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Alex Grey, Brian Redban - Date: 10/10/2012
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gentlemen the great alex gray is here when we get the bottomless and shit fr you some things out will gain experience there is a man that is on more dorm room walls then you it might be frank first but it's only like if you count all time you know if you think about it like of forests the seventies and eighties those poster years frankfurt's eta put in some goddamn lovers you know guy that he is amazing step but you sir are right up and you are as far as like the psychedelic community goes you're the only guy that i've ever seen that i've looked at your work like why that guy actual captured some of that you you you ve actually grab some of it and you ve it's it's
for someone who has an experienced a really intense psychedelic breakthrough sort of a moment they they don't know if they would connect with your art work the same way it's beautiful striking it's amazing and unique but it's it's amazing to me about it is that when i see your stuff it's like you really care captured something somehow or another the the the unremembered elbow you remembered it enough or you channel that are not for whatever but you nail stuff man me used to that that one that you were just showing the hologram oh yeah what is what is this if you want to buy the eggs one of my favorite stay up the bardo being and then the diamond being at a saving of hair it there's a diamond being there's so internal affairs the jewel being
so i see how they they kind of like they it's like you have a little trams dimensional portal when in a postcard that's beautiful that one right there down one yeah that's the unity yeah that's totally damp you nanny body who has had the tripped mean experience recognizes it next what's really fascinating because it's impossible to actually translate that trams dimensional round that entered dimensional infinitude and yet as crude as it is a painting that's inauthentic tramp ocean from that state will communicate to people it astonishes me that i made brothers sisters all over the world it said the same thing that they ve been there i've seen that they know where i'm panting from
you ever had a thought in your mind or a dream where somehow and other than the dreams have me several times my life where an image really weird bizarre random image was recognised nice to me to mean something i have some significant play sums nick and part of my life whether it's some friends i know a place that i live would be imagery will it was really we're like i looked at that imagery whatever it was strange geometric pattern and it represented to me very clearly like this aspect of my life but only in a dream form its visual poetry and our i've remember so many times gone i gotta wake up and i got gonna write this down but i couldn't even write it down because the shape was constantly moving in my mind no it had like i was like nobody i can just draw this image with well that's what you did
exactly value drew the yeah it's kind of compression of of that that of our thank you you old man whatever it is right there boom the one with the stripes holy shit skulls and gibes that's insane man that's like that's as close to what a real trip feels like as is possible that's that's the for anybody who has ever had any sort of psychedelic experience ass the crazy thing about it at all after all rather is that it is possible it's hard to believe that its possible joe i wanted to give to you the fourth book in america you're that you'll be the fourth now this is you'll be the fourth person to have seen this book which we gaza pangs hour ago my wife and daughter and i saw it was delivered her door and we and we drove
over here so this is too you brand it won't be out in the united states for another month and a half or something like that but it is not of being awesome thank you very much for this incredible can we go to react and almost no doubt but i've been afraid of you work for years but i think i have got a big piece of yours hang up in my tank room i've nevertheless i disco ball in isolation turning i think that's what needs we take it over the edge the young the cosmic cry the one i it's just its way did you want to start doing this kind of are how long have you been doing this sea when i was twenty one i had a kind of
crisis i think and i wasn't sure that i really wanted to live any longer cos where's really i was really depressed and so on i did not believe there is a spiritual reality and even though my life friends had to hand down trip for me i never did because i was so miserable i just thought i'd go to helen who needs infinite how and so anyway at some point i prayed to god that i didn't really believe existed and other day if you do exist then i'd i need a sign or you know i'm through and so what in twenty four hours i i'm saying goodbye to my professor at art school
the last day of school august thirtieth or somethin are at it now know now i was like may thirtieth may thirtieth and and around the corner drives us sir vidalia at and its side the scout allison who were invites us to her gradual now it's kind of like the underscore party and her sister in town and so what so this professor picked me up later nine and we go to sir party and on the way he says i've got in this part some color and now i see tee and i set out what basically the fact that an i drank about half of it and i got to the door and the drinks the other
and i said on her couch for the entire journey almost and just sit there are kind of weirdly inside my on one of her sculptures a couch with her with a soft figurine of a self portrait and so and when i closed my eyes inside i've never had a trip like this sent but i was in the dark could she i was in the dark but i was going toward the light because there was this curling kind of mother pearl like can't shell thing and i was in it like a tunnel with a light coming just from around the side and it was awesome because it was that was it of course was god this was light was god i knew that even if i was in the dark i was going toward the light and i saw that
all the shades of gray connect of those opposite and so i change my name gray i then and so my art has always been kind or trying to integrate the spectrum of reality into a more holistic pick sure of the trans dimensional the visionary and trans transcendental big the transcendental our traditions in how the hell the sacred arts of all the different world visionary culture because all our religion comes from the mystical experience and that's a visionary experience and you see it through all the mosque sir beautifully warning until a pattern the same visionary mind scape that a dm t use would recognise the same ngos for the great christian
asked her pieces and all through ah world religion there are these waves they have crystallized into these visionary experiences the angels of demons of all kinds of worlds and there really ah it's it's the thing that connect all the world religions is sacred art you know and so we started thinking ike while there needs to be a new kind of sacred art that integrates this visionary dimension of where all all cultures emanate from this fish at the true visionary cultures emanate on this issue we see it in the ship peebles you see it and other which your way you see in so many of these patterns isn't it a fascinating thing that art is such an integral part of religion its
not really discussed that way religion is all about ideology for most people but if you really stop and think about it the respect christian our work with the hindu our work what do we care about how we listen to the music or watch the dance you know it's there it's the way the people connected so fascinating aspect though really under appreciate aspect the aspect of religious aren't having influence because especially when you stopping in your thinking about back when people had no other transmissions there was no broadcast images there's no video there was no photographs you literally had nothing or incredibly stunning religious art as you know there is nowhere else to go to see i cannot griffin was probably the most impact full thing a person could see by address because there be all this other art but the other are you know whether it's a painting of a tree or whatever the fuck it is it's it's not gonna be g
this in our someone who can paint and incredibly detailed jesus and if you you stop and think about the time in which these people were doing this this is an incredibly like good the access to information was almost nil so this to them have been hugely impact for the actual because you could see it in its work just a thought it wasn't just you talking about you can actually see this painting their benchmarks in the evolution of human consciousness as what they're so strange that it's not really talked about as it is being completely connected it's the underground my she'll em visionary culture that unites everyone and that's why the religion of the twenty first century is i think is just your creativity you now it's your way that you connect with god however it is and its it comes out
look at the arts you can see how the arts could unite all i'll do religions that it's true dimensional trance trans denominational and as you know and that's it were building at chasm even scientology has lava exe loading out of a mountain and across with like a crazy star thing in the middle of it yeah you know they have their own shit too mormons to mormons have religious a while they have temples and there extraordinary and so the rise and transit and the stories themselves are works of art and now they are all legitimate wages yes all the stories of all the founders and mystics come from this visionary experience they have i think joseph smith those from pretty much prove the news a con man well
he claimed to have a mystical experience run that's what ignited the excitement the religious fervor of people he was also martyred and there are a lot of people who hated him in la obviously he wished monitored like the bob got mark the behind the great behind now there's another million with us oh my god that is not the church of the sub genius bob it's the it's the founder of the high religion where's that from unfortunately i ran and i believe and they so he was considered a heretic and it was the i believe later on nineteenth century he received the standing that there is a unity of world religions that we should consort with people of all religions and that
that religion comes in waves and of revelation than he argued for the equality of all women and men and the friendship of all races and so this at the understanding of how or some other religions had failed us but not pointing out negatives but just positing what could be as a higher vision of awe world religion its fascinates me that even regions that are clearly made up like or some and sat out to try to create a religion in call it a call to whatever but there's one they ve done that where even though you know that someone invented it it's still a positive impact in those people so it's almost like even creating a fake religion if done the right way in parts
important as a sort of i think there's a bridle agnes reeling why i think that some onwards yeah stuff based on falsehoods were not really religion to me that the real religion to do with contact direct contact with god and that's that's and it comes out through these stories and the liberty of any of the world religions is through the direct contact but i know people that are mormons that have benefited tremendously from being mormon i mean i know some really nice friend people and a lot of that is attributed to their faith which brings them to these it is in these communities but that in our without thing was created by a fourteen year old boy who said he found golden tablets that would the work of jesus that something that was created by bullshit while seems to be helped it might have been a dream i just like when you see
sure images that are spelling out something to you to him as a eyes see a liar a visionary was you know given this alchemical assemble it you know did the symbolism of alchemy of christianity and of native americans this is a unique synthesis with joseph smith it yeah joseph well iconic graphically right the chameleon the tablets there you go back to her he's tradesmen justice the emerald tablet or you could look at that the tablets of the didn't you fish being moses tablets you could look so there is the rosetta stone all of these written stone as such is a very powerful symbol ok so
the the chameleon that doesn't burn you now it's dead it's now chemical symbol sought us the iconography the icon of a written habit is almost like all sort of way profound ideas will come in that form or many will come in that form because it represents like almost dna represent something of significance those are the is aligned with this vision this higher granted an american like one of the earliest religions along with spain choice and born in america now others differentiation cause you have your middle stern which is mostly everything comes out of there and you go a little to the side and to india and others
this is it it didn't happen over here to our knowledge of course the native people were why beyond earning one but no one was listening to them no one them seriously because they were all heathens and so they were murdered we we move to an awesome awesome place upstate hudson valley the town of war and the warp and your people four hundred years ago people the east side of the river all the way down to men in our sway federated tribes and you knew that that because you from jersey the ah the hudson river used to be called the more he conny took beforehand reaction woe want them all he conny took away cool listen to what it means listening that means that the great flow that goes both ways
because it too taught it to title river at a moon river it is pulled back and worth all the way up to warp ensure why why would they want to change that name so beautiful because henry hudson put his big dick in history henry hudson change himself well at its ass well he did establish the white folk in there and there were a few friendly exchanges between hudson and walk under some of the very first encounters with native people were the wop injure with e with hudson and he reports on it and there was a there was an unfortunate incident were his men had killed some ah now just in fear and kind of were forgiving for one night i think they all got drunk and then then like a war ensued
