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2012-12-18 | 🔗
Joey Diaz, Brian Redban - Date: 12/18/2012
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along with our brain true tat all the various supplements all of them are splain on dot com if you don't know the fuck would talk about in visa code a broken you save tempers and of any and all of those supplements dirty bitches joe mother fucking ds is here ladies and gentlemen and this is our three hundredth episode pray shiva praise odin the gods have aligned and brought us too three hundred fuck episodes read that high five we did it here we are and we're here the best mother fucker in the history of the universe joey dear by abolishing logan i go thing to say first of all of us they say again i want to say skull candy thanks to send us is awesome headphones
anyway you have a fucking button it shuts him off your friends aging this is button is silly that's a silly bitch of a button watches because that we constantly accidently hid it we think something more in implementing insane as broke and said they were like trying to fix something that doesn't the project was delayed by solid twenty seconds gazelle scrambling to try to figure out a fixation guest dear joseph that bad thank god i've done joey co oh dear what will be joining me and our power withstand hope who will also be on the podcast this saturday afternoon and joy good will be join me and does not and honey hundred band friday at the end of the week basically sold out there's like single tickets left there gathered around the room people coming in from all over the world were very excited we're hoping that we have good show the world what actually end i think we'll keep together they will keep this
emulation gauge ideas website i hope so brother i also want to end so much fun fuck no lot of things have been happening so you know we should happen this year or maybe yeah but i don't think it's gonna end i think it's just changed how will live there's something that we were talking about before the show where there's a pain that shows all various i retweeted it it shows all these schools shootings and what drugs the young kids were on whether it was fourteen year olds on prose prozac weather its power cells so loved i mean it's incredible if you look at the history of school shootings from you now i mean it goes all the way back to ninety ninety two peak kids there were on drugs
that were in the ninety nine these are putting people on on different different methods and some of these kids wanna being schools does that mean the kid was an already fuck job and was an already really trouble to begin with and maybe the fuckin drugs kept him from doing something even more horrible earlier i don't know but you gotta look at this this thing is crazy it's like today thousand eight school shooting packs a withdrawal prozac withdraw rather two thousand and eight prozac and pack so look zoloft zoloft mad for depression for depression medford pressure withdraw aunt depressing crazy laughed antidepressant antidepressants this is like a each school shooting each one these kids is on one of these four can things as is our eyes met for depression antidepressant i'm i'm i'm reading off like a virtually every school shooting mean
this is fucking co raise situation if every one of those shooters is on site meds does that does that mean that the psych meds are causing it and no no that doesn't mean that they did what it what it does mean is that you got it you dealing with some very fucked up which we know by the results but that that can action should at least be investigated absolutely that needs to be we need to understand what the fuck is going on even if it's only a small percentage of the population who have these psychotic episodes how many people have like very similar thoughts and don't act how many people have like extreme feelings of detachment and don't report what is that show the people that are are not on anything also like the united no prescription medicines this one is just all the different school shootings that were connected to two kids on drugs are let's go without though that's a really good point is the way it was around ninety percent nigh on something yeah don't think so these they would have to be truly shootings
there's so many in the in the prozac ones like come on how many of their been theirs so many in the antidepressants school shooting from kids not on enterprise
joy did you have a lot of people in europe your school growing up like that brought guns or did you ever had i'll never set an example of this is just something and i was just thinking about jos age because joe question when you want the eighth seventy six great if it kid went to the med office to take measures in the data we autonomy with fuckin crazy john i was crazy when i was a kid i never heard of all these pills told lately me personally apparent tells net they kids on something i wanna smacked apparent but again it's none of my business how you raise your child i have my own brahms but you given these like i told joe you given these kids pills and it really is revision up you not working on parenting he caught you so short you bit whenever the flock of asia kid needs attention somebody told me that with children have to put the time and now
we have not yet but the time later when he had his daughters both his daughters he was very involve you know we sit and talk like men on this but guess i'm anthony situation on friday i read everybody added saving on twitter facebook and that those people from this talk shit because i don't know what the fuck is going on i wasn't right but i will tell you why i was between the ages of seven tat my mother was married to a very violent man not towards me and my mother but he was very violent i e seen em shoot somebody in the leg when i was eight shoot not hear about it not to somebody told me i should have told two wicked beaten on people and i soon stab a few people his weapon a choice was having a knife you know when i was eight joe i live in and i must add that the big house with a bedroom but she made my bedroom the attic i was very scarce sleeping up there and i would draw attention like any other child xaver seven you have children were scared
the buggy men do not disguise gimme a gambler sounds when we were a gimme a governess ounces of ain't no spirits if you see a spare you shoot him and i put that thing next him when i go to bed and he come up in the morning before my mother come up and gimme the gun back what the fuck and silently good at this is one well now i've been ashamed to tell the story but at that meeting i ever see me fucking you ever see me when a weapon and knife raising you red men have i ever taken wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait away though do wasn't there a j more situation here we are glad and have a gun you told me i know i had a gun three doors away we could actually have an army but i still have that gun but there was it what happened in that light on it doesn't matter what what what i'm putting those bad you know what i'm talking about a great story you ve never ever seen me i never snapped we
one had a double o seven knife which your generation remit i remember those who was sitting on a dark night like a butcher knife with wooden andalusia actually said double seven lad double us was when he carried in this fuckin painters paths in the seventies when you were paid this pants wasn't me that you were painted a major package for a knife that would stab roadway love your in arizona you see a gentleman with a fairly rapid fanny packed his gun and that my guy italy but in especially if he's got like his shirt tucked into his pants i was raised weapons from that age i was raised on drugs whatever i had a bad situation have in my house and i was still connected would weapons or whatever you know what i never gave me the if you take a weapon shoot somebody or whatever as angry as i was at the world button guarantee if i had thrown some drug me at the age of twelve or thirteen i would have possibly been able to do something like that
so these different variables he was raised around weapons silver to say it's a weapons what breaks my fucking i that's where i was raised around weapons elmwood stable we ve all agreed on that situation role here so when i hear that should it breaks my heart so thanks dad it's possible like you ve been altered states consciousness when you went on benders and you weren't in the right frame of mind you know do you imagine some of these people could be on something that really sort of disconnects them with the normal everyday feed things that we all have whom we don't understand what the real develop mental effects of a lot of these things are we have vague is whether or not its court on court helping people there's not a law known about the long term effects of raising young people on these types of medications is there hasn't been hundreds of years of research done in other been a lot of acta
evidence has been studied and carefully review this a lot of people pushing shit i'm kids just a column the fuck down and then not exactly sure what the repercussions are going to be one that guy turns twenty five eighteen one that state we want a stable joseph i know you were definitely was on about red i got super lucky man we could have gone down some really bad roads but i found martial arts at a really early age so when i the time i was fifteen i was completely obsessed martial arts that's all i did with my time i watch all these kids around me like thrashing around trying to find a place in the world and not having anything that tests edward defines them and i realize very early on and it was really lucky to find it i arts and even the martial arts consumed me to the point where paid very little attention to school work i didn't give a fuck about schoolwork did i didn't give a fuck
but i had nightmares that i was going to fail and have to go back because in my nightmares was trying to figure back at all where there are just tell me go fuck themselves i thought about the go fuck themselves no sixteen because i heard that you can quit school when you're sixteen unlike what am i getting out of this they can get out of books this is this is not done i guess socially am i getting something out of it i was trying to analyze it myself but i barely potential or give a fuck was training that's all i cared about i quit did square what year was my city just fuck it will make a living in the land of gold back like an january i felt really bad about quit did you get a g dear deplore they fuckin there was to political john was in my home town so the one political john was on that pushed me the other political general wanna meet a forgotten so time i got back in the other political genres in they said i miss graduating by credit
reason to walk down and get a graduate anyway cuz i had no family that i don't give a fuck about the phone with checking some of these and it was important to me to get a diploma that was a credit short and they tried to give me like a credit for football but they said it wasn't counting signs of having to go to summer school at don't to suck my dick gee the fuckin school really meant i gotta supplemental college anyway so really difficult matter to me was if you can get a new community college and show good grades and get into a better but at that age i thought i quit my school was a big heavy at that age i really thought i was i did why i went to college the whole reason i went to college was too so that people didn't think i was a loser the whole reason one hundred percent so that i could say i'm going to college they i had no no business there because again it was like that was when i was eighteen involves taking the most competing as ours down i was
ass i was like i'm like i was not good id like doing a bunch different things you know like if i girlfriend i got one of my problems was first girlfriend eyes with first out back in i cease and desist at all their activities and we all do everything yeah yeah but enough i didn't do anything else i'm just saying i was obsessed inhaler describing i look back with several grateful because i fucking them that stupid no the fuckin monkey drove me fucking nuts a monkey i'm silent rob had so what up did you couldn't in karachi gordo acquittal everything for months i didn't train and then i finally got tired falkiner or i just came to my senses got back there and so rainy again and then and then i became obsessed with that again and now watch her was the first love that's a broad yeah yeah that's my first love to fuck me we had to two at the same time during that period time and on and off situation when we
of em wouldn't work out and otherwise would somehow another magically like wind up being single at the same time like work for like couple years went back and forth but one was like where i was way closer to one and the other one was actually really calls for smart interesting check from just single mom she had like issues issues interesting shoes smart you know and she was she went to be like works for the government or some shit like that so she did so my computer work for the government for we really cannot early twenties and choose explaining me which does very very very interesting to be in touch with someone from the time you knew them when you're fourteen he just finger each other and jerked each other off too like all the sudden like works for the government you know grown up human beings like our i guess we're real live adults now the one i was in love with a stronger role this game were issued on the weekends and we were all hands
it wouldn't gimme the person she just let me dry up and down and i would draw humbler earth when you fire reflect an afternoon but she was in love with danny asthma medallion at issue merida here on friday night i was on a fuck danny asmund how's my competition i miss you realize you couldn't have done osmond she let me give tablets set me off it's amazing i never got the skull pregnant me are we didn't use any birth control but just pulling out i was like you know fifteen or sixteen somewhat then we fact all we fought every day if there was some population we were fuckin washers argument when you think that is because there's a lot of time on words like that where its mark you get lucky let me be pussy it ass an eye with indonesia welcoming you how you savagely not ass now bosnia
yesterday i first saw back then it wasn't saying that you because ass was like harry there's like you know you went to if you went down a girl like those fuckin hair everywhere though nobody did anything about it they didn't trim it they just let it go we california and therefore also dude idea the girl when i was in my really early twenties and i took her pants off and i was shocked us flabbergasted how could you just leave it like that like there was red shoes italian and it was ridiculous it was asshole to policy all the way up to the size of the thighs it was just chaos it unbelievable chaos between pussy wang isabel second golly hot dog is why is that repulsive i love but what is it about like asshole hair and all that stuff that's gross what is it about that but it is girls opening their legs you noticing girls on having hair and i've never done it was disgusting when you in that policy in
his hair is sure lobby fuckin fakes of someone said that women start shaven their legs during world war two because that's wendy there were running out of pantyhose doesn't make any sense china that doesn't make any sense to me when do women start shaven eliza sousa realise at men would fuck em harder hair on their lives right yeah ass yeah i don't mind a little not you know right pussy but the worst likes there so many things going on like east infections and things like that what kind of girls you dayton son you know used infections come from when a big one the big reason from asked her vagina there's is little that and theirs
that's actually even more dangerous that's like he call i didn't have like real problems like you can't die can have accepted closer got me inside what else get essays from other due to loads into the same hall relay yeah yeah it's nature letting you know she sank it does happen with some girls for whatever reason it's like a warning sign that they know those those loads battling to the death in there and as the battle the death and there she gets like some sort of a weird sort of you know men men can get yes infections are so i am now and i felt like i was googling it to see if i had one once and then is like or you can just use doktor shores you know your guy so like if you use like foot spray on it to kill it if you're a guy but don't if your girl because yet this brain inside you taste i fucked women from every aspect of life what i'm saying is i baas coal fucking hordes cooker airplanes you know we ve got my dick
this comedians after clubs and fuck them with no condoms i tell you what i'm never disease you know what that diseases from college girls does it a filthy about of workers out of doors little kay goal is utterly get fact and i don't remember after filthy fox those are the filthy mother i got that committee is shit we had that yogi come i gave it to the chick and fifty i had it when i was twenty eight i want more wages at the broker joker why was comic there was the house and see on tuesdays whereas them both that's why started carbon it's called the brokered a broker in they used to have the broke a joke and on wednesday it was battues allege was sponsored by what was the other beer in the nine these beside in germany not jack's backs it was ex calmly light so the
we give me a due next fell off bacteria that would enable backs up there may be some see what does like a bank in the fucking like bank her first were like a year i was in love with this college i can't get each is this chicken fuckin disease when they want eat that little monkey and you can see like what maybe a leak that our monkey that drive it was like paint after you pay that and the fucking monkey just rise on the wall is like that i load that and i think that at that time amendment no two years late i ask somebody what happened the likely media there's no goodbye comes out like a doctor in those days i was twenty eight too busy sling what do they do for you they give you a shot these did you fight it off if you dont for coordinating area i own i dont at all as a doctor i ain't gonna docked i'll find out two years later when i was embarrassed somebody coped opposite listen when you get there
