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Joey Diaz, Brian Redban - Date: 09/19/2012
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when cancelled, I was probably represents, will gain experience. Beautiful pay, we had a good progress with MAC Danzig. You will win for Billy Carbon who's, the director of cocaine cowboys and then I looked down on my phone had been telling me that you cancel so you caused by such funds drop in any way now about it out that we are getting on the one thirty four, when he called the first time, and I just gotten a right, aniline right and I just sixty five with the rest of civilians. You called back. I was on far too long and I fucking kicked out Infer Rachel relay the sons of anarchy, but like a bike, so I know the conjugal but he's gone down. He was I gotta find him until real aim and I just shut
mother fucker how both if we all the way to you called me said now, and I said old on our backing HIV late and I went to cars and there was an unmarked police. The right hand. You didn't see me. I just slip. My back behind my took my time. There is actually filing a fucking. That's like a thing that we do here. You like your role, the dice in their HIV Lane Falander foreign It is easy for sixty and if you are lying point like go for it. I go for that. I go for the nine twenty package for our part of attacks and go over the line, and you because you ve only got to HIV where the lines say you permitted right. So I do not mind sixty package, which nine twenty in court altogether. Cause you're gonna drop, one hundred for the victim Compensation fund, another hundred from the dead, kids and chinese society. You gonna run
So by sixty. How and what is it about many vans and fuck in southern California makes him think they should be in the left, lay in Gilgit and its people, secular anywhere in this great country of laws. When you drive somebody, don't sixty five and the left, get out of your wagon alleyway. Only in California will sit in fuck into one. And they will give you the finger legs anal Did they should have to move it? Something that never made it out here back where I grew up did that the highways were more narrow, like there was a lot of two lane highways so was just good good citizenship, getting out of the way, there's only two lanes. So if you're the left, when you try to go faster in the right way to go and slow, but these do bags have this wealth of lanes, you know they have six seven eight lanes like do road me. What go around me. Why just
being the fascinating, was white? What lay number to undo sixty fire nobody's going to sixty miles an hour in many van in your mad that people don't don't want in their way. That's ridiculous! You don't have to being left lane. That's for passing people you stupid fuck and the worst is like when I got up north like when you got more than the one or one after you pass assemblage beautiful opens right to fuck up it's beautiful driver, and here you are doing Falcon eighty you're on crews. You got the Eagles hotel, California and you get, but I'm a fucking. Seven fifty there were sixty five and that start to burn Deanna Myself strategies, a Jew, drown. The german club computer got on his success, no other fuckers, guys all loyal to Asia April right, that's number. One number two number who do they do is sixty five, seven Clyde, because the only reason I would buy a seven series if one a couple of me all black rip, the ticket
that's the only way would drive a seventy five and ninety all the time. Job does not see the beauty, and I dont see Unless you don't do mainly than it's. Ok, you mean is seventy. Seventy Gabrielle, those don't worry you shoot yourself, that's why you're fucking Corolla, you just pay more. You want impress people realize you're done it was right it and he talking about this three series be undone. I have an m three. Not, but you haven't. Three, I say: fuck, indifferent, it's a beautiful girl. I love that, but the people they get the three holding onto it too. Framing cars Joe. It has three. I understand. Fuckin thing drives brilliant. What there's some people can afford the three that get so basic good for Fuckin Lexus
look at our ever smaller one, and now they have an eye. They were tiny one and they have an I M, which is like tiny little buzz mode mobile, but it looks like I think that you allow me. I push the one. I am logic that Bush grow wholesale rethink. There's a hundred he's gotta, nine, nine one, which is the newest generations more than a hundred. Ok, that's correira! So you might be only get that one for less than a hundred. If not the career ass, you pull meal with that God, I'm late, we s office. Would you know how fast she would do it? It doesn't matter, because this is how I do it What license I don't have a rip up, you give it to him the name you fucker turn he's gotta Yama continent with a star, call him and implement it's. Ok, you attend shooting stars. Yamaha phases bleed Nanda Florence, should it at our God. Take this cocksucker pull me overdue in mind them in northern California. When you get up here, it's beautiful to drive, you gave a six in the morning. Do you think
but that areas filled with cops weight in the bag waiting. Three I've seen pull the one that on the one day, because this part, when you come from the one on one nor where becomes hilly, and you can call upon those Model- knocking hills. Late night you got the music, I was the radio, whatever you on the phone, what your buddies when you go, and who would have you Superdome yeah. You do a ninety yeah, mistake you do and ninety they come right behind you there's a spots, where they wait, yellow way, ride to San Francisco is parking tickets, central park or driving speeding ticket central are you gonna really see gonna stick to the LAW of Anne S around. I lay that someone leniency we have is not damage cops. Okay, what was ticket city bold
brilliant and colleagues. I don't have a fucking, a hippie, loving Cox, that not all the costs involved had this thing by, and there were telling me a statistic once it was like the highest NASH. National budgets in the eighties ran around that one. Irish, I restate she went along month. Ok on Irish, in between twenty eight in various three day would now more people. It was like a national, they just sit there by the mental health centres and they get you that twenty with the boy can like thirty five. Does your view and used to that you'll know which cracking right. So you don't see that thirty five, you don't care. If I wasn't easy twenty ban, that's how they get you right there, but I got. I got an airline that thirty twenty, that's really cool. When I went to court, they told me a court that I got you fell for the fucking, they have a name for it and bolder at the time. The alley that's
they just so it's a set up. It's almost like the transition is so quick, its design just to give you a ticket somewhere else. I just was that with it they said be careful because the transition Nashville when you go from Nashville Chattanooga, we were talking and then they got dog. They kill motherfuckers. There really is a ghost and seventy five to sixty within a man, and you don't see the cops it's right there, hey man, you gotta deserve, though, for the states, and there will therefore be much more of a police state and other places. Yonder is here. We're comes to that when it comes to speeding and shit like that, number in Connecticut, like Connecticut State troopers were brutal because they all they had to do that. Every day they just Poland people over. That's what they're looking for that's there. Their number. One crime is trying to pull the wool over and write them tickets as much as possible. Glorified revenue collectors. Naturally, workshop Ashley, rich white people, the rich areas- they just don't give a fuck sit at its core
the cops actually have quota that they have to make and spin expose like that. There were other there were offering primes in California, there was some something that were offering officers something more, got more rest. It was suicide was proven. If they got more tickets they would get some benefit from it, but it I'll do not allow do that because would have nobody drives when nobody speeds at all, and you have to write, take us a day, but would have everybody's we're, assuming that everyone's gonna break the law and if that's not Case that you don't have a job because it job basically everyday. You go out there and you parking you waiting for people to go via speed will have no body speeds anymore, everybody just quit. How do you mean that ten ticketed day quota. Would you don't what the fuck happened then what happens if you pull over people for bullshit defect tickets, amended
Is it possible that we can get to a point where nobody's do anything illegal anymore and we totally traffic camps? If that abbot the fuck, are they gonna do with all that? Would they need that money? They ve got that built into the budget the amount tickets? They get they build them into the budget. They know it's coming in in a well, we get it. It's weird thing is awake, so it does those five hundred thousand dollars scampered, Alias Brutal, crazy, that's woman away! I see like budgets, they talk about how their shut down a system for three days a week for days a week that they're out of money. I just go to how you and look around that's money, making machine in Hollywood that was black chicks of angry angry sisters, driving them ticket mother, fucking car. Those are angry sisters. The gravel has left us with four kids. You got rickets shit like that. I mean these. Does a beautiful
Dr Dog, I had had a car in Hollywood that was given to me and they never gave the registration and the registration expired and they will hunt me did you know that real able just drive around Gimme a ticket everyday, just spy for the registration they make them motherfucker, quoting limitation and allay the biggest thing when you move the alley. What is your first? Ninety days you get paid up, I got like I got, stand ox cart, told one night by mistake. Imported by on sunset, I mean it's fucking ridiculous down there, they will destroy you. I feel like the kind of have to on top of everything that is so many people there and that's how many dirt bag, my God, people live in Hollywood, like the percentage like there's a lot of nice people in Hollywood. I don't know a lot like really normal people. Folks would be surprised when you meet like folks. People who actually live in West Hollywood and avoid all house and less Hollywood met some really wonderful, nice people there
but is also a giant percentage of crazy fox in that city is a lot of them. Young kids. They move you at the college. Apparently democratic I'd go out there in whatever you do to the credit cards over. We ve seen at this, nor the people come and go. We're just happens. Conversation is more at breakfast. How many people went came out We had seven great management of Montreal gotta. Do you for a quarter of a million fuckin late, nine, these two thousands and once they fucking God and they went to the improv. They got sandwich in between Joe Rogan into the parlour one name. They realized how bad they really were and is it you know what I'm gonna go back and red run, Daddy's fuckin transmission because the work and I've seen it. How many people went to the two billion people that we're gonna be stopped yeah, there's a lot of that. That's deftly happen. I think it's easy loser, your way lose Your intention is easy to see the just fuckin do get
up in the fear of it. All the uncertainty of it all and just get swept away in it. So happens. A lot of people meant a lot of people. Can ever build any momentum of the kind of a building the success of their always slip and around the disk can't I can't get control suddenly just quit soo much stress too much pressure in this I mean we ve been here, have been. He had tried swinging in Tripoli than his way and then try. You know I mean it's really weird that I just never seen just given up. I always felt like a lot of times. I gotta go additions and I see people that we were at the store with me doing spots now running the camera addition, people that I knew as actors years ago, running cameras and commercial edition. And when I walk about though chasen ago yet started doing this, I really wonder recommendations and I don't give them my column.
