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Eddie Bravo - Date: 05/07/2012
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the joe rogan experience trying by day joe rogan podcast by night all day did you rogan experience podcast is brought you by the flashlight if you go to joerogan dot net clicking the link for the flashlight enter the code name rogan bloody body blah save some money you get a fifteen percent off number one sex toy for men i actually used it the other i've took two from you yes i took two and i used one like maybe two weeks ago and i took because i know i do want to wash it sigh i used it and threw it away it was cool was it that's it you just a one hit it and quit it that's it not need to save it well you can always get a new one from a buddy anytime yeah i did that would be cool you know whenever the the mrs is out with the fans are with the family in bakersfield you know and it's perfect yeah it's it's
so very underappreciated product women women should women that are for if that their husbands are cheating and all that shit they should be giving their husbands these fucking flesh slides come on imagine the amount of the percentage of cheating that would it would cut out like may cut out a lot of it but i think a lot of cheating is psychological too but i overall generally if you had a wife that was you know of course you don't but she was giving you like every week she was part of the groceries and shit she brought him out of butter tortillas fucking couple flashlights you like i wanted six you only got two shit what are you going to be gone for two weeks when i go good to like a half an hour you not done what cleaning them you don't clean them yeah that's the problem they need to make him so cheap that you could buy them for you know what for five dollars shit i'll buy like
six more if you think about how much it costs for if a dude like essentially pays for sex you know if a dude takes a girl out and she fucks him because he took her out to dinner yeah how much is that it's got to be like a couple one hundred least right now flood is only like handing which is a girl the likes winners or something you can get away with like sixty bucks you want to go to qatar that's good time is your flight it's like three twenty five and are you gonna fogo to chow gandhi better just got babe isn't it funny when you're dating when you barely know him and you have to spend a lot of money on him to impress him and how cool is that when you get to that point where you could just you know what do you want to eat i don't care any like el pollo loco you'll fuck we got out like when you cross that threshold of going to help put a logo on it like a big deal but you don't have to impress the bench it's nice well that's crazy so is it like do you think
why i mean why is why is it so important for guys to impress girls with where they take them will the girls want to be impressed man no girl wants to get picked up and age she jalopy and taking on all that's not going to happen i know girls going to be done with that unless you like sick teen and she's just happy that mother has a car you know i mean you go anywhere cat girls are not really into dudes with fucked up cars you really can't keep that going for too long you gotta be a bad mother fucker pussy in a fucked up car yeah so weird you know it's like no one wants to say i mean it's not tirley common it's not every woman is on every woman in the world who only wants guys to do that you know and a fucked up house now how long you known you for along god damn time how fucking nasty my house is nasty up until up until like forty five years ago i was living in basically a doll house it was one bedroom house like it was
smallest house ever was was a house but there's a one bedroom it had a living room had a bedroom tiny and when i first move hollywood i moved with a buddy of mine james we split that motherfuking my whole existence was the bedroom and there's a hole since was the living room jesus christ oh let me get the pic marshalls either way we gotta keep going with that thought this i gotta get more effective way delivering commercials my t shirt company higher primate become hired dash primate com people keep asking me about it and i hardly ever talk about it but yeah i have a t shirt company it's all psychedelic mushrooms and monkeys it's all like monkeys in chess monkey aliens playing chess monkeys in space it's just weird psychedelic monkey imagery brilliant man i've been fascinated that even sound a lot yeah they sell pretty well but i don't tell people about it i'm like the worst advertiser ever i just saw i always feel weird you know tell talking
shit you're selling like so i don't do such a good job of salad shit you do a great job that mushroom had stuff that's not sure had stuff mushroom alpha brain what is the mushroom that i'm thinking about shroom tech yes yes yes you do a great job 'cause every time i'm here and you give that commercial it used passionate about it the subject is the show you know what you you're not only passion about it but it's it's a toll the different commercial every time you're telling people to go make their own shit they're not necessarily you know that's that's yeah well i guess i would be the most important thing for me always with any of these things is to make sure that no one feels like they're getting ripped off i do not want a single person having a feeling like they're being ripped out of life that's the most important thing for me everything else is secondary so is that you know and then there's the way we have it set up where anything you buy from onnit dot com like when you buy in like the first order of thirty pills of anything there's one hundred percent money back guarantee you don't even have to bring it back
i have to do is say this room tax shit didn't do nothing for me or this alpha they to do nothing for me these are the best transcend supplements available for this for these particular functions for neutral picks and for for the you know sports athletics when it comes to like a performance and endurance supplement from tech is like one of the best endurance supplements i've ever tried well the only tried it's super effective it's got a b in it in this course eps mushrooms and it's it's fucking it works great i mean i get a lot of reports from people that use it for working out now it's crazy but they love it when people say as i've always been i've been a vitamin freak before we even started here
always been a massive vitamin freaks still and you influence me a lot of them i'm on i'm on it since syria diet vitamin planned since i was twenty two twenty three i was just obsessed with it and i just i just wanted to ask it was all about making sure he cancer i get i get cancer phobia making sure your body gets the building blocks it needs and i wanted to stay young and as long as possible you know i want to look good as long as five one drag it out you know i'm not ready to throw in the towel a lot of that going on right right and i would get into arguments with with people knew that they took how do you know it works man how do you know it works and i'm like well you know i'm doing all i can but if you want me to break it down for you how does it work is there a difference between chocolate cake anna chicken salad ok yes yes
what's the difference between chocolate cake and chicken salad the nutrition what's nutrition it means what nutrients are in the chicken in the sound so now what are nutrients they've isolated these nutrients you could take massive amounts of 'em the only way it wouldn't work is if they weren't actually pudding those vitamins and minerals in there if was just some fake ass milk powder or whatever then yeah it's not doing but i'm doing what i can to make sure you know 'cause there are nutrients and we have scientists know no this is basic nutrients are needed and all diseases by deficiency of certain nutrients it's really basic shit you if the vitamins i'm taking if they we are what it says up they are in the bottle for sure it's good for you absolutely yeah i've
i've always been into vitamins but when i started hanging out with you that's when i really kicked my vitamin game up a notch 'cause i was like this mother fucker is like super league of real spent about it and i was like you know what i need to be as disciplined as he is that's really smart because i know i feel i took two weeks off of vitamins recently just for whatever i just said let me see what it feels like to take two weeks off vitamins i took two whole weeks off of vitamins and do it i felt let thor jake i just didn't i didn't feel connected right like i was not getting enough from my food and i'm i mean pretty clean i mean with some cheeseburgers every now and then but and then a lot of a lot of greens lot of kale shakes and shit still not feel as good as i do when i'm taking like basic multi vitamins multi minerals i take a lot of fish oil take like ten thousand milligrams of fish oil a day and then i take these nutro pics an app all the nootropics have ever found two of 'em have work great for me one of 'em was called neuro one it's bill romanowski stuff i told you about this right any there was a
a guy named no name he's a dj up in san francisco and he became friends of roman owski roman asking you know he's taking like a bunch of head injuries from concussions yeah he came out with some should call neuro one and it's like all the best nutrients for your mind all the you it's very similar very similar but it's kind of like caffeine too it too it's good it's like a little bit a little bit caffeinated i believe there's a little little knowledge i'd like to share with all the jujitsu players out there guys the train mmm this is some serious knowledge believe me trust me you want to keep ring worm away take acid duffless everyday yes one thousand percent one one thousand percent if you take an acid awful is every day or eat a big thing of yoga everyday is that's why yogurt is good for you because of the active cultures the friendly bacteria that's what you need acid office
is bacteria that your body needs you actually need bacteria believe it or not you know i thought it was kind of weird there's good bacteria but fuck does that mean but yes unless signs and less they're lying to maine the we need friendly bacteria and acid duffless that's what friendly bacteria are actually being pills that millions and millions of good bacteria and what it does this is this is what i read it is the ring ring worm attaches to your skin it eat certain things on your skin so that banks will grow and eating something on your skin asadha felice eats ringworm food first so ringworm can attach itself self itself to and it has nothing to eat so you never ringworm and at it sounds crazy there's guys out there how do you know where is the proof trust me trust now to get ringworm all the god damn time i was always i had lamisil ready to go and if you get ring
for get lamisil don't get low treman don't get nothing else but lamisil cream you grind it in with a q tip that shit will kill it in five days you want to have ringworm for three weeks or a month use how much rent or that uh any other shit the only and it works is lamisil trust me the cream oh i got that stuff i got long mutryn go back to the store and get lamisil the cream trust me on that and you know i used to get ringworm all the god damn time god at angie jacks man with the guy believe it or not ring warm just like once thirty three or four months got damn it i'm out of training for like three weeks whatever cuz i wasn't using lamisil it wasn't out yet and then i read somewhere that acid duffless eats bring warm food i don't know where the hell i read it i just read it and i made sense to me and we should probably google this little yeah looking you know it look into it but
you're right right once you start you run when anytime i get really warm it's when i run out of acid on this and i'm too god damn lazy to go to the store and i let it i don't go to the store for like a week bring my my my arm somewhere i know it works a million percent yeah the level of the device for you all response to dophilus hc id p h i l us or some like i got lost at the end he when he did a little bit yeah this is well i'm sure there's a and it's going to explain it to us technically but basically
that's one of the home remedies to cure ringworm is asked off of yogurt and it prevents it towed if if i'm on ringworm or an acid office for a year straight guarantee i am going to get ringworm there's no way yeah well i haven't had ringworm in years this is true and one of the things i take another form of life call where is kombucha tea that's easy for me i like the way it tastes you was right those big synergies i think i've had one and it's kind of an acquired yeah it's like you swallow in a little bit of loads in there there's some like i mean there's some live organisms or swallow and like i try to get into the juror donnellan is like can get through that you're you swallow a live thing thank you you are swallow and some like live loads we're still in the middle this commercial tactically go to joe rogan net click on the link for alpha brain and code named robin save ten percent the we've we've said enough but the tropics you know what it is folks and if you're
interested in it you should go read about it google it and if you think that our stuff this too expensive please just steal ingredient lists go make your own i don't care this i don't want anybody feel ripped off but if you want to buy it and it it it is good and i use it i use it all regular basis i use it before anything important for my show when i fill my show in when i took for those bitches from like let's go want to be fired will be on all i one hundred percent believe in it and if you don't you can always get your money back first thirty pills he just sent it back you don't even send it back but you just say it sucked and we send you money back that's that's how i feel exactly that's i could easily charge twenty bucks twenty five bucks thirty bucks a month for a membership on my website for all the techniques that i upload i charge four hundred and ninety nine i could've went nine hundred and ninety nine or eleven ninety nine easily you don't want anybody feel ripped off not only that i don't want to hear any complaints yes means you know what i mean
any time someone complains about because they're basically buying episodes they're filled with technique and i put him out every two three weeks actually no it's it's it's a lot of work and when every now and then it the episode come out later i will come and go on the board with the fuck man like dude you're paying four hundred and ninety nine for everything i teach at school it's not separate techniques that i filmed for specifically for the website it's the techniques that i'm teaching to my students at headquarters that that gets filled in the technique i teach goes up on the website you have access to the whole system for four hundred and ninety nine shut the fuck up ninety nine a month is really not that much money i mean you could consider how much jujitsu cost what is like a cheap school one hundred bucks a month cheap the most inexpensive like one hundred right
and i tried to hundred and thirty a month yeah there's a lot of schools chart one ninety two ten over two hundred they make you sign a year contract or you don't want to talk to you yeah yeah i i you know a hundred and thirty is fair i was charged a hundred and five for awhile but you know what in in almost ten i went from one hundred and five hundred and thirty no big deal something big deal in this new space is expensive and it's fucking big man the legend is legend is fucking huge as far as gyms in la where you can get like everything done damn the gym we can get everything done you know that's a big classes swing classes plus roof i classes i really like watching chris riley train to men chris rallies he's a bad mother fucker only
more ties very technical very smart very intelligent guy and look at the guys who brought up on brady one of the am interested he bought his third pro fight saturday man his stand up is so weak it and i just came as purple he submitted a grounded guillotine wanna you know so he's a good dude too i love that kid i got got a lot of good guys at that job lot of really nice girl and you buy nice is that the whole this is filled with cool guys no all the mma squad the all coming up strong like a force it's taking awhile to build them and you for the guy to get the most of the guys were strikers for psychology bomb eddie jackson juban in a lot of fights right how many moitie fights and have i don't know but a whole bunch and same thing with chris brady they were just pure strikers for years we were both we're in the same building they just weren't taken
they they really wanted to just time and then this is like two thousand five two thousand six as mma rose as the ufc rose they start at the gym like maybe i should do in may you know at least you can do to to maybe i should just jump in so they finally jumped in mmhm four years ago head first so now i i got these vicious strikers they're in there and alan as well i gave him as a purple belt as well they're really good at jujitsu now too it's fun watching this and this is just the beginning you know it must be really satisfying watching people like from the time they first i miss you when they didn't know much to watch them start to tap people and some people watching the progress it's a maze must be an incredible you know what's what's weird about that is when a guy comes to me and joined my class and it's his first day
not my inside my initial reaction when someone comes in a meeting for the first time i want them to say they've been training a year or two it's just gonna make my job easier if they have some kind of base going on some wrestling but but the guys that come in with zero experience a hundred percent green on my this is gonna be a hard one to the basically retarded on the ground i crippled it's like you re going to rehab with them putting their legs are just like have no clue but when those guys start when it when it's going get good and they start to happen people out it feels so much better yeah the i know i took on from a cripple and happen dudes out man that happens a lot and i i was really really gosh i see it so much that when guys come up to me in nude there all pumped up and i see how enthusiastic they are and i know they got the fire i know 'cause some guys come in
they don't really want to roll the first couple days are taken easy to sit on the side the kind of just you know you know depend their feet in the water a little bit and they're taking their time and you know what let me let me get fundamental for now three months of fundamental classes out of the way then i might far i don't know and then there's guys would no experience at all they come in they've had like three or four beginners classes and i make him take twenty four beginner classes before they can take my classes there's some guys that come to me three or four classes and they're just so down like i won't i won't subject veteran with one of them when they're exchanging techniques and we're drilling 'cause it slows everyone down the beginners class is so you know that the strategies that terminology all that shit so you don't slow us down in the advanced classes we moved really fast twenty four beginner classes enough but there's i'll let you go if you want to roll after the technique and you want to hang out and roll when those guys come up to me and they asked me and you know i've only had five beginner classes but can i roll
itune you're gonna have so much fun man you have the right attitude like watching a guy like what rolled means for folks who don't know is lives bar you try to choke each other do you pay real close attention to a guy's first role ever do you have guys that you seen jenny notice is going to be the first time you ever rolled you watch him closer no no i can tell i can tell you that i remember anybody's first role it's almost like it's going to suck really bad for awhile for three months it takes three months for a guy to come in and not know anything never play a sport in his life you come in your first month is going to seem like it's going to see my trigonometry going to holy shit but it's just as easy as sing the abc's is just as the first day of learning abcs you're grown adult and somehow you didn't learn how to read it's going to be hard in the beginning you gotta learn twenty six
letters and then you put them together and you form work and then a sentence that's the way like it seems so complex but after three months like babies computer it's the same thing would you right it's this is is if you could only be sees you can do that your chance so after three months that's the point where i notice people start getting they start getting the taps and because in the beginning but it's like you just join the league or you just joined a class and everyone is really good at quake and they've all been playing quake two three years straight five years and ten years since i've been teaching for or playing quite for twenty years motherfucker helped invent that shit with the program and shit back in the day and then you come in you're going to get killed on quick you're going to get jacks that you're not going to kill anybody for awhile but it hurts you just as much physically physically you're not going to get hurt introduce you tap no one gets hurt i mean you get hurt just as much as you know playing basketball or whatever we said that before
but special view all smart i gotta learn how to not muscle things don't don't go crazy he got to learn how to go full clip but use techniques yeah people are tense feel terrified they look at you just you and it's honor to them it's it's it's it's incredible how terrifying it is people it shouldn't be it's so you think people need to understand that most of the guys are just sweetheart little nerds that train there just yeah well i think people in general have issues with human conflict or scared of conflict of scared of someone beating them up we all are you know and a lot of us who got martial arts like me and i know like you we really we got bullied a lot we were younger are we good we got in positions where we didn't know if we could defend ourselves and i left like that's why reasons why you guys get in the martial arts in the first place yeah man my first day it's a good simple
