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2012-11-27 | 🔗
John Mcafee, Brian Redban – Date: 11/27/2012
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ladies and gentlemen this this is unsuspecting this unsuspecting unexpected is the word also good for certain america when i get up four noonday hanno it doesn't work from earlier made two did you see emma he has obviously brought about mexico groggy for the first hours of civilian pretty groggy does me hard morning owners i find a real increases my morning would the child ok experience podcast is sneak up on bitches so looking right now there's hundreds of people that are alive how the fuck that they know this country not colony cuts i love their ninjas i love you but you ninjas you fuckin snuck in all two hundred seventy seven over the entire anybody what time are doing maybe i told me my said like twelve thirty is they were just kept the browsers open didn't i'm i'm sneaky like dat yesterday was a big blur yesterday brian put together the odds
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official data will gain experience so ladies and gentlemen as of right now of this moment it's me my little body burn out i felt we don't do enough for these any more i had a really rough night last night what happened and that i went out to eat i went out to eat and i was falling asleep while i was on the beginning stages of hits you hard like i cannot really hard like i can't really drive on the way home it was like being drunk driving lad yes it don't drink or don't zia may before you drive and then go to dennys and i wasn't
any i can't wait a member to think is just it means zia may rather is just zinc magnesium and what else really elsner couple sleeping pills we had something to me do that to me at all it was it was i was seeing double i did did the pirate dr where he had a whole have to hold one i why you drive you notice we it's weird how weird people's bodies reacted different things like people that alert to peanuts i know true but i dont believe it like i know it's true but i want to look it up in a bit you know you need their penal gimme those are either this is that the role of peanuts what am i gonna be we await a restaurant where a lady aid something was peanuts or some kind of fisher were her throat started getting closed up an ambulance had to take her away will that happened to a guy and fear factor we didn't know that he was allergic to eating roaches rather way there was ro cheating contest in florida and a guy fuckin choked death and died same reason was of the same reason the isn't it because if your allergic to us shellfish
well that's what it was unfair factor but i know about this road cheating guy who died aiding guys oh jesus libya we lived in a house had riches are we have definitely in the east coast real problem something much more problem and then there were not as much of a problem they have around here i saw a big one out here in pasadena the ices fuckin one whose probably alive back when dean martin was still with jerry louis he hates the fucking approach was you data like disney right is then they seem drawn the vote that we have a rat problem at my house i just end of mice and rats they don't go in the house but they just don't live in trees like my tree is has like two rats are just living up there like fucking kids in a tree house just got choked to death on his own vomit says edward archbold choked to death on his own vomit after downing piles of bugs at a pet store contest it
door had a fucking erode cheating contest this guy has a giant mouthful of roaches and chose to death on its own violent wow that's weird waited diamond was a roach varmint its l has legs and its half of its moving i can't help but feel a little bit responsible for this i think oh yeah you're somewhere involved with a year i think i contributed to this part of the retarded culture by through fear factor i d go dudley contributed to this at least part of this craziness jesus christ that's a disturbing thing to read man choked to death on his own vomit during a cockroach eating contest at a pets or fuck man it really is like running man like when you watch the movie running man they show you like people go on for money and dogs statement by the em like what that would never happen this is just an exaggeration
but the noisy shall i say what lap now really an exaggeration and more in fact it's just as fucked up or more fucked up and fix than fiction like the come drinking part in fear factor when we had people come that's more fucked up anything you ve ever seen it a movie about life being fucked up it was you you know when you have a movie when they have the scenes of like crazy crazy shows our alec parody things it's yeah fuck and disgusting your raw european problem they have a unique way of trying to solve that each chicago in chicago they have coyotes these they know where the coyotes are they know their nest there in chicago their sixty of them and coyotes are tracked they have collars on them with like are if i d devices or whatever the fuck it as they used to track down and they follow them around to make sure that you these coyotes
killing all the rats why don't they just that seems dangerous that loot just released coyotes i mean they're not dangerous animals really by yet they kill animals one of these release tons of cats all the cancer in that like the pins or whatever i think that a celtic first of all because i think people associate cats with pets you know the associated with poor little kitty come to my house and keep him your house and then that fuckin car doesn't dean rats our i and the other thing is that they spread diseases like that toxic plasma thing the one thing about with rats they'll be really irresponsible if you to have a bunch of cats and a bunch of rats interacting with people what if they put given little outfits it shows that they work for the city like your worries outlets in staffing like it it's illegal to take him in your house evil would take him in any way joe it is this cox outdated sign up to be working for a fuckin de over here it's all guidest little body is miller leave rather have fuckin chicken vittles
using tender vittles yet but the put trackers just like the cairo to love tippets in the cats asses of tat works like that don't easy do that two cats people get mad at you if you had a bunch of cats run i wonder if i d collars on in europe even in the wild and force them to fend for themselves yet but you tell em like hey or they're gonna get youth euthanize tonight he people would want to feed them they would want to be interacting with them and when people in iraq with cats if it's a fertile cat that's when you have the risk of that talks applause infection side i think we'll be right once you that's why wages just have to make it have a low costs may make it illegal legal look you get three years jail we have trackers and these are working cats maybe people nice in her hands or something like that so you can't touch him i dont think it i don't think i think coyotes are better at killing anyway i think they're better at it in coyotes creepy fox music we would have more cats to get ready
although the cat hunters code is gonna eat the cat out of agony injuries that while the deftly dangerous but if they only have sixty of them and they keep an eye on its a novel idea they know where their denser and everything that's crazy fuck him beyond crazy the mean they ever sensitive is wild predator just small enough to be manageable smell like a team of polar bears lives near town there just small enough and they're just hungry enough to keep the rat problem and check fuckin my work did the testing our drones drone training the eye is like a drunken you're right coyote like an animal drone we and how do we know that do not fucking putting chips in those code is brain tat is a google coyotes remote controlling them from florida to being code is not mail yeah coyotes around that's a creeping around children took it will kill occurred total saint catherine childcare and you just like the whole the whole city has tons of cats everywhere there's not going any mice and then
the ones you that's what they do is if the the coyotes do keep the rap relation in check to the point where there's no more rats and how do they access to the rats how do sure ensure that the code is get access to the rat sums they give debate the rats how do you get him enter like a spot where the cairo just like the child is figure out rats figured out the problem the code is gonna be shy of going near people so her but the rat gonna be near people possessed with garbage is of the coyotes go near the rats to going near the peoples the child is gonna be around people that's creep in early it's a couple months till we stop fucking those coyotes in cairo in whole not well is held and i'd give it a try to kill you would you fuck it if i had mother puckered sticky deck in cairo four dominated the animal sex it doesn't seem as good as like fish stocks and of fish and dolphins fish welfare
sex they don't have the united states seems cleaner and slight didn't even have a genus do you know that fish they they don't sex the epidemic very big bow nails big mouth there with teeth elam do they ve teeth on a tongue aided pull out the teeth and forget how are you poor countries be sure that everything that fish where there's a pair a site that live inside of its mouth and eat its tongue and actually replaces its tongue and it becomes mouth now just google the us and cautious mouth i don't know google fish with a parasite for tongue but it literally doesn't have a tongue anymore it has this fuckin bug livin in its mouth nature you scary need to use a scary whether the newest thinks it somewhat tweeted me is this combination polar bear grizzly bear hybrid that has been seen a lot in alaska lately sits at the time
tongue is no exact hey guys are you doing this would the picture we're looking at his dead fish that has this larva whatever the fuck it is beetle bug looking thing look live in its mouth that literally replaces the fishes tongue takes a spot the fish can get rid of it so just accepts the fact this thing lives in its mouth and the fish keeps eating and the fishes eating this this thing living as its tongue gets to feast since this works the deck and this works the ball it takes the same placing it helps get the food down into the whole but also steals a bunch for itself i guess it's crazy did that i cite relationship with parasites and organisms is so clear
there are so many different weird examples of parasitic relationships in the colony found bre other really look at this picture this is like a skeleton version of that parasite animal thing when i was i do say fuck hey go back and civic kissing kiss yeah the parasitic relationship is very strange man resides have parasites that's a good question there's inside it hey john it's joe did you get the other number it's been busy their numbers busy still bessy said one where we're we're we're gonna make sure it's cleared off right now and it was on his put your finger on burning
yet let me let me hold onto the first second radio figure this out child now git right now or should i hang on hang up and try now if it doesn't work call me back yard the yard want a worm as the weirdest one grows inside of grasshoppers body and then when it's ready to be hatched it tricks the grass opera committing suicide yeah is coming in here we go hello mr mcafee yes as european hoary sir drink at sir are you doing on i'm doing great man we're we're online now so what i want to thank you first of all for taking this conversation with us as you don't know anything about this podcast in the took a real chance in doing this and i really appreciate that because your story where out with her arms
this story is absolutely fascinating in its it really is a privilege to be able to communicate with you while all the is going on because it's you know as you know your story has become a bit of pop culture legend right now for folks who don't know what story is you you founded mcafee antivirus software tremendously successful company but for the last five years you ve been living in belize saudi living like a character in a hunter s tough movie and now you're you're in a bit of hot water and near you're you're on the lamb seeding your case on your blog which is official look what is that the blog name the blog the the url for the blog while the block is official matter she outside the bloggers who is at your sorry who it is
if you are twitter is official mcafee and who is mcafee dotcom your updating like on almost on a daily basis this is all your writing on the stuff ban every day my own hands so warm dan is a very rare situation where guys on the lamb and while he's doing and he's making a blogger are you doing this because you don't fear that your story is not going to get out there clearly incorrectly it's not i know a lot about the story got now put it through the work of the agency for people like jeff wise and jobs with davis wired magazine and so the story was radically incorrect as they protruded zebra read you as this sort of off the rails nutter whose living in this beautiful country and having a big party for your life it seemed like you're that's what that that's how they portrayed
naturally they went too far serve to quote they said i was using like empty pv which is never wings pyro galleron anybody anybody who knows it's about that drug knows it is the most addictive drug on the planet people started cannot start which means it were speaking i must be taking it so perhaps i'm sorry rather jumping out of my answer the question is do i dont like a demented paranoid schizophrenic or not what well i would have to be like right next year and looking in the eyes to answer them honestly because some people are some people are really good at being smooth and keeping it together while there are fucked up but this these this is speculations about this let's just say what you're wanted for first volume your next door neighbor turned up dead
and you had to flee for your safety cause you don't you you're you're sure rather that there's some sort of a conspiracy and that there are going to i did not only blame you for that but you believe even possibly harm you i'll kill you it's not that i believe are not for facts are you know somebody will not i next it was not my next on every left about two hundred yards down the beach early knew the gentlemen o king and there is no dispute between you and gentlemen theirs now there is no dispute between you and his gentlemen absolutely ursa disputed that it was nothing more than disputed all neighbours face some he did not like my colleagues i didn't didn't speak much will determine equally drank morton then than the average personally i decide go on did not like the guards parking united quite rightly i didn't like embarking might either they ignored magi under i understood his complaint that's as to being
