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Shane Smith, Brian Redban - Date: 11/26/2012
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did i gotta problem i got a real problem with tabs i will keep thirty fucking tabs open browser at the same time i think i'm like us but tat about tabs horrider your checked it and i am still very chick like very disciplined myself but it's a boy honest i have thirty tabs open right now my computer slow as fuck the german experienced potash his brow you buy ting ting is a cell phone company eases the backbone of spread but they change the rules the i don't know how late will they pay for the license that i don't know how it works but what they have done is to say they decide to put out a company that charges you for cell phone service in a very fair way there's no
contracts first wall which is really annoying thing for people when you want to you know if you have like shitty eighty anti service in your apartment but the people ever arise and it works perfect you'd like to feel the switch to rise and you know you'd like to build a just quit but you can't quit a contract when you turn it you have to pay to get out of it it's annoying we'd have to do that thing and they have top shelf phones that's all like of all of the the best droid phones they have the samsung galaxy s three which i have which is pretty fuckin selects pig asked in its greeley nice for like looking at websites it so hard to look at a website on an iphone now because although it i iphone iphone is the best platform the the joy platform was pretty fucking close now it's pretty slick and it's you and beautiful the screen the pictures it takes and dumb and its again on this network so you get really good service it's not like you know some mom and pop company and
works is if you want i can't we just fucking cancel son sprints pretty good manage ideas are whereas by russia you never changes yeah but where he lives it's perfect to but the bottom line is it's it's a top flight cell phone service that you get when you get it with like real reasonable ray and it's not just reasonable if you dont use like say if you have x amount per minutes and you whose what would be a lower plan theyve they refund you on your next bill you next bill they take with give you money back when it's like it's the most ethical company i've ever heard of them it's beautiful to me and if you go to rogan don dot com you will save fifty bucks of wonder sexy our cell phones and check it out of a fast meaning and a good company to support will you dollars because i think what they're doing by
having service like this i think it's it's really cool it makes me feel good too to represent a company that is what i am i like when people just you don't be greedy it's it's ok everyone's gonna make plenty of money relax you fuckin freaks that's opting feels about man that's deep deep earthen for it so if only in companies where d you saying well supported by onondaga today's the last day if you listen to the lives of the crazy fuckin what is black finally we had a black friday so they sold like thirty five percent of shit like thirty five percent off supplements and ten son of cattle bells and is there any news on seeker not only on no talking son no knows no nurse who must keep hush hush with many exciting things come i d come start out with supplements essentially alpha brain was the big one on the one that i still taken fuckin i cant do shows
if i do shows without it i get nervous i really do it sounds stupid people get to placebo mad focused snake oil it's not like none other stuff is provable you can't give someone something unless you want to print through extensive tests which were trying to do now actually you can't give someone something and then just like decide that it makes them smarter denmark is you're smarter dumber based on a lot of other things you smell dollar base i went in a tired smarter and based on whether not you're distracted like you have the varying levels of focus in your life what something like our brain does is provide your brain with the minerals are there the nutrients rather than are necessary to support cognitive function so it's it's not essentially its economic smarter but it's gonna things move along and that's words therefore the idea of supplements are that you can't get enough
on a regular diet you can't get enough of the essential vitamins and nutrients and nor did we go down brian we ve got around twice isabel internet here seems like it oh christ we're gonna internet you get here ass they could hear the other what best dsl best i love it has carried out an order hygiene is it bad donor it seems really bad it says warning ban with low which is bad that's not good we'll have to figure this out it might be a wireless issue no force for signal of wireless it might be an internet issue ok well we'll work it out i think we have eight answer if you have that u verse shit since my city getting things that we talking about two different products you fuck go to onnit dot com case often kettlebells she can exercise any
ideas of any sort of science is like one of the ones that brian would have just concocted exercises out of your body and those are demons those are demons are trying to haunt you and fuck with your reality should say such thing get yourself some battle ropes you dirty bitches that's not trying to say we got buffalo jerky all kinds of stuff it's a great company use a code name rogan you get ten percent off any and all the supplements and on today today's the 26th is the last day fat crazy sale if you're on a dot com save a whole shitload of money cyber give it supplements on bitch is that what is yet sudden monday you like i said too much is officially rambling
all right and texas this week i that's right joe rogan yeah austin texas we brian red balanced gonna be the least gentleman's rates that sexy but she's gonna make a fuckin powerful guess parents and i get pressures while you might get pregnant yourself is so fun town we can have a good time and austin texas and duncan trestle will be with us as well and powerful don't control so that this weekend at the movie theater that's this saturday december first its focus toys sucks doesn't toys is left nor o brien twenty days as christmas music so we have the horrible aff awful christmas shit don't be negative growth the first day of our new studies you have the holiday size to be positive the better you really have the holidays i fuckin avatar through my bones i have little kids i have to have the holiday spirit they love that shit you're crazy down again carolyn do we just keep drop off here
while it might be a streaming issue here boy well this was recorded this will be a big hit on the itunes crowd ideas the now we should we should figure this out for a second do you have your d about mobile hot spot on your new iphone five known of another run it off you're giving it would be better to run off a cell phone them to run over the year really because then you would have something this just keeps dialogue yes affirming its its upper right back up businesses ban with low said have you may have some like crazy business internet words like streaming in it so you can't stream videos or something it out now that could be possible or my could it it could be oh god i don't work this out ladies and gentlemen is gonna be a beautiful audio pot some of that will be in video maybe some ambitious young man or woman will piece it together some day and you get the dead sea
squirrels of this conversation i would suggest audio only for me around out here the music prior spoken rowan the job will gain experience ladies and gentlemen unfortunately you may be a video person who enjoy watching i cast on video but you were sent here to the audio only version the dark because this is the first day in our new studio the studio is bad ass the fuckin internet can we sound to be desired we didn't know that until just now why because we're irresponsible lana head super formerly plenty out we ve we listen we're tired of fuckin defended ourselves to people know you get it together you fuck shane smith is here was up on the table yet spoken oh man we label yeah the idea was its
reclaimed farm would its big oak it some it's it's all hand made by my friend eric who were he put this altogether well did it and that's really bad ass you get an amazing job it's it's kind of a pain the dick it worked a little on us that's what is clamps that we're down again you stream powerful but we're it's it's all like like a really fuck an old heavy would i feel like something like this has got some life to it some like this is like like touching it you know hideous fuckin manly us yet scott like it's a real able we are something to go any real wouldn t we need tankards yes yeah this is a perfect table for like a big fighting banquet well it's perfect right think hard fuckin woody can about metal yeah speaking at the end of the world speaking of the wrath of the gods you just got to
the the the hurricane sandy springs yeah my my eyes were is ironic because we were doing hurry on how the world is sinking so we actually going around two islands like the maldives which actually the president got elected and under the the the platform of finding a new home for the are the people of the maldives because it thinking and then he did you know cabinet meetings underwater with you now scuba equipment the maldives is where the rich very rich and some of the top resorts world there and its sinking rapidly and in fact now they're coming up with with their talking to dutch company about making fake islands voting islands and yes so anyways he got elected to find a new home for other people from all these and there was a coup now he's back in and basic
they're trying to ratify thing in the plan to do to stop you know at least make things too have to stop global warming because there are sinking fifty two other nations are sick so i was shooting this and then mean how i was trying to say we going to bring this back home to america how we can say such as bangladesh that's in the sink is not just calling to let you know we're going and then boom i did the intro outside of my apartment waste time water with about a hundred rats for the sort of floating i'm nam so you're standing air would you standing in water we next to the warner i was like waste more noise and though at the highest in the hudson went from where's the hudson went from the hudson river continued to west broadway so it can like i do not want twenty bucks it was it was three feet deep forefeet new home any art but oh my guy arcas bar
did you did you experience the entire thing we therefore the whole story what was it like it's interesting because if there's a minute blip there's any little weird thing everything goes to shit so for example gas like oh those shit did not yet powers gone power the power station on fourteenth street blew up so recital the hipsters were in darkness but then there's no gas there's no way off the island is mohune everyone's freaking out i was like gave from new york or something and you realize oh if there's a minute just a little fucking thing too much rain of rock and too much wind blew everything goes to ship that's fucking terrifying it's terrifying because it's gonna continue to happen so we ve been doing this the world a sinking thing and bad enough the world i think i am in the water tables arising eighty percent of the world lives within a you know whatever it is a hundred miles of silver
so if the were the water table rises that means you know new york is gone it means you know bangladesh has gone it means holland is gonna means i mean london has got so what's happening now though which is really terrifying is that the the largest ice cap in the world in greenland is melting which is rising we the water table but this is the scary parted actually now started to melt underneath the icecaps are the top part is melting in them coming in ocean raising the water table but the bottom is melting why is that scary because if the bottom melts enough it'll the it'll form a hydra plain and the whole shelf can fall off if the whole shall falls off at once guess what we're fucked
what happens if the whole shelf falls off at once as well then you have a the water table rising now this is you know it's it's the largest it's you know two hundred feet i can think so people don't know but it's anywhere from a meter to two meters raise the water table which means okay that's everybody that's eighty percent you ve got a lot of time and but even if that doesn't happen which a lot of people are predicting it will the water table rising at such a rapid rate that we can't sort of you know stave off this this content of flooding in what's interesting now is that you know put politicians who would stay away from global warming are saying its global fuck warming and where its own this is gonna have
again and again and again in new york is why the weirdest issues global warming it's really weird because you're like why do people refuse to say we have is like even if it's part of the equation even if it's a fifty fifty and even if it's broken seventy five twenty five why why you just say even if its twenty five percent chances having yeah we should do something about it but you say it's god or its oil or its this or that or whatever it is i don't know what the fuck and reason like is because it is happening it's obvious it's happening weathers gone z flooding is happening everywhere around the world it's going nuts and you know it's just like nope my head in the sand doesn't exist while you know it is the right wing story line that it's it's cycle planetary cycle its natural cycle it happens whether does not is no wise man made but why well you know i think there's there's a disconnect with a lot of people where they want to appear to be a no no
that sort of a person and when you want to talk about the sky following like automatically people going listening exaggerating their exaggerating to build up their position it's not that big a deal it's a natural cycle there's no need to shut down this call plan put people out of jobs and they they they take that let's go odd near the sometimes oil god what i wonder you know if they really believe that one thing that the gods creating global warming that doesn't seem to make any sense which all its plan we don't have any power to do while it got withdrawals people that seem so rude data pudding keeps temperature perfect he did it before we know our yeah it's for our sins than the times it's you and of the world as we would actually it is doing this peace it is scary because you gotta places that are or below sea level on they are flooding and there are famines and lots of you
