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Bryan Callen, Brian Redban - Date: 05/01/2012
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Why did you not experience joy by Jo Leinen on board? It is light years opening forever. Those were the cause moments of my you have see broadcasting Have a role in economic relations. Are there to ease the beginning that kid is red unless that guy was so much bigger than him still scared, I'm going to shoot a single leg on you at will and then I'm going to climb you and I'm going to beat you up he's so sick, because he's first of all, he's like super duper dedicated an he's. One of those kids he's only like twenty two You know when you're only like two thousand two hundred and twenty three years old man you can get if you get that, good that young you can get away with a lot of shift way. He can he's the one who came up with just pure ma yeah, but I also think as good as these athletes are now and everything else. There are some people that have a like a real edge, but it's gotta be because their philosophy and who's
I mean I'm sort of their goods that is certainly parlor, but to get a Roy Mcdonald, it's so rare it so rare that you get someone who has that kind of focus that kind of intensity did habit, his his stare and men and the beginning of creepy standard. He just goes quiet. His whole body just goes fucking quiet he's like a letter like dwell a lion when it stops where they go, sees a gazelle who just shoot out I did so for me. That's ridiculous, he's very unusual very unusual to Rio. Send it seems like a really nice guy outside of fighting super friend. They were gone and just mall and mother Fucker does what he wants in twenty two. You see what at that age, when you're, really young, like that, you can get so good. So quick when you're with kids that are really focus, are really dedicated at those early ages.
These huge leaps like six eight months, these giant leaves it take a grown man years due to hit again just really accelerate so quickly. Think that's like my body was what is running a book on learning and he's a kind of like this. One is guys, went to Harvard and start with, as he speaks literally he's really does speak like seven languages fluently like really does, and he has degree in biomedical engineering, and all I want is a kind of a genius and end. I said how do you speak all those languages because well it's funny 'cause, I'm writing a book about learning, and I said what philosophy said well most of the time with learning when you have to learn something. You already have a lot of preconceived notions about what you can and can't do so you we come to the equation with this notion that I'm good at this. I'm not good at that 'cause. Somebody along the way told you that so most of what learning is is just getting out of your own way before you can even learn anything because you come to it with your own action, your own sort of sky,
holding that you put on it and- and so philosophy is like he just said I can speak languages, I'm on my way. I can speak language, I'm going to find the system. So it's like Farrah says: if you want to learn Spanish, you only have to know really two point: five percent of the words and you can understand ninety five percent of Spanish. Thank you five more years to learn five percent of all the spanish words, but only large only understand ninety eight percent of Spanish did. The increment is very small, so this there's a there's a system to learning it's just like when you want to educate yourself, there's its there's a system to there's a way to do it. There's that there's up there, the methodology and actually a pattern and a path to follow, and most we spend a lot of time. You know waste wasting a lot of time with a lot of periphery stuff, mainly dealing with the fact that they're not good at this, I'm not good at math, I'm not good at languages good with money.
What he'll do in this book is premises is those are all a belief systems at somebody else put on you, you don't you that's actually not true, and you can get away with. You can get rid of him if you know how to approach something. So as pretty wild, so Some like room door, probably started so young that this the language, and it's the only language is ever not so when you teach him something is not his own way he's like, while just out of sync right this in the Myerst, that's a real good point, because when we used to get guys who came from other styles, that would want to learn type one day, there's a difference to the style of kicking and out of any incorporated how you lifted up your knees and the they had well, the style of kicking where the knee was down, and then the foot was above the knee and its it's more like leg, centric style of kicking, whereas the Taiwan does, while the need is a pie which opens the hip stop and when the hips open up, then is a turn of the whole body and its gaps. Much more power to it, but we couldn't teach I'll how to do it,
I would especially sparring yet it would just drop her knee and it would be normal stuff, and I d gotta get your NEA. That's the most important thing. The knee is everything we want. The new comes power. A huge part of learning also is. That is exactly the same, because what like a lot of times, you go to what's comfortable you go and because, because practicing actually the way to get good at something. Obviously it's a practice. You're not good at what makes you uncomfortable, but it doesn't to make you uncomfortable. What's making you uncomfortable is the notion that you is the things that you've put on it, so I'm weak, I'm not going to let you see a lot of guys that come into jitsu and they only do what they're good with they don't spend time on their back or don't spend time whatever. Why? Because they're going to look vulnerable but you're, defining that that process as vulnerable, you can redefine the process. You can decide that it's just you getting better 'cause you're working on where you're soft right, so is it really so much of it? Is your attitude monitors your talent? You come in with an actually a more specific way of saying it is what
don't come in with it, so which of learning is actually not an addition. A process of addition, it's processed deletions or deleting right now, your your, I think. Actually you know it's funny. As you become an adult and you get, it's something you know, certainly for me with stand up. So much of it is just like letting go of a lot of stuff, like deleting things in my mind that I don't need to be thinking about. I should be thinking about something very positive, so you start learning. I start drifting off into something I'm worried about. I just we bring my mind back to writing about stand. I bring it back to stand up. I bring it back to write in a joke. I bring it back to think of it. This tv show I'm trying to do so. You can actually get very disciplined and good at at directing your mind, if not it's out of an active process, you can make it a very polite, passive process. You know, what times. When you hear people talk about work, I got to go to work. I got to do this work. We put this this to the sacred scaffold at the sacred like fence, around work
playing and now I'm going to work. It shouldn't be that way you can completely blur that line. You can completely like just decide. Well, work is what I do anyway, I'm just going to gently start thinking about. What I want to be in what I want I want to, I wanna be doing and how to create something. The work issues are very, very touching issue for a lot of people, because most people that's the bane of their existence and with us it's actually what we love to do right. That's it that's a trick pill for love, swallow that's really fucking hard, really onawandah here that that you we Souci eight, the idea with work at some point in our life with displeasure with its round comfort. With you, don't want to be there, it's not fun. It's not what you look forward to well well because for I think the ideal, when you talk about work the ideal, is and I think anybody who is in a position where they don't like if you're in a job you hate or what
The only way to get out of that job is because they want to move and to do. This is action they come up with another idea? You know if you If you can try to come up with a better idea, it will beat the other ideas might be doing something, but but the work actually is about imagination is about just sitting there and letting it come to you figuring. I just been figuring. What is your process? What is What is your private as different music to me? Walk, walk? What's what's the process you have to undertake to feel to get yourself into a creative mode where you're coming up with ideas, whether you're an entrepreneur, whether you're, a writer weather enter even if you're an athlete ammonia roaring down. Those guys have constantly thing about. I'm a man I'm noticing they always have to reinvent they gotta keep adding to their arson. Gotta, keep growing and alive. That's imagination than right, isn't it I mean, out of its imagine. If that's, how is manifesting itself with their creativity is beaten the fuck out of here and will people that I stand is like
you? You actually have to be creative in fighting it's a very creative thing and it, but when it when you get good at it? It's a lot of. It is figuring out how to hit someone in a way where they can hit you back or where you hit them, where they're trying to hit you, but you get out of the way and then you counter and had them and doing you you, you can pick up like dumb people fight dumb. They they want or forward first throw the left and then they throw the right- and all you have to do- is keep your wits about you. You see the left common, you know the rights coming. This is not it's not going to be an uppercut either it's going to be a big, stupid, overhand right, and that is that's the language that they communicate in when creative you become very scary, like a guy Jon Jones is very frightening to people because he's very creative in his attack. You don't know what Adobe he fights Shogun Shoguns like the best strikers Urfa, he opens with a flying knee cracks.
The John Shoguns never the same means he fuck them up from the first SEC few seconds of the fine. Well, when I went through Shod shot Evans in that flying trying in ages, I have them. Do an image want to see. If I could do it idiot, she told guard, Zakharino was thou, amateur Sakharov would show up and in a t shirt that said water or paint muscles on himself, and he was completely creative and I think that's the lesson right. Yeah, you don't know what he's doing you have a dagger come on such but see that comes from. If you, if you, if you actually look at most people, we all do it. A lot of people, especially young people, as they start becoming aware of the world around them. What they'll, Who is the look for something very strong to define themselves as I'm a fighter? I'm a slacker, I'm a skateboarder, I'm rockin rebel, I get tattoo, and when you define yourself along really strong lines, I think it becomes very and I'm not talking about defining yourself character. Wise I'm talking about defining yourself just is, as is
I as a reliable, oh yeah. I am a right wing guy excite feel as what hatter exactly what happens when you do that. Is that you'd you? It's very not to take this very seriously in that regard right in and then you don't have room to create you because you're that that's what I'm talking about those lines are very precious and you don't want to break those lines because then you don't know where to go. Then you're in the danger zone. You know if you'd it, when you define yourself very strongly like that, it's kind of like a way of protecting yourself, but I someone like what's his name at the spider Anderson Silva. He so he comes up dancing. He that's part of his technique, he's very loose. He stays loose. It doesn't take it too seriously kind of raised his hands as call him calling him out. You know image. Brian is the image down. Down on you image, so big black screen, it's Lately, you streams been weird with browsers, like lobby, we're saying that the sound doesn't work and stuff, and it's just, I think,
Chrome, mostly by its I'm using safari. What do you use these? Ok, I refreshed it came back you by the way people watching this are probably wondering why I'm dressed like a professional athlete because real professional. Well, I look like a professional soccer player. I look like a european suck. Maybe rugby maybe rub me dude, I gotta thick neck. You can tell right now 'cause, I'm wearing a collar, but I have a beautiful body under this. Will we see what was your Showtime special called? It's called man, class man, cloudman class, ok, it's called man class and it was ridiculous need to come up with a name for mine. I've had very good feedback agent, I'm climatic class because I was I was like I'm going to. You know I'm talking about what it is to be a man in twenty twelve, and I was like I'm just going to fucking teach a man class right now and I'm
obsessed with this problem of masculinity and a fuckin world that so technological like we are producing, asked testosterone and aggressive, and we have nothing always doing all we can to assimilate. I go to Jim. I'm workin, though. I'm doing fuckin kettlebells why the fuck do. I need a fund that, as you know, the to swing kettlebells for, but I gotta keep my traps at TAT epoch in Adam learning how to box nobody. Karen Gallagher, I like in life in my back yard, he's please bring me through all the stuff like freely: listen, men, here's here's the deal somewhere along the line we got made to feel guilty for being manly for being men, group, getting men shit for liking. Manly things we got. Some are another we became guilty of that, but I think women you got to let chick's beach x. You got to let him wear their crazy heels and they're they're nutty short skirts, and you know that the heels you don't understand the dresses that don't mean anything to you, but to them. It's like super important, that's all girly shit and see if that's what you're into that's fine, but
if you're in the manly shit, if you end up like a man style things you'd look down upon like oh come on this, that that's what makes me so that's what makes me so angry because listen up until very fucking. Recently, we've had fight and for our own food. You know how much you not think about what what kind of what kind of aggression takes to get on a horse or run through the forest and spear a wild animal and then throat with a stone knife or just a regular and useful. Now that animal I use a stone knife personally, I do want to break, but I I liked to Hunt was stone tool. I watch the whole special believers on the history channel were guys made bows and arrows the traditional way like getting too and went on whether I just pets to show to discovery about with my Buddy SAM Sheridan, who you know and and we're, going
and find all the masculine pockets in Damascus, Emasculated America. So we're basically going to five guys in Hawaii who fun to hunt wild boar using traditional Hawaiian like the ancient hunting like stone spears and whatever the fuck it is and we're gonna, go find those groups and just kind of like showcase these groups and got to join him in and could be a fundevogel show. That's a lair, there's a huge need for manual. Women have an instinct to preen right. They just have an instinct like birds, you see them. You know they got fifteen different lipglosses in different creams or rubbing their whatever the fuck it is. I get hundreds trove right guys. You know my joke about guys for the criteria for guys the way they dress. Is they don't want to look like a pussy and they got to be comfortable. That's all it is. Can we really loose hanging shit again, and I even
bet you know- I can't prove this, but I, whenever you see a dude like it like, I was making a joke, but it's two of you, a beer in Boston or parts of long island in New York, and you show up in a cool and you're a guy, and you show up in like a really sexy like hipster outfit, and you got like awesome, bangles and you you got a nose ring. You can get beat up by just do it just because of the way you fuckin. Look there like. I like that, guy, how come you're, gonna, fuckin, nose, ring and he's got bangles other parties in the face, and I it might be because, though, that guy's not part of our hunting party, because all that fuckin jewellery makes a lot of noise and the Can animals hear him and they smell is bought cologne and they can they can smell at two, so I'm going fucking hungry so you're, not my mounting party! So beat you up you percent hunger. To me. I really think that's part of like what we have that instinct. That's that's a funny way. Thank you know. I always thought it was just want some deuce coming. Dress like What do you mean by women like a pirate
due to thinks he's, Johnny, Depp and pirates Caribbean is walking down your street wear mascara talking a girl so like what are you doing? Dude I fucking. I live in Venice, ok, I see dudes with hoop earrings and there if you're gay, it's fine, you get away with a lot, but I see guises guys show up with, like I saw a guy with a leather like like like, the Saint who bearings how big it he's hoops. There are very big, zero, very fucking, big guy. Is that the new thing due to China, where, like big guy us, and that it has an easy erigena may if they care that he tied with this awesome, like both part of it was. I was just jealous of the fact that he has great hair, but and he looked like a fuckin' pirate. He had you know he had his jeans rolled up just so with these passcode. So I was like. Where can I vote for you dude? Where did your both ears pierced just left two piercings?
I had a lower one and then a diamond by lower when he means his dick. Ladies and gentlemen, and then I tried the rock to hoops at the same time, but I leave and I was like. Why is that and then I tried to rock two studs. At the same time, then I'm like oh, this is so stupid that I went to tiny little who bearing a thing like. Somewhere around news, radio and then Jujitsu. Costly taking it out to war, I decide this is stupid and later yet staff. By the way have you tried to put one in recently, I just tried in the other day, in its it went right: economic, oh shit, accurately, Morocco hearing my at both pierce the did you think about doing it. I did if we're a day I, like I just as a joke. My my dad was an irish iconic marine like just kind of a rough due to crop like on a farm, dude? I should like, if I shut up and with a hat or like this then call at dinner. He doesn't do shit like this. He believes this is big fuckin. Do you go that hat. That's how I have asked me. What am I I had to go to
I grew a mustache alittle, awesome, soul patch on my chin, and I was going to ITALY and I spent way too much on closed 'cause. I was going to be italian and my father and I was like I was like twenty eight. My father looks at me and goes like this. He goes what's going on with your face? I go. I just I grow moustache and little goatee only goes you get. You can use. Are you aware that for around me I go you don't like it. He goes its you, not you. There is something weird about when you go really try hard to change your image, but it's one things. Were it's really kind of dependent about like how transparent or your intentions, or are you just one of those dudes that really can just pull that shut off like Joey Diaz? Could he pull off anything you want if you
we believe that it was a hundred percent behind it? There's no ideas can start wearing jumpsuits yeah, I'm running a back, Jumpsome Fanny packs. If you had a backpack everywhere, Joe Ideas is also start wearing like running suits with a backpack. We will go all right. I guess that's how he's doing it now? I've never been able to add that to the other reason is I just I don't know how to do it like I'm really bad with putting together like I don't, have any creativity so like I was when I shot my special I to see this stylist and Dude shows up and he's like he's got me in a hat I have had a fuckin' necklace, Anna Blazer and by the way I looked outstanding, I love talking out stairs like I'm the best looking guy in America. I was like this is great problem. Is I don't know how to wear a hat or jewelry or a fucking blazer, it's too hot? It feels too constrictive and I'm doing it for the wrong reasons. I just I'm doing it because I'd be very aware of the fact that I looked awesome, or at least that way, and I just can't do it.
