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#231 - Dom Irrera, Brian Redban

2012-06-21 | 🔗
Dom Irrera, Brian Redban - Date: 06/19/2012
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so you know we're always doing the irish accent each other yeah why is that why do we need to draw could have been doing that for a folksy decades i got ireland unbelievable i mean it was like i thought i told you over the phone but i go in and go away the armorer for fuck's sake we heard you joergen we love the shore working it goes i started more schwartz because a joke you realize how it affects around the world beautiful galway in kilkenny this isn't even dublin you know what i don't think men are represented fairly in the media i don't think there's enough actual you know guys that are telling you what's really going on from their honest perspective as someone that you could relate to you know i think a lot of people are full of shit and i think a lot of men could use some martial arts it's good for you they martial arts and companies a great great mix it
work by seems like a wooden but it really does work you know what i was when i was a martial arts guy only and i got in a common aims almost embarrassed of being like having something to do with marsh lots can seem so do she doesn't seem like that would like that would be funny at all joe even people to beat the shit out of me i want to have a left they want to relax too yeah comedy is great for you martial arts great for you everybody and it's beautiful when i hear it stuff like that that somebody is always great i got such a kick out of it i mean it happened every night every night guys came because they heard me on the pod care that's awesome yeah that's awesome i get people sending me pictures of their kale shakes 'cause i drink ale shakes every morning so i got a lot but the ruinous kevin james got me i know it james lost eighty pounds for this
who played a fighter and looks fuckin fantastic it's fucking face became saying we always told me how strongly what she's an animal feed captain james loved to eat he eats like a mother fucker but physically that guy is he's a bare dude he's a big boned hat he hit hard he's a big scary mother fucker and he you know he really could have been a fighter if you ever chose to go down that path has like serious power like especially in his hands but he kid he hit myths with marked electronic and i was watching him hit them it's like he's like a real athlete even though he's is lost all this weight and he looks so good i was so blown away i was like what the fuck did you do and he said the most important thing is everything i switched to an all vegetable diet everything was vegetables every he didn't eat any animal products at all and he did this for a long time he went back to it eventually but he would have a kale shake every morning and the idea was do you have this thing called a vitamix makes you throw kale cucumber pairs
ginger and garlic in their raw garlic and it tastes like as i mean it's barely eatable you just sort of every time i do it it's like a little victory like they're just while i got through that next the next day i went again every time i do it i feel like i win but we had a good but i was just saying but nutrient wise it's like incredibly dense it opens up your bowels your shit comes out like like it's loomed up up and a range of one of those water lines that's so it's like it's like you it feels like wait healthier or a slug share of total i've always want to ships a spectacular my shits when i have always you well i will tell you what are you shootings i wish people could have if i could like recorded in play it back for you you could feel greater firmness is so full of joy is erasmus do effortlessly pours out my ass and then started coming back of the show my shit entirely green your kid it goes right through we entirely green scrape and it's like man
how clean is my asshole my asshole is like vegetable fresh martian is yeah so that's how i learned from kevin and that's like people sending these pictures now all the time other cal shakes so i can get it how do we know what the dinner with good as my kills you to dinner at the palm that night yet at the stage has yeah grapevine i noticed a cabin was in a great mood talking lamp and as soon as the food came he was like a material look up by going to lift me oh that's when kevin had gotten back to eating again and i was because he had really like we're he's all into nothing he's like is kind of like me in a lot of ways is we're very similar in one of the ways that we get crazy about things you know who you're crazy about golf into sport fuckin wanna play golf all day year after year like that and pool our real problem startled wilma after three hour thumbed tired i die
i played against woman the other day and we only played a race to five it was like i was such a tease i wasn't even warmed up yet it was so i can for me pool is like a three or four hour experiment experience will you have that long time like i said i said you have the marathon on runner labour springer mentality like sprinter mentality like when i'm onstage if i'm doing really well i can't wait to get cause i don't really well i want forty five minutes i'm out of there being bank book here but you like you love to like be up there for a couple hours and its great i mean i think only if i can maintain the energy and senior night well i think it's also you have to factor in the audience is enerji so i don't do shows as long as i used to do i've done some stupid like two one slash two hours and the problem with that is people don't want to hear you talk for two and a half hours after while wilder bored it's like and then the end of it was always like always became like this question right and if foods fell to me like what i was doing i was i was having this killer our ten minutes of comedy and then
ending it would like an hour of mediocrity like this is like the question answers sometimes would be awesome but sometimes it would just sort of become a fugging yell fest people yelling shared and just become gross and well some of that they've shot you know that dave chappelle thing with the five hours yes i said to the think it was up to seven ok whatever but something ridiculous i said to the book or the club i said that he do material she goes all new material i said well i don't believe that so i asked the staff they go from material he asked one guy where he's from three times the guy says i'm still from pittsburgh yeah that's hilarious well you know if people are willing to just sit there and you just sit around talking is that still stand up you know it's like your stand up is your craftsman when you go up there you got jokes you got punch line
