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#276 - David Seaman, Abby Martin, Dell Cameron, Brian Redban

2012-10-16 | 🔗
David Seaman, Abby Martin, Dell Cameron, Brian Redban - Date: 10/16/2012
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primate is all monkeys and mushrooms in their softer. I'm I'm a silly man. Alright lazy! I'm in this podcast we're going to try to keep it as light on the gloom and doom as possible, because the subject matter is absolutely fucking hideous. It's not tenable rights trap. Now this was Templin thanks, though, for several weeks at Tanglin login experience. First of all, thank you guys for during those commercials. This is the least professional piece of broadcasting you'll ever be apart of we're trying to be as minimalized Ann is easily dismissed as we can. So we just just going to bad bad stuff from here on out yeah I've decided to lay low is too much bad information out there. The more I read about, what's going on the more you read about the government anymore, he read about how
option and and censorship and and what what's really going on behind the scenes. It's fucking depressing. Do you guys feel that talking to Abby Martin David seaman and I'm so. David, Sir? I can count your. What is the iraqi exile iron? I I'm is online campaign and campaign Jewish member Del Cameron, Dell Cameron, Dale Dale Del Down pack like Dell, like the computer, you ever use Dale products and feel silly. Suppose you have it around if I was using like a Rogan laptop that blue one that bitch same name. So I feel weird about that. Does good for you, man. I mean I'm not sure it's a it's short for Cordell, Cordell, ok, but I'm a junior and that's just too confusing Did your father talk with a southern accent? Please say: yes,
That would be awesome if he's Cordell, Cordell, Cold Dale Junior come over here, touch you about life, man, you guys are all very young and you're all very idealistic, you raw very you're you're you're the new breed of of journalists and we're seeing this because what's going on, because there's so much censorship, and because CNN and Fox NEWS and they've gotten to be what you got to think of as untrustworthy sources. For the simple fact that they don't concentrate on everything, there's a lot of shit. It's really important that they don't cover, but meanwhile they'll find the time to cover ridiculous shit. They'll find a time to To cover some nonsense, celebrity Kim Kardashian, Kanye West story they'll find that time they'll fit it in, but they can't find the time to discuss the NDAA. They won't find the time to discuss these buildings that there may
in Utah, where they're going to store everybody's information that they need be discussing this. That's what journalism is supposed to be for everyone knows this now and be because of you guys, because of this new breed of young kids. You grow up with the internet. He grew. Look up with this massive access to information in this model that they've got in place for how shit runs is wack and it's not going to work. It's not going to work it like almost like a religious model. It's like you to believe in it as a religion, and you have to try the government of full faith for it to work at all and the only way they're there actually getting people to go along with that is by connecting it to religion the connected to really simple minded folks that hold God. And government saying- and you know, God is on our side and it really does become sort of a religious variable. It becomes like
The reason why it's working is because we've got this weird wacky thing in us were willing to believe shit that doesn't make any sense and there's a lot of you guys are coming up that aren't doing that. You're, you're you're, coming up and you're saying this is the information that you're getting is not exactly what's happening and they're lying through omission. Also, it's not So much that they're running stories saying don't worry about Nda instead they're not covering it at all, and I think that something else is more important, so instead it's let's talk about Mitt Romney's tax returns from the 90s, and let's not focus on something that is happening right now. How did they do they? Are they just bought and paid? moon. What is it some of them? I think that's I mean it's it's it's not or truth telling, I mean they can legally lie, so it's just a profit making industry they're, not they're, not supposed to tell you like in news I mean they they sell, do entertain a self fear and they sell sensationalism. That's that's what sells Justin and there's a huge entertainment value to, and that's why they have some
When did the sellout begin, was your which will during the deregulation error when we had. You know it went from like six the companies to now five corporations control everything that you see and read in the mainstream General Electric the biggest the biggest fucking weapons contractor owns, MSNBC C so you know that, there's ads running during news programs itself, like I mean it- it takes away from like the the viewers, aren't really the customer's anymore. The ad agencies are in the viewers were more more of you're the part of like a product, because they're selling r factor reviewing too so you think I mean
Well, that would be actually a good way to allocate government funds right, wouldn't it be to have like an independent news source that was funded completely and totally by tax dollars and had nothing to do with any commercials whatsoever. Yes, is that what I said yeah for Russian? That's what you work for yeah. He, the russian times, is r t right, Russia today, Washington's or do they are they accurate with stuff that goes on in Russia? That is is questionable. They, you know it's the BBC in London, so you're not going to cover Putin. Obviously, like very on favorably, probably not going to call at the elections as being stolen or whatnot, but in terms of Rt America, which is where I work. We just focus wholeheartedly on american foreign policy and domestic policy. So that's really! Where I had that. I mean we don't see Russia going on in colonizing the rest of the world, so I'm kind of picking
battles here and working for a. I still keep a gangster in Russia. There yeah correct and they still keep attacks against. I mean they're, but they're, keeping it as gangster as any like real of all civilization. Can minutes really again because of the internet because of this access to information that we have now we're kind of really seeing the true shape of these things. Where before it was all him and behind you know nobody, nobody had access to information, nobody knew about who I mean how many people actually went through the Warren Commission Report and followed up all the inconsistencies. How many people have actually like read a bill? How many people have? Actually it's it's it's confusing? But on the other broadcasters that are actually going to read it and really the information accurate, exactly so, which should be. Should it be that the news is completely noncommercial, should it be is. The news is state funded so because, but you can't tell these
where to spend money? That's the most annoying thing about so giving out taxes. Some of the networks don't appear to be the network's there's a the operating for profit, making decisions that are against their own commercial interests to instead promote propaganda, which is worrying. Good luck, so Nda was been a massive story with a lot of viewers and a lot of hits on the online side right and why wasn't that covered? You know: Ricky leaks is a massive story in every, because a lot of a station with them so something's happening behind the scenes. That is not purely driven by profit. It's driven by. What's the word by ideology, somebody being told, or somebody believes that this should not be shown to the public and that's well, that's where it gets really scary is when it surpasses the money making like the Paypal thing, when they tried to block funds to Bradley Manning and you're, like you're working against your interest, to make money to try to fucking, promote some sort of government narrative, her locked down money off of that yeah agrees easier to understand, and you know what you're talking about like yeah. It's
it's really confusing like when you see these things like the end date for folks who don't know, let's just give a brief overview of what The NDAA actually means to people just so Now we know why will they know rather Y works upset? Won't you explain it in that show. The Nda is normally passed every year. It's our defense appropriations bill. So pays for the troops, salaries and all of our spending overseas in various military things. In this last year's bill in twenty eleven, they snuck into provision section ten, twenty twenty one, which appears to allow the imprisonment without trial of american citizens on suspicion alone. And that's what is caused all the uproar. Why was this thing snuck into something that they pretty much need to pass? Why did Obama claim that he wanted to veto it, and then he withdrew his veto threat and signed it into law at like one thousand one hundred and thirty pm on New Year's eve when nobody was paying
vision and then put like this, I said it's like the sneakiest move of ever seen in my lifetime from a president, this single sneakiest move and then he issues a signing statement saying I did it. I add reservations about it, but I'm not going to use it and you like. Ok, gets it. Maybe just had to sign up for some reason. We don't know about and then his lawyers in court have tried incredibly ferociously too. Hang on to this power, or you seem two rounds of that now and it's I'm very serious. I think the next stop. I mean it already went through a three judge panel of the appeals court and they ruled in his favor, so we're getting pretty close to the Supreme Court. At this point, I think they have to see another another round of something that the appeals court can go through. It's scary that Obama claims he doesn't want this and his lawyers are working very diligently to make sure that he has. It it appears to me that either they know something that we don't know, or there is a systematic sort of a psychosis involved in governing people,
When you're in a position where you have the power to tell people what to do does not seem like a natural position, and it seems like this us Is there mentality that can come come about it? It get it's a point where they're willing to sacrifice lives of people are supposed to be on their team. There will to do that in order to push their agenda, when you hear but stuff like that here, but like the false flag events in the plant, false flag of act up false flag event that to do in IRAN about operation Northwoods in the 60s yeah, that's well documented. Well, Doc invented that they were going to blow up a drone airliner and blame it on Cuba. They were going to arm cuban friendlies and have them attack Guantanamo Bay, and they were and blame all this shit on Cuba. So we go to war with Cuba. They were just going to kill. People were going to kill, Americans were going to soldiers they're going to attack basis, you know they're easily could have been
completely innocent Americans have died, because these guys wanted an excuse to get into war. Well, why fuck with anybody want to do that. What is that? What is it where you would be a person, who's and government you're? Suppose be the leader of these people, what you're doing something that's completely contrary to the wants and needs of any of the people. I think leadership is become kind of cannibalistic weather like okay. We need to keep you safe, but in order to do that, if review of your rights? It's like you're, just it's like you're, destroying the things the terrorists supposedly hate us, for you know, you're, taking away our core freedoms it yes into a middle eastern regime yeah but they're consciously doing internet use- and they don't believe that she is doing this- who is the person? Who is the group? What is that was it follow? The thing is at the top of the combustion machine. I mean corporations control the the body elect, not just any corporation, its defense contractors, defense contractor Monsanto there's a few a keynote. But I mean it's insatiable urge for more control. I mean when you have the technology, your fingertips and it's just exponentially growing. You just want
the insatiable urge to control that you know if there's facial recognition technology, you want to seize that. You want to fucking tap into all that shit and just have the grid just because you can, I think anything like become. You can rationalize anything for them. As long as it's like supporting the business interests of the United States, as opposed to like anything else like, I think there That's right, one of them. This is not a sickness like it's like. How does it affect that? It could be so so pervasive. There could be thousands of people, it could be where people, working together in along with people that sign not for the military to suppose lily protect. You know this country could be involved in this. This nonsense is people are hopped up episodes of homeland and it actually, they believe their own internal memos. That people, like me, journalists and independent politicians who don't side with one party and people who are like fucking college students who have backpacks and little cameras to record stuff that those people are potential terrorist,
absolutely insane start start believing their own yeah. I mean it's just nobody Allen's nobody saying, no, that's bullshit, so over time people go. Maybe this is the way it is. Maybe maybe these people are terrorists, they are undermining our system right. Maybe it's. Maybe journalists are terrorists, so why is in this discussion ever going mainstream? Why? Why is this discussion completely avoided, but even like on, like Bill Maher show? They don't talk about this. Like I mean. What we're trying to do is turn the mainstream away from the tv and bring it over us instead of yeah, but even I mean yeah Bill Maher goes the line to lot of tv's brother, and I mean you gotta find new media. This is Bill Maher's and brought this up. No bill. Maher fucking pulled out. His giant checkbook gave one million dollars to Obama's fucking super PAC. Dude fell Mars, the towing. The line I mean it's sad. You know
you can. Phone line is so much of what he says and at the end of the day, just like, and that's why I need to donate money to Obama. You're like what the I don't yeah, I don't get it me. Maybe it's to get gas on. Maybe for doesn't play the game yeah. I can't run a show the way he wants to run the show. I think it's a status symbol. I think you know, I think people don't a large amounts of money into political campaigns. Just so the people know they did really yeah. I might be right: well, not not everyone, but I think a lot of people do that. It's like philanthropy for like people you know like There are county philanthropists. You know, I think it's true Anthropy is all bragging and shit about their philanthropy. It's the same same thing. To me, I think, well. Here's the reason of the dialogue is not inserted in the mainstream, because the problem with the media other than, of course, the fact that it's controlled by corporations that it's partisan, so it's divide and conquer. I mean they bring up these really divisive issues that no one can agree on in a country of three hundred and eighty million people just to keep just fighting. When really, we can all agree on the huge issues that we don't want to fucking
invade the entire planet and spend you know just waste millions and trillions of dollars by killing people. I mean, I think we can all agree on those things, but they like. Keep us. You know fighting with each other, and so you have these networks like MSNBC Fox NEWS, CNN, they're all partisan and they all push these narrow, is that don't broaden up the scope to undermine the actual rhetoric of the establishment line, which is really you know they tell that line to keep people in line that's the problem, so they pull abortion out of the pocket. 'cause, it's not going to be resolved next month or next year. It's all going to be something where forty seven or forty eight percent of the people believe this one thing and forty seven or forty, eight percent of people believe this one thing and then two or three? I don't really give a gay rights abortion and it's gonna be like that until the end of time, hearing about the bassist and rape, yes, it will never make marriage legal federally. Ever they won't be ' 'cause, then they lose that thing to argue about it like that
voice figure out a way to make that stupid issue that comes up all sort of telling him last night like uh. I think maybe a lot of conservative politicians don't really want abortion to be illegal because it would take away like the one big polarizing issue that have with their bring printer grout springs the crowds like yeah, I mean today about danger and lay that got congressman from Tennessee who was like pro life and then forces mistress to have an abortion, pretty fucking funny moose sound, like glasses, son, caught up on that shit out loud contraception, but he had put a bill through the fund like animal contraception the self moving game. People yeah, you gotta worry bout. Anybody that really cares that other people going to effect on them, and you rap it up in your religion and if you want to rap it up and if you going after people for what they enjoy doing is something wrong with you. It's just that simple. So the bill of rights such an important thing you have these rights, doesn't really matter something. The government thinks that would make a safer to take them away. That's not you can do. This is the safest time we've ever know,
there's never been more. Safety, there's never been like a piece for America. We could- go even in this fucking terrible economy like it's for to live today than it has been to ever live ever on earth. Now and we still act like the fucking sky- is following to snatch away rights and build up literates maps here all over again, you know what it is man, it's not even red scare. I mean what is, is a business. That's trying to stay in this and there's only one way to stay in business. You gotta ramp up the fucking military actions. You want make a lot of money and sell a lot of fucking tanks are never one ramp up. The military actions bring it home are number one exports weapons, how the fuck can we still? You know we have to sell that shit. We have to sell that shit fear sells or someone tanks were just sitting there collecting dust that we don't use. There's massive massive amounts of money to make ipods in predator drones.
Yeah. We don't even really make the ipods. There will be one designed in California. Well in Brazil, I was just in Brazil and apparently they make ipods and iphones there as well. So if you bring one over like if you're a brazilian and you have, they want to make sure that you didn't go and buy an american one and then come over Brazil, because that fuck their economy, because the brazilian ones are like a little bit more expensive. So I guess they give you a hard time like this thing at the Supreme Court is looking at. This fall the first sale doctrine, where it could challenge your right to resell like your Iphone or your car or anything anything that you've bought, you would have to get permission from Like Ford. Can I you sell this car to this third party. Now that I no longer wanted watt, because you should bring up details of it. I'm going mess up the details. It's it's really think about that. Is it only really effects businesses or like small businesses? It doesn't really affect. Like I mean, of course, I could always walk next door and sell my car to my neighbor. So it's not really going to affect me personally, but it's going to
trash image of internet there is going to destroy theirs in a include a lotta me. I go off on there's an issue with electric cars as well that people aren't taking in consideration a lot of people think they're, somehow another going to be free from Carmen if they get an electric car one of it, it takes a lot of oil to build and make an electric car. But two is electric cars run, lithium ion batteries and lithium ion batteries come from places like the Congo a lot of times there now the ground by little kids, and that's just a fucking fact- you can use your laptop and your cell phone all day, but it's very low leave it somewhere along the chain. Some was abused. I mean literally down to like the most inhuman type thing you do like you turn someone into a slave, you term someone working slave for you, you make them do that, like that that the breakdown of the highest expression of technology that we have available. If you follow its path, at the end of it as a kid in Africa digging in the ground, it's really hard to be like in Sitecore protests in like the world is so like yeah.
