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#207 - Tom Segura, Christina Pazsitzky, Brian Redban

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Tom Segura, Christina Pazsitzky, Brian Redban - Date: 04/18/2012
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my whole life and that one of mine that I can't do like get. I feel similar in texture and feel to mine- and you know it would be good to do- is to be dicks and anytime. There's somebody with their window, because of a dog or a baby or something that is included in their in fulfilling them, finding it from a different car that might be the first. Idea you ve ever happen to sign a bad idea, probably get sued like crazy. You can't just leave it it can someone's. Well, what have you just drop off the Tipp innocent? I dig it disappears a rubber, they look like it could be a deck, although they have several decades and in what you should do. The headman, indifferent unmarried, a bloody death now mean that's wrong underground. Now that you ve someone comes in their current thanks. So much
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that's crazy. I've, never transmitters! You beat him being into that itself. I want I dont like saying the word Neuro transparent. You know why, because I don't really know what the fuck I'm sorry I don't like about shared like me. Neither would I sought explaining Neuro transmitters no visa. What the fuck am. I saying legally. The nerve ending may know about as much as I know when I turn the lights which echo is on and when I turned the extent of my now telling our nerves transmitter. You know that you're good vertebrae puts people farce to deny its prices agree some bright and strictly a flashlight, well come on gotta come oh and I d entering the code name my fucking Rogan and you will save yourself, temperature off or all orders, not just the first.
There's a hundred percent money back guarantee on your first order of thirty pills. If you, if you order it, you don't like it you don't even have to send it back. You just say it sucks and you get one hundred percent of money back no one's trying to rip you off. This is all good stuff. It's as good as it gets. That's it alright, Christina Payne, A girl is up in their beds and alleged fly the job Logan experience I still lightner in May two thousand and four: cause moment of my life, so that was my favorite diary couple. My favorite married couple it many men we're great Was man shot? You wouldn't do bribery, mouthed, gamma, video camera creepy Maria do Benign,
be crazy over there making crazy visas man, it's good to be back here with Red Ban, it's been awhile, it's been a long time. Rights nevertheless ass nice hand, your lower the pleasant our trial, which, because we're fine brutalizing. Him went to without its ongoing down. While I was hoping could find a way like to test him to see what his mental ages, like he's emotional. Maybe this is our mouth bleeding steps and if you think your servants and generous, I bet you there the tests, which shapes and by whose definition, none of us having your old has their shit together, maybe Ryan's a seven year old, blue shit together, I think you are like,
regular seven year old, easing of genius every hour of these advance. You ve run like every world and what are we all sound as if it had a seven year old and is a smart at seven as Brian is at thirty seven you'd be like fuck yeah. This kid is You never really excited about. Eight is the next Tesla. If there is a seven year old walking around, that is just labour and that is the baddest mother on earth. I'm sure there's a right now, but no way I can. Human intelligence is accelerating the delectable leader of the pack, the baddest mother fucker seven year old, the world. I bet he's like right up there with us. Yet how right these new railroad number the internet's these wacky kids, when other information and I'm therapy really amazing, Romania, and also every like you realize how crazy eastern athletic so that's what's going on, but I need to restart used.
To fix that quota for Somerset alone at two minutes, the audio we can keep on talking. Just ok, sorry, each stream parted area hold on a second. I just made a little tweet. I get some slices only seven years off in an effective manner. Computers- I give this kid yeah by lobbies. Georgiana highlighted after I get venison jerky to really Elk Jerky Venison, delicious, delicious shit dear lucky. Most people don't know, delicious. They are so dirty bitches right around the woods, because people would start farm income, then so much better. For you than than staked The reason I also mean thrilling lean,
these are running in. I earn stuff for knowledge, cooped up. Why have a stupid theory about that? My theory is. Oh, it's probably not scientifically based whatsoever, but my theory has always been that the things that are really hard to catch, those are the ones that are like better for you and tastier tastier before you. You know like fish Fisher, really hard to catch fire dear really how to catch really good for her big fat like those japanese fuckin Those are the collars cobby beef cows. Those fucking cows then run it from any and why is terrible for arable with delays with such assholes with tricked animals to get legs? so obese. The dialogue on the verge of death, outages pack and fat everywhere in all their muscle tissue delicious. What about why la la and as long as we're gonna stop haven't. I was due June stupid man. Birds are constantly,
percent of all birds at of ever lived. I can't I can't I don't give a FUCK about you really don't know birds care about you. They don't even care about, they don't care about shit, they look cute and have little babies in their swimming together, but the reality is you're going to eat why? Why is it ok to eat em? It's now kid overfeed em! It's it's a really quick process of what and do not literally only takes a couple seconds of the two year. They take the goose they put the tube into its amount. They hold it there and then they pour the grain down stomach. It's not in pain. It only takes couple seconds and then after the over the things just running around, I mean it's like. How is that bad? But the way they form pigs that's: ok, you're thinking about a league ass. You know why isn't credible it's a winnable to winnable topic for animal people, because the people that are indeed because for guys like a kind of its delicacy,
It's not consider something that is not like. There thing we're going to try to take stakes and the market rail, it's something that is, for as a leader in the leaders have free choice. Most people don't need any I'm in the great majority of people, don't even know if four guys yeah, so they go out again. This is a totally inhumane way to make this the Parana ballot and they get enough momentum behind and when it yards, I've seen the argument- and you know I'm certainly not one for animal cruelty, but it's not. You know it might be bad if it was a person that Europe two yeah absolutely, but you would never wow any other shit. They do to chickens for human Joe no humans are level live like that it stacked on top of each other and their own shit. You know me the weather, Dewan Chickens and pigs with these fuckin cages, where they can even move and veal. Well, that's all! Ok! That's all! Ok, but those that, where this county dark round
ain't? You got me doc since off. That's fucking grain returned student mouth, I'm have you done. This is liver. Getting a gun just issued these birds were little birds at that their building a nest on our house nature every morning, and I wake up to this wonderful birdsong alone in rage. Is my husband doesn't like? Let's get to God it? Yours, you think it's beautiful! I love the urine birds Chirrup, but I've crows those those who cause or are you just here? I don't. I don't hate bird chirping. I dont like again at the our joy when some of them stake at stake and I forgot to defrost it and I figured while the pro the best way to frosted like to sit outside in the sun.
I think that's a good idea. I put up with it with the wrapping on his fucking Conti Crow was coming down the package at my state no shared ate like like a little chunk of it before I figured out what he was doing that for us yet mean. I only turn my back for a minute that at that assholes watching watch what you do they look to see if there's anything that you're doing the latter could benefit that you're either birds already like human HANS, develop bird, yes operating as surely as men at all times. It's a wonder: elation she's moody mood to fuckin, nay, shit on. You asked to leave you petty, let them on your shoulder. They take a shit on your firewall now everywhere else, fuck, the worse the dinosaurs. There really are the last. The dinosaurs bodies are bad pets too. I always thought, because they too should always buy it, and rightly year with Eddie in a couple of people. My while these that's a lie.
Habits, not dissimilar, really affectionate wanna color, which an impediment to smell like that. I'd love which ethical schooled their sweet sweetly by their also delicious, and when push comes to shove Apocalypse its common, they got to go about our like that too. I like rather either yeah. Aachen restaurant, the valley. Once we can seize any. You know what you're Amy not only are very delicious. We live in the ramparts invasion. Neighbors had a rooster, yeah Amer. She called animal protect. So my fuckin thing was crawling four in the morning. The reasoning flock would allow you to have a boost. That's an asshole real ads on a change. I was on a change, it would run through the streets and everything remember that fuckin, why
MRS Heidi will. But this was an El Salvador and that's how you have a family because we have created here are about any. Does an apartment building a house is department arm in arm, so they thought they can have a goddamn rooster, Parliament, however, sure how nutty is that there is a lot of neighbours who had to be losing their book. In my we were all my god, we were the ones that someone all somebody for this shit what is his eyes unites- thinks he's gonna get away, would have a rooster backyard, as the neighbourhood is out of my friend else. I would go in there just scooter. I think so. That's why they're like this is just like the village back home right leg is no different. In no snatching uniting ass was the snatch on your neighbor scene. I mean well, so they just want. They want they wanted to get out of El Salvador, but they want to be like a whole. Neighborhood is completely turn it in any old concluded. I guess it's just yet
guns. This is a real nightly. Really ever moves to hear gunshots nightly. Was I daily somehow my every high lemming ram do and you know why jerking off in the living room one time their bullet came to the window. No. It was like to in the afternoon, and I'm like, like just sitting on a couch taken, my laptop and I hear a fuckin gunshot, but it sounds like somebody on the balcony Joe and is now a distant it's where and when the afternoon likes around out here you don't you like warlike jump, through the laptop and jump on the floor. Like his dick dick out- and I call Jose, billing manager, and I go do. Did you hear that and I he goes who were like the gunshot did you. Is now in the garage is not man. I thought I heard
gunshot really loudly and he was another hearing thing. I hang up the phone and like two minutes later forward is like a doves Jose, yet some guy just got killed out on sixth reasonably. So that's what that was. It was all blocked off. Some guy had gone up to a guy on six three like two in the afternoon Chatham with three fifty seven right in the chest. One shot and then like put his hands up, got arrested. Yet there was another day there are some people who, like each other, You don't have along its a hateful out a terrible way to be able to end to changes, can away from a person put holes now handed Dian Shitty six street. The work in this she now is our shared, but then he read is that we had the ice cream truck though it commonly right in front of the house and in the end the same loop that year, but it wasn't even old but it wasn't even they traditional who had like a little else evident. Flame, some extra horn
whistles and should focus, but it was not a fireman swat me, unlike override feel really unprofitable. Mowing you weren't. There was a wise decision. It was my fault because I was living in Silverlake now on vacation. I came back and my house had been infested with rats. Others rat shit everywhere at a great fruit I left out was half eaten. Well as, like I gotta get the fuck out of here man. So this is the first place I could find like the quickest place I could find, and it was relatively but I was, it was a two year disaster, while the two years flyers like China, Lazy broke some. Lastly, ass cheap get used to it in the way we can get the fuck out,
Why and everything was every night. We also were a block of your member. At this point, it would be almost two years ago on six street just couple blush when we were as where this ourselves, adoring guy, was crossing the street drunk and he pulled out a knife is willing around and the cap shot M Noirtier fourteen times. Well, so they kill them and then the whole neighborhood rioted and they walked up to the Rampart Vision police station. There was riots on the street helicopters we on the roof. Our building there was like this, it was nightly. They would see. Helicopters like they will get the line. The light shone like showed shine through our window like every night, but this night there was we counted like Levin and they were just in a swarm above us like a swarm of
These just during the right thing as we are, that was like those that I hope will we relax I'll. I would definitely asked that this shit. Why yet is too crazy for eleven Jesus? Could there is not a gang hides a teen street gang uranium? Imagine our team and they were tag on our wall like our building. Everybody listen venison on the corner, whereas daughter plays in the playground area. Three kids get shot. You know one day you there and someone pulls out a gun. You know A guy can happen. People die in the crossfire should help oh yeah steadily stats. Oh, what a crazy ass neighbourhood, the list Dude Venice and has a lot of that Fucking Burbank Beggar Rob. I wish you happen, I live in the valley. One time my neighbour got murdered and he gathered in the front yard at night shot gun. Shot seven times with Mozilla reloaded? Oh my god, and I was the only one who didn't hear it like.
Use. Nor do I know do without a murmur. Buddy Chuck came over me put his hand much as time is dead men, because you hear that shit and would clearly not now get to sleep where you yelled at me. He was like there's a lot of shit threatened. This wasn't bad neighborhood rely Sosa, someone really hated someone. Well, it turns out the kind of became and came out that he was he was dealing lay. I guess who's the on some pretty you no major weight. So this was like a retaliation. There was some drug related, but they never got a guy's got em they blasphemers front fucking you're in they never got the guy's got holy shit. I wonder how much they actually catch as far as murders how nor I think about when you walk around youth. When you hear the percentage of unsolved homicide in how many times a day you cross pass with like a murder, I am keen that has anyone arise yeah, I don't trust anybody.
The one way, that's like the most difficult to get someone as if they just create just do something random like walk in somewhere, shoot someone to kill him and then leave those are really to me. That's why everyone's pushing for surveillance and surveillance. That's a bell waiting ass people, swear to get away with it I'll get out. I just ran random, actually manage not like someone who you obviously very even pissed off. They say when the random ones happen so much like MR high percent there's a high percentage of solve murders, men, young man like the cases of theirs? I didn't get it a guy's got away with it, yeah the evidence or sometimes allow times. Now it's these understaffed. You know I'm not least in the: U S, Understaffed, please stay departments known at the lab too many murders for how much how many cops they can put on to solve crimes. You know rat, you view murderer. It keeps going up you gotta like using the murderous. Unlike Venezuela, not one, and now no legs shit dude like us.
