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Michael Ruppert, Brian Redban - Date: 05/15/2012
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Sweet baby Jesus were back again Holla the drawing is podcast is brought to you by the flesh. Light was that this is my new shit. I'm ready ready for a new opening, Holla Holla guy. Why? What's up? That's that's going to be the new thing like that was high boys, Joe Rogan, just gentle. What's up that's a new thing. Brian go Joerogan, dot, net and click on the link for the flashlight and entering the code? Name Brogan and save yourself, fifteen percent off number one sex toy for men right, Brian, yes, but they they were there when no one believed in us. They never believed me until I got one fuck are you say: you're, not helping sell shit. Why you wearing sunglasses you creepy bitch, as it might go, told me to oh well MIKE
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Alice morning, radio show ceremony, yeah he's a good guy. Yeah no name was working out with roman Owski in his turn me on to the Neuro one stuff, and that was when I first got interested in the tropics, but it's a it's a very complex and fascinating the area of study and there's there's debates on on of the argument that are fascinating, but I've been using them for a long time and I absolutely believed him. I can feel the difference between when I'm not and when I am, I feel like, I think clearer. I feel like it gives me. A more fluid connection with my thoughts, if that makes any sense everybody's different, if it doesn't, doesn't really hold up water for you, like, we said one hundred percent money back guarantee, try it out entering the code, Name Rogan and save yourself, ten percent. Alright, you dirty bitches. My Rupert here were fed to get to the bottom of shit, always wanted to say that we're finder I wish I could say without irony the Joe Rogan ICS
periods trained by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day, just to clear things up is a lot of people in the MMA world, they're saying hey Man Nick he has no showed to a match with Braulio Estima. They were supposed to have a jujitsu super fight. Nick Diaz no showed, and they said, are you going to take him off your the opening, your podcast and I was like how dare you? How dare you suggest that I would ever take Nick Diaz off the opening of my podcast? That was one of the great moments of my life, sir, I love it. It's my twin, my favorite parts and I don't know why he knows show it. I'm sure he had his reasons. You know I don't know what the fuck happened behind the scenes. I don't know who pissed him off. You can't piss that get all right if you want. If you want to do fight, everything has to be smooth as silk like the US. There's no bullshit everything's handled everybody, everybody smooth and professional, and it goes off without
Kitchen has no problems with anybody, but you can't be pissing that dude off and then expecting him to show up he'll, just he'll just vanish on you. What was there, Is there some controversy like? Was there a reason that he got pissed off? There was a weight issue. Apparently they were supposed to fight supposed to weigh in at one hundred and eighty pounds. One hundred and eighty five rounds the day of the match, like you, had to weigh ins and gently Braulio Esteem, a didn't know this, and then he weighed in in the morning he the way he had to cut way, not like nine pounds, so he cut the way he waited in the morning and then he'd any rehydrated and but the confusion of him not being on weight or not. Knowing what the wait is our went away and it's a real that's that's where it gets confusing because it's it's seems like it's the fault of the organizer's. It seems like there's a there's, a a big confusion as to like when this is all supposed to go down and then, of course, with Nick Diaz. Like I said, you can't piss him off. If you piss them off is just not just show up, you know and they they.
Fucked up in that regard. They should have had everything working, nice and smooth, but I don't you know you can excuse it. It was. I would have loved to seen it man Nick is a bad mother. You know for him to have the kind of confidence to get in there with Braulio esteem. A Braulio is one of the two or three best Jujitsu guys in the world. I mean he's amazing and as a pure grappler, when he taps out other amazing, pure grapplers, veh, very smart guy. You know, You know it sucks for him more than anything, because you know he came over here from England for this. This is like a a big moment for him. As a representative of the best jitsu that's currently available to have a grappling match. What is a representative of the best martial artist mixed martial arts, we have available, it mean Nick Diaz is in the elite of the elite. You know he's right up there with the top guys in the world. As far as MMA is. As is Braulio in Ju Jitsu, and so that would be so fascinating to see them go out
and it sucks that it didn't work out. I don't know why it didn't work out, but it seems like These guys have weight issues like that's a huge problem. Why don't? They just have like four girls on staff. They just have to focus on weight issues they seem like. They would be pros at that They won't. You know you gotta, leave that shit up to a fighter. You know this is this is a different sort of situation, because there was a lot of confusion, apparently as to when they were supposed to weigh in and different people his weight in one day and Brawley awaited in the morning of the next day's? There's obvious confusion, I don't I don't exactly what happened, you would have to sit both guys down it's sort of peace, the argument out, but it sucks I was trying to get Nick Diaz to have some girls on staff. Just try to help the guy out lazy. Gentlemen, Michael Ruppert here and he's going to get down to the bottom of things. Michael Roberts been I've heard.
That rocks. Magic is particular strong. This type of month Fox MAGIC been working this time of the month, yeah Fox, my guess, is it's working box magic, been magic and all over the place like yeah and yeah, but as far as what's going on that's what I came down here to find out, I had to talk to you. If you get out, I don't know if I have any answers for you, sir. I have a feeling anything that we come out of. My mouth is pure speculation good, but from someone who's completely unqualified. Well, let's speculate all over the place. Well, you know just a tiny issues going on and been some major changes and ever and and it is far as my Lycos things are changing for the good all over. Place. I've left collapse net now explain for the folks who are uninitiated. What is collapse? Network net collapse, net dot com, not notcollapse, dot net. It's
It's a it's a company we started two years ago after the movie does the doc collapse came out and it its purpose was to help people to prepare for the collapse of human industrial civilization, which is well under way
right now and uh. Over the two years, we've grown to six members and sixty eight countries, and we got really busy. We specialize in bringing ah really accurate news reports from all over the world. It gives a real picture and telling people what's really going on, but also connecting them through a directory with one thousand six hundred handpicked entries, that's free, the lighthouse directory. For so you know the lights are just going on. Maybe it's a good idea to grow food, or maybe there's gonna, be more blackouts, or maybe this that so hot and ah lot of work has been done or the course of a couple of decades by a lot of people. So we bring all that data there. So you don't have to reinvent the wheel, and then we bring a lot of great feature, writers and stuff. So it got to be big and we had some big challenges. We got massive.
Cyber attack this year, man, that just aren't they just late into us twice this year and how we had some big struggles, but the way it is the way it all involved in one of my lines like if all of our parish, you know, grow up or die, and one of my big spiritual lessons now is about letting go. It's not it's. You know it's letting go. That really gives me more yeah options, and so anyway, isn't it fun that you figured it out like later in life, everybody does well when you're young, it's like the big problem. I spent twenty one years in twelve step and in our lives that program, so leading gold came to be something you practice when confronted with you know so letting go collapse that turned out to be perfect. I gave the ownership back to the you know I I'm out completely, but now they don't have to pay my salary and they're all on their own and they're, just so energized and they're. Just so on fire, and now I get to step back
little bit 'cause, I'm a tired mother, fucker. You know I've been at this a long time. Do you ever put nice stories on like happy stories like someone found a box of kittens and they were powering an Adam hell, beautiful smile. Now we went home and they had a great day and a new episode of Game of thrones was on and we watched it. It was awesome and they had fox magic. It was you what kind of music is that Brown Fox MAGIC song okay way have a sound for it now um. Do you think it's possible that civilization one collapse? Is it possible that we're just stumbling and that will uh will balance out? Is that possible absolutely that's one of the reasons why I'm going through this big change. I mean we not only did I and in two books and
movie and everything else kind of predict all of this stuff based upon a model that said that that means civilization is collapsing. So if you see these symptoms, there's a pretty good chance, that's what the disease is uh, but now, just recently Fukushima is so totally out of control. Reactor number two is so hot that any robots they send to the reactor get fried and, and so they get in to work on this melted core, that's lying at the bottom and and and then they said, no machines that can handle that radiation of even been designed. Yet, okay, that leaves a reactor to out building for with all the rock that's it yeah. I think it's amazing that someone made nuclear reactors in the first place. I think it's amazing yeah, you know I I did a joke about it in my act, but if, if it really is fascinating that you you can build something like that, but you can't shut off that someone
allowed them to build something like that where in some unmeasurable event where the power gets shut off and can't get back on in time, it's fucked forever. There are four hundred and fifty reactors around Santa no fray's just had a major breakdown. Where is that that's insane? lamenting on the way to San Diego really and the I made it or something down all season. So you guys, in LOS Angeles, are going to be having some some humongous blackouts this summer really and brown outs yeah, I'm surprised see we had that on collapse, but they hide it from you in the mainstream knows here. That's why collapsing that's so so good at what we do so because of that, what's wrong with you react.
That's the one that you see when you drive down reactor number two. It sent over right by Camp Pendleton on it. So it's a it's a weird feeling drive by and see a nuclear reactor to. There was problems with the cooling pipes and then I think they were checking another reactor g. The X rays showed some faulty piping, but now so so so the the reactor is offline indefinitely. It is such a such, did fucking idea the idea that you can make something you can never shut off that that you would do that. That's so arrogant It's soak incredibly arrogant, because if it fucks up and people like well, MOE the time it's clean and safe. What are you be banking on? If you look at the permanence of any fuck, it was a massive amount of time it take before that area is not deadly to go near. If you look at the fuck up, that's we're talking about thousands of years. Japan is,
that Japan is mortally wounded and- and I've been saying so in and an it's clear Jupp the economy is imploding. They they they are now a net importer. Their debt is like two hundred and eight eighty percent of GDP. How are they getting their power? Now daft, very good question. Japan has replaced was that a Japanese by one? No, I can do better. One of want to do that, so and what happened? What they're running emergency diesel widely, which is diesel, is a whole separate issue worldwide, but they're running diesel, they're burning, now fuel oil and and and and a coal oil which it did because she is meant to two grades of oil, but
and they're importing liquefied natural gas. Now that's where you build this four hundred and fifty million dollar floating gigantic bomb of liquefied natural gas and you floated across, and you know one of those is what it is, is almost the size of an atom bomb if it goes off. So this is energy desperation. But once and when you talk about diesel yeah, you know don't buy diesel now and here's why diesel shortage all over the world in India they got thirty thousand generators to to to handle blackouts at the TAJ Mahal and the city! That's around that we ran that story twice on collapse, net and there's so many black. In India and Pakistan, they're all burning diesel and they're short of coal. I mean it's happening all around the world right now, but diesels in really short supply. What are they going to do with all these nuclear power plants? They can't shut him down There's no way you can you can't like it's
You can't shut it off. Well, if you combine that, let me just take a little bit further ahead to where the point of all this is going. Okay, because from four different directions: they're going to shut the nuclear power plants off, they can't control what they got and because electricity. Is industrial civilization you have industrial, it just seems so ridiculous to put something like that in an area where it's close to humans, it seeds the idea that you can completely contain that insane amount of energy. It's like it's so arrogant that one problem of fork, yeah Fukushima here this one of aides of the AIDS Kapanadze, a just put it out. Aids came out of the gate like Tyson you know AIDS was killing people left and right, but now you hardly hear buddies anymore. It's the best die, in Hollywood. Right now
generates a lot of medical money in the in the medical business. Do you ever read like that? Peter Duesberg stuff? doctor who is yeah he's the guy he's the biologist from the University of California Berkeley and his claim. Something along the lines of that HIV is like a week virus. Maybe here and that when you're seeing it in people most likely it's because they have a weakened immune system that a strong, healthy immune system fights off HIV fairly easily that it not the culprit of AIDS, but rather a symptom of a depleted immune system. That's from a variety of different things and it's. So it's a crazy argument, because if it's true it's like how could this only this guy be figuring? That out is one largest and all these other guys. They haven't notice that I don't drop that tricky. I don't trust any of the science behind but does that is impossible? That's not possible, though right I mean it's not possible that that AIDS is a hoax. That's possible. It is definitely possible that it was man made
It's a real It's definitely possible that it was intentionally released. He really, you think you feel yeah I've seen this was goes way way back to like the nineties when I saw these, but these were W h, o documents showing the first outbreak of AIDS, and and superimposed where who vaccination programs and it was like a perfect match. While you know yeah, I don't want, yeah. Obviously, I'm no biologist, but I don't see how guy could one guy could be out there saying something like that and all of his peers. Disagree that how it works. I mean. Obviously, people think that HIV causes AIDS. But this as mine he's like these people were all doing is I think this is the there was drug abuse and you know partying and use it that's what he was attributing to their their depleted states. They were doing like crystal meth and rappers and email, my trade stuff, and that the parent is immune system,
crushing the same on my tree, yeah in the case that was big in the eight hour seventies. When I mean what was when I was a cop, I ran into a wall on the street. What will they do with? It is just pop it in there and they smell on or something like that Sam Kennison had a business, the story of the funniest dead body I have ever seen in my life. You want ok, I had the funniest thing in my life. Yes, alright, this is, I swear. This is true I was working Wilshire Division and I was a p at two stripes and every Christmas US cops from one division will go cover for another division when it has its Christmas party. You know so we were bring for Hollywood divisions Christmas Party, so I'm I'm driving up around. In Hollywood we get a call six, eight hundred and forty two meet the are a dead body such and such address. Maybe on Cherokee some so the army is a rescue, and so we pull up and it's a it's a three
story standard. California, really bare bones: Interior Courtyard opened bout, you know balconies yeah, it's up on the third floor, and, and so me and my partner we go walking down and and and I noticed that the paramedics just outside the laughing their houses they're down on their knees. There lay so hard. Okay, that I'm going okay guys. This is the dead body called right. Yeah, and I said what a point, and so I go in and there's a a guy on the floor and he was I would say young twenty ish light skin african american guy in uh, fredericks of Hollywood negligee. Holla and and he laying laying on the floor kind of spread eagle and I look in there is a broomstick, protruding from you know where ok, but there
only about a foot of it. Protruding from you know where and and so The table had been pushed up against. It was easy to figure it he. I guess this was before a man could buy a sex toy or something I don't know, but he had been up. Masturbating on the table with the broom and the purpose of the animal was to strike it right as you come right, but what it does is it gives you an involved. Backs, and, oh, my god, that's my able nitrate story and the broomstick went he killed him He looks satisfied of what a what a way to go. Man, yeah, there's been a bunch of do, instead of gone as fixie style right. That's. The in excess guy
um, that's actually pay be charity and parroting yeah, that's actually push the ship is like a real guy. Would do it the other way with the broom coming at you from like the bristle part side? That's, real way. Now, like a like a man, so a man in West Hollywood shit gay Samoans handle it rite of passage the room there other way humor was good, but you yeah. That's a dumb way to die. Do you think one of the things I heard is like the big? The big conspiracy would be if you wanted to shame a person, you would kill them and make it look like they're died, master waiting like an idiot, I mean that's like in NWA that would be the ultimate joke if you found your buddy dead like
he's dead, so listen, there's nothing I can do about that, but when I can do is put it dig in his hand and put a bunch of gay porn. All around them and then take pictures of him and then put it online like cold. I got you the last. I got the last one bed I got the last one come on that would be high. Hilarious lips is gone like it because if you knew you know, if you knew that guy and you loved him- and it's like the one last joke you get out of him- that's so funny yeah. It's so fucked up, it's so fucked up, but it would be hilarious. You gotta have a good sense of humor come on man, it's hilarious, all right I remember you remember that yeah. I remember that too bitch, that sucks. Why do you want to release that into the bed? There's already photos of you out there with dicks in your hand in your mouth and that's the golden rule of the internet. Imagine our real life conspiracy against NEO's! Back
now. It's not real. My grouper went with sunglasses on this. When he's going to get deep. Is that a weird thing, like that? That's a cool guy thing to wear your sunglasses. Yeah we're we're thing. I tell you one thing about the new meme with sunglasses come down here to do to deal with that. I love it is that we would it would have it. I love it too, but where did it originate What is that from and deal with it everywhere, though I see it all all over the place. Sunglasses drop down deal with it, it's beautiful but how did Sunday? What is that you know? I don't even know what that means. What that means is whatever you know. You have issue with. Why don't you just fucking deal with it and leave me alone? Okay, no deal, get out of my face. Well, he's a cool guy he's gotta sunglasses on super cool.
