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2012-11-12 | 🔗
Dave Attell, Brian Redban - Date: 11/12/2012
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sweet baby jesus we are back again satisfaction relief tension fulfil fulfilled philips exploded whatever listen san diego you fucking savages were off the chain this weekend i want to thank the fuck out of everyone of you it was amazing that that was one of my favorite shows ever in san diego even with hecklers was great it was just a couple douchebags joey blue joey diaz when i go on stage things the same guy called me later yield sure to some support due to publish signed up for the army when you say teen yeah something there's a lot of those now but obviously fuckin incredible just damn i loved diego that is that is why one of the most underrated all time cities are really is placing craddock zephyr there we fear wow it's because the military thing mean they definitely have an issue with with marijuana down there they take shut down all the
ops is fuckin this military everywhere down there it's crazy if you have military and we'd because another they start giving high go and was just random mexico man it's right there in fact is to shoot you buddy anymore anyway somebody fucker fantastic show this weekend montreal sold out bitches socked et no tickets tough share you all alonzo out and canada you should probably just super big i should probably just move their power to canada's fuckin awesome even in member in montreal with that done and tat s how we are going to be there and eventually siege or saint pierre going to fight carlos candidates oh shit son what a wild weaken that will be this punk ghastly german is brought to buy till one of our new sponsors and what ting is lays genuine
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cost more than three hundred bucks so they sort attack that money onto your bill and then if you try to cancer early then you have to make up the difference in pay for what the phone really would have been like phones like a good iphone or someone is really fuckin explained six hundred similar things and have that set up the eating more it works as you want cancels fuckin cancel if you don't use all your minutes like say if you have a higher plan with more minutes and you don't use it they automatically you down to the next plan in your next bill and save you money it is a very very fair and ethical company and they work off this sprint backbone so they have excellent self service joey ideas has spread he's had spent four years you if you try to take stock away from joe ideas he will locking stab you fuckin spread top soccer shit never goes i'd make calls from the fuckin plain in the air you got a phone call on the airlines
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i think that writing that's what i know it is a true i would tell the truth man looks sampling did get that official led though you know i'm saying it's like when james irvine blew out his knee is because they use american workers right you're exactly no they don't i dont know if there's an ethical cell phone to buy folks certain should in this day and age you're gonna have to ignore unless you get a cell phone made in montana fuckin dear antlers and and old scrap i think they were gazelle chosen it just pay for one of these ting phone said i just not wafered lines are obviously not listening to vary the like doubt the wikipedia people we wikipedia tribute period people do not want to recognise brine red ban as an official celebrity sid it's bullshit because they recognize a lot of people that are less famous thing porn stars every single porn stars in there dad about you did day or not accepting this medium and this is a view fuck heads better come kullak correct
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damn i didn't you joked on which i think it's telling you that you can you can get there nutrition as well and i think with nutrition and exercise is a lot of people to feel like shit that would feel a lot better david tell why in our judgment and why put away the cigarettes get on it oh and i to use the code name rogan and save yourself ten percent of the number one supplement for men or such like this is my duty this is the gas mask chimpanzee higher primate t shirt you can't see it now you know for the rest of the pike ass yeah not enough for the rest upon guess what the fuck i'm wearing but we have three new designs and at higher primate and dissolves will you have suffered amounts talk or not whatever the fuck you want something you david tell now i was going to say what's the difference between the serotonin melatonin melatonin would you sleep melatonin
relax i'll put you to say yeah that's great firstly to serotonin is what actually makes you feel happy hour dopamine turn around one just sleep now i get it will you have like a little tipp to filter like a little this is hunters thompson fatiguing i am what you'd ogres out the parking lot i would love to ever your teeth is that why you do it i definitely than i was trying to stop smoking so like i figure that further i get away from the cigarette the more you need to get a real like an extra someone just smoke it for me and i just do this very fucking observe yeah we're on top of all this i will say we're on the ball we say we're on top and right habitable lamp and fuckin show ladies and gentlemen does not start until i hear music it doesn't officially start until branch who's the track and then
then we move which will gain experience by powerful david tell what's up my brother looking back try me gentlemen this pleasure every time it going to allay i'm always help unlike can i anguish joe and widow in it thank you thank you for doing a man you know one of the course things about being a professional comedian easier to hang out other professional comedians guess you know i talked to stand once he was he was drunk course who is that's our doggie it which has led to get there the road was like you know one man egos i quit standard but i couldn't quit hanging out withstand ups yeah that's i feel to man i mean it's we're so lucky that we have the couldn't manage if i had to deal with like if i'd just worked with a bunch of people weren't funny and hung out what only a bunch people weren't funding
would drag ah to drag still was there anything worse than non funny people i just now that every time i started doug who we both think is amazing jack he's and the bag is at an airport authorities like the latter airport bore drunk in america but he doesn't play i dont want away the people warrant funny don't get offended mean if the army if you're not funding you try to be funding that's why i mean there's nothing worse than a few not funny just can accept that shit although that's bullshit really because how the fuck do you ever become funding i mean you gotta everyone was not funny at one time why this millennium i had occurred targets of the following areas on their phone all times is like very little connection you know saint herbs like looking at stuff we using its hard to be funny today than it was back in the day i do not think that like for me personally my funny stem from a lot of awkward situations where i was like how the fuck am i going to get
this right and i have said something and they laughed and then i fuckin bolted so i really help me in my earlier years of like aids erratic sends a human you know and unless you can become a comic than you realise these other guys like that you know and then like you know we can all gel together we also have like a perspective on things that a lot of other people down like a lot of people are looking for like happiness fell men enclosure acting as a comic economic role with the way things are and the humor and yeah i also at this point i feel like i have this massive obligation to continue to put out matter real indonesia s hands and you really approve yea them and they tell my guy we're the best time we love you you look you don't have stopped doing like while our i can't can't stop i gotta get to work harder for because it i use did not believe that when people say that you know that they do for their fans but you really
that's the only way you can do it you gotta do it for them while how cool is that when a guy comes up two years as i did i love this joke or like you know you didn't do that joke that i love and like it's a joke they liking it like a man there is a reason to do this somebody's listening i like that do you still love stand up the art form d so what watch while you know we artist i mean i consider parliament everybody else i know an order to some degree but everybody else i know in order to some degree but i very few tools i too and one of em is mention dick joe had i to always really can use the lot it doesn't matter i don't i feel like i'm more tricky than i am like funny and like i do take a lot chances but i don't really know i feel like after doing to twenty six years that i should have more together then i do i don't you know you know we stand hobby you as an example in saying why there's someone i'm not to do teaching someone was teaching comedy class and it was talking about how
confidence is like one of the most important things you have to know you're funny the use of examples said that is the dumbest fuckin example of it's not true like hard fast rules is look at a tell you now have a brilliant idea believable you one of my favorite comedian lie i really come out from the point of light i work really of negativity so i think that that's that's kind of like my zone that's where you will have our my iron man i fuckin thing in my chest so you have to hate even your own act in order to work how much you gotta have the flying a day early to pick up all the hate i know i have and what has gone from what is it all god i'm aids like you know first of all like you know it's kind of a great gig if you do here or because you're alone so much like state environment airport chain smoking and like thirty degree whether san francisco where was it is not
but like re evaluating your life your act did all the mistakes all that kind of shit so i think it's like perfect for me you know i don't know how you you roll with like a very cool crowd of like excellent fanned really you know you call your own shots and i just look up to you man i mean i bow to you but i probably at the blowing you that's ridiculous gives too early inasmuch as you one of my favorite comedians is only a few guys and i will go out of my way to see and you use you certainly one of our thanks with one of the things that we do different than anybody else is there we go on the road with each other like we bring like if we go on the roads brian it's me it's our its duncan its joey we bring our it's a family family so if we go to eat we agree that fucking thousand times a year in the great mostly off bogart
yeah we're net out follow two thousand almost every city and you know those brazilian steakhouses of every i'm gonna generic keeping its most amazing creation of colouring excellence they give you like a little love park like a hockey pluck public another of me no no no this is its chester coaster yet its green on one side and read on the other side and when its green they keep commonly like one of those in brazil o in brasilia let's call it you korea y yeah and they ask a car they come with judge flogging secures of me it's cooked over open flames i didn't know you were me i thought you were like you know like very organic and you know well i mostly grass let me offer my goals to ultimately grass fed me in game i want one aim allow game what would the year old woman animality all the animals that ever lived dear delicious nominate and all the ones that ever lived out like that i'd go back in time
elegant dinosaur would like to have a dinosaur stake can you imagine what a t rex take would be like t rex tender loins down wings will you can eat alligators young people eat alligators on a regular basis swamp people after breakfast down i've had it it's not bad it's not that it is like chicken a definite tastes like alligators yet that's what algorithms success evil swampy just an evil funds a dinosaur isn't an angry monster yes like the panda the dinosaurs two hundred million years old in that shape they haven't changed well filled so would they eggs they existed more than two hundred and thirty years before the big asteroid hit the kilo yeah they would literally been around a hundred thirty million years in this form shall we see them wandering around daylight the rats of the the water lizard world give only if anything rather serious there monsters with david scary than them is that they get python in
in florida yeah i went through the alligator areas are a wire and now the python started getting alligators tough shit see that now that would ultimately gonna fuck purport pull up the python eating the argue we we ve talked about this and the progress before because it's just a most crazy thing ever these these snakes no natural predators i would bet on the alligator i wanted i'll do out of phenomena how big the fuckin snake is going to eat analogy examined it doesn't make us like all just fuckin nothing now by doing so snakes are so gangster the annex do not and then i sign up on an hour is not poisonous he's just a wrapper you guys or crushes you invite you that's the point of view the upper ceiling doubt shit that's a twenty foot pipeline would the alligator coming out of its body probably all got tail burst through the body and the thing died fuck that's it the same thing that thing is fucking enormous me it's really hard to imagine how big that must be in real life if you were out on that why it's out it's a wide around like a man's waste
frankly if that would be the ultimate like christmas cards sense somebody who has taken a view mayo alligator age aided by the python aids jittering its we have this weird thing about people fox alive to there's these people and for the right now that working really hard to bring back the crocodile demerit crocodile was at the alligator now crocodiles a different species it's more aggressive there they have longer point here sit down and their more aggressive an explosive and one just ate a dog and the keys the florida keys as is the worst hold a dog off a dock losing to crack the area where a monster but in australia that's gonna happen like every day minutes they have scarier crocs they have the big crocs american crops are not that big ones in some areas there ain't really honestly you gone the ocean is the green light gang and others out the dogs dingoes yeah just snakes yeah stroll any going live in a certain part of it the exactly the whole medical
the whole metals death spoken the bush death that what a great place to disappear discovery i know cell phone service yeah you wanted if you were like some dude who could survive and you you were down with trying to live in the woods you could escaped australian they would even go look for your they built a german i was in new york during the other harking sandy and we would have a missile over before the shell but like you gotta do perhaps i may like unfortunately i prepped for the wrong doomsday run which one do you prefer i don't know invasion of clowns like i'd prefer a good one good one about annoying like clouds would be everywhere and we have to fight him off would like water guns and something i am wrappers yeah exactly this was like just fuckin it was like apocalypse thick it really was that's larry's i mean who knows now hoots did you expect it to be like that it was awake
