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London Real, Brian Redban - Date: 09/02/2012
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he asked her is at it is that for l hawaii yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i always wondered when i was a little kid why do american indian song sounds so like what is that yeah yeah yeah i saw that i realized there high as fuck is when you're high as fuck then it seems like it sounds kinda cool jesus dude sounding really cool right now rogan yeah exactly yeah yeah yeah the rattling sound that you hear lace and gentlemen is an actual bottle of alpha brain i do not you also hear my fucking laptop in the background retarded this is alpha brain that's what i take before i do anything 'cause i'm an alpha brain junkie ladies and gentlemen i take this shit before i do stand up i'm not lying about this by the way i take this before i do any podcasts any ufc i've done yes these before without him in a panic panic i gotta go with extra red bull and me and mike goldberg make fucking
we have a racist who can get to the bathroom first rap vocals right through double stack it this is not a red bull type feeling if you wondering what alpha brain is it's essentially nutrients that enhance your ability your brain's ability to produce neurotransmitters it's all different nutrients that have been shown to have a positive effect on brain function it is a very controversial subject i've i've looked both ends of it i've talked to people who think it's a placebo i believe that everybody's body works completely differently i know that some people can eat peanuts and have a great old time and uh people eat 'em when they're fucking dead i don't understand that but what i do understand is what it's me and what has been shown to to benefit people and what has a long history of human use and all the ingredients inside alpha brain to go and and this out go to onnit dot com it's and it i t and all of it is explained to and the
the only reason why i would be in business with anybody and this is this includes tang which we in business with sometimes are audible or you know any of the alienware any people that people that we about on the show even that we don't get money from like h2o or to rather yeah water doesn't give us any money those contacts cheap cheap bitches c twenty coconut water is fucking delicious they're great grillos pickles there fucking the most delicious pickles on earth if i tell you it's because it's true to me i believe it one hundred percent there's i've been wrong about shit before trust me but i'll tell you that too if i am wrong i absolutely fucking tell you i'm wrong alphabet i'm not wrong about the fucking dreams that you have first of all that i would take it just for the dreams you take it and then go to bed you the most intense graphic dreams are intense and they're they're very lucid man and i don't know what it is but it's not bad for you that's all i have to work worry about it's all just
nutrients there's nothing crazy in there there's no pharmaceutical drugs is nothing it's addictive can save story about one of the dreams yeah i gave some to my russian housekeeper and she took him and she went back to latvia in nineteen sixty five and spoke to her grand grandfather the dream the lucid dreams came back the next day and she's like crying what the fuck jesus right as lucid dreams are no joke i don't know they don't always happen now i've taken it before and had nothing that had no dreams i don't i don't understand the process and their dream was so intense that you inside your dream found out a way to delete it so you won't remember maybe yeah well that's you know that's the mechanism behind on metal trip to me the mechanism behind a metal trip to mean is the same mechanism behind dreams which is a so weird how you know how you can wake up and you're like fuck would a dream i had man we were on roller skates and we're running from godzilla it was my cousin who i grew up with but i haven't seen him since i was thirteen he's like why do you call me and i feel fucking guilty meanwhile godzillas chasing us and you can remember it but then if i
when you look at half an hour later and said tell me what that dream again you like fucking was it again she shit what happened and hate fuck it's weird it's like your brain erases it it's like whatever it is is based on something that the brain is already really good at getting rid of and dmt says yeah dmt which is a crazy psychedelic drug that your brain makes it's also you know of available in plant form but the idea is that when you're dreaming intense dreams of what's going on is your brain is producing dimethyl tryptamine is producing this hallucinogen and nobody really understands what it's about and some people actually believe that you know there's an old term called sleep on it you know if you have you have something that's bothering you sleep on it and maybe you come up with a good decision in the morning a lot of the reasons for that term is because you re we do think about things that are troubling you while you're sleeping and if you are tripping if that
what's happening when you're sleeping and we're all going through a dmt trip that is erased by the time we wake up which is a distinct possibility considering the burden of dreams and what are they the ones that seemed really real what what are these these are obviously hallucinations like really intense hallucinations but in a much more control form then like say a dmt state will it could just be it's a low level dmt experiences certain eastern religions which believe that the i for living now is actually just a dream at your higher self is having which i find very interesting it's just as likely as being alive being alive is pretty fucking bizarre being able to measure things so your fucking eyeballs and figure out where things are all that is it's weird as shit man being a human is weird as shit is fucking crazy dreams are weird it's weird that you shut off every night it's weird that for eight hours we just accept that we're going to just disappear normally you look forward to it everybody to die no one's scared to take naps just for and shut right off he scared to go to sleep as a kid i'd be like oh shit here it comes
i don't know why alpha brain gives you dreams you continue with tin you with this but it does it gives you crazy fucking dreams shrimp support is another great product from on it it's my favorite product as far as like a athletic performance is based on a quote steps mushroom plenty of data out there after interested in googling it the cordyceps mushroom is also the same mushroom that makes fucking ants that like make some bombies that makes their heads explode different strain of the different strain folks that comes out i don't have to worry about that never seen that yeah there's a branch of the court accepts mushrooms that infects these ants fast getting shit man and it turns turns the ants into like the zombie ants and the other ants have to get the body when these things die and get them stay the fuck away from the anthill because they explode out spores which effect all these other ants what are you saying welcome to the call buffer ok listen
i'm not saying that is not the same is not the same thing imagine passover junior who do it that's with jan urban would say they're doing mind control in the form mushrooms mushroom mind control it's not that weather toys man more if it is aubrey would part example schema twenty nine year old dude had it all figured out we're going to have fucking flashlights in the futures hands listen folks i don't don't listen to that guy he's crazy but we also have kettlebells bells recently in an battle ropes that's all well everything we sells the highest quality shit possible and you can't get any better and we tried what is cheap as possible and make the deal as easy as possible with all the nutritional supplements there's a one hundred percent money back guarantee in the first thirty pills you don't have
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that is that those are all his designs and the money goes to brian to support his death squad pie gas network you like what the fuck is the desk it's a very vague in strange strange topic but we got to have it already morrow yes kevin prayer of news on the part of it the desk the squad is just a nickname that was given to us a long long time ago and now sort of branched out into a brians podcasts an it's still like it's a family you know that but really desk where represents to all of us you know when we when we talk about if we put desk wad under a post and it's joe d as ari and brian and duncan are all in a show together you know it's that's that's what we call
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the joe rogan experience thank you awesome to be so good to have you guys here i saw you guys on youtube a while back i don't remember what the yeah i just say that the gentleman brian and nick was brian i'm brian rose london real these guys are one of the coolest up and coming podcast that i've had a chance to listen to and i really is what's fukin right up our alley if you guys talk about the people that you have on you know jacques filet on you had you had graham hancock on fresco as i say yeah which was locked away no first because the ninety six year old frescoes that the venus project and i think i yeah sorry mr shock
but you've had you know you had graham hancock on you this had some just right up our alley guests it's really it's it's full to see that there's more out there that this people that are doing this in london that you know these people that are doing this in toronto i ran into a lot of people in toronto that have podcast it's essentially it's all the same thing it's like you know get together and open i would like to talk about some shit that i don't see talked about in the mainstream news like there's all this nonsense in the news about celebrities are about but but it's it's part parts of the world the really don't even have anything to do with our day to day lives but there's all these other weird subjects that aren't getting covered you know there's so much is fascinate things about what what what what what what's going on with the psychedelics like what is
what what are they here for what's this all about uses can this be a debate for intelligent people to sit down talk or does it him immediately get derided and and and and reduced to some silliness to some all yeah we're going to take a loosen engines yeah once you just wanted to get up in the more put a tie on like a gentleman you know to hancock about that as soon as i mentioned i was going everyone's eyes glaze over and the like are you one of those guys yeah they think you're a cook a crazy person yeah if you want to talk about altered states of consciousness you're crazy person in california to the yeah well it's a little better here it's a little better here this is the most progressive spot in the the country i think as far as like the ideas of i have a feeling about men's in america and that is not the does not amazing people on the east coast is amazing people all throughout the country but i think there's a the prevailing attitude of the region like people always talk about liberals in california well the reason why is because in the e
post is where all the people first landed that's where all the people from europe fuck europe or so done there's a new spot they can't fuck with your going to make her own laws and that all crazy in county and people just decided to keep going and a lot of people kept going and they just kept going then eventually on horses with wooden wheels got all the way to the other side and what for we can't go any further all right let's stop people complain when the frontal look at is delayed by thirty minutes never know what would i ancestors went through right yeah they had to eat each other man each other than the mouse for the at each other that sound that's no joke man it was a scary time for human beings and i think there was a law times where you know people start out and not make it they would choose a scary time for human beings to joe and this is a scary game role playing right it is as the same scary game we're playing when i was in high school when i was in high school is about the soviets it was always talking about that recently people forget i mean i used to go to sleep at night really worried about
clear war how old are you i'm forty one movie the day after it was on what i would like ten or twelve movie about basically a nuclear war in the end of it i mean i stood up i was up for days scared about i don't remember that one in particular but i bet i saw it i've seen so many of 'em i've seen so many apocalyptic mad max type movies were there for some reason you know i am legend type shit goes down and we just america needs an enemy like do we need someone to kind of always be the bad guy well we're not real so when you say it does it does america need an enemy america's not even real it's it is just a bunch of humans and they did decide to call it american act as a group but it's pretty obvious at this point that it's that's not real it's us that to feel it's humans and it might as well be you guys when you're here you're americans like what is america it's just a fucking spot it's just a spot and the id this spot axes one unit and we should all go along with what the spots doing that's fucking completely ridiculous because we don't get a say
they're doing is completely contrary to what most of the people in this country would want to get done so what we have is like a fake country and we have really dictatorship that's run by money and it's it's run with a loose grip it's run with a dog collar around your neck so you constantly feel oppressed its run with a loose grip of corruption it's a loose grip corruption in entanglement where there's no way to get into the system where a guy like gary johnson who is the only one left running for president makes any sense the libertarian candidate can't even get in on the debates because they want freedom seriously because the the media is really fake the media is really bought and sold and it's a news program it's a news program where they pick and choose what aspects of the news what angle of the news instead of giving you all the information an anything that has anything to do with criticizing america or anything that shows american a bad light is all
to be reviewed before it's put on air it shows while i was watching you while you're giving that speech i just really felt that you rarely one people to wake up you rarely translation wake up to they can operate like this they don't have to the news doesn't have to operate like this the government doesn't have to operate like this the corporations don't have to operate like this no one saying you can't do business we're saying is business doesn't mean you have to fucking rob people business doesn't mean you have to use lobbyist to influence policy so that you can pollute rivers biz does it mean that you can store nuclear waste in the middle of desert because you don't how to get rid of it is you're not supposed to do any of that stuff until you know how to get rid of it don't make it you know we should really probably shouldn't even be on fucking nuclear power because we've had several major incidents over the past one hundred years one hundred years ain't shit when it come
is to how long the fucking earth is an how long radioactive material last so if you have a nuclear if they put together these power plants that if something goes wrong that spot is poison for one hundred thousand years you cannot live there anymore and then even after one hundred thousand years who's going to be the first to fucking move back there if we've keep in any sort of accurate records whatsoever who the fuck is going to be the first person to move back to where there was a nuclear disaster and power plants imploded no one no one's going to so that so that spots ruined essentially for longer than humans have existed that's how long we've ruined chernobyl that's how long we've ruined fukushima were ruining the spots and there's a lot of power plants man hundreds of them all over the place and they could all equal a spot where one day you can't go anywhere near them we're assuming we're going to be able to keep the power on indefinitely and cool these fucking things off that's why they've built them you know but it
not human nature tony change of behavior with something ready bad happens it's just the way it is right what's fascinating it's it's just an aspect of denial you know it's in that's how corporate since work the reason why corporations are able to get away with the shit they do bribe politicians and influence literally war and murder is because they act as a group it's just trying to get zeros and ones they're just trying to get money so they don't look at things in terms of like their moral value they let they look at things in terms of is this good for our stockholders is this good for our business can we make a profit here can we get over there and when you have come denny's where you know you get a guy like dick cheney was a fucking head of a company called halliburton that fixes shit up after it gets blown up and then this becomes the vice president just starts blowing shit up and then giving these contracts to the company that he used to run that is one of the craziest things that ever happened in front of human beings
there was it was essentially a jacking on television live publicly and government sanctioned with a jacked the whole country and jack the american people too and made us give money to these corporations that would fix shit that we blow up and even build shit that's not necessary if you talk people that are over there they'll tell they just have like a certain amount of money they're supposed to spend and they have a certain amount of projects lately they can build ad salinization plant that people like we don't fucking need this like we're building it you need you want it doesn't matter we were building a d salinization plant is we got the contract for it and it's just billions of dollars is going over there billions and billions kneeled today tyson had a speech we was talking about that we have the capability now we have the knowledge in the know how to build a telescope it literally can go back and look at the beginnings of time like we can build a telescope that is infinitely more powerful than anything that exists today would cost about ten million dollars
billion dollars to it sounds like an incredible amount of money until you find out how much money to spend in iraq if they spend ten million billion dollars every few days i was just because of a a species was have a ready ready now give comma because we have so much potential but we just seemed to channel it in the wrong direction and maybe maybe it's yes maybe it's that we're burning through we have to go through all the shit it's not us it's just the the big genesis of running countries has not changed although access to information has changed radically so the understanding of what a country really is it's changed radically but the business of running countries has not changed the same thing that they did during the roman empire they're doing today they're just doing it through lou series of guidelines but it's really clear that there rob bing countries resources controlling peoples militaries attacking people mercilessly pudding fear and terror and you want to talk about orwellian we have fucking
robots that we operate with remote control from the other side of the planet that shoot missiles from the sky that kill people like that is bananas the fact that that's one of the major ways that we rocket in twenty twelve we literally send fucking darths your space ships that shoot rocket from the sky that is that's insane so do you ever get like concerned that you might have or you might face rep actions from the us government one way or another for the user model you're showing well not because i i just everything that i'm saying is all obvious it's all right out there in the open it's not i mean like if you want to look at the caliber i think it's not like rogan he gave up the goods on halliburton everybody knows that halliburton is a completely corrupt the the the the really and ship that halliburton to the united states is completely corrupt just by virtue of the fact that they got no big can't taxis enormous enormous contracts like that's not the taxpayers being looked after that's not the government being frugal or being conservative with money that's
the relationship between someone who influenced either directly with money or indirectly by getting their form e e o terra to run the country i think the idea of a corporation is a good thing i just think we need to regulate the out of them it didn't have to they have to have a good mind coming from a just a limited liability corporate standpoint i mean you do believe that there's a reason for them because otherwise if you can invest in on it and and that otherwise they might come in like take your car away i think it's unlimited like i think i believe i believe in paying taxes i pay my taxes i never cheat on my taxes i pay a lot of money in taxes i pay i believe in i believe in state taxes too i mean i i i paid state taxes in california i know a lot of people that moved to nevada strictly because they don't have to pay state taxes and i don't know i'm paying for things i don't mind government i think it all can be done correctly and but it's all going to be done it sounds corny as fuck but it's all going to be done with love it can't done with fear and it's all being done with fear the whole way the world is being done is being done with fear and it's everybody's like fuck
you i'm gonna new queue if what they were people they would be the most ridiculous people ever if i ran in israel with people you'd want to kill the both of you be like we you to judge shot the up my god you bickering comments you next door neighbors who just you're a baby you're a baby this one has a cartoon bomb he's using it at a u n speech to shop when i could stay here that's when we're in trouble like i it's a bomb like to showing iran's nuclear capabilities have you seen this now is this will pull this up right netanyahu that mother okay that still netanyahu who's the the with the prime minister of israel's you showing like when we have to attack iran it's got this nuclear bomb it's like get to a certain point that's when you got attacked they're just i mean they're in secure over there and they're like pawns in little chess game that that all the big powers a plan which is aimed at zero at yahoo net enter the netanyahu yeah netanyahu bomb cartoon