set up you got you can't wait to get to them 'cause they're killer but i have no idea how to write i swear to god i'm not true i don't i don't have any idea how to write a job because it has to come out uh some way i dont know how to like mathematically remember reader brunner people like that like joe technicians right and i'm due to how to write a joke or you just say for anything i just write what i do is i write in la right blogs like blog entries and then in the in writing about something scissors no pressure to be funding then i get the ideas for jokes out of that or we have ideas anile slowly work them out on stage i do a bunch of different ways sometimes i don't have anything written it's just this idea that's been fucking with maine and then i'll go on do not try one way and then i say why i was that that idea was masons try it another way the next time until eventually i get it i had dreams list two weeks of shit that was killed
in my dream i was it something that we're playing pool right oh yeah i had another one since then but i was having dream about organic alcohol what was that yeah you told me were playing pool relief pitchers yes yes i had this dream i'm like i don't know puckett seventy thousand people know what's up where we leave pictures i mean you know what your relief of they get off you know it's like and like such stoop non joe i'm fucking like part of me think i knew i was asleep or as i can't wait to wake up to put right this there was nothing nothing was forty percent funding up and finally and you kill any real it in my pocket throngs please i know i've done that before i know i've had dreams where else killin stage i can remember good god is the best
stuff i've ever written and i couldn't wait to write it down when i woke up i will you talking never wake up laughing joe sometimes yeah i had a dream when i was first moving to new york an my dream was i had a job and it was involved i had to sit in soup to see how long scientists would stand around with these charts see how long it took soup to cool and it was chicken gumbo soup write an i remember sitting in the super slide and then i sit down and i turned the camera the camera in my dream and i go eight eight dollars an hour sitting in soup how bad could have big it was then i moved to new york and then the rest is history that's hilarious i think if you laugh a lot when you're used to laughing a lot it's more likely that you're going to laugh in dream
yeah i want to bert kreischer just sit there and laugh like nonstop in his dreams i'll tell you why bird is a happy mother fucker right now that guys that i've never met anybody who's like more thankful for like a success and like things that are going well in his life and so happy he said happy nice guy i always wondered about guys who are always depressed like mark meron yeah i've got a lot more but mark is one of those guys that was always so depressed now he's successful and he's got a really nice girlfriend goes just bothering you guys i don't know what to do i know what my feelings 'cause i'm so used these so used to being miserable it's gotta be careful man because that all that is really bad for you although it years and that's not like woo woo that's like that's real
years of harboring resentment and bad feelings and selfishness like that all that negativity that fox with you man that keeps you from sleeping right it's better to me though i'm sure it is i'm sure he is i mean he's a smart guy knows he's been one of the things is he doing a podcast where you really very but very openly bare your soul yeah i mean he's like when he does these like monologues where he talks about things in the beginning of his his podcasts he's being uh he's very honest about all of his transgressions and his thoughts about him in the past and all sorts of different things so i think it's like super therapeutic in a way to do something like that like you can really get over your shit when you broadcast it yeah you know i i think i think we all have a tendency it's so easy to go towards the negative it's just so dangerous it's so dane
i think that's the more profound way to think it's so it's so fucking stupid for you i never really let somebody else is success diminish mean i just remembered never have you never been a jealous guy ever but anybody somebody said one time about eddie murphy does it bother you that i said what the fox anymore we have to do with me he's tremendously talented like if he didn't do forty eight hours i would have but you know what i love is loved about you dumb and not just that you were great comic but you really love stand up comedy like it wasn't there's always everyone had this idea at some point timing time in comedy that i'm not everyone but a lot of people in hollywood you did put together an act and then you go sit com and then you go to sit com and anyone from sit come to a movie career and that's the only way to do it in any way out is not fun but you you were like like being a comic a murmur come on making plenty of money who had a nice car you live in a nice house like what
what do you want from me i need what do you want from me what else yeah one guy says amigos what else you got coming up everything is things like that at every one else what else that's what you gonna sit down we go i get a nickel in really cooler gonna movie and we want a series of anything big come on up so this is the first big you got coming up at jiffy lube a new muffler i don't bother i don't i don't judge other people's career it's a funny thing though like people will talk shit i've seen so many people talk shit on twitter about random peoples careers like whatever happened our ip to this guys career like with the fuck are you why is that what is that weird free shot that's that's you know that's a bizarre thing right sports writers who couldn't make their grade school football teams or critiquing guys like romanowski critiquing guys that were players never played they never played anything people live critique fighters i've never well i thought kickboxing and taekwondo but i've never found in ma all i do is ever you wanna bellevue it became up when you were
but otherwise you would have yeah i would have an i'd probably be i probably a mess right now right about now physically i'll never forget the flight that i came to see you and the mother and the sister was sitting next to me the good luck there was always a reality hits you when you sit next to the relatives there was specially forget badly caleb that's it as a visceral fear that comes from people getting badly care because it looks you know like the dun gag its head kick to hampton remember with a fight vegas and the guy got hit and rough got a new deal he would so light remember was felix trinidad
yeah yeah we saw felix trinidad i forget who is fighting but it was when trinidad was really coming up it was when he was light i think it was a welterweight fight but yeah i caught him with a left hook bam dropped him felix turned out a wicked left at the ref code without the one the replica guy before he hit the ground up at least the back of his head didn't it just the front of his head was hurt yeah we saw a couple great fights in vegas i don't remember well as we saw fight there but i remember we saw a couple good fights there boxing live is weird like you know i'm used to it the ufc 'cause i'm the voice of it but it's weird when you're sitting there and you don't hear any commentary yes watching guys just fucking get this shake kicked out of each other yeah but it's just the sounds of it and sweat and blood yeah the impact sounds in the ios of the audience ho ho shit i told you what i realized after seeing that stuff when i want to do it again you know i loved it but