is inspected you now the thing about new york though is since nine eleven like our first responders alike top notch they really like step up they know what they do they got plans and stuff but but i guess expected like new york city soon army like wave hitting us knocking out power for like two weeks and then there's like staten island jersey where they got it even harder but you take the power of new york city and you got somalia basically it's a freaky weird scary down it's really strange when you see how easy the film that covers civilization can move keep out of savage just becomes after libel reels you really have to worry about survival because the first spotters are excellent don't get me wrong right there over theirs yes your numbers impossible to deal with those parts of the city where like i just walk around and it was just dark and like
geyser roll up on you like you can't see him and i'm pretty good like neck know what's happening because roll up on me and i'm like while this is like a chuck norris you know that seen in every chuck norris movies factory rivalling box knocked over like that kind of thing like just weird scary faces into sounds what is it like to walk or on a street at night with no god on zan no gone now as i thought what and if i don't sarcasm what's going on here and we're walking like to where you have to go to and fro and your neighborhood rose no lights on four days no lights it i'll wear i live there was lights but when you like we did shows that the commissar which is in the village they had no lights up until i'm the last day and we ve doing chose to generators which can i go away but bad because it went out when i was on but it went out and all flashlights and candles started popping out of the crowd it was like that seen in requiem for a dream you know like where they like ass the flask like a jack so is really it was real
if we can show that it was a good choice but when you walk around the streets you like ok this is like you know what away where can i fight whoever comes out me with with and there's a lot like homeless people come and offer their men two so there's like they have an extra evil in them you know though that's right because they can get their meds has no power like zombie stuff zombie owed what walking dead can ensure that serious fuck now the wizard a lot of that let me look was our allotted muggings was a lot and i think that it was right there was some looting there was some whatever but it wasn't like katrina cause i talked to guys you weren't train and the like you know i was like this is our katrina like fuck this like katrina was like the end of the earth there was an end world there that was like weeks and weeks and weeks no help you know and no power and it was hot not in new york it was a little bit better than that
so it can better now but it's still it was match it lets you know what can go wrong in the biggest city in the world yet exactly when that happens when the biggest city in the world gets essentially shut down for two weeks that's a real eye opener apps lives like people trying to get into the city and they had to do you know like buses and all the trains or like exactly like someday should kayak through these tunnels just do it like you say like i did it i didn't think about what it must be like at night with no power think about it my parents i would have stayed inside not have left will you cannot its kind like how do you see where you're going scary so unless it's a full moon how do you see where you got exactly you know that scare you thing i saw was when i was like driving around like i was in a cab and by the way we're like incredibly hard to get at that point but there was like a candle in a window of a project and i'm like this is what is going to look like after a nuclear winter like just like one hold out guy in in a project somewhere like
you don't charlton heston in the right you know in the omega man kind of thing and you know i was like this is it does what it looks like i was i was a freak a freak alot of people out but then i think the gas thing free them out even more the fact they couldn't get gas for their generators and cars instead there are i feel like twelve fifteen hours yeah i talk to a friend who said he was on line it was two hundred the afternoon he had been there too since six in the morning you stay the gas easily easily that's correct we never we never i don't think even the government local whatever state thought like there's going to be a gas problem you know and nobody was ready so you need gas for the generator so jesus christ is yassin apply bringin everyone down but it was bow not getting material firm it at all at times i mean you know the whole idea of like you know basically doing shows like in new york like the top of the line like guys you who for the most part are like you know the hedge fund guys you know the club
j of the male model whose you know by or whatever but that week it was all like renaissance fair you're a candle maker blacksmith every guy who can hook up by gonna throw light you know he would definitely at least a reach around and i live that you con man show of using the data shows they have generators that work on water flow they take generally they set it up at their camp ever fish camp and they pay this generates they set it up and then they attach these tubes to it and they stick the tubes and the creek and the war coming down the creek goes through the tubes and by time it you know it focuses and this one area spins is thing around and start to generate i want that it's crazy i gotcha he pulls the cord and it's going on electricity a hundred percent from the creek bidding is generated so as long as the generator keeps working he had this it's the who the is crazy now
is the one thing that you need is like power it really is the one thing that separates us from animal well we ve somehow another just accepted that that's gonna be around even though it's only been here for a hundred and fifty years would have the hell it's been we're we're so used to it in a million years of human beings and hundred fifty years of power would just like to ask how we do it we got power i could see myself going to my ex girlfriend house and just hanging out and because she would have like all the candles and the world idea out yonder all dupe animals girl has is directly proportional to exact how long she will cry of to have sex with a girl we're prep the little bit harder than do handles men those you know about that there's like thirty candles a bridge is gonna drive wigwam is petroleum base whenever earlship but we have a lot of different things to help you and survival situation exam and i'll tell you who really did not step up for this crisis the dogs of new york city
every other person in new york has died when it's all these failures little dogs in us like they ve been genetically built all the cool like wolf caught qualities that would have helped go on so they like what we're gonna do nanny we have here when the snow hit afterward now i was already out of there but that was like a one to punch of like said fuck man a lizard and do the really scary things that they're saying will lose governor cuomo andrew call yes a guy that seems a good guy said something really interesting he said i want to use the term climate change on paraphrasing m because such a load topic he said but you know his father had to deal with in twelve years he had to deal with two major storm events and he's like i've been here for twelve months and have had to deal with three while also ensuring like there's it's very possible something's going on diving there's doubling
i'm goin on no it doesn't happen in new york before while you're on a buddy of mine i assume you know to a big j overseen yes he's a great no love em do you know i'm ok yeah power more with them yet but really funny guy store would make but times his house was wiped out he was like in the flood flood zones zone ay whenever you know it really is weird like when a flood comes at your house mucky i like lived up you know up in thy skyscrapers but the scare part about that is likely to power goes out than you're like fun it kind of stock up there until i am you know whatever happened so you're stuck up into the water drains out exactly you know that's gary skeleton in all basically no hold on i believe in the theory that it was a terrorist attack way things i've got the terrorists are now hot weather ladys with beards neptune laden your first part made sense second party just like your head looked at with a fucking dynamite strapped to his chest i don't know what you trying to do
a lot of people were just basically milon around a lot of liked fires in the street like people making fires and grant out which i think they should allow them to tell you and why not to keep a sense of social exact effectiveness wounds that do their food shortages and soup margaret yes like the first night like everybody wrapped in terms of like you'd better by milk in bread they would say that the document read all the you know i would recall french toast that we and then like the next day you know you're like ok they'll be more nothing there was nothing left all the people from downtown who do not have access to food came uptown like a horde unlike no no what you call it was good that they did because then and they kind of swept through all the bodies and suchlike that's it was like wiped out wow though must be strange
i mean that you always assume in america there's gonna be food but the other thing is the cellphone towers were downtown so even if you had a cell phone you couldn't colony body my friend tommy said he drought drove six hours to make a cell phone call drive around until he could find service but was six hours that's crazy cocoa service now did you see the video she was posting of her like in the rain with ice quicker eyes tease wife oh dear said she especial bling big sarah she had self answer yes it cellphones over centuries as posing these awesome videos of her in the hurricane like rain hating her was he's wearing may not know clothes separating the out of his great lack of areas that are rather than what t shirt cooperation with our entire wet teacher got unlike jersey you played like so many times i ve put a couple times because at that place without power is
learning so these terrifying with power it's a strange play really is because that whole area around atlantic city is dark now scary fuckin depressed area the law see you ever want to do is be a young black he had grown up and camden now that's that's a fuckin bad part of the country no but i say of them if the governor the governor told you do like evacuate would you do it i mean why it all depends on how much money have that's part of the problem with some people can evacuate there's nothing they can do right go anywhere i mean that we have to accept the fact that there has been a bunch of these massive events cocoa how this would be highly jets its liver i'm already one of the most ridiculous that really has meticulous bags of water like look at my proves how well they are that's your tropical storm outfits crazy
must we also now have conversation do i love rising no wonder why she's always playing video games what are you talking about playing video games he's come over here with his body she has the you'll have about i look i love the fear that fake by when i was in dayton or the girl who like that i think it's the next boob for real this girl in dayton stripper had a fake butt and it was like the double d's of fake it was so amazing looking she looked like a cartoon character is that what does not affect the way they sent no she sat well and she drew back right now if i hadn't she let me feel like i was i wanted to see if i could feel like a fig boop it just felt like but i guess there's so much fat back there there's a lot of fat to hide the implants behind while so it felt like a fake but in each one look like a triple double de boob like a humongous do like you could put a drink
on top of it don't that's the latest thing in porno movies right again you see that love is the fake but deal africa they call up the baton you know make it the booty reboot set mccoy it's amazing that the shape of the ass has that much of an effect on us monkey changed its more even then like then the personality like a girl the nice person knowledge transfer our asses just ridiculous like it's like the other what do you like our big spelling shapely toll exit like here that round jake i mean that's that's what i like it much by hers was a little bit bigger than that i might be real brow no this is not like that we're seconds pointing floods ok somebody that shit when we were doing the porn show your major like you are one of our amazingly greatest guess
we were a kind of you know i think i have difference of opinion with david old porn is a show on showtime and its dave and his friends around watching videos of old porn and you are old and era one of the ultimate you're the lock i of the lesson of monitoring and support you know when you really know it bears the taj array you get thrown out now psychology like got through my porn you know head to find out is like excellence i thank you there were so many you're shows thursday thirdly at eleven europe is so there's a jos episode yeah this this way joe and ginger land show toe for some reason you know our she while she did my first c d she did an introduction to this song when i wrote yes my first cities home as is very necessary used to come around a common store all the time really there that's how i nor very nice but her body by the way gingerly body i think is perfect yet while
can the day you couldn't get much better she was like she looked like she was let it when she was younger but she's just she was just like vienna not too big and she had an amazing body i mean like her iraq is like i guess you could say it's like a b or some perfect like a totally fits of their body intervening she's just like a little angel really it sounds a hard at an episode to edit schuller rotted breaks i was not taken up to you i was semi turned you while you were on the screen but hard lot of our work it's kind of a funny show would you have and the like but we're sit sit on the couch and the council like grow or shrink handing out where the cardinals are seen so the cat that's what is the couch is like covering the sex organs while they're doing it and then we're commenting on the videos foes funded are really you of course know