or die and then when it happens in new york you realize oh shit like if something really serious happens again it's gonna get worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and humans don't do anything until there's a gun to two hour had to force us to do something and right now you're like how much what do we have to do now you know cause the people they don't dont want to admit what's happening like what when people look a storm like this which has never existed before is their rum is there a dentists among scientists is our man created mia i mean what's testing is poland has a very conservative government in a very christian government and they have just gone
if you don't believe in global warming your fucking retarded because what's happening now is holland about thirty or forty percent of it is under sea level is below sea level two system of dikes and reclaim land so they are there watching this rise of the sea tables and they're sort of the leading experts in in in keeping floods at bay and they're they're actually being hired and the consulting with the new york city now to try to save new york city eighty dikes and by creating see walls and all these things because they ve been doing it for so long and they're saying listen the world has to listen to us we ve been studying this we know about this it's happening we all have to just is get past it and start building shit that's going to save what what can you do to save new york though you can't mean clinic can we do i got louisiana sort of a thing of the warlords they're talking about doing a sea wall in berlin in in the bay where in between where the year the hudson river in the east river come in as well
as what's interesting the reason why i started this whole piece is very interesting is i work in brooklyn i livin in manhattan and every day i was going across the wounds were bridge and looked down and they were doing this concern action project along the edges of the island where they were putting out sort of bare years draining down the water building out a sort of like a bubble or like a concrete sort of barrier that was filled with water and then feeling that over again and then putting concrete on top of it and what those are the what we found out they were floodwaters and we're saying hollow what what's happening here when it when we asked the city of new york what he doing and now actually we're we're talking to two bloomberg shimmer and they're saying you don't look we have to protect you know manhattan against floods and they're going to happen and they're going to happen again and so this started the whole thing of were how bad is it and then we went to talk
some politicians we went to the u n and then we heard about the maltese and only started going to these islands and base play the majority of island nations are are seeing their territory road by rising i mean it is famously in fiji you know if there their they're losing the beaches they're losing you know if you know anything on the beach is gone et cetera et cetera and what happens on the islands than happens on the coast and by the way we're in a way which is run and so i mean it's happening and that the fact that people are still sticking their head in the sand is is really shocking because look we can fix it we just have to sort of put our big brains on it and say look if this shit floods
then we're offered cause it's not just the flooding as you saw in new york it then there's no gas as an industry that electricity than people free to fork out and chickens bed in there talking about the frequency of these things these with the cohesion of your storms that they're gonna be like three year yeah back to back to back back that's the whole thing they had two hundred year storms in one year yeah what the fuck is this lucian wow i could good about for a long time it's interesting landed at whom we change yeah think we can there is it's interesting because look that the biggest problem with a warming is carbon in the atmosphere and we actually started doing a documentary recently on a company called global thermostat which is a bunch of stanford professors and they came up with a technology where they harvest carbon from the atmosphere and it
off he waste from factories so there's so much carbon in the atmosphere now that you can just sort of put out these these sort of blocks that get heated up napoleon pull at the carbon and come down and you may you're too interesting about co2 is co2 can activate algae or hydrogen too for alternative energy i'm so if you have an unlimited amount of co2 you can you have all this unlimited basically alternative energies and it's all free cuz it's out there in the in the thing and it has the benefit of taking carbon out of the atmosphere and trying to make the atmospheric carbon neutral but here's the other thing is as you need like you know two hundred and two eight hundred thousand of these things to sort of really get to to to critical mass so what works do you say what what companies will sponsor them what but governments will sponsor them and this is what the u n is trying to sort out the worthy the island countries
below sea level countries are trying to do is get the un to ratify things like the kyoto protocol where you say okay we've got to take this going to be carbon credits we got to take carbon out of the air we've got to make you know you know this is a life or death initiative because if not we're fucked and half the world now he gets worse it is there a way that they can create something that can pull the carbon out of the atmosphere and processes that goes with this is what little marine it's a machine that harvest the atmosphere as you put it up it goes up logistics carbon out of the air and makes industry
that co2 pure co2 can be used in to activate a lg for biofuels or hydrogen hydrogen the problem hydrogen which is sort of the unit theoretically the perfect fuel why because it it it it it it the only buy product is pure h2o out we have two problems in the world energy and water gave so if you can do if it can create energy and water as a byproduct pure water that's a fantastic thing however it always too much energy to make the hydrogen sell more energy than the hydrants actually put off however now you had an unlimited supply of sea or to an solar you could just continually regenerate hydrogen cells which would then give you pure water but that is not the sort of holy grail and and the first step in this is is refining seo two out of the atmosphere which this company has but the technology to do it's kind of amazing that almost everything is running on solar power right now when you really
stop and think about the idea that the there's energy that comes down from the sky can harvest it and it can power you're fucking house that's pretty amazing especially here in southern california that's an amazing feat why what s interesting about bad as they figure that if they did solar power farms in the sahara which allow those countries are incredibly poor then they could actually have renewable energy that would power all of europe and all of sub saharan africa and what countries could make money but by the way you're not drilling you're not destroy let you just putting up unum solar panels and why we haven't done that i don't know yeah it seems like there's a lot of wasted fucking energy do you know exactly what test was idea was for distributing energy he had some sort of crazy idea where he was going to broadcast it like radio waves
got me man didn't in us as though there was a when tesla first was when it was working for westinghouse they funded this project that i think their intentions are probably use it as some sort of a crazy weapon and his idea was that he was going to create energy that you could send out and like a radio waves everybody could turn into it and westinghouse hated it because it would be free we know it and monitor at all you have to do is have something to pull it out of sky that everybody would have access to it they wouldn't be able to regulated and put in shut off and put it on you pipelines wires that are actually in the ground really kind of a trip and stop and think about that idea broadcasting energy like how many different ideas were really good but they got sacrificed at the altar of the almighty dollar in the name of fossil fuels in the name of burning oil it's it's it's a wonder how greedy those guys actually are how much innovation they actually stopped because you're crazy things about me
free energy peopled fuckin vanishing do you figured out how to run an engine on water but where to go he's talking dead all you have to do is look at the lightbulb the first light bulb ever made still burns today right because that the filament right was the day that they have the ticket from when they invented it you have the filament it still work it works forever and then the light bulb company said well that doesn't help us because we either we have to you know have new light bulbs sold all the time so they made a very thin breakable filament that just breaks you have to buy new light bulb and brakes you have to buy new lap up but since the beginning of bob you could have had light bulbs that you buy wanton last forever so do she is it such a do she wished to charge more for the for the light by the last forever make a fuckin permanent label bitching its grouse man that's something that thing would never do something is by the way my favorite
have you ever had a romantic in jamaica about it's fantastic what is ting to use a romantic makes me want to pursuing the president will what is it i know the rum is what does it take part take is like i don't know it's some sort of weird great prude extract drink is very popular maker annie regular rum and it's fantastic to the first sal video of you first watching the device series and you were hanging over the bunch a lady boys in thailand and this is i was not drinking tangle you you haven't got time you hanging over those lady boys brows like what a good guy you have just because you are so friendly to them so warm and like it was it was really a cool thing to see like they really could tell there was no judgment from you and you are actually just enjoying these pupils company and hanging out with a witch
for a fuckin guy and i was about to lady boys you in a bathtub one point eimer jacuzzi yourself everyone always says you have sex with them and i like you understand is like took like it's like being here evasive others cameras and lights and deeds and sound but the thing is is it same thing with lady boys i was actually just with these the taliban deeds in pakistan and they said to me that kept saying me i understand you're one of us understand you understand us understand because i just you just go and you just natural you just write them so it could be lady boys it could be taliban could be this guy's could be child soldiers can be whatever but if you're just real if you're just yourself if you just super joe and and you not trying to be anything else you know yeah they sense that and that's how you get to get interviews that's how they say hey i want to show you something i want you and that's how you get access and nobody else gets isn't this sort of like the key to life this
is the regular human being be a fucking band and entreat human beings a sad to treat them all the boys are the best of both worlds reality one view dude you are i but i remember thinking like wouldn't you must be a like a really nice guy that is the way your haliae like i think i'll be with them as long as no one knew now lost someone got crabby i think i'd be cool with it you know what i like about you do what i like what i like about it was they had this huge lady we review like where they all dressed up as princesses and snow white and shit but underneath this sort of snow white lady boy fantasy there was a full on firing range with machine guns and no whatever kind up you know weapons you wanted a fire and i said well this and we get the snow white down the shooting and they had done before i thought that would be fun and then i paid for
nobody to come down and shoot michigan and then they got all freaked out when they saw the cameras but then some now you know what will come in time talk to you or hang out whenever and so then we just you know they came over we had a party that's awesome that i just remember thinking like as i was watching like takes that you have to be like very comfortable yourself to be in that situation and then i've seen all the other fuckin crazy is he put yourself in my glide no wonder he so comfortable around lady voice the nets most of these threatening environment that is used to say yeah i mean we went to the doll brothels to and they were like no you're not going to do anything with the dolls on like a fucking though i don't mind we're all you're only live one here i'll forgot doll how the dolls out depressing it's like they had they know they they don't move correctly in their head falls off and they're they're there like their ex
said darcy like tenders actually we just a distorted reeled all it's called oh yeah yeah but their beat up or like prostitute reeled also it's not like it's you have a real darling you bring at once every month it's like deeds are doing that like fifty i am today so they get all beat up but it was disturbing what two interesting things one thing was and is a section of japanese dunes that want to fuck cartoons right because they grow up medium men and boys and girls are sort of segregated this is gone forever about japanese pervert perversions but they they say they whack after cartoons you know that the cartoons get the dirty and dirtier than they lack after cartoons so that when they get married when they get older they don't get married they they they only want to fuck cartoons than on a factor wife they want to fuck a cartoon so they go to these doll brothels and
the dolls by cartoons and the rooms are made up which is cartoons and they show cartoon porn a grown man you go to a room that showing card porn with cartoon pictures everywhere and your fucking cartoon and you like that's that some food mystics b what's really doing what's really interesting use if you take this to mean that the next level which i could go on for japan about forever but in china because of the the single child policy there has been a lot of you know they they they they aboard girls or they kill girls or whatever they only have the boys rights others now there's an estimated four thousand two hundred and sixty million men in china with no mate because they killed them all right because of this one child policy so so now it's happened is they have these hoes
