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James Bobo Fay, Brian Redban - Date: 07/17/2012
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i thought animal planet tm that they thought i did oh so nobody did of somebody else trade market some guy taiwan now oh those sons of bitches just sell and make him sue you because everybody would want to official boboc on squash in half they sold tens of thousands on the on a cafe press cafepress so if anybody could go on cafepress and and and pretty much like make your own sure it's alright yeah they can only as a last time i looked there was like six hundred seventy website selling the that's oh that's hilarious did you created like you looking at your twitter right now sorry i promised my buddy had text and when it started there driving like try and text him right now let's say it's on it's on when i was a little kid i went camping with my parents when i was probably like six and we were in yosemite and i met a dude who is a trapper gave me like some some sting
feet of like animals the q like killed like bobcats the stuff when you're six it's it's bad yeah like whoa this is cool but you know that's when i got obsessed with big foot was talking to this guy because he he he a hundred percent believed in sasquatch is and he were i remember it was two six oh six years already told us who just saying that the woods are so dense there's no way everybody's been every part of it now there's no way is like if you drive if you fly over the pacific northwest i guess that's the only time we really get a true sense of runs it is 'cause we kind of think of it like especially the pacific nw we kind of think of it is like you know yeah there seattle and there's portland there's some cities up there and i guess there's highways dude a giant chunk of that is just fucking dense rain
forrest how are people are not aware that and that's where the the that's the majority of sightings in america right the most but what people trip on is there all of their continent wide their worldwide how is it possible that something could be kind and what in the only video footage available in two thousand twelve is that shitty patterson fellow who would fat patterson i think he's a what do we know news cameras you reading israel you think they are the flower is with bob dylan that you yeah i was a very emotional response see that if you no the table no i'm saying it wasn't patterson known to be a con man but listen i believe firmly that jane goodall believes one hundred percent rise sasquatch i believe very firmly it's very possible i think
that if they found one all of a sudden people would start you know it would make sense to people that there's all sorts of primates over this is planet and they know that gigante ope ithaca lived with people in asia right like you know and thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago and the the real legit scientists that that talk about big foot say it's very possible that an animal came down with a human during the bering strait but you know realize humans are cunts their pain in the ass to fucking shoot they stabbing they make rugs in any of this hide let's go hide them woods show me a big animal that we don't kill out in the woods true but how we would
kill one for sure why there's been killed there's a guy who's on you too bright now i'm subscribe to the big foot report on you too you know whenever the new video comes up to all of that guy but there's a guy who claims he killed big foot so he did you really think so i bought this you have i bought that camera because i what i got but it is on the bottom recovery mission yeah last year and it's a real story where's the body what that was was given down real quick i'm actually friends of the i thought i'd never be friends i got shot a swatch that he's going to shut the baby right yeah shot a goal and a baby first i went out there doing their drive their duty you to they just saw warden and they were dirty turned way up in the sierra nevada eighty five hundred feet and it was like halloween i think of the day before halloween sierra nevadas or in california with the huge mountains like ta hub i just always down like accounting yeah they run from current kind of like oregon border based
nestle and not that area though like northern california are hundred miles long and fifty miles wide that's a big big foot citing area right yeah yeah so this guy didn't leave a big for today's total redneck like kills it like likes to just kill should out the words ma'am and the big adult came out was waive its hands and wiggled its figures of the wave their hands and little our fingers to show they're not bears with dick i mean that's the pretty smart like people so he draws a bead on his body just come back just got a jacket is come back my rack in afghanistan combat but like he just was overseen star shot is like first i don't shoot it it's a it could be a person in a suit and chest was looking through the scope and he's looking at it it's not a person he could see it through the scope it was a squatch but it wasn't one of those big buff ones he said look real front be kind of maggie like wasn't sure older or what so
start squeezing one often when they realized he was going to pull the trigger because they were locking eyes he turned and he shot it through the ribs lung shot and it dropped went down like this printer position then got up and sprinted superfast stumbled once then went crashing down this manzanita well they out of the truck and then walking uh they never even thought of bigfoot they're walking other trip balls like they just saw huge if they call it a monster shot it it ran out there looking for the they heard it cashed out in the brush this guy's a registered bear hunting guide so he said he could tell it you know that that was the sound it makes when it crashes well they got it forty yard it was about seventy eight yards when he shot it they got about forty yards aaron right where the thing was around two identical twin babies like the size like three or four year old kids but with way bigger heads came out came out of the brush and we're running around looking for the parents and they were running back and forth
shoot one of the babies right off the bat and his buddy wouldn't let him like you yellow don't do it i'll kick your ass you shoot that things don't shoot it things were running around like ten minutes they couldn't find the adult and they realize ok there's two babies they're identical twins they'd run around they did the ground look around on all fours like totally totally count on all fours like quadruped you know just run around when they came each other that get up on two legs and they'd come up face to face and he said they sound like to profoundly mute people talking to go home like just real guttural sounds but like he said like a language they'd get back down they were moving down and were working great order they heard the body crash when they realized will shit they thought it was shut the mom said well if we just shot the mommas and daddies probably around like this thing eight foot that shot his eight foot tall six hundred pounds will shit it's getting dark we want to hear and jack and justin split up there come different territory and one of the little babies kick like without wall isn't just sitting this rise we went to
spot with and we want like doctor meldrum went in mind ski like you big name guys scientists we went out there when the snow melted the summer are these the big name guys that believe in bigfoot yeah or no you can't see right well they know police so like people believe in jesus but i never found like a jesus error jesus tracker jesus shit in the woods you know or jesus kill the elk or anything but what if you found personally so you say is it is it is stored yeah yeah i got one of the s so then the first that what a dick i know they're just bad now can tell that story you know yeah the film would you shoot a baby i know it is well he was put is standard well if you want to prove the store was really he's just red necked it's kill for fun yeah that kind of mindset you know it's not a bad do that's just how he was raised and he's actually a smart do we get to talk to him because i think he's just some dumb shit redneck when you talk to guys pretty sharp but why did he take a video why do that
camera didn't have a cell phone with them i teacher pretty red one thousand and twelve yeah how could you not over two thousand whatever level ten how could you not have a cell phone do that is justifying what he did i watch this video on my bullshit alarm went off how do well i'll tell you i'll see what happens so he shot in the thing it rolled down the hill he picked it up and looked and just watched it guidance hands then he then his body kept started screaming at him he said he stuck the ball this bush they took off got out of there and they were hunting website in one of our buddies derek randall's like you know talked about the website whatever like like a chat room for hunters like i shot a couple of kind of jokes and how would you mount a bigfoot and then he's all know i really did it these are did you it that body i'll give you a million dollars right but
i have right now is just a guy with a story no no he came back and brought when he picked up the baby it bled on his boot there's blood on the bit from the baby the the when they're they went back either in snow like three and a half feet there dig in six by six foot holes down to the snow there out there for like it's everybody said like eight hours digging dig in and is blood help they found were were they they thought it was crash they found it and that there's the second saga and matt will die like how all the grease comes up the like it leaves about greece like there and they found out there was like a fedex there's just torn up there was actually some their prints in the snow is a doctor they check run which does happen to any animal that yeah i was yeah you always say you know what was the last time you saw a dead deer in the woods they don't last very right if they're there a couple of days some finds that yeah starts at twelve and like now road and see the bones parking onto the bones like whatever and so
where was i so they would like others to let down what he found a chunk of meat flash look he couldn't tell it looked it looked like the same cars he got it was like like a girl i side it's a grayish white with brown mixed in that kind of multi colored and it's weird coarse hair and it matches that was that is the the the catalyst of the given the centerpiece of the dna study is that piece of meat that's the first one i got because it snowed right on it that was the first hold and what is it we have the done analysis we they've mapped the whole genome what is it it's guys that are working out called azzarella commented and it's not a giganto pithecus really so so there are one hundred percent convinced it's not a champ it's not any other kind of word word no word lee who is this guy that had has done the study it's a woman in melba ketchum and there's the controversy around her there's some weird stuff about her for sure like things she's done and sad crazy now i don't know good
can they gal i was glad you said that how many cats does he own how many crystals around her neck she's cool but she has a big genetic lab she anyway is well known and what's her what's the issue that people have with their well because she had a couple of new god with don't i want to start talking to each when i read it i understand that people explain this scandal was it no no no she well obviously this from that now oxford university's doing a study over in england on the same uh they i think they're getting some of that i mean i'm not sure exactly i hear stuff from different people and i was just with the guys that are running the dna project this last week last week i slept in two days ago and but there's other labs or do you have to like go through peer review and they act like you give me a sample they do the same test but she had come up with these new techniques that hasn't been used before
and and so the other labs at authenticate that then replicate the process yet to replicate it twice each other lab the word is is and like there's other side just getting on board his words leaves around in the community of those type of geneticist and stuff is that it's it's real like there's it's it's really close to human like where is chips and and guerrillas have nine thousand eight hundred and ninety eight point one percent same amount of same dna we have these are ninety nine dot five hundred and ninety nine point six samples from asia the yetis or ninety nine dot four to ninety nine dot five so what are the yeti samples were they proven to do well so that was the thing is that there's these genetic markers they're they're really similar there like a type of people like there all that evolutionary chain they have you know is way out of wack wasn't aware that there was this much conclusive evidence though and now people are in this before yeah people do you talk about it on the show that you know it's so it's it's it's
real frustrating is like you guys never put his real science in this show they're like they're like yeah and i get in fights with them and i actually quit the show a bunch of times like season one in between season one season two really yeah i was i was i was like this is when i signed up for you know some hokey asked what was just what did you sign although they wouldn't like we got some audio we got some we've got audio and stuff captured and when are spectrograph she could rule out the rule stuff out you know and a lot of times will get left with the one that matches it would be like a like a howler monkey or some they are given and then it goes out of range of that even you know my favorite story is les stroud from survivor oh yeah survivorman that dude was in alaska and apparently news on a remote island in alaska for folks will notice more than one thousand islands last case a fuck load up so temperate rainforest in se yeah well
he was camping there he's doing one of its survivor of things where he stays up all night and you know sleeps in a tent and makes food i mean it's really the shows amazing i love that anyway he was in alaska by himself you start hearing primate noises he heard the group loud something that didn't sound anything like a bear he's like this was like very distinct prime me and he said then i started to make some movement and when it realized that something was there ran hard and fast with it was because i don't don't know what it is but it was big and it was heavy and ran through the woods and it sounded like it was making primate noises you know to him it was it was
a real animal and he he suspects is probably big foot you know and he's a guy that goes to these really remote places and stays for days and days and i think he's got it in his head how there could be an animal like that that lives completely outside of human contact and even in two thousand twelve is right discovered just did this guy story sounds like bullshit i watched a story i watch them talk watch and talk shoot in the the the thing that i was a baby i was like dude you're an actor this is nonsense this is i don't buy them by working in a lot of grief that is not and he's not making any money off it like they're doing a lot of these you raise the check this out when i took him out we went out there monkey loves like she's played with big fish before open bluff creek yeah i didn't actually see her playing with it but
it's the only daylight setting ever had was the same day she was in the brush in that same spot run around i could hear something huge running back and forth and she gets excited she hates you gotta ribs allbrook by a bear when she was a puppy and she hates mountain lions wow and where he said he stuck the babies body she like she will never hear it make a noise doesn't bark or anything she make play browse little bit doesn't bark in barking the whole week were up there the only time anyone or make any noise was when he said he took over that bush and she was just walking around step and she went over that butchery city stuck the baby body and she went crazy and started digging whores and like did you guys try to figure out if it was there to try to dig it out yeah we had could out like doctor management set up from cadaver dogs to the smithsonian stuff like that come out it was like a full had professional track there's an the cadet we cadaver dogs they wouldn't do it because it was the lady done search and rescue in the mountains with the dogs to like body recoveries and she was certain that there sasquatch is live there and she didn't and it was like
i don't want to do that's crazy i don't wanna be involved in something that's not really she was like if it is sascha watch and my dog pick some of that sent tracks it it would not like it wouldn't ever track humans again the only track one thing that could ever box really yeah that's what she's out of these is out of this channel to track a sense because then they wouldn't work for humans anymore so but yeah but it may have a dog that was trying to practice squads you probably wouldn't live long if it caught up joan you think they would eat the dog they've been known to kill dogs like real frequently really aggressive even dogs were just mind their own business they would kill them no shit yeah but dogs barking getting aggressive though so they all seem kick him you know that anyone who said there yeah ask watch yeah they see it they see it happen i talk to these natives were down squash it on the hickory
apache reservation in new mexico and they had one of the ports and there there the female dog was pitbull was gardner publisher that they were like four weeks six weeks old puppies and their on their side stores morning the kids watching cartoons getting ready for school eating breakfast and they walked up on their porch and the dog was snarling and snapping it just walked up with its leg and just crushed it broke its back like crushed it and then stopped all the puppies and walked away wo stomped a puppy so bigfoot's a douche bag i think like people yeah i like summer total dicks and most of all right now we is the most conclusive evidence you think it's that patterson footage 'cause i think that footage is horseshit i think you're tripping on your so wrong you're more wrong with you know do you know that that guy was arrested for writing a fake check to pay for the very camera that he used to fish finish that film that ok your talk about greg long's book which is
and what i'm talking which is total nonsense and ends and not true he was so no he he had some of what i was doing the difficult is for sure bob dylan the guy that was driving him in the apache in the tracker guy and the guy's a legend do these there is one guy who is come out and said that it was a hoax and then he was a part of it right that guys a liar tall some drunk neighbor guy that used to hang out then that that was roger real popular the roger patterson bob dylan like expert rodeo riders bob dylan is the baddest dude you'll ever meet dude he was one ranked welterweight world in a serious car wreck and that his career he's in the rodeo hall of fame he's like the best tracker one hundred ever saw in the guys he's eighty one is still out there like breaking horses and rope and and what part did molly and he was he was he was the other guy there with roger when they filmed it so roger patterson wasn't a con man now because i've
