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Kevin Pereira, Brian Redban - 09/26/2012
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its life it is love it when was lover anyone's watch really i that the recording thing was flashing like it again wasn't recording son of a bitch rico it is an anti virus new stream thing you fuck you substitute just for the the expensive that a majority try castor that's must be the shed erotic fit rogan experience is brought to you by many things in which we love one of them is audible dot com audible die is something that i have used for many many a moon and audible occasionally sponsors this podcast if you have never been audible died tom what audible dot com is is it has there are of great like
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the fucker any picks up the ropes and she is muzzled that nobody will when you think about the movements about europe's his toilet chimpanzee movements weather beaten issue that's all they were clubbing a bride right back to the cape happen reimer it's good for em refers to bomb having prairies here you dirty bitch is possible the fuck up strap yourself in the lurch i've been arrogant need iberian out they all night all day
virtually all over the world have in other they locker day pereira is here bitches backed so nice to see you again my from good to see was well soon you have abandoned your spot on television like a real g stepped out into the real world man that's a ball hold the cord and slammed through the glass canopy folks you don't know my another plan kevin was a host of attack of the show and g forefront jesus how many years as with the network for ten years and i hosted attack for six when did i first do your show what year was it you will probably two or three years and do it so two thousand and seven are simple and give or take sure seven or eight yeah it is and we ve been friends our sense and kevin's on the pod gas that several times to elect we wasted things remembered after the first we got one of those little heartbreak necklaces mine has be on it and f r i then you have the other letters together we summon a very sexual captain we're gonna make burn jealousy
brain has the arrow that goes through the heart to the new our like anything into the three which one is the mail and which ones the females the mail the arrow that goes to the heart lino and certainly lower knows that the mail has eu circles at the bottom to represent testicles really it should show great euro google i'm fucking awakening share i get the answer this bitch am totally should write it should look like a dick why can wise and have to be like in one issue the symbol from male design those things was partly someone who really couldn't draw that well so we set out here that stick with a loop and now the mail it better was adieu to design princess thing when you stopped being a person signed it ain't gonna know i think that was a legal thing i think those wheels record companies fucking u over things like tat if you just have a symbol your music is fuckin hard to torrent yeah
if you're just like all j uses a triangle and thankfully you can type in all j but if you try to just try it if you just have to type in the triangle that requires extended ascii knowledge my dad's not gonna pirate that out we are yet how would you draw that step prince symbol you would have to get a font made up and then someone would have to agree to assign a key to that far up the o s would have to be changed i always six point five that will have the emerging in since i am set something it's necessary things prince again what do you think that's it you can't you to open over that i think is what are you doing over the countries of the old streets era money avenant leo report show that was while the report was also man i used to love that show my wife it gets so mad at me for what needs to be shown when did you watch screen savers are calling for help screens errors that was wild is so boring what that was a thing like it was a whole i love it i was a super fan attack tv leo's in everything they did but it's why the notion that on television where they're trying to reach a very broad audience there was our sometimes five hour marathon long show of like you're gonna pay
with winter printer driver ok what model age pda half hour let's check some deal l file scroll to i'm like white talk about narrow casting their spinning thirty minutes helping one person with their fucking printer driver here but i loved it i'd love to have so much i got me did me as well i think we i think we underestimate people's attention span for these type of things are really do i think people our very curious about those countenance folks are but there was a u have see this weekend or these guys fought for the flywheel title and it's a fucking amazing fight between joseph benefit is and this guy demetrius money mouse johnson who wanted when a decision and the crowd going there are doing because nothing that is we're fuck and throwing down i mean it was they want to see the big power shot they want to see someone get knocked unconscious it was it was so gross or just so such a plethora of dummies who so hard so you're never gonna get away from that will know is gonna have a certain percentage people are you can train people
to have certain viewing habits and expectations and that's what like the google youtube channels it came out some people doing thirty forty minutes long shows one you too that are actually doing pretty well in that kind of behavior a year ago unheard of the notion that someone would stare at their to stream videos for an hour or half hour to watch a web show was unheard of so people can be trained to have different expectations of running times in length so you can manipulate attention span essentially you can that can be done yes well sir i don't think it's really manipulating intentions bands i think we're underestimating people's interests and things when waste doing the podcast everybody told brian and that we had to shorten it there is every more you have these long ass conversation remind you gotta short i stood up and i was like there's no way i go i don't get it does a conversation if you don't like it you shut off if you don't have any more time left to shut off what does not the to kiss continue with this conversation but i want
like conversations that i have with my friends when we're we're up for a couple hours smokin potter something like that and we have these really intense moments where i'm being aided by his intellect and he's introducing thoughts to my my there's a real like regeneration and refreshing of the mind when you have this kind of conversations you know even if you just talking stone shit about in a city simulation theory and in and you know and whether or not mushrooms really are a portal to another dimension tupid share this the shit out of our two and a half year round that mark is when you get which is why you'll never see those kind of conversations on a late night talk show where he had three and one slash two minutes plugged your movie get to the clip get out and go people don't realize the fun and just shoot the shit with cool people and that's you know when someone said that there were two long like you're crazy but you could say just because everybody else is doing an hour doesn't mean it has to be an hour that's nuts giving too much is way better than not giving them enough like the
idea is to just put out the best you can put up and if if you can keep going for after two hours one you keep going right i guess this is what you're trying to do right you're turning turning to people into this real conversation it's kind of one of the reasons that i actually ended up having to leave attack and there were a myriad reasons but one of those things without getting a chance to meet somebody fascinating people who are passionate about wanting to talk with and i was given four minutes live with the two unity but perhaps saying hello you need a pod ass it were sure fluttered the works in the world do you need a dual tonight guide after this part cast of your first guest on your part this is it me talkin off strangers isn't me spinning planes are right i got i know a couple in the air i am sure your own but what i'm saying is your gift is that you're an intelligent curious guy one of your gets broken talk about my eyes i love your face till you have you have great bone structure
what i do not know what i'm saying you out of your video lost no better lost already have lost before gutter does there's no better like like expression free or portal for expression for you then in a pot cats where you can control spaces like this we can add video essentially do it if we want it it's so close to a real a vision show except it's there's no ads ever knows at the beginning and then the whole fuckin thing runs for three hours gets people still you're pretty much do that already that you did stick hamlet sniper and i agree with randomly all hop on unlike if i'm in a drum all live cast some of my my drumming but then it always ends up with meat sweaty and when having anymore
no our poor and this extra fashioning their strangers i did i will present a hand up against the webcam executives that portuguese headshot just mashed against the lenses girls were going through your courted you too you stream and there's videos trying to find it primarily eighteen thirty four year old males going through that you street i find it yeah you more of like a gay crush yeah lies am i a twinkle a bare how does it work i think you just like everyone else i will now and i feel like this handsome young guys doing it looks like you could be easily overpowered so when i was sexually i don't even firewood cigarettes at that time on about it you're fell out would make it harder but just that alone that sentence is really disturbing i might fight if it makes you of brian and i haven't conversation before you live like girls that request and demand that you strike them during the and i ve been very one and it was insane i couldn't i couldn't do they are then more than five or ten sessions idea
dichotomy i read i've never had a girl asked me to hit her but i have had girls asked me to rape them that's even worse reality of our gross now that worries me has oh they they want you to look out she explained to me that she wanted to one meter rapers one or fight me off i don't like that since its followed with your honor both firstly with asking for it we were in an alley me break my nail it is becoming green never wonder do arise is clarified i just started the craziest thing i ever heard of my life like look i'm into livin with reality i don't know what you're trying to night we billy you know we don't dating a little while we didn't mean fantasies yet like cheese i fucking price like about a regular sex life of their own stay or how about a rate fantasy you really are who i really am now and i'm an oath horny grown into a van and hit me with the two by four stream it knows what she wanted to fight me off it was this weird thing she's like but you know
that it's not so it's ok i go it's not because it's still am still gonna do it like in you know want to do that why don't wanna associated like physical aggression with sexuality is its top causes isn't my story to really tell and they have a very close knit group of friends but some if article name rhymes with mom what's his name give up the buccaneers if you think none and others it it's a bright star he started dating and i'll give him a fake nominate cliff notes this here ok my buddy dale thou dale started to data woman sharif reinstall dale it was always the fantasies vanity of hers to be raped but instead of one of the things you can't ask to be raped because then you know and it would ruin the man ass he decides when it so after they ve been dating for no less than a year and they were both kinky saxon we had sex circles in kind of went around in the low arose
i'm not going to say yes but tat my nose and weaken point your way so you haven't got a ghetto bell was so well then a year they mandating he arranges she's flying in from town he here ranges for three giant dunes to pick her up at the port take her away thrower van pretty much run a train on her outside a gas station she's crying thinks the real thing has happened then he shows up and he says happy birthday and she cried and thanked him and couldn't believe it there's still to go to this day that's the first time i met kevin rose i was invited to run a train on his girlfriend were no ideas airline all we're still data stably auction i absolutely do not him whatsoever the namesake but how does it show utter tacitus zol just a job no one but that's a crazy
during the same right up story like didn't she like in so that's when i go like immediately i go what you know what i want to be clear as well that's not for me not necessarily for me all right i have a rate fantasy and i would love for three days to run a train on we should admit that right so not for me but on the other hand on the flip side of that coin that's fucking love like some point you go what were the those two ships passing in the night we're having a rate fantasy the other be willing to fulfil it capacity and go for it and and then say people and its a happy that there might be the crows your os already a cake is on your face crazy so i have ever heard of a man and woman agenda behind has plenty i think it is an absolute are gonna know this isn't it this isn't an this is nobody that that would it's in any sort of limelight they dont have wikipedia it's really fucked up that some in other spheres these variables is it would be nice of rape was always bad
now it would be nice if girls did not ever have a rape fantasy so that couldn't any weirdness le who is a camera which committed in his amendment louis uk that had a bit about when a girl says now and she then why did you go for it because you said no yeah but i meant no playfully it's like i'm not gonna have secondly on the off chance into that has the good i mean there are now you know really mean no yes and yes can but the problem is that's not what she wants she really wants you to take it which is crazy because for women who doesn't want that it's a horrific idea i always i always apologize after and have a homepage homer needs to make cards for that like sorry you don't wanna be forcibly sex yeah this girl you go this girl looked before that i stated that want to meet a raper she got over it showing asked for it wants but it was really weird was at rooted in something i don't know a victim of a sex crime earlier now russia cheers like super aggression she liked aggression like
she just battle wrote movement yes your way back she want a clerk drum remit is a wild bitch i don't know i don't know what do you know how to contact you know this is many times i spoke i don't
you can kind of about or i think you should not she might i was so tiny snap and half of the thought plus she's gonna be like forty now so it's all so out of my mind with the threat of tyres and are not happen and i well remember it's depends you say it's over but i saw cindy crawford who is like almost fifty or she might be fifty and she is still so hot as forward about gwen steffani isn't she like forty something out i don't know i just saw the airport and covers a magazine and mike i would absolutely toss it ever have a chance to say that though based on a magazine cover cosette might as well be like a werewolf round i get i get that there's there's photoshop in camera erika i get that that goes on cereals photos of madonna recently got a skeleton yeah but then you see her and other promotional pictures and she looks hot still like what's going on whose lying to me someone's life voters confuse live i'm fuckin really crept out by this like that there must be a phantom of the upper what do you think would you being madonna knowing without really looks like knotty my important i'm not in the story of not having a tiger ear and monitor when hours later seventeen i was in love with a really big thing
for if you decide you loved him i love that movie the visually dust vision quest she played she sang a song envision question it was like shed a couples on the soundtrack soundtrack was what we used to train with our train to the vision croissants soundtrack gotta go off cosette walkman dude old school and when do my sprints i would listen to that i had this like weird crush on her because of that the young awkwardly fast forward the consent to get to the crescendo the song before a sprint no i wasn't so i want to believe it was too difficult back then because backed it has stopped it was it was like is not so easy you wearily didn't two things by virtue of the beginning a song right before aspirant maybe look i wouldn't say did get throughout its sock as the fuckin cosette was too big so it's slightly claudia your hard hard plastics and against it but i will fetish
is our born i was intimate done about them which is really funny because i was seventeen and then i found was twenty six was like tat bitches old that's all she's right we're running around forty five now fuckin practically dead that's ridiculous we won't feel great but
it's never been in the madonna type never been intellect super aggressive businesslike need to flex break you're gonna put upon tat right i'd fuck me anybody else let me rape me joe take me out behind any i won't bear makes you run it and flexing broke loose and eyelash phone i hate that i will i will go out and put a key between my fingers but i'm not a job you how to find and take me what a shitty designer eyes are that occasionally the rafters fall off into it and then you can't see what if a fuckin a bare was trying to get you and i last fell in your eye like mother fucker hole on hold on hold on we're gonna devolve very soon we're gonna be come so reliant on plastic chips in our bodies in tat i want you to regulate us at the body just gonna stop that i do not really need eyes anymore we'll figure that out with thermal i disagree i think i think it's going to be monument and assimilation cartels
we're still gonna have some sort of reading type thing gonna to look eventually we are going to be those great aliens there's no way around if you look i'll be sorry lilies drives we were to santa barbara sooner than gotta check some guerrillas i actually work it's fuckin beautiful set barbarism ever zoo there having gone out my family i love love santa barbara it's a gorgeous community it's it's amazing nice restaurants beautiful neighborhoods beautiful view that the weather's amazing and i get this kazoo so but also by me if i didn't have children i would never go hate the idea of god oh my narrative hunting i think the hunt
is the way people are supposed to live but adds on higher hunting as well if you're paying for five thousand birds to be released as you can see to make changes that i have not done that i really hunting asshole i was that so weird thing they do with old rich stewards they just give monsieur showed showtime bang or bringing about an arranged rover and put you within three metres of an elephant in hand you a rifle and pointed anywhere it is general direction and pull the trigger and i'll get a photo of you with a foot on it that's not hunting not necessarily what i mean but what i like it much simpler but we're alone estonia is what bombs me out as animal persons ages animal prisons balmy our way more than hunting she's at least if you're hunting an animal even if you're not going to eat that animals you're going to just give that animal away which is kind of weird like this guy mad you see champion just got in trouble the lot of people people angry adam he went to south africa and shot everything did one of those things including women and children zebra and a bunch of different animals and it but even to me it's like still
seems to be better than the fuckin zoo the zoo is one of the like don't do this if you want to talk about cruelty to animals the zoos one of the most fucked up places on earth because those was denied all of their natural activities all of them we think that just because they have food there ok that is agnes or eight well you know what they're forest was getting cutdowns or at least we save them into my cosette really saving them putting to putting a natural animal that has instincts that are predatory in dangling meat from a pole for it or having it pace and afore by forces and they ve been fuckin given wifi even wifi they don't have anything that kill even a hot you know and that's that's something that they do do and other countries i can other countries especially in asia when they have tiger preserves they they pursue these tigers but they feed them live goats right have you seen then break
throw it all away or those up khazars hundreds of on line i've seen preserves where they feed him like they fed the dinosaurs and jurassic park yet which is a vote on a chain which better than just handing it the meat that's already killed but at some point you gotta let me should let the goat go you should let them actually hunt and having been oh yeah go through those animals to behave at yeah did that debt would be better if you had like an ecosystem right in a place but even that you shouldn't containing it shouldn't be that this tiger has no idea what happens if he walks twenty miles of the ocean it shouldn't be that the tiger should be able to go over the fuck the tiger is that's habitat unless we choose to make them extinct if we choose it fuckin dangerous there are too many people have said jack and i m which by the way if i lived in india i'd be hunting tigers every fuckin day the week more people died from tigers in india than anywhere in the world there are like the just assumed bands alone is it somewhere like three hundred thousand people been murdered by tigers over the last hundred years that's because
