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#313 - Gregg "Opie" Hughes

2013-01-16 | 🔗
Gregg "Opie" Hughes is a co-host of the popular talk-radio program The Opie & Anthony Show, which airs on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. Gregg "Opie" Hughes, Brian Redban - Date 01-15-2013
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yes i'll go to just go to death squad tv for the schedule very shows we put on it's not all the shows me and you know already has his own shows duncan has his own shows everybody has their own shows up but you can kind of a bead on we try to retreated to the stuff is possible ass one for everybody core awesome so death squad tv is the website and out specials available right now it's on joe rogan done that's five bucks it's the r m for it's just that the louis he came model so i'm gonna get that an go fuck yourself i great oh be joe ladies and gentlemen will play music and depart cast has come full circle will gain experience what happened he's doing just died off their secure your actual real voice the plot gas
come full circle obi you're here if it was not for opium anthony i doubt i would very thought it would be so fun to do our part can always it about us tat made you wanna tooth is because you guys are the first radio show that have ever done that is a complete hang out right like almost every show that i had ever done even the great ones howard stern whatever its fellow they have an agenda like to sit down and though asked questions and you know they have a very negative control it and they're gonna moved along different lines with you guys it was always just to hang out you'd go there and it was just of a real conversation well
just that we're lazy that's outlets yet but you don't understand i also did i waited till it but then it became our thing you don't eat is shell out and you know go for you guys doing it that way inspired me to do this the same time a so called hundred percent a hundred percent if it wasn't for doing you show because every other show where someone got you know they got interviewed brown year show you just talked right i mean we gonna show and you know what you just all asked anthony about guns and ibm fascinating fuckin show we could do it for an hour and a half hour and a half times and we say that ain't getting warmed up has forty three hours but you don't i mean it's like the philosophy i've always had about radios philosophy of a radio others lotta egos and radio and so they does a lot of guys aren't feeling naming names today but a lot of guys they have to be the funny guy in the room they have to be the most creative you know the most interesting and we took the attack
i give you come on our show we're gonna fuckin sit back and listen to what your organised sake as you come in well prepared and you'll do you blow our mind every time you come in but when i go home and i mean among my friends and family they go well that was a really good show did i get the credit in the end so who gives a fuck who the funniest guys in the room were or the most interesting but a lot of radio guys never understood that fucking concept so goes back to your thought everything has to be our aid for the next fifteen years we're gonna do this and then we can move on to the interview and if you get a laugh i gotta make sure i get a bigger laugh it was exit that's an exhausting way to do is really dumb to its like why would you not want other people to be funny right how does it make you less funny like the idea that you
entire body of work that you ve done up to now is meaningless if this other person is funding for every moment of course in this so stupid it's like why would you be even effected by at all if someone else is doing well but the business is filled with those guys it's so we ate students worst yielding to highs kommeni is well yeah and they're scared of the unknown as far as radio goes you know something's going well just go with it they have that stupid clock in their head and like well we only allow twenty minutes for this gotta be funny or interesting remove arthur like news or some wash yeah they have to go if said just throw all that shit away just keep going all right we're going to read the news at new york fuckin thing that you have to do every fifteen minutes the board the hell out of me when i got to radio they still do it is still do i got in and i was playing music and all that shit like this is stupid if i can't
i suggest you know have some kind of hang then i'm going to go and do something now yeah kevin and bein a really interesting guys on and off you know them at all fell like of course to guys if ever i met one of them who is that your guy that's being met kay rock in new york he really could mark you had it been nicer greeley smart cats and if someone just like let them talk in the morning and you have people on talking and have guests on a talk with them should be fuckin a fantastic reassure but they have to shove songs and shove songs and look assess the new thing on regular radio you gotta use again for whatever reason and it's off music we ve heard of millions
blow my miner the new song right and you could be in the middle of the cause fucking conversation they have to place the egg and a few days or down the hall there they're watching the clock and they'll hotline they'll knock it they'll come march in the studio know they'll do this point at imaginary watch like you know get better get back to the format so whack his am i gonna get structural no no no no he didn't you didn't i was only contagious for the first time china have at all i'm thinkin isn't gonna get struck throat now