that is a con man this guy put this hippies as arrested for writing bad checks yeah because he was so impassioned with the project and like he knew that there was real and he was just thought he will his brother in law was was reason finding this stuff this guy how the out with was a millionaire up there and he caught he would like he does like his brother in law like you know crazy roger run around whatever i think you know and he was his partner on this and then he was so she put in funds in and that didn't happen it wasn't like it wasn't like rodgers is total con man he was people we've talked to their says a good dude and he he purposely went there to try to find a bigfoot and he was there filming fresh tracks they were there to fill in the blue mountain track way what does that mean there was some sets of tracks that p look found bigfoot tracks yeah there was there try to find bigfoot
at that time they were just looking for fresh tracks they never thought they'd see it especially in the day well listen man nobody wants to believe bigfoot more than maine but when i look at that video footage looks fake you're tripping looks like a guy in a monkey suit i'm just pull it up brian you're way off i think i'll tripping on and you think it's a real big foot i know it's real i saw i saw one of the daylight well i'm not listen i'm not saying that do you follow a real i'm not saying that at all by any stretch of the imagination look jane goodall believes big right real season she said she believes a hundred percent that there is undiscovered primate in the pacific nw i believe those where is global or exact words what should i should look up bob patterson bigfoot footage slaughters in power but up up power single and stabilize patterson big foot footage of chores and put up stay
realize you want something that's it yeah that's just real as fuck that's funny mexican border bigfoot footage his bid for the super arrow kind of fucking bag it traffic that's all we talked to a border patrol agent though that was tracking still eagles coming to cross and saw bigfoot down the mountains down in arizona really most ably original footage ok for one that's let's watch the walking if you can that's not stabilized yeah to stabilize it in a second right we just going back to do it off the top expert chambers that made the the okay right the back little bit more her foot they have uh if you look at that cash they have a double ball foot and you can see they just found this recently right there are just had deposit
you can get a positive one she's picking her foot up her left foot going down it's a total girls over there saying oh dude in computers big hairy ass tits because i would love to believe that's a real big i really would but it looks like i did that you shoot it's it's way bigger than a human do they do the things that you guys do that's one of things i really enjoy about your show is that when someone has a video that they think it's bigfoot what they do is they send bo bo out and bo was always bigger yeah 'cause you're a big dude but you're always bigger than the what they thought was bigfoot except we're coming up this season one of the episodes coming up really got one it's way bigger than what they got smart season two a wise and up you know a lot of those people would just want to be on tv it right on that shot a lot of them don't think a lot of those people with their stories
one guy several that most will what happens is we go there right like we're we have like a network all cross country like big for researchers like a lot of like academics cops like fishing game for feels like people have seen themselves and like they get into it have you in yourself yeah yeah when we seen it the last one i saw as funny i just called it was with this guy jamie j he was there something black hawk down yes he was the real life to the fifth root squad leader that shot way out like came out that rescue house and came out and met up with them then ran out front shot his way out meaning that are up there is where i saw the my only daylight setting was on bluff creek or that was filmed the pg the parish in films filmed really so you saw there i saw it that's the one when monkey was planned that day in the brush i thought she was going to get killed early that day the orders i thought she was staring at it was leaning out behind a train i saw it lean out behind a tree for like just that fat it just was gone i walked up there and you can just
that smell is one of the only times really smell that smell real dick here about 'cause i add it's not the if you or someone that smell but i've only had a comb skunk apes yeah yeah we think it's like a like a secretion glad i think and i have to get agitated or scared or mad at all see about like over millenia human brain is when that pheromones your brain it just cause it'll fear reaction yeah that's interesting so you know a lot of people don't realize is that like the parts per million that a dog can smell of a purse is very similar to what you can smell from a skunk right it's really interesting because you really think about how strong a skunk smell is the you're in your car windows rolled up and you're driving like oh fucking skunk and that outside it's outside nowhere near you and it's just a little tiny squirt will a dog can smell a person like that right that is a trip man that's a wild thing to think
if we have a reaction to these things like some primordial reaction to these things and that gland is just like a skunk gland just like some something that squirts out to us is like really distinct right probably probably all animals fear that smell what was it like to you like what was the smell like if you could describe it is impossible yeah i'll tell you as i walked through it to another time where it was real thick or it just walked in front of us like we missed it by minutes where it walks in the broad data across a meadow and hickory apache reservation i smell there are two it was like that from here to the wall and you can walk through it and you just like if there's no win right 'cause both these times was not win right then and it just hung so dick and it was like real musty like a musk and it was
a sour kind of sewage you smell like wet like wet dog makes like bear like when a bear comes out in the spring and summer burps smell bears and come out hibernation i that kind of smelly stinky animals fucking real punk but like not and you would not when people because i didn't smart for a long time i was around a long time till i smelt one like i i see him and hurt him around me before i'd ever smelled one what's the first time you saw one the first one i saw was may 21st two thousand and one where up in involved up in the bald hills next week from right from down here really blew up there in the eighties it's nice out there oh it's beautiful so i house i was with this this cop in this probation officer guy and then my but i was also i got these guys and i had just bought a gentoo ukrainian night scope that's one night vision that stuff is super expensive is like nowadays it just be a piece of crap
buy one for one hundred bucks but i've never had one before size silver like little cheap you know big five ones and left it on the porch when i was packing my truck to go out we're gonna squash in for a week and my buddy drove it up to me only twenty minutes and it's a lot sorry dude i know it's ok it's well five nights before that i'd had my first first sure like an unambiguous sasquatch encounter it scared still to this day scariest moment of my life like our didn't see it now i didn't see him but i saw it when they happy when they bluff charged me there was like it was pitch black but you can just see black on black movement like you don't mean like you couldn't make out any form but it was just a big black couple black strips like it was like there was gaps between the trees or starlight behind there just like but there it was just like a black blur
they ran on both sides maine i've been doing house and growls at denham all the time and never had never had in high say when we were locking up there like price about seven years earlier six years earlier further down that ridgeline we've been logged in there one summer and they'd come around as much but i didn't realize or do i thought it was india those pot grower indian dudes out there 'cause were off the rez and there would not and whistles in the morning in the indian dudes wouldn't get on the truck but these are like the baddest dudes on the rez acknowledged fuck with these guys and like if someone confront whoever like these were normally early indian loggers and they just sit in the truck and knock it out until the sun came up 'cause we'd be up there sharpening our saws and stuff getting ready and stretching a little bit and just getting ready for the day and they wouldn't get outta truck of those whistles in knox and they said the truck so i've been around it didn't know it and this time i was i was doing house
then came the n when you say you were doing house for folks who haven't seen the show you imitate like what you've heard and recording only what you know right they believe our primate howls they attribute to bigfoot yeah so there's a of those you can find on the internet ann i was doing those also and i thought i heard a wolf howling back like a wolf cross hybrid my buddies how would you know there we need to have like a while back seven eights wolf like to ski and they don't listen to you at all yeah it was one of those things and coming down the ridge and it has made some weird sounds like almost like more coyote kind of sound that sounded then all this never get it did kind of that sounds sort of like mind but different it's not a wave more primal and just gnarly and just goes it just remember every year my body shot us went holy i'm actually having a big fan car things been walking towards at that point been walk let me for probably twenty
minutes i could hear it coming closer and closer and it was just so loud i was carrying forever i was looking down over the klamath river and um they just came and when it came into the tree line sitting this meadow i was like there's a dirt road that runs along the top of the hill on the left side is redwood national park on the right side it's timberland there's a few ranch and hold his old family and holdings in there and i was sitting up there and i was this indian when there's a little indian village that road about twelve miles down so should saw one when i was talking with my cop buddy jump freighters that day on the phone he said i was real this is like cell phones and humbled back then were like really unless you're right in the middle of town didn't worked again i heard him say dad may 21st you know about woman sought run across the road right i knew 'cause we log when i knew that whole area i knew exactly was talking about it was a big deer and elk meadow so i
ok i should have that is and i was like jammed up there and i had the night sky sat there in this thing came into the tree line get started on these crazy roars and screams snapping trees and it was this thing was huge gnarly just i couldn't when it came in the tree line to my right at my two hundred o'clock position so it was like this is like if this is the dirt road here this metal crescent shaped half moon there's a little timber stand here brush and timber right here and there's a dirt road behind here i was sitting on the other side of the road facing the metal with my night scopes in this beach chair look at it this way this thing came in here at my nine hundred o'clock i was facing this way this keeping by nine hundred o'clock and right when it did it like this craziest roar and snap this tree from over here at two hundred o'clock was gnarly power now rack they'll take a branch or something just bash a tree or a stump or whatever and we call him power and oxley do that or would not related but just as full energy product boom just to let you know they could do that in your head right
that they were going to kill anyone they would have killed me that night 'cause or other musicians yes that's there they have a really primitive band i've asked and it is about that like because they come around travel dances and stuff and i've tried to do yeah the collateral i keep noise down sleep here like kind of day they dig they did music apparently from whatever they don't make any kind of music what does what do they sound like like what does the house i don't like it was a version of the how miva biver in italy did mine once from well but it's got shut it yeah yeah yeah like a little bit yes good like a hit i really love wow side there was some the videos that at or rather the audio recordings that some people have gotten of of screams in the woods that they have identified as prime me right now where where where was that the
but those 'cause it's pretty written all over the sounds like missouri mississippi florida virginia pictures of a man it is their shitty pictures in cameras don't work like the human eye right it's like your eye focuses so quick and whenever is there so used to getting shot at and they see a shooting everything i think but i think they know what cameras everywhere they see something come up there just gone like they're not sticking around they're not going to sit there but there is videos there's a lot of videos of them they're just like we know people that have gotten home but you can't so shitty low quality low raz right and i like you know it's a they're almost always in the shadows like will be bright outside there in the in the shadows yeah people aren't using high quality gear 'cause if you if you hadn't personally had an encounter at a certain point in time you have to look at all these different people with their shitty photos and the things that don't don't really look like
bigfoot showing these there's a lot of hoaxers and crazy people a lot of people right but will most is for sure hopes is almost listen that annoying that you're dealing with your in a business where half the people are full of shit let's say are not being nice now i think that's being right so i think that would that be that research big no no that research bigfoot that have claimed to have seen him i think i think i don't think half of 'em are published i don't know way 'cause there's i've talked over four thousand people have seen a man maybe one hundred two hundred trying to bullshit me only one hundred two hundred really because this is before i was on tv and stuff see what i mean like right i just be talking about you know the people in the community like i've talked a couple of my professors was was school had seen we do all kinds of people we did this thing once you said that you can't trust to want to put on tv like your show rail like well i see people that in a way
their hands and i'm like this mother fucker would make it a shit up rise town hall meetings when did you see a bigfoot are all fucking like you could tell some folks will just make shit up to get on camera and i did a show for cbs once it was called game show in my head and one of the things we did was we would show up somewhere pretending to be a real news crew assignment that the contestant had was you have to get someone to agree to have seen something they didn't actually see right because your witness took off and it's a ufo sighting so you have to get someone tell them you're going to put him on the news and say listen you know i was uh we're about to film this guy do you think you could pretend that you would see in the ufo every fucking one of them said yes it was crazy you could tell though you could
tell man what do you watch the play that you couldn't other bullshit was no different in listening to people on your show talk about that for you know there there is a difference because you know it's funny is a lot of we we do a lot a lot of course you look as they go out to rural residences like break ins acquired stealing chickens are right freezers like deregulate foot still check yeah whatever yeah they're they're omnivores and a lot of cops watch the guy john for is a couple of other for he's he's certified federally to be deception expert who he he trains other law for agencies and we've heard like other police training physically teaching like section like what to look for when people are lying and they watched watch our show for the witnesses and they said they're surprised they aren't lying almost all the ones they see because i bet that guy sucks it
i i don't know either whatever other other other other like other people instruct on i'm better at that than him i just see roscoe pico yeah i'm a train to internet while training expert and a loss in the arts of deception it's just me but i mean the duke boys they give that kind if that kind of officer said i was a trained professional how many times have you been out on a show though where you're going like with the witnesses and you go man i think this guy might be full of shit not we just did i i can't i can't tell you what ones haven't i don't think none of the ones that we are and if so was pulling a prank believe it would be thrown out of pulling the prank just their crazy and they want a friend instead they have a bigfoot story yeah there's some of that for sure but you know we we don't put those people on the show like they met with they might show close some of the town hall we don't want to their spot with them and a lot of those guys we go out with like they've already been vetted like several times local be if our investigators have gone
now with the person got on hold citing although we did have we just did one on the show where were pretty we don't know for sure but with the guys were pretty produce line if you guys are sure that guy was lying i bet he's fucking lying yeah yeah like money maker those are using this show right yeah money maker it's real stairs that i would like you know just think it's funny this is first of all is real name is matt moneymaker that's hilarious dad's a famous bankruptcy attorney here in beverly hills name rich money maker here i know rich money made the bankruptcy attorney i mean if you to have a coen brothers movie and in it was going to be a plot line that involved a bigfoot tv show you guys would be perfectly cast i know you both the sasquatch expert is always bigger than the video that money maker the guys name is money makers that alone it sounds like a character it's awesome
