about the one that got the guy that wears the thumb ring he used to be tweeting about it i tweeted him
in the board game he was the only guy that ever met with a thumb ring that i did want to strangle but he said i got rid us of a long time ago i wrote age limit for that and the hashtag what yeah but the thing i also have one of those like tribal things run his belly button or is that somebody else no he doesn't have a thing around as he might see mine was that they had always get a sneak him is why anthony coming just make on their arm it might be him yeah tribal something about doing a tattoo around your belly button makes we go and have like when the stinging that piercings in like little dangling one and when that actually won if it is any guy ever pull that off no they'll be awesome okay here's what here's my question please the question is god likewise again i think it's bad that he gets fined i think but i think it's ultimately bad for the country i just wish people could its people are not corporate fucking spokes people do what i mean and that's the thing is everyone's become that we talked
tracy thing last time and everyone's just in a constant state of anytime you tweet something there's like how the fuck can you say that you know and it's yeah we were we were you know like and i'm and i in you string is gonna get it's never gonna apologize for anything he said i don't think well you know i'll let people know what my intentions are not right apologize but if i select i you know and that was gonna paul just to be with we're mad that i said the guy was a silly bitch for wearing ripped jeans right fake ripped jeans that's some silly bitch shit that's just what were they when what was their case at me for one free wireless so you get your career in the toilet you need to get attention this way there's a lot of that is a lot of they want to point out how your careers in the shitter which is most so i guess someone meanwhile i got more
your friends in him hey about that just called you fat that works the best fat is a good boy we were at the comedy store one night so was on camera we caught it on camera so check wouldn't stop calling me fat and what are you talking about six pack he pulls up here so that hurts that hurts though 'cause you think about chappelle used to call me fat boy jokingly preposterous no i know but it was next to him i technically was half as he was and like so when it gets a little crazy fat is a big one for but this was the girl that was trying to make me feel bad and it was like this isn't even make sense you owned your so hard like a scene in a movie was a do she movie you the bill in its full supply your six pack with something showing someone your abs always which we stand down or now she got rocks yeah turned into jello this is like the kids
fat the yeah but do you want i just don't i don't want people to turn into every not everyone's running for office just put out good shit man i agree but i agree but then if you want to make fun of a guys pants you put some but i was saying that's the only bad thing that i ever get back i'll get that most of time is all positive you put out good shit and you get good shit back you put out good energy back what i just think it's like mark could be fired for i mean he got fired ten years ago but who bill maher and even the rush limbaugh thing like rush limbaugh is a piece of shit but i'm concerned so i just don't listen to him but and and losing advertisers i get i guess it's just i don't know i know the rush limbaugh story there was a girl i was trying to get the government the state whoever the fuck pays that insurance that she was getting who it was georgetown university she wanted them to pay for her
or birth control and rush limbo as part of her health care as part of our health care and rush limbo had argued that if our tax dollars are going to go into it then we should able to watch you have sex yeah i was i have so much sex yeah i like then we should be able to watch that should be yeah basically she's a prostitute yeah like you're you're having sex for money to pass salts and he's a big drug guy right what he was doing he was doing mad oxy's yeah to the point where he went deaf alex jones described me the process of oxycontin overdose that actually makes guys go deaf could you remember when rush went deaf no i mean i remember when he was big into oxy but he went deaf he went to the point where his show is suffered because he couldn't hear what people were saying to him sometimes and he couldn't understand it he couldn't hear his own voice so it didn't sound right it sounded off and they went for a long time before he got an operation and then he got it fixed and they did
i think they gave him an inner ear plant i think he's got an implant that helped us from here going cheap son they said he was up to over ninety at day god damn it oh my goodness could oh my goodness ninety fucking pills a day homeboy was cranking the orphan where should i had that sort of people to get him and shit he was getting all kinds of different doctors to hook him up you know what it it gets me again you not have you done shit like no no no no i'm sure it would get you though i have no doubt in my mind that oxy oxycontin would get me i think they get everybody i mean i think i would be strong i would get off them but i definitely think that if i was hanging around with a bottle of them and swollen foot when i took one an awesome like this is awesome and then you get hooked really nobody has anything really bad to say about other than the addiction like
no one advance yeah i've heard someone say made them really nauseous but that's what her windows to a lot of people write some really nauseous that's the only thing but they say it feels on the main thing it's a fucking i really gotta get hooked on coke i never even tried coke or needed barely seen it i've maybe seen it for dozen times and that's probably a memo i just remembered six in a crazy ass dream about you buddy that's not real cold please gentlemen it's powdered sugar we didn't have sugar for coffee i had powdered sugar which doesn't work it didn't seem like it did anything they never get it never goes down yeah it's funky had a fucked up dream about you do what you were doing marijuana mixed with meth and your tone it's the latest things kids do they smoke bear one in math together i was like what are you talking about and you were like well i would never smoke bath by its need yeah you like i would never smoke merit in math by itself but when i mix them together dude it's amazing and i was like
trying to get you to stop smoking back wow you were hooked on meth would you say mead mead that will be called just make that up yeah i did yeah but i mean that might actually what it is could you imagine if i started something i don't think death and we i think i think meth would completely overpowered i would a man and in women wouldn't be funny though it's like somehow another marijuana became a white knight in your brain fighting off the meth consciousness and you see a fucking virtual battle of positive and negative substances duking it out in your head because if you take math with mushrooms how does that work i don't know you know what's funny is i had an axe that did she was a meth addict before dated and she said well it's all about all that stuff she's like my teeth weren't mighty forgot there goes my skin never looked better it wasn't bad she hadn't gotten that deep yet it takes while before your body turns into a fucking prune although some people doesn't just fucking they turn and it's like that'll do it she was she a functional meth head
a vague i didn't know where i think vague especially she here's what here's ninety she the lived you know how you always hear about indians living off of casinos she lived off the casino wow she was native american seminal she lives off the hard rock in in the on the nickel data should one in fort lauderdale did you ever play like cowboy and indian with her we would get i'm pretty attended share is i kind of need i conquered her let i actually get i i moved into a place for the june gave her a gave her a blanket with smallpox on it um now we never it was actually a good we were in love joe what happened she started going to black
cubs going to going to she started going to she started getting her masters in psych i started getting her masters in psychology and at the beginning of the class teacher was like just so you know know near relationships are going to last on and she said that she was like somebody else broke up today somebody else broke up today and then slowly but surely it was like that six months in we were kind of done what does she was just uncovering stuff about herself and like i didn't you know she liked women she hates men like just stuff that was like oh shit alright women and she hates she wanted to date women oh shit by yourself end up because i asked if we could do it together pam she wanted see well yes you the date women and she's like i fucking hate men no it's done yes all of us for now but that's a mess anybody who says they hate women's a cunt
you're dying like hate women i hate when we get the fuck away from me crazy bitch you what you hate everyone of a certain gender will guess what same thing if you hate man go fuck yourself you dumb bitch you think i asked to be born a man you know just blacks you would not everyone you would've been asked for sure being a man's way better i should be in a manly man yes i mean to be a real joe rogan high man you can't get mad at someone for their gender you silly that's and it's accepted you will get mad women but you are allowed a she had a case i do have i had conversations with women before that have said you know men this and men that into my god damn a chance yeah i'm a person in ibm just a person this you throwing me into for half the planet yes is so ridiculous and did this i don't that you got it yeah it's i it's treated me like she hates all men everywhere she just you could live like i have deep seated mistrust
of men you could live in an intimate relationship meaning like i haven't had any positive we haven't had any positive male deep relationships well you know how fucking old was she and how many people had she been around forty seven years young know she was i don't know even if she was forty seven years old twenty she could have been stuck in some student robots she was in a lot about spa therapies pretty fucked up anyway this girl i did it in college same thing she was a fucking mess like alcoholic just crazy always getting in fights with her family and all these other people and then she went to the therapy of therapists and every time she would come back because like therapist tells me we need to i got that yours is a really bad person and i'm like what is probably full of the souls of really distorted but that's not using therapy the right way yeah that or you're a bad person you could live for aa you could live a thousand lives as a man and still not understand what it would look be to live a life of a woman you don't under and you're not a woman in
as soon as the guy understands that and accepts that he'll be way happy when you try to make a woman think like a man that shit is impossible the same as a man trying to think like a woman it and i think both are guilty i actually think women are slightly more guilty of trying to get men to think like women we so they have because it is more yeah our aching yet they can just go like you need to change or the worst if god is that he's like a dick yeah i whatever a guy is in a good relationship that i admire the girl's friends hey him right he's such a fucking asshole and he gets to do what he wants and it's like yeah that he has i used to say to girls you're making me like a guest in my own life where and that would that would get
where they were like i understand what you mean no because it was like you know i don't i wasn't looking for a coach yeah i wasn't looking for like someone i need to want to come in and fucking change my taste and chain my interest and change my wardrobe and my diet and just like that but they do i think some women try think that that's like a way to go well i think there's also a struggle for power that goes on with people in relation chips everyone thinks they should be the one that decides where we go and what to do and some people take that shit more serious than others and some people just not very intelligent or emotionally developed and so they they run on crude tracks and they just fuck bang into each other every time they have relationship these cars just slam into each other and they argue about shit and then they make up that's all those stupid fucks live their life yeah i think there's a lot of that i think percentage of people do you think are stupid it's a giant number
baby i'm in it you know i mean i always look at how the whole bit but i should do about how people like to think their smart but really just buying shit from smart people and memorizing shit is smart people have figured out this is gigantic butt body of knowledge and anybody thinks you're smart is dumb as fuck well that's what i was i had this argument the other day but don't you want to live forever to learn everything i do who knows you say that but what if after this is way better there is no after this you don't know that i don't talk about i get have something you're talking complete nonsense yeah we get a sense it would just say based on what i did there was nothing it's kim going back to where i was which is not before seventy three i don't i don't think any of it ends i think it changes i think it all becomes something completely different in energy never dies off it just moves on to another state and i think that the whole cycle of the universe we want to think of it as like there was a birth to the universe and it's going to be an end of the universe you know that's why they think of the big bang you know the whole there was at one point
it was smaller than the head of a pin and was a giant burst i think it's never ending i think that our ideas of it are all based on our own biological limitations and i think the biological life is a trip i think it's an experience i think the bio logical life doesn't necessarily represent what is possible in reality and i think it's one stage of existence and i think we probably had other stages of existence i think are are real true consciousness it gets wrapped around language and it gets wrapped around culture and it gets wrapped around personal experiences and how they interpret him and how they remember shit that other people have figured out and written down but at the end in the root of that that could take place in one hundred thousand million different forms it doesn't have to exist is a human animal making noise with your mouth that consciousness could exist in other dimensions that consciousness whatever fuck it is that's at the underlying the
so the underlying energy that makes the body move in certain directions and choose to manipulate objects whatever the fuck that is at the root of all that could exist as a dolphin could just as a killer whale could exist as a you know some the smart octopus who the fuck knows i think for for what we are right now is in a evolving species it's changing it's becoming something different not look man i hope you're right like i oh 'cause i am going to die yes i just hope there's and after i think we're becoming something different and along the way i think whatever the fuck it is that were that the human race is going to eventually evolve into i think i think we're on some sort of a crazy cycle that's what i think i think we're on some sort of an infinite loop cycle and i think our limited interpretation of like people dropping off the face the earth and disappearing and leaving our lives leaves
