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2012-08-27 | 🔗
David Seaman, Brian Redban - Date: 08/27/2012
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are we lives we jesus man your arguments for his part of this getting ball rang you're saying this way every time they listen what i like most about this podcast is it has no proof nationalism to it whatsoever so when i have to the same shit over and over again i feel like i'm being a professional and feel like not do myself a service its nonsense you note fuck it is where bond that how do we pay the bills k how do i m brian we have to get money this get it we get from brain pills alphabet what is our brain whereas outweigh its cognitive enhancing supplement it is a supplement that has a bunch of the very best nutrients to support neuro chemistry and the idea is that you know your body essentially runs on nutrient since we need to have breathing functioning optimally but you
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the new knows is i will definitely be doing a kettlebells dvd with the great steve maxwell's yeah we we live we did some emails back and forth and steve is totally down so we're gonna we're gonna do he's gonna what we're gonna do is gonna have steve put me through like one of his brutal work out and people will be able to do it along with them and i'm trying to i'm trying to do it for two because people first what people keep asked me to do in these and secondly because i think people really benefit from kettlebells i think it's a more interesting where work out it feels more satisfying to me it's fucking heart like when i see someone like just doing bicep curls now like you silly bitch that's nonsense like it's to easy to really get like real benefits that you you see when you wrong when you did you did too i feel you have to something really difficult you have to do
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on its outcome o n n i t and we also take alien whereas providing us with these superdome computers and am now using alien whereas the computer that are used to watch youtube videos and stuff there can be a lot of new shenanigans foe actually we'll get to see pop up screen the computers are awesome but windows can socket about that about that we need to figure out a way to port these bitches over to mac wait a minute fanboys all across the world should put the fact man i've been waiting noses the shit i've been playing a future sponsor like here i don't know if i can talk about it but it's pretty cool you don't know if you can talk about a member at the gate the ipad again all j ai weiwei will soon yeah preview where we will soon be sponsored by a new game company that's making
really bad ass ipad gang and i've been using my ipod a lot because it is game which is its kind of weird it's turned into a game boy almost was twitter worked with those that should be finalized russian was rolled apply cast rep we allow should song about leadership the job will gain experience ladies and gentlemen we are joined by congressional candidate david seem that sounds so said so official dude gonna ridiculous it wants to deal with a friend of mine you from insolently give and we are talking about interest sensor ridiculous talk about like you're supporters campaigning and others but it's cool unaware as i used to be the guy who had just watch tv and be so angry that all these dumb ass i have been in for twenty years
legislative terrible stuff so i just articles about it and do youtube videos about it and then a number of things happened and actually an opportunity to run so long not one i jump in instead of just being on the sidelines wow that's did you feel compelled to feel you're calling me cold here i am a member twenties you don't say and twenty six why didn't you want to say because mid twenties more people can connect with that and twenty six we just ruin your entire campaign over buddy i'm just getting at is normally the years why answer though i nor waves a girl who asked me how will them and so you can go for ten minutes on the guessing game and you like it you can like you treat me like a chick and those areas how dare you run you should arrogance my work to irish
back to you if you're still running around with a last name like seamen and being a young man that had to be brutal wait a fuck was high school like high school was cool of middle school does bag is in high school people are like ok there were over i get a middle school take science class three first learn about like that that happens that people just go wild they love it is kind of tempered by there's this guy in mice class with the last name either but kiss or but like many others but leg so like seamen was almost a little too it was a little too obscure for people to grasp what i bought like you could just jump on that you could you could really boy that it's funny how weird noises with your mouth like have a different effect on people totally curly word like why something occurred where it exists and come out of your mouth it's it's our almost to me it's like that's the beginnings of all censorship the beginning as ignorance is this idea that we have bad words it's like it's almost like if you
can convince people like if everybody agrees that there is bad words we all agree these words he should never say in certain company if you do that that's a step step one on the way to be full shit and that no it's weird wasteful that's so silly it's the bills were important if dont use em they're not its funding talk to you i don't know a single person that never swears it's legit really fun to talk to my friends swell is heard if you don't swear at all there's something a little bit wrong with you yeah cause it that's not the way people speak it stupid it's if you by not using it it's stupid sometimes it's the more to use suck my dear where they run on my own and you know you my mom there's something wrong with the she also shit and subject prime wearing sucks my moms and religious though do that's that's worth things get get odd right running for congress is an important do you have to bring up religion is a defeat
you need people in your team will i mean i have a lot of republican alot of democratic supporters and obviously out of independence and libertarian minded but they're not supporting me because of what i believe metaphysically whatever that may be there are supporting me as i wanna protect the constitution and defend the bill of rights most people that's enough right there you believe in those things you know that i personally kind of irrelevant as long as i'm not a member of like the league of shadows or something you know like as long as your religion is harmful harmful anybody it doesn't matter if you're an atheist refer sceptical secular or you know extremely puts extremely devout that's really matter when you representing europe you are district yeah i agree more and you know i really been callous about people's ideas in the past and made fun of so religions but
the reality is some of the nicest people i know are religious people i have a friend whose mormon is like one a nice guys on earth this never friends scientology i've never seen i've never met a mean mormon there like nice to the point where you like a little bit upset there there's so end there really charitable like it's a beautiful religion if you if you know people that are more means and you see like how much they help each other when there's like there's any sort of a crisis and one family has how much they chip in its that's it's a beautiful community even if it's based on nonsense it's it's a beautiful community but you should be able to do it the fuck you want as long as you're nice luck as my friend i mean he believes all kinds of wacky shit they were these two where special underwear the whole fucking deal but he's friend he's a nice guy i dont mean him to believe everything i believe to be able to interact with him and no he's got my interest in his interest in everybody's interests at heart these not just to fuck the whole thing up for himself
what i mean personal beliefs you start telling so that they can believe in what they can't believe in of religion you're jumping a huge does iceland rubbing it we have a very slippery slope when we know i think ideas it we should be as honest as possible about everything about it all your own personal beliefs and religion we should all be as is possible and i think we would come to like a remarkable middle ground if we took away all the ideology we would come to if we all of we all got together if the whole world can speak one language we sat down talked about religion i think we could we would fall remarkably similar opinions if we're really honest about what the fuck happens when you and about whose created this earth it's a massive mystery i am definitely not religious but people ask me somebody on google plus actually asked me he's i do
even god this ideal breaker from a aping is so and firstly user you refuse posing a comment on afraid that had nothing to do with that i was writing to me censorship or like internet censorship this question totally like hijacking we're talking about but i won't answer and i said you know i believe in a higher power because i really don't leave that where the most advanced thing in the universe like this iphone over there is the most high tat incredible thing invented in the whole universe i just don't believe that and i don't believe we are necessarily the highest level of intelligence out there i don't and if you look at where we are now at atheists one you to believe that we came from kind of like toxic sludge billions of years ago washing up on the shore and a kind of pre oxygenated earth throughout whatever the details are i like to think that there is more to life than that i really would
well i would like you to i don't want you don't want you don't want do you want to think tat this is fucking floor it and see where it crashes absolutely you know i think a lot of us would like to think that something out there that's that's smarter than us i think the real issue is ego is that the human ego is aware of itself and i think when a person's where themselves we start thinking of yourself and you want keep yourself alive you start look at yourself like very selfishly in an objective way you start look at yourself like your super super fuckin important you now i think if we if we can get has that a new looked at life and intelligence you would so why does it have to be coming out of the mouth of something that can move around why my assuming does the alien intelligence how do i not know that there's not intelligence and stuff
i do not know this and whether there could be hyper intelligence all around us we're just we're not capable of hearing its frequency we're not capable of communicating why does this bag of blood and cells and nerve endings and electrical impulses why is this make noise its mouth and change the world why does why the fuck does that up and who know it doesn't make any sense how do you not know that there is not an intelligence to everything around us all the time mrs imperceptible to us and there starting to figure this out with plants is starting to figure out let's have some sort of rudimentary or unknown rather emergency rudimentary might be like really complicated method of communicating with each other fatima aggression are actually read about that light when one of the trees gets cut down a sandy earlier chemical single through the routes the other trees yeah unlike warned them
something other matters does your tree and you can't go anywhere but basically they send out the warning signal yoda and theirs i don't has been debunked or not but somebody pulled a book a while ago that my aunt was really into is like if you're in a room with the plant and you have positive emotions of like i love this plant it fair is better than a plant we're like this further stamping out yeah data that's real i don't think we might have the slopes that one now it is snobs and to be pretty honest about that shit although they do similar pessimistic thanks snoops once in a while i was on the rag i don't think so how would i form this question snoop bees but all do plants do plants to plants care plants thanks positive emotion plant positive positive singing to plants benefits of pop positive plant sex
he had sex with landed they would grow bigger movies when your player spring it a little every day on one i put so many some gator aid once and it looked like a group like twice its overnight what i put them coming in at work might come off in a gatorade and it seemed like it just expanded really big in the gatorade so i don't know if there's a chemical reaction between the two but this is us to vega my search we'll talk to plants were what would you say it's not people talk positive positive energy energy around plants helping battle the hurricane hitting florida right now is it i got out of their they offer to change my flight for no fee of life without a day early just because your be stuck in that even if there is nothing big airlines accounts
caution you know i flew on south west the other day and i just wanted to sleep in the whole time they gains on the inner com and like like trivia with everyone there like now press your button that ding button you help me button it seems totally illegal because that would have somebody really need help a heart attack there's all these people dinging in their like no i'm having a hardrada you know you was i don't i don't like those games i remember one time i dont want to like single out and say it was definitely southwest i don't be sued right but unlike ninety nine percent share of south west the meteor nine point nine the flight attendant was making some kind of lame joke about like i hope like hope we will land right and those that's for me it doesn't matter is you fly enough times you know the odds are in your favour right but if everyone like if that person is flying for the first time and that price recent however the person yet almost war in it and you know backed off a perfectly the this is what one of the stewardess said i'm trying to sleep in their screaming and anarchy in the whole flight i want to kill people like like like she says
now take your seat belt and cross your lips oh i mean hips and i'm thinking like did she just me pussy lives is made that the motion like cross your belt over she probably submit stripper the outlines of live during sleep which version america was pretty impressed with and how they are able to do this legally but their abuse young and had a good attitude and that's like by euphemism for hot women right there are other airlines because of unions and stuff there just they have serious attitude they hate the job and they're all they ve been there for thirty years in others there stain of comics that never made it they're trying to material on the outcome of the order of audience what are you doing that we had a guy joy and i had a guy recently flung denver that has a whole routine who is doing stand like as a stand up i know when someone's do instead is doing stand them he had like retain that odylic a bunch of one liners about about travel so silly
there's is one pilot that sings every times he takes off in lands like eyes actually does it s that's definitely be used the airwaves i know something it's ridiculous because the idea of it is so gross like who are you that's my plane and pilot so the waitress cider ass was the flight of ten on our asses moves into the cockpit gives his buddy knuckles similarly we will then need to hear my voice in the rain also so cold and i was i can i please have a blanket and we'll have blankets and i tried to make one of those like think we take your arms and inside your shirt and then just like make a cocoon like bundle up in a corner it was so freezing on the playing one are doing is how healthy we ve been a pilot you just flyin gladly up and lastly by radiation blasted by radiation in front of a window in its makes it
they trivia games are the intercom tell us how much radiations evolved and plain flight into accepting the across countries like the equivalent of a chest x ray or something it's not it's not it's nothing it's just the fact if you're flying every single day they do it might add up radiation is not as bad for use people make it out to be like the focus mister stuff is definitely really bad for you but in terms of just low ambient doses you're getting radiation does outside issue breathing a guy i read somewhere like in a kitchen with marble top that's giving off radiation as not crazy yeah i was watching some documentary on tv where they are talking about dinosaur bones some of being radioactive they called him with lead paint jana reduce the amount of radioactive energy that came up towards not sounds silly but actually make sense if the dinosaurs died they from some sort of
media impact or something like that that there were some you mean amiens six thousand days exposing years ago yet how long is a half life for that stuff they said no dice allows those years ago it was at least six now gang who thinks that hasn't or more how do you deal with that questions anybody for pro folks you don't know the fuck we're talking about the city fundamentalist believe that there are six thousand years old i think the word answer it is a view like i definitely believe there were dinosaurs on the planet six thousand or more years ago i dont believe there are tricked by the devil i don't believe like dinosaur fossils are there to confuse us question our faith i think they're there because their dinosaur fossils pill hicks had a great about that doesn't it make it doesn't bother you the god might be back in what you god might be fuckin with your head was to create bit about god berry dinosaur opposing giggling figure this out is questioning your faith that's all that's all areas that is one more beautiful ways is shut down new ideas it satan
questioning your faith gonna let that six thousand new thing go ok we know more now period you can't trust what was in a book that was written by people who you know we're deciphering it from several other different languages also by the way it didn't immediately the english it had to be translated from hebrew hadn t criminalize shit missing from that maybe that six thousand years a figure of speech yeah i wondered about that you look at wikipedia entry and here we have we have digital content where you transfer something it's a hundred percent intact back there just do it by hand and like other issues going on and we get hit with plague editors get wiped out but like whenever obviously from book to book there can be big changes to set of that's what happens accidents enough here
so true there's no way you can spread information on the back of animal hides for a thousand years and have that shit come out perfect let that six thousand year thing well it's while the dislike for four hundred years ago people really there are the area they thought this they are told that the earth was center of the universe yeah and you know these people were not any dumber than we are today like the biologically the same brain and people are doing smart stuff back then but they had to like buying it collective bullshit like oh yeah it is we're done the center of the universe even though we know that's not the case and back then if you said something you came out with some new formation that show that the current model was completely false they'll put you in jail kill you didn't he just accept it you weren't allowed to just come out and say hey man i think dead we're spinning around it and it's one of a bunch of them
you weren't allowed say that they would they were like gout doesnt galileo was put under house arrest and the areas under house arrest and consider hair sera yeah new new information synods like say tat they wanted to which really exciting if rem is ridiculous rather if you stop and think about that like to just one the bog down formation so bad that if you and some new stuff they wouldn't even consider it who is the of the devil they had locked down exactly what was tat kind of confidence so ridiculous might have been lack confidence actually is if you acknowledge that ok you guys are right the earth is just this insignificant thing in a much bigger picture then made people go what about the pope to be so they sought to pay homage to them or cannot be a typo also you know tat is one of the most ridiculous things ever that like foreign dignan terry presidents and prime ministers they have to sit down and meet with the fucking top they have to sit down and meet with this car
leader whose dressed like a wizard in star wars episode mean it's the most ridiculous idea ever that sky should still be dressed like this in two thousand twelve and we should still pretend that he's wholly wishes still pretend that he's got the growleywogs golden ticket to jesus factory fuckers is unbelievable man it's unbelievable that still works that kind of stuff is preposterous that kind of stuff is that's mind boggling it's now whether in others god it's not whether or not the idea of higher power exists of course it does he would be crazy you think that some higher intelligent might be at the end of all this why not who we are look how much change we enact on our environment and we do it thought we would do it whether its reasonable or not we're thinking about a wallet we ve only throw garbage a notion thinking about when you do that
why wouldn't we assume that there is some sort of an intelligence to galaxies why would we assume you know just cause i can't talk english at so arrogant to me it's crazy to think that were the only intelligence just because we can clear communicate with each other but can communicate with other things get it how they test for intelligence and schools of capacity test so you get somebody is good at memorizing facts and filling up bubbles and doesn't accounted offer that person is truly a genius it painting or design websites are doing things that are ultimately like much more lucrative and filling out a bubble tells me well rosy brian is a good example mean you you did say that it has a job but you are a good example like your great weight you do i fucking hate math become imagine if you had to do something now history what if you see a lot more guy what a year ago most lawns how good would you be at that you'd fuck and suck at that what are some people in britain now certain things