store of war hateful absolutely not but someone poison you dogs they dared and it was the night before not have been the own stocks himself or own dogs you talk about right on whether you have talked about joe but no dog lover known as stocks would ever ever arm another dark certainly not at work and the for some years was the most horrible they were they were violently there were shooting blood had to put them out of the misery no one would do that through target they laptops so you feel like someone else was involved and they did it and this man is being connected to that because he died why they blaming it on you ok i'll give you the story for the last day of april of this year i woke up at six in morning to forty two armed soldiers and for while you're carrying automatic weapons storming my property and orange walked down the river
sailed in handcuffs behind my back in the sun for fourteen hours without without food or what one point by the way i ask your guard for food and water not just for me but for everyone else the guards response was do i look like a shift to you now indeed he did not look like a chefs always my mistake but it was not a pleasant betty from that moment on i've had nothing but problems with the government today afterwards i demanded an apology from the prime minister and i ve been opel and an outspoken upon it ever since now they thought tat you were running a myth lab tat was the accusation correct because you you actually we're doing some legitimate scientific work according to what i have read was it you we're trying to work on some new antibiotics that comes from plants found the rain forest was at the idea
i've got a quorum sensing which involves communication between bacteria and is not really an antibiotic use the tropical antiseptic but the fairly magical one by them a week after the raid the government tried to charge me with iranian and antibiotics laboratory without a licence that failed because of which your former such largest after that they tried to charge me for hiring security guards without a licence during our nonstop for seven months in the day now the other reason why they would suspect that there was some crazy drugs involved was because of four posted have been attributed to you that were all about pure fine weather the chemicals known as best out and turning them into some crazy new more concentrated form of something that makes you hyper sexual and all these are blocked posts online were attributed to these something these things actually wrote
no answered arrogant and then you got that decide his blue blue light that he and drug form in the world and basically ten years ago a drug called and gdp can a mythical drug of people claim found with you go properties and the myth continues on my posters you have rediscovered the formula for it now online line about two hundred cameras blue light all a hoax total nonsense and they wandered off the rank and file follow through with it i am a practical jokes i have a lot of free time and then i just like that some however shall usually rediscover debt that formula we gotta bayer air laboratories in germany the formula and sample and demand the czech four billion dollars i what what what what are you doing here so
you you think you'll get a billion dollars for some drug that makes you hyper sexual hot rod six thousand was let what what what what do you think i grow what do you think that she alice what you think all be such drugs are they are marital eighteen so marital edit american aid that enhance section yes i think so the president would be doubted the president of the company would be down on his knees enemy the czech growing we now owned the world i have corso everyone drugs all about sir why well yeah i think that's in people draw the line with bass out when you know i don't know the actual effects of it physically because i have an experience them when you know you see them attributed to people buying people's faces offered shit like that which is what we see in the news and the crazy stories on airway dot com if you go a dot org you go and read the air with trip reports of people
i have taken on stuff it doesn't seem like a good experience at all so i don't know how that would be like wally but often at the posts are nothing to do with assaulted attitude a drunk all empty pity the champ right here it all the myths about it it had nothing to do with that it was a purely sexual enhancement ok saw the bass i am able to highlight it has nothing to do but that it is attributed to quote baths out this is again why interests doing wanted us breastless and wisest recipes sleep but you know all about these chemicals in pretty intimate order you me you you know although the various different chemical names and you know enough to troll these people effectively like but you you're not you not experienced these drugs you shall of course out i know a lot of things i know a lot about ip address rectification i know not how to do it you know a lot of things if you do not do i rates
it sir i have plenty of time i believe you know missing interesting i won't i welcome our i believe you look silly i mean i'm not saying that i don't believe you have no reason to question you i just thought it was a very strange thing to do to write this really elaborate troll about sex you know about did me you know you wanna jerk off to your dick bleeds i thought it was hilarious what are those words to give it some people did not listen this is not unique from if you if you search online for thing called observational yoga limited story a woman from the village voice writing for the women of the village was called me tonight to comment on the other party publicize lawsuit between becomes outright and a guy named gregory commercial and great what used to be one of my youngest jogger students no sense of humour though she finally said what are you doing out i'm running a bunch of observational studios valise because what's that that while we discovered that if you sit in an easy chair drink wine
orders and watch people do yoga you get exactly the same benefits is it really so i not if it s the worst gonna start opening up observational way training studios and i want to say that it works for everything except regard no sex with observation kill people concert penis we have people watch people play panel all day long and they still can play the piano we dont know why now obviously it's a fucking job and what happened to publish the story check it out on the wing of a long story about observational yoga i had friends trucks requests from all over the world that's all areas but you did have this chemical lab on your lots of developing this anti setbacks that's where the confusion came at where people are like also this guy actually has all this equipment but he's not you know so you weren't you weren't doing any that stuff that that was set in a blog that was all in humour but did they find any those chemicals
substances when they raided your place but they found him than they they were illegal because those the substances aren't illegal technically not that research into certainly than they had they been swept the ladder the fighter tom there's nothing a neighbour so we had picked along the river a lot of alcohol because you need at an hour by hour of ethanol in order to extract what we re looking for microscopes and a bunch of other stuff they running a matter what on earth how would i shall it let us be competing with this is up in mexico that during the cops people's heads after looking at the war will just stupid logistically devils advocate it mean if if you were going to be this incredibly rich guy which by all reports you are living country having us nineteen year old girlfriend which by all reports you do and you were my friend applaud you congratulations i applaud you as well and you were trying to have
it time and you'd were cooking some stuff and and two i wouldn't i wouldn't necessarily think you would want to take it public i would think that that of itself you know cook in that stuff up reporting about it online where it would be i mean if you are a poor person and it was an amazing business opportunity but i feel like a guy like you who move down too believes with a shitload of money you're you're already in it for the vacation anyway why would you go back to work why would you really try to pitch some perceptual math i could see playing devils advocate why people would think that that is story could you could you see what people alone is store said about entire something sir
monday as he offered aphrodisiac educated at gonna hurt you be cynical but a minute my aged sixty seven outweighs the i did a lot of cash to turn some women on i'm sorry to say that at the end and i will get trashed you know ass that's that's that's honesty man from your experience especially its proven to be absolutely factual so you are right since i'm sitting here with some hands up at about has been following the login semantics probably she has she has more balls than any woman i have ever met is fierce tiger ball of fire and she is looking like she's going to report on my legs out we're married both by not that i don't know how highly science on one and we must somehow harnessing she's got balls known system how how she wondered tat does my friend
i'm not how much up europe's us if it s a tyrant someone that you have never ever want to fuck with some tough japan and was more balls i see we say look you when you're trying to say is that even though monies never deasey eggs now if you dont have respect for women in you respect women very mild all eyes are used by our speculating tremendously important i am also a realist i know a lot of extreme i'd be stupid if i didn't think that one might have something to do with were young girls around let's face it alone i am sure i will keep my phone as long as you needs a global cooling down will will calm down take deep breaths what are you going to say i turk down will will calm down take deep breaths what are you going to say i turk the ultra brine does shore finger i say to her for a moment hi samantha
and what's goin on r u ticklish brion said sorry my friends retorted the angry are you are you having your little bit angry why are you angry because i like john because what john just said i think what you said was fairly mild who was just saying that you are you're a very powerful person gotta straw presents your feisty your feisty i think there is anything wrong with them you gotta give us some slack so how long have you known john over a year and a half now over how do you enjoy company would you would you be i too to endorse his character this year's norton anti virus i am i am i being around ma am that's good signals have a good relationship yeah excellent our
you're fastened a person can i talk to john again thank samantha thank you for that she seems a bit you could do cheese unnatural on radio she's she's never on show i want to get on our stern someone on the block said get away when he gets out on our stern we find out what sam was like in bed and i responded very it sam on our eastern region under what howard was like in very low jesus summits hours a married man how dare you sir you you are living that life that you know everybody would say like one day man fuck image when a retired some us country live on the beach and have lots of beautiful women around me that's u man you're really doing that
i'm not doing it right now sir i'm covered with instead pilots and are not exactly living the life i would like to live with you no matter where you're living i swear it has been improvement why i believe your situation right now is dire for this though you were living this magical life of retirement fantasies what would men think of as like the perfect sort of a place to live as an ex pat why did you do i d moved belize beautiful country in the world i am i'm well travelled i think there are few countries i have not visited and belief is the most beautiful the offshore reef allows me to have it acquired in front of my house with about you can't do that implored at new york anywhere on the pacific the water is a calmer blew the weather is spectacularly around the fishing is great the diving is great it's a beautiful country you have a bunch of friends live down there before you moved now ass i would not a butcher real why's that
are you want to get away the getaway that's ok now what if anything to this have to do with you you had a business in amerika for awhile where you are doing some explain what you were doing with airplanes who was like some acrobatic sort of contest we're doing planes like what were you doing not a bit at all i never took a dime i never made it i'm a guy i think i lost you know probably ten million dollars at all fair usage it was for myself my friends i didn't write fly and we we flew these things called kite wing airplanes the real aeroplanes with instrumentation unreal have you no real airplane engines but that they look like motorcycles with wings a kick in the ass like ah monsieur if you ve ever done it you will get a dick why for a few years that that's what i was doing and then what in that lead you to acquit doing it didn't someone die
nephew a and one of his passengers otherwise from now on i have had and guardian of everything from one tripping over a log on my property assuring me for ten million dollars serves a watchful death from the past and you're in my mind nephews airplane that is an unfortunate aspects of our society that people look at any sort of a situation where it involves dealing with a rich person as possible lee an opportunity to hit the lottery you know what it's all decay in physical altercations or you know what a guy like you you know you're you're obviously a very successful man and you become a target for shyster please let me try those who strangest lothar house in florida put a down payment down changed my life and a few days later and so on decline in contract keep a down payment i was sued for sutra halfway million dollars even though two weeks later they resolve the house for hundreds of thousands more than my contract
an epic suit me it's like an unbelievable they suffered no loss interactive suffered a tremendous gain by military cancelling that contract well by france yeah it is crazy world it's crazy world and the legal system is most certainly not the most perfect set up but when when you move to belize i'm dead were you aware of what their legal system was like as you seem to be having a real hard time with like the powers that be there did you know that it was like kind of fuckin sketchy down there of course i got restructured realize it was this sketchy i didn't realize that as a rich foreigner you are you are you are obligated to your tears that is
you know if you're going to donate money up around it more than seven million dollars worth of some in this country but i did it in a way that the powers that be could not skin anything yet i bought boots for example for every police officer in arms walked district but i've been ended who gets which boots now what a cabinet useless global scale money i fear that this will give us the money supply the boots off you ve got your nine percent invite you persecutes this is our work the rest would go to their families and in their own pockets while i don't play by the rules that just as everybody off the bed i would send someone in for donating this is far too election get out when it why are what i heard him out there to get the fuck up my property when someone using illegal saying that how much the asking for two million dollars