yeah you guys all get together like kind of this show gets started i hooked up with matt through who well he runs the bfr oh i don't know if you ever looked at website bigfoot feel researchers organization it's got like fifty thousand sightings on it with and it was real hard to get in back then like you know and i was just like there are fishermen log i didn't have any credentials things like that but i always went out and i know a lot of the natives out there and i worked in the woods out there and i spent time out there and i talk to people and i just need to lay of the land so i hooked up with this guy john freight is and i was like a volunteer whatever before for a few years and then in two thousand and three be there filming that show mysterious encounters an outdoor was matt network was matter of just size just one season at and autumn wow then i was on like three episodes of the way we're cruising right northern then he made me like whatever you to get you know you steps being
you to know what you were talking about and maybe now there's there's definitely in the bfr for now there's like several one hundred people across countries good 'cause it's a broader net but some of well just don't have the woods experience like when they go out there they don't uh like people miss stuff all atomic like you know a lot of the stuff i law stuff i have a big foot action out there you get out there and it's a bobcat and heat or there's a barred owl moved in you know at some bar domino yeah could be just stuff like our bear whatever but i'll say this for all the times that people say they saw bigfoot there was a bear i'll be there's way more times where people saw bigfoot and go i just saw a weird bear because they brain came in process bigfoot specially before the 60s there's my buddy scott mclean lives right down here in santa monica he's compiled that he's put a book out and it's all like pre one thousand nine hundred and fifty newspaper accounts he's got like one thousand five hundred of am from north america back to the 1700s of
reporting orangutans causes before guerrillas were discovered they want to those were discovered people that scription switch from a ranger town to gorilla would they compare it to or a wildman there's wild man stories like um humboldt they call them the loggers called since one since eight hundred what apes and brush apes there's a hunt thirty something names up and down the west coast with monkey or ape in the namek monkey creek ape canyon monkey rich shape ridge like they're all over the place and they'd get that name because that where the brush shapes lived jesus how fucking cool would it be if they actually got some real fun some real honest to goodness goodness you can't fuck with it at least iphone one footage and or or captured one or captured a sasquatch tracked one and like there's footage they won't release it we just went there we did an episode there they won't release no it's a tribe they got an a
the counter behind the casino and why won't they release it do it it's super heavy watch to the natives is listen there was there was a do anything for money look what they did with this they'll take the money they set up he knows down there they seem to offer him some cash saver now do their certain there's travel is a few tribes about most of the others so all people in charge at like they listen to them about that kind of stuff like cultural stuff so the sasquatch video if they if that's their culture that you would never be able to release a video of it in it's funny because i've talked to some some trials really said the the it it it signifies the end of the world of sasquatch is brought in like captured hi yeah is that that's like there that life has gotten so crazy that someone caught a big foot know in a body whatever it now
this guide who i think it's full of shit is telling a story about shooting the baby why wouldn't you just bring a piece of it with him why would you cut off a finger if he's willing to kill one of these fucking things like it's like it's a dog like it's a a coyote or something for one and then he just take the blood to another blood dna per se i'm not sure how something like office and call they said at that point is but if your super piston for shoot net yeah and then there's partnership is at this point getting really dark and they're just going like ok there's got to be another take to to make babies there's gotta be another big one they they definitely regret not because it the baby the baby three like thirty thirty five pounds it doesn't make any sense to me i don't believe them it sounds like horseshit sounds like horseshit god doesn't have a photo of it he shoots a bigfoot and he's to bring something yeah but there's no way you would bring nothing bad but they mapped the genome of that of that flesh amply brought in yeah but that's some they found there after the fact he didn't take it still a t and bring it with them right yeah there's no direct chain of custody but did you can't argue dna well if you
we do say that the dna has been mapped it is some new hominid it is the woman crazy that that dna i'll say i would say that well i mean that there's at least or some controversy about their some conversely what if there's any controversy just take it to like a like a regular dna match all the it started like a no no company that with that there is there's other and the other labs are coming to the same conclusions is her what's your name melba melba m e l b a catch him k e t c h u m she has like it's like dna diagnostics down in texas but we just we went to a genetic lab recently with some um some hair from that back when that whole thing that you know the video we told you about the video with a ten foot bigfoot walks up to the dumpster things about ten foot was this oklahoma and how you get the idea this is a way i never got to see but i don't i we know people have seen it they didn't get in sit watching what happened you see it it's it's so it's locked in the vault in that trial
chairman won't won't won't even see it anymore because what happen was word leaked out there was a bigfoot there was big foots neither this place in oakland they traveled the river routes they fall there there's thick brush and boggs along the rivers they travel that especially at night and this casino was near was near enough to that they'd come up there and they're real cut around natives natives don't shoot i'm very out it's rare for native to shoot a squash they respect they leave them alone they put up food form and leave is what they do and they don't have any photos of him either somehow the upper up in humble there was a family of some local indians that shot but it just about from four hundred yards away and it's looking down there there out scott in elk a female was feeding down in the in the bottom eating some
vegetative matter not sure what it was eaten but she was the day of sub not like he's not even a some kind of route and they felt it for like thirteen fourteen minutes because you know it's like four hundred yards away with things for about seven foot tall and four hundred pounds so this woman who miss ketchum whose doing this this is the study it's it's he's apparently putting it up for peer review is that what's going on yeah so she's made the pair of you is going on the yeah her conclusions were done that purity is going on right now in oxford university is one of the labs it's in on the deal and they study now there's can't say i mean it's sort of like yet i can't say other labs are doing it but you would know the names there's a big public university one of the guys who runs a genetic parts department's doing it
and their their initial results are there blown away there's a picture of a bigfoot back it's the best picture by that fact is it fake i don't know i think it might not be i think it is what is bigfoot foots were born very big and they only like we're big like one day then they grew really small right shut the fuck up now backwards cujo just broke every person's brain who's listening this thing they're not from or dare you so your your first encounter came after you were already obsessed with bigfoot you are totally what became what started off did you become obsessed i told you my story i talked to a trapper and he told me it was real then i was freaked out i saw the the patterson given film like some tv show when i was about five i just
art kindergarten and i could get a could take books out at school at that when i was looking for bigfoot books and it just just caught you like you would i was i was put down here as a surfer and all that and you know skate punkin uh after high school i was gonna i was doing it i was pulling out are canoes if you know those hawaiian canoes outriggers yeah i was racing those those we were like the top team in the country and you doing do like world championships and all that yes i stay down there longer but i was want moved because in a servant i like big waves and there was bigfoot and big surf up there and i was like math places killed i'm going there so i moved up there then i started did logging jobs and started feel the community and work some natives and kind of got in more and more just really started delving it like i heard about a report i go check it out talk to whoever i could i like big
what shirts hats i wear to a country go say yeah i saw on one time it was crazy how many people you got rural areas how many people and it's there's so many there's so much our data form like look for the sightings are is generally ninety percent ninety plus percent of the sightings over ninety percent of the settings are you can follow it's like a look at it or there's twenty inches of rainfall are more like there's that's where they live yeah yeah there's there's a bell curve what you see with a natural occurring animal for like foot size without god i should have brushed up on this stuff you gotta think about saying something stupid i'm in front of a carat diamond the footsteps fella well there's there's a lot of it you know when you when you soon as you start saying you believe in big for this gonna it's impossible to you know to have everybody take seriously right you know what the people that they're wrong
eventually it's going if it if it is a real thing someone's going to get something conclusive and they already have justified well what's the most what's the most conclusive thing besides the patterson footage that i think it's bullshit the it just a enormous amount of footprints that have been cast for the folks on you stream he brought me a replica of the best footprint and it's fun awesome if that really is from an animal holy shit is that thing big and i'm actually i got a i got a copy of the hand and led to knuckle mark to it stepped over a of a four foot step up it went up in but it's knuckles in the ground i got that out in the car check show you but see those little ridge patterns only li living flashes like those reg a cutout foot or like a fiber small would not leave that ridge pattern that moisture right this all this stuff right here yeah yeah i mean any tracker i'll tell you that so this you think is for sure legit big
foot footprint oh yeah it's considered the best when it's the best without clear journals and that was cast by a deputy her for grays county washington and when you say cleared dermals for folks who don't know that's why of the most conclusive pieces of evidence for the people that the scientific community that support the idea of a giant primate is dermal ridges that you have like similar to fingerprints you know you have those on the bottom of your foot yeah and these these animals actually leave these and some of the tracks which would be incredibly different to replicate do the jimmy chilcott he taught the fbi labs in quantico virginia like when you go through the academy use the latent fingerprint expert blah blah well they're trying to see when they found just like gone in a murder scene there's prints on it and i just know matches the he was the guy they used for fifteen years he went around fingerprinted and foot printed every prime it he could
zoos research labs and printed thousands gorillas rantings monkeys chimpanzees blah blah gibbons and chuck it was because since they have a smaller gene pool that honor breed was the idea was there trying to see was there any pattern discernible like asians or africans or europeans or native america like they just found a gun with the fingerprint was there any anything that would that would show lex from like what race at least in right and the answer was no but as a result of that study he became the world's leading expert on primate commerce's front dramatic dramatically cat dramatic live pics journal register yeah right i get a little tongue i get tired of it so that stuff but
i can spell it but and so anyways he's testified in court for like smuggling cases you know people bring it in and they'll say another sound was born here and he can go ahead and show the fingerprint spot and so he studied the tracks and he's this guys put people away four hundred capital cases use the the expert witness is where the evidence was fingerprints and he went on on every child said i stake my professional mutation in name on that these are genuine there's undiscovered primate leaving tracks and it would be worse than like will you just opened up like you know yourself to like have like are all this four hundred convictions you've gotten now the defense lawyers should say this guy crazy what right and he goes i can prove it in court so he's not even worried about it hasn't he hasn't how to but he said he could the what's interesting to me is the idea that there could be an undiscovered animal
and that someone someday is going to bring it in just like they have with this big chimpanzee that was actually bonobos right regular champ yeah they a lot the the right yeah twenty one yeah bondo apes or the right giant champs or ability yeah billy b i l yeah yeah there were it apart the congo which really really hard to get to and since the nineteen hundreds or stories of these big giant great champs that was from the michael crichton movie the congo actually depicted these things in there these big giant and they walked by petel sometimes yeah yeah this is called lion killers in their tongues exactly yeah they have two words for champs they called tree beaters or lion killers and there's some chips they have photos of dead ones i mean these are real legit one hundred percent real primates that are still like
very very controversial it's still there's a lot of people that didn't know they existed until the 90s where aren't sure till karma car alarm and who's a a swiss wildlife photographer he he got some evidence some bones and some stuff and then became obsessed with it and started going there but he hammer trap photos of them right they have a total of two thousand exactly exactly rob acts of yasser cast like those that weren't even as good as this right there's more there's more evidence for sasquatch than those than those billy apes really yeah well there's actual real good photographs of these bold maps the house are now there is but the but the point is that for the longest time people are saying this is bullshit now they know one hundred percent that this is real and the congo's people live in
write a nobody live in when these guys there too much so up in that area there just push it in there now you know there's still tons of virgin timber cutting down up there and the congo so huge tools and other things don't realize it's it's like literally almost as dense as the entire distance between california and new york like that there's that much congo really is fucking norma so does that pay per other i'm after all you don't love about the country with the congo congo the title on the river bays jungle the the rain right okay other time of the country but yeah the congo based on that animal being something that mythological now is a real thing that give you guys hope that like like make bigfoot people like oh yeah see bitch this shit out say that you couldn't find i used to be pretty militant like sometimes violent in my defense of the sasquatch existence
right i don't even worry about i've seen him and i know i know there's enough tissue samples and they're now getting so what's going on there a lot of hair experts getting it on the hair 'cause i'm not sure what exactly it is but the place where they line up they've gotten better microscopes or something they can see him better i'm not sure what it is but the these herrera search for getting really into the sasquatch here because it's unique there's nothing that matches it and there's the arm there's a certain pictures about sasquatch roads like every sample it's legitimately is handed in this not doesn't try to be horse or bear whatever but every time he gets turned in has these same characteristics there's a there's a joint study going on like different experts in that field who are working around like from different countries even that are all exam his hair's like marking these markers and and it's like this they're real excited about it you know
really to be interesting when the skies are filled with drones with drones can take images of anything anywhere they want at anytime and they just fuckin say come over the pacific northwest are i kind of have that with everyone having cell phone that's of just the thing that i just understand if if there's so many people that see this and there there's still no photos and then and others photos in nyc they hair good phone the hair and the blood and everything like that yeah i know that it doesn't take that long for it to get that you know for them to say you know this is dear blood this is so and so blood that this is on but but if they're all saying that it's unknown the and then have they had there been multiple agencies that have like put out rip words about this or is there any you know you're talking about son like like if there's been so many blood samples and hair samples and they're all being tested and they can
and find out what this blood is because they could it doesn't take that long for them to take blood and go this is deer blood you know so if they're all saying like hey we don't know what this blood is have they been giving out like statements or press reports or you know stuff about this is there is there information out there about them saying we don't know what this blood is yeah there is but thing you understand is like this world is so political and so backstabbing and so and there so afraid like do something unconventional 'cause you just get barred in the field that their real reticent to like do you but there are some that had like doctor fehrenbach and some others that have and there's others that look at it there's a lot of work in the bigfoot field and mostly like other scientists that collaborate with them that just don't want to deal with any ridicule or get i can't promote it or what
but maybe yeah watch the documentary where a doctor some sort of professor at a university was talking about the fact that even though he supports bigfoot he doesn't very reluctantly support the idea that bigfoot exists it goes because quite honestly until ones discovered until there is conclusive proof he says it's just a point of ridicule just one of those things that about doctor melodramatic idaho state i don't know where he's from yeah yeah he's he just he's a genius isr like four books on foot anatomy how humans have gone from how like back back evolution we went from quadruped to buy pidal he's like the foremost sex for guy in the world on that and he was actually one of the as at the body recovery site with us went up in there and he believes that he believes the shooter story also he was like everyone that believes that guy everyone knows there that are that weak came away believing him why did he bring something back it