I wonder, how does that make you cool? One hundred sunglasses becomes something that makes you cool it because you look different. You have your eyes. Are you look like now you look like a fly. You look at. You know I've been: where will you do it right there? Those are actually pretty dope. Three we're Oakley's nineties recordings, but those are Oakley's right now, no they're, not no they're, just they're out that isn't using let's each day what a world we live in long before you get a chip in your eyeball? It just does that you don't have to have seven days. With this, probably to be we're going to be in certain shit into our bodies, eventually they're, to give you some, It just works way better like this. All you know is this one little microprocessor in your body and you will never have a disease again
is Bing. You have like this microprocessor that regulates your body. They put it right in your pituitary gland that regulates your body like a little micro messenger and then that shit is going to start getting viruses that every ten years they actually give you brain surgery and open it up to change the battery. Will you think yeah yeah, but isn't that that computer- oh hell Joe magical computer inside you that computer inside you fixes all the disease all this shit and then that computer games saga that computer gets a virus, and then you have to start making medicine to help that computer. So you put roar side that gets a virus. It turns you gay man to man that Iris and all the sudden you just could not stop you gay marriages that they'll, probably the first thing the virus right again? What if John Travolta had that and all this time people are just being yeah and they don't know that he has a disease. He has a of a genetically designed like a disease, from, like the Russians, maybe If you know, if you wanted to do that, makes him like super aggressively gay. The government has worked on this.
This is not a joke. Michael router back me up member in during Iraq, they were, they were trying to figure out how to make a gay bomb. This is not a joke. They have using guys. I can pretty much guarantee that, with all of the hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars that the black ops community has had to work within the secret budget. All these years they have tried every stupid, fucking thing in the world. You could think of this idea was that they were going to be able to spray something down like something blows up over these guys. It sprays all over him and it makes him gay. I mean they were really like, looking into the possibility that they thought it would like demoralize them. Did they ever hear about the Greeks and the Romans, some of the greatest fucking soldiers of all time they were bone in each other, constantly the samurais boned each other till this dudes boned dudes back then, and they were cutting heads off every day there was this of wild time. You know you can't think that you know making these people guy is
it might make a better fighter, so you know we're going to fight for their boyfriend. Now, fuck you up man what the system does with pretty much everything it takes something and it bends it it twists it that you accept a way to look at it. That is a base, Fundamental lie anyway: yeah, you know, I don't think gay or non gay has shit to do with how good a warrior you are exactly. You know if there's a gave his give me the idea. No, my kicked once by a as what I did yeah. He was six two and she could bench like to sixty or something. Oh, my god did you underestimate, or did she charge you like what happened? Who it was that we we just call? It was a four fifteen find a bar and it was what was four four fifteen mean guide that that's a place called for disturbance. You know it's four, twenty really pot. Now that I think that what had nothing to do with police, I don't know. What is that? I said: that's a colloquialism, it's it's! It's it's a native, you know, but as as far LAPD. No I never heard of four hundred and twenty. How did four hundred and twenty become pot? Anybody,
me a good history behind that might be a code in some county in northern California. I'm sorry so for fifteen comes out yeah I go to visit. It's it's a it's a pleasure. I invite we go in and you know and there's a fight it and, and you know, and she she was fighting somebody else and I go to step in and she happens and you I'm going yeah yeah when you gotta, be really careful. 'cause big women can knock you the fuck out for real there's, some big women out there that can knock you the fuck out. I know it checked it's only like one hundred and thirty plus pounds, maybe like one hundred and forty, my friend Tommy Junior's, Girlfriend Katie and she can punch a fucking hole in your face. Man, his chick to Much I can choose a strong girl, there's girls out there that can fuck you up, you gotta be careful, especially the sucker punch you, oh there's a great video though some fucking asshole, who's, yelling and screaming at this woman, and she grabs him by the collars and head some and knocks some unconscious. It was like a sick,
the camera in front of a bar, the guy was just being a drunk to each bag and the girl. It was the girls bad ass man. She was like a fucking. Character. In a movie cool mean she wasn't a big girl, but she grabs him by the collar and just fucking but some writing there. Chen to do goes out. It was hilarious. Yeah, it's a beautiful video, never seen it brand pull it up, because it's there's not even any audio. It's girl, headbutts guy KO yeah. Maybe I don't know why I'm asking the final is probably a billion of those right. How many, how many videos online there about girls head a guy and knocking him out? I can find it. Well. You know I am the only guy in the history of the LOS Angeles police Department. Now this is to have bitten in the left testicle in the line of duty really geez
The only guy ever with the smart by now is because you're right had your hand on it and you massaging and a newer. No, no! No, why? Why did someone bite your ball? We got a call. This will the the day when Angel Dust was on the PCP and my god it's the worst thing: I've ever. Drug I've ever seen in my life. What what is the effects for the unwashed masses? Oh my god? Well it it was supposed to be. It was designed as an elephant tranquilizers leading the way it works in humans. It's it's a it's, it's a powerful hallucinogenic, but it gives people a feeling of super human strength and they have it. They they display. You get a real thin sheen of perspiration and you get this classy. I looked as low as as I look old and and and and these guys would you know, throw five or six cops around. They would pull fire a stupid strengths things
quite frequently they had to be shot 'cause. There was just they wouldn't stop. Friend of this finger bitten off and it was on PCP. So we got a call. Well sure sergeant was requesting a back up. It was just south of the station south of Labrea in Venice. There, two blocks an we go rolling up and here's this sergeant, TIM Wright was six foot, five he's just backed into a corner in this apartment and here's this little bitty black guy about five foot? Eight like Sammy Davis, Junior, but he's holding like a thirty five inch, color console television set above his add those things were heavy right away. You knows it was dust and- and- and I was I was known as the fire sergeant sarge- says- Rupert him. So, like five of us went in There- and you know it was just like one of the cartoon malay things. We finally got him handcuffed and then flex cuffed around his ankles. You know the plastic comes called,
Let's put him on the gurney to canvas straps on the gurney run over like torso on one over thighs or knees. So we figure we got him. We take him out to the ambulance. Now I stand up, but you know when you the going to raise it into the ambulance. You pulled up, oh no, oh no, so keep he canvas, strap the canvas legs over his legs, an eh when Buddy went back to his legs and then wow wow? He went like that. Oh my god, he bit your ball, sack How would the recovery on something like that it hurt a lot, not was damaged, but the fear. He must have been horrific, like just like looking down for your first time. I hope it must be miserable, Riffic, yeah, so yeah.
I wound up having the nickname of inspector close up shop, not now Kato. You know I got need the deck dick once in just to, and I didn't know how bad it was is before I used to work up now. I work up smart man yeah and I didn't realize how bad it was until after I was done, turn it fucking hurt like hell, but I figured it just me being a bitch 'cause. I got hit in the deck. You know important dick, because that's how you think like it's, it's like it's extra sensitive is my baby. Are you wearing a Dixie I wasn't wearing anything. I was wearing a jockstrap histogram deep and I'm not mean I was wearing clothes. I should kind of wrestling you doing boy, and my friend, Einstein was passing my garden. He slammed his knee and you know he's trying to pass his knee through my legs and he just miscalculated and caught my dick and I didn't realize ban it wasn't. I was taking a leak after training and blood was all over my jockstrap, my jockstrap was like filled with blood oh great, my dick bleeding. This is awesome.
So, like a retard, I didn't even go to the doctor. Instead, what I did was, I went to see if I could beat off, Well, if I could beat off my dick, I should be good. It can be broken if I could be tough and I beat off successfully and it didn't even hurt that much and when I came was like blood and come together like I like, I had a chicken like a little chicken eggs, so I said alright. Well, let's see if this heals up, if it feels even a little bit funny tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor, so I peed but for like two or three more days, but I felt great now they didn't didn't. I was just checking for any information or feeling of irritation
you know you just see a lot, but but it's like what I go to the doctor. If I did that with my nose and I'm and the answer was no no, I would have done it with my nose a hundred times. How did you hear a lot of orange juice and tried to make orange p? You know I mean I'm trying to make lemonade yeah. It would be like pink lemonade with your seat that that's something that you brought. You probably didn't want to get checked out because he didn't want them to like have to put something in your hole or some like that. Now I did want to be. I would, if I didn't wanna be opposed. I mean if I, if it was my ear, I wouldn't go to the doctor. This was my nose more when I go to doctor fits my deck, and I want to go to the doctor if it's like, in fact that we're gonna do how they gonna fix with the end of the a plus splint on it, yeah popsicle sticks, you send it back in like a wounded soldier. I don't I don't know what the fuck they would do. It was nothing wrong with it. It was just hurt. You know I mean we just need to heal up
but if it was hurt, if it was more than that, I would have noticed after awhile I would've felt I was pretty sensitive, that's a great physical metaphor for what happens emotionally, a few times in your life when you check in the deck yeah he'll up, hopefully yeah you heal up, hopefully yeah. Hopefully, that's a good fit physical metaphor for that yeah. It's very difficult for people to accept the idea that sometimes people don't want to be around them. You know that some people aren't meant for each other, they're personalities, clash and some people of different ideas very difficult to find someone that you can hang with for any long period of time. Definitely we just got to learn to be nicer about the whole process. You know It's the getting kicked in the dick, emotionally gonna figure out. Howto. Don't worry that that for you, party recently at my house, a little kids party and a couple friends came over, including two friends, exes RX's,
ex boyfriend girlfriend married to different people now, but still great friends, it's so cool to see that that when people can can act like that and keep it can actually really be close friends like their kids play together, they go out to dinner Together they go on double dates together, they're genuinely friends. So it's it is possible. God damn for the most part. Most of them end up like fucking, like those air shows where they touch wings, is fucking, go into the crowd in a ball of fire. Or you ever go to an air show man you're going there. So I I grew up in an air force. Family she's crying and I've been quite a few. Have you ever seen a wreck like that? No thank God who what what kind of jet said you flying. I didn't my father. Did are not not in a fighter jet. Now I did a thing for the blue angels. They would take some
he's up article yeah. We went seven and a half cheese and they don't wear suits either man. You know when they do their shit, they don't like the most places. They wear like, like some sort of a compression suit that allows you to deal with pressure, but they don't they don't where they just do it all with their their body, and now they have to be- like really in shape, really good shape. Yeah, just symmetrics, yeah, all kinds of crude mean gymnastics lifting weights. You have to like. Really strength, body just to deal with the G force is fucking incredible man, the feeling is, it's amazing how much pressure it is when you really that like going fast doesn't just it doesn't come free like if you want to really go that fast. You have to move your body in a way that it's completely unaccustomed to moving through the universe, like the amount of pressure that comes from that kind of speed monumental, it's hard to even wrap your head around. I love it. Dude said
I have Jesus insane and it feels like consciousness, feel literally feels like an elevator door. You could see black on each side. It's a crazy feeling man, but when they at they're at car. I remember My dad was a radar intercept officer in F, eighty, nine and half nineties. That's those are true seed interceptors. He used to flap over the North pole waiting for the Russians to attack during the korean war. That was his mission. And we saw a few ufos- isn't some strange things she's us anyway, but so the the good- and it was all there for so that it was in this late seventies, early eighties, the the the Thunderbirds there were doing of a five for formation loop, ground, look and the. Something went off and all five flew straight into the ground. Oh my god that was like, Why just go? Oh my god! Oh my god holy shit.
Words fail. You know, that's crazy yeah. What happened, how the fuck does that happen, something I'm not going to say Wasn't it might the combination of pilot error and mechanical failure? Everybody follows the lead all my god. No body else is paying any attention to anything except the lead. Oh my god, that's so crazy yeah. It is so crazy. Yeah, that's hard to even think about. That's one of those things it's hard to wrap your head around. You know what I must've been like to be a part of and know that it's happened. Like right before the fucking plane hits the ground yeah. They didn't even know They might have a microsecond to know the guy that took me on the blue angels. Flight was a bad mother. I wish I could remember I have it at home, it's on a a signed photo, but we went through with these canyons and we were going. It was so fast. It was ridiculous and we're only like a couple one hundred feet off the ground.
It's just yeah when you realize what those things can do and just think about. If you are on the ground and one of those mother fuckers was looking for you holy shit God, damn That's scary, one of those fighter jet. Looking for you, while you're on the ground, would have to be one of the most frightening things. Well, they fly too fast. I mean this This is where I have some expertise because of the life led hanging with some green beanie guys? And you know they can't see anything. They fly two thousand to flight too fast. So you need helicopters. Yeah. Well, you you would want to a healer with a FLIR forward. Looking infrared radar for night. That's a third gen night vision. What will you can pick out? The heat moving very easily. Could they use like a blimp, something just floated up above the sky and get a big view of this guy that shit, but there that will micro copters and they got all the money it's like Jack,
Nicholson in Batman. Where do they get all the toys? You know that's what they did. Why do they feel like they have to control things so much. Why is that why you have to be so many so much resources spent on this aspect of society? It's the infinite growth monetary paradigm, but it's also people who who have control. If you will someone the powers that be I'm getting a column, the powers that were because they're failing monumentally, but they must maintain control otherwise all the crimes that have been committed for eons welcome, starkly clear to a lot of people all at once. It's like the awakening of the 100th monkey like holy shit, we re human beings really have been farmed. What is that expression? The awaken over the 100th monkey, because I've heard it more than once? Well that was in That was in the dock collapse, and it it
after the Second World WAR and they were playing with the atom bombs. They wanted to see how long it would take to re populate an island, so they went back to this island and four five years after and an introduced reason. They got things growing and then they brought in like ten thousand monkeys to see how they would survive there was enough for everything, but the coconuts were slightly radioactive on the husks. So the safe Safeway to eat the cannot was to wash it in the stream and they like ten monkeys to wash the coconut Ann also they and then other monkeys looking pretty soon fifteen and then forty seven and then two hundred or excuse me up. You know eighty eight when they reached the 100th monkey. All ten thousand got it all at once: everybody's, oh yeah,
okay, so then they all sort the washing yeah and that's a that's a parable about you didn't tell me the story. The last time you hear what did you know? No, that was in the movie, that's what it was ok, but so that's metaphor? That's a parable about a radical shift in consciousness and right now, a radical shift in human consciousness is the only thing that can possibly save us there's a part of me for all of the stuff I've done, bringing the bad news, which was my mission. That was my duty for like thirty years was like to warn, and now now the Fox Medicine spiritual message says: they've had all the warnings they're going to get, but now I'm also very aware that this change of consciousness is happening. And I'm seeing enormously encouraging signs of that one day we won't have to think about how we suddenly try to get governments to be honest, know
One day. Listen, this Gov right! Now one day is going to be embarrassing going to be in bed. Going to look back. It is I agree. All of them have been it's we're. Gonna! Look back on this time. With shame, because people that are running this country, this very small percentage of the people there I'm going to be able to maintain just there's too much access to information these days. It's not the same animal as it was when this whole monster was created. If you look Joe anywhere in the world, every government is failing, there is not a government anywhere in the world that succeeding, because the way their setup is ridiculous. The whole thing is calculus and after a while people, just they can't take the inequity of it. They just people everywhere there was this eve. Even this one, the best one. There is what, without a doubt, I think America is the best set up there. Is I love it here, so we country in the world, but God damn it could be better, it could be better by a million fold. It could easily be better. I don't think
America can be fixed. That doesn't mean that I'm an American. What I mean is I think the United States of America as its operating now is not fixed. Well, it set up on a bullshit financial system. That's that's a real big part of it. It's utterly corrupt! I'm Thomas Jefferson, here I'm saying this Tom Jefferson said you need a revolution. Every generation have you ever thought about just moving Hawaii say fuck, you never thought no? No? No. I I spent four months in Venezuela that was an unusual story, but no, I'm where I'm I'm up in. In California, that's where I'm staying staying till the Astor I'm in my ass in there they're going to have to come by the bulldozer. Take me out of there you're out there making well. Are you sure this is all going to fall apart, though, is what it, what is it, but what is the possibility that something can happen that can pull us out of the fire? Something that's gonna, keep us from
the only women into the mountain. The only thing that can keep us from slamming into the mountain is for the human. Where is collectively to see it slamming it so into the mountain and decide to do differently. It's gotta be a change of consciousness. This is not going to be, a message written in the letter put out in a broadcast put at everybody's got to get it. I personally think you want. The internet itself is very psychedelic in the fact that its response bowl for a massive expansion of human consciousness, not from a drug form but from an information form. The faq the access to information is so spectacular and so the whole viral aspect of it. I think that that human beings right now with was is a very rare time when we're in a balancing act right now, but I think the information that we're getting from the internet is expanding consciousness as much almost as a drug. You know, as an influx of you look back. Unlike you know,
eighteen between, like one thousand nine hundred and ninety four and now would a massive change in our society has come about because of Youtube and twitch open Facebook and the interconnectedness of Friday. The massive extent of it is so much different than it was the evolution for that of on via the net amazing amazing, but I think that that's going to influence the the way the government works. I think it's influence, who are the people that are in positions of power? I think it's slowly going to root out the old. The old system. That's in place was all these fuckers were around before the internet, all of them except the old Obama. You know he should have been just a little bit he's a little bit older than me. So he was a grown man while the internet came out, and you should may May. Maybe was too late for him to maybe may
it's one more generation after this, where they could they realize you can't line anymore, because there's new technology, the lesser read, thoughts and everything has to be done. Transfer. I don't think it's going to take anywhere near that long. This is this is this whole system is going to collapse because it will be satisfied with nothing less it's seeking its own death. It's doing everything to kill it's intellectually anything running this world right now is being defeated. Do you think? That's because the current people, greedy and they're, just looking out for themselves trying to just score short term and just get out 'cause, that's where the moneys at Michael Rupert. I think that their triangles good right. It was good. I think that they're trying to do everything they can to hold on to put what power and what information they have, because they do not want the power or the information that they have to be shared, and it's a it's a total desperation, move and they're going to fail. If I, it was a doctor for the world- and I looked at this problem- and I was like-
well, I see what you got this is this a bunch of cunts that haven't done mushrooms and they're running things, that's what it that have a bunch of old, greedy fuckheads that are were just Une psychedelically inclined, they've, never had consciousness expanding experiences, they don't know the beauty and the love that you get from a site. Well experience with friends where you realize how much of the way you behave and live and interact with people is just insecure. It's just it's just stupidity! It's nonsense, I'm not sure. I'm not sure that would happen, but it will cure it all baby, one more! It's seven billion doses, a d m t at all, yeah. I think I think it would kill the ego. I mean. That's, that's really! That's what you have to do there you go, that is to kill the ego. That's the dilemma that the issue that you and that that's why I write a third book because well that's why everybody hates a chicken hawk. You know the idea of someone who wants to send people into battle. That's never been in
themselves well, of course, you're so confident of so course you're so aggressive about this. This is not yours to risk. You know it's the the ego, has not you understand what war is, if you, maybe, if you had been there, you would have a completely different sort of appreciation. Wouldn't you wouldn't be so callous and it wouldn't be such now? I've got I've come to a darker conclusion, that Joe and and and and that is that these people literally look at us as cattle, expendable cattle that have been farmed, formal yeah? This is real or well. This is this is this is what it really is all about. Human beings are, and bred to be slaves and consumers to generate wealth, and that's It's always been roughly since there was, since we started doing money this war, who are they? Is it they or it is it just a series of shit choice is that have left us in a situation where people are copying things. You know there was a thing
we talked about really recently on this show about the Salem witch trials at the sale, witch trials. There was a woman who wrote a paper for history class, it's sort of salt. One of the major puzzles of the Salem Witchcraft trials, and it was that There was an ergot poisoning of food, it was causing people to have lsd type effects and that they thought that this is responsible for the original murders, but then they kept it up as a tradition. For years later, then it became a hysteria and then even though people weren't even poison, it would actually become a learned behavior, and I think that in situations like where you have greedy business people and they set up corporations and their patterns of learned behavior that come about from the way these Relations interact with their consumers and the environment they have their their businesses set up in and that this momentum carried away too.