Rock has been as well. A has, I think, are our murder. Capital always fluctuates between like all or lions. Baltimore Detroit, you know, sometimes to be like Ella New MA am he gets in their these? They any you're talkin about in the two hundred to four hundred kind of fluctuation of murders, and you take a city like Caracas. Venezuela has over a thousand. While we talk about over four times the murders that, happen in New Orleans and about how many like how many people you needs a numbers gave us all, though, that many more ideas show up and use like this is twenty seven adios town over Gonna, get they don't give a shit about you in Venezuela either there's a lot of mexican citizens. I've ridiculously high Monterrey has really hard luck and murderous. Then unsolvable not solve. Why can't? I just a part of life merges Depart Eliza United
total thing, that's crazy, that's gone two thousand and twelve. You know because we the sort of distorted perception of safety its sorry. I don't trust when people like like strangers like this, we goes in Cleveland and the manager of the club was like me. Take it out of the market in Cleveland. Also, now now man- I know you, I think of it- takes about is this guy? On the level like, I don't trust anybody right, you're right, you know you ever they knew has never. You like as you gonna, kill me as you less credible basil for our group and our aim in Amsterdam. Savvy only windows open a night, yes she's, real Hunter, Sonny may be somewhat fear. More should be. You have you grew up and allay rearrest alone. I got of course, the nightly mine- and I answered- I remember as a child- you couldn't sleep with your window, open view that guy's gonna come in and steal you and, like all my dad, don't give a fuck my dad's hungarian link he's like I don't give a fuck fuck routes:
Ramirez ideal that cocksucker man do you like this the police scanner to my dad and lake figure out. The crown was going. That's where is? the average Ramirez was scary guy. You know, let me try to marry that air are ya married now, where the other them up such a workshop. That's a terrifying! Do there. He did some horrible things he was caught. He was caught by citizens, the affluent regions it is. How did he get em? He was leaving the scene. He had tried to murder. Somebody really maybe did murder one of the people and he was getting too was entirely valley and people tackled, and they was he was too goodbye everyday people well, because as natural as all over the news at that point like this is like all of that right of immersion horrifying. That would feel the sea that guy in your neighbour countries parachuted and all the news and areas right there do you remember that when and how
I didn't say, beaten to death. It's got quite a relic question. Storing awhile, but I'm pretty sure I would have been in the dusk. I don't even think about us out twice about promoting. I would ve gotta shutting his hand to without a doubt a bit I gotta death Fisher cannot begin travel far right. I don't get a real piece of shit like that. I would say I lost my mom went temperance animal yeah calabash. I would. I would go temperance, and could you imagine if maybe, if, like perhaps he kill somebody you know, or you were you going to tell some. You know what you're thinking one of killing your mama sunlight that fuckin crazy. Have you ever thought somebody was going to kill you at any point in your life. You know you. Yes, flom! There's like a time when I was against stupid teenager and I was high and I don't like you would have work and are now or somebody driving me was on acid Nausicaa teenager. If we look at serial killers, that's the craziest thing ever the creepers thing ever as people, logistics
did they get a kick out of killing people, so they look to try to find people to kill, get a rush out of there just be in the wrong place at the wrong time running one of those motherfukers and that's you know, there's no than others know like rationale too like why they want to kill certain privileges, have a thing for certain. People like TED Bundy, didn't like Brunettes Cosette Burnett broke his heart, so all the girls he got that SAM. You know. I've met a lotta dude that I dont think were serial killers, but I think developed a heat, for wit, like a real hate over years and years, rejection yeah Ngos can handle it and they decide that there's something wrong with that person, because they're your constantly associating that person with negative feelings in mean like always associate women with being rejected, with being humiliated with being marked and laughed at, and so the associated with pain and their meat,
brains just are to to realize. This is a person. The person is no, you shit and you really not that attractive and my badge by which you fuck. You you think about what you're offering her you know. I don't know how you could fix that, but that we need to concentrate on setting demonstrating what people like getting angry people for my liking. You that's a severe weird than morphs into a bigger thing, took as they had just to get to sit on it to think about it. So it becomes like a bigger picture thing for them. Like all women near I've felt that before I've walked into like radio interview like radio stations and the assumption is maybe they seem rafts of me and I like how she's gonna be of a country blonde, and I sometimes I sense it like the assumption. Is that I'll be a dick to them and, unlike no way like I must say that, like the hottest, but you know, I think the assumption is if you're someone attractive girl, you're gonna be a douche bag, I know are eaten
really girls? I tell you my orders and Lord grew. Irish fear can identify. Kazi came over and I just sense that he has a thing with some girls. Were he thinks that lake We hate him, though I thought I know now. I see that our is not a handsome fellow he. He gets Isabel unattractive girls. This is about ass comedian, but yeah he's that's it. Look is odd. Is getting you have me. You have to deal with a certain amount of rejection. Yeah, I think, he's com. So what what do you mean, though, that he does is like Do you guys think that that's what it was like women yeah? I think that here, from rejection. Yes, absolutely disease had his heart smashed, I think by he good, looking broad and, we would also says you know it's. It's based how many women are your interacting with, and where are you your life while you're interacting with them yet assets
The relationship means more than it should to you, because you're you don't have a whole lot of shit going on outside of it and I'll tell you. You know what I mean yeah. My feelings on relationships are always if someone does not want to be with me anymore. I want to be with me and cool and again in a good luck with whatever you're onto, but what did what it recital o now, because I write it up, I was like I have this I've. I feel this unspoken animal city that you have towards me like over the years cause I'd go, and I thought you know my man projecting. Maybe that's my bullshit that I'm projecting on him and- and I was like I just since you dont, like girls, like you, hate women in he's like you know, maybe you'll be erode coups. Ok, I came up with a comedy store knows going with those boys I mean, so I thank you over the coming soon with those boys like David, like those none and on you, and I are delighted or yeah, like those boys, their car jetty, and I think the assumption
Add is that if your cue girl you get ahead in comedy faster, which I don't know if it's true, maybe they're, so what, Yeah, so what is what it is now? You recognise that, and you know what quality will always shine anyway. It doesn't matter if someone's you know if someone's getting through just because their cute there's the quality of their work is going to be oh well, you can't go forever. Doesnt MAC and, alas, what's good is good enough. Someone gets a little advantage because their hot good for them they can they get a lucky break lay and since when in show business, meritocracy. Exactly that's all. He too Well, shit! That's all that is all that stuff is. Is Haider bullshit worrying about other people getting ahead so dumb? It's the dumbest of that that comedians and entertainers, and I'm sure, folks, in all sorts of walks of life, entertain it themselves with Let their mind go into these Unfix, a circles where you
You know you look at someone else's successive somehow or another. That's like bad for you. Why I get hurt you. You know you makes you feel like inadequate or whatever you be, should look at that, whatever it is and use all that shit and be inspired, that's all to do this is even if someone you fucking hate is going well you say well, this makes me want to work hard. This makes me want to push. This makes me want to get ahead. Use use it as inspiration. Don't ever let yourself get that through the Fog Vulcan guys for good jobs would about me, can't get that state of mind, that's a negative Jesus shit. Sloshy, no progress wish you well. She state of mind. It's a big. It's a big state of mind all done and I did it files from another first started out. You know we're doing what it was I was to competitive. You know
involved in like open mic nights like everyone's like competitive about like who did wow, who did, and it was just a part we didn't know what the fuck were doing. You know where open MIKE Ritze win an award, but I think there was just a little something to you know, to being competitive with like your peers, but it should never be negative. You got to keep it from being something where it took off consuming thing where it like it's a you just use what I people and I've seen it. I've seen it like first hand like recently comics that we're talking about a comic that was successful and they were talking shit about em and Now- and I was I was listening to them- talk and shit about it, and I can see the hanging. It didn't matter what they were saying. There are basically mean that state that state that debt. It doesn't matter what words come now at a shitty state of mind, you know, but you can't say
the guys doing well. That means someone's liking him right and you might, you know not like certain aspects, work, but it's really bug you that much or is what's really bugging you the fact that this guy is doing some or that you are not doing enough with your own, exactly that's usually what it is like a wise person. The sums wrong with you man judging them on what do you know what I mean? Look, this can be stuff you like and stuff. You know, like does always gonna, be that in a like. I want to see their cabin in the woods, love added it loved. I knew you would love stupid fuck you. Suddenly we had a very drivers movies like what he says about movies. Sometimes I am on board, but mostly time, unlike really surprised, you run. Tomatoes gave it a ninety one percent of gay. Ninety The idea is like two wars fought movie. I enjoyed the shit outta that describes porn coming out of his mouth slowly. Brian's like do this might be your favorite movie is even where Wilson people get
by where what is its way. That's why I went to the path of years. It's uh, it's crazy, hybrid, weird, fuckin movie, it's kind of silly! like this, it's almost like you. I asked yes, but there's almost aspects of it where you could consider it a comedy legacy. What Eddie was saying was totally over the top, but really fuckin fun, really fun. Stupid ass, look in horror movie with a massive twist twist. I won't get into blood. I enjoy the shit out of it I just saw them man, I'm not in the movies tool to like, have mimic real life and have They be completely random and unpredictable. I guess what have a real life. Are not only minimal resources, monsters, ok, how's, the explosions, no ufos, fuckin bomber movies. We see the treaty and not one. We were alike knows that last point. I want to see that silent movie.
Move on and we invite sound very donkey. Like you, gotta see art, I don't. I don't need any more art. I don't know Was it like, like them with, isn't sand and saw whenever Catherine and show my son, Finally, like no amazing them, I know its not analyse, not I'm not rightly bombed out another they get and bomb. Now this is supposed to be entertainment. For me, he's motherfuckers take themselves so seriously and just as you can t pick something depressing and depresses may mean good, yeah, ok, image, you did a really good job of making something fucking depressing. That's not good imaginatively! We're like if comedy, had so much leeway, pressing stand up some of the poorest and it would become a depressing. The most pressing showed the world ceiling of Comic she's. Really, I'm not sure if we told the truth
with no jokes yeah yeah shit that negative that negative shit you talkin about like comics, going like fuck that you know you see that a lot is when you do the road you re at other comments on the road who are Alzheimer's will start with, like I used to live in a way a guy like that place. Man you're goes now. I open up, then they do the whole like it's our bullshit. And I just realized that doesn't even man if you're a good man. I think it does matter for good at it. Think that helps lot in there. They give you the whole speech like it's all shit and that's why I laugh they used to do it, but now like it here and virgin poet. Finally good man. I think you're. You going to run shit in this town in no time so just stay here has been as the night goes on, he starts drinking and gets even more bitter and towards the
and they lay guys guys which, work, easier a guy when I moved Alyosha, uncle. Those I used to live in a way I hated it as I like so lichens, where he said. Good, bye I was like I by my way I used to live there sucks. I was ass for his good, my message to. You will tell me that there are good You have you re literally arab, much Golden loved their like most people would have never even been here that their work has a lot of bullshit, it's gotta, lotta great stuff to a lemon, neighborhoods does a lot. A great stir, vanilla about the comic loves me where, Do you have a city that has that like Pasadena in twenty minutes away. Ok, you got My dear on male rose, you improv, the Improv one of the great comes the last stop laughs up, laugh factory rather and the calmly store. All you got her Moser yeah and you gotTa Mercer, calmly, magical, that's another
it's really, but I ain't worth a maiden or other allies, pretty fucked. I lay in general, as you know it besides the gangs and all that crap, but just the fact that there is a lot. There. I rugs out here is a light and fucking fast car there's, a lot of people making bad subject. Everything Anita s eyes at night. I see it all the time they like. I see they go I'll, be on sunset at three in the morning, you suddenly, like a ferrari, goes down the street going like two hundred really easy. Blue, like like what I read like the rate of luxury aliases for this shitty part of the city is bath with driving on the real problem with cities. Lamborghinis sang a general that there is a it's not like normal. The p ah here in the entertainment business there in a certain kind of feed yeah, they exert and why the different thinking than say and normal city, where you have a little bit of everything. You know you have a little bit of people that are.
Ankara's farmers like like a mark- it's it's, definitely crazy. I'm an shit all the time, I'm like my boy so that that would be crazy. Memoranda saw that I agree with you and to a certain extent, but also the circles you want in Yemen, We run around gone these crazy parties and hang out these word. People when I got here are better carry Oki bar across the street from NBC, Burbank and Burbank. That's No, but you know whenever there's a bar, it's the you run into the possibility that someone might try to rob people coming out of the bar cuz people are drunk and went wrong. People come out of a bar and you robbed on MIKE's what what the fuck are? The cops going to do about that? You know the cops are going to perception going to be like what is the story going to be like, and did you really remember what the guy looks like you know? I mean if you're hammered right, the cops are talk. Guy forgiven,
me and my mommy. He only jobs go bill of rights. Ok. You say now come on. Good luck, that's perfect rob, so it might not necessarily been in other. Burbank. Is dangerous and might have been somebody target? the bar Lucia again right, though, that lightly on the roads that certainly like these Stanley for five days you go out. Furthermore, the third and fourth day you like this, a different speed like a smaller already, you know in Eurostat sizes way different When I lived in colorado- and I came back to hear- I noticed a huge difference in the way people drive home people drive fifty percent faster here everywhere, ass, fast guardsman yeah, that's did state cut, a lot of people are, for they don't use blinkers. Much and its lighten way, less courteous and I feel, like South Florida holds the trophy on that one. Asshole. I mean there's nothing like it ceiling
as you go down? Ninety five it just hit Lauderdale, then, once you get to live northern Hake County or, like our animal Lee Shit mood. I did a forlorn improve this weekend all night. I click yes great. What a fine time! I guess I did last night now now before us, which for Wednesday man, a member would read as he fought long and it was in fact an amazing. It was amazed, great crowds to the room that their wild, they energies, scare, the crazy people I'd like to you. That's all I forgot about yes River have as regards religious. Now, do what I do know. It's a wild place, man they fuckin party hard down there for Lord will thank us for all about. You go down there and you realize that I could let you go actually into Miami that you can you go to places that close at five and that open at five hundred and thirty a dot m for the after
and it's not that ray of so they clean up for an hour and there are they just go to another place, but I may get there that shit's open in the while you can go you party until noon, to break right on did not, What to go on and on a break. You can vote. You get all kinds of crowns there in Miami, but when I was in you know four lottery. I asked him what time is the last call? Listen, it's five, a m I may by them and on my desk Brazil, where it startled, change their law? Yes, it is a big says everywhere else like to York. It's like four. Until I love five five about our next move. Product is not sitting that cocaine built that young people can coke. That's two hours are gonna, be buying. Coke near has two to five hours daily let's keep support, A body of three p M purchase
now go back to a bump, that you think about it. All rashly I should do about, should do some concrete now, so many people there lot of coke early on the life. They have big problems when they older their dern there near Logical system like rigid prior had problem and MRS Mann enough. She really did a lot of. I should probably not so I dont know that's rumour, I know a bunch of different people. Besides They have had like, like real serious issues with their body never worry about. I just had a fear of that. You know. Sometimes the scare tactic works like when I saw the later big deal you can do have duco came in time A heart attack somehow got into my brain when I was young enough rose totally scared to try, as its has to accept
a man like every time I did it? I use I used to be like fact that was like a nintendo game. You know like that. That's that was a lot of money that was half my page. Yeah ought to do it, never done it scared of it scared. I you know I grab and logic is a crystal thou the world's crystal meth, without about the and now it's so grossly, but you know- always telling someone was a twitter like I've had some ex weaker bosses who, like they can't handle more than one thing at a time like? Is they get out of it? fascinated by the inside the mind between urge that really fats always say loudly unix. Yes, so ok, I Stuart Retail, icon marrow that some shitty clothing store. It was called no problem as well.
So what are we going to put? This was after the border region guy- and I remember this boss who like if somebody came in the door and she had to ring somebody up at the register. At the same time, it was like a total melt down like her brain couldn't process. Two things and I know she was a tweet or in the past were you can just see them. Make kind of like that to choose to do math so she's, all like they. Just? U can also I was told by the that face that gaunt tat is how the lights on this, like there's like to hear some of the teeth and offset inelegant them. Some of them replaced and say: look there twitchy. They picked it too many times scams there used to be this twitter that used to hang around the pool, hauled on ice go to and I dont want to say her name success. She might still be alive. She still lush, probably listen to this podcast, so let's just call her ex time. Ok, that's your name acts and she was my axe, and now she wasn't any Balzac's. She was not ever
You mean, I never saw a single guide, there was Meech, wasn't particularly going, but she was so cracked out all the time just really odd to be around or it's like. You were someone who was going through a dream and she would like play pool by herself. Stare guys the eyes and she was gone and we are like she became like so almost sort of family there. She was, so often that you know she would like sort of trying hit on guys, but she was so crazy, like nobody wanted to have anything to do with our Minch was completely insane, but she became like almost like our crackhead mascot all the time come in Rochester that she would come into play, pool and even she gonna job feeling up at one point in time
we're like some hours you guys used to take turns on her. Then we got really drunk right in the alley is craziest pool hall. People are desperate, especially twenty four hour gambling pool hall places which of this place was nobody factor nobody is pretty bad. It was bad, but she was. She was a sweet at heart, person. I didn't never communicate whether enough to go hey. What are you doing? What What are you doing crank in only doing what is it I never got to that conversation, but man she was. She would have these weird moments where she would like to think. Maybe you like to go to dinner, those were dinner together. Like I can't I can't go to dinner, I can't go to dinner with anybody else, but her while not home, how to draw a real life play, pool and likes Tara check who's, really like a character in a movie.
A member. May my friend me and my friend Johnny, be we're sitting. There were watching and wants to give us like crazy googly eyes washes knocking miles round a table should play pool like twenty minutes at a time when we bring the balls back. So what she's doing this she's plan when the eyes and Johnny looks at me, my friend John it was like this is really street wise, Cheerios, your dog, because you put her in a movie and people saves toward a top gonna cut their character back nobody's gonna. Believe this character, some fucking crazy bridge, comes in our methods and start shooting balls around. Given, will. The googly eyes- and she put like a lot- up in the air. What you would make a shot like an try to be like a ballerina or something she's completely cranked out. It was really fascinating. Cuz. She wasn't. She wasn't that told. You know she was like abolition. Is probably thirty irish, somewhere in authorities yeah just map and his We are also a my dog.