have no appeal to them no desire to do it for other people other people love moving lawns some things i know do swear landscape artists they fuckin artists man they put together like the put the plants the right place they range the flowers perfectly caught everything and it could it's really nice aesthetic laguna guy does here your front lawn and there's a guy costume my house it has little old nomes and shit puts all these little for me he's creating leyla work of art out there that guy's compelled to do them in everybody's com i'll do different shit the real problem there's that we don't recognize that we're always trying to push people into areas where they're not compelled in our trunks people we can't be fresh landscape porter there's no money in that order fuck is tony hawk who's that guy why's that guy's that guy's fuckin huge how come he will you you don't tell me there's no money in it there's money in it stop tell me what to do i'm gonna do this i'm gonna try people have such a weird attitude like i told people
can i do your show into do a couple of meetings and they're like so is paying you to you out there are you serious and can be inferred millions of people that gets question your mind is united and paid to come out and people really like valid you ask them to do something in its role as this on the sum apparel in our electors do it like it is port and you should do it like there a lot of people who they want to be cubicle and get paid on a time schedule that's all they want if they encounter somebody who's not on that same that same thought excessive i wonder at my annual salary this year is gonna be then their confused wait a second why are you maximizing year available work hours yeah yeah that's we want to know that we have a certain amount of money coming every month that's normal that's just like not wanting to starve yeah but then there people who were too
you think that's coming out of a place of passion or place of civic duty is it what at all about like that say for example whenever i ran about them on twitter on one of my articles on business insider i get a cup people who always say that is doing their jobs leave them alone like that that's that the justification given some of the most evil stuff it's been done on this planet we're just doing our jobs find a job it doesn't violet people's constitutional rights find a job where you can go home at night not be like in bed so you're doing all day and for the money they're making whatever their making it's not enough to just totally in french and other people's basic rights i feel that way like it's not all about the money i speak the money and doing something you're ok with i don't think i don't at first i don't think it's the fault of the tac people i think first while that's incredibly difficult job whenever you're trying to search people shit when they're on their way somewhere that's a difficult job because
if someone does get through the bomb one if someone does get through right with some some shit that can light the inside of the plane on fire we it gets a real problem and we live in a fucked up time we really do we do live in a fucked up time but these people that are working there man they're just people jobs the people that are running the whole thing must be worse oh yeah i wonder whether we have a problem with somebody it's the people the top you will you give people a job like that like you gotta make sure nobody has a bomb like our i like sir listen to me sir people to want to listen to you it's people naturally get a little bit duty buddy you me is annoyed to me you all day long their annoyed to be in front of you lloyd you just getting this fuckin cancer re from them all day long so i think we we need to figure out a way first of all to make it like way less intrusive on people definite
more realistic to like old people and babies and shit really is this baby a terrorist why it's one of the only for a lot of people from the old times you meet the federal government face to face the federal government its normally not a pleasant encounter like you said there annoyed yeah you're either annoyed or scared it could be an awesome experience could be like while the government's looking out for me this is efficient this a decent usage exercise but instead i get the opposite feeling discuss that every time i go through with that well it's the same with tourists people come of the u s and they don't wanna come back as if your visit you get treated even worse like automatically you get the key for sutherland treatment and like they think europe that until you prove otherwise yeah well you were a nation of counts i don't know i'm not gonna campaign on that dont do it it wouldn't help but it's it's so frustrating its frustrating we will stop and think about it could imagine
babies were terrorists it's terrible first the first terrible things that we have to worry about someone pulling a stunt like that that do did would try to light as underwear on fire what is it try to light issues on from that guy on everybody and take the shoes the thing with al qaeda as they really don't seem to try the same thing multiple times like nine eleven happened definitive stick with the official story not delve into prison alternative possibilities which are definitely possibilities based on the research have done but i feel don't get the official story look them years supplant out and it works not because were geniuses it worked because it's a running up to the biggest kid i'm a playground unjust unexpectedly cadmium in the nuts that's the work is not expecting it you know it's not can work a second time or third time but they did something that was totally unexpected and that's why work not because there are brilliant
masterminds they try something completely different in other underwear bomb or the a shoe bomb and that's it what time we should be looking at airports honestly the next threat is gonna be whatever it is i would put my money being something completely different from that yeah then the idea is that the more rights they take away from us the less likely that is to happen i still real bad real bad weather something's gonna happen is that they gotta pick on the next terrorist raising is spent ip passer you can't do that man give bed on although there are in london there's that betting house where you can bet on anything like what are the odds the madonna we'll get like an std in the next eighteen months theirs what a real whenever it is as a wager on it in animals and stand up to that kind of stuff like that those crazy that's gonna do i'm sure you would stan organised by the way i do in a end of the year
we're twenty first entered the world my calendar apocalypse show in hollywood the world's data rinaldo it it's gonna be me joey ds stand hope and honey honey wow that's gonna so fucking great yeah we're working at all out now it'll be at the weltering december twenty first zone to take as a non silly up a scheme to be fuckin crazy me own whereat the ice out this weekend we had to cancel this show it mandalay bay because of the u have sega cancelled first i'm ever and so we move the show to the ice house friday is ten o clock and salary is ten thirty i believe was the other way around tennis ice has comedy dot com to get tickets their greatest club in the world this place it's it's run by the nicest people ever it's in pasadena and the the way this place is set up it's it's basically the same club that was here in the nineteen sixty two amazing it's like a slice of history and and we love it so we are all time so this week
be me joey and ari and it'll be just like a regular real show no sound judges come on down so what david seeing them sorrowing where we went off track there now you ve been even off there for a while rights you trying to catch up yeah yeah we wherein vacation mode last week so europe you're you're running for congress out of florida yes sir in when you're when you're doing that you what do you have to do it how do you get your word out and you would do go door to door like how do you let people know do you just put out internet videos like what's your method of leave the apartment that ever lived no it right now are actually trying to build national awareness it does involve a lot of internet stuff tv shows and local radio shows and that's the best way to help people like it makes you sound like you're losing your like i just do that but we also go out and talk to
for people and shake hands not stuff but you do you're exhausted by end day you talk to some crazy people you ve only made it given that i have made a difference of like now people know verses like somebody like you and your radio show and like you know they call your cell phone and you want you lie and say it's a landline because they call your cell phone talk to some dude for ten minutes feeling okay now ten thousand people in this area know but my campaign that's it lot better than shaken hands at the crazy people yeah but you need to do both because you can't be disconnected like me your personality you'd have to actually know you're talking about specimens which hits you the local issue yet to be right on top of that the best it had no about those by talking to people yeah that's it good point man so it's not either or its both you know that you gotta be hands on and you also have to be the online method of tribulation is the new way and for everything first
and apply only four and you still got out you still got a suck up to mainstream media even though i ate them they mean cnn and msnbc won't have the people have me on cause i've trash them so many times on twitter but there boy cable networks the like me have me on and there like my life blood for getting the word out about this what is your main beef with in stream news what is what is the main problem we have with a total loss good so of scale like maybe like we have controversial controversial new tweets from justin bieber after the break like this is really fox news or this is really msnbc where they paul ryan budget plan might affect us in ten years nearly ok that's fine for a segment but about covering the massive protests are happening on the country the tune in to unlike some live stream site that somebody send me an email and i see it people not much older and how much younger than me in the shit kicked out of them the girls for some reason i see a lot of that and this is
happening unlike this is incredible and you look at the bottom and its six thousand people watching seven thousand people watching eight thousand people watching any second this european on cnn and i ve done is a million times eternity the ok say something up protests not a single word and it starts to creep you out like maybe they know about this and it is say anything has a lot of people send in tips lotta people tweet cnn and email cnn and nl producers there i got of tb producers and for some reason those handful it works just don't want to cover what's happening this country they dont want to cover a civil unrest they recover police beating people they don't come anything that congress has been working on over the past eighteen months i have not heard much coverage of this stuff yeah it's disturbing when you find out how many different places are experiencing this massive maoist civil unrest to yeah it's happening all over the world living they can just control it i guess if it's not until it's on the evening news it's not really a thing like so many might you know post about it on twitter
facebook but europe with a solid yeah yeah you're but a cognitive leads what that's just chris sir that's just amy there they ve always been weirdos you now and then once on tv it's real this collective thing and just a quick shoutout current tv and are currently the in archie america have kicked ass their act they covering this stuff the covering the protests they ve been cut andy ay and oh by insisting on all these crazy bills a congress is working on their actually doing what all the tv networks used to do well you know we can do is all of us can start paying attention to them and not paying attention is exactly exactly we have to figure out who the fuck i need some box inside that guy's head go listen while the cnn ratings are down tremendously the down like did percent over the past year really its user since his people just don't bide anymore there was gonna have that person out there who wants to watch like political shout fast you know right through a lot of people who were just rather look for new
on twitter look for news google news i mean google news that you type in protest and you see real articles about what's happening what's a better way to get your information do you think what's happening is that because of the spread of information through the internet and we ve realized how they ve done business as usual the whole time they have didn't denied attention to a lot of really important things but we didn't have any other way to get the information i like something happening in the congo are guided i didn't know anything about liberia until i watched a vice guide liberia and i was like holy shit what as part of the world this is it i didn't why didn't i get that from any other sources well you know their sources had on that was not on cnn it wasn't me they would narrow show like that it's almost like in in them having the power they ultimately became corrupt even if you have your idea is that you want to
or do some sort of a news thing if you're not monitored if no one no like in the day back now everything's so transparent but back then you weren't i know that you put on whatever you want to put on whether the government told you to put on whatever deals he had made the put on india europe's resource either your partially right i think part of reasonable you like there's so much bad stuff going on today is that we are access to it and back then you had three three tv networks not even cable decided through the three networks and they told you what you are supposed to be worried about and i was how are we gonna get information the newspapers cementing there but i think also there's a big aspect things really are accelerating and getting worse things there drafting in congress are things that of previous generation would have just hell no this is it the people in congress soon have thought of drafting it and p hearing about it one way or another would have not tolerated it women much higher tolerance right now for corruption and for bad
legislation that we used to who is because we're too distracted would it what is that you think men that's my guess is we're distracted and i think so good right now for a lot of people like you pay your rent and you know you can watch a hundred channels on online on cable you costly entertained and as long as you starving in as long as you're not aboard you're not gonna go on the streets protest losing your right to a trial we're losing any these things we ve lost over the past eight months units will allow people to realise their national defence authorization act that got past which is what really is as an act of treason i mean it's it's you think of no other way to describe it appears to be high treason like that's what i'm saying i give this if in this sixties or the seventies if the people found out that oh by the way of cannon drafted something that would take away your right to a trial allow her new prison you on suspicion alone for the rest of your life people like one
nowhere is also me the worst was a trust them thoroughly going to use it on people who deserve their only gonna do it on bad guys doesn't happen don't know more about it mike does it's not about you write or just worried about terrorist we're not gonna you'd say says who i got up and also but that's not the role that govern the first place it's not like i'm gonna have to have your girlfriend of my bed but don't worry about it nothing's going to happen and say that's not an option in the first place you know you doing these things is not seeing its constitutional begin with your intentions dont really matter frightening that that can ever get past really frightening it just shows you how when people are in power when they possess the power to do everything we possibly can to hold it and we have sense a trend of this what the trend is information is coming in and people are having much more access to all sorts of things and ultimately the internet is going to represent how people communicate and how people express anything whether its voting
whether its decide i mean that's how it should be sufficient if she'll be we should be able to figure out how to make each human being have a bio identifiable care mystic whether it's looking in their eyes are registering the finger you everybody should have that should and their fuckin laptop and we shall be able to vote on line does then things would be a whole lot different you that is the future and they don't have that yet and it's real close so these fucking assholes that are running things are just holding on tooth and claw in the way their doing that is by pulling right away doing it under the guise of of hell the us which is fuckin disgusting it is and i have a theory that i've never said anywhere else before but you are about how are taken away rights be what kind of winding up in the longer tolerating it because in for me it's getting out i wouldn't stakes my reputation on this but my theory is that it got to the point with boy eight years of bush threaten the they knew that
people just we're not having it anymore theirs the funding wars are sick of this patriot act stuff the whole thing right and then obama came along draped in hope and change and very positive message and people put theirs or behind him and thought they're getting something brand new when really he's backed by the same people who backed bushes essentially the same kinds of interests and so you had a couple of years there were people let their guard down anymore step has been happening way more rights the patriot act is not stopped being used three hundred thousand people have been three hundred thousand people have been served and ourselves in might be spying on hundreds of millions of americans had so much more confidence in us when i was really younger and the clinton administration i had so much more cars and in what the government would wouldn't do that civilians to civilization i remember i remembered this girl in my class her dad i worked on the hubble space telescope and
he came in our school to talk about it and like there's a camera crew there from the tv stations and stuff i remember thinking how cool this is a government is funding this crazy thing that is going to make a difference in like move us forward you know citizens amazing and now i don't feel that way about a lot of programmes and now i'm constantly being sent articles where you just kind of disbelief you i read about this the andy r p the national defence resources preparedness i executive order what is that so a reader sent this to me and you always followed it regardless of what they are through this thing it's an executive order from obama and i was this is this is bullshit this must be made somehow but then i went on the white house website on why how stock of where they have to pay the executive orders word for word i read through and i was this makes no sense she's claiming powers that no president should claim the ability two
nationalize whole companies or national industries and take personal property and land and really taken do what ever his administration wants all they have to do is claimed their preparing for a national emergency there is not to be proof that there is enough emergency on the way the doesn't actually to be a national emergency the national emergency can just be him declaring that there might be one the national measures he could be the threat of terrorism exactly it could be just this looming threat of terrorism and then its wide so i'm sorry but that's the scary thing about having that sort of an enemy you can kind of claimants everywhere why in the nba part the languages until still it is and so what does that mean it's like when when there's not a single violent person on the earth who ever commits a crime or turns to violence against innocent people shit then we'll old stop detaining people without a trial which is the exact language until hostile yes go on go on belligerent act dot org i'm not a failure
with them but i just have one page cited as a great job breaking down the exact language hostilities creep can you bring shut up and shore read it because they do a good job of highlight what is it again wits belligerent act dot org is there people and i was covering the stuff like i want to see the exact language you don't know you're talking about and i was well this is based on a seal use analysis and amnesty international's analysis and you know it cetera like i don't i still see the exact language belligerent area and website does a good job of showing people like here the exact words that were signed into law that affect you i can't get a lot of origin because they'll belligerent that's too else be contained indefinitely without trial whilst is so weird
it makes it illegal to incarcerate united states citizens without recourse to any form of judicial process just then a blow yeah that's crazy wait a minute you why do we have a lot of damage additional branch if you're not going to use it but the idea that you would allow someone to sign a law that says they can incarcerate united states citizens without recourse of any form does i think you can do they can lock you for the rest your life and its written down somewhere and worse just because it's written down somewhat doesn't mean it's not crazy right but if the fact that even thought that they could be able to pass that that that would be something you could put into law what but light in prisons not enough we already have that the area you know it was you that martin luther king quoted talks about how that's about how position between breaking the law like abiding a missing messing up his quote entirely basically like because it's a law doesn't make it just and just because it's just