their building in their habitat or because are trying to keep him with tat says poor people living near a monster ok i mean it's a crate and knowing that the sender bans is a its brackish ocean and they have the tigers drink this water and the water is extra salty so it makes some really aggressive it makes him here take it all the time and there really meet you had a bit about it my act a true story about these poor fuckin fishermen they were in a boat there's like five guys in a boat tiger swam out to the boat jumped in the guy dragged him through the water to the shore dropped his body offer the shore jumped in the water go get the other to his and did it again did it three times he did it three times in the last two guys we're just fuck and that in the boat yeah fuck it start paddling do you gotta figure something out you know what's happening who knew tigers without fuckin evil there really are monsters because they do not do it for food there doing it because they can get that
tommy curly how could you just they want a lifeline for years and make a necklace they're doing it for the spear acted justify keep dancing around what is this a bull is a goat feeding from that's a cow agus look so there is the case for every go very well do his job like you rush don't like to talk and chin spear this mother fucker unlike other we'll gypsy style they go right to the bottom and then call this covers like a case that site control got its loans he's got the neck is good is got the top of the spy now this is really hard for the cow to get anything done here these elite the cow standing though that the cows gotta figure out some way to go to his back and kit that thing off and then get back to his feet and run away but it doesn't look good the tigers got the back of the neck these facts don't forget to check out a new season of the ultimate fighter other citizen thirty there's a dead guy i don't get it others alive cow or they haven't that's an army tidy shit yeah look
they bring about their poor tat before they let him get killed by a lion it gets entity within the imo share dragged off cart but he gets broken ball gagged and strung up by his hoofs and that's that's exactly they did to that's fucking crazy zoo but so santa barbara zoo was the exciting for you it was good or was it was said that no major sad its cultures the kids get to see the fuckin animal jail but it's sad when you see you explained to them like hey this is not natural for these animals is no mean are now useless for and to address like this is on that's being upset just now you are getting very passionate rude besides when i explained to them just like i did not want to repeat the names and nowhere lives one it's what it does and then one thousand and thirty it out of the woods doesn't really out rather show them dvds really what you know kids like looking at shit in out they did they did i can never get my daughters had done a watch i got doc
entry on the congo or some like that but if you take somewhere and show them some actual real shit that's that has a different impact on my point was while standing there looking at the guerrillas as living there a gorilla and looking at me and then think about great aliens on my cats next it has that really is us i think fucking eyes it's because they have like built in sunglasses because we ve completely fuck the environment you can't see anymore you got sidle uv active lairs and reliable coding loud so they have those big fucking totally black eyes that shit's sunglasses built in sign glasses are only forty twenty to our eyes got way bigger after google goggles it's like an unexpected turn will google guiles not only does it give you cancer of the brain but that cancer specifically makes your eyes grow and that changed evolution that's what happened the human eyes than in the large august almond sized or shaped so
when that happens and then eventually we went with pure telephony says people stop talking the mouth shrunk up we won't need physical vessels ones in once we can figure out how to digitized the consciousness especially if one is italy's commenced facile is going to be universal indiscernible like it looks like the grey areas are the grail it's not like you see like a shaquille o neill gray alien right next to your being rigid your image racist you're saying they all look the same and i see completely different now as i can pick out dug from xanadu writer have you have you ever had any sort of and experience with anything that you thought was paranoia while weather a girl seller yeah i haven't been on salvian i've i've experienced the universe where you know as a pixel of a human being absolutely right it and felt it and understood it but sober i haven't felt like phantoms or culture
that word sobers a very interesting word because i agree with the ill i agree with the idea to a certain extent that when your when you're intoxicated that that is impaired state and that what you're saying is probably not real assist a distortion of all your you know you you're you're sort of your sensory perceptions and you know your body reacting to point and you can make your body and a sinister asia where however there's time when i'm high where i come we disagree that it's not that you wouldn't you it's not in its unemployed state it's an enhanced state its difficult to manage enhanced state and theirs going on but it's impair its modified its modified modify its it makes reality a little slippery you can get socially awkward you can get parent is a lot of things it can happen that it is as you have a massive amount of extra sensitivity and its
the exact opposite of being drunk and wood people direst dazzling always in paris on the pot when i'm on the pot ok i'm like i play pool twice as good maybe three times is good i can play like professional level for long stretches of time when i'm highest fuck i write better kommeni like there's a lot going on you can't say is is there's no downside of that does not is not a detrimental situation carl sagan set has said something that i it's my quota my message board and he said it s like you says i convinced there are genuine and valid levels of perception available with cannabis and probably with other drugs which are through the defeat of our society and our educational system unavailable to us without such drugs and those are those there's real like clarity in in of these experiences it just so much recreational use so much fucking around with all of us that it's been assessed
with people who don't do any these things they don't smoke positive never done mushrooms that it seems like a recreational silly tie bacteria it doesn't seem like this any validity while there still and national banking off of the the stories in the connotations had been handed down since the refer madness days from grandpa told some ones parents that that that referral make a silly it'll make you crazy and argue as you know a drug you'll be a no nothing in the not just gets handed down and handed down it would be really cute we'll be acute fun thing to watch bumble into walls if it wasn't for all the violence if it wasn't for like this it has gone down today in spain have you seen there the crime scene the video these pull up the video the spain protests and cause it is crazy army industrially news fuck
you cnn i've loved you fox news you guys sock you are fuckin for raw odds they are not the new hogs innovation owned by cooperating to to facilitate an agenda its relegated to analyse the fact in one's covering what's going on in bahrain no one is cover it means that the amount of coverage in america on this spain thing is shameful and their depiction of it is shamefully inaccurate that it's just a protest students no this is a fucking horse civilization rising up against their leaders i mean people are losing for food in trash benzene that's how dire the situation has got for a large section of the population and now they're taking to the streets and nobody knows about it and this is the actual reported figures of unemployment or at twenty five percent but those are disputed the population that they say that it could be even worse than that reported number
a firm and by the way i'm not goin those figures big they only count those who are actively seeking employment and are unable to find it which means if twenty five percent is statistically unemployed that might be another twenty five percent that it's fuckin given up your examiner resorting to trash cans and now looting yeah you're exactly right that's the people that are still in the system that are being counted as unemployed and people use that as an example of our society because our society we try to keep unemployment down it's up how you're off you don't know shit you don't know shit absolutely you know about people that are in your system that there is a huge amount of people out there that have fuck and throw in the towel and its that's what's going on spain its if you see you look at the videos evoking the badge in the corner not cnn not msnbc not fox nothing it's you know it's with you done such a terrible job what is our t stand foregone it's not writers it's gotta be
each other stuff with police with a fuckin how little baton rather taken pictures of him this is crazy but what's really crazy he's fucking cops man like the they are just employees of the machines are not even the machine the regular folks the regular folks are attacking regular for a people that these people are fighting for their jobs right now just as the people writing are trying to fight for its what so sad day how just connected it as they have to lay down their arms it has to get worse it has get worse to the point where the the car realize okay we are the civilization certainly we are this bozo people that they are clubbing only that guy why side jake and ran ass takes the body very weak run us take no no turn of the hips at all let people chicken i'm a push them down that's fucking crazy man cops nobody took his back someone's gonna take it back while they're gonna that's says it's out you gotta get over under sooner bring out the sonic weaponry and in the roads in the u s and that mean that's why this kind of dissent doesn't happen in the states where now because we have to give we have
a terry that's a police force that well out not only by vehicle we have little rifles we have new laws for protecting the comments just in case they should go down where they legally can do a bunch of shit that they would never allowed to do jane they couple years you they can pull you off the streets and detain you before anything ever happens because you might be a thought leader yeah you know really disturbing to me all these celebrities and all these different people who stand up for obama and campaigning obama and even like guys i respect and intelligent people are saying he's better than mitt romney like what why were you looking unlike what are you looking at you are you are you paying attention to what this guy doing to the constitution territories there cherry picking a few moral issues which is always what it boils down to what you said you know i happen
agree with the moral stance of obama verses romney a little bit more but it doesn't fucking matter at the wedding whether these what aspect of his things like civil unions gave a gay rights right that's a big one more you know what that is that's a democratic talking point sure you know he he is because they won't talk about money and politics which is the root of ninety percent of all the fuckin issues we have right now nobody's gonna talk about it that's what lining their pocket was the wood when you when it comes to something that's actually important that he is not standing up for us now when it comes to these are going away raised serious here and allay despite saying that can happen will they just did they answer did just closed in on seventy one of em yellow they sent they sent notices to advance in their suing too they haven't started shattering glass yet but believe me a whole fencing two weeks away the whole thing is really sick and this is supposed
be this awesome president's regime he's running things right now who's running things right now why is running any human rights and political earlier about within the fucking do these should be known prove shut up you're telling me that the d a that has nothing better to do for real than go after pot companies that is one of the weakest way let it get a collar by the way seven hundred dispensaries can't be opened operated in less fucking demand for seven hundred dispensary us about the colossal law that says you're allowed to have it here and to pretend that it's worse than anything else you verde got legal and it's a reason why you're going out it is with easy obama that's why i'm always against the medicinal marijuana argument has it ignores the recreational argument which is just as fucking valid as the medicinal certainly is but the medicinal one i think while in a world of madness there's a lot of people not me
necessarily i could get by without it did the reasons that i use it for is not nothing's terminal there's people of terminal illness genesis is people who have cancer and marijuana the only thing that gives them an appetite there's nothing else it works is good people that will have seizures if they do not yet know pot and yet someone is pending the joint out of their hand it's not a now you need to have a seizure because this to be legal that's why when whenever anybody talks about the human body and they're they're doing it from ideological standpoint without any real medical training or even reading researcher talking on your ass like when you and ass for like rush limbo that's talking about some girl want to be a slut so she can get a birth control what that asshole doesn't understand is that some women get ovarian cysts if they don't take birth control they have medical issues is a lot of them that women can use birth control within it cleans them up our joe he's just popped a handful of oxy cotton chased it with alcohol so he can't hear you right now let's not forget he was chest icing people
want to smoke pot latina handfuls of pharmaceuticals will not only that it is doing in illegally yet was having is made go out and buy his his ox is form they said we re researched it we research it on wikipedia and is set up to thirty a day according to his may decided by johnny balls seventeen but that is the most trusted source on wikipedia cut to the jolly ball seventeen twitter account johnny well just open there's a scramble for right now i hope there is yeah it's only when i think about unemployment and i think about and this may transition into a ts they ran i apologise because it still fresh will we tight rather than the biggest fucking government works programme that's really going on right now our tax dollars going to create a system to create jobs to demean us and make us feel like criminals for wanting to take a flight a programme that is inefficient ineffectual by thousands of not thousands that's probably by hundreds of sorted papers
that is inefficient ineffectual that demeans us leads to lobbyists in government kickbacks for these operations that big machines that scan us and take nude photos are essential for the focus is on me i d do it for the folks do the t say it is a shit job deal people they don't want to be their absolute dealing with people don't want to comply and in there defence look there's that fuckin classic stamford started that we brought up over and over again of what happened when they just had college students have one person in charge of the war the other person is the prisoner when they you when you do that people abuse people people are supposed to be equal folks that's just the way it is it's not there's not suppose be cops furthermore is layer allow isn't there a law against uniforms for four people that aren't law enforcement officials having like markings are or patterns and how do you work birthing well because you not you're not wearing a badge and you're not wearing patch you are few the manager but you have share
a tin share of that i do not believe that it is right to increase the share of this grill would you should like but they're not they're not acts by the way there not cops they are they are regular folks that are wearing tin badges and patches and i've met about there's always copies there there are always unless there's absolutely airport police they are police officer real and they come in when the shit actually get yale to miss you and frisk you i've never had a problem at the ts ever with people being rude to me with people i've never had this problem but you go through the machines i go to the machines and unfriendly ironed out
of runways unfriendly issue but i opt wealth brennan wall said that he had a problem the same thing he opted out on the way the toronto what i've heard is that does radiation those machines they have a really registered a year but if you really want to worry about radiation should be shy in the first place right because the flight itself is incredibly rate radio and radiation to me is is a moot point like back yet i dont think i deserve it i didn't write as violation its rights violation plus the rapid scan corporation which is one of the two big corporations that had like you know the seventy million dollar contracts to install these machines they funding chertoff who was the ex head of the homeland administration like they ve increase their lobbying five five by like fifty percent or something text two thousand and eight two thousand and ten that was the last study i read so lord knows how much money they're spending now to kick to give kickbacks to people in power to do bees contracts to put in these machines which by the way most
security and defence experts tell you that it can actually detect the plastic explosives that could blow up at seven forty seven like they can't actually detected plus there is a case in florida just not only blake public two years ago where hundreds of thousands of the photos for people going through those machines because it does store photos even though doesn't display on those photos were hat and it was they said dont store these photos they don't get taken but they have a new picture of you somewhere lord no lord knows how that's gonna come back to haunt you so the radiation is to be a moot point it i look good naked dude i wanna see release the high said they're going to be as it says that if more in this area is a living i d better say people believe the hounds it's just said to me that my tax dollars go towards buying these machines for these corrupt corporations to have them installed to make me feel like a criminal to snap a photo of me naked which don't make me any say
for as i go onto a fly do you think it doesn't make any safer don't you think that people could take guns on planes they would if if you was no metal detection you would have to deal with the same sort of instances of people being crazy in society on a plane as you word on the ground i think the text is a good i do not think the idea of checking your bags is good there's too many comments there are certainly there are certainly there should be a standard of protection you know metal sector or how do you want to scan the baggage that's fine but i think i draw the line way too far and we ve drawn up to a point now where if an like first of all i've always been one step behind let's not forget nine eleven happen with box cutters right there was explosives there were no bombs there were no guns it without having asked the official story but here for wars com we know of the government in such ballade into a determined to attack we ve got documents ladies and gentlemen
there is no way you can take over a plain where the box cod look at this article but johnny ball seventeen he has done the math it checks out you gonna forward our common boggled resulting in a crank flashlight crank flashlight data of grant flashlights last radio fuck your way to freedom if you want to believe the official story the most fantastical story i tomatoes flashlights need rechargeable battery on them so they can heat up i support and have a get warm boy don't use them anymore so far come either you mean you don't fall poured out you don't talk about them did not actually want you anymore let's do you still fatima there's no way i good sponsor but it's i think you go to a point where we probably saturated their market and conversely we make people
