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2012-05-23 | 🔗
Joey Diaz, Brian Redban - Date: 05/23/2012
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on that's ridiculous i'm just follow my f o brien didn't take any yesterday for the show i really need to get some new stuff i haven't taken alphabet and so on russia often get the nation to new formula isn't it some the stuff has been replaced so that it could be sent overseas these are some people unlike places in europe or like be six is illegal less you can't sell certain vitamins this lie weird laws man like australia can have human growth hormone unlike some supplements are legal in america but illegal other places and vice versa in some places like like mexico you can just go to mexico and just by roy you can just fucking crazy to his let you go in mexico with a lot of people are now they ve de criminalized all drugs because of the gang warfare people are unaware of this because
you in everyone's blaming the drug laws for the fact that these cartels got so big and you know and they're so dangerous now which is true but right now everything's decriminalize acid mushrooms coke anything anything in mexico and alpha range ideas excited oh and and i d say some signs of alpha brain a fuckin mexico you do is cross haven't been dead and he is by low you cross over basically and you get anything do you get flashlights joy indeed get him a fifteen percent off like you do if you gotta jargon that net and click on a link for the flesh like mexico they got guts take a thirty percent showed up eradicating and i'll fuckin box not be whack often mexico phobias appetite shit it seems i didn't do a lot of water off its moral i fucking they flock report issued smuggle bill thought it these motherfuckers got every grazing is due to live in san diego and take those tijuana trips
and they do on a regular basis is like websites daddy hated till i prostitution tijuana like you go here don't go there hoof are you gonna issued alone more than three fucking guys come on my guess is unworthy aggravation y know what that's like to whack love how bad you feel like a placid get mugged other guys make you suck my dick you gonna walk over the boy a burglar at her friends with happened i was a kid that went to the bronx welcome bub get mixed up that's disgusting w pants down mixing gonna live forty hours and the chicks leave to tell me so like a fuckin mobile internet situation that's a mobile fuckin moment right there is a moment these things you it will lead you do right after their over like fuckin really really silly bitch system
document you ve got me into mister penis weeds penis clarity pills for sometimes i get you the we can all see action call and people on the phone a piece and family planning can brides grandma blow and parachuted yod son you so but something stopped you would like to ask you why won't you whack are illegal what the cab no more hoagie the summit times in my life or just was we are close to making a big mistake off and i want to people as the just puts it on a perspective and then when need it's for if you deal with someone negative dayton someone negative only decide not to go over there ass it beat off these silent go over and they call you happen they wanted to share with you like still have area fail again stan i'm free right now
staring on free you can hold their policy of man cause i don't need it right now i'm good now i see someone annoying i see so annoying that and i want a bureau has pretty good that's why because you lightweight watches has a model break if you not hungry enough for an apple you fuckin hungry right which small so this is really not hungry enough for an apple you ain't let them hungry that's a weird motto ok sailor used the word fuck it in our motto that i just drop today therefore affect what it's funny like they should have a model for if you if you still want to go fuck and crackling blow after you walked off dangle i don't think you'll find the energy wants you wildlife and cut your legs right or if you sit there but don't like have you come to me got dollar three allows it'll kill crackling gets woah heavyweight title fight look like if like accept what's a boxing match and then half into the boxing match
like a three like at the third round is a break and some hot chick comes in and blows a dude have to issue does not go to fight the next three rounds it would be interesting to watch it how many deeds fought well after they ejaculate it and how they do just completely fell parties is turning up does it takes to fire what does he say women weak legs women weaken legs rack while they say they say that when you do it for seven days when you're abstain from a by seven days you're testosterone can go up think is as high as fifty percent but it now molasses after that and then is like well this lose it just doesn't any pussy the system making loads and then such measures may loads apparently your body can consistently makes loads as long as you're using them like best the idea that you keep vocal help
anyway the european experience progress has brought you buy a thing we cover the flush lad in that generally the ethics of whatever awesome fuck yeah go fuck those on it it makers of alpha brain what's our brain it's a new tropic vitamins for your noggin was essentially a bunch what select herbs and vitamins that have been known to enhance cognitive functions are very controversial subjects i believe in it i've been taken long for we are endorsed our brain i took a bunch dublin oh i've been in contact with mr roman ascii bill romanesque use twitter he's a guy that invented neuro one a famous football player and that's how i got into a new tropics as is normal one if you're in love storing ever see that it's an awesome blend that he put together our brain is this of it's all very similar are designed to stimulate your brains production of ro transmitters and adjust
makes you it makes me feel like i can put sentences together better i feel a little bit smoother you know it's nothing it's not gonna now a limitless it's not gonna turn you into a genius of your moron but it does work there's a hundred percent money back guarantee for the first thirty pills you don't even have to return the product you just say this stuff didn't work and we give your money back that's where try as hard as humanly possible to not rip anybody off and so really high quality stuff that i believe it is room tech support is the year when i above all take every time i work out it's a shit gives you tremendous energy it's all vitamin be twelve and quarter subs mushrooms it's fuckin it's one of my favorite things ever like supplements for europe work out the shoe a community in those five http enhanced with el trip defence called new mood also explain a dot com and again
everything is a hundred percent money back guarantee for the first order you don't even have to return the product to say it sucks and to use a code name rogan and save yourself ten percent early german the official beginning oh thanks to see two o clock or going up the will gain experience by my drank some dishwater cocoanut water yesterday i found this is a big difference in culture and i want to know is why are we found this out with the sea to owe to accompany those guys came to the visitors breyer more the improv and they said it thai coconuts or what you want that's like a short treats him like a five foot tree or some like that and it's not like what we think of these giant palm trees or cocoanuts site like that
it's a shorter tree and it's like a sweeter cocoanut but although i can't go fuck and sow anyway they all goes out of luck and south stream a field to another without so tat the blow that smoke up somebody else's that's why valley tat that and i got a little mexican and violent locked and right do you think it's what i'll give easily the whole fuckin cobbler right then exit three of you do blundell driven around a rate of one stop it kansas because they all go flock and sow great they also collins out in el it is a great place compressed fishery and they deliver to your house only a liver flourishes fresh battle going to want to drink hope and everyone who did it take a general much better gave up it's a sum
better way it's like right freshen raw like out of the fruit i gotta can't i got a case from the sealed to in its work and also see two who were well thought out fires out there in the refrigerator articles ranking lousy little output i'm shall put some sugar goes a little fuckin sideways you do i'm just below so surely that open up some ice cube shaken up sometimes it's warm up about trust me open it why don't you and columbus not been drinkin coca cola out of a red it comes up i was gonna pottery gonna fuckin seven when you can bite a big fucking calculate there was no time around ninety seven it was no typhoon there was no ties around some knock it off with a tide dreams when its eyes get here and fuckin like seventy eight to kick box and after one that's when they floppy showed up like that that country was chinese a couple clock adapt at a couple fucking careers now start that shit that came late later on a dark and shit greeting
look at what level of what i don't like a dark skin i don't know what the fuck day out enough the airport to rake in china with ties came along the whole porno industry got tossed on its work yet has still to look for the ties here and there i will not even ties but there is some sort of an asian invasion that happened because before there was like reveals very rarely see asian porn stars now does like and i love it i like to see greater mix up those really liked areas was ever yet it would you have that one on your broadcast more than one of the paragraphs was not to show its and also kara of ethics here for you the one with her watch those man she its brutalized yeah act and tied up and face fact and my god the thing you can't just do some thing happened somewhere along the line you know what i'm doing that david tell show today dave's old porn doing that right after i get out of here
sit down like mystery science theatre style and spread of an old porno phelim and new market and make fun of it and new pigott apart those old shot with completely different you watching an old porn whose just people got together and then they had sex it was like you seem so innocent and let's get down to basis you but a fuckin ahwahnee cops up all your life when was the last time you watch what was the first time you watch boy and what you explain the people and how did you watch it first time discovered point wake it down with me right now the fur time i discovered video porn like a real point like cosette it was my dad our citizens have to chess well let me say how i thought of this government will ease the company has to real oh my offer eight ninety five you ordered it somebody they often display real to real real to real was you actually if you ordered
two dollars worked upon each point real was a dollar ninety nine cents and this was poland was just disgusting when it was just that a point we're after that either you became a free will you and so i want to see that what happened was nineteen dollars not even guys i'm exaggerated but twelve ninety five you three movies at many projector brien amount of money per minute less active in them i remember the so you had a flock and stay open is right next to the advert do you get subject sand than you think the amendments that when the exact went home you said joe we read ours and we said you muscle buildings shot gyre not the weights but he also sent you a trophy meals trophies add my name to push up to a point that i just gave order shall we say you had a fuckin put the real real correct by yeah tape it today like you the fuck you ought to do everything in those days
you will be you have you have splice sir you hadn't like light you had this member that yeah would focus rather put a sheet on your war and hope that no came home until you get the feed off the fuckin war if a me like my bodies but rather with but the sheet me added and we all got together we smoke like a joint between have another and we will all excited to see this porn acid and it's just like ten nine eight of them and they showed this chick taken a piece of bread put the guy's cock in this way where rap i don't know what the fuck they would do well to make these do the seventies it wasn't heroin guess he was away she put a piece of bread the guy's dick on a piece of bread put miracle i'll never forget the memory and it wasn't even one the bread is that square flock and read the emailing county jail and the big bull and she written to me and my five little six great friends looked at each other and that was the end of the fund
we tabled our paths we just mortify we never was not a porno you know the answer me but when the film broke ever be stopped correct right yeah you had to stop work blackened off and put the film that in itself because it wasn't like it you just like put the two pieces together you had the first like trim and cut like a perfect like kite then he had to put it in a splice are gonna lie that i know you got a boner in your sitting there rubbing its the sight it was horrible upon was to work for it that's why you had a word she member then when they would have stag films that they would show a bachelor parties bachelor parties they would show stag films like guys would get together with an they would show films of people fucking and they would call stag phil i was just was the pores nothing but that's what they call it the call them stag films and they would they would show the wet at stag parties
how grocer there i can never even then i went to see them in jersey one day my friends like on the need to do this in jersey dirty money and you sit in the theater and watch it with other pay vat is some guys the law always point but it's not even love is you don't know you sixteen you figure let's go i'm a few beers it's not rose to go bathroom personally you and some guy just sat mister pop out install number two just as next year like he's look of a flower you fuckin shaky deck hysteria go back to you see you soon tell your friends when i went to the battle was imperative if you go back to the bad when i let you take it there again bob all number to the next look i mean they would be so fucking creepy though livestock that's does work what is it about sexuality that so creepy is it because it so repressed
what is it about like that one desire that so it's it's so like grows you know it's so undesirable when she ate sexuality the idea of you sit in a really that's a part of sexuality you sit in a room beaten off to vote those of people fucking like a bunch of other people in the room to and like like looking up together like what the fuck wise so creeping i don't know but it is but everyone was in their eating fulfilling desire there's no issue there's nothing creepy about it being eroded by people every a sandwich there's no problems in a whirl feeling that desired no issue go back but he got it but a sexuality issue you know i guess very private and very creepy and you know everybody does is kind of mysterious said to sit in some room for all of us we will and everyone just openly i sort of admitting that we beat off and i'll sit near together all
beating off if somebody in an odd doing those all doubt when they go to the theatres may not like just watching the film and critiquing it well her ass soon ass she had not wipe off the movie theater that's how can we help me get arrested member which is the larry hagman fucked you get arrested for beating off at one of those factors namely now what do you suppose to do is most beat off there now i don't think you're supposed to beat off i think you have like private i mean private rooms like whack offer rooms like an it's the whole stores are different told things ridiculous you know what's going on what you really shown people blow and people and you are you giving up sexism beads off the crowds of products of the seventh recently was maybe that club where people wet and paid cyrus retreat devils retreat something retreat play those a treat platos levels are three where was it was a sex club in the seventies and early eighties will you paid