Like you, might have been some crazy mixed in with the drugs to seems like there was a little bit of self medication going on. I liked it there's always with with that type of person, with a crazy and or drug person. There's there's a real line between my, you being around them and being amused and then backing off cause you're kind of scared them. You know if they're not very, had not like physically by housing right like it's, it's it's so big and so crazy. What they do that, if you have fear on some level of like how weird and and crazy they get in right right? Well, I guess it's a little bit less you like us. I use this gonna fuck that by now, but then it goes over the line you like this is terrifying. I went out this kind of yeah! Well, you wonder what their perception of reality is like with another roll themselves. That's randomly kill somebody usual. You know. If you do that, oh yeah, yeah, some misfortune completely mapped out, how much they even know about what we actually doing a lot of it. Like you, just watch cops. You see that that episode,
all the time where they're like in la LA land, they would believe and do anything they think Abraham, Lincoln Lincoln's chasing them. You know endeavours they offered So do not sleep on that. Yeah you loose and methods is an immense, just kind of like a speed. Radio made of like battery acid and, like Sudan friend Regime Sally for its com, here. I am so sorry about your speed effect, but it doesn't give you a visual factor alone. Gives you a totally impairs your judgment and on top of like spiking you through the roof you have in your brain, you know, would stop you from doing certain things, your your ability to make a judgement on like I shouldn't, drive a hundred fifty down this road. You know because of the dangers that apply all that goes out. That's why they say you know you seem like. I survive the womb. Was kidnapped in these people. They were mass out. Just stabbing earn cutting Ursula came back on a head with a car I set on fire
god she's a nurse and when they when they arrested them. You know there are two days later on. They were all like. I don't know it, but that we did all that shit, she's crying, but that's what you should do Ok, instead of better of the drug, it's a grown up, drive out. He can afford it do called. It seems, like some people just want to escape. Reality mean you'd said to be upset. In this day and age still wants to try math for the first time. You must forget your reality. Your reality must sucks so bad at the idea of being horribly addicted to one of the worst drugs ever created doesn't even Fazio your hair. I much riot police heroin is came up and some have been connected, whether some great musicians forgotten by in Colonel Bain. He I discussion with some friends about Hendricks. I would say that Hendricks in Heroin and there his nose acid, but it turns out he actually got arrested rare arrested in Toronto yeah. So
definitely had some use of heroin is doubly a correlation between heroin and good museum. It out. I want to say that that was his number one thing, but I mean Hendricks, obviously was really an asset as well. Obviously, a fuckin musical genius there's just some shit that some dude can tune into that. You know the average person can he could just Higgins's nail it. No, I dont think I think he would have been fuckin amazing if he did nothing. If you just drink water and fucking great brutes, you know but heroin is influence. Many many am a musician velvet underground. The reader tat had a song about Heroin, Alice S, Harry Scary, to listen to me. I think it was a big part of a lot of musicians experiences- because it was it's such a sensual type of experience like the idea behind it- is that that certain so sensitive and raw experience of this blissful energy that the the opiates provide yet that
The EU can embrace like the pure sound of a visa and see it, and I can only appeal more of getting it like the appeal being. That leg is this great great painkiller? It takes you to LAO like it's either you can romanticized. That drove would like to start crystal measure. I want a rat man. You take that ETA, like what you're saying you wanna. Do you know? I guess I don't get drugs were like you just you have crazy energy, but its unfocused energy. Could, I think, with math like you keep do stuff where people stuff when the Nobel Prize on Math, pretty useless hangman bill s. I think what he said about judgment. I think your judgment is really in every single aspect of what you do and when nearly drove the fuck's judge, Amy Y, know what happened. What is now known? I was just thinking like what I mean. Hendricks could focus on heroin, not well. I don't think it was
our thinking is we heroin that mostly wider use more ass? Well, they said that I think, she's just put acid in his head banned as poor as would oppose on stage it would drip into his skin, yeah. I don't have that urban limits and happy itself can function on ass. Like someone something someone really annoying Montoya travel, not ass, it will someone through a no hitter on acid rain. Was that forget the urge member yeah rights areas like a party all day and then when was that you gotta play a gay man, seen us all night right, viewed with dogs Alice spiralling doc jealous you through, hid her, while on ass, a parking lot guy at their companies that story they do. They really good job of animating online. They did the doctors.
Yeah. I saw that yeah right was that for somebody I think so he told that store. I forget, we told the two, but the you know and animation to the story. That's awesome! Really! I could see how it could go right. I've never done acid as set out in the era of only done. There was a good dogs, road, Donovan, Damn t, mushrooms, ecstasy, which is really a psychotic I've done that emanating scary, mushroom and the other kind, so Simon, But no, I know us and no one has ever trusted had it it's been like someone. You know everything. It was someone who just said this weird glinting there I'd like to know. Is too complicated and its to illegal? It's really difficult to make some of your can I like you're out there on the fringes? Son people just got busted recently, some school somewhere, some kids were were producing acid and they re busted them. I wouldn't do
again. I have done it probably over a hundred times. Young time, anyway, is pro way around. That's why you seven, we didn't know it it's something I don't want to do it like. I can't believe I do mushrooms now, but now I consider I'd, never reconsider, motions bad and later Mushrooms, teach me shit man every time I've done mushrooms. I just have a new revelation, a new insight and things from an ass is at it. Just it's too much of a and like learning mushrooms is usually like. You want your life I'd hours without your dimensions anymore. Now I will. I just lately I've just more scared the mushrooms that have been going around? I think that there are not the right kind gun out over kind, yeah yeah. You scared of the mushrooms, are going around airway somewhat it's it's just. I don't trust there. I don't trust him mushrooms as much as I trust world scant same along similar lines where you get this from your eyes from someone stick their net gown sell something illegally, which is often case
but apparently there's some sort of a loophole and truffles are not illegal, but you can get like silver, Simon Truffles, gold, Google, that shit folks, don't listen to me. I don't want to be a of any never heard of trust. Schedule, one schedule, one for how no, I think that that Doc Alice was taking other drugs and can do can we just because I am because I have taken a lot of acid and I dont know I don't even know where I was like there are times your like. Where am I can? in store. Where am I gonna Roma people and even though the people react differently or something I don't know I just like. I do now, the most part like it's either like be alone visuals or could be speedy times here, just in love for pool players. The thing this is always been two things and famines and if you can handle it heroin and the guys who would do Heroin
had no nerves? They had nursed, they, wouldn't they wouldn't feel any nervousness. So the gamble for, like ridiculous amounts of money in his never mess there was a dude name. Name. Was water dog noses, nickname or Buffalo spell depending on who you didn't x, and he would he would always come and they would make a dent. They would make a game that figure out how much you're going to bet. There's always a lot of money cuz. He was like a top level. Local player and then he would go to the bathroom and he would shoot up and he would come back and he would. In a stool and who sit on this bar store like this. To set this, I mean I'm not lotions hands like t Rex, for like half an hour just just. Lastly, on here, get off at anyone screw askew together and he wouldn't miss a fucking ball. He was amongst how can they
laid on the table. There ambling table that they have an irregular pool tables pockets are five inches. Still these big sloppy open pockets were you dont have to hit a ball absolutely perfectly. They had these under four inches. There was under four. It was like three and three quarter inches. It was fuckin ridiculous at the ball, barely fit through the whole, and this mother Fucker wishes fire and things and he wouldn't miss. He couldn't myths, was incredible- he wasn't nerves are they were betting, it there being thousands of dollars was maybe ten thousand dollars, ten thousand nosey, whose it was at a very high bed, because the guy was doing it with was a race card or as a young, a horse jockey. One of that, like that they had a different kinds of alike. Carts, like horses, would pull carts with the fucker. Things were in year. Where we're, I don't know they did a type of racing where
wars, actually pulling like a court behind lines, not just the horse running the guy on top of it and he was crazy gambler and he would. He would play this fuckin guy and he would get so bomb down because he knew we couldn't the guy could mask Zone Heroin is under shit. That's not a fucking again messages on the shit We complain about human, even care, the news complaining, so I slack jaw look in just the balls dish, I or in the hold when they get into the heroin, because they knew it would help the except when that they would even get into their degenerates. You know who knows a most those guys they were looking a party at all times, players from the wild as human beings. People have asked made a commitment to try to make their entire living off of tricking people to gamble with Don't play is good as them and then
then betting. All your money on that, unlike those people, are not sullen poker, they're nuts there's a good percentage of another, not made a lot of aren't lot of MRI really cool and smart people that are just in love with pool and that's all they want to do the tournament guys. You know the guys that travel from tournament to tournament, you know even the best ones of them are the gamblers. The best permit guys the guys, like this kid named Shane Van Boening who's, with his death and when he plays the shutters hearing aid off one and he goes into his own little world and he doesn't give a fuck, it isn't your shit, he just just place tat so called yeah. Does everything on feel no hearing you now it's kind of fascinating to the point where people have actually accused him of being an advantage and one guy was platinum. Sky Earl Strickland actually stuffed his ears with cotton and then put big like like the real thing.
Aviator headsets on it. Like someone, you dig morgue, workaday the Fuckin towers yeah like guys, that's what he would wear and he would play pool with that on Yes, fuckin CO, UK yeah. I can see there s all idea of Djibouti Headphones man. What a ridiculous with with stuffing in his ears, he's crazy he's, but he's brilliant, brilliant and crazy. At the same time. These players- that's that's another life, so you know when you ask who what came first, a heroine or the boy was altogether out. There are hanging out of these people, for our poor places. There were the most fun I had ever had as a kid growing up what city was, as in the year in White plains, New York executive billions. Twenty four hours a day we of the coins my friend owned, my friend guy, was the owner of the place, so we were always there's a guy. Would like keep it open and we would you know we would lock the door
and we would all play by ourselves. We had people in their gambling and planned by themselves late at night. It was such a club house, and I had I want to say it girlfriend, but she was. She was a little on the negative side and we will have problems because that I just I died and she didn't mean to be not a bad person at all, as a sort of the waste grew up and she had a hard life. And when we were interacting, if, if would like balmy out or like. I just couldn't wait to get the fuck away from her and get back pull our use of crazy shit was gone. I know It was to do when we get there gambler roaches, which Roach yet to the corner and those like yellow manual. You can't coach the roads by UK account like everything was it was everything was always find. It was a bunch of men. There was very little violence in all the years I was there. I saw a couple. A little minor will altercation. Nothing serious at all, but it was always fun
you know go there and it was a bunch of men who really didn't want to grow up, and my friend MAX Emily, whose professional he said that there was a point time this country there was a bachelor class of men that never to get married. They didn't want to do it and a lot of those guys would go to pull halls. And that's one of the reasons why pools got such a bad reputation. Is that everybody else in his mind and I'm really nice guy very easy, going guy mine is like why. Why is there this desire to get people to enforce or to live some other form of wives? Did he doesn't want to if he doesn't want get married as when I have to have children. Why can't you just let him hang out at the Pool hall yeah they were, you know, always be considered Degeneres because of that because of that desire. We assume that if you want to be some place where you're playing pull at four o clock in the morning, terrible things where foot high just right now, there's no right doing actually add things. Sellers import were. The reason is because the people that are willing to be up at four o clock in the morning hanging out all men of this poor. How are the same
people who are not going to listen to wherever anybody thousand tuna gonna want to try? to do whatever they want to do whatever they want to do. Is this gamble all day teach I mean what are you? Why stop them? no one's and are robbing anybody listen I don't know anything illegal. There is a shocking, a small amount of criminals and all the time that I hung out these pools. You think there's like way more criminals, we more crime very little yak, as at a late and the boom in the door. No, it wasn't even that it's like there. Wasn't there really that many bad guys there is like these guys are going to do what they want. Exactly it was all like. I remember those is wondered, is really fast and he learn how to play chess in his head in prison and dumb. He could like you could sit down
Chess Board and eagerly to tell you the moves and knew he would watch your move anew to you know he would never move peace. We just tell you what the Mozart or he could do it all in his head. Like you have a chessboard near and I have a chessboard, my aunt, I say pond to the step, and then you have to keep account of where all your peace on earth you're doing this and you have to it by the way- and you have to agree with the other person is to at at this right. You know you you have to let you can't without actually without no chessboard, much Esquire. Yes, this has a brilliant. So this isn't it guy the guy they just didn't want to do certain things in life, how sure he was gamblin once and it was late at night. It was like after midnight and goes he he looked at his watch them now. They're gonna play another sat because you want playin other setting us I've been thinking about getting I can divorce lately say yes, yes, I do and the I'll get a divorce, so he decided right there that he didn't want.