love violence i do i love i just don't like fake violence i don't like violent movies because i don't like that i don't like seeing somebody like joe pesci be able to beat some twenty five year old stud because he's a star awry right i don't buy that shit outta here you yeah you know joe petty almost got beat up by the bouncer laugh at all you know that's doing that was re read was mulatto guy he looked like a human wall while this was a different story than is altogether can they can the wrapper what was can yeah i've those red cloud the more he says you ain't gonna yanhamu say no movie mother fucker animals he was with yeah you member can re our ken was a big fuckin do football player and a wrapper and apparently something happened and show petty guy he tried to go crazy with em got yelled at amazon and candles i fuckin movie bids and he got fired kinda guy
if i had a really wow that's that makes me sad jerry messiah come on the planned here the bust vanni suddenly business body i want you to come on their part am i gonna do via the body guy scream the aim of these guys fucking movie star body people to see the podcast say in whose them with your rescue he's crazy sorry jamie masada the owner of the laugh factory was a dishwasher at the comedy store yeah he decided to pull together some money and start his own fucking business kind of money did he get together that he bought him a laugh actor on stage i would say that he came over here as a jewish guy from iran through israel it came over here as a jew busted broke which for a jew is like a couple one million dollars
is this legal went well so anyway the podcast is called dahmer air at the laugh factory live live with leopard something like that so it's when when did you start doing this for weeks ago that's awesome yeah it's perfect podcast view is perfect open to get joe rogan i he's gonna do it once he gets back from brazil with his fancy friends and who you doing today tony rock tony rock powerful tony rock he's funny man told he's good he's very funny i remember i saw him years ago and then i saw him like recently maybe six months ago so may get you so much below here really gets kenneth interesting the snobs again i love watching really good at anything you don't want to jujitsu or comedy or love watching people get good at pool i just love watching people figure shit out i love knowing that that whole process of figuring shootout as possible i love people when they're fucking life is falling apart and they pull it together yeah i love that ship or love it
favorite things in life i got damn rocky movie i gotta do it i'm starting to reach the depths of alcoholism for real yeah yeah well we talked about the whole xanax thing going to try marijuana dominic i think i do i think you didn't make it i don't smoke i think you well you don't have to you can eat it jill ideas style has at all agree of jesus christ i got it first you gotta do legitimate drive and then and then you should do it legit get a license you know you could get a marijuana prescription for a couple have varied allowance wealth goods black maybe next time you do the podcast will plan it out so i'm driving you have to worry about driving anywhere and will bake you out on air ok what do you think good suppose i get paranoid well that's very likely it's very likely but how much does it take to get you high just a little bit this is really strong weed you know they keep talking about that in the news and we've talked about this
podcast before the numbers of you know the thc is so high that this is not your fathers marijuana it's totally true it's fucking really strong weed now but it's still not going to hurt you i'm going to kill you how long does it take to wear dangerous it just freaks you out you could take hours depending on your body she's that's the only thing i don't like getting stuck in something yeah if i don't like it well it could be an issue stanhope but he doesn't like it stand homepage swede so like a glowing like anything down yeah did i tell you that one of the best friends is prosecuting the cinders case oh my god real and he will lie knew about like over a year and a half ago but didn't they had been gathering of evidence and it's really interesting i mean it's we were doing like role playing and trying to see what sandusky would stay if you took the stand his wife on the stand today what do you imagine that's crazy my gun and like we're doing things why wouldn't ten kids
you know embarrassed themselves that come out well i don't know maybe they miss remembered it love that misremember what bullsh if so scary the whole story so scary because they protected him yeah they protected that guy when people freaked out when everybody went into a god dam rampage 'cause joe paterno got fired i wonder what information they had you know i mean who job when you just go to the cops oh yeah you have to look at that why would you go for the chain of command what is this nazi germany i don't understand i don't understand what how many dump i don't understand what happened what they said happened was he went to there's another assistant coach we went to his father and then they went to paternal paternal with somebody else i would have gone to the cops right away if i see somebody hurting a kid band commander in how do you not beat him to death right there on the spot yeah that's got to be an instinct to you would want to beat him to death guys raping a boy
uh the whole thing is just so creepy if it really happened the way they're saying it happened mean i'm assuming at this point in time that he's guilty no that's why would all these kids committee are you right now we have simply come from the same i would certainly not are you not just for the sake of being fair the whole thing is fuckin horrifying it's so terrifying it so terrifying that they had this monster protected the day they produce it's really the case yeah that's so scary to me it is well how catholic catholic church type stuff how else could they not know i mean how could they not know the catholic church type selfish funk and horrified we just have a priest that molested us when i was in summer in summer camp really never got me because i such a nut i was always a light sleeper in afraid of the dark like a real man and then i would have a flashlight on under my sheets so i know