a thousand bucks the door you whenever you fucked eighty five thousand people play those retreating you know a thing that always got me about sex that i've been addicted drugs i understand the addiction is one i would get off the bus on forty eight three seven forty five to go to work selling cars and i'll come oh really joint i would smuggler idea forty second street i would just sit there and watch not guys like you and i both guys family skies i had thought that before they have to go on with their day they would have to go into a picture and you know who i would see a lot of money and insultingly by its allow has the jews a lot of seeds would forget what an air with their black out of hat what with a laugh factory is today with a laugh factory was a matter that was originally a strip love that point that was trip bob flock and world value strip lobbied shows what people flocked in this
not all that's though but i'm a man would sit outside of that you know because you have to cross the street that would just sit down watch me what would make somebody job a choice that was that you could see that i'm like i used to leave the store they have to go get it have grandma club call this elsa your mind but that goal i would see them walking or walking outside eight avenue fuckin walking left you could see their body language they weren't them stop linked to a factual to see some guy big black black jack in the middle of a row videos and chickens up do you will admit new could suck it has a family lives in the suburbs you know from jersey cleaves or that's what always fuck me like that their fuckin freak right that's their free my free was due to bumps wagon after one morning there was going right off the bus at six in the fuckin morning to see two people fuck
i remember the first time ever bought porn we had to go to adult bookstore if you want to buy videos like you could go to some some video store is like blockbuster wooden carry him but some like me mom and pop video stores and then you know course you'd have to go through like saloon doors langley oh are you got you like beads but one time i went to actual porn store to buy it and i remember thinking really clearly thinking don't fuckin look at anybody just get through the go go find which need and get the fuck out of here we're not here for small like i'm not one of these people are just needs a bite and want to be like and then i start who are one of these people like you think about people that visit porn you you know with any those people people who go to visit pawnshop minimum but have visited a pawn shop like hulu
why why is it so creepy but it but the instinct like automatically is that it is in our taking care sexuality is mostly yourself it seems like such a selfish creepy hereat like thing do is sit in their work videos and always romola no drama no job you walk and maybe some people are disillusioned from the world is what it's about for a while and go home put no we're gonna jerking off his fuckin what they're into you this is not what we do is in different some fuckin different i understand somebody more tour to appoint cuz every day because the weed store everything day so what's this indifference coralie correlation and while the poor little or nothing made pointing to me is fascinating because like poor girls like this like a huge number of huge percentage of em who of had bad things happen to them
our kids in a lot of dramatic like sexual type shit and sought all of em but it's a lot of them looking at this is crazy like this is a whole industry that was created in many ways because of abuse and then industry is is something that feeds enough online videos voices of millions billions of people what we are supposed to feel better about it it's all it's a weird sort of your cover creepy thing you know you couldn't go into business meetings and talk about your favorite porn sites you know you can't just go there like what you guys don't you still going to u foreign you fuck anubis going to check out you know x y see up your ass videos dot com or all asians or whatever the fuck with website it is this like hundred thousand like free porn websites online but we can talk about em everybody
to work in these going to have you brought it up you can get in in trouble i give you share that information with some of that you work with enough what what sides to go to all you know most alike fashion in baby sides in words what size you go to have you been have you been a fact it's called why it's e f use you see you katy would it's it's just like fucked up porn you know it's kind of like old style project boat like kind that kind of fields like do you know the first one is this girl eighteen as a whole hand in her vagina ongoing fucked india has at the same time oh my god and its if it is look at the front page it all the crazy videos but it was ass maneuver pouring set its isn't it though reuse porn is very strange saying about watchin like porn from the seventies and eighties they just had sex that's all they did
when they got together and when they had sex like porn today's like there's some really nutty things they do on man doesn't like joe gaining again and you know spitting on each other spitting in mouth and stuff when we were in ohio me and jodi has right now in ohio i was over at my friend shane's house cuz you had a baby and she was showing me that he got the playboy of the month and year that he was but now the issue which was like a nineteen seventy four and there was person on there that the sinner fold was the most beautiful one ever and unlike obsessed with her now her name is marilyn lang it's in a r i l why in
lange ellie and g what are you doing you stalker none and none of us know no right but by cheech it it was before you know implants like it it was so weird seeing like playboy that that was always used to be on natural women curves and boobs and went on to become like all bleeds blonde early eighties rising booth was earlier it is late seminary by basing when you look at the evolution of the ted if really look at a playboy from nineteen sixty nine you go while even the fucking both were around that they were point here it's really weird what a woman look like we ve had this discussion for the women of the seven valley would the crazy one that steve mcqueen was married to ali macgraw i shouldn't call her crazy and it was enough for these smack that movies but it's just you see those women and you see the women down it's not as a different i dunno maybe i think it's more exercise today and plastic surgery for sure plastic surgery
it's weird we're like natural looking tits are normal was animal biology she busted she really pamela anderson really in everybody's rosa yeah she's growth but one you did look at this vision say she's out is now she's here fuckin that picture no yeah she's guys but it is weird that we're looking at those aren't really her tits with those are water bags under the skin is a big surgical incision they stuff well your bags under her skin and it stretches it out to make like nipples extend further and make the whole thing unnaturally tight in you know and swollen it's really kind of fucking crazy but you could put a luminous guidance i say you could tell she's got them of what we sure but with a shovel was reared its head faked it's the weirs fuck man it's crazy thing i think that's a fake never are button no that's a button silly billy that's this
stu perfect always shut your plan she probably either with central those when it comes to the poor that really what i weren't captive video i worked video store in aspen colorado for awhile and they use them like poured in those days or section at twelve boxes sailing a video store had wary six releases while those releases will lend sisters and i brought him home and get cold i want my girlfriend says you remember where georgia live a win win our german ginger live and the other one was one that girl was busted i see the one that was fourteen and they let affirmed that she was thirteen like i see that i motorways which leads tracy trace see lord when she was fourteen issues eighty one there's one video the gonna think where she's eighteen what she did one called tracy does japan
fuck and i hope we can push the gamma idea she was fucking crazy put an active us think you're gonna look it up racy those tokyo bible in looking for get shit like that you know me i gotta find out about human rights and of course yes she was the things because they wore trying to live up to the letter that one thing but tracing because this was the executive act reality shoved shark up some chicks pussy in seattle lloyd you baby sharply as apple was the real deal check one freak unless unless freak mother a couple books betrayed he did tokyo does an intro online you have together if the original fucking cut the whole thing but tracy does tokyo that was the last long anything about octopus upper girls luggage i gotta tell you she gets the toilet and she put up her way
lemme sit in that role it because i do not in those days he always had a movie on in the video store hours crazy i put a fuckin border and when people can we kids i turned the fuck off you know i was living in another fucking dimension then so i looking for hanging out and going to look at this guy's and i thought it was disgusting and i wasn't the into that much of all that crazy my experiences of fogey lights this move his line the parts of it aren't sex or online yeah does this is a while fuckin movie you know i got a job bullshit that one of our coming drop book that knowledge i don't know much about why isn't it but i know battery ilo s tracy lords was like sixty sixty look at those pictures she's doing just art hard flocking core hard core entities let's by the movie and all masturbate in front of each other to it on the paca isn't a crazy that you can say that there is something wrong but what she did the somethin wrong
crazy when she obviously knew how to fuck she always looked like she should begin in fact right all the above all the pieces replay would you would you think i am the tsar get fucked up maybe a few is it's a fucking garage homage use you probably one thing i don't know i only wish i think you know she obviously wears a lot of make up in her video right that was a load of older boastful thirty years ago lentils experts if you saw when shoes you know with no megabits dean dressed like a sixteen year you probably go that's like a young kid but like that no rams it's it's a weird thing words like one you what is the right year like and no one agrees like some countries it's like sixteen some parts of the world thirteen some parts of this country i think it might be like really young but whatever the age of consent is i think most have a more lenient towards at least seventeen you think as as apparent as when you had sex at your age how will you
you know about implicit see where you ready will you really fuckin ready probably meant america you ready yeah i was ok i mean i handled it was no big deal but i think for kids you know four kids fuck what kids there's a different age you know like you can see the age of consent is eighteen and if the consent is eighteen that's that you know that makes sense to me because i mean seventeenyearold can still make out and each other like this could be like an age buffer warlike and eighteen year old boy friend who's been with a girl since you know they were sixteen in fourteen should still be allowed a banker like once patrons night like you ve been boyfriend or offer for three years in items and why can't they banging images does he hit some magic number and she has inherent yet that doesn't make any sense there is a lot of that bank forty
bang the fourteen by fifteen very nine a little bit of fourteen i did have some teddy's do you know where you ready for our hand job will you fuckin already there was that you know the girl i was doin i sit with his fellow retarded i looked at facebook i just stood ready to send my human agro you know then you have the referred to yourself as a parent what do i think my son while my daughter is ready the real question is what age can a man fuck your daughter that's the real question that's the real question because it's not can a sixteen year old boy fuck a sixteen year old girl yeah of course they can get us seventeen year old boy fuckin sixteen year old girl i guess i'll get in eighteen year old boy fuck a six year old girl yeah if she's mature can a nineteen year old guy fucked a sixteen year old girl no
twenty unanimously and gets it starts getting exponentially create who's the judges in some way in kentucky pry things it's like its seven and forty yeah there should be no some sort of standard but i mean a certain point in time just got to let it go what are you ready you know what i'm looking for your kids around you whenever i meet people that have kids always ask the parents how old are the kids when they say to me he's fourteen i go to my look at that person i don't look at that kid at that age i was already doing thousand things what a shame because i wasn't ready for what does she have a you had a wild life doesn't mass that was part of a team you should not be dealt with as robin you know this does not withdraw the cycle sure you should not be done a lot of things are forty yeah
stop and think about some shit let's i absolute abso fuckin low we have fifteen i should somewhere on the floor dead i shouldn't have done a lot in i'm saying i have with a lot at that age a look at these kids that fifteen while at that age have already mug some while your role the drunk i did something new to phase out until look over your five either this i don't shut light bill chase bloody they like though he does i remember hanging out on the street at night as large a thirteen year old might remember like we just be our street on the summer we playing in industry street be like a midnight or somethin in know we just be out no one does that we look you can't do that all that bore yoga capable of curfew be it was your pay right we all we would just say that hey i'm resplendent runs out in my friends say yeah organs for nato has made the parents don't wanna fuck and talk there like a baby sitter for the night we get the fuck out them on the couch he knows you're round the woods jeff mosquito bite in your dick right
nevertheless gaeta manner through you don't get that in l a people don't realize how fucking country mosquitoes can be when you go out into the woods and they just swarm on your ass i got bitten face when i was in a higher for the only legitimate reason and off don't work no more we have about off that should they power through those mosquitoes they drink that shift magua got all the sum monsanto corn forgive encore pumped up did my dad tell me about that this bug that came from japan and that's then hit canada and then went to michigan and now it's come down to ohio and its government what is doing is its words night is like for bad for us by it goes into these trees i forget that the name of the treat i like that it's attacking and it
it draws hold an lays eggs in it and then when all the babies come out they just pretty much destroy everything so it's killing this whole breather three large beetle no it's something is something i've never heard of in an and it's just destroying on my dad has had these trees for thirty years in his backyard humongous trees they're all dead he's a good all the trees and neighbourhood are dead like just attacking ohio right now and when it was in michigan before how do they stop and think they can't they they can t pre tree to tree like he could have these people come out here cherry tree and put this shit and it may journeys holes in the train but like this because the treaty helps it by its it didn't work my dad like all that he had it always trees treated wow and as is destroying these treaties that's insane yeah that's fucked man
is it a weird how like we now because of all the cross pollination ships in planes and we can introduce shit to a place where it has no natural predators right and that the whole system just gets completely fucked i was on the nod not even the highway was unlike regular streets last night at about ten o clock and as some drive down the street i saw this fuckin coyote standing in the road staring at me and then he trots over to the sidewalk and then i slow down and i look at him and he standing mini looks laughs and looks like many runs runs up into someone's driveway and i'm looking at that kind of like that mother that's reality that's nature that's something doesn't know traffic lights doesn't give about your laws doesn't give a fuck about that that's you our faculties kid you know that
