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2012-11-14 | 🔗
Daniel H. Wilson, Brian Redban - Date: 11/13/2012
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images Jenny, Wilson, Sierra want to get down to business, we're going to find about robots and shit and whether or not we should be freaking out right now, You will gain experience, powerful, Daniel H, Wilson do how are you a robotics expertly? Do I use it all in research for this book Akron Robotics yeah as a kid. I got really in the robots and then I am I studied computer science and they were Do we not? I found out that instead of just programming computers, you could actually teach them how to learn the answer on their own artifice intelligence. So when I saw it like that, there was science fiction, you could study for real than Can we really went for it? I mean it was really. It was exactly like if you're playing playing game and you have a character sheet and you're picking the skills I saw robot assist,
and I said, oh well, our level up in that out of the great. So is this like you, you had a dream job as a little kid and he just got lucky. That was an actual real job. Yet, basically, like I like science fiction, I like the size and then whenever I got where finish this computer science thing and I didn't want to forget going into the real world in it- jobs are, in fact I went to grad school and studied robotics. When I finish zero rating books about robots. While that's awesome this what you wrote rubber apocalypse that what it is tat this is going to eternity moving Yasser Arafat, gotta people man, you know I've had I've had this this to me it from very credible sources as saving private Ryan with robots sees us from. Hence it is this. Something that you just wrote. Because it's a fast any piece of of fiction, to pursue, or this in that you think is actually possible. Do do you ever
instead of the idea that robots can try to take over the earth- and then I have really mixed feelings about this, because they I spent all this time with robotics this we're building we all had our own research and growing definitely try to help people. None of us were evil that I knew of you know, and so then I go, and I get done and I write this book or we're robots are like killing everybody. You know so I made as realistic as I could based on everything I know. So there are no robust from outer space, is no time travel this. This is all It's done stuff that we either have already or we're gonna have soon. So it's the this realistic version I could come up with, but that said, I don't really think that the robots are gonna. You know and together under a sentient, artificial intelligence than China, wipe us out as a species. I always wonder because I always felt like there was. Certain things that the instincts human beings had that led us to war and leader two to four
to go in and craziness and psychosis, and always the day were alive. I'm were wrapped around breeding around the necessary things that need to be in place in order to reinforce the idea that there is complete competition to breed and that these things wooden exist in a computer because it it wouldn't need them. It wouldn't be inherent to the system. The same way, greed and ego is almost inherent to the human system to promote. Actual either conquest or take to promote competition, yeah look at any of us are sitting here, they're alive. You gotta think that, every single one of our ancestors by hook or by crook. They live long enough to make babies to keep the baby say, and so you do. Get you don't make it that long like two hundred thousand years of homo sapiens without being a ban, right, anybody that was a little too soft they're. Not here, you know they didn't. They didn't make up
that is a part of our deal nay, literally now, as human beings and the thing about building robots is you can make em anywhere. You want right. If you want to build a robot, gonna, have a self present a sense of self preservation. You can do that. That's what you're, also the crazy thought dad in in this pursuit. This mad pursuit of, success than that, but pushes p what to do war and pushes people to take it forward, great Feat of Vigo. This It's almost like Dat necessary to ensure that there's form of competition to make things move in the right direction. To do you do that, but that doesn't seem like that would be inherent in a computer system. I think do she human behaviour. Like. We shouldn't think that it would like to say. Are we gonna wipe out all these people? We have to take over and wipe out all these people? It doesn't seem like it would have like a desire to compete c C. Here's the deal like
human beings. I feel like we ve got all this machinery that in place has been for a long time because it works right, there's a reason, we're all still alive, and so we have a nature. We have a human nature that we can't change, and sometimes it pushes us to do terrible thing. In order to survive or- or you know this, like you're Talkin, about com, was an that's scary, right that were each of us fighting against sort of a dark nature and we ve all got the potential to have a good nature. What's even more scary than that, is that it that can be a total blank slate you tell a robot to solve a problem. You tell it to get from point a to point B. Well, if that involves like stepping on baby a robot doesn't have any nature, doesn't have any instinct ill do that it'll commit in an amoral way without any good. Her associated with it. It can commit atrocities, and that's pretty scary. That means you gotta, be careful. Whenever you build this year,
that's you mean you can build into it. Please avoid humans, avoid you no unnecessary loss of human life, but a certain point time if you gonna use like one of those for war like How you doing with with drones. Me that's kind of essentially what drone is right and it's like a robot that flies drone has a lot of autonomy. It makes some decisions on its own, but there's an but they're not pull the trigger themselves. I don't think you're doing that. There are by the way people get olives, about drones and autonomous weapons have been around for for decades in decades. In the very first drone, I think they use it in the korean WAR, so why in Vietnam. They had now they're getting cheap because we gotta this cheap sensors, cheap processing that was one of the part particulars in operation northwards. I think was that they were gonna use. A drone jet liner gonna blow it up and blame the Cubans for yeah
Cubans, blurb jet lag and back then they could just six change. Your life you now Joe Hill and you live in Montgomery Anna wherever you just move there, and that was that they had drawn back them, which is that's not that's like nineteen sixty two or something like that, sixty one whatever it was yet load up a vehicle with a bunch of explosive Iraq and the gas pedal. I mean that's one if they knew how to land them or they just knew how to take him off. When you know what I mean, I mean it's a drone like jumbo jet. I wonder I wonder what they actually knew, how to do back then, if they can actually landed at one day, I've always wondered if you'd Having a drone all day, you Know- and you like- are that the human being that does pull the trigger like? Wouldn't it be nicer, the government to put like a big black sensor bar like over it before you see, although people get turned into chunks of meat yeah sphere insanity. I don't think we'll. Do they look at it through that night vision, then that we say thermal stuff right. Do that,
to watch this video for horrific you, the crazy thing is you you hear the guys they speak so clinically right. They like ok, engage, target, to do, and the sound like airline pilots and then they pull that trigger and you You hear the guns firing cause you they're inside the Apache helicopter whatever, and then it acts, takes like five seconds for the bullets to go two miles and then little people start flying around its pretty crazy bizarre, it's bizarre, I mean it's. Just a word is way of eliminating people I mean so clinical had so detached and outside it here. You know what killing people from a mile away. What's a landmine no right, I mean a landmine is base area, robot right to define robots people ask me: I say it's any kind of mechanical artifact that senses the environment thinks about what to do and an acts on its own does the whole
since think, act deal and that's what a landmine does. It sits around incenses think in a way on a human whenever human steps on it thinks makes. Simple decision to explode while move how many those are, after a bunch from the Vietnam WAR that they still haven't detonated yet don't think the United States is allowed. I don't think I think outlawed and I'm pretty sure that we conform to that most circumstances. But yeah there's a ton of another letter and there's not just landmines right. There is there's underwater minds for four submarines So they hang out on the bottom of the ocean and they are able to This is what interests me they do. These are owed to these from the sixties, the they can target nuclear submarines and these landmines are complicated issue, so they there and they listen for the acoustic signature of whatever comes passed, and then they identify what type of craft it is.
Based on that they choose different, like loitering strategies about how to follow it and how to get close enough to detonate, and then they if you know, then they chase, and then they eventually explode like they do all the stuff targeting. Oh, and some of our still down there there's some areas like we're submarines can't go. I imagined, but I'm not an expert on that I've read about all these obvious equipment or minutes it's cool stuff, the land, you're crazy. The idea that you just gonna go to war with anything that touches these things and just blow them up like that. Would be an ethical idea. So now, in order to make a more ethical they their China come up. There are there that's a new landmines right that I've read about the self healing minefield as one of my favorite. So it's a minefield where the landmines can can locomotor a little bit, so you spread a mountain and if something comes through they basically A local area networks or each landmine China has like basically wifi and they're talking to each other are they gonna know where each other are at then? If someone
get blown up, other ones are able to like hop, and they just do little hops until they make the till they even leads. Tribute themselves again and so that then you ve got this, what they call a self healing minefield, but that's not compared to the crab mines, the ones that are designed to be dropped off shore and they ve got crab Gregson. They scuttle up the The bottom of the ocean up to the up through the beach, basically to land, and that's how you mind like us walking mine or bombs from Mario Breath exactly another example of video games, doo doo doo by turtles. What happened these cramps go in the water and they run upon the beach it's a good example of what they call bioinformatics, so how bigger they or other the size of a crab. Though I mean I've, seen the script.
Of that own. I've never seen a real one of those. Now think those are really in use, but it's a great example of if you want to build a machine. That's gonna operate in a certain environment. You think environment as a problem right, the pro is how do you look a moat on the bottom of the ocean in the pounding surf? How do you do that will their answers to all these problems, their animals right a lot Is the answer to that problem? A crab is the answer to that problem, and so you go and you study the animals and then you bake, take the basic principles about how they locomote and how I do whatever and then you are still him down. You stick em into a robot. So no matter where you want to go. There is usually a solution to that problem in the form of an animal that you could study push up my glasses onto by those she's the idea.
You can make like a million little robot mine crabs injures unleashed on each? That's like the third chapter of rubber package is a really well hell, yeah, that's too cool not to put into a book right. I got this part where they're all walking across Boston like their walk across the plaza and their voices. Are they sense? Vibration do their feet right, and so they were never they sense of isolation. They raise their little feet up in the air and that they have to do it at a path you know I don't know. What's gonna be in this movie, but there are things have got a just this once the ice at ass, a man while I can't wait to read it when you wrote this day was, is just like something that was was in your head for a while before you wrote it Yemen is their ideas. I just been sort of percolating around for a really long time. My first book with how to survive a robot uprising. I was making fun of all the Hollywood bs where robots are killing, I specifically made fun of like stuff, I love
matrix and terminator coarser mother, I'm thinking about it, but then I how can I went to the dark side, you wrote that wrote that's fiction in science fiction, killer, robots there actually mean they got biblical built in like they make for great drama Do you want to look at the idea of technology in and robots like a life form that human beings are responsible for igniting and starting world Marshall? Mcluhan was some. Just tell me. This quote the other dates, brilliant quote, He said that he men's? Are the sex organs of machines? I guess not of a beautiful quote there's ways of looking at sea. This is one thing that, as a robot us, you have to do this. You have to look at a human being from totally alien perspective right so lightly. And I have a point but lately
If you look at a like how to do speech, recognition or some or just emotion, recognition from a robots perspective, we are just moving. Pieces of flesh around our faces into different configurations and in that conveys some sort of inner chemical state, I mean it's not intuitive, it's not easy to figure out and you can look humankind as like all do is we cover the earth in lawns. We are slaves to grass right if it were. For us. You know grass wouldn't really exist everywhere, that it does. So, if you look at human beings from Sir these alien perspectives, sometimes cool shit falls out and, and some people do think that it's our destiny to create the next intelligent life you know enter into set it free and then those people usually think It's our turn to retire, more. He says you know once we do this child
of the mind once we make the robots than than they were done, we're finished We achieved our goal I disagree it so terrifying, but the idea that this area my dinosaurs around anymore. This date they go. Doubt something better came along. We like to think and its call people now where the new head of the planet, but why would we Then we can hold a spot forever mean, doesn't make any sense, but I think that we're gonna evolve with our tool. Yeah. Oh so we gonna become a part of a computer. We could become a symbiotic organism in I just some, I I wrote a book about it. It's called apt and it came out this year and its basically yeah it's thinking about like happens when we start integrating this technology and our own bodies, and just not think about crazy science fiction, far out I just think about right now. What's really cool about this? To me is that people who are getting this are people that have real
various disabilities like two people. Who are willing to have a whole drilled in their skull and, like a neural implant placed in the service of their praying to improve their quality of life and if not like Tony STAR you or or like rich kids, you know getting a leg up in schooler. It's like the most honourable challenged. People society are getting this technology and in and in some cases making them if not bringing back to normal is taken in past normal, it's so people with this abilities are like becoming people with super abilities as pretty cool trend to watch while amazing, because it me what what's he gonna be like when you realise that hey, if you really do want to be the fastest sprinter on the planet, you're gonna cut your legs. Because this is no way to do it that hurts ordinary lucky enough to be born. You know why that hurts cause. I know someone's gonna. Do it? That's what you think
think about. Don't you think someone's gonna do Armstrong, and you know I don't know You mean Neil Armstrong. One of them now lands guys that land did you make that akin to hacking your legs off, taking performance, enhancing drugs whirling, that's all of its little bit crazy, others, a leap right I mean there is definitely a week, which is you gotta go back to go forward like as without the without performance, enhancing drugs, you're you're still not like they would like Oscar Pistorius. He competed in London, twelve Olympics right. The guy has no legs below the knees he ran. Alongside able bodied athletes on prosthetics like super advanced prospects, take those prosthetics offer him here, and going anywhere right, that's a difference! I mean if you, if you take somebody off of performance, enhancing drugs there still capable of doing whatever it is, that they were doing just slower or not as well
whatever the additives, an interesting thing that performance enhancing drugs thing, because by keeping its grit and by hiding in by sneaking around it. What you take all the moral arguments out of it still, I cheating- and you know, in achieving cheating victory in unseemly methods, most Europeans do that they think that they have to do it in order to compete. They think there's hidden rules right, yeah I've been with the hidden rules, but I think it's also a really dishonest to the actual or the issue becomes its disdain, to the actual idea of human ability, because human ability, under these incredibly enhance conditions, is quite a bit more than regular, regular per its ability. So we have these distorted perceptions of like records that achieve through you through
Big which we need to know, I mean if, if we can all decide that regular take yeah, I'm looking for bedrock, we want like that definition of human straight up natural human. I want to compare myself the Babe Ruth and have that should be bureau a straight comparison, Yannick, big. It gets too big to be a weird situation? When you ve got a bunch of people Introducing all these alien things into the body and eventually it probably will be parts probably will be that's why this year and me so much when you said, I think it is someone actually chop and their legs often given themselves robot legs. You know, I don't want somebody would fucking, do it and have him there's a cool book called machine man by MAX very rich. I love any book. That's all the written when, from the perspective of like an autistic kherson, because the person Asperger's. You know that because if you read books are, those perspectives? They tend to be really Hemingway. Ask like this short
as there is it a reader. I really like him, but anyway is a book or that happens. It's a good one, the shaman, but Do you think that it would be as simple as we would engineer them? So we could shut them off and that's how we can yeah. Is it possible that there are now? Let me think about ok sure think about that. You shut him, often mean so if you have a robot that you know, you don't shut an elevator off whenever it's got like twenty people on it is stories up like they're there. Circumstances where you know you have to have. What do they call graceful failure or graceful decorated generous. Where needs to fail gracefully. It can just fail all at once. So if you shut it down It needs to shut down its stages so that it doesn't hurt people but yeah. I think, kill switches. Emergency stops. Those are a huge aspect of of building safe robots, but it's not the whole story
it seems like it that the real issue would be how much of the human ideal of life would we programme into it? if you're going to engineer a life form, which is so you would be able to do if you had a robot any turn this computer into some sort of a sentient being what what asked acts of the Schuman psyche Joe engineer to it. Would you an engineer and to the sense of survival, Would it be able to understand it? That's illogical and override it it was in that strong and if you gave some autonomy or would it just go with it yeah? You know that the thing that scary about this, as there are as their an infinite number of mines that you could really create. You could create totally alien minds that just meditate on on things that we can never comprehend, you know you could create-
finds a frigate everybody up frequent totally figure me, I think, there's some like there's some story. I read where there is some. I wrote a actually wrote a story where there is basically a robot, those designed to to paint happy faces on things, and they goes knots and runs a mock and it just paints happy faces on everything and it ends up destroying like the universe, painting happy faces, because that's the way it sees the world. You know, I think you know there are a lot of people who who think a lot about Ray Kurzweil, for instance, is here? really obsessed with this idea that we're gonna upload our brains into machines and that we will basically have a machine that simulates every neuron in your brain and then you'll live inside and you'll live forever inside the box right. That's a great example of of giving a human, you know experience like a human life too, to a machine. So
knows where things are like from our perspective. So it knows you dont step on babies when you walk across the room like that innate nature that we have. I think it's important that we do convey our our ethics too, to the machines that we build so that they behave in a way that allows us to coexist. Hopefully or we're done son it's one of the other. If it's s verses them, they're going to be over the figures shit out so quickly. They gonna build a make better of themselves very quickly, yeah the idea of the singularity riots that we'd just bears definition. Create a machine that smart enough to make itself smarter, and then you kind have a runaway feedback and it gets more absolutely things why? I you think that that's something that it's not happened many times, but it isn't it a possibility. Yeah lapse, we think that is, why would you be confident in thinking that it's not gonna happen, because because weird it's,
like if we were alive with Jules Verne, we were like discussing like well watch and watch should the council be when we go to the moon? You know it's like we're not close enough to solving that problems have sought to make informed decisions about how we should solve it. Zero me right, as we say, yeah, we're: gonna have other robots in our lives, alas, sooner and those have more immediate, like problems, this ethical problems to yell a robot factors Ryan. For sure, you're sure that's going to be an ethical issue. It's gonna be like a slavery television. If you have a really good form of intelligent life that you ve created, it's an artificial intelligence, but it's and you have it as a sex slave. See that, but the thing is, dont sentient thing like the thing where their smart enough to for us to worry about these ethical thing I think, that's far away. I think so. I know it's all about human beings. Man so, for instance, is the real problem. When you make a factor is,
Do you allow person to what what happens to the people who interact with it. So if you have, I who goes home every day and it beats the crap out of this doll. Is that ok, review built. The doll should the Dark Hall, the police, should the doll taken and your decision there as a robot assessed as a scientist product design, whatever you are you making? It Does your designing an ethical interaction between your product and a human being, and your decision can affect whether this guy hurts a real woman, you know, or or building toys for children or really lifelike pets, kids dicks kid sticks the fake dog to the microwave. Like what happens you know, because my gut feeling, is not ok the animals react in theirs, there's actually research on this.