ha yeah we're always one step behind so here's what here's what concerns me is that now already we were let's say they take away the rapid scanned machines right or let's say they have them but someone flying spaghetti monster forbid decides to blow up or a foot locker and a mall or stadium or a concert venue those machine are going to be everywhere what do you think would happen if you went to their going to airport and you had like a radiation detector and he said i would like to go through this machine and determine what about you they wouldn't say there's neither that you could probably arrest you right now that what is that machinery you're not like having your name creepy went in my initial answer than i was told i was not allowed to film it i was brought into a price secrete screening room that at a giant placard above it says this is a private screening on which i did not request i was taken in their my belongings were taken in their without my request even objected to it and they said you have to go this way did you have to
that the law ikea at this point i didn't have time to fight and i had to catch a flight see the things were the patriot act and show that you don't know what the fuck is terrorism on paper these didn't make it up as they go along and they have lawyers figure out how what however they treated you is the legal way to treat you sons but sway garbage they had the x ray about your yet i gotta have you pull some up there the x ray machine in the ostend airport and threatening cylinder those rapid scandalize getting right and there is a long line for the rapid scam machine court that's when they say that line get long come on through the x rays so right away i'm like you know if this is integral to my safety you're now fucking my safety out the window for the convenience factor of cycling people through security what they really saying that it's not safe missouri bearing the rabbit's cancelling or though the not another serious i'm trying to say something about if we need those those bodies gaining machines because they can detect a whole bunch of stuff that a traditional x ray can't set when it gets to inconvenient because the line is too long you're now throwing my safety out the window that seems inconsistent something's wrong right crazy but i'm in love
to go to the x ray and then randomly they do you need to go through the rapid scam machines was canada's go to the x ray no you can't now they're angry with me because even ask that why opt out as a normally do my belongings through the machine now i can't see them i say here can see my laptop i can't see my phone i can't see that's up it's over there you're you're belongings are fine how do i know that i can't see them they didn't give anybody did it sought i'm already on edge right i was handed always feel like whenever i take a fuckin jet blue flight this can be my occupy moment it's gonna end with pepper sprayed face and i may get here cut even omens politest can be wrong and i just i just want someone to watch my shit where i get stuck in a glass box where our next to a girl that could have been more than six years old she has a handy she's in a wheelchair and there was something mentally wrong with their she was stemming she was rocking she was pulling and crying because there were three ts agents trying to tell us lift her arm so they can swab reclose swab wheelchair the back pad retires the wheels everything her dad is there
on the brink you can imagine how traumatic it is to try to bring somebody special needs child through an airport in general but now they been selected for special screening and he has to try to explain to his daughter whose having a fit rightfully so and strangers are rubbing her and you know swiping swapping her seat he's trying to her down while by holding an ipad interface and doing whatever it can to get it to relax do i have to lift or out of the seat yes yes you do he's trying to lift up she's fighting at my heart is breaking for this guy the reason i'm sitting in this glass box is because after my pat down they ran my little piece of cloth or they ran the gloves and a piece of cloth they swung the bottom of my feet with through machine by the way machines will reach which we spent more than thirty million dollars on to install in airports and this machine said i tested positive for nitrates that'll happen one and i pulled out of so what's the nitrate wells it's you know that could be used as a chemical ok does that mean logic but could be used a lot of things it doesn't this isn't it it's not a bad thing it's not a bad thing this is
problem and i know it is a problem because i have a flight to catch and i want to know why i'm being detained longer well you tested positive trade so to give you an even more thorough screening ok well what what else has positive for nitrates guy could answer at and can answer a third party and ask if you had been nor farm no they did not but the third guy finally said well above the head of the security mob there said well if you ve walked on grass that has fertilizer on it then you might test positive for nitrates even certain heart medications that seniors taken test positive for nitrates so i'm now stuck in a glass box act from my valuables watching this poor girl having a shut down at least three people are in a glove and i start to cry cuz it just breaks my heart that this is happening this poor guy is having to go through this and i hope you know i go to put my hand on his shoulder and tell him like i'm sorry you have to go through this and he looks back and he's choked up mean he's been in there for good ten minutes trying to calm down his daughter so then i start
questioning why are you guys doing this and i'm being polite and being calm being everything you could possibly be while asking how much longer is it going to take because i have a flight to catch they grab my belongings walking them away skills we what he's doing that europe you're coming here to this private screening room not at all i want to be in a private springing room i want this x the enhanced pat down to happen right here because i want my girlfriend a videotape it not enough sir you're going by this time my belongings or in the frosty glass private screening room now i'm in the it's getting on with them and there's a giant placard that says this is a private already room there is no filming whatsoever if a train if it s a employ tells you to stop building you must seats filming immediately you do have the right to call in a witness to be there and i'm thinking why can't the camera witness because of on travelling alone who else am i gonna call fucking goes busters megatrend ts ain't here so i'm in a glass box with two deeds by myself he swabs me but the gloves and it says i'll be right back i have to test this glove goes his hand on the handle of the door with the glove on
but he just white me down opens up and walked out on his merry way so look to the other guy who's left in the room unlike what the fuck was that it was like the first i had cursed because what you mean he just why my body now that club and grabbed the handle someone in her earlier did have explosives on them and he grabbed that handle that glove that's now on my test wizened resting right here there's a machine in the room of certain that machines calibration is off that's why it's here have it in the room was a calibration of yeah there's a tag honour that says it needs to be serviced ok so i'm waiting five minutes go by i've strike of conversation with the guy that that little girl out there in the wheelchair that's having the fit and i can still hear her having a poor meltdown out there why are they out there while he tested positive for nitrates as well but we did yeah why the girl there oh she tested positive for nitrates oh so all three of us have tested positive for nitrates with the one machine that's out there you got another one and here they need servicing and recalibration and you think there's nothing wrong with this situation guy comes back tells me unclear
i leave the room and i see the father is still there struggling with his daughter and unlike i'm again like move to tears i asked this guy tell me as a human being do you think this is right do you think this treatment for this poor girl is right and it goes sir she tested positive for nitrates and went right again that but there are many other countries who deal with terrorism on a far greater level than we do who have far more so there are no more and more a common sense approach to security that doesn't demean their citizen re that doesn't cost millions of taxpayer dollars do you think that's right that girls having melt under swapping a wheelchair do you really think you the terrorist i'm just asking and being and there's a long pause any sort of looked down and looked at issues and i thought good i'm we can have a moment a real moment here as a human being is gonna take off that t essay helmet for a second and he looked up and let me run the eyes and said she tested positive for nitrates that's when i realise this is it this is a lost cause a losing battle is doing a burger king employ
do jug about it then i think that the people who work at security people they work averting like the same people just i reached a hand to a bucket who you today i got fries ram a bomb control yet i'm on foot swollen come on rubbing the belt line and here i must occur to you today is either i hate mopping that fuckin for i am all for people having jobs but we need repair in structure run after school programmes do something that benefits are community in society more than this while i see i think that we need security they are we just because there's been so many instances in the past of people using airplanes hijacking airplanes i believe that reinforcing the doors was the best thing that happened that was the security measure that said look we don't work we now as a society no one will ever hijacker plain again if its source in america that's one out of here everybody in that cabin will fight and die to make sure that play get hijacked by air marshals too
they give you are important to our thing it's good to have a guy up there is an actual bad mother fucker knows that take rare shit if some wacky mother fucker as blows shoes up right and some people make the argument by the way that that guns on planes would have stopped sum of nine eleven that if someone actually run on a flight you know in the risk of a bullet going through and sudden lhasa cabin pressure is overrated i don't know that subscribed to that but i could see that's about argument i could see someone can make that we do need security but the leaps and bounds that we ve gone too are inefficient they don't work it's costing us millions and millions of dollars the combination of the company's suck and their dealing with gigantic numbers of employees because they have these set ups goddamn airport in every goddamn city all over this country there's a lot of fucking airports so there no way there really paying attention to monitoring of really intense level and looking at like how can we make us a better experience for the people etc like those things we go and you you your name man and you did scanned and they go through pre like t say
pre right like the blue where the clear programmes as yet another have another but that's that have another another issue with you because sometimes you have to pay more yet another creating another tiered society where the halves dont get in had the inconvenience own head on the one percent dude wouldn't just because they want to get through the airport i'm one of the guys that can afford the premium tickets so i get through the t say like i'm irregular like muck assyria listening listen mother fucker i'm bless yo me the keys your cars or did you ever kingdoms maybe the ace of loving so nice car anko loving well below estimation space it is in the technology in it like i need some pretty close to a car that drives itself like i don't touch the gas pedal anymore it does the adi asia which they passed today by the way is driving carling cars let's do it but even with two old car mine has the the adaptive crews where you press the button it alot americanese nay with you know little match pace with the current view so i dont really even on surface streets like city streets and overly touch aghast
i get it up to speed it a button and a kind of early yet unison tweets that way in but there has been a has been a timer to where i will and this kind of zoning out i'm not using my phone but am like other cars ripen itself and all playing and that they have the heads up displace what puts my miles proud my turn by turn like on the windshield legged rising it out to their it turns bright red it's like warning collisions whacked islam on the brakes and of my fuckin yard did you fell asleep and my wheel but in short circuit was not paying attention i was sland into the car for than someone just get funny you really care now i mean we ve just casually going me that's much safer to use those systems on a highway where there might not be so much started stop so it hiccups but yeah lemonade sometimes it's a little lacks i'm sure it's busy processing my blue tooth audio and goes oh shit you're driving have switched over to that might my favorite car that i have is my porsche because of the race car the gdp three
it doesn't have anything in that we have an obligation of the navigation sector have seats in the back yet no no gas that has nothing in the knowledge that it's like it doesn't do anything like france no heads display this knowledge is mechanical righteous machine and his ship the gears yourself you don't need the thing to stop and break phrases like the exact opposite but that does get tiring for people's virginia i got it i gotta brows read it like a lot of time to shift gears i gotta catch up on the news do really my video joking around but thou be really shouldn't i dont want i don't really well when you are in your car now and no one no one should lead outrage fantasies either some girls like that i don't think anybody legs running so over i'll drive as there are tweeting while driving yeah it's actually it's going to be really smooth we're gonna be able to accomplish that stuff as your driving but i dont even trust people do even for the largest pass for self driving cars how do you feel about that well informed you they're street
legal has been effective they d been using google's been using it for quite a while you can you can find it online the only known collision or at least like that six months ago i was reading about it the only known collision one of those google self driving cars was when the operator took it out of self driving odin was manually driving it but it's over dot why because it was a collision with the car why things i enjoy driving i enjoy the experience of of after my own gears i think i look like when you have a fun car like the gdp three drive becomes like a ride i took a ride home right but not when you have a commute that's
that's my dear gears when you're stopped on the four or five and holding in a collection that shitty and so to let my car drivers and maybe free me up to do an extra yes for productive work more focus on my book on tape remind my audible dotcom slash joe the download to finance that that makes sense to me or totally but you know it doesn't make sense that contract to see whether we can figure out a way to gas appeared at times i am going to disappear i'm not gonna live like this my whole life i try to escape and is unwilling to try again on another maybe santa barbara i am i am i try santa barbara for work is only going to learn the zoo haven't he'll do you should have them build you a little cabin and at a time of day the chip bums me out we might be living in a fuckin zoo humbled that pal about this whole planet might be as you look at this rule a guy with as google glass oh my god are clearly laid silly can't can't way bars and did you check black mirror by the way grew you got all that shit did you watch that no no no
we things to modern man but i did see the little wayne deposition the one that's been megan their zero antibiotics give it you ought to pull it up because i became a little way for me to i was not a little way and fan up until this i love that was that chapelle skin of obsolete the fifth i'm thinking of getting a little way into two that's how bad ass the suitors yeah menus giddy these suing these people because they they made a documentary about him and apparently has lots of false information according to mr wayne and so they they asked me but just stupid questions at this deposition but the way answered it was beautiful it was a larry and that of the the veiled threat which many have donated by its own rather i would say we don't spoil it we're gonna play it happened just a couple of days ago it's pretty great and target without the world star hip
that is my know how that age motors high levels in a watermark watermark i love me some world started pop yeah that's my problem if you go to my computer and type in w in the browser just go out right now though i see some fucked up fire you gonna watch that congo sex tape when it leaks on that site is your kind wanted to turn over can you western sexty easy really an red there's a rumour that one of them is with that with the carnation but apparently to look alike girl from there you they have a video of her for some billy shaken contest switch i love you competitive sport is he doing this on purpose releasing these he's apparently offered millions of dollars to stop the release so i don't i don't know i decided i doubt at his level at this point so that even the girls are releasing i'm writing stolen off of his computer stolen us which you know someone physically stole them are hacked in or whatever but that's that's what i'd rather is it out animal practice see that's what i'm globally
how would you describe your image in the media how would i do my image in the media in the earth i wouldn't describe it well how would you describe it if you had you i don't have to what what integer you portrayed in the media i don't betray anything i am who i am and you guys put right with you again who what who are you who is the real dwayne michael carter jr do you like to port ray yourself is just ass it then said the rat like to portray myself as nobody has amply ways be doing microcredit young and arbitrary myself as anything in images self described well you have to wait on deal with questions will have to await the anything earnestly i mean galileo may tell me that i had to wait but please do not ask the question thank you your honor do right are you save you right
and railway that guy like that we can railway what does that mean that i worry is that your next question is that threat against must not slacken unionist astern s question please progression of time the hoodie is off he can save you then what is their me i was able to myself my job he can save you the real my he's a beautiful i'm a bank gratefully that though is beautiful here there was built because
that guy was talking to him in that like weird formal speak that you have to do if you'd give a deposition right that's like not human it's like it's weird does it takes it's almost like removing a lot of context removing the logic they speak like text messages there's no it's it's a legal document flowing out of someone's amount because he's writing the question these transcribing it as he goes it needs a sound legally correct why photos brilliant that he was trying to get a little way to define himself right and what about bullshit question yeah how would you describe the media's portrayal i wouldn't and it also depends what site outlet you don't have would you describe the media's portrayal of you joe fear factor guy really still the case that you have z guy maybe maybe the usa needed loom low measured me that doesn't it depend on what outlet yeah
depends on whether they like you they don't like exist or fresh or with depends on whether or not they have a motivation i think it's pretty clear at this point that what you're getting at the news is not just the information of all the things is happening all over the world its they haven't agenda right and if their agenda is to mock you you know if you are a celebrity who lay love they might about you and glowing terms or if you are so limited even in your get arrested because you slammed you're suv into a pull while doing rails a cocaine it's like no no i wouldn't then that then they always talk down on you but i'm saying depends on their land you could be like a person like janet the lopez it getting married and that's a piece of news or you could be like lindsey low handcraft her car again i think and why i think it does depend on the celebrity because i think like what coiled damson had another group see today on the side of the road they hate that guy than it has done but there are some celebrities that they treat kid gloves because their work they want sit down for the next junket to promote their movie thinkers
i'll think anymore man i really like to have so many people create a like i've worked in it to my idea what people will say and won't say because they create the life feel like when you get like us and level of fucked up at nasa drunk driving you drowned captains and apparel all bets are off but there are some they'll forgive some celebrities and adele forgive some personalities if they feel like later on it might bid might benefit them if there were certainly if they're trying to get more interviews rank ass they re worried about poland the thankful about like apple is one of those companies that blogs are afraid to write about its a bit of a tangent they're afraid to write about them in certain negative ways because that way they want be allowed into their conference or get an early review unit right that has happened they pulled all those bother plugs forgives moto wednesday's moto leaked you know that i found that i found stuff once they get the guy's iphone from the bar oh that's right or they said fuck you guys motor will never get a thing it s still a unit to this day they still ongoing go in there and i can see this grudges wow how rude apple steve