And also a big place where they found a gigantic stash of lithium. Is Afghanistan, the trillion dollar minerals? So there's a reason why there there there's a bunch of reasons why they want to control Afghanistan, and almost none of them have to do with some dudes that are dressed up like the Fuckin STAR Wars movie stand people thousand dudes with guns. That is not. Why were there that's fucking bananas? If you believe that you're absolutely out of your fucking mind a massive amount of heroin there as a massive amount of mineral and the heroine is the craziest one, because that's the one that makes people go. You just crossed in the crazy son these the United States government would be involved in selling heroin. You know what we don't grow it here so yeah. I don't think about this, and pharmaceutical companies need opium latex to manufacture pills and the Pharma lobby is fucking huge here and I mean opium. Ninety percent of World Heroin comes from Afghanistan now yeah when I talk to Shane Smith from vice dot com, he was breaking
not from me in numbers how much more heroin is available now and how easy it is to get in This is a direct correlation between United States being involved with Afghanistan. That's when it started, like soul, transparent. It's just in your face, his videos, soldiers, walking down poppy fields with machine guns and for the soldiers they must feel like. This is not what I fucking came here for you know. I thought I was going over here to fight bad guys, mean mom, protecting poppy seed what's crazy, is I've seen a lot of people who are excited before they go over there. I've yet to read a single account- and you know full publication, saying like I went over there and it was a great experience. You know I've seen that, but once not even one time, you think if that happened, that they would promote that a lot, but I never hear that. Maybe it's out there, I'm sure, like one of your services have that, but I don't hear that I hear her refer stories. I heard a lot of horrific stories from Iraq as well. There's a guy there's, those videos of these veterans that sit down
forget the name of the group winter soldier, Iraq. It might be that, but he was telling all the different stories of the people, people they killed and why they killed him and how there, Sargent or whoever it was was going to give them extra days off. They killed something with a knife. You know, your shit like this. You know like like this is they're, just promoting like a bunch of assassins. It just run through streets and kill people. You know the in the photos of people holding a little kids head up, the kids like naked and he shot and the guy smiling next time, like you just shot a deer we've seen that yeah man, that's that's our soldiers. If that's at all possible, even even for one guy. We need to hit the brakes on this thing and figure out what the fuck word because it's not just that we're making money. Okay, not just someone's making money they're, making psychos they're making there making people that are probably never gonna be the same again. Look at what they do. The some of the inmates sick want Anamo, they put them in a sense
deprivation and then this one dude in two thousand and six he had to see a dentist. I think his name is Jose. And when he was out the outside world. They put headphones on him and goggles so that he could not see or hear anything and he started going into convulsions because his mind is so fucked at this point from no no no stimulation over the course of a year or something he's just totally gone inside and when he spoke with his lawyers, he thought they were interrogators, pretending to be lawyers, so he is, he's gone. They can't they can't even let it that go. Cuz, you've totally fried his mind, and if he wasn't for now, he certainly is a fucking psycho. How long do they have am in there like that, for I don't want to miss like give you the wrong time. It lot
in time the year, Psych, hundreds or thousands of days for the media likes to paint this, he was like there just a few bad apples. You know when you win, or whatever the that woman's name was he's like pointing at the dude, with the hood on his face and you're like that Rumsfeld's toward like memos circling is like more of this more of this I mean it's totally systemic in the chain of command. I mean these people are going to place a lot of the blame on the on the people that are keeping the soldiers over there because he got imagine like being in a war zone for that you know extended period. Now, I'm not like he's using some of the most more horrific acts. Like obviously that's you know, those people had some issues before they got there, but you know if you keep those soldiers over there, for what we're going to war for a decade I mean, eventually, you know it's going to cause. I mean sure, there's a number of people coming back with psychological issues is skyrocketing. I'm sure will continue to go up, so we suicides now outnumber deaths in battle. Yeah! Isn't that incredible that just that number alone I mean? Is that been discussed on CNN now seriously? How could you not
Talk about that! That's a big issue! That's a huge issue that should be on the because they want to pretend like. The government gives a shit about the troops. That's why the whole thing is very shocking. It's very shocking when you know it's far, that comes back to India and because some of the funding for the Nda covers like veterans like benefits for veterans, and so it's when talking about tacking on right on is the indefinite detention section they're, basically holding like veterans, benefits and and pay for for soldiers like hostage and they're. Like you know, we have to pass this through or they're using as an excuse, like Obama did like we have to pass this through. Otherwise support the troops. Are our soldiers are going to get paid like well? Why don't you just remove that and will go ahead and say: ok, How is it legal to package a bunch of shit together and having out welcome Congress, unbelievably ridiculously crazy shove things in there that make no sense that are like really bad
and something called the Patriot ACT were talking early about the knee and how they how they named bill. Yes and like there's one where it like makes Isps internet service providers like log all of your activities that the government, like whatever like the FBI, can access it if it needed to buy things like a period of two years and the bill, and that's that's what the build is that what the bill is called? It was like the child protecting children from router letters act. You know it's like what is going to vote against, that you can vote against it, though slam you in the media horse, like like Fox NEWS and I'm running for election, the commercials gonna be like he voted against the Anti Child molester act. You know he loves PETA File, yeah, obviously What I wanted to say really fast, but the NDAA it's so crazy about. Is they have these ride, ridons or add ons section, ten, twenty one and uh? I'm a supporters claim that well, he was. He was shoved in a corner. If you didn't, if you didn't sign it, some Republicans would have criticized him is, if they're not already criticizing the out of them like if you were to have a president,
John Paul behind that desk or President Gary Johnson or President Joe Rogan. Anybody you would be handed that you'd say no thanks, I'm going to veto this until this shit is out of there and if, The Republicans had an issue with it. You would have gone to the press and said: look. This section cannot be signed into law, I'm not holding their checks hospital when they say, like don't hate the player hate the game. You should also maybe hit the player a little bit 'cause he fuckin side. It would not exist without his signature, so for people to totally ignore the Obama involvement in this is, I think, dishonest I'm. How is it possible that so many people could agree with this and want to sign how? How is that possible that if you got get to that point, with a large draft something with a with ransom behind closed doors. That section, I think, was done behind closed doors, so it's not like they pulled the american people and on a sort of american Idol is like we got eighty five percent response saying we need to in prison without trial. It's like a couple of old dudes, Senator Mccain and Senator Carl Levin. Yes did. This is what America needs and then, before
but this is what America needs, I feel like a like gave up a bomb a like the opportunity to try to save face by like saying he was going to veto it and like how could how now could you a look at it and think that he ever had any intention of doing that right? people still of mental gymnastics, people are like, but he's you know he's doesn't want it that it I just the benign brand of the empire. I mean that's really. What am I right and why would he be fighting is just around the of the Spotify playlist. That's basically what it is the drone king. So do you think? Do we got tricked into thinking that Obama was something different by just what he looks like, and you know what, with the fact that he didn't have much history to go back on, and you know we just idealistic Lee was like this is the guys young. I think it was this pressure valve yeah. The pressure valve from Bush people are like yeah yeah, like african american President he's, like has awesome rhetoric, but if you really analyze what kind of strain he was promoting, you know expanding the war in Afghanistan, I mean he really yeah. I saw the fucking billion dollar ad campaign, hoping change, Bro,
He also lied to some of the campaigns. There's one in two thousand wouldn't want that. Yeah and two thousand and seven he said- if even one Airbnb American is that and without a trial that effects my liberties and like you can pull up that video where he says that you like what about the Nda like now you're? did they do to them when they get them in office? That gets him to behave like this. Is there something or are they just all full of shit? Is it they're awful shed and by the time they get there? It's just they've been so good being full of shit for so long and they've kept the record clean and they're going to pull off the big position is that it? I don't think the parties would promote a candidate that they didn't think would eventually fall. Well, then the parties, its banks, I mean Goldman Sachs- was the top donor Obama's campaign he's now that they're not the top donor to Romney's campaign. So I mean it's all just in favors all worked out, though, do you think that there get together and they say- listen dude, you gotta just do what we say and if you do what we say we're going to keep you moving along. But if you don't do we say no, it's over
is that is that, like a real conversation, they have there's like a smoky room with dude, saying, like you know, here's the JFK real. You know real video of Jeff cadence as in it. I just think it's the the corporate machine. I mean you know what you to do you know the game you have to play in order to make shit pass and fucking hold your head up, but they just like gay t. I mean they just trust him to keep going along those lines. It seems kind crazy to me seems kind crazy. That you can see is much of what's wrong. The government must be able to say It must be inside the horrors of the war, he's a smart guy and he's, not an old fucked up, dude he's a guy, that's in touch he's got to be attention, he's gonna to be looking at these suicide numbers got to. Looking at this correct, situation list saber rattling for going to war with IRAN, but he has to be looking at this in horror. I think part of it is bad advisers. I mean look at who is surrounded by these. Aren't these aren't new young people. These are like the same people.
There are the establishment a lot of these people, so maybe he's so insulated like he used to talk about like I don't want to wind up in a bubble and now he's more. Definitely in a bubble he goes on. If we were to go on MSNBC, they would just kiss his ass for thirty minutes and not mention Nda once I do have a president ridiculous. Do we need to abandon at because it seems ridiculous to me. It seems like one guy representing The entire country is a silly monkey thing. It's a silly, alpha male budget jet eyes. You know a bunch of smart people sitting around a circle kind of like you know, yeah twenty people abroad to do that. It does not cover your. How are you today, a bunch of people done a Dave Asprey bring things yeah yeah. That is what Congress is supposed to be, but it's not the ice. I think they're, just like they're acting outside of their mandate, is a government like a lot of the things that they're doing right now. There's really no like it's on everything interviewing is like I'm constitutional and we're just so used to like
putting up with it and like yeah card to call him there so many and we're getting like flooded with these bills that are obviously they're all unconstitutional and every once in a while. They slip one through it. It's all the idea behind it is what's completely on American. You know. We we have this idea of what you know what America supposed stand for, at least we used to that id It is getting eroded in eroded. More and more, you pay attention to what going around the world. It's it's a sad time to be alive. In that sense, we have so much going for us. We're so technologically advanced where so we were able to communicate with each other and exchange information in ways that have never been possible before any human being ever and yet still living like fucking, crazy barbarians were still launching rockets into villagers mean these.
Double tap drones. The fact that we're not there and we don't see it doesn't mean that what you're doing is it fucking terrifying? The horrific murderous shit mism to double tap double tap, no big deal with what that means is they shoot the drones into the building, and then they come back like twenty minutes later and shoot again, because people have gathered up to get rid of the yeah target mourners and people who are back being the sick and wounded and and drones have a two percent success rate yeah fucking percent success rate, that kind of deterrent. You know that's under when that whole logic, like drones, of the strategic, their surgically precise, now they're, not at all two percent are thing one in forty seven yeah, something like you end up on the wrong dudes excel spreadsheet.
You get a predator drone had how well cruises out idea that you can murder forty seven people as long as you get the one right guy and that's a little. That's is, and by the way thousands of people die like this. The right guy like who is this guy, we haven't put him on trial their grief. I are these people that were killing anyway hi. My name is the ministration, like re labeled, the term militant. Basically I find it to include just any anyone of that could be of age. This whole bloke stir the part of like one of these group there shooting fucking rockets from the sky in robots. That is the most there's actually ever they're fighting pre crime there, like these people, look suspicious the definitely doing some militant like shit. Let's just get rid of all of them. You know it's a weird way to turn a human into a number it's bizarre that, because we don't see it when footage of it were not there what's happening now bring over. Here. We just Oh yeah, we use drones,
and so relaxed. Our opinion is that Obama can make jokes about it. Like remember when the Prince Jonas brothers are here, he was joking about dating his daughters, and he said two words for you, predator drones, and be funny if it- and I never thought I mean yeah- it be funny if thousands of people had died already. Because of these things, a lot of a most of them innocent mean and he's joking about it like what, Weird disconnect is that I give her just a regular dude and people who say: oh you be insensitive, it's just a joke. That's a crew! easy thing that joke about. You know that's like Lizzie Borden, joking about taxes, Well, it's a little touchy. That's a weird joke: zero transparency with those types of kills too. I mean you, don't know who you hit it Are you going to move up to the microphone? Sorry I was on, you know seem like there is zero transparency involved with that type of technology. There's no way for us to like confirm who we killed or who's down there and scanned. Then we don't do a lot of accounts every organization, AL different number. We don't go back to
help them sorry, we had to kill this one dude. I sorry we fucked up everybody and blew up your babies, but we Get this one dude! Now we're going to help! You know, there's no help, there's just robots from the scottish shoot Rockets and they call the Rockets Hellfire missiles like wow. How crazy is this? A domestic drone thing the thing that scares me the most of, of course of side from the spy. Ingrid, that's going to be surveilling all of us. You can hijack these drones, so people who are just hackers can just hijacked these fucking domestic drones and use them as missiles like that. That to me, is fucking terrifying, like a crazy hacker, can hijack the drone and tell it of slamming his girlfriends perfect exactly watching the next call of duty game. That's going to happen. I mean that shit through yeah right, no kidding. How sad be That is that there technology is evolving and eventually growing by the second get worse stunted consciously are.
Our evolutionary consciousness is stunted in these archaic paradigms that just are just mechanisms of control social control, fucking, religion, Ical ideology. It's like we do. We are applying to a system that does not like we are living in a system that does not apply to modern society more. It's strange how it just sort of snuck up on us too. You know it's strange. How there's like this to stay? In for Nixon likes, he sort of represented, unsavory, Dishan, his character and then you know, Gerald Ford was kind of bumbling and Ronald Reagan was love, and hated at the same time, and now people completely gotten looney on who who was and what he once more, it goes from there it's getting a little shady with Herbert Walker, Bush Jul shady with the fucking. President CIA running a government. What's going on how's, I guide the president a little weird
It goes from that to Clinton like now we're back look at this. We got this guy. You know this guy smart as fuck. He sees a brilliant man and he says that he such a charismatic speaker and we have prosperity, economic prosperity, while he's in office sizzling social disturbances from him getting caught in affairs and stuff like that, but all in all a good run and then the shit fucking hits the skids. And then our entire view of what being american changes on September 11th from then on. It goes anger to can fusion to your like you got tricked. It goes. From anger that America was attacked to confusion as to. Why are we going over there too years later we're still there and it doesn't make any sense. It is nothing to do with September 11th. You like well what the fuck, what happened almost accurate, look at correctly into just the system that we have now it's just like. Well he's better than Romney. What's ok
see you at the nine slash eleven situation when you think about it? view this guy David Bren, who wrote a book about the Parents, societies and on the pages of his book, he was like, let's This is years before nine and eleven is like. This is a hypothetical let Jim the some terrorist some terrorist, to blow up the World Trade Center, take down the twin towers, did the government do in response with the federal government do and he basic outlines the Fucking Patriot ACT is like this is what they would do, and this is what it would evolve into and then that actually happened. And this guy has the only solution I've ever heard. I don't know what She work 'cause, there's a lot of impediments to this working, but the solution is, we can't turn off the surveillance. We can't turn off the technological progress. What we can do, though, is use it against the not use it against, but make a two way street like instead of surveillance, because it sousveillance where everybody is watching everyone. So if we're going to have
trap wire in surveillance cameras and all this shit fine, but then we want to also be able to look in there and if it's supposed to be to keep us safe, why isn't more people good why isn't crowdsourcing this? Why isn't that good? I think eventually it's inevitable, that we're going to get to a position just technologically speaking where everyone is going to be accessible to everybody. I know friends, it seems like that's what the obvious trend is. I mean it's gone whatever were whatever new technologies are created, they're, not enhancing privacy, the new Technologies are almost always enhancing connectivity. There. Everybody is able to access each other easier and quicker and tumblr
days of your life will be on Netflix, where you could go. I want Joe Rogan Thursday from three hundred o'clock to four hundred o'clock. What's he doing yeah right people like? Oh, my god, I love watching your life watch live streaming. Nice cock, bro! It's going to get crazy on that Google thing, whatever the porn glasses, you're going to watch 3d point people can literally watch wait for that pasting into a journal and then put it up on Youtube and subscribe to that. That's for sure, absolutely it's like you could call it the pissed diaries every night. We know how to watch it yeah. You only turn it on when you go to the can. I do this is me playing again it's one thousand one hundred and thirty. I had two more heinekens and fill it kind of a bitch, and people were thinking of doing blokes to keep coming here, but I'm just paying. It would be like
popular one. Likewise really honest about is peeing like following him, that being glasses are going to be so awful and the big glasses is just going to be doing gps they're just going to shoot into your ivy some billion cameras going to watch everything that goes on inside and outside color making can have RFID chips in their student. Id is punishing them. I don't want to monitoring their bathroom time, yeah yeah. The idea is that they want to be able to find kids. You know, at least these are people that are you know under eighteen, and they have to be looked after, in this case, the safety considerations, and it's not like we're making to where chip like inside their skin or anything crazy, but there's, but those that's always been there like you know. Why now do we like it has? Is it more dangerous to go to school now than it used to be in right now, so we got to cut these chips and put him into it's, not accurate. You know I mean what parents are looking for is good, good guidance, in school and good teachers and safety there looking for them, not necessarily sure that they're looking for these RFID chips
because you know those things are kind of sketchy. Those chips You can get information from them and that's one of the reasons why they never did an episode on mythbusters about it. You know it. This one? That was the one episode where myth busters was told they're not going to cover that issue. What yeah many companies use RFID the technology is everywhere with the technology is not secure. Yeah can be tough yeah, that's that's the the vulnerability of them yeah. You can easily hack, but you know you're, saying earlier about the people in the government how they've been around for a long time. It's not even that I mean these people, like Kissinger, even Madeleine Albright. All these corporate heads defense contractors they'll sit on boards of these think tanks that right our bills. Now, like no one right bills, anymore, look natured, actress Hongren in forty five days like past too fast with X.
Written all that has changed in eight hours yeah? It was like a changed overnight that was way more draconian than everyone just voted for, because they're in the post, nine, eleven fervor and they're like yeah dude, we don't wanna, be unpatriotic at some amazing how gangster it was how they just ran in and immediately started doing like that street active yes, sir, but it is really such fuel to the the the deep and conspiracy dudes and we're obviously talking conspiracy here, this there's there's: someone for sure is conspiring, you control the government and they they don't want to just strictly be the will of the people. That's pretty clear and the idea that we're going to do these things in other countries and they going to do it. For you know, NASH, defense reasons those also seem to be it seems it seems pretty anybody paying attention. That's not really the case so how long can you do that? How Can you run a game like that? How long do you think that they can keep doing that? open down in Europe as we speak, uh
see and the people there they're unhappy but slightly different things, mostly economic, but it secure, no matter how many rights you take away and how obvious in your face it is most people just go along with it. Yeah until they feel it. I mean right now you can keep people at bay until their fucking. You know who says like making us more proud, like the people. More prosperous is a benefit to them anyway, like sometimes maybe it's more beneficial for our I mean a collapse yeah, but it did look. A lot of people have to agree with the way things are going in order to keep someone is going on. I mean at somewhere along the line in the chain of command. There has to be people that are questioning the direction that This is all going 'cause. I don't believe that everybody that gets involved in government is evil. I think that's crazy lot of people to get involved in government or good people, and they want to actually help. I think so get in there, and they see that fuck barbed wire quagmire, that it is just a fucking, just a massive corruption. I think then. Now it becomes distant, heartening and often times in life. You kind of change. What you say
for for change, what you're there and just sort of settle into the groove. You know. Maybe you buy a boat pay your boat, so keep your fucking mouth shot, but like these people, the top have to see the collapse coming there to see that global capitalism in and kind of the predatory that we're doing is not sustainable. I mean mean we're focusing on a model of endless growth. I mean that that can't sustain itself, so these people have to fucking see that they do an yet they don't 'cause they do, and yet they feel like well, we'll just adjust along the way and keep this pitch roll, and it's not that you can ride the car forever without changing the tires. It's like! No! No, no we're going to get some flats. You change the tire in your back on and you keep running and I think that's the attitude that's going on there. It's like until the last drop oils in the ground, then we can go over to alternate versus animal energy. Then we'll deal with it. Well, they are so I assume they probably figured out. They think that I going to come up with some effective form of propulsion.