Doesn't work well being a comedian too. You can only be so ridiculous. Equally, I try so like what who to watch a comedian go on stage dress like he's trying to get laid to watch a comedian with like skin, tight shirts with a button up. What are those things called that, but the thermals or whatever? But you know that style, there's like a style to it, can't be. You can't be too sexy in Thailand, pants that already have rips in them like if you're a grant. You can do that, but I don't really again I'm not as good looking as Russell brand. I saw that the other day where the guy had like his hair done up like nine hundred and two window, like the slick like poo from the top front, and he had like the white shirt, that kind of was cut too low, and then you like a little shell necklace thing going on there and he was doing jokes about how everyone everyone confuses like deal in from nine or doing a lucky, actually brought up the
the way he looked at as it is just like an open mic night. No, this was a show at a regular stuff, Davidoff Teslas, real joke, which is based on a true story where guy got out of a Bmw when he first got to Elaine tough grew up in a junkyard in Jersey, so the guy, the guy, get out of it. I've Bmw he's wearing kind of a cape like like a cat, like kind of like along. It's not even a duster, it's a cape and I got was a you know what time it is, and I was like you ask me what time it is like. You know: wearing a fuckin' cape, it's kind of take the Fuckin' Kapov Zhirkov, funk you doing I'll punch you in the face right now. I don't even know you so hilarious, you know, have you seen that thing that by Robert Kelly wears a e talks about it once in awhile and Opie and Anthony, and it was late can't remember the name of it, but it's a like a fanny pack that instead of having around your crotch. It's like this thing that goes from
the left side to the night site like a seat, barely robber colleague, away without a right rider like rehab robbers. Yeah robber could get away with it. It's a man purse. You know, as you get older and you're not trying to get laid. You start saying things like what the fuck, what I just have a purse he starts they should like. Sometimes I need I've cargo shorts on. You know why 'cause I have a lot of shit. I got my keys. I got some money. I got some gum, the other houses, the other tabs in my car singing at the top of my lungs and these girls pulled up and usually I would have been like selling it, I'm a fucking idiot. Now I was like that. Nothing is allowed, as I could is this song you're saying I was singing a new song by Springsteen called death to our hometown. He just went deep assured. I guess you told me that some sort of religious experience springs tat I had and I'm not joking. I went in Miami sixty two I've seen Springsteen. Let's call it because I'm on the podcast- and I want to exaggerate thirty times- it's probably closer to fifteen. And he's sick
the two and, while he's never been better, he's writing songs on a level that decent d, just as good as eight things ever done, everybody else throwing stones. You see it's a revival toward their decisions. India Eagles this guy still producing on a level that he was producing at when he was twenty four years old. Amazing, it he's more than amazing, because he he literally and in this I was watching him and you know I was literally having this is going to sound, really cheesy, but I'm a huge fan of his. I became an actor because of him. I became a stand up because I am I listen to his songs. 'cause. There was something in his voice, but for me it was literally so overwhelming 'cause he's so timeless, like he's aligned with something that dude and it's because what motivates him is way more than his own appetites an what he wants to do. What motivates him is something
much bigger than himself. I don't know what that is, how we can see the love of all those people who got such a fanatical crowd out. But it's also it's also, though. It's also about saying something you now, but the love of all those people that are responding to what yeah yeah did they ve an intense connection that Springsteen has to advance its because you know like it's like born to run, there's their songs that, like people just You hear that and that's like that's a slice of history go go to go to go, read the lyrics of greetings from Asbury Park and darkness on the edge of town. What he was doing. There was literally like that he kind of just invented a language that changed a lot like the artistic landscape in New York. At least you know, SAM Sheppard was writing plays based on that album man. No, no.
Has ever got rid of a check that was a problem in his life and wrote a better song about it. Often Springsteen did the British she's the guy's she's, the one area that I don't know that one but a brilliant disguised that Dutch I remember here and that is our Zog early twenties. When I, when I heard that- and I was now you always in terrible relationships- always chaos- some some of em- what it did just didn't work out because a you some of those because her some, but you knew enough crazy people in your life at a certain point to realize that you could get fucked in a relationship when I saw that Bruce Springsteen got fucked and then I realized I was like. Oh, I see what happened. She was really hot, so she pretended to be something and then he got close to her and he got to know and she was kind of a cut right: go: listen to she's jungle, land she's, the one! Oh yeah! Oh, I know that's havoc man I mean and back street like
ex reaches about this light and by the way this is the brain disguises like fifteen years law offering. Oh, my god he's that you now easy prolific like that. He given songs away to people at the pointer sisters and Patty Smith, and that was their biggest hit. Because when, if this documentary call the promise where he'd he'd been heat, the boardroom is the biggest problem in the country, and it was you, then the cover Newsweek untie magazine is twenty. Four years old And then he went to write the promise. I'm sorry went to write darkness on the edge of town and I wanted him to write more of the stuff from born to run like that kind of that's what his fans want right and not only that he was writing hit songs and given him away and Steve Van Zandt was like writing. Hit songs is so fucking hard and he's giving them away and he comes into the studio and he goes well. Let's see we're going to throw away today and you see Steve Bengal. Please don't throw that song. Wait, please, don't it so perk, please he's like it doesn't fit in the album. Does it just doesn't fit him so uncompromising? They said what drove he said. I wanted to be great
because I knew I had an inside me and I wanted to be great and I wanted to do something that nobody else. I just didn't want to do anything derivative and I I talked whom I taught to him for an hour and a half about songwriting, which is kind of exciting, and there was this. Backstage a long time ago, german parent and an eye. I literally talked about stand up about writing songs for an hour and a half. It was just me him, Jeremy, his wife, an my buddy Anthony Tambakis who's, going to be my next guest in the Bryan Callen pot. The Bryan County should be Tambakis yeah. He wrote warrior and he's just it. We had worry was a good move. That movie did not get nearly enough respect, it really did. I will. I was surprised- and I was my wife loved. I too movies, it's a good move, the only unrealistic things they fought. Today's in a row leading them to do that right. There that could have been worked out, work as Anthony and an Gavin who's the director and they wrote that they do not. They don't know a lot about fighting. That's why they would. They are more concerned with the story you know, but but it was still good
still good, even though that that was kind of nonsensical was still still it's a very good movie. It's a great movie, God Dam Nick Nolte, some other follow my god. The mother Fudger showed up, and just did that and did not take fifty times. Like literally there's like what do you, what else do you want guys? Oh my God people don't know we're talking about. There's a breakdown see Nick Nolte's, a recovering alcoholic. It was a terrible father and he basically gave birth to these two savages that meet in the final. Of this Emma may tournament, which, by the way, is a very accurate statement from many fine. It says a lot of fighters. They grew up. Broken homes, fucked up households. You know a lot. A lot of fighters grew up in dire straits as youngsters from some asshole father that and a lot of those assholes, even wind up teaching those kids at first, just like his dad did in this movie. So it was really accurate like the way they did. It wasn't didn't seem.
The interactions like was Adieus named Tom Tom Hardy Tom Hearted. What about my fine he's english to jangling, but the his interactions with the father were so it was so realistic that was so believable. Why Anthony Anthony had a very doesnt doctors that we had a very, very tough childhood with fathers. Father was mostly go road air, so you know Anthony with his last stand. Back stand back. We just did a podcast and he was so. It was so much fun to talk to him about art and about what's important and he's just one of those fucking guys who really but tell you what he nailed that movie 'cause. That's that's tired genre! It's the martial arts champion, though the good guys going to ride Boven Dude. First, it's a tired genre and he really connected is really good if it would suck man. I was really bummed out that movie didn't get nearly as much attention as it deserved out yet on dvd or anything it is for a while is the number one dvd in the country. So good
movie man, I mean it's yeah like I said. The only thing that bothered me is that non realism about the you can too. If you try to fight two days in a row, your whole face would be swollen your hands. You wouldn't be able to close your hands. You can't do it. You can't fight two days in a row. It's too hard to fight more than once. In a day, I've done it the last kickboxing tournament. I got three times in one day: it's stupid. Yes, it's it's the last thing and wrestling directly curious to wrestle more than when they know, and I give you twenty like a turn, and sometimes it was two days long or even it was one day long you'll have time to rest at least three times yeah totally. Sometimes the only problem was there's no head contact in wrestling and the head count acting in kickboxing in anime. Like that's, why you can't do it two days in a row, you just can't you you get rocked the first day
Actually, you need fucking arrest, man, you can begin to actually rose Deniz. Two of you ass already have a modern caution. You get a lot of guys, get can customs still when it happens all the time they get costs and make it to the final round and the final round and they go back to sit in the corner and that the fuck do you know the colonel The fight over that happened recently with Ask Sarah had kicked. I think I believe it was in the second round he got had kicked and at the end of the third Reich, couldn't. Currently the fight was over. What are you talking about? The fight just started they over? He is I come on. You guys are playing with me. They win. He did not believe you lost a decision without really close fight was a crazy fight and he actually came back from getting head kicked an was doing really well, it was really amazing, it was, he just got
the really hard shot and that's just part of the game. You know the human head. What's what's it doing to you that your ringside for all that violence, I'm really numb to it? It's really strange I've seen like street fights like up close and personal. You know I've seen ship go down like right in front of me. Nobody heart doesn't even skip a beat. It's like everything is moving in slow motion. It's real weird, like I've gotten so used to watching people beat the fuck out of each other on high level like the highest highest level in the world from feet away. Calling it and you know it's an honor. To do really. I really say that, and you know people it sounds almost sounds kind of like a false, let me now say it's an honor but its while those things that were that the word honour doesn't get used its it gets judiciously a top down. It's actually is actually used. The earnings used enough honor
is something when a man talks about honour its like all your old fashioned and stuff, but honours very important. It's a very important. It's very lucrative words. It's very important! That's why you know if I'm, if I'm doing any sort of commentary on it, I I feel like I have this massive obligation to say exactly what I think is going on. If this guy, you know why I think this guy is getting hit. This sword sort of shot wise move in a certain direction and it gets the point. Sometimes we're fighters will think that I'm being disrespectful and well I don't know if that's true, because I've never seen I've had conversations with this and I gotta tell him look good man, I'm just critical. If I can see it it's there, if I can see a whole, it's there, it doesn't mean you can't win with that whole. But if I see a whole, it's then, if you get mad at me, 'cause I'm pointing out a hole in your game. It doesn't that's silly. I'm not criticizing you, I'm looking at the whole thing as a mathematical proposition, here's an entry, here's
entryway and here's here's the issue with this. This one light ahead or attack you boys had enormous respect for fires. One things I think you're so good at and a lot of people said this is you take, yourself completely out of the equation very hard thing to balance. Actually, because when you're calling a fight- and you have to be- you have to call you know- you know fighting you been watching it. You know for many years now and you've been doing it. You do see where there's a hole, and so the balancing act is calling that but not not saying well, I would have done something different you're, always very careful about that. You know. That's the grossest thing that anybody ever does when they do commentary. Well, if it was me, I would go in there and him with a left right now. I don't know why you got no idea what it's like it's gross. When I hear commentators not it doesn't happen very often with MA commentators, but with these prognosticator type, characters that make predictions on fights, I don't think he's going to be able to handle, use like numbers, think he's gonna be able to handle the two three and I want to shoot
double and can lead to three. But that's that that kind of bananas- you, like you're, going to predict the future like stop I'll, tell you something that had an experience that my buddy Ciaran Gallagher who's a stuntman, but a lot of guys who were real mma guys know know who he is because he came out of University, Arizona, Arizona, state, I think, and was well like black belt, ginger juice from Hegeman shadows, and I was a pro boxer by the time he's in college. He had twenty four pro fights is a boxer said and really knows his stuff and he's been teaching me like just he's got all kinds of crazy tricks. Anne, I watched, the last fights with him now ass? I was with him and I was with a group of people I got witnesses like will Sasso there and stuff the dude not only call every fight, but he was gonna. He told what was going to happen before they would do it. Like thing here comes a single egg. I was so amazing I said: did Karen you called every thing. Fight, and not only that you told me what was happening for I've been doing that for ten years, but he
It was the game that well, but you'd never know he's just stamina and that it should have probably do commentary for somebody did he's he's. Not that's not his personality. He's not gonna. Do that. Just in the habit of somebody know if you know the guy musical monopoly that nobody can mobile like shark to some guy he's why nobody in an awesome comedies are uncanny. He's one of these guys who is really intelligent like you to start man I know, is a high level fives ILO document. Dylan attorneys raise also read every book where I started mentioning books with avenues. A writer who wrote a novel starts mentioning like everybody from Charles Bukovsky to Cairo ACT. Fucking Norman mail he's random. All more than I have I gotta go. I view riddle. Portugal's, I read everything. Did I mention own obscure book of called extreme fear that SAM Sheridan recommended that are now being now. Yeah read it. What are you talking about
it starts giving me a critique about it? I was like instantly have a lot of free time. I think he's got a lot of free time sometimes, but he's also really special smart guy, like I like he's a genuine friend like he's just a really really smart guy. I mean like when you're on a set like there's a lot of times like especially like I don't know. If the fear factor said it was indicative of how it would be in a movie like stunt guys in the movie set, but there's a lot of downtime. There's a lot of doubts, whether certain things up and as long as also is also want to use them and who, who is a really actually a professional fighter and still roles with Olympians and still fuckin, has an enemy Jim? Why don't you talk to Skynet doing commentary man? It seems like look a lot of people. Probably don't think that it could be possible. That's why they don't want to do it. They don't think that it could. Real you not only that even think about this new pop in their head, but the guy. That much is entertaining to doktor is really really smart. Then It sounds like it's perfect somebody Hiram Utah, better than Maine, should cook it nobody's better than you have seen anybody selling my house. That's not true! That's ridiculous! I don't know anybody's better than you
a lot- and I think my colemans unbelievable too he's great he's. Unbelievable things great do. That is a perfect fucking common Goldberg's, a good dude. You know one of the good things about like working with them. I I enjoy that guy I enjoy his company he's totally hanging out. He's nice guy man he's a sweetheart of a guy who's. Always nice he's always hugging everybody and always friendly he's a sweet, positive guy. You know so I like being around him and he's fucking good, he's a great play by play guy many smooth as fuck how to kill yourself, how adding he's really poetic like he's like a really people could take him. They criticise about ear you criticising like one or too weird things that you might have said, while we're free balling for fucking hours at a time six hours at a time several times a month
you gotta realize, like you. Look man you're going to find some stupid shit that everybody says if you look at it for that long being a free bowling, I just did the Adam Corolla podcast he's so unbelievable at coming up with like one premise and just being fucking hilarious when he was on the podcast, I credited you is saying that he's like the best guy at improvisation and then I ve never seen in coming up with a whole rant on a site like the best rant gun like real and real bits. Like literally like I'm bets on, like, like a guy, said Jerry. You stand because now go you five hours of fuckin' material. Now he's doing stand up now. I don't know he does he does he does the podcast, which is stand up in front of an oh, no he's doing stand up? I was doing yeah yeah. He was doing regular stand up. He he did a show at the Irvine Improv. It was one of I did one of his life podcast, which I lie.
That's what I don't like as much because it's just it's a completely different thing, but when you're looking at me funny there's looking there going to be selling well, I felt like it's not even that it felt like why even talk should be doing stand up right now. I shouldn't be sitting here. Talking, there's three hundred So they want to laugh their asses off, and I can do that. I get you to laugh yeah, but let's just do stand up, you know, but I do I'm putting my stand up on the internet because it was like this is all stuff that I was going to put in my next album looks like I don't even know you can't just put that on your progress. That's like Byron Allen that you have show he did called cuts, comics it down how much time least. Meanwhile, I get there I'll make suddenly, and I know you want me to do you pay me one hundred and fifty dollars or whatever it is to do like your act. Twenty minutes, my bank are not doing that,
it gets legged bucket, probably sell it, and indication of stories I aiming at age are like I own. I write about hey. What's up with your hair, he promptly when you go in your bed and I'm watching guy, I'm watching guys give up twenty minutes. It took them my fuckin three years and why are you out of your fucking mind while the worst is there there's some shows on shore? Word they own that material now you're not allowed to repeat them material. You know if you do I'm sure this contracts that, if I don't know what's actually no, I just might think on Showtime. They were like they had some stipulation, but I was able to do stuff on. I just do the comedy central's mash up where I have to rear up horse by the way and that's not a low yeah I'll, be uh. I believe, if they're going to take my stand up bit where I rescue a bunch of women on horseback and they're, surrounded by wolves, it's called the Wolf his girl, like you yeah. I talk about really heavy ship with my stand up, but but come yours Deanna bids, so fucking silly and you're such a when
such an intense and serious guy now data yesterday, I just did a fuckin all stand the twenty minutes on saving a whale and they, and they were fucking dying and I love them it. It's so funny. So what's wrong with it, you say that with like reluctantly, nothing, I don't know. I just can't help, and I start thinking silly. I guess I just I guess I just I start laughing at the idea of saving a fucking whale, and then I didn't save in that come on. It's blow, kill it, because I wanted to dive dryness had to sit on its blowhole anyway, but whose fuckin retorted, but they love it. So I dont know dude, I'm now, I'm now my next hour that I'm working on is a little bit different. I'm dealing with larger motifs and lowers the larger motifs. You be limited, Venice, too long. So what are you doing book out here? The same Gabriel Valley, brine, what the fuck
mark. Teaches you understand that I don't know what that is. I sorry if someone said that in front of you would you get disgusted guy? Sorry, I'm very educated, I'm highly educated, highly educated, sophisticated, zip up boots count myself, not at all. It is weird seeing you either. It is weird seeing you hang out with different people, though 'cause it seems like certain people, you act different, more sillier when you're with deleting mean I mean I'm a chameleon yeah. I mean like my sister, who calls me the chameleon. You know my buddy Anthony Tambakis said about me. He goes. You know Brian walks. If Brian walks takes a walk with seven Cherokees whoa, You know it comes back a Cherokees fuck out of its truth. I had to be that way. The kid I had a blend in my move moved out. What you're all over is very unique. I mean it's not like you know, you're you're, very unique version, are you like us unique either earlier you need did, but you will you and I always wind up with caveman conversations. I always go
right at the bottom of the man saw what we think about violence, actuality and all this fucking society is an illusion, and you know that that's when it crumbles down that fucking guys going to fall apart, but that's why I hear you- and I have always had this friendship where like like, where no matter what, if we're lying to each other like if we're just we're like we just want to deal with the truth. Right now will just start saying something like I would be like. I really love her and be like hey, can talk until now. You don't I'm like, but I live with their yeah. So what you know our break up other immediately. You know I can never get away. We can ever really get away with like lying to each. Oh, you know you are just too good of a friend to have these crazy girls who did when I say crazy. Girls, perfect. I'm, not a invasive sort of a friend when it comes to friends. Girlfriends, like Brian, can tell you I'm usually pretty supportive right. Would you say Brian yeah yeah absolutely, and I did a lot of crazy girls he's dated a lot of crazy girls and but Michael Fun in bed, but my take on it was always just be sweet to them. Be nice to him,
push it out of them and if they leave they leave, you know, that's how you got, but with you you had a totally different kind of crazy developed, an addiction. You had a fascination with girls who were gigantic problems. Brians girls are sweet girls, they just put happens in life. You'd take laughed when you should take a ride. You get stock. You can't pay your aunt there's a lot of shit. That happens. The people who live so he's dead. Essentially, we girls they go down a bad tracked right, you're dealing with fucking crazy, but not everyone can lose your fuckin. How not just lose your how's your life, you out, he had a few of a man where he would bring over like it was. It was like Joe Louis
is bum of the month club, whose great bring over all these new silly bitchez that he was dating one of 'em. I called bunch and apps as greatest hits how she she came over. I met her, but it's not cookies. Yeah. She comes over and I gotta check. Nice looks like she needs a bunch of naps right and then ten minutes into hang out at my house. Oh my god, I'm so tired. She takes her shoes off and curls up on the couch with a fucking cash literally was like having owning a high tech. Patch was so strange, my pet. It was so strange. I have never met like a more cat like human right. I've never met a person who, just like, had no desire to have an intelligent conversation. Just wanted to take naps. I talked to this guy and this is how I talk to his awesome. Dude who's who's, like a well known like, like a psychiatrist, guys dangerous Margarethe, said a lot of time. People in relationships like he works with a lot of like couples and stuff like that and and addicts and stuff, and he said
times what human beings do is we apply a construct on someone that you'll find somebody that looks the part, and then you just apply a construct. You just go: oh that's who you are your this girl? You really like to workout yeah you're, the J dot crew grow on a fuckin' on the front of a sailboat. That's what I want to date me like I'm from Falcon Michigan and Urban. I say about my fucking life and I like to do drugs every day. What are you talking about now? You know why were you trying to construct that sort of really non realistic reality, though all the time because it wasn't like it- was really strange, like that, that kind of behavior that you get from people that have a hard time meeting girls, but you had no problem meeting girls. It wasn't that at all you, you not shy shy, you're, always charming and you're always funny. So I mean I can't remember a time we like dude. I can meet girls and being alone being alone. It was never that it was it was.
