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Eddie Bravo, Brian Redban – Date: 11/29/2012
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shazam bitches i don't hear shit i don't even have my that's why i was so what happened i don't even have the headphones on my ear so i'm like why am i not hearing anything meanwhile there pressed up against the top of my head what the fuck dude really after all these years that's how you roll in it and when eddie bravo is here that's embarrassing when you like some serious stoner shit and everybody knows you're a stoner like god damn it fucked up one for the cause yeah this is a rogue ex is brought to you by this episodes brought but audible dot com and well dot com has this thing that i've been brave thing about because it's one of the coolest ideas that i've ever heard in technology when it comes to audio books and audio podcasts what they've done is the
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no you can read you listen to it you listen to a lot of people i think it's close it's close but it's probably not the same probably something involved in actually reading the words yourself yeah calling procedures right the what you actually read it yourself why is that more steve says it'll soaring horry yeah i don't know i definitely think there's something to it for reading as opposed to watching tv like i find the people who read more than they watch tv generally they have more interesting to talk about yeah let's say they trust they trust at type on a like letters and and sentences on paper more than like visual evidence it's kind of like i read it i read it means more 'cause someone typed it out like that people don't lie and fuck up report
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the joe rogan experience would you do that those who will actually sort of a we do the thing that plugs into the boards of the computer can relate to the sound board is burnt out why you will actually son i'm actually echo is you don't hear that now the sound like a robot you will like an old school peter frampton song it's gone now frampton was he the first guy to ever use that that voice thing broke problem you know immediately like i have a two minute math and they sing through it i don't know if he was the first guy scorpions did that too
when was frampton wasn't in before the scorpions was the score points that's like a harmonica thing i really don't even know what the fuck it is a tier truth another so you're a musician and you don't know what that thing is that she never sounded good to me fuck you with that shit you might wanna bring out a kazoo fuck that you know what the fuck are you doing with your mouth you know what maybe the songs that i heard it in sucked anyways even without the kazoo 'cause i don't like most songs so i really don't blame the kazoo i don't like most harmonica but when i do can really rock a harmonica it's pretty bad it we have the less shroud you know survivor man plays the shit out of a harmonica that who plays the shit out of a harmonica that he does that shit all day when he's in the world yeah you gotta practice man you ain't got no berries to eat there's no facebook he's badass harmonica player man i was i was really could be this legit he's legit mean
but if you're normal normal harmonica sounds good for candy a you know make enough noise is gonna be on top of like some deep awesome music yeah because you know right right right now for the i don't know yeah it's got to be like a compliment to some like dope southern guitar music you know then i could see a little harmonica move in and you know different yeah dueling banjos a little banjos little banjos a bad man this is been new band that i just found out about called dumb goes something road kill jesus christ ghost wrote road kill goes choir i think the name of it yeah let me let me find out because i feel good do what assets boards have you been hanging out shops on my own my own god damn it do they i'm telling you it's a bad band row would kill go this choir listen put up put pull this up quickly play music pull up in a this freaking out it's sound as good as it normally would okay
there's a song called beggars guild and it's like it's got like a little banjo thing to it dude it's a song i played this song or a hundred times i don't know if you're gonna be into it i'm curious as well a play for road i'm for a road house m this bond road kill goes choir do you don't wanna be put on the spot hey let's hear now i'm curious now he he night let i love eddie bravo to death okay he is my brother i don't like most we have totally different tastes in music i i i don't like most music i'm totally different tastes everybody every with everyone i don't like very much music you know when i was a kid i couldn't accept that shit i didn't like when people didn't like shit that i like you gotta understand i work dj at a strip club for beggar's guild
that shit i got music eight hours a day sasha nonstop there was no brakes there's no break you gotta pay for the next lap dance motherfucker that's really bored with whitesnake afterward how many girls came out to hear michael look at that was that was before i was eighty seven i didn't start dj until like ninety three but that song hung around instead of a little bit by that time there's only like one metal chick per strip club and she play some whitesnake but most of the girls are playing what was modern was hit they were playing like stone temple pilots or nine inch nails or madonna i gotta roll in manson i got in a car accident and got a constant with this girl that i was dating and she was like super melodramatic match it was hilarious but when
us this old dude ran a light and hit us and i had to take my out of my car because i couldn't drive my car and in my car i had a white sneakers set and she picked it up she goes you have to throw this out she made me throw out a white snake this is it this is them was in this band it was funny tell me if you like this he's not getting the full effect of the basin two things one the light the live performance in the i like it though a light blue light this guy's got a hypnotic voice man you know i'm not doing this song justice by limiting like this you gotta you gotta listen to their their studio version of it's great man what a song man i like it i could
now let's go
yeah i'm a i'm a i'm a fan of like dudes who play like what i love to hear the guitar you know i love to hear the drums i love to hear you you're into like cool like electronic type music everything you're not on everything that's good and if you listen to my music it's a little of everything there's not i mean at there's a little metal there's little edm there's little dubstep whatever you know the later she would never like listen to led zeppelin album i can you know what and let that plan has about five songs and i really like the overall overall you know like there would have is that right all right that's a great song a ramble on great so there's a couple leads up in some but most of my misty mountain high and rock and roll whatever most of it was on the boogie tip i wasn't on the boogie tip there's like boogie rock with a with a lot of blues and really an hours into kissing kisses more i am films and and yeah and more
it just kissing yeah i was on the outside i was i was on the kiss side i wasn't on the led zeppelin side it was but i respected the shit out of him
i just was a kicks free i was so poor really i don't have enough money to be into more than one band at a time so i chose kiss and i dove in and by the time i got in because they already had like eight albums and should i had i got a dollar a week mike that's a lot of dollars i got to save to buy these kids out there were six ninety nine at the plastic crazy that at one point time used to have to pay to get some music yeah i mean pointed the rug come out of that business he man had a lot of albums to catch up so i didn't i didn't have i didn't allow myself to get into other bands to tell you the truth for awhile from the age of eight to thirteen yes i only can afford one band so i have to pretend like only like one day my brother can only everybody all my friends can only afford one band so my brother was into van halen you know the eric across the street was in a rush and this guy was in the police you know no we just power each other sure but the band that you were in charge of that was your baby you know what i mean that's ridiculous that's crazy to put it out with the is wrong with children no known kiss got the sold out they became bubble gum wish they basically became mc hammer of rock and roll well when that happened that happy
it started happening in seventy eight they just got too big to commercial they did a movie on channel four nbc movie called kiss meets the phantom of the park it was after that it was out of control over like superheroes did dude i was severely depressed because when it came on there was a blackout where i lived the fuck power was out while kiss me the phantom was on tv and i was so depressed i couldn't believe it i like how the fuck could this happen now that movie is what got me into kiss cuz before that movie the the the
hello consensus among kids at school was that kiss like because they're older brothers were telling him and his kisses for homeowners so i remember being at school the night it was supposed to be on being it's closer and talking to my friends and are you gonna watch the kiss with i know where kisses for flags at eight year old reseda you know he's in yeah i was crazy so and i was pretending like i don't like kids either you know because my step dad was in the classic rock and i would i would say like ted nugent or something you know him out just yeah i'm into that you know what we can in the kids but we were all excited to see that kids will be kids didn't have risk that was like two seventy eight they don't have respect for kiss that's how they were going down the ridge to commercialize those kids ice cream because bubble gum kissed pencils they were going down nobody had any respect for him at that point there fallen off when i was in high school like the dudes were like that i hung around with everybody listen to like the doors
now let's settle in respectable yeah you couldn't admit kiss by the age of eight when i was that you can omit admit cast but when that movie came on that night me and my brother was four years older we were so excited to see this fault this bad that we were we you know we were already decision and we don't even see it but that movie blew me away rock and roll all night when they pay play that on the movie as an slash eight old kid my head loading all i wanted was a rock and roll all night i was like cartman dragon is mom to the records the court i'm a drag my aunts and like rock and roll night that's the one i want and we look for it it was on kiss alive it was a live record i don't know what a live record was so i so this is the one that says rocket all night this is the one that my aunt goes i think this is at a concert i'm glad we talking about it's a record it's not a concert by the record got the record played it put the
legal down when you hear the audience coming like what the is this it's a concert i was like i don't even have a i don't know what the what a live record was i didn't understand his alive to and kiss live three i kiss a five one that that was my first album first kiss record in that crushed me that album destroid strutter deuce was it got to choose three kiss alive's yeah but by kiss alive three that was like already in the 90s dude when everything was dead crystallize they were shit i picked up with those errors of kiss before me that i didn't get into i never got into like the really early early early shit i came in around detroit rock city i came in that's pretty early cover when they were the cover of double platten no not double platinum was destroyer destroyer that was the first album ask for their live album the first three albums were like failures
and they weren't selling man and then they just said dude let's just try alive record 'cause live or killing it everyone loves us live but we can't sell any records let's do a live record and they said ok let's try it they did it and that's the one that blew about kiss alive bloom the fuck up so destroyer was their first studio album after this live record that blew him up right what bands out there get blown up from their live records none of that were the only ones so fun though and their live shows were like that standley you can make fun of like this there's due to of like take in his all of his listeners cast song the star child center kiss paul people of taking like his all of his in between stuff and recall and brought it to like one cd i forget the guys who did it but they said it's been it's falken whole areas it's burly they took all his best rants
i know what you're fasting oh dude you want some cold chan but he's a showman like a mother fucker means the place is going crazy had stories ready to go he had to love gun story every story how to the cold june story he every concert like there's three songs maybe two or three where he's got a story and he's talking to this so professional and such a big show we went to see them you know it was back when gene simmons was still spitting fire i he's he's never stops moving fires still does it do to you can even when the make of came off you still spit fire but you'll never stop doing that didn't is here ever catch on fire yes caught on fire that's crazy and then eight got electrocuted by the stair railing okay god jesus christ
that's a crazy ass man yeah so that movie from that movie on i was a kiss fanatic but i was getting into him right whenever going down and had no respect but that's when i got into am is when they lost all respect from like the mainstream media when it came to rock you know and so i had a fight with my friends everyone's made made fun of me that i like kiss i had there was a bunch of music that i had to go back and sort of review 'cause i dismissed it 'cause it was all like siri stoners that were into it like the doors is one of them i never was really adores person when i was in high school because all the people that were in the doors were all fucking serious barn outs men like because you got to think that this was after like ok i was in high school in nineteen eighty one when he die i don't need like in the 70s i know
is a doors fan the girls who are still into like morrison like that late it's like they were like fucking they always had jean jackets on so is sick it's in their pockets though the dirty hair and they were just earn outs and that's so that's why i associate with the doors as the people that i was at the door shirts and i had to like to become a man one day and become my own man and listen to go god damn the doors had some good fucking songs and then i go into them afterwards so it's like the people that were so into am sort of negatively affected my opinion of 'em unfortunately
yeah you could never admit that you like certain bands though there's certain bands if you brought up that you were into a map people get angry i had to pretend it got so bad i had to pretend for why they didn't like kiss i don't like kiss anymore god damn it i hate them i was in high school i was on the bus and i told this dude that i was going to go see cheap trick where i was like cheap tricks come in town will see cheap check and turn around let them cheap chip fucking sucks and i remember like wow this guy totally does not respect my taste in music he just shot it down i couldn't even say anything about it was like well you know to you like that what do you say when someone just shits on you and then even while you're there that can influence your enjoyment of going to see it you know because even though you're enjoying it like god damn it like why does his band make me feel like a loser for liking them with that the thing about kiss though that they've no one one's ever done no one one's ever done 'cause they went to super stardom then they went
mc hammer status vanilla ice status and then they came back and did it all over again with the same members they got a saint peter back who ended up getting kicked out for being drunks and coke heads in the late 70s and height of it they kicked out their drummer they kicked out the guitar player got him replaced but when they did the reunion tour fifth ten years later twenty years later where the fuck it was they got a saint peter and then they blew up again and they took their makeup off and then they put it back on yes that's the most interesting yes i'd left that part out yeah during the reunion and when they died they decide to take off their makeup for about ten years and they were not and never lost they did know how to dress the they just looked at the other bands that you know what poison is i guess the tranny look is in let's like trannies i think that's it said when we were in high school they would like they always have like bandanas on and shit when they were going to clubs and stuff like that
i'd like hide their identity and they'd get these photos of them like trying to put a palm up to the press so they couldn't get photographed like who was the weirdest sort of celebrity ever because these guys were superstars but nobody knew what they looked like i don't know everybody today can wrap their head around how crazy that was how crazy is that commanded like late seventies these do done that no one no no on that in music no one else is done the which will no one knows what you look like you we got to get pictures of you on math that's with sexy i a secret sure right there do they pull that off from nineteen seventy three and nineteen eighty three for ten year for ten years they had make up you could only do that back then you could never get away with that shit today there's too many with cameras yeah too many people who put that shit on youtube to be they just know where paul stanley lives just wait just wait just wait wait in front of his house you know they put a camera from his face there he is and then when they do
did it again when they blew up again a saint peter got kik but again for the same shit and they really gather got kicked out again what happened i started going off rocks there drunk said i think peter was just too old and he couldn't even play anymore you know because because paul stanley is in like marathon shape he's always been a work out health freak like his his body like a very letter he's like sixty something now you know sixty five wow and gene simmons is not in the best shape but live he gives his he loves being on stage so much that every night g in sevens gives it one hundred and ten percent every 90s fire fired he can't they won't
