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#295 - Tom Segura, Christina Pazsitzky, Brian Redban

2012-12-11 | 🔗
Tom Segura, Christina Pazsitzky, Brian Redban - Date: 12/11/2012
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now we're live on new stream it's a series of events that have to take place tommy buns i like including me shutting off my laptop oh really my volume i'm a retard always leave it on and it always i always is like a checklist of shit that i should do it for the podcast starts then turn the volume off on my laptop so i'm here myself for that stupid right i'm sure we should we put together a list put together last check list i need to get my together tommy doesn't get any better the joe rogan experience podcast is brought to you by on it if you go to on in it you will check out some manly shit like kettlebells and battle ropes that's the kind of shit i be using lately i hired a trainer recently did you really do that i do jujitsu with it's always in awesome shape and kicks my ass
these fucking workouts are so brutal you doing like a cross training style stuff well i feel like if you don't have someone yelling at you know getting you to do shit it's like no matter how hard you push yourself you don't quite push yourself as if they were blossman someone else that's exactly why i don't push myself pushes exactly right i just started doing that recently it's pretty bad ass i do it for i i hire somebody once every once in awhile for like a month and i'm like that's just too hard i forgot his kids on suggesting he trains in my gym and he would watch his training like this guy never gets fucking tired so i said i'd go what are you doing for conditioning he told me he's a trainer so i said let me one more time which one how you doing all kind how long the workouts are you to it's only an hour but in ten oh it's to do it's all like man some balls and jumping over this and jumping the squats
and all this nutty tracking field shit and jumping over boxes and pushups left to right le right left right like all this crazy conditioning type shit yeah holy fuck is it hard to do well that's when every time i've done a workout with the trainer and it's been like an hour i'm always amazed at how little i usually accomplish in an hour i mean 'cause like you finished training you like men we did that in an hour i usually spend an hour and i do a fraction of one of those things it's hard to really fuck bush i can do it a little bit i could do it every now and again but i think it on a regular basis sometimes you need to take a class or got now somebody yell at you like working the deadline like everywhere deadline and you realize that you accomplish and then and then when you're on your own again you're like yeah you do like a lazy bitch what's wrong with me i am always i've worked with the deadline a few times from the road
holy shit how much work i just accomplished this weekend and is usually the opposite thought holy shit i went the entire weekend with doing one productive i got up and i went down to do the show and i dropped off four times because it that's the day it's amazing how much time we can waste it's an amazing but it's a crazy feeling when you like set the bar really high and you accomplish something in short period time accomplish a lot of things because then you know you gotta keep that pace up that's brutal yeah it's hard it's very hard that creative pace this has nothing to do with art dot com forward kept that was a long time but whatever folks go buy some vitamins well your brain some mushroom tech support we have hemp protein powder we have cattle else i said battle ropes all kinds of cool shit all of it health info this related and mental focus and clarity related to the sleep one yeah well it's
sleep one look it's ah it's ah mood booster it's a five htp and l trip to fan subs have military and no i don't think so i should know that let's go um because he's what don't do it don't you see what it does did you get delayed what it does is it's five htp produces makes your brain produce serotonin and l tryptophan to converts to five htp so it's like literally it's like acts as sort of a time released formula for helping your body produce essentially what makes you happy but people have heard because i haven't tried it but i've heard other people talk about since they started they sleep better they said they told me that there's a lot of things that can make you sleep better um zinc and executive good one is like magnesium style
yeah really and the yeah that stuff is good that's the that's it really it helps you we really get a good deep sleep but a lot of people have a good success with melatonin for melatonin has yeah i've tried valarian rude but that would get the gimme psychedelic dream easy dreams really have you ever tried it now i'm going to have to try it that seems amazing i've had bananas fucking dreams on that they turn into a known wow yeah it's like nature sleeping the craziest shit i've ever done is the alpha brain dreams yeah alpha brain especially it seems like the the old formula may be fucked with your head even more than you formula either that or i'm used to it kind of headache not sure but what it used to do to me was he's crazy lucid dreams
really strange because there were so much more like potent than my normal dreams like they were like this is describe it is like my normal dreams are like a bubble that a kid would low and they're blowing those soap bubbles so fragile so fragile these dreams were like basketballs like they were hard like they were real it was it was really strange because it was like i was aware that i was dreaming but i was still able to maintain a dream state i've never been able to do that before maybe maybe been able to do that for like reef seconds i've never tried apparently there's this thing called lucid dreaming where you can actually practice certain techniques that can did you and into literally manipulating your dreams that's awesome yeah i don't know i've never tried it i'm so scared that i would like that too much and i will fucking forget real life i'm fucking bad ass in my dreams not dream
i would be worried i would be worried i wouldn't dedicate enough time to real life it's like virtual living right i mean there are times when you wake up from a dream you like the dream was so awesome but if you wanna go back to sleep and i don't know if is that much of a master that they could we control it though i bet there's somebody little bit if i focus on what i want to dream about next i just did it yes hey i don't know why but i wanted to dream about phyllis diller i was like obsessed with her yesterday in my dream of and i went to sleep and i did phyllis yeah why we obsessed with phyllis dillon i think is tommy's cousin came over and and phyllis diller sent me like a note that i had framed like she encouraged me before she died in my career so i i just have this bond with her i love fascinated with her life and everything wow i just wanted i don't know talk to her or something phyllis how did you feel better i dreamt about our house yes i dreamt that i slept in her bed well in that well it into and i fell on the floor we
give you some alpha brain with your head i think it's too late or do you get that join take the alpha brain you will come back with like i just did a year tour was phyllis diller anyway like stories about the road anyway we gotta get through these stupid commercials that join joint scared bryant has been having a hard it anyway go to onnit dot com use the code name rogan and you will save yourself ten percent of any and all supplements alright you freak freak bitches what song we also brought to you by the newest sponsor kerosene games carey in games makes this bad ass game called blade slinger for the ipad and the iphone and it's really good game that was made from the ground up for pat instead of like a computer game that they port
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tom segura and christina pi gotta give you guys world champion funniest couple yeah thanks band the breaking of the mold of every entertainer with an entertainer is in a shit relationship sure you guys totally fix that thanks it's always like it's always like that foods funny and the check is like good looking and he writes jokes for her it's like one of those or or it's you know the the guys funny and he takes the girl with them on the road it's very rare that there's equals yeah no but you guys are both really funny an you really love each other you get along and it's like a weird answer both both how to fuck very that's a weird situation that it actually works so lucky yeah we did ask about it all the time yeah we do you think when you guys would suck
it's usually one of your sucks right am i right for sure oh def it's usually like you have to hang out with this guys really annoying wife was also community are really annoying husband who's also comedian and she actually has less tolerance for it then like when we go out with other she's all like don't leave me at the table some boring fucking cunt i hate while you go have fun with the guys in other comics like it's usually dudes and then they have like you know why maybe not our is inspiring and i was wanting out to dudes and talk shit right and i always get stuck soi travel brown betty i wanna talk about close man like let's talk about some shady defined you by your vagina you gotta lumped into the wrong group oh shit think speaking of which did you hear about this fuckin fifty year old guy who he had a sex change
and now he's playing college basketball no i'm playing a college asked woman's trey he's enormous weight now did he this is uh i don't know about this is on this is really just made me really think about this did he have call eligibility did he already go to college as a man and then since you switch sexes he has new years of eligibility 'cause that would be so awesome if he did that way dude this thing this guy probably very sweet sweet person i shouldn't say thanks but this dude
slash woman woman now i don't know the woman that you see in males call or woman she is six foot six whoa wow she's not it's like a giant man she's decided that she's a girl now okay so she has the sex change operation but she's still a six foot six man bodied woman to make bad so do you see that is like if you're looking at all these little girls are playing with her yeah man if you or your daughter was planned basketball with it and and to be a woman or become decided to become a woman right you can't that's all fine and good for the real world if you want to fry your golf is a woman but we will enter into athletics yeah there's a reason why there is fucking different categories for men and women that stitch it's not so
fair you think it's an unfair advantage oh my god that's an enormous man the other thing is too because the one thing that's hard i think when you're not involved in this but you see somebody let's say who gets a sex change and i'm staying outside of sports right just in life you go there like hey you know i've decided to do this i'm a woman now and you go ok right you want it to be like finding your woman now but that part in my mind that always goes yeah but when i look at your hands you had surgery and everything still man men's hands yeah i'm saying is the men's arms that you have and leg even if you have like implants then you change your whole face like that's still a guy's bicep in your arm yeah even though you had a sex change so you're so if you think that supports a man yeah yeah that's where it all counts
where your original biology house the other way as well because there was a guy who is a more tie fighter and he he was really like a high level fighter and he decided to get a sex change and then once you have changing literally got his balls cut off stop producing testosterone and started getting the fuck beat out of no shit really do still fighting men fighting member did have balls anymore so it's not exactly that this six foot tall person that was a man and i see smile woman is a woman but it's not exactly that is a man either he's sort of in this weird limbo state but he still has this unfair mechanical advantage that's a giant person he's gay huge shoulders huge hands if you're playing against a little girl that's just stupid yeah well and it is like those athletes then they weren't they saying that the people that had prosthetic limbs like the runners with those special
you know what i mean those legs prosthetics yeah that they're like those and unfair advantage so lucky to be closed the one guy made it in well no i don't want i don't want to say that you know that anybody would be lucky to be no but they were out but people but i don't think they were really saying that what they're really saying is like realistically let's look at what's going on here there is a mechanical advantage to those things that surpasses the human body like these are springs you're running on these crazy sprinting spray right you know i mean those things work like a mother fucker so if they're really seems like they work better than legs right that is well one thing that can happen i'm sure with those on is you cannot tear your achilles yeah it's like literally you don't have one can't you can't you can't your acl yeah it's up to your quad yeah well the whole thing is really i mean
i would never want to say that there's anyone that has any sort of advantage to being handed no no you know what i'm saying i mean it's a sensitive issue been going all very lucky that were not thank god of course of course when do see like that you can run faster with that at what point in time do you let that go if the world record becomes a guy with robot legs you know what i mean like how do you define the athletics thing like that guy was in the olympics this summer with prosthetics remember that this printer with the south african i don't know i forget where he was from i think he was but he it was cool to see him in the event he didn't he didn't win or metal which made it less of an issue you know people didn't yes it but they were pressing it before he got in everybody was people were saying that s furkan runner remember when we were in south africa was she she was both genders or something and everyone was upset no well that was people were accusing her of being um her mac died and they put
oh yeah that's right was she at the end of the day knows that she's she's a woman but she was put through like really brutal horrendous scrutiny yeah yeah and they were people were into definitely is a woman one hundred percent i'm i'm almost certain i forget i just forgot her name lengthen her name too but she is to have african and yeah in the country they adore her because she so yeah because they were people really were horrible to her like do bring the you know this right right right yeah but she's fairly you know although i mean if you go through the trouble of of cutting your peter off
and doing all that like just let the guy let the girl played that's not the problem is it's not letter play basketball it's better play basketball with little girl what school does all these like little girls that are playing there like they just went to college to eighteen is a fifty year old man that was great but now that one is crazy this shit is going out what school is this thing here yes you're right you're right absolutely yeah no god bless 'em yeah his whole life he just wanted to be on the ladies team and now it's happening yes sort of but it's not fair i mean it is not life's never fades the problem is once you start having competitive athletics it's like and with any other thing in life it's do whatever you want to do if you want to go to work with a dress if you're nice talk to you i don't need you to dress like a man if you know whatever your fucking thing is if you're nice i don't care i'll talk to you but you have to recognize
mechanical advantages to the mail frame according the tendon strength mean even when there is a depletion of i agree testosterone in your body sort of shrivels up a little bit and you lose muscle mass sure it's still a god damn man and the overwhelming evidence is if you look at mens verse if you sign up men's and women's results for athletic competition there there's a difference the reason why every single one basically the men are more advanced in there run faster they do now and then there's the but then you guys are gonna get like the anomalies like every now and then there is a woman they can do as many push ups is the mail ins or whatever known is right now aren't there marines don't have the same outlets standards could have but if you you might get a group of week guys one really strong girl but if you have all the apps strongest guys you have just the strongest guys in the strongest girls the strongest guys will always be there are fucking freaks out there
i've seen some of these guys in the ufc that fight three hundred and forty five rounds and don't even get fucking tired wow what kind of kredible shape some of those fucking my eyes are amazing to make some high level shit and at that level those men those like the really high level men there's nothing like that women women can't really keep up with that now all right and that's one of the the the big accusations if it's against this one woman who is like one of the top women the world she was stripped of retire name is cyborg and she's built like she's built like a strong dude like bryant can you well picture pull up pull up a picture of cyborg muscular dude you wait wait to see how she fought this other chick gina carano gina carano son of us i guess like a famous football player yeah you know beautiful smart tough check and this brazilian