may not necessarily be the wall you know you have been doing it's against the law but it's the just thing to do and it is in time allow might be found the unjust just get somebody signed a piece of paper as you said that doesn't move should room thousands of people's lives over it is completely ridiculous and its the only reason why it's here is because this is the old way this is the way things were done the way things were done there was very difficult to change laws things were written in fuckin stone and that was what it was and people are evolving cultures evolving our understanding of our world is changing and ever more for our law should reflect tat and it shouldn't be the opposite of that if there's a tightening down well then to me is a great example of how there's someone who doesn't get it in the someone who doesn't get it is the people there are actually running shit
the wrong intentions do not looking at this correctly you shouldn't be trying to tighten up you should be trying to all the things that are fucked up about the world that's that's what we should be using the resources for and there's money in that as well by the way those jobs in that as well by the way there's jobs in any direction you take em in the tea at the tea essay is creating jobs i'd rather see people employ more employment people over at nasa i would like to see that too i would like to see that much more than i would like to see us go into foreign countries and invade their soil but i think what really scary to me is that people are allowed to make these decisions without the will of the american people behind them thousands smarter this is literally drafted behind closed doors if you guys know in earth it's terrifying and how did you find out about this a reader sent me a thing about it and is it was a link to an article that wired had done back and i think early december might have november and
youtube video that i did some articles i felt like theirs no way this thing will actually become law but it still disturbing out keep an eye on it and tell people about it and then obama obama came out and said is administration came out so they're gonna veto it and then i are good is what should happen in hopes of ridiculous paused and they say are not scientists and then on new year's eve but his drinking and not paying attention to these things he cited into law and then after that took some heat for that and he said well i'm not going to use what i just signed into law i'm not going to use that section and he issued a signing statement saying that he was going to use it but the prom that is its not legally valid it's like doing something and then putting a posted note on his door saying sorry about that like the sunny statement is not a legally and now that i said he wouldn't sign at any signed it why am i gonna believe that is going to use i have to say is not on the right and energy it gets even worse because then it goes to federal court play
its including a former war correspondent chris hedges used work of your time and daniel ellsberg who leaked the pentagon papers is a pre credible people these aren't like quack siena they filed a court case thinking with the intention of blocking this because of the nba could be sickly endanger their safety and the safety of any journalist the government is only talking about something which is detained without trial problem solved and the faro or judge captain forrest ruled it on institutional so it should have stopped there but obama as administration as lawyers are now appealing that appeal temporary injunction and so every single step of the way you're like wait if he doesn't want it why does it keep pushing for it you know so disturbing it so it's just streaks corruption and in reeks of the worst intentions reeks of
looking at us like word sheep to be controlled the intentions are crushed assent to crush does that there's that there's the assumption that these protests will continue to grow in relevance in size and there's the assumption that the economy if there is not economic collapse who knows it could just be years of slow employment people being unsatisfied and that's even if that a total calamity that's a breeding ground for like mass civil unrest and they think if we have this ability to imprison without a trial dishonor say so that's gonna crush descent pretty fast the first thousand people be arrested for the prison that's the end of it no more protesters cuz nobody else is going to go out of their house what was crazy though is that the people who are arresting the people are on the same side as those people they're just people that are working there working folks the cops and soldiers those at the people
on the fuckin strings the people that are gonna have to do the arresting whether its military police or whether its regular place those are just fuckin citizens with jobs there not the power proper they're not the people making the actual calls it's a small group of people that we could easily overpower well that's why was is now called for revolution when i have on i have trouble the t say well now money for congress like it's a little bit better because if they if they ve much there actually interfering with democratic process thereby and yet so that i can see that i can't catch my flight and can't go to a fundraiser a conqueror media interview that's a big deal you know has anyone ever done no it's been pretty good do not worry about them i don't worry about it just what i want i worry about is what i actually experience every time which is i politely opt out of the new screening is because those give off radiation and been banned in europe the union has banned this kind of scanner because they dont know long term health effects
shooting radiation into your body a back scatter radiation its different form radiation then chest x rays i believe expert on this but it's different is doing a different thing it's taking a photo of basically outside of you instead of just blasting three or body to show bones on an x ray so as a result its a different kind of radiation and so anyway these machines freaked me out to the point where i dont my testicle going through that every single time i get on a flight so rightly opt out and there's a sign right there that says if you'd like to opt out let us now opt out and then you treated in a way that's not very good they say we have an opt out sir stand over there let you ve done something wrong right it's not like cool just give us a second we'll get to it it's all about the attitude they say we have an opt out stand over there and then travellers behind you see that going on and like shit on can opt out messina go through this thing and what my kids go through it to that's what they're trying to get an eye and then you you get the invasive pat down we have to put your
stop by your sides and you put your arms down after a couple minutes cuz you're tired and you just run along are you about to get on a long flight and they say sir hands back up put them back up and they guys sticks his fingers down belt and i was built if he does any do like assessors on the tipp your doktor he actually does touched the tipp like you feel what does feel pressure against the tipp of your penis why and that's too much for the government to be doing that's not their role you know like it's great you're trying to keep us safe and trying to keep air its clarity at a high level that's not your role nobody asked you do that you should we do that some constitutional and so every time unlike just go through the scanner and get it over with but every i go i i have to hold to this because if you if you them a pass on this than it will point do you just lie is all of your your car
this their yonah yeah i could see people like pilots and and people that didn't actually don't have to go through a right they have a different line they have different line and also if you pacing like a hundred bucks you can now get an expedited screening we do a background check before and i find that profoundly unconstitutional too because you're classing citizens what is the titanic you know if you have extra disposable income we're knocking strenuous closely as the masses as ridiculous and agree more i think it's so weird i was in line the other day and i was really tempted to do it because it's too just as a pig as long as do just walked in with that pre and yes not right through we have to take his shoes off it was like but it's like what color access to they have you what what do they look for when you go in and submit some bright that and i want to listen to yourself on twenty four september yes our hair agreeing to seeking mother nature you're doing that just about anyway you're not really happening so the annex thing there isn't
video about this new york times website recently is amazing videos like eight and a half its long professionally produced where they interviewed the essay whistleblower whereby kind of heard something about you don't know his actual what are you saying happened and this video lays out there it's amazing journalism we don't know why the new times than it put it on their homepage where belonged but its slogan there you know is on read it and like all these social media sites and they a good job of showing people that are to spoil it down this is a whistle blower his name is william binny and he was at that agency for thirty two years and is actually the technical director there seems pretty high up he wasn't like just to analyse a janitor something you know he knew what was going on and he's not as high as you can get and so he says that after nine eleven the usa went from using their incredible power to monitor stuff overseas which is their mandate to do that you know tapping
satellite phones and tap overseas internet traffic and all that stuff it went from doing that to turning this incredible surveys weapon against our own people and it became a full blown effort to record pretty everything that we're doing here in the u s includes every citizen who has access to the internet or cell phone and the way they get around this is it appears to be blatantly unconstitutional the fourth amendment against another annabelle searches and seizures they have interpretation from what the whistle blower was saying this video or from the article i have an interpretation that we're not actually violating your fourth mehmet rights because rowing taking this information in and storing it databases we're not act really there's nobody with you know a pair of headphones and a computer screen in front of them whose watching you type every email and actually can you threw off your stuff we're just saving this the price but that is it saved
its tides your name and all to do it's not a big logical leaped think you're running for congress you have running but for me you and i doubt you wanna do fine soon these programmes they go let's go let's go this guy you know open your name then they sell me see all your emails off your phone calls all of your associations because it's part of what it does it does threading and shows your community you talk to online who you call your cell phone supposedly that's a this thing is capable of research them all this information making cherry pick maybe they go through an from three years ago we jokingly i said you know with a friend dude fuck the u s gonna just quote that they oats discarding running for congress you know a night bring but the charges against you there are so many ways they can screw you over when they have access to all your information and so people out there go you're not gonna they're not watching me
true nobody with a pair headphones is listening to your every word on the cell phone that's not how this is working instead its being archived and give them tremendous access to screw you over should you become a problem to them again that's a power the government should have i couldn't agree more it's in the government shouldn't want it right now think the real issue is that we have developed and us versus them divide between the government and people it shouldn't be they're all you know it shouldn't be defending their power position should be they or us and we they are representative get our us and there looking out for us legitimately right and clearly that's been corrupted and that's not good for them it sucks for the people that are perpetrating this is not good for you either man you you might be profiting off of it but it's horrible for your life that's the only that's the only ray of really the only ray of light here is that this programme so vast and or well to be honest if what whistleblower says is true it's so vast that its also are causing it
nation on senators and represent lives had fbi its people the very top of government and those people dont really want that they don't want for some agency basically unaccountable to be able screw them over at any point in future so i think that's kind of the thing there the that might save us in the end is it some powerful people is he might say wait a second this is totally ridiculous why do we said that at the end of this technology connection that we have it's gonna it's gonna rush upon us so quickly that you're not united we gotta know what hate you and certain point time there will be no more privacy born exists in annex ii that would be something you can get used to it there was two ways i no longer have any privacy is the twenty first century government knows and walking around on the sidewalk and i'd better not be committing a crime against anybody else in exchange i wanna see where money is going i want to see why we need to still be in afghanistan i wanna see why you're funding
a multi billion dollar storage facility in utah the usa is going to be using the store all this data may i want to see the numbers so this is going on right now go we happening right now not a plan nor if you can you actually open your times video shore you bring it up round and so we can see them as its i'll try it cause it's called the programme would you're freaking me out by the way thanks like this is like that though the first i was helping nation i was hoping this would be a good opportunity but this was clear said again what's it cardigan again the article is collect the programme to search for the programme william binny new york times you just you have described it better than any i've heard anybody describe it in the most honest and ominous where right we're like that the thing about this is it's not it's that right now a by the way to an essay supposedly employs virtual them more people than the cia and the fbi combined so
people say they dont have the capacity to spy on you actually they do have the the funding and they have the employers to do it and no they really aren't listening in on your every word like a jason bourne movie what their do there's the video and this is in bluffdale utah for folks are looking at home we're just looking at some frozen landscape and it says following nine slash eleven the national security agency began a top secret surveillance program to spine us citizens without warrants code name stellar wind or the programme to insiders the full scope of surveillance has not been made public it is raining severin maryland there's a man whose doing higher awaiting now needs classic in different codes and data systems and he's an essay whistleblower doing data out any lips
so many worked at the innocent for thirty two years he is regarded as one of the best mathematicians code breakers in the nsa's history after nine eleven they took one of the programmes i would add done on the back and part of it and to use it to spy on everybody in this country so now that was programme they created called stellar wind that was two separate compartment it from the regular activity that was on going because it was doing domestics by the the equipment was coming i knew something was happening but then when my the contractors i had hired came and told me what without the what are doing
this clear where all sought hardware was going and what they were using it to do it was simply different input being foreign and domestic somebody told me they can listen to what was saying i haven't got it here's the tears the rio grande aside every domain think of a domain as an activity a specific type of active phone call or banking is another them so if you think of wrapping each domain and then each graph and turning the third dimension the trick now is to map through all the domains third dimension pulling together all the attributes of any individual has in every domain so now i can call your entire life together from all those domains and mapping out and show your entire life she's christ's crazy to reverse
for them
i was once or frozen landscape the industry is currently building the country's biggest data storage facility in bluff daily you gotta watch the next two minutes he talks about when the f b i rate bidding calculates the city is a capacity to store one hundred years worth of the world's electronic communications which must be made to tool that the scary thing this i'm not sure how many of you you got a chance to here keep alexander yesterday to the annex i talk about the annexes activities bill how do you reconcile is there some way to reconcile general alexander stating that the industry is in keeping track of every american with the existence of a facility like the one in utah an essay charter and it was a little one was to do for intelligence and i was within all the way i did the best i could in their job unfortunately they took those programmes and i turned among you i'm sorry i didn't intent but they did what you are describing really is hard to reconcile with the laws as the laws are generally understood by the lawyers who work with most people are familiar with the webster's definition of interest you said a teen has a different definition and that's intercept doesn't take place until it's actually listen to until somebody put some on some here phones or actually read some text on a screen so you can pull out all the communications you want decision is a search query later on search they can then he put in their database and target after the fact by going back many searches afterward in other words to give information that i couldn't target from the outset in the recent other real problem unfortunately the software will want to take certain data will build profiles on everybody data
i really like olive gerda purposes to among other going to know about me
sorry to bring the vice down by recommending peacefully about while exotic bringing the via doubtless hano my dreams like this is real it but you think most people out of work it out this like carrying that they do about you hold on hold on turning drought line at the life of everybody here and if you carried over time from two thousand will have given that ten years worth of their life that you get laid out in a timeline involves anybody in the country even senators house of representatives of the dangers here are that we fall into something like a totalitarian state like east germany july two thousand seventy of reading the homes of many into other innocent whistle blowers well they came and guns strong in my house they didn't do that the others but it is probably the most dangerous i don't know what within their minds ok so what they did that and they came in point of the gun at me when i was getting i wish our two times right my head i wasn't too upset i just said day s pose i can get it i could get dressed here intimidating tommy something that will indemnity implicate somebody in a crime so i tell them with the crime was that i go about networks that george bush dick cheney attended conspired to support the constitution because due to process and any number of laws in here so they did not explain stellar window my backboards dolly up the agents who worked clarity so he had a problem i created a problem for them because they have much people now who are cleared for a very highly classified only because it was domestics by and by the way was the reason it was highly class if they wanted to highlight classifying the extreme in peter bull crimes that they were committed
top justice parliament officials threatened resided two thousand forming stellar wind violate the law their legal objections the programme or in the open we should take turns democracy we need to say doing when i read and here we want our governments to have this data or not if so if we want to have it in what kind of controls and they have to be a little bill were visible it can all be done in secret you can't have secret interpretations of laws and and run them in secret not tell anybody or can't make up kill us and not tell anybody what the criteria for being the killers that's very very disturbing that just really fucked i had side when i saw that my initial reaction was wise in the sun the homepage of the new york times like they're pulling their name behind this is real journalism just came out last week this should be everywhere that's why the problem by the way with some of the mainstream media you not people treated this video out to everyone
you know it's got not the media and for some reason i got this isn't news we're just gonna run with kim kardashian was stumbling out some night club and by the way they might be spying on every single person but it's not important holy shit so the but does not they might be its they are the only real credibility issue is down to do believe william binny and the other whistleblower thomas drake if if this as full of shit the whole story is called into question the promise he was very high ranking he was there two years later what cycles work at vienna say like they do pretty serious psychological background stuff from what i understand the other thing on top of that is this guy was a respected mathematician using a john nash this isn't some like dumb due to got caught up in some paranoia it's more like yes john nash did exactly do it point as he's a very smart guy was working at a high level and despite intelligent he is he really wait a second this is just profoundly wrong and it's not