and it's an important thing for i think for a man to learn it really is absolutely for it should be standard it should be like in pe class standard everybody has gotta learn how to defend so i didn't teach taekwondo for that long i taught from like mostly like full time from like nineteen to like twenty two and that's when i stopped so i didn't have like a lot of students that got real good but i did have one and it was a girl who this really shy awkward girl and she was really like she was really intense like she like she didn't wear any makeup she i got i don't really know what her deal was my whole interaction with her who is just in in teaching her in the class but she was like so in since man she wanted to learn so hard like like so focused on and she was like really shy and kind of weird income in paris and i worked with a lot because she would like want to enter into tournaments and i took her from me in a
white belt to being this girl won this tournament she wanted tournament i think she won mike has a a blue belt a green or a blue belt but i had basically the whole way who taught her the whole way and watching the this kid this like real awkward kit like learn how to get enough comp to go out there and enter into martial arts tournament and actually win and like kick this the chicks ass like go after like this did the whole thing to her was like it was so easy empowering to watch someone go from being a complete tote novice and to watch just the that i put in their head just the training that she did with me she went on to i'm like really good like in just a couple of years is wild was wild march with crazy satisfying with chris brady again he's one of chris riley's muay prodigies he's
game is purple belt we were working on like i'm not very but at the arm and gear team but we start three months ago i really started adding it in and i'm not that good i started adding it into weekly workouts just were thing on the squeeze just get it putting people in the guard arm in guillotine cinched in and the guy on the best defense in the guy in the bottom is working on his sleeves were just working that working the ending of that guilty i'm not that good at it but i don't want my guys to suck at it too arm in guillotine any gay teens are so important specially and amanda scrambles you really don't you we can't set up a gear team the gates and you just gotta snatch it and it's got to be under the chin and then you gotta know how to close it and twist it in tennis you love nate diaz is yes yes how badass was that where he got it with one arm he had one arm just since through and he knew he was not going to lose that arm his squeezes tight and you talk that way through and any adjusted his hand that was for people that trained you people so train could
train over ten years maybe even at five years you can tell when guy owns a move like before he got that app the way he wrapped it up the way he 'cause it took me know when he wrapped up the neck it probably took another twenty sek needs to get that app maybe something like that there's something like pretty quick it wasn't right away now is battling with it for awhile made me i would say maybe ten at the earliest maybe two thousand and fifteen but during that period when jamila was fighting the guillotine and just tell the way nick was my damn i never do give things like that so one arm guillotine you know i'm and as one on getting the one that chris brady got you just the basic arm in guillotine and we have long nate's arms are too that's one badass things about gay teen he put marcus davis out with the gatien too he catches a lot of guys with that his shit it's tight when he mounts you too god damn it that's a thing of beauty
it's beautiful technique and people that don't train out there i understand that i'm just like a video game video game analogy not everybody can even though most people most black belts can probably figure out that guillotine and teach it but what nick days is going to have it down so good that you can put it on another black belt a guy trained it then all that shit all the time defense is way easier than offense to pull it off you have you put so much time into that move into transition into the movement in the squeeze in the band there's so much that needs to be polished not very there's not that in the ufc i would say maybe there's at max uh ten guys that have a guillotine as good as nate diaz like that one you just don't see is it even ten made jake shields jake shields
jake shields got a nasty gay teen yeah but the one the one that nate did the one you have it down so good with one arm project as the one on the ground you're right you're right member he got nick thompson with one arm yes definitely definitely i would say or it was a truck for jake shields has one of the best squeezes a reduction in the game yeah the card robbie lawler with the arm in the up yeah he gets all the nexus he's a dangerous on the crazy thing about the getting is it's probably the easiest choke to learn yet so few people have mastered it to the point where they're finishing up people in big mma fights so people don't realize also there's a whole bunch of weird different grips that people use for these techniques to which greatly alter the way you apply pressure it's all about what you're used to i mean you could make really any grip works there's probably about i'm going to say i'm just throwing this number out five to eight different gear teams out there maybe there's four
i like maybe there's not five off the top of my head maybe there's more that i just lost track there's the marcella teen there's the regular arm in guillotine there's arm and getting that danny likes with the inverted pretzel grip there's inverted so grip is the shit yeah i just watched a video of marcelo explaining why he uses his grip first gay teen an makes a lot of i made a lot a lot of sense but soon you got when you go in right you're going in the guys chest is here they're going to defend like this right so they're going to hook the outside they're going to be between you and your arm right here see the right right so you make room and then you i this one on top see if you were going to do like let's say this grip here their hands are right here there's tosses unfortunately for folks on itunes were describing a bunch of diff ways to squeeze someone's neck do you understand why i told you i need this space so if i go
i need this space but that's where their hands are going to be so marcello's ways he needs the space between my hand in the body i govern that so even if you grab my hand here i could still just for the folks who are listening at home what he's doing is changing the way is his hand is in relationship to his body where you squeeze a person's neck all their yeah it's it's amazing how technical it is people really don't know how technical it is i mean the actual technique that's involved in jiu jitsu it's really an amazing and fascinating sport 'cause it's like an expanded game of chess it's more fascinating than chess because when you said this first first ever service so much someone who was talking about you to be in chess and you said you yeah out but it's with chess pieces like this chick peas only go like there you know with this we can only with jujitsu jitsu
bodies in the strength and all this other stuff is what you like it's way crazier than chess and i was like yeah you know you really stop and think about like checkers compared jets yeah you're you're dealing with a thinking you're dealing with techno you're dealing with strategy he's dealing with patients you're dealing with pre knowledge of positions knowledge of the next step to the next step knowledge of if this guy does try counter he's going to do this and then i'm going to do that and then if he does that the only thing left for him is to leave this you know when you have these little steps you have in your head of your intelligent person and you could think far ahead and if you're going to go it doesn't have that you will always be one step ahead so your mind is an important factor in the whole equation is not just about brute strength it's about knowledge and position and keeping your fucking head together while it's all going on for people who don't train man god you're missing out on a really fun thing in life it's a fun thing and so weird fucking fun way to exercise i've said this before
you find your nearest jiu jitsu school doesn't matter it's tenth planet a if there's a ten planets school in your city join it you know you're going to deal with a bunch of open minded fun loving computer nerds man that like to to play games of death you know what i mean but there's no tenth planet school find a nice cool just any jujitsu is better than no due to too it's so much fun it's the ultimate video game i always say that but man it it so damn true and what ends up happening is you end up the people that can hang with sparring without getting you tap and then get all crazy and all burned most people take it personal when they get tapped it there when they talk about the feel like their weakness has been exposed they run from the gym and they don't want to tap out in front of other people it's so crazy he goes out of control but the people that do stay or the people that can handle getting tapped and they keep their ego under control and it's all it's all a mental game you end up with a great group of guys
is that you know you could trust generally which begs to filter through but generally they'll they'll end up getting cut out you're just left with a bunch of great guys you know and one thing one thing that down that do to becomes so much a part of your life that after five years all you friends train jiu jitsu you end up like cutting out the friends that really don't bring that much and most of your friends end up from from the jujitsu circle 'cause there's like a such a giant pool of great dudes you it's it's amazing it is true in in it's a lot of due to i have a lot of friends down to just two or joey and brian are usually wants to that he's he's really wanted to like a jet joe is a big fan of jujitsu if he was in shape i bet he would until he loves you just he's all about but you know he's got not shit going on around the guys are busy dude he's busier than ever lately but the cool
joe's headline all the country now he he's headed down to she joe he's in scotts dale this weekend scotts dale arizona i don't know the name of the club but if you go to joeys twitter i'm sure you put it up on his twitter column i said you think you wanna work here i got two bars give a shot we have the most non sorry have one bar it's a let me suck but but joey got this gigantic fucking standing ovation when we were in new york this weekend man people love that dude it was amazing i got here it was is incredible man he went onstage they were slot at the top so he didn't even go at the top when we had duncan go up first this time and then joey went and then joey went up got damn dude he fucking question is new york yeah
for a minute this is joey standing on stage to with the cold this is just joey standing on stage it's always he just walked out of the state the hearing this this goes on for a minute something like a phenomenon zero nine awhile that's incredible that's that's some rock and roll comedy right there that was crazy i mean you've been saying that for ever and you've known him longer than i have we've always said he was the funniest guy on the planet and i started to agree with you back in two thousand and five when i got really get to know joey diaz makes me funnier joey diaz brings the party he makes me feel better no it was really funny i love my manager he's the best i've never had another event one man
since that time i was an open my car but when we we're talking about the show they were like we think it be better if you got introduced off camera if you just you they just say your name and you come out clean because otherwise like this guys introducing him and people like who is this guy no fucking way is tracking me up like joey's bringing me the joey always brings me up when i work with joey i have more fun when i work with joe it's more laughter it's more hugs it's more everything is funner and you know he no knees's funniest is 'cause he's known for joey karate reviewed and all that stuff and then he said funny ass shit but just like us like we were talking about fire we can't we don't really say the same we will right right like if we were on air right you know to me because because the thing these guys say to each other about a fight and about a fighter but crushed we never say never side like seventy percent it's just like we're being real on the phone when joey calls
but he called saturday he called the saturday after the ufc and he's falcons only the guilty it's fairly away is like he's like i can't even i can say but he just russia is people yeah you can say what he says yeah but he's always saying it to be fun yeah it'll be the bug you should how will you should yeah it's not his i mean right now she it was so funny people will never get to him that i guess here the best chef but that that he could never say that's a fighter that select from like a uganda and he knew his name joe is never going to run anything on his way out he just got cut it was a part of the just got cut never a chance will never come back enjoy my then it might be ok to give the green light dude we can say shit on stage that no one else could ever say on stage yeah exactly he could say crazy
shouldn't stays in the campaign podcast yeah on stage and get away with stage and get away with it but on podcasts you gotta represent you on stage you could just be material is the real funny shows the shit talk shit with your friends on the street in new york when you get deep and there's no fucking rules and no ones recording one time of the god damn comedy store joey diaz and this is in front of a mixed audience is not just talking about some defensive line and some strategy in football that was a night of one thousand niggers already say this on stage in front of a mixed crowd diaz is crazy he doesn't it is a long time did you remember that yeah there's so much of his best shit you have to like remind him of because he's so free flea when you're so we can just go
on and on about any subject and it becomes to larry i think joe we being you know how to present q band i think a super latin guy with that new york okay get a look and say and i yet g age i think black people let him say are you really spelling announced the saint jude i don't want people coming after me do become the new muhammad quite a few quite a wouldn't even say that he met quite to never set and i g g a while don't go there wow it's amazing what a powerful word on actually he did you wrote a song about it i was wrong for people who don't know eddie is eddie and i but friends long time and one time before i knew eddie i would have advised him against doing this he made a video and he made a video of him playing a rapper that wears actually where is blackface concepts really fucking it was pretty funny but people got really mad at you people
really mad playing the concept the concept was that this guy was pretending that he had vitiligo and that he was just he had a coverage by michael what yeah just like michael jackson so he had a he was just a make up was just to balance out the real color of his skin because is it really black thank busy but he's like total blackville yeah so he's wearing like black men i mean it's ridiculous and he's good to you put an afro wig on write you an afro wig yeah yeah well the character but he curled his hat wasn't awake he's just curled is there an he's only wearing black men with you when you did it did you curl your hair is known i wore away so you have like a separate like biography for character the character actually did have a scarle since i got a whole movie of how he ended up how we ended up with the makeup it's the whole story i got did i got a story before he was even born his mother and his father like how they got together and then had him they goes do
is that one of the reasons why you won't say the word just the word nigga you know what after i just what can i get released on one night this is in two thousand i was watching a michael jackson i was watching barbara walters interview mike jackson at famous interview and she she asked the hard questions she said michael when you look what do you see when you look in the mirror michael she asked in there and he goes by don't look in the mirror and i was like what and then he in this interview explained that the reason he has all the white make up is because he has vitiligo is that he has it all over his face which by the way he very might well have or have had you know i and for free blown i have it you can see to my knuckles i have my my knuckles are really white don't see it on much on me because 'cause i'm a white guy and he was telling barbara walters there was all over his body and so that he the bra
mmhm spots that remained yet he decided to like bleach those out many of her all the skin with yeah that's what that will do that at all the tractors but there's black people that have said there's black people that have that a lot and they're all white and they choose the brown makeup he tells the white make up we don't have to choose white anyways but you know but you look if he did i think in his case if he's to be believed his he would had make up all over his body like he believes his whole body or some yeah well true there's prince there's some severe cases out of it a lot of it's stress yes it's and that's one of the reasons by the way my vitiligo completely stopped once i started taking vitamins hardcore completely stopped i believe it never spread is more stressed out than michael jackson yeah examples with the jail for molesting boys but any right but even even if he does have a good excuse for his face being all white you know what i mean then you add all the other stuff
i straightened his hair out he got nine nose jobs facial reconstruction to me nobody wanted to be white more than michael jackson he wanted to be white more than anybody and he got away with it in increments because everybody that it's around and no one's going to know one thing to say michael what the fuck are you doing your face there out of the well they get cut out so he's surrounded by a bunch of guys like every time he did something to his face or whatever people didn't even notice it was mister jackson or three hundred o'clock is there mister jackson we got some more boys in the backyard you know what i mean they were questioned him they get cut out no one sat him down and said dude look at the fucking mirror you look like an alien he kept just chomping just kept going kept going kept building fucking carnival rides and all that shit so the character back to their character i was watching this barbara walters special and i thought would have i did it in reverse what as a white guy that wanted to be black so bad but he used the same excuse
we have you seen this video of the tanning lady from new jersey i saw a picture of her dude you got to see the interview you haven't seen the interview you're not going to fucking believe this there the lady who tanned so much she's black like denzel washington dude she's a white chicken cheese black as fuck it looks like a saturday night live parody it totally does it doesn't look real is there anyway i could where do i see them going to pull this up for you do i have to stand on i'll pull it up i'll pull up youtube i'll just think let me say tanning lady if you go on youtube google or search for quad q u a this is still out there hey it's still love hurts it's still out there quite to it's a please forgive me i did that might twelve years ago i didn't realize putting on black like putting on black makeup was i considered like black face i didn't know the whole history of blackface i just created
actor guy wanted to be black so bad that he lied to people until people had lago but i didn't realize it was like taboo to put black makeup on i'm sorry to all my black brothers out there people get mad at you yeah there's some people that got mad at me man there's some people that got mad they thought it was racist lot of people thought i was the guy who put it up on youtube he thought it was race he put it up telling ruined ruin me i mean video was on one of my my first dvd either and it's yeah so my first dvd or summer my second one but i after we didn't put it on youtube a guy who hates me who think some race it's a white guy who who just took offense to it for someone looking this lady this israel she took her daughter tanning apparently this crazy bitch but wait till they get to her look at her cheap is christ is that the scariest thing you've ever seen in your life does she think anything is wrong i have no idea she talking about slowing down now look at her for folks
can't see you don't want to hear this woman's voice or i would i would plug in the audio but shit you don't want to hear this ladies voice will just depress the shit out of you at this person has a kid she took it into the fucking tanning booth apparently that's why they arrested her the rest of it for having a kid wants to like mommy and become she looks like an aborigine she looks like she's in the middle of the woods by the way i think aborigines you know how to say that or is it eskimo one of those a new thing you're not allowed to say someone said you're not allowed you can't ask him all eskimos bad it's if there were poor neighborhoods of eskimos you know what i mean then we'd have something to worry about that are there are you kidding me in alaska dude not in la credibly pour in alaska eskimo get ashore no yeah for sure man there's on the poorest people you would think there'd be a custom they just like they did with how much is that try to live like this that's probably racist right yeah you can't say that i doing jokes