Like a child psychologists and at the University of Washington, she's sat in Portland where I live, but before she was you dumb, they have this research there, where they basically took and get this straight cuz, it's kind they take these kids and haven't played toe against a virtual head right, looks like a person, have a scientist walk in and in half experiments. The scientists says to the robot head hate, really dumb ass, move your stupid and then at the time the robot says nothing and the there have to turn the robot says: hey. It's not ok, for you to talk to me like that and when they ass, the kids later whether the the virtual head, you know, deserve to be like treated with respect or whether it was smart. They acid Ali ass. These kids are these questions. If the bought demanded moral treatment than the kids thought that the robot deserved moral treatment. If it didn't
They thought it was ok too to abuse it who- and so I just it comes right back out. When you build a robot, your building, ethical interaction, while you can mess it up? Like that's fascinating, that's. That's the you can't allow something to just be brutalized and to take like punishment Now you can make a person coming our official person that future right, where people are followed like perfectly like robots and they just abuse at a speed. The shit out of that would very quickly warp I think the failure of all of humans. It would create sociopaths because we acclimate to whatever around, especially if it indistinguishable less when already robots- and we don't know what evening would you buy a simulation of theory thing Man ever deeper wrap your head around that ever fuck with that?
This new thing: that's these it, and these are legitimate scientists. The major this Roma Caille, a damn major, the idea, the matrix, the idea that were in some sort of an incredible computer program, it's so complicated and so well done its indistinguishable from real life and that weaken we're interacting with things, but that the more they study string, theory there studying in the computations a string theory they keep finding. This self correctly computer code, and what that means, but I understand to very specific type of computer code there we didn't even figure out until the early twentieth century having these they sing. Is we figured it out in the forties fifties or something like that? If I remember correctly, but the idea that this is in these these two theory equations that their put, together it I dont underneath
mathematics, but what I think they're trying to say, is like this is this: is it there's an eerie code to all this? it's not just like we don't know what the code is, but we can see that there is some repeating patterns and I don't think it's that each of us very specific type of code, that's when their studying the nature of reality, so the nature reality it it's like. The smallest measurable forms, is very obviously computer code. Seven then orator it doesn't, it doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like if technology, moves in certain the directions. Now, if I our computers, get more more powerful or are Jack shit is more more believable. We ve got it keep moving until one day we reach. A point: we can simulate reality by it's gonna happen. Yeah,
it's really fucking good, is going to be just like this. Do is that China take running, man was running zone around man, that's whenever the they recreate the fight it out of the computer models of it before it happens, we're gonna, be able to act wait until the day when I can say all right, television, However, you are now. I wanna watch like running man, but I want instead of Arnold. I want Jeremy Runner aren't like making a fox all female cast of a one year, and then you have to follow them with a reality. Show cameras well get em all maps out the other Megan lived here, that's ass, it is maps their bodies onto, and that would be like the ultimate ironic one to watch, because they do that in the movie. When how long before we have our first robot action, hero, weight was
What do you mean by robot Rubalcaba? Like oh, a guy in the movies? We can have robot yeah like a robot actor. You know so I dont like all Rhino Niels qualities of sports and Eggers Masculine provide, and you know, Brad Pitt, acting chops or whatever you know it just makes it all up together, make up the perfect robot action here shows pouty lips, my love to know about this path. You son of a bitch, you son, of a lad injections, and I just push myself I'm sorry, I'm sitting here think I'm just thinking have calculated from future Rama alone. He's like that he's an actor robot actor he's a robot act or is that possible? Could they ever make like you know you? Are we going to have human beings that that indistinguishable? The question is like? Would you bother
because you could just create them and see g right and make them perfectly realistic. Would you bother creating the real world version, but I have to say I've super excited. We live a short story, got picked up by this directory sort of a budding guy and in London right, he's, making a short film business thing and he's negotiating with. Is a story about a guy in a robot boy that he lives with his real son has passed away and We got Lambert Wilson, the mirror of engine is going to be in this thing and then working with a university to get an actual robot. There's this thing how the inner YO humanoid it's the size of an eighteen year old kid. If you google it I mean it move like a real human being and they're gonna have it as an actor. It's just a short film, but I mean it's going to be pretty pretty cool. It's going be a real robot, acting for how God, damn
As I said, there was a very intricate japanese robot. It was a woman. There was ever seen that one very emotive, what was the hair is a woman here, just ahead, ok cause, there's there's the actual aid is that India is is it see that's not the one. I was right. I got the wrong thing. Radio weird is a robot on the screen, folks, it oh. This is- and I too- and this is robot on the screen and its walkin around it. So weird not at all. I got there so good now having illness, I mean they really. They really are like where we we hoped robots would be when we were kids memory loss in space that stupid fuck garbage can a garbage care, robot, those the dumbest, lookin robot ever
danger well Robinson, Dana only her angel tear. It does little laugh herein authoress arms that we're just out of your head, like arms like that, would clip and he had to do their bidding always loved him. People love robot, obsessive. That was that robots name. He was robbed Bobby the Roma living space, but he was in a lot of stuff, he was a really yeah and there were like different versions of enemies, always hard for me to pin down in my head, because is he was around for a while, but perhaps more broadly, the robot pseudo. If I haven't looked it so one kind of cool thing about robot. I've noticed no that's so that's Robbie in his friend Jeff each other. This is robbing the robot man looks like the sea. There brown, danger. That's year, he use actually pretty bad ass. He said arms would just come out of the centre of his chest, but he always had a listen, no matter what
we'll Robinson, like feeling: listen, bitch we're gonna go exploring. He was like the first gayer, oh, no, no, no! No! The other dude was the gay guy, because that Lawson's faces a word show they had a guy who liked acted, really. Obviously, gang look at that looks like a fucking disco floored, but Sarah that's, those are gay. Robot was already and lose the deuce name that Athens and prices down. How dare you should you like this tv love, that's to innovation, a loss in the space of a crazy show, man for nineteen sixty five nineteen sixty eight there, land on planets and shit. Ok, They were marooned. It was like Gillikins Island, except they were on some tiny planet yeah there, David some great ones. I mean I was used to love small wonder when I was a kid I s thick either the robot who the dad as a robot us any brings are home to like test her out.
Sleeps and his sons closet Jonathan Harris? Was doctors, Zachary Smith, doctors, Zachary Smith was like the first, like pretty obviously gay character, on television minded to spend all spandex unitary that there were wearing that show where he was. He was it all these very eccentrics Amin enough in this really feminine apologize sobbing way, because the villain right of any sort of escaping bad way is always daddy towards ruining things stood. Still, Doktor Smith, and it was like his ego- would only three his folly. You know yeah. I was a great show. Man what's this there really fun to watch today, because this hike in This is going to be like one thousand nine hundred and ninety, like I said we're going to be living like living in colonies in space, and so this
this sort of idea, like man, space travel, never really materialised away. A lot of people thought it was from the nineteen sixties. So you get this weird idea of what they thought: future is gonna. Be from these shows, that's really fascinating. I think they, I think they actually misjudged human nature like theirs the idea that we accomplish this amazing feat: by going to the moon right, we planted a flag, we walked around like we went into the uncharted wilt thou depths. The wilderness leg is an amazing thing to do, and you think that this of raw are inspiring event is gonna propel mankind into the stars, but actually we just competing with the Russians. It was just. It was enough to put a flag there and the insight that we need to go beyond that. I think, is the instant that some other nation plants a flag next hearts or not.
Now for classifying on Mars yeah. I mean it's all about just like pissing on trees, it, oh, the trees, just keep getting further he from earth. What's also to let you know a good. If we can go to the moon, we can launch MRS and you had from space them election now. I know what you know, how we run and share from orbit. Bitch meted out to be the first person to set up a base on the moon would be in a credible military giant. Detainees things get it. It's gonna be a great thing, because it's going to excite those
dude. If we start to John Maj GEN, if we actually start having basis on the moon, people actually started doing they develop the technology to one day have bases in the moon and we would go there like gonna Fuckin Hawaii. It's like a twenty four hour trip in the shuttle. I tell you believe that bringing them into its like something tragic, gonna happen, like you know, like a like. A lot of the land can be poisoned or something when that's enemy, like fact there they would have to terror form on the moon. The Abu doesn't have an atmosphere that is going to happen. I could do that some day. That's that's. A whole premise of Prometheus was that there were terror forming the planet. There are going to make it a habitable for their life form they're gonna be able to do that for sure of one day. People always argue that we're gonna screw Eartha so bad that then we're gonna have to go to Mars. The moon, the like the the resource expenditure took leave earth with a lot people and even just to go to the moon. Much less Mars is so
A wacko mean you'd, be better off, like almost doing anything to fix the earth or just eking out here I mean: let's go if you poison the earth's atmosphere, so that you can't even walk outside anymore or you screw up the atmosphere so that we are getting radiation from well guess what that's more Why go to Mars to fill it only dome rights till the Diamond Arizona right to go to Mars, for no, she had fixed this stupid. If now, I've always thought that was bullshit idea that we're gonna mess upper super. We have to go to mark the only way. I could think that we could do that. Those like nuclear shit, yeah so there is a massive nuclear holocaust across the country right across the world. We all bombs at each other and just wipe out there. They would make so many areas. Radioactive, though, would almost be like you can't live during that. You know that that would still be pretty tough to do. I think just because like willing, because you have the launch all of em at the exact same time right and then they have to land all over the year. I mean, if you think, about what
we first got nukes. We were doing crazy shit. We were launched in them all the time and space. We showed him ground, video water on the show. We showed a video of all the nuclear explosions from nineteen forty seven, it's online, you can get it it's on forget the website, but it shows the first tests and then it shows Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and it shows all these different ones. They did in Nevada, Nephites crazy do they were knocking the shit out of every year. So my favorite is project ploughshares. This is like I'll or something and here's the notion- we're gonna mine for natural gas, there's the guy is trapped in all these facts. Now we run water through its called tracking right, but they like we're going to all this natural gas and harvest it by detonating nuke under the ground, so they draw this giant hearts. They draw this giant whole. They put a nuke at the bottom of the. Fill the whole up, and then they neither nuke here's what happens
highly irradiated natural gas shoots out of this chimney, ejects off all the crap. In their it goes into the atmosphere? All of the natural gases is poisonous. It's, like you know, radiation in it and in their logo It's not a good idea, so much for certain turned swords. Two plus x right, like going They do this. This is like not that long ago I would say the middle of the twentieth century, but I don't know for sure. There's y know that what is the? What does it do? You know the name of the operations Council. I think it was called project. Ploughshares project, proud, look it up. The reason I like it is because I was thinking and as a liberal spoiler, but while I was writing grove apocalypse, I was thinking. Look if I was a super intelligent, a I right, I'm not gonna hang out and have my processors like in a place where humans are gonna be comfortable right. So what
fortress of solitude right. So when these nukes detonate they vaporize, miracle chunk of like rock underground and they create this chamber and the walls turned a glass right. So it's this bubble deep under the ground, highly radioactive alma, gave the ultimate orators themselves in its course where my bag. I live. Sorry, I kind of blue that students and Adobe though I would agree that again, is a dope idea that we will create a place with a bad guy lives because we're so stupid. We blew up nukes and hold a weed the gas. True, it's a you know. It's always that's what with the hubris. You know all the hubris, that's insanity. I can't even believe that now is that a case of we'll just having too much power because its military project to do whatever they want to do and the scientists are allowed to say, hey. Let's try this, like some wacky,
just this may not be popular viewpoint, but I think its awesome. I think it's optimism. I think it's like when human, the human race as a little kid who has come stumbled across This awesome new toy and there like. What can we do with it? let's try everything you know because, like in the fifties, we had use technology to in world war, two people were high on technology. They were like we Technology is gonna. Do everything for us like we're going to eat it? It's gotta be food pills when are to have to eat this bullshit. That earth creates full circle. Now it's all about organic and we were afraid of chemicals and afraid of technology. But you know in the these I was like the golden age. It was like we're. Gonna have a tie, pens. I don't know why we need atomic energy and pens, but damn we're gonna have it. I wrote a book called my job pack that covers all the I'm sorry
the drop in all these book. Do your book sound to fuck off? I've had a joke about that have like weed and jet packs together at some human tore yeah. That's that's! What happened? plus. No one would work. Why would you shoulda work when you can smoke patent fly be very few things that you would be having more fun. You should work on pot and flying around Jed pads, or would you just be in a future where Louis see K stands firm? It outlines a says
Why is everybody complainant about jet packs lying people? You spoke about its rules. I would definitely happen. We would just so sick of it for Egypt. Packs of boys got bugs my teeth started, giving more neutral girl too few monsieur. You know: what can we make a fucking sore Japan, two thousand thirties over you always complaining for sure, but that's. Why would things get better? Exactly I really important you gotta be able to silence even the most bitter of credits there. Certainly to do a bad ass. Japan I think, would be that it actually but compact suitable light, backpacks or so, timely gonna fly around with so I can I can. I can give you the low down on on the jet pact, because I remember rain, so forties, Wendell, more got a grant from the army to build a jet pack, and so is working for Bell. Systems. Is the guy who specialise in building small rocket engines basic air?