hounds where you know literally millions of men hook who can fuck go into this town and and and they have these towns will which are just brothels and stuff and these will but now they have the problem of the women can't there's not enough even like hookers or prostitutes to service the amount of men because it is so many of them so now the country is coming up with sex robots tat this demand such it's like japan on ass it because not even the dolls anymore they're gonna be sex robots because so many men that can't fuck because there's no women for them you go on forever that is that is like unmanaged chaos it's it's like that expression the apocalypse is already here just moved slowly in japan is quite interesting because
men go to hostess bar so they hang hostesses laugh with jokes naomi and the women go to hostess host bars hosts bars so the actual population is dying incredibly fast it's actually japan as we know it is ceasing to exist because they're not reproducing and but better because they're not hanging out together domestic over here is always on my own behalf centres and female prostitutes prostitutes theoretically their hosts or hostesses i think you're a profit sure pretend to lie so like the process hooker up up up up up up up we'll hookers do our own cockburn they have whole cities in china now that are just prostitutes for you know these four thousand two hundred and sixty million men that have no one to to to to have sex with her knee brace with running
that's death that's what it what a horrible existence to be bought and is only in a get worse it's only the zoom in more and more men with no women s counterparts which to me would be is that how like the next like horde of conquerors get started it just be get to appointed a committee we read their surroundings of females and they just have lunch angry is suppressed fox who just storm in on boats as the majority of body of ryanair torn out as the chinese communist party i be worried because sixty young sixty million young horny and with no way outlet that's going to be some problems and no pussy four days nothing to say what we ve been shooting the last since i talk to you last six months and everything we ve shot has been the confirmation that everything is completely and utterly insane everywhere
everywhere but i mean there's no spot weaken you can safe no no no no because actually i poses only on twitter before i came here and one of the big pieces that we did that i just got back from was india pakistan and i follow politics and when it was interesting as one bill clinton and al gore left office das bill clinton what was the scariest thing that happened during your presidency and he said flat out india pakistan and al gore's interesting because he wasn't an environmentalist or anything before he's like old southern money and he you know because of all the stuff that he learned
novice became an environmentalist the one of the things that you sought if you look at this the thing that we postpone twitter was all of the nuclear testing round the beginning at all which is america france britain actually kills the ozone layer it makes a big hole puts a rent rent and into those owner so what over australia you have these huge rents and those on which is causing me massive spike in skin cancer them yeah when you drive around australia the buses have these big skin cancer warnings and i've never seen it before it's it's it's exponentially higher in australia than anywhere else in the world because of the nuclear testing and we can those who say that again bikini at all that's where we all did our testing in the beginning apples where's that near australia i could go i could get into this isn t some scary business but basically
where they were these assholes where they are in the middle of nowhere they thought so that they did all these tests and then the ozone over australia went away this is what get scary why because we had the cold war where we have you know i was gonna be soviet union verses massacre in nato and we didn't bomb each other because of mutually assured destruction where we with some sort of rationality sums sanity where we said if we actually bomb moscow they're gonna biomass and everybody dies we're not gonna do that why would we do that well the cold war or the mutually assured destruction didn't and it just relocated it relocated to india pakistan india and pakistan hate each other pakistan is actually actively paying for insurgents two to go into india and unsettled
india india has said if there's another mumbai attack which is their nine eleven that they're gonna attack pakistan they both have hundreds of nuclear weapons poised to two to hit each other and this is what built and called the end of the world and so we went out courtesy ok well what's happening now is it any better and what what we found out was as much worse india has said if there's another nine eleven we will attack pakistan pakistan is sending insurgents into india they both have huge arsenals over a hundred fifty nukes on either side pointed and by the way it's just gotten worse because cashmere which is what their fighting about it's all the water for india and all the water for pakistan and now that's become highly politicized because there's no water so when we went there we had the ex head of the eye a sigh which is the cia which runs pakistan general
girl who is called the father of the taliban saying i want a nuke india and if we lose islamabad in lahore would lose a couple cities it's like nagasaki in hiroshima we'll come back just like japan did but will have wiped out and oh my so so and within what's happening is the radicalization of the army the radicalization of the the political parties but on top of that we went to her huge areas of the country that were run by taliban pakistan doesn't control them and so you like what do these parts of the country have nukes do like the taliban control has them like you know taliban controls nukes essential yet so why are we worried about iran
maybe getting a nuke when pakistan has a hundred and fifty dollars things and by the way once like that one of the leading medium models who was invited at one point to be prime minister of the country was quoted as saying i want a strap myself to an atom bomb and find into india because i want to destroy india that much home and and and you sit there anyway a douche bag whether thing to set out the but if you city is it then you say ok at some point someone says ok fine make pakistan a parking lot who cares except for the fact that this whole bikini at nothing you sitting there going ok if your time of four five megaton bombs now you're talking about four hundred megaton bombs so you're talkin about no ozone to the thing is when you start talking about a hundred and the i e a says if when you start talking about a hundred more heads or more it's all over the world done
and meanwhile you have to countries that absolutely despise each other hate each other pakistan is this close to being a failed state like they ve lost control over huge swathes of their country and india by the way because of the mumbai attacks is ready to attack pakistan and they're both ready to go and they have no checks and balances there is no mutually assured destruction i don't give a shit so when we were shooting over there were like this is the most terrifying honour where all the adams why is it somebody here saying no no no no no no no but because
morocco uses pakistan in its fight against the taliban ironically in afghanistan although pakistan fund the taliban against it we just keep funding them funding them funding to the tune of ten billion dollars you're more which means were actually funding a country that hate us to actually create weapons that will probably destroys and what hurts is when people who have in it mean essentially anybody who gets to choose where the bombs get dropped they would have never had the discipline the wisdom the knowledge to actually build that bomb so vague nay with their limited mine get only something that was conjured up absolute genius and like really like the people should be allowed to be in possession of something is world changing as atomic weapons
like that person you have to be an incredibly special person will nobody i think that the the rule here is that nobody should have them because what happens is america has weapons or so you russia now has weapons and then pakistan or around or israel says worth my sovereign right to have them as well but the fact of the matter is who has the why do we have them if we said this before global warming if it's a fifty fifty shot maybe it's a hug me it's not whatever but even if does a fifty percent chances fuckin reeled and we should like say ok let's do some but it now if you go to the world's going too fucking and fright if there's even a one percent chance the world's gonna end that's on the table that double zero on but that's still more no no human life no human it's over it's over then that should not be part of the equation that's
the silly should ever meet asher destruct what it is and it is not only is it part of the equation the ball is rolling and its zero its double zero its twenty one twenty seven and you're just sort of saying holy fuck i hope it doesnt land on that number but you have to countries who are publicly advocating and political parties are publicly advocating that if pakistan does perpetrators mumbai attacks their nine eleven they will retaliate with ballistic warheads which pakistan has said we will then retaliate with our arsenal to so many fucking crazy people in this world the so many crazy ridiculous mick does the fact that people in positions of power when you see what's going on with egypt now guy tried to say listen i'm the fucking king a very vague less it does no rules of bay and can ever get arrested i can't go to court but if you look at if you look
you can the guy who got pakistan the bomb who they view as one of the biggest heroes ayscue con sold the technology on a philosophical basis to north korea to north korea has the bomb because of a cuba well and then adapt when you're like okay this is the problem if the technology is out there and if you can make this should happen then you're gonna countries like north korea around you know pakistan are going to have nuclear weapons what happens when they have them now they will use them how do you dismantle them even if they don't have many more who's going to be responsible for them these things exist you have to contain the other than the nuclear materials so one of danger and travelling with them as little danger and transporting where ya store allow the thing is is what happens when they finally use them would happen
because it's only a matter of time before look if if there is more and more and more capable these are more more more warheads as more more more atom bombs then it's only a matter of time before one gets used and what happens then while we ferdy done it twice in other than the fact that america and we were so creepy we had a drop us i can bomb we didn't we really filling made our point so i'll let you know we get some more of these check this out too much all that already really mean anything the military people were tiny well what we now it is ridiculous the idea then when you hear about like the government trying to develop anti matter weapons and shit you like more whoa whoa whoa whoa jesus fucking christ said down well you can really crab committed to the do that we have to all be in conflict why are we so fucking committed to the idea that we have to be in conflict with zero thing about war
i understand all the repercussions for example we are just interaction depleted uranium shells are the new big thing depleted uranium depleted uranium the problem mrs than you irradiate huge sections of the country and they had they found out because they have guys scrap meddling old you know armoured cars and some things and then they were coming with radiation poising they say what the fuck is having your warehouses like beggars have radiation poisoning and scrap metal this completely irradiated by lady raining round without was the whole idea behind the gulf war syndrome my cracked and though the the policies the leading one was that it was caused by depleted uranium which no one knew these guys we're going to these actual places where they ate the rounds it hit walking around all this fucking radioactive dust is in the air and people got really fucking sick and in true cont form
government failed to address it even as a possibility hundred percent didn't want to help these poor people and that's what's really fucked up it one thing if like the government was like do you f c we get injured they pay for your fuckin surge really take care of you easy of sea only because i know that they actually do that for fighters of shares a lot of companies that like that are very generous them google's notoriously generous to their employees to their kind to them take care of them if it was that sort of a situation you now don't you think people would do we can have a happier existence knowing that you're not even getting it taking care of like even if you believe what they're saying as far as like who you're fighting and why i am even if you believe that you you're not gonna get taken care of if you get her you're not gonna get taken care of if you get sick because whispering in some shit kill all the forests because people were hiding in the forests random p
but for some reason you're supposed to be angry with a gun that seen in full mental jacket when yet in the helicopter and there with the guy in the guys just shooting randomly at all these different farmers and they start throwing up you know that's shows you where the thing is you come back you're fucked up you don't know why i fucked up cuz i haven't told you the truth it has to do you have to go to find out the truth in this here that's why i'm fucked up by the way this huge amounts of overturning troops are addicted to article because that's what they give the given unlimited scripts when they do her an exam you can have forever told them is so fuckin crazy because when i see these people that are really patriotic i see you know is one of the things it actually gave me was was i was very conflicted with my feelings about how patriotic people got after nine eleven
in one way i was looking all these flags and i was like everyone has like this american flag on their car all sudden we're lucky united i feel like really was really strange like i felt like driving i was really strength and i was saying would it make its i guess look at the positive it's good to be united it's gonna go i feel proud me in america and do not believe in what america could be the other hand those same people though have laker flags and a fuckin car the lakers one does anything wrong with that they just sort of decided not so good observe that represent in this sort of blind allegiance takes this and will miles russia gets gradual my problem with it was it was the failure of journalism is the failure of the fourth estate and affords a state is necessary for true democracy why because it keeps powerful people politicians rich people in in check