for a hundred years the entire tribe was like wiped out oh my god and it was the genocide of a people practically at night fragmented this beautiful people over a hundred years man it relentless and and so the last m were driven out like the i oughta trail the trail of tree of tears and i heard likelihood this native american brother came to us after we acquired this land and want printer he found it was always wholly to the warp insurers and so you know we put a big care to honour the wop and your spirit and he he talked about what happened to the warp under and how they walked out like through ohio they march you know and
they were going through higher they pass right down high street from where i was born you're born i stood for no now in columbus ohio where i'm forget ice too and so i put herself portrait like as one my crazy ass art projects now really early on i used to work for a billboard the billboard place and i said please let me do this it's a dead board anyway now nobody cares you know it's on high street and it was a self portrait but with half my hair shaved and so it but it was a huge billboard kind of thing but with his head very ambiguous like what is that and so high street wise the trail of tears and at that point evans said that four of the delaware indians began to absorb brothers and sisters of the wop injures so the day found a solace there and they were so
very interesting about the delaware indians was that they had a particular kind of hair cut that was for the warriors in order to keep are there bow of their hair it was cut in half side was shaped ball in the other half was long here's the billboard actually yeah that at em from worthington how will they crowded street re neighbour hey nice little bill people from columbus it's fun ass we run into so many people from a high manners grandma i asked to yeah that's that's i meant so you didn't even know that when you did it how now i i had to move to walk and her to find that out that's crazy while what a sad sad story and you know we we spend so little time thinking about the culture of the people that lived here before us it so far
in writing whilst we run on foot we want to honour them and you know just say what what remarkable and wonderful pay that they were could you imagine them if you have a minimum of three have imagined because you live in this property if you thought about what it must have been like to live as them before the white men arrived it must have been amazing unless like avatar accept no fly and dragons undermine and hotel sex about a lot of it was like being they would literally living off the land and they knew do it and i were sustainable and they had great reverence for the land they lived in they were missing a lot of inventions that western man had but man i bet i bet they were pretty fucking happening for the most part theirs i wasn't disneyland yesterday visit said this there is aid
starving trend of people getting so fat that they have to be wheeled around did you see south park last week now the whole thing about that you will soon go crazy dude i will go crazy because it was weird it was weird it was wasn't there were injuries or injured people they were just or if they were fucking injured is from being fat his people are enormous and they were pushing them around these other there was a these scooter things tat you know like us the more readily obese have not had a proper vehicle in the past perhaps it's a tab vehicle they give up did you give up unlifelike fog it bhagat just gonna screw around there so many of a man made it wasn't it was i dont remember seeing this when i was younger i don't remember seeing these numbers of morbidly obese people on motor scooters where they literally have stopped walking that that's too painful or there
big to walk what what has numbed people to the point where that is unacceptable behaviour is it the kind of crap that fast food has gone to or has heard of it what do you think this is certainly an issue with the human body becoming addicted to unhealthy foods and the look me myself i struggled cheeseburgers in fries i love them they're so delicious but i know it is exit super unhealthy but i try to eliminate than i put really healthy food and between that some people don't do that they don't and if you don't you can get caught up in this addiction cycle was shit food where i mean if you if you know everybody who does that ought to read that old report to change that
that's certainly a good thing to read but i mean it's it's just it's what it is weird the numbness is a good way to describe it the sis ii just keep eating it see you know you don't freak out now it's like some how slowly but surely he does get citizens in point and i mean i love walt disney he's it to me said extraordinary artist and and look at the amazing industry that's grown up around then the breakthroughs in an motion picture technology all kinds of things nature films you know they they used to really deeply and you be i works they finally are acknowledging has you know authorship basically have made mouse like that so it i think that an awesome organization that has tried to grow and a beautiful way in and is away a kind of the most generous
representation of the cherry on top of american culture something at the sight time you know you like you really wonder like well what is it actually mean what it what is the religion of disney ism teaching us is it something about up ass of observation of reality to a kind of why does with spectacles of art i sort of delusional standing of certain things or is it actually playing important kind of moral role and i think that for the most part you know it's been a very benign two very positive ah organization i i think an and as art its unparalleled they do have some amazing cartoons stop and think about it like the sorcerer was the other first one called
other suresh frazier and has sought from my friend what an amazing amazing piece of work extraction and if you really stop and think about the time in which that was released and there was nothing like it it was so groundbreaking it's it's hard for people to really understand was igniting thirty's is that when me after the lift rights or maize and my kids awesome time i look at you and that's not what i'm just freaking out about she ends the first about the fact that disneyland is so pact it's crazy that so many human beings in one area it's incredible but but you know what it's like it's like manka for american yeah is there anything else more mecca alike in america of america maybe but not really now disneyland spot navy disney world and disneyland yellows to yeah maybe see world but not even now this land is really where its neck
yeah it's incredible how an innovative lose was really kind of cool about it was theirs so many people there and it is insane i never saw on personal razor voice i didn't see one person get angry at their kids i didn't see i mean for much as we like to talk about the negative asp of humans and man lately unless podcast has really been a bummer we would have a lot of people like like porters telling us about corruption in congress people ready for congress tell us about how fucked up these new bill we're being passed on many issues over over again you keep hearing negative shin were guilty of a too we were discussing it but when you go does anyone know if all these people get along great like look what's going on here firstly a positive vision possibility for all of us and have always emphasised creativity as an idiot mad nation as something that
it is really important it's it's amazing that they can get that many people to be friends you never hear about a gang fight breaking out disneyland what makes me manner with others protesters though and anaheim who are trying to march toward march towards that i kind of don't like that i kind of like what they know a lot of kids there you know why don't you just get away from that yeah i think they were trying to do that to give that we get the maximum amount of attention i don't like it if i don't fuck with that you know like it my kids their east are due at bringing that you my kids fuck you ok google you should say fuck you because all they're trying to do was called light to the fact that it was murdered by a cop you know what i mean i don't bring aid say her unworried that why are you bring protests where people are dressed up in military towards kids well i don't think that first start doing it there was no one dressed up in military that that's out that happened when arrived so i think there's a little bit of confusion there on your part
buddy now but i think they must be able to choose anaheim yeah hey but something that are the oriental than rides my uncle able something's are more important raw yank hearing people to pay attention kids are more important than everything tat gets you but i d listen this now take this is hurting the kids i think the only reason did the only violence was being thrown at the protesters the protesters as far as i know didn't and where an accuser doing aiming violent it was the the police that were shown up a done originally that that shootin rubber bullets like we saw with amber line when she was on the palm gas is shot rubber i know but unfortunately you know how there's gonna be people especially like homeless people that are joining these kind of protest just to be like fuck the police concepts i saw it at doha what's a ship
the thing where everyone satellite and i walked out yet occupy allay when i went there with excellent there's like a bunch of john it's a little different heads medicine this was a community this particular instance and anaheim was a community spawning to murder was violent you know they brought their is vital and i'm there shouldn't be violence in your kids that's what i'm saying ok writing i see what you say but i think in this case it is a mistake to try to do violence wherever they weren't violent the cops revile tourism that's the accusation far as i understand it but we saw what that amber non allied just focus on the way to treat you thought about you line assent boy why because i was thinking about how awesome disneyland wise and as that when it ever was on the last epicenter remember thinking it is amazing and about what it but i found fascinating about when one of things and maybe smile when i was there was really is abasing how well people can get along if sort of
the right kind of vibes generated and disneyland is like the exact right kind of ongoing socks is lines lines everybody just kind of laughs and jokes around and kids play with each other and that's not a big deal they demanded that highlights very well some some kids complain and they say look i have a great time going on the rug can we find it's it's amazing how well people can get along if in that environment people can say well that's unrealistic we'll know it's not unrealistic gets its lie what it is we re i d get a law yeah you know instead i think that you know stepping outside of a place like that which you now say it one way the other seems a little more sacred to people and that may seem humorous in some ways but it's because it's focused positive it's fun we oriented it non denominational and can
he enjoyed and by and by anyone yeah it's a positive place it's a fun place but in it is is sacred in that respect its fur for children at such an hour it's like a little religious experience on its fun maids like you see they have so much fuzzy ferries in places you see you get a taste of the visionary experience that's what they're trying to create a fully dynamic paw into a new way of seeing reality kind of reorientate experience yes you know it's like oh we just want the temples to be like this because they're so exciting in their so fun and their summer a little
two threatening by summer you now said depending on the age you now and say you learn and you can grow and you can go and visit these things and enjoy them with your children is a wonderful thing we need the poor is very psychedelic have you been unwilling to put right my locker when the poor is first vows fastened because my daughter solely for and the way the poos like you d get buckle down in this thing and it's a slow ass ride so went away when it's over so some shows why do we have to vote on it was like this is ridiculous like a four like you don't you see us for this issue so stupid like you had the mega sit down but you go through it and it's all winnie tripping ok because they do
do in the guise of him falling asleep so winner is sitting there and then whinnied ghost is doing flips over him flips over him then we enter into this next room which must represent when he's dreams and it's all neon tickers overrun honeys everywhere it's like this dreams amazing ends literally in heaven i mean he's in this wonderful psychedelic have area where this like tiger whose beyond colored completely like gallo things why you lack light had happened in dumbo and it is happening
but when you when you go through it when we need a pool has his has his psychedelic trip like right when he goes through new falls asleep it so obviously like acid based yeah yeah mushrooms are sound arrogant as but he's not tripping that's cool and then when he comes out of this dream you nobody comes out of this this is falling asleep experience you you see the next crazy room we look at this when the protests tripping his brains of this the dmz trip look it s like a pig taker neon paint take a look at us but the fucking giant orange orange heads green arms and honeys floating everywhere what is more psychedelic than this look at this what the fuck are they trying to say this happens when you sleep this avenue i mean look at that