These are flying really really high. There's not a lot of atmosphere, so they can't playing off of it. So in order to change this should they fire these little rockets. You know like that. It's, like a spacecraft type deal so Hook, one of these little rockets and literally strapped it unto his back and tethered himself to the ground. And just turned it on and broke. His knee shattered. Is me actually immediately, but it worked so then he literally hired the kid mode his long ago. Bill. Suitor too nineteen hail and hearty too, to test the jet packet and They had a working model with a jet packing. The it's called a rocket belt is literally a rocket. You know and that's the problem is that you just take the like hydro. Oxide and silver. Whenever you put him together and then it creates splashing and the real hard thing is to throttle it see. Don't just explore,
and then it runs out of IRAN's juice and like thirty seconds and set a terrible, feel the weight and that's the problem that the lily but a buzzer in the helmet because they tests they showed no bill cedar with wood they see the Olympics makes they were like that bond movie like they would do this for demonstrations to make money. After the Prague programme with scrapped They put the buzzer in the helmet that would buzz after many seconds basically thing: You better land right now. You got ten seconds before you just turn into a you know of battle. Bye I was at a double api. Willie has a radio show there and they did this thing. The parking lot worse, dude fluid jet pack rye and we got a video of anybody throughout the EU with it we were you, there fell, and now he flew at four like thirty seconds. I think that's like all it had. You can only do it for a minute. Up to a minute or something yeah. It's
pretty crazy, but disguise fact his legs up is both of his knees. Blown out from doing this accusation. Acl's are gone so he's all fucked up. Just crashing with this thing. The thing is we would have to worry about is anything that has no power to get you to be flying in the air. Has enough power to see Did you into something people we some makin into each other we would have to have. We would have to, was not didn't be no way. They would let you just have a jet pack. You would have to have some sort of like like a bumper com. Outer shell will see Nancy That's like, I think, that's a great example of of applying a current I said to a technology that in the future, if there really gonna make it there's no way to make it safe, they would have to be controlled by a
a robot basically have tabulate cars, those Google Cars yeah, those girl cars are essentially driving around now yeah they IP boy in Seattle, we're talking about. How do they see him? All the time on the freeway is driving around like a guy in the back seat, no one in the France jeez. What the fuck is that like for that, due to the back seat is cars. Buyers and shed in those want to change lanes. I got into one Carnegie Melon where went to school, and I got into their autonomous car what drove with it in the back seat, while it was done, I've been going around like a test track right, and it was ok. First of all, the wheel is turning by itself, my right near in the back, so that's weird right, but third, the kind of feel like, recommend italy- and so you, sir, you start to loosen up a little bit and you.
You get the feeling that you like on a ride. You know like, and you start to trust it like when you're on a roller coaster. You know no one's driving, you d, just you feel like you're safe. But then what happens is I started realizing this car didn't know. I was inside it right, so it's tolerant the tea references for a car with nobody inside of it are very different. Then the tolerance not whether it would like it would certainly sense that there is something there that wasn't. You know and it would cost swerve anyway, throw you around like really hard, and you realize It doesn't give a shit like it isn't gonna be I do in the mom thing where it throws the hand out in front of you. Like all sorry, do you know these things just driving to the tolerance of the engineering that its designed for any reason We had thrown around in the back, and this was the car losing traction boy. You know it.
It was always safe. It was seeing how fast it could go because their competitive, the DARPA Grand challenge the darker urban challenge they had to go ass, fast ass, they could and they didn't have a human in them at all. So I was scared, so no Google's different. You know. Google just bought Stanford team. Essentially there's a guy named Sebastian throughout. Got me into school, axiom you and then he worked on the autonomous cars at Stanford, cause Stamford Bottom and then googled bought took Sebastian, and now I mean this guy Sebastian through he's gonna change. The world he's gonna, introduce a tunnel Vehicles, isn't a change our cities, it's going to save lives, really cool. I'm really proud of her. That's also that's amazing. The So do you think that's the future that everyone will have their own personal autonomous vehicle, and now I guess I'll just will, will q and on the highways and whatever and you're you'll be able to act.
Read the newspaper in your little vehicle will, just while you Bobby uncontrolled anymore or the first thing, I'm not sure if people are really doing this, where there in the back outside of a closed course, because these cars require a person to be behind the wheel to take the blame if it right I sincerely just sort of like a big midi, blame piece of blame machinery right, that's the only way you play in this whole thing, That'd be a job in the future that, like a fry, a guy like that you're gonna be sitting in the back seat of a carbon. The blame, the ammo blame guy elements in amp, there's a truck driver who all it does is he sits in the front seat, and is that just there to take the blame? That's his whole job while and you just get drives cross country twenty four seven in these. In these trucks, it will be a job yeah that there will be a time where their do these rob machine just moving back and forth across the country carrying goods any
about it. It's like what is it that you can't put into the car and its morality right, Yeah EU has to make certain decisions like would he do of horse is in front of you yeah hit it. Do we or do you is slam on the brakes and risk losing control the vehicle? Forty, it or do you just slow down your arm outside the window and say hey you doing yelling people brag about about small animals that like, if you see a squirrel, you should just hit them, because if you swerve, like the people, die all the time from swerving to get away from squirrels maybe cares. Yet if it's different This is the guy. That's really it's! Ancient ports is what got will Smith I'll uptight in? I robot right where, at the end, the big reveal for his characters he's like A robust saved my life from a car, but let the little girl next We die because the probability of saving her life was lower and it's like
blame the robot for that. That's like saying and put my finger on a pencil sharpened, earn it cut me, that's what it's designed to do. What are you going to hate the pencil sharpener I mean well, you are from movie, though cuz the middle of America's not aren't going to understand. That happened, robots digging that movie and then I was like that. We can see gene that movie was dope. Run out of across gases, mazes work, although Robots go nuts right and what do they do? What are they? they turn red. They got right You know, there's that's part where the robot is like. There's an old lady like in your house, she's like we can you make me some toasters who threaten the robot, turns around its glowing bright red and, unlike what thoughtful robot assessed, to include a red Ellie D in there, just in case they all turned evil to indicate the people of Europe It is flipped over the evil mode. You're gonna wanna plan accordingly grub.
The scary river, to beat the shit out of you, those robots in that moving. If that was, there was a whole bunch of them and they had their own thoughts. And I d is, I think, that's very possible. Now those those robots are bullshit sober. What's it gives a shit out of me? How can you say to a Bolshevik, as if you're, making a domestic robot that's going to operate in people's homes right? It's gonna, in people's homes, old people, young people is gonna, be on the street, walking dogs, and I thought that was awesome right. Here's the deal, you're going to want to make a safe robot. It's a safe consumer product or cases just think of this, even just from the beginning, for like one second, from the perspective of a person, is actually building a domestic humanoid robots to sell. Ok, first of all. You know Human being anything you put in their environment at home, they are going to put their fingers in it. They're gonna, try to have sex with it. They're gonna get it whither. They gonna find a way to like kill themselves. Using this, the toaster is really hard to build safe,
about building this domestic robot? I think the first thing that you're gonna do is going to make it incapable of hurting people you gonna get small and light so that it can walk through a plate glass window. So there It loses its batteries and light, goes all George Bush sag way falls over bike. Then it it won't like crush your baby to that was that would happen to George Bush with all those segways in the battery died. Either that or it wasn't even on and don't not sure what was going through but he tried to mount up in there wasn't happening now. What Things need to be on. They have a jar yeah yeah. So, but you I mean that's the point when I'm trying to make is that you're gonna build a real domestic robots in someone's house is not going to be capable of crushing you're fist with his hand or leaping through a glass window and falling three stories, indenting that the concrete what what waste the money right. First of all, I would if it's like how cars are today like give
by like say a brand new Mustang like afford must G T, days they used to have like three hundred horse power. They weren't that fact, ass. They like the new ones, just the standard, Mustang G to you can get there over four hundred horse power there insanely fast for this. I think it's like thirty thousand dollars or thirty five thousand dollars, something that that insane amounts of performance compared to what existed in the nineteen sixties. If the robots keep getting better and better people are going to want to have like Ferrari, ory that is Cati robot or that are also so people are willing to lay down a premium. In effect, I gotta get caught wrench made this short film called the gift, and these people have snooty. Looking butler Robot tat is true. Too bad totally physically over engineered for the job does is an awesome, awesome little phone, but and then they gave him. Forty seven run it,
Read this comic book when I was a kid when I was a kills super into like those black and white, like really cool like books, like the creepy, an eerie series of Europe, we are seeing that illustrated stuff, while the crows yeah sort I've straight up. Where lack in this some day. There was like all these compilation, ones creeping eerie, we're all these different stores and a member one of em from one of those types of comic books was about a robot that Wanda Fuckin, this deeds, wife and it was really heavy duty man, because the guy tried to fight the robot, the robot snapped his arm and broke in front of us and the robot. Giant dick it just out yet was really creepy because it was like this guy couldn't do anything about it in this world, but was taking over and fucking his wife. It was. It was a really fucked up video cuz, our or comic book rather cuz. I remember reading it when I was like
couldn't even more than like, eight or nine hours. That's when I was like really into comic books. That was my my colleague book era and so this image of this ball giant robot, with his giant cock snapping this guy's arm after he got done fucking his wife was so disturbing, Look at you? Imagine if that we have to deal with this role but start coming along in fucking, people's wives and snapping do its arms and shit. I think that's kind of the underlying fear array, of course, get better at us than everything their black robots. We get oh yeah. We give them a that mixed in the least it wasn't fucking him. Well. That was probably two guys like some episode to fuck him with his own broken arm. Pull that thing off and stuff it up his ass literally. It could do that shit man you it's weird for me to think about. Is that you We know that you can.
Beat a robotic chess like we can't, I mean. Maybe you could. If you were like a master right, you can't be robot jeopardy. It will every bodies ass you know that you can't beat them on the battlefield like robot. Dominated a lot of different areas like since we ve been kids right and we at least remember a time when you could beat, robotic chess and just be a normal person who likes to play chess arena next generations. They never lived in a time when a rope didn't dominate them at all. Of intellectual tasks and increasingly physical tasks like there's gonna, be people born that done remember a time when cars didn't DR themselves better than humans can drive cars, and it's interesting think like what happened. Facto right now we have people that have never known a life without the internet, yeah or being
things up on smart, that's crazy. I want to know what I would be like if I was one of these PETE Kids, you know me, I don't think you sought inwards and got in very very early though yeah, but as far as like most people, you, you were tune into the internet when you and you let your twenties right. Will you twenty eight? No, I mean we had compeers growing up. I was more like the internet was probably eighteen, but I've had computers, my home. What do you think? coming from Like Ohio coming from a place at Columbus. Woody thing is like the biggest impact that the end that has to a place like that is now. When you go back, there define these kids to be like more tuned in than you were when you were there, and it's definitely communication like back in the day. The only way, I would know anybody
from another school or whatever is if I've met them mad again more if right, when run or skating rank in there. In the men's, bathroom and eighth told me to come and install gayest thought what happened you, okay now by me by my own money. Now I think it's like like like look at death Squad, Ohio and leaves and dusk. There is like a group of like a huge group of people that are all friends now good friends, their staying at each other's houses, they're lying in getting each other the airport in their gang now. Ryan. That's all because of the internet. Yes, all the internet, connecting all these different things in a way. That's never happened before allows all these areas like in them that you do you have no culture coming into them. Allows thousand experience incredible variety of different things right computer mean on specific details like really specific things at your into yeah, wouldn't be able to get a critical mass of people our into it. Jake, how locate
I give you a big foot on try if you were made on our aid and you live in any fucking town who try finding a fellow bigfoot Hunter. That shit is hard man, you can be no order, a cup of coffee and then so what he s think about Bigfoot. No one's gonna talk to you. Now you go on the internet for five minutes. You get your own different fetish, guys trying to come to your. How have you go? You have had your eyes that guy's offered massage my feeling, you're Bigfoot Lover, to wait a minute on those ass large ass, large ass. What they call me honey that the yeah? It's really tuft of it to be a big foot person out there in the real world out on the internet. It's easier. Foxy discharge is joint forum. Everybody. She is like a new bigfoot video. Every couple weeks now is on the other into that spectrum. No, knowing It could also serve cheapens your relationship because the house, so you can't have like you, can it I don't know about other people, maybe I'm just a dream, but, like I can
pain, about two good friends, like real bodies, a note and then like anything beyond that is really there's a very narrow strip of like acquaintances, and then it's all. You know, but I have all this time that you spend interacting with people online and a thousand people, and so and not to assign any value judgement to it's. It's a different type of interaction. Then, like intense full ban. With one on one talking to somebody, but the advantage is that you get it's one, do a thousand, you know you get to interact. Like nine hundred and ninety nine more people, if not intense as just one to one, but you have a bigger. It's like more breadth and less debt is what I'm saying interesting. I think it's also something the work we have to get used to managing it out to sea managing the amount of information that comes near into your life and managing the amount of people that you interacting with a can. It can just any sort of social interaction through a message board or Facebook or twitter gig,
so absorbed in communicating with all its different people that you, you will never get. Having done your You're able eat up all your time and you'll be the guy look at his damp vibrating monster self. Does all the time why you're out and your friends it is this guy, this immersion, this human merged technology, denotes disturbs me the most when I see people that are really really addict into role. Playing games That's where I see like, like wild The EU can really get stuck in a black hole in lose your fucking life. If you ever met anybody. That's learning about it. I have friends that are super into role playing games. My also boardgame spaghetti but then also video games make roleplaying games so much easier, especially the massively online yeah multiplayer stuff. It a lot that seems to me to be just simple escape
just your life sucks, our it doesnt suck, but it's just more fun. It's wake over its wake outlays around in here and I take and shit don't out get gold and bitches. Everyone realises smelling cat piss Your house is that smell lies in my view, to log house cat piss smells such a deal. Yes, I've seen you come too horrible. Shit on line about parents were neglecting their children because they were just lately absorbed in these online. Go the other way. My wife's, the child psychologists, she had a kid who was addicted to one of the ON games and in order to deal with him. She had to find his. Killed master. Who is This is a kid is like thirteen or fourteen. She found it your master, whose, like, like a thirty year old dude, you know like in Eugene or something he comes up to Portland for a meeting and says: hey man like you know, you ve got a problem and I'm gonna have to limit like the amount of rage. You can get an end,
She had too, but she had to make that human element real. You know this. Kid had a real relationship with his guilt master data. Four hours and hours and hours. You know there are tight, but they never met. You know, and so they weren't able to you know she had to bring him, look out for this kid, while Did you see the lines of the new call of duty game last misuse is Christ. There was people there at one in the afternoon outside of a game, stop dislike sitting in these long shares and unlike what who are these people, savages, yeah and then last night I was on sunset for blue acts of just straight mob people waiting, enliven video, unlike what I don't get that cause. I I woke up this morning and was on my front porch thanks Amazon, you guys, like you ass, an extra seven hours or something you're. Not an attic, though, were not ass. The community right here there there, as other yeah, showed Leah. Look, that's a fucking phone game that games.