white yoga that comes isabel level like its flamingos i'm sure i'll see that because they had the word clinton you couldn't get it like a man sectarianism to do ohio sober fourteen year old anxiety penis rebels are some like you can't like if you have a vagina you can get going to make it clear that any of us could oars the korean roommate that when she went to new york gave me some do not without that not every disease i was like a rash we just scratch my fuckin skinner might nuts and what to do about that at that time have you got a farm is illegal doll you need help
so i went to a virus imported dig out no i showed him my nuts guy you know why don't you vs is completely differently with little neighbourhood with emboldened by this isn't what both by the hospital you going this i know i know you i did not do what i do and singular going nuts i knew the data we started blows outbreak of iraq from time to time re like free medical advice ok so forget that was so you showed him your balls adhesive yoyo backed and get your cream so what the bathroom i told the truth and i got it from and they get what i say was some skin disease something unlike the ring warmth cousin well
you ve got pussy ring work but i really want when i was a kid from playing in the weeds and jersey dirty pussy ring that's unprecedented that's a dark target itching made out of sight that won't go to fuck you rip that motherfucker part i know a lot about a ring round because jujitsu if you're if you're getting ring worm here's one thing you don't wanna do don't use antibacterial soap goby real careful about that shit when you use antibacterial soap it's ok you're gonna like do operations on people and shed but the issue and antibacterial so busy kills all the good bacteria anybody to cease but this is a company called defence soap and they make this that has all natural oils i t tree oil eucalyptus oil or like natural oil they keep the bad ship from growing but help the healthy shit it's all like it promotes good flora good skin flora but that's where like a couple jeffrey you fuckin skin couple
i do feel that drink the cup unsuited to check in budapest folks are backing probiotics back a robot that's a probiotics less that's another probiotics is that you can actually likes we're kraut year like certain types of sauerkraut like four begins people though want to animal products they can get probiotics outweigh but you know they're just so what size animal you not allowed eagles at a certain point how your eaten some fuckin livin fungus ear eaten some little symbol microbes are there running around i guess they can't cry since they can't cry aloud ethan like you or you laddie ants of european can you have actually governance programme not living thing ants microbes yes eat the microbes beginning living things you vienna vienna have probiotics yet either that's life it just can't complain so just fuckin eat it didn't they
bugs now abercrombie or no urban outfitters in about loathing store they have like chocolate covered bugs but you can buy like what you now you're waiting to check out now like all that shit that you they want you to buy at the last second sets for they figure they made you retarded from that spray that their sprain have placed to keep it stinks i know you think in africa we now know that urban our urban outfitters is different negative abercrombie is the one where that music super allowed killings or even colonnas mallory or a shave gig eyes over the wall yeah the leg hugging girls they all have perfect tear and it smell so bad that places were d ever gonna abercrombie approach and we have a european system haven't you have daughters someone needs gonna abercrombie it's like it's like going into skype house that's like it's like you know our someone's gotta clean up the scotch it i'll do it i'll do it like you going in to an area where you know you ve only last certain maritime okay if you go
the gap or whatever going to bypass levi's using sit down that store for an hour and read a book of you had to but you go into the amber crombie and fit them other fuckers too gas it's us dinky smiles and it's a stinky smell like not good as a serious it's like it's like glinda twenty four hour fitness locker and how they will do it how they want to do it as an argument on her but i ask this girl was working there i go why do you keep sprain list of shoes they make us and make us every like on the hour you have to walk round spray the shit whoever owns a store is more raw the advantages of being two eggs have why not my size videos work and so where do you go and have a man i don't have it shirts but i don't know what i'd do you know what brought you can you don't know you're buying anymore until you you like some u buy you tried on sometimes i get a pair
42k fucking fitting sometimes forty two longer on my leg depends whether two european collar yeah i've what clothes my little tennessee everything for profits in tennessee they make the clothes smaller follows alien in tennessee i fit no one x really that's very because his lot of big people they had a simple terms is we know you make double lacks little bare by regular so when you got my flank and cheetah blacks what's the ass the island not like macy's ok when you gotta macy's here you see it to works you put it on you breathing i gotta use link at that same two eggs it's a fucking right so it's very way that's likely across the country if they use it and has the biggest people that is those values in was the fattest it's between houston dallas police how can you fuckin be skinny in a town where the breakfast is those fuckin hot dogs
but you can't lose because i could listen as donor i don't give a fuck what type this year it you gotta stop at once i tell you what when you go to texas in you fuckin sit down and they serve you a twenty four hour stake neil i goddammit fuck and i'm in texas what she's do this it seems like we use be doing in there and you looking over than do dude next to it is giant bell buckler cowboy had he gives it a nod as you cut me do you know was the deadliest place we ever went at a restaurant brian lemuel what use than about after that night we all went to that fuckin place but the old guy and we sat in a table like this and they brought his grief oh yeah they brought us the greek pete the places great let's give that reflect on why babies where's it was the name of enough no no no it's a greek place its effect
i just got an invite to his burden is the name of the policies that the kid was a guy aims to combine the lap fevers being naive avers diva legally but i've been asia bibi these feeling visa girls clothing to really be but the fucking guy at the same time i must get used to insult people they had a way to use the same people who are really it would give me the way the fuckin thing any come up to five years when he was a breakfast these debates that make up your mind yellow people the people liked it old school weaknesses at all school they were drew the preview of if you were younger than eighty do not apply that they would make em up no plastic surgery tat ag we see in the baseball commercial issues that were eighty dog and the best about greece's daylight jews but even better use our money is stealing a mountain but less just let's not for white what y gotta let's just put my mother behind
right but i always have the cooks mother behind what why why take their chance right that bitch will not go my life though you are you go before pool at seven she's there and at the pool still she sleeps ray the thing you gotta bring the balance you get all these reading glasses yet little reading them bitches put the greek mothers their mother fucker twelve hours we have here that was that plays their places very much like an angel lighted i think didn't lighted began loaded down he had a couple those places he liked to withdraw those fucking rules that one crazy flood does one of the girls who was a waitress at the last stop sent me a photo of where old hotel always to stare is too was the wars that park where the alan park alan park it is evident that the hour park in it was was so flooded it was it was like the the entire like highway was an ocean and was like a big river it was cool
if you like i don't know how it happened how it got so flooded oh what the fuck happens that a city can get that flooded but that place was gone the place was staple for like stand up comics crazy stores on the road i this cracking is insisting that i knew i knew where eddie was this pre eddie well you know like i was there walking around come on come on main away areas with eddie dude i do not know any come on we're area where any man we're meant well come on man like crazy and shaken and shit and just this dude to find this guy and there was this walkin around knocking on doors like find the guy who sells the crack was the only hotel you go back to the hotel is call me a little bit get a beer and just sit and funny i'll tell him in the morning within fifteen minutes somebody a walk by yellow you drink it
come on what am i missing ribbon heroin is i tell you what is another thing about that place if you down to our park in a girl's willing to go back there we annually secondly digital she's not she's not going to play games ok you're taking they would all the dingy creepy spots on earth she's she's detail sits she's like looking for a spot just as much as you are you to this commitment was etienne man don't worry no whereby hand this door is an inch thick of solid cardboard there's no way is gonna get to us what we're naked just thinking about that merely how that meal was used and how we would dine at one point lightwood done we are a people that be friends with air from dallas what's his name the nice here the noisy last week yeah i was with the wall there rather than ours rogan board circle jerk yeah and they all put they came on put those cheese those greek pizza
and what's that flame energies laming she would have struck ass porthos with them i locked us juice they had those dollar it's it's a dolomites that's the fuckin as the pimp though the pimp one of those things though the the leaves the grape leaves all your great rise at all it was the best i was karate allude ever forget this mean when are you ever more hungry thou than after two shows we do to shows on a friday or saturday night we d like unbelievable amount of you go back to your room fuckin stomach it's hot air i'll fuckin how do you read you gotta get something like even like a protein shunting anything a working you don't sleep
why what whereas you are more than doing two shows zoning where you like when you have to do to headliner shows have you been doing i wailing mentally will yeah it's a lot of talking what are you doing an hour an hour show fifty in italy even when you do said around town if you do i three sets of one s fifteen minutes are set right under the third set you like it's amazing how are sometimes a set flies by and sometimes a set takes a long time but really does lie bible like it just amazing calmly that all the whole mechanics get we are aware but i love it more than that we don't you feel like the more you do it the better gets but the more out of your hands it is so i got a fucking crazy thing gonna laboratories yes you do in it all you do it it can get level there right you talk in this so much shit go alone that you just comedies lot of fun lately i will have a lot of work and followed it late shows the best job ever man
the best job ever does for us the best job ever even miss getaway play the last three we said an omen misgave i'm fuckin played like you miss get even the loaf life burbank the san jose sailing daylight like i would pull in those thursday night i love that shake eyes doesn't it answer to our job that is one of the things it a real exciting about like alas ripped austin disallowed of adventure to our job there always is venture for me to morrow night during my first black room and i know how to do it what's a tip chile has its if have be able to run smoothly and i'll stay as important have a nice exit strategy and start
strong start after all you have to start ups dry blaster you also have to be relaxed if you stutter they will attack they will go out silly and goofy they like that don't valle d like out but you also have to be smooth with your words you have to be well prepared they went role they appreciate like foreseeable black crowds are more likely to appreciate good showmanship era and good someone is a really good entertainer there are also more critical they will they will come down on if you start stuttering if you start stuttering why people give you a chance to recover upright blackmail
that's a much wider than analyse the abortion pay motherfucker i paid as eu because probity i started a black room but the biggest bombing than ever got bachelor black stages the black will not to interrupt you order get disorders such what we're talking about black people famous black people drugs i guarantee you i would bet each of you a hundred bucks no genius because i don't know much about the pill world but i guarantee you cat williams is problem austin with pandora you they so because after you don't do animal you god was why why why does the outer up because i was watching someone discovery work i went from analogue speed the math because he felt that win second if i do this what will speed he was count he was like a fuckin you know i never felt that it was i just hear people saying that you can write better right on time better you do i should better so don't ever
been around the black with things that make things better so i don't need at our at all remind me of cocaine media that's what i'm saying they gotta get europe's my mouth i could see a person do an animal and don't do bumps just lose it i have a friend if he's on the arrow and he's been very erratic lately more and more like over the last like six seven months i don't seem that often i see him you know every few months or so he's starting to get a little bunkers about our one friend i'm talking about a friend i tell you it is when the show's over we stop we go outside stem the closest i went friends off it no i don't know which friend you're talking about north we just saw a man no no that guy you're right yeah a guy is often guy that guy's away smarter do the dude i'm talking about to do don't talk about much dumber gonna fuckin problem solved
done good i guess i guarantee that it has something it's in there why do you think did tat is doing at around the first major impediment maybe it's not all but if something cocaine in india but somebody's mixing with that gentleman it's something that deciding what to do with a dog let me get this goal and now he smoked in racked with right you know i tell you guys once you start doing and if you listen to the stories these people start doing it when everything else it don't matter you up the chicken fly that was drinking and doing the buffalo bill maybe poor and block allowed that day maybe she's trying to come up with a new our duties ago i've seen this got a whole new our i see the aid from oakland i see nobody came out with a drug money rapidly is on his way just shook his head for thirty five minutes i would have yeah i love not one is one town you guys that these pills over the counter shit on that over canada sir what he called a pharmaceutical these
yes all these opiates just kill other factors i will also wish just smoke fuckin joints that whatever happened just smoke a fuckin i don't know i don't see why no one's beat him back there like how many many people ass he hit but you don't hear like them beating is as is well known allocation we have seen what happens when he has people like nothing we're getting swatted by a four year old like heap the wall mark i in the face of gardening flinch guiding go down the guiding put his hands our guy the target whatever it was he paused again that these latter was like nothing you're the guy was like there was nothing like you didn't do anything or that do is obviously just scared of black people was he by workers it going my himself a target ackerman oh what was he by himself yet by it it s okay so as you see the video i sylvia swans pull the video i saw what does this whatever happens in the afternoon that's good i guarantee this motherfucker them
we just rank in it all day i go to sleep and you think that's what gives them that's why so like like short tempered briny wanted snowflakes in the back meanwhile for wanting to know when you don't sleep a dog when you don't fuckin sleep you don't have to night so agitated by been their men but but you talk we like that you get falconer today the confusion in this world you become some delirious deliveries here so i want that target one that's what i'm thinking bodies upload right before you only times i've done i did cope all night by eleven o clock very resign all night for years is talking fucking a guy's got his left hand just stole on em latest just looks at his phone
stolen him and then he backed up nominated by eleven o clock in the morning in my mind i was i was fine and right i can't tell i was told blow out the issue but gelatin where they can't tell but you might lose your work you have your own fuckin conversation in your mind which come out of your fucking mind is amazing this guy doesn't know he can't tell that's why he walks into those places banged up like that before the hobble situation so you think that's coke what is all this ain't a crack i don't fucking know could be there if it could be that but you gotta stop smoke that every twenty minutes and between sure you got a pipeline you gotta have a little boy chinese usually have should i get so i don't know what the fuck is these people talking about we you smoke regular smoke twenty minutes who was really hot shake from baywatch way back in the day she had dark hair
and she got arrested where would the crack piper mitya s sudden i would don johnson looked like like crackers and shoes so pretty but this is a basic aboard me i use a basketball what the hell was emperor i forget what a fuckin they was yes yes i believe she was so pretty and then also knows this picture of her she was like the first like real the famous checked just absolutely fall apart in a drug photo i mean look at that that's saying that bitch had been for a year look at her she was at one point time like she was stupid hot and went away we shall obtain them poor kid i thought i charlie show like playing the tourney brown think it was yeah i'm sure she's so that's why i'm taking a few small crack but after you smoke crack for ten hours i want to his own too but you don't need anymore you like fight reeling only this shit for another hour