A point where the greed and the bottom line supersedes human nature. It supersedes the idea that you are a group of people, and you know documentary the corporation? They went over this that a corporation tends to act as a sociopath. Well, I think we just have to everyone aware of the accountability of their actions in that situation and remove that remove that as a design. Remove that that diffusion of responsibility that you can get by being a part of a big group that does something really fucked up, but you don't feel responsible from cause you're, just one piece from from my spiritual perspective, and let me just add that uh, my dad and my DMT Journey, my cans just went crazy. What do you do to my headphones? What happened my cans just went. I went into an echo chamber, it's cool, you hear no sound right! Now. I don't hear okay, it's fox match. You know what spot yet
photo of him, Michael with his Aug and he's got the glasses on this yeah. The end is a dog as a fox face. That's that's very that's! That's awesome! The empty trip on the message I want to get out of that. What is the the Mtmt Underscore DMT underscore trip. Thank you buddy. I don't know if you made it, but whatever what was I talking about some fox magic? No, it's somehow another came up. What were we talking about? Oh DMT I approached that very spiritually. I I do medicine journeys as part of my spiritual practice and, and it's very Orton for me that I always approach medicine with a clear intent and, and it's always to seek and learn something uh. You look better yeah, you better respect it yeah. You have to respect psychedelic trips. If you think you're the shit and you can handle it
fuck it throw you know, there's a lot of people I spend days preparing. Do that. Well, a lot of people that listen, the man. If you left hammers around a lot of people are going to use in a build houses. Some people are going to break car windows with them. Some people are just going to hit trees. Something with friends of ours is like it's like: they go, do it and go to the UFC, and I'm like man. That's not that's crazy. You don't want that. Do you really want that? You do if you would Joey Diaz did I would say? Yes, I would say if you didn't do it, what are your pussy? If you were a real hunter s? Thompson fan you fan a hunter S. Thompson enjoyed the is one to do. Much was with the at the estate to mushrooms or what are you crazy? I, of course that's not respect in the spiritual trip yeah. It isn't one of a grand opportunity that is in life
do mushrooms at the UFC with Joe Ideas, God damn it. That's the best seat in the house. I thought I had the best seat in the house as a commentator. I don't. The best seat in the house is the due to get to eat mushrooms next to Joey D S. U F C, because you know funny: Joey Diaz would be on mushrooms, it will make it would be a non stop. Chuckle fest everyone would just be howling laughing and you get to watch the UFC. The same time I had a panic attack some of the greatest day on earth. You might have a panic attack. I think that is just too many people. I like I like being with nature. If I'm gonna go on any kind of spirit or trip, I want nature. I won't be able to like you talking about spiritual trips. Were you smoking a cigarette? It is a spirit. The trip is just it's a shitty one. It's a tobacco trip. It is if your native yeah sure tobacco hold that there's a strong ritual for well. It also is a part of the Iowa Oscar ritual. For some reason.
Like a lot of Iowans Caros. I think that's really soon they they they they blow tobacco smoke on people. That's part of the whole thing yeah I mean in nicotine or that tobacco in of itself, and even nicotine is proven to have some really positive health effects, something about nicotine. That actually is good for your heart but it's not nicotine. This really the problem. It's like caffeine. Caffeine, is not bad. If you have just a little bit, if you fucking crazy, you drink and red bull, all day and check this. I'm sixty one okay, I smoke, everybody knows that
okay, my right, I just had a physical resting blood pressure was sixty like a blood drive pulse rate was sixty. That's incredible, resting! That's really good. What pressure was one twenty over seven really good shape to do. A lot of exercise is pretty low. I eat really really really good and and then I exercise as much I'm weed whacking two and a half acres now, so that's that's work. That is work. You know and yeah I mean you know, George Foreman. When is training for five to chop wood? Two! Well known fact, you know it's like you real work, real work is hard work there. No shit, I get you in shape. Mom, that's uh! pretty low resting heart rate, though yes, You know what I'm I'm. I I'm just real sick of buying into all the propaganda I'm sold about everything, because the way the people that run this world operate is they do it, eighty percent truth and ten percent bullshit and because you're not to separate the bullshit. The bullshit winds up, steering
my favorite articles came out during the time that the Patriot ACT was admitted was it was on CNN. They were talking about how the CIA has announced that it's going to leak fake news stories in order. To send person in the wrong direction, and I I remember reading that and I was like wow like game over like they just came out and said we're going to lie to you that was at the same time, that CNN let it be known that the Department of Defense was permanently stationing military intelligence personnel in the CNN newsroom. I screamed about that from the world in his house. In my newsletter for eight years we had some great people there. We were just kicking Bush Cheney in the balls every chance we could get. Why was it from the wilderness? Why'd? You from the world Because for my personal story I had you know I've been trying to expose see. I was
drugs into the country for like eighteen years and nobody would listen to me. Then Gary Webb stories broken. I confronted the CIA director at Lock high school. The game changed a little bit So I started FTW like a year and a half after I confronted John Deutch, and I was a voice crying in the wilderness, but I was the guy from the wilderness that nobody listened to, and then you know, and so that came to stand for over the course my career, many hundreds of people and organizations who were all voice is in the wilderness and nobody was listening to and day. We got it all right. You know and there's some just amazing people. I've met along the way. It's an interesting name. I member when I first found out about I was like what the fuck is that from the wilderness was like sounds very Unabomber. Ask you know
out there. This was be staring hearing at the disease society out the distance yeah. No, this this was just the hey. You know we were pretty successful. We got to have sixty members of Congress and we broke the Pat Tillman the whole whole cover up with Pat Tillman was a seven part series we did FTW and that one of the good things now for me about giving collapse that over to the employees. I didn't get a chance to do that with FTW W, because our computers were smashed in the Tillman series. I mean police false five reports. To editors who are having sex with much children and for defrauding, and they We threw everything but including the kitchen sink at me up link to editors, that what was what was that there was. My computers were smashed in part. Five of the Tillman series. That's right when we were nailing Donald Rumsfeld and he was eventually forced to resign-
He was forced to resign because of the Pat Tillman and yeah. That was what did it yeah? He just resigned real suddenly right when Henry Waxman's committee on governmental affairs was getting ready to call him what is the issue that he had created. Hey. First of all, if you wanted to have a bad guy in like a Batman movie, there was like a bad government guy that was actually evil, would not Donald Rumsfeld to be the fucking perfect Guy, Dick Cheney's right he's right up there to both of them, but so, but what exactly took place well we eventually nailed. The series was being written by Stan Goff, who was my military affairs editor at from the world understands a retired master sergeant from Us Army Special Forces Delta stand taught at West Stan is just one of the most amazing writers and human beings on really people. I've ever met in my whole life and brilliant guy, And- Pat Tillman's mom Danny contacted me trying to get in touch with stamp
and- and I immediately said, we'd publish anything and I drove down to the Tillman House in south of the bay and call happy overnight. Two thousand two hundred pages of Army records that she had given all redacted. You know all blacked out in pages and stuff, but they weren't files and sections and all that stuff. So I returned the papers and drove back up to my office offices and I flew stand golf into Ashland Oregon and we stand did most of the work, but absolutely because stand new it also. He decoded the dog. Moments and figured out who was who and what was what and where was where I caught something help it stand, wrote the seven part series that proved stand that Pat had been killed by friendly fire at close range.
The silver star awarded him was. I think that that was probably the most offensive thing. For many in the in the military was that that Silver STAR was fake, that just destroys the value of the Silver STAR and so, he broke that story and and similar to what they mean- it's been just which story they change that story into apparently any story that gets released, Big story gets doctored up, favorably and so this one was unfortunate incident. It wasn't. A murder right No one claiming it was was a murder. No, I I think people claims tomorrow. I think Danny believes that it's possible that her son was murdered. I think she said so she said so to me. I could not have been premeditated because it was in a foobar situation that it was not really combat, it was an exaggerated stage play in some respects. There
in some incoming fire, but it was like three four hundred yards away, a couple of moods fired, a couple of rounds and ran, and, and here model rangers just start. Opening up on a lot of everything all at once is basically the way that played and Pat Pat Tillman's last words when he stood up before took a three round burst from a saw squad automatic weapon right here I mean it just took his head off where I'm Pat fucking Tillman and That's not disputed that! That's fully in the record. Oh who is, got to pull the trigger. It was a sergeant in his cereal. What was he just was he on edge or was he trying to kill him? I can only speculate here. If you add a spat was a really smart guy and he was honorable. He had seen that that,
the war was all fucked up. It was all lies that you know, and he was DIS, Partner, he was a pro football star right and and quits the NFL, a huge move to join the army to defend this country, because he thinks that you know every. Thing that you see in the movies is how it works out and you're supposed to rise up when your country gets it ACT as a patriotic American. He wanted to do his part. Well, let me just continue with that a little bit and he kept a dime and so there would naturally be fear that he would come back rejoin the NFL and start bad in the government, but that didn't really factor into it that that could have been can old in many other ways than that Pat around frequently frequently special forces and and that's that's kind of a no no in theater, because one group does what they do and anyway, that's just the way it works.
I think he was something of a grandstander. You know a little bit yeah, and so I think he was making a lot of noise and person some people off and he was complaining about how fucked up things were and some might have put it to yeah and I think he became a ranger before he became a soldier maybe only rangers- will understand that or SF would understand that, but it's it's Totale Shakespearean tragedy. I mean it's just like so fucked up all the way around for everybody yeah did you ever hear the eulogy the brother gave spitting tents too. You think there's something to extend to path lighting in Pat's fucking dead, something wrong as long or something 80s or something
didn't know him, because then he would have like lipstick all over him and they had pictures. I don't even joke about this joke about unfortunate, but you about almost. I came close to with me and you know that if you had got blown off your head got blown off. I wouldn't put a big dick, like damn. She tried to suck in a smaller dick. Will you head off bitch, last thing, I would do for you Pat Tillman's, like an american hero. The whole thing was sad. It was very it was. You know, it was sad that he he he chose to jump in and it was sad that it wasn't what he thought. The truth is is that everything about those wars, the Post nine hundred and eleven wars, everything about those wars is fucked up and when start off with everything on the
on the floor, you're building on that fucked up the or that takes place on top of that field, can't be anything but more compounded. Lee fucked up right. How do you have a just war when you go into it with ulterior motives and live yeah? It's amazing there's a lot like a fucking army of people in jail right now. You know it's a may. You may that they can get away with that level of corruption and not be accountable. It's really, but We do in the world of ones and zeros. You know the cartesian world measure will matter and, of course, we know. There's such a thing. Here, there's things other than matter, but they operate as if everything is matter. That's what we got it. Men we going to bring them into the lights. That's what we gotta do that's the solution to all of it is not even fight them. It's like fight them. It's like they are us they're, just us in the worst case scenario in the worst possible position, doing the wrong thing exactly. I think that
We are at one of the most ethical times in Hume History Course, perhaps all of human history- and I we believe that what I said in the movie is happening that that our species is being forced to choose. Whether to evolve or chips, to grow up or fucking die? Well, it's obvious. When you look at like what we're doing, as far as like sucking fish out of the ocean and depleting resources and polluting thing, it's like we're, certainly not doing it in a sustainable way. Right now, and now I don't, I don't think it's impossible. If, if we kept population, exactly how it is right now it might be be possible to run the world the way it is and use the re, you know, might be possible as we move along differ. If it's not how we doing it right now, we, We are overextended, but we're doing it right now. No, we are about. Everything is in
loading right now, but right now we're doing fine right now we tricity we I'm on the internet, so yeah food, okay, it's not everybody! This is this is your. This is the Eagle bomb, because this is where I I have the hardest trouble getting through to people, but because a say, how long do we have when is it going to happen right and subconscious? all they're really saying is how long before it fucks with me yeah how long before I'm uncomfortable exactly wanted books by candle like here we are, but you know that's why apps that exists, because we bear witness to the fact that all up Pakistan's cities are having black. I said that by the way was very authentic. Hockey stock is done, yes, blackouts lasting weeks at a time same in Mindanao India, major power blackouts civilization, is collapsing all around the world and just be,
people choose not to hold it in their consciousness, don't mean a thing going on so yeah you. You will recognize it as an inescapable trend that only a shift in consciousness can alter. So if the shift of consciousness occurred, how would that alter? What would what would be the correct thing to do if the the human population was brought into the light and everybody sort of figured it out and said, hey, we have to act responsibly and stop being a bunch of greedy cunts. What would we do, I think it would all spring from. A fundamental overriding awareness, not a conviction, belief, just awareness, you know you're living it. You know you know, of the oneness of everything, of the connectedness of everything. That's the place where you start and.
