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#291 - Duncan Trussell, Brian Redban - Date: 11/28/2012

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Duncan Trussell, Brian Redban - Date: 11/28/2012
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Ladies and gentlemen, were taken crazy chances here. So what duncan- and I have decided to do is start a podcast with no video none, none whatsoever because of my whack ass, can internet connection here, internet connection here sucks a fatty that which can be a good thing socially and say it sucks affect our cause. If you're, a woman or you're gay there's nothing wrong with sucking the falcon accurately like a lot, but you shouldn't feel bad about the fat people have facts seems like no one place that doesn't go, unfortunately fell. People, we entirely generally did I have like the best Cox thank the Kurds from God is the one place your fat can't can't fucking? travel to you as the one place, you'd, probably like a little beggar. Well, that's the big argument, for you know when people say that you shouldn't take performance, enhancing drugs, athletics that allow these athletes and they want a level
field, but it's not level genetically. It's never level there. There's people that just there just contagious through genetics or not that good they disabled, really hard time getting in shape, have a really hard time losing weight. So you admit a lot of them addicted by the way a lot of people addicted two corn, sugary full sure does their addicted It is a real addiction like there's withdrawal. Symptoms like you, refilling, shit. We haven't you crave Mably, yeah, there's so many things. People are dead to do that. They have no idea there addicted to. They just think they are living in a normal pattern, but their hooked on shit, I'm addicted to good internet. Yeah I'm day, I'd like to do the internet man fuck. When you get a nice internet flow, it's the best swamp. We had a miscommunication Brian, he thought were the studio so he's on his way,
so Duncan Rowan Soul over the first hour, it so cool man. It's this studio is going to be bad ass, dear it's interesting because it's in them the embryonic stages Everything is right. Now, it's like, so funny how all these weird little ships are happening everywhere you dont want to believe in the mind calendar because it seems like such MRS Haug has, when no commercial, too, about that oh sure, fuck the commercials. Ladies and gentlemen, today, the z, commercial, free pie, cashless checks and allowed to commercial announced what you're talking about am like this is a thing of just realise man, because I got in everyone is talking about. The planet is going through a shift like there's a lot, and I was thinking like holy shit is true. You no one Israel started blasting Gaza recently Every time. A kid got blown up. You would must immediately see pictures of the Father care, the child through the streets.
And I an in there endeavours outrage, outrage everywhere, Evans. I know no start no, and I was thinking out. This is the shift they're talking about it's not like some magical, like fairy, does shed its that were so connected now that act. The violence that would have gone unnoticed or to completely ignored, are now like making people all over the planet pissed off and that's it difference from the way things used to be you course. I know right now: people are Gabbett. Thirty thousand people died in Syria and nobody detention that are in the same level that they paid attention to Israel in Gaza. But I think that more because the Israel conflict it seems like the thing that's going to circus into a world war. I think that's part of my people are worried about it, but regardless this can. Tivoli that's happening is making it so that People are becoming less and less tolerant of violence. It seems but
it's really hard to be tolerant of something when you see at first hand right when it happens. When you see that look of in pain on the on the face of a father carrying the crumpled corpse that kid got blown up. It's like real. Fucking hard to You know, I guess it's just a necessary part of you know. This is just what humans do. It's like? No, maybe it ain't. Maybe this is now a humans do anymore, and that's that shift they're talking about Yale tickets and instantaneous ships, but it certainly happening certainly happening. This is no way you can avoid the the images now, there's. No way that you can, you can silence people can't it's just too hard for the four stuff. Her heart this acts to not get exposed just too hard. We live in a crazy age yeah. Nobody wants to die and nobody wants to blow people up. We want,
I'll get along. We want all big loved. Everybody. Has the same wants and needs every person, so then it becomes a matter of programming. It comes it becomes a matter of letting all these people be aware that this is a hustle. We don't need to be a war, each other, we don't even know each other man. This is courageous, Ynez YAP. It has nothing to do with us, and this idea that you hate us. We hate you. We don't even know you that has Stop it doesn't make any sense anymore. Do to you. Want the same things that I want and if I didn't want them for you, I would be a hypocrite. If I didn't want health in half as for you, strange person from a strange land, if I didn't want, if I didn't want to smile and see you enjoy playing with your kids and having a good time and having a prosper, economy, what kind of a cunt when I be What kind of a shitty fucking person I be, so The problem is that we have a bunch shitty people fighting with a bunch of other shitty people and they record all of humanity this?
Shittiest instinct is keeping us the most fear, the most on edge or its out. It's all these angry. Looking it's pretty much. Now pretty much ninety nine percent of the time the camera will always land on an angry. Looking old guy he's, like I just with we have no choice. We have to do it everyone's. We have no choice. We have to do it. We have no choice, you never see anyone is like yeah. I just love blowing the fuck out of people. It's really fun. It's always. We just have no choice if no other option- and it's always an angry All- do- which is why part of the shift its happening is why just happen without bomb, and I know a lot of people. Fuckin hate obama- I'm not fond of him because of his alot of this the arresting the farmers in the robot things that blow up kids in Africa, I stand sack, but still
We think that infuriates or drives Glenn back to the point where he drops a picture of Obama into a bottle a piss. Did you see that there is no way that Glenn leg no way? Look everyone back, Obama, P buddy, its ppm. Oh my god, anything that derives Glenn back into a fury of frenzy or pushes and closer to the edge that he's teetering on worries we can do something really really is a is awesome to me, but yeah. Citizens sanity. They show that it is. They can even be real. Oh my God, Obama and Pii Pii Pii Pii do that is a grown man and he still uses the term p p, his brilliant I think I I really wonder whether or not he is like what he said. Good like ice
under whether not he's a troll. Like almost like a religious preacher he's so good. I wonder how many would really be less of is really bright. Guy who's, this making money off dude. I e, for I have no question that Glenn backs of bright timid that exists in character. No, I think it's more like. I think it's a kid. I can amplify case of his personality, but I do know that he feels very, like get the sensitive feels very self righteous. He feels very, very much like he's like carrying of a big cross through this world. You seemed kind of slow down during interviews. Winning in law and his schedule, which scared, he just busy me now he's got what he's got work to do. Traveling the world and sewing demon eggs in the reins of idiots he's breezy. Did he really put it Obama Doll in Piss yea dead,
oh my god great did he had to make a point. Man do you can die from shit like that they there's people out there that will kill you for what for doing things like that, yes, symbolists people will get really believe that there are some magic and symbols and when you do shit, let's go but like when you bought. The flag burn, a bible piss on the constitution, whatever all that stuff people of you? If you do that in front of the wrong person, they will spring at you in here. He did it. While he was wearing an apron that makes it do sheer. I think, though the worse part most events of part of the whole thing is the use of the word p p, how he so crazy. I'm watching this is his insanity. We can't play the audio for you because I'm retarded works. Just look. There's no plan back right here. It doesn't french accents
I can't believe I'm really watching this hand glimpse alone, he's fucking co, raising lawyers, he got off the rails, dunked Obama has at its has folks. If you have not seen you gotta, go to you too, before they pull it off. In my, he pulled off by the time you get there. Thank you, mad stags glue and back did Obama Babo head in urine, holy shit. Man and is doing in this hush tone like it's very he at it's very Thea. Jerk, and he now he's daunting the Obama, doll and piss. Think he'd thinks it. That's gonna like infuriate leftists, like he's trying to make a point like he thinks that, like
left, this are going to see him. Do that, be like no and be offended, and then he can be like see. Everyone gets offended by this man. I can decide if these brilliant or a moron. You carry praise, you can be a makes guides. Ai Weiwei. Trying to isolate was wrong with them, where much, get get an exact reading and what's wrong with a visa to you now, man he's is easy, entertainer for sure for sure for sure and entertainer and definitely he's got a political he's deeply in a deeply political and an also he's a mormon he's a really still is converted. He converted the Mormons, which is high Larry. I had a joke about it, in my view, that's a reason. Why mormons are so terrified of gay marriage, because if someone can talk, you gonna being a Mormon
probably talk units of getting it does need a little more alone tie with guys clever enough. If you're a grown man get talked into being a mormon, that's one of those come on man, yeah man, funny funny bounty to put if you're, like a billion area gives put out about me. I will give fifty million dollars to any man who can get Glyn back second cock now, Glenn books too rich, but if you're out, if you him, when he was doubtless damp area, when it is already his pants up in a corner, did he ever have a cocaine period or anything like that seems like a guy look who probably recover. I think he ran through some bad times are not positive. I saw Mona on an interview and he was with someone else who is in a night the it seem like there is some like commodity there they were. A boat had like gone into the dark place. Yeah he's clean, sober, yeah
you show man, I mean look Definitely have him on this show before I would be on his show right, because I could I can those shoulda done. Do Tito's had Ray Kurzweil, honest she D. Really, yes, it was the most confusing flabbergasted thing ever as like yeah talk, about the future with Ray Kurzweil. Well he's not any. It Glenn backs on media this. This thing, he did with the Obama thing he's silly trolling people yet obviously trying rapid reaction, and even that being the morn enemy. Who knows him, I did it for his wife might did, because it makes his image better. It helps him out and by the way mormons of fuckin nice people, Man some, the nicest people have ever met, or Mormons it's really crazy. How nice there. So if you want to go a community to be a part of
don't be an enormous bread. They support when you, when you dig baloney. Surface and eagle. Ok, why do you still have all this other stuff in here? Why can we'd, be Mormons just be like all the good parts, while being a moment being nice to each other. The sense of community they have arguments are great helping each other out these Mormons and are always like. There was have homeless people over the house. There was helping right or village. Were nice people, but that then the wax stuff comes in the Joseph Psmith Shit, we're magic rocks in the the angels taking the golden tablets away. Bees all fuckin craziness you gotta just take that out at a certain point time. Yet it's it's a real. It's a real, problematic thing that happens or those types of religion because they get and as you know, that is to the live for the whole thing is what they call face, but that usually just means believing bullshit and effort.
Now that doesn't always mean that there's like an eye. There is a great idea in faith and the idea that you're gonna be upheld by the universe that the universe. Well, if you really believe like when you dive off diving born, you ve been training a bunch and you just let your body do the thing, I think that's a form of fate, but there It is like when I was hanging out the hard Christmas for a little while I mention this before, but there like a text that I didn't agree. What now the hurry Christians were started by this guy named his device. Grace AC debate on the Swami probability, was this indian? You came over and like some Now it's a really crazy story. You came we're like twenty bucks and which is sitting in a part chaining our Krishna and hippy just started like gathering around this old indian man, like you, know, chanting. This mantra kind of sucked into it, and then that started the this huge religion? It was a huge religion for a while, but
the latter, that of its very fundamentalist religion and some of them not all of them, but some of them are very fundamentalists and, like I was talking to one of them saying you know, I don't really. I agree with what provide says here in this text and the guys like, We don't say that we disagree with real a proper part we say we don't understand. You have probably thought you. Any kind of worship like that of a person is, as you become older and wiser, you realize silly. That is that the truly enlightened person would be the one who would be the most reticent the most likely to try to get you to understand that were all the same, They would not want special treatment, a truly enlightened person. The last thing you would want to some weird special treatment like
Denying of you know anything they say. You're infallible is yeah the demand that that's that blasphemy or whatever you call it whether we want to lay, but this is this- that tendency of human beings is too and its it's just absolute laziness because of you, we believe, like ok, for knows everything so a Frank says: it's right I'll have to think about anymore, because it's right, it's ultimate laziness. It's not activating the power your brain. It try information breaks down, explores it. Try to stand why people believe it is a real and if it's not real, you have to scarlet, and that gets you close the truth, and the truth is what we're all going for, but there kinds of religions. They actively encourage Staying away from the truth and to the point where they will say that the truth is Whispers of Satan, try to lead. You down are wrong path, they will say it's the devil.