to believe that this is it this is this one thing and this is it breathe in one day your heart will stop beating and then it ends maybe would maybe not maybe you're a fucking caterpillar that's big going to become a butterfly ranger maybe or some weird fucking animal that travels dementia into dimension in completely different forms we've seen that happen in physical state in life we seen map pillars in salamanders and all these fucking different things become a completely diff i think we've seen them fizz weekly metamorph and change why would we why would we assume that consciousness couldn't do exactly the same thing why wouldn't we assume that reality can't do exactly the same thing i think it's super possible that were some crazy technological a pillar and that we're going to one day press so i guess thought and button i hope all right
and all of our experiences of life and death and love and infatuation and fascination and appreciation and all those different things are really just it's more motivation for you to keep moving forward and forward and forward to push this technological machine mean that society runs on the re will the real pennings what's really impacting the universe it's not people magazine in kim kardashian's ass but that is there to distract you long enough to keep buying the new droids in the more technology we create in the more minerals we mine and the more we push the boundaries of what we can do in control in the universe the more we get closer to whatever the fuck were becoming completely locked into an sing with our cell phones and our computers if i'm online like in hotel in the internet goes for an hour a fucking panic it's i've been do started doing a joke the other day about how my phone has come
wheatley turned me into a dick fuckin asshole like as far as like being rude and just fucking like fuck you companion uh i got everyone else in front of me and i'm rather spend time with them i have enough girls pictures on my phone i was tell prevent that i could publish two months a magazine girls like send you pics yeah yeah because they know you're single yeah the girl i mean that's not just like but i don't know where the girls and chant and it's over years but i'm saying like like if i die i told somebody if if my phone turned up in the hundreds in a town the town elda would burn the town down because they'd be so freaked out by just the amount of filth on my phone and that's the thing is like do get hooked having to bring up i to the uh the flotation i went to float as you enjoy it yeah me crash crash i is an interesting individual in yeah i will
nine days ago near yeah and it was it was pretty great that's what made me what my my epiphany and i'm sure you don't get epiphanies every time but my point is laying there was like i need to experience some love and i get a dog to do that why do you say dog because i find work your way up to it yes literally that's that's the plan is like work my way up how fucked up are you i got a one hundred and ten ten being ten being like you're unfixable oh i don't think i'm unfixable i think i'm like that six and one slash two six and one slash two yeah that's still strong so we have a strong start my love experiences with dogs but it sounds crazy but i'm only thirty seven so you know still pull it together it's not too late come from behind channel yeah exactly it's possible i've been lapped by the
but i'm going to lap randy tour didn't have his first fight until he was thirty four so think about doing tomorrow borrow knees noble i feel like that could i feel like it could help you can tell the borrowing brians got the most loving dog in the world you could try it you can borrow it for a little while how big is a tiny this thing like those little dogs they all this shivering and if i didn't do that doesn't do they seemed freaked out of freaked out dog in suplica guard dog it's not scared to you at all it's not scary to you at all it's think about super affectionate look at it it's not like like a like a whole shit persons here you want to make a documentary about it nobody's mean my love the with look dock and twitter at trixie vixen yeah it's a sweet it's a sweet dog really one of the nicest dogs the face is the earth but you were never in love what was that you weren't in love till you met your i don't really like that
about that on the air sir all right enough there's been a few loves lossed along the way got it i don't want to bring up any personal experiences and involve other people that i'm staring out with yeah but look yeah i've been in love but the real the real reality of life though is you have to get your own shit together before you're capable of have any sort of relationship because relationships will eventually expose those who you really are that i agree with that is you want to have a vetting yeah that i don't see like you know you deserve someone who's got their shit together if you don't have your shit together and that's why i always falls apart that's why you wind up treating like shit you don't deserve him you know you have to come to a state as a human being where all your experiences that you give to this other person are all as this is possible you're always yeah always is covered it is possible as friendly as possible as affection as possible and as soon as
get out of that state as soon as you you know if he is the only way you can get there is you gotta you kind of really be happy with who the fuck you are because if you're not happy with who you are or what you're doing and how you feel about yourself and then used attaching your happiness to this one person like the only time i feel good is when i'm around you will crazy like bitch get your own shit together first you can't just entirely dependent upon one person for your own happiness the only way you can truly be happy in a relationship i feel like as if two people can be in pendant of each other still enjoy each other company it's the mind if there was once when it's like concentric circles yeah right in the middle is the relationship where you overlap yeah and you but you can also be nice to each other that's a hard thing i learned yeah that's the thing i learned because i'm from like them the youngest a ten ten so it like there was attention you at all i mean yeah not
yeah yes and no like certain ones like older brothers sisters did but ten this is too many my mother admitted it and she also admitted that our father didn't love us at all but sounds awful sounds awful is awful but when when i heard that i was like thank you i'd fucking knew it you know i mean he didn't love yeah wow know it what a dick so what does he do bitches he he started another family know he's he he's actually like he's 80s old so just hanging out get from the fact that we talk sparingly here's a good example at my brother in law's funeral which was in july he my nephew my dad sort of infirmed and my nephew it was like trying to help him down there's my dad goes don't touch me and then he walks
rihanna steps and he goes if i follow it's kind of your fault just like a car easy go like crazy angry irish dude so so what so what i found is that that you kind of need to i just feel like i need to rebuild all that shit like and what i found all right so this is what i was getting at i was seeing a girl who had to go to the hospital for some like infection thing pussy infection ascalon talk about love and then i'll talk to you said you know he said infection things i mean to me and i didn't so i even did not hang okay and lives man and so she's in a hospital and i was like but at this point we kind of weren't seeing each other anymore and she was like i'm at the hospital myself and i was like you know what let me just go two hundred and thirty in the morning unlike up son i was like let me just go spend
but concerted effort to show this person love and what i found was i felt really good about it meaning it made me fucking feel good yeah to love somebody but it's so not my natural disposition well you probably grew up with a bunch of defense mechanisms yeah i am a walking defense mechanism that ship once described me is just walking through life just keeping everyone at a distance which i think is a fair description yeah i think man i think we will well every human that i know has been in that state at least at one point in their life you know yeah you're going to get burned you know if you get burned you going to not only that you got there's no fucking handbook on how to draw five relationships so you're essentially just get out there and you fucking put the pedal to the metal and you crash right in the fucking trees right you don't know how to drive you don't know what you're doing when you see
people in their dating and they get together and then three days later there with each other twenty four hours it's guy is not who they go to the store to buy clothes they just found out they like what are you guys really running from what's going on here yeah what they did they hit the falcons pedal to the metal get away of that car where we were yeah that's not fastest way around the race track you know the fastest way around the race track is you take every turn with precision you watch what the fuck you're doing yeah and you don't go do vast but they but again we don't know what that is because i actually the opposite thing where i take everything with precision to a fault i'm very like no i boundaries and you will not sleep over and i will i mean like that's an exaggeration but i had that sounds like a lot of fun wonder why you haven't met with something great guy have that indians listening
no that was the thing is like she is man what's that makes out of computer should think it's fun but but that's i was very because i had i didn't you stand boundaries so i would do the pedal the metal thing yeah and then i'd be like i'm going to do the opposite of that so i'd be very cautious and i'm not saying there's anything wrong with the pedal to the metal thing for a fact turns out great who knows sometimes it turns out great but do you honestly know when it's turned out great do you know anyone where they just fucked for months and it was just fuckin just it's a good if you yeah i know if you'd look man sometimes it works i know people that are super happy together i've i've i know a few just you gotta get locked well that's the other you gotta fucking kids gotta get lucky you gotta get so lucky but you also gotta be worthy of that luck you gotta have your own shit together to the point where you're fun to be around that you're nice person you actually you
you contribute to the relationship right now like you're sucking off with someone have you ever had a girl that you dated that wouldn't stop fucking complaining about everything no matter what i did to grows madness so god is traffic are you driving slow on purpose what is going on this car smells i smell something who is this song who wrote this is lyrics god there's nothing on this radio i think that's the side of stupidity dumb people are constantly talking about physical sensations it's a little bit of neck hurts yeah fuck is your hand cold ah this fucking smell thaneer but it's also pattern you get stuck in a negative pattern the one one of the most in my past the historic girls of negativity was it was a smart girl she yeah our whole family was negative they're just cunts
snapping at each other every everybody just like family look at you over there what you're thinking oh yeah you know yeah that's i can't be around that no you can't do that to me because the other guy we started playing his people looks like do you think i can't go negative yeah i'm a fucking comic taken just fucking coderre held me to turn it on and i'll do it i just don't want to do i don't want to be like that you threatened her with your intellect she only does that iraq's it keeps i threaten more way more guys i threat way more guys with it whenever guys with it yeah whenever guys are like white what happens when god cock ball busters when guys are call box is like a look man you can but you can keep up my balls and i know you like jovial and jocular and all that shit but i'm telling you once i go negative it's not gonna be cute and it's going to be fucking withering and i'll be relentless about it so just stop now 'cause i think guy
i think that's a way to communicate and it's like i don't communicate that one like what kind of guys are what are they doing to you joe know what are they doing to me they're just go like nice like and even that like standing up like nice shared did like just and it's like what is the sweatshirt manages a when i walk on stage someone that i know if you go to the comedy club and like comics old and it's the you're not even wearing anything egregious you're not wearing hot pants in front of a jet right yeah creating the greatest thing on earth which is very cut pants for the jet is agreed yes the and i'll just go look man stop not warn them yeah yeah i'm i'm a big warner because whenever people like slim it's like do you think i can fucking slam i can slam the president in a in a fucking clever way you think i can't slam you you piece of well there's a lot of people that just like to play yeah
i just think it's yeah i think it's founded the negativity i don't think it's i don't think anyone means today so like i said like how much more when people go joe you set for life they're not rooting for you to be set for life that's that's in do do with that semi aggressive yeah and that's exactly what i mean it's like no one wants that for you they want to go you you for can blue your money bro if i every ui totaly an if you're if you are set for life then there like this this cock you have nice eyes lashes thanks a lot thank you very much is that what you have long island this notice he has really prominent eyelash thanks a lot like he gets maine so i'm going to
positive on if you're not careful yeah if you don't cancel due diligence our column you look like a leni george zimmerman i'm about that so what do you think about this thing now they they grabbed his everman due to think it's going to calm everybody down yeah i i i think yeah i think they had to write yeah i mean i don't think that i don't think that they they had they they much controversy yeah but i don't think going to bring a trial because people want one i think the woman the prosecutor was like looked at the i think the local pd was awful there was shitty even the way they walked him in where they walked him in like he was a cop like hey you want to go ahead one of 'em walks around them so that he's behind all of the cops like is is that how you treat suspects is fucking just just him in there not pushing on the but like steering him that would have fucking chase
stayed them dollars one god crafted gun kills all of them it's on tape that before you don't know that he's not a transporter member the imagine member transporter so i always thought you should have movies like that i don't want to do those you that last time i think i've always thought that i have always uh i even killed a meeting once i had a meeting with his people about a martial arts type thing i said i don't want to do anything that looks ridiculous right i go i don't want i would never fight a retard wagon train where there's ten people yeah yeah you could say all their asses everybody was not your observations really plastic rejected with zookeeper the scheduling