silly i'll tell you later off there ok okay well there's some sort of a secret ladies and gentlemen i can't share with you what's whole crab it just would answer a little bit well there they were they were pounding beers and they just saw that warden guy and they didn't want to like they were where they they have a drive to get back to camp and they had it the the do is afraid to get a a dui or or something not everyone in the woods like you know just drinking beers driving around checking out the track whatever this and those are the guys that shot up bigfoot baby i know well only the one guy the other guy was anti the whole time and other than that like what is a what is a good piece of evidence that someone can look at freeman footage freeman footage that's i'm convinced that's real free footage what is freeman footage paul freeman was he was the water shut up in the blue mountains of ne oregon
these washington there's a huge area like a lot of this i always have their own water districts only you know 10s of thousands of acres of water should land and your lot up in there cuz water a waterfall don't like diesel in it or anything and he was the patrol shut up in there and he was seen bigfoots found there actually seeing him in the daylight up there so we started in a video camera and he got footage of that and i'm one hundred percent convinced that's real bright pull that shit up freeman bigfoot footage this is from the wendy's yeah then he has another clip that he wouldn't he died he got diabetes and died young about fifteen years ago but he has another clip where he falls down is searched even kind of crime he gets bluff charge when he gets it real close the big mail comes up out of my full guerilla style charge
and he got footage of it you never released it because he looks so bad in it you know you got you know or something but i literally saw something in the woods and those tracks were authenticated you see much up here i hear the brush popping in stuff oh there you goes keep watching get up here and see me
from watching these videos like when a redhead of killing a bigfoot i never take the camera off it uh huh unknown thing when it cost got it there the pride draw background i just wonder should be here somewhere does he see it again is that it i don't think so is it what makes if that's real just like the size of it and the way it moves people went back up there and said it was well over seven and a half feet tall i don't know where the compe person video is for it but people did go
there then right after that they ended up clear cutting that whole thing and putting like a campground right there that there are actually staking out there's like some ribbons you can see that flag timing on a couple of the trees it was marked for being turned into a campground that to me looks way better than the wright patterson or the roger force roger patterson footage just because it's not as clear anything about the paris and given films you're seeing the copies were seen on tv or like every time they make a ucl copy and is like thirty percent thirty percent resolution for chris on that the original patterson the original footage piece which no one knows where it is not probably al at lee has it is really you're clear than what you see on tv a lot like nat geo do good digit digitization of it and they they've shown that that's that's like the clearest version you can get now but like the
you see on tv back in the day like we would be all blurry it wasn't the original is not blurry who's this guy bob heronemus that says that he was some gorilla douche bag alcoholic just a liar neighbor the whole kennedy assassinations over uh on the one that shot kennedy it was maine you know case close so he's some crazy dude is trying to take these crazies is asshole just kind of a it is pretty much pretty did you move i really was a big foot of a really was a video of a alive sasquatch this mother run around pretending that he was part of a hoax well he's he's the this guy if you're into this you can look it up roger what it's called like a seventy four page thing where he interviewed her on imus went through in tour apart his story he's made like five different statements about how the costume was construct did well gimlin said that it was possible that it was a whole well he was older he says i
totally convinced no one could fool me and i'm an older man now and i think there could have been the possibility of a hoax but it would have had to been really well planned by roger until he said he's just i've talked about i was just with bob this weekend is the raddest i swear to god i did he's he was uh he was one of the first guys evel knievel is like a daredevil guy like he's just a rad guy and all to the earth and we were asking about that he said you know the way the questioning was going he was just getting badgers whether he said that there's always a possibility you could be host but he's like i know what i the thing was i was looking at a high level for my horse when they rather there's b roll footage you know they ride the horse next the tracks and the horse prints are not going as deep as those footprints really yeah what do you think these fucking things everything everything a berries
they're omnivores they you know they're they're obvious have a high caloric intake to be that big and you know of this so that in the winter time they fight more needs like they'll they'll hunt deer elk ducks live in a pair of black the whole yeah they use tools play sometimes like some evidence where they were the alcohol flesh out of a metal come running it'll take the same routes every and and will be one hour or at one side like one hundred said they've been up you know bowhunters creeping up on a on a little heard in a meadow or something that is godawful roar scream come from but they all run in their side another wack you know you seem like where they'll just take a club in as the deer go running by just club when the front legs and shouted their front legs and then go over and break them a nap when they kill the break in half so they kill them with objects the use does it the monosodium log or something to him out of the most time is used their bare hands i did that day
with their bare hands off easy easy they'll pick up the take a full well consider their shoulder and walk off of it jesus christ like i've heard so many stories like you did not do their electronic bullshit me like you notice people tell what they saw so there you go that guys full of shit or whatever but until like j when people that you're talking just going this guy's not shitting me and he the stories i've never because i've only seen one really moving good knows that night was on the hickory again the hickory apache reservation how many times you seen bigfoot prior half dozen but i have doesn't only one time in the daylight i didn't see it just with stand there and i turn my head and gone i didn't see it guess when i smelt real good and then uh hickory i saw two thousand and four it came we had all these infrared cameras and stuff point at the tree line and it watch across the s falcon field and came into our camp
everyone's with fires kind of spread out camp we're the chief of police for the use coordinate for all law enforcement on the hickory apache rez and we're on his property and no this do is a bad got in trouble for being a little too you know beat the shit out of people like he couldn't couldn't prove some guy broke into some old ladies how you know it's a rather windows soon as it's going on everyone this guys on math whatever you know you stealing if he couldn't prove like if you couldn't catch the guy who just take it outside and beat the shit out of one of those guys so no ones coming up this guys are she was the very end ranch then it was a continental divide behind there and it went like twenty five the next set of houses and there it came from the continental divide side came walking up and i didn't see it walked up i wasn't over until where this guy is a special forces colonel in the special forces daughter god not jamie the guy was with when i saw the one on beloved
right and i thought it was him dressed all in black and just weird because it was below freezing like nine thousand feet i thought it was him all bundled up wearing like a parker i wasn't sure but just was all black i was gonna let you do it 'cause i could hear fingernails going down the side of a tent that fabric just fingernails in that fabric sound fabric sound and i was going around the tenth and i got over to the front where the those are big tent were keeping all through were put up for bid is out and it was it was new and i'm like why it look like it was because it walks i get up or second chair yeah of what and it for awhile and i have night vision night vision around my neck and i didn't wanna be like the creep like get caught staring at someone through night vision at night right so don't even look i thought it was just one of us mean it walk like a man except for there's walking like a man but it looked like he look like he was looking on the ground for something but i
i think it was was in hindsight knowing how careful about where they step not just step when they leave their real conscious not to leave tracks like that for the most part and it was i think it was looking where it was step and so it wouldn't step in something to print but it was just walking like this so it needs to step in like mud or something like that to leave but was walking to watch a block like this little time but it while him and they would kneel down like just get on monday like that and mess around the front of the tent and they went over the tent where the only girl that was kinda that's going to hurt at going back up it's hard for people to hear you when you saw this is going back and forth and i watched it for about five minutes and the moon was coming there's almost a full i can't really exact moon and uh it was walking and the moon was just about to hit the field it was a hold up a field this guy had and he would planet but the deer and elk torso thick up there he just gave up and let them eat it he just quit farm and there's just alfalfa grown for like
one hundred acres and so this thing walked back crossville is a that was coming down just just walk profiles i thought it was the colonel i go back down to camp and they're like that you throw rocks pebbles out us there's pebbles being thrown down by the guys that was maine first watching not screw i cannot do you like hey that's full this car you just don't do it like that you're out or you'll get banned you don't want to go out there if you risk watcher is that what you said yeah the verb i what i thought you were a set of your eyes are you saying if you were swatch looks out of yours watchery throw rocks at people yeah yeah told yet so this real quick walked when i go back and everyone's there had this is bigger than main ghost and by the time my original position he was walking on the tents and i didn't you just suck seven footer like six and one slash two foot it's not real clear that i didn't i wasn't i hadn't made mental notes how exactly big these tents were innocent was walking around how big they look in scale
so but when i saw this guy was about six five or so down there walking around the tent he was just the wharf by this thing and it wasn't that much taller maybe like you know six hundred and ninety seven foot but just the bullet was just easy twice the way to him or more easily at least where this thing go walked back and just walk straight across the meadow and in the moonlight just mark passively that popped up was start hitting that whole area just went back in the woods and my dad it was a total skeptic he came out there just camp for a week and have like a father son trip he she heard him like talking and not not right then but then the night before that he'd heard them talking like a couple of them up there and the reaction often did you like this chair of the sierra sounds no i got a car bernie cover these guys got hours of recordings in the sierra nevadas of them jabbering away those things are being translated by military translators right now there's a there's a breakthrough on that front
there's all kinds of breakthroughs going down right so this this sound that they make was anything like with this other guy was talking about the guy who says he shot a baby says they were like mumbling like going with death yeah they sound like they were founded up i've heard him do this a few times and it sounds like to me what it sounds like to me was kind of like a lucky trying to talk chinese like that you know that's funny monkey trying to yeah but like more grumbly though like normal and i've heard the low mumble they mumble like the idea is that they have a language or they just yeah all the native any talk to any native anymore i'll tell you the other they have a language and they could understand certain words we say they can understand certain we're saying but we don't have a video one of these things we don't have this is patterson gimlin the freemen yeah but they could be bullsh
no ok freeman i'm not so sure but i can tell you for uh yeah there's then there's other breakthroughs going down on the patterson given film what is the breakthroughs they actually found some of the original trees that were back behind there's been so much regrowth that these guys this guy he's the state park rangers the ranger cop up there for humboldt redwoods robert later and then another guy steve stripper the guy owns big what books are willow creek spent two years going out there and going over the site and finding and actually found trees that are security can't see him from the creek but it's been spent forty three years or whatever forty five and they're all grown up and they found trees the background of the original pg films so we're going to go and with all this 3d laser scanning stuff there gonna be get three dimensional three dimensional view of the whole of the whole creek
go back in plug in the pg film like overlay it and i'll get it a three dimensional feel like a half inch how big is a how big the subject from the film is what if it's only five hundred and ten then what do you do if it's only five hundred and ten i don't know i just don't see that happening i don't know yeah i don't i i chose bobby does bob gives a really different i he was right but he's himself said but you said that he was battered and yeah but you he is he is love this guy he with love to hang out and then i would i mean i believe him a note saying he's full of but that right that there's been a lot he says no way he said there's no way you said it had to be over five hundred pounds and he this guy's expert hunter and he's like watching the muscles but there's like no different muscle image you can see in the video yeah but isn't it possible you just put some fake muscles on it dude that got chambers that made in planet of the apes back in the sixties when that was made said he could not do that he could not went through
that's because there there's always a rumor that he did it and he was just like nope was i never did it because i wish i could have done that and you're talking about do cowboys did rogers like unemployed at the time coming with roger did buy a costume from these there was phillip there was more lasting was more s north carolina he made it gorilla suit and it's a shitty four hundred dollars gorilla so it was for recreations in his documentary in that not the suit that he wore in the so anyways there's there's there's controversy around for sure but there's always people look into like just listed with some better are we all do and you know there's some footage it's going to be coming out in conjunction with the dna study is called the kentucky footage ann i've only seen part of it but people i mean it's a it's it's a real there's a face shot how many do you think are alive if you had if you had to guess we're going to start getting some hard evidence on that due to the dna samples but i would say their camp
people say there's gotta be at least two thousand just to have his manager around in north america and you're talking canada in canada's big too i'd say my guess would be probably four to six thousand in north america how to fuck are there four to six thousand things no one is a good idea and that's what i'm saying because for what they did your shit you're looking at some giant eight banners shit in your past people freeze sort of they sleep with them do they they make cave definitely go to kayson extreme weather real cold real hot nee just said we're really used theirs it'll be fires in southern humboldt and smoke pops out in southern oregon you know one hundred and fifty miles away kids are all connected really yeah then it's the biggest cave complex in the world that's but that would explain everywhere but that's pretty bad i don't know yeah you're talking in the same month thanks i didn't know about that that's interesting yeah so they sleep in case they all
just tell us that they bury their dead in cases like pilot with rocks just put big rock snowman could move in places where no machinery is going to go either and those covered the cave up there's we need to find out where the fuck those caves are dig 'em up front some bigfoot bones that's what we were going to do with those cadaver dogs 'cause we do like if that was the main that was shot does the rumor going around as it was mom but the dna shows it was a male was the father so that was a grandpa suburban grandma whatever old and fucked up yeah over tone we'll see we'll see so anyways if we i'm sure i can't imagine it was as big as you said it was i couldn't see them carrying it more than a mile over too you know from there and then there there's cliffs down the back there's other cave entrances around that area like no one else and who knows where they put it but i can't imagine them caring is six hundred pound carcass not far
but you got a soon to that in the member in that movie grizzly man yeah we love it great movie where the dude the they shot a grizzly and when they came back just i think was a couple months later there was nothing all right right tiny pieces of bone you know i mean even a six hundred pound sasquatch or something if you left them on behind in the jungle or in the woods rather not going to last for long does this all the ecosystem a whole cycle set up like people say well where's the dead ones is dead mountain lions we know there's mountain lions ok an mountain lions live way closer to people in civilization and they have like at the edge kill the mountain line in santa monica months ago right there was a mountain lion sighting in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago his mountain lions nor the tiger that got loose up off the one hundred and one six hundred pound orange tiger iran news for three one slash two weeks in a by two and one slash two mile stretch of you know up there