a war fuckin though job son you know what made twelve you ready at as a young man with these kids ready at eighteen gonna give somebody for these pills at twelve years old is the heavy the dna the twelve mile how can you sounded ran back here that's what makes for interesting people every day i received the news that your parents came pisa study hard you know what from now on a three hour pick up on what thinking library i'm a reef allow you to study they just give you admirable are one of the fact that the average they just replace their family tension will a fuckin pill is so many things parenting is very odd at this things that you sent replaces by everything but really that's about there's nothing nothing like a kid coming home you mean you know that don't you complement rina with nobly fuckin that meat
my whole life to our dream is a ten dollar bill of a failed state here you cooking to take the time go eat mother father you know in our generation you to walk around the neighbors mother was dead guy you so you re these fuckin kid i mean what are you doing in its different time whilst also it's also it with some people just get a bad role guys we're talking about this yesterday that you can get your bad role the dice and be in a terrible family you just unfortunately your mother's a jockey fathers of murderous firelight what can you do you know what man i see a lot of those kids they live near now put the blame on a fifty percent forty percent maybe i'll how many times have we seen attorney you ve talked omits easily it's early because his mother stab the father or something he had a motivation mine itself here
i just always thought i grubber last psychological problems and my i didn't want it or should not on my fucking classmates right what it will do a lot if i wanted to shoot my stepfather was it well you know joey i don't know i don't know what the fuck that gives life was like how do you know would be really important for us i think as a society to try to figure out what it took to turn a person into school should i don't have guns rifle i don't even want to know i don't i don't know i'm asking you a lot at lahti guns there was more than one really yeah navy stop and think about the columbine shootings we know those kids were bullied in those kids were tortured dizzy that's it an important point to guess think it's some people do not really understand how important as their kids don't bully people don't understand how devastating that could be on a young kid psyche especially the kids come from
stable house as it is and then you're coming to my house or everything's in turmoil people yelling at you and you go to school and people are pushing around hitting you it's like your life is hell but that is why people commit suicide you are creating their their life can be a hell or it could be just the opposite you go to school and that same kids has whatsapp do what do you do when it gives you a big hug now you're happy that was something is creating the bully and it's not just human nature is some shit that's going on that kid's life that's he's trying to fix brass and he's too express on other people i saw when i was a kid a lot of people that would go around and be people up to a man every one of them got beat up at home every one of them i have grandma kenny we so to love to get and fights kenny would just start just walk someone who started fight i come out bid let's go in the guy want like put up your fuckin hands will go and right now we are both
are you talking about you would just starts wyant he was crazy you know why because you get the fuck out of him as a kid i didn't have that i did not get beat up as a kid very fortunate for that so like when i see kids at lash out like that occurs at wanna be people up kiss it have did they have different sort of of and anger inside of them they haven't really irrational self destructive sort of violence inducing anger a lot of that comes from beings physically abused i get shot just the wiring of a child's brain to changes the way child associates with the people that are the most loving and protecting of him as you all know nobody abs man like me that was a piece of shit but one thing my dad was he was fiercely protective of me fiercely like my cousin did something to me when i was a little kid my dad pick my cousin by his hair i'll never forget it was like twelve or thirteen announced i probably five he picked him up by his hair
and beat the shit out of victim the air base i'll never forget the screaming that kid was making while he was getting lifted in the air by his hair so i saw a lot of violence but it didn't get turned on me yet you know my parents got divorced nos five so i never i didn't didn't when they split up i saw him be vital with my mother i saw him be via with a lot of other people asylum device my cousin like when i told you pulled his hair but they never did aiming to me so i missed that part i didn't get beat up so because it and get beaten my mom was a very very sweet person she's never violent in any way shape or form she never even yelled she barely raised her voice my mother was a very very kind person and still is so i miss that that part but i to see its work in a lot of friends you know he gets to know when that's what things it's really weird about growin up is your one up and you realize how many people come from fucked up families
many people's families are fucked up and it's like almost everybody almost everybody i knew had certain goin on either the dad was now the haug they would figure out how to not get to withdraw that you know that the mother fuckin has a gambling problem and disappears at night and in doesn't come home till the morning or always fuckin something is always something it's amazing our society works as well as it does it's amazing were as together as we really are you really stop and think about what a shit job people did in raising human beings that that news thing with cat williams in talking about how these like quitting stanhope comedies at crying and stuff i was a good news report really get check this out who talked about quitting stand of coming across this is after all the shit yeah this is december hank nude and i'd stand
comic katt williams has had a controversial visit to seattle the past few days and tonight he's telling us his side of the story before it caught up with williams as he was injected from a south lake union hotel around seven p dot m on sunday williams was arrested after an altercation at a nearby restaurant for lease we argued with customers and threatened the manager with a pool cue williams is accused of then throwing a lit cigarette into a family's car which hit a woman in the face throwing a rocket that car and struggling with police officer a group of fans claims williams assaulted them after his performance friday night williams admitted to us he has had trouble with the lawyer in seattle this weekend he made a string of allegations against police and the media then he told us because of his bad weakened in seattle these decided to end his stand up career
i'm just gonna go ahead and ass my retirement from stand up candid done this is an idea this year so it back here that was really gonna do it on the saddle street i was alone in los angeles and do it in offices i see him alive nation williams has proven to be unpredictable so we're gonna watch and see how this all plays out look like that reason why now that's that's something there why love the guy is a guy we offer them the first special cracked me up i normally fuckin was cat he come to a sunday night probably get a spot up in his mother you know when i try to pull him up there argue amid see the whole fucking deal so to see this you gotta what what what is that now somebody wrote a book about it i'm pretty sure you wrote a book about them say they happen the allegations are now i've never seen smoke crack
that seems like it that's the drugs issue oils either a drug is sure to mental health issue so there's something there's something disconnected there yeah i mean if it's a mental health issue and he does drugs of any kind could set him off into a weird spiral that's powerful doctor about the next after opera for doktor us doktor red bank and other colleagues till you fuck that's amazing society the after school measure its doktor fuck it nor is the north pole sewage system you are not a father that is fucked up sometimes i watch gaiety lay in the morning to see with his trafficking i give all the tv still it was one of those shows and i'll make us i was listening to like it so this guy took a test
not the father and the guy will do this pre planned out dance day those did break i thought you bitch i told ya came on your teddy's says well so far as it may i go there are like a right we need you to come to the show you're gonna play boyfriend girlfriend and you're going to find it was a duty is to work at governors in long island and he used to be involved in those shows and what would do is that they day don't tell you to fake it but what they do is they call you up and they say our show is looking for a guy who is having an affair with his brother's wife he goes that's cool the army have an official eyebrows wife is even have a brother next thing you know he's a camera so whatever it was that was the game they would call you up and say we're looking for a guy who spent his life in an asian gang but he's a white guy i spent my life in asia and i was awake and they'll just make up nonsense like a lot of those shows its a hundred percent nonsense
just entertainment but you know what's crazy go back to their family thank you so like it my ass i grew up go past but there was a lot of love came from my mom from my mother my step that was a good guide to extreme then i mean people have no reason to be fact that like the people i meet i cunning like people to face right back stabbing gear is people come from perfect household this voyage who you think the parents did the work but really didn't in them coming in the two phase they do shit to people living take you i would always figure out these people have no reason to be cocksucker like me right that's how would look at myself capable fucked about this then i get myself a breather right this guy too nice fuck payments both attorneys disguise the biggest piece of shit you know the differences that people they grow up with everything that happened
from the gig is a real issue with self worth and there is also a real issue with a lack of character because their spoiled when you talk about spoiled kids you want to camping you know take those spoiled kids and send amount to wilderness can take those kids and make them work if they knew what it was people need to us stand what struggles about they need to understand what labour is about they need to understand what what effort is about what what are you get over something is difficult and it builds character then never happens you you don't have any character so while you're trying to make something happened for yourself you know you're trying to do it anyway you can in the way i've been getting by your whole life is probably bullshitting people bullshit parents are the people who work for you that's probably listen to you because you're rich they laid they let you slide and they don't developed they never have an opportunity to actually develop character so
there that's why it's not they're not struggling and in their not being sneaky because their desperado thereby sneakers their weak and that's just the strength in man is to try to get out of work the instinct in man is trudell did you do it yeah did it mean if you didn't you know the instinct is not to man up and go listen i want to be honest with you i didn't do it i fucked up i went out my friends we get drunk and i forgot all about it i woke up late i'm so sorry i know what to tell but that's what happened out obviously is huge error but what am i going to do now that's nobody to do that sea bullshit the car totally wouldn't work we call the police we thought there was a bomb in it you know you'll just sail kinds of crazy shit to get out of work especially if you a week so lazy level that i've been locked with the kids that no we raise up or something i've been locked up with kids that i've
in their visitation of asylum i said to myself what did you do well those you fucking what the fuck the jar can you do this since nice family the whole family with shop the sister the brother will you nobody michael douglas sunrise beat the fuck up the somebody broke his leg and his fingers they broke his femur it's fuckin hard to break someone's femur mean you gotta hold their laid down and stop bonnet in you and this guy's damn his legs and a plate now's thing is a jack it's because he is somehow another it was revealed that way he got a shorter sense it was because he gave up a bunch of the dream is his own lawyer fuck them or some one fact some of the little himself that dude he did so michael douglas assign i mean it michael diverse has been famous for a long time when you come to the commissioner
now that we have on the same side that's not the same as another not those companies nor fucked up at night ass a brother that's the brother dumbly rather families to store night that's michael douglas his brother now this kid went to new york was dealing methods fares and look at all those in the famous father kids come not good that once they further that unites eleven amendments get overdosed denny william but was now what a boy was accidental but here the drug problem man no really say einstein yet not wanting so that's what they sailor i that's what i have heard and let me i should do that you gotta check out not the father dot
blair dot com and it's just like these give an masons from that from you're not the father episodes yet says possible drug overdose dies from pill overdose the other an overdose man really that's what mostly sides are saying whatever i mean i think you have to release it so they might not they might just be speculating i don't think us think god sylvester stallone would have to release why son died that's gotta be fuckin devastate that's devastate float guys like you know a guy like stallone for some years now the wife anymore of that kind it hasn't been forever has been forever and then on top of that is probably doing these movies in thailand for six months in this place for six months
rambo and shittin flying over the place must be fucking really hard to also be a father that's a lot of those dudes become drug addict so that is true a lot about rent they were telling me that one of those thousand oaks high school the big thing was here they're about was up there about access was a fucking kid we smoke they saw choice at school some people so it's a fucking my good that acid two hours a piece but forget her will you steady legit cope now really not my school i was you for a little pills in those sheets of paper that whereas in india that said volumes all that shit you hanging over the bridge yellow washington square park and somebody at the party started i think those thousand oaks kids first wild it's you were like way out in the suburbs too and all it takes is one freak bitch to convert the whole fucking batch of them i need to do of one ted that's
now to do some age down do some h girl some one point we can t this year older than ever but it has been held back one but we see stricken ababa bulls foggy still plays a satellite at the strawberry shit that you pick up you know i never dreamt that fuckin heroin to smoke it draw will love foil i'll see that type of shit that's disgusting rose its growth and that some like that's like improving stupid shit for decades now something new was heroin it's not like like nobody's had problems with the site so like remain they do them tell him about soldier amazing nothing even happens you do don't worry about it some shit i sent stand hope stand up didn't know about that we had mcafee on them gas and we were going over it and i told them about the whole basalt thing he did know about that either so then i went
and i said i'll send you some links yadda yadda yadda reads first up so i went back and read some of it myself one things that mcafee said that he did like a whole like an view for like one of these a radar online or such like that about basalt but how awesome basle serious yeah yeah but basalt are the finest drug ever conceived that's what he said yeah he's now in the united states rather than california problem he confessed it is a huge fan of m d pv better basalt and work for a year trying to purify psychoactive drugs from carbon commercially available over the internet this is apparently he says this is bullshit now in force sir ok this is not an interview this is all based on articles online that he stuff that he wrote on that drug gangs other he's
it's it's hilarious care anymore stand open no idea though he didn't know that it was this though the whole stories as bananas you know what i like that was peacekeeping oh yeah there was urging that was what i called tac crystal which is really peacekeeping it was really just watered down fucking piece out she was good now i was lighted a table my backing wasn't my back when i was a bottom epoxy coach got his finger bitten off when he was a pc peace so my bit his finger off took his toe off his assent was gone psych from like from the first knuckle like the knock the site like the first stub this part here was still there the rest of it was missing so what they did was they took his not his big toe but the second toe they removed moved that toe and they created a finger lately put the boat back in screwed in place but you couldn't to work so he had it
permanently curved so that he can be able through was right hook so you like you know he didn't want alike have a finger like that we couldn't box anymore because that's the only option the option was you can have it fully straight or you can have a permanently curve it currently rose i wanted to be able to my right look we're going to do another right orca that's my shouting for lifting the body i starting with the right look that's good night i'm not taken away good night so he kept the finger from that they're gonna get so while i was i was teaching him type window when he was teaching me boxing and he would be shuffle around with a fuckin foretold foot three thousand and no no nothing a big gap or a big floppy gap between these two over here and the big toe those just one was missing and its shuffle around and throw them ok creepy hybrid right hook
there was a toe so when you were shaken his hand you were shaken a little bit ought to tell a little but at all and i smelled like the same as a thicker finger nails like you're amazing you three i had this gig run in numbers from ten to twenty eight june eighteen thirty four these poor reconveyed grown up with that no job i know that action so what's it like a man i just need a little hope and they would just draw back twenty it they just an already deaf rank our stories we walk around the block girl yet this one that whenever that i will not do that here today would do enough in brooklyn if you weren't opting optimal too short day because release which tracks the numbers fucker walking and i'm going to get a bag of those days harlem at really good thai stick and i'm walking to get this baguette ready for this chick i'm talking about cute and i'm not really checking around to go do you want to go partners on so whatever