jesus fucking christ what mrs for one for one was gonna make one day we're gonna make my life better better got you'll be all sorts of preferences i wouldn't want preferences get the fuck up my property there is the questioner is no communication here just get the fuck off it seems like that i know some of it seems like it would nice to give them a little bit of money you know a nice too if there really have the ultra stick notions in mind of keeping the unity in and in good order in and dove things well but it seems like you're dealing with an ancient system of corruption that's almost insurmountable when you deal with like that they call a banana republic this is where he belongs to our other cumuli police was founded by founded by pirates and assure controlled by pirates sound piracy you're through fear you collect that's the extortion does way life is by de can't
extradite you to america is is that the case like if you're you're lawsuits like do you have to go to america to deal with the lawsuit cycle involving the plane crash loud the other legal system works if anyone ever did get a judgment which no one has had all these lawsuits all of them have failed subtle nothing for a dime i don't care for cosmetic ingredients hours i will pay it i will find it rather than if someone a single time from suing make up about what did you ever get its urgent actions like today where this is why the world works so well if they did find you responsible wouldn't matter they would be able to get you so it's not a year and belize for that we of course can anybody like other thereby lasted airplane didn't like me i was not even there at the time everything was tortured accidents happen i'm sorry i loved her nephew in that crash i am sorry that someone wants to father and a husband but it was an ash
for christ sakes no one find me it's ridiculous that they stream going on for seven years that they just wear you down until you say but i will never pay i will never settle i will fight this if it takes it to yours and and cost me my last text because i will not i will not admit to while it's it's kind of interesting the you'd be held responsible for it when you think about the fact that who knows how many but dine motorcycle accidents every year and that stuff to be a respectable normal activity that although very dangerous when people die in it you don't go immediately looking for someone to sue because there were involved dangerous activity its it's really working earned aren't you you worry for his own by bill gates wars jobs or wozniak were me absolutely you go after the person because that's what they do exist
so now you're situation is you you're on the run essentially do you have official charges against you well i just whatsoever so you do you know of temperature they want requesting however i know that this system works after the after the cracking i'm tagging they can legally detain you for ever in this country with no charges i urge you to make a charge because it's no lawyer even though even those on the books there is a real belies ruled by the powers and the party and so putting myself in for questioning is unquestionably call me on the phone i will be happy to talk to your answer anything you want to know but yet you still plan on staying and belize it's mine maybe you don't understand that when you wouldn't a country and you love the people and you love where you are it becomes your homes so how bad it gets bad it your a little darker how many nasty people show up at the top of the government i will find it i will find it i will not leave ion
stan that's your position and i understand your passion is very unusual that someone be willing to deal with such dangerous situations a lot of people would not have that sort of resolve in committing to a place to live wonder sectors have on your future is very nice you don't have a lot to risk you say that man but you're going way out of your way to speak to people like myself to speak out jones today which i know you had a conversation with earlier but talking to people are wired telling your case you you obviously have a vested interest in staying alive and a vested interest in in telling the truth about you situation you're not a guy that's like looking for at the end
i'm not but i'll tell you one thing my most important point and i want to say right now is it three of my friends are in prison and they have been in prison for going on three weeks because they could not get their hands on me even if they do get their hands on me those friends will stay in prison this is the way the system works this is unjust they events archer bogus charges if you go to my website which is who is mcafee dot com again who is mcafee dot com you will find email forms our prime minister everybody everybody has listed their demanded these people get release this injustice of the highest order i may be an old man but they are all young then one of these it's early twentyth through the brand new baby his wife by the way was arrested and elsewhere a week with a new born baby before she was released anybody who aids and the baby was arrested a cab driver ruby outbreak he was arrested this is
we utterly absurd because you are my friend you are therefore arrested and punished and by the way the presence here are no joke there are no better you have concrete floors their on toilets there are no showers there is no fucking food so please one go to my side through is mcafee dot com look at the form these idiots and asked for something release these people is there a way to resolve the situation is far away in the believes you though the court the corruption that you're talkin about sounds so overwhelming mean if it seems like if you go there and fight it it's almost like swimming into the ocean and hoping that land it's almost like an insurmountable your taste or serve at seventy percent of its economy depends upon tourism who gave me the out world gets pissed off enough we will listen two percent any economy disappears that country collapses at some point
after yield life or i will stay like this i will say an item for ever and i will continue to write for ever those are the only two options why can certainly tell you this listening to your story has made me not want to go and vacation there i would never go vacation because of the should hit the fan it sounds like the places can by fuckin crazy people it is controlled by crazy people and by the way sir i'm going to check to see whether you know something herself and if not come after you i am indeed are going through a rescue with olaf's work music outside your house for hours in the unless it would you say if i didn't you have the yet he wants you to eat you don't go on online blog and make yourself then i'm gonna come after you unplaited sick in front of your allowance awoke was a wonderful man and he played some beautiful music i will i will i will not do we now know that go you automatic pilot waiting for hours on end isn't that how they got noriega down didn't like play metallic there's someone i think tat
they played larger i said isn't that how they got noriega to come out of he was held up in the house finally arrested him for years rolling stone stay i dont think you like to make packer and crowd right so you you're still you still believe that this can be resolved and you can go back to belize and go back to living your wonderful life in your home if i am wrong and i really am crazy so you believe that by exposing all this corruption shortest service shedding a lot but turn a lot of naked publicity on the way the government's run and believes this could hurt their economy and it can make them reconsider and and become nicely a goods it's how you get your money and motivate people i believe you noise are certainly believe you
you it seems like you're in a situation where you're dealing with so many dangerous folks i couldn't imagine you not wanting to get the fuck out of there and become back to our system of laws a little bit more obvious other couple ridge is number one i am travelling with a young woman whose life is in my aunt and try to get her out of the country with me or move with her danger she will not leave me i've tried threatening i tried pleading all she says is where you go i go she's right now to slash my dear little delighted that even suggested again so well i prefer to think about yeah or or i'll be around people that are thinking about cutting you yet another option
obviously she's got eagerness she gets there sir i did not in any way mean to imply that she would have it we know we know we just joking around with you maybe but let's listen man it's great you have such a loyal can i have my earmarked stretch them if i find this a lot of police regrettably its greatly you have such a loyal companion in this terrible time of crisis d now how are you i mean without giving away your location and you know it would giving away your methods of concealment can you us about how you how you live in well i ve been very good advice you could i really regret i do manage to it from time to time i get some some warm showers but about away until you lose everything the ad clear watch truly valuable committee number one of course you have no fucking clue what life is like without it
so it wording on art today not you may think we're living in a hollow about today i live in an age of my not exactly pleasant thought i'd been route infrequently sometimes every four hours sometimes once today i get my biggest concern this is making sure that sam is safe working with sam is love or difficult of course because people are looking for an elderly white man and a young girl out gee whiz you know how art is apt to spot we have managed to almost three weeks to obey the authorities and i couldn't i plan on continuing to do it until my dying day the search so the idea is not to hold up until you get this resolved the idea to this whole up to the end well i guess it was all i get is resolved that it began to ban i go home centres with me and rigour
swimming in fishing and aunts and sitting in the thought now you use a bunch of different elaborate disguises too that you were pretty open with different things that you did too to hide your appearance what did you do actually i actually had the financial times reporter adam thomson users a common and end and that you were like the time and chronicle our ants but behind us after he got urine and and on research to reach out and and actually have to four hours four hours of take a of you this is his story look here and alive the financial times on the seventh of december should be asked any story why i felt up to now my church and because he was an objective wider it occurred to me and this is how stupid i am someone who was financer reporter mine
is it for this life while so he lisi hung in there for four days so who get an accurate assessment not not uphold a lot at young eager for out of four hours oh jesus christ was around the block one why sir said he really you were elder said i'm a girl i'm small i'm twenty years old and i have more balls and you have and the other the before best was really taken back i laughed and said not warm and she's not or balls and need to know that you personally there's an e book about you that's it started off as an article in wired but it became so interesting that this writer can construct in a book and die he there stare selling it now i believe on amazon right a judge davis
you know one of my favorite people yeah you so aid of store you homes clouded that you a story about the arrest and and the red light that under this convention reiterated these out report now i'm not operate because up ok biogas personality i do have an outside environment which is interesting but i prefer to write about whatever i am will you and us and personnel i believe that you have on these things you're an awesome personality i believe you look first of all your very successful business man you're obviously very intelligent person but let's be honest you're an awesome personality yours sixty seven years old you sixty seven years old you live in the beach and belize and this incredible compound with eleven dogs you have really hot girlfriends and the legend is you cook math that's a fascinating story people would want to hear that once they chip away at all that why get really are quickness
but if you and i haven't ingredients are apparent going this will not be a person alibis this will be a story about corruption in bali right and it ends up being any book with many owning a shotgun charlotte fuck mickey jockeys not my driver person f wade through it i figured out what was going on so i go you you motherfucker did my own mind i understand i understand i own story and i ve been told him you can ask congested listen aligning a story that's why you're writing story about mine will come out first while i understand that what's really important to you is to get out the reality of the corruption and belize and that's what was important about but do you understand that more people are going to read that peace because they got a picture of you naked with a shotgun it's really hard to get online but hunt shahrazad namely making one way or the corruption not
i disagree sir and this is why because i think it turns eyes on it in europe amazing personality is making people aware of this corruption that's how i'm becoming aware of it we become aware of it if it wasn't for the fact that it makes for the sensational story whether or not most of the aspects of it are true or not you have to understand that that's why people are paying attention people a crazy train wreck and a billionaire whose shortlist holding guns that the kind of shit people want to see when a guy sixty seven years old and he lives in a beautiful paradise with hot chicks and he's got a fucking gun he's not we're in a shirt that's the kind of shit people want to see through that you can get your story and your information and what's really important for you to to reveal this corruption but you have to understand that that makes it appealing that's that's its exciting about it to people
nor do i understand at an answer and i for one am i am using that similar to the mesh however that still does not excuse charge from personal human relationships standpoint on surgeons violating human rights but it has a very unjust fashion so josh violated you trust by by making a personality peace so you're just not interested in revealing those aspects of your personal life and you thought that by having him and having him over in confidence he would not make it about that i didn't do it i told him tat he might have the agreement and that it will not be a personal i totally understand has long since it was i didn't everything i'm not stupid person i'm privileged i was still a little bit clever girl ok
that's right it is i'm gonna tell you too as a springboard which i did well i and i appreciate that you did do that's that's how i found out about your blog and i that's one of the most beautiful things about this day and age is that a guy like you really cannot be misrepresented because you can read sent yourself and you put your own words down in a blog have an answer for every question instead of just leaving things up to your accusers especially situation like yours where you're on the run you still have the opportunity to put up your version of the things word for word exactly how you wanted distributed and that's a rare thing about our time in this conversation that we're having right now the same thing you you have a rare opportunity to state your case emphatically that's why i'm talking to you we ve been reaching out to me every single day of aggression giant forgot their data too