Once you you do that, among other things, you overcome the pairs of opposites, good, bad, rich, poor fat, then what whatever you know this world of duality and I think there's some amazing work being done in quantum physics. That Totally bearing this out, there's some amazing research out. Emiko Swami is a quantum physicist and great book out by David. Kirk and other stuff that a lot of stuff that I kind of became aware of along the way. So there's I think the awareness of that once it once it comes or it flowers in the species and pray pray. God's got a spirit it does soon uh we just want. We will just automatically stop doing all the stuff that we're doing that's turning. This planet into a living hell come on.
Co is totally destroyed. They got shrimp with their guts hanging out in one eye and an ion their ass and crabs. With half a shell, I mean we in the photos of this on. You know on collapse net, so climatologically there's there are plumes hundred and twelve kilometers across two thousand and thirty of them of methane venting directly up from tundra in Siberia. I mean it's like methane is twenty times more power. The greenhouse gas than C two, this mess is out of control is going to come crashing down the only because by Calc. I had a guest on my radio show great guy, professor professor from Arizona, is I'm having a brain fart on his name. It'll come up in a minute. Thank you very much
but climatologically that there's an incredible study that says you have to stop all economic activity now or else all of everything dies. Your reverse Sadly, as a result of temperature rise. And it's hard science, so on all these fronts. With all that stuff happening. I just look back reason. I went this train wreck. Cannot we prevented at this level of consciousness. The only thing that save us now, literally, is a miracle right Amir? pull a revolution of human consciousness. But if that does happen, if this revelations revolution whatever you want, you want to call it. If that did happen, what would we How would we fix everything that just seems to me that the we have to ship thing okay. We have to move to manufacture shit. We have to move it around places because people need stuff. You know we gotta
Food supermarkets, you gotta, you gotta, keep growing it. You gotta, keep it keep a good cycle going on, so you gotta burn something you gotta use, something's gotta run those engines and then a con top of that you have to have at least public transportation, and then people were going to want to have cars ok. Are you going to get all this shit drives you crazy thinking about that? Don't! Well! It's amazing that we got so out of hand. We got. Society were like it's like someone who was just out of college, and you gave him an unlimited Mastercard and you don't have to pay. First year they just fucking went bananas. You know they went bananas to the point where it's completely unsustainable and You realize you have this debt of the way you're living it's just so disproportionate Peoria sources, here's the ultimate kicker! All of us. There are not enough resources in the world to pay off the debt that has been printed since two thousand and eight all the bailouts are debt.
So all the resources in the world like as far as all the gold, all the diamonds, all the oil, how about iron and copper everything food, but Energy is the first resource because without energy you can't use anything else. So that's amazing. So how is that possible that we have an economy? That's not based on into really, what anything could be worse, that. Just shows you how completely full of shit the whole idea of the economy is, if the all the resource is of the world, and you owe more than that. Someone got fucked someone, someone fucked you out of the whole world. Yes, think about that. Think about how strong the FUCK Khoury is in this economy. That is so bad that it literally we owe more than there is value in anything in the world to pay off it costs more to make a penny than a penny's worth the same thing. I mean it seriously,
by my tears several years, he's here's the catch to all of that is found founded on a promise of. Center grove growth. Wow girls on a finite planet is not pass with finite resources. If you ever black gold stranglehold you. You know that the premise behind that was who was that it was not your own core. No, that was, I don't remember, was a disinfo book. Was it really? I had it on my disinfo shell really. So so it was a book that was it it completely ridiculous? All? how do you know if it was the only guy that knows it? The promise was that goal that oil was not a byproduct of fossil fuels. Are a bionic yeah yeah that it was a pro a process of the the net Isley littering the blood of the earth earth has an endlessly filled creamy nougat center. That will satisfy your every desire for as long as you're kinky Astrid crave it dear horse, evil,
vampire cunts people. Are we just suck the oil out of the earth until it's dead there we're doing we're running our entire crazy business on the blood of the earth? that's exactly what it is too yeah. It is above the earth. Oil is life. All we're doing is burning ancient sunlight that was stored in life. It's all solar, Enerji and one for brother on this planet so crazy. When you really stop and think about it, like that, it is God, it's amazing It's amazing! When you really think about what it is. Why do you think the natives call it father sky 'cause? They were done, they didn't plan. It is a lot of shit. They didn't know. Yes, they didn't even have fucking horses man we had to give them horses settle down, find that might be all fake, listen man. Those are the people that came across the Bering Strait and it was proven recently actually, when this Mormon dude to try to flex ' 'cause he in the Mormon Book of Mormon, whatever the fuck that nonsense, that Joseph Smith Character wrote when he was
fourteen years old and everybody followed along with It was said that they believe that the American Indian was actually the lost tribe of Israel and that he was prove it with a genetic test. So he the Ransa dna sequence on the american indian most most of it is actually asian most american. He is actually they came down from the wedding. This straight Hockley Siberia shows, with the eighteen sixties, run a dna test. What nono recently ran a tall? A thanks on American Indians find out the origin, thank as if they were Israelis. He'd like see this, the lost tribe of Israel of they were somatic, and you know he did. I guess they could find that out, but it was not. It was the It's likely that they were asian. Religions are business, Anne and Anne. I really think over Christianity had the best business plan, that's what it boils down to yeah, but
what's happening now is people are also beginning to understand that part of this great awakening is that many of us are returning to wisdom that existed. Four religion word religion even existed. It was. It was the knowledge of the ancients living in direct connection with this planet. Everything on it, you can absolutely you can absolutely learn from other people's revelations that are written down and recorded, but the moment that will start attaching gods to them and that you're talking about a bunch of shit, you don't really know what the fuck you're talking about. If you're a human being, then you really don't know what you're saying you're saying you're saying a bunch of nonsense. You know either you learn something or you didn't, but when you, when you start thinking about things like more or scientologists or anything where it's like, just even a whiff of crazy. It's like how do you
dress that had you you allow it to happen, is I'll tell you. I've never met nicer folks, folks, Mormons Mormons, some of the nicest people I know are Mormons. They have a great sense of community in the Mormon Church, Ivax in the services before because I had friends, are Mormon, I've been to a Mormon funeral before very polite and nice people, and if you wanted to find like a religion, we said well, here's a religion, it looks like it enhances family life a little bit. They do a lot of things together, there's probably a lot of benefits to it. When you get past the fact that it's based on nonsense. Fairy tale warmer young con man Mormons are also very, very, very smart in that they have focused on food store. Rich and food and reparation for a long time, and that is the single most critical factor for who's going to make it and who's, not in yeah you got. Did you have to bring everything back to the end of the world? Doom? gloom. Well, no, we might have a wake up. It was last time your disneyland mellow, my god, No, it works today, but you should
go to Disneyland before like fucking planet of the style, collapse of civilization, happens and you're out there mad max in it, and you fucking bio diesel truck and you pass by Disneyland when Anaheim is a fucking ghost town and you have to get zombies are common. This sounds like a movie that is movie were not what he house and would be it's like, was as army lands on the land, Deuce Zombieland, Deuce, Good Disneyland, bring some fox man just fuck up some zombies at Disneyland. Actually, you know if there were places to party, but I can think of a couple more I'd rather party, I still as beautiful, Disney last fun. It's great Did you end up going the other day? I was awesome yeah I yeah you go during the weekday mass great do use the app do. Now the app now was really. The winds were easy. Why don't? I go a little kid rock, so it's a totally different experience. I'm not waiting for space mountain, I'm only like ten minutes ago on the submarine I know the submarine. I I like. The teacup suggests that kids love to toes are fun. Those are fun, isn't as far
when their your kids is really an amazing thing that happens when you have kids is that you get the actual joy of them having joy, it's really strange, like I used to see kids having fun and not go on that. Kid looks like he's having fun that looks awesome and it would make me feel good, but it doesn't make you feel good, like you're, a little kid experiencing the happiness. When you have a kid and they're happy like jumping around and laughing and having a good time, you actually experience that feeling it. You live through it. It's amazing You know what made you and I don't like. I don't like when kids have, that that thing where they, I don't know where they just like start grabbing on your leg like like a like holding on to you and you're like a random stranger kid you're at the armed Guard in a realistic manner, just grabbing it yeah, it's uncomfortable, you like yeah right there with it. Do I start documenting, like I don't happen, nothing happens. Does it by yeah? I! Well! I don't think you can ever have you weird out to do some do just picked up your kid. You believe him and we do want a baby yeah see thank
commentary on his world. Well, yeah! Absolutely automatically there. It's like there's! So many of us there's so many of us that the the amazing spectrum of human behavior, it's it's. There are the possibilities you can run into people that are completely crazy. We all have, Are they ought to have that job? So you know in the world of martial arts and fighters and sons of of running some crazy people. I'm sure your world takes back to the next level times ten, you know being a police officer in LOS Angeles and all the shit that you seen. I mean you're you're like do bag to nice. People ratio that you saw in your line of duty, so yeah fucking hard to hard to keep a a cheerful profile? Well, that's one of the that there a Jesuit mystic named Anthony De Mello, and he has a great line. He says there comes a point in your life when your options are to either go stark raving and saying commit suicide or become a mystic.
I want to be at mystic yeah. Well, you are man really. I think I would want to be like the silver surfer dude. I want a silver surfer rebuilt. If you could, you have yeah I wanted to be like. Did you like Tron style like where it's like like when he's flying? There's like Digital, I enjoyed the first silver surfer. Let's get moving yeah, what we boot that who owns that Marvel or the other company don't know silvers, but it wasn't a part of the avengers or no not the avengers rather fantastic, four, no, what Where was where was the last silver surfer? I want to say it was in one of the fantastic four movies. Now x, men x, men was yeah. It is excellent, sure yeah, it's in one of the find out fantastic four, which is that brick dude in that stretch it dude, and that was like silver Surfer- wasn't involved in that. I don't think so because I feel like I was. I think silver surfer was straight. Wasn't it, I think,
I think he's like your god or something I remember the story behind it. You thought you were going to come on for a serious discussion about the end of the world. Did you silly man? No, that's! Alright! It's ok! This is like a download, I'm just checking. What's going on in the universe around here. Well, I just think it's possible that a lot of people- ok is a funny thing. Worried about the end of the world. You worried about the collapse of civilization. In the meanwhile people, see you smoking cigarettes and they go If you want to stay healthy and happy, why you poison yourself. Deal with it that will now be a medium that will now be a beam that will spread spread across the internet. You know what I mean I was talking to my friend Duncan about this. We're talking about people were like looking for Chem trails when they're smoking cigarettes.
Fucking poison me from the sky. You present yourself too, does doesn't matter enjoy it I am, I am what I am off the United States at sixty one years of age. After all, the that I've done in my life and I'm alive and helped I got bloons gardens, are you out of? We don't go there and like this need cigarettes if civilization falls apart, do you have a stockpile of cigarettes or you just going to quit? I don't have a huge stockpile, mom ration, what if I have to do with that, the biggest thing that you would mess about civilization or would it be the internet or I would not I'm tired of the internet? Did I I need to get prior to the end, and I I need about getting there for I'm, I'm getting your time yet so, we'll both you guys are usually go, get go in a room together, yeah update.
What are you talking about the love? The internet is the greatest thing that human nature is ever invented. Well, that's where you're clicking right now but see what I'm saying I'm starting to click in a different direction. I'm I'm starting to click! I'm moving more to live in my spiritual, my inner life, an building my own life boat. You need you need a night on the town, hookers Kilo as we needed a limo yeah and a and a and an asian driver knows a we affect now. I think I'd rather just have a big party at my house. Are we cook like a lamb and all sit around and eaten? Sounds are smoke a little herb, eat organic food and then and then big foot accidental anybody wants to go off and make love doesn't do you just do it? Don't you live up in Bigfoot country, this Bigfoot sightings up there, no more California, I don't think so. Have you ever been to a your party, ah kind of yes and kind of know it was like?
yeah. You didn't know going in, but then it turned into one only I think broke out in the middle of it yeah wow yeah. I want to go to wine. You think that till dudes trying to No, I wouldn't do that man. What's what's the hang up man, let me put in but man, no man, your wife, get outta here what the debris to have after make style, Burbank style. I got a feeling that broomstick stories kind of spread- I would imagine it would get on the internet now, that's a ridiculous way to die. Well, I have another one. That's pretty good. Get a call to a dead body in in the ambulance suicide in in the jungle Wilshire division that and we roll up and here's this dead guy in a easy chair. It's kind of like this and I walk up and looking.
Risks are slashed bled out, but then I look up his throat's also slashed. Think about that His wife was saying she committed suicide hi. You cannot slash your own, well, I sure hope risky to rest and do you think she would to jail for murder. He had been, you know for so many years and she just lost it. One day know eight know, tragic stories, but he was definitely not a suicide. Why can't you do that? Why can't you slash your own throat and then cut your own rest? So can you do risk and then throw it out too fast? You bleed out too fast. Well, we make the movies make it seem like you could like actually play a piano song and before you die, she must've been a bad ass. Bitch though she could pull that off. Got a guy's rest in his neck. It's amazing people get tired of you will take in our house. It's amazing: what raged can a can? Do you know out there left, but if we have,
Not that Michael Rupert is that's my number one goal in life lately so figure out how to diminish the amount of assholes in the world. I was hey, I be get off the internet, I get off the internet, that's the secret came a cop trying to do that and and- and you know clearly that's a losing battle. That was your motivation to become pencils or to try to make a difference. Absolutely do you remember when you started to realize that the system was almost like unfixable? What well the your choir that in stages, I mean I pulled one warm out of a can c, I a bringing drugs into the country. I said this is wrong as soon as I get get this to the right people. Attention they'll, stop immediately wrong. Okay, that was before IRAN, Contra and and so that worm turned out to be all of human industrial civilization it it turned out to be the whole economic paradigm. It turned out be everything was crooked. Thing was a lie. Everything was manipulated.
I had a CIA friend recently, who I was talking to former CIA guy and and and he I've been in a meeting. The the first briefing of Bill case We as a DCI under Ronald Reagan, director of Central Intelligence Bill Casey, wore the glasses startran around Contra? He had been a stockbroker before he became CIA director there's a clue and Bill Casey took us is it cocaine, consumption from sixty metric tons in nineteen, seventy nine to six hundred metric tons and that money went to Wall Street uh so Casey had his first briefing is DCI and he said gentlemen. We will know that everything that we are successful when everything that the american people believe is true is false. This is Christ. I've been around. You know I
yep good notes. That's why I'm alive. I took a really good notes. The good solid record. You know. So you think you're alive, because you said too much already and there's nothing they can do about it. It's like it's! It's out there. No out there no big deal. Let him live. Think. I also think I'm alive because spirit wants me alive. I've had bad spirit intervened so many times in my life and that's part of what the story is now that I have to tell in my next book, because there is something powerful and- and I think wonderful afoot here and all I can do- is tell the truth about it. But it would be dishonest of me, as a journalist, to leave that out of the work that I've already done when exposed to all this when you expose the CIA, when you stepped in front of the what was the man's designation to guide you in and watch on, John Deutch D was DCI director of central intelligence appointed by Bill Clinton. That was, I think,
courageous thing to do on camera. I know to step in and not just say that you were a former LOS Angeles police narcotics officers, that we were that it caught the sea they doing this, but you named operations you mean you gave out information, it wasn't just it wasn't just a blank is I had. I had a lot of shit yeah. That must be the worst fucking case scenario for the creepy, industrials constant, run the world some dude, who wants to be a superhero, some dude? Who wants to save the world, so gonna, I'm just pissed, off here in just fuckers right, pissed, pissed off you for good reason, and you don't you don't want to recognize this, but that's a hero, move! Okay, when a guy does that and stands in front of a mother like that, and you say what you said: it's brand you have that clip
pull up, pull that clip up 'cause for the people who don't know who haven't heard this or seen as this is pretty intense stuff man going to make me smoke. Yeah smoke, it's a it's, a courageous man. I mean it it takes it. I know you couldn't help your courageous, you can't help, but you just what I wanted to get at was sorry. What was what was your thought process and what was it like when you finally got that information out when it came out of your mouth? What was it? What was it? What did it feel like when whole courtroom was chairing, well. That was, you knew the was a high school auditorium. There were and twelve people in there in it was I was. It was unbelievably high. It was like soup awareness unit, you know how it is, and when do you know how it is yeah and- and it was like wow as it was like a One of my favorite maxims is don't shoot unless you got a headshot and I had John Deutch in a headshot right and I pulled I can trigger, while I
that cost him his appointment as Secretary of Defense really yeah and as you clowned him like that, oh are, you have any stammered like a somebody was ringing his hands and he looked like the typical evil white dude. That's exploiting this country for a long yeah. That's back back it up, so we could see it. This'd is November 15th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six former LOS Angeles police, narcotics, detective that the agency has dealt drugs throughout this country for a loan red Sea parted when they heard that everybody knew it was true everybody. This is crazy, That is an answer for that's why I need a Millander Mcdonald she's dead. Now cancer wait, wait, wait.
