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Duncan Trussell - Date: 08/16/2012
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like siemens ropes you know like one of those had used to fuck a nautical ropes and share giant and has handles on each one and capped at the ends and grab ahold of a man you fucking with him through the air and you do it like in sprints like a thirty second sprint oh my god it's ruthless to it it's amazing it's incredible workout these are like bio engineering some army or something with happening you're like so smart pills and trying to get people smarter stronger more aware with you the big order would be no order there is also no end of this commercial because i don't have a fucking musical player thing i don't have one so it's fake ah uh so no beginning battle ropes now starts cuts trussell the fuck is going down
no i i just speaking of land on what's going on downs going on what's going on i saw a really is being battle ropes i saw this very disturbing video today if you see the thing about old dudes with broadswords chopping the heads off pigs well no way it's fucking weird dude 'cause they're like oh my god you're not like warriors there just older guys that maybe a knife convention or something i'm not sure what it is shit but they have a broad sword and they're just lopping off the heads of pigs my god like hanging upside down laughing them off swords it really does straight bloody battles used to because they just it's like they just slide right through the neck of that fucking pig just slide through like a knife through butter and the sound is so gross this flick in these we
your old dude just swinging these sources fucking strange man is christ so glad that we got past that phase of human thank god someone invented a gun and that's funny hey if i gotta choose i'll take a gun i think yeah i'll take it i'm sure this far less violence today than there ever was when they were swinging swords around i'm sure it's like no comparison well yeah i mean you could just think how easy it was if you are in a bad mood to kill somebody back then there's dna finger there's no fingerprints if you're just wandering through a town you just see a particularly plump young child drag that thing in the woods please i said why that we're there's no amber alert that was not that long ago in human history and now now man the weirdest thing of all humanity is the humanity that preys upon its young it's like they're young our youth was ruined and so
now they want to ruin youths it's almost always the same story so it's a scary frightening aspect of humanity you're talking about people that wanted you know abduct kids oh yeah do you want yeah but it's almost always comes from something being done horrible to them well yeah that's the opposite of this thing called the discipline succession which is this idea that people get super super smart time to time by meditating or drugs or something happens to them and then those people like transmit that to their closest friends which gets transmitted down i and tell it like ends up in the present moment it's got the discipline success you know how you get it's like one thing to hear someone from someone happy right but when get around someone who's really advanced and really happy you walk away with this kind of like extra thing it like get something into you know it like they give something from you around him so that ideas that certain times
will have like a massive burst of you know like the monkey that came out of the tree or the monkey that first used a certain tool certain people have that exact same kind of like blast and the people in the close proximity to them get it and it transforms them and then they give it to the next person that goes through time the sibling succession in the same way there's an opposite of that there's like a an anti in right and anti happiness just a foul poison that start way way way back when and gets transmitted from one person to the next to the next in this endless chain of shit that ends up with like people doing monsters things it's quite curious it's almost a race between those two it's weird how pliable the human consciousness is you know it's weird how the human consciousness depending upon how higher raise can be thrust in so many different directions it's so weird like we are so not like in an easy thing to develop
we're like we really were super duper complicated we have also crazy emotions irrational ideas of the past irrational views of our own memory you know and we're all one through this whole weird thing together try feel our way through it please we're so irrational or so it's such a stray change animal well it's samantha we've got these sedimentary layers of time things in history where you are just being ravaged by famine and disease and it's it was rough man i mean if you think about that like even now people aren't safe you can call nine hundred and eleven and have cops come to your house within thirty minutes depending on where you're at sometimes faster something catches on fire dial nine one one little red trucks come and put it out they just trucks with water inside of there's no water around think about that but not very
long ago man something catches on fire it's like that shits going down you know if somebody if your friend hurts himself you're not nine hundred and eleven you're going to wrap him in like thirty bandages and just hope for the best it's so that means that people there's a lot of fear embedded into us genetically from those times you know there's an angry little eight man living side everybody you can see any time you get mad you can that's him howling out in the depths of your being you know their differences some p will still listen to that howling eight freak who's like terrified and screaming out of the universe and believe that that's then and they become that crazy primal scared being and some people have started to realize we're completely realized that that's just one old sort of almost outdated appendage a psychic appendage stuck inside
humans and you don't have to listen to the screaming fucking ape every time something bad happens you can operate from another place you know yeah you can and mean we're moving towards that long as we can keep this whole society thing together keep giving people food and purpose and we can slowly but surely make these leaps into the next stage of consciousness yet we gotta keep the fed you know he wrote it's from breaking out it's really hard to keep right i'm breaking out when you're blatantly lying to people you know that's a problem this fucking julian assange thing is really gives me the spooks man because i will explain to folks who don't know what the fucks going on what's happening so julian assange is this guy created a website called wikileaks and he was kind of the face behind this website that people send secrets government secrets people sent him a low
the files that showed a helicopter gunning down reporters among other fucked up things and so he he got in a lot of trouble with the military industrial complex essentially just pissed off the military industrial complex he he ended up because it's something happen in sweden no one really knows exactly what it is but the uk is treating like whatever he did in sweden like he just went around fisting nuns in setting fucking buildings on fire like they were doing everything to get him back to sweden for what i think is a relatively small charge that's this party i think it's called surprise sex surprise sex are very odd thing manly and also met him not to be a complete fucking conspirator real weird out but a lot of people say that there's some basic things if you want to get somebody that you can do and one of them is you set him up with some kind of
crime you know i mean you can you can entrap somebody i'm not saying i don't know what happened obviously but in society now if you were running an empire and you had an enemy in a really public enemy it goes past the point where you can just assassinate him like in the good old days like in the good old days if someone had some information you just fucking synonym one of your assassins to come through their window and give him a quick snip on the throat leave your fucking sigil or whatever you sign was because sometimes you want people to know that your enemies die and that was it how assassination is a little more complex you know you've got to like if someone gets in the public eye can't just suddenly hang themselves suddenly assigned just dangling in the in the see there they came into the in the bathroom sign just hanging by a fucking rope wearing panties ring women's panties with maybe some drunken kitty porn scattered around we don't know it just freaked out in there from the stress and he
do auto erotic asphyxiation cut to cnn cnn barely a peep about the we bored scandal pervert pedophile assange found dangling in the embassy wearing women's underwear pink with mickey mouse pictures on you know what i it's like that that's a way that they try to defame you and make you seem like you not valid that you are no one should have been listening to you in the first place that's one way to assassinate somebody this in this libor scandal but what exactly is behind that they were adjusting the fucking interest rates they were like fucking with interest rates not not based on real reality but based on the urgings of the government from my completely low level understanding of this shit but basically it somehow is just one of the indications of the things that we hear all the time from some like really hardcore conspiracy theorist you were saying that the
uh the uh you know world economies are just being controlled by bankers who were shifting numbers to benefit themselves you know and this is like of course the military you know that's your complex or war quite often is benefiting someone in a massive way you know so it's just part of that idea that the way things are happening on the planet right now aren't based on some forty form of humanistic logic but are based on our economic that the economic drives a very a very small amount of people and make a load of money when bad shit goes down you know like whenever there's a fucking war there people who make so much fucking money man i mean it's nice you know like the way i if like i fucking was the book it like get my own tv show like if i if i was able to sell a show right that would be a big deal for me that would be awesome that would be an incredible moment my
life in that same way that i'm excited about that there's people who are like oh come on iran say one more anti semitic thing come on if we one more sign that you want to attack israel we can fucking get in there and if we get in they're going to need a lot of my new xp forty nine double double just fucking missiles and i'm going to make a ton of money you know and those peep have lobbyists that talk to senators and congressmen and their point is the reason isn't for the reason isn't because it's like you know i imagine it's like when you're fucking whore you know the reason she's fucking you is from money she's not fucking you 'cause she likes you she's fucking you 'cause she wants money for in the same way these are these are powerful conglomerates are making moves that are based on their own economic gain i this isn't obvious i don't mean to be so fucking obvious but you know idea was that i mean
must be shielded from that that was the idea that wasn't supposed to be possible yeah when that became possible and an obvious and policy that's when no problems began as far i mean as far as like my own personal awareness when i started seeing it became much more blatant seemed like later on in life and this most recent supreme court ruling about it where they said that corporations can act individual right which is insanity you just saturday as much money as they want to give like you guys can work out a deal i'm going to be present how much do you want to give to my campaign have one million bucks how would i love you all i love you too and i work together alright give me some money yeah it's quite sad it's a it's a sad situation and now it's a strange situation it's a strange situation and it's a it's a situation that up until this point i mean it was pretty easy to hide this shit you could read
control information you people couldn't just look in their phone and fucking google anything yeah it's almost like everybody's waking up going wait what what you know what the effect reminds me of joe i just fucking bought a tv i'm an american i haven't had a tv in so long i want to fucking best buy somebody damn one of those now how long did you try to be like mister bohemian i don't need a tv it was i don't know since and in that fucking house down nine months this tv is awesome any he tells you the tv is not awesome is an asshole tv is awesome no i know it once was and i we didn't have a tv out of some heat for tv i don't have a tv because i understand my composing a plug that xbox and pop in skyrim and just vanish from society for four yeah that's my problem but the thing about this fucking tv is the pictures too good really it's too clear it's like you watch the x men and it's like seeing
people just walked out of like a a fucking west hollywood aerobics class they just look too real it looks silly it's too real it something about the pictures too good yeah the different quality to it where makes old movies look like shit yes it's too good it looks silly you know it looked really bad man i saw aliens to the other day the movie still holds up it's still a great movie but there's some ground scenes where they had a painted spaceship yeah and it was so bad because it's so obvious in that with the hd so in the same way it's weird because it's like that technology is imitating i think what's happening to people's perception of things somehow when uh zidan starts doing the presidential talk or when you see like what's happening in fuck in the uk where they're saying with no no no listen we have a right to what we have to enforce this this thing is the deportation
of assigned to sweden it this is nothing to do with the thing worry leaked terabytes of shun about the military industrial complex nothing to do without that that's just a coincidence we've get him out to sweden because he did a surprise rape now sex surprise sex i guess kind well what happened was they they had had sex and then he was in bed with and then he had no condom can i stop you for a second supposedly i to uh paula gys to everyone that i just use the word rape i'm so sorry i said that you never use that word however i will never use it again the words done i will never use that word i've taken that word and i have tied it to a fucking bed it's the new faggot in fact i don't even mind my neurological system cannot process is that word sorry that don't i don't hear any bad words i've got a new i've got a new
taking a new fucking know tropic makes it so that i can't hear offensive words really enjoy a comedy show 'cause nothing rude is a comedy show more than comedian says something unethical or immoral oh i hate it i'm just trying to have a good fucking time yeah i don't want to be lectured i don't want you throw lefty beliefs my way oh my lefty beliefs no no i'm saying to the comedian our hypothetical comedian that were just making out yeah i yeah he comedian person blogger soi toad helping we got a we got all the sinners mouth shuts we can't let him speak we can't let him talk about the things that happen in the world like what is so weird about people that they're so easy to program like the program so many different ways you look at people in north korea like all cry
and for real in the street when their dictator died i mean they were for real legit crying the street and then look people in america and see how how much different we are than you know the people in china than people in india so we're adaptable and we're so fucking variable we're so different it's it's we've a just fucking animal ever we are a strange we are strange fucking creature man we went from background to foreground it's like all the it's like animal are so absorbed in the nature when you watch a fucking squirrel running around and you see how like in nature that thing is just part of the earth almost just the earth humans are like a few steps past that so it's like we came out of a picture we like came from the background in the foreground this is that this is the idea that are they tried to metaphorically talk about in the story of five the garden of eden which is you know
the before they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they were unaware that they were naked it was like there more more animals and then this represents think mccann i said you know this is the representation of the expansion of the neocortex this is the beginning of human brain development is suddenly becoming aware of ourselves of our bodies of the fact that we have a fucking body 'cause you know animals they don't think about their butt holes you know like dogs aren't thinking about like what their balls look like when they're running they're not thinking about their their fucking hair if it's messed up that doesn't cross their mind that dogs never worried about its hair being messed up but humans like we fixate on that ship if we spend so much time thinking about how ashamed or ridiculously we proud we are of our bodies it's fucking hilarious how much time you really consider how much time you fix it
your body one way or the other we're just into our bodies or so yeah man that's this that's one of the weird bizarre aspects of being human is you're aware you're aware of all the stuff you like you know you're of why you like you like you it's a puzzle to you you see a woman with a thin waist in and a big gas and big breasts and you're like you don't even know why there's like triggers are going off evolutions like that's the shape you're looking for that's the shape you're looking for caps like caps from being accentuated by the high here little why is that fucking weird how weird is it that every woman shaves her legs like you have to like that's not with their legs look like especially girls with dark hair you know any anything like really would be the word spicy you know any like greek or something along those lines italians lot of those girls if
didn't shave their legs oh my god do you know what kind of crate you should be looking at well the last long as have you ever let your your whole pubic area grow before he trained me yeah give a tremor yeah i just remember there been long long periods right i'm sure the thing is just and if you look at it but it's just ridiculous it's like all over the place is just a cavity chaos chaos yeah it's it's yeah it but and then you imagine that yeah covering entire body and that's what we used to be it's like a lot of people still bush never see was it george the animal steele that was the name was the wrestler george the animal steele something the animal steele and he was he looked like a fucking gorilla is the hairiest human being ever he was huge it is his big giant fucking you know so for human muscles and hair covering his whole body robin williams this guys more freaky robin williams is pretty fucking hairy yeah but this guys look at gorilla ties i mean it's like it's like it's real
i mean he was he was in one of those movies um one movie was in i feel like he was in a movie i'm not remembering it right when the thing i think he did i think he had a career in like horror movies or something we're very close to something that just it's no longer here anymore but people's minds are still some people are still functioning at that level and then some people know that some people are still functioning at that level and understand how their new system works and are really good at tricking people you know 'cause once you're like just like if you still identify with the howling screw being animal inside of you you're really easy to manipulate you know it's not that hard to fucking trick a monkey and going for a banana it's like legendarily easy to get monkey
you go for a banana i want you to come over here and just look at what george steal looks like so you see what what what kind of ridiculous that i'm talking about can you imagine the grill he is huge dude covering her and he's like bent over looking at you like he's about to charge it looks like a stop motion character from clash of the titans or something similar it doesn't seem right that's weird yeah and he did some acting i think it was in like yeah he was in edward i believe with johnny depp yeah wanna fucking crazy looking too but he still like the corner like you would have a turnbuckle he would grab it and bite it and started eating it and ripping it apart he's fucking crazy what a weird life that most about her being a professional race
yeah that's a really weird life that's one of the weirdest aspects of our culture ever professional wrestling you mean like world wrestling yeah world wrestling entertainment i haven't watched wrestling since the great kabo key man people still of a dude that was really well it does really well it's fucking crazy what is it man it's like a form of fucking dance basically isn't it like it's like choreographed fights yeah you know are fake but it was fucking hard to pull off do those guys get beat up those guys are always on each other damn right so but it's not it's not real fighting it's like a form of gymnastics tumbling shorts like what's a work you know is what it is it's a hard they do what you call it we call hard work what they re they slap each other occasionally then fucking they'll closed line each other they really slam each other to the ground and he could really get fucked up doing it don't have like you a back prob
homes and shoulder problems and but the cool thing about it is not just the fact that they're fake fighting it's that a narrative weird rudimentary narrative that runs through the fucking thing where everyone's has rivalries and there's there's always of guy has like generally like super natural undertones like maybe he's come from hell or something right there's like always undertaker yeah these mysterious men have emerged from like the darkest parts of the world is slappy back really hard when i was in high school it was bob backlund he was the champion big one what that everybody wanted to see five for the title was jimmy the super fly snuka yeah yeah and it was a big deal man and he would put up with three fingers like this and he would go out love you