touring man sixty eight years old how much do they love being on stage paul stanley and gene simmons they stay together they never broke up they never quit they went through a lot of guitar players and drummers alot of him but it was always peter or paul and gene sticking together with without makeup they never stop they never take take a break so they keep going story i still don't think they feel like they get there like joe rewards no because every interview you hear the bitterness every every day talking on the media their dog on journalists and their their reminding people you know you can't ignore the millions of fans you know just listen to the fans you know forget about they have journalist because you know they pull up without any radio airplay you couldn't even play on the fucking radio that's how taboo they were actually we did it without radio air play why wouldn't of radio recognize how many people come in to see their concerts and buying their albums and just play their it doesn't make any sense i know that they do not
like we're not going to allow these goofy clowns to just you can't look like a clown and make rock and roll music there were just not allowing them so weird it won't allow it that wasn't that must have been an incredibly tough time to be an artist you know have to deal like only with record companies and only with radio stations that's just a couple of decades ago like what a weird world we live in today where people get fame through is electronic means like how many people like that dj yes does that is named how many people have heard his because it's been online or dead mouse race people all the you could they could those guys to become famous just by virtue of their product and it's heading virally yeah that's what shit time it must have been when that couldn't happen when you had to deal with all these assholes it wouldn't play you on the radio and like what do you have to do how do you get played on the radio what you have to do you know this did anybody play them
that was it was very rare that you heard a kiss song on the radio in you would not they would not if they played i was made for loving you a little bit they did play beth little bit and that was the disco era they went a little disco without they said fuck it they thought they thought this goes the new thing and it's going to be the future so they made a decision pallonji nor businessmen they go with that yeah sometimes it's it's obvious that we oh all you're going to go really heavy on this album like because everyone dog do that you went to commercial disco all let's see the careers in the toilet they got to come back heavy that's what they didn't creatures of the night it's the career is just fucking insane it's a crazy life to be a music ocean man to make noises that p would like to listen to that's what you do put together words and you make noise with your mouth with some musical instruments your professional noise maker
crazy thing that is that the the beauty of music is sold misunderstood it so hard for us to wrap our heads around what the is really happening when you're listening to a song because it's just something that something happens to you like a real good song like does fine are you up and make you feel good it gives you a charge you know there's certain times when you're in your car and it just the right song for the right moment and you like god damn this feels good and that's generally generally the way i feel that we are describing as when i'm driving to go teach class when i'm driving to teach class my i just took my glaucoma medication and then i find just the best song that i like that song but i could put on repeat anna crank it really loud and i'm thinking about training jiu jitsu i'm like i'm driving i'm going to try and some jujitsu an all my boys that i love are going to be right there and we're all going to work together
and when i get in that zone and i'm into an an amazing song it's the crazy it's man it's it really is like a meditative state like a waking meditative state whether you're you're like you feel kind today the universe man it's hard to explain especially while under the influence of glaucoma medication especially that and the best song if you got crazy and eight some yeah and you got some love that you're going to you're driving too and you gotta just people just driving from san diego people driving from costa mesa just a train that's when i about that and how amazing that is man in how much love i'm going to have at my gym when i'm there that's it's it's amazing man being there every night songs have this weird effect on people man you know i wonder if it can be measured like the good feeling though get when you hear a bad ass fucking song like this for me it's like i know this song gets worn out for a lot of people but for me the fur
a few cores of sweet home alabama i always go fuck yeah i loved god damn song i don't give a fuck if they overplayed that stupid song you can a play that forever that's still is like one of my all time favorites on so if i'm in a car and it's a nice day in that song comes on like all share and i'll turn that shit up right when he says to turn is that feeling though i wonder if it could be measured i wonder if you could put like elect roads on your head find out what what's what's what's firing up when you really love to hear a good song they should do that get people high and can listen to awesome music just find out what happen then in between that awesome music throwing some bullshit so really wack ass terrable fucking music some like really
add christian rock or something something something just terrable did you read that there was something on twitter about some research done on freestyle rappers and study the brain i did but i saw it but i didn't watch it or read it so i saw it like as a headline but there's this study and they studied freestyle rappers and they put some elect it's on the brain i'm not sure how it really works but they were they three thousand three thousand stuff and then i think they had say some lyrics that they knew before and see difference in how the brain works when you styling and how the brain works when you're just repeating stuff something like that i could be wrong but the overall the overall the overall result of that was that freestyle rappers are
quicker thinkers i mean obviously like the obvious stuff to look at the brain is working faster than normal people the idea that you have to be creative you have to put yourself into that that mode percentage of freestyle rappers you think some weed i think it's one hundred and ninety right that's what i'm talking they didn't talk about the weed connection you know what i mean you're talking about freestyle rappers they're probably smoking weed all day stuffing their brain with it well we had immortal technique on his dude's wave luke bryan yeah that guy was bad motherfucker in battle rap like there's some dude you have that shit down to an art form and you watch like
and i will come at them with something like really dumb shit and then they break him down but some just ruthless shit but those guys could freestyle their ass off and they smoked a fucking shit out of some weed would be cool if that shit was huge on nbc so when you said one hundred and ninety percent counting ghostface is also is that how you got to that number yeah that's exactly it is and you know multiple personalities to through that in i was just exaggerating brian able it joke kevin on carrera yeah i'm show today somebody made a a whole layer is video game like if this is a real video game based on an episode of the podcast we do with bobcat in and on the dolphin sensation and stuff like you're going to freak out and if you want to be an investor this mean kevin are going to invest in this game and try to actually have this game be like a
huge game what the hell is this check if you're going to laugh your ass off its ecco the reluctant dolphin ecco the reluctant dolphin and it's a game
echo the reluctant to offer one million it's a dolphin with a huge and on the bottom right its uses front the loads you go around shooting has on everyone even the ads and then you also have a calm demeanor when you're hello and then here's a here's the logo for a podcast pointless with him forever and those are jesus is often shooting from his own people then jesus comes out and tries what's in a disputed coming in your more there's kind of wow please stop this before we go to jail the dolphins walking funny because it's got i just read data with it at all the number of my brain my brain his name is a that's incredible yeah
his name is up tim him dude invest in that shit that's going to be huge i know it's going to be huge yeah that could be the greatest game of all time i don't think about you want to really put your money in that one brian i'm gonna be real with you i think that's going to cause it's like that's going to be the final nail in the fucking jesus peoples coughing when they go straight alabama people even draw jesus anymore we're coming for you bitches it even has a meter this is ferocity loads and then it also have anything or property frothy loads and also has a game eater but it's spelled with an h instead of gy listen man you can't you can't be attached to that going down is going to bring you do with it
i think it's i just stay off the record it had i known the content of that video i would love a lot of to be played dolphins can't jesus you're my world i don't allow his injury jesus i don't care where i don't we can call it whatever you want that's does he actually uses no i think jesus right the out all too much just as you know what they were going to have him fuck jesus but they thought you know this officer fish is trying to get that video game off the fucking ground ok we don't need to go there second version you know will save it for them in the video that dolphins fuck people you can't fuck people in videos i'm sorry can't just run around he's in looking to have major jesus though look into us i want to terminate the other day and it was terminator two and it was really weird to watch man you know it's real weird like how like kinda like the acting style
different back then like the movies but it was like they were the weren't is like evolved all which ones to the second one was that the one with the dude has at times in a row this one which was the guns and roses one too and i don't know two is when he returned and he was she was she was like in a mental institution should doing chin ups going to smile come about i like arnold when he was me i liked in the first one that's it even though we came back nice i am i don't i'm not into that yet i wasn't as i like the mainland to mean when was way scarier look why would they have the same model come back nice with the can make a different model and so stupid the same model first model was a mother but i finally seen a good movie argo dude i dog are very good argos fucking good there's a really i thought i was reluctant to see it 'cause i thought it was going be contagion where it shows like that our government is so good and with the viruses in the vaccine that it's like
it was a joke it was almost like used by the cia almost or femur something was weird button i thought there to do the same thing with our goal make the iranians look like just look in the ski ivo terrel is they want to make bombs and like that but they told the truth they did in the beginning they based setting that means it in the beginning and makes the the united states look at fault for a did the shit that's going on and it's the truth and the movie itself is damn it's it's pretty amazing man wow i was into it are going that's a strong endorsement by young eddie bravo i usually hate movies but that one i stayed with hate movies about love language ones cabin in the woods
jesus christ home my god if you're going to try to be funny and it or you're not going to be serious it better be like real funny like fun online not like this it was awesome you like it was beautiful okay was read fifty fifty thing like a kid in my tweets people say i'm talking crazy and then some people agree it's out to me it was just exciting fun which is ridiculous silly fun you know i go but i believe these people have a remote control they could change the house make monsters sigourney weaver at the end it was almost i don't know i enjoy the out of it it was campy to me it was like intentionally campy i thought it was really good i enjoyed it but yeah it's hard it's hard to make a good movie dude i i think i think got too many people involved i think when you got some bad mother like james cameron that can just totally take the reins that's how we get like an avatar you gotta have like real strong personality behind it that's why i like it
is important francis ford coppola's this or that i think there's so many people involved in poking and prodding and wanting this and pudding in that i think making the movie must be it's just a fucking tremendous nightmare at work with all those people and hoping they work together i have a friend who is uh a movie director and cheesy if you ever met patty patty jenkins brian callen's ex girlfriend she's she's great great person fucking really interesting chick really smart check she's in a direct are so she tells me some fuckin stories man the stories she tells you about having to work with like crazy actors people it's not really never even heard of this fucking out of their mind they just hold up production going go crazy and claim fake illnesses and faint and should do weird shit to get attention like people are nuts so you bring all these mother fuckers together put some movie out of it some ridiculously hard proposition
you know that's why i always looked at bands you know i've always looked at bands like going that's gotta be a fucking hard thing for all guys to get along you know see the guns just i saw guns n roses behind the scenes of behind the music rockumentary and i saw the might one you got to see the quiet right one you've got to see it the vh1 behind the scenes the guns in roseville at those guys the whole the whole day letters about how much party and they were doing and how much drinking and it was dry having an insane and then how much coke there were doing and drinking two fists of jack every god damn night i duff from guns and roses so fucked up he couldn't he couldn't even talk anymore there's super which they're huge and they're just drinking and doing so much coke there out of their fucking minds they it's like they they feel
like you understand axle axle selected dick but when you watch the rockumentary he's hanging out with these drunk dudes all the time i don't know it's hard to tell who's real default axles the control hungry tyrant he wanted control of everything and then everyone else is super drunk is like you understand a little bit right it has to be so hard to keep all those egos in check when they when they explode and get it's got to be so hard and like certain dudes like in the background like drummers and ship who is just not getting how much attention are crazy get a tug tommy lee was one of the few guys like that attention could be a drummer and have people know who you are and your first and last name pretty rare travis barker tommy tommy lee and that's it that's it is not really it can't be peter criss yeah
p groups like household names tommy lee is a household so it's travis bark yeah household everybody knows who it is very few miles that's crazy yeah that's a weird batman the celebrity drummer that's a rare spot those might be the baddest mother fuckers ever they shine through that position tommy lee is a bad mother fuck everybody just had to see his dick and go ok ok shut the fuck up what are you going to say the guise of rockstar and he has a giant dick that's it except that thank god he does he's not really good at jujitsu shit ricky rocky imagine if he was also really good real good fighter too shit ricky rockets a fucking black boat yeah legit black belt who would have ever thought that ricky rocket is the drummer of poison he's another famous use another famous one we missed him famous dropped up there he's he's a household name is ricky pocket when are killing spree that shit would be front page news
he's a good dude yeah he seems like a nice guy like yeah i think that uh like someone who gets really good good at jujitsu like you can't get that far without like he was super cool very cooper koya super cool guy trying with them aloud hung out with them a lot we we both wanted i went to the same school is really really super cool and it was it was a trip to see you know so much you know he's like in a band it's known to look like you know like they look like girls that they did but you know for what they were doing they look great that was there was there selling and he was a bad ass in jujitsu so it's a good thing to have these any does that whole cast magda system to which is a in a system we are the luppino system he's really that is really into well that's like kalyan although he's really good tomorrow yeah he loves stick fighting knife fighting all that shit that you don't
fuck with the drummer from poison no matter how much makeup is wearing 'cause they're back on tour he's going to be wearing all that make up just don't call him a homo tell me a why did you even put that out there 'cause then someone's gonna go fuck eddie bravo rikki rocket there's certain dudes that you mean the funniest defiance conversations i ever have with clues folks are the people tell me that if they mma they would never lose 'cause it's just the mentality because now mentality but how many time you talk to that guy that guy there's been there's this many many of those guys out there and you drift into them like icebergs i could be backstage in the ufc and you don't even realize you're talking to a crazy person until they say something like that like you know i mean these guys are all tough and everything but i tell you my mentality i can lose the fucking yeah you know amanda guys like me don't get in there that's the difference guys like maine with my mentality that they never stop the referee couldn't pull me off
i usually get the guys that say that you know they don't do mma they don't train but if anything went down they would kick him in the knee and like really are you how how often you practicing this kick how many days a week how long if he was a highly one three days a week with certain you know certain from the bag and just kick into the me forty five minutes a day three days a week i'm i believe he's on to something like that maybe he's got a crazy if you didn't know how to fight and you ran into some more thai guy for whatever reason he just decided to only kick your legs out from under you and just kick your legs until you're done like that could be possible yeah that's possible that's a guy who's really good at that could do that but the knee kick man come son
come on site and they believe that they are legal i end up with that you know that i'm gonna yeah it takes ten years of pressure and there is a lot to test and it just snaps brown disturbing statistics that's one of them the other one is you only use ten percent of your brain bro bro you're only using you know they've only documented that people only use ten percent of their brain takes eight pounds of precious nappanee e bro i can do that really good make them real real good us pseudo intelligent stoner voice it takes eight pounds of pressure it's been documented on the history channel eight pounds of pressure for fucking front snap kick right to the need it's over the fights over ok walk around with confidence joey joey diaz talking about that all he needs is a kick in the new healthy say jerome and joe rogan let me tell you something