joint israeli palestinian podcasts i think it would just need to talk yeah one of our room altogether it's yet that stats this that's the of the the conflict to end all conflicts as the conflict is gone been going on for ever it's like it's never and end that whole middle eastern conflict that look at that picture ok this is that the most ridiculous shit ever he's well this is it when a minute john said it's childish and i agree with them in a giant about that do the person says there's no iranian gays he doesn't believe in gay marriage she's i believe knows what's the holocaust deniers really said is he ha admin it out is yeah she's is christ who i believe in him when his taste in cartoons is excellent at least your honest it seems like you know if if corporations and governments all sort of have this is diffusion of responsibility and even though we're in america all the the things that go on
that we don't agree with like drone attacks and all the shit you know it it becomes a matter of how much of impact does that have on the right the whole rest of the population if it only has a minor impact on the rest of the population a lot of times you can get away with it and that's situation that we're in right now that we know that too in order to change things would choir a major overhaul would be really difficult for a lot of people i mean the government is comprised of huge amount of human beings there's a lot and people that essentia lee are completely unnecessary if we had a real justin true government really not necessary i don't really believe in conspiracies i think it's just people have these position things where they have these great jobs and the collecting money as a contractor halliburton why do why change things yeah there's a lot of that but there's also conspiring we know they conspired with enron and essentially halliburton was they were they were allowed to how albertans clear conspiracy
we also know a lot about government conspiracy from the past that's not just like ideas and thoughts but stuff that actually has been proven to have happened like the gulf of tonkin though the you know the the the idea that it got us into a war in vietnam with like a fake story the operation northwoods operation dirty trick which is where they're were going to blow job glenn was going to be the first person into orbit and if anything happened to his space shuttle his his rocket they were going to blame it on the cuban so we're going to blow up like some fucking it was a reason to attack cuba we like look it's a win win if john glenn makes it is the first guy in space you know if it doesn't make it it ly on the cubans we go fuck him up and that was still is the plan and this is not a conspiracy this is like this is written document the government needs some secrecy otherwise there's no diplomacy i mean you can have a bama but me a bama can announce the night before he's going to go in and assassinate then well of course some kind of i don't first
i believe they did this last name really log in now now i think it does do is dead ears i talk about people if i had to say our price eight that more than anything else that joe blow is video i've talked dudes who are in special forces type jobs and their likes another guy's been dead forever feel like this guy's but i don't know what the fuck in dudes were laughing about it irl sound right that story nope didn't say right to anybody in any other country either did you hear about that guy that wrote that book that's like a national bestseller he was one of the guys got his story differs from the government yeah he said it would be like it was really weird is beer was completely black when they came in and like there was no gray hairs and stuff i would he be really just fermenting his beard yeah he might brenda walls does i think it would sexy as on brandon i would so it and when you don't do it who cares you know but i don't believe i who cares i don't care if they the i d
i don't think you know the whole reason why that guy existed is 'cause we do the only way a guy like bin laden or any of these radical guys ever exist is there's got to be some great empire to oppose and it's not a great empire of altruism is trying to help people off all over the world and and try to enhance a lot the people and clean up their areas and make money and and in helping countries instead of making money into rock being the resources and then taking out their military one of the cars that jones it will collapse in late yeah that's the problem is we don't have to have an empire see that's the problem with that all empires to collapse because there is a run by carts you can't run an empire not be a con well we not we we need to civilization we don't need an empire anymore more all these these these organizations they're not they're not necessary what we need to
you're out is how natural resources can be distributed equally to all nations and it sounds fucked up but that's reality is otherwise everyone is just going to go with the resources are and they have battle argue about this a lot i mean i think i'd like to believe that that's case that we can have a free society of our society but i think brian believe it like human nature just is never going to happen right i mean i have a lot of thoughts about human nature i think humans are inherently lazy and if we had like a social system allowed people wouldn't do anything so i think cap and does motivate people to a certain extent of course you can go a little too far certainly kens cooperate start acting in their own interests and they become really big and so it certainly is a great motivating factor i believe you should be rewarded for your efforts i mean i believe that in many of the ideas that go behind capitalism where i think we fuck up is with shit like the stock market things that can be manip deleted where you can gamble on going to talk to you about derivatives i got to drop slams into all right so
i actually spent some time in boston i spent four years it in my teeth but i think around the same time you were there so i don't know if i want i don't want to make a comedy clubs when i was there awesome town if it wasn't so cold especially cambridge
play we were right across from the neko wafer factory on two hundred and thirty three months so you'd worked you understand the river so yeah i want i mean let's see i got a mechanical engineering degree but i went straight to wall street afterwards and worked in banking and then for the last ten years i worked in london in the credit derivative industry worst of all derivatives so what is so is your gambling jumping little science under it and i was i was thinking about how i could talk about this and i hear you talk about it all the time so i figure out is it frustrating like this fucking nonsense i have friends that will talk about jujitsu hoist gracie when you just grab would just reach over and grab the neck no he didn't so it could be with your friends you could have friends to talk about kung fu ride tell affected no i had a guy in fact this is the worst shot i could ever give anyone but he said to me only popped up with the chat when he was like trying to talk to joe about cool through because i think you negative ideas and i was like
look i don't believe in come through myself so it's gonna be tough for me to convince him we would you know it's not that kung fu doesn't work it's just it's definitely not the best way to go that's simple does a lot of stuff that works you know if you back for someone in the face i mean it was not a feel good i don't feel good to get back to us in the face but it's not as good as you overhand right somebody it's just not i think about a couple of ways it's it's not that it doesn't work it's just that doesn't work on the right people you know yeah probably not cut an eighty six year old grandmother with the white danzig target technique but tried on mma fighter it's not gonna happen well it's also the way they practice it a lot the way a lot of people products and then i'm like oh my god you like you're you're you're you're being silly it's like you're through want to punch and then you pretending that if you threw that punch what i would do is that would
step right here and then i would attack your organs like this with a claw motion would come up here we just had a moroccan i do that that's going to punch you again and again and again is going to kick you in the dick give me a lot of shit happening you're not going to have time to get off that claw claw deliver we just had roger gracie in the studio on friday and he was talking about we were rubbishing off kung fu and karate something bad going to hate but he was talking about carter and how you get good at the carter you get belden and he was like but in use bar and you have test you can put a joke on someone but what about if he doesn't want you to put it on yeah and he just was kind of breaking down some of the core difference is big difference i have a black belt in taekwondo as well and in taekwondo there was guys that were black belts they weren't that good they just weren't that good they had been around a long time they take their forms and they they did ok
inspiring but the reality is they weren't really black balls they never reach that expert level like they could get mugged someone could kick their ass like they really weren't adept at fighting you know where the fund is very interesting to which you might appreciate is if you look at some of those more ridiculous martial arts you see a guy who's like forty five or fifty now if you see jujitsu guy at that age he stuff he still rolls he's like he's in shape you know but you see one of these guys and without fail every single forty five year old plus traditional martial artist is the guy who's got like a slouch and a beer belly and you can see hasn't done a pushup for like fifteen years you know what i mean yeah those like gucci rugae and the weight of things they always is they want to be called by some weird title as well sub name that was in the face so you pull up like some websites on facebook then you are guy with a black belt in your like look at his face it's not a jiu jitsu black i didn't have the lines on his face like all those hard 'cause he doesn't
sophie dee hides behind like he gets his belt or get significantly says okay that's me from this grand master and then all little students bought him because i think he's got mystical powers but at the end of the day he's not progressing he's not progressing in his art and just makes one woman for those who don't know it nick is a judge black belt yeah i just debts jiu jitsu is all about exposing reality and there's a lot of martial arts are about putting on a show it's really kind of the country digits so that's why in fact i talk window had a big impact on me as a child because in the food something that was difficult in taekwondo was like the first character forming thing that i did as a person but there's a lot of cult asp next to it you know the boeing and calling you know the instructor sir and always bow into them there was like this not actually and you the respect is all like real legitimate natural friendly respect like john
machado machado a in hole as well and john talk is is not just like a great jiu jitsu cuz he's like everyone friend he's like a really nice guy so he's very informal but it's now when ever like disrespects him or no one ever takes advantage of that that friendliness and thinks that you know that they would be a better fighter than him where they can kick his boring something like that the karate guys will always have to put on and i don't want i don't say always because a lot of it's just a it's it's done correctly and it is a discipline and it's all about you know maintaining you know the the sort of the the the mindset of the zen martial arts practitioner there's a lot of people that are legit about it but there's also a lot of people that they just want to put up a dog and pony show so really you don't challenge them and test them and then they develop fucking
a good story few we'll get back to the river yeah i know i will leave it at that so when i am first started grappling cape town was right before it just off the for you've seen it was just starting to be understood about functional martial arts and a few of the guys club where i trained they were they were going around they just wanted to learn so they're going to every martial arts club that could go if they could find and just just testing the struct and seeing what they they could learn from it so they get to ninjitsu school ann is that by the way what is ninja too so what i wanted to learn when i was a kid i looked at martial arts magazines i was trying to pick up martial art to learn before practice anything like it would be pretty
to be an engine in his article but i need something where you get a black belt as well the reason i was crying i want to get a black body you don't even know who's the best ones and they all dress the same i will need about so so they get to this thing to to school and they say the the guy you know would would would like to spot you'd like to see your system what what you can do so you said you will wait until after the club and so they were like they stuck on watch them work their hands whatever is you doing today then at the end of the class the instructor said he said students we have a challenger and what he did is he took out a blindfold you walk to the center of the madani knelt down crossed his arms will put the rainfall and crossed his arms and then said to him my buddy said attack me
i couldn't make this up again fuck outta here so might be crazy did you just punch him in the face but he looked around the room looking for a camera i was like this is gotta be like some kind of joke and then just kind of ran ran into the back of them put on a rear naked choke and this guy likes squealed and did not was going on and eventually like should i let him go and that was the end of ninjitsu for our training i guess well who is really nice about it 'cause he could have just punted him in the face it's nice that he had kick yeah have fucking shogun style two thousand and four no instead he decided to choke him that's a very nice guy can just run up and just need the fuck out of his face or what we should bowden right yeah he's silly mitch what do you do attack make oh my god you're crazy there's a lot of dudes who got mad at maine online lobbies black dudes that do kung fu in new york 'cause there's like a whole cult
like from the warriors that kind of function but those guys most of its fake kung fu when i when i say fake kung fu it's like a lot of their doing their making shit up like get like this oh man you can't do like that look at how much you got expn those two like this area i'm attacking you need here sign like you got a problem see it you know i got a tiger club of the side your neck your whole saudi is wide open like the target completely entertainers i like watching i laughed my off adam look these guys want to believe that the real martial artists in the really mad at me like and with the guy was like come on son you tell me if i hit you in the face with a monkey paw that wouldn't hurt yeah i would
yeah if he if i like it hit me in the face of the monkey pod probably hurt but the crazy no that's not what i'm saying here what i'm saying is your your practice in some nonsense kid right we all have aspects of a life in which reducing us so we don't i mean i just thought we can identify them like for them it's much less frosted maybe i'd in our relationships or whatever this is yeah people love to delude themselves it's way easier than facing the insignificance of your reality in this crazy picture of the whole unit section yeah for the better with the eagles therefore to give you a reason to stay alive and to you can get and lightened enough the no longer need the ego to appreciate this existence but the egos get to keep you alive you're super special when you're a fucking ten year you know your ego since that makes so much sense it's just an engine to push you forward and then from there it's all about getting and light and to the point we no longer need the e the ego to enjoy the the existence that doesn't happen in the west joy yeah it does it say that opens you just you can do it i did it i mean i'm
perfect but i'm i'm i'm certainly way more of all that i wasn't i was a younger person what was that through training yes like that works or wolf all the above did you two for sure helps to just to have i'm doing jujitsu since ninety six and i think just getting constantly fucking strangled and going until your heart is going to explode in your chest and you're trying not to tap but you you gotta realize you got a tap and then you gotta to go again cuz it's still four minutes left in the round your fucking you know you're going out and you develop intense relationships with people because you you understand their character you know young you see due to the break these dudes that will never break you know guy so tough to tap and the in you know guys zero above monster out of the gate but then they run out of gas many so it even even one level up is like it i'm a jew to instructor and then i don't fall digits instructive and i'd love to hear some from some of the others but you know when all your students are watching and it's like that young tough twenty year old kid and he's like the tough proper belton you like
you're tired and you better carrying an injury or something you know you gotta put it on the line of these buckets aren't going to respect you anymore you know it's true it's true it's difficult may have any you know what the reality is there's a lot of instructors out there with marcelo garcia comes to the school they're going to get tapped so they have they have to figure out what to do here and do i just let everybody know yeah marcelo can tap maine and this is watch me get treated like a baby you know a lot of people have a real issue with that and then there's a lot of dudes that say you know ok now i'm going to instruct her like i have to make sure i'm lifting aids you know i have to i have to be bigger and stronger like any probably talks about that like he's he fights for his life when he's in in those classes because eddies at such a high level right now specially his guard his guard is fucking so nasty i rolled with a lot of dudes are he's one of the few guys him and danny them with a few guys that consistently catch me from their garden the guard yeah it's how fucking hard to catch someone from the german i gotta roll with you seriously maybe thursday
ok cool but yeah yeah i want i think that when you when you do that on a regular basis and you you tap you tap people tap you to strain you you go through all the energies that you have in a in an endeavour you know especially one it's so primal jiu jitsu is so life and death you know even though you can do it and no one gets hurt it's so craziest thing man now i have this theory that jiu jitsu i reckon you would know more about someone after a ten minute jujitsu match then a ten minute conversation ten hour conversation yeah you see that character maybe ten fucking years you know there's certain dudes where you tap on once and then they're done you own them you could just run right through 'em even if they're not tired they just start giving stuff up you know you see it you see and you like
put your arm back you know put your arm to talk yourself you have to protect yourself is get that like that let you you'll start walking through it you don't want to break you wanted to like to build up you know you want him to like offer legitimate resistance and that's what sparked must be about that happened to me in brazil i went down as a white belt and i was trained in gracie baja and like all week i was gay my ass tapped out as a white belt and then friday was no g day and i showed up obviously with no belt and i start and this one dude i tapped him like six times and i think he just didn't know who i was and after the first time after four yep it was over yeah it can happen and then do they like i remember this guy man this guy just started doing ju he this crazy armenian dude i mean he had just started he was just learning techniques and he would spar with anybody and this fucking guy just would not tap he would fight to the death and watch
some wrong with people unlike check this mother fucker out like you would think he was done and he would just i just fucking struggling flow and he wasn't strong and he wasn't big he was just a fuck can proud as shit and bound and determined not to tap not necessarily the best way to go about it he had to get over that you gave us some respect fuck yeah well i remember watching him because it was one of his first classes and you know it's it's fascinating to maine fascinating you watching people just start jujitsu you know it did you get to two guys with the modern day jedi knights you like kicks would be like the yoder quick do you know what i mean it's like it's kind of cool when you think about it that way we are people who take ourselves to the limit you know what mean and that's why this to come rodery between digits you guys you normally like you know so much about it it's a guy when you
take his hat yeah yeah i think i think you have to have uh i was talk about how well liked reduce you guys have control of their ego this site is very rare you run into that you two guys around politely out of control so many of our early gas were actually just you two guys because it was who we knew for london real and and i must have eight of them yeah the guys and they were all just these cool grounded humble dude still smart still excelling in their field but they were just i don't know they've been checked regular basis is that's what it is man it's getting checked on a regular basis it's huge it's so important that's what i said but the ego your ego it leads you to victory it leads you to want the glory and the accolades but ultimately it fucks you if you fight with you ego everybody knows that you know you'll you'll lose your composure you'll get crazy especially start getting tagged you'll instead of spy fighting smart you'll just fucking flail back you'll try to attack back which is often times the total wrong approach like you have to do the right thing technically so you have to