fox's dead can we go on get along five it's as black mary i am now and i was like blackmoor vice only on this last podcast and everybody was like thank you so much for introducing me to this there's this is just one of the episodes here there it is the best the channel for many series i dont need to belabour accident last time and what's it about candidates about like near future societal issues that will come about because of the rapid changing pace of technology that is that that is the seed that that sprouts each of them we episodes in there all completely different completely different aesthetics completely different directors but they're all with that guy at three p m show me that moment pull it up you know she's frantically trying to delete it hey we had that argument two hours ago you said this and it really upset me i didn't say it like that that the assimilation why said the societal issues because like we were talking about google glass is right when you have the ability to to life blog win win
devices light enough powerful enough cheap enough in using up to i record twenty four hours here whatever i see and i can play it back right that that's what one issues are one of the episodes is about to watch a couple try to navigate the relationship where every moment is fuckin recorded rice like i want to see what happens june twelve when you were with that guy at three p m show me that moment pull it up you know she's did we trying to delete it hey we had that argument two hours ago you said this in a really upset me i didn't say it like that oh yeah boom pull that momentum and look at it there's an economic issue that will happen as a commercial that there were running really recently about a dash cam they sell gash i am now and so the guy pulls over someone in this like this is a real reenactment of an actual accident in new york city and the woman goes this guy hit me and the guy goes up to the cop and says would you like me to tell you what happened or show you what happened and the so what you mean yes i have a dash work him the chosen the cameron clearly shows the woman heading i say goes ma am let me
tell you that lying to an officer is you know a crime do you want to go to jail tell me the truth and she is okay i hit him if you search for russia search for russian dash can or russian insurance broad dashed can't able to hold on is that bad what because cells eyes the guy's protected from accidents that seems good and maybe like a cop beating your ass that's that's another possibility item cop was havin a hard day decided to king here ask as he thinks no one's watching bided i certainly mean to imply that that technology will only lead to new of societal consequences this mighty series just happens to explore them in that negative right yeah if it doesn't the beautiful poetic way without said emma you mean you notice i'm a proponent of the you know that single lord i want i want transcendence transcendental isn't like put as much peace but plastic put pc hearts and mean more assured me of your but are exactly let's go i put it to me i wanted to get our if i d chip back when our thirty first came out so i can have all my might my credit cards mike
remote entry in my badges to my work on one of them all they put in their so you too slight my hand you know that was one thing that the body item rises and accident yeah i think would happen is this lady backs into a common and get what i'm guessing is that she's gonna say something like you ran into the back whether there are great videos of like people in china russia like running at cars that are part in the streets in an leaping under the hoods enrolling off running getting going really charging the car we just saying before broncho this video talking about trans humanism about the hour if i d chip where you slow and how to put a desert myth buster said that that was the one episode that they were not allowed to enter they couldn't do episode of an hour if i d chip they were told by their network that was a subject of interests they could not explore you what happened with those guys we heard the story but they were going to do it and the like the guy's behind your if i detect a chip maker said you have we just want to get on the phone with you to discuss
the technology discuss the show before we help about or whatever and so they hopped on the line and on the other side of the line was like forty lawyers from credit card companies from security firms saying you cannot do this episode you cannot talk about if i d it is the most unsecured fucking system in the world absolutely insecure you can build pringles can readers for them pull the data right offer them you can hack and you can cloning there is good videos of the cattle what are you explain to everybody who doesn't know what they factors are if i d mean its remote bubbling remote frequency identification basically a bit think of the chip the size of a grain of rice or sometimes like flat there very very low to no power devices that can be passively read so if you're the beacon a reader they even like something in your phone they could put it in your clothes long clothes they use it like us security systems and malls when you walk through a reader that's because a lot of them are i fight debased and as ping the the product and that sent it off and said ok this
in our security barrier being reach those little credit cards and you tap them to readers a lot that is our authorities some of it is near filled communication which is a slightly different standards coming about now but there is a lot of our fighting swiping for security in buildings that all exists it's been hacked to high heaven can buy aref idee readers you can read all the information you can hack it passports and have a rough idea of now they're very unsafe pull out your info they concluded they can copy it you know entirely sure there is great videos of bmw's now being hacked they they sell blank keys that you can code wireless key start on em and there's a pretty easy process to this pop it into the car and have it right the new key code to it like a dealer kind of thing and you can start the cars and drive now they fix it sends and it's not just not just a bmw thing but these guys can be read in hacked and that's where they went didn't want the myth busters talk about it because we are now building foundations and we're building institutions in our daily lives that are that are built on done fault faulty security premises like
becoming very comfortable with near feel communication and tapping things whatever in yet there completely hannibal and easily cloned in these broken is it something that can be fixed in the future and they don't wanna alert people before they develop a fix for wealth selected at if they ve invested millions of dollars and in creating new systems and transitioning their key cards and passports to this technology the last thing they want is a security concern but this is an age old problem security is always an issue was built by a human being it'll be broken by a human being so there's no really fixing it you can make it stronger you can make it smarter sure there's no real fixing like so that in the future of the world when when it comes technology and in it it is depend and upon our cooperation because it so point time we're going all have access to anyone but you're essentially we can all be readable everywhere we gotta get all the remaining that we're heading that way rates it's almost like it said
itself up so that no one can ever really truly being control and that it does have to be a sort of a group decision at the very top because at a certain point time like right now who's in what regard like what i'm saying is right now if you're looking at technology by pointing now that the government's tracking surely they have always chief he asked in your phone so its pages like an apple there's a gps new phone the gps their phoned knows exactly your location is but it is point time i'm gonna know where your location is too it's not gonna just be the government is gonna be anybody wants to know it's gonna get the point where everything is going to be accessible what will accept that for convenience like their arms now but allow me to it like find my friends or there's an app where i can send you a temporary gps tracking token from my phone so for all trying to meet up at a restaurant or an amusement park you not the text means a dude where are you you can pull me up on a map and see that i'm five minutes away in a drive you what street i'm on so will accept some of that in the name of convenient than by fun in vienna
it's fun you friend and coach ella oh hey look row little dots running around with my pack man gave that's billy dope actual again that will be cool and will accept that to an extent but then we will also privacy controls which a will likely be able to be hacked course be the government will not that will ignore those that remain me they fuckin well though and this they want you never did you see that they have that apple has its they ve trademark or a patent on a technology that love the government to disable the recording phone yes it allows people to shut off the phones video capabilities remotely so that you can't produce videotape protests or what were they not specifically say protests about a reason for it wild or your lot already is what they say why was it purity why would it ever be in your best interests and not be able to video tests we need a new digital bill of rights that says that if by the way let me just say for the record that there are the reason for developing this technology is that apple was involved in many patent law suits and all and so
he comes to the ability to record bands ability you're getting to the point where you know the new phone has eight mega pixels the fuckin videos fantastic you can almost get something that's you could you could put out and it would be a really good version of it and the problem with that as you could record people and then put their shit online rights right so they want to be able to have a concert say will you can't record this conscious for santa media becomes a real problem in the eu s down and enable ice now everybody knows your shit so that's apples ideas that they would set up so that if there was a concert you couldn't record the constitution off there but they speak but i still think that's a huge security concern echoed that could be a wild security concern watson it's an awesome move first fuckin samsung because it was i'm gonna go android yeah yeah they have the easy fuck the or they'll build the future into their phones and then have to pay apple millions of dollars once they soon right one of this europe in there how does it work there's a great at the name is
we need but it actually stitches together multiple recordings based off of visual queues and end like audio like that way forms and hunkered so if you're adequate the radical cello and there's forty people in the crowd that are filming it with their iphones they can all upload their video and it will stitch those angles together as best it can you can kind of jump around that's bad that's getting lost its crazy fuck and cool feudalism mind fucking to have as an it but you won't be using it streaming at life thanks to the rising data caps what is rises data caps nannies companies deluges any company that selling limited data plans right now is stifling innovation and fucking consumers over and fucking over into a dozen rather limited references anyone really wearily have a network data decent network to how do you do for tang and that it is not its it's a shadow of what eighteen tee and verizon provide as far as for gmail right absolutely but not as horizontal average no no no it's fine for coverage but the problem is that now we're training
farmers and consumers to second guess their decisions when it comes to data like could you imagine on your home computer second guessing downloading world of warcraft will you might cause you don't play but downloading movie streaming netflix cleaning and worried about them i am worried about the data caps now it's what we're going back where regressing from unlimited back to the days have you got ninety three hours or for free meigs on prodigy like oh it used to be unlimited and then with the iphone it really kind of clogged up the network right that's that those that what we are voting and generally with smartphones in general that signal the shift from being a traditional voice device to now i rarely make calls on my phone i'm sending tax i'm streaming videos i'm tweeting unread it yet we look like never talk him yeah going such yet and we skype because it's easier to see fit like is so close to me coming through the internet but to that point i did like to skype sessions on the road with a rise in little forty pots bought a little jet pack and i use the three point nine this is our a video chat
right and so now has been i was afraid to check emails and do work and i'm like this is bad for an entire industry this will stifle innovation because the next is the instagram a video might not get created if it takes up much bandwidth wise cellular so much more expensive than saving on land is at all it is because they can't they would say it's because it's more expensive to launch the satellites and that the bandwidth itself is crazy expensive it's really mean you can throttle during peak usage but there's no reason to limit how much data can suck down at three i am your network is not that congested you know the air is there more expensive for them if people use more ores there are lots of taxing on board and there is the just ass you order that their system can handle it should mean that their hats point yes it gets to that but it's so that's a wave of limiting it by getting people to pay more right but the price of bay i mean there's been studies show that what you pay now for band with even though it is more expensive and its faster what you pay now for band with his exponentially higher than what you used to pay his band with should be getting cheaper and
the problem that i have given it to get a jet pack from verizon an aid to pay to be a new customer right jets just to put you in a system you have to pay for them the sim card essentially that they're gonna pop in your vice of beginning divisive to tethered to the account ftp for the device itself sign up for a contract then with there the plans have to pay for the data of two by the band with the four gives a month and you have to pay extra too neither did the device that you just bought that you're the contract for do you have to pay to tell that to the data like i don't mean to get on the media soap box in the fuckin world but that is bullshit going into a restaurant paying to go into the door paying to sit for your table ordering water you have to pay for the world pay for the cup that it's going to go into and then you go to drink the water the like none of it now you have to tether a straw to that water i noticed bought that one european month you're paying at the asked for it even if it's just from a garden hose but you gotta pay too there are strong sit that water it's fucking highway robbery is that going a better maybe
how can you have you fix you'd have to have more companies get there's gotta be collusion going on because once once once verizon announces we're gonna do this type of data plan eighty in t follow suit sooner or later brent well once the network gets more popular in that the vices get sold the horizon can't you can't use data and calls at the same time even under four g under the new phone on a new article ninety i phone you can i think you can on anti can you handle it refer you to the three g network will you tell you can on every single thing except the iphone verizon's you can't it's it's u cans can't and ask that you can't do that you can't do it on the iphone but you can do that on everything on every other year so if you buy like the galaxy s three you can do it i fucking i love galaxy i hate those commercials no better way to make me not give a shit about your product than by spending three minutes of air time why telling me that i'm a douche lie waters commercials watch come what may happen before what
he has now sometimes are hard to skip oxford what about mars and hit me what you think about this and i am saying now let me which have you play that i am really thought no doubt no kind of guy the galaxy note phone that sort of a half tell that when we were viewed it on attack when i don't know issues could it's delicious holding a giant tablet again does above may who like it looks like a bluetooth headset on you does not on me i have done on me i need it in my life have you haven't seen those commercials over they show that people waiting in line for the i follow you look like assholes talking about the incremental features and like listen spend your third seconds telling me why your phone is better which they barely due in the commercial they just been time trying to make me feel like an asshole because they use an iphone i'm not supposed to have eyes it so it little tactic at all the terrible tactic it's like because the main one of them ass the little guy like even of a bomb i'll sell his product zella mitt romney by making fun of obama me that's what i'm doing a great job of selling to rage he knows the us to get just to fifty three percent of the country the pay taxes
those are not even freeloaders dont care about them it's everybody everybody does ebay income tax you give a fuck about tat was when the biggest gaps in politics history i wasn't it ass though not about media is again today because you don't think george bush senior george bush w you don't think of those guys think big actually that's what i mean it was a gap in the sense that it got out and said it but that's what they really think courses of borders that's what they think there's never been business man looked out for people you think about a guy like an he's a ruthless business man when you get to be the main korea the world you get hundreds of millions of dollars of profit ladies and gentlemen you don't do it by doing what's best for people it doing by you do it by doing this for company you do it by me
examining ones and zeros that's it and you do do it at the expense of humanity it's a creepy i'd area there is no this all on the spreadsheet euro one and residual you're a bottom line to a business it's this is this max of racism look i'm not a no bomber fan i'd i do not like what he's done as far as civil liberties go i think as a human being he seems later guy i don't understand why such a shit president because a human being i see he he the way he interacts with people i ethan a genuine fungi like the way you hear stories of him in college you can old not a weed but it's it's super super disappointing to me and then i but it is a big deal between him and mitt romney mitt romney is creepy ass business man and the idea this guy being a bit this man would somehow not be better for this country i dont believe you think that i think you're racist
i think it is i think there's a lot of people they just want to believe that mitt romney would would do a better job because a business man and he would get things done and myanmar obama's for the redistribution of wealth but then you you press them about it they really don't even know what the fuck that means ninety percent of people to talk about about lobbying for the risk redistribution well they dont even understand what the real concern amongst these socialist ideas or most of what he is saying is really not a redistribution of wealth in the classical sense is not an electron steel money from people and robin hood the mother fucker but you talk to a guy like mitt romney and he will put ones and zeros ahead of people for fuck inshore and he will think that if rich people get richer they will make more jobs for the poor people in the poor people be ok and he oh cut away funding and he will he will ultimately do things that are not good for people that are struggling that's what i believe when when you when you talk about his tax policies new fund of the middle class people actually have to pay more money should go up on two thousand and average two thousand dollars more per year
you man for you or a guy who paid fourteen percent yet it's incredible that people would say that this guy seems likely to be a good choice i say even for what he saying he would do i dont believe he's gonna do anything says ducas obama don't do anything he said he would do didn't close down guantanamo bay he didn't stop fucking with the medical potshots he didn't do anything he said he was going to do he didn't pull out of iraq and two years after he did east were still there by the way we never really pull out of a fuckin enormous base their filled with soldiers is no pulling out pulling out anywhere we we have basis and a hundred countries plus so just whereas in germany one sixteen just would want money says he would do you really want that fuck you man fuck you you know