Some water, you know, there's I mean, there's been people that have made cars at a run on water and that's already existed converts to hydrogen. You know it's come to but so is making a gasoline engine. You know it's just a gasoline engines have been made for thousands of years or one hundred years. Is it even a hundred years, my dating sucks that we don't have more of a priority. Put on creating x, like energy innovation. I don't Companies are spending a lot of money to develop that. But you look at individuals, I don't know a single person who's, like I don't know, a single ambitious person who wants to develop the replacement to oil, but I know a lot of people who want to develop the next hundred million dollar facebook app users. Please kind of way. I think the oil the issue is is really tricky because there's debatable science shows that oil grows back in some areas. You know and if does it takes a long time and no ones telling us how much is actually left, there's like real real, quick more information when it comes to how much
supplies left the real question so, do you just suck it all out full blast until it runs dry and when it runs dry we will see fucking havoc or is this commute created to the powers of being. Is there any sort of preparation put in place with you know a harnessing resources getting sees involved, bring in scientific guys, insane like look. We got fucking do something to do it now, either we have to figure out some sort of solar trains that are going to make everybody around there. So we're gonna have to do something. He was saying that, like this morning, we were, we were taught. We had this almost exact same conversation last night and he was talking about how some of the economic control is so intertwined, with our need for oil that it's difficult at this point to just transition over like the people that have control over the way our economy fluctuates. Whatever control they can have, you know the dollar would be garbage without its link to oil right
but we're not based on gold anymore based on oil, but if you oil is a finite resource, if it, if it only has thirty years of full full bore I mean thirty years at this rate, by the way, even though oil is consumed less by cars today, there's more cars today. So, even though, get better miles to the gallon there's more of them, and it takes oil to make these fucking things and never stop making cars. People always want a new car, and people are always going. Try to work hardening to get a car and then, certain point time you gonna run out and if they just run out, if it is wood, would they be wise enough to like have any preparation in place. You
hope so I mean that's the question it's like when you see like the Patriot ACT being passed, and then you see the Nda being passed. You see this this crunch down late news, see all this build up the military. They may be that's their idea of the preparation. That's what I'm saying yeah! I guess what I'm worried. What I'm saying is what I'm looking at it, I'm looking at, if you, if you look at the the possibility oils a finite resource, that's what they say. So I I'm too dumb to understand it. I don't know who's right or who's wrong is a book called black gold stranglehold? Was some guy tries to claim that the oil oil is actually made it's a process of the earth? I mean It's it's some sort of fossil fuel right, it's something it's the created by the earth, but X, like millions Miller, I'm pressed carbon mattered dealing magic? Why are we? How much is there? You know I mean yeah. I talk about going to Alaska and pull it out yeah. Currently, it's like super difficult to do. That is a different kind of oil. I, like shale oil. It's like Wilson Rockets in the oil company's interests to do to exaggerate their holdings, like oh yeah, this this
right here as one hundred billion whatever one hundred billion barrels beneath the soil or beneath the ground because if it actually does 'cause, it's your own proprietary calculation, how they calculate it? I have no idea But if you look at, if you think about it like which sounds better to shareholders. We might have a billion billion barrels or we have you know a hundred billion barrels in a challenge that there's, I don't know of any. Did that would be analysis group it? Does that confusing as fuck? Do you could you imagine the day the oil runs out? you want to talk about a horrific symbiotic, action that we have. We have like ice a side. The only way you can make this work at all is, if you have oil, the jets that fly people, cross the country for FED s envelopes and anything you want to get done overnight, and everything that you have that's made out of plastic, almost all that shit comes from oil. And we really are going to pull that stuff out of the ground like that, and we really are just going to kid. It full blast until the wee just fall off. That could be what their parents
or if they know that there's only a few years left left of this. That could be what they are preparing for that terrifying idea, is terrifying idea, because I don't know what the alternative is. If I was in charge- and I knew that fucking wheels are going to fall off and there was nothing we could do, and people going to starve and go fucking full on zombie in the street is going to be no more oil. I don't know what I would do either. I don't know what I would do. Yeah these people really not looking past their bottom line every year after year, I mean they have to be seen. How many people would know if there was only twenty years left of oil? How many people would know? I mean how People would really be aware of that. Well I mean it is. It is pretty the common knowledge that we have. I mean oil is not. Oil is not a fucking in it I mean that will know by the price like as soon as we get the more rare yeah, but they can. They can totaly bullshit that too
How are you how you know how much oil they really have, and why would they tell you I mean? I would think that if they, if they did, tell you it would be worse because then people would go crazy. Now you know the inevitable. Would happen now it's easier for them to do that, because the price of oil now like the way it's speculated on its way overpriced, so they could actually, as it becomes more expensive for them, they could hold it at that price for quite awhile before they end up having a sharp we just their profits will go down a little bit, but what he's talking about doing mentally ill? What I mean is like as we go and less and less oil like they've, speculated the price of oil. It's a lot higher. You know it'd be like one hundred dollars a barrel when it's really only like sixty, so even if they started to run out, they can maintain the illusion and it's holding it. One hundred dollars barrel, so we wouldn't know until it was almost too late. Will it be too late anyway, if they told you that we have ten years left of oil, you have ten years left or
it's over it's too late. Already yeah, because in years ten times out of time by by the way people are going to go straight crazy if you pay, if you that people found out that there's ten years left of the oil right away. And people would fucking start commit suicide. They wouldn't be able to deal with it and let it go corruptive like taking the oil out of the ground and look what it does it damn. It just destroys everything and we have sustainable alternative resources that we can start investing. In. I mean there are options. It's not like we're. Looking at me like what the fuck are we going to do. We don't hold on you. Gotta do not talk over each other a little bit. The podcast thing is a little bit different than regular conversation. It seems normal, but we're both doing at the same time it's going to be a problem, people fall off ellipticals that way down to go down that way. What we say, I remember The whole scene in this country is very confusing, but that's not not. In the not the most confusing aspect of it,
the global warming aspect is terrifying to help how many people want to put their head in the sand that there's not going on with the climate that could potentially damage everything. There's this week. Conservative thing with a I like a guy in my Jiu Jitsu class of the day, this guy is marine guy, so nice guy, but he's like one of those fucking HO dudes someone, is talking about global warming, about watching something and he's like global warming is a natural process order. We are you for concise. It was a tornado. I can't get a good thing, but what how do you know? How do you? How does anybody know? I mean how the could anybody be twenty six, oh guy, specially, be soak often that you You can say you know what changes the fucking temperature of the earth which, by the way, changes radically over a period of one thousand years to the point, places where you used to be able to live, and nothing can live in them that like, and at one point time was nice and juicy and green and had rivers and stuff yeah not need.
Right an asteroid is a natural process. Also, okay, I mean so if even if, it's naturally because of generally believe, for whatever reason the earth is getting hotter and colder, it's getting more extreme. So we need to start thinking about. How do we fix that? We push it up in the sky? To it is natural, it is natural. I mean the the natural poisoning of the environment is a by product of human being, and it's all so cows, cows fucking global, warm that shit out places with their dirty farts. No one talk, I know Alisha's farts, so you left the burdens on us like calculate your carbon footprint. Guys are like what are you talking about? The methane like gas that you're admitting from all these slaughter houses, I mean that's like twenty percent of all the images right: there's: a largest consumer of the largest polluter in the world largest polluter. My phone used to live in Pennsylvania when I start driving to visit him, I had to go through an hour and a half of this
Six now- and it was these forms and other things yeah, I own- a high the whole state of Ohio, full lips, so bad it's like coming in, though the vents in the carts Rific, it's just it's and dead animals. That's what you smell the smoke and our rock yeah Paul says. Arts. Climate change is somehow a partisan issue like how did that happen exactly? I don't understand why it's of talking points, if you listen, conservative, radio, the consul mock, liberals, liberals: these lives, these lives in their global warming feet. It's a natural process. There is data, scientific and they have this sort of no nonsense way about you. That makes you with its very aggressive ideology. So it makes you want to be on their side. You know so it's sort of bullies. You in okay gets a gold. It's a normal process, anymore. You don't even know the you're talking about a guy, this guy interjected into this other people's conversation. I was involved us in the silence and he just he just he walked. Up and they were talking just interject it. This conservative talking
so it's fast dropped is like it's fake, come out 'cause, they do it like David Soul points like like who cares if it's natural process or not like shouldn't. We be doing something about it. Most certainly yeah, but it is a natural process. 'cause people are cunts, there's there's a good graphic. Every time I fucking see somebody throw cigarette out the window, I'm like. Why is it so easy for you to do? Why is that? So, if you just let's just make shit worse, why is it so easy There's we have a disconnect human beings. Are there something missing in the way human societies currently run, because it's all about the end line. It's all about getting. Getting some awesome property? You know gather your toys living a good life, putting your kids in a good school. That's like the bottom end line in along the way. There's there's so little emphasis on enjoying the moment, there's so little emphasis on what you could actually be doing how you could be feeling how you could be enjoying this life and how it finite Doesn't let me you have to find out
and concentrate on what makes you happy how many people get to do. That is a small fraction of the people that are traveling with us on the highways and driving in the streets and that you run into every day that are actually happy people? It's a tiny, tiny, tiny number, because they're tricked into this. The shitty world. This tricky fucking goofy world, where there's a thing called the federal bank. That's not really federal and has control over all the money and it's not based on anything and the money is not really based on anything anymore used to be based on gold. But now it's just kind of confidence like you grow up this shitty fucking system, and it's so disheartening. It's so hard for people that have to pay access to the system and have to spend into the system itself look for them to just keep doing it and be happy even if you have a good job that you enjoy and you can't afford, live where you live, because you have to pay too much taxes, that's maddening that drives people crazy
but you can't live in a nice neighborhood. You have to live in a little bit of a shity, your neighborhood, because you got to pay forty percent of the government Can you imagine if society rewarded you for creation instead of, like I mean all the like, the the the smartest people in this country are working to for destruction. I mean how to like build bombs and kill people, it's like what every Wharton rewarded people on and maybe if we could, how to scam you with ads on Facebook, people yeah. I blow you up with a predator drone or scam you out of money. It's amazing we're just stunting our potentials so much for human growth and our consciousness feels like we're on the cusp of greatness and there's just a couple of psychopaths sort of like cock blocking us. Yes, not it's not a couple. It's said: there's a whole culture of the uninvolved uninvolved is a culture of people that still have this fucking buck Rogers View of the world. It's not it's, not a small amount. It's a lot of people, it's people that haven't had any psychedelic experiences. People that are from really
environments and there are they're prone to imitating their atmosphere and their atmosphere? filled with idiots and it's not a small number. That's a big number. Unfortunately, almost fifty percent of country believes that there is less than ten thousand years old based scripture, almost fifty percent. That's more than a hundred million people, that's craziness! That said it! Isn't it isn't it's fascinating and it's it's it's it's! It's weird. You know it's like you see those videos of people like the go to these strange rain and they the find finds tribe, never People before we catch on camera, some fucking weirdness to it right When you see like wow, you know these poor people living who live here, leaves on their dicks and jumping from tree to tree. And then you look at you look at you. Look at our society. Look at our our craziness, you somewhere along the line. I think everybody has to conclude that no one really is in control. This fucking thing. It runs momentum, whether
good momentum or bad momentum. It runs a momentum, that's really important. When you're looking at the beginning of the election, you see like the bullshit it propagates because of momentum, some people who are really anti rom you're trying to push this sensata story. We have ever it's pronounced. Company that he used to invest in that outsource american jobs, the chinese workers, I think that's like that's like the cliff notes version, and they're trying to make this a huge issue, so there just like blowing up twitter feeds with it and asking germ just to cover it, and the facts are that it's really not that big. In issue, I'm not saying this is some kind of like republican shill, I'm independent. It's just like it's clearly, not a big fuck. She used to invest a small amount of money in this company and like If I own shares of Microsoft five years ago, and then you came up to me, you're, like dude, the zune sucks, why do I care? but I don't own any share this company like if I did it was a small share and How is that? The most important thing happening right now when you
be going after maybe like some of his beliefs of his beliefs on the war on drugs, continuing that his beliefs and we need to increase our defense budget. I think those are more important issues than some fucking obscure company that he might have invested in awhile ago, it's weird that Mormons generally speaking, I like super nice, guys like I've, met a lot of Mormons and one of the things about him. Is there like. Almost like two, a man, gentle very friendly gent, gentle lovers do you know I'm talking about like they seem to be like a sort of a peaceful, really they're, very nice, but it's nothing. It's hostile. To think that you have to convert other people to your belief system. It's nice to be like in a tie and be friendly to people. But if your underlying these people are idiots because they don't believe it. I believe. Well, it's a call. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm just
the call to make nice people the outcome, it's a cult in in in in! Even if you know what you want to diverge from. You know that you want to say all religions are called well, maybe, but here's when they're clearly cults. When you know The guy who wrote it it's not it's not given. Fifty years ago, fucking name is Joseph Smith in eighteen, twenty really liked women. So that's why you have the multiple wives? Well, that's by the way why Mitt Romney's family's from Mexico, Mitt, Romney's family comes from a fucking religious compound in Mexico they separated from the United States 'cause. They wanted to fuck more bitches. It shows that shows leadership. Leadership having your own compound in Mexico, that's dope is fucked is just moved there 'cause. You want twenty wives there were like. You can't have twenty wives he's like oh bitch, I can. I just gotta go here and when they, it too was in the eighteen hundreds, and you know there was no cars yet so Merica wasn't quite as awesome as it is now. It was really that much of a difference between the in Mexico and living in Texas. You know you just went over there. Ok,
we can do it. Let's just buy some land here, it's cheaper will fucking make a badass compound. They outsource themselves. So that's why I'm it's dad could never be president and his dad wanted to be president, but he was born in Mexico, Shazam SOM Snap is not crazy. I mean he's a full on nutter. I mean he not just from a cult he's from, branch that left the country. Because they wanted to continue their their multiple wife practice. You could multiple wiser, you can't marry gay person, that's bad god. Then animal marriages, next medical marijuana, don't believe it. It turned up, can I play devil's advocate on Monday, since, since we actually have a record of what he did when he was governor of Massachusetts, we see that he didn't not try to, for example, imprison or execute women who use like the morning after pill. You see that he didn't do this shit. You know like so some of the fantasies coming from certain elements of the left. I hate you this is the left and the right 'cause, I'm totally against that stuff, but these
This is like he was governor. He was a powerful guy. Didn't do any of that shit. He was fairly moderate. You can attack for being a kind of a heartless person, but he is not nearly as extreme as I think is people think he's he's portraying himself to be well, I think he's very flexible yeah and I think he's it's what's really important, for God meant ROM is to be in power and message It is a very liberal state. I grew up in Massachusetts. You yeah get by on just total, strict Republican. You know Rick in Massachusetts is not going to work, so he sort of went with the flow. Other thing, that's what I think, and I think he that's the most dangerous thing about him is that he does it seems to have like real, strong opinions on things I mean he seems to know how to make money with you know. I don't understand what they do. I have tried to look into like what supposed to be so evil about Bain capital. But it's, but to me it's numbers nonsense. It's all crazy, as I read the Matt Taibbi article and Rolling stone, which is another mind,
fucking sort of of you where you like. Why do you make money doing watts like? How do you do it and then they move it from here and then they give them loans and they can never pay it back in, like white pop Robbie said a harvest, business businesses for profit, sound, like the matrix like harvesting human beings. But do you know Bing Capital? Bain capital is actually integral into pushing Monsanto and the biotech so capital, yet Mitt, Romney Ronnie got a million dollars from the Ex ceo of Monsanto when he was starting off at Bain Capital, and he got pushed into you know is very. Tight with Monsanto? It's Obama? They are it's so creepy. When you find the history of Monsanto, everybody thinks about all man. This genetically modified foods are dangerous. How 'bout dt how about fucking how about agent orange, but they came up with a new agent orange that company, making your surgery dht and not have brains that are in your cereal. It's crazy, too, is cancer, medication, DDT and Darcy? agent orange, and
they are. They are making a coin hollow how long, how let it play a fucking poison, the show to Alliston Alabama for like decades and knew about it and everyone's like dying and they're like oh yeah, are bad sorry, but was it would they use PCB's, just dumping the shit in the water and everyone's like retarded now, well. Why would they dump it in the water just 'cause they could had and it was there and that's why they got rid of it. Wow zero regulation, it's the indian farmer thing is the scariest thing. When you found out, hundreds of thousands of indian farmers have committed suicide is, does it? How would how are they connected to Monsanto by choice or is it like? They have no choice where to buy their seeds, they're yeah, they're being forced well one of our main from having the government forcing Monsanto seats on them, and so they're burning them, and when people are like, why would poor people burn food near like because they'd get it? I think they don't if you're an outlaw like owning non regulated seeds or something like that like if you you have to get your seat.
Certainly no sinister out there? It also contains mono cropping and destroys local agriculture easy if there is a God. I see this clearly designed to be something that should not be regulated. I had to do because it rather than the like tree. You know I creates more of them. He eat some of them. It creates more of 'em like it's, not something that supposed to be. We're, making trying to be competitive product we're making zombie plants that can't make babies and now so you have to keep buying seeds from these fucking evil group of people planets creating super worms and shit though so it's like not even going to work anymore and that's going to be really scary about it. The idea of a doing it for profit too, it's just it's so crazy. How much money can make doing that and they, getting away with it and now did you see the study that shows these tumors that are rats that are eating genetically modified corn creepy No, it's not an actual food. There's three This is a crazy battle going on. Ladies- and this is just one of the
rats get cancer from like everything losers, but what about the terminator movies? That's a weapon on Santa made, a terminator, see that that destroys all after one. No, it's swear to God. It's it destroys itself after one year old, you're like. Why would you even have to make that? What do you gonna use that for such a seeds? So let's just it's such a God thing. It's such a claim mean you're playing God, you're you're, actually fucking with life, and because it's a plant. We were like it's just a plant. It's still light that's a living organism and you fucked with it and now you're growing your own organism, and then you you wrote that you own this organism, I mean Jesus Christ, you own it. I mean it's like a dog, You know this is your shit. You know you've made little robot seeds the day you you now you now you own all these you sell these people. They can never use them again. They can't they don't gross the whole idea behind it is insanity.