They never really know what they wanted to do in the first place. Yeah. I didn't really want to sanctity. If I came to you one day, he said you know, I become a fuckin writer and would become a director Tell me what the fuck yeah. No, I don't think I would say that you know why run Howard? No! No! No! No! You don't understand to society, but there's a lot of people are in the middle of a game. They change was an exit. I've got a couple years, and this is not like you come in here and there's. A lot of people have gone here said: fuck it I'm not gonna. Do I'm nor by bombing stand of was while Willie persons with a lot of ways. Judy tunnel was allow these people that we're working for a renewed, it was you Judy Channel is still working by the way. Gentle does a movie here there, but I should have said judicious came from a moment just come up, then we will as historic Lahti, using a lot of those guys you just in my book. You just never stopped being a stand. Yeah, I not think there. Some people, just the pressure of performing is, is different. I think the pressure
form for you, and I is we that we enjoy it because we know that were put in the work, We want to go up there and give you a good show. You wanna go up there and give you some fine, it's fun for us fun for you, it's fun for us. We want to do it, but for some folks they just become more private. They don't want to With the criticism that I want to deal with the critiquing of their work, they don't have the strong of any? Rather, get a job like as a writer and habits allow guys they just decide no understand are performing. Things is too fuckin harsh, but I would rather get a job as a writer, it's easier, it's more relaxing and then some of them come back and forth the beauty of it. If you really think about it upon his job, is the nucleus is directing the so that not really straight my mom was circle around in changes completely fucking, indifferent produce in our work fuck you. I welcome your personality. Weird part. The directive makes sense right, that's more of a creative, much more riot of thing or an editor, something along those lines.
We are produce, and maybe you don't like the performing part. Maybe maybe you don't like the artistic part, but they really love movies. An old man, everybody's got their own fuckin path, but for me for you and I was only stand up. We work and its pre anything else. We are always gonna be status. And we know that too would like when we run into someone, will know of a guy's, a real I'll call you, but this guy I'll say: hey man. Have you seen blah blah blah piecework unreal that guy's rural guys, rural, very funny guy and we know what I mean is like there's a few days does not that many days this may be a thousand professional comedians in its country. If you really stop and think a people that make a living by telling jokes. Is there even thousand? Let's be conservative and say, there's two thousand and four for those how many of them are like national, like the turing Headliners is like like three hundred, maybe two, fifty three hundred somewhere. It's not that many people, like that man and because not everybody supposed to do it, it's these, but on the way
need more than three hundred good Stanhope comedians. Ok, that them enough is enough. Crazy, assholes, talkin, mate talkative. And and making people laugh. That's like plenty, the that the vast majority of people will never be a professional stand of committed. Shouldn't, be they have something else the day this is just a SEC on the way to them this fine ring? You sell this year in some other way, but for you- and I was always it was like- I know I was, and whose radio one one time the producer said to me. Why are you doing this? Why, he'll do and stand up you're an actor now and I was lying. My god I quit right now. Are you crazy? You don't get it. You know you can possibly understand how much different it is. To be honest, sat repeating brilliant words, someone else road you front of an in other. We are doing the same thing and you do in front of an audience and us to see the same scene over and over again, and then you get to
in people enjoy in this dissatisfaction that can't fuck with stand up. My god, I can't fuck would stand up by school. I've heard the last six months is by a boy, Billy Curlew what he says. He goes general one at this. They get a second chance. They get cut, stand those there. Ain't no cut mother, Fucker, Vinnie Colonel who say that I got you about. My whole body goes who having coffee when they saw about for meeting these guys supposed to be comedic, that is gonna fuck, em audition they die people just laugh as a courtesy, hate, hullo fight, nineteen sixty four, because the method I forget who the fuck are you talking about you that there are many, went right back to that beautiful statement. He goes I'm always I've been in plenty of wounded. These comedic back, there's a television show and was they had cut their fuckin? Haven't stand those we'd all he had cut. I was like dampening
like a bad mother, Fucker Desert, others, certainly in art, acting no doubt about it. Definitely, but it's definitely. This was also that the real thing about auditions is that normal you're you're, pretending sitting down at a desk. The guy's holding a piece of paper- and you ve, got to pretend that this is a is a real scene tens really happening me telling you in a different environment. You pretending everything you're in them v, unless you do some crazy, fuck and seizure screen, where everything behind you as a green screen, you're actually like in Brooklyn you're, actually in front of the house, you actually pointing to fake. The guy, you mean- is a lot of shit going on. That would lead you to be better prepared to pretend that you're, actually in the scene than being in a conference room and theirs, guy who's. Reading like reading like tell us you put the money or you're gonna, be in big fucking trouble like that's. The guy reads too, and he spoke go
what money guy? What do you suppose to be real? Come on? It's like ridiculous, it so fate that it for you to be real and that auditioning almost have you always have to be fucking crazy. Few to be real. That wacky ass audition room. I mean that's that, do you're, not wearing a Viking? Outfit, how are you pretending, you're on a boat is doing, is pretending it some of the silliest shit ever what speed, They should take like auditions that they That will like supercilium preposterous, especially Philip movies where they live. Their cousins, and I know it due to peruse on moving and he brought law Our friends in that don't act at all and they all play parts, that's how to do the best move, because they don't know what the fuck's they don't know. What the fuck is together comes in Ngos. Maybe me, oh, my god, I trained Julia is like what's his name? Was the guy train Doctor
for the last month. Boogie rights has been a real every fuckin nights. Every night you gotta watch the movie scrape moving but who's the guy method. The crazy guy tries to make out Marcie Wolberg he's in a bunch movies? See Riley's, not not the guy from Bob Step, yeah dammit then another name with the blonde is kind of championship He's got a bunch of those he Nelson Riley, you can't you can have a sound like Denzil em. You can have a cell phone set Amazon itself on several that Smart Nan cell. He has a desk self Paul, Thomas Edison. Now that's director Denzil. He is itself only a bandage really focus. Well, you know, in like when everybody got mad at Batman Memories. That some guy for a walk in front of a shot: Jonesy Riley Chauncey right now, that's the that's
Is it the moving again he big Demi, William H, Maisie. Now that's gonna show himself Nina. Hardly where's homeboy peep play the camera guy boom, but he's always tries to make out with him a nineteen eighty yeah bicycles, some issues and brilliant idea. How is this possible out Philip seem are harmless. Christ, I tat. How do we now remember that guy's name? I love that guy I would draw your movies plays himself was like a dick in their movie with Jennifer. I understand he plays the kids friend like a washed. Up back to those in the euro is the least and Jesus Christ superstar really really glamour yea Galifron estimates on who should I watched at one time?