you gonna do the right thing technically you're to be in complete control you go you can't even let that is a factor to the process have you game yes and you can sense i mean presence he is you may not show the other day and one of the things that board up was i've known him almost ten years and joy i swear to god i've never seen him lose his cool he is the most zen person on the planet or the one the same person i know and it goes hand in hand with good jujitsu like i notice the calmer i'm getting as a human being maybe it's going through a jingle meditation the better did you choose is the more i mean with reality when i'm like sparring with someone and i find that interesting i do as well i think this is an excellent part of of daily life for a man especially and i think it's just one aspect you know the others are nutrition philosophy thought
conversation conversation with others you know i know this podcast for sure you know people talk about how much this podcast is help them let's help me too 'cause it's helped me league review a lot of the ideas that i have in my head and my my take on things and and really in in in projecting it out to the people in aura broadcasting it out to people you you also are forced to sort of take a real account of all your thoughts and it's sort of like teaching just to raise your game better he learned in the have you teach you just two men you're gonna empathize yeah my friend bret perfume sample was always like a decent purple bell so you know but he wasn't like the best guy and man he started fucking teaching he's a black belt now he teaching and when he was teaching within a year his game went up so many notches like all the sudden was dangerous as fuck all of a sudden every time you roll them he was snack
in commodity like oh this is like he's doing this perfect like he had the tech his technique became so sharp do you know why that is i actually found out the other day because i'm new says well when i started teaching full time i got i got quite a lot better and we have different correct term but this specific kind of in in our brain fires when we see someone doing something something i think it's called an empathy in neuron and so when you're a teacher you watch your students and i don't know about your process when you teach a move it for me i watched they do and i kind of in my mind the overlay what it should look look like there's like a mental yeah the overlay and then eventually i'll show them what to do and they'll do it correctly and and it's kind of like me doing the technique again does that make sense yes yeah so i guess that's what's happening when you watch someone else doing something with you in just involved in the process that we can get better watching fight videos yeah apps salute lee ann having knowledge of what to do already in your head like having especially patterns like the other day i was rolling in
i had this guy in side control and he tried to get up to one knee and as he tried to get up to one knee i took his back and it was all in one second the whole thing was like i'll just let you know what happens like you couldn't think if even if you were like an athletic person you wouldn't be do it like that because you know what what is happening is your mind is being bi my first coach was said to me to say your body knows what but you mind gets in the way yes and that's when that happens to me is the most beautiful overgrazing raise the kids it happens and it really is like magic it's like all of sudden you got these dudes backwash you know so and especially if you freaking guy out like if you get he's like holy i just got
my back like that like marcello's my favorite example that when you watch like marcello's arm drag to back there's a moment where these guys can't even got two bad they're back so quick like how did he do you know my buddy and my friend alexis he's a high level blackboard and this is one of those guys a little bit skinny you know like so but use reason he has let it but he's not like an olympian you know so it's quite a fragile guys light is like a hundred and fifty and sixty pounds and he he's who god damn technical like he is in litri like like a surgeon wielding a scalpel and he told we went to train with marcelo and he said is to be neck i swear to god it felt like that man was reading my mind every move if did he knew put my hand down to get my balance 'cause you don't want me you grab my hand and then he had no had reached a counter with the other hand and he would have already have something cute up he said it was like reading my mind here over
yeah no i've never rolled them so i mean just think like for a high level i want to say that about my solo isn't it exciting we could all one day get perhaps close to that let yeah the best guys i roll with jean jacques machado arose him pretty regularly i've rolled with eddie bravo bunch times of course and he's end denny denny proper ghosts is one of these black belts he's gay nasty garden he's out small duty is only about one hundred and sixty pounds and he's del yeah and he still can tap me from the garden regularly wicked there's a lot he's got a he's got a lot of guys that just have stupid guards should jackie's another one this dude and he's you know hi thirty five pounds what do you do are you like a long time are you a doctor or a possible what's your style i've changed much more over the years and tried to be much more card oriens in half guard oriented inside them earn earn top position you know because i i most of my game most of my submissions were from the top and i realized that's
mister rogers so that marie to i mean he's a seventh to read in a red and white red and black belt so i mean this guy is legit and he said yeah i said when i was quite a bit younger i said like many right so i thought about it like i don't want to play on my back because i'm if i'm on back i'm just trying to get to the top anyway so what i just go straight to the top and he said you know nick when you get older you'll see you'll need your god bro you'll need it is much more energy conservation when you're on your back an i didn't think about it but the old i get you know i kind of see that i know what it is cuba i got like to earn it you know that's what eddie says if you gonna attack someone from the top you should earn the positions so i always start off guard the number well i've been injured i've been injured for five months i fucked my backup and what i had to do was i tried to just like a lightly roll looks like an asshole
yeah even though i knew it was injured i was like i was like i would like guys know go hard and then i fucked it up way worse and the one day where i try to roll light set me back three then i came back and i only trained for a couple days and i popped it out again but it was much more mild this time it was just a bad muscle tear and uh it's in my back it's where you're like in between your shoulder blades like that's where i tore the muscle is real we're losing you just two things are you be rolling tale like sixty five do you think or let me be like in your grace of the knights fall the role of the wheels fall off i mean i've got to say was nice during the five months that i was off where i didn't it was wasn't always tweak to so it's like my from that i muscled out of it or my neck got tweaked or or some other about you but for me and i'm sure from a few
the digits of guys you know when you when you get to the end of a hard week of training and you just fucked everything hurts and you should've got that like boeing tightness yeah i used to like fight against it but not kind of get off on that you know what i mean if you like in my body am alive do you know what i'm saying well you also you feel like you've earned relaxation you've actually done something incredibly difficult like i had a great role last night and i came home my third time back from the injury and i'm like i'm finally like pretty sure that it's if it's not one hundred percent is definitely ninety percent so i'm feeling great and i'm just fucking exhausted and i just plopped down on the couch and watch tv but i didn't guilty at all about watching tv you know it's like i did something pretty fucking put forth some serious effort and i don't feel like i can enjoy like bullshit like fucking off like watching tv or something unless i've done something hard i feel like you should reward yourself with bullshit like but it's all a matter of managing it you know it's like i like to
i like to watch tv or watch a movie after i've written for a few hours you know or i just like ok i did work i can just shut off now and i can't do it you know just telling buying the other day i sold my playstation my tv i just i realize it don't want it in my house anymore because you know sounds strange but i always feel kind of empty after watching tv or and is not porn or playing video games i don't feel like i've grown as a person i feel like just like a vegetable you know and i'm happy to have it at the house while there's a very different feeling that i get from playing video games then i get from doing other things that are difficult like pool i play pool which is also a lot of people would say is a waste of time you know like they always that if someone is good at pool it's a glorious results of a misspent youth and that's what what that's what people describe like a really good pool player but i've pool in a lot of ways is a lot like she just so it's a lot about managing your nerves it's a lot about control of your
it's a lot about concentration it's not as fast paced but it's it's pretty intense when you play high level pool so to me it's not just a game it's also there's a lot of exercise going on there that's a lot of exercise of control and composure and then you know in straw keeping the ball in judging how hard to hit it you literally are judging how much energi you release you like controlling the effort it's very important because you can't hit everything full blast it's not like you know box we try to knock somebody out the first round you can just get away with all power punches you have to have a real good sense of how lightly or how hard you need to hit that ball and you need to be control that ball with the levels level stick so you need to figure out how the drive thru at level as you're coming down there's a lot of thinking and weirdness going on if you look at like from from a big big picture perspective there's a philosophical alan watts and he says
i think is on in sixties of the the seventies and he was saying how you get these wealthy people who they'll buy a huge boat and then they wonder why it doesn't make them happy and it's because pleasure comes from the act in the process of acquiring a skill it doesn't come from like a material object and that made a lot of sense to me you know that's why i like when you when you get on the mat like now i you uses the most fun now final more blackballed because have acquired that bill and i can just enjoy it i'm not i'm not trying to to get better i'm just enjoying my skill in getting pleasure from it you know to mean absolutely yeah yeah like you know when when you have a good role like say you get in there with a good purple belt or something like that someone was real scrappy and you go adding your counter each other in the attacking encounter each other and then you finally catch a dude with something it's like man you earn that shit you know it's this is something beautiful about pulling off a technique on an unwilling participant you know when you
figure out a way to bypasses defenses angst you get in and and and it's a fascinating game of intellect and that's what people don't understand it's not just a physical thing this certainly physical aspects to it specially feel them now because i'm just getting back into digits is because even if you work out is not a license and not the same nothing like the only thing that comes closest kettlebells there's especially kettlebell workout called workout called extreme kettlebell cardio workout this company called dragon door sells it in this motherfucker put you through hell then is a light light kettlebell too he does it with a thirty five pound kettlebell and i would have i believe that someone could give me a good work out with a little thirty five pound when my spirits like it was the seventies son let me show what the is up funk you up along with god two thousand and forty five minutes man but by the end of forty five minutes forty five minutes with like a minute break here and there like in between sets it's uh
both the less it's ruthless your fucking legs want to die it's like they're going to break you feel like you're going to step and your muscles just going to fall off your leg like you've ripped it all apart if you get through that forty five minutes without kettlebell congratulation beast a big show coming up well before i ayahuasca trip like i got do my kettle bell workout in the morning 'cause it puts you in a good mood trying to get the right zone it puts those endorphins going man it it fires up your system you know it gets your test from production up when you're doing like real like they always say that the best exercises for pudding on mass or a full body exercises like deadlifts traditionally squads things along those lines where your hoe nobody has to move as a unit far more effective for pudding like real size in functional strength in like say just bench press or just core girls or something along that you know if you look at someone whose primary um supplemental training outs you do is body building you can see that
don't move right yeah it's not the way the human body was designed to move through space you know that like they're all locked through chest and shoulders and there's no i come horizontal movement in the hipc is only linear movement 'cause if you think about your pushing like four hundred pounds on a leg press it's a very do muscles in your tendons or ligaments newborns get used to working in a very specific which direction is no like balance and and flexibility so so i gotta question about aubrey when he's on here and talk about all those crazy like iboga i remember you and brian listen and to him talk about and you're like i don't ever want to do stuff like that we we about about was is as stuff that you guys just are like never i never want to touch that stuff to do i'll ask in a heartbeat ayahuasca and seems i think it would be great for someone who had real serious personality issues addiction and abuse issues i don't of those so i am hancock was talking about the ability and he's like i don't want to do it again the closest after a substance abuse issues coffee i love coffee
was outlander ayahuasca coffee joe was the are you oscar that somebody died the other day from the supposedly yeah but they don't know if i want to kill them yes some of the shaman could kill them shop because a shaman buried him so who knows if he died during a ceremony or you know he might have an some do you really know i don't know i guess that was a legit shaman like like an old school yeah he was in a movie before that really been likes again like a legit movie and then apparently this kid dad so i'm reading that drug off now one guy dies meanwhile you smoke cigarettes kill five hundred thousand people a year in this country alone is like well it's i wasco chilled one in peru wasn't i watching the drug that he said it makes you feel like you're dying the whole no no that's right but yeah okay yeah i don't know yeah yeah that dry i think we both said that drug i think i think it's
very beneficial for certain people uh i have a friend my friend ed who runs a center down in mexico uh at clanks one of lloyd irvin's black bones great guy and he's he's is whole life changed because of i've gained he took it and went down and and he had an issue with pain pills he got an injury and like a lot of guys so get injured injured the doctor doctor will something special if you you fuck up your back it happened to someone i know very very well said section one day heritage sack no joke it's stronger appears in it's terrifying it's very terrifying that it's so readily available that doctors will prescribe it so easily and that they're trusting you to have control that giving you all these pills all at once not let you go to the doctor and every day he dispenses you a new one you just listen i'll give you you want to get on oxy cotton i will give it to you but you gotta come to me i give you wanna know you still hold bob
all of ninety fucking pills if you want to take forward a time you can take for to tom no ones gonna stop you so it weird that we're you have that in london we don't have that readily accessible opiate prescriptions we have an incredibly hypocritical society especially info florida florida and the rate on documentaries on it that show vanguard had the the express it was a show dedicated just to oxycotton where they showed that florida they have these dickey was laws were you i think to try to change that now probably because of vanguard probably because of the locks kind of special but they they have these things called pain management centers to say you come in and you see hey hey you know i hurt my back and really it's fucking painful i can't even sleeping ok well i'm gonna write a prescription for pain pills and then you take it and shut that door and open the next door in the same building their connected and that's the pharmacy
have you paying bills and it's all they have is that continue to exist because there's corruption and by the way florida is also the state that has recently come under fire for hiring police officers to pretend to be high school students to get kids to selling pot account the harder to twenty five year old woman who is hot she's attractive to make friends with a seventeen year old boy was an honor roll student tested negative by the way didn't have any pot in his system didn't do drugs didn't have didn't have a wreck smart kid just a kid yeah just a kid and she made friends with them and then got him to sell her weed and then they they had him arrested and she coerced him i mean she's twenty five years old she's a woman and she's dealing with a boy and she's attractive first of all that's completely unfair the attractive woman have a massive amount of power especially everest immaterial boy actually over several times especially in interactive attractive twenty five year old woman i mean that's a real woman and he smells that a boy would
well that and the affection for that woman would be like super special so you know what's funny is that agnes doesn't know you and i was like younger like my fantasy was an old woman and the older you get a kind of switches around then you get it there well as you get older young fantasies younger woman still it's room for a loop i think i just didn't know if you were done i thought you're gonna keep going i don't know so yeah yeah i know what you mean yeah it's a weird thing but some dudes now there's like the whole milf marketing porn some dudes are into like this really dirty looking forty year olds so just fucking stab it just cock monsters forty year old fucking mascara of sweat and all that a lot of those videos of dudes are into that now is women who just want to get gorilla fucked older women or just know what they want that's like a will do a whole market it's pretty pretty freaky market as well what's this movie called some sorry recently the sequel to baraka and
you know bunch of long shots of no dialogue and they show this was the most the ever seen the sex doll factory and then they juxtapose that shot with one of those strip club slash brothels in thailand and to make a point in it so you just how some similar whole thing is the sex industry i mean do you want to mean selling sex dolls and selling human beings is pretty much the same the same thing and in that case that's that's fascinating is going to be are you guys so you guys move into w or no it's under two and you always talk about like what you to do with the squad and with the podcast and i'm like where i think you said recently like phil responsibility to kind of like take this to another level and stuff i was wonder what you meant by that well the the only thing we're doing differently is one i haven't as new studio that i'm opening up that's closer to where i live and it's clearly independent thing it's not connected to a comedy club and it's got a lot of space so the idea is that we
i have it set up the way i would like to have it set up where you know have nay cameras and monitors in the wall but she's not getting rid of redban right now i've had this motherfucker with me for ten years i'm not going anywhere to work without it he's brians one of my best friends means not just he's a weird mother fucker but he's get some weird dude is into hitler cats that's just it's hard to find it hard to find so he's an important element so it's going to be placed where people hang out or is designed to studio o'brien's gonna be with this weekend by the way going in phoenix at stand up alive and it's going to be fucking crazy folks ideas is there he won't be there on sunday but he's there friday and saturday and ari she fears be there on friday brendan walsh going to be on saturday brian going to be the whole week we're going to have a fucking bitch
so we haven't been to phoenix it's been a couple of years one of my fair places out that in texas it's a cool town did you hear they bought the other plus yeah they bought the tempe improv too good for them just looking nervous as you go on stage so now i get excited i'm not nervous i'm looking forward to doing it i just it's it's important so i get excited i wouldn't say nervous because with that implies like fear is not a fear thing it's like it's an excitement you have to be heightened you definitely can't go up nonchalant mean people want to be entertained they want to be wanted to feel the intensity of the performance they want to feel the folks do they want to be entertained so you have to be up for it so it's excited it's not under but it's if i didn't do my job though i would feel nervous like i haven't been writing i don't know what to say and you know there's there's there's a we weird fear that comes with trying new shit fucking around new bits especially if not convinced like sometimes i have a bit and
i'll start out with it and i'm like man this bit is this might fucking suck it must my suck this might have been just one of those stone ramblings it and then i'll it on stage and i'll find a path and all the sudden becomes a monster it's like on h it'll become alive and the f to take that chance sometimes there's two hour specs to writing one aspect is the physical act of sitting in front of a keyboard writing in silence by myself there's that for sure that's a very important asp but the other aspect of it is telling the story in front of people telling the bit in front of people because then the mother fucker comes alive and then i know like i was going to say it a certain way but in the moment i gotta learn early that part need to edit that part out and just get right to this part boom boom it's a matter of editing on stage it's one of the few art forms that you must have an audience to create you have to i can't create and i can start the process on my own but i can't create the auto