Tell him to come home after midnight. I know it is like shut the fuck up, I'm gonna play pool unplanned pull out, but this was a brilliant do here. There was a kid who was a local kid Who was an actual chess champion, really young kid, and he would do it learning just learn how to play pool, but at chassis was like a super. Wizard and humanist guy would sit in a corner and they would exchange back and forth they would they would go over their music, others Maisie amazing. Why concur that, given that they have like little picnic blank and embracing with a little pygmy basket, dislike Lange on their side. Looking at each other doing mine chess with each other, the wind slowly blows their arms ray, I'm sure, there's couples as they think it sexy he said he learn that in prison. There? I know a lot of prisoners are a lot of our felons, rather that that I knew a lot of it. It was. Little crime there I saw, but a new, a lot of who had done in the past, wondered international sow and internet
Sal rest, his art rest. His soul rather died a few years ago, and he went was younger when I used to do you wanna first guys he was he was. He was a gem of whom there was a general human and for though the the first days of American Express card, he figured out how to copy and the American Express card from the paper. That would in out there would be left behind when you make arms, so they would make it a complete copy, card and then use it and and buy things and run up, and he was notorious gambling loser. He just wood could not win, he could not win and he would wait at the Pool Hall and they would come by and they would bring him thousands of dollars and he would go
and blow at all planned pool like the guy was. I was taught him utterly with Heroin guy, that's disguises judge the Greek enjoys the Greek would always that don't fuckin guy can't win that guy can't fucking. When I'm telling you I don't give a fuck of its an inch from the hall you bet on the other cocksucker you bet on and he would he would always. You know just sit there and then and analyze this international Sal character, and it goes well imitation this mother fucker, he lost a million a month lost a million a month. Whether that's true who the fuck knows the vogue knows how much he really lost, but apparently he lost an incredible amount of money plan poor. The people who, like you know, just just robbed them. They were just robbing consulates. They went to jail. Then he came back out, went legit. When I met him, he was legit. So when I met him, it was all just the stories yeah, I'm international style, so fascinating. You would sit down and tell you what International Bergen, degenerate and
the aim is for like a gambler like mobster, some coastal Brian, I got to speak to him like a couple years before he died. I called up the poor who wants to say hi to everybody and you still alive- and I said I M just like that- It's like hanging out talk to my old criminal stories, because when I met him he was already probably like sixties he's probably already here I mean a lot of crazy motherfucker. No place, but everywhere in some sort of an altar environment. Like that with you now, like comedy club, yeah, comic clubs, programmes and their electoral young people like to reassure my dogs, wanna James tube oxygen to anything you doing something. That's like completely outside of the norm. Somewhat of funds we ve never met in my life had been fighters guys and fight gems I began because you're so ridiculous. You know that, Well, a lot more fun, like Tain T used to say some funny shit man. He was always saints and pretty funny shit because he's a goddamn savage
as a former mix marsh large finer, big, fuckin, giant, Caveman, Viking, Dude stinky, stinky Renee. Rule in all the time we are protein and should show your nose? A big do together, gotta eat alliance to just of tracking only handle somebody broke, the MECCA, the four largest toxic gas, but you know fighters have like a certain sense of humor. That's, like you know much like comics do like where it's like that dark there willing to go where other people aren't willing to go sense of humour in pointing out something that everybody might be thinking, but not everybody saying, and I really think before they say Canada's very impulsive- that's where you have to almost be to try to do that in the first place at such a crazy things decided do your body to know it up with them the physical torture at now to put yourself out there and get be you there's a little bit of that too, but, as you know, the justice
wholesomeness of just getting involved in some for some people's actually slow thing and they in a slow we get into it and get into martial arts and eventually wanna be a fighter, but some some people just fuckin right away, want to fight. This is a wild impulsiveness them I've seen cage fights, we're guys had like literally a week's training. They had never done anything and they were fighting and they were they had a week's trading and it just fuckin go while on each other and Chin swing. Craziness and known really knew how far such an essentially a street fight with a few rules. Never let Shelly sideways at taboo, where there is a place in Australia where a guy has a circus tents and he has like fighters You have lighters yeah, oh yes, you do not believe that Eu Police, you ve gone, so you go in the circus, tens in Australia and the drugs and people industry command, and he says you with one with a fighter
now, and you can hear I own right. I shall fighter that Sudan its, but at the same time kind of awesome and serves a function like if you're, just some angry drunk eighteen year old boy who wants a fight, won't go over there instead of beating they don't have like it's not like a cane Berlusconi steps in the like this, it might kill you right now. It's like their their people, that of the boxing rather boxers. What they are as there are not there not championship level boxers, but its underdogs Enron's yet taking around and in its just bought new throng gloves, and if you throw some way that knows how to box. Just you know, has a few years of boxing knows how to move and job and actually bought for guys like crazy and you just like your gloves, go at it. That dude with the boxing skills is just gonna. I got on a clinic ashore and isolate the and everyone's drinking. It's like a fire,
they don't like the one. If you would have some guys, a ringer, whether some Kimball sliced, I can- and I don't fuck and knocked actuated by somebody- anybody can get an right, yeah good somebody like deleting. Currently they like. We used to have those here that this is twenty twelve men and like do we just saw the it's not like. You should talk about. Sixties, fuckin, love, Australia, do it's our love and Movement Tommy! I had a great time. It's great. I see on so many we talked What party was the ice has Crocky so yeah Tommy. I went in and we were there with Eddie Bravo, and we want to see that stupid, Leonardo Cabrioily, where who is crazy? That's a lot of people like to that fucking such a island, no sit around inside lush disease, actually how there was pretty good
hold on these matters. Are I learned for the for the twisted near, like also he is crazy, like the thing that we kept considering the whole time right, like he's great, maybe crazy, raise crazy and then in the Good NEWS It didn't make sense to me that an Irish showing me this You know you're showing me from his perspective first and then from an outside blunt is much more movie. Well, there's a better version. Never again. Meanwhile, my cabin in the woods awesome So we got, we were booze. Was we didn't like it mean Etienne Tom we were all in agreement is like used was filled felling. We got tricked a two track, so we decided get hammered so into some local barn. Just went crazy, we're gonna, fuckin crazy. We were we Atlantis, our body clocks are women were off and we just started buying drinks for everybody. There was like
hundreds of people. I don't know how much I litters spent thousands of dollars. You know how many people buy things. That's our authority would have wanted. I wanted like. I know what I mean. We just had a couple of shots in the idea came across this fact and I could buy drinks for everybody. A bunch of us People drinks are just starting point to be what you want to drink now. Do gimme I've really want that the communist weaken back in the day. Almost. I would, by the way, the whole crowd drank. If I kick somebody out those, my hat was really able, because it was always like there was always at least once a month. You would get like a crazy heckler like someone we just couldn't deal, as you Billy Mamma. You can't keep talking one that shows no one on the shit. It's annoying to all the other people around you and they all start cheer and illegal brought. Want you to enjoin shy. Why, in Georgia we gotta stop yelling shit out? Ok, then they deal should out again our I fuck this you gotta go. Then, when it got to that point, like I'm sorry, dude what you gotta go and then, when the peace
we would leave. I would say: look that fell creepy light right felt like daddy, came home yelled at me. I don't I don't want anything uncomfortable, so my my custom is when I kick somehow I by everyone to drink here. I want to have fun. I didn't want to have to deal with that, but I have it's my job. I unfortunately, when there's someone like that, you have to deal with them because its interrupting the show for the other people, it's fucking with performed and there's nothing you knew about it other than address it. You have to think some people dont consider that aspect of the most to is that a lot of people think that that purr just bothering you and they not even considering the fact that, maybe in that section with that Asshole Kiev's yelling shut out the there are twenty five p M rather the warlike. I wish you get rid of this motherfucker yeah he's ruining my experience. There was a couple of those in Florida. There were several kick out in Florida. One of them was a cop
turns out. The chick was outside and they then they put her hands on a pull a badge out on the guy. Get your hands off me. This bench was, she got, kicked out for being a heritage is a cop, but there was there were several people. They go ticked out. One of us a table that shut. The fuck up, so the neighbour table slammed his hand on a table in search of the fund. And then the guy got up and he was enormous. It was a mistake in the guide: didn't do anything but holy shit. What I'm talking about this earlier football player like a three hundred pound football player, holy FUCK, that guy's big and he's Point at the moment and like oh, please, Lord, not not. I thought that leering brought so I asked my said, sir. What's going on Sir condemned with your answer, and I hear a lot of full do before Dodge did and I'm sorry, Sir, what happened we enjoy D show before this went Heaven, and this lady goes, were these Falcon assholes slapped Eleanor table. So you take your husband and I go MA? Am I go? We're gonna need you to come down. You gonna stay you gonna stay. They gonna arrest him that what's gonna go
going on other check him out. They just kicked him out, and she said you know you know they will reconcile Burma and then the tabled girls. Yet we slapping tabled, you wouldn't shut the fuck, and everybody went ahead, oyster cheer in over this guy, while those and I asked her. I go evident mushrooms I go. Probably machines right. I guess. If you did, you feel terrible about this, you realize the real negative, that's just creepy you wanted to our you're mad. You go. You should feel horrible that you're so talkative. The people had a slap there. On your table because you're interrupting their fund. There eating their good time with your squawking, and then she gave me the finger and, I said, that's really bad grammar right there. I know what you're a car like yours, the wrong kind of energy, this wrong signal, not nice. It was this
one of those things we just you you're gonna, run into a certain percentage of those plants. Gonna happen tat part of its fun. Now it's part of what the everybody got out of it. No one got hurt people get drunk who got kicked out, but at the end of the day, though, the rest of the audience had a great fucking time. That would. That was one of the notorious shows ever the one where the lady in the Gaza conflict while was the guy in the audience. When time punch guy I've see of abroad to during your share, yeah like in the shower, as you have seen a couple times soon guys get didn't fights, economies, was always someone talk. I saw a guy who must guide the plunging the guy punched him because they told him oh yeah, always always shut up tat. I loved the punk. Rognes understandably gets it's the only its
only form of entertainment where the audience is allowed to take. First of all, I can eat nachos and drink and shit and then like yell at you like what other like in the theater like if we were proper performers that never happen. Stage. Actors and shit like to put its you can't yell at people get so bananas is the bananas beards? This play man. Never did you see the Youtube video of the guy who's doing this performance, art peace in new york- and there is a big christian contingent in Europe. No seen us forget the dude's name. I should probably you two bitter somethin like that Christians. Walk out on what I don't even know. How I wouldn't you too, but I don't even know what the fuck I find it, we could find a brain this Christians were.
God on live performance. They poured water on his notes. He was doing a bit and in the bit he was like. Theirs is its do with if you were having sex with Paris Hilton like in the moment you be say, you'd be fucking around. While I can't believe I'm fucking parish held him and then Paris Hilton would be thinking. I can't believe I'm fuckin as Hilton. At the same time, it was really going too far away and this guy gets up and then they all get up does like eighty people over there from Britain Reuben STAR start pouring wander on his nose in these areas or original notes, and this is, he doesn't have anything typed out. He has it his whole show written down on these notes and Skype poured water on it and it knows like they were pest and stormy out of there, because they thought that somehow none of this was how is this I don't know, do they try to grab, is not just to egg parasol.
And now those things didn't. I was the idea of them than someone talking about fucking in front of them. Their purchase, Crete be weirdos, is really basically what it is like. The whole idea of these christian groups and you know you're gonna, go up and pour water on someone's notes and you gonna be upset at them for their words. He stupid fuck, that's antichrist in you Dummy Rang, that's absolute! leave the antithesis of what you're supposed to be doing. I heard people you people, yeah people, get upset about stuff when they yell at you. I love when they're just so upset about certain topic or joking with you. One time I don't know it's just on your last special with the the baby which one the baby
which bit was it the kids get blow that gives us if I walked in on a little now I you know, I never die. That's never been on any actual on this one. I don't know I haven't Madonna or one people think that might might have passed its time yet and sometimes I have better just passer torture, but people get upset in other there. Like a. Dare you that's a five year? boy or would have you know what I'd do it that way it man I want to use a bit as I got a fuckin, a bonus extra tat. I was like the bed You got me of your heart, you know what I did I didn't. I didn't do it well in Ohio to the special is like and was off cited I now yeah yeah when the like, I'm gonna, get everybody topically righteous indignation like I talk about some guy. That was that's fucking, a dolphin. He was on the Howard Stern Show and he was having sex with his dolphin won't like regularly- and I just I didn't fuck and make it up. I'm just reporting and pure, oh,
Are they really? Even you don't think in the world at this exists as a groan hardly know it's just right now, the man they don't you, haven't really quite gotten your full stride. As far as like people, recognising how funny you are and having like your own, crowd. I share your party ass is changed loud it right. It's help this deadly held and by the way, folks who lived the progress called your mom's house. Why the compromise our obsessed with without whole phenomenon of calling each other more willing? What's the worst thing you call your spam says like mommy and we started doing it like an O. Seven are away and adjust stock and Part of this is an area where I come from going out to destroy our be mad mommy, just love stupid to say, like silly sat down and then I always thought that your mom jokes were dams, other frightens juvenile.
Given our real dull, should now so just to say your mom's house, where you go, I'm going, you might have something to say it's dumb, but that's what amuses me silly. You guys above very silly Europe favorite married couple comedians, because you're, the only one is still the everybody else. I know they dropped like flies guys There are many others, though you know, try anything waters in our business. You guys once more have not been here. There's in our business this you know, there's a lot of us ahead. We are sure I mean this job. Is it's almost a given that there's gonna be a certain amount
of your fucking head. If you want to become a committee for sure, then define somebody's got the right kind of fucked in your head, the ashes with your kind of fun. It's our matter! That's what it is right that are comparatively is the best way to break it down, but it's all like fucking they had people think is bad, but it's not bad my eyes, the wasn't for all my fucked enneads. I wouldn't have ever gotten anywhere. That's right! of my impulses are to do things that fuckin completely risky, really David Fuckin, terrible a future success ratio them no chance. You gotta goodbye. You know if you were a kid who said a down, I'm thinkin about being a stand up, guys. Jesus, don't do that actual. If he wasn't funny
Actually that's my mom treated it. When I told her, I was how I got that a law school o debate as your two weeks magellanic. My parents are immigrants who escaped from Hungary to come here, solemnly God the double scourges who believes that we may we talk about the ask. Who else would tolerate a worse man tolerate what you say you have, because you know we're very an appropriate by a normal people, whatever standards at sight of common world Pierre will, you know I was taught with Amy Humor about this. We're we're sitting down and she said something about her her mom like what what her mom was made of some and some somewhere another. I got to ask
her whether not her mom was a card to suit regulating them. I was a car like it so funny you know with comedians. You can do that Ba Mommy's account. You know you could say that, but if you say that, like a lot of regular people, it fuck you manage my mom products, not cool. I know we say that to each that's the dude. What's his name His name is MIKE Daisy Audience protest. I you too well balanced. Brian is how to do not win the Shorty Award dude. It's not real arguments doing here, players can interesting the moment. You can leave the moment you thinking about what that moment signifies and Paris held him. What's the Paris Hilton thinking parasol Tunis thinking, oh my god God, I'm Paris open the punchline than I had already away Europe. Now they get up here.
There is get this change of, because we setting up my things like forty people or such like the first time is show it sold out now No, what's goin on, he said neither getting up and then one day takes his water and instructions on the notes of Christian, like entities, shoves the water bottle and makes glass yeah he's got up and walked with them and they said they're leaving because of the language, that's the producer, and so he's tries to talk to them. Gets up and they, like is the obvious people filing out any of you. People are leaving want to stay and talk about the authority of our power,
when are you gonna be banned, ran like the thought that he showed us the already want to walk out like power, like you refrain from using language when talking to you, but I like to use the english language talk to me insulted my show report water on my art. You messed up my things here are you all? You are intended to walk out of here, hey man, you hear me he gets back any kind of like he D takes it really. Well, he comes back. It says such joking around about it. Are you guys leaving any that would like to speak to what man back your people
the people of Ireland, but you know you see before you can work together on Sunday disease. Why oh by the way. The point is I just like your shows a lot of people. They don't know exactly what you're doing welding they're coming to Carmody shows one idea whatever's there I hear and you get to a movie, you what's plans movies long hair, I pay money and to drink. Snaring assholes would ask word, though, the allowed the movie
the thing about when they gotta comedies, when they assume that the show and the comedy should be like presented to what like, when they think that Serbia has to their tastes, are the right there, like economic entities rise, and this is for you violating the out next subject wants. Next. Just drop it next object. I've had that when they go like moving along our boy pass. This was my my cloning Jesus, but there was a company called. I forget what it was, those it turned out to be parity and what they were, though the second project, that's the idea was the idea was that can take genetic material of the shrouded turn and they are going to use it to clone Jesus, and my job was like that stuff. First of all, is not a hundred percent accurate, like they like Dolly the sheep. They had to close bunch Dolly's before they got one that would live. I go what effects
Jesus and it comes back retarded Amazon and go to Would you would you would wish it's your call? I got. I say we found it to be a test for our task to me and then, let me just add water line. He would turn dog shit into cookies, badges and then I had this then I was in the middle of doing it, and this is far conjectures goes. It she's goes next subject next, subject: The people feel like Europe, especially you saying something about religion which, even out, The rational person really is kind of silly to be connected inexorably to some idea, ology, whose ring and by the most unprofessional personal, probably may, then that has Tommy
why my sword professional eating, how dare you seven or eight so new game for years to play? I tried who not flush the toilet so, you haven't yet the stack your shit on earth. Vice versa, legalised Tammy S company, I call listen. Seattle. And see how saving got three days. That's that's my cut off Tommy winds. After one from Sir that my apologies for sauntering. What then Are we talking about shoved telephone oftener promptly? you're talking about visas, bow people now yeah would sit system. You know, especially when I was saying as winter of religious thing like people like feel really feel like. This is something You are not allowed to talk about this is this? Is my religion? Try when they say that shouldn't talk about politics or religion, because the two things you should avoid? What does the oil is like couple left for me to find after crazy we're talking about ghosts
you know you never see. You ever is only a couple more things I have left for me to find out. You're fucking crazy, have proven through politics. As soon as you go out. You know I have always been Republican ominously party. I think the party line is absolutely Sometimes we go a off track. You crazy! So if I can't talk politics with that guy, we wouldn't talk big foot Some people get really firing a fuckin mad man. They feel that their they're allowed to get married to Yes, not legged. They disagree with you and with pride and getting man about ashore. What's righteous has its righteous initiated? The Boeing did of of lino of finding an excuse to commit violence mean that guy only pay water on the of the notice that I mean how close you know. You pour water on Sunday. I know it's, not gonna fuckin throw water bottle at you and you might
them and they might you know my turn it of some physical altercation. That's you can't poured water and someone's fuckin know it's not like what they're saying that complete douche bag move unless the I know these are all a bunch of lies about you or something in your mad about Paris, Hilton, you fuckin, weirdo, that's what you're picking your battles are down, so this was not like a protest to go to the show. This was actually a group that went to a show. Yes darling. I don't like yeah well? He says that he says the F word here and then these grown ups can hand whatever with five zero our way or some shit. I don't know it's in New York. Now it's in New York, that's so next morning it's fascinate one eye or the f The way- and that was really interesting too. It was much more offended, then I think comedian would be in the same situation. You know it's like they came to his show and they fucked up is old thing. Now we're just used to being the use of these five with a car like
I D laid show. Let's do it of gathering relate, shows always the most brutal right hammered everyone's tired and they don't go when they got you don't go under leaving you don't go like they wanna stay and discuss this needs to get out of here. You peace. Sure nodding, o thou. In March, oh yeah, Jesus Christ, girls, who find ourselves the brutal shows yeah. What about the late? Shall Saturday, when you have to do three, that's an Why gave up on those the moment I could I remember those I'd get. Those calls knew. No third show Uncharted no search. I won't. Last January we do their jobs is pretty successful. Yea for you, Now for my soul, for my soul, it out- and people are asleep at those shows, like literally ass leap. Yeah, like sitting much work to the point of his complete. Go here and you do and the third was and brown I feel like this, for a fifteen minute shows. Wouldn't
right here? There's still in our attention that also headlines, lots brood, I wrote, starts to learn. Sometimes you'll see feature have a great set right and then you go up there and you like ten fifteen minutes in Europe, this is starting to change. There is a long legs whining infringes cedar matches. Shouts of important room nicely should cut short, I would say dollar forty five minutes out or forty minutes. You'll do a minute show, but those fuckin shows the good about a like leg, and I were talking about the opening spot like one of things that makes you really powerful is doing an opening spot. We have go on. First, the cross not warmed up at all and you go on doing that is like it makes you really fuckin, focus and lock in quickly can't you can't just coast.