fuck me dog i got one psychic three hundred and fifty allegedly pounds is coming down your fucking knee where you going bitch and going nowhere come at me with that fucking karate shit ninjitsu fuck outta here sidekicks to denise scrap slice that's how i'm rolling grab a slice have a seat back of lunch that needs to happen a joe joe we d as cartoon with joe rogan doing the voice data showing on as we do this why would you have me do in him mine is a poor substitute for the actual man himself it's just funny 'cause it's close 'cause i've been around him sound just like him you say it's like you get into his soul like you were saying the shit he would actually say that's what's funny is you're doing him
you're actually doing what i i know joey probably as much as joey a joke how important is it to have people like that in your life yourself with joey d joey diaz might be nice that guy provide you the entertainment constantly bryan callen when we went hunting together dude i had a comedy show for five days that's what i had acted brian's lucky count it was like the perfect move i turned like this boring ass camping trip where it's ten degrees out into a constant comedy show where count was talking about how he likes to fuck guys well this is what i'm doing i'm holding you ok now so i'm holding you i'm licking your ear and it would just come up with all these crazy things and we just feel it was one of those jokes where it's the same joke over and over again it's all about fucking guys holding guys down fucking guys but
it starts off really funny and ridiculous and then you like you wonder how long can this fucking guy keep this up and then five days in your still laughing at the same day jokes it's just him talking about holding guys down and fucking them and it's like he has no he has no shame and no limit you could just keep going keep going so it was literally like a five day comedy show is the most i've ever laughed while freezing my dick off sleeping outdoors it was perfect experience plus he's just a fucking awesome guy and counts one of those guys that doesn't complain like he'll just go do what needs to be done like we had to go hiking and shit he just goes
isn't that the jelly gs went on the trip with you i don't wanna say joe rogan there's a ones two miles away from my house don't get me antelope you want to take me off to the badlands of montana suck my dick okay a deliver did not let me god want us to be do you they'd be in the flock install buy a beat whatever the sucking dies which a great poop on on your d a burger out here it's a self a nice slice it's two points a regular coke don't even fuck with that diet you don't know you don't want that type
chance of type my finger isn't it crazy that we've gotten so stupid as a society that you get your product can advertise that you have real sugar and it's a good thing how retarded or weak what putting that on billboard well that's because corn made with real sugar corn two people find out how hard it is for your body to process corn syrup yeah but sugars in corn is the mother man corner it is we're product giving watch that king corn documentary i think i've i've watched her azl much money there is a growing corn man money in using corn and all sorts of different food items it is a lot of like good uses record first of all tastes good karma cobbs delicious you know call tortillas make you know x for some nice tacos but the how is that she is not good for your body especially like in corn syrup form
and sheds everywhere so bad that their advertising look we're using sugar after wasn't sugar like yours wasn't sugar free is good before well you know you don't you're only supposed to get sugar once attached to food you know are the real the idea of acting sugar and it taking pure sugar supposed to happen it doesn't exist in nature which is so fucked up man we have to dabble with everything and extract things and give you concentrated doses that's where cocaine came from yeah i mean if you eat coca leaves it's apparently very healthy i give them the chew those leaves like those those those herders those high altitude her why is it only grown in colombia is is that there are other countries grow coke it seems like the only yeah believe you yeah i think there's quite a few places that can grow it but i think it's a climate thing but that doesn't make sense to me because then why can't people grow in greenhouses and you never hear about cocaine bust with they've they've they bust them with coca plants you know
also i don't know i'm not a botanist understand what the fucks wrong but it seems like it would doesn't make any since they have to get it all from south america and less it's the only place where it grows that's the only thing that makes sense to maine and i remember there was some controversy about the egyptian mummies is one of the cooler things they found was evidence of cocaine on one of the mummies when they did this like real thorough analysis of it and it could be two things it means either someone had made it all the way to south america and brought back cocaine that is one possibility or someone from south america got in a boat and came all the way to egypt and sold them cocaine or was some kind of a false positive because there was some other substance that could mirror that when you deal has been dead for five thousand fucking years i'm sure there's a lot of guesswork involved in the india now some of it but they were thinking that maybe the
option the got a whole this may balls maybe the archaeologist is the co cat like i accidentally spilled some coke on the show because i know it's the egyptian it's on the gets the money he did it that that's so we have to roll with it that's not outside the realm of possibility if you were had to roll it shipped ologist even amateur you get tired using that brush all day need a little pick me up you know you i'm just going to do this coke this one time i'm just going to get really juiced up you gotta be a coke coke head to be an archaeologist like fucking combing rocks with a tooth brush i'd be doing basalts forget what they were doing what the fuck was i deal with the fuck was i doing it would forget what they were doing and they would try to start different new businesses while they were cleaning it up a blade do i got this amazing idea try try to bring you in you like my brother you mean even though just met you like my brother when
coming on this idea with me man to it still it fuck archaeology man let's make a boat make our own boat archaeologist can keep the the user archaeology sometimes to get chicks like to say i'm going to go to egypt you want to come with me and help me out ok i bet they if they really toothbrushes view like academic checks you know like totally yeah that's like a romantic thing a guy was like a published author in egyptologist near the ice you it did come how much pussy you think giorgos getting giorgos a handsome bastard he's probably crushing it i would not want to speculate 'cause i don't know the man's personal situation but i would say that if he wanted to giorgio suit closest will talk mother fucker everyone makes fun of his hair he knows what he's doing he doesn't know that he said the bitches are going to remember this her it was funny man he got upset at me when i retweeted the thing about ancient aliens debunked you know he was upset i'm like look
this is how i looked at it you cannot be upset when someone points out mistakes you can't shoot the messenger he was like i didn't know you supported christians you know as a fundamentalist christian and i was like ok look man i like you a lot like the whole subject of aliens a lot but that guy who made that video pointed out a lot of shit that was inaccurate and that's important it's important to get shit do it it's important to not make speculations based on faulty evidence you got a television show you have a certain amount of responsibility so in my opinion being upset at that guy he should've said that they put something out there was an accurate but that doesn't discount the possibility that we could have been visited by ancient aliens that's where is everybody wants take one camp or another and this d barker guy he's like convince i used to believe that too but now i think it's been thoroughly debunked yeah nothing's been debunked
yeah there's there's one monkey okay that looks way different from all the other monkeys and the the thing that we resemble is dogs in that we are come lutely different looking but we can breed with each other like shaquille o'neal could mate if miley cyrus me they don't even look like the remotely the same species he does to kill o'neill's seven foot whatever the is miley cyrus not a good example give me of a lot of really pale white girls trainee anyone bjork yeah shaquille o'neal and they could dave that's ridiculous will the only place that exists in nature is with with dogs you know baboon can't a ranga tang and get it pregnant it doesn't work that way but a dog any dog could fuck any other dog and then just make another dog like you take crazy dogs like a beagle and that big old can fuck one of those giant russian wolf dogs never seen those things octave
boxer whatever the fuck it's called it's crazy thing looks like an american werewolf in london and maybe some ridiculous looking dog ever well they could and they can make a little crazy little hybrid baby that's that only exists in people and dogs and we know that men beings genetically engineered dogs we know that you know by selective breeding and you know what the fuck they did it the not exactly sure but they know all dogs emanate from wolves somehow or another from wolves came chihuahuas and beagles and bulldogs all of them originate as well which is really fucking fascinating when you stop to think about it 'cause we don't know about the origin of dogs the origin of dogs in a very confusing and slippery subject so then we start talking about the origin of people we fucking resembled dogs quite a bit folks ok and we don't look like anything else around us and we don't behave like anything else around us where way fucking smarter than everything else here what's going on
what's going on how do we get here that's a yes let me just confuse that video he was making it he was trying to make it look like he was debunking the whole ancient aliens very yeah he he pointed out some mistakes and but he was like debunking the whole ancient alien there's been a million documentaries on the ship that ancient aliens is done it with and this is doing is that's it's already been done but they're doing it the but then it looks the bass is highly produced it's on the history channel so when i saw it when i first saw engine and wins out already knew all that from i don't know everything i learned a lot from each and but this subjects were like that the stuff from zachariah sitchin me and joe are both in design crisis so so to see it on a major television network was awesome weather they get a date here or pounds off or whatever that's tv show it's not on the the we've
it'll be like watching a ju jitsu documentary done by nbc right the guys nbc their own jujitsu that well but they want to do it you just a documentary they could easily get frauds or do they don't know you know they're not real experts in jujitsu and put him on the show and as a jew get to expert you watch that and you're not going to you know this guy's a dumb ass they put that mother fucker in there they're not and then someone comes around us is jujitsu ain't shit that guys a fraud is not even a real brown belt you know he's alive that they put him on tv but that would not denouncing jujitsu denouncing the show and i need to be more clear about that he wasn't fucking up the theories come on get the fuck out here you're going to tell me that you know there's so much evidence i could go on and on you gonna tell me there is a possibility that there some crazy going on you think like you got it all figured out there's a possibility anything can happen in it that you know it joe done if you if you look
get the there's a bunch of different things that happened to people and one of them that's the most confusing to scientists is the doubling of human brain size over a period of two million years it's a really shocking fossil that they don't know what the fuck did that and there's a lot of different theories about higher pay teen consumption that we figured out hunting and then once once you start hunting our brains are growing because they had to figure out outsmart the animals and they connected to the throwing arm the possibility that we figured out that we can throw things in a manner that no other animals can so then we started catching things with spears that accelerated are learning curve is a lot of like weird but the bottom line is it fucking crazy mystery and if if some alien race from another galaxy was unbelievably brilliant and many many many many many many generations ahead of us in the future to the point you know that realized that in order to preserve
for intelligent life you have to seed it so you have to come to planet that already has life find the smartest thing there what do you got here this is crazy monkey saying it's figured out how to use a stick to pick up an okay good he's thinking ok let's take some of them and let's do some get to the dna and let's see if they survive and then they come back there for a few one thousand years or whatever and come back and see what the fuck we have what do we have now well we have some new signals they've developed nuclear weapons what do you want to do fuck that quick they come back and check us out it's very possible just is just as possible is us sending rovers to mars we have done that and we have to realize that if we have done that and we have existed in this in this planet for four point six billion years it took human being to get to this point what if the plant planet that's twenty billion years old you know if there's a planet it just double it the
twelve billion what the fuck are we going to be like in sick billion years or four billion years the whole crazy about the tenth mit or nibbe ru that planted is that who as if it's out there really are not who knows but the the way people react to that theory is that there's trillions and trillions and trillions of stars and planets every where but if you believe there's a fucking another planet out there you're fucking crazy well the real problem with the new bureau theory is that it comes in between mars and jupiter every three thousand six hundred years that's the problem is that we have depictions of shit that happened three thousand six hundred years ago so not that reliable but you're talking you would have to go you would have to go to like one thousand bc i think that if i planet came around and filled the sky they would probably a lot of stories about it and there's no stories about no planet
doesn't mean it didn't happen and you know yeah yeah yeahs lock people up here who knows if it happened but to to reach that that reaction like it's so crazy like it's so magical if there's an the planet out there i would think that also has to be able to track that thing good moving if it was an elliptical orbit if it's that big who knows what we're getting well who knows what info we're getting do you know of use there's a video out and i you know how you hear about all these different two thousand twelve december twenty first there is from ask droids to earthquakes to solar flares all the dark stuff and then there's people that say oh no it's a spiritual awakening time and older encounter they didn't they didn't say anything about any total destruction or anything your others all these there right so there this one theory that was is fucking great it's probably all bullshit but it's great do there's a video on youtube this guys if you to my n explain
is december 21st two thousand and twelve it's looks like a mind like an indian dark skin long black hair he's got his mind little headset on or is a bandana on or something like it closed that kind of look like like elton john is that mine and kind of weird right and he gave a lecture in santa monica and the video is everywhere an i i don't know how it is it might be nothing nothing think about it but anyways the video is interesting he gives a lecture on why what's going to happen december 21st two thousand and twelve and he plans the whole mind payments and everything they should make the guy put all the money that he gets from that lecture in a box okay and if i two thousand listen to the stories twelve december twenty third rolls around to give you a twenty four hour grace period nothing happened okay we are going to take that money no no this is this is what he says happens this is what he says happened he comes out and he says first of this is the guy i'm
hello sir monos loading is the mesa run up on stairs to all my brothers and sister who listen to this message it's mine explains this is probably just hustling why is it so interesting the story is us all what is it so now in these times there's something that really bothers me say sorry magination planet attic balls at the net of it you know the december and it has to do with the alignment
of the planetary alignment that's going to happen on the twenty first of december of this year i use an experiment the syndicate focus of where you are calling there's a great experiment that is going to be a filled on that day as an expert in the process of going to send it over the phone and this experiment uses the particle accelerators the city because it comes from the line you might think scientists are looking for the anti matter this is getting approach are in sterling assume planet area and so they want to use this planetary alignment but but i don't know the address and we have to generate a very high vibration is an experiment that this young operable for the most part of the okay it's called the proton proton okay second room on my connection we get on this as a proton that's generated with very large mac machines some the particulars his catholic here at incendio contrary oh and their choose partic is that
revolve in opposite directions stop now stop now okay this is what i was going to really listen to him except full of and he has a sleeveless shirt on things i don't like no but this is what he says he says what's happening on two thousand twelve twenty first you don't want to know the socks there is there is just bullshit are okay okay okay which i'm not saying i'm just saying it's a cool story okay please keep going then not for you are now it's okay forget it well just some crazy guy with a photo id helpful should story found heard those guys it annoyance close to him when they come together so i've done a lot for a bonus when they collide they let go and they release all of these protons for the impact