that was what he was telling everybody would need his fingers up i love you in a fly through the air he would fall i through the air dude and land on guys and we beating his body must have taken doing that man but did you ever did some ridiculous shit i remember when i was a kid getting into some fair really serious arguments of p over whether or not wrestling was real would be like in and out this is fucking real dude do you think this is fake you fucking think that great kabo key like a guy just blow steam out of his mouth and poison a man he's real you would get in these like deep oh yeah before they had to admit it was fake for like right but you see the tax purposes you see it's still happening see this is the funny thing it's still fucking yeah only now when you tell somebody you know our congress is bought by cooperate it's not really representing the people anymore and you can you can you
you know that that's that's real it's pretty obvious by now you tell people and they'll be like no it's real it's real it's real it's the realist thing there is how could you say that's not so these men these fine men are the high seats of power they're not getting bribed by corporations no never they have integrity yeah again and again time and time again we see that these people have been supported by lobbyists to the point where i saw someone put like on one of them i think one of the president's or i don't remember which it was it maybe i don't remember who 'cause maybe baynor the guy looks like howdy doody i can remember what it was but put all their main corporate sponsors like a nascar outfit you know like this like senators and congressmen should start having to wear
i think robin williams had that in this special i did is that he said i saw a picture of it on the end of my life but but the it's the truth but there's still people who want who don't want to believe believe that's the truth and this is the fucking problem in 'cause it's not just politics it's religion there's people i just have you seen this fucking it keeps popping up on the internet but it's like this idea that evolution has had that the way some and are the creation is believe it the way some animals got from one continent to the next is from rafts of the forests uprooted by the great flood
so like bears and rabbits and squirrels were just like floating across the ocean on blogs like they people believe that still creation is believed that dude imagine that just logs covered in rabbits and puppies and eagles it's just craziest thing fucking ever but people believe that right now there have been guys who've invested money to try to design and recreate the ark how do you think you could have worked just been dudes have done that like there's some rich dude i think in holland and these recreating an are based on cubits and the whatever crazy measurement they used to win the lord's work how many fucking lunatics right now how many crazy people right now in neighborhoods and trailer parks across america are in their backyard constructing an art 'cause they think god told him to build an ark
weather at least four hundred people right now hammering in their backyard on a fucking ark 'cause they had a weird mark i told them to build an ark there's definitely more than one definitely heard of more than one person talk about grandiose imagine you can you really noah but that's like you know if you're google gaga buffs that's uh that's entertaining one you think you think you're noah oh my god but dude imagine if like your fucking brain speaking to me wait what but joe it is i the lord i'm going to flood the planet because i'm pissed why was thought it's hilarious when you see like a fake seance or seance looks like obviously full of get hold on i'm getting a signal he staying he saying there's a hole where his used to be what does that mean does anyone know what that means it speaking to me i just fucking saw on trinity broadcasting network if you ever watched tv in yes so i decided
broadcasting network this fucking televangelist say do you that new house do you want new condo that two thousand dollars isn't going to get a condo or a new house plant that seed money in my ministry and it will come back to you ten hold one hundred fold so this guy is on tbn compelling peep we've been saving up their money to buy a house to send that money to his fucking ministry he's tricking dumb asses into funneling money to him in the idea that they're going to send two thousand dollars an 'cause he says it's so terrible what he does he's like he's aiming at the keep like illegal immigrants one of the things he says you now one whoever sent two thousand dollars to me his green
card had already been denied but he went to the mailbox and you got a letter underneath his bills and he opened that letter and it said he had been accepted his green card have been accepted so you're like trying to hit these like the most aspirate humans who rowing as a combination desperate and dump watching tv late at night and they just have a little bit of money left but maybe there are little draw oh i like yeah this is it this is what i need to do this is what i fucking needed on getting money to the ministry of father fuck face and it's going to come back it's crazy and if they start doing that that's eating pretty recent it used to be just a donation thing but then someone came the brilliant idea of saying that you're planting seeds and then you get it back see that wasn't just a donation anymore it became like you know i mean i could
like that for a while for a while awhile was just donations but the problem is man with all this stuff this is where alleging it's confusing as a lot of the metaphysical principles these people are throwing out there they're real if you put good energy out into the world it does come back to you it is true if you put if you put good things out in the world it's like throwing a fishing line out and there's a really good things you're going real back something awesome that you didn't expect to get but it's like these sons of bitches they're like making it as though there is an actual spiritual economy in the universe where if you there's some kind of quantum viable bank account balance where if you send two thousand will get twenty thousand based on some specific crazy laws that's that's where it gets odd and that's where it's kind of fun up because it isn't it isn't because the wounded antelopes have always been jacked by the water holes that's just the way it always been have you're so
and dom that you think that guy is really to be able to do that with your money it's almost like you exist as an example of folly you have to exist as an example of like when anybody scammed by one of those nigerians yes one of them i watch this one thing they were talking about it was a dude who was really sad man the guy just didn't have any companionship didn't it didn't have a girl friend really wanted a girlfriend and just spent all his retirement money so this nigerian scammer went to europe to meet this chick twice twice twice kind of broke down during the shower brutal because his his water or someone had to tell him that the woman wasn't real someone close to him trying to explain to him at the moment wasn't real but he just wanted to believe he went to europe twice to meet her do it twice and like she
i couldn't find them oh my god i'm getting called back by my family in this poor fucking guy bit bit hook line sinker and everybody spoke to her and just kept sending money see it's really cool mag because we keep going back to talking about believing in bullshit and the effect it has on your life the immediate detrimental effect it has in your life to believe bullshit no matter what the fucking thing is it always fucks up your life whatever the fuck it is if you believe in something this crap you end up making decisions based on crap and so you just summon more and more negativity into your life from believing in bullshit now where it gets fucking weird man where like there's a part of me that is always combating what apparent violent and brutal merciless aspect of nature with my own instinct to want everybody to be ok an
those two things are really fucking confusing for me like did you look out into the world you know when you see you see any on the nature channel just do not want to watch a fucking hyena taking a bath in the car cuz of a fucking elephant her watch fucking those those tigers in the russian circus pack those dudes or look at the fucking in china the monstrous way that they're you slice the skin off of living dogs or you can go on with examples of this kind of brutal of the slow our house is everywhere you know the brutality of nature you know in in in and and you can go into this nietzschean mind state where you're like we you know yes that is that is as much a part of the universe is anything outs and then there's another part of you that if you start thinking we can become a bit a bit nihilistic where start thinking like oh well if there's a wounded antelopes and why i help them
you know what i mean but what let let them suffer for their own good let them come to understand life through their own transgression so that they can grow on their own and become powerful by their own volition and that's fucking cool man there's part of me that really loves that idea and then there's a part parts like yeah but what if you know there's an actual concerted effort at work right now a concerted effort by kind of a combination of many different conglomerates have recognized the cycle roger called make up of most human beings and i figured out very intelligent ways to intentionally manipulate those human beings to become consumer is stick so that they can gain at are from from these people's lack of education in understanding i think you very educated people are often consumers to
as well i think consumerism is a byproduct of work and doing a lot of work that you don't really want to do it makes it makes you want to buy when people enjoy buying things when they work hard that's part of it but this is like from this i think we've talked about this before the century of the cell about the uh what's called black psychology or the the using psychology to manipulate people into buying are giving the impression that they need something right so it's like but it's an art form i've almost got it down to a science and it's a necessity if you're going to have a successful economy in a capitalist country you gotta keep selling shit you don't want to make something that's going to last forever but how do we regulate it do we do we do we just what happened so that you can have preachers that you can have those crazy guys on tv saying that if you send me money i give you ten times do we just let that happen what if you were if you were inclined to decide you know if you had cast your
your vote one way or another do we limit yeah right i'm sorry we're going to say like because if that guy's not legitimate okay what have thing comes along that is legitimate what if there's some sort of sustainable new environment that's being built and they want everybody to throw some money in and become a part of it and you know in the offer you like a tangible deal and it's based on the same sort of spiritual concepts you're gonna automatically connect it with those other assholes well now i know this is the problem i mean this is we i can't stop it you know i'm saying it's like you couldn't stop it because it you would limit stopping it for real people who's is going to stop it too he's going to make the decisions who is you say no no no this is the right thing and that's the wrong thing and this is good and that's bad it's like it's almost only an egomaniac whatever even consider the notion of trying to take charge you know it so it is this you know we end up in this curious predicament of trying to determine okay well then how much do we let have
for example what's happening in syria right now how much do we let happen how many more people get fucking bombed in this weird war between an oppressive regime and the people who are rising up and it isn't oppressive regime the guys but like the guys been around too long the elections are fucked it's serious always been notoriously a kind of fucked up place it's like now there's a civil war happening so how much do we who takes the side of who takes the side of assad that's his name right side what who takes his side who is really going to stand up for that fucking guy you know what i mean and i'll tell you one person who is russia you know what i mean so russia is standing up for this guy now are in a weird situation i don't know how much they are supporting that's where things get up because it's like it's i guess we just back off and let a bunch of people get slaughtered get that's the way of the world this is like you know the hardcore libertarian
believe this i think ron paul's like this is in our business his also his contention is that we've created a lot of business that we should have created we've made things are business and things we've had blowback because of things that we've done that we should have been doing in the first place the idea police in the world yes that's a problem and we definitely split put our dicks and a great many hornet's nest but it's like the the the up but if you look at it from like a perspective just you your in your in your apartment right you're in your apartment can two doors away someone starts screaming bloody murder he's fucking killing i friend bleeding what do you do what do you do are you gonna fucking call nine one one of course you're going to try to help to maybe you're maybe going to go over there and see if you can fucking help this person right now i was sitting there let's spread the radius out you know two buildings down that's happening to someone now let's spread it out more
two miles away at a certain time someone's going to get fucking hurt how when do you stop helping and right now it appears that when you stop helping is when it's outside the fucking boundaries country at that point you're like no no no it is the way of the world that people are slaughtered by mortars and guns and executions and dragged into secret prisons it's the way of the world and then it's a really weird fucking situation because it's like well it's also the way of the world to get people out of fucking secret prisons and to help people who are in trouble you know it's the story of our fucking you know our history the god damn the french helped us you know it's like sometimes people need help when do you help it's a real fucking question it's a real it's one of the big questions facing us right now is like when do you do something you know like if in the uk if they fucking storm into
the ecb would the embassy that the ecuadorian embassy do you say one of ecuador but they storm into that fucking thing br being the sovereignty of ecuador which is sense invading ecuador if you go into a fuck yeah so in that case obviously when they just fucking start throwing out the whole game weather like you know we're just going to do what we want and as long as it's this will make it seem like there's laws in place here right it comes down to it we're going to fucking do what we want isn't it crazy that you got like a whole building that's a different country building has sovereignty in this guy can go there and say can i get asylum and then i guess good cool i'm staying here and now you still like wait hold up and wait you can imagine the stress of being in asylum can you imagine the stress of being julian assange it must be unbearable i mean the guy he's crazy but he has giant balls
giant dude that guy is going to be remembered as one of the great heroes man that sonofabitch that poor fucking bass nobody that i made a real goddamn sacrifice because like care how much money he was making from wikileaks i don't care if who's making a fuck load of money for wikileaks man he knew when you wait leak those documents do you realize like when you get that much fucking information that shows that some fucked up shit is going on the moral responsibility to ethical responsibility you have at that moment because you know that the moment you let this shit out you're fucked forget it forget it game over you've made the decision like alright i'm going to fucking throw myself on the fire in this incarnation just because it feels better than sitting back and festering with the knowledge that there's fucking innocent people getting gunned down for no god damn reason and that's being kept away from the people who are funding the fucking bullets blow but their heads you're like god damn it fucking do it and you do it and
bad and then you end up fucking hold up in the god god damn embassy and you know even if you do get out of that embassy even a fifty thousand guy fawkes mask wearing anonim vigilantes to descend on that embassy all wearing the same outfit swarm the fuck embassy and give you the outfit to wear so that you just mix in with all of them and vanish into the fucking into the darkness and then end up in fucking ecuador you know at one point there to be a moment when you wake up and there's a guy sitting next to your bad like hey man i'm sorry but i got a fucking kill your ass or maybe doesn't say anything or maybe they poison you or maybe there's a fucking moment when you walk down the street and you feel a strange prick in the bottom of your leg and the next thing you know you get a weird sickness a form of fucking swine flu some odd bacterial infection just fucking dive so tell me more about what's going on in dallas
it's a w nile outbreak apparently nine people died now when did this happen i don't know when the outbreak happen and i kind of like keep my eyes peeled for any kind of like end of the world style plague reports but it seemed to pop out of nowhere just eight people and dallas game now with w nile virus really recently yeah really recent dusted that i think they're dusting today she's just crushed just spraying out that fucking poison you know because they don't want the west nile virus to spread who yeah i did texas gets fucking funky hot man and apparently aubrey said they've had a record amount of days cruising in on the current record which is like some crazy number like fifty something days of over one hundred degrees what is fucking summer in history man yeah it's weird it's weird you know what we were talking about like lakes drying up and river's drying up and shit like that that saw that's a disturbed
i thought man that the climate can shift like really radically yeah and it always has that was and our ideas that were getting will stay in this one spot that we so choose to set up shop in that might be silly there might be silly thing to do yeah it's like as a species we do this thing same thing people do as an individual like as a species we make this silly like we have this crazy idea that everything is going to stay the same the planets can always be hospitable to our former life and we just the same way that from you know individuals goa think they're going to live fucking forever they go around treating people like shit not returning phone calls you know go around like being like complete concert though there's going to be some point if i love you say did treat you said fuck it now return phone calls funny that is not kissing my brother you you won't come all the horrible shit you could have said someone does like people
fucking dog shit man not returned i had these are my brother is like i love invariant he's like one of my best friends on the fucking planet but he's found like some but he really loves and it's really some so he's like he's like absorbed into this end of this beautiful thing that i'm very happy for him for but it's like that classic thing on one of your best friends gets a girlfriend you're like fuck i understand i've done it god knows i've done and i've been the king of that shit man it's horrible but the point is people treat their lives and i try to do this last now sometimes people get caught up in like the my new and they end up they end up discounting their existence is though there's going to be some point ten years from now a lot of people think ok i'm going to fucking party through my twenties and then your twenties passing
thirty seven i got still got some juice in miss till i'm going to just fucking do it through my fridays and then your 30s pass and now you're feeling a little tired and fucked up a little bit your 40s comment and you're like and the going to settle down and i'm going to really become a man and then you just keel over and die and that's it you never fucking did you know you never actualize yourself you never jumped into the you never jumped into the fucking fray i mean so in the same way as a species it's like we're in that situation where we think yeah what do we find man there's infinite fucking resources come on and it's you know not now we're kind of like in that part where you look in the you flip the fucking hotel near a little bit and take a look at that pink moon sprouting in you're in the back of your fucking head what fuck there's a patch of pink they're in the same way there's like nice big thick black oily patches of death sprouting up all over the planet from people logging and dumping chemical
was in there and like now it'll come around that little fucking radioactive patch called chur noble come around it'll be fine in a couple of one thousand years you know i it's like and not even know fukushima will be fine fine it'll be fine that's not getting that won't affect the rest of the planet why would you so crazy it's fucking crazy so this is where we have this fucking problem man because we've got a group of people who believe that rabbits floated on rafts from one continent to the next we've got a group of people who really fucking believe in some very archaic primitive bow shit and we're really letting him run with it man we're really letting them run with not only that you're you're supposed to if you're polite to love them whenever craziness they believe without ever arguing it ever did dusting it forever disagreeing with yeah and it's fun it's like it's fine okay man fucking believe that should i don't care i really don't care and then and if it makes you happy