You know, for whatever reason would wind up getting I've, never seen a girl like that they were so not to do that. I was trying to figure out. I spent many of the hour by myself thinking about you, after many of our crazy adventures. Thinking about you going on how did this happen? How did this guy get to the state of mind where you left this person in his life and then he can't yeah. I don't understand that. I think, is what I'm hanging out with you. I'm like here is this insightful, intelligent, objective, self, deprecating, guy who's, really well read and yet he's hanging around with legit methods right. You were hanging around with, like scary people that were like. No, I really don't know what that was. I think part of it was just. I think what it was was I'd, go, oh that's a project and I can save that person yeah. I think that was a lot of those. I found that very intriguing where I'd say you know what all you need is someone like me to change your life, and I know how to help you.
Get me a long time to realize that that is the dumbest shit. You can ever do for anybody. Any body dead, fucking end You never want to do that. She, like goodness it is you know you never want to do that because you you know my father settling it seemed to me the other day he said. Look you want to give it to a kid very different. Don't ever get vice ever ever to an adult, even even if they can use it, I'm never do it. I said yeah, but either guys headed toward a wall. He goes that's right. They know their head into a wall. This is your dad again. He said this is your dad to a talk. Show I gotta get him on my yeah. You get home because one of my favorite people in the world is the greatest he lived here. He said, I wonder why don't you get it? Can I park city? Can I go on with your dad all that be great to leave. Well, he's a great guy. I talked to about politics about the state of the fucking world, about everything 'cause he's been in one hundred countries. Oh geez, he's going to ITALY right now is to brush up on his Italian on my, why you doing it because I don't know I'm going to Rome for three weeks wow
he whose greatest he said, Socrates, which I'm out by half did we when you're with a woman? You want to be able to talk to her and educating just talk to her while not too I've, been married to your mother for fifty years. I want to talk to her, I'm not going through it go to work, go to fucking work stupid. It was so great he's such a bottom bottom line guy. And has read everything, but is also just a real man. You know sounds like a fun guy talked his world needs more of those. I call him every day when I need, when I want to talk about something in the news or so talk about. Do you get crazy with them? How deep do you go in the rabbit hole as deep as it gets really good? Ok, we can go all the way to the rabbit hole with him like personal secrets, Phuc, yes, fuq! Yes, Anan be careful by the way 'cause he'll fuckin', he'll, he'll, he'll smell you he'll smell your lie in all my God, back smell you how about this? How about this I'll? Get you a great story, ready watch this?
Nobody comes in. As I swear, I'm with my dad were in my office. My buddy comes in. He just happened to be around 'cause. He was going. He comes and goes hey bro how you doing I'm ok, let's say his name is Jaffa Guy job. What's up, not not a diagram good and he goes alright man. I was quite simply because a couple of words- and he goes hey- Miss Kelly, doing nice to meet you and he just leaves, and my father my father goes. What's that guy, do I go eyes means a writer. I fancied, I should say, that's not going to work out for him. How can I go? How did you know niggers pattern. Recognition. I've been around I'm seventy one years old. That's how pattern Writ pattern russian mission so he's like that, guy from the bills that been store movie, where he s like the human lie detector on that's that's what he can read you in a hearty dude. He can re can see you walk across reading. Those are all fuckin. Ok, then, again how the fuck are you so bad that? Well
I'm actually good at it. I choose to ignore it really. Yes, I did actually, I think I'm I'm very good at, but when I see a project I go hey to help you so you almost well? There was a self destructive aspect to you that always disturbed me. Being your friend. That's what would would drive me nuts, You know there was a distraction and driving her my career by the way really here. Yet it hurt my career and it hurt my relationships with people that were significant in my life and yeah I think a lot of that self sabotage. We all go through that stuff go through it, man you weigh less than than anybody. I knew. Actually, you are always very gonna cut out the fat and I care because I wanted an excuse, maybe to yell a parachute. You know I mean I think, there's a few reasons in life to give yourself more problems and if can find all your own problems and address them, try to deal with all your own problems.
To be really honest about that, then it makes it really easy to see other peoples problems, but I found that in my life, when I wasn't being honest with myself about my own problems when I the issues when I had unresolved things in my mind, just when I was a real young man, I was still growing up and trying to get over my fuckedup childhood. I found it much more difficult for me to see problems in other people because of the shield that I put on recognizing my own issues. I was in as intuitive or insightful when it came to recognizing other people. As I get older and I became as honest as is humanly possible, which is how I am now now then became where I just see it everywhere. That became really obvious. That's what I have now become obsessed with, and that's why I don't suffer fools anymore like that, because what I'm, what I'm very incident, is figuring out, I want to say,
undiluted, as I can, and as authentic when I was watching Springsteen, but I want the word that kept popping into my head was just authentic he's. Never lying is everything about him, the way he dresses Everything about it and nothing is in his way. There's no resistance is why he can do a backbend and touch his head at sixty two white. Literally backbone. Hepsey went all the way back in his head here. He got IRAN his sixty two, that's a male that stage on stage on all our back at sixty two and I went, and I went that guy so out of his own way. You know I've said this before maybe on the podcast, but it's one of my favorite metaphors Michelangelo said when he was carcases multinational. When when we got out of sight, I speak today when we financial, are there no girls here? Ok, either that the facts are when Michelangelo when he carved the David, the statue of David, and he had this piece of marble, and he said in this is a great metaphor for art. He said it's already in there had to get all the shit out of the way they said.
That's how you should look at yourself as a human being you're born, and you acquire a lot of shit as Europe as your growing up right, so you grow up, allows put on you, your family, how they define you, what they, what they do to you school high school, the trauma score, the Greek you go through. You know your body is in what you wanted, the losses and having you put on a lot of stuff, you you you come to the world when you're ready to take a taken on at thirty with a whole lot of fuckin' baggage its negative, you know, and the the job then is to figure out a way to get that stuff off. You shed that's up and get back to who you really are the authentic you, and that to me is at least as a comic and if somebody writes inside, that's that's all I think about now. What is what is how honest can I truly be with my expression, even if I'm being silly and like talking about saving a whale
there's a lot of me in there that I'm talking about you know and especially now that stuff that I'm working on now, just you know, being a father and things like that and that responsibility, and what that really means, and and and with my daughter and not being able to show her a part of Maine and who I want she's going to model the men she dates after me, so I got to be a fucking, I gotta be the I gotta, be her hero, be the guy that she, actually I don't want to date and the guy used to be. You know what I mean. Right there at all those responsibilities that used are taken on as you get older, but so Much of that is and so much a fuckin thought. You know I think that they act like it's. An active process. Think and being creative is actually learning what not to think about, because the rest of it comes to it than that. That's a real philosophy if you can open yourself up and think of thinking as being more of a channel for what's available to you
that that's a very important distinction. This notion that that's a lot of people come and say: well, I'm missing something, I'm missing something that I have to add to my arsenal. No, in fact, you're probably doing is theirs, there's something you gotta let go of and when you let go of that you'll! what you're looking for or you'll find that's a fundamental difference in thinking about things, and I think a lot of times were taught hey. You you're missing something you have to add to your Europe. You gotta put another arrow in your quiver in you. Might. How did they better better advice? May maybe to say you That's some stuff go man you're holding some stuff. You got let some stuff go you're, still defining yourself along lines that are not helpful to you. You're still, you have people in your life that are not your friends, even though they seem like they are. You still have your still a job that you hate, because it's an excuse to not do not go for what you really want. There are a lot of things that you should be deleting you should be taking out of your life and
and then there will be room for something. That's much better, that's it! That's a very it's a scary way to think of it, but I don't think we talk about that enough. I don't think that that is something that is given enough voiced. It's definitely something when I get older. I feel myself doing that. Just like deleting shit out of your life that constantly bugs you in like, if its people or friend I mean that that's one of the biggest things I've been running into lately. Is this like how many people that that I keep in like a like homeless, book like hey. This person is my friend this present my friend but then actually going through my. Why am I friends with this person? There's a meal? other people that want to be my friend that I could just start hanging out with, and I could just take this place in this person's pause yeah. We will look watch when people go into a room like a lot of times. My mother will go we're going room and find all everything that's dangerous in a room. Show look at the world and try to she can see a whole bunch of things that are dangerous. How many times you watch people talk to their kids and say be careful. My your arm careful of
Don't do that you you're always putting restrictions on people now you got that to an extent with children, of course, but we grow with that with that that kind of guidance and a lot of times they mean, but it's the wrong guidance. It's getting in your way. You know yeah for sure, there's definitely, patterns of people killed, set down early in their life and then continue to follow those patterns and have them not be doctor, but all the real thing. First thing about human beings that we operate in patterns and once a pie there has been established, even if it's completely ridiculous will follow it, whether it's circumcision or whether it's cutting holes in your lip stretched out to out to put in a complaint in it like those crazy women answering, then why do they do that, while they, because a patterns been established, they just forward into it and it can get real weird. Managing there can be patterns for cannibalism, Siemens ingesting tribes of new guinea. You know what about how
like in Nutley is that if you don't know the story behind that, just cup, seamen, semen, tribes, New Guinea and there's no way we could delve into hell. Looking unbelievably bizarre and twisted, it is but there's a whole tribe, and not just one but hundreds of 'em that live in new guinea, that they're feeding, kids sperm their engine, making them suck their dicks in their fucking in the ass to make these kids grow older and they even in fact, believe some of them believe that the only way that a child develops semen is it has to be planted in his body by fucking him in the ass wow. I mean how did that pattern get going through? History is riddled with those kinds of crazy. You know. I mean Charles Taylor, one of the one of these slogans. I just was listening to NPR Charles Taylor was the president of Liberia, and there was, I mean Charles Taylor. When it came to power, he took a what's his name: go. They made him eat that made the guy eat his own ears and they videotaped it right once yeah, then they killed him
firstly, the one night when he overthrew that government, Samuel DOE, who was the I believe, the current president of Liberia, and his henchmen Charles Taylor was: a military guy thing, a major in the army or general, and they they had him on a plane and they they stage the coup. The plain and before that kill them. They made him in his own ears. Madame on Wayne, Iraq John did he was a bad guy them enemies, engineers and writing on the part of his body and then and then they may actually than they castrated and let us say it out loud, The point is that he was a ruthless guy, he's the one who said that forty Sancho, who, at my beard Muslim, bleed out on a plane. Yes, what a puddle must have yeah, I don't know all the details, but it was a very brutal way of coming to power and Charles Taylor as a social budgets just convicted in the Hague by the way just convicted for war crimes against humanity. But he was the one who said before they Sancho. Who is the the warlord in Sierra Leone? He said you have added brutalized
people so badly that they have no other choice but to vote you in because they're, so there afraid not to vote for you, and now that was fully Sancho used to go from downtown set of you voted. If you voted for the government. Currently we're gonna cut off your hands off and you cut. It his hands off? Oh my nice guy, and what what Charles Taylor Taylor said what what one of the slogans when he was running for president. Was you killed my mother? You killed my father, but I'm still going to vote for you and it worked for him in Four, that's how insane that's insane a mind. Indoctrination can become if somebody is vicious enough to do it or manipulate enough there. An ancient japanese store, the Duncan told me about a king or an emperor who were hired someone to keep as concubines in line he high this. This famous military advise you to keep this concubines online, concubines a prosperous. So he said: if you can, if you can keep my concubines,
then surely you can run my army so what the guy did ass? He stepped up and he said a clapped his hands and he said, listen to me, I'm going to say, move to the left and you move to the left ready. They clapped his hands. They move to, but a couple of a move to the ripe and some of em don't do anything so he that I'm going to say it one more time. I'm going to clap my and when I say move to the left, you all move to the left so does again and again half whom does pay attention, so he takes the emperor's favorite concord He brings her in front of everyone and he cuts her fucking head off cracks in the emperor, I to stop. The emperor runs in and he goes no, no, not her, not her she's, my favorite, he goes no, he goes. You cannot win a war if you're not willing to do what must be done right and it goes. This is what be dont, cuts are fucking head off and everybody, and then he claps his hands.
When I say move to the left, you move to the last crisis and they fuckin fell in line. Everyone fell online. They knew that that was his favorite want. That's why it took the favourite want to cut her head off right, because there, sir, things you have to do if you want to run shit and that's in this, is that was you know, a true military move what was interesting about that's how that's how every society was ruled aspect with the Romans. The Romans basically in this book extreme fear, the Roman literally just train their army in constant warfare. Their training was constant and they kept and they and their battles or as simulated. Their training was as close to reality as they could simulate. They were very hard group. One of the reasons when you want, if you, if you want to be ready for combat we, you know just remember you ve, you better, be you better retraining like in in situ. That mimic combat of closer you can well knows, but but one thing, that's interesting about
That way of ruling, which was always by the sword and with extreme measures, was that the political current. That happened in this country two hundred and fifty years ago, in Philadelphia, the drafting of the Federalist papers in the constitution was in fact completely opposite it was. It was the notion that that, in fact, you as a ruler, worse were, were the servant of and for the people, and that was what was such a radical notion. This idea that there is not going to be a king and all powerful king, it's why, when George Washington said don't want to be king, I am not a king we're not going to have a king in this country, we're going president whose voice did in by the people at that now we know white man owning people, but it was still a radical notion. It started it the colonels of that began in in in England, where the the king actually had to start being list
sing to the parliament, but such a radical notion that you had a group of people that were not military, that didn't have guns. Yet they had had the authority that the ban, once in power of the authority to make laws to raise taxes to pass taxes, but they were ultimately at the behest of the population. They were serving net been done before and what it gave rise to as the strongest most innovative country in the world in a lot of ways, you talk to political for a very full flat philosophy, new people who were but political people who make politics like that, that experiment solve the political problem. They solve the political problem. No one ever argues about the. The ability of the constitution- it's always a question of how you interpret it, but we always stay within the confines of the constitution, which is kind of amazing. An
such a radical difference like that is you control people. It is control people look at Russia, Russia's run by a group of Ex Kate, the guys who are all military guys there, one resources, oil. They have a lot of money When was the last time you saw anything come out of Russia like a car like a computer or even clothing. What innovation is ever come out of Russia, nothing but minerals, nothing, but oil. You know why because kind of thinking that kind of brutality that kind of might makes right actually, at the end of the day, makes a country weaker they were doesn't make stronger. They were so good with with rocketry it's it's. They were amazing, their amazing. They were area as they were. Yes, when it came to the space race, it's really incredible: oh you mean a soviet sphere. Soviets and it's it's fascinating- is also how their designs were.