how do you get strap throughout may have to kiss a wearisome annie it's from eating a lot of pussy i don't i'm allergic to retain a ceiling which is like the number one like get rid of strap things so that we get it so much you're that god it's allergic to err on the one guy and it's so i have i think that's why i get so much by the author of a duty why are you sound like you do in character his i hear anything until eighteen empathy how crazy is guided have where it s going to be talking to brion s trap door right now you're broiler voices wise voice one africa yet if you took penicillin i need to know i get a huge rash over my whole hats annie it's pretty bad russia you can survive era in it but i could take z pacts usually works love z pastime i hope his heap of my left tonsil so big that the air is gone from my throat aurelio like when i try to sleep it's like i'm gagging homemakers i'm like i can't breathe
absolute outstripped throat think so far this places set up can intimidating a timid aiding wait till we put the werewolf in what's the world again a wearable there's a guy named pamela gives special effects guys recreating the american werewolf right you know makin wealth in london they do a full size version of it and you're putting this year how about ass a second i'm jealous we got just a shitty studio near him much whether well that the beautiful thing about not having a boss you know whatever we want just we just set out on a little that just a little while guys can maybe you know you guys been settled down by bosses forever if you guys not really never now we ve never listened to that's twitching caused a lot of strife over the years but the fact that this even in strife in relation to sleep the fuck alone
so let you do whatever you want to do and you gonna do it the right way to do a good show as much as we complain i mean were allowed to do what the fuck do you want what about what about this is ideal yeah yeah you don't want anybody know no one is aware on your back there's no one here this is the whole operation that you can get it all operations yeah we do what we want yeah i mean there's a lot that sure we would get in trouble for if we had to listen to somebody we think is stupid what is your number one thing you were gonna trouble for amazon regularly used the word cunt a language crap satellite you can let you know i gotta rallies corporate stuff but targeting of corporations drug unit elastic the but did you doing bits that would get in trouble we really do bits are going away now we just let me note rather does have conversations with interesting people but any
every now and then someone who do a bet it's fucking great i mean i'm not opposed anybody create anything that's fine just for us you have allowed how someone to talk about all the world is fuckin banana and i do have to say this year the king of twitter the king of twitter you are the king of twitter has to be said you're sure does the links you tweet just amazing out my get him to me in a more vigorous large that out yeah well maybe some of it is things i retweet some of those things stay in whatever form but you're filtering it from your filtering the shit you your finding and they are sending out to your people but has never been a time where you get so much weird shit thrown out you all day and you can throw my bag it everybody you're the one that started the whole planet thing we're earth is this year and then it shows this gets bigger and bigger disclosure mine now the thing
everywhere but you were the first want to tweet there really was just knowing how fuckin big shaded i've loved that video that that very on a lot of fascinating you do you love it yeah doesn't creepy i gasped absolute deathly does we had kneel to grass thyssen thyssen on day the asked for is this your knee was talking to us about my god he's talking to us about the depth of the universe and just
the way he does it first while he so brilliant and passionate and when he describes things it's just so like there's like a theatre to it as well because he's such a good talker and is also so fuckin smart so one is talking about the multi verse and the idea that the universe with hundreds of billions aghast almost infinite is really just one of an infinite number of universes lacks a tat bag is freaks economically the fucker and you're one of these guys you're convinces does life all over the place where i don't see how weak you know i think they ve done calculations on not just like everything in the world is action of atoms essentially right and i think if you understand it is that's your such as the original they understand that if the universe is large enough that every
the collection of atoms in exactly the same collection it as it is on earth will exist somewhere else that the you're talking about something that's infinite like literally every thing that exists in the exact same order in the exact objects inexact place exist in some place but it has to be so it's i'm insane light years away like fourteen trillion trillion trillion turning them into the wormhole with what's what does name because bangers dont granddaughter morgan freeman morgan freeman he's the the hostess and it's like this there's another ope it's just you have to go far enough that's what infinity means rights it's so crazy that nanos your another ope but there's another