that's my job that's that's more every journalist its anyone with a camera that anyone who was right write does anyone do any but what happened was it became on american to question the go now america went into iraq now everybody knew who had half a brain that the bath party with secular party was against islamic extremists and saying and al qaeda had anything to do with iraq was completely nuts and everybody knew it but it was anti american court unquote to say that now the problem with that is that what was good for us because that was the failure mainstream media because every one was afraid of being labelled anti american unlike when since when did it become anti american to question the gum that's the base of america yet none of them basis of democracy those people are not america like you gotta understand that just because people in america and they get to a position of power those people in their decisions are applied
since decision they do not represent america russia the idea of question being unpatriotic is completely ridiculous its anti american tonight that's very accurately its anti that's what america's waste us helps us in the end is so and so when they started saying its anti american if you question going into around which everybody knew as stupid and by the way now trillions of dollars later winners in massive recession arguably a million people on the iraqi side dead huge swathes of the camp cut country irradiated you're like ok why we go because our case it i was a bag i did he kill a million people one big terrifying swoop entire landscape changes in new new organisms move and opposition but what's interesting is if you have a terrorist attack
and i was there and i was in new york and i was in lower manhattan when it happened i was pissed off you know you get caught up in it but that it was a failure of journalism may which is a bummer it started to wars in afghanistan and iraq and you know still afghanistan still going on record we still going on so worn in and you sit down and he said that was the failure of of mainstream media good for us bad for the world now you say okay if you look at it and say if that happens again in india what the fuck are they going to do i'll tell you what they're going to do they're going to attack pakistan and if they attack pakistan was pakistan going to do that's going to retaliate and then what happens or offered because why wouldn't they retaliate because we started to wars because two thousand people were three thousand people killed in eleven if they have similar action happen in india they can morally because america did the exact same thing
they can go in an attack max and what is the source of the dick cheney quote was a dick cheney donald rumsfeld that said we need a new pearl harbor one another
the only quote and i know it is rumsfeld when not rumsfeld them greenspan and when greenspan left office he said look i've been working with rumsfeld and were forwards and chinese since afford administration and heaved he resigned as chairman of the fed because he said these guys are bad men because what they did was wrong now the only caveat he gave to that and this is where it gets interesting is he said their bad men that's why i'm quitting however we are at peak oil and if there is a ten to fifteen percent decrease which is the iraqi percentage of oil its militias in the streets time it is full on like
changing the guard ship meaning like what we saw in new york no gas people free canada york has actually amazingly peaceful i regret to say that i was incredibly there was not a lot alluding there's not a lot of budget going on but you know what what greenspan was saying was if we take fifteen percent out of the global supply than their will global chaos and so what he was saying was i understand why they went but what did when under the guise of nine eleven but what they did was going to secure the oil so that wouldn't be the ten to fifteen percent decrease which would lead to chaos but this is the terrifying thing is that's we're at peak oil we are at we are using as much oil as we produce so if there's any any like travel fluctuation any sort lie any blowing up those fuckin
there are things in the middle of the ocean any or those called stations with a party what are those things called the platform platforms and doesn't scare its work the idea of those things can break andrews flood the ocean with oil like they dont have safeguards they don't have back up being a and i got five hours in three and a half billion you're like how much is to destroy the whole gulf of mexico that's it it actually destroy it how much got destroyed well you know this is the thing arguably you know the the the the wildlife will take something like fifty years to regenerate fifty years of death well and completely alters the software system fifty is death fastened it's completely alters the ecosystem it altars and mutates the fish rice semi whatever happened in that the one in alaska what is that like now those run
balance exxon valdez when i believe i was twenty years old and that happened they think they that they continue to have environment what what's interesting is okay so exxon valdez those twenty yes there was a there was a spill in brooklyn as large as the exxon valdez spill it was from a holding tanking in brooklyn for four in the fifties and still to this day people are like renovating their basements and up comes noxious fumes and gets toxic and in green point whims work we did it make peace on it what's interesting is its also like the the whims working green point where the neighborhoods r r d most with some of the most toxic neighborhoods america but like the lupus various sir neuro degenerative diseases are the
headquarters the number one place that all these diseases happen is green point winesburg so you know this is this happened in the fifties but it still has repercussions today and this is why i got to say look i grew up just right regular improved whatever but i'll tell you i'm a bit like al gore in the sense that when you go into the world and you see what happens in the environment do you just i can by had annoyed about the environment and bathing but when you see what happens when you see the price that you have to pay when you see bad we are being and how stupid we are being like the first rule is don't shit where you eat and we're sitting where we eat we're having explosive diarrhea where we eat right now we're just fucking shit as fast as we can fuck it i tried to i was talking with a friend of mine were saying like if you had to have a conversation with aliens and explain human
human behavior is so hard to do awesome you not rational yeah you would have to explain why we get away with like reaching to the other world the water world unjust pulling all its living inhabitants out to the point we almost drive and extinction is doesn't make sense should all the ones that we believe to be at least in a parallel way almost as intelligent as us dolphins push them into effect in one area and kill him off how dare you today and often with a goat noise i mean that's that this there's something this wrong with that is something wrong with our insistence on polluting thing we we have the lightest such disconnect we make my but we kill it but the disconnect in the damage that we're doing so ridiculous what's funny is vice started as a like a star way like we were yet about sneakers shares and and people always
they like when did it change any like you go out in the world and you just see this shit you see what's happening and you go ho lee fuk like for example we were just shooting the philippines and we created a democracy in the philip and you know we get snark e in in our inner politics here we just haven't maybe one of the most sort of vicious campaigns between in iran obama now the fill in the philippines which interesting as they do the same its animal just rubbed his theory i hear the answer you re a drink but act what's interesting about it is these politicians they they a car their armies to support them and they don't college other shit heads did i'll just obama's a bad guy romney's about guy what they do they create an army and then they try to kill them and they have
home grown guys who make homegrown granddaughter stuff and now that the new twist on it is if they get eight to ten to twelve year old kids then those won't go to jail for ever they pay the family the pomp of politicians bay the family to get these eight ten twelve year old kids who then because assassins who go out to assassinate d d so it's basically like bad you know adds but taken two guns into the extreme level and this is actually it's not you know like one one one occurrence or two occurrence it happens every election cycle and we just followed this guy the governor of this province who he went out to two to register for the election he had a convoy of one hundred cars all guys with guns fifty seven people were killed in the convoy because they didn't want him to register the killed his wife and they killed his
kids they killed all of his cabinet and out these are all children by the height shooting at them and then he still is registry is not because he is like trying to save the philippines it's because they that's how they make their money there these guys are crooked as well and you like the old this is how elections go if everybody just allowed guns because you like our democrat our rapporteur fuck you boom and they just kill each other and it's fucking insane mentality people willing to do all kinds of crazy shit to stop the opposition they d that they fucking hate the yankees i'm a fuckin red sox may until the day i die tell us ass nato yankee the poison a yankee and that's that's just something the human beings have got two fuckin get over we have to accept the idea that as long as we keep this
level of communication that we have right now open where we don't need to be in gang warfare people will help each other we just have to sort of promote that ideology and there's a there is a real problem people expecting that everybody else is looking the war everybody else is looking to kill them nobody out signet take most people in this world just one by they want to be healthy they want to have children and have those children be happy again through the day they like it too can day they are led by people who are profiting offer the drama i real can i say one thing this is why this progress is so important and not to be melodramatics is to go back to the the success of this body cast of the success of vice and stuff is that it's because all of the other shit out there is bullshit that's the whole thing is what hence in mainstream media
and the new cycle is crap and what's happening here and the reason why you have so many people listening to you in and supporting you and the reason i vices growing so rapidly because we're just regular dudes we're regular guys just would like we can always like we like anime would like fighting be like having a few drinks without your you and you go out there in the world you say hold on a second fuckin rationality here why do these fuckers have nuclear weapons why fuck is this happening why is the fact world sinking and we are not doing something about i dont understand i'm not like i'm not jesus on the cross i'm not i'm not gonna be there guy going out in the ongoing holy fuck and then when i say what's y know as and when i say it the end of the world is because i went to cashmere i went to the indian side kashmir the indian said if we have another mumbai attack we will attack browser then i went up sounds like why are you still sending these your training do i assign the military why
still sending these guys and india they ve said that if you still if you send the men again they are going to attack you and there like yes because we're gonna win your nobody's gonna fuckin win you're going to new kitchen you're all going to die and the thing is i keep saying that it's the same thing and trying to the same thing even the funny shit that we do is lie it's the absurdity of the modern conditions the world has become insane and i am saying where are the penalty but where's the rationality where's is likely to cause regular guys and by the way we're just sitting here and in in and with beautiful oak table i want a few drinks day my le nowhere hinder our day one is only a people are resonating with his words to deeds doc yet but the thing is so many people in a resolute resonant recent why
because everyone just coming over the pond going hold on a second hold on a second what the fuck is going on what if it were all rational people were all smart people we all have the internet we expectancy on their shit's going what the fuck is going on and i think that the answer is our terrifying because you know what nobody has an answer oh wow justice this business it's not really gonna happen because it's that and you know it's just a sky do in this alec brian cowen but put in for fox news but the thing is is it's not true directly the new york times has refuted that one yet but not you like there is no rationally the answer is more terrifying into question what is why aren't they fuck why do they have nukes we gave them because we're crazy because we're crazy because we were ass now had money they re nukes we had neuron needed money boom chukka lock a bow correct but to stay of scary rules the real scary stories canada
this thing the candy reactor the failsafe reacted or safe reactor honour a fuckin beautiful reactor titanic anger anger and canada is like or where the largest donor of court forty nine canadian monolith were the largest foreign asset canadian foreign donated to foreign aid and then we gave the reactors to pakistan we said now whatever you do don't do anything bad with it and they of course not and you assume they're going what the fuck what the fuck were you fuck thinking canada giving them fuckin reactors what the fuck were you thinking that so silly the reacted thing is of real freak out to me and i talk my act like do you think i don't know if i'm allowed to swear by the way what is here what's my are you gonna cigarette shot it thus will say that shit