i really do mean god bless you and i'm happy you're happy that's fucking awesome but if you're making political decisions based on these belief systems well we gotta fucking problem man we got a big fucking pie if you're making political decisions based on an imaginary voice and your fucking head that thinks it floating man's going to come down from space and this is a problem this is a problem because the decisions need to be made on a more realistic human level which is like hey there's a lot of people on this fucking planet we are we are we need to start working together and and stop blowing each other up is crazy an idea is that may be it's pretty much time to put down the bible let's put down the fucking koran let's put down the let's put down the old crusty old fucking scrolls and just treat like we're living in a neighborhood and let's see if we can fucking let's see if we can just stop blowing each other up for a second iran you don't need nuclear
missiles iran let's not make nuclear missiles in israel let's not fucking attack iran right now no none of the people want to fight none of the people want war i want to die i don't want to die i don't want anybody to get fucking blown up none of us want that man maybe like maybe there's three thousand of us who want that maybe there's three thousand people who really are so it and that's it and there's a lot more of us than there are of them you know so it's some point some has that happened where shift takes place where people start are prioritizing what's actually happening over what people dressed in funny outfits are telling us an invisible man is saying we should do you know it's like so obvious exit live for example of like you're in the woods and you get to choose which in two guides there's a guy wearing camouflage is like got a fucking rambo knife and some fucking awesome tattoos and then there's the guy comes out dressed in a black fucking cloak holding
book and he's like this is a magic book this is my magic forest book in this book will give you all the answers you need in this giant massive deadly dangerous snake filled bear written force who are you going to pick the guy with the magic book or the fucking yeah with camel you go with a camo fucking guy you go with the fucking camera guy maybe you take down the guy in the funny robe and steel is road to make a hammock but you don't fucking you don't fuck it you don't follow god only book well in less brain doesn't work that good man that's a problem i think that one of the things religion can do for people that really helps is it gives an operating system and i think intelligent people use it that way and i think some really dumb people use it that way if they didn't have it they wouldn't know what to do they might actually be a problem i think it gives people an operating system although i don't agree with it i think it's like i've
describe that is like religion being like scaffolding that's like scaffolding or expanding consciousness allows you to have like some real solid did you don't have to think or worry about and then concentrate on being positive help brother being you know being a generous person it's a vehicle yeah vehicle for you know you need stories or you know scripture or whatever it is that you need to get you into that frame of mind puts you on that good scaffolding the shits encode it man it's a fractal there's deep information and all the scriptures ice only when i problem private they're also different in the rules are so different that's true man i know some of them are just not into being happy right well now yeah we'll see if we what it is is it seems to be a problem of literalism
you know it's like people are yeah it's eight reading things in taking them literally and so in and not looking into the deeper levels of things this is happening in every single aspect of our society it seems that people are becoming more and more literal they they that the their understanding of symbolism parody that kind of stuff becomes seems to be a little muddy now for example the most recent thing that happened is as you know i know you know daniel tosh in the fucking rape fiasco for example right now daniel tosh now no this has been chewed gum on this show but like this is third pod sharon comedienne separate talking about and they want to stay on the the the the the two so someone when you make it when you deal with things on the surface level and you don't look deep well then you get into stupid wrestling with semantic wrestling matches with comedian
over the most ridiculous ideas ever instead of just like yeah he was like throwing something out there he's not a race is he doesn't want to rape he threw something out there it's no problem you know the deep just a little just three inches under the surface of that fucking thing and it's jan it's jan mostly just like whatever but like on the surface it's fucking so important so very fucking so in the same way people take these very powerful scriptures they to put them on the on the surface level and they start arguing about the fucking surface level so now when people are talking about the fucking indeed they're arguing over like who is the bad guy was it even was it adam well is leaves fox she was that darnold snake first people really think that like yes the woman's fault that's what she got cursed with the pain
full childbirth and there's some of that in there but it's like come on fuck heads come on like if you say so then when you look at like when you get into the fucking kabbalah and you look at the kabul is the tree of life and you see something that's taking the fucking idea of the tree of life in the garden of eden and deepening it to like that it really much deeper part of the fucking fractal where it's an expression of the expansion of nothingness into something that's in the universe and it's a cool metaphysical grid it shows a thing becoming aware of itself a thing waking up and then becoming aware of itself creating a triangle which flips over because it reflects itself into the universe and these it's deep it's heavy yeah and you can it's fucking awesome this is kabbalah that's the kabbalistic tree of life and is this this stuff i'm not supposed to even read until you hit like thirty six or some shit yeah that's what they say i mean i don't know i don't go to the kabbalah center anything i've just been reading alastair crowley and he's got like some uh huh
a snake sound to confirm your allegiance with satan talking you're a grown man you just hissed let me tell you shout at the devil i guess all the fucking i've histed's son i found myself his name from time to time forgive it hangs a feel good hang hang over you got i'll hang over you for like a vampire yeah yeah that's what vampires look like regular there hung over or when the sun comes out they do this we weird ideas that sometimes you can have vampire fall all the vampire rules until real recently people got so a again there were like well no now vampires are actually your friend and they only deer and they i'll burn when it's sunny out they just listen they don't want to be glycinate they sparkle joe they don't glistening sparkle vampires all the sudden became cool and you could fuck them oh yeah do you that's anne rice's fault right anna riser ohmygod my god the interview the
vampire no i don't think so mad because even before interview with the vampire dracula was very sexual the dragon so it was hypnotic yeah he was very sexual and like a lot of the older movies you know there is a few of the gay goldman what came first gary oldman or an rice in rice right i for gary oldman dracula i think anne rice so much well no the fucking old dracula i think the bromm stocard regulate deal you know that was why he had some tramps in the castle didn't i'd like there was a room you to do and there are all these female vampires million hot is that call yeah in like they were seductive and they would like powerful full dracula that's the good part dracula's got hot wanna suck blood thrown out just he never bonded in front anybody though is just i guess once you start drinking people's blood that's like waco with opponent checks just completely give up on
i mean in the world of vampires it's that is boning the best dracula though of all time unquestionably gary oldman did you see that one bram stoker so it's so good that keanu reeves can't fuck it up i gotta like i don't know 'cause i haven't seen it but i'll tell you my favorite fucking by the way i do like keanu reeves just a cheap joke i like i miss the joe i love you kiana oh god i love you have potential my joke you just waiting to say what you gotta say yeah i was listening so i'll tell you why actually here's what you're not a note here's where my mind started wandering is you said the great vampire and then i thought no no no the greatest vampire of all time the spookiest vampire ball time is fucking nasfaa rock two of the original
you're right fuck that thing will also that was like really original and think about that guy did that it was like well there's a silent movie no man that thing was a scary son of a bitch that was like that's what it empires like the long fingers kind of goblin and just as creepy thing pop out of the shadows that keep sorry my my yapping too much i love it oh you too really yeah man yeah man that guys fucking scary but you know the salems lot vampires are pretty fucking spooky to nineteen twenty two brother one thousand nine hundred and twenty two and i'm looking at the images of it
now oh my god it's it's it's fucking incredible is legitimately frightening legitimately frightening and it was in the fucking early nineteen hundreds do incredible and they find fucking coffin still too you know they found coffins out there are people of hammered stakes into the oh yeah well there's probably i'm sure people that were fucking assholes and they just wanted to make sure that really never came back but this fucker was creeping you're right man you know he might be the scariest one ever yeah specially when you consider was ninety fucking years ago yeah man that was fucking spit well i mean that was based on the think whatever is warning around out in the fucking woods of germany that's what was out there oh what a crazy people remember it was it was based on a real man oh my god look this fucking photo of dude it's a really good goddamn image but they're really fucking
scary looking yeah that's a scary vampire one thousand nine hundred and twenty two because if you go watch like king kong king kong really scary and that's from like the 30s now not scary at all that scary it king kong cannot folk would notice for rado no not i mean i guess if i had to pick who i wanted to run from it's going to be a fucking nice though but how weird is it that they just hijacked the whole vampire thing vampires used to be the worst shit that could ever happen to you and now he's a hunky guy well i'll tell you why they fucking did that shit bradley in it yeah i gotta sell it to teenagers it's women man a lot of women people that want they want roman the thing about the twilight books at so i've been told about mrs rogan is that the very romantic unrealistically romantic because he's a vampire and it's like he's got a superpower and everything like that
it's like he like is giving it all up just to be with her in a man you have and it's this weird sort of like he should he needs her so much and women love that shit to send natural sort of a thing for them so when you see like women that would be waiting in line to go to those movies it just hits a chord that we don't we don't have we don't know that cord but the chick who wrote that shit knows that cord she nailed it you're talking about the court love i'm talking about the court of affection and admiration like i think all women want to be you know do what they want to be worshipped you know they think that that's like the most romantic thing for a guy who would do anything for you so he would do anything for the girl in the in the in those books he would do anything for i mean he he didn't i want to bite her you wanted you wanted to protect her from everybody who's in love with her meanwhile he's one thousand years old and she's in high school like it's really fucking creepy if you stop and think about it
he's one thousand years old or whatever the fuck it is so she high school man your fucking crazy kind of conversations you having with her she that's great i mean it be hard enough if you were thirty if you were thirty and you're dating a girl in high school like i gotta kill myself i can't take it i can't talk to her she's fucking also want to talk about is instagram one thousand year old per fucking creepers he's a total creeper she could be used great it's not like he just was frozen for all those years like captain america now this asshole's been alive the whole time and your titties in high school it might be the dumbest ideas ever it's not got mad michael powers he can flies fly in a fucking high school kid through the trees jesus christ did they fuck yes eventually yeah later in boiler spoiler yes allegedly about that that don't know is it already happened might already happened i only saw like two of them i think there's
thank you put it in her asshole i don't think vampires allowed to do that it's a synonym for vampires they re invent no no no no vampire go cut the chef just stop stop it they don't even shit anymore so it dries up nice don't shit where you eat blood barely you don't you're after urinate you probably get the exact amount you need you don't know that i would imagine you would get the exact my indian amana vampires asshole is swollen broken a scene where you walk down into a new york city subway and you saw some crazy looking vampire dude you eating blood just blew
edge squirting out of his ass chunky cottage cheese blood that's a vampire looks like a tunnel subway tunnel just shitting blood uh looking at you and thinking about sucking your blood next it's weird that like that's that's as far as they go like vampires suck your blood the worst thing they do but there's never been like a supernatural creature that won't be like mouth fucks you you know what i mean some we talked about that before we do he really is dick ulous as it is i think we actually did talk about this before it must be on fucking my name is there's no spooky fucking bat or some creepy for apes people that was mouth rape and dudes i don't use that word but it's fucking horrifying horrifying being it doesn't have to be i could just be some bug some insect or something came out of the earth and that's how it does it it just fucking it leaves off of the it lives off of people gagging
that's it absorbs the energy and people christ gagging it gets power the twitching of your body when you're trying to throw up yeah it's a gag pyre your pipe is clogged by fat cock can't even throw up you trying to throw up and he's just holding the back your head with scaly paw that's what they came to do they just came to get head they have a really tough dicks like you really cannot even the skin you can buy as hard as you want it doesn't matter when aliens face fuck you they just it just goes in you accept it and it just fucks your throat when try throw up but he can't get past the fact alien cock that's watching your insides out pumping oxygen and by the way it's keeping you alive manual i think why you suck it scott is in this it changes your whole it blows your lungs out and actually eats them and can what's it to a type of glue that keeps the it attached to your body to keep you'll
because now you no longer have lungs you get all your oxygen through his cock oh my god could you imagine that would be the work and in some people would say you know what i don't care i love aliens anyway still author teaching us listen for might be really awesome maybe he loves the fact that he's getting oxygen to that cock you stay away your body withers away can't really move your arms are flailing you look impaled you just look like a skeleton with a fucking dildo and it's and every year it just goes deeper in your body keeps the kids grow and eventually turns in you just turn it like a cactus like cactus dick thing yeah if you look at sugar bob shish kabob de kebab every year the the this dick slowly grows inside your body and starts cracking open organs and pushing this side popping them and snapping them
eventually goes through your body but it doesn't so slowly that you never actually die especially the dick is providing with oxygen but then when it gets to the went to the end the deck pops out of your asshole and you deflate like a balloon that sound is that sound is known as being like it's like the sound of a man's final thumb there's no word sounds like a pinky i mean that's not any weirder than a lot of shit that's real not any weirder than those aquatic worms that gestate inside of grasshoppers and committing get him to it's who is going to be born that's and that's enough now man this is this i know it's not that weird is i where all right it's like we don't the closest a horror movie because it's weird but is the weirdest thing but it's not any more weird than like court iceps mushrooms that grow inside ants heads and then explode and
spray the air and affect all these other ants to become zombie turns into fucking a god damn banelings god bless you star craft ii is i love you it turns it turns him into bombs right it turns into fucking or bomb fungal bomb bom crazy yeah dude the name here is insane man and like sometimes i think about that notion of the fungal consciousness infector the thing that like you you know i know we know this is chewed gum because i know we've talked about toxoplasmosis example yeah i had to describe that today to everlast i've explained you about cats but dude if you take this the next level you know this is where we get into the realm the metaphysical realm that a lot of people believe that you know you can get fucking possessed bias spirit and this is not just fucking christians this is like in almost every religion is this notion that thing
get into you and start fucking controlling you and it's like man if if there's you know maybe there's disembodied beings that really can like get inside you you know you just certain ideas is it maybe he's like certain ideas i think what's his name steinour someone just we believe the ideas were alive right and so there are certain ideas that someone could implant into your head that's the exact same thing is being possessed you know what so you get this fucking idea and it just grows inside of you much like our legendary dick lately and it grows inside of you and turns you into fucking different person there are there are certain people that are so susceptible to ideas and words that and get him in their head and obsess on them to the point of almost like madness yes i had a friend who had a nervous breakdown while he was hosting a show
so there was a black gentleman was the actor in the show very famous guy and as he's he's warming up the crowd brody stevens style he gets this thought in his head that he can't get out in the thought is don't say nigger don't say nigger whatever you do don't say that he would never say it he's not a racist by any stretch of the imagination it was just madness so we had a complete nervous breakdown while he was doing stand up while he was warming up on some hollywood sound stage and he just a nervous breakdown he just he could not think of not saying that word so it would just completely fucking freak them out to the point where he froze and he couldn't get any words on people were concerned about him they were looking at on what z ok like he just stopped in mid sentence and everyone's listening to him he's got a microphone he just locked the fuck up with and i was like wow right now because it would isn't like possessed by
idea the idea possessed them and took over his body and there's other versions of this idea you know whatever the fucking idea it gets in someone's head makes him think that a solution to a problem is the rap explosives around their body and go wandering into a fucking cafe a person's got a bad idea that's a bad idea inside their head that's a bad thing living inside their head it's a bad idea and it's like there's a lot of fucking people on the planet you've got some bad ideas in their fucking heads man but you know they're just i suppose whether they're living or not it's just a device to like help understand the spread of the thing at the spreads more like a virus ideas spread more like a virus then they do anything else right they fucking take over a person they get into it subjective dna they transform its thought patterns and then that being begins to infect those around it with the similar ideas and then that spreads the fucking thought disease out through it through the world you know and not that's like
going on right fucking now right god damn chick fil a i'm going to go down to chick fil a and eat some fucking chicken sandwiches to show my love for jesus yeah right you know and and like that's a virtue you know that's the flower growing from the tree of an idea that's been planted in the minds of many people um you know the fundamentalists and it's like fuck man what if it is a living thing what if they're actually possessed by a living force that is not that great it's just like that fungal things in the set the tree it's interesting that's an interesting way of looking at it that these ideas are actually living things yeah i mean it did might be when i was i mean it is very strange when you think about the direction that our society goes in and then it does seem to be led to and fro by like really st shit up on occasion