that helicopter they brought in the six best track right on the six best tractors for fishing game with their dogs in all of california came in the rain it was one another's raining but they look for that bangle tiger for three weeks right off the freeway and you know between malibu in the valley and couldn't find it until it walked up somebody backyard was staring at her poodle do want a fucking terrifying look that must have been looking for a giant bengal tiger that hasn't eaten in a week or two weeks so whatever the hell it is it's wandering around so every corner you turn that might be it every time you go down a back alley that might be it do we were just in a tiger preserve in sumatra looking for the rank pendek well that's a that's a of a different sort of total total mylar way smaller yeah and they're not related i don't that will you know we're all related some point and is there evidence of this thought do there that that is like that's the one that evolved
words that's the one that all scientists agree is do the lady that runs the un program down there for like wildlife service she seen it three times really and what did she say it is it's some kind upright orangutan that walks on two feet about little or so but up to like two hundred maybe three hundred and thirty nine feet tall at two hundred pounds ball of muscle whoa so we were out there and we couldn't we couldn't get it locals about the porters they were scared to death because those their their managers they'll the mad tigers yeah yeah were out there at night looking for a ring pinned x and there so you guys went out at night in the preserve you did jesus fucking christ we thinking that's crazy i was thinking it's going to take money maker did going to get him first us open why he the slow one its larvae slowly you know everybody slow compared to a tiger man you know they said i said we're in a big like that
ask i did not hear like the month before whatever they were walking in a group they went out a group of fifteen people on it jump right in the middle and i crushed his skull ran off the guy dead well you know what he did once this do you a bit about it in my act there was a boat i forgot how many guys were in the boat but this tiger swam out to the boat three times killed three fucking pedia before it got or doing it swam out climbed in the boat killed the guy drag his body ashore back in the water swam out to the boat killed another guy and just to roll one like a mother trying to get away from this thing that i just got blouses one night yeah i mean one day hot they hunt those boats have been that those those legal would guys and they have those guys get mall yeah yeah he's all time they could swim like a mother yeah i did not know they could swim like that they're they're quite a cat it's a scary animal man there are than polar bears yeah they're right up there yeah the thing
about polar bears those that did you start eating you right they don't kill you tiger at least has the good grace crush your windpipe and take you out quick polar bears dick first they just start chewing on any part that could hold down just like a salmon you were saying something crazy before that you have to leave salmon out for sasquatch is in some places we throw rocks at people yeah like you when you talk to the dead i i've i've my day was always going to the tribes and talking like as many elders i could i would write most of it change now more more than a lot of the other talk to me now say the kids they like they're on a hip hop like nba like don't give a shit about any of the traditions or the stories of the knowledge and they just to be like they want to be westernized totally and so that they've dealt is so they would never tell they were told never tell white people but they'll tell me because i'm respect the subject from into it and i'm listening so
what you hear is you're always seems like with my gramma was around they used to do this or they to do that but the one thing that still do up and down the whole pacific coast from california to alaska is the net you talked to his net force only if it's a deal that's cross the rivers when they pull the nets and if they don't put a salmon up in the bank on the other bank for the squad then it will come down throw rocks at a or pull the net in and take all the fish what they should do then is do that and then cameras don't leave them a salmon and bring cameras and boom you got sasquatch it seems like they they bait them they want them to this food it's an offering right but they don't they don't they almost and now almost never seem to take it the only take one not there being set up camera set up some cameras leave a fish that's like the easiest way in the world there jedis man like they
so great i we don't of this the reflector magnetic field around things they pick up on what they are have to a lot of but they they have walked in from a game cameras before stuff so they have yeah we just there's some game camp photos out there really yeah well that work what we're gonna find those game camera photos even how one's coming it is similar to but one of my phone yep big foot was one of the first things that google pulled up is not funny games camera photos big foot was one of the very first things you know why google knows i'm a it says you're a smart guy this one is totally fake as fuck well most of them are we just saw i think this one is on the internet yet this guy how this ones trippy this one looks like a monkey that's like a like a four look something on four legs las vegas spank yeah no there they have to walk two legs or that real the knowledge you know they gone for sometimes for sure they'll knuckle walk
especially the young ones yes some of these look really fake god which ones do you how do you discern whether fake or real god i wish i could get ahold cliff clip that haven't send you one right now the lot of the best ones do people don't you be surprised most people aren't looking for fame and fortune like with this the most of the stuff that gets caught otherwise we went to the mongolian rim did you talk about the pacific northwest the fifth largest pine force in north america's in arizona really yeah the mongolian rim that's what this is well it's been a video we did now what do you slowing down to one slash four speed what is this shit it's hot when we take something from you too dumb pariah i don't i'm not even sure that this year the all the footage with that's with big foot none of it's in like the hd or anything like that it's always like this
you know really low quality how convenient you know what's funny is that the best dna sample from asia came from destination truth you know that tv show destination truth yeah kind of hokey whatever you know they just i think they vietnam episode and we're going to work our teams is going to go there because thing ran past the cameraman at at the base camp ran right by on on the side like a big footer and they got four good footprint cast was it stepped in but a couple spots and really yeah they got did that's the this is destination truth yeah the vietnam and so i think it just aired like last night or the night before or something and i was on a live in the mountains so i wasn't and it's a big foot it's a vietnamese when they come rock cape so the non that's school them rockets because they ever read that other vietnamese bigfoot no never heard did you talk about rocking talk to in older guys dirt those all the non like the four
ranger guys in the behind enemy lines got even even guys just regular army guys when they're up in the northeast like in the hmong territory the raw to throw a punta com rock caves they throw rocks at they found several footprints and they also caught something on thermal imaging that might have been a bipedal creature says however in the end gates to be sure that they found evidence of bot to toot they say to toot which led some viewers to vent their frustrations on twitter well people vent their frustrations on onto an amount of do i only want to read twitter after all of the what ifs that we've thrown in today on the big foot found just for the smart people but if there this case i don't have a smart filter i need a smart filter for two now the idiots are there they should have their say too long as there not constant right
i honestly don't i don't read any reviews i don't really don't read anything i don't look at those bigfoot websites i don't really how come it's just you know it's like you must get tired of people saying that you crazy bigfoot's fake because like i said that i was going to talk to you about this today because all my life like i said i've i've read so many books on big foot of watch so many documentaries are always been fascinated by right should immediately people world food food food food food food food click now you don't know big fits fake he did i used to dick right you want everything to be negative you fuck right and there's a lot of well you know it's like when people say why this is my thing it's like i've stated saying for like you know over thirty years and spent twenty five years looking in the field actively and i mean i know the relaxing for myself i heard him i've talked to thous we have seen that are legitimate
i mean i've seen it myself i know that really is so when people go well i think this will have some happening that they just thought of it in five minutes and it's like well that certainly going to some like you know astrophysicist god that's in a lab with you know the giant telescope looking up thirty foot telescope looking at this cars studying you know he's got a phd in astronomy and i think the who's made a cheese that's what i think that's like what they think about bigfoot know the fuck you're talking about yeah it's one of those things man it's one of those things where i would imagine it would get really annoying if there was
life's dedication that i can say i believe big foot and people call me an idiot i'm like whatever i'm finally settled here in factor on the and stand up comedian does a lot of evidence i'm probably in the to pick what they is just one little piece of the puzzle that shows your smart though really well i'm i leave everything open you know i i leave open the possibility there's a there's a lot of things that i leave open that are probably ridiculous but that's to me he then that one makes sense there's just too many people that have seen something if one of 'em is true it's real too many from different names for it in native american languages i believe there's more than one hundred butterfly there's like five hundred and eight categorized for north america yeah with what's that there's not that many things that they believe that aren't real you know they have like they know they they pray certain gods the you know the rain gods and fire gods and all that kind of shit but they don't have
like things that aren't real they don't have too many like or their spirit animals yeah if it's in both worlds big butts that one it was some have like they think it's a real loud can be in both worlds but yeah it's not no native will tell you their animal there type of people so they think it's just the tribe a tribe wow they think of it as a tribe oh yeah you know we were just in australia with the aboriginals those guys blew my mind and the we have so much knowledge about these things like they said they have am in australia how the fuck did they get to australia we hello they're not sure they're the aboriginals also they were there when they got there fifty thousand years ago so the big it's a good at avoiding people on every continent is not like one group of bigfoot's it's a retard race you know they in the summer way north or they were daylight all day long like when
weather in canada and stuff they'll see him in small like outpost villages like native villages will come it 'cause they'll go to garbage dumps in the middle of the day and it's like why don't you phone they just they just don't but why it is not that doesn't make any sense in twenty twelve that could see a kids watch it there's a lot of kids now say there because of our show to like more kids or anything like i call you know hey we're going to film it
these people just don't we mean they just don't that's cool that's crazy how it is his his what's up is it crazy have you guys been a time i don't think it is brian no i don't think it's crazy what do you think that you know they're busy looking for this thing hunting it they don't what are a camera around for that one second though these people aren't looking for big for these people live there brian you playing devil's advocate i is i did you showing here it wasn't me i just can't believe that that that one person doesn't have like when those go cams on the h do you go camping cross eighty nine dollars or something like that as login crazy if it happened if it's it's going to check he's catching up to the squatch first sure yeah that's be the drones to catch 'em i don't know so do you believe that they're all over the country and you believe that i know they are i've personally heard them i per we heard them in oregon washington california alaska florida kentucky
florida yeah skunk ape real and for new york not a cuban how dario has again over here well they they have started seeing a mountain lions in florida again just another reason like government doesn't want to acknowledge bigfoot is there's a future government wanted it we go we go this was like they say there's no not lives here but they're here you know you keep hearing that until one gets hit by it or someone get shoots wind well one guy shot one recently in on what they thought they'd been extinct in canada or in that part of canada for more than since in eighteen hundred right those last citing that they had and shot a big one man they're spread out with they don't want to do they shot one in connecticut yeah but you have a manager by like it cost million the state's role strap yet of a master plan they don't want to know that's why i said we don't have because they don't want to deal with them with big but it was more just
what's really interesting when it comes out there really here soon is to be the whole i think there should be like a lot of phd students write papers on this and psychiatrists and psychologists are going to write books in this and how these things there's all this evidence and stories and just everything right there in front of it and people refuse to acknowledge it well i think one of the reasons why they refuse to acknowledge is what we talked about before there's so many people that fake it there's so many people that fake four stories there's so many people that fake bigfoot stores in that people are fucking crazy there's a lot of people feel jake big foot stores when you don't think so do when you go if i think anything cryptic man i think loch ness and the gang ufo anything big foot i think goes there's a lot of people that are full of shit when it comes to those those stories those are like fun stories to bring up people say they saw a crocodile i generally genuinely believe them when you start saying he saw some that's shit that's in the cryptic realm
man you might have seen it but it also might be that you're one of those crazy fox that likes to pretend you saw something awesome you this is a long enough to cause a parent that's what's gonna say i wish i was on your show then because i'm way better at that than most people i'm really good just not there now that'll we're really good or get ready to jump the shark here probably for distances around the videos look at the time but haven't celebrities come on did i come on we got a lot come on and just let me come on in and screen your gas or we'll discuss having that i i like this guy's full ship this guy's going to be screaming at me but i'm not i'm not sure i know i know when people tell which i smell them it's weird i've always been good at knowing crazy people so if you bring me in front of a crazy do not tell you big foot story until he's full of yeah so i mean i don't believe they're here to go he has clearly hear others like wool most witnesses were dealing with the market and that it just isn't one show where there was this one obviously gay guy who's out
yeah who's guys the ship bob it was right here at the big files right mike bitch you didn't see no no no that he just trying to drag some dudes of the woods and hope somebody stumbles on your dick biologists is in the afternoon good for him so should too now the now i know i totally believe that is it like he was making it up as he went along to me now he he a great did his gray yeah yeah he so you for firmly believe back i saw a big foot yeah we spent we will he was his camera this son of a we are with that guy for a week like he was are like local guide right and he showed us around and his his fight you'd love the case a little areas but is he was our guide for weeks we're with the guy for a week and matt knew the guy for several years already been on different expeditions around the country with them and he never you know usually when people start telling those stories like or will come up and
changes write his stories just the same all the way through so he wrote it down is smart it's good job did well i'm not saying i don't know he might to be the one guy was selling truth the one guy that we're all sure is lying we'll see if if you think he is to the season i'm sure things along if you think he's lying i said i think almost everybody is lying i did yeah most people you know i think if you lived out in the woods either than the real familiar with it or there are big foot's around you and you've talked to so many people that like do you do you have like bigfoot so much i thought of getting buying land in the pacific northwest just to live in the summers with hope of seeing a big dude i do but i am i know the place is for sale right now really yeah where is it you sound stay now none of that i think i was writing spots that be a good move dude i'm talking about trying to buy right if you went and you bought real estate yeah the big foot area i know it up a set of land cameras and showed us the plan how large if you look
like somewhere in the pacific northwest in an area there's a heavy duty bigfoot sightings just fucking set up farmers everywhere everywhere and every day you go and check those can you got a set well that's what that's what the olympic project is going on right now they actually one of the one of the best is a dna from the olympic project is this weird looking bigfoot pictures of it comes up and sniff the camera and licked it and they got saliva off the camera olympic project yeah did they have these photos online can you see the photos of ethics thinking it so where did they take this saliva like they shipped it there are two a psychic rhyme that we have we have we we there's a lot of there's a lot of cops involved in this and we have like protocol we fall for collecting dna evidence because you guys laugh about this i so i was crazy squash adventure like two thousand to two thousand one two thousand and two and this thing this guy bought probably been abandoned for eleven years and squashes were living on the property and they did