and these protons closest thing with another i don't put up with that that's that's my thank stimulate another round in the machine he worked on that the other and they hit the earth and when they hit the earth so for michael not richard and because they create a chain reaction proton is in directional magma take create a reaction towards the direction of the magma hospital funnest the magma hits the protons theater and it shoots out to the exterior of the earth seven and so when they are released robert last couple think danica they break the tectonic plates i think it's a cool game so they ignite the methane gas forgot sally gas escapes in the earth
and one moment of that friction in one moment of that friction the the methane gas fire your winter is a little alex terrier and money is releasing to text you just talking about what happens with the large hydron collider the problems that's happening he saying there's an experiment two thousand and twelve yeah i understand what he's saying this is stupid and so that's how hundreds of hectares of for us are burned a sickle moon mess in too well walk about a month to give it your not sure you could stop it you could stop how did you ever get this far how did you ever get so far and then repeat it and then bring it to a in which will ferrell doing it is that will ferrell what he said is this really sad this is the same for between during galactic alignment the reason is explained as part of the particle
is that on there going do that on the twenty twenty first right when the sun is in the you know when it just to the center of the galaxy he goes for eight minutes this is what he says for eight minutes that this is what why for eight minutes we're going to be hit with like energy from the center of the galaxy that will i feel enlightened like we're in a dream do you know that neil degrasse tyson says that that alignment happens all the time that's total bullshit i never knew that yeah he's an astronomer i'll go with him and what is he said he doesn't he says it's bullshit he says that alignment happens all the time and that these people that are talking about this alignment they're not astronomers they really don't know what they're saying
it doesn't happen every twenty six thousand years not according to neil degrasse tyson and he's a brilliant man she says that that every that twenty six thousand year cycles but johnson's race as it happens all the time the will that the perception of the equinoxes a twenty six thousand cycle you're talking about a completely different thing the procession economics is the wobble of the earth and that is that is twenty six thousand years that that's been proven i thought that here's the center of the galaxy like a disk and our son it takes twenty six rotate like this around it like that and it takes twenty six thousand years to make that loop and then it goes through the center and then it goes this way down upward it goes through the center that's what i read but i could be totally wrong i don't even know what that means i'm not really sure you know what i mean like the center of the galaxy the galaxy is a disk you would do in stash it with your hands well you know what i'm talking about hey dude this is not a good place confuse the shit out of maine looking over my shoulder i'm seeing people um
yeah i don't i don't know if it doesn't work that way i don't know that's what i read that so that or saw on the internet see that's you know one of the grass tyson says nothing is going to happen so that connection that's like that shit there all the time so the sun passes through the center of the galaxy all the time it was that what he saying apparently lived the position that is going to be and he said it's it's it's happened many times so he says these mother fuckers working on large hydron collider though they are unchecked unchecked crazy super geniuses you know i mean to i'm not saying that we should stop the program but i am saying that there a far to people that are concerned about the possibilities of what all the crazy shit they're making their their absolutely making little black holes absolutely when you create that higgs boson particle disease microscopic black holes in
that they don't have enough gravity stay stay active so they disappear really quickly well what the fuck like what what kind of a crazy uses a machine with the pasta way of making a black hole because what's going to happen next are they going to be happy with these results and just stop there what if there's like more back tacular enerji that can be created but there's a smaller chance the black hole sticks around a while we're going to go course they're going to go for that they're going to keep doing it they're going to keep doing it because people are fucking in financial it was figuring out how it works and they're going to things like the large hydron collider just it's just one step in a never ending process until they get to technology that could end the universe instantly all at once it's like it's almost inevitable you think of you're doing now large hadron collider is a crazy idea they
finding that there re creating the conditions millions of a second after the the universe was created that's why do it by smashing those atoms together the re creating this particle way they figured that out to build like seventeen it like seventeen and i think circle i think it's twenty two i think it's two miles might be twenty two kilometers what whatever the it is and they saw ash and the smashes atoms together but it's a it's it's crazy the fig not only did they figure it out they've explained did got funding and they're out there doing what it does some of that is alien right there not us those are good i don't know any of people that can do that have affected they do that those are aliases i mean it's it's like a it's a circle like a tube in a circle when they run particles like continuously and then they run into each other so i don't understand it and then when they collide the explosion the ticket
snapshots of the explosion to see what the hell what's going on are trying to find the god ical yeah we believe they've isolated that and there's also something called quark gluon plasma that that's another thing that they did the created a new kind of matter that didn't exist before did they do a lot of freaky shit this quark gluon plasma i think if you may i think the the dimensions are i should q would weigh forty million pounds it might be billion let me see corp yeah i got i got pulled it up 'cause it's fucking crazy when i read the quote glue on plasma wait when i read the quote i was like what the fuck are they doing we're making some shit that is just like infinitely heavy and this is something that it was i believe this is all basically this is all theoretical
it's really recently i know that the date all my god they ate the quark gluon plasma has an oxman temperature of four trillion degrees celsius whole leach sheds four trillion degrees this is weird shit to like to reality and to matter that their start figure out like things like this like this quarter gluon plasma and that the higgs boson and whatever this new matter thing that they figured out they figured out some new kind of matter that they've created all of this is like very very very strange isn't it crazy getting most of our info from twitter tooth out there hunting the latest coolest info down and and they just family matters
but talking about you were talking about matters weren't you how dare you how dare you brian you need to go to a doctor i told you this many times what were we talking about before that before he came in large haldren collider how do you think that's funny sorry i didn't think this funny just in time like haha like that i know it's impossible that move away from that one don't worry about it the the network that we have with twitter all people sending your shit is really a incredible thing that never existed before the idea that people all around the world five cool share they sent it to you 'cause they know you're retweeted if you find cool shirt and they just keep even though you're constantly everyday getting nuclear shit latest cool shit you know what's annoying though man the occasional parody site fuck you
fake news fuck you with your phone and boring ass fake news that shits boring i i don't like any of it i think the onion doesn't really well the onion does it they do and by the way it's the onion you go to the onion oh what the fuck the engineers there's all these fake onions that are coming along and they'll make these fake stories and occasionally a rope you in and time with dudes priority so it like it's apparently so well what the fuck kind of parody is that we just lied to family when you lie it's just a little lie it's just a fake it's not remotely weird enough to be fake you should check out the young turks of you have and we had the the co host on today on the park as the i think you'd really like a light show a lot yeah she's great yeah with we talked about it yesterday i talked about it with with sheen's fertility to hear what what happened there did did you yeah that's the number one news right now her channel
origin of the number one online news that makes sense is makes crazy makes sense people don't want to watch cnn online anymore didn't know getting bullshitted and the by the way they also know they're going to have to sit through these fucking commercials ever it jumps to a new story ever go to cnn dot com great source of information but it makes you want to put your i can head through a wall when you start listening to their videos because of you search video every fucking video you have to watch a thirty second commercial so it's uh turn over and over again and usually it's the same god damn commercial so over and over and over again you're listening to this stupid nonsense about detergent or whatever the fuck it is and you the former like this is crazy play me ten in a row row play me three in a row you can't have a fucking commercial after each god damn video so that's how the young turks sneak in steel cnn's thunder
she said she will come on the podcast if we ever want are beautiful she was fine i think you would like her she's very intelligent it's cool pretty cool bonus smartship yeah i wonder how much the cia have been following her telling some real news on the internet who whoever one of those people now this is a different one eddie have you ever been to a dance club where they they like somebody has like those little glowy pins that attached to their their finger have you seen those yeah they're like they're like glow sticks that attach to your your fingers i don't know i haven't been to a club in a long time it's so funny i saw a guy the other day in san diego and he had these like little things that you attach to your fingers that are like glow sticks but you could like this and they flash around like i guess it's like our array thing now that a popular but it was hilarious watching him dance with that so too lazy for glow sticks like you know what man i'm like i like glow sticks but i don't want to carry things can make him stick my fingers so i could just move my finger right it's so weird it's the it's the get it's the
he is with an age thing you will ever see somebody dance around with those things on his finger look i've seen saturday dude i've seen a lot of sad shit at least glow sticks well look cool in your high there's something to them it's funny how one sort of thing got attached to one drug ecstasy and glow sticks you know it's kind of interesting well when young to see lights are way brighter so yeah well and also it's like hypnotic when you see it trailing in the air you know there's like a trail quality to those glow sticks here's a here's a guy got if you're looking at the video or you don't have video over there sucks just play it in the the thing what am i looking at here's here that he has am on these love finger things and so you see these guys dancing around yeah oh my god it's the most ridiculous
but like this was like i saw all these people in san diego have 'em they get me and doug benson were at a dance club and like a guy doing this shit and it's just like is that the new thing i feel like an old man let's say it's definitely not the new thing i do not see that catching on when you watch people dance i didn't even know it existed man would you ever did that yeah sure the movement if the rhythm gets me i might go don't put on some fucking glow stick thingies and dance like a have you guys heard about this lawsuit with there's a pill that this dude took that turned him into a gay sex and gambling act the court has upheld this ruling okay a ruling against the pharmaceutical giant glass smith they had to pay one hundred and ninety seven thousand euros to a man who claimed that the drug
used to treat his parkinson's turned him into a gay sex and gambling addicts what wait what's the translation of money was at ten dollars that they had to pay one hundred and fifty one thousand dollars wow they paid him one hundred and fifty one thousand dollars how is that possible i don't know man i don't know what the fuck happened so the guy said the drug made him addicted to internet gambling and caused him to lose the family savings and steel feed the habit that cost him eighty two thousand euros and then he said he attempted suicide eighty eight times and became a compulsive gay sex addict exposing himself on the internet and cross dressing isr ski sexual encounters led to him being raped all that stopped when he ceased taking requip this is the stuff called requip requip
rec clip has been known for years to have undesired side effects but a war he only appeared on its package insert in two thousand and six the lawyer said who is this was in two thousand and three this guy was taking this stuff before the compass he admitted that there are some of the horrific side effects with certain people engage you sinners what's funny man it is people people or series of you know like you the way your your whole system works as the there's a series of chemicals and interact with the body and everybody has a different set up and we all know people who can't drink we all know people care if anybody can eat peanuts this those mother get nervous around peanuts like they can eat peanuts their throat will close up there's some people that like normal shit there allergic to something a lot of people alerted to wheat it turns out there's a lot of gluten out so the body is weird i've never heard of something turning into a gay sex addict
who was the lawyer the pharmaceutical company like earl shy or something like that maybe this guy is just a really good liar i would like to see his testimony please they paid doesn't that kind of meaning that it actually works well with means they were able to prove to the jury what does that mean i mean the juries generally try to side with people i think when they would gigantic pharmaceutical companies so the guy could just have a look here he could have got caught on this just mad gase axing gambling binge and his wife found out she's like you if you don't seek help laid over there is light at something on in two thousand six how they met at the side effects but that you actually have to admit don't they at the actual side effects that happened well i would assume it does not happen a sex addict because that would have been out by now i would imagine that there's a lot of people that take this parkinson's medication if they all became crazy
gay sex at i wanna try it that would be gay sex voodoo drug could you imagine if you took some shit and it made you a gay sex addicts like if it was if this human sexuality was that manipulable manipulable manipulable that easy to manipulate where someone can actually add some to your system it would turn you into a sex the big it's so many gay dudes doing what was right guys what's funny is the cia tried to do that in iraq they were trying to create a gave bomb this is a true story they were we're trying to find out if it was possible to make something they could blow up over the city rain down these people and they would all fall in love with men and it would kill their morale and they wouldn't want to fight anymore and it would be ashamed and they would like they would is their ambition to fight that's amazing well it's really ridiculous too because the
the greatest warriors in the history of humanity have been gay guys is that a lot gay sex in the romans a lot of gay sex in the greeks i mean before north america even was populated with houses these as we're fucking people up with swords banging each other in the ass so they the kings back then so that the idea that you could drop a bomb on these iraqis and and all the sudden of his butt sack just be going off and that no one no one would feel like they would need to fight back what if you turn them into like some crazy super warrior greek homo gods and they just all started fucking americans up because they loved each other because they gay sex in each other all day and they don't want they fight even harder 'cause they don't want to lose their boyfriends they love going on the road you know like for i like camels you don't need it you don't need any pussy
good way looking at man they just wanted to the woods imagine that shit could the cia really was trying to do that the cia gay bomb if you just google that you'll find the study it's a it's a larry es he had private probably be bass like if you were running shit in spain back in the conquista door days to get a crew of nothing but gay it's right because then you won't have to worry about them being all star sex and love i guess you know the other thing they would do is they apparently the cia would make fake islamic gay porn they would lie yeah they would organize the gay porn and make it like dudes and speaking arabic so they fill listening to talk to my own birth in your sock his dick is going to put in your and they would organize the show themselves they would organize the gay porn shoots themselves send
i would say oh look at all this islamic gay porn so the cia was making gay porn in order to make the other side look bad i wonder if they were executive producing it or if they were like actually fucking it they had a fucking weekend we're going to have to do this ourselves we can't trust actors look what they tell our story in the government could lose its battle with the islamic terrorists so listen your gonna have to suck my dick fuck you and ridiculous the people of the good ideas though if i was in the cia i'll be i'll be up for a be pushing for that whenever he voted for that one this would be funny we you want to be in the cia and met be in the gay porn division would you think that'll be i would want to be immersed jobs i'd want to be in the brain wash division like all the different ways that brain wash people i'd be fascinated with that they would they did think that they were going to be able to do that in the 1990s there were they spent a lot of money on this man the theory was