saint st st shit he's like wait a minute what are you doing because she did watch she danced what what this is your is your belief you know you get a line of woman up in the middle of the street and throw rocks at her because someone called her dating a member of the wrong muslim tribe yes oh my goodness it gets weird man really scary weird it's fucking weird because i mean god damn the first fucking when the first he decided to come down out of the tree and wander out and start fucking hunting you know i don't i don't know but i'm pretty sure that the other fucking monkeys that decided to stay in the fucking tree and in this situation i'm not saying one group is a monkey and one group is not i'm saying well fucking monkeys but the ones that decided to stay up in the god tree didn't have nuclear weapons you know did you hear about the nuclear sub that was sneaking around off the coast of mexico
down near san diego russian write russian having a little fun in russian nuclear sub got right up next to us just just let you know bitch holla it sneak up on you armed with warheads show easy was a real legitimate nuclear submarine check it out what the fuck whoops that wasn't a message oh my and they were there for awhile we didn't know they were there i guess my gps was all find it up off the coast of fucking san diego apologies america most apologies are on my malfunction malfunction gps yeah how crazy is that there was a warship the uh
super power that wants to get bigger and better we'll see is run by criminals here's where we come to the in out the the the the the thing that mechanic kept talking about he's like look we don't have time to teach people meditate anymore people are possessed by this idea we can teach people to meditate the first thing need to get super high in a psychedelic you know what i mean like there needs to be this there's like this imperative thio transform those fucking crazy thought structures that are floating around in people's heads um because they've got fucking nuclear weapons thanks and you can just climb out of the god damn tree now you know if you climb out of the fucking treat people are going your god damn heretic you you know there you are god damn anti american heritage listen hey there's no fucking jesus christ in the god damn rabbits got across the fucking ocean in some way that didn't involve floating on locks obsessed with this rabbit in the uh
well they didn't say rabbits but i just picture that they just said animals i don't know i don't know what the spread of rabbits throughout the planet i'm floating around on logs you know what else is apparently everywhere on the planet sasquatch yeah well yeah you fucking laugh dude but i'm going to you're getting known as a sasquatch believer almost now that's happening to you i'm down i'm steady squash and look man have you ever watched the show finding bigfoot no i just gotta i had bobo from finding bigfoot on the podcast was awesome he gave me a cast is it cast over there i'll show it to you foot giant foot hat does he believe it fuck you he believes that he said he seen it he said he seen it man you know it's really creepy though really northern pointing that whole area it's got like a canyon ape river monkey canyon it's like all these like weird fucking name and involve primates but it's not
i swear there's any apes it's really strange plus a lot of sightings in one area a lot of sightings for the last couple of one hundred years and is really densely wooded area doesn't mean that they're not bears and people on mushrooms it's totally possible that it also could have been it's an idea that one person had and they ran with it and it fucking carried on as almost a tradition not to take this idea too far but fucking mccann i talked about the idea that the ufo is some kind of projection of the mystere of the mystery of novelty of something with humans or something and fucking hyperspace i think that was young yeah carl young maybe mckinney is quoting young yeah it's aliens and ufos and archetypes i forgot that i forgot forget the book but he a whole book on that concept that the the ufo was almost like a ghosts of our imagination
maybe this is probably terrible way of describing it that's pretty cool maybe it is a ghost of our imagination it's a kind of spectre that rises up out of the deepest parts of ourselves our potential and manifested like this is what we could be or this is like have you ever seen a real ufo footage or real photo that you were like yes i'm i'm i i have seen pictures but every single picture is always fucked up that new sauce cost picture and all they got is back crystal clear in focus is yeah one shot man sons of bitches all right but it's not
and this is not a real animal and the reason why i say that is jane goodall jane goodall said she was one hundred percent convinced all the people should talk to the same story and all the same sightings that there was an undiscovered primate in the pacific nw i have no problem i mean it's never is something it's not anything that fucking would i think would be really awesome if somebody finally like caught one of those things but it wouldn't like it's not going to make me fucking any happier when i wake up in the bowl would make me happier i love like a little kid i'd be so happy but i think what the fuck do i know about primates a lot of what i know about primates came they learn from jane goodall so for me to like pretend that i know more about prime lisa jane goodall just seems ridiculous so jane goodall says there's a incline without doing too much research i'm inclined to believe it you know i mean chain cut all this season
she's a bad ass lady lady not not a bitch scholarly lady thank you but she's may i ask you a question and i don't mean to offend looking good he thinks you ever humped one of those for sure yeah fuck the shit out of at least one just to see what was up maybe that's why after all those years i think a lot of those ladies that they want it fucking champs champs have big dicks you know it doesn't have big dicks guerrillas rose a little tiny dicks you know why nobody's trying to fuck their girls look at the size of jesus christ the guerrillas the smart ones you think about what they are they're these am enormous but peaceful vegetarian guerrillas it's like nature just made him so big so you leave him the fuck alone and it works so good that they can have a harem
so they have a hair and there's no need to grow a big dick it's not about size your dick you have to impress these chicks they're yours go ahead get that one so they have like these little tiny dicks like an inch long they always fallen out did the grills are terrible a fucking christopher ryan the author of sex at dawn talks about this he was telling me about this how gorillas have fucking tiny little dicks because they have yeah it's exact there's no like competition to grow like big cocks that's when they all sold chimps of huge balls too champs of slots female champs just taking dick all over the place so the male chimps their balls swell disproportionately with sperm depending upon how much promiscuity is in their clan so if everybody's fucking everybody that balls are giant just ready to shoot loads on a drop of a hat you gotta be ready to fuck one of these crazy bitches whenever you can hold them down there just banging each left and right especially like banno bos are the craziest animal ever they have sex too
to get over arguments they they yeah men and men that this is the fun women women's is that one of the the in this book which is is bonobos are closer to us than chimps or are equidistant genetically so it's like and they fuck missionary position they look in each other's eyes when they're humping i think there's some lesbians shit that happens out there they're just sexually promiscuous they yeah it's a social it's a way to solidify social bond through humping they do everything except the mother doesn't fuck the sun that's it that's where they draw the line other than that that's how they resolve issues father fucks daughter father fucks daughter brothers fuck sisters yeah but the mom does not fuck the suns nope yeah it's strange but they got something right head step one bitch is an extra shoes then uh
gonna evolve because they have the fucking thumbs on their feet they want to fly around the trees they're not gonna is that why would you lose that that's the most awesome thing ever flying countries is way better than the cool shit that we could do on the ground you know so for them to like developed bars and all that other shit you have to spend a lot of time just walking around with shoes on well no man this is where we get into the idea of this first of all man i love the fucking idea of monkey starting to wear shoes that would that would you wake up catcher's mitts they would start off with catcher's mitts just how cute would that be like you see film of like monkeys like in the cute little sandals that they've made out of a bush baby who do you think um it would work i wonder if it'll work sure i want to figure where a minute walk around catcher's mitts on sure they could wear anything they were fucking tt shirts for the helmets and god damn boxing gloves it be the best what do you think we would do if we walked in and chips in the jungle and they were make
issues with tying their shoes on now not not even weapons to shoes we'd really shoot them now we'd weep with joy 'cause it would be the cutest thing anyone ever saw and also you be on front page are red yes you would be totally on the front page of reddit would explode and also would be like you know it would be a kind of like really spooky thing like which is this idea that maybe evolution itself is accelerating in all beings not just in fucking techno technology but it's like hitting everything it's starting to speak everywhere those guerrillas popping those fucking poacher traps you know what i mean like maybe shits happening everywhere speeding up and speeding up in all things where things are suddenly going to start like talking wearing fucking shoes talking to english accents and for people don't know the guerrillas have figured out a way to disarm traps they know they figured
mechanism behind traps they trigger the traps to working together yeah yeah it's really fascinating really saying they figured out a way to communicate their idea and they they took out the traps yeah mean what do what would we do if they start evolving what would they do if they start developing weapons you know if you went into the jungle and you found chips and they were holding on the spears with flint tips without fucked do you know what do you do that gets crazy and what if using it to hunt just using it to hunt in one day kills a dog you know steals a dog in africa or somewhere and next thing you know it's on the war could you imagine if they actually did evolve what if chimp this is a fucking stew idea strap in but if listen to mckenna's idea mckenna's idea though toned ape theory was that there was a period of human history that the scientists are a little bit confused about that period is over two million years the human brain doubled
and they don't know why they really don't know there's all sorts of thoughts like the throwing arm like that we figured out how to throw shit and kill thing accelerated accelerated our use of tools and the rangers kept up with you know what we needed and then the other the craziest one is mckenna's idea mckenna's idea was that it was because of mushrooms is that we had started coming down off the trees because the climate is changing and rainforests are receding in the glass grasslands and these animals flee over these cow patties looking for worms and shit that they would eat and then found the mushrooms on the top they started surgery the mushrooms and then we started experiencing enlightenment they started having creative ideas they started developing language i want why hasn't someone just taking some champs and giving them some mushrooms why don't why don't they try that
if you're willing to try lipstick on them and let's see if this perfume is toxic when weeks turkey shoot it up your yeah you know they'll do all that to champs they they do testing on champs fare from medicine and they die the it's it's how they do hardship to them they cut their heads off and see if they can keep my life allegedly but why not give the mushrooms could you imagine what if they could show we've been doing this for forty five years we go to some and bunker in nevada right out and groom lake like these are champs that we have developed through a mushroom program and they look like caveman could you imagine we found him for thirty six years this would have they look like man that's if that's that i mean that if only we could have whatever that fucking beam that they had in i startrek the genesis ray or whatever that make should've off faster because to me you know that making his idea of the program and its chomping on those mushrooms was that it happen of course the
a long long time two million years two million years because the cree and and and like is like mushrooms at low doses is the other thing he mentioned in his theory is mushrooms at low doses man they're great for do it they're great for having sex there like they were really like it's if you take the right does it so it's an aphrodisiac yes so like his idea was yeah so there is it's like it also improves visual acuity in the periphery switch so you can see a guide and wine sneaking up on your app not just in the peripheral but they said that they've done tests on where they have two parallel lines and one parallel line will move very slightly off line and and you can recognize it quicker on psilocybin then when you when you're straight leered yeah um forget who what the scientist woz who did that i should know i should remember that but it was one of the ah the things that terrence had as a part of his theory but nobody ever took his theory seriously
everybody got completely mocked and made fun of it because mushrooms are like an inherently silly thing have you say you've done in where you think they're important you're immediately an idiot silly sub and would you would you go to a grateful dead concert dance on a tapestry goddamn hippie but what's amazing it's like it can be responsible for one of the most powerful re considerations of your life ever like a real true religious experience yeah and we're all holding back on share no no no because we're trapped in this wonky culture were all sort of at least partially got the brakes on what comes that stuff not they got the brakes on us we don't have the brakes were the brakes on on the we got condition the reagans but a lot of money into that man like did this wasn't like it though the administration course not family but this was like the you know this is the pharmacological inquisition as they say and it all stems back to the district
ocean of lsd through the united states starting with the cia's experiments to see if they had a truth serum serum and the you know the way sighted what psychedelics do to society is a fucking melt on the boundaries and when boundaries meltdown it causes a shift and that shift did not work very well for the way we've run our society for a very long time and so they recognize that and they stop that shift because it hum it's not but it's important to realize that these brakes are being put on by people outside of us i mean if you look at shamanic cultures in the amazon you know these are this is endogenous part of their daily life it's embedded to their culture it's normal is having fucking telephones you know it's a way to communicate with nature so this is like you know a very very
essential aspect of being a human being is taking a psychedelic and it has been for a very long time and you know whether or not is right about the neocortex expanding and when dominates chopped mushrooms one thing is for certain once we found out about it we indulged what do you mean that's for certain she found out about it people been using him forever being out yes yes yes exactly and we know from our own personal experience with him that the effect is not some kind of like ridiculous frat party giggle fest it's like if you take the right dose and you do it with the right when you do it the right intention then there will be a massive shift in your consciousness that can do a form of ego death which allows you to heal and allows you to re acquaint yourself with kind of a living connective energy that is in all things and that's in a that's a very important
piri to have it's it's it's amazing how well the propaganda worth considering how substantial the effect of the product is that it's suppressed this incredible you know it i mean you would say that in an open market eventually the cream rises to the top but it doesn't get a chance because it's cut off because it's illegal and demonized this incredible i don't whatever you would call it experience that's called that experience is kept away from you it's captain away from what is essentially a natural experience by eating some people have eaten since the beginning of time and it's kept from you and it's a shame it's a shame that you live your whole life without understanding that there might be other aspects to this life that we also need to take to our body in order for us to get a better grasp on things and they might have aided getting us to here and we be in a very sick sick time where we're not using these things and that's what's responsible for this whole chaotic communal that we have this whole chaotic thing
who polluting the skies and polluting the ocean and you know we will do anything for profit including invade other countries were doing all sorts of really insane twisted things that are the types of things that would be happening if we were sick if there was something wrong with us if we weren't getting our medicine if we weren't getting we weren't getting what got us to the dance right yeah man it's true if that's true if the human just really did develop through psychedelics it only makes sense that we fucking that should just like we need meat yeah it's a it's almost like a vitamin got a psychic vitamin and in the same way that way back when during right after the agrarian revolution when people are getting less nutri journal value because of droughts and they became emaciated and small and you can look at the skeletons of people back then there much small because they weren't getting the nutrition in the same
hey we hear macy aided button and when and psychic away so you end up with these people these are just broken psychic egos pro wrestling fans he yeah fucking pro wrestling no bro i fucking love progressing i love your show too i love you too i'm just kidding it's just a job i got nothing it's progressive man i'll take it out take seven hundred fucking stadiums of pro wrestling fans over one phelps family you know what i mean let's talk about those fucks man crazy god hates fags guy yeah there and saying when you say felt so you have to be careful cause it's right off the olympics people would say what the fuck did michael phelps do you fucking pig valve jesus christ that god how does the swim so fast he's not even like a human breaks the laws it did you see the onion headline that michael phelps returned to his aquarium in new york like he lives in acquirement seaworld i mean when it goes to the beach was like no fucking way i'm getting in that water he's like
i've been in water so much i'm not fucking swimming like he doesn't ever swim in the ocean he's like i'm just sitting in the sand chillin i don't play i mean fuck dude like how many gold medals of that guy more than whatever it's like in twenty or some shit something nuts he moved so well it's incredible i mean just like from an aesthetic point of view or you know from an even in an artistic part of you you're you're looking at it and it looks like art it looks like he's like it looks like a pants and there's so much flow to it as he's like fucking hurling through the water and so they move so fast that it's hard to believe but it is almost i mean if dance i mean really dance impressive isn't that impressive just as well i think it's an impressive physical feet into a rib the way they can swim to a rhythm and then they go under and then the show underway to fight this long period before the bus
open start whipping it again what a crazy fucking sport man while to watch wild to watch people do some shit that you just cannot fucking do to know that that's like the capabilities of the human yeah if it's that long and that strong and that young and that dedicated and puts in this many hours every week look what the fuck this thing can do that the amazing who is pretty amazing all the stuff they can happen and physically mentally what you can learn the things that you can figure out it's amazing that are the amount that you can send your consciousness out of the universe and understand things it's a incredible you know that in this this yeah this this space suit that war and it's like it's got all these like our parts to it that we forgotten how to use you know almost like some of survivor of a space ship crash has amnesia and is in the super advanced space zero and only uses like a
parts of it you know little parts of it to like amble around and it's like no man there's like crazy fucking circuit boards that you can access in this fucking thing but you need help there's certain fuels that you need to like make that connection and those few fucking if you're an athlete you gotta eat the right food you know you can't just chop on goddamn damn fruit loops and cheetos and end up like being uh professional olympic swimmer they've got their feeding those people like crazy we don't even know probably glows smells like com special nutritional like blast that they just spray into their mouth like flog raw geese there's fucking like you know god only knows what these fuckers have in their bodies and in the same way for your intelligence you know for your for your spiritual growth you need to take into your fucking being certain that certain things great screw