Is the shit out of its great I've. Watched, Bruce Buffer, plays at a place at the airport, and I was like you will keep the fucking game wave. Albinism Eliza is, however, no life orbs article about a guiding Peter singer, who say like base The consultants for anyone the CIA, like all other military infrastructure and how they had him design all the like, robotic weaponry that in the new call of duty and a shit, is all like super legit, really realistic, yeah she's still, I can play so. Immersive gotta have lake twelve year old reflexes. That's like I'm not going to go out and how to start a career as a gymnast. You know right now right to old. That's the way. I feel that our colleagues, Can't you just have to get absorbed, you would do so. I guess I was rent really terrible when I first started out a quick, but I got
we could. After while I was it that was my addictive. Often Stein was old school. Those like the first one right line layers wasn't on the first day and it didn't it wasn't you couldn't jumper anything. It was flower. I will there was due. New gum, I think ass. A wolf was done, was the first and then came doom doom right right, right and doom. They they named doom from that line and the color of money would Tom cruise her tongue. Whose went out to play this guy and Tom Cruise active best player in the country, and he had this crazy Pork, you and the guy said what gonna case boy, and he goes in here and he opens it albinos do. And the idea was that their game was so badass that that's what they're going to do. The whole video game industry we're going to we're going to like drop some to Mono, Did I want the Ninetys? It was all articles about those guys like buying a shitload of Ferrara. I know car magnanimous been overs. Please studios a few times of I've, those guys
really cool guys. Carmack is like a real rocket scientist like in his spare time of is that these guys are all really really smart. He's dude he's beyond sport he's one of those guys we're. I talked him and I'm like not convince where the same species I'm not kidding he's so so so past talk you know, let's just computer wise, what he's doing all day, the computation that is making the ways redesigning these this person shooters, who sees a guest who pursue provocative genius having lived in Seattle, like you see you, you mean, these guys right the one started. Companies are like bright maddened, unlike the end for me, they're always seems like about five or ten. Years older than me- I'm always pissed, I'm always like tat If I was ten years older like I would have been on that scene, I would have had a chance to like go nuts with it like they have like. I have a buddy who works bungee right, you heap, he
eggs halo. I mean it's a sweet job, but when he was in college. He wrote a textbook on how program graphics- and you know it got him a job at bungee. But it didn't get him up, a Ferrari garage didn't get it. Every generation has these smart guys, but whenever they end girls and women, fall in you know it's all about how how much the fields been blown open right, There is a lot of stuff like low hanging fruit waiting on you working party, Thus, my ass, if you hear me, say that I earned it well a meal trivialize. My house is not. He certainly did innovate in a big way in the first person shooter world. It was him and there was another guy. There was an with him with due in the neck I left when he made quake who guy was have long hair hats it was, he was very controversial videogame designer himself
those of you who the original it guys, but they went on to make quick I quit too quick through. Each one of them got better and more intense with the graphics and insight that just what the MT of ours of entertainment. They provided with those video games sideways its staggering, and this call of duty is on. That's that's like the next level shit, it's like the highest level, but I love it puts Hollywood to share like movies? Don't like this much money like movies, urges They paling comparison that a video games than we more exciting. So you you get so locked in a why those fuckin gains in your creeping around shouldn't. I understand why video, why movies are at last leaders to video games now, it's all. It's always like yeah we're making a movie and we're gonna have a video game. It's like do The money is, in any case, a movie just to get that's it like a pr campaigns to get people into your video game, because that's where the Kashmir
is that as yet not about idea, especially if you develop like one these call of duty type franchises, we're just becomes everyone plays it in a like you act iced tea is always on tv plan doesn't play they please gears a war to arrive here. You know what I did. I hears wards and other once lobbying, Nintendo dude, I gotta the three store and I bought a like an old school and an old vcr. Well, you know what I found like watching. Old school movies on a vcr and not a little bit for by three resolute. Like tv, you know The graphics, weren't as good right. They didn't have siege idle stuff, like I'm thinking like last boys, and might you know terminator too, and the right right, rigour, graphics, but not you that little screen is convincing, really low resolution, a lot of stuff that you'd come close right by what have you ever seen? An old movie that's been brought to Blu Ray yeah.
I can only ends the second alien moving was blocked, brought Blu Ray and when you watch it on a modern television with a blue re player, it so hokey. Look in the fuckin background. There's a scene where there's a jet that's park. There are one of those we know whatever gunships spaceships type and then the background, especially like this whole warehouse era. It so fucking fake emitted. So obviously, like I hated, isn't, looks terrible. I mean look so bad it so hokey, like, oh, my god, you're not supposed to have this at this resolution. When the director made it, he made a first turn resolution that, when you do, The special effects you gotta respect that you can't pop up the Blu Ray greedy bitches. Let you know why I bought a nintendo,
but I have a daughter, she's, two and a half right as she is not allowed in the room when I'm playing video games, because this its intense, like links, Cairo minutes, lay very with its Cairum SK. What its Cairo I'm sorry of life I had to run away from the video games. It's basically junkie send the oblivion series. It's it's one of those role playing games, but its single player. So you can finish it and can leave you life, but it's incredibly also you're playing against the computer in applying on my in its whole immersive world. I'm not scared for any review running through your pc. I actually bought a new gaming pc forth to run this game for a while. It was more fun to actually download all the modern too. Like hype up all the other two your mapping, all the water, the mire the blood them. Sphere, the weather, and what are you doing? What you fighting people this game? I mean you know it's it's your typical Lord of the rings rebuff like you're in a world where you know it
that mediaeval stuff is magic, is really really fun but its intense, and if I was playing it material, no way she allowed in the room right, and so one day she says to me something along the lines of liking, video games are scary and, unlike that's, bullshit man, Video games are super mild brothers is not scary right. So that's why I bought the nintendo, though I showed this as this is a video game, honey, Boop, Poohpooh. Just as she's right verified by what video games have sort of become will ye, especially if you're watching a man's or a young man's its geared towards them, mean ivy, says dead. I guess, there's a few women than Wanna go run around playing call of duty must be so popular. Must be women play in his well right, there's tonnes a year, but are their games that are geared specifically towards women someone's and be waiting outside to kick you in the balls like? If you keep down this road of questioning whether women or are playing this game,
is the I mean they are their headway Iranians, I'm just guessing. I don't know the community I'm no. There was a lot of women. Quick players, though there was like a lot of girls, were really good. That would play on our tools with dues and fuck them up and was embarrassing shit, get Jackson quake by check and have you seen the zombies, another new call of duty? They have a zombie mode like in its craziness, foggy poverty, hunger everyone agrees that obvious enjoy. I say here is it just shows the eleventh zombies from national? the trailer forward. Looking a trailer right now, I'm getting really scared. You guys! graphics, amazing, like what they can do now in a register. This e g opening for a video game is incredible. This is like leader Angie. I love that this is like poster taco, lipstick bus scenario, garbage written by the game: engine wow
this is great other soldiers his. Is there anything more upon the shooting? Zombies is a negative one of them over right. I had a zombie dream. Last night, man walking, it gets me dreaming about zombies out of damp time now, and poured you and you're pretty much just like constantly having to try to get the fuck away from these zombies isn't funny that one of the most fearsome things that weaken conjure up is a human being that's dead and wants to get. You hear that Robots are kind of similar right, a minutes afraid of the human form, well we're afraid of the human form in in a diseased manner, to whether psychologically disease darts, whether its at twenty days later that epidemic that rage shit that got out. That was one of the scariest movies. Ever I got a whole horror movie theory about this. My theory,
is that the reason that like a werewolf is scarier, then like a wolf is because the werewolf, because it as human traits has the capability of being evil right. Because a wolf or like an animal urges nature is not good or evil legume blame the wool for forgiveness. Somebody it's like that's what a wolf does, but assumes you inject some human into it Then you have something as capable of just really be an evil and just doing something for evils. Sake that's, I think, that's a really accurate representation. If you'd stop and think about its very rare that a wolf would actually I'm a friend and other thing but the people have a friend who had these wolves. They were is pets and they were, x, seven eighths timber, Wolf and they had lost little bit of husky or something else thousand on the new, essentially Wolf's man, and he didn't really have good control of these things and they go now and they killed a bunch of the neighbors farm animals.
They didn't, kill one and eight it late. They killed them for pleasure to kill. So What's the time, I think, wolves when they're killing their killing out of starvation, they're killing cuz they want to eat, but I think they can kill a lot for pleasure to know you got two wolves wolves actually kill for pleasure. That's it the they they might if they were fattened up to. They might just fuck with you and Jack you, but the idea of a huge evil human seem to be a lot more capable of evil than wolves. Though again it's the competition thing. You know it's: it's that the complexities of the possibilities of emotions that could be conjured up, raising a child and It should be job of doing and putting the kid and horrible situations and then all that that what that person is the most evil birds. For the wolf, well, the worst characteristics ever of a human being merged with a wolf and that's what a werewolf would be like. It is horrible psychotic,
killer. Animal is a bit like it's a like knowing what you're doing rightly Hannibal, Lecter freaked me thou, because he's so aware of exactly what is inflicting and it's like and that's what multiply ample eyes whatever evil act. He's doing is the level of like satisfaction run getting out of it and not really no makes it worse. Does. It was always disturbing how it well read he was and how aware of how fucked up he was You didn't hear Eric. He was one of the most terrifying guys ever that's up in the Pino. There was two versions him to jealousy. The first movie dragons plunder somethin, like that. The very fruitful The very well that there is a prerequisite to that right came out. Leah was now I think I had enough when I saw someone eating their own brain. I was late. I'm never going to forget this. It's gonna hurt me
my life, your red dragon red, dress, what it was and then made that a movie later they they eventually yeah that tattoo. All that might have been the one freaked me out. That's that's! That's waste. For, chairing the old in rich guy anyway, I think so. Grand I remember Gabriel. I can remember member who the Hannibal Lecter was either, but it was very subtle, very different, always a different actor yeah. It wasn't Hopkins now it was some other guy, But the idea that said that idea of the genius It wants to kill you that does have any remorse whatsoever and doing it because a silencing thing that gives them any sort a feeling, its turn ass, the terrifying that's waste Gary than robot. Why people? I think it's why people are the scariest thing you know we have to. We were cyborgs, not robots. Robots may will save us from the sidewalks
it's all right engine becomes. Liquid have becomes the first country that commits there there their army to becoming robot cyborg. I mean this is like a question with with whether we should plant ourselves. You know and use neural implants did to do things because you think yourself well, like ok, You know we have others bio ethics in, and we decided that it's not ethical for people to do this, because everyone would have to get one in order to compete. I was so we're gonna outline and then it's like. Oh in China, there their state mandated by stating their getting real productive over the whole. You know you think about assertive. You have Macro cousin view, and then you have like a microcosm. My because I'm is everybody in my its classroom wit. The doktor and got diagnosed with ADHD. And now all these kids have a neural implant and there are always smarter than my kid
Macrocosm chasm is like that, but applied to like a whole nation were competing with, two downward freak you out. If you were the only candidate, unnatural brain class and all the other kids at chips in their heads, you couldn't fuck with anything. They were saying: there's a suitor electric lights. Is there really sweet outer limits? That's all about that. Where there's this kid whose brain doesn't allow him to get this, so is basically not unlike all the internet social network, and then all the kids get their brains fried by like a virus and he's the only one. That's that's cool and he reads books and stuff and he saves everybody's limits. The outer limits is an awesome, partly show. I love the idea of the possibilities that science fiction presents. I just love that there are so many different when you you stop and think Firstly, we are talking about loss in space when they really had no idea what the future is going to be like to see what their their vision of it was said, so fascinating to me almost more fascinating. Then, when we like Morpheus Demille, what we're gonna
capable of Tycho ass. You re doing little bit a mix of touch in there and, as you know, o should create a whole different environments said she you think she's in the desert worker I haven't seen you haven't seen private, I should say I got a two year old occasion. You know what man it's it's hard He'll live up to the alien series and it doesn't really it's stumbles little, but but still I find I seen him more than once soon began in Hotel Ramos bored so washed. Again, it's bad ass movie in visually stunning vision alone. It's worth watching some credible scenes in its visually, but the the future like the technology they present doesnt seem much wonder what we were tape, but right now, that's tough really. Does you know influence actual science like enough people will take clips from these movies and everything is show them during their presentations. On saying this is like what we're doing.
Specifically minority report. How do and mean that was huge for human computer interaction, each the eye, people like suddenly that clip was showing black everywhere conferences, because this is what we're doing Do you think we're gonna get away from the two keyboard interface and the near future? You think I've there's so much research, that's going into natural human interfaces, as we have all this machinery upstairs. That's got us gear, two interacting with other human beings, the way we interact face recognition speech, recognition, gesture reckoning motion recognition. You know what I'm really impressed with is a speech recognition on there's the Iphone has a native app. That's the comes with a cold notes, and this now when you go to enter into a new note. It has this little was little button that you can press looks like an old school microphone and you can just press it
talking to India, Daniel Age Wilson is a bad mother fucker so that's it and boom. It reads: it dude doesn't do that. I have dude figure and realise that its right at the bottom of the keyboard left the spaceport. So you see how awesome matters I mean. I just said it for the folks at home who are listening this. I just said that into my phone and its in insolently printed up exactly what I said. Daniel H, Wilson is a bad motherfucker. It is even spare spelled bad mother fucker correctly, Have you done this yet text Paris Hilton. I want to eat her asshole Haven, what, if the ship. So I was listening to Paris held many descended and it says I want a gradual and I'll send it. Ok I'll send it.