just ragdoll really loose horrific he was a vicious vicious beating everybody accuses are doing steroids so then she got caught she did and she got caught cheating is it hot and when she tested hot everybody was like god like i don't know that's one picture over there's a there's some other pictures of her brian like while she's celebrating in the cage 'cause that's her at away in and there's a difference between you at away in and you when you're actually fighting 'cause when you actually fighting that's when your muscles pump up with blood like that one of the far right you see her brian far yeah right there right there she looks like kate from lost mixed with the sweetie are you kidding me anyway
anyway she felt like laron landry she's a very very muscular woman she's she's a tank and scary talented like as a striker she's really she's for a woman she is fucking vicious so ok and as feminist as i totaly there's some part of me that i look at her and you're like why why sleep well because she wants to go to war and i like that i respect that 'cause i tuman angry fucking you but at the same time like oh i just want to protect her i don't want her to get her face it she she she came up with the craziest camp in brazil there she is she came up with shoot the box should the box and shoot the box camp is all these like badass brazilian muay thai guys they're fucking animals and who is married to the other dude cyborg evangelista and he's he's a fucking beast too he's old school and they may legend so the two of them were just like the scariest
apple ever breeding super breeding super babies i don't think they're together anymore yeah she is she she's terrifying woman did you by the way did you get i i told you i got to see a little bit of the fights this weekend when i was in the hotel i was in calgary and i saw you on and then when brown beat switch it was right which was uh yeah he was there's some great that was a mostly ground in five i rightly knows well they went around he got him in a d'arce and then he almost got him i think he's kind of triangle and cars i thought brown almost had anything within the first round right the first round and then the second one stop them is that what happened or they stop him at the end of the first round was in the first round i think whatever i don't remember when exactly it happened but and then he knocked him in the sensational not so yeah great now cat
but afterwards did did you know or did you see they tell you when i was waiting for you and like what aired on fox was that he was standing there he was like a regular hey joe this is like a man yeah cut to commercial well he even said that to me like you looked over at me it was whole really not my call i when when if you see me in the cage or or not it's like it's not my call they tell me we want an interview or they tell me there's no time for an interview lot of times they say there's no time and where you do a card like the fox card like i think they already worried about time and it turned out to be a good worry because the fight i believe started after it was supposed to end so like will that set their dvr's like they didn't even get to fight a lot of people didn't get the fight apparently oh no yeah oh no so that's why why they were behind the time i don't know
stand like how they produce a show like that i don't i don't i mean i don't really like you can go in the truck and peak yeah i don't know what the they're doing but i know that when you know you you have like live fight it's really difficult to judge how much actual to you have it could be like three first round knockouts or it could be three really long decisions where or it could be three decisions where guy gets kicked in the balls you have to stop the time for five minutes sometimes shit can drag around past where you think it's going to be so on the side of caution and they cut out interviews when they can yeah well you gotta have much tighter restrictions on a network like fox then like a normal you know obviously a paper view or even like a cable thing because like hard out and ends for other shows that you can't go late into yeah i guess it is should just get walkie talkies between probably solve everything
do you have the next fights on come on out you know who's talking no no you don't think you know what you're talking about silly bitch we should hire you as it can talk about like a magician produced and shows a good idea what we're saying i indications of problem why don't you go into your next production meeting be like i'm just breaking him and he's gonna talk for me this is what he said when you talk about the guys getting kicked in the balls don't don't they have something to protect their yeah they do they do but the guys they were the wrong cops if you just like a regular jockstrap it's there's like those things move around and
their design for like sports they're really not designed for dudes kicking you in the things that you need when it's someone's kicking you in the deck you need something more comprehensive approach has been a tight natural yeah you can be set on for that softball bullshit because those kicks are hard as fuck inside leg kicks the deck or one of the most painful thing ever so so horrible do you think of them way tie cake is our time i've been kicked in the balls so all the time how real 'cause i've had i probably have been kicked in the balls at least one hundred times my life really really hard it's amazing that you can get through those i mean 'cause i wear about yeah but always with a cup on yeah ok well i don't think i've ever been kicked without a cup that oh my gosh well there's videos about that yeah but it's the top text you a little bit cop protects a little bit it keeps them
rupturing i think rob trick they can rupture yeah guys are brought los testicles because they were sparring and they got kicked and they didn't have a coupon what about one of those like people like the high heels in the ball that she just got burst oh my god you played the one before i got that some that are clearly some that faked clearly you know like you could be like oh they've got a cup on or whatever but then i have one i'll send it to you where it starts she's kicking really hard and he's got underwear on yeah it's in spanish and then she just likes suffer suffer i want you to suffer and you're like right but maybe he has a couple then she takes me under her off and she fucking she's like punting a football
like and he heals on his knees are shaking and he starts to bleed he starts bleeding oh my god he's just taking it like love you like sit right well maybe she squeezes them so hard she saying spanish yes she just so unnecessary no telling the one i saw was she was taking the healing she was grinding it like it like a cigarette butt after i rainy day running into this concrete that's what she was doing his balls with high heels on what is it how could someone want that i don't know what is the what is the switch that goes wrong and i don't think what you want someone to hurt you dirty balls i hate making bad things don't think they could even want it i don't think they even though i think they wanted to do it i think they
something with leads them to discover not that they want it but they're like oh my reaction to that is not what most people go through which is like god guy the worst thing ever all send they get get that and some something happens inside where it's like they get a rush from type adrenaline and then they're like oh wow that there's a pleasure my penis right i think he's discovering isn't in snm thing it's being submissive you watching right now on the tv i don't think you're allowed to show this can't show balls now it's blurred out is it really for it like he has it spread out like it looks like a frog on brad over you stream is our friend i'm just kidding we can't get in with high heel commercial ever listen to dan savage he has the savage love podcast he's a sex columnist and he says that those fetishes come from your child so like let's say if you got a fetish for raincoats when you're a little kid you associated some pleasure
what's your rank o'reilly like you would rub against it and maybe that gave you a boner and then later in life that's what she was supposed to get your sex do they have like a latex can right so maybe this kid got kicked in the balls when he was a little boy by like a little gorilla t liked or something and you get a boner how many dudes have gotten kicked in the balls by girls they'd like to the point where it became a thing here you go impossible how is it possible that sony dudes became turned on by that every fetish guy model guys story when i was four i got kicked in the balls by molly like aware will have acting a ball kick fetishes do you want yeah i understand it it's so painful i can't can't imagine that anybody would want it i always feel so tentative hand tommy's nuts there's so gentle well and sweet and the thought of hurt
can i ask for a little more i could give a little tug immoral something did you know that the size of a man's testicles their sides of humans testicles is proportionate to the promised unity of the women in his surrounding area wow wow all primates the size of the testicles rises and falls depending on how big a hooker here the girls in your neighborhood now my dad must have some real sluts then i bought my dad felt i saw i talked about last night i saw him i went into his room and he was like i think it was putting on underwear so from behind i go jesus christ man and he was like why did you get like donkey nuts he's alright tommy smalls i've ever seen it's been a real horse influence probably his not necessarily him but you know the generations before
looking at him you know it's like it becomes a genetic thing and it all comes from being around more than this women yeah that's why chimps have the biggest balls kim salmon norma's paul dickson him as big as ours configurations that also weighed walls are so big yeah gyms are down now all what's the other monkeys no but i know yeah with that they're an actual cuts in the champ yeah the second type of champ oh yeah they don't just masturbate they do everything except mother and son mother really a mother and son is the only thing they don't do yeah yeah and we were talking about that on the podcast that someone had speculated that might because they had figured out that there was like bad things happened to the baby when the mother has sex with like figured it out basically maybe but the problem with that is that they're fucking all day that fucking everybody right and it would have to really be sure isn't it
kind of the use sex as a social tool to smooth over differences homosexual sex so great the the due date is shelby and they just each other they go crazy and they are they're very rarely violent with each other it's really class in it because of that yeah for are definitely but it's amazing how that evolved like how does that involve it's incredible it's weird we get to a point where you got like this weird society of like loving chips it just fuck all the time and then look at them like they're sick right right there the only i that we know of that don't kill each other or don't kill each other a lot i mean maybe you know there's probably some aberrations even in the bonobo or some shit goes right someone's gotta regulate somebody elbows dicks don't work now i heard somewhere that before we had traditional marriage that it actually made sense for the woman to bang as many dudes in the village so that the paternity of her
children was unknown and should actually have more men to protect the offspring like that to me makes sense if i had all of you guys right red banjo and that all doing me and then i make a baby who's baby is right because you always defended and we all have to take care of my baby they become community babies if you guys want to set that up mckenna terence mckenna and sinks to the bottom we cannot always thought that in our distant history that it's likely that we had these polygamous groups of people that like it did psychedelic drugs together like his idea of like the long forgotten paradise was like these you know back where he believe like you know civilization was first being created he believes that the civilizations that came out they were all just eating must
i'm stripping their balls up and fucking each other right yeah and then club med came that took a long time i think your timeline it might be a little bit off but that sounds like a fun time but that mckenna's world but this idea was that at one time there was enough people doing ego suppressing things like eating mushrooms like it's all like really speculative there's the idea of trying to figure out how many different cultures were doing psychedelic drugs when they came up with the religion when they came up with a lot of their ideas about life and studying the cosmos like a lot of those cultures that really got heavily into that stuff we're also really have lee in the psychedelic drugs like the mines like making their crazy fucking calendars the mayan still a lot of mushrooms man i don't know zero yeah the mushrooms and raw chocolate together there's
there's some some plant that had like an lsd like a fact they also took this i don't remember what it was but the idea i went on a tour of chichen itza with this guy who is a professor and done it was really cool if you could hire him as a guide and he was so knowledgeable man was just really interesting you know him talking about all the the the the different traditions and why you know this is created that was created but he had the he took me to this room is like this is where they did there the rituals of the the you know taking some sort of a psychedelic plants that have lsd this was just like a culture of super duper trippers yeah yeah well when you see the when you see they built your like you could not have been of sound mind when you came up with it's not logical not at all structures he got to some weird places weird anybody where they they fucking killed people so often that they had like spots yeah we're going to kill him right here this is the altar they had altars where they would sacrifice be sure i saw
what i didn't not not in mexico went thio in peru i went too much a teacher a couple times and they had the like a sacrificial room they showed you they were like on this table just people would voluntarily sacrificed but what's the utilities unusually high as fuck for i think what's the point is that the point to satisfy the gods take a virgin or you take the strongest guy or whatever there was a period in when the aztecs when they when they killed eighty thousand people some some insane number of people over like just a period of four days when there was one of the temples that was being built there they currently this is like it's been it's you did whether or not they killed eighty
ellsinore whether they killed you know whether it was only really ten thousand people exaggerated like there's some dispute as to how many people were actually killed but if the number there they believe is eighty thousand cheese in one thousand four hundred and eighty seven the aztec king he when when they completed one of their pyramids he killed every prisoner that like was part of the construction yeah so they could build the ship from or from them what a day built a should form and then he kills some insane amount of people over the course of four days i bet that's a lot of voluntarily dying too you know i don't know so this was this is so crazy that like duncan told me about this first and then i read it and i couldn't believe
and then i told a bunch of different people i go did you know that this happened and i've had people go fuck it did no walk like totally incredulous walking away from me i said i'd better send them emails like that when i when i won that hunting show yeah yeah with steve rinella great guy man really but really intelligent guy very well read guy and i told him about it he believe it either he's like there's no way i'm i'm telling i'll send you the thing when you send someone to the the actual you know the different stories and depictions of this this time in the fourteen hundreds and you see that number eight three thousand can you wrap your head all shared not doing this with guns folks rap your head around eighty thousand people getting cut to death in the rose in matters most boulder right oh my god oh my god it is everybody there has there's throats sleep and there
i pulled out of their chest to it's not five one acre risi mother yeah that is that's insane yeah they yeah they took shipped to the next level again massive mushroom meters yeah yeah trippers big time troopers it's weird when you you combine like all a lot of the the interesting things about those cultures one of the interesting discoveries there's some very strange use like on hire a cliff iq like language and it took us a long time to figure out what they still work on some of the different more complex character things an order and debate like what exactly it means like there is a great documentary i think it's from that g so called decoding the maya believe that's what it's called and it's really interesting to see these guys these scholars trying to figure out why