sure is incredible writing and on occasion a nice fucking mushroom trip but you got to be care you know you got to be careful not to it like i feel guilty thing was that because some people aren't aren't you're not supposed to take it you shouldn't take it you're in a bad part in your life right now your phone bing balls smell like the bottom of a god damn fucking the bottom of a donkey's ass you know you got to clean your balls and clean yourself in your life up before you take the experience you know some people shouldn't do it but some people definitely should you definitely should it's very important god damn just wanna happy rant give me my friend steve jobs though i mean come on like said that fucking lsd was like one of the biggest one big part of his understanding of the universe yeah i think we had a world filled with people of all had breakthrough psychedelic experiences and they were running this country it would be a lot easier
as long as they got enough pussy to keep them satisfied yes if we just had about concubines or whatever people would think would be morally acceptable keep them actually satisfied so they don't go to week and they don't do stupid shit and undermine our world just based on their need for pussy dude by the way you don't robot concubines you send out into the world hey get it could be a form of the military like suck cock especially the troops satisfied geniuses sexually like some branch what if that was our fucking military like troops train just a suck off geniuses that make them fucking happy what if that like how we like that's how we the wars we just sent troops of fucking blow job masters into the homes of geniuses and a complex is just sucking them uh they're happy yeah that's where they would take they should take like all like super geniuses just bringing some someplace fucked getting pussy fucked this ruin your life we're just going to bring you constant bitches we're going to pay you
well i just want you to be really creative time machines were crazy and you want to family and you want to have children we can we can arrange that as well yeah matter a simulators they do but then they want all the money they want to take it they want to take all the money look bad deal yeah anybody was you know you're creating things for companies but here's the thing thing you never hear when the kids like i want to be an inventor is another giving like you're going to get a lot of pussy you fucking hear that you know if that if that happened we would be we probably floating now we'd be floating on a magnetic field sending like are fucking thought patterns out into the world instead of talking into microphones there was this guy right then i remember who is like this famous hacker who had like a cartoon get online i don't remember what his name was but there's a big portly guy and he's
from germany or some shit like that and kimber that's what his name was i think kimber and he had cartoons of himself like we would go out and kill like evil dictators and he would take pictures himself to dude made fuck loads of money was like a hacker and then he went from being a hacker to being an internet security expert that would help corporation and he's like always driving around this crazy yeah always got this crazy hooked up mercedes here we are my private jet here we are japan here we are you know will louis just landed in brazil i mean they was like an international style baller and he just would put these pictures and videos of him just and all over the world yeah i'm sure
i'm sure yeah i'm sure that fucking like a lot of those guys are definitely getting like some crazy experiences you know they just probably have like refined desires you know they have different ideas of what they want you know i'm sure that who knows you fucking do wozniak wozniak married i don't know i think say he's a super g we don't know what he does you'll no one knows what he does i'm really sure that i could walk through walls man he's like really fascinating and smart and kind of like he was only involved with apple for awhile and then he left yeah but now he's like he's is fucking crazy son of a bitch man so he's like a loon yeah he's like a real like anti authority a person who likes to break rules and he's got fucking like a wallet full of like professional fake keys look like holographic lee printed it was it's like it's on the youtube there's a video of him showing his fucking awesome face
ideas that really oh yeah he loves to like use technology to be a and to you know to break little rules and laws and stuff it's kind of cool it's really cool in fact you know but you don't want a lot of those guys right you don't want to talk and you need to be one or two of those guys have some fun but you don't want fifty thousand of those guys what happens if we got fifty thousand steve jobs you know yeah because it's like right now the thing that is driving so many of us not me i'm driven by my love of humanity and i want the world to be a better place but i've heard that many men are driven by the desire to fuck and a lot of i know this is try shocking the where are you getting this i've i read it i read it on the back of a cereal box but i'm not could you imagine caution girls men driven by a secret desire to fuck why do they wear those crazy ties to let you know yeah man but we know shenanigans here why i'm
a gentleman with a tie on but a lot of fucking professions it's very strange some professions are fucked questions some professions are not right fucking firemen fireman rockstars a fuck profession that's one hundred percent rock star fuck perfect jagger david lee roth what do you think of you think i'm just getting mad pussy all over the planet yeah i mean they've gotten so much pussy that they've like withered have jerky strips when you see him as well well there also you know the long in the tooth man it's just life and the tooth but no no no it's not no that's not a normal senior citizen these people are like somebody made a stick figure out a beef jerky there fucking i'm crazy looking from all the fucking and they're still fucking they're like they're they're still fucking to this hey is like runs in their veins spice their fucking all the time dude still that
different old man what do you think like mick jagger on a regular week how much young pussy does it get i think he's got a fucking rotation of probably twenty five young twenty five coming book coming in and out and he said women women would be like why would you want that let's pretend that we have a girl in the podcast with us that is like probably may be secretly attracted to you but really upset you're talking about this so openly so would you want that why would you want would you want twenty different girls why would you want that you're attracted to me why would you want that well look i guess i don't because i wanna fuck you i want that stuff it's ridiculous i don't know man i don't know why we want that why why girls might not understand that that's something guys want but it is it here's the thing though man this is why i love this book sex it don who was just saying would have twenty girls i believe it was mick jagger right mick jagger i'm sorry hi
so the idea is like is one of the premises of this book is it's not a fucking genetic quality of being a woman that you don't want to fuck all the time that it's more of a culturally conditioned ah thing that's happened from your upbringing his weren't very sexually repressed society and ladies like to fuck now this is what does that have to do with the sexually suppressed part look they want to fuck more because we're sexually suppressed they want to fuck more than they let on that because it's like you know i mean more than a little yeah because when you're when you're a guy what the number one first thing you gotta fucking do once you grow pubic hair what's the number one first thing you gotta get fucking laid man you don't want to be a virgin oh i'm twenty three and i'm a virgin still it's like a mark of shame meanwhile i'm like a hot girl is like yeah you know i'm still a virgin i'm saving myself from man so so they let you know that if she's twenty three and she's a really good at really good head
no shit man she's figured out a way to get guys off with her mouth yes that's for sure or maybe her ass oh oh this guy over here pumpkin what's the puppet dunkin i love you won't bring the puppet i might wanna see the fucking seance let me tell you high point in my fucking comedy comedy careers getting a god damn message from people saying andrew dice clay says that he likes part of my fucking act dude that's intense from it's hot as fuck there isn't fucking hot hey i'm going to turn the air conditioning on so we don't just talk to people about your life or sit here by myself and rambled one second one second well friends going to do a many many
here you're gonna just leave me here there's some kind of pleasant pranks there's no need for you to feel alone in the world my friends open your heart up to the eternal spirit of life and you will find that you will draw into your orbit many beautiful things including the life a ll wet pussies that comes happy moments happier moments you just have to stop hating let go of the pain let go of your anger open your third eye and allow yourself to embrace the idea the god is love visit duncan trussell dot com w w w dot duncan trussell dot com and join my minecraft server we have a minecraft server i play minecraft it's one of the loneliest creepiest what the you can transcend
no i'm telling telling the internet to go to my minecraft server that's what i'm spending my time doing have you ever played minecraft i just rambled for a long time sorry about that you guys i was disjointed rambling i dare you dunkin do what we've been doing for two hours right continue on your own when you're alone in the room you are everything changes one thing that you and i have both been backing around or a battering rather around is it idea of the simulation theory idea we keep bringing it up man it's a point where it's like i wonder if you know if you really want to get hardcore crazy idea manifesting reality with your ideas you know i wonder i wonder if you manifest at the whole thing really is some sort of a simulation i wonder if you could manifest that wonder if it literally can morph that far around do dumb it sounds so hit being stupid
it sounds so stoner stupid it sounds so that do they just smoked a joint man is the first time i thought about that it doesn't doesn't stop it from from being possible man i mean when you like there's a lot of fucking crazy shit when you start playing around relation theory and i'm so glad you brought it up because we get this arc type in many of the world religions that involves the man god the guy being eaten by man the god that gets sacrificed for the sake of humans that god that merges in human beings the fucking shit movie prometheus tried to a as is in a really crap way but like the notion of the creators or whatever but what's really fast now the idea of being in a simulation like if we are in a simulation now is that we are immortal in the sense that we are computer code that's being through fri
form of operating system and because we're just computer code we can be as that there's actually this guy from the singularity institute i can't remember his name no i think is from oxford it's on youtube and talking about this idea of vivid in the human brain scanning the neural system plopping that shit into a computer after you scan the synapses in those exact structure as close as you can as a currently you can you run you run this through simulator now you have a being with consciousness living inside a computer not only do you have a being with consciousness living inside of a computer but he was said was so awesome is you could it could then theoretically be rewound time abc could be sped up it could be pulsed you know what i mean so you could like control the reality of this being in some really bizarre ways and so what what where it gets really fascinating is that the person who this neurological scan was based the first the living being the meat body who
brain was put on some kind of future is the combination deli slicer slash neurology scanner that fucking being died had to die so that the being inside the simulator could live and so then you get into this was the only way to make this thing is a slice it up i'm hot you're crazy world i'll tell you this the only way to make a computer right now is by fucking putting the pieces of the computer together it's not through slicing it up the point is if this is a simulation the implication is it was created by a living being you know and that living being radically is mortal you know and so that mortal being has died that mortal being may have died yeah a on go depending on who knows because time is is based on the
simulation you know the nutty idea that literally the universe began right as you were born there was nothing before that there was nothing existed or that it was born yeah right when you were born and everything that you you think of is complete utter horseshit everything you think i was just a simulation of the universe being born when you were born it's just because that's when they plug you in that's the moment they plug you into the simulation see mac yeah it's a mind melter an here's where it gets even more mind fucking melty because everybody's talking about this idea of the singularity the moment that our computers wake up army means wake up become aware that they exist is a thing but where it gets real the trippy is the idea that were inside the simulation and were the machine way up we literally are the thing waking up to an awareness of itself and gaining consciousness of itself and
true way that's what humans are the fucking i almost want to rewrite the the the garden of eden story replacing the word god with programmer because it gets so looking cool and like the programmer made man in his own image he knows what's really getting really crazy is when you get to these scientists are saying that they found computer code concealed in superstring equations not just fucking ones and zeros but what this guy calls dual error correction code which is some form of weird fucking shit it's already in our web browsers and based on the technology or the invention of a programmer in the 1940s i mean this is some last shit here this is some law ship but it in this mess man i mean i've been raving about it on my podcast and some people like said that that's a real friend g theory and you know who knows but as i think he
i thought it was i thought it was proven it's coming from a respected theoretical fee this is did the university of maryland i can't remember his name but it's definitely not like a kook it's coming from a respected scientist have found this shit in these equations they're using to represent supersymmetry and string theory string theory these weird symbols these used to try to represent it but yeah man it's still like it's a pretty easy thank you now yeah he tried to explain it to neil degrasse tyson yeah in a video yeah and it's it's it's i thought the whole purpose of it is very hard to wrap your head around but this guy his name is doctor asked james gates to
yeah and he's a theoretical physicist an weather crazy haircut yeah the john s toll professor of physics at the university of maryland and the director of the center for string and particle theory is reporting that certain string theory soup symmetrical equations which describe the fundamental nature of the universe and reality contain embedded computer codes these codes are digital data in the form of ones and zeros not that these codes are the same as what makes web browsers work and our error correction codes gates says we have no idea what these things are doing here wow so that's where it gets cray our first contact with a fucking alien is going to be with the you know the programmer but it gets it gets where it gets really weird joe here's where it gets really fucking weird is the idea that
the that were running in a simulation inside a simulation and the same that we're trying to simulate reality through video game simcity various fucking weather pattern super computers and all the various ways we try to articulate reality through machines this is already been done in a previous machine that's arctic waiting itself like some kind of mirror reflect flak refracting off itself infinitely going into itself always inventing itself again and again and again and again if that is the case what a trip it is the idea of inventing video games while inside a simulation yeah but see this is where it gets because maybe the simulation itself is a novelty general generator maybe the simulation what it's here for is to generate you know novelty which is like look man let's see what happens if we put an entire planet full of people who quantum you know nano but if done neurological scans of their brain to do like kind of like neurological thumbprint switch
even animate within the machine let's see what they do i mean what we did was we invented some crazy shit let's see if they invent some new shit inside the simulator in office the simulators inventing new technologies that are going up through the god damn the different via levels of the machine until finally it pops out and the programmers desk is like oh fucking awesome look at this one of these beings invented time travel let's make a time machine the machine invented time travel who knows but it's like a really great computer like right now we put into like what's it called wolfram alpha you can throw in some pretty awesome equations and i'll spit out it like you liking do a lot of crazy shit but how great would it be if you had just a machine where you just seed it with
bing beings and it starts regurgitating inventions that these beings are creating how fucking awesome would that be you know you know what i found the other day man it's laying around here somewhere it's a camera and apple camera from a long fucking time ago man and it looks like such a piece of shit now it's so funny this is like one of the first digital cameras it's like a dinosaur and it's only from a tiny amount of years ago yeah well well what is fifteen years in the greater spectrum of the universe or just even of human history it ain't shit fifteen years ain't shit but this fifteen year old camel is fucking useless just useless stupid looking camera do they always that's another component of technological advancement is each you each earlier phase always seem stupid stupid but when it comes out it seems awesome awesome will try driving like an old car you know old cars they look great but if you
driving like a nineteen sixty nine chevelle the really hard handle there's a lot of slack in the steering yeah this crazy power steering where it's really nam it feels real strange they stay slide all over the place hit the brakes they lock up and go sideways injured really dangerous death traps yeah and then go from that to what you drive that many well the thing is like a little go kart little to go kart spaceship have their you it a no go kart that's my but i mean it's the way it's low to the ground like that that thing is ah it sze lights and when you get a light car that has like a really good drive train and a good transmission and tight steering it's like you know no that wasn't even impossible what your mini people would consider you know a sporty like sort of economy car yeah that was a race car just a few decades ago dude what about this if i take my fucking
phone i guess you know that you've been dealing with this for years but like i've been driving in eighty nine volvo that could barely get me the fucking grocery store for a very long time but if so for me being on the phone and then i get into the mini coop and it goes in the pops into the speakers it's amazing that screw is it does it knows the phone just shifts into the speakers of the car that's insane man incredible if you really stop and think about it about the fact that we're driving around like that just talk sing in the air and it's transmitted to he's driving around doing the same thing how about the fucking what the quantum teleportation shit they're doing where they're blasting photons across lakes but the is that and there saying like the art that i've read and i didn't research them deeply but the articles i read it they're saying well this isn't teleportation but it's a nice step in that direction like what did you just say you actually made a step in the direction of teleportation like think of the effect that has on society
super fucking dacian men were like instead of having to go through a security line a god damn airport you just zap zap from your home teleporter fucking asian a millisecond where do you want to eat tonight france or china i don't know you decide you always make me fucking decide what about that nice little kubasch place in egypt let's go there now you're just deciding anyway the planet that you want to go i think would more like people showing up and then kicking you in the balls and then disappearing i don't know what is it kubasch i just made it up nothing at this stone food it's something stuck and the stones is a mythical stone stoner food that exist in mind simulator kubasch never heard of it dude i think i wanted to say like something between a kabbalah and squash or something i it's a combination of the
tree of life mix them with like buttered squash the the kabbalah was like the thing that like roseanne was into for awhile while and madonna believe was into it for awhile to write well yeah before them it's been around like much other than that it's like you know terrell cards or based on it it's it's a crazy sonofabitch man it just trying to like map energy flow from nothingness into something this and it's a very strange esoteric thing which i don't understand i keep wanting study it more when i when i got strep throat was fucking blasted on coding for five days i spent a good two days just fucking reading the kabbalah and i had fucking and tarot cards and i was putting them on the floor to try to understand the way they connect to the ball and i don't remember anything that i got out of that but it was like a little bit