The energy that already been on stage before you and when to when people do well, you know, they're gone before you here, you can just ride. Their energy does go up there and coast, but the, but the really strengthens You know like. I remember what I watched you do it a bunch of times we were on the road and you know, Like setting up right away, you want to make sure that you come out of the gate. Strong, hidden, I'm good shit right away. I say it's a tricky little first moment first moment they see up. There how's it going to be important to do it like to try to do it right. Right, Where'd you get among urgently, and then you get your own wave yours. It's super strong four year for Europe. Act totally new really learn how to develop like weapons like on opening women. Just noticed one's gonna Fuckin took Martin, a dick black audiences, I did Cleveland and are so many Bobby
and ass. I love there might like they're. My favorite cause, if they smell your fear, fucked, nay, even sense for a minute. You hesitate or that you're afraid of them, like the whole energy ships. But if they like you and they see, let you don't give a fuck about what they think of you were you're, you're good. Yeah. I did a lot of black clubs in Boston did a lot of shit in Mattapan and there was a dude who book these really good clubs are really good clothes with all black crowds and it paid better than the white show was great. It was. It was fascinating man, when his room, because he had a strict censorship, passing very strict. He will give the comics speech before the was aware, as my friend John Work, dangles, no motherfuckers, no motherfuckers, girls, no bitch. Ok, that's a lady
you don't say on a bitch had a big ass. You say that woman had a why by coaching actually said that Milosevic a big ass. She had a wide behind and they made people do really clean censored comedy, but like it, One of the best rooms is one of the rose where I wish that I did clean comedy. You could find crush that Rome like they were. They laughed hard It was one of the first time I ever saw Reggie make fattened to regiment friend, whose ones guys it We're understood why regiment fan never became fucking huge, the regiment rather than I new from like one thousand nine hundred and ninety one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. I was convinced that kid was going to be like one of the top stand up comedians in the country and one of the places I saw him was at the champagne comic, no motherfuckers, no mother fucker. You can't stay that's a laid. Has
real, say that Bitch Hawaii Abijah beggars shadow. By you have to say that he had very strict rules. Thank you not to be clean. Comic these days brutal, like its broad elections. All able, or you know what people don't understand is that everybody sort of got the idea that clean comedy was smart comedy because a television The only reason why you had to have things clean on television is because you didn't want to offend the advertisers. It's really simple, so everybody basically became to the advertisers, the advertisers, don't you talking about over there. The governments will they censored Hickses shit when Hicks was on CBS Cancer, tits and boots, and so that we can show smoking. We d cancer, a lot of things you don't advertise. Theirs they want, they want to be able to sell to the most amount of people possible. What, then, is no artistic?
tat, greedy or in other right to opinion all that stuff out the window when you're selling shit, so they that's interesting. That kind of explains why tv sets are still sort of middle of the road shore terms. I believe the censor, the shadow yourself in others very few, like really edgy topics, you could get away with it, You do in a Letterman Saturday dominance in on us, not where it's for what it's. For you know it's it's did is what it is, but I don't think it's a more clever way of doing company ice founded Do you not to put shackles on yourself? As of writing exercise, I absolutely agree with. I think I like to do that. That's one of the things I like about Twitter is two hundred and forty character limit. Thank you know. I think it actually helps my writing a little fingers. You know little quick lines, but I think to try to put like you know it's it's hard.
Figure out how to do comedy and do it like the most. The with like the most effective way with the least amount of extra words, are much guy. Talk on stage together, get the fuck and by the jokes really funny, but the set up is two clunky there's too much words. There would only watch a guy like Joe yes and one that the art form that is Joey is Joe use. The least amount of words possible for the most impact Chiesa he's brilliant at that yeah. That's a great weight as the great formula period, like the thing that I see. People like younger comics, screw up with the most is not saying they don't have a clear view of what their point. It's not the right to have their job right. They they, if they make. If you make the set up and the point that you're making up front clear, your joke will be more effective about right. They, too
around their point the preamble premises live. You like, I think, you're saying this and they have a joke and I wonder whether Joe doesn't go a big part of is listening to you recordings. I should see it at me, fucking irish hearing, my own voice, everybody does the abbot you gotta, do you have an Iphone? do that voice notes they report do recorder sets down at once or twice in the I. Now it has to do overtime, understood all done, and it helps me a lot because smart, if I take like a Wii just listen to work for five sets in a row, and it's like I'm. My mom right back in Groove Zack Wait created a week off a month. I dont like tat you and I together we got I like to do at least one set a week to war like if I'm in the warm up stages, but because I'm doing this thing in Atlanta, I did in a Fort Lauderdale for a week, and then I was here for a week and then before that we were in Louisville for a week. So it's like two
getting Tommy shape, you get, you get used up, bang it about. Yeah right to know we go. I've took Antigone more than a month off before gets weird. That's just knows very often in ten years is about just under a month. People are stance like you there's a certain amount of conditioning, that's necessary to be mediums like a certain amount of getting used to it and doing it all the time like it almost like you, like you, like you, don't like radiation, you got a fucking, build up a tolerance for They were poisoned with the terrible analogy. Is you can build up tolerance, radiation? it is very momentum based the van you carry that moment. What you're doing here and you go, I can't breathe. Have you been doing it a few days weeks off and you go tried to see legality or when we work together? We did that maxim common thing and in Phoenix
we worked together in me and Charlie Murphy and John have Braun had been doing these dates all over the country. We d, like twenty two, shows in a row, so we were just on fire, it's what a great That is when you do in Amity sets in AEGIS, just go out there and fuckin level it you have it like you know, exactly your beats and you you figured out, you can add some here and change yeah. Does those are funded, and that's why I realise what size balls, Charlie Murphy, as Charlie Murphy, has gigantic ball I was literally like big now what amount, but on our foreheads take pictures of the hostage. Not he would he was like headline in duty knowing been doing Kommeni for two years now. My guess, crane, whose headline in doing an hour- and you don't even know comedy for two years. He has massive balls at guy. He just basically took an opportunity. He got on the subject. Chapelle show is basically an active that took that opportunity started doing these little things, wherewith hosts things and then
given the money. The headline next thing you know he's a fucking professional comedian knows headline in all over the world. Tracy. That's that's balls, medusas forties. When that happened to me, that's why you imagined start aiming you're forty. So bananas me a fuckin loved hanging out with them. Now he's a great guy love, Diana Memo, much fun, Charley was Jelly Murphy in rich. I went to what it did it with them. When there's nights, oh yeah, he took me to dinner, couldn't be nicer here, be pissing, my pants stories target levels. Hanging out with MIKE Tyson, oh yeah, that story that he told on the pod cast about the lying in the jury. A story told still someone that shit.
A feeling. So many animated the story line. He also Tommy's. Maybe I'm getting confused story about like somebody disrespect in front of his dad and he had this lake. He gets so enraged, but he the way told the story you weren't likewise with serious shit out just like fucking crying laughing about how said he got, you know he's, as is natural. In those reason, those those real hot to Hollywood stories are so fine he's. His is way of telling a story. Discussion and the cadence, and the way I do picture at naturally adds the jargon experience MIKE Tyson. You too. This is just
to where he was on. Our part cast me talked about, did say, go to one go to the Euro experience MIKE Tyson. He talks about make and visited night. I sit in this house and its they. Somebody animated to ask where there is great direction does seem, might come. Rehnhjelm yeah! My is really weird because it would like we didn't know him at all, and then next thing you know a month every single day, wearying out with him. I couldn't even better. Couldn't different city tat was exhausted. Awesome Erasmus, confusing time ever, though, like they're waiting to where we were like we're nowhere. Where were we know, you were gradually last gas buses and general. Now we got married tat. We were supposed to have a two hour, but with a toolbar ripped us off large reality, get scammed us, there was a they haven't dress and we drove to wear the address was, and it was literally and abandoned lot They scams us. When you see this
this is the animation we're talking about my Thyssen. If you could find out folks if you're interested in it our tweet it later when I told you to ask him, because as it That's right! You acted me like Johnny Gill, he's right now. It's Johnny Gill Indiana girls like I could forget academically like a Mattel, ass, good ass it that's yeah, we'll Charlie's and old school karate guy, Charlie Murphy was old, school karate guy who's. Who is doing karate from the time he was a young kid so mean him had like a lotta karate.
Stories. Martial arts doors he's a huge martial arts efficient, not letting you go it's easier to us, and he knows everybody that does something about fighting. You know it's funny like when somebody who says like I could what that guy says you talking about like a professional fighters, so horrible thing to watch, but I've heard it. I've heard it come out of a man. The guy's mouth. Many doubted talk about rural of those at once. I tell him you're right February, fight at a hundred thirty five pounds. Like some regular dude and you're six foot three, and you weigh two hundred and thirty lb that little dudes going to fuck you up he's going to fuck he's going to be doing things to you that you don't even know what he's doing before he's doing them and it'll be too late, and if you get to hold your neck, you going to sleep, doesn't matter wait three hundred pounds if your I favour can get a real guillotine around your neck night night night night, you go sleep, it doesnt! It's not that hard to cut off the blood to the brain in Europe.
Pinch those arteries together, and if you have a good grip and you're right it does. We can hang on and keep their guy from prime offer just fifteen seconds. I bet he can do there. I bet he puts I've got to sleep here. The EU? Now there's a there's a lot of do out there that a professional fighters- and I bet they get disrespected finally, the occasionally by dummies, but for the most part I think people are pretty cool about it. Well, the thing was that the whole reason we're talking about that with that story about China go and ask it in a way is because people would say it about asking more because he had the pretty boy Emma S give that pretty boy could minnetaki manner. Many activities like this tiny guys like real super sweet and friendly. Many peggy will fuck you Did it would happen faster than you could get your hands? You would be over before you position yourself for your first year: about a margherita he broke. Both I saw so fast so strong and how you he'll that eagerness
surgery head. He had an artificial implants in one of his lenses. One of his lenses apparently got damage in the fight to his. I completely swore up one of em it's really fucked up and apparently just many packing just turned his face. What's really crazy is like earlier in the fight like he was telling the same as it was corner. Mayonnaise got. No powers got no power. I don't know if like baited a man like maybe many played pity powered his face a little bit and stolen lands bombs, I'm but is dealing with a guy I'll. Let you know this that level that many pack yell Floyd may whether letter does their master Zella. Now one railway Marquez rarely masters of of boxing and itself under logic, so funny, because Boxing Jim and there's a junior olympian,
who does sparring there really now and then upsetting thereafter like a basically I get a class in the sparring is going on in the rotating people when they signed this kid, whose really fucking movies land is that he's getting hit two, but, unlike like this kid's good, no a guy's been doing it for eight years. How old is he he just turn fifteen my sophomore nice will could kill me. You know I just watch in a move and, like you just had not yet neither fearless when they hardly. There was a kid you succumb, George, just school and his daddy's to bring amendments Highschool user, who sort of being a sort of partially home school, partially tutored by different p. A buzz dabbling, real attentive and his dad would bring my high school. This kid was unless there was an US send, it was fifteen years old and I was a grown man and I await and about fifty pounds and when we would go out at I'd, have to watch my fucking piece in Cuba. As a kid was looking to put me this
leap. We would go to war awareness raising. I would have to rescue rascal wrestler little Rascal grip autumn may airy your old man, they don't know nook and that's what he was into. It was ended, jujitsu menus and is amazing. Now reviews into Jujitsu ended choking to shut out of people. That's what it was considering all time on. You know when your kid to new fine one thing that you really fuckin good at that feeling of being really good at something so fuckin nice, Africa's especially utterly none of it goes both puncture does go both ways, but especially, I think your fifteen year old, Why are you looking for that area, erection and approval, and you find an activity that you get told you good at for sure is on. That is its also. When you do something and you you it's hard to do, and then you do it, you go. Oh I did that guy I went through some had doubts is hard but it did it. Nobody. Some else like it gives you this feeling that you can just attempt things in a compromise, mean think about
occasionally I think about like what it would be like to own a restaurant, not that I want to honour restaurant adapts, Lulli, don't, but you know- and I watched like why these tv shows and restaurants like Anthony Boarding, ensures out like that when he deemed these guys you're working sixteen hours a day in the preparation of food going to the market and in gathering up all the ingredients targeting and men use, and it is their life known you stop it. Think about it like. Could you do that, and I would you do you think you get in the amount of fuckin, I'm absolutely positive do it if I was so upset, if I was obsessed in that way to do it, but but is rather a little whatever the fuck and hopefully on an offer. No one here. How many do you have to put so much time, energy and extend stand up inconvenient and because we love it you're, always thinking about for sure things and material on this matter, but with food now do you ever do things like on purpose, open
There will be funny like go. Places like this are by no means something out of this yeah yeah tolerate what the longer you do Are you the more you feel like you know? Why try this thing right now and again it doesn't work out like it's. Ok, right now how to get back on the horse raw here. So, like you take more risk, I think long. You ve been doing it right like I feel ass. If I bring up some share, I now in this fuckin failed for weeks. I don't know what jokes I meant to say where I see what happens extolled recover from this shows me like. I was weird shit, then work out fine and some
You gotta get joke out of it, though rise by trying it, but I want to try that five years ago year, yeah sometimes I'll go down dark roads, onstage cc, where my fuckin head pulled me out. I give my meat may be some way, there's a way that I can rescue myself now, but in life, a definite have done a bunch of things like when I moved Colorado. One of the things I think it's gonna get a lot of material over this those percent- and I did I did the wrong way, but it still it was. You know like an exercise in doing something to so like a put my new special out filming next Friday, something and man, I'm gonna- have to have this fucking serious, writing over the next couple months? So me, it is very proud of this. Right is an extra while the other one is coming up Naxa next Friday. This rather shows that in writing- for me. I know you're right really actions in next Friday, but I mean we're living in the morning. Yet tomorrow it's my one.
That really is really exciting. I'm fired up Tabernacle Rodya, I'm fired up to the dude Atlantic Salmon and Latin forever spit a long time yet perfect is new shit all the stuff, and I did before him needs from my talking monkeys on space. So this is a completely new hour and a half some fuckin. That's right, I'm so excited Atlantis got great funding to want to take a bite peach where we would its autumn. Girls, no Look at soldiery, cuddly peaches down there was it like work with Brian, a death, this man child before me, fry brain. When is going on in your head. I always think about that. What is going on with a different kind of a dude numbers aim to two totally different kind of dude. You have accepted this
to the air of can also love letters. Brian yeah miss you guys. It's you're, one of the very few podcast They still listen to, and even still I haven't listened every single one. Guy still enjoying doing the pie. Gas d, like it now like doing it from home, where you realising oh shit, it's a lot of work it out with both, but you yourself, you, I mean, look for you for somebody: who's not like into having Reno. Knowing what they're doing there was a a task like it was harder than I thought just to figure it out, but it figured out after the when we put up the disaster disaster and then but then you know by the next one I was so by the way I was this fund is wholly so have factor here is king,
another of evil. There's plenty of those tweets. Should the left brow. I asked whether they really were not friends are paying was egg? Will we don't like each other where let your last episode of death squad was kind of funding, is very kind of jokingly. Was Mike really like you know, people also. That was serious that when you are like you know, maybe this will end up on like this desk, where my another tv and also hold on without I was joking. They were like you. Should you true colours When you hear the hours I get out by the way was in your ox right now with HBO Jesse. Now we had our second meeting today. Wait, wait, we're just kidding. No, we want to serious. When I say we want things like they're like you should like, you shows what kind of person your user you and it's true colours now, but figured it out? I think it out, I think, said the haughty. I should say at the video videos
the audio we figured out and it is actually we can do when we still work, but we can do to a week. We try to do as much as we can to a week end yeah, maybe do it all. We have the little room that has the board MIKE's and cameras in her up. You guys are working there like a team to rear Maria. Do, let's kick as it works. Fine schedules for both home for, like forty two hours we can. We can grant out a couple is easier to walk to our or yeah second room than to try to schedule so things that airport was true. There were two year park, as is one of the very That actually is a husband and wife. That's actually listening. I that formula never really works for me, there's a couple of years and there the tide of ok, but for the most part, when I hear the husband wifi is one fucking shoot me. So it is true why? Why is that? Because you have very people, you're, very fine anomaly.