It's getting into your head and trying to get you to study evolution, urge the devil. That's getting into your head. Asking you: is there really a cry in history, that the power of Lucifer. That sort of like you now doing, think it can to confuse people. Does a christian group that says that having demons, tax makes you gay who, seeing this the most recent one. This is I mean I can I see. I see shit like this, like ok are the troll and are they Glenn back in this thing or they and what are they doing? Are they being serious? Are they trying yet attention wages. Let's hear it The reigning scientific consensus on sexual orientation is that its inherited biological trade? That's it because scientists dont know how to party. Ok, I'm reading the exact words the sky wrote on alternate based, What they're saying is that
demons. Engage in sexual behaviour is with humans, the magazine ass. Well, yes, I can go to experiment right now. The ideas that that that's that's were gay people come from having sex with demons. Demon demons have sex, to create gay people so way when two demons fuck a gay person, pops out I felt like areas, I'd love to watch that. What's the idea their job me what's idea that doesn't make any sense like when to this embodied beings. Fuck a gay person is born of this woman is a book called consequences and she says the spiritual rapists often pray.
Pain. People by performing sexual acts through nightmares and erotic dreams, and some people become so dependent upon these demonic experiences that they actually look forward to them. Who wouldn't anybody who has been attacked by them, will tell you they're worried they could not find that pleasure with mortal people. Ever since you fuck that dream, and you imagine this is a grown adult, says: Adams, who claimed she was once possessed by sexual demons. I bet she. While I bet that bitch was a freak. If you really believe that see when you that's when across alive, when he cried when you, when you start talking about demons, you have crossed some fuckin crazy line. That is not a good line across well, once you talk to deem, oh yeah. Once you get into the land of demons, will it out of the prominent? It all depends man if you literally believe in demons across the fucking lie. But if you say that there's demons,
you can say that you believe that God has a plan for us all and everybody go yeah yeah yeah, but if you say, there's demons and their about all the time and they're trying to influence us. They want to have sex with you in your sleep, You know what it is. It is due to its like it's a rudimentary way of trying to talk about something out. So it's like a just war. Just tools in my mind, words are just tools to try to get you to a state where happy in your life. You know what I mean. So if you want to paint a picture where there demons that climate your ears and tell you to smoke a cigarette, if that's gonna help you not smoke, do it just Believe that there's little you know it's like, but that's what this yield when the when people are talking about demons. They're talking about an actual physical yeah yeah see. That's all that's that Americans gets crazy. But you can climb out of the crazy pool and you can use, gives men all these fucking symbols lying around the floor of all these religions therefore
untasted tools, you can use to try to overcome weakness inside of yourself their fantastic tools there, their great you just you start really believing that there dis disembodied, evil super intelligent force that exists in the universe and focuses on christian to try to get him to jerk off the porn. What that is That is insanity. I mean that's such a loser. Crazy, fucking idea, but if you will that there is like acknowledge parts you yourself for whatever reason don't give a fuck up. Your body and love the tasted that sweet cigarette smoking sucked into your lungs. It's true there because there's like there's a by vocation and people words like one parties like man, I do not want to fuckin smoke cigarettes, I do not want to get drunk tonight. I don't want to eat the fucking fried chicken today. I don't want it there's a part of yourself. The activists like I want to be like this, then there's this other fuckin party yourself. That way
kicks in his like, let's do it one more time for old time's sake. What are you They were going to turn this around will turn this around. Tat, a little more fun and that voice we'll get you do down this terrible dark spiral path where you wind up like be smelling like fucking, rotting, salami covered. Jazz trash scattered all over your fuckin house. So I you know that's the shadow Corleone called that the shadow. What is in your life that the biggest thing that you felt like got you like that, like what is is anything got you like really like seductive cigarettes, cigarettes are the most are the worst man I'd like house. I still dude. I still do it after shows. I will bomber cigarette and I'll be out there. How do you trust yourself to stop at one or two? I don't do that where it's fucked man, because, like now starting this like I am Sir
they get in this training thing on train or coming tomorrow. This thing I keep yapping about doing sitting on my website the iron Lord Meat shift challenge. Anybody wants to participate or going to teach you how to get in shape with barbells and a fucking exercise. Ball: butt now that I'm getting into this fucking thing I'm really actively like seeing what I'm doing to myself, because I know that I've got it. I just have to change, but it's like yeah man there's no way it's it's awful it Agnes. It is not its though it's the opposite of the way anybody wants to be. Nobody wants to be in a vehicle where they can control the Fuckin steering wheel. It's terrible. What is the feeling of the pool of the cigarette its accounts? nation of nicotine addiction and pure fuckin habituation man, it's it's Mechanical work bonds to something that I picked up a long time ago, when I was you know when you're doing stand up, you go. Stage, you're fucking, freaked out when you first start off, and then you decide to smoke, and you know what that's not even sure, because before that I was smoking smoke,
acts a day You know I used. I would buy a pack of cigarettes, yeah, stupid, stupid, but but but. It scare it's scary, but it teaches you met. This is a really cool thing about addiction as that, it's it's so fucking, terrible but simultaneously, you can look at your addict and recognise how powerful your mind is when you see that your mind can literally chain your action to some event to some thing, if you think About that, if you can control yourself and apply that same energy to something healthy same latching on that same like this is the way I am the new. Suddenly now you have this iron will in your whole, life will flower. I think attics examples of real strong people in reverse. It's like really strong people using their strength to fuck themselves up why that's a fascinating way of putting it
and you know what we're that really comes into play. When the super duper successful people all the sudden become addicted to drugs like a Whitney Houston. Yes, you know like when Whitney Houston become addicted to drugs. I remember thinking like while that is really soup I say because her voice was so powerful should so much talent you now that, like you, would think, like a woman like that like a smooth sailing. You know, she's, just the her life dislike she's got nailed. She knows how to address like an angel and she seems like a nice person in interviews the Abbe, it exuberant do. You know, Like allotted it's, not like a lot of these people, are like creeping into the drugs for escape its moral, oh my god, I can't believe if this is happening, let's do so fuck and heroin just for fun- you're still exuberant, suddenly feel like this. You feel, like you, a dream and fantasy land and, like you, ve, got like the access to the full in his fucking drugs available. You know, it was easy and throw it starts, offers this exuberant fun thing, and then
habitable, you find yourself up to your fucking waste and quicksand medium Fourthly, in your just trapped in this weird fucking world, where, if you're not the largest talking to a friend of mine who she said that her friend decided find a try heroin and then, like was snorting here, one little bombs, just like a couple bumps airline and then like two days pass and she's like the done it for a few days now just for fun and maybe one other couple of days right. You know I don't after this we're done and then stops she's like now physically addicted. She starts fuckin. Throwing up. You know what I mean: she's, getting sick she's, getting second she's like so then she just like you start you after this is decision? Like all right, I don't know and to be sick like this right now. So I'm gonna do a little bit more heroin, because I've got to take care that shit and then I'll go. There are bad weakened. I guess
bad. We can never gums until you run out of money and you you know what I mean, but that's how it works its this slow, fucking boil that happens with addiction. It doesn't happen all at once it's the same way with working out like when I start working out. The first, like few weeks, is like it so but it feels good, but it sucks. But then, if I could after a month straight than I have work out like you wake up and getting it. I gotta go to the generally circular antsy and weird. So it's thing, but it's with heroin, dude and so stunning. Just a thought behind that is so stunning that a chemical can take over your body yeah and the you you you get that to it in some sort of a weird wayward shifts your body and needs you all the time. That's a real demon. The demon, but that's that's. That's a terrifying thing that the the heroin oxy cotton type thing. That's a terrifying thing, because I've seen it
people that were really ambitious people really. I knew this one guy was like really healthy, clean, just a fucking, a good guy, you know worked hard, might have been a little on the creepy side. Then he gets a back. Injury gets his addiction to Oxycontin and become totally different persons dead by forty dead, the voice. Forty five was fallen asleep. Likewise talking to people just not off and false, falsely been its food meanness seen I've seen it with not just one guy Siena. What several people I knew one. Guy, you hurt himself any hurt himself in Texas and then moved California, and he got prescriptions from both doctor cuz. You didn't feel like going all the way back to Texas, and then it became this thing like oh, how we got all these feels, so they start just taking them, and then he got out of control, and then he was you know, taking them all the time and couldn't get off of them. Yeah man I mean do this is like a proper I mean. God knows there is a huge percentage of people listening or in our price jack damp.
Oh man, I've talked to people on Facebook or like trying to the outgoing doing ebbene treatments and trying trying to rewire their brain it. It is. It is fighting scary, scary, man, and it's like this is the crazy. Which is why I love that Can you symbol systems to try to like analyze, life and more colorful way, sciences, assemble system, that's like Blue, reform is as itself working, efficient and well. Like is an amazing thing, but that doesn't mean that you can't use some of the more like flowery symbol systems to analyze. Going on in your life, which is why, like, if you to carry this idea of the demon of addiction further, Interestingly enough in, like idea of summoning demons. Is that before you do it? You ve gotta, protect yourself you, after, like you're, always to be. You know it's always the wizards in the circle and if you step out of the circle, you're fucked we ideas, you're supposed to have this iron will end. Drugs in any
variants, any fucking experience if you're and adapt and if you're intelligent, and powerful enough. You can almost any experience into something positive that you can he's too like understand the world. You can use every exe is a lens that you can look through, infinite space where than it helps. You understand the World Europe so drugs, if drew any drug any good. Damn drug. You're going to learn something from it for sure whether you need to learn. That is something you should ask yourself. If it's like something you need to know but you know whatever. It is fucking dirty crystal meth. If you do still math once urine. Stand, why there's a crystal meth problem in the world and you'll have a real and standing of the psychology of someone who would want that saw blade blasting through their fucking brain, you know you'll understand something. You think that every cop who goes after crystal meth junkie should be forced to try. Yes totally.