It's insane that you could be able to patent life. Thirty countries were they where they actually outlaw collecting rainwater too so you know, get the idea that no one star terrorism, the no one's, come in and protected. That and said: listen, you cannot own life. You can't patent life, you can't you can't have the code for pigs, No, I'm saying about bottled water bottle. Water water is free if you're talking about this yesterday, if you go back in time thirty years and tell some thirty years from now, you're going to pay two dollars and fifty cents out of a machine for a cold water at hotel, and on top of that, star wars going to be fought by robots in the sky. People think that you are like Fedex, if that's crazy, shit waters, free just go down to the father, told me that ten years ago I probably wouldn't believe you the what? the issue is a is a tough one, because you know some people say is Judge drink tap. Water safe, like teller, had all show about it, but Now it's not really ok, because there's fluoride in it and guess what floor it's poison mean
the very low level poison and the ideas of floor it supposed to kill the bad things that are on your teeth, to give you cavities and that's, I guess, maybe that it does that you really could get away without it. You could brush your teeth without using fluoride floor, fucking kind of dangerous. It's not healthy for the body, and you know you drink water with fluoride in it all the time there's been studies that show that it could calcify your pineal gland, which is where Melatonin and DMT are produced like that fluoride actually can fuck with the cam your brain? If you do you take in a lot of specialty drink in a lot of tap water every day, a think about how for that there could have been the the king. I mean you're already in consuming and white. Why is it that we accepted this property and we still do that somehow the flirtation of water supplies all across the country is good. For us. I mean it's mass medication, it's a it's a by product of phosphate mining. They sell it to municipalities and we drink it. I mean it's insane. Yeah and by the way it was one of Hitler's ideas to flora date? The water to keep population. Numb!
Are those Hitler's idea more fluoride, I believe, then we use now, I think, Ours is less sin sinister and I think they did it because someone tricked him into doing it. For you know, the idea have a dental hygiene is like we had this guy Dave Asprey on the show yesterday, and he was talking about how bullshit, how much bullshit involved in the idea of a salt of having a low salt diet. Crazy. That is- and he was talking about how that's just propaganda that stuck around. So it's not like a no salt diet, how's it supposed to suppose that place all my salt salt in a central, this guy Dave Asprey carry salt around with me, bring salt with him everywhere. He goes like he has salt every morning he said it's like an essential like part of being a human animal needed to retain water. Everybody needs it. It's just one of those things where you know you get sold some wacky bill of goods. You know every different those commercials that they used to have with they had doctors.
Suggesting particular types of cigarettes: yeah yeah. This is a crazy. It helps digestion, God, doctors are recommending worship today and cigarettes. What do you? What what was the movie J Edgar, the J Edgar Hoover? The other was good. It was good, it was good Leon, Caprio Movie and in it She says that the doctor scribe him cigarettes for his health like make a more robust. There is a good prescribe cigarettes, those on mad men, and there was actually a movie that came out a few years ago and like it was kind of post apocalyptic and the people who live there like they would have to smoke cigarettes 'cause it had medication in it. To protect them from like the week? I was a win, is a like I think I've seen that movie. That means they just given them we'd Salem Winston, must have paid a lot. Speaking of cigarettes are keys alive. You said stuff about from,
is that you don't really like it because it kind of sucks. I enjoyed his background. I put it on when I write. Sometimes you get so usually I made the link that I speak to you about that. What about it? They created a fake corporate website for Wayland, which is the company that x their mission in Prometheus and on the web, there's all kinds of like there's a fake TED talk given in the year two thousand twenty three a. What are you talking about how like now we can create Android, so we have the same powers guide coach and they did such a good job of the website that you look at it you're totally it could be Google in the next like twenty years or you know, whatever big company happens to be around. If it, I think you know, I watch Prometheus and that's one of the things I thought when there's like you know from twenty year, twenty ninety two or whatever twenty two, what it was it was the year Prometheus, was like one hundred and eighty seven years free or something it was like ninety years or something like that, whatever whatever the fuck it wants. Spoilers not know, know, know, know and uh. When I was looking, I was like you know what that is really underestimating, how fucking nutty things are going to be 'cause that doesn't even look. Hardly nutty
anything, that's nutty about. That is that they can go further into space that go to sleep for a little while, and they got holograms that ain't shit. I think, That's really underestimating this sort of, inter connectivity that people are going to enjoy just in the next decade. It's it going to be way created in their Prometheus, I'm looking forward to like a psychic version of Gmail. It's going to be like looking to be connected, you're going to be connected to people and some other weird way. It's just the same way. You are through your phone in a wireless way someone's going to figure out how to make that something that speaks directly to your synapses they're, going to make our yeah absolutely there's going to be some. Like that. There's going to be something that allows you either in a clinical setting, will probably be that way. First and then it's just integrate into your life. You know it's going going to figure out a way. We're going to talk with God, Damn electric toothbrush everyone's going to have one I was, I was kind of the point. I don't know what you were saying a permit is earlier, but I'm really into that theory to that aliens created us, and so I was like kind of like yeah. They I have like a movie about this, and I was like oh man. It kind of just wasn't as good as I thought it would.
Shit version of the idea is such an idea. Yeah, the ancient aliens theory debunked or ancient aliens showed debunked is a fucking amazing Youtube clip where a guy created this is names. Well, I don't want to say his name. Some ambient wants name said, but he's going to come on Yes, yes, I think I think is about and Kress anyway, so you he said he wants to hold this. One writes with smaller dogs. Did anything dangerous was sent Chris? What sequence very nice guy we're going back and forth on Twitter in this guy was a believer in one point time and then just started looking into all the different things that they had claimed on the show- and you know that shows goofy as fuck but it's fun, this dude wrecked it Oh man crushed. It means nothing that it means nothing. I mean it's still a lot of mystery until, like the construction methods used for bill, the pyramids and moving obelisks and stuff like that, but he he basically
rush them on all of their major points. I heard the dude now just combs his hair to the side. So close, it looks like me, shave his head just like fuck this problems over. It started off really good 'cause you're like the pyramids, maybe this other shit in South America. Maybe then you run out of things to point the finger at and now it's like Bigfoot was George Washington really influenced by an alien visitation. It's like you're, just picking random things out of history. At this point in trying to superimpose they were doing samurais. You know you've gone too far, samurais. Who could have come up with the technology to make this or could it possibly have been aliens? Joe? Have you seen? Sam sorry, yet no oh many really fucking shit. What is it that trilogy of No, I got yeah, that's just a answers. All images, and, and and and really amazing images from all around the world know what what it was like. One of the film's cult,
Baraka and SAM Sarah? I feel like I'm in a cult 'cause, I'm like telling everyone watching. My kids would tell me what it is. So I forget who directed I want to say Phillip glass at the music but um. It's just all the world's wonders, and it's just so intense that it takes you into the soul of people and then like it, moves to another image and then move to another image like there's a bunch of people, climbing a mountain and they have like a body yeah I've seen that yeah, it's incredible. Anyway. What about it? I just feel like I'm. I feel like I'm tripping on mushrooms when I watch it, because it's just so intense, like it's just Culture is all around the world and the juxtaposition between modern day society in ancient cultures and how they are living in the same time, and then it's incredible. I bet that's going to be like the first technology when it comes to like really tapping into another person's life. They're going to create I got a real for us and every I'm going to get the same. Real and you'll be able to put it on 'cause. It takes a long time to record it. It's very difficult to process. So it's going to like that game. Dragonslayer do
the game. Dragon's is the first video game, Dragon's lair video game. Wasn't really a video game like you would should be shown an animated thing and then you'd have to move the lever one way or another way to get away or to get fucked like you like one or the other happen. Either you moved it the right way and then they would show you a new screen. Congratulations and you move on to the next round, or it would show you getting hit in the head by a giant, boulder and dying. It was this stupid. Video game ever, but it was like really clumsy 'cause. They couldn't quite get it now. They have full motion, 3d, graphics, that are absolutely insane and you play it. It's full emersion. I think that's what it's going to be like the First time you get a chance to peek into somebody else. Is brain they're. Just going to take a whole just said amount of people from all over the world and make it into the window back. Mixtape tape put on and get to lick live changing lives and then it's going to move from there to the point where eventually all going to have the ability to transmit and receive just get, really cool
record bring complaint. They record dreams now like actually get digitally interpret them yeah. Well, they've they've have been able to get blurry images, dreams they've also been able to get blurry images from memory, and they think that the you might be figure out whether or not people are guilty or not better, not by weather. Some certain images exist in their memory. While they can grab an issue, I think they can grab images. That means they can pry put in images Yes, some of it just won't, buy your name memorized. I bet your imagination can put those images in there as well and then becomes the question of whether or not the amount I mean how much power does the imagination, Havel reality, because a lot of people think that you know! Well, imagination is just what's not real and reality is what is real? Okay, you don't want the two imaginative Jimmy
but the reality is that everything that Israel is created because of the imagination, the imagination is the reason we have tables. It's a reason why someone invented a rocket is the reason why computer exists exist as someone had to think it, and then it manifested itself in the real life. Then the imagination becomes a very different thing. It becomes something that you know through a human and through the human touching things and moving things manipulating with this idea. It can change fish cool reality, so it's not just an in calculus little thing floating in space, the imagination when you sit down and come up with things and create things and actually physically make them. It made pocket tanks did it through you? becomes. Can it do that to everything else as well, and is it just we do we look at the imagination as like. Well, we can control this because I'm a creative person- and you know I drink a lot of coffee and I sit down. I do my work is it is at the case imagination like a force that moves every thing in the universe
just doing our little itty bitty bitty part of it well yeah? I think the placebo effect is a prime example of something that no one talks about, but it's a fucking miracle. You, like your mind, did this like. That's amazing, you want, we focus more on the back of the placebo effect is incredible. Mind might be able to answer, went away because you thought that it was good yeah. It's like reality might not necessarily be something you'd knock on. It might be the tune of the way you look at the world and perceptions in your expectations, can literally change what happens. That's a the hard units can't be a hundred percent babies dying, drive bys, there's like some weird shit that goes on there, but then there's also I thought like if this is a continuous cycle. That's what so many eastern religions believe that will come back and a lot of them believe you'll. Come back until you get it right and you keep keep living this life over and over again until you do it with zero mistakes? And you do it as in and being from the time your baby to the time you leave and then you move,
What's the next stage of existence so we're in this constant, an endless cycle, but if there is a way to to I know that you were going to die and come back as a baby, but you had to take a chance that you're going to be a baby in a good house. How terrifying would that fucking trip you would never want to die I would never want to die because what, if you came up with some fucking asshole parents, what if you came and some abusive environment if you were born in Ethiopia. What if your born some shit part of the world where you can't get out your fucked? If we had people that really believed that the only way to ensure your karma, the only way to ensure your safe passage as a child to adulthood is to go through this life being is loving and his care full and his consider as possible, and it's spreading as much positive energie as possible. If we really could get people to think that the would change reality
because every baby would grow up in an environment where people did grow up in an environment where people love them because they didn't want to be stuck in some fucking shit hole in the middle of Pakistan in a hut somewhere. Where drones are shooting missiles over their heads as they get Glendale. I was thinking where the where the bombs hit man with the drone son. If we get p believe that die. That might be real. I mean it really I mean I don't so I understand the idea of reincarnation, but if does exist. People are going to be terrified if they could prove that exist. Just that alone would freak people the fuck out the fact they're just going to keep coming back as a person in a new, life every time, if you believe in the Dalai Lama and what he represents? They and that he has the option of just like opting out. Next time, like you opt out of the body scare, the t say he can just be like I'm done, I can I
to do this. He doesn't want to be the Dalai Lama. He has that choice like apparently after he dies. He can tell who who is in charge of you coming back in a body. I'm just I'm done with this. No more earth he's, is that you know he's he seems like a wonderful guy, but he stuck in an idea he's dressed like an idiot he's being silly as fuck? The whole thing is silly, it's completely silly. This close thing where you have to wear certain clothes to be mean you have to be completely expressionless in the way your body warm, that's nonsense! That doesn't make any sense. If there's a real god, he doesn't care. If you wear pants, it doesn't care. If you have a fucking ACDC t shirt You should wear whatever the fuck. You want that's craziness the whole but you can have sex with anybody. Oh come on, you know the id, but it takes over an obsessive. Your life, no it doesn't, if you get your together, stupid yeah, I like the idea that you can't have sex because it ruins your life, doesn't always ruin your life Donnie it. Sometimes it enhances your life you're, not living a hundred percent full life. So this
the idea that you're enlightened yet not living, stop it! That's nonsense! You need to go out and you need to get drunk every now and then you need to have a shot of whiskey. You need to go Vegas and see what a real Cubs win flag. Maybe that's! Maybe that's a bit. Romney needs just a hard weekend in Vegas. Would you need to go back to Mexico? Go back to Mexico and Fucking camp out with the cult and load rifles? Is they look around for kidnappers, but do they do? There is a knock up, a black girl, I think you just nailed it. A black girl really likes mushrooms the lack of psychedelic experience is a real problem for people that are in office, and I say that it sounds completely ridiculous, but I really it's. You need something as a human being. He needs something every now and then to jolt you out of your walls of perception of get stuck. It's stuck thinking that this, This makes sense. You get stuck on a momentous journey where you know you just the momentum keeps pushing you along the same path and there's no room to adjust, especially if you're part of a Corpora
sing. Something big. Every corporation should have a fucking retreat every six months, where they all go to the desert together and they'll trip to balls off, and then they rethink their life yeah, and then they get together and have a meeting on Monday like when, I think one of the lizard guy with the tail on the way he told me a up, and they showed me the future. It's not good, we listen. We gotta get these suicide seeds. We yeah, we can't be making money off them that this is far too you know they would they would. They would realize the error of their ways, but instead they have a whiskey and an Ambien and they go to sleep and the the drugs that we have available now, whether it's oxy cotton, which is readily available to anybody that stubs their toe. You know all these different drugs that are available, they are available and they have a numbing quality to them. They quality. That allows you to not look at the big picture, but just play your role and put your is down and grin and bear it. You know- and you know fucking. People are on antidepressants during the day and sleeping pills at night,
is a staggering number. It's a recipe for insanity. Like some of those sleeping pills, you walk around and don't remember where you were so yeah that happens a lot I used to work at a physician's office and he handled mostly like injuries and every single patient came in there with like a work injury. They would get an anti depressant because they weren't working so obviously they're depressed. They would get a painkiller, they would get like Meloxicam or something, but it was a sedative, an anti anxiety pill, and it was like five or six pills that, like almost every single patient, walk out with mass diagnose, you know just diagnosing everyone that comes in there with anxiety and I had no idea. It was such an issue until I had a few friends that that got prescribed, then. I saw like changes in their personality, so weirdness and I saw people that to irrationally and then s actually when I was on news. Radio Phil Hartman's wife was on Zoloft when she killed them, Zoloft and cocaine and a that is a psychotic combination, like literally makes you psychotic and to the point,
the family got a settlement from Zoloft family got a settlement because of that and it's been shown to have. You know a horrific effects. Yeah. I started looking into it and then I found the numbers and numbers of people that are on anti depressants and their fucking staggering it's staggering and as far as like long term studies to see what kind of an effect that should has on you in twenty thirty years, have there been I mean, do they know what people don't need of those people are part of a like ongoing experiment. Yeah. I think, like Sir, if you are the data, if you're on those pills, you're the data that people twenty years now be looking at more demanding every time, there's like a famous person that dies from from pills they're just like. Oh, they don't really talk about it when before was like at a died of a speedball balls like now. This is legal heroin, legal cocaine, legal speed,
Hey crazier, I mean fucking, all the fentanyl patches and shit. I mean there just like giving these things out. I called my doctor wants to consult about birth control and within five minutes she was trying to give me an antidepressant yeah, really because we wanted to get pregnant or you didn't want. You know I just was calling just to consult about like different kinds of birth control and she was just like well. Are you feeling moody and she was like? Let's talk about your like moodiness now so she's like illegal, for you to try to push meds on recycling and it's like. If you were a person who, like wasn't strong minded, you would go it just have doctor recommend yeah. She is one of only two countries in the world that allowed direct to consumer advertising with pharmaceutical pills, us in New Zealand, random, rant cheeses, my dad's a doctor, and he hates the ask your doctor about yeah you're misleading people like if you think you have a symptom and, like you like, oh I gotta ask
doctor about this to get it fixed. There are one hundred other diseases that could be causing that symptom and that's when you go to a fucking doctor in the first place, so you can be diagnosed properly, but instead what happens? Is you know? This must be what I have 'cause the tv ads so convincing you look it up on web, MD it confirms your expectations yeah. This is what I have you go to your doctor. You like here You know I've done the research for you and then you're putting your doctor and uh. Situation where, if he doesn't do it, you wanted to do. I think he's not giving you the right care, but you really have to rely on an expert if you like, you, don't see that for cars, you don't see advertisement for, like you, don't just walk into a car dealership. Here's what's wrong with my car need to do this this and this you tell him to check it out.