that's a crazy little monster weren't around eating cats eating rabbits killing things all around people's homes and that's that's that's right that things going to be here long after buildings rot away and nuclear waste makes people evacuated thing western pasadena meaning what once that actually happens with things like that actually happen there's a gang of oil is ago is again a code is eleven burbank and i have this thing where i have a few weird with coyotes zone filling them an attack me at all even though they might some time but always rolled on the window fuck with kyoto is i got wislawa hate you you know like a deep with a cable easily out it's like dogs but here i see a picture of a kindly with their mouths open yet scares fucking nuts man did they look like cartoon mao's like them have some like getting poor picture one coyote mouth open big teeth something google asshole
but who also what everyone the young the extra like extra teat that they have a really fuckin had set his teeth oh jesus we can always fuckin teeth look look in his fucking t that's so scary fucked up when you think about that young girl the got killed by coyotes it's so rare that that happens it can have a little kids get bitten by him all the time usually little kids or near their parents are usually evans is like the dad comes over beats a fuck allocated in entirely let's go like it's happened a few times in and recent memory but fuckin this chick just walk into the woods and whole gang home circle there and just said we could take her just jacked killed by coyote oh that's gruesome yet again in my neighborhood just hangs out around my fence like all my dad
will come out and go to the bathroom egotist here they like it my dogs barking and then you see all these feet scattered around my fans like all these committees are going to try to attack my my dog knowing the coyotes can attack people like that i say we kill all them people like you deserve friends you know they kill them outlined in santa monica do nobody i heard about that we got your desk kyoto to eaten like can you eat a chaotic is what if we can make some connachar yoda burger a bet you could eat it if you had the abilities of shit about it tasted hatred about coyote each is tastes like rotten hatred hurrying that's all twenty four in animals codes are so they killed this mouth like candy in santa monica and death in
where everybody is sent allowing a populated area and wasn't a homeless person now so fucking mouth like a real now lie not a cougar not a crazy old bitch and dumb and when they killed it there's all these facebook posts and one of them was my favorite it was so awesome does this woman and she said why are we were it's only because of our ego that we think we are better than animals animals have a soul and should pursue soul and all caps i would gladly take a bullet for an animal or a dog or a cat or a bear a deer for i would for a person excellently in point exclamation point when i was i was looking at this and this is amazing like this is this is a person it's actually saying you shouldn't kill that monster that's roaming through the neighbourhood the hundred and de palette cat no you shouldn't kill that unpredictable beasts and
you wanted to do that i would gladly take that bullet i would say suffice my life for this monster you sacrifice your life through one of the most horrific creations of nature a big cat mean lists killing machine that new kenema role a basketball in front of one those things they fuckin dive on invited as their instinct the abbot they could have also done as a weapon to slay kagan away from you can't hear chases bar monologues technological bullets misleading taken poos year a figure out what's goin on fuck him everything yeah that's what i do i do think that everything stand there is a whole available what some made them back on them a better wanna fuck nobly went a little thought would have price we re building somewhere they should be flop and building or there's no food for thought its most likely a sober and it's all
the problem with bears and people is that once they find out that they can go to garbage cans food that set the sale of arms to tell her tat then they have to take when put him in zoos and shit promises i am the stay of the community we can have a bear or flock amount live zeb we know what a level duty being and how fast but at the same time let's see if we can fuck em mummified first taken to a museum figure out what made this volume one was large and on the web sites someone you we have darts and laces with we are in this area we have lasers and dark i think they but i got ideation running all one backwards they get shot thought what a party at these dots war you got darts offices dunham laser but the bottom you saw the chuck norris movie now you're the one i want you to want to dot nobody environment one little bit taser it was dangerous well little because and i were lube too quick to pull a fuckin trade i loved i love the fuckin
bearing arms and everything but it's a bear anybody who knows hunting or whatever just sit still for two minutes i'll get the fuck out of here get the fuck out of you you take a garbage can and more scandalous until we fucking corner let me just ask them what they were everywhere they will have to be real careful gotta be real careful but i think a lot of habits are used to see schools are records ozone crossing the street from the big one little tiny one at the end i know those motherfuckers a dangerous but you want to call at them be i wish i saved a picture there's a picture that i saw once member whose online or a book or a magazine a wish i saved this picture cause i haven't been able to find it in all google search as well guy was a photographer was killed by a bare and whose take pictures of a female in her cubs and the last image on his camera before his killed by the fair is the bear with its two glared charge them in this
fuckin horrific picture they founded in they found the deuce camera but that is relocating lincoln baseload leaders claims money business when they run jim jones and they came a man went down with a camera kept running as that would shoot nobody as it were a plane from diana that was life was there on television what the fuck we do in diabetes i've been thinking pigs the san francisco we live that jim jones store member i share your point lose the deuce named who did who played him in the movie powers who powers was ass if i had was alexander sad mother finally put using certain my god he comes out and when when you need a heavy southern gentlemen throwin he powers booth abandoned look at the screen here is this that for some reason the image isn't showing up but this is images captures a bare seconds before its maud do it's photons supplies
you think it is a different picture though that the once they reach their thinking of one where it's a bare comes into a guy's tent i think that's a different image with such a rugged baby nothing they would see that everything soviet finally you very excited about his there isn't one fake one now a fake one or they may show they shouted i'll go with you at least this is a great fuckin car great long term we certainly some great clouds called up the next few weeks to yeah august's tunisia dos santos and frank years only not i was gonna ask you jump membranous sow the guy that that was that the crazy mme guy that was always talking about not savvy stevie oh yeah yeah i know the whole story i will push and dont our baby don't have many attention he had fired sums round fleeting about this caught baby was breaking them very excited we can't go
you gotta be fun i want i want my watch one would you guys we're gonna go to a strike force craigslist next summer extra forced by did you see the last one to see josh barnett armenia have oh what a fight both guys broke their hands the first round to call me a very so beast he's a fucking always takes payment sank launched josh barnett into the air to china is a big boy he's a big daniel cornea hoisted em up and go through for a ride control them on top smash them cut him up with elbows these needs only had like i think that was its fifth is amazed ten communism as long the baby faces ass round forever he was one of the youngest you have see champs one i don't know how old he was we want the title but our memory bit he beat randy couture and then there was some sort of a dispute with eu of sea management yossi didn't get it he laughed and then he surfing
overseas and he fought in pride and you know and then he came back and become part of strikeforce tournament you know he's been around forever and he's that guy spot everybody five minute tar is fought croak up twice you know it is not a lot of fuckin dude i just got his experience will really and through both column enjoying mother fucker me well you know now josh barnett broken in the first round and soda cornea they both broke their hand the first round so you know who knows a rematch would go but komio one that fight with his wrestling he won that fight what is striking i mean he's too some mother fucker dude and he's not that long is bad ass man of real pretty kick josh barnett twice i couldn't take him down no one's to be able to take him down in a ufc match mean he's such a high level wrestler that it is going to take a fucking beast to take that guy
you now so you gonna stand with him and he's really quick man and these a tall guy belize like impact and explosive in all the years of firstly the high level rashly i think the mental toughness that those guys gain from hygiene i say earlier amateur wrestlings and there's a different animals man there's a different animals there those guys are tough all different level there like in my opinion that maybe the if all like encampment you take a look at them just percentage that might be that half his group of human beings on earth just a tough mentally toughest is amateur wrestlers really might be your fuckin animals this guy either some shit those guys go through and they do a dehydrated malnourished and they're they're out there like an animals was greatly valued which you in jersey and he is always
ever may fires the audience attended but everybody capital at that stage factor resolutely and everybody kept looking at that coach war people went up to shape that motherfukers hand i heard more people going to smoke is what you think nurture penn state as the rest of the world ok sanderson he'll fight right the robot every wrestling again now i think if i don't love it's the same guy we're thinking about whom they say is the best why wrestler the warriors and amazing runs out a suffocating that he's ringing guy that not something that you like all about investment very he was sitting behind us with the team everybody who walked by eta say oh my god this channel sanderson gale sanderson oh my god like everybody was flat like an all this got that wasn't we the guy out of the guy that was with them said to me joey corrado we get you back that's
what then is the guy was yelling but everybody was looking at that guy like he was a fuckin kill that day from fixed guido everybody was their stance it also yeah he's the coach a pen stately yeah yeah that's kills innocent girl sans he's a beast is crazy his who is that people that he was wrestling with teaching in college doesn't want ones incursion compete again physically got it just stopped competing i just think alike that high level like when you're it high level in any sport with its wrestling anything you know boxing when you get at levels so hard to maintain that kind of pace it so hard to just live your life like that we are constantly competing in ireland was a kid i see the high school wrestling either way you fuckin voices creep me whether you are him when i was a kid i seen the best fights are rushing to high school decorated wrestler fight this kid that was scrappy fighter herblay
two minutes and he forgot his oxen this motherfucker it was a further vfw there was an american flag with all the little fence he picked muppets room over the fucking fat straw strike i didn't know he just laying on his head just stood there like what am i going to do i'm not going to get back up and fight this fucking monster that's loudly restless got some they got that course strength david we're going to stay with young and some of these guys with the bent ears and shit five the fuck around my will take you the fact there but it has made a difference in may that i've seen much about it i've i watched a little bit of pride but you have see you seen these restless it makes a big impact judo guys and wrestlers listed as those are the two toughest to deal with think about it you know when both of them in our special to come to international competition because they both have to deal with some pretty fucking stiff and crazy competition and i don't be judo in internet especially as so you know really popular to really popular sport in a lot of countries but
the something about wrestlers man that does what they have to go through their mind becomes capable of pulling shit off that other where other people wouldn't push hard enough they would do it just they would back off before the wrestler does and now these guys red line man they they know how to read line their brain their body some of the most savage fighters of all time dan henderson randy couture you know go through the line up all the mat hughes think about all the different guys start off costs jack that's all from god has hendricks shod russia nonetheless john fitch was a cat purdue the list as it takes a while for their hands to catch up with everything but some guys bigger rap griffin what are they fabulous bill the one who just what was shot before us today feel davison sorry fabulous wherever they call mr wonderful as the one before it's just in a lot of even any always said that
better get ready for these rest is learn how to fight off your back as he's restless fuckin take you down so dear this so many guys that become successful have used this japanese cultural centre in highly with no one is close to eddies is couple blocks we old legends to one another month will not just move the cultural sector it's light where the japanese golly practice judo down its real dirt cheap hardwood floors it's all old school some people go sign up one time and get the fuck out because it's very judicial looked at differently due two classes wait let's go and i gather all these other things like i keep on the breyer with swords again i'm talking about down and they ve been there since nineteen forty son is there sauna kyoto school in hollywood norway move to burbank them they moved again i drive by a minority i see everything is in burma
style that you want is burma martial arts i went to see alleys i want the burbank last night i had a glass i swung by eddies accounted six fuckin karate schools cake moxie the kid or whose there together that we all fabulous benny many jet school burbank the marshal i tol of fame then in burma ignoble jetsam burbank they look lacks a school they got to gracie by is you when i used to mexico my first moved here man i used to go to his place and van eyes you'd have always game manners than they would give free classes to let him work out and you know you'd be like they can take place and classes this fucking gangbanger man is there was some parts of it they were kind of creepy and a lot of people are complaining about it it was like a few problems but this one dude came in and the other a tattoo on its back they look like youtube and it said whatever there is like via or something like that fuck the rest
added tattooed on his back i mean those but you didn't anybody that like a gave you a tattoo gun for the first time it said we'll just see what he could do and i was i was like a like this is not a guy you want a punch in the face this the guy was a lot to lose you know this is the right one keep my hands a stick a move towards is get your car fuck yeah well those involved there was he had there is no benefit a gentleman he i think he had family members that would also teach their to forget if we get the whole history of its i don't wanna talk about it but they have a lot of them let alone gang barriers go there was a big culture shock thing come from my is come from new york and then moving here than to kick my ass it was changed but eggers member that member bugger time my earlier that is going on his trees is caught in emerald ash bore and look about it lives again cricket at a disco