call the junk jonestown whatever that may some q girl just come up the you of the way we glass aren't last girl thirty in the morning comes up and says you uncle partners awesome jonestown because what you do is they had a bag of dope for twenty bucks which reef and therefore three bucks you got a tray that's what they call them trays socio escobar there's onto trays and we'll split with especially for whatever the focus while so basically i refer you pull the paper and you take the train you sprinkle the dust and a joint you roll and your magna we start smoke this plan and in the middle east it tells me she's pregnant why this said by those who showed me a little abolishes but i'm looked on these trays alma i don't like it or not the like but i remember we hung out late on twelve like nine o clock at night however but think of the bus gold god tab why just smoked fuckin jonestown with a pregnancy
i can blackie that's all they would give the names of that shit whatever tragedy edges happen like them was the black basketball player from celtics was a rookie aided coconut and by and by as unlike the next day you governor go go who's got the blind up a shit they kill bias mother they always did that there was always a do you remember when we was always government we'd it was always the government got a government we should tell the slang always a colleague in thirteen gathered there like a name for years then she seventeen man is only ten people in a country and navigate if they did they get this from government yeah the government we'd was like the best we'd for the longest time like you got a hold of some government we that was like some serious shit isn't that various that's how far we have come you know there's a lot a goddamn we'd snobs out there and that they be they need to relax let it go you know what else
but i want to tell them you because you never had our we'd shut please shut the fuck up just please please there is no stronger we'd anywhere now it's a pretty pretty much saturation the shit that we got it austin of that shit we got in austin texas oh my jesus oh my jesus you know the strong shit i've got all year from seattle seattle when they made it legal they just took shifted the voodoo chicken and move in a hook me up and i was there they gave me this joint that was like a fuckin direct member those old school operators you know that the phone operator it was right to god just went right to it just smoke that we had before when on stage a member sit in the back room just feeling so vulnerable and so about but so alive and in tune to everything and me and sam tripoli sam tripoli was baked items fuck em i mean it it was
dangerous light while this might be too high to talk this is my atalanta face i'm so happy i never can see out or in colorado i've always had strong and if you look a fuckin oregon there it northern california me area that but you got that rain that affects people facts that we owe you door we'd yeah now you add some attitude to arisen slew how two thousand philip amount when here without a factor of man download geology major difficulties same here the high that we ve got the high you got up into their fuckin mountain that we just go fuckin stroll really yeah dog in the winter there's something to that we'll i smoke some deadly fuck away and around twenty years will enable tells me forget twenty eight percent the ship was off the fuck and try to shit they grow now the ship grown out now in a year when i have forty five percent we
clean shit that you smoking it done done i think that there's going to be any repercussions to these states making it legal obama said right now that they're not going to go on after people but that doesn't mean anything because they said they were only going to go after people that violated both state and federal law when it came to marijuana that was necessarily the case i think the d just when after people that their operations to big that was a lot of it i think that what you think you're gonna do here between you and i want it would what does the federal government only shot shit yeah so eventually one morning within a wake up will turn the losers would be a much a fuckin people on the street and then other rave take all the resources of one day andrei twenty fucking stores and lock up and confiscate hit the big one and hit him where it hurts in the fucking pocket
cut out funding or something to the sun i think not things go on us not having we're gonna go down me like i don't think i'll do it needs funding the government is not gonna have egg on their face even though that whatever the dual in colorado with the main one with the medical man wanted to tuition is fucking beautiful i think of colorado just went full like fuckin legal marijuana and took that money and tax did heavily if you can allow people to say so we'd why charge twenty percent taxes i think does that's really reasoner yeah twenty percent taxes on everything itself let's
do that i learned that money goes straight to the schools straight to the cobb straight to the teachers and may well be honest and how much mark up is on wheat as it is right now imagine it being legal where everyone can grow it we're gonna be like fucking grass and designing their shit marks as we like let us leah you gotta supermarket you buy had let us vote three bucks whatever you know how long it takes to grow fucking head of let us so amazing get one for three dollars you get a nutritious piece of vegetable that's upon fuckin time to grow they get over three bucks that's what it was like for wheat is those when you go up to santa barbara and you see those strawberry patches with it go on like oxnard things go on and there will be we'd wabi there will have to have armed guards because high school kids we sneaking in stealing a fuckin weed why would you care to progress with occurred take whatever you say we got a lot of it i see the scarf recently i wished to go off the ground like a little it was just on the floor people voting
people don't understand that you're going to have if you if you made legal weed and you're going to anytime you have people are smoking weed you going to have examples of people that are wasting their lives smoking weed you're gonna have those examples there's no about you gonna have kids a lazy that just we can watch video games they used to be good students but they're not anymore but you're you're going to have a lot of other people and this is what pisses me off the most when you see all these news reports about we than all this the problems that people have with we'd they don't talk about the positive benefits of it just psychologically we all know the difference between people that we hang out with that smoke weed and they don't smoke with there's a difference and one of them differences is the people that don't smoke we'd there's a level of reality that they operate in go there whether you don't have conversely with him in that level you don't think there's a piece of vulnerability in respect to the great olive at all that they know
we possess they have i got a lens in front of them within our ever take out and like a dog the universe when you get really high it's like you raw dog in the universe you're getting the whole experience in in one big easy frightening tat would you call paranoia is reality you you should be fucking paranoid and that that marijuana rock where it really like sets all in like makes you really taken experience in that that freaky you know crazy highway if you're hanging out with people don't smoke we'd they don't go there can understand that talk they'll get tell the difference i can tell it i don't judge people by then i really i know a lot of cool people don't smoke pot with a lot of great people don't smoke weed i like them for that reason i like them for that reason but
see with a conversation as it were like i have a problem as a bad back doesn't get i am trying to explain to my understand europe europe long concerned the stuff there's a fuckin tablet today now they have no more excuses if you have a tight back or what have a hash or another comes in a tab at losing available to seek abba the travel within a flight they won't even fuckin ask it so and he's right now i'm scared i'm whatever okay then keep gonna fuckin chiropractor next year give it a try i know i would have had a fucking bad bad i try anything about a fucking bad back that boy yeah yeah there's some people that are in fact serious pain tat a man i've heard a lot of things are really listen among a haggard city and tell you i got hello miss i got viagra which my ass i have fulfilled you pay all the shoe they'll give anxiety sleep
the polish it'll give a thief why was smoking weed way before it came from medical use i was manacling visas yeah i was smuggle we'd get fucked up the sea the devil planets and to see whether the way it was every funding aimed at wise but now you know now it's because of the medical i daddy whatever but though i see a different people yeah i understand you say you talked a little deeper you can actually catch him some people elsewhere we you can catch a mile or even confront them either because they might have a fucking heart attack people have spoken to a point where you might taken somewhere no giggle at themselves that's what i'm saying that it was an attitude right but other people it can't laugh or themselves are really apparently asked hang our levies anybody who can't laugh at themselves as an annoying does the most annoying humans can make funnier self at all you don't you think what a perfect kind of
what are you the messiah mother fucker if you know what the finest thing about jesus you know we're talking about people that we know that are gone crazy jesus lately the findings about jesus is that it's cheese actually really did come back nobody would fuckin ever believe him chance in hell does a chance in hell that dude wherein sandals and robes and his beard just like in the pictures was walk now street with holes in his hand and blood come out of hand people had probably fuckin arrest him lady the shoot em arrest them or get him on antidepressants what jesus catches show up to a body those jeez right what would you have to do is go to some but there were they would say this is the devil does the devil turnip tendencies he's got a satellite gabriel guy gets gs p if a gay brewing they gs be that fucking break this fuckin show that feels like something to that effect something just fucking hug that i just did
that's that ridiculous declares the solidly american enough it's like joey b is going down a one eighty five one of the fucking olympics you know something that i wouldn't even where you'd have to fly you have to come back from the data we think about the should the jesus did you hear the sick you're blind people than was i won the ones yet and water and align lobbies moses who cut the ocean unintermittent one it is one of the main issues of the second you might they drug drastic what about the other day you got a really bad comic and he kills dream the role of complex get together does on we'd the guys on fact something testosterone we better check what we're all on performance enhancing supplements when it comes to comedy we we didn't have a brain together there's no doubt about it the goddamn performance in feed for me loosened neither edible towards certainly grilling if ip edible at a certain time while up our death i'm fuckin stage right by the comes to
when the time and had a born i just get giggly is fuck had that you can't stop that bolivia that's legged comfortable level like not dead the scary psych skiing feeling when your scheme through the universe are unable to have we got when it has stalled and its dark at the calmly stop that right wing stalled and it's fucking dog when you don't see nobody but the three people in front of it up into stone and dive you think you're speaking to the dark you just talking to a diet is laughter question because your up in the hollow economic boom that all our man you wanna talk about like a historic room suarez comedy rooms that original rome is like one of the most historic rooms like ever in the art form of comedy you know there's though there was a weird feel and always just being on that stage that was always like like while doesn't matter
how many years did stand out when you're on stage in the original room while this is my my regret you just got taken away because i find forget our high can explain the o on people because now get when you always jim the older jim the more you get smell allow media does a different order to a gem so when you know a good you you could smell a little foot it's not overwhelming but you can smell just a little foot in the air this is a good fucking gym it's just that perfect while a full it's it's just put in observance is full well this is one thing that you do get from places that have a lot of experience can that's like they have a weird vibe too like the ice house like we're at ass the other day after it was closed it was dark out and we're standing back as like feel this room man this room as got like a crazy vibration it sounds
total like here be bullshit that sounds like nonsense objects do not have memory who cares santa maria would tell you there's no evidence that objects have memory but there's a deal that places have whether that's a self imposed feel you ve been created in your own imagination but what i stand back room of the ice i stand there i just go while this crazy ass rome steve martin mother fucker performed here in know that a meme i i watched george lopez hildy in the nineties kill when george lopez was on fire like that nineties before george hope as an be shows maybe had like a few things going on when he was just hit hard and the clubs every night i was destroy that s house the road he's gotta visigoths sign up there when george lopez was at its prime there where he sold out like fuckin fifteen shows in a row they are something crazy like that you know and i that
places seen some shit now but it's not like woken up the stairs the original not only make a map left up those stairs when you walk straight because wet then right or wrong reloads although i can you feel it mother when you first go in there which way the arcane the curtain assign who walk up those fuckin stairs just that older it smells like a global booze a little bit like pussy sweat bad calmly good colleague smells like i just smells like success it smells like something something that is in the air that you gotta do you think that you really gotta do you think there and then when you sit back and you feel the lights would go off and you hear that the lights we look kindly thank you again to do a deal hosted open mike's there i worry that was my job i hosted the open might but i was ten o clock he knows cool about that when the light
swear on with all the different peoples name louise i get to see sam kennison neon that was one of my biggest scams wartime posting at the countess was this now because i have the perfect deal i would fuckin go up there get twenty five bucks to host i would do twenty fifteen up for i will give the call rogan advice and to become now because i was hosting put your first you guys we're not that it now and i got the virus close to show and that's the way it was i will have got to do is set up a fuckin snow the problem was though we when we were there all the time we would do how store comedy and then we will go somewhere else will bring communist or comedy to them too and there was a lot of places they could not handle it remember when you got for me dublin like fucking ninety seven or something like there we go and do a set of dublin's and
also now here yeah wanna joey he's got some chick in an ice house like a freezer like a giant like enron freezer ease eaten coke offer pussy with security comes in itself and that dialogue is the fact that there is a cameron watching it put the coca my socket cops came up standing in front of the fucking thing with the czech crying with a girlfriend i've never had though happened before and the guy with the larger member that he asked you that almost died knowledge it does he was there with them i the girl all women we must go now she's gonna blow allows about talk we had any say something stupid like arm was fuckin killed him here i'll kill you walk out here but best was finally at the ball in my sock is i'm not given that mother fuck up to the cops get that for you all school the conflict is not an app where's the rest of drugs
stairs let me search you can search me you can't bucket search me you have no reason it is as my where's the tape yeah i would to hold on to that coat but that's the saviour that night was ralphie may went to the all you can eat at the japanese fuckin place across the street what's the name of the japanese place the yankees media use please there anymore whether those flights of police taco is in the pink aka is called placing aka toggle their place hot egg is do know the pink tacos their place in the hard rock in vegas good place they opened attack but the japanese sushi played yeah yeah it's a hot place too and i guess where other celebrities get someone inhabitants toppled place up to coordinate breast other the little one corner ninety two dollars to get to toggles in the plum bad tacos doll
yet there was a lot of your bonito is the best is beneath those good vetoes this fantastic in twenty four hours zalm beverly though that is we always go there after the improv that places sensational that is legit we're gonna get scania sat on my friend sauce don't play games all conny aside with all the wheeled fresh chop salon trow and onions and that mother fucker and they are pickled how opinions there take your chances with those bitches and throws them hearts us on that fuckin good with legally binding we and by the way it's a pact with drugs cracked with drugs you always find somebody you know there
there's always somebody no more victim alimony show or a recorded vote tomorrow you like tat over matters if we come to yell at me because left on the work he has done to curb do you mean i don't know either but i will i mean if you have it i will but the last place i want that they have a bunch of cocaine like assure you i don t remember what happened but i got vd and are even though in turkey with joy ideas i got colombia bitch what difference was never seen the leakage out of my head but i see that fuckin pussy that's how did you know you had then because outages fuckin burning sincere temptations this should be something like they sell you have you made a critical error with your penis they should be like something you just slap on our kills ninety nine point ninety nine percent of it she didn't the tube she'd it right in the whole retina piss hall and then