terrible, but he's never bad in any known, tries amazing he's good fuckin buggy nights, but last week there was saying that there was an award show, unlike in Venice, and he showed up with a stain shook. His head was fucked me. I've been on a couch and it's amazing how those guys, because they dont want act like. Let me tell you that I don't care, but I really care he was in the big Lebowski to fuck you due to a bunch of things really judge is the real deal is no movie, they say he's really good is no movie that's gonna, win an award this year. They state that the master them something that should have looks like his other riveted. Doesn't it where you play like the President he convinces. Somebody is some crazy, like the president who define what movie was that he played came out recently, it wasn't the present somebody famous a play by He looks like that movie. While he was in the eyes of March. There was the
The most famous I think, recent movie each a sure, you're lookin confuse Nemo somebody else. What does area Philip Sima happen? How dare you Christ. He was in money, ball, move he's good money. Bore. Canadian right is really good whatsoever to the newest movie. The newest one is a late quartet. No wonder that the master masters the one they say as bad as feelings, kind of weird, but he's really good convinces somebody a joint Scientology alpha he's a beast, he's he's great actor easy capacity he played Truman capacity as that in those motherfuckers really do go, wandering their own sancy, no less their strength a day. You know, I think it's next limit like that to watch it. The only guy seen a room. The fox leveller room might seem to mother Fucker spoken a blow on the table. They are who Christopher Walken, but when the bad as motherfuckers that was eyes, tail was
fill out of this is that he was such a professional Hartman in light up a rule by himself, though, that's a real gift, not to me when people claim seen you do move. We see that the aim of they got cut and the mother flatness alike like what the fuck did. We Jesse, you know what they were saying when that when they did, I went one then the Adam Sandler, Christopher Walken was there, but there was saying when I got two days early, that when their mother Fucker does a scene he lacks. You went on to say, like on the set of people like you have to look at a person to cut cut caught, and then they all flop. That's how much he lashes by used and problem when you are
that movie where he shoots himself. You know Didi MAO and be a hunter. I will watch and not about two months ago he was brilliantly lock nowhere laying the fucking guy- that's that's all he was. He was on her own whenever they were given in Vietnam and he was a game of his. Money by playing russian roulette she's. How do you pay for that care? To? Do you wanna tell me: do you wanna, when acting teacher on now rose to tell you about that shit? You think about that mother fucker them. He had to come up with that character from somewhere. So there was mother. Fucker walk around this again on what fuck my firm ever really killed. Fifty fuckin bout can't we now my killed. Everybody! Russians, ranch practice, kill him myself that they put that ban on. They do a little bit number two in that shit was pure over there, though it's like mountain. Did you see him in the member that what's his name came again
and he couldn't get food? They would have friends he couldn't get through to him. Well, imagine how deep you are plain that that's a scary thinking that you're going to really going to a legal shoe pull over him by Russia. We left a few hours ago, the plug on edge, how crazy or the Russians if came up with that is now who invented. I guess it's called russian roulette. Brian noisy I have no idea, because I wanted to that's, that's must be there. The invention of russian Christopher Walken made a movie, that's not a popular movies. I mean one of his, movies. Is oil? Takes the acid or move whose now we would isn't there movie, where he does something altered states whose All the states was John Hurt. William hurt Julian her William. Her we heard play the scientists are for me, one of the best time to everything, Christopher Walken Movie, called at close range with sharp.
He laid the dad dad he's very good, very fucking and movie like the week before they pull the budget, the sons of the movie. Never Madonna's get this. Contract yeah. I ran away. I was a good move. Yes, that's very good, but you have a watch that people been hit me up. Google will only watch at close range. Nineteen. Eighty five thousand on you. Don't you don't have lines movie notion? Am I really don't have wife? Who was a star twenty four. He ain't gonna eat the Sutherland and Crispin Grover? Cover isn't that movie Schwann pens, brother, Therefore this is a for now it was a movie. I get goosebumps thinking about what he tells sharp push on ten thousand Robert. You know more than what you do. You got a girl, you got right, you got a job. What are you doing here
the fuck you and they start get an early by their rights. Are we from that? He shoots the girl and then at the end, champagne comes to an end and that no one will freeze mother don't even display gas boiler room. I guess goosebumps just think I forgot all about that was a great and here's the but here's the Clink Carolines, I'm doing a mother, Fucking Toyota calmly festal. They put me up twelve. Fifty five, the show was nine people, but I made the festival. We guess who stay the assistant surprise. So she comes out me. She goes busy tomorrow. This is when the suppliers first, I gotta, know, and she would you might come into my office in Limerick. Like somebody wants to meet you to start work and she goes. She wrote
because he's we're gonna go alembic. I was held the Buffalo for four hundred and fifty thousand a feature gang and she goes none. You gotta come to my office tomorrow, so I got this place of forty eight seats at the bottom Roger Pause Office and I'm signify a bland, chubby lady to real, like you to tell she was you gets out of a cat and seasoning or excuse me, you an actor, and I do not understand that you do me a favor go up to my office and leaving name in number, and I got what office you will have a walking, and I got my eleven o clock. I'm your alembic lavish! Those are my god. My assistant call me last night, come come, forget the coffee and on the elevator I got financial personal question. I really Christopher Walken. Once a year ago I thought of that. Do his best movies at close range. A lot of people say
It has been looked at me. She goes. You just got three quarters in my door. That is best more. We have an argument that every day, but so what was it's about? You get dragged into. They drank nano, they cause I'm talking about the stolen. I wasn't supposed. They call me if an audition, but this woman who brought his worst of working life and she was work. For this product cast it her in her partner gases, approval she's the one that ninety more analyses the tide she replied I was proud of, but before that was Christopher, Walken wiped it puts in that show that Let what why that's crazy, that's crazy! There will make sense, though successful relationship in a lot of those people. It's all in the business people understand how nutty that businesses. You know I was thinking about it when they started, accusing him a throne.
Molly went off the boat Jed Christopher Walken was near the boat he now nor yet he was on the was, but that's not who have not always it was. You know it takes a thief. Yet what is known a rag mammogram raglan takes appeared took the vote was to show he had after that, with the rent it with the how redheads Jesus Christ kill him, I kill you deep Brown, you weren't even around four, takes a thief. You have what a fuckin exploded. Ices Robert Wagon The regular Agee Enea Redhead Stephanie from Mother fucking powers. She was the first original cougar yeah. They think that he killed a man there's a guy who apparently is putting out a book right and think think that he killed not only would it his memory, came back up to twenty years. Once you get the book the once again, once again two thousand a fuckin. Remember snap, out of it at all, is he's been
couple, see. I asses yeah a few two and a half men's wonder what the fuck man, while. That's crazy thing that to mean, if this guy, bullshit it. If you imagine, if your wife died, the tragic accident in, Years later, some mother fucker is writing a book claiming that you killed her and he had to deal with the fact that you. Master anyway and loved burn. You measure this guy. Who do you know? Who knows why? The fact is that you breathing. Suddenly hold my breath dogs. What was her name oily? Would brochure reviewed if he didn't killer if you really didn't killer than this guy? What shit this guy, as that would be a horrible thing
and is based on when they got back from fishing? Something like that and if you did killer, will he's a piece of shit in those guys here, alright right cuban chasing after it. While this is really interesting, the only full sense I could completely deciphered during the entire argument was get off. My fucking boat, said by Robert Wagner the day after its body was found off the coasts of California. This guy Tavern said that he was asked to go to Wagner's bedroom and his Beverly Hills home where he met with a lawyer and was told to say nothing. The captain wrote Wagner informed me. He would hire an attorney who would handle my statement about Natalie Woods, disappearance and drowning, which he did before Natalie Woods. Funeral I signed a statement. Appointed district attorney drafted. One completely void of facts of the facts surrounding alley was disappearance.