because it's very complicated i keep like pete some people of e mailed me and said they understand it and um i think i might get roseanne on my podcast and then i could ask her directly do that would be incredible roseanne barr is a real fucking she's a real legend man just fire and yeah yeah i mean she's trying to translate for president i should do yeah she's running for fucking president man she's going forward a way to get info out there you know well it's you know it gets exposure and she does not give a fuck i know it's also fun thing i'm sure no she can't really think she's going to be president she doesn't think she's going to be president but she's got like shit that she's trying to get out in the world i mean if you fall over fucking twitter stream banshee blast some crazy shit out there ron paul couldn't fucking make it through that was that was a disappointing one man that was almost like wow let's see maybe this is real
hey this is real but there's like so much evidence with him trying to suppress his victories want a couple of states that kept that shit wraps god we always fall for the trick i fought for every fucking year man i thought every election i believe i certainly wanted to believe the obama felt like he was the closest guy to us you know it was like in his forties young guy black eye a single mom you know the whole deal like you figure that the guy they would he's going to set us right dude i was on fucking sunset blvd and silver lake drunk howling at cars with a group of hipsters when obama got elected i was so fucking happy i voted i voted warm i fucking man i was like this is it this is it and you know he has done some pretty look before i get as fuck
sailed by a million tweets about the fucking drone attacks guys understand fucking understand i do know that there is some fucking his da is busted more god damn dispensary than george w bush's is fucking dea you know like there's some fucked up shit going on but you know there are some other things that he's now the big thing was the social thing to me it was like wow we we have accepted a guy who's half black from a single mom you know who smoke marijuana you know they did a little coke but this is the problem he fucking jokes about smoking dope and his god damn da is tausan farmers in prison yeah and not only that you know we're selling this hemp force protein powder we can even grow this hemp in america we have to get it from because although and thank you for informing me all this folks people tweeted but it was legal in vermont so we looked into it and it is but the federal government is not letting people do it there still
it's illegal federally and this is growing the plant camp which is its psychoactive at all night because it's related to marijuana they've decided that there's no way people should be able to grow it i'm just all areas so you can you can have it but you gotta buy buy from canada so we have this wacky deal when you have to import that shit even though it's it's not even psychoactive they're just telling you that a useful plant is illegal it's really weird i mean it's it's one of the weirdest aspects of the drug war and you know the the war for marijuana legalization is the the you like hemp hemp fiber the actual hamp as a resource yes you know oh yeah is a commodity hemp as a commodity is very very valuable it's very valuable yet illegal to grow and harvest in this country was grown by the colonies
people don't have any idea that that's what rope used to be made of that's what canvases made out of when you paint all is like in paintings like the mona lisa those are made on cannabis can vests it's the comes from the word cannabis because it's a stronger fiber as weak as shit and compared to him like we get used to and we're just we just assume that that's just what you have is what it is but the khan is nothing compared to him hemp papers better hemp papers like really hard to wrap it's like and super strong weird it's kind of like an alien plant man the is really light but it gets real dense and hard don't get me going on the fucking on that plant man 'cause i guess same when you get around a nice flourishing marijuana plant you like when you get around a fucking monkey and it's like dog plus marijuana plants maybe i'm just projecting but they seem like plants plus
like they seem like there's a little bit more going on in the sons of bitches they've got a weird fucking enerji field or on him that's just different and i went to a dispensary's grow room once and you walk into their backroom had a grow room and the grow room was like tingle e yeah and there's all these plans like super healthy and super moist are getting spray they have like a little spray thing it's timed sp random certain times during the day and they have live under these lamps and you know the lamps are on for a certain amount of time off for certain time and you watch it and it's like these things like intelligent creatures they feel like they feel like they're greeting you with their ener g yeah it's strange around one of them is even creepier that you chop them up like what the fuck
man you don't even let them grow he ground grow a certain point in like right time to die bitch yeah it chop him and then you light him on fire dude and that's the relationship it's the fucking fire sacrificed man it's like this is you know this is like in every single religion there's friends to burning incense there's running bush burning the burning bush it's in everything dude and it's like the fact that the component has been removed from the equation the variables they're trying to take the variable out of the fucking equation it's like when sometimes when you go to certain churches it's like a bunch of people the church where you going dude you got to go to fucking churches from time to time getting fuck yeah and they're so psychedelic and cool and interesting phenomenon it's like i don't i mean i will i'll go to a church over a zoo really to church over a laser light show so how
are you going to church is i've been i went out for a little tear of going to a gnostic christian church because of this book that i read really yeah yeah eat some edible marijuana and go to the gnostic christian church to watch the gnostic mass which is this beautiful ancient ceremony which is like basically it as it's in a box and it is it's in a cult ritual it's like you're doing something called the trans substantiation which is transforming matter into like the flash of infinity but the gnostics don't look take things literally it's a different thing all together and it's quite beautiful i'm not a gnostic christian but man chop on some fucking marijuana go to a christian church respectfully don't go there like some asshole go there respectfully and fucking report back you'll find that the experience is rather moving and beautiful it's when you can see how that component in religion is very important psychedelic seaweed
psychedelics now right generally we do psychedelics we don't have ceremony we have a kind of rude henry ceremony the passing of the joint certainly rules based around the the consumption and the substance but there's no real like ceremony after that i think some people do it but it's most you get high and and you you know you hang out with your friends member you taco ja ging draw right there's like rudimentary low level ceremonies but no like chanting can kohl's incense ancient what's the benefit of the ceremony well one thing that the first thing to remove from when it comes to like spiritual stuff is the term is benefit you know what i mean because it's like it's it's a weird thing that plays a lot of the way we understand shit as it's like no there's no it's not like you're not going for it for like so much of
though it is entertaining and you are getting some instant kind of benefit from like just like being in a beautiful space listening people chant when you're super baked there's some immediate benefit that comes from that but the arm i think there's a lot of i mean the the the the it's a deep it's it for me the experience was like this is a very old thing that i don't understand that well and the energy in here is fucking cool that was it the first that was the first thing that i'm out of it and then i'm the priests made a joke about marijuana actually it was like really yeah when he was i can't remember but i remember being like well fucking crazy man because i just been reading in this book magic marijuana in religion that like cannabis was ritualistically consumed and not sick ceremonies and so it
like kind of weird and interesting anyway man it's a beautiful fucking thing but when you see rituals that don't have psychoactive components in them sometimes it feels like your watch people warming their hands on dry tender that hasn't been set alight and pretending that there is fire coming up out of it you know it's like you room to remove the psychedelic from ritual when we see in like so many indigenous cultures it's a component of their spirituality in their religion it's kind of in testing yeah it was a very important aspect of the growth you know very important aspect of the the ceremony itself the trance to the next stage to going through the experience the the you know to having the vision quests you know which is the pale ritual whether it was the ayawaska ritual whether it was mushrooms and south american whatever with it whatever it was it was
about a transformative experience it was all about you know getting closer to guy out getting closer to the energy the true energy which we all get off man it's societies complicated you know they are our social interactions are so overbearing the idea that there's three hundred million of us jammed on to this spot interacting with each other all the time and it's it's it's hard to it's hard to stay steady it's hard to stay on track not freak out top then this comedy and freaking out to prom when someone you freak out and get pissed did things the funnier it is yeah and you gotta let yourself freak too i mean that's another thing is like people this fucking thing where people are all about being happy all the time people confused
no happiness is the end goal like having this emotional state of just i'm happy today like that's not it ideas being you're so full of yourself and the entire spectrum of emotional experience you know man and it's like so in part of the emotional experience of existing is having meltdowns from time to time like it's good to have a nice melt down from time to time it's good though like freak don't beat yourself up for fucking losing your shit right it's going to happen why wouldn't you lose your shit here in a guy damn simulator with fucking duel correcting count of the fundamental layer of the universe and the thing is more than legibly we're too stupid to really understand that more than likely at telus copying simulation where each incremental telescopic moving out becomes more and more in tropic an out of focus and we're somewhere in this like middle mid range of this tell us
hoping simulator that keeps getting washed out more and more and more this is the principle in physics of the universe expanding and running out of energy or the idea in hinduism of cali you got the final age of human beings or the mayan calendar and all the various get to logical prophecies talking about the end of the world the fucking simulator is going to run out of juice someone's getting get called the dinner and have to stop playing the fucking game or or i love my country i love god i love guns that's right anybody wants change that you gotta come through me come through me with the simulator i love the programmer and anybody who wants to fuck with the operating system is going to have to go through my firewall i love the engineer i took the bluebill yeah right well you know those guys are nuts did one of those fucking guys
sex yeah yeah you know the whole controversy behind the script there was a woman who claimed that she had written that and given it to them like years or four took the idea and made it a movie but i think she lost i think she lost in court it's going to be i want to try to get money out of the matrix even if it's true this fucking so much money behind that that machine she sued should i don't know she's crazy i shouldn't even be bringing it up 'cause you never really know like sometimes sometimes people steal ideas but sometimes people are kind of crazy i mean and also the idea of the matrix and it sat around like an age old idea yeah but i think the similarities were very extreme hourly yeah i'm talking out my let me pull that up real quick atrix lawson what a great movie man there's so much information encoded that son of a you have with them the sequels are terrible i don't
are the sequels you know no man i really don't i remember the first one that they gave the the reins to somebody else snopes there's a snopes which means it's a problem right isn't it what is snopes yeah when snopes it's like they're clearing up a myth is a nama most of snopes coming up myths yeah this is it says the claim that she want a large judgment in a copyright infringement suit over the authorship the film the matrix that is false apparently and she started in in oct fourth two thousand and four ended a six year dispute involving sophia stewart and toast sticks walking years dragged on copyright infringement racketeering received and acknowledged by the center central district blah blah blah stewart who has resided in salt lake city for the past five years will recover damages from the film's wait a minute she will cover damages
the matrix one two and three as well as the terminator and its equals holy shit she will receive one of the biggest payoff in the history of hollywood as well as gross receipts of both films and their sequels the total of two dot five billion dollars to what i thought it just said it wasn't really yeah i got confused i thought they were explaining it oh this is examples this is a map of the various lies oh i say okay two dollars and fifty cents billion apparently she generated controversy by claiming a lawsuit brought against directors andy and larry which became we check when can i ask you holla when you deposit
huge amount of money into a bank into your bank account how long does it take to go through like if you deposited like a one million dollars in your bank account i don't know but listen to this stuart's case was dismissed in june two thousand and five when she failed to show up for a preliminary hearing of her case in a fifty three page ruling judge margaret morrow the central district court of california dismissed the suit saying stuart and her attorneys had not entered any evidence to bolster its key claims or demonstrated a striking similarity between her work and she didn't show up that's crazy well mannered what that is do you think they paid her think they pulled her son solicit bitch i don't know i may be why why not they've got a shitload of money you know that i don't know probably no wonder wonder how close it was don't close the case waas i mean she's a who knows man you could you could take anyone to court you know like you can file suit against people right
even people when i worked at the comedy sort files suit against mitzi for sending negative telepathic vibes into their thoughts for real yeah clearly go to court for that cooks look up the parking meter lady there's someone suing the city for their new parking meters you can google search it it's like all over the news right now it freaked her out so do some people just like lawsuits they just really good at it like a hobby just fuck with the system trying to drag things through well i mean of course some people make a lot of money like some people will actually track down ladies nights and sue the fucking companies 'cause they can't get in yeah yeah that's yeah that's like a way that some people's bread and butter i don't lyricism people will find places that aren't like equipped for band for for people
well shares an elf i consume a man in you know in that way i am very much a feminist in that i think women should be allowed to have their own fucking jim and i don't think you should be allowed to protest that i think if women want to workout at gym with no drooling fucking ape dudes any god we try to go to the gym is an asshole if you want to go to a gym that's just completely fill women who don't want to be around men they know the deal that's what they agreed to and you claim that your rights are being violated 'cause this gym is closest to you so you just buy proximity you should be have to use it like they shouldn't be what ridiculousness you shouldn't be allowed to limit your business to only include one gender because the other gender is always trying to fuck that single gender the always making uncomfortable and feel weird when they're fucking stretching out yeah that is thoughts fucking gross it's it's gross at any asshole would actually try to sue them for that but that you would want to go you know but that's weird because like you know women's bathrooms are like so
our nations for women a man can't sue to be allowed to go in a women's bathroom or woman cancer being right so in there have to inherit ensue if there's not a woman's bathroom if you go to a place only a man's bathroom you could sue you to yeah you have to bowl so they would have to build a gym if they built a gym next to that gym for all men one would be empty and one would be filled with women yeah well you all men jim gets filled with gay guys oh yeah i forgot about that gold's gym dumb joke i forgot about that when i first was on news radio i work out there and i had this whole bit about it doing a bench press and dudes would just like spot you the didn't they would just literally just dangle their balls right above your head they were like so cocky like dudes were like hitting on dude left and right in this jam it was crazy because that's what they were there for i watched these guys just just fucking great
sing through a set they were doing the guy was doing rose you know so he's like a bent over and the other guy is chest to back okay sing down on him and the way he's spotting him is the guy is holding on to the bar and he's holding on to the top of the bar chester back and it's like he's fucking am i mean it's like it's really physical like doing that i would you know it was a check if i was doing that to my wife i can't take my my dick would get hard if you we're helping our poulan push like that he would start just put this fucking way down what's up you know you would immediately want to fuck and that it's a fucking motion and these guys were doing that in the gym now it's funny how it's funny how the mythical the mythical world of porn like it in the porn universe the physics of porn are not the fifth
is the material world the physics of porn that shit happens dude you're at the gym in some chicks like hey so can you spot me for a second you're like sure i'll spot here and then like just just start sucking your deck yeah wow i can't believe that i owe you one zip yeah yeah that's the physics at and then another dude will come over and you start jacking off in sticking into her while she's sucking your day you don't care you okay what's up buddy yeah let's run a train on this bitch porn physics but but it's weird how like in like you know like places like what you're talking about which i had this guy very fucking brilliant guy connor habib who also happens to be a gay porn star on my broadcast and he was talking about fucking your own actually a great essay on cruising and and which will permanently shift your notion of rest areas permanently threat but like you know he calls those
types of gems that you're talking about i think the term used was cruisy is the grab it so yeah so like those places the physics in there are the same as inside porn if you're a gay dude you can go to a gem in like a nigger fuck you're going to fuck yeah completely different experience because there's no yang it's all just everyday or oregon there's no jen i don't know which one is the hard style but it's just just fucking it up that's it just they're just looking to fuck one i've never thought on my way to the gym is i'm pregnant laden here i've never thought that i'm like i think i'm going to fucking parking a blowjob after my fucking squats today do an bravo and i used to work out at this gym we used to work out a twenty four hour fitness and when we go there there was a dude that we've got friendly with that was the manage guy real friendly guy and he had just transferred over from santa monica and he was just
so happy who is so relaxed to be in like the suburbs and i go well what's going on because i was brought in there to clean it up and he was brought in there because they were just fucking everywhere they had just turned it into a gay gym it was just not just a gay gym but it was it was a gay up join it was it was a disco so they would steam room they would fuck in the steam room people would constantly be walking in on guys fucking in the steam room they would find loads all over the benches and shit he and hose everything down so they had like literally like clean up the whole place and they gotta stop fucking and people get mad at them like what do i do think there is like one guy who is like straight and just annoyed all the time 'cause he was always sitting in jizz and like i just want to fucking work out dude i'm sure there must have been some straight guys there though straight when i worked out at gold's gym i was straight like you got when i started there before i went queer i was straight and i was there
and so the guys i worked with were straight and they were there was a convenient jim it wasn't all gay but it was at least fifty that may be more gay and they were really like they owned it they are and i own being gay they own that place they would wear timberland boots with like fluffy puffy socks and like shaved legs very muscular legs with ready ready ready daisy duke shorts yeah and guys would work out like that with a tank top on they were ks fuck dude at the fucking just golds gym i used to workout at golds gym in hollywood and cold that's what i'm talking about goals on cole yeah do there is a guy and chaps yeah fucking black a black leather hat and fucking chaps like he was like just wandered off of a fucking ranch filled with but it's their spot man you know like good for them i've never understood anti gay feelings they seem