their traditional press opera it's on the principle of last year's what's or regurgitate it and sword if you want it on that moderate where'd you go on talking through real time you have the resources access and you have heard of your ship this measure it is completely different and talk to her wanted is my sexual preferences as you do you know what am i were stolen is the child out of your answer honestly because it comes from my lips with my my info nations if i thought the secret and there are going to get to the point that i still come off like a lunatic of co financing and coming out of a telephone so dying method of getting information just it doesn't make sense that though the weights broken up and commercials and designed to sandwich products in between the u dont want it then a dying way of distributing information it just doesn't it doesn't hold up in though at the age of the internet but i
this is one of the rare cases in as far as like a big news story like yours what guy gets to really tell his story to a bunch of different venues whether it's out jones or me or whether to your blog or whether it's your twitter you u official mcafee twitter you you're able to tell your side of things in a way that we ve never seen before like could you imagine when oj was on the run if oj had a video blog to tell historic completely different story with a different ending yes possible yeah i mean who knows mean of lee harvey oswald could verify and blog in that way what do we know about waited with michael jackson who killed his wife i made a few of you to remember that our back michael jackson than the young boy were headlines suddenly i forgot about him in and working oj so motive it had to be the mackerel jacqueline that's awareness i don't think that's correct
but i respect you put on our attitude but such i know was gentlemen reacting to it as if i'm retarded bobo kalen the monkey might by night knowledge now no worry spent d d who are you comfortable with this position of being this guy who's on the run and being this guy who's accused of horrible crime and of having this really crazy wild lifestyle is this are you enjoying this stage of your life other than the fact that europe on the run out this is one of the worst points of my life absolutely not but i'm not backing off anything is not something that is cannot determine from continuing i would much rather have the freedom of movement that like the jump in my pool and then myself and instead at the end of it organ trafficking line and water is getting the burden bob around for a while but
this is often the uncomfortable with i'm sorry i'm coping with their there's a difference how many people have a negative reaction to to your lifestyle that the lifestyle that you were leading before you you got into trouble with the belief government the the guy with the young czechs party and all the time what's a ninety percent of the algarve downstairs discuss the partying all the time did not exist not the way people think there was partly ok oh you mean even just hang out with a twenty year old naked that shit's party and that's how i loved when a party with it i don't mean party and by like the drugs that you were trolling people on taking i don't mean to apply that but i mean play you living like a pretty festive life dial down there i was enjoying your phone while i saw ensure that little bit here was
there was there blow back from like though the locals at all like how they feel about this older rich guy moving in and bang and all these young hobbes well think i think them down by and large we would like to point out how did it the women aided it is what's there and i would like an answer and i would imagine their husbands in the same situation then suddenly the devil incarnate yes that's funny the people give a shit about what you can pull off in ireland need be happy when you see a guys in the sixties is managed to pick up twenty year old hot checks shouldn't everybody happy does that that's possible why does one man six i'm happy when i see anybody enjoying themselves and being happy because my guards in other reports the next year's us like yourself what we're not we're not a shepherd is as you think we are all each other and so that is a rational and and sane person with a heart is always happy went to see another person happy as well
we smile when other people smile you would about other people success that for some reason with weak minded people it is somehow another they feel it gets taking away from them they wanted to tell you they were attack you your success sixty seven year old guy the good bank twenty year old girls wins everywhere in the world is there any protection at the u s offers in a situation like this i can you go to like the embassy or or whatever the yes good question of course i got an embassy the problem is everybody has appeared of how much power and embassies as it is the tiny little building in a foreign country i could go to the embassy there are two options afterwards i'd have to stay there forever like julian assange leave the embassy in face of the arrest of the atmosphere go ahead with this man out of prison they gonna say you do
what you're a man of considerable resources i mean i would think that a guy with your kind of wealth would it be at least be able to arrange for some sort of illegal meeting with some of the united states to help you get back as as happened down at all well you're sitting i wanna get back but as i i earlier i don't want to get back even just one believe even just get to safety meanwhile you're on the run a mean you you would rather stand the run and belize than be like comfortable in america are things out and i do not think i'm gonna i don't think i'm gonna be on the run forever in fact i certainly do not think i'm gonna be on the one for much longer what's the plan but the government it bob stricter than i know for a fact that the tourism has to happen impacted by this affair and not in a positive way sir and issue given the fact that tourism is seventy percent of the economy i believe eventually common sense will prevail i really do and summit
what will be reached so that's do they have other suspects or do you know what's going on with the case with a guy who was murdered why they have other suspects i don't like her pursuing them in others i do not mind me as the suspect there just named me someone they want to talk to put but this is police the last word who himself infer for talking with a guy named arthur young they entered his hands his back and shot in fourteen times in a police them because they can and with his hands behind his back he attempted to wrestle weapon away from one of ten officers in there with him a please get a clue people but yet you still want to live there this amazing that you think that this can be worked out the office themselves are not to blame i'm not i'm not trying to the last the entire police department
the average police policeman has it has a heart and mrs a decent person the problem the power and our for christ sakes so obvious they're going to be corrupt go up to the point that the amsterdam augmented income in some fashion is not the police its very few highly varied a four hour replaced the turtles were very powerful bled this country dry the problems are will listen since the people can people the people can be removed from office that's what i say too bad mother fucker wants is run belize you'll love it the i don't want to employees i don't want any power i want to finish and play and and some myself and ensure my friendships and do it as the king of police no
you could run it yet you have a real true love her voice you might well burger king would bring you a political person could work mr magazine i want i don't want that responsibility mr maximum joking i don't really think you could ever be the king just joking sir the standard but about cuba for my life you remember restricts little thing due to my circumstances and lack of sleep o salute all police you you ve been amazing interview and your character hold strong enough in this terrible situation that you find yourself and you are you kidding together admirably is very good talking you are really appreciate you taking the time and using your cellphone credits and and i'm going before before you even let me interrupt you mcafee dot com who is mcafee if you about it is official mcafee and mcafee for folks it don't know is spelled m c a f p m
a after you re right so i thought i was mcafee all this he all these years i really i called him a coffee over and over again it's mcafee sorry about that they have asked us what my father said so that one i believe listen it was and is an honour to talk to you sir i wish you all the best of luck down there and i hope you can find safety insecurity and everything works out february official mcafee on twitter who is mcafee dot com thank you sir right to win my friend and can keep live that dream life harleigh was i like prime those interested fascinating right here i think it's really silly that he wants to stay there though i if i was him get the fuck out of their deal with it from far using lawyers are would like some other kind away return there when you can because it seems like it just doesn't seem small
just do what was very it was like conflicted because he would tell you that it soak robins fucked up and they murder people and you turn yourself in the shooting the van right and that is but is my home and this those people i make a dollar our incite like it's when we adopt our shores ok they shoot people in a fuckin van like what's going on here all over the road in a beggar really serious slicer throat she probably murdered the guy you know how it is that money mac letting anyone get involved with this got right leg poisonous dogs are a bitch of damage in the fucking employs i like i want to know the door i don't the girl that yeah i don't but i want to know like the dog being poison in like this guy the bit by bit has been shot is there any dna going on is there any withdrew lacks like its good points our answer what would do this one way they tell us they actually when the guy was they have a ballistics on the bullet and then the dogs were poisoned mcafee had to put the dogs down so they
sleep dug up the dogs cut the dogs heads off and they took the dogs heads to forensics labs so they were trying to prove that the bullet that killed the guy or the same to kill the dogs which would mean that mcafee but they haven't we'll do that and if they did that would be like big news right now they can't see they can't fake that kind of science if mcafee the gun he can't that's ballistics you couldn't you couldn't rig ballistics he would say can we see the bullet what did you do not see the physical evidence is there one hair of his at this guy's house while they could be that he visited the gotta doesn't mean anything either their neighbours and they did have a dispute so they did communicate but you know other thing that i didn't buy was when he said that people who are dog lovers would never poison a dog does a sociopath assholes that's that's crazy this people wonder sleep unlike phenomenal poisonous dogs they there's definitely people who have dogs who will poisoner dies that it in that i didn't now but there are two other things like he knows way too much by drugs have never done
that was not so please tell us all the different compounds in the sexual hype stuff if you read the stuff online folks if i think he said it's blue light dot com when we let me a google it for you on blue light it's i don't know if it's true but it is fucking fascinating the story of this guy cooking this shit up i mean him a says it's just horseshit he says he was fucking around and troll what are they lay like that do can robbie hacker computers if he buried mcafee and by the way he's you know he obviously as a troll a little bit like he does our peaceful having already an ogre thing now is that they look really look at form but the yoga thing i'll give it was a truer to brilliant way to want to start up like maybe it's a blog i to get people to read listeners in red
blogger and millions of people arenas fuckin blog yeah but to chicken the the first who turned me onto and you put it on the rogan board and i read his his take on it and i was like this is fucking bananas like this this guy if he was really was doing that was we're concentrating this drug whatever the fuck it is that makes you ridiculously high perceptual you now and then taking it in fact in a seventeen year old girlfriend but the thing is he does have a seventeen year old girl friday at least she did have a seventeen year old girlfriend when he was doing his house got a twenty year old and i should have tony the money the one it was on one economy to she's twenty while just joked about cutting ministry brother so he is obviously a little twisted just period sir john yet sir nothing wrong sir nothing
nothing wrong with it mean but he's italy's acting as if he's all respectable and everything but still balanced year olds like is not i'm not saying it is doing those drugs but at least he knows shit load about those drugs it is enough to talk about it and his bank seventeen year and if you're really read in their neighbors dogs at parting alive the well see that that's speculation who knows what the fuck you know who knows when it comes to that who knows whether another guide poisonous dog but i do know that means maccabees he's having a great fuckin time i don't think he's being completely spot that whole drug thing he knows too much but that shit now maybe is turn make boner pills
out of the three saying no it doesn't give you bonus just makes you really like horny it makes you rob yourself like people a rubber themselves raw he was saying that was description of it which again could be for controlling could be troy i wish it wasn't dots much more fun to think that it's just some nutty true story norman guys quite a character but it's funny because he's not willing to you know like he was upset that this guy had written this piece about him that made him out to be this wild fuckin maniac oh yeah walking around shortly with fuckin shot and unwanted taking pictures like it's really hard to find pictures of you sure atlas shot gun shirt less just put period
yeah but shortlist with a shotgun i can i keep my shirt on in the shower it's impossible to find a photo of you shortlist with a shotgun unless your shirt list with a shotgun yeah and you own shot gun while you live in lebanon policeman and i think you would sit if you're living anywhere where you need a shot gun you proud i the most amazing place like why i have a dock in front of my house while you can have a dark and for of your house in ohio you know from lake little so my internet problem over at my office sucks fatty dsl zog get their apparently now you dappling get some kind of cable i don't know lucia seem like to have it on my i've these i have to get something else like a t three or some shit he seven avenue nanos work those stalled i dont know what it is expensive stupid stupid i'm in a bad spot now