that you just want a white guy i've talked to people i'm like listening to the things are saying and they don't even really know what the fuck mitt romney stand up and they don't know what he's done and i think that's i think that is true i don't necessarily know that their decision though is rooted in racism i think it's just kind of rooted in a general ignorance about what he's really done there's that but there is also this glaringly there's a swathe of racist there is more than i can say that enough it's silly thing to be my i have friends were unwilling aunt em up that doesn't really unmolested away that i find it would kill you can't you can't bring it out because there's a lot of people in countries that are religious and if you start making fun of religion you gonna lose a big giant chunk of them no one is saying ladies gentlemen there is no god i am the last person to say there's no god you know why because i haven't died and because
i've experiencing i've experienced some things in this life that are completely unexplainable i am not sure that reality makes any sense i'm not sure that it is is just realities is something you can touch and feel feeling is many more layers to this that we're not perceiving there could easily be something like that but i'll tell you what not real mormonism we feel that a fuckin kid in eighteen twenty was fourteen years old kid named joseph psmith found goal in tablets the contained the loss work of jesus and that only he could read them because he had a magic rock and eggs con by that yeah but bore down at fourteen was fourteen weeks he was just a con man he became an ex caught in a polygamous by the way they they fuckin took over europe because you wanted to bang multiple bitches you don't wanna be married one brought the idea
that you think that guy had it all wrapped up that he was the messiah that he was the prophet you're a fucking idiot ok that's a doctor seuss book it's not even a good doctor seuss book he found a magic rock so he could read the tablets that's nonsense so you saying that you are a nonsense person no you can't be the present at least like christianity and least about islam and its we don't know people who wrote them this is old old old shit when things get over a thousand years old it gets super blurry as to who really wrote it but we owe the guy who wrote the book of mormon we now that fuckin guy you can read the wiki and see how it all got started could j balls seventeen lazy
did you know that it was they believe it there's another planet and then the osmond brothers had an album based on this planet ass it was called lose what is the fuckin planet the mormon planning clutter something ridiculous on or maiden plan osmond album and you know when i say this in all peoples who the fuck you falcone views foot in this i am not an atheist i'm not an atheist but i am a believer in bullshit and so weird thing to me that in this day and age you can look at something that obvious and people resist the idea that that's bullshit you are that's the idea that dejesus really come back from a dead you really i'm not seen jeez didn't exist i don't fucking know that gees existed but a guarantee
we didn't fucking just die and magically come back to life in its written down and because some crazy fox it wrote a bunch of other questionable shit down that clearly thought that slavery was ok clearly treated women as second class citizens clearly said that you should fuckin be killed if you were to different types of cloth at the same time i mean there's so much loony tune shit with that book but you can't live your life based on at the mormons figured out the loophole for banging multiple wives at the same time you gotta hand him that i could see why someone would subscribe to that the plan it's called caller clear k o o o b and the arguments have in there their album will they have won album called call up and if you pull pull up the image of it brian osmond brothers k o o o b it's really weird cause they have like
pictures drawn inside the planet of what it would look like artist road rights here i met donnie osman donnie osman i did he show a couple times did the don amory show with the news radio cast an eye did about myself once and donnie os very nice guy but i showed him some pictures of some some i think some girl pulled it it's out of the com store oh no that's not what it was it was a black hooker when our films that's film a factor i took this picture of this black hooker was work those treating the sandwich is like the great task watch photo from life from the patterson given agenda much footage its literally injured by telephone policies ediths the greatest amount of oda any is the greatest photo on an even if it can be found on line if you give way like google hooker cheeseburger is it on line no she was eating a meatball sub and she pulled her tit out and she's gotta
maple cellular hey we're on which she he pulled it out form it will she was a hooker you know she's trying to drive that whether viral for subway i think she does that she lost her soft me just where i was all there it was real it was the universe smiled upon so you show it i should show this to donnie and i go check this shit i got this fuckin picture today on the set and danny husband looked to me like i just ate his hat in front of us if you looked at me like i just gave him poison shattered is world ruin his chances of heaven is recording my parents and i was shocked i mean he was legitimately shock and i thought about how is this guy got through show business and i've met like brett michael's you re very nice guy i'm at tom size i met some real freaks you know and they were very nice guys that data have got into this high level showbiz like how is this guy like so weird how's he so weird like ie
of the petty leaked out by pussy has he seen cake farts or two girls one cup because that is the re admission he's a super we need to get supra norman great we need to get it in front of him and record that reaction listen to him marie like order him around was the magical is this your photo isn't yeah that's it that's a real equality so it has yellow you can all because a stream really it's a woman's breast was take chance screwed up real quick it's a real lay that last by the plight of women the breast was albania was perfect it was in its rate over the hand its literally like those photos on the moon where their standing in a spotlight where there's no way this could have actually been like set up that that perfectly and it was a stupid ass camera to was a shitty like motor oil lobbying on unit is isn't even why one megapenthes i don't think i'm enough i think it was maybe one mega might have been a megapixel but it just was the perfect i doubt that alighting was perfect i love that
picture i love that has proved that there is a guy i smiled favourably upon you and gave you that my ass lively legs i feel like do something to that and purple lit and it was my background image on my computer but every time i open it up on a plane a fuckin shit he looks i had i had but china like put folders in front of her tat but it's enough people still given that i on the private tried to put him in there that people still equipped really i still leave landmines and my phone like in my photo and adjust them and a photo role because every now and then some of my pick up a phone if i'm on a set of actual papers interesting in case the phone goes off so someone seeds like just deeds vesting each something brilliant i know he's gonna look at all your phone you gotta tat they never finished when i got you gotta oh my favorite thing in the world he just thinking like this is the guy who calls him and then he sees the picture of guys feasting when the cause but no it every call its principle we had a deal while paper i went in and there was a while we're where was a photoshop of me getting fucked by ryan seek rest which someone had made for me it's what you gonna take
to celebrate he going on any news item brilliant vote that is one of my favorite things though about the iphone is that big ass picture that comes up and someone calls i think that is amazing that to me is like very futuristic like a few call me and i look at my phone i see your face unlike that's kind crazy etc and if trips me like face time is getting there but the ability to click and its them video calling you that's all that's where it's fine colombia oh ba coelho billy yeah see it's fuckin nonsense i think that they might be called the plan near their album is called the plan might not be call a bit might because in that album songs about mormonism do is it and it gets all it's all in there the other they talk about the crazy you know shit they believe it's at this
the nautilus annually to see book amendment and i should say it has great it's also one of those religions where they are involved in the most arrests for like having calls and fuckin kids like whenever like some polygamy guy gets passed at first while it could just be that they're setting him up with the kid fucking thing but that's how they get them you know that they can't you know that looks like anything but who can resist will now they're also you know vice dot com has been a whole series on where mitt romney came from the mid run it came from religious sect of america eric and mormons that move to mexico so they could still bang multiple wives because polygamy out lots will i will fuck you will just move over here so neither in odin like armed war with the cartels so as to cartel versus the romney's in mexico there's drug wars going on the kidnapping romney's have been kidnapped other people been kidnapped fucking korea who has more money to cartels the romney's that's the quite hotels cartels by a long shot they have gold everything
cosmic gold toothbrushes gold guns of your seem like how these guys go jet skis wouldn't kill them they final version gold pistols and uganda photos i just pulled it up in three seconds fuck are using bang bang just more mass planet osman album does pile up mormon planet osman album load cultivated the first google damage its this is it's called the plan if you are looking at the other google images is one where it's got gods hand that's holding the plan and sites so he has the whole world in his hand it's so yeah like it and others not it i wonder who that guy is did he more is the pity osmond bro holbrooke light that item of us mormon planet osman up yes that's the that's the album the plan and if you look deep inside the album issue were try album aren't you the goal is ergo lemon search google just do a google images
if you want i can ask siri more how many things you have gone mormon planet osmond album when you have on bar planet my brother's plan the plan the yet get all that other stuff come on the other day commander see that is that's thank the god holding the hand there is holding the the planet that's column you just gotta script that's the planet where i guess god loves her husband i just like such a shitty rhyme such a shitty story it should be a should be a doctor seuss rhyme occur once badge to bid what's the other came looking for the tablets are where these tablets he said angels came and took them away that was his answer that you shit bag fuck bad story right megatheria that's its live journal quality writing even its rivals earn openly about back in eighteen twenty you couldn't you have to show your sources now at the sight anything
this sir this fuckin guy who wrote this stuff from into this just joseph psmith character then mean that is its a painfully bad story i just edge and none of it it's tough it plays a role at all in society it's insane candidates in saying that it's insane and on the status and i'm not saying again i'm not saying i have any answers i certainly don't have any answers but i am saying that as human beings forget it religious freedom freedom at a certain point time do you have to have the ability to rationally express what the fuck is going on and when you take into consideration a guy's qualifications to be a leader one of them has to be whether he not he's a gullible fuck well that's really that simple you have freedom of expression when it comes to religion and that its fine in great believe what you want but when you're with religious beliefs inflows policy which affects my freedom will suddenly i dont have religious freedom because i don't believe in the crazy shit
or what i deem to be a very good now your religion is informing my life it's determining what i can and cannot do it's a very good point and its also that religion like in in choosing to believe something especially something is ridiculous as mormonism that entry to believe in a sort of defines you as a person and i'm allowed to judge you in sense if you're trying to run in for a position of leadership i have to look at you as a potential leader there are a lot of people that i respect deeply in this world for their intellect for their mind but i've i've had some people that i even really deeply respect and have these really big hiccups when it comes to religion assure hums too when that happens that part of i know you i can't have the conversation with you anymore because you ve got a wall you ve got this is and you got any illogical spot you gotta like a little a little mind cancer and there were you can't you can't just dig it can't rationalized i remember having a conversation with a school teacher and it was
really smart guy is an interesting guy he said there was some one said something about god and about how there is no other way i forget what it was and and i said see you seen evidence of of stuff that that shows there's no other way that something could have existed except for god and he goes yes as a matter of fact molecules have been shown to be so complex it would be possible for us to even imagined let alone create them that alone has to be proof of a god and the guy was like yes yes it must be in the other the woman's like it has to be proof of a guy like that is craziest thinking i've ever heard that means that the amount tool to you is the proof of the god
thus far can universes the universe and which is composed of molecules by the way that are all touching each other and by the way and are all nothing better hours ago filled with air a thousand years ago we didn't know there were molecules so too is preposterous to go we will this is too complex will never solve as we don't even know you didn't have a usage for that word or knowledge of what it was until science discovered oh there are these little and clearly we have why to go but this guy this was what he was holding onto and i was like i will cite put what's your security i was like this guy's a teacher is a school teacher and users guys like i go come on man with there's no other way you know i'm not saying there's no god but you're you're argument is that something is super complex are only god created it
you shot off you have a party or head that doesn't work you dont use it my my mother despite being presented mountains of evidence that i was putting in front of our eyes really believe that john edwards could talk to the dead like wanted to go on crossing over really wanted to meet him wanted to have him i believed in and not the presidential candidate not the presidential candidate the tv personality who claim that he could speak to dead people and scanned that countless thanks the people out of their money by saying he he would do cold ratings basically i'm getting something with a j he would do that and i showed her the technique there are books on it i showed where he was trained on its despite that she refused she had that wall she wanted to believe cause she needed to believe and at some point she were president that may inform her decision she might believe those people exist she might go to them for four
policy advice like lord knows and i would have liked things yes for sure if europe gullible per second should not want if you please i flag on the play and let her go person see me ladies and gentlemen i could during cop right down open this door its last ornery left me i turned coffee i can handle it i can keep together you know my broadcast partner of the eu have julia filling sexy now thank you the way better my broadcast born in the sea mike wolberg where you have to death has a small splatter of any human being on the planet it so bad that we count me and the sound guys we have a running count and sometimes will have like a pool i i'll say that you will be over five or six he will get up six times during the broadcast to pee i mean literally he'll get up hill p and then run on the p again it's raising a video of him in vegas getting up
in getting no getting mad when he said why do you pay so much energy like that you tell rogan they gets mad i bring it up because i was playing a drinking game for why stop playing the drinking gangs that in what people torture and drinking was every time he would go get up i would be the guy was introducing the fighters they would walk through its usually the way it sets up is michael burg will introduce fighter and as a guy's walking into the octagon couple minutes so cool say the guy's name you maybe say some pertinent facts about the guy i will address its strengths as an athlete address his style and what recently coming off of and when i think he needs to do here tonight and the people have something to think about when the guy steps than the octagon they don't just know the guy's name they also know a little bit about the guy but we you only hear me talking and like you know alan the talent belcher ounce fight now do grooves is just me talk and that means goobers person and i was sand a throne
it's a say mrs bore no that's like that's like you only you are talking and mike scar war someone that's not the use of its yes a roaring arena there's no crickets wisely leaving is leaving it is a cricket all of a sudden it is illogical son so he runs off and i say what you're playing today ufc drinking game time to take a drake ladies and gentlemen and that just you know i think that torture them i think too many people after a better europe north carolina this parlor there's still still available so go to where you can go to jail rogan dot net and of dudley all the information is also available on my twitter if you go to my twitter page just twitter dot com for slash rogan i'm in raleigh friday night at the memorial hall and an almond asheville on saturday night at thomas wolf i've been around
we allow raleigh i gotta holler my boy clearly bree debris from ever games cliff he lives in raleigh that fuckin sanity coming this how did i get i'm going to contact email suggesting a show of yours that nazism casting was come and i like to do a thing like less progress this need all i don't do sly podcast i think like podcast or a rip off i'm sorry for all those people out there that are doing live podcast that are making we do in it but your charge and money to pay for people to sit down and watch something that's not as entertaining a stand up comedy in a comedy club that's how i feel like i've ever seen
that i disagree with what you say this i think that it's alive performance and like when i did lead up we made sure to make an interactive and to get people on stage in and make them part of it so it gives them inexperienced they can't have that's right you got a whole festival about it let me just explain something from a point of view of a stand up to mediate when i'm on change in the crowded it's a pack crowd surrender people i know what's the best thing i can do robust saying do not sit down our conversation the best thing i can do stand up and it was a crowd here what we were doing this if there is to be washes i would not be able to have the same sort of conversational tone i would be we are aware that these people are watching a fuck important and this is it to show that we are behind every hundred genuine autonomy how dare you you just can't heavyweight enemy lyin can i just say that it's a whole new fuckin world like there is i couldn't i was trying to actively listen for like the last twenty minutes and i couldn't and couldn't figure out why and it's because i had to pay
so bad and i mean there's a study that that it says that if you are driving with an intense need a europe eight it's about as bad as driving drunk like your ear focus and your reaction times are so impaired you has your body is like empty your fucking bladder though i believe i was going through that they realize it so i apologise to you and i do agree that you handle the luggage champ aspect through mandeville bad sierra that while commercials because all due to piss allots also what they invented adult diapers yeah kick is but brian use those mouse once what people in times square use them for new year's eve everybody knows we i was there for new year's and i was not interested in watching the ball drop but everything is talk i would like to get there at six or eight a dot m because you won't get near enough to see anything or experienced anything internet to stand there all day and then what will you do if you got to go to the bathroom i call you have to wear diapers everybody which is now changed my vision of any imagery in times square because the people that are up front near the ball drop baby