the bomb would release a chemical compound that would render the opposing troops so irresistibly that instead of raising their rifles to defend the nation's they would turn ravenously gay and raise something else into time hahaha and have passionate sex with each did it sounds like they figured it out wow as an added bonus the burst of gay sex would leave the enemy troops emasculated with shame how many do that like played tricks and pranks on their friends to slip some gay drugs and drink every but ever that would be like so common i need to raise your teacher and then have gay sex with their teacher would if they really liked it what is the poor that like when they got on the gay drug and i was like wait like look i thought it was straight until today but like the gay life is for me just it's way more fun i just need to take these gay drug like once every couple of days give me a dose of hype i feel loved like they go to clubs and all of a sudden get laid and they feel understood
this amanda man understands a man women pretend to understand man just to keep you around and sort of stay and shake their head at you every now and then 'cause disappointed but a dude understands a dude the smells of being gay must be awful being a gay person in the daily smells you have to deal with well they don't all but fuck a lot of uh just blow each other so the smells would be pretty similar to what you're smelling already yeah but when your spoon it up to your man at night and you smell is but you know it's going to be worse than chick i don't know maybe like it really clean would feel i was talking about bears guys although i know you get the killeen when is that what you think you would get you get like a tom sigara bert kreischer but would you guys be like dual bears or would you would you like battle like those bears do when those open fields they start pulling their hair out would you just let him be the top bear i don't know it's a good question seem to always get along for a little while until there's some pussy around and then you see bears
on off on each other and brawl and in the fields it's always pussy that brings him to that so i wonder if there was no pussy involved it was just two dudes would that even with without even be an issue maybe gay bears would be cool to black camp near hybrid net with them hibernate hybrid nut having that all over this man if you wanted to have a gay relationship would you gay relationship with a bear type gay dude assu for obvious like really super pfam gay dude or dude who looks exactly like a girl but has a dick because you know you ever seen so i have to take that gay drug to give you man would you take the gator tv show soon as it kicks in young asian
did you question you mentioned we could do that for the podcasts we just contain ourselves inside of room so that we we strapped ourselves up to make sure extra tight makes site yeah really really a buckle self and take a spoonful that i when i try to talk about my sex i just don't take my dick in my bottle just yeah that's the case i would trust you got you i would interest you at all man recuerdos thank you let me out well we catch you with your toes a lot take my blood drawn that's hilarious houdini style that would be ridiculous
he'd have to get seen into someone wrapping okay it's like that scene in the the the wolf man when he's with the all the scientists are surrounding him trying to diagnose i don't you're so the benicio del toro wolf man in stupid movie but a couple couple cool where will scenes and then the perhaps they thought the straps to hold him down no fucking first right through that shit just like that gala it would do for you first right through with it ryan raging hardon chiz purple and angry demand satisfaction like that dolphin and then the a down come down q imagine africa you already feel like shit and they're like oh my god i just suck this dudes dick you start being by for a little bit maybe that's what it is it's like no i'm not drunk but i'm buzzed you start being by for a little
i wonder if there ever going to figure out a way or if if humans keep of if we're ever going to separate the idea of sex and making people 'cause if you look at like you look at all the images that people claim to have seen like of these aliens the grey aliens they all are sexless they have no organs there's no sex organs you gotta wonder man if if we keep fucking around with genetics and we keep fucking around with art shall scan and all this weird shit that's going on right now that they're they're in the middle of experimenting with artificial cells artificial adams like really strange i don't know if they do artificial atoms but really strange shit and the id is that one day what if they just say listen when we have sex we have these problems and there's of emotions we've figured out a way to isolate those same feelings and you can get that with a pill and then we
just recreate people with like skin cells we can make you a and you can raise that person the person just take a take a skin cell from you and run it through computer what do you want you want a boy you wanna a girl doesn't everybody looks the same it was going to dick and they come out and if we keep going if the technology in the the the the symbiotic relationship that human beings have to it if that ship keeps going which you obviously is going to we're going to start fucking with the body and we're certainly more likely to move away from monkey instincts and and the the certain needs that caused people to want to dominate others to want to fuck others plant seeds i will if we we look at it all objectively we might one day decide to slowly move away from that and it might take a few one thousand years but if it might get to a point where as a culture they've recognized at these
last full feelings that we enjoy today and that motivate people to build buildings and drive fast cars and fucking learn how to fly a jet those that be that might be a thing of the past the might figure out a way to engineer human beings to the point where sex is no longer part of the equation that's a real mind fuck man they come up with and that feels better than sex though it's totally possible they up with some sort of an artificial reality some simulated thing some fucking or sex that you can eat sex imagine something ambitious yeah it fulfills your actual flow the more you fuck it the better it gets i wonder how many people out there have their sex drive like they condition and all of those zero sex drive the did not want to ever i'm sure but a few who are those guys i'm sure this quite a few i wonder if if it's you know there's super happy people like that yeah
yeah can you be super happy sure for sure like hobbies you know the state motivate you there's a lot of people are just motivated by sex you know i met a lot of people that are in relationships that don't have sex anymore that's when it's really weird and they were like more friends than anything i mean i don't care anymore like what i know what dude his wife had a baby he had a hard time having getting some sex as it was like it was always the joke around the set we work together is always a joke around the set always talk about it can't get laid everybody would talk about this poor guy who couldn't get laid and then finally his wife had a kid so i guess he got laid and she got pregnant and then she shut it off no more and his kid is now three and he has had no sex with her since you got a pregnant and that's just madness how can a guy live like that like how
how could a guy she just just no desire to please him and easily i godey try is like oh yeah she shuts me down every time like you keep trying wow some girls probably think that you know i'm pregnant it's it's disrespectful to the baby or some kind of shit not forget about that the kids three the kids three there's been no sex since the baby like she got she got a baby and she was like i don't even like that shit we're done i don't need it i don't need you that's crazy that's the that's bad situations forgot to be in man that's what they that guys like a heroin addict that lives with a a big fat stash when sitting on the kitchen table you know it's all the all his needs could be sexually fulfilled by this other person but this other person is like now i don't like it i don't want to do well she does that then obviously that's gives her
she's allowed to cheat i would i would say you should get out of relationship that's a bad relay ship we just don't bring it up around and you got a kid involved probably happy she cheated get outta here bitch i haven't had sex in three years three years for one hundred percent yeah i wouldn't go so no he wouldn't bullshit not every year is a good dude yeah dude shit i wouldn't last three months yeah how long you think you would last with with a woman if she refused of surgery once with three max along and she will kind of reason chant yeah that was the reason you dickstein then it's over no that's true it would depend on the reason like if you had did something wrong but if everything's fine and there's no sex for a couple weeks i would think something was wrong like wait just two weeks is ridiculous weeks one week was ridiculous but two weeks is just something's wrong with it just don't need as much
some of 'em someone needed more that's when she gets annoying summer addicted to it the worse is when you check wants to fuck more than you do and you like jesus christ i got shit to do you want another one god can i just go to sleep in the early days well i a lot of young people do that to sort of distract them from the realities of life life is just so far and confusing when you're young you just want to escape and just fuck all time and fall in love i think they is really really hydrated and they need to get that shit out of them i don't like it then answer your face you are going to move this screen no more of this and behind the throne ship on welcome to it's fun but it's also quite a conversation killer fark okay usually they worked a case in a really good
my ex was a greater as i was saying yeah that's it's nasty i like lot girls look dated young man she says it's just pissed she's a line she's a girl man how can you say she knows what's up square girls pissing all over you son snapped it has pissed smelt type smell to it but i don't oh wow long as it has a piss type smell that probably precludes the possibility of it being pissed mean why would it be pissed if it had a piss like smell maybe we need to get doctor drew in here yeah doctor true it has no information that's accurate about marijuana what the fuck do you think he would tell you about sports is he mad at you but he still happy we're going off all the information to his show i really wish you would think that he probably wouldn't want to listen i've never said anything that's not true he done some silly things when it came to marijuana and the silliest thing is all this nonsense he says on a cnn show about these horrible addictive withdrawals that people have and withdrawal symptoms that people have from marijuana that's crazy
and he knows it that is fucking crazy that people who have any physical with draw from marijuana are extremely rare extremely we have to you know to get rid get get weed away from joey diaz that he would probably go through physical it's i don't think i don't think so he takes days off a weed man it's not a physical thing joey likes to be high for sure is definitely a dd medicating or whatever the fuck he has but but we're not a stock it's not what would get annoyed with you want to be high again but physically his body would not be addicted to it so that's where withdrawal syndrome company would probably sweating at night i think i just see you maybe maybe i'm wrong i mean look there's some people that get addicted to toothpaste ok there's probably get addicted to everything there's a lot of weirdness in the world of addictions to say that it's like one of the more dangerous drugs or there's like dangerous withdrawal syndromes that's nonsense
it knows it's not or the gateway theory there's no connection there's no connection in marijuana physically to addiction it's not like it's with is an established connection of addiction the there's no chemical established like connection of addiction to marijuana it's not something that like rob's your brain of dopamine and then you need it to like re get your high again it doesn't work that way so for someone that discounts it and then the other problem is they they they they little it they say well look hey i'm i'm all for it you won out smoking pot go ahead smoking pot that's what you want to do some people like to drink some people like to smoke pot and the proper and with that is that they're talking from a non experience point of view they're not a person who's had any psychedelic experiences and there now person who has had any cannabis experiences that were in lightning and you and i both have had some crew crazy experiences eating
smoking whatever where we broke down some certain aspect of our life and change things and looked at things in a different way and created things in music is come from it and id we have come from it and an understanding of yourself comes from it and to discount that is ignorance especially if you haven't experienced it and you you are dealing with a broken group of people dealing primarily with people that come to someone when shit is falling apart but guess what there's a lot of people that aren't falling apart it not the same drug as all these drugs that people are taking with the scratching their face off and you can't call it a drug you cannot of drug because there's no mass advocates people you know trying to tell you that you just get a little crystal and you're going to get your life in order you know get it crystal and change your perspective and you just look at things in a fresh manner
you get a little crystal in your system and then listen to this song meth magazine when they show up posters of like the pinups of the still up close and shit oh this is this is ice oh shit this shit from breaking bad this is the shit that the chemicals make the phone rosen high times on those things are so hilarious they have like pin ups of weed of weed never i never got that i love we do you know that but i've never been in two weeks so much room to put up a pen up of like you know purple haze or some shit is it really is beautiful i can't wait until it becomes legal because it becomes legal i'm going to start eating it and i don't even mean to get you high i mean eating it raw which by the way can't get you high but it currently it's super nutritious marijuana in the season and then like eating it raw i'd like to but now it's a mod the leaves all the engine yeah yeah yeah just pluck it off the stand in only the stems but all those leaves and apparel it's like really nutritious
currently eating marijuana is like super good for it and it doesn't get you high at all you could juice it really good for if you juice it to some different purpose it's almost it's almost seems like a joke when you start talking about all the different things that it can do so come on if it could do all those things let's be realistic it would be legal come on that doesn't even make any sense find out you can eat it you can make houses out of it like what's what what else what gets you high and you can make houses out of it you know the henry ford made the first car out of it the first car the little did the fenders of the car the body the car was made out of hemp that's how much they were spending the whole gateway drug thing is ridiculous too 'cause ninety five percent of all stoners i know they don't do heroin or meth they just smoke weed it was gateway drug that be a big problem with all my friends with math and heroin there is not a problem the whole gateway thing is all bullshit they're going to they're going to find the way to stop people from smoking weed and what they're gonna do
those are going to mix up that shit from that parkinson's medication they're going to get into the feed supply and everybody's going to go gay i'm with the we you know with colorado you know you hear we talked about this but a week ago that they had one of the worst akon he's in the state and now with with we that one of the best states i mean that's i was told i don't know if it's true but that doesn't seem like they how ok let's let's look economic impact in colorado unless i was told yeah that sounds like one of those dude they were ready to totally close the state and quit being a state and then we'd came along and now they're rich so i amazing zing wasn't like quite like i have weed in colorado yeah
if that's true isn't that i should write meryl isn't that something that would influence other states if it did that if it completely turned their economy around the real issue is the problem that dummies get to vote that's the real problem the real proud dummies get the vote in a lot of dummies have these like fundamentalists ideas about it and they just they just can't accept the fact that first of all you should be able to do it over the if you want to do i'm a grown man you're a grown man just because you believe in you know whatever doesn't mean you stop me from doing what i want to do it doesn't hurt anybody else so that that right away is a problem 'cause not everybody agrees with that there's there's a lot of fucking dummies but dummies get the vote but how many how many states have marijuana now i believe it's sixteen or something like that sixteen they just made massachusetts just got through you find that out brian how many states are medical
what causes thirteen like it seemed like eight years ago and like now brian you don't want to do that no the internet's not working on that this laptop very well so i'm really fuck anything up okay i'm using my phone just to look at all right let's assume it's a lot let's say six i think it's like sixteen but the i think that eventually the the the good the washington states and the colorados the two places eighteen wow the two states that made it legal it's going to be really interesting to see is what happens from here because if the fed government still decides to fuck with them they can and that's it's really strange so if these people start up legitimate weed stores that are legitimate under their state law just like liquor store there's pay their pay their taxes and all that shit does that to come down on them because they can if they want and they have before there's a case of a guy from montana
and it's is becoming a big martyr once people found out about on the internet because this guy regularly had law enforcement from state law enforcement he invited them tours of his grow up he did everything ledge everything by the book check double check with everybody follow the state law to a tee but the government came and arrested him under federal laws they would even let him use the term medical marijuana because it doesn't exist federale so this guys look and at eighty years in prison and this guy did everything correct that's work with state was at montana that's where it gets really fucking squ because look when there the guy who is not hurting anybody and he's giving someone something that should be legal in your area because the people voted on it if you want to lock that guy up your the criminal and that that that's a that's an important point to make in this society the just because someone wrote some shit