scary looks high tech a robot cricket yet again nissan gdr bug and nothing does that's the thing i just goes in at three and fucking lays much eggs and trees that destroys at the trees and then those things hatch and become more these it's like a fucking army of tree killers that's so fucking nutty man it's so weird went which will we have to deal bring overlooked commodo dragons aid does not look like alien tat now i've gotta think only an economic and does the government does not happen we gonna fuckin do come all this been going on for years we started with time like what you expect might we went from here were terms what the fuck i'm just saying this not years ago a term i see trees they eat the roof the abbe what a note to you but it is new wanting ivo invasive species i'm pleased they re weighting one knowing that would bring waded through caught with my added with them was covered in those welcome back we listen fuckin bugs and power
at all bugs its with other though floppy shipments big foot fuckin called without it from some fuckin colombia jungle this time they ve got dixon they look for ease they always fucking greece's two thousand thirty and vigilant have aloof creature the scare animal muscle spoke mental vapours so that the fire ass the mother i was mogadishu playing out you know it's a funny he was smoking on the plane next when old lady and do it up as yesterday and i am like that's crazy i guessing you now i guess you can depravity is not against the law to do those things in a vapor if it was like an electronic cigarettes were aghast but then then he did it in a car when we are driving do pittsburgh any just starts hitting it and other windows or up in a meetly smelled weed and unlike if you down the plane everybody smell that it does smell like weeds suction thing right
i should think of you blow it never bathroom so when you blow over your shoulder to the winds are you going to the lives of that but i smoke from a different lights noblest lol this is worrying about parts movement that when your smoking does smelling anything it's the weirdest cigarette when will you yeah i bet it is so don't smell de smet smoke on your own body will that's weird thing they say about smells that all factory senses the only detect changes so you can get used to stinky town that's how people live they live like someplace i ask your mail or somewhere oh yeah yeah that that could do it or i think slaughterhouses that's a real problem how poop
yeah if you pass like pastures and causes shitting all over the place and stinks horribly fucked up they shit so much is shit everywhere drive by two shit you're smelling shit you're gonna my mom's outlining alive like a good half mile where the whole like air is just shit smell it smells like one thousand troops in his nature telling you that this is dirty don't worry anything anywhere near this that's like a big warning sign that's why shit most terrible right i'll fuck him
what you want is a moment i don't think we should smoke that thing on a plane and i'm gonna make it promises you never do that from now on any you got caught with it at an airport they did bank took it out looked at you figure out those fuckin genius a cop although they gave a right back to me and i was puffin all away the gate number three like got back cradle what did you say it was when the atlantic cigarette did even ask as now and ass they just looked at it they want to know if it was like some sort of gene simmons bomb from others movies such a thing on wildlife alive when they put the barbarous gear our of giving a bonus fucked a bonus they pull the dailies click my thing just averting the movies our but that see this fact listen how many movies genes him as do why you play that i cinema episode of miami vice winter that's it i never see them but he's got a bunch of fucking
this is an absolute miami visor you play the drug dealers she's a lamp vice changed a fucking game do start where blazers no socks spyware loafers with no socks why because that's what they where my revise wanna be like him and we do so by a white cars fuck bought a white cobb for nineteen eighty who still white cars can any of you stupid fucking why car how many white corvettes you see this my ten of them ever made whites in wait wait only for my conduct cords or something they saw their white testa rosa they work will light wheels to lucy was myth slap that did you that's my raising any lies i tried to kiss me in the mouth and like hey we can all see the video enjoyed occasion of justice raise a few times he might have been trying to kiss him in the mouth and might have been licence pulling the israeli you know whether touch me that either second pillar bats lap he barely
i mean we just want like this in the rice vein in everybody's saying that it was like some assault all my card and adding air it's like i always publicity vents with someone at the longest shied things only system to fuck it burnt rentals burwell of bush leslie sixty six years he was china publicity for the fucking movie say probably not even a hog is eager guy came over said solomon paralysis like did you see the original one guy knows no burritos mac really really smell that online you gotta see well smacks guy rebels back the fire berwin odds is what those guys we're look at him and i kind of feel bad i see your face all stretched out like when i was a kid i looked at birth reynolds my pet guys this shit like my black smoking abandoned he's always smile and that's why we always think like this guy looks like he's always haven't a great time have a good subject mary lobby at this
the measure of doubt and left the would pose he was really but dog you i am even the long wish i'd be any on along this yard he goes and he beats debate based on best watch the movie he gets in the car what fucking song does he get out its eyes were saddled special leonard skilled watch it so fuck he's gonna valori jack and i wish you luck in patches i wish they live like a fuckin he looks like the guy that played superfly that's what he looks like a movie smacks i lay in bed given about tybee smacks he takes a fucking car satellite special drives cuts of cops takes it ocean dumps into the ocean and goes to the bar and they come get him at the bar and they start fucking around he beats the one cop up and they take him
but when he was too she hears us here's the video reynolds apparently got little flap happy last night hidden cbs producer at a mobile pinnate premier in chelsea were the only ones with the video cadets was michael comrades here now with the blow my blog michael lorries reynolds attending the premier was new film really a remake of his old build the longest yard when either in jest or anger depending on who you believe reynolds slackness sylvia employing who is asking the star about that movie and today cbs news says it is
looking into the matter you judge for yourself but you know what we have here a like the guy i am working again as a result of the audio say someone the audio visual produces nobody knows a smack spike smacked i'm twenty twenty bladder wrestler allow smack upon without back every gave a do that ressler one
book a smacked what's his name tom slothful something genes donald ass now he's a maxim that boy got up running airdrop where he fucking smack them what they got it my was a smack make given his gaia fucking up our wills did was gently touch the guy with his fingers on its face anybody calls what will smith did a slap he gently this too the guy's face it was like so it was so non aggressive dear this guy's a fuckin aided pew do due to and it got the top business like that all you got i see the standard rest now gathered question i think this is thank you beggars bike by what they always open
rio guys that do cause real rights to come as a guy that getting paid enough to do its job well you know it's also the way said it was very arrogant like he was gonna be safe i think it's fake its you know saying it's fake da fuckin everyone knows spake you know it's it's it's sleep planned out in advance but to say it tough job you're crazy those guys are always busted out human what those guys really hope wrestling pain start what did look what they did the exposition resting on twenty twenty they show this all the tricks how they would take the razor blade yeah i am regularly and that was a great expert they allow people it nobody s it imagine did that these to cut their own head on and i knew about it because all the training schools in new jersey so when i was going to grab a school that teaches kept telling me a good guys will take it to the wrestling i know chief jay strongbow what is our when my father
messner was vacant afloat grid i was busy for about ten minutes i went el tat particular day they had the mexican wrestling on those we have some fuckin dope moves man about the outfits fats are outstanding dues would like long conan here no one looks like they ve never even heard of steroids it so weird because steroids illegal in mexico and these dudes like regular looking disputes but they add some crazy moves and was like really impressed like jump through the air wrap in their legs or on the dude neck and flipping the do through the air like they did some nutty shit those i why that is acrobatic if you can appreciate that mean obviously it is theater but there's this physicality to it that you know it's very disrespectful to call it fake it was in that little attitude he did it was ass yeah that's what he said it to a guy without any fear of his own safety being protected but he thought by
camera in reality a media was shut down there the media wasn't what it was tat the media was shit that would just somebody was taken up here just didn't have to be he about it if he if communicate with the guy and inside asked him are their predetermine outcomes you know me that's what he should have said steady saying like the way i did at the last year of a standard question is it fake it looks to me like while you're here do you like your point of a lion lagoon is excellent i got a guy you don't feel uncomfortable with that disguise all sweaty and hyped up from a fuckin wrestling match where they always get need in the head fuckin kicked in the head accidentally a punch in the head but you see someone should they do what they do flying sidekicks at each other that they help each other in the fuckin head man there's a lot of times are actually hitting each other it's not prove even if its course
after its not precise enough can really hard way to make a living with money when i went to my army at the end of april that week was also resolutely so all these old time in miami so every radio show i want to do that we can all time rescue i was talking about and it was very interesting to see that believe it or not these guys do nowadays i believe where they still have followed state to others is that they show you in a wrestler with a people come inside t shirts and talk about knights eighty one gwendolen jimmy superfluous nook is i still remember the fuckin than the worries to live a bolder in his hey day did he was up and boulders fuck him by the other juice maximum jams wilder flock put their i remember one time seen him at the port of call why she had at that time though we had a seven bmw the earlier eighties i'm they may them adam the just because he had a fit one
forget it was off season the salmon got out of that fuckin car job and he had a vague that was a court i don't the latter nobody go look at fucking the ultimate worry the dog what his veins is biceps with some of the big most that was a bicep but he vain how to hear that lifted three quarters of an hour from his arm i see that i looked at it stand at in life was like when we see how for his is bicep went up or this over the edge of the skin there's a lot of people don't realize how big those that do seem as if you get a lot of warriors shall for me i saw how hugging the first time like windows in hollywood lose right outside of before i've met him i met a matter you have seen i had the honour of have you and once right i guess i was flying i get talk get excited about pro wrestling with them you know unlike like pop up he's fucking great merit that guy's got a lot of pain now he's got a mean he's got do you ever see like all the operation is through holy shit
that's yields we warrior the all out also dude it's three or some shit out i don't know is out of date by this house look at his own certainties bursting through his own shirt but in his heart crazy though i am part and wisely about things europeans got a lotta hollers this urgent simmons legal basis is article seven days isn't crazy they decided i painted face up the outfit with the suspenders whatever the fuck there will be resolved the sky was pretty heaven the barbarian rose i'm embassy when i was a kid those too as they were in the flamingo kid i'll know what happened to those guns isn't face paint was more pain a strange thing dear that you know you gonna you lead dalia face up to make yourself look meaner when you the battle against gonna matter ritual of rubbing shit on your face put your war mask on for you the battle with a factor that have come from
it does make some extra scary thing a black stuff over the face what are you talking about the street where are like only in the american indians and nor did from people that a put pain on whatever they want safe for the american indian symbolized member brave heart and put like phoenician symbolise sultan but like you're the growing we re not taken lightly your face great that's it as you know them they want but it still it must put you they're here the ritual you know that it's time to fuck rob deciding a little crazy it's gotta get you that's how you probably a fire by putnam make up my mind i d guys remember this announcement so when he wanted them what do you want to do you do but those
your eyes style for those that didn't watch this but rather listened this podcast there one must retarding gig giant royally that dude handed out slums he's still alive is that the robber like a mother's lot is so i've before they figure out what the us while i wonder what it looks like now had been slim germ coupons interviewed what a strange add what is it the recent snap into a slim jem and why are you so angry sir what's going on here can go and nutty screaming flax live kid bite into flies out of shoes what the fuck kind of physics dealing with here
what color was loop who greenland that commercial thinking ultimate worrier has a blog now though it does will help fund would it be this does shoots terrorism that stuff just give priority to harvest day go you know what i must not forget either that even though cycles why think if you look at those guys who have done it is possible stay alive i look at the guys who were like big professional body builders pistol like just to alter you know get off the shit they their body shrinks down like normal cycle of overtime plots his legs looked like a fire ass we that's i wonder what tom plavsic's like today i want to know we all look no one i don't look like listen role the first time you see that what was the movie point benign yeah was the shit you can say whatever the final the franco colombia little fuckers with that back from here lay breakin blackmail is like you say i've been blocked at the fuck are you
we'll family tree laid fuckin twelveth blob built everything unfortunately looking a little floppy was yoke through the vote is a strong did isn't funny that he used you you said tom plants we both know that guy was associated with having giant legs it's like he synonymous i remember his grandmother you there's no other guy that has like that fact is synonymous with one party shares muscles leg variations eggs his later schranz ocampo had big legs but tom plants ripped i'm sorry there a giant shreds you find a picture rumsfeld eggs just to show them to lapse p o eight easy he was
eighteen eighty of uk as he was a cane is upper body was big mean he was ass yet i ain't nothing like his legs is linked with a shooting in their let s look at that look those jaw look in his pocket jaw his jaw issue also he's got maslow that guy would cracked up and i repeat us look look in his last month it is nineteen eighty to look at his cheeks back up again oh my god look it is his his legs of the frequent thing now look how much they stand out from the rest of us by that's insane it's like somebody open up his legs and stuck a whole basketball and they're gonna basketball in each leg
it's a fucking sized those but craig you see those crazy shit i've ever seen in my lover ever that way see lady he has a waste for each time and then look at the vague walking away what the fuck are they shoot and he has no balls whatsoever for when one or two legs yeah when you look when they get to like this size there so juice to the gills their balls are sharp edges town they just tat allows us to them little should look at the size of him my god who was enormous finally christ look at that fucking size receiving like oh my god that's like from another animals like you took some meat off of a horse and put it on his body use light travels so leg work out like no one was legs a euro notes that mobile number two with no fuck a roller pills i gotcha that shit natalie