when so well you brought up something that a lot of guys have problems with it which is the male star not being able to get would be utilised while she called like she told us low was about ginger did she said they were cooked lotta blow which makes sense yeah so that's gonna be embarrassing is fucked with a guy you know somehow all leads to tony what we call lands harsher while they never use the footage it does like there's footage where this guy never gets a hard on these bees bang in earnest dick is like half way right he's like barely chauvelin end is like pretending it's amazing you shouldn't that's it that's a terrible piece of work you did there like the taxi i guess it doesn't get excited it's like getting drunk before you go and stages i can't you just wait and our yes sire pin me really the sad thing what funding when a guy's drunk on stage and he's having a great time i have seen crusher hammered onstage killin it
seen i've seen you know videos of guys pull it off ron white pulls it but it's sad when you drag on stage not doing well the answer i sat around is it good drinker wrong is one of my bodies and he is like he's a class during those black gaze is excellent and it was a backbone drinking but in the poor world back especially in the seventies and eighties like you know blow back then was like considered i don't know you is it at all it was kind of the outer all of our of our time and the people just did it you know like fun and a kind of got him up and you know it's a sexy gig and they gonna maybe they over get it but still i mean i'm sure the blow is a lot better than the shit out there now you think so i would have liked the real stuff back then i think it was a lot pure more like you know that was like the hay day of life you know just powder it's funny that they just accept the fact that gonna be cut up it's like what's so coke is so that such a watered down drug everybody accepts the fact has been caught up the largest universal
i can imagine that give us that shows like another drug ink like when they show the guy's making in colombia and they just you and the leaves like i'm on it that's why i've had that i was in the tea form they take the those leaves and just make a tea out of it it's it's delivery very gives yoga up i didn't like it because what i didn't like bananas i couldn't shut the fuck up imagine the providing us with your heart ass he owed be brutal i'd even withstand hope and i did it we did mushrooms was the day of the iraq war was that we were in the desert trip and our balls off and was drinking this t and drank the tea first and teach it did before the mushrooms even kicked ass tee is killing me how do you guys even like he is like amazing this is like a den of other timothy leary of this how do you guys tee how did you get that every level i got it from a body who had just come back from peru to have a role play
yeah peru entity they chew those leave you know it's fascinating the coca cola is the number one importer for coca leaves in this country and i believe they literally take the coca leaves its like wonder the secret ingredients in coca cola than it used to have cocaine in it that's like one of the big things while does no cocaine it anymore but it still they still use the extract of the coca leaf and they they have like some deal with some medical manufacturing firm that that takes not manufactured from extraction farm takes the leaves and takes the cocaine out of em so coca cola gets it they they use it for a light the flap noise or whatever the fuck they use that makes it takes a certain way and this company makes cocaine out i've read this whole article describing how it's all dunce it's fuckin banana said i have a special
the fun out of the gathering what we'd pretty yet i try it is people going to say that in israel they do in that thing now they taken out all the fun the we just for the medicinal y yeah really it's like oh duels we yeah well there there figuring out this different things do different things inside of marijuana and one of my c b d i guess and those those done something else it's not like that exactly kanab annoyance its or maybe it is a canal but it's a non psychoactive one but it does it helps it helps you different ailments marijuana like very healthy eat that's that's hemp yeah you're not even hemp like the actual plant itself if you could lose juice it if you juice hemp it's really good for you like it lets alien doomsday prepping question here if you will get a place where there was only like power plants to eat
you can eat them oh yeah you can get them their super nutritious that's what i'm saying you can make a salad out of them any wouldn't get you high at all levels eerie really help i guess try it out because i will become a color like a little like pot cereal yeah pour some us only milk on it or the cocoa what's to stop the eu is doing cocoa captain cook abandoning this is having they sent me it's it's it's cocoanut juice yeah cocoanut water i'll be the next with coffee assessor now the so called for your kids to be the worst parent more than all the tyrant is i can't for school and i assume you're part of cocoa yeah i think it's hard enough being a kid going to school high oh my god it's delicious do it's got great isn't it it's like china milk you want these will usher they re they sent me a couple case where do you get me just get these like anywhere because called cocoa cast
oh my eyes chocolate milk i liked it according to an army is excellent its yummy there's a lot of these could i wandered combinations that really suck my dick some of my time coconut canada water and videos wager oh yeah good taste these companies having likely they have shitty tasting coconut water we gotta get cocoanut water like three i see two hours cocoanut waters the most delicious as they get there it's a totally different cocoanut tree they get their took coconuts from thailand from one small place one plantation and cocoanuts the trees or short treats it's only five feet tall is totally different trait like your picture those big talk over trees those apparently tastes like dog shit that's that's most people are getting a coconut water from those but the boutique places like see too oh like see two other there really cool they send us free shit too and there they have the most delicious
coconut wants a very sweet like it but ultimately you can't fuck with fresh cocoanut water we get it right from a coconut am i going to tie restaurant if if you go to a tie restaurant or even some chinese wetter but you can see the law have fresh can i i never knew this need to split the top of the list is that he took a spoon and eat a white she is adding in the way it in their homeland he's gotta come it's really super help and for it to that discussion that water the water from a fresh coca just feel so good after you ve worked out issues yet to this day cook coal steel imports coca leaves which are used to manufacture cocaine the united states do not enforce them for all legalization of colorado they just legalise the arid recreational and why i wash it it's gonna be interesting to see what the federal government decides do about that yeah they step in decided arresting alleviating lee then the fuck alone that's what long term we're just let it happen i mean that
was it doesn't ever seem like anybody wants to relax the in this country everyone is always try to arrest there's no there's no relaxing of laws it's like an acceleration of laws specially though the problem is that the economies down and when the economy's down it's hard to tell people you know we're gonna change laws and put people at work who are law enforcement officers right that's what would happen if you if you all the sudden made marijuana completely legal and you didn't need de agency chased after we have a lot of talk about employed people there's lots of people that their the lot of rest you look at all the arrests millions of arrests attributed every year that are marijuana related and those all equal law
foresman officers have to work being up to people the jail there's like lawyers court fees there's there's money to be made in keeping an illegal and so that's one of the hardest part about making anything legal as the money behind but has a work like you live in colorado k so you wanna buy some part so what do you do you go to a store is trotzky flag it you down like ice cream trot why wouldn't it's gonna be you're gonna have a certain amount that you're allowed to have and right now it's the only medical set up in the country that where they allow the growers to make a profit in california in knots was to make a profit hesitated yeah so california like when you see these big places that those the ones that get shut down because you they're making like x amount of millions of dollars a year so a pot will you not supposed to be doing that when you do do that i think the only way to do it as you have to give all the money back to the community you make it
so that all the money goes to charity ease or in a funds since there there's some sort of a work around where you get a fair wage from working there and everyone including the owner would get a fair wage and then the money has to get distributed colorado doesn't have it like that in colorado you could just make money sullen we'd that's how it should be like bear its farming man that's what it is it's fuckin farming this idea that its different because it's a drug that it's so stupid there's plenty of drugs available country to pretend this country is anti drugs so well the dumbest fuckin things ever everybody looks forward to doing drugs this country look for drinking you look for smoking we look forward to having a cup of coffee these are all these are drugs it's like let the people be adults is so much pain and like suffering out their minds will like if this this take some of the edge off of that letter app and yeah you're not going to stop it by making things illegal you just gonna
eight an industry of keeping it illegal well away you get people and not do things is through education and you know whether it's their own personal education legally to watch people fuck up and i've never dunkirk i've never done come because i watched people who when i was a kid who did coke in their life help i sought happened i was like keep actually with me but pleasure and athletes me like as but you can't do certain things coax it certainly about one that bill but a lot athletes due at the elections having these like a lot of the sports guys specially like baseball hockey those gonna they were like they were racked out on that shit's onto impulsive trust myself if i really enjoyed it i don't trust myself onawandah have anything in my system that's addictive like that is its use cocaine is very physically uh yes heroin raw very physically dick
on the other that when that when i could see being which because they should it people have a heroine addiction they should have the needle exchange and all but you know we should promote heroin i mean you can't make it into a cookie there's no lazarus you're a musician that has to be a law that does not yield least try can you imagine if every musician had to do heroin like some of that bubblegum shit out there are therefore in all different take on it yeah no kidding does the nothing shook up the music world more then heroin yet marijuana near
i get marijuana should enable us here but there is as does that the bands who did heroin had very specific sort of they had like an intensity and emotion and honesty to their their stuff that the bubblegum people you know if it's weird if you go back and lissouba like body holly or simply a great music but listen like what back i was doing and then in a listening nirvana bizarre in illicit suit about fire valuable francs apple outside chains that guy was on every i think for example was like almost the oh yeah it was like out once
shopping kind of drugs but it was a cold i still like yazzi and you know i guess lsd stuff like games where the word air the best when i don't really know so i don't want to say but i wouldn't keep when i was fifteen i would listen zap attempt in the church parking lie in just now you know first i'm smoking weed and you're just like listening to hear crazy shit it was like watching it was like a virtual acid trips that guy is an artist that guy was really there's no one like it we aim is very unusual i got introduced to him what else does public ten years old my friends tat was anyone what about for example the mothers of invention the guy i remember the dude
of a sob if a nineteen seventy do her saw about what is that thing that's crazy s car and he was in a francs outrages are cool ass dead that's the whole thing about like this all now like we're rich people you know it's like you know how much money the rich people need i guess now like the ultimate park as a private jet but back then it would have been like a car you know we have not yet learned obsessive i think you look at some of these hedge fund guys were they were talking about there was one guy whose wife got some of the bail out money because the bail out money a lot of what was in the form of loans and this guy was worth who knows how many hundreds of millions of dollars but they showed his house they like zoomed in this house in the hamptons industries king in san urge it right current using is this guy i mean it you can't even call it a compound it was a castle he had a castle he has a castle in the hamptons so i don't even like that when i go to a hotel like efforts to fancy you know like whenever they are for
these yellow guy like i don't do any at a rate in the eu that it's not at my right or they are like hotel i do my laundry that's what that's like the ultimate part for me like back into my shitty laundry because i'm on the roads along then i feel good but there's some hotels where like areas like oh yes it's gonna get a massage arkansas the courtyard marryats yes always yeah like a little out yes i will home away from home korea marryats good spot it's a good middle ground like when i toward norton and already lang you know we're on the its social tour you know those guys i think they like a little like more i think they like it better when it's like that i just don't like it you know but we usually all say the same place
a fund to or because you know those guys and greater guys and in a whirl so old now and like you know you open through the ringer to some degree and norton this is incredibly fearlessly funny and already is naturally probably one of the best comics arrives in my life and you know it just find the hang with these guys go now we're at that age where it's just like it just one be around guys that you know and you can just fuckin casting my way we place casinos and like it's like our biggest things like where we're going to reality in our view i a big fan of the night it's fungal on tour with friends really makes it the whole experience way better i just did a san francisco
in seattle last weekend with fitzsimons up is it one way as friends and common love that guy and we had a queer such a good time so far he is one of the most underrated comics as his comedy is so it's so good it's so dry and funny and well thought out and you know i know this transit big stroke vesper comedy but if you're anywhere where gregg restoring go see him because he really is a great comic i like em yahoo he killed it he killed in san francisco and siano is awesome he was really really fuck and funny it's that attack style boss and calm the as yet we started out together fits amount we will again weak apart from each other boston is like turning out to be this you know