fuck this was yeah it's crazy language well the the other thing that blows your mind every time if you see something mine aztec or the incans is when you see what they built you can take today's greatest architect and be like how would you do this here and they don't even like don't even know where to start like how things were built perfectly constructed and stones that way like twenty tons are laid on top of another stone and fits into it they have theories like why we think that they would pour water down here and then you like how many people would take to move this new like a like a thousand and then we can probably put it over here and yet none of it makes sense anybody that like there's there's lots of people that will try to debunk anything yeah anytime you bring up any it seems even remotely paranormal you know like any like ghosts or fucking millions or anything remotely paranormal
they automatically try to go like this note there's no evidence for that there's no other yeah that's all well and good till you get to giant stones and there's something about moving giant stones like listen got it blaine this you got explain that you can't just say oh well they did that and you know they figured it out and they cut it out of this quarry right here look we have one is one of my favorite pieces of evidence is what they show this one of these giant fucking big stone pillars they were carving out of this this one giant piece of granite and they stopped in the middle of the carving but because of the fact that was like partially completed you could see the method of shaping it yeah it was really kind of interesting like they they will they learned a lot from that mmhm so they they believe they did it with stones and the believe that they did it slowly like it was a real painstaking process of slowly chipping away to get these
mother fucker they move it's you gotta tell me how they move there's no cranes no bulldozers yeah we have to assume that they had some in credible knowledge of leverage and moving things and they figured out how to get things under it and leverage it and move it somehow but to pretend that that not a mystery is really kind of disingenuous i find that i mean also to human thinking changes overtime and since the enlightenment period in like the scientific revolution we discredit anything that's remotely okean mysterious that's because there's so much kooky mysterious stuff that's bullshit yeah it's such a problem there's so much bullshit out there whether it's
bull are you a full bull there's so many ninety mother with fake big foot stories just muddying up the waters rushes such bullshit yeah so it of course a smart person is going to gravitate towards the scientific and write more likely explanation yeah almost everything that's very true but it's not explaining everything but it's nice that the things that is leaving things that are that are valid you know it's not the the bullshit story is leaving the real thing also like an explorer or unexplained and and people just go like that whatever well with science can't figure out is a motions and artwork and why do we like beautiful things and why why do i love hearing certain songs why is it changed the way my body feels you know what does it feel like to kiss somebody that you love is that really just a bunch of chemicals it's floating around in your brain what is going on there that would what can science measure that
now the the emotional human aspect of life is the one thing that science can really truly define yet but who knows man you might be able to break it down one data ones and zeros and you do program the right ones and zeros in your head and you're happy all the times do it just keep dreaming men stream all day you ever talk to someone like you has a problem with like normal consciousness and they need something like an ssri or something like that and then when they take it they talk about how like like they finally like see life we're going to be able to engineer that in people i mean i guess we're doing it right now but people taking pills meeting the cheese of it and while the ball of the levels of certain things that make you know your your consciousness operate the certain things like serotonin and dopamine like rivals range things like how these things are produced by them they can appeal the manipulate that shit oh yeah and they're going to be able to manipulate your mood like you're going to be like way happier
you're you also gonna be able to program they'll be able to program the genes that are more horrible and leave out things that are yeah well that's one of the things i always felt like if you look at those the standard image of the alien no the grey eyed does the man grace yeah and big eyed alien feeling real flimsy bodies big big giant heads if you look at them when you look at us and you will get a gorilla when they look more like us on the grill okay they do right right like that maybe what we're going to do we're going to get get rid of all the whole sex organ thing yeah we're going to design these like bulletproof bodies that can see through walls and we're just going to take that on they had it within a room re pretty well i think that's going to be a to figure out a way to manipulate your genetics and there's never going to be a dumb kid born again sure
develop a new language to dumb people your fucking kids going to be five to use too it was fucking virginia three kid at five year you know it's three languages will stop speaking english and point or any real have a night with that you know every well no we'll just communicate with our conscious all right you don't even have to speak anymore how much different the world would be if we all have the same language makes a huge difference i wonder how much confusion when it comes to like especially like with things like that are going on excuse me things that are going on in the middle east yeah you know i don't speak israeli i must be keyboard i don't i don't know what the palestinians are saying i don't know what the saudis are saying right with the iranians would say i can't hear that i don't understand it so we're relying on some like you ever seen like some of the translations that were there were attributed to acument ajad
the as i was named the iraq with the army manager when you get a job yeah there's like people take things out of context that he said and make it like much more inflammatory and he says play with limited but they manipulate things we don't know about that we don't know about unless you really go and look and if he talked english we would know mother fucker learn some english very right now iranians and fucking listen to this podcast in iran like bitch i thought you were cool here's the thing too is getting folks it all universal language we should learn farsi there you go universal language it always blows my mind too 'cause it brings to the point when people say the word fluent when they say their fluent in another which and you realize what it really means to be fluent because people can speak a lot of the language and still miss
tons of things misunderstand things and definitely not treat like i speak pretty damn good spanish from growing up in a spanish speaking the household and i've seen i've watched like court shows or they have an interpreter for somebody and i've been like that what he said and it like the person said it you know like that i've watched translations like un things or you'll be like oh that person speaks let's say fluent spanish and i think you're like no they speak great english too but it's actually like they speak ninety percent good english and can miss a war an intention that can be shuffled around and then when you miss it when you miss something by a word or i'll have it you know in spanish well like you think i'm pretty much on point but you missed a little thing the little detail that you don't miss when it's either your native language or your so immersed in a language that you truly are fluent in it right you're thinking
right yeah and like you know i mean you if you live in a in a in a in a country where you live in your second language country you can over time i think really speak tremendous whatever that language might be you know i mean like once you when you're surrounded that language twenty four seven seven short of that like you really do miss things and then you i'm saying that's also it leads to misunderstand leave the argument neat leads to confrontations and and violent sometimes because you misunderstood something there wasn't even a disagreement you just don't say it right or understand it right yeah yeah there's a apparently there's a new app and it you can talk to it and if you're talking in whatever language it translates it back to you in real time in english wow yeah i haven't do you know what i'm talking about
no i have no idea yet have you heard of this no god damn it i have to find about this i have to google search it now because somebody told me about it and i haven't looked into it this is apparently something either they're working on and it's going to be released soon or it's out now because there is like with my parents who are hungarian speakers and i can understand stuff but even when i speak my father in english right like he has a whole different understanding of english of course as i do and a different continent when he speaks hungarian i still don't really understand because of the different time and space that we grew up learning a origin like even generational between your father who is american like you didn't grow up with the same tv shows that you did or not the same room this yeah you can miss you can misunderstand each other even then yeah this this is a real thing ok it's an app that translates languages during real time phone calls wow so you
call someone and you can be talking to someone in real fucking time whatever they say in french or spanish translate it translates it to you in real time wow that's incredible that's not right yeah we should we don't know any other languages languages so we would i can call japanese girl no you don't know shit have you ever been this is the king's high one website have you did you see that tweeted did today that's no kings of taiwan i was i was on amazon last night looking up books and it said where is his recommends to and one was recommends to taiwan hookers is a kindle book and so i was like what the fuck this book and i started reading through it and then i was like oh wait this is from a website somebody just took it and made it a book on amazon so then i started going on this website and next thing i know i'm looking deep into this like report how to get who
there's in taiwan and he's like it's accepted there and how it is so interesting but then i found myself like on orbitz like how expensive is it going to go to thailand but what am i doing about going at a time when i was last year that was last one sometimes you just get lost in that barrel on the internet yeah we just not really keep on coding fall down that hole man you were thinking about actually going to tie well it looked really nice i was looking at videos on youtube and it looked like really pretty there and stuff and then people are saying it's like it's better than vegas you know like it's like way better than vegas don't think once you in prison just for smoking pot no you just don't do drugs or anything i follow the rules they have articles on that website about all the laws there and what to do where to stay and what soap is to get who is the youngest so you guys never been in taiwan not yet we're planning
for the for the vegas experience pretty soon for the better than vegas it's just really hard to get people leave the country yeah especially now but if you are looking for a place that really hookers do it man we're not the world champs and report back to us by no means as for the night life it seems like if there is you know just seems crazy we yeah we sing that song i love the nightlife to boot paula discover and i'm saying that we just had yoshi on our show talk about a man have seen too much do he told he believes in him strictly the hooker experience toyota yoshi is our friend he said frankfort is great and so is amsterdam is it in germany what is yoshi's stand up comedian friend of ours who always worked for porn companies
so we would be at the comedy store in the ocean which though she would roll up with like a box of i was always give you asian sensation check it take a dvd yeah i think we had a box of stuff to beat off too yeah actually we did for a long part of my collection was it was secondhand yoshi it was dvd's that you know she had given people that they take your prison shit yeah it's all finished yeah that finish stuff is strange as fuck like dudes like jerk off on of weirdness my favorite was specs appeal just girls in glasses glasses and guys like here and all over the glasses which is like you got on my glasses i can i'll try to go back to reading now and they would always try to leave their next sentence my friend
yeah she does bondage stuff and she just got a letter the other day that was like hey you know i want to be your gimp i i just can't you know i have to wear a mask but you can like peel off piece with my arm and eat it if you want to you could do anything you want to be the person that you know she said that to you know somebody wrote a letter and email to this person i know ok and it was like the most this any attached a photo and it's so horrible look at you look at and go wow that's that's a serial killer at their yeah right there's a spherical you know what they say about people that have like this thing with their always hurting themselves no like they're like cut themselves or pain you know like some people like have like crazy like general piercings and showing up yeah they think that some people that do like really freaky might have a problem with the nine x the rinsing pain the right way well that's interesting they really yeah and it
more and more extreme you know things to like really jolt themselves and feel it yeah well some people clearly don't have the same pain threshold that like i would say the majority of people have you see some people do things you like right how the fuck did but you know that guy that got fucked death by the horse the guy that guy had that i had piercings all over his balls his balls were like a three ring binder i'm not joking click clack click this one like this guy he was a straight out blogster it wasn't just getting horses to fuck him in the ass he's like run metal through his ballbag horses like crazy that horse fucked him to dance to create this thing too about the horse fucking being into that is the horse dick is second to
the horse thrust because an animal thrust thrust from a horse is in you can't since you could line up eight people would be like don't let him push and that horse is fucking through you yeah man all they eat is grass to what the fuck yeah you imagine if grass is a solution the whole time and everything healthy is fucking run for one hundred miles horses eat grass in the yoked exactly right there is so swollen i mean is there any animal more swollen a horse i was about to say they are like thoroughbreds and then i remembered they are like thoroughbred horse like there's no animal in the animal kingdom that is more like gods and their fucking beautiful yeah you see them you like that looks like a majestic through jessica fact you can actually write it and get it to do shit and with you on its back it's like house thirty
thousand hours town you know you know like you know the real problem though it's like the people that want to do those like jumping things and all that other kind of crazy shit with the horses like those sport oh yeah i can deposit yeah people died during those that's how christopher you've got fucked up and the horses get fucked up a lot too yeah i don't get that i just feel like you know that's a scary proposition right there your plan on this animal listening to you what if it pulls a muscle are you ready for that amount that shit if you understand like bodies you know the animals the strain things they break legs they twist ankles shit goes wrong shits going wrong while that animal does that you're attached to that fucking thing it's going to spike you into the ground with all of its weight on top you dude fuck riding a horse fuck a horse i got bucked me virtual knuckles girl i'm with you fuck that like i think they're beautiful and i wouldn't mind riding a horse like a trail horse and stuff like that as long as i guess cool horse
that some guy it hadn't taken care of like you know this is like a an easygoing horses he's been love like old really expect the older one who have been hanging out for seventy years i'm totally down with that but the real the real problems is a question of events we got jumping over woo to me it's not respect for this beautiful magnificent beast i mean one is the one or not it is but i mean i have respect like you said the santa also has a mind of its own how do you know what it's going to do it's time how do you know it wants to do that bullshit i don't wanna do that bullshit someone especially 'cause the animal can clearly see that there's nothing to the left this fucking boards nothing to the right like why am i