it's also a genetic issue he must have crazy genetics that's what it looks like that one of those miles that's what his balls live issue dogs zeebrugge find the picture of your robbie robertson whether the black guy by guy is flooded rabbits like raises lies through this is is a photo we're looking at a photo of his back ladies and gentlemen and it doesn't even look possible it does possible looks like if you were going to do like a cartoon on what up you know a bodybuilder would look like you know like if you were if you are drawn up for south partners of disease came and we real isn't it crazy though that that's what happens when you do shit like try to have petitions where you see who has the best body in the biggest muscles like stay birds sort of change and then just like big tits they did the stand
becomes the unnatural unachievable without drugs but what's crazy about this job is i thought that wait lifting steroids and recovery and everything has itself so much in thirty years that had to be ninety maybe two would tom pledged that bitch right that's thirty five years ago you don't want to answer he was right i know he's got no pants on and is flexing his life that's cartoon cartoonish it's crazy millisecond crazy yes extra muscles in his legs it's a meaning he became famous for two so that became like the thing he concentrate on if we keep hearing that sucking in the background as joe ideas is using some some device using it right into the microphone eureka april like a mother fucker gel road that's that's amazing then tom plants guy that's amazing that's shocking it's amazing what a person can do you get the way
to change your body to step in stuff and learn dual folklore squads yeah brother will you do enjoy did between relax vestiges a wife my wife i do think you would ever be willing to get on a body building programme do royds frogeity russia now supposed to saturday i gotta richard simmons and do his class his class doing it just because i think i obey funny i'll be amazed at what are you gonna do is climbing it's in santa monica it's called shit yeah i do is i want to have the duty of sea though as a sort of asia it's like it's like sweat and today how often is your is either i think he's does like every week really ages rigid servants
you fuck and work out with richard simmonds and all these really old ladys and gay guys and we're gonna make it happen let org outrages of amsterdam looked either wade's you'd be amazed it's a good worker he tried to do swept into the all these new actually kept us like a nice little work while the why were now register i think if i get really baked as would be the best thing i've ever to cause i think it's sixty bucks that's worth when i left the whites where they were doing what's the country lifetime can anyone line aerobics bunch of can be rednecks in their fuckin balloon aerobics like country that's a mixer rob aerobics sake
zone was outlined dancing line dancing mixed with arose per aerobics it's a may i will people do for jump up and down a tale what i buy but really dig events might vulture both brow i really really i love i'd never i always said to myself why do people are a widely on the fuckin treadmill weave walk london hollywood part and get some vitamin d really sweat that i read his book and i like i told you the plan that diets this high from because i like a lot of vegetables but the fact of work out begin its treadmill work at a sensation do the full speed yet but i'm doing it you know what i'm doing come on the progress and look here please easing it's gonna be a loose grandiose he's fucking great here really is that book is really helped me a lot of understanding the do a lot of my leave he's got great basic exercises right you know what i was really skinny that's how i got side i don't know strike takes like i know where you come from his book
talks about how he went up in a bunch away then he lost it just approve his point that strength so i understand what he says i really enjoy the one book i have the one i will get the other one i can find it you ve all three of them and the teacher and it's not a bad deal i just couldn't find them particular thanks loaded on amazon i think is actually doing part chestnuts weak he's already late i think he's gonna do at least these will have questions from his ship because book is really help me a lot of things we had a lot of podcast next week to react dolce we got base nectar i gotta get back with them and we got bobcat cultivate and we get chain smith you were becoming a television show hopefully we run our shared type and i tell you what man i want to add girls place yesterday and for first of all we need more employees has ten and second secondly i got mad podcast studio envy his funds i so sweet
cross a savage he built a zone shit he built it broadcasts of man man he's a man he's a is a construction worker fella he's out there he wired everything so it all goes under the floor and it comes out through the wood the legs of the table the wires go through the legs the tape like so there's no wires expose and the whole thing is set it's really fuckin sweet it's really sweet get cameras like high death cameras facing everybody and are all control than remote control scaliger little cast booth amazing amazingly he's done you over there and get mad podcast studio envy this took it to the next level he's making it happen we got a father to generalise time malaysia has greatly irish israel's but he has talked about the girl asked rosen's very funny is all psychic curiously areas when we talk about everything talking pussy
talked about a day like zombies like in the hottest checks in the world like tat something when they like each other debating whether not women belong to how did you meet him a very different tastes are you talking about olivia man www minus hoss right that's what it's housing get right i agree but he was i have been she's not really that these nets i think is the sound of your our second amendment you know some girls will walk into a roman just taught you know everything just stops you just want to talk to them very libya ones not like we are really that's crazy whatever's loom mom is all my top five isn't she came out of nowhere you know like i liked her own with like him prayer on that show what every attack on the show by never but then i fell in love with her than then she left the fuckin show now show he added that shut off mike says
break time fucking columbus last week and it clear i just want to say before i forget in pittsburgh i really did yeah me too in colombia man there was some crazy motherfuckers there is iraq jason just in no got it may this the fuckin edibles i still got some fucking candy left the house you know fucking cleavage was crazy we're outside that grab shop is cool fuckin spot here that's cool flock in spite of either before that the improbability as the improper but shop grog savage cool spot cool plot town you know pittsburgh was an outlet gonna fuckin pittsburgh but man is the economy destroy those little cities really the bar we were at is only open with a pittsburgh pirate game or football game on this across the street from the stadium or mullet they were fucking great the barbecue sandwich was great and the guy was telling me that it's just people don't go to that side of town
like people in all this is not a seven rather weak industry no more people going in pittsburgh thing lot to watch the games they get fucked up and they go there and you know i've been going to pittsburgh fraternity yes it's it's amazing that you'd look already cities and you see these people you said yourself what's next police beat i mean this is the real core it so funny out i was losing i was eight don't call me that way inspire for me like i was gonna do calmly and it was because of go to match their age yo i wasn't how many for real people i was forget what i was doing calmly for would you know a long time like i was we are we don't travelling noble headlines go out every week when i'm in that way we think about shit that you think him away and you think maybe some of the audience whose here with you are what you say and what on the road and you talking to people in the mid west on taxes their fuckin real you
bring in a different way i can't ring it like a way way that's what i like about go on the road again i really enjoy people i ve really gonna was not i went there fuckin love it i love god i love goin although spots like that one twice he had just to remind you that it's not all the big tell him where we met some cool fuckin be amazing properties great trees spread out boatwright like we got too much we had to watch we know when it's hard to see these cities i think i love it at least people that are really voting is shall i wouldn't while in other countries issues will we see a thousand fuckin cars and twenty weeks doors shit all the restaurants around here a fuckin open you know we went to pittsburgh dog hunter saturday night all those businesses will feliz that's the truth those of the piazza really vote those people are really paying attention
what the fuck believers rough men we will leave the maxim tour years ago our drive around sitting on while there's not a lot of openness it is not a luxury but the people of bad mollify much is outrageous got so well i got a lotta good pda not on our high as always but when i used to living with more binding service they were the biggest collection gamblers my mother my mom like all the sharpest guys at new york vegas they wait there ass that hawks cut manhole young style with a hall of fame is all that shit that's pay make it pay remember one thing guys the worse the economy gets the more book baden prostitution it's big keep titles tommy drug sales go amazing you the mob and organised crime will never go away they make more money when the economy is bad you know we had a prohibition in great depth she doesn't last are making money cell imbues people forget about african problems
really is the worst economy is the movement people have to take a gamble with its really weird to say this gambling because people desperate people like fucked up gamble more i'll drink more the only fucking things that not yet affected by the economy is crime think about what a gambling does not yet effective vegas is still booming every week we hear how my god we went away there was nobody there that key building they get money from somewhere somebody's put that's me you was somebody's losing you they're just banking on the fact that it's gonna bounced back then they stop the lot of the building now there is done i stopped allow me that we can have a big yet they do not if it is opened a casino in vegas where there are meaning cleveland where we are there that weekend and that's like another way for them to try to balance back then everyone evil korea opened up like a spot restaurant didn't children about a night club or some shit arrest it's over
as you also you know i don't know i buy them a basis so as i saw a hollywood boulevard none of this is in vegas all right off the chevalier club or somethin listen bright never figured out somewhere the teacher relevant level open up a club when you're vegas coming out will you be a kick back its party club you give whatever percent they want right what's it called www lend money there's no guarantee you give a certain amount in the club how much do you make from that to be yet maintain fuckin partners that's why i told you i told you specifically lightish but really gotta watch the pip of joe name with its banana gonna fuck it may be all this what's thing they did for now that mother fucker had it so bad you bet he finally said fuck it we got to a bar but they had a buyer by like they they got sick go on out after games spent the money what's this documentary
it is really i was to give the other a bar in the water by midtown manhattan his and slogan was i like my woman blonde and i like my fucking scots black that was his dog you gotta watch this thing and ease of this little town ages wait till your brow maybe that like forty two because he had like as these was bad issue because linked dignity at what he would have never gonna marry like this guy was a fuckin dicks linda he was slingers so much dick that he had to bye bye you boys budget line then that they took the box we gotta watch the whole thing will will called habits he asked it though is what the bar or another this special that its annex b elvis inspires on its behalf but i'd be off a couple months what to call it's just called david name and you're gonna love it because you remember it's not about football it's about what this mother fucker how crazy was
and how he was just a good ol boy but he all new york brow aegis he just added by the balls but then what are they fucked up they said to close the bar they may have closed the bob zoellick because because they said he had to whether we have people i am really many weird people it's a boy are it's a lie nobody had to leave where people so what's the special euralia people who live about bars where another way to live there are people who live in front of above legged food you know like like like fast for that you know that greece malice gonna go right majority of reform we have this dangerous about though with you move on top of the bar when you're a fucking happy that's the only reason why you will live josie you see all of the europe israel or was it to dwellings over nobly decent lives over a bar over because they know that two minutes away no matter what
i've owing known a few people that live like in midtown you know like when i was struggling i we know a few people where i got over their apartment in the sea like how they lived like living in cities like new york where you get like like like studio apartments so weird life man it's weird you enter into a door you open the door you got like a little space is like a tiny will sink and there's like a little hot plate people there live in almost like in closets it's almost it's like a big closet brody's not even a z clause ready stephenses got his first frigid rate or it is not even a full size fridge operators when this small little fridge raiders enemies had one for reading happen for like almost a year miami vice a date this girl julie novak and she was a kansas girl i met her in colorado and following the restaurant so i did comedy at it was you how you may people they moved to new york i'm gone out she went to the when her body was a child
dream jacqueline new york season kansas they went to new york and they moved to 15th street up the block from manhattan honda fifteen like in ninth avenue that they will pain one thousand eight hundred a month this is one thousand nine hundred and ninety four it was just what you said you open the door it was a combination one room one room tv when a fireplace that didn't work it was one room and then he opened the door there was a little kitchen and the bathroom was desolate had a fucker the room mate what's in the shadow room because couldn't afford the how does he have a room so she would the sleep of the fucking liver reuben i will follow in the kitchen of law my god have good faith your feet my heart horrible eighteen hundred a month just to fulfil our dream to live and fuck a new york are you
i'm crazy tat was why is that dream so people love that sheds you're gonna get mugged look up so beautiful day like daniel bags oh god you fuckin mobile but what is it about i guess there's something about unable to tell people that you live that he was a man in whatever listen i told you a thousand times we live in new york city of your level a gentle let a decoder go fuck you saying that i'll fuck yourself struggle drive down and have jailer lived at the mother flocking dakota and he walked around good he got shot what what you don't know what i'm saying you know he got shot have a body like he was just a regular got here you walk through central park everyday bessie squeezed always use fuck that cost twelve thousand that is used he's jon so did the court is like a really nice place dances were also as at the nicest place that's topples everything