i've been on the outside and kills almost every other foot spray says it kills ninety nine percent of viruses and so what i did not mean what spray he's got what are we going to do is like spray it army and then i was in the bathroom doing it and i looked over the mouthwash and its ninety eight percent on it also represent i'm like a camp you the same percent you know like that one thing has to be different was the odds and i think that one percent of aids or something i think it's probably just alcohol right was killed every year i think that numbers the same whether it's the laundry the same noah's outcome as they now want to know what kind of wits pray rotary freezes your dixie get big do it from a distance don't it really close up comes out like raising like it's like you could free something however like gum seen that after use to clean up our farmers the spray these clean off keyboard yeah sent you now get really really hard that's the same
i read somewhere the soul was addicted to that spray i used to do it in high school about with objected to it the worse let the fuck did you do it it's just like you know nitrogen oxide that government did natura sites of its it's like that but psychotic shitty are version of it and it just kind of mexico one well i worked as a newport cream area whose ice cream place in luton massachusetts and i never i think i did with its once but it didn't really work with me but the people that work there there's one kid disaze last anthracite he knows friends he knows people that i know now is james charles and off he wants s information release but charles was working there as i was working there and he would she would tell we watch to grow real quick and he would run the back and he was cooking i was doing dishes and he would run the background thing at all to whip
and run back at the grill has the best wasted as has the best is got what they called natures hits what you do is you take balloony fill the balloon up with nitrates farm hits you feel the filled the balloon up and then you put it on the bonn somehow humor how to do it so when you in here bon it's all natures air so you're getting pot air mix with natures air of head it see that's something only way people would come over and then snowballing here three pack your barring fullest snow in the winter time either through this now that i've seen that of ten thousand ice of done although i love i would get the fresh snow by smoking love all in the path of a bang up with ice we used to smoke bonds before we did the podcast of the problem as you get to stony i know what you're talking about it's like to do if you can it's du bon heads and then do a pike ass you get it take an hour or two before you talk but because
not really have you your fuckin sea legs under eu as desperate can it would say you ain't stalking by serbia it wouldn't you can't you know banks are too strong vaporize is don't you find don't you find they browsers to be a different experience it doesn't seem to be the same same experiences as just smoking i wanna get with as vapor not have let the house have used this guy having one last night that was chocolate mid chocolate unlike our ideas they pens aren't the bass whenever i don't care i took to hit us it tasted so delicious tastes like ice cream and i was so fucking stoned off that thing here is that their everyone has now in our lab and how to write these pen sit at the highest levels gonna be as they take a thing right some business one that's enough work people that's the bottom line somebody's really like the eureka gets me i but
get at night i won't get and i got a switch up the tubes alot right now i gotta ass a tea when i have a pretty a pretty good fucking to me here's your ideas if you were gonna do anything with this room what would you suggest being done here with this new studio outside the gap have a man out there a map rigidity absolutely offices in their right that you're office what so what the waiting room you in any case be to combine is extra rudy norfolk and make no noise should be we had a couple people here the other day dennis brought a positively russell peters comes here gonna need i just ran we're just for his ego worse can you put the ball
just ten of us i would definitely have a matter pay a lot of people a matter muscle peters because that makes master mike interview i thought he had allowed to it lad a lotta dj knowledge you know did talk talk like shit about needles why people such haider i talk to him about a couple days ago but he's views bombed about it because you know you know twitter is so harsh you know what it s just a bunch of mean cuts they mean that most people like why not just listen to it and just taken and he was a goddamn three our conversation might told a lot of shit about working with the bc boys to lodge shit about dj and being in front of ie settings in front of four hundred thousand fuckin people four hundred thousand people in germany by way of sudanese out now almost free cities out when you get it i think it's mixed master make that kind of mixed master might not come i believe the eyes or all ones i think it's one of the he's he's he's leaked
that beckoned me the video game days he delete my waiter yeah it's one by his websites mix master might dot com using at their regular spelling and it free city and it's really good it's a remix city san he's cause fuck it was awesome habit him on the podcast even if russia peters did fuck up the interview russia did you didn't rustles sweetie i don't know anybody could not like russell bipolar yan rum is always just jokes social polar russell fucking piece of ice kid raise is he's a great dry takes very gloomy aim allow good friends he does a day so good you know what i like i like when a guy hits big like he does and comes more generous that's with me for that's how he is here you know you something he did i don't know about to find out the other day like when sam there was an hbo especial and they do
ray rigidly when it has that they originally wanted have sam on they each be especially the comedy central special but then at the last second there like array we're not gonna we have enough money for you sam to pay for you in a film and all that stuff where we're not gonna have you on the on the special so russell paid out of his own pocket like paid for them too may and put it on the special night really like pumped up soon tripoli like five years ago or so that totally sandler some who do yeah he's he's a perfect example of a guy who's got a lot of great things that are happening for him like you see russell show me pictures of us on a phone he's doing like fifty thousand see arenas please do him on a regular basis a perfect example of a guy who just fucking sweetheart of a guy and people go to sea and they have a great experience and they tell more people bottom and then they come see more and then it scheme he's got swore beef and it all happened by the way because they like to stop this
nap and because he was on some fuckin crazy said com it didn't happen because he was in a great movie it happened because he had you two clips people saw the youtube clubs and that this guy is awesome and then it all grew from their it's up to you has it like he's as one of the rustle peters is one of the best internet success stories ever really does as far as like us of suarez ike comics they have done from just have putting out a video and then making its huge in big places brussels the fuckin man and he's a sweet i've hung out with a guy in vegas so many times he came in this fuckin watch gave it to me these cities watch this is like a real nice watches a breitling and all this i said we read bar you are there any man it's like a ten thousand erwash rated some crazy i don't know what it costs but it's it's persuaded watches volition he's here watch away the next stage that smell might lie so where did jim sorry said a leather banned on it so we live now that watch kept it smell it attracted blake
for females yeah i've looked at his watch and i go that's cool watchmen just like that i just go that's cool watch and he goes here but yours i don't get the fuck out of here man is i take it take it take grabs my hand sticks it over my hand ridicule or buck angel attract the roma check my watch with ratification damage one for the word jeremy that that's the last piece to my puzzle but that watch i wanna be fuckin manly and wondered like girls who become boys still stink like dude do inasmuch as did put out a certain fuckin firm stinky dude put out like a certain odor that you don't get from stinky checks i can hear in the line at the airport he got security courtesy of forced to be like really close to people and you get a we have of mother fucker it's very rarely a girl always a dude is always a duty this mother fucker stags that like
heavy rotten under arms mounted sunday apparently i found the answer to our question earlier about under arms and what it was women started shaving their legs and it was like the nineteen forties like nineteen fifty rather there was a campaign for women to shave there under harm hair because before nineteen fifteen women didn't shave their underarm hair here they all went straight madonna and this disdain they were brow beaten into this in nineteen fifth apparently i would like to worm to find out what the what the campaigns looked like but it was in harpers bizarre magazine aimed at the upper crossed the first add feature to waste a photograph of a young woman who appears to be dressed in a slip with a toga like fit covering one shoulder her arms or are overhead revealing perfectly clear armpits this poor the ad read some
her dress and modern dancing combined to make necessary the removal above jack tenable hair so that's what it is they showed some women some unrealistic vision much like we have seen in our lifetime with pussy like we're talking about earlier when i was a kid of girl ruler pants down and you got what you got you got welcome to the jungle you got fuckin craziness we didn't do anything with our cubes they didn't do anything with theirs and if a girl did shaver pussy alma god it was like chaos i a girl that broke up with her boyfriend ok and then we got back together again and we couldn't have sex shows we can't we can't sex i go why should we care why what's wrong she was shape myself down there whom she was embarrassed that are pussy i hadn't grown backup so much like its horror i do what i say no big deal just don't have any pussy here come on but i dont know the second is going to settle the fact that i can do to i can do the math
the shaded and she was ashamed she's a shame she shared offer pussy here for this guy is national areas she couldn't you say yes my new thing fuck fuck pussy here knows dirty was dirty for her derek dirty dirty thanks received her pussy you know i did for him what a shape members no you didn't shut up let me see they would get polar underwear down than that grow it go immediately until all the friends turkey pitch shaving her pussy shot the up let me a cigarette i need a cigarette right now i can't believe this i got that ha ha ha is shaven pussy all these chips in basra seraphs was serious talk shit about shipshape pussy they found it back in horror when i just put a science they come fuck me
anti arm here as begin appearing in middle brow but calls in nineteen seventeen women razors in japan the tories what stability that like pulls out from the roots right those are those horrible ones you ever see those things you like fuckin rings and the rapporteur armpit hair and yanked them out of the routes yeah fuck that well that's gay that's very after all its uncover who was so about do this to lean so instagram the president instagram please tell me that gets yes regional i happened as is instagram suppose you had to have these new rules out saying in the rules it was deciphered that instagram has we can sell your photos to a third party since they like you're advertising company that's ok i wanna buy some photos of girls kissing balloons and then said that
you could go in there just big it is by your photos and and make money off your photos meaning they can turn profit on year so you might be able to go to like a store one day two by mountain do and is a picture of you laughing with amount you in your hands actor you put on your instagram exactly but instagram just like as with unlike the next last couple hours like that with the co owner presenters unlike that said that this is not the case this is just i missed you know these people are aired take this wrong we're not selling photos you own the photos blah blah blah by that seems kind of weird like how wise it written down that way so unless they turn take you know they changed the terms there are still some question there and i guess there's gonna more developing about it so it should be we'll figure it out soon but you have january sixteenth where this new term kicks in so you if you delete your account supposedly in all your photos by that time than that they won't have to
probably some mad backlash that's a diploma looks like it they got caught pretty much in by instagram is now owned by facebook and facebook also is going through the same kind of shit right now you know what this whole they did they own your property canadian why think it's really important means if there's anything that any like function that like anonymous serve that is really important is not just like political and governmental stop but shit like this to keep company on their toes like hackers like just a threat of someone realising that there's an imbalance and wanting to correct it you know at these really intelligent kids that are russia shit from all sorts of place we can get them through a hundred proxies they will come down on you man they will come fuck you and you know i think instagram probably recognise that i hope that not what it was i hope that they really was a misunderstanding in the first place you never
here that accompanies thinking about seminal you're fuckin picks or you also have to think that a lot of times that this happens all the time you sign up for a website you know the end you upload something to third computers they actually do pretty much own that you know it's so if you look at it as basic as if you have your own website in and it's a computer hooked up at your house and you have if your website on their computer and somebody's putting files on your computer that's like real basic version of what a facebook is its they own all these computers you're putting your information in your stuff and you're putting on their computer they do pretty much oda they went out of business tomorrow just turned off the light they could take all those computers and look at all your pictures and only or they own your pitch right but i think the real issue in this country is money try to sell yeah by its it's the idea that you also don't really think like shit every single text
i do back and forth between people on facebook or any photo that i have hidden my inbox or any thing that i've private that you know no one can see except me all that can be seen by somebody somebody can own that and take that so few you know ever say or do anything they pretty much get to do whatever the fuck they want with it except sell it this is the big yeah i think the big thing though is the seller especially the using it for advertising so honest and are going to do that they will there will escape the wrath of the fuckin legion but what if there's something like you know how like how this guy's talking today about like you know we are not going to sell your stuff you know young what if he's just also saying that is up nina like a back lashing but in a way of like yeah gonna say we're going to get money to do sponsor a company and then the words is going to give them your photos you know some you know i mean like they're they're doing some kind of back snag away whether you know they're getting paid for it but just it not directly
yes that's possible i think you also have to think of like okay what is this service worth and why am i getting it for free what am i giving them and giving them a bunch of users were a bunch of uses ain't worth shit and less get something out of it so what is it worth is it worth that they put a little at the corner of your picture when people go to look at me like what is that whereas the line that you draw because we're basically getting this free service we get to upload these photos and one of things you and i know about from doing this podcast that ban with costs a lot of fucking money if you if you're like a fury you know opulent instagram they must be delian insane gigabytes to run their servers that's why i don't understand how instagram even became big i know it's the filter thing everyone wants to see the filters and i go that's like filters are so big right now that's what it has its girls pretending yet of different email but then you have a superior companies like flickr who i've been using for a long time we're
you pay a little bay i think is like forty bucks a year but you own everything you have to worry about this instagram shit like that and you know when it comes to filters half the aps that you have your phone just make filters and just send it deflector in the thing about instagram though is it became a phone thing words flickr was like a computer thing right instagram became a way of peat for people like to communicate like twitter style twitter is actually right but i don't know why it became an entity on its own like why did they disused twit pick the animal built in twitter it's because filters and had just the am yeah those tricky bitches they want to look like magenta hued would you like to live in a generous only like white eight different filters in that you beat you get like a app that i like it there's one caught hundred cameras you know where it has a hundred different at phil as you know and it's like ninety nine cents and it is sensitive to whip your twitter you're too