mandate it's now we should be doing and i love the fact that he explained at all to the cops as they arrested him that's you agents are already pretty high up in terms of clearance level and the fact that lou their minds are like wait what is this stellar wind program that scare stuff is scary stuff and the beautiful thing is when does explained them i mean if you list that guy talk when he did explained i'm sure it made a lot of them question whether arresting him question whether or not he was in fact a patriot and not a bad right why we're not by way that's a red flag wired why history advises old man in the shower threat to our security ads you don t kill us because he's a super mathematician what is your fuckin batman comic book character is gonna fuckin develops a mathematical formula to overthrow the world by hacking and you re mail account yet i believe that it has been hunting my dreams the sand it's been like it's kind of it tells you about your friends are governed emily its people
and when i get back saying holy shit that's terrifyingly good thing you're running for congress ha ha event like i'm like a skirt there there are real stakes involved people i'll get it like if you want to keep it i'm representatives you have now who are supportive of stuff good luck worldwide i'm sorry you please do sometimes you got email back summaries of whatever did like they just don't care and unlike how far gone that you don't care about this year those people are silly care about it but i don't think i've i do anything really insanely wrong where i'm fearing know what i mean lab i mean i don't get a big of india it sucks if it's true i wish i'd say no don't do it ok right i mean a scenario cared let me pay scenario few since your data is lovely ladys would have far wanting a lovely ladys have come at the very least what if one won a lovely ladys had come in contact with certain politicians at a very high ranking position and this guy
decided that he wanted to bang your might say gets you locked up and put in jail and you have no recourse pulls up some email you said you know something crazy ten years ago joking income they trawling in it but because the fact that he asked who has written down into your name that's gonna arrest you i know that's insane it is but it's something that they would be able to do you have a triumph agrees you know i was watching sea and in the other night it's not that crazy and this is why i was watching sea and in the other night and they had a guy who is a cop who is under questioning for two peoples deaths and they think him it has been a slight sometime serial killer and that this cop he this two people have disappeared and here the same story for both of em but he dropped him off at the circle k and none of us was a mexican guy who couldn't speak english and the other one was this this black eye and they think that this cop might kill these people and why did he do that has occurred
because he could hear the power reason in that position in aragon pull over the lights go on he calls in the thing calls in the car and said that he had two totally different stores and one story he found the car abandoned and in the other story he actually did a background check on the guy so sleep called in a background check that like that the whole thing is the guy turns out missing and he has like this cockamamie story about taking the guide the circle k and calling the circle kay that that records not on his phone you know is an official phone what i'm saying is that this guy was a cop they just decided to kill people why because you have the power get some guy some high position of power one resource we this is as you carry around do you never know never no mother fucker much our boxes you can't let someone i cannot let someone have that kind of power they did no reason for any recourse right now someone do somethin wrong we don't need the like up the amount of power that the government has
i guess i have way big of i have a positive not die like now it has now delusional yeah i like being delusion with this it like it but you know what i was in ohio which forgot how bad the police state and ohio was everywhere you go you saw cops on them an hour drive from columbus to date and i had seventy like cop com put on site rub with guns pointing at your cars you know that some seven and then one night i am with hannah with precursor his shows it did a spot and i i had a couple drinks you know if a show is going to go to mcdonald's to go to my hotel so i go to mcdonald's go through the drive thru i'm going to park my car you know the eat it and parking lot was too crowded from donald so there was a good and other parking lot attached to it it was like a big boy that was in it was closed so this pool right through it right other drive the right into it you know what my lights on eating my mc gretel
to cap cars both sides light sign in their lack of sir what are you doing in your car back their ex shining light so my face and unlike meeting magritte all you know like show it to em out the window and they can my car monsieur licence in a shudder my license and images like holy shit man like now what were you gonna maybe make me do like a drunk tests and because i had three beers in the last two hours like now may get do you i m sitting you're eating a mc riddle and then he's asking these questions like what are you doing like i did comedy in a fine bone and he goes he's like how was it and make it was finally those you been drinking and i now know that was the first time i ever said no like i had three drinks bam like i'm business i know this time does ironic griddle over my face and i was still eating when he's actually asking these questions i played off like what the fuck did you do like i was like some magritte all over my face and he does ok you're free to go now make
go for doing what i'm park in my car eating magritte all that we came up they will make you feel like you're in the wrong but yet they let you get get away this time around us there ass though not the illuminati that's what's the most fucked up thing about we have you give people arbitrary power of other people that is why i can't have laws like that folks state and poorly s have a year we give you nice things any break em they can't have that and it's not good for them either it's not good for you to be in a position like that of your karma at the end of the day when you're unhappy because i found this if you're retreat people a shitty way for a short about tommy othello ego high we're time needed say gig to pay for it back waterfalls suck crushes you the rebound and always does this is no way to live these people and by the way that's not the only way to get rich so the ted turner a bet that guy's got plenty of money right willing actually cnn
maybe he's in alexandria he's out i think he's a thing is disgusted with maybe that's why so far i keep he sold it to like a awol time when it became a big thing that i shouldn't use them as an example anyway because completely i don't really know that much about his past he always but he always seemed like wasn't bad guy just like me smart business man didn't seem richard branson simply get parliament awesome guy that's much better example thank rich ran branson seems like like like some a crazy billion erin a movie like i'm gonna get in a balloon and travel the glow i'm gonna get us spaceship mars community really does seem like that guy and he's a fucking super super sunni redesign is all about drug policy no i didn't incredible on the virgin like did on the virgin corporate websites they puts his corporate name behind it virgin not come here this letter saying you know we should all look at the portugal decriminalization project the past ten years there don't
from it works just about a year ago into this maybe less not around them when you do that you like ok we have to actually look at this study because he's a sea he's got a lotta people don't realize that portugal decriminalize all drugs i was at a decade ago yeah a decade ago essentially made so that everything is legal and what what's crazy is that their violent crime is dropped their their rates of pay and have dropped clear have less people and on the need to help that are better adapted sir it's kind of amazing it's when you let people you know you trot a nanny state the fuckin world people have this weird thing where you tell em they can't do something they want to do it they it's weird when something illegal it makes it an intoxicating and makes it exciting for people whereas what and there are also some things that are so good that even if their legally going to try it anyway short booze they mean
tried that they tried you know for a fact that was that's another example of legislation where you have good and pensions but nobody did the math on it and really not even good intentions because you can't tell people what to ingest in the privacy of their own home i understand their point i understand the point of the really clean straight age people i have friends at a charade urge they vanished enough to impose it on the whole country right we right but what they think and it worked for them and there's no way it could it could be different for you you in europe if you're drinking if you like to go out and do shit and hang out bert crozier europe a problem you ve got a problem obviously i don't agree with that but i see it intentions come from i see why they wanted to try to do in the first place they want to try to clean up america america back then in the nineteen twenty just filled with sand was the roaring twenties everybody was fucking nuts there haven't these
it easier they get together and bang it was crazy they were animals is pretty awesome i look fuckin fantastic no texting know all you have to say as i don't know what she's talk about and you are done you were out of it there is nobody to getting at age there where they might give you agree to meet somebody you just met them and there is no like last minute changes and light and how trying to me when you have to find where they live and that's why cities were so beneficial there was no communication there's no phones you define they live around people got around the year were now if you'll get around before the maps on funds i remember living in boston and you know meeting people and walking everywhere member when i was a kid from ice on like we fuck and walked everywhere we will walk like miles to the tea to that the train to get into to boston we put miles kids today don't do that kind of shit there's no kids
walk in mother text in each other they don't have to go and meet each other person didn't have to go and hope they run into each other we didn't even have answering machines you call me bill if they weren't home tough shit it's it's a weird thing for me as a human being to have come aid should be a teenager worthy with the invent of the answering machine and seeing now while we must make a fuckin leave a message here i wouldn't mind blower that was for me to seeing this video of what kind of information is being and how much they can know about your reach credit card transactions that owing to the other the thing about you're saying earlier about like we're things really maybe things just as bad back then we didn't know about it because of the internet and part of it is maybe they wanted this kind of thing that there is another technology do it to pull it all right original amphibian collapsible that do this thing would require like firing millions of operators and just you can't do that but it's in
example of the ethic that's always been there s verses them mentality that is accelerating because the fact there's so much civil uprisings around the world and then we really are getting to this really ridiculous point where you know the mine ah clubs date of two thousand and twelve december twenty first date needs completely ridiculous that these guys had figured out when the world was going to fall apart yet how weird is that the world is falling apart its closing in on that day how many earthquakes we had here wanderings ton hundreds of earthquakes and there is one area that at hundreds of earthquakes i think we actually have like the u s has a really bright future but i think it's kind of a house of cards are you to be very careful he surplus not certain cards and undermining faith in certain things before you know it you don't have aside any more you have you know at the mines experience to their society vanished or broke down or whatever the hell happened of them it's not just that these people shouldn't be corrupt it's that
when you are corrupt and when you are in a position where you're not looking out for the greater good of mankind you're ruining the entire process of acceleration your ruling in subverting it and making it a selfish thing and making all all the things that don't get corrected as we move forward it's like say if you were a little kid and needed decided you were gone shit in the middle of your bedroom because you didn't feel like going to the bathroom you you have your own choice nobody could tell you to do so to say you're five you like i'm going to shit right here you clear pants down should then you make a little pile and your bathroom than yours thank you going to clean up but you never get around to it that's essentially what the human races to the world which is leaving shit places and just assuming were eventually gonna get to some point we're gonna cleaning up instead of dealing with it first and foremost before we fuck around with the governments and other parts of the world and before we start fuckin around what tap at people's phones
figure out a way to get oil out of the fucking ocean without killing everything that's figure out a way to let the dolphins live and not have shrimp fuckin poison let's figure out a way to not put an entire economy out of work because you fuckin assholes wanted to finish your drill early so you use cheaper parts or less stringent set up about kid on that first and then let's whether that's five eight i ran that's the other thing that our regions me so much you see a video like that and it's not only like ok they're violating their rights and their creepy implications for how this can be used at some point but it's this colossal waste of money is billions and billions of dollars and this is only one programme that we know that we don't know what other creepy programmes are out there now and what that same amount of money can be used on things we see a real tangible impact on people's communities teach don't get paid well cops don't get paid
well now and maybe if we pay people better and better incentives we would get better people that's how it is in every other industry and it should be an honourable position of said that being a teacher should be a position of respect and honour in this country and should be some it's very difficult to achieve should know that you're of of great character that you're a good person that you're looking at life in the right direction in creepy pervert we should know all these things about you and we should respect the fact that you're gonna be spending time with our kids and somewhat tom you kids has profound influence when a teaching them things it's dangerous you can't even put a money you can you can put a price on the impact you can have either good or bad i had it civics teacher and seventh grade part of the reason i'm interested in politics today because he did this crate experiment that i feel like every teacher should do we're in a private school four times a year lots get away with more stuff and a public so proud of ensued but what did we walked in a class one day you seem like a normal class threat and we welcome the clock
and he says ok you have brown eyes brown i sit in the front too rose if you have have you blue eyes i want you the back of the room and he just segregated us by eye color and at first people like ok this is some kind of joke you know he's just messing around and you'd say you and collins with brown eyes and give them preferential treatment over the blue eyes i think i'm actually messages are letting it was the other way around like it people who have blue eyes doses good yeah exactly if you looked area in europe and that you are the front and if you didn't you in the back and suicides these questions are whenever summoning the back was the question answered signal that's that's wrong you obvious it into the homework last night you have to read up this is even if his great answer there was starting to fuck with people mentally where these people are getting better treatment and the people in the back based entirely on eye color by the end of class there were girls cry guys to it
we're trying to wages yes what's up and there are like it's real like what's wrong this guy lies are doing that is my answer is good and then at the end at the end to tell us what use just running an exercise to show us what it's like when you have inequality and for somebody using a suburban white could join them a sop to feel that all the time it's a deep experiment every teacher should do that now is not the only thing you did but point is profound impact any primate a very small amount of money for doing it that's a beauty idea man that's beautiful way of pointing it out shout showed people let him know that it was just an act but show show them what is possible in others look there's a lot of racism in its country that's undeniable and it's one of the grossest things about human beings classicism all that shit is just as bad any any disease
a distinction where you automatically put someone does agreeable your prejudge marginalized i've met some rich people who saw can i met some really ritual urges amazing absolutely you you don't judge somebody by their income of always been offended a people that that think you're an idiot because you exercise a pencil manufacturing stupid conversations of people that are like google work in your body meet her like we gotta go stay and shape the wiser marginalized me because i'm a shame is ill have everybody that live wait has to be more on really is as convenient for you you don't to compete certainly like a revolution so ridiculous people are just slowly trying to stop what is inevitable that clawing it what is inevitable and what what's inevitable its ultimate accountability for everything all of your actions and then it's a finally going to move from that to being your very thoughts there's gonna be the next phase of technology unquestionably he's going to be some sort of fuckin interface where people are gonna be
able to read each other's minds or communicate without any sort of noise coming out of your mouth i think that is hundred percent common i think we're going to be able to communicate things in visual form as well i think you can be able to communicate memories eventually you gonna be able to lock heads with someone and show them your day and i think that else and i think your memory is going to be more phenomenal than the current fucking weird so i'd show that you have now blurry images that you barely to remember just what i did to day if you ask me how i what will what exactly happened for the moment you woke up can you remember every no no i don't we're playing with my kids remember getting my car blocks little little flashes little i'm sure you'll be able to pull all that shit you're
with a pull every second because i'm your software is going to make it probably do that articles which now know that software we just watch that beyond the new york times it's gonna be like you see my day here's an exact dvr of my day but it edited out like two hours of poop of me boop beaten toilet with took shoetops thus ultimate sin beat on the toilet while you have a chip in your ear ass it so bad for you and i take it as shit revenue acutest other terrible for you you need just get it done i love my known i do need to wake you took some time should be digging in your ears and what is worse the iraq's builds up i was getting cleaned cleaned out or they have like like this year juice that you can
i see the ass he put in their has like this not plunge our thank you but you're the worst thing unites boasting that's where nowhere on the box for a box acute absences say put the shit in your ear cradles oh good though it does us away taken shit beating i told you i told mortified oath why my unknown abattoir park i so my one this my ex she was cleaning our ear out and then i she the phone rang says you pick it up and she shut the cutest inner ear gush humble empire don't like to talk about this the portuguese waters five thousand ways the dye gas election the one he's getting a massage are now she's getting acupuncture unlike roles the bad and like one goes right through is how real asked me
builds thousand ways doing cisco bob needles in this bitch doesn't even makes sense how the fucking you get killed by unoccupied a pussy or you that an acupuncture needle is killing you just want right through a hard i guess i almost think that shows like creature i almost think that psych writ bitch she at that but i think they have to be factual presenting its based on i think i think it's but we have almost think that's one that shows the they write stories like that yeah you could die at meditated why wouldn't they have that as an option and we may be crazy the producers didn't have those large array maybe right yet they act i'm sure when they make any sense to me that sounds crazy if its tv possibilities ants fucking completely ridiculous i don't think that compulsion use could kill you like that can listen to win right through a heart so has it go on right through your heart it's gonna penetrate that me it's gonna go to your boat robots ago does not find a perfect have really mean
yet the baboon harm maybe it's maybe maybe if it's fucking you land about perfectly didn't bend maybe but really i wouldn't think that thing would kill you there are two little can i take it off a brain and see if the next like ours son just seriously have overcome really smart also overdose we already super smart dude and you already so articulate you brilliant knows you're too smart already with this is for mid level retards like myself they could barely form senses no actually take it i just chew it you're a fucking savage imagine you just started norton surrendering craig david seamen running for congress cod snorting drugs and joe rogan experience podcast they know it's a new tropic it doesn't count data are you trying to do is this a p d for politics should it be allow next all night long