without any any audience will do well i mean hopefully a good one but i can't create the stand up we can't become it's full form without the crown it's impossible i use their energy is part of the question yeah it's a part of the the the reaction is part of it the feel i get from the intangibles like as i'm saying it the where i know the timing lines and is it so it would be impossible to describe such a specialized skill it's a weird skill it's a it's it's a little it's because it's not it's not what everybody thinks it is man it's not you're you're saying things and people are considering what you're saying there laughing ha ha there's a little bit of that but there's also some weird fucking connection some hypnosis thing that's going on between the audience of yeah and as an audience member i feel it as well like when i watch someone who i think is really hilarious when i saw stanhope recently yours when i saw a joey diaz the other day like when someone is really killing and you're locked locked into their bit there's
so there's this weird sort of connection connection and performing you feel that and when you're coming up with new shed it's like you've you feel there it goes where any also feel when you're faking it you feel when it's forced you feel like all these you know what they feel you know what the audience feels it's like you're conducting this here it's really pure art form so fucking weird art form it's really hard comedy course i did five minutes in london and that service check in i know a lot of people hate on comedy because i know merrin hits on comedy courses but he shouldn't you know and should because it gets people in the door and get to know their cell right yeah if you don't know anything about stand up if you're not a stand up comedian you know what you why not take a course to get to force yourself on stage you know the real proud of course is a lot of a run by losers that's the problem but you need money at eighty two or do you need the the guy really to get you on stage and then so you can learn yourself you're not going to get real comedy
advice from somebody socks elements okay can't do it though right yeah there was a bunch of people that wrote books on car comedy and they were like you know i member as a young professional when i had just started getting paid to do gigs people would just laugh at these books but a horrible the comic who actually wrote the book was but what a book does do even though i agree with that in certain ways and it does get you interested in the conversation it does like you might like go to the bookstores say how to be a stand up comic man i need to fucking find a book on how to be a comic and then that book might be step one take class might be step two here's now you might be mark meron you know you might be a mark meron you know you might be a real professional comedian it's just a matter of taking those steps and so the good thing that a comedy class is the allows you to fuck around and get on stage and see if this is something you're actually interested in and just think of the process of it and by the way
when you're in a bad comedy class listening to idiots tell you how to do you might be like this guy's an idiot and that might help your comedy right like that might help you understand that there's a lot of people out there that do a terrible don't do what this guy's doing don't pack it up up there don't make it so obvious don't insult me as a person is watching you know you might feel something that actually might benefit you in an educational sort of a we just got up and sucked every week in front of these people and and we all bonded at the end because i guess twelve strangers and it's like if you can't big twelve random people in london laughed and most likely you're not going to make a comedy audience laugh and we just got up there i would just oh by the way tomorrow night we have a show here we have a show here at the at the icehouse joe ds and i were on the today's like what we doing tomorrow dog and i know what you want to do is we going to do a fucking show we got to do a fucking show we can come in cold the phoenix is like not coming in cold the phoenix dog we got if these mother fuckers about elsa show so i said alright we're going to show cell down would you like
if you guys you guys got to be on stage weekly well joey is you know joe he's a guy who no matter what joe always doing three four sets a week he's always hopping around doing it he loves it it's one of the reasons why he's so good so comfortable and natural up there this is also what he loves he's a real stand up you know he's he's a black button stand up comic he loves it he loves it it's the same thing so for him it's he knows that we're going to have these huge crowds phoenix the club is like six hundred seats so it's it's and it's all sold out so it's going to be nuts two shows friday to show saturday and once on sunday so joe is just fucking ramping up now his fucking shadow box in this house we invited him on london real but then he told us he doesn't have a passport so i can go to london yeah that sucks that's too bad because uh that would be awesome to have him on it would yeah you guys could experience the love do you can you tell if someone who's like you're like a black
some comedy as well so can you tell when you meet when you meet a new colleague appeared can tell if there are natural or if there's someone you had average talent and rarely polished it to a high degree you could tell if they are douche bag and if there a douche bag they're probably not going to be that there's something about when you meet him be clunky and then some people you meet in there just so open there's so likely like well i gotta see this guy does on stage and i mean some people you meet them and they're just really there and centered and engaging you in like oh this is a sharp motherfucker like what's going on he's talking to you yeah ok you know and then there's other guys that are like really quiet and then they get onstage and their mother fucker you know you never know it's peoples personalities are strange there's some people that are completely diff on stage then they are off stage it's weird you know in some people there really fucking funny on stage and then off stage they just you know kind of quiet reserved you know it's very strange like they get it all out
in there on stage antics this is that too is a lot of different types of comedy the most tax an exhausting is the always on fucking one liner guy who's always trying to like say the like the the next funny things too much you guys to crack jokes and you guys are hanging out yeah but only the ones that work okay see you gotta know which is the same thing we were talking about being a black belt it's like you gotta know what is actually funny you gotta know what is just annoying to listen to you know it's just you jerking off into the wind and what is actually something that's relative like something that relevant something something relevant to bring up something that actually contributing to the conversation you took the one of the things that brian is really good at and i want encourage this but i have to give him his props he'll say some shit that i would have never fucking thought up and i i've never said anil interject him in weird spots an it's just like it
takes the conversation sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but it takes it to a place he probably would have never gone on your own and that's what's fun in in a conversation what's fun and the conversation and what's fun in a in watching stand up comedian is someone who can take shit to places where you know you might not have gone but the role of the relevant places so it's like you allow them to think for you for a brief the moment you allow that and when someone when their awkward and clunky you know like you can't think for me stupid like what are you doing here bullshitting say to him out yeah it's immediate it's like so when say that someone's exhausting because really joke you looking it up like they don't understand how they're being perceived there there's a disconnect between what the bridge staying and what they're imagining they're projecting or how they're being received and what how they're imagining there being received there's a disconnect there and that's that's just like the koran
guy who still thinks he's a master and he's got a gut now but he wants everybody to be terrified of him and he really believe somewhere in the back of his head that he can fucking handle multiple attackers you know he's he's bull yeah that's a in life is when you confronted with when delusions are shown to you i mean you think you the mac and then you just get destroyed and that's why i told you not to eat that cookie this mother fucker was trying to give you know cookies you don't want to fuck with these edibles man edibles edibles will put you in a bad place if you're ready for it very confronting you know it's just once you with all the weird shit that you into the into the back of your head once like bit been well if you ever seen the information on the difference between consuming marijuana yeah just to hurt like you talk about it kind of annoys change on the first pass through the liver right yeah the first pass through the liver becomes eleven hydroxy metabolite which is this intense psychedelic drug which is five times more psychoactive thc so for
for a portion of marijuana like say what's in a pot brown just a few smoked it would fuck and get you high as shit but if you eat it like it's it's almost uncomfortable it's like so self examine a taurean so intensely probing to all aspects of your fears and unconscious thoughts and so i think we do it on a plane to do it all the time you know what i was in la about five years ago and someone gave me a brownie and never had one before he picked me up in the morning so this is for you we want to universal studios which had never been to before so i hate this thing on an empty stomach then
i got really paranoid and i i i chickened out on the shrek right mind like she i i lost it i said i got to get out of here members on the wrong way laying in yeah did you see blood shrek right it's a new medium now that means on the road usually you do some black belt scared of shrek right yeah weeds a mother nothing there is a lot of people say makes you paranoid and i i believe that a certain amount of paranoia is very important i really think it's not paranoid i think it's just so me how dare you that re tone yeah yeah i don't change ringtones i don't want hear your music either either one of those dudes got some fucking latest this green day have a latest song i have a badass ringtones that interested you sexy bitch both sex game
the fuck would i don't know but i gotta drop some financial science on you i had a point though do you play in your ringtone killed that's kinda cool if you could forgot that it certainly wasn't we're talking about i was talking too much shit obviously alright so i'm dropping some science here yeah sure we have science yeah i kind of drop a little bit so i know you always talking about the crazy derivatives and how there's too many amount there and it's betting on like fake stuff when i talk about is that i really fucking idiot i don't really understand it so if i'm saying it i'm just repeating some shit hurt online fair enough so i'll just like real break it down like the oldest form of derivative is like it's it's like the egyptians used to when they used to like grow some cotton and like the they know that i'd sell it for a future price and if they got a certain price they plant the crop and if they didn't then they wouldn't so that was like the oldest form and then it kind of got crazy with this credit derivatives and stuff and it's more just like technology is the way i look at it like an ipad you could say is bad if you like load porn on
give it to an eight year old but in theory is not bad stuff the palm is when it gets a little unregulated in crazy well i see your point and i think that what you're saying is probably correct but i think that if you you want to have a fair society and a society that makes sense i don't think you can have things when it comes to money finances i don't think you can have things that can be manipulated in any way shape or form or things that are based at all on confidence or perceptions of how some thing is doing so when i look at the stock apples down over your iphone is often perceived as the fucking hit that we thought it was apple stock was down what are you even saying what the are you even saying what kind of crazy world we live in where there's people the regular people who are gambling for and against company fall apart are doing well and that's a part of our society and that's a part of our economy that's crazy
tell me by something you kind of gambling when you buy your house and where do you live you actually think it'll probably be a good investment as opposed to be bought a house and tay other than maybe wouldn't so every decision you make with your money is kind of a bad sure if i was saying that you should never gamble that would make sense but that's not what i'm saying what i'm saying is you can't gamble on ship the you're not even a part of and they can't be a giant part of the economy you like it when you when you're buying stock and selling stock and trading stock and things are going up and down the dow is down seven points today what the what are you even talking about you've got a system if the dow is down that if it's that fluctuate ing up and down based on some stupid fucking build it gets past or some lack of qatar iran's been rattling their sabers the dow was down you know that's a nonsense system humans are all about confidence right if if someone's cut it short our economy shouldn't be based on such a weird if you know a few real sort of a feeling
like the idea that you know whether or not people believe that apple's on the ride what about black where the are blocked on top of the world at one point so it just seems like nonsense it seems like one piece of gold should equal one donkey okay going back to school until we figure out how to have i mean what was the guy's name the object fresco yeah yeah yeah talks about resource based economy and that's the only thing that makes sense a condom is based on the numbers and derivatives and finances and stocks and bonds and what are you even saying i just don't know how we're gonna get there without having a complete blood that how we gonna get to a better version of government without a complete you will say the internet and that is that's the only option we have right now right i think that's the internet is eventually going to be the government in of the world the governing of the world is going to lead to the the governing of the world through the people i think it's only inevitable as long as people continue to have more and more access to information and more more power to do
tribute that information like we do right now and that's one of the scariest things about these tightening up bills when the bill you know when they going to stop the pass any cyberterrorism bills and sweep the legislation that allows the government to come in and shut down websites and deem you know any of the state certain but like wikileaks is an enemy of the state now join on join is deemed an enemy of the state they've decided he's as bad as al qaeda meanwhile he's done is tell the truth is done is distribute information that the government didn't want distributed so they decided that this guys a fucking terrorist i think it's nonsense as i get older i think it's more and more nonsense and i think one of the system it's a silly system if gary johnson can't debate what you that is you got a rig system you got a giant crazy rigged fake system and if i pretend that i'm a part of this stupid electoral college and hop on board it's non college is still crazier every aspect of it is nuts lobbyists or knots the ability to
point corporations ability to donate limit amounts of money that's not that's just this term the latest super pacs and all that that's nuts it's weird watching it from london is really weird 'cause it seems like a big joke with romney there's something just like a big my sister liked mitt romney on facebook last night show good for her seems like a nice guy like doesn't mean i would vote for him and even if you vote for him i think it's been pretty obvious with obama that it's not that easy what obama is done everybody thought that obama was going to be this great savior this country it's going to you know i mean i remember this woman who is like all happy when he won it now i know that my mortgage is going to be paid and now i know that i was listening or says like whoa you want to talk about some high expectations for someone who's going to come in and you think it's going to fix this incredibly fucking entangled corrupts
system yeah no i understand not fix it but he let some get past that i would have never thought that in the national defense authorization act which allows the military to break up civil to say the amount allows the military to be used on us civilians allows people to be held without authorization to be what without rather representation without any recourse you can't you can't have a trial they just hold you in definitely is one zero one terrifying is sir fund they would ask for that here's why it's not like things have gone horribly bad in this country it's not like there's riots in the streets every day and people were assassinating government leaders and there's bombs blowing up the buildings everywhere and we have a resort did too like some sort of arcane law that we're going to have to put into place until we can calm things down we've got to control now it's not that could walk down the street pass it is beautiful out here man get on the highway there's a few too many cars people are civil you know
hours and hours a bumper to bumper traffic in the worst thing is somebody might blow the horn to stick a finger at somebody no it's cut people's heads off with swords you know it's it's not necessary to pass these crazy orwellian laws but what it it's me think is that they can see the writing on the wall and they know that this form of running governments it's it's no longer valid it doesn't work it's ridiculous we understand your influence we understand why you're making these decisions we see where the money comes from now it's all red available it's not like we're living in nineteen thirty and i have to read the hearst newspaper first to find out what the information is you know is going to be about this upcoming election you find thing about anybody it's it's it's really different now and it's not saying that we don't need a government we certainly need a government not saying we shouldn't have corporations of course we should have corporations uh this is corporations i think a great i think apple is great i think porsche is great i think i like their product so i think you know i mean there's nothing wrong with that it's just we can
allow money to supersede humanity and that's what they've done they've allowed the idea of doing their stockholders justice and making as much money as possible they've allowed that to supersede humanity and when you have business is where their entire function is to supersede humanity and see that and you can you can measure that that we need to stop that that needs to be closed down they gotta stop it for them so because they're all having fucking horrible karma from that you know and this terrible man have you ever thought about having politicians on the show or a few we've had got a got a young to david seaman he's coming back again with apologies one come on your show i think at one two maybe gary johnson what but he's you know he's legit you know i spoke to ron paul at a chance to speak to him on the tonight show i never asked him to come on the podcast 'cause i thought it would be ridiculous siemens company wouldn't come on he's coming out again but you have problem that
i said seem best we could you know how dare you fucking good that there you go that's what you're talking about like the needle off the records my manchild barking up the distance to put your created jobs so this is our one year anniversary pretty much since we started this show yeah i mean obviously it was pretty much after watching show i mean the split screen was pretty much an ode used to shoot i think in your house right yeah well we started doing it because of anthony cumia really he was the the the big push me when we went to the opie anthony show and anthony has a show called live from the compound okay he was the first he actually is a six set up is a green screen in a broadcast desk in really high end microphones and him bodies would get drunk and do a show and we were like me and brian what town looks fun the video as well yeah yeah yeah so we started doing it only to be three years for us in december we started doing it on just in the u stream on on on a laptop
now you guys run sofas right yeah right the my house just chilling in my house we were bored well you in and us over in like well you know like i said we were infected first probably we've come up with this idea called global real and we want to want to facility the setting up of like similar things learn real in every major city in the world or anybody wants to just do a podcast and we talked to some guys actually in victoria bc there's a guy over there eric foust and we talked to him skype and he's like i want do a podcast it might just do it if you want some help let's do it and he's like i want to call it victoria with your permission and i was like dude i was also you know the name you know yeah but as i just long as none of the london real you're good right one of the most is up right there can't be enough how gas right now i don't that yeah i i i you know there's a lot of people that feel like the other people that are doing podcasts or some part of the competition i don't feel at all i never have i feel like this three hundred million fucking human beings just in this country and one hundred