company and i've seen that i've seen that on i've seen footage of that before with a horse goes like this stop stupid why am i jumping this man what am i your fucking got rain man we got options i'm going around why should i jump you on my back we should have a jumping contest who do you think of jen's highest to hire me i think are you broken today or something broken in that joint whatever the fuck was invented i told you you have a good vertical i could probably jump decent not like now chatting is the one of all like the you know the physical things and and attributes that you can desire like i wish i could do this yeah when i when if you are with somebody especially if are your size and they have an amazing vertical leap is the fucking most fascinating thing
want to watch it 'cause it's totally natural like i've been with people my height they can literally jumped fifteen inches higher than i can you just like holy shit it's the thing i was like man and it is not from and the people that i've seen and it wasn't through like by train every day but it was just the top i jump is a name yeah it was a jump all day no it was just a natural way reddit terry like we're whatever it did they were just born be able to jump through the roof that's what bo jackson was like that's one of the most amazing physical specimens in recorded time ago jackson we still got records in the nfl combine i think still holds the record for the forty does he really i don't think so watching that got to that was like watching a human horse
like that it really was that guy is an unbelievable athletes but somebody who wrote a book about him was talking about i wish i could remember the guys name i should google it watch look up bo jackson highlights from from football when he was at auburn or when he when he played for if he didn't get his hip injured there is absolutely no telling what that guy would have done he would fucking he was so fast that he was like he's like the fastest guy on the team but it was on like a two hundred and twenty five or two hundred and thirty pounds so he could truck people to like just lower his shoulder and just he would deliver hits you know you give a concussion out with the football in his hand that just unbelievable physical specimen bo jackson christ and he played professional baseball
is he liked baseball too you know just one of those guys who was like oh how about also play another professional sports people yet and be awesome at and just just home run i remember watching him ever see a guy because i saw then do this for sure there's footage of this bo jackson breaking a base bat over battle resort you do it like it was nothing it looks like big man he like poop like it was breaking a candy bar you have half of all take app like he would just snap that shit fuck i struck out apparently he was always able to do freaky shit this guy was talking about that when he was young he used to be able to jump over cars he could jump over the hood of a car yeah i saw a guy do that too that's crazy who was that one of the things i was talking i saw guy do that who is smaller than shorter than me you know a total fuckin just yo
dude he played running back actually broke california state records in high school and he did that he jumped over the hood of a car and i was like that is amazing to watch i mean amazing and crazy to watch a guy like that sprint you're like i'll do it i could run forever never sprint like that yeah there's a kid that i saw on a video who jumped off a roof did a back flip
off a roof and it was like a three story or two story building was the most ridiculous shit i've ever seen on the kid made it lived and was fine if you want to see like that that's incredible if you want to see like a crate like a crazy other level like type of after riding athlete like you just see like it's another gear that they have that other people just don't have yeah if you look at there's this guy that plays football for like a place of the bills i think now is him c j spiller and when he was at clemson there's highlights of him like where he would stop like stop in the middle of the field there's like five guys for having him and he just turns it on again but he goes toe like he goes one slash five gear before they get to first you know like that's like he's got to his gear so much faster than them but those were all like dynamite at yeah you know and you just like that that doesn't make sense like we're like devin hester is this guy who plays
the bears as if you know of of well well known returner and if you watch it highlights the thing about him is that he hits they say like he there are guys who have faster forty times than him but he hits his highest speed immediately so it's like he gets the ball and then he's just like i'm running as fast as i can the first second i have the ball where as everybody else has yeah and you just like holy shit he is like he just he hit fifty year imedi and you see the other off the gate explosions what ass yeah it's incredible it's incredible there's no even play yeah the idea that this an even playing field when it comes to human beings is crazy yeah just by looking at the different sizes of us is a reason why we need weight classes okay sure in the variables inside of weight classes those are also pretty extreme with some athletes some people just
that coordinated they don't move that well they don't have that kind of power and then there's guys that can just learn things like immediately and they can run gazelle and they can do shit to you that you can't do to them and they were out of the box like that you know there's there's got is it out of the box athletes you would think about how unlikely the total package of lebron james is crazy that like that is a point zero zero one percent like package aquatic state gives birth to him two steps are there yes his momma crashing back and yes not only his momma cry it is mom allegedly was fucking one of his teammates oh that's right that's true hot sauce in my bag the lanter w also true yes delonte w man
what is his mom allegedly had a substance abuse problem ok she gives birth to this gigantic super adam that's amazing moves like a panther like a giant panther lebron james is in ma do you know how many people that guy would be fucking up oh yeah if you train that guy and that guy wanted to fight if he had the will to fight yeah yeah well you know in high school he was all state tight end playing football because people always talk about can you imagine this number this playing football he stop playing i think after his software season was all state like already like there's going be somebody somebody going to deal with and stop playing you look at that body six eighty two seventy and as we have your body award learn how to fight you know stephen all right i thought i did play football this whole time jesus what team is in well i know lebron james basketball here's what i notice or just whatever time so if you don't
watch anything outside that now i like tennis what about like ladies golf you still yes every time she isn't gay is that the case that i've heard that said before ladies golf is like a lot of k chicks i think it's i think there's a little bit of support one hundred percent of course always do but there's definitely sticks they use there's definitely is trying today there's definitely loves angry twitter that's what it is your my twinn i don't who is ladies golf i'm not sh they are amazing offers that are golfers so it's actually just a bunch of lesbos yeah every round stare each other it's amazing how good they are though well it's one of the few groups that lesbians available to really grow lesbians they have a hard time getting the community yes
they gave you have massive communities all over the country yes parts of the tenderloin and yes if you go to the santa monica area yeah west hollywood ca santa monica boulevard there are days they've they've they've all conglomerated they know where the parties at driving but then fucking place on hollywood boulevard though the west on santa over the west hollywood spot that is the gay spot on earth which one let's that area that whole area while you drive in santa monica is that is that club rage still there i think yes i don't go everywhere that's the flagship club that's the one that's on the big that was the one that i think you know for is as i was coming down doheny and i'm at the red light there and it was saturday night and it was fucking beautiful weather and everybody was out and it was a gay party on the streets man there's these two dudes and they
both have their hands their fingers looped into each others belt loops and i and they were like in a lock i kind of see a ring and a school dicks together like i can only watch is a certain amount of time before the day's lesson i gotta get out of here it was it was like a bomb been ignited get outside the blues radius gay bomb here but they're so happy there happy as fuck you wait where we used to live next to a bear bar in silver lake so you have to walk past the bear bar to get to trader joe's that's a specific type of so wonderful and so like tuesday night is like rim job tuesday job tuesday big sign out front rim job tuesdays huge rooster in the back and like these guys just party party are you hear like you drive by could you could have be having like the like the most quiet
same kind of night you're like there's nothing going on and as you pulled up your like move the control you like dollars and dicks grinding and like your neighborhood is alive right now and the best part there was a security guard that would stand out so yeah because he was in front of a gay bar you didn't know if it was just a costume with the first few times guys going out tonight and he's like he had a mustache is well yeah it's very few that pull off the john stossel yeah i know that i must still fully commit to that man strange well yeah that was wrong or that his people usually mock the moustache you know or they rocked the ironic moustache movember yeah but in the gay community is like you go in i'm down yeah you i saw a guy the other day was beautiful had temple hands on and yet of jean shorts and he had like like
one of those leather scally caps on and he had a jean jacket that was sleeveless nice he was fucking and this was like right after i worked in san francisco san francisco with greg fitzsimmons greg fitzsimmons fucking killed me he got on stage and he goes this is the last with his real guy with leather pants and a handlebar mustache oh my god i get fucking crushed too because it was so true yeah he's on a bashed animal that's fucking funny really like that you described like if if if cock was a company that's the chairman and ceo of cock kimball and charge with the fluffy socks style yes crunch down and the timber lands like open and then he's got cut off jean shorts in a jean jacket
he was a soldier yeah one leave live san francisco this is santa monica boasting a monitor yeah this one to the gas gas all right the only one that comes close to him i was in the human houston once and i'm fine i wanted to one can gradually this guy well the way who is rock in it but i didn't want to offend him yet i let it go but he had leg warmers on that were that's already covered warmers on and he had these little designer like they looked like some odd tennis shoes type thing that he was wearing some very trendy tennis shoe and then he had these boys gym shorts these those jim shows where the blue with the whites trying and there were way too small there were way too small okay and he's our frail man as it is and then he had a pink skin tight shirt
then a some crazy multi colored bandana and as he was working out he's working out like this grunting leg warmers man it gas amounts ever walked into their absolute this guy if he got together with the other guy that would create a black hole call homosexuality it would eat its way through this don't eat cement and spit come back at you it would be a sinkhole of gave slipped fell into it you'd fall fall prey you saw something in she lives in san francisco to college that she def i saw the gays thing that you can see which during the you said during the parade one time you saw a guy two guys fucking
on the corn yeah on the street just on the street mean same guys frissora bed it's if you see guys but fucking on the street would be like that's the days straight up you'll never forget that strip at that moment it's one of the game streets on earth sure but i think it was during the folsom street fair in all so that's like the game mardi gras and everyone goes after i'd like to limit it affairs if you're willing to fuck on the street during affair you're a real gangster like you're out there just fuck oh yes you're part of the problem the the the bare jim and our old neighborhood yeah yeah that's some guys so this thing also in their culture is the these big guys they also like to build their mosque yes and that's another part of it and tommy one time i think you were down wind of a guy yeah fan was a
find him or something and you could smell his like it was so strong it wasn't like jim smell strong it was like a personal body odor that you know you can just tell when someone's being can you check in because he was dirty the card that they lost it yeah yeah it was it was a definitely a i haven't showered in life in awhile maybe it's to ward off the smell of shit while you're fucking ever think about that i think i mean there's gotta be such a pride yet such pride about his musk i could just tell like the way he was like you picking up what i'm putting out there right now look about him this is john rhe i imagine that some people were walking through the gym that day like thanks brother like thanks for putting this out here 'cause you got
fired up there should be ready to do some squad small focus smell good damn damn yeah there's different levels of like gay guys to write and what they're into like some guys just into other like crazy big gay guys in some guys there like twinks tiny little boy hairless yeah there's this dude that shave it down brother but i knew that was a producer type character so wealthy character that always had like these young boys with him there were always just twenty years old a little confused like that's no well known comical like like the only know why yeah that's true i know several yeah that's sort of kind of a type there's all types there's waters car otters what's another now i believe in order young it's a tall slender hairless is in order
as opposed to a big hairy fat which is a bear and a younger bear is actually a cub cub so bears go with cubs and cubs are just smaller and more malleable i heard that the word is becoming taboo way that it's kind of not cool to say i think twink is starting to become coming to everybody fired up about we stop there titles what happened so you know andy cohen on bravo i think he won in some other show and he's like look at all these tweaks here and then the twin community got really upset and started and and so he apologized wings job isn't gang and yet so yeah i but he apologized for the twins everybody is looking for an opportunity to be sensitive yes we are in such a weird time it is well with you it's like
will have found reward in like pointing at like hot button things like that like hey you know at that point community we do not really being offended it was all organized you know who else is fucking super annoying and like i mean this was way different level of how fucking assholes they are is this like one million moms group it's just like we're mother is that are christian that want to raise fucking great kids and like but were complete pleat bigoted a discriminatory tori assholes they publicly lash out for the this is like the second or third time at jcpenney for having ellen degeneres at their spokesman they're like real is that none of us are ever going to shop there again could you could you hired allen to be like that kind of shit like and they got really mad about her latest christmas commercial with elves and they're like you have a fucking gay
and with what's what's gonna happen next like to me that's a good point yeah i mean what would happened will happen next lesbians and elves get together mixing up with magical creatures you crazy definitely what if they like develop some we have enough various intention so they develop some sort of lesbian pixie dust right sprayed over a city weather flying around and your kids become lesbian yeah we gotta bunch of miniature gaels running around listen and you mark no richard is a lesbian community have the genres i don't know i don't know yeah yeah they have lipstick lesbian butch fred flintstone lipsticks the best right yeah the lipsticks is pretty much because the other pretty one hundred the other ones are intimidating specially if they want to fight and i was good at shows either could wanna arguably the best sense of humor