But luckily Syria and Israel phone or serious, no serious, looked it up. It gets here pull out that sound you, but you just. It was very rude young man that you really did send her, that you are abusing technology you're part of the problem. Whatever SIRI did, I didn't do it, even though she wanted her asshole licked. She probably doesn't want you bring it up like that. Like Jesus, can we like talk about in private after a couple cocktails and we don't need alike it? Ok, I like it when I'm clean, but I don't need to be on a pod cast bitch. You rude dude switched every morning, seven, thirty, four. Ass. You are you're book robber Apocalypse. Is a New York Times best selling book. That's pretty! That's a pretty! thing attach your name New York best selling author No man, I love it. I got into my twitter, handle eminent eyelids, usually get over it, but
for now, I'm still really until now, why would you get over there eulogy? That's like let everybody wants you're you're, the guy that makes you like a black belt in writing it. I think it really is important, because it's in when you're writing for a living is really hard to convey to people whether doing all right or not only because people you'll be out a party and no one knows who the hell you're a writer I, why would they it doesn't really matter successfully you get their knocking, over your and your a party, and someone says what do you do? You know I re science fiction for a living in their like. Well, good luck with them, that works out it will now I'm doing. Ok, like you know, we could talk about it. It's not embarrassing, that's funny, so the automatically assume that your failed yeah This was because you're not even tangs kind. It's really hard to make a living writing science fiction. I mean it's actually scary. It means that the understanding is. If you say I write science fiction for a living. The understanding is, you do not get paid
mother, that's interesting, because I would think that there would be a big market for that In writing. It yeah seems only there's a lot of people that are science fiction. Buff science fictions killin it but like yet it's it's still sort of God. Others like a bad image, problems from like the Pope era, So that's like Doubleday, my publisher. They they promoted the book as a techno. Thriller, we're not science fiction. It's a techno thriller, because like a science fiction, get there's nothing. My science fiction, sob disjunction, yeah, and if you fall into that, then you go into the science fiction. You dont go into the mainstream popular, why don't go on the front table? You go into the science fiction area that so we're at you know it pisses me off. It's, like you said, its function as a bad word like people the most?
popular book is like fifty shades of gray light spoken ass, an m about saying: what do you think that that's about man as a writer DC, this poorly written bondo bondage book, and it's doing really well, as I know, a bundle? That's a shipyard bond. You know bondage, sado, masochistic, weird sexual thing is a puddle and that's about earlier. Really handsome guy looks to hurt. Girls doesn't like do it on purpose or some like them. I haven't read I if you read it dude I saw look in your eyes. He was trilateral. I've seen it had a heap. I've seen a lot of people really get in public and I'm off in just like a porno when I just have a penthouse and public. I know that a kind of I come like it. We et accuse you, like you, Sir, like dared to return to write about their work yeah. Maybe it's girls like putting out a signal I threw down. I had a friend. Why do this girl too? They were normal and he said she she got this book read the book.
And then the next time they were together. She asked in a spit in her mouth and he was like what the fuck you do. It's pillar news like one What the fuck are you doing this? fifty shades gray, I'm scared cited by the fucker. You read, I was sort of like reading like which reading and trying to figure out why what she wanted to spit in her mouth I was, I was, or a kind of science fiction in Portland right so about we have a hotel room for this cipher convention and my friend rents, porno right on the tv and at the beginning- and I never seen this before at the beginning before they played the porn right, there's a message that says. These are unrealistic scenarios, do not try this. These people are like trade areas like the whole, like do not try to Humphrey and then, of course, it is typical. We're not begrudge very large objects, going very small places
at true. I do not know just a hotel thing. That's where you can imagine the hotels or like we really we have to have a little disclaimer the beginning. Those people are hurting each other there getting security rowdy submitted a fortunate sheets. If you talk to anybody, that's in the medical profession, that's done any work in the emergency room, they would about all the various things people stuffed in their body and then got stuck up there and its. Crazy man. I had a friend who heard they had a pole, light bulb by the chutes. Ask one of those twisty light bulbs. You know, there's like they're, slightly thicker glass cuz, it kind of twisted LISA was in a fluorescent, it is broken in his ass pull this out of his ass dude
like gingerly had to Lake walk him because he was afraid that if you close down eyes ass, it would shatter inside of his ass and just shards, but there's a video of a guy doing that very thing is a video of a guy with a cup. My god is horrific. It's this time. If you don't do it a light bulb, does it with a colleague which even scarier heavy glass, jar and abroad off inside of him and he's pulling these chunks of, alas, with blood, and it's all falling out of his ass and is one of the most disturbing things you could ever see and the internet are welcome. Keep in mind you. If you see you can't on yeah, you don't want to see it, but you do want to see. If I can, and what is more? No, I don't like it it's how much I just feel like touches you just rename it to somebody about to get a compound fracture right, wait for
the new faces of death as you and you never know right, it could just be like some old lady crossing the street or like a guy, taken a drink milk and compound fracture, you want to see a broken toe, a horrific broken to get it you're. Not really is yours, no Anthony barrage he's a fire fighting. You have see and he said, withdraw from five because we're broke into its printing. You he see it Yes, I like TAT, I like to use the vcr method and lower the resolution by squinting. You don't go, I'm gonna show it to you, but it's one of the craziest things on earth. I did. I look good or I do like the thing we're I'm just looking at the bottom left of the greens like. I could see it like an arm. I remember the first time something someone die on online with the first video like a bug, Dwyer Video or some public dialogue. While it's a guy dying us we'll excitement, someone dies, will you used have to
go to the trouble to get faces of death was a huge deal and now yeah. Now it's like you're waiting for the busts. Like a thing I wanna watch, fifteen people die yeah faces. A death was the same error for me as a friend who had one of those barnyard portions. There was a few those ports ever gone around. There were like, so gray me and see the end of the year. This horrendous use gotta think about what it was like to be this poor girl. Those is blowing this donkey and actually it just takes are always dickie. Stingers retouched, sometimes that you know the tape would get fuckin broken. Spool open and horrible horrible videos, and it was like the resolution was terrible. But at least there was like a little bit of pageantry. Yes near the wrong. Word gravity associated with the whole act. Witnessing this terrible thing. It was it so easy, yeah, you're right it was a big deal
like we planned it out, like one guy even had to watch the door like one guy washed adored, we watched it downstairs on the site is at the bottom, like he was like. He stood like halfway up the stairs acres like still leaned down and look over. This was a little shitty ass, fuckin television, we're watching us on and when we are watching a girl blow the horse would like what the fuck we thought we would. We go to jail at any moment like someone could satisfy advocated the door. I don't remember our old. We were, but it wasn't more than like high school age somewhere on high school age. It was The craziest thing see ever to watch this chick have sex with animals like there was a dog blue a docile a donkey like there's a couple different animals that she'd have sex with it. So, weird that was so hard to do as I can. We felt bizarre for like days afterwards, the alternative
this kind of, like hey kids today that you say laugh about that shit. They think it's hilarious, Gatt rules off of everyday. They witnessed so much more so much faster than we ever did there's a there's, a weirdness to this life for them that just never existed for as far as we know for any human. Ever this weird connection, almost anything you like. The kid around the world with an Iphone you send them around the world you're, giving them access to fucking everything. That's the whole world debate. We are not going to probably get. Taken by internet scammers from there. I found, but almost everything else, there's a times article right now are there in a viewing people like a bunch of different people, about porn the impact on society and then that there's somebody that says exactly that they're, like look, you know, kids have as to everything. Really impossible to limit that access, and so and they're talking about how all this access to porn, has affected people. Sex lives in a pair of feed certain they go.
In the catalogue which sex acts occur in the majority of video, so they can say, like eighty eight videos, have a facial, you know, and then they look at me. There's a direct correlation. What happens in those videos is is what people want to do at home. That's funny, so I bought sex goes way up and everything must be. They said like eighty percent had but section and four percent people actually habits which has Will you mean eighty percent and in the video this video elaborate cell, if you did, but I realized four percent of people do that, because there is a correlation between demands and, what's in the videos, not
much a correlation between what actually happens gatekeepers from this whole process? Other female? Well, that's why we like Goethe, yeah? What's we ve really talked about like it must be so crazy in the gay community? Because there's that's not, I think the only thing I said the same thing to her. I said. Thank God there is the you guys are slow and astounded been. God is what's happening that community, because no brakes believe me there's no way it will be the same if men and women and with the same like as far as like our or veracity, who would be justly gay people and it's not enough that the men have to tone down for the women had said, exist in the gay community. They have a totally different bizarre operating dynamic, I'm sure, then everybody accolades to it guess they have less of Russian, though that way, you know, certainly they know each other. They understand each other, better
that also that relationship whenever you have gave friends, and you see how the relationships dino, to the extent that you, that you see that if you, if you're, had a sexual- and I mean obviously you not seeing the whole story there not rang your whole story in your bedroom either, but I think that the two people want to pretend to be the husband. Why would you give up is everyone and it affects each other. You see that, like you know, my friends that are gay tend to have like relationships where they trust each other a lot and their little looser. It's not allowed jealousy and stuff. Maybe I just have weird, I don't, but but it's interesting, they run. You rub off on each other yeah it's it's interesting that day, it's ok, just it's a different dynamic for whatever reason. The real issue lies in the fact that its not legal everywhere they don't share the same rights as people everywhere. That to me, is really bazaar of two people. To pretend to be the husband. Why would you give as long as they're together.
If one guy wants that Britain is a woman, would you care why you care they just to people that we want to get married idea that you, you would have to be a certain sexual proclivity in order to engage in this matter, contract is so bizarre and if you allow any sort of bizarre any sort, discrimination that doesn't make any sense objectively. If you allow any of that in our world, then, come out, you two men and if you don't take a stand for peak gay people that want to get married in the first, whatever reason are being persecuted by now skulls and overly religious, crazy people, if you don't take a stand for them than who's, gonna, take a stand for you when it comes in your direction. Who's gonna take a stand for humanity, because its a person who happens like men. Why do you little each other, you fuck? What do you care It doesn't make any sense. I think you know there are a lot of cultural mores or whenever right, every pronounced that were like sort of stuff that people just then is obviously known its accepted, but time change. You know me
our relationships, how human beings interact with each other. You know, even just like you think, about people interacting over the computer, like that, all that stuff ages, and so I have the cultural stuff ass, a change to, and you sometimes I'm I'm glad that we do have a full stop of some people are just willing to embrace anything. New right in this matter The technology have all kinds of new shit and thrown out of psychology other. Will dig in their heels and it take it slow. Let's go nuts here, and I think that's a good thing because we have So much change coming out of so fast that we need, some people that are willing to embrace it, an experiment with other people that are, and I'm not I'm off of the gay thing now by the way, I'm on the technology. Thank God that talks about the I'm onto like I'm until eight people who are saying you know, you know like that, that that we shouldn't is experiment with like stem cells and then
this? Like scientific discovery? That's out there and people are saying no? No, no! We shouldn't study it reaches. No doubt you know it's. It is nice to to have some people are on a slow things down Well, it's it's bizarre. When religion actually tries to interfere with science in the in ways that don't make any sense like one of my favorite ones, was the Pope talking to Stephen Hawkings. He told them that it is ok to explore the nature of the universe, but it ok to explore the origins of the Big Bang, because that would be like questioning God himself. I guess not Larry's religions to me but he was like telling them what we this is like our lifetime. In our. Let me hawking still alive, This was in our lifetime. The pope was too this guy is still studying the big bang it so silly that there could ever get to appoint work. It happen where this nutty com
member actually could get into a position and in this day and age that could didn't have an influence other than to make a humorous anecdote but bill. What if he always his notions? Really and who knows what his own psychological proclivity might be. There are some people that are subject to the IMF, lots of people that you wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be an egg. You know in certain cases like someone who's in a big position of power like a pope. Well enough thousands and thousands of years. Religion is the bedrock it's what keeps, people united, it's what keeps them serve up alive. To have a shared culture. You know, I mum like I have native American in my background right and I'm always really. Growing up. I was always interested reading the history and thinking about you know. Why did native Americans get basics wiped out and also aborigines and things, and you think about the fact like in Australia, all the different tribes in Australia. They all spoke different languages.