and since atm and they have shit and peace in their joy and it doesn't help us about my problem is it smelled like shit everywhere now you know why sir it's now demands and worthless originals none or not in times square he rightly moroccans that shit now when he should his pants it smelled like shit rosetta a grocery store and i should as pan argot
i'll let you go you can't do that it is not we like next time you see the people celebration in the streets at times square just now that a good percentage them have a load in their jaws and air bringing in the new year is tat it is so ridiculous is about transiting there's like commonly known like to know whether there is a forum where they meet and they say what kind of depends you do like does he think that in this smell protection like with illegal entrants traders talking about strategies would you do if you pick up a girl and you make out at midnight like you just me and then at the stroke each ptarmigan on your both weren't april you gotta get you gotta do a diaper swap it's a start sixty nine pull herzog and then you bring it around and her son of a bitch like back and forth forever hot that someone eight hot peanuts meanwhile someone would be into that for some of them there's this x definite community for that fact gear this a lot of people that morning like johnny while champagne is doing it right now and if we can show yarn about seven the
if you can find people unwanted you're fucked by horses you can find people from one that video when you re we use it when you hear the point where horses com you hear that ground that's the last round here today making for the rest of your life like that is it now i want them to be my no text i wanna hear that whenever someone texts me wouldn't numbers are of people that have been fucked to death by like big animals like horses and shake just that one guy had enough i was in traffic for an hour day more people need to get fucked death there what are the number i wonder if we look at other than that for throughout history would think more than a thousand how many people you think of my bed and its budget are the numbers decreasing or the increasing because i'm getting things increasing as the populations increasing sure but also there wasn't twitter back then so what else we gonna do you gotta get fucked my horse how many of you know what else to be influenced by the ability to put video of them getting fuck by an animal online y know that makes them pull the trigger with front facing camera on this thing
has me doing more than walking whenever stock absolute was a conversation that we had yesterday about convincing people to do things that in the the eye in entrapping people is causing more chrome yeah just in order to be able to solve it you know that that's another sign of of sickness and this crazy we're that you can actually talk somebody into doing some fucked up because it's there it's it's an endemic thing because of the bottom line they have to justify their jobs and show that their preventing terrorism in any way to do that in the light of these cases does it go out and entrapped people and create scenarios that they can jump on board with and the people that are to people that are awesome going under cover and pretending to be someone else getting a russia that too by the well russia pulling it yet what sometimes those the type charismatic people that can talk you and doing things you wouldn't aboard done right well sometimes that's the case the sometimes they're taking ex cons and are taking people that would normally be stories and
powering them in saying you go do is already illegal shit you want to do and will back you with the badge within locked about all this yesterday unfortunately one overall my front teeth we're talking about weighty bolder and other did you know that guy was working for the ep yeah i was the head of the boston yeah it's a mess of the sis ii system was fucking completely ridiculous and so do you think the feds are running stings of encouraging people to fuck horses or get fucked a lousy could they dig it is possible i think someone can talk i have a job i quitted the settings is at a joke national about mormons that mormons are afraid of gay marriage and if anybody should be afraid of gay marriage so that's mormons because of some of the talking to being a mormon think it probably talking secondly deck and they really is true that you should be scared you should be scarce i'm talking to some completely ridiculous someone can talk people into there's a lot of people out there that are like super persuasive lincoln talk people in doing a lot of things and so once
when does something and they do it with the aid of someone who happens to be an agent i used to think that that was bullshit that persons a criminal somewhat came on if someone came over me and told me to blow up through habitability railways do you have it i'm not an idiot there's something about either idiots and it's not fair that summer can come along and convinced this idiot
you know he is going to defend islam by giving him about the guy in dallas whether they are providing them with a vague wrong he pressed the button then they moved in on the arrest of them think you'd think gave our fate by gave him the bomb the given cab there to keep everything you need to do it and by the way there are people listening to this right now that are wearing multiple q re balance bracelets because they believe it given the power to lift cars and balanced better if people humbly casino especially to believe that do they really believe they know that there shall you diana guy gets right replaces outlining its power policy this guy this guy's try to do that to me to this guy who is a salesman mike goldberg was told me how great they were whose word one does you gotta wear this scourge going to show you so hebrew this guy over and this guy try some fuckin carney tricks on may re like putting our hands behind you clasp your hands down and employees act at all those now put i go what are you doing what you don't go you're not doing the same why argo you're the your angle is different i go stand right here i go now do it i go home and what are you doing
what did the other guy what are you guys doing are you playing little kearney tricks i go if you want to do something i go let's do it exactly the same when i go put my arm down now pull my armed honourable compromise on down the automatic gotten into the bracelet not not try to do i go you crazy who bought this and my cows anybody clients that people like you're moving around in showing me different angles i am i do jujitsu i understand that we raise leverage we gear changing the leverage point on people did even get that though some people got convinced by infomercial into a on pete fuck that some people got convinced but this guy was watching people agree with him again do have more balance and i threw a fuckin wet diaper the party or the fuck are you talking man he was gonna get the company bonus trip to carbo and you ruined his number this guy it's grabbed my hand and like pinned it like to my body and light was like plan mercy with me and like lifting now try to resist what the fuck are you talking about you really this is some silly shit if you wanted to prove that it would give you better strength you would
belief waits you would say live waits now that you have this bright what don't you feel stronger right you know come on silly bitch was so that people can be talked into that shit that shit can be talked into an excuse lawyer jewellery i business and there is really not that fact that's fashionable as a cry still see people it's i see it all the time brody but when it is is is a psychological tool there's something that police yes but in that respect for some reason it seems to work you know with with fleets eve and there was a measurable different even in people that thought that it was a placebo even in people they went into with a preconceived notion that was a placebo knowing their probably right still had a benefit of it because the we're trying to convince themselves that it works doesn't talk about blood pressure placebo trial the last time i was here now there is a you might want to baby it's worth its worth googling i'll give you the fuzzy cliff notes on it but basically they did a study where they gave people a placebo and told them that it was a re real p
that was a real pill lower their heart rate in their blood pressure and work millcote miracles worm and to give it their group the same pill sugar watermelon said this is a placebo this pill does nothing else but doing this study conceivable oh your blood pressure it did it did where it in the people that even the bed were told it was a placebo who in the end when the trial ended they said ok that's it thank you the people revolted what're you doing my blood pressure is gonna go back up i need this pill like none of them are now it's a placebo it does nothing the pillars nothing and they had to start manufacturing placebo pills this is the same word austria you're giving details of exact same story i just i simplified it you made much more clear that that is there's some weird but our brains than weird with our brains when we believe things you know i think that reality is more malleable than we think it is out there we leave we ve shown that there's certain there is a certain amount of a fact positive energy and mood can have on
people and there's a certain amount of effect true belief in something can have on the ear environment there's something weird going on with the mind that's not it quite simple as well i think it is not one plus one equals too is one one equals too but if you believe in magic my little five right you can have you gonna magic variable in your equation that young the outcome the algorithm there's theirs i believe in yourself as a strange thing braniff in things that's why i tell people don't believe in yourself but dont believe up don't believe in anything or anyone in you but now right now because if you believe in things it can empower you that's really that locked up positive energy begets but where does positive on a simple is positive energy though it's not like that sort of some hippy idea is i don't geology what's the difference if you thinking positive not just thinking positive its thinking specifically about certain results and think
but i think i am moving in that direction certainly you exposure there's another and wish you know what i'm saying that there is some sort of a magical combination that when when used is greater than the sum of its parts theirs something to the human mind that affects reality in a way that i don't think we ve totally measured yet i think that i think there's there's you know our there have been studies that show the people that undergo surgery where there is a certain rehab time if they believe in the power of prayer they tend to heal quicker and fuller fischler that so there clearly there is some brilliant two viable evidence so you should believe in something you know even believing in something that's bullshit like if it empowers you hear some and weird about that usually bearing a cue right now and robbers bracelets for some your people it it's what they needed it's that that trigger that they needed to fire up that certain parts of their brain that gives you the green light to expect certain results they needed a totem guy
i believe that just the power of thought will be enough to compel me into a positive or propelled me into a positive direction but you give me a rubber trinket that i can now attach that positivity too and i go i believe that cause that's a thing that has a an owl louis something with crystal it's something is it was a mine gives the green light right you know what i realize there's some when i was a kid when i was competing in type one day when i was nineteen years old i went to watch the world cup a guy had a run from the time when i was set anti until i was twenty one i won the massachusetts state championship every year and then one year and one the u s open i came in second in the u s couples like really highly ranked nationally in that year was the year that i went to watch the world cup colorado springs and i saw the best fighters in the world and i came back from just watching it and all of a sudden i was like a year better it was like
she made this huge leap and i had a friend of mine who is who is going to use them as junk sick junk sick chang was a kid was fuckin a maniac this guy was a stew is it a medical student he was through his internship and training to be on the u s olympic type one no team at the same time use a fuckin savage since the most hardest working kid i've ever met my wife guy slept three hours every night which train like like madman but we were talking about egos what happened goes one get so good would happen like i don't know i would to this one place and i hit this new level it's like i like this really good local guy and then when i watch the world championships over the world cup rather and then all of a sudden i was like world class in it with it happened like overnight it happened so quick it was i realised what was possible i saw them
this guy's move and i what oh you can move faster you could do this more you could do that more and but just by having a new model in my mind my physical body caught up to that model like almost instantly like i had already have the physical capability but i haven't seen it yet so i didn't know where my mobile in i didn't know what was possible until was shown to me get you a barrier based off your body and you saw you saw that had happened bar could be raised ok i'll just go up there why also saw that those guys would fuck me up you know when you when you watch things objectively if you're a competitor the mole important part of getting better is you gotta know how bad you are right now you gotta know what you sucker you gotta know where you're holes are you gotta know what mistakes we make if you don't see that the enemy can see that i can see that another people immediately and i'm like madam can't say that i myself that's a fuckin horrible horrible handicap so you look he's got out i went washes guys remember like on the scout fuck me up the scout fuck me back i would knock me out
this guy would want to find when i'm like shit and i just realized there is a whole so all of a sudden i was doing things that i could never do before and i remember thinking like what was holding me back it was just that i haven't seen it and then i remember the thing about the foreman at mile nobody thought we could ever human being can ever run fast the foreman at mile just wasn't beyond our capability then one i did it and allow sudden a gang of people did it like immediately right so all of a sudden these new levels get set a new barriers get broken there's theirs something to it that's not just physical there's something to it where the belief in the when the mine has new information it changes the reality so where do you draw the line in in if you say it every if you can say or someone who has this belief for someone who has these thoughts that that empowers amend its positive for them when do you go well but your belief is wrong you know the debt one that you have that empowers you and in propels you and positively
actions that you you know that you give credit to for the positive and in your life when you got a cable that's wrong though because i could question it doesn't exist or because i can prove that was made up by somebody you not what point then give the right to say that these are some of us believe you dont while a lot of people look you know whether as the flying spaghetti monster or whether it's you know the norman isn't the president's reality or laura carry a bracelet yeah there's something that is empowering about having belief and seeing people one of the things i was scared of when i was a kid knows competing us scares pitying its religious guys cause i'd i felt like they but if something more than i do have a god i was wondering how i was filled with doubt about about you know i was in eighty at first and i was filled with doubt about what would have a my die mortality with i'm a good person or not and i would mean people there were like when i would see agreeing the bible before they would fight would scared the shit out of me that was like one thing that really there's a gun in clayton things clinton barbara whose
the top level guys and in my division and he was it was an army guy a new super religious exuberant scared the shit out of me i was terrified of he was in the most dangerous guy just to me he was scary because he was to religious it was just to creep in a lot of people as you know the lot of people say that religion is what compels them to do great things religion or our strong enough to go to to have them fly planes and a bit having said that if it if a book and philosophy can make somebody do that lord knows what make him do you the room when you say fly planes in buildings you're completely discounting what we have the documents the joe remote control planes are the only way you can get a plane to make those kind of turns which you believe the how much corruption do you believe there is in nine eleven i dont know i'd but all i know is what did i did it is from the outset a pandora's box than i did i did you want to talk about far too so that means for its duty
he's right about old garden there's this corruption and government note no question about it all you need to know if there's no reason to ever tell you the exact story so any story that happens whether it's the way we killed them some of enlightened which by the way we ve already had a difference in the story from one the actual seals who was on site killed osama bin law there's a difference between his story and the official store that the government has put out during our northern in now you go back into the past and look at the pat till story and you realize that they lied about what happened to the american hero in football star pat tillman who was killed by friendly fire who they are may have been actually murdered because he was complaining too much about the war he was at real patriot it went over there because you thought it was going to defend us against the terrorists and we got there we like it was a massive cluster fucking was talking about it quite openly and then it gets shag by haschak change rag year froggy frogs word gets killed and
make a total lie about we'd like just go inches no story just go inches of women that they said they had to take out in an armed insertion to remove her from her care issues rescued by genome high level guys when she's been kidnapped she wasn't thinking she was being in issues in a hospital being treated though the whole day they lie they just lie and i don't think it it's our blame the soldiers and blaming the very people at the top of the command poor doing this who have always been doing it like this state they did it since operation dirty trick you no one glenn first went to space if john glenn died there we're gonna blame it on the cubans there we're gonna come evidence and has not been proven pryderi concoct evidence they're gonna blame it on the cubans and they're going to war luckily we got a win win situation here sentence lucky guy in orbit dizzy blows up we just go fuck up cuba right and everybody's happy and call the catalyst it's called the way people
who have ultimate control run business in this this country has always been run by that so when something like nine one one happens and you look at all the potential thuggery that could have taken place from the fact that peace were gambling and betting on airlines failing right after a right before it happened that there was a massive amount of money that was was moved around insurance policies taken out for building an area must have evidence was destroyed minutes after the event this seems to indicate that there is a lot of room for potential thuggery and if you add that to what we know as happened in the past i throw my when i go i don't know i don't i don't really know what happened but i am not willing to ever stop and say that the government is on this occasion is telling one hundred percent of the truth even though they haven't done in the past and even though they been lying about the hour rencontre scandal and even though they lied about
virtually every fuckin thing that has ever happened overseas whether it's ennobled fuckin gulf time again whether its web what the reason why they pulled other battleships out of world war two out of out of pearl harbor we knew what happens if we let it received notice they we needed a catalyst to get us involved in that war i sold at a good g gordon liddy said you know they were saying on the history channel hadji gordon liddy was unfair factor and almost one just can't see at nights fucking obviously sucks see crashes car it have to eat weird shit or an end adds who's the guy who one he was like a fuckin heap he was like a leap big star in in the like the seventys and then it became drug out activists like cameras vulcan name shaped sikeston by weird obscure guy some singer guy aren't i also jared leader but it's on him