new tropics be allowed should we allow people to be smarter than others when they could use it against you might have some like youtube video this sixteen year old like i just took a new tropic and i'm gonna folks approach it gets did it was salvian they totally villainous sylvia like we found a couple of deeds on youtube millions people tried it in its legal alot of states we found some deeds on youtube who acted like assholes when after they took brian swollen say so clearly that scientific clearly based on what a couple of people post on you too we have to make this illegal and we have to do which hunt against it it's faster than it was legal for so long and such a potent psychedelic and its i think it's very indicative of the times we live in its people slowly figure that out and start to sell it now because what you mean that wasn't around what is it exactly it's sage as well it is the board the plants age is this sub salvian given aura of fairy target so i just got a target that the platform
well the also sell san pedro cactuses he could by those anywhere there not illegal and that's a source of mescaline really with the indictment carlos casanova whilst parents we cannot famously on the big island of why had a tropical rain forest garden he lived on the rain forest side where was beautiful demands of pictures of his homes and credible here this really cool pad he put up there on the island and have every psychedelic plant known demand because most of our group that breast in these these sort of our reinforce environments grass so breast yes sir it set up there we add salvian he had san pedro check their all legal though there that the plant would out but whatever is the yeah she coach however it is that they get i alaska from all these different plants yet i'm all growing thrall totally legal and beautiful and fascinating to know that all these different plants mean even if you just had them as you little plant bodies in every smoked hymns captain your yard is something kind of dope no
that you could literally change or consciousness rising shit it's growing next year how knowing that as that kind of power incredible power and salvian is way more potent than a lot of shit that is illegal it's it's way more posed salvieux is really fucking strong if you you get a real good dose of salary is deborah moves you from earth for a short period of time it puts you in this really ten solution angelic state can i can i met the saga of the gutter it's me i figured i'd i didn't stay whereas legal yeah i think so short acting like five minutes and i collapsed and i felt i was actually a sheet of paper like a cosmic sheet of paper it's weird static mushroom it's like a whip it of my shirt so it's angering like it so fast that many people who live in its later as backed myself and its knowledge you're stuck four hours you know i really didn't want and i didn't i don't think i didn't write but i didn't
after it was really creepy isn't it line upon casta now i had you not not something you would ever get addicted to exercising our cool did that like it took me over my own head and i was looking down at myself in my these pulsating waves get like a new first a new image of me looking from like over here like up into my right looking down at me when i see my really like we re like the indian guards with all the different hands now mrs me it was just me i dont think i had enough like i said i didn't last that law is just a few minutes of than out of body experience but i was remember thinking like how may even seeing this perspective how my seeing myself from here it is weird how seeing it or am i getting a hallucination of the idea that i'm saying right and how do you know how crazy is that the union is working to restore point and buy it legally my experience i was still me i was still there i didn't i didn't leave the couch i've had people that have taken a lot of it described by greece
we irish a fear talks about how he lived a whole like several month period of his life during a ten minute sylvia trip while took it and then had all these relationships and friendships and had all this this whole different life like inception like the different layers where the time gets mess that exactly said when he came back from this ten minute in our trip the soviet trip he he had remembered everything but it was just like it was just like coming out of a month of you know of visiting your friends have shown us that like all the son you're here like you gotta get here i so weird i really want to hear him tat talk that talk about that because that does not sound like a soviet turpin i know it doesn't but i dont think they're all uniform i've heard so may i like i said mine was so simple i didn't we didn't have enough cuz it was just me it was me above me was weird images of me looking down on me was enough that i didn't learn shit from it other than like this is weird but
buddy that i know that's had like big ones had taken like big big experiences i know i didn't get a big enough hit but imagine if we could do that would like the little baby hit that i had where was in doing it right apparently kneeling one those blowtorch lilac later you need a blow torchlight or a hell of a big and just wasn't hardener so just contract me out a little bit but apparently the blow torchlight puts you into another fuckin dimension has to come to a certain temperature and that's where he stronger than we'd that's why stronger than we right you just by night and unjust walking gift shop and by so stupid we need to act like that's actually dangerous like in the sense that you could be an idiot who walks into give sharp eyes of fifteen dollars you pop it right there i mean you're use look it right there sure although you can actually i think that it is a tea or something you i'm i think so oh i didn't do it as t their eyes i smoke but the teeth shit out of me i want is that the idea that you can not like the idea that
get that legally i just walk out in the street you be just run over by car is out of it verses mean firstly the t because who knows how your body is gonna process that we are going to process it differently because it's going through the the liver digestive system as opposed to just go and writing the bloodstream with smoke this
yeah this is an absolutely sent this is a video of you fucking such campaign videos my inactive in making this is david seamen owing salvian out real conservative with his heavy girlfriend at her feet staying while you i guess i was satisfied now crazy that's crazy son was not real did he was almost like a zombie like it's not real hannah almost exactly i would say so that's it i savvy as it seems all over the top is another moment and was just laughing in like screaming and that's why i actually made a salary a video not because i was like this is right before
everyone start doing it but like there was a few people really was cool before we cannot help but there's people they d savvy videos and it was the funniest videos to why it's like i was laughing like i was a dictators like dubstep from five years ago and then wanted to try it and i wanted to make a video of it because it was fun watching yourself do it but now it's like an asshole for doing it because our every kids doing what i feel like an asshole because i dont think that should be legal one because i think like like that that fund video that we just watched that could happen or so we could do it while driving so my god i can't protect the world from eighty icon because then keep stuff from you and i write but at least think i should have some kind of twenty one year old rating at least or sums some maybe i mean they figure rental revision after eighteen years of age like that to me that's a seems to dangerous just because i didn't i didn't where i was for seven
at the very least like there should be an info package on the back the same ways you you take a stupid drug for like allergies there's a packet by pages i'm telling you all the possible reactions and what to do one another same thing for that and listen there's nothing let's not does not like saying that it's a good idea for everybody do these things is its i know a lot of people who can barely handle regular reality and they should not be following what salvian or anything so to say that we think should be legal up people should also have people look out for them peoples also have people they can turn to be educated on your own choices but i know people to take much for guph they just take it for fun and guess what there's nothing wrong with that but i think we should have some if we're gonna we're gonna be an honest society about the best substances and their effect on people we ve gotta be honest about the positive stuff too you ve gotta be
it's not just in people jumping out a window which is possible begun also be honest about people who go on mushroom chips and become much better people right that's like a real legitimate phenomenon that's been documented in the johns hopkins study that people of change personality for the better because of one intense mushroom trip they had where experience profound love and connectivity and all things it p but like me and my friends it if that's like a dog experiences all relayed everybody relations sancta changes we are changes the fundamental direction in which your life is going and if we as a cultural don't recognize it that is a potential tool to help all of us including the people that are in extreme positions of power for they would have a better life they embraced this shit as well and it's it's well you can rule on em on a deeper level if yet if you had an experience like that can be more like a marcus aurelius like enlightened despot instead of just a despot absolute and wrong
we be looking out for the debts of looking after the wheels on your own interests of the people and there's will reward in that you only need a certain amount of money you corrupt kuntz you dont get it you you're caught up in a wave of addiction and that dixon is two numbers because after certain while money doesn't mean anything you forget it is nice to have a nice it is really nice to live in a place we can come on when you have a nice couch to sit in a nice tv to watch a nice kitchen to cook your food in nice bed to sleep in but after that everything else is horseshit everything else you forget every be its everything else is like what do we want a bigger watch you want looking more incidents of william the houses the sea of goldman sachs cheese i wouldn't want a house that is their insane people big its it just seems creeping in all its based yourself they have these giant is states there are thirty thousand square feet i believe i be embarrassed i be embarrassed to bring somebody back to that make this is my house is limited
mentally ill like what are you this much space you're like a harder but for houses thirty thousand square feet the eagle behind wanting to how such a big house to represent you is like the vendor wholly field when he was a heavy we champion built this enormous mansion in atlanta and he couldn't keep it up we want up i don't know if you want to losing in a while but i remember he was he was in sight fear financial straits because it was over a million dollars a year just to run this place just one in a million dollars a year like to keep your fuckin lights on budget the electricity working and its craziness to people that are in that sort of a job if you're in the job of being a goldman sachs sort of a guy and you have a house like that it should be evidence of a sickness someone should come along and go away why do you have the castles in your house roma do you have on this shit what are you doing with all this you just you're obsessed with acquiring more and bigger shit you wanna bigger private jet and one end
we find if it wasn't for you because in the position that iran's you been in a position where you get to manipulate the fuck and market and literally change the economy with your corruption and yet rewarded with attacks your bail out like we ve never lived more transparent times of of the people at the top of the heap being sick the p at the top of the ape all need to get into a fuckin sweat large what some of indians and they passed around the masculine it's also egg the role of that person is changed now he's isolated in his huge thirty thousand square foot mansion away from normal people i think just a generation ago i mean i'm only basing this on some stuff i read and mad men which is not accurate at all but are into space you know what i've heard from my parents and when i read about fear the ceo of accompany you so far you have some kind of role within the community you don't want to be known as a scumbag or like a
the enron guy was that wasn't the end goal was to con thousands of people out of their retirements you're supposed to be this kind of innovators people respected and yet you pay more money i coca soria executive you are making more money then because russia doing more and making it happen but end of the day you didn't want to just kind everybody then live hundreds of miles away from them you know you're going to be a part of the society conjured word yet this is no reason for them to be making that kind of money doing what they're doing anyway it doesn't make any sense you not providing anything real moving numbers around you crazy assholes why why are so many of them going to u can't play devils advocate on zan some friends we're can finance and although i if you that's it seems it gets up best use of our resources especially of absolute smartest people out of college getting recruited these firms instead of going to nasa going into medicine or any other field money yeah but to play devils advocate few hundred years ago we explore the
world did a lot of a lot of crazy stuff over spices and said space are taken for granted you know you walked over the target and by some spices back then they would conquer people build ships they would check out the whole globe with these fist hated maps that they had never been done before all about brow spices back and me today like yeah that's bullshit these guys on computers are fighting each other for imaginary money but maybe it and the day it's also improving our tax algae in ways that we haven't anticipated read an article about that trading now is so so high frequency they have companies that build private radio networks just to get the trade out there like a tenth of a second faster polka music there's there's a stock exchange chicago the mercantile exchange and it has to munich eight with the new york stock exchange and others the companies that will feed that data back and forth over a private microwave network
the series of realise the direct line of microwave or whatever and the benefit of provides them is literally in the milliseconds but that differences when you're dealing with thousands of raids and billions of dollars it ends up being profitable to do that stuff it's amazing i definitely see that point but my point we should never have a society that is based on the confidence in different options and stocks and companies its based on confidence in it flows in way was all that shit is scary other non resident verifying all that shit is terrifying that were already met tat ye be article on the of the actual derivative economy being something like ten times larger than the the the speculative economies ten times larger than the actual economy we get enough bowed bets everything goes down it's not it's crazy and it's not necessary it it is a symptom of a corrupt time we need a band its nonsense this whole federal reserve thing is not all that
it is not we need to fight you're out some in some way where we can trade resources in a fair way we need to figure that out and we're not going to figure that out while these monsters have a death grip on the economy because that's what we're running into these big banks are a hundred times more oppressive than the big government and then we see what the big governments doing with a big banks that that is did is klein and sack in and biting enact they just trying to sack all the bloody they can in are terrified if any sort of rebellion that's my bank of america retracted there five dollar eighty empty that was i wrote some articles about that stuff and that was interesting because that got people but people learn pissed and then it's a word about the you know seven hundred dollars if you're working couple at something like seven hundred dollars a month of the money you pay in taxes is going to make war effort and all that stuff why aren't you protesting
these things is is it something we're like if it doesnt immediately affect your purchase at starbucks you're not willing to talk about it but you can see it so tangibly the you're like factors five dollars less of my account then you go near like no or switching to a credit union but the other that doesn't bother you you know authority we could discuss taken from a picture i was what was only talking tat made it that was that was creeping though they were they were they held firm for little while doing this is policy if you wanna leave that's fine surpassingly realised that this serious issue and around the same time this is under reported there website was inaccessible for almost a whole week well and is that it d o s known they never said it was a denial of service and nobody ever took responsibility for you would think if somebody took down bank of america they say yes we do that's right but what actually happened is it just was not working and bank of america we're having service issues and it was never
properly no journalist properly looked into this i don't know what the cause was but i know it did appear to be a an attack of any kind appear to be a technical problem and there are some people who wondered is bank of america trying to slow what is basically on the back is there people who saw the articles about the five dollar debit card thing like fuck this machine with my money and go to the bank and they would dude unrighted nowadays run doesn't look like what you see in the movies it's not people running to a bank branch and demanding their money it's you belong to their bank account click you know out of bankers go into my chase account boom not people do that the bank no longer solve it so some people wondered if they were trying to slow that outflow until they could figure out of power you like do we need to say we're not going to charge the five dorothy or you now and then conspiracy on you one dude even said that their prepare their testing it out to see how how would we stop and actual bank run in modern times and the best way to do this shut down your mobile backing access
down your website access or slow at the point where it is difficult to do stuff and you you don't have as many people taking up money should be illegal it should be i was never properly looked into that exists or any policy in regard to i don't know like if they claim their having service issues i don't know how much of our own government has can check on that that seems like is them lie about there's a weird coincidence the timing that's what bothered me like it's one thing if a bank has acknowledged that does happen the timing was so perfect is like if i were a big bank and a lot of people or just it is being hemorrhage right now these people withdrawing maybe i'll it other website in shouldn't nappy all overseeing shouldn't be all over fox news customers demand answers and rightly so right and rightly so modern western union georgian better everyday or whatever jehoahaz back yard astronomers cashing places the fucking terrifying ones and zeros and fuckin desks
points why is where i like i liked the thing about gold how like when somebody hands you a gold coin now there are actually made that much money worse many hands big aucoin that look at one in the store and they handed you it has wait right you know that like it's possible listening is thousands of years old has no rust on it and regardless of what that thing is worth in terms of dollars you know that have is valuable and similar a jewelry is made out of gold and silver and it's something like in our in our little primitive brains we know like shiny metal that's heavy and doesn't rust has value in can turn it into a million different things this is money you know and then dollars seem like more more ridiculous will do you know the ultimate ridiculous theory on why gold is valuable what the zacharias which in theory none at home we go down a crazy wrote the ancient sumerian text as this cuban form a tax that was written on clay tab
and it's really odd ancient language from about six thousand years ago were looks like ever seem like an old school nail like a nail in a really old building you don't have a purpose appears i triangular yeah exactly it's not like a table top with a spike it's not like that there there more of like like like a stake looking sort of a thing is they were mind at us in other words they were there are made out of iron these fuckin thanks justice was my point zachary zacharias into the uniform so that anyway this is this weird series of lines and it's all subject interpretations it's really difficult stuff too to decipher but this one guy research and whose illegitimate biblical scholar and ancient linguist he said that the entire thing was about the anew and that the anew knocking were an alien race that created us
the engineer in the movie prometheus this was the this idea of the auto knocking there were these giants that created us by mixing their dna with primate dna and that all of this was so that they can make us work for them and mine gold because they needed go particles to suspend their atmosphere to protect them from the radiation a sound totally retarded that that you the answer i gave and somebody s who i religious beliefs discuss this guy he's was crazy this guy wrote this shit unlike the nineteen seventies and he's a legit scholar so it's really difficult to argue with them although many other legit scholars do argue with them and completely disagree with his these translations of it what his translation that would work out really weird was he wrote this nineteen seventeen in the two thousand two thousand five or six or something like that they they had some sort of a scientific symposium when they're trying to figure out what are there other alternative methods of protecting people from radiation if we lose the