if there is anything that's psychedelic trip is god when in the blue that should be the next thing kids taking mushrooms in getting on the way the pooh ride i bet you would break the fuck out just a pot cookie on this thing so amazing was not amazing while we that is merely a psychedelic now so this is a walk through now known eyes your years now your strategy as one wrapped regarded express them while the treasure a little bit like intestines or something like you're being digested in his imagination yes yes and then perhaps you out the yap papoose you outside we're normal know a bit of a human animal fusion is an archetype that's ten thousands of years what are you what do you think that is what's that
the ilo alaska human animal for morphine being while there they were standing up like human beings korea and like your association with them lies at person to person in a way but they they represent the car that creature you now in a more humanoid anthropomorphic talking kind of way so that spirit innocence can speak to you like you could be in contact with other animal spirits but they were munich eight to you and in a certain language that you could understand and so always i thanked the sharm ends had been able to have relations with these spirit beings and some of the earliest cave are actually male figures are so called sorcerers like this are served for a fair and it is a a horned kind of deer type
being that is also a man clearly i've got a meanness and and so it's a fusion there are millions of it on one oh yeah right or a finer the sorcerer of troy t r o i s and to our lie ass frere t f r e r yes don't guess of eating of troy fred what do you think that its using out that these are real real beings that these people are coming in contact with through cycle experiences at its it's possible you now and that for its part of the sorcerer that is integration of of yeah of human and animal qualities
now this is an enhanced version of it looks very similar to that but it's on the side of a cave and so they would so anyone who real one brian that's what they did is they traced it so you can see what is actually again as it still phasing is knowing so so that a larger there you go so the archetype yes that's the real yeah that's amazing it is amazing it tells you quite a few things it tells you the shore monarch but you know i'm x ray vision that is an ancient kind of quality of vision that sometimes you appear to be able to see through to the lifeline are to the under lame and of the fabric of the body of the physical body to it another kind of body but here it's mostly the fusion of the human and animal archetype conceive gotta johnson down
love is ice yeah now as in the us and canada is completely awesome oh yeah yeah did darwin business i got wing is backward you like my tale like when you know yeah right i know but he's not hard so it's not me now now exactly now yeah and woodland i can look behind what is strangely point is very strange that what is making up sweet ditty that's all little it looks as though mushroom maybe god does maybe it is it's at mushroom up his ass could be my outcome of this controlling his mind while it's so that is i'm sorry of how old can you look at check date i think it's at least sixteen thousand sixteen thousand years old yeah they you know the most stable civilizations i think we're from the earliest work of
that i know of is this amazing picture i'm sure you ve seen it of this goddess that it made out a mammoth ivory and so like dolly partner something it's an amazing yo buxom goddess and it's so archetypal it two thousand years ago okay so they were still having these figurines like the venus of well endorphin and things like that tens of thousands of later now there isn't a civilization on earth there was more stable than the goddess worshipping cultures they were agriculture they were stable sustainable relationships with nature is it just that men beings get to a certain level of technological proficiency and then they just start to fuck each other up really easily and that's when things go awry
why thank you there is a remarkable breakthrough in human consciousness that lead to ask we brought some kind of it yes fire of intelligence that lead people to begin to write and tell right in such a way that that could commune with the gods the earliest books were all religious texts thousand years ago you know the vague hymns can the rig veda can you know that's got for answers to some of the most ancient of face psychedelic hurrah better than indra exactly and connects us with the immortality and an infinite and no one knows but where would so my was exactly a lot of different people have different consents conjectures i have no idea
but it was clearly a kind of anthropogenic sacrament that away people access to the realm of the divine wanna things it mckenna said turns were cancer there was so fascinated me and so when you really stop and think about the history of human culture and psychedelic usages how could something that was so powerful where they talked about it with great reverence and their scripts how could they have gone away how could people forgotten what that is it's amazing well we're very destructible and we not certain about the kind of the game that wherein is it an ego game or or does love
in the day and can you find on your own personal connection with the creative source you know and if if your life is an opportunity for your soul to read the tea leaves a fear reality and see whether its in alignment with your hearts purpose you know i mean that's that's one of the other great reasons that anthea genes or sacraments or meditation or yoga and citation or any of many different ways accessing the imf i round i mean making art is that to me and so as a spiritual practice thank you as a spiritual practice i think
as much in common with prayer if your art work is in service of love and truth and goodness and beauty and that would birth a new kind of sacred art as well as these the access the now verifiable and repeatable act as to the visionary dimensions provided by anthea genes which has happened in numerous cultures including the greek culture we have the foundation of eastern civilization and the veda kim's men psychedelic then we look at the the greek tradition and alice indian mysteries also a twelve hundred year old religion that are
and civilization really pretty long time actually for civilizations and very profoundly important and all the philosophers that were familiar with plato and aristotle and and socrates would have been initiates end the alias indian mysteries and so these great thinkers that form the foundation of of western civilization idaho ah taken psychedelic and enabled them to commune with the gods and with the ideals that's what socrates whore platonic worms are you that he talks about the ideal realms ah that describes are him clearly and contact with visionary reality one of the most miss tales about socrates is a walking across his squire he did everyday any stopped in the middle
the squire i just like started talking and arguing with this damon he called it his damon and this was his this visionary being that communed with and had a day long twenty four hour exchange with in the middle the public square what yes he was crazy whose highs fuck whose gross he might have just come back from the el eugenie and ministries is otherwise ran with arrest him today if someone did and yes i would but they knew he was frickin so great tease thirty new give him space right and of course why you know how he wound up you know he was martyred he'll do you know they didn't want him around you know corruption of the youth and so he had to drink this poison didn't have sex bunch young boys wasn't that motion
lives than what was it you know you could say but where's the verification wreck and where's that the notion that that wasn't a something that was mutual unaware to say that some of the gay artists weren't the greatest in art history like echo like leonardo does gayness suddenly make them bad i don't care if they did fuck no i certainly does by it you know it might be an interesting sidebar about history without i was getting like what was it what was different about life back then that was really common thing that men would have sexual young boys and even if it was a mutual thing where it gets the question is when obviously when you talk about really young people in the uk how large a mutual out of you now if you if you look at the ideas that socrates spoke of you know of truth
goodness and beauty and being in contact with the ideal realms where you commune with face you know angels and you get communication from the highest you don't go about messing like that that happens at the kind of perversion of you know what the intention of god is i believe but in terms of of reaching ah you know like a he wasn't a just he was interested in what was just now he wasn't interested in an molestation so you feel that those rules just false charges against him or do i have their own history is just how resign however oh yeah how would you would you now for it if you know what we like to do is trash all of our heroes too
them as low as possible so that you have no hope about human character and i think that i know i did not look at it that way when i heard this read this i i kept here about this many men civilizations and obviously the greeks are famous for airlines were famous for his well and my point was merely that was sexuality viewed as a completely different thing the way we view it set out by yeah i think it's more that there was gonna molestation thriving think are we very repressed whether we believe it or not and i'm not saying you should start having sex of the young people about we're incredibly repress when it comes to sexuality ice and i wonder if back then it was just the ideal was different said though the literally fear on anthropology ah jack different kind of fan
but i think you're i think it's very hard for people to wrap their heads run that especially if it comes to something as controversial as my second as young people of oars rights still you have to be able to look any different if you're if you're on anthropology object all kind of fan and you really look at different world cultures while yet you can see they ve all got one head two arms two legs in general have two sexes and come in a variety of colours and things but there are many different cultural practices that work uniquely for or each little niche of human civilization are culture and it astonishing really yeah it's it's ten it's different indeed cornered i'm sorry indifferent times you know oh we believed this then and then now we d do bloodletting so much anymore
well i don't know how fast in a you by the maya and mine culture in there if there was ever a culture like so severely obviously impacted by psychedelic outright terms like the whole culture i went to teach needs i had a really educated guide the guy was a local professor who took us around and in our the tart like more openly that i've ever heard anybody talkers i've even ask him to start talking about the psychedelic drug ritual said they laugh and where they would have an unexplained was a chocolate and my friends i don't know why was i believe it was tuna cattle he would raise the flesh of the gods and they mixed the chocolate and the mice remsen which has done to this day wishes the chocolate is so good for you too but i dont ion yeah yeah i ve never
people on the road like raw cocoa raw chocolate especially soaks sheep super heine antioxidants where was so simon has also gotten the i think the greatest endorsement from the scientific community the jai hopkins yes of course and wrong gryphus and confirming basically the same on discovery from good friday ex maybe you can talk some says my friend brian than because my front brows and mushrooms a bunch of times isn't see any transformative nature to the moroccan thinks she's just taken go what i think the first time you you take it definitely opens up something in her brain makes you look at things different but that will we stay open but i dont think any time i take mushrooms from now on it it might be something positive am i gained something from it but it only like a we are to later i'm back you know i'm not like thinking about that one trip i did two weeks ago and how much it's changed my life are more like
what's going on in a moving on whom you know like it's never you know when you haven't properly integrated it then my friend because an actually dousing of one's consciousness into the infinite as well worth considering about how early two tier everyday reality and what what does it say you know what is the nature of cards agnes who who are you ultimately and what what does god want of you basically i believe that you are you know your entire life is it is basically an expression of that you know it's a natural thing that's why we call you know art our religion or create poverty in any form is this sacred thing and because
it's an expression of our self this unique lambs through which the creative spirit passes not him it's wizard of oz on mushrooms with pink floyd sink down it's not like that but that's a cartoon level man that is like it i mean if you have any interest in this don't trip again until you read stand graphs work he ridden shit well you see if you if you want to get the most out of an experience like that a real opportunity to drop into infinite love where you and god become one being your own god self it is possible but enrolling gryphus study it was those who on actually were interested in contact spiritual reality
who had an intention about it spiritual inclined people were the war who were opened up sixty five percent of the time now each of them thought it was apposite experience not all of them being i got all the way to the mystical experience but the men to go experiences something pretty well defined and wants it and actually has that experience it's it's affirmative it's so affirmative bed you re orient you're alive to relate to it and it may not change your out her appearance of of your life but it may in power in some way with hope and you know new kind of creative dreams that you know where's your creative flow coming from its not just cashflow it's gotta be you know connected with whatever you feel like you're creative spirit is