in front of sarah palin till you get back in the igloo i mean i can't see how that would be he i lose our you know for primitive people that's why you know they're in their modern in you it's they're living in two thousand and twelve they have the internet they're out there trying to get jobs you know but a lot of them the same problems that american indians do you know new p who came in and took over the land that their family they have been used for generations and generations more equipped for the fucking and then eskimos she wasn't ready for it how badass are there when you think about it some people that survived in a place where it was cold as fuck and they're just walking around walking around for english for real but they still make 'em but they had do they still make him now i mean i'm sure someone if there's bad ass pimp igloos rights based god living caves man i was watching this one thing it was a book that someone about a man who gave who got done with whom he gave up on money have you heard of this dude only intelligent guy let me let me google this real quick but you know they
so this guy is living in a fucking cave he gay run money in like two thousand and three who just said fuck this i don't want to with money anymore i'm just going to live off dumpster living in eating fucking road kill i would rather live in a fucking one bedroom igloo and in a fucking cave to like it even completely retarded they often think about unless it was a snake came from land of the lost remember that's a good cave right what are those animals that because all it was all lit up in there yeah well those costly stacks yeah i would live that that's it you would that's it that's it only the best cave i've ever seen that show is so stupid i believed it yeah this dude on survivalist dot com apparently is an intelligent guy too we just whatever for whatever fucking weird reason he just decided to just give up but that was a gimmick
who is famous now he's getting laid tonight it's a blogger just tell just tell people you live in cave he blogs in the library but he completely gave up on money yeah he's a fucking idiot blood money gets you a soap and it's a way that exchange worth yeah it's it's not perfect is system sucks but what you you tell me you wouldn't want to watch game of thrones you don't want to watch that show you're an asshole what's wrong with think it's fucking amazing it's incredible work of art and it's on hbo get a job so you pay for hbo you dumb fuck you dwelling asshole you missing out on so much cool shit have you ever had beats by doctor dre headphones on have you ever wore those you dummy no are those cool fucking amazing land yeah they're great too and the noise cancel when you're on airplane stood they got that noise cancelling features so all you hear is the sound you get taken away especially if you eat a pot cookie before you get to the airport and you time it perfectly
beats by doctor dre this asshole no money asshole he's never gonna experience that if you've never experienced being way too high in plane listen to some jimi hendrix why you got your eyes closed while you're really freaking out you feel yourself kind of freaking out because you way too high did be hanging around a bunch people you don't know laying down side by side next to some total stranger to in total stranger i could reach over and touch him with my pinky like i have to stay all come look up so that i don't know mover in touch this total stranger maybe we don't know the whole story maybe like his wife fucked his son or something i was like fuck that something horrible yeah we i guess got to be some more to it for you to give up everything going to cave your wife to do some evil shit maybe not maybe it's just it's a fucking dumb dude you know maybe it's just crazy who knows the world is filled with fucking crackpots man is the world is filled with people that think they got
nailed and they found some new righteous course you know or the guy might genuinely like being alone outside who knows you know maybe foraging for food is the only thing that keeps him from being depressed i don't know man there's some people feel like they don't get enough out of living everyday life the way everybody else lives it maybe this guy has some weird sense of danger because he's out live in like with no roof over his head in caves maybe that actually let's give a little spark inside of him i'm just talking shit what do you think what do you think about what there on the internet it could be totally bullshit but it seems like it's real it seems like that all all the presidents are all related how i see one of those well i mean it's not been proven to be a hoax if you should go to snopes dot com right desertion okay if that's real if because on on obama it in on
camera is talking about him being related to dick cheney or what yes oh my god yes on camera an interview they ask him about it did you much of what that david like dude was right they're all really reptilian could you imagine if life really was like a up a comic book movie no obama said on camera he's on camera like on some shown goes yeah that's more of the reptilian side of my brain that would react like that he says shit like that that i'm sure david i guess focus his heads exploding only hear shit like that yeah it it appear it appears are so much evidence in different tv shows and news reports on it news reports that george bush is related to fucking like kings there is a bloodline there is a royal bloodline and it all these guys that are president they are part of the king royal bloodlines
easy is that it's pretty crazy if it's true what if it's true that they're all related and it's all like a royal family and elections are just a big fucking act theater amazing they can pull it off like that it's funny how some people like bryan callen i love him to death but he never believes in conspiracies believes no conspiracies but we're talking about ossama bin laden something he believe there was a conspiracy on the pakistani side and that and had osama bin laden tucked away like near this big military base you know for years we haven't talked to they knew about it but they kept their mouth shut even though there was thirty million dollars bounty on his head i keep leave the pakistanis that there was a seriously on their side but that there was no conspiracy on the american side his his
this vision of it has to always be fox news i love the guy don't get me wrong but it's a it's a fascinating thing how he he has this sort of i mean it's great to have a guy on your side no wonder i wonder if you he pure america do you know if he thinks tower seven fell because of fires yeah he thinks there were fires about it i like that he goes by the popular science reports hearst publications the to do bunked everything all the nine slash eleven things the real the real about nine hundred and eleven the two towers don't freak me out as far as like you know what how how did that pasta we happen we've never seen a full jet airliner slam into a giant building like that before we've never seen it we've never seen
move 'em happen side by side we've never seen buildings there with that tall before not only that we never seen buildings that were that tall and that were made and when were they made the 60s or something when the fuck did they make the world trade centers so long fucking time ago so these gigantic one hundred and ten foot one hundred and ten story how big are those fucking things mean incredibly booty some stories or something just think about how hundreds here is one hundred more than one hundred more than one hundred that just think about how many fucking tax of metal something like that is and what a cunt that is to clean up yeah that's a big conspiracy that it was done because those fucking things are falling apart the constructs company is the one who did it they they flew the planes in because they just didn't want to be response well for what happened when everyone said i did the high wire from power one at tower two he did a higher walked around i can't believe that is that was applying will end is no no it's now the something
on i wire wire wire dude i can't watch that show it illegally he said it all up no one was going to let that shit happen they secretly when they they measured all the shit if i can make it happen how did they get the wiring between two toes it was very complicated those like five people involved imagine that shit how crazy that guys that guy tightrope to cross tower one sort of like one hundred stores or something that guy dude turned it in and it worked i'm pinching my dick either as you say this like my legs i now ok so you said basically we don't know you know the planes could easily cause those skyscrapers but the crazy it is most people most people don't know that there was three towers that went down three forty seven was a forty seven story skyscraper that five
different angles on camera went down like a controlled demolition i mean what does that mean what can i possibly mean they control it takes weeks set up a controlled demo fifteen great engineers and architects are all banning together and they all say that that that was a controlled demo how is that possible why would you demo sky skyscraper the same day those towers went down it doesn't make any sense there's a lot of unanswered questions doesn't fishy ass shit go unfortunate that there is so much fishy ass shit because like when you look into the whole pentagon missile thing it's one of those things to me where someone starts talking to me about it she mentioned it depending on it wasn't a plane it was a missile it depending on just my thanks my automatic instincts are okay this guys kind of crackpot disguised little bit in crazy with the conspiracies i don't know what the fuck it the pentagon you don't either they shut up with a mental they've never really sending the footage i saw the
but if they release it was only like a couple of frames i couldn't tell what the fuck it was he could i don't know maybe it was a plane i don't know what it looks like when you take a picture of a plane that's going five hundred miles an hour a foot off the ground i don't know what the fuck that looks like i don't know but when you find out that they really did have the accounting office is right there and that they really were trying cover up some incredible missing money what was how much money wasn't two point three trillion two point three trillion it was just announced by donald rumsfeld the day before that there was a problem and the two point three trillion essentially been swindled and they were going to get to the bottom of it will off this where you going to get to the bottom of it gets hit by a fucking project style that blows a hole through the side of the building and into the courtyard kills all the accounts that's a readable is married that is one of the greatest all time like if
we wanted to have like conspiracy where there is actual evidence that makes you go what the fuck does could they be this crazy could it be this crazy what happ into that two point three trillion was it ever addressed again and there's you know do you know what was that what happened to that money was it ever addressed again don't who's going to address it but i mean it had to be when you when you even if you have an event like nine hundred and eleven after the dust settles so to speak no pun intended you would think that after awhile people go oh yeah that two point thirty two in what's up with that people know that some scary shit going on people know that whoever pulled that shit off if you try to bust anybody out you're going to die you're going to die so everyone just keeps fucking mouth shut they know is fishy you know and then the crazy thing is that you hear about this bright bart thing what is andrew bright the guy who died really recently is a very controversial journalist character he apparently had some video that he was going to release about barack obama and was
barack obama and there was some video that was released a barack obama giving like some sort of a speech when he was younger when i was in college i think when i was at harvard and just you know it wasn't really that radical at all you know it's like but the word was that he was going to release something that was going to be damaging wild can dude ones up dying right no big deal he wasn't that healthy you look at him he's kind of big fat guy and he probably had some bad karma and you know there's a lot of wild is it going to do is life is ticker might have been who knows right so the guy dies rest in peace and then after he dies his fucking corner dies by poisoning so after his core says that it's natural causes then the corner dies by poisoning and then you go ok what that's why go what is i mean i don't want to believe that the governor
or who the fucking cia or the mussad or anybody decided to kill this journalist and then they paid off his car dinner and then the corner winds of getting poison and killed or they threatened him or they use their influence or whatever the fuck it was but when you hear story that god damn makes ago is anyway checking on this is there who who is looking into that that scene that's a little i would like to sit down with everybody involved in that sort of situation if i was the mayor the governor or whatever whatever the fuck would be the one who would have jurisdiction over something like that i'd like to be the guy who sits down what the fuck is going on here and the pentagon thing they're like if a plane of the like a seven hundred and forty seven a commercial airline hit that there have been lots of planes that went down and what you find is big giant chunks of the fuselage and
suitcases and seats and tennis shoes and legs and body parts every that's what happens when a plane crashes there was none of that shit in the only pictures that they show like the debunker sides they showed pictures but like real tight shots of burned airplay tire and then they show next to it this is what it really looks like it's the same room yeah where is that where did you even take that picture give me a shot from from way back and show me all show me that it's the pentagon while you showing the evidence are pictures up close you don't know well that is a dark room and you're seeing like oh here that says united and the only by the way it would be very easy if the government wanted to release photoshopped images or images of other pieces of wreckage and clear out the how many people really had access to the pentagon at that day if you were running around taking pictures along with a plate that's incredibly restricted so it's not like it was open season for journalists to come and check everything out with campus so whatever
photos they have who the fuck knows what really happened and then there's another photo where it's like you see the lawn and there's a little strip of like american airlines like bitch how show me everything all in one big shot of everything don't show me up gross pay towards the doubletree seven that all of everything up piece of metal up close you are you telling me that that evidence is not evidence they must of like how like really detailed images of every single out if that was an attack they would have detailed images of every single aspect of that thing thank you know one of the main witnesses the check that was the black chick that was on jesse the venter show and they did that she said there was no plane she walked she goes she thought it was the whole time it was a bomb 'cause that was more evidence of any wreckage or zizzers luggage but i wonder what kind of records you would get though you know they have shown they've taken fighter jets and they've remote controlled fly
them remote flew them into gigantic blocks of concrete they like built this huge wall of concrete and they flew jets into it and objects jets just incinerate it's really crazy but i think they're going like way faster and their way smaller you know it's a different experience if you look at nine one one like a detective with an open mind and and you have to know what an open mind a first look at it like a detective would your csi look at all the facts don't just say all those those can there kooks cooks conspiracy nuts that would add a detective you drive right away by the way you've got to realize folks and this is absolutely one hundred percent positive there are people that work for the government that are involved in what's called distance mission and one of the things that they will do and this is a very smart tactic and very clever they will truth with ridiculous bullshit that autumn exactly makes you like a cook so if
if you are if you're reading something and it sounds really good and fascinating and then completely ridiculous at the same time like someone then they throw something about alien bases on the moon and that they have the transcripts of these aliens munich aiding with people like then you ok listen is fucking crazy bitch how many know aliens on the fucking moon communicating with ronald reagan you know what we be talking about but they'll mix the real truth about the cia some real truth about the way things are run and that way it diffuses all those real truths in people's minds you associate that shit with bigfoot and psychics and it's just a bunch of crazy silly think that is a full grown man i don't have time for you know becomes one of those things it's a it's a really clever thing so when you hear a naughty story we hear someone is saying something completely ridiculous but also makes sense at the same time there probably government agents who
knows right i've been accused of being a government agent think that's amazing that's awesome that's how they would do it they would try in me up through the ranks of being a fucking comedian and then get me into cage fighting commentary and then recruit me to save erica from the bad guys imagine what kind of a government agent would i be telling everybody go smoke some weed relax do jujitsu don't be greedy don't be a cunt back to the original question there's a question yeah honey remember how do you fucking how do you feel about every president be related in part of a bloodline it is true what do good enough research if you go to my youtube page and go to my playlist i got a lumen play playlist go to the like the last when i added it last two at some deep shit bad i mean there's the presidents actually telling you he's related by george bush is related to
a bunch of people in politics now i kinda guys like john kerry and he's related to john kerry but the one thing ninth cousins and she really yeah dude i'm telling you and tell unless it's all bullshit i mean it could be all bullshit this could be total huge well i'm going to behind the dot com so let's see what they have to say about you got to see obama singing himself he's related to dick cheney did how crazy is that they're talking about it on a show that's not like cgi shit with a different obama obama s and he's related at dick cheney and then it goes deeper than that george w bush is related to like old kings and and and shit wow this is the other apparently forty four men who were president of the usa are related crazy is that really true that's what i'm
that's what i want to know is this is this bubble she adds of all forty three presidents being related and this is just randomly happen or billions to one huh a billion to one is that now the guys saying billions it's just someone's editorial i believe i don't know if it's right though source okay cnn dot com google illuminati bloodline adore youtube illuminati bloodlines steered and just everything like herman cain related to be able to all related according to this shit most of the presidents are all related are all part of the same bloodline fucking nutty is that it's ridiculous really be true if it's true dude we really are the matrix to really living in a rowdy roddy piper movie totally right that see them or day or whenever he was at it fun movie man haven't seen it but uh one of my students dave callaham was telling about it he said
you need to watch it wow this is so ridiculous finding out more information it's just it's ridiculous it's just hard to believe exactly but when you see obama search obama dick cheney video blood cousins obama cousin dick cheney and then you i'm talking about it this is ridiculous this is really weird man the yeah was i just and he's coming over to take a look at just the different websites to point to that i i i i still call us so you can't say that i don't i don't really know it's true i don't think you should be just something online and spout now if that's true of doing that too many times in the past i've been completely wrong or not i know i know that's why i'm gonna i'm gonna send the send you a link gravy asks what she asks yuri and you had siri says theory yeah sorry donna should see that we see with their best nose
put her to use right now i'm going to find the video photo i'm going to call siri okay here it is i'm going to send you the link i could send it to you and you be able to play it okay what is it i will send it to me how to your email no no i don't have that set up like that what do you want me to play just at the beginning of i want you to hear obama talking about how he's cousins with dictated oh i don't want to hear that but he says it leave it so he somehow or another some distant cousin with dictator but then it gets deeper it's almost like someone someone dug that out and he asked to talk about it he said mitted but it goes deeper they're all related that's what it's saying did everybody is related to george bush is related to obama they're all part of the royal bloodline that goes back to ancient sumer wow yeah this is this is the word that the liberal doc a lipstick rulers it's like a hollywood club right the promoters when the clock when their new club dies just like the eight engines
marriott when the new their eighth cousins mama and dick cheney eighth cousins he has look at type in h w bush because president obama said when they the games in the revelation he goes every family is a black sheep boom son suck it for sure he's fish who the most gangster president of all time he said some gangsta shit like matt damon said that he was disappointed in him and then you know as those presidents press speeches where he does essentially does stand up and he goes hey matt i saw your last movie right back at ya the president said your last movie sucked and you know even crazy crazier is the brad pitt and an dilemma jolly are all in the mix too they're all related to the presidents but did you see jimmy kimmel doing uh a white house speech or doing stand up at the white house and or whatever the it was some new king which is in the audience or bomb was in the audience whatever the fuck official name of the gathering was you start