on paper and you can inter put it in a way that you decide you could put someone in jail if you put someone jealous on doing anyone any danger and you put them in jail for eighty fucking years or so unhappy plants you're a criminal like your cultural criminal i've got someone who's robbing society that someone who we have to pay we pay them to six dollars and they arrest people who aren't hurting anyone telling me there was another shit you guys could have done you tell me those cops that arrested that guy they could have been like bustin burger lorelei's or burger or are arresting murderers or you know fucking down door of a crack house why the fuck are they going after this who keeps having cops and long for benton mayors over his property to show them his grow up 'cause everything's done under state law on paying his taxes because there's a bunch of criminals in government man
actual government itself is filled with criminals and they think that they are allowed to do it because it's written down somewhere federal law the federal law against marijuana has been the same since one thousand and thirty five federal government does not change its position federal government doesn't change his position whole hilarious that is high hilarious that that is on thing me there's anything that makes government out to be whores it's there stance on marijuana it's one of the one of the biggest whore like stances because this should have long ago convinced politicians that there's a massive benefit to this country if we grow this stuff we grow it if we sell it look is cultural benefit there's artistic benefit and then there's farmers benefiting financially not just by selling the drug by selling the hampton all this shit good nigga that's not the kind of fucking law enforcement we have here eddie bravo they don't think right it's crazy
you good for about an hour and a half to and then you always do this is locked down here or verse of stories and then he just like settle in that's the first wave of the weed no no i'm good i'm good now the first wave i ruthie it's an audible i mean it's it's well what the information that's coming out with you know for the last ten there's we've been talking about you know all fishy ass shit that the government does like nine hundred and eleven all fishy i should you see the the news report where they finally released video from hotel survey it was on the news it's on youtube where they show before they only showed three frames of the explosion at the pentagon now they show the whole thing there's an explosion there's no plane you know what is this there's a video on youtube it's just what is it called maybe pentagon explosion yeah just pentagon
asian video you in this is legit i mean it appears to be legit you know what even even if it isn't legit if it's like a hoax it is still it's like a you know the government is like the neighborhood whore you know it's if if she gets accused of boning man tommy you like you know it's probably happen even if it didn't happen she's still a whore ok this is the actual hidden footage no uh a plane this is october of twenty twelve so that must be the new shit right only nine hundred and ninety two views think it was around for like more than a month more than one thousand people with maybe there's a bunch of videos like that maybe they made copies okay let's see what happens here mmhm well that's hard sell from it looks like
first of all its way in the distance and it's really blurry as fuck i guess this is like a security camera but it it actually does look like of flies in there it actually does dude that like looks like a looks like the last yeah the last it could be you know what people are saying it's either a bomb this yeah there's there's actually something like really clear watch watch this ok this slide here there's something really clear that comes in right now watch see that so that white thing and then boom so that as like a plan is something right here under this that comes out it and then it hits watch one more time right here back to the left transaction that the boom is like she could see something flying to it people crazy the news reporting you listen to the news report actually listen to the audio on this and what they
they say there's no playing yeah maybe they're retarded those people that are reading the news man things so smart they did those fuckers all they do is they just read off a prompter never been impressed with the knowledge of the people that read the news they can all suck it i don't know what happened to the pentagon but that shit looked like a plan i said it but doesn't mean it wasn't like also so there's the big theory is that it was some sort of a remote control plane that they've had remote control plane since the 1960s we know that because they wanted to use them in that operation northwoods one of the plans involve using a drone airliner sending up the and blowing it up and blaming it on the cubans so if i could do that in the 1960s if they could blow up a plane back then they could probably pilot things remote by now and apparently they can and it's been proven that they can they absolutely can they can land them they could take them off they can they can actually put
planes in the air so the the crazy conspiracy as far as i was concerned was that the most it's fast anyone's they're out there all have a hint of ninety the most fascinating once was that there was some sort of a drone and that that's how those planes crashed into the buildings they couldn't be engineered like like or rather the people that were flying them probably couldn't have pulled off the maneuvers but that if you had it on a remote control it could work that was with uh some pilots had speculated specially like the pentagon one them you want apparently pilots like really trip out about because they've done like the simulations and no one's been able to recreate it in a simulation like a simulation machine it shows like exactly the path of the plane took when i hit the pentagon and these pilots can't even do it it's really hard to do
yeah so low in the grounds there you got a time it so badly how you gonna do it's interesting that and i don't think i've no i don't think i've seen the video we're a pilot was able to recreate i've only seen failures but that doesn't mean the people haven't done it just means i haven't seen but it's you know a i wouldn't i wouldn't put it past any nefarious organization domestic or foreign that they could look at they if their well if anybody is willing to fly planes into buildings are they clearly we saw it happen somehow or another that was somebody's idea ok those pie into flew into those buildings they didn't just fly in on their own so for sure or somebody piloted planes into the building why would we think that they wouldn't do it remotely why would they you know that we we are we are we really truly convinced that people pilot them themselves i think it's a really tough to be sure that someone's going to fly a plane into a fucking building it's really tough to be sure you can hope they do it but it's bad
be safe and the way to save is to get him to do it tell them i going to do it and just wire the whole thing will do it ourselves miss case they chicken out he might check it out man you might like fucking one more pass were possibly go around again i'm gonna go around keep those passengers outta here like you might get most then pull up pull up you know that crazy guy john lear he's like one of the craziest dudes ever he's hilarious though the shit he says he'll say the craziest shit and i heard his take on that and he said yeah he is he's cia pilot she said and you know he's the craziest motherfucker out there he's probably a this info agent if anybody was one that would be a cia she listen like a billionaire or something he was his dad owned learjets and he was as far as him being a pilot for the cia and being highly decorated pilot he's got like records and shit
it's all true but he says crazy crazy shit he says that there's no way that someone could hit that tower without pay 'cause you're going so fast that you would have to take a couple rounds and time he said you'd have to look at a building and go well in that building hits i have to be right here and it takes a couple passes tenala building 'cause you're going so fast that's what he said but he could be full of shit i don't know i don't know anything about being a pilot but that's what he said yeah i don't imagine that they would leave it to chance if they do have remote controlled things that they could put on airlines i would imagine they would just do that that would be the way to do it you know like leadership coming out on you know the conspiracy siri has been look at all this fishy it now the latest shit is like what company these insecurities companies and brokerages tying it into the collapse of russia when russia was collapsing all the shady ask people
hi up i don't know what you want to com were buying up all russian shit and laundering through securities like two hundred fifty billion dollars securities like that were just snatch and they make cash grab in russia but it was all illegal laundering shit and eh ten years every ten years like that was that was a nineteen ninety one so two thousand one was the year that they had a review that you know it takes ten years it review and make sure everything all the securities make sure they're all legit and all that shit i really don't know how it runs but they're tying it into their to blow up the security broke it brokerages on the building never gonna check and going to find out like george w bush's dad what is it george herbert bush whatever he she like it was all cia internet call banker shit and it all ties into the collapse
of russia and this is why weed is illegal these kind of conversations yeah because when you smoke weed you go to it was hard tide in man it's crazy like who knows what's real or not but it is the realizing the tying it all together now the craziest one and i you know i try to be as open mind as i can with these things but if you don't admit that this one's nuts i think you're crazy and that's the donald rumsfeld one when donald rumsfeld came on to television on september tenth and told every see that there's this real issue with missing money that is true two dollars but they're going to get to the i'm at two hundred and twenty trillion two hundred and thirty trillion or something who knows what the number was even if it was a hundred trillion it was one trillion that's that's a lot of money but they the very area where they were working on this the accounting offices was hit by the plane yeah and this is on youtube rumsfeld making that it's on youtube donald rumsfeld saying that you know what
the real enemy is here here in our country and we're gonna get to the bottom of this apparently there's two hundred and thirteen trillion ever there's lots of the money that however was that the and we're gonna get to the bottom of it the enemy is here in the pentagon next day they blow up the accounting office and and apparently the name intelligence they or on to what was going on this covert laundry in skiing with through securities so like most of the people that died in the pentagon were all the accountants and a lot of all the high ups in the naval intelligence because naval intelligence was actually looking into the securities in these russian so that a blower and the naval intelligence had less power seven the crazy the craziest things that the government investigates the government like the this whole thing with this general patrias you know how this happen the guy got you got busted having an affair and they had to resign it's because the fbi
was investigating the cia like they investigate yeah yeah like the the fbi listen to it complaint by this woman she calls the fbi and says this other woman sending her harassing letters and so she read the letters and then they go back and forth things hilarious is a the government spying on the government so the the these mother it's so addictive to them to like spinal people and plus people apparently for i don't like the fbi i the d e a n fbi are i r like kinda together and the cia they're separated wow it's crazy well is the nsa you know that's that's working it's really squirrely like who's that what does out what's going on in so many of these fucking things and this is some that kennedy was scared of in the 1960s kennedy was saying in 1960s we have a shadow government you know there's
well i thought when he got into office i bet it was like what the fuck big crate the shadow government running things and then you get i like obama in place it's like this is our last hope national sensible guy that looks like us great trick i was a good i wonder if that's what it is or if it's he get she just really doesn't have the power that's such a change now that is the trend in the the the trick is he has no power no strong as much as he can the source slowly turn the tide but that the people that are in positions of power they've done it this way for so long that's what's really up out of the idea that these guys got away with it like this you know what's crazy is power six there's tower one tower to tower seven tower one two and seven they employ and they've fault free fall speed towers dixon tower for just had massive bomb explosions and debris falling on it but bombs exploded
i'm six bombs exploded in where six i never heard this matter so much shower sex bot careful those people make shit up i haven't heard anything about bombs go to go to a nine one one conspiracy nine eleven sorry that good a nine eleven conspiracy not gonna get me i'm not doing it okay i don't have the time there's no way i mean your the bomb went off in tower sex i didn't hear what if it did that but let's just say what if it did this is the story of a bomb went off with pictures and video you love how could that be crazy when you're bashing the government all the time but then a bomb goes off in tower six and i think those are fun think that there is is amongst especially amongst people on the internet there very real desire to uncover hidden secrets and sometime
to get so far that they reach two bombs went off everywhere maybe i i i believe it's possible i've seen the testimony well i think those also explosions and it might not have been bombs because there's so many fires i mean that was one of the the the the the excuses uses the use for tower seven the only one that makes sense is that there is is a fires because they had diesel generators and apparently they had just a fuck load of diesel and that shit caught on fire and if that the case i could see it like gutting the place with some crazy fire and maybe it falls down call i'm not bright enough wouldn't be weird if it if it was true you're you're saying maybe it is maybe it isn't and i think definitely it isn't because you you know you would say that so maybe let's just say a bomb did go often there's picture and video of it looks i the oklahoma city bombing that building and the office was bombed was the el dorado task force which investigates
all these securities and money laundering and all that shit never investigating the whole russian collapse there was a lot of shit it was a covert economic operation and it was being investigated i mean how many people would have to be involved in something like that and they blue that office up there was investigated that office and power six it wasn't even tier one bomb goes off in tower six it was at all stages blew it up when i'm asking people do you think would have to be involved in something like that would they how would they do this they do it through emails according to this theory ok according to the theory i don't know it's true or not i'm just reading these according to this theory it was about they had to get rid of these brokerages and the people naval intelligence and the el dorado task force 'cause they were about to investigate at that ten years are ten year securities whatever that means like bonds or something or cds or something worth over two hundred and forty million that's what the navigation was about they finally working
only aig is is supposedly according to this theory a i g that insurance company with a more than just insurance like they're involved in also they got cia ties and all this crazy they had a covered up there this is according to this theory they need a blow all that shit up so there's transactions could slide through during the chaos and they wouldn't because the federal reserve at nine one one they took like emergency power so that day it took emergency possible they could do whatever they want the security and exchange commission they did emergency process that they've never done before which meant that we got a lot of chaos here let's just run all these securities without checking them and just run these through bam that's what they did so
the theory who knows if it's true but it sounds pretty fucking crazy i don't know if they did that so i think speculating about us but what i do know is that a lot of people bank done those airlines fucking up and they like sold allow their shares like they knew some things were going to elk like huge significant numbers on american airlines they shorted their stocks is that alone it's like really score really like what the fuck that alone if it is true and apparently it is that i feel like that should be like a big point of investigation and if it is true and i've seen it reported in multiple supposedly val websites that the deal with the news if that is true like this just the fact that that hasn't been investigated it makes you go how many people how many people can involved in if we really have a really crazy sort of fake democracy
and they're just stealing an engineering shared and blowing shit up on occasion how many people have to be involved and how come nobody wants a rat him out how come nobody wants to make like the ultimate book from the shadows and they're going right to afghanistan take it all the heroin come on gangsters dude it's amazing so everyone just accepts it was so amazing it feels fake but i think that part of the thing is that they did it this way for so long that that became how you did things and then when the internet came along and all of a sudden
will go wait a minute what the fuck are they doing they can do that and they could do this like who would have found out about the national defense authorization act in the indefinite detention of american civilians without right to try have found out about that if it wasn't for the internet you went and found out it from cnn you don't even find out about it from cnn dot com when people say when people say where do you get your information the internet where do you go fucking libraries were going to fucking let you go to the library your fucking twelve you're going to the library on your computer dumb ass everyone gets their information from the end well that's where it gets really weird though because you got to make sure that you really trust your source so it's like some sources that man you know like like it know there's so like