And they were all like they all had a certain amount of land and they were kind of in stasis, Emily they fought with each other, but but every being always kind of ended. Up the same, there was no one group that conquered of Australia. We're gonna! Do you think about Europe and other more bellicose places? China. You know you got here. You ve got places where the enforce one culture, massive groups of peace all right, the Brook through religion and their incredibly effective, they travel all over the world and white people out they work together. They build cities. There is great utility in having people like my inner think alike and like this, but the you know, there's also a drawback in the drawback can be that it's it's resist to change and it doesn't she apt for nooses new circumstances. So it's almost like a good look at religion as an operating system on a cell phone like
it allows you to get things done, but if you dont updated and continually updated with latest versions. Will science naturally updates itself and always go back and prove something wrong, prove yourself fix it update it with new information. I mean: that's the straw. Of science? But that's scary, because you there is no bed rock, where I know how much you dont know and you have to trust yourself a lot I think too, to too We trust science, because you are acknowledging that you don't no every year allowing a thought into your mind and a lot of people do not find comforting, and that is where no one is watching this thing: no one's paying attention. Ass than that, we essentially live in a soup of madness, and that is that is the world that we actually exist in and we want. We want to pretend they were in this strange Sandra Bullock Movie, where everything's gonna be ok and everything's gonna be normal and one of the best to do. That is to think that there is a guy that level
What time ago that came back from the dead, and you see absolve you of all your bullshit. You just got to take him in your heart and your good, no matter how bad you been. The past well and they got over it's not about you, believing it it's about lots of people believing it see. You draw strength, other people? Yes and good point? I think it's a natural human thing to do. Secondly, my brain system- I think it's a scam I think, your morals think of it as a policy like it's. It's it's a set of behaviors for certain situations will behave this when the end and yet a goose people together. So the like, when a guy, whereas a suit and tie he's going to be a gentleman, the gentleman but the gentlemen care for a drink. I mean got guy to say that if you now you wherein, like my tie, shorts, flops and you sweat and now I want have anything to do with you. They wouldn't say with a gentleman like a cocktail: the boy said can come in here naked with full lapse on and I we want you to look in a very specific uniform way, and that is
That's how I know I can predict your behavior you to behave like a gentleman, well, that believe it or not. You make anything tobacco to robotics, but I believe we could that actually ties Beckett when you build a robot right. What you choose to make it look like is a promise its again. He too, the person that's going to interact with its if you build a robot that looks just exactly like a human being than any buddy that walks up to that robot is gonna. Damn well expect that that robot, it's gonna, be a smart as a human being, if you say what's up buddy, it's going to say, hey their power and if it doesn't people getting, As you know, we, yes, why I don't think we're gonna see super realistic, like Andrew, anytime soon, because we don't have the the full package without week. Maybe make it look really real listening, but we can't make it behave in a really realistic why's that I mean just because that's the hard part, but is that mean it's it's a temporary hurdle? Isn't it I mean with the ways science continually grow,
business exponential manner to state if they could figure out. They can sure to figure out how to mimic various aspects of the actual human. Yet I mean we're making progress. I think you're, actually engineering egos and things like that yeah yeah respect, although copy it will make it very mimic it to the extent that you can't tell the difference when if robots start like revenge? beatings waiting for people behind cars. People talk shit at a meeting or knobs lit up the fuck. I think that'd be a malfunction. I would be glad if you would have to Is there a way you could ever like in the alien series like we ve been engineer to never harm human being? I love those aliens I love Bishop had now upon. The first car was good to man. The vertical
get spoiler spoiler Prometheus, there's another oh yeah, what the most substantial awesome actor yea, that dude originate, It named into yeah she's. Here are two areas guide. We give the guy his brow, yeah, but he's amazing in it. It some folks attitudes, man, I am Debbie's were then I am debris the mood you gotta seven point three rating, that's pretty, for that is what was his name, so they announced we got an Hathaway is gonna, be rubber apocalypse. Hathaway talk came official, yes, while yeah. You know, apart from the play them a kind of excited she sort of a bad ass. Is she really warming as Catwoman and stuff like she pulled it off any any
superhero stuff, if you can dress up a gimmick costume and make it in pull it off and make it seem real than you got my respect, ride confines did I should those damn it? Is it Rafe spar now the fucker All right I'll give up. I give up crops to Yahoo areas is about mother fucker. What denouncing They don't seem to have his photo here and the cast he was there what is not guy pierce. Now I give up sorry, the people are screaming his name right now. Yeah, I'm sure someone on Twitter will tell me who the guy's name is but yeah. He he played an amazing robot. He did the best job opinion in any robot movie of walking that creepy line, where you think he almost feel slighted but doesn't big
does he really doesn't have any programmed motions, but is recognising that you're trying to slight him? it's very fascinating, it's it's worth. Seeing really for some of us seems alone, especially I don't. I can't tell you to me like a really realistic, humanoid Android, I mean, like there's a momentum behind the emotions right, so even if it doesn't feel pissed off If it looks, and although ways behaves completely can Secondly, what how a human would behave then you're gonna be sitting there way in on him to be pissed off, and even if his face is totally blank, your polygon, a project on it and be less, is a little bit. Yeah, because everything else is consistently, but ok. So he's designed not to be pissed off at somehow it's hard to leave whenever you have a full working model of how people behave and it's been trained on people will also. The guy's name is Michael fast, Bender Michael fastened, yes, spoiler alert
also in he actually acts in almost stay vindictive manner to one of the guys who had been fucking with them in this in this mood it was kind of interesting. I gotta see how they They had had it set up It wasn't like. I said it wasn't a terrible movie. Just wasn't when I was hoping it was going to Michael Fassbender. That's it is he played David. He was the second one there that she just is hairs a different color in this photo. I get confused, be amazing. Demand that guy's its that's. That's a scale that it's going to be difficult when they start doing cd movies, like completely cgi like real. Replicating and actual humans emotions unaware human like that guy can act, that's gonna be really difficult to do. It's. That's all the little things at the actors. Learn it I was watching. I watch snow. I've been watching other Chris hymns or movies, because he's also supposed to be a roller pack lips, whose Chris hems, where these Thor Mighty Mighty thought, cool and he's in red on the remaining he's in snow white and huntsmen, watching that an end
can't remember the name of the actors whose she's the one from twilight. Stewart Yet- and she does is she's pretty- and she does this thing. Where or to notice like that. It's like almost her trademark like she breeds really hard and collarbone certain stick out. It's like that's like it thinking or when you notice their little nostrils are flipping around here like that's where they get paid, the big bucks. That's isn't, hospitals are like doing see worlds and flip in our modern. That's yeah they they have very spit some people. I did the same guy, innately, Christopher Walken, is the same guy like almost movie ever leave. I read an interview with him. He said that they started like now. He has a clause in his contract this as they can't ride. Right it to make it weirder when they hire him, because
is tired of all the rolls shaping to fit him as head of an avenue to act, if only like, so as he gets it, they look. We're gonna, have Christopher Walken and was gonna be on acid, twenty forty seven only where's like flippers and golf shoes and shit like that around the house, and it was disposed to be someone's like dad. You have wonderful yeah, like the variety of rules that he gets offered bones crazy everywhere, every role that he does it's gotta be a crazy guy and once you get type cast, I guess I'll bet. You know like he's got a screen, gotta be at least one ranting screaming seen in every movie, after a while, these dudes, probably like two colleagues, especially after the they get paid a few times like these
really like, sell our hard and make some fat cash out terrible movie Ike. While I was pretty easy and it was a good job, I keep hired and getting paid a lot of money to be myself, but, like Robert Deniro did a punch, stinky ass movies man. He did that one movie where he was liquor. Grumbling a war lock or something like that was there a movie way like it was like one of those Ladys Hidell type, rip, yeah, Philip will you know I saw, but nobody saw in snow why there are all these dwarves right thought that they were literally nobody and, and They were, they were yeah, but they see. I can't figure out now is happening like yeah, because it works famous and actors. That was that was a big point of contention with the little people community really like what the fuck man like this, the only gigs there we could take, and instead
you think it's cute to show off with. You know like this plenty of little people actors that would I love those roles. So it's kind of a there was a little touching go situation like was it I have bought but hot. What's his name Hoskins, whereas the guy's name what role does it play? He was one of those little people very famous fuck goddammit now and make me I am deasey. This motherfucker to my be empty more today than I ever have my life, but the the other movie you can tell. I am DV was one of the first websites because this gap- because they would never name it that right if they would be like they give movie? like that yeah. Why am I am db? Internet movie data, Yes, I guess it's easy to remember this for characters. Man, you can't get a website is forecast,
boss, Hoskins, that's homeboys name he's been in the gang, a move is what does he want? Hoskins Bob Hoskins was in Numb bosnian, Roger Rabbit that too This idea was willow and star wars and, like discovery, In fact, everything has been a lot of shit he's bell. Shit But- he's in that movie too I feel the same way about in Rome Apocalypse. It's all native Americans like so I have this feeling that if the federal government were to fall apart there All these sovereign tribal governments around that have jails and cops and hospitals and right everything that you need right. Only its smaller by end in in the book, like everybody, up there and so in the movie. I don't know I haven't read the script, aren't we think about it, but I'm wondering, are they gonna higher native ACT you would have to write here because it's like an it's Osage Army
and they will just have to maybe look a little bit more carefully, but I'm sure there's plenty of qualified people acting as well. Thanks to my there's a lot of people. They don't know that can do it. This is it's one of those things are there's someone here. Other dont, theater and, and they they can't fucking ACT, did not act, Spielberg's good, like getting people that aren't big name scouting and making the Danes burly sweater with well. You know, I think, when you ve been in the movie business, that long, you trust, like casting agents to like a castle age, could tell your heinous kid is. When you know is amazing, you gotta check, allow nobody knows we, as MRS Rothe, some special per, for this one particular role that he might have you now, but he's he's good at it, but some people just
it's kind of funny that we have this thing with movies, where we accept that we are seeing the same guy over and over and over again in Algeria for lie. Wasn't it one movie he's a last american samurai, whatever the fuck is yet another movie he's a vampire, always gonna be Jack, the guy from those who is quite Cutler, something man from what movie terrible? Did you fuck it up to that anyway? Yeah he's didn't needs and bulletproof coffee he's playing a guy who is actually like six foot for linebacker always plant? Is he put another? I was just thinking of Matthew. Matt Damon did Madame player, we play our famous wrongly player dinner No thank you D. Like you to pull it ass. He is yes, valiums, like Economic Please don't born identity is grey, had asked about that as other, about the new guy more
The new guy, I believe the new guy was more like a natural as a killer, whose Jeremy Runners innocent Brenner. We use on his today that guy's got ass life when I found was amazing about that movie, though, is that one of the things about that movie- is this guy can endure like Chrome, cold and pain? You do all these amazing things physically and yet We also had incredible disciplinary, never chased pussy like They made him the most unrealistic superhero ever because, like I was thinking about. They were going over James Bond today that we're talking about on the Rhine and fair show there. About all the different names for the James Bond women, in which one was the hardest and what girl which James Mongrel they had a week,
this because they portray that as his great strength. Yet it is the greatest reducing women he's doing this area. There are powerless instead of he's getting portrays boys he just not real he's. Not even try to get laid is like, has no no needs whatsoever. Sexual, but yet lips of the air and lands until the roofs and beat shivered and carries a woman the whole way, but she just wants like that. Like the ideal man I'll see what women was a vampire that won't suck your blood and can go out in the daytime, he just sparkles they want they want this super bad ass, who doesn't want any pussy at all. Has just your guard dog that takes care of you everywhere. He does new. Try to fuck. You like this one is unbelievably beautiful, any saving her through the entire movie and they never even so much as make found. No, no, it's not ok. Jeremy render wanted a new foreign identity because ok, but I'm saying at the same time you go back and look like the bond movie called Octopus. Does the most unsubtle play on words ever
I remember my grandfather had that we had just taken. I was like ah yeah. I like grab that wouldn't popped it in its environment as doorways getting hot freaks was part of being bond. He got laid like crazy and it was a good thing back then but in any more you superhero can't do it anymore. The news is a new born the Flanton I dont know. Does he go? Does he go and get some ass in this moving last two minutes is trademark. He's gonna have a martini he's gonna, go their choice. Ass neat gun yeah he's win always in the end, he'll be fine, who might have a little cast on his hand or some shit like that when the antelope meet the queen or something to hide again hated much money so that he only drinks Heineken Beers during the The is unsubstantiated, but it will be seen. The video, though the commercial value of this very well done Commercial forbear Heineken was given that we already they had others commercials with deeds. Flip the air and use this kind of bond. Ask can about us yeah. So
that's ok, Party, Heineken sucks I think I pay em to only during Heineken which one of them like Heineken yeah. It's too beloved what is visible as its product placement in Bonn. Will we would just semi sacrilegious? Is that it is they have been. I dont know kind of this matter. Without movie it is kind of. Does that certain things like bond like sacred, you know me ponds. You gotta go Charlie tottering, other more mission impossible. If you want to view and on how to
dream like if you want a whore out your maid carroty proclivity hoard, our bond doing appears browsing era with with cars rose like we, ve been it, but he wasn't pond Daniel Craig is bond. Ok annual Craig looks like a real English, bad mother fucker that could snap your neck compeers Morgan, Whistler, buses named peers are peers, prostitutes, peers browsed, and he seemed like a very nice guy, and I bet he's a hell of a good actor seemed like an english gentleman here. He didn't. I did not by him kicking people's asses. I buy this Daniel Craig. I fucking people up and killing people I totally by is more compact and Daniel, crying Yak Craig these Billig, a pitiable he's like thick, like a guy, looks like an athlete like when you seem of the shirt off and he's got a gun his hand. Let's go kills people for eleven. You know, that's it. That's a real special agent, where's Pierce browser like pits onto your gun, Camelot, doing that they, your hair. I guess I'm gonna hold you don't pay on you,
it is too. I just don't buy it Roger more. At least we get the tongue in cheek and it was a different era browsing was in this weird sort of like nine bees. Drama transition action. I gotta theory about these two areas: My theory on this a bit like the Eightys and Ninetys Ladys early nineties. There's all these movies, where the actual scenes consist of people holding sub machine guns and got a grey area abilities. I shall write or they'll be like way up on the cat. Walkin they'll have a shock gonna like Bobo shooting somebody like way. The fuck across the warehouse theory, is that can't get away with that should more because every kid plays call of duty know that I is ineffective, long range just this is like in the dna of every fourteen year old boy. You just know, But you can't shoot somebody with a shotgun from across a football you're just knock. Ever touched a shocker so like the spraying the sub machine gun thing. That's does
gone now. You gotta go way more brutal. Unlike accurate and realistic, well that's why martial arts movies, don't look like those early. You know Jean Claude Vandam and those early like Mars, what movies its harder to buy this guy flipping you over his head and grabbing me by the risk, when you see like an mma fight realize what really happy here as watching demolition man. Unlike West, nice is like do like round hats. Six, like four five Sidra still stand, and there he was familiar. Acting with a real round has a gig like windows. Then even ever happened right, but you know since, like like watching home alone or sub yeah yeah that breakwater caved in his skull and merely thrown up all over the floor to Mr De Rossa. A bunch of movies. Those martial arts movies that were completely ridiculous were deeds would just get
Stan Circle and what the guys would just our job to the left, and it would take kick him and there, the gout charged on the radio kick him and nobody ever nobody ever rush them all. One irish men, Norris Bread and butter, Chuck Norris. Some operators will we ever taxes is a beautiful, so does anyone ever so gape? Go it checked him a couple more times than a stock. He did. There was an episode where he a bomb went off and he lost his sight and any meditated and got a slight back at the end and save somebody how to get a sight back safely. All my cousin spiritual gay does. Is it Narses is is very high and Jesus a metric nurse was born, proudest moment of my life. The Chuck Norris knew who I wasn't gimme alone. As a goal. We nurse watches the USA notes ass a cut down. Why do I have a camera? The photo chuck Norris the martial arts community? That's it
like a photo with Elvis of Euro singer, your photo chuck, Norris sign, you know you wanted to hit those kettlebells and just stare at the photo shut mice together will motivate made a train. Hard. Tease me chuck Norris a bunch of unbelievably preposterous move. His host be technology, is a bad mother fucker, but some of those who always were hilarious, unify Le Roadhouse writers is one of the great heavy glass, I have some friends in Portland who created a roadhouse musical, and this is one of the best things I've ever seen it, or road hospital is acting out. Wrong, did occasionally there's like sides and there's a narrator. That's it My group, I did you guys, get permission like they just did it, I just did it aiming at a profit or is it just for fun? It will. You know, lives for profit, but they sold out. I mean these are real actors
anybody would find it as anything other than you shit. That should ideally people would look at in, say, that's a tribute and it's it's, what keeps people buying dvds and keeps investing in themselves a great bad movie. It's a girl rate, bad dirty. It's gotta it's it's an immensely move, a perfect storm. You know like at a certain every sort of genre than you have like movies, that perfect different elements of the job. And then you have one perfect of one or two perfect storm movies. They had everything and then you know, and then it dissipates the times Change. Code of silence was a one like super legit movie, the Chuck Norris dead he's trying to remember it? It was a movie like also to trial, Bronson type movie. We played a cop, it's just a few hours of him. Meditated motherfuckers only gave it a five point: six in the ratings. How dare you I am Debbie? I disagree. I thank God. Look at it when the time that it was made, but in the time that has made us like Chuck nurses, who
had very little martial arts in it for a chuck, Norris movie more of you now just a good action. Drano me. I think he threw like one side kick in the whole movie. Yeah mantra obligated yeah, probably tell you, you can't have it ignores movers and kick at least one do. How does chuck Norris look now loose great? Does these Marshall artists regime those commercials. We does those those. What is that thing to police system? Do those exercise. It he's because you know a lot of the action heroes from that era that are also movie stars. You know they. There's a lot of sort of surgical stuff that starts creeping at least are looking a little funny well Chuck Norris. I think he's in the sixties. Let's look look here but I know he definitely still trains. He's some is born. Nineteen. Forty, woe so word uneasy. Seventy two! Why?