he is not obscure his music is powerful raising his music move mountains you as it is like that kind of a guy but she gordon liddy you know i had a conversation with impact it is like i don't i don't believe that's true of amongst others the history but is yes like they're they're saying that they decoded japanese that's why the reasons why they they left certain ships and they took out like some of the big battleships they get the likely they allow that to happen so that we can have an excuse to get into our were to write which ultimately i guess it's probably a good thing if the nazis actually did when miss as possible that we like a fuckin star wars type situation whether you know where the nazis lady get into a position where they can have a fuckin death star in farming it didn't get and our way towards it we're going at working to build a destiny we ve already got flying drowns already got the terms for dinner man yet they didn't you ever think of that star wars didn't write to be thirty thousand drones near now why would you need people in these typewriters next wing star wars didn't even have google didn't
google star wars that's it they need a man there the force by the way where you got the forced to the forces what we're talking about the forces the belief and the ability to do bush things money on the power of like positive bodies we one of those guys that was and it wasn't i wasn't illegals com justly doing but in my youth i was i would be jealous of people that had success or sometimes be angry that someone did something creative as opposed to appreciating that supporting them and then being genuinely excited for them and they had to like route that out of myself and exert and that go where is coming from and seeds of insecurity and also to and once i was able to to look at it for what it was that sunlight disinfected it in being genuinely excited for people that are doing awesome things and being positive about that has fundamentally changed my life yes i've seen that only the last few years so fully subtract i have to
about down on this park ass many many many many times the difference in showing the way i looked at things as a young man who hadn't really accomplished much or was really in secure to the way i handle things now and somewhere along the line a sort of figured it out somewhere my twenties i figured out that it was just a weakness hi i'm really self critical so i had pointed that out and so i would see that other people they would be hating on other folks and i'll be like man your fucking if you don't even realize you're far greater we should all be elevating ourselves all of us and you know that sort of became the idea of what we do with this hope rule of us that we call the death squad i mean that's really what it s like all support each other we all like get site for each other there's no one irish affair right now is number one on itunes bitch and about we talked about yes here in the past and boom his new cd is number one and it's fuckin hilarious hours worked very hard and we we taken him on the road when he was basic
it was an employee of the colonies dorothy was just starting to do like real like fifteen and twenty minutes sets many many many years ago so to see him now headline in like major clubs and having the number one city on itunes fuckin amazing but pumps us all up you know and number two thomas a girl and number it whose also our body what is his white girls with corn rosier with tom skirt as one of the best fuckin comics in the country right now he's so underrated he is fuckin a larry nostromo them off the oh my god he's funny he's a great guy and his shit is number two and then joey diaz is like number three or number four joey's been number one four months it's it's incredible but it benefit
all of us it pumps us all started upon castor next where you find out how do we do it opts oda didn't really it is kevin pereira unex we get done students we yes stacy yes i love this excellent fish to the man we will now have together having per you are officially discord now love it you're in there are a category should as soon as a pitcher really gotta hug brian pencil let's get some constable after prolonged at a hundred kilograms for one one hours he go through stages of emotion like your cry for get around angry but also tone stores of his youth that you think you have to do we you know it's it's it's very high for people who don't have things going on in their life to be happy for me right who do you gotta be you gotta use that shit his inspiration man when you see someone winning emmy and you like i want i need a ride a script get up and right now
fuckin skip don't hate on the guy who created sex in the city or the woman who create those why said sectional say when my limited i just went back and behind its a phenomenal theory don't don't hate i lay k from just winning to emily's love awesome beloved a shot of him in the crowd with the two areas that its feet these just tweeting yeah and if you see that yes it could be it's almost like a good care less but you know what he has just presented a faint but little he's he's a real deal and he's really work and guy and so you be excited about that you should see that guy you shouldn't say man he's got this go in a cave and get a middle spot it you know you got a discount work match is gonna work now but you'll find it gets it was easier to do that work and you find a lot more support when you're not pissed at people and jealous for their six it makes you way better and it's easier to be creative though one of the hardest part of being creative as if you're in intention with someone or you
of issues or you're jealous or uri of any sort of negativity it's very difficult to be created with any sort of negativity in your life because that becomes the blaring focus stead of letting the mine relax and go into these weird sort of patterns of thoughts that create creativity specially comedic crew it was just like you can create great music because you're pissed at the girl friend do you have a heroine problem but it's really hard to make comedy how many great size been written by dues are just trying to get a girl back probably a lot countless so so look at me like that i'd also like that drugs have shaped the design and sound of music throughout time like turbaned there's been studies that that you know cocaine makes it more sensitive to hire frequencies in that's why the music from the eighties had the trouble blasted weigh up because due to adjust blown out on coke at the mixing board don't give me that symbol gimme that tarzan my and got it might just finished for teacher motley crew stopped the motley crew tales have you read that
no brilliant thrilling brilliant israeli strauss wrote it i mean it's very well written and it tells you the prospect i'm not even a motley crew fan barely know their music but the stories in here seem unbelievable that as you flip the page you get the same tail but from another band members perspective by the third chapter you ve got real perspective on incidents that happened of like girls being stopped and a letter boxes and guys i hang in the back of cars oh yeah like crazy shit blowjobs and private jets while people are overdosing migrants and it is wrong and role as rock and roll gets while
the programme by the way you talk out one year later stitches everything you know that's another one that is not the name that's awesome again why clone like gold there's a work on all platforms yet was an actual store that fake i found the chosen cities are but people acting how great is that's amazing but that song sucks up back what are you talkin about actual that's all i was down near the fuck was that when it comes to social gaps amazing subpoena songs ever gives asking when is this fuckin into the world party tickets going on sale they're going on self this friday and be honey honey joy de as doug stand hope man myself december twenty first two thousand twelve at the will turn theater and allay come celebrate the end of the world bitches were go down swinging we're going down with mushrooms and whiskey
that's what i'm going to throw him out of the crowd like fusing messages johnny fungicide look this is the this is the big date that all these crazy people and turns mckenna have been predicting of some real change and i don't believe that anything real is going to happen unless maybe we make something real happy even that you are the one you maybe you're the reason you ve got to do i think what is going to happen those we're gonna have a good fucking time and stand hope and we are talking about yet some between versus the into the my encounter that's that's the day the day the long counts not gonna see thirty you will it's not gonna end its argument i don't buy it i think we're gonna pull it out you know it i think i think there's about a right now between idiocy and technology and eyes i firmly believe that things improve and without any source of if we can avoid nuclear war and cataclysmic impacts buying asteroids and
super volcano rice shit along those lines but we also have accept the fact that the more data comes in the more we realise their certain parts of the planet that are habitable and then become inhabitable and we have to can accept that and we need to start thinking about that here in southern california when it it's a hundred and ten seconds thirty forty fifty days in a row at a certain in time we gotta go what if what if it gets to one thirty whether gets a one fifty right what do we do when we get to stay here and like where suits on our way to that you know everywhere we girls that we stay alive i worry alien al you ve left we buying those from apple what are we gonna do of the if if there really is this is the precursor to an ice age and what is it that the shift comes like and dramatic form like they believe it has all throughout history like the end the last ice age abruptly happened including massive extinction events like the woolly mammas sabre to tiger all sorts of animals just disappeared off the face of the earth and that we can accept the fact that that shit could have
and here just because we have a database of a couple of thousand years of civilization and all living in the same continents we also have a fucking map of greenland that they dont really understand where these people excuse me not greenland antarctica is a map of antarctica that came the fifteen hundreds that is very detailed map of the perimeter and its correct in and they don't know what a charter this thing because anarchic has been frozen for god knows how long and they the suspicion is that some point time an arc i was actually inhabitable and there's all these sites that say there's pyramids and an article that their discovering but on a planet by that seems like thuggery seems like some worship italy any homes yeah but i'm not i'm completely convinced that in the course of human history the hundreds of thousands of years that have been things at a remotely close to what we look like we ve had to flee
we ve got to get at the north america was covered a nice a mile high she device the great lakes were created by all this giant bowl there's remove this this huge slab of ice comes down to maya hide it pushes slowly across the land literally erasing everything and it's eye you gotta get the fuck out of there that easily could happen to us again it's interesting to think like if there were another catastrophic environmental event that wiped us out if if thousand years go on in another human civilization spawn in birth what what relics they would find because they might not ever know that we develop the internet that we had i phoned so we had anything else they would get you no gun maybe maybe a clay potter too but they wouldn't really have enough of our civilization because the way we're storing what the fuck what yeah they would be fact there was near well that's exactly what they believe happened you know to the people they built ball back in lebanon where they have east ten foot tall stones that are seventy a hundred feet long then i do not want to fuck they got them than didn't even know when they got them they have no idea and that's it
the really extreme people that believe in the ancient civilizations advancement they that's their ideas that we lost all the glass and metal and all gets absorbed we know we we showed a blend tech blender blending an iphone we showed a video with a line does it's amazing and like we do you think would happen if that i found on the bottom of a glacier and its mile high and it's moving you know for a year whatever the fuck it does just washing everything in front of it trillions of tons of ice you wouldn't much more than that either just crush it down to nothing you mention low you mentioned this war between like that you're driving they did you like it or stupidity and technology the battle that is its it is a huge battle but what concerns and me and i'm i am fundamentally an optimist but i always thought it was raise a flag when i can and what concerns me is
knowledge is role in dumbing people down that its role its role as a propaganda machine astroturf thing you know where you can make it look like the opinions of many are something just where the click of a mouse there are companies that are designed to do where you can disseminate information people can live in their bumble bubble where if if it lets say a republican google something or a democrat google something their results are filtered indifferent from each other this is happening today i see the but i also agree with you that that is a concern but i also see that the free distribution of information ultimately balanced that out because i see that what's going on now is more scepticism more intolerance to corruption more understanding and corruption in southern its ever existed before and that is the internet right but have you read youtube comments like that's not a bit i mean it has benefited beth like that scepticism is being fuelled empowered and growing exponentially on both sides of every issue you don't owe me
like the commentary and the dissection in the editing of information which is prevalent now you people people seek out voices that that that's the reason they want to have yes that is true for now running but i think people are better today at raw no i am certainly better today at seeing contrary points to shun seeing information it doesn't die with me because you seek them out there yes because i seek them but i think that's a trend that we could set an all sorts people hope i think the only way to really truly benefit is to actually truly benefit and the only way to truly benefit is too good to be honest in real and to know what is going on not to have a distorted perception of what's going on because you can only live in that distortion for so long before your fucking insane and even people that are wish they weren't and i think there is a way that we can all figure out how to get through this and not be insane and the only way is to in reality it an objective thinking i think the internet facility
it's that in a way that nothing else before i think the internet gives its only billina mobility for a couple of decades sure i think it hasn't even had a chance to see trends in the future generations of humanity which i think are inevitable i think we're we're dealing with is the adolescence of the internet the adolescence of what i always refer to it is the roaring twenties the digital era ran that eventually we're gonna figure this out and get it locked down but it's going to define human beings are it's gonna define them the way that didn't before the access to information from the time they are young child and ability to disseminate information in and ends in dublin triple check things in this people wiki leagues and his people like anonymous that are on top of shit to make sure that everybody knows the truth and i think that will spot others and i think that is the trend of the future the trend of the future is the truth and i think
it's all being distributed through the internet and i am referring i enjoying generation again as a as as a fundamental optimist and advocate for technology i agree and i hope but without said just as the inner ability to distribute information and disseminate truth it's also in its infancy to distort and to deliver messages to people that are targeted and false shore but that requires knowledge you here i see in the spiritually does he s recent are nothing but conspirators conspiracy doesn't necessarily empower the individual and the individual is the one is going to break the conspiracy much like wiki leaks much like that broadly manning guy did people are going to realise that does not benefit them too to help this big giant group of cuts in now and i think that is a trend towards that group accounts were used astroturf in the technology available to deliver a specific message to them on the channels that they're getting it so that either a they believe its truth more they feel like they need to believe it for their security or for a million reasons maybe
my argument is that is going to be harder and harder to do that i'm just saying we need to be vigilant never been and yes i agree with you i am starting a podcast fund gas supplies on next week kevin pereira stepped up to the plate kid to talk about feasting and cake farts that's all i need to talk about really everything else it ever done take far too slow in my favor it's about fund ladies gentlemen that's what this life is its mean you want to break down to hippy positive energy you won't break down that is one way to look at it although it sort of been that ideas been painted by yoga instructors china fuck their students theirs is more to it and by no coca cola saying that that coke will deliver a smile of you want fund by our product is possible some products do deliver fund right i do have you tried you got what but you're a seven oh my god so much fun out we're talking solomon not if you will get what is this a ship on the wheel is heaven is a spaceship rich guys target more cars that's what the folks in this world that's right
you'll change ass by mile programming how dare you i'm sorry i'm sad that it's just obama when i i thought when obama came into office that we were gonna have like a real wasn't there a moment where you really thought like only you know why i thought too and it wasn't because i believe that the camping i really believe that we would see change because his first campaign was funded by the people and you know it again money in politics is the root of so many evils lobbyists super packs all shit it's a bit of so many evils that i thought like here is a guy who's gonna be beholden to us because we put him there i parallels divided he's a young guy he's comes from a single mom half black he's businesses is not an elite is not some blue blood condiment school connecticut i thought this is this is our chance this is really going to be achieved and the chinese administration was clearly evil i mean you could be a republican all day ladies and gentlemen if you are of a fair
of civil liberties if you are a fan of of people looking out for people have fought to could even on the fiscal side fiscal conservatism blew up the budget unframed wars and everything else so pretty in saying that was pretty telling that they ve none of them were at the orange watts's and a single one of the not a single one of them a race those numbers nettle areas the you would think that the last sitting president the last sitting present to term press all cavity someone that they would bring out another euro avoiding any mention of george w he might be insane by now knows was less than we saw him get interviewed he might be out these on a ranch right now he's doing fine i think he's gonna have there's gotta be some disconnect in order for you to be a guy who is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people whose be some sort of a disconnect and ultimately i think that's why we're fucked reagan's head over i think that it is fox up a lot of people that's look cochrane and robert card ashen both those guys died young of like brain tumors ok why because they got out
simpson off they know they were having now they know they did something some evil shit they mean but you get in tumors two guys get brain tours they die of think they both operators i had a wet proven and accorded both young they both died young i mean that's did the year your your health pays a fucking price for that shit i say that this is the reason why is on that like where people have to lie during a study or do they believe is morally wrong then they test their physical health to see if that knowledge of those secrets ways on them because it might some short has to have a load bear on your cell got to its it fucks people over men you seem people's faces when they ve gone through scared i own dealing with negative negative energy becomes real talk to jamie kill stand two negative energy world fuckin come down on you for real has there been a study on memory call memory recall in x number of those who are documenting inexperienced forces those who are actively participating in it like for example if i met a concert or if i at any event and i'm too busy
