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Recording now we're broadcasting recording on you stream, you must be broadcasted in record. I am broadcasting, you fuc, you don't know what you're talking about you stream. He stream producers, not the not the best product, but it's free shit, and it's just as good as like. Try quarters like those tri casters. Things are expensive share everything on the internet. I bought a Garman Navigation waiting, download away for free, and it's just as good. When I hear yeah you can get a lot of free ship. Now, that's just as good like this podcast Biches. We ain't charging. The Joe Rogan experience, however, is sponsored by some awesome companies, but I'll tell you what we're not sponsored by Grillo, pickles is past that should over here, I've had two: are all people say to Maine who keep talking to boot? Why is this? Ok, we got a problem here,
I'm not seeing anything. Let me refresh this and see if it shows were broadcasting, but I'm not seeing it the image, Grillo's pickles na sponsor they're, just nice guys we met them when I was dealing zookeeper with Kevin James, we were in the commons and they had this cart, where they were selling pickles when fuckin' selling pickles or what a weird thing to sell, and I thought they were going to be like those seven hundred and eleven pickles. You get him in a bag of pickle juice, in their mildly, good things are? walking ridiculously good there fresh hot yeah. They got. They got garlic in them that you see like they have like. Look at this. Can you see this online folks? This like fun? swampgrass in here. Seeing these mother fuckers are doing voodoo with these pickles. This is big as slices of garlic and as big as slices of habanera rose and jalapenos in there.
And then this fresh pickles and these mother fuckers are ridiculous. No one's paying me for this. This is one hundred percent successive bonanza, for that must be created just so fucking good. I ate a whole container of these. I panic. When I get low, I sent it to you from Boston. Yes, I'm coming from Boston to shipping when I get low, I fucking panic the best fucking. Guilt free
one hundred and kill freak Nik. Is there any cucumbers, vegetables? I sit in front of the tv. I fucking smack the fuck out on these things and I don't feel bad 'cause I'll fucking I'll down a whole bag of popcorn right kettle, corn or off a couple whole bag of cheesy, popcorn popcorn, with cheese on it or potato chips with vinegar and self, a cup a whole bag and then I'll feel like a loser and I'll wait an hour and a half and I lift weights. I will I'm like. I can't be a pushy. I can't just go to bed on that like a fat slobs that step one to death, exactly I'll make sure I do deadlifts in an hour and a half half of the potato chips have dropped down good for you, but I eat these. I don't feel guilty if you're in Boston, you first of all you're fucked it's too cold there in the winter and it's it's ridiculous and the women into contact with high school up there? Man
the place. It's not the place, it's beautiful place, I loved it, but you don't want it made me mean wrestling and sucking wait in that winter yeah almost good time. I did that as well. Walking around like a rail in that you know, zero yeah, excuse me, I'm in the middle of a podcast and MIKE ladies gentlemen, this is why I have to get studio. This is why It's my kids are crazy. The sound of children in the background is fantastic just so it is always like a new emergency. That's not really an emergency. My dollies, I fell off we're going to glue it back on? Is it going to be ok
I'm pretty sure we can glue. It becomes a huge issue. I have fake tea every morning now I do too. I have tea parties, a duty party party yesterday, with both of my my daughter going to milk. The cow have to actually drink it till you have to actually I had to blow on it. First, I'm going to go she's like where you at the moment, but it's important to play with the man I ain't enjoy, will skip through the fucking podcast first. This is not a commercial, but this is a commercial. The Grillos pickles things This is one hundred percent for free, just 'cause. I love them and their pickles are fucking fantastic and the nice people anyway. The Joe Rogan experience. Podcast is actually sponsored. Where is that phone give me that phone man yeah Samsung Galaxy three yeah? I got a galaxy three from teen,
this is going to be one of our new sponsors. They run thing runs on the Verizon or the sprint network. Rather so they have excellent service and there's no contracts and they have some dope phones, including this Samsung Galaxy three. So what is ten things he's a new mobile company. It's like there's alternative routes, they rent space on sprint. The way I don't want to speak out of school because I haven't read their literature, but essentially what it is they run on the sprint network they rent the Sprint network but take a different rest and sprint. Does they rent they service and they say? Listen, you know, will charge you buy what you use you can, when you want and you have no contract. So it's a way like better deal for someone who doesn't you know you might try this and then you don't want to fuck droid. I need an Iphone I got to get to Att. I got a quick cuz. You quit, you don't have to worry about like losing right, you don't like a ton of money or having to pay some contract breaking fee and if you
use less on one month. You actually get credit for it on the next month. So yeah, it's a really good company. It's a good deal and you know 'cause, they run sprint. It'll be good service, but they're, not official sponsor yet. So this is another non commercial commercial, but I finally got ahold of these Samsung Galaxy threes. I hear that there there is good as it gets yeah it's supposed to be like a giant Iphone. I need to find out what the operating system is like. I need red band hates these things because he doesn't like droids. There believe them to my house, computer people that are really into that. They fall in the different camps. Apples you only way they get crazy. Yeah, you want it. You want to get an apple, get a piece, yet I stayed with Dell yeah, I'm not in your ward. I have no dog in that file. Merchant, so Slanket, weird statements feeling. Ok, I'm into guys fucking dummy, dumb dumb. We are.
Actually legitimately sponsored only by on it, that's Onn it and, on his company? That provides me with alpha brain and I The part owner in the company when so, when you support on it, you actually support this podcast and support me. Why did I become a part owner? Because I one hundred percent believe in what they're doing the ethics are absolutely perfect, They are trying to do- is sell you the best ship possible for the lowest price point and make it as clean as possible so that no one feels ripped off. So when you buy thirty pills, there is a one hundred percent money back guarantee you don't even have to return the product. So this isn't for me things on line by intelligent people that are claiming that it's a placebo. I don't know how everybody's body works. Everybody's different everybody's body has a different reaction to caffeine and alcohol and cigarettes and vitamins- and I don't know yeah we'd for sure I don't know how your body reacts to things
What I do know is that all of the nutrients inside of alpha brain have been proven to have a positive effect on human cognitive function, and there are studies behind that were actually putting together our own study. It's about to go, live we've establish the protocol and it will be a double blind placebo study at a legitimate university to show everyone that there is a a noticeable measurable benefit in taking nutrients. I one hundred percent believe this I've. A big fan of vitamins for a long time, I'm very sensitive to my body. Yeah, especially my nipples. Let yourself very sensitive to my body when I smell
I don't feel good. I know the difference when I take fish oil and I dont fish. Take visually always talk about this for judges to, if you take your due to these two things that are most acid, Davos and fish oil asked the Davos healthy bacteria, very important staff. Why so important ring worm everyday and cold as well, because when you come in contact with cold a lot of it is through. You know your hands touching things. What would as a Davos is, is this yeast and milk culture is a very aggressive culture and its mutually compatible with your body, so you can take any you're fine and it's all over your skin or when it comes in contact with some some bugs is gangs up on. It beats the fuck out of the disease. It's like having an army, it's like having a healthy army that computer that you grabbed from my phrygia. Are you never find my fridge? Unless it's got combustion? It's never not start. We have got great, it's gonna, mushroom bacteria. Yes, it's it's got healthy, taken your body. Will we have to realise that our bodies are not just your boss?
It's not just you know: hey I'm Brian Kelly bodies in blood in my walk, yet there's always moving from there and the other thing that they're finding is that essentially your body is. Is Almost like an ecosystem in its own with which made up mostly of organisms, most microbes and good. Factory and bad bacteria and when you keep the balance of bad bacteria in relation to the better, the good good versus the bad, that's how you maintain good health and science alot of scientists now are working on cultivating the bacteria in your body, so that you have you know only good bacteria. Are you manage it accordingly and that's the future in some circles of of of how you gonna be even healthier and the future? What we're trying to provide and on it is all things that have a positive effect on the human body. Oliver supplements like alpha brain shroom. Tech is another one. Shroom tech is based on the quarter. Steps mushroom.
Which has been shown to have a positive effect on your ability to simulate oxygen, and this is actually discovered by high altitude herders found it there yeah that their animals were eating these mushrooms and they were having more energy that we're moving around more and there was a noticeable difference. We started eating them, yeah and they're. The way they grow them is fucking crazy. As a fungus. They actually have to grow it on caterpillars. It's insane. It's insane, it's weird and it's really hard to cultivate an it's really fucking expensive. But if you use a code name Rogan, you get ten percent off any and all the supplements everything we sell. You is the best ship. You can buy every It might not be the cheapest, but it's the cheapest. We can sell it and it's the best ship possible. Like HEMP Force protein hemp protein the easiest protein for your body to digest it's much easier than way protein. I like
You know I love like muscle, milk and stuff like that, but if fuckin lights, my asshole up like a cannon, it's gotta it's hard to digest. Sometimes hear way is it's not as nearly as easy as hemp and there's some good hemp. There's like Manitoba harvests have used that stuff before it's like a chocolate ham, butt I cannot flock with him for his him force taste so much better, and one of the reasons is because we use the best quality hemp hearts. We use hemp hearts the best quality you can get it so hard to get that you can only buy fifty pounds of it today. So to put a new order in every day, because he's hemp hearts. We can grow em in America because of this country in government and even over Mont into other states of pass laws allowing them to grow on psycho active land. While the federal government said they would come in a rest, people and in no unequivocal terms put will know what clearly they said, people in jail.
So it's horrible to think about that. You would arrest someone for growing pot of money involved in enforcing exactly well. The marijuana laws have nothing to do with him, which is really crazy, because you literally can't get high off him. That's another thing that people get out here: asking me if you eat this hemp for some going to test positive for thc at work. No, You absolutely will not. However, if you eat a poppy seed, bagel you'll test positive for heroin, something a lot of people, don't know. That's why I telling pick athletes and stuff yeah. Well, that's happened to people that have had heroin test at work. This happen to people need a lot of poppy seed. Bagels you test, for the same metabolite and have to worry about that with him. For switches is the so crazy. We have to buy this shit in another country. We would it would be willing to grow it in America, higher american farmers to grow it an
give people jobs and help the american economy, but no, this konting government, with its horrible corruption and deep rooted ties to pharmaceutical companies literally won't even let anything close to marijuana an if you want to read how closely tide they are to the pharmaceutical companies pick up a book the China study by T Colin Campbell Phd, who was on the inside of of of all this stuff and was on a National Board of Sciences, and it he's a nutritional scientist at Cornell University. It is a fascinating book and expos. Now industry is hijacked disgusting. How you eat why the school lunch program, twenty eight million counting children eat. But the dairy industry of the meat industry in the sugar lobby want some to eat. 'cause, it's big business, and why- my children are suffering from diabetes and a host of other chronic illnesses. Don't take my word for it look.
Incredible scientists, an real data, to support what I'm saying it is fascinating. It's a guy in the inside who knows all the scientists in the academics, who've been who've, been who can take money from the same corporation they're. Doing research for point is we're on a fucking pirate ship. So that's why hemp forces expensive
it's really. The only reason it's a high quality food that we should be able to grow in this country, we also sell. We just started selling exercise equipment. Oh help force also has maca in it an rokoko, Rocco's, very powerful antioxidants. Add something in Makkah is stimulates testosterone, growth, son, get that would be to one kid he going to be banned. Eventually, they're going to world filled with pussey. Do you really want horniman running through your neighborhood, who never worked on? Do we're going to have to talk about this as soon as this is commercials over cattle bells? That's what I'm all about, ladies and gentlemen, and we sell a host of kettle bells in packages at on it. Dot com and again these pitches aren't cheap, but the best quality you can get as cheap as we can sell 'em. They are essentially cannonballs with handles on them. They're fucking, fantastic, their Troy kettle.
Did the best we could buy. They have the perfect dimensions there, fuckin' so durable you buy them. Once you have exercise equipment for life. They literally are a lifelong tool. They will never break their afucking iron cannonball with a handle on it. Where is it it's nice to get a kind of all exercises Youtube is the best free Youtube is free, we're going we're, making a kettle bell dvd that you can work out along with me with Steve Maxwell, 'cause, Steve Maxwell, who is a black belt in brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
as well as uh like world renowned Kettlebell instructor, an fitness instructor in just a brilliant guy. I love having conversations with him about fitness 'cause. I always learn something new I've been working with him for years and we make little videos on my cell phone. Like you show me, the exercise will do a video like he got. He's got like a bunch of exercises that he's program. For me, one of 'em was just a full body weight exercise routine, where I did nothing but body weight, something I could do in a hotel with a towel over a door like he's really into like that, like hell that yeah, so you can do a full workout and it's a brutal body weight workout. It's fucking one legged squats and shift like that. One arm, pushups and crazy, show Hindu, pushups, Hindu, squats and it's a ruthless ruthless workout that you could do in a little room, push push a chair to the side and you got a gym in your hotel fifteen minutes to kill yourself actually we're going to make dvd's and have them also for sale at on it. So Steve Maxwell's, in which I'm very excited, because I want to make sure that if I'm doing a video, I don't want to
Dafuq anybody's back up. I wanted to share with fucking. Do everything wrong my monkey ask and then have you do it. You know so we'll have that soon? Alright, I'm going to record the Joe Rogan Soundtrack in the background, to roll girl? What's he sounds like those with this? Is the park as about starting out user code name broken, get ten percent of any and all supplements at on a dot com, including the hemp force and the kettlebells in the batter ropes. However, we were sown those bitches as cheap as we can that arose that she be she could find on the internet and about a ropes or in another awesome, caveman style, Manly, mother, fuck and work out. Good Atacama, oh and- and I t hit it-
How's it going everything wasn't the same when you think of Joe Rogan, so he got so. You gotta get hooked up down to play. Listen, I don't have the whole song, but I got something to Rogue army. Is your friend Joe Rogan? He is the man Joe Rogan he's got the best. Damn podcast in the land he's got thick short Mckenna word face and very expressive was very expressive, eyes, long arms and short legs hi. Cortana send a barrel. Snakes, pullback, apparel snakes, full Roberta, have to mention the fact that his mother exterminators, when they're more at home on Amumu, that human being is Joe Rogan. His your friend Joe Rogan is the man his show. Rogan he's got the best, damn podcast in the lying around
Thank you very much. I don't know if I should help you end it or, if that's how I had to have that it's emotional at all. I can't you guys, maybe I'll, add some more verses, but that's all I've got for now. How was Schaumburg sing that stupid song in the shower. You sing that song I was like yeah. I welcome when I was like I'm bored and I was like no girl, he is my friend's name is Joe Rogan. I start breaking down your body. You might have like the worst sense of beat and rhythm ever. Do it I'm terrible singer. Talking about. I don't know words, please somebody please put that to music, so I can We can just revel and play it on a loop in my car, would be a terrible musician. Why are you thinking about my body when you're by yourself, that's crazy? I was up myself down yeah I was touching myself. I don't know makes me feel weird messages feeling helpless. Feeling I wanted his thick and wide is not really happy about it.
Again why I can't go ns, so I go e to West here. Think I meant to be carrying bricks. Will you were always yeah this thing about you? Even when I'm back in the day, you were always working out and you had just I have big hands. Big head won't your arms, are long. Legs are short. Arms are long Well, no excise short, my up about a short. Let's go, get him a leg. Ashley is actually about his very weird. It's built. A bare diary rocks appeals ay, I Sicilian Stone Mason. I have to say what happened to me: I'm built advance. Some of your bills are locks and until four deaths employees I built a gesture and a moat will have
one of the things that I think I like about kettle bells, I feel like I'm working hard is to put in a fucking hard kettlebell workout man. It's like you're. You know you're really going to war, you're, really fighting something. It's not just like doing a bench. I've never done a really hard get about work, but maybe you'll take me through how dare you you're in my house, where I feed you, the grass fed steaks that I got. Some grass FED steak, I'm too high right now, but will do it afterwards too high to workout it's the best time to workout? Really it's one of the that's the problem. You got to get comfortable with the waves it's like if you don't know how to surf and you get on board and the wave hits you're going to fall in your ass while you like, I can't believe it or not just don't know how to handle the wave. Yet.