in england they have the daily mail there there those mother were right anything she did article and it's from the daily mail you got to go wait a minute the daily mail she is like the real but it might people so listen the amber lines you know so you know we have proof to amber lines we have proved and did everything what we see on cnn you i question it you gotta question everything you can't ever trust the government well it's a businessman they're running a show those new shows they check them for ratings they want to make sure that people are tuning in and if they're not tuning in they'll replace a girl and move a guy and do this with cording to amber lions more than that it's not just about ratings it's about their certain she at the clinic and say what was on the same it's a business and in if you're in the business of of news is only way and where you get access to that news you know you have to be able to go to countries you have to be able to do as soon as you like piss those people off that you can't get in there anymore you're done you they were removed from this so you can go to congress anymore like this people
this day i'm sure that have webs lights or what people that want to get press passes for certain things they want to be able to get into is where the new york times and the wall street journal guilty and they can't get in just 'cause you have a website there's a million hits a day it doesn't mean that they're going to let you into like you can't like lab questions at the president just 'cause you have a big santana it really should be that way i mean if you guys are big antenna that means like perez hilton should be able to ask the president questions why perez got millions of fucking hits every why not him i ask him feel like he would have probably questions more along the lines of how i would think that a lot of fucking weirdos that you see that it get elected to congress and get elected to the senate or you like like i gotta do that was trying to be president paul ryan they did was running for vice president that silly bitch
do you pay attention to him at all oh my goodness the mitt romney guy and well his running mate first of all he he lied about like how fast he could run a marathon he said around random area mount a three hour plus sub sub four hour marathon which apparently is like world class like you have to be low a serious fucking athlete to be able to run a marathon another under four hours and they changed it afterwards like these i i was like six hours or whatever yeah they probably because he is terrible go get here get i paul ryan was good speaker good speaker and he was pretty charismatic the the problem is under the really bright lights he folded and the play bright lights he just bullshit a little too much got a little too cocky some shit to set in idaho got away with it on the local news you we can't get away with that shit when it's on fox news and everybody research what the fuck you say who put him in that position they knew that about him they go
it it's like no one out with john mccain when john mccain i think you know the world is run by corporations and wall street now that they have all the power there yeah but i mean when you like traffic trying to get a guy like paul ryan in the position they do it because it seems like it would work is gonna listen to us he you know he going to play ball and it'll work you know i mean that's that's to me i'm just throwing this out there who the so you're looking for a conspiracy in the conspiracy i'm thinking with john mccain and sarah palin john the cancer is like get there's no way that dude who's about to die is going to become president and then we put a crazy bitch is vice president it almost seems like we need obama to win to handle all this shit focus all up that's that's one way of looking at it this is the way i look at it i think that in order to get to any position of power whether senator or senator or congressman and by the time you get
you got so many motherfucking skeletons in your closet that you like teddy kennedy never could really run for president after he drowned that girl and there's a lot of shit these dudes do so it's hard to find a guy is pretty clean and paul right i'm pretty clean seems like family man says a lot of shit about taking personal responsibility to the republican line look the guy looks he looks fit it looks like a man's band have you ever had done marathons paul i did a marathon under four hours he did a marathon in under four hours he's our guy and then they get in there and then not the guys are bullshit are i think it's more likely that but i do agree that in order to get to that position they got to think that they can do something with you they got to think that you're going to be able to play ball with them and girl like sarah palin they went with her because they were they were desperate there was no one else would they didn't know what the fuck they were doing man they were trying to figure out some way to reach women voters and why
the best ways to have a strong woman that rep women and you know she represented the strongest aspects of like frontiers woman which lives in alaska okay big old titties in a gun like they thought women were going to go bananas for that that women are to go yes and that would be enough to push them of the top they would get all the women votes the same way obama got a lot of the black vote like a lot of people were like there's no way i'm not voting against obama and people got mad black people got mad at other black people they were going to vote for mccain you know so anybody that was black that had a fucking paul ryan shirt on you know no one had a mitt romney paul ryan shirt on that was but it may be a few dudes just wanted attention but if they really but there's no way they would have done that it just seems like a big show to me it seems like it's all like a reality show big show like almost scrip what's the big shot you know that because they don't they don't have any more than two candidates they use let extra candidates in when they
last time they did that was with ross perot he was the last independent and that guy fucked everything up man because he got his own television show he took over nbc like during prime time he bought the time and he went on and told everybody how you getting fucked told everyone the federal bank is a told everybody where taxes go and and told everybody that's insurmountable debt and this is how you been set up he did it on television and because the fact that he so much money that he could get they were doing shit that traditionally only the democrats and republicans could do but also is independent that's like stealing two thousand and thirty the vote a up the whole thing and that's how bill clinton became president and there you go that guy he ruined everything so then the commission for presidential debates they changed what it takes to to be able to compete at the at the highest levels you could
now they let a lot of kooks like when you have like republicans have like ten republicans they let the contains and that they know herman cain like that dude everything he's got like fifty on the side he just couldn't keep them from bubbling out of the woodwork under the like the guy ran over here and uh the pizza company and you see all the different women that came out and said he was he was banging them no well you can't do that and run for president like you can do that and brought a pizza company he totally did pulled it off they they know certain shit like that they know guys like not going to get that far it's a little song and dance until they get to the main guy and there was couple main guys and the big man guy was this mitt romney character so it's like it's always going to happen the way this way and all the people that are in place behind the scenes they all watch it all play out but it doesn't matter who wins the same people are paying those p socially i think we're better off with a guy like obama you know i think it gives people hope you know it's young black guy from a single mom you know that that makes people feel
makes people believe that hey you know maybe that racism shit is kind of in the past and maybe you know look man if system didn't stop a black man from being president like you you it's surmountable you can overcome this like this is good example for the culture the real problem is the dude does a lot of the same shit that bush did that's the real problem we thought we're going to dude is like us but there still using drones they still guantanamo bay trying to take our guns that shit is right all that shit is ridiculous all that clamping down on rights and going there now not there's not a problem but in the air do did you see revolution do you see problems in the streets do you use rampant violence everywhere in our children safe unsafe no what's happening is that massive terrorist attacks on america why do you need to look at peoples email like why do you need to store every phone call that's ever made like no
don't assume that everyone's fucking criminal 'cause in reality most people are you fucking cool the vast majority of people are pretty fucking cool for ruin that shit take it away and take all the fun away out of life because there's a certain amount of what percentage of douchebags in the world is like knowing all the fucked up shit the everyone's been like people high high in the government i'm not talking about you rich congressman or anything but the people that are really running shit knowing all up they they've done all the jfk stuff and all that what do you think the liberties that they're taking from us on a daily basis you think that's part of a planet there so aggressive with it i think they to worry about any sort of an uprising and the best way to keep any sort of an uprising from coming to fruition is to nip it in the bud
and when you're in a position of power especially it's an undeserved position of power if it turns out that you're using your money to influence politicians and your populating the system in order to gain an advantage so that helps your business and all that stuff is exposed well that it should be a crime that should be way worse than insider trading that should be but meanwhile it's standard operational procedure hey when there's any sort of a threat to that they're going to try to stop that threat in advance and one of the best ways to stop that threat in advance is fear make people here to speak out make people scared to act and one of the best ways to make people scared is to give yourself god like powers give yourself ability to just i can take this person and lock them cage and never let them out ever and that's the ndaa says that's crazy 'cause even hitler would have got a trial okay
we had captured hitler and supposedly no soldier had gone crazy and shot him in the head which is probably unlikely they probably would shot i'm just like they did gaddafi right but if did capture him they were given hitler trial and what they're saying is you this average person that they decide to detain they can choose to use tactics on you that they would have used hitler they can choose to just lock you up indefinitely and not give you access to lawyers that's not good for anybody and that's not america that's not what we're supposed to be about and you can have that kind of power and that's it jackie what's happening in egypt right now you know they let this new dude in in egypt and now two hundred thousand people are rallying in the streets trying to get this guy right to get out of office because he change the laws he made it we can arrest him he can't be tried for anything he just turned himself into a god he's got in there and then they went fuck you we already been through this shit no you can't do that they all
to the point of governing and i think the possibility of being overthrown by some completely new organization is terrifying for them would if the green party all the sudden took off in this country what if it was like the green party became the number one party in the country look how many people go to whole foods look how many people want to recycle look what if that shit spreads would have it spreads and all of a sudden the green party becomes the prominent party in this country when we realized that were poisoning our food and poisoning our water and poisoning the ocean and killing all the fish if they ever did get to that position that would be a terrible loss of power for the republicans that and all the corporations that support them if the publix pinion changed and people really did get behind party that was independent and not reliant whatsoever on
operations that would be fucking terrifying to the powers that be instead of going around making billions and billions of dollars a year travel around fat yachts you know banging supermodels and then cut their heads off instead of doing that you would make nothing you would be in power anymore you're corporations would have to stand up in the merit of the products they sell not uh the ability to change laws so that you can make product cheaper and in the meantime ruin the earth and that's a terrifying thing for those heads so what they to do is take away your rights take away your right express yourself be becoming it shut down your website at any point in time no file sharing i don't know the fuck you're sending no not going to look at that shit no no no no no i gotta be able to look at everybody's email at anytime this is a matter of national security we are the government this is the homeland security department of
security of the mothers and the children of this country and i have to look at a few emails i'm gonna do it got that it and that's what we find ourselves we find ourselves in this ridiculous position we were clearly being run by how real mystic is texas from really succeeding from the nation happen there's no way it's not going to happen but while texas doesn't give a fuck taxes supposedly constitutionally being one of the few countries or cities states states that can because i think technically they view themselves as a republic you know i think maybe also other states do as well but from what i understood the way there the texas texas state declaration or their you know whatever the fuck their constitution is whatever the fuck that states have the defines themselves they do my name is how slightly different than most states and they uh they
leave it there their own sort of situation you know that all that shit came from mexico and all that was the texas mexico california was mexico i mean that wasn't that long ago i mean everybody sort of kind of forgot about that yes it was not that long ago is mexico was like there was like giant chunks of america that was mexico and like known anymore nope nope and so texas became this weird sort of spot is texas legal medical marijuana hey i say no no no no don't ever known in austin's not strong enough no austin is probably the best place like socially and liberally and into actually it's one of the best places in the country and it's it's the best place in texas for like free thinking ope minded people well read
well people that are hip people that are tuned in to what the fuck is going on in the world but they're surrounded by silly people you know there's this people all around like the middle attacks texas in crazy places is like a lot of like churches and people are nutty and they're they're doing exorcisms and it's like an sex is a mix you know it's a mix of really houston's really cool at dallas is really cool is a mix of like a lot of really cool spots and the spots when you drive to the really cool spots and you go through our hours an hour's these back woodsy type town like whoa whoa whoa you were born here what if were born there and eddie bravo had to grow up there like oh my god like there's a lot of spots that suck and the problem is those people get to vote to so shit like medical marijuana does not pass and the res why doesn't passes that civilization hasn't spread through the entire state
so they they've pockets of have they tried in texas i'm sure we've tried i'm sure someone's put them forgive me if i'm wrong but i'm sure someone's tried to come up with some sort of legislation but it's never been like officially on the ballot i don't know but i know that it just lossed in oregon which is pretty surprising but it might sometimes it's the way the language is written on the law like sometimes they get sick but with the language and then you know and you could fill sixteen year olds you know throw something that would be awesome in the government pays for hosters to come back with the language of the law was but i would have thought oregon be in portland and all that you know portland is pretty fucking hip that that's one spots i would live i live in portland if i if i had a for some reason get out of california portland a good spot the very cool people it rains a lot rains like i'm out of our gross allow me back back to la yeah really he's been back for maybe
mother fucker and when i see him i'm gonna shake him like a bad baby 'cause when i when i talk to him up there i was like what's it like i really digging it goes yeah man it's awesome i go to the rain everybody was now not all fuck it he goes just so pull up here it doesn't bother me i got some events motherfucker see is that is that a chemical thing like do we need that chemical from the sun like in order to feel i've never lived in a place where it rained all the time have you done that that you got yourself in california whole life i think there's there's a gray that happens in boston for a few months during the winter that that dulls the happiness of the people and it's palpable you can sense that shit in the air when the gray is the gray of the january gray the february occasionally you get a nice son a day like wow beautiful day today step outside three fucking degrees that shit that wears away at you man salami a good story and i was wondering about that man because people will
is bullshit you about that then never tell you like what like up here man you like it well i like it a little but man i get depressed as fuck in the winter and i'm thinking i don't know there is a bad idea no no it's awesome i love it the best choice give me the best choice man i'm so you should move up here to this mother fuckers would convince you in a moving up there and then when you move up there you go man i'm just getting depressed in winter i don't know what to do thinking about back to arizona watt did his testimony that's an influence mean yeah sonofabitch make it yeah screw up there right wasn't intent planet is he was black but now he has a black open the guy does he really understand elmer slime is such a good dude always a friendly guy man even if he's a line mother fucker the climate he liked it initially and just wore down on him i think i think it's actually if you live in california it would be really hard to go to a place it rained all the time