talking about marijuana legalization and then it's real people care about weed laws is true with and that's who jimmy kimmel yeah i heard about that yeah jimmy kimmel is it was you know it was a really fascinating moment man he's a brave mother fucker for doing that it would end who is annie's got damn right you know and he he did what you're supposed to so if you get an opportunity to do something like that where it's going on television he was respectful but he so funny you know what he was doing stand up and then when he had a point about marijuana he just sits made the point man that real people about these laws and he didn't go crazy with it and didn't go too far with it but he was you know it's fucking true it took bro so crazy is it that marijuana was a conspiracy it still is it still fucking is the most amazing thing in the twenty twelve there's people out there that will list all sorts of negative effects that can have listen folks fucking every if you do can have a negative effect if you get crazy with it were drinking coffee
here coffee can fucking kill you if crazy and you one of those dudes what you want to drink coffee all day just get gacked out of your mind on venti starbucks you can have a fucking heart attack you could like you can stimulate yourself to death people die caffeine overdose that's a that's an actual fairly regular occurrence i think there's something ten thousand people die every year from aspirin and caffeine together combined something along those lines either way point is it's the best signed ever of a corrupt government that this magical plants you know and people showed full compote heard for fucking queer will you merge it what you but you will you fucking baby can't survive without weed those people need weed first of all more than anybody right yeah definitely and second well it's you don't understand what this really is this is a potential life enhancing substance that is just nah actually growing around people and it's been with us for three
dozens of years and we have some sort of a physical symbiotic relationship we actually have now when would receptors in our brain that receive cannabinoids pull from cannabis and and from exercise you can screens are now but once that's considers it i believe that would since you regions humans and not by the way by the way the benefits aren't even psychoactive one of the best ways to use marijuana is to actually eat it to eat the fresh leaves to eat the leaves in the plan it's incredibly healthy for you it zero psychoactive effect 'cause it's the only way you have to smoke in or you step to cook it into an edible form and then eat it but to eat marijuana it doesn't give you the psychedelic effects but what it does do is it really credibly healthy plant it as fuck
load of amino acids it contains a lot of protein hemp seeds are really good for it and they fucking taste good like i like eat hemp seeds all the time like i let emma snacks i'll be sitting there watching tv and i'll have like hemp seed and it's it's incredible amount protein it's really healthy and clean you know and it's illegal it makes the best paper makes the best clothes you can make fucking plywood adam that it's virtually indestructible it's amazing it's lighter than would it grows quicker would it stronger than wood it's an amazing almost an alien being it's all like something that it's not like it's one of the most useful plants on earth of a hide from the psychoactive effects of it when you add psychoactive effects is the number one use multi useful plan on earth most for sure because actually can change people's lives and make people feel better it actually gives you a good feeling like everybody needs that that's like one of the most important things never have
something in our life that gives us a good feeling in our life that makes us a little more humble something in our life that makes us a little more aware something in your life that do a little more appreciative you know these poor fox horrified feel bad for people that don't want people to smoke weed can you know i was i was into at one thousand two hundred and twenty eight so i totally understand where they're coming from i just you know i want to push anybody into it or anything but if i'm just going doing what i'm doing and and and let people know that you know most of the important stuff that i do almost all of that the port and stuff i do medicated with the sacred plant i i feel if i taught a class in i wasn't medicated that that would be cheating out my students i'm way more passionate i'm way more passionate when i teach when i'm stone way more key measure like doing comedy and you don't have a little weed in you you feel like you're not giving you feel like it at eighty five almost sometimes no i'd like to
the silver shows two but i smoke so much weed am i am i ever really sober you know because it's adjusted act even when i'm sober explain music not stoned i can even imagine that okay when i get in my car i got like a when i'm getting when i in my car i just freshly baked on my way to jujitsu man that's when i'm on fire that's when like no my important decisions and ideas come together on my way to jujitsu 'cause i'm so happy that i'm going to show up to a place with a bunch of my boys there and we're going to practice strangling each other and whatever music i got to hear music loud as hell on the way to just to let old man you know like a latest like something i'm just working on or like a new album i just bought like lately man just bassnectar up my ass man that mother fucker is on fire
holy yeah we're supposed to do a podcast with them yeah end of may like eat that morial day weekend he either said monday he's free or that friday so it's up to friday or monday so ok he loves you dude he loves that's why he just wants to hang out and talk i want to hang out and talk to him too he said let's just have a conversation we don't have to record this and like all men don't deprive people of this cool conversation find is a fascinating guy so looking forward to it i am too man credible that's why i keep emailing and going to he's like asking i do this is gonna happen is gonna happen i can't tell you how weird that is for me you know it's what it's weird you know what that down when yeah that celebrity would want to come on the park in the it's it's it's a weird thing that people are trying to do it it's not it's it's amazing it's i couldn't be happier man this is the most like fulfilled like as far as like like what i'm pointing out like the most fulfilled i've ever felt people
like she she just what he doesn't want to talk about music is like dude i just want to run a disk on my end user might want to talk about music too you know and what your whatever you know i i love when people say that like you know i'm going to mac dancing on the podcast i really like mac dans i've been meaning to contact him so he'll hear about this will reach out to him he's a fascinating to me really interesting guy he's a vegan and you know he's and he does it for free because of animal rights like the way he feels about pets and animals and factory farming and but interesting is is all the talk about anything but i'm a may is like a they they have about all you can imagine how these ufc fighters they must be so sick and tired talking about fights and especially have to train twice a day six days a week and i just want to say this to all my ten heads i apologize
for every interview i do where i'm just repeating myself i know like my hardcore fans are like oh he's going to use that analogy again that fucking story again you know what i mean i just answer the questions they give to me i i know i could be repetitive i apologize but you gotta understand there's always new guys just getting into it getting into ten and then i got to go back and give the history again and i don't talk but the music you know that you know there's a lot people out there he goes to the music again i'm sorry but i gotta talk about the music no it's just i just want to let people know that 'cause the if i buy her someone saying someone that guy fucking just as the same shit over and over that would make me feel good you know but it's a part of the whole thing if you're going to you gotta realize that every time you talk it's probably gonna be the first time a fuck load of people here you and if there is an important thing that you have to
now important party of philosophy an important part of what how you got to where you have to say it yeah unfortunately the t become like marilyn manson yeah i'm like super dope fail totally totally but you like a motion i'm always going to pump the music that always got to smoke seven shirt on a smoke shipments evans plant this saturday for my birthday i might know where is that it moved right yeah moved to dim mock studios manta way better place where is way better place it's in hollywood on one thousand six hundred and forty three cosmo it's a half blocks s of hollywood blvd it's an awesome place dj aoki that's his place is called mark this is dj okay yeah like she knew she had she shoots famous dj hughes one million followers that kind of famous d js they become famous without me even knowing they exist so then i find them when they have like a five hundred million youtube views like i'll go the look at one of their videos youtube i'm like what
it has one hundred million views what the fuck how did i miss this whiz right by me yeah he's huge many owns that place it's going to be my birthday celebration my birthday is actually may fifteen but that's on a tuesday can't have a party on tuesday so it's me and my girlfriend actually out of our birthdays two days apart we're gonna celebrate it dual thing saturday night everybody is welcome no conflict up right there everyone's welcome no said you said the two crazy things you could ever say on the air what everything's every he is welcome and it'll cover now i want it to be packed it so it's going to be packed i wanted to be packed we go on at one thousand o'clock so get there early free is going to get crazy crowded i hope hello yeah so nuts and if you don't know it my band sounds like you've gone itunes and as i tune smoke sir ben i got two songs on itunes tunes jitsu is one song and dropped is another song there's a video for two as well you could find that on youtube smoke print this saturday my birthday
the ones where you get out you know that b j j j expo is this saturday day that's when the d s probably the steamer go at it they you could go watch that just remember the after party is at dymocks studios on saturday so it's going to be crazy you're going to have a bunch of people with that's an a t shirts squad cat beautiful beautiful also my rapper one of my rappers is is name is compelling as name is eric cruz he is one of my brown belt he's awesome and he's an amazing rapper and he's really good at jujitsu too he's he's one of my best friends i love him to death man he actually fight mma he's fighting may only if it's on a sunday may 20th at nokia center is one slash the amateur fight he's undefeated as an amateur there's a show called university of mma it's just a bad ass amateur card like three or four slash ten
fighters are fighting and he's one of the things i've eric cruz he wraps smoke serpent may 20th nokia center guitar sunday so you don't have to worry about missing strikeforce things strike forces the day before and it's the debut all on that amateur show the first three fights be combat you too it's a sport that i started with alta via he runs the anime combat digits at brand new sport it's going to take people really kind of scared to do it that they really don't know what to think of it but really combat you did is it right in the middle between anime and just straight grappling it's in between that was a big hole it's jujitsu with punches on the ground when you're standing it's just wrestling but as soon as one person is on the ground you can start punching so it's you can either look at it as you know
look at it from the mma world it's mma i quite can't they're they're too scared to strike standing you could look at it is super tangy mma but if you're coming from the the ju jitsu side eight six strangers imagine watching abu dhabi and they allowed punches on the ground how brutal and exciting that would be you know it it's it's all your perspective and it's gonna you know since we're piggy backing on the university of mma show you know it's the first three fights were opening up the show we're just getting into a just we just got it sanction we're just starting it we're just testing it out ultimately combat jujitsu doesn't look good in a cage it doesn't it it looks better like professional submission league rico chip rallies old that show that that hicks gracie turn it which is it's like blood sport just a flat map just like abu dhabi a big flat matte that we're combat jiu is going to shine it's going to take a
i'm not going to be able to elbow each other elbows of the body is basically amateur mma rules on the ground you could punch to the face no elbow to the same wish they would find a way to pad elbows you know the real problem with both in my opinion is not them as a blow alike elbows there bad ass but then you know that the progress and you'd have to like but you'd have to pad shins too it's really kind of they become silly but i keep thinking said elbows are so pointy there so good at cutting people oh do you i fucking alan belcher's get elbows in our belchers holy shit shit if you didn't see that fighting sorry spoiler alert shut this off real quick if you dvr this and you haven't seen it yet you get three seconds two lines monday to fuck damn fuck them it's monday dude it's on fox watch that shit to alan belcher he went he played footsies with paul harris i could now you can play for did you calling it a little you i think maybe your what you at a bad angle because you work at in the beginning you looked
you from where you were were watching if you watch it again watch a commentary it looked like you thought they were going for leg locks but right away right from the get go he pulled right into the truck it was like what i meant by he's on the ground while pahar is attempting leg locks that's playing footsie is in my opinion about when you're caught in the truck the ds and have any leg locks on you well he did try a few no there's no like role he didn't roll a couple times for the only when it when he started attacking his legs that's when he spun out of the truck and started when he got away that's when he went after the the leg locks but while the truck he was lost you know what he was doing was just defending that was no leglock you look so confident was were almost weird she was almost like i believe that i mean i mean paul harris like when he got to down what is this going today in the ground he didn't even take him down pohara our shot took on budget down yes he took a hard shot to gallo beltre down and then
not sure at least in and and rolled and got that because he got to settle with your head on the outside right which is he could alan belcher could to is back at that point but he decided to go to the truck instead it was so crazy to watch and for people who don't know this is unbelievably rared position in mma super common around tenth planet in jujitsu but really rare fact so rare that only one guy was ever submitted with a twister in the ufc and that is the korean zombie chan sung jung submitted leonard garcia with it but there was no battle from the truck with korean zombie went from being an leonards back right directly into the twister there was no battle from the truck that again like by the way the truck for folks who don't know what the fuck you're talking about it's a position where you one leg tide up of your opponent both of your legs like rob is back but you're at a at a perpendicular angle yeah and you're you have like us with essentially a lock down from underneath of this guy's leg
so you got his leg completely stiffened out and you're sort of controlling and when that it's a it's a it's a great position that a lot of people don't sort of capital is on and it was a rare moment on cbs or excuse me on not fox i see cbs ownership fox can be met it's a rare moment up is because i was trying to correct my earlier mistake about jake shields submitting nick to thompson 'cause it was an elite xe not strong forrest i kept it in the back of my head all this time fox so he's on fox when when he did it when he went to that position man i was like i can't even believe personal could believe he's believe someone the best on underground they said it was like a dude wrestling with an alligator and kicking his ass
what the he's gonna rip your arm of your reply it really was like that but then also he was like kicking the alligators yeah with a phrase and then he escaped the truck out like a minute he escaped and he's denny started attacking alan belcher's legs yeah and your dog does his leg locks are so scary your commentary have you heard it yeah he went back no no did you got a listener commentary you you're like alan belcher's mother you're so you're so worried about him but i should tell people i've had three knee operations so in any guy like paul harris is going for he look i fucking panic i feel it i feel that shit no doubt infiltrated go run spin out you can make it was curious passionate about it you are so worried about his alan belcher's a friend of ours he's been to legends a couple of times and by the way eddie and i actually had a conversation about this fight before and we were like anything from happening that fight and like look i
i love watching paris crush dudes but i love belcher too i'm just hoping to see a good experience so i'm hoping to see a good fight i never would have predicted that it would well like that were alan belcher would so comfortable on the ground with him yeah he blended broadened dean mister daniel more i level jujitsu players and especially mr because he's always been known on the west coast is a leglock massey semitic kakariko he won the absolute number down yes it is ours straight leg locks go man the list was tough to beat the super techno top five yeah super super technical so he is so alan belcher being the smart guy that he is he you know he's fighting powers shit you better bring in someone like that you better bring in fucking josh barnett you better bring in dudes that ripped legs off on the daily alan belcher has a very high degree of don't give a fuck to come about you can fight man
i have so much confidence just throw yourself and that guy like in a in a ground war in and come out on time and it stands guard beat the out of him from his world yeah that that's the first time i ever had a conversation with alan belcher he be the shit out of somebody and i'd never talked him before and i'm pretty sure you know all those you have is eight straight years of ufc's i got them all mixed up but i'm pretty sure it was in london or something like that it was at an after party at the bar he passed pass by me and we kind of like caught eyes and we never talk to each other for and then i their eyes locked and i say say something romantic like the notebook is like it was a good like an awkward thing in the beginning 'cause he really didn't say much i did on the talk and i just said dude i mean i watch fucking fight i work for the show i never seen anybody with fire like he has this fire inside of his fearlessness and that's what i notice for alan like way back that he's sophie clearly he doesn't give a fuck you know and at that point you know
was it known as the greatest striker in the world any any definitely wasn't known as the ultimate simitian guy he is a well rounded guy who was probably best at striking and man with that fearlessness for me i just thought man if he just got really good at you chip to block and then you add that fearlessness on top of it he up yeah that guy on the ground yeah that is so crazy who's so crazy to watch yeah and stand up is nasty duke roufus is such a good trainer man do griffis is so technical yeah you know like i've i've worked out with him a few times now and when you work out with a guy any sort of explains his philosophy for teaching this why you doing that very few guys you could do it as good as duke does and he just he just so really good guy two and all of his guys like girl though like alan delight there cool guys you know it trickles down from the top of fearless can you know what i broke down that i don't know if you've seen this i released it earlier morning i did a video
breakdown technical breakdown of what exactly what alan belcher went in the truck i really did into the leg locks much or anything but you go youtube and just tuck punch in eddie bravo breaks down alan belcher's twister attempts or whatever if you're interested knowing exactly how it went down i broke it down man so it's out there on youtube i just released it today so anyways what about pat very and lavar johnson holy geez that was scary man that was scary that was scary that guy hits fucking hard first couldn't believe that pat merrick not only got him down but mountain am then huh over the side control i was like woah what's going on here man i was like what if we see pat barry fucking sp samurai or some shit what do we see pat barry do the ninja and take his back you imagine if pat barry just got like wicked good at submitting guys in the ground he's a strong mother fucker do i bury strong as shit when christian more
i have to have him down his last fight that that's a big do that more craft he's a big mother fuck and he had buried down various gave got back up to his feet it got away from a submission escaping up back up to his feet he never used to be able to do that before but he got fucking caught against that cage with that big levar the answer man like i hit so hard he you know jojo ideas yes he said he was like oh no it wasn't show deals with tommy junior tommy junior said about he's like he's like old school earnie shavers the ways throwing these bombs i mean he's just a power puncher man yeah i was that was ugly to watch man pat berry such a nice guy you know it's he was tommy morrison beating number that short remarks yeah yeah you want to google an awesome boxing match tommy tommy morrison versus rey mercer that's one of most brutal beatings ever have you seen tommy morrison now he is hiv right do you haven't