You gotta learn how to ride the weed waves. So someone is when someone is high, all the time they could just handle being high. They can handle being high talking to a cop and being high buying tickets at the movie theater, so they use that they use for the boat they used to the front of the waves. These that experience, lift weights in your. How you feel your muscles, when you feel your tissue You do feel everything way more intense everything, pops stretches better Phil greatly stretch high stretching highs and when you roll Haiti lashers, oh yeah, I did you just to highlight. Whenever you gave me, I feel I have good energy as a tv Scott Sage, cities sit here. It's a city. It's all positive and energetic it's not like I've. Never done Stanhope highlight yes, you have. We got you. I once reaction has true that's what I find that ray. I fear that was pocket. That's right that was at the ice. Has nice and I talk about saving a baby that was trapped under a smart car. You shall issue high before every showman for
In my power I fuck around lately on stage I've been, I don't know ever happened to you, but I'll get out like just a winkling of an idea, and then I just start following it on stage and sound. Is it just starts forming itself, sometimes you're like? Where am I going what you doing this weekend, gigs yeah, I'm going to be in. Actually I'm glad you reminded me I'll be in Vegas at the Paris Paris were a great new room and I'll, be there Thursday Friday Saturday come out work, court, Mcgowan's, Gordon Gowns, place or Paris and its great and coral be middling forming and can't way. Man I had a great time: schomberg thanks, everybody Schomberg and thanks to your Rogan cause, a lot of people came out because they listen to this end. It was it was. It was amazing. Then I love. I love those crowds, love that room. It's great room. I love Chicago there. So nice share the great it just polite people, the better, thereby than us. A lot of you said that you look at the better than us. They are better than as the real people their deal with this winter with soft
resoft around the belly about about having to deal with the winner, they say that the people in the n develop faster in technologically because they had to get ready for the winter, because they're the winner was something you had to develop a sense of time. You have to figure out how to harvest store food and all the things that come with that acquired a higher level of technology and higher level of sort of planning and and and in some ways. This because criminals are way smarter on the EAST coast,
well there organized it's called a mafia rules, aren't the smart ones. The Russians are the smart ones. The russian Chinese Russians who don't know yeah the Russians and the Chinese keep their fucking mouths cause. The Italians start. Reality shows like mob wives. Imagine of a russian chick trying to start a mob wives show they would kill that pitch, but these weakass guineas are letting these fucking dumb broads go on tv and spell their nonsense. Basically inditing them an entire life of crime. You know what you're getting into when you enter in this life. Oh really, so you admitting your husband's a fucking criminal on tv. You, dumb cunt! Is that what you do now? What day? Is that? What you're doing are you going to do if you were in a criminal empire? Ok, if you're involved in something like that I want to reality, show and just make light of it like it's. No big deal to be Unfucking mob wife, because I guarantee you there's some shittin that guys past that has denied, and then he would say no, I'm not a lifetime criminal and your wife on tv picture, real mafia, mafia wife doesn't know it. Damn thing
now they found the Chinese, the head of the chinese triads, they said in New York and you know he's been doing for fifteen years selling soda at one of those pushcarts Jesus Christ. That was his cover. She screws up that they will take care of this morning. So does not fuckin'. It's warm give me a fucking Nicole. So let's go he's ahead of it. Try and dealing with that every day. That's the Larry. Ok ran the triad when they had that whole Gotti thing going on in New York. I remember going what is going on. They can't arrest the mafia guy, like this main mafia wars, Teflon Don. Where is this? I remember thinking like wet and spend a lot of time with his lawyer, Yes, name members name, that's buffer, no, no Kam, no
Bruce Cutler. Maybe anyway he looks like a big fat gorilla. I thought it wasn't anger, saying I'm jewish I'm joy from Brooklyn. I don't believe in violence, but I was a wrestler. He was a wrestler, he never lost, he said, but he was really great guy What is his name? What is his name? We google, but he was such a good guy and we had so much fun and really was in your color or Bruce. I remember yeah he's a great guy he's got a great sense of humor. And he was just talking about how defending somebody you know they're going to send you wait for one thousand years, I'm going to defend you, I'm going to do everything I can and you know, but he said that he said that yeah Bruce Cutler. He said about God. He said he said I've. I've have defended some very formidable men, and that is the one guy who really lived what he spoke. What he said you know I was in there tell you story about being in little ITALY in ninety one. Let's call it and might even be You have something like that without even that ninety
were Leanne I was at and he had a camera with the name of his social club, and it was right near a restaurant called CAFE Sorento we used to go there and right next door. Was the social club, alcohol bury something some numbers for me and on forget and that's where Gotti and his boys used to hang out. You'd see these just rough looking dudes with earpieces, and they there I would pull up and stuff, and I remember- I was eating at the outdoor. Cafe was with this girl, and I saw these two dudes in suits with open shirts, Raven Raven Nights, Ravenite Social Club and, we tried with right next door and I remember seeing these two just join and then walking out on their way clearly to do. Smell. I could see it clearly to do something bad clearly do somethin, like you Know- and I am also looking at how big and formidable they were in and how they were basically professional, not but knuckle breakers. I thought to myself that
put the fear of God in you. That's you better, be ready for gas, yeah, because the cops are going to come and then they're going to go just guys are going to wait. You're going to come back, that's right! That's what their job is to get that done right! That's right! Thank you. Have a nice evening have a good evening yeah and they come back and see you soon as birdbath season fart face serious inside your mother. For me, right yeah, it's a very scary thing to have organ, crime you know well, corporations and technology actually, actually took a big bite out of organized crime. Couldn't shake down local businesses anymore 'cause they weren't. They were all out all season things. It's interesting. The Ravenite Social Club is now a shoe store, wow wow wow. Using person. The way they brought down brought down got here the story, the the guy who used to run the Ravenite Social Club managed it, he was the guy who took care of like cleaning the tables and everything else they sent in there, this beautiful woman. She was a cop. She bang them on the table,
as he was having as he was banging around the table, she put a mic under the table. And that's how and that that is how she took one. She took one for the team when they took some funky sky took some cock. Bangor under their super throughout the whole thing down. When she came, it's a good question she was like. So I turned on by the fuqing scandal. She was a sexual patriot, visual patriotism, new distinction, I've never heard of a sexual patriot before oh by the way, everybody thank you for making man thoughts with Bryan Callen nine. Yesterday, This is Joe Rogan Podcast. I know a lot of you guys are just going over from here to there crazy but love you. I started talking about the ten minute podcast. I start talking about my podcasts, then this day, the next day, like my body, was like your number thirteen dude on Itunes. Have you ever seen the Youtube comments whenever we request people to go, look at a video now
it's hilarious like whenever it like I've, just recommended, like uh an Allman brothers song the other day and You go to the song now and the first three pages just says like powerful Joe Rogan, olive garden buttholes, that's awesome. It's a larious Joe Rogan sent Maine yeah, it's ridiculous, but what do you think is the well I mean you're has become a bit of a phenomenon, an you know. As long as I've known you, the one thing I know about you is that you've never ever lied your job An authentic dude and you for better for worse for better or for worse, you were always the guy when he was young. It was so inconvenient if you didn't like somebody had that in that, certainly would be like I don't like you.
So there it is. I mean it was basically that they figured out real quick that you just had a problem. Well, you were willing to tolerate some really ridiculous people in your life and I loved you and I'd be hanging around with you, and I would see all these problems in your life and it drove me crazy 'cause. It wasn't just that. I didn't like this guy. I was mad that this guy was wasting your time with nonsense, these idiots and liars and frauds and dummies, and you didn't want to hurt their feelings. So you accommodated them and I was offended. I was offended by them. I was offended by them for being so weak the run his week game and then you were accepting this week game. So they didn't grow. You know, do you know a lot of young people? Listen what I figured out after a while. Why don't? Why don't do that anymore? I don't suffer fools anymore because when you, when you suffer fools like that, what you're doing is actually taking your time away from an
from real people do deserve that, I'm exactly who are not impostors some good for them either the fools. If you let a full, be a fool, they have to be a fool by saying that you know that's where they are, and you just accept that they're never going to grow and I don't know if they can grow. I don't know what their potential for growth is, but we're not going to talk and find out. If you tolerate them, you can't do it because you lose all your energy. It takes you, it's actually a form of high tech. Procrastination, back on it. I think a lot of it was just Pytec procrastination. We do as human beings. Tarnishing things to ensure our own failure or do it least ensure that we don't really. Why is our true potential? We do crazy things like have a family with three kids that we ended with a woman we don't like or or or take, a job that we have to take, because we got to hold down this massive nut we create for ourselves when what we should be doing, and actually it's been turning pro. He talks about this a lot pressfield
and the war of art and the war of art. So we do these things it's very hard, and I always tell people I say if you really want to try and exercise just just- ask yourself if you couldn't fail, if you couldn't fail, anything you want. Just make a list of what you really want in technicolor and see what it does to you it's hard to face up to it You know how people have like competing like notions in their own mind about money. You know they would psychologist talk about how you have all these weird things like money, money buys you don't can't buy you happiness, it's the root of all evil, but we all want money. So in within all mine, we have these major conflicts of interest. Whenever you bring up the word money because it had it, it conjures up both negative and positive images in us. That's interesting to me, because you- and I know that if you make enough money, you can do a lot of good with it. You can make a difference with it, so everybody should be trying in some way to be such as about money but trying to be the best they can. Bakers you'll make a difference, but I think
within ourselves part of the human problem and something The face of as you get older is the I think that there are a lot of contradictions within your own mind because they've been given to you, you know it's really hard, sometimes to just have because have to actually think you deserve it and most their condition to be guilty about having too much you know yeah. Well, there's a lot of people in this country that feel like it's ok to be angry at you, because you're successful there's people that will say logo, Fuckin', rich air. So much less in this country than other countries and I'll tell you why and one of the strengths of our country is. This in George, will has a great he gave a great speech about this. The great thing about America. Is that all of us out there? No- and I hope, we're not losing sight of this, because in some ways you can get a cynical about the way this world is wired now, but The bottom line is a lot of Americans know I may be poor today, but if I do
right, then I might be rich tomorrow and that sense of potential in the american character is what drives this economy. It's. Why we're so innovative? That's all well and good as an ideal, but the real problem has nothing to do with America as an ideal. The real problem has to do with weakness of character, and people now liking people who are successful? Yes, you know I had a friend who will remain nameless, please a very nice guy and he's a comedian he's sort of a bit of the self hating Nebbishy type, and he you always doing this with your body like why you know why why? Why have you have all these muscles? Why? Why being shaped like white? so concentrated on that, like for real If I gave you a pill all you do. Is you take this pill, you all of a sudden, you're super athlete you're a person who's. Unlike ninety nine point, nine percent of the people who run the street you're a martial arts expert. You could choke people, you could kick the shit out of them. If you wanted to, you can defend yourself. Wouldn't you
because yeah I would I go well that pill is just hard work right. If you do hard work, you become that and she said it without a pill, consistency, and so it's the same thing. It's there's nothing wrong with being shaped: thing: that's brought wrong with being a chambers if you're not in shape- and you see a guys in shaping you see- a woman will react to that guy in shape in a very sexually attracted way. It makes you feel uncomfortable, so you want to pull the goalposts back. You want to make the game easier. You want you dont want to compete like this guy. You know it's an end and it starts with like I was happy, but you know, but first first ask yourself be honest with yourself: man sit there alone and ask yourself what you really want. I mean ask yourself in detail, then don't go don't like, if you have to get your phd or something ridiculous, don't
don't look at the top of the mountain just taken action every day. I don't care what it is. One little action and that's what I do like just take just keep taking it like working out show up. I don't give it if you start with five minutes when you show up to you develop momentum, that's when you start developing momentum, the human being relies alot on momentum, and so we inhabit were beasts of habit and momentum and when you have a habit of working out all the time, if I don't work out for a few days, I feel super uncomfortable. I don't laugh, I don't feel good. You have to you have to exercise on a regular regular basis and when you do that you develop momentum. When I write a lot, I'm writing. I get on a momentous sort of a wave- and I I feel good about, and it becomes a part of my habit that
we have to do is make give yourself positive habits, yeah, positive habits. The success is a habit by the way you're right, yeah be proud, be proud of getting work done, be happy that you're getting work done. I mean that is what you do. You know a lot of people also remember. You surround yourself with a lot of people who don't warn happy for you. Then I actually have friends, but what they are. Is there comfort creatures of comfort and not actually your friends and I think it's important, sometimes you gotta change your fucking gang change. Well, one of the reasons why you and I were it's good friends. When I met you is like you. First of all, you were the closest guy to me. I've ever met in my life. I was like holy shit. Here's this guy who's like exactly like Maine. Are you required? Nothing you like you, you had no luck! What man you're not going to come to my birthday party you want to do is not no creepy dummy shit in there and I just gotten out of a friendship where I had to kick a guy out of my life, because
friends with him when I was broke and then once I got on television, he got really fucking jealous. He said a lot of dumb shyt. I asked him not to give away my phone number. Have to phone numbers, because I've always had like a media phone and in the regular phone, because when you do, media like like you to radio shows they have to call you back, and I want to phone where, if I pull it out of the wall, I don't give a fuck who calls you know, so I have that phone. So I said just do me a favor, friend who, by the way, just got out of a mental institution. Would you do me a favor and just give him my other phone. It doesn't folk and care about you, man, just 'cause you're, on tv, your friend just got out of a mental institution, he's fucking crazy. All I'm asking is, if you're going to bring this crazy guy into my life by connection given the media phone and he went in this war, you think you're such a fucking bad. Ask her on tv like what is this? What are you even talking about man? I'm asking you not to give your crazy friend my number: that's it yeah! That's it and all of a sudden it has to become some attack on. You know,
on my success, and it was a big success. It was just sit tight. You remind them of what they're not doing a lot of people going to this notion of scarcity. This idea that there's only a certain amount of time and it must embryos doing well. I'm not gonna do not even thinking that all their thinking about some selves and are looking at us is giant picture of resources all their doing. It's like being a baby. All this it is would allow me I had a friend who got apart and as he got apart, you gotta partner, sitcom, his girlfriend sort of crying. Oh never gonna give me what about me like this guy just got a part and a sick. He was so happy. I can't believe I got it. I need the audition I gotta work and play acting here with me. We don't date actresses says it's part of some very strict, no headshot policy. Its very I steal that cause. I went through my headshot phase and I I just start doing
yeah. You you learn, you know you don't want to get anybody just fuckedup, as you are that's very important bottom line. I don't want to do it. I can manage my fuckedup edness. I don't want to introduce yours into the others as well. The other downstairs I was talking about my daughter- and I was like I just don't- want to date- a guy like Maine, so I gotta play a character for the next fifteen years, so she and Prince not somebody different, well my friends who do they start dating girls or start dating boys MIKE girls like boys.