It's kind of interesting. You can't sell cigarettes anymore. That's the one thing you can't sell in ads anymore can of cigarette commercials for years. Remember that new one we saw with the electronic cigarette yeah so sexy. Let me try to find what you do that Dude Steven Bauer, no no work to Stephen Dorff Indoor. Please! Please pull that commercial up, all my goodness! Yes, they do it's the not the nicotine, nicotine is actually has uh some positive effects on the body. Nicotine actually is beneficial. It can a hell with heart issues in helps people a more creative like nicotine itself, as as a drug is a compound in isolated compounds. Not that was bad when you smoke it and smoking, a cigarette phone with five hundred and ninety other fucking chemicals are all poured in there by your own. You know, uh
move by your own, loving government just to make those cigarettes more addictive? That's when chick it's really and they can burn a little bit better yeah shit into it, but yeah. But, let's be honest, this is kind of disturbing to watch, though, because it is still nicotine and people can still get addicted to nicotine. Can you're right, yeah, let's watch this is I'm Steven Door. I've been a smoker for twenty years and I just found the smarter alternative. Blue E cigs Lou. Let's me enjoy smoking without expecting the people sexy is he's a rebel he's going to James exactly and best he's at the beach is so cool beach house we're all adults here, Hello ring. Oh my god, it looks cool. I just wanna go to parties with him. Well, Stephen Dorff does it? I just want to party with him go get one right. Now,
six. If, like you, met a guy and he like pulled out a cigarette and starts telling you how awesome it was like that he would run like the house is on fire. We just run away from him with what he was this design, that commercial was work yeah. If you look in the eyes of blue smoke like that yeah, as with any you being all act, three you dummy you got to choose either selling actor you know can't be all actor reeks. Is that what it was an emotional moment for you? He can considering an aspen project on a kick that in the balls with commercial. That's insulting fucking insulting commercial! You fool, that's disturbing, but I'm not hating. On Stephen Dorff, I mean, if you got paid, go forward to it, whatever just think you could have done a better job. Thank you kind of found it in I'd like to in blade, though dude pretty sweet blade. A bad actor. I'm saying that she preposterous son and take it from me: I've done preposterous shit. You got
when you did it, you just black some light walking by the beach with your fucking James Dean Jacket, on sucking on a blue robot dick, it's a blue, robot dick. You really need to suck on that blue. Robotic, come on man just get some nicorette gum. You fucking free! Look at my look. You fucking serious, he's serious he's going to say something cool right before he shows you that blue it's like a scene in a movie, that's making fun of the future.
So this is like a Johnny drama. I think this is like Johnny Drama, gotta commercial, if yeah exactly that, if you were watching like like one of those Arnold Schwarzenegger movies or like the terminator, or something like that, if they were making fun of the future, showing you a video of what the future would be like, this would be that have robot fucking cigarettes in malaysian man, this silly bitches smoking. What are you doing? Dude he's a little wrinkly forehead fucking serious problem. Well, you know what amount of the beach do last surfing. Sometimes I just move sand also make trenches and make my own rivers lost mode. You know I make like these castles and I love the fact they're not going to be there in an hour, they're gone, but there there now I live for now with my blue cigarettes.
I'm just like you know. You were saying that people are just generally in an unhappy because they're overworked they're, not fucking following their true will all this shit. I was just thinking the other day watching the soup, because it highlights the most ridiculous reality shows that you can't even believe are fucking on tv, but just Like the my strange addiction like people who eat scotched tape and shit you're, like I'm sure, people in the third world are just like they saw dust or like what the fuck is just only like. First world problems. Nine, can you imagine anyone else like? Having that problem like I can't stop eating couch upholstery, I have the problem, we have a video of the first world, loans hashtag on Twitter, that people- yes, yes, yes, they took some of those tweets that were popular and they super goes the more. They need superimposed and they had kids and like really poor people in Haiti. Great this shit, it's a video! You can look up. It's like eighty first world problems and it's like I hate how my two door garage takes like ten seconds to open a new mother like starving animals. In the background
and it's like it only like you're kind of an asshole. If you spend all day tweeting about stuff like that yeah, I think it's ok to acknowledge that like you're privileged- and you have a lot of shit- that most people on earth don't have, it is one point. Maybe you give twenty dollars to your favorite charity all afternoon, yeah the bench right. How? How funny was that video that you pull, that? I don't live video one photo shoot pulled up. What is it it's so funny they did a five I've. I have a one. Cent live a long time. Concern at live, went through this sucks now. Did you really went through a spell where it was just? I couldn't watch isn't getting better, I don't know. I heard this is following the fantastic. This is the first thing that I've seen from them in years, and I only saw because Brian was watching the computer, but it's them in front of people complaining about apple products and then there's the people who answer or the Fox Conner please hold on. Is it funny to do you got it yeah? It's on a NBC. Common, fortunately son, I'm trying to watch the commercial right now. You have
Watch thirty, second one. What is seventeen second trying to sell you missiles NBC makes missiles, and now it's some love. Look: it's movie there in love with each other by something love your for your heart e harmony. They got on the I was selling. I heard that doesn't really work by the way. Yeah yeah. Maybe try to listen to try to you can't get away an online dating service. It's on you! Those are girls were Dtf Jade, It's pretty easy. This is really funny, go full screen on this, so we can enjoy my phone exactly unacceptable, Dennis the bottom line is it's just too thin and too light for phone. That was minor and thinner, but this is ridiculous. I mean I feel, like I'm, holding three pieces of papers table together, not a smart phone that must be so hard to deal with it.
Really struggled. I mean whoever built these iphones. I don't know what they were thinking yeah. Let's ask that joining us now or three peasant laborers from the factory in China, where these iphones were manufactured Thanks for joining us hi see you should be fine. Can I leave You may not withdraw all earlier complaints. Absolutely not. This is a track. So Mister Chow Josh here was complaining about apple map? It wasn't really uh,
Oh no talk about Apple map, it no work right the ticket to wrong place. You want Starbuck a ticket to Dunkin' donuts so hard for you. You may see it. Take you to Jcpenney or how you deal with. I guess we just lucky. You know we don't need map, you know, because we sleep where we were, but thank you for pointing out problems. I so sorry, I'm so sorry and you guys were complaining yeah it's good for them. It's hilarious, guess 'cause. It gets better this piece of crap within nine four six hour. That does tough one time showing in line twenty one bay for baby formula. You know for to feed baby, so so very similar.
We're sorry, okay, just the just forcing back at work a lot better, hey! You know what we are being unfair. Those who didn't problem with no, I thought so go ahead, make a complete sure sure go ahead. We all friend, ok well the case. Scratches very easily from New York Subway. While you complain. Do you think that was goes on for those nights, NBC dot com, it's very funny and very loves. Funny again, congratulations I did it, but yeah yeah don't be complaining bitch, you can easily be born Ethiopia with no feet and maybe will be. If you can,
I mean maybe humor cycle back. Mother fucker is a medium for knowledge. There could you imagine, is everybody that was in a shit situation just to use tomorrow, people in shit situations in the last life if it was that cut and dry erase that easy to follow. Where are the Kardashians headed I feel like they're, not real. I feel like probably from another planet. It's some sort of a device they're using to gauge our stupidity like saying grams? Now it's like a robot, so she's like a robot fucked off in space. That's what I think, because they've totally overestimated their position like her physique. Rather I mean her. Ass is just completely out of control. It's gotten just it's going insane! It is growing and it's not growing in a natural way. 'cause their legs aren't growing with it like if she became like some crazy powerlifter and she just develop these giant muscular thighs, this huge ass. That would make sense, but no someone in Youtube describe it bouse. He said it looks like a diaper filled with pudding
yeah, that's what it looks like it like it's like she's doing something which is making it bigger they only episode I ever accidentally solved that show LISA card. Let me see your dvr right now. So was the one she had her like ass x, Rayed to try to prove that there was no implants really so that only leaves like a couple of other options. It's a good username for resources, right yeah! Well, how do we know it's a real doctor by the way the coverage, your insurance acting mean? Mostly, they walk into a place, and everybody goes oh hi, nice to see. There's a fucking camel ready there inside is showing you an over the shoulder show, there's a fucking camera behind you and you're pretending you didn't know she was coming. We had to stop that. We had a reality show come into one of the doctors office I worked in and it was like. I think she was like a gymnast or something and they just came in with cameras, but of course they were supposed to pretend. Like oh hey, what's wrong with you.
It's fucking ridiculous. They don't have real reality shows at the moment. They have is like these low end producer, guys who look sort of dictate. What's going to happen in the scenes, and these clumsy fuck act. It out. I watched a whole episode of Jersey Shore the other day in my green room before a show where the situation wanted to leave, and else wanted to leave now and I'm not at all. If you want to leave the house right, no, no, no! No! No, there is a club club and you know one guy like they feel more he's an, but it is for me because you know you will be smokey was like I'm not leaving you, I'm not leave, and these are just on the go. Thank you want to leave. Nobody else want to leave, and that was the whole thing. Was them playing on this and got a note. Ninety nine percent of that's worship, Dustin yeah. I really have this argument the decide of this is what it's going to be tonight. Tonight
to be. The situation tries to get girls, but he's too aggressive right. So you want to leave and then they you know they have the the date make a trauma. The big dig turn it into like a script. I live out the channel car real tv, but every single show on its fake reality, show we'll email other doing minding the store. You know when they're doing the Paul sure the coming thing yeah how to store thank yeah. They had like a scenario that they would do every day, but they do that's how they do all ice cream. They don't trust the would be like interesting enough to just follow your life number. One, I think was records that paid Snooki like forty g to speak. There is like, if I was a student I quit and like I'm, not paying my tuition to pay snarky to teach me life. Lessons like what I'm going to do with that get a brief. It would be fascinating, though, if she couldn't leave if certain amount of time and she had to answer questions that would be fast and that would be you can't just not worth forty grand. But yes, I would know forty dollars. I would sit through that and watch that could be fascinating now, just to
brain I don't you know. I wouldn't I don't hate her who wouldn't do that if they're ever yeah yeah, if you were, if you were her, she was you, I would fucking do exactly the same thing. That's the thing. The shitty people in general, like you think, like all right. If I were given the power to do this this and this what I act any different. If I were like a riot cop- and I was coming from that background- uh, huh ab and C were set up as such. Could I be any different? You know? Well, you coming with cops real extreme example. Obviously, the most extreme thing, that's the mostly year year in the enemy you know you do it becomes you versus them. There's no way of avoiding that you have to be from a different culture. You know, I think there's uh things have happened in uh, some countries where the people and the police officer, Don't have the same sort of antagonistic relationship to United States people do, but in the United, if, if you're, if you're a riot cop in this riot, you're the enemy- you know it's like you know
that guy's got a club and he's wearing bullet proof vest in a fucking helmet. It's it's! it would be really hard for you to not act in self preservation. By staying with the group, we were just Yes! In that light level of escalation, how the Eliezer we're allowed to be like one level of hostility above the and they have like clear, defined levels of hostility and if, if you're at one level, they can be one level above you at all times, which is supposed to be a deterrent from picking up a rock. But the problem is the same time. They have people that are in plain clothes that are police officers, doing things like that to antagonize the crowd. So they can move to the next level. Yeah next escalation, they're called agent provocateurs mean they. Just there was one of the occupy photos. Hilarious. You see these fucking cops the cops. All of these Vibram work duty boots on and so did the guys there handcuffing their handcuffing the viral protesters and they all have the same fucking boots on. It is the most ridiculous, then, because any people could say well with anybody could buy those boots yeah, but everybody all three of those guys like black cats on you
in the puppet show mean you're watching a puppet show now now watching them act. These guys are acting like the bad guys. Now like it's like a show. The cops are arresting, cops there resting cops and then it gives in the power to go in and arrest everybody else 'cause. Now we obviously have a violent protest, so we escalate so instead, being what it really is, it becomes a show there is of of one of them like picking a window in and uh. It's like a real tight video if you watch it from like the media side, but there's actually someone recording it with phone really far away, and when you look at their angle, you can see not only like media surrounding him, not stopping in, but there's police across the core are alike across the street, just standing there like letting him bash the window and notice. That's perfect! It's the into the police line like it that I mean they love the Black Box at the NATO in G, a like there are people running around like look like someone like lit a cop car on fire and they're, just the cops and do anything about it. It just isn't right occasion to just do mass arrests and use crowd, control methods that are completely unjustified and yeah, and for people who say That's horseshit! You just need to watch is: is a dog
mentari. I mean it's in Alex Jones Documentary, so in it's nine eleven, the road to tyranny, and what and it what's in in its most spectacular is that he details outlines the the introduction of the agent Provoca into this peaceful, a settlement or this peaceful, a disagreement. So these people are all protesting. Everyone there is no rocks thrown, nothing is happening and then all sudden, these dudes come in and their trust in black and they have military boots on and they start breaking windows and turning cars over and going crazy, and then they all hold up in a fucking building somewhere. I don't even want to get into it in full depth. 'cause it's a long and drawn out thing, but he details it with new is accounts. He showing you the actual footage of what's going on, he in its its proposed it's like you, look at it and then what happens after it will after the police came, and broke up the peaceful protest, and in terms of violence and then the arrest, all the fake cops or the fake fake protesters, then they make a no protest zone so
you can't even have it was the World Trade Organization. You couldn't even have people that had a badge on with a red stripe through the WTO. They were stopping them from going to work. These people had book bags w t o wanna, know like this is a no protest zone of no protests only you can cook. This is all I mean it's not that isn't the the narrative aside, it's you know is all documented, is all very clear. It shows you it the caught. You see, the cop tell her to take the fucking pin off of her book bag and you're like what three forty and forty seven. What's also you know when they get really nineties when they start talking about Timothy Mcveigh in Oklahoma City and how many anti terrorism provisions were passed right after Oklahoma City, all these different things that they could do. A after that was passed in order to surveil Deuce used to be illegal surveillance and that building you know, that's that. Whole thing is crazy. That Timothy Mcveigh thing, if you talk to
other demolitions experts. They said there's no way a truck filled with fertilizer can make an explosion like that. It's not what it does. But it doesn't have that kind of an impact. As it's mean they, you can kill people with it, no doubt about it, but it's like a so the whole fucking building apart, like that that site is saying bomb and probably not even just one bomb and blue everything, outward like, if you the point of impact of impact guy parks, this truck right in the building and then blows it blows right. That's that's what we're supposed to believe! Well, the fucking buildings blown outward there's most of the buildings missing like the whole front of the building's gone and and uh fertilizer in a fucking truck, can do that. He was supposed to have. Is this fertilize yeah, but but no because the FBI, they have the news footage of the FBI taking bombs that didn't slowed and removing them from the building and a bomb squad that remove additional decisional from the building ' 'cause in the moments after September or after Oklahoma City. There was a lot of confusion as to what happened before they put the narrative out there and for the This is what happened this guy and there was a lot of confusion as to what really took place and while
Confusion is being take place. This news reports of FBI guys were moving bombs for the building and those were never like tide to him in the trial or anything like that, and there was also the reports about the second guy who was in the car the whole time like just another, and not only not the the agents who were in that building all evacuate the building before the bomb went off. Pre, internet media rights. Of course, when you put out the official narrative, it fills in the gaps in peoples, minds yeah, it's like you, ask an acquaintance. What do you think the hot girl wearing the red hat we just passed by most people go. She was hot, even if that girl did not exist. Fill in the blanks and especially after something traumatic happens. You want somebody out there with the voice of authority to say this is what happens now. You know now it's not a fucking mystery. We can move on with our lives and you pretty much accept whatever they say. Yeah No doubt about it. I mean it's. It's
we will have a shocking world and if something like operation northwoods possible that one poin time they had decided, they were gonna sacrifice american lives, and then you hear about the Dick Cheney plan to do this, the very same thing you know in IRAN at the end of the the Bush administration, you you gotta, wonder what we're not we don't know about the year but General Wesley Clark's coming out, and I think there's two thousand and seven where he said that he was given. That paper us vied memo saying that they wanted to invade seven countries in five years and it was all laid out, show yeah. This is like crazy that for a week after nine years and I'm alive here, it is what did what did it say with the other countries, because I'm sure well, you can. I want to pull it up unless we hear Wesley Clark said right. Well, I know that, because this is, if you want another Lee last piece of hope in West, in between that and just eight agent provocateurs, there's been a lot of agents like going in and and using like entrapment techniques to
they give people arrested, for course, knowing that they've actually supplied them with right that they could have never had the first place yeah somebody eighteen year old kid who, just like you know he He taught me so like vulnerable in can be tough yeah. This is all these. There is now are just all FBI facilitation. They could not do what they are, so they could do without the F B. I completely controlling in many directions on how to weigh just providing him with its like talking into doing by the way. Introducing that idea into their heads. I mean right, the when you have a person and that person benefits from getting you to do something that is illegal and they benefit by the caller they benefit in you didn't you didn't, have this plan in effect, until you came into contact with them, how that possibly be legal, because you're discounting the possibility that could be influencing first of all, what kind of a disk the person that they can pretend they're, so good they can trick can and be. They could pretend that they're on your side, when, meanwhile there the enemy mean
the if you, if you're a terrorist in the FBI is in the in the Mets and pretending to be one of you he's such a good manipulator that he can pretend to be. You mean this guy's in this is bullshit are and then, on top of that he comes up with a plan. Listen man, we're going to do you like yeah we're going to do? I want to get some C4 going to like? Are you sure about that and they're like oh yeah, I got it covered. Let me just do everything? Thank God I got arrested in Dallas. The kid was a fucking moron music mean he's a dumb kid and they talked to him into making this attack. They gave him a fake bomb and they'll eh. And try to detonate it. They tell about everything you do they fill this kid up with hypnosis I mean I'm, not disc. Wanting the fact that he you know any,
That is willing to detonate this fake bomb. Is should be removed anyway, I mean they did an awesome service because they got a fucking moron off the street and it wasn't the FBI that talk this kid into doing that it could have been actual terror. That's the good thing is a moron. You live there in that yeah that guys guys, I'm glad I didn't run into some extent. You need people like that who are infiltrating groups, yes, just to get rid of the super more, but I think we've seen evidence of going way too far, where they are the prob like well, how about the one I cut in Florida, where they're hiring undercover cops up to the high school students to get we need yeah, I mean I got stronger and trapping laws in this thing that we could actually fix will help
the one where there's a twenty five year old woman who convinces a seventeen year old, honor roll student get her weeds and he tries to give it to her as a gift, and she insists that he take money for it and then he's arrested, and he was she saw it. There horny little known at the kid and he gets fucking locked away. It's insane it's insane, but yet this is all done with tax dollars were paying for them to entrap seventeen year olds with boners the best story of entrapment that was hardcore. Failure was this guy and then they get paid like hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this over the course of six months to a year I mean really long term shit, and so this guy was in a mosque trying to rally up like the terrorist activity- and they actually reported him to the fbi- there, like some crazy mother fucker, is in here trying to like talking about. We got this one so silly awkward, it's just Nypd
surveillance. Oh well, the DEA. If the fact that they can go, they had the time to go after pot when there's math it's like. Did you clean up all the math? You didn't clean up the mess, so why you having pot 'cause the pot so easy? Recently, some kid wrote like fuck the DEA on his facebook page and now he's being charged with a felony or something yeah, yeah yeah. Well, I apparently threat, but you just said said something fucked up just just three words: it's not the most elegant eloquent way to argue against the agency's policies. But if that's, what put in prison. I learned the word well. Agencies are problem. It's a problem when you boil things down the three letters when you have power because of the three letters you say open up, it's the FBI like Holy the F b I's here. It's not like you know, knock knock. Who is it well? my name is MIKE and on the machine guns is Peter and Tom and behind them is deliver land with a battering ram and Bob's is back up and well we're here, because we heard the you you have some plants or something I mean that doesn't sound right but open up
the d e a like Holy, the d e a is here whenever you have people like that in a group, and you give like a little name like that, it just put some mythical: don't yeah, it's like it's! It's like it's! It's it's a great surge, a giant power groups like the mafia kind, was stealing goods. What's tragic about that is, like you said, the math is still out there. These agencies have an actual role. They said they, focus on the wrong shit like it would be great to get meth out of peoples. Hands 'cause, it destroys lives, be great if you could actually can't give it be great if the FBI focused on the tremendous amount of financial fraud happening right now, like half the emails in my fucking spam folder or people directly trying to defraud me out of in some way. That's just amazing, Nigeria. Well, I know that so many nigerian prince so many people. I don't fall for that shit, but my point is a lot of people out there in America. Do specially older people who don't use the internet as much that should be looked into people who directly benefited from the financial crisis that should be looked into
It's not instead they're focused on fucking occupiers and journalists. Well, the problem is it's compartmentalized too: it's like how many people do they have that are on the police, for some, whatever Florida town that was there supposed to be gathering up weed? You know I mean how many, how many people did they have that are supposed to get arrest like it's not like those people can instead be allocated. You know in some sort of a positive way like you have to like change their job, because Their job is to go out and bust people for drugs, but that's their job and they got to do it as long as that job exists, and if that job doesn't exist, but then they're out of work and going to find something new to do so, they can resist that job being taken away as well. So it's it's. It gets to be a weird thing of entanglement where we have private prisons. We have you know Thompson and police officers. Unions are lobbying, keep certain things illegal have a big entanglement. You know also, banks are laundry and trillions of dollars with drug money. Oh yeah, what was that Wachovia? It's like four hundred.