shit you haven't seen tommy marks what is he really skinny oh my god dude you wouldn't even believe it first of all he looks like like he's like they just grab them from under a image pulled the needle out of his arm and just washed down and put it in front of the camera i mean he couldn't look any more unhealthy wow and it's it's so sad to listen to him talk because you know at one point in time you know you go back to it when he was rocky did he was a movie star this fucking guy with sylvester stallone in a movie and he plays tommy gun he's out there knocking people he's a fucking star the movie next to sylvester stallone then tommy nelson all i remember is movie was so bad that when they do rocky marathons they always leave part five hour did you notice that they never get the five how it's almost like it wasn't how he did rocky 6in rocky said out of his fucking fat
this fucking money what are you looking for looking for tommy morrison interview you just have to shit yeah it doesn't even doesn't even look real man it doesn't even look real it's it's it's scary nobody was more nervous than him fighting that was always his something he had overcome for every one of his fights like they talk about her in interviews like the pre fight stuff is will how nervous willie b and will it have how will it affect his cardio right ship right yeah he would that poor guy man and he always had a hard time left hook left hook heavyweight he was the last great white heavyweight not including the europeans i don't call them regular wides a regular white i'm talking about like west electrical which goes the clip cause i don't count russian data one of the armenian or something
there a no there no the russian gresham why do i want to say i don't know why don't count rainy and i want to say ukrainian i might be wrong i guess that's why does fuck huh yeah i would say that's why this far why people man that's alright yeah american whites and say that the last great american white heavyweight was tommy morrison right yeah there wasn't anybody else gerry cooney just gerry cooney before him and tex cobb before him and that's it i remember when i was in high school i wanted gerry cooney to beat larry holmes just 'cause he was white 'cause i couldn't believe this when i was fighting i couldn't believe how bad white dudes we get their asses kicked was like i was always rooting for white guys like bobby chcesz considered for love bobby chess because he was super intelligent was a member of mensa no one by the church just to i don't know why by which has stopped doing boxing commentary he was my all time favorite he's got he was my favorite i love it because first of all he was the real deal is a animal
bobby bobby chances are what about vinnie pazzi enza when sound was me ladies and gentlemen he fought roy jones junior sound member he didn't touch him he went a whole round without touching roy jones yeah see if works i think it should work should do you hear that yeah that this is i'm going to show this is a really recent tommy morrison shit can you hear that i get here is going to be the headphones on it really coming into the headphones mountain should be kiss it was working then stopped
looks like little kids father on a freddy got fingered the little kid i was get up his father somebody here it was a stay at home mom so i had to quit school and going out of school for years you know when i was a senior in high school one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight and my mother wanted to fight the kansas city gold gloves with dan were exactly the same age i graduated in eighty eight two and once i started getting into that you know that it will mine said take care was totally focused on it and any other fighting in what i love you know i'm five dropped i had when i was put here to do whatever it takes here to win that's that's what i mean
you did what the fuck man wow he looks like he's sixty five it's incredible i feel bad he's forty two years old tattooed at one point in time first of all must have been getting just train load pussy must have been just stopping off at his house yeah he's a first first guy ever to get hiv from straight sex who knows i mean the other dude must just wore his deck out and then he went crazy and got like chest implants have you seen that yeah he for folks who don't know just google that and take a look at that want to see what's really crazy guy got implants in his chest this thing is making noise here the guy got implants like like stripper and plans to make his boobs bigger if that's if that's a sure sign of you losing your fucking marbles yeah someone
used to put your sign go dude what do you what do you smoke and what's going on here man you know what i'm going to do boob job there meriones ing my duty to just gain ground sexy enough that pep up my titties tired of doing just got tired of it's hard to bench kept a lot of other muscles by the biggest niranjana materis probably just missed having full tits having manly so i got really big you think girls that there be some girls that are into fake boobies i like think next i don't think a man is allowed to pull off fake shit so white girls could wear wigs girl square hair weaves and fake eyelashes and they can have fake teeth they're going to everything doesn't as long as it good lungs looks good mean i did a bit in my recent special about how fake tits confused a lot of people 'cause everyone knows that their fake there's no confusion whatsoever that they're fake is the worst trick ever
this is a trick that everybody knows is an incision there's a bag of water they stuffed inside and stretched the skin out and stitched it up and we don't care we do you like it i like to make some stick out like that's shape that is so primitive it's so primally satisfying when a girl has great body and a girl has nice tits and they do not have to be big you know i don't i don't doesn't i mean i like small to it's it doesn't doesn't bother me at all as long as she has a nice body like a girl with a nice like it so much more important than than fake boobs when i take a shower my girlfriend's text actions are all in the shower and i don't give a shit care i call it britney but you bye imagine if you had hair extensions oman and she but it's like you ever got in a fight with the checks will call you on it how about
some level you're not insecure about your fucking hair extensions huh how much celebrities that wear toupees and everyone knows it's to pay and they just can't stop yeah like burt reynolds like here hill i joke about it i don't think he can do anything i think burt reynolds at this point where it's become like a joan rivers sort of a thing where it says this is off the tracks and into the woods not it's got to the point where like he's crazy he's constantly getting his face like pulled back and he's ever see kenny rogers back as you got to know when the whole but he was old in the seven room and the food well he got a lot of crazy plastic surgery did now it doesn't even look like himself anymore it looks like a totally different human being yeah norman so that's a weird thing he got a you got to let it go when your face starts falling apart you take up fishing price of a hobby man you know it take it from me i guy who had hair transplants
you know the one of the dumbest things i ever did i thought i was going able to fix my hair loss with surgery now considering the fact that it leaves us big chunk of meat scar in the back your head you know they take right here moved up here up here it's ridiculous i scars you for life like you can never make that decision go away the in this is a killer that right well you know what i guess there's that he has three checks in a pool we've got a full head of hair you can work for some people so for some people it's good if it was good for me for a while but the problem is like i i do a joke about it saying that it's like moving a bunch of really help people into a neighborhood where everybody's dying so that's what it's really like all the other hair starts falling out to like it's destined most of its destined to fall out like have most people in my family and my mom to the like kind of happy football that fall over your little bit ball that it's going it's gonna go it's gonna go so if you patch of the spots where it's gone find a little bit and then you look
pretty good for a couple years and then the other spot start falling off and then we gonna going to gonna going to keep they're asal do it after we now becomes embarrassing it becomes stupid it becomes like a little trap that you've false like force yourself into i go to this trap go take care of this gross air now i gotta figure out how to fuck make it look like there's more of it than it is yeah i should be totally bald by now you say that ma'am but you know i i so i think you're wrong i think i miss is seattle i stopped it man i stay i was so worried about my haircut growing up had long hair and those back with long hair got you mad pussy and it was everything to me i would have nightmares about having short hair and nine ten so funny i'll never forget my aunt my aunt i have nightmares of having short hair i just have nightmares of what i met eddie he used to wear like him to wrap at easter houston to judges who would like his his hair would be like tied up in some scuba diving outfit yeah usually right i used to tie it i use the term my
we go down my way so i would like double up the pony ponytail and then i used where just a bandana bro like fucking axel rose and then i would put ear guards over just to hold the bandana and plays people thought i was worried about my ears i really wasn't learn about myers i just needed something to hold the bandana up keep your hair in place yeah then some guy down in that when the machado's were down in redondo beach some surfer dude goes bro man you should just wear divers hood man i could diver son jacques cousteau algorithm so you know exactly still puts on a mask and other shit that's all around and said i ended up going to a surf shop this do told me where i went to serve shop bought a diverse and i could a scuba store bought a divers hood and i would wear the divers it on its own and grappling because it did hold on my shit together that would look fucking ridiculous but with a big ass you're going to biggest ones do never maroon giant your so the people really didn't notice that i was wearing scuba gear and and i competed with that mother
people still come out to these things do not remember seeing you at an old joe morale returning it man use the use the duties to what the scuba gear so it's basically a rash guard helmet sort of a thing yeah yeah it's kind of dope yeah that's the problem with all the scrapes and scratches and shit you get that's where you could possibly get ringworm and staff i like i've been wearing tights lately and that you feel a dancer out there you feel something funny about a man wearing tights but i got i should really quick what's wrong with the pants man i like you can i think the protection with the tights you know i think it's skin tight everywhere we just like to show off your markham uglier legs that's why i like i like just walked over my big hams let everybody know what the fuck is up yeah man when all my uncles went bald like in their 30s and my aunts knew how much my hair meant to me and my i'll never forget my ipad he goes oh we're all
now lose our hair plus were born with a ridiculous large forehead like all my aunt isn't there losing their hair because they have a giant forehead so were born with giant foreheads and i want my aunt patty i was nineteen hair longer than a mother fucker in the height of metal the height of metal my app he goes he's losing his hair read it on you could be all sad when you go bald and i'm not good so right away bitch right away i might fuck but that was good because because that motivate we need to go get some rogaine and back then you need a prescription to get rogaine i had to go to a doctor that doctor that you're nineteen years old do it in there i'm like you know what i mean early can i just verify to losing my hair i've been on rogaine since i was nineteen so you jumped on it way before whatever kicked in the help do you see when you take in the probation everything while i took i took rogaine from nineteen to thirty and when i was thirty in two thousand that's when they and propecia came out and then i switched to propecia from thirty to forty
use rogaine at all in my thirties was just a pill everyday i take a pill it was beautiful kick keeps undo there's it works right should be bald by now i really should be i'm lucky i have there i as i've been diligent about just like vitamins try to hold on to my youth my whole life i'm holding on to the youth and and you know at in forty i decided to go back to row game because i just thought you know what i'm taking a pill every god damn day who knows i could i could easily they actually think it provide from it it can help prevent prostate cancer but who knows what it does and the other end yeah i did i don't like taking it because when i was taking it it was fucking with my libido i didn't even realize it was until i got off of it till i ran out of it i'm also now have these just monster boners all the time and i was like what is going on everybody's doing you know they say it only effects a certain percentage of people i know other people that have had the same problem and i know other people actually say that it made him hornier i don't know what the fuck that's all about but it's
you know blocks dht and apparently dht is necessary for something something for action something athletic function something i don't know yeah man i don't know swanee though the whole situation is funny the they're just clinging to you you know it's funny you're open about it you need to talk about a really openly like hey man i'm just trying to clean teeth but for a lot of people it's like a really shallow thing to say like i know a lot of people who can themselves very well educated and they they consider themselves to be pretty astute their understanding of how other people see them and so they avoid saying shaped like that they have saying she like i'm just trying to hold on to my you they don't want to admit that because of the frivolous thing it's not a not thing for a serious man to consider but the reality is nobody likes it in it nobody nobody well the reality is death it feels good to look
good anybody that says that it doesn't feel good to look good their full of shit if it feels good to look good i'm just trying to feel good as much as possible like feeling good yeah you want your body to work well to the difference between you and a lot of other peoples here all using your body for ju jitsu so because of that your body like a race car mean we've these conversations before we talk about lifting when when you concentrate on a rigorous strength and conditioning program you decide what kind of engine your race car has if you're one of those mother fuckers like was that dudes name to train at your place the wrestlers eric really strong guy fucks his name number four in the nation that got bradley eric bradley dude i remember doing drills with this guy and we were doing neon stomach drills and this motherfucker uh i got a pretty with dion stomach i can hold some dudes down this mother fucker launched me through the air like like he had like ridiculously physical strength ridiculous physical strength and when you
about it was like he he would never miss his lift mean he was talking about it so okay i got get my left in i miss my left it was all like i don't know what the exact the lift was but it was very basically like a series of strength and conditioning was like clean and press or something like that with a lot of those like you see the randy cotorra set that he does know randy is a fascinating one 'cause randy does it all with real light weights he does it with like a barbell a big barbell with like a forty five on it's not even not even yeah like a twenty five on each side yeah did anybody doesn't stop i mean it's it's a family of exercise is a load of reps anw he says what that does is really much more mimics fighting then full blast bench presses and full blast squats and it's more for a muscular during its a mother dude i tried it once it's a mother fought a full body stuff yeah lot of four bucks a lotta lunges lot of bent over rows all sorts of different shitty day it's like a it's a whole series randy has am online you know what's really made
difference in my left stood i loved open squads way more now than ever because of these shoes this is live most to shoes eddie eddie bravo wears to just put your dirty foot on my mug now i gotta disagree yeah but it's in my now someone's going to drink out of it out of my house uh did these vibram shoes are the best don't drink that spot we just touched your dirty feet on it man dude i can't believe it did that damage doing squats with these things are the feel so good yeah steve maxwell got me and we're gonna barefoot i do all my lips and barefoot now house yeah what do you think about the shoes really loves yeah he likes us he's a big advocate of a flat minimalist shoes yeah i've got a there's a box right over there with a another pair of they're they're not toe shoes but their minimalist shoes yeah i think for lifting weights and for training to the best now the top who's a lot of the people are weird like they don't like wearing me look stupid it looks silly but uh i think if you could get him and they fit right
we had a hard time getting some of the toes in but once i got him in man it's pretty god damn comfortable and you really do feel your toes working as individual units which doesn't happen when it's like one big thick sneaker in a big thick sneaker it's like trying so like if you put sneakers on your hands ok and then try to do bench press with it how how good would that be it would he's so good you wouldn't really have that kind of a good control and your group in the ground with your toes so huge i love i love walking now just walking is awesome i'm serious we all get over in a month or so i really enjoy the shoes so much changing the way i just function every day and i saw some boot versions they were like like it like hobbit feet it was on tim ferriss is twitter somebody had tweeted it it's like uh the same company that does it what is the company that makes your vibram yeah there vibram's but it's like a boot like attack and leather boots like you could wear like i guess you
be allowed to wear that and go out to eat in a nice restaurant in would be a shoo they gotta make some cool looking dressy ones like we're talking about early put some make make fur on top of it or something of diamonds or something like that make it evil fake she wants band there's something weird about someone walking towards you and you could see their toes movement it's like for a guy like flip flops weird enough right you're out there showing your toes hanging around flip flopping with people when you wear and it's like you're out like a nice restaurant and a guy can see your toes move the something about like our idea of what it is to go out where that doesn't agree with us you know you doing you trying to get attention with your silly shoes you mother fucker why can't you wear regular shoes like a regular person why you gotta be the one guy who stands out you silly bitch people talk shit on issues like my girlfriend didn't want
like i wanted to be a lot of him for a year and she's she's like fucking know she would bring it up to a friends and they would laugh at me all you want to get those shoes no shoes are ridiculous and then finally finally i told her either i'm going to get him then he probably you need to get done with the fanny pack that we need to get down with i travel with a fannypack son i travel strong i gotta new to my pocket son it's so much better i put my money i got my cell phone all my bullshit too little zipper pockets chapstick in their boom sha la clock boom come on man i leave little i have headphones i have my little headphones or beats little tiny ones i keep those in the ear buds is down to listen to music if i'm stuck anywhere if i'm traveling i don't go anywhere without that fucking fanny pack yeah plane ticket wears a girlfriend practical i'd like to add as did you just you gotta you gotta step up and and claim it back i take it
back how was due to carry the man purse for awhile i remember used to bring around your c ds everywhere you brought him everywhere you never wanted to be in a situation where you wanted to give some anyone you didn't didn't have one on yeah yeah always pass now fuck cds you gotta the trees now is an amazing cds just solid media is almost useless it's on its way out like i go to border books you know look around they always have like a back section where they sell movies in cd's and shit i look you know i think it's funny you know the cd section just keeps getting smaller and smaller you go to best buy it just getting smaller and smaller and we're going to be all living in the cloud dude simply me a virtual bookstore in the future right like a another thing that you walk around and you just pick up the books well it's sort of is there now if you have a kindle or if you have one of those i pads with the the i book application you just go to school i took the book right now i'm paying downloads images and all i found about marilyn manson came out with a new album couple days ago and just i just buy on
instantly freezing i have my phone my phone on me at all times can you buy with 3g or do you have to be connected to the internet i i buy all my shit on three jay really so you can download the whole album on 3g while you know those those cards they sell you those internet cards and they have a certain amount of bandwidth i downloaded one movie off itunes and they sent me a message saying i used up like fifty percent of my bandwidth find one movie reel that much bandwidth do i get you assholes that was hardly any more bandwidth mean how big is a movie when you get a movie on itunes buy movies on itunes how big can it be though i mean i would guess big few gig i'm not i'm still not sure what gig is a gb one thousand megabytes i know it stands for i know but i don't know how big that is yeah