Boys like girls, too. Only thing you can do. Is this here's my philosophy, it's good. It's still there supposed to like girls. Girls are supposed to like boys, tell them with the right values in a good mind, going to make their mistakes. That's all you can do afraid of them by the way, make sure if they're, looking up to a youker like Kim Kardashian, just giving alternatives not going to look up to that dummy. It's real. If you don't funk your kids up, if you erase them like their friends- and you talked him, communicate with them, they're not going to be attracted to something as stupid as a life Kim. Our dash watching you is what is the Schuman watching you with your first daughter, and you are you talk to her like an adult and when I would something like this, I don't know any. We play I play with my kids, but I talked to them and I think kids know a lot more than you think they now you know,
I'm down to play princess, I'm down to pretend Santa Claus is real, I'm down for pretend, but when it comes to emotions, one of the first things I do whenever I catch them doing something wrong like they hate each other or yell at each other, io, tell them that I did the same thing. Always bitter sister, the other day I go I've been a little girl, was five couldn't travel bit some grown or hand? second hand mouse, I'm like fuck, you bitch, I better answer, so I told her. How do I do that? I mean after after the first after the first three times you put him out my mouth and watching her little four year old eyes like look at me and realize that I used to be dumb and illud like it wasn't just her daddy and wasn't just an adult at one
one time I was a little child as well just like her, and I was telling her like. I very remember, biting this girl and it was very traumatic. I shouldn't have done it and the girl is mad and her mom was mad and I fell again Idiot and her mom's like. Why? Didn't you just slugger, you didn't have to bite her. Oh my god, I'm sorry, I'm just telling you didn't even break skin or anything it was just so dumb. Where is the worst thing for Maine the worst times in my life I can remember was when I was embarrassed. Do you tell your kids somebody? Doesn't he talked about? Having really haven't told my daughter that was old enough now to understand yeah, I do man, I'm anything anytime, there's any sort of an issue. I think that's one of the most important things the same with my stepdaughter, these things old other always done this with her she's, not I mean say, stepdaughter she's, my daughter, and when
Well, that's why I'm trying to get yeah, but what I communicate, whether it's the same thing. It's always going to be that there are human being you're, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Actually they have the same mind as we do. They don't have context. That's exactly is with children and when you bring them into your world like that and you communicate with them, then they'll bring you into their thoughts as well. It's amazing how much my four year old just opens up talks to me about how she feels about things you do it bothers her. Do you think that you have a talk about this with just recorded something much more in my podcast asked him if he had a primary question that runs through his mind every day. Do you think you wake up with a primary question? No, you don't have one overriding question. No join myself, I don't know. I think this is a journey. I just think this is a ride. I'm absolutely it's look. It is it's temporary, it's not going to last just wanna enjoy myself. I want to be a friends and have a good time have a good time doing my stand up doing my work, have a good
don't you get to hanging out my boys at tenth Planet and John John Machado, us having a good time, drive around listening to music being nice to people. He I feel, like you know, we're all a little too small and this giant universe to take ourselves too seriously. It's not there's no benefit in it. There's no benefit in self grandeur. There's the benefit is in friendship. The benefit is in fun, laughter, I'm so psyched about you coming over here, like we talked about this, our families together, Brians wipes here we have the kids here. I've got steaks were going to play some music, listen to some music and drink some wine. That's what life's about that life is about having to say that I said we're going to mark our lives by the number of times we laughed each other. There are silly and were we're just surprising and shocking each other. That's what it's about stanhopea and I were on the phone the other day and he was drunk and and he's like you know I could quit stand up, but I couldn't quit stand ups,
I guess he goes. I don't need to do comedy anymore. He goes well. I never want to stop hanging out with comics yeah 'cause. You know he and I were just on the phone with just laughing and talking shit laughing and laughing. He called me. He was listening to the Jamie Podcast Jamie Kilstein Podcast in a van filled with other people like he was on tour and he called it sounded like a comedy club. He goes I just want to tell you were listening to right now and everybody has something to say to you and then nearly He holds up the phone and all the comics in the advantage screaming and cheering and applauding it's great Jamie Kilstein I'm crazy should about Tosh should have said that rape joke and it's like he went captain feminist on people, so stand up call, and then I called him back and we're just laughing and he's just like yourself so fun. That's the kind of human beings are supposed to be in contact with Joey yes, you know every time, I'm hanging out in original what
stamp unlifelike guys, but he just quite a major see, looks over and you see, I'm I'm sit like Bleriot like six ten chairs away and it goes interest leisurely. There's no dog tracker now Jha everything I think I have no doubt on them now. John I got track. I would do in the end of the world. Show with Jody is dug stand. Hope me. I got a ban called honey, honey I'll be in the autumn as much December. Twenty first, two thousand twelve up either in Hollywood and it's gonna, be at the Wilton Theatre come on stage, as you again lays down is also coming to die south this Friday night. So if you come unto thyself, we chose the south. It's me Jody as an irish fear tonight, and tomorrow stand. I dug standoffs or not tonight tomorrow. What am I retorted is Wednesday,
You know what data row Friday, night and Saturday night, sorry at the ice House and Friday night stand hopes gonna be here, which I could I would cover that stand out, but I'm a bit o really loved him made him great eyes. The best only Horton he some porn to me he's like over. That he's real guys refresh really doing it. Frees refresh any the hundred percent legit he's a one hundred percent legit Larry S, headliner comedian, whose just really into continuing to do I'll, be it occasionally reluctantly. His is, is little real deal now saw gonna J more today and he I said so what you watch. Your definition haven't. I said to be honest with you man, I think it's you
being on stage and doing stand up. I don't think I'll ever take time off away from these like where you get retire. I don't think I'm going to be done. Rickles I'll be eighty five years old do unfucking stand up because it's just so much fun and what else would I be doing find me something else? That's really fun, but you want to go skydiving right now. I got if people still want to listen I'll still be doing it when they don't want to listen anymore. When you're doing like half filled shows the people are barely there like, maybe sounded packet in, but then again maybe not go back to the drawing board and come over next yeah. Well, it could be yeah for sure I mean it could be that it could be a lap, but for some people at the end you know there's a lot of people that get fat and just get fat in the brain that you gotta keep feeding. I always felt like young comics in my feed, your brain, it's important to read everything if you can or as much as you can you you and keep asking yourself. The next question is how,
used a dynamic, it's how your material will grow and it's how you will grow as a person. You know one of the things I've been getting nothing but great feedback about this. Podcast I did with my dad when my dad's seventy two. What dad continues to do and what I respect about him so much is. He continues to grow the seventy two year old guy, taking italian and going to ITALY for three weeks and throwing himself into town when the fuck is he going to use Italian, yet he doesn't care, he takes it. Reading these obscured things on quantum physics and stuff It's just always there because he enjoys it. I think what people have to really the reason why that's shocking to people is most people feel like there's a destination. Well, I'm going to reach retirement when I reach retirement, then I'm going to change there is. There is just now there is just life and you should think about the future, but your primary concern should be now. It should be a life What do you enjoy doing? Do you enjoy learning things? Do you enjoy reading do you enjoy?
isolation, tanks or fuckin' hikes or working through that stuff yeah and by the way, here's something for people to say. Well, I can't do that. 'cause, I gotta put money food on the table for my kids. You'll set a very, very good example to your children. If following your dream and what you're supposed to be doing? Children pick up on that they can pick up and whether you're doing drudgery or you doing something inspiring for yourself and it make your household better. In my opinion, that's easy for me to say by the way: 'cause I'm not having to pay bills all the time. So I don't want to me too disrespectful of people who are actually trying to make some money and figure. Their shutout, but just keep in the back of your mind. It some people get an easy ride in this life. We all know that some people get really lucky and they get an easy ride in this life, but do It doesn't usually last most of the people who get an easy ride if they don't earn it they wind up. Fucking it up. True, almost always it's very true, and
Your ride is different than anybody else is right, as my ride is different from anybody else is right, but you gotta, except that, instead of being mad at other peoples, rides you got only look at what you're dealt. What is the hand you're dealt move from there. Don't worry about this. Guy was Falcon Rich Pirkis born into a four could rich house there's nothing spreads, are focused bankers got all this money could think she's a die. Is not your concern. Ok, that guys got his own problems. If you concentrate on him and hate on him, that is wasted. Resources when you should be concentrating on his wall and were you dealt you know, while I'm not so good at math, but you know what I think I want to be a rapper, be a rapper work, concentrate on yourself concentrate on what you're in please remember. Also. This is so important as I get older this there's no doubt about this. Anybody you admire who's, really good at something, whether it's the drums, jujitsu math. Whatever, Please know this they put in
at least ten years of really hard work, and not always not always, but I'm seeing some people are prodigies sure but quick, but anything anything that you anything that you want to get good at you're going to have to put daily practice into this. An should always do it for the sake of the practice, not the result you get. You get just as much time as well. I don't know by the time I get my psychology degree. I don't know if I could look you're going to be while you're trying to get your psychology degree you're going to be meeting people you want to be around who are dynamic and interesting, 'cause we're going to be doing the same thing. You're doing so it's the fun starts almost right away, yeah. Well, it's people just get scared about long term goals and long term commitments. It's like just keep working you're going to keep working anyway on something right or you just going to stop moving. You gotta work and feeding yourself you're going to fucking move forward and Farrah set something interesting in his book. He goes my goals. I don't set these ten year goals. I said three month: gold, six month goals. Nine month goal is twelve months goals. That's a good way to do it. You know.
But then in three months you know just something simple: I don't set any goals, never never set goals I set objectives like as far as I want to get done in days during the day, but I'm my goal is to be doing what I want to do and I'm already doing that. Oh yeah, but you've. Also, I don't hear you but you've always had very clear notions. I'm doctor you'll go. I remember you know someone tv show my own tv channel. I remember you saying that before the podcast, then you were like dominant I cast so you get these ideas in the difference between you is that, once you get an idea like that, like once you're into something whether it's a video game or a sport you're a coke
Cooper about it. Fucking cuckoo like I'm like what are you doing, this I've just finished practicing quite for fifteen hours. I fainted I'm like well, you know how about I'll do it for an hour and fifteen minutes fifteen hours I fainted, I didn't get any water, that's you! Well, I grew up completely obsessed with martial arts and that mindset of the practice of martial arts, which was defining for me, looks like made me. Human being was the first thing I was ever really good at became the way I live. My whole life and live life like you're about You know you're about to do the most dangerous thing you could ever possibly imagine so you have to be obsessed with it to get really good at it. I can't I can't like half as something are you crazy,
You think you would be good at stand up when you were clocked out. I didn't think I was going. I didn't either I didn't either. I had a very specific idea that the only people that laughed at me with the people that were these sick fux that I trained with, because those are the people that taught my friend Ed shorter and my friend Steve Graham, do it Steve, Graham still want my best friend sister, a little kid I used to make everybody laugh at the Thai Kwando School. I would do these impressions of my after having sex with one students. I never did. I would do it like you know in there in the voice and with their accents shed, and it would be like one of our friends who is it was arranged. I warn you couldn't we wonder Bluebell with Korea, India and starter yeah? Well, it wasn't. My guy was the another guy that actually made fun of whose, like morbidness, it's not my answer to his Korea. We really respected amusing, amazing, still an amazing guy. When I most influential we will not have, but I used to go
fellow students as him, hello, as my friends would freak, maybe like hi, sir, how are you like? Why is he calling me? Never thought anybody? That's. We definitely have that in common that we used to do impressions of people that we knew yeah. That's like the first kind of humor. You recognize something goofy that someone does and so repeating I'm putting my ridiculous scenarios, but am I comedy came from high school, when I was in high school, I was not a funny kid. I was a much more troubled kid than I was funny, but when no, but I was an artist and when no one was around, I would go into Mr Holm and Class Mister Harmon was really wacky. Science teacher is really fuckin crazy and I knew how to draw him. I always had a carrot. Forest forget. The you're. Really good drawer always forget TAT. I wanted to be a cartoon art, a comic book artist. I did dedicate a lot of time and it was one high school teacher that socked that,
completely turned me off too. It was like. I can't do, thank God for him yeah, I think I'm conflating not I mean I would have enjoyed being an artist. Maybe I would have had to be so. I can't see you in a sitting at a drafting table all day. Yeah. Maybe maybe I don't. I don't know I don't know I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed illustrations was my point, the by the way illustrations are hypnotic, aren't they and you can paint all day like I know, painters who said this guy camera, damn they going to make me go off track. Mister Holman Ok, I'm sorry! I just have to remember this. So what I would do my first stab humor was. I would draw pictures of this dude on the board,
my pictures of them, but fucking other students or, and then there's a guy named Mr White who's. This really short dude who just got back from Vietnam and he was fucking crazy and Mr White. I always drew him standing on a chair or standing on a stool of always dream standing on top of something, and it was always screaming about knob and now, and people would fucking How- and I would put it on the chalkboard I got suspended because I drew the spanish teacher spanish teacher, wore like a ton of make unbelievable amounts of makeup like like a clown, and then I drew her like her face with all the makeup, and then I drew a werewolf. This is her without makeup and funding from its really good. Like Frank, first law firm, I knew you were really funny before I even seen you to stand up here at the OC, and We were sitting there and we're on a bus and we're going back being shuttled back something, and this is like back in the day when Randy Couture, like first fight right,
some Ngos which already going tonight niggers a newer like, I think I wanna get no horse dance, put my Bosnia, my body, and we need to see with abandon our I'm fuckin. Yes, that's my favorite cutting until they intend to get her stance, but she's gonna do starting to do that. Other good, polar balls in their body do nicely trotwood it'll, just nobody was more upsets the offers more pleasant marsh. What, then you want me your balls anywhere? I can do any movement with my balls. Now I get you have to push him. It ever tried tantrum. You betrayed
squeezing your strengthening your com muscles. So you don't let any come out. Does that work when you make it stronger than they look it's what every guy does it doesn't come right away? Ok, that's what it's called maturity is learning, how to remember. Being younger and just fucking admit it. I smell the girl. I'd come I'd, be like, oh god, don't move out too late. Isn't there some sort of a physiological benefits and not orgasming and letting your body like a simulate the car? While the idea there is there, the idea is that fighters the samurai? Not the idea is that you can boost your test. Austrian and apparently the semen goes up your spine, not true at all. It's not true at all, but believe me. I believed it and used to say it for years ever since I don't know we used to not weed goes like two weeks without like jerking off I'm getting laid and everything would just make. You really feel really aggressive. I wouldn't do that. I try to fight science on fight science, John Branca's, that show,
They had guys not have sex for like a week or something and they measured their testosterone and then they had him like common stuff, and there was no difference. They actually, they actually have tested different scientifically fight. Science is not the fact that I don't have shown, there's a physiological difference, but it only last for seven days after seven days it normalizes, but for seven days you get a higher level of testosterone. It's like your body is like come on last chance to not being pushy. Let's go, get some come on. Come on. Let's go get something. I would think that your body is producing more testosterone to develop, to build sperm, but then again I'm not a fucking doctor yeah. I think it's also to increase your competitive drive in order to get some more Posey. I, like your body, recognizes like that. You haven't scored you have tried to reduce so because you haven't tried to reproduce you guys. Listen, let's fuckin',
grow up, and yet I find it rather get you ready to fight in case no male could cause pussy scarce like Lascaux or Boston, wealthy. You and I will be here- we're gonna, go you go and mother listener, I'm gonna come I'm coming uncommon, hunting with you and that's, let's let us honey. Let's move this conversation over two to a little show called pig and talk about that by the way or the other. I talked at Renault about any. If I can hate such Stephen Ella who's, the guy who's, the host of mediator, he desired helicopter steered that he's a fair chase. Hunter means. What he does is everything he does is like stalking. He stocks is prey, doesn't weight in Trieste team with a pile of food lameness, blow attitude only oh yeah, yeah yeah, I'm coming out he's now. You know. Maybe you gotta go he's he's a great guy to a very intelligent guy he's not like shepherd girl. Just look her. You know, he's he's a guy who it's very sacred to him, the whole the whole. I keep went to a ranch once they put em in Trieste and and then he said well at six, a m the dear come around cause. That's why that's when the feeders open up, we realise there is electric feeders internet site. I can't do this. He would do it, whereas like
New, just fuckin launches Aristotle's pitchy target practice, its basically pegs, its agony, domesticated pasted became fairly well. The pig man shows different mean this directly. There should be hurting the without diarrhoea past, where they have a real problem and may give the means to like poor people getting gas. Yes, they give a meter needy families and it could meet its good, what its wild pork delicious, but the other pigs, or a huge, probably destroy crops they made by these two. They spread disease and when they plant the seeds they go in their route. They pull the seeds out aground eat the seeds, pigs Willie anything and their fucking huge, so they have to radically them so in Texas, its legal to hunt them from Hell. Let your answer on dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. The thought that that that they just in these fucking pigs out. While the pigs are running their blowing, their brains out in the pigs do flips. They killed two hundred pigs plus.