i slept real late but he and we knew about it and nobody said anything 'cause he was a priest oh my god and then they just had a whole thing about him even though he's dead they condemned his actions and stuff and the philly papers recently what he needs to do he would just like you know zhirkov kids in their sleep or would it play with them or whatever i'd i don't think i don't think he did any of the sandusky type level stuff 'cause he was most sleep thing it's amazing when you find out how many of them know my gun yeah well apparently the whole not having sex thing abstinence thing doesn't work well not always in not work like it's who is signing up for that it's not like you go to a different heaven in maine all i have to do is be a good guy and follow god's word and i go to heaven too and you don't get pushy i get to fuck my wife and they don't get that that's ridiculous yeah that's the
no natural person nasa would mean that some wrong with you is bad for your prostate let it come it is unique prostate cancer it's terrible and anomalies a terrible like how how could it an organization exist that has this many people the fuck kids could you imagine they just started up tomorrow there the catholic church start up tomorrow and all of a sudden inelegant no catholic church and then all of a sudden they said listen we just found this new religion it's we're really sure this is what jesus really meant and they just started talking kids percent of us by throughout his wig right away people would stop it they would go what the fuck are you doing you can't you can't do this as you know the shifting of the people was just as bad as some of the horrible they re putting a predator in a new area what that was ratzinger the guy was the pope right now he was in charge of that shit you know what he said about the ay said something about why did they cause ireland the churches are empty and they said why you know with so much molestation he said it's a mystery
what the fuck what kind of answer is that like everything is a mystery it's a mystery it's not miss universe mart irish people are fucking smart yeah that's why are smart they are smart the smartest falk i love doing stand up up there they're rowdy smart people and then they're not buying your bullshit you can only fuck their kids for so long the rest of us to catch up that's right ireland's figured it out yeah you can't fukhar kids that's all i've been going to kilkenny more than any of the other markings you know they really know a lot of people there it's so fun going to the grocery store next to the hotel and this asian guy called me dumb around amarillo in an asian guy with an irish accent tear fires heavy i can't do it he says he makes me try it makes me seventy this summer this on me i we don you come back again next year at the african nations like athos miles away from my house you get around here give me a sale
but you know like thanks a lot mister a free sandwich but it was really really cool of him what is cool when you go to a place and you develop like friends that you see like once a year so yeah it is nice it's really nice aspects of the road absolutely i'm in a little town kenny walking down the street don't worry down my heard hit the usa today for you i know you like the sports there 'cause they're asked they don't like basketball they don't like they like soccer and hurling in irish hurling hurling is not it's not throwing up and it's like in rugby with sticks such a great idea it's a crazy game oh my left allowed the dude i've never heard that throw that shut up hurling rougher silas idle across irish people are savages they're fun i'll tell you why did joe and tell him to have a problem with drinking i actually told the audience give up you win it completely i came here thinking i was an alcoholic i realize i'm a moderate social drinking smoking people win
i've never met people less understandable that were speaking english than northern ireland oh yeah 'cause they don't move their mouth like ventriloquist oh my god look at this fucking game what are they doing this is called hurling huh yeah yeah the kilkenny cats in the local team why they must hit the fuck out of each other with those oh yes my enact shapes neck look at all this is good the smash your menu each other three thousand years of sporting heritage crazy ass came to beaten walk out of each other with hysterics oh my god oh and they've run right into each other full clip and that's why they think american football is such pushes 'cause they have so much equipment on this is this is the craziest game ever i did not know this existed how can i be aligned for this long there's no rule
this guy just grab the ball through it up in the air and then hit you say no rules or new new rule these cars or animals how long have you known about this since i've been going there you know i used to wear their shirt when i could still fit into it it was in montreal but i hate seeing that look at me the image i have no idea that i look like that it's like a cat without whiskers that thinks they can get through any small space i have no idea how bloated i am my eyes look like they're half open you take my doctor castiglioni said to me who is craig ferguson 'cause he uses his old kind of language goes so young if you look like a china man i said who says china men in the last time you were here you were talking i tell you again inuit well you said you were looking like an inuit thank you so yeah develop a school like and i could still even at that look i could still get women because of my act
as they come from my axe powerful down my rara will you just in atlanta i'm in atlanta or is it in atlanta this weekend went great thanks line going to lantic city on the 30th and 30th of june at tropicana oh nice i was telling and again it tickets available for that how do people get those tickets i guess just call the tropicana box so it was probably telling her mcgettigan who's doing the sandusky trial is there anyway you could plug my date lantic sees how can i do that we know you open with the ladys jammer jury runner dishpan sandusky has caused so much pain to so many people unlike greeting rare will be at the june thirtieth they declared tickets available i would be hilarious but your majesty ashley s share it took about taking the credibility away from a trial yet oh my fuck up the whole trial that might they might get get you might get off they can't really
around you is reading some of the opening statements to me and somebody said was he reading it for you to punch it up i don't know just give it bounce it off somebody i'm not supposed to play so he's the prosecutor is the product and i send him all my positive energie get that mother fucker he's yeah he's a genius man like it's amazing that a guy likes sandusky still alive with all the negative shilling as done how is his body still holding up how is this still alive when he waves that people like he's running for office he gets out he smiling and should we can see how psychotic he is i mean if anybody else accused if you're innocent either accused of all this you be out of your fucking mind it's so weird even think about it man it's it's so sick and gross oh