Crazy man they might get shrunken. He threw off the fuckin boat. She just around what year was that brother nineteen anyway, November twenty Eightth nineteen? Eighty one? Why are they gonna drunk finally threw off the boat holy shit if this guy's telling the truth, that's terrific. These guys, gonna live with God damn Natalie. What was hot term? Oh, she was may God no clear, all nineteen eighty wonder that bitch waked up
glass? I was using. That's what you look like yeah! This is really crazy. Man. The detectives at the who is at the heart of the original case, said that he believed Wagner's account. He added that the action is very small, so that it was believe all that she drowned quickly while yet Christopher Walken was on the boat. While is Christopher, Walken began talking about his told her pursuit of a career which he admitted was more important to him than his personal life. He clearly thought Natalie should live like that too. So why they got an argument. Does would start off the argument. It sounds like Christopher Walken was try and get some pussy and Robber Wagner was there and they were all wrong and they were all again shitty with a shudder. Any fuck. It threw off the boat, I'd, be cap, save aha,
rather Wagner. So what bitch you ain't, Goin home when nobody grabbed by the fuckin head was true in that I was so scared man we're gonna happen. We weren't they hold of one man. They had their kids to tat kids to children, God what a mass do desire anything worse than relationships gone wrong. We're screamin that yellow each other want drunk tat is like one of the lowest forms of mankind: a relationship gone wrong. We about drug new young age. I can't, life fuck, em bout. That's just Charles Bukovsky ask in its sadness, Whatever the woman you day, I do the opposite. If she has a kind, There was no use mcgreevy. That's she's three. If you have why, yet to be both, do
at the same time, it seems to be the works and some people, some people, professional players that both their both men and female, both professional players and it works. Some people do that with golfing works. Some people do, though it works with some. Comedians Tom and Christina Perfect example works. Great fuckin works those people happy as fuck. Time is coming when for super. Having do It also does it's not always Its low percentage is lower standards set lower. What I'm trying to say is every time a data woman when I was younger, that's what say she did blow and I did blow at first. It was great because she sucking deregulating around one five. Somewhere along the line? It gets a stray wishes watching you, because you guys you'll want to share with you. You got your period bid. You no good to me you don't blow by yourself now says she's. What are you doing blow know and you, George was July National,
flock, as you get, that blood poor knew that you and the blow fuck that when a chicken the preamble show up really lucky flock. You just need to know that I made that MR one time, whether with checks out with a period that she started, make it she had like. You know she had the fuse and the front and the like five or six hours they can only suck it takes over time from me bout either s and I want the yeah, I got half the errors of the next day. Mark Babbitt pick me up. A headache is dead. Pick me where's. He these days, I think, he's the vice presidents and dusky cooperation is shit like that. How who is the head of the last stop in Houston during the glory days the glory is where you go there. People know about Houston, Texas, Man We do not know about Houston, Texas. What it used to be first of all, is that first place in the country that I could see shows. The very first place was used in Texas
and when the last stop was in his prime glory, they had on Monday night Open like night, where they would go from in whatever they started, was eight with a pianist. Are that shit would go straight on two o clock in the fuckin morning in the place would be packed back and there was a hundred comics look and calmly stores job people. Seven leave at ten hundred. Will come ten. Thirty I leave it to it was alleged jet was eating their word luxuriate comics. Out of that seen there were good comics, but the scene crew. Bold analogue. I stayed there and guys that jettisoned they came to EL. But they didn't find success, quick enough. It wasn't what they thought it was gonna beat it didn't, adapt for whatever reason and we lost a lot of guys who, like in my opinion, you know, could have been like fuckin Oct all. I'm forty guys really fucking funny guys they for whatever reason they never get out that Houston scene, but that The scene was a mother, Fucker man, Kennison and Hicks left behind the
evidence that scene. They started it when they had that the annex the comedy annex which was in Houston and that's where Tennyson was just on fire man who just come on how the Gates gun, but he was so unique that his opening acts when all sound like em. They had all stop talking like em. They all would do like his cadence. They couldn't help it so data They were so hypnotized by him. It's not. That might be the only way to do comedy now, and then they would do go on stage a you'd watch, semi, like stress I do in a kiss and oppression is weird. That's so much mother fucker. He was so Kennison left. Oh just leftist ripple A community and the elders all in Jimmy Pineapple and all these other guys that the toward with them when they were apart the outlaws now there were also to left behind in some guys some guy survive. Some guys didn't, but That was that was at the the of the burst of that scene. It was Kennison and then FUCK
man! No nothing! You know I mean, I know they had the commonly. Would they called common union? Go on for a while, the Houston Emperor using improv how's that general being likewise, I think they have open like that on Wednesday? Will now later open magnets, they don't know what I'd do they have a couple rooms around. I haven't talked this other laptops done, the new laptop got everything is done. The last spot is done, that's done too. Yes, all that's left to calmly showcase, which is on this outside the emperor. Or a theatre or the house a blue stay. Well, look. The improv must have closed a lot of places down because they give a top talent like if you're going to a town and there's an improv, that's the top talent. You know it always is. So. If you look at the lineup improve or disguise Tracy Morgan. It's always like top name guys, you now. So what club like that moves in a town, it's probably hard to be the last stop and I think the only reason, because is that day they did didn't, keep up the same
have all quality handling local headliners, whose like one of places where I sat Francisco's one Danvers One and Boston another one where you have like legit local headliners by like this noble talks about like legit local Chicago headliners, how many guys like in Chicago that are just headline in clubs around Chicago is now learning Larry reap Larry Ray. You mean he's been around for a law to ensure Chicago. Isn't this a funny fuckin guy? I forget his name and it's a shame, because I thought he was the best Managua just I ever onstage and when I need, however, is named noise, a school teacher, but he's got like four kids. He doesn't like travelling for Egypt does Yoda Room local Chicago, but the story
those that one that he was. I stayed in the room was in the old days. When Kennison would do Athena, he would go right to the global calmly, clouding onstage really so they said that one night they told him before night. They look. We want a friend you but Kennison commoner. When you re like why love will pay and they said that Kennison came at now had worked Myrtle Beach and I left in all of him. He had one bit about get on a bus and able averages died and that somebody told me the story years later that Kennison came in and they were like we'll get em off the stage. Kennison was ordered a drink. I listened to the gang of done.