the generation of the boston comics and are you gregg lily of course nicht apollo these are the guys and there was a lot back down man it was a very unusual time as far as the development of stand up you you had one area where you had so many clubs and somebody comic sins in town you gotta i would always may amazed me like i would go to like pittsburger philly where's the scene where it s going to get a next thomas time to get us to just didn't have anything that's really we had so many places to go like i knew of open might night was a sunday night i knew that if i want to open my night i would see teddy bourgeois i'll see you know of tony pee all those guys they'd be working out they'd be hang out they would go up and do sets you would see them they would do sets on sundays and monday nights it would go up at the end of the shower and performing it was
a real community of stand of comedy but it's not like that even there anymore it died yet is i was just at the at the theatre in boston and you know if you want to run around and into other sets this really now many places at all if you start now there i can only imagine how you do it i don't know what happened i think that they over did it because every other place like you know these the hooky lao and the other placing chick appear like like chinese where do as they like the crowd sis i guess got baby it or like an old spoiled like like there's plenty economy out here and there are a lot i like you know for every good comic just like three or four hacks you know let's try gus afterwhile like you know there was a the cream rises the top but you know it's a pretty big rise this a lot of guys who would just you know i can buy what there clapper jail you know it's interesting though in the beginning there were less bad guys and more good guys if you go back the jimmy tingle error jimmy tangled
every criminal tony v when clark that that era there are killers those like more great comics back then than there were mediocre guy allow you nobody started out i started on eighty eight and i got to see i've got to see you know some of the best convicts ever like the local guys i got to see them like all the time they were so much good comedy and that one place there was outside there was one of the rare instances the world but there was more good kommeni within there was bad colony the thing i was coming about the boston guys compared to the new york as i hope it is less than was on show but they came to new york you guys all eventually came to new york are you guys we're right a headline like almost immediately whereas the new york eyes like we were like years away from headlines like we were just trying to like work the weekends it was a slower process because there was this too much i guess open my too much you know too many comics and not enough stage time
so you really had a fight for the stage time but you guys deftly knew who you were you had an act at a perspective and then you definitely yellow came to the scene and made its way better way better well you know what it was in the boston guys had a chance to work long sets we do we would work for like the comedy connection at a bunch gigs and bury cats at a bunch gives always different people at gigs and they were all over the place and you would do forty five minutes in doing we're here half hour here forty five minutes here so we weren't just doing the short sets in town when i was when i went to new york and i saw that everybody would dictate cab and go from one correct kept crowded the crowd two and seven minutes here and seven minutes yet i was like that's crazy that doesn't make any sense like the while we live for years here so you want i lived in new york i did almost all my sat on the road at all my sets in adequate those like i can go to do a john sure getting kinetic energy two hundred fifty bucks or i go do
set in the city and make like ten or something like tat whatever would dangerfield paid the most they paid like fifty something while i governors which is this kind of where i kind of started out i just risen was there and the guys who run governors now are so pro comedy so pro like you not support in comedy bring up nuke new talent knock i sat and it's really great to see because a long time you know like the outlying clubs were really just like you know jersey the island connecticut you know you just want their money it's like this like a good place to work out you know governors is always really good governance was toppling cloning that was always really good and the the brokerage member the brokerage progress possible that was a great place who there was always a lot of good places to do stand up you know of course rascals used rascals easton rascals down the shore rascals it's such a hearty cause i was a great great club and you know you talk about jersey that was like the place where like dice with
man and die in all those guys are becoming to be a big event in yeah i remember it was i'll go see guys there when i lived in new york and some would say you know hey this guy's gonna be you know had at rascals we would drive out relates to wash show yak as it was a place we could see someone do a real long sat right in like a carolines or something like that we get to see them do like forty five it's our year carolines in gotham are really the big like you know you got to do it our society and the great and you know it taught on the crowd i think just to some degree because it know a lot of expenses a parking and food and all kind of stuff but adele day it's kind of cool that you get to see like we just workaday monsieur mercies so funny so good like i started coughing and she fucking rocked out and you know i'm going to be playing caroline's down the road and you know i always like it when you get to do a long stay in your hometown yeah i love gotham for that very reason too i just i never really did many sat sent the other places i occasionally i do at boston comedy
zeller or or the comic strip it does always seemed to me like i would if i could do a long said it would be better from act while the seller now has like become dislike i guess you like the the alamo of comedy like people come in they just take a picture of the front kosovo the way you know louis had like put it on the map and louis is probably one of the best comics ever he he goes down there d sets and rock and you're not chapelle one is in town and i guess there's other guys gesine and things i guess you do get to see like some celebrity mix there but the majority the guy's work and there are like pretty hard core head lining you know top of the line comedy and the people who run it are you know therefore comedy like that promoters like let's do not like turn this into a website or right can the court or something what they must feel so fortunate one that does happen when you get a place where a bunch of great comics like lillian chris rock and all these different on you show up
to do sets there on a regular basis ally bomb there i take every other time for the other guys it is a great expert every other time yet has like i never try and do like i was you know when it back in the day when i would go on the road i believe we can be when the city now and i want to do like some different i want to do different jokes i won't i i can also explore comedy and that involve bombing some degree so i waited you know do that stuff that i knew wouldn't work that i thought that's funny and the crowd the role with that but now it nowadays the crowds are not like that i really want to see performance i want to see it tight like you on states in time you like that in turn out and you can see in the crowd they like kind of disappointed i might don't worry guys the next one will be funny don't worry i dont think a lot of people are aware of the process that rightly creating new material process which involves a lot of risks yet in one day they get egg
i just throw them in my sets i'll do like notably designated chuck i'm in the middle and whether or not it works will will find out but sometimes they don't well sometimes it exactly sure what the right the right order it is for the others to pieces in it and like we were talking about i saw my carolines probably like a year ago and he was up there just basically he had just done an album he was in england he was like common off like a heart we're tour and he was up there i would say he was still and like you know he was doing his job he was gettin last but he also was doing just like some thoughts some things that he just wanted to talk about and as a fan of comedy because i wasn't a comic i wasn't what you're thinking i'm going on i was like this is what i love watching like when the guys like this thinking it out he doesn't know we're gonna go and i think that's kind of cool and
fighting but for the fan like the especially people who like you know they ve seen comedy on tv or they like no one person then they come and see these unknown people they i always feel like their disappointment and i you should get really angry at them but now it's like i just feel sorry for him it's like wouldn't be cool if you got to see the stones not equate like what we do to like stars but like them king on start me up like you i think that would be cool and this is the only this stand of communist really art form you really need an audience guy o yet it to perfect the bit ass thorough there are involved in the preparation process has as they laugh things evolve and change as you feel enjoying the bit it's really hard is anybody who does never done stand up to describe that feeling when something's killing like you know the timing feel weird jump you feel where to let things sit really needed audience to do that and i was like when you push it passed the point a funny to like what
fuck yeah then you know the next time you like ok so that's the end of it than next time i'll pull back or you know gulf go in a different direction that's just my i guess process sometimes you can go further sometimes yeah with its there's different days were if an amount of enthusiasm in in chasing the darker aspects of a subject for people don't like dark that where the eurocrats school like they like comedy and they see the funny and sadness in life but i think the majority of like young audiences who never fail than anything it's kind of like we're when you when you do a joke and like it does is not like a winner happy ending at their like ah well as long as it's really funny i think there's less tolerance for self indulgent angriness today say what is it
people are more aware of what it actually is now whereas before some would say something shocking and fucked up and people would go with a guy's an edge a comedian and now you know the majority people wear out no that's just fucked up guy and he's like pushing your buttons by saying something shocking but it's not there's no real thought behind and he's not really trying to say anything he's just trying to make something shocking make it work use right tool to get a reaction from the crowd and people i want that but but dark great humor spoken that's always funny if it's funny it's funny you stand up shit is still set very dark very hilarious incredibly dark and like you know people talk about like you develop a following and all this kind of stuff it's like what is the people who follow stand hope are really be rather dark motherfuckers out there and god bless them cause he really does not he doesn't show your coat any official love em is no c c d s fantastic yet one of his best ones
and that's what i like him and he always bangs alec anew our like every year and a half year eleven constantly working it so important to have a guy like that around all eyes all of us as we we all like louis import never garlic that around a lonely and raise your work ethic another guy who every year so has another hour besides that like his crab is so connected to him that i feel that his stuff you know it so personal that like somehow they relate to it in a whole different way that i i can't even understand and yet he but he d develops like different parts of the actual real life yet puts them in their it's fucking a downer dear monsieur stepping up our people are like hearing about people suffering anymore i now right has advantages since the secret big give comedy bone for one thing during that whole like new york thing broad
shot down the big apple sir there's no way the role and out funny wise was comedy and after that was good i was proud to be a comic so the seller was rolling over the generator they really generate they was closed for a couple days like everybody else but then they like what we gotta do some shows and i think tom papa was behind that is another really good guy really really funny guy and this new club the stand they were doing chose to camp light so that would like you can't get anywhere renaissance fair land genetic yeah that's amazing i've been on stage of foreign powers gone out it's weird isn't the strange has now you just a guy talking there are no microphone fronded a whole set the candlelight wants that because john have front city was on stage in the power and often it was pre clear wasn't combat grants which stood the whole set the candlelight well no man with little my act is so filthy dirty that it be romantic candle
such a letter you say there is a real perfect in i'm somewhere between and the light and across burning jose like that kind of thing a camp fire can't fire in a tarring feathering but anyway i have to tell you man you rock down on the porn show and i want to be a horrid just talk about born better the new season and david all poor dumb and not to say that like you know haven't you there really help me has any have my back with the porn and we want some of ginger the greatest cuts because we had like so much ginger lynn you know clips loops movies and like you gotta give it to a cause she's like you know she's like i guess you could call like a delta force of of points out she was out there and like when she got into it she was intimate full tilt anal turkey and all three ways of that kind of stuff on homes john holmes bang john holmes like just like you know you forget that like in eighties like there's a cross over between like the seven these people and in the eighties and
ginger and christy canyon i think are the uber babes of the of the 80s and i have both of them on the shell and i feel like yeah yeah chrissy kenya was there were even yet christy is with mark marin and that's a whole different ballgame that'll be later in the season but i just did their radio show on play where radio and it's really cool like cause they're out there you another still talk and talk and their sexy i mean descending a storm they still get me and i'll go in there there hot even although alder acknowledge all older what chance i have to say that their fuckin ready for christie canyon ginger i wish i'd i think this guy i've had a crush on youth since like nineteen eighty six you know it's crazy but she is like the you know she's beautiful annetta players can that's enough now i think that a lot of those girls like you know it was the hare bands of the eighties and then i'm sure a lot of