about loud do a kids movie in a heart beat that okay a martial arts movie matt and i would not want to do a movie where i made the observation that everyone here and you don't in those movies they don't work because everyone waits to fight they'll be eight yeah and the wait one of the time to get the rest that's ridiculous it just all john john go to world star hip hop okay you want to find out that's really exciting yeah go to world star hiphop dot com and and they're you day you'll see a lot of evidence of people fight is what happens you get punched in the face going conscious your head bounces off the concrete people proceed to kick you and then they take your clothes off that's that's a real fight stupid yeah right that's what
i should say this nonsense about one guy waiting into a crowd of folks and just a fucking annihilating everything everyone is patty will respect that stance if you're in a little less people like hey one of the time patrick swayze eyebrow cut which is dribbles a little bit by the face it the last ice house chronicles that we were talking about this where like the worst is when they get knocked out and then there's still punching and kicking like on the street you see like a rag doll head horrific like actual street but did you see that i thought about just a couple of yet i could i watched a little bit of it's horrible this the noises had made when it hit the concrete it's just like no but it was hollow 'cause it's shop is open a little bit sounded like a like a pumpkin he got i mean you got you get hit by the world it's like that's what it's like it's like hitting the world at twenty miles an hour this is ridiculous have you ever been looking up stuff like that no yeah i'd like to think
i would but there's a part of and it's like i think i would just go like yeah careful do you usually aren't you you can get jumped and take a right into that the first most important thing is it is not a lot of people will support things get fuck of here and called police that's the most important thing is if you jump in if there's i mean how many people there one thousand and fifteen people you don't think somethings going to sucker punch you too they might soccer just didn't put him out you ready to go scrap with ten people confidently you stupid you know if even you get in there and try to save saving and say hey listen this is this is crazy leave him alone mean you to gauge the situation gauge how they respond to it you better be ready to run for your fucking life right that's some real shit you know the people that good people have to understand that there's not the whole world is not populated by good people right there's a lot of people out there that are mother and then crazy shit to you well it's also interesting how quickly it just becomes like and a mob like just fuck
something in the brain just goes martially if you're white in their black and situation that was clearly they cracked that dude and then you you hear them deciding altogether to just robbed him and take his shit if you tried jumping into that man you were you're with that guy you're gonna be with that guy even if you just protest what they're doing it's not like your protest what if i think look guys i co created spell shell let's be reasonable about this i have some dvd's not on me but i can give you i'll give me your mailing address they just start fucking yeah i mean that's but but actually fucking yeah actually fucking i think we ought to take this opportunity to talk but that's the you know what's funny is that's the interesting thing about the same part of people that just goes and mob is same part of people that go and comedy club laughing it's this to me it's the same mechanism what it's the
this your brain decides were laughing and that's funny and i'm going to attack i think the limbic system i think and you just so i'm and go yeah but laugh i don't know i don't use again i understand that's based on just going straight wild crazy but you you know what i mean about when you do a joke that and someone in the crowd is you have like a pot of dissenters the show worse for everyone around right right and they don't do anything right there just there have energy of i just think it's like some human energy should i think it's like some animal to human interaction get that in live audiences man we've all experienced out where someone is sitting in the front they look at you funny and they cross their arms and you'll even saying like seeing their shaking their hand like this customer funny i've seen will do that to like fuck with you it's like like the people would stand in front of you if you're playing pool and the stand in front of shot and like make faces shark you that's exactly what they would do it
but when you watch basketball doing that thing all the time this people that are always going to want to see if they can fuck with you especially yeah i think it's also people that they haven't been a comedy clubs many times i think a lot of people go to comic covers like alright we better make me laugh for that paid you know it's kind of like a almost like a it's just that that billy wilder the director said that that audience members are individually they're idiots but together their genius meaning ache the collective unconscious thing like like if if i did i do a joke where i said a i'm vegan it's easy vegan la but the rest of the country manitowoc might as well walk up to people and go hey where do fagots eat k simple joke funny basically a knock knock joke about now i'm i'm not being homophobic i'm not doing anything most of the time were laughing before they can go hey wait a minute that's kind he said
faggot that's kind of homophobic how do i feel about that and that's all of comedy is kind of like that and and i believe it's the same thing with a lynch mob where it's just like and where i before they go maybe a guy that we just punched out maybe we don't take his pants like they're just doing it i don't think that was the case i think he was around a bunch of criminals now you think so fuck you yeah there's a load of criminals in baltimore crime in balt march through the file yeah i agree but i think i i think he was wrong no i was a drunk guy was out with a bunch of criminals and they decided to beat the fuck out of him and steal shit from him and i wasn't the first time they beat the fuck out of somebody that was the first was the first time they stole shit from that's that's what that was i don't i don't you know i don't think it's anything but that it's real simple i think
i think maybe two of them were criminals and ada morning we have got in common we got dark pockets of humanity and that guy was strolling drunk through a dark pocket of humanity and they've they fucked him what i would say is there's dark pockets in every single human yes it's possible but you have to have the certain combination of neglect and no and abuse as a child abuse by your environment abuse right you have to have a certain amount of disconnect with the idea of community and and brother ship and fellowship and love you have to have a no fucked up shit in your life that you don't go the natural way humans that are raised with love and humans that are raised you know in a good community that's that's what they try to appreciate and and cultivate and when you're now hot and you lash out i mean it's almost always because somebody did a fucking terrible job of raising some kid
in some other place where everybody around was terrible for kids ended these toxic cesspools occasionally they out excellence you know when someone will just would try so hard to get away from it they become this you know make a mobile type writer actor or no some super rapper due to mean it and or a fighter an athlete or something like that but i mean essentially that's that's it's a dark horrible pocket of humanity where anybody can go wrong and that's one i mean if you want to cry racism in this country the real reality that that's some of the most racist shit i think still when yeah when you see us when you see a problem area like that and you just dismiss it as a bunch of lazy people right with you your dismissing babies man they are dismissing them that is clearly in a way it's it's either dishonest or it's racist it's one of my other
yeah you're you're ignoring the fact that these bundles of potential human beings are being brought into this up situation instead you want to concentrate on some minerals on the other side of the world or is some taliban dudes that may or may not even be racist you know i mean how many how many of them are there really are we are yeah i isn't just a bunch of people were you're in their yard and they have and they know they have over two hundred horses name any speed hand pick up truck they have eight at last count i have eight spirit blockman just think about all the potential that could be saved if we put the resources we're putting into going to the other countries the giant fuck well that's the thing you like bill gates any malaria took that money and took all those p
people and hired them instead of giving them jobs as soldiers giving them give them jobs as community rebuilders provide the same kind of jobs that could be available to a one million soldiers could easily be better spent in this country toe having community builders have a one million fucking people that you send throughout the terrible spots in this country and they rebuild the infrastructure of community centers they set up after school things for kids and mentoring for kids that get kids around people who can be good role models and they teach them better than they're getting in these fucked up schools where you might as well be going to prison do you believe in the idea of like welfare queens meaning women that live like babies but but i don't see but to me it's a spectrum of humanity man yeah i know all about but i think that that's how people that are against what you're saying you know here's the problem with people that are babies don't deserve to be fucked over that's the royal problems that we were not taking into account the babies were we're putting one of the most difficult tasks in the world and we're taking someone who can't even take care of themselves and we're helping them take care of themselves so that they can keep raising this baby in the most fucked up way possible right when really what we should do is try to educate them and try to come in and help them try to figure out what the fuck can be done to put this person in some sort of a positive state so just
not somehow or another you can raise this baby right that person's done that persons yeah she's forty five and she's been on welfare a whole life and she's addicted to crack or she's done you trying to help her if you want but you can save that baby well that's why we say some ways it's like do you want wanna see welfare is like a buyout of people like you're going to terrible cvs employee so you're the drag on the economy we're going to buy you out we're going to pay you to stay home basically right just make two hundred and four bucks a week giving milk and sugar and all the shit you need to eat but we don't you're not good for the you're just bad it's a mess but i also think that another thing that when people on the generally on the right say that there's all these welfare queens so it's like you know and they got so many babies you know what would help them not have babies birth control is you gay
some some fucking birth control yeah but even if you do that there's going to be some people they don't know i'm not saying nobody is going to have babies not saying that i'm saying that it's the like that well you had the baby now you gotta do do like we get it if you gave her rubbers or if you gave her the pill you yes baby we have to figure out a way to make our community somehow or another our existence here at least in this country we can't control the whole world but i think in this country were capable of getting to a place where we we have accepted things standards for our communities and if we just concentrated the amount of effort we spend on military shit on trying to figure out how to stop kids from growing up fucked up how to come in and help him how to to come in and catch her mother young well they're not a mess yet that's
that's really a beat no one is looking at that their allowances all right the awful to sticks and they just allow nature to run its course it's crazy yeah and then it's like you you they kick someone in the sand and i go what do you live before it's like they're born in did this terrible thing and then you're fucking lazy now they're born into this even if they weren't lazy they in such a shitty system that you have to be ten times more motivated to get out of it yeah it's i've been around a lot of dudes especially when i was really young that would that grew up in the projects and it had like a lot the kids that i used to do martial arts tournaments with they came from really fucked up place yeah i know and it was super depressing sometimes go to visit them and go where where they lived and they a lot of anger inside because of that there was a lot of like frost nation because that made got out of it with martial arts name and come like come give members of society when they
tell me some of the stories of this shit they had bad the crime is in their projects and how scary it is you can't have anything sticking out of your pockets or rip your pockets open whoa man yes kids and then before they've even gotten to white people yeah yeah and i mean like that's before that that's that yeah we i got a podcast called champs on itunes good whatever and we only have we we only have we only have black and son because i've just never had a boy conversation conversation the black that we've had and jose conseco and bon ever had a boring conversation with the black almost never almost nothing never but i find that more of my conversation with black dudes are interesting and inspiring and and just fucking
engaging then then i know if you do it you to walk away from no yeah of course i'm sure there's exceptions that try again if you do the job quarter and change that statistic but that thing is why people like they don't spend any the thing that i would say is it's important that most of black trees i know that like did something with their lives spent time with white people at a young age 'cause it's important to get d mystified you must have why people d mystified you go it's not they're not all out to get me there not all white devil yeah they're not they're just living their life they're not they're also not these big paul bunyan esque fucking they're not these phantom that control everything and they're just people are trying to live like i am and vice versa it's good for white people hang out by people but the amount of just shit the average black it has to deal with on a regular basis just just as part of the culture is just like