That's John Deutch there making notes? Oh fuck, A minute, if you don't like what's going on here, please can you tell she used to be a principle right, yeah others who do want to hear? What's going on in this room? Will you please take your states? I will come back to you as well memory Lane, wow direct, a Deutsch. I will refer you to three specific agency operations own as Amadeus, Pegasus and Watchtower. I have watched our documents heavily redacted by the agency. I was personally exposed to CIA operations and recruited by
personnel who attempted to recruit, may in the late seventies, to become involved in protecting agency drug operations in this country. I think Russell Crowe should play you in the movie fifteen years and I have the evidence. My question is a very specific so if, in the course of the ideas investigations spread his his work, you come across evidence of severely criminal activity and it's classified. Will you use that classifications? the criminal activity. Or will you tell the american people the truth? Wow dude, you just owned him. What the fuck they say that lesson he watch his hands watch his hands. This is cool. He shit his pants, how many hookers he killed that night. After this you made him kill at least three or four hookers alleged right now they're going to go to Julian Dixon. Next, he died of a massive sudden heart attack in Washington DC right, as the hearings concerning this were closing. So everybody that I didn't want to text, you did too
cancer cancer. It was a decent guy. If you have information, this is Joyce illegal activity. Look at his hands it drugs. You should immediately bring that information wherever you want, but let me suggest you want LOS Angeles police Department. I got it right there. I know I got him. I got him totally meal. You have a big smile on your face, yeah, absolutely Cena. So that was stupidity. I started there. I am sorry, others wanna hear this trip for the LOS Angeles police Department, the inspector general or office of one of your Congress persons this grocery
he's not having a good time. Wait a minute, don't speak out of turn. Let me say something else. Is this information turns up wrongdoing? If that time's up wrong doing, we will bring the people to justice and make them account That's Tom Hayes getting up right there saying. Oh, I gotta get out of this shot. My wife JANET here I thought, that's Julie. Dixon. They they got him with got this principal lady is awesome. Thank you very much, so I want to thank you for coming. You were at the last meeting. The staff probably had the spelling
your name, the spelling, your name on Rupert. They were looking for you yeah. We want to make sure that you contact the committee because obviously you have some valuable information if you wanna give it to me privately, if you wanna hand it to that age, where I can contact you this evening, please do it, don't let us get away without getting a contact from you. Thank you, Sir happy about doing now, so everyone can see that I got it. That would be fine. So what how much they just change your life depends on C span. Here's here's the punchline now take the noise down so that we can here and we can get answers for the record. My name is MIKE: Rupert Rupperti did bring this information out eighteen years
when I got shot at and forced out of LAPD, because of I could, on the record for eighteen years, nonstop and I'll be happy to give you congressman anything that I have what year did this take place? One thousand nine hundred and ninety six, as so awesome do queries. It's amazing. You look like a lone gunman that video, though you look, crazier than you look now you look at your different human being. Now that's fascinating! It's interesting, though when you see someone when they were younger, and then you see him again like you, you were focused and fucking pissed off, and you know you look like the last dude that you wanted. You know get information out about creepy shit to that's what you looked like you like that can do and that's the way Russell Crowe would have to play where you are wearing the leather jacket. With the tie on your fucking angry man I live that way for a long long time now, and when
Crossing the Rubicon came out. Well that started everything that that came as a result of Gary Webb stories this yeah. This is from those hearings followed. His stories and Maxine Waters went crazy over and I owe Gary a lot because his book and series bra that out and then after that then Gary I kind of became united. I have a book that he autographed to me of the dark alliance. It says to MIKE who was there before. I was scary web. You know, and so that he committed suicide yeah. He did Denise shoot himself in the head twice. Yes, first of all, he does, but that's not fishy. That's not happen, sometimes not at all like they don't do it first time when they're still conscious thing now they have to do it again. Well before I even get to the shots. Let me lay this out because I spoke to every family member. I spoke to his wife, his ex wife, his children and his mother and he had spent weeks before that
changing insurance policies moving stuff back into his mother's addict, writing and mailing letters. To you know all of that had been was very well planned and when he did it, I that's crazy. Twelve, and you see see you, you see, attempted suicide or suicide. If your homes I investigate or your cop out in the street, you come across crime scene and you see water called hesitation marks people who try to slash their wrists will do a shallow shallow. Just oh that's not not some of them get to offer it, and then they go. Woo hesitation marks are very common. It happens also with shooters the weapon was a smell was a thirty eight and Anne. You you're going to shoot yourself like this, but if you tape you kind of go like and that's what the first shot did and it went it just kind of large down.
I didn't hit the brain, oh my god, so he walked LE, just save it from there and after that, he he fit, and he had left a note on the door saying you know, paramedics call how you know. I'm glad to dispel that. That's good! That's the only other guy that I had ever heard of that shot himself in the head. Twice with some guy was an Enron whistleblower blower uh, oh, can happen with with it. It's a rare thing, but you can. I seen a guy get photos of a guy got shot here. The bullet didn't even fracture the skull and went all the way around and came out over here. I literally just lifted all of his scalp, oh my god. What yeah? Oh, my god, it went around and lifted his scalp off. There was no agile, but on top- oh my god, that's that's insane. Yeah yeah
just a freak occurrence with a bullet? Well, that's how you get to develop a sense of humor is a cop. You know seeing fucked up shit yeah. Did you ever see the one where there was a a leopard in India in the photo with the leopard came into a town and its swatted, this guy and literally removed his head like a to pay like remove the skin off of his head, but completely scalp them like his head was like was like peeled. Exactly. He was like a ice cube song. He paled this cap back, I mean really. Did it's like what a fucked up photo? What a shitty thing to happen to you! Flip Seymour Hoffman would be the best role for my group, Michael Rupert you. So he could do it somebody posted bad motherfucker. Sweet he's those guys? Never bad in the movie. There's another one right he's always. Would you take him as a before the collapse of civilization. If they could just get one movie about your life story would be sweet. Did you get mad? You
there was really a time Joe when getting the movie made about. My life was really important to me, and it's just not so much in well. That movie that you did collapse was very influential man. I I don't. I can't tell you how many people went to see it and told me how awesome it was and told me to get it, and you know I I saw it long before I mean I'd. Rather I knew about you long before that because of crossing the Rubicon. I bought that book. I remember when it was feel like it wasn't, It's still, so I just got a royalty. When did you write it? It was published in two thousand and four two thousand in two September, four hundred and ninety October, so and what the universe is changed fifty times since this isn't that crazy, that two thousand and four is like If you look at a two thousand and four car, that's pretty god. Damn reason car you know
expiration, very nice cars for two thousand and four there very modern. But if you you know you look at technology in the world, it's like wow, it's almost transparent thing like it's almost like we're invisible thing like can't. Really quite see it, unless you really pay attention that I think there's a real perceptible quickening of events that that's I mean we're in like a whole new world. Every thirty days now well with tech call gene mean it's not going to stop it's. No one's going ever stop and say: okay, we have innovation. Now we're going to keep Phones, at the same speed, were keeping the same size. So I think we have a good variety. Is everybody happy with the Android platform yeah? I like it. You know who likes blackberry, ok, we're good. Let's just keep it the way. It is but he's never going to happen, but here's the problem it takes energy to build all that shit. Enormous amounts of energy to we gotta lapped start using retards. Now I don't mean like people with down syndrome, I just mean like douche bags. Shit members of our society. We gotta turn them fuel in the fuel. That's that's the that way.
No only have nice people and we cook all the assets which can be really horns, and I have to tell the story in a german accentuating sit. Ups is good. We go yeah. I see now in in in two thousand and five I came across this article in Discover magazine yeah, when it was up about thermal depolymerization, say that three times thermal depolarization thermal depolymerization thermal polmar, deep depolymerization, depolymerization thermal depolymerizing and when things in the article they say you build this machine and was doable. Didn't say what enerji, but you put a human being in one end of the machine. You come out with thirty seven liters of usable oil, perfect soil and oil. Only thirty, leaders that there's a lot of people on this plane
We can totally do this. We would run out it would eventually people thinking that we would start her people, thinking that we start doing a joke instead of just criminals and murderers would be like people who cheat at cards now. I turn them into oil and we have an overpopulation problem. Good is that lie when they say they're not in there period and they ruined your sheets for the 50th time does not really bother you fucking pisses me off really yeah wanna give a fuck just crazy son. Just just get more sheets said no. She threw up a ball gag and just go to work. What are you doing where sheets of expensive, but T shirts are not well His teacher doesn't cover your whole bed stupid yeah, but by cloth it's more difficult to make its finer silk. It feels good in your skin or finer fabric, rather Mandis conversation taken some hard turned left and right. That's what happens when you get this guy,
I like that, just the awkward for glasses again from the same guy TNT that silly people, that's the internet! You want to get away from that. Why would you want to get away from that? You know it's cool about that, like that, that's the internet! How awesome is that that, in within minutes, some guy on some plants, that name D m t d trip in Pennsylvania just put that together and just made it that fast yes, but I want to use the net surgically and precisely, but I want to keep room in my life for other things as well and expand the room for other things, and because obviously it's something you can just go into and not come out of for awhile and I've been living you I was doing the news stories at collapse. Net seven is a week for like two years and reading all that shit, and I need a break from that. You know that's where you need music and you need some. You know
dancing and romancing in whatever you need yeah man, you can't doom and gloom to the other time. Then you realize God why I was it's not like I'm going to infinite being. You know you have a finite amount of time if you spend it all doom and gloom, and you realize that it was going to end anyway, but why lie is here, haven't even enjoy it because I was worried. The sky was falling, yeah yeah, I do headed to live as if this change of consciousness that I see happening is going to succeed, I've decided trying to live that way. I've decided to live like I live in the future and it's boring as shit. But figured out a way to go back in time where everything is ridiculous? That's why there dudes name Weiner, who get caught pulling the dick out and that's why you know every time some preacher, rallies against gay marriage turns out. He secretly gay, that's because it's all stupid, 'cause someone wrote it. I've decided to live. I decide to live like this is a work of fiction. It is it's bread and circus it. It is, I mean, is it it was very strange being back in my home city la because it
is like coming back into the matrix from from where I live. I don't see you know, I'm on two and one slash: two acres, beautiful acres and what I see is the goddess. I see mother earth. I see the planet, how many people live in your town. The pole is about sixteen thousand and I'm about six seven mile out of town in in between great and occidental, and is that populated out there it's nice easy, relaxed, easy and, like the most amazing biodiversity, I've ever seen anywhere, but Luther Burbank settled up there. That's where Luther Burbank PIC of that this Burbank was named after really and yeah. He's his his place is not far from where I live, and so It's just the it's amazing, it's a like a nice little environment, I think that's, the key is you gotta have a smaller amount of people that most of us are used to dealing with, whilst of us you know you stuck in trash.
Did you see all these fucking people were all these fucking people and then will sort of lose their value? But if you were an island and you're by yourself, months and months and months- and came over a ridge and then also New saw a couple of people. You like holy shit. It's fucking people would be the happiest thing you could ever say specially. If they could actually understand your language, it would be one of the big things would say: yeah, we will you know it's like, but when you're on the highway and there's fucking, Seven miles of them are all stuck and a little stupid metal boxes all jam up an bottlenecked on this one, hard surface that we've carved across the fuck earth, and it makes you hate people too many of us. Well, it did right. What it means is that is that humankind has been used for purpose other than which it was designed. I'd we were designed to live a different way. I believe were designed to mine gold for the on Inoki. I've heard that one for real
that's the fat most fascinating idea of the, or myth, or I don't know what we would call it historical tales that it was really controversial. Guy name, Zachariah Sitchin, he wrote a bunch of book, a biblical scholar and a linguist, and he was very controversial guy because he deciphered the the ancient sumerian text, and he claimed that there was all sorts of shit in there about the anunaki. Which is some highly advanced being that lives on another planet, that's between Mars or uh goes between Mars and Jupiter, every fuckin three thousand six hundred years, or something crazy like that, so enormous planets on an elliptical orbit, and he Add this real, the fascinating tale of human creation that human some were brought here? We were created here rather by a combination of the on Inoki, genetics and lower primates, and that that
that's. Why are so much different than every other ape on this planet? We are so far removed and accelerated from them. Is we really at one point in time where some sort of a genetically engineered thing like a dog, and that's all why you know if you look at dogs. I mean it's: it's amazing, the diversity in dogs and they can breed with each other. Like a german shepherd can fuck a poodle and they don't look. Anything like dogs are the second most successful species on the planet and for humans, and people are just like that when the idea that these on Naki had created us to mine, gold and The reason why they needed gold is because their atmosphere to eroded due to you know ozone and what have you and they fucked up there there there environment and they had to use, suspended metallic particles in the air. To reflect the radiation and to to their envir yes, that's not resonating with me. Well, the reason why it's fascinating is because a lot of the things that they said were right. It sounds crazy.