having photos for instagram and tweeting about it snapping photos and whatever yes i can look at those memories and have recall of those memories but how active is my memory of that event and in our on what scale when i read that a good resources being present and enjoyed extremely subjective depends on the individual depends on how they viewed the pass whether not have had traumatic experiences at any sort of the event for whether they ve had a reason to look at things in great detail they have also shown that people can experience things and then if there a certain amount of time or someone introduces something it didn't actually happened in re thoughts and revisits it with the same information later that these people will agree that something happened that didn't happen right so they don't intentionally inject in a specially during emotionally charged event they'll intentionally inject some sort of a fake memory into someone's mind and later that becomes real that's what the people
get about oj that oj actually does believe that he didn't kill them after while that like you might even be able as fuckin pass a poem we have to look after a certain time oh you can absolutely introduce false memories by asking leading questions that guy in the white hat what kind corner the guy in the white had of course there was a guy in a white tat their because now your ask when you know that holds out already about those people that were wrongly convicted of child molestation they were running a day care center and they did talked all these kids into coming stories of someone touching them and it was all full force it was all bullshit but they had introduced it into a child's brain and like is one thing to talk about memories and how tricky that can be cuz an on one hand there are memories in my life that i have that i can tell you with absolutely no uncertainty whatsoever that i remember exactly what happened but there's some that unlike man it's like off flash show in my head it's like a snapshot show i say like a sly
here a slide into my internally that for you and say well it between slidy and slide be this event happened you might actually connect those non single i guess you're event did happen because i could see that being parliament sort of end things get recalibrate it too like our member i had a particular image of the house where i grew up in and then i went back and saw recently in us now came over here now always as this way in us i had a recalibrate and now i have the revised version i have all i remember i have everything put into place but if you had made me like draw my street before might have fucked it up entirely in i might have different peoples houses in the wrong sides and where bridges over the latter fact those over here you know you can you can do twist shit up and make it real inside your stupid head and maybe that's that's one of the benefits of the upgrade we're gonna be able to video horn everything twenty four seven yeah people it's gonna start out with google goggles than work its way to a chapter put your eyeballs be contact lens with a reality
and then you want any the less who's gonna be the first person that lets their eyes get cut out for some new eyeballs that we ve invented that way better that's gonna have reading a book about that right now it's a fictional tale about a guy who loses his leg and a dramatic accident but he's an engineer working at this future kind of biotech company so we designs of better leg and then gets addicted to the fact that his bionic leg has better features and can do certain things that his relay cancer cuts off relay go the other ones we can have two bionic legs but then he's like worth my legs are better why don't i cut off my arm market rights that billions of picasso jesus and you think just six million dollar man would not be happy with just a good right hand it was surely jab comes the right hand of doom that could penetrate through your head there's a great video people throwing baseball's with their non dominant hands we ve seen it merits it's hilarious like they did that the weakling little throw any awkward motion if you not to do anything we dare not dominant hand right away
our time this either do you guys think you can masturbate using your non dominant hand like i can say that as a one point masturbation is just this is now a lot of words weird and playing pool left handed is really fuckin hard i play really going right as energy can offer the queue stick that's all you that's that most honoured has given a euro yeah but it's not it's how you you you for you judge the the plane you're your arm like how it's in it has to be have to be in control of the speed of the motion and there's a lot fine motor skill movements going on there was nothing compared to drawing i can shoot pool like and make certain shots of my left him i can draw with my left hand can you write like fuckin barely might its doesn't list that every guy is embedded extra when it comes to jerk off now usually come on it's every every guy can switch it again yeah that's one thing like it if there was nothing in front of me i like and i had my main man a nation with my right hand i you know do it my left hand i think from scratch
nothing in front of me i don't think i need a valentine i disagree i disagree i know you could do it you just have to be horny enough see when they from scratch you're talking about your regular life which you beat off like a fuckin spider monkey every three or four hours yeah in that what you need is highly tune jerk off hand for that kind of peter you're a guy watches poor all time rang porn stars you know you got a lot of ridiculous and is going on your situation that doesn't if you were like a guy who could never get laid couldn't you didn't have access to porn and you weren't jerking off no flashlights in european went without beating off like two weeks and then someone said here here's a porno film beat off with your left hand like fuck you at peter northamptonshire screen it just seems like its it seems like its is it seems like it's really like dead like it doesn't feel it has any
viewing you gotta bigger than what i mean like you're gonna look like california and on and on a new guitar player you got all that it's like my joked tat i have like way way way back in the day about having a girl jerk you off that are home to girl giorgio off like trying to brush her teeth with your left hand this clumsy spastic right hand years offering mother fucker your right hand those were the gum line is then it gets that fast vibration but your left hand like you have to like hold
still and move your face over the brush cause your hands so stupid it doesn't have it doesn't have a brush i try i baby bird but to sonic airs every night animals you know what i did why can make sure i could double fist that by put a cue tip in each ear and i took a shit at the same time and then that blacked out from ecstasy is the most amazing you cleared all your or theirs is wonderful feel there's a new toilet add on their selling the squatty i think of it it is supposed to be like a thing that its doors and on it now you sit but it elevates your legs you have more they squatting posture which like relaxes the tracks india shit can slight out easier and it's been scientifically proof that squatting i mean we ve done it for years and years and years as a society until we have both sit down on that it's more efficient its health for you yeah they still exist in its attitude and those that we many places but that's i wonder if that's gonna catch on shitting part about he was so weird about fecal matter and even by been biological movements and jenny
well and bright an hour in japan want things that we by wait one of those guys set media toilets and i gotta think this company to send me the toilet because i don't have the rehabilitation yeah they sent me two of em i have set em up the heating massaging the asked jet and yes the whole deal and they will be such a job they will be at the news to you so brian when you take a shit at the new studio they will be able to clean tyres are what they are their caught their it's from the companies called braun del damn it's be are an de l l dot com and john doe has they they send us to these in their their fuck like cadillacs fear ass cheeks some everyone be shooting with them one in my my home office and one in the studio and it will be dope as fuck you sent zeus area yea i got a new studio in what was then hills grass thanks it's all set up it's fucking bad ass it's the least lease assigned and now there's equipment being
right now i'm hiring astute eric who created brien's cat claw over there the esquire clog ass though he has met a worker he's building mean this custom like home thing it s a kind of man it's gonna be cool because its reclaimed would we're using like rico farm owes you yeah cycling yeah anomaly that like the fact that its got like some life to it like this it's old like this people been using this there's like vibes in it i i subscribes is rupert shell drake idea that even objects have they had a separate resolution a memo energies but it did it and that's what i get the old recording studio speed like what these islands have been recorded their like that means something the eyes and that energy was was captured there donna taking out his paw gases over into the main room of the colony of the colony rome here the ice out so you tell me you don't feel vibes in this place this places fuckin magic this the ice house is a perfect example of a lot of vortex of like happiness
this so people have laughter fuckin ass often that room up the room has a residence i got you feel it yeah yours the bad ass by the way sabena eddie murphy and chris rock were both at the comedy store less real wire and i signed in our shared like i was walking i got no it's just now tuesday or whatever and this equally shit that's eddie murphy holy shit that's what they onstage they now there is hanging i want to speak in which we go you charlie back in here man we haven't charlie you know why i'm going to contact and i was one of my favorite episodes must tell a story about mike tyson pulled up
thyssen cycling and walking around what ever like an eye and charlie mervyn does illegal greatest storytellers ever as landfill last summer i was in hawaii with my family on vacation and i ran it is cousin rich at the resort is what would you do and here is like charles eddies here and i hung out with area lunch with eddie murphy and charlie moves like this is the weirdest thing ever for being a kid in its watching raw and then also i'm talking eddie murphy about comedy alive wow this is bizarre man we're just sitting there talking to him like this strengthen nothing ever whose super nice eddie murphy to be a dick he couldn't have been nicer
he would maybe whose eyes on the occasion lie with his family i mean but it was elsie's and that was why those things rules as i was talking about our whole joan document murphy right this is legit without moment happens do you feel yourself like projecting out of your body and getting lost in iran thoughts or do you keep it together pretty well in the ocean and talking but focus out this is a moment nice day in the moment yet by this like a little voice like showed a bitch was a six year old kid a cowboy boots with agenda one the leg at any rate the kid who listen to his first c d when he was on centre in life was a cassette back then his best work my opinion wasn't even delirious it was the album before delirious where it talks about putting after shave on his dick and wash those balls and as grandma came a you lazy motherfucker washing your taking to think a little lazy ever take a bath taking this thing it's fucked funny man is to its this a weird
but like me but when a man anthony bourdain is seem silly but i've heard of some weird things i was lucky enough to actually talking anthony boarding strangely no reservations about now no you get when you like somebody and then you meet him it's real weird and and when someone people meet me you mean they get we're gonna go dude i've been there don't worry about it you get through it right it outright and your email as we're all just people just takes time that said come psmith for president so i'm burning a cat s management haven't psmith from nosey running diving nominal vote man he's a good guy seems like you would run things fairly venture is running started from scratch he's my my guy no no one's knowest everyone talks about gary johnson and if people even mention me thank heaven psmith i say a good did to put up with president you might be as vice president temporary vice pregnant really did ventura was talking about running and twenty sixty howard stern news is wrong i think that's all howard stern as is right again that the
but been sure as like that you what's his record of of everything from entertainer to book rider to government official to navy seal watering out tower shoveling something whenever bring operas tower slap also good our was on that every three you'll love it i want hardware software it's one step closer to president camacho i think that he has a good grasp on the amount of mercury and its government but if you listen the way hey debated with jimmy norton when you went on the open anthony show him nor realise how was it should please can shed he's got some fuckin in him fortunately however but dont say already does so this bruno or brawny to get among mushrooms wazir brando what will it or is it one of those lids it's a lid it's just like the ones in japan they take your regular lid off when they put this electric tropic ass clean and by
i'm a jamie warm water up your butt thing it's amazing u s making cuts in their includes at all it's something that makes you realize like why are we so gross with our smearing pooh paper because that's all it is we need the three seashells we all to have our asses clean white that would probably like way healthy this that's one thing is clear and is for muslims make fun of muslims make fun of a me really really a chicken shit in front of her i've seen guys further girlfriends house i have never been comfortable a real really do it honour i mean just chest and plastic rap just get a gun i say alone thanks to the rumours of stallone even if they were true love zena you wanted a good shot me show my job lot at you have to really when they're putting hotel room phones and a women's assholes and trying to order room service by yelling into him now
that is the right way other than the motley crew it's a great book i'm again not even a faint among the crew but they are not alone in a girl if it's an audible it's absolutely worth listening to imagine you are the next person that fucking hotel room you gotta i can't agony dessert i'm gettin weird about hotel rooms are you shouldn't worry we're yet the remote control is like the remote control in the end the beds grounds how many sheet but the bedspread how many naked do that is beat off their material controls have been up someone's yet an avenue to clean this summit that they give it up your ass and bennett over a trying to use the remote from inside your ass what you're sphincter while i do a keg like in my view that the thing is still pointing outward rightly entire eighty seven out of the bottle see china facilities it with your ass to get the right numbers tend to check out this fucking puncture as in the twilight channels where she literally hatchways airbus early and i don't like to say literally cabins
for president folks let's get this trending since may get that kevin psmith on twitter is a good fuckin dude he could run thing overcome their campaign and tell us man knows my point by will bring the term together at all ticket let's do it i love him watch from the sidelines now we need you out damaging the word men the death squads do it through twitter ago a pre preached to address the revolution occasionally you to get up and alarm love we gotta kevin rosa sex parties will help you when you launch your new pod cast on the desk what network next week kevin pereira gentlemen who top ten pod castigated shit deployment and do it do it into the fuckin made trucks change things from the ground floor will on its bondsmen far done done take it
did did did done our folks what's fuck and bring this bitch arm cabin urine and animal a great human being thank you fantastic guest always any pleasure we always was like we're about to run out of time on use dream but it's like we could do it six hours of the share this morning at a marathon was building we're gonna what you're gonna be a united europe outcast do yours you do mine keep party role when this weekend you fuckin savages and north carolina willoughby raleigh at memorial hall friday night which is wasted twenty six that twenty eightth fraud twenty eighth of september at memorial hall and rally and then saturday night work thomas wolf auditorium in asheville north carolina asheville
i hear that i lie a bad mother fucking town except for the white dues with dread locks and drums circles i hear that shit's gotta go so we need to do is get asheville and introduce those kids to some fuckin squats some deep squad and some bison me ok and about a circle put the tofu down row if you don't buy since they just wrought or monsters common edam and then we get more monsters eaten bisons whenever could kill a bison you dont want that fuckin thing around ok trust me kill the bison yourself keep abolition in line have a good stake build that testosterone hill sprints i want you to do some sandbag training start taking jujitsu my friend trying to make some armies here and the other with the army really is gonna work as if their smart so they have to take the alpha brain go to dot com au and and i d get yourselves and our brain thanks again to bottle com for sponsoring a spike asked and if you go to audible
come forward slashed joe you can try audible three for thirty days and get a free audio books there's a lot of good ones fuck was the one the bobcat goldwire bobcat goethe waistcoat a couple good looks up their tea is brilliant and is a great guy we had him in the park ass we love em and that's it ok so we will see you next week we got ton o podcast guess week including amber lion formerly of sea and anne she was going to tell us what the fuck is going on is crazy wacky world of the media we ask have the guys from london real and london real is a great podcast that spin they said themselves they were inspired by this one and that's what made them started in their doing a fuckin amazing job that graham hancock on and simon pow and a bunch of really interesting people talked a lot about psychedelic and and
martial arts and philosophies is very very similar to the show in a lot of ways and really interesting introspective honest dude they will be on next week as well and how can we get shit on bitches isn't to ten second plan i told us you let's ask america dot tv it's a new game show that i'm doing syndicated tell a picture that so few markets but if you guys go there click on the you too big watch the first episode or two you might not like it i love it its funds the game show you should fuckin beyond it
play from home using skype although so any of you can sign up and i've seen dudes when fifty thousand dollars in twenty minutes i posted a show and handed out fifty grand for having an opinion about america kosher on your webcam its main brand new game show i'm having a blast doing it's i don't know what i did was already a judge or something but do you intend to make it s actually prior to play for charity but of literature and done nothing good charity you gotta ok beautifully so let us remember that anti hopefully will get in edwards back next week eons a fuckin larry's communion he should be here today but also comparison but the great guy now use waste party analyzing asked can hear that all right he didn't have to fucking cancel f i bet you gotta flight cancel that chain it moved around don't cancel the park aspect areas millions people was nonetheless share this is for you it's this site well i'm sayin that had happened is for all of us together we are all in this dirty thing together ladies gentlemen remember
i can tell you anything give you any piece of advice is you can be the hero of your own story if your life was a movie and it started right now act like you're the hero get shit do what the hero would do and you will have a beautiful life can i see you soon next week maybe i'll see this weekend and you have no tell out of your fucking crazy enough just travel there we have desk i have a desk show your friday by the way to get there and so whose honour us companies on the giant com it's a secret yes it was on the show to see her you know it's gotta be quality if that's what i'm trying to find out in a family or leisure you don't knows on actually i know a couple of people i'm so waiting on a couple people buy skype tbd bar and malaria and you're gonna be on you're gonna be i am well beyond it really like he's gonna be it and it's very relate hilarious comic name out jackson that was few of our asia fears podcast
met him last night he seems really funny so i can have you want to listen to podcast call the skeptic tank and get that shitt on itunes joey diaz is the church of what's happening now you can get that on itunes as well tom segura our boy his wife christina possessed either very funny and beautiful puss christina pesky you can get them mother there podcast call your mom's house that is also available on itunes all this shit free anna course they dont contractual family our that is the desk wide universe ladies and gentlemen and was
the guy soon we love you all we feel it a move in this thing together somehow or another we will make it our better or not or does matter goes on forever repeats itself videos and recycle brother i guess
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