no they can they can be cool for me can be cool they can be of course it's like you can't really generalize a whole no even sexual orientations not yeah i've met a lot of cool me too yeah great i've got a lot of annoying straight people too yeah everybody sucks in their own way goddamnit that's sort of the anti positive approach everybody's got their own special gift everybody sucks in their own way way shit to the dark place lyrics and so true this we're on wrong little something fun with i had to ask you this so i wanted to get your thoughts on pacquiao going down to market is crazy crazy yeah well many paki out first of all is a super nice guy tashan i film this thing with him where i played daniel tosh's manager and he was going to let manny pacquiao punch him in the face that answer
manny pacquiao is very nice about it by the way he like like kind of tap them and like him harder him harder and talk just look at me like what the fuck is not going to hurt you little harder harder you know and even then manny pacquiao just sort of popped like so gently to get some you know but he's so nice is it a really friendly guy like he doesn't have any like weird feeling around like she's a super duper star he travels deep with like this giant entourages taking care of everything around him all the time and he's like the nicest guy in the world so that made me sad but that's the game he's playing he plays a crazy game that game is you are competing with your consciousness you're competing you physical health you're competing against another man who's is trained killer and when when he hits your body is just like any other body and if someone hits you perfectly like he did twice in device you dropped him
the first one and most likely he was still hurt from that but that second punch was so powerful that was like the perfect punch is pacquiao was moving forward and mark has what are moving forward and just crushed him in his tracks lights out on the way down yeah it was one of the worst or best one punch knockouts i've ever seen in all boxing and i think it goes in the top ten it's like i mean that shit is right up there with paul williams getting knocked out by sergio martinez did you see that sergio martinez is it got a vicious left hand and he's like super athlete moves around a lot yeah email paul williams like this perfect overhand left as he was moving in yeah and just spun around to face planted was just like that he's got but i just didn't expect to see that what i think well you know i think it was i was seeing some stats on it that that was that his first time be
being knocked out yeah since ninety maybe not so don't even know ninety eight yeah i think he's been dropped dropped he's been dropped some incredible stat that like it hadn't happens is ninety eight but he was i think well actually now that i think about it i think mark has dropped him in his fight in this fight before he knocked him out that was the first round as it knocked him down he had not marquez down before but markets had staggered him before but somebody had stopped him earlier in his career yeah he had he had been knocked out early okay but never like this this was this was one of those knockouts that might just be a game changer yeah that's a relief and you know boxers what you're seeing in first of all in in manny's you see a guy who's already had before this fight they had three crazy fucking wars right three war yeah brutal force blasting each other and
any of those can you have really in your life you know there's a number it might be ten it might be seven everybody is different depending on when you start dipen and how good your defenses when you gonna get now beginning you had hit your getting your body oh yeah you got a lot of fenton problem that among other fights training sparring sessions just hundreds of conscious was the point the point is what you're saying is a tiny fraction of the actual damage has taken because you're only seeing one fight so you think about all the fights that he's had all the punches that he's taken it's a tremendous amount of punishment as is then you have to factor in the fact that that is a for action of the actual punishment right then you start getting an idea of what the fuck is really going on when you're training for a fight but you have to have a number in your head or a feeling for a time or what you gotta know when a fucking get out because the more you
that shit the more one day it's going to catch up with you but with a guy like pacquiao it's super hard for those guys to just go out on top floyd mayweather retire and then he came back he almost went out on top you almost said fuck it went out on top but i think he's probably the most cautious out of all floyd yeah he's the most cautious stylistically very rarely gets hit when he does get hit recovers very well like shane mosley was the last one him yeah he goes through entire fights where he barely gets tagged yeah yeah just boxes the out of people you know and i love that i love the fact that the guy's still he's like not only is the unbeaten he's really unchallenged and he's like i think he's thirty six now guys yeah he's gonna be pretty unheard of you know and you'll just fantastic his defense is so incredibly he's a brilliant boxer is a brilliant and he probably would've box the shit out of pacquiao especially seeing especially seeing what he did and martinez pass
i was able to do the martinez and then what you know the differences martinez and wasn't even close floyd just outbox the shit out of him i mean he just couldn't get to him he before it is just too good he's good positioning amazing punches he recovers well and his people don't realize sometimes that like i mean depending on how good whoever he's fighting at the time that a lot of times he boxes gloves down because he's so quick he doesn't even he doesn't pull up his gloves for a lot of fights his gloves are down and dipping around dance like playing with people yet when he does that shoulder roll he walks towards guys with his left shoulder up high in his right glove by his face and they don't know what to do with that and friday this is so good is reflexes are so good and now that adrien broner guy you seen that kid but upcoming kid oh my god his kids a monster he's like floyd may
other but with more punching power same like weight class he he's forty seven i'm not sure is just or might be thirty five zero thirty five and struggling to make the weight and moving up to forty or forty seven what it what it is he's kids dynamite he has that same style that hide left shoulder it's incredible ether system fuck no no if i can leave blow for most of your bike you're getting that love is down it's crazy it is crazy but you're so good at it was dark and roll right hands and you don't want to get clipped by that shit so like guys are real cautious they don't know and he's so good at like slipping jam so go to anticipate in your movement the best boxers are great at leading guys into certain directions and anticipating how they were you know and so like a guy like floyd mayweather is not like an impulsive guy he's like the guy going to set traps for you so like will lead you in certain directions and see how
respond and then lead you in that certain direction again and see how you respond and then set you up for a time where is going to lead you in that certain direction is going to stop bang he's going to catch you do a certain thing over and over again you know a certain feature gloves when you move off the ropes and he's going to she's going figure it out out figure it out it that's out like that's thing that anderson silva does yes and so he moves around the guy for like the first winner to kind of get a sense of how we operate how he moves faint some a little bit and then start setting him up start setting him up for death for death set him up for a dismantling yeah floyds even his defense is so interesting and so develop that like when you watch inbox sometimes you'll see him get up against the ropes and you're like oh he's he's up against the ropes this guy might take advantage
and then floyd somehow pulls it into his a bit like yeah his defense becomes his offense yeah and you're like oh no he's he's ripping this guy was just too good he's so good at straight boxing i mean he's it's amazing and he's a guy that said a lot him problems to the kind of broke his hand a great several times yeah so he goes for like the biggest cushion his gloves and because of that i think this you know because of his fragile hands he probably is a lot of guys who doesn't knock out because of that very reason because he's had like problems with his hands over and over again but the way he knocked out homeboy from england the fox is name hadn't yet we haven't really shit yeah that was brilliant and that was when he was in his prime that was an animal that flies so fast box the shit out of me just boxes the shit out of guys you just can't get to him you just remind me i'm going to be in vegas this week your floor if you want to grab lunch if you want to grab dinner bring roger he wants to be a part of team money money by the way man big fan
look that up all about team money money team i want to roll with you i need to watch dog what's going on man cat williams hit somebody with a microphone or something in any punch they did in target slap that he got in a car chase with working on a new hour give me a fucking break jesus christ so sensitive to bring back to me we watched his twenty four slash seven but that his uncle the train roger i love black mambo he was a former champion himself roger made with the head of vicious right hand letting twenty four seven well code i was still my favorite right when code is like i know floyd is a supreme athlete great boxer and we have to be ready for war and they roger mayweather he goes well fuck about me again the level of technique that floyd has so
above and beyond everybody else he fights that he has that kind of confidence makoto especially during that fight was a prime athlete marga that was the only one that never really fucked up miguel coto when he was in his prime in that stopped him and that was when margarita was accused of having loaded gloves because he got yes it is sure he did one of his subsequent fights but we don't call it was a bad like a monster yeah what they get into boxing with floyd is like he just he makes ever buddy look goofy he makes everybody look they look like they just don't really know what he's they don't really belong in there with them he's figured you not early enough and now every time you step popping the jab in your face and there's no retail creation is not there and then you know you look stupid and he slowly breaks you down it's just so good is a is superb superb boxer wins per badly but if i had a choice between watching him and anderson silva like yeah i would way rather watch anderson silva fight
okay west and that's one of the reasons why i ran in may so much better i like a good fight with floyd mayweather you know like if i found a for me it was going to fight me pacquiao before this last thing they super sure but but you know when he's he's fighting is fighting somebody somebody that i don't give a yeah yeah it's like whatever yeah he's just gonna boxes this yeah it would be interesting to watch right now but i can watch on hbo next week sure what how i've asked this before but how famous is anderson silva in brazil oh it's like michael jordan michael jackson had a baby really fast it's incredible that he's a super super super star they love him that's awesome the cheer
use when he goes on on into the octagon only steps up the stairs and walks in and close the door behind their fucking deafening i took my headphones off and i said i go to goldberg was talking among the i go take your headphones off i go take your headphones often fail us we take the headphones off is like we're just looking at each other like wow there's twenty thousand people in rio and they're going fucking button and anderson walks in and bows and they're going fucking ape shit and so then he goes out there and dismantles stephan bonner in a way that doesn't even seem human he did it like some fucking kung fu movie dude who just got bolted with some secret lightning power in like he added superpower so you didn't even make any sense he did movie shit he stepped with his back up against the cage and let stephan bonner throw punches at his hands down and just ducked and moved in front of and then through bonner the ground and knocked him unconscious with a knee to the body
blasted the need of botting boom boom goes down down a position done i mean the way he did it was like it was it was superhuman it was like a guy in a movie like if you saw a guy do that in like bourne identity blackpits nobody can do it put your back up again so what well nobody puts her back up against the cage i have the best fighter in the fucking world does that yeah the best guy ever put his back up against the case to a big giant dude like stephan bonner cotton weight down from like two hundred and thirty to fight at two hundred and five and anderson fights at one hundred and eighty five he still rag dolls the guy it's freaky he's freaky there's nobody that freaks me out when you watch him when you watch like the shit they can do to like really high level grown fighters no one freaks me out like anderson he's like you're watching a rare master like you
do you like you're going to get a chance to talk about this when you get old you know like this people that we talk about when they saw joe louis fight yeah that's all well and good anderson silva would have fun joe louis yeah okay and listen to me i don't care what anybody says yeah and this is of an mma fight will joe louis up all right you're watching something crazy you're watching the baddest fighters ever walked the face the the shit he does the guys even like really good guys is shocking do you think he could be john claude van dam it depends on which movie it is if it's like one of jean claude van damme's like one of his signature movies if it's like a blood sport to van dam has heart they can never be able to appreciate have you ever seen him cry in his reality show it's me yeah i used to i now by steven segal is awesome he's awesome
these are some in a totally different way that's stevenson galls awesome as well but but jean claude van damme is awesome in a completely different way the cool the movie that he came out here a year or two ago it was the movie came out with that was like about what do you think i'm crazy i think i know what movies he's doing this one was actually good where he played jc vidiya themselves right now we have that on blu ray i never said it wasn't he still crazy he has a reality show and he it plays a gas only seen the videos on the internet but you could readily get him on the internet but it's wonderful he is crazy and he keeps talking about i'm going to hit this fights i'm going to have to fight one more time for the chill
he has he's like crazy ideas i did you know they say jump you did a lot of cocaine and you know you know a lot of other things i'm not happy about those other things but i'm going to make it up with this fight and i'm going to win but knocked out and it's like so crazy and over the turkeys acting it's like this strange hybrid between a reality show and a movie what he's doing is really strange because he said he's going to have a fight and he's got this guy that he keeps dragging around with him that he says that but the promise he's been doing this for like four years so this guy for these for years he saying is going to fight yeah i can date pose for stare downs for years for years then i mean for fucking that's weird it's still going on and he still like him well you know i'm going to have this fight and i'm going to do it for the children to show them you can punch back from all of this bullshit and this cocaine
fucking wonderful when we do that might be it might be one of 'em i mean there's a lot of 'em he's got a lot of can i do generally he seems like a really nice guy seems like real friendly and you know it and trying to be a hard ass like even when he sang like he's going to knock come on give me a hug get over here by the way don't need cocaine you know that you said the it's like a weird hybrid between like reality and i think that's the that's the new and next step that's going to really divide for television is like shows like duck hunters the duck dynasty duck dynasty where it's that family and they go this reality show but it's clearly like it's produced too well right you're like there's no way like these real people they're not you know they're not actors but all the moments are too well construct like produced but
life comes in right at the moment when the guys are like fucking cutting a hole in the ceiling and she's like texas just do it in louisiana it's louisiana you don't losta redner oman funny shows lost more rednecks yeah dayton all these what is it called me yuppie girls that john frog legs i love that old guy the patriarchs grade in that whole grain full of shit though it's full of shit have you seen swamp people no ok swamp people is just they should call that show alligator assassin's 'cause it's just a bunch of mother fuckers that live in florida and kill alligators and they kill off mark load of alligators okay they kill like five hundred of am a season with those guys i think i remember do they kill a lot of alligators it's really freaky to think there's that many god damn alligators out there and you know it's really freaky a lot of people might not like this but if they