Is annoying about other people are watching, but now my Father, because it's like listening to a couple. It's not like we're! You guys, you you're a couple, but you you don't like pdf so you're cool you're, both cool you actually are really good friends. You know there's a lot of people that the only reason why they're together, is this weird male female sort of thing going on where they have nothing in common. Nothing to talk about the conversations real stunted and you guys are like clearly obviously like now, when I think about that alot, when you now not to sound corny, if he and I go to dinner and there's that table next to you, that's completely silent and eating and later how do you do that? What are you marry somebody? I can't falcon talks, because this all goes the look. Senor by turns a dog shit and all you have it the day is a mind with another mind right. He may make someone that that you like talking to turn you gotta pick some analysis. I always blooming away when the when France, like a lotta guy friends, have would date
for a long time and or Mary somebody that they didn't have like good converse like intellectually stimulating conversation, you, like you and talked of adult all the time while they don't care in other. This, that's that's! Where I'll get my pussy, ok grant the kids and I go to work out a lot of people that, just because I was seventy eight, that your whole life. I've had friends that we're in horrible relationships, I also know come and tell you that the thinking about a proposal- English yeah that'll fix it raised by a patent stone, yeah, you're right. Especially the ones that are fucking at each other's throats and he's letting you know man, I'm just thinking. Maybe if we just want a different level of commitment, swimming taught you she's crazy bed, you crazy Bay, where the crazy ass, all your crazy ass. They had had on them and there's a lot of what the reason why people do that people like to get absorbed in relationships to distract us from the ship bag lives.
Really love it. They loved duets online for distract them from their real issues to address the valkyrie. If you're over eaten over smoke energy over this matter over gambling you're over masturbating, whatever the fuck it ass, you know it's fuckin you'll, be in the middle of an texting with full Gloria nutrition Yes, I love it shows is also you know that, because is we have a profound is there brain that is like a profoundly silly show, is super silly so silly and we have a similar sensibility so like a private, wouldn't work, if, like the shit made me laugh did make from where I wrote were able to one of my favorite about that. You guys did lately sorry to interrupt you do with your dad yeah, where he wipes Berger elevator judges, it was so,
in the area that soon manage it all up dog. That's it that's what happens? We're gonna sing you fuck rubbing, sir. He also it's. It's been one of those you know like dad have their dead. It's like there's I mean like one who has been one of others is like talking about like it's. It's like it's one of those bits for as long as I can remain in my again, elevated with him. He will say that not do you know what I like to do bugger on the elements in the lobby, but money, because then I never buddies, touching it Let's grab me better, do it we got Anne Elliot and the first time in my whole life he goes hey watch this. He goes up, he digs went out and I was like what the fuck and I looked at them like dad used like outside Buddy
and it was a scraggly. Sorry embody yeah, that's a lead on their part, as he has already go of him telling their mom wait. Wait, wait, wait! The dad did in the mom, just like that's like normal, for her is actually always she's Jurassic. Such a nice was done using road tolerance. Bureau like zero for, like a lack of class at anything, grows a gross. It does not make her laugh. I like to tell her gross it too here because she gets so upset about it. I say, as you can't even bear to hear it and adjust brings you to your whole. Shows me just like crying I love your family. So my I like your family, a lot you got your family, more mines is its tumors drama and his their lobbying in lean, that's great, like his sister will yell from the room like I want cereal mommy.
Lange brings our cereal, and now it won't happen in my house. Wouldn't have been in mine either by the way, if I can do it fast at all, but we've been talking a lot lately about our man. Maybe you can help us luxury and roosters. No, dinner networks, everyday road. So now so what happened? Was we rented a place that there's there's our place, which is a two bedroom and then the owner owns the unit next to it, but doesn't live there and there's, no lay in a different part of town. Again, Ngos will yeah that's my unit for like like once a year. I have family come in for a week and sometimes like maybe once a year I'll stay there from doing business on the side of town. I am crash somewhere that, and so there was a mean it wasn't like part of the deal, but it was usually does is what lit rhyme rap. So we regard so it's got nice to have no
if we do not like to have that neighbour and then like in the fall one day, I'm in our second room, which has a connection with event and I feel heat coming in. Unlike our shit, it's from the other unit, I got we're that there's he coming from the unit next door, Rikers Roy Indoor unit Psycho, I knock and then its Ladys, like I'm like oh who're, you just like I just move dinner. Those iq moved in a year ago, like permanently should acknowledge, is gonna, be like looking for a place, but I'm staying at some friends with the owners. Cows expelling the union stage is a cry for a while. Great like how long should strive for a long time and an indefinite this ass, she parking, driveway innovation could use our internet connection.
First meeting but yeah well. Yeah, who might can I use your, is exceeded your password megatheria like a few bucks? Well what'd, she say she's like ok. I guess it does not work to the clinic park in the driveway behind your car and I'll leave like my phone number lake Lord relief against Syria searching Unblock ass with her shady cautiously to heavy yeah. That's all! That's! That's exactly type of mentality that deal with a lot and bolder really always need this always need. How get that for me? May I would think I've been broke. His shit Lieberman. We ever had the had the balls to be like the tap a new internet There's some shameless hippies yeah? You can't do that and so now help me man who knows what the fuck they're doing downloaded some fucking terrorists hand the judge on your ip
the fucking. Please come break down your door. You got to prove that this asshole was the one that was downloading this shit. Absolutely so they was areas that we have to really were able to start to hear her white. What we are hearing her and they damn it just in general, annoying. First, it's smelling of moroccan security. Using ownership should be fuckin, no I mean something in the morning and I would like to eat in the morning. Poland, as smelling v onion, whilst great rational and then the capper is in the middle of the night. Like a two in the morning later, yeah later in here, just in groups of three Would you do nailed here? S just pretend that even illegal late night forget its like a four in the morning. Good get em
I'll drop on social knows a girl or maybe even addicted to you or the morning now bring us being silly. When I was twenty, I was whenever you get in Four in the morning the chances are phone has Christina Bitten garments and new sturdy hearing around second, there must be created and no actually I don't know I've done- that in hotel entails here, but when you're home and you have that much resentment build up the at national level as you know this guy, I know you don't coming yeah, that's a video of a sample and even die. We try to give it back. I ve ever data to grow that was so loud. You wanted to shut the fuck up lucky you distracting, should enemy LAO
think about, like so distracting. I love hearing this that I want you do you for excitement on an Erasmus question. So yeah while here there was many many years in the past, as probably airily twenties those girl, the eye dated for a very short period time, who were Did you know should come to visit me like if I on the road to stand up and You know men back. Then it was like always a shitty is cheapest motels the fuckin nastiest beds one of the places that you stay where you are on the road, I, how we're alive Jesus this chick, a bleak,
It would be so ridiculous and saw over the top by mobile web, and it was. She was ready to wrap it up. The moment you stuck in the mornings, Don T mention even build to it. It was like you should let the overkill very Gowers Lambert's she would go what about a rocket moment instigation. Sistered, scream, hey, hey Sophie! agriculture would you believe fuckin twenty two years ago I was sorry to, worse. One in an all. My history is kind of like pleases. You gotta, stop I was like trying to be polite. Exhorted people staying here late at night. The small hotel. While this was right,
fascinating is that I read recently that one of the things they say about a woman whose moaning and screaming really loudly during sex is that it's not exactly just pleasure, actual what she's doing as she's alive. Other men that may be better suitors he's ever make state acquire like get it out of her little deliberating that no one's going outside this house anyway. That's an interesting little, really interesting little possibility of envy. You really think about the screamers. Now, what makes sense you know I mean You told him in Central Europe. If you're, I guess, if you're more secure in the relationship is well, you also of
down the pony the sexes enquired as crazy as you do it all the time you use to each other. He used to have good sex for longer time, but you gotta have marijuana. Why side there stands like out to be what about that kind of stuff. Like the filthy, talk like desire. Put you out of your head, someone say shit. That was too. We love those poor regions for Lauderdale line of wondering eyes, light and gold chains crazy screen with remaining cause for hope I've, never know if it's real and then taking a big chance going that hard. It's a gadget although there are no much it's a little over the top and solemn. What about that kind of stuff? Like the filthy talk, like does output, you are ever had someone station That was two year war. Girls around longer. Can't really is what is it that slit that gas?
what is really required is now she. This is words good good friends He came to a common club to see me and also my friends. Can my friends were with like I brought her over to them. And she gave my friend or number. Eventually, that's my frank manacled scheme, your fuckin phone number live while you crazy hooker. I choose, she was so crazy. She was willing to take one of my friends and give him and hope that she, snigger way and adjust our bang and everybody that I now like on the sleek Tipp he D. This is some The girls are there, is some dirty girls won T get attire. That's all I can do why shouldn't I me in this girl I found my first time. I met her. She was completely insane the girl, the ass. The girl was incredible. Susan saying
I was on twenty when she was completely crazy, but I'm not crazy. She wasn't till she gave a phone number to my friend, and I realize you would just do that. Anybody should just goes to show that God, no, that was your over Tuesday creepy. It was just like one. It's not just doing that. It's like the idea that, like their sneaking around behind your back and it's a weird site, that's why it's getting good friends, because my friend railways a Yoda, fucking bitch. You know in the bathroom that bitch came your number. They chose to many hands to me why wouldn't tell you, though, right somebody's wooden disguise, I had a friend moving. We had a real problem with them. He was Bang and all of our friends x, x, girlfriends. He would immediately back in Boston whose immediately soon, as you would break up you fuckin-
really be just magically ales by her work due to day she seems a stake in the break hunting. I ain't what he means. He seems accepting the beggar about what the fuck are. You talking, therefore, hey man, you know, should slogan, game and market. Now what than in you're, my friend open and on the kill it happens. It was. This was a bad one though this was my friend Jimmy and Kevin. I will say last names for names been changed, save UNICEF. This not be embodies because, of course, keeping by India Trust I do that's interesting, can trust it so where you guys at next week's. What's next, I gotTa Chicago the nineteen through twenty cycle does the jam burg. Rather than improvidence operating Bob. Celebrating the fortieth birthday there. It's a great plan was fired it does not that much in Chicago it's hard to find others Xenia
in Chicago and in their disease and Vernon Hills. Right is one that I haven't heard. A new one just opened up the Chicago. You have a great controversy member of the second city right home Bay as city. Yet it took a comedy town yeah. There was a few guys wasn't whether one one of the guys from the Ronnie Dangerfield special. He gave he he got on one of the rally specials there was a cargo guy, really not try to remember illusion. He knows he would like you would say something inside up at a tip. Your uncle whirl, we'll catch fire that catch rain forget his fuckin name, no God, dammit come on twitter will. Allow me to this. Yeah like they always do. Twitter is the best for that it is they d take time The mass economy wasn't a dragon movie. I was right if you can imagine and being drunk. But a memory like a bad ass. He had fuckin tribal tattoos and shook Dragon Jagger yeah
I'm I'm gonna Vancouver this week. That only makes places awesome this Thursday. Through Saturday, we working with love grasp there. Yet however, because we're going Euro together together cell down for seldom soon We will put together because your partner, we we thought we just did- we did Ontario last month. That was great Asbury improper. Therefore we can then has to sell. Yet we produce more actually we're doing the podcast live for the first time at club at John loves club. May twenty third, you have done now. I've got a couple: It's a weird dynamic! You feel, like you, have to get to the jokes rockwork large audience like if we were doing this in front of a large audience, doubly pouring its fuck, we're right This is good when it's in your ear, when you have the gym or it's good when you're on the on the road. I don't know if this is like live audience father I would feel like I have to do. Stand up. You know,
I don't know what I mean. Well, it's the first time. So hopefully we get a good turn out. We can have you know, but we'll stick to having a limited time right, Ramrod unknown. To me I wasn't a fact of life. It does seem like we were almost trying to put on a half a conversation, just be more entertaining full of people. Looking at us, he Agri, while we did it with Jimmy Norton, which is fun cause Jimmy, was fell right into it perfectly was killing yeah. He was really funny and on purpose funny- and I am really glad joke, but yeah became almost like stand up, gets weird get where the idea it's this, this weird sort of intimate conversations different, do you I have a lot of people from your that listen you're broadcast that coming near shows. It entirely means loving. We tell you how much we lie. Lazo awesome way ass, because sometimes you know like also themselves. They have no idea who are sometimes, if sinew, dues
and upon tv all saw your special or sell you on Conan, or whatever saw some something and then but then it was something different about feel. Like I'm late, they say, I'm a mommy, too You know like I love the pod, it's funny, and then you just feel like out this person actually knows me, yeah such leave. That's super cool. Like all on board. I can talk about dolphin fucking there. Let talk about all that it's where I like that it's it's way, cooler would not do it. Oh I just added a Peoria for next week's many bodies in fury, Illinois, we'll we need. We need to create a website. Brian eventually we need to do is incorporate all of us in all of our podcast into one website where there's like tiles, you're, not a man like everybody that work sort of affiliated with like Duncan and Joey, and you guys and are there really should be one
just make it your links on your website yeah, but it would wouldn't it be cool. There was like one Portal You know where we are not alone. I wonder where our friends with the people get like this can listen or they could see. Haven't mean that would be like the best way to really get a gang of people to come to all of our podcast is to have like a portal in order podcast, Duncans Podcast and each one has the little square, I think once you, you know you already in the United Kingdom is subscribe and think about it. You know Well, no, not necessarily because we don't really talk about Duncans progress that much. Nor do we talk about our is. You can miss several points ass in a railway. We didn't talk about it. You wouldn't even know existed, but if it was are clearly laid out- and we had like a website where there was tiles you know in that way. That would be a real way of everybody, promoting everybody with no intention other than keeping
You know I mean there's no financial intentions at all. It's all just about keeping this one group connected helping people, it's gonna, be all right. Can you do that for audiences? If you like? Are you probably will like us or via the paper by the donkey? That's that's too, but we need to do next. That's the next up! Thus, the next level. We need to have legal outcast community, you know of all podcast that we appreciate and lie share there. You know at the idea of a channel like like death squad like that's. That's one way to do it to, but also the way to do. It is make sure that everybody is connected to like minded folks or her other cool people ones, you might think, are interesting and an end, and you know have it all like a one stop shop where they know of it.
This is all the people that are cool each other, the soya whole group of people that are all friends with each like each other. Are you getting your website redesign is making a link page on yeah. I think I'm gonna do something along those lines. Malta gonna make a website specifically designed for the park ass, so that we too have sizeable my regular website than the pod cast, specifically designed podcast network or a website rather and that's worth We need to come up with some sort of a link to a network, and maybe we are put a link on our side and then that link will go to one website why you do and somebody whips park. What websites that way breaking it it's not really broken up. It'll be a section on my website, but if you go to it'll, go to one that like when you go to that section, it'll be laid out like a whole site just for the podcast. Each one will have a description of each podcast and who was the guest and how long it was when it took place D. This deliberate percent zero, even like it's gotta, be a small percentage of your fans. The come to shows that
don't listen to. Biogas is almost non existent, really land. Now re Matthew we're in Chicago cargoes, giant, fuckin, theatre sold out and Go how many vessels in the park ass. They went fuck in April. You're crazy. It was beautiful, who was crowds of around? In my entire time of doing stand up, it's never been Oh man, you know, even if why one person's crazy, it's like you, just give it a real, quick and becomes entertaining and how this prospect amazing that started when I think when I did and arbour with you, if you years ago, yeah I that was before we had a pot cast an eye done yours, a few times yeah and you you were asking. I like how many guises in their pockets and in my mind it was gonna, be like three tables rights. When I thought of it, I got these are all fans, but Gazeta, listened podcast ran about black eyes that fringe element like that fucking.