these are a part of our atmosphere like zone layers and stuff like that and they can help with suspending reflective particles who the atmosphere so these people back then a new idea that ninety seven they had idea that will this zacharias stitching i certainly was no scientists in regards to know how to deflect radiation that wasn't his area of expertise so i'm coming up with this as a translation from six thousand year old text that was written on clay tablets right is quite remarkable that they mean he saying something that scientists figured out thirty forty years later and what he is saying is that reflective particle suspended in the atmosphere can protect you from radiation while the thing about gold is of gold is unlike any other metal and this is not something that you would need back in the day when you were fuckin hurting you know if you need a good metal they can make a sword out a wing kill people gold wasn't useful in that way but what it is useful and you could take gold dust and a small piece of gold can make any incredible amount of this ultra fine dust and if golden
bizarre almost magical properties weakens take one piece of gold and co incredibly white surface italy the most towards ductile most doctor there is is it you can bang it out of his thin little flake yeah that's an amazing metals are really bizarre and amazing mental and that it would be the perfect for suspending in our atmosphere to protect us from radiation and that earth how as you know of a whole area where there's a lot of gold so these aliens came down here realise that this is a good place for them to get some gold out of how do you do i don't wanna let what makes him people ok and twenty we grab some humpty steve gruesome dna and am it's completely ridiculous cavalry but it's not our credibility or theory ok cowboys italians yes yes you measure there are there to harvest scold yeah you know yeah so that
think that us being sarcastic sarcastic about residing in those looking for the movie so bad but the idea was that that's why we still have this thing for gold or literature put on earth to mine for gold so we have this link it economic connection with value while and then we ve lost completely lost all of our memories of the honour not because this is a thousand years upon what i would have been less out of its less sinister than that and it's like they came to an end look eyes we need gold for our project of the atmosphere so you give us gold and give you stuff that you need and then you have people suddenly realized ok gold's money in our area it could be that what's in isolated allow and only the idea of being an engineered butler biologically engineered slave worldwide the reason why i lean towards that end not not a hundred percent i mean i don't agree with it or disagree with it but i dont rejected as an idea simply because the fact that the only thing that's like us his dogs
i didn't like us they can vary so widely by the way it looks is humans those were the only thing that that that's like a dog varying credibly man you can have no right massive and re why was yet because there were like you d were designed rarely made them they they very because of human intervention and i mean maybe it's what came first a chicken and egg maybe human human innovation came and then people varied drastically or when they were fuckin created they made a bunch of different versions of the tribe of little but this they went with like asians however little more alien and i'm just a touch just this message i'm italian with a little more monkey you know they pray and by the way this is not racist alien to asians cause it's better i think probably to be more involved better to have little less monkeys it's actually racist against myself so i'm gonna fuckin twitter beef over this but it's ridiculous look at
it is totally completely ridiculous it i don't believe in it but i propose it who the fuck no man we're we're starting to learn all sorts of crazy shit about our past we're starting to about ancient civilizations that at a time when we did not think that people capable building anything and they gave these giant stones drug use it with areas in south america make no sense timeline lies that's nothing like i'm going school and you read the text by comparison with basic shit not once this takes poster dimension oh by the way there's some random cities in south america bill it's a really doesn't make sense that time period and they're so far i don't have the numbers in my mind or another there they were so distant to everything else it it's like we don't have any idea of what that is yeah we're not going this thousands of them finding new ones in the jungle all the time we were sitting credible civilization that existed just a couple thousand years ago the mind civilization wasn't even that long ago and we know so little about what really happened it's it's an amazing amazing time i watched
eight documentary on national geographic called the decoding the maya it's available i bought a dvd of it and it some all about them working on the translations of the different mayan hieroglyphs and how difficult it is unlike electra to decipher things in the way they go about in the scientific method they used to try to figure out what the fuck each little thing means and stuff meaning they had a complete a different way of writing the world they wrote the world in pictures and pictures that represented sounds that you would make and they were very it would very whether or not that sound was like you know like if you had like they would like that way as explained to us we can explain it like if you were gonna i saw aunt rose you would do and i ball saw like saw and then you do the insect aunt and then you do arose yeah now be i silently outside human sacrifice a lot of it
and are adding a pinch pinchbeck book yeah he's really interesting i read actually when can i would us you gonna show you would not get out of the idea of high with why did you don't wanna be langley we doing you're worried about you want to be with the words i do it for show maybe i think some people also get uncomfortable in their high when there are no talking about things seriously didn't want to come up with too much dude bro talk in other words bout people seeing them stoned but at sunnyside psychedelic pie you're dude i thought he would operate in yea i met him when i was in boulder anthony bourdain two fists like a soldier we took that due to the depths of hell unfortunately because it may the conversation kind of wearing your little hung over from the grammy's thou mother fucker went deep with us respect sir backed our respect for you tell i was too because i know it less you're gettin this shit on a regular basis did the does
kind of marijuana it's available in southern california is so potent an awesome and should be respected for that instead of pressed by this ridiculous flogging d and government we are so silly we're in a new era of prohibition that's one thing are running and legislate am i not actually get it through but you can start putting the bills out there you gonna try to do it has to decriminalize it's not even like them the focus of my campaign like my thing is bill of rights and spying on suspending those things but do you think it's past to turn things back in absolutely is possible because the latest pausing fifty percent of the american people support innovation and legalization but elected a fish it was only one to two percent support that you have a huge disparity where these old assholes have have to go where they have to choose there there our stance it's not gonna to stay like you don't have an elected body deplore these are one thing and then fit
percent of your own people believe something entirely different that doesnt work and it's not much different than when galileo was imposition it's really so long live called we'd cause it grows absolutely everywhere by railroad tracks and you just pull out of the ground we're nutritious and you can make clothes out of a new girl buildings out as a bottle of whisky do all that it can fuckin fuel car with that shit really realistically you could take one of habits as good as for acres of trees if you're trying to make paper some also nicholas plan ever not not try new to pander to year you're showed no i know you're not there's a lot but like we can't move forward as a country of spending so much of our resources on criminalize ie seven it's not a crime natalie something that's incredible incredibly beneficial we're suppressing farmers ability to make money afar
this ability to make money by the way not off selling drugs we're talking about the actual plant hemp which is not psychoactive in any way shape or form it is not what you won't show you can eat it i wish we sell him protein hemp force protein where the biggest questions we get is am i gonna piss hot for this i work in a company that drug tell me should i be like yeah you can tell it's not does nothing to do with that then our want that's disgusting to clarify under the age of a lot of friends were trying to get into that our positions and they're all worried about drug testing it's weird because there are always companies are like preventing themselves from hiring the next batch of innovators
you you're harvey we were complete boring accountants who have never try to anything and i'm so offended at this idea that no one can handle drugs i find that so ridiculous that just because one person can handle it or a few people can't help it doesn't mean i can't handle it because drinking is one of the worst fucking drugs arrests period but i can handle it i enjoy drinking violators no doubt you compare how your body feels the next day between the two things theirs no doubt there is no comparison and the idea that i would somehow or another lose control because i've tried something or because i enjoy something in my off time is silly if you don't the person enough respect as your employ that they will go home and sit down and for the tv and smoke a joint when they when they relax at home right but you don't give them enough respect to have that time to themselves to maybe smoke a little weed and chill out when they're not running the company dime but not doing the not responsible for anything you can test them for that that's
bless you you're an asshole you're trying to be a slave owner you're not trying to my employer you get you can't tell you what to do and they're not at work one thing if you're on oil one of those offshore oil rigs and on your basic the job twenty four hours a day is anything can go wrong at any time pleaded i understand having it is euro tolerance policy there but for some office job where you have a large portion of your day where you know working you should be allowed to would you want especially when you're using some it is killed a single person ever very very very good point about dangerous jobs very good point it's not that being completely unreasonable your comments to the roma everywhere no government we should definitely czech people before we let him on planes we should definitely test people for drugs if there are in charge of oil rigs and even about even spying people think i'm i'm totally against intelligence agencies are not like there's a big role for us spy agencies like you want to see these fuckin people in afghan dan caves or talking about you want to be
happy to note about how do i make a fire how do we are holding this girl how do we get these drones to stop dropping stuff yeah what's your position on drones so drones are really pretty awful a lot of the same reasons as warrantless spying there's not enough accountability like right now maybe it's being used properly really don't know at what point does just becomes envy for a president disabled this guy's a major asshole he's causing a lot of trouble with is that so down the road so julian assange like which get rid of this guy wonder strike he's done and then people will talk about it couple days and that's it because that's other media cycle works people be outraged for couple days that's it take their one time credibility hit and they just move on i don't think that's acceptable again it's too much power for the government to have the number of civilian drones is in civilian casualties because of drones is in the thousands now mean it's it's not just a cup
people accidentally die also there's an evil aspect to it like you to be if you want to kill somebody you stab them with something is pretty intimate and then it's it's been de personalized over time it went from that tubes gonna write snipe rifles he drops of things the plane but even then you're stop on of their city you're looking down your push the button you making a moral choice the evil on doing here is outweighed by the benefit and will have of winning battle or winning this war drum some guy just goes to work army base plugs and like he's playing a video game goes home at night mission accomplished you know it's it's a level of separation that is scary yet these civilian drawn strikes depending on who you listen to theirs there's there's a couple different figures that they throw around but all of them are over a thousand from the coast
of numbers the conservative numbers around eighteen hundred in and the less conservative numbers are above two thousand but either that mean all that that's it's scary stuff that's like nine hundred and eleven number so mean this is the amount of innocent civilians that are killed because we're going after these bad guys and these people just have to be near him it'll happen to me now there is i agree completely there's something crazy about the ability to take some random you no object some some created object rather and fly it through the fuckin air to another country and it launches a fireman right people why controlling it with remote control at your watch a video game what's so great about that also is like so as a society were making a choice to devote a lot of our technological energy indefinitely taxpayer into building better drowns because these big defence contracts get them and so are learning ways to like vaporize sixteen year olds in a more efficient manner basically these people who are like
you're in some town afghanistan you have no other choices because there's no economy and some warlord recruits you and caught up in some is definitely evil but you know much control over necessarily and without being a trial you're just killed one day by a robot basically it is a robot in the sky i think though more customs i robots your killed by this thing and maybe you need to give huge contracts to defense companies because they lobby the shit out of washington if that's just the way it is no matter what we always have to give them mess of contract why not what we are doing in the sixtys which was part of those of contracts we're gonna the space programme are these please put us on the moon instead of building town i just cleaning up the inner cities just get your strengthening our education system there are all sorts of jobs that can be had that are very positive instead of these jobs at all go to the d a in passing pot farms these jobs at all go to tear say workers grabbing p stick lemon radiation boxes see it seems to me like we should be able
to figure out a way to to distribute all those people in the past their way back into our economy back into our workforce until the police bad everywhere you going to travel to other places where the police actually sumac members of the community in a small town as less pressure and small towns in other countries where the cops don't have uniforms like judged read here the uniforms can keep any scarier scarier it depends on the city obviously regulation the cam oh the camel and sound on order vine and south florida the guys have like body that son was it wasn't irvine what was the city and orange county anaheim anaheim there was protest about was donald told medium like other anaheim thing started escalate solved nothing about the news i d just google news it is because westward disneyland is bitch keep shit on the raft zealand but i mean they had people in camouflage and you like video
what is the message of you being camouflage is that the only close you have granted or you letting you know that you ve killed people you letting me that you're a train killer from overseer united around a member of the community please sir you ready for some like serious shit it why are you wearing body armor and why do you have a fucking machine gun and why you standing around will people protesting the death of it of you know a young man was shot in the back the whole thing about the fucking i that shot himself in the head in the back seat of that was fucked up only rule did a suicidal believe every second but that brazen the ruling that suicide that that shit is completely ridiculous how the fuck that they get away with that part of when you create a society that corrupt he crept rulings but the fact that people would be willing to listen then go down while encouraging the charms of man you pull a guy over you arrest him and he's like this is it my life's over i'm going to shoot myself in the head while i'm handcuffed behind my back right and imma shoot
often the temple here the next few hours gotta be inconvenient being processed someone's gonna kill myself yeah i mean no sir i'm gonna put it up to my temple to the how can you even fucking do then can you even do that you have to be like young airship what scares me when these videos come out of police just being the sheriff somebody for no reason and you wonder how many times as is happening with the right condition weren't there were there happen to be somebody that the balls and the camera and the camera to actually film it you know when i was in high school my friend jimmy was in there's a place called kenmore square in boston so back when they had they had due to would put cardboard down on the street and they would break dance they didn't natasha tabs really popular while there was break dancers and these hunker it was like a bar there is so there's like these punk people and these breakdowns people got into a fucking crazy bra and
calm and showed up and patty wagons he said he had never seen anything like it we're just swing in those bats and racking people on the head because there's no video there's no one's monitoring them he said they would cry people in ahead because the sound was so sickening and then they would take their head and slammed into the patty wagon before they go in everyone just slam their fuckin head in the metal and then ass the men he said it was so disturbing that like watching and neck he never looked at cop the same way again you're just one in them just get correct in the head by bats and then slander handed the metal and push the men because they are involved in a big bra right now is back when p blood brawls where they didn't shoot each other it is being each other like those don't exist anymore allegedly those occupy protesters they like what handcuff them in a way this painful using the place carson and they show them on advance and
there are in there for so long there are forced to urinate on each other even though they were denied access to a bathroom when they asked for one and dead you you hear about this autonomy where they're doing the handcuffs so hard that people are screaming for me to be like fixed yonder care it's so sir it's not it's not america's about and yet we have the the protest when i see people protesting about a kind of excited some people engaging again you're ok i care this issue a minute tell you what i think of it that's a good thing having debate and discussion that's that's it of life you know the treaty at like it's a threat to our existence in a threat now security at super creep in one of the creepy things was we had jamie kill scene has been very involved and occupy process from the beginning and he was talking about cops that of info colleagues now
cops police police officers that of infiltrated and they pretend to be the engine by russia tours yeah that that strikes me as one of the most fucked up things also yet paid is that you're adams homo you have a protest its peaceful and isn't harming the community and you exactly of taxpayers money going to turn this into a violent disorderly thing should be so you can best people who would not have been an issue in the first place is a should be complete trees and if you find out that someone has ever done and they have done that should be absolutely treasonous you should go to jail you have you fucked up the civil discourse of this situation that is against the suit the community you're you're you're your actions are undermining the peace of the community you should go to jail there should all in the fire that is just we're just allowed that and we just sort of accept that at that level of of in not not incompetence on the part but but real car it's not incompetence the two like you set it up
but the bottom level who are the problem here somebody up top he sang look you better rough these protesters up because we don't i'm coming back next weekend and there's no stupid this is the on this the incompetence is that this is the only where they feel they can handle it and that's even stupid or is this what's going on to bigger protests course because the denial of of of equality the fact that they won't consider these that these people are part of the community when the community's having this much problem with your action you doing the wrong there's something brothers in and it is an injustice it's not an unreasonable ridiculous thing like you know some crazy person saying you stole all my money from the golden giant now you're talking like real sense citing real and you being ignored and when that happens this its right to protest its american to protest its patriotic to protest it shows the year stepping outside of the box to say hey i'm one i wanna be counted amongst the people think there's something wrong with this that's what erika is supposed to be all about so the problem with america's is run by an to run
people who are not using and you have a lot of people who believe that nine eleven was like the opportunity of a lifetime get a better in a better position within the government make a shitload of money on these crazy contract steering spying programmes and putting body scanners at airports and all the stuff a lot of people made money off this and i can say i quite on american to profit off of a tragedy like that in such a blatant way you know what was quite an american have dick cheney as a vice president how crazy to have this guy was a vice president who used to be the ceo of a company that fixes shit after your ball ranks all thing there if we weren't you we should use said ok great you're see you have halliburton no big deal but government contracts while you're in office we're up so a penny to halliburton total conflict of interests yes i do understand my government its where things that in the financial sector