you know i have no problem with the word god but a lot of people have trouble with that but i think that its legitimate way of thinking of your relationship with it spiritual area just to play devils advocating now only so that we can answer the question when you what when you talk about these people that wanted to have this experience and then had the seventy five percent of them i mean how much much of what we're talking about is real and when you go into it with good intentions to have some sort of a visionary experience much of it is your imagination much of it is your imagination acting with loosened jack drug to produce this euphoric state that you think is visionary cod act or some sort of spiritual contact and how much of it could just be your imagination mix with drugs and this is what you are looking for so your imagination created for you and i'm not saying that that is bad or good because
i don't i have a feeling as i get older this makes more and more sense even though its harder and harder to talk about i have a feeling that things are neither real nor not real a feeling that the way we try to define things in such simple terms it i dont i don't necessarily think that the imagination is not real think they're imagine imagination has some sort of weird impact the lambs and leadership in the creativity has some sort of a weird impact on reality of course so that's what that is the evolutionary edge of reality that create of spirit is evolution inaction is weirdly defined when used the word got weird defined that's gods paintbrush you know what who created all this not you are our me you know how much of of all of this
back to go of reality did we really have a part in creating right now but when you say it when you're saying god i completely agree with you that is the most the most beautiful way to describe god and probably them if there is some sort of an overwhelming power to this the creative force there ass they all describe are they the sacred real body as a creative forces and it at the first moment you now and it's the declaration let there be light let there be you know it's that it's the positive affirmation of the creation you know like what is it thirteen point seven billion years ago there was an affirmation that took place and where the living resolve of the evolutionary way wave has brought us to this moment and it's an honor some awesome thing if you really look at it you know
four billion years of evolution on earth practically an end and it from blue green algae two human beings jibbering at each other on a radio podcast heatwave and we are the future just like amoebas are absolutely no question about a tiny part of my question was when i said is does does it weirdly define these the word god because the word god to lotta people does not mean that to a lot of people and probably most of the world the world the word god beans a deity who created the earth and did it was certain tat and has rules you have to follow or there will be repercussions completely different kind of god and what you're describing well it's have it if one what gave themselves the pleasure of being introduced the various phases of god you now said to expand their mind beyond the any dog dont
really submit to the authority of annie we're just dogma were until you have examined reality and it has to job with science you know you're we have awesome tools now for actually analyzing reality the ban as your shit so don't leave that outward or discounted or anything like that an end so it has to have a sense of justice or the rest of the things that religion has always had an that's why if we enacted our creative spirit in the service of love in it that's what happens disneyland you see that that there is a lot of love and families to come what may and a yell at each other and they don't get along their bitter and what not but may be for a few hours they can suspend themselves and just delight in being together i have a visionary experience its it'd
a drop down visionary experience that takes outside of yourself you get pulled in you lose your ego for a moment and join in a collective imaginable experience and by the way lays down if you plan to joe rogan experience drinking game and you drive every time someone says the word experience today you're dead can i make it don't play this shots stop it don't play this can do my just point was that the word god has already it's like south to so many people are the absolutely agree that that that you're tired concept of god must evolve ok it can't be stuck in a fundamentalist definition just like our definition of religion as bob jesse my dear friend who council on spiritual practices he said alex you know there's a
primary religious experience and then there's everything else and so the primary religious experience was this contact with the divine and that was at the heart of the matter every one of these work we said eastern and western civilization start with psychedelic reality ok then through all the major world religions they ask with this visionary experience you know moses sees a burning bush with the guy i too am have seen at burning i don't think so was his neurons that were burning he would he was ignited with this voice of god and with this experience of this fight not like joseph smith's fire a fire which is a visionary fire no that jerusalem scholars have recently started attributing that to psychedelic experience
what is actually science behind apparently acacia tree very the actual content of the two and then that bush and acacia bush very common in that area the burning bush he talks to god find out how many already share of the empty drip was the foundation of the said jewish completely messiah nothing like nothing what was the man at growing out there man that's a good question was that the growing on the sacred calf that they were worshipping because like hey man we eat the stove the gruesome poop knew well mean no question that that was not not that job that cows were worshipped because of that with and there were sacked they were they did they didn't need them as they were worshipping them because they created these
is mushrooms i will let them communicate with god exists there can be no clear when you talk about poor people in india there can be no clear example of in an theo gin being a connection to god that then you literally don't kill these animals that you could use for food you literally star but you do milk them yen and admit of any dependent kind of symbiotic positivity you know for each one and there's a friendship nodded amounts between the creature world human world this so some of our camaraderie with the creature world but in her case the actual creature in disneyland we don't expect since these creatures all the time we live in the cities we forget about our connection with the creatures and so a trip
disneyland may remind you even if you know anthropomorphized way but they have really when working on that to go down you know open a zoo element and try to try to care for animals because their part of the human story though the animals are branches on the evolutionary tree that we're in relationship with in mighty evolutionary patchwork that is my celia of consciousness on the earth that runs through every body it is pretty fascinating that we have in humans for the most part think of atoms thing you dog your cat and then some shit it's in a cage where the ngo stare at or some you can watch on dvd but really is fascinating when stop and think about that's vast majority of animals in this we are not ass this is not our planet we're on this thing we're just figured out how to build these are really
dunning structures that keep them out for the most part but like this they d been spawning coyotes in manhattan that several coyotes bodies in manhattan wonderful there was another under the chairman's coyotes yes the cat is that what they are and rat eaters maybe an answer to their common in fur help you now and that its end testing to see who thrives in who kind in the animal populations in these really difficult times i'm afraid were going through mostly caused by humans and you as far as like the polluting gas carson the heating up of the atmosphere in the end the pole of suicide and and and you know it it it's like i feel like it's the mighty mission of art to try and uplift humanity beyond itself destruction you know this is why
creators need to really consider the ethical stand but they're taking in their culture and not just b b ike soldiers of fortune if you're selling your soul that cheaply you know if you're not taking people to some kind of eight of source and positive force that is it part of their own creative spirit if you're not trying to ignite and uplift people souls what are you doing why are you doing it would have bout people though just try to be entertaining is that uplifting someone so let me july is it always at the expense of someone one are we always making fun of people is that the highest that we can reach for in terms of our of her i mean it doesn't hurt to disarm our kind of pompous you know to try and knocked down everybody
i think that there's positivity in that in us of it were less less in pompous some of my favorite humor is people getting shit on yet cars i said oh i and we love the drama kennison and how he's amazing my friend joey d is interest yellow people for servant ranch dressing it's very negative buddy larger it stirs things up but you know we studied station it's it's it's like watching a movie with fake violence watching people get killed by werewolves you know it doesn't really freaked me out cuz there's nowhere wilson it's not real i enjoy it's fun it's just a silly created piece of it's a ride you know and it is in its obviously somebody's expense that guy fucked up and what in the basement guy gets it you know but it starts to enjoy what is it feed in them what is now eat in commenting when what is it what is it feed in the human soul
gives the human soul and escape for a short amount of time and get some to think about how ridiculous something that someone just said even if it's really negative current preposterous and ridiculous it is especially done in the form of stand up com and for me i i just enjoy does an art form i enjoy offensive comedy as an art form like i enjoy andrew dice clay i think he's hilarious i will i treat him like i i treat a band that i enjoy i like what they're doing i like what they're doing fun for me or you know it's a work of art it's certainly not if i want talk to him as a human being and that was what is point of view on life represented are we saying a bunch of shit that is really silly and it is doing we are in this he's knows it's funny you knows what he's doing no he knows how to make you laugh and it's not a big deal to that and it representing his life philosophy represent who he is the person its art
stand up philosophers year we do and we don't we also just need comedy arrive there is plenty of philosophizing going on in this pod cast fighting applied this among us freedom i stand by fuckin would show up the people currently area after a while they believe cheek to come to command someone's attention for an hour in ten minutes and you have to be funny and you have to work on the funny and it's like you can have there's a certain amount of philosophy that people upset accept and certain about that if you're trying to get it want to cry you have to throw in you you really have i explain people where you're coming from with a beautiful thing about it my guess is when i was younger i always thought the leg day i would have liked a message like as a comic in our work my comment was so juvenile and ridiculous and a lot of is about sex and stupid shit now cycle sunday out aloud evolve my comedy to the point where it's like it's got like a message because it i admired certain comics that had that but then
i got older and especially as a start doing the podcast that became less and less interesting to me i don't want to hear your point of view through stand up just the same way i don't want to hear a complex idea described through a song i want you to tell me tell me what you're really thinking and explain to me over with all the words possible in the most descriptive and intricate and objective and subdued give way possible i want you to explain it to me with your own work you do that just through stand of its limited medium it's not what it's for its for its four cracking jokes it's for making people laugh i have it it's a summons expense the way i feel like it's tough shit yeah it'll take the head you should you not look i have an eye out this instead of feeling so serious about not only that i don't think it's good to enforce the idea that people should be so fucking sensitive when it comes to people communicating about there i think there's far too many people to get but her too easy in this country in this world and this in this universe i think we have to be able
to make fun of things and you have to be with a laugh at your own self in and when will you when you say as someone else's expense terms they need that shit on some people are ridiculous i and some people look for every fuckin opportunity the cry or be negative or wine about shit or do something stupid and those people i think it's culturally it's important to knock them down it's important it's fort until all laughed together it's important for them because of their doing ridiculous behaviour and you highlight sammy age was easier it benefits damp yet has now they get a chance to see that all everybody thinks i'm a fucking dummy that's part of how
we evolve communists exactly becoming conscious of something that appears to be a wrong doing and if they can accept that they all they're doing is dragging their heels behind the evolution train they so they do in their kicking at the dirt trying to slow down the trail they don't want to have all themselves so they don't want to have anything because of your making fun of them unjustly guess what it won't be funny if there's work is no truth you words it won't spontaneously make people laugh because you ve broken a truth that no one will say and it says the crap out of people like one bill when wouldn't let loose on things you know who is like oh my god can you say that he said that and every time he would say something you know is oh oh my god i dunno i was going there and there it was a genius you know of of carving territory but he also if even if he panted hell he painted a little bit of heaven to and i love that about