Parallel to like what Werner VON Braun NASA is doing, but yet different, like different sort of set up with the Rockets and like they had a little bit of a different thing, though the Soviets were first of all, had a very rich tradition of art and literature, and and they also you know back in the day, communism for a lot of soviets. A lot of Russians was an ideal. An idealistic was wasn't was an ideology. They really believed in and so there was for a long time, a real communal effort. There was this notion that we, as a country are not only, doing the right thing, but we're going to beat the American the imperialists at their own game. Will they would? I was going to say, is they really are very innovative when it came to certain it's a technology, MIKE's wick, you know, like the guy, had a San Jose fighter. You have some really good dude
working in a? U S embassy in Russia a long time ago. They said they found like they would find like little hearing devices and check that the Russians had put into their their stuff to do the look at them into Russen in autumn, and one of them they found was powered by the swaying of the building. Never seen anything like it. You know, I don't like back engineer, that's fucking thing, God why? If you look at it, though, the cold war What won the war was the fact that the Soviets ultimately actually from a technological you first while they stole member they stole from the window, the rosenbergs was added and am who the guys that were put to death by, I believe Truman. Did it people that sold the Soviets, the weapon that the technology for the nuclear weapon. And we always yet zealous obvious to some He'S- got their got their got the got the bomb from us. They dared through espionage. But, having said that, I read sums: what did I read something about that being a bad decision
While I welcome the fact that their weakness, German put them both deathly the day with the house, I can't leave, arose anchors, I gave em breaking their check. Your excellency states, the road as I am, I can't believe, I'm late rose Burger wrote, Rosenberg Ipad. It was that it was a couple that sold the Soviets, the secrets, the secret to the bomb and that started the arms race, Julia S and Ethel Rosenberg. Yes, thank you and I were put to death for selling the Soviets, thereby- and the Soviets got a lot of their technology not from within their own sort of you know their own laboratories, but from other lab of other places, and then you know worked on it, but what one of things at the Soviets lost that, like four, ample their mig fighter. Jets complies as fast. You know why they could, but with the kind of steel when it when you do the fighter jets tall about like how? How what kind of private temperature resistant steel you can come up with that weak and burn hotter and our for teens and ask a sixteenth of fifteen to whatever could burn
you will at a much higher temperature without melting, the metal, so we could fly higher and faster. They couldn't keep up with us. Have you heard about this new thing that went? What is it one hundred eighty times fastened the speed of sound by what was a new external craft they had ridden here, but this on twitter dude. What does what it was ass? A spacecraft Dave developed for its a drone right now, but it when a hundred thousand some insane mph limit? Let me let me give you the exact thing that this is what raises all kinds of questions that you see that cheetah that fun mechanical cheetah that they're going to put guns on it runs like a cheetah runs like yeah, I mean robotics, the dark blue, but yeah it's like transformers did robotics are going to have like all kinds of. As you said, it raised a lot of questions. Man I don't know yeah. I like another. One is to get that good at killing. What does that mean right? Drone without would be pretty much as fast as a boy.
What an heiress fuckin thing apparently went so fast that peeled the skin off of it. What y yeah they they they anticipated that this He was going to peel some of it off and apparently appealed all of it off peel. Yet another yet another device where we're not going to need soldiers anymore. I might that's my joke. Where I go to war. Hero in twenty years is going to be the chubby dude with huge thumb muscles. So history doesn't read: 'cause he's working, toggle switches, yeah! You know you think about how good guys get it video games where it's so frustrating to play them. Imagine those guys are in control of some sort of a death machine with no lag time. So that means Korea wins right. It's a hypersonic glider and then what they're saying is the skin was peeled off by this. Of this fuckin thing this,
this is incredible. This is another DARPA project DARPA there so do you know. Video games are responsible thing. Video games are responsible for top gun fighter pilots and for Swat team guys you get these sixteen year olds and come in and they can fly a plane after learn, but on the simulator, as well as any top gun fighter pilot or shoot accurately than that the best sniper you know why they ve been playing Fuckin gun, video games and fighter purchases. There were three years old, so they just they had at hand. I coordination yeah, the other. The aim is that there is a shooting it in a school where the kid shoddy kids in his classroom- and now the Swat team when they looked at the what happened? He was shooting kids in the head as they were running and women headshot squeeze them off. They were like we don't have anybody can do that, in that that's kind of a physical and so lad anything he but they've been doing that in shooting, whatever you know yeah, so he was by the time he was sixteen. He was an expert with a gun if there's going to be less car accidents because of video games for kids
they're like if you were to go back like ten years like if they are better handling, coordination, makes our cars and are going to be communicated to the actual thing. Now you know especially when you're shifting gears and stuff. So this thing went twenty times faster than the speed of sound quite fast enough to fly from New York to LOS Angeles in twelve minutes. Seven hundred and fifty miles an hour is the speed of sound. It went for nine minutes, it flew an apparent thing could go, can vote from New York to allay in less than twelve minutes my fuckin guy. What what? What was that go to New York to lan less than twelve is two thousand times faster than the speed one tee times. The speed of sound. Ok- and you know how fast that is- that's fifteen thousand miles an hour wow. Actually, thirteen thousand thirteen thousand miles an hour. That's what this thing is. The result
absence. Speed was actually a little less than twenty sounded. Well, you know what actually, I think it's capable of more than that. I think we are saying is that thirteen thousand miles in the house, the skin, peeled off of it thirteen thousand miles an hour? Oh, my god! This is one thousand miles in an hour. What are you talking about? Jesus Christ think about how fucking fast that they would be excluded, Newark and how long twelve from where? Well it couldn't because it burned to death and nine minutes there was of part of fuel now all its it's coke runs on CO, exactly what they found. A cocaine was like the best fuel ever well: as it is and use it to get to the moon. No allows burn a little while you feel invincible if you figure how to put it in some sort of an engine and condemn it made a combust It is only possible with cocaine in Lhasa. That's things I could try to come up with like edge lacking a fuel. That really is that
I guess we are what we were to have to because it going to run out of fuckin oil. It's going it might. Hundred years now. My fifty out, eventually it looks like going to the cars are already running. I mean I gotta pray, you don't even have a car, sir. It's a dishwasher, a man who so manly. Why do you not have a Shelby Mustang because I come with me come with me to the dealership. Let me tell you something: I don't think you know.
I think you know, I don't think I think you're missing out, because I don't think you've ever experienced like you and I going to buy a game bred. Pitbull, remember. Well, yeah. I remember that very well, very well. Without a couple of billion we go find this complete bad know how to drive a stick shift you're going to grab my gt3 when we get out of here. You have some money, you should get a fun car, you don't even have to floss, get it got, damn Mustang GT or an edge Ford edge is not what I'm talking about. I'm going to eat with their fun fun. So fucking big, V8, four hundred something horsepower, but I drive too much. I gotta fill it up with gasoline, so you go to the gas station sucks. It takes five minutes, don't be a push! You know when you need gas, you don't need gas here, goddamn, mainly car. You would love it and what you call tat a goddamn dodge S, Aren T h, challenger, that's what general has that's what I'm talkin about he's happy. I rented sticks it with a re. Betty's happy. I wasn't it. Yes, I got some Corsica Betty was happy. Though did you know you ve been can't dry slowly, you look pretty
happy, though didn't he cannot dry saw the hands giant. Vs is cars need to be monsters and totally inappropriate? Here, it's perfect. Those living wheels are that that is enjoying life challenger. Either this kind of scrawny wheels got that he's got the racing. He's got other s, expense. Recent package, that's great those cars. Are they don't handle that? Well, because it's a big car, it's like more than four thousand pounds. I believe you mean I have the Shelby Gt500 and that's like three thousand eight hundred or something they're, pretty heavy in comparison like the Porsche, is like three thousand right. Porsche is really light an when you get a big heavy car. It's fuckin really hard to make handle, but in straight lines in some ways the challenges like one of the last real old school muscle cars will get out and in the end, the Mustang Geeky. You know that the duty five hundred shelby it's it's still stupid. It's like waiting
power for the button, the new ones that come out with new ones that have six hundred and fifty horsepower mine has five hundred and fifty and it's ridiculous five, five hundred and fifty and it sounds majestic. It makes your balls feel good like when you hear the noise blah blah see I've driven other cars like if I had to pick what's my best car, I would say the Porsche Gt3, the race cars. That's alright! It's a great car, but It's not as stupid, put a big stupid, grin on your face fun to Shelby's more fun, because it's gotta
dumb engine and when you hit the gas goes in american Samaritan versus German. It's America fuck yeah! It's got low end torque like it throws you back in the seat with above, but they should have made. They should have just added balls to it. Yet this challenge is the only starts off at twenty. Four and it gets twenty seven mpg, which is actually really good yeah. It's in my car gets fifteen, so beautiful car. Your car only goes fifty two. If you drive like a girl, they took it. You tell me when you tell me that the that actually gets not as good gas mileage, you, Bmw or yes, an M on M3, not even a regular Bmw. If you take it on a track, oh really top gear. I love them to death, those guys out of the England, Jeremy, Jeremy Clarkson went around a track and he had a Bmw M3 and he floored it and the guy tried to keep up with them, or he now here he had to keep up with the guy in the Prius. That's all he had to do and they
w. It was much easier for the Bmw to keep up like a really easy of the virgin. Bmw uneasy pace like ninety miles an hour so my that, whereas the press was fucking struggling to keep it up previous, actually Bert, more gas not made for that. It's a piece of shit you're a man. What about the euro? Man, Kelly Xbox, get away from me with that. You need a God dam challenger with this shift to you, pussey don't get the automatic traffic. That's what I'm talking about. That's part of being a man we gotta be able to fucking, keep it in neutral. Would you really recommend a challenger Phuc yeah? I would recommend I didn't know. Is this cheap dude? I would put my junk into irrational and said: come on now, yeah baby, it's traffic in EL, a stick shift yeah! I wanted horsepower. I might buy one of those when my mustangs lease is up. I might I might get one of those talking by a horse sex
trade, my car in yeah, that's a good car. If you're going to trade it in for a challenger, that's a great card. What do you try so make solid cars, man and they're fun to drive? It sounds cool. It's easy to see. Out of you know, give me another thing in other car. What about get a manly car? I can't tell you what you should get. You should get it's like a fucking eleven given new Porsche they ever. Nine hundred and ten yeah. You don't even have to drive a stick shift. They have a dual clutch transmission that paddle shifting. Really, if you got some cash and you ready to party it's fun not you not to drive irresponsible, unite us that even getting really are the highway drover. I drove on Schwarzenegger's all porch, because my buddy had it in his lot and I was in first gear law, Atomic can go anywhere. Well graphic yeah? But you know I going to get a little bit of that, but you can
If you want to buy a new car, you can get a car that has a dual clutch and it was my feeling I bought the 335i Bmw great car. I couldn't drive it, though, because I was always I can never open it up, as I just felt like it was. It wanted to go, and I couldn't I felt like I kept. I was keeping a dog in a cage really 'cause. I have the M3 and it always feels like my favorite, but you live where you live out there. You got some open road to, even if you don't think the model of cars which I do fascinated by yeah. I love technology and my favorite technology like interactive technology is car. Is that using because they're connected well? First of all, because I'm an idiot- and I these amazing things like computers, how is this possible who's doing this? How they making this even they do with the Mustang. I love the fact that they've taken this really ship design. It's a live axle. Car doesn't even have independent rear suspension. What does that mean, as they deal with the back? We're tyres act on one giant actual, as opposed to a much more modern car like a Porsche, has active
independent suspension, so they can. So if you go over a bump on the right, the the right zorbs it the left. Doesn't it keeps you planted to the ground better? If you hit a and shall be your fucking whole ass, an goes up there. It's a stupid design, but they ve taken it of the utmost LE, like they've, really done the best job to harness like driving a bodybuilder. It's like it's, not it's not like an mma fighter. It's like just a huge fucking body, but it's a gorilla. It's a gorilla! That's just want to stop on the gas and it can corner. I mean they, especially the coupes convertibles, a little flip floppy, but the is pretty stiff. They they corner really good. You can get him around a racetrack like they have the new ones like a sport suspension, but just as far as like something that's pure fun, it's pure fund, you're on the highway. It's pure fun to drive around it's hard we one of those Shelby Mustangs- is the sound of it. So satisfying
yeah, they're driving a God Dam Sewing machine man yeah, it's true, it's really, even even even when I bought when I bought that. I tell you the story when I went at least the Prius I go in there and I go. I want red and the guy goes, but you do it, it's it's Barcelona Red and he does you do the EU freedom on black. He was trying to tell me I don't know I want please. I want to read prayers and please refer to it as the red RAM and he's like. Well, I mean I go. It's called the red RAM and insert your praise ready. I go my. What is ready. He goes. Your red ram is ready an I made them all stand there and I drove out with my fingers like this curled, like a rams horns on my thing like that, and I think it was like gentlemen thank job and I just I can rolled out of my press like this is like a fuckin idiot
Scott the red. Rather huge challenges are so sexy. But let me say it: no one! If you want to look up a sick, one, do look up there, s aren T eight, and I believe there are forty five kids are for their their top of the line. One is greatly well now. Is this challenger? Does this happen appended suspension or yes? Yes, those do only the board muslim. It's really good. Looking car, that's that's! That's what fucking dove, as only as the racing yeah r T S, our team has react. Brine, looked at up. Look up the ass, our t, H challenger. Did I love the fact that America's finally making cool cars again for the longest all the cars would like shit are given go back like old Z, twenty eight Camaro look so stupid and if you compare like the really old ones, like the nineteen sixty seven sixty nine camaros. There are amazing cars, even the seventy crates of art, from works of art. Amazing when they're done up right, but then something happened like the 80s and 90s. They were just dogshite and now they're fucking cool,
can, I saw a Camaro S ass the other day, some do drove by amendment. That is a great shaped. Cartwright that's the S Archie eight, yet it's the most expensive one. I think yeah, it's forty six, that's special speed, yellow whatever the hell. That's what I'm maybe I'll, get that one fuck you dude, are you crazy. That's a fun car driver, ah great Fitzsimons. By the way, just like you conflicted family man, the whole deal. He not that you can there's a family man conflict in your ability to express your masculinity, because you have children, he got a Prius and he wanted this so bad. He wanted challenger so bad he was fuckking. I almost fucking bought it. He knows I hate this piece of it goes and it doesn't get good gas mileage 'cause. I drive it like an asshole don't put on the gas it resets. That's not me! I like I like the way. The way I'm returns I'll, be in the backyard with my buddy Kieran learning, different chokeholds and learning his branded jujitsu in boxing. Do let me tell you something that Carl make you funnier you get
in car it'll make you feel like you're having a good time. That's the car that my car that that its car should have been right. My rides car was a hundred shit, beautiful, looking car and amazing construction, but it would break on consular people? Like someone said to me? We want to get rid of it. Does y got rid of it? I was driving on the highway going like seventy miles an hour. Then ten, it's later. I pull into my driveway and my by wheel and suspension detached from the frame in my driveway clear what Argos sideways. What so I get out the wheels shoved into the fender defenders dented, and I was like I was just on the highway with this thing like these. Old car sock lately they handle Lego Rhino on rollers gauge, like a drunk rhinoceros on a fuckin ice skating, retrograde, terrible they're, they're they're, all design fucked up. They look amazing though they look incredible. Will this car? What these new challenges are? Like here's, a call you could fucking
actually drive. It actually is real breaks, a bs brakes, it's going to real traction management system and it looks the same. It's like very similar. You know this is the car talking about. The challenger looks just like my cards like so similar to Buddha. Although there something about those old barracudas where you knew was all metal. It was so much more legit. We all that plan can start a gorgeous car you so that probably sold for some. I made some money on the spot. The Porsche saw this so much more But if I choose one I would take a Mustang rills, it's fun, so the best car, just as the most refined, the furious Meda shit larger that ultimately, it really is about fine. It's about, haven't fine, but I like the gas in the corner. None have been talking about going fast. It satisfied. My even my father egos, because what is What is it
David voices it because, as you call it, they should call it is that of the prestige caught. I won't I won't punch you back, no matter what you do well the thing is the reason why I say that I know you're not broke. You have money, you're, a very successful guy. You do very well like you could get a car like this in its an easing currently goodbye for not a rational and are the hard I like. I want that's, that's both of the Audi a father cut to Twitter, Willard, squared two Falcon Ridge, girls talking about what kind of car to drive it's not about that. Sorry about seizing passionate about having fun foxen, lighter right away If you have a car, that's a fun car to drive, you can afford it only if you can afford it, you can afford it. It becomes the exact.