this isn't so few things in life that disturb people more than someone taking advantage of children because they know that the whole future is that kids futures fuckyou poisoning that kids mind let's do one thing in prison they say that child molesters get their asses kicked yeah of course there's a lot of people are other the livelihood of torture victims as children they fuckin they
but i love when people do i hope they do that to him in jail but it's going to take him there looking stretched out grass i skied they're going to kill him if he goes in general population there beat him to death with sixty nine now right yeah and then they put it if they put him in solitaire in isolation i mean it seems like they're just going to convict him i mean it just seems like the evidence is pretty overwhelming mean only the problem is with these kind of trials that has to be one hundred percent it can't be a hung jury if one person is not sure then they have to do a re trial this one seems so crazy though it almost neat requires a second case it requires him to be guilty and then you to go back to the whole school an everyone involved how to fuck did you see that
come down after this the president the guys who resigned or going to yeah they have their day in court most paterno's dead right then he died he died that killed him too and he had cancer but i mean he would have thought it he just was of course a beaten man i said i mean what a terrible position to ban you know they didn't have it all those years that had incredible success and he was king of nittany valley you know penn state and then boom fuck man it just shows you the santa fuckin' movie this kind of movie this world is strange it operates it's fucking strain and you know they are famous for their linebackers they called it linebacker you and who was the coach of the linebackers sandusky so he was he was in revard revered revered river coach moment in turn into irwin corey member i feel he was redmond
wow that's nuts well there's a lot of guys who do really good at coaching because they really like men that makes sense right yeah well it really looking out for him yeah people put themselves in situations like that scary because some people really do love kids and they love to see them successful and i mean i was a great fourth grade teacher 'cause i fucking love the kids and i told him i said i don't care i said do it you know i want you to be happy watching it by self esteem you learn this ship great i said let me tell you never going to being somebody's math is such bullshit i said you're going to bind the goldman if i only knew the pythagorean theorem i get out of his champagne it's better to have their happy right and learn i did learn pasta marks 'cause i don't wanna get in trouble but basically i want you to go to
have fun in life you know i said the teacher that's a great advice if you don't want any mathematicians for the rest of human history issues are going to come out anyway the kids are eggheads who are brilliant you just shouldn't force kids like that like me who had nothing is it possible to teach really complex things and just make it fun yeah yeah the only thing they couldn't understand i could never get through to the kids was the relativity of up and down how there's no absolute upper down its relative to a point because we're in the universe yeah i mean like you know like people go well they don't understand how people in australia or not upside down right if i could i could never explain that was from a relative point but there are only nine hundred and ten years old right what is hard to grasp the whole organic spaceship thing oh yeah that we're all floating down here we will be looking for land look of property dom looking
settle down put a house down this problem now there's nothing permanent stupid the whole earth is a convertible yet flying to the universe convertible that can be easily i have another convertible yeah they and it happens that's the whole theory about the moon creation the most recent theory is there was earth one and earth one was like fiery fuckin ball aflame or whatever the fuck it was different and are well what about it was different than are too but he got hit by another planet that created the moon change the whole orbit of earth and change the atmosphere and that's the reason why everything exists today i mean the reason why we were able to sustain life because our temperature is remarkably consistent because of the fact have a moon's at it yeah i don't know how it stays within a couple degrees yeah that's part of it part of it is the moon the moon keeps our orbit released
somewhere another like it's gravity interacts with us i don't understand it i don't understand gravity i mean we're supposed to understand what makes things float in space and what these things are those things i used to have a fear when i went to the beach that i would be sucked up into the air gravity wouldn't work just for me i switched that day all of a sudden i'm going to suck gravity thanks a lot and i can't get down gravity is a crazy thing to rap your head around that there's stuff floating when you get outside of the gravity of the earth so you pass a certain distance from the earth where it no longer pulls on you can float yeah like the earth has not that far it's not that far too a few hundred miles right amendment thirty miles or some i think it's just how many miles is it between things up there at three hundred miles is like space shuttle that's like that's where the spatial insensitive special nothing like two five thousand three hundred miles to go like somewhere around man it's crazy and then they obviously that's where the space station is you can float around up there but i don't know
i got what high you can start flown where do you come crashing deal that and what hygienists float around as kisses that's all define line man how i was doing a roast with who is the first man on the moon by neil armstrong armstrong i think was neil armstrong was one of those guys buzz aldrin buzz aldrin who is a member of the friars club really i did a roast and i remember saying like what the fuck could scare you you been to the moon right i imagine sitting in a ship going boys were over the moon today if you really want to the moon don't wait a second was it a disney film joe are you telling us that nobody really went to the moon i think it's very possible that people went to the moon it's also very possible they think the whole thing well if they did it was like a so i guess i ll ever heard did a good job they ve got us all excited people think i'm retarded for taking this in their right i am returned
it's in everybody else special thank you like like what is your name special s special was that song i gotta have some attention oh yeah passing the fuck the pretenders oh no no no not the pretenders yeah i think it is important it wasn't it was a fucking can't remember name williston paddies ban the harbours operators one i think he was a tender hearted regular rebellious i used to work with him when the old gary really i tom paddies apparently needle songs together i remember when i was a kid i was about thirteen years old and this gross tell me how cute she thought tom petty was and i ll never forget that sounds like tom penny is crazy heinz chrissy hides thank you and i was like tom petty is such a bad mother fucker that this girl's they think he's cute