Four hundred something million dollars which is so stupid. Make the shit legal make everything legal stop being silly. You know let let people make their own fucking choices, and if you want to do math go do you're gonna get in anyway, you gonna get math, and you know we should heavily punish any company that wants to sell it to the point where it's not even financially viable. Take that money. If you want over you, you really sell math your or such a piece of I mean it's not not. The date is not in the songs. Math advocates out there going dude, my It was terrible to start smoking meth and it's like, I just saw it different. I was like. I really need to be kind of people that doesn't happen. There's no math advocate. So if you're selling math you're a piece of shit as far society is concerned, tax you heavily yeah, maybe maybe could make a living off of it and maybe feed some credence. You know people should be responsible for their actions when are on drugs. That's when they commit crimes. It's not the
actor you're on drugs, you want to do Matthew Mark to suffer the basement, just hall count and smash into walls- and I don't know you know what I'm saying like is down as you you, but if you don't do anything to people who the does anybody to tell you can't do that and how do we have a free society? If you can be told what plants you put in your own body? No, nothing and shoot you, because you have a seventeen year old, kids again like they keep their their chances for getting into college like run forever, because I got caught with a joint. You know it only that cool they. The internet, the nearest higher education for spam schools be awesome to get laid, but that's where the harmony comes in, just you get an Eharmony and just put together a day date, a dope profile- and you know really like come up with some good quotes
Craigslist is the verdict atom? Well, if you want a hooker, that's what we wanna go or a couch. You know you're, saying error with the media. Narative like just immediately put it out into the mainstream, to try to solidify some sort of narrative will right. After nine hundred and eleven, my mom was like uber patriotic flag phone case, fucking first flag on the block and shit, and so my brother and I just discovered this giant box of magazines and newspapers right after nine hundred and eleven, and you should see- I mean Newsweek Time magazine like two days after nine hundred and eleven already explaining exactly you know everything laid out all the hijackers Bin Laden how the buildings fell down? All the countries were invaded in the next ten years and you're like if you had this much information and they had to have been fed it just directly by the government. Unlike then, how come they couldn't prevent it? If they'd already knew all this, Is it within twenty four hours to print this publication? Are you of the mind the nine slash? Eleven events were orchestrated or it's incompetence? I think, in part, orchestrated for sure, that's undeniable, I mean just the put options alone- shows that well that
I could just say for knowledge: it's clean their the options were all of the the I mean you bet for stocks to fail on any given day a lot of people, but for for certain sex appeal. But on this particular day all the airlines are involved. Nine eleven were bet. Twenty five times more that they would fail. So all these rich white people pretty much profited immensely, so someone's failed stocks, someone had to be tipped off so yeah, and then they didn't pursue it because they said well because it wasn't done by Al Qaeda, then we're not interested in pursuing the money ring and you're like, but that's much more interesting that it was done by old white men that bet for these stocks to fail. That's much more fascinating to Maine. Do we know if there's a list somewhere? If people who benefited- I don't know, but also people were warned not to fly Willie Brown, some other people have admitted that they were told not to fly. So I mean there. There definitely is for knowledge, but if you're going into the night, I mean the hijacked as some of the Highlanders around with them. The only error, yeah Cisco, to the hijackers live at Pensacola Naval Base with under the roof of an FBI. Informant I mean that's, that's doc,
that's mainstream news. So do you think that they set the whole thing up and do you think they were real hijackers and how they get people to suicide bomb, to the use of drones that they were patsies? I don't think they knew that they were going to die. I don't I mean I don't want to speculate. All I know is what I'm being told is how much have you looked into the the flying aspect, is the flying aspect is fascinating. When you talk to people that actually fly those jets and talk about how difficult it is to maneuver them correctly, especially the one where it hits the Pentagon, but the lawn unscathed, fucking fascinating, interesting right and there's no peace, planes will not only that that area where it hits is the same area where Donald Rumsfeld was on television just a day. Before
talking about this trillion plus dollars, it's missing some dick ulous amount of money, that's missing, yeah and then the accounting office in the Pentagon shut down is what gets hit by this plane. I mean that where the plane lands. It's the very offices that we're storing all the data that we're looking for where the management they were doing construction in that side of the building too. I think it's very little. At the very least, they knew exactly what was coming and they helped make it happen at the very fucking nice, which would piss people off just as fucking much because think about it? They knew that the stairs dad was coming, so they tell. Bond and the first World Trade center, whatever the after the this ones hit. They knew that it was the terrace attack that they had been warned about, and then they told people to go to fucking back to work and the second World Trade center real thing. It peaked my interest when it was here in a lot of link like theories about that was the building seven deal like that was like the videos of that or just it looks exactly if you put it right next to a video of an intentionally imploded building. It just looks exactly the same
yeah the tower seven, this mind: phone half, because the real thing about, seven, as if it was a controlled demolition. What of the they build it that way? they build it, so they could just implode it and if they didn't how long they take to rig that 'cause we talk. The people that, like demolish buildings, that it takes a long time and if it didn't if it wasn't a demolition while Would you not sue like crazy, and that was my building and it just fell part? Would that be like a? How did you build this? Is where service twenty middle? Do it off of whole complex truth? There's young guys are true they're exactly I. I find it so scary that that's the word that's been put Just out there. Now it's being pushed on totally different topics that nothing to nine hundred eleven like it's kind of orwellian, that a truther?
piece of like somebody's interested in pursuing with the true yeah. I was about nine eleven, yes, very true through the swirling patriotic freezers, and it's like a funny tripping the truth. It's almost like you have nineteen eighty four on petted a truth there is. They want the truth about being a liberal yet known: I've been called libertarian it's an insult before which I'm not even a libertarian. I have some of their views, but it's like you, you hate people who want to have more personal freedoms and liberties. That's a bad thing! Why is that a bad thing? It's it's weird! It's crazy! We're, nuts! oh you're, one of those love people who was love fucking up this world. For you, a friend you friend could be my friend and my friend fuck face into one friends of American, while also another interesting thing about the the nine slash. Eleven thing is that if we there was a CIA sting operation to get the Bin Laden confession. Tape quote unquote confess
that's a minute by the guardian, like that was set up by the CIA to get him to supposedly confessed. So if we had him, why don't we just arrest? And then I was in two thousand one? Well, what do you think about this guy who wrote the book and the this? The Navy seal wrote the book on the assassination of Bin Laden and he's given a totally different version of the events in the official story. Hi check I allowed to make that book, how can they have a nice him I don't. I don't know. If I believe, because I mean I don't care Anders, I I think they realize that the the public knows that you know they're the official store never exactly correctly. You're allowed, to is to say this. It was also a guy was involved in like a secret operation with a book about it. It doesn't make any sense, yeah,
yeah. I really doesn't make any sense. It's almost like they give him back yeah. I don't under him the green light. Do they tell him? Listen man! You want to help your country already book about the events just mix it up, mix it up, so that it looks like we're like not telling the full truth when we're like telling Michael. This is just pissing doing with thinking of bringing my Sarma back, don't say anything, but in season five we bring some up back at the sound thing. Wasn't really Osama. It was this other dude that looks like Osama because he's in love with Osama. You know he wants to be Osama, but he's not so they shot him in the head saloon now, so they thought they got Osama. They really did think that goddam
situation? We've been holding back on the dna we've had the dna was kept it secret because the one alarm people it's still out there on the island. I love the the? U N G, eight one Auckland an adult speaks every year. Everyone like walks out, but he actually says some really saying he's just like: how can you guys just dump Bin Laden's body in the ocean like how come you didn't just arrest him and put him on trial here? Thinking everyone's like walking out, if you like you like the real life version of the dictator like like it, but it gives you a speech there and people are like no yeah. This is most people that are in the intelligence community said that that he was already dead. They said Bin Laden has been dead, for your guns are bird okay around pakistani Prime Minister, for she was assassinated. Can't you said she attended his funeral teasers crises attended funeral and like this, is we get problem? Pesky truth, predator pesky?
shredder drown, never see it come, and it's like predator and like getting a second or third yeah. I don't in the vote on it who says thing about all this. Is that no one demands evidence or no one demands facts in the government, such as appeal to authority or just like. Well, let's just trust our government, what they must be true, it's not no one, because it's people like you right now, there's a whole wave of kids that are growing up that Arum be growing up with real transparency. As far as what's going on, you know, and even if you want to insulate yourself salute, give yourselves about a job, yeah directly cheering sorry Dave, Asprey decided to make a bulletproof coffee. Believe it's not butter. It's not the same for an iced coffee
The fascinating guy, and one of the was saying was that we have an amazing amount of toxins that we just success. Because there's so much corn in our diets and like some some insane number of percentage of corn has like certain low level toxic fungus on it, pissing, all totally out of his solo, drink, a lot of what is actually healthy, but that you know you should really have only grass FED beef and only Grass FED beef butter and that coffee off sometimes comes with fungus on it as well and there's toxic fungus is on a lot of peoples, coffee and that their litter, that's why they get up. They feel like shit after they drink coffee. Thanks for coming literally you're getting poison something Scott, this is all organic. We go to a nice place down the street, it's very nice people, but that He makes his bulletproof coffee, so he takes his butter. An end. CT oil MCT oil. Is you take coconut oil? You stick in a centrifuge and take the best part of it the most
It's partly puts it in it says separates it, makes an oil puts that in the coffee, butter that's from Only grass FED cows 'cause, apparently the the the and that are much more healthy for your body and he the mixes it all together in a blender with his coffee, and he just It's back in stock, some self in the head, yeah! I was a trip around the country, there's very few people that really freaked me out this guy freaked me out was it what was the whole point of drinking that night? So it's been sensational body all the in the the fatty acids, all the the the oils, the healthy oils, from the a and c t oil in from the grass FED Butter, so sensational for brain function. Here you just feel like you're on fire. It's like really great stuff and get it doesn't like bring you out as easy, because I I don't understand, he explained how it's, how the the interact with each other and how how positive it is for your for your brain but he had all these crazy things that he did, and one of them was go to this place that that
with the sound we do need to let SAM with your mind, you're set up electrodes in you me literally manipulate sounds with thought in in in in in your mind and brain waves sounds cool and you're in an isolated place which total blackness and you're doing this, and apparently it's been shown to rewire your brain and the more, troll of you have over the sound it's like power, lifting for your brain and you come out of it with a permanent boost in your iq. He boosted design twenty points from this say a day every day, all day. Experience of this I magneto some some talking about is that on your own, when you walk in there. Well, listen. The guy was smart, as you wasn't fake, smart. As so, I had to like listen to everything he said and- and I know of that research and science backs almost every single different aspects of the the health part of his bulletproof diet. These put talking about. I read all the stuff. I mean it's, it's all. It seems like it seems rock solid. So this guys super genius character was claiming that twenty percent, or rather
twenty points of his iq is boosted by doing this fucking crazy, sound experiment in the dark for seven days, scared the shit out of Maine. Where did he claim? Where do you do this BC? That's where he lives. He lives up in peace, and he did he set this up or is it like a research like someone is doing no. Well, it's it's it's! You know, I don't I don't remember entirely, but it's based on the research some Neuro scientists have figured out something about manipulating brain waves with electricity and stimulation. So he put these little electrodes on his head and he sounds like a low volt to change his state from ALF but the beta or whatever the fuck it is, but he's got You know what different settings on it. I I put it on said. I said that it felt like a like. A bee was just touching you with the tip of his whore his little stinger, just not stinging any, but just he could just fine. Pick you up right now, dude, but not quite
and so this guy is obsessed with like manipulating his mind in like hacking, his body. So he takes in all these incredible amounts of essential nutrients and he's eating like the healthiest grass FED meat and he's fucking electrifying. His brain and he's going this place in manipulating things with sound, is getting smarter, like notably visibly smarter, and I know he's smart as fuck. You can't fake it for two hours, there's a certain amount of talking. We we can tell if we are, I've had people on the podcast before the new full of within, like the first twenty minutes talking to him, but the first fifteen minutes. I thought they were pretty cool and then somewhere along line to go. There's you this guy's a little wacky this summer. Some of the some wrong here are some. This guy was not. But this guy was a Kiki Kiki. Just fired off of this fucking information about how to either streamline your mind and how to make things work better and what nutrients are essential and what they do and how but literally it enhances the way, your nerve endings, your nerve endings interacted. He eats yak
the anchors delicious delicious, but they only eat a certain type of a plant and you can't even grow it at low altitudes. So they don't like live down here. It's like a tough to get young kids put it back in your backyard. 'cause. You grow yak food, this fucking just dies right. Does it get to collect exotic pets? I was just we're just talking about it outside all the idiots who have like python, fucking, chimpanzees in kangaroos and there's like beauty, pageants for exotic animals that people didn't know what a chimpanzee was until that one, eight that, ladies face people, thought that chimpanzees will like Bj and the bear you know like this. Is your body goes trucking with you? You know like there was sidekicks in movies and shit like
didn't see the videos of champs eating monkeys alive. You know they've, never seen a a chimp attack. A person didn't know about these champs in Africa right now that are going to forget one particular part of Africa, where they're actually going actively out of their way to kill humans in the field. You know I can pull that up, because it's that sounds like terrorism. I think we should go and start a war and that's only something secular doing to them. Shock with other people are sure like shocked that they're doing it back. Well, there there. There were reacting, it's in a Congo mean they eat them like crazy. In the Congress of Bush meat, the lions in Africa that were intentionally hunting humans and like keeping their bone This indicator yeah. That was the ghost in the darkness at sunset. Out of it, does that and Val Kilmer sexy and slim
yeah. The back manage is fucking tapped out, and it's like yeah imagine that this thing, Congo, chimps reportedly killing people. Imagine that thing and here's the thing is they go right for your fingers. First, that's what they like to rip apart. First 'cause. They know- can't fight back when you don't have fingers, so they immediately go up to your fingers that grab your hand and eat your fucking fingers, and you can't stop him can't stop on their way stronger than you. They have your hand they just going to your fucking fingers off and then they go after your dick. They go after Dick. They rip your dick off. They kill you. Sexually and then they go after your face. They pull your eyes out like they're smart. They know here, hate that didn't even kill you kill you easy. They could pick up a rock and just start smashing. You and you'd be dead, but then they're punishing you they're, punishing you, you by taking away your humanness, taking your ability to see things your sex or It's crazy to your feet apart. They attack people's feet yeah. And they're smart. You know they can spell. You know
they shouldn't be in cages. I mean there's no way and there should be a healthy separation between people in these fucking things in the real world, because they do that to each other. They go after other champs and they fucked them up. I mean it's amazing that just now starting to gang up on people, but ten people been killed, seventeen people have been severely injured and they killed one little kid. I don't give a fuck not your kid, they don't like people, they don't want people they'd, like I say. Well, it's only like six yeah. Just one of these things is an easy kill. Yeah This is scary, shit, man. I was listening to your interviews where you're talking to a guy who came back from China, so they love to eat monkeys in certain parts of China. So it's really not that much different from what we do in terms of other cultures of humans. Think it's appalling that so we would hunt down a monkey if I can ease just not even says you need to meet, but just for pleasure. Consider like a high status thing to have monkey on the table. You know that is
it's weird, more fucked up to do that or more fucked up to have drones that shoot rockets into buildings, and you know you're going to get legos. Ninety eight percent. Drones are accidentally, jobs are a little more fucked up. Is the percentage of two percent of the people that ninety eight percent fuck operate? Ninety percent, accidental murder and that's what we're getting all those bills, but that's a good way to fight terror. The only way the only way out of going to bust a move that right it's. So you have these two combating narratives, with, like the liberal and and NEO conservative establishment, where you're like we either have to have full fledged warfare. We have drone wars, but no one's question do we need? Maybe we don't need any You don't need the fucking fighting this proverbial enemy. That doesn't really happen way. Cooler. We can do without technology. Yeah? Well we didn't. The amount of money was spent in Iraq and Afghanistan would have funded like over four hundred mission the same size and significance is the curiosity mission to Mars. I did the math on that.