Let me watch the guy. That's how good to get cause he's a brute now he's got this is ten years ago, when I worked, cancer must have been a fan of common. How are you can get that good without being a fan told a guide you want to go on. The road map goes like the dead. My wife and kid schoolteacher can assume that you ever funding come tell. I look me up. Why he's a great kid he still works. He still works locally. It's nice and find new town on the road network we found Thomas occur. We did the maxim Commodore. Some cigar was one the opening acts they would have Opening act in every place in some. Some guys are pretty good, but Tommy really stood out like this kid's flock is time is nice. I am, and heavenly coffee would bear crash it. Three times we beautiful to blossom Now I can meet Chris Maguire. I asked I love teaches wrapped up the burn, the barrier
rapporteur? Last night, you know I was Brodie this morning. We know a lot of really nice me yeah Brower, really, not tawny, high, cliff growth, so said a joke last night that mother fog is bad bone. Tolerating Cliff Brody silly Lastly, the bird. I immediately no fucking Tony wrote it that's all to the fan. I am at Tony's about to be goes to Mcdonald's, and is he eats the happy meal, but he keeps the burger or something some very worthy that given to justice, but it may be Hence I have a very good and I knew he was. It was totally I lose tat. We know we. We were really lucky that a week also me, so many cool funny nice people like it, we all feed off with each other and that's it very important part of any lake strong, seen a real, strong community. You know, and I think that with the where part a very strong and fun stand up community. You know this is more more of a community. Now I think at this
in our lives and its ever been before. Everything about people there were like networked with. You know it's pretty unusual, however, but he's doing so well, like I just got off the phone with Aubrey went to see ARI in in us unless we get those talking to areas are you fucking headlined the cap. Comedy club, like that's but jet capsules, I declare that asked another is a legit weekend, you headline a legit club and for them This time do couldn't get book places. And now you know you see him headline a places like wows see your friends prosper and seeing people around you prosper and seeing them grow and seeing do shit, it's hilarious, onstage man is like nothing more energizing does nothing more beneficial to you as a person and your growth and your own inspiration, because it's like inspiration without jealousy
operation without in our without any the negative aspects attached to it, like no fear insecurity. This causing it to be inspired action. Now you just inspired by watch and somebody else do what you do, someone that you love so yeah watch them up their killing. You know four years ago I was very disillusioned with this business. We really be hours after the Carlos neighing and calmly store where they all went back, and there was no real solidarity. I became a comic because of people like many Bruce he would do calmly and then should over a chalciope. Should arrow with the addition of an flock stripper, the lifestyle I won twenty. I was a little crazy and I was content with that. I couldn't handle a family. I was pretty content with that. Knowing you content with those great, I was little distant, JANET
let nobody I don't want to do that. They want to hang out with those fuckin people to store ever again, and I want to say that the real problem was when they all went down. Everybody sort of pussy doubt pussy loud zephyr, you and our end. You and area were the only ones already took a year offer their place, and you never whereby take I'd, take my friends and family serves publicity and that's all you gotta go no family and but I know the old, yeah yeah I've clothesline door before another one opens we ve done at the store, done at the store and I went to apply for a job the conflict, the salesman. I took the pistol, like obviously thing melted so, let's say you, so they never called back. There was scared, I'm all of a sudden one would cause. We also Floyd went on my black. Finally, for I could sell legalistic assault chariots. I don't give a fuck, You come in Australia, chariot, Amazon! You know made that as a rocking chair it don't matter,
in a calm sound that aid is the best kind of market. This particular culturally fuck emphasizes for tourism rocky. If now in the back, my in, but you know, open for you in July, in Irvine, and there was no twitter them, it was five shows with fourth of July weekend. The place was sold that, and that was the first time I was ever impressed with the computer and all the years I was around. Then I did a podcast here with you about two years ago. You got the tape. What did John you to rise? Savareen said to you wanna beyond what I wanna be our Facebook, you guys. The full of joy, my words go, I'm a big boy and I started walking around with it. Then she started town, and I said doing it. Just how I seen everybody was fuckin up just riding jokes brow. You know every week I reverie three days deep down. I don't give a fuck. You gotta go deep on twitter. If you want a mother, Fucker retweet, you gonna, take
but the murky war. What you say you know that I take a man these people on Twitter, my family, I got retweeted on CNN near the fuck you got here not to me I was the only one of the whole Chris Brown Store. They retreated my tweet owes lay yes year, while the shit I've done. That was like a real accomplish. Yes, all you feel like fucking great, don't like yes, but it's amazing. What's goin on right now, I've never love stand However, I am turning down audition. Did they not my room, I don't want to bother with that world. No one knows to figure that out recently Brian Cowen, where the exact same describes. How to want to do is not elevate museum. Make me happy, you're gonna call. They call me over to broke girls. Twenty the known they wanted me to be there. Five, thirty, really who the fuck are you. I don't have a life. Firstly, respect me, that's number one is a fuckin man number two for a global humbly. Gomes on my life has changed my life so some is I've seen it at eight o clock at night. I turned it down. I want to do it unless it's
right. Now I don't do it, I'm very content or one, don't I'm very content with the standard american tat with a writing content with this circle. Right now we have people and the dog. I don't have any blue around me. I don't want to have normal. I cannot by work out, I meet before coffee. Another Duncan O Brien made up yet another positive energy is now forever. Now they re no stop. These were done They create the mass and we created all on Twitter and I love it. I love my people on twitter what has been by high gas is the biggest cause. I know they'll know you, because of this winter, just where they stand tat idea, I go down and dirty with these fuckers onto them. They feel me they feel they are mostly. So it's our thing. It's a combination of all these things. It's it's! You stand being funny. It's the the twitter, a bbn look connect with them, and it's the progress will get to know you. It's all those things above, but it's all those things that just didn't exist, ass a why. Just a little while ago, you now and
the impact that it has now says. Fucking nuts Brian one stage in Sacramento they went berserk. They went berserk I ain't less german. Upon arrival. I want you to stay the course. Yea collect S, outbreaks, RCA, collect, tell em, brine red ball, its funding, and then I went up and probably had won the best heads of ever had my wife of them have in these new sets. Now, where my said, sir, got all this new shit, I'm workin on its itself, funds all these new light weapons and turns and site. This is shit. It did even exist a month ago in its crushing. You know it's so exciting to watch it. Just pop out of the ground become a fuckin tree. You know it's really one man's exciting, I'm enjoying the people. I never used, enjoy the people tat calmly and always dump people come what may
that man, these people call me fat man, but I loved me they love. So it's a different fat man. I love it. I love it that the weak Munich, eight we smoked, though I was the moral of America last week, bitch them all a mother, Fucker America? We had sixty people up on that fucking garage panel puffer, like salmon people brought cookies. This is it this movement. We shall talk about this online because ARI almost got arrested. Pullao gives a fuck you guys, I'm coming They are not a radically life. You gotta rested because he's playing that hunt for the animal tat. We got time for what you ve been somebody mail me. Today we should cargo. You gonna play Humphrey edible. My pen, I wanna fuck and adult dog escape. Wherever now are you can't do? Larger area was doing it when he was just in Texas last week and he was doing was doing online yeah.
We know that a super illegal he get set up as Josie. Therefore one one follower that doesn't like em. I don't think he's aware the repercussions of getting past mother fucker who go to jail. Those funds. Anna you get that low, Jew S resolve without shave. It they'll put some fuckin some fucking, whatever vote they put near as before a bang in funds, especially in taxes. I couldn't imagine doing time. Do they have air conditioning oh yeah swimming pool, assizes, oh yeah, every stakes lot of on Sunday. Only personal vision. Besides, there is against your will. You, don't know what it is to get a massage guess you. What was that you could fight this or we could take the ride. My The happy ending you might get choke the term, I would I would want to teach a few dude jujitsu and does have impromptu sparring sessions. What you don't this teach a few duties