yeah he really did he had some great points that were necessarily than funny but the one to make them when it when he was doing a certain bets and but he was so interesting that he carried it anyway you know he had this like things he wrote down like god the bill hicks rules for and up or something that really was but why if i'm was paraphrasing that you didn't always have to be funny just be interested i just sometimes you you give you use a funny you get the finer and then you could tell him something that is entertaining for a brief ma just not necessarily funny you know it it's a tricky thing to do in stand up especially not be preachy that's all yeah i guess annoying for veal they go see comedian the hourly preach yeah here be because it's the toxic of the stage you know you're allowing people to have a massive amount of control over the influence that they have on you to stand on top with with a big
spotlight on you in an equally voice and magnify the voice all that is ridiculous so because you are in this situation there comes a time where a lot of people do things just me as they want they want people think they're smart they do things just because this is gonna get a big impact this is then they get start getting really preaching and that's what it as it becomes disingenuous you lose this connection with the comic ma willie tom undue something extraordinary you know what i like signs of intelligent life on earth or something those are a good and even the even though it came out of love and self reflection that thing is really rare and i'm i'm doing a thing all of cultures necessary in every the freedom of expression as is guaranteed absolute i think in the
and it's the only way that the creative spirit can feel free enough to do anything and two x war and evolve into territory but if you're going to then call it something sacred ardor if you're going to try and reintroduce because my wife i had these mystical experiences and what are you gonna do then i think i'm just going to make art about the marketplace cuz that's the only thing that's going these days you know where maybe i should do some kind of vulgar transgressive thing to really make a spectacle and things hurt or maybe i should critique corporate in a vacuum eighty or something like that no domestic or experience that's the most important thing and throughout history see reason it bob jesse said don't go the fundamental the word religion it's you know then then
ok you can't evolve that concept is too important a concept to let go of and so you have to evolve it you have to take it on say okay there was a primary ruling experienced that was the mystical experience that was the visionary experience that contacted as the moses moment on these various kinds of things those things recur and they continue and so there is contact with sacred reality and if we look at love just people still believe in love and they feel it from their kids and things now means love is a cosmic force god or creed later whatever name you want to say or just the big bang brought us and in it if anybody looks at the amount of intelligence it goes to create a sell you no doctor hoffman albert hoffman
discover availability used to talk about do you think it would be possible for the parts of a cathedral to be laid out on a football field and to assume themselves into a cathedral now you think of the unlikelihood of that even given but you know like in infinite time and you know that it takes intelligence to build a cathedral and he said self reproducing sal is much more difficult to construct then a cathedral and it done in such a mite microscopic way that you have to goods i interest would simply infer that the intelligence that constructed the universe at work in in so many systems that we see around us and the eu would even if you
part of your small minded absorbed with the daily a bullshit that comes floating by your screen and you get upset about it it hooked into your emotions and all that stuff on the background real what if you could just lean away from the bullshit and tap to the infinite that is always there the divine creed native spirit that really turns people want that's the thing that people want to experience the ecstasy of creation you know when you're even gardening or when you're cooking a new kind of superior being creative your happier you're not thinking about the thing that she said you are the or the thing he did or or the how terrible the world is or anything like that you're you transcended the chatter of mind bore you know briefly and enter
a creative flow that is an intuitive flow that has just of justice aim of consciousness higher than that most of the current video scream said people tapped into so if you could begin to lean away from that mental stuff and back into their the creation that brought us here then you'd see like wow ok thanks really you so fucked up actually you know ok so we blow it look at them magnificence of this intelligent evolution to a point where we have even though we don't know what reality is in it and in this part of the imagination and conscious great mysteries that's you now that we are speaking to god were consciousness speaking to consciousness is the way that i see you your time
into so many networks you're part of a wider entelechy that in circles the globe and that listens thirdly for you're in patent didn't advocacy points of view that are very marginalized and society its extremely stand to take as a cultural hero too many that you will agree college certain things that are not popular but you feel it's important to say so your work comes from a place of the heart and a place of justice and a place of kind of righteous understanding of the multiple dimensions that we are dwell with him but it also made my point of view comes from a person that feels that like how i know myself and my tendencies to to get in
patterns in my own life and how i have overcome that and how i've sort of moulded my mind and changed the way i thought about just reality my interactions with human beings all these things i know that i'm not unique in my ability to do that i know that a lot of people have done that do that an hour doing that and one is things that's been the most positive benefit of this casper shore is running into so many people that have said that listening to these conversations and in taking in these different points of view these well considered points of view has actually benefit of their lives is there lies relating helped isn't that exercising its direct or transformation it's it's the i guess the fourth quadrant of how art and a pot asked as work of art yeah it's not only visually beautiful but you know a brien's been weaving and sound effects and that its work of art does
i don't know that's ok ok shoes but i dont want to inflate anyway you do but i'm letting our approach is not about don't don't ya encourage you son of a bitch so it's gotta shamans rattle that is the challenge the chairman or shaman i've i've used both at varying time yeah i'm sure yeah tricky to it's like bahrain syria bahrain it's so you you eat this gentleman who you quoted about the use of the word religion dont give it up to the fundamentalist feel the same way about the word god it's dont gives added able than ever now definition of it just like demanding it use it even though there is a standard the notion that a lot of people sort of thing all your religious are you a christian sir do you jesus is your saviour and then things get strange while
you know that our that yeah the idiotic can in small on us an absolutely does and so that real religion the prime very religious experience is direct contact of self with god now that is still valid and important the ability to let go and reach these strange realms of higher consciousness that are available within without help from any sort of anthea absolutely prayer and meditation alone as the royal road you know the mine is very variable it's very variable and its frequencies it's very variable in where you can take it and my my own experiments with chintz experience a part of my life is isolation tanks a huge part of my my development as human that's a fabulous kind of late twentieth century
addition to spiritual practices and on foot on railway really found and he was one of the psychedelic fathers of this i see by the way i should say something about willing to scream out today there are showing you were the one who twitter it's gone crazy ketamine used to cure depression neither they're saying that one of the most effective tool uses of cures for depression of our how really yeah kedo we need a large simply wonders but one dose has an impact to send out clear signals prisoner i you know i don't i don't know exactly what the claiming well she have vitamin but lily was a fabulous proponent of ketamine oh my god i well oh ketamine has an interesting kind of farm shadow side yeah i've seen three drum yeah for people and i
i never saw that in the classic hallucinogens that were suicide and or but now i d or the empty there not really addictive and in the kind of strict sense so academy one of those interesting new substances there was extensive they studied in the sixties and the vietnam war and used actually as a battlefield medicaments and then small amounts of its snorted or smoked in various things like that take people and to these dimensional i've it's kind of like a catapult freer consciousness it goes flinging out if your laying down into
what seems like a very rapid motion of your consciousness going very fast even though your laying down at over a texture a kind of a vast texture and we we had these kind of openings into the void that were very profound very heart opening in a way it is a horrible club drug though it's i've never used very sparingly and it should be treated with great respect yeah i never heard like i had a number of of france i never got into it frankly united we were injected with eyes and a couple of times like back in the seventies and it was a man who was an available thing in a psychiatrist gave us that experience and it was it was profound my friend tom mccormick denoted marrow
activists very interesting he got injected by john lily himself autonomy mean in lilies isolation tat well and he went deep he was a kind of freaking out in its half so lily shoot its ketamine into himself gets it another tank and goes and visit some well that is that is high tech chauvinism yeah is high tech chauvinism that you know hey ventured into the coincidence control here that i am not familiar with in its i'm really freaking out and so i mean he might have even had to you now a little something to his buddies who run the machines to a guy friend back with what happened by a piece of work justice would have to give up oh now always just like hey hey i'll give you my sex give you sex yeah
those are changed from male to female really john willing he changed from male or female believing whoa whoa whoa whoa so you saying that my friend tom mccormick in his irresponsible use of kedo me there's no no me now now it is what you just said i i dont mean it i'm just fantasizing is like do that though didn't you gave new that i dont think it what had anything to do with your friend at all it was for him i'm sure never a creative evolutionary step so ketamine essentially he marched toward the divine feminine and embraced that's interesting one a lot of people believe that that is the number one problem with the world is the restoration of the fat of the deadline feminine absolutely the fact he weighs austrian exists in an intelligent life form that is evolving past passively the actual form that we recognise matter and into a nuclear or like what
what else was he then if if people are profits if people are profits of something he was a profit of transformation and they use all technology available for accessing the hue bio computer and ah come incidents control and so he really believed in a spiritual reality but it was a completely informed by a rica and all the rest of the systems that he was familiar with but i think very legitimate and one of them densely detailed descriptions from me on this trans dimensional realm that we currently have an his incredible invention of isolation aren't i got such a brilliant brilliant invention he was trying to figure out how to separate the mind from the sensory input of the body and he couldn't get there with meditation couldn't get there with yo guy couldn't couldn't quite get there is always conscious of his body so figure
do this in the first century deprivation tank was like a scuba tank way i'd like a helmet scuba helm and you would float like from your neck they use that an altered states yeah now to describe initially the free ass they that was pretty chronological in that respect they started off with that lord why it's right and then went to the horizontal moments he had figured out how to use salt in it but his old ones he's too have like waste evacuation systems now we would shit and piss in the tank for a long time you know the young because he was interested in long term immersion yeah and this was basically a replication of something that had been done from many centuries i'm sure you're familiar with it you know the yankee practice in tibetan buddhism is all about that och retreat you going the dark and yes you know all these things that he talks about that you're still dealing with gravity bob blah but
the intention is the same to remove all odd fractions and be surrounded by darkness the cause of his track and to be awake yeah yeah the and you lose consciousness of your body so much and are able to access your imagination now ibn robbie thought he was a super mystic my favorite they receive you must add everley some ten while the rome ii would be right next our course in i'll bet ibn robbie ways the most scholarly and he called the imagination your angel that is the place where god meet god and so that that is the visionary mystical experience that runs through all world religions and he details it and there