i stole over eleven will i live at the time as a battle of them off the powder and my name is tat petty what is like is out like when it is like a like what is like a room like look up the coda what's average probably other colleagues i think you have to buy the candle and they got if reformulate dollars which is really a fuckin apartment which we gotta be re bill i can't i know he had to be there people all over the coward i just like authors will get bank yes a type of people everything around with a cold is expensive you have delivered the colonies because you fuckin guyana beauty oh it's beautiful it's the shit that's the only way to do it if you're gonna do it credible capitalism rocks are broken up with driving or take the eighth grade flop you up they are right there the colony right central part isn't a weird if you think about it what would that building as it's like a safe for richard rich people
inside that save you cracked that save open there's a bunch of rich people in there and we that's what it is and it's right there on the street where all the poor people can drive by and look at all the rich like insight there while they have to do is say well you know what though in our society functional and there are police officer so it doesn't it's not fees we go in and just take all the stuff out of there so we just leave it alone but they know where the stuff is the stuff is all in that room that big box that that's a that's a big mouse trap of rich people in southern it's a bank is like little little pockets in their back inside you can get money and is jewelry and is expensive stuff all throughout that place you can get in there now but the shit the fan yang it in their eating their easier it's one of the first things they gonna get into you think so fuck you you're lucky i gonna shit it's the van why wouldn't you charge dakota another
something that fuck you up as bodyguards you know how many dudes are rock and bodyguards probably a lot and then played at rockin body so then you got them armed killers that are less weight as are the roof and all that shit but how long before they went to get the fuck out of their after a couple of weeks as places of banned and was soon what does of course limited judges what's a probably will become a real estate just a mother if it's even for sale i wonder if you even yeah they're gonna be for what time did you see at some guy new york is selling his party could make hotel in about a melody whites and you see that a million a year for harkin's parking spot people think about well it's there it's close by the pay for fucking tickets that's where s apartments foresail dakota new york city manhattan condos when the most famous residents buildings and olive new york is the dakota it was a bold building
was first developed built so far north of the pulse the city at the time citizens sniggered nicknamed the dakota a reference to the states of north and south dakota which were very far away from new york city that's funny they nicknamed the codec as they thought it was too far away meanwhile this crazy city is built up so much now it's actually in the heart of everything ohio is that weird that's new york city was like way smaller back down ass ours has driven i mean it's crazy thanks man i owe every time i go there i fantasize about living there for short periods of time but i do know i never i don't think i can do it i freaked out i have panic attacks she too much you can like realises that is you're getting interaction you'll get your your indefinitely getting something of those people i don't know what it is but i know there's a difference between the way i feel then on the mountain
look out and i see fields and i see like clouds and i see no birds flying overhead there's a different feeling there i'm on the four or five one of the four or five a hive of humanity in their some residual effect that you get from all these people is a different view do you get when you are in a city europe there's an awareness of humans collective stress something that incites it's fair mono whatever the fuck it is it's it's in the air and is its it is not a simple and is innocuous as if you're not touch me you're not affecting i think it's were affected by our environment some strange way so that's why i don't our sitting when i was at my mom's house and this we can achieve in the middle of nowhere like just farms like across the street from her is a strawberry field and like it's just in the middle of nowhere and at night when i was sitting in my car wing to go inside her house of dislike just like it was so quiet and so like
stars and and it was just it was like this is i would not have any stress if i got to come home at this sets deserve it's crazy different you you because you know your car drive my history name my name you got wizards was during the neighborhood he realized how much unnecessary shit you have to deal with what much unnecessary stuff is inside your head you know what it's all about saw about life is supposed to be about enjoyment right and so ass we were having a good time it's not what we were dealing with all this extracurricular nonsense shouldn't how to have so many fucking people around us like we shouldn't be living here this is why would have more one million people do use where you find it's really we were you talk to somebody like so he lives in new york on some try to figure out a comical lives in new york that they just
like your lover they could imagine living somewhere out there somebody moving latvia's love it you'd off me whereas moves zaragoza gaff again he started to new hampshire you know some people they'd they find a good place there you know what i saw fucking crazy bishop anderson cooper anderson cooper lives firehouse does it really i think of us busters converted fire do how awesome is whether it was a stupid fuckin threat boy what we were talking about anderson cooper being gay or he is a fact of his day care unless you want fuck em always trying to fuck you we can speak a girl home in like like like i'll be right down like coming coming down like a fire polwarth what about champagne the others images for it you can you can see the actual place that bit admit podcast studio fuckin making out of a fire station where some of the sum along those lines yeah you know would be the ultimate would be dead
that missile silo that drug dealer how the documentary eyes a four point three million dollar new york home anderson cooper barney firehouse eight thousand and two forty square foot home while it's a place in manhattan at eighty four wes third street between solvent and which he purchases amber both the original spiral staircase brasil so beautiful fredo fire stations will the crazy thing is what's crazies it still says fire patrol on it and it's his house now yet
that kind of dangerous isn't like people coming up to the place and the like help my i need to drop off this one here many babies he gets dropped out of paper would have innocent cooper comes out of his house every morning there's i to babies in using our deem it again four point three million dollars was amazing why so misgives flock of a flock of four point three for a fuckin fire trucks house see if they left the fucker fire that's that's a pussy bank my thinking asshole manga whatever is that an asshole nine its i think it's kit been converted i mean i think inside it's pretty dope it some it's more than eight thousand square feet it's a big fuckin how some new city fuck you in new york city that's enormous but his eyes cool photos of its freaked out man you gotta be created this is creative as it gets an all fucking fire guaranteed i love it off it left the poles inside why the fuck i would why do you have the batman thing for back up
unified being flight out upon the boy he's gonna garage man about having a garage new york city who the fuck as are garage he bought a house with a garage nessie i would live in new york city if i can live with that's all there only one way to live in new guys with a lot of fucking gaiters because there was a lot of fucking either eleven d ye i like it here super rich you could pull out alive gives a fuck i take a cab everywhere there freshly squeezed bangles twenty bucks just for a lot of guys you sam drivers are super rich does it have like penthouses there they just have a good driver place that's his house whose house innocent oh my god i think that with a people that live before or when it was on sale i'm guessing oh my god then it's fucking killer man what a killer house
put jacuzzi send aid can you see i've been i've been the one incredible house in new york was a friend of mine dad had a penthouse place i remember what homeboy did when he was very wealthy and we went to the top of this building and that's where the apartment was fucking view was insane insane he wishes in the middle of all these giant buildings there were all lit up and he had this enormous glass opening like his his his window use on a corner here a penthouse it was just was staggering like you would look out there you discover why like a kind of get it it's like they get to live like our science fiction movie like every day look out their window there on the ninetieth flora some fuckin building whatever the hell it is enough to know what do you want the highest building is there now but i mean if you if you're on a fifty sixty four you're lookin out seen all of manhattan you're like in the heat of it it is
crazy science fiction than theirs if you are really into that like i could say i think the bad is ass i was saying was a maroon creek moreau bells in aspen colorado we building a house i was worried over an electrician the guy next door we begin finally whenever he was shows the sky was we produce don't ask me who the fuck it was built the from scratch but get tell them he was kind of the chain like that a junkie nothing he had man made hot springs in asia i like you walk away under the sun the moonlight and he had a forty yards from his house he i like four different ones it was just amazing a view he added colorado looking down from one of the top closer maroon bells i mean it was fuckin it will take a breath away it would really got like you would fucking it would take your breath away that's really weird to see that
views are worth the hours of work a lot yeah measles huge in some people don't don't don't care that rather just been a nice neighborhood wherever i needed i like can out the window unseen shit when i log out no it's issued its inspiring but those the best parts of colorado one of the best part is vienna look out the window and you see the mountains in the trees and in our view look over the ocean in cdo if you're lucky that's like the best view where you got a little bit of mountain little bit of ocean stand there like you're looking at the greatest natural art ever created in one am natures most beautiful and wondrous accomplishments is the beauty of nature itself looking at mountains look though the water looking especially it from afar looking at all together like when you fly the hawaiian can even believe how beautiful it is look at this fucking place look at it
like it charges you up just with its own natural beauty but malibu as natural far julie malibu staggering fuck ambiguity columbus i seen some shit trees the way they were you ever look at columbus malibu real estate of ireland jesse rather rice to just now we go online and like look google like malibu real estate he saw the houses for sixty million dollars wax but where is all this money coming from who are always people how many rich people are there like jazz crises and people buying up sixty million our houses and we talked about this a long time ago and upon cast but i don't know if we had video back then but like member on my thyssen's abandoned mansion something to no higher and like people in ohio which is break into it because he abandoned it and so in their roots likes it was still furnished in it was like he just left it and was really creepy
because the water the inside pool had not been treated fruit with for a long time and unlike look this bathroom this is like it a crazy shower while and i they how this ages yes ages words animals on the back and then they had to take his own basketball or he thyssen number that was like don king governmental that team thyssen nice it is outside ohio imagined that that would all be yours my god is there a way for that has gauges walk away from home shells guys we walked away five of them like that i urge this house to jersey was fucking that's just now
we are on a bite liquid visit the website that that's from this kind of illicit oh hi was when my favorite websites it's just a bandage ship in a highly click this old music school words as a budget keyboards lined up in zero out of a ben shit no of yeah this is just a guy that fascinate he's fascinated with it and he talked about like the old penitentiary here's old amusement parks and stuff and also whether for all airforce town it's gotta licit ohio i said oh hi i l l i see i t ohio darkened here's an air force languages logger and i wonder what is that of broken rollercoaster when we get we're just watching thing now our conversation is actually eroded like whirlwind through it together like mike tyson old house i wonder if you would be crept out if you bought it in you knew that mike tyson guerrilla
ships and a lot of positive energy and eating so yeah so for the brad pitt energy oh yeah that's torso where does joe ideas is crumbling and background waste what's up what is that popular mike tyson walked away i probably bunch for seven i mean how much do you make him two made like half a billion dollars somebody grace what that guy wrathful because they said everybody says don kenya who knows who knows who knows where it all went its isn't it crazy though when you see that storyline repeated over and over again throughout history guys mega shallow money in that it all goes away then they gonna win happen so i ll idea which body well then i knew he was living so great use given away bentleys remember that he got actually with his bentley and gave it to the cops and the cops get in trouble you gently just accept a badly from my twenty seven
why you're on the job he had no idea they just told me it eight billion why can't you fucking just accept the bentley that's fucked up for the cops the carpet a soul that bentley and not works like five years i quit scale is badly money bitch nay solar bentley for quarter million bucks there were a lot of money i think special convertibles who so crazy just crashed and given him away no one may show now vegas yeah heard he's going to do i heard it's amazing heard its it's amazing guys could tell a story like i dont even governmental boxing shown had rung is what a great idea he's a savage that guy's a fuckin savage ideas we need to get your one man show he could he could just you could just die we'll do that i could do with
you the villain deal one major values i got plans or don't worry about it but he's a type of mother fucker that you just let him go for hours just about to train a year and then here s six chapters you got twelve hours i was the original got it adopted it cause i'm gonna model then he went would teddy alice and then his days with john k than his days that fuckin scant from saved by the bell there is to use and fuck him damn when he came out to the guys that kill brothers what's with the boat ties and shit member they were guided him for a while they are two years ago we smack and some minor fuckin movie here to stay different extremes that the matching lost little girl not to mention he's fucking mike tyson people look i am sometimes you may judge em but that guy's jimmy is fuckin deep deep
de but when you watch that we both want at thyssen biography together that we will he said some shit he that made you fuckin think about my time we watch our joint to it we think that you like you know what the fuck you the bad is intelligent as deep as can be no figure you the he was he was some people are vital watson begets irish pat murphy but he's a killer who was i was a kill it well you is at its best to me when we talk about a molotov is when he was as best it was it was a force of nature who's the edges hadn't whenever someone can up intensity that other people just can match its voice fascinating to watch guy just raises the next level and that's clearly what he did he came along took it to another place like errors i well we never see intensity like these eight chapters right in front of our eyes how many boxes do you know that went to prison the mill their career for pleasure and now they make a move