so discussing like launch when cabs and just spend every single interaction bag and some hot white real hot blonde white girl forget it you yeah we talked about this yesterday with amy schumer where she was talking about how many black girls have that you know anger at black men for not dating a black girl like the right add like that's like one of the few like blatantly open pieces of races and we allow that's that's like as racist as he can get you shouldn't be dating white girls one not eight now it's a great white grapes like we need that we're all the same we need to overcome but how dare you yeah i've always hear you yeah but we're not all the same like turned out we're not all the same these pages are evil and
you got yourself to worry about and we're the human race and if you fall in love with a filipino lady it's nothing wrong with that all right right you know just 'cause you're bank offering it's nonsense who the fuck is anybody to tell anybody who dot date well generally the the problem is white black girls don't like white dude whereas do you like girls tough no i know a lot of what i have open yourself up to more how do you think chinese dudes feel if they only like white sure they got a hard ride we got a hard get a white check your chinese dude yeah we have a lot of and pull it off don't get me wrong it's not it's not a common thing yeah i do a joke i say i say i used to ask people that were mixed they were half white and half asian which parent was what race but it's a stupid question because i realized that the dad was never asian fucking ever that's not true i off one hundred know you'll find one person but mostly it's like i met
when i was in korea there's always like this the well because also white girls don't like asian 'cause we don't like because they don't like short dudes but if it big windows i know a lot of you i know there's some you gotta be a sexy fucking asian to get white girls you got bruce lee you gotta be a fucking kevin shea you gotta be a bobbili kanjeng a kim i mean you gotta be you gotta be jeremy lin you have a sexy fucking asian that's while the yeah probably the hardest road for white pussy asian uhm yeah yeah i was going to say mexican dude what's the heart what is it what is it was the hardest if you want to get a black check asian as well probably guys well right yeah yeah you see beyonce going out with an asian guy could you ever see that sure could not even sure sure
yeah maybe played by bruce laughing again you got to be that you know your it happened some weird place like scottsdale arizona or something this salerno a girly man it's just handing so they just both a little off and she gets a throat infection hangs out with his two speaks mandarin yeah yeah maybe maybe her dad was like really in a kung fu yeah there but again it's got be like shit yeah but yeah it sucks just one of those things is like they're not what is what is man and there's nothing we can do about it yeah just history yeah but i although having said that i said during genghis khan's time to bring back to that that the asian dudes could get post because it first because they were taking it but also because they the paradigm of masculinity that's interesting that's really fascinating so what happened that changed i want what is it all that's why i always find that when
go to europe it's odd that in america it take to me it's like a granted that black dudes are cool and create a lot of culture and in europe kind of like no soccer the number one sport they prefer like techno music to hip hop yeah there's a lot of like so there's no they like don't even get like black fashion isn't a thing they wear tight pants like whereas here there's a he you'd strain of black cultural dominance that you go to urban it's just it just fucking evaporates but i think it is that the what do people conditioned to think is good yeah really well bye bye sexually that doesn't make sense to me because actually to me it's it's always clear with what men like men like the same thing every god damn turn there
few weirdos one stick figures and fat women right there's a menu what what's the natural ratio the two to one hits the way yeah whatever it is it's natural and ratio there was a lady that i was i was in beverly hills today and there was this lady and she's probably in her forties deep in our forties which i try to be risk reckful not have like ugly feelings about women who are older than right when i look at her she was but your body built won't like nice these like thin she had this thin waist in this pass you could tell this goes to the gym you could tell she worked out hard as she was like really well kept and you just just look at her body like instantly wow like that that like that's what she looks like like you're built for sex she looks like sex yeah yeah and that's that's that's put life but again i like tall guys yeah still there's did not like i'm talking in general they like do you know what they like they like strength they're like yeah
is it cold genetic string yes and they also like social worth they like any says well strength is absolutely monetary strength they want you want whatever looks attractive to mate way it's the same thing men want a woman that can fuck and protect their baby in utero and then pay so why why not asian because they're not paul and they don't have generally speaking or not all they don't have broad shoulders but a lot of guys no social currency yeah do so subtle social skills what it is yeah now i have the most i know there's a hot or not i don't know i could be smilla's and what way they just eat there i don't know they're just like indeed the agents that i know they're very they're very foreign like like like when it comes to just common pop culture pop anything are these
you talking about american asians are millions of mexican american engines that i know that what i warn like having conversations with them well it's it's very different than having like a conversation with mike an asian check do you think that it's because they came from the parents of immigrants and their parents are like super strict that there's a little of that i mean you're making a big generalization obviously i know a lot of you just talking about the people i know will go in the population he's not like that lobby is pretty cool you know there's a lot of agents that writer like totally down cool i know several of them in the right the right of the national what's the no more that are actually cool and i like that you know a lot of fast but cooled that girls would want to date and cool though or more like hey they're cool if i want to talk about video games and stuff cool if i want to just hang out with them when i think about the dudes that i know that are asian i know a lot of aiming for girls lots guys i know a lot of asian dudes from martial arts and i know a lot of
if i want to talk about the most percentage of asian dudes with white girlfriends it's usually martial arts makes complete sense because if they show their peacocking and fit her back and they were bruce lee brown sweat suits everywhere they go december six pack penises which is easy to get their mouth it's like there's no real easy super and he's happy about it he doesn't care if feels good for him yeah it's really just into it was eaten anyway i mean she really doesn't like sex that much yeah so them works stereotypes aside but i think i have a friend that was she was raised by a very strict father to the point where when she got older like all of her boyfriends became a she wouldn't date asian guys was all white is only white guys and her father was like just guess just such a like stereotypical over the top
like you know with a sore terry and like really strict asian father and it just completely whacked around to the idea of ever dating an asian guy and if that's the case if it's like that's a part of their culture i know like my friends are korean my kind of buddy was korean i never met anybody who worked harder in my well that's the thing there's not there's no machismo about the culture it's just basically like quiet hard work yeah they did not enough bragging at all not into where in chains and not end of wanted to get nice cars just like we're planning for next generation my friend junk sick john sick chang we did taekwondo kwando together he wanted on the national team he was national champion and he was in fucking medical school took a little bit of time off from medical school to compete never medic work set hard yeah i would mail pack him good example the guys just talking like a lawyer or something he's the governor mayor of of
the philippines is not and he know exact and he lives in the fucking the place by the beverly center with eight of his 'cause oh does he really did not like when they come for fights they stay at the palazzo hey what are you doing why would you say that they show it on the data because they show it on that that's us too and there's a gate why would they do that yeah how many nutty people are waiting outside for him everyday if item fight them will go ahead and go and they go to that he goes the wildcard gym they know where it goes yeah that's a good thing if when you're that kind of bass voice all right to go what do you do we filmed him i went there for tasha show and tasha was gonna let the manny pacquiao punch in the head and i was just going around and you know he really hit number really he was very nice about it right like you the first couple to he hit me like barely hit him right then say gingerly them searching for war but generally would apply that's a good word but the amount of people that were there it
insane the amount there and then it just there there's a downstairs in part because the tosha show they were there be 'cause that's where manny pacquiao trained and this was i guess like a year ago maybe maybe less than your problem and so he only gotten even more popular since then i mean he's got damn superhero there's a restaurant at thai restaurant that you eat at downstairs and got all pictures of him on the wall because that's where he eats yeah they know yeah you could find many package you can find him what do you got it so that any of the humble dude oh he's the nicest guy ever yeah sweetheart yeah uh that is that weird thing that fighters have where it's that you're like where you don't really brag i think when you get to be the point of manny pacquiao why would he brag i mean that guy probably can't believe how what do you make of mayweather and his life is well that's sort of part of it is his shtick that's also part of it is why he's become so successful and it's also part of it is his environment and if you look at it
there's no better example than those shows those yeah go series they follow him because follow his life man his father was in jail okay his father talks mad shit they talked mad shit touch up like you said he said to his father goes yea nothing you ain't never nothing you need no champion you never know champion and he says it to his father's face on camera yeah and you know he shuts down his father makes him look like shit on camera and then it's you know it is his people say my rogers the same way and they just talk mad shit to each other and roger just got he's on trial for yeah do you see beat some girl offering that that's the environment and then floyd smacks some girl and you know he has got to go to jail for ninety days the let them fight first you know i mean it's really that's a crazy life yeah he's it that that that's part of his environment but look i got discipline that do this for will get out he'll go out clubbing drinking water and then with his jeans on hill run like one hundred and thirty
morning yes to say gets his truck to driver wherever the fuck he's got working for him to drive the car behind him and he'll just go run home thirty you think that's character illogical meaning do you think just in him meaning at a certain point it's like that so and so is disciplined it's almost like they're not they're just that's just how the brain iss like they're just like floyd it's not even like i just got a fucking run mike no no he's not that crazy i think he's doing the work i think he's just addicted to success and i think he knows exactly what he has to do to be as good as he is which is better than almost anybody and i think his technical skill is only only a eclipse by his work ethic and that's what people don't understand he's got great tech skill achilles great boxer he doesn't fight live yeah he's on a different speed yeah he's well he's also so accurate in his timing is fucking genius and he knows how to control a fight he knows how to pace himself he knows how to do anything but one of the big things
god that dude is he never gets tired that guys never even remotely tired you never even see him slow down you know yeah he's never in a war we have to dig down deep 'cause someone's been rocking ham you know when you start seeing fighters in those fights and they're covering up bouncing off the ropes it's time you saw that floor that the guy that he ended up knocking out when the guy put his hands down was giving him a little no no he wasn't he wasn't hitting with shit all he was hitting with those headbutts the guy was i agree with you want i agree he throws a lot of punch but floyd is a god damn expert at moving with punches and about sliding away from punch the only guys ever hit him clean that i've ever seen in a modern fight not when he was younger when he first started now but in a recent fight sugar shane mosley cotto with the right hand rocked him but you know he does fuck calm himself down puts all nobody are rocked iraq got cracked i like that that counts is like he got hit
i was gonna get out govern well like well they got hit hard they all get hit but he got hit right now i get in the point that's how fast the is is that you're bringing up like in one time in nineteen ninety eight a guy actually landed a punch exactly exactly he's not that i saw fight hatton and somebody else and you just go like this isn't even if they're not even in the same league he's way too good for them he's too good in hatton started getting tired i mean it had it was a tough guy but hi hat it was also a part here you know and that's ah that fucked hatton after he got out of the game he got real big big start doing cocaine how do you call with it yeah so yeah so so sad when you see fighters it like they they get out of the game and then they just don't know what the fuck to do and they go crazy it happened at joe louis it happened you know sonny liston and how to do a lot of them they don't know what to do just give
not either did what on a wild ride they've been on there yeah life then also he's a okay no more no more crazy there's this they there should be a farmer something i mean different like what do you do with mike tyson well i think my advice here is rated violence and we have no use for it other than in that one thing that you can only really do until you're twenty seven well mike tyson actually i believe has a one man show in vegas now is what been here and i've been here it's really good and what it is he just sits down and tell stories of his life just like that delivery but they put a straw richard to it and right now they know like he knows like how to do it and apparently is a great stage presence and apparently it's really compelling because that's great right yeah sitting there with boxing history when how old are you thirty eight i was up before when i was in nineteen eighty six i was nineteen years old i remember when mike tyson fights would come on