i didn't know your sand at another is a bad thing that somebody want not want you to indulge wispy real come come on chain smith you know i love you like a brother was gonna who doesn't want you indulge in issue as mrs change is perhaps doesn't want hubby tat cancer or bullets has said this is the last thing she should worry about is to go to the congo and its underwear he started with leonardo ii you should worry have you gone yeah yeah see that's where i draw them i've been to gama and right now it's it's it's gone for raise the only way i'll go the congo as if someone absolutely showed me we're gonna run apes i could see one was a giant where worsted work it's a real animal brown available something you to have this diagnosis squatted you did i ever tell you about david shown the dinosaurs ass i watched set up so when they believe is a brontosaurus in the hills
there's alligators we had we need a rapid our heads around the idea that alligators fuckin survived i want you to reading this chris ryan book sex at dawn fascinating fastening book and he talks about the name yucatan that what was the name came from is the one of the american or one of the christopher columbus's settlers you not to waive away grubbing comic clubs applause that they should go don't worry about it he he asked them what is the name of your land and the the guy said something like what you told me you know in whatever the mind is and so they said yucatan ok you got on those areas closer
turns out when scholars reviewed what the actual original word was i guess they rode down somewhere it means in mine i don't understand you are so when people go down to can't kuhn and they go get their freak on for spring break there there in the standing peninsula if a that animals guidelines when they went into this and what where are we in like bomb bay perfectly actually perfect love it beijing peking love it won't like greece still call themselves greece right as an aim yeah how us there's a couple different countries like that pan is none at all that's another place where we just shot greece whole lee back greece's completely insolvent as at the case well it is and you know so we just shut the riots in greece france spain italy and actually the rise of the neo nazis in germany jeez but this
they're back don't call it a comeback chicken fuckin novelties again in germany real germans really folks you got the internet you get four g your mother fuckers actually what faster internet than us do eyebrows in austria now know this year we on line or all wipe i found out that you probably have dsl and which is like the worse in and around the world right and i so i put it down to like mobile bandwidth style sag it's such a low right amazon but is it workings barely europe no logical weighs about mother fucker and without him i'd be lost and he has very he had all great yes great t shirts and i won't when they grow greatest women that motherfucker that brian roadmap yes so do you mean look i love you but eric sound we get together we start talking doom and gloom fuckin shit my pants i believe
there's a way out of this i want to believe a date that i know that it is an obvious there is and i've got to say this rather service because it's up to guys like you guys like me and guys like everyone listen to this parkhurst to say we have the power to that's a lot responsibility will he how to get high and watch the habit however you want to get high watched the habit however i'm going to say this publicly and online joe rogan who's a famous dude who does ufc and tv shows and comics give genius all the stuff he does a podcast you know pays for a fucking studio pays for oak tables pays for state of the art equipment all the stuff to do hard cast to tell the fuckin truth and by the way that's fucking admirable and by the way everybody out there who has a camera my phone who has a fuck em you two could actually every
can do it and everyone should do it because it's time to start fuckin changing shit because you know what she does fucked up they are doing it that's the beauty beautiful is there's a bunch of people that we introduced but via this part cast like daniel labelled and the guys from london real who came if i don't ask and the date those guys are really popular another their podcast or popular is its instead of you going to this traditional system of not being about the value of your contribution but rather being about like whose heart whose non whose it and whose like fuckin dayton who and all the nonsense we get roped up in as primates as social primates into instead say the fuck them i would like to say to everyone who is listening to this joe rogan a man over there his work the technological genius you guys
they're doing something that is purely democratic that is incredibly fucking important incredibly useful it's the reason why everytime i come to la i do this because you guys are giving guys like me and everybody else comply form to say hey by the way i dont want to be all doom and gloom what i want to say that a delay but behold or what i want to do is say this shit is happening it's real and people should know about it and we can do shit yeah by the way is not just us here in amerika people in it can do shit about a people in pakistan can do shit about and way youth are fucking pissed off their upset the fought politicians have failed and the richer are getting richer the poor getting poorer
and what we are trying to do is bring back journalism in the sense that journalism is saying this shit is fucked up and we collectively have to solve it otherwise you have kids i've gives our kids are gonna be fought yeah i run through these various scenarios in my head about the future of humanity and the only thing that gives me hope is the access two ideas and information that are available today just for me what i know about me with a phone i can pretty much answer almost any question i have about anything in the world and within a couple of hours of sitting there reading shit all you need is a goddamn failure a guy that doesn't have to do this you don't have to take your time out you don't have to pay all this money to set this unless i must well ok if any very reasonable and its hard and its money in his time and you're setting up this shit and by the way more people should be doing it and more people should be doing ship
everything about it that way i mean though the way i think about it is first of all we are doing it at my house and they were doing brien's place that he set up death squads studios in the ice house and i felt about else like why am i doing my shit in my house like look let's take this to the next level it's so i was inspired by like brian putting together this crazy studio us using it for you know how long you been ever was a year anniversary last month bob fisher you beautiful mother fucker you the guy owns places such as sweetie thrust sweeties there the wages are sweeties but level nice look away you built out of and i've gotta say everybody out there should take this as an example because everybody can yeah i'm by the way you're doing so you don't have to do shit you're doing shit to see that's where it gets so that's where i wanted to sort of straighten i don't think that it's not what i don't have it is no there's no motivation to do this other than joy then fun other than the fact that i have i love talk
guys like you like however how else would i organised three our conversation with you and i are the only way to make an enticing is i have to fucking broadcast on online to get to meet someone like you like tomorrow we're doing that john mcafee guy the virus is will you know belize on iran we're doing that i couldn't get to talk that guy real life why would you talk to me but you two more truth here on your podcast than msnbc fox put together and i gotta say that's the future of journalism is it's it's it's people regular people are you me who actually give a shit
and who have actually learn stuff and because you go around the world and you see should i go around the world i should we see this stuff and we go hey this is ridiculous here change is incredibly difficult to incredibly difficult for people change is incredibly difficult for systems of government or systems monetary system to change change is incredibly hard and resisted tooth and claw and the people that are in solved in msnbc and cnn and all these people to perpetrate all this nonsense journals not i don't fault them i don't because as a guy who's been with it this is my position as a guy who's been in this system of television before i've been on two different tv shows it was on a sick company five years and then i was on firefox for six years i kind of sea i put a pretty good view of the whole system creating sayings and the network or its insurmountable either
to collapse or be absorbed by the internet those are the only options but it as it stands is bureaucratic to so many people involved decision making it's not it's to give its too expensive and difficult to put together a fucking sitcom when i use an isolated if you like if you look at your audience and you look at what you're doing and and other people like you're doing you have millions and millions of dollars and i would say this i would say look you have as many and by the way more you have an audience that's actually willing to do shit and willing to participate and then they know that we didn't they and they and they facebook and then do you know get on the socials and i would say this is like if you look at fox which is aging at six seven sixty eight there those people that dying i'm gonna die out this is the future and what you are doing is your saying i'm gonna put my flag in the sand and i mean it
you know what i'm gonna fuck you been in tv you ve been successful yourselves to be you still success we kill it and but yet still you'll take your time out of your day to come here and say we're going to try we're going to do some funny stuff and some regular stuff we can do this but we're gonna try to fucking at least say hey what's going out mcafee this is what's going on a pakistan this is gonna work me on ya gotta be born and i gotta say look that is the future journalism because that the only way today that we're gonna get to the church and i look i agree with everything he just said and the reason why do it is because people like you are out there the reason why i am so committed to doing a podcast like this and the reason why brian and are committed to keeping them free is we we we bennett it from it just as much as everyone else does we benefit from it from our
conversations i mean brian and i will talk about simulation theory today you know it's it's because it brought up by somebody brilliant people on the podcast that you know we ve had these like freaky discussions about it it's a this podcast has been an incredible fuckin thing like i can't ever take not kind i don't i can take any responsibility for it i can't take any accolades for because all it is as is its really i feel like completely legally conduit i feel like i've i can and guys like you or had left throughout our last year last week survivor man you know what i've had alex gray that of the book in artists are if i can get a forum where these people can talk through the internet and reach all these other people like who else has that opportunity and a few how do you do it if anybody else how did they would do it if you're thinking in your right mind and you a million people that we're paying attention or whatever the fuck it is now an
new some shit you'd want to tell people some shit is its but i'm allowed decides admirable this is not merely an admirable where children here in the fuckin valley bright at our air conditioned studio you're out there in mumbai do without i would like to say is life is good latin our life is been good and we got to kind of get out of jail free card when i got out of college i used to say i'm never going to live in the house as nice as my parents or or drive a car is nice to my parents and gen x much and i sort of got a get out of jail free card but gen y is going to pay the bill and you know and in an end so saying i think it's our responsibility to say we know the falcon we know one gas going on we know that this is a fucking problem and we have to go out there and say look this is a
i don't know the solutions again i'm not jesus on the cross but at least people and this is why this is what gives me hope is that people fundamentally i believe are good and i also believe people are fundamentally smart and people fundamentally want to do the right thing i think people fundamentally want to be because love feels better than hate like if i have a little tiny dispute in my life but you with the way i feel about especially amongst my sir friends or amongst people i do business with her work with if there's any sort
tiny dispute is a ripple in my force and i don't like it i don't like that feeling and i want to resolve it is lovingly and his kindly and his apologies i can't i always feel like that and some people never get to a position where they really feel at peace with their place in the world and how they interact with the people they can't whether it's because there too in debt are there too there in a fuckin terrible neighbourhood or they they grew up with a crazy mother whatever it is too took a bad career path stuck in a fuckin abusive john position one of the fuck it is locks you into your reality your existence its very difficult for people that are in a torturers position to look at possibilities and options and to look at the possibility and options that this might not be the correct way to live life and that in reality my narrow minded view has set me on this insurmountable path of ultimate failure and there's no way
to accumulate enough shit in this life if you're a temporary being there is no way so that as a focus of your existence acumen but that doesn't mean you should enjoy some shit doesn't mean you shouldn't like get a fuckin samson galaxy s three angle who because all that it's bad ass to of like something like weight when like when you hear we hear people talk like heaven a conversation with someone they start talking about the law of attraction lava trash inebriated july's slavic rationally maybe but maybe these die and drive buys too like lit the what's re wits realistic as let's look at this whole thing reality that we exist in let's look at this whole thing be honest about it and say we woke up in the middle of a dream now that the american d what who the fuck you are with the japanese man whose fifty years old who wakes up when his alarm clock goes off today and looks at this world this world woke up
in motion and the people there's too many of them first of all too many of afraid to ever communicate that no one can no one understands we're fucked anybody seen too many different languages a acknowledgement of our plight and we are headed to do ultimately there's no way if we continue along a certain path that it doesn't it completely we explode interface whether its overpopulation whether its pollution or nuclear disaster there's this certain amount of stops along the way until the whole thing ends well i think i agree with you and i think that our generation is yours and mine has come out of the pond and we've had a good life and i love i love this country because i came down here and built a meal contraband adieu my shit it's a phantom move and canada for my fuckin sure i don't care