well because he's like you ugly cause he's talented talents the advantage of being a man think it guy goes susan boyle well the bang her well below the fuckin award she's one is well there's a few due to their there will marry in our famous famous monsters there's a few girls that'll do that then i'll pick up like good looking guy it's kind of lost and gay is that happens it does have the gamble his girls it ass powerful women and have him bows i've seen that shit but it's not as common now named clothes close the women will genuinely legitimately be attracted to some like really successful gross gas thank you the girl flouted set me up tom wasn't i know you had something to say about the subject so weird thing thank our men to be a woman
how much money you have adult really difficult i mean the whole thing about make up and getting ready oh i was out of fucking i was uh well i'm going to say where it was ran into a woman that was very hot in like the 1970s and now she's you know she's getting along in our in our age and she's got all this plastic surgery and ship and it was so weird to see so famous person i want to say her name not joan rivers i want that no was joan rivers looks like a cat now like a space cat is this looks like an alien watching scary it's weird gyptian yeah and i wonder what she's doing if that's permanent can you can you like no it's permanent yeah experiment we can't like relax and stop stop doing what you're doing that makes your face like that now i remember i work with somebody who i love
hu i didn't i don't want to really go into it but she had had plastic surgery and kept the nine year which he smiled her when she left her face didn't move sugar gary does that botox both types issue shootin you shooting poison in your face i e a guy who used to work and he's the run casino in vegas he had botox and who is going to mean emotion i go happiness and go never make a face couldn't move his face why is that look better as well just looks tighter i don't know if it looks better i think you just kind of deal with the fact that you're getting older bich yeah touch touch it it's just weird i did get some botox for my girl pussy oh man you don't say much but when you come in then shall we realise why are you here not true talent shines you feel the hope
show cancelled when he made that covenant he swings a lot of pitches and i'm trying to get him to calm down at the plate that was my three hundred pm hold that was your work three hundred pm holds 'cause i heard don had at leave at thirty do you have to leave it three i can do another fifteen minutes alright another ten one thousand and fifteen that's why you did it really send it out yeah it's you are smart man i i take it back i sort of like a suicide bomber for podcasts you can see the difference is your podcast available on itunes i think it is and what is it is laugh i started with left factory dom rare lie recent now it's done my rarer lie with the left factory we should figure out how these people can find the stamp of the fine i should add that should be better day then he asked me about the tropicana shouldn't had a call yeah i'd better get or i gotta do some presence well you're you're one of the great meanings of our era and you're out here with a barely functional website and very little twitter presence
he's a twitter now as you have to have it like my god daughter moved in with me yesterday so with her living there she's going to keep me updated oh that's great there you go beautiful you can where you ve given up on this at the moment you have doing it yourself i've done it myself at times but you know my thing is i have mostly sports things that come to my head so i would like that build bird's sports should all the time and people get mad at him going to unfold you want more sports called fox if i get it gets romania yeah you do his shell he's fine i would love to you just did mine you have we can grow is terrific and he's done this pog jas he's done nice house chronicles one that's you gotta do that sometimes that is the most fun is done the work is done i shall scoggins did you damn i don't know how you did it when i was in here yeah yeah you did it when i was in high school boys are what everybody saying i love that there's so much fun yeah not this friday coming up but next friday
round by now let's do the ice house we do have one this friday you have won the strong views on this matter i think it can be play the bones on guys but i but really put that they can we shall together announce it next day or so let's set one up for the twond on various is definitely doing at a powerful dom bears was set up for the twenty ninth next friday so or insectivorous make it happen i like that hat but i don t ever around a weekend you gotta come and join us doesn't allow these these ayesha shares so that stuff i love hanging out crowds are fucking amazing the crowds it's all podcast fans now was talking above fisher but when he was saying when you tell the people to come and i said i was going on wednesday night at midnight there's no club in the city it's packed
tonight at midnight is amazing it was sold out too and it is so fun the crowds are amazing and you got some great fans smart i'm saying they're smart 'cause they laugh at us well we're super lucky you know i don't know we pulled it off somehow or another but it's by it's by it's by what those guys in ireland were saying it's by just telling people you know what's helped you telling people what you're really into stop pretending everybody tell the god dam truth my nephews twenty and he it's never been more excited about me being on anything since hey arnold right when he was a kid like you know 'cause they don't really relate to like everybody loves raymond seinfeld and all they don't relate to any of those credits they would love this they love like you with the tough you know i am a guy who's funny
may i have a better me american medical association gonna have a good actual thank you for your therapy but that's all some more anything we could do to make this world a little bit better places help the young young help the young young that are coming up and give him some sort of fuckin perspective its different than the one they're getting every day either at work or at school or in the media getting this perspective that you have to be some asshole doesn't exist yeah some guy who doesn't exist have to fuckin' you know have to abide by their silly laws of political correctness he can't tell the truth i can't you can't be honest what you like you know since the fuck and terrible place where people have to live in and justice shitty state of despair alla time it's not necessary