movie star conny guys like stuff but it probably tired dick by now can i please now i think than their offer me some dick i was in san francisco serena who is i think one of the hottest women ever to do porn cheese redhead strawberry blonde serena who is you don't offer anything man like hershey's never boring and she came to my show when i was working at cobb's and schools with her in this really isn't a weird there still making porn if you really thought about it no that's not what i mean i mean that anybody still others jerk off too there's been handling it already has its like there's no way you could ever possibly seen all the points there is by in books and you haven't read any of em like we could have built like all our lives a sea wall with old porn around and had never would have ended dries about if you stop and think about how many points have been main like
millions and millions of ports is no way anybody his jerked off to all the points have been made trying to have a specific category you automatically go to adam africa valentine by like i love amateur casting you know any error but i love it from the eightys and ninetys more than now even others like four five different like john rates for casting but appear woodman whose a french dared he used to do this thing called private cast and i love his stuff and if he was in america like i would have a modern the second even like i'm joe enables stuff it's too too late but i like the wretched stuff now a lot more than you do ever like it and youngest now that's like the new king for me up people love diameter shit like were mainly come in for it because it's like this year's time ever and their awkward
as opposed to like the girl who you lift up or scourge is already finger ass all tat train here trains is already there and ready to go and you know it oh my god is like a thousand thickly scene we that's yeah you're doing and agatha we were doing ginger show i'd like to lock the draw we pulled one of her tapes where she did her first anal and we were like wow this is amazing it carry box but yeah we both you said that you didn't really mine there does not seem to me now doesn't bother me it was she so cute that you can get away with a nice little talked like it doesn't matter there hot you mean if those like lahti asshole hair yet lancelot too much some going if you d like one those eastern bloc women done once there you can only imagine that i in cork curtain pussy that must be crazy it's gotta be some harry bitches of despair
of northward gets really called the elegant viruses though the upper legs but i out after that you know now what shaving that allow the younger girls are let me grow out of bed because it's cool and i think they realise that like fuck what am i doing this for you now it's like ashley s nephew shaven shamans weird giant act beat everything's grabs the exact yet that we perhaps can hide their but i think what they do is they did the strip most of the girls will do diamond and i think that works that's the best way to go but you're right the aim that's got up we gotta problem term that i'll get some illegals and there isn't that every girl me it's sort of just universally accepted that harry legs are disgusting no one box that trend get esther esther doesn't really had a longer hair on her legs than my chest why how did you get away with a seed geologist where's pants all the time
wait a minute i'm serious i swear to god s who does not share merla no or armpits but when you watch like all these like old school things like game thrones sunlight that you don't think about it every chick was harry i just disgusting but they didn't look area like the hot mother the mother the ion yes yes she's really she doesn't luxurious harry legs and shawls she's not period friendly that's nice whereas it and what not she's not in the correct did they shape their legs back then oh no not at all i wonder when that started in shaping a boy i think the early eighty six someone realise how hard it was there i thought we of legs really is life that's the hardest thing ever it's weird thing girls long hot legs shapely legs when the greatest saves like unto the knee high like those shea like what they need yeah everything else is like this scope
for the time being a girl so that we can get under way hard at heart what was he can get pregnant you don't even imagine every time you have sex also that could mean another person's growing inside you fuckin drag me while guys don't have to fly out ever to gaseous our design is to just go shoot em off more low undeniable impulse to constantly be shooting of words but here is a bit i was working on which economic growth is the hot word guys always assume their loads are incredibly do back away so that by the time it hits the lukewarm kind of nice feel were fury courtiers you blow on leave her alone exactly should allow their face we should do is treated like soup take a step back so that is in a fire
you know the fireball region amazing that you can blow on superman actually goes off its great isn't it amazing that you can put blow out hot air or quote ere you can just go and its high in any or it's cool and how do you change i didn't know you could do that right now but he's right if you do like you get it from like the deep inside you is that it's never runs out you know what i'm doing it i could barely brace i'm gonna go and you do that's totally true i know it strippers did it on my crotch through my you son of a bitch streamline guided honourable i use it all the time now it now i feel like you know what a lot lawyer here i don't i don't care about like you know i heard it i heard you were the only person i ever somebody told me that you really liked the body shop in hollywood i was there when during the fire fire yeah yeah the next day they had like this if i weren't here what did she say you're not really i don't really like to club but that was
finally one of those countries like hey you can walk to it like your other place across achieving a story allocated by the countries do you want to do something so you like hey you go over the body shop but i would like one or two times and i would say that girls are really hot but i feel like a lot of them we're not like pro is a lot of them were just like party girls who want to make some coin and then we went there there was like girls i came with us like they're all over the girls in the guy's gonna like like watch and that for some reason i never really give a shit about that but i would say get club me up the i remember that summit so they tell me like a club and then you said like the next day after going to burn down there ain't that what the one place that i found that burnt down jewish cops it was crazy you're that play was across the street from the becoming too but bewildering went to a like twice and it was only when someone's in towns like he went around the bishop
it was always somebody else's idea i don't like places they don't serve liquor strict clips it don't you think i'd rather really like you have liked to have alcohol they make you buy to coax looking at an ideology water are you solve a bit about the job of a giant as an alcohol for some reason the volatile combination in foreign have you can't see that like you could have a grown up keenly bottom on show your ted needed barely keep together from with a beer but if you have like actual alcohol and see her vagina this is pretty much chaos well that's want to go to thailand at some point the ultimate you know like stripper bar bang bang gerhard sophie's have you heard of soap is now some some guy just told me in colombia who were there and he he said there see things called sophie's were you
lay down only they put soap all over you and then they get completely naked and they just lay while your body with their body like they just lay audience squish around and stuff and i shoot loads now and then a dry you off and then you fuck them a lot of time and you pick out though that we first we didn't know there's like thirty people may all hold up a number of you pick which when you why that's forgotten vacation that's that's it that's a slogan that's gonna sell go and i decided to go and that they are more thing still going i was actually looking at flights from higher like just twelve hundred dollars but you're gonna go to thailand yeah but it was a twenty four hour flight and fuck that twenty four hours for our that's gotta be a weird like everybody on that plane is a pervert nobody going there like hey you and i just i'm going to university of title is really a twelve hour flight yeah plank of steaming air for twenty four i think there was a layer of its stop somewhere i think by
a dynamic sixteen years i've been this who australia which is a sixteen i think i've never done that's like man i gotta do that when i've never done one of those comedy festivals and restrain or south africa south africa that one's fucking amazing and the israeli one is like how long i've been going i like fifty years twenty years now it's really bad for you what a strange light now your light is bad for you i just did the brazil one where i went eleven hours from brazil to miami than five us man i got sick and i never get sick it's a slight relying on making its terrible for you and you you constantly around other people's fuckin diseased gaddafi breath and jim peace or spitten and touching thing like being on a submarine but there is really no glory to super ban for something about that recirculated heir to the just really diminishes you must be better two things and it's getting harder and now brian it's not smile so nice
special on it that they said it the air filtration systems in planes are so amazing that it really does it's actually really good for well this is what it is that air that comes out of those little tubes is act the very clean air does thing low on you that's actually very clean out however you are in a tube right where there's no fresh air and you are recycling everyone's breath and that's the problem i have that to bosnia the whole time that can help you but the amount of air that's in that is limited and it's all recycled with people breathing out that's the issue as you you're consular on other people's breath and it doesn't really have any where to go and so there is like a research relation there is a felt filtration but you're still they take in breaths filled with other people share there's no way around that's why the fort smelled so bad and aeroplanes someone farts and an airplane aside even like forty in restaurants like fighting in your face is it just
in order for it to go that's why like when you stuck on the tarmac for five hours and you realize like this place this plane is built only for the air like a toy so back up and there's no heir and you feel tat i get incredibly claustrophobic on the plane so you know what's that door shouts unlike falk do now and now in this tube now for the next six seven hours well it's a part of our job to be on planes and racist it's not the best part but back in the old days like when it was all like just torn like road like driving cars you in another guy damage and i've done like a lot of that and there is like even oh it takes a while there is some fun to that list if it's a good comic it's the guy you have allowed a main gigs with a lot of boston guys we do a lot of driving up to vermont chile that foreign five hour dr jones great with a lot of fun but now i really so like you know pc and kind of stuff it's like
let's stop and i'll go apple picking melick adventure tat nobody had got about delf china set for my mom you need to go into her with you like a good idea the last were dying breed self destruct complex yeah it's kind of hard to explain to the guys like the road to them in a lot of em like i hate the roan i've done to gigs unlike to remember you gotta worry about ten thousand before you get that real good hate of it you know joe ideas opponents who fuckin adventurers across the great land of oz that guy has been on the road like before i turn out before the road i mean he must have started out workin like you know state fares and should like that i mean he's he's harcourt yeah like that johnny cash on the highway man they couldn't that's not alive he's done this
the lot i bet he's like me he's hobby more comfortable on the road than he is ever at home in because i never feel at home in my joys most comfortable i think on stage i think he just wants to thank you just loves get up there he's just a hustler to joe is always got something going on well that's cool thing about it man it's like you know this getting about comedies like you know every day is a new day unlike you didn't you know it's really up to you to make it happen and areas like if only knew the right guy and somebody read this is like you have a that's not about calmly com is about like getting funnier yet just gettin out there really that's what i tell the areas like how do i need an agent and likewise some guy cannot take your calls right now you doing more for your career going on do in seven minutes and this do space can do for you ever saw enough at the end of the day in all becomes about that engine the engine that propels your life as you would you work here you're calmly that create then everybody is wrapped up
i'm getting auditions getting a show and getting a series and getting all these things which ultimately not the best thing for you stand not out it hurts zero on a second arms kill you stand uranus economizes like they did you feel funnier natalie that i felt less funny for exactly how to work long hours you're on sat long hours day i got lazy and stop writing material was no encouragement in number no one thought that the produce even sentiment was likewise others stand up here and to know you i hate when they say that so crazy but but it's rate money in that so that's why everybody wants to do it but it ultimately the real monies and stand up mean the real happy money because if you do and which actually enjoy being of bats of europe not bad luck dish and for every i think that's it
that never made it i dont even do acting like that's like the least thing i could give a shit about i'm late forties now and unlike did i can give a shit if i ever get on the big bang theory or i know geyser are like iphone i you get on there and unlike you know i'd rather be to say what i want to say when i want to say it where i want to say it then for low money then be honest a walk out and this like watching fellows it's time for breaking like would sell some some line has been over written by a bunch of guys i don't know sitting underwriters room you know so maybe i'm a dick i'd just like you know it never never excited me enough to be do that and like i always was i paid this the guy like the set up to the funny and i hate that i like you know what are you doing waldo and then he would say the funny line emulate why