like killing those alligators alligators would fuck and make more alligators and if you think of how many fucking alligators there killing do you know what kind of an infestation of alligators we must have in this country jesus christ after their killing hundreds and hundreds of am and in florida holy shit yeah they have to be still a number when they were yards all the time in all the time when i lived in gainesville they were protected you couldn't kill them really yeah when i was a kid i lived in florida and another yeah i lived i lived in two for two years was going to the you know florida and we used to go to lake alice there's this like little lake there wendy's to feed the alligators marshmallows get out so the march blows the water crazy monsters or feed these monsters but they didn't really fuck with people too much they occasionally would like get a dog like if someone they walk their dog too close to the water didn't see the alligator alligator can't help themselves but i guess they would feed
or something i don't know i don't know what the fuck they did they must have done something to keep them happy if they are around people but apparently it got to a certain point where they were just so many fucking alligators they had to do something yeah i mean i used to say i went to high school in florida and you know you would see them of course is the peoples back yards let people pools with pools in florida people alligators i don't jobs that often i don't think it happens that often but i mean i'm sure it i mean i'm sure there's statistics on it but i don't remember a lot of one a year maybe maybe one of those kind of things people lose you know limbs and people go to your golf ball and they go into the little pond and lake and you can lose a hand i think you gotta be fucking with the fuck fuck thank you let that all go what you do man fuck fuck fuck fuck you get a new titleist leave it in the water absolutely terrifying but i don't think they like human flesh that's not their first
yeah i know it is in crock of shit delete a bag of shit well they would eat people they just haven't license plates and tires and shit it's not their preference like when we run rd rules in australia we went to a crocodile farm like the guy that owned it was explaining how they don't really want to eat us but if there hungry and there's nothing else that's i don't fuck with you if you're down by the fucking swamping you know hey what are you doing here and then it will grab you in death roll you but i think that the only reason why they don't do is because they don't recognize this as a food source that delicious meal because they don't usually eat us but once they recognize this as a food source that's when it becomes a real problem like there was one that killed in the philippines recently it was fucking huge huge saltwater crocodile and they had killed a bunch of villager like they knew there was this one giant crocodile was more than twenty fucking feet long and it was killing people and so they had to go out
there was that one that was like killing a bunch of people wasn't in canada one of the movie is based on like they made up yeah yeah what crocodile in canada know some lake it was like a northern sitting lake was about not a crock maybe it maybe a gator right that's what the movie now it's a little more movies she amber it's not like michigan over the movie like michigan plaque was a placid yeah a lot about it that's a v that's based on a real story i i swear to god i met one of the i think that one of the writers on that who told me that yeah i'm pretty sure man 'cause once i get like based on i might be wrong on the location but i know it's based on a real murder bring gator what i think so is that right maybe what's the true story of lake placid alligator let's go to wiki answers
how beautiful is it it's in it's in that just do that to have encyclopedia britannica that shit was wack as fuck the stories based off the nineteen forty three mysterious disappearances of ten teenagers while playing one night on lake placid okay so it's just a just a rumor okay but the what so the movie just the movie ads the gator concept to it or something well apparently became a legend because it happened in nineteen forty three and so people would talk about it and so the movie is like based on this actual monster it's sort of a you guys it's a times right send me your tweets or your emails about how i'm wrong i'm right we just read it on the internet basically what you said cannot be argued there you go yeah doesn't tell mouse moving
look at allegheny i think right now but i'll give the freeze is sick of your right michigan is it seems as though it's a thirty foot long man eating out crockett out which terrorizes the fictitious lowell fifty tional location of black lake maine that's even more ridiculous mainly like thought out for like of the year yeah the main main very so i wasn't that far off when i it's pretty close you know those close to me sure there you go you were in that story yeah right now that's a winter gators if you think about like a like a perfect nightmare that's chasing after it's a giant reptile right there's so emotionless and can t and just they don't know they don't give a fuck dinosaur yeah it's like it's just an extension of the t rex chasing it an animal that has virtually not changed for two one hundred million years they existed in this form
two hundred million years ago what the fuck man so strong they're all muscle muscle and they're just like the cleaning systems of eagles like that then they live the cleaners they come in anything this weapon you've done so i'm not just chad's who goes to channel water on the wrong side slam keep the population boom would try to cross this river and not everything's river crossings the nile crocodiles step up and just to huge dinosaur jaws clamp down on wildebeests and drag them and like what is the going on here i was a system that's set up totally a life system life and death there's a population control mechanism in effect big cats alligators
wells is it any coincidence that's the place where there's the most gazelles fucking things are running around everywhere everything is running around every wildebeests and all these things just giant things trying to eat him and keep their populations down nothing in the footage the footage of that is always the same if you watch those like a nat geo shows will be like these fifty gazelle most crossing the river you like wonder and then like three seconds go by and you're like oh there's one that's not with the pack and i think we should watch him for a second and then you watch some kind of limp in tentatively cross the creek and that crock comes up is like game knocking over it there such machines there so terrifying lincoln and that water for hours they don't have to breathe for hours so they sit under the water waiting for someone to come by and then the bars all fucking murky and shit you can't see that big dinosaur waiting there to eat babies monster and help
only designer where when you see replying footage of his eyes just out of the water so it's just up like just over the water horrific horrific monster i remember ok this is going to sound really lame but on rosh else i had to put a bag over a crocodile's head so you have to first you have to clamp its jaws shut and then duct tape and then you put a bag on his head and then you step you sit on it you have to sit on it to hold it still and that's how we would transport it like for one of the mission that was so this guy kiflu on this show he had a pole and he was trying to row the crocodiles neck and the crocodile went into a death roll and his shirt got caught in the pull in chinese twist around his arm and is cutting off circulation and everybody was like all they fought like when that really happens on a reality show like you don't know what to do so he was just screaming cut the shirt got the shirt got the father and
we know there's no scissors in the output like somebody had to rummage through their sound kit or whatever and this thing was still spinning spinning is winning how big is a solid it was medium size ten to fifteen feet long making a teenager it was it's beef clamp down on his shirt yeah so you clamp the josh shut and then somebody duct tapes the jaws together somehow someone other got ahold of the teeth so no so so the next part is you have to put something around its neck so kefla was using a pole with at the end of it like a loop row height on a loop it right right right so he didn't somehow this crocodile like got latched on to maybe in this john the rope the rope and he he started death rolling oh wow so it got to pull pull that card on his sleeve and then tighten the sleep so we had to cut the shirt off of him
chrysler if you gotta wear spandex when you cross yeah it's very important to be all tucked up tucked up and ready to sprint technique for now on cleats as well you don't want to be slipping now did jesus christ dangerous they found nile crocodiles in florida have you heard that no just so they have a shoot to kill order on nile crocodiles in florida they spotted a couple of them people transported in nile crime fuck you yeah that was probably some dude is trying to with cocaine i know what i'm going to do my i'm going to have a fucking more with nile crocodiles big lines twenty eight foot long ito either motherfucking will there be seen one but you're gonna fuck with my cock some colombian definitely didn't those dudes back in like the miami vice days didn't like those dudes like have like like leopards can you show me tabs
he had a yes alligator some some some sort of was chained up on his boat that's but that's what i'm talking about during that do that was the dushan terror those are the two issues sarah in all of humanity those who use the 80s cocaine days of miami is the douche iest era of all time everybody wanted to have a pet tiger this guys house just got fucking peacocks walking out his front logic what's happening here
is my python collection what we do is we grown to about ten feet long and just take my the everglades mean you can't control after a ten feet long but i just get a new one and you know start from scratch retraining this police and pythons that you fucking have pythons out there right around twenty feet long in same dude who has like grenades i gotta one hundred grenades in the living room i got rocket launches on the couch but i don't tend to use it while you have it if you want to blow through a wall you know there's a wall in your way that's why i gotta poo ma by my weight room yeah i gotta poop that i keep their for inspiration sometimes i don't think that we get real hungry i'll be lifting weights right next to it i got some wolf kelowna vision is just a fact that he eyeballing me knowing that i look delicious and nutritious and he starving to death and then maybe do more squats they do most paper plates with diamonds on machine that shit in new york
today i saw reality show or someone will buy like baby crocodiles and shit and keep him in the bathtub yeah well people do that there was a guy who got kog i think it was i think it was either brooklyn or the bronx but he got mall by a tiger that he had as a pet in an apartment in joke about that oh you do yeah yeah well i don't want to give up your bed no man no it's funny at the old one but yeah i feel it's an old job yeah i mean hit it buddy ok i'll do it if you tell me the way i talk another guy i but the guy what's it called uh they had the animals at his house and he released them you know the number of you know i don't i don't know high yeah i have a bit about that it's on my right leg and or anything but i kill himself yeah he did he he he killed him well he cut up he released them all and i i believe he cut up like some chickens and like poo the blood all over himself with dead animals on him and then like
he had lions and shit but he released so he got he got fucked up by everything i think he might have been dead before they got to him but eventually like animals with pulling his dead body apart wow that's a crazy way to go i've never heard that before that's got to do really loves animals system silly fuck yeah well you know the whole zoo life is really uh it's a crazy torture that we do so that we could look at animals in real life because they don't even allow them to live in natural life all in captivity it's one thing if we had them in an ecosystem that was similar to their own so we put them in these containment areas then we let loose antelopes or whatever the fuck it is that they get to run and chase down and kill if that was the case i think that that would at least be like a rewarding life for these cats when you keep pushing that meat out to them and they don't get any sort of chase reward third thing going on we see like the
play with each other like they want to chase things like it's a part of the whole dynamics of their organism like their design to chase and key bullshit they're designed to kill all the limpid shit and so you put him in this cage just like jolting their brain like they never get a chance to express what they were put on earth to do it sounds fucked up i mean what you gotta do you gotta stop the gazelles from breeding and you're to control the gazelle could put put a few fucking gazelles in the cage with them yeah invite me to watch it i'll pay extra well yeah but here's the thing what's the difference god damn it between the meat that you're giving him because you're given a meet someone is killing an animal and some given him that mean why can't he do that because you know he wants to what someone else is killing it it's not like you're saving an animals someone else is killing a fucking animal an you're cutting it up when you're sliding under the tray why don't you let a cow news you know talk about driving on revenue like
but there like hey it's an extra seventy to watch america here you go you know that's what they do in asia in asia when they feed tigers they release goats brian brian pull pornos videos up you ready to freak the fuck out yeah this is like a common theme apparently in asia they when they have tigers they just have this big dump truck and they have the dump truck with a couple of fucking goats and it did did and that doesn't know what the fuck is going on but the tigers do there's a new goat gets dropped off like that every day so the tigers like stand there and stare while this thing backs up and beeps and they just wait and they get real close to it and its oozes thing opens that goat dumps and boom they jump on a three four minute i'm ripping apart into shreds in a matter of seconds and they run away with like once got ahead got a leg i love this any not sure they're supposed to do
where do you see this shit because this is a weird thing to see but this is what they want to do ok i mean if you're going to kill that goat anyway if you're to feed him quote why would you do that then at least i mean it's still fucked up that year got him you've got him contained like that but it least then they get to live a tiger's life i feel like the only reason we don't get that is because of like some type of animal rights organizations here that don't really this in other parts of the world i think i'm saying i think our own lives for a lot of people are so fucking suppressive and ridiculous and restrained that we don't give a fuck about that stupid elephant tough shit bitch page i don't like my cubicle you don't like you can try is well look at this right they just sitting there watching and waiting these are lions a different one but they do yes they do with lions too so they just sit around and they live not this dump truck there
in the door right now in the lines are just they just hovering right in front of it trying to control the lines by honking his horn imagine if you're in this and your hog type this hornet doing shit in these lines 'cause they know here comes not with the horn now the guys going to lift it it's really going high now and the thing is going to drop out why is talking with the horn sonofabitch maybe he's got his dick out it's really pulled it out of it there it is oh oh my god that's it latch onto it toy rip it to shreds
look at it there while playing tug of war there's like nine lines and another one tries to get in this one paw time seeing that one spawn at him i don't hear it i don't hear it crying anymore what happened because that guy's hockey no i think look at that god damn it people are screaming that is awesome she i seven year old okay you do not want a buck that is that a girl or a boy that's a girl you do not want a fucker that's the boy needs to be monitored moderately that piece these are these are impressive but these are lions if you can find tigers brian see you find tigers 'cause the tiger video that i saw is way more quick way more quicker