Went bananas now that, and you asked like who here knows, Judea is looking to people in Florida were calling out for me, tell Judea stories so crazy. He's out so beloved around here. That's a lovable human cartoon tat. He had so lucky to having a life of fun gotta be around. We haven't we're having among next week. That's all someone the Europe that was when the podcast first started again now somewhere whoops that was somewhere around two years ago, right right right after we had started it, but this as bundle often the face which, when I do it every day, it's a stupid, but that was yeah that was dead, though, is definitely the beginning, but now it's a complete the transformation, the crew- I know you're actor growled the Vogue Theatre with you,
Bulgaria will place the guys like there was more tickets, like that we sold for this than even any music then show ever they packed up place. I was not really fun. Truly fun. Yeah It's like its deafening different now the shoulders their way different, but it Also, I feel like more responsibility to like really produce good shit to. I really feel like these aren't just people that are coming to see if she'll like I like, I like them, you know they like what we're doing. This is a different sort of a connection, so I feel, like she usually responsible to like right, Goodshit and produce picture like that's. Why I'm excited to have this? come on now, as opposed to like maybe a year ago. I could put it out, but you know when you have a bit man, it's like a samurai sword. Fuckin fucking been that and hammered down and sharpened it up, and you know that Ngos are you edit some lines down and some to it and then somewhere along the line, reaches its perform. I think when you were when
You can use that sword cut heads off after a couple weeks I'll be the same sword, delicate instrument of destruction that you have after two years when it's your closing bit. Yeah absolutely, is our better fail and then come up with a new bet in Heaven, in Russia I wonder cuz new bit and I'm like I have like his life. The toy to use it excited, then I use it and the like. Ok now I was pleasure. All toys notoriously do towards a monster right now. Oh, I love the fact that too, as you did older and more experience and more education and more information, you head and better as a comedian, that every time you come up with new shit, it's like better new shit. I it's scary to abandon everything, but once you do and then you're you come up with like our had a real good point. Like you say, that you know if you worked on a bit and decided to like work on that bit five or ten years. You know that all that energy could have used on that bit. You could have
like abandoned that two years ago and then worked on the new bid for another two. Here's a veto in a completely abandon it and started all new and all that creativity would have gone into something completely new, indifferent storage. Like all wine that you have to cross like when is it is it is a year for a new, it is two years. I think I think a year, if used are always turning over stuff. After a year, you actually lose something a year. You have to be. If you're like talking about just abandoning everything the out of every twelve months, I mean just from experience of watching stand. Right. Ophelia gets better in that sixteen to twenty four months rang where you can do it. You re looking at super tight. Yeah. Well, I'm definitely we ve gone to that experience of recording something. Then, the next week elegant new tag loud over its Hedberg, actually redid a bit on a second
because I didn't have the tagline and set it on the album that it was doing. The hats. Rarely has a new part yak that that's tempting. When you actually record the bed, then maybe you should throw it out because you ve come that is why hold onto something that you can't use the again talked gaff get about this news and he and I are sort of an agreement about this idea. Gonna have ownership, but you also have to do well, yeah. I can have a bad show and if your tank in it with all your new stuff, it might be time to bust out some shit. I'm really works and is pull this bitch out a fire sure how ya it's you have to find that when is that time like some guys, like, I think Louis Uk Prima just got it out and when he does new stuff he just as only new stuff like Writ Chris Rockies, you do that to memories to come in the store, and he would just the only new stuff in now and not be concerned whatsoever about it. Not going well try to make go well, but if it doesn't stick and do it, it's not gonna pull out small shit out of his bag.
Yeah! That's where you you build! That's that's one way that certainly away some guys, like the sandwiches and between other bits in and then slowly develop like them as new chunks. Instead of like, I feel like you get, I get like kind of energy out of open. With new stuff. You earlier rescue you Jerry areas, but there is a bigger steed now? Only Seeger writing! now you're comedian right now, don't let that all you have to be completely willing to to not have comfort financially emotionally do sometimes physically, but if it works out, it's us works out discarded such a much better way of life. Doing something don't wanna do absolutely that's the big curse of this society, the because of the societies and so fucking complicated that a great many of us has to have to do some shit that sucks in order to keep the society rolling and that's why there's always jobs at suck and then people have to do it.
Fuckin. Jobs is no way around, they have to get done, and so some doing it, and then the society is set up there. It's really hard to get ahead in discrowning, scratch and try to take these jobs Itzhak and then, by the end of the week you goddamn exhausted. That's are mostly we live in a life. So amazing it's really amazing. When you stop and think about it- and I wonder how society can really sustain itself once people get hip to that, because once people get him to that and what we've been doing event robots do all the jobs at soccer who's got. Does jobs have to get done right and left me completely restructure the whole found sure of our society. The crappy jobs are gonna, have to be only those ever going to worry about that, because too many people just rub when their misery and will again. I know them they don't know they are magnet. Its shit programming is a lot of it. The human mind adapts incredibly well to its environment and adapt
you insist and violence and all those things and treats them as the norm and that's what happens in every bad neighborhood all across the world, and now this is the level of happiness is not often dictated by, but their environments, like you know, sometimes it's just. They can get things used to anything you now people can get used to it. Yeah, listen, we're who also know their miserable. Yet what they don't know is it there they could make This is to get out of that misery. They don't act on while the real issue, obviously kids, that are in those environments, they don't have a choice and didn't didn't fuck up to get there. You now, but to be in a shit situation, he's never good further. The mine Never good for your relaxation, your ability to sit back and now sustained cycle tat even when we lived in that terrible neighbourhood for two years it took an emotional toll on me like I was. I can't imagine if I grew up in this neighborhood
and this is all I saw- and I never knew that there was a neighborhood just three miles away- that I was gonna move to. That would change my outlook on everything, but it motivated us to work so much harder and get find out that will let you gotta did that, while we I you can just fall into the misery and one of the things I love, most of our living in Colorado was that there was very few people up there, so I didn't feel Ngos being inundated by other people's personality shore and when you a bad neighborhood. Your inundated by it seems like hippy bullshit, but I bet that, if you're in an area where a lot of crimes, gonna love negative she's going on, you can feel than the absolutely beyond can feel it, and here I would love to see like studies on plants they grow up.
Vital areas of till I got for Dublin shouldn't. What nervous wreck fan pleasures those gunshots around here that its trader product of your environment, like others, remembering last night in second greater, hung out with this girl may again, and she was a straight I stood or third great. My grades went up for the first time. In my life like I was getting straight. I ask those hang out with this nerdy girl shore, who was really into studies and then the minute we see no stop being friends. I went back to being my normal, lacquer ceased that's amaze and we have- and there is something to that forget and hang out with comics here. Near than you proliferate them to be prolific. Certain guidelines but he's always real prolific. Whenever I see him do a bunch new shit, I get excited, I want to go right, you should pal, Madame was seen him do. Senses, wouldn't pre rare catching these days, but yeah always get excited, want to go home and right now we feed off each other for sure. But no doubt that's one of the beautiful things, but I lie
but how many good comics her hair, like the Soho podcast network idea than to have me, can't do that in any other place. We have that many cool people, We are a donkey. You guys are. Everyone is connected, read them everyone's connected in its eminences. If put. If you put up like look, how many great podcast emanate from this one area is pretty much credible. I mean, there's not a lot of spots in the country. We could start like a a whole network. Podcast that are you know, as established as the ones we have here in LA and credible. Have a house that has taken over as such a dominating force. Entertainment is going to keep growing. Three right, yeah, it's really good. I listen to get over. Turning on the television or oh yeah watch the movie. What's really good to get shit done.
I give you clean up your office loveless into podcast when I'm clean at my office, or shall we say de la clean and asian Sierra lays down. I have shit near any guarantee. Some of this isn't what d you know the idea in in a lot of people's ears when they're at the German, their wishes and through their work out there? For me, I think that's one of the cruellest aspects about this form of entertainment. It's like it. It's form of entertainment that makes doing others. More interesting. You know why you long drives you do while you're on a community. It is the best airline, their airplanes. What if you get three or four good ones, man, the whole flight to Australia is done. You know he does plug those bitches on kick back and I don't have a glass of wine and enjoin in man and maybe sometime to correctly take an edible when you're at the airport. Right as you pull up, you don't want anything on your folks. Don't don't fly dirty,
scared of line where inedible live change? Goddamn experience- and you know it's great about podcasting too- is that I feel it get Harkin's back to the time of radio and when people had to just sit and listen and listen to long stories and that that doesn't exist on Le Vision, anymore, everything's cut so fast and related information. So quick that now it's like we're going back, and I love that idea that you can just sit and listen like a three hour thing Yes also gives Hocking yeah, that's natural natural. Yet you not this hyper info, nation. Seven minutes and I'd show, is sitting down out of arguing about your or tell the recent Spirit Zoo, Bulgaria, half second at its boom boom boom boom boom boom. Yet, and then they tell you coming up next year, going to see this scene when you come back from commercial you're gonna see this in right now and then they show you the scene and I'm gonna, get it African gotta look like process information. If we had a producer, the Show- and there are large well, this is some
things you gonna do to take the next level. We would get added this allowed downtime two minutes. We are twittering twittering this. I guess we're to minister. You know sorry now, that's actually what that's part of the beautiful about his like, when you hear you talk, you get to really know you. We are you talking to really know you. It's not a sound bite. It's a long conversation. I notice that, like with a lot of foreign films and times you'll have longer shot, they won't edit cut and you like you, but that's actually a very like an if a guy's making Breakfas reporting coffee the lead, shot go of him running it and we're happy pouring and then employing it in and stirring it, but that's not like that. Guy's really making coffee rightly so, is not tat of fifteen caused the added the gibbet theirs
watching, like real life, kind of yellow bright that right, you, you can fall you sink into it more, but american style of editing, tv or film is always will dont need, let a shot last too long, music, videos time. Oh yeah, yeah, these are clean, think like that is making people dumb or making people impatient impatiently, for I believe at first, for instance, on Facebook like not like it's all binary zero one, Pepsi. Yes, no, you know how limiting that is to human thought. I mean I don't even turn the poor people that way, I don't read books right now. I mean maybe one in the last month, but like it just limits the way we see the world generation only grows up. Knowing I like this, fail. That should makes me. Bananas are really- and I was a foul like some guy tried something didn't succeed and we're all gonna shit on that person's. Also the enduring we encourage people to build a sucks, yet rose, fuckin, suck,
sure of that saw and then there's you two comments on going repercussions. Repercussions are completely anonymously or louder, say things that you never say with any real. You know a person in have you, because such a cunt thing to do harm both their assholes city, about it, the races yeah yeah? I know there are massage monistic their home, a flower yeah. It brings out. Well, that's normal! That's the Netherlands back comes anonymous s, legs Morrison's, it's a weird thing: more. We developed a way to communicate with people that is its there's no interaction. There's no exchange you're allowed to throw the information out there like a bomb menu. You bomb over a building. Your message board is a perfect I don't leg. If I was talking to you and guys in a room and in some guy came up as, like you know, you're, just annoying Think your face uglier than you would not just that. Open regime
people donor stand when I take them out, abandon this a kid. What you want. You want censorship. I dont want censorship is what is this? Is a house party, my My website is an internet House party and anybody can join, but when you're a cunt nuclear, and problems and negative energy when you don't know how to live here Criticisms have been is allowed people in that very valid criticisms and those help me. I really think they do. I think valid criticisms on the podcast or stand up, or even my, and then they commentary anything? I think I don't think anyone's ever perfect and I think a lot times, especially when you doing as much on the fly add living stuff. Is I'm doing nine percent of my living, I make completely add living. That's what I'm doing. I'm gonna make mistakes. Mistakes and I'm just stand up Commodore or commentary for the you see, I'm gonna make mistakes and into a stand up. It's just a part of life. So I appreciate criticism and I and understood that, like when I am doing something oftentimes is completely unplanned. Now like this exact sentence that I'm saying right now completely unplanned out. So when you know people I will granitic and criticise the hit me.
Chinese fucking, fuckin, word hd and vegetable word you chose or where you went, the conversations like God damn. Settle for fuck down. He says that you give people too much of an opportunity to county. Yes, you know the NEO Brennan by gas. So that was saying that I was yelling down. Meal said even agree with, as is his statements as what the fuck podcast, you listen to me. Because we're we all had fun together. There was no disagreements whatsoever, but people will break this should down to make some just they will just nit picking on only the negative aspects of its always people that are fucking mill ever all kinds of things like each one of these episodes and getting into exact numbers estate, hundreds of thousands of people listen to this end a year. You might hear out of hundreds of thousands of people you might hear, like twenty people and the bottom of the barrel net most negative cap. They have a million cats, therefore going assholes in general, and if you focus on those
find not the four hundred and ninety million other people, then you're gonna get drivers of crazy. That's a good point. I firmly believe that you can't be too self congratulatory and I think you have to address any possible valid criticisms, so When I read negative, should I have to take it into assessment? I have to go okay. I got to look at this objectively that I do that. Did I do that What I done some wrong made mistakes. I know what I do. I do that then don't you have your white will then get a look at the motivation of this person and try to figure out why look at this whole thing. So skewed like the dragon, you're crazy, praying tat can go to fascinate important to out those people. It's important out. Those people set the tone for the rest, the board you let us people know that look. This is what's going on here. This is just Conti. Negative behaviour is not necessary, let's communicate life. Yet, let's communicate like we're at my house at a House party. Let's be polite, you know, look if we're at a house.
And someone comes out to me and start saying you know in our aid. The Mormon faith is true faith in justice with Let's have a polite conversation about with its politely talk about you tell me why, you in opera, like you're, my my wife's husband, Friends, husband, economy, like you're gonna, have to be nice. To tell me, tell me what the fuck you think, and hopefully we can get this without anybody raising their voice. But in the end, at its right away. You forget Fergit, right away: retard, go back to school, elzevir fail! See you So do I die? It kills me because like went out, up here in the valley. I you know if you said some shit to someone he got fuckin smacked. I used to file a black girls because I was saying Well yeah. But you know what I learned were not the falcon say shit if he can,
your eyes into lacquer ass ye fight would lack checks and they fuck until you what's up and guess what I don't write awful things on the internet to be covered. And you gone well start hip hop, let them Do you know about Georgia? Where did you go on world starship lab dot com? You would cease and desist off argue with black girls immediately, because nobody laser beaten on another girl. Like you, I now, God is only a recent one- were over a twitter beef. If you just google Eurostar hip, hop Dotcom twitter B, I gonna send it to me in a bright bridle put up. If you want a poet o Brien Palanquin are the best fighters. Star hip hop is at night, work, on the other hand, should make them Emma Jane, and I address this- should be the fucker. This girl and went right away to the old school pride head stops shoes, headstart bitter She got her down rag dollar the ground and stop during the head immediately like a killer through by
that are like really vicious bombs punches is then stops, there's some real brewer rain fighters. I even on a world star, there's some like there's some street like knockouts, where you see the had hit the conqueror a lot of them, and then they start taking them in the head and get it that bad. Looking at how to pension funds and also going sir, start here: love is easily the worst example of humanity available outside us enough films to some of you might have died and if they didn't die, a piece of them died as this one guy got knocked out with it is kept. Kicking them in a headline was unconscious. It was hard to watch that guy is forever fact, there's no there's no question in my mind that damage that he got that data was brain is irreparable. He got hit by punts soccer kicks to the head, Wally's untouched people just running over and punch him in the face, so he's getting just concussion after concussion his brain is just washing inside its goal for sure he's going to be fucked up for months. You know what
one in Baltimore worthy. They knocked him out Sargasso. Close off yeah it's right and that the sound of his head following onto the concrete, was unconscious when he gets knocked out by the punch on watching ragout budget tweets from cops in in Baltimore, because Neil NEO Brennan now we're talking about a neo saying? Well, it's like I'm sort of a mob mentality that takes on, and I said why I totally agree that certain extent, though I agree to a certain extent a mom mentalities, real it does happen. Sometimes I don't think that's what was going on there. I think that was it I got it was run a bunch of criminals, man in there just used to that, and this these guys from Baltimore these Cultural Baltimore tweeted me in a bunch of them were telling me like, like read this check out back in. People treated me about the same issue. I component baltimores go crazy fuck, Crime is always on that. One cup said: he's: u shocked at the amount of crime, he sees everyday charm city, they call it. What you would think like Baltimore sounds like about.