Ten coyotes on one show. Why would you like Could you imagine if your baby was outside by itself and the coyote came along? How do you think that would work is not so? How do you think that would work how do you know that I love this question. You baby, listen man, free Coyote, one lions near baby, fuck himself, every coyote that ever lived. I will put a bullet in his fucking brand catch. Not only have great pack structure that can scoot good hunters, they be in Cox, suckers each and everyone of am people make up anything to fucking, kill to kill something like they eat babies. I have proved leave a baby alone, Coyotes county show, but we killed his called baby killing baby killers. That would be a satisfying show if you just left a baby in a pen in the middle of the street and the coyotes just come around, and you pick him off with sniper rifles like hey deserves. Its motherfuck was going to eat baby baby he's coming for the baby. What do you want me to do here?
yeah, I'm not in the coyotes man. I looked when your dog gets eaten by a mountain lion. You have a have a different perspective. Had man hit get a bit, but you know I haven't had those before yeah pit bulls are great when you come home and one of them killed the other one yeah. That was a lot of fun. My moving rooms, a puddle of blood, the dog. I told you to adopt him. She actually coffee table yeah. She was with Taylor Coffee table with TI. She was a crocodile with foot long legs. She was actually a crocodile. She she had a crocodile head. She was clearly half crocodile sweet's documentary called you, like. Oh hang on this one. We were completely retarded outside. Hey, get down here now I knew 'cause, I couldn't stop 'cause I had I had a female, she was so sweet and you're like I'm taking her dog loved Maine. There was a problem she loved me and she didn't want the other dogs around, because they would get some love together stating to how much fight she would fight to the death she's ready to fight to the death over you padding did you ever die frank
Only people find other man, male females fight. They fronted yeah, it's bad. It was bad. I had to put them both down and put Frank down to. You get Both try to kill each other hard and then I couldn't trust him. Frank was like devastated after she won. She beat the mail she did left him for dead. He was all fuckedup. I really thought it was in the hospital for weeks yeah I never. I never thought that they would fight and there was other the mail that I would separate the females, but I never thought the mail would fight with a female and they you know what they fought over. The pool guy pool guy came over to clean the pool. They are heading there, putting the pool guy, Pat one of 'em, and she would fight Frank, If I, if she wasn't getting fat Yeah most, you got fucked up man when she was in that pain or in the amount of the pound for a while. She was fucked up cuz. It was one of those shelters that didn't kill the animal.
But the animal around, and she was a fighting dog before that. So she's a fighting dog and then all the sudden she's in the pound and then all of a sudden she's at this house, and this guy is super sweet to her and love her and pet. Her and feed her food, and she said these other dogs get the Kowai. I don't want to lose this yeah yeah should've been a great pet on by our own, but with other dogs. She crazy my experience. I've always had I had two: both for years and had a different, that's of them and they just they just try to kill each other, so good, so good at getting like. Smoking them out there for each other, but I just I'd be fighting, and once I was on a date and piggy. My my my fucking german german shepherd this working dog, this bad Assfucker dog. Ok, then,
but I like found this kennel that it was like long line of just nothing but ipo in shorts on sport dog. This dog was a fuckin' wolf and, by the way, had knockout drag out fights with my dog piggy, who was a pure pitbull and a fight and and this dog held her own no problem. Meanwhile, I'm on a date me, why would you let them find out? How do you know that they held their own? There were two females or were you there when it happened, so did what would happen? Was I'd come home and it, Look like Vietnam there, before everywhere blood everywhere, and they both be like and basically half dead, I'd rush him to the vet, maybe like that, will be five thousand dollars around cut outs like twelve Lillian Sonate fight. Sometimes I was on a date. This girl, beautiful girl, number of scientist. Here I come on out and all I think is vet bills, and they
just gotten out of their cones. They still walk around. They looked like like Nixon Anna Baseball combined. They literally just looked through jowls and like stitches and all because they, what you're saying is they said, will swell up. They had to shave him and they had these crazy stitches, I'll, be shaved. Heads and necks, and just swollen with these jobs is awful. The jobs because they're faster. I have to train it affecting pills and they were these cones in not going everything over. And so they get in a fight, and I was I was in the front yard for twenty minutes trying to break him 'cause I choke one off, then that one would lose consciousness and in the other one would get get a hold of it and that's joke that one. I'm dealing twenty minutes and my hands after an my buddy came home Bob my buddy came home. Actually helped me break him up twenty minutes late. We're all fucked up. My hands were so so. I've been trying to like fight him so badly. I was literally fun for me in the future. Hands couldn't didn't work for a week, got we're Pussey garden, hose What separates them all really tried it
many times with my dogs and they were like. Oh, this is just cooling us down on their face in their mouth, in their mouth guess what I talked to the trainer. He goes yeah. Sometimes when you do that some dogs think that stood the other dog is doing it to them and so they walking go harder yeah. I had both Jones, don't stick because they hold on remember when we went to that guys House who was he raised? Fighting pit bulls and we got one of his puppies. The advertisement said this is how we're talking to an hour. The advertisement said pit bulls. No bull in our pits, bread right out of the box doing alright. Getting dog wearing your stupid, like read, possibly fast, Acura Someshit and we're just learning, we drive forever out there. This guy is clearly a dogfighter slash, criminal, slash whatever out serial killer.
And I buy this talk to even as a puppy. Wouldn't let go of your shoelaces and then really look like a beagle. It was really weird. It was a small dog, so anyway, Brian can't take this dog. He has a dog for a little while, but it's just too much work he's really irresponsible. It doesn't so it gives a dog to his friend on the farm and what did I do? Well? My friend call me, I'm gonna say: probably dogs no longer with us I had to shoot it. I why because I I don't know well, let's see got call the baby cow. And then well, I'm sorry. Let me start again: it killed one goat, then another goat and that go got Bennett's in its role, and then started bleeding as it died, and then the cow started moving. So the dog was like oh baby cow grab on to that, then the neighbor did german shepherd came out to protect the cow and your dog broke both his legs hind pine legs. And I had a fifty five pound dog that look
one hundred pounds, was so full of blood. It was just it was just so swollen with bloodlust. He said I've never seen anything like it. Couldn't get it up. And then after the german shepherd goes back to the cow, the baby cow, so my buddy is trying to get it off the baby cow yeah. You have to have a real responsibility. When you have a dog like that, those dogs, they have two too much of a history of bloodlust, it's too hard for them to break great with people to watch dogs. How long wheels with four legs are great with people you just if you have a dog like that, you have to have in a secure yard and you have to be with all the time 'cause. Otherwise, you gotta monster, used in Hunt Boar or fight other dogs. That's what pimples, by the way, that's also pig man, you never see when they hunt in that way they hold him down with the dogs, and then they cut the things in that yeah. As crazy as the watching the helicopter shipped. The helicopter thing was insane Moshell too it's a whole half hour. Those are military style weapons, there's like four with a fully automatically when they.
The pigs in the pigs were running, and then they would do the somersaults when they would like break under his pigs would go face down into the mud flip, pretty fuckin' nuts, bad one pig. They get this one big giant boar and he can turns stops running and faces the helicopter like just down the helicopter and live look at this motherfuck now way they opened up on him bump bump bump, and then you see him twitching and cake in shed they got him in the water. Some of them went in the water and as her in the water to title dot com pain. You see their heads explode in the water, but this is the most carnage I have ever seen on television. This is fucking crazy to watch and their fucking redneck, so they're, hooting and hollering, while they're like pigs- and he was like people, think, should be illegal. It should be illegal not to do it he's not exactly a middle of the road guy. You don't kill one hundred pigs for breakfast you're, a communist
shooting shooting at them. Out of this, he was having a great time yeah, I'm always too many bullets. Mrs Nugent will divorce me. I was in Portugal and I saw a bullfight and I was surprised at my own reaction. I got really mad at how they were treating that bull. It made me feel really bad for the bull and I was fuckking actively rooting for it to kill one of those guys. Will they do on every now and then yeah they do. Did the last one with the guy. I don't like hurting redesign, kill it to shoot it. You know, don't hurt it. You've seen the horn with the horn goes through the guys. I said crazy should have ever seen in my life by the way. I think I believe he came back and thought like couldn't fight anymore, but he thought a symbolic thing and they were all cheering for Jesus. That's a bad it. You want to read the definitive book on or fighting, and it's really worth it. It's called death afternoon by by Ernest Hemingway die. It's been amazing book, one guy had it through his mouth through his lower jaw and coming out of his mouth. Those that's a sport. I sport,
crazy custom that you cussed invented custom, it's one these things like circumcision, where you could invent it today. Do you know that a law in Spain to you not allowed to approach a fighting bull on foot as a human being after approach. It either on bicycle or in a car or in a motorcycle. Why? Because Most fighting bulls are smarter. They can they watch this. They watch how you move and they learn very quickly. They learn very quickly so the first time born in a ring sees a man? The first time he's ever seen a man on two feet. So it's not doesn't know how it moves and there's a whole thing that they do with that yeah, that's important! You don't want to have that and even fight did you know, you know they used to pit lions. An also bears on with both showing bear baiting. Guess guess what is one every one of those fights Pitbull? Now the bulls I mean the bolts when they have balls against a lion or bulls against a fair. Most polls, one every time bulls beat lions every time. She
everything. That's what Hemingway says in the things they you're, not you're, not fucking, with they can lift a horse. Speaking of which, speaking of which did you see the Youtube video of the bull elephant. They took the Mack truck, got on right with this task, as he was mad at the Mack trucks that he fell out of it flip that shit over he fell out of the truck yeah? They were trouble him on the truck. I guess any fell out of it and was like fuck this an We got onto that Mack truck and it's a real Mack truck and flipped it so turned right over on its side. So if you have any questions, how strong and by the way they wait, ten thousand pounds a bull elephant weighs ten thousand pounds less and gentlemen Jesus Christ big enough I wonder who would win elephant or a bowl and they're? Really smart? You can train into all kinds of crazy shit. Well it's really smart about them, is their memory. They can see another elephant which all looks the same to us, but they don't see
for ten years and then they run into it. They run towards each other and hug each other that with humans too, that's crazy. They know who you are and they don't like certain people- and I was in the San Diego Zoo and I was watching them. We paid extra to go and see them. Are they clean them and how they, you know, teach them to bring. You have to so you can check them and stuff so that they always have a barrier, there's nowhere? Video Is there a yeah there's. No, it's not put elephant. I think flipping MAX rockers yeah this will just put in or flipping drug hum versus drunk elephant. I had to do it, for I did it for true tv. They send it to me. Oh really well. What is it like? A dvd
what is a true tv was, like sure thing. I just think all worlds, dumbest like worlds dumbest like windows, vh1 things we make fun of people, making comments and stuff that stuff on the way out tv, something we are doing. Well, though, all those silly shows are on the way out. What do you think is going to replace the internet yeah yeah? What's that mean for us means that our podcast man, thoughts of Bryan Callen, I gotta come up. That's why she calling it now. Man, young man, thought changed it from the council Samantha. Yes, I can label it now. Oh, we couldn't let that brown shell before his mind. This is more specific and it's kind of what I think about you know a man. Thoughts can comprise a lot of different things, but, and I think, of what I'm going to make some t shirts that I would wear
You know I don't know, and not that I don't want to sell him. I just I'm just going to I'm particular about my t shirts, how about this little tiny cocks over there. You go see about an image in the image, really cool image and image of Ronald Reagan, but it's all made out of cocks. Now I should have caught my podcast Cox Cox, Dick park. Funny name for a company but doesn't know someone has Dick house or something like that. Isn't that Johnny Knoxville yeah yeah yeah, my buddy buddy, We were, then you can get away with that. It's weird like you could I watched the CNN the other day and there was this abandoned. Russia called pussy riot pussy arrived
and Posey Riots broke into a church yeah they got arrested, he got arrested two years and yeah they got. They got sentenced to like two years in jail, and so everybody was having a demonstration and they have these giant signs. That said, free, pussy riot an here's CNN is showing this on CNN and I'm sitting in front of the tv and these giant signs say free, pussy riot and I'm like wow, that's hilarious like what a weird loophole by the way they because they called it pussy riot they have to. They have to show what these guys are. That's blue! we only obscene yeah. It is, but right, but it's on the news. You know I was on a plane, one time and the guy I started having an argument with the stewardess. Before we took off. All of a sudden, he just saying he's not being a dick. He just saying some things like well, I'm not trying to cause a problem here. You know I'm not going to go. There is a common cause, a riot whatever an so next thing you know marshalls are on the plane. They take him off the plane. What's going on. Well,
you're not allowed to use the word riot on the certain We have certain trigger words that we have to report because You could have been a terrorist trying to incite violence, and this is the Unfucking bureaucratic ship shit. We deal with Jesus. That's what happens when you have these blanket laws in these absolute rules, as I was too many fuckin' laws, there's too much ridiculous. How many pages the and I'm reading a book about it, I think it's not a bad, not such a bad law. There's a lot to like about it, but you know many pages. The Obama CARE Act is how many pages when I made the bill, two thousand four hundred Twenty now who reads it? No, Thank you. That's a good especially you don't read! You also don't read the clauses you put in there who reads it the handful of reporters from the New York Post, who put book called landmark that I'm reading now that really
explains what are the Obama CARE bill does and what it means for us. Listen at the thing about bills or they'll, sneak shittin. That has almost nothing to do with the name of the bill just so they can get it in stuff. We've been trying to get in before. Yes, my father said the best thing about it. My father said Washington. He spent a lot of time on Capitol Hill and he said in this I guess he goes. Washington is in the business of intent. What that means is that you have a bill you want. Great universal healthcare. You want to do whatever. Good ideas that is the intention. Whatever what happens with a Goliath Goliath like like the federal government that there are so many vested interests. That find their way into that law, so if you want me to vote for it, that's fine You gotta do something for my constituency, which means I put this clause in page five hundred know it anyway, don't worry about it and before you know it at law that passed
it's like the marijuana laws. There is a kottage industry that grows up around those laws that have a vested interest in keeping that long, no matter whether it makes sense or not. And that's what happens? That's all of a sudden, everybody is drinking out of the government trough. It comes down to a very simple questions, not republican or Democrat This is why you say: do you want majority of our resources in Washington under this massive roof, or does makes sense. Read the resources somewhere else. That's the big question and I happen to believe it's better to keep resources out of Washington, because something that You can't help but create the real problem. Is you can't untangle it now? It's so far, Friday's got their hand in. Do you think dude? How do you Do you know the kind of tax breaks pharmaceutical companies get because they own the FDA know This can break into the drug business. You know why, because they own the scientists, basically that say, yay or nay it takes,
Twelve or thirteen years ago, drug patent you've got to go through all the tests and Their scientists go wait a minute, gotta be very careful. They all take money from Pfizer, etc. Of course. Well that's what we were talking about before the podcast when it comes to our hunt force protein, it's have to buy all of our hemp Canada, because the pharmaceutical companies have bribed these Fuckin' korea. Politicians and made sure that it's illegal federal federal government by the state government is voted for it in the whole thing. Is supposed to be that states are allowed to make their own laws that the federal government is not supposed to interfere with things along these lines and they don't give a fuck that put you in jail. If you just grow hemp, she's a cousin of marijuana? It's only let let me tell you know the story that it really is. A friend of mine unfortunately, has pancreatic cancer. I lost my friend to it about three months ago, but suddenly, my friends, mom stepmom, has it and
and she went to a doctor doctor- gave her up chemo protocol, just like with my friends chemo protocol and these are very good doctors at a very well renowned hospital and the, those costs a fortune. They fight wasn't working that well, they finally get into this. The most famous, the most famous doctor in the world for pancreatic cancer at UCLA who's chemo protocol, is extends a lot of lives way beyond what you're supposed with pancreatic cancer. He had basically he said. Why are you on this? He said he said he said. Oh I'm going to change your chemo and it's going to be a lot cheaper and they said what do you mean? He said well, Eli Whitney put out something that cost thirty thousand dollars a year, but it was exact same thing as the generic drug or whatever did the other chemo was. That was three hundred dollars a year, but Eli Whitney cleaned. It was better. So every
to this day and I'm going to just follow me every doctor. This take prescribe the Eli Whitney Drug, which is thirty times more expensive, now ready the Eli Whitney was challenged in court. This doctor was one of the people say it's both it is actually not as effective. Not it's this one in this, which is much cheaper around much longer, is just as effective. He and he paid a fine for it. It was worth it to Eli Whitney to pay that fine, an be dishonest, Becaus people still stands following all the tort laws, not following all the cases. Doctors. All over the country still prescribe to Eli Whitney Drug even though even though it is not as good as the one they could, because they don't know anybody better, because they thought, because Eli Whitney hired this huge marketing campaign, they thought that's the drug. To do now is the real problem. Is that nobody calls him on it? That's Well, if even if you do it costs twenty million dollars when they make billions of dollars so again these are massive companies that that don't
that have you know basically hired, who they want to defend them and behave inappropriately, I'm being I'm not. Sing all big farmers, bad. I'm not saying everybody is there. I think anytime, you have four. Major players, an nobody can get into your fucking industry. It's not good. For capitalism. It's not capitalism. It's not a free market, an it's! not good for our health and it's not good for humanity as a whole, so there that's what it. The real problem is how do you untangle it? I mean there's so much money invested in keeping guns. Only one sack either way. There's only one house that you gotta starve government now that's that's where the libertarian notion of the Cato Institute basically says: there's responsible tax. While you have to have some taxes, but but So the only way the only way we're ever going to get out of this and not become western Europe or worse, is bye bye.