jamie in the room is another brian aromas and other me like that is real but what kind of life you think is out there ass i think we're out what exactly how we're living on iraq lay down our unity or as an early five thousand years ago the universe inning infinite so crazy that the earth in exactly the order that it appears here might be somewhere else because that is just a combination of atoms in various states and that combination of atoms in various states could absolutely mere in the infinite but we have to think about what the infinite meets with the with the infinite is it's impossible for us to two conceptual that region as a kid care when they started thinking about verse and then you're ok with the fact that way maybe it ends in there's a wall this is how i thought of it i'm like a universal hens and there's a wall but then i started thinking what the fuck's on the other side of the wall irony but being a little kid and stop and think for a second that there's not a roof is not a rule the world while you know that
that's tough of flying space and all the sudden my lot my world went like from my point of view to be in this is my neighborhood this is where i live to work the fact that like a cock and nobody socking about it it was it was really weird three legged seventy eight year old whatever wasn't really start right buddy you think it happens around eight for everyone concerned about the time you realize you die years that tourists life efforts is scary day i remember i learned at eight that we're gonna die and my parents taken off to go to the movies i just want to suckle mobs to solve scared and to them it was just a night out to me like a life changing my wait a minute this fuckin thing in sunday yeah i was a weird weird night i cried the first night i realized i was gonna die some day six sunlight i cried i was really sad
and that was also when i was i'd get out already given up on religion said did a year and catholic school are you a catholic guy originally near i did one year and catholic school like that no my parents had run away from home was no one was in all boys school now it was separate the say separated in class it was girls that it would have other classes i was i was brought up catholic but about an organised religion guy decrease this girl i ve done it was went to all girls cather square what do you believe in them i believe and i mean and ought not believe in aiding either that our europe on unique yes it no i wouldn't sound something right now we just haven't i oh i would definitely not throw out the possibility there's something i think to throw out the possibility that there's something out there is kind of silly i think this
a lot of the reaction of people do that is the reaction against organised religion and organise religion we all know silly so reaction is to say no there's no god there's not anything is no evidence i respectfully leave open the possibility for almost anything but do you said we all now we all know what that religion is not organise religion using in listening to the show and you you feel me on his dog i'm telling you no no and i know that it's a crock a shit but thousands then that army but that's it or else i want to go without forsaken like it are you talk to the people out there they go to church every sunday they even now or you talking about have unilaterally given up on organised religion if you're really paying attention you know torsion if europe
all right if you now pay attention that's on you you don't have people just don't want admit that renault one admitted themselves it doesn't mean it there's no god you know the idea that there's no god is crazy but the real problem is the idea that all those contradictory things all those ridiculous things at a written down on paper about controlling property and about wearing types of cloth at the same time things that could be put to death for like if you really knew what the fuck was in the bible and you really like got a good account of that an excellent translation of all of it together which is really fuckin difficult right you would go this crazy people talk ok this is god telling you all this shit there may be a god and maybe god has a way of communicating you too you through good bad feelings good and bad reactions to people in maybe that's what god's message truly is in that's people sort learn lessons from these things in written them down doesn't
is count the idea that there might be some overwhelming force in the universe that creates all of this the idea that we should discount that entirely i think he's kind of nuts i thought the problem is that it's been simplified its nonsense sort of fuckin cartoonish you know man in a robe and gods and then his son jesus kinda i think that that's what fox it up for the real idea because the real idea is not that far fetched well how do we update that well let's go because the bible was written what six hundred years after that the real problem is pussy ok let's break it down the real probably it was because what happens is someone has a new way of thinking someone has a new way of doing it someone comes up with a new bible and they put it all together and then they start teaching that shit and then they start paying it checks and everybody gets pissed off and then everybody
come in waco style with guns and you're not going to be able to update it one of the things about religion is it has to be all this fuck if it's not all this fuck we're gonna newer nagging to trust you but there was a time catholicism was an old is for yeah i was there when i was as news scientology when was was created fatima you like created all wants or due to absorb other religion at another hester i ask as i have it it is always to someone i wasn't paying attention what a country religion to grow up as a catholic was just fuckin torturers and then and then the other religions you gotta blow off is not being real will everyone's foolish not crazy that's right or the reality is that the absolute hard core reality