pick or whatever yeah there's a bunch of them like that right philip connect with its probably better than instagram but i've got like fifty thousand fuckin people that's the problem this point time legged how many those are not on my twitter can abandoned yeah and i'm not everybody and abandoned that because of this new policy i mean if it if it stays how we originally was where they do get to do whatever the fuck they weren't too and they will i probably will delete my account i only went on instagram does anyone told me too and is so popular mike get it agonies twit pack member everlasting may have to use it came in so people when mandy don't usually instagram anything but i gotta tweeted down yeah but you know what's going on now for whatever balkan reason even though i have updated my iphone does not want to connect with the fuckin instagram farmers not interested in sending picture two instagram to smart he noticed offer
i was gonna have ample and you look and i fully endorse i got a new iphone and it's like folk you boot fuck all everytime i try to send picture through i thought i was trying to do is to grant photo because i took a photo of red pit with chanel number five brad pitt gotta can men's color commercial about it i don't know he's got what i was trying to put on twitter or on instagram that if you buy this stinky shit i hope nobody function for the rest of your life is trying to put that out was adopted some witty on my way home the work your aunt i call on all away spoken grows idea one will spray of timber like before i leave every day that's confused thrush guys if i smell calonna guy but my leg good smell like the fuckin singly iron you smell any man smiled small nobody trusts me i'll fuck it
you'll come over small local whenever you whatever you stink enough he does not come on don't do it to em do a joint don't do it don't let em those items should go away cuts way cuts as i've met issuer knowledge have you with this coffee was that meets a who you know anyway cocksucker as joey the sure out wait you guys this picture later after showed wondering where the problems it might be a when was the last time you reset your phone i noticed in it that twice related yeah i did everything i disconnected i deleted twitter i deleted instagram reinstall both of em the work i have you your password lately aren't instagram maybe how i wrong password you no it's all right everything right one moment one reached server we eliza unscramble reach server some some wacky bullshit
are you never eyes verizon our you know what it is it understands that i like my samsung galaxy s three a little bit better myself on gouty s three from ting mobile i like it little better do around like this whacking fuckin phone about that that's crazy you're like your iphone i like the same signed out yes through better i think that fuckin big stream of ours that cannot compare that i've got ass i thought like the samsung out you can't they're both awesome the samson galaxy s three as i saw you fucking iphone you see the showtime especially no one else does anyone else yes we does i can take a burst of photos are you to jump up in the air and i'll take a burst of photos up and down texaco this is on the horizon network think you can get arise and i know you can get it spreads is where we we haven't it on tang which is on sprint you can get on eighteen eighty two it's fucking wicked those big screens or wicked that's good like everything else it does its good enough
do you need and we need goddammit except its linear kerosene games coming out in january on the engine application i listen to some pablo francisco and the other day will you do with his brad pitt commercial you really planet brad pitt commercially fuck not a journey every journey ends but we go on for me the world turns and return with what you too deep plan disappear put in my mouth dreams tackle the for i go if you are a bit his kisses salty luck my fate which surround them five well know you didn't brad brad vegetable brad brad brad does not enough money in the world for that brad whose you're fucking agent you could
cut it off before you said chanel number five you would have been ok you would have been ok as long as you like names rehab why gave me the fuck area be fish beaten comes issued on number five no no no he has to end it unless someone else like morgan freeman say should now number for someone else says the chanel number five someone unrelated to that really corny fucking snuck every walk ends so we go on the stick flies and we chase after it train disappears tax take over do not change but wherever i search there you are my wag my treat my belly rob can number five that's a joke i was a joke one meanwhile by the way less brutal she
fatalities thrice than the brad pitt one herrick it was resident there lies the ashes i would rather lots of the brad pitt well let's examine this because this is one of the most preposterous commercials i've seen since the baby just four men commercial or the navy drives a porsche every journey ends but we go on twelve world turns and returned with it and disappear dreams take over but whenever i go if you are luck my fate my fortune shhh number five i guess whenever the more i guess there's more of them we got to find more of them because i'll never listen to a word that motherfucker says ever again they gave all that money to pregnant babies in africa
unless all hunter percent money went to the pregnant babies what's a fuck with red they now which is tat commercial i just saw the picture of homeless chanel number five and i just was gonna tweet something silly about it but i didn't know that there was a whole goddamn advertising campaign that has the most preposterous as ever we go on what it's not a journey
every journey and at the same time i go on equal terms and return with plans disappear dreams tat go wherever i go there you are my luck my fate my fortune five is not stop there's not a pussy in the world you talk like that ever what you know he was none of money does not do you couldn't you couldn't snack at high enough i black stop it i already got pussy the satellite that's why doesn't make it a success that shit from avatar they gather the basement she's got a broader over a sock as thing wig raise ah you think she's gonna suck his flock yank the night what are you where i go your way they gave us an alien world turns we turn with right why have mill why did you write that down why'd you right i don't mean the world know the guy wrote it will turn off and you turn with what but come on stopping you
he breathe out you step left hebron you open the door then shut it can you drive did you it breaks wasn't fucking wrote as those like some of the most preposterous silly horse shit i'm not coming out of a struggling actor ok if you're a struggling actor and you know and someone comes up to you and they give you against do this crate corny chanel number five commercial that wasn't a struggling actor that's a motherfucker i believe we need to find out where that money went in my go to pregnant babies if it goes the pregnant starving babies with aids will let him slide pay them village off by village i wonder i just asked reading so give em like some point that right is guardian brad pitt scary movie if brad pitt agent i mean he's brad mother fucking pit only has become worse overseas as we do in japan a lot of us was a lot of american celeb
feel like you can't you nuts was do a commercial because if you do commercial like you know if you like of your movie star we watch him what is really happening commercial pushing a car is dressed up like you guys dressed up weird like you carry style yeah worse gum movingly charlie chaplin what coming to see that's fine this is him move around and taken a picture i don't have any problem with that i gotta problem one year staring at the camera talking about the world turns
new turn where the touch my turn to nurse he is thus others ideas for big pussy andrew see these are great because he's not talking english it doesn't say anything is displaying a character these might as well be a mean may well be in a movie lucky you mean he's very clever about the way he did this like the first one these clearly acting he's got a weird crazy kooky yellow outfit on and in this one is is is playing a role and its pertained to pick this giant fuckin sumo guy that shit is impossible i want you to know because joe ideas is not as big as that guy but i'm probably stronger than brad pitt and i try to pick joey up one to new seated and it was no dice
double under some joey's back i gotta gable grip wasn't wasn't man even though the big guy from the price overset really bound up with the most uncomfortable things very bad how i didn't get up there he was have i was really like top heavy something i was with you see this motion but was never for years people pushed computers army or what not self ones all that stuff my friend said listen gotta go daddy that time i want i would go daddy that come on you know about computers and nobody social networks i knew not what to daddy they had a web built one two three boom step by step there with you right away once you do both within minutes you'll pages up i don't have that i'm presence people
a call here like it was still nineteen sixty nine but ever since i got go daddy i get pay pal i take these online they got the open table not to mention my yelverton maximum rate francs pizzas number one go to flags the service is exceptional francs delivery system is always on time and pizzas always wore if you want to build the empire like me start daddy gotta go daddy what's happening not that i'm just going to see what's crack and have a good day as you know that's how much of that you write eighty percent of it a month and you know what you're talking they just give you like a rustling morocco that war they said do you know the points for the daily living at the thing and they will lose the point you gotta say it was between like shooting but it was in between shooting lakes in between they came old already right that's pricked up from the earth we go back and pick up paper
i'll pick up that tanning boot up fucking crazy that court yeah that seems like that's that's a great utilization of you like let you just give you given the points and let him rat little bed wi fi hey brad pitt you dont ass now to say breathing breathe and re now sam you turn that's the first time i ever saw brad pitt the commercial or my elusive now that's a i think he sold his soul down the river i think kids because satellite its she's got allows any spent analyze shit movies lately angela lisbon porn all the weight was lost browse in a big hit multiple was i beg it wasn't the base mamma we had and see that ok some rocks so am i ways and you made enough for eighty kids in taipei just to talk to twenty years whether yet from moving at a given time
i just talked maybe there s not enough the waiter born and fuckin do you no good fellow bayliss twenty million a movie does three sixty she does the same that's a buck twice ten of these that's that's some fucking cashed i wonder how much be given for the moves towards our for mother for these commercial because our whole campaign the shoe five or six the colossal if he got together with his silly black and white commercial and they overlap too would stephen dwarfs silly black and white commercially item gather biggest spliced it back and forth you went from one do she statement to the other i think that we really listen mischief maker we know you're out there
we call on you were worth was set and the freak flag up over the road and compound indeed put together the possibly do she is commercials of all time together with kissed the song of unita background yes there's a man we don't want to fuck with your activity integrity by giving you a suggestion that you haven't the brand and you know what you know what to do now to do the right thing coming this very spot guy with very good money borgia ibm is great actor it was great an interview with a vampire i love them in that i loved him in a lot of moves grain fight club i just bullshitting but i just wish you didn't do that fucking commercial mean that's seems like so horace you know i should talk there did fear fact for six years and i went back did again but even i went to fetch sure sure you would at this hour why you knew my mind all of your of narrow see fag ring
you should smell really stinky this you have seen should now at this first of all i could never do it because it's been widely i've said it a hundred times the park ass that i hate all that stuff like any form of cologne i wear a deodorant because i don't i smell really bad i smell like me cecily old me he smells silly my under arms now shave man is a rude plus you know what folks i get life i exude a lot of energy and i'm saying i don't half ass things so i'm wouldn't for the effort they all day when you put forth effort he's out right in sweden and shit is going down inside your body comes out your armpits it smells haro so aware little deodorant sophie smell what gonna hypocrites weren't some fuckin clone i'm not that's his old spice that's where i prefer allspice sport not
antiperspirant because i'm not trying to stop sweating i like sweat going to bullshit you and i do have a little baby seek well it is just in case i refer me and i the a
one of the little dab on my now what does this well when driscoll russia where the fuck is going on here i mean really what's this boy like all this is that things would seem to me as if i may to say i would stress that this is the one for this year called the dog to save the holidays roused me zeus back upon his return to this topic is what is it
you can't get tat building or shelly long you fucking believe this nineteen earlier what the fuck fuck it in this respect that you get billion all that even mention names my fucking yeah like a treat me like a fucking puerto rico working with the incoming yeah billy five five for a fuckin movies five of those days did you hang out with michael gruesome unless joy lawrence or not and bother nobler michael gross is one of those guys it's been a bunch of movies is a really good actor like use and then you see him and then all that's what that guy's name is i seen that guy in a bunch of things are as good as you know it yesterday when i started recording it here on the studio some walker that's ranger stranger might goodness it's fucking good good so funny i want to i want to play a little bit of it for your cause it's so ridiculous i recorded another dvr i forgot how good that show is that show is like might as well be a comic book there was written in nineteen
fifty you don't mean when you walk about everything even acting all decided it was a rather gives it a fight eating a fighting this bad guys office in the two bad guys henchmen tried to close in autumn and he struck he's in a low crows environment but strong like mad karate cakes and shared chuck norris don't play games straw we'll kicks it changes we write off the badge throws wheelchairs cowboy boots on shit and why not this guy up and then goes up to grow you know and starts question them and the acting that came out of this meat had that was lying on the ground it might be the worst is acting ever recorded on fell and put on television amidst it's beautiful too great show those like you we watch those shows you wonder what they were really a red line let's go jerry that show with your characters namely that nickelodeon joyless on young people people join me pause like a jury beep beep walking me parking
so funny thing joey now out in public in that people come up like can sign is for my daughter in europe what the fuck is that of and then you realize that he's known for this character joey meatballs would show this figure it yeah kicking is kicking it it's a show and there's the eggs de now what if these people ever see one state or listen to one of these fuckin punk ass the funny is that these kicking the funny thing is that all these shows to advertising they put on their by the network's nickelodeon was that if they gonna pull out a trailer commercial scale not but the trailer on a new too where kids or know that they come up and no in this thousands are hits on these trailers for kicking right you got the trailer mom you got see what it says if you want by two o clock your mother loosely snore boucher on eu policy on coils you gotta see like the one for like
the comments by what is this what that's why you came to you that this is where my money why is this you got might go this is regulated should you be made our delivery i'm done with delivery won't take a job you already know what kind of person you are but i do now what are you doing here with golf boy go boys of random i sprang from you might have been stopped before i get regarding thermidor that's that's words the walker taxes raids listen we're gonna have to compare we're gonna have to prepare the architects right because i'm tellin you really
i owe you one there was no that was not good can you imagine if you would really like that that fighting with these kids know the worst thing is when you first come to hollywood and you meet somebody like that that someone has been in one of these really horrible chosen they make you watch it their real he's gonna go their house have you ever had then happen a place in the words of irish people email you should still i still get shit on facebook and twitter us watch my real tommy what you think why would you ask a guy like me at five in the morning fuckin stoned the baby that that right baby you go back to columbus will how they know where in march
javert again in the shit are useless turn around like this sarah this we can show there's until because with other rights for adequate or our chuck norris does it is like it's hilarious dough watch this one do though this is my favorite after smash this guy now the big i grab some now what this move take off the wall bomb thrown down now check anderson silver like elbow now why is acting as the worst acting ever chuck is excellent how bad the goon pages out he's out again there are some kids it s to hug as we do several other hugson kids fuck it shows great
rashly when you are as high as the national deficit it is on the other day i was growing up my fucking i found a package for eighty wheels of justice this notion of first show i was shot but that was influenza lamas right yes or one of those four can act is down and whatever i forget all about eighty we'll just justice was the first booking before i wanted they toby ladys are fucking old lady she'll toys u i wanted their book the bookie role well smack of what you play mainly ass he walks alan rule eighty wheels of justice it was in two thousand i shot one of those episodes and save the egg whenever they gave me sixty but four per diem oh my god i'm not gonna say that dog