Starving that massive leviathan of resources yeah. It is a problem when you create a bunch of different government jobs like you know, there's a lot of people that rallied to keep drugs illegal. An one of 'em is the unions that control guards prison, guard, prison guard unions and they spend a lot of money from their dues that they get from their workers in order to keep drug laws the same because that's what keeps them working what's bolstering argument is not a philosophy is it is self interest? Yes, absolutely self interest, and it's scary would that work. It's scary, that that would be allowed. It's scary that that doesn't prompt. So I mean if you were an insider trading guy and you just knew that some company was about to go under and you got rid of your stock. You go to fucking jail for that. How come You can't go to jail for that. How come
you can't, go to jail at because you are mere your. We working to keep draw drug laws which everybody has shown a ridiculous and most people believe a completely ridiculous, despite the massive amount of propaganda. But you do the way you do is use Youtube. You get yourself informed, get yourself informed yourself organised and what happens. It takes a long time, but pretty soon more and more people start to say. Even if I don't smoke weed. This is a ridiculous law. That's put so many people in jail for a long long time, not only a taxpayer expense, it's ruined families and everything else, and When are we going to come to our senses and realize that this should not be illegal? and if you get enough people behind a politician, things start to change the way you do. It, though, is through information and also I my biggest problem with government. Now, as I feel I don't feel like I'm represented, I just feel like we're, not
the no winners anymore? I mean Obama's, not even represented that Special interests are: that's the problem there supposed to cancel each other out and they're, not yeah him as a human he's not represented. I don't know that guy is any say what the fuck happened. I really don't think it. The whole thing is completely really can't do a thing with Congress. I mean you know, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but You don't necessarily want a president, have too much power but the president sets the agenda. The presence responsible is always so to set the agenda, but also also at the end of the day. There are a lot of decisions where he's presented with six different options from six different interest groups and he's got to make a decision and pissoff the other five. Yeah, but he's don't don't show in front of the camera. Bro, that's disgusting. I know I got like I looked at pickle and I was like I gotta help You can't do that. You can't chew in a microphone The United States want. Probably an unit Patriot ACT this this William Binney, is this guy was the NSA mathematician that I was telling you about earlier. I
obsessed with this guy, since we have had David seaman on on Monday, was a congressional candidate in Florida, and this former NSA director after nine hundred and eleven it is, is a mathematician. You know one of the world's renowned mathematicians and what he did. Was create a method for government to try dangerous individuals and track people, and but it after the government, just used it openly on everyone, and so add delete what a surprise they just decided to just literally every phone call that you make this guys correct, and he is the guy who fuckin' coded this shit. If every phone call that you make every text message you make every email you make goes into a database and the government is in Utah building a gigantic structure that will literally how's everything. You do say, watch online, all your internet history, all that ship will be stored.
The ever want to just. In anything. They want to know about you. Anything all they have to do is just got shut up guys if you want, if you want to see somebody who really sat around and thought about this stuff and made the argument for why. That's not good just Youtube Milton Friedman once before that before that, let's not get people confused woods. Let's have people just check out this story in the guy's name is Binny B, I n n E. Why and Joy gohan and read up on this, because just this alone is going to fuck with your head and what are they doing? That's important chopping wood know here that banging it's like someone's going to drum Fuckin' wives. They think they could keep the kids from banging on a drum in the hallway. Now that's passive, aggressive shit right there buddy that's what that if they don't like the fact that we're having fun while there are these kids screaming to get my Father to get back to my dad for years the household. I grew up in my dad was traveling pain in the ass lot of pressure and everything else. My mother would always have
other the house being worked on by men. She just had There's always not in repairing in love that shirt and my father, basically in a bad mood. It wouldn't know why was like? Oh I'm, just having the kitchen redone for the second time Yeah, always they do know they love doing that they love it. They love like changing things because they masturbate or have you changed the war nesting yeah, exactly it's different like you could live in a log, Cabin Easywrite Watt, jobs in college. It was three guys. Ok, we didn't do the dishes. For one month we had, we had sprouts growing out of the drain for real, ok. Finally, with my girlfriend came over, she was like so apology, 'cause. I have to clean this. I can't take it. I can't be around here and it smells like a greenhouse yeah Geyser, geyser pigs, folks, soul, this Benny guy you gotta, get this there's Youtube videos, if you don't want to to sit in need something. National security Agency Whistleblower William Binney, look into that because
this is a wise move turned a corner in our society. Where this is it's an us against them, shit and remember it shouldn't be, and remember also that every every totalitarian state and every state that took control and power over people used used national security and an domestic security and the threat. Of terrorism, etc, as an ex excuse. Take away your liberty, it's so old school. You would think always been done. I would think that that generation had already moved out of business. I hate to think that the generation coming up is going to go business as usual because,
in my mind this generation, the generation that of age of adult age, now grew up with the internet and that generation is a different group of human beings vastly vastly different than anybody. The grew up in a sixty the seventies wit discipline are different. Animal Thomas Jefferson said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and part of part, what he's trying to say. I think in a lot of ways is that you You may have your freedom, but just know that it can be taken away from you lot faster than you think so you got very aware of the signs. It That's why you read history gives you perspective and you real and you can. You can recognize patterns and destructive patterns and right, but nobody saw this coming. Nobody saw the ability to do this. My mother saw it coming and there are lots of them monitoring their. The NSA had mathematicians were coming up there, a lot of people that saw this coming less. We talked about the fact that it's already going on and less William Binney had stepped out by the way
we can do his house and stuck a fuckin' gun in his face to the FBI, came into his house in great it and he never did anything wrong. I didn't do anything wrong. Thing things crazy: we have a to really fucking creepy, crypt, corrupt government. Being control of of that which governs you, which is what our country is based on, has always been. Very tenuous, fragile arrangement, and it's got to be in every minute of the day they just need to stop it just needs we need to. We need to have new people in government and with this new, the new transparency that exists, because the internet you're going to be able to still run things, but you can't run things as corrupt as they've been running forever and everybody just have to keep doing it just like we were talking about circumcision or bull, fighting or anything. That's ridiculous! It's old! It's in nature's government! It's not people figure it becomes the bigger it becomes Gov needs a job and what does that job to either tax or pass laws both of
Of course, measures you are going to have the bigger government grows the more history shows you, the bigger government grows, the more the more you know, the more power they get over you as an individual and that just my history book man yeah, but is there a way to pull it back? That's the question: that's that's these questions. That's the biggest there's a way to run things his way where people pay a fair amount as a way where we keep a real military that keeps us from you know ever being at the mercy of an evil dictator or an evil country. Is there a way to do that and still be a good country and still not be completely and totally corrupt? Yes or is yes, educate yourself and you can you can form not with the edge Kate yourself? That's not gonna start out for winning over. You have two main on how much power that a vote for you got you gonna make noise is voting real,
Well, if it is, why did RON Paul? I mean why did he lose two states that he clearly one do you know that there's a there's plenty of evidence online and there's plenty of videos and show that show in Maine, and there was one other state where RON Paul should have one and they hit it. They covered it. I think that routing is singular. Voting process is fairly is actually compared to most parts of the world property for compared to most parts of the world. Did you see hacking, democracy, hacking, democracy makes it very strong argument that the Bush Kerry election was bought, that if you watch the video it's a documentary on HBO when they show that they did they engineered in a third party entrance into these voting machines and the guy on the show the Diebold had to change their name. The time Diebold anymore, there's something else that guy on the show showed how he can alter the results of an election. Doesn't surprise me So what do we do? That's a good
the internet? That's what I think. I think the only thing that's going to save us is the young people coming up know that this is a different world know that this is a world that, if you're going to be a politician, you're going to be completely you've got to be transparent, everything's going to be transparent, every move you make and you can't get away with doing things that we've done for decades and decades before it's a totally new game. That's the only thing that makes sense to Maine You know, I think, you're right you got, the idea of overthrowing the governmental isn't really fuckin necessarily everyone is getting. Bark is about the overthrow the gunman first, while it's not what you think. There are ways to overthrow change the power structure or make it smaller, but it's also people recognize in this country, especially that we, are the cops. We are the military, it's not the actual elite. Is these creepy bankers and there's only a fuckin' small handful of 'em, and if the military doesn't listen, if the government doesn't listen, then it doesn't take your phone away from the table. Please take your phone yeah,
it's making that trip, if that's if we do that, Phones am especially CDMA phones or GSM phones. There's a signal that picks a signal good picks up in good car. Sometimes they were doing your car and your stereo goes to yeah. That's your phone. It's Att! Phones, if you have, if you have Verizon, wouldn't do it as easily, so it's sort of a different frequency. Apparently see the amazed and alter frequency the this frequency of rising uses, but apparently it it's different in that it some it's more robust, goes deeper into buildings, but more cunning GSM, like my Iphone, has both so I go on the roads, Verizon phone. So if I go on the road, if I'm in England it will work in England 'cause they only have GSM they gave up on are stupid, CDMA really yeah yeah, but
When it comes to these these fucking conversations they would seem so circular like they never want to go anywhere. Cuz they're! Frustrating! Because you don't you, don't really know what the hell to do about this problem that that's the scary about it and that's The biggest threat is the growth of the state question? Is: does voting really work anymore? in voting, so there s a man. We got a real fuck and proper, really good question, because what you start to realize, there's not a major difference between candidates. Is there not mended? Did the dollar zone you go wild, its there's, not a big difference. People are disenfranchised me. People aren't voting, young people aren't as angrier and the streets, because that is not a new cameroonian. A sermon make a different. Maybe that's how people have always felt. I I think people felt that way in the 60s actually, which is why they got into the streets and they try to make a lot of noise but yeah, but not advocating that either. I have the amount of movement that we have today. They didn't have the ability to do things. When I see look at governments were taken down with Facebook and Facebook.
Took down at governments. Not twitter took down. Governments are a lot of people who are arguing and making very good arguments like the Cato Institute. This libertarian think tank about that's. Why, sometimes you just say philosophically filus, Could we not do most people go hungry and so philosophically, though, as woman gets bigger, more and more, People will start manipulating and getting their hands into the cookie jar it. Doesn't do anybody any good man yeah, there's, no way, there's no way to stop that, once it gets to a certain size, spider, manageable government should be treated like a necessary evil. Not this massive, socially social. Machine that that equality are artificially. It can't do that. Never has been able to do that, and it's not and shouldn't do that. How gross was Obama statement for small business? You didn't build that by yourself.
Exactly you know. Why? Because he's never run a business himself. That's my knock on that guy. I don't think he's a bad guy. I don't think he's not a smart guy. I don't think I've ever lived in the real fuckin' world. He was a community organizer in an academic. I don't want that. Guy running running shift yeah, I probably wasn't so crazy. With his religion and stuff. I would be like well, he was kind of a stud businessman, but I don't even know what he stands for he doesn't come clean with tax returns, a creep look at Mormon is a Mormon he's an old creep he's a creep's wife is made out of plastic. His whole family lives in the dark there crazy,
This is it's in he's just going to do whatever the fuck they tell him. I always tell people if you want to know about Mitt Romney, there's a video online where he gets confronted by a guy in a wheelchair who needs medical marijuana and Mitt Romney shrugs this guy off, like he doesn't exist. So quick. Well, I don't believe in medical marijuana. He just gets away from me so rude, but I will say that in Massachusetts, the guy actually spent a lot of time on the other side of the aisle and got a lot of shit done, including universal health care and I think the budget you can't take that away from him and by the way he was studying, Bain Capital, good jobs. I don't think that, but I don't want the federal level. I don't think you get them that kind of. Maybe not. I think you can really be a real governor. I don't think you could be a real president. I just I think when it gets to that level, when it comes especially with things like war? Governments only have to do state governments don't have to worry bout war. When you get to a federal level and you're dealing with multi billion dollar contracts and dealing with you know the pull out
look man? What I was saying I talked to this my buddy who's, real CIA guy, and I had my podcast and I called him Mister pink 'cause. He just was like it was really weird he's. So smart and he's really the real deal, and I said what do you give me give me some stuff about that Iraq, war and I went in there because of this, and then he goes man. He was like this yeah I mean I guess you could say that, but really you know what I think it is I go out and I think it's a bunch of interests that get together and it snowballs and before you know what a lot of people are going to make a lot of money on this notion. An a lot of people get an idea and somebody picks up on it and they just assume it's true and before you know it, you got this walking machine that ain't going to stop for anybody. And he was really kind of matter of fact about it, and I was like cheese. This is an inside guy who spent seven years there, and here he is telling me this. He goes. He goes. Listen duty goes make they spent one hundred thousand dollars importing sand in so
clay, could play volleyball in the desert you like. Yet we talked about this ass before how much corruption, how much in a waste there is in no event her. The five hundred our hammers, almost tupid shit that you know where it was, and no accountability. Man, no accountability with government over the idea that it's all tax money and what happened with the banking industry. I mean that's Manx used to have to gamble with their own money. Then they became public and all of them they're using your money to experiment had these cowboys who are like fuckin' leverage it forty times, I'm being simplistic, but that's kind of what happened. Yeah well. Benny was talking the mathematician who the NSA guy was talking but other things at the NSA had funded to try to do the same thing that didn't work that they spent billions of
It's not billions of dollars or dollars of your dollars by the way that they don't. That's the craziest thing about your taxes. You pay whatever you pay twenty percent of it. You know you don't even fucking get you can't even request it. You can't say hey. I would like to know how much my money you're spending is there a website go to like? Maybe they don't send it to you, but you could go. Oh hey, Mister, Callan, yeah! Well, you paid seventy thousand dollars in taxes last year and your money went to drink. You know know, know yourself, make it up for you, there's just take it Youtube again. Besides, it's been a guy, also Youtube Milton Friedman, who won a Nobel Prize for Economics and just Youtube and listen to his debates. Just listen to his debates. It's really easy to follow and
he talks about his personal liberty, though you're a conservative 'cause. I don't like that word, I'm, I believe in liberty. So whatever I am, I'm very liberal yeah, it's kinda weird. When you go conservative or liberal, because people like to attach themselves to ideologies and they will find like an area where they can operate in, they feel more comfortable being a liberal, then we feel more comfortable being a conservative and they just they don't no open mindedness teams there on a team exactly exactly they just lock on to team MAC, Ontime PCI like Android phones, I'm a windows, Mamma cell, we gotta Windows phone, whereas, whereas if you talk about liberty, you're talking about a philosophy in an idea that that's what I like to talk about. I like having discussions based on the Ideas and philosophy is the underpinnings numbers? Not don't don't label me Republican Democrat, don't even a libertarian. I want to talk about ideas, an
and develop. A philosophy of weird is weird shit that fucking shit works. The conservative, liberal shit works, by the way, with liberals, just as bad as were conservatives are nothing to drive me fuckin, nutty, more than hypocritical liberals who talk about Republicans being prejudiced, and then there completely prejudice. Wasn't my anybody who has any ideas remotely different from there it so weird that whole like art, Fishel sensitivity. You know like you. If you've you've adopted what is like a chic style, a cool style of thing you know this is the this expressive step people we also my father was talking about tyranny of language tyranny of language in this country, where one side will garner,
patent on. We are the progressives, wherever the put why haven't you is, I believe we should legalise Magee marriage and drugs in a lot of other things. That makes me pretty progressive, but at the same time I want to small government so that I could be considered a conservative as well, because I want I dont want. I don't want all these vested interests and I thought I had good that's. The question is: how do you, but the daddy uncurled, if I start talking about, if I start If I start talking about small government people call you a republican well, no, I'm not actually cuz, I'm pro choice and you know a lot of other things. So don't call me and I'm not a Christian. So, let's, let's relax with this stuff. You know so There is a tyranny of language in this country and and always has been in political in political culture. You, you, you there's a really good book called, don't think of an elephant, but I will tell you about this book. No, it's by David Fromm, who talks about, and I think his name is David Fromm. Forgive me if it's not but he talks about how how effect It is when you, when you say this, is the Patriot ACT,
how do you vote against against the Patriot ACT, for example, you're not going to vote in Kentucky. Not a patriot. You vote against the Patriot ACT and there are a lot of things you can do as as a political force to hijack your position by making it very, inconvenient and sound bad. When you vote against, you can't vote against the page. How do you change it to? How do you change it? I'm still trying to figure it out. The only thing that I think is you gotta change young people and you got to have the people that are going into it like this guy that we had David seaman who was on Monday June 20th twenty six years old. That's nice run for Congress, yeah, that's the kind of guy and very articulate very bright. That's the kind of guys you need. You need young kids that are coming out of college and they understand the way the world works a million times better than some function, dummy who grew up in the land of books and crayons, a massage who is a famous israeli writer, was saying
he said the way you'll be there working with Hamas and I'm as a terrorist organization, and they said well. He had a problem with his real going and assassinating Hamas leaders, and he said the way you you you Hamas is not with guns. 'cause. Hamas is an idea, and they said what do we do when he said the way you be a bad idea. Like Hamas is, better idea and really powerful state come out and remember that this country, though this country is an idea. This is an ideal and in a lot of ways those men in those founding fathers solve the political problem. The constitution is an amazing thing and it's being jacked left and right back, but remember that it's a very powerful idea and keep fighting for it. Obama has done more to harm the constitution than any president before him. What he's done bypass the National Defense Authorization ACT is nothing short of. What you should have considered is treasonous, would someone in the past would consider his treasonous the ability to detain people with no warrant the
to hold them with no recourse whatsoever. They don't have the right to a trial. They don't have anything that were supposed to be standing for America for foreign enemies, so no, no, no, no! No! No! It's for anyone that they deemed to be an enemy of the state national. We were allowed to use that he is now rather allowed to use the military to quick, so any any dissent inside Are you sure that, yes, this elastic Roma Titisee done trying to get through to its past national Defense Authorization ACT, everybody passed, it Obama said he was going to veto, it didn't veto it we told it known ass it. I don't think they get a say. I really don't. I think when you got a company like Haliburton than has fucking billions of dollars and their their profiting in mad crazy away from his pocket and war.