Instead of being this cool thing, it becomes it's fuckin' velvet prison. You have to drag around with you everywhere. It slowly sinking you and taking away your time because you have to work extra hours. I gotta say I've had some such such nice people on Twitter, saying things like I get such great feet like people are just so nice, the guy. I wasn't feeling very good about my one hour special because it was an hour and a half. I wanted to cut it down to forty two minutes. There's a lot of reasons. It doesn't matter and I was feeling balancing. I wish I could do it over again. We talked about it and a guy weeds me this tweets me, a video of his one year old daughter, laughing her ass off. At my special, what a fucking great things do literally like twitter, and the kid is the kid is howling may go to me on the screen and come back to her face, and the kid is black and howling. At my jokes like this, it was such a fucking, great tweet. I was, I wonder what that that's, what I love about zero decision
technology is the you can connect a really good piece brings. You just brings people together and you no matter now. It's like minded people, like my like my know, you're a nice guy. Nice people are attracted to the idea that you know the shows that we are getting look. Why filled my special in Atlanta couple weeks ago? The crowds there there better in any crowd that you could reasonably hope to ever get in your life. I believe they're there every show it's like the same kind of crowds at every show. Well, I was in Canada. I was in Toronto, an Yuck yucks and I had a bunch of people that listen to your podcasts, so they came out to see me by the way I'll be in Houston June, 14th, 15th and 16th at the Houston, Improv and then I'll be yeah and then I'll be at I'm going to be at Kansas City, Stanford and sons June 20th. Twenty second other guys, I'll do Craig laser yeah awesome, Bryan Callen already come in, as we can do some comedy. That's a good! That's a good crack laser right! There he's the great
yeah great is he introduced me to a stripper that had a tattoo of a stripper on her back and it looked like A5 year Old had drawn it. I mean it was like the worst tattoo of it was. She was a pretty girl too, and then I had this spark moment of like this girl needs to be rescued hard core head out of the buggy get you could totally of taking. She was really pretty, but this had to just like this giant like a warning sign that this there's something really wrong here like this is complete. Craziness like it was at the tattoo, is so bad man like you would have to kill the person but that tattoo on your body, you have to tell them there's no way you would that there would not be able to pay you in in court to make I've never known what to get us a tattoo nothing's. Wasn't me how butchers
and cabinets hurrying back, man, Classmen classes and anti. Did you see the picture? I forgot their brioche. Did you see the picture of my man class? They I'm gonna Brian Cowen, dot com and I and they superimpose my body look really muscular show show Joe show that its, stupid my lady made me. Look really must get how but how muscular bodybuilder must say liking aside so dumb. Why do they do that? You allow them. I wanted them to you. I wanted to girls you. Why did your leg standard with fire? It's so she looks like she looks like this city is like. Why would you do that when you can, it would be even funnier if you did it like in your underwear? If you were I wanted to I wanted to, but we were like afucking. You know we just had this so creepy. Looking look like who some are Paul Harris. Looking at some big brazilian guy, I just started googling dark yeah. I just saw Fabrizi overdue him down in Venice, outside Jelena. This restaurant, when I study that guy is lock, is stars. A big boy, yeah he's a
boy. You don't realize I'm a fucking bad boon, I'm a fruit thrower! I live in the trees when that guy's round he's a silver back, I'm looking for ever dooms a bad mother. Father like a large, it's a decent fight with Roy Nelson took Roy Nelson's back like within seven the five Roy through a big punch, mist and Fabrizio had as bad as I think. We owe that data are just that. I was watching these two sitting on. The curb actually does, I think, texting and I look around. I said a moment ago. I think come right about this is done on the ground ground there may be one of the person on the planet that could actually have to tap that. Maybe who knows? Maybe not, but what is what he's great at man his his Fuckin guard is ridiculous. He's one of the hardest guys to ground and pound like Ryan part since who's he manage is mayhem used to manage King MOE and a lot of those guys who would talk about when they would be training with Fabricio like the ground and pound. This did not work on him he's just so
good appeal in feed on helps and his guard is so active means a fuckin top of the food chain, black belt and and really good off his back and giant maize and natural to sixty m in is a big fucking guy. You know: no steroids, just a natural to six so good at like his dexterity with his legs like moving his legs, that that's. Why like, when fate or fellow, has his guard, I remember watching in my eyes went up. I was like really like palsy. Is this guy and then all sudden he caught fade or in the triangle- and I was like he's fucked man MIKE. This is not a regular triangle. You are not getting out of that sign and then, when you started breaking his arm fade or finally tapped, but watching it. I was like as soon as federal went to his garden. My immediate instinct was like wow like that's crazy. This guy is crazy. Why would you think that you could get locked up by this dude and then I thought about it? He probably never fought anybody like four doom. This whole life, except for monitoring and minnetaki, couldn't catch up so
probably felt if Minnetaki couldn't catch him. This guy can't catch him either right, but that's how good for breach over Dooms guard is probably the best heavyweight garden. Emma may next Frank, Meares, pretty goddamn good to mount a frank mirrors actually is so good to cheat zoom, who so explosive to an e break. Shit man he's like no, no one has had the record of breaking shit and the boy for museums is against high level, got almost brought back if demagogy fucked up for one extra second Keziah, you Mister Tappan, the indian, rational up a quick enough. If it gone on for just a couple extra segments that knee could have blown out scares me. He broke TIM Sylvia's arm and then, of course, he broke. Nogara czar mean he's a big boy. Well, here's a solid two hundred and sixty now he's going to fight mister fight for the title or does something yeah in May that's going to be fought. Yeah, that's going to be amazing. Way for that. I really was hoping to see overrun course, yeah, Apparently Overeem says that he took a shot by a doctor that was
flammatory and had testosterone- and he didn't know about it- and this doctor is a apparently very controversial doctor the doctors he did of theirs bronze. Fifty pounds must listen. It's only fifty six. Fifty about so any authorities, but I'm sure that was all eating a lot at stake and drinking no horse me. You know what it was ok, don't horsemen interesting. Have you ever seen? Sixty stake stacked up, supermarket, closest supermarket and just stop and think about six plus it's from pull ups enrolling jujitsu dude. What are you talking about it? I don't care how it got there. Just keep it on. It looks great. He looks God Dam superhero, I met him. I met him and talked to him for a brief a little bit and when he was about his Brock fight- and he had nothing respect this amid all the roads in the world is going to do so much good. What what does ouster o roon good as any again fight his fuckin he's a scary fighter. You ve done all this shit. You want about as roids. You know that
May or may not have taken? it requires range. Hardy he's up is a very technical, silent fighter. Dude his fuckin fight with Brok was, you know. A beat down there was now is a good convincing fight like Brok lesser now, he does not want to have any part of any people like that when he kicked him in the bar You saw them. She came to the liver. I dont think you rock in the late thirties there. Whenever he was, you can learn how to be a hot. You can't let striking right, no way not with high level eyes no way so ridiculous runs like a punch, is essentially a blue belt and striking a big, strong, athletic bluebell and he's taken not attend degree blackmailing taken on a K. One gram preaching it's not gonna happen. Alistair Overeem, as far as like decorated, fight You never met he's the most decorated striker period. He won the Grand Prix, even
butter hoary wasn't in tat year. He still one the Goddamn Grand Prix ease it. That's no one's ever done that and then been and high level ever made in those olive residue dutch. He came at the dutch schools which are the best cam models, and then you ravages, you're, not gonna, you're, not gonna, be elder, hang with Bang with due to it in doing that. For the past ten years now, you're try economical two men. Don't you gotta give so tat you gotta, give Brok listener Alot creditor. Anybody obviously- and I have such respect for anybody who gets no fuckin octagon yeah, but it's just it's really hard to it's really hard. When I watched him lose to Cain Velasquez- and I remember thinking to Myself- I said really hard to meet those hands when you're. When you're you can't just you know, bang with an protect yourself against a guy's been boxing that long. It's really,
do. You know it's very hard to do, especially when you're coming off a fuckin surgery to your power and cane can also Kane is used. He'll, take upon you and put him in the face new keeps his eyes. Did he have the cane fight did that that was that fight pre surgery? How did it go I believe that was actually no. I think that was after I believe it was 'cause. He had diverticulitis right right. I think what happened was he had to Kane fight and then then he was supposed to have. Another fight. Right then realized when he supposed to fight Junior dos Santos right yeah, and then he realized that he had I shall begin have divergent must, I think he had twelve inches of his corner milk. The whole thing is just so crazy. The fact that it came from you know eating meat without fiber, and that is how it can be that dangerous yeah that it can it can back up inside your body and the walls of your lining of your gut get caked with access. Roads creates abscesses and it can actually eat it
through the wall in the lining of your body. It's super duper, dangerous and, apparently cleared it up initially with diet, and they were worried that you going to need surgery, but he cleared up with diet but then training the real heavy high level training breaks your immune system down so much it started coming back, and then they realize that this is a damaged area. That's never going to quite fully heal, so we have to cut it out, so they went in there and they cut out twelve inches of his colon and then put it all back together, and then he took a shot to his. Jobs by hours which is like getting hit by a safari Jean Pierre Guy. That's a good way put yeah, that's what it's like. If you look at the kick to ovaries, foot is pulled towards him, which accentuate bone of the ship ah and eyed, and he's just on my guys technique, giant legs allowing in your body. I was watching I'm watching boss, Rudin kick a bag, Beverly Hills Jujitsu. This is like literally twelve years ago,
and I was watching him. A roundhouse kick this bag and I was just like the power and the force of that guy that just that was just like I'm asking what are more athlete that was just I remember thinking myself getting kicked in the leg or the side. With that dawn he should see ass, kicking the paths. There's, like videos of him, kicking the type as he did it differently, like a lot of guys. What they would do is they would they would hit the pads and or hit the bag, and they would sort of like pace themselves. You know they do around, but they wouldn't throw everything full blast. Boss would throw every punch every kick two percent, because that's what I do a hundred percent he's like you know, start off. I can only do thirty seconds, so that's what I would do. I do thirty second rounds. One hundred seconds is really good at keeping things light, even fighting like he was always good at just being playful. I think that's how we dealt with the pressure wait. What this is strategy for training was that he would die. You do one minute, full blast. As much as you do full blast and then he would start adding time out that you know we do
in ten seconds mean in twenty seconds next thing. You know it's two minutes. Next thing you know he can go five minutes like a fuckin' jackhammer this in this book. Extreme fear. It's really interesting. They do a study, a clinical study of fear and they do and fear in different forms like here for combat fear and an informant sphere, whether you're a performer, whether an opera, singer, you're an actor but mainly athletes and a lot of athletes get that what they call the Europe's like in the in the middle of the career when their high level like offs, and they can't throw up a baseball over a plate. Yet there the best pitcher, and because what happens is people start to watch them Dan Jensen? I think that's his name that the most decorated speed skater of all time. He Olympics in a row. He p just fucking just kept choking really a cap choking until finally, he just gave up. He just cause, you gotta know his own head and he had to learn how to talk to my cell phone
because fuck it. I guess I'll just skate this thousand meter and any apologize to Wisconsin ahead of time to say? Hey guys, I'm gonna and now going to win this sorry, sorry, Milwaukee or sorry, Wisconsin and because gave up- and there is no pressure on him whatsoever. He won the Fuckin Gulf and they talk about how a lot of athletes in a lot of people in general. That fear. Second, guessing that self doubt when you're working a high level of trying to get would be the best. Something is some that you have to come to terms with, and there psychological techniques in which to deal with it. But it's so interesting to me that, like beings that perform on such a high level and have so much success and get so good at something still have dragons to slay, they bill- have fuckin psychologically drawing to slay, never ends. You know when you really have a dragon, a slow when you think that you don't have a dragon, a sling, that's when you really fucked and that's what
install a lot of people. They reach a certain point, whether it's artistically, whether it's athletically they reach a certain point where they feel like they've made it or there are beyond reproach, but they're, not hungry or growing anymore, and the stagnation sets in and then mediocrity is coming. Next, absolutely and one of the things I always find with young people, you know- and I think a lot of young people listen to this is that you know self doubt always stops people, but you gotta realize that successful people all successful people have self doubt they just learn not to indulge it. They learn to ignore it or they learn to make it out they they use it to their advantage. That is a human. It's human emotion it's there now believing in yourself is human, but you can learn how to deal with that. That should never stop you from going for things. So what? If you don't believe in yourself so take the action anyway? Take the first bucking stack right, What you see what this word things, I think something as possible with all this is great
guy who's. This therapist also he deals with a lot of top see, owes like big time fuck and people who run huge corporations and then want anybody knowing that they see him but he'll deal see him human up your bill out of five hundred bucks an hour whatever, but he is he gets results. I said: what's the over? What's the overriding thing you have to help very successful people with I'm talking about business leaders and and big time athlete, and you know tat. He said he was talking about business leaders because most of them feel like frauds, and I went really yes yeah most of them feel like they don't deserve to be where they are. They feel like they're going to be found out. They feel generally like they're frauds, like they just got there by the fucking, just the guy. Smiled on him and now they're here what the fuck do they do, and I was like that's crazy shit. You see these people who run entire corporations and in their hearts they feel like, like they
my complete fraud that you have to have a certain amount of humility to achieve excellence yeah and in that humility, there's gonna come in observing eye upon you that so critical, your yours, observations are so much more critical than anybody else is observations to you if you're good at it, because know yourself more than anybody. Does your with yourself twenty four hours a day. So a guy like that, of course, going to look at himself going you fuckin, pussy, you're faking
because really his way of looking at himself he's not really impressed with himself right, which is why he's done so well. I couldn't watch my one hour special I fucking hated it. I wanted to address funk values. I know I'm much better taking it yeah, you gotta, be careful with that. You could really fuck your head up again watch my old shift. If I watch my alch, it disgusted with myself I'm the same way, Robbie timing and I thought it was great. I'm killing the room, the audience going question I watched and I'm like well, the fuck is this: you know it's really fuckedup man try watching some old comedy. I mean you're you're growing in your getting better, but try watching some shit from, like Bob hope from like the night nice try watching their data. Did my God is it? Do you know, he's out, we know cotta holes up poking Don Rickles, my god he holds us them around. Yea sees every rolling down you. Just in Vegas, in April, Jesus Christ tweets Don Rickles, urging my twitter with
what he said about Zagat when Bob's area was doing dirty work, he was directing a thing and bogs comes to set and it goes he goes because of the box eighties uh yeah, I'm here to do this movie for you, I understand you're directing the movie, I told Mister Martin Scorsese. I said I just came from by the way I just told Martin Scorsese, that you were directing a film the man clutched his chest Marty following its Don Raggedest Audio and our I see K. L S got good tweets downright causes, a monster him on a pike. Ass had been yeah yeah he's a he's still funny old dude sometimes can keep it up. Man, you know, in comedy. It's not there's not that many is a certain age and a lot of them had very few get to be like George Carlin Lack was really funny right till his death whatever's nose ass. He also decided like somewhere along the line to not just to jokes used like I want. I want to talk about stuff that matters to me and he was so prolific. Look at dawn. Rickles
latest photo. He has a pitcher of him in his cat and arming German. It is almost ninety services, not don Rickles. No, no, I mean his latest photo. She looks like a cat. Oh ok like there's a photo of him and her and like a green room or something like that and she looks like a puma. Is that weird? Looking a Poma dude? Ok, I remember the time or to mother. I still don't see their face. Man pulled out a picture, Seventy five years I went into the green room once at the Brea Improv and just arrived and may enjoy dares smoked we in the parking lot, but let's great the initial rush of in toxic.
Will you really too hard to be talking? Words are not going to come to you, you're a wash in a wave of feeling and weirdness, and I sit down. I look up and there's some Joan Rivers reality show and looking at her face. I'm looking at her poor face and her face. Is a goddamn masks? It's it's it's! It's not a face! Look at that come on down in it and she's in that's when she's not talking. But when she's moving it's all, it's all stuffed out there with like fillers and stuff that keep your skin from looking. Frankly, there there's a reason they stature, Skinner, there's a reason and in the judeo christian mythology, vanity is one of the seven deadly sin right, scary, vanity. Each itself into snaking its own tail pulled out picture began. Rome ear! You why you worshipping false gods. You know dove- and I were talking about that like what happened to you when you worship false caused me worship, money, shiny things when you work in your own looks, but it's crazy US problems,
Don Rickles, actually a little better. Looking a little younger looking in some ways that she is well at least it looks natural if she doesn't doesn't offend you when you look at it looks like Don bears his dad yeah. Well, you look at Don Rickles like there's a guy hi mister. How are you, sir? Look at her? You like, oh my god, this ladies wearing a mask the craziest thing. I've ever seen. She looks like she has a kabo key mask yeah. It's we're gonna Egyptian, drawing! No! It's like this things. She says, she's, writing g forces. I she's like literally falling through the air and dummy, nor does it make her in a happy. I don't know I mean does, which is obviously working. Alot she's happy to be working. I don't know a lot of jokes about her plastic surgery yeah, but I think that part. That's one of those people that I think is driven by a whole. They can never fill right. I mean God bless her. I love her, but I think that she certainly driven by a sense of her own inadequacy. In some way I mean I heard a documentary is amazing. Yeah, so did I, but I mean
no, but I want to see it now. I see I heard it was really good, but it just doesn't seem entertaining enough for me. I don't know, I'm sure it's good, I've heard really good things, but but it's it's it's like gum, I think that's they didn't know, never came to terms with with what who she is she never let go something Russia still trying to hold onto it. So it's actually a form of madness to hold on to your youth, like that is, is just mad. It's it's actually crazy well. It's also it's another pattern. You know it's a pattern, just like the people that stuff the fuckin' plates in their lips is, there's a crazy pattern of plastic surgery that a lot of women engage in. They start getting nips and talks about her attic eyes. Oh my god Look at her. She was correctly these programmes we can here she was going to Be- is clean, able to pick up the chain he's a winner. You know that a man, a man, anybody in the whole world. You know that hello. I saw your name in the locker room.