montreal deal with that's no i'll take it to rather get us nobler and vote warm coat but the thing is is you sit down you say we came out of the pond we realise this shit is happening yes we want liver good like i want you to get better precisely because of has such and i'm not a doom and gloom guy i'm a party guy i like to drink i like to travel i like to eat i like to do stuff i like to learn a lot to go different places the reason why i'm like hey hold on these guys want a new kitchen how you hold on the world is sinking or hailed on this shit's happiness going to fuck everybody up is because i like my life is because i like guys like you is because i like where we've gotten to to date the problem with it is is it you sit down you say okay i dont want the next generation to not have that to not be able to go outside swimming river go fishing do all that stuff
and right now we're at were at literally the sort of breaking point whereat infection point of we are we can fix it we can solve it were smart we're good people want to do it and if you do you know follow the show you do the people who follow you and and and in if you look at what they say on twitter and you look what the facebook people are fucking angry and their down under happy to not ruin razetta did not rather
represented and the thing is allow reticent what's happening especially global let alone in this country but what's happening globally is that the people with the power are disenfranchised because the systems that are in place are set up as such that they can't be represented so what this is is this is true grassroots democracy and by the way i hope to god it continues and gets bigger and bigger i was making a joke earlier this is the first podcast from here and i'm like i'm gonna look back twenty years from now and say this was the first podcast to change the world because this is the root of journalism which is the router democracy while i think that the people that are in the position of power that are doing these horrible things we really need to figure out how to those mother fucker globally guess it did i think we have to figure out how to get them to fuck out you gotta get him the fact
you have to get them to fuck out discouraged that type of behavior in the future i mean if you want to be a real hippie and a total idealist you would say that there's got to be a way that almost everybody can change and that these people that are in this position these positions of power that are looking at things like war and economic the attacks on countries or embargoes raleigh is different various things that people do that really can cause unbelievable irreparable harm to communities and families and like that we need to figure out a way to get those people to look at things differently and say you're motivation is off or you your motivation is based on any notion of primates shit it's based on some can primate shit where you are running away from jaguars in who had been the most vicious mother fucker to survive and that stuff manifests itself to day miss
in some years later in the mail dominance mentality and that mentality is not best suited for attacks against you fellow man and it can be conquered it can be conquered can be understood it can be understood in your mind set you will be happier person if you do not behave in that manner and you be any happier if you get more money is a certain amount of money where it doesn't matter why i've got to say also that if you look at it and say i want real people i want people like me yes who have had a drink to many who done a few drugs you ve ever had a real life if you have me no guys like romney whose like squeaky clean and when around like i dont want a robot representing me yes is i'm not a robot i'm flawed and fucked up i've been through ngos way more law then you will see but the whole thing is i want someone he's human what he's want someone who's been to shit and who spoke for dope
as for nine years old i want someone has emerged i want someone who know what the fuck is going on romney could be saved with mushrooms mushrooms and tie hookers and you just get romney sunken island and just give him some mushrooms and let him understand this is this is fucking dream man this is one frame in an infinite movie that goes on forever and the own control you have whatsoever is to enjoy it to increase harmony to spend a lot of anyhow venus and they use as you were talking about you know torreon she males are targeting the taliban are talking in this or that the thing is is if you just talk to these motherfuckers everybody has a point everyone has a point of view everyone has appointed and if you actually look you know by the way for example when i was in pakistan they were like
we are super mad that you led the innocence of muslims come out like america sponsor them when our newly you'll have video you and you say you understand that there's mealy upon millions of videos uploaded every day every fucking day on you too there's no government regulation is no you know obama's not seeing that going how we really got him now and they could not believe that they were just like know you guys have done this thing and that's why we're showing they were people killed and there's been no violence because of this and now there's a whole you know because a lot of the people literate that the imams say while the americas doing this and this is part of their policy whenever and you're like this was just a bunch of fruit cakes who did a fuckin thing and all of a sudden now people are dying in this
whole militias being mobilise because of this and at that point you're like if people just actually fucking you know what what i do i say look i'm going to tell you i live there i do this i have to the most positive challenge you to people just upload ship it just fuckin happens it's not like government policies not propaganda is not this is not that they don't fucking get it and if you just actually just said look dude here's the way it is here's the reality of the situation which no body does that's the whole fucked up there is nobody sits answers
this is actually what happens this is the true will you not say rearing correct its now or not it's you you do at your mother fucker you fuckin channel doesn't really talking about its there's these guys like you is this there's the congressmen that are coming up like daniel seamen the congressional represent or a candidate rather who is completely honest and well read and young there's there's a whole group of people that are coming up now there's a bunch of people that are broadcasting whether it's the young turks or whether its any a number in alex jones to a large extent a lot of what i have shown says although absolutely ridiculed and ninety nineties shows to be true from two thousand and twelve i've been out his friend for a long fuckin time and a lot of people think he's crazy and he's fucking crazy that's why they think he's crazy but he's crazy in a beautiful way and he's right a lot of the time and that sort of that sort of understood now and there is enough and
mason other people have their head collectively cock sideways i think the whole no state wait a minute there's something i tweeted yes that someone tweeted may in every tweeted it was thirty three different conspiracy theories that turned out to be correct and when you you go and look at them and go to this assist this is how it's always been so what we have to do is figure out how to get these people that are thinking this way in this crazy position of power where they whatever group however many agree to do something totally immoral and for profit i guess it's really the only real reason whenever comes down to it we have to figure out how to reach people like that and to let them know that this is a false pattern your mind is locked in some nonsensical thinking that is based on the predatory instincts of animals that had to survive from fucking cougars in jaguars in
airs and shit there was a roof listening that's designed into the dna to make sure that the animal procreates and that can be overcome and that we have to understand that the only the only way to true happiness is to look at each other collectively as if it's us living another life you look at every person to me as if it's you living a complete often just two to two i agree with your honor percent because sounds like happy bonanno but but but you look at you and you say like yours a guy you know you have see i came up ticonderoga me if you're fighting guy in all the stuff you obvious you were two guys here sitting here were not hippies but what were coming to his is saying look we came up you know we came up hard we fought we did all this stuff and now we're realizing this shit and we're saying hey you know
we ve seen this we ve learned from this is why i got to go back to it is i dont want politicians representing me who don't understand this now which is came up hard i came from the streets i learned this shit i learned that the hard way by going to these places and what i ve realized is exactly what you said which is unless we overcome our base desire which is i you i'm gonna fuck embalm you we're all dead wrong that because now it's not a knife is a gun is not an army g is not a tank it's a nuclear fucking warheads and when we start fucking trying to four can be alpha mail the nuclear warhead like you can then were fucking where's that guy's so are you still allow that mother fucker he's still alive
whereas ease in pakistan is christ and he's the reason why there's the proliferation of nuclear fucking does he have acknowledged twenty bitches around him to dance and in their underwear at all times yet that is what i do think i'll be out get a man with it at least if we gotta be a category b a fuckin old school currently has a bunch of ice guys around him at all times be those guys those good so the eyes the cia of pakistan and they started taliban and they are the guys who are basically running pakistan and they are the guys who are becoming increasingly radicalized and there the guy you're saying we are going to bomb india when did you get those people mushrooms for so what we need to do is to say you're not allowed would that you're not allowed to block the world you cannot do it and by the way if we had politics you are doing the right thing you would go to india
go to pakistan and say you're not allowed which means that we have to say russia's not loud we're not allowed nobody's loud because again to go back to it if you're playing roulette and double zero means the end of the second world you should be planned fuckin relent and so take that double zero off the fucking board police if you playing russian roulette you have five chances and knocked at shot in the head wait when your plan world die penance psych how many opportunities you have started nuclear war exactly
is really not available and not a question of of wine if it's a question of one year is not a hollow chambers the whole thing is fucking ridiculous because its people locked up in this idea that somehow or another conquering makes things better is somehow nor the controlling the resources makes things better and is this all these observations now from people that are paying attention what's going on in afghanistan about minerals minerals and how long they ve known that afghanistan is an incredible deposit minnow minerals org rendre what's happening what's happening now in the congo is one hundred percent due to coltan there wouldn't be fighting they wouldn't have all the money they can help tran call tank altea call time is a rarity in iran that makes outside your iphone your samsung
your ipad they all need call ten to actually work and the majority of coal tan actually is in congo and so what's happened now is this discontinue warfare you know and its i believe now the sixth bloodiest warn the history of humanity all happening because of ipads iphone samsung all these things we buying them this is the whole thing were disconnected i mean i grew up thinking or whatever happens in africa up than ever known as is their problem then you realize oh that fucking war is happening because i have an iphone five that's that's the reality of the situation it's sort of analogous to the human experience if you really boilers
gay heavy and gave the same time so the really having a love shrouded in a confused dude in the new in the new by thirty of the human but if you if you look at the human experience and you look at where we're out right now at the highest levels and let's perceived at the highest levels are innovation and technology and that the fact that we can broadcast this with minimal cost even though its cassock in right now postulate anti the wide you get dsl i don't know man had a fuckin who did a spanish handle the how old is his business manager unknown or madame listen to in a young kids did they i got shit i need to deal with one of them you throw me off where was i minerals are met her eyes earlier whatever is it important that i finished my sense i have nothing to say listen
grandstanding clearly i'm trying to somehow another project project better ideas through whisky through whiskey and marijuana allegedly allegedly i don't think it's necessarily a bad thing folks i certainly colleague when there you ve got it you're a day i gotta irrigate the mine yeah that's important people don't drink been drunk i don't really like you nor do i trust you can but to be honest i trust drunks even trust dry drugs i tried you're just like you i'm here now no arms being honest i i appreciate sober people don't get me wrong but if you have not at least experience whisky with all the people raving about it would you not dive in the waters at least once how stubborn are you you ve never had rob of our guy who are you party and with man that's ridiculous if your friends have kept you from a drop of alcohol there assholes is usually people have had too many drugs alcohol seems like when i know is in
well you know what the issue is slightly biological and that something that i'm willing to admit one hundred percent as i have friends and i trust dearly like fitzsimons gregg fitzsimons is gregory friends since we were in our early twentieth i think we met when i was twenty one gregg was proud of the same age gregg is always have he's he's a lid shit alcoholic and it's in the sense of he could have a drink today and he could be found but there will be a pull a biological pull that's reinforced by his relatives its reinforce by generations i have many friends that have this issue and i do not discount at my friend tate fletcher he's a brilliant guy and take has a problem substances he cannot you know he's like a girl could even like tiggle about baby head of a joint those maybe or i could wake up in an alley way naked and not knowing what the fuck happened and i am not willing to make that jump on that won't take that chance this