can get you can get cable i'm sure there's a time warner or a charter with but before g internet you can't do like from cell phones and share its to sell out strong enough now annual run out of bandwidth immediately right they would then fuck you with that too is an offence how are you can use all about what you want if you have internet connection but if you have a cellular internet connection that shit's cap like on smaller flare not ready yet it's what you just sharing it with many of you if everyone was doing that no one would have any while they were so suddenly people they don't have access for that many people there have access for people streaming net like everyone was streaming netflix and doing videoconferencing at the saint damages reed i don't think they should give you an open ended device like a phone that internet access on it and said you can only use and a certain amount of that stupid i think that's that that that to me and if everybody uses the same time it doesn't work then you're selling too many funds because you don't have the backbone to deal with well most time most people are using
so we have it set up not now that's like saying that you gonna put all your money in the bank and in the bank only has like have your money there and there were people want it all at once but we don't have it will that stupid would you do it my fuckin money can't data that's about analogy point stands you shouldn't be selling a fuckin cell phone with internet on it until you have the backbone to give everybody internet if they use it all at once that's how it should it should be that every one of the fuckin cell phone can use it and in time all day long every fuckin cell phone be downloading something big at the same time that's when you are ready that's when you ready sell you fuck heads there so you want is not ready for selling you some shit that's not quite there it's like blue color so experimental it's almost there where we call for g by everybody can't use at the same time rather than i am give it to us at all rather than get this
together motherfuckers disguised mcafee down there i guess he's using i don't know what kind of phone i bank robber phones yeah does is portable ones the deuce get when they were way he pranced satellite is prey you know the deed from virgin pride joplin creative satellite phones i wonder if he has any friends down there that's what's really interesting or power how he's doing it it's seems i mean i did want to ask him how is hiding but he was pretty open about certain aspects of it another interviews about color in his face like shoe polish and shared and and and in putting stuff in his mouth to regular greece fat or something and then you would just straight up dressed up as a girl in a holding onto that's a good idea but they'll be obvious not really i'm in his girlfriend has balls she s has balls in her personality brine you'd fuck and twelve year old how dare you see a real bow that's gotta sucked out be like almost seven years
in fact in hiding by its italy's also come on man just get out of there being silly if you're living in a country that has those kind of laws like the laws where they can arrest you for life you know want to live in that country is like we do one thing wrong what you're gonna go to prison you have that it might be pretty outside but you have to live in some kind of sick safe like no bullshit kind of government thing either has be laws yeah i couldn't rocked up or couldn't i couldn't down there where you gotta worry about get up it's almost ego for him stay most obviously got a big egos super successful guy as all super successful billionaire characters they are strong use i'll think about motherfuckers as they are that's all they got to be where they are and then they see all this he's at are asking for millions doors like bed she ain't run me out of town so i live scatters house there to our lives when you live somewhere for five buccaneers that is where you live but two million bucks man they're asking for two million bucks that's gotta suck
i'm not i don't ask you for two million dollar showing what two million dollars a lot of can money even for a billionaire to give to some political douche rag in of crazy little island that was founded by pirates what can happen when you know you do that i shall game where you while you watch video i haven't you pause it is what happens next and then you do a bunch really fucked up endings to videos what if you had to do that with if you had a pause this right now and see what happens next will be your guess he gets arrested you think so yeah you think so well managed is getting sloppy for him i think i mean i give you and less belize has like you know it's a donkey in there in their government off scene i just sitting there with a bucket and i do mean our donkey there like all right let's find this guy you know they got on the how like like this place high tech at all do they have a real government did ever real you know like
fbi type thing going on there does who question only know how big polices yeah like it could be the whole the whole the whole people look informed could be like two guys in a jeep yeah that's true right it could be like the iraqi army before invaded yeah because i mean like just list to this whole interview you know i heard sounds in the back the sound of at one point sound like somebody was tapping bow wow i heard what sounded like a dog at one point and so i guess was a guy really looking for this person i'm sure they lake probably lino decipher background ways interviews and an ip addresses like the really that phone number he called from has to have a ip address or some kind of like you know it's using a cell phone tower david and this places and he's a clever guy then i'm sure he's masking it somehow it must be satellites will on the ball as far as like technology
is concerned i bet being a virus the manufacture of virus software the big as one of the biggest virus software companies on a plan doctor i must be so technologically literate he must no had had a mask things and hide things in a way that i wonder how much mcafee norton creative virus in the nineties and without you like every year they created a company i mean if you think about is like hey there's this it's called viruses sea and the way to stop you know that's actually we considered that but thou be good business fuck yeah though be small business you do you play is trolling all of us with his violence share he invented viruses came up with a virus protection software is a bad ass my fucker resources
seventeen year olds this sum discharge i want to know more about this fuckin drug cause i have never heard of it before this this situation because i had never known that there was anything that that makes you like hyper sexual or that doesn't check pills i you know i take but those still just major deckard right they make it not go away to like they did they may not be able to come out yeah it's like our i have outlined well i found it i've been doing a lot of research on lately and what happens is the first couple hours take em you can get hard quick in and it's like at last the little long but use even come on it but if you try to fuck like sick hours later it's like you have a more
boner that won't go away and you can't come at what is in it that makes your dick i don't know you i think it's ants at something extracted from ants in its cod hop hot rod five thousand i don't like it works workers but it really work i recommended for special occasions by that shit's rauf when you have a hard on that won't stop when you can't come it's great if you have a seventeen year old girl and you're running away to a girl you're fucking urinate gutter yeah i dont know see this this thing about and mcafee i dont know if ie i don't know how much of it is really trolling or if he ever did do this stuff yeah i mean it's pretty funny that its mcafee the whole thing sounds like a humongous troll i mean i haven't had any research i have no idea of any of this is true but what if it was you know just do that's a great europe
threats it's amazing what if norton while yeah nome and the whole thing this empty pv have you ever heard before now its recently banned a u s but its legal and police it belongs to a class of drugs called calf unknowns and natural source of which is the east african plant cat you know a k h eighty is that's that shit that those guys take the somali pirates they chew this stuff called tat and it's it's like an amphetamine they tewett they fuckin go berserker if the fact that cat just makes me think this is more future none of the actual drug is so long it's not it's more of a joke right move more evidence of simulation dear m d pv serious shit explain his paranoia so one of among the website wrote his paranoia erratic ness i've been through that i play with empty p b
for about two weeks and i started seeing shadow people in the corner of my eye and what amphetamine heads called treat cops its essentially really fucked up math i forgot to ask about this he had some thing where he called into a guy from i think it was a guy from wired that he was talking to might have been this josh guy that he hates now told them that the cops we're outside and that there is like thirty of him standing on the beach outside was condo and he couldn't move because they would shoot so he just stood there and they stood there and no one said anything for hours and they went away like like o in the morning is like it was fucking really weird really weird and so to escape he climbed into his neighbors balcony and his neighbor found him covered in his own urine why that's the official story asleep and and a pistol over himself that's
the that's the story now whether or not i wanted to ask him whether it was true is if he was suffering from extreme paranoia and this the statement that he gave explaining that these cops we're out there and there just standing there staring at him and no one said anything and it couldn't moved as if he moved they're gonna shoot only talk about to show killing hunks he was leaning up against it nif dared not move in that fight like for three in the morning just like went away if so what kind of a cow racy story is that forgot to ask about that one cannot dammit i think to do it's my beyond the empty pv i don't wanna be a now arrested he's got some bitch in tat is like those crimes such as fuck i don't wanna be sued would i be ironic if he sued ask as we said he's come alleviate lariata yea did warn me i don't really believe is on
i don't know i don't know what m d pv actually does but he was saying that you can't do in and not get addicted to it but apparently on that's not necessarily true like this guy was saying that he did it for two weeks and stop doing any was writing a report on it this latter ports in a shit hit this guy paul early his a addiction specialist and he warns about the dangers van pv md pv says our experience clue warns of the psychiatric and medical danger this drug we have cared for multiple patients who have abused empty pv and they report intense and unpleasant visual hallucinations after a short bench the drug feels nontoxic with its first you but following a moderate binge users suffer from mild to moderate paranoia about ten percent of into individuals who have who you higher doses we have observed a sustained psychotic state with intense anxiety
i lasting three to seven days why this guy's is outright saying on gives moto that he used this stuff even though mcafee saying that it's all true i think even if you don't know what to you have to say that mcafee so there's a troll right don't yes i mean i'm more i don't know i did i want to believe this guy but it's curricula i just makes no sense like it would like hitler there's a lot of things and his story that just like a common sense person like ok now i'm going to the u s embassy neo i'm going to escape route figure this out here you know i am not going to be living in wherever he is living in
yeah you seriously about fucking go cuba re whatever's close i mean ever highways whereas please now it's how far away in the south america have no idea he some of which are today what the police picture you gotta please don't come it's all just why people why people the hands while able barefoot with their feet up isn't it haven't time in her life lightly bottle the least connected united it's an away like it is in that light for they are buddies yeah like isn't it must be like we were like a porter rican kind of thing no or my thickened smaller well hundred ninety nine dollars flight to believe very well four hundred forty nine dollars at its very cheap is cheap where fuck is believes it says this
if it properties of the drugs that he was attempting to isolate is all in the gives moto article by the way take no credit for this the specific properties of the drugs who is attempting to isolate also fit in well with what those closest to him have reported and he is an enthusiastic amateur pharmacologists with a long standing interest in drugs that induce sexual behaviour in women indeed former friends of mcafee have said he could be extremely persistent and devious and trying to coerce women who rebuff his advantage his advances to have sex with us just like when you when you see an article like that written about simulator that seems to me like you have to have examples you can just say that because you can say anything about i'm not to say that about you know you could say laguna brian red ban has been known to be extremely vindictive and women who ignores advances and he's an amateur pharmacologist but where's
what you have evidence sank some creepy shit like that don't you want me to have a chemical lab in his house when they read it and yet but if he's telling the truth that he was using it to make and anna septic now billina septic i mean i don't who the fuck knows who desire not me but whoever invented antiseptics in the first place men who do who has allowed that does anything if you're living in the rain forest which think belize rainforest let the whole of the medical watered medical breakthroughs and often but a big percentage of em come from plants that are discovered in remote rainfall yea i mean you did say that he was just walk around picking up please by the creek and stuff this alot of people that fuckin trip on plants you know they do they love botany in turn requires a botanist they i think there's a lot of people have become in love with the idea of these different fast
meaning plants plants are really mean if we found them on other planets would be shit fuck and pass there's somebody weird plants on this planet now some a shrink there's a up a flower that just bloomed recently i guess it doesn't bloom very often but is the world's largest flower should get a picture of it in australia it it looks these it looks like some fuckin alien thing from mom a little of horrors wells things at each people yeah it let us look real and apparently it smells like rotting flesh really plants are creepy his flight ban these plants it eat things is plants that trick hats and fallen in them and then they close up on the rats and digest em they thing now the sun it is
world's largest flower blooms if he just just google world's largest flower blooms that's not blooms an eastern now ass i was really various area really recent yes that's a look at the size of that thing is neck is in switzerland look at the size of that thing it's insane like corn on cobb