i like to watch two women sometimes i get a little lazy how long do you like what you're doing well like a video well that doesn't really do it for me no i don't know maybe i guess if they were right there in real life or will i was gonna watch voice it once in real life loves you a couple times but once that was like a video where there are actually making a video and it was like one of the most stubborn sexless things i've ever say how you saw dominant yeah whose real weird it was they were they were doing one of the duke was a writer from his radio was poor
right oh yeah before no writer he i think you're going to score he dated a bunch of girls that were in the business and it was a long time ago this is like we're talking about like ninety for i guess somewhere on then and he broke up with this girl because they were out at dinner and this is when reality set in to him they were out at dinner and issues like just like really tired she wasn't always like what's matter is i say something she's like oh no so how to do anal with this guy all day and just god she's thirty hate that and all i could think of this like can't wait till friday how does anyone fit in to the world that i'm leavin and how is it that the woman i love is taken taken dick in her ass all day at work i know why said quite the job i member were at their riviera steve europe was there
want to go up i mean even want to steve is very faithful to his wife and you know steve right yeah sure and he tells me he want to go and watch them shoot porn or up in the penthouse i'll get chapter i said yeah i got in in this girls peeing on this other girl herself wow this is romantic where are they in the tub or something and then that night we had we went up there and me and sophie sophie wanted to see it my girlfriend you know and the girls needed so much attention when they weren't getting attention is one girl lays down on the piano which you want to see my trick and she put a cigar holder that like a little capsule that puts on cars in like a metal thing she put it inside of her and she popped it out
but she shot it so hard it fucking hurt the girls far ahead usually she staying there the girls peeing on the imagine if it left a permanent mark what happened to you i don't want to talk about it holyshit jesus christ yeah but you're right about having a wife and husband and wife and one of them does porn another dozen or both do it weird is weird so this dude took me to set and these girls were doing it an it was jill kelly and janine sadly to say you know both of their fans they're both beautiful janine is really yeah and this was back in the day she only had have no she had any tattoos maybe she had a couple but now she's like fully sleeved and show yeah i don't yeah it's weird but and they were just two girls like eating each other out i was like this is just so strong
changes so that the music in the whole the whole thing will watching the cameras circle them and seeing the lights and the guy with the boom mike and i was like this is so odd it seems so strange anybody got any gum it was just also it was almost like when the gore shambley our course didn't seem like you know a division to girls and they are just sit on the couch and all of a sudden one grows third eaten a girls ass he built wow what the fuck like you'd be nervous right what is happening here this is crazy but to watch it like two to go and like it sort of orchestrated and action ok in our two fingers
now ok yeah let's spit on it spit on patriots higher razor i was at the at the magic castle and a friend of mine and it's one of the dancers from the shared tour came in who i knew for years ago so i could just say that 'cause there's so many of them an we go back to my house and we're by the pool table and christy you know my old girlfriend comes out and i shouldn't say her name well it doesn't matter it's not her last name still love you and she has huge breast and then she took her brow up and just had sure honours demonstrate our and the greatest casually walks over to our lives and start second bow in me and my friend ali we're we're just like they're like holy shit and you know and we recipe resources as a joke about like actually he's been a jerk you as a joke you take me home we take area a tough guy and there is the issue of some odd and
who is sexy to a point and then one of the girls wanted to go down the other one that's where i drew the line imagine if there is so as many like really openly bisexual men as there were openly being sexual just different it's different well it's different because it's bullshit because a lot of really bisexual some of them are for sure but there's a lot of web acres i'm saying they're faking done that could not an act for us now see don't break my fan there's no stigma attached to it no social stigma you know yeah girls genuine like girls of course but there's a lot of fake lesbians out there we all know that i know the girls there are in the porn that our girls are already amelia i mean that although a lot of them not all those cats and most of us i mean if they if they're not gay they tell you well i'm not talking about girls they're like into hard core sexy there i'm talkin about girls like making out with girls in bars and shortly but they don't actually
oh yeah yeah it's a lot of that going on with their doing it for tension will you ever hear of lugs lugs lugs it's a phrase in high school and college girls used lesbian until graduation no yeah like a lot of some girls just do well i just one of my friends daughters is a look really took she said she said she was going to let's bids you graduates wow and then what happens graduates to kirk i don't know what happened but like you said that you'll raise your eyebrow guy who rules that's hilarious yeah wow lesbian until i've heard gay for the stay for guys are going into the prison oh really yeah i never heard that now they go gay weather in prison only just came for this day the brain we don't watch enough i'm asking you to martin enough mexican gay porn settled down i don't think there that exists
is it says yeah you know because you're watching oh it's a true i tricked you drew you into my less than obvious welfare yeah cave i got you negate trap fell on some gay spears dominicker errors of thank you for having me on this always a pleasure my friend we gotta do this more often definitely we're back to playing pool at least once a month it seems like i'm back after the fourth of july after did it lantic city gig come back and take a couple of days there and then i'll be here for at least a month beautiful what do you do in this week would you got going on this week this week i'm doing a thing for all the radio guys in miami beach licuala discharges it's called a boot camp for all the morning host oh yeah that'll be fun 'cause it is what do you do just to stand up and made it is like a show me like well joe i'm the show just to give them a break from all other things