They they knew about earth one and earth two, which is a fairly recent like within the past couple of decades, re in rather a theory where they figured out how the moon was created and that earth at one point in time, had been hit by a planet, they knew about this. This is actually in the sumerian texts. All shit, Zachariah Sitchin wrote who wrote wrote about it like the ninety, seventies and it turned out to be actual mainstream science in the in the two thousand is that there is some amazing main street, but a sizeable. What what my experiences, especially coming from the background that I come from, what you know from the high security call for both of my parents, my dad being in space, advance space systems, missile programs. So parts of this are known to me because it's stuff, I grew up with hearing little bits and pieces in the background. The problem is: is that what I find with the most important secrets that that the powers that think they are want to keep
They spend the most amount of time, creating chaff around the truth intelligence. This information, in order to be effective, has to be ninety percent accurate. So you think Central Zacharias. It was a crazy disinformation. Artist, know know all these music Tom Tom Tom, all you to do is to get somebody to swallow the ten percent poison, even though it taste like ice cream? That's why my workers stood the test of time. I never swallowed any poison pills to discredit me with so around ufos and aliens. There is more chaff than you possibly imagine, and just from uh from up people. You would call it a journalistic suicide mission to even try to penetrate the shaft. And- and you recognize that so I've kind of table that, even though I know that there's a lot of truth about so I mean I've,
I've been letting my life to to appear at a couple of events with former astronauts, and you know there were conversations that I've picked up things that so Sir things I know are true, but I don't want to swallow any one of them, but. One of the things that's really cool is that in in quantum physics there clear evidence that it is possible travel through time and that there is a sub matrix we're in we're in space time, you go to the other side. It's time space when you say that's possible travel through time. You mean by the way that particles interact with each other over great distances instantaneously, but also that that there are portals that open up at different points. In time and again, it's like a it's large cosmic clock and and and and at the science for that, for me, is absolutely convincing. What do you mean by that by portals that open up in in
locations. What like why them? The Mayans are the samarian stargate type shit yeah for real yeah. You think the Stargates something like, that yes- and this Dick Cheney know about this- is awaiting a new heart mother- I I you know if I could choose a alive he's he's determined to be here for a little while crazy right. He must know something yeah. Well, I yeah yeah, and- and so this has a lot to do with it. You know and as a journalist, what what I've done is I've, I'm native american spirituality and uh, I'm a guy? And so I'm aware of prophecies? I think mother us alive, and I relate anyway that aside looking at those prophecies. None of them predict the end of the world. They all predict the coming of a golden age right, but appointment, time when a change in consciousness will occur and you might have literally two different realities. I don't know split off something like that that I'm waiting pass the popcorn I'll find out when everybody else does
but I find it amazing that so many of those prophecies do a better job of telling us what's actually going on in the world today that all the hundreds of billions of dollars of mainstream news out there that's owned by corporations showing us all. This razzle dazzle bullshit trying to get us not to see stuff like that yeah. Well, the mainstream news is: that's not their job to to predict the future right there, their jobs just to just keep it tuned in, so they could sell tide. Their job is to program. Show you the news and make it a show, make it entertaining and with hot girls. That's why I like Fox Fox, is the best
feeding you propaganda with hot dirty they're hot this five day, a M travel, our our traffic girls, you know they're, just yeah, just God was in turns almost yeah. They can be naked in us. I still wouldn't watch fox. I watch on my old look to hate all those dirty you ever have you ever thought that reporter girl or some kind of news girl? No? No, this is kind of high. It is not it's not yeah something about just for. First of all, go her career. Girl barely has time for anything she throw some pussy away, who that's kind of it's good when you both bring your tape recorders and each other a bit magic right there, that's what it was. It just happened. I smelled it so now that you're, allowing yourself to enjoy life and you're, relaxing more and stepping away from this doom and gloom with collapse net and acting as if,
This change of consciousness is already taken place in the the world's going to be saved. I mean it's nice if that it really pulls off do. You watch sounds good to me, but do you get people that are? vested in it that too much you know that are coming up to you like the Especially in the twenty twelve movement, the idea that people put a date to it is there a twenty twelve movement. I don't know if I think there are, if, if If I look at it objectively, just from the way I've been able to predict events so successfully for all these years, I would say we're going to get out of twenty twelve anyway just on that level really yeah, I thought you were going we're going to get out. I thought you would already decided we were going to pull out. You might be. If I looked at it, we pull out man. With this whole thing really is hundred Monkey Amanda. It's manipulate. Only the 100th monkey can change that. Only the
universal shift of consciousness, and you know I think it will come know. It will come at point in time when all all of us, all seven billion of us, wake up to the fact that we're dying that we're turning this place into a living hell and when we realized, there's nothing left to blame and there's no other, and we just objectively as one voice. One collective voice scream out help it's it's funny. There's clear science that on September 11th, two thousand and one the emotional reaction on the planet actually changed. The earth earth's magnetic field, as as everybody was just so focused the earth yeah and there's sort of a measure that I found well yeah. The magnetic fields are monitored constantly anyway for for communications purposes. So,
but this is only the shifting of this when you see the monitor room they they, they tracked the waves like what it what it will do. I mean airlines need that now. You know GPS systems need that. So so that's that that's an ongoing thing. So the the sadness and the focus of the world change that frequency. We all would just go on. Aha for help how to change it. For it's. It's in the book, the source field investigations, and I I had seen that got confirmation of that about other places. This is real science. This is yeah wow, that's fast, yeah I'm not surprised you know I I mean I've always said that people give off certain amount of ten tangible energy. You can tell when someone's acting weird you telling he's mad at you could tell weird shit from people. You can tell jealousy you get like weird: you get. You get something other than physical contact from people and that's. Why you don't want to live in a place where everyone is in despair? You don't want to live in a place where everyone feels like shit. You feel bad. Well, I guess
Seri rubs off, and I just want to see Roger Waters in San Francisco doing the Wall Thursday, I'm out of collapse net the next day, I'm going to Roger waters. It's like this was a wonderful debut so anyway, but but this is my first large Amba stadium crowd in a since the sixty 70s, you know. Eighty Bruce Springsteen at the Colosseum was filled by that doesn't happen much anymore, but here's the Att Park in San Francisco three thousand five hundred and forty thousand people, and why do we go to things like that because when we're all locked in and it's a really gammon bandits whatever it is, that's getting you go yeah you feelin week together. How are feeling it together and yet power is real. Yes, absolutely it's very real. Absolutely that's such a good way to describe it to it's like zeros, do not measure heart and soul, but music and art sure do there's some the science camp measure and that's the impact of art really can't match.
So it feels like it's substantial. It's a tangible thing, but yeah it's! You can't put a number on it. You can't hit it with a hammer. It's like how What does science measure that it's interesting, but it is true it so there there's there's real feelings that there that you get from something like how do you measure when you hear a song that you and love it comes on the Go Ali yeah? That is a burst of really positive energy, that's a real, tangible force. But how do you measure and- and you know fifth- do for that, because you know I dabble in singing song writing in a band called new white trash- oh my god where's the music and we get online Brian, get on it. New trash pull up avalanche. Saying please tell me saying I see it yes, okay, but what I was going with that mission accomplished. It's like Jackson, Browne and Don Henley saved my life more times than I can tell you. I hear you man, I hear ya Don Henley had some fucking great jams Jackson Browne to man. Nobody talks about Jackson, Browne anymore,
had some great fucking, songs, man and I plan to earthquake. This is this. Is this? Is my signature song? I wrote all Jackson fucking. I wrote this with Doug Lewis Ann. I wrote the words in the melody and I see all right. Let's take a look at them. Jackson Browne he's around. I need to know. I know I need to know to
that's my dog rags and that squishy Doug Lewis is dog. We we wrote the song together and that's the studio where we recorded, and this is the way they would play when we were recording. Thank you. Yeah is so I get twenty three years old yeah generate it's really good. The baseline, for this was played by film a genie of a shot of facts and little feet.
We have some great talent on this song. I like it it the album. It seems it seems completely shocking that that's your voice. I mean, but I just heard you singing here and it's like wow, that is yeah, but you have a good voice yeah. I do that's good. All I ever wanted to be was a singer, but like Spirit New Universe had me do all this other hand, essentials and brace that man Bryce that music I had been a bar singer. Did you fifty thousand guys what the fuck were you in a past life go to like a TAROT card here, he's a cat, I'm little bit your little big man from from the indian Wars, Dustin Hoffman, which is the forerunner of Forrest Gump I mean been to eight million impossible places, but yet you that's long story. I mean shit. What did you really think you did something without a past life. I I think I've had has lives, I I don't know for sure. Yet it hasn't been revealed to me yet I've just
suddenly started asking for my Spirit name. I think it's time I had one and it has to come from somewhere. You are one unique motherfucker. I gotta tell you. I agree former Tom Foreman. Narcotics officer. Has the balls to come out against the CIA and sing a beautiful tune as well. Urinate dude man, Isaiah four thousand eight hundred and ten. What is that low? I have not chosen the with silver or with gold. I have refined the in the furnace of affliction. I bet if you'd go back to Jesus. He like I never see so that was. Why would I say that was that sound like me: does that sound really telling these people about silver and gold they're full of shit? These people are greedy, silly bitches, the Isaiah wrote some shit? That gets to be in the Bible to that's the problem, it's like if we wrote a book desk, like that. Everybody gets their own chapter and Brians shaft will be little fucking cats and a licking butt holes and stuff, and then the Joey Diaz
should be about Robin people a bit confusing book man. We need to find out just what the only verifiably with Jesus that you know. It's really funny. I I don't know if you saw my treat the other day, that you know how stitcher of personal advertisements on on there. Yes, I think now I is the olive garden has caught onto not me talking about olive garden, so much that that yeah they advertise olive garden on death squad. Well, wonderful, olive garden would probably never sponsor us we're too dirty, but people who enjoy sponsor yeah people enjoy profanity, they buy olive garden too. You know this idea that I think that's the one thing that profanity, or rather the internet is going to kill for good? Is the idea profanity like who wants to watch a fucking sitcom where they can't swear. You know if you could watch something like like perfect example. Is this game of thrones and I'm obsessed with you could not ever make the show on a regular dinner, 'cause peep
Die they're not supposed to die, people get fucked they're not supposed to watch this sad shit happens to good people on that show. I got a story about that. You ready, yeah? What's going on in the window over there buddy right. Okay, this someone's home someone sixty six in their hair. It's kind of in your mere man yeah there was that the windows are Mir's like what is so like. It looks like Amir on the outside, when I don't have curtains on people just come up all the time like fix their face, and I just sit there and look at their the whole time. While your arteries cool story, cool story, I just got a email from my publisher for crossing the Rubicon this week right and it just want to let you know that open space he has a new series called house of cards that Netflix is doing original, which is kind of really original move right, Kevin, Spacey's, big guy, yeah, great actor right. Just
let you know that in the main office of the head character, sitting on a copy of the desk, every scene in the office is going to be a crock, the copy of crossing the road. We are it's awesome. Graduation. So did he put it up there because he's a big fan causes for the for the character I have. I I've had no further communications, and, quite frankly, I don't you know, that's great I'd love to have a cameo in that I would be great. Are you gonna start? now. He can move down here, be an actor known every time we talk to you tell us about your age and your lately when we do all the I winnings to. I would come down here like to do a cameo for that, but I'm I'm not leaving north account. No no way be there for life. How do you damn right? Do you ever worry about telling everybody we live like this? Maybe you have enemies in the government. Are gonna come get you all the enemies in the government have known every time I farted for the last fifteen years yeah, but yet nothing's happened here right now. No, I don't think they can touch me now. I mean well, how can you say that, aren't you
It prove was right right, that's true! Okay, I I you know, I got a radio show with the with the really good audience you know, and so does it make you just like the way that that their role in it right now, it's just like you did you ever- would think maybe I should say some really crazy shit. So They let me live, I just say some really ridiculous shit that doesn't make any sense just so throw through off the track, be my own disinformation, agent, brother. I am completely from the opposite direction. I think about what can I say to really fucking piss him off really yeah. I don't need a hug after the hug, some mushrooms and in an ass kicking gonna, get rid those fucking skull and bones all these places, colleges that are allowing kids to do that and getting these creepy fucking groups like that. That's not good for anything! You guys are individuals and you should act together as as a nice group now, there's some creepy bunch of do to take
pictures of each other licking each others balls. We need to have those pictures forever as evidence, so we never need to stop at the cup scouts people me, yes, will ask me what I think. Example, the zombie apocalypse is, you guys are describing it. It's like just a whole bunch of aberrant, idiotic, stupid, ass behavior that doesn't make any sense. Yeah the zombie apocalypse is probably already taken place, is just really slow. It's like there's only a couple people so far. We have it, we were in Japan, you know we probably both. Are you don't even know it will probably going to be resistant from it and we might have to breed with each other, because we, the only people who survives right, going to find the people that were on our same flight, we've working on that one. So say this: if Japan has experiences that fourth reactor meltdown is there, then there's no way to fix it. What is it is there any way that they can contain? What's going on
so. What is the option that that just areas fucked forever? Well, let put it this way and- and I fall, Fukushima. We did very very closely since it happened Fukushima is beyond a japanese problem. The only way Fukushima is even approachable and it does risk killing. All life on the planet is as a human problem, killing all life on the planet. Yes, really, the spent rod pool that reactor number four contains twenty years worth of spent fuel rods which and that building is teetering on the edge of collapse and they can't get just because of the radiation at two. They can't do the repairs, so that's and once that calls and they can't keep those rod school. They released like eighty seven times more radiation than all teh. Sing of all atomic devices thus far, I mean
that kind of radiation and we're talking cesium Platon all the really nasty stuff. So everyone knows about this wow Everybody in governments definitely know they know about this, and what? What is this plan to deal with it there that they don't, They can't they haven't designed machines strong enough to withstand the radiation at reactor too, so so reactor, for that seems inevitable. Then. So what you're saying is civilizations done? They react that building is going to collapse going to 'cause. They can't fix it, barring a radical change in human consciousness, they're going to fix reactor for because it's not a japanese problem. It's a human problem, seven billion people would have to drop every pretense of nationality and just work together as human beings to fix that reactor. That might stand a chance. What a disaster it is that we haven't recog it yet what a disaster it is that they have how many different countries, how many hundreds of different countries- and they don't all have,
access to that information and have all acted together and have that the number one priority every government knows this, and this is where it gets: evil and sick. This is where it gets dark, but is it because they don't have enough money to deal with it. I mean it's because one country doesn't want to step in and and and and foot the bill. For this I mean what what is the reason why someone's on acting if they know that all life on earth could be a Dave? I have concluded based on a lifetime study of this, that they're fully aware of what they're doing, and there is some unknown factor that makes them willing. Who openly a turn this planet into a living hell which is happening with climate collapse. It's happening with poverty and economic collapse all around the world, but there's there's there's some other factor because they know what they're doing you suspect something other than greed
greeter, selfishness or ef of fear? Greed, I think, is not a fierce. It's probably a better word, they're afraid of losing something that they have and what, when we went. When I look at this problem, what I see is they're gonna lose everything anyway, so could they possibly lose? That would be more important then losing this or whatever there's there's an unknown there and I think that that's something that has something to do with the spiritual side of of what I see clearly happened, and I'm I'm just a detective here, I'm just still. But I have to report my experiences from both sides of that journey, because I've had him on both sides. So what do we do now We wait for it to fall apart and plant tomatoes and shit We all approach this in our own way. 'cause. We all approach this inside. If but, if Fukushima does go, is there
there's nothing. We do know it is what it is now and react, or two still might go, and if any one of those reactors fails Catastrophic Lee, then all six reactors are doomed, their sick, yeah, two or tour or in cold shutdown, but they're still vulnerable, but for well definitely go? And you know it's just amazing that they've had nuclear power plants for so long. But then I haven't invented a giant cap. They could just fucking throw over it. Take it well. The Russians tried to entomb Chernobyl and part of that. Entombment has failed, but they moved to do that within days of the event. Now it's been a year, so it and- and it is too late and- and we probably wouldn't work anyway, because the early there, the the with the course had been breached early on. So so they literally have to invent a new technology in order to deal with it. But there's no, no like
front runner contender. Nothing on the horizon, then they'll, the the recent future, where they're going to be able to fix that what well here's, here's, the ultimate Homer Simpson Mall moment. Okay, there are four hundred and fifty reactors in the world that we have to shut down safely before we no longer have the ability to shut him because they're, expensive and there's no money left and everything is collapsing. When, when you say there you have to shut him down, they can't really shut him down. They need to keep electricity running to them. To cool off the core right I mean they always have to have some sort of electricity? They don't have really completely shut down. No, yes, we had a great time is case in my making this up yet, no, not not at all the storage of of of nuclear waste. We had a great film. It escapes me on on collapse net, but in Finland. There's this amazing film about the vault that they're building and it's it breaks your heart. It makes you so where are
and the finnish government in finnish people are just dead, but it's like the steps that you have to go to to safely entombed this stuff for forty thousand years, especially when you think that the older structure we know of according to science, which I did the official science is the pyramids. You know like five thousand six thousand years old, how do we design something to last for forty thousand years? We don't know of anything that has yeah have to be stone. Mine made, it would have to be something along those lines to common sense moment about nuclear. I mean it's like Santa North Ray is, is failing all the old reactors, the you know, the the the the the mark. What they're, all getting older all getting vulnerable. They all going to need to be shut down there not going to be building anymore to Icsp. Pensive now, and you know there they make noise, but it's not going to happen. But the ideas is we gotta shut these things down now we're all going to be dead, forget having electricity, the
point. We were talking about this. The other day in the point that I had brought up was that they haven't even been around for one hundred years and there's been three giant disasters where there's areas where you can't go anywhere near that's just three and one hundred years, yeah, that's and uh. That's on a good record. One in one hundred years is not good To have three areas. No go is no go forever. In our terms- and thirty thousand years for you know, is attic for cesium or is that what it has thirty thousand euros? It depends upon the half life lately, you you know, but for ever yeah, that's not good. Amazing. Essentially, as long as they've been there's been any form of civilization, I mean, if stop and think about it. Thirty thousand years ago, there's probably some tribes of people with that's all it was pointed sticks and ship now and our ancestors yeah yeah some means I wouldn't put him down they. They actually knew how to get along in this world without destroying will be, and it took care of them. That's because they didn't have the internet. Yet it's good and bad, it's, but it's it's! change in a destroyer. They
They found recent evidence that they've been deep sea fishing like long before they ever thought they were. They were doing it like forty thousand years ago. They were fishing for tuna. They found hooks and lines. That's amazing! You know they had had vehicle that somehow another get out to the ocean. Now that's uh industrious, fucking humans are ma'am. You go out to three hundred and ninety five up near Bishop and Lone pine up there. You can go around the desert and find arrowheads. You fifth Ten thousand years old, seventeen thousand years old. Petroglyphs there. Twenty thousand! That's amazing! When you go What do you you you've seen that Werner Herzog, getting their son me humans. This is forty two thousand years ago and more than forty thousand years ago, the story about humans mastering deep sea fishing. It's really fucking astounding, when you stop and think about what that means imagine how fucking long ago that is, you use,
I think about forty thousand years ago, the means of more than two thousand eight hundred fish on earth in EAST Timor. It's an east Timor which is, I don't know where that is Australia, The end of north of Australia contain The bones of more than two thousand eight hundred fish, some more caught as long as forty two thousand years ago. That's incredible they found the world's earliest recorded fish. Book made of shell and dating between twenty three thousand and sixteen thousand years ago during excavations. That's that's assigned it's amazing man. They caught tuna. That's really amazing! These mother fuckers. I wonder how they did it sticks right. Do you think so I think they have oteros think they figured out boats. They probably did stabbing method. I would imagine first, you know it could be. That
It's amazing that they were using hooks that were made at shell mean how strong could that be not very strong right right that stupid fish has to swallow that whole thing. They have to hope it catches and be real ginger. When you bring it back, it's not like those. You ever go fishing now and you see those fucking hooks that you like. When you go deep sea fishing, we bluefin fishing or bluefish fishing. You know the bluefish are ruthless: have giant fucking, teeth and jack everything, so the hooks getting with these horrifying hooks, buffets bluefish are so crazy that when they're feeding you don't even have to have a lure, you just threw out a hook and then just bite your hooked reach the other, delicious bluefish of Onkyo, really delicious, if it's fresh, if you just catch it, some using how much better fish taste when it's really fresh, then when, when it sits in a super, they're. All day, or more than a day, you know I mean when you buy a piece of you really don't know when it was caught. You know, but if you
catch it? And in a couple hours later I had some Mahi mahi. You know all my it doesn't have anything like the stuff that you get at a restaurant stuff in there private frozen. You know it's oftentimes, especially if it's a cheap restaurant. You know Rosen's case is that the only thing that I do not like when it comes to see if it if it does not have the fishy taste, I'm fine, but if the second I start tasting that, like the CVT tape, I know it's talking about yeah, that's that's a lot of that is just fish. That's not good! I mean it's not it's not good. It's just not completely totally fresh. If you get in like a nice fresh piece of tuna, like all he tuna looks like seared goddamnit, delicious, delicious, that's what it should it's like! It's just hard to get it fresh and it's going to be even harder soon, because we're sucking all the fish out of the ocean you have to birds, and now we were talking to happy, but Michael Rupert comes back from the school. I think there is a God murdering birds go right back to the doom and gloom
you for, but I'm happy, you're, happy and yet and because I really kinda too, because you got like chickens and right, we've got right using now. Also it because I do I, I kind of believe the prophecies telling of a golden age that there is something wonderful what's going to happen, see a confusing name and your your reader things fall apart. It's going to be okay, the profits he's telling you you got a new spirit name. Do we be like? No, I don't we name, you know. I don't know. Man here comes shit on the floor way. Call you STAR Fox from now, and I like that start. I would just say Fox magic. I think Fox magic is which it should be in name, why not yeah? now that why would you want another spiritual name is STAR Fox is a video game in school? Now I I can't possess something that belongs to the fox. That's the foxes, magic yeah, but it's just a name you're like you're pumping up the fox magic you like represent in
It's like if you lived in Stockton and you were about to fight and you will like Stockton Bitch. That's not like you not like taking anything away from stocked and your pump in Stockton up yeah yeah yeah. I get it. Okay pump the fox exactly Fox man, that's your new spiritual name! So, as guy who's gone on this mad journey from looking like a lone gunman addressing that CIA director to to today where you've decided to live your life as if the consciousness is already taken place, your or anticipating that the prof. He is going to move us into a good direction. That's why you're here you're here to check all that? Well, you know Prob. One way to look at it which might not be oversimplified, would would be to realize that if I didn't think that way, I'd be a stark raving lunatic.