Don't think anybody get to say. I think that influence the influence of that money is so strong and so sharp they can't avoid it. I hope you're wrong, I'm not wrong, I'm not wrong with you. You may not be wrong, and so in that case no it's hard not to be cynical. You don't know about this. We talked about this before I mean reading reading. Reading this moment. This nonsense this book I just got called called trying to study, is a classic example. This guy does such an amazing job of of saying what you're saying how we are no longer all of a sudden, kid at school is is being fed all different kinds of food. That is now making him sick, but fat you about it. How but listen man! You can give your kid food. Ok, that's that's a terrible thing! Everything when your kids folks going to bring a lunch, that's not as bad as what the fuck is. How are you sing his villainy to have people arrested with no recourse man you're, we're literary literally in a reasonable result? Orientated I talk to you about this a while ago, man NASH
defense Authorization ACT, it's a terrifying thing that was passed terrifying. All this it's going on with Wikileaks. Without trying to this guy out of the ecuadorian embassy in London here they're letting everybody know that the rules are fake like well that rule well he's actually wanted for sexual assault in Sweden. Sweden just wanted for sexual salt, don't say that he's wanted for sexual assault prize sex surprise sex is yeah you can't even a junkie, I'm trying to look up north. Surprise. Sex is what he's wanted for. We need surprise sex with Harley had sex with a condom on and they were sleeping in bed together and with no condom. He slipped it in, in those photos of her hanging out with him two days later, like all pallet around like what he did was kind of creepy, but guess what as opposed to sleep naked with a guy. If you don't want to stick his boner and that's just dudes, do wear grossly gross creepy animals
he's wanted. Well, it's not even that I don't have much going back in the day. I'd like I don't have any diseases and we might not. Let me just feel for sales per second, just let it roll the dice. Well, that's what he did he's a scumbag sex, cam, demonic, guys are there's a video of him dancing guy, just regular video of him dancing by himself. It's just him on the dance floor groove on it, so dark Ian creepy, you watch, and it's just like. Oh geez, look at this guy, so we're ensure words from the switches, because American is any American. The swedish Assange yeah. I don't think it's Mary or fuckin' age of this information. You work for fox, and I'm just saying I think I don't know If you want to see a great man, Jon Stewart Debates, General Riley, Bill O'Reilly and he does such a great. It really affected jokes make snotty fuckin' made fun of pharmaceutical away, though he just little rose, yeah
oh he's, Australian, that's true yeah! I knew we had something new something going on. Might as well be american. Should I even ask love it yeah I want Sydney verifying they have Australia. Is there like a little more relaxed than us little more down to party little fun people man, they just different. I like Australia. I've actually never met Australian who's. A dick I had two friends that are really famous in Australia and not famous here are
Parker who's, like kinda, does well here, but Eddie, F, yeah and both of them are flocking, especially orange oranges, Gigantean, Australia, yeah man he's like fuqing Justin Bieber over there. I can't walk down the street in Australia yeah and they love him in Australia. But in America is like barely hanging on it comes over here and just fucking, half filled crowds and share. It doesn't make any sense. He goes over there. He fills out auditoriums every night he sold out some crazy shit like eighteen nights in a row in a theater there, that's one million dollars, so the ads at least I'll. Do that yeah? It might be more than one million by the way eighteen nights, yeah Australia in common I've been offered a couple of times and it's just like I'm also going to first class. Well, we don't have in the budget on my queue that budget, but it's a twenty five thousand dollars fucking ticket in first class. That's why they put you on windows, eight, three 80s and you get like a little apartment, yeah! That's what first classes, but if you don't do that, then you're stuck
in a cramped spot for sixteen hours and it sucks I'll do business class business. I flew first class to Thailand. I was going over to an That was that I got off the plane was a year older than I was so fucking long. It took me- and I was in first class and it was like luxurious and everything else I had all thai taiwanese airline or whatever it was. It was unbelievable, but you know what to its end, you feel like shit, for you know they said the radiation from those planes when you're flying and high altitude, the radiations we worsen the radiating you're getting when you go into the metal, tat, money, aerosols, a shitty t, it shit air and you get a drink, a lot of water. I do that. The lot of the hang over feeling the people get the hydrogen drink a lot of water eat something very nutritious
alpha. Brain helps a lot. It's fantastic for jet lag, yeah, fantastic for jet lag and fantastic for when you don't get enough sleep, because it's one of the one of the main reasons that you have, that sort of like a froggy, misfiring sort of a brain when you're hungover or when you jet lagged. So your neurotransmitters MIKE Young, said he goes Un Rogan I've been with you guys on the road. You guys don't need any sleep. I don't know how you do it. I was like I need sleep, but if I'm having a good time I can go, I can go 'cause. I was in Afghanistan and I didn't sleep for probably a week like just very little, I was still working. I was just so pumped afraid at the same time, so my adrenaline was just literally pumping for a week, so I didn't even need anything. I'd. Wake up two hours about. Alright, we got sold out, shows you're going to do big giant. Fucking crowd is waiting to see you get fired up. Man, I don't care if you're, tired- and you have to you- know that I felt sick with a fever I got
stage of an hour and a half later I come off and I'm like I'm one hundred percent yeah. You feel better yeah. It's no one's ever going to understand that feeling less they've actually done it, but there's a giant responsibility that you have after a while when people are coming to see you remember when you would go to a comedy club, and it was just like you happen to be headlining, but nobody knew this lucky. When I went out on that stage in front your fans in Denver, It was so loud her that could feel the sound it on my face. Two thousand ravenous fans, ravenous fans, an I walked out there and they thought I was Joe Rogan. They were on their feet literally like like. I was like. Oh ok. This is a whole different level. Yeah we need to tell people were talking about. We we pump the crowd and Brian went on. We said lazy and Joey Diaz brought me up
Brian went onstage; instead, it was, I have recorded it actually yeah. It was really funny, though it was. It was hilarious because, like they went on for a little while, but then like what the fuck is going on here what's going on, let me see if I can find it, you guys don't forget about the ten minute podcast fifty. Your number fifteen, now a ten minute, podcast number, I think, fifteen and last time I checked, I was number fourteen, so I was ninety nine. Yesterday, so it's pretty exciting excited. I love it yeah? This is you, let's see how long
and this is true. It is about to bring this what's going back a brace of rising and they still think I'm you crazy. You may only people in the front row, unlike what the person I go, we lose a lot of weight, does Joe have rickets, there still see still onstage, and now I got on stage as I found a greater than they were literally all that they they lie. I couldn't get out a fire had seen it before, and I took a member tellin ya like waiting, joy, joy, Diaz goes on stage, is gradually you're going to see something that you ve never seen before, and I remember the look on your face you will get. This is crazy, it's
it's on it's on a completely different level. When you see did you ever think? Why do you think you're? A podcast is so insanely popular you know people are connecting with it. What do they connected with uh? I am being as honest as humanly possible and I have I got a lot of interests, I'm fascinated by things and I think people get fascinated along with me on this podcast and they know, If I'm telling you something with I'm right or wrong, it's because I truly honestly believe it because I've looked at it. I studied it even if it doesn't make any sense like Bigfoot like Bigfoot Talk, I'm not willing to say that Bigfoot is not real, you know, and for for a lot of people like as soon as you start saying. Shit like that you become an idiot know as soon as you start saying things like.
I think maybe there might be intelligent life. That's visited this planet thousands of years ago and actually made people out of monkeys that get the fuck outta. Here I don't know you don't know you really don't just fact that people exist alone is bizarre enough to Maine. To leave open a billion different possibilities for how life is seated throughout the universe, including life on earth, but I'm not afraid of looking like a retard I'm just, I think it's I think, yeah. I think that's one of the reasons that I also think that I'm really impressed with, I think, a lot of people. Young man especially want to learn. Something will allow young manner demonized and we got a brutal pork and problem in this country where we're suppressing masculinity was not accepting the fact that men like manly shit, fuck and really like vitiate. We liked stakes we like Leonard scattered, hunted like of hunting and fishing and an enemy and guess what you being
prejudice about that is just as bad as a man being sexist, it's just as bad as a person being racist, it's but you're. Judging and making people many times, I've felt bad for what I look like or who I am or what I like when I was a young man, especially women intellectuals. Always different people would like look down on you as if there was something wrong with you that you legitimately enjoyed what you enjoy without hurting anybody always felt inappropriate and there's still a lot of circles. While cumming, I go Man I think in such a different way than these fucking people, and I don't know it's just I always you feel like you're, like you feel like you're, doing something wrong when you're younger you, like yeah, I just like rolling around in a matter. I, like you, know we're not representing, were not represented 'cause men when they reach a certain point time they have to put on a fucking tie and some stupid shoes with slippery bottoms and go to some job that sucks. That's the majority of men and so they're not really represented,
a guy gets buck wild and lives like MIKE Tyson he's not celebrated as well. That's going to he's going to crash well, but it's interesting. 'cause people want to censor you right away. 'cause, I think you're a threat I bet that's almost like there was a psychologist talk about male female dynamics, a lot of times and a lot of women will be really attracted to an alpha male and then happens. Is that it's very, very common. It's a big problem in a relationship. What they'll do and this guy is a couples counselor who works with a lot of different companies, so what they'll do is women will then be afraid that that aggression is going to be turned on them and their children so they'll take it out of the man when they finally take it out of the man gives us like this. I want to do all these attracted to him and I tracked him anymore. It's a grand game, so the point is: don't lose sight of who you are and what you're trying to do. There's a great deal to learn and accomplish by embracing your masculinity. You learn just as much trying to get your black belt in Jiu Jitsu as you do getting
Phd in in certain ways about yourself. I'm talking about you learn more, you learn more, you listen! It's all relative, but what's important in this life is embrace what you enjoy, and most men are not taught that most are. Most men are or they're made to feel terrible about liking, certain things, but by the way, it's just as masculine play the flute. If you play it really well known, as
but it doesn't mean you know he's not. There are different. There are different forms of expressions of masculinity if that doesn't have any hidden baggage it. While I just take it easy, not even masculine s name the word, it's really honesty, because I get a lot of positive messages from women. It's like EU rules to be yourself, women should be integral. My wife's in all kinds of girls should unlimited try to understand that. I don't know I don't pretend, but will judge or mean she's a witch Hazel she generally likes. It is people who genuine right country music, they genuinely like it. They love it. They want to hear it. That's nothing wrong with that. Man. It's and the problem with a lot of people in a lot of liberals, especially, is they will mock what you love if you like what they like? They will try to marginalized your opinion. You know and you know that are similar, hyper masculine. That's really interesting way. They marginalized your opinion. They marginalized you and they do. Through criticism, and sometimes it can be effective criticism being very kind of
glossy criticism, whether using big words and and their comparing you to something, and you don't really have necessarily the ammunition to fight. Because you're not good with language and all of a sudden you feel kind of without ammo might not even be that it might be that you haven't even thought about it and they've been working on this argument against who you are as a human being who most of their life because you're the type of person who is always rejected them, you're the type of person that didn't think they were sexually attractive, so it made them feel bad. So now they decided that these hyper- masculine men who are not attracted to me or our household, ruining this earth. Meanwhile,
If that I thought you were sexy and Inga. He liked to fuck you, and you would like to fuck him and you were intellect- is hyper masculine guy stick in his big cock inside you, then I do not yet have a different thing right. Well, we think differently, but his lungs respects myspace or suckers cock, but no he doesn't want to fuck. You yes, he's an enemy because he gives to you a bad feeling of feeling of you not being attractive. A failure of you being rejected its the same thing with ugly man who become woman haters their whole life. They ve been rejected by women over and over and over again, they develop is for these bitches fog, these holes. They have this. This attitude towards women, folk and lesbian, that fuckin that that attitude is not much different than the really homely ultra. You know aggressive feminist woman who want to attack everything that manner into hyper masculine rape, supporters, rape, culture, it's really a lot of the same thing: it's finding someone who's different than you and conveniently putting them in a box so that anything that they enjoy, whether you enjoyed a not anything that they enjoy becomes fodder. Anything that they enjoy becomes something that is the use of dismiss that kind of critics.
Becomes habitual and it makes it impossible to actually achieve unending yourself when you, when you walk around like such a good critic near a good critic. That same put, it comes back to to criticise you when you really try try to do something. You have to be able to look at yourself in your own nonsense, and you also have to be able to look at how other people going to view your own nonsense and
just because you don't like something doesn't mean something is bad. It just means it's not for you and you can't marginalized someone based on what they like and what they don't like. There's some brilliant people that, like fucking pop music, they are brilliant, but they like to get in the car and listen to stupid, ass, fucking songs and sing along it's fun for them, and it doesn't make them less of a human. That's right! We've got a real function problem in this country of looking for fault in other folks, instead of first doing our own god. Dam personal inventory. First get that shit out of the way. First concentrate all your own issue because a lot of times the issues that you have another people really are a reflection of how you view yourself when you're around. Let me take you back what you just said. 'cause a lot of times we have somebody said we live in a culture doesn't make. You feel good about yourself and other things that this culture also. Does we advertising things whatever it might be, but we live in a culture that gets you to. There's something you have to add. You have to add to yourself
In fact, it's probably something you have to delete. You have to take something away from yourself that doesn't isn't really you and just back to who you really are it's a kind of a neat way of looking at kind of development and growth I have a lot of times. I really think that stand up and all the things I do are it's bringing you bring me back to who I've always been in a way like it's a process of sort of. Feeling like what I love about. Writing and stand up. Is that as I do and I start to realize in some ways I've always been writing about the same thing over and over again, but in a way I'm distilling. Who I really am I'm getting to the core essence of who I really am so now what I do? It's really you know at forty five. Now what I'm able to do is just sit and let things come to me a little bit more. I don't have to reach as much or I can just be and trust
it's inside of Maine to do the job. Well, you also get to a point where you stop trying to be someone else. That's huge, that's so huge and it takes awhile man takes O'Phelan, be easy on yourself. You know, don't be yourself, don't listen! Why? What I mean by that is: don't don't be too critical yourself just know it's a process. It's a process, it's gonna, keep doing it, don't listen when it is going to be painful to be the critical yourself you're, not gonna get anywhere. You gonna be honest with ourselves. You and I are you and I would have a critical each other. We were. We were honest with each other member variable. Always we still are yeah. We will we gotta them. We're like. We have conversations where we're not critical. We love each other. Where, like hey, do let me your attention to something you pc, but you know what, in both of our credit, a? U winning whenever you ve done to me, whenever I've done a deal you or your always like up your right yeah. Thank you. Thank you. I am. I love it when you do that very important. It's huge that you look I,
welcome that man. That's when you know you have a real friend when someone like you cause and says: hey do you can do better, and this is why or that you know, you're not living up to do at first. You don't want to hear it. It made bug you for couple days. It's beautiful, learn: learn to love that you don't take criticism from somebody who know what they're doing and so I can just take blind prism or people who want to humiliate you or get better be better than you with their stupid words, and not talking about that. I'm talking about somebody who can who's on your side, who wants to give you constructive criticism, embrace
that Shitman embrace it yeah it's just hard to find. Like minded folks, it's hard to find people that also have their shit together or want to get this ship together, it's hard to find people who were also like on the right track and not trying to sabotage themselves all the time when I said before. Sometimes you might have to change your gang members, people who work run with well. That's why, when you, when I first met, I would get mad. These fucking idiots you were hanging out with, and there was a difference between you and I, so you would suffer all these fools and I would come along, especially when I was young when I was in that we were in our 20s. I was so but you were a boy. You are a ball of hate and energy
I just wasn't into no one nonsense. If you would travel wifes nonsense, I mean nope, sorry dude, and you see it about this guys, a problem. Yes, cars is nonsense. Just talking nonsense, he wants too much attention you're going to hang out with him 'cause I'm getting out of here and that's the only way to live. You are so good at removing yourself from any kind of suppressive energies you. You had guys around you that were straight con men. It was really unfortunate to see impostors yeah. I would be around you and you would bring these guys over like a party at your house or something like that. Exactly cost Manning look at this male hustler. He has hanging out at his house like this guy could be doing anything. You could be fake, psychic he's fucking completely full of shit. He just decided that this is going to be his thing, Manzelli, so full that she's, home and so forth. People who said who said something to the Continental United States turn it on his side and everything.