Totally totally man, because Yak is like then you're, gonna you're, going to be a little more scared when you deal with his flock, because they are crazy, dude. That is like that. That is a terrible terror, drug, but if you do it you'll understand if you Heroin once you understand you understand where a lot of great music came from. I guess, if you do harrowing once if you do LSD D is not physically addictive exaggerate whatever it is you, but if you do heroin once it seems like that's incredibly slippery path, very few people to go down the heroin path and don't it, well. That's why you gotta be. If you're going to do this shit, you got don't do this thing, everyone does whatever and doesn't do heroin everyone's like bag. I know minus. He was like you know, are that old, saying nobody does heroin. No one does heroin for the first time is like I wanna, be a junkie everyone just starts avenues, silly kind of like I'm just explore in the world. But if you go into a like this, is a deadly demon
that, for whatever reason, I want someone to understand the feeling of it, then fuckin but you know what you were gonna scare me just saying it's crazy, but there's other: let's take it out of the world of drugs, but there's a lot of people who Really. This is a terrible piece of advice. Didn't really say to do here and to understand heroin? Do you really don't have to? U dont? How please, my friends, don't do fuckin heroin you morons going to spend that money spent on pharmaceutical great India? May we do that That's great zone. I do not endorse. Nor does a durable experience does endorse that in Brussels. Descriptions and guys, listen, Roma mediation, I'm an account, and this is a character idea trouser. I dont do any of this shit man. I work on five file, my no, that was Mcafee excuse for Thee the long length lean, informative posts, showing him cooking up all these
drugs that it was an elaborate role that he was. You know that if he had really done that, like you say, was saying that if he really formulated something that was a new version of Niagara like you, you would make billions of dollars like why, wouldn't you were market, this hyper sexual, hi perceptual exiled. Allow people won't be smoking. I think back after guide charm, that guy's face, even though he wasn't on bats are a kind of fuck. The pr campaign for bad jobs that in what they said, he might have been a bad thoughts, but they didn't have a test for my favorite. Arapahoe bath salts phenomena is dislike and wondering I'll never know is the number of fuckin teenagers. You like snorted soap after that stuff happens because they really thought he I have of it. That's because I was a kid. If I heard
that's all I get you so I that you're sure face off. I would immediately better my mom's bathroom trying to pass out kid this snow, this shit, we need you. Would you just try to give high on everything and anything tat when I was it? Well, I mean goddamn your fuckin bored. I mean like in the beginning, you're doing that and it solely based on a lack of access to like really good marijuana lsd. So, like your does, fuckin board you you get. That is what you do. You get the anarchists and that is a flea market. You find it at some sketchy place where guys also sell. A nice was swastikas item of fuckin anarchists good book need take that back to your house. You sneak you, don't let your mom see it. Remember the anarchists cookbook. I do remember the pay of already read it. It like it was the next Norma Con, like it glowed with dark energy and so as they like it. It like,
recipes in there, like so dumb like how to make molotov cocktails and shit so you'd, be like your mama, be at work and you be mixing this awful Costick brew and like throwing fucking soda bottle filled with gasoline in the yard. If you clearly missing the point, man point is it was like hipster credit to have that around like you're a coup mother fucker, Do I read the anarchists cookbook cool where we're closed anarchists man? Yes, glee, unsafe pages, you brother, he's cute now remember the cover it was fucking black and it like was really like this. Like think there might have been a scowl on it, but I know that there was like a star fun. On the front I mean you felt like you'd found something that was in got world war. Two bunker like this. Shit was hard core man ahead and, like it had in a bullshit like how to get high from banana appeals, was in there
like ban and even as what they called it. Like a dude, I tried I fucking cook banana appeals. Eating nutmeg recommends eating nutmeg, which apparently does what does work. I ain't nutmeg, it tastes like shit, didn't do and you got somewhere gas love magnet various weights in that yeah. You would just. You would do that until I, you know you actually found some ass until the ass, it came in a town and then I was great early. Out of the grateful dad shows to pick up she look and nutmeg so let us do that there is it inside people there. Clearly an instinct to get high its in an endeavour to take that away to tat to do they ve done with it is like causing so many problems like there are just that. You know that for there was such a taboo against it, and I think kids would be less likely to get his fucked up as they do on this task as their sneaking around. Here I mean when marijuana becomes fully legal fully,
go when you know if, if that happens a hundred years in our twenty years. From now on, everyone's I get whatever its weed this kind of loses a little bit like the magic in autumn. It's it's gonna lose. It loses alive. A little bit of that like get around like. This is like the same thing. Why sometimes like chicks, are due It will get off on cheating truck and I'm in the shadows in a hotel room when my secretary, oh God, made no one ever find out about this Is that added? Like oh, it's thrill thrill yet so when you remove that thrilled and suddenly it's like a whatever smoking weed, who cares? It's not that don't get that extra charge of like sneaking around and doing it. I mean like it Coffee was illegal, thereby contain agers with I do too coffee machine handsome beans, skyline of some coffee yes,
It's just like. Whenever you make anything taboo, you invest it with its own kind of mystical energy. Will you also people, don't like suppression so Y ever Features, daughter ones have been a slut cry. They did not that shit yeah? Don't respond well to someone else, trying to deny Is there an individual, the idea of their own ability to learn and make choices? And are you that's like a very important part of parenting? You gotta be really careful that you don't like. I know people that are like super hard core. On the kids and the kids are rebounding now the kids are like now in their teenage years and you seeing the repercussions of these fucked up child rearing skills that these people have in their kids like really like hard core rebelling down, have ailing do parents screaming and yelling at them and throwing things anthem that shit can be avoided? a really. I really do think that can be avoided, but you have to treat people like their individual human beings. You gotta do is the any suppression.
You tell a person that you cannot have marijuana. Marijuana does destroys of soya marijuana, ruins, civilizations and marijuana, destroys families and marijuana puts people in jail. Marijuana is a terrible plight on the community. When you have that that mindset coming you and you know that shit does resonate with you, you're gonna make sex better, not mix food tastes better, come off, it makes movies cooler come on. What are you saying when, when, when you have that battle, when you have that situation it's always going to be like a subtle thrill attached to them, marking the marijuana took as you fucking. The man tell me a solution. I can't I can't have some marijuana. You do revolution smoking right now in the dark eyed and from other people. To tell me I can smoke. We because what it what it does is. It removes the exhibitionist,
Poland of it, so that there is no longer any charge in it. This is like when in any no and when going you gay marriage is just accepted and when there is gay people who are now there's no more closet is no one. Fucking cares it's gonna lose like it. Gay, I think, for a lot of people had a certain kind of like you know too like, St Cross Street Crag and then not just gonna go away. You know it would the moment things become the moment. The white shines on things all that all that weird dark shadow we should around. It goes away and it becomes things become more and more normal, which is why man to get back to this weird idea like some, demons, are going out into the fringe. This is why sometimes sailing your boat no like there were really weird waters like you know, you know you're doing something fuckin, which he is when you man, I can't I couldn't tell my friends I was doing this year.
Like when you're out in those places. Those are some places where you can gather some serious information with a view to treat it like that That's the idea! The moment you don't treat it like that. That's where you get into trouble. It's like the moment used. You don't treated as like, I'm actually trying Almaty or fishing fur likes novelty. I want to I bad ass information system, I world gets a little bigger than you know that's fucking awesome, but when you're, just like oh yeah, I got to fuck horse on a pay. The fuck some bars. That's what you know what I mean or whatever it is that you're doing that's like when you're that's when you get lost It's gotta, be you gotta, have intention behind what you're doing and that intention should be getting secret bits of information cow standing them and then articulating that
people around you so their betters their life. You know that's the idea, so the ideas get sued close to being a junkie and snapped back and start a seminar yeah, that's her. I have escaped day by day, Munson pop a pay as you, you gotta. Yet it's it's more like man when you read like some fucking, great God, Damn poetry like when you read I damn I Kublai Khan. Who the fuck, Coleridge Kublai Khan Jaso rhyme of ancient mare neck. I was smoking fucking opium. You know yeah man did, how does it go a damsel with a dose of Erin A? I saw she was a fair Abyssinian made an honor dull summer. She played singing amount Aberdeen. Could I revive within me that symphony and song to such a deep d It would win me that with music loud and long I would build. Domes and air. Those sunny domes those caves of ice and all
You should see them there and all should cry. Beware. Beware. His flashing eyes is floating hair cross yourselves with wholly dread and weave a circle round and thrice for he on honeydew with FED and trunk the milk of Paradise the is that in your head it? How did you remember that cause I forget memorize? It is so beautiful, but when you I think about where they came from, that come from coffee? Did right, that one didn't come from a guy is like I'm going to have a couple of cups of coffee and then go play golf get to work to work on this infrastructure from someone going into the place that, like probably a narcotic, had to offer hanging out in there for a little while coming and then voicing that kind of sense of novelty and beauty and spaciousness and wildness that that state gave him. And you know, I'd love to I'd love. Do I believe that I know you don't you and I don't think you need it, and I am certainly not advocating doing narcotics. I say: stick to this academics. We
need. Now is so strong man. If you gave that two people back in the opium days, they probably pretty impress, but you know what I mean like you: don't have to die. Don't do that shit that gets fucking hooks in you and if you are going to do it like do it really be real, really understand yourself. First, maybe the rule should be before you. Do the narcotics get a six pack. I don't trust myself. I don't trust myself to do Heroin trust my summing up do coke. I don't trust myself enough to do anything about it. I hate alcohols the only thing that trust myself with their because It seems to me in my limited amount of experience that the alcohol addiction is a genetic one, and if you have it or you don't have it and it also cannot be a psychological one if you just need loaded other Tom time. You're you trying to escape reality. There seems to be a couple different types of addictions when it comes to alcoholism, but I think you either
you either no it or you don't, because I have friends that, like great Fitzsimons, he can't drink scandal. Dry, his its he's irish, it's in his blood, it's and was blood. He can't fucking direct drinks. He'll just keep drunken Tate takes another one. He can't drink this you can't and then there's guys like you and I can have a beer, no problem yet have a couple of years have a shadow, whiskey and the next day. I feel like shit, yes, but we're fine. We don't need to do to get it's not There's no hook noted attics. One of my friends is an ugly is an exact sobered up here is telling me how, like they targeting antsy at a certain time at night, because they know that the liquor store stop serving beer of your party, there's like some moment where you start getting weird, because you know you gonna make the beer on the get enough here's to last until the store opens again and even go and get more beer.
That's the way they bank I've never got out, one of never got the alcohol one. So that's the only thing I fuck with that's addictive, but when I see people letter I for in our friends in a trice coke donated do some coke and Lecoq coke really low with a fine that shit I've done Cargan, I hate it I've. Never seen anybody do not, since I was like, maybe in high school and I was in high school, I saw some people. Do it at a party and arab friends might forget my friend Jimmy looking up a main gaunt. Don't do this stuff, you'd love it don't do and I was like woe dude. I dont think I love it. It's like an gnawing powder, rather how we wouldn't of loved it. Then, when I was young crazy, probably would have loved that was retorted, we're talking about. Let go it's like seventeen or eighteen years old Dude I'd rather hang out with a fucking I'd rather hang out with, like the most fundamentalist, hard core right wing, homophobic, Christian. Ok, you know, day of the week
maybe because our guys, probably a cook at I would like to thank our Fucking Harcourt fundamentalist Christian Coca Thou, be amazing, is somehow rationalize. It at work should be amazing until the gunshots air revulsive gunshots, those guys always go out- hardcore, fuck cocaine. I eat all that Shit Mcafee, God that we have in the park who's talking about how wired did a piece on him and they turned into a personality, peace and that's where he was really pissed off. In other uses photo of me, but I look at the foot of the fall of is: is him shortlist carrying a gun I, but he paused, for that? Patter of him short was carrying a gun like There's no pictures of you shirt was carrying a gun. There's nothing on exists. If you wanted to make a picture of you, shortlist Kerrigan you'd have to ask you to pose for it I knew you would so it uses a fuckin photo that you pose for here, you'd make it
Gotta get right. What's going on here. Yeah right is what it is. You is the story of what it is and he was upset that they were doing a personality piece on him. You know, and he wanted them to tell a story. Police and corruption, which I guess it's very valid. I guess it's really not a good place in the study, was owned by or rather is started by pirates and never really got legit, and he said they asked him for like two million dollars and donations and psych really craziness like get the screws put. All of this is the is the classic thing that happens on people are trying to sell magazines as it's like. Nobody, to hear about whatever corruption we I here, we want crazy here shortly. He's got a gun this and what I said do less it. You have to understand. That, probably is what drew people in, and I told them that drew me in. I got here in this story of others, Billy air, a virus antivirus software guy who now lives.
Believe me, I bank Seventeenyearold checks any May or may not be taken in de PV, whatever the fuck. It is something that makes you hyper sexual. When you mate, he may or may not be cooking it in the lab. That he has in his back yard, yeah yeah I mean your sphere that when people are doing, you may or may not want the other end of bass, alt one. You know I'll, let you know you, somebody else for the job could be due to pass man. I won't you pass article talks myself. Ok, bye, there's nothing so dont entrusted with a weak, ass bladder. Yeah? Well, you in an hour we did pretty good. It did pretty good. This is the second podcast from the new place and where we are obviously not really up and running yet this this. This whole thing takes time and its a bit of a pain in the ass in the big pain. The ass right now is our internet connection. An internet connection is not
sufficient for streaming video here, it's it's a high level dsl, but the up the upload sucks its eighty u verse, and so what we're gonna try to do is we're gonna get a dedicated line. I guess it's like a t. Three, it's gone and that'll make it so that we can upload it at sufficient speed. So that's where we stand so for a while we're going to be doing just these audio ones, mixed with shit, video and right now and there's not even ship video attached to this is just me and Duncan, because I'm not really bright enough to understand all the buttons work and Brian stuck, traffic. So when he gets here will turn out a little bit of video, it's kind of funny how many more people listen to the audio, though then the video I think public. Ninety percent of the people listen to the audio, but it's me sense because was not like we're fuckin dancing around or anything you Sidney talk.
It's only like to real hard, cold, hard core dogs and want to see our face. While this is going on the majority of people, listen to this- are on treadmills or something rather a hike. You didn't you say so was listening. This in a basement, unlike Danny eligible Ellie, told me that there is a guy who was it there's two guys that we're in Gaza and one guy was one of the Israelis that was worried, that it was going to begin a war and he was a million from Jerusalem and the other guy was a guy who's in his fuckin basement, whose in Palestine, who went down there to hide what shelter and had nothing. Pie castle is this, is it is? It is basement hiding from bombs and listen to the podcast, and so they will listen to a european gas. There were listening, Daniel able alleys she's, the drunken Taoist on Itunes and all the sun has become
but I ask that this area- and I was like, while is the idea that people listening to this part cast it while war was going on around them and that no one's making any sense and that to them they like what the fuck is Nobody doing our that have nothing to do with this. I'm just a person who happens to live as volatile part of the world and with you guys like that, guy's, one of us. Yes, both of them are in their own supposedly on different teams, but I bet you there, more in common because he lives in our podcast than they they do. You know when they don't. You know, I mean I mean that they probably would get along great, ensure those two due to elicit the podcast got together and met somewhere. You know most of these worlds, goddamn great man they're just fucking list. It is this that yeah, it's it's. A real hot, fine and silly thing all this in time. Man and I thought I really do think it shifting man the more I think about it. Christ
Just listening to Ray Kurzweil talk about his new Fuckin book man I heard of it. MP, arduous. Like that, I should get back, I'm park arraign melting ice sentiment, email yesterday, but it's like I'm gonna, try, unplugging monument Monday with me. Yes, yes, dude. I love him and he's like he was talking about One of the things he was talking about is this idea here that they determined that alive actions that people make they d I did to make the action before they know they ve decided make the action here, but I don't wanna stand that doesn't make any sense because saying. They decided to make the action before they thought of the action. That's that doesn't that doesn't seem like it can really be possible. Or because they would ideas. Somehow they can. They know from scanning the the brain. What the
somewhat number the person's gonna pick her. What the persons I don't know, there's a way that they can, but isn't that knowing like when that happens, isn't that the indication that there's whenever that thing out, I'm smarter. They re like protected. You predicted before they do it. How do you predict? I don't know I don't. I didn't look at the studies by if my sweet, dear God, Ray Kurzweil saying there rarely get. I believe it I of course, but I don't understand how. How did they. I know that it's just not another function of the brain that fires first, before the decision making process. How clear we have the isolated the decision making process part the brain ass? That's what I'm confused about it! no. I dont know. Other how specific it is like the areas where they did the absolutely? No. What what what's going? like. If you see somebody like, I owe this motherfucker money shit. You know that feeling and can then recognised that in your brain amused at a certain signal. Does that fire Certain area I think they're gonna- get to that, and this is why curves
talking about is like. Who is talking to interview, I, what do you remember from your walk like from the walk you together a few days ago? What do you remember how it faces? You pass all those people you passed other, is that you saw how much of that do. You remember you remember a very small amount, so the idea is that this information were. We are indeed we're going to blend in with machines more more and this information, everything's gonna, start being recorded like the guy. Go glasses that are coming out. That kind of stuff is get. It's gonna get to the point where it it's gonna be like all. Let me take a picture of that. It's going, like hey what would happen. My keys let's rewind back two hours and you just zip through all this shit- that whatever your weird little headgear he's been recording, so stuff is going to that stuff is going to become a part. Our brain, because our brain like dispenses with so much information, and when you die, you know You die it's like your hard drive crashes. It's gone, you do can't back up our fuckin brains. That's the problem! All those memories are gone. Gone gone when you ve, when you
Ok mom kicks the bucket, that's it. Whatever she knew is gone. Grandparents gone and were entering into an era or that information is no longer going to be gone in the same way, it's gonna be like wicked grandma's tape quarter from two thousand, in thirty four and sprang on her birthday, powerful brown, red Ben he's in the house. Ladies gentlemen, he has arrived, yeah. I wonder I wonder if that is really what's gonna happen. One day, you're gonna get to a point where you're gonna, but I think that before that happens before you can download everybody's brain, deprived, be some sort of a mine melt, some sort of a connection than that we're going to undergo the dead skin it. It's gonna make all that nonsensical, you knock em does not gonna, be anyone care, go yeah! It's you like things are, moving more and more to the idea that cartels idea of a virtual world
more and more idea of connecting to see some sort of an artificial environment, some sort of a computer bank yeah man, God Damn last night, I woke up in the middle of so I can night. I just had a night. That's why I talk it. I just had a nightmare about Glenn Beck and I up in the middle of the night, thinking that, ah, what if the fuck, what? If planet earth is, is. It is like. I'm sure we ve talked about this, but you know in the middle of the night when this idea pops here at what planet earth is, is a spaceship seed and its growing do a spaceship. It's a seat of a spaceship, its growing into a spaceship right. Now, in all this coming out of it is like the tender. Of the ship beginning the like extreme. It self from this fucking seed The problem have with that idea is super volcanoes.
I am glad that you only have one problem that idea soup Super voting did I might just go off now. Yeah did you had turned up, really loves and turning it down? Ok, it was too loud, but salad, beautiful baby Hello, hello, hello, hello,. Hello, hello, yes, that's it! That's yeah art are. She was too powerful, brine ribbon mouse. I was telling the folks at home we're gonna have to get some sort of a dedicated line. Like a t, three long, guitar time, worn Warner ever get back to I'll, have it here. Has to be somewhere in eighteen t territory, so eighteen t dark place But what cable territorial you didn't do that either the judges Comcast year were too far away from wherever the fuckin connected, because these are all just office buildings.
You have a. There should be some kind of cable provider that owns this territory yeah, but they don't did all they don't do it for internet trust. Me we ve been trying we're gonna have to do some sort of a dedicated line. Did you gotta, be though the Good NEWS is that it be like it's like four point, five up and down at four point one four point: five: mags, that's horrible! You can't do that. That's that's horrible! Yeah up! Yet really that's really bad. What what do we need? Like to tear by twenty twenty max up and down some at least that's like the very, very minimal minimum. What is like a good fiber optic ice. The ice house, which is the middle package cable, is, I think, a hundred twenty up. A hundred up Jesus are no I'm sorry hundred twenty down thirty up, while maybe a more than ETA wow. That's pretty sweet their hat, but you I mean
There has to be a cable company owns this part. This area hazard, there's, there's there's places around here that use cable tv. Given these offices have to have a cable tv Adam, you no gap, but it's it's Conway. I dont have it's too far from the internet box. Will talk about the shit off here folks, unhomelike, Jesus Christ, man among a big, crazy treadmill run here. You're born fuck it shit with stupid conversations, ups and downs internet connections. These will be the mysterious days of the new studio where we didn't have together, we will just make it all the more so we ask once it's actually together and my life size version of American, where often London has done what I'm ordering the american world from London to be recruited. The war in the studio, the where will get down fuck out of course, live this is actually happening whose making that special for extra costs,
Damn man I want one. Do you wait to see what this fuckin thing looks? I've checked this already of conversations they're gonna, get paranoid and that things in air outdo ill scare. You I believe it. I know. I know the wolf, the fucking yellow. Damn I that fuckin gnashing it blinked it Blanco. We are now going to stream powerful use dream, that's a full, life version full size version, Jesus God, damn eyes that things, but that also movie folks, if you haven't seen how dare you we haven't. American oil from London is the greatest harm movie of all time. I love that fuckin moving, I used to think, but then I saw the worse harm movie of all time, what was funny games? What is Why that's what you tell yeah, it's just you either the director said the appropriate response to it is walking out half way through. This is a human created. Violence, scary movie, right,
yeah, just a heart. It's it's like the guy scene, but most every harm, but it's not monsters right a human. Now, it's not werewolves, see I'm not interested in like mean people I live. Watching a good werewolf movie from shit or a vampire me. I like watching nonsense like it showing me like some guys, gonna kill somebody with a pair of pliers every little news, I know these guys it'll! Do that? Oh! No! No! No! This is not even like this isn't like some slash reflected. This is like, when, in the directorate commentary on the infiltration of like the mainstream media and popular life and their using this, like storied alike, to articulate its deep, it's fuckin It's about fascism, but man. It is like your your stomach. What role when you watch this fucking thing highly right and it only saw the? U S version some people's the? U S version dates,
shot for shot. It's shot for Fuckin shot, it's the guy from reservoir dogs. What's his name, fuckin undercover carved from whereas Evardo rough yeah TIM authors in it he and nails idea, guys awesome. He is a lot of shit. I know. What's what do you do it plaid enough of them? seems like you northeast he's east banners motherfucker do you know what I did last night man? I went to this movie theater that fucking Quentin Tarantino ONS called the new Beverly and they greenhouse flicks twice a month in last night, there are showing a anti drug greenhouse lit cod. The acid strip or something. What exactly is greenhouse mean? I don't know I was out Chertoff I've. I wanna Google that, but I don't know who I was wondered when I saw that when I saw
He was doing those movies. The one with was a pretty girl from Charmed Fox and there is there all pretty in that they show charmed. Just fuckin awesome as it's like you know: it's like the original fucking. The original movie. So it's kind of fact out this had bud court in it. It was Shun ITALY, yeah rose Mc Gowan, that's the chick. She was in it and she was. She had like one I was gone or someone I Amber was like what the fuck is greenhouse like what what is it like an old kind of stupid, gory weird of artistic style, like I think they very this room was leg just this, do, but as funniest thing, I've ever seen like the way they try to do like they were trying to do the anti drug message in the sea.
Steve Bud Court plays this kind of rampaging happy. We are now here's the here's, a agree. This house is an american term for a theatre mainly shows exploitation, films, its named after the defunct burlesque theatres, located forty second Street New York City. Where bump and grind dancing and striptease were featured. That's crazy. Oh, that was. That's the old forty second street, that's back when New York City, like had like a really fucked up air do you remember what it was like you do? Did you ever go to New York City when those grazing no way I've heard about it, but I never went there. I was there many times when it was when it was still dangerous. It was really interesting that forty second street was a completely different place It was this. They decided they made like this act of decision to cleaner fuckin place up and take out all the bullshit and make like super like fan
friendly and super our visitor friendly. So wait what it used to was like ones, dirty little stripped, tvs and peep share in Tripoli. Movie of fuckin creepy people, creepy People hanging like you're, let's, Google, old photos of time. It's a taxi driver. It's like the movie taxi driver, that's whereas yeah yeah yeah that I remember that arose I came to New York couple times when I was in my teenage years being there wandering around what a fucking crazy placed this is man. I've family, New Jersey and with it they taken me. Two men had a few times when I was young, man, I barely remember when I was like a little kid: barely remember: I remember like fund it's dangerous. Like so big is hosting. It is dangerous
but I remember when I was like in my teenage years is when I saw like the the peep shows and all that shit. I saw those that we we came there for a karate tournament. There was a big karate tournament, this dude Madison Square Garden every year, so we came in me and a bunch of fucking soft door from Boston of Newton, even where I was from the suburbs of Boston to go to this. Raising Falcon city like we're. Essentially, Lebanon, Mayberry, Comparative your city. You have your own problems with like socially with people everywhere, but where I, where I grew up like and I went to new, south high schools like that woman, nicest high schools ever you know, you're always going to have problems with human beings, maybe get seventeen year olds and you mix them all together. It's going to be problems but like this is like very few fights. You're very few, like no one got really seriously injured you now there was
a few squabbles and people get upset with people, but other than that it was a nice place to learn. I didn't realize how easy I hadn't till you're you're in Manhattan, nearly seventy years old EU link in time screwing up what the fuck is. This place like this place is crazy. It's just one person after another who wants to fuck you and give you some new disease like one or just people. Looking to fuck people, don't people that jerk off and people. Looking at. Sit and watch someone play with their asshole in front of you. Will you be, but more you beat off in a booth, then someone queens there like that was Times square, knowing cleans at their. They did Clean, would go in there with my man. They would do. Go in there with a mob need. Look at you, you fucker, I told you when I was in San Francisco. I went to one of those places and I accident, like I've, never been to the place where, like the thing, goes up and you're in like this room and there's just a bunch of people behind this glass like fingering themselves and stuff and accidentally put my
and on the side I gotta get wet bass, not that now and make the guys like, as I think it is put my hand comic as we clean those things every between every person and then I'd watch people go in and out in those I know, you'd go, I'm watching. You play your hand and J cells. Don't worry about it, man. You have to choose between a guy punch new in the head or giving on your face. Would per country in an hour. Take the judge in the phrase you know why would you do turn king? And you know why and I'll tell you why? Because I have been personally face no fun and be I've accidently come my face and it was not that bad is delicious. Watson wasn't delicious, but it wasn't nothing that hurt spree, pretty pain free. It was warm. You know
when I was like sixteen, I was you know where I was completely retarded course. I was using method and might also teenage girls. And we did not fuck we're again we're idiots who should have been alone together so would pull out and one time I pulled out my shot it so far and hit me in the face like I was like looking. As I pulled it out. I just want to see how much came out and it hit me all right in the mug. Why more and I was like, whilst that's what it feels like It's kind of exciting put yourself to put yourself position the girls. Why do we want a hollow in the face Todd, resolute? This represents the man's passion and your face not about what from anyone other than me. Sound. I get it off filling up and once this those things that happen once that shocked with
if I'm is beating off in the car. I've only been up in a car once in my entire driving one time when I was living in Boston. I was working for a limo company and dry and how it was a long ride, was horny sledges beat off something to do. I just scored a load inside my shirt, tucked back my parents yeah, and then you know, I remember doing it and never thing and well here's some new fucked up thing. I do now because I figured out just keep doing that. Never jerked off in the car before and being like twitter there's all the whatever. I was the time. I was like one an idiot: did you really just start jerking off in the car cuz? We can start doing all the time now dummy and I didn't, for whatever reason I never did it again like what We must now become your fetish, like Turkey figured if I found one other place where a comfortable jerking off. That's not a good thing
the exact jerked often work before God. Imagine a world where jerking off, which is normal. Unlike disliking in line people, are jerking off once I'm a jerk. Does it work twice, because this really hot date that night and jerked out during construction of ass basement the we're building this house and which is the door beat off onto the GDR and then go back to work. Why that's fucked up? I was and then, when I went to the date that made with the girl who was like barely into it and those that I'd want to fuck this girl for so long, and we finally like and into each other somewhere and those like holy shit. She was so down, but I was like barely hard. It was so sad. I had a complete three quarters erection. You fucked up the first girl, they wanted to put her finger Mass You never forget that way. They do she goes. I know what you want is which is such was. I know what you want, we're both legs, seventeen or some other
If I go what it, what do I want she does you moments took my finger in your ass. I was I was, What of how wronger you yeah, like that you couldn't be more raw yeah, that's more like what you are. What automatically I want. I didn't want to greater in that's kind of rude. Do a girl you dating either, but we know what to go home. They do to you start your finger up there. Ass can because of you. Offer that up like the first time we hook up offer apathy. The ass, nearly seventeen think maybe like Maybe I was eighteen, she was seventeen or nineteen eighteen months in that range, in a right after I, schoolroom psych cheese done this, how many times I wonder how many dude but halls this girl's. Just I know what you want because, like you know, go for baby like just on a whim on a hope that it's a good there and also she suckin our fingers on where's. This go on seeing the of Kurds. Well that we're talking about the idea that you're going to be able to record everything there.
We'll be away that you can have in a way that, like eyes or hack into their girlfriends email, you'll be all to hack into your girlfriend's like past, unlike see as scan of like you could actually just entered and how many battles, as are fingerprint and twenty eight It's a breed in that sector cigar book a meeting. Sacks of earning an he s, fascinating and one things I'm fascinating is all that the different theories about why people act and behave certain ways when it comes to likes sex like how many sexual partners has your wife had he had so important that your limit that number they can trust her and keyboard so really fast stuff man, man, that book is incredible. I love that guy adds a really cool dear to Chris Ryan is Boring Adam on your part. Cast any twice lies I gotta get in touch with them and try to Seville do this disease is really very interesting. I love the part about Yucatan the name of
you, Couldn T member that power. I remember that the day when Columbus's people or Cortez of came to the Yucatan. They asked the people like what what are you this place and they made this sound. Not that sound. But they made the sound like we could talk at all. You know in the guise of Yucatan close enough cards, so they say we're gonna, call it the Yucatan. Will it turned out The mayan scholars, after all those years of deciphering the day, does do that What he was trying to say was. I don't understand what you're saying that's what he was saying here, that they had taken it. You didn't Larry the Mermaids yeah at such an amazing, like I love knowing shit like that, like and then knowing that that was only a few hundred years ago. Right, that's really kind of nuts we're so spoiled by the time
that we arrived. You know what we're so spoiled it being alive in the year two thousand twelve, like just a few hundred years ago. There was people that got in boats and just travelled, and they didn't know where the fuck they were going and had no idea what they would find and didn't have met under good, do think that a third what does a five hundred years ago? I love to think about that, and I love to think about the fucking feeling that feeling that that that's a feeling now me Can finer Armenia, you can you. As a terribly say you know we can search into the world of psychedelic for New Lapierre near, but no one has ever gonna know until interstellar travel happens, no one's ever gonna know that fucking feeling of being on a ship and for the first time seeing land in a place where no one knows there is land year in the idea that you would have the audacity to go. Looked in the ocean too.
No! What's on the other side, to just go out there like, God you had to have fuckin tremendous balls, yeah and the but must monitor things, you must have been amazing back then was the ability to the stars, Long's. It wasn't cloudy out. You could read we see, everything, because there was no light pollution where, if you, if you ve ever we're in a country in the middle of the night, I am look up and a clear night to see fuck an unbelievable mouths star it really makes me sad that that's not a regular feature like that. What we ve done I creating these beautiful cities in the safe road to travel on. We ve disconnected our side from the vision of the cosmos of our part in the Cosmos YAP when you're, like in the countryman staying in a farm and neglect kit back and a hammock, you look up and the entire sky is filled with stars. That is a perspective. Enhancing experience, that's a vision
we'll psychedelic staring at the stars is a very visual psychedelic well, I mean you, ve got like white. Pouring in your eyes from the fire reaches of the universe. Here you ve got coming in your eyes. It's from so so long ago, and you you getting that feeling. You get when you see something beautiful that We seek out beautiful things which we seek out them, whether their flowers or sculptures or a person are. There is something that strikes us when we see something beautiful in its all subjective, put to each person, whatever their beautiful Is it a light that charge in their mouths, Have you ever seen a guys are really in the old cars.
He sees an old corvette or something like that. This is a sixty seven levy, the lines on this baby, and you see it like his fucking eyes light up in like this. It is a charge that a person gets from a thing of beauty from seeing something. That's beautiful, there's an idea that that thing of beauty is wine, underneath everything that the world's discovering that beauty up in it people use objects is away. Limit, the B de because dead grew till? I really accept the whole thing is likes would be so potent that you start off like getting there stealing from cars, or you start off getting that feeling from looking up. Sky, restart of getting that feeling from falling in love, but like that feeling is like underneath everything that's. What everything's composed of is that sense of like who Shit gives that's like a peak that peak feeling that feeling of being like whatever
The thing is the activates. Sometimes I think, maybe that's what enlightenment is is when you just hit that feeling perpetually is perpetually in that space of like wow. This is amazing. I had a friend was like really into Buddhism, and she had this thing on her wall. That said, a Lightman is enlightenment is pause. Both in this lifetime. Yet a member reading that going while that is a profound statement, meant is possible in this lifetime. I remember thinking like while what a little weird thing we all have in our hands is: is this burning desire to get our shit together? Like everybody? would love to be enlightened. Beware of anybody tells you. They are beware of any vote Do they don't wanna, be why that's ray. Yes me! Then we re dear, that's really get delicious, yes, give from the universe that done
really is I'm sure some of you probably already set it somewhere already vague as to good. I get in the way that now I've. Never if I've heard of you see the boot on the road kill him. I've never heard Beware of anybody. You says they're enlightened or whose, as they don't want to be that's pretty get when you talk to people need to have this box if they want to operate in your garage, real, live alone Buddha. That's like our are a thing, what we did in Europe broke down that country western area yet, but there it it is the end. Mohammed Beijing sailed organism. Anybody wants change that come through me, yeah yeah man. It's that that kind of you now constricted life sucks. The person is living in the constructive life and for the people living around the person in the constricted life, and it's like you can just play around. I fucking idea that you can permanently permanently shift your consciousness. So there you are,
spirits in life, in the way that, like those, however many times you ve got up in your life, some people more sometimes less. When you're further first time you like accomplish some big thing and you get that since my oh, my god, man I can fucking, I can really do shit that I didn't think I could do that feeling is like the unit at that moment. Unfolds it's like a whole new womb, whole new giant land pops open in years. Objective universe are like, while there is an entire other part of this life, I had no idea about well, it's like. If you can, always be in that state. Of recognising that this is the most beautiful peak expire they could happen to anything which I think is what enlightened people what they people I've been around. You are there? advance our common lighten their is happy man, they're dislike happy the wrong word for it, though they're like connected in there.
Really really not Fraid to express love. You know varied and feeling love all the time. I think it That's cool idea that you could feel that all the time. I think that a beautiful idea that you can be in that place, if all the time, few careful about your friends, you know You only surround yourself with positive people. I think he went down I could do that Alzheimer's. It's all about constructing that environment, though you have to like do that by sharp editing through throughout your entire life, you gotta figure out how to edit yourself and edit people. You know yet figure out how to get get the most likely. Get rid of as many of your own and negative instances, any those that you can get away with, not not causing yourself minimize that try to down to zero were net. None of the negative moments are created. Has of your actions then fill whose creating others other negative moments and eliminate interaction with all speed.
Yes, I mean, if you can, do that and then find like minded folks who was not put anything try not to do anything negative to their friends and it don't want to accept anything negative either the new about around a bunch of people who love each other and let me throw out an idea cuz this is you're talking about something that some happy bullshit com, you name it be bullshit man. This is like the idea of like well in the beginning, yeah there's there's the big spiritual is what they say. They say the beginning of spiritual life is like it. I got a tangible, like I beginning of like on a tree grows right when it trees growing at first Most gigantic tree started off with a tiny little fucking Sprague. So when you now place, it's really important to keep shit up again like fuck you up and that's the idea of cutting people out or like cutting out the negative elements, but then there's other idea that I was listening. Some wrong boss, luxuries he's talking about reactivity. In that
when you're, around somebody's gotta, difficult personality or someone who is like an instigator, a drama, vortex you still get to decide if you're gonna be reactive to that person or not? You still get to be in control of the way you feel around a person, but in the beginning that person can make. You feel like shit when you ran and ass all your mood will drop your mood shifts you get mad, you get unhappy, you feel threatened, but The ideas is, as you advance, and gain more and more control of your consciousness there stops happening, so you use that asshole as an emotional, Jim, yes, use them as an emotional or psychological growth sparring partner. Yet, and as you deal with their due sheen S, you learn how to better navigate, do shyness throughout your life, yet, and also for the first time when the asshole is around someone who isn't reacting to them being an asshole they're gonna be like what
fuck is this because in their whole life they ve been going through I've getting cues from people like. I don't think so. Now resolve a son. If they're around someone is like beaming, you know aiming in the way that they are? You would be beaming around when you saw like when Joe Ideas walks into a room, you're beaming that way around a cunt. Suddenly there like what the fuck is this? the real problem, those when they become physically violent. When you have done cons, when a punch, you that's when you run into real situation, yes, but how often that I mean that doesn't happen that most of the time, but you ve, managed to surround yourself with you know: hipsters if you're in certain parts of the country, certain parts of city, you punch interface, randomly I've just ate her. There's a terrible video of woman in London. Some guy just comes and cracks for no regions that are looking for the guy's, some teenage girls, you knock them
demonic, son of a bitch just fucked up that people capable don't shit like that, and that is that there is a broad spectrum of the past. Both human actions, it so Brahmin, you could be a guide that she could have Ross passed with a guy who is like good morning of top of the day to you and in real happy and made her feel really good, and she could have moved on to her. Job or whatever, feeling like really good. Instead, she runs into the wrong guy and he cracks are and knocked her unconscious. For knows for no reason whatsoever. She hid behind the com I saw a dude she's out, but but you know, it's amazing man. This is again that shit we're talking about in the beginning. This is the shift its happening as there is a time in human history when a thug, your galloping up behind some young glass in the street and Knocker down. Unlike the end, Our planet doesn't know about it in a matter of like eight hours. You know this Then this is the incredible time that were in is that that that is it.
Oblige sort. You see something like that and you you're either going to be, like God, damn. This is a fucked up world or living in there's guys or just run up behind someone and punch in the head or the others, I was like back in one. Do you know in a day or two, this the violence, has been broadcast all over the planet and has created a situation where people they like TAT. About how awful it is and how dowe how bad that is, that people are like that, ended That elevates is a little, but I think it just takes a lot more time than we used to, because we used to like processing power going up in a year and hard drive. Space doubling is were used to all these massive improvements, and then we we don't see that in human nature and its really frustrated. You know, I think that this this shifting we keep I think it's just more subtle than people would like it's not as fast as going from an old tube television to a fifty five and flat screen. It's not you know it's not, as so that every
being dsl and in our having fifty six k it out. It's it's it. It's too small like so. We still see these versions of the World case scenarios of human behaviour, its talking to us. They still exist, but I think the direction is for them to exist less than it seems like more and more, as per the shift things standing out. There aren't shifting more and more so I guess you know like Romney, for example, or like these, like crazy fucking, like you know, homophobic anti abortion, Republicans Dunham available these crusty old sons of bitches, more and more are starting to look like monsters they're out. There is starting to look more like freaks, whereas they used to be able to like you know they used to be able to turn fucking. Powered water roses on crowds of black people, you know
without without losing their jobs. You know what I mean like so this. This shift is like really interesting to watch the way that allotted crusty old pundits are reacting to it. Man are having the same effect that, when threw water on the witch in the wizard of OZ. You know that kind of like they're, hissing and shrieking, and they don't know how to deal with it will transmit it to me is that with this with this, new sort of understanding of people that we're getting because the internet is water. All of mass bill. Coffee on me, I have in my short, and I want to ruin it with this- this new understanding that people have of like work like that, having the access to these kind of stories having there is to these horrible stores of things that are happening from the Gaza Strip, that this if that's going on, like as its happening All these horrific things that still
this the world they seem to escalate. Almost if they're worried that something coming out, I'm almost as if, like its deadly the you know, the fundamentalism gets even more and more extreme and more more hate for more, more crazy new start. Getting shit like Don hates fags and guys wholly on African, finally have a whole website dedicated to it, like all other than the hate that you see with you know we had em on the pod cast. We have this conversation the chain Smith about Pakistan and India and the potential for nuclear war, and it was one of the scariest conversations ever because these people, like it's like almost like a lost state like Pakistan, was talking about your how chaotic it is and how chaotic the ruler, shippers and how hate Indian India hates them and that it differently yours have said they wanted a strap themselves to a nuclear bomb and go over there and blow the other people out. Glad that this all exists,
at the same time as these this new understanding, this new shift is almost like its resistance, ass, almost like this thing that we have to rally against like the most fucked up part of human nature, like we have to rally against that and that's what unites people and what will you otherwise, would be too lazy. Otherwise, we have to get it. We would accept mediocrity. We would accept a certain slow tempo, HU, the evolution of human consciousness, but this force is yet to act. I got the evil and all the fucked up the actions of the world and for control. Sell. This creative forces us to act and think Well, it's again man. Yes, yes, I agree. I cannot deny there as part of me, they get scared because I feel like I think, it's back into a corner and his eyes to press the button, but I think it what's really what's happening. Is an amplification effect I think acts of violence are becoming less
but becoming more amplified because we're so bored becoming so much more appalled at the idea like the the barbarism of war and all this shit that humans do. I think that that day, what's happening, is God Eads fags these people pop up right in the eye happens, though people organised from the internet and suddenly got its fags is now and at wherever they go. Surrounded by mobs holding signs. God it signs got aids. There's got aids that giant signs blocking them out. So it's like the hate. It's getting absorbed it's getting up, it's not working! It's not working. It just seems like it's horrible because its being broadcast to so many people, but the way people are reacting. That's what's important. That's important as long as people are reacting. You know the number one thing and not ignoring it. That's great long as people reacting in whatever way, just fucking as simple as that thing is like just tweeting just tweet something retweeting something about some of the violence that happening just in
thing to get the information out there and keep that fuckin pot bubbling. That's great man that that? That will continue to push the warmongering and periphery and I think that they did What just happened with LA me in Fucking Obama, I think we're lucky would look. What's going on with Egypt, with a new president decided to give himself all power, yes, all powerful staff, but look what's happening. Even there look what's happening, it's not what it does not working. It's not fucking working that stuff, doesnt isn't working in the way it used to work them and there the shift. The mojo did these fucking
old white dude used to have is fading its fading away. Man, it's like them. It feels like the magic is leaving them, which is white, so beautiful when you watch call Rove on Fox NEWS. Having a little like wizard of OZ style man behind the curtain, melt down as he realizes that his evil scheme to try to get Rami into power, didn't fucking work, that's cool ass! Any is that's cool! That's what would you like to another? The numbers are wrong: the numbers around yeah- you wouldn't admit it, man in MID defeat, yeah, it's great to watch and a lot of them are like it. That's what's happening is that they did. They don't want it met they, There are always upholding the virtues of this country and how we come from revolution, but when the real revolution started happening there, like I'm going to secede now, I'm going to succeed because there will ever Lucian isn't a revolutionary. We all get to hide in our shacks and collect our fucking guns. Look. This is photos two hundred thousand Egyptians and there are protesting. What's crazies their protesting around and ancient arbalist
it's from you know the dynamic Egypt s incredible stone mystery covered in hieroglyphs, and these people are protesting around it and screaming and yelling that you can't have of fuckin you. We would work done like we elected someone, the ideas that were now in a democracy. You cannot have this Craig until our grab, but he wants to want to say that he can't get arrested. He can't go to jail between wide look at that didn't work ass, all amazing. Nobody would want to do that, and he says it's because of his opposition causes opposition, which to do terrible, the Muslim Brotherhood there will he's the oh, yes, the Muslim Brotherhood is what's in power. Now these have beliefs, ugly, for some reason. I dont think that, but I don't know I haven't I I don't know. Maybe right I don't know here goes from protesters protester storm, the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the cat. Besides the largest city of air,
These are some Muslim bears the Muslim Brotherhood this guy. I to do thing where he didn't have any there's had no nowhere he's whatsoever, but ever being arrested and essentially can be a dictator who wanted to be addicted. Well, I hope, as issues and working sorry, it's the same thing is like when it is when ever you start letting freedom out of the bottle. Man, you're not gonna, get the freedom back and once people feel that sense of my colleague should have we get together. We can change things in a big way. You're not gonna, be somebody there. I would like all right we're. Ok, we'll let you be the new dictator. It's like no man, we ve learned. We learn how to change things through group mind. Do you think it's possible, though, that moving forward were ever gonna get to a position of no? What were we will have no one above any one else, no one in the position of like president or where they can take executive privilege. I go bomber. Did that with that whole gun running thing with that,
You know that the fact that our fast and furious yes, where they sold guns, do the mexican drug Lawrence just to track down and those guns wanna being used on american citizens like it doesn't mean any sense that the store makes no sense like distorted. They would sell guns to the mexican drug words, so they tracked the guns, that's one dumbest fuck, and I have ever heard of my life. You gonna arm them with thousand. Of guns so that you could track those guns. Who do you think you can do with those guns? Are gonna kill people? That's a crazy idea of ever heard dupe it. It almost like that's their excuse, like that's what they're going to say and they have planned out, make it look. Intensive, doable really with a donors are profiting and selling guns cut in his name and they just play dumb That makes a lot more sense to me. It doesn't make any sense to me that some one would think that selling criminals gun is a good idea extending attract the guns like what the fuck are you talking about. Didn't we
That's a problem that chick is so obscured by like they. They have so many great ways of like defusing information of adding information to information. That's not real of subtracting shit! That comes the who the fuck knows what away when it becomes. A part of you know like the government, were the president doesn't have. To get tried on this. Did the Hague invoke this executive privilege his have testify that squarely that shit? Worley enchanters, never analysing this every time where anyone should be able to say like oh, I had some Do it that whole guns being sold to fucking crazy people who kill people? their basis, but I want to talk about. It
you either knew about it or you don't know about that. We hired you bet, you gotta talk about it and if you knew about it- and you didn't do anything about it, that's incompetence. That's crazy! If you let that fly, Avaux Bahama, let that fly like that's one of the dumbest things are president could ever approve ever we should know. We should know whether, not especially in a time of a reelection when that was going to that's no way he should I have to say. Well, I thought it was a good idea at the time they assured made. These guns would thus far. You know, there's no there's no, like lime, these tax returns. That shit like that kind of information should be all on the table. Yeah. You should know how much you paid in taxes, because you know how rich she is, if you really did weasel it out and then the last couple years decide to start paying a lot of facts on to the show it also yet it on paper. If you're running for an office like that yeah, I mean that's that the ideas you know to choose
Is this fucking businessman president and delight public servant president? That's that's the idea that you want. You want the fucking guy like runs Costco. I just sit around this other thing. On Reddit the guy runs Costco pays employees like eighteen dollars an hour minimum. They have health insurance and he only makes five hundred thousand dollars a year. This, the guy you fucking, runs costs, go like thinking. That me, while ago runs. Walmart is like something out of fucking pink Floyd the law. Some a pig man is in its Gracie, it's crazy, but that's the shift man we want more thing. Shifting to that, so that you get the costs, go version of the fucking president. That's like a uniform really just in this, because I'm trying to make this country prosperous and the people in this country have as much access to like health care. What they need to live, really great lives, so more Richard Branson, less less room.
Murder. Yes, these old fucking warlock pigs and drive a minute. I am also made for a band warlock pigs pigs. We need more Branson's, interstellar travel. We need more fucking, Steve jobs. You know we need more fucking like more. That running the show- and I think that's gonna happen more and more You know what I'm really impressed with when you talk to people that work for Google talk to people. Where, for Google, I tell you what a great company is to work for and how well they treated and lighted the facilities that their camp ass. I guess they call it a camp, yes tat, the Those customers, like you, know that it's possible that a company can operate like due to any kind of super. Anyone is plugging, ended this vibe that's happening right now, whatever the fuck, this thing is man. You know right away, that's all about connectivity, and you know right away that feeling. You get from one. Giving more than you're supposed to give as such
awesome feeling in that feeling that state of mind where you're, putting out more than you're supposed to be putting out? It seems in that state of mind, is where the bigger ideas come from anyway. It's like that's, creating a fertile ground in your consciousness to open for, like the big idea but if you shut down close down if you're fucking, if you, if you are just one big human muscle, spasm, pushing all your gems into the black pit, of your life, you know warning in hiding in concealing than yours down. That's when you turn into Donald Trump, with his dumb ass tweets, whose sillier than that guy you pay attention that ship Rome, I don't like the guy anymore, I used to like him alive, but it does seem that the crazy kook now here right like something perhaps something shifted. One can see your face. The way we have already set up this is stupid unless you sweetie,
We should put a tv on the other you can be made, funny faces a meal. When you marry me remember how dare you where's your work in this place out. Ladies gentlemen, My MIKE sounds weird sounds like I'm a robot transfer, HANS Ganz sounds. Ok are these the Lakers, knowing that you like come about you're wearing their heads get mad and there I was that on that last year's colours, as your skull candy gave a caesar. The things called candy did yet the Bilbil ones down their bilbil. We're all year passed insulted started whether cameras celtics they they haven't. I guess for basically everything are these get headsets man, I've I've been real close to fork out no I'll give you pair these skulking amusement sentiment. Thirty bucks either expensive their good, though these did they sound fuckin wicked. Yet they
sent me this all email explaining how they spent a lot of money on research and development to try to make a really good sounding ones that in it There were more like a like a lifestyle company. They had like good ones, but now there to accustom really creating like something that, like a dj, would listen with I leave fucking ear, bud scattered across this bugging planetary, life's aspires thread and chargers just at chargers in fucking ear, but everywhere I go to my alone grass and some glasses I, but I lost my goddamn I've pad. I lost my fucking digital quarter. I'm like a fuckin Eleven year old would like bad eighty d at a summer camp on this last tour. I did. I wept. Should every river last will see. First of all like to thank the Lord saying this last tour. Whenever you go on tour man like you, go from one hotel, room to another time, you're lucky. If you keep eighty percent of your shit, it's amazing how much you it's amazing
do you feel bad? Not that I do this, but I think you might do it do you like? Do you guilty when you like, when you like, jazz, in a hotel room. Unlike what are you are tissue down of ever done. That and rest you have your fucking. You ve. Why? But in our view, through ad about a wise fine. I urge you to do that, for you not. I mean, like, I feel bad for the maids man Ike. Other budget them the maids, I just in fact, in them out, even though your Swiss do that's something I just woke up to you. I, like yeah, just in doing that good flight, but unfortunately, for many, many maids like had to take up across the old man like
There are many of them socked on the napkins and Samuel general model, now teacher. I take any salt like that's what they imagined they on the elegant washcloth, sucking on the wash clay fight over them away in the bathroom, and she doesn't know that you will use your keys, get back inconsistent here, the door open because he's making that sucking north back he's. I can't handle it like a praying, mantis eating a fucking guy and parents, slowly starting to bring her back to her face God. Vampires were so close to being ass, a man if only they want to just above that would be the suck your best. There would be attached to your dick and balls with like nice, like teeth, so that you were scared to move so you that lay there in terror, and you would you shoot, a load out of pure fear
Socrates? Wouldn't let you pull? Please don't you know that feeling like after you come where you want to get away touches you dick, I gotta get tickles almost like too crazy blowjob. Imagine there is a giant Saki births with teeth is tat itself, the head, your dick and sat down and eat. You can't pull your dick fat, because if we do it gets shredded and you feel the sting around your neck kind of pushing a little bed used are struggling to my giant stinger lego. Look a scorpion like comes over top your heads, a while you blowing it? sucking your dick gets. Its stinger is like a to detach your spine and you're. Looking at him is weird cave. It's drag you into an assist all like withered, dude corpses and maybe a couple of guys still alive and the stinger has to vice like tentacles, and you just saw the clamp down on your neck to right before it pushes that stay
against your spine, those things get tighter and tighter and feel at YO. Don't go anywhere, I'm stuck in your dirty, and this is going to go on for five years. Join it. I never pictured them like that like when I think of a sack of, as I think a world of Warcraft is fuckin hardship. Would like leather boots like a dominatrix, with a little wept like you know over lies here, but they out as a beautiful girl, and then you realize in the middle of having sex with it, like sort of like Jack Nicholson, ways making out that leading ashamed and also- and she was like a hundred years old- we have answer Oliver about yeah, maybe that's how it gets you Conan! Maybe it looks like rose Mcgowan Gowan. Then you move in for the kill. You start squeezing her ass and also she morphs into this thing, yeah, just your you can't move. I think that we have to hold your neck and then start Saccone yeah. I think that's the story, you wise man. It is, and always starts out like that. Next thing, you know you're over your clamped end as some kind of
that's a message symbol. You know it's like how hot does sirens that, like seeing in the sailors crash their ships on the island- and you know it's all the same fucking story right- how come guys don't see those in prison like some girl with a fake girl? The cave is going to. Let you out over here, like crazy, hallucinations and prayers. I don't know about that. I'm I'm pretty sure, there's some pretty crazy, hallucinations in prison yeah, but I mean like that kind of reoccurring theme. If I cuss someone with a light The rocks gonna come on over here I am sailor, smashing the rocks and brazen harpies there's prison. Harpies, manacled trainees, we're Victor Candy on whose tell us about his time in a minimum security prison where you allowed like really allow to leave, and I we want we Pierre come pick up their their family. Would you
and stay there. A certain amount of time you could get like passes to me. He said that the security guards like there was a girl treaty guard that would make money prostituting yourself like you could go, get some head. From the street. She made a lot of extra money that what makes sense to me these poor bastard. I tell you, but I'm not gonna. Let these guys fuck man, that's why they're so many problems it! That's all. I would add that the goddamn constitution of your imprison- you get a blow job a month, John, because you gotta be around some crazy fuck and people that want to kill women with Europe Some real crazy cereal murderer character and someone's gotta suck his dick, whose job should that be another cereal martyr? a guy whenever, due to air, this is above all in the law. You know. What's, on the other end, it's like you make it very like guys guys would by regions dicks off, there's, no way you back and defend them. You can t find your guy because he's on the other hand, if grabs a of to set Deatrice it out with his hand, look I haven't perfected this system yet, but I'm working on it.
Because if you didn't blow you with his hands will be an inferior, Blowjob Levin through a hole in the wall like what the fuck. Let me just take it down from this disgusting level. It's gotten, if you about the new programme, where they give prisoners kittens view about this year, however, and it makes them why our number one you want to give away so down to two. My purse at one left dude, I'm yeah, it's really cool, but it's like just like having these fuckin cats is changing the the prisoners, behaviour and massive ways, man, because they know that if they get and fights they lose, your cat, so they dont want fucking lose the cat, so it's like a queen this like it it the ads piece you gotta bring love in a prison. That's the problem and love is the answer. Broad guidelines with a little fucking kidding can transform some hard core thug into somebody's economic. Gonna fight is printed.
His back and then sell our Windsor. That's love man, s most powerful thing. It's a lot more powerful than being like will put you in solitary confinement fuck. How many of these guys are actually fucking the cat a lot most yeah? I maybe the catapez like a special attachment. We stick it Dick in its ass and warm goes five each. If you push the button when your cock did try to fuck, it can not only by a cat. Secondly, Talbot do an operation on the cat. Where there's like, there's like a little toggle in his lungs, the poops go in that way it passes the target doesn't go off yet if a dick goes in the other way, click it hits the switch and then the Irish, I D, trips signals the alarm a cat. That's a flashlight in prison That said, I think prisoners flashlight man, I don't know why were acting like it's gonna- do anything good till I try to chain change. Someone's libido is in a cage like that,
can I add happiness to a prisoner, peacefulness everyone you look at these prison rise like why? Are they not they're, not fucking, guys. I have so much testosterone in them. You're, not letting them thought yeah. But even if you give him flashlights it's not as good as raping a guy. That's part of the fund for them, I think, is holding someone down and get in there. Man pussy, I mean when the weather, Ghana, to each other. That's part of what we are doing. It cannot disagree like only this right to be punished in the face and lack of flesh like notion dude. I saw tee. I find the years in that thing. Dude is like that, like the tough his prisoner and my Colombia, I've ever seen that thing in life that guy's a monster. Unease like I make a man my girlfriend. I let him sleep in my bed.
What is it he says? It's like real! It's give of take sex from him. If not a killer. I give him my food yards really dark african, yes, fuck them a new guy com. I fuck him yeah fuck him have sex with him. That's what I hear that that kind of slight. If you find that port pulled up, because it is the audio alone, it's like Skelly, most evil prisoner of all time or something is what it's called or just beast prisoner man, bonds might narcos offline, but I'll try It's a bitch and I just look. You might be right, there might be nothing here. I just looked on this website that checks everything checks, everything what internet yeah norm rising locking internet your hide aim, wherein there were in the woods there when the woods of discovery we're gonna get. It worked out this sucks, but it's online. Indeed, look at the video on tat that bad, it's working but, most importantly, sister gotta go through a process to sell things going through a process. That's part is exciting me. I'm never built anything before I've, never liked
slowly started and organise and put it together and to have it the way I want it like that. I love that having a brick wall, a real brick. Now I love the oak table these otherwise early days. This is, but I love. I love like real shit like that bricks and would makes me feel good that stuff, yet the kind I met all like cast iron. Like these, these legs and shit where sculpture, that too perfect bring. My buddhas into Buddhist can a rock the coroner swans over old one, not a big one too hard to move the biggest your move, but I got another one is pretty big too. It's gonna go here. Call Madge over us. Bad suggestions would also do this first fucking of a float, tank yeah, but that's no one's gonna Indeed I have some go. Yes, Aaron they're gonna be annoyed. Man float tank and then you give your pals keys to this place. They come I airflow combat. It is good and what were everywhere, where's float, lab violence Duncan was here written in blood on the wall,
I am I gonna die every day. I would ways blood on. Maybe a little period were knows. Have you seen as blood blood bricks that day can make now it's a it's a brick that they take blood and they mix it with something, and it makes a brick and they're making houses out of the wild rex. Oh my god, that's great, How do you notice cover people mixed in your house? Will now that's cool? I tell you this. If I was gonna die when mind somebody withdrawing my blood and using it for blood breaks for their house. Would you Rather than or Tibetans Sky funeral sky will now both turn my blood into breaks and let the buzzards email. We could probably grind most of you and turned bricks. Why? Why just fuck with the blood I dont out, they re just said blood breaks. I wouldn't like that of idea like the way we do. Death in this country is so goddamn sterile and fucked up. What's a scam first of all, the scam is it you have to pay for the funeral and then it's really expensive. You know you have to pay a lot
for a cask in after in Bonn the body balls, even if you're gonna they have it set up with the body its embalmed believe, even if it gets, is cremated. I think you still have to combine the body. I think that's the law dude. The Tibetans skier ritual is such a beautiful fucking thing. Man. When you watch someone turn into a bunch of birds, that's real and call to watch the guys have wills. I dont yeah. I need of you. If you don't ever, will I think a man had pretty sure by like the government is takes Alyosha, even if you have a living paradise in another state in a well. I don't think that's true. I think it goes to the next, can Joe. If something is going to jail. If something happens to me, do you can have my little elbow and my computer do that's all I want. I owned two things that I want. I gotta part again. Europe is again: oh, my dear I drink so much coffee to deal with much time left in this part has, unfortunately, because I got a big
very important, meaning where's it at side because that highway was fucked on. If you got my text message, there was like five cars all cop cars that seem like they got into a car accident. Whole freeway is closed, which freeway one hundred and one web sees whoops today, while try I'll, try I'll try to make it, but if I don't make it. I hate to leave. Anybody hang in the more the more I think about yesterday's podcast enough. I want to say it the more? I think that guy's twitter, you think so most people thought that a lot of people who were listened and thought he was off and that he would like contradict himself and does the fact that the new so much about those drugs. But yet there is We read on gizmo, though they did. Site sources, but they said you know. Sources close to him say that he's always been interested in finding drugs. It make women sexual
goes along with the whole sixty seven year old Guy twenty year old girlfriend thing you know it sounds like a dude whose just that's it I don't know I mean he d claims not but any art, but you know so much about them and how the fuck do you know so much about bath salts and empty pv in these different hyper sexual pounds. And how can you tell us the exact chemical composition of member when he told us that it will actually was well? You say that unless you have great interest in and why would have greater and then the other thing is saying like that, I'd have to be addicted. You can't do that. I would be on it right now and I sound oliginal he made. Beyond it right now, but the item necessarily think that a strong willed man like that has to be addicted to sites that I, like its puzzling, really hyper sexual. That's the thing: Jirga gum Gama, God Mcafee he's created this business, very headstrong, guy, very powerful guy. He a guy like that, could probably quit of really fuck and dangerous drug for little bit. Chair
you know he could it's hard to tell when someone lies about anything. They lie about anything for dollar completely asked about anything. You merely have to look at the whole thing and go power if he's not tell the truth about doing those drugs How can I was in all the others to YAP sounds it sounds like it's a lotta who the fuck knows what to believe that at that point in the fact that he has no charges, nothing like on record like legged there. No worn for his arrest. There's nothing made me, think that he was a super paranoid. Well, it could mean that it could be there, You know I mean they told you. There was that story that someone has said that he thought that there was people outside and he had a conversation. I heard this. I heard this this you can get on wired. This discussion is something hold on a second I'll find it because
maybe we could pull it up in its audio anyway wired. You think it's Mcafee off the rails, crazy audio, but he was talking about how the there is these p. People and they were- they were standing there. They were like military people and they're standing there and they didn't say anything. They just just stood there and he wouldn't move, and so he just there too, and they slowly went away like after hours and hours like so here. Like standing. There is talk about like how how much his his arm hurt because gleaming up against the wall, but could move you move. They would shoot him yeah, but helping our now footprints. There. Like he's house that house that somebody postpone your message board the guy they died.
With a shock the head, an american flag in it- and I don't know- I don't know whose house I was does it did you do that? What was I must I thought I thought it somebody the dying. It was like this mean it looked like a shack like like a junkyard shack in our yeah fuck. I don't know man I could that was an interesting progress because a covenant thinking about it. After when I got home and then at the more thought about like this, it seems that sums now right. It was cool, though, that he he was willing, you know was called it. He did it I think I'm just getting Trode there, maybe That's what I did. I guess I'll, just like open mouth like a big ol, troll yeah. I hope so I'm trying to find in this turn of fine this, because it's really interesting. I really want to want to play it. Ok here it is, if you go, do why audio just look at this,
Google search this audio Mcafee, still in hiding predicts, they will track me down. And this is the right of brilliant man. The picture of a miss him, of course, shortlist, with a gun, another different photo of him shortlist, with a gun like apparently posed for quite a few photos, behold Mcafee predicts during part gas being broadcast to millions of people. They will track me down but he is. I appreciate the fact that the guy was willing to talk to us. I mean is pretty interesting to be able to talk, someone who's in this crazy an area- yes, that's cool. Who is it? easy person in a crazy scenario. Islands, like he's an eccentric. You know a definite think I mean that's a lot of what it takes to become some super millionaire type character. Yeah yeah, I mean that's the thing man you ve gotta be able to like what your mind go into, that we are places we gotta come back. You see this picture, but this is the one that
That's the only way for waiting for the poor is appalling. Yeah. It's some the whole story so compelling it saw Hunter S. Thompson ask like this I just goes off the rails on an island sixty seven years old, twenty year old, girlfriend gap, pictures and with guns surrounded by dogs Levin dogs in Romania's hike, wow Cycle Pharaoh. He went. Ferris Amazing and as all these lawsuits that are coming after him and he will not pay he's like. I simply will not pay it goes. I will you know I will spend ten million dollars to fight it to give them nothing. What are the lawsuits about where one of whom was about he had? This is connected to this sort of sport where they would fly. These looks like motorcycles that are attached to.
Wings, so really crazy and there really maneuverable, apparently what they would do these low altitude, not even altitude law off a mean, basically just very close to the ground. They would do these things like acrobatics spin around on these fuckin plant, also and crashed and died in so he got sued and that's when he sided apparently to move to police aegis, load up his truck any move to Beverly get the fuck out, and I guess believes Won't extradite him or something worse, but if He apparently says that if he loses the court cases, it doesn't matter, though, just come, take its money like. If you you lose, but that he doesn't believe that he's guilty he wasn't even driving it? He wasn't response. He was a response for maintaining it wasn't his. You know I mean, so I wasn't his fault that I died like this, but apparently he was like working hard to promote this crazy sort of sport on call.
Coffee who was calling to tell me that the police were closing in. He had spent the night in an undisclosed house in Belize, sleeping on a bed infested with life, he felt that the end was near that they would Rest him at any minute, but he was not going to surrender because he was convinced that they would kill him. I've following back of his case and Belize for the past six months ever since April, thirtieth Please raided him and him of being drug traffickers and possessing illegal firearms over those six months, I've spent weeks and Belize and interviewed Mcafee both in person and on that the phone, probably over a hundred hours of interviews and I can say without a doubt that he is a very complex person but whether or not is a murderer is yet to be seen. I recorded Mcafee phone calls to me this morning with his permission and what follows are those calls-
One of the charges against you is that you're a psychopath. What do you have to say about that? If I were a psychopath, I would die, would not be confidently to decline. And on other lives up to now and I'll either want. If I were a psychopath for data available, I dont think I'm a psychopath. I like people by they psychopaths. By social bergs people by temple of people again to love people inspired, Therefore, despite the things you do or attempt to doing well, aware, Marcia, for example, who applauded For three months to on the average kidnapped for money,
and down like than she did she live with me after that prefer to additional months before they got to enhance. This is a good question. Why do you surround yourself with people of questionable character, Viceroy myself, a triple about questionable character to count? I dont know more honest to God during person yourself fighting for energy and embraced yours. I embrace disease, not even on the nose loaded for, unfortunately, it's pretty good now. Would you go the other one was better because it was really not do an hour to the communist or there is his lady, you a car. I came by name the call, unlike an issue that is interesting. Her, though the the way there her insanity functioning as cheap, be me like she would always they. She used to work out their camera neighbour than she'd, like starving
I guess he now yeah Wednesday. Three men came into my house and they raped me and laughed, and you know why would slip in these really weird hardcore story. She called a few times and has always like these plots against. You know they they did like you know. Kidnapped, just making things she had, but she believed there, and you know what I mean it's like when you're my I'm not saying I don't know about, like I don't know who knows maybe he's altogether maize totally their people are really plodding against. It people live in a different land, but it's interesting. How like people,
you're paranoid, the way it comes out. It's not like that, like everybody's little idea that people are looking to kidnap and she's, been plotting to kidnap me for one. Unless someone starts talking in that sort of matter of fact Leah there is this a Disney neck therefrom realities. Where do we go to end this park forgot here, I'm so sorry, but we'll do it again quite soon cool then, as often as past. Yes, please have a powerful Duncan Prof, O Brien Drive and all the way over here for forty minutes of use, dream fuckin man and we'll be back tomorrow at three p m here with the great Eddie. Bravo, so, we can have some fun and then we can dog in me and the three of us in this room will be in Austin, Texas, yes and we'll be performing asked and city limits should really fund moody theatre. It's called and Fuckin Billy wicked for their chests good
ass. Not often, however, since one of the great I would marry asked, I would marry the file and ask them to great scaffolding. Mary asked- and let us think about this- this show had no commercials, the beginning, you will have none the end. I am sorry sponsors, but go fuck yourself today, profit on a dot com that's it slightly over go to Duck Untrussing T r: U S S, L L and follow his stamp. It draws the Dakar iron. Lord meet shift challenge. If you want to get in shape in December, we are going in shape together. Yes, he's gotta meet shift challenge. Everyone that is connected to this must commit to doing what is absolutely necessary. Writing or you shit down and getting shape doc, do I gotta trainer is going to be on the pact as every week and fuck inside them by love to hear that? Brian? U N! No I will will see us tomorrow. Thank you very much. God bless your mother fucker.
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