this can enjoy a prison under like some pretty shady juliet ants he wouldn't therefore fuckin rape of what a girl who were already and had falsely q someone of rape she was only nineteen years old and she had already before him falsely accused somebody and they still didn't get em off and they are there the defence was so crazy it was like what do you expect him to do look at who he is she should have known she should have known that if she's going to be alone with him he was going to fuck her but that was a defense can't say that guy is thrown away more money thrown away is thrown away more money than a small country as their bank account oh yes he's through more money than ten people live a fucking lifetime interesting that guy would be the goldstone by mistake forgive my hit a fuckin so oji kush let that motherfucker go
just let him go just tell just about three of his boxing fights and what led up to it what happened in japan against busted douglas you know i wish him all the luck in the work that's a true mother fucker right there we watch that guy go com gall again and he's back his daughter died two years ago i met many people the bounds them back from map yet when it he's really try eliza seem at the wives ie eight but for all a fucked up him try for they had a maria up there he was this portal will ask and teach him again how to throw a punch right you don't say dog and that's what it's all about he would always stop walk past a boxing day and if you see some by he go illegal let me help you he will hold the bag feel well fuck a champion all the bag for you one time he can still talk do it does now problems foreman sentences ran thing he does not like speech issues
so we get your one man show as though the last thing you need it now the saddest thing about boxes man ass you watch great one and then you watch him in an interview later in his career in the arms laurens words like man he paita he paid a big rice for that life that wild life has made a big price now in her watch in it on paper man that must be maddening to know that you know career has forced you too in your later years not be able to communicate right you like but today though it do they know that they can communicate right of age what what's in their minds what's that rising to spectrums there is a spectrum rather think there's abroad angel of of brain damage but a lot of em don't know what the fuck is going on like those of about the hbo football special they're talking about concussions they showed a lot of these guys later in their life and they didn't know what was going on is poor guys for like delirious they just litter their wives just guide them all around their wives it was like they had
a child in other child editor girl so does a broad range of football trauma release abroad with football i don't play with all other fuckin the hedge rob i blame it on your body again by a truck fuckin ten years you get hit by a truck seven months of year three out how much abuse can your spine take how much abuse can your organs it's almost always shots your wish that i'll give you if you stand like this get the boy leading wall and he gets it that i come from the leverage is no water right i give you the kid the so i don't blame it on the fuckin headshot its gotta be a mother fucker put your head down to hit somebody he wanted doesn't your spine sums gab all's well that controls
you know all the electoral that control of all this shit you're fucking your body i lost my you know i've told you many a time the last two years before i stop don't blow at the end of the night my fuckin spinal over the top of my head that would have it would you be low voltage like so i do it was done affliction up you can't walk i can imagine but i want to know if they know what they going through that i want to know if you sit down and go the do you feel they would say to you at times i want to express myself i can you i'm sure they can of sure that's exactly the entire there's gotta be a terrible fuckin feeling man like a terrible i see something like vinnie curto who i know he's been partially had eighty five times you know i could talk to twenty four hours i talked of last week for forty five minutes and he'll gulf said the sun and it's amazing how he remembers some things now impressed by it but at the same time when i hang up the forward i'm sure there's another thousand
that is forgotten the twenty he's remembered he's really forgotten a thousand might think he's sharp and that that's all he remembers is heavily stuff we yet compromised this is a certain amount of compromise yes you're gonna get if you're involved in kickboxing contacts board sir football any time will you again head collisions over and over again you're gonna get you gonna pay a price it's like how much the price you gonna pay is just going to be like a weird will eighty thing like you know like in my girl her wrist is be like that in your brain like that's kind of annoying but another big deal that or you gotta be something really serious or your mouth doesn't work right we can formulate certain where you struggle to try to put together a sentence in you forget what you were talking about right the middle of the sentence and you're not even high it's really weird how i know two ways i know from
riding a motorcycle who and falling off bang him i had a few times oh i don't get it had a few times so no like it how you feel the next day you get hitler you have certainly used to it are you feel tat boys what youth you feel you do feel darkness in your skull feels doc fields there's no sign you know when you get clocked up ahead for a couple days you see things opponents fucking crazy i know when i got clock than they had it scared the shit you know i survived by live to tell the story i mean here but you know that it's not right you said you'd know that what i'm doing which is that fuckin healthy because this is a normal me to feel this way you know it's not what the concussions it's not only the the words and your memory also your mood controls your fuckin mood control whether or not you ice yourself or you fuckin are you live you know that's all this shit that's enough every brain you know i don't know what
yeah but you know different like somebody was saying that the from the brain controls your anger and that the this belief for years if you meditate through meditation you could get through that boy i'm just give me an example but i think it affects a fuck a lot of things your mood and yet oppression or europe at ass yet has a fuckin ass the man that's why when i talk about football players may berwin winner who kicks hardly you have seen croak up way that when croaker case the fucking liver you're gonna feel after a couple weeks i think i do some the insides because i taken meal we have got borrow from something yellow fucking cakes gotta do something that is a thing that people don't think about like the damage to your organs jesus christ fought and acts from whether football or take boxing whatever you gotta think about that because you can't see it see does the assume everything's ok there but you know someone's shin slamming in the rib cage fuckin rattling all your shit full blast asked india ribcage really jesus
rice you know how much how many of those needs egg what's going on inside there there was fucked up with everything on the nfl we were in pittsburgh i was watching that have little tv was i'm trying right and it was showing a camel and they show the best ten power backs of water they showed earl campbell planning some tea money at play some solomon and they said look at the shop and gives him what by mistake would it be in the solar plexus think about it rightly i mistake like he was he with its actual ripped overplays foot so the momentum and had come round the de was right there back a guy you just see i can carbonate campbell your common as fully as he's coming back it was just that will operate this year at this motherfucker you just seen as arms like this broke like everything
space don't give a more wouldn't doing here take all this no one can take all there's no need to see the whole bag popcorn alleys incredible because of what i ve amateurs well shit when you call me cry from now georgian you should see i want to talk to you dana german who did this biogas your danger or bad brag about popcorn and by the end of it she was so she couldn't even i had to call her could also worried about her like we ve state or forbid until she came down but why gotta get some coffee or something right now do what you do have the best he's gonna write it out yeah there's nothing else goes right in front of a pistol you fuckin amateurs don't be playing with those edibles i edibles or danger my friend as that is not regular we'd folks
not regular wake you got to understand that it's going to affect you a lot differently when you eat it i was just i wanna be talking to fuckin spain forty minutes walk that fact that does everything level a couple days columbus just ate a whole bagger popcorn and where those you gonna be crying in one or two members cookies who gave us in columbus ohio in you ate him right before you went on stage did you start feeling it while you are i think i remember you saying something about it one day i felt a little blossom we know whenever you either that a boy you go on stage of yoga you little it's your whatever the edible sitting but was adrenaline mixes the animal you ve got a different type of fuckin savage how about our friend they gave us those cookies in chicago and you had a mild heart attack from been wish was this was a couple years ago we did that one should
i got club that's very white yeah maybe forty a third thing came about and it was crazy guy gave me this fuckin cookies that what a wrapper he brought up and i too will then changing all by god life changing the next day i like a wolf beat my fucking heart like maya by having a heart three days later i was gonna get you had something of my native mylar i'm telling you they were not regular cookies later on when the guide airline is up something he put those were right there's a point there's a point where i can tell what you can do with these cookies i was eating for a while i'm not going to say from what place have to do with why do they call you would do something to me well i know how that peace with those substances may that nothing else was doing have been rather blocks i can feel it
deborah twinning like a cookie is so he knew that using and gay people hope taken he will say these are strongest flock tags guy t rely on the whole i got a call that we went to the fuckin hospital what an asshole the guy was like bro you can t see i know you can't be this asleep us all wow that's well that's the thing about heaven marijuana all shady and semi legal the way it is you know there's a lot of fuckin disreputable folks gonna get envy in this just to make money think about like pots good man the pots good but you people are celebrate you're gonna get people that are just trying to make money there not like pot advocates per se some of them are just in the business to make edible business people stick around for that low because you got
but too much weight to kill my railways to what the whole thing is it's gotta be a one shot operation so it's gotta be a stolen my story piles they trim it and whenever they have left over they make the animals will you go with the by we'd make an abortion i lose my it's not gonna work for you make it from the trimmings fuckin seeds at all i can stand that's how you do as i do that it will do to be profitable once again have the same impact will do you mean it's all the same st augustine fritz the stems have the same standard good although we might i shit you put it with a butter you still get the butter with the same ip see ratio really safe leaves a tremor what the leaves that's what may from leaves dog you know its that whither they take a beautiful budged order that they take the least they trim when you buy ok let me give an example i cried the you have that grind the eu has to pieces as a peace that we are a little
has a peaceful kush one of the key here see how much keep you got man does lot is there a lot ok this is what you do when you go to weed store now before they give you that we they beat the key for after we do that's how they sell keith you bring wheedle from a wheatstone now there's not keep on it yeah do you get twenty five grand for that shit dirtier grandpa the place next door is one of those schools that teaches you how to grow weed in like you can have like the back up to seven plants or something like that and they in that use their their lighting and just go you know a couple days a week or whatever to check on your plants it's like kind of it's kind of cool it is bought and extraction machine
now they can extract a weed into like the weed juice where you can just like this guy i think it is over i love you i love you bob brains brandon next door i showed me he has a syringe and it's just a syringe of like liquid and you decide is dropping on other financing and intravenous how long before someone takes and intervene in an unknown anonymous lloyd's oh yeah it's a syringe this drop like a little dry up on your blog i understand what you say but i think well i'm for someone takes then shoves into a vain auto are you listen and would you spoke a threefold be obsolete one year one year but ninety put smoke like two thousand twelve joey reefer will be absolutely really well between these things because this is the first less protection exists is the first one the next what's gonna be half the size of the next was gonna be
can i bought an observer zapped watchful job which is absolutely vital if their extracting fuckin we juice from we how will this be of some other fucker opens up a story says you're welcome upward the shit regular boy purblind makes an outing we'd user that which is all actual they're gonna find that that we use mixed with two that will allow you to shit we drink a little shy that's it be like that we know that they said it when you juice we'd when you eat it like you eat it like raw it doesn't get you high but it's really good for yes yes gilbert really solo beheld struck get ready in a year this is gonna be obsolete she s people still a small part but you're not gonna hafta you can just gotta be joining the drip reasonably like lazy we'll be divisive that control now with soda now you can
excelled at home that's not on this is a very good other scottsdale you know like when you go to a grocery store and has like the off brand that's like eighty nine cents and eight tastes like coke but like flatter or are just not as good that's what it is and it makes no sense like who is is papas soda and pop i really add expensive way we have to make it home i fancy ideas that i must be conserving somehow because you know you recycling using our own glasses and it is this what's that what's the elephant man do you put in club solar water you ever you by a violent with something you put it like this was your idea a lot happier year at the jobs that report i tell you what i'll buy you motherfuckers jerome remember this member kids how celso used to come he never came later hank will you have very that's it you have remembered new york seltzer whenever happened that your self round
yes i know but it's gotta be a light jewish taoism there have been a lotta but it so we it i'm the one i was a kid i got a rake analysis and we get great coolly with self surrender from that gun it was the best thing i ever tasted my fucking life do you would bubbles in that mother fucker tremendous with you guys know that this is one of the craziest fuckin stories ever and i think we ve talked about this in the park ass i'm not sure but that the cocaine you know can you used to be in cocoa people new jersey take it out now yet we told them do we talk about on the shelf that's how many is that that is like billions of dollars and cocaine being made by a company that its tracks it from the the leaves they used to make albacore talk ok that's never like i said she eats the whole business what you tap into the whole thing are you learn how to control like all right i tell you the eighties pablo escobar those guys that when they were processing cope that's what they were doing
they would selling it they will begin and so i appeal for six thousand what you do is what what was your business that was how it started said wait a second will it become partners and get some of that from new york where we take in the future so the seller key eight from now willing at sixteen willing it when people their profits ok then they said all that some good money too but they were paying people are transported so i would come to jerome aching ojo rugged every week of tuesday units sport today and kilos at five thousand per kilo ok that's it will not do that he had then they did then carlos lage dig another prison in which the card tell us is what do you do fuckin partner fifty percent you're gonna process it you do this up the one that's gonna take it up with a state sell it set the pricing its role the roots he got the island off the coast whatever