Control the California. Well, you think about what California is it's two things that are weird about: it won its people. Weren't satisfied with the EAST coast, everybody landed on the EAST coast and then here to reinvent themselves, they can't they kept going. They were willing to cross the fuckin' rocky mountains so is that the beginning is just crank. The fact that anybody knew that it was anything cool over here is crazy. To begin with that, you know the 20s, they started doing the weather, though man I could I'll take it. I don't want it anymore. I want some rain. I think I like the winter here, the best because the winner, it rains all the time it rains like once a week and that's what we fucking need: man, it's not natural to be living in a place where it doesn't rain and when you really realize that is when there's fires
I mean: there's always this fuckin' brush fires in California every couple years or so. This brush fire you're, not talking about moving to Colorado, dude, I'm down, but Colorado just had massive fires as well. We gotta get him checking ourselves a big plot of land and build some fuckin'. I'm down village grow our own food. Yes, have pigs, we can shoot from a chopper, it's very important. Well, the pigs really could get out of hand when they're feral we gotta have a gym, jujitsu gym. Yes, rifle range by the way fishing. My podcast tomorrow or the next day, I'm going to be interviewing Nate Marquardt Strikeforce Champion in Colorado, no I'll be in Vegas this weekend at the Paris. Ladies and gentlemen, what's he's doing stand on? Is it raining in Vegas? He? as a coach on the ultimate fighter. He is so I'm going to go in there and meet the guys so he's one of the assistant captain skills, big country, whose yeah, I think so no Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane, Carwin, of course, right yeah. That makes sense. Yeah
in a big country eventually going to fight Collins, God, man, The poor guys had a lot of bad luck. He just keeps getting these operations, you know it's getting injured again. Yeah back operation is how to get his nose reconstructed and then he broke it in the next fight and fucked it up again. It's such a hard job and that's what kills me about. Allow these guys don't make enough money and they do stuff what what is is that the toughest heavyweight in the world Junior, juniors, the champ men. Until anybody beads junior you, if you would you and you did came the last case- will get junior did Frank mere juniors about mother Fucker, he's he's been a success and a really good boxer he's really hard to take down and he's a really good. Mme boxer and the different chain emanate boxing and boxing with big gloves. Is you can't he camper
note to self the same way. We just like a high guard and blocking things cuz, the the gloves are small and they can slip through openings and catch your chin or catcher Temple. Where is a year, the big gloves on you can pack off a lot more shots and also an mma boxing course. You have to realize it with a smaller gloves. They can they can. They can hit you and do more damage as well, there's less padding on the glove. So you take a shot that you might be able to take with a bigger glory margin for error as waste slimmer, you making one mistaking clipped right, you're done so juniors the best Mme boxer, you know he's the best it Mme Boxing words like you know, but Let me Klitschko, would probably fuck him up at Regular box and it's a different style and also you know they care dealing with Frankie EDGAR. So I watch his footwork is unbelievable. Oh yeah, I mean that guys always moving and hitting it says you think you wanna fight.
I don't know I watched it. I lost it very closely. I can't make that call. I think that at the end of the day the what's his name was the champion. You gotta take the belt away from that and they said to make sure this ice. If we take it away well, you know being Frankie lost to him I thought that you know he's. I don't know he's the toughest small man on the planet and I think that Mean Ben Henderson's, a lot bigger than his physically yeah. He is, but that's par for the course for Frankie Anchor. So I don't know man. I don't know enough about fighting honestly to be able to say I he's going to go to one hundred and forty five now, apparently, but thank you Frankie S. Yeah he's got, other content within yeah. That scares me all those theories focus on what you do with those leg kicks it should be and his knees to clean up Chad Mendes, I wouldn't think he's he's a bucking ban, mufflers everyone of these weight classes like five thousand five hundred and forty five and the
they're. Just kill us man for that matter. Eighty five yeah, that's what the whole sport is now. What it's getting to be now is like all these guys who have no weaknesses they have great take. On defense have great stand up. They have great, I mean all those world class in Jujitsu. That's a word that gets tossed around a lot he's world class, and now that he's a very highly, I think he be CALL Brina he's beating, like really big name, Jiu Jitsu guys in straight Jiu, Jitsu competitions and his fucking stand up games with everybody scared of man. So it's amazing like when he got MIKE Brown. He got MIKE Brown when he won the title. He got MIKE Brown on the ground and got his back in a heartbeat. It just battered him from that position, but the way he got his back I was like that is some high level ship MIKE Brown is good. My brown is it MIKE. Brown is also strong, really strong. Eval words was telling me, and I know MIKE I came out my stand up actually West Palm Beach, is great he's a great guy he's a great guy and MIKE
I've talked to guys who rolled my thing out, he's gorilla strong, because when you get on you you're not getting, you're, not you're, not moving. That guy is just a gorilla, yeah he's strongest fuckin', although took his back like it like a ghost yeah, although he told me about that fighting goes. He said yes, we're just so good. I do shoot in his hips were like fucking well thing in there were. A lot of people are concentrating on is soccer players that there's another facet of of of like every one of us had what wrestlers it's important sitting in a wrestlers is a great base, and you know some people. Kickboxing that's a great base, but ITALY soccer players? A lot of people are looking at soccer players that eventually get into Jujitsu and kickboxing because they have so much better movement. Their movement like forward and backward their whole game is about jumping through the air running across
a feeling dodging to the left and dodging to the right and kicking a ball before anybody else can kick it by the way. They also learn how to kick, because if you ever try try sometime get of D1 soccer player. Try to stop that ball and watch how fast it comes. It's crazy and they know how to place it, so they developed this leg dexterity. That's why? Although has that wicked leg kick his leg? Is so powerful man? He just whips it around slams that Fucking Shin bone in your leg, your I favor about that he was like. I thought I was going to faint when he kicked me yeah. I thought I was going to literally faint, he said was crazy yeah, that's that's! Another new sort of an entry point into MMA is professional level soccer players which, although was, although was like, ready to go professional, but it seems like MMA,
is more and more gravitate Ng Tord, those that can be that are master strikers, because in a way, if you got two really good wrestlers, they can kind of cancel each other out after awhile. Like all the more you wrestled in MA, it doesn't necessarily pay off the way. Spending time being an excellent striker, understanding angles and all that speed and all that seems to be because you can end a fight so quickly yeah, but you also have to have takedown defense yeah. You know we don't have to takedown defense. The striking doesn't mean anything, but it seems like if you have two really good NCAA, wrestlers or olympic wrestling they're going to be take either one of 'em down. So that's why they're going to stand up now and see how? Well you know a lot of the wrestlers. They develop insane punching power too, because they learn
throw themselves into a punch the way they would throw themselves into power double you know like look at Dan Henderson, like Dan Henderson, who's, more of a Greco wrestler or King MOE, King Moser, good example. How mother fucker can punch and one of the reasons why I could punch 'cause. He knows how to throw his body into things. He's used to like putting some serious horsepower into his double eggs, and he put that into his right hand. Now boo, you just drop said she don't. Why would you guys, like John Johnson Anderson and how they separate themselves, and they are really extraordinary people? there's just something about him? Well, first of all, Johns very physically gifted. The destiny of the his limbs. How tall is six three? But his limbs are he's, got longer, aren't maybe six for but got longer arms than Semi Shelt who is the heavyweight? Was the K1 Heavyweight Grand Prix multiple time champion, because no one could get in on semi. Semi his arms and legs are so long that everybody got funked up trying to get some, including guys, like butter, Hari Ini.
Something with like front kicks to the body and shake his semi seven feet. Tall will John, has longer arms than him and he's six foot four yeah, crazy, LAO arms and legs and reach we, we measure reach in MMA. We only measure from the shoulder to the hands. It's like the your tips like how far you can touch, but that's not real reach. Rahman may, because you've got to factor in the legs and John's legs are so fucking long. He can kick you from a place where you can't even touch him. I want to watch them fight Shogun and he looked like it just in a dick, completely different weight classes at different human being and by the way he's only been striking for four years. Shogun's longtime, MMA Champions, crazy, gifted he's very gifted he's a super athlete he's just one of those guys that and it's the perfect storm of being a smart guy being a guy works hard. Who has and is a great athlete all of them together and with with crazy physical attributes.
You know, John. Every time you seem is better. You see him six months later, he's way better fighter than he was six months also loves what he does. It seems like he's just so enthusiastic know. If that's the truth, he should have taken the Shell Sonnen fight next weekend He passed on that fight on eight days notice, which I I thought I could see his point of view, but I would if I was in his corner. I want to say that this is going to be this. Guy, like this is I was coming up from eighty five you're way better fighter than him, and you going to make it a hero that you accepted this fight on short notice, and you get the silence shell son and we're going to be talking about it about you. Just shut him down, beat his Assen. That's all done it's it's an opportunity to make some money, but he didn't He felt like it was too big of a change to change up with eight days, and it could have been also that Shell had been taunting him, and so he you know didn't want to like yeah, also also there's. If it's also if he loses, if he wins, that big deal. You know it's supposed to, if you lose it a big deal yeah, but if he wins it's still big, they just still
establishes himself as a bad mother fucker in a scary dude. This is what he is. You know the way he shut down rampaged way, shut down where shod we choked out Machida, I mean I just don't see that Shell son and being able to deal with that skill set. I think she'll, if you had a full camp and really got a chance to really bulk up to two hundred and five for Leah, where you know, then it would be a different story, but in this you know in MA, though, I'm just saying that anything can happen in this sport right. So as a fighter you're aware of that- and you have to contend with that directly, an emotionally and all the other reasons claws so ever so shall submit some or something like that. It's going to rematch clause and the rematches even bigger it'd, be fuckin' gigantic. I also think, maybe maybe that card in UFC seems to be
aggressive about putting on a lot more than they used to a navy? They could maybe they could scale it back a little, but I think they can, I think, with fuel tv with responsible, Mortimer effects, yeah there's more demand. This is their though or is there? Is there more demand or is there just more obligation because of their contracts? That's that's good point and a good point, but there is more. There is not just about geishas, because the contracts obligations for the amount of fighters that are under contract for the? U have see that you have to keep. Working. You can't have a guy under contract and not having work, but once a year how's it going to survive fighter I have to fight at least two three times a year I mean, and you don't You can't do that. Unless you put on a lot of events, the UFC has more than two hundred and fifty fighters under contract.