it was way more ferocious but this does seem more humane oddly when you're feeding these wild animal it's totally allow them to be in their element to be richer nature that's what they're supposed to be doing yes we've already i think that way is ridiculous with the slow dump truck yeah there should be a gate you should a couple of amount in the morning what are the fucking i do think of footage i saw what time is from the baghdad zoo was like that terrible way to die it's was honking their horn but also there playing tug of war with your body just ripping parts off the phone with these monsters jaws in china and heat that penetrate flesh and just pulling you part literally for your for your sustenance for your flesh damn suck world the world of the jungle is god the world the jungle is a mother fucker is another one this guy's
and same thing but this at this time it's time with tigers look how much bigger the tigers are the lines again a mother fucker would horny this is like sport for them i guess they don't want it inside there it is jesus check this out and look at this boom listen that thing besides he's killing it now he's just getting a hole in neck look at that that's it he broke the neck and killed it look how quick he killed that thing man that's a cow he killed that cowlick instantly lose jaws he just took it snapped it and killed it didn't look like a lot of effort no looked like he was picking up a cup have a sip out of it i was a cow when i've seen it like booth goat ones the most fucked up one because they just tear them apart run away with pieces
right to go for that goat if you're oh you gotta realize like this is what you're here for you here to eat grass and get fucked up yeah you're not that high on the food chain one of these days someone's going to find you slippin and they're gonna eat your ass find me slipping yeah and you guys walked you make a lot of noise mountain lions have fifty years hand just going to slowly sneak up behind you bitches and someone's going to get jacked you live into ten pretty small we gotta get outta here now i can't believe how little effort that was so easy to kill a cow account now big ass cow by the next shook it snapped boom which you rather be taken down by a lion or a crocodile i think you want a lion because ryan is going actually kill you yeah the crocodile just starting and he drowned you too they would remember that drowned you i mean they'll eat you dick person that's what the deli triptych the death roll
i love dick don't let your fucking delicious dick i think like that's the thing with bears too is that bears they don't they don't kill you for they just eat you because if you what you wanted killed by a predator because predators are always if you getting killed by something that doesn't always kill it's tough sometimes eats a lot of things it finds laying around whether it's carrion or whether it's berries or vegetables like bears they find just disease yeah then i concern with killing you once they have you they have you ok wait one thousand two hundred fucking pounds so they start eating why kill you first jeffrey screen good i'm trying to eat your dick just shoot chunks of you they say that though using man documenting the neck i love it yeah he's love it folks you have not watch grizzly man it's one of the best unintentional comedy in the history of film it slip brought us together his way really kind of our love of tell me tell me when we
you're dating i was like i forget we were we gotta go to see this movie about this fucking guy that live with bears the members even this remember the news story breaking right now and we went and we're sitting in this theater i think was in pasadena at lamb lemley so it's more like it was playing like the art artsy theater wasn't like the major release theaters it was in the artsy theaters around and we and there was like maybe like fifty or sixty people at it and the whole time every basically beat of the movie were in hysterics like laughing and the other fifty people are not like they're all serious movie over is that like a feel for the we have here's our eyes lock we're getting a look now how can funny is that we love that's when funny though it's like it does a disservice to his life to pretend he wasn't funny thank remember the pilot
in the pilot who will drop him off and he was like he decided he to live with bears in i thought it was summed up that d'oh he was walking around with his camera talking was camera about how easy would be if he was gay but he's not good oh yeah so obviously gay fucking around with this camera and he's like talking to it i ran did some guy who his roommate like apparently the grizzly man was in love with his roommate and when his roommate didn't reciprocate rashes apartment apparently he's a bit of an angry fellow yeah like if you ever saw the video and screaming
yelling into the camera yeah he does like a bunch of different takes yes fuck you fuck you park rangers yeah the parkway you doing for these pairs work it out work it out on my time he's got this like really obvious like sort of femme gay voice it's like he's got that voice like this unmistakable undeniable dario typical like cartoonish gay voice it does and so he's walking holding up the camera going well that was gay i could just go to a rest stop and meet a guy but i'm not ready treadwell's not gay it's like the weirdest thing like this poor fucking guy like you so torn up and confused and conflicted that he this is how to go live with paper and see if he could just you miss he misread the fucking newsletter and went after real bears guys like me it was crazy how close he got to the animals
fox fox and when the bear so fresh he came out of her but it's still warm he's like touching her shit within the fox called like foxy yeah the boxes what was the thing not chocolate it also said so gay when he got remember when they are approaching one time there was coaching him and he was like he's like fuck you fuck you i love you i love you it was like a life i love you that like it has to that's i was there i love you yeah for me he has to be stern with them have to be stern with him no i don't let him get into close apparently the death video where they never got to lens on it so it's only audio a cap on but the camera was running is seven minutes long took him seven minutes for the bear to eat it was him in his the band is the girlfriend hit the bear over the head with a frying pan a couple times in the barrels
yeah and there was a sick bear apparently it was sick they found out like later on i remember you could look it up that i don't member if the bear had like some type know the rabies or something where is not in it wasn't like a healthy normal function bear what does highly yeah that was that was i didn't know this is something else that's what i read a problem with that is that they didn't really find much of the bear because they shot the bear when they flew over and they saw that the bear had killed these people concurrently a pilot saw the rib cage coming up that we saw and he realized that this bear is eating a person so close so intent solid camp so he knew that the bears eating a person so they got a guy one of the ranges i guess shot him and then when they went back i think it was like couple of months later there was nothing left it was like you know there's just fucking a couple pieces of bones i thought they found him in there i thought they found them in is the guy
all they found was i don't know they might have i mean they might have processed the bears guts once they they kill them as well likely and by no means you know if your listing do not let this detur you from living with bears should be fine i'm addicted to all these alaska shows man no it's really which one of these last frontier shows like alaska last frontier and the uconn men and that is crazy living man and you just went hunting somewhere up montana montana doesn't give a that places we went the missouri river into place called the badlands in the badlands does not give a fuck might as well have gone to the moon real yeah you might as well be on the moon there's no one there there's no cell phone signal shit you got no radio and you are in what is the bottom of a giant ancient ocean it used to be the great western inland sea during the jurassic period
dinosaurs and shit roman through that area so the bottom found everywhere is like silt it's like that same like slippery shit in the bottom of the lake you have mountains are covered in silt and there's they had homesteads out there gave people like if you live there you could claim uh uncle and as long as he lived on it for a certain amount of time it would be your land well they gave these people and they all left they all quit no one can can't grow anything yeah it's like this crazy silty shit and i mean there's deer around but man you gotta fucking hunt for days sometimes to kill one wow so you're out there camping and trying to catch these deer and bring it back to your family my time look we're going to get the fuck outta here we're going to run out of food and so they all did they all bailed this is just not reliable and in the winter time it gets way too fucking cold it gets so cold at the river freezes the river freezes solid and you get a cut holes in it and try to get fish out of there a bitch good luck trying to feed yourself like that so they all bailed so that's where we went hunting those fast that's pretty awesome
like it was literally like going to another planet it was so humbling you know the live outside like that for five days and that kind of environment it's really really really humbling because you start to feel it you sort of see like how frat first well how fragile you are even is to temperature like it was twelve degrees out where it was sleeping outside it's twelve degrees so you're bundled up in the sleeping bag and shit zipped over your head and and trying to squeeze yourself t to make your body warm and twelve degrees well and nothing gives a fuck about you it's just a bunch of things out there eating other things that's all it is it's deer eating grass mountain lions eating dear we found mount mind shit is big thick rope of shit with foreign it won't son you know you see him you know this is the food chain this is this one really harsh ecosystem yeah even though
survivor guy where he goes out he went to like scotland and just on the other side of the hill with there's people living right at the moors or whatever on the other side he tries to spend the night there where people you live just out in the wild and he you know he almost freezes dick off it's fucking cold it's a nun in is this the real survivor man or that other guy remember we is that west guy the guy who slept in hotels there's a guy is something else that made it seem like he wasn't yeah he didn't know that no first of all the real guys less trout less trout is the real guy he goes out even if he goes for ten days now films it all himself he's he's the real deal he's legit but that bear grylls character that dude is apparently in need some like military guy probably is like sort of expert but when he was doing that show he was like faking a lot of shit like we just came up on a sealed caucus now
yeah that's the guy then yeah he's like he didn't really come across the seal carcass like they put that thing there and they according to less less says they made man versus wild because they were always trying to get him to fake shit but he wouldn't take shit we had him on the podcast he's talking about he's like i wouldn't listen to that yeah so that she told me that that's what they got bear grills to do his show they like will show you were going to do the same show do your own show but were fe everything in the meanwhile everybody found out they fake things nobody wants to watch it now of course will watch some dude pretending the sleep in the jungle or helicopter into a four star hotel it in the disco at night drinking margaritas and put him back there in the morning he's like well tonight get them size any spies getting his feet massage well your night in their jungle is not pleasant but thankfully it
check my own piss to stay hydrated don't drink ocean water but drink plenty of your in love that shit though i love all that stuff i love the real shit i don't love i can't watch the bear grylls show as soon as i found out that they were manufactured meaning scenarios you know he's just showing you i understand what you're saying they say he's showing you how you would survive if you came across this so let's just make this happen and have him deal with it but he did a lot of shit that was like you would never do like really dangerous risky shelly jumping off things like why is he jumping for this sliding down the sides of mountains like writing it like this this is like seems dangerous still sliding into an ice cave like why there's nothing in there for you go in there and you're not preserving it that's quite what you doing there avoid that cave just a crazy asshole but that's what they want you to do if you tried to like make a tom and christina your mom's house reality show do you know how much fucking bullshit you
to deal with yeah oh for sure first of all because you guys don't have a big enough name to carry it just based on that they're gonna have to promote it so they're gonna have to say you know look i know you're a well known stand up comedian the world stand up comedy but people don't know is an actor okay so we're going to need some help with this you need to help us along with this we're going to get your show what i need to do what are show that's not all reality ok what is reality ok this is we're going to make things happen and you just do your thing and the thing is really happening we're just making it happen yeah ok sure so next thing you know you guys are in marriage counseling you having a fake argument now there's a walrus in the backyard and you see how are you going to do with your redneck lost your redneck well i'd love to make that show if you're proposing telling you don't do it try to tell you not to sell out and i got selling i'm selling if you're buying definitely not no well that's the thing about you guys having this podcast your podcast is perfect because nobody tells you what to do like all podcasts
they represent they really represent what the fuck you're thinking yeah totally you don't you don't lose the message in the producers or you know network notes or any of that shit because it's so it's really what you want to be and that's what's cool about like the different circle of podcast especially like ones i feel like are you know they run off from like people that you're associated with is that each is like a representation of each of everybody's per anality yeah who they are like you know skeptic with ari is it's so you're getting that sorry is and that's what he wants to show to be and you know joey diaz is the same way and what's happening now absolutely and then i just did duncan trussell family absolute duncan is that's a total total duncan experience your get another guy and then bert just came out bird cast i did the first episode i should say i just sat there and laughed on the first episode because it was in burts at birth place
he had joey diaz and his father me in this room and bert is as you know he's steering the ship it's what he wants it to be that same thing yeah but you just sit there listening to diaz mr crusher a funny thing i was crying was i was in tears was so funny and what we do in your mom's house it's totally it's exactly what we want the show to that's the fun about it you were so lucky right now right just like feel that this is the best time to be a stand up comic because you don't need the big networks now if you want to do your fucking hour you don't need to go through comedy central if you want to talk to your audience you can reach them directly through a podcast can download it anytime a day or night it's the best thing and what's really cool about this is that people that get into a position where people are paying attention to then they can tell you
some other cool shit sort of like retweeting you know like i love retweeting because people send me some really fucking cool articles and i'll retweet those and like a lot of his like really interested shit and there's no way you're going to accumulate all that crap on your own like you need some help doing and that's one of the cool things about having a successful podcast is like your podcast now has a big following you could tell them hey watch br crisis podcast listen to bert kreischer podcast now everybody goes oh awesome and then you know why i like the way tommy thinks you know tommy makes me laugh christina makes me laugh there saying that this is a great podcast i'll go check it out yeah and then it branches off and i can do that in the next person in our you can introduce a new one absolutely yeah i mean that that's the coolest thing about it is what we know so many people that are really funny but in this day and age before podcasting it was really hard to do