have a fun time i know i know a lot of gay people and it seems like you're having a good time they got a lot of expose disposable income yeah i know that a couple they always driving a new car still like that great five yeah man yeah no these fucking homophobes he's so stupid bucks right now are really like really but it's cool because like what's happening what's really cool fascinating is like the bigots or the ones who are being driven into the closet it used to be that like it like reversing like gay people are coming out of the closet yeah and bigots are getting pushed into the closet and they came out of which is a great part that's a good balance that's what it should be like and i've always said that that that that's my take on everything that as as as a as a human being that i should be a humanist you know and i i it shouldn't matter whether i'm with the straights or with the gays of the white to the box we should all just be with the humans and i resist
any ideas of being a masculinist or any ideas of being a feminist or any ideas of being a nationalist or any ideas of being a peacenik more more more stop it you just like this ridiculous you're a fucking human we're all here woman and it should be real simple we should but in each other's way as little as possible help each other out as much as possible it's really that simple it's very simple it's really that simple and anything else is crazy and why you know people play upset about this whole tosh thing and people got upset at the backlash but what i think we we can't ever pretend that intent not important what can ever pretend that there are buzzwords that you can never use or subjects which you can never cover or you know or you're not allowed to because someone could have possibly had a bad experience in your to trigger an event that's not comedy man
you can't have those sort of restrictions and have stand up comedy it's not going to work that way you're going to miss out on a lot of great comedy you can't have those fucking restrictions on anything you can it on literature you can have it on poetry you can't have any smart people want to restrict people what are these smart people come down on it so hard when they what is really going on well it's a i think there's a bunch of different answers that question i think there's a variety of reasons people want to do it from the butt from like i suppose like people who are like crusaders in and truly are true believers and what they're doing like really have gotten the fucking the language virus to the the nth degree and for really believe that they have to fucking shoot the of russian doctor in the fucking face you know really fucking believe to like all the way to the bottom level where it's just like people are trying to look fucking
or even worse i love the guy goes to the sikh temple and doesn't even understand the sikhs are very peaceful people and things that they are muslims in somehow anyway and he's got nine hundred and eleven tattoos on his body kills a bunch people yeah yeah no see the less you want alex jones it up operation false flag well that man i don't i don't fucking know man but i do think that the complexity of the i think that the it greedy selfish lying people tend to use complexity to their advantage and people you seem to be more on the fucking beam as the free masons say have very simple idea is very simple fucking ideas like what what gandhi said you know very soon whole idea find someone who needs help and help them it's simple and right away some assholes again but what does that mean what does help mean it's like i'll tell you what help means somebody fuck
might need you to loan them some money somebody might need you to bring them some soup somebody might need a ride to the fucking airport it's not complicated man it's basic and if everyone starts following basic principles like that then there's plenty of resources yeah yeah the real problem is we got this weird competitive game that's going on and it's it's set up not in the different way where we generate just the amount that we need in order to be happy but in some crazy way we never think enough is enough and the the game becomes part what motivates you and instead of it just being about happiness it sometimes morphs into just being about the numbers just being about the game just being about accomplishments and you get nutty and like you could become evander holyfield when you're living in a ten room mansion that cost one million dollars a year to keep the electricity on i mean that's
people can get like that yeah there's i saw a fucking piece of real estate online the other day there was a house for forty fucking million dollars and i was look this house is like that is the craziest fucking shit i've ever seen in my life but somewhere there's a dude is like i'm ready to take it to the next level and he and within ten million dollar house is a piece of shit to maine i'm ready to move up fucking international want to be at the top monetary gangster type motherfucker with serious shekels but the tree there's a great website check it out awesome block rich kids of instagram have you seen this shit no dude google that look at the receipts these fucking rich kids stay put receipts they take pictures of receive one hundred and three thousand dollar dinners with like yeah the kids rich kids of instagram fucking check i must you do this to me i'm apologize but it's amazing it's an amazing website man fucking
wow it's like the first when i wrote rich rich kids of instagram are one of the first it's a beautiful sight dude and they're saying they're going to have to like try to keep their kids from like posting that shit on instagram could really 'cause it's a security threats so it is a website instagram dot com rich kids of instagram dot com yeah there it is oh my god this is awesome it's amazing they have a giant bottle of moway just scroll for gallons of my way peoples do get to the receipt just scroll down there's one hundred and three thousand dollars seat now the girls chilling in the mansion she's a little kid yeah can't find the receipts but they got some dope ass houses yes they do wow wow this guys living in a fucking castle yeah they live in castles it must be really hard to be like yeah areas one hundred and seventeen thousand and put the receipt online but a douche bag
put cokes are like ten dollars central pay yeah cappuccinos twelve dollars coca cola's two thousand and ten dollars two code course ten dollars each but it's like crazy signs dom perignon four thousand dollars oh another dom five thousand dollars oh my god crazy one hundred and seven grand for dinner what's the tip it doesn't show i now says one some ground it's gotta be maybe in central pay you don't tip maybe it's one of those weird places there's not a place we don't you know or you you mean you can i do but they don't they don't expect it i'm sure the waiter gets taken care of at a restaurant that has one hundred and seven thousand dollar dinners maybe but when you forty thousand four thousand i'm sorry i meant forty thousand the dom perignon it's forty thousand dollars so as the other one that's not five thousand and fifty thousand yeah that's why it's so high that's fucking incredible you can buy a bottle of something for fifty
one thousand dollars sure we sure it's dollars it's not you can buy it you can sell it that's the hopeful aspect of it there's dipshits out they're going to pay the fucking one thousand dollars for your god damn carbonated grape juice how dumb is that that's awesome there's another the craziest thing of all time that someone would actually spend that much money i mean how good could it be just no way can be camping it's probably not even as good as kool aid kool aid it's fucking delicious specially if you're really thirsty sweet it's delicious dude if i'm paying forty thousand dollars for something i'm out of the fucking some frozen vault sandoz laboratories in better piece of fucking they better be the acid that hoffman first gen created and stored in a crystal vile somewhere deep under the pen
not not even that maybe that would be worth fifty thousand dollars 'cause it would be so life changing yeah yeah it's kind of silly man it's kind of the weird thing with wine wine is such a strange beverage people that get together and work on that seven they have educated palate yeah some of them like they they become you know like high level so long as they can like to tact like where the grapes are from but spectate stan glass of wine dude it's weird it's weird but it's i mean definitely like when i went up to like i want to in solving one states now i get to drink like wine from the vineyards and yeah it's awesome dude it's incredible than over the variations in the tape then extender like the beauty of the set of the terrain it's like a really beautiful thing man it's like what's it like up there with the climate like
i think when we're there was hot as i recall man in summer it was summer and we got this you get like cars to drive around 'cause you're going to get trash going to the vineyard slurp and all that wine and are fucking god damn driver was like an aa dude it's like so hard there's this sober guy driving us to the vineyards and you felt kind of guilty by the end of the day because you're just like in the back of the god damn car with like crust the red wine all over your lips morning to be which one did you drink over the course of a day oh god there's no telling i didn't have to worry about a d line i was taking marijuana tincture at the same time so do you think you tried to half a gallon maybe oh yeah easy half a gallon of wine but i would imagine like they just it's pretty people
fallen down left and right oh they're trashed and by the end of the day you're like slurring your words gesturing at fucking think like things on the menu barely talk i can i can never do that just you do you don't i can't i can't get well i can't get drunk at dinner ever because then i'm going to come home to the kids i never really drunk around my kids that's why it's good to have kids man goddamnit the older i get the more inhuman i feel 'cause i don't have a sweet little baby oh i'd love a little fucking tot yeah i'm sure you would but you first of all have to have a relationship with a person deep deep relationship with the person know each other very very very well yeah and you enjoy each other very much and if you don't you're fucked and then it becomes a nightmare but you know keep you from coming home drunk that's for fucking sure no it doesn't it doesn't keep a lot of people well they're fools a lot of people that does not keep from
yeah i think it's you should not be impaired or on your kid dude have you seen that picture of the baby sleeping under the barstool here's the map picture i don't wanna hear mother fucking dragging the kid to the bar we want to hear about it dude there's so many people that just just fucking get a shit roll the dice and they're born into a family full of dummies dummies doing dumb things yeah man it's a bit of a problem i wondered if things are really changing duncan the way i feel like they're changing i wonder if it's just my circle of people and wonder if it's just the people that we come in contact with through the podcast and through twitter that the positive people i wonder how much the world shares in the sort of the vibe that we that we and that we're riding and i always wonder if that is what if putting that out there if if it's possible that we can get our shit together
by using the internet by using podcast by using you know different ways to ok to each other that we can somehow another all be reached an all get our shit together in this generation more so than anybody's ever done before well you know man i mean i think that there has to be a you know everyone has to keep using the technology it's like dude like when i fucking cincinnati might this guy i met this awesome guy named easy you started his own broadcast listening your urupa and listening to my podcast he started his own podcast tales from the hard side and he came yeah but he was no man he definitely is like a fucking kind of like a rip like he's definitely like had an awesome very fascinating life but you know the point is he start like he he listen to this and then he started he started his own pocket and and like he's like there's like a group of them
who hang out together now from like listening to your podcast from listening to my cast and they started their own fucking podcast which is kind of cool thing because it's spreading it's spreading it more you know it's like it's like of the bottom line is you can't get hierarchical geography because a lot of people are like you know i just live in pennsylvania there's no one here to have a good conversation with her wherever the fuck they said they live is like i guarantee you're surrounded by people who want to talk about philosophical shit and want to connect with someone on a level deeper than just what you had for lunch and what the pot well we know what fucking clothes or cool or movies or whatever you say that but unless you're in a city that's probably not the case dude i was just in now yeah that i i depending on how old you are specially men all we all i know is that like i don't want to sound like to like weirdly having my cell the back but it's you two like when go to these fucking shows dude there's thousands of fucking people there
when you talk to them after the show they're all really fucking cool and they didn't just come from metropolitan areas these people are coming from different sure towns and cities and and they have but they have access to us they don't they might not have access to people near them is what i'm saying that also sharing those interests it might not be anybody around them like that you might think there is unless they're in a really a large area where there's a lot of people to choose from you might not be correct it takes lot of people are lot of focus to break to get the group of two thousand people come see one of our shows you gotta go through through 2000s regular people to find those two thousand disenfranchise people that really want to say fuck yet duncan trussell just a little hobo bitch you know the people that listen to this podcast that people that look i've had people come up to me and say i hate the word cunt and then i love your product it's the first time i heard you say can't it bugged me but now i say it every day now everything's cunt every
canchis account this account my cat sick my sisters account and it just as a part of your vernacular and that's another i'm proud of but that's the type of thing that can happen and if it can happen with something bad or stupid ridiculous like the word cunt it can happen with any sort of idea any idea can get through because the podcast like the idea of treating each other treat each other really is if we are ourselves living in another life the idea of recognize this really is a temporary situation situation temporary situation and you need to live it you need to live this bitch up ok because you're not feel good unless you do if you hanged can be that guy that you described earlier who's thirty well we come for you get my shit together and forty and i still have a career but hey man i got a good job i'm going to keep it for a little while maybe i'm going to learn how to be an apprentice and then one day is dead you think he loves ride and keel over nothing could be a guy like you the guy who's kind of peaks valleys and had dry spots and
now is writing this new crazy wave where you sort of just figured out how to get on the board really fucking travel yeah yeah that's fuck cool thing man is because it's right there and it just requires a kind of like uh um you just have to fucking it's really so the thing is it's so fucking simple it's like it's not it's not because they have access to people is not simple by any stretch of the imagination to have the right ideas sure but in did you get those ideas in front of people that takes a whole row a kaffir man i i just think like that well the thing that i'm like hesitating to say because i don't want to sound called the is like i really do think that people can like organize yeah i do believe that and wherever you're at manners how to be some of the there's ways that you can figure out other people
like have this sure interest that we talk about here one thing through twitter that's one yeah and we're trying to find the people that are interested in the same kind of shows you're interested in you find out that you're in you to hate where's the cool mother up in tallahassee and you put that up on twitter and you know put tallahassee is tax hash tag thanks you know people are doing back and forth that's it dude and it's like that that is really important because it's not just good enough to exist and digital space with people you need it's like something about getting into meat space with people in like exchanging ideas yeah i like being around people it like it i said it kind of will shines a light in that shadowy darkness they can come in the u if you've isolated yourself because you feel like you're a psychotic freak with insane ideas you know instead of realizing like no man at a lot of people are thinking this shit right now a lot of people are a lot of people willing to entertain all sorts of alternative ideas you'd be amazed and they're around you know like my car boy matt staggs
living down in where is the mississippi or some shit tennessee like that which nashville is intense tessie s boston spots as as mississippi but you know he doesn't want to be there anymore it's like let's get out of there the internet the internet well i think staggs is definitely like on the precipice of some crazy shit happening because he's like definitely becoming like a conduit for a lot of crazy ideas in the fight always hooks me up with like some with great gas yeah and he's running the descent from podcast to yeah so that's how to do that soon i have to get with them yeah it's we're living in a strange time of transition rick i'm i'm i'm really curious to see i i think there so the whole terence mckenna two thousand twelve thing is like i always i always laughed always start or you will be really cool if it was true but i'm way too stupid to really understand any of the science behind it even if it's real or not or the arguments behind it like i said the watson disagreement i think it was called the watson objection watson
mission was a mathematician who deciphered the have zero novelty theory and had his own objection to it fucking both los me within the first paragraph also i mean if you're saying there's also less complex mathematical refutations that theory and i've heard that just like you know leap year wasn't accounted for some money twelve happened sometime ago right so it's like you know the the the it can but that this is like people getting caught on the surface level shit and trying to like now now it's not going to happen on december 21st two thousand and twelve and trying to like but it's like no look what's happening around you i wonder if what they charge related when they calculated the mayan calendars besides you know the moons the rather eclipse of the moon and close to the sun i wonder if they could calculate how long it would take for a culture to grow before it imploded i wonder if there's like just a just a
that number like a culture can only last for it's like you get a run and then you fall down yeah and they figure that out a long time ago not good for like these ten thousand your this is what our focus now there's that there's a guy he's a easy you if you are but if you google extinction theorist right now that's what he's qualities that he's a he's also the guys like into simulation theory to arm and he's you know he's tried to answer that question while we haven't encountered alien species and it is this notion that they implode in on themselves i can't work it's on youtube i wish remember his fucking name he's brilliant i put a clip of him on one of my podcast when the same podcast that i was talking about the guy from the university of maryland does he was he was he was the one who was taught about the idea of idea vivisecting the human brain or slicing it into fucking thin thin layers to scan them i after got no extinction theorists man i theorist
name is brothers evolutionary theory of course but last dinosaur extinction theory now if you look at simulation theory of hiking in theory like studies that show it's a really weird like ways that we can the way that our our b c's can blink out so so many ways anyway is the eighth what the is his name is kadhim brilliant have you seen those the impact of meteors your shower all over the world they discovered twelve thousand years ago he told me about this shit in a sedimentary layers yeah they've done core samples and it's the same spot all over the globe and it's the same sort of yeah that exists when you have nuclear bombs going off and makes like a glass so the world got pelted by fucking giant chunks of rock explode sound of that ship bursting through
breaking the fucking sound barrier as it goes rocketing down into the fucking earth boom boom that must have been fucked up man i wonder if they had writing back then because i don't know if we know that they had writing twelve thousand years ago i know it all depends pawn whether or not that event that twelve thousand year old event was really the sort of mass extinction event that like graham hancock and a lot of people think might have happened to to human culture or humankind rather the human species because they you know there's a lot of speculation about like when is the oldest civilization and they pretty much settled on mesopotamia they settle on like sumer but the sumerian tech details a long lost civilization and older advanced civilization like the kind of all do they all talk about some dudes existed before really had it down yeah and summarily supposed to be like six thousand years ago so imagine
that's what it was so six thousand year trek from the time that they got pelted we can the rapper has around how long that is had so long ago but yet nothing you know and it's greater spectrum of the universe nothing but in the the idea of our lifetime six thousand years old long fucking time ago and they talked about an old civilization and old ancient civilization that existed that was wiped out the f gilda mash which is essentially very similar to the noah's ark story about about cataclysmic flood flood yeah they they probably experience some fucking nutty shit man probably killed almost everybody that's probably that probably explains a lot get a lot of shit all over the world like gold beckley tap a all these weird structures that they're finding from pre twelve thousand years that go beckley tempe please fourteen thousand years