A girl, a girl, can't call good. You had to wait for the phone to ring right and when you finally go on the date, the girl has to be well dressed. The face has to nice. The here has to be in shape the girl to be the one. That's right and pretty intelligent up a good sport haven't Johnson's again harangue assertion. Citizenry really is all you're not married. You know, maybe a man he's. Ninety years, all he's not married. Kat to Russia, to look at our relations, Poland and others. Sarah Silberman type can yield her ring and he's
he's dead right now. No problem just bring them. I know what I'm speaking about was my mother had two of us at home that weren't, as the expression goes I'm a little town called Larchmont where, if you're not married, I know my girl and you're over twenty one you're better off dead. That simple, you know, and I was the last girl enlargement. You know how that feels sitting at my mother's house, twenty one, two thousand two hundred and twenty four having a good time living eating candy does enjoy myself, but signal and the neighbors would come all related to my mother, Joan still not married, and I will not say if she were alive. You know that many right there,
so it's data but sounds pretty funny. She just ass. She was actually you gotta go I'd, never you make sure to sex emails and try to get her about gas. If she was today yeah. I would love to have her own apartment. Let know know what I mean. I mean if you saw her back then would you like hey, want to giant forever ass might hear about me on the internet? and over five years, which are you fucking, I wouldn't narrative data com. I mean really that's interesting. I would think you would because I see you have no right cd now I never never. I see the I love, I mean look. I lied, love certain comics. I like I love crt on it, she's anybody, whoever did it would be lucky. I agree and I go out friends. I bet, but I mean a lot of like I love LISA, Slash, slash, injure she's, my friend, I think she's. Just like her. I think this person is funny, but
no, I don't know bout that those two girls I can see you know because their friends of mine- and I can see dating someone like that. So I don't want to say I wouldn't datacom, but it's matching her yeah, I'm just watching her and I kind of I see a lot of them need to be an overwhelming need to be loved. It's an end coupled with the fact that that's her first love what she's onstage that's lots compete with. We know too. Comics is tough to make work because you're both coming together, like with your own crazy shit. You know it works with its arms occur Siena began. They were top. They were by the way, is a great many of us who goes a great that's an own recently, and we did this mash up conversational mash up together. He such a in nice, supportive dunes, genuine microbial again you fucking hilarious. You fucking he's just a great like just those guys not competing with you. It's not trying to one up he's just genuinely happy for you. Yeah yeah, he's an awesome. Dude yeah he's he's a rare gift
guy week that we did that whole maxim. Comic tour. You know with me in half an hour, Charlie Murphy. We do then tat they had like a local guy would go up like ten minutes and we did in make sense. Somehow another cigar was on 'cause he's not really from Phoenix, but he was in the area whatever. So he went out and I was like holy shit. This guys funny and it was it was like he was so like his timing and his rhythm was so good. I kinda Fucktoy not know about this guy. It's one of those weird things where it was like kind of like kind of weird me out yeah. I like how come this guys, not famous he kind of left the audience reach for him. You know it's not it's not that's a different thing: she's controlling the space and she's going to make you like, no matter what so God just kind of sits up there, like whatever I'm just going to talk and he's fucking hilarious, gotta, big midget, bit though he asked him about it, and I was like man really. I just need more people shiting on them. You know it's also 'cause, I'm friends with Brad Williams, so I don't yeah. I love that guy, saying yeah he's so good or little people. Rather,
you know I would love, is your nerves, their midgets yeah, and you not supposed to ever say. Midget apparently never see that sucking out the office, the british One weather like well. There are owed orbs image, it's their sprites, their elves, it's like! Are they real? Yes, they're real this debate about, like all the different small people it's what you can you to have, it is really very fond of you seen those people that they found that live ten thousand years ago. There really were tiny people on the island of Flores. Know you now the floor as Hobbit Man, real my God, no no know about this Brian polish. It up so Brian can look at it. That's pretty, while yeah they apparently they lived alongside humans as recently as ten thousand years ago, they found their Bacardi genetic words like pygmies. It's like the pygmies at the Cardiff summit that taken as a verily. There were totally different. They were a different species of human. They had different, destroy the other. Their proportions were different. I always forget that pig, exist and elsewhere, and I always forget, like some other auguries holy shit, pygmies,
out there flocking pygmies in the deep in the Congo how tall they they're like four feet tall and really muscular. So what do you think happened like there was just like that was the best way be like if you're gonna be letting you off to your yeah. You have obvious items as maybe, maybe, if there's not a lot of food really wants it survive smaller. I don't know it's definitely a genetic mutate mutation. It's a genetic strain of people there there and their proportion do not words. They are not there, not midgets, that is their small people. People have you ever seen video and pull up some pygmy fishing in the Congo River? Oh, my god, look at how cute they are that's how tall they were. That's a depiction of them, but there's some better ones. There were actual more technical ones in a dude with with a fish over his dick. What's up with that that guy over there in the far right yeah All those fucking weird not met the one that was right about that brought the other guy. That status closer. Look like crazy. Monkey yeah is much more monkey like she's,
but it was a type of human being. That's incredible! Apparently there were several different types of human beings, not just neanderthals, not just homosapiens. The real issue, and this is the number one issue that other one is him as well branded the depiction I've read out some pygmies he'll pull up that fake depiction through the of the second for the left, the other one, though that's why sparsely looks like eyes, taxis, fellow that's a girl, not my type. He could be at the helm of Voice on british band some crazy raucous british grand. Are you ready to walk new? He they they apparently lived alongside a bunch of other ones. That say what's what's really difficult. Is that everything that dies doesn't make a fossil, so they find fast rules, but they don't necessarily have a completely accurate record of everything that ever lived and they don't know how many holes or miss, and it's really difficult to tell they found to despair.
Some recent fuckin thing some amateur paleontologist, found some recent some seven foot long thing with all these did. Do this weird Chris, the fog and scan they don't know what it was if we never seen this thing before some new thing that this is the first fossil love it they found which try to figure out fuck. It is true there. There, I'm sure there are lifeforms, doesn't make it dear, but a titan boa that they just recently found ass. I did only Fuckin', shade, huh, how about a boa constrictor that each crocodiles, crazy thing in the world? That's a giant serpent. Sixty five foot long animal confirm size. There were dragons man, you know the thing that there's a reason why all those myths exist, 'cause things two Commodo dragon which, by the way will fuckin kill. You may have on the fucking Nile Crocodile good, but those twenty eight feet. Long. Good luck with the now crock swim from miles out into the ocean, and I talked with zoologist in Florida about like oh, oh now, crocodiles will eat attire. If you attire out at some I see the tire I've already meagre data
thing. I said everything you got everything: oh no problem, though web an elephant by the trunk. There's, there's video have you seen the video these duties in the Congo, the gotta not video. Rather it was a thing on CNN. There were three adventure yours on kayaks and one of them got killed by a crocodile off on their depicting death on the Nile and just depicting this crocodile jacking them thing here, ready, I'm not going fucking not going on the Nile without its like that. It's like it's like, though the thing I do it's like. Oh the Nile, with cried out in a fuckin kayak now now I'll go climbing how that sound in the in the Andes or in the Rockies, and I wanted to do that or like uh, it's like how about the guy, the woman who got her face eaten by. I was thinking about that she gets to get stacked, yeah Hannah, face. Even if you ve add two hundred chimp just running around the house, I'm not working common over a skype with you dude. It's me
creature. With six seven times you have about a kind of a grown man with a three earls brain. That's bad combination said the crocodile was pulling the kayak angelic she now as it was trying to pull the guy out of it because it turned him over all my dad. I robbed unease still stuck in all. I also he's trying to hang on that. The crocodile. No, no, no, no no just went under the water and they never saw it again. Dude, I don't want any part of that shit. I don't want to die by twenty plus feet long. I don't want to die biting it's. Why swimming back in Santa Monica Bay, 'cause they're great whites, although yeah they just swim around they go. Do do do do to do this, a cool video of one that was taken right off the Malibu close by helicopter size, a just women around. I know all about the Santa Monica gray, whites you, I'm old, how like side I know of a couple of deaths and they they haunt me. One of them was a guy that was in there were training for a triathlon, and so they were swimming in the ocean.
There was something like there was a quite a few of 'em and one guy got bit in half by great white. That was right off of San Diego and then recently in Santa Barbara. I think. Last year I got bit in half again. He was asking why he was surfing and water. He was. He was a body boarding, body boarding and guess what well, what they found was on Nat GEO that in the Santa Monica Pier at any given time, if I think it's during the fall There are many grey whites there as anywhere in the world that will become debris other on this women up among the pylons right guess who's not going swimming in the waters, Christ that scared- I'm not going, and I wonder if you had it if you had, if you had to choose one animal to die by what would it be, I would say a big cat 'cause, they kill you yeah, because they could. They know what your juggler you just go out. Hamster you go right. Ass, I think about last. Perhaps we can, I ask reasonably, is how you down fill the hamster, but steroids ask silly. I Morocco M Crystal Clear this ants.
I gotta do that would be terrible August. I don't care embrace, walk away. How to thank you fuckin ass. When you hear about what answer do one of the things they do is they kill elephants? They climb up the elephants leg and they go into his ear and they start eating the elephant from the ear inside of there. This is what you know. I have a. I have the ten minute podcast that I do with Will Sasso in crystallia. You guys want it's called the ten minute, podcast dot com and then this kind of shape we talk about. We pick a topic like this and we just walk and talk about it and it's ten minutes and if we don't finish topic, the music sounds and were fucking done with the music starts in great it's great, it's been really fun, that's the fun! We do like on a commute like the listen to one. That's where that's where we that's. Why we've been doing well because we get together, do well- and I said, let's do a podcast, but let's only ten minutes here we have an end. So that's what we ve been doing, calling it- and many are just smart- call that it's called the timid podcast you gotta tentative progress, dot com, you can download killing it. That's a funny idea about answer, I think
so the number one killer of any animal in Africa. I believe that I don't know. I don't know that ants, there's more having mosquitoes are. We aware from malaria is more weight per annum on or commensurate rate as it is human beings when total body mass, I believe, that's insane, think how much bigger person in a fucking ant and they way if you added up all the weight of all the ants in all the weight of other people, it would be basically the same makes sense somebody says an interesting about like if you took this we're really and sing about they said biologists, saying if you took all the ants and you killed, did you kill all the answer on the planet? Life on earth would cease to exist in about five years. As you know, it because answers an integral part of the ecosystem per thousand reads that amazing took all humans and you got rid of them on this earth life
so on, even just the ecosystem would be totally intact in five years. You know just kind of an interesting distinction where how much more important in some ways answer to life on this planet that humans are. Why is that like? Because answer such an integral part of ecosystem, whereas human beings are actually in a lot of ways, an intrusion on on on endocrine structures and all kinds of things that that require sustainable light. Local we done to the environment as it as it stands is by living this inexorable rise of human flesh, pushing and fuck him. You know why I guess so, just because he will answer answered the beat you like a very important part. They provide food and duration and all kinds of things. I know what you know, I'm not a biologist, but it was just a kind of brilliancy distinction to think that ants in a lot of ways as a whole are way more important than it actually crucial to life on planet earth, whereas beings, if you every human being life on planet, earth, would probably carry on
really really. Well, you know it's just a it's kind of a humbling into humbling kind of concept and aunts killed. Thirty people four year, thirty p learning people every year, more than we'd well sure being abused Carla, more people offshoring, so people are allergic to base the owl and wasps and things give are people allergic to fire do. You know how they in Australia you now they get rid of crocodiles in areas really, while the kid I'll just kill a shitload of him in one area and crop, as will avoid that area for next five ten years rule they can smell the death there. They and if that, when the carcass removed, when thus a bunch of crocodiles in one area and keep doing that. I don't know for how long an then crocs will not go to that area. How many people do you think hippos kill every year that they say, kills more people in Africa than any other animal, because you get in the way of a hippo in the water and your fucking done. Tenaya,
don't know, but my guess I'll, give you my guess and then we're going to google how many people die by snake bite in India, which is twenty thousand from iron, which is actually in figures allowance as new brain, your wife and a village? You blame it on a snake. He said that I'm going to say that the number of people in Africa killed by hippo are upwards of five hundred two thousand and nine Watt Watt watt. That's the that's, maybe was killed in nine hundred and eleven practicals in nine hundred people annually. That's as many people that were almost there kill, blocked by hippos Watt, they're very aggressive, unpredictable, an have, no fear of humans. People die most often when they get between a hippo and deep water or between a mother and her calf. That's uh
to be in that their monstrous there, so huge and a good run faster than you can crush you bite. You know chase you down the chase you down and out by your head Kelly, the by your Albanian. Have they buy crocodiles and have their so powerful. There's a phone of a guy running in Africa, he's running full clip down the street in a hippos chasing up and you, and in that photo this poor. I don't know what happened to him, but you see in that photo what what really is going on. You see this monster from a move. It's like from that movie relic member, that movie relegate topside crazy monster comes up that so that I'm animals like it so primal human beings, yours but being eaten for a human being, is actually an instinct with children. When, when you take an infant, you got in their face Del scream and dry course, because because did that's a primal fear for us back to our agenda
One hundred percent and hippos are about, as you can get a big stupid, giant muscle bound animal, that's a to rhinos on those it poop. Larry destroy funny way. Can you bring up that picture of that yeah see if a man running from hippo see if you find that that's hilarious? Oh, that's ace! Ventura, rhino birth, oh this is so so. Where is this the new eastern terms as the old one? Isn't there a new thing? I do in New ACE Ventura and everything I'm doing a new dumb and dumber and they're anchor my new, dumb and dumber right yeah. What happened to him a border make movies urgent carrying probably just like on on yeah and was the bang agenda. Mccarthy, for the longest time takes a lie that Libya, that poor guy- oh my god, cheese, crash DNA. Is a couple photos to us? Not just this one is another one where things are actually on Japan in the nose. Good luck, my girl, marble. Look at this
I said that the thrust of mortals look at the size of that things. Fucking head, look at images, yeah the one. The far left oh my poor boy- are you fucking kidding male might look at their head on that thing in Libya, the guys just in the air he's running so fast he's in the area. I think that would be may I'd on me that you're well! Well, you know what variable so a few people have ever had to run for their lives and that's that's you running for your life, oh yeah, that is legit running for your life. The upper left. One is terrifying that one right there as it's like. In turn, look at the eyes on it. Oh my god. It's so close to that poor guy, I think he's going to fucking, kill him hope it didn't. Look at him. He snuck up on it. This stupid, fuck he's a gamekeeper look.
He was like walking near it and then also in the thing turned on him. Oh Jesus God. This is some of the most frightening photos on the internet when that shift. If I see him I'm running it's like when I was down there, they brought online and on set, they brought a lion. Guess who is fucking hiding in his dressing room literally, I was like yeah, you don't know how to control a lion. It was a male lion that they modeled the lion king. After five hundred and twenty five pound male line gets wet and all the other actors like. Oh that's so neat, they're they're, like want to pet it and they're like oh yeah, he's fine. The trainer he's going to ponytail in a fucking Safari outfit on what the fuck do it. Mister Leona, besides your food, nothing Harry! I had such a scary, fuckin, animal, my God and the idea that it could just snap at any moment there's a lot of goddamn youtube. Videos to things do not go on you to do not see these animals that are being held by the trainers and also the just lasher. I was last coincide tad. What does tat picture? Where does this give him
something in examining dealing? Now? That's a hyena hyena eating hippos ass whole. That's! Have you ever seen the videos of lions eating hippos they just climb. Must I am writing. I saw the video whether they have a bit the lion and the head and grow Anna, but how hungry the lines have to be there? They want to eat at hippo. Very tough times man, yeah man- that's not easy life on the Serengeti. People plain about Hollywood. People complain about having a job Jesus Christ. I love you, but some life forms have to go through and it's amazing. When you look at Africa. Africa has always fascinated me because they have all the really places on earth where there's just an overwhelming amount of dangerous monsters. It's Africa and Africa has everything they have Nile crocodiles. They have great white sharks, they have lions, they have him.
They have hyenas even have poisonous snakes. Ostras kid shoot out of human head right right away. Yeah there mean counts too. We had them in a set of fear factor. He tried to bite you, man dude. I was in Indonesia and the rain forest there wasps with three abdomens Orange fur fuckin'. You can see the stingers and they're just hanging out one got caught in my sisters, hair and you know, usually, as a brave guy, you kill the wasps in your sister's hair. I fucking ran for the hills. I was like making this new wasp. They discovered that looks like a got. Damn science fiction. We know they scared the fuck outta me, though Brian pull up, pull up new giant wasp discovered. Well, that's what you get in Indonesia. I was playing with a snake with a stick and brutal gothic ass, a woman. She goes, I think, by two young man, you'll be dead in one slash two hour and were six hours upstream on a boat from the nearest hospital. You, Google, it Brian, is a crazy photo of one. This big as biggest guys hand
play this that yeah. Now, no thanks, God Manibozho bite you and enhance things you and if you go, go back Brian to do it and even an image. Sir, do you have that the death star scorpion Dextra scorpion, look at the size, this fuckin thing? Why Zack? In the guise hand, thus quietly, why are you doing with that thing work? It is a sign that the japanese yellow WASP, I think a hornet. You mean Japanese goes somewhat easier because nobody has yet to kill bees. They'll kill thirty thousand b a whole high. They just chopsticks of six of homo by a kill. Thirty thousand be six. How do you know how to kill them yet laid based around? Who is often to finish your senses? You mean when they certainly they cover them and flat their wings, and they end the wasp dies of heat. You might have told me that why? Because they send a scout in the scout, those Ngos, I'll look a hive up let me drop some centere appear right back have a good day and they go back, and then they come back with six fuckin' just
Mary like it's like it's like all of us. Hang it now having tee and, however, four gunships come in just go to Digital, like what is that. Is that what you do you want some more milk or whatever, and you get fuckin' bomb you don't want. It really would be like if we were just hanging out and giants came into town just started eating us fighting you're, hiding your head off and throwing your body down and grabbing another one board with this. Do you think they were ever giants? I don't know. I know I wanted to, and I want to pet giant they're very loyal as long as you don't need to meet. If you see like movies with giants in them, you gotta wonder like. I wonder what the biggest person ever was. Well, you know Andre. The giant was five hundred and twenty five, but I mean like giants. I mean like twenty feet: tall
anatomically the body can really work. When I love this conversation, it's my favorite, Joe look alike worth two guys. All my god. Look at this thing, really scary. It achieved. Do they really slowing down and made me scared why they shutting the engine of ever was. Yeah, it's really a horrible to watch somebody. It must be well with that one with it goes after the lion. What is that the lower right as water Buffalo? Did you see the one with uh honey badger, a lion?