it can move in all this stuff out but they there would this huge's cats in the woods around the property that giant look like giant human ships like that would be like a foot high eighteen inches across at the base like big dick like two inch cables i had collected and bring him down with the fish and game and drop off like check out this bigfoot you know scott you can you guys dna you know what can you do about and then my buddy got a job with the fishing in a couple years later of all do whatever my samples he's like we talk about should i brought all these bigfoot scat samples and i brought in some her a couple of times this like do they still got some crazy guy brings it bear shit drops it out they throw it away they never even looked at it that they wouldn't look at it yeah they're probably gay yeah well yeah we're gonna check on it for you it was like very unprofessional you paid
or something you think they have to give you some kind of result yeah they should really be check why did pay for mother fucker god damn tax dollars glue artist is bigfoot a or not he's a savage here very good catcher crimes it's animal so the olympic project says they have the research is in the olympic mountain range in washington state the the project is a comprehensive systematic camera trap program consisting of fifty plus cameras placed along predatory travel routes through the olympic lmao our primary focus is to obtain a series of crystal clear photographs of sasquatch in their natural environment so so far says they haven't gotten anything now yeah they have footprints they don't have that others they he ever have signed nd is about the dna so that the one that's not on there but i guess i was in the photos you like i like that i thought it was a sock puppet when i first looked at it but the dna came back with jet
yeah this doesn't say here that they have anything it doesn't know does not on their website do al call al color derek that out of bears and ears that's cool ok so they want they've won all the game count photos like the others those big contests over like five thousand first place they walk in bad ass man they've got some awesome photos they do have a lot of great wildlife see the mountain lions stock on the back in the dock doesn't see it yeah they want first class last year with that one it's really cool man they show this mountain line walking through the snow to the above the bears including bear standing upright which is pretty fucking cool bears getting really close to trap coyotes elk wow i mean their camera trap it does make me want to buy some land and set up camera traps they'll be badass just to see different shit everyday you know the other problem huge elk yeah i'll do this yeah
i got right up to the camera shed see as they look do they notice it like animals if you look at most of pictures of the that they'll be looking at the camera at least on a second shot bill the infrared flashes up a yeah there's been a lot of cameras to the squashes will break him they'll turn flip around backwards i put a camera traps we walked into camp one that i was in and i have the cameras all hidden can tall grass and stuff and they're off pushed down all more push down so that the lens was facing the ground wow these folks you should just check it out just go to the olympic project dot com just to look at the actual real animals the bobcats and the wildlife now fucking bigfoot though they got if they get a photo of elk awesome paused right in on the camera and fucked this is amazing because you put it back up on that one i can see yeah put up a olympic project this is amity the photos are amazing man but no nope
but man they got another gotta bears in in the there there's a two shot there's two shots of a a a coming up to the camera real close but it's not gonna let you don't all call derek when we're done having well there's one it says bear gets close to the camera i don't see shit up here that's that's that even says it's too big for you know i don't think it's out there just 'cause of the nda i got it right here look at that is that's it yeah scroll down the photos are awesome man it's really cool that they're saying that sasquatch right what that mountain lion looking further down the next one down that sasquatch where is the one where you can see this whole arm an eyeball and stuff the creature reappears so it go back up there that one yeah i've done all this analyzation on that and that hair pattern administration patterns in that in the the that's like seven things like seven feet off the ground it could be there right now bears don't get over sixty six would be the trophy bear
so what kind of bear black bears there's only black only black parents they get producer guy a6 sixty six is like about as big as a black bear get six foots huge for black bear from which which page did you look at olympicproject dot com possible squatch sightings possible squatch sightings on the menu yeah but did you guys and the word squatch 'cause i had never heard of i should of is that you did you come up with it i i know scott heritage you never know that guy is a comedian he scott this is no harriet know he was like big time anything but so he did a documentary called squash and but i never heard anyone say it before i said it is there any lick man this is like how is the first shit yeah well can't see i agree i'm not too impressed when they've sons of bitches but do that but
get animal experts have looked at it in the hair doesn't match but how could you i mean you can't tell like an animal expert petco and this is the problem the problem is right that's fuck that the best shit is blurry it's fun because it's set their cameras set to take pictures like thirty feet away not a foot but they're proud of their photo galleries on raising my hair i don't care but said the steak thirty there this is should be a photo man this should be a four oh one it does look a one comment i agree i hope so man frustrated it's really fresh must be what if they found out that it wasn't really what did you find out you party student there's no way you got duped there's no i'm not worried about that and so what you saw was so conclusive that you're one hundred percent sure why did you have a camera one of those twelve times i did even those of doing what i saw on the day that i didn't because my my got ripped off like we do leave your truck psychically knew that your camera wasn't present
if there is so sensitive i wouldn't care i wouldn't picture you think so i wouldn't have it was only that it was less i stopped like literally half a second it was just gone once google goggles comes out people need to go hiking for sasquatch people goggles there's just there's people wear those now those little gopro's yeah well maybe they have similar ones you like little spy ones right yeah but this one sucked the writ resolutions that that go right h d so it's like a people are using up rose to about about helmets and yeah they have to some of this is it's gonna get ridiculous others a new there's a new footage we think israel of us watch those are the road at some hillbillies guy with a go really yeah new footage maybe if you look up from like two or three weeks ago it's down the roads on the right it's up in canada somewhere new bigfoot footage you look up on youtube canadian bigfoot baby gopro pro a lot of sightings come from yeah yeah yeah and if crazy it was just crazy people reporting him there would be just as many settings in hawaii right right
or road i will not really yeah yeah if there is enough for them in one thousand nine hundred or one thousand eight hundred and fifty everyone knew it a unicorn was and no one knew what a bigfoot was but you can find hundreds and hundreds of newspaper clippings about people seeing a giant ape no people say they saw a unicorn right yeah yeah it's always the same thing right yeah follows the same pattern that we're we're in australia late we die are the hours were different than that's they called the originals in struck home yeah we always heard yeah you were different than bigfoots when we we're down there we found out there there bigfoots having the way they act we hurt the best ever recorded was in australia using the exactly the same i don't know about that but that action the patterns all that was the same did you have photos
of anything that you've done australe would we all day all the averages and although there are the behavioral patterns and and what people described there's a little like you know maybe the diversion like a like a european gray wolf in a north american group you don't even like the same genus and all that but but there's a lot of photos of wolves yeah but the biggest the biggest they did a three year study on wolverines all those wolverines you see on shows aren't wildy parks babies that were captured in their mother with whatever but they did it beer study millions of dollars spent on this and the only footage they got was from like four to five yards away on a snowfield of a wolverine going away and that was a well equipped professionally funded looking for a known animal and they got one clip in three years pretty crazy yeah it's like snow leopards they didn't get it to snow leopards like two thousand and seven do you think that people just
estimate the amount of actual four oh god yeah you don't need a million acres of force for a squash to hide but you think you because otherwise people would run into it people run into him all the time they're seeing all it's just not that you guys extracted never wave camera i need a fucking photo just one just one way you can find any of this i've been what i've done with squatters and stuff that i said like yeah i had my camera around my neck and i was holding it and i saw it and it looked at me and they just shit their pants and froze and even after thing was gone extinct to take a picture total is gone yeah i'm looking at this canadian the new canadian bigfoot footage is it the one on the side of roads down the side stand down like below the below is like walking through a trail none other things just it's just a car drives by it's down on the side of the road standing there oh really now this was different
plaza dude walking through the when i say hillbilly i don't need any negative connotation of that like to me it's like a compliment hillbillies a calm i you like i say redneck and hillbilly i don't mean anything bad by it at all well lot of fedex to like being rednecks hillbillies don't like being called hillbillies you know now i've found that out the hard way but just what they try to fight you is get mad him yeah they get a fan like one of the witnesses got really mad that i you know i was just joking that's availability shit there you know bonnie got real offended it was like while he's proud really crazy that's why it's making a bigfoot story and getting offended of a bitch the join original video is over an hour long so what were they doing they were driving around it this it's real quick it's either either it's dude z their racist video where is this thing down the write write them right
there are highlighted four oh wow what why am i not seeing it you don't see what's to shadow starts it's right in front of the first shot right there two by which we were at the if you go one more couple more friends it's really clear right there but that photo they just showed oddly enough with like a million times better resolution yeah that big is far how is that so good and this which is on that is kind of weird but it seemed to go investigate it it seems like a trick of light and shadows to may really yeah because it seems like it's a move more maybe this was because the resolution of the video it could be we're gonna go check it out see how it's on the side right there yeah they great that's the clear
frame others of their own video they went back later so that it's not there or it's not there so it's either a man in a suit or a swatch and then these guys at least this videos would have been right here yeah now that's so clear and that's i mean this is the same same footage that there you know listen man that's some shadows i can save money don't go on that trip and we have to look at something yeah how many sightings do you guys get like a month that they ask you to investigate well there's so i'm not going to wade through all this shit look at every video they have a whole production team that just all i do is scour the internet for every day there's a new video but you worry now that the shows a hit that people might stop faking it totaly yeah we are we're getting that so right now we were pretty good i mean we've been doing this week
not mad all then there's like twenty years were pretty good at filtering people out pretty quick like we caught one guy hugs in the ohio real was it ryan's from you know so blame him they don't want us to see a lot of stuff ahead of time that they want us to be surprised when you see it that way we'll know it because we're in the big city but you know i seen that video before and i'm looking at a monitor to this big and then when you see it on homework on a big high def tv and you were fooled by that at the beginning you know it's like well i just saw it on black and white monitor like you know five inch monitor or something was a guy you know clip clip by some clips call the guy a liar really but then the guy started trembling and tearing up and stuff so he's a faker in a h a l o dare you sir which a fake big foot footage listen man i really want to believe i really do and i might be a little bit more skeptical than you but i hold out hope i really don't believe it it's no it
right i wish i i wish i shared your enthusiasm would be fun i'd be out there with easy astic on very enthusiastic i hope it's real i just feel like there's a lot of fucking lot of fun foot but yeah but it's but if any of it's real then yeah well if one of them is a real that's real years israel right so you're yet so it is real well have you seen it yeah you what you've seen is on fox you you know more than anybody which is probably why you show more in anything it well i'm saying you know is more than the average person for sure even more than the average person researching it because you've seen it how many researchers haven't seen anything does it has the chick on the show ever seen anything she seems to be the most skeptical she said what's her name renee renee yeah she saw something in the olympic peninsula when she were the olympic project is where i just got back this weekend um she saw
she doesn't say what it was she said it looked like it was tall and it was there was like a arm in arm and she she's like well it could have been a bear walking upright or it could have been a bear that was just starting to drop down as it was running like picking up speed on two legs getting ready to drop down ah but she probably saw squad she's the most skeptical out of the group would you agree yeah that's her job to i mean there's been times where she was like holy shit i was a swatch right you can't say that there teller she can't say well we're in oregon we recorded those ones do that things like do they do that they tell you what you you're supposed to roll you're supposed to play in the show and she plays the skeptic real just when we were in oregon she was like when it happened she was like oh my god like that had to be a squash i had to be a squash like look you can see that you got fucking why they say she can't say that 'cause i guess like you know then we shouldn't be taking probably in trouble for having really like probably
what they don't i well they say they've ever been a part of his l usually represents all the people at home that are skeptical that right job is to represent them like what would they say that the first of these it's all bullshit what would they she's just ask the question that that person what did she when when she was seeing something what did she see that made her so convinced she didn't see what does she heard heard would she here do we heard two swatches calling back and forth open malala river in oregon and it's it's on the episode but do you do is if you ever murphy's law murders laws not since watchers laws were they worse like sweat is law is something's going to go wrong right when it happens it will like battery dies or whatever like just whatever it may be happens right we've got a call from the network on camera be whatever isn't working there's no all the tapes in his blank we get this call we're out in the woods and when it finally came through someone come back from camp like the messages come in earlier that day and then
you gotta check the camera right now and check the audio like there's nothing synced up all it just turned out the editor was totally blowing it but we stopped all filming he was put in the now we're back in playback mode to see he would have the sound i was checking his stuff i had a boxers it wasn't part of their stuff i had a pair of balls to record it was going from like good clear i get really cold and kind of cloud back up a little bit warmer so i'd like five layers austin awful areas i was burning up and i had a pair of balls that were in pitch black i put the padlock on the brush and these things started screaming i got my job i like my job whatever my thermal i'm pulling up over my head right when this happens and i was like holy you know what first that were like no way the time we got up then the salads come between me and the camera guys like the whole crew is between me
a parabolic dish here and all picked up was just these guys you know ripping open velcro like i'm covering stuff and because it's been raining on aha guys one no way talk and so you can't hear anything now they come about i mean it it's that google and then we this is what i want more effort into this is capturing what we here like we were lapel mikes that made to block all sound except for us talking right exactly they don't pick up screams in the distance they're designed not too yeah so but we do have a god's going out this now that has the parabolic and he's you know but you have to be pointed like if it's coming from right there in your pointed here you might not get it right you got it pointed right at it and we don't have the best year for that it's kinda hooky do you know like when you hear something the woods to it's kind of weird things echo off the trees and stuff it's hard to pinpoint exactly where it's coming from totally like my ear like i was you know big time in a servant for a long time and all you got