your name out there just as a stand up you had to have some tv credits in order to be in the club and even then like it takes a long time for people to like take enough chances on you and the more the mouth returning to a place over and over again like to build up mark it's it's it's uh long hard road yeah but now all they have to do is be funny and you know how to casting to like this was kind of an experiment for me was um i spoke to you about it l spoke to like bill burr spell magical about putting out an album on my own and you guys i'm saying separately all encouraged me to do yeah and did it on my own you know put it out but podcasting is the thing that got really an audience for it yes you know yeah the like i put it out there and the whole like success of doing this thing on my own where you feel kind of like like you're an entrepreneur like
like i'm just going to i'm not going go go the label route i'm just going to record it and i'm going to you know put it should i make my own and putting it out there and then seeing if it works but seeing that the success is basically because of the audience we built from doing podcasts yeah it's a crazy connection too and don't you feel like kind of obligated to be in communication with these people and like connection with them and they absolutely and and keep making more content absolutely and then it's so cool when the stand up now like i think the last time i saw you was like hey my audience isn't there yet they're coming now yeah and it makes such a day when i look out and i can see that they know who i am and i recognize them and i see that we have this wonderful connection in a talk to the changed everything is awesome like this is what i wanted for so long yeah we brought brian on stage in austin and they went fucking brian got like a standing ovation going on stage in austin so yeah and did you ever watch that interview alex john state of us it was pretty cool
it's good it's really cool really good that's cool yeah back and he might manly not have gotten i did may or may not i did like little death squad tour in ohio months ago right a month ago holy shit you were brought on stage the place was crazy yeah it's it's a it's a completely different world now because a podcast you can you could literally make people famous like in the real world like they walk around like you know yes it's interesting yeah but it's like everything that comedy networks never were comedy networks were never really comedians networking this is like a real comma it's exactly exactly all of us it's like you know if i tell you go listen to joey diaz a cd crying laughing when i tell you that you could trust me go listen to that shit yeah i mean it's like we know what our ease tastes are like you know we know what dunkin station yeah
you get to know some rare rare time in this never been a moment like this for for entertainers no we can just sort of do you also in connection with your with the audience that wants to be with you you connect to for that would take a pen and a pad in a letter to yeah i mean yeah and they get to know the real you which is an interesting facet of celebrity now i think and i don't know if it seems like in the past celebrities had to have two lives like there's your public sphere on your private and now those two spheres are emerging and they almost have to because of this technology like they have access to the real you yeah kind of cool i mean obviously there's drawbacks to that as well if you're a douche if you're yeah i think i know who you really are correct yeah yeah right yeah but i think that's ultimately where the whole world is headed the the no secrets world i agree and no shame world because everything this generation is growing up in public
not like we did there's no notion anymore of like keep that photograph in your locker like now put the photograph on facebook everyone is going to see your titties everybody is going to see a and as for them yeah it's some these kids today too if you stay think about how silly you were when you were seventeen oh my god imagine how many pictures of your dick would be online only doing there would be some there would be chapters could be like giga could be everywhere college famous for being the dumbest kid in sending emails i would just upload it everywhere yeah i would i would dick roll everybody instead of rick roll i would release videos video would start out with some music and then i would jump out with my dick and fun
wants to the right with like sunglasses so you're right there is no user i d if i had axis that no seventeen and nine was access it all be seen my dick this is the fact get it out there so grand have it's early yeah managing these poor kids today anything they do an excellent reporter shop it's a photoshop of them for hundreds of photos up to me and with a woman's body with a dude banging me there's a lot of i did half of maybe the real dolls are made of you yeah yeah it does the photo shop is amazing like what you can do and not feel like sometimes you have to look at a picture go shop like someone's being like real subtle fucking mitt romney's mom jeans photos so good that one is that photo shop but you look at it you're like jeans or
you're not sure i remember yeah and they raised him up just enough to make it it's perfect i did this political show uh for for the web for comedies i was a writer on it that kyle kinane hosted like this year all leading up to the election and the whole thing one of the episodes were like got uses photo of mitt romney and we had people like doing research just to make sure like is this photoshop like is one of those you like this so well done now that's that's not but people are like like lawyers and like this is really real the yeah yeah the whole your photos came out of here yeah it's close yeah and he had experts examine them and show proof that they had been doctored yeah and then later he came out and said alright this is me i got to coke and customer that's his
he didn't want to come clean with that yeah like him even more yeah well i like that he probably got that monkey off his back there probably fucked with him for a long time plus i'm sure like panties that russian chick if she still alive she probably still torches am that is probably scared one day just going to do interviews and shit he's not gonna be able to pay off anymore let's see the all kicking video let's see that one take it back home yeah what the fuck man too much too much poor oscar yeah do you think you'll get ball kicked just like he's beating so many dudes asses you want to beat his after he got tired of being like super macho man and we just wanted to wear a dress and shit well they say majority of dudes that are into sm are being submissive or lawyers and high power people
you have to be in control in their daily lives and then they they like a good ball kick in to make sense yeah your thing else i tell people to do all the time die firms treat me like a baby yeah like they should throw pies at me and change me call me daisy yeah how and we save those people folks is there anything we can do we just accept the part the fact that they are just a part of the spectrum i think you have to that alpha brain one of the tools in the world alpha brain in shroom tech together maybe his immediately starts hill sprints today no they definitely it definitely is part of the spectrum that's the basic thing is knowing that like you know dude that's all it's all on their men everybody at the fuck man what a wacky spectrum the spectrum of human banks you know in behavior it's mind boggling yeah we don't lose like meet people like this out the guy that killed his gay lover
easily and chopped up his ass was chunks of his ass on camera if they only had battle ropes in the bottom has some jujitsu many in front of the position and get to the do mount take the knife away from him ok now you're doing better the only number head on a shitty way to die god kills you fucks you and then eat your ass on tv do you buying it out off as a bad christ what the fuck is with people want to eat people what do you print true proven i would try it taste if you were dying light vision yes what race you think would be the most solution okay let's talk about this i thought about it well let's see okay cause i know in sushi i like fatty tuna the most because it's a nice fatty piece so white people right now are pretty valley in fact i'm gonna go corn fed iowa woman in the airport that looks like sam kinison
i think that would be that would be really blue in the airport there are women who like just like so that would be good but the like the fattiness would be more like pork i think it's like pork belly yeah i don't think it be like to knit altuna fatty channel even when tunas are slightly fatty like the bottom area that's lean as fuck compared to almost every other organism on the planet and still pretty muscular yeah you want to look at a human humans are born probably sister pork rind i like pork rinds yeah no more like a like a roast like a fat sloppy pork roast wear them his phone off because you saw yeah she does yeah duration is as soda i kind of fat guy you know with black beans rice i like hot sauce i think the you know the black as a pretty like naturally muscular so i take when this kind of fat and i get a nice mix
sure of like a rib eye yeah yeah yeah i get marble marble marble but not crazy yeah and probably the darker meat too it's not more nutritious african indian because it's already seasoned they it's a good point as a very good but not a lot of meat out of this that's probably what all that curry you say that like pineapple flavors your loads but i'm sure curry would flavor your rump let's do it curry curry in your fat well that's the case with bears with bears you want to eat a bear that gets shot after eat a lot of blueberries the bears that like if you eat bears it apparently it's like some of the most delicious meat you can really yeah because it literally changes the way their flesh tastes and their fat the fat has all this like blueberry in the that it's really nutty studios to a trip still alaska yeah what's your race choice what's your probably asians it's obvious how can i just know jealous type brazilian or asians
probably probably would have like asians aren't known for being the most muscular be good get a good cut did you hear about that one guy from japan who ah murdered a girl cooked her an aider and then got off like on some insanity cane so he's only it was only course reader for a small amount of time keep her saw her for a long time like in a closet or something shoes yeah i don't know that's a good question something along the line i forget the guy's name but he was he was famous for yoshi by she's not true that guy might pull it up japanese let me give the guy a break man like so yeah about you know did a bad thing well she probably did something wrong right probably said some shit just talked a lot of shit this is his name eastside sagawa yeah it's pretty fucking crazy and apparently this dude has described
openly in one thousand nine hundred and eighty one he murdered and cannibalized a dutch woman name renee hearted at heart developed and after his release he became a minor celebrity in japan making a living through public interest in his crime wow he served time in a french jail all the french let him out only sir i'd listen he has suffered enough all he did easy to want a medic and yeah he is under five feet tall and he felt like he was weak in an attic in either because he wanted to absorb her energy oh good reason that is gonna be fainted at the shock of shooting her but awoke with the realization that he had to carry out his desire to eat her he did so beginning with her buttocks and thighs after having sex with her corpse interviews he noted his surprise that the corn colored nature of human fat for two days sigala eight various parts of her body he described the meat
it's soft and like tuna what hey nail that flavor unnatural can i think this is in shape girl though i think this wasn't a fatty i don't think he was eating someone for their pork like the system this sam kennison like delicious he then attempted to dump the mutilated body in a remote lake but was seen in the act and later arrested by the french police who found parts of the deceased still in his refrigerator oh my god is wealthy father provided a top lawyer for his defense and after being held for two years without trying on the french jail the blob blob look found him legally insane and unfit to stand trial and ordered him to be held indefinitely in a meh constitution spent over three months there and then how did they let him out jesus christ
japanese authorities found it legally impossible to hold him because the french government refused to release court documents which remains secret to japan claiming that the case is already dropped in france so as a result wow they extradited him to japan and when they let him in japan japan just let him go g it's funny how that always happens between like when when somebody from a country gets caught for something in another country there's always like this irrational just we just want him and don't punish listen how crazy this is a pawn his arrival in japan he was immediately taking to the mat su zaw hospital where examining psychologists all found him to be sane stating that sexual perversion was the sole motivation for the murder that sounds
a sadistic evil mother fucker then right yeah however the japanese authorities found it legally impossible to hold him because the french government refused to release the documents so they said that this guy was just depraved he was totally saying depraved just sexual perversion was the reason why i kill this check he kills one and then he makes a living as a minor celebrities invited like as a guest speaker tv show and she tends to eat people's crazy box like biting people it's like if ted bundy was doing talk shows i books about the murder he will brought books about in describing in great detail wow jesus christ man this is incredible of that jim chapman job japanese ours so
so different that cultures is brent brian at all the places that we've ever been to it wasn't that the one that most felt like we were on another planet is great i can't wait to go back it wasn't like taiwan it really felt it really felt like you were in like another planet it's like you're in blade runner something really impulsive and they just got hit again with the seven dot two i didn't know that so i can ugly looking ugly for the japanese that sucks i'm dying is it i really want to take a trip on the top spot man that you know being an island that's got regular volcanic and earthquake activity like that and after that big soon the reality of it all setting in that's a tough spot to live yeah some big either you know how big is is a small a small in texas right small i must be i thank the gentleman leasable amount of people too yeah yes the tokio you know yeah and it's seen it's it's such a modern city too it's really
interesting like their their buildings and i'd love their writing like seeing the writing all illuminated and shit it really does look like some alien ship it's fascinating culture yeah well they're not so good though you gotta get outta here yeah powerful brian redban is outta here ladies and gentlemen he's gotta bolton you guys believe is was just wrap it up if anybody wants to follow christina paczynski all up in this bitch you could follow her at christina with a c not one of those free yes that spells it with ch c h cristiana p on twitter and of course tom cigar is tom as he g you all a holla at your boy the cds in both of these who got tommy's new cd is white girls with cornrows amazing it is amazing time even killing it on the road i've been here i've been we've been talking about the podcast app here over and over again people that tell me i want you shows i get like messages on twitter like holy shit tom kill that he's fucking awesome that's awesome thank you you're getting your dude man
for all the joe rogan fans that i get to meet that come to shows are phenomenal thank you for boarding it's real i've been saying this for a while man you're one of the most unappreciated stand ups in the country right now i really believe that nice guy i think you really believe that you're like one of top guys all that's it for the podcast you dirty fucks thanks for having thank you diane thanks to ting go to rogan dot dot com get fifty dollars off of groovy shit go to onnit dot com it used a code name rogan save yourself ten percent off any and all supplements and go fuck yourself but but know this it's good it's good go fuck yourself it's good life is good it's good to fuck to do everything just do it i would love you fucks and we will see you tomorrow tomorrow with mix master mike of russell and powerful russell peters
then together yes and then wednesday the great dom i will join us and sunday dennis mckenna the brother of terence mckenna will regale us with stories of psychedelic adventures and uh will be promoting his new book so all right thank you everybody for tuna in and listen and thanks for all the positive messages and all the love out there the amount of happy positive people that i run into online and in real life as opposed to not happy people is fucking staggering okay it's the most incredible group of people that we run into at these shows and online it's amazing i don't know what we did to deserve it but thank you very much and know this we appreciate the shit out of it and we're never going to get and we're never going to stop doing this alright so we'll see you soon bye go fuck yourself
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