when i was not remember yeah when mike tyson fights would come on everybody would fuck and gather round they would all gather round it was something different it wasn't like hey there's a boxing match this weekend even marvin hagler i have become a marvin hagler fights were assaults primal there was something like where they're going to let a dog attack hurt like there's some animal is going to like something horrifying is going to happen he's a part of the sports history and there was no one no one i think they can appreciate how dominant he was when he was in his prime especially amongst our public use a few people that question whether or not you know you have a fight a guy like call the truth williams had a really good jab apparently had great ste start training sessions with them there was a call the truth is the guy to beat tyson right but then by the time tyson got to call the truth he's him up he was cut tyson was on
a completely different level by that point well that they were all those daily fires were not yours out and forty seconds larry home if you will get mad and it's like well he's that good larry holmes was older when he fought i'm you know so i i want i would've loved to seen a prime larry holmes because larry holmes gave me a hard time to jab in the first round but this around tyson just started moving his head maur found its rhythm eventually caught him with a monster punch dropped him and then knocked him out in a really fucked up way where his leg went backwards behind him and then went point hey remember that it was really well you looked it was like his leg is fucked and you know larry holmes was long time heavyweight champion nobody ever done that to larry guys beaten larry but nobody ever done that to yeah so that conway he's such a historic he made dude look retarded there was it scary he would literally make them look like they would pass not in a way it's like you know that crazy shit yeah people don't need to see that like look
they're making you make women look like drunk ants but when he won the title he did that member who the fuck did he fight that guy who is trevor berbick probably want to being a reverend and shit and doing a bunch other nutty shit i think he got murdered two he did uh i feel like there's a lot of big got murdered uh i don't think i can't rule that out yeah that's very possible the idea of mike tyson telling you all those stores what it was like to be that guy you know back then when he was on top of the fucking world i mean he was fucking months the other thing about mike tyson is he's he's the mike tyson of self loathing as well meaning hills like i'm a piece of shit whoa man but it's there something so arresting about somebody saying that yeah yeah it's a river was murdered yeah they want to try to ensure a bribe the member that
one thing that tyson did for the movie where he's talking about his mindset as he was walking to the cage uh ever tell you they break the sisters all no no no no no no he was walking he was like he goes on i'm walking to the cage i'm nervous i'm nervous yes thinking about this i'm looking at the crowd well i'm looking at him and trying to make eye contact another get close i get more and more confident i get come get inside i'm a god and he just when it's like the way he said it again it's not like you know yeah what the would it feel like yahoo and if you're traveling a lot when he thought we are all i'm on but not lee on the fight michael spinks that was one of the one of the big fights tyson's career and michael is a former light heavyweight champion who had gone up to heavyweight and beaten larry holmes by decision but there was a low in his eyes when they were reading you know when the guy was going over the rules and they were looking at each other mike tyson was just chomping back and forth and you're stand in the way he wears towel
a new kind of hole in a towel fuck you hear that quote attributed to that walk in and you think about that fight what it must have been like to be michael spinks in the room with at that moment the impressive heavyweight fighter in the history of the sport in my opinion yeah i agree you got a judge a guy on what he does to hit to the the tough fights when he's in his prime at its best and mike tyson in his prime at it's best which is real run through dude well that's what i wonder what do you think happens if he fights ali in his prime it's not a match right no i think you i think you might get ali i think he just get some in the first round i think you him henry cooper henry cooper knockdown and had him badly hurt and tomato had are rather fucks his name the to they just our bondeni through anthony cheesus jesus christ birds no no no no no no no who is sugar ray leonard's trainer angelo dundee angelo dundee cut his gloves
they would have time to recover he got back to the corner and they cheated they cut his fucking gloves is he got knocked down by henry cooper you know i'll he later as he got older got way better but if they bolted fault like when they were both the same age when tyson was twenty one an ollie was twenty one times i want to kill them yeah or even like the thrill of like the or like the foreman one people don't want to think of you know of ali in the later years 'cause he got battered and brighten up and they're absolutely right but even at his best he still got caught buy something you never got he never find anybody like tyson i anybody like the tyson that fought marvis frazier jesus fucking christ there's no that's really scary that one yes it was like it was like it was like the christians in the lion's gate was fucking crazy no ones no ones confusing mohammed ali with myers fraser but i'm saying some of those might have got through and if some of those got through that would have been the end in my mind foreman would give him a fight yeah you would like
formal from africa fuck yeah forward from when we were kings like a heavy bag and ship just like you know that's the thing a good thing you could say about ali as well 'cause i only had an incredible chan a leak could fuck it take it he could take it but however him with the kind of combinations to tyson was capable of throwing tyson through ungodly things that had never existed in the heavyweight division before nobody ever rip the body to the head like the way he did or he would throw that right right the body that running number sorry yeah and his whole body would involve like this your own the dolphin thing which is like you know there's a lot of boxing people totally disagree disagree with bands are also disrespectful muhammad ali and he was the greatest he was amazing but i think things evolve and athletes of
and you you gotta exit you want to try to put them era era and say well if what if muhammad ali grew up during tyson's era right if he then i yeah you would need we would've been better muhammad ali would've been better if you grew up in that generation with and that's not not some bullshit my home really was an amazing athlete he was an amazing athlete in the nineteen sixties if he was an amazing athlete in the year two thousand he'd be invite better for sure but if you look at them it's like it's just a window of time and compare if you could somehow to get in the in a room and with the same physical state that they have those kind of the way guys a rip now is yeah i completely different tyson was on another level dude who's on another level and where he didn't sustain any day definitely imploded in winter but when he was on man d dudes would be terrified of him bruce seldon went down to a he hit and then so then the wings that would have took on a mini some of the roads the f l that might have been like some kung fu fear yeah where he bought a home yeah i just knew the end was common
you know you do any uh because i read this book called ten minute toughness which this remind me of and it's a book about positive visualization just whether it's it's for athletes and 'cause i asked an athlete and i'm like do you do any any sports psychology thing 'cause i really from stand up i was like have no not defense but i have no i just go like basically what happened was i would be in bad mood i mean like i'm going to bomb and might go and bomb river in uh i would just i could feel it i could feel that i was going to vomit was like you have to be able to overcome that the feeling of like i i'm in a bad mood and then like so i basically it's the same content of toughness and it's basically just about positive visualization of said task whether it's batting so basketball no someone said half runs really into it but i found it's really helpful
and you also hear fighters and you hear you hear i know athlete to do it and palei used to lay down for one slash two an hour before every game and just visualize it then join sending tiger woods same thing for sure that would help yeah absolutely one hundred percent any time you can equate that thing in your mind with you having success in it it's gonna be yeah and and and when you do you do it in your head yeah and then so when you go into your basic just act you doing i do judges who in the isolation tank i do it all the time i do it in my head good go over techniques i got forced myself go over a whole series of techniques like i'll just get into a state in the isolation tank and then i said ok let's breakdown some guard positions and then i just go over positions my head and where my where where is this on this arms wrapping around the knee and pull right down where is this this hand the sand is read really tried it since am and then re and i go through the whole move or go to the whole thing in my head so i know what it feels like to do it i've done it all so then i do
go through all the moves in my head and i can practice and they say that you practicing in that manner is actually sometimes better for you than the actual physical active practicing as far as like rate of improvement is really no i know that's what's great about it is that uh i don't even fuck around when i said i've gotten twenty five percent better in three months well when you go by to the tank do that visual visualize your shows like kind of tank but you should know be thinking you're gonna bomb i like the sale and but you know always is that you're the luckiest person ever because you're gonna go get paid to talk yeah it's a you're a professional comedian which is craziness the fat it's somewhere another you hit the lottery with
choosing something going after it and then actually achieving success with it in the point of you actually get paid to do something that's fun where is the majority of the world gets paid to do something they don't want to do it yeah that's why they get money they get money 'cause nobody wants to do it or because if they do want to do it they need to be compensated 'cause it's not the ideal to shit to be doing right maybe it's good work maybe you enjoy it but if you had your choice you might be fishing well guy it's paid to go fishing that i won you know i mean the guys true white trash so you're driving to go fishing getting paid by a great no but sometimes if you just enough you gotta stink on you yeah just have an emotional stink on you and you're like they're going to fuckin smell it match where i talked about that genius the group the collective unconscious thing where it's like they can just smell it that's also think where you need love neal brennan i am and know i've always been with each other i know you have had like disagreements with people i've had disagreements with people but i think when we
each other way way back in the day at boss comedy we were always with each other 'cause i realize i'm like oh here's one of those dudes that people probably fucked with a but he seems really smart but is worried that you might fuck with them but he seems cool so i'll just assure him that i'll never fuck with them right that will get along nice yeah that's yeah that's true i always felt like amount of respect from you that wasn't commensurate my position in life at that time there are two guys that stick out you and jon stewart that was not very nice nice very nice before that was a thing to be that's how you know how pissed he was that cnn bullsh when he went on in in the call yeah guys hacks in you know and and was angry and wasn't funny at all the union relies on nice that guy is yet to get that guy to go and do something like that i've done is show
couple times did you do the daily show he's like the nicest guy ever so yeah so friendly if he's really that pissed offer you something but i've never thought that anybody is in any i mean there's no positions in life i think that's nonsense i don't i don't buy it for a second actually as a comedian like why would i ever consider that anybody else would be there there are no positions you know you got a look at a guy who's got a shit job clean the bathroom toilets at a gas station like well i don't know what happened to him that he got in this situation i'm going to treat this guy entirely based on how he treats me he comes out and he's got fucking bucket in his hand and you know a broom and he's just cleaning toilets and i ask him hey man do you know where the highway is and it goes go double back there take forever i'm gonna say thank you my brother have a good day i agree i mean the thing is i try it's like what is this guy seem like seems like a good dude yeah so we're gonna be good dudes to each other and that's good and i don't like then the thing that i like about you being living where you live which is far away from la
is going i don't even like being around that sort of nexus of like you will treated a certain way and you will not be you're not not not in movies right so you don't you get a shittier parking space and you you get a social you're going to feel shitty this whole time there is that man i remember i was over a buddy mines house is actually bryan callen callen's wave in the day when brian was a single man and he had this well he was that he had over his place and i you know she was like just real country i forgot what it was but brian was supposed to come with me but he was always like in like triple plans brian so we should absolutely some might come on man what are we going to do are we going to go out or go out with her just let me know now and she's like she goes way acts you would think he wasn't like the fifth lead on a sitcom she you're only like the fifth lead relax and i'll
yeah but that they never forget absolutely yeah i was like what do you i don't even know what number i was i don't know what number you really someone she she fucking said it was the fifth lead out because i was there was eight people on the sitcom maybe i guess my name came in five or six or whatever the fuck it was she knew it come on do you know that how crazy i had a girl lavon means because you write for nickelodeon in nineteen ninety four like it's a good gig excited too great for nicholas you know like i'm fucking any job in showbiz is fucking a good job as far as i'm concerned that show did you write for all that yeah you tell being in that hive of show business too many crazy people in the wrong kind of crazy i can't get anything out of that and no one acts natural yes i don't ever talk about it it's like i always say standing next to a celebrity is like driving next to a cop right you can't fucking a