gig is like like if you have a big ass photo of a very very high resolution photo maybe it could be one gig like i like a good size porno film that could save on your hard drive it's a navy my file and you can watch it for like fifteen minutes maybe twenty gig if it's really i really breaking down porn games but it's all depends on the codec so the thing about there's there's a lot of different standards when it comes to a b eyes and pigs and movie files flat which files there's a lot of different things i mean we live in incredible time and there's a lot of parallel f lucien of different sort of file formats for videos you know it's it's pretty red and blu rays you know he can't play brook blu ray on your laptop a blu rays this shit when it comes like high definition you know you watched you get a blu ray player at home ever watched that's on my playstation i think yeah there you go yeah isn't it incredible mean how incredible place actually comes with a blue ray player and you watch list i mean look
notepad ass movies like avatar and blu ray like god stunning you can't tell me that doesn't feel good like that that's all that lives in the caves that guy who gave up on money and you don't get to experience avatar douche bag you don't have to experience it we need money for that james it is not going to work for fucking food okay for guys going create some avatar he wants to live in a castle onedrive a private jet you know you gotta pay a guy like james cameron and make a fucking movie like that and you i'm going to get to see that while you're eating beans out of a can you think underneath the bridge you think dictator is going to be good no it doesn't look that great there's only good and i keep hearing it's terrible oh really unfortunately i am a huge ali fan this is how israeli analogy fan i am i bought and a different dvd player does the dvd player that i bought would play dvds from the uk because there's two different regions and apparently like it used to be cheap dvd players were all region like a cheap one like a really expensive one would only be you can only play am
can dvds on it but cheap for some reason some of them they had like all regions and it eventually the phase that shit out i think i don't think you can get regions anymore i might be wrong but point is i bought a special dvd player just for european video so i could watch the ali g show and i got a mall off the amazon website the uk amazon amazon at co dot uk they have their own version of emma and a bunch of different shit like all these lg episodes that i never show salt like allergies movie who was that movie allergy in the house do that movie is fucking brilliant you and i remember you and i watched it we got baked as fuck it we watch ali g in the house and i got this dvd player specifically to watch ali g but when i watched the ad for them i mean i could be wrong but i watch the addams like whoa what happened here like this looks like a mess i see there is a chance like maybe
holding all the good stuff to cook because bruno and borat were fucking brilliant brilliant gene i've seen bruno probably one hundred times more i was so god damn good he's so good man he so hilarious when he's on but you know everybody has fuckups i don't this is gonna be one but i keep hearing bad thanks a relic yeah i keep hearing the delay and then re shooting things and try to thanks damn i hope i hope i'm wrong but it could be also that people like freddy got fingered they don't get it yeah you know a friend of fingered you and i both agrees whole areas yeah crazy in particular movie but a lot of people do didn't get it they didn't like it they didn't want to go with it you know it's a trip when we talked about got fingered last time i was on the show tom green my accepting it tweet so it's kind of like holy shit i worshipped tom and back when he was doing when he was doing just the small time shit on empty if you ever met him
i met him once when you did that his show at his house we had the house elves that was fun man yeah does he still do it there i don't know if you do i don't know i got a i got a call that do get a my my podcasts are you on his or whatever i did his two heated wanted kevin smith's place the smart cast place in hollywood yeah he's a great guy he's going to be out at the canyon club zone yeah man i all his early shit i worship tom green here love and stand up now really is getting into it he did he's a stand up he's just stand up over the country over the world wow yeah i watch videos of him keep gas in australia you dude he's gonna do it great great well he's a funny guy meryl yeah and he just you know just for a long time just didn't do stand up and then he just i remember talking like i'm really getting into this you understand up who's really excited about it i was like something new to him it was all his he had sort he was one of the first guys to really branch out on the internet and do his own shit
with his show the tom green show live at the internet was really one of the first guys and then i think he just decided you know what man why the fuck i sit around waiting for someone to give me a shout when i know i'm funny i know i'm weird but i'm what i'm gonna do i'm gonna wait for someone to make something happen let me go make something happen i love that i just love he did that i respect that so much tom green is to put dog on a mike and just just see how people stupid were stupid people work the street when they see a camera in a guy come up to him with the mic there so thrilled about being on tv they don't not believe it's bullshit they see the shit right in front of their face literally right up a dog shit on a mic and start talking to people and interviewing people and they'll smell it they'll look at it and still continue with the interview hoping just not even thinking that they're being goofed on they don't want to believe that should they want to believe that they're really on tv and it's real crazy shit he was an innovator as far as
like really ridiculous shit he was very original with his this whole show fucking that dead moose on the side of the highway pulls over super he was ridiculous and over in a nice fucking dime and tom green is a nice fucking guy i always enjoy being around that guy just a really good dude to be around he's fun and in this world of weirdos that you mean now you can meet some people that are images that are just fucking crazier weirder not sore too much you can take some of the twenty two eagles trick or whatever it is when you meet like everlast you might actually mean a guy who could just hang out it's just regular dude man or a guy like tom range just a regular dude you know so we're so lucky being exposed out here and especially and like a podcast you're exposed to so many really extraordinary people so many interesting people we think all the mean from the fringe out from alex jones you know fascinating to michael rupert
fascinating guide alex jones on the on the spot can now but we're going to work it out because there was a there was a mistake and i actually alex an apology there's a company all bent pixels and bent pixels is there they put ads on peoples videos yeah party yeah marty cordova who's a good friend of mine and a good friend of dana white's and a great guy and we were working weather doing this on videos but unfortunately some videos were claimed just videos of my stand up they have like an algorithm in the algorithm goes and looks for your name so when it goes out and looks for you name it doesn't necessarily get something that you own it could be like joe rogan on the alex jones show all this algorithm grabs that thinking that there's a copyright claim to be made if you could put an ad on that video where you can put it on the video 'cause it's me on a guest alex jones show so only release the nodes a mistake and they are trying to correct in apologize for everything but it's a sloppy algorithm
now i'm sure they're upset about it and uh unfortunately they're trying to rip anybody off then just certainly not trying to claim copy for me on stuff that's not my stuff they're trying to do is like you know there's a lot of people that put your stand up online there's a lot my videos are online other people's videos as well and there's ads on those videos and these these videos are other people sites so other people are getting like like i've clicked on like a link of my that was one of my heckler videos and i watched an ad that somebody else put up on my video unlike on of me unlike that solarius like this guys making money and i look down is like thousands and thousands of years i don't have how many huh one thousand views this fucking video got but i like how crazy is that this guy whatever and add page i don't know what it pays you but this guys making money from my video that's kind of crazy bullshit so when marty confronted me about the or offered me rather this and discussed it with me i shouldn't say confronted 'cause it sounds like hostile doesn't confront it presented presented the proper word
party presented to me i certainly did not have any intention of it connecting itself an and because a lot of people complaining about it but most people understand this a mistake it's an algorithm and they're not trying to be sleazy no fix everything and i'm sorry but mother fucker got bills trying to paid try to keep the money rolling in dogs it's hard to make money off the internet right yeah it's hard it's hard to make money off the internet yeah it's very hard to sit with that that's the thing that was trying to my sometimes like they try to monetize podcasts like this lazy people have like clubs you can join like the the ip program and you get a free podcast every week and extra podcasts in a t shirt this set of that and trying to figure out how you get i want to spend x amount of money you know like a lot of dudes like kevin smith they were asked him for ad free shit like a lot of people were asking add free shit so he decided to make he's got like two versions his regular podcast completely free but you get a
so a few ads you know they gotta pay the bills and then he has a membership offer where you could get that the noad version pay like five bucks a month or something yeah yeah that's totally reasonable you know and you'd want to support it if you really did enjoy it it's not as long as it's like five bucks a month you know it's like nothing like my comedy special that i'm gonna release online that's gonna be five bucks and it has to be five or for spoke with louis ck the first got to do it and make this a popular choice he charge five dollars so you can charge more than the innovator and now he's the fair in the right way to do it he did it perfect and you got to follow his lead you in charge anymore than that so i think i think there's nothing wrong with what you know anybody is doing by ask for some sort of a membership feed just to just to work off some of the bills you know there's a a lot of people that would be happy to pay five bucks to listen to adam carola every month i mean it's a part of their daily grind mean for what costs a couple cups of coffee
month you know i mean i don't know how much she charges but adam has some sort of a u stream thing but for a lot of people man i love that show adam corolla show is super fucking popular that's a he's a big part of a lot of people's lives it's not wrong as long as it's reasonable the beautiful thing is it can be reasonable like five dollars and because of the internet it really could benefit the artists like you lie you know your jiu jitsu website five dollars benefits you medical's right to you you know me when i'm selling it five bucks benefit because right to me it's not like the old days where you had to go through some sort of a manufacturing company would put the dvd's together for you in a marketing company would put it on the shelves and talked well we got being at walmart and you know you had to get in at all these different places this is just a couple of years ago man just a couple years ago one of my last dvd deals that i did i remember you know one of the big things i had to go and sit and i had a meeting with these dudes
are this big dvd distribution company and they were pitching to me how they can get my dvd and all these different stores all over the country and this is what important what's important you can't have anything on the shelves it can't get on the walmart you can't get into walmart you really doomed you're doomed to say these things this is the new reality like you had to get into walmart so you have something knows he can't like have called call it like shit talking one on one like the name my message board you can never have a dvd named that 'cause they wouldn't sell it has to be squeaky clean there's just a few years ago fascinating when this is all gone man yeah you don't need any of that shit anymore i'm starting to sell i'm in the process of switching many pictures now i'm handling all my merchandise now we got new shirts come in new designs and hoodies new discards new short all that coming it's going to take a little time 'cause it's really expensive but my store on my website has been running for sin my website went up i
and letting melee that fight where handle all my merchandise is just too much for me to handle for awhile but now i'm going to handle everything and and in a takeover sites really exciting we're talking about this before yeah really exciting be able to have a concept like what's going on is like ten planet heads are designing shirts i'm like oh i want that design i send it over to my manufacturing makes we make it happen sell it on the website boom just like that it's it's on like donkey kong crazy right it's crazy strange world we live under yeah so it's like like right now is is a is a bad time to be by ten point game we're just getting it rolling you could still i'm allowing melee to sell out all their stuff mainly you can go to tenth planet gear dot com melee owns that i'm until end of the year they're allowed to sell everything off and and while i build up my own merchandise it's going to be official turn planet brand
i can because it was only once learn jiujitsu free website which is more interesting to most people here what what how to how to the do that if they want to learn jujitsu online is it possible to just go to a regular school and like learn all your shit online and then go to the school and just so you can bring a laptop or bring bring an iphone do you have a iphone versions of it yeah yeah you can watch it on ipad and all that stuff basically most traditional brazilian jujitsu schools have like one or two guys or end planet techniques and so you could be that guy you could go to gracie baja school and not jump on my website and for five dollars extra you get to learn all stuff that they're not teaching america's most gracie baja schools don't teach rubber guard they don't teach all the stuff that we saw the car zombie do sonic racing medical schools there a lot of them out there there's a million of 'em you know there's a credible lunch i have there's only like three thousand and ten planet schools there's probably five hundred gracie baja's not more there's there everywhere
hi this is rich they're huge yeah it's a it's incredible how would you do is taken off man so just it's just a testament of what a fun way it is exercise so i saw this thing man and i had to talk to you about it 'cause it's completely ridiculous phillip corso you know that dude is yeah the the guy who was he was one of them yeah well he was one of the people that supposedly was there and saw the the the the spacecraft wasn't any roswell yes he was one of the actual people but his son or someone on a try to find the find the actual the actual article because someone in his family is phillip corso son reveals that roswell craft was a time machine quite like you crazy mother fucker did anything is possible though i know anything's pub course to say that's crazy i mean it is crazy it is crazy yeah but reality is
it is possible she who knows like the truth if ever i love these things because these these revelations they're always in like some weird hotel conference room there's like a podium and there's like a bad slow show this you know not not quite needing and this guy is talking about it is talking about how it the is it the for it says the details the alleged roswell craft or talked about at length particular interest was information about the so called extraterrestrial biological entities which contained two brains one was organic and thought to control the beings in the other one was laced with crystal electronics that still not understood this day which was thought to connect the beings with the craft through time is purported that these be
these are essentially artificial intelligence from our own future and that their crash caused a buy for asian of our timelines and altered our history the most of boggling aspect of this story and the theory that the air force etc are operating under is that as a result of this timeline split and the subsequent advancement in technology from river engineering that we military are now on timeline of technological evolution that will eventually create the very same craft and beings that actually crashed in roswell in nineteen forty seven wo in session to mention that's incredible i mean it sounds completely ridiculous and i'm sure this guy's nuts i was head but if he was just just say let's just say to do it was set allow all these skeptics in the people that would be critical of this idea imagine if that is how it works mean working so hard right now not we not you not i but scientists are to figure out all kinds of crazy things that are going to
alter the very way we interact with the universe look what the fucks going on with large hadron collider quark gluon in plasma that they've created that's like the most dense thing like it's some insane amount like a sugar cube was like forty billion pounds or something crazy i mean there it's not enough shit are working on a time machine right now i think they could send photons back like seconds at a time or something like that but they have been working on it for twenty years i mean time machine is something that they are actually working on their science is working on it no they're going to start with photons and maybe five minutes in the future whatever they know time travel is possible einstein said was possible i mean based on the speed of kurt goedel who came up with it i remember reading about it was a mathematician but it needed you needed some i'm like an object the size of the solar system and it had to be going backwards fucking
soon the speed of light this is like a lot of weird some of them with the lights on a transverse it's actually you if you travel out in space at the speed of light and then like for you now a week and then come back at the speed of light broke something like that that you're going to come back to a planet that's like five hundred years older older yeah yeah that is weird how crazy is that yeah the the the that is relative to how travel do anything anything is possible that's right isn't it but check this out i was right there going to call me a cook but i just want to play this is really quick evidence is this is evidence watch this just listened geneological research you know going back dicks family my family they said well we can amazing tales of people who went w but one of the things i discovered is the dick and barack obama are eight cozens was added amazing thing yes if you put back eight generations have a common ancestor these birds will be
six that said i mean well there that's it was the benign articles we read right that was anything dick cheney's wife damages the we crazy she's living with dick cheney she must be a devil worshiper could you imagine if dictating with your husband what do you think honey did i do the right thing yeah whatever million people dead whatever we got a nice house that are fucked bad ass out way to go dude you provided he provided for your family ok let's see let's retraining fogra do you think he wears like an owl mask made boxer cape like he's one of the watchmen so they were with the folks at what are you doing i was just trying to find obama have a conversation by myself i was trying to find you get on that under laptop sometimes and ignore me and i'm not the first left out on a fucking island he only for a second to google something that's what i was trying to trying to
the obama interview of him talking about it i don't i don't really care if they all related they all suck about that they're related but yeah but if they are all related fuck what does that mean it means that we're living in this is all bullshit maybe we are living in some sort of a manufactured reality i have thinking that more and more lately let's get weird weirder you know when that joseph cone guy the guy who had the campaign against joseph connie yeah and then a few days later he what they made like insane amounts of money and they the way they had their sponsorship or their charity rather set up it was really up like they got a lot of money out of it before the money actually got to anybody that was you know overseas you know there was it was really kind of a scam but then the guy went crazy and wind up masturbating in the street in san diego and acting really gay and flailing his arms around and talking really gay and they arrested him and went crazy but it's almost like you see something like that happen you see again
get shamed because people find out that his his his charity was like a little funky a little suspicious and then he why blown a gasket light as gasket like that publicly it almost makes you go cruise writing this yeah this is this is like the this is a work of fiction who's right who's who's writing the thing where that weiner guy gets arrested showing his wiener who's writing this you know who's writing who when you see a guy like mitt romney and mitt romney talk to that kid who was is the medical marijuana patient is like we're going to arrest me i a criminal like is the only thing that allows me to eat well i'm not for medical marijuana i am not for it and he just walks away from some poor crippled kid and you like really do you think that this guy has the kind of compassion that you want as a man who runs the world that's a fucking robot that's an idea magical robot that's a guy who's not addressing a person who is in pain a person who's just been dealt that air double hand by life and is telling him to do