i'm a blow out was in the rental dull with some other hands like i then loose name my god see what i'll see shots jose lucky vanunu ceasefire working in the temple revival roof wiring fucking god spell i was the head guy in the show and they don't even have a photo of him on debbie is is it gordon liddy caligula house oh god today all trials just anyone like trying to let you know that when that was guys what spike it was the end of the time oh that's right was the new jobs that was when they tried to do or ridge programming that was it that was yet
that way you go that's a good idea if you eat if you have a show called the national network and you like listened is what we got i've draggers lodgers watch about travellers superhero a driver superhero that just an ordinary gas is backed in extraordinary circumstances is forced to you no man bombs have about boucher and become overlooked and here i think is usually be j the bear but no chip wanted what a bare shows of all time be jane the bare member combating the bear was out and without stamps why these two things you get hug before they started it was faces and by their dicks often shit you never heard about that where kids never heard about champion peoples it is of the view that our role to the fucking proud wasn't that one that one lady that lived in connecticut that had the patch him she was feed networking chimps annex phoenix xanax and it was drinking wine
the bitch was taken xanax so she would raise the chip mother took him a fuckin gimmicks is your first scheme africans alex probably is way that checks face it was probably down from silences his resolve that is red bank poor champ inedible did enjoy some want to kick dinner television show the world what we would call the eddie bravo pose one our war what why would i know what you bravo goes guns blaze and for the first our part in enabling our areas so what not because it was not you fucking guy somebody else's is rambo counterstrike mary bravo lays german for eighty bravo fans which of course we all are any relevance eddies this shit got his own podcasting just start doing called eighty bravo radio and if you are and what can trails that is the podcast for you
if you want to hear more about philip corso and ufos an and jujitsu and emma may and crops are and tim trails and music and use this block power of kiss now every brabble smuggling rivals and does it will all there in sack and rob these guys that we train jujitsu with enough you can do with them every episode or if you just do it like that for now but any bravo radio if you down and if you not don't get county jail okay so the fuck down ass my brother remember this website shall we d ass i do yeah jody is way back machine where'd you find your eyesight banner known as your com and want to see you up there was a check on their sent me a message was it puts the wound those showed online
oh you remember me joe we is that our life still this day in the internet archives they look there's a prettier pablo from back in the day that you probably forgot about that's what i was just saying that i was listening pablo on the way over here they had it was on the jamie foxes thing the foxhole the same one where is interviewing tarantino and i was listening to pablo in public is so fuckin entertaining that do did nothing but jackie chan like alexa jacket chan like trailer like jokes intellect he's the nicest guy in the world the compromise might why you have to fight me and it was he just nothing but dad for ten minutes and i'm just laughin like leg a fool in my car giggling on the way up here when you don't buy new distracting the shit out of me
look i don't know what you're deadly on an eta those words have been spoken report the solid soaks from a solid science was the vapours that way browsers very good but not to the smoking we gotta know that's what it's pretty good it's pretty clothes in the morning i think the right amount before you go and day as roma nice would somebody at the switch up the capsules could get used to it she added what am i gonna do that when i smoke widely why do the same yeah you always or may say it i go fuck you and with different like that i don't mind smoking to say we'd all attacks smugglers namely for six months no no no no i never understood us only by bought a pound the way that we can get the same fuck we kill me would you bitch up i think you and i do very different things with the well known but even if you smoke it likes
more is you want a smoker fusion is achieved morning show you the city was i love city where have i mean how high you getting you getting like stupid high in the mornings and yet more note or that like i used to know this also when you were switching to us umbrella when i was wake him up in smoke a man so jia for forty five my five fairly hedge that in the city for fucking grind together i get out jump on a pool you do some you haven't thought bicycle it's like that shit that glance don't be woven issued in their legs that they gonna get it at three in the fuck ammonium pedal that bulgaria apl same thing i was get that type a reaction from the wheat which i love i love get out of the sudden years ago at the bag for thirty minutes what role kicks highlight that were fifteen minutes regulate only fifteen minutes
for me it feels good to meet you value the other thing that comes with we'd when you you know you get especially the gay like that body high like deep indyk as you know you get that like real sensitive did he take all of your body like all the different aspects of your body all the different muscle fibres and show you feel moving around i've done running i've done everything pretty much i've tried pretty much i want to live in colorado trading you know climbing a wall everything the easiest to things i've done high which i really enjoy number one was the yoke is amazing is amazing really high the gills at an ever it's better because you get more jeanne your lungs stood to hold the poses visualize was really a cookie round we gonna six a m yogi gaga but reverting to the well you're you know what they say the best thing with yoke is real fishing i eating hash
for she she cookie yet you need hashish and then an hour in twenty minutes later you do the when they ve been brutally die what was this system see no ass she she neither one i mean i'm sure he had some stuff in israel but he died from a sorry but i understand that nothing would cause he died from the fact that the acquisition and the fucking tribes of the echoes the chasm start making money but you think so he once you when i would have wanted how they were when their money is allocated the conspiracy theory seven material looking made three movies overly may form movies over there that he came all we want to do for the dragon then he went back to the released a move any dinosaur sitting there whack them i don't know what happened but i know those movies have made gazillion like they look at all these people they made this moreover this we think it costs them make fist of fury the philippine fifty bucks fifty bucks how many million viewed in their mates assets probably aliens crazy if you look onions and if you look at if you look up
what was the producer of movies you did run rancho i dont raymond chow was produces at all the recent pics after nineteen seventy three i want you how many movies you know raises another innovation for us from deal i do you notice from joy where some flora asked him and washington less than one place we stay here tonight other player if you look at sea after brutally dive assembly rehab movies raymond chow produced in the u s take a look at many take a fuckin looked was there was a big market for those bruce line now this is not bruce lie directed definite with child brought out a thunder weymouth zhao a directive on the child martin movie producer that i was at his person i don't know what's going on here tell me rachel chow how does all fuckin company so
just called whatever movies the movies that fuckin did joe ideas is the child is the not i'm gonna buy em just talent you he's outlay jones of these national motherhood obviously levies which you motherfuckers forget that you guys we're here for the cell phone you guys we're here for this the united states government kill bruce lay out there was no fucking government i was here for the bruce lee evasion while the people the beatles evasion not me i was even abroad i was here when everybody was worn out with chinese shoe framing shall with known see if i doubt ray ciao his execrate get a producer like every single move in the world seventy three or four seventy three you know its data look at all those movies and how many of those movies do you think he had to fuck white girls in how many where they brought why like chicks to him and it has had a white chick orgies before seventy three was enter the dragon what else
look at all those damn movies that's the craziest shit i've ever seen in my lab that guy that guy the regulator hundred fuckin movies what are the actual numbers prime would mean how many movies it actually directors it's a hundred sixty he produced at will you get like people do a couple different movies time kimberly can you really out again that paper those keyboard slowly slowly slowly you have to keep up the other way the other way the other way of slower who bring raw game of two hours that now is the worst one at all right look at these movies is not a bucket dividing line on look at our here breakthrough what's breakthrough all right
meal he did a cannibal run one and two but the why motherfucker did our police story to who did everything above the law a lot of chinese movies her the drive to need never materials to end once upon a time in china you just basel themselves that old wow wages britain would you look at it so walk who every is he sang are brand you gotta stop that done they gave voice that's ruining yet in an annual rata gave way you you're doing so well then you do that nobody knows goddamn gave stop it you know what it is a big and shut how dare you how judea so what's next joy you don't baby you know it's fucked
next friday night in the twenty first eight o clock will turn mother fucking data i meet them annabelle like at one o clock in the afternoon and primary law perfectly i'm doing mgm asia for what's energy autonomy makes us like mushrooms bad sides zog is i'm doing everything we was extent a formal invitation john mcafee if you are free in the united states we have two tickets for you for the wilton theatre you surrender so bright red back and a date for the evening you bring a buy it now how's no basayev at the wilton please at the end of the world we can go bass all free for one night shall we keep it together jody is stan hope honey honey and me doug stana would be on the pod on saturday the day after the end of the world if there is a world to return to who do the ducks daniel gas saturday afternoon you terry box right folks
my but my specials out right now so well if you're inclined you go rogan dot net it's called life the tabernacle i think my best one yet beyond itunes also so i can only say that maybe benchley right now it's just through my website filled little time maybe like a year or two the rest but you it's a unprotected files you gave it onto like a computer january yeah yeah that's what is called the r m fraid yes i wish galway yeah now it's the same way louis he can do that i completely stall everything he did right and if you have an apple tv all you do is you open it up in itunes and on the top right hand but you can send it to your apple tv so yeah there's a lot of ways extreme yeah there's this also to ways you can watch television i don't i'm not the most technologically inclined but we try to make it as easy as possible and the feedback has been amazing so thank you very much and unreal excited that so many people decided regulations thanks man
i'm very happy you know like i think what louis did was really important for us for stand up comedians you know his idea was perfect it was brilliant the amount of money was the right amount of money five boxes of man he could have made it ten probably the same amount of people that buy but five is like really like on it like recording of the lie performance you not getting the lie performances of getting the recording swear five bucks the best thing that you're doing also is the ability to send it as a gift so like i've already sent into a few people are used for their emmeline dress and they get you pretty much by it and in just send it to em they gave download instructions so like you began your friends or families yeah we wanted to have set up like that we wanted to have it so that you could send it to people if you know if you dug it people love sending people like me like a lot of people send me music is current like that's how we found out about hung honey that's how i constantly hear about new bands attack found out about a road killed
choir somebody someday sends me i love that in people love doing that would comics do and so if you want to send money to do that is there so you can you can gift it and joe when he went the next thing that i appeal to you when what's next january seventeenth at the irvine improv after the birth of my fucking dog next couple weeks all children right take box and lived some try to do everything with days january seventeenth with data thursday thursday night so that's next time in what when are you gonna release somethin live i have though formulate let's do that can cannot produce that should come i will do that how about that thing that i do through talking monkey incorporate i'll just produce your share to relieve the same way got out you're what yeah well or yours or whatever will not yours giles anyway i'm fucking ok let's do it you're capitalist icon let's do it they are let some we'll put together you know a time where we can in a record you at some club and i think for you
what would really bad as one of the cool ways do with you is it take you from the and green room like one camera from the green room all the way out the stage follow you through a thing one which is one crazy while fuck intake and then you doing out the back door foreshadows before shows the one you like the best laws the hounds because it you know i gotta argued these emails would be wartime ones joy cocoa is going to have some kind of this pressure is your do i always looks monkey death squad mother fucker records and full effect and we're gonna be improv authors i think i'd better busier prom night what are we to storytellers showed great fits of bills and oh a couple come on bio greg it's not my blocks actually it's really
that's a really fun if there's no other way you eight o clock at eight o clock thursday improv dot com it's the hollywood improper seventeen january in irvine by that time you have your first check everything'll be really really get the hopefully or the aliens will have landed in the money will be worthless vulgar piling up those fuckin bell gibson my eyes are already wearing are nasa outfits because volunteering for volunteer nasa because there will be a volunteer nasa in the future just like volunteer fire department i'm just you're doing it because i want your care santa maria the thing about it is harder to remove a lightweight illegally you done i think it'll work
thank you i think as long as you make the effort to try to trigger should play along and your golden it's like your whole life is like fantasy roleplaying game that's kind of cool pretend you're the super scientist and nasa and even though you just leaving our house you tell me you have to go to the moon got right idea a printout like fake nad emerald arguments and our care marooned all the time on a clipboard reminds you rob and harris bit robin harris is one of the lost comics it nobody ever talks about and deal you we sort of was influenced by quite a lot like specially early and deals with rear you too bravo harris is really really funny but one of the things he had a great job about he said a man ever pretty woman pretty woman man too much work those a woman you could tell us anything bitch i'm going to the moon bearable ever one that may have ado up there
and he was like so like casual in his delivery in leg relaxed and he doesn't made you smile just looking at what we really do right yeah yeah yeah tremendous is one who else the cowardly sweet dig willie the woman you tell em anything bigtime nor the moon i'll never forget listen to that and here i think there's a special called babies kids obeys i think you get needs to you can watch it big deathly listen to an ice to listen that shit on cosette ok i had that thing on fucking cosette iceland that in my volkswagen corrado who drive around listen to show ideas yawning always showed
what's a monument in agony sleep are you nervous though i was very glad i was up at fucking for thirty are you up with simon gone with the wind yeah what about let's get up early yes you always manner attacks your six clock in the morning you text back yeah i was really iraq it says i say you'll tax fuck it eight o clock this memorable golda kitchen megan approaches shake fucking while its eight o clock and have already that thirty fuck that's robin right there you gotta leave the house but had already that dirty fucking things showered breakthroughs protegee emails phone calls the whole fucking deal reef have you thought about a move into suburbs raises babies stick statehood
all right i'm all right madam you actually yeah yeah must stay there for few good thought about moving a national too i thought about a lot of things the honey honey you'll move there they love it there i know a lot of people would accept everyone's armed that's it that's problem like everybody's no substance shot well she showed him then he shouted back in replace fucking beginner one hundred have you ever seen though while the wonderful white of west virginia i heard about i'm gettin in africa is yes christmas no circles i'm not worried ito weapons when i did carry a weapon when i was twenty seven i thought i was a cop deal i carried the miami vice with upside down peace with little clips with sixteen forty one how will we in our policy seven while i was done johnson and you just walking around the gun for how laws at night i gotta get paranoid look about windows fucking night will
go pick up eight hours from we put the gun i all really now just not i do the show it to you about just in just in case and it wishes we had would things will happen when me when i had that gun and the one that's that's why and those things disappear so heard people say that before either a magnet brother you really think i fuck yeah what year whether you think it's mine said the halfway carrying that makes you a magnet for problems you know what when i carried it was the only time somebody opened a jacket to be one time let me though they suddenly they will win know what time it happened in el but that should not pass when you buy a blow at four in the with the wife imaginable so just like dives i see people gets tab and got to fight when i have an iphone be what the fuck am i gonna carry on life army factor for what you know when you carry over you know get caught