you can do a facsimile of what you think natural is but everyone's acting fishy fucking everyone so i just try to stay away from it smart yeah it's definitely smart oh you're way better off outside the hive the hive of the showbiz cultures two so over saturated with in in security and insanity how much nonsense in too much crazy people too much is it too much need like i don't want to i don't want to talk about the business i don't want to talk about any of this this is all boring shit there's this is a crazy world out there and we're we're concentrating on some of the most mundane aspects of it yeah just because this there on that's it's the latest obsession and you also have to realize when you have a place like this that is essentially the vortex of all things we're someone all all instances where people get a preposterous amount of attention for no reason it all comes from here so all
these people who watch all these different shows the housewives shows they gravity day towards here thinking somehow are another this is going to be the place where they get on tv and there's people right now that are out of their my they've been a god damn nightmare to everybody they have ever met their entire life right there on the bus right now and then headed over here because they're going to get fucking famous they're going to get the jet get out of jail free card the reality show yeah and guess what they're gonna get it they're gonna get out of reality show they will they'll get on one i i have hosted one i know how it works i know how to cast they find someone if that guy can fucking former sentence and he's energetic and he looks at you funny narcissists yeah huge narcissist perfect he's like flexing from the mirror he shaves his socks you know what we're sorry socks go i think a crazy person right now could could come here and come here just to try to get famous and that's not a good place to live yeah a good place to live with that the
big percentage of people come here to get famous that's unhealthy yeah i just try to ignore it and try to you're in the hive right are you in the the i live in venice yeah that's the hive hives that's not really not hit me higher if it yet not compared to not compared to how it was given a lot annoying people a lot of annoying people live in the us yeah i agree it's a different kind of annoying yeah it's it's a hippie in knowing which i find forgivable yes and although or it also ignore i'm in my heart it's like i drive there and then i topanga canyon is a lot like that too right there's a lot of hippie outta pang is very hippie yeah god bless 'em yeah yeah i'm not really down with that they annoy me for the most part yeah we've talked about this but you're right about that most hippies and i learned that yeah i'm friends a lot but there's a lot of hippies of it online yet i became an anti hippie purse when i lived in boulder and then i got i got to experience hippies on the yeah a daily basis there
you being vegan this like a weakness there's a lot of weakness and it'll illogical thinking and i've had some conversations with hippies you know that or were you know because i debates about share and they go south real quick not a lot of logic behind yeah the the real slave one move the real sloppy lazy hippie yeah you know like you ever hear the people that peter schiff always debates at occupy wall street he goes down there and talks the sloppy hippies because they don't really have a coherent surprises and it's really he's battering them around it's mike tyson sport right of us yeah it's not fair and those mother are there's too many of those there's too many sloppy hippies who don't real have a good handle on how complex
different social issues are and i will why should you have all the mood yeah well i should do well that's what i want you to five hundred million dollars man yeah what do you need the yeah and he just eviscerate some peter schiff just explains like i got a job working late on a sit com not that that was a upgrade dept well you know i haven't but i do get the tank and think about yeah that's the idea that there are two but there's a lot of fluff hippies and and be thinking man yeah well that's what i like about your what is your is that it's humane and masculine yeah i don't find is like people go like the look in your of frat boy no it's not that easy not a for fat boy you fucking jack now not that simple i don't even know the rules to football how about that what's going on i think people get in trouble and the whistle blow and shit i'm like well what happened who did what yeah i don't know i don't know what a point is why do some some something's more points sometime
like you know the across the line at a certain point it goes through the net a different point right go through the guess what i don't give a fuck you like but you like fighting yeah that's the only thing well that in professional pool which most is that you're a boring as fuck yeah like professional basketball do you yeah do you play basketball i used him um and i just like it's a fun yeah it's a very fast paced game fast paced a lot of dudes there's a rhythm to it there's a there's of dudes dudes shit i i love a who fades fades back for a three three point jump shot that just is all net love x once in any form but it doesn't mean anything to me when that ball goes in the net i know it's really hard to do though so when i watch it it's pretty bad ass but it doesn't sustain me very well what's funny is when you see like you watch tv and then you're around the people and you just go you go you're sitting near the court whatever and just like oh i understand why they're paid twenty million dollars 'cause this is
fucking weird they're weird to begin with and they figured out this weird skill yeah what is summa maze like that oh yeah for sure yeah we see i find you like that and then you see me like my right what you mean like if you see a guy fight on tape beep and then you kind of think one thing and then you see him fight live and you're like ok i might be the only person that is seen more will fight live than seeing people i thought that as i was saying i see you did not do a lot of prep i do i want i'm a my prep really is what i would be doing anyway that's right i'm such a fan attic mma that i don't have to do any extra shit and i asked him for shit like the ufc will get me shit all the time will say hey i need i need some video on lichen and brow or something like that i want to watch videos so they'll they'll send me some shit so i'm like constantly being like fed stuff
just out of my own curiosity right like i want to see is i missed one of his fights and w e c you can send me miguel tore as one for brian bold and right and by doing that that's natural for me right when i want to see those i'm always like breaking down like fights in my head as far as like like fights that went on the past sometimes i get a red light dictating shit are you good at whatever really predict but not acting but i have to be have to be pretty over there for me they're not predict but i'm saying like do you are you are you surprised by most outcomes i'm surprised often yeah i don't think i could uh i don't think i don't think i could ever guess better than fifty fifty i am in maybe my maybe i've never really thought about it i've never really so i try to be as a job trying to cloud will the tyson foreman ali i can i do make that ultimate decision i tried to i try to be as objective as possible and it's because i'm not betting i don't have to make that ultimate decision so what i do is
sit down if for get some victor's got some fast fucking hands of victor comes out guns blazing he might catch him and then i go but one of vandali can get this mother fucker and didn't check in row and what if he starts landing leg kicks what if you can keep his hands up high and avoid the flurry and somehow another another where victor out what if he turns it into a dog fight you know and then you start going back and forth and but i don't know what's going to happen you know i never say this is going to happen i only say this guy should probably only be aware of this and that guy should probably aware of that and let's fucking see yeah because it's such a crazy fucking sport the human jaw was never designed to be punched it was just designed to chew food that's it and when you start punching that mother fucker right and when you punch heads heads were designed to take a certain amount of impact for the lumps and bumps that you're going to get going through life but it's designed to take one
twenty three combinations with a fucking shin kick at the end of 'em right nobody takes that your brain is like what the fuck is happening right we hit an asteroid field like what's going on here your body just not designed for fighting it's so weak especially comparison to other animals man are a lot of those guys getting long term brain damage up well the are guys for sure that are going to have some issues with call pugilistic dementia depending upon when they retire but yeah all you have all of the football guys yes it's gonna it's i don't know i think that it's gonna i think it's going to the sport will be different five years how would they change it though i think that they will go someone pointed out just put the idea of you know the the the helmets that soccer players were now no they were there not helmets they're almost like my fleece is soccer players wear helmets at soccer goalie i saw yesterday wearing one and little kids wearing too because the kids are getting
engine from playing soccer yes they're getting bertram attic brain and yeah that's what i'm saying careers that's happening but kids yet so so i saw goalie in a in a in a match yesterday where in one of those things and i think that that's what football come to wow what how is that going to stop the traumatic brain injuries because they've year not wearing a helmet you're not going to go head first into a guy so they won't be wearing helmets they'll be wearing in my head they were wearing soft like whatever this i don't know what the fuck they're called they're like they're like soft helmet meaning when guys were leather so like the weather had guys they weren't it wasn't as violent 'cause they're protecting their head i completely agree with you i completely agree with you in theory but people are so stupid i don't think you can sell that what i'm worried about is the legal ramifications for so that was one of the reasons why the pro can sell it you can write ever sell hey the way to protect people's given less protection i think well i think one every win win football players are not just suing the n f
on mass i think that they're going to be a legal problem and i think the ncaa is going to have the same problem i think every level every level of football is habit they get fucked up down there too yeah yeah they do guys getting not diagnose guys get put back in games they can't remember i don't even think about college ball i don't even in high school i mean all the time they get to the pros they probably are experienced a gang all homes and the other in high school as well like in and so that's the things like they're not going to be able to ensure this shit if there's enough it's funny lawsuits for kids the two minutes of the conversation i didn't even consider the fact that they had gone through college career as well for whatever reason thought of them as professional athletes you know yeah i do and even thinking no these guys that there this is an organized sport isn't like emma they actually have to go through a high school career college career yeah think about all that and that's also violent whoa yeah what and you know just hope you can get enough out of your body that you can make
enough money you can squirrel away and live semi comfortably in pain for the rest of your life when it's over yes and that's the thing is a former athlete it's like you want to talk about needing a farm yeah i was do a a buddy of mine who like if you lose like former athlete i would feel like they should be girl they should be sending the girl like you should have been here eight years ago she was really popping off them but now they just limping and fucking they're not famous there hunched over they got their bodies are fucking shot yeah you can get hurt playing football man that's that's way more brutal sport your body in my opinion that mma mma is pretty rough don't get me wrong it's not working at all but man fucking forty eight minutes or however long more
currently it's not due to running at you full speed yeah wondering there rock in the us yeah and they have spent watching the show menus you have special should laundry his dig into the dirt yeah come on man and they're on every god damn mexican supplement known to man i mean these mother when they say that they test the nfl yeah they test if you talk shit and you get in an argument with somebody the fuck could pull your piss out and pull your card i think those guys aren't on the juice you got to be out of your mind there's no way humans are that big if they are we need to find out what the fuck they're put in burgers is why humans grown so much over the past few years and not lost any speed decades yes not lost his banner just as fast for sure there's better methods as far as training and the more scientific yeah but they're not that much but i mean that's the thing is it's not fucking you can't be fucking six hundred and ten did you ever see bob sapp you never seen bob sapp who is bye
sample is the ultimate mma experiment as far as the football player pro football player who became the ultimate mma experiment in that how much can you do how much shit can you do how big can you get anne would overcome technique and skill and the answer in a lot of cases was the beginning it was yes he just knocked it down actually knocked he beat ernesto hoost twice ernesto who's is world famous kickboxer right bob sapp is three one hundred and seventy pounds with a six pack of abs and a body that doesn't even look real just saying doesn't look real and he throws a punch using kicks like but it's coordinated mean fairly coordinated in music clearly like many many skill levels below ernesto hoost but ernesto who's just couldn't deal with the physical power of his onslaught it was just too big it was three hundred and seventy man just coming out those didn't exist before
he didn't exist you can't get a guy that big if you see him i'm going to pull it up because you just can't believe it it just you won't believe that that's a real human being you won't believe it yeah so i'm of the mind that it's going to it's going to change know those cryo chambers now oh yeah yeah i know dudes that like that apple nba guys the sun's actually just bought one yeah in a hyperbaric chamber now i don't think that's but it's a cryogenic chamber what guys will freeze there are kobe does it dirt does it the sun's just bought one my buddy griffin does it and he sent me a video you get into you get naked in a basically looks like
is the chamber from her constant power and look at this 'cause you can't believe this shit he freeze yourself you can't believe that that's what it looks like when he fights guys that's real look at that picture that's real that's real that's like six with four three hundred and seventy pounds and he's fighting some poor kickboxer some poor dude is slinging gloves with that guy and that's what he does he gets on top of him hold him and smashes them fucking insane yeah he did that to ernesto hoost you look at that image you go how is a human being that big they've never existed that big before yeah so so that you i know a chamber that it's give three hundred degrees whoa for how long for like thirty second spurts like two minutes thirty seconds yeah i don't know if it's thirty saying i could be wrong it's some if some and what happens is all of your blood your body thinks