a logical weird mr people fucking get they die from peanuts ok a person could be allergic to peanuts and die i would never discount that but i think it is generally speaking discernment quality of a non chance taking boring bull shit that comes with the i've never had a drink paypal is a few examples contrary like penn jillette is never had a drop of alcohol is in the only time he's ever had any sort of medications that has been injured after surgery like a symptom of a painkiller please bring kind of love and talk until he's one of the most people that have ever been fucked up you never you never tried laid when it was preposterous you ve never try to pick up a girl with there's no way medically you can get an erection heavier and a view i ve been twenty one years on thrown up in the back seat of a cab who are you
who are you and who you party with but i also think that it's again to go back to the people who are dying you is it's a way to sort of distance yourself from all the norms and to say i'm going to cry in what the fuck is going on i think maybe some conspiracy theories are not true and maybe some archer but at least we have to question them off shore there's a lot and archer for sure that but we have to question yes and that's the whole thing we have to question shit that's our that's what we are as humans we have two fuckin question shit and we also have to say how do we get better it's a funny thing to say but i'm not endorsing alcohol consumption but there's a certain humility that comes from being an edge it'd drunk we you step back and cairo you know
three lives like look this is off you know like tony boarding you know anthony word asia have had the pleasure of having the pod cast he's a guy just like you regular do you talk to him but there's a certain like having to drink with you have a drink with him have a drink with anyone who is just a real guy anyone is where where there's a moment ago we have had a couple of drinks when you look at each other we're fucked who knows it's crazy he's a perfect example of a dude you had a cooking show on travel that is a chapter was wrote a book but the book is our dental so we told them areas and create on the track by what the hell happened in restaurants exactly but he had yet a cooking show on on travel channel nothing nothing and he turned it into a political statement and he turned into trying to tell the truth and he turned it into
we're gonna to eat some food but what the fuck is really going on with real people s and i think again there's a lot there's a whole movement does you there's him there's me but there's like a hundred million address these millions i was anxious i railways is this now because of technology and i think that you know him and i believe he built a travel on his upper crusher proof of about barbaric dot com why does the finnish with anthony bernay i would say that that guy that guy went out into the world and and talked about shit that you should talk about on a channel that would never talk about that should otherwise channel by the way this very conservative by scrip yeah with this device will serve scripts scripts yet so travel charles numbers i prescriptions known as just crashed sire i p p s it's a very christian fundamentalist and he takes it are the heat
it's a lot of shit and they tell him not to do stuff and he says gee i'm gonna do in any way because he wants to fuck intelligence and i gotta give it up to him he has a lot of fun concur in their defence in their defence i do understand the travel channel started to try to re evaluate their position and maybe reach out because i heard their interest in irish of fear as though some of them negative saw him kill dc and problems and so they just per day lubber name like look he opened the door drips is super super conservative super christian their poster child is adieu you go out in the world and says you will eat something will cook some shit but i'm going to tell you the fucking truth but what's going to know what he did he he said i'm going to show you some cool shit i'm going to show you some cool music frazier cool bands animality bargaining with all about and people are going to talk about what's going on and people gonna got by the way what's that travel channel ok crash i love him to death i would totally any show that he's on but
i never was to travel channel before anthony bourdain was i never thought about wanting it i dont know how i even tuned into his show our suspect that i was just channel serve just flip through channels and all the sudden theirs is guys talk about vietnam and how much she loves vietnam and i'm ever go at who is this crazy fog reality i we're liberia is eaten camel and his love in it and but most importantly he approaches the whole thing with is this really palpable feeling of humility de and honesty and you know pie drunkenness indonesian it is it's it's not just admirable it's it's enticing its attractive it pulls me you know it's like your show was of your shows man i found out about vice because of the hindmost ex episode the guy
who lives in the arctic and we where's he loves is lagging northeast alaska my thought he lives in the most remote part of the of the world has the he lives he's the most remote human being in the world there are some i have a message board on my website and the message borders before twitter spin around like ninety ninety eight my friend andrew started the message board and it's been this kind of like magnet for fun and weirdos and a lot of cool people but what what's been really fascinating that twitter is sort of surpassed it no wages and because of the sheer access but what my message board became was this with this strange area where cool shit would be drawn to him so they would post these things these threads about you would never find out on your own the average person is not connected to community
you're never going to find it what do you mean why would you even look at vice dot com why would what would you be googling that would connect you to siri someone put this is linked to this video and i watched his guide it's got frozen caribou hang it from a fuck entreaty saw em and cooking and your guys that were there whose blown away by this experience of hanging out with its due to lives at a one hundred foot square shack in the fucking most hostile environment known to me and to see that he was not not only was he not alone but that he was cut there was no narration he the narration was sore describing how they got there was one but it was never ate was never any judgment on people the scenario and what i found really fascinating about how are you to know a guy with all the and high moral has left ear forest sixty five years he's
termed wandering the frozen countryside hoping to otto caribou is e happy behind mo truly knows you didn't do that you you you instead inserted intelligent people into a alternative so of a situation the cellular baloney no what we need are in reality i like and gladly fucking watches one live well suited to the cities is its because we practise it a type of journalism called immersion ism where we go we immerse ourselves in the actual story and we just press record you guys change this podcast the way you know that for sure a hundred percent that that sold and the subsequent up says that i watched ah the dare eve s chain because as i this guy is of fucking you're you're in the year there you're actually there are you really going to write when i was making fun of kissing someone's
somebody you guys but i was talking about twitter is after i do this parkers you get so much response from people who gives a shit yeah and people who are like say this shift like the truth and blew my mind in this manner and you realize like you know we're guises you're talking about shit whenever an there are going this is i learn more on that pakistan foxen msnbc fuckin cnn and everybody or put together and that's the tragedy it's great for it's the tragedy because we're just regular dues goin okay this is what the fuck is happening i don't think the tragedy man i think it's that the normal chain of progression i think it's a natural it's a natural system and i think that you don't get to be you you unless you ve seen bert reynolds get a crazy facelift right you don't get to be you
until you ve seen all the most pro austria shit that people have done you too you don't get to be you until you read all the crazy accounts of nonsensical violence on the engine ned either the crazy revolutions and arab spring and all over the world and all the things you physically experienced by actually being in these places where there are chaotic events that are just uncontrollable by the population that out of but it doesn't mean anything unless people watch it doesn't mean anything unless there's round does it mean right the you're you're compelled like you you can't you you can't even take credit for you doing because you're compelled you're compelled by the last order of the universe the natural order of the universe is to move in and in a progressive direction and a more understanding and more comprehensive enlightened direction that's all of our ideas
as did the idea is not to maintain the science of the seventeen hundreds the ideas to figure out how do you know how to get on mars and create an atmosphere so we can have a new plan cases one gets hit by an asteroid the idea that a consistently move forward and i think we're just caught in a struggle of that happening in my real hope for for the world you know all that shit about gm the people to believe that you can manifest reality that sea grid and the idea that now your own mind and the more you focus on things maybe maybe maybe it's just the fact that you're not paying attention to what you could do positively and that's what impact the world and positively what we ve got to figure out how to do is to change the mindset
all the people and the people that are in positions of power and set a fighting them and attacking lamb and try to understand the fact that the human animal is incur radically frustrated we don't know what's going on we have these fucking bodies that exactly the same as pre internet pre movies pre cars ping pong ain't and it's all happened so quickly all around us that we haven't had the chance to really as as a super organism taking all of the knowledge and disrepute it in a way that we will where we we govern over the consciousness of the population in a fair and ethical way that keeps everybody happy but i think also
thirdly that that is a possible scenario fisher and it has to be asked to be if we don't believe that there were really fucked i dont think because i am using to move them i don't think this is doing them i think this is positive because as long as we know what the fuck is going on we can work towards doing something about it the problem is as we didn't know what the fuck is going on because nobody fuckin told us that's a perfectly describing that's a perfectly describing it that the real problem is that we were living in some crazy movie we since a nineteen fifties we have been locked into some sort of crazy version of the world that is in many ways based on fiction and the real issue is whether the world the world
no in the world the world to get a piss no yoga nano we don't you had am gonna go get a drink without i didn't want you to weigh the war the world's freaked fucking people out if you dont know what it is often wells in like who knows when the fog it was once get out of here but it's not happened in bitch take a seat don't worry about your previous it wants the not as interesting though what the war of the worlds was the first time where human beings were able to be tricked into thinking by orson welles that there was a tack by alien beings like people freaked out it's really difficult to discern how much of it is bullshit how much of it actually happen because they say they were suicides who knows what the actual statistics were you know we're talking about the nineteen
priorities or whatever the fuck it was but the reality which is that human beings were not prepared for the information that was coming at them they weren't prepare that wasn't in that wasn't a regular part of their life where they had grown accustomed to having this faker replanted on this not like today with the onion you know like every now and then a retreat and article and it turns out to be like some new fake onion like some does budget do you like to think that the union is cool so they create their own bullshit new story does motherfuckers and you're retweet em but that's to be expected that that did the people that existed before the internet or before
those are the people that sort of set the scenario they sat the momentum of our culture and they did not have access to this shit we have now the idea that were so hung up on the brilliant wisdom of some people that lived in the seventeen hundreds and created the declaration of independence which by the way was written on fuckin hemp the first round that the fact that we are committed to the eye our these people that they didn't have cars or two thousand years ago that's what legion started and ever since then everything else is a cult two thousand years ago that's when we knew what the fuck is going on like each other maxima romney that it's a cot we know who wrote it how is it you wind weakened like we haven't go back to some fuckin shit they found a comb run that was written on animal skins this is like we know the guy who is his name joseph smith and it was only fourteen i mean that this is now
that confusing you're fucking called man and about he found the book of the book of undertakes intimates backyard but you know it's beautiful about the mormon called is that what i have learned from my personal experiences is it there certain people in this life and although i don't feel its justified to lie to people that certain people who do get by better if they follow like at least a scaffolding of morality sort of of something that lets them believe that at the very top there's a cherry and that cherries god and he's right up there on top of the whip dream and you look at it i think you know that's the problem is that if you look at this we were talking global warming earlier and you say ok yeah