carrying i've u do you dumb mother fucker that's don't get caught when you stab somebody should you not used to you when you train with fuckin nigel catch you didn't have the that not the guides at the because the shit slip saw that's the first thing that is just a not a user maybe you should not fuck with what you only get our demands really how many people really know how to use and not matters i think a watch rocket boys the hood and all sunday fuckin glop bias which play you have no idea my friend you have no idea what life it's about waste pops out yeah i've seen people knives get the shit out of a bull not a fucking life is one time at port authority in new york i see something go down i call you know you catch the tail and something that will happen this guy pulled out a life with a stab do with leather jack and argue in no danger stupid you in no danger like him in the elbow the guy quoted
this guy just laughed flopped out broke his flock lip it will be so you're saying if you live in dangerous area get some chain male gets here self a nice code of armour galvanise leather jack opposing aware that one hundred fifty five degrees that land wanting to do than atlanta you're my it all listen stayed the fucking mind you got their business even you carried new taxes it get you met other motherfuckers luge i never cared intoxicated that you pass that that was a great and i had a knife for one those double or seven zoo chugs hit everywhere you look that's that i haven't tattoos that bruises globally carried no checks have bruises the back people really cared none trucks or how my god the fuckin mid seventies mostly came out like this infested right thank you picked a chinese looted chinese connection when he took both new jobs
it was done then there was another movie that came out of toronto the hong kong cat that has not backing meant that i've been hunting for fucking years because his new checks have copper corners so this motherfucker took too like ruefully took two brooms you took a whole you drill that you put i looked and you took to change those were new jobs not hong kong cat is a little different mother fucker level heats up to new jobs this drilled them but instead of putting just the thing in april metal caps with i've put an i hope into that not to mention the bottle he got i wastewater plumbing supply and put caps on the bottom copper caps and crazy glow mother so when you got it how you got hit her woodchopper instead a flock of wood that that's what uncle he had a whole different dimensions do jug well aware lynchings made me realize about the differences in woods that's how i found out about differently what's financial as you would go like the biomass
those catalogues they will have like cocoa bolo you wanted coca cola woodchucks a very dark dense would vary have you got those who make some bad ass known checks that's found out about like cocoa bolo and oak like what the harder woods were it was like what making known checks are always the harder once vocal bolo cook abolished pretty hard the hardware high but few get real ebony that's really hard to it's really hard really heavy to some extent the dark woods mostly are usually the harder woods like ebony is extremely heavy dance would that's why they use it a lot like a lot of people like it for poor queues in other make a matter ebony because so dense heavy just have to get up and any poor you that's like a lightweight one you know it's crazy the icy grow there s a thousand white kids with new jobs people love like ps inversely they re right the way before is a chinese connection was where he took
when the polygamous by this time you motherfuckers what what's he do if with asylum seeking here it sounds crazy doesnt have sound videos and have satellite there that would july seventy three this fucking country lost the master mind they lost their black people at the movie theater lost their foot i was never the department and the superintendent all the other work for chinese connection lucia wait there's that it out given this apartment in the superintendent that what where was the august superintendent the guy takes care the building here family he son that was like my age and that's how i found out about precisely you don't know about brutally isn't with precisely and i went over the house there was show me these brutally posters well he had like poster like enter the dragon the fucking cuts with the blood all this and then i think they took
take me to see a movie now you did not vcrs back that she had actually go to the movies a pretty sure they took me see the first brutally movie ever cycles wow with chinese connection this is like a really good together real i don't mean the fourth grade a sacred heart four boys watch and happy days on a tuesday fucking and all of a sudden right there see the trailer for the chinese election joe rogan lose my fucking mind a bad asked that was his best will yet there was no great care to look at the who's that guy what does the angel resemble homes lose this way some are yet at several yeah look it's johnny chuck norris in him took it out does chuck norris lotta people are now you see him monies like sixty years old walker texas rangers you don't know the history chuck norris like a real kickboxing champion like one of the first
karate tournament chaired by what i saw that see that destroy america that was it that after that american never recover people with china he's food kids go to china tat you know it completely opened up a new doorbell instead of going to fuck it rollers gain on salaries move on a chair the town will you member who remember people so aware in chinese slippery i want my boy i was crazy i use the word sandals and pockets incense would like their that's just amazing the chinese connection is just a tremendous fucking movie if you ve never seen it he's raw always on the phone with double time joe rugged and avenues gotta go have you can't others when he shut chinese connection the whole time is forward steve mother we hold times i wonder why do i'm just a child what up but the why though that's that's gave me ideally motherfuckers the chinese can actually he killed the mother fucker
he didn't like do take lessons steed mcqueen vienna where james claims programme please you didn't you do a moodiness colbrand would you do something with james cover will you do with them all i didn't know what you're doing with my little wireless i listened son harvest the american government which american gub arrogant gun is a movie with the above kid he's a father is his daughter get shot by golly does the background of a gun wednesday ones and as you will see a common to men come to one of these i can't go to and between life there may be one of the ones janey gonna february i listen but anyway forth look
though versus frankie edgar east with my brother and sister or reverse bigfoot silver please all my son loss vague and play all poncho eagle that sounds good about one because as also the one we have the gig on friday night you go for a man will then at the skyping taiwan's good deed is i just want to go to fuck you what come on man what do you say you have to come back for the irvine one but are you book for that february we can can i go lumping i'll look it's either for a week of february or the week before that but all you motherfuckers have careers now and this is very we have point line for raised irish fears every goddamn window you suppose come and meet ohio member that brain we advertising branch or books or more iceberg booked governors yea system in bookings over this the mother fucker he's gone muddle taken money you guys needs a call his age and up and tell him he's already booked with it we told
the people on the internet are issued period becoming columbus ohio was eager for governors mobile mumble mobile phone mumble mumble mumble powers you're just released to set he's gonna release rather his second recording whenever it is dvd seedy does my ass man large ideas there was the early weeds balkan days like the first year of me smoking weed that was my full gaming rig set up selection the background does i built that computer behind joey's head i put that motherfucker together myself fidget yet i built a thing from scratch motherboard add hard drive whole deal as i do that shit back then i still make gaming computers because if you made em you could like you know honesty understood like it was what really not very hard it's really pretty easy it is that you follow instructions you know all you have to do is just put the stuff in the right said the jumpers member that brain or setting jumpers
that was annoying shit ever we have to have tweezers new staff to have them pull these little plastic things and stick em in the right slots they had to be there slots for various reasons like if you want it like certain things be on different frequencies now make me now and they had to fly sure bios jesus what the fuck joe you never did nothing about them we just got a website from godaddy have a hard time change in a fucking slept when are you doing you do in the church what's happening now and you stream it all starts with the other stick em what you are saying hamster went on wednesday but abdul amnesty daughter shall show live with them on wednesdays studios butyl why is it that the coming is continents they re though in the morning at six a m but never comic book store is not what they have said i had a fuckin stand up off the chain aren't you gonna fuckin right there
at the earliest studios i had the fucking one night air you're talking to people watching families they tell me you can only a parking spot while it would be you know this at the comic book store not how i used to go there before nervous is there it was more than two hundred people but to have a back room right let's do show next week after the end of the world at the eyes i saw one do you hate wednesday we going to start a call at christmas or sites was there is a christmas it's a twenty sixth now vienna town twenty six minutes next wednesday is it to twenty six ever showing briarwood benson i believe yet is a twenty sixth ok yeah i can't do it
they have to christmas does lead to that fry data that body that further for unopened long gone where you i'm in vegas is this casino i go about thursday leader thursday still powerful deferential thursday night were either way with we'll figure it out with one on wednesday or thursday we love you by the fact that we will have a christmas i love you guys think you're a year before the love you fuckin savage we love the fucker of you you have a thorough nerve and show that night garrison wednesday six i'm with doug benson in irving improv and the twenty seventh which is thursday we got nothing nothing so thursday's could feel the view there is therefore i do i've already hasn't writers i gotta ride everybody's biggest legacy you don't wanna do find it they know that we can manage the wind february around a lot of things have been a man first if there is a world left
be we're gonna do the mandalay bay convention centre will join the big room where did you the way and shit so like three thousand people come on man need some jody is natural committed mother fucker commit who will possibly tell you to do something other than what you want to do a counter reform i do makes him should happen it will let me match numbers at least to obviate the sand manual casino tomorrow or come on man that's where the less blackmail where's seem manual together fuckin far dog where they can only forty absolute these is likewise palms you gotta go early like three issues like seven is where the drug move mule to draw lots of theirs it is a special meeting room in the bathroom practice siena took my girl day man listen your natural for awhile and i'm pretty girls
hardly private army some old roddy a look at those big believer in the arts this doesn't like that bad but i would not i don't live like that i expect you know what's important as they show this old indian upward toward it why don't you guys show me some hot bitches that are also going to this to see yet why show me in old indian there has to be happy to hear you dont have to show me a dream culture this ain't a fuckin stephen king book ok me somehow bitches i get it it's an indian casino i got it i get it i beg you not advertising the correct way old indians rarely get people to go visit i have it we got that girl order of business i thought you were kind of cold hard cash those those those places resting we used to go to a there's a pretty girl we go to allow those casinos back in the day when mixed martial arts was illegal in california
bravo and i was to drive out to to see the king in a cage should we should go out there were always in these are they haven't like that's funny rightly said it poured i'm calling it a hedge fervent making that guy well see the cables good i think that's toy lopez canada age is a good day was a day of january back to give rise to semi what is in december twenty eighth tomorrow when is not i will be there to save time is king kitticut nurse thursday december twenty said wednesday seventeen nineteen twenty december nineteenth away it way ok you look
well if you're going to king kids you want to see is the comedy style in today's blacker regime research the wetlands are wednesday five stars so when are you gonna be there you admire his anger and is going to be there when their grumpy you're gonna be there when they cut away and other change getting ample up instead each other down due to oblige going to oblige capsules lotta good fighters either my gaps as their january ceremony he can't help you can help me today now it's like like that fuckin little way video he can save you as emu yokes all of the ohio player in the real world in rio saying yes always there brian i wish you luck in your request to make black people out just you not do any racist jokes now i will not only have one blacked out its barely races despair i'm on your side by suggesting dance around that start strong ghost
strong no slurring know that allowing no smoking weed before that no provocateur maybe a little bit of privileges engaged of a doctor i now powerful joe d as they re much more join us man as always other love fellowship daddy a lot ass either we do it right and we're gonna have a good god tat this friday at the end of the world should thank you audible dot com go to dot com forts last joe gay self orbit bays free and one free audio book it's an an amazing service service amazing certain almost i'd surface than a real as well say as i was saying it to me serve this i use use it for a while and the book i'm reading from a right now is called sex at dawn by christopher ryan who will be on the pike soon what we're going back and forth but this right now but i got a lot of people booked ready bitches shit is blowing up i'm hoping you
put some fresh guests after tat tom green you want to do come back on powerful tom green i want some green on i was really impressed with tom green special i watched for calmly specials in a row which i don't usually do and tom green wasn't one that made me laugh and i thought that was really awesome because you know tom greens elated don't stand up for like five years i think he has really been said we have to monitor progress last night and he was saying that he sold his whole study had a tv studio and his house and saw the whole thing and just got rid of all his stuff that's not there in his house anymore and he's now thinking about coming back and doing a podcast now again but i i've been focused on comedy well i can tell you can tell us you see his last special it was really good i think he did it from australia i want to say data from australia i might not be right about that whatever was it was really good i mean tom's and he's a great guy would love to have a modern and
so that's it doug stand hope will be joining us you dirty bitches on saturday that's depending on whether or not saturday actually exists don t but we got a lot of cool guess coming up included steve woke the author of a friend ology steve ornelas going gonna be on in january to get to talk about my hunting trip with them successful that's right roadie enjoy it successful hunter got meat positive energy go see stevens anytime you can and we see him give him a fuckin hog robust could we love the shit out of them we have you brian hotspot spock ass too can you make contact them brand we're going to find him folks we're gonna bring him
i follow mad flavour on twitter that is joe is handle i know its not joe ideas i know it's confusing but if you put it in joe ideas in the search engine mad flavors the first one that shows up you can do it you fox keep together thanks you do on it that calm using code name broke it then that's oh anne and i t dotcom musical name rogan save yourself emissary are this show yet the tim ferris is new show inverse was on media as well yeah he's a meter and look he's on their wearing a desk watcher he went on that mean you don't want to test squad shirt that sheds what a cool guy is ours is i love that guy check out this sportsmen channel him if i could get him care maria and dave ass free in the room all at one time i really think that i can be smarter i will rise to and denis mckenna all them together talking together i will i will absorb their energy becomes smarter diverse schools fuck thanks to him
yeah and what will have him out again fuckin for sure without a doubt our folks this is the last episode in the three hundred episode series there's nothing wrong again three hundred episodes all we want we indication where were we now listen where are we didn't start this thing off thinking they would ever become what it is now we we you know we just started off for a goof and three years later here we are and we've had a great fucking time we appreciate all your peace of people that say nice things about it that enjoy it and say that enhances your life and enhanced two we would never get to have even though we have cool friends like joey ideas and ducks an open all these people it's really hard to get all these people to sit down and talk with you for three hours at a time like this unless you broadcasting this the fact that its going out to all you actually benefits us as much as it benefits you so we're on together you fox right here
together and we'll see you on saturday or will see friday at the end of the world show greater solidarity and almost thursday improv o mighty at night i my one and the other on the wild i can explain myself
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