of millions worldwide that also listened to anything english i think this is a huge audience for everybody and i don't think that it has to be us and them i'm inspired by other comedians just like i'm inspired by other podcasts but i'm a big i'm a big believer in the way to be success all in the way to feel good is help other people to help other people do simmons mentality though yeah like that's one of the first signs of an enlightened human being as he knows it's enough for everyone you don't have to like claw and scrape and say this mind you know and yeah once you start standing that enerji out into the universal experience becomes very very different i think my end of comedy all all of it is benefited from that my life has benefited from it i'm just a i i think you have to be a generous person a like i'll regular go to a coffee shop and leave a hundred dollar dollars i just i think you got to do that i think i leave little happiness bombs like i was
a joke about a like my friend duncan and i were at we ate at this barbecue place and you know a tip the waiter hunter hundred and he even know it but we left thanks bye and i get out of there like i love the fact that do is going to open up the thing and see one hundred mother fuck just give me a hundred bucks and you're gone man i'm gonna still happiness bomb it's and i think that that sort of mentality i've also put that to stand up you know and all of us would do that already does that duncan does that brian does that joey diaz does that you know where the first guys to tell you about someone that we think is great and so one that we love something you should check out and it ate it all of us you know what you get what you give you back ten time yeah i think so man i've you know there's a lot of comics who bring guys on the road with them that are terrible so they don't show them up i've always been of the the mindset that i should bring the funniest human beings that are available so that the show who's better and it makes me laugh like
it's not going to make me less funny like that idea is crazy to me like there's a lot people that actually want the person who's on in front of them to not be funny because then makes them look better i think that's being if you if that's the first way of thinking ever because that's your so your your sense of what is funnier what's funny about you is so delicate the no one could also be funny but that's crazy sometimes you're funny but you're only funny if someone before you sucks that disney makes sense as a whole the road is the same thing it's it's a lack of that abundance mentality and a lack of the so the real idea that human beings are inexorably connected that were connected energy and that were connected by intent and it were were connected by the the thought so we put out there and the sauce that we received from from other people this is not
it's not this we will think this is a real exchange of energy and i've been impressed by the power of a conversation like we we get on the on the air once a week we have in our conversation with someone who we think is important and that's why in the center of the screen we like want to feature these people to the world whether it's salmon power the psilocybin solution or you know an mma fighter or somebody yeah check this dude out but it's it's part of the effect on me i mean i've grown so much as a person in this last year probably been the best year of my life and this is like ten years in financial markets and making money in doing this but like this last year i've changed the most i can draw i once got two years ago i would have been the do the glaze over when you talk about psychedelic alike are you one of those yeah i know and now i'm doing it and like what he what he made a few what made you have a and altering of that idea you know i walk away from that job because i i don't know i think at times is young males were sold this kind of this this capitalist promise where you go to school you make the money you get the girl you have the car and you're happy and
a lot of our viewers i think at the same way that these guys in their mid twenties that think that play in the game and they're like ok then we're all my rewards and they're like i'm not happy with this anymore and i think i got there is doing this day in day out job and it was quote unquote says full and i had all the trappings and then i was like i wasn't happy so i just walked away from it scared as hell with the with nothing to do a full yeah in order for six months i was like literally not too much and nick and i would meet in the west and and walk around london for like three hours and now was listening your podcast and i we walk we talk about philosophy and women and finance and actives and at the end i'll be like nick that would've made a fucking good pocket if we had just recorded it you know and then next like this too let's do it let's do it and then and then like arrived at brians house that was just going to be asked like talking into a garage find set up this huge studio there's a microphone in my face
awesome it was cool we got the cameras i thought the video was super important as i listen to audio podcast before but you need to see guys faces and i always say for our guests people need to see at least the first five minutes 'cause they need to see if there are a cunt or not if there are douche and you can tell after five minutes of looking at someone i think you can say ok i like this guys vibe and then you can listen if you want you can tell i'm listening to you know i was listening to the opie and anthony show and there was a guy and i was like man this guy sounds like a cunt to me like there being nice to the guy but i'm like sky sounds like a douche bag so i asked a friend in new because oh it's a piece of shit i go thank you because i was like this guy is playing these guys i was like this summer this guy that is so disingenuous as soon as i ask my friend and it was like rise piece of shit fucking hate that guy was like thank you just by listening just by listening man but uh i agree with you about the video but the reality is the majority of our listeners are audio only more than seventy percent i think is it really ninety percent
yeah we have a great i said i was more like sixty percent said well between stitcher which is do you are you guys are at your house here's an example of that yeah it's cool service don't tell bill burr stitcher is one great way that why tribute to smartphones but now there's the you know the i phone app on the new iphones they have a podcast app and we have our own podcast app you could find a joe rogan experience podcast app it's free but the audio version is where people like listen to it on the train or in the car at the gym or whatever i think that's much more more prevalent very few assholes are sitting in front of the computer watch i used to watch the first few minutes just to take a look the gas and then i switch to audio we yes by the way muscle job these guys these these things on you guys b of gifts for us yeah how dare you wanna hopefully brought battery for you and this for you red band brian you said it was a gay accent you son of a bitch
and then some crazy ass london real wrapping paper wrapping paper no it's actually some posters i don't have any wrapping paper wrapping it on it son we gotta get wrapping paper this kind of cool right squad wrapping paper for christmas come on dude you gotta put that at the campus deathsquad wrapping paper i'm telling you guy whoever you were that came with the higher primate tattoo this guy had the dopest fucking my t shirt designs on his shoulder shiba one he had it done on a shoulder by this wicked tattoo artists whoever you were you so fucking sonofabitch does of that asked to do you've got pride gloves for me he goes some originals when they used no those i want to provide his note live in japan and they have never been used so and the ribbons got the classic english pride gloves are actually better better than the gloves that the ufc uses in one way is that the padding goes more over the end of the fingers and it kind of keeps you curled i feel like there are less eye pokes in pride
do you feel that but i can't remember a single line a long drive is also yeah he was he was awesome love it love it it was such a cool easy time those fights were nuts man like there's no other organization that would put on minotaur real versus bob sapp that's great fight it was craziness man yeah and it was like they were almost super heroes you know you don't know what we're talking about minute toro is this guy who's like the original ju jitsu heavy weight like the digital guy the first guy really to come along start submitting high guys from his back nobody did that before minotauro we fought this guy named bob sapp was literally three hundred and seventy pounds of all muscle he was fucking ridiculous it was a crazy fight where bob sapp pie now drived minute or a one point in time minotaur was more than one hundred lighter than a more than one hundred i think he's probably one hundred and fifty pounds lighter that uh
it was craziness and he slapped the arm bar on the left arm bar at the end and caught him in our bar spoiler alerts or is proper upset probably couldn't extend his arm more than that so it's ridiculous bob sapp was so big he didn't look real he meets how much money in japan men dorsing products and stuff you made millions of it yeah but then the market kind of fell apart from what i understand we're going to get ensign anyway on the podcast next time instance in america i love him yeah he's great went into fukushima into literary even stuff that was one intense to that guy is the real deal and he you know he was there during the whole the height of pride and he was also there when it when it dropped off so he probably be the one that could tell you what the fuck really happened when he comes on the podcast maybe we'll get and james thompson he was involved in production right yeah colossus yeah he's on my map my message board now and he's he writes a lot of blogs he's actually a very good writer
really interesting cat you know 'cause he's this big scary looking mother he's actually a really well thought out well spoken well i was trying to send us a message of hate yeah this i mean this is my facebook and i can't be the same james thompson he's a great guy hi james i'm gonna get back to you because said he's on he's on my message board all the time is a great ghana and then make a circle to its yeah this i it's s along the same lines we talked about with ju jitsu the only difference with them in may of course is that you have to consider thank you very much close yeah you want him in you have to with mma the the the potential for long term damage to your mind you just have to consider that and so these guys always have that sort of hanging over their head and i think that's one of the reasons why you really can enjoy it like you can enjoy jitsu jujitsu even when you you do tap somebody you don't feel bad because you tap to everybody taps you just just part of the whole game it's like he
to learn that you know you can't put your arm there if the guys got your back and he's got though you know he he needs to learn what he did wrong in that position because you can it's not if you got high during that position you could have tapped him or you know it you know i mean it's like it's a lesson for everybody so you don't even feel bad about delivering the lesson because if you're trying to get good digits ultimately you should welcome getting tapped because it suppose you your your true weaknesses otherwise you're really not going to know and the only way to get better is to see those weaknesses shore up those holes and move forward so some of the tap shoes actually helping you and that's that aspect doesn't exist in kickboxing boxing man you only have a certain rat a tat tat that you could take to had you only have a certain number man and when you deliver specially when you deliver on a sparring partner there's part of you that knows that you just did some damage when you orca right hand on someone you see their eyes roll back in the knees buckle you know you just that guy's consciousness up restless motor these days and mac ten's it was here talking about that you think a lot of fighters have had that new fly
hosfield i'm going to train smarter not harder i think some of 'em have certainly but so from don't don't have access to the most technical trainers you know there's some trainers like theirs is the mat humans of the world if you watch their is there this for their fighters are so obviously well trained very obviously technical winkle johns bears are also very similar lucky you there's super obviously well technically trained you watch the cowboy cerrone moves you know you watch with jon jones is learning he's these guys are learning very good technique you know and the only way to truly do that is to be taught by someone who is at the front of the game someone who really knows what the fuck is up someone who has a super technical standup game and knows how to to move a fighter through aggression challenge them and test them and but but not have them get mall not have them get beat up and and figure out a way to balance all that out because it takes
on one bad punch and like you'll never be the same fighter again yeah i've seen guys that especially kicks i've seen guys that got kicked in the head and were never the same and that is that is one hundred percent real uspeh silly like like there's certain it looks like we'll kick san things along the line the those lines where there's an insane amount of power but as we look here lands on your hair it's an barbosa versus terry and i'm fine we're we're at some barbosa not terry adam out with we'll kick in brazil i mean it was again nasty i mean that he'll connected right to the jaw the consciousness was gone instantly he fell down like he was dead the those kind of knockouts man how many of those you got in your life i mean do you have five do you have a number like five and after that you'll never be the same person is it one is it too is at three we really don't know because it varies per person do you see these guys sometimes i mean you're in their weekend and week out a accommodations you have seized you ever see that you know
terry i'm gone you're like wait a second he's not moving the same way he used to know question about it you you could see it in their their speech patterns some guys a lot of you know looked underground is a mixed martial arts form that i frequent mixed martial arts are calm in the best in my opinion the best mix martial arts website on the world and never did think shut up one of one of the things we are going to start out on their own schools a great website to this just a few too many cuts on the board what but they're just a little better squashing can tina's although i hear i shouldn't say that 'cause i hear sure dogs gotten a lot better about it anyway my point is like their their ruthless 'cause they're hiding behind anonymous screen names but sometimes they're accurate and every now and then the up a video and said is so and so seem to have brain damage listen to me like wow that guy is struggling like there's certain like there was a with paul williams recently where he was you know paul williams the boxer who got knocked down
by sergio martinez with vicious one punch knockout then he was in a motorcycle accident which left him paralyzed in they interviewed him in the motorcycle and i was listening to his labored speech and i was like ooh that doesn't sound good horrible man i met uh well it didn't mean it but i was right behind terry adam or terry um norris rather when he was talking to a fan once and i was a huge terry norris fan when i was a kid he was like one of my favorite boxers terry norris was standing there talking to this dude and i couldn't believe it was real i thought he was hammered drunk or something i thought the only this cannot be real this cannot be how this guy talks now and so i like inched over close and listen to their conversation and all my god so sad it was a satisfy could thing to me because being a big fan this guy watching its fight so many times he was you know this really wild dude and he he
knocked out a few times and it was one of those guys that was either it was either he would kill or be killed now and he got knocked out by some bad ass dude julian jackson knocked him out like fucking scary knockout let's see him when he was younger than me at the time and see how slurring his words like that scared the fucking shit outta me man to scared should've seen meldrick taylor lately have you seen that horrific horrific meldrick taylor one of the best boxers to ever come out of the olympics in his early professional days he was fucking wizard he was so fast and had one real really brutal fight with julio cesar chavez never the same again that terry norris not come out a few guys not him out but he still fighting and i had an interview with him recently on hbo where they showed him when he was younger talking and then they showed him today and it's horrendous it's
it's that is a real reality of combat sports do you think the ufc is safe enough now or do you think in ten years we're going to start seeing blood and is there any way the other way around that i mean the humans want to see combat sports right well look here's would say if you got to get out before you have a referee will damage that's what safe guys have done it this guy who retired and they're fine in healthy look more tangler is apparently in great great health and you know he was a great boxer but he never got knocked out and never got fucked up you know and hagar new after the sugar ray leonard fight alright i'm done is it never came back rocky marciano do the same thing got out before he got up and and was fine in his later years before he died in a plane crash but you can figure out what you have to be you have to be really smart and it's hard to do and it's also you have to have something that excites you like fighting does cuz these guys it's not like you can fight and all sudden you can't fight anymore you can fight and he fights to little less good than you used to
it fucks with your you know what man i just need to change my training up i need to incorporate some swim sing or something you know and you'll try to do that and then you get knocked out again any like what i was when enough round like a cost you know and then then the transporter is still going short still going on and still good enough to stay in the game but disaster right only just and those those knock outs those all become ticket holes holes in your ticket chunk we took a gets punched over and over again and how many got who knows me auster has been stopped a bunch of talk but you look at him now is better than never over him yeah over his me supa peter arts peter hearts been stopped at gang time beat semmy schilt two years ago in the one grand prix so it's like some guys they can get stopped a bunch of times and still be okay and other guys not and i don't the door at the end of the day no one can tell you no one can tell you know some guys like mark hunt to take a for roche he shot and there's other guys who just they can't take that much punishment there are built differently they for whatever it's worth who
is what it is it was some person as a glass jaw the other guys got an iron draw how much of it is psychological how much of it is physical it's hard to tell it's a combination of both i'm sure but it's it's not a safe it's a it's it's safe as we make it but the fighters all realize that there's a certain amount of risk involved you're going to get injured going to get broken bones are going to get torn ligaments are going to get concussions you're going to have that in mixed martial arts there's no way around that so in that sense it safe as we can make it but it's a dangerous sport so they have to think about that and they have to train with that in mind and they have to understand when it's time to not do it anymore but it really pisses me off is when like someone says are the ref should have stopped the fight it's like man always err on the side of caution when it's someone's brain in jeopardy yeah what i mean i think some guys you let them try to get it like frankie edgar perfect example how do you stop
thank god it's really when you see like that first round back was it gray maynard into fights in a row you see that in your how could you stop the guys fight ease you gotta you gotta look at the individual and his ability to bounce back from punishment you got get it gotta give him the opportunity to win and frankie's proven when time again that he can do that so in that sense the referee has to be an expert in in fighters styles and their ability to indoor punishment it's not the best way to to compete but with a guy like frankie edgar that's also one of his weapons one of his is that is in incredible shape and that he recovers quickly and you know he and where a guy out because of that he can drag a guy into some crazy fucking firefight where you know he's got one thousand boa and the other guy might only have four hundred so you know he might think i got four hundred dollars this guys fucking dead meanwhile
to keep going man and it like you know again that was in the fourth round with gray maynard when he knocked amounts like i got a chance he's still going he still want the same clip he was going the first round and greg couldn't manage that at that point in his in his career like behind the scenes at the of semi what what would what would we be surprised as something you just notice all the time when you're calling those fights of ufc i don't know man you know it's it's it's a weird job it's a we're it's a your job even for me it's hard to believe that it is my job like whenever i do it it's hard to believe i put headphones and they talk to me in the booth my what's up what's up what's up you ready do this let's do this cold unite touch knuckles in the first fight we're going to start in five for dirter the music music in the lights go wow i guess this is my job it's hard to imagine they're they're paying you to do that doesn't even seem real doesn't seem real doesn't see and that i'm the one who's who represents the techniques and i'm the one who explains to people what to look for
so it's very strange so even doing it i'm i mean i'm doing it to the best of my abilities of the best of my knowledge it's still bizarre as far as i have a hard time believing it's really happening while doing it i was tell people were like you and goldberg like i'm the goldbergs like i got a bunch of questions i gotta ask hancock for example right and the next kind of like the play by play flow he just like his feelings on he just asked that question yeah and i'm like okay i gotta get to these things i gotta say the fighter does this that either does this next week on fox you can watch the show yeah that's goldberg's move yeah it's a it's a difficult job he doesn't get nearly as much credit as he deserves he's really good at that is really smooth people just get up that he's not a martial artist but the bottom line is you really have to be an actual martial artist to do martial arts commentary there is no way around it you can't fake it you can't not know how to take someone's back and explain