yeah doesn't go quietly cobb exactly the illness eyes so amazing holy shit and it grows like a deck its sprouts in the deck pops out and the flowers only that made it is but i say huge i've been how many feet is as much taller about twelve feet maybe at least it's it's towering over these people that are looking does it say there how told us to point to seven meters tar el paso sexually meter swiftly to point to yeah like a meter swiftly while amazing though
and so must be on a platform so makes it look even bear but can fuckin credible the variations in his two point seven meters siri suitors no shit what siri fuck this up looking confuse bitch this might answer your question its yet seven point four feet sherry she regards roy series been upgraded a lot lately i've really you can buy movie tickets now just be like i would really does take its now buy em you have to have an accurate connection it doesn't have to ever cellphone though your credit card stored on your phone i don't know you don't know haven't done it how do you know worse decide because you're an apple fan boy sat before you see the ways to get their newfound soon cool i got the some ever got one of those hard drives sd hard drives that's the only way to go in the fuel register beautiful ten times faster distant on a rendering audio that are doing on
it must be more more reliable what they don't break the ice that'll bunch our draft fail shits annoying also near you your beach ball just spinning i stopped the fox and if there was a machine and you are held down and strapped in and then the answer real answer to the sky mcafee you know is he guilty or not guilty as yet to choose one and if you choose wrong and he's black takers shoved in your mouth any comes in here which one would you pick he killed anybody you haven't got any one i might be wrong i wouldn't say that with your answer not give yes if i had to make an answer of not guilty or guilty i would say not guilty but don't i dont have you know it's a stupid answers like i don't have any information no liked it to be acted too yes or no is is to me seems so silly choice
like this why do people to make choices about shit in whether some was guilty or not guilty and the girl nancy grace on things and you know and sometimes their fuckin wrong nancy grace was with the duke lacrosse case you know those guys were were innocent and there was a rape and nancy grace like food days was on tv accusing them of doing it me while they were set up they didn't do shit who was zoos are false accusation eventually that the charges were dropped but nancy graze was committed to it on her she does it salacious because its and looks like that's the that's a good thing to be upset about too much factory in this world too much factory to know what what exactly what gone unless you were there he got a really look at all the parts and for this guy the fuck knows what happened who knows what he's doing if you really was doing that m deeper the anti semitic killed your dog in your high on media owners
their hold on right there ok if that i really was due in m d pv all those people and gives moto or tell the truth the guy about gizmos tell the truth but other people talk to then demagogy liar and everything says has to be questioned everything he says if he really never has done that empty pv right then now then we can look at em go while maybe this guy's been set up but you ve i've done it and he lied about that just on the show if he told that false version of himself for any reason ino you guys have entrusted the way he doesn't want to leave like no i will not pay too much like he's got this you know enough still wearing it makes me think that if you was high on some kind of fuckin drug or whatever and summits your dogs you know you're a guide has a machine gun n n n eat you don't like shirts much
and your high on the shit i could see and raging like no you don't you fucked with you now yeah maybe but who knows you if he's if he's telling the truth and i don't know it's killing your dog mixed will make people rage us like a child o yet alot of people their yeah who knows who knows fight a guess though i would guess apparently he knew a lot of bad people down there he hung out with a lot of gangsters and belize which is probably smart move your rich guy survives with no such like seem like you hang out with thugs using those hannah yoga deeds wireless in that one i would add that we are showing during a thing but then that other february's has the gonna gonna looks like ok guys craziness i bet he would have a fund due to hang around before we had the better we still but you know man i want to know what this airplane thing is that
like they say motorcycles that what he said like a little like a kite what is it what the fuck do you call it mcafee mcafee airplane by none other computer airplane accident accident it some it sounds like wild nutty
fun get on some kind of a fuckin motorcycle like kite yeah i went in there was there and what is it i wonder what the fuck it is played by lawsuits even like way before this in two thousand ten it talked about him hiding and belize and now he hopes to give something back by deriving antibiotics from jungle plants in belize seems like it's like is definitely a dude who likes attention i get was pretty easy to get him to come on the pockets and talk there must be part of him that's enjoying a little bit of this notorieties his ex
or he just wants to make us and everybody know about it kind of like a news type thing because you know the more people know about it if he does get caught people going to be like be like no don't no doubt that two no doubt that to the whole thing is when the factor he wouldn't see how it being a personality peace would lead people to pay more attention to it smile and with this fucking gun in his hand look instead the camera by the way is not it is not just one photo of light tat if you look at the photos of him online like the first three if you look under his mcafee images the first three of him topless with guns is quite a character man i would love to hung out with him before all this
it seems like a fungi the doktor i bet you get a little drunk with him he's got some great stories you know there's that thing that people talk about like doing go down to smile and country somewhere and just live my life she's right my boat around and live in right by the water but how many people actually fuckin do that very few you have to be some special kind of weird mother fucker to actually go through with that become an egg bat and kick back on the beach and not even know people there now it's gonna cooler we get started and i was one of things in san yesterday we were talking to our shame smith like one of the selfish reasons for start this part gases i want to have conversations was with these people i won't have conversations with gaza dave
i can just get him to have a conversation with me you know but to have a conversation with broadcasts in other suddenness fairly easy to get a hold of people seems like that would be the opposite like people would be less likely to talk to you for hours on end if they knew was being broadcast but actually that's not case dennis mechanics come on a per capita the brother of tyrants macao he's gonna book out about his time with his with his brother and by all accounts it's pretty bad ass book
will probably have a mid sholto be joining him who is the producer of the empty the spirit molecule so we'll talk science psychedelic compounds and his brother the great terence mckenna and not dennis is a fascinating i do he had while unaware it want to tell a story but there's some great accounts of his own psychedelic experiences that maybe he'll get into handsome fairly psychotic episode wound think he the loss of sanity for a couple weeks over the emptying of mushroom in in the amazon supposed bia pretty intend story of little taller to us who terence talked about it in depth in salzburg banana got drunk trestle tomorrow and eddy bravo on thursday and that the next to hopefully will be in the new studio if we can figure out a way to work out that fuckin shit
bag internet connection you would think that in this day and age there would be more options that every is out every building there is jobs i bet you there is options i think i think of my fidelity three lifestyles the call time warner or the other one my my business manager saying that take their having a hard time falling fighting business manager also exert dsl got u ds will they got me dsl because that was the only option available ever that's it you can't even do a studio and yes i mean he should be like away look here's another studio entails motherfucker they supposed enough zionist no but how should we ourselves the most beautiful saying studio if its the fastest internet you have a good ok we'll take it and then you get it and it sucks a fat dec you don't know until you try it looked in the most people have no idea i didn't know it wouldn't be adequate if you said three megabytes download a girl i'm sorry i didn't know that it's a double eighty one line but you
is like one point five megabytes we have a hundred and twenty gig download here had three our upload here is ethics forty meg upload you had some less than one would lessen one yeah that's whack weak ass pitches your fix it eighteen to u verse a fat pipe to my office or heads were all know ourselves cancel i need to find them what are the options are as far as like like dedicated lines like when they do an eye sdn line when someone has to arm like do the radio i know like who radio studios they have a dedicated line appreciate that kind of its not as good as new it's terrible but i'm saying i wonder if they can do that with a t one or two three naughty want to us not good enough bolivia to three large business vibrates waiting though they have cable for now it won't on my area not non the aerial my offices
my uncle's eight and he doesn't it was no one does how do you know that because what they ve looked they do semi male explaining all the different share they don't have no no case no less than that they don't expect people to want like anything better this in those areas most people the rig businesses just involve sending him you're throwing light that very for sure there's no cable or there's no fibre through its final warmer or any of the other companies tom warmer time warner or eighteen tee no no not charter know those fox that seems impossible yet seems like it but it's true that's treves great i'm fucked but the cellular forty so you're not gonna and not even make it our jan less had cellphone ladies and gentlemen after listening surely you must have some sort of a fuckin solution office on technical i can't outside
the one thing i authority over there you before you get it make sure they have fast internet most important thing up they said they did those fox workin out freaks organ i dont believe your business manager it's not your fault i don't believe it i don't believe in you don't have i dont believe i believe auditors well enough to fund will figured out ok after one year after the line anything else you want an which is this weekend gotta be in austin texas that should be a fuckin blast it's a quick weekend in and out freaks and then next weekend i am the though the following we can were in seattle at d you to focus enamel the the parlor live that sets in bellevue washed it i e ninety vantage point at the time i haven't check my e mail check your email son i suppose
did you check your email i m certain not to check my email now like voicemail died recently for me i don't want or regular mail i don't do regular male anymore voice mail as i don't like listening voice males now like if i have a voice my phone i don't even look at it and now recently email i just like giving up on really like i don't know man i like email it's too much it is too much though afterwhile gets crazy you were too much shit too much yeah now i know each other moma ah it sir just overwhelming how much shit you can get thrown out you that you have to pay attention to him i don't know the best things about going camping is for five days no phone calls no emails no nothing in oh yeah it's one of the nicest things a little break little reset plug actually look forward to getting emails after that my new favorite thing on the
reviews on the iphone is the do not disturb so at night you just click on this do not disturb button no phone calls no text but you still have like internet you know the shit like that but just it beginning phone caught like our set my alarm to wake me up and they are phone call two in the morning you know and the flag and await me or to me was sent me a stupid text you know it six in the morning so that so do not disturb his yeah just turns everything off but you it's everything still comes in such knowledge you have an airplane mode right it doesn't ever any warnings it doesn't get his turns all that shit does it still light up like does it get break i think it depends on you see i have our text messages turned off all notifications turned off on my phone everything turned off my verona i don't even like a window
popping up because i was just getting like unit two into much trouble on ice dating you know i could there be like a that pop up like hey what are you doing in my opinion and in whose who's this right is getting into much trouble so do not disturb us away well i just turn up all notification so like if i get a fuckin home off now about you are you are you getting that way at all like i'm starting like i dont want like i'm rihanna joey diaz like i'm going backwards i wanna get just a pager something to be said for not you know what your consciously interacting with people all day long you have no time to reflect real time to think for yourself right is constantly dealing with other peoples request for you now question hey what's up here what's gonna what he does anyone do this quantity that what the plan and constantly can you call me i got this going on and after a while it's like you you
if you're in the loop of communicating with a bunch different people time you constantly responding things s text messages sometimes i get in this like text message thing we're like three do their texted me at the same time and so like your text them trying to answer questions or talked him about and it's like and then another comes from the other guy in any hit that and how many times did banter back and forth to its work school girls are brutal yet we gonna fight with a girl over message energy writing paragraph after paragraph and you have to like responds to a yet i go back and read and write and then when you're done she has another paragraph reloaded and ready unleashing a deuce email me crazy fish writing in a text forms route and in and by the way that's what you do and for the next few hours good luck with that you know and of having a
call or meeting person to person talking the shit out of me you said bingley me drama for your mama there's gonna be a way out of this prime gotta be way to positive believe isn't it police while the website shows a lot away people holding hands perfect that's what i want to do i wanna help hold hands lay people walk the beach and no one i have no shoes on and be relaxed enough to be staring at the water through my toes with my seventeen year old heidi yeah while on basalt allegedly according to give moto i feel like i trust john mcafee about that had a conversation with em a hell of a nice guy detected no hint of bath salt and our conversation shit felt the jet value is really there with me and you know i got a good point about those cops make it