White people that live by the water- and he is now is an early also like I wasn't induced, usually think that would be the best and you see the little games there. Loafers Detroit Data These are only about a half an hour away from mobile air tickets. Any of those were rough sitting will, what's it called? What would this which ones are used at rooms, are world starting up? No, not girl flight world star hip, hop twitter, beef, twitter, beef, yeah, just twitter because I think he's not a lot the fallen into cattle Twitter beef in this girl shut up this girl's house and say we're gonna fight, while the other person was filming it she pulled out of the house, it is violently beat the fuck out of a girl fangs crazy me. They are completely out of jail. Four Hudson Bro worlds world starting a pub twitter beef
just just google those words world starting up to look here I'll, do even opera. Winfried gets people hate fully emailing her like I watch the overall series talks about it people- send me things like oil, Rhine alike, help the World man Emilio agree with that, like don't hate mail, Oprah winfried go on as other people have one behaviour alone, girls fishes successful too. Of course young people had everything, be weighed the Beatles you MIKE, and why on Youtube under beetles videos to dismiss them fight, come as your twitter, bloom invasion, radiographic hers earlier or I'll start hip, hop dot com and the it's as whole. Just look up home invasion. Girl gets too up on our own doorstep over twitter beef. Just look for home invasion. Home invasion. Twitter, beef on world starship of Saint claim this out on this island.
Yeah! That's when you release the cracking of shame. You know, like you, don't want that if you do a baronet is a video where a girl puts one those of her ass. Another guy fox, the flesh life was a really your idea, jerks mile, by the way, Brian, I dont think you the first person eggs. Her asshole went on her vagina whole world because it was more pliable guide is loggers and giant dampers This ain't large objects and there s a really. You now give a guy really distorted, perceptual realities into that shit with, but doesn't sound like anything in my bow really nice by sailing ice with announced at the party. A couple of airlines fare. Well, it's important to share special with the world just like this, you know this lady has the right to stick a flashlight up a bottle, and you can know that someone can do that. You should also not watch this girl beat the fucking. Can you go full screen on that? Yeah watch this girl, she
of this gross house he's gonna blow was gonna real sooner watch she's pulls rather the house that's how it happened while we owe she's great fucker stop it. I have particular and hair Glocester strongly held down stairs scary. Let's talk about that. That's been a t shirt Let's talk about you see that's what can happen
There is don't talk sheds about grass, sure, dear God, for you gotta, run did in in England, for saying something on Twitter. Have you heard about this now yeah? Let me find this because it's fuckin, crazy and was on stand hopes, twitter last year, the Deuce names Ali, something or another. Let me find it look. We're gonna go to my twitter, but it's fuckin, crazy shit appear. He was fucking with their government over their hair. This guy was arrested and convey the guy's name, Sir Ali Sir Underscore Ali Underscore see, and he got around stood and convicted for Saint caught on his twitter on a map bullshitting, and this is what it's about some federal some section. One hundred and twenty seven of the communications ACT of two thousand and three is what they got him on. This is all the guy wrote ready which
lives in a house like this period, answers on a coastguard to Beckley Council. So I guess it's the backs, the council that he was having a problem with. So that's only which can't lives in a house like this answers on a postcard, directly council, and that's like you that that was the hashtag back council and then there's another one. Another tweet, it's silly posting appeal. Sure of a house on twitter without an address that will come later. Peace Fit, please feel free to post actual shit. Ok what that means. I don't know, but it sounds like he put a photograph of a councillors home yeah, ok Melvin, Seymour put a photograph of this guy's home apparent integrated as well. That's that changes everything is that first. Well, that's caribbean fuck that you put this guy's picture and it took a photo of but that they got him for using. The word cut is what's fascinating, that they didn't get him for taking that picture, which apparently legal. Yes, the effort for calling for saying cut,
or for calling on the government guy at an obvious and one in which count lives. There boy will conduct a lot less offensive in the UK liking for all people Kuntz, like every other word signing yes exactly so we really should have been. They should get pissed at em for taking a picture that guy's house, but I guess they couldn't doing rested for this now. Well, yeah. Apparently the core stand up, took up the fight. Dizzy, stand up the thing that was going out with him and that lady in England, now you didn't say I was great there was we was yes, yes, I did read something about this, what he was doing shows for their guys, horribly ill. Ok and this woman wrote this thing about how this saying this guy does not have the right to die, and then it's not his choice to decide what to die, stand hope comes on, and not only does he like go after her goes off on Twitter and says Congratulations you made into the act. Saying all this shit on Twitter and then he hopes that you
It's a fetid sister ovaries, all kinds of grants. Us right he's out of my so so then she like rights, some hole like really crazy, dumb terribly written article. About him and comparing him to some other horrible people in the world and in which doesn't address, is the fact that she had written in article just a couple years ago appraising a mother for taking her. Child's life. You know when the child was death, deathly, ill and suffering and was was going to die and so she's a hypocrite in our own writing. She does designed to counter accountable words is verbal diarrhoea, she's, one of dumb people that rights things down and tries to make some sort of a point, because our jobs, read an article and dug found her conclusions to be illogical, idiotic and offensive. So he no, his in his way. We asked for fucking injuries to her body and the problems and but does he's a fucking, Santa Maria,
she went off and in our she was trying to get em a rested and had them investigate him and all sorts of different ship. But you know he did really do anything wrong and the whole thing is hilarious and the whole thing only probably made Dugan even bigger hero in the UK. Could seize on IRAN? Have you read the shit that she wrote he's such a fuckin hated while in England here, while in English, which is crazy. Using about Albanian? They are caught in a mirror. Awesome kids had to do a saying, we're gonna come down, destroy America, develop Marilyn rose bones when they say that on twitter, and so that they will come the party that the fuckin people at the ts, air, whatever the hell. It is, what does it say? Yes, I am out your landscape. I sent them back their rest zombie interrogated. I was sent back up. They looked in their shit for shovels. They thought there really feel like they gonna bring shovels with them. Fuckin dummies out. This is the worst silly pitches stop, Mr Deva, but with its they suddenly
when people I want them over here. They say the common ivory Destroy America got Marilyn Monroe grounds, where's that I now hear that sounds like you know. We can have a fuckin good time with them. Some people are coming in funding the fuck. Do you think the really gonna destroy America with Al Qaeda? Do it, but some twenty four euro coming here, he's gonna pull it off him drunk case for sure Trump kids, straight out of college. Ditch reminds me and Tommy methodically sent me about that woman in the UK who claims that shit two beautiful gases, these data sets out of sight. I guess you think they play in like me. You could read also like that, but the fact that they would like all these follow ups and makes you there were well orchestrated, crazy, Bitch Yanks or it's crazy, gee bullet little Ball seemed crazy. I think the writer had a little bit of tongue in cheek was writing, because he kind of new that she was really a six says he's putting their picture. She wasn't really try,
but she was. She was an ugly yes, I think so She was an area of windy city heat and also felt like it by the best. Was that, like everybody who was critical over it, played into her ridiculous like see all the haters came out, and so there are a lot of here How do we fix it? Christina get rid of How do we bring them up them up? A razor is impossible therapy. Weed please get out for real psychotherapy possessed work, because I to people that I know that have been in it so that it doesn't, does I changed my life for I'm doing it for two years to its improved my eyes to her and be riddled with it society and depression. Really, I was u gnaws goth. When I was fourteen, I was suicidal. I was crazy, go and I was depressed for years and I two years and psychotherapy and I'm in we better that's amazing, you're the best success story of a word from willing. I have a great psychotherapists if anyone wants. I have many friends that
going to therapists and continuing with the same fuck ups, and it's me if you're not saying progress like, I know people to go to the same person for like ten years and are the same going round in circles. You need to find somebody that can really get to the router bullshit right and then I believe undue. So you got lucky first time with this. This is the first council I had seen some other guy that was wearing like white velcro shoes and mommy gene, and I was like you can't even dress yourself, like your council Mylife downturn, this broadly she changed. My life will grow, never really on four shoes did at greater length,
gray. I kangaroos velcro pouch, it's weird and she was very use very useful, but it's just so do she is something dorky about velcro, for whatever reason relay man never caught on wisely white jacket on RE popular, our noble up, saying like it or not, there are mostly sneakers we buy of laces, and I saw the other day. I think that probably velcro those is after couple weeks to give shit. In the vote Karla cotton in allowing that and they start being annoying we're like we did in the past. You just get new shoelaces realise their sticky. That's true! they should be able to replace that shit like your place? U S, then you to go somewhere and do it. That's that's a nascent! Yeah! That's stupid! I learned right now slip bonds, no laces. No, you do have a moonlight. The cheap trick, blue, Can we talk of more now than today? Can? Actually I do? Maybe I'm a lady I lay dog, you look, I'm already crossing the line. Is a female comic, so I tried to do
somewhat found you feel like as a female comic more I've always felt Tommy from right, then its harder, because you have less people, one who talk! No one wants to hear me time. Less people want to take it Opinion seriously, because your woman's, if you get on stage start talking about politics immediately. You're running uphill battle. First, talk about that's your whore for sure. Do you look? Look at other comments, guy comics! Get a gig get away with so much? I do, but I also grow up admiring male comedians lake really loved watching bill, Hex and and a lot of deeds, but yes, you're right. Actually, society doesn't privilege, intelligence and women. You should just be hot. So that's that's the message you get grown up. Just don't read books just be syrup against that. You know actually try to channel masculine energy. When I go up there, I drew I alleys have this image of me put in my DEC on the crowd. Do you I swear to God your words on this view counselor yeah, but I don't wanna fuck,
How are you stand up? You know what I mean is the proof of this lay that they're gonna crowd method. I guess cousin works? For me, in that, like there's, you know different parts, your personality and not that way at home, with my husband run a woman with my husband right, like I were I like, being a feminine but onstage, because it's fuckin due to masculine, I warn you can't buy me they're gonna really read now, that's funny, you know not ask It's a different kind of funny man there's a type of this. Some people like ok, here's a very funny feminine comic Wendy, Lehman very funny very found very like sort of, but never writing, but very feminine feminine based this true lawyers. My theory on this ok society once women to be agreeable to say the right thing in to make everybody felt comfortable. What's wrong, about that fuckin nothing shortly. For me, I'm a man.
Lastly, let me know any my female comedy sometimes fails cause if you're playing into that norm that social norms, the new languages just agrees with what We would have wanted mills D, give the right to vote now. Several years I would say, in thirty two assumptions suffragettes after that I was very pleasant. I know a nineteen. Seventy four, a woman can have a credit card unless her husband or her father allowed it. And then I was nineteen. Seventy four cents right, Tommy Majority. Thirteen like a voter went into They couldn't run the boss in marathon until voting time until the other way around marathons sixties. Larry Assize grazing. I was just not a longer me. It's weird right. It's weird that the women's right to vote is literally a hundred years old. Yes, why we need to invest in time
tourism. When you really start to think about that, that's really crazy. That's hard to believe that way, you're saying about having opinions! Actually, people don't expect me to have em. So when I do like what will you little girl like day, I can get away with Saint crazy, foul, shit, raw and then I'll, look in her eyes and she give their opinions and Nazi now so drawings. My advantage, I can say, shit that deeds cat sometimes really what you more were. I want threaten our challenge. Like friends like let's say you said something about now. I don't know it's a good example of the headquarters. Somebody mean yeah. I can tell a guy I'll fuckin shit down your throat. If you do not shut the fuck right, he said he's not gonna hit your threatened. You haven't got falcon you were to say that that I might stand out. Billig bookoo lie allegories, wherefore That's true! You can do it in this a lot of funny in it but Bobby. We could do it too, and I can do it. You can do it
that is certainly not the old yes from a puppy. Send your throat and, dare I say eleven out of isa- is a brilliant eleven love and some guys start driver. If you don't scare brown some of these labour there's just put it- does door downsides guy willing we blow like five legend arose. That's that's happening every day, more time, slay the Amber labour, guinea avenger is compliant in What do you like it? What's? Your favorite gotta needs our high dogs, steak and pizza chicken maggots, The thing in these into childish, others study, get it shocking, jeez, hot dogs, there slice up for me stick of others actually stake house in Burbank that he just went. He caught the smoke house on I've, heard it it's right across the street from Warner brothers in an hour,
It's all right! Sixty five years ago story smokehouse stories about like how Bob hope used to go there and have blubber blondes all should happens, and I ordered steak, and I swear to God if they bake PAN Friday, like it was a thirty two, thirty darcy but they just put it in a pan of your had that worry. It feels like right. This is ninety somebody who prefer doing it on of a pan. Actually like GUM Alton was a guy's name Alton Eads time round. Seven, these things! So no! No, no that apparently, some people is different ways of cooking stake. Obviously one of them's cooking IRAN and infrared grill or or coal grill, or a gas grill, where I do it that way, but some people believe that the best ways to Syria cast Iron pan and that you could skill it, and then you put that skill it in the oven, finish it off in the oven. I've done it that way before
I guess I don't like it as much as I like it over over call over your Harwood charcoal called a kind of piss me off. I felt like while I spent thirty dollars on a good piece of me. I was a porter porterhouse, you know and that shit like fucking norms and that nothing in the normal way, like five dollars, stake real, and I felt that it gets norms and you're fired You should all over nor and I've dollar stake norms. Is you know where I went for five bucks? How can these and it's amazing, lad what is like Mafia Jerome Taylor Thick us we're? That's all schools from like the fifties. It's on street? I guess it's like you tell it. Was there before the neighborhood was there can revive we saw francs urban. That's why it's amazing times, amazing good. Made me on Greece. Despite our guests,
it's fucking call it over actually grown over. You guys the shit as always that my favorite comedy couple in the history of comments about the extra years when you number one anytime, because, rather than I really think we should look into doing something that have like one love network website were all together and have a link on our love shit. Can I thank you to everybody that tunes into this fuckin, poorly edited patch, together ridiculous. Precision and takes wait too long. We have. We appreciate the fuck out of here. Thank you. The shows and thank you to everybody- that's coming to allow this weekend. Fog in fired up a gateway to shows the first is it a clog segments? Ten thirty in the first one sold out Hotline has oh come on down and have a good fucking time with me, doc and trust in the legendary Joey Cook ideas. Thank you to the flesh life responses, pike ass for well these many years jargon that net click on the link for them
Sloan Entering Courtney, Rogan save yourself, fifteen percent of the number one sex toy ver man, and I do believe that its parallel when they came up with a video of a guy stuff in the flashlight, a chick's ass, then fucking a flashlight. I really don't think I'm like half of you, but I could be wrong. I could be wrong friend Oh and- and I d- make use of our brain true to export truly take a mule and new mood all explained on on it dog com, all of it, ten percent off. If you use the code name Rogan an olive ITALY by the first sample bottle of nuts sample first bottle of thirty bill There's a hundred percent money back guarantee on the first order. You don't have to bring anything back to sit socks and get your money back, how kettlebells common ever these common. We got. Cool new shit. Some crazy hemp protein powder that is unfortunate illegally delicious, its hand protein with raw cocoa, in other delight that real raw chocolate that second and antioxidant dark.
It's for the regular say so eager to hear about void anyway, Joe that now click on a link for our brain entering the code. Name Rogan, save yourself, ten percent off you dirty bitches! Thank you. Are we appreciate you. We love you and we're all connected, see.
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