my god. What he's doing all right? Healthy lives? Amazing, that's amazing! When he looks incredible for seventy two, that's incredible! My retorted! Not that's exactly is, wow he's still very fit, though. If you seem in these, whatever these things are timid Christie during Spring and autumn, with their call, these cable, its essentially a low impact, cable, Polly System work out, and he he promotes those things and he's employees, a black pound, jujitsu and I'm sure still probably does some form martial arts still too, but he looks great for semi tool is incredible. But a lot of those goods. Big fuckin, your party, doesnt, Lassen, she's, gonna, go that's, where robotics cannot hey! That's why I'm saving minor network because you get so many good talk, good thinking, movements in our design from save him all up much of the work that way if you were born, fuckin, superhero and everyday life. You, like you, his dear your physical point and the more fish
activity. Did the lower your life guided the candle burns this faster? Yes likely, your life would be like almost like a video game. Have everybody would have equal numbers start with? What didn't made that movie where you have a certain amount of time to live did. You know the remaking Logan's run over. I sat at the scientifically dimension. I sat next to this guy and he said next means bitching about like there's. Not only people here- and I was like he's here- is older and honestly what So what you know what's the deal, why you bitch and so hard? You know and he's like basically, comes out. He's like I wrote, Logan's run wild and, like you are so lucky that you had a movie made your book in the seventies, and I think they bought their rights in the sixties. That people Still remember rain. I mean how easy to credible scope. You know just begun and he was his bitter wasn't. Having always seemed easy, actually seem call he was sort of like he was at peace with the fact that in this world you can show
pull up and a hundred people be in line to get a book signed or you can show up, and it is be like, like nobody, you know or like that, one guy that wants to like talk about every aspect of STAR Trek and then he sort of wanders off buying a book like there's gotta be brutal. Twenty minutes. Anybody, that's hilarious, that's all yeah that's gotta, be annoying for those guys. Is there really trying to be friendly to people with their austrian cells? Shed gets things at the end of the day I mean you're. Trying to sell a book It's gotta be weird when you, I know them the the book. Logan's run. I remember it, but I don't remember anything about it. I don't remember the Sylvie remember the birth and movie was about all these people that they space like seventies, everybody's Retards die whenever you're thirty like and if you don't agree to die, they hunt you down and kill you. You have like the little Jim in your hand, starts flashing, so Logan doesn't want to die. Basically I'm! seeing the movie and for ever and ever, but he makes a run for it. I mean,
so it's is how much different is it from that just in timber like movie yeah right? That's it that's. What got me thinking about it. Have a certain number of midnight voice yeah, it's not very different, The theme has been explored. People are always concerned about the idea that one day due to the fact that we can keep everybody alive, and in fact, a pact populations exploding you we were continuing to figure out new diseases and how to cure people on it. Second, people staying alive longer get wet point How do we does it become an issue Do they ever need to control, and how do you even go about doing that and saw these like scenarios like the just and timber like Movie or Logan's, run pop up where the evil government forces you into a contamination processor, Hannah yeah. Gonna think think hard. It's hard, it's about like being afraid that going to change human nature, when there are certain things that are in mate about being human like were born and we die right, come on every single human being as lived in there,
we're gonna die then did die already, and if you change that then not mean that scary stuff right you're, going into a completely unknown territory, and, ultimately, that's what everybody is is shooting for, with the height of technology, the height of technologies, to ascend, pass the physical, the physical body to to get yourself into position. Were you truly become immortal because he become part of some computer programs? You man, I don't you see, I know I'm not down there Ray Kurzweil doesn't want to die, He doesn't know that he should have to die. Yet this is what he saw me. I understand he doesn't want to die, and he says you know one way to avoid it is to have a machine. That's gonna basically take snapshot of every neuron in your brain, which they're all just little switches right and it's gonna figure out exactly. What's gonna go, let's go, your brain and then is going to continue to stimulate that, but, like pardon me just saying YO. When you die, if you send yourself perfectly you're frickin, dad
Europe's your debts and theirs the other possibility that you know when you're dead end other life. Goes on like it's, it's gonna be camp totally disconnected from reality and who knows how it's kinda progress should because its r b of the operating system and on the information and all the traits tat your brain, how the fuck do you? what that thing is. You wants its islands where they put the criminal guys mind into a machine like they turn him on his dislike, demonic, face like he's totally in agony and screaming. It doesn't know, what's up two armies losses embodiment as a human being, and I mean, if you lose your limb that mentally screws you up, because your brain has a map of of You are right and then, if you took your whole vrain and stuck it into something that wasn't even a human body, I mean that shit
mentally traumatize traumatized might drive you insane, yeah too good point and then you'd hunt down Robocop and try to get drugs to children what we we don't know what the impact of it would be psychologically to also be trapped in this immortal machine. You know, and what? If there was a became like to ethical considerations to whether or not you should build a show yourself off, because if we can suicide, but can can a person whose downloader consciousness and to an eternal machine can they figure out? Are the ideal even or could? Could you get some crazy guy, like George George Foreman, who named ass kids? George? What, if you call yourself a billion times you just like one nutty dude, who just decided to make a million of you and set yourself loosened Cleveland, there's a lot of science fiction that cover this is all post singularity stuff and is a lot ass. I find that covers this because you you lose grasp on basic human things like what does it mean to die if there's a thousand other car,
is a view, wasn't mean to have a daughter, would have it now copies? What does it mean to be? You? Haven't you become you or you collection of genes? Are you? Are you re action to your environment like what is theirs. People the meet them and go wow, you're, fuckin cool like where do you come from you not love talking you. This is in the end, you like a minute. You can run into five hundred people and not feel that and then run into one. We just can't stop talking to them. You know and like what makes that, how do you make that? What is it? What is what combination of things and how you hold onto the Hanno, if you, if you transfer and now, whatever their magic, is to us? You know that magic compelling sort of charm is to us. That's completely ass in the worlds of cold ones and zeros and machines my whole outlook on science and and what its therefore, is it a battle to defeat human nature. Or to escape from our on me,
in our bodies. Are our fates, like I think it's there to amplify what we ve already got. You know like, I think, there's always certainly now got way. I mean we're very lot, we're intellectual creatures. Right I mean we can live our lives and our heads and we can try to nor our bodies or think of our bodies as impediments, but in an idea, I don't work out, I don't push my body in. I don't compete physically with people, but, like I acknowledge that, like I eat a shit like Ives I have a small elite babies, these crazy. These are all things that human beings do right right and like to try to run away from. That, I think is, is is crazy because You gotta admit that you got acknowledging embodied as a human being and if you give into that, then you in some sense are sort of fulfilling what year. Therefore, you know it's good to eat. It good to go, that these are because
naturally just devils just devils after we're we're too talking about is the concept of you becoming some sort of an immortal thing that doesn't do all the things that a human does? What, if you you do all the things that human does. It's just that we ve recreated at an art in a court on quote artificial form and instead of it being in our a carbon based life form that occurred. Naturally, it's something that we engineered to occur, but it is the same God Damn thing, so you it's not that you will not! Yet it's not that you wouldn t has not the wooden, but you doing it in a new body sadly, the ultimate form of it. If you're, not in a human body, right then but it would be a human body if you get transferred into like just a young human body. I think they're going to be able to buildings, and I think you're gonna give them make human bodies it's not with our idea of a robot. I think what will certainly be able to make something that looks exactly like a human being, but I think they're also going to be able to make a human being so you're asking me to put my money where my mouth is.
We the colossal life, but really, I think you are because it's interesting because I haven't thought about it this way, but you're saying look Wilson. If you think that because your embodied of a human, your obligated to experience life as a human and do all the things humans do. More guess what, humans do they die right, So if you're saying that you really are put your money where your mouth is, then you have to be willing to die right and acknowledge that that's a natural part of what humans do and a part of accepting your embodiment of the EU. I don't know I don't know if it came down to it. I might not want to go over the roller coaster a year. I think we were. We don't want to leave behind the ones. We love that's one of the big things we don't want to leave behind like that would be one of the saddest things so your family, being. Forceful that you weren't around, but the eyes
of what you're saying is you wouldn't want to be downloaded into some machine region, experienced other joys and actual person experiences? What I'm saying is, I think, they're going to be able to create artificial, when beings that literally, you will get a whole new body download yourself into, and you already will drink wine and you will enjoy a new will like blowjobs, and you will like water parks and going skiing video like doing all the things that a person likes. You just be doing it in this completely new physical existence that they created an artificial, when being with boobs and of a giant Ryan. I would regret, though it they would have liked this one freak group form somewhere Brian would be a part of it. You have a penis Anna vagina come into myself. You know, I'd still think doing. Would violate a lot of a lot of what it means to be human Brian would have an excuse to be found when it would do ass. He would put the vagina like an inch below his belly button, so he can folded over and for literally fuck himself.
Today, one just because your belly button wine growing ass, often doorknob windiest belly button when beers good guy It's gonna, be really interesting to see what what form all of this quote. Unquote, progress and the logical innovation and where, where it goes, because no one from obviously from the lost in space days were just looking at that? No one saw this common. They didn't see the internet coming, didn't see, you know, twitter Ory, a wife I didn't see any that's if well we're mess and who knows what we like? What one big thing: can change the whole Bala wax yeah. I just drones there, there was no drones and those old movies like the star wars. There's a few things that fly around like jets and share the add a little man since then, but not like, like what is be in our cities in just a few decades look into the military is, is not a bad idea. Has the option that was a dark, a project to turn to
The internet, JP satellites all that stuff? That was all military attack that eventually we public you'll, be so awesome if they weren't killops like innocent people. The debate on how is from a DARPA project, so you know, for that was the future combat initiative that has since gone away. They wanted a lot of autonomous caravans because they are tired of humans getting blown up with ideas there like. While so look the military, is not a bad idea. If you want to see what's coming next per the young did the real love. This spooky thing is the air for some drone. Aviary were thereof, not all these different size. Drones fly ping wing drones drones. It look like a bird literally flap, their wings and move like a bird. There was a video oh, they showed all the different ones they have now these dragonfly ones that fit on the Tipp your finger. He s incredible, things were flying around, you wouldn't have no idea. You would really think that that was a bug downward and that's
this couple years away, you're gonna be everywhere, filming everything microwave vehicles when they get smaller than six inches the flight that, like all the flight dynamics, change, and so you have to start looking at in sections. The birds are really so that's why the design changes like so that's all I mean they. They study the dynamics of how insects fly than they try to replicate it yeah. You really wouldn't be able to keep up. Those are at the higher like mass. Like that's why I get tired act alone. Fly like like a dream. Fly like I'm, not an ex an expert on this in particular, but like from what I understand the way a fly actually flaps its wings is it's more of a scoop, because it's like deal with such a small number of like particles of air is actually becomes almost more like a fluid, the way that its interact and yeah you don't have to do that on a larger scale. You can, you can get lift
about having to do that, but the agility of a fly. If you really wrap your head around it like, when you try to swat a fly and darts away from you, mind blowing how well those fuckers can move this little round body, and these giant Clear wings. Bustle must have a lot of high level going out is wired straight to their nervous system, is to avoid a bees are way easier, Swat Anna Scott and Keyser Killer. Be though you know what that killer, The honey when you, when you swat be out of the sky, though it's really not that much of an accomplishment and began ass, a swat fly or the sky will be I anticipate lying yeah lighter robots, that's why rising you don't want man, it flies were big we'd be fucking, terrified flies we're from another planet and we found them if we if live tune into another planet. We got sent a probe. Will you now like your away or whatever they found giant insect forms if they were giant flies like
as a bulls, as that's pretty, but as reinterred China debate about this on, like I oh nine that com they had a deal about this, because the insects used to be a lot bigger here and it's early that you they breathe through these little holes. I came up with their called, but that's the way that they get oxygen right and used to be that there was more oxygen in the atmosphere and that's why the the bugs were all a shitload big Is that why dinosaur so big too, because it would support their way better? I don't, I don't think so. Now, I'm not sure, though, but I know that because of the way they breathe. Specifically, they don't have like lungs like we do. You know they rise little holes exactly how it works, but apparently, whenever there is a lot of high oxygen, you get like a ratio, that's that's better for them. What would he had? It doesn't mean, I said, doesn't make sense
Think tat was there was some question guy took it from there were some questions. The environment was thicker than the atmosphere was thicker. It was a very recent thing they were trying to fix. Why they were so big like what what led you know them to grow so large? I forget what the the article was about. I think, but I think that was part of the part of the scenario that their proposing was something about. The atmosphere was much different and that it was easier to support giants there's a life than the other things like, I guess, like the trees in the vegetation, was different back then, a lot of his animals were vegetable leaders and then, if you gonna have a giant brontosaurus, if someone's going to eat it, it's gotta be Legatee, erects, there's gotta, be a giant fuck and even bigger crazier thing. So it's almost like the more plants you have to eat the bigger the things are that the plans in the bigger the things that are the things tat we would.
About this documentary about an area of Africa. That's cut off the river change its course just just a hundred years ago, and this area has been isolated. Com action will sort of its lions, and water buffaloes in the lions have grown larger because they have to only take down water, buffaloes rice, others like one pack, but specifically a female lions that our biggest male lions their enormous and it's all because they have to take down water, a buffalo, Selective adapted to this one particular area. Every animal. The solution to a problem YAP led to robots. That's too does the question to robots and if they're gonna have that engineer into the system as an arm of the first ship, they're gonna get rid of man. I don't think so. I think that this is a robots are tools, and if we do so, Well, don't do it stalkers going to take over dude? Do you believe it is ever going to be a blade runner type scenario where there's going to be people that don't even know what they're robots given area will bring one of those in work.
Stay with us here. While you just makes out with you no one's round, then she's cleans the outside. We're gonna, eventually have to deal with the moral aspects of ordering ordering them around kind of a slave. I think that making them run sex sex tools. I think that the human are acting, that robots have the potential to be more human, and we are delighted to be more moral than we are and to two like be great examples for our children to raise our children. I think I think we're going to become very, very, very intimate with with these machines, Nothing IKEA, robot, yeah, I'm just gonna, mainly Roma fuck. You can kiss her care. Do you want? I think it's every possible. The robots can be funny Would they have ever figure that out sat a mathematical, yes at levels that a problem, so that is, I think you can build.