we were i think a lot of comics sort of lead in that direction in the eighties ways are like roseanne and tomorrow and in these guys go to have series and seinfeld any series make millions and millions of dollars out so that became like a direction where everybody was sort of like thinking like i guess i'm gonna do that i guess i have to do that and then the idea of just being a stand up was like in nobody appreciated no it was like oh he just wants to be a stand on the black why why when you can do movies rang why when you can do a sitcom why would you do a television show but there are some guys who are like lydia lay like enormous stand up how an actor so i give it to them like enron we're down but like seinfeld who was really stand up who became an actor when back to stand up so like that's what he does now he does his stand up roseanne i think is like so creative you know like all over the place that she could do stand up if she wanted to but i think once you make that tv money and then go back to stand up you feel like you fail but you should
because it's like it's fun and like you should see the fun in it you know well we're it's sort of like the only art form we are expected to transition and turned from a caterpillar until a butterfly true whereas if you're wrapper nobody's expecting you to go into move as you might in might go into some movie right most most wrappers just essentially stay wrappers nets where people love em well i think all the wrapper guys they want to be like action here oh you know like kind of guide in their head and then you know because i don't think they make in that much money rap anymore nobody makes any money out of the cities you want tore the yards
was where the real values but he i think they definitely want to and they have that incredible wrapper confidence they like always so confident confident in the opposite of comedy yeah exactly you can't have like a guy's self hating himself as a blows away did where can we forty seventh kennedy black sir there is some there racial thing to its cultural thing exactly in its very different that's why i like you know i would say that comic to do so comes out of him who did sickened when they come back to the comedy there always like you know i'm a little rusty unlike are you really mean
it's too psyche should then stand up the whole way through yeah i wouldn't have been that way i know a lot of guys quit kevin james basically quit really occasionally goes i does he shows with ray romano but once you start acting whilst really does another time for aid does a lot of movies to a lot of like kids friendly movies and that that to me would be the worst to be likened to kids friendly moving and then you have this dirty filthy act like they have is the tracing morgan alot where they seem on thirty rock which is like you know you know it's a smart funny show and then they seem live and he's just fanatic troll right i did too kevin's movies of done zoo keeper which is a family friendly movie i did here comes the boom another family friend but played myself and not one but you know
evans been my friends and cyrillic we start out gives great economic very funny carling s white can a bump me out that he doesn't do it that much alot of people even know i saw it with him on long island and he like always knew very well decide what residing governors anti him and his brother who also comic grand valentine's day they were there all the time you know the cabin was kevin them re they kind of life you know are like soul brothers anyway even though both of them are the widest guys right and that they can have the same comedy very its endear anyone offend anybody at their welfare but still like raise comedy is really so well written let you know from what i remember i saw recently he did one of those covenant being does that they do in april fools a show and allay and he did it i think two years ago our as it was great age beyond the rocard he's funny guy you
no i'm kid and does the mirage every now and then they the human kevin do a gig together and i think he was doing new shall but it was like a dream
right was in doing yazzi while it was not member haven barely by men of a certain age was up executive produced by michael royce who is a guy started doing calmly with he's a great guy he worked on louis for show an hp always worked on ratio he's a great writer and he was a comic too so you know how do you get from stand up to this idea of doing porn showing old possess your idea yes my dear and store belly who is the executor producer the share we up we picture to another network and they said no and you know the day we made the pilot with them and ass the years and years ago now so they said no but it's too dirty but it's funny and then i went over showtime and that's what we did and it really is kind of like you did it it's a two dimensional show its mean the comic rag and on the eclipse unlike basically just dick joking around on scripted weenen script
and then we go right to the end of the tribute part of the chair which is bringing out the legend or in some shows i bring out young ports us like the last show the seas and i'm gonna give it away now we got like us akira jelly jane kaden ross sean michael's whose one of the coolest dude ever do porn you know he's black but he is so cool and he it's really weird for the dude important especially like guys actually michael's you gotta go whatever the hackers like now they are definitely could not born without em but yet they don't get any the credit any the money that the czechs do so it was great to have a guy like they're like that on the show any so smooth and so just like charming an interesting and then andy dick was on the show and adrian curly who is really really call was a guy's anti dicks over any with silver and he was a little disappointed because i didn't have much retro gape
born but i've got a lotta rupture gay porn out there i just i wasn't sure what the network would think about it in a guy and guy appeal yours is a funny one because i loved aim is famous for loads the famous for giant load absolutely rossi pretty ridiculous yes eyes that guy's loads amazingly like just whatever it is a banana clip he has on the bottom of his dick dislike sixty loads in their yad attire that gm maize should really has affected my words its mongers mozilla zinc magnesium it boosts your testosterone unmatured loads more frothy ethical they showed its like helpful tips in fact aroused which honest put spread little positively there the avatar which enrich the world with china power up people get them excited about life goddammit but up dues who do porn
i gotta run jeremiah jeremy remorse we had him coming out herschel savage who else john home john holmes not here and all of us are interesting how gingerly was very proud of the fact that john holmes always got it up with her yet because i was a thing with john holmes yet this giant rubber dick you it was a lot of times will be like half hard but with her she said she was always excited that's goes very very out of that was i go she's a real like she's trooper actually vienna like he was proud of her work that wasn't just like punch in wendy's exactly ends doing some art you know with with the with the dews in the porn like this summit ruins eric edwards who i didn't even know he was into it by if we do it again i'm death it getting him on it randy oh shit what's his name up incomers you know on time
randy probable i e commerce series you need someone jenny jamieson overcomers number eleven it's probably one of the best known scenes in inborn so appeared him on your time agendas first one the year randy i forget his name is now good looking fellow i think he's girls who does not big that similar gonads yeas like a regular got regular guy and you know like said peter north joey so that area is easier fuckin is a genius he's great it must have been a weird time for those guys that that eighties porn because there no there was no real seventies porn news rare was like you know yet deep throat and behind the green door whatever it was at a movie here behind in really west ready some leg you so moving the sudden these guys come along in like the nineteen eighties and it's just crazy porn they become stars via its the vhf era
like it was in the world that didn't exist before because the porn that was done that literally had to be streamed as a movie you ever project nobody had a fucking projector and illegal reeled a real and too much nonsense but when suggested came along change that game just that sucker right now the vcr which everybody had the eighties everybody started watching porn and there was the whole section go to the video my mother was very upset when there came out like all this is just right here you had a great forest point story it was like i m ready comes on i would you the first time we stopped pouring that's like the big end of the interview i'm not an interview or you know i'm not all heroes are anything but you're at your story was think what you like your at a bodies you whenever either these house or like you just found his porn or like that and was like uncomfortable situation i don't remember it but it was a very good story and you're not going to turn into animated series
awesome everybody's first point i mean i'm member of finding porn in the woods like mass i'll tell you that i was in the scouts and there would be like why lived in florida and we we lived near this i lived near and gains will florida and it was my darwin solidarity really i think tat areas from there it's a lot alligators run their lot of woods louis we'd gone the woods me and my friends with fine like snapping turtles and shit we'd make slingshot and we would always find porn always wet bags of porn like a plaster bag talked under a log in a way we found a bunch of that shit it's weird twisted and went from that that was only we get is magazines now do is always had to be half hard they couldn't be fully hard they have rules like you couldn't have the full hard on so a room seen after scene would be this girl whose like pretending to be in
total moaning ecstasy springer pussy apart and the dude would like ways gonna like a drowning victim goes like this poor like dead dick work what is a message here is so important for young kids to see magazine porn because it really is first of all its adult but it's not like that porn so it's not like you're not gonna blow his head out it's kind of like just enough in arms and like it's it's like the training wheel we get you started yeah like you know why you kid to immediately go into like high five wifi download porn you know it's like here's a magazine you know it's hostler it's great look i remember the revealing that you'd get when you found a hustler like our ace were he peeped out turn the pages are mad jerking off just reading aren't drain the jokes i like drip of saliva from his tongue to her dick like what the fuck am i saying this is crazy
you're gonna fuck is dead she's gonna do it or the cool thing about other girls they import if i know we're talkin way too much about poor but i appreciate that very few place we can talk about foreign so we are joined an angel on and rob zombie and duty free land it to do this like horror porn i have like the worst whore movie porn it's like you know the good titles i couldn't get right do and the ones that i have just like joking cheesy fucking bad born but our joanna whose like super hot punk check you know tat it up really cool and a great business one by the way she runs or company makes one felt you know she's wasn't it foreign and she's like you know this is horrible like this is like ie don't shoot dick that way and it was called to get her perspective on his director but you know i was like wouldn't it be cool if like you know they could redirect these points lighted today stands i think will be almost impossible that would be a good idea
really what we call thicket like whatever that is i don't i'm acts as a result they dont remain poor did i hear they don't like every lope it alive when you get a lotta like debbie does doubtlessly did you know they ve done the same movie like over with different people want they had a like a theme that works like deep throat sore throats we throughout they d like a lot of it it is different if you watch the whole porn scampered daylight there they are definitely better filming shit in showing you more and better angles and stuff like the old port like a little awkward yet he could really see what was going on they like what looks good and what feels good is two different things sometimes and so sometimes like someone s like turn sideways and their having sex and like an angle agus sideways angle just like it show you the generals better right was they didn't really do that nearly as much in the old days prize leaving is getting your greatest went totally cancer
you call it a purse but white rabbit out he's gonna bang went off but i think what they all porn that that doesn't happen today you have a lot of guys who did all plorn that were really actors in now and then that he opened it was like to pay the bills and today like you have a lot of guys who are just like everything and they do pouring in our like rare yourself personal trainers they're all these different things they want to be actors i think i think at some point nobody wants to be an actor who does born because they got amazing confidence to be able to fucking front of other people that's like dislike balls something happens i think to a lot of people when they first come allay where they have this idea that gonna make it in show business rightly an actor and then they came out here and they see what a process it is they see that the infinite field of gears and machines in a fund that gonna have to give ground through before they pop out on the other side and some people just they lose lose hope in a pretty quickly it s a thing and is all those people who were like an extra unlike any eighty show like eighty
recently that are more like what happened to that guy what happened this chick you know where are they no but i think they're round in allay you know just make an app it and you know just trying to get dated eight build a bill whatever yes and a funny that when you used to be someone famous and then you are it's sad if you see someone and they were never famous it's not sad now if there is not enough guy with regular job at a delhi you never get sad when you sam but if you went and you know one of the guys from different strokes is in delhi it be feel sad i think that all the time and in all as i see it because i feel it we're both in the same kind about hears like after i stop doing the insomniac show people used to come up to me all the time and go like what in blubber and i was like while we were just done do in the show you know and like they're like happy ever be done doing tv do tv forever and some degree their right but i was also like onawandah to be cheese down like we're keeps going and go and gone and people be like you know come to see me live and there like you know like