is freezing to death so all of your blood goes to your core and gets replenish in what would normally take twenty four hours whoa so basically you can work out twice do two four hour workout full four hour like rejuvenate your body i've never heard that before i mean i'll show you split experiencing a cryogenic chamber career cried to cry therapy kobe bryant there's one in there's one in what in like hancock park the guy has one and the and the nba teams were sent me well you know anything that can increase your recovery is where it's at you know wow freezes his body and negative one hundred and sixty six degree cairo therapy that's a saying cryo cryotherapy yeah first article about it that's a fuck man that's good and you just it's like it's fucking bananas banana wow this is nuts
and let's see how long it says they got recovery boots which is something they wear if they have it it basically is like the the the thing that when you get your heart retract when they blow it up and inflates and tighten your muscles guys guys the nba where those at night for a couple hours and it just goes through their light and just fucking they're they're just machines the thing is they just treat themselves like machines they have to be all ok all the lakers are going on this thing they went to sacramento on this thing yeah wow he's all that i have video of it do you really yeah not a lot with the ship brakes and that's some guy i heard some guy froze socks to his feet but that sounds like how long it goes for sweaty feet and he went in there so you crazy bitch could you imagine
crazy about the post calmly through two hundred degrees below zero where they were kept there for three minutes before being released watt three minutes how is that possible 'cause they don't do it straight through i don't understand that they do it in spurts but you don't fucking freeze lakers were split into groups of four place into a room that was approximately sixty degrees below fahrenheit for one minute so they went to a sixty degree below zero room for just to chill just to chill once there by got used to the cold climate the players walked in in adjacent room with the temperature was up approximately two hundred your degrees below zero where they were kept there for three minutes before being released all right so that's a great looking guy right i would not want to do how is that possible alright here's blake all my god hit if you hit play
so if you tried to pee right after that would she like like who is this gentleman that blake griffin from the los angeles clippers oh my god he's freezing his dick off literally look at that do you can you insulate your dick i was at work i don't think you can reset up maybe increase enough just waiting for hearing about like motor oil weight about oil cracking like you know if somebody hit you just shattered and they could repair you yeah know what you see when it hits he goes like woo yeah that looks ferenda it looks like some austin power shit looks horrendous it looks good and i guess they don't do it to the brain though huh yeah i guess keep your head the fuck out yeah it keeps the body under that thing but they don't do it to the brain and i think that might be the key to your survival so you're getting through that this is created because you could probably go for that long without much oxygen you're not going to be doing too much breathing while you're
at two hundred degrees below zero that's the thing about a cold water that fucks people up to your your desire for oxygen increases dramatically ability to hold air in your lungs reduces a matic dramatically and these are the recovery boots any six hundred and ten wow and they look like fucking i don't even know how to describe them seen those before ryan parsons terms under that shit it's like compressing compresses sections of your leg i've seen that before yes it looks like like a fucking ski bag yeah these guys are athletes on i completely different level these days and what happens if they come up with genetic engineering man that's when things were really going to get bizarre when they have the ability to engineer the body to make it
master of make it you know the with milestat inhibitors make it so that your body produces more muscle and state keeps on you and your well that's what i actually that you thought better yeah i actually the thought where when when i was talking to can say because they can say goes on the podcast the champs yeah i was that you said it was alright interesting was really interesting it's just went up it's really but the i was thinking i had a lot after amps yeah i the thought afterward that he be should have done a thing in the mlb where you could have i have one you could have a designated juicer where there's one guy on your team that you could bring in who was on fucking roy and then they and then they could have one picture that was on roids because he was saying that he used to knock pettit up mandy pettit a picture up and they were both juiced up so it's like it be like and here comes the the yankees juicer like if they was a guy on every team you have one juicer when i was
nineteen i meant can say go when i was working at the boston athletic club i didn't meet him as much as i gazed upon his presence in person and then see it was at the peak of his popularity and he walked into the weight room with the boss i athletic i couldn't fucking believe how big was yeah he was fucking enormous man he's at cartoons yeah car fog in tunis you know realize seem those baseball me those because those outfits are kind of emasculating yeah no but if you saw that dude with a tank top on you go what that fear maybe like one of my yet what am i yeah is enormous but yeah that's the these yet just they fucking once they get into that because this that's genetic that's all legal you just freezing your butt there gonna it's going to get more and more and more and it's going to we'd still remain legal right yeah
is going to get more did you see that thing now where they said if you run differently you can cut your training time down where if you run in thirty second sprints did you see that was in the new york times and then a guy just wrote a book about it if you could if you you can run for like you can burn the same amount of calories and get your metabolism going and get your heart rate going in basically six it's what would normally take twenty if you sprint thirty seconds job for thirty sprint jog sprint jugs shock spring jog and really done yeah really yeah your heart heart rate up is the i think was the jobs probably six weeks ago so you sprint full clip yeah so do you do this on a treadmill or do you do this you can do it either i mean i think treadmill would be better if you could probably do it on an elliptical machine to write just go crazy in thirty seconds and then then jaag yeah that that's great 'cause it's not going to save time yeah that makes sense you know like you were saying about kettlebells you can bang out out work out and and get it done in twenty minutes
i got a video man and it's extreme kettlebell cardio dvd i got it from dragon door dot com and when you do this this thing it's maybe i can get forty five minutes into this and i'm fucking dead done man in your great shape there when i get there for days like the it's kettlebells pushups burn these will they go how long you work out like forty five minutes max that's all i can do that's all you you can yeah it the gym gym fucking two hours bug and did malats did the yeah and but you also don't even know what you do the thing with cattle bones were like why is that sore i don't even fucking know anything there and you're like your lower thigh will be soaring you're saying that i guess i did something it makes use turkish set up you ever do those is that the one that looks really stupid you know you lying your back and you do like a press
that's the one where you go and then you like daniel died standing out stupid's farts the best thing and now it looks really hard but you just lay on your back with the weight and then you just slowly stand up to do that with seventy pounds hold held seventy pounds i've been slowly stand up and do it in a controlled manner and do it for like sets ten watt fucking jae woo doggy i'm not doing body beyond fire your lower back in your abs and everything your arm your shoulder everything is on fire have you been doing kettle bells or did farrah sketch out no i've been doing it for years i've been doing it for a long time i got into him like my friend jamie was a personal trainer and he was real big on these things i never even heard of before we start just doing it swings yeah just kettlebell swing mazing that's not that's what's great for you but for your yeah that's what gave took my from three point five to seven how many do you do when you do it how do you have a second three sets of sixty yeah oh you do lightweight and just do a lot of them you
body weight no but i also it's not i am i am only hundred fifty pounds of i do two thirty pounds right that's a lot yeah it's not a light weight it's like something you doing reps sixty now that's a lot yeah but uh by imagine even necessary body weight that's their amazing man they're called hindu's if you look at it online just google a hindu squats on you too but are you you do it's just full body weight you drop down and your actually feels come off the ground you're on the tip your toes in your and your your angles call wide and then you stand all the way up so you drop all the way down and all the way up and you watch it online you can see like there's a lot of video it will show you the correct way to do it's real simple but once stand the movement that it's all about just doing massive numbers of i'm trying to get is how many what do a sort of two hundred it took a long time to get there though i would be a huh and i would have to stop i can do two hundred before but i had to take like a break but now i can do two hundred straight
two hundred is hard but i'm not going to do in two hundred and ten now that's my next thing i wanna do two hundred and ten i want to build up to five hundred yeah but i think that's possible i think it's good it's a good demonstration of willpower to it good exercise for me because i like to disassociate when i'm doing repetitive exercise things that can cause you to second guess yourself right and about exercise about the about quitting intense physical i mean nobody's in my room nobody screaming i don't have a drill sergeant this is me so the way i motivate myself is i make myself do shit where i have to silence that voice of quitting where there's no getting through it it unless we do four hundred is that's what we're doing nothing there's nothing just concentrate on the number and keep going there is no quitting doesn't doesn't exist as long as i never quit doing that then it is just my modus operandi yeah that's how i operate and i
it is like an exercise of that's how i quit smoking about negative shit yeah i know now if i smoke one cigarette i'm going to smoke ten thousand so i just got to stop how long do you smoke for ten years and this is like i'm never smoke i just made the decision i'm never smoking how much better did you feel when you stopped uh it was ten years ago so i don't even remember but yet you feel way better more energie more like more everything and that's and you just just go like ok i'm not going to smoke again somebody talked to port brian poor brian someone's gotta tell him smoking smoking just decide not to ma you're right here he doesn't care he's positive is never getting cancer there's no worries i use it for my voice keeps are sexy doesn't keep my voice and actually we use it for meals like today i'm going to have a chance to eat today that's a good move
that's for sure really good but now that i agree would be able to fight off that something i can get behind bodies anything to be healthy enough to fight off the cancer because you use it as a dietary aid i gotta take a leak i the king of all leaks alright go ahead and we'll talk about you where you got ahead and we'll wrap this it up soon as you get back because we've been doing it for like two and one slash two hours right yeah we have a nice house show and yeah we're pasadena in a couple hours if you're around if not crazy or a stalker see again i seen him in some shit he's a great guy fort lauderdale this weekend saturday night is essentially sold out i think there was a few tickets for the early show but those might be gone and the friday show has some tickets left in the sunday show has some tickets left but they're going it should be a good time to him with duncan and duncan's been in the fucking groove i took him with me
thio the louisville improv and it was amazing first of all he was getting like standing ovations going on stage doing how about which is crazy he didn't do a little hole but once he crushed it though he's got a lot of new material to and is just so fun to be with you so prolific too he's a he's going to be a great comedian now he's already very comedian but i mean i think he's going to be like a great national headlines that next girl you think that's going i think that's going to happen now here's a poster for sale go to his website bite it's awesome i have one in the studio duncan trussell dot com t r u s s e l l and there's still some tickets available for next friday's late show at the tabernacle atlanta i got two shows i'm filling my special fucking fired up april 20th joey diaz duncan trussell and you going did they get your tickets everything you're all set and
maxwell actually made a poster and he's going as well and you could buy the poster i think on maximum what is it mike maxwell ardakan comma thing he's a made final on twitter yeah he'll be out there tonight to on the science pictures but if we go on dates right yeah mike matt spell art on twitter you could find the link to his website and on his website you can find the link to the poster it looks dope he's a killer she did my poster for the chicago show i think he is a few of those available to these amazingly great art at a great guy really fun got to hang out with so i'm psyched that he's going to be there in atlanta good vibes an can i save me and joe ideas are coming to columbus oh the first show sold out so they added a second show may 17th and then made in the woodlands yeah great a good may 18th we're in cleveland the may pitts pittsburgh the tickets are at death squad
now you what is the woodlands was at it said this kid it's like just a barber it's got a good room has got a standup pretty decent room for a run for senate yeah and i think what they get doug stanhope it kind of place and they're doing a lot of comedy there yeah i think so yeah it's kid dylan shelton books it and she does good show columbus has like a bit of a comedy scene right but mostly because of the punch line most because people want to die there and they just wanted to laugh so if you were to go i know columbus isn't dude columbia i was just in ohio i was in cincinnati that shit was pretty grim since andrew chappelle lives in ohio he was so bored that he's like dude why don't you return your rental car so i can drive her from cincinnati to cleveland like that's alright man why does he live there 'cause it's families there and it's a nice place for fits nicely raising kids good place but just like what not you good place for you though now i just