a substance that gives me a very unfortunate person some relief all i'm not for that i'm not for your relief i'm an ideological vampire and i can't see the daylight did you see that video of mitt romney and obama agreeing on everything it's all spliced together and they go through every issue every issue and they agree on every issue most issues most issues like a good like ninety percent all the all the big issues and there's video the sun you to video of them going back and forth they're talking and they're a great saying the exact same thing about health care the exact same thing everything it's amazing at the end of the day when you realize how much corporations and big money influence government and then once you realize that then you will put it together and you realize this is a shell game the corporations influence both sides they just keep stupid banter going that's a stupid tennis game or this guys got the ball now that guys got the ball and this guys got the ball and they just alternate
between democrats and republicans and it moe money moe problems the democrats our specifics line of problems like sticking their dicks in chicks miles and all kinds of freaky shit that clinton did and then publicans got their issues too and everybody's got their own little thing it's a back and forth will game great i'm not forgetting about abortion nothing is six months is would've it's rape and they keep this fucking battle meanwhile they just pulling money out other spots of the world just fucking attacking in the world it's amazing i mean if you really look at the the who game how it is played the game of cap it 'cause i'm the game of global imperialist capitalism that we're experiencing right now live in here in america and the balls of addicted to fuck in the world really look at it it really is an amazing god damn movie it feels like someone wrote this shit down it feels like dark city as much as i i really am obsessed with just i mean i'm not
i put together a revolution or an army or anything like that all all i'm doing i'm trying to make as many p aware as possible it's not make it that easy for them to fuck i'm not going to well you know that way to influence this is what i always say you're not going to get those dick cheney mother fuckers those guys are broken he's been broken since he was a child and what you're going to get is those kids in college that listen this and there really realizing you know these guys you know in their 40s or telling him about life and uh and there telling him about it in a very honest way and letting him know this is man you are not going to live forever and only way you're going to enjoy this life as if you could the less negative enerji then you reese you from life if you put forth a positive result in a positive influence in a pot but if reaction to you being on this planet that's how you're going to have a good life you are
i'm going to have a good life if it's just me me me come to come to over the world fucking over everybody you're going to after a while you don't realize how much money you have once why would you want a hundred million dollars when you could be happy and comfortable with ten or twenty and not have to fuck of the world where they don't even realize it they just caught up in this fucking crazy game you know where a person is super successful and they made one hundred million dollars fucking over the world they probably could've made thirty or forty million dollars done the right way and still been chest equally as wealthy you don't realize one hundred million dollars or fifty million dollars he's crazy assholes that want to own everything you know what you realize when you don't have enough you can't afford a good dinner you can't afford to heat your house you can't afford to live in a nice neighborhood where your kids are saved and they play in front of your house you can't afford to pay for cable but once you pay for all that and you have a nice car you have food on your table it become matter of what are you trying to get with that money we try and where
trying to get your happiness from 'cause if you try to get your happiness purely through objects that shits ridiculous or purely through monetary accomplishment that's why it was that man it's a dead end it really isn't that in the way that change the world is to let kids know this let him know don't get on that you can be a successful motherfucker and still have ethics you can be a success person still be a good guy and do the right thing you can protect the country from the countries of the world without being one of the cunts of the world and that's where shit went wrong we became cunts to protect ourselves from cunts and we in doing it from from the fucking get go the real proud in this country is that there's a lot of us that aren't like you or i and there the who are representing us in the world there are the ones who are making all these decisions they're the ones who are doing all these fuckin crazy backroom deals that make all kinds of ridiculous shit that's horrible for the economy legal just so a few people can extract
millions of dollars from the system and that ain't you and it ain't me man and it's something said to me once a long time ago and it really stuck with me and it's a very astute point you said we were boy born into a system that we have no control over we were born into it and to try to fix it is almost impossible and it really this is true we were born into this thing and we got no fucking control over it he sieve voting please man you really think that wrong and paul would be losing as badly his ears and a lot of these places it's absolute proof of voter fraud when it comes to ron paul in several different districts there's been several different videos on an online one of 'em are believers in maine where they committed voter broadman they don't want ron paul winning anything nobody does across the board the real reality of our system is that it's designed to make sure everyone doesn't have a say it's not that everyone has a say it said f one has a say in who has a say about who has a say and because of that it's a tiered effect
be able to control it they block it off at certain ends you don't really vote for president for representatives representative vote for president is always special interest groups have fun these politicians and money is coming from fucking soap man fractures i want to keep pouring a certain amount of shit every year into the river and make it ok turtle mess man it's a fucking mess and the way the fix it is not with these guys that are in place it's letting these old mother fuckers die off and let it in new people come in letting these people that the guys who own google these young mother fuckers that are smart and figured shit out and just said let's just take over everything maps email fucking make a browser let's make or not rating system make phones make every let's go crazy let's just go not so let's just uh control this mother fucker and do it with a company that's ethical and do with a company that's nice of their employees do with the company that gives them a cafeteria and takes care of everybody you know it's nice to know that there's good people out there and you look like anonymous yeah i mean look at me we
a force out there who knows how strong they really are you know 'cause i hear from people that all yeah the bring down government websites that the government don't even care about you know but i don't really know yeah that's that's what i've heard government cares it is not want you shutting anything down but the guy that the guy that told the guy there told him he was actually a friend of the median indian comedian peters russell prosecutors he was a friend of his when he did the podcast any it is i don't know who is or what his name is but he was that's what he was and he seemed to be an expert on the anonymous thing and he said that there bring down websites that really no one cares about but the perception that they have power is actually giving them the power because then people rally behind him and and right so he says it's a good thing that you know even though they shut down like like an fbi website
it's just like a homepage or something i'm not sure exactly what they're doing but the perception that they have power were actually give them power whereas if everybody everybody in this country decided to look at the government look at all the shady shit that's going to uh none unbiased way like a detective if everyone just decide look at all the evidence and clear their mind have an open mind man i think the power will be shifted back to the people i think it's just it's so many p the propaganda has ever really been in the people is the best candidate that the can come up with that alone tells you there's some shit will you first of all for for to be representative to be a press ok we have already established pretty much that's just a figurehead with george bush we sort of bush said that he wasn't really the president he was the guy that's in that position and you know whatever
bodemann however he got there he got there and then everything behind the scenes was obviously working without the dick cheney situation dating was one was in the bunker while after that nine hundred and eleven shit was going down he was the one that was hiding that god was essentially the mastermind for the fucking global empire that is the united states he moved all the pieces in the place make sure a lot of people profited and got away with some looking pretty insane shit so since that the case you gotta realize well in order to be the figurehead nor to be the guy the main guy you can't have a fucked up past you they have like some herman cain type shit we got a lot of bitches on the side banging him and then you know the national enquirer start finding out about shit you can't have that anymore we there's too much introspective or there's too much work too much investigative work they can find out if you did some shit the shit in business in the past that could
i doubt you know well if you you know you fired one of your employees and she charged with sexual harassment and then she's gonna tell some crazy story about you know you would be deck out though the washer or something you know you can't have it so it leaves who it leaves how many people how many people who don't have a fucking john david what's that guys name don who is the guy that got arrested i want to see john david 'cause he looks like i'm the fucking presidential candidate who got caught he had a baby with another check like a girl the videographer video agra for a santorum in court right now i don't get in grich even know politicians you don't know anybody i know new gingrich yeah he's huge john i want to say john davidson but that's not his fucking name i know someone on twitter will tell me what his name is this poor fucked though he's doomed
i don't think in our time dude we're going to ever see anybody that wants to give the power to the people i think we just need a much more ethical sense of rule you know i don't think give power to the people is real tricky man the reason why this whole system is set up that way this goes way back in the day the founding others even though they had a great idea with this country could be great expectations they also you can't just completely give power to the people you have to have representatives you can have them just make and people are too easy to manipulate one thirteen blood thirteen original states thirteen stars on the flag that some conspiracy shit blood supposedly thirteen royal bloodlines and
and john edwards thanks kelly keel john edwards the psychic now john edwards love to spawn go are are now too yeah so thirteen bloodlines i would want the other side there's a connection between according to the people that have this the bloodline mastered all the way back to agents and their thirteen bloodline so thirteen state it's like they made sure they had someone from each bloodline really not running that state so that it stays in the blood or stays in the family how could they possibly key that go on all these years not have any we know about it you know it's over youtube you know it's really yeah but that doesn't mean anything if it hasn't hit cnn yet if you could start talking about you know what i mean of course not think about this propagate and the brain washing that goes on tv is so fucking strong it's so strong that they can convince most of the people that tower seven fell because of fires the skyscraper that didn't get biplane yeah but it isn't impossible i mean i don't know she
shit about architecture isn't it possible if they just did a show job of designing that building somehow and uh fire which uniformly spread through the entire building and caused like the upper leg for collapse and then it all simultaneously collapsed no way i'm at one thousand five hundred architects and engineers professionals that they call bullshit you look at it wonder i don't even need to hear that architects in the engine i don't i look at that shit to me i'm not that stupid the governments fucking the governments krooked as fuck that history of being crookedness fun that's a control deck well for people who listen to this and go shut the fuck up you guys were talking about what you need to know what was in building seven 'cause that's where things get rid again again built that was most people think only two towers fell because two planes one slash three tower fell it it not only did it fall but it fell at free fall speed like a controlled demo those things take weeks to loan that should say and was planning something an and tower
seven wasn't even next to tower one and two that was for five hundred and six hundred well there was four thousand five hundred and sixty four right under it and those guys had massive fires and got it not one of those collapsed but a hundred yards away when i was little fires twenty seven it wasn't even next to the twin towers that one fucking implodes in itself how stupid do you have to be come on how if you think that they could and you know you look at a bunch of other stuff they didn't put tower seven in the nine one one commission report they left tower seven out they didn't even explain it and then people for years they ran what happened like what seven what happened seven what happened how come you guys aren't talking about it well then they finally were forced into doing research on it and they came up with the is the idea that fires made forty seven steel skyscraper collapse all at once
the only way that she will collapse all at once is all the columns the central columns of blown out at the same time how are fire it's impossible i don't know if i'm not i'm i'm just plain completely play devil's advocate if i had a bad and it's on video if it wasn't on video if there was on video and people just it was just word of mouth like that with a power seven and it fell but no one got it on video then it would be you know be like you know you have to really look into it and and really take the word of all these witnesses but we have fun hi eight camera angles we got a good in a professional professionals are saying it was a controlled them i mean anybody can tell it's a controlled it certainly looks like a controlled demo and it does literally fall freefall speeds but crazy was what it what is inside like what who there was cia offices enron all enron shit was in there at sea with the service naval intelligence
to me my guess is that's where everything was orchestrated that was could you fucking imagine that was where it was orchestrated it and they go blow that mother fucker up no evidence can you mad 'cause he had to be orchestrated somewhere somewhere someone had orchestrate that shit it looks like it had to be tower seven 'cause why would they completely destroy it and explosions going off everywhere there's all these witnesses there's tons of them same bombs are going off everywhere there's a dude who committed suicide in but before he committed suicide he was he was talking about how we pull the a bomb went off in the elevator and he dragged a guy out it's a famous interview like right there right when it happened and he's talking about i just drag him out man his face is peeling and i had no skinny just the bomb just went off you look the whole elevator back and this is right when it happened why would it be bullshit he talk about it is also possible that something could have blown up inside because of the fire just just to say i mean just as a random but here's what's crazy man the larry
seen the guy who owned building seven or building on our side all of them yeah you don't know all of them he one eight hundred and sixty one million dollar award from industrial risk insurers to rebuild on the side of world tower seven because his estimated investment was only three hundred and eighty six million so he net a profit of roughly five a hundred million dollars just on that tower just on that no one talks about a third tower that no one time so it's not in the official government doc i won't commission report they left it out and even even those documentaries try to debunk all the nine one one they try to debunk everything that that true thurs that's what they called that would bring up but they won't touch tower seven eleven it was an hour and anything national geographic any of those documentaries firm i believe the cia has their hand in the
documentaries is we know that the cia is always been involved in hollywood and that involved in tv look up harry anslinger the dude who made weed illegal in one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven he wasn't he was the first drug he was involved after all the the drug stuff that he did he got involved in go running and supervising hollywood to make sure there weren't any communists in hollywood or any pro com movies this is all documented their cia had control of hollywood and you know they have there how were in there and i believe this is like every doc you memory on the national geographic channel that goes over nine one one or any kind of conspiracy theory the narrators are just they're just making fun of conspiracy there's there and conspiracy theorists they think this and what kind of show is it so it's so biased and they never cover tower seven
and shows that there's a nine one one debunking doc the memory on national geographic that we don't cover tower seven they cover everything else but except or because they don't have an answer for that they can't prove that shit i can't prove it felt they can convince anybody that forty seven story skyscraper steel scribe script will implode all at once all the columns blowout at once from fires check what was there here's here's some of the building's tenants ready us good service yes the nsa the cia the irs bureau of alcohol alcohol tobacco and firearms the sec enaic securities salomon smith barney solomon's with barney american express back international standard chartered bank provident finance commander it's all like these fucking a big giant banks and government altogether just a fucking cunt farm a honey hive of cunt
destroy the evidence that's incredible right imagine health issue it turns out and that's really what happened then check this out it was a troll demo so it must have taken weeks to set up so they must like you got to investigate this curity who's running security guess who's the head the security in tyler seven marv bush george bush is broad come on yes dude google that marv bush security yes yes his brother is in charge largest security at our seven well there is that he's pretty if that doesn't fucking make your bullshit meter just fucking off the richter but come on how it does but it all seems like how do you get how do you pass a lie how do you get people to believe a lot make it so big they can't not believe it make it so that people always say this you know how many people who would take to orchestrate down here they would never be able to get away with it yeah yes they do 'cause they control the media how
and this is on youtube too there's a need to their reporting the bbc is reporting that tower seven went collapsed and it still up that was also because they thought it was going to collapse the apparently isn't that kind of fishing it's like you know it says that says they already had scripted shit ready to go they already gave him shit already gave him shit just to play devil's advocate it also could be that the fireman it said there's some dangerous creaking noises and they think that this building is going to fall that it is possible maybe ma'am i'm not i'm not a scientist i don't really know i know you know i know i know as a host of the show you you you want to be you know you want to be neutral you want to be on the fence but you know got damn well then some bullshit that went down i want one if you look into it unbiased with open mind you look at all the evidence
the side to look at all the evidence i feel out holy i feel about nine one one very similar to the way i feel about that philip corso son saying it's a time machine come on the daily overtime it's possible how come i don't no i don't know man i don't know if i had to guess very smart if i had to guess i would always say if possible should very good yes yes the publisher way better than i do do how many guys have like you know over the years i do to try that i can go into business with me through what over instantly go that got full of shit and i'm like what are you talking about you guys full of shit you have meter is strong do you got as high tech alien bullshit meters from the well i got a a survival genetic give your bullshit meter is going off on the inside on the on the nine one one july we see the problem with that is that's not warm warm a bullshit meter works best my bill bullshit we're more
bullshit meter other works best with people i need to talk to people if i talk to people i could see was full shit i could see who's who's hiding something there's a tick and insecure aspect away the way they're interacting is not just mod stevie or social weirdness i can see deception i can see when once full of shit i'm pretty good at that but this see i don't lie fucking with my own head so whenever i look at something like this i have to factor in all these different things i have to factor in possible incompetence the need and desire to think that everything is a conspiracy point where like i said people have compete convinced you know other people that i am some sort of a government agent i've actually read that you know it's hilarious absolutely completely ridiculous but some and we'll look for a conspiracy and everything that would be proud to be come on that would be brilliant and you think about it when they're like if you