shit's fucked up the world is sinking we're not going to believe in that because of god and you're like yeah but you're going to die and your kids are going to die and it's going to be bad if we don't just say this is the thing that is bad that's happening and said no because it's god and whatever and they and i think it's this yearning to have there's a rational being who has a plan for all of us were the fact of the matter is is we are creating our reality and we are not a rational entity here kennedy isn't rational humanity is irrational and complex and fucked up and weird but at some point somebody's gotta come up and say yeah we're rational where weird given but there are certain things that we do which are self destructive and by the way they have to stop for example if you have the
ability to destroy the fucking world which is my worldview destroying my world right in here you know halfway across the world over there if that's even a possibility that oh is this now i'm not gonna let that have so that's why i keep preaching on this because when i went there and i said bill clinton citizens and i wait and i may say so that when he left the presidency said that is the reason why cargo war more between india and pakistan was a glimpse of the end of the world and then he goes deficit by young and so so prevents why so when i why takes blows ass veterans finalize near why not so these joy that sweet release e g marriage is eat drink and be merry the problem with that is when we went back we realized oh it's fucking way worse than when he said it was
so all on the whole thing is is though is we can stop it we can say fuck it fuck it we can't just we just have to say there is that there can be no you know intricate continental ballistic or nuclear warheads there can be no because what you're saying too so everybody understands what you're saying that is as long as technology is there it will go to around it we'll go to pakistan it we'll go to congo it will go to libya it we'll go because that that the technology is there right and what happens when could ass he now could have he's gonna what happens when catastrophe has warheads what happens when ache yukon has warheads what happens when when iran has words when israel attacks iran
because it can have a nickel around what's going to happen what it what will happen when they attack around everybody knows everybody knows what will happen when they attack right and it's going to be a fucking catastrophe however it's nothing it's zero compared to what's happening in india backs israel and palestine is like you know like a guess when you like twenty twenty one and you have that one couple that just what for can break up and they keep fighting they keep asking for advice we distinguish till abroad with english teller my things you fucking raw people now stupid well yeah there's a lot of on that use that as a distraction dante
the you are all conflicts ultimately some form a distraction because if if the israelis looked at the palestinians that are suffering in these poor people that are trying to make this sort of home for themselves in his gaza region is very dangerous and hostile region what if they treated them all as is really what if they treated them all as just fellow humans what if instead of lump eliminate groups based on ideology and who believes what old crazy shit what if they just looked at him is that that could be a cause and that means i would instantly change all thing the idea that we need to exist in a conflict scenario is that the problem is the real issue i don't agree with that i have a neighbor i don't even notice mother fucker and he wanted me to chop down my trees we still nice i say hi to unwanted
i buy at a convert the only conversations ever have of this guy was a conflict but i hate the dude one would be happy to stumpy crazy let me alone mother fucker i'll give you compare giving what are you nuts coils gotta drink you know that's what we should treat the whole world can approach other human beings like that it's just we have to get past this in grain scenario that we have in our head which is that war is part of nature and nature is unsurmountable its it is what it is you got to accept man are going to want to be philander's and you know this is going to be conquest is swords and fucking gates if you go if you go to mexico and you see what's happening there now is the rule of the thug if you go to pakistan is the role of the third if you go to congo its rules why because conflict breeds lowest common denominator it breeds i have a gun and i'm willing to shoot it right and whoever
those aren't high thinking people those aren't people thinking we're going to save the world those are people thinking you know the world is sinking those our people thinking we could you know destroy the environment by by having a new killer stana what their thinking as i'm going to gain power because i have a bunch of guys you know beyond guys you general young men with guns if you look at what is happening in europe right now this is what's terrifying is you go to spain and you say spaniel old country educated country in an eu country fifty percent of young people are unemployed so you ve taken away their future we were just shooting their six million people came out and fucking shut the whole country them that's people who are pissed off really pissed off while you were we know what happened riots what will we gave up whether about us anti austerity so it's its young people saying we're fucked but i mean those rights in paris
austerity means was i mean so spain has sparked economically bananas fact economically what's happening there this is what's really terrifying is that in in in so prolonged economic crisis of the recession now the last time this happened was the depression now what happened because of the depression was the rise of radical political solutions i e communism or fascism so now it's happened is you have the rise of communist party in in in in greece and to counteract that you have the golden which are full and fascists who now are are fourteen percent of the government you see the golden dawned old and honour on our yeah that's what i hear the golden dawn they have they do they say the golden dying or pretend this ridiculous whenever golden down you ok they do that they do the nazi salute they have the swastikas thing matter there are big fuckin thing other shirt was a big golden four oftener dawns would it be look would it be hard would there be offensive for a military one
we like might what are they have the support of the military and the police and everywhere we went was anti immigration anti eu anti this after and what happening in europe this is what's terrifying is because you and economic crisis you have the rise of communist and fascist so for example in france you have a very far left government and the second party is from national fascist and you sit down you say ok the exact same political situation exactly that started world war two is happening today in europe not fucking africa not is there not india europe and its having in germany it's happening in scandinavia it's happening in spain and certainly in italy it's happening in greece it's happening in all these countries and you sit turn everyone just watching as exactly the same fucking thing that started world war two to the tee to the fucking t riots in the streets ultra right out left wing parties fighting each other radical parties getting
more power and you're saying what the fuck do we have to do to we have to relive it again it's exactly the same thing to start the world's natural cycle of humanity and if you look at societies you love your cultures and you look at this rise and fall when you go to the acropolis and you need ancient greek ruins and you wonder how the fuck why are these regular houses like really close this incredible structure would happen is this is this inevitable doo doo are we in this constant state of developing consciousness and one of the big wrestling matches of trying to sort of innovation in accomplish higher levels of of of sis ii eighty and culture is that you you have to me some sort of opposition and if you don't meet opposition you won't have the motivation to really accelerate things as fast as the technology around music seller
to really get out of hand like it is right now i get it right now with with dictators and k crazy fox controlling nuclear weapons on it's almost like those things have to be in place in order to motivate the highest levels of thank you do you know the the the cliche is those who don't understand history are doomed to repeat it and what's interesting is when you go talk to young people in europe how do you say you understand that this is exactly the same thing that happened to the start of world war ii there like i don't i don't know what you're talking about and they don't understand history the other thing is they don't understand war and if you ever go look at war and this is why we started well with iraqis war isn't the manly you know my shoulder nicht by by a bullet already and i come back with a proper wars a catheter bag warriors the walk again war is i'm irradiated war is i'm fucked up in the brain for the rest of my life and
you don't understand war are doomed to repeat it and by the way you know the hawks and people who we say let's go to war let's go to war i go to war go see a war zone it's fucking tragic its tragic from start to fucking finish its babies with no fuckin fathers it's every man fucking killed you know rape its veto in some cases in africa cannibalism its literally the lowest form of what we are as humanity and people whose let's go to fucking war let's go to warn us we're u should fucking realize that before you go to war young dude you know that we know are gonna come back in their dick isn't gonna work again and i'm going to shit right again all this how can you go ok that's what these people are proposing in europe in india in pakistan in africa
in south east asia in some cases in south america and in some cases here that's where people are propose you like what the fuck i would just like to take anyone who wants to see let's go to war i let you take them tourism because if you take people doors on first you puke then you cry and then you freaked africa how many people do think in positions of power actually go to war zones nine out well in the what immediate some must mean you see photo you know but you don't see what it really does you can show me the way the only reason why the reason why i do what i do is because i've been to war zones i've seen shit that makes your stomach fuckin turn and you'll never sleep writing
because when you see what war really fuckin doesn't talk the marines and talk to strangers and talk to guys you come back for more talk to them before they go and then talk to them when they come back a completely different fucking converse i have and it's very similar to people that i know there have been a jail this friend we were friends when i was a teenager and he was always crazy and he just vanished we didn't know what happened because i just knew him from the martial arts jim but he came back three years later though is crazy scars over his body he had been a prison is a completely different human being is like before he was ass lovable troublemaker and
three years later the lovable troublemaker was gone there was a psycho there was a guy who would he would fight for survival he was like a wild animal you won't come back normal here you won't come back not alive live met friends that have gone to war two of us have had quite a few friends that were in the military and went over came back including a buddy mine who went over as a mercenary you now and it's it's weird conversation when you're alone and sitting down on the curb somewhere gone so so would you have to do what was it like what would you do you know how much they pay you do want to do it again he done and done a sure what the fuck is theirs realities in this world that i think most people in their day to day existence do not consider as part of the equation and those realities are real problem the real problem of our culture because not only are they disgusting whether or not there
void of all their most of whom are avoidable we have a distorted perception of what can be done with the resources that we have in place and i think that distorted perception is based on greed here when you see war and the aftermath of war which is again to this private i'm not to do a justice but milky eyes from chemical weapons people with their limbs hacked off systematically you know women who have been raped you know fifty and seventy a hundred times you know incredibly scarred people and by the way if you go over especially if you go over from our culture spent three years and that culture and look it's chronicled after world war two after vietnam after afghanistan to iraq and you go to these things you will never be normal again you'll never either mentally or physically you will never be normal again so why do we still fuckin rattler sabres why do we
still say we're gonna fight why do still say we're gonna fuck each other up thing is if you look at it and you say ok why the fuck did we go to iraq fuck we'll be there all these fuckin guys all these marines all army army guys come come back for why did you come back why did you come back so fucked up and you never go we normal again why why was it out i too was a nine eleven no jesus christ sheen smith you mother fucking downer i was gonna go home tonight in may watch a little boardwalk empire remo is about how we thought you were in the past that you're on their work whenever you by the way where new and a new show him and the other thing is i will say this next year we are launching a news channel in eighteen countries eighteen languages twenty four hours news around the world why news is so fucked that we're gonna do our news on our own fuck it fuck you
everybody we're gonna do not always out of fox buddy for all those out there and enough that's good karma brine its branches it's gotta be careful with what you propose and by the way i'm going to i have to go now because we're launching our newschannel and we're going to go do the deal right now and i wanted to come here before we did that because this is what i enjoy doing where you sir are a bad mother fucker thank you very much has been an honour once again to have you on the show you you honestly you you ve changed the show the first as i would like to say this is the first fuckin podcast from the new new studio which only love this is it a lovely day one of our in that sucks of fat dick erosion we will fix it they'll folks it of its possible we will fix it god damn it we will get a satellite for the roof ok that's even worse i think we're gonna make this should happen chain smith you bad motherfucker follow him on twitter its chain psmith thirty why cause shane smith
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