Oh yeah, look at these lines tampering on his hip. Oh, this is so crazy. I love this song this week on hippo attacks in this guy is just sitting there in a fucking truck taken video of it. Well, you know animals a lot of times. I won't bother you with whatever man when David Blaine, if I can get data plan on this thing, ask him to show you his video of him swimming with great whites, that guys, a strange cat man. He has a legit record for, like holding your breath right. Yeah he's held his breath on Oprah for seventeen minutes. How is that possible talks about it on TED Com? There's a great. He tried to do it as a trick and realize he couldn't do it and then he said the craziest trick of all is. If I really did it, he started training for it. He did a fifteen minute lecture on TED Com about how he broke the world record, holding his breath and it's fucking amazing. You should watch it. Jesus Christ, what he also caught a bullet. In my what we put a steel cylinders mouth I said, and he s body El kaluza actually shoot is bill, shoots, ages,
price stability and move and bill shot a fuckin shot. That's wanted to write and Ozma. Europe has always been obsessed with, like, like human suffering and going beyond the physical, giving would be what for him to like swallow a oxygen container and then have a two coming. He try into his mouth. He tried when it right. He trotted even one. Do you even try to get surgically try to get a breathing tube stuff downstairs? that nobody could see. It just didn't work. You see him. You see him on the operating table. Woe He's pushed his on the operating table. If they opened him up to watch, try to put a tube and then they said I could go to ted dot com, ted dot com David Blaine, just type in David. So then it's not a trick. That's so crazy!
She held his breath. He actually held his breath for seventy Modena. Do a lot of shit. There wasn't a trick like didn't like stand in ice in times Square for a yes vote. Bother David was that when David would spend all this money and time doing a great trick that took him up like a year to perfect and it was for, like entertainment, to make people feel good that by the way he didn't taken years, my Ebay sponsor an eighty five, a target sponsor em, and only if target gave that money to underprivileged children they could all have a shopping spree. So David was actually not making any money off the shit because he wouldn't like he turned, I think, was cocoa. I want a softer and companies down. They wanted a million dollars to do work to promote de Soto, and he said it's bad for you, I'm not going to do so either that up with me, you know that he was offered the did. The belief Chris Angel did in in Vegas now was his deal really offer them to earn thirty million dollars to their fuckin thing, and he said no, you don't wanna, be a Vegas act, So David is a really David one of those guys who, just he doesn't teller, Vegas Acta.
They pull it off. How do they pull it off? He just doesn't really funny, but you probably don't wanna do all those shows to someone. He also doesn't want to be he's just he's, just a really particular guy that way. So what does he do? He like puts together specials and then, like that happened. What happened was he would he would do a show? Eight spend our time on it and then Fox would say. Look at all they'd come out with a special called behind the magic and they say this is how we did it in a lot of times. They get it wrong. That's not how we did trick. That's not only did they would, they were the law, they fucking lie, and they say this out. We did it when they were like. That's not how I did it. I know you're wrong, but it would ruin. It would rule the trick it took all the magic out of it. It is made him feel bad rose like fuckin what're, you don't saigu what? Why is that entertainment? You know the whole pointed it's an illusion, so that was that when he saw doings endurance, you habits it. I've nonsense, you, seventeen! He was always always upsets here he was ass. The eye is that he was always obsessed with with them with Houdini and- and
David had a tough childhood. You known and went to a lot and- and I think I had to learn how to be with a lot of a lot of things that he wanted, that he didn't get any ad that he was. He had to be very stoic growing up. I don't want to. I don't want to try anything 'cause. You know. If you get him on there, you know he can talk and say speak his mind, but David have an easy job at all. So he holds the record for holding his breath for seventeen minutes, and what else did he do? Did he do some? He stood in a block of ice for like three days or something crazy. Yeah he's always been obsessed, but they do with I. He was in a block of ice for how long I think it was like three days or so, but I might have been a drink. I don't know that is the journey. I would imagine, although, when I was hanging out with him, he was walking around in a t shirt in the middle of July, I mean February in New York to get used to the cold really yeah to get used to the cold, so he was conditioning his body to deal with extreme hunger and extreme cold like he goes. He does these things.
I hope, when he's here, asking to show you I don't want to give this away, but ask him to show you his great white video, asking to show you what he did with great whites. Why would he do a little boy, you're fucking, my little boy, you're mine, you know, nobody really got. It would he's weird guy man a weird way to make a living here. Yeah holding brought the long he likes going to extremes. He's an extreme dude he's the real deal. Do you have any children? He called me today. I just he just didn't, leave me a message: does he have any children he does? He has one child now. Is this a recent thing? I wonder if it'll change, how he does these things, uhm he's a very loving guy, so I wouldn't be surprised. If it did, you could probably make that kid disappear if it doesn't workout exactly now he's a really loving person,
who's in case the massive block of ice located in time Square lightly dressed and seemed to be shivering even before the blocks of ice shield around him, a tube supply him with air and water, while his urine was removed with another tube. He was encased in the box for over sixty three hours ago, sixty three hours and forty two minutes and fifteen seconds before being removed with chainsaws. The ice was transparent and resting an elevated platform so that was actually inside the ice. The entire time wow CNN confirmed that thousands of people braved the pouring rain Wednesday to catch a glimpse of Blaine, as workers cut away the ice wow thousands of people out there in the rain, watching this guy fucking in a block of ice. There you go, he removed the ice and he was obviously dazed wow. This is dazed disoriented, state, wrapped in blankets, taken to the hospital immediately because doctors field he might, he might be going into shock
yeah wow that may or may not have been a trek who knows but said it took a month before he's able to walk again yeah. He went through some shit so now Scott, this awesome crucifix. On his back like this incredible rendition. You just always been obsessed with that sort of human suffering. That's going beyond what all this is that thing you know someone that someone can do something that you can't do zones will do something that you can right- didn't try to do something in London. Only serve marking em yeah. He was in a you, spend it on a bridge in a glass case with nothing but water for like fourteen days or something if those in London right his way when Chris Rock was like, we gotta trickling magician who live in it about nothin. That's all the projects, mother, a kind of my neighborhood, show you. That is true too so ridiculous. What to do about it?
I haven't seen Chris Walken right kind of takes long hiatuses. I think he stopped doing standup really yeah. I think I read something that he stopped doing stand up for a while he's doing something on Broadway to maybe just really getting into acting or something Yeah actually was doing something. I think I think some guys get to a point where they don't want to do it anymore, to create two. I think like anything when it loses its mystery when it loses his challenge, I find stand up incredibly challenging 'cause. I always try to keep like I'm coming out with a new hour, I'm trying to reinvent myself. It's it's fun. You know it's one of the things yeah I mean making people laugh it's like the greatest gift of all time, you're, making yourself laugh and surprising yourself, yeah. It's like the only reason why I would ever be a drag to me is the traveling or my health started to fail for some reason. I didn't want to get on planes all the time that that that's why I find travelling difficult road kind of kick my ass so great to be word around allay our so
around LA between the improves like the Improv Breyer, Brea Great Club, Ontario, Great Club, Irvine, great club, you know, there's colony magic club. Is the ICES Pasadena always out of so many great clubs now lie that if you wanted to, you still keep her stand up going and stay around LA for a while. Why don't you? Can you get get get shit done to fucking the getting in the plains all the time? It's just it's so unhealthy for your body. I can't stand trial. The African hated it's crazy. When are we going to come up with better air travel were still in the fifties. We can't break the speed. The sound barriers will crack windows or those to do with this crazy fuck rocket rocket earth, like the earth's at actually mean come back to the real problem, as they would that's not real with their using for their using it to build a fuck somebody up in New York and twelve minutes. That's the idea is that it is not. The idea is not for passengers the ideas to build a fuck somebody up on the other side of the world. Like me,
Precision extra like the drone. They got that very that that I ran has supposedly now back engineered. That to me was one of the greatest moments in my theory that life is just theater and it's not the real, and this is all just a work of fiction. When Obama was you ve said well, we asked for it back when I saw, but the drone yeah do. Member that you have you seen that, yes, you seen him actually say that we asked for the drawback of sorry we're spying on you with a fuckin, automated UFO that shoots missiles exact, but did I have a bad bribery and unarmed? My on my part guest, I had the CIA paramilitary like a real c. I a group with amazement, talk for a long time in Afghanistan stuff and I fucked the sound.
I hope you can fix it may and richer our try because I want I want to post it, but it the dude rise day with magic. It you gotta, just imagine what this guy I'm telling you I was so enlightened like I follow. Politics have large budget. I live the while he just got back from minnow Iraq, so he's here, bring it down and he's not he's not here he's in. I can't really say where he once you get him to come in here. I can the next time he comes, but he's really he's really hard to get. He won't be on camera. Will you don't have to just do it again and we can do it like this shadow, where he's like a shadow against such as schooling. For me on the camera, it was such a schooling, though, for me on what He goes on how politics really work, how countries really were how we really work Gimme reference like furniture, for instance. We we like like as far as any kind of conspiracy, they're using lucky goes. The way she works is everybody has different ideas.
It just snowballs. Somebody floats the idea out there that that IRAN, Iraq, is a dangerous threat, Ultima to US national Security, and they create an intellectual argument around it. The argument, starts to win the day because a lot of other people get involved in it then there'll be able to disagree with it. But happens is then people who disagree with it get bullied and shut their fucking mouths, and before you know it, there's a lot of. Also private enterprise is going to make a lot of money off this stuff and pretty soon before you know it. There's a company making Can a hundred grand just for importing sand to Iraq and of Gaza, which are deserts for
volleyball courts on the military bases, they're, making money and presume the private sector, is making a whole shitload of money on this thing called the Iraq issue. We honest I waited. We are one example of just one example of the way why bringing sand tat cause a hundred in one instance for one quarter, costs about a hundred grand to bring sand in from Kansas are wherever from a sand arm in Kansas, I confide fuckin sand in Iraq for hereby vocal. That's how the war effort works. It becomes a lucrative business and in everything becomes enmeshed in this massive effort. So before you know it, you ve got a shit load of interests. Working and making lots of money off this conflict. Now, on top of that, you have a situation like Iraq and he described our relationship with the Middle EAST in Iraq as a dysfunctional relationship where This kind of abusive. We were trying to do something we got in there in two years later, we're like we can't cut and run now. I asked him I asked in this. I said I said: do you the Pakistan knew that fucking
I'll have been Lawton was in, was in town of Ottawa, which he had been in by the way six before they caught up. And he said fuck said fuck yeah. I said why I said I said: why would they why would they keep em there? Why would they protect them? He said how billions of dollars. Did we did they get from the US government for free for finding to find Osama Bin Laden and fight the terrorism problem, he was sitting a mile away from there west point. You don't think they knew where he was. You think that he had been protected. The town that he was in is the vacation spot all of the military elite. It is a beautiful fuckin' town. It's high up, really cool
my buddy said it's some of the most beautiful, majestic scenery he's ever seen. He was all through those mountains yeah. It looked pretty amazing when they shoot photos of the company. You know it's funny, but he said he said when he was in Afghanistan. It's a crazy conspiracy. Then that means we all spirits, all those people over there, the pakistani conspiracy. They all knew he was there and they all kept their mouth. They were making billions of dollars from millions to help us find Osama Bin Laden and contain the terrorism problem. In country he. So why? When the world, would you give up your golden your goose, a goat lilies? The gold makes? Why would you give that goose ass? It had spread the money around a keeper, very quiet. There was also a big bang on Osama Bin One's head. Well, twenty five million dollars so here that individuals, but for individuals. How is that not like something worth them stepping out of respect for while we all knew that our military and thousands only knew that that was probably what was going. We knew the pack sizes feeling that the way we around them you now we found them was through DNA every time that we
they would take dna samples. They would take dna samples from his family members I was one of the ways and they would just track those did they would they would try to they. Basically they would try. And then they knew that they knew who his courier was and they basically, I believe, great story, and I can't remember all the details, but when somebody go to hospital. Who is part of that family and they get a checkup or something they would Dna samples would find- and I guess they just kind of trial wherever his dna was. You know whatever whoever he was related to. They knew he had to be around relatives of some kind and some how they drew uh? You know they had all these ingenious ways of actually finding 'em. It's amazing that the Pakistanis, if they did have them there, were ever to keep that what we're able to keep that secret so well for so as in he was in the town where all the elite, political and military lead occasion they have vacation arms. Are he was there? What a surprise amazing, though, of course
it's amazing that they were able to step away from that twenty five million dollar reward or whatever the hell it was well because mouse should ever so much more money. It was right, twenty five billion individuals, it wasn't! How many do you think the individuals are making more than twenty five million? How does that twenty five million spread around first of all? First of all, if you, if you were, if you were a guy who gave him up if you were a guy well, they found him, They found a virus dna tracked him to his courier. They tracked into a show, for I believe it is, I believe, but I don't know how they found him. Do you buy the percent of story? It seems kind of want yeah. I do because I definitely need you by the deficit yeah I bought by all of it and the reason I buy all of it is. There are so many people in that room that watch that should go down. Try keeping a secret in Washington try impossible easy to keep a secret in Pakistan. So I guess the Pakistanis have better intelligence, government and other systems. Planish group others mutherfuckers are playing around oh and by the way, if you think any profit and giving up where he is and you're going to give the Americans think, but the guy who gets the twenty five million dollars. You think he's going to be able to hang out in Pakistan with that money
that intelligence service the eye ass. I live in Miami they're, not gonna fuck, and yet twenty delighted in Miami Dear and get a nice yonder fucking dead, spend the rest on security hit of every night- and you know what you hear what I was most people believe most people knew that you're not going that twenty five million dollars the trying to collect their probably shoot you in the head I'm going to collect it. Is your money stupid, Telus? Yesterday yeah it's going to save them to save american lives. Who do I go to where's my reward when I go to the US government by the way they'd be like see you later thanks? What do you think about the story that he used? Someone as a human shield, one of his wives or something crazy? I think what happened properly was that they were afraid that fighting they Brad shoot to kill orders, but I I think that's all that stuff is always out way before, but I also think what a seal team like that comes in probably the danger skip. The worry is that he's got of explosives autumn is no longer up to now.