so that means in sumar the really old shit in sumara is like six thousand plus years ago said one thousand plus years ago this is double that so this is as old to mare as we are to sumer assume areas to us that's that's the distance it's so heavy distance of people writing on clay tablets in scratch jizz in these little scratches up and down and sideways that was their whole language and the id either day rd of something from seven thousand years previous maybe and that's with gold the topic shows it shows that there was a sophisticated civilization from one thousand years prior to the people in sumer and the people in mesopotamia seven thousand years earlier they were making these nineteen foot tall gigantics own columns they were carved with animals that were carved in a relief so that like say
suck out which is a really sophisticated method of carving you're not carving into the stone you're actually making a relief it sticks out so you chipped all the rest of the stone away to reveal this frog and to reveal this bird this is really sophisticated stuff it's hard for people to wrap their heads around so when they start talking about like hunter and gatherers from you know wearing skins on their dick that these are the ones that built this boy i don't know i don't know this is a you might have more evidence of the fact that there might have been some really super advanced cultures that got fucking pelted just wiped everybody know talking anymore change languages no fucking written she doctor writes the fucking road like it was like the road worse nuclear ash falling down fucking just decimation by studying genetics i believe that they've found so
evil extinction events in the human genome like they've isolated several events i don't understand the science behind this i really am talking like extremely deep out of my ass but i believe that shown that when studying the the dna from different human beings of all over the world they've concluded that there have been several times with the human species is very low as low as like a few one thousand people and that you know we probably had a big number and then a much smaller number and it got as low as a few one thousand people then we had to recover fucking amazing it's amazing what they found out just by studying genes you know well is in the kind of like that one of the ideas of like the free masons or the rosy crucians or the secret societies is that information from a very long time ago has been kept secret and like yeah they said but they kind of work
signs to each other they work symbols into the architecture of society right which is that fucking crazy god if you look at the the street configurations of washington dc have you seen that shit where it's like a anatomically correct eyeball looking out over a pyramid just like the eye and the dollar bill i mean come on dude how do you how do you how would you describe that if i was going to google that masonic symbols and dc i don't know washington dc masonic washington dc road roads i guess i don't know fucking let's you stone to google i'm going to go with masonic symbols in dc yup here it is yeah the have it laid out yeah wow i mean
that's like you gotta really believe have a pentagram yeah there's a pentagram in there there's a fucking optics so so strange yeah there's an eye is an optic nerve and i there's a pentagram it's really weird when you look at like the money and you see the fucking all seeing eye and a pyramid on the cap of the period the all seeing eye like what are you saying i mean look printing printing on on money okay but how about putting into the god damn geography of the fucking capital of the country that you made trying embody the ideals that you know you knew and you encode encoded into the fucking very patterns i look man there's a god damn monolith the washington monument an obelisk an egyptian fucking obelisk rising out of our nation's capital yeah remember how the egyptians helped with the revolutionary war
they were they were there for us came they provide us with the what's what's even crazier is that egypt at one point in time was thriving and then this was nothing there like they showed up and the banks was covered up to its neck like during the age of napoleon when they when they first found that looks like fucking everything and they already looted all these different tombs who knows how much really incredible shit was melted down for gold bibles and when they didn't understand historical worth well i mean do you do that i'd like one thing that like over time that time is proven again and again and again is that she doesn't always work out great for the smart people with good ideas you end up getting thrown in the basements by dumb people who are like what the fuck are you talking about galileo they end up in prison you sometimes they crucify
they embarrass you sometimes they take away your property so overtime really smart people were like you know why don't we just fucking keep this shit to ourselves well you know that's the theory behind mushrooms in the church that's the theory a lot of this is jan evans work and another dude who died who turned out to be a charm mister but he did a lot of really good work with with with mushrooms with the historic and he was writing a book with jack herer when he got arrested for being a child molester this guy fucked up jack herer because it fuck the research and they really like sort of invalidated and a lot of people's ideas like this work this guide done but they have so many images photos of ancient religious art that involve mushroom symbolism when you look put it over and over and over again like oh my god like this is so obvious like first of all the halos
halos did not look like the frisbee thing the hula hoop they looked like a mushroom cap and they were circular behind the person's head and the idea was to insinuate that person that hold the person was under the influence of god under the influence of the mushroom yes and that's totally believable and that may clearly blue and the images of the doors they're shaped like mushroom doorways are shaped like when mushroom symbolism and in so many different places and there was so many images of people in blue naked in bliss covered in a mushroom they would be in a transparent mushroom these are like fucking ancient paintings and then well i mean yeah it's definitely like the way we do know that they're encoded into the fucking framework of our society and the goddamn architecture architecture of our society some very odd symbols like if you look at the uh the cathedrals you will find nah sticks symbols chicken in god's abraxis you can see abraxas and some cathedral
let's a chicken god it's some gnostic fucking god you can wika pedia praxis it's this happens to be the same name of the company doing this god damn trapwire shit too no yeah look up abraxas gnostic abraxas at chicken heading how do a b r a ea praxis access abraxis gnostic wika wikipedia for some reason the creepiest god damn information gathering surveillance company that's ever climbed out of the shadows or been exposed to happen to name themselves after a gnostic god with a chicken head what the fuck man yeah go figure a chicken god well this thing is freaky looking yes freaky looking and that's in cathedral like is like ah lot of the the uh you know a lot of these symbols they the cathedrals were apparently i read this and i can't run the name it's one of graham hancock's books that fuckin stags sent me
he's trying to drive me insane but one of the but but but but yeah like in this fucking book it talks about how the cathedrals were like a nexus where doesn't show it is a chicken man chose it as a man i've seen along with the chicken it's definitely a chick in it's weird because this one this image is a man look google abraxas chicken okay that's not stick chicken and fucking nashville it's a great name for a fucking chicken to this mama brax is chicken chicken god chicken god yeah just abraxas chickens got chicken no i'm looking at i'm looking for chicken abraxas things up right away let's see abraxas it comes out to an image search but the chicken doesn't come up doing it and doing sure and it's oh yeah and the images is one of 'em where it looks like a chicken to falcon chick it well
it's crazy though it's a chick in holding a away a mallet yeah what are those things a shield on one side wow why i fucking freak animal yeah it's freaky jeez christ and what year is this from i have no idea so they were when only came up that right yeah there's no other ring a chicken with his shield chicken god how you getting definitely baked if you're drawing the chicken with a shield with this chicken guy while there's obviously crazy images of it where it looked like like a harpy or something no read it read the wikipedia entry a little bit 'cause gnostics shits very strange like just read like a little passage from there 'cause it's really odd it's like real mysterious brax abraxas are more common in the sources than the variant from abraxas and different breakfast so they're the using greek greek the word of mystic meaning in the system of the gnostic bass lines
d basil s being there applied to the great archon archon one of the greatest c64 four games really nasa cosmology blah blah blah the seven letters spelling its name represent each of the seven classic planets wow the words of it's the letters represent planet the sun the moon mercury venus mars jupiter and saturn the word was found a gnostic texts that's so crazy that they used though the letters meant the stars and you had or the planets had to to know that keep going it this is crazy the word found in gnostic texts such as the holy book great invisible spirit and also appears in the greek greek magical papyri re it was engraved in certain antique gemstones called on that account abraxas stones
which were used as ambulance or charms the initial spelling engraved on certain antique gemstones doing those stones abraq six thousand six hundred and sixty six is there similar as differences between such figures of it's fucking weird yeah it sounds crazy but so does a million other things from griffins the deuces hey man i'm trying to make you know what what how what are we gonna name this surveillance company were using to monitor all of society using technology because i was thinking of calling it high tech surveillance company what do you think we should call it chicken god okay that's a great my has a photo of it where it looks like a real it's a chicken head on a man check in with the again the mallet and the sword what are those things called a makes a maze i think it's a lot isn't as a like a whip thing i don't know well when some it's a flawed and other ones it has like all of us cannibal the enemy with spikes think them to me
dude i was watching the catholic network when i was in cincinnati one of the great networks to watch i love the catholic network and they showed you know through their chance what you're really hypnotic in and kind of beautiful and they show the different cedros in like watching in there kind of panning over cathedral as they're doing these chance and right there in this fucking cavil visual is god damn abraxas with this fucking you know what i mean like a gnostic chicken headed god there like the people who built the cat just like work this and they won't notice i never even knew of this thing until today today you have you can her know enough you can never know enough there's always some new thing that you didn't know about what you like watt and you tell me and i will come on man and then i get on twitter holy shit it doesn't stop it's amazing it's amazing how much shit there is to know i know man you thought you heard of this before i would have rather thought that i
i've heard of this before it's a four it's a you know the but then i sticks keep it a little on the dl man they're not they're not out there a lot they they keep it on the dl it's it's pretty interesting you know the idea that behind it that these guys have kept this sold secret society running under board of of our society from the get go dude how many sins and crew find me once shame on you crucify me twice shame on me you're not necessarily going to fucking like after like coming around with like information and being like hey guys you we should love each other and maybe it's not so important to be fixated on matter as much as it is to be kind of people around you and then you end up hanging off a fucking torture device okay i didn't work let's just you will just start a club you know what start club i don't want to not going to i don't want fucking nobody wants to get god damn strung up by the dopes it's gotta be you know the they've got to figure out a way to
able to lead people while not fucking them over that's the only way it's really going to work out is ever going to be a real society there's going to be a there's got to be someone who doesn't want to profit it's got to be someone who wants everything just to run smooth it's gotta be a society that is evolved past our current state of recognition of our our reliance on each other and the part of our brotherhood and sisterhood and the importance of our friendship amongst each other and then should be that way with everybody you meet everybody could be a potential friend and that's that should be how you turn it all into you want this up with every everyone you run into is a potential friend you don't need any talking enemies and if everybody operated like that how could there be a war how would there be any problem how would you know unless someone was being a total piece of shit and trying to fucking hog up all the resources which goes back the individual principle in the first place i wonder if
that's a dying thing i wonder if our disconnection with each other is a dying thing it seems like it is it seems like it has to be if information keeps being spread at the rate it is as long this guys like you as long as there's guys like me as long as there's anybody listens to us who agrees who really this is a short time you're here for and you're wasting your time doing crazy things and if we instead all only did things that didn't fuck with anybody else we only did things that didn't steal from anybody or go after anybody that doesn't deserve it or you know try to rob resources from country they can't defend itself as long as well not doing any of that will be alright yeah we gotta can still advance so we gotta calibrate our compass is that's all man as long as the compass is pointing the direction of empathy compassion and selflessness then will tend to do the actions that are pretty fucking awesome that's the main thing is create like transforming the subjective
geography and a type of where were your motivations are based on this notion of empathy or even selfishly the idea selfish altruism knowing that if you throw out good vibes good shit comes back to you it's like this is very it's a very simple thing once that compass gets calibrated it seems like everything else takes care of itself it seems like that could be the real key to changing the way the whole world interacts with each other if you could just get that out there if you get that out there in a way that christianity is gotten out there if you get to get out the simple just stay the fuck everybody's way and be nice to people as much as possible yeah and look at everybody if there are potential best friend and if you could fucking do that if you could got a way to communicate with people like that and it figures way to be as honest about all your exchanges interactions as possible i could figure out a way to to move this thing into the next the next stage of existence if we used to be crazy monkey animals running from big cats
i don't really understand evolution but i'm assuming that we somehow another through natural selection became what we are today so we gotta keep moving we're going to keep moving and this might really be the next revelation like people might really took with the whole thing is the way we behave with each other you you not enjoying it if you're people over you're missing out on the whole reason for success in the first place the reason for success in the first place is never just sorely should sorely or solely for the individual the they were the reason for success is for all the other people that are you surround yourself with and that you're involved with in it to everybody grow together and everybody enjoy the fruits of labor together and everybody enjoy the fruits of discussion and innovation together and if you do that then everybody a good time and the only way for that to work though is everybody's gotta work hard to get their fucking shit together it's not easy to manage your ego and your emotions and you know we still fuck up all the time
you know it's it's hard it's hard to stay on the study like i i shouldn't have been screaming and yelling when i was talking about rape culture to jamie kelsey and i shouldn't have but i should have kept it calm non interrupted of it not been so fucking crazy about the whole thing but it's almost like i couldn't help myself you know i when i do things like that i regret it and i settle down and i try to figure out a way to to better manage something along those friends in the future but i think as long as we're all look looking in that direction as long as we're all constantly holding self under a microscope and trying to improve every single even fact even if we agree with the sentiment behind what we did we collect them i could handle that better it's like there's a there seems to be a connective tendency in nature things look things like to connect fucking single celled organisms become multi cellular organisms there's a connective tendency an like that connect
tendency if you decide that you're going to be a servant of that connective tendency you're going to be as much as you can is turkey is your mind might be or is a disease you might be from the ship parents that vomited their vile poison into your mind you can still fuck make this decision like as much as i can where i'm at right now being fucking pissed off at my phone they're being angry at my wife for being pissed off my boss or just generally feeling discontent i'm going make a decision that i'm going to be a connector and not a divider if i can is that just like that's your intention i'm going to be going to serve the notion of like trying to bring people together bring bring to continue what nature started doing a very very very long time ago in the primordial briny seas of planet earth when we were so abstract out think of yourself as a connector instead of just don't be a cunt there's another way that's another way to say we we must
we do all the people of the world but yeah man english so it's hard to be saying that but i can't help it what's that i said people are so tired of me saying that but i don't i can help don't be a cunt well it's simple it should be a t shirt should be this is america don't be a cunt cunt is a very specific type of person you know it's like there is a space that is the problem specific form known as the cunt and in it and it it's it's a poisonous poisonous thing and it fucks up everything it's like god like a turd in the swimming pool man you got to get the fucking turds out of the pool before you can have a pool party or transform the turds if possible but the point is that's the hardest part i don't know measure without a bogo yeah difficult it's a difficult thing but according to stop at three minutes so i gonna work this actually you can tell me to go fuck myself transform the turd in your heart people people get it together listen this is
uh this is a journey that we're all learning as we go along and we're all going to fuck open we're all going to get better at it and we're all going to i'll forward but the most important thing is that you will feel better you will you will honestly feel better the more you're trying to improve yourself you're trying to get your own shit together the we try to make progress in your personal life then when you try to make progress in your artistic life if you have or career or whatever the fuck it is meant you you will fucking feel better you'll fucking feel better we have purpose in this world we're moving this thing along what is it don't know nobody knows but i the way to feel good the way to feel good is get people around you that also want to feel good and people around you that that contribute and people around you that are fun people around you that are nice to be around people around you that are that are a good time and then everybody feeds off everybody and then you start a podcast
let me send it out there and the people sent it back let's say you dirty bitches we got it thanks to on it dot com o n n i t if you're gonna buy some shrooms tech or some alfa brain or bones stronger and dope ass supplements we sell used the code name rogan and save yourself ten percent off and go get yourself some kettlebells become manly motherfucker duncan trussell you you're one of the cores do them at my life i love honor to be your friend i love the conversations that we have i always away from i'm thinking about weird shit for days like we gotta do this more often level for sure alright my follow duncan on twitter it's trussell so duncan the normal spelling you know it is and then are you s s e l fall them on the floor on twitter and sl two s two ells dunkin trust us to go there join
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so and ari mother fucking shit here it's going to be this shit you bitches shit thanks for having me on the show just not going to do this more often yes i love you buddy love you too alright ladies and gentlemen that's the end of this podcast but we will never stop will never stop we're going to keep this bitch hold forever by
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