our celestial hierarchies that pettiness described in exactly the same way they had a cross cultural though they were writing it at different times it wasn't dissemination it was all direct knowledge and so these were our people that were getting it from the highest ah command that came through their came through their unique but when of their language and so they each had unique prayers to be in contact with this creative force and he really did emphasise the sacredness of the divine feminine analyse yes it even rob in iran and so the great mystics of quite often done the same thing you know why do we have more art of god sculptures the goddess is the symbol of beauty a symbol of love for humanity and although perverted and things like that if you step
and just look at the flow of art history in a back from the forty thousand years ago today what is celebrated the beauty of the divine feminine and worship really really truly new aid chauvinism the creation of this sensor deprivation tank is the the creation of something that allows you to take this practice of solitude and darkness took lately new level literally removed the body remove the body from the equation and really require year still aware of the smell near still aware but it's much less now really cause all factory senses only to detect change zones in a fortnight's time cannot be with us because you won't be aware of anything around your nose will stop receiving any chance to see one you ve got to its its walls created by this guy crash from the float lab afloat is in venice and is the best place in the cholera he's really mad scientist when it comes to it this the filtration systems
uses are the highest standard and he's pushing for like an industry standard to try to get people to start taking these thing serious as far as like how you can clean the war to make sure they use them commercially yes three billion a lot about how have you been to munich and to the float ah variant dawn arabella munich romania have worms in germany africa where i largely it weighs reform what happens is you go into this huge tag it's like a king size bed but bigger of water and aid inches deep i guess and so oh are you lay down and ass the salt and it's really warm and nice and it goes to a very you know like called marine bellew doesn't go totally park and theirs and you could cause your eyes and most of it and and it doesn't she it all and it's it's just the most pleasant an amazing
taxation kind of experience and he's woven it into the german businessman the indian lunch hour i'll come in and say well man i really need to unwind and it's like half hour later there like whoa it's just they were meditating it does wonders for me i swear after i do jiu jitsu classes and exhausted and strained out it like lengthens your body like you're you're your muscles they control entire up and what i mean by lengthen is as they they relax and sort of extend they they relaxing pull away like it everything feels like it sort of just takes a big big deep breath like all of your tissue it really is so much tension it's it's and by the way it also benefits your body it's one of the best sources of magnesium cause i'm the magnesium is entering your body through the epsom solves skins actually very healthy for your fairy
contrasting we know the the filtration system that they had was unique and patenting jollies the one in germany loud in germany and they they saw themselves is continuing to work yeah johns obvious you now invention and move it forward also in a similar way to your friend is doing out there and finish that sounds a great idea though to have just a really light blue so you can open your eyes and just the idea of doing it for the show term relaxation think they'll be very pleasant it's it's extremely apples and probably the collar has something to do with it yeah beloved blue like for professional poor they found out there
the color of a light blue light common bullock blue sky is like the best color foreseeing objects around as forest like seeing edges the edges of the balkans and a light blue is really just appeals to the eye these these you think it was green whose green for the longest time but now they they go with light blue that that feeling an that the feeling of floating also ended the release of all the important coming in from the body allows you to taken in nation better and what crash has been working on over the float lab is what he calls a cellular influence device and the idea behind it is it is a screen that fits in front of your ear we're visual peripheral like from here to hear and it is the lowest emission of light that's physically possible so you literally don't see the edges of the the television at all you see nothing other than whatever is being
broadcasts they figured out how to that end it shook him years to figure this out and he has these speed that are in the water literally on either side of my they're all it's all sealed up and so there underwater and in this thing and first of all the sound moves the war impulsive the one i so you feel the sound you feel you survive in toes do you you do whatever you want i mean what crash is trying to do is get people to start coding documentaries and structural to it because he thinks it will speed up lit learning by a staggering amount that's that's boy to the immediate kinesthetic yeah kind of taking it on i sell your or level informing you're yourselves over and also the retention is just far stronger and greater because the fact is no attractions what's going on in the same as we in theory this armies we test
but i can tell you that as far as just your sheer horse power for concentration to me there's never been anything like it in my life the other psychedelic experiences but i consider it a very psychedelic experience and you know it probably came to him in that state and it was used to study that thing that i now there sherman say now i got the plants told us it was the he was one of the first ellie scientists do deep studies with lsd fascinating and i find it so hard to believe i don't i also find it amazing how few scientists today openly discussed psychedelic experiences and our enthusiasm they'll be ostracised isn't that amazing it sat a well i'd made as its aim reason more aren't us don't talk about it either
it's a lot mutually exclusive and other people have to understand that silly behaviour yes can be attributed to recreational drugs or recreational drug use at a one december we're talking about a and b it just because as someone is involved in something that other people using recreational doesn't mean there's not some massive benefit to it that can be discussed by sea it is on you know a really scholarly level theirs thing going on that can truly benefit humanity by harnessing substance than my certainly help people access their expanded states of awareness now that is what doktor hoffman wanted and i quote him at length on his hundred first birthday he wrote the most remarkable thing about the promise of the and see a gigantic sacraments and about how he hoped because he always felt
endlessly guilty for anyone who had taken a wrong turn or not bennett you veto headed it had cattle their freedom position to set at two a psychotic state border line personality should avoid it entirely people who have a history mental illness you know without fashionable used they should avoid these things for sure but sometimes people take them and so it it haunted him horribly he he was never an advocate but he at the end i've really you know he kind of told people about it he he onstage would say that you know i i synthesize did at nineteen thirty eight we test it on animals nothing happened you know in five years later you know in a broad he starts to hear a voice
that asks him teresa emphasised this particular molecule now heat and the sizes and islands and thousands of molecules but he said never before had he heard that voice calling him to do a particular thanks so he did it and then a pronounced teens when he finally basically dozed himself and nineteen forty three at four twenty really yeah of four nineteen at four hundred twenty p m p m he in his journal he writes that was his that's when he took it and the origin of four twenty now now it's nappy does away i sense now it is but it's an interesting coincidence and so i mean it it may have had some success so elegant in his own
journal riding it wasn't randomly that he chose that time to do because it was an experiment that he was wandering about buddy buddy brood up that that tiniest amount that any you know that is for sure not active by any substance known to humanity if you take to hunt fifty million seven grammy nothing happens with anything that's that's like what are they homeopathy you know is that kind of dosage but little did he know that he had stumbled upon the most potent cycle active substance of all times it's at you know many times more potent and powerful than any other sacrament in those tiny mouse and so
he was catapulted into a kind of chaos city thought he was dying of course you know an end he just didn't want to die in the lab we would you wanted to just go home you know to die and so he was freaking out feeling for sure you'd poisoning of and he and his assistant erode their bicycles back and of course that's why they call bicycle day you know four nineteen and that he made at home and then they called was april nineteen april nineteen there was a high nineteen forty three that for twenty yes yes there was a i did a painting in the net of being book about the lottery when you call its numbers we know what happened that same day probably around the same time well there was a warsaw ghetto uprising that happened in the wake of the nazis wanting to burn on the war so get warsaw ghetto and it never happened before there was a spy
in the novelty curve that day that was off the charts and they ate it led to a siege it never happened it never happened since whoa what the fuck other than that number is not interesting is not interest do do doesn't make sense it ankara nicety that's just interesting day you know something i've been noticing and i can't explain it at all but it's one of those mystery things like you were saying like in your dream you see these various things you know they're they're saying something there all it's almost like god is upon mister you know putting visual rebus is us for this visual language in front of us have you who ever looked into all this stuff it's going on right now in physics where all these different scientists and proposing the idea that we're living inside of some
nation and its becoming more and more prominent today i got a new thing technology review dot com a new thing published by mit this was sent to me through twitter so coarse i had to investigate it because i am inundated by the shetland generally every day they ask some new study or lou proposal about the world being some sort of the universe the reality being some sort of assimilation when you see like the number for twenty coming up over and over and for nineteen for twenty it is a good idea if you ever stop and are well maybe that's just the way was written it's the cosmic load it's the cosmic wink you now
there are so many correspondence is i feel like the within what happened to psychedelic culture after that time ah you know was there there came at a time of tremendous repression but first there were scientific study so they actually established the true merits of these substances prior to them becoming illegal illegal for political reasons by the way you know not not for four not in it and i think its anti american because america is all about freedom of religion and freedom of point of you and as terence mckenna says you know there's nothing ever been a key adduced against them except that they give people funny ideas you well of definition of america much like a definition of god is not the popular one scores
the rest the world night like when america represents i think of our current military monster exactly it's amira corpse that's what i call it a mirror corpses that what erica has become ripe its bing death that being perpetrated on the world and its because of of this year sell out you know of saw too the military industrial complex eisenhower warned us about it yeah so so yeah various reformers in government bettered trying you know really trying to shift thanks but their massive forces they are coms as the gnostics would say you know better dragging their heels in the evolutionary belcour they haven't gotten the message that were all unity and that we need
now think about how we can best preserved life web not how we can destroy it make profits for a few years while we were the weather go haywire there's never before been a clear indication that the people who are in charge or not they're not tune into the internet that they they they came about this way they created this way long for there was an internet and this is how it's always been done and now that it's been exposed all around them they're still clinging to this our kids the notion of non connection right this art big notion that the all of your actions all of your deeds and all of our thoughts and feelings aren't all connected in some sort of a strange way that we need to recognize her address and we need to who forward with that as as an ideal that we are all connected them
yes absolutely we are handling operate and we'll have to recover its oil banks it's no company with the federal reserve of the fog is in charge of sending stu afghanistan who wants us actually put you know well that was a that was an obvious and huge mistake there is even a page in their called remembering nine eleven before it happened you know now i think that its pretty remarkable kind of thing that that happened there of course who but a spook would do something like that nine eleven it's a joke ok emergency you know that's a spook was joe mean when you like the like the nine eleven is the code word for emergency right right now outside of amerika question mark you know like that's a rough
friends that only in american would would play with because kay so then we have all the explosive evidence about what happened that day now you know burning the reichstag and all that have we for history you know there's a man of distraction to you now stop everybody from paying attention to enron and go into some place that never attacked us that's it is your party i iraq war what was that based on but a lot of lies and afghanistan the same way that their was a need to sell weaponry and to spend money on these you know these mercenaries and