the island there so now they they were for me the z you follow me they control the four main z they just work called deal is no more to say this will happen with as we because i believe that these guys again the pile they turn have led to keep they turned the other half into edible the other half they sell at twenty a fuckin granted there's no loss of wheat with take the stems i'm now though just stroller two blocks of the animal did you about the way they found float now please but it's mexico wheezing under the law i don't care about that i hear about yeah yeah yeah valid billion all my god doesn't these two thousand yet todd doesn't like those red all fuckin money they dump from like a plain probably i guess i'll be right they might have a gas now it's all over but listen radio wisely the oceans aware was a couple hundred and eighty bales god a doll ten pounds of we'd wholly fuckin shit
burden amy pails of we found floating in the ocean and what do they do that today burn now saying they put it somewhere than what they do a big cook up what was the name have medical marijuana one is the government's sell it we could use that money will first off they found the bales how much wanted out of those bales salad cheap limitation smoked factor we that's been dr bales really fuckin horrible tastes like for water really flocking horrible blow the seeds is now we ve got season we do that we could use therefore edible the thing that we there's no technical humbly bales hundred need by the time they in those bales legally gets to burn lobby maybe two bales left really think as well as other tat please so what the salt water an election some poor soul some poor soul unlike north dakota way can exert no evil fuckin brother that likes to smoke blogs and make videos
what's the hardest spot in the country to get we'd where's the hardest travel finally chatham suffer maybe the easy i know you're getting in the way that the fact of white house i think you get we'd everywhere i think now in this country as well could you go on the streets like the old days i think of you had the year a dude pull up pen gillette's rant on obama and we'd pendulum falcon do you know penn jillette has a podcast now on sundays and the adam carolla is network and called pen sunday school and he went on this ran about fucked up it is that their marijuana is illegal and that people are in jail for one hour six people in jail or in jail for marijuana and he he went on this fuckin brilliant in man and it's really is it's a shame
like what what what's going on right now a resting people from our one with all the information we have about i win you know we know it's not dangerous we know the laws are ridiculous it's a real shame when you see people getting arrested for and he makes us in intense point about it finally resigned on prisoners of business we know business president has said he and his own book dreams from my father ninety ninety five before entering politics he admitted that he'd use marijuana and maybe a little blow be lower maybe a little blockage as you know is crazy doc maybe a little blow is what someone who uses marijuana every weakens want you it man i use ok once it was crazy but use very weak maybe it'll blow that such an odd casual way to say maybe a little now
he is not left these two states rights as you know medical marijuana as our good friend joe rogan will point out to you any time medical marijuana you can get in california and the feds are coming in to try to stop this shell using these dates right don't mean jack shit to the obama administration on anything except some gay marriage what true me about this is and theirs is not policy because as everybody knows apocryphal doesn't bother me very like a biography and so a bottom up and you feel this is worse i think it's beyond hypocrisy i think it's something to do with class in early may a lot of people have accused obama class warfare but in the wrong direction i believe this is obama chortling with jimmy foulon about lower class people we believe either for a second anybody believe that is
obama had been busted for marijuana under the laws that he condones what his life have been better burma have been caught with the marijuana that he says he uses and maybe a little blow the called came below velvety position this casual attitude door drugs a casual attitude or drugs that may seem really cool on on jimmy vallon makes it a hip president and the cool president unhappy and perhaps as president i say weed i say blow it's all a big deal ha ha ha huge laugh from the college students and if he had been busted under his laws he would have done hard fucking time and if he had done time in prison terms
in federal prison time for his weed and a little blow he would not be president of the united states of america and he would not have gone to his fancy ass college he would not have sole books that sole millions and millions of copies and made millions and millions of dollars he would not have a beautiful smart wife he would not have a great job he would have been in fact in prison at its not a god damn joke people smoke marijuana must be set free it is in saying to lock people up now people bus me all the time for carrying on about how i ve never had a sip of alcohol never had a puff of marijuana never any drugs and my life they say why do you always bring that up well maybe in this case it's ok to bring it up ok i've never had a puff of marijuana i've never had maybe a little blow i've never even had a glass of wine a right
none of that shit but the people who do any of this stuff do not deserve to be imprisoned throw some numbers that may gazelle seven hundred and fifty thousand people in jail for victim crimes of a great but which are merely a one in six while in jail are there for me not one in six people a victim of car now what does exactly what people in the present one in six people in prison brilliant red six in principle about we hinges listen i does love the rent and if you want to listen and pendulous sundays causes looking amazing i wanted me him so bad within figure this out ten years ago another come on that's a great rancho doing wasting my time wasting you took over the talk to you you know
without an easy one time any right now so welcome me about what its business what the fuck do you want nobody knows presents a business and that's what it is it's a fucking business guides it's important when a guy like pension gets gray while you do for you break the fucking law you gotta jail you sell we guessed along till ten bail you get caught you go to jail i went to jail response why learn how to fuck that's it what are you gonna do there's a law you cannot talk and do it you never go to jail for jail imprison are a fucking business there business that's why you gonna take it driving with the fault how much they tell you it is almost a tailors twenty five hours you go down to allay kelly has two hundred and twenty five hours because you gotta pay them what caused the prison fee the judges vacation it it's a fucking business guys they got away the tax is now fuckin parking tickets it's a business what the fuck do you want me to do this is the
this conversation the book they should to legalise this sapling shop tell me they didn't fuck unfortunate that we live in california and we we don't have to abide by this when was the last time you at a stone they kicked the door down joe rogan about you my friend so all this shit you guys talk about them taken at boys the feds i've never seen it i go get we'd everyday star given these fuckin white kids and get them to this is that this is a nonsense talk they should clearly we do well i'd never drink so what so who gives a fuck applies where everything go there's a lot of people in jail it get out every day dna or whatever you the law you sell five pounds a weed you gotta go to jail business you didn't do nothing wrong but it's a business they have guidelines if you get caught with dirty plenty the grams a blow you to a certain amount of fuckin time you get caught a quarter so we have to a certain amount of time you got what would it why are you crying to me for you got cold i was a criminal thirties even so we give what would blow we blow now
you follow me there's a way to do it is away la palma fluctuated quite would flock and we in that thing you gotta go to jail for eleven fuckin oh i always in fucking can have you ever you gonna go to jail i kind of see your point but i also see his because it's it's an import mine it's brilliant important together with foul and in the present well i don't give a fuck you don't you smoke it look look there is light think about your whole drug thing live like the same thing my balls with the last thirty two years it doesn't even the bullshit just guide you people withdraw but that a gift that got games get you too much drop accurate gotta put a day at the end of a joint to be cool we why yes evoke another flag in electronic spoken that electronic i'm smart back then i'm smoke that's all that matters at the envelope that's all i'm working people
the intelligent all the time i care what did you say tonight fuckin do period rare for one or two people were killed and three out of four people never rape and murder what're you will you tell me little joey me pause handouts gives a flock look you fuckin these people that you give a flop who gives a file you have argued for our people locked up in jail for we'd you know it everything joe they came in here jack boot tugged island fuckin way every little currency pencil comedian for twenty years i drink from time to time get behind of a car com i'm drunk another dui that's a choice you make these the choices you make well so what do we get that i know it's illegal i know it should be legal and i know that john lennon mega come back but for today by two thousand and ten i would today if you get caught smoking in new york is going to jail i don't care what you said
during its flock eminent blubber does not set up a joint letter but i was going off yesterday i will say in how joy deals would get medical ketchup because everyone is calling it would just fucking eyes ketchup we're ranch have your own time our ran rock and hatred of what people do not that i don't know how people could he ranch like when i go to a place and i say you or you have wings and they
it comes at which i get up and we even if i don't get the wings because if you can listen wings ranch i want do business which our group is which very easy i'm very for any review flop point ride rise will we have to talk about wings must be dealt with boots baluchi here like the way they invented and buffalo me your original shop with that ran ass most somebody's ass it was now ranch you start to replace ketchup gather your fuckin hillbilly and you want the taste ass and i hate that proper red put it closed the main open the round the blue jeez what wings ago floppy that's the next year or i believe you gonna marry a fuckin ranks would flock and when i say that if you fuck you fuck you while you fucking gimme branch with my legs that's only mother fucker loves it all seasons wigs eager your mother fucking area are we want people around but rather i got older i should arrive at global level
ladys germans for compliance is over i gotta go and do david tells dave old porn showed today so we gonna show tonight at the ice house it's not quite so thou but is really close with extra tickets for j from that lastly we now only ten left to trick but its eyesight comedy dot com is a website you can buy tickets online it that the line up tonight spectacular is mad flavour a joey mother fucking ds brian bread banned a k rifle if you're looking to give them something with a so securing number in tat benson is gonna be all up in this bitch oration fear just texted me and said he's gonna make it and saw a pill he'll squeeze in an dom iris coming down this blockage going off evil chain
the change is no no way to be able to maybe it was perfect beulah freddie what we're going to ride on writing that each done that's done you should even invited we're gonna have a great fucking showed a nice will ever get out now we're gonna have a great shout and we will also be broadcasting a pod cast simultaneously will start before the park as we say starts at nine a really does a start to ignite thirty but nine issue in that case we greatly and if you're bored near and frontiers leave it on we'll find out which starts so that is called the ice house chronicles and you can watch it live on you stream with the same channel the joe rogan channel anew stream but if you want to download the podcast you have to get it from either i tunes or death squad tv and death squad tv is all brien's pike ass it he produces is god
gang of on online there eventually going to be broken up into separate feeds now arrives i do in some of the main show's over already on separate feeds on itunes but tat we you no doubt been since been stopping by alive he's been on the last to triple x squads and in how we have muffs that we had that that the vice are the guide behind call of duty on the last one we should be all on death squad network we should all figure out a way to get ourselves together on a website or something let's do something we're all in this thing you know what i mean we all agree that we have to figure out how to do this we really all should be together what do you figure out how to organise it just to sink you know like we need at least have a page our website like these are all the people that we associate with these death squad honorary death squad you know we have like official death squad honorary death squad close associates familiars brain
two we label using i'm trying to do on this but right now minute i'm gonna make it link page thing on you know like where your time with the great and stuff like that i just need help with word prayer beautiful woman who hire somebody we need a harsh yes if you're it you're a super master at wordpress like you're just a bad get some wicked websites get all the red men red ban at redmond at gmail red managing holler what weight river the wave a crazy exert gums all cap searing i'll kick for she just pop your monarch serious people like the energy networks are fully on everything don't you mean and done we mean seriously why we tomorrow night i'm with these guys tonight i'll be at the irving improve tomorrow night eight o clock show live for ninety five four five four five five somewhere and i remind him time our aid and a lot of what effect the people columbus cleveland figures you more than one as a bad about so you motherfuckers in buffalo hangs among york man listen york was nominated amazement play this for you because you haven't
you haven't seen this this is new going on stage in new york i say this i play this redondo rare last night we both just sat and listen to it in my car with our miles dropped because this is you go and on stage this isn't called play this is joe ideas were sent us yet standing outside our shows but people nor would listen to me you know yet known joe years leaving a user you walk and unstable none at all banana he try to come down and those meagre while welcoming
as a swede i love you motherfuckers you come out this shows what a nice we're getting better and better and i told you the dream by the end of the year were taken over this motherfucker once and for all new year's without december twelve will be ready for the martians was shown up we're whoever selling i don't give a fuck guy what they were starting compounds we're gonna make tax deductible religion output
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i love you motherfucker then if they want to value untutored mad labour wave cobbler facebook to whenever we have described as at least you get this here this shit i'm talking to my lovely job red bands to do in my site you know what men i lost a late night time i went away i don't go on for so long ass they drew me other fuckin thing we would be back ten i act tonight for the ice house chronicles and tomorrow with wild member crisis oh shit we love you i love you guys like you i forgot to thank our sponsor such german for israel thank unsolicited sponsors defence soap companies that are used for grappling
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