sorry to keep you shit, sharp and then This article is when we are all here, lay some matches down and go out. As long as you teach him some shit, maybe they'll offer good spar, partisan, and maybe you could at least keep up a level of fitness and struck stay alive when joy, He no man, I mean you, don't want to go in there because of the hunt for the animals now was illegal to hunt for your father. Annabelle rascal, they gonna be the deep in them you? What is more, the argues baited people have to shows. I don't do that. You're smart will be suitable I oughta guy killer through those positive was a cop once This is ridiculous. I just you know. I also knew somebody then had something put in his part that it wasn't part is still there
They does noted, as might have been math whenever someone sprinkled method applied. Where they good road, did someone tried to give a damn tee in Sacramento? Yes, that is here. That's all I ask is still is it's really shady. That's like super illegal shit. We already know that people have been set up in the past. Like you, gotta really think about that. Like that's the fifteen year old kid, who was arrested in Florida because under cover car pretend to be in high school with em flirted with them got em you by internet shit, look listened at an island which is road. You do this. What you're doing California? Ok, where heads declare yourself, I had its day story we live donors, that's dirt in euros and look at times. I'm ahead smoking dope, bavarian, buccaneers, no money use ahead now agreed for dollars. Now you guys, I had boulders ahead, it's a fucking understanding, it's an understanding. It's an standing brow and I could tell
Look at some of these eyes. I won't take edibles. That much is that, unlike the second big thing or drop a bar with us, it comes to me. I could tell when they have real reefer. I could tell because their heads drunk that sloppy, I could tell I had just mode go flock, would not. When I look at his eyes and I go, would you listen to thirty dollars examined? Was in its ahead? a head. When I was gonna shoot myself that type a shit, their heads down, they couldn't find themselves, it wouldn't find themselves brow I've been doing this for thirty years and nobody ever such deprivation augur jointly sunlight. How Huntington set you up now? Maybe some other joint somebody. If, if you, even if I'm a fucking, that's enough we'd store Michigan the fly meander calmly,
realize number two year: oh yeah fuck, you fuck you when I was the minister, I don't send me all the details. They twitter mad flavour, to change it to. What are we need? Jody mother, you know just got your ideas on twitter me checked me. You do and the better Get involved showed the Asia, but anyway the problem is nobody's. Gonna, give you bad. You know I was in New York in the seventies on Halloween. They were put razor, blades and apples and given to kiss you know what, if you wait, an apple on Halloween go fuck yourself, you're supposed to go to follow and though re me, I never really kandian out what we want for our money. Pennies and a fuckin dollar bills to change. I grew up early. I came from Cuba was in New York City and those buildings with building the Jews. They give you fucking tat how much at all one of the seventies somebody give your fuckin quarter. That's all just went mad dog
in a manner of close and take a little Eminem in all this shit and showed up. Your ass is strange when you really think back about the price of shit. When you were a kid when the seal, a comic books were twenty five cents and he think about how ridiculous like he liked what someone's wage was? He got five dollars a week, Workin for the ranch like lads like what's a price for tickets, now for a country like hundreds well didn't, say Bob or to twenty five, what the guy said. It was three hundred hours yeah. What about Santa Barbara things? Had three fearlessly maritime authorities have to February? Twenty nineteen eighty, I pay fifteen thousand fifty cents for pink Floyd, the one. That's what service tat service tax they have now become it's a service tax was fifty cents, doubts dollars now. It's like five dollars more, and that is, if you think about show in thirty years, so let's say it doubles every ten years,
it should be sixty seventy hours for a ticket. Why are we paying three hundred two hundred for it took afraid that this painful the war as good as it gets? the national policy wants is weird everything got more expensive like that. That weird thing of inflation though I never really totally understood, but why does why the thing have to get more expensive every year like you, but it does. Why does gas have to get more so who does why do people have to make more money? I don't know what to do and it just The number gets higher and yeah People were it mean for sure. If you have more money going to build a by more things, but then, when those more things more money as well. You just raising the numbers, but it all balances itself out it just so. It's a weird sort of a tree, to me, the things constantly get more expensive, constantly get more expensive, no one's ever going to lock an Iphone into laser jammers Germans Iphone to arouse it will be to arouse the end a fucking time. The Iphone Eighty that comes out will be two hundred dollars. That's it's charging for a fucking life. What you can't say that cause you don't know
like to hundred hours, can be worth in twenty years. You don't Can we worth in a decade, you don't know It's gonna be worth if the fucking comic collapses like in Russia, down. The Soviet Union is going down in Greece, Greece's. Are there really running a very real possibility of leaving the European Union? That's fuck the dollar, rub: it's gonna, fuck everybody up what happens? I was wondering: how much is it your car wash now's eighteen dollars, you know what: how much do you to get an hour is met? wage twenty dollars an hour now you know get at a certain point time. That's gonna! Keep going. I told you the other day that I was out of touch with reality, that car shopping for cars retain. Is a foreigner. Will I quit some cars with twenty two thousand loaded with the flock and under Greece and the flock and stars in Colorado, its forty fifty thousand dollars for twenty thousand ass? I looked at her hand the last week it was ten years old, a hundred thousand miles. They still worth noting,
and the blue book is fourteen thought. Why can we bluebottle? You know me, I'm all that shit. I fucking look at tat stuff, I've friendly car buzz. I called Colorado I asked around. I was even think, I'm gonna cautious in Colorado, my body in hand he's a gentleman along Montoya Gimme a welcome dollar over invoice round. Why give a fuck you can get the car on think about man I'm trying to pull together just I was after such. We always tells me. The prices of things, like I told you you know we live around Here- would be a very use in the cities we forget, but I gotTa Pittsburgh and I watch I gotTa Houston. I got all or cities look at these people. Look at the people are coming to the chosen on my problem. Fuckin trouble. I look at these malls than across Amerika empty brow. Warm America's wanting lay down to everyone's. Have a business model of America. Have you been there? now needs a desire to make mother flock and Paper Minneapolis. I was very impressed. I mean the airport ten minutes from MILAN
not thirty, eight design that city. So they get your pocket. You land this twenty two airports and each one has a shuttle to them all and make every ten minutes brow, its fourth sea and land, just a shop land, just a shop for floors, deep fuck the floor. Do evil exercise in it or you have you gotta see this day and then they whole area where you, at least in part, used to be a fucking at ease to beat the old point stadium, so think about food in stadium, a baseball stadium and that's just little piece of fishes. I walked around the one day with our work. You walked on the whole thing. Fuckin holes adding go up the stairs, don't get me wrong, carried away, my logic, for that. I walked around them more how little while fuckin more but
tells me that both these countries in trouble, we were told him of the Folia there. How they don't have five pound baggage should is not because the price of sugar, one up if the buyer, by the pound, the three pound bags gas, is got. Everything is gonna, but the price of gold, aims thirty five grand you shouldn't went down. I went down, it was forty to sixty two years ago, one last time What below five years ago was sixty? I got open Padre pick up, a grand for fifty of the guy was high. If I've been there a couple times: weary five, thirty, five, each step for better than ever better get your skin rash hell. When you read about her own, did you read about Louis We, the New York City amongst aims, were made of ten years. Not in New York City with a weed and so was eyes of morbid no one. I do give maybe deep ills and I saw and you get these fuckin in Israel
in time it's becomes ok. I know what it is: seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, whatever it is, will you take it so for you. If you have a good childhood of, you have good parent go for it, but I don't buy it? That's gonna hurt you how things can hurt eighteen year old. As they say that if you smoke it when you're young delicate diminish your iq, I've heard that, but on my Do you find that out you take two people make them lived, exacting circumstance. And get one of em high, and one of them doesn't above all the same diet. They both have M genetics their twins, but other than that how the fuck you gonna tell me that that's what's goin on how do you know what is, I would have been Do your not yet you're. Just extrapolating. You know there's a lot of the environmental factors that can lead to someone being an area where is it just performed a portion amount of people with a low iq? You know it's iq test.