here to satisfy a certain hunger and this hunger is the shadow is the set said he and anna that dwells in the desert and is and we're living off what we need to become is a solar powered humanity we they are still struggling with sat and horace who fought an epoch idle thousands of years ago in the deserts of egypt and ten you it today the soul humanity has to go or the light and find new energy means too to bring us out of our dependence are addictions to the destructive web of this kind of oil gorky that and mashed in so it's your opinion that september temper levels with some sort of a false flag event and it wasn't just
competence or an attack that was capitalized on by people with nefarious ideas that it was instead plant for you i would only i wouldn't yeah i entertain that possibility and i think that the entire affair need to be examined but why i was setting that up and a controversial elements that many scientists bring up not you know like artists by our peoples and engineers and all those all those people who analyze the actual material and pulling a building seven as the smoke and got but you know you can go down that and look at it i think it should be examined but the what i find fascinating about the entire thing is the nasty synchronicity is that artists were ah exhibiting on ah that
a there was a man who had a studio an artist that a studio in tower one number of artists head studios actually in the twin towers and his name was michael richards actually is black artist and he was a sculptor and remarkable wonderful weren't you hate himself well he was here he was he was an awesome there was a bad job yet now only has no relationship to that fella and happened to have the same aim and so his entire body of work was destroyed practically when the plane hit the twin towers and so a couple months later some of its free
discover and this museum in south carolina that they have one of his pieces once been discovered and it was a self portrait and ass saint sebastian instead of arrows going the body they were airplanes whoa saint sebastian and the tar baby is what it's called wow now that is a fact now i did a painting like an eight one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine with it was a vision i had the day our daughter with and it became the painting gaia now it's interesting even look in that book matter being we were in the world trade center september tenth watching thousand one
and i put my tag in there actually and a guy a painting there happen to be two airplanes and there there is also the twin towers there's someone who looks strangely like george bush he's embracing a terrorist and a disease dick and ah i had no idea it was used in the beastie boys ill communication our which by the way has i can't stand it if the most famous hit from that from that album was sabotage i tell you now your weight with sabotage rub a out and so
there are numerous things planted into the collective consciousness you could say but then the the comic book of superman they came out september twelve faction i had the twin towers surrounded and in smoke and helicopters were around the first panel power was a hip hop group everybody room hours this thing was released that week after nine eleven there is hip hop group the coup who had members there and they were with kind of like ponds there's an in back of them the twin towers exploding now they were prevented from releasing cause it was september twelve they said oh well well well known and unknown anew but september eleventh in boston whereas released live from new york this particular place this band in boston
and it had the twin towers surrounded in flame so you think that this these people who are creating this art there and remember these images that there pulling this from someday collective from the clock i mean coasts encounters remember that moment when they all go into the artists our room where there s this one drew on that scale today and that when you know like they all got blazed with something and an it and it's such a fascinating nest of synchronicities that i believe it's unprecedented will you or your your point of view on just reality itself is going to be so much different than the average person's how often do you bring up the sudden this is very controversial range thing to say so very its rules require not saying that it did you know
my paining or various other things necessarily lead to the truth but they point towards something strange very strange i mean sony body examining the evidence it wasn't premeditated its remembering nine eleven before it happened right what what i was saying was in this is just the way in which we have to sort of lay this out how many times have you have this conversation one could see him go catch yeah legalization show the evidence that show michael richard sculpture which we do in this but not of being and show show the the folks at dumb dc weren't fond of it so i didn't reproduce their thing but people can go onto the internet find it there's volante nisi was dc com they didn't want the superman panel reproduced in a thing like that but you can talk
and you can say exactly what happened and just pointing it out you have a sense of the uncanny there's a coup say and right they couldn't release that thing what that's the real image yeah that's it now not the real image that was what they fabricated and where to release that weak but were per ended by every good sense you now to say good green we cannot he doing i didn't mean is that the real image and we have to set the religions from their siang yeah that was designed to cover that was the animal yeah so i mean this is a smoking gun of some kind of of red what tory breakthrough that was a terrible thing was a terrible thing but it but it through the consciousness of humanity so you see the power of art as prophecy and you see the power of art as what could it point us toward
we want to see a sacred possibility we want look at their our highest potential not look at the destructive we want to take that power of art aunt seeds of liberation in the minds of of people not this kind of negative world of self destructive nihilist culture and behaviour my point of view were what what i was trying to get out was when you go into this sort of a definition of things is a fairy fantastical an amazing moreover a concept that there is some sort of frequency we're tuning in tune we're getting warnings from from me no future events that will have a big ripple and time how is this normally received when you talk to me you're a very unusual guy how many people can you talk to about this stuff i do think i think it's unsettling to most people because its i haven't heard it spoken
but i just happened to be one of the people that got blazed with a vision i had forgotten about entirely you know i knew i'd pantomime of this was the dark possibility of humanity in this the lion this is the nature you notice of what we have to inherit al gore with a basket of fruits and things would have gotten a guy at new guy gaia people than the guy a painting and how long did you do this before september it was nineteen eighty nine it was the vision and nineteen eighty eight the day our daughter was born in our powerful child being born as it impacts you saw it as a we have been up for three days anyway and i i had leave my wife a kind of kick me out and i had to go do illustration project but as i was going over the brooklyn bridge i had this vision you now and this was poor away the division in manhattan and mercosur or something you know but but i had this this dip too
kind of think there's a better one on alex great dot but the but that's basically the the world tree ass the great mother and the strong that humanity as causing through the twin towers and planes that fuckin trippy yeah so one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and there was somebody bought it and and of course it was in the dale communication album and and and then i publishing nine teen ninety in those sacred marriage but my first book the came out then and so that was in there and and nine hundred and eleven some people sent me emails and showed me that the picture again and i i hadn't remembered any of that at all that's amazing that's that's really really free when you think about these ideas and these blips in these these
signals and whatever it is that you tune into when you become creative you know when you think about the the impact that the work that comes out of it has on people what do you think alter we were doing here ass humans our involving our continent is prossa absolutely you can't help but be transformed is technology and destruction of anything to do with that cars its accelerating the in the other change to the need for changes to grow almost like we're threatening suicide unless we cannot bring about absolutely united together overblown ever answer yes the waking up is happening all through the interconnectedness of the web of technology technology had to happen after an in depth a period of it has been in involving intelligence that is fine beginning to see its cosmic origins in the store
hurry of of the universe that we ve been discovering and end the hubble telescope that shows us the vast miss of space in the understanding of dark energy now that connects everything the clusters of galaxies that had to exist that the earth is a rare ah kind of i think of it as the as this alchemical balancing act well it's it's it's it's you know the alembic but goes around the sort of whatever the alchemist puts into his retorted enters into his flask this flask then is heated and
it has a special temperature that brings the interior to transformation and goes through a lot at different stages but i think of the earth and its surrounding geo magnetic field the geo magnetic field is our alembic it's our alchemical alembic look at the mars and it no longer has a magnetic field around it and so everything has died and so this magnetic field that surrounds the earth is our protection from the solar ah flares and the sore heat of the sun and gives that beautiful kind of aurora as happens and so just at this particular orbit where we in relationship with our guru the sun and we have this attraction you know but what is it fraction it's the bending of space time and you're a particular circulation but that certain
nation has the alembic of the jew magnetic field around it thus what the experiment of life can unfold takes billions and billions of years to grow and intelligence that can start to recognise its own source that's astonish that's a great epic journey of the evolution of human consciousness and that what's really going on don't precede the tires read the eternity is theirs emerson said una too great quote years even later album cover live scenes from new york city there it is there it is released nine eleven as the twin towers on fire and apple it's crazy the the future how you how do you think this is all gonna play out
obviously you believe that you expressed yourself with love and using art and fine creativity elevates the human experience as do i think there's something incredible about seen great art in any form of its great music great pain whatever they are something about seeing someone really tap into whatever it is that is going on when you're being creative whatever it is that written you really accessing the imagination that elevates us you see that as an integral part of this experience of this transformative experience that human beings are going through but where do you see
going with what is what do you see awakening to our own creative spirit our own unique lands into the infinite one that we all are and reflections of awe where you not ultimately humanity has a great future enter if you look at the evolutionary bell curve of what possible for human consciousness love ah how and how primitive it still seems that humanity is in terms of their ability to love one another you know we had great tee yours from all over the world in a teacher
the same thing the wisdom masters say repeatedly to love each other you know and not to kill each other and it's something that is so simple and so true and so beautiful and ah this is the affirmation of the intelligence that built ourselves we have to tap into the europe which we recently had the guest pass dammit visit chasm couple weeks ago at her for thus on our cause him will you referred to the chapel sacred mirrors in new york absolutely at the top of sacred mares in walkinshaw actually we had the great miko eco eco miko count my college just eco my colleague just damage whose written extensively about the power of fungus and the is one of the world's experts in medicinal and
just then the power of these things too like he uses them to soak up oil spills the voice mushrooms and things like that have been used to draw hydrocarbons out of a water that's been polluted with them in noble and the thirty mile radius around chernobyl there are fungus is growing mushrooms growing that are hot their radiation filled because my celia that they fruit from has been drawing all of the radiation from the soil in order for life to come back to the forest there the deepest oldest plant
nurse and human beings themselves diverged from the fungus over six hundred and fifty million years ago so we have this connection this web of connected ness and obviously a connection with the intelligence of the mushroom and and pour it far from being a terence sort of endorsing of the year exogenous kind of fertilisation of the earth with the sports he believes it was ground and he believes that we're exporting so i love that kind of can do earth base consciousness that evolved this alembic for those who don't understand what you meant by that what would you you met for the story is mckenna believes that its possible that mushrooms came from the vacuum space yes