invention oh i see i see and then they hire comedians can perform the convention i didn't even know this jockeys have conventions like that i mean i've heard about it but i never saw it we don't have a fucking convention but we should have a fuckin coming we need we need a death squad celebration let's montreal is like will devil of others would be there i'd love hanging montreal is that's the short that's one one place that's that's legit like celebration gathering of comedians yeah but after a while i stopped doing it because it was like it would kind of cost you money you know like if i spend like a week and a half in a place i can't spend that much time away you got it yeah you were you created your own niche you're smart i mean you never let go and its project gonna brazil why i like working for the sea to i don't know i think i think you do more than one in life not happy when i'm doing my only one i agree and i told them do enraging both to next week one
the one they shoot unplanned joey louis raging bull to hear now you know first of all i guess jake lamar must have all the rights to his obvious it is on life goes on and how they can do it without is he i think it's under his auspices but like in on it doesn't seem like raging both to me without the neurons corsage but i heard the script was really good like mars whose duna whose direct zack iran is do you know who sing bieber as spencer pratt as did you look it up who's in it i don't think it's on and that funny though one day with the data traffic one day reggie bush to yes this raging bull to what is it with the premises it like his later life
i think it's later axing you place him i think joe bologna it looks like it's there's a guy named joe bologna it ever heard of joy don't say it like that well i mean william baloney double blow you bologna i guess i didn't call a bologna papa italy's yeah city there's this line that really is a city but that sitting go fuck yourself that's baloney it was our william forsyth joe montana joe montagnier o joe montagnier the the arisen good famous actor he's a great actor also vinos in it this is like a legit cast natasha hendricks well he's the chick from speech wasn't legit when i was just in it so wasn't that take away credibility i had a penelope ann miller ok that's very legit cast there's a lot of other dryness my listed
say down my rare in there kind of bullshit is this dog it does better we got this this week maybe take me out and they don't want to death squad boycott you'll be listed oman dom irrera yeah sherry tommy voice your celestin you're in the inner also right before that for pound puppies which is cute i'm just wondering i would really be serious damn you're on pound puppies john want to talk about it i don't want to ruin my main ways tangai image i was i was a beautiful dog pound puppy thank you for your the fraud princess are you worried about is so beautiful i thought i was a girl but i was really a tough guy looking for a little but a boom what was my who's my father in that like my owner i don't know ted
famous actor that used where are you which one are you done i can't tell if you look at their i think i'm the one with the lids survival i never heard it homeward bound now go dogs go well i'll be a malamute sunk bonus features include a lesson on how the services like holyshit age oh you gotta make a living right that looks like it's designed to rob children of their brain cells it sucks your brain out when did you do that one last year i was you know i played him a few dogs your movies sat on a browser then there was the back at the barnyard over the coming year due to dogs did the dog and your ass wherein never age joke cartoons is the way to go the cartoons of a maying if you give you a voice the symptoms harry sharia mean harry shears role it has been doing that forever you're a doctor
capsula wisdom oh yeah it was on the most i love that i love that guy yeah junkrat here's a hilarious comic and no is the other one i mentioned earlier the elbows hey arnold again payola was great care with the proper had married at handling of a boy he was he lived in urban he lived in a boarding house he didn't have parents but his grandparents and all the people loved him and took care of them and i was while i was early pots them sugar level it today lay within a level everything that's hey i'll fix his ex dewey but grown up do you like doing like little kid shows up to now this fund such a great contrasts from my lives in night clubs yeah i got
ok great at it and then you do a lot of voices yeah i could do something voices the real job ok by doing the real you know some kids she was so dumb she goes i was duke the dog and i was in my dui class i took my one of my teachers his kid loved loved barnyard so i took a picture of duke and sign for sure you don't look like duke taking an area where i was a kid she was like eight you call the nine year old foregoing eighty was cute kid my god is ok tell it's animated that not all my rare thank you thank you for stopping by it's always a pleasure dome your folks in the funniest comics of all time and proud to call your friend love ya rogan how
for them a rare can be found on twitter it's two hours in the beginning dom ire air right from the beginning i r r a i r r e r a don't fuck that up i r r e r a file on twitter i promise he will use it as well as this young relative and will get dom irara to post photos perhaps an account with instagram prank make this happen the fuck you saying fun that early instagram right eat my dick instagram can eat brian says instagram can eat his dick here that instagram well i say you reach out to brian specially since their own my facebook now well so much i like facebook would you hate facebook books lay rude dumpy mean us face baseline yeah lies resolve this mother fucker facebook there's nothing wrong with facebook
folks bore i'll be your haider myspace is uneven boring about that brine you're good kid get it so you haven't felt the lately you don't like facebook much like i'm now let's already turning into myspace for me and i like going quite honestly i believe i use it a little bit brigade i shall answer the occasionally me down i love you through the flashlight go to jail rugged do not click on the link entering the coda rugged saved yourself ten percent thanks to oh did i say ten no ten is the next one i should do these in order where it should be located there should be damn it will get on that get on it that's a lot of weak this raises my darling flashlights really good want this why doesn't like some pervert trying to say fifty percent off every week jag off in a vague pussies then does the end over there come code name rogan ten percent off their get some tell bell son stack council
can meet son get yourself some some farmers strength are you dirty bit we'll see you next week we got a lot of people next week i got which still trying to get in touch with josh barnett but we got georgia too close next week jim norton next week and jim norton yes powerful jim norton on the 27th and then on friday we got adam scorgie who is the writer director producer of the movie the union that cannabis documentary
in many years back at your boy see dirty bitches next week big kiss love lovey
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