What's up, it's not really necessarily a good judge of intelligence. Cuz a little bit is about understanding how test work. So I really fucking smart people that just don't know how the test works and they they they. They know how to be very intelligent in their own world. Don't know how to be very intelligent in occupation around their own world in a way that you wouldn't be able to plug into just because you write some fuckin shit on a piece of paper that requires thinking doesn't mean is a real, accurate measurement of real intelligence, usable intelligence. Consistent. In real intelligence is social intelligence is a lot of people that are socially brilliant me, how many guys we met and that good looking, but they always get laid. Everybody loves them, people come around grab on em. They they can. We do here talk. What is that that's a social intelligences. If there's a talent That is something to that end. To discuss that is silly and to say, in all the only kind of intelligence should be standing in front of a computer punch in numbers and that stupid, because as a social intelligence, if a guy can talk some crazy freak
never done it before in two seconds, Economic and an alleyway somewhere. I can't believe I'm doing us that's in social intelligence that he allowed. You know he pulled it off. Yeah I mean that's what you're saying you can sell cars. That's a social intelligence, they got museum war. Also, you aren't that Muir blackmail in talking. I don't get you down with the best of all that you not emboldens tough, to talk to those people like Iraq and bolder they social, if somebody really very intelligent, get this on a grant. You know those people, both them, and so our intelligent, Dick Rhodesia Autonomy is wants. A friend of mine said to me: broke. You have to give these people in both somebody's astronauts that unites university they saw their intellect is so. I that they have no social skills. Yeah he's been sucked in its not that there s always a China be bad people is that they really they interprets didn't know it I understand that, should I understand between a gathered, a dick and there's a guy that as his fucking face book yeah,
he doesn't care about the data they don't concentrate on social shit. I just don't cohesion and allow the ads blow what were then I told you when I was a heavy and martial arts rose like a teenager. I would get like social anxiety when I had talked somebody. Oh did anxious. If I talk something in return, a video, if I get anxious about go to the mailbox and get something if I go to buy the bank and deposit a check, I'll get socially anxiety, anxiety where I couldn't play well for no reason, because I just wasn't used to talking to people. All I want to do is train, so it's just training and fighting all day. I was just locked into this one form in my mind, where most of my day was dedicated to me whence I learning how to strike things, and then I would go out. I world and I would be really awkward we'll weird
the couple years stand up, changed it forming teaching and stand up the two things change. For teaching made stand up easier because those tee o teach whole classes, and I used to being able to do that is to be able to talk in front classes and explain the right way to get in a most momentum and technique and others different share that was kind of complicated, when I explained to the class I get more and more confidence, because those do now when I was a teenager black this week. You'll edge oblige us their round Van Cleve Run Van. You know still work now, there's a video him is online, I think, he's even old enemies in the sixties. Yet you gotta be three body torment. I think you sixty two years old, we fought karate tournament, Briar cakes. I heard Danica Sancho just got his Brown bound jujitsu. How did you really Bobby suddenly denning assent, I believe, is gonna, be sacked onto Jitsu hysteria. I think he's been involved in Jujitsu for nice was an arena. Thou rainy still teaching condo,
yeah I mean AIR Paulson was one of the students are believe Paulson. A guy who's of something more famous for as a coach, but he was a great fighter for what is a shoe to champion and pulse, and I think that the main Stalinism originally claimed was g can do so, but if you're in it, you can do your essentially into emanate because gee condone was brutally style and the style that brutally always always preached was use. Whatever is useful, learn everything learn, learn whatever is useful, whether its boxing mean here He wrote a book. The dodgy condo is essentially like copy techniques of how to throw punches correctly. Old boxing manuals, you will. I was like just sort of doc mounting all the stuff that we know works and he had some unique ideas brutally. Did that to this, day are starting to be adopted by people like, like
Bruce Lee was the one first. I say you should leave your strong hand, because in boxing yours with your job and then use your power hand as you shorthand you're you're strong hand, which you throw less of an LISA. That doesn't make any sense. You should throw more hunches with your your dominant hand, that the job in the hooks are more frequent, so you should lead with yet more dominant hand and then boxer start doing. Ask Adele haunted. That is quite a few bucks. Did. I thought of whose policies are Chavez, De Junior doesn't Audrey Where does it show Dawson does a trillion. Statements, a lot of fighters do that now so brutally like predicted, this shit like way back deep in the seventies, So when you say that a gala Parsons, Idjit, condo garlic, anybody smart is really a g condone guy goes condos dislike this, its figure it all out port altogether in a way kick from boy tie. You a punches karate. This this hope from boxing there's a double leg: take down
from wrestling. Here's a headlong that comes from you know. Whatever a catch wrestling, nay, he was doing like arm bars and shit in movies. Like way Like TAT and SAM. Funny. Last night I was watching tennis against Georgia. Enough, and you said you know that we were told they were talking about. Take wonder blackmail him in, always Duke, yet I'm see Friday. Do jail sun and write a Duke mother, Fucker Roof, where you have this week in german Chancellor, Yossi Germantown on Friday, and where are you the walking walking was gods and Goddesses brown paper ticket and Thursday Madison was granted at brown paper tickets. So Wednesday Milwaukee goes there until I was twenty eight, Friday Milwaukee Joe. This day, Madison Friday, Milwaukee Walkie, my brother death squad bad the fuck I stand up will be Appleton Wisconsin an hour. For me this is all happening Thursday, night, the twenty,
we're? I'm in Madison with Duncan trustful Brown paper tickets and your brother Doug stand. Hope is an hour up the road so that data be fucked up others being up there. For the weekend there was still tickets available for standard. I did see that come on. I'm in Milwaukee Manchester sons flying into Duke Rufus is the gulf and see him in half and then stand opens up and Appleton the rest, but we can take the still available. The skyline calmly club, a good man. It gives some plugs, Rogan is and not around no brain. We got it changed the background to my twitter page to do that, because its stood at April on their it's got March April. Chancellor, lies the last one from Calgary this. The last point I might use turn out ass, a twitter, I used to use german somebody started doing it and stop us was doing some one else there that works there right now, because, as Follow Joan get notified every time he goes live. I never put that upon anything for you,
We cannot, I think our reason Toronto should check this out at and b C allay, just tweeted that American Airlines has cancelled over three hundred flights. This week. That's so I don't know why their cancelled out, but if you're flying american or American eagerly may one from American Airways them all, I wanna fuck is that about. They just waited it holy shit, but they have said why planes are off fog. Guess, I'm not gonna Fuckin Madison, my God, you gotta, find out. If you tat, everything is still when the Toronto this weekend there, but not be some fuckin tear you tied at American Airlines, I now out alone or not by the way the end of the world show the tickets will go on sale on September, the twenty Eightth. So that's nine days for today and that is going to write yes the September twenty Eightth it'll be DE as Doug, stand, hope, honey, honey and me
and it's gonna be a fuckin of a festival, a celebration of the end of history, which we don't really things can happen with this. So I really under the world, which is what I have a good time so without a B on to put on like a super show, so be honey, honey, go up, and now they'll do some songs, first and then obese show with ideas stand open myself and we're gonna have a fuckin blast, can't wait to do it and just an opportunity to do something like this on a regular basis. In L a The is now lie. We do allow here. Pasadena- and this was gonna- be fun it's gonna be September. Twenty eight those tickets go on sale, and which were chosen. You are doing together not longer You can do others, rightly right between Arizona and Minneapolis October. Nineteen. Rennie washes out for man. Why book something so Irish refused,
irish we're just now I was refused. He is old, were red battle Duncan somebody outcome. Will we have to find out a finer as if no else's booked words, but no We feel that we can, I told, did yet what did you lose a week? I said he forgot. You forgot that you have given no way, that's crazy, he's crazy. Some. Having does I asked you gotta resulted possessing Brenda motion. He goes no. I think he s Brendan First assumptions or even no equal challenge that doesn't make sense to me. But that's good, that's good, will face. While you the way I told her you aren't gonna be there are other people will be their most likely brown. Be there too. We did. You call see a collective. Elect bitches, Let's see I fucked around us, even though she is very locked up in a I want of you guys, have adjusted and fuckin someone. In that the pilot thing is it's a pilot strike for American Airlines. That's it!
says American Airlines in Martinique, us they'll council. Three under flights is weak to cope with the high number of pilots reporting, sick and an increase in Maine. Anyone warns: lonely crews, shut down the old fashioned way. Fuck it sit outside, go to the hospital. Where am I I did you say you have a headache: motherfucker yeah whoop sees they ve already two hundred and forty nine flights. This week, three hundred by I heard they get paid shit that pilots that it's like a really a tough job, get by with economic, good money. You think they would, but they dont, apparently in a tough job and flying a whole fuckin tube, our souls through the air constantly, because just as we get off the plane, don't mean the Gambia, so there I'll fuckin ambient out San Francisco or to take ambient somehow hole on the other way, and it's the other. Way to go and some of them don't you much sleepy
scares shit? I guess you should sleep on the plain fact twelve. I will turn around this. While I would turn sitting old bachelor when what you'd never happened. I've had fuckin insomnia like a mother fucker, so they probably take Ambien. So there I'll fuckin ambient out I've known due to take ambient get they all the sudden get real squarely with reality. React becomes a little slippery dolphin on you know. You know that Goods. If you ever know anybody that needs a shit yeah. Well, you dont want to Lisbon Summit needs that alien, Syrian and that's all I need I did want to those. I did a fuckin sixteenth than those things rush limbo. As I do the sixteen. I did a pill. Cotton have cut in half again half again, it was an eight or a sixteenth of oxen can really got a friend of mine. At a later, never again my blood pressure drop was it isn't rush doing like a hundred miles of Indonesia that when I thought about that, my doctor, I think it was. It was fifty
day he was does it was no. I was the aid and eighth and it was fucking mind boggling what I felt like how bad I felt like that. Just crushes your body, a Fuckin synthetic yeah and that's like one of the biggest problems we have in this for countries, one of the biggest problems we have in this country that Fuckin synthetic heroin, I'll kill you dog, prison, fucking, rain and sure yeah. I guess he got up. Thirty pills a day. This was saying I swore I read that dead. One point time was. I thought it was. I I read what I read. Fifty that's fucking crazy. That's too a pot, that's twenty five times a day would pop too our fifth year. This is his. He his housekeeper got busted buying emporium. I can't it's pitch. He sent her out to go but put by pills, form she said he took as many as thirty Oxycontin's a day. So I don't know, I don't know if she's right, she could be crazy. I don't know her, he can't just listen to someone says that you know what, though,
those people to take that shit. That and in ambient is another one. That's a scary one. I should sell volume when I first got divorced in Colorado, was by cholera. Was real round with the Vienna? Not these mother flock and things that make it was the difference. Those will make those fires in those terms with the Vienna Middle with a v, was cut out. Well, they do what values just put it the planet, so I use them as to come down from some one, a ball of coke. It's a boy! You gotta, come doubting I'll, be watching data on television to lunchtime revalued and they each one time in Burma, man. How did I may tell you those motherfuckers into reverse this, isn't two thousand six honesty and used for four days at intercontinental according to talk on the phone to peep people
nor must we have you with us. This is two thousand five or six Ethel those rights linked to Houston. I wanted these fuckin pills. My kids, like we gotta, but we are very much gimme, the fucking volumes. What the fuck was in Burma, taxes, the home of. What's a name, Maggie Loser for conveying the girl used to come, the common Now, what's the fuckin cougar, the one that's and Bobby Magee? What's her name Bobby we then Turkey, com, yeah she's from Burma. That's what museum is tigers, slain him had a roman boma I get down there is them look if a bluish bowing low Bobby have Janice Jahangir anybody. I want to know what the flaw gimme, the fuck it very volumes, and why two or three of my bring them Shall I give em out I'm your friend, like Valley, ensues issue that we have in mind for us now to the second relates to a man like you have reefer so popular for lunch. That night I went to the club lest I drink, global flocking Myspace
our people, a noble volumes, is basically a fuckin fabric, so you either ten point milligram volume. Five it goes into the body of the five goes into your fuckin sat. So what happens is the next day when you wake up and you drink your water thinking, you're healthy, and you hit that fuckin one hell of a joint that volume kicks right back up again. But what do you do? You put a tenant society from now? You got the five that you pop and five: that's mother, fucker lurking there so that your police, every guy, that's why I love on people?