Not so standard operating procedures put bullets walking dead. That's what I think, so they don't even try to take him. So I don't think I don't think that was ever the idea If somehow they could take him and would have been. Maybe you know, but there was more profit and just gettin rid of em fuckin and what they do is they took up. From his face. They ran. Do that facial recognition technology they sent take a picture, send it back to the White House after they put a hole in his head, yeah they're, all watching it. They were all watching it on on. They were watching it on screen by Hillary Clinton. You can see the picture and in some undid some faceless CIA guys in the back. They show their faces, but but they were watching that was high stakes. Obama had to go away for the weekend, they knew he was. He had to go away for the weekend and he deserves credit. He had to go away for the week. And their decision was. The president's do we go in, we know where he is. We did, they didn't know, was Osama Bin Laden. They knew a very high value target there that they knew that one of their ace of spades or whatever they call it, was there an Probably Osama Bin Laden and Obama had to go home alone and make the decision of whether or not to risk
can live supposed to a bunch of from their bill. Hicks joked industrialists and smoke filled rooms, Sokolow, cigars, here's your gender slobber. Rather, the problem is that great book, the blacks one you can ever control anything there's always there's always the and unforeseen. How does opposes the photo get out? You think, if, moreover, gets out. I think that there is definitely a class is class finds it somewhere, though still their hold them so somehow another get out the ipod, it's a bit of a mistake and they said they are going to release it eventually really yeah. I thought it was a bit of a mistake for conspiracy, theorists because I mean 'cause. What happens if you don't show his body and you bury him at sea. 'cause, nobody else is going to tell when they're going to release it. Now when photo. Sixteen comes out because it's going to be like in detectable that's right photo shop. Sixteen is going to be the new sh it going. It's gonna be preinstalled on your Iphone to that release and realities, Osama Bin Laden when he met that's the seal team. Six, though that that did the job
He never asked any of them who the actual sugar was made that that they never said he D shook. You mean Obama yeah. You said Osama Bin Laden, sorry, sorry, but which one is going to shoot me. Let me just take all your hands now Barack Obama, actually, when he met them and congratulate him on their mission. He never asked any of them. He never asked who the actual shooter was really, and they probably wouldn't tell you. I think it's like protocol to go to that with your grave. Only. They know all that now when there was the other big conspiracy theory that I thought was pretty silly well, there was a crash. You know a bunch of seal team, six guys died in a helicopter and they like this is a cover because Osama Bin Laden wasn't in the same guys
wasn't in the Saint guys in the people like, but still conspiracy theories, unwillingly harder off. It's really hard to organise all what sounds like this, not the case in Pakistan. It's really interesting. You know they had a real, legitimate conspiracy going on in Pakistan for a ride on other, so much conspiracy, they just our very good day, they're gonna control of you. If you cross the eye to what is called the internal, that's conspiring they can see hired out now. If I can kill you, it's amazing now that they did that for so long. How do you think he lived in that spot of wealth for since two thousand and seven one time and what about all those words stories that he was on dialysis than he was getting aid pride been dead for years. This is a horse. Shit, never hear those yeah. I knew that he died. There was a that he had to get dialysis. I believe I believe he had an issue with kidneys and stuff like that, which is one of the ways they wanted to find
he was, I guess it was zero stand for awhile where they said they thought he was. He actually had been and most of the high ranking military and intelligence officials would always say he's probably somewhere in Pakistan, but they thought he was a narrow, odd. They didn't expect him to be a mile away from there west point. They expect that they thought he was in was serious and that lawless region, where my buddy, who is the CIA guy I actually talked about on my podcast. The dude, was in the fuckign hills with a couple other guys an and what happens when you get caught because you don't get caught did, and I said what do you mean he goes letting them catch you I said. So what is the alternative? Because you gonna Vampa? You should have been used to say one bowl of yourself and I went. I went really. Does you don't want to get caught by those Do you you don't want to get caught by Afghanis. Are those Pashtuns that will fuck you up? You shoot yourself, like that's why my buddy list, as like? That's living on the edge he's a real, but he's always been the bad did. I know he's always been the battle For some of the answers. And you would never know it.
He's the guys to fight for guys just just open up on you like me. He would forgone, no problem. Why would you do that? Cormorants takes jack, I want to fight these guys. Why reason why I know that there are you know these guys are chasing him with my buddy, my buddy, and he, my buddy, told me. The story didn't tell me the story, my buddy, My buddy said he stopped. They were there running down alley for guys going, examine fight of my body. Does what he is on. If I wanna see, if I can find it in my body, was don't do that? Please don't do that and he goes now, I'm going to do it and he took his jack. Me form just Fuckin started swing and kick him, but he was a really really really could fighter and could hit like a heavyweight member and FUCK did just fine- and you know by his buddy- had to sit there and fight now, but those guys were like. Why am I getting hit like this? Why am I getting fuckin' kicked and hit and we'll kick in my head? Pretty wild this there's a lot of people out there that have lived some pretty fucking intensely p. Love danger. He was really good in the violence basis. Is don't eat, amazingly Tammy, fellow, like twenty. When we talk about what
David Blaine like his this desire to try to push the envelope of, but what a human being can do with his breath or with ice, or we had talked about on the Pike S. What David goggins guys, while those iron man has ever seen him before he's got a bunch of it shows online or he engages in forty eight hour races where they run for forty, our straight on the track and people modern, well huge human way, mile track human beings at the best, long business, animals and plants yeah, we kill that so we carried out persistent chanting would kill certain animals in Africa, but that you know these these people that are trying to push the limits. You know, and it takes a long time to build up to it. I got interesting and that happens with a lot of young anime fighters, is they kind of underestimate the kind of conditioning that's required to be a five round fighter and how intense and how much is involved and how long the process is to build your body into a body that can withstand
work for twenty five minutes in his eyes. That's an e on anybody's wrestled, in which I did six minutes is a fucking eternity, five minutes is the craziest thing I've ever heard of its eye sanity, it's the the amount of exertion that your body has to go through. It takes a long fucking time to build and a lot of guys suffer from over training in the beginning of their career, because- their body simply not conditioned to be able to handle that kind of work rate is just not? There is especially when it comes to like a lot of kick boxers who go into Emma may. They have no idea how difficult the wrestling aspect of it and how much more it takes out of you and they almost always gas, when the fights turn into wrestling match is initially like a lot of the striking based guys of the harvest time developing that wrestling endurance had so so much aunt JANET shuts full exertion, and I mean people really don't worry. Backed Emma fighters enough as far as the amount of discipline is required to be in condition to fight a full five round. Him
or even a three round my my grace was out without was out on a date in my house, I had Mary. I had my two pitfalls piggy Absent Peggy was my people and Stella? Was german sharing my policed german shepherd. Might my fuckin working class german german shepherd a fuckin wolf and they got there. Dont know each other, and I I wasn't that I don't want. It was the one that I don't want to kill each other out to sea and vat bills. I was asean thousand dollar hearings as they were written into each other, and I and I was on my from lawn wrestling with these two dogs and choke in one out than they had the other one would fall asleep in and the other one would get a hold of the other one, and I hope that when I went back and forth without trying to break em up like I kept choking each one, each fucking dog out and I was so furious and when my buddy Bob came home and and and jumped off the dead, my jumped into the yard and an fuckin and jump both dogs and put his knees on both their heads and just held them there and Anne and find
then I go from exhaustion. I was so exhausted. I don't even know how long I was. There was like fifteen minutes fighting the two dogs crawling up in the corner. In my yard I crawled up in a corner and I was breathing like I've, never like from wrestling all. I said there is no comparison that I was literally you're like. I was part of my life and I was one and imagined, and I was on a day and I didn't even I Didn'T- have tunnel cool going and my hands. I didn't realize my oh my own hands for fucking a week after that I had trouble closing an opening my hands because I had. I had like torn all the muscles in my hands from trying to pull them apart. Imagine you weren't even engaged in combat with them. You re going to stop. I wouldn't want to hold out it until you. Well, that's that's like this book. Extreme fear when the woman gets out by when the mound lion this female. My life's doctor and dried killer and she ended up just fuckin. She took this like us,
some kind of like a knife like relaxing and spike mistaken. In its I will, and she just turned to her fear, turned a fury and she started fighting back, but you know she was fuckin. Walked up when you get in a fight with a real animal. Oh yeah, Spencer Mountain you're done you're, so we're so fleshy your food. There predators your food or skins, made a toilet paper, whereas there's rooms made of leather, that's right, like deer have leather. Deerskin, that's exactly erect shoes out of it. I am working so tough. You don't make nobody makes skin at a human rights, You know Schuman, shoes not came down to take down Elk going on about it with a yes, yes, try biting in NL today by the the grab it with their claws and they bite it with their failure. That's it God I've measuring out your idea. With your face, I thought I'd say about great lifecycle: try brightness seal the death in a bite on a slippery slope of argument. I get the fuck off my kids,
Google, that's! My argument was out to those people that are when I lived in Colorado. When I said you should kill these fucking things and people are so angry at me. After one of them killed my dog, that really did happen. I was telling him like: why do you allow mount minds to grow? While you know hey, there are part of nature, and you know there, there. Here too, I go if there was a guy running around that could kill a deer with his face and occasionally he would eat dogs when you want him in jail, yeah. Well, this is scarier than a guy that can do it, you stupid factors and animal no fuckin. They make a bunch of other animals, like it and they live in the woods and the dogs and people to whatever there- and I say that I think six to eight Mount mine. But I love my life. Doesn't work your mouth lines. You just gotta be aware that where they are for computer kill em like em up those mountains, you dont, know Yellin apex, predator, rid of him get em out. I did, however, talking about think I'm pro mountain line you Bastard was saying was, like you know the argument that I got in with a guy, and this is actually in my acct, but it is true that
told me that we needed to keep the dear population down, and I said the dear not bulletproof and their made out of food stupid there's a conversation, as does the dumbest conversation ever you need a wild monsters run into the woods to eat up all the area is an interesting thing. It's an interesting question, as I I personally thing all animals like that, like tigers in line, should all be preserved. So just for the sake of how beautiful there I believe it will do. Everything in other countries is just now. I live nothing. They give us the ocean and jack. You I'm not even begun leopards who, like live, louse letters, you get it the border. Jaguars. A rectangle, jaguars, jangling hours way more dangerous and elaborate. There are much bigger debate. They are not afraid of people, they will kill you baby No, you don't have a chance against Jack, not a chance. It's in the Amazon when people take eyewash go you know that crazy jungle in talks can one of the things the visions that they see jaguars, like your constant, like bunch of jaguars like watching them,
jaguars communicating with my body. Tell me a story. The sky, Hosea Guy Tommy Store that in the car go somewhere and after this who decided he wanted, he was like a like. An embassy organize one would be part of the culture and he went to this African, and he drank some tea, that they gave him and all of a sudden he fucking its hallucinating and he runs off with his cell phone naked and he decided that they were trying to eat him, which I don't know, but he goes these p try and Amy, and they had to send this huge certain part like rescue team out to the middle of the Fuckin Congo, and track him down with a cell phone and find him massive operation. They found him. He was eaten reds by bugs cod
by thorns all fuckedup had to go to hospital. Is there like three days like running through the forest away from what he thought were people trying to eat him? Because of this fucking hallucinogen ik t mean, while they were probably like really sweet african people, you know who had degrees or maybe they were trying to eat him, or maybe they were trying to eat him. Then, maybe just like came to grips the real it alot of people eating people in parts of the world actually ever meet like Africans in this country. They all have like six degrees, like Nigerians find me on. Jury doesn't have at least his masters in every single time. That is well, I I have my degree Indiana Old, things in a mechanical engineering and my doctorate. The fucking image of the whole world was like Africa, man, Africa is actually I ought. I talk to my buddy about Africa. Who is this? The guy I shouldn't say see. I let you say is what our and he said he said, he's really up missing, but Africa and not domestic about the Middle EAST. Really so
optimistic about the progress of Liberia, not a mad and yet very much because Africa actually and waterways has has come to terms of these terrible wars with a lot of their there, their civil strife, their tribal strife, it what's the bat and their mineral issues. You know that a lot of these wars and Liberia, Sierra Leone was was was right, fighting over resources of diamonds, the diamond mines and the material it in them the material. It goes in the cell phones that now that's really where these warring factions fight over, but also their solving a lot of their political problems. I mean a lot of these. A lot of african states were dictatorships just like in South America, so he thinks that they can be worked but why are they are being worked out? Why not the Middle EAST, but the Middle EAST, mainly because the Middle EAST is there apple reasons? One is in. One of these you brought was very interesting said the notion that you can separate Islam from democracy as it
you can. One of the things the tenets of we have is the separation of church and state. The Koran is a blueprint for how to run a society even how to manage your banking laws and things, it's very difficult to say: Islam from an Islam Islam from state run affairs traditionally in the Middle EAST. The only way you did do that was by posing an iron fist. The way Saddam Hussein did away. Countless arab dictators did that's one of the issues, but the other issue is the Sunni, Shia rivalries that are constantly playing out now in not just in Bahrain, but in Syria and and different parts, and certainly in Iraq, and the only way to control that is, one side is going to have more guns in the other side, and I have a different point of view by the way, but which is that in commerce. Ultimately, when com this comes to these countries, in which it is, I
people have a lot more to lose. I think economic he quality minimum prosperity, equality and technology. I hope I hope for the Middle EAST is going to make it a better place to live for the people there, but um, but I do think that if you look at, for example, Egypt now Egypt has, if you look at who's running for election, they have essentially hardline Islamists, who are going to impose new in order that the worry you're going to impose real whelps urea, or something like that that someone every democratic now so you know, but did you wanna go item barks rain? How do they stop there? How is that going to be offline money? That's going to be able to stop by. I think I think what happens with all countries. It's look. You have a stop at time. What happened? Let's, take a look at what happened in Europe. Take a look at what happened when Central America: these are democracies, perfect democracies, but they're, certainly not military
dictatorships. You think there's a video prior knowledge, even in China, even in China, China is learning that, basically, democracy is an inevitable inevitable thing that they have to come to terms with, and when I say democracy, I mean a government that listens to its people, how keep up a people in in ignorance? How do you keep people ignorant when they have access to the internet? You don't? Human beings now have access to real information and the truth of? What's really going on and more importantly, they can see how other countries are living, it's very difficult to control and have power over a people when they know the truth, and one of the most unique things about what's going on in the Middle EAST today is that these uprisings uprisings that are happening organically from within the population. They are not being manipulated by an imperialistic power. They're not being bye, bye,
another Arab country- these are home, grown grassroots rebellions that are very difficult to to ignore and the people that are doing it. Our young people, who just want a better life tell you right now that, if these theocracies, if they vote in these these, these is law lists and don't see, results going to see more rebellion. So I think that that whether or not these countries are islamist they're going to have to listen to their populations and they're going to have to be they're going to have to respect individual freedoms. That's my believe, that's my hope. Anyway, I may be nice yeah. Well, it's a good hope is that the idea is a beautiful idea that eventually we're all gonna come to some sort of a utopian sent system will govern. The world, because it's all going with the will of the people it just Will the people in this country is slowly being choked and then all the provisions provided by the constitution are slowly being choked out. I agree
when government, that's scary, that the biggest the biggest problem is, I think, a lot of government government up. I mean our current state governments. Well, they are becoming more concerned with their own with their own employees and the people that they're trying to serve. They want to keep jobs going. So they want to keep laws in place, so there's no one to arrest for anything, then there's no need for that. A lot of people in the d, a lot of people and drug enforcement that are actively lobbying to keep certain really lethal non dangerous drugs and keep them illegal because they want to have people arrest for things there's only of the problem. Private prisons. Any of the pretty this. So many different fuckin problems. Well. Well, it s actually has a vested interest in something they're gonna try to protect that interest and regardless of what where good person or a bad person. We have a vested interest marijuana. It's right tripartite, I wanna I am I'm gonna have to run still have to go This thing down here shut. I should once again my dear friend, has other fascinating, did driven
of a conversation and swiss bizarre subjects, not it man I never have a bad times eyes and let me make sure you check out Brian Kyle Helen has would otherwise how perfect I couldn't be any better feel protected from the euro these, but I got some great guess, my my SAM Brown lebanese Dinah cancer, sending dynamism but he's fucking hilarious, he's he's, got pancreatic cancer and he's ease hilarious do another when I gotta I got to
fuckin Anthony TAT back as I'm unopposed soon, which was a great podcast. The Brian Callin show music for your Brian Cowen Show, and I know adding I dont, but I'm gonna start coming and I'll go to the ten minute podcast. Yes, then it s funny, creates delete and well says it will set a very funny motherfucker right. That's the end of this dirty ride, ladies and gentlemen, as probity, and for this week too, we were gonna, do something with a certain controversial person tomorrow, but you know what it's just. Why? Why even bother, yeah, we're just sorry, much crazy goin on this world, the smaller Philip Jump in a river of anymore, crazy! That's it thanks to the flashlight for two needs is sponsoring this version. Is we can here in New York Majority, so our yeah yeah we're in that's me and Duncan India for people who come to the showed no was on it. It's me and
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We will see you all like Monday, Kevin Smith wants to do next week. I think I'm going to do this, though I think I have to do his. I think that's how it works. I think we, you know, he did. Our last saw ya. Gonna do has started and we're going to try to get dice next week. Two all oh yeah. We should have a bunch of fun ones coming up soon. So that's it sorry about the big bummer yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes things get things go wrong. Where are we don't mean that in this much more fun never call a car and cool and interesting in this situation has been fixed to be bad? Listen to it, it's ice house is now paying. I don't have anything to do with it. Yes, so we have a show Friday with Sarah Tiana there. You go Sarah Tiana and make sure you tweet me that and I'll retweet that and we're probably do one next week is work summit. Have you back in town, so cute everybody, the tunes and thanks to all
It is even your country ones about the little spat yesterday. I see a lot of you have opinions and it's it's nice care just try to try to be nice. Try to be friendly, try not to be so twenty, this is too much twenty behaviour in this world. So next week, which is like the 11th will probably have another one at the ice house. Are you planning on flying in from where do people flying when we were people handed? They were gone on? A comedy tour now is that death squads show is the last show of the tour. He just wrote me just to thank me his I mean that's the guy with the green sure, yeah yeah, and as that we are given a tortoise studio, which I usually don't do by what schools vows Guy yeah Gregg, I would call a bag. I tools that he said that he ran to me at south calmly whole a year ago, and I told them to do comedy, so he went to colony and those comedian. He was thinking about doing as I go fuck and do it man, and so he listened to me and now is actually commedia touring all over the country.
Is an amazing how fast you can change your fucking life. Go on little inspiration, you pussy, I fear get away all you gotta get rid of that fuckin priests and get a man's car. I'm going to do it. We fear Russia from the spot gas. Yes, I am going to talk chargers I would have yet challenger. Child can charge is not bad to charges for doors, pretty goddamn, excellent Interior S. Forty eight challenger very nice so is the charger both very good in african american American. You good about it, your dad's house and got in a manner that we so happy handwriting worthy as low as on. I need only around and around and get off those japanese gay car I sound like the penis. Are there
will will see sound thanks everything by by sea guys in the York Holla.
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