If you were living in the United States and you're worried about the collapse of civilization. What are some things that people should avoid or there's some places where you shouldn't move to right now, LOS Angeles, this one of them. One of them is probably number one, but you know eventually going to get tired of girls from Boston going to want to. You should can't live Joe rattle in Austin, which is probably the most protected stay in the whole entire road. We're going to fight Austin's good, but down you know, I'm I'm done yes axis. If we don't reach the hundredth monkey if all of human human beings can wake up all at once. Just go well! That's all bullshit! That's not the right way to do it and start my dream. Life well, then, a lot of that could be avoided is solar panels and a high fence operation like the way TED Nugent has where it's all like one thousand deer on one thousand acres of land, and you got a nice fence around it. So the deer are going nowhere and that's where you get your food and he grow
vegetables have a nice garden. You know the only mean you need civilization for his medicine. Okay, I don't know that you need to be. As grandiose is TED Nugent. No, you don't have to be shares, philosophical. If you live in a community where everybody is doing the same thing, you get a much richer reward for much less land, because You know like I'm on two one, slash two acres and I'm doing the permaculture and I got chickens, but I'm doing because I got this four different little micro climbs. I got citrus one, it's permits wonderful, but right across the street from me, is a guy with three acres and he's pasture in sheep and cows. Now, how much better is it like to have you know all of that stuff what you can do from that community is so important. It's not because I agree don't suck wrong. I will have friends over. They can stay at my compound as well as I shoot deer on the back porch, but
and I'll be your neighbor crosses to look. If we get up there's nothing better than a great community, I mean if we could really find a way to make everybody be a good neighbor. This would be the best, place would be the best place to live. Well, that's happening, though a lot I mean. There's the transition movement transition. Us I mean they've got like one hundred and fifty initiatives. They, like three or four or five or six or around la what they are. Is you know the website transition Us Dot, Org and and people get together and they and they form those communities preparing for this they'll start gardening start sharing. My phone is ringing. They'll start sharing skills, nursing gardening tune Fox magic, tens of magic. Is it a Jackson, Browne Song? No like some some commercial. How embarrassing, but this is this- is live tv right yeah. It is what it is.
So we should start bringing you could just shut it off. They have buttons on them, except for I'm not that
okay, so is that Fox might fox miracle. I I would be shut it off, but I just got the phone. I don't I don't know the quick shut off, but not yet is it a droid? You get a droid now I know I'm a prepaid. Give me the basic bank robber phone yeah, as well as guys throws a shed in the car, was and drives off in a muscle car. I think, if you're my career- but you have to have that you know you have to have a disposable phone, that's good low vision of being on the secret is low tech, low tech, low tech when you're fighting those guys yeah what it, what about cups and strings, no good bad cops and strings yeah like echo, a coffee can with a rope in the end of it. Now that actually work yeah. It does. Does that really work? Really, you can hear something through the line yeah. I don't buy that never done that in school, like we take two cans and put a line or what I think I did yeah
totally works. Does it really work? Yeah, yeah, sound vibration goes from the through the whole rope yeah, it's not a like a it's like string or something like that. It's just it's all about vibrations. That's how record players work and everything like that's incredible. How many feet can you do it for fire him. If, if you hold, if you have the string tight, it's all about house, you know tight tight yeah, I mean you can't be Lucy Goosey about it. Yeah yeah, this user has you're making your own telephone titan strong, and then you pass electricity through and you got a telegraph. So are you ready to make your own electricity? You gotta go solar up there. No I'm repairing to live on as little as possible. I know that your city, well, no, I'm I'm not. How will you watch tv and online I'm gradually staging so that I can live on less and less and plus I'm increasing my ability to generate more more so there's you know it's it's it's a meeting the ends making ends meet. Is it uniquely satisfying to be able to be self sustainable? The idea of like growing your own food, all it's amazing, it's a crazy high. I I go out
sometimes in it then, and I share the property with Android or who who's the property manager. She's, really cool. She she came and she stayed and she's got her own little building and she's there. And we do the permaculture, but it's it's so amazing to stand in your own garden and just pick something raw and just start eating it right there in the garden You get this real relationship yeah when you get a real relationship where you're eating that's what we're missing that were missing that relationship with animals. We kill, you know and the the the the fact- there's a reason why the the cavemen used to worship the buffalo- I mean they have these images in the cave call Buffalo. They need those things to stay alive, man they need. Animals to stay alive, and this The a key point about the way I look at our future is not as vegan or vegetarian Some. Some would argue that by
the approach of native spirituality have been all peoples all over the world. Is that once you depend upon the Buffalo than you are obligated, as you kill them and eat them to ensure the longevity and the health of that Species shore which is like hunting? You know. Hunting is very important for species management. You know for population control, men hunting is incredibly important. That's something people understand. I think that hunting is cruel. Well, guess what you have to kill those animals, because there's not enough food for them and they're going to keep and they gonna get in people's ways on the highway and it's going to be a mass and that's all part of our the way we've mismanaged the planet already and on and on. I'm not sure it had to be that way, because the for for the natives at that problem didn't exist. Well, then, of cars. Fuck they didn't have infinite growth and they didn't care about infinitely would have if they had the internet. Let me tell you I could go back to fucking custards last stand and pull all those in
inside and show them like like show them his poop appetizer, so them avatar on H, screen know what the fuck fighting for? What we're doing for all those people doing all that stuff out there in the world, fight, didn't growing and all that stuff companies and they're doing the wrong thing. Yes, a no, no doubt about it. When I have a feeling that does that, I have a feeling you're right and I have a feeling they're doing the wrong thing. Much like the Salem Witch trial. People were doing that it got to important time where they just sort of did it on momentum and that the old days of greed that wasn't punished wasn't punished, because the people didn't have access to information like they do today. So people got away with some horrible things, but Oppa, being under the premise that that is how it's going to continue is silly. It's not going to continue that way. So I feel like much like the Salem witch trials, eventually like
petered out and everybody sort of figured out that this was fucked up you're, not supposed to kill people and say there, which is you know, only last a little while and although a few years without even any ergot poisoning. I think eventually we're going to come to the conclusion that the way we're living is fucking. Disgusting, you know, and we're going to have to mean the people that are doing. Those things are eventually going to have to come to the realization that they're creating incredible amount of bad feelings, energy karma, whatever the fuck, you want to call it in the world and that most of it avoid that's a great thread, because the the the other side of that is is if you look at what we've all known junkies, we've we've all known alcoholics at excite, and I had the experience. Is that as long as it works for them they'll. Do it exactly and when it stops working is when you're ready to change well, the people that are doing it. First of all, I mean how many of them are going to be killed themselves. How many of them are gonna be dying of cancer? How many of them are living shit lives very unhealthy as it is that the people that are in positions of power right now I mean whenever you see Dick Cheney, get
a new fucking heart attack and a new, a new pump put in or recently an actual Newhart. It's not it's not a secret. He has no heart yeah. We didn't isn't it a new heart actually a heart transplant yeah? But I the food, the story, I read said that it it doesn't beep, it's just a constant pump yeah. That was a pump that he had installed before. You have a heart transplant that gave him literally no pulse, which is in the Bible. I yeah right now. Some guy running shit without a pulse is, if that's not a zombie, what mean I mean. Is it really that literal it didn't mean that if you want to come up with a metaphor for a zombie in Jesus Christ, that guys are that's a creepy fuck him, it never lasts. Gonna rule the world together by the his CD signal, are adapted to die. I was on I tunes and helps his daughter out in it. Thank you see the your loving the song yeah it's on. Itunes is also what is a cd, so I guess the proceeds good all daughter, so the song signal from Everlast is what it's called. So what it is? No, no it's not! No. I meant that single.
Is he single sorry? I am she's trying to use your soul. I'm gonna get your tongue trims. There's no! Well, it's the right side of your face his words that come out like a like, say, world, a world world. What the is that, why is it hi? This is in our before the that doesn't make any sense. So. His c d he has a single out is a single yeah. It helps his daughter and I'm trying to find it right now. If you're, if never last Everlast, if you're a fan of that, that the deep blue sea shit, this is really good stuff is new. Cd is great. He came in and play Songs are pretty deep man, it's that Little Miss America, Song yeah, but it's called saving grace. No, it's not saving groups on isn't it sixty two roses is just it's got long time is the name of the single but it's at least if I sense from each sale, this track will be on. This will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation,
so is called long times by every last. There you go PAM and then speaking of which Jack, Brown has a website he still around. I guess oh yeah man is just kind of like hang up. No he's he's still going on. Tours, live all over the country. I I saw his last show at in two thousand and eight when he, when he ended his tour in thousand oaks and red. I read in asking to me but I got to connect with him call though he said Daryl Hannah, oh yeah, she's am son. He was a handsome man back in the day. Look at him he's he's amazing. He man, his his voice, has held so good over the years. He's just really awesome to see people forgot about that. Dude, though that's one of those guys that I haven't talked about in a long time or even heard about it, he wrote a song called before the deluge, which is like so right on the money right now. It's like it'll make you cry really yeah I'd rather hear taking it easy
Oh yeah! Well, I'm running down the road trying to loosen medal as the Ultima. Hippie song of the 70s people running around stop talking. It makes me want to just listen to it right now, throw down real quick. Throw in a little bit of it. We'll talk about it and he's a bad mother, Fucker Jackson Browne I guess you probably still performs. Why was going a big white beard now? Oh performs all accounts all the time. That's what he looks weird with appear on my birthday. In twenty ten I was had my feet up Ten feet away from him at a place called the stronghold in Venice Beach. He was playing organ for some people in he's real active. Is a live version?
Little hippies, wow fry looks like a delinquent. That's Jackson, Browne know that's when fry. That's the eagle! Why you have this on dude? That's not Jackson, Browne Well, Jackson, Browne wrote it, but they made it to hit yeah yeah, but didn't he sing it too yeah sure yeah. Well, we wanted the Jackson Browne version dude
He just six Linda rods that and it's Jack's invested the that the the team is still easy right, Fark, the v d N, easy it's not a safe and it actually kid doesn't show up on the screen. It's really blurry there go eat, there's a v in it, looks like it from this site. Want me to get this magnified for you know when it's when it's down it's, it's totally blurry did it's the pixelation of the screen.
Sounds better on this one yeah Jackson, Browne's, awesome, guitar player, plays piano. Three eagles had a pretty dope version of song too. I think you know about this Jackson. Browne is my favorite second one says she's a friend of mine. Take it easy. Take it easy, don't sound way crazy. While you still can don't even try. I understand just to make your sand. Take it easy on the corner in Winslow Arizona such a fine side to see it's a girl, my lower in a flat band four. So it down and have a look at me. You know what my favorite song his roses put on somebody's baby.
Yeah. This is. This is a great song about a do it as long as and sees a as way to hardware happens in. I can't deal with it. So you write a song about fast times at Ridgemont. High was a really great song. That was This is a this is like a set is like about a song of sadness. From my youth, when I was young, I may yeah, I used to think think about the song about this guy singing the song when I was a kid is with sun came out, and I would think but wow this guy singing this song, man he's
he'll, never get that chick and he's fucking hurt man. He wrote a song about, it tries to impress her being all sensitive, but when you listen to the words of the song is really depressing like. Why are you so obsessed with her dude? There's other chicks out there? Let's get some tea, it's a good song, but it's creepy song, listen to the lyrics chords! Well, it's like I mean I don't know what the full lyrics are. Maybe rectifies it at the end, Does he date at the end? What happens the at? Not no!
Long, is about in building up to make his move yeah and he finally gets the song it does it work in the end, it doesn't say, but he's got is not up to make the move. You know it sounds like a pussy he's going to make the movie. What's the latest single right after that, then like what is like a w single with the next single 'cause, I would probably give you the answer. It worked or not pimp style in the shape of a heart in the shape of a heart, so it worked was next hit. He had lawyers in love because there was another great song, the pretender, to pretend it was a great song. That's a great fucking! Wait, let's take lawyers in love, yeah lawyers, in LOS, I didn't workout yeah, that's right! Well, I think he wrote. Did he write? Lawyers in love about his breakup with fucking: what's your name? No, I think the break up with Daryl Hannah Song was shape of a heart really yeah.