just be considered ludicrous had a training you areas i am exaggerating much less of the horrible than that i just knew that accompanies can afford new soldier start that seems like a smart business move with that's completely and totally illegal if this mother fucker had the the access to this entire giant business that rebuild things after you and he was the guy running it and then he gives them contracts no bid contracts for billions and billions of dollars dennis blatant and in your face so crazy it's kind of like it's a going to do about it you know the media is not going to cover all that much and we know you're not gonna protests you may get the ship kicked out of you so what you can do about it we're just gonna do it anyway she
that's totally american that's totally in america is voting does avebury making curse more justice in here with us the other day i thought creepy is thing ever in burbank and i immediately razor really decreasing ever you want to clarify it was pretty creepy and then i found a video of it the i've been like searching to see if anyone else solid was that tickets that would just tell me what it was its ten tonnes a tanks is going through onshore on a train track my readers so my readers of semi that stuff different videos from different parts of the country its crew it could totally be like just the normal it's coming off the factory line has to be shipped somewhere else i thought you were going to send me somethin light hats but whole or something but isn't it weird that were now at the point where our government really is doing so many terrible things we see tanks and our first thought is are they gonna use these against us can you imagine that
can you imagine what were to like you see a lot of taste like hell yeah that you don't you like i hope you don't use this against eyes the real problem is when they don't need drivers i guess the real problem is land land rainbow mandarins yo near a few people run in these fuckin things by remote control they can they can take over cities and do a lot of shit that's impossible to do when you don't have an evil cut behind the switch is have a few its work and somewhere else now the buttons for these fuckin things you watch the new total recall helm sunday synthetic police where they just turn i think on and they all go out i think we're gonna fuck things up way before that happens hopefully but this this is disturbing knowing this drones and knowing all the thousands of people have died there totally innocent because the drones known fact that no one seems to have a problem with that because we don't know those little brown people with yeah i'm not afraid of the technology like it's the technology technology you know you can ever turn it back the drones are now
part of warfare that's like us the problem i have is a total lack of accountability who are these people why are they targeted did they deserve to be king there could they have been detained in question not only that even a trial of these people that are deciding who go after an who not go after and what is your motivation and what time do you have to have a book what time do you have to decide how much money is how much money do you make one of those missiles goes off yet somebody you're good at what is a contract for a hundred do missiles worth where the law that would seems like a good motivation to invade someplace where there's nobody its aim was five months for terrorism vessels craig easy it's crazy people could try to make money doing that but there's so much money in doing that you have to consider it look in afghanistan itself was talking to someone at this hour whole policy is that ok we can send them some school supplies and occupy their country with our military forces fears and then they're gonna have democracy is asking to spring up this people
like literally a thousand years behind where we are literally like it's like the tat you win in star wars there not beria there are certain bridges that need to be built just go from like localised warlords and this creepy desert that has in looking spiders estimates in iraq the camel spiders their fed people those on fear fact did its i don't like the idea that they ate him alive spider should be eating people not the other way round their cars looking bugs me they are a gigantic to fit right and starship troopers yeah but anyway like that the world is not ready for like three it's gone from localised warlords to function obviously we can pull out we're done is striving to how far behind it really true areas i remember became throwing it to it mccain was debating how many were saying that he doesn't understand what is talking about what you're talking about invading afghanistan and go
ghana stand is run the same way it was when you know that people are on horse back like alexander the great day i just saw headline today the taliban they headed a bunch people and their crime was going to have a party mix sex so their men and women listening to music together and drinking together boom the men how far behind their there so willing to take it to the next level that that is are you really control be mean that the chapter fuckin often the miller streets nobody does shit and what does that do creates children it's not gonna happen again but we know that that's possible in that's what's really disturbing about human nature and that in two thousand and twelve we have direct evidence that people who are in positions of power are capable of doing something that fucked up you really believe that people are all the same the only differences we have different cultures and different environments indifferent biology to you know make ups in different ways we look
but essentially people are equal well into and twelve people are cutting people's heads off for nonsense that's what people in power are capable of doing and we ve gotta look honestly in realistically about the people that are in power right here because just because you could drive a sob and go to starbucks and get wi fi at work just because all that's going on doesn't mean you're not live in a den of monster yeah and not only that just because you have those good things you have a safe town and you have stopped and like a level of prosperity that's really pretty you don't let that go it's also addressing all the bad stuff that's happening is going to take that away from you and actually give you more of it because notch west less money will be going to this bullshit more money will be going to programmes will keep your town safe and clean when we think about america we think about all the good things about america not only will none of that change it will all be enhance exact more people will be providing more positive things into the city instead
of our cities and our countries and our states being governed this showing it can monster that goes overseas and below shit up instead of them all the tax money all of the resources go to building shit good building shit with in here this country making this place better queen up all the bullshit that all these fuckin corporations have left by turns of toxic we is poisoning and figure out how to manage nuclear waste and that we all evade here though all of it to this nonsense worth our or whose economy is based on facts people out of their shit in another place that's craziness maids maybe you should run also fox hour i would love to hear like a mitt romney somebody say basically that we demand an end to end outsourcing we bring these jobs home i would never be a part of this system is a system is bullshit to me this
too much like you might as well go to the rocky har picture show and pretend because you sing it along the you're actually in the movie because you're not really changing what's going to happen here you're not really a part of that you're not did this system is completely fucked sideways with corruption and for you too i've been trying to write the ship from the inside man luck to you i'm in your corner dude you're going to try to do it and you are you gonna run for congress and i went to support you and i want you to win and i want you to get into the positions where you can actually make some change but to tenaya that man that has to be literally your whole life that has to be your whole life jested correct the work of some kuntz instead of telling cards to stop being tut's does just get your own shit together the people that are in the upper positions of power that must fucking creepy paranoid and depressed and weird it out and on calonna pan and all kinds of other kuchen we
drugs it gets you through your day and xanax ambien to go to sleep at night you know me successful wealthy people in business i know that are addicted to ambien there but that should every night to try to get some sleep can cause they're crazy because our deal all kinds of nonsense all day and gary afoot every step of the way and they they literally can't even fuckin sleep they can't relax in every he goes to this existential crisis we like what the fuck is this all about but there's no answer sego by new jaguar there's no answer see you get a new membership to the country club and now you know eleven behind the coming off on most good at community or bob aid is keep pushing i think a lot it's a proxy for not getting sex to like a lot of these deeds in the senator just old and i problem despite herbert fr i can't get it up anymore actually vaguely probably get it but now it via but point is the now what they used to be and instead pulling all these girls they used to poor they have
feel so of suit so virile bypassing the shit that is ridiculous like just totalitarian stuff i think a small part of it is if you're getting ex regularly and you have a balanced that also involves the friend in family in doing it has nothing to do with politics or with building drones running that stuff why would even be in favour of these things you're not gonna be right you're not going in that direction of wheat let's start a war to make some money or let's take away rights just to be on the safe side you know you're not gonna think that were yeah that's a very good as well if you're operating from a position of comfort and power and empowerment you your feel yourself that you're doing what you should be doing in your very confident about everything you're not gonna try suppressor the people that's the problem with all people a lot of all people and suppress young people it's very common they see people coming up in the shit on them you know i'm from the comedy days in order the older comedians there was two types of older comedians there is a real
cool encouraging guys who would you now tell you hey right more she'd like gotta is much on stage you didn't get the better and give you good advice good luck man you're our questions i'm here and those guys are great those guys like that they you meet a guy like that like a life raft whether those other guys it you see coming up in they just want to push it down shit on you when a whole gently and they act like they can this guy i dont want i'm working with me says fuck too much breaks the fuck meter like lying creep fanatic that's it that's the thing is just crabs and about they just trying to hold people down there and when you get to a position we are guy like that were your guy like new gingrich and they go hey man boxes are briefs your boss idiotic question is that you think i'm going to ask you what you need stupid in any just bear some poor kid who just asked the key question about your underwear i that sicily when your character to absolutely it does it says something about you being a bully like watching monopoly i'm talking about box debriefs yazzi totally like that risk on two reporter
rami did something similar he was in colorado and tea your point or not even like a random and achieve your boy asked him about something about marijuana policy which in they like colorado words a big part of their economy is not a crazy question and he was there is that it was asking you know i didn't want to address it not only that there's a terrible defining video were as is a patient who has some sort of debilitating diseases in a wheelchair and he mitt romney what stances on medical marijuana says because it helps him it helps them it helps its elites who is paying simples love is telling mitt romney that benefits as well i am against it i am against well medical that's how i am against it rice like no compassion no real connection with this person and to me
such a telling video who mitt romney really is he is a guy who is willing to play the role of the puppet to eighty people never vary from this very very from the script he's stuck on the policy line so scared a terrifying solve real person is that you don't even know what the fuck is a more me stop just down a law on that a can of worms it's crazy i can't believe that a three hundred and fourteen million people that's our current population the to come up with is obama who has a record now of promoting the bush administration would not have even done there is of a former bush administration official the nba was something that they are a menace she would not have tried and we're not have even found acceptable and so you have obama doing these things so we know where he stands than we have mitt romney and those to best choices are all the talent and energy in this country that we were in the end there is of course is our best choices those the people who put forward
you mitt romney i had no part in becoming our pig most people and have a say in that it just happened and there are better choices out there they weren't given enough attention while ron paul issue was the greatest issue when you talk about someone who's rallied behind by so many different people and paul himself as a radical christian and in fact doesn't even support the theory of evolution it doesn't bother me because he leaves it charge you lose it after he leaves at their way when its influencing policy then i have to look at all the other when you want to infringe upon other people's rights and yet you believe in some lacking as that has to be brought into the equation as long as you keep it to yourself we're cool zone is as you don't fuck with people and you really go by the way this country was an initially founded the separation of true separation of church and state because people were coming here because they face reality persecution in other lands and they said listen wishes workin out so we keep that shit out of this agree
yeah and our founding founding documents was so beautiful nor in the bill of rights now you see contracts that the terms of use on itunes or ever and its difficult to get through it so long the bill of rights written sake be like fifteen odin understand a perfectly with no legal background so simple i you have a right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly these are rights you have them we're not going to bury it some kind of legal ease the dough the problem that i ever have with someone who is in we caught a culture religion earth like that like that tina more minutes at you're so committed to it it's not that i don't think that mormonism can help you and make you a better person cuz like i said i know a really nice people that are mormon it's just a few willing to believe that what else do you believe what i would do how much as i can affect your choice what kind of weird apocalyptic shit shirt somebody put into your head if you really true we do believe that a fourteen year old boy from eighteen twenty found golden tablets that contain the loss work of jesus
and that the american indians were actually a tribe they came here from israel an original israelites not a lot of and a lot of evidence for that not a lot of fourteen year old kids and are completely full of shit and once you start talking about angels drop off packages of gold and then taken him away before the people come and read em they have magic stones look at him with this is even well written like this it's crazy that some try to say that today is no way you would listen to four guy came to you today is that listen uh did the definition of craziness exactly you with you but because its old people j ai back then it was real if it happened today and what would you do you would say with a fourteen year old kid is obviously fully shared that's another miracles in the bible is where we are now this stuff go up all the time back then and now it's the real problem with more than ten years was that you have and by the way that dude captain sally i was a miracle i'd better probably in our whenever we have is a bible like two thousand years
now the mentioned that the skilful skilful landings mobile early and job creating underwater kind of a miracle you think so long in this instead you have a plane crash unlike the media covers it in such a negative way for so long right and this one was like just now when you see rider so i think it was a miracle and sends it maybe it was just the skull flanigan about the odds are a man who became a fuckin save people he manned up he did what he's an expert pilot and he did what he was trying to do in that situation they did it perfectly and handle himself under pressure and heroic fashion i don't think you should that's a miracle i think that's a man with character that should be admired visiting miraculous about it i think it was training and john long hours in the job and in an expert ability to handle an airplane they just didn't perfect way where some people at a fuckin panicked and fell apart and killed everybody on that plane that's a lot of people i don't know i'm sticking with miracle i think when it gets really when it
its passed down the line enough times it's gonna be there jesus his hands slowly glided that thing down into the water they profits virility there maybe there's someone who is on the plane was praying has taken full credit for it was one of the horrible things about the colorado things a guy who is claiming that the reason why he was spared and all these other people including young children were killed is that he was spared to to let people know how great god is crazy people suck they saw a man is an especially when you realise that this programme really cool people they got shot in this asshole you know things the reason why they got shot and he didn't is because he was thinking the right things and he was having to god that he could he could spread gods were the come on man habit you got lucky and it's a shame that this current killed all these people how about that are like i wonder but again because i pray to jesus what about the millions of people killed noise different countries
the sword where none of them praying you know like and yet the did the outcome of your football matches being divinely decided you know so creepy that that doesn't dr everyone nuts it's some kind of how i kind of hope for a sort of way if we can all be more like some kind of aid an invasion not even an alien invasion is i hope that one day nasa comes out and says by the way their aliens they might come here they might not that we found out their alien somewhere and i have been monitoring us everything we do or justified their aliens in its it we'll have to come together as a people is we're now one planet we have today and against these other things so we can't get caught bullshit like what is your old books savers mild book in a year we have to deal with reality i actually exists right now what our resources how can we defend ourselves if we can exactly in the most compelling idea about alien life to me you said earlier that that elene caution this is creativity
creating our society by planting the seed of creativity in the modern animal the modern the animal and forcing it to eventually pursuits doom that it has to absolutely compelled to fuck with manner to the point where it seals its own do that's like a built in programme in us and that its to design that's how you our planet's had so you ve awkward planets belong method yea inject creativity and in the need for constant innovation bigger better things eventually to blow the whole thing skies and inevitable cannot avoid all awful and beautiful at the same time while it mean it's all comes from our desire to understand our surroundings better and our desire to improve but why is that if we alternately our temporary being should we stop at a certain point say all we need is food and all we need is comfort and lets us enjoy our comrade area while we here and get through this thing in a very very healthy here too i would like
nine should not interested in a bigger falcon tv and i want some pills and make me sleep at night and is there a way to get the internet on my glasses our look through my fucking glasses and read my email i do want to ever know where any direction is undemocratic drive me google glass i want my phone to have a million photos of it on it we wherein some weird weird cycle it's like you seem blade runner at near so their programme time for four years than they die they know me there said about that but also it forces you to be in the present what we are you don't know if you're not gonna be dead within four years or what difference what's the difference we four years or forty years seen eye when you're gonna be dead sin and you have his memories in your past that have been implanted in a sense i mean you ve had you have real memories of what you ve done but the end of the day it's all your perception with i think the memory is kind of this false meeting this
security like ok i've done a lot of cool should in the past so ride for the law not do anything but really you can't that gives you don't know how much time you have left will not only that then you become a fat fuck in a loser possess what happens to people when they give up on trial they get fat and it's stupid nay quit and they just lay around and do nothing till they die that's somebody enjoying their life they ve let rest on their laurels it some it here to be temporary so weird feel we don't like it that's why religion is this exists in the first place it's almost like a scaffolding to sort of get us through at war acting some new level of consciousness like let me just give you some shit to think about this was gonna happen that the the really promising feeling that you get from psychedelic drugs is that what you spirits is so stupendously alien to what you experience on an everyday day to day basis that it gives you hope for some really complex structure to the universe that's unavailable to you when you're in a street and normal