how he's gotta take his back you can't if you see someone who's doing something you know well i'll see someone occasionally i'm like you can't let go of that underhook i'm like if this guy let's go that underhook this mother fucker is going to take his back like especially a guy like honda ya ya or someone is like a super high level guy like honey i one of his recent fights he got i control on this guy in as soon as he reached back i'm like oh it's going north s choke and i called like several steps ahead but with garlic honey you can see it like i know what he's going to do you can't let him rap his armor on your neck you let him reach back with that left arm you might as well just go to sleep just take a nap 'cause he's going to choke you that's step one of a three step process you're not going to be able to stop cuz once he got step one his basis bases set and you're done and you know you you got to know that there's no way you can know that without doing that is you know the to the early comment of the come check it only of seasons historical because these guys are like boxing commentators and some of i just had no idea right you got it you got it the hardest part to me is the ground game
there's so much very mean there's a law the variables in stand up for sure there's it's not that stand up is easy but there's infant variables on the ground and you have to understand the various different styles of attacking different positions like eh he's got there like some guys they'll go side control on a guy in face towards the feet and they'll they'll the guys will try to get it done at twister or try to get someone's back and there's other guys that go judo style and they're going to look for you know the the mounted crucifix they're going to look at the ground and pound or they're going to look for a scarf hold or some kind of like mark home coleman did that to dance every time like when the first submissions in the ufc heavyweight division when he won the title you you have to see all those you have to understand those you to be strangled you have to you have to get somebody with it you have to fight it off you have to eat if you don't you're not going to be to explain to people what this guys doing wrong or what he needs to do or what and that so it makes it more exciting when a guy
is doing like jimmy smith is really good at it from bellator with jimmy smith have i've got someone's back is like he's got he's got to defend with his right arm was attacking with his work you know he'll say he'll explain to people and if you're a person whose an amateur or a someone has nothing to do with martial arts you can watch the following i see the guys doing his right arm gonna choke that guy all yeah yeah and the other guy he's saying he's got out got to get his leg free otherwise gonna get all i see yeah hold on with his legs and it it it it adds to the excitement and that's you can't be a spy it's guy and do that you have to be a martial artist on that no joe what what's your favorite submission chokes chokes is the color or no no no no no no i hate that i don't yeah i'm black belt under john jack in the case but i don't fucking use it i use over hooksett underhooks i believe that if your game is g oriented the good thing about the guy is defense
think about the the is you you must be tactical in your defense you have to be technical in your tax can't because a guy gets your collar a guy gets hold your sleeve is a lot of shit they could do to you if you are slippery and with no do you can muscle out of it but you have to use technique and you do it the right way with a guy so in that way looking is good you like a dawson bravo yeah ok but i think that or rear naked's and guillotines but i think that the beautiful thing about a guy is if you're fighting a guy who's got a codon you know some guys got a leather jacket on is talking shit like all you have to do is grab his collar he's now what's happening is that all you just get a he won't even know we do it we try to punch you in this region his calling what i find interesting i mean i don't know if you remember those that is there is a group of islands at a different monkey tribes on and what was happening is when one month and one on and learn one learn how to pick a sword monado open a certain food and all the other monkeys learned it yeah it's a similar thing with digits you like suddenly like
just see this new choking the game if you've never seen before and then in three months everyone knows it it's such an interesting thing yet darcis came along the way you know yeah think of it yeah no one kick that anderson silva from cake and yeah everybody well that was so dramatic that was something that everybody saw but what i think what you're saying is that it's just like spreads through schools because people just figure it out the same time because they want you to yeah yeah yeah as an economy yeah yeah sometimes what is also one technique like they'll be like a new technique that is like one of them was attacking from the half guard one of things that open up the doors was at a lot of people were attacking from the half guard and they were going with the double underhooks attack and they're going with a double underhooks attack a lot of guys were snaking arms and it all and it became condit show darce chokes it became that's what people are going four because new subset of god basically yeah it was basically to deal with under hooks that a guy
you know so if you're in a guys you're on the side of a guy like maybe in half guard anna guys like has a really strong underhook if you know if you get your arm under is under and passes neck and connect your arms together now he's in a bit of trouble you just put yourself in a dangerous situation like you're trying to be very offensive butting allowing me to wizard your underhook and pass by your neck now you've allowed me to control your neck now i've got a position on you and now especially if you go japanese necktie which is one of the new moves that a lot of guys are doing now and see i've never even heard of that we're going to show it to you and shit way more high it's way more percentage we more high percentage that'd are so let me ask your question control the guys head wanna show question about london and what you think of london
yeah i'm so glad i was come off on the show i was like no it's hard to do that right we only have an hour you're rude like to like to cut people out but not mean too it's just like you have a thought and if you don't say it sometimes it escapes and it gets away from you 'cause the conversation did well i have i have i have to do them so i go i go to hell that for you myself so the first one is do you if you got a time machine and travel the hundred years into the future and then walked two digits academy do you think you'd still be able to hand like a using a get killed you think so yeah sure yeah unless unless they were fucking terrible i fuck up some white belts yeah i guess but i think black belts will black belts the really good black boots i'm you know i'm a week black belt like objectively like i'm strong don't get me wrong i'm i've strong jujitsu but as far as like high end black buckeyes i used to get tapped you know it's just it's just reality you know i'm not a world champion another time to put into that to dinner
i have much more potential i mean if i really the time to train five days a week and and get a strength and conditioning i think i could jump my game up big i think my my mind is way more ahead of my body just don't have the time do it at the time to put in the numbers and you between having a family doing stand up doing a podcast and traveling for ufc it's really hard to try to train as much as i can and when i try to do to give a hundred percent but i used to write a book yeah yeah i just got to feel like you need to get a book out of you know i do i would like to do it i have a i have a lot of already written and i will have an we put it out but right now i'm concentrating on my new studio and my stand up special which is going to be out at the end of the month and the end of october is that already in the can yeah that's right and can it's just a matter of the website getting built which is it takes a lot longer than you think to have a nice website made so that's being made and then um just to get the infrastructure in place distributed i've found
somewhere along the line that when i do too many things at the same time i don't have any fun and every enjoy everything software a family and yeah well i won't let that suffer so the things suffer or other aspects of my career so i limit the amount of shit that i do so once the stand up specials out and i can not think about that boom then i'm diving full into writing writing the book because i already have i have to balance it out with writing stand up which right now is more important because my specials about to drop and i whole new hour that i basically put together between the time i did the special and now what do you want from you stand up like in five years from now i mean do you want to see like bigger audiences or do you ever have gold like a no no i'm super happy with the way of if if nothing changed at all then other than the way it is right now if it just maintained i i'd be the happiest person on earth i have the great
audiences in history in the history of the art form the craziest thing ever i wish you guys could come to see some of these crowds because they're crazy and it's mostly podcast fans it's mostly people who don't just resonate with the idea of but resonate with the idea that there's someone out there that's also confused by all this and there is that is being honest about all of it and those people i've i've sort of found i found a huge amount of them because of this podcast and i don't i don't desire anything more than that it's already uh just having all the people come up to me after shows all the people that tell me they have lost weight all the people that only they've got their shit to get the dave day living their life like to the hero in their own story of that it's it's an ounce awesome has a great way to organize yeah and it should be like the blockbuster moment in the movie every day yeah yeah that you should be saving the girl you should be you that you could you could be you could literally do what a hero would do in
that doesn't mean you know rescue babies at a burning buildings it means don't be a cunt figure out a way to get your shit together don't don't be someone who's just slacking off and jerking fall behind you is a mountain of work to do you get get your stuff done do it do be someone who you would admire and that's something that i had to learn on my own slowly over a long period time but in reiterating that on the podcast just like in teaching jiu jitsu it's become like very concrete in my head you know i have another very deep and meaningful question i want you input on in fact me and my did somebody step about this all the time and not some of them once your your input which is what i think we went in a flight out of a silverback gorilla anna bangle tiger tiger tiger was killed at gorilla
come on man with you know check laws see i say ireland and you know going can rip katarn hot for bare hands alright that with the tigers got your back and chill china i refuse to say this i don't think the tiger would with the gruel because it's not going to be using it's going to be a struggle that's why gorillas nest on the ground you know guerrillas don't give a fuk they there five hundred on their five foot four natural predators they are so strong i mean we can't even rap our heads around strongly because types of strong as and guerrillas would with rape attempt with a little one inch dick you know girl's of tiny decks and because they're so dominant they don't have any pressure from other males and the women the female gorillas or so in line with thing supposed to be there not slots at all female champs are whores they will anybody comes around and mailchimp snow this some mail
champs have giant testicles and the reason why they have giant testicles as they always got to be ready to go with a big fat load from one of these dirty bitches so that's part of the part of the chimp world in all animals that live in promiscuous societies all they all have large testicles including is it direct between the size of a man's and promiscuity of the women in your environment where do you go into africa on safari i know you always had your scared of africa this is so far i did you go by swan yeah but you know when you go do you go to these wildlife sort of containment areas where you know everyone actually gets in africa you can go to properties in botswana you can go you also know where bioline there was a whole fucking story recently about these two female lions that broke into a house and pull the guy out of the shower he was showering who is now
get showering any got killed by two female mouse to all that they do or hunting yeah let's just sit around could you wrap your head around it do not show that for so long and you you hear something you open the curtain is to lions in the bathroom with you two female lines and they just put the beaten on you son rip you to shreds iraq very well okay what's it away to go to africa and what i'm trying to say is that africa can suck my dick okay not going to wear all the scary animals live and so it's if you have to choose a way to die like would you won't be in the in the water with a great white or with i know you're gonna want if me into a heart attack i'm scared of all women i'm scared of tigers i'm scared of sharks and scared everything did some scared all that joe by the way that the ancient alien documentary mazing thing that use tweeted topic did you watch the whole thing i i watch i watched all three hour rate yeah i should i should give that guy props is this video that i tweeted yesterday today is october the second and if you go
go to the october the first feed i we did this video where this guy he must have like massive autism because this guy went and debunked every single point that ancient aliens has ever put forth about how he humans could have never built this this is impossible he stomped a dirty mud hole in every fucking show that they've ever done and he did it it's over three hours long it's on youtube and there's no question question no question i got you like okay yet this is so good it said just go to ancient aliens de bont and you want full movie fixed audio that's the version the other one had a little weird glitch in the audio but it's still it's still and still watch it still excellent and it's called the guys youtube name is what is it verse by verse bt that's it's one word versus
i bt that is his his youtube page and it's a brilliant job whoever this guy is thank very much because what you did is you clear drops so much confusion an for me there was a lot of stuff that i really didn't understand there's still some stuff that hasn't been explained there's some of the things about pumapunku and uh the way they move stones and fit them in i think it's very interesting that you know that this guy he's able to find so many pieces of evidence at point to how they did certain things and explain how they built obelisks and joy stones in in show ones that were in the process of being made with the abandoned so you can clearly see how they did it i am fascinated and also get some and brilliant insight on the construction of the pyramid that i had no heard before about the theory of the in colonel ramp because the question is always been like how they how they place the stones how do they move them into place and
they actually did some sort of a like x ray of the of some radio wave graph of the pyramid and you can actually see the internal ramp and they didn't understand what that was when they first made this reading of the actual structure of the pyramid giza until this internal ramp theory came into play and this guy examines the internal ramp theory and shows all the evidence for it including areas of this the pyramid were at certain points you can actually go in through the side of the pier with as a whole and you can go in and see where this all this space in there and most likely that's how that was built what is graham hancock st that's what i want to know well either way they did this was a fruitless and this this and in aliens debunking what it does explain how all these things were done what it does explains how they figure this out what it doesn't explain
is what kind of intense mathematics were involved in the equations of two and three hundred thousand stones each one of each of them cut so perfectly that they meet exactly in a point at the top it's amazing i mean it doesn't explain why they did these things just explain that and it doesn't explain where they got the knowledge from it explains how they did it and how they did it was certainly it took a long time it certainly was incredibly difficult and certainly required mass your craftsman and builders and skillful labor but the knowledge to construct it is what's really fascinating because that is what graham hancock points to is that is not that he doesn't believe that this was blake aliens came down and gave people information like the ancient aliens guys do what he believes is what's bad back bye real evidence and that
evidence is that there was a very sophisticated culture that existed all over the world somewhere around ten thousand bc and that something probably happened to those people and we had to start a lot of things over again and co incidentally this time period that graham hancock points to which is about ten thousand plus bc is the exact same time period at the most recent discoveries of glass this impact glass from meteor showers has been discovered the same layer of dirt all over the world so scientists are absolutely convinced and this is fairly recently that there was incredibly destructive meteor showers around twelve thousand years ago and they found these in france they found the glass in the middle east and when they do soil samples it's all on the same i believe it's called the same strahd i think that's late describe it
the same area where they know you know the way to do the calculations of how how old it is when they do carbon testing on that area and i believe that somewhere twelve thousand years ago that's when the ending and the ice age ended that's when all this mass extinction solve it around the same time of woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers it's all in the same sort of area and they could all be could all inside so we have in ancient egypt is not simply an amazing sure that in two thousand five hundred bc built the pyramids it might very well be that ten thousand bc they built the sphinx and ten thousand bc they had massive stone structures already in place back when we thought that people were just hunter gatherers that's that the basis of graham hancock's thoughts on an everyday he's being proven correct the more people discover about ancient civilizations the more graham hancock is correct
meant that we were in all of this amazing just a lovely human being to just a great guy you know just exudes it he's like the perfect representative in my opinion of what can be accomplished through psychedelics and thinking and and and just his his take on his own work and his take on you know the difficulty in trying to express these very controversial i years it's amazing grace is very honest i don't know if you watch the show with us by the time he talked about the twenty four is that he was smoke cannabis and how the i told him and he just drop that right honest an episode and just like i have a lot respect someone who can just be that honest about themselves that's the kind of guy you went running your countryman yeah he's no longer a writer an archaeologist he was like i was a great man right mind is a great man an he changed the way i looked at history that book fingerprints of the gods change the way i look at history and i'm pretty
events now especially due to the most recent geological evidence and discoveries of things like to go beckley tempe which is this 14th one thousand year old massive compound of huge nine foot tall so stone columns this really or disc uses a nineteen i think it might be nineteen foot stone columns ever gonna nine is nine one but what it is still amazing because fourteen thousand years ago people were supposed to be hunter gatherers it wasn't supposed to be any sort of civilization like this was supposed to live in teepees and you know then he's showing that there's these huge stone structures by the way which they've only uncovered less than four percent of i believe because it's a painstaking process of uncovering because you know they've got to do with toothbrushes and they want to see through the sand and find bone fragments and pottery fragments and things along those lines but what they do know about go beckley tempe is that was covered up fourteen thousand years ago covered up purposely come
up they literally buried a whole fucking city fourteen thousand and ten chaly made intentionally they did intentionally they know they did because the type of land bill that they use the type of the used a type they filled in the area they're convinced of this i don't know how they can figure that out but pretty much in agreement go to those sites i mean you don't want to go to the pyramids and i've been to chicha nizza is only place i've ever been to south america mexico mexico yeah it's near cancun fucking amazing man it's amazing some crap it still feels different when you that you can feel this something about freaky beyond freaky just to think that your walk in this area and as i'm looking around i remember standing there and just thinking that at one point in time this was like this is a football field and they were playing that crazy game where they kick this ball through a whole which d volved too they believe that they might
played it with human heads at one point in time and and just the one area where they have uh the sacrificial altar where they kill someone and cut their heart out and throw the heart down the stairs i mean they had it you could go there you could touch that alter you could walk up this stone staircase who feel really negative when you're less feels weird it's like the these guys went dark hancock's new book is about his new fictional pieces about that whole period oh my gosh about on the show we were like you talk about eighty thousand people slaughtered in four days for o'neill purposes who i would just listening by their story was terrified he was actually at grills people they slaughtered in four days he said just the rivers of blood and that the hume sacrifice i guess they would fatten people up in pens for days weeks on end in order to sacrifice for uh brand new monuments and just the concept of you being there with your family when you know you're just going to be just be used to have your heart pulled out of your body and shown and then it would be