There was a whole lot in the wall from some ancient fight about the size of a fist, something thrown that had missed. Oh wow, he punched a hole in the wall with a bitch. That's why I suspected sing songs like that, that's a bitch move, scaring the mermaid girl away. You don't have to sing songs like that. If you fucking incorrectly she's got to be somebody's babe. Listen, that's ridiculous! If you're sitting around thinking about that you kind of a creepy fuck, you meet the lady. If she likes you, she lacks. If she doesn't move on, don't sit down right, creepy, fucking, poems she so fine. The way the light hits are had never sounded awesome must be. It is an awesome song, but the sentiment behind it is creepy as fuck, and if it was your daughter, you want probably wanna kick his ass. Wouldn't leave her alone fucking light in their hair. You creepy fuck, leave her alone. Bitch she's account to be somebody yeah. She is she is she probably got a boyfriend. Creepy did you don't even have the balls to ask her up. Maybe you could be her new boyfriend. If you had some stones son
bust, a move, what do you do that? How do you meet someone today? If you were like at a mall, you see a nice, lady and you're, a single fella and you looking to hook up? What do you do you anything you do seems creepy heads wanna tell you that you look beautiful and I love what that's creepy. You don't do that. So what alternate view on this looking for some big now, I'm I'm an only child. I moved fourteen times through seven states before I was seventeen years old wow and I mean when you're going from Baltimore, to LOS Angeles, to Denver to LAS and you're changing schools every few years, and you see a really beautiful girl and your new and you don't know your way around and you don't know no fucking buddy,
That's true! You don't think that works on you and I think that might have been where he was coming. That's great! If you're seventeen, when your fucking grown man get your shit together and let that shit go GSR Ridgemont High, which was the high school, was written by a man, Ser Rolland, pubic, hair and affectional penis in your honor. Here he's a man that some thoughts I would have probably had when I was thirteen two, but now I'm grown up. I let that shit go nice. Thirteen and I should see a beautiful girl and I need to know how to talk to girls shit, my pants, that's not one of my favorite. I mean ok yeah. Now it's not also not so good. Oh, no! No! It's it's a great song fast guys in Ridgemont High, but that's like the song. I love it. I love all his sons. He said great fucking artist, man, yet some really moving music, but I always associated that song with as a child. I would listen. That song and sing man, the guy who wrote that song is like that's a bum. Feeling and have some of the you you're staring and she's even know, you're alive,
That's a lot of dudes man. What a fucking that's the reason why it has there's so much monetary power and being a woman. You know If you, if you break it down like like there's a reason why, like divorces, are so costly? why. Why are divorces so costly, wise across so much money? 'cause pussy is worth a lot of money pussies, unbelievably powerful and motivating. You know I can't even think of the world in those terms anymore in the world. Actual terms in the world, divorce and money, and all that just is so like spirit killing to me, it's like, so is great, but there's some gold diggers are hot as fuck and it would be cool to have sex with them. I thank If you want to marry him, though, that's that's a crazy game. Remember that movie with Sharon Stone and Robert Dinero Casino member casino, like she was essentially hooker and he she was willing to stay with them. If you kept kept like buying her jewels and fur, and then you get the banker you know, but that was basically the deal that they have. That's, that's that's a really
that a lot of people are willing to indoor. That's most marriages are, though, in general, for a lot of people yeah, I would say most marriages, but I would say that's a certain percentage, there's, definitely a certain plan. Even my dad and my step mom you governor House that she's, you know spending money on this garden like like hundreds and hundreds of dollars, every every time that she wants to buy something for this garden, and I'm, like you know, and then at the next thing, is like a look, read modeling the kitchen redoing the floors, and this and it's it's just like you know. If it's it's it's a
if it was my dad, he would be sitting there fucking with his hand, down his pants watching tv. You know so it's it's weird, even though it seems like even the most innocent little woman spending money on the garden, there's a big difference between that and a hooker, but Jesus Christ. How do you equate a woman? Is spending money on a gun with any girl? They need money to survive. It seems like if a relationship to work in any kind of way the woman needs money to spend yeah, that's true, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be a great relationship. Sometimes just that's the way it works out. The woman doesn't make any money. The man does where they still get along great. It's when the woman is only involved in it for the money that chick it's creepy, you know, or the man is only involved in it. I mean I talked about that party that I went to where the dude, with the thumb ring in the fucking ponytail who's bay to like a little male gigolo these older. Ladies, it's like it's grouse man, this dude the sponge was living off alimony and then then then he hooks up with some other woman and she's, like forty seven with a bunch of older kids and he's like
thirty, two kicker lice words that that those girls you get some of these girls have already divorced. They have a bunch of money in ages, yeah, it's exactly what it was. She's runs awesome, that's a week, that's a way to access and that's a weak existence. Sense of that. I thank you and does not feel good. You say that, but you we know friends that have gone through that and it always ends terribly yeah. You can have that situation if your man with any self esteem, when you have a woman's paying all the bills and woman's making all the money that's going to crush. I couldn't do that like that. But if you want to be a man, that's not how it works does I mean it's one thing: if it's like Oprah, like Oprah, could date Johnny, Depp, not giant, giant, oper compatible and compatible, not what I'm saying but- Oprah probably has a hundred times more money than Johnny Depp, but Johnny Depp us so much money doesn't give a yeah. What difference does it make how much you have Oprah? So you can buy that island? Okay, okay, I can buy that I'm going to buy this country, you know it's like it's. It gets a certain amount where it doesn't matter, but you can't, but when you're likes that Stedman dude that do can't say shit right that
he has to mind his p's and Q's, he better not ever installed Oprah Stedman. How much money do you make Oprah could make you vanish? she can make you disappear and have no one in America. Talking about it, you see. Doesn't she would Change of consciousness will happen when people realize that they don't have to live on those terms. You say that, but if you want a ferrari, you gotta live in those terms. An if you want to kiss Oprah's ass, you gotta be, careful about it. Do you think Oprah by Steadman, Ferraris, fuck, yeah, even fucking? What's his name and that Justin Bieber buys his best friend cars yeah, but she's on Oprah dude opens like a philanthropist John Justin Bieber's a little kid trying get some pussy. I would you know a guy. I would guess that you know it's you. You can have so much money that have to find creative ways to use it. Completely facetious, I mean. Obviously I totally see your point, but I'm saying this is a lot of fun things you can get with money. It would be cool, it would be cool to have that Oprah money
I would I would buy an island. That's exactly what our does. She isn't doing. The right thing. Man she spends a lot of it and fill a threat philanthropic ways. She spends a lot of money like helping people out a lot to the point where known criticized. Yet she make so much money. She could still be pollen with all that philanthropic work. She could still well. That's when you know you're really successful depends on when you're super generous you're super philanthropic. You helped a lot of people out. That's what we gotta do with his children experience Brian. We gotta make it so big that we can actually help the world with it do. But, having guys like you on no bullshit about it, you know letting people be aware of certain things, letting people be aware of. If your past and what you had to go through. You know I mean that that's that is essential for changing a lot of people's personal worlds and when a lot of people's personal worlds
converge in know over the internet in this information gets spread, you essentially are changing big patches of oh, I have become aware that that I have left footprints for sure and and it's It's it's gratifying and I certainly know that I did everything that I've done everything you know. I've been balls to the wall there as much as throughout all of it. So I feel honorable about that. It looks like I've been now relieved of that duty right. I don't have to warn anybody anymore yeah. You did your job, so you essentially retiring from the doom and gloom business that because, the people that were supposed to hear the messages that we carried many of the hundreds and thousands and perhaps millions of people have made preparations for over a decade as a result of following me? There you know and they're the cool of of self sustaining communities that conform down the road. Like scattering seeds, I think, but that's the way
Maybe great changes will come. Is that human, and has been through mega catalyst, traffic changes, we've been through ice ages and we've been you know, brand and so on this. What is here now is as bad as significant as that Ann and maybe more so and and. There is reason to be hopeful and reason to be bear, but at the same time, because that's where I think the change of consciousness will happen- is that those so hope for the best prepare for the worst. It's really that simple, yeah and and and what I'm doing now is living as if, but then, I'm not living on the steady diet of of carnage that I was for you day for every day for two years. What I would get up to eighty stories a day, sixty seventy eighty storage watch videos, that's how we selected the copy for a news desk. The stories came in from Jenna working from rice farmer
lately from Robin Weston RD in New Zealand, and so we would die just doesn't. I would pick which ones would go into the breaking news, and I would make comments on all of the story, so we were able to really see what was happening in the world and man we but would put its name right down the line with that. Now now that I'm out those stories are still there and and all people that own own collapse net now have earned it through two years of hard work man, I think they're ready to take it and run with it. So you're just going to kick back and hope for the best's. No, I'm going to go check and I'm going to do a lot of permaculture. I'm going to start working on a book. That's for sure about about about it? It'll be the third of my trilogy and it'll. Be really summing up the first two books, but also telling you all the stuff that I left out, which is very important stuff. All the
virtual side of this and other experiences which you can't separate from my reporting. It's like The story of how I got to get through this this for all these years is a part of the meaning of the story itself, and I have to find a way to tell that part of it not a full memoir. I I don't want to go through all the shit again when you look back that video of you from the nineteen nineties is that, when it was from was up in the nineteen nineties yeah ninety six. What is that? What is that duty to see yourself then and think of yourself now when when I see that now it's like all that's right, I did that oh yeah yeah yeah. That was that was that's the way it comes back 'cause. I haven't watched that in awhile, so You know honestly, all yeah I was there. I did that just have that on the loop in your office, people come in just
fearing town that whole entire speech, that slower by that's what that's the someone's called. I have information. Well, they'll be crazy, you know, but I've always the Spirit, read me through a lot of that, but you say spirit like you say like it's one thing you say spirit like it's the visual or an entity that you you're in contact with snow, well, more of what you could take that about a hundred and forty seven thousand ways yeah. Yes, I but I I pray, just a conscious contact with with spirit. When you say spirit, though that's what I mean. What does that mean to you? power greater than myself. That is not myself like step style or like exactly like electricity and and- and I have over course of twenty five. Thirty years It has an amazing sense of humor it has an amazing rhythm it has.
It's very real and I've seen it happen too many I mean I had a. I had a burning bush experience that other people witnessed a burning bush experience. Yeah kinda, like I in in nineteen eighty I was This was about a year and half two years after I'd left LAPD. I couldn't get a job anywhere in LOS Angeles I was so broke. I took a job at a seven and eleven store in West LA vice, arrested me for sale, liquor to a minor was twenty years eleven months with a beard right and I got fired so only thing was keeping me alive was that I was singing at the boathouse restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier and I, I was drinking real, heavy, then, and- and so I finished, a set with a guy named MIKE class was still playing in the area and- and I sat down- I was broken guide sat down next to me said his name was laree instantly cool reaction. Look like everything was no said. He had just gotten off a crew ship in Alaska, and I thought that's odd because they had this big sinking of prince and down a couple days before in October. Eighty, and was
the biggest miracle and see rescue history. Five hundred and seventy six people saved nobody died when it looked like it was a total loss so I listen to this guy and he buys me a double curvaceous calls me out on the pier reaches in his pocket and he pulls out. It's like a one thousand nine hundred and six twenty dollar gold piece. It's mentor proof! You know it's like in case and He says this is a tip for MIKE now, that's the guy. I was playing with Michael class because I don't play an instrument MIKE was playing the guitar and, and but he said this is a gift for MIKE, but I have to tip, but I have to see it come to him through you. I looked at the voice inside my head, said just do what the nice man tells you the break, times. I call my it's over in MIKE. This is Larry Larry. This is MIKE Mike Larry wanted me to give you this tip it's from him and MIKE took a while Q conversation after a second Michael got
call back inside and I'm just about to file bankruptcy. I've been suicidal. I've had the gun in my mouth like that week. Okay, and and MIKE it's called inside. I look back at Larry with this look like and he looks at me and he says you don't need it, he does. You future is determined. And then somebody call me back inside and I look and I think she came and I look back and Larry was gone now. Here's the catch Michael Gladys, she told It's confirmed this story that yeah I got the gold coin from this guy Larry many many times and he later used a coin to redeem musical instruments when he got in some real shit and he got his Martin get all his stuff back but guy, said to me your future is determined. I want an answer to that. Does look at the shit. I've been led through sense. I just
supporting this. You know what I'm saying. I don't know what it means. So This is a man that you met. That said these words, and you believe that this was some sort of a religious experience. I believe that it was a super net. I believe that it was. It was supernatural or spiritual. Experience. Yes, well, if a guy says that your future is determined the Don lot of people, just believe that don't don't know a lot of people just tell you that fate. You know, I mean I can change. It is we'll see many body do anything like that to anybody, and especially at that critical moment and I've seen people do some we ship ma'am. You can ask me that I suppose your factor- that's true. I stepped back out. No we're not doing it again. I said on the news like yesterday why it's yeah, I sort of God I'll try to find it yeah you try to find it. That's ridiculous! It's over dude when they made him drink com. That was the end. Luckily
yeah! So don't tell me about what people do. People are fucking, crazy, uh I don't think that that necessarily means it was a religious experience, though you seem to of attached this very significant feeling to this one guy telling you that your future determined and to use like a burning bush experience that for you. But why is that when a guy just says something kind of cool, you know that's like dude, who just says, but he had lost the coin through my hands. That was worth like two thousand five hundred dollars in one thousand nine hundred and eighty could have been an acid. I could've been nuts, is one where people are there to strange things doesn't necessarily mean, and god- and he I I I didn't say it was a coming out any meaning. God I mean that's a John of God. Excuse me some sort of a what a harbinger of religious x. Answering what would what would you call that if the guy does something like that, I I think humans might most ordinarily call it an angel You think he was an angel on possible wow. That's heavy, no wings
that would help would help. If you had some nice big wings, I can tell that guys either that or one of the x men. You know there's, an old story about a guy who was who was freezing sorry freezing to death up up up in the Arctic. I kept praying to God to help him. He was trapped up out in the wilderness. You know and and he said God's going to save me, so we see a helicopter flies over and keep praying. God save me. God save me, and you know so anyway, he gets found Flash cut he's warm by the fire he's been rescued. Right is the nog. I was praying to God, you know, but you know I was going die, die. God failed me well happened. While some Eskimo found me the ask model was we can all be the hand of spirit when we live in a place of love and we can be led by a heart we can be led by.
Good feelings and good wishes, and that makes us all able to do good things so essentially by that person doing something so beautiful and loving, even though it was a person that person became an angel. That's for sure I got out of that one I needed, because there were times when the it was darker than you can possibly imagine through the years when the memory of that thought. Lived in my head and that ask me for some reason going on thousand beautiful. He just said that you out of it, what you needed it like that in the that sense, you really literally can fashion your reality. You know this is you can create you're empowering reality? You can use a lot of things to decide that those things have given you a, which is, which is proof that words and heart and feelings can give power,
For sure have power intent has a real reaction on the world. Intent and feelings have a real reaction in the world. They have a real reaction as far as our interactions with human beings, we feel them emotionally, but I think also has a real reaction on your actual environment itself. I think it did. It can change the feel of it fireman, especially to biological organisms. I think the which you can you good energy, enerji and happy. We all know certain people that we you like to be around them, you'd like to be they give off good feeling and all of a sudden when in that energy right now, can't you likely you absolutely right. Now we are yeah. Yeah I mean that's the best thing about this podcast is that when you have conversations like this and it's it gets to, while to those other folks that are listening to it's not, The feeling in this room is, like you, become a part of that cool feeling it makes it feels feels good to you too, as you're listening and you. When you know think along with us, and you know and imagine the same.
Concepts and thoughts that were discussing it, it puts you on the same sort of vibe. You know and that that that's one of the reasons why people enjoy podcasts and these the candid conversations that you don't ordinarily get where you you know people do allow themselves to be free, like that's called being authentic dude. It's all about Michael and people here. Are you going to keep this collapse net twitter following thing? Are you gonna to get off twitter totally? Well, because we gotta RAP What's up, I want to be able to plug you collapse and that's going to do whatever it's going to do. I have a special page called called the founders corner, an if I'm going to do anything significant you'll see that collapse net dot com to the founder, the fucking man. Thank you very much for coming down. This is a lot of fun, as always you're, a rare guy, that's capable of having fun with all this stuff too, as well as being a real rational voice of a lot of scary shit, and I appreciate you coming down my brother. Thank you very much. It was a lot of fun as always pop Brian Reichle uhm, no, no death squad.
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