it's over a surfer yasser a cup i have one grows in your yeah i that's worse in my left ear and they fix that was surgery yeah they can i gotta get it done but here really good though it's like but it's my ear because the cavities so cavity fucking clog up easy so was clogged and whatever but they should always shows what is that a squash or something like that and they never show like where we go like you know after we hear it again ten that was a coyote i was a bear or whatever so you feel like the the edited hokey they try to make it a little bit about season one they did about season two they did a good job and season three will see other do that i mean season to the others did a great job i love the show got way better how many seasons have you done so far this one memory we shot through they've shown two seasons we just finished third like more episodes we just got picked up for seasons four and five start next month so they're going to start airing season three in the fall will already be puppet in episodes for four hundred and so they're going to air like
seven and a half months straight every sunday in new episode so that's awesome so when you go out there like how many like if you take one hundred trips how many trips you hear something or see some footprint or or something it's going to ways like haven't seen a squad since two thousand and seven haven't seen anything for five years being out there a lot and that's got to be frustrating yeah but from well deserve it i never i never i don't tell this story i don't count it because it is just so frustrating but my buddy and i bart we got foot it we know we know we got some but is such a old school kind of shitty thermal it's just this big blurry heat things you can you can't prove that we know all the sounds are were with it what happened it was a squatch i was walking back out of the same place that i was big rainstorm and cliff gonna show me they got cliff
he had this guy wall he invented the ac dc adapter is like billionaire that was funding us us equipment and clip it just pride is recording unit like a one thousand five hundred dollars unit in the rain and while i told us like you guys can't be keep blowing 'cause he grew up poor even though he's like a billionaire guy still he grew up his frugal guy you just can't be fry and stuff out in the rain if it's raining just put step away you know so as well back out end of the thermal has a waterproof you have to open that stick in a cord that goes to a recording it because it does now we have built in recorders thermal but then we did when i was walking back out and i got back down where we seen it three weeks before and now i haven't been a people that usually action happens way back up where i was coming from and i had walked a few miles in my truck was parked right out the right off the highway next to some houses
the thing ran it was just stand behind my truck and if i had filmed it it would be clear cut no it was put weight on the back my truck i mean have a shell it's about this high and it was above the shell so when i filmed it i didn't feel what i looked at it right when i pulled my therm out of my pocket i'm looking at it and there's water big rock water drops coming out so like went blurry really quick look it up and you could see it for a second and it just ran up the driveway and i'd never tell that story 'cause everyone's like you had a recording in it and you didn't report it like you know blah blah blah that's going to be frustrating as fuck dude did it that was like do you ever get tired of people saying that you crazy no says no one no one when you talk to regular folks or you just like firmly better it right i know i'm right i don't care what they say i know they to me it's like people want your crazy you know the the sun goes around the earth for
for you is just a matter of time just i know it's coming out i know it's going to come out like all the stuff going on there's no and people talk about how there's not better footage will look who's trying to get the footage it's guys like me you know like running out sony camcorders stop professional in the by the ins it's hard to get equipment back to where these things are if you really talk about deep well yeah that our is like and all that kind of like generators how long do you stay out there when you do like a camp when you go squash and like mean clip the two month or one time two not deep but we'd come back and supply up was like one thousand while she went straight months so what you would go by like how often to civilization to get supplies whenever we wanted like at least once a week but you're just camping out there for two months yeah is christ
and then home home for like a couple weeks ago i went fishing did you get anything on it when you were out there for two months found it nothing no cliff took a year or something cliff lived in long beach is a school teacher and i was like do you know is tv robin call me they're going to shogun just quit your job come up with squat from just your job slayer house with us watching for a year he did wow and we were out for like brian was ready to do that right now we spend like seven months we did about seven months that you're out in the woods seven months out we had was our most well we drive at night you know we drive these roads real slot we had a pretty wild to get good like and we thought it was in the game over that hurt him so so many times around comfort inn growl and snap branches and stop their feet walk around two feet and stuff like that that i just thought with a thermal it's going to give us a week left but it's two weeks max will have it and it's not the case at all
they i think there's they've been shot at so many times that even when it's pitch black still are always taken that invasive anything they can see in the dark oh yeah i know they can they can definitely see in the dark so they're nocturnal creatures for the most part they're there they'll come on the day like you never seen their eyes up close though right i want to so i think that you the one i saw one i thought that daylight that was it was the way this summer but i was so deep set its brow was out so far i couldn't see i remember there was one that struggles with that quick but the one thing i remember really clearly was the hair was real shiny it was super skinny it was the arm was this one was all the ones i've seen at night were bulky except someone about your size like a lot it was about five ten look like like a high school linebacker something like five ten to twenty something like so that adolescence or childhood yeah maybe yeah and but
big ones i saw were all bolt like bulky and you know these are all through night vision inner thermal people need a lot of fucking food they think they would do a lot of image and leave shit everywhere well they've been seen shit in like flowing water and in late like their conscious about hot in there they really just not shit in the trail so you think there like smart enough to know that people are a threat actively avoid people who they are kind of people they were kind of people well i mean that foots of foot of a fucking human no no there's not all of them know you know i mean i mean right like it's built the big toe to hospital so yeah i mean not a gorilla for sure looks like a giant human foot print superficially looks like a human yeah well there's nothing else like that in the prime in our world as a vote like that us and and well that's another interesting thing that came to light recently scion definitely over the last decade they found that i think they call him huh florence's from the orient floor
ansys is that it he's always telling us it right 'cause i've always said it wrong when i read it i'd say at my head rock floor easy answers okay well what it is folks that it's really like a hobbit like a real hobbit that really did exist and may even eighty eight people there there's a lot of evidence that they're still there really yeah well this thing they found bones but recently within the last decade and really fascinating stuff they absolutely know that a very small type of human being existed and it was really like a it's not like a dwarf or like a mutation or you know a genetic screw go up or anything like that it's a whole species a different completely different speech he's a human being that they called the forest man to the they called it like a modern day hobbit and it's it's hazing mean this is something that was mythological up until
a few years ago and now fact scientific fact they know for sure this exists this is a real small animal and where they this thing still lives war maybe the cape york peninsula of australia like the straits of torres through there like in australia and going up in asia there's reports of them on turns up in there to this day and in the 80s a really respect he was a missionary to the aboriginals up in the you know that k porpoise that goes up and i'll start the big point that goes up there's only like one road that goes around it there it's just empty he was up there like this real remote villages and he got a pack of them came up on it in what he described the he had a forensic artist draw what he saw back then it matches exactly what the reconstructions are from the remains they found in flores island the flores man like it's how many they think live up there they don't know and they don't even know there
look at the original so they haven't seen him they say they're still around but they haven't seen him in awhile well this thing is they haven't seen didn't leading within ten years but they're supposedly those islands they're still that there's another type of bigfoot up in those we talked to this guy is on australia brought their version of like like public radio down in australia the australian broadcasting corporation he's the naturalist for them like he identifies calls and that he's a ph the he saw one in papa new guinea yet like nine thousand feet during uh survey for the un back in the 70s i mean so there's they are seen in islands too which is pretty trippy and well in two isn't 4b if you ask me the anthropologist how many how many how many hominids us you know homo branchlike branch rectus well was alive thirty thousand years
the answer would have been to neanderthal homo sapien and now it's four you know it's the hobbits and that they found that new kind of neanderthal or they called s an element or the one up in russia they found two years ago and they got the dna out of giant knucklebone the knucklebones like twice as big as a human and they got dna out of that now there's four hominid species that are known and one watch comes out and what with the from talking to people i know that were part of the dna studies is that the it's not a tree it's not the home what the homosapien how humans came the home branch is in a tree it's a very pushy it's it's it's a lot a lot a lot of crossing and what the dna shows is that there's five types of hominid species in us there wasn't these
breaks coming down to the right like most people are part neanderthal most white people is better everyone that's not your opinions that one mma fighter i was arlovski maybe ten percent really yeah there's some would did you hear that uhm god whose are talking to it was some of those department genetics they've they've got they've got people twelve i think i would have heard that there was in twelve percent dna twelve percent in anatomical's twelve percent the anatole in in people like in a you like that eh above mongol far e russia really yeah they found here if you're european you're at least two percent like you have at least two percent manner did you have you seen that footage that's been going around the internet recently we talked about it on yesterday's
cast the the adder tall and versatile spare like the one pictured sit there on a rock looking over no the end neanderthal that looks like a gorilla the size guys idea that they weren't they didn't look like us they have black skin like gorilla they're really scary and muscular and they fed on people and they were like a a super press he's already got that that have been refuted yeah yeah but fascinating there's a sure do there's a picture of a possible net all just taken like last week that stuff on the internet have you seen that no it will doctor melgen like he's impressed with it he doesn't authenticate it but he they think there might still be neanderthals yeah you haven't heard that now things that might be in the a lot of scientists of scientists in russia for one thing i don't see anything about his dna and china's there they're launching well they have urine in china were probably go over there were probably go to russia and china check that stuff out of the show
in china they have an animal they set aside to hold national park formed recently but a year and yren and what is this thing supposed so it's like a yeti yeti so it's in the himalayas of tibet they range out then i remember like the some of the best photos were from the himalayas of foot print so shipping photo and there was a scalp i know that whole story inside now yeah whatever happened that scalp that they had found they ever figure out what that thing is well for the monks peter byrne stole some of the stuff he still live up in order to about eight thousand five hundred and eighty six here's an event he was on the original expeditions in the 50s he still involved bigfoot research but there two different there's two stores and i'm not sure how they cross but they would they replace the stuff that was out that people could look at with
with goat skins and just so did like the yeti but he actually kept the yeti in the yeti scalp in like a sacred box they're stories that you know it was a big part of it was jimmy god you know uh mr smith goes washington jimmy stewart oh really great big flaw he show me stores looking for sasquatch about here looking he was a huac snitch by the way he was a what you axe niche that is that house on american affairs committee when they blackballed all the people in hollywood venus yeah he just got ratted out all the guys anyways what a dick he was a full on like anti evolutionary like really creationist because i'm on the air and he thrall and he made big for there's a book coming out about details now he was buying these remains that it would come out
of asia like he bought like jagger pithecus stuff you bought other stuff and you haven't destroyed white jimmy stewart did that part of the you know the minnesota you know the minnesota iceman drag you know the minnesota iceman that plies oh yeah the guy that's that was what they called him the name minnesota look that up punch that up minnesota iceman there's a like they think that was uh well the stories that got shot in vietnam or in russia got shot above the eye and this guy bring a book i know the guys right in the book he's you know professor guy and suppose there's a lot of jimmy stewart bought that and had it destroyed why yeah i'm thinking of the wrong thing i'm thinking of the wasn't minnesota are thinking of the guy they found in the glacier the angel yeah that guy he was a strict person yeah
this is minnesota iceman solve a arm over its head frozen in a block of ice and they showed it all over and then since it's a hooks so well that probably was that wikipedia usually when i say it so who said it's a hoax my dad uh yeah yeah it is a hoax wow it's just saying it's a hoax all they're saying it's a hoax period history look up the photos bernold hubermanns he was like one of the top at apologists in the world study that things pretty close and he stated his whole patient it was real and what did he say it was thought i was all that have been shot like a recently shot indiana tile that's it right there that's the fish 'cause it the power went out one time and it started the ice started melting that was in and they said a distinct rotten meat odor smell was coming out like rotten flesh
now what did they think if they think that you know there was a really just went away from it there's the body it's um that looks like a five year old drew it yeah is that it's wrong it's totally a drawing is like look at the left that's just showing you what it looks like had like exaggerated sized hands and her feet where's your photos are folders there's i don't know where and jimmy stewart had that destroyed told i mean that's just this guy that's what people here doctor that studies her well if we learned anything on this show it's fuck jimmy stewart i think we learned that ok he she i just we strongly believe in jesus and don't believe in bigfoot i don't know man he thought i'd shake
people's faith in god if evolution was proven true silly bitch at all fox magic joe well you know how does it shake your belief in god even if the bible was one hundred percent bullshit it shouldn't shake your belief it's possible that there could be a god but it's also possible to people for shit and that story sucks right it's like simple mathematics right and that if we apply to bigfoot means that there's a certain percentage of those bigfoot stories that are bullshit but i hope i hope they're real i hope i hope there's a percentage that are real and that maybe soon we get something give me something fucking phone to a dead one dna if it comes out that is true yeah i mean what if this peer review study proves right inclusive that's the thing that's driving me crazy is like it should be out by now at least you know it doesn't take that long to tell you what it as it is when it's a new species there's no type specimen if they had a type speci
would be easier when you have a type specimen for deer or bear it's real quick so when there's no type specimen takes a long time to do the den and when there's all kinds of markers showing homo sapien and people would people have these misperceptions dna how dna works due to those tv shows csi and yeah i mean that stuff if you're talking about encrypted species that has nothing to do i mean those guys will you got three billion genomes in your dna strand and when they go to court they just have to line up like seven seven of those like certain markers to get a conviction right so i mean it's like my it's when you're talking three billion and there was we've been all thought there was like thirty if you watch those shows it looks like this like well they get what is a one is like thirty of them all right right that's what it looks like but they don't line up all three billion
right at a certain sections line of those sections what happens with that with the guy the sample he brought in the shooter there there's lex there be strands like with like two point nine billion in there with a cap right here on a gap right here but you could line up other dna samples in those gaps to fill in that all lined up with the network please and he wrote in the first complete one so now they just have to go to the pair of you process and other people have to find the same conclusions of this woman yeah it's it's already happened what is the criticism but this woman again you never really got to i have no meter in person i don't want to battle and people that i really respect and know that are smart people professionals are were and really like her and i talk to other people like ducey shady so so who knows right i don't i don't know i don't know her person now when does the show when does season two or season three years into's over season three there