our maybe someone paid on twenty dollars now they want to shut that guy fourteen times in the van he's disliking pay all the cops and so will i think he tried to do that i think he had his own of an army vienna in that's one of the things they try to stop compounds and governments before they start
so when you start seeing a dude accumulate dogs and guns and move in send a fuckin sniff troop into leah math lab see with being cooked up their legal or illegal but this empty pv stuff not legal america anymore the legal and police although it does matic that's not what he was doing right now is research so that some they have a picture of this this plain thing it's pretty crazy they really does have like gay i'm like a like a motorcycle with a kite on top of it and his nephew died in this thing with sixty one year old passenger they had been flying in clean smooth air with plenty of out to mcafee told me when suddenly they went to a spiral dive crash into the ground the terrain was so rugged the sheriffs deputy circuit helicopters
top the ridge and high down to retrieve the bodies leaving the wreckage where it lay well sounds like it's dangerous is fraught with dangers as factor do a lot of shit sky diving dangers as fuck those body suits of seeing their video with guys on that wing suit any crashes yeah that looks horrifying that since our guys find to begin with that guy's fucked up to think he broke like every bone his body he lived but your ear your flying now like who knows i could start a hundred miles our sometimes it's pretty crazy facile things go and you clipped the ground just go for a man tumble but that's legal consumerism before that cancer anybody for handling i don't think less rent a fuckin hang glided
snaps in half that maybe your family can sue the rental company for not maintaining it but if you died in a hang gliding accident because of some crazy wind situation you're like you're not addicted to videogames anymore cuz i got something that you would you would go crazy on what it's a suitcase and when you open it up and it's travel approved when you open it up there's a nineteen inch monitor a sound system there's it's you put your exports and they're your ps3 and star wars xbox but any just trot you travel with it the sound is loud it's it's got light like lights all around its at nights glows it's ten eighty p its games village and credible was called its games on one i have a youtube video of it said that the problem with all that shit is that if you gonna play a fucking game he should have the most accurate input devices and when your plan
and you have those sort of sport for your name that you're used to playing by betsy these aims are designed not for mousing keyboard their design for the controller but you don't get as much accurate why would you not want a mouse the key were once you play with a mouse and a keyboard oh you have at their zeal yeah this is it right here ass any one of these things now i bought it i bought it for this studio because we do so many video game park has a death squad secondly we should have a unit here so we can play video games and show people you haven't irena now and bring it today what the fuck the video play with it so how many games you planners have only been playing our duty and having been doing play much can have been busy and has it look it up it illustrates grades got two headphone jack's the front of it so you can you know play line and you know have your headphones plugged in and it's it's great
it has an hd my poured in its selective you wanna tell you can also look like a ps3 or a nintendo wii or whatever you gotta go to television and they have a fifteen introversion that they sell like at best buy and stuff this is their new nineteen inch halo special edition version is the first time they haven't nineteen and monitor and stuff like that i have a video showing at if you go to youtube dot com backslash let's find jesus let's my jesus is just all my tech review shit i do and i'll do that team phone service does anybody area pester you name let's find jesus now think there were more pissed at let's find jesus dot com why because it was a website that it's a website that sells religious things that i made a long time ago when me copies to troll people what let's find used icon it does it sell things tat was like she's had his hair yeah jesus
hair from the barber shop it isn't laxity this jesus stealing a baby drawing that it's it's a painting of jesus stealing maybe a u sallies i've never sold one actually by its been whenever they actually foresail causes somebody bought out now they're not for sale now don't say that the mic cd jesus is mixed eating at a bunch of songs i wrote about time ago about jesus mary noah this sector this is i this is don't forget to bring the love but birds on the boat no four mare play flavors
birdy under the law like there's a very mixed there's experts were your other songs that same song remix versions of bad in vienna no words it has to go by the way this not any more ridiculous than any songs i hear whether serious acts of ex em like the car the house around half those fuckin really email songs check this this is another thing i just reviewed this is at the lodge a tech wifi webcam what it does is it connects to your wifi network and then have a wireless webcam and it has a button on it that you push that automatically
streaming they use dream what are you stream has partnered with these guys i guess it somehow but it's like this is it has a tripod with magnet on its you can rotated all around which is also a case but it's a wireless webcams if you're in the same wifi network of you wifi network you can carry this whole thing around your whole house and you have a wireless webcam it's gonna like a three hour battery life does it have a microphone it's got a microphone is gonna white on the front of it italy share its caring case which i'm showing right now it you take it out in it it makes its doubles as a tripod and it also has a magnet on it said the magnet is for the tilting and stuff like that gaza has a hook seated screwed onto a tripod and it's got really good quality its hd webcam it's amazing what is called the lodge attack broadcast or wifi and its
no it's super mac friendly it's actually designed more for mac almost than he saw get windows yea and so i have a video also the let's find jesus you to channel do that sounds something we need to get a hold of i have one we need to use such well i think for what we do will when it really been if i know now so playing with it as we already have we have very cameras and mixers here so the other not here i mean like it shows oh yeah shows if we can get on the wifi network or bring a hot spot baby yet we should sardine them they wish do that this weekend in austin they we should break ass and also from the green room for the show you and duncan aubrey from on a dark coms snap we can have a good time yes oh snappy dirty bitches i forgot wherein hostage yeah man saturday night like the guy operator you live there yeah that's cool we're gonna have the good fortune to gas and that we gotta go to this barbecue place it nobody weights and learn all day for sport ridiculous
bobby said they would hire someone to go wait in line but the problem does any don't get it fresh you want to get it like right as it comes off the grill then what to do that you have to wait in line for like an hour and a half fuck that now i don't want that crazy way this go eat her own this make room now you don't know what you don't care barbecued waiting an hour and a half from barbecues buzz the unbelievable our severe said it was so good actuated enlightened now and has it was worth anything but have you waiting there for an hour and a half that's why any time you your wife cooks for you it's always good because you had to sit there and wait two hours and save two minutes for putting a lean pocket in the microwave you were like i just had to sit here and smell the whole cooking process of the food of course i'm gonna love your food onawandah ba route jeff the poor poor fool so well we'll see you guys smiled we have nothing else to say to each other we will we doing a adjust brian and joe only podcast to celebrate our three hundredth podcast
i think we ve done that with every one hundred right everyone no we try to do what we don t yet we do when we got the lesson yeah but the young the one hundredth and now the three hundredth its current crazy this is a third year doing us this month next month marks are dirtier doing this punk adds carries a ridiculous how the fuck that happen time just flew up never when you were like back in the day we make fun of december twenty first two thousand twelve dues can be anywhere it didn't seem like he was real seem by that date ever gonna come that shit's this month son sauce the first the first on saturday
twenty days later and the mind calendar are you ready she running you nobody the doomsday you in a proper did you watch prepping eliza threatening wrapping now good shot watch what am i knew things i watched these nutty bitches canning peaches and fuckin stuff it among their bed one guy he shot his thumb had a fuckin his his gun misfiring has to stop our bleeding and he fainted mike you fuckin pussy you think you're gonna last through the fucking apocalypse and can't even deal a little blood loss faint like a bitch cause you're sums bleeding how dare you how dare you beyond doomsday papers that bitch s attitude there was one coupled that was really religious and they were a lot of alcohol and we don't even drag out hall but we're gonna need it for border in and also would construct molotov cocktails and case were attacked and southern they were practising with malta cocktails
they had like this these rocks and they would light the fuckin the thing you know molotov cocktails folks it's you take a thing of high proof for her and he stuff like a rag in it and get it all wet with the alcohol and then your light the rag and throw in explodes in flames these fuckin dummies stand thrown glasses of vodka at the rocks and system inflamed year is a good weapon meanwhile they have fuckin guns they have like huge caches of guns huge saves filled with machine guns they are like ankle posters in their lives right next to madeira where people go next medea convict michael idea derelict completely prompt and every month they go to the supermarket and they go to like cost goes and place like that stock up on supplies so they can be better prepared to have a budget of every month where they'll by like guns and bullets water and fucking
bananas man bananas to watch when their pocket comes you got a really got a really wonder whether or not you want to make it through someone had to do that in the past because everything was the apocalypse when we were monkeys everyday was the apocalypse you know you had a fucking go out and scrounge for food supermarkets there's no internet does no electricity its essentially mad max was way better than the way the monkeys lived least mad max out of car ok the apocalypse
in our being like that road warrior type scenario that ain't shed compared to what it definitely used to bay and somebody had to get through that to get to hear they had to get through that to get to hear but the problem is once you're already here very tough to go back to caveman days very tough to scrounge out alive and eaten dead people that you find under a fuckin overpass killing me they can bring home to your family jesus christ you're not gonna wonder whether not gonna make it through the like what's the end game and that sort of scenario if an asteroid hits you really want to hate you i could just landline audience fuckin try this again what are you doing over their surfing the web now i'm looking at just reading that poor i put the porn industry is suing verizon for protecting
pirates and i was just like loud verizon standing up further the pirates that's crazy her the porn industry is where they sang them were stealing them like on bit torrent of light ass stealing the videos their say rising is refusing to comply with court ordered subpoenas and the points did you see it is more than eyes were there just that they just want the names of people that are torrenting shit in vegas is not playing not playing along that's funny because along with the record industry right i just eyes and play along with him i don't know me some people don't some people send out messages but they won't they want actively start on this is not a lot for them the internet companies in going after people that are pirate someone like you gotta we gotta figure that shit on your own there in the business providing internet service wanna things that people want to do with that insurance services download shit now for you like start peering into what their downloading
you know that a mega upload scenario you know what's going on with that that guy kim dot com who said he was like famous in the early days the internet it used to be a hacker and then came a computer security expert and apparently made of fort load of money and he takes all these east have his blog it takes all these crazy pictures of him in front of his yacht in our children in brazil and flying in his private jet this place he's got this ridiculous mentioning where he lives in new zealand and his embroiled in this huge legal battle because of mega upload dot com
was his website that was accused of hosting pirated material and apparently the though the government like they they like acquaint kinda comic he complied with every across the government have for taking things down and that they actually asked him to not take these certain files down and those are the ones that each one up charging him for cuz they will work it out they want ask him to not do it cuz they're trying to track it or something like that so he's saying that they acted in bad faith in the in organizing their their evidence against him as far as i understand it i met a fact that that argument but it's kind of interesting that this this guy is like the super rich geek who is trying to keep file sharing alive and keep these upload sites alive and now making one where everyone else can can you can download it digging contribute bandwidth and storage so
somehow or another andor offering one click encryption on the fly for free for all data so it's really gonna be interesting to see where this this goes because if this guy can figure out how to do that in a what what what what can these record industry people what can these movie industry people do about that because what he sang is that there are some there's data on his sight that shows that when upload was was shut down that it actually her box office numbers that it does hurt movie like huge buster movies like a mission impossible type shit it doesn't hurt them but it hurts the box office of more obscure movies who would be heard about and and transferred and and and talked about through the internet and that people would