this guy's a failure in show business when they in my head they don't know that like i could give a shit about television it was really about being able to do stand up because i did stand up before the showed the show after the show and that was really my dream like if somebody said to you like dave you can never do stand up again but you can have a shity reality show i'd be like fuck you i'm not going to do that i mean it's like i love i love the ability and what am i doing stand up and there are a lot of people think you're losing their dreams old it's their am i wasn't catalyze dislike where we're done when did you get started doing that show too because people are concentrating hammered with you there was but there was also like the real like i'm i'm pretty business like you know when i work is like where it was getting harder and harder instead of easier and easier to get access to things outside a boris like you know working late stuff like really just cool like events like we
either get there like a week laid a week early for folks at all no insomniac was a show that dave ghana comes i was on calmly central wars really cool he would do is show and then he would go out and you know that the night light he's insomniac go see what the fuck is going on i really am insomniac and this ep are about as being in i don't drink anymore so it's like being up for three days editing porn and like having to do radio and on that kind of stuff is no fun in that kind of up you known of saint but you dont like you and me i loved you and radio and somebody like you or like a stir and like where i get to light just talk about other shit and just be funny these stations that they have me on sometimes like these soccer manifestations these laws that we can talk but then there is also like you know they want jokes when i do bob and tom i love doing those guys because they are all their due they know porn they know all the porn things and like you know there's definitely some say and is there but it's it's not i can work with it i love
but you know and i like being able to be pretty good on my feet and i can talk about a lot of different things going on in the news whatever politics election and i like that it's a it's a and they tell me but when it's all about like you know you did this in like you know give us a set up for us in the foot our game and so they d like it there's not that many really good radio people knows that's why the pocket a dozen a dozen or so in the whole country we look forward tunes a few guys and different radio stations where you go this is gonna to be a fun show but a lot of bad entertaining a citizen san francisco they guys at all their grand amazing johnny there who we call who i call johnny blaze last time i just did issue he is so he's cool because johnny knows the porn people he knows the business and he's a lot of fun now so i think it's great that you know yet he has a functioning candidates you tommy dare
this out out this there's a bunch of good radio still having to being an l i still want to best yeah just you know it's a dying market radio slowly getting absorbed the time when i said dying thing what i mean it's like that morning fun personality that really howard stern invented that's not common anymore now slowly being phased out by these jack fm channels and canned sort of shows and people that you now quite firstly they don't really have than engaging a personality they just know how to keep things moving along and sound like a radio host play there its arms what's that he's a quick breaks you know about it may what is that that like computer that tells him like you know they can tell them people aren't listening and so they that that kind of like stifled by that's it is probably a lot of cool due to now have taken it likes
the man's dick to keep the show on the air and its ox yoke is mamma willie unless william numb in denver the need the thing that they try to do when they try to put a formula to something you can put a formula to something being entertaining and the only way to find out if someone's entertaining is he gonna let him be themselves right and when you start fuckin with this and tweak change in that people that are proof that people there are creative understand what's going on there that it sets a stifling sort of but the people that are uncreative they just trying to fix it is what is going to make more money with this we're gonna make it better radio show where we weena girl we need a sidekick than this the number show women don't feel represented on your show key disk it's gotta be good gotta be entertaining and the only way to find out if it's good or entertaining is to free someone's actually gonna be allowed to create the show its gotta
the vision of one or a couple of people as soon as you start adding producers and non creative people in their fuck it up it's gonna fuck it there's no way around it every shove ever done where the show wasn't doing well and the producers came in the executive came and they had notes this fuckin northward tear only ruined everything while they like you said it's gotta be someone's vision like rotten fez these guys like i listen to them here in our like they definitely have a point of view perspective and this definitely chemistry with the people in the room there so it's it's it's intriguing to watch thing with next apollo and already line that gonna sport show on unlike sports and leisure harcourt sports guy you know it it's kind of its kind of hard to listen to it they do like a fine show about sports and both of them who are respect the most as comics and is just call due to its core that they gotta thing together and they have great biogas
it's like back and forth chemistry's depositors one the underrated com exactly exact deposit was one guys when i was starting out i was like an open micro nick was already in a couple of years i think one or two years and he was already solid who is already working and i'm ever he'll be the first guy says big fuckin must you were fully latin guy answer mother fucker wonderful had a hair and eyes like all you can look like that and still be fun i got it you know i thought you had to be like awkward or stranger he he hissed office a well written by a comes out from such an interesting perspective for boston guy like you always feel like he's a true boston guy but his stuff is like so sophisticated lee fuck evil i love it in an angry and pure anger true
anger and then i was fine that's like the ultimate funny like just like somebody's like really fuck angry about me and i like that the world needs more angry comedy and nicht apology check him out as he's fucking coal and you know there's a whole bunch of young guys coming up now that i work with you i think also have the same heart and soul of these like you know j j j commitments you're damn right says very funny mikey occurred has some of the funniest shit i've ever heard and united just now working his way through the system but i took i worked with him and i act at the levity lie that's great club in the wood tat used to be utter it's in them also there was an i'm acts or something there was a gig in niagara way back in the day one of its same gig but levity life is like does the same that do stand up live in phoenix yeah i couldn't fill it out i got up and i brought a big place its public five hundred seas and making these big giant places you ever do you like it because you could actually feel that can i did the
and oblige phoenix galloping loved it that it was the biggest club that i've ever done like it felt like call that still felt like a club didn't feel like a theatres and i like working downtown furniture we support play the tempi embryo yon valid downtown things it s like the heart of the fucking enact the tenants that that's our grotaut crazy tat yes you're like a whole different crowd now it's not just college kids and yeah that's a wild west town is here you can carry a gun their yeah you better realise how nutty phoenix is as a town we were in scottsdale never told us store on the air before an old thank but came out of a club once and it was all these people lay on the ground it was really weird a guy had gone is key from the valet and he was hammered and he just pull loud through this line of people was sent people through the air and we came out like
literally seconds after it happened it was so strange because issues urea eerie silence we walked out and it was literally seconds after the habit of people were lying on the ground car was stopped and no one believed what they had seen that this guy had just stopped on the gas and ran about people over she some people fly and i believe people got like seriously seriously injured i think people if even died from it it was ass man i guess it had to be the early two thousands like two thousand two thousand one is what i think are first started doing the tapie improv in the late nineties so could have been around they are too could be like ninety nine maybe that was great love i was one of the best i'm gonna play the dizzy improvin i think that's the best improper in the country the improper dc irvine and dc or probably the last who really great one he is very underrated two sides i i can feel it can fill it up how dare you
for bad while the people are more didn't know if they knew they would be there would be seen you then i don't know that's the thing i thought i gotta get that's the thing about this social media stuff is like allows people to know where you're going to be i think it's the beach crowds always blame and i like it i like it's near hunting can be so must be like you know the surfer people didn't come out were connected to utter i'd never like i'd never do anymore it's uses up i will ask what what else is going on in town and if its high school football and is still not selling out and i'm like shit i better fucking collar cousin job do in some because this dude stop it you just need to get more active on twitter business how can you just yeah podcast with great or let us know anytime you about what we do for you and i were just talking we gotta do like i just want to hang and do we share with you i would love you that our love is not about money it is what i want i like in front of your crowd i feel like you're crowd we'd get my shit immediately they love you are sent an avatar step it up i would not work
i believe you would act as a couple minutes jokes and then i would ever obama either way man the people that listens to show would love to see wherever you are so just tell me where you gonna be in our tweet it was gonna say diego this weekend and i dont even really know the club but look approach because i've seen illegal or is it but mary lab or is it the other one comedy madhouse i think it's the madhouse swazi great yes i'm into doing it and i'm gonna be seven days or porn shit there sure embody shorts see i get mad they sell be doing that jets i'll be hanging out it's more than people don't know you man we this this we offer here the jura athletic i will use my twitter and like we sold out o brien council doubtfully advance another levelled week in helium and he's never done that before said just from from twitter putting onto i had to columbus sought out shows it some you guys at the man you are the king makers
comedy where we figured out a way to get through the fence and now we're just let other cool people through the fence at first of all i appreciated as speaking for the other comics we appreciate what you do and helps good cool people come see really raw harcourt commie is good is given the industries for the comics and its also let's face it it's wherein and nobody is money so you may as well just come in you know check it out why it's worth doing look stanhope harmony in its best form is one of them send attaining thinks joblessness in my opinion if i had a choice between seeing a great comic and seen anything else movie band i would love comedy over all those things like as a as an art form in an easy to get right it's not easy we all know a guy a lot of guys we don't wanna watch we all know a lot of guys we walk in there always you must age under out of there that's the one
this feels too so when we find something that's good we we are all the shit out of it well now that i've been doing it over twenty six years i've never appreciate more of the people like get the comedy then now like in a back in the day it was like you know the drink frank eyes now it's like any their older now they're all married they bring the wives and the like what the fuck is this cash it but i really appreciate the comedy fan who gets the jokes and like see like you know hey dude i saw you would make hedberg and louis black unto war and like you know that was the best tor and you know i love marriage and because of that kind of shit like i never get tired of so you know i've got it i ve got a lot from like people seeing year that like you know her john they're on broken park has as recalled here you guys there are two up about the comedy so there are definitely a lot of comedy fans out there we just need you guys like fucking come through the clubs with
you need to find out where you ran a guarantee that's a big part but there's a lot of people that are huge david tell fancy just wouldn't know that you're gonna be somewhere gotta be really there is only one way it's like to really reach people you ve got it's gotta be a social media thing you have to have a web by the you update on regular basis you have to have twitter and about flyers matters only in part this higher fly or for a couple hours rocking the wire oh my car yesterday world famous psychic should give out a number on the air should now is one of the financing their return airport security was the ball like somebody was turning into chris about now airports if they took it from them and you like the joke of course easy just didn't they know that i mean i've without delay what do they think was postponed a neutron empty blast fuck nitrogen ball inside their war lot fuck an explosion in in indiana indianapolis
holy shit do some house exploded in your most likely a gas leak happen sometimes happened was another one on my message board a guy was saying that one happen for miles from his house and he said he could feel the blast on his chest totally from for buying from his house yeah there it is when you see what what it looks like that ain't shit you gotta see the overhead there's an overhead shot that's unbelievable it does the mix that malaga drone strike look at that it looks crazier yeah looks just like a drawn strike or like some sort of a missile strike gonna go to images and there's one large photo of an over head image where it shows there is one of em right there click on that one the video yeah but i gotta the goodly images khazars is one
that's so insane it's you can't even wrap your head around how big the explosion was that yeah oh wow look at that why does our luck do their splinters reduce the splinters the house's fucking exploded what a heartache that must be like you will become easier hostages or being overheard yeah orphan happens you well that's something that we have to remember that we have fuckin gas pumping into our it's amazing i right doesn't happen on a regular basis is a good guess her before i got a ball they gonna go deserves support scan another shoe to do yes i do is i want i can say here for funding nine hours and they would never get bored but was goes at my house at that gas leak so you'll get the hand guy comment is like a while for us you'll have gas and migration