And I did the math well, that was the Neil Degrasse Tyson. Isn't that fucking psycho, though, like the money that we spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, which the average american citizen is received, zero benefit from we could have launched four hundred missions around the solar system. We also killed a million simple aside from the ship. We learn from doing all that. It's the jobs that would create right here in the US 'cause you don't outsource NASA jobs to China. They stay here in the US. It's crazy, yeah, It's interesting that this industry. Thought of as like by the people that are in charge. I guess as the only way of having this amount of business going on it's like That's the only way, instead of thinking of taking the same sort of initiative and some amount of focus and resources and put it on just building up inner cities, just for
in Detroit. You know if you seen the signs in Detroit now there saying enter Detroit at your own risk. It's like they're posting signs, saying in terrible places saying people should enter at their own risk like saying like, I guess, cops are going to go in there like the murder rate in Detroit is through the roof. It's the scariest place in the country right the city council. There was telling people not to come which is like weird 'cause. You know he's crazy. It's good for the economy to have people come and for them to say that it's got to be really yeah the fact that we're over in Afghanistan and we're not in Detroit. This is crazy, at least in the awesome campaigns lower the cops don't want to go to Detroit. You should look there's no way a country can be strong when the base of it. The bottom of it is fucked up and rotten, and the bottom of this country, the foundation in this country, is youth and poor. Neighborhoods, though the higher We can make the quality of life for poor people the better the. Old. Thing works the more accessible like happy
yes and wealth is to poor people, the more it's possible to gain and achieve, and you get out of there the the stronger. The whole thing gets like the idea that we have this finite amount of jobs. Now we just have a finite amount of jobs. With this system with system, but there's obviously a lot of work to be done. There's a shit load of things that need to get done and not everybody's going to get to be Tom Cruise, but a lot of people do a lot of really good fucking things that it is possible that we could use the same resources same. Billions of dollars that were allocating to going over places that we don't really understand for whatever fucking reason. You know it's not the truth. We could do that over here. It seems to be impossible. It just doesn't seem to be probable under the situation in this. The group- in charge right now, has such a stranglehold that they don't want to ever make you think that it's possible to do things any differently, we're always going to be at war with IRAN were never going really trust Russia. China is always dangerous. We don't know what they're really saying. I think China really is dangerous, though just my opinion but yeah. I think, based on what I've seen that no respect for human rights and they
growing at such a rate that they have to keep their middleclass happy and that's not going to happen forever. I mean it read it start, seeing signs of a slowdown, like a credit crunch, in a slowdown going to get desperate exactly there's only so many resources in the world and so much wealth, and they need more of it to keep their middle class from attacking Basically, they had a policy of of attacking other countries in the past They had a wilderness, they will kill them into a billion people and they want more and more and he tried to do things just not people, I'm not saying day like just the Chinese. I'm saying you get any country with a billion people that is just re we come online and that the capitalism game. We're having more shit is what you want to do, they're going to start to acquire various. Doesn't India have a billion two? They do they to make bollywood. They just make movies. They don't eat cows, they. Don't then I'm threatening anybody other than Pakistan. The right, is also hilarious about hearing how IRAN, when they get their nuclear weapon or whatever that people are fear, mongering us about
like they're, going to start a nuclear arms race in the Middle EAST, but they don't talk about Israel, Pakistan, well, so many countries that have nuclear stockpile think it's funny like Pakistan is sort of a sort of a US, backed country. There's a lot of us money going in there for the last like sixty years and India was sort of had the same thing going on with Russia, and you know us USSR Collapse in yet India's new it. Like emerging country, an Pakistan is doing so, it's hilarious, that we pay attention to them like they're, really dangerous. Well, we don't fuck with N Korea, N Korea scary, They are really brainwashed. It's a ninety country, full of people that will drop bombs. It's depressing to the human costs there. That is, people are one hundred percent brand watched, yeah honey yeah. They they brought a bit brought in an eye doctor to fix some other people's eyes, 'cause they cataracts to do whatever they do for cataracts shop that part out and replace it, and they did. This actually actually run the film crew, and this is like the
restore it to bring them into the countries. There are just filming the medical procedures and it's scary. Provision back instead of acting instead of thanking the doctor, like thank you, dear leader, for bringing us our vision, back it's like. No, he didn't bring your vision back, he's the reason why you have fucking cataracts in the first place, 'cause you working in a factory, your whole life with a dark lighting and chemicals being sprayed in your face. Did you see all the people that were crying in the street when he died in that people who weren't crying or actually punished? There were locked in jail for six months and punished and they lost jobs and like they have concentration camps, I mean you, go there to work and I yeah, but they don't have resources so fuck him. You know if they had oil, we would have an awesome movie about going to war. With n Korea right now. It would be the big deal but nothing there for us, it's not worth it's not in there. Yeah, I saw some Stan. I saw something on Twitter. It was like some
Please tell Congress that there's no oil on the internet yeah you better to do that. Yeah, that's where it is yeah, so the You know the only hope that I have for any of this stuff actually turning around is, I think, the people that have been in power for a long time. We gotta keep eternal life from them. We make sure they don't. Actually get some for a technology. We can live forever. Cuz, then I'll. Never thank you. So much power in that position is so much power in the position of being in charge of the military industrial complex being being in charge of you know where the money gets allocated being in charge of the influence of president that that that to get to that position, I mean that is an immense point of power and it's really hard to wrench power. When someone has that and it's even harder to get them to give it up, because it's not moral and that seems to be the only way you're ever really going to change things as they have to leave. They have to die off
people like yourself, young p, don't want to get involved in politics have to move into these previously corrupt rolls an bounce new standards. They to move in and a It's a new way of looking at things that people thought we were getting with Obama, so what we were happy about, we thought we were getting out of this same fucking, scary, shit that we had with this this corporate monster, Dick Cheney, pulling the strings of this dumb dumb from Texas, and we were terrified and were like this guy- does not represent us, but that doesn't leave half black is a single maha came from a single mom. You smoke weed, come in all my god. It's going to be this shit Mean Corp
because already taken over, and I think that it's just a matter of understanding that and undermining the whole system. We can't just wait for people to take over these positions in and change it from the top down. I can never have got a fighting, so you got to fight both keys. You can just go after one of the other part. Is the system is broken yeah. They have systems this on for size. No! Do parties I mean shutting shirts all clearly shows like this are helping like it's not just the system we need to fix. Also people need to become aware, yeah. I know a lot of people don't even know the is happening right now. They think I still have a government that kind of represents them by the way. Is good for the government to because I'm Chuck power is bad for you too, you don't want to be in that position. You should be checked you should there should be. Regulations should be. There should be sale with the should be's six safeguards in place to protect you. From human nature. It should be very dean and very clear, and since we're moving into this age, more access to information than ever before, it should be easier to check you
Never before you should be more noble, you should be more just. It should be more fair. It shouldn't be the opposite: shouldn't be more surveillance, Storing of your fucking phone calls without warrants more whatever the crazy there. Now it shouldn't be that that's a sign of a sickness, that's a sign of you trying to hang onto your addiction. What you're trying to do is isolate everybody and get them away from you, you're trying to force yourself into a position where you can control the situation, because you don't want to accept the fact that you're live out of life and the people that are in charge of whatever the fuck. It is call it whatever you want, whatever it is, that's moving us into war whatever it is that the Oil out of the ground and the way you get it is by Jack in countries and holding up the resources, whatever the fuck, that is, they have to come to some sort of realization that this is an insane way to live yeah. It's the it's, the resistance to change its the resistance of the inevitability that they do not want to accept that they're, trying very hard to maintain us into this ideological
control. They fear this connection so badly. They fear this that it's coming down and that's why they're trying to lie Everything up and that's why they're trying to set up these safe some place where, basically, everything is legal. They can just arrest you if you don't have to have a lawyer. Now, there's a we have a live, your article six paragraph five. We can go from you with hammers. If we want to the should talk about that. The thing that Amber was talking about at lunch, with the with the new, the New India Bill, that's scary! So can you read before he started, but this two thousand thirteen India? What about them? Well, there's a law right now with the base was as like, the the the the government can't turn propaganda against american citizens. So not allowed to like, have all that. You know war, propaganda, posters and stuff like that. For some reason, people may Congress have decided that they won and do that and it's going to be kind of another writer in the same way that indefinite detention was on the year two thousand twelve in the a and what we were like
just kind of theorizing at it the one of the ways that they could use, that is by I'm using government funding to hire people to basically said on Twitter all day, but that's what they already do. Well, I mean they already do it. I mean it is quite likely they were already indefinitely detaining people, because now they'll have the green light to leak, right lie and the resource yeah. So as time goes on and gets more and more crazy, they can just do anything. They want and it'll all be legal, so they've essentially made being a dictator legal, social media and the same with rice, Royd, mainstream media. Instead of having like war posters on the wall, what they have is like banks of people sitting on twitter all day, like in presence like going after Abby for like something she says on her show and pretending. Not it's going to be. Labeled is like a government. Twitter account they're going to be like pretending this page. You know what, though they're, never going to have the amount of enthusiasm that the people fight in them are because they're just going to be shitty government employees that don't really have that in mind as what they want to be doing with their lives, whereas
that fighting it they're, led by a vision. There led by they have a hope and a dream for something being better and they they have. They have passion these people this just their job. It's just another obstacle in the people that things like that, just for a job they suck out at like this people on my message board there, probably government agents are terrible at it. No bye week from PETE lays his d e a agent ever you know it's like it's. It's pretty obvious man, there's there's! You know it in order to get people to be e, as charismatic to be be as educated on the subject to be, as as aware of what young people are tuned into. You would have to like become one of them. You know you do If you were working for the government and you were working- and you were- you were supposed to be like in an agent provocateur and you
working on the internet with more more access to the internet, you're going to start looking at it again with the fuck? Am I working for you know? And if you're twenty nine year old, guy or thirty year old Guy, it's very possible that you would start doing some things for the opposition, it's very possible that guy, like Bradley Manning, did exactly that. That he's I'm working for the government- and you realize at one point in time like holy shit like look at someone needs to see this stuff like this is crazy stuff. This is nuts were shooting these reporters and joking about it they're making it seem like it's no big deal and they're shooting at Van full of kids, and I want to see why I should have brought kids lucky you're here and shit like that, and you know what the fuc it releases it and now he's an enemy of the state and they give him the same brain scrambles treatment that they're giving people in Guantanamo. That he's done. I mean you know, keep some in solitary for that long. That is
well into your turn and lose your brain. You need stimulation with other human beings in other people's faces. You know right, like the social can ever testify. He could never you never like plead his case, like literally the yeah, because he started yeah. The tension is only been legal at less than three hundred sixty five days via the NDAA, but probably Manning's, when I'm pretty tall pre trial detention for over nine hundred now, how crazy is that man and nobody's nobody scrambling to try to get that played out nobody's talking about. It is part of their campaign strategy. That really didn't know politicians anyway, yeah people are most a lot of people care about this, but, to be honest, there a lot of people who don't. And recently there is a huge controversy about Reddit Gawker, which you know rock, could big gossip blog the identity of one of the moderators on Reddit, who is behind some of their? more disgusting sections, like one section posted photos of dead girls under the age of seventeen. That was like the specific purpose of this community was to do that and there
lot of people online who are outraged that his identity was revealed in this article and was a grandfather was he. I don't know that much about, I know uses in Texas yeah, but they were. They were so outraged, they're so average about this, that they blocked Gawker from posting links on many parts of Reddit to like stardom of traffic, which I mean gawkers popular regardless. But I I was saying how fucking sick is that you're defending this scumbag when, meanwhile, there are actual political activists who are having their anonymity, stripped from them and they're being thrown into fucking prison cells. Are activists are the same thing done to them like Jeremy Hammond, his name, is You don't see any up here on Reddit or Digg about that shit like people like there's a disconnect. You know Obama, prosecuted, more whistleblowers and any other administration combined using an antiquated law from world war? One one thousand five hundred and seventeen will lock the espionage act for spies during world war. One they've charged Thomas break some guy who was an NSA whistleblower, but I illegal torture and spine program and they fucking tried to put him in jail
for twenty years for espionage, yeah Bradley Manning the same thing which could have the death penalty. I mean that's a very serious charge, aiding the enemy. Doesn't that hope he changes it not through hope we can be yeah, it's pretty intense. What do you guys see happening in the future? What how do you see this playing out? Do you have any idea? Is it ridiculous to even gas It seems that we're building towards an event it doesn't. It doesn't seem to me that you know we continue with all these various aspects, the continual the the wars overseas, the battle for resources, the crazy people have representing us that don't seem to have anything in line with their own personal needs or our own way once our desires as a nation, it it seems, we were being led. We're on a pirate ship were on this crazy fucking pirate ship and where we're about to hit
rock somewhere. I think I always tell people, don't I mean people who vote in this presidential elections in and think that there's going to be some sort of change that can never happen. It's only come from grassroots is only come from the bottom up and I think that if you you just acknowledge that voting is something that you do everyday a couple times a day, I mean everything you do is politicize everything you do can can have an impact. So I think the conversations you have the dialogue you engage in the the business as you choose to support the websites you go to the media you consume, I mean all of that is an act of voting. All that can enact some sort of change, and so it's just it's just it's easy to get dissolution and disempowered from getting sucked into these election cycle. Just psychically, vamp helpers- I don't know it's hardly feel like you can have it have an affect on something like a presidential election, maybe like a lot of people, feel like it doesn't really matter if I go on, but what the where they can have an effect is and like with people like David, like
on a congressional level and in on in mid term elections, a spit specifically in primaries, where a lot of good, perhaps good politicians, get pushed out. And if you can get in there and give us an inside view what the fuck is going on with that machine. That would be fast, and then I have my Google glasses on just an insight how the fucking machine runs 'cause, it must be way more complicated. Then I imagine it must be just There's a lot of probably like a ton of pressure just coming down on you at all. This can be hard, as you can get there, unless you've already sucked the lizard talk, but here's the thing if you have favorite in there bring you in a room with the mouse, sucking lizard, cock, dude, the model that we're basing this on a little bit different from the lizard sucking model, it's improved if we get law. List of contributions from individuals like 10s of thousands small donations from real people, you're beholden to those people instead of being beholden to the MPAA or the defense lobby or any other shit. Or
Israel, US relations, lobby, you're, now only behave to the people who actually help get you in the office and your constituents and that's the way representation is supposed to work in this country, and it no longer does because most people feel powerless. Most people have never given twenty dollars to anything in their life. That is political. There are people go. I don't like pilot x right. They think of money around politics, they're not giving money to Gary Johnson, any people who, if you were to give them money it would make a huge difference, but I have it that's what it takes well he's been elections in politics since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, so we have a clean election system, Super Pacs are new and fucked up, and that needs to be reversed we need to clean election system like but there's other ways I mean it doesn't have to be that way. Well, it would be nice if people could vote online,
it seems silly. If you can get back online, exactly doesn't make any sense. If you mommy more monies safe online, really come on the fucking billions and trillions of dollars. That are moved around with ones and zeros and they haven't hacked that, but you're saying they can hack. Well, they already hacked your fucking voting machine, so those things aren't good either. How could it be so little transparency in these bulky bach he's like yeah, you can't see how it works. Now we count it there's no back up, you know, there's no verification and if you ever watch hacking democracy and then you watched Diebold's chain, if their name after that that hacking democracy HBO show where they showed how those fucking machines are set up for a third party input to alter the number you can alter the numbers yeah, you can change it in like by ten percent or something crazy. I should be illegal by the way Tapia corporations doing evil shit and you just re brand is something else, but you retain all the same leadership in the same actual company like the in academic would be like Charles Manson being like I'm going to re brand is Chris whatever and then like he's out of prison, daddy becoming p Diddy.