you're about it because of other people downloading omen that would actually cause more people to go by and see it which is in a sort of thee that that's the attitude that most comics take is that having anything of yours that's out on the internet its though the more that's out there the better because then people will hear about you and they'll be able to go get your stuff that's why very few comics remove like mp3s for copyright violation psyche they're happy if anybody's list thanks and more people listen to your future shit it's an interesting argument you know as far as what's copper written in what's not what hurts and what's doesn't when someone's got a fuckin movie theater in their house though that's when shit hurts like you have you have essentially have a movie theater in your house now dear my nature is a movie theater my house i've been watching so much shit on that thing like i could see it being like ice regarding the other day i went to one of his movie theatres where like it was
small room where the the the screen was about the same size as the screen that are now i have in my house i just take it took one wall of my living room and pretty much made it a movie theater screen and the projectors are so good nowadays that that their hd that is it's like you don't need this would this projector screen was two hundred hours the projector with some hundred dollars and that right there is better i dont have any reason to go to a movie theater now now if you could just get the movies directly what it why can't they do that why can't they just charge like how about i itunes it i'll do it through there like thing about this like if you go to the movies like how much does it cost to the movies it's like ten bucks insects thirteen boxes are thinking about where i charge me fifty charge me of disorder and watch it with the whole family right chargers fifty bucks when they do they do that
like i bob cats movies and and kevin smith's movie i'd stay you you could you could i get there for it even came out in maybe theatres yeah kevin psmith it was beautiful and i was the right way to do it very smart you know he's aware of his sort of his community in our again he can do something that i hope he made money off that of president good fuck a movie so good fuck a movie that movie was really well done and stephen king a rusty route rather was amazing he was a he's amazing that boardwalk empire just or watching dude that shows fuckin that's chose good dude this too many goddamn good shows have but i gotta watch madman fuck you i do i do i do want to watch madmen that's on my list of things one watchmen manasseh girl debated ass should simply
is tat all tonight she's a real woman her that's rarely see like a big voluptuous sexy pull on time and one with a redhead yes she's plump as fuck swallow yeah yeah bigger tell me those are ridiculous rightly done killeth that's is that what women ever looks like no you can't say that that's a rare specimen can't claim that that's how they that's how they all looked like in the 20s but you can't that show breaking bad you know what game of thrones coming back walking dead walking dead at hearing that too that's a problem you not done what walking dead only first couple out besides it's it was good but do there's nothing much time o this yellow thing sir watches fuckin homeland that was season one do that's good that shows good
that's not what i thought it was either i thought it was like cs i type step that i cannot bits girl clare day as we see it no known think you're thinking of a different world bank so yeah what is it thirteen clare danes is tight in a girl i thought she was where maybe really else anthea clear danger the titanic girl the teutonic growers will plumper now i've clogging i sure tightening yeah let's see yet none of her no no yeah now thinks kate winslow yes day ago clare dangers the wonders in this fuckin this new shallow skirting i think i've rubbing juliet she was in clergy and swiftly in order to caprio was again movie back yeah she's been in a bunch of movies she's good man she she plays a good crazy badge to choosing limb is aroused i say that lies
let me share our shoes in that she's a serious interest that she's good and homeland too good for childhood disturbing now makes you wonder but how much this is wrong from the headlines based on a true story but he that guy's a bad ass actor who the fuck is replaced the other guy whatever had ever in the end she brings become desk coming to san diego twelve twelve twelve who who are these people i don't know yet i know i saw your company sincerity honours gone beyond their twenty hence cliff there's been a few other people that said that they want to come i am really reschedule at this week december twelve is still a couple weeks away eggs some which need do just prepare yourself that night keep checking twitter we will build the anticipation
yes hopefully i make down there for that one i set a great rodya i've got a lot of shit alone right now with his well can we talk about the good stuff folks so this weekend that's it moody theater austin texas next week paul alive and bellevue washington with powerful sam tripoli then the will turn theatre december twenty first two thousand and twelve the end of the world show honey honey duck stand hope joey ma fuckin d as an war and that should be pretty crazy that's can be a fund show and now that the world's not gonna end relax we're gonna be fine hopefully who knows it might not be real my now muriel rampart focus on real devlin aerial simulation jerry you or your hundred percent on board now yet super simulation there what became what was the tipping point that really made you think this this worlds not real
what do you think of it as if it is a simulation theory and then start going all right this is hilarious somewhere i'm playing i found seventy seven and this is just like theirs is too many things that are like great that's ridiculous that batches happen that's ridiculous that badges happen i think so i am i don't believe in it but i'm acting like i do believe in it and just just looking at life through that in that perspective and it really does seem if if you just spend like the next week acting like everything's a simulation like don't jump in front of building the art cars or buildings you could jumper front buildings but don't jump in front of cars but if you think of it as its assimilation it's ridiculous and so what i ve been also adding to it that asians are the ones that are like kind of sitting us in the same simulation you if you'd
about the simulation too much yossi you're out of nowhere in asia will come around the corner and stare at year like like oh wait a minute that's why the asians i don't know the asians aliens aren't you think asians or now i think asians i'd like area thy babysitters have lessened the simulation i think gotta be very careful and talk about any race isn't a funny like asian people who get pissed off at the time you billy with a fork do you know because of their security there mad ass was attacking the simulation is that what it is or is not supposed to talk about any units was talk what race at all even if you say positive things like the aliens my more advanced than us in the eighth you know that the but they have more alien dna in asian people you can't say excess making asian people better but there still get upset like you're not even allowed talk about them people are so fuckin sensitive brine i had something weird happened media there have you ever had were like i
was laying down that you might have this in isolation tank but maybe laying down and i had my eyes closed and i was looking at the images in my eye like on my islets and you know sometimes i see little things floating around sometimes you might see like little things moving and stuff but i had four on motion video like a person talking somewhere like to somebody else at full on like movement like a hundred frames per se and like it was like i was watching somebody talk it a memory because a memory you you think of something here yeah we were sitting there and then we're talking this was actually watching somebody talk like a fool video but it was like just the outline in my eye i found my trippy second i found there well i'm not saying you are eliminating i was who lavishly by your eyes closed it was it was like i was what it wasn't
the guy was tripping melting in turning into a snake or anything it was like somebody just sitting there having a conversation with somebody but it was full motion like as if it was are worth watching somebody like if i were to open my eyes and with somebody standing there doing it ok that makes sense but there was no one there it was they don't think like a guy dream like that i don't think think about somebody you know running i can kind of sea them running in my head but this was a foreign motion vigilant it was weird you ve done enough see broke new brain maybe it is not possible for i was somehow spying on a different part in the world of assimilation of hacking through the fire was data be it to that could be a too you never you have to figure out like what real is on what's not write what if
you know they ve written later with the reality that we exist in under the one of the more attractive parts of the simulation theory thing is that i do think that thoughts and i do think that intention can move life in a certain way i think its flexible i think the world we live in a lot more flexible than when like thing and are a rigid interpretation of things is being like the way these are real things you can way or measure knock on it i don't think so man i think there's some more some fuckin weirdness what are so the idea of simulation theory sworder comes into play because there are certain things that do get manifested with the mind their certain people that sort of almost are like extras in a movie certain events that almost all our like peripheral non events you can choose to pay attention to are not paying attention to in the background but your your main
focus your your life that the things that that's going on in your world you have a little bit of control over it you got a little bit of wiggle room there it's not as simple as you know dr one mile in euro mile away from where you were it did to do more with what what what where you are is in your head a little bit and where year when you travelling and we're when you're going places you're still here bringing your world to these other places and influencing it when you when you but a starbucks when you many get your house you're bringing your world everywhere you go i know how much of what goes on outside your world really involves you there might be a bunch of different parallel worlds intersecting with each other all the time which is only able to perceive the shit that we consider to be our world were told deja vu is our mind thinking of something before it's actually done like like if you go into a room your brain act
they think of something like michael michael microsecond before you actually think of it and so it feels like deja vu that's what scientists running but what if that is so like no been in this simulation before we ve been in the situation before but last time we died in a fuckin motorcycle accident this time or do and again you know like it be this is also the ideas and every thought me make there's this this is one of the weirdest theories that i've ever heard about reality eat decision you make every direction you choose to go and branches you off into a completely separate area of the universe and create an entirely new universe with new possibilities and new problems that is one of the things that is to say about time travel as you can never really go back in time because if you did you could affect the reality of just by existing in the past you could effect
future so much you might never have been born you can you could billy fuck up the possibilities for everything like you could throw a ripple into the wave but the ideas that you sure to do that with every decision you make in every direction you move in and not only is that possibility a reality but that all the other party buildings are alternate realities that you don't experience but you could have made every wrong choice every possible choice in the branch off to completely new universes and that all these these are going on together at the same time and that when you're having a deja vu you're almost like criss crossing with europe possible worlds and you have i got blip in the matrix a blip and yeah we just we know we can measure and we know we know that when you get in the car and you hit the gas you know exactly how fast you go you look at the speedometer but what we don't
knows what we're not measure and weird feelings between people who think about someone they call there's a weird that we do not understand that we dont measure and so what kind of like push it under the mattress and but that shit is tangible the feeling that you get when someone doesn't like you you know if you ever been around someone like especially if you around like a girl and her friend doesn't like you and you don't even have to like say a word you just feel it yeah you're feeling with the voting on here that that's a real that's a real energy being passed back and forth and that can really affect your life if that persons in your life if that gross feeling now becomes a part of your reality that actually shapes your possibilities i don't know i think i think gum we're we're are learning a lot about reality about what you can't can't do too to influence it what you can you can do to shape
we learned a lot about it by doing this fuckin show or changing reality brian well a lot of people to realities being changed because the show they get access to different ideas now they don't exist do not exist and i think they do a thing don't exist about that oh that how about we we have been created by the people's imaginations to rescue them from south dakota about that kid in their world you don't exist fuck on a hippie bullshit is s folks this is no way to end a sensible podcast the great john mcafee on the run and belize this is in a wonderful experience glad you came along with us and i saw a magical mystery tour we will be back to morrow i loved so well tomorrow fairly early like newness with the great duncan trestle i got some shit i gotta do it
afternoon so thou be tomorrow's podcasting than thursday the one and only eddie mother fucking bravo and that will also be around the same time which is twelveth p m pacific time you fuckin freaks and also those will be done with shitty internet so good luck trying to watch it on you stream but will have it when itunes and will eventually get that internet thing figured out even if i have to call congressmen to get joe i'd on the phone we're gonna straightness out finally domain donation we're gonna work i'm we're gonna keep it together we're gonna make it grow we're all in this freak ride together and then say brian eighty nad always beautiful people other socket i wouldn't prob december twentieth american comedy co in san diego twelve twelve twelve ok you you heard it all there you fox we'll see you brian will be with me and the great don control
the saturday night in austin texas at the movie theater aren't you fucks we love the shit out sharia whenever anticipate any this happening and were enjoying every step of the way and we love the fuck out of here he soon bye bye
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