is capable of some fucked up shit and the crazy thing is it's like how did they go from the people that were so incredibly sophisticated that they built these structures that were aligned to the cosmos and when they were aligned to they directly correlate a lot of them do with constellations like they understood the alignment of certain stars they understood the prediction of lunar eclipse this is like one thousand years in the future they had figured out so they had this incredible knowledge of astronomy and they they figured out and recorded a lot of like really incredible shit and yet they were killing eighty thousand fucking people in a couple of days and light and dark go together right is that what it is i mean is i feel like it's i've been talking about lately on stage to about the real problem with the nuclear bombs at the guy and press the button never didn't build it does understand it didn't create it didn't invent nuclear explosions didn't figure out how to split the atom didn't construct the whole pc
dc would ready to do is learn along and press button almost oppenheimer who worked on the manhattan project in new mexico he was big dilemmas about creating the atom bomb yeah i mean any later died from cancer i think was stroke throat cancer from being radio acted and when he was working on it but he was really troubled his whole life yeah well do you remember what he said he said when they who tested the first nuclear bomb the very first six and he quoted the bhagavad gita said i am i am become death the destroyer of worlds so he said like at the first because he knew we have done is like a imagine she's got up some sense could it just slacked off for a probably a few nights of work and not created it well see the thing who people who can create it would not be the people who created it the people who and create it with you people call you know if you if you just understand how adams work if you've got in there and split this
do this you could do you shouldn't do it but if you did what you could do is you could put can have the incredible destructive power but do it but if you want to do it that's what you would do like warrior or the general the military man who would drop a fucking atomic bomb on a building and on the city is way too fucking stupid to ever figure out how to make that thing it's like mentality to figure out how to make an atomic bomb is come really different than the mentality that you would just dropping out of a plane that's income that odd if he had a nuclear bomb would launch on israel or do you think even like men a job knows i i don't want to be the guy that does this discussion about what i think i think that when you have nuclear power or any sort of mass destructive power it's a lot like the military equivalent of winning the lottery you didn't really earn that you just have
but you just have it and you're going to spend it and you're going to spend it with no regard you're going to spend it not knowing the consequences you're a child with a grown up toy you you haven't developed this thing you've just access to it the same way some asshole doesn't really understand cars can somehow another just go into a chevy dealership and buy a corvette zr1 are one with six hundred and forty eight horsepower just stomp on it and slam it right into a tree that moron should have never had access to that power never access to that kind of ability to move so quickly with his own decision making he can decide whether or not to run the red lights and weather not to just drive his car right into a mall parking lot it's what action to cars you can you can do anything you want when you have a a corvette you die but you could choose to just drive in traffic if you're fucking crazy there's something weird about our ability
in contrast to what we understand or what we have earned the power that we've earned like give you bill the bow and arrow okay if you're tribesmen you're out there in the woods you bill a boa now you craft it and you develop your name and then you use it and you hunt and kill an animal mean that is that's fair trade i mean you've really like you've earned all of those steps he turned all those but if you draw a nuclear bomb in a lake and then start pulling out fish we got all the fish we need you you're just some fuckin asshole with a nuclear bomb you can't build one of those on your own unless someone oh it like that's why i've been told the best best war leaders the best generals of the ones you've come up through the ranks because they've seen combat they know what it means to send people onto a battlefield where the guy we just went to west point never fired a shot in his life it's easy
to say like send in the troops because he doesn't know the direct consequences of that right i think that's one of the reasons why they like people that get to office that aren't like wesley clark or or like john mccain people that you know essentially there chicken hawks guys like george bush guys like dick cheney the ones who are the biggest warmonger so the ones who've never experienced it personally you know i think a guy like john can you be far more reluctant to use a military strategy knowing that there's boys out there that it couldn't be could have been just like him you know a guy like a guy like wesley clark research certainly be far more reluctant to take you know the lives of these young soldiers for granted because at one point in time that was him colin powell was really good about that in the first iraqi invasion 'cause he not so long in vietnam and he'd seen them issue creep there and like have it lasted forever and ever and he was really adamant it's just let's go in and get the hell out
so when you don't have a defined outcome of a mission you were not like we're going to go in and do xy and z were going to go in and wait until there is peace or we're going to defeat terrorism and it's like there's no specific end to that is having an afghanistan happened in iraq and yeah yeah that's idea that that slowly and immuno empowering our bases out there and building up and that's what we're doing right now with iran you know with what we're doing with iran was are slowly moving battleships into that area and you know it's it's getting pretty scary that's a crazy unique cases website i want to check out sometime called strat for dot com s t r e t f o r and and they're really in this thing called geopolitics which is basically a every nation is built on kind of the geography as well and there's talk about how iraq's builds up in a very mountainous way it's in no one's interest to go in there because it's such a mess to do that and i hope we don't anyways because we don't really have
any business you mean i'm running that now so i ran yeah of course iran yeah yeah it's crazy we don't have business doing it it's nuts they certainly shouldn't develop nuclear arms who knows if they even are who is there even the even are trying you know it i assume they probably are but it could be propaganda it could be just those things we just need that area that path to bring our oil through you know and that's what that's supposedly this whole fucking thing about and it's a great trump card i mean n korea has used this threat of a nuclear device to keep them alive twenty years and i keep bargaining like we're going to begin this month and then they don't and but it's kept him kind of but just having this one weapon so i think that's why countries wanted the whole world some ass profile is a bit frustrating three years and be more podcasts yeah believe it or not that sounds stupid right like boy how grandiose are we think we're going to change the world the only way you can change the world is to influence young people so that the young people go through the ranks
don't imitate all the crusty old fuck ads that have been running things these archaic ways because that's just the way things always were done and communication is super important communication and access to information this is a different world this is not a world we could bullshit people quite as he's like if your ideas will going to the iranian public and they listen to your podcast and similarly maybe if there was a crazy iranian podcast and we could into their leaders i just think communicating with at least in the right direction well i bet my podcast does reach a lot of our any that i know that there's a lot of iranians have their own podcasts just like one real you know i think i i got assume that that this is not going to stop here this see what's going on with podcasts an with especially with the just the free we distribute information and did communicate not even distribute information but stephen talk on the internet to discuss things the review things it's never existed like this before there's never been a time
human history where a guy could be doing something like my cast in la you guys in london could be listening to it when you going jogging i mean with where the fuck is that part of my emails from people in denmark taiwan what it means two yeah and it's five years ago because we've done that it's cheap it's not hard to do it's not like we had to spend billions of dollars and put satellites in orbit and figure out how figure out how to get our message to people and goes over on a fucking horseback and you know you gotta do this site right gotta hire a local guy speaks the land now it's fucking easy as shit man it's really easy and this is not gonna change i think that i know what the crazy thing is is the internet was originally but the pop the department of defense project yeah and now it's gonna it's gonna buy them in yeah but it's not it's like these militants all need them still we need them and still we just don't need them as a daddy
no man needs another man as a fucking daddy you know what we need is camaraderie and we need community we need the government to rethink what they really are there are one of us there we're all in this together it's not the stanford prison studies where they you took college kids and they had some of them become garden someone become prisoners and he immediately see corruption and abuse it doesn't have to the prisoners and guards it shouldn't be but that's what it is we have a good minutes set up that's not part of our community that's not one of us we have instead people that are trying to tell us what to do for that or will lock you up and they suck at what they do they suck their incompetent and there shitty at their job so they like to hide the i have to hide information they like to make it really hard for you to get ahold of anything that so that they suck at their job and when you
s them soccer their job and you strip with that information you become an enemy of the state like wikileaks me stop and think about what we can link is done what do we in releasing that collateral murder video let people know how calloused war can make regular with americans interned soldiers into people that don't care don't care that innocent people got gunned down the street and that make jokes and talk like about machine gunning vans filled with people including children i mean this is fact you watch that video it makes you feel bad for the guys who are shooting it makes you feel bad for the people on the ground the whole thing makes you feel bad because the whole thing is just off is this wrong and crazy and not what we want when we think about the united states of america in a proud way we think of ourselves as being the you know i mobile country a country filled with people that are rugged individuals that figured
a way to escape from the monarchy of england and come over here and do it on her own and this time we're going to freedom and we're going to have the constitution and we're going to make sure that we have rules in place of the corruption and then you see just massive and we were there in four thousand and fifty years ago i mean we had i guess well we had that ok i guess we had a guest on two weeks ago and we talked about islam he is a muslim guy who lives in brittanys from pack stan and he was like brian when i grew up in the early 80s late 70s like we had all these wonderful ideas of what the us it was something good maybe we were also anti soviet at the time i don't know we also didn't have the internet that's a big part of it that we didn't know no one people didn't know what we were doing operation northwoods man that was in the 1960s nineteen 60s they were going to blow up airplanes and they were going to throw up bombs and attack guantanamo bay and there were i blame it on cubans so we go to war with cuban that's that's a fact a freedom of information act is released all the documents
it wasn't a pipe dream was signed by the joint chiefs of staff but we have as favorable view globally now americans a thirty years ago yes because of the internet okay and because of the iraq war the iraq war and stand in afghanistan and the the subsequent damage and then of course in other countries with the drone attacks you know and look i don't know how much of a threat al qaeda is i don't understand i'm not i'm not privy to that information they don't let us you know we're not we don't get access to talk i don't know how many different jackson america they've they've caught having had a second successful attacks since nine eleven yeah crazy eights crowns you know it but it's also craze that anybody wants a tax in the first place why do matt in george bush the outgoing nonsense we never got us they hate our freedom and you like you mother fucker that's it that is made of water doesn't always wonder if america as a sovereign entity if it was actually attacked which is never really been on its own soil except for nine hundred and eleven but that was ok too point i'm building i have
why are guys are killing me what everyone bond together or is that you said earlier is it a nation that's not its fragmented i mean if the way is louise anna got attacked would be la people feel like well fuck you guys or would you get drafted and sign your kids up to go and die to defend those borders well after nine hundred and eleven what happened here was everywhere you go you would see flags american flags like within the first couple months after nine eleven every the car had a flat in manhattan too i was there it was ripped skin nuts man special in you where everyone asshole yeah you talk about it if it's the one place where people are just but they were friendly all of weird in a creepy it was weird it was real weird i remember going to new york we went maybe a year after september 11th still like reverberating who's the ripples in aftershocks of nine hundred and eleven people were way nicer than they've ever been before be more friendly way more humble way more respectful for law enforcement and fire
spiders they were really respectful but it didn't last everyone did but it's not human threat on global scale for us to pull together as a species you know maybe an asteroid does need to hit the earth and a quarter population has to die so we all go fuck in how we need each other we gotta stop being comes to each other it's unfortunate that in this model of civilization it doesn't seem like there's any other way for us to learn other than shit falling apart it's not like we can just look at things and say hey listen obviously we're doing this wrong and we're going to have to figure out how to do it right and one in the process of figuring out how to do things right there's a lot of going to go away and one of things is people have billions of dollars you i have billions of dollars anymore because it's not your way you money's nonsense okay your money it's basically a bunch of fucking things that are in a bank somewhere and instead what we got to seek to do is we gonna seek to have a resource based economy a real resource based economy then we got to figure out
who owns these resources and how should these resources really be distributed suit should shop somebody be able to camp in front of a diamond hole in the earth and say this is nine o'clock and all these are my diamonds the rest goes long yeah do you really own those diamonds do you really own that that goal do you really own the oil well like who's who's to say that these resources or yours should it not be that the resources are what powers our economy she did not that the resources instead or what powers are government and that no one really owns them and the distributed to all the people that claim the earth is their home and that sounds az hippie nonsense socialist but the reality is you shouldn't be able to fucking build a giant machine and park it ten miles off louisiana in the middle of the ocean and just saw
billions of dollars out of the earth and then not give any of that back and then say this is all ours would get all it was sucking all your your draining the earth like a giant mosquito bad vampires are called ability as we put it not only no con accountability you're making money off the earth billions of dollars and you're making it off the earth in international waters or your the new national waters or you're making it in a bay or who the fuck is why is that yours like goods yours 'cause you got a contract to build is giant sucking machine where is that money going that's a lot of money you can control a lot of shit with that money your making billions and billions and billions of dollars off of oil money man what kind of power you have to buy a lobbyist you know kind of power you have to influence legislators late legislation you have a lot of power image if you get could zero out all the bank accounts in the world look at scene
fight club at the end is and and when we had the financial crisis in london in two thousand and eight apparently rbs one of the banks that roy black's bank of scotland they were one day away from shutting off the atm machines and they were seriously if you've ever thought of a food riot if you can think of people not being able to touch their money apparently it was just yeah i mean it yeah would be so ma'am and you know it's happened a little small doses with the collapse of us in in america it's happened a bunch of the savings and loan collapse that joy which bush is son was involved in that was a huge scandal that you know cost people millions and millions of dollars lot of people's personal fortunes were completely erased their entire life has the ends of the boxer he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars just gone disappears sorry we don't have you anymore that's that's what a part of this financial bailout was in this in this country the most recent one was trying to avoid and like that happening with all these big banks failing but at the end of the day
if you're going to have a society that is well well designed you can't use an infrastructure that is not well designed and maintain it the structure that we have now is so fucked up and corrupt and crazy in the cracks started to shows will yeah so it's like having a giant building made out of cardboard instead of just ignore lodging it he just throwing duct tape up everywhere it starts to separate you you we've got a few you're out a way for it to to be a society that makes sense and the way that that's going to the only way that's going to happen is you got to restructure finance you've got restructure what money really is you've got to restructure how much money and how much how much people hey to do certain jobs cuz like most people are fucking slayer
they're just slaves with a thing of a loose collar on their slaves because of you know you by the way that's your choice you cannot do that you can i agree with all that you know you can not be burdened by you know a home and mortgage and finances and and you know uh car payments and all that stuff but you know what would really be better how 'bout if you do actually work all day you get paid enough so that you could save money and you don't have to worry about shit you get paid enough so that don't have to worry about being constantly in the idea of owning a house shouldn't be out of someone's reach should be fairly fucking acquirable that would make a lot more sense we just live in this really call system of loans and interest in just
nonsense number shuffling and can tell you this and i just don't know how we're gonna get there with our allies everywhere you're right that's it i don't know either for massive in lighten man and that massive enlightenment look something happened for sure during the 60s and lot of people attributed to psychedelic drugs and them change the culture changes society changed the doors recently i that's that's a big lie from buddy holly man's leap something happened that was in the m a media form back then i was on the kid a how to read a message without the internet you do over music and listen to morrison's lyrics and you're like oh changed kids change kids and one of the big thing i guess right right the closest thing to joe back in the day in the sixties and seventies as you know that blacks the song war pigs all i mean driven can you pull it up
don we're just a message through the music but you're always talking about get the kids to change first is that your only everybody man everybody that i talk to the comes up to me and says dude this podcast is changed my life you change the way i look at things change the way i approach my life i realize this is not a permanent experience this is suppose to be a ride an enjoyable time a finite time that i can manage and if i just stick to certain amount of principles it certain series of principles rather go to a do what you love actually what you want to do be nice to people and have a close knit circle of friends love them is if you love yourself to to really move in that direction is possible for all of us and that's that's the they changed the world the way it should the world is you change the way people look at things so that no he wants to be the big content charge because the big content charge leaves a shit life you know these guys look we'll