revives constituents, pops up any effect, you'll, never get that our people we ve found fifty presentiment, we gonna Fuckin Jim sledges sitting your fatter everytime. You touch alcohol. You smoke, cigarettes smoked, evaluate just text that ship back into a systemic shit. It's amazing authorities powers up. So I keep what thirty of very turned was a Thursday. Neither level where I got the first part one plays their part, one another pop two or three of them drank Yeager by South Park. Tuesday afternoon I couldn't fall asleep. I went to the club and at the club I had a brown bag. I didn't know what was in there wasn't gonna. We contain skipper drinking Yeager mice, to the second show. How to do on a stool and the man,
I knew I was whacked payment. My money I buy enable some chick gives me a number, but in the fucking dilemma I don't give a fuck Rochelle aboard Wichita mechanical way for the boy went all by myself and did the falcon, able call the dealer and then called a chicken she's like I'm, really come over such a deck. Now she comes over. The dealer comes over. I leave with him and he takes me deep into the Beaumont more Fuckin caribou down this integration is gas will get all dresses. I was so in some cocaine straight from Fuckin Noriega stage for the morning my jewel would drive him back. I'm fuckin parallel, Bulgaria pulled over. I get back to the whole town, Sunday, sadly night, it was sadly wanted to Sunday. My flight southwest was leaving like nine from Houston. Still I was getting picked up, six, thirty, four or five. I pick up another able
go back to their own. The chick shows up she suck my dick one viable. It was so dead. It was way beyond dead. It was dead, not Houdini attention from their own separate thing is that my brain and that's not and not in any of those pills. I was gone straight on blow for five six hours plastic. They lines. I had dug at eight o clock in the morning the cocaine was gone. She was also up. She was laid on one begging, those old thousands to bed. Yes, I went to get the brown paper bag. You stick man there. There was none in there. I flip the bag with nothing. Here I am join. I thirty flogging value days. I couldn't can believe I drank a bunch of water and went to sleep well Sunday, maybe ten o clock. I gotta see I'm trying to fucker at this point. My dick is flat It's got blood scratching from trying to whack love the battlements underwear sniffing abroad to fucking feet because
The banks are about the fall asleep rikers fuckin, all jacked up, I'm Dr Bang wanna next thing you know dog, I swear to God. I hear boom boom boom. Bonbon bumble I just passed down on the bed. I must a jerk myself off to sleep. Whatever I went back, she was in the other bet. That's how come up I was I was. Naked Lady, but I wish jerking off that's to decide about the pills I couldn't even weaker up, no more you that you're, not gonna get the women was flat. Scratches wagon was all small Oklahoma comes up, scrap for your wagon off everything they gotta work and work at work and the percentage is dies. You think he uncle
they have now geronium. This is horrible. Bob Bob Bob, like the feds assigned to help resolve the clock, is one o clock. Kid came at seven to pick me up. I didn't pick a profoundly back. I hear it. I guess the chick woke up when I woke up was the whole town. Matthews that used to live life goes on payment. I just wanna my parting him like a lot of bill. We will keep the change. I went right back to sleep. I woke up the next month. I substrate twenty four hours. I slips wait. Till Monday morning I called my friend was an eternity? Come the Burma pick me up and he goes. You don't make your flight. No. I didn't call southwest out by not applying taken. So I just drove him. I went got a big mexican meal. I was dehydrated everything and I went to gather the Big Mexico meal and then he goes we want. Do you want
no! Technically, at the current level, we had a deal over like sixty right before Philippe. So I stayed there for three days. Have leaping fuck it up? He fucked up with a chicken dick pussy s right. She had a pussy in this common neighbours. Nicky have called a tricky issue. They can possibly back to the situation that I told tell what Monday I lived low room service, the money I mean in Beaumont, Adequate Terry's emulate the credit card number I had eaten, it was all I could do is eat refuel. I couldn't even talking about it my agent for calling me. Where are you they want to see? I would call people and I couldn't My face wasn't move. Why won't you, while I was trying to let me know when you got a dentist in your face- is dead. That's how bad I was. I didn't make it out of fuckin used until Thursday twenty five there is less and less time a basic pillars. Why
had to be done. Matters had to be taken. I gotta boogie out of here. Let's get out of here, powerful man, flavour, listen, there's a dude who's got your name, it's jaw on Twitter, you don't have mad flavour. You don't have Joey DS, you gotta get join d as we need to figure out how to get there. Veni. Buddy knows how to do that. Contact me. It's ridiculous that some, new jaw is run around there with joy ideas, his name. We need to have we be Joey Diaz on Twitter, math, flavors to goddamn obscure, confusing the fuck out of people. Right am I right friend, I I think It is, would be definitely better, but better ain't like men flavour. I love my outflow. Planet, Iraq, even joy, planet, rugby number one: your plan, Iraq, upbringing, still planet mine, friendlier umbrella. Great to see you! I love you, my rabbi lovey, the debt that I want to come up here. I haven't had an intimate once in a while, but more weeks and come up and do want the five in Riyadh down. The Sierra get down argue would talk about the Martians.
Tolerance, Dresden, Randal, rising Phil Semi. I love you guys. By the way I look the guys that still come to me and they stay. I went to this restaurant during she didn't have it. So we left may take a picture. The menu I created. So. Thank you very much for all love. You give me love you mother, thanks to whoever the fact that sculptor, as that made the sculpture of the werewolf Fuckin, the gorilla and ass, whoever you are out there mast man. He did a fuck em, java things it's wicked, be up in the new studio and thanks, dotcom response when the show oh and an eye to use a killed, name, Rogan and it'll save ten percent off any and all supplements and death squad. Don T for all your kitty. Cat t shirt needs hip, no or shops not even the world. Just you know you not find a bitch Madison tomorrow. I caught suddenly see tonight at the ice algae. I always gonna, be here tonight. It's Joey Dama rarer Doug Bent
great Fitzsimons, oration, fear, Brian red. Then it's gonna be stacked. It's crazy, crazy, fuck line. She was coming to shift that flying Joe it's coming. I that cigarette cancel last minute suited, interfere, snuck in and took a spots or palm dance on, see a good by everybody will see so.
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