form and state of consciousness and that there might be chemical doorways two different dimensions and chemical door it's a different experiences and that's essentially what your whole neurotoxic chemistry in your whole life is based on your series of chemicals adrenalin when shit goes wrong anita fighter flight you know serotonin when you have babies and help a mean when you see people that you love any gosain sunny and maybe this is also a chemical releases that are constantly going on that bring you to altered states of consciousness and we know that the brain produces some very extreme psychedelic chemicals so stands to reason to me that this this idea the only thing that's a real some shit you can touch with your hands and that this dimension in this experience is the only real because that's what we're conscious of what we are involved in right now i say i say no fuckin way
i say it's much more likely that this thing is way more complicated than we can even imagine and that we are silly little ants walk around on dogs ass trying to describe the universe force there has been much better that was what i think is weird they like old societies the people that they look to for advice and for so we're like shannon's who knew the most about taking these kinds of journey and also they had an ancient greece these posts we have the oracle and they were from understand under the influence of some kind of psychedelic drug which help them cope with their prophecies or whatever so this where people look to and today our leaders the people who know the least about these things a guy paul and claims that he's never smoked never smoke parties that's what somebody somebody semi later and i didn't read the whole article but haven't you say it's wasn t q he claims it ever spoke up he's a silly bitch
if that's true is one or two things right we were talking yes before the show either he's a dark and you don't want to repress right either is always a liar he's a tuileries liar yeah well most people have either thought about why no actually i should say that i know a lot of people that have it because they grew up with families where the father had a problem or the mother had a problem or both i have seen that i've seen people who become very successful and are adamant against any form of drugs we had a drop of alcohol they have never had marijuana respect them greatly for that choice because what that choices for them is that they don't want to go down the path that they have seen their own loved ones go down so those things are the enemy those substances although maybe they can handle it maybe they couldn't that to them though substances are weak and those are the enron but then i respect those are some of the guys who run these rehab centres they were once algal
so they were once drug addicts and had the worst experience possible so then there like i don't want anybody else to go through this road maybe some people can handle it better than you did you notice because you fucked up your life shown poor doesn't mean that nobody else can enjoy like a couple of beers and are out of date or like a fundraiser nothing in this people can't handle anything that can handle any social situation they are stammer they they fuckin panic their character shows in people character can show in psychedelic experiences just like you can show in a social experience you know there's some one of the things that happens when someone is first learning jujitsu is the first time you get tapped so very humiliating feeling when you have to give up its very make you feel angry if it feels very personal and it takes a very strong person to get through that since the very beginning of jujitsu which is the hardest part when you get
what does that mean like the guy you have to give up none of the eu and national coal or an arm born physically tat you have to let them know you you quit because they're gonna kill you ricky if the guy as your back and is choking you in your tapping your essentially admitting that he's about to put your unconscious without choke you're giving up you're doing our garden basically doesn't acquitting don't you dont our garden the seven times did the olive guarding the safe word the safe for africa we admit that we had earlier knowest attaching out as the second understand what you're sentiments to involve this i've gotten prank as well yeah that's our sea edward it's even this will you do but its very emotional for a lot of guys especially when they first start doing it really freaks amount they don't like it at all
guys i like the first time that ever done judge it soon you see them hyper ventilate like a guy gets on top of the panic as they think that they are about to get got and i ve never had that happen to them before once it happens to a few times when you do at a bunch times and then you get used to it are the people then it becomes an accepted normal part of your everyday life and you're not terrified of the struggle the struggle becomes a strategy just becomes reality it becomes a part of rio instead of something you're absolutely completely terrified of so getting through that you develop some character it develops ability to overcome adversity and develop the ability to come very uncomfortable moments but you don't have to do just two jujitsu you can do that shit through yoga you know yo yoga sounds ridiculous but yoga positions are really fucking hard to hold man and if you go up in the middle of the position you feel like a bitch you know you feel like it i go back to then you hold try hold it again but you you gave up you could have hung in there
could have waited until the lady says next she can do it how come you can do it you can't do it because you haven't pushed yourself to the position where you can do it and once you you push yourself one then you can do it then you have this wave of accomplishment this feeling and this understanding like oh it's difficult to do so everything doesn't come easy and the thing the commission come easy dinner they aren't shit the things you really enjoy the things that are really find it hard to do and unfortunately we have a lot of people that are running shit that dont have control of their character they have not done difficult things they have not tested there they have not broken there will they have not been broken in training they have not done i left a real character would have developed is a sort of a fake personality that they have devised that society wants symbol accept so they're saying all the right things because those right things make people think i like you mike you're a good christian and you hold that milk like a nineteen fifty commercial you dont amino acids
they become something they think people would like to hear what we need an economy where a man gets credit for starting his own business you did build it yourself for we will not build your minimum wage of operators who is that guy what is what doing as being is a disease aware of who he is because i don't really think you can be aware of who you are unless you have some form of a transcend inexperience that transcend experience could be a fuckin vision quest where you hypothetical album yoda experience it yes that is i think a lot of people change after that and i only wish it really doesn't matter they certainly do they certainly do perspective while they also do because the the release of endogenous economic chemicals near death experience people in your d experiences have some really fucked envisage hallucinations that by the way mere the ones where they have injected people with thy methyl trip to me which is a chemical that your brain produces when you dreaming so they even did people a dime ethel trip to mean and they have also how these intense psychedelic experiences
we're very similar people hannity that people had during near death experience would never saw the bright lightning went through the tunnel and they got another side and all that shit mirrors in mimics the experiences that are rebel do you could replicate them with psychedelic camera is that the brain makes so all of it points to that there is a lot of different things that can happen to a person where they get a fresh perspective and a near ethics france is one of them for a variety of reasons jesse perspective the fact it was almost over men maybe we need to rethink my life not even just for the the high that you get from those chemicals flooding your brain but both both both them together but i think to do something in life man people need a quest they need a vision they need then it's something that test their character and in a way that doesn't hurt other people and of its economic even you hurt well you know me hurt people through competition as put that sort of and everything i'll give you engage and martial arts competition you're gonna hurt people
you think hurt you too but you will also grow and you also grow from it because it is so fucking difficult in the body can heal and it's worth it is in terms of what it can do for your character can develop your care in ways that are really unavailable for people who are not tested that doesn't mean tested nasa early tested physically it can be tested mentally in meditation thing to be getting over you know various aspects of of understanding of your yourself exploring the mind it can be a bunch of different things but you gotta be tested in this fuckin lie like real legitimately tested you can't just jump into a fuckin party of duty eggs are currently running shed and act like they want you to act then i'll send you some position of power and you some weird mitt romney care how it doesn't even know who the fuck is will examine how to make money it's like those people who are like
ex d and there like they come out against drugs knowledge shit like too bad you weren't able to speak up when you are actually in opposition car for drugs yea and can i leave is nice be against what's happening to you like to bed you couldn't say a single word about that while you are actually in that position does policy in a well michael rupert is a friend of the show and he's been on in a couple of times michael rupert was a cop in the nineteen eighty during the whole i ran contra affair when on television exe the cia selling drugs in south central us angeles exposed the whole thing and you know this is a guy who was fuckin former narcotics officer we saw them selling it was like in and what fuck this this is crazy i'm out of here and he be did do what he should do we are like that like william bidding right like going exactly but much like
the benes is life is in chaos since then you know i mean that's too to run around like this guy this port mathematician and get guns put in your face for what exactly for what for but was in something that is like it means gaza patria for exposing something that is really destructive to the constitution and trap wire dreadful talk about the analysis because we do not sprague oh yeah you're gonna we have five minutes jeff we a little baby to get the traveller global i've gotten you hold it like i can all just exports are going to travel by air for people because this is apparently the longest park has really willing fireman's shit wrap wire came out of to wikileaks and one of their latest batch of emails has a bunch of course hence within this company called stratford which is a private intelligence firm it's kind of like the price size version of the cia and i think this year would be offended by that comparison because straightfor seems a lot
competent than the cia but stressful this is private intelligence company they gather information for a variety of clients private corporations to think colleagues is used them before this gather information whenever they need don't homeward the carbon and pretty certain ideas and they have been clients big fortune five hundred companies and they data and stuff anyway the emails that the strap for executive sending back and forth a lot of confidential stuff was revealed about all kinds of things the public is not supposed to know about and one of them was a company called trap wire which developed a computer algorithm that sickly tracks people using public surveillance cameras as the best way to describe it things like gate recognition the way you walk i can potential we recognize you from one spot the next and it can flag youth or suspicious behavior but you don't know what the suspicious behaviors are they could be something like just taken forward of a landmark flag
you and the system or i signalling fear family to come over so that they can take a photo with you things like or just loitering in an area for too long so this peter programme is not a person with judgment this computer algorithm decides you're suspicious individual and a threat puts you enter their system and profiles you and then when you go somewhere else say your initially flagged somewhere in the state of texas then a couple slater your invocation york one of this cameras in new york can react the you and build a file of are you ve been way you know and predict you behave possibly and predict where you might go next based on where you ve been just another way the government in private operations might be tracking people without their approval this is a clear violation of the fourth amendment we can stop this pact has primarily of taiwan does stop it and start again and to
there is still an see heart you haven't eight minutes i think you can always i give you a fake buffer just because i noticed you don't pay attention yes a trap by artists justice such as such a so it it's crazy situation its accompany where clients are mixed some of their clients are powerful government agencies i think even the u s military uses the software army basis and this is all legal what i purse we don't think it's legal i think just hasn't it nobody would have known about had it not been for wikileaks and actor who allegedly these emails out is now rotting in jail right now now whole wikileaks situation about him being in the ecuador embassy how crazy that is completely crazy this is our big right now this is the u s government one of our biggest priorities is this dude and this do the way there trying to get him out under this most ridiculous charge of surprise sex right that's what as well but it is as he has such of the woman i guess the
a story is that he did it with a condom on and then they were lying in bed together with no condemn any stuck in again and it's it's crazy i will raise any of their words like that's the going after this guy a woman he actually it's youse a douche bag move me if you want to wear condominium i mean that's a douche bag move for sure but you gonna have this job granting man hunt for him we're here to whole himself up in a fucking embassy and to avoid tradition to this country for and adjust happens that he's the guy that release is all this information right that shows helicopters gunning people down the street mistaken them for for terrorists the thing with wikileaks when they reveal stuff the potentially compromises informants and gets innocent people killed i've i haven't seen a single instance of that actually happening but that argument has been made and one that is down i'm not okay with it that is wrong to put innocent one harm's way your policing information that should not be in the public eye but its add worrying to note that as you ve done right that's the thing he has not done
as far as i know in terms of releasing that video of innocent people gun down and children being shot forward that video and then this thing about trap liar i think these are things that are in the public interest very much so i like to know that all these new surveillance cameras going up in towns and cities khazar a lot of them now that we're not there a couple years ago that many of these could be put didn't trap wire that's useful public information that's what the mean you used to do an appeal he's generation will would be like water cronkite or edward moreau telling you about this it would not be julian assange on his little on his wikileaks formula so i think some regards what he's doing is at the forefront of journalism and it's funny brought up the specific charge that sweden is trying to get him on because i said stuff twitter before i said like but i just said now that i think that's journalism you put something out that's tremendously important to the public that is being covered up and did not known that's journalism
and somebody to why you defending a rapist like julian assange and i say first of all that's not even the charge is not being charged with rape so get your facts straight and second of all since when dessert alleging that somebody did so the memories are automatically guilty it doesn't others you know tremendous i sure being placed on them to nail sky on something it's so trance it certainly do so obvious that something else and they're not going to come from and that ireland sweden is weird like think there's an analog of that in the u s it be like it just may sound rape itself is not what it it's craziness that their lives did so much resources tried dragon while the country like this it's terrifying it's all there to make an example and a talking about storming the ecuadorean you make an example out of him nobody can i have the boss created wikileaks to it on and is not an act of war they enjoy it and it ends the whole diplomatic system the whole system of embassies which is pretty important stuff otherwise
if we don't have that we're just a bunch of animals different countries battling for resources at all times and you no ground rules i mean an embassy is a pretty sacred thing so disturbing so part of our reality man i can only hope that with guys like you run for congress and with this young generations coming up this is one of the things that have said is that i don't think you're going to change these creepy old part dude set a running banks i think they are flocking set in their ways and a bunch of douche bag and our only hope is the upcoming generation guys like you it's time for some for everybody to step up who wants to these mid twenties motherfuckers with a dedication to change and so thanks for do what you do in man and eight i'm gonna go about gas we'd be more than happy to thanks guys around me artisan also shown not to say that it's the only we can talk about stuff like this for hours ago not explode from the throw the urine and my bladder but that's great
nothing else does you get right and something important and cut you off and that's it is already so abd that that's all you get why think tat we ve been true in the thinking that that's the only way people pay attention that you have to give him this little quick soundbites an end quote we as kim kardashian getting up and ask it to beg you be the judge will be right back we were so like we were so like distracted but there's a lot of people that are realising that podcast and things like this conversations it's it's an opportune data that to get a really be involved really in your own ear botsey now too to be considering both sides and and maybe your own opinion it doesn't get expressly one expressed to me on twitter later whatever but to be a part of conversation between two people talking about something that you think is really important that we think is really interesting that did exist before because we had too many fuck and people that were telling people what is needed is an interesting instead of just doing it naturally right so
we want come back i may be more than happy hour zonia sounds also florida respect david seamen in the fuckin house how can they vote for you when when where he added i am in full this twentieth district it's in fort lauderdale and parts of brown in miami date but most year listeners aren't there what we really need is money anybody who is a u s citizen regardless of where you live what state your and here you are citizen or illegal permanent resident you can donate its david seamen for congress dot com and you promise no diamond teeth you're not gonna use money for bitches no diamond teeth not not too much restrict clubs like elliot spitzer hookers it's gonna be above board beautiful we support you do thank you very much for coming to animal do this again is a lot of fun we i think we both scratch the surface with trying to help you people in power don't go chasing him and fuckin but his phone line just chill get your own shit together bitch it's you it's you running shed afraid of this young lion coming to shovel
what the fuck is this is it this is war thrones he'd be the goddamn hero game thrones whatever you know what i'm talking about goodnight everybody will see you soon thanks to dot com gotta oh and i d dot use the code name rogan in save yourself ten percent off some bad brain supplements and thank you too early aware please follow them on twitter alien where mme aren't you various will see tomorrow with immortal technique i t shirts presented oh yeah powerful new new just won t shirts o brien has one year's right now this is a new one you can buy where disquiet that tv click on death squads store limited death squad tv quick on just basel hopefully folks this week we will have the least sign of new police and lucky because updated on the the studio that we going to put together there and let them know we love you guys and we'll see you soon and thanks for all the positive
energy and the tweets and facebook messages and i've been on google plus lately because the shit i really appreciate that we have developed this very positive helpful cool community very unusually cool community and don't think that we don't appreciate the fuck out of it brian i think i speak to you as well thank you death squad ohio other people it came up like thirty people came out you know just huge fans and disappeared of india's love us thank you everybody must see this weekend if you're if you're in pasadena riding saturday night duncan trestles not common because scatterbrain we're gonna try worked out i would love to see you tomorrow
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