I think it's more than that and it's a lot. It's a big responsibility. People knocked in a way and stuff like that, but that's a big responsibility. He has to all those fighters and now the WEC doesn't exist anymore so because the WEC doesn't exist anymore. Now we have all the thirty fives, all the forty fives. Alright, the fifty five had already been a simulated awhile back. What is it? Why not 'cause, they couldn't say business wc? No, they just figured it didn't, make any sense to keep the two of them together. When you have guys like, like Donald Cerrone, you have guys like Benson Henderson, he's great fighters that were fighting the WEC. Now look bad since the UFC champion. Now, obviously, these guys weren't getting a shot at the top. Can you see what Benson did when he got there? He won when the whole thing, so the Benson being the WEC champion now now being the UFC champion really,
credence to the fact that in our it was a good move to bring those guys antler about women about an hour after another. This really good fighters over there might Chandler really good he's the lightweight fighter he's he be any olive residue also really fuckin good. Those two guys arm both world class and and then there's a you expecting more from the eighty five elephant or came over yeah yeah Hector Lombard. He was apparently he was hurt, apparently had a cracked sternum, oh wow yeah. He thought anyway. He just he just didn't, have anything in this journey about that. So it wasn't much. You could do you apparently just didn't, have anything in the gas tank I'll. Tell you what, though, he's fucking takedowns or ridiculous an his takedown defense was ridiculous and they say five hundred and ten he's fifty eight he's fifty eight and some down american top team. I made a good study and a ball of hard rope. I've never seen anything like it. He says he says much easy he's an extreme mesomorph, that's what he is like he's thick
and strong. I looked at his legs at american top team uses training, and I just looked at his legs, and I was mean Thiago Alves. My boy he's a he walked around about two hundred and five and he's about fifty eight ok. Lombard, is a lot bigger than he is so ridiculous. His due skills are so sensitive, takedown, defense or ridiculous? Isn't it imboch grabbed Ahold wings like nope, I'm in both The big guy coming down from two hundred and five Big one hundred and eighty five are and you know the when Lumbard wanted to take him down. He took him down grabbed him clamped his arms together up in the and boom it's like, but just didn't. Do enough didn't do enough in loss of decision, but he still a scary, Phuc and I think his next fight he's going to open up a can on somebody. Anderson's next fight is who knows There's a he actually offered to step in and fight
before he knew the card was cancelled. He heard that they were without a main event. He said he's not an eighty five pound shape, but he can make two hundred and five. So he said I'll fight any too. Five pounder and he wasn't even in shape like fighting fighting. She wasn't talking about fighting him. No, he wouldn't fight Jon Jones. He said he wasn't in shape to fight that guy, but he said he'll find any other two hundred and five pounder, so they could get an opponent for him, some one hundred and eighty five. From two hundred and five pounder wants to step down fighting the cheetah there at the same house. You won't find Machida, but there's a lot of other guys at two hundred and five. They could have put it if he had called up just to probably a couple days before they probably would have done that. But they were scrambly for him that we would be interesting. We haven't seen Anderson
Anybody at two hundred and five for sure, there's a lot of good fights at two. I thought he did the Forrest Griffin and went into a lot of tools yeah. Why would like to see him against like Glover Glover to Shera? Glover? Is the scariest fighter Jon Jones at two hundred and five, and nobody even knows who Glover is glovers on monster? Really he's a monster. He scary he's big he's about two hundred and thirty it's done the tool file, but he doesn't have any weaknesses. He's punching powers, ridiculous, get an iron chin, he's a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. Apparently he was training with Leota Machida in Ragdoll in him. That's the word yeah, but it's a question also of his stand up if that is about Ponting Barrett about angles, the sewing and lover is a killer he's the one guy that is world class. It wasn't in the you have seen to really recently because he had a visa problem, find music from six years from Brazil? And he finally got a frightening fc and fought Kyle Kingsbury, an just bloom, how the water I mean it was. It was a scary fight to watch, but he
eating a lot of high level guys he was the first guy to beat so could you not so? Could you out he's beating the fuck out of a lot of guys. You fucked up Marvin Eastman in Brazil, he's a beast man he's a scary dude that fight is a fight that Shogun turned down. Show they offered Shogun Glover to Shera nice. It didn't think it made. Any sense to him is like this guys like world class, and nobody knows who he is Shogun, didn't want to fight him and show them one up: fighting Brandon Vera. Instead, you know which was a great fight with a fucking We thought that was who won the Shogun did, but he had some tough times. It was Brandon. Brandon put up a great fight, Brandon was there. I think he was at the taking pictures of people and he's at the good, looking good yeah, yeah. He was there. He was at Denver, he's really nice guy taking pictures ran over into great guy he's a great. He got a bad rap for a while he's a great dude. I love Brandon, but that was an incredible incredible fight. But it's interesting that Shogun was like you know what is Glover to Shera Guy fart that
You need to set up that fight. That's like that's a fight where people need to know who Glover is first 'cause. This is like God a lot of money is a risky asset value. Make the most unknown guy at two hundred and five: that's super top level and scary. I would love to see him versus Jon Jones. I think that would be very interesting. 'cause glovers is really seasoned, striker really seasoned and toughest fuckin' nails, but he's gotta? Do it soon? I think he's thirty. Two now you know John, is John's Falcon Scott, listen! You gotta, you gotta, handle it forty one right he's fuckedup though he's torn up. Now it's going to be awhile for him before he heals up. I've talked to other wrestlers about Henderson. They say, there's wrestling strong and understand. Henderson strong, he's an animal, is the strongest gonna plan. Will his massage guy that these two work on him said he's never massage degree so is made out of wood is never massage going at us, and I know I know I know his massage therapists now and she said this
I think she said she looks good. I think he said his father. What do you feed him? Because I didn't see him again and tell him his own food there. It is yeah he's always like being in between the steaks. I want to know I'm hungry yeah. Well, the podcast is two hours and twenty two minutes I want a little bit more podcasting, don't cut it loose, I'm getting Hunter going to go to Alaska going to come with one hundred. How can I say? No to that, you can't say no, I'm supposed to shoot out of tv show suck. My find me show my find my opening and I'm coming it's five days. You gotta go fuck. Whatever it's stupid tv show, it is kind of see you still doing that death Valley thing got cancelled, Wanna bummer summer fun, sucked six people saw it, but I loved it. Sixteen hundred one thousand six hundred and sixteen people is it good. Is it good? I had one of the best I've ever had I played I played
perverted police chief. It was they. Let me just improvise and do my own solid, where wolves in money, but it was so much fun. You called me up. Remember you told me Helen Dick Ulous it was. I would hold the meeting about our current world world for vampire problem. What happened that we got obsessed with vampires and werewolf Zeit? Geist, I know what is what is that there's a theory I don't know. Well, I think in those kinds of things a lot of times, technology starts moving so quickly and we just yeah it's all technical and stuff, and we just want something we want recess. We want magic. We wanted, I think, being afraid, though. Well first of all, I think what happened with vampires. Was there really sexy? I mean Stoker wrote Dracula in response to the repressive, victorian age. It was essentially a metaphor for how
repressive. We were on the surface, yet how perverted we were underneath and along comes as handsome, as should guy who comes in sucks your blood and guess what you you have an orgasm put. Those girls were doing he'd come in handsome shoot with a cape and saw your blood suck your neck. Remember that Gary and they would be like. Oh yeah version was super sexual. Yes, it was sexual, it always was. It was a response to that repressive, victorian age where everybody was terrified of syphilis and going to Hell, At the end of the day, they were all fucking, each other they'd be yanking them dresses up and just rail any chance. I shouldn't be doing this. I swear I gotta go to church tomorrow. Will back then they used to put dresses on legs of tables
they didn't want people being sexual excited by piano ray. I got these to dress tat. I will exercise believe me, you don't have to as a true and as it is on a believer thing, it's fuckin crazy, as people were not people have always been lattices eyes, always been obsessed with the sex. Well problem. That's why men and women everywhere loud to work together, because no matter what, when you get people, men and women to get a flash it happens, vote was the fact that one of its members, as I have always been actually most societies, that history have always been concern and centred around figure out a way to to keep that wall. Right. Really interesting people do it with guilt work. I deal with guilt, they make women feel like slots if there if they have sex, they make men feel guilty and a lot of it had to do with a lot of times. You get a bad disease man that before penicillin and now they got now got gonorrhea a strain of gonorrhea in Japan. That is, antibiotic resistant yeah yeah, Japan, fucking, Japan, not yet
silly curate yeah, exactly why don't you come up with another? What is it about today, though, that the vampires don't have vampire characteristics? It's like. I was talking about that movie Bourne legacy. Did you see it now? It's good fun. Moving, but diseases engineered super killer. Who is constantly saving this hot chick through this movie, constantly saving her just carrying or jumping and throwing over shoulder, jumping afucking, Qasm weather, never fox her and I'm like
What is this nonsense? She is weeping she's holding on to him. There all alone, all men, there alone in the house there sleeping in the same room, selling a male fantasy. It's nonsense! You want to save alarm, it's a girl fantasy, but it's the girl fantasy because he doesn't have a car if it was a male fantasy, be double seven. He saves her venti foxer, but this guy just saves us doesn't even kiss her at the end of the movie after they've, been through so much together, they're looking at each other eye to eye and smiling no fucking, she doesn't pose cock, couches and start sucking. What am I doing? I should do this. I wanted to love and respect me, but I want this cock in my mouth now. There's none of that but that's the same thing with vampires vampires. They can go out in the sun now and they just sparkle,
They just want to be with you. They don't want to kill you like. They eat deer blood like what the fuck man that was, but that was the whole reason twilight was so big that he was an outsider. He was a leper an you know. She could only see him at night. It was Romeo and Juliet that's what it was, but it wasn't Romeo and Juliet because Romeo was fourteen two, this mother, is one thousand years old. Ok and she has a dilemma. He, like several one hundred years old, should I get turned in people them forever yeah, but she's a fucking high school kid. What is wrong with him? He's a creepy cock soccer, listen, she was fucking cute
it's all right water and he was in high school. I wasn't no, it was fucking Jones in high school and they get no. He is taking sides. Glassy didn't you like is everyone died from life of spanish flu or something like that in those lines in those early, nineteen hundred secular was all as far as ridiculous and mandatory again, like our era, domino within dollars that we're we're all hang around one time, long term growth. These girls there in Douglas those girls good looking yeah, there fucking twenty one, and they look pretty good from here. I think there's! No, because at that age you know girl could have a goat head. I wouldn't really give a fox twenty one with a goat head. I'd be like that gut check with God has got a really nice body. It's fine for Maine she's, twenty one well it's funny that you know the thing comparing the way gay men look at men. As compared to the way women look at men. And with women. What's important is a guys eyes. Smile. His jawline with men
with gay men that gives usually we have heads they just look at a body if you could find like a hot guy who was headless just stuck his fucking hairy asses up in the young guys just be stroking, it yeah, I needed my boyfriend and his name is Stan. This is terrible. When I take this well, no, he doesn't he Filipinos, really good. Looking he's got this bubble, Lassen big tips and who sings it does alot bench and he's got a full mouth and my buddy Keith is really nice with my buddy keeps really macho and he makes in two thousand. He was like staring at him once I was like look at him, not enough beautiful and I go. I was like oh yeah, he goes. You know why I put up with his bullshit. I go. Why guys look at that this is like, but I get it. I was like you're, not even you're, not really even gay you're, just to do fox guys, I'm not even sure, that's like you're, just so hyper mail that you know that silly he's gay
guys are just guys into the asian guys. Where asian guys are like cherished, whereas like asian guys have a hard time when it comes to white women, white women are like the fly, went and saw. I went with some of the cast from hangover. I went to the Fucking Lady Boy show in Thailand. Let me explain something to you. One day, I'd last a day in jail before I was going to say that I was talking to type one day. Eyeglasses I mean I don't know what you look shut up, fuck it in the butt of the mouth.
Well yes, but if your cock, you would be able to look down below look, did just put a napkin over or something they're tiny anyway push. What have you felt you as you're following this? You felt his cock slapping against your brother, how many drinks as you do it? I gotta have at least three do otherwise it's gay. She knows how much you gotta hold on your cock, while fucking the ask slapping me- and he got me some masking tape, tape it right to your belly button and don't fucking. Look me in the eye and will go to how feminine did they look. There's some of the best woman I've ever seen in the answer. Your question: did they show their cocks like? What does it show? They know they take him down. It's lady boys and let him have had the operation already so then, what are they then look? Brody Stevens ask him. He was being like his face is being stroke and I looked at bodega, listen bro! If you if you take that girl, Slash guy home and fuck her tonight,
not gay and I'll, defend you to the fucking day. You die 'cause, that's one of the best, looking chicks I've ever seen in my life right and he was like no. I can't but Gee whiz look at her. I can't do that. But did they were flocking? I'm a couple of months like that, a girl there's no way. That's a guy, it's impossible that that's a guy and that's a guy! Well, we had one on the man show that was so pretty that! We were hanging out the comedy store, Ann. She was pulling up or he whatever you want to call her, was pulling when a car in any bravoes like Paul, took out this check that girl. So pretty I gotta do that's a guy. I wasn't cheetahs. I was achieved its in Vegas, ok and that's a big Strip club, and there was a girl there with a cowboy hat, who had a line of men trying to bring her into into the room to have a dance. The reason I knew that that was a guy was because, on mad tv, one of our makeup, women would use. Be a guy and
and she was friend with this this- person who had become a woman, so I knew that that was a transsexual and she also she was vietnamese. She was fucking gorgeous Then she later got married to a very wealthy uhm. I think I can I don't want to say, but he was a very, very well known, rocker, guitarist when and it's a rock star rockstar, but he was a very what made a lot of money in a band of any part of the bad any marry him. Is he married her and which only gave me more respect, form really? Who is it? I was actually know I know, but I don't want. I don't want, because I don't want I want them to know that this person was stripping and there's a lot of ship that goes along with it. I don't know- Scott Emulator, this guy that had become a girl that Eddie Bravo had seen in the car we had her on. The man show
the man show was the man show. You see that sign behind said make me hard to see that this line right here? That was the game. The game was make me hard and what it was. We had an electronic box over a dudes dick and we would decide when the light would go off is a red light on it and the light would indicate that he has an erection. So we would have like different things in front of him, like a midget eating a banana all these different things. That would give him a bonus, the greatest game. Ever it was a fun gig, but When we, when we did it, we did one of them with a transsexual and she was looking hot man, I'm telling you would not be able to tell so she's on this guy's lap, ok and the Nor would they she's got whipped cream. She puts whip cream on hurt its. He sucks the whip cream off, hurt it's everybody's, going fucking, crazy, the audiences going shed house then pulls out her panties and unveils this this day.
Liked it looks like it had been poisoned because she looks like an oil Jamil hormones. So her dick was like black and sick. It was like it had been like it within atrophying. He was yeah, oh yeah, for sure not just atrophying. It was like he was completely cut off from the process like withered away and see. Now I have a boner. Is that weird black? It was a black dick and she was not black. She was like a latina something another, but her dick was but the dark tired. It was rotting that was running away and she pull it out in front of everybody in front of the crowd and the collective
ah of everyone and the look of repulsion in the guys eyes. I got this this chair with this box over his dick with it by the way, the red lights flashing like crazy, now, 'cause 'cause, we control the red light. It wasn't really windy in order, so the lights everyone's going on he's a dick right in front of his face and this crazy bich that he had just sucked. With Cream Offert. It's now she's got this cock in front of him by the way, they had no problem with that comedy central, no problem with that, but they did have a problem with hard. The reason why that sign is here is because we had to use another sign, you couldn't be. Make me hard 'cause. Make me hard. Was they wanted? Make me stiff? That's That was one of the things they argue. Those are arbitrary and things that they standards and practices guys like decide on Sunday, the standards and practices. It's the parking, it's a network,
appetizers, it's not even that it's just a bunch of dummies who want to have their say on things and that's why I doing something on the internet so beautiful like. If we had one of those same executives in this room- and we were talking about things- they would probably tell us not to talk about it. They would tell us to change the subject. If someone had a sit down with us and give us like a list of ship that we could internet catching personal responsibility, it gives you your own sovereignty and it's what Human beings want an should have if I don't, right now, I'm going to die, don't die come to Vegas two hours. Thirty, five minutes. Let's rap this big shop, let's bring this pitch into the harbor check out. Brian counts, podcast. It going man thoughts. Yet man, thoughts at with Brian Kelly Bryant So it's real simple. I know I'm going to be thank yourself by having some other name. Now I keep changing the name. That's at least it was sticking out less it's good about the Brown county. Experience know Rogan experience so much Jimmy Hendrix. So I went to rogue
man. I thought that this weekend, Friday night now added Doug Stanhope Friday and Saturday. It's going to be me, Joey, Diaz and Artesia fear Friday night Doug Stanhope is joining me were doing thing for a touch point out together on Friday during the day. So I, when we're done with that we're gonna, do the show. I says that night and and have a fuckin party, so we will have a nice house chronicles on Friday that will have dug Stanhope could take a peacemaker rotunda guess yeah file that file Brian Cowen be or why a and c a l e, and on the twitter, thank you, everybody for the the positive messages on twitter and on Facebook, and even Google, plus a ban on Google plus lately and I've been on red it lately just for a little bit, but I want to do a red. It ask me anything before my special is released, which should be either at the end of September, the beginning of October, depending on when my website is done, the new
studio should be the lease is signed tomorrow, hip hip hurray, and we will begin construction, an it will be dope, and then we will take SH it to the next level. You, mother fuckers, it's going to hang out it's going to be like John Gotti Social Club, but for nice people I'm fucking pumped about it is I've. Never really like had my own place before, like a real place of my icon office, and I've got grand plans for this. I'm very, very excited and got a lot of cool guest coming up. Survivorman have been in contact with him he's coming on the podcast get rich roll. Who is a vegan athlete MAC Danzig are going to holler at you as well was also another vegan athlete in a great fighter in fights in the UFC, so we gotta represent the vegans. This is a lot of people think that I hate vegans. I do now absolutely and I eat a lot of vegetables. I need a very vegetable diet, but I I like and and hundred that too tough shit, most grass FED.
So that's the way to go. Alright, sucking podcasts over I'm rambling, so come see us this weekend, this Friday and Saturday night at the ice house and again stand up, will be joining us on Friday, but on Saturday it will be already. She feared Joe as and me and we and fear, and will also be on the Friday night, show next weekend, Santa Barbara, the Lobero Theatre. That's next Friday night and I'm fucking pumped about that. So that's September, seventh and and
Toronto on the twelve, its Crest theatre in Sacramento September, Fourteenth Macy Hall, Massey Hall, rather intransigence on the twenty First Memorial Hall, a rally North Carolina, twenty Eightth and Thomas Wolf Auditorium in Asheville North Carolina, twenty knife and Duncan processes. I may move there I may have to, and those North Carolina date will be dote Judea and Duncan trestle. Aren't you freaks thanks to areas where four sponsoring our progress ass by providing us with cool laptops, and thank you for sponsoring, so many enemies fighters follow Alien where Mme on Twitter, please
thanks to honour dot com. It's o and an I t, go get yourself some awful brain or shoot tack or shoot tech immune, shrimp tech support, get yourself some bone strongly to sell some new mood. Here's some kettlebells some battle, robes get your manly shit on and use a code name Rogan and save ten percent of any southerners podcast. In the end, we will love- and this thing with Brian Cowen say I'm sure, lives but attire son, a bowl of snakes for love. Everybody got a wide fishpond expressive eyes and no hair on his head. Big hat big feet trying to talk Bryan Callen to move in with you guys. We love you
and this function shows over. Thank you for everybody. Thank you for everything. Thank you, everybody, my friend, thank you for your time. You too, you good versus an grow. Pickles grillos pickles in the house, alright, will see you guys tomorrow with MIKE Birbiglia. Mike Birbiglia will be joining us in the podcast tomorrow and that's it for the week right. We love you Fox CU, yeah hold on hold on yeah. I'm going to fill this out hold on I'll. Let you still online hold on do do dududududu. Alright, Itunes,.
Shows over the fuck outta here see you tomorrow.
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