were part of the elite there's a lot of smart mother i'm sure they're brilliant people part of the lease you if you were in charge of coming up with ways to keep the power and to take liberties away and to take the power from the people like really i bet i'm just guessing the people top there are people at the top i bet they're really concerned with keep their power and however they keep they don't want to lose their power nobody wants to lose their power they want to keep so whatever they gotta do to keep their power just the human condition anybody that was at the top would be a lot of motherfuckers just regular people you put him at the top maybe like maybe we should fucking how do we calm down are you sure that'll work ok let's pray mother fuckers with chem trails ok let's do that shit that's a good idea that's a problem in the when are you bored room going yeah let's pray look don't never see it coming they think it's just fucking cloud just keep making the lines no one believes that shit you know yeah but we've been caught before and there's been a
a treaty a un treaty in nineteen seventy seven that we can't spray the people no more we can't test airborne bacteria on the people no more we have to stop fuck it keep doing it you know the man and now first it's just first just regular contrast now like all the geo engineering shits coming out now it's like there's a guy there's a find a documentary saying that's just contrails it's not barium and aluminum but in the future we are going to have to spray barium and aluminum 'cause that's going to be the only way to combat global warming in the future we're going to do but that's not it right now my dude what the fuck slowly prepping us for geo engineering protecting the planet you know there's no way there's these military jets flying all all over the world making it's right above us and there's no way they're doing a right above us and then i use absolutely convinced that chem trails are chemicals and then it's not just a reaction between the moisture in the atmosphere and the turbines of the jet engines that
their contrails contrails disappear within two thousand and thirty seconds are you sure about those things you really do know so how is it possible that they can just get away with this they can do that got away with nine one one they could do anything they want yeah but i mean this is a regular daily thing right yes we're saying all over the country and no ones talking all over the with except japan because they're not part of nato's they don't do it there's no camera device pictures from all over the world people you see me re treatment shit people people and or do you want me to retrieve some chem trails it can't be just one line dude send me send me some alarming should people should buy retreat a picture of of one line people are going to believe that's going to scare people away so anyways what i'm saying is is for instance and there's a military base in guantanamo bay in cuba cuba cuba supposed enemies they hate us we hate them whatever but there's a military base on the island of cuba guantanamo bay a
americans do whatever the fuck they want their their ships come in and out note the cubans don't want to fuck they want to start a war with these mother fuckers with jack am an everyday now this is not a conspiracy theory this is a documentary with one of the guys in charge of military officer taki so against cuba talking about and bragging about how every day they dive bomb like fighter jets down downtown havana they die bombolo and just scare him everyday and he says this on camera and all proud like all about waving the flag we do that every day because when we decide to attack him they'll never see it coming so that's that's an exam apple of classic military operation like operate operation northwoods how do they do shit over so to me and we and we have we have x military air force and marine people like getting into whether
getting on the news reporting the weather there's two separate guys that are on tv and anytime they look at chem trails they'll talk about well those aren't real cloud i don't know what the militaries doing up there but there spraying a thing called chaffin chap aluminum barium and it's to radar of the whole area so proving wait wait wait wait wait wait this spray and something in the air so they can get radar yes because of metallic particles heart but elect so if you just spray the whole area with this what they do in the military this is not a conspiracy that's how they do it in the military they spray aluminum and barium to get raid map into jam radars the jam radars and to map out locations as well state map out locations like you could detect the mccain where all the metallica particles land you know to mean
they do that already they've been doing that since the fourth they do cloud seeding how do you clouds if you put barium in the skies in all these tests of all these people going to just bring them all the time back with high levels of aluminum high levels of barium and then it's just so happens with the military sprays it's called they call it chaff in the military it's called shaft and guess what there's fucking i don't know why they're doing it but there spraying chaff over a lot of major cities in the united states and all over the world all over england their spring and shock and it could be two things if i was running the elite and i said you know what even given nine just to throw him off just spray put something in in in the the the the the atlas to get in used to all these weird lines don't put any aluminum don't put any barium 'cause once they start testing it they're going to you know they'll find
day it's totally benign but just get them used to it that's what i would do i would just get the people used to it so that when it's time you know if it gets crazy anna revolution comes dude all we gotta do is just keep doing what we're doing they'll never see it coming people will start dying are there no one here to though who knows where there at i believe this what i believe i believe that the pilots don't really even know what the fuck they're doing i believe they think they're like trying to their that is for global warming and it's to protect the atmosphere not that we're at the stage now where we're at the stage now where they are admitting that that's what they're going to have to do we haven't been doing it who's admitted this dude is so much shit on the government going by youtube channel go by you start spring go on my youtube channel and go on the playlist chem trails i got mad dude they got the difference between google and youtube install error well it's true this visual show
if you may have to kind of people are talking on video you make the decision are they brush it you look at them and then you look at the evidence that video evidence you know most people thought oj was guilty and then there was no pictures uh that was there was no video you know joey diaz calls you chemtrail sometimes exactly how's chem trails doing did you know what i think chem trails i think i'm not gonna miss should be trying to get to the bottom of why the military is brain aluminum and bury it fox our body and look into it it up argued to it up our respiratory system i think if there is if there's no berry or aluminum and they're just i think they're just getting is used to it 'cause when shit goes down look at the way look at the way she it's going now they're taking away all our liberties look at all this shit the way there react get battling occupy wall street and all that shit they're making it illegal to protest in front of this and that the way that shits going it looks like there try
to control the revolution what better way to control revolution to display these mother that's the best way you got another way show me another less the best way get him used to the lines and then when when if they get too crazy would just spray on would be so easy to calm and we could put anything in those clouds and it's water it's in the air dude it's brilliant what they're doing do you know that there's photos of of trails or what you know what looks like chemtrails same thing from like the nineteen forties abs they've been doing that due date been testing it on on on they've been doing in the military sense from the forties to the sixties on over three read cities dude that's why one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven they had to put a halt to it they had to put a halter ridiculous that we're doing it for over twenty years straight then in military that's classic shit you how do you battle how would you fuck up the the spray shit all over him do using chemical weapons that's old school they've been doing that shit forever they did in vietnam with agent orange they've been doing in the middle east
they've been doing world war one world war two to spray mother fuckers that's the chemical warfare that's the easiest shit fuck him up with you don't have to drop bombs on it destroy the buildings or anything just spray whatever you want something that's going to debilitate and slowly i mean for people to think that it's uh possible it already happened they had to stop in nineteen seventy seven is a treat them this is something you kind of obsessed with i see it every god damn you're absolutely convinced that i'm absolutely did i don't put anything past i don't put anything us government i believe there's some shady going on those are commensurate commercial l coming out of the marshall because i pay attention i really got to live did not been on that i've been on between burbank and now and as i've been on like ten thousand flights i know the flight patterns i could look up in the sky and know if that's a commercial airline or if it's a jet commercial airlines on flight straight up like rock and then come across and they're not that's it you got it if you pay attention like in a bird watchers right like
how do you know how do they keep this a quiet day anything they want this is above this is don't do anything they want did so you can stop and think this is just practice it could be practice or they you could be right in the middle of it how much time during a day do you think about this shit every time i driving a fucking see the sky ruined but if it wasn't that what if it really would drive culture that i hope i'm wrong about kim trails do this a lot of websites to debunk it well not just one or two but there's a lot of like scientifiche websites that really deep on contrails well they're just like the a lot of websites that debunk nine one one all i know is military jets are making fucking clouds and who knows the exact reason but we have evidence of military people on a news a weather reports talking about chaff their reporting on the often there spraying aluminum and barium in this but to say that all of that is what you're saying that some sometimes you know they may have done tests in the past
what you're seeing when you see this criss crossing clouds when he took to a pilot they explain it in that it's something when atmospheric when water in the atmosphere getting counters the jet engines integrate c it's a it's a contrail quite depending on how much water is the atmosphere can actually create clouds are the the numbers that they give out they have like the temperatures get give me the temperature of what it needs to be i need to be like thirty thousand feet in the like the humidity and the temperature they can't like what's the difference between contras in kendra they can give you the difference between what's the difference they have come from from commercial aircraft do you think they're doing a no no that doesn't contras the ones from commercial airlines our contract with the look the same the same sometimes as photos up on the show like commercial aircraft in there it looks like a camera no no but but if you pay attention and you look at it you'll see that it disappears it won't last forever there's a big difference between the ones that last the whole
say and once it disappear within thirty seconds the ones that disappear are totally not a natural phenomenon it's the jet engine with the heat with the ice crystals but it's we already know the military sprays aluminum and barium and we know that when they do that it leaves shit on the weather report they have to exist and what it is because of the aluminum because of the barium the weather man has to explain that that's just a military aluminum and and and bay area there explaining that it's already done it's not well whether or not they do i mean they definitely know how to make rain they've been doing in abu dhabi the past year they make it rain once a week because in the sky yeah yeah yeah the this call cloud seeding i'm sitting up i'm sure there's barium or it's either bare minimum something that's what they're spread that they do with chaff they do it what is harp what the fuck is harp you
one harpist i don't know exactly i know it's scary jesse ventura says it's bad dude it's it's one of those things we all i know about harp all i know about harp is look into it man used to be it used to be a scientific praj that yeah they like shooting something in there it's like a billion it's like a football field filled with all these electrical coils that make like a billion and they can direct a billion watts into the atmosphere there experimenting with the ionosphere or whatever the fuck that means they're shooting a electricity into the atmosphere an experiment in which it some people think they're experimenting with weather control and you you loved conspiracy stuff no but now and now it's too late now it's not it's not a scientific project now it's top secret and it's now it's all air force military tops
but they won't tell anybody what is it does exist punching harp it's not a no no no it's it's real probably but what they're doing is a conspiracy yeah who knows yeah it's fascinating it's fascinating but you i can love the ship i hope i'm wrong dude i hope i'm wrong but i i know you do not have good world if someone proved to me that i was wrong dude i would admit it now would love it i would feel great i mean fuck i don't have to so when you read the sites that debunk chem trails you just don't find their arguments effect now now it's the same people that think that nine hundred and eleven collapse do are the same people that same mentality they refused it's like a gay and then they just want to be right you look at all the evidence we already have evidence we have its military chaff we already know that they already talking about engineering talking about it in nineteen ninety six that they were going to have to suspend metallic particles in the air at was talking about this in the same
70s that that was going to happen that was you know he said that's how the anunaki that's how they that's how they protected that was for my sis how far is it to get high and talk about on the maquis i mean i don't know if the unlucky was real and not but god damn would be fine if they were real but would so suck if they were real if we if it turned out that we weren't the apex of the the biological life in the universe if we're not the top of the heap we're man could someone's going to treat us the way we treat everything else you know so if the under naki are really you should really hope they're not real we should hope that become become the under you should help the phillip corso junior version is the best version the fact that there is a time machine and we're going to become that in the future that seems to me make more sense just probably who knows man and when it comes to ufo everyday now in the friends community and astrophysical finding there's you get all these all this information coming out that there
all these new earth's that they're predicting there just earth every and there's life teeming in our galaxy everywhere like there's on the daily there finding evidence like holy shit there's probably a billion fucking earth in our galaxy or some she is pretty crazy when you anything about the possibilities that possibilities are endless there really can a life seeds from other planets getting hit by asteroids and it's all natural product the process and think about this if there's a million earths in this guy that you say one million how many of those earth are the head of the sin technology i'm sure there's some that are like not as four far as we've come but there's a you know just the odds you look at like a scientist there's a million right that we would say let's just say one thousand are way ahead of us god damn that's one thousand races thousand race there must be a galactic federation there must be there must
may come to be like a little bit smaller than this and we just blow up over and over again i think that's what we do that's when there's a possibly you know what there's a possibility that out of all the earth and all the the the the human like the weird with at the front of the line yeah like like maybe seventy percent of them don't make it you know like in the many times it was a fifty percent mortality rate when you have a kid there's a there's fifty percent chance that it's going to die in the in in roman times so maybe it's like that maybe there's fifty percent chance that you know we get point and we just blow ourselves up 'cause corruption takes over an evil just take some and then there's a small percentage maybe it's like ten percent twenty percent of all these earth like planets that actually get past that and we all connect and we're living like i like the one seen that when they have like a category one society seal level one side a level two that you know i think i mean koukaku has done this like explaining the different level
you know societies that can get to a point where they get away from physical violence then they can you know use harness that how are the stars then space travel and all sorts of different categories in that were were like on the verge of becoming different yeah i personally believe just based on just basic odds there is a galactic federation and maybe we are just we don't know about it maybe the elite know about it and they're communicating with them but the people we don't want to let you know i think really there are people at the top there not all at the bottom there's people at the top is a very real i think a very real possibility that our number one problem is that we're separated from this idea of how connected we all to each other because psychedelics are illegal that's why this world and country that we live in this government that were under is so fucked up in corrupt because they don't deserve have to be in the position that they've never had a life changing experience to the point where they have experienced that other side of
of possible reality that comes in the psychedelic experience you can't get past it's unbelievably humbling and you should be looking for that in liter you shouldn't want a leader that hasn't had that psychedelic experiences 'cause that's a person has a only faced whatever the fuck that is when you strip away culture when you strip away language and you just see truth and love in this humbling bay we reform that just like rips you to your core and makes you sort of rebuild and restructure who you it's a human being a lot of those for have never had that man there's a lot of people that are out there running around flapping their gums that have never really been humbled by life they never been really been humbled by a psychedelic experience which is a part of life it's not just a choice i think it's a part of life it's certain is a choice i mean don't get me wrong don't do it if you
if you don't do drugs and you can't handle even a drink you know don't don't don't do anything you know comfortable with but it's a part of life and that's why it's here that's why it works on you the reason why it works this is 'cause it's here for work for you it's part of you you're part of a giant system get some mushrooms in your head right yeah man i gotta take off but i gotta end this to this how long do we go almost three hours cars are fifty seven minutes to fill how fun was that do we do enough man i don't want people pissed off and we did a lot of shit we did it was a beautiful thing then these conversations are so far effortless yeah yeah it was i love doing that i'm going to do more of these one on one conversations i think sometimes it's different mixes it up a little we got a lot of cool guess this week though i think i think jail sentence this week i'm not sure call do is going to be awesome when is that i don't know soon honda rowsey you know she's going to be soon i ran into her at the ufc looking good as ever like i mentioned before dice kat von d is interested
really i would love to have her on she's just on the road or she's been on the run she did have an like there's some the person turmoil going on right now but she does i want to have a call that a lot i love lover are weird man i love looking at you just like a sketch today she did from down my grandma is beautiful so it's amazing alright that's it folks we're gonna have a definite squad show this weekend at the ice house in pasadena on friday night it's only eighty five seats and they always so loud i don't know who is there it's freddy lockhart sure me for sure red band for sure and a bunch of other wanted people in the euro tony hinchcliffe who's going to host it is a bunch talented local guys and then we do a podcast out of the ice house called the ice house chronicles in that podcast is only available on death squad which is a different thing on itunes it's bryant bryant set up so we will see you then and uh tomorrow don't get russell is going to come and just me and i'm going to sit down and we're going to talk about the universe and figure out this whole squad squabble then
brian that's the end of the podcast bitches thing the flashlight thanks to on it dot com go to joe rogan dot net and click on either land can either use the code name rogan for flashlight and get fifteen percent off or use it on on it and get ten percent off the ten percent off for any and all orders to it's not just the first one use the code and role in this and other codes
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