The learner that would try to figure out what's funny, specifically until jokes, I'm sure people have done that. I bet, if you look for that, you find. I wonder if, like like, a robot could craft a bunch of things worse civically funny, because we always one tat will do certain things again. Do you can't recreate island and we can be made with a hate, painting, Woodruff Symphony, very rudimentary right now, in our thoughts on what robotics are, what artificial intelligence is, but why would we there were so special that we can be created that meets really kind of arrogance and it's a losing battle right. It's like every year. There is a new thing that they can do and like slowly shrinking down and you know at the end of the day, the only thing that might be left, as is that morality, that ability to be good or evil right. You know that that lump of meat ass a sit behind the steering, I'll. Take the blame yeah, you all. We have to offer and we have to figure out. What is that? Fourth, even why why exists. What is it you know what what
it showing us about the human race where there is like there's a positivity and there's energy to be derived from good behaviour and from healthy, be rich is very difficult to teach that to be and, if you negatively, reinforce and give them a lot of negative energy in their life and a lot of negative experiences, and they re create that that sort of energy and to go after it over and over again, they get addicted to a certain pattern and that's that's the number one issue with engineering human beings period forget about robots. We haven't figured out how to get the human meet machine, but that operate in the correct manner. Ass. The great thing about humans right. We have, we think it. Is that we have the free will and can be good or evil. You know he had you programme a robot to be good, no matter what than it's not good. It's just you still do That's interesting, though. That's like a lot of trust me. If we ever have a machine, that's capable of not a mean that his leg, that's like creating.
Life, but you just say that I say go out and do good or evil, and then I'm going to see what were you doing? That's some more biblical themes are really is right and that really is biblical when you really are creating a life. Form. If we, if you were fifty two years old and he had been divorced several times and yet almost no money left and somebody gave you a beautiful robot sex slave. They didn't want of and had no personality of its on just existed to fulfil your sexual needs. Maybe and understand the right now, you're, young man with open your eyes dreams are the future of Europe can buy a steady stream of bad relationship choices and divorces in your living in a fuckin shack outside a palmdale with cod is broken down. You will think twice, but their role fact I'll come out dating singing for life. Do you think that life make people happy or now where they? Rather they probably drown her in I'll kill themselves in the process, and I think that,
it's very hard for people to be happy and one. The things that people we need in order to be happy in my opinion, is that we need people in your life. You need to surround yourself with happy people. That alone is very difficult. Fine, because finding a group of people- that have managed to maneuver and man to carve a path through life. That's been generating, the majority of what the people are encountering with enjoying accompany the majority of it is a positive experience. Goals have been fulfilled in our health is an order. All those when things all those variables and have to be in place in order to find it a truly happy person, it's really difficult to accumulate a bunch of people like that in get together so occasionally like many of us in our lives, have known that certain people we have to cut off in others. It is certain point Tom you, ok, this person is an energy vampire.
They never get their own shit together. Then you're gonna cut me off for one's european. I gotta pee see son. I can the mob my Goldberg here that yet please go go through writer, their door and there's a door in the left. Did. I ramble so hard to make people Peter PAN Sl. I do son People are requesting a Brian Red Van and Joe Rogan, only podcast for number three hundred opening up. He s coming to do the thing we ll have a couple more weeks, whereat like What number access to eighty four, they give us. We should see if we coincide it somehow another we time outright weaken coincide, with the end of the month, which is what started in the first place right Jack Jenner. We started January December, thurifers yeah. We see I was like New Year's Eve. I think so they'll probably know before us, but it seems a little wind up around there. You know which pro time it to become so will do a three year anniversary
even though this for three years that ridiculous I gotta pee to Germany, robot questions was to voting in a big step to be taken, I never went off my beat, beat novelist talk about sex robots and What fuck dolls Palmdale desert restrict the toilet? King I think, a robber fog dolls has probably been the first thing to people in vat. Besides maids. Look if you can make a goat terror. Patrick Lookin made you gonna fuck. It clean your house and you get a, I think, start off his pay at first. It's going, kind of like animals like a cat, I gotta pee, two men we're talking about terror, Patrick as a robot, the? U can fuck elaborately Sarah pad I'm taking over. Now you right here, We think that the idea of guarding the Algerians pretty,
pretty nice. You know that there is a list of companies, including the olive garden red lobster, where they're like cutting everyone's hours, so they don't have to give him health care. Have you heard about this? It's like red light, Mr Olive of garden, like all these logic companies, and they just because of S Obamacare bomb they're, cutting everyone's hours and pretty fucking. We watching these companies to do that. It's sort of weird, because you see that their the company corporations have rebounded You ve got all this money, but there still not like white, trusting right there com he's better, so there's their sort of sticking with all the cuts they made right and sort of like you, don't ride not long as they can you collect, robots do have like a collection of toy is, like our people, give me robots a lot right cause. You know on the roll back, I've been studied and so I have a lot of Miranda House like, but I don't have to collect them. Myself
I do like some of the robot are in our joint or he does always robots and doughnuts. How knows it's, it's pretty I remember the first robot ever created back in the day that you had an erector set, and I don't know if you remember that used to be that there's a yellow case that you would open up inside would like these miscellaneous motors. Metal pieces that you can put together in one of the things that they give you instructions for is how to build a robot This robot was it's like. I think it had like eyeballs that were light logs and moved and stuff. But as a kid I built my own robot there really a lotta eighties, robot, kids that you could buy and they were like. Look it's a robe right, you're gonna get a robot. Can you get it new like I have that robot you're like early dimension, the polio dynamite with uncle got a time machine to capture. Did you write he has like? That's it? I told a friend a meet me at five, but I gotta text, Emerald Cook, I'm so sorry,
that's what they actually almost actually five minutes. Ok he's really almost time tyres and attendance is long. Ass, protested, this, and if anybody wants to get a hold of you, they can get a hold of. You on Twitter you're on your twitter is what does it again? It's Daniel Wills, Pediatrics Daniel Wilson, PD acknowledge. I have to repeat it just in case it in here you, even though you are very clear, Daniel Wilson, PD acts folks, and you can also go to his website, which is Daniel, Wilson, Daniel H, Wilson, dot com and the book is robot Apocalypse cock a servant, robot, particularly in Germany, it's called Roebuck Ellipse, because the pole means ass oh really, that the german adders were like hey I, so we don't really want to be like robot ass apocalypse, perfect different book. That sounds better man. Why? I have to do a rewrite
the other censoring you man, the fuckin. The man is trying to keep you from selling books. That's that's fucked up did and this is an act as the other Buckram yeah. It's a candle in all that stuff gather and bookstore there I Amazon cards, Axion audible. I got one of those Barnes and noble, looks pretty bad ass to I gotta one thousand San Francisco alike. It real tablet with armor I like that two members, but I like for reading you know what I like about it- that it looks like it looks like print on paper. It doesn't. That look like and Elsie DE screen in the way that the candles look handles the nooks. They both have that sort of thing. Yet another negative paper yeah look here yeah, that I think it's less less, I strain first but when you get your shit on that right, yet everything and what I love about that is on Kindle. If you like, highlight something new in the book, then that's can be shared right, so I can actually see what people are highlighted.
Look and see what they like people comment about. It said Asano, that's some stupid How do they do that when they highlight it and share, and what do they do? I think you have to have your settings to to share its beautiful what a great idea, it's pretty cool as an author, able to go on Amazon, and am I see what people are re? I'm not some new stuff yeah see the exact quarts of people responding to it Comically sometimes will say something as shown in the next night: some old quoted and they'll be laughing I have said that you know it said it becomes these these quoted when you were when you see your stuff highlighted any like the things that people who really enjoy or did enjoy. How much is that affect your next writing do? Do you really look a lot at the feedback and try to like see it their point of view, may I add, affects my readings because I'll try to go red. When I do a reading I'll try to read like the part that people
because I think I'm smart right good at writing, but so it affects like which excerpts you chew, yeah yeah yeah reading, when I'm writing man, I just like I, when I'm learning out and unlike all super excited than I know, I'm doing right may there is another. Was in the world like when, when you're writing and an idea comes in your head two years following it down in its like building and growing like right for your eyes. Being able to create something and then being able to do. You know come up with some shit that didn't exist before and then boom and I'll send it does it say it's such a we satisfying experience and then it's their hangs around you got it lay like This is how this is what I like two thousand and nine is right. There is a thing I made: that's why we need to have a job we able to to
create and they also make some kind of artifact you you have to say I did that leader times best selling book, and on top of that people can continue to buy it's always available. They can always get it, they can get in hard form, they can get in digital, forming, keep getting it curiously without movies and do for outcome. Blow through the roof. If you just only had a few bitches gettin rape choked and gagged ball gagged and mouth fucked, you just gotta have em abused a little bit more dear buckstone order at all, if Emory by a more now so rebel apocalypse and aunt are two different What are you serious on this fifty shades of grey thing why women are into getting near mouth spit in and stuff like that? What is this change? What is what's going on here? Yeah, What do you think right, because it will and sentencing that it started out as fanned fiction rights of Israelis, but this was Edward Umbrella. You know
Oh, no, I did not look, was fanned fiction, Russia, the fuck up the shades of gray started out with twilight. Yes, that's all they did literally was changed. The names of the characters and then they published it down is ridiculous. That does most silly thing ever heard my life, it's the real deal. So someone who is really into that and they just followed on that tone and created like a sexual will bond version. I wonder maybe that's what's the under current right at me, so it's like twilight, has a story. You know as I stopped, but there is obviously a deep sexual undercurrent. It's love story right at so this he just went through the jug. You forget push right like pack, vampires utilities, a billionaire financial vampire that it's all just about. Why? Maybe that's it maybe
You know it's us. Humans are not as complicated as we like to think. Maybe that's what it's really. I certainly think that's the case, but I also think that women want to hear shit it's in their voice, so like those pornography, I think, is from the male voice. Is by is but I've got or any climate huffham combination, oh yeah. We read that book. Sure love and I may lurk. Did my blurbs on that book somewhere? Think apple will ever shrink their bids down. So if its new pocket it s pretty my fuckin beer, like your panties, we're gonna emigrants ample brand pants. Can you get some apple pants? We're ok,
so. If you sit down that is going to break and it's gonna cut your dick, my God, it's one man, it's gonna up! You will be one man, one Ipad, don't ever think that out when you drunk, but if you like a nice man, personal care that IRAN easily I'm sitting down, she can you nation? No, you know you were you commit to a man, Purvis Committee, members, so you're a big proponent of that using that because you get online with, I do now, Lotos everything s pretty much everything I got the non sell, your one because I haven't, I phoned, has a hot spot think more that I'm using the hot spot feature on the Iphone. I think out. If you were gonna, get a do, get the one with the cell phone service built into it years. It's kind of morbid panda bite like got hot spots. That's what I was thinking I was. I was thinking that we probably better to wait for the other version of it by as it as compared to the two ipods, I've both of em. I definitely I love this
and better. I kids enough. It's enough! That is what you need, ran like what was crazy when we were in Seattle and we were streaming from it, we stream to use dream, show from it. We all stand now. You're, sorry, Do you give a fuck about this kind of stuff you just going into robotics? I'm saying I did what I yeah. I know I don't really collect a lotta gadgets, no real. I have this thing, those like the magna doodle. We use a little magnet thing. You draw that's like the closest thing I've haslets like at my house. I want a clown or whether it is a toy from like my kid Why it's pretty bad ass? I am. I keep naive crises rising like bright. Mechanically I'm just scared because it changes everything. Every time you get one you know like already I'm not advice. If I look at the stupefying usanga, yes, Xanadu fear about everything like a little retard.
Yeah. When someone has a new one, five minutes were almost done. If someone is a new one, man like drawn to it like a baby quality and not the other thing, little kids love. If you bring it up, it's like bringing crack home. It's me dawn and I'm a kind of afraid of how it will affect my kids to educational shows on there and this educational, those games that they can count. We learn how to count and citizen. I am your and our nations about a certain feline companion enjoys using the Ipad yeah I get my cat plays. Of my I've had him. This is all over my count and that's not a euphemism. My cat, like tat, place pad, and then she pistol of my now you live with a black eye like John Mccain Zone was name is William lately, six goes by the name of blue legs. Ipad tat was born in a forty is all one pocket play has actually CAT Williams.
TAT Williams, who knows that anyways german. I think we gave out of the information we probably could Daniel each Wilson, p D acts on Twitter Daniel Wilson, its notes, Daniel Wilson, PD acts on quit on Twitter, not Daniel, H, Wilson, so Daniel competing x on Twitter, Daniel, H, Wilson, dot com thanks a lot management, Billy, fun, fun, conversation really interesting stuff, and if you ever have anything you are promoting. I come back to it again. We happen to have yawn, great I'm sorry? I had to urinating so large, a human of Diana too wants to get it out. You broke. I try to go to you if you will, but we know, look it's fuckin three hours we dont even take commercial breaks in, but I think it makes we're better conversation that way it's hard to its hard to take Breaking then come back and just pick up where you were at seems awkward. You know, so we do it this way and it requires people holding
Turkey was a thing. You did an excellent job, though you're a big thing: water, you lashing like two hours. What's Amy Strong, thank you guys. We welcome and thanking integrated and one more time the two books, your books are rowboat ah collapse and apt and those are the ones who are promoting rubbia more than our own yeah. How many books you have altogether eight by a bitches, get among audible, go get it on. You have my audible yet possessed of a beautiful girl. Come and go to audible comfort, slashed Joe you can get a free book and You get a thirty day free membership to why one of the best services I think, on line as far as like with audio entertainment, Lovett Love, audible, dot com. I love the idea behind it and they have a massive selection, including this young, man's fantastic but books, so Gill, getting it dirty bitches thanks to honour that calm, that's an end. I t go
The self some new mood bids us and our brain, I'm things feminine quest, But these supplements there's a one hundred percent money back guarantee on the first thirty pills you'd. Only after a surrender product moments trying to rip off is trying to save you, the looking for the best ship possible sell you all the stuff that I would use, use the code name Rogan and you will save yourself. Temperature Joseph of user coding Sandy will take that ten percent of donated towards hurricane relief. Are we they decided to go the Salvation Army, as in this case Salvation Army, is using one hundred percent of the proceeds for hurricane relief is like a lot of em and actually gets done. It is those like thirty percent actually goes to the people in the victims, but Salvation army in this case is a hundred percent. So we're going If you use the code name Sandy aright fuckers, we might see tomorrow we got a lot of work to do we're gonna be at the new studio. Tightening shit down Brian and I are just starting to set up place. I was not quite done yet.
Takes time. Bitches takes time, but I'll see you guys all in Montreal for sure this ready at the metropolis with Duncan trestle are easier.
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