iran is beyond asteroids as with its this the fear of pants burma which as we know amino acids and certain things are transferred and there are asteroids here from other planets and of land a meteorite and that is also one of the theories about what happened to mars is well written that some have lost our environment was an asteroid impact possible and certainly we the human or they the great chain of bee and great chain of evolution that was impacted on the earth certainly there is a belief that they meteorite we know best equally ended the era of the dinosaurs and these little rat like things where our ancestors were able to become more dominant as a species and evolve due to the territorial kind of disputes being over with these large was people yeah that really was a nice nice break for us really and it had to happen but yeah we have big brother jupiter
out there watching our back and is in taking that he you know he's the bouncer of the whole cosmos or i would also our system and so only at a certain level surround by living kind of alembic and shielded by a particular this kind of planetary brother what the wife of this kind even possible think how many billions of galaxies it might take we might well we certainly are with the only you know earth planetary consciousness in the universe obviously you know where a unique little neighbourhood born you say earth planetary consciousness the universe will remember that while there is now mother earth right where it where the earth worthy the on this planet were the only ones where they only want it evolves uniquely darwin show that on every little co
over or things things evolve a little bit differently so wherever else life exists if it does in a quite quite likely debt does it most scientists would agree that but on is we have a unique jewel we ve been gifted with it from billions of years of evolution don't fucking below it that's them the important thing tat its weight we sang if people understand it is that jupiter has a massive amount of gravity is enormous it absorbs asteroid olympics moonlit sucks them up it's like the bodyguard for the earth to manage its its truly unique situation as far as well we ve studied in the cosmos might be further evidence this assimilation might be out which is awesome well you know my experience with that without alison just two
inform now on our first kind of breakthrough psychedelic experience that change both of our works it happened about a year after we first manner our first anniversary june third say seventy six and we both melted down in two these kind of tor fountains and trains of light and every other being in thing in the universe was one of these balls of light as like it a soul but it was you know like that mason clive torres was like a tornado flow and ah this thing much more oh live and real then arc of material world reality it felt this is what really going on it's it's eternally an infinitely light and we are projecting
are kind of souls into it sperience is to have in reaching educational opportunities and try to wake up to odd sent us here to wake up to god you know to the core of our being to our god self that's why this painting it's on the cover of the matter being is called god self because it's a symbol of our interconnectedness with all other god selves is every there being an thing in the network has access to this great vast talents of the cosmos no other reason than we could be here when you believe that and think that then see what's going on like with everybody save a rat about going to more with i ran william but how does it make if i feel i saw you know because really it's about break out the peace monkeys
dont destroy each other and don't don't poison the web that sustains you that is only the logical and bite talks a fine both that consciousness of humanity by you know in training people's minds with bidding self images instead accessing our unity as a human species an expert and beyond that if you can see even though you may hate your neighbour and now you may have a gripe here there but ultimately you connected with loved ones love brought us all here love the highest expression of the cosmos power having said that the highest refinement of light in the universe is love because it took
a solar battery like our son to give birth to a planet and it took the evolutionary train billions of years to get here to a point where a con business a brain was capable of hand the experience of love which was the common source of everyone the love that brought us all here to recognize it in each other to honour at any each other through all different ways and to celebrate that amazing experience and to try and turn the ship around now folks yeah don't go over the edge to commit suicide do something harder why is it more impossible as occupy folk said to me in the end of capitalism than our why is it more ease
to imagine the apocalypse than the end of capitalism you think that capitalism is the problem and its not just putting hard of moral its part at yes all of that because it's not centred consciousness we ve wandered away you know possible though to have a godsend consciousness and produce all the shit that we produce to make all the laptops who make to make all the cars remain you know what stephen jobs was into my friend yeah yeah whose any owners employs the ashes making chinese people work for fifty dollars a month he was in a lot of shit get there is but one the nucleus of where those things that you were just celebrating came from while he made a whisper his from his lsd experiences and he credit at that being a tremendous opening for him ah and informing his a breakthroughs intact
ology and carry mollusk the nobel prize winning a molecular biologist who said exactly the same thing and many people's lives have been ruined by these thanks but many other people's lives have been saved my own the frances crick story than tat that chair you got yes is a true while you know it means areas can shouted me it is a it was released after his death by cutting we buy threat of death said such himself now you could say now somebody's just trying to hijack that breakthrough of the imagination but then you go back to when it happened and you realize that actually he was a psychedelic advocate and he had like many of his scientists friends experimented with these substances which were supposed to catalyze the creative imagination he had read the papers and he had access to these things
so there was no stigma about it in fact the first life magazine stuff about i could alex was extremely positive and it was thinking about it then why don't you come on sale initially o because by the time that it was a yet you would think you would think but he might want to sally is break through bye for its yeah by by putting anything between the break through insight and you know damn what are you talking about what what you know based on drug induced hallucination here but you know i mean that's that the benzene ring was covered it was a dream you now so great discoveries come through the visionary imagination is now held day cargo the idea of science in the first place very account it was a dream that i think that the exact quote was
science and nature will be conquered by using measurement carried out that was a really important thing but conquered you'll gives it the acting i probably is what that's but that is an aggressive stance lead that rejected the but that today we may all species has as promoted because it's very self serving and i think that if in our part of what word doing at this point and is evolving ah human beings is trying to create a new model of possibility for humanity in the realm of sometimes for some people diminishing expectations so the pulse damage our point of view
how mushrooms can save the world and how my celia ms actually a network of intelligence that connects us with plant round and that weak take advantage of by tapping into the nervous system that humanity diverged from over six hundred and fifty million years ago now that's tapping into cosmic intelligence do you who follow the chemist stoned ape theory you like that there were a lot of people and even responsible anthropologists think that there is some something to it because i certainly would have encountered suicide and mushrooms who can say that it didn't play a part an catalyzing the growth of human consciousness now is larry's i'm in lily both leary and lily ideas was that it these substances could advance in the evolution of human consciousness now you the union do vegetal which is the first psychedelic church
for white people i guess in the united states and part of the mission of the u dv which is it i urge that originated in brazil you know at the hall the amazon from the green mantle of the earth green emerald comes these a great wisdom traditions that are spreading throughout the world with i alaska and people are way up to the mind of nature through these plants sacraments that have been used for sent greece for you know of thousands of years actually and more and more anthropologists are saying while they were seeing visions in the end the place we know that the bog people used to smoke cannabis and canada has been humanity's friend for a long time now neuroscientist just two and off hand for
a neuroscientist in quoted in scientific american said most neuroscientist would agree that everything that we experience is a figment of her imagination most neurosciences would agree this but she said she might be crazy she might be but she had an entire issue of scientific american optical illusions that it's a yearly publication and so yeah she argues for this idea of the plasticity of the mind and when you these dimensional shifts you know i like your changing though the radio station with your kind of dimensional lifting that some cycle nights are able to do your tap in two different wavelengths she little they change reality absolute literally can change reality reality reality as co dimensional react
as co dimensional it's not like you yeah this conversation changes reality in this dimension but to also has residents with another dimension oh it's essentially what we're talkin talking about earlier he'll nor not real and that is actually there it's a combination of a man nation in reality of one things that always struck me about imagination is how it's sort of marginalized like the idea that timmy he's got a vivid imagination i others there's something to that but the reality is that every physical thing including this building that were in including this chair that you're sitting in the microphone that you're talking through all of it was cool made it through the imagination so it did not exist it was thought up through the imagination then became it manifests itself in a physical form and we ve become
he's a key numb to the spectacle of the creation that has unfolded before us and if could remove our blinders and noticed the awesomeness you know in the lean away from the jibber jabber you know we could be more at peace and may be recognized with the same beautiful a true and good stuff that flows through your heart is flowing through mine well if it is possible i i believe the conversations like this are what move are the consciousness of the people who listen to this and the people who consider these thoughts and the things that you said it does move thing and a better direction it moves in the better direction for those people that are listening and i think it is any one way we really can change this world it's to change the way people who are open minded view it if you're ok and you you you introduce a pause of new idea someone's mind than that and change them benefit them in a positive way if you really want to change the world the already just didn't you just did it with this conversation
your awesome joe terrorism do men you i love you too many are you work is amazing and for folks who want to stay up on everything you're doing they could find on twitter its alex great cause m c o s m grey why not a why and if they want to what is your website while the most important that's going on is really the chaplain sacred maris project were creating our first sacred structure our temple were building it there and it is an incredibly important time for us if you look at alex radar com at all well at sea anthea on is really the they on the thing that were working on now and that is this new sanctuary four visionary art and it is multi denomination or train
denominational acknowledgement of the power the creative spirit and its occurring in architecture now and it's placed a house the this thing is something else in and i were shown in a dream and she is the kofoed the chapel sacred mirrors she inspired sacred mare series she named the sacred mirrors so the honouring of divine feminine israel at the centre of my life and she turned my life around with her love and so that that kind of love is an creative evolutionary spirit that goes through everybody is kind of what we celebrate at kazem and so people do a lot of creative you know there's our church we just had an awesome our church with other visionary this is happening around the world
mary artists or like providing cultural alternatives where like minded but what we call the love tribe because you find him over the world have awakened something beyond you know the stress for a politically charged national boundaries in their global citizens they they are tapped into the world centric intelligence that and help lead us to a planetary civilization and they by the way probably didn't exist fifty years ago gas it that's the big jump you had one of things when people talk about how that everything is not aware of how good it is two years so chapel of sacred meares is achievable if what is the willows and causing dot org alex great dot com has just been
vice by our dear friends fond scotty beautiful and so there there will be updates about anti on and it is incredibly important step for our community in and for a visionary art we hope bliss image wroclaw people's worlds today he threw a monkey wrench into the gears of reality for a lot of folks i think that was awesome thank you very much for doing this anytime you want to do it again i would love to that was it was just talking like that thanks to audible dot com for sponsoring this podcast and again if you go to audible dot com ford slashed joe you can try audible for free for these days and get a free audio books and as brion said now said these martin one on doing stand up it's what is called stand our standing and standing up fuckin amazing man's red i see more and if i wanted to just introduce you to something there
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