Who are you really are stupid? Snoop dogg Snoop Lion, but that's just hanging out with reggae. Do you smoke a lot of weed? You think your cat, also the CEO of Diebold, told Bush at a campaign event. He was just like you will get in every president? Well, I need mushrooms, they all need to be taken away dose. I keep saying I live in DC and I'm just like. I just wanted to solve the politicians here and, like all the CIA agent, think it's amazing obvious should be able to get into politics, and I don't think like once you leave, politics. You should be able to go work for the corporation. They have like suppressed court justices ago. Work like overturn a law and then they'll go join a corporation. The benefits from it, of course. Well. How about people that construct financial studies that that benefit people on Wall Street and then they're they're in universities, when they do this, then
you get out of that and they get jobs with these very firms that they've helped protect and make money, and you find out that they're making millions of dollars. You know working for these corporations now the opposite way with like Halliburton in Dick Cheney. Obviously, that would be the biggest examples, most ridiculous whenever a guy who is the ceo of a company that fix your shit after it gets blown up, gets in office and then decides to blow up everything and then give them no bid contracts and they did a horrible job too. I just watch something on that the other day when they were talking about the quality of the water like the quality of the services, they are providing the soldiers with rich. It was just ridiculous and the selling burn pits is that, like they would like take all this all this. All this equipment was bought by taxpayers, an image like chunk it away like the
waste was just phenomenal. It's 'cause the more they spent the more they got paid. Now I have to bring this up because it's been discussed online and you explained it all, but there was like some discussion that you were misrepresenting where you were running. There was a confusion as to where just so everybody knows what the actual facts are. Where are you running for Congress and when so people can support you sure the election is November. Fourth, two thousand and fourteen I'm running in the 23rd district Florida. There will be no world, then here's here's, the problem, if you run as an independent candidate and you decide last minute to jump in which is when a lot of independence to notice, you get your fucking ass handed to you, so instead we're being very deliberate and slow and careful and grad Building this thing out, we've already had like a hundred and ten people sign up to volunteer volunteer to help us campaign and we're raising donations. We filed with the fec with with the IRS we have all financial stuff figured out, and-
the green dot in dot in all of our eyes crossing our parties. So that's water running so early 'cause. We actually want to win this, isn't some half assed independent campaign to make appoint its to actually win, and I had never said I was running in twenty twelve. What happened is I did AMA for a couple of guys, swooped in, and I think it might have actually been one guy with two usernames and they kept saying his campaigns of fraud. Don't contribute It might even be illegal to contribute to this campaign. They're saying shit and then, as soon as I saw it, I replied and explained everything and there was I'm confused about the district 'cause. It was previously called the 20th district, and so, but first our website did say: 20th district was redistricted mean redistricting is uh, credibly complicated. I don't fully understand it I'll be honest about that, but so I responded in any rational person who read. That would say. Okay, this explains everything, but then these I was down voted that comment, so it was buried if you skimming your like. Why did he answer this and then they would
it again and I would comment again David down, go to like make it ten votes, and then I was I was like this is like I'm done with the red and they for today it was so good and then help people in a room to do you I think that that could be people that look at you as a potential threat in the future, and they want to try to squash you now. I don't know if and yet I think they're just has got to figure out there to be a certain point time. When you are there trolls out there, and if there are trolls out there need to love to take people they yeah, they see somebody has put their on the line. They don't really like that because it calls them out. You know they're just sitting there criticizing other people will also you're you're smart and what you're saying is pretty fascinating and what you're saying you have a lot of conviction behind and people don't like people that are better than themselves, they like someone who they can't like look at him and let me look look at what I've done in my life by the time. Twenty six and I'm kind of a fucking loser compared to this guy
last name semen, I know the last name is ridiculous: yeah yeah, I'm not going to change it got only you are. My last name is just like you should change to that deal which is yeah warm Jesse, Billy David seaman. Do you really want a man in office with the last name sperm gonna be asking him? Is I like to be a part of a campaign against use mark if evading the lesson, pry ups of young voters, but David voted against the Patriot ACT white ladder on the screen with the Sirius for second, what's really important, my campaign is not even that one person out of a four hundred thirty five member house makes that much of a difference as I being able to introduce legislation which will make a difference. But the big thing is this actually happens. We're going to create a handbook and tribute to other people around my age, and anybody is interested in running and not interest. Affiliating themselves with Super Pacs or with lobbying groups with one of the two big parties You show them the handbook of here's, how it can be done. Use the internet.
Have a party raise small individual donations remain Rella, be honest. Don't fucking sell out six months before the election to the Coke brothers or something, and if you release this looking to go, this has been done before here's the the recipe, so many people blood in Congress, who are more like more like you and me just actual people were pissed off at the way things are going and feel like we had some rationality in there. Things will get better and you already seen that happen. It's going to happen it's just under there have. It happened two years from now, instead of ten or fifteen years from now. Do I think that you have to worry about your safety. With this plan in mind. Do you think about that at all what I'm doing is a great thing, and I mean to worry about you. Fifty for just trying to improve the country in that crazy though it is crazy, some people say like you're, probably on some list now and I used to be like kind of Alex. What about those like? I, I probably am on some list. You know, but now I think it's kind of flattered by it. If the governments reading my emails in my texts are probably a little bit impressed that Dell and I have marshaled this kind of support this far out and that are
That campaign is really just about what we say it's about. It's not actually secretly backed by the clean coal. Lobby or some bullshit the campaign of people who want to see better presentation? That's all it is so if there was Neither little bit impressed will afraid of. You know having somebody Julian maybe by hooking me up with some hooker or something in a taping it. You know if that happens, free hooker, I don't know yeah! Yes, you hooker. I mean this, but if you look at what this NSA building that they're, putting together in Utah, that's going to spy on everybody, you know in store. All your data for all your emails and text messages, and all that craziness mean the to me seems like they think everyone's a threat so you're a threat to dude. If you're on the show. That's why we gotta do this now is in like within the next two years, instead of fifteen years from now, we won't have. We want to have a republic 'cause, it's going to be. Oh, you want to run for office
all of these emails. We have an art and essay database of you saying this pretty scandalous to somebody. Would you what you want to go public with this, because then it's gonna run your campaign and you go okay, I'll resign. Is there a way to change the tone of this country? Is there a way I mean because of the tone of this country? Clearly changed on September eleventh? Clearly it did. We went dark. Everything went crazy. We realized the repercussions of what the we're doing. I mean if, if whether or not it's a a false flag event- and they you know they orchestrated or terror, hate so much much. They won the sacrifice, people's lives and fly people in the buildings, whatever realizes repercussions to whoever there is in office being in office who uh who is in government, whoever is in conducting world affair. Well, there's. Obviously some fucking chaos cousin. They wanted to make a big noise. They want to make a big splash and kill a bunch of people how can I change two things that could change? One is shows like yours, where you're opening real conversations and shows like yours, where the people on TV with Abby. Martin show you know you're like she's kind of like me she's, not so
yeah, you got a robot she's, not some plastic person is just being fed. These Fox news talking points, and you probably know at the end of the at the end of the day that you're at the very least, distracting people from the real issues. I'm sure those people go home, knowing that and they go well, I'm getting paid three million dollars to do it so who really gives a shit and that's the first thing. The second thing, I think is you just have to keep going like you can't stop just 'cause. There are some issues, but there I feel a lot of people there's a silent majority who is fed up with the TSA, groping them and fed up with the spending. This much money on programs that we maybe don't really need well the prob, The surveillance state is the chilling effect it makes people stifled into not dissenting not speaking out as much because when you know if you have, if you have a recording device on a table, you're not going to say the same things as you were before, and so when you know that you're being watched everywhere, court everywhere, surveilled a date in mind, you're not going to speak out as much I've heard. I've had so many people say no rg terrified and I'm like I'm just speaking the truth, I'm just speaking what I believe and you know
talking about what I'm passionate about and if and if everyone could have shed themselves of that fear and didn't let that affect the way that they act. Then. I think that the country would be a lot They're not going to be able to hold on to that kind of power. I don't think it's going to be exclusive to them. I think the internet, the this just this sort intertwining of information into our lives. I think it's going to get to a point where there's just this zero point this this. The point of you know what turns can I called ultimate novelty. We're going reach some new paradigm, new shift in yeah. Look at what we look at. We can do now we're just with Google and cell phones and just the ability to talk to people. Are you driving your car home? It's really a crazy activity that we sort of taken for granted, because it's just Bluetooth in my car, I guess kinda cool, but you get used to it after awhile when you do business while you're stuck in traffic, but that's uh weird thing and that's just what we know exists. Could someone invented it? They haven't stopped doing that they're going to
continue and there probably on the cost of releasing some shit over the next decade, or so that's going to make that look like nothing and then now I'm going to have any privacy we're going to have to accept this. Idea of like humans being one. You know that the human race is just one big gigantic super organism. Well, that's going to be real as fuck like Not just going to be some sort of a Hippie Dippie yoga phrase. You know that you because it makes you feel better. It's going to be. It's going to be real you're, going to be able to see everyone's going to know the real live repercussions of all sorts of different types of behavior. We're going to be able to see how people really feel about each other going to see now. People really view you. It's going to be very different in life now and it's inevitable. It's not going to it's not going to stop. Just like we one point time, animals with no communication whatsoever. We were one time single celled organisms with no, you know no way of making any noise and we became this thing and thing is not going to stay this thing forever. This thing is going to be something wait. Fucking crazier, so
are all of our problems. We have right now. Are the monkey mind the fucking, wild male DOM a chimpanzee mind- that's trying to take over the world while While this is happening, technology is just moving closer and closer in on its scrambling and they're trying to do the most arcane, we could just lock him up for no fucking reason. Yes, lock him up and they're doing all this thing, that's because the troops are circling. People circling is like this big ant death spiral of the more madness that we operate under the more access to information. We we have the crazier it's going to get it's going to get to a point where it can't be contained because everyone will be involved in it. It won't be. Simple. As these world bankers can tell the you know the troops to move in a certain positions. We're going to know exactly where it's coming from everyone's going to know where it's coming from everyone is gay. Why it's coming from from from from Whenever you know, whatever group is pushing what eh agenda, that's forcing people to die and they going to be punished.
There's just no way is no way. You can keep this fucking game going on and less you bomb us back to the stone age, and it only a few one thousand people survived. Then it's possible, so if you are real speculator and if you looked at like if you looked at the human race and listen, there's no way we're going to be able to keep this up we're going. Do is build something about five miles into the ground and we keep you alive for about three years? That's what we, and we need about a year for the radioactive waste to die off, and then we come up back to the surface. When most the people are dead, we start all over again follow then, apparently, this part five minutes yeah. I think there will be a breaking point. He's going to care. I think you can call you there has kinky going yeah there has to be. I don't think there be as many people online trying to change things if we were all hopeless. We are truly hopeless, like people like Abby and dude like if you care about you, country you want to see it do better Yeah, you don't want to see it devolve into a bunch of Fucking Walmart Parking, lots and protesters being beaten.
And they start holder, valence cameras everywhere. I think our goal of Maine being like upbeat throughout this show It's not hopeless! It's not hopeless! It's ridiculous! It's not hopeless! It's just ridiculous! The human society, as we know it is a temporary thing. It's not going to stay this way. You can't it just can't This is the way of fucking books and town meetings where to people talk loud 'cause they had no microphones. This is the way of the small tribes led by a few leaders, should doesn't work anymore. There is a global world environment were living with that's what we're living with we're we're we're all connected. Now Does Jason Silva Videos where it's like an amazing future. His technologies uplifted us. That's what happens if we actually do our parts and speak out and take a role in government, take a role in the media and getting the truth out there. That's what we get! That's our reward if we we do our roles as individuals and as a community. If we don't do those things we
Look at that, it's not going to magically happen. I really don't believe that I think if we don't do our parts, we end up in a place that looks more like a kind of, like total recall, version of the future. People are living in small dingy apartments, cameras everywhere and secretive police, pulling people away, for no reason, just understanding that you have power. You have the power to take. Take back the message and take back. Anything around you. I mean we built everything. Human beings are amazing creatures. Looking we've done, I mean we have. The ability to take it back is also the realization that we're not going to be human beings forever. Bratz rats forever after the the ass. It's at sixty five million years ago, there was just like rats. Now somehow another became monkeys and it became people did not going to stay people just we're clinging on we're, imperfect beings, clinging existence and it Be that this, this symbiotic relationship we have with technology, might mean that the next form of life is an artificial one. Might that we are here to put that into real we're here? We're the bees. Making the hive
don't really know why the fuck were doing it, where the animal that pollinates the where the, where the thing that starts up the next stage of life emotionless, something that does doesn't have ego. Doesn't those resources intentionally recycles everything and doesn't reproduce more than it needs to? And that's the next stage of life? the next stage of life, creates the next and it's going and going, and we just all cocky and shit. We think the only kind of life is biological life. It could be that we're here to make some new shit and then to the we're just the things that stay alive until this new then comes online so and then That's the case. You congressional run, don't mean shit side. Unfortunately, well it's does now for us. It means a lot John,
or whatever name is direct Jonte toured the guy the time traveler fuck this fucking shows been a drag. I'm sorry tomorrow we're going to talk about roids, going to talk about. We bring in Victor Conte who's, the guy who got he got arrested and went to jail for the ball. Scandal the Barry Bonds thing all those guys who got a steroid undetectable. Bastani is going to tell us how many different people are cheating in sports. Apparently it's everybody apparently, like You can't be a high level athlete unless you're doing something. That's funky. If everyone is cheating that doesn't mean like nobody is cheating like that's what I've always wondered about stuff like that, I don't think it's everybody think I'm exaggerating. I think it's eighty percent of people, but so a lot of the best people. I mean this Lance Armstrong thing pretty crazy. You know At what point time I mean how many different people have to get busted before you hey? Are you guys on that? Just tell me the truth: why did they wait? This long is a foreigner to attack a national hero like they built this guy up and now they have to tear him down for that have been done at because I could win. I wanna do that with Phelps to just over pot. No, they didn't,
didn't they never try to prosecute him. Not I think you're going to now is less time start as lost as living. Men is a big big difference. Yeah, the witch hunt, the trend take aways titles, they've stripped him of you know all of us to France, wins and apparently in other bits, american doping, Cisar, anti doping society, that's doing it or whatever the the name of the organization. Is there d e a whatever it is mad whatever it is, they I mean they don't even they don't even have the right to take it away. It's not, they didn't award it. I wonder what's going on with that. He did something to somebody you know, maybe someone like big Sheryl Crow fan. We start banging show group, that's it! This mother, Fucker he's going down one ball and all, and I think they can take him down. They could take anyone down yeah. Well it, how is cheating yeah, I mean I'm not saying you shouldn't do it because it seems like everybody was doing it, but it seems like everybody was doing it. I mean I I don't know you know I don't know, but the the guy passed, a bunch of drug tests? It seems to me that you're wasting a lot of money going after some guy just gives a bunch of people said he did some things and you
you, got all these drug test that he passed. Could you imagine if that was like with you at work? You know, I fucking know David Seaman, smoked, weed man. We took the cleanse together like this sonofabitch, this guy tested positive and you tested negative and they'll go after you for years and years and years after you've. Already quit ups mean that's really what's going on, he doesn't ride bikes anymore and their fucking still dragon's gotta jail or in the court rather and finally, just quitting- I don't know, but apparently we're going to find out tomorrow. Don't do that problem, confusing shit out me going to find out tomorrow from Victor Conte, he's going to he's going to, let us know and apparently there's a lot of different ways to do it, where it's not dangerous. Elevate your levels of testosterone, always different substances legally and healthy, and going to show us that too let's get subs, he sells stuff like Zm, a zinc, magnesium, zinc and magnesium supposed to up your testosterone that we all need that.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming here. We have to have one with just you and low alone. We had a little bit of a scheduling, issue abing. So next time will do just use that sound good. It will do that November. Will do that number and any time you like from back myself to please keep that in mind. Like my mind. Sometimes I would love to do Skype interview. Do it live or we could do a lot before. I leave California when you limit. Let's talk about what is good talk after thanks down and and follow Abby Martin Abby Martin on Twitter, with is D, Underscore see: men yeah, that's it d on as he ate you heads, yeah the man and if they want to go online, it's David seaman for Congress and they can sign up to do like all the David seaman for Congress, cut dot com, yeah yeah come in and they can sign up and volunteer, donate or just learn more information about what yeah and stay posted folks, because we're gonna we're gonna, keep having guys like David on and guys and gals rather like Abby on, and you know, there's a
a lot of things that I didn't know there's a lot of things. I'm sure you didn't know either about the way this world works and the more it gets exposed the less they can keep doing it. It's not we live in a fucking crazy world, but if it wasn't for guys like you most people know about it really. So thank you very much for coming on. Thank you very much for doing what you're doing and your show on RT. How can people follow? Are breaking the set just check that out on Youtube? It's all archived on there there you go. You dirty fox thanks, thanks for sponsor no show on it, dot com go to and and it use a code name Rogan and save yourself. Ten percent off numbers only dislike for today, though, it's probably over by now with time is it seven hundred o'clock or something yeah if you are doing this on what's today's date, what is it six 16th of October get this sixteenth 16th of October, the the follow on code and it follow on it. You save twenty percent off today, all right
tomorrow we will see you with Victor content. Oh um, say Francisco and Seattle, Greg Fitzsimmons, just join me, so grateful Simmons is come with Maine yeah, so yeah we haven't done the road together like ever and Greg, and I have been friends since the fucking 80s yo, so we're doing a San Francisco on November second and Seattle on November. Third should be fucking suck and that's it folks. We had a death squad show here tomorrow night at the ICE House Comedy club. It be me Greg Fitzsimmons how to back out of it he's going to some other place. I forget where he's going in Edwards in Edwards is going to here Duncan Trussell Course Brown Redban and I will probably call some other friends and have them come by as well. It's always a good time. At the ice House in Pasadena. It's only fifteen dollars and it's ten lock on Wednesday, alright fuck it freaks will see you tomorrow, and then we got another one TIM Pool is coming in. On Thursday, it's going to be crazy
hi. We love you guys, thanks for everything, big kiss by.
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