rather easier you don't so that unlike what do we have this blinding headache because that's what i thought because with gas like yours thinking like well there was a u dizzy binding i am like our case really just basically on deck for a stroke i went through the normal like your answer gets gas it's not me like brain aneurysm something's happened so you sent a guy in cause you had a headache into society that gas of male gas my place fuckin reeks horrible so where you live in new york i live in manhattan so you are what what's the address ok coy parliament i live in battery park right near the memorial now it was washed out now it's an aquarium now but live you know in the cities i figured it was like you know they run gas or something like that it turns out it there's no gas there and i was like oh shit ok and this is just a my neuro something of you know about me i'll be eating you know baby food next time you know rivalling exactly
some will be opened the hangar do you live in the thick of it or you look look out you wonder each anathema skyscrapers everything skyscrapers it is no good view anymore you gotta be ike donald trump to have a view will you just like a deck and you just laugh you know that everyone should be on the on the park i never never got that whole idea i like you know like being in a place where i can get in a cab unlike get to the airport cause i'm a comic read all about it get madame an end which is impossible now because the mayor shut down all these streets and like these bike lanes theirs you know unicycle lanes there's like you know you know skip my lou lays thought so does not oppose hurricane you may now this is i've been here ass two years where they made it more like walking friendly and imminent honestly like each is it so hard to get around to begin with it just made it impossible the only city that has cabs like that is i've never been to a city which dominated by capsule manhattan is getting all other ways so strange where they ve just decided like look you can't park forget it
when a car i why don't you try this let us take area although they may live in him in hand is that you have to have a carcasses subway and then there's cabs and then boss damage and when all these other people drive for you all the time yet but i mean i mean come on zeilinger lemme tell you some guy from santa as rightly regatta trust this guy that around don't even notice guy you sit every nomadic already are well it's also it's a weird thing you constantly and interacting with all these other people like in close proximity and cabs but i like going to minneapolis cause it's like the widest town with the most african care the boy soldiers you now they want em over there and like they're all cabdriver sending you know they know the town pretty workers are pretty into not going back to wherever the fuck therefrom so there on it in the the guys i remember that one year were the they shot like forty a cab drivers in a year shall arrive
it was a serial why is really bad there were robbing cab drivers so they would take and that's why there is my cab drivers would stop picking up herbicides really stop picking up the urban kids at night blank they were they were they would take them somewhere and they would shoot em in the hand take on their my while it was really com i believe it was like forty eight was like the record one year newest pre spooky for these fuckin cabdriver fucking cab those gypsy cabs there's a lot of people that are operating as cabdriver like different licences or no licences in his first yeah rides undercover shit yeah you mean you get to sneak around and gay people rides we got that in england you ve just ride wasn't even cabdriver but those guys give us a deal don't ever gonna like have driving school there that the learned the knowledge that the like learn old in england yeah if we are then another deal deathlike go through this incredible there also like their father was a cabdriver their fathers
you're gonna bullshit we were in i think it was in manchester without my friend dave bishop we got a ride with some due to sister illegal cabdriver i was like a lot of illegal caps zoos none of regular camp so dislike these due to lack of little navigation systems are you run a caricature toy box and negotiate with him he's hop in his car it was like a fuckin toilet or sell get ideas gets a thing it's pretty common i think it's illegal though i think they can get in trouble if they do it but it's like there's so much to ban for because there's none of care softly porn star start doing that since there are gonna all beata works yeah what has the deal now how the porn stars reacting to for folks you don't know there's a bryce are they gonna be out of work because it is parallel crazy new law to work it's just that they made her a lot more annoying now they have to go outside of l a county to do porn about around on his ok yeah yeah they can they have to all go out loud the girl california stay wine no its not just los angeles panties
so you're going to align warranted made nor annoyed and more porn stars i can be laid to set when i the eighty ends i'm sure that all that albeit like a topic on my debt but they will keep making porn will keep losing money in point be more like you know you'll downloaded point what kind of stuff so it's a lose lose proposition in all the way around and then making it you know which two people dont know what it is we're talking about i really i'm not from here i come to know they have to wear honnami its prompt b which was a famous property but it pass and wanted to what that means is they have to wear condoms now they're doing a blow job they have to have like that the mouth condom they if but why am i what such as they had all these hidden things bill into it meaning if you're married at home and you go on my free cams or whatever your web adams webcam show your webcam show you have to have like a permit that cost up to like some ridiculous sixty thousand dollars just to do that
just now i warn with your own wife work so there's always a hidden things that they put in their on top of it and edward knows that aids is not real so well you're not wanting to doktor peter duisburg but we are not really we really should be saying aids is not real you don't have to think about the thing about baking poor now is like this such little man in it like i think a lot of girls they like i just stupid for a while and that data be like this amazing that money and then go often do other things but porn is like i say it would be like working like the maitre d like a fancy restaurant you make an that i'm sorry but you do it like an afternoon but like you know said i work in a whole week you can make that much money and they work seemed to seen unless the contract girl and the contract girls probably makes more money and there's a lot more publicity but unless the girls acts
the control their image and only material their chances of making the sizeable about a money which their due by the way they are definitely do money it's very low and there i think the industry itself is going through a big transition about like what are we going to do how we gonna make the network for us because it deftly works for the p watching you know that i mean there would be no internet without born you know what's interesting thing the way it happens where they all of the sudden didn't have an outlet to make money anymore just like more dvd sales there currently went away i still by dvds aviles guy would see what do you think what does
drop off like it was an enormous trap because i have a lot of porn producers the luggage come to judge it too young to train a john jocks place in the valley and they were riches fuck there these big ball in cars and and those guys a lot of lost their houses and other houses repossessed those really common ethical point two people live for the moment so there's probably a lot of guys who have money but they you know like want to show off oh you analyze wrapper type yeah deaf and you know they think the monies can always become an end in like animals or by their car and like a boat and then a lot of girls also lived kind of high up there and you know now they realize alike in irish safe release the gloves won't kill getting some money rug guys the producers that shit's don man it's over i don't know how they make money now i have no idea who is making money
and how its being made i know that there was a big by out on a lot of these companies where another all kind of under one flag and that its good and bad for porn we're like you know a lot of a lot of these independent producers have been bought out hopefully they made some money like a dot com kind of thing but i doubt it and you know now what someone else's headache you know the whole liking to yet another distribution of that kind of stuff so it it's an interesting business because it i don't know much about the actual making the porn i just know about the licensing and all it can to stop and that a lot of these titles you know it's very grey area you know in terms of like who owns what who can show what and at the end of the day organ it up an enviable just gonna watch free so you know all that money you spending for a lawyer realize you like i don't know you always this worth it but you want to be on the up and up and you want the business to make money and i do one you know this show is about to it not only the open source but making it a cool place for young ones to come out and show everybody that their funny and cool and they're just you don't seem there
without them being interesting and that you know it's great for commerce to roll what does shit since we all know the porn and its its economic is is very important for me that they show works for the industry and i like and at the aim and when i meet the people they go i loved the show i love you four point and i never really got up and now i get it cause it's like it's a place with people to see them do something besides have you seen him in a positive light to exactly the weird thing with us with morals where with absolutely down on porn strange way yet i've seen and used by so many fucking people if you look at the numbers the amount people that are involved in a watching porn is fuckin stag the amount of porn downloads at supposedly forty percent
or somewhere around there of the internet's entire traveller ally the act so what's crazy to me is that that industry when when the internet boom came along that industry was essentially do got it took the legs right off of it the industry fell apart people are completely out of the business people lost jobs like raised but those jobs were never deem to be legitimate so there is never any talk of a bail out there's nobody talks government assistance but shovel ok then we have to save chevy sharing important chevy makes cars we do we can't lose chevy jobs and so they went in to save chevy but urgent but they didn't do shit about the porn business they just let it die they they ll always be porn and will always be a porn business but they are scraping by bank bailouts absolutely excellent porn bail out no fucking way i don't even how they do it like i don't know how they get backers do that you know it's like you know just some money they found like from jungle
gold digging had on how they do it but has there been a business that fell apart that's that big of a business that was that almost completely evaporated in such a short period of time the porn aria besides i want the music business i guess point of view and also to some degree i guess a comedy like that you know comedy is i don't think so i think com has really been affected by the nato and i did the downloads and all kinds of euro helps us gives it makes people want to see us live i hope so i think there's for artists i think it's switch to alive performance model for four rather music earnestly but for more and more willing i do fuck live provision of live fuck show if this was estonia yeah they would they would be there why don't you do of alive factual why can't like in the wood
you pay money to go see daddy i'm on fuck brian they do live and learn as they have sex shows all the time they were i columbus was telling me that not enough but legally that's how i should like up like our lead bullfight somewhere lacks all right now that we ve been who the champion rooster is some guy who are holding with a hatchet and his arm holding up a goal bore i got my money on i think they have that though in san francisco legally i don't think so these are that the miserable entrepreneurs literal they do things there i would like to spit on del doesn't show romania was the only man i can't enough round me i'm on your ass i love love you you during your love talking you through man please let us let us promote you gigs love if you have our common people one no bottom and i want to tell them so
let me know anytime you anywhere i guarantee you all these people on twitter they're saying yes yes yes that right now lobby in san diego but when i get back to allay if you do an eighty around tat let me know someone command just five men i felt when i will do it listen when you gonna be back here again we'll schedule show your thyself ok i'll be here through the whole whatever will work we will work it does want to comment on your late john it's like i understand i understand this getting answer i understand gentlemen we gotta we gotta crazy weak coming up let me tell you about the do we got two more i can wait he's i m robotic sky swans reports about robots like pretty much taking over the world and stuff like that or into robotics while robot paca lips i think robo park lips is let me let me get his his is information here
he's daniel wilson is a young guy he's got a phd in robotics and he's he wrote robo paca lips which the novel about a robotic insurrection against men basically like a terminator time move steven spielberg gonna turn to a movie but he's technology experiential what military robots privacy use artificial intelligence the future how long until we start incorporating robotics technology and our own bodies it's gonna get frankie so that's demoralized gentlemen and they will probably do any bravo on wednesday it's all about when i can set up this i haven't some work done at the studio so thanks to match stags the official death squad publicist for four hook and this is a very poor mother fucker and the host of the disan foe podcast as well publicist author ritual guy mats tax there is an author of emails as emails are very well written data
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we will never stop we will roll on we'll get through this together rise ladies and gentlemen rise and evolve you're not person we're yesterday you are a simulation of your experiences beating you're on your own life laval bitches
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