said sometime in the fall product sweeps week or something there are still airing episodes will still like showman repeats rather i don't know popular show it's really well right because it's like the second most popular and animal planet didn't didn't s park parody you guys yeah fuckers they catch you do that because we were all laughing likely we all love s park and the produce we're going to show that comedian stand up comedians and step and like they love this show and there's money maker and bye so we thought well we thought it was going to be was because we saw that we saw some little clip that came out way earlier someone someone got ahold of somehow it showed them dressed up like as like wearing backpacks and stuff right and we thought for sure they're going to have carbon play money maker he's like
that's really good the so there is there is a clip and matte like normal and they made me this short that is all scared legos was like they didn't get it i like this little short is scared like i i can't tell i go get it go they don't talk all that great but so they got you the worst do nothing like ice they slaughtered v have you seen episode no i haven't i haven't see their pride told me that's awesome it's i find a clip of it i get i get carpet high did we talk about the show on the side yeah so many times that people will yell it during comedy shows how do you go squatching yet oh really yeah people thought you don't like very squashy area have you seen the memes of you will it was like what a meme is like an internet photo that they add loud
it's too and then it gets passed on so many times now you know like a a photo of me would be there's a photo of you or like here's a perfect example you know georgia circles from ancient aliens there's a for of him it says not saying it was aliens but it was aliens it's like it's always one of those type things i think there's only one answer aliens and it'll be the same photo but like with different text but there's awesome ones of you where it's like that's a tree this see the squashy
see if you can find them brian there in the rogan board thread for this we were i was thrown squash people whenever you can but i would say squash a lot but i started saying it even more when i found out it was a drinking game on college campuses can watch our show every time i say squash squash they drink so you can kill somebody sent like four times this sounds like you can tell this place is squash are you looking around the squad came through here and squashed over there and like just to try to give him alcohol poisoning there was drinking game for the ufc if someone got rocked i said he's rocked people drink his bunch other things too so if you playing along at home i'm looking at this photo this monkey this fake thing it looks fake as fuck dude my aunt my cousin donnie says he knows use the little italian guy the thick boston accent for the subaru dealer in santa monica do you member a subaru dealer in santa monica did i look at a car there yeah he's salt or
ok tell me a subaru so i don't know he said or maybe was from the play but never got the playboy mansion once i hosted the marijuana policy project thing there so i was there once there was marijuana policy project had a thing at the mansion it was it's like they rented out you know so it's like he's like well right and they're like they're highly coupled chicks to go around black strippers i don't even play bass right fucking yeah it's a sausage factory it's all good it's alright where is the girls i know the funny the memes is employed to check things out this is what how they portrayed the whole bigfoot field researchers are you there which is scaring everyone with your people thought at landis with a may cow but i was just there i've explored the depths of atlantis and now i'm about to prove a new species exist i'm a little james cameron think people are going to put anything to believe if this you either have to be a liar or stupid these are professional who go around tracking sasquatches cow they aren't
higher than they aren't stupid look at its trajectory and head directly to the right can't be human it's too low to the ground what do you think bobbio bobbio thanks care sweet i think in a sasquatch it's not big enough to be a squatch so it's a baby squatch that's what i'm think already done my research boys what you're looking at there is a duplicate jewpacabra it's like a sasquatch only more elusive more ferocious and a little more greedy oh jewpacabra that's how scared we used to sense if we rule out a human and a baby sasquatch jewpacabra so we really have left man i guess that's it gonna have to allow only me into the easter egg hunt sir i'm the only one qualified that that must be not that must be awesome to have that i mean that to me as a south park fans i would i would faint and parity do your show that is hard i had a really you though think of a pack
the real has representative with the big for community quite well today the arab thanks very much for the gone squats and that was pretty dope if they did me i would be a gay cat probably right stages you well you know you think it's a good part there's like a cart and high you got carmen had turned carbon in the jews really yeah wow and also to the rest of it yeah it does it go on south park studios have all the episodes in the episode is called jabbar cholera or whatever the copper market do you pack i just spoke j e w p a c c a b ra it's season sixteen jewpacabra yeah like a trooper cover but a jew that's what i was thinking it was how can god bless s park the best man there but no ones consistently put out funny shit why they have they ever need is like well dude look at your fucking a bigfoot show those money makers for all of 'em they all looked retarded look that s park
does they went after you a little harder but come on man i don't share that honor and all that it's an honor and you're on a bigfoot show man not sure how they respect that made fun when bigfoot when you get something solid man then the tide will you're going to come in they're going to have a fucking float for you in downtown la there would be a big parade right we found a real bigfoot and you and money maker and the and they could put all the stuff back end of renee saying i think it's squatch 'cause then we'll know now we know squash she doesn't always that she did that we're in oregon they should left that shit in authenticity there she says she still says she was i don't know what it was actually we gotta get her on the podcast too i gotta find out what makes her tick is that bad dude do think you guys have a good time is wrong that sounds like she's poison kit sound yeah now you're not i see what you're saying i would have a good
if i was a woman good have a good time garrison would have a shot at well even if she wasn't gay hang out with you guys in the woods chasing away in your day first thing to go lesbian i gotta explain the teeth this fucking prostitute the weaker lady came running to you with like four little rug rats like all lice infested kids like i was like i think it's the first of the month or something you know they just got their checks right like the canned food store you know dennis can store like chief step whenever i was walking by we're big fans were big fancy became this like just just look like a simpsons evil bay like unibrow and all that uhhuh like frowning and she has this like kill like two or three years old at all take a picture of your kids like i'm a hanoi hey buddy saranda charites lets me live out smile is the way i am yeah but i'm not going to out a baby head butted you you to like a toddler whoa dude
i find that hard to believe in bigfoot well it was already it was a i got hit in the face with a surfboard there i was already loose well it been capped i want to tijuana dude i got this deal tap captain tijuana i gotta bunch of dental work at ti lawn it really do about dentist was off the hook he's like this crazy or he wasn't crazy is like his heart the world was interesting that short fat mexican roy orbison like short fat mexican roy over like the thick glasses he's funny he just had a liver transplant like six months rouses world did you want to look at these you got a minute yeah so i'm going to i was going to like this like legitimate clinic down tj that people go to the one next to the police station and exactly one like twenty grand i did his officials crab locks and surfboards and pool cue stuff like that and so it always cracked ethan says going to fix they want like twenty three ground in this state
so i'm going down there i stop and see my buddies in mexican these are all my fear my fiance's uncle is a dentist and he's got like yeah it's a cheaper clinic you know it's just like like there's there was even electricity when i went there like the first day you know he hadn't been practicing 'cause he got liver tra plan is to be a partier and we go down like we're doing all this work and out of the second down in the chair for like eight hours is that we go look at pretty good he's a total horn dogs like almost 70s those short chevy guys hitting on every girl is pretty cool this fight is interesting and whatever he's hit on all these checks he's like so it takes this giant strip bar called at the hong kong cafe there's something you never heard of that no take three storage to take one of those it's like grindhouse or something when you it's like full narco place like you know full in tijuana yeah it's three stories it's got like big hot tub i cannot see you wearing a gun and hat while you're wandering around this place
i know what i was wearing but i'm just probably just like i have now i want to picture you in a gone squash in half i don't if you don't mind alright and they did he disappears like i didn't know that apparently every girl there is like a hooker and you can just get a girl whatever well he splits were with and we had a plan of anyone but if we're going to meet at the truck back at nine hundred o'clock or whatever weather eight eight thirty we you know we've been at the truck was a couple blocks away well it's eight hundred and thirty we don't see the place we leave we go back to the truck he's not there then we wait for like two hours my buddies in going to school to be a nurse so he had to get back head class like seven years old dude i can't wait for the guy all night you know where he is you know he's he's back screen speak spanish you know he's probably all right but he just had a liver transplant six months earlier and he had a couple of margaritas so like we weren't jesus christ and so we go back to the states so we're just going to cross the border every day an
he never comes home and the family things i kidnapped and that i'm part of a kidnapping because they looked at me and thought it's sketchy they accused of kidnapping this old man so he never came home now so we're like i sorta get nerve correct it was would you do it i mean like accusing me like it over the phone oh wow an i was like i said well i and i was covered for the guy you know going like i don't want to say guys i with a hooker you know exactly know his wife's all upset i'm just like i don't we we're in a mexican restaurant i wanted some bras drinking out of those pain pills that day guys getting whatever like the shots and stuff so it's kind of groggy and you know i just was walking looking for some or that came i didn't even know what wet restaurant was i walked for like four or five blocks got laws so i totally for the guy the next he shows up and he's like in the was like we're worried you don't know what story told him but you you just said that
i left him in a restaurant he said something like that too that was close enough so he was so stuck at this point but he's not a very good he's a cool guy legal party with but he's not a very good dentist and this point is not a very good dinner now all are arres wasn't terrible but so he he goes just blow i think you so much to i'll give you half off the rest of your dental work is i think i'm not going to get any more dental work from this half yeah so also you said well it as long as it's cheap yeah what happened what is noise my going crazy what do you mean shitty music of that yeah what is that music that's the universe tell us a rap this podcast up wrapped podcast up you mexican dude sounds bad ass what the fuck
the plan is that like some fake rage against the machine well well turn the volume down bro wow you got a bunch of projects programs running at the same time hum that's interesting you stream froze is it frozen right now you can't the show what's going go the audio still going alright most rap this up dude thank you much comma is been a lot after having it's been like i set up my whole life i've been fascinated by bigfoot so it's cool to pick your brain and and see what you saw and to know you've actually seen one in real life kind of interesting fattening i've lucky cliffs never really seen one i mean the math lynn seen one you know you got i was out all i will see anyone just seeing one yeah i want to see one of the day like a good where i see it walking through the muscles flex that you never seen anything like that haven't seen like muscle movement or
i would in their eyes or anything like that but yeah put it back over you gotta come out this dude i swear to god i could take you some places if you're for sure i would see one no no did hear 'em how long how much time would i need if you went with me for like anywhere from two the five days to five this is a good amount of time where we go where would be the best chance there'd be three places all there's i nor norcal real well that the best it's it's a good spot so real good yeah it's as good as it gets with an olympic peninsula is pretty off the hook and then places up british columbia are pretty incredible too but if you you know whatever if you came up if you flew in up if you just give up where i live and you had a few days to kill it have fun too it's beautiful spot it's gore
scenery nothing else do just let me let me will screen those people at the town meeting yeah we should be hilarious way do celebrity out do it we're gonna bring celebrities on the shed it will get you first in line let me screen him and then we sit him down there there's a big list there's a fine tooth comb there's a lot the hall of the people like guys like our age under that like time period that way into the squad i'll surprise here all of your goal of bands like movie stars like our show it's a it's a sexy subject yeah no i mean i mean look if it was rude if you frown for sure if they capture one and you saw on tv that would be the highest rated program of every time you want to talk to release in the movie theater you'd have yeah yeah if you had something well if you make a billion dollars yeah that's true if you had something like a documentary where you went and you figured out how to keep this thing away from the general public spraying on until you
least the movie and then coinciding with the movie like afterwards we'll have a press conference you represent the evidence and everything and then show them that you write that movie would make a fucking gillian and oliver the highest grossing movie ever people would day everybody wants to see it if you really had a nine foot tall eight foot tall giant fucking buy pidal covered ape her primate human looking thing that would blow peoples fucking wigs off dude it's i honestly believe it but i think it's just sound financial investment like if you were like like a billionaire and you that's like one hundred million dollars into like getting right there again there is no one who becomes a billionaire by investing one hundred million dollars into a bigfoot movie that's called multi billionaire though someone's going to squirrel away a million of it right away so you gotta figure you only have ninety nine mil work with like this dumb mother fuck i want to spend one hundred million dollars he's not going to miss a money so someone someone's going to steal a million and then you gotta work with ninety nine million that's not bad
be enough doctors available you could have thermal game cameras for that therm game cameras yeah well you know again it's fucking olympic project thermal game cameras and how good shit another enough thermal although not thermal what are they that infrared infrared and infrared see infrared spectrum is a problem too their cameras now in the animals can see that too right could see and have cameras work there like when something moves in front of front motion the yeah detection yeah kind if they're something well there's their you clip well i'm going to there's some stuff that's not there's a lot of stuff gets in that people won't release that they don't want people on their property like that try oklahoma they had three versus get shot the first week and people see glowing glowing eyes on the field open fire and shooting their horses oh wow people don't want fucking idiot people don't want people there's a lot of big game hunters that have had bigfoot encounters like hunters and stuff that like les stroud guys are out there that want to be the first to bring in the
those people actively hunting them why well it seems that it's a matter of time is there but there's laws in certain states against killing them is just washington state and but there's a there's a movement right now there there's actually legislative legislation being drawn up by some advocates that's gonna be introduced the california state legislator legislature to protect him here in california that's a good move you don't want to make it legal for people to run around there and shoot people with monkeys right right because that's i was going to do they're going to dress somebody up like a monkey see if they want to kill him so it's already happened so we've got shot a monkey suit more really yes i thought that was a bear whatever and they shot the guy i can't work so he was fake wasn't he was big foot he was playing a prank or something and got shot some darwin capital it should be yeah and ufos two you lying cunts all right these gentlemen that's the end of our bigfoot program if you want to follow mr fay
on twitter it's are squash on twitter right do you respond to people and talk to people but you're going to get a fuckload tweets about this james buffet at squash are yeah yeah that's that's the twitter handle is squash are so thank you very much kind of thing in the fall and he said the new season will come out in the fall and but in the meantime if you just dvr at finding bigfoot i'm pretty sure that you guys air repeats every now and again fun show i really do enjoy it infotainment it's entertaining and it's it does have some squash information like i will find something hardcore like academic style ask watchers are really disappointed with it but did compared to other crap on tv not that well listen anything that opens up the idea of you know people being interested in the idea this what jane goodall said is one hundred percent certain that there's an undiscovered primate in the woods i pedal by pedal it's out there bitch is bigfoot real
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go find bigfoot bring me some dna
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