even in a world where when kids get crazy and they make a lot of noise and their fucking hard to deal with people give these kids antidepressants they give them ritalin they give them give you know know all kinds of different crazy then when they get to be adults then there are even more up and sad and disconnected with her she laughed so then we give them anti depressants we give them more things to add to it to help them get get over this little mental hop then their dicks stops working there will come a we got to see alison and livvie try on all sorts of pills that make your dick card well you know words i'm que que que it this this stuff this isn't helping me anymore all we got some other stuff that you add on to your anti depressant you take this as well as that and this is really going to put you over the top and that's really going to make you happy and we kind certainly keep look for some sort of a chemical fix for depression and for the
lack of good feelings in this life an i think that there's certainly people that have mental imbalances and they are helped by forms double drugs by anti depressants but that now was standing there is also people that are getting a very bad signal from their life be is there are living a life that is non harmonious it's not fun it's not filled with love and joy they're not pursuing their true interests and eh everybody's interest is fucking different and i'm not state is to be joyful and calm and happy and if you look at those all those stories when people content most indigenous cultures everyone's yeah you know what i mean it was also people that love to be depressed ok and these people that revelion depression take pride in depression unfortunately people have criticized me for talking about depression even in my own message board some fucking dummies wrote some stupid shit it was so poor he thought out listening does anybody
get furious when you know you hear joe talk about depression because if you understand you don't think i've been depressed before stupid every he's been depressed people don't know that you have is you're always so positive but it took a long time to get positive i've had a really awkward social moments really dark moments of herbal feeling in that lasted months and months you all have was anything in particular the you through it just that helps certainly but then that can be a source of even more depression tell me about ahold of a bad one would you tell people always asking you for answers i know you don't want to be the guy or like i'm not the guy trying to so i can tell you what i've learned to tell people you can never tell people what to do but you can tell people would help you when you could tell people what has a did you and where you are going wrong and how you saw it and corrected it sucked a big part of life is got to be
the way you interact with human beings the happiness that you derive from friendships to happiness that you derive from doing things together from and also from creating things you know they're happy whether it's creating carpentry or are we are some weird animal that constantly seeks to use the imagination to make physical things manifest themselves you know whether it's physical things in terms of something you can read online or something that you watch as in a video podcast whatever it is we we we have this massive amount of satisfaction that we get out of making things cuz were some weird fucking be thing where some weird insects making a hive were just making this super complicated hive it's connected by billion in billions of other little fucking weird pink monkeys and we brown monkeys and black monkeys and yellow monkeys and we're all putting it all together and we don't know what it is we don't we all are responsible for all in little piece of this crazy machine called culture
civilization we don't know what the fuck were doing but clearly we're all working together in some weird form and you can depth and you can you can choose to be depressed you can choose to you can choose to live an ineffective inefficient non harmonious life because it's going to make your mother in law happy and and keep your marriage together or you can you know see silence and calmness and truly examine your situation and then slow we try to turn that boat around slow we try to turn that battleship towards where it needs to go i think ari affairs said one time he said start with the people in your daily life like be nice to the waiter and be nice to this and you know it can be start releasing them that's my ship drop drop happiness i'm gonna start doing this you can do it helps life it it get it puts forth more a paz
energy energy that sounds like a b did people but it puts forth better feelings you feel better about the day and watch think when you feel better about the day you think better about the future you think you you respond better to other people you set is ball in motion and when you make someone feel better than they make someone else feel better like of our sees me tip people or be nice and then he says you wanna fucking do that too and then you hear about that and you say i'm going to do that too and when it happens and someone hearing this is that's how i'm gonna do that is just ripples in ripples of positive reactions and philosophy or can raise our collective consciousness ultimately as much is not more than anything that's ever existed in human history the biggest bursts of change that have ever come forth in human history are nothing compared to the reactions that people are going to get to the free access of information an content that the internet has the the impact of the 60s ain't shit compared to the impacts of the two thousands the two thousand 10s and 20s there it's going to be
log riff make and there will be something so quickly it's 'cause we can't even rap our heads around where it's going and that's why the government is panicking that's why they're built this giant nsa spy cabin in in utah one of the biggest most expensive projects the government's ever undertaken no money for new degrasse tyson's gigantic telescope to see the beginning of time but they got plenty of money to build watch us yourself building to store every fucking email you've ever ridden to take everybody's i laptop fucking camera and turn it on to watch you beating off and store it and put it in some fucking database somewhere and you think that's a joke but it's not it's true your fucking cell phone is basically a giant gps tracking device that's all it is scary before i just want to offer up london real studios for you guys if you're in town too
use you as you're serious if you want you guys wanna like w dope if they were ever in england for you have see that's when i usually come over i mean i love you guys on the show but if you want to just use the studios and i'm reckon my bill get the queen on your show or how you guys gonna who use that maybe you can get some crazy people that are in england or french how are you one of those dudes his mentality is out of prince or is that one of the probably more to the guys israel one piece for i never know whose who's from one is a trippy placement is what is that show with the moving in potter i never know if it's from harry potter real he's real but rep insurance as keep calm and carry on on this on the front of his shirt and that's like that pretty much says a lot about britain you know me nick and i we're actually foreigners which is crazy and we started bill called london broil mean american he south african so what brought you guys to england for bizou ten years ago finance and would you go for your
yeah what i wanted to change it to under like someone i levels so when roger right nice to you when you move to england for roger gracie is it harder roger some role has him on the show he said either yeah these guys the the resilience guy they also harder and you know hodges's you know he's a scary guy he's got the perfect you just to buy two of those long limbs you know he's a big tells yeah i i was surprised when he became over us like a kind of tell you shocked when he got knocked out by king mo yeah i asked him about on the show but i was surprised but then again he could you said on and any on any day king must got some power that's what's scary wrestlers too if a wrestler develops knockout power the odds of you gay i'm down it's kind small you know it's going to be hard to get a wrestler down to two guys versus wrestlers always a weird sort of a combination because if the jiu jitsu guy can't get the wrestler down and the rest guys like us a liddell guy it's bad for the jujitsu guy you know but if the digits
we can get the wrestler died down a lot of times wrestlers have some bad habits off the back on yeah it's it's it's it's interesting but that that king mofi chose you like a wrestler with some serious power like king that's it dangerous guy it's a dangerous gotta fight if you're trying to take the fight to the ground is wet best roger wise in london 'cause he said brazilian guy you think it's the last place we want to go to the land of rain and they say bad food wanna house good food members get a food i don't know where to go it was like an old bill hicks job you don't boil pizza hold it about one to drink that much you're crazy the indian food there sensational we've had some great great these food there do you guys think that you got alone was a feel like weird or i love it i love london i love the people i think there there i think there's so much competitive craziness in america and is so much is arrogance in the american attitude which is you know one of the things that sort of built made it is fucking ninety as it is but also
makes it just exhausting that just landed here from london it was on mars and i walked around i'm staying in venice beach and there is like a little bit of aggression levels are high it's not going anywhere we were in north carolina were in asheville this past weekend and uh raleigh did rally friday in asheville saturday and asheville is a god damn jeff of a town small town and and everybody is walking on the street san you know we didn't even think about it like where is this restaurant all you three blocks up into the right where i'll just walk in and everybody else is walked and people walk everywhere and i mean like that's missing in la it's completely missing in la nobody walks anywhere you need to have faith face contact like the tube in london which is the underground you see people to face you know and you you're constantly interacting with them seeing these crazy women wearing burqas or some lady from somalia and you're smelling them and seeing him in people are more polite there
to date skits on super plate maggie would you say sorry first and the other ten years now and like the first thing you say sorry yeah it's really annoying when you know it's not it's beautiful it's it's you know it's it's it's setting forth good intentions my right away the theory that if you look at a place that's i mean such a huge landmass that it's not ever that densely populated if you can to like tokyo london where we run this tiny little i let him know and what happens is in place like that word so densely populated people are forced to be what they're forced to learn to be able to live on top of each be nice to each other because his no way out there's no way i would agree with you except for new york new york's filled with cuts and so earl and shit like chimpanzees i lived there for a few years and now it's too much for me it's it's not i hear what you saying but no it it has to do with why people came here in the first place the ripples the first ripples of intention of the people that landed they crazy
you are people who are so bold they got on a boat and sail from months across a fucking ocean is someplace they hadn't even seen in a video 'cause video wasn't invented yeah alright they were lobsters good morning we think about about london i find is that there are years behind the technology curve like i know in la so many people have podcasts and maybe in new york it's probably lagged a couple years but in london i mean we tell me about london real and it's like it's a podcast and they'll be like it's a what there's just not a lot of people there yet interesting but i think that'll change for me it's not you don't have access to computers and an internet connection microphones or you could always buy them yeah you know you guys will lead the way we'll be the ones it's new there start out and at first you show people ok we have a show for an hour and then they try to watch it like game of thrones for an hour is like well it's not that well you know we have a lot of the people who do live shows here and i don't like those they they do in front of audiences
yeah marilyn moon doesn't audience i just turn it off 'cause it always feels like different but they trying to cater to the audience and they're not talking to me they're fake and a ham it up a little bit and you are aware and no doubt that fifty thousand fucking whatever it is in the audience you know i i got it done with thousands of people i know to corolla does like thousand seats you know it's crazy i just thought it was not my thing man i don't three five it's not the right sort of a vibe i think for podcasts it's a different thing some people norms norton's great at it really good at doing that he liked turns it up you know i think we should go live we don't have a life for my but it's effectively live because we don't add it is one hour but i was curious to i have yeah live is good do whatever the fuck you want it doesn't try it out see if you like it i thought i would love it but i had i hated it you hate i still hated it no no he's not saying online from an audience he saying loan i yeah i mean yeah yeah absolutely yeah lot one let's see antic everything we've said in this is bin lot
it's already been consumed fucking people how many people are listening listen brian nono you know how do you know the numbers how many people do watch your show altogether we don't know millions yo its way it's definitely milosh on sirius radio right now we have two thousand three hundred yeah like i'm just are you stream page has eleven million four hundred and fifty four thousand views just sisters usually strange and page more like like he said there's only like two thousand people watching that i'm the most earlier it was probably close to three thousand the the has like maybe nine or ten thousand and once watching it yeah but the real numbers are an audible download audio downloads mp3 downloads that's what gets great can we drop our info people want to come check us out i were on the web it's sad london real dot tv we're on twitter at london real tv and you can i step our youtube channel which is london real tv the channel just had one real in google man you'll find us and all
guys i have a jujitsu site called jujitsu brotherhood that's all one word and i discussed my philosophy is it's traducer weather dot com to talk about my my everything is free on there you can go check it out as we have a chance really guys if anybody wants to start a podcast in any city around the world if you got questions you email messages call us would be happy to help i'd love to see more of these things you don't have to call it real can call it ever the you want but i and maybe in one year from today you can be on joe show yeah usually yeah i get all of anybody on that and i think that's what it's all about right i mean i think it's all about encouraging other people to to carry this on and you guys are doing it they're the perfect way it's beautiful to watch i i enjoy watching your show listening to it listen to your conversations graham hancock and and simon and a a bunch of other ones i've seen too
some say and i hope that you guys spawn a million others and it just it continues on a path forward right yeah i i think that really is it sounds so corny and and grandiose but i think that really is the way to change the world the to change the world is to let people know how you've changed and then that just branches out ripples it has houses mass live sort of snowball effect and it just grows and if there's any way that we can improve our world it's in proof moving the way the other people around us see it and approach it you know this this thing might be ridiculous it might be just one frame in an infinite movie that goes on forever and that's for a lot of people that get really sad about that sable wow that's so pointlessly what's what but happening right now i'm enjoying the fuck out of it if it is happening right now if this is really one fucking step
an infinite number of steps in it's just a life cycle repeat itself again you're going to be a baby again in fifty years guess but i'm having a great fucking cunt ass fuck to do this and if i can figure out a way to somehow another transfer this energean to my next life i'll have that i have a great time in that life too you know i didn't always have a great time in this life and i don't know what that's from i don't know i don't i don't know if it's of reincarnations real i don't know if this is a one time shot and everything else is just your ego trying to protect itself from the inevitable new home of the the the spear which dies just like the body does i don't know i don't know wrote in a one day though right maybe i'm not sure that either well we're all gonna die i don't even know if that's really i'm not this this whole thing might be a dream within a dream within a dream up your playstation sat out and chocolate sauce and pumped into your veins through the through a pot cookie that brian
you cookies no cookies nick but i think what's made it fun for me is to have these kind of conversations you know it's really made made life more enjoyable and i know that you guys are positively info it's a lot of people and i know this show is and all of our friends are and i think that's that's what's up you know i think that's that's that's something that we've all locked into most of us uh effectively sort of stumbled into it but that's also i think that's the right way it supposed to go to you know the universe has a plan for all this and we're little little strange monkeys we we follow the plan and if you're if you resonating the right frequency if you have the right intent i think that plan turns out the way this one turn out think it's good tell but buddy awesome london real thanks data what's up so think something so they can find you guys on twitter london real tv on toward you have individual twitter accounts now we just roll as a team we are we
the small ones for like husband and watching thrones do we're like we bicker at each other it just wait until one of you actually gets married and starts having kids and you have so fucking proud oh in that office at the wife to come in and double eyes are you really going to podcast with him again today god you guys did one a couple of days ago do you get let you go back to one week no not tolerate that son strong in my household me tarzan you jane that's how i roll for life they can promote that that's what all should i november tenth me brandon walsh and tony hinchcliffe for coming to columbus ohio at the women's tavern ads are not per brown paper tickets dot com to search for death squad and we're gonna have a couple more days enters a special surprise guests and i'm not how to say is joining oh special surprise guests and
that is all you can get that information also at death squad dot tv brown we'll have that up we all yes i keep people keep asking me when you gonna put together a website where you have all of the information of everybody that's you know quote unquote involved in the death squads we're going to do that it's just a matter of time it's just a matter of like i said i have too much going on right now brian is too much going on right now there is somebody else doing it for us vicki has as got that squad news where has all of our tour dates so if he's that's nice as well here they look yeah yeah it has all like ari's bert kreischer bryan callen and are your fears is me so that was like a month ago i added seven of us it's free well we got we got to have someone it look we're gonna do this is all when the studio gets concern
captain moving in place brian and i just had some conversations about it today and the regular weekly shows at the icehouse i talked to bob today we had a little meeting he brought me in and one of the things that uh bob fisher the owner of the ice house wants to do is have a weekly show here so i will be at the ice house every week that i am in town if i'm not in town i want to show here but most wednesdays consider it done this wednesday so far it's joey diaz duncan trussell even probably probably probably brian i think ian edwards is coming too and i think arisha fear are she fears in boom our issue fear just texted me he said i'm in boom that's how we roll look it says this boom it's he really did say that that's what kind of fucking psychic enerji i'm put in fourth ladies and gentlemen you see that it now that's a bit or you got your texts on yeah i'm in boom ok dirty bitches he's in
and if you want to get in one of those super sweet death squad tv tv tv shirts what's the tv shirt desk at t shirts the ones that i saw everywhere in north carolina this weekend ha let's boy they're available at deathsquad dot tv again those go directly to support bronze podcast network so if you like the ice house chronicles and all those other cool podcast kevin pereira who will be starting tomorrow thursday i'm sorry mister thursday thursday so that is that's what's up this week we have tomorrow we have duncan mother trussell we join the podcast and then on thursday we have amber lyon who is the cnn reporter who was he they censored her man and uh is going to be this is going to be really fascinating stuff already looking for you just going to blow your mind because i
listen to several interviews of her that already available online and this is at one courageous woman and this is is going i really really fascinating look into the world of big time journalism you dirty bitch all right thanks to on dot com go there get yourself some alpha brain son they say hey man what is normal transmitters do i say they make you awesome that's all i know all the this stuff is mumbo jumbo in my eyes are going and i can't even read the small print without glasses but go to use the code name rogan yes becoming use a code name broken and you will save ten percent off any and all orders of supplements including hemp force the most delicious hemp protein noble known to man mother it's got market in it which is good for your penis and it's also got raw cocoa in it which is an excellent anti occident so that's
schedule for this week new podcast studio is in construction right now we go live with the internet this friday so within a week will start doing some shows from there but we will never abandoned the icehouse ladies and gentlemen this is our home we love you you love us we are one all of us together in this crazy fucked up soup of humanity that might just be a dream mar freaks
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