like what the weather but but if you were you go there's no like dating way over your head right of call to do there yeah you can't do that and they're all nobody's in good shape yeah her whole fat chase a few of them i mean yeah i think up way friends they all come to the show on the weather the it locked up you know guys since we're talking about dates but what the agreement where we are you performing tomorrow tomorrow is thursday april twelfth at four i'm gonna be in bloomington indiana comedy and i would love to see a comedy attic and bloomington indiana is their website for this joint uh comedy attic dot com comedy annex static a t t i c o attic yeah how many attic comedy attic dot com april but it doesn't end there april ninth team for zero dollars and twenty five cents next week i'm going to be at the stress factory in new brunswick nj wow guys with any brand nineteen through twenty first great club club charlotte may third through fifth the comedy zone in charlotte
do you have a website mother just give out the website not i to remember me learning dot com i'm coming to the yeah denver charlotte's going to get off his home in bloomington will you guys fuck is he kept going we would like to fuck you guy fucking jail broken we let it cook home would be here for days you're talking about your posters night maxheart dot com uh anything out seriously neil brown dot com denver yet newbern dot com and follow me on twitter doing the comic store yeah fabulous from one of the best my favorite room maybe my favorite room in the world it might be it might be one of the best really want to record an album that could yeah lot of feels like one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight there it does nick to paul record his album there did you really yeah it's great what was his first one i believe your corner there it's great yeah can the ku sticks a perfect yeah it's just it's it's what it's easy to that's what i mean but it's easy but it doesn't feel cheap feels like we're just in a good mood you didn't know
fred you never met fred who i think friend's dad who used to run that place they fired him some some i don't know some accounting discrepancy or something but he was he's a comedian in the round the price in there like a developed like a a lot of local comedians were come in there too that a nice local scene i think they still do yeah i think that it yeah probably one of the few local scenes in san diego club a nucleus telephone when he had to wear the american comedy company is that what it is i think i heard good things haven't heard anything in san diego is needed a real comedy club for awhile yeah every time i go i do like the blues or something like that yeah i think the company sir it's a good room the whole it's a great but it's not in my area yeah it's but books yeah close enough if you know what i mean but you know the problem is is the comic store i can't work there right sure yeah you fucked up you fucked up bro can get fucked
sure you can water here to tell you still can't work that i probably could for once no i think you're right work there i tell you i i think we should just get get drunk and then when i just pop in there out of the blue what do you want to go to jail the or you wanna go to jail they will let you in yeah i don't so anyway i'm not even interested zero desire but thank you very much that your name is on the on the market at the laugh factory right now right next to maine gel laugh factory no no no you're not jimmy brogan he sent me a picture with your name in my name where the lab victor now i don't have a shows scheduled there i have been there in over a decade yeah everything you've ever been since i've known you haven't been there in over a decade would know not that no no i'm just trying to think why they why it's when i stop i stop going to laugh you when i got serious at the comedy store when i was like you red
the at the comic store mitzi acid gold anymore so i don't forget it wasn't mitzi with scott day actually dad talked about this how sad in tripoli started doing the naughty show at the comedy store and it started getting kind of popular and what's his face for at the laugh factory doing the comedy doing the ninety show also and he's his s s same went to him is like what widely because of the non is yeah it is a way to use it i used to do not a show in the eighties i'm yeah you're only brought it back as we just started it back up here jimmy brogan sorry instrument okay back back up so what you're saying is that dude is doing another podcast and no no no not sure how to progress doing another look online comedy show with strippers and everything like that because he's not an audition yeah the ninety show in its its doors down from the comedy store where sam now does it well i want to be honest with you i think that's a terrible name and i think it only serves sam's right that he picks it
stupid name for a show right what he really should do is use this opportunity to come up with something face something that doesn't suck and that way some guy can't just gank it i think you should call it sex squad warning warning i think we get out on that the naughty show is a fun show to go but that's a terrible god damn name well it's just kind of base so nothing it means nothing it's just called naughty like this really happy party s some like sam trillion he should be is on the ball off himself right not the nobody show i agree sir the sam shibley's house of fun though because is good and by the way still use the same mailing list dude will promote it alright so sam going to help you out of this mess jamie masada let him have that shit by i was doing it in the 80s that's why we said the body i had i had not the show in the 80s let him have it you just like you should have those girls have sex quad let him have it we have it it sucks
thank you i think you've got to be with choke on it let him up at all but anyway they go that they could never have had it without you about the scrum cap is the name of that thing i was trying to describe oh i know what you're talking about a rugby where one of those digits it's got a little pads on it but it's mostly cover my ears yeah yeah yeah you could die in that those fucking giant do this math but not if you're not if they're not the way we're going to get people to adjust your gonna have to have a a whole new generation they works they're gonna have to have helmeted and non helmeted but then is going to be there one thick headed dude like some big samoan guy who just want to head butt people why you threw me under but about the sex i'm not throwing in you said you wanted to do the first episode and you told me to do it i think you should have no negative feelings out there and i think i agree with that this girls for whatever reason she's got a lot of issues and it's like this yeah i just think that could have been avoided
and you could have come off like a bigger person that's all i'm saying but but you're the one absolutely right listen brian you're not you're not being honest about now you said you called i'll do your new show you said i you said you need to do one a sap when i'll be the first person on and it's like okay you know what those before i found out the other girl came over the name no i told you that too i have so first i told you that no no no no no no no you told me later you told me later absolutely tell me later 'cause it was a 'cause i had to give you a wait a minute wait a minute girl hit it with a wait a minute yeah i told you that the first time you might have thought you did but you didn't know i did brian never not said i didn't come up the name you call me a liar what he's saying the poor social skills here what are you asian that's not called but so tonight ice house chronicles starts at eight hundred and thirty or being a silly person i think you should let those girls have that name and i think the better right now
and when did the living the hell of their own consciousness if they're angry at you that's right you don't want that body you want out there with a voodoo doll cuz she put in the pin when you want to talk about them ever again should give her a big hug would would be a better name than sex squad neil you're a creative guy you were the co creator what is hell if you had a show listen i don't want her own podcast with hot chicks and would you would you call i think he's gotta i like the squad angle because it's a death squad in about sex and it's a podcast about sex i know let's talk let's talk about current passing now how about the we like cock patrol yet that i'm with no no are you still there it's funny that so many podcasts are going to try to lean on that porn angle though isn't it it's interesting so natural angle we've had points it makes it hard to have a bad we had sasha grey on she's with a blanket
and it was made fucking interesting she's think she's actually smart yeah tdm on a smart too it's just crazy but she's fun she's very smart we had our on yes josh is like a regular cool check yeah there's no weird regular cool that somehow another is missing this yeah where she just taken the acid from the world yet with leaders of the old this formula and radio it having a porn star on on a show you know as like a gas like howard stern you know opie and anthony any kind of local radio station will always have a porn star on but that was even before you actually got to see it which is a very easy yeah so now you got like you stream were doing they give their naughty show we had the other day we had full on nudity i had to take it off you stream because it was just ridiculous dare they would they do dirty bitch is trying to get you arrested by the way you might get arrested for shit like that you have to really be careful when you get those crazy bitches and they started fingering each other you can go to jail for that fuck yeah you can just like bra
has sampras we're not a shallow yeah you get first of all you stream will pull you because they don't want to get sued right but if someone finds out that you're like project like if they find if there's any sort of significant percentage of people on you stream that are showing people fucking well god bless him here's a question because they actually weren't really too much of that lately three but they took the stickers and put it on their boobs and then the whole park as with the stickers on a bit but that's fine you think that's fine that's all that's one of those weird double standard yeah the food meat is fine yep who've made is fine but you guys are missing yeah and i thank you only need a couple would cover the the point of the nipple i think you could show some show ariel really if you have a star over the nipple itself but the circle of the aerial behind the stars very clear i think it's still okay house so nuts were so crazy human beings are so bizarre excuse me american american when it comes to sex we're so nuts the weather you could put a
star over the nipple well how 'bout even this how girls were allowed to wear body paint their fucking naked yeah you could yeah they're blue it's okay i wonder if you could put a nipple sticker on top of a nipple you know i mean like a sticker with a picture of a nipple on it if that would if it was like in a nipple i saw a photo from a friend of mine's halloween party that he had a few years back with a bunch of girls came over with body paint on and like one girl's tits were dogs like they had made up but there were tits they're just tits with paint on him and it was a every girl knew and all the guy said girls that were there they were dressed or were so fucking pissed they were so angry they like who are these fucking whore yeah like we don't know that you're naked you stupid bitch and you get fucking paint on your tent you think that's ok being shown up it was amazing what about
everyone is like that what about manikin nipples because now i got this manikins me on on those are totally kosher yeah it's not even real it's like you know animated if you drew an animated nipple observer would yes i know we can say anything i don't think i don't think that even counts as part murphy writes something that mannequin's man i mean mannequins that sounded like a sex toy like if you had like a real doll in the background you could see the real dolls tit right that's probably that's tricky but not a mannequin yeah but even the fact it's like i actually asked this to a bunch of a female it's one time like if they were robots like good robots in the future and you caught your husband fucking a robot would you be mad and they were like yeah obviously i was but what if it look like if it was like a real doll and i was like what it looked like the terminator right they had no problem with that yeah i think one long is an ugly robot well that's why people were weirded out if you fuck a flashlight but they're not weirded out if you masturbate but if you fuck some
sing a physical object it has to be like awesome give me a fake pussy tube like one is that what are you doing whatever the future that you had a robot that looked exactly like yourself but you fucked i agree is that get all see i don't want my sexuality on the rest of the world and i don't want to treat women as objects so i would never have a fake woman so in having a fake maine essentially what i'm doing is i'm taking the hit i'm going to hit myself with a vagina and i'm just knowing that if i was in jail with me i'd be a broad let you fuck me it's so weird seeing yourself do they have about kissing yourself out of your fake robot is like an awesome tongue it's like i love kissing you are pushing your own head down yeah i'll suck your dick i'm your robot it's me bro its it's me dude how do i know how you like it i'm you
r and on that note brian i'm sorry if you feel like i threw you under the bus with sex squad thing i didn't mean to buddy i don't want you to have any i'm just trying to eliminate negativity in all of our lives i hear your brother and and that's why did not ever have exact time with either one of those girls i've always had fun with them there was nice to me so i hate to see something that i think could have been part simply avoided by chest nice phone call rite aid man i don't know what the fuck happened for real i i just no need there's a lot of real beefs out there in this world is a lot of real drama you need unnecessary whites word all right fucking dirty freaks that's the end of this week this whole week of podcast for a lot improv this weekend with duncan trussell thursday friday friday saturday sunday and then we'll be back next week with at least one podcast but next week i'm filming my special
lanta are you really can gratz yes thank you the tabernacle on friday so i'm going to be concentrated on that almost more than anything and that's it alright love you guys see you soon bye bye bye do their commercial yeah i gotta do commercials oh yeah on it dot com as a new we have a new thing for the next three thousand and thirty something hours it's the the promo code is crave and you get two one percent off go to thanks to the flashlight go to flashlight dot com enter in rogan get ten percent off and on it dot com is also code word rogan and you get no flash you fifty percent on it get ten but forget that rogan code crave code and you get twenty one percent off boom there that's it dirty freaks will see you tonight at the ice house see this weekend fort lauderdale see you next week some strange terra podcasts and in the tabernacle jihad
see you all
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