do you like the rain sometimes the one thing that's amazing for is the vegetation god there for still there when go if you have been on a hike like through the pacific ring ever been like walk walked around like you've the redwood forest ever do that maybe as a child you got to do that disappointed at the same thing redwood sequoia i don't think so i think sequoia is a different thing but they are huge too right is not the idea he has a kid but the young those forestman those crazy like rainforest in like washington stay where it rains constantly dude that that's how we're different feeling walking through that kind of life there's so much vegetation life around you that as you're like your urine that is like this bright green rainforest you can i understand where all the old mess of like fairies and elves and wood sprites appearing because as
walk in there's so much energy in the air that you're almost thinking in someone's watching you you almost get trees and shit and thinking there period atuan looking back at you 'cause you're feeling you're sensing that there's other life there you're sensing it because this incredible wealth of vegetation 'cause it fucking rains every day the grass is glowing green i mean the glass the grass in oregon is like neon green it's beautiful i just look at the grass is like wow i never fucking sawgrass like that in studio city that grass is dry and gray and all fucked up and brown that poor and grass is alive and if you walk into those woods men there's something
out those dance rainforest that give off this weird sort of feeling is a strange silence your animals but like the site it's a weird sound because there's so much vegetation it's like being in a room that's like stuffed with things like this not sounds and travel the same way it's not like be in a place where on top of a hill and you overlook canyons no you're walking through this dense thing that feels like you're inside of a living thing and it is the rainforest is like a living thing in fact thick rainforest has the biggest single organism on the face of the earth there's a mushroom colony in the pacific northwest that so enormous it's bigger than like x amount of blue whales it's shoe genesis connection like almost like a like a neural connection underneath like in the way the way it's worked in in the ground
in the in this in this entire area of mushroom but it's one giant organism here i better google this because this it's very hard to describe like a giant mushroom yeah well it will take bites out of it no but there's a fuckload of mushrooms up there do you hear about those people that died in la kerr california recently a bunch of people are dying from eating poisonous mushrooms add is a lot of people that try to like gold like hunting for edible mushrooms it's like a hobby with a lot of people 'cause you can find like some delicious mushrooms in the wild if you want to get high just to eat just to eat but if you're old and you can't see this cook cooked
retirement home and only people to start dying including the cook when you have some crazy old alzheimer's what city are you know how to northern california i'm a mycologist service learning mushrooms one carl if mean was on eighteen different drugs that dude he's he hasn't caught in the they gave the gay rage one but he's on everything else this out this is a month pull up the story on abc news so i think it must be legit but it's there is this giant mushroom it's the worlds largest living or with low tech turn off whatever that website is okay in national forests of eastern oregon this is a fund spreading through the roots of the trees that covers two thousand two hundred acres that's alotta acres that's insane making it the largest living organism ever found it's one
fungus like you could break it up into pieces but it is essentially one unit properly known as the honey mushroom i am a really am out i'm a little area i'm a little area study a from a single spore too small to see without a microscope and been weaving it's black new string filaments through the forest for an estimated two thousand four hundred years killing trees as it grows holy fuck man and it says one year on the ground you don't even notice the pattern you just see dead trees in clusters jesus christ that's that's an amazing thing man killing trees just one giant organism one giant living mushroom we just lost the did we
this is do not eat the trees this is not the best internet but you know what kind of things that this is all going to make it glorious when this thing comes together i think it is probably chokes off the nutrients just doesn't let it survive yeah i don't know i don't understand how it works but that's a big fucking animal whatever it is you know fungus is closer to a human than it is to plant yeah that's yeah funguses are a trip dude that's why it's the things that one of the screen like a plan to me that was to read that sir i'll have to google that too but then the thing crash and then i got a nine one one yeah that with my phone see how close it is what what is
the exact phrase i should use i'll put it on siri will see this siri bitch can do this with me fungus is closer to a human than to a plant come outside come up edge a fungus is closer to a human than a plan they're gonna have to explain make it happen siri i don't know what i mean it's basically you know what i mean ok let's see if google can figure i bet google configured out even though siri can't serious stop it prime here we go let's try it on google a fungus is closer to a person than a plant let's see if google figures it out boom are fungi closer to an animal then plants yes
yahoo answers right away goes to it so fuck you siri you are overrated piece of shit you don't really work that well brian what are you doing over trying to i'm trying to have a of dude siri or ilost this this google picked it up immediately google voice knows what the fuck you're saying as the future eddie bravo not really right the future those things what are those things brian that you can manipulate with your mind that are coming out dolphins yellow remote control things golf olive garden those remote control things were talking about the donkey talking about remember that shit yesterday we were talking about different things that they can that you can operate with your mind different games that are going to be able to navigate by just putting on like a certain helmet don't even push it you decide there during this part apparently not you might not have been you weren't there for the first hour so you might have missed a program
but the idea is a bigger they're figuring out ways to you where things when you start moving things around with your mind like they're really getting alec cursors can we kind of do that in one of a kind of do that already with that steve smith used to be on the on the raiders awhile back and now he has that do gehrig's disease and he's sitting there and his house and he come controls his computer with his eyes to how scary is all that is gonna willis for yeah that is fucking scary that's something we never heard we were kids you know ever heard that like x amount of football players have massive brain damage that shit never came out i want to what the real numbers are like what percentage of football players will end up with some form of lou gehrig's disease well and then you have to stop and think about what percentage of boxers what percentage of mma fighters there's a lot of head impact the nick he you know he has ufc fighter here e
retired really talented kid very smart kid though and one of the things concerned him was not just the the head impacts but with the call subconcussive blows like blows that you take inspiring you don't get a concussion you feel five get your bell rung a little bit and that those really are probably more damaging than people are aware of and then you have to be really careful inspiring like the uh like the smart guys apparently like really preserve themselves and sparring and they try to spark to the head like in hall apparently they they have hard sparring but the most you go hard with the body and legs they'll attack you hard with leg kicks of body shots but each take it easy on each other's heads like they realized that's like yeah that you know want to hit that too much you gotta be careful especially when you're learning it's a no brainer i know you did that's but it's also part of what's so scary and so exciting mma is that these guys are re
really like put their put in there their ass on the line like physically like you did you see that last fight this past weekend berto at berto and the ghost guerrero you see that fire what's shown boxing on hbo bertos both of his eyes were come pleat lee swollen at the end it was disgusting mean his eye they just they were just done they couldn't see anything out of they were both like like art and swollen and you like wow that guy just just like la lost his ability to see for awhile i mean he's i mean see shit clearly mean how long going to take for that for swelling to go down how long after they i sit what's cause all that swelling who knows what kind of eye damage he's got underneath all that and that guy is taking some crazy ass chances with his health for spa did you see margarito has an artificial ai is official lens or retina one of those things
see out of that i yeah i could see how that i i bet not so fucking good though but they let him fight again i never watch boxing like never still some good fights now i still like i still like when i got like floyd mayweather floyd mayweather fights or manny pacquiao fights or if they fought each other i would watch it but i think like all matches i thought i would watch i end up just like drifting and start talking people in the same room in what round is us and they're just like it looks like there sparring for eight rounds you know remember those old days before we used to work for the ufc will to go the over peoples houses and shit like john the well we went over his house once and watch pride or that shit those are those are fun days man it's something fun about getting a bunch of dudes in a room and put in the fights on do you like being able to enjoy the ufc now 'cause you don't do all the shows you oh yeah i love watching at home watch at home is also man i love that i can pause it and go take a shit loved
that i love that i could have a beer and i don't have to talk and you can get satellite tv in here yeah yeah also did you see that hector funeral pick that they posted to an tmz to camacho yeah no it's here fake he said no no no this is is this something that has to do with the olive garden now a while that's that's up man yeah i don't think some advertisers up this is hector macho camacho mass a little crazy life that guy what is it it's like jesus hugging him and then some jelly beans jelly beans reserve i don't know what that is yeah it's it's a unclear picture i don't know what the fuck that is that guy was hard to hit yeah that guy was a very good boxer man but he was apparently like crazy
love to party love do that yo yeah when i was a big boxing fanatic he was in his prime yeah yeah i know not about him remember when he fought edwin rosario i don't remember though that was a fight it rosario could fucking bang like i could punch and he cracked camacho and change the style camacho stop stop getting big with people and started boxing more and moving away from them and avoiding impact edwin rosario was a beast julio cesar chavez he really got to him chavez was one of my all time fave because he didn't have like any physical why not come out i figured i don't remember camacho it was hard and knock out was hard to hit up always hanson he had the knocked out sugar ray leonard member that sugar and try to make a comeback who knocked him out hector camacho did not
how about that landed was trying to make some sort of a comeback i remember remember when this was but they got to a point and a letter came back and he had billy blanks training them and billy blanks was like his strength could shooting coach or some has been printable is huge do you remember this yeah i remember when typos you camacho him up about like about those those those over the hill a fight broke where is communal at his funeral ex girlfriends brawl oh no way no way really yeah that's sad shit man well it's like why should you be surprised at that at all think of the people must been hanging around with he got shot with a doo doo head nine bags of coke think those girls are stable the girls he was partying with were on the ball yeah
actually there any in a yoga they ate a lot of cal they're really calm that gave massage which is whenever whatever the house was all candles please those bitches probably got higher before they came in a funeral one more hit and then we'll go to the funeral i can't believe this mall dead can't believe this mother fucker left me here oh no this bitch did not show up and then she gets but of course all in spanish it sounds way better if joey diaz was here he could do that for me poor guy man poor fucking guy i don't know what happened here with you guys ever watch and o'neal's new show america modern family no never seen it's good is a good really good with him and this time i am doing yeah maybe he would do it if he's not busy he's a nice guy my it's a great show i got lucky it sat next to him on a plane once we talked for like shit like entire like two hour three hour flight
just like randomly sitting right next to me randomly totale lucky i've had that happen twice with norm macdonald norma down so i've been on two planes together once he's right in front of me and once he's right next to me we had a great old time like which is randomly how long ago where you are sitting next to ed o'neill was probably no long ago saying i don't want to say like three years ago maybe two or three years ago it was cool conversation man he's had a long history of ju jitsu it's funny everybody you know you think of them as al bundy yeah so thinks about the last guy you think they would be into jiu jitsu is a not at a swing at yeah yeah he loves it and he's big too he could probably he's probably destroying people in class he's a big dude it was a former football player like he's quite a bit larger than maine this is active commercial thing is so sad he got arrested for stealing
shooters he was a the hannah away sir joh he had an office next somebody else's office see climbed into the floor panels and drop down to their seats it was stealing computers dan coke is crazy man coke is crazy it'll take everything away all your shit take it these tv's are badass that you got for the studio by the way joe so i don't be awesome when they're up and running they're connected to the internet or reality so yeah the lights as they went came on on the top of all these yeah yeah the can and webcams cams the government can watch as we would joke around about the government do the government could be listening to this show right now meanwhile anybody can listen in the internet the government doesn't have to tap your fucking phone stupid they just broadcasting it you dummy but yeah there all their setup we can play into videos on them so we don't have this laptop thing very much longer but right now
our internet sucks a fat one so it's not so good but that'll be worked out this is all the growth pains of this new studio and your are part of the bravo came in here in the beginning man looks awesome we're going to do some some mma podcasts is still at me me and joey when you do that people yeah people of the need for a good mma podcast you know this like this not enough good mma podcasts is that you have that with our last one you have the power to bring in anybody to now yeah we can have some good if we especially at some like me i know a lot of the street mma podcast if you ever you're right faber on a chill son in the sum of people's for it was anyway those dudes are fucking fascinating guys man hi level mixed martial arts fighters those are intense human beings man it takes quite a bit to get to that position that's not an easy task that's a fucking a hard road eddie bravo any nice things to say to these people for you bolt can i thought
cup plus my band smoke sir but we're doing a mini southwest tour the last week of january we're doing the el paso santa fe phoenix you must san diego la go to view forum for forum for more i'm at about jim downtown la that's what i'm teaching you the full place i went there for the first time last week it's a beautiful place great place great location and big gas gm useful for silanis and it's beautiful yeah we were in it you know we were in a holding pattern in burbank for awhile and they were really nice to take care of us but man it's nice to have like a real top and jim like that that's a beautiful gem great head the bags they have fucking cage they have a ring there's a big caged in matted area for jitsu and a class is awesome impact and it's there monday
thursday dirty bitches eight hundred and thirty p dot m show or eight hundred and thirty p dot m class it is a show to you can watch if you just one of weirdo just keep your pants on and the daytime classes one of the data tuesday and thursday at one thousand one hundred and thirty and go to tenth jj dot com yep yep at the locations check out headquarters that's where it's at right follow me on twitter it's eddie bravo on twitter edd e b r a v o h we know which apps around can you imagine is this the you add an h is anybody had ever added a letter like a silent letter wanna silent for my my name is rogan but there's a q first ok goodnight votes i have nothing more to add next week we got a lot of people coming up there on the podcast lot of interesting characters
including are fear will be returning he he could make it this week a lot of going on if you are in milwaukee he's there this weekend though go to his twitter our e s h a f f i r i don't hear anything in my earphones phones yeah i this no i don't hear this song oh i know because i'm not playing it through the oh ok oh but you always usually do because at the end yeah i get louder after you get done time listen you dirty fucks the show's over with of the out of you we appreciate the out of you it's been a beautiful brine for all involved when people keep coming up me everywhere and same and don't ever stop there plug so that we will not stop this fucking podcast you don't have to worry it's as much of a two way street is you could ever imagine we are enjoying the shit out of it just as much as you are and the more you people enjoy the show the more brian and i and eddie and joey and ari and duncan and everybody else involved in the show enjoys doing it
it's is a beautiful connection that we've all made and it's some life changing shit so we're not going anywhere alright we'll see you in a few days pop off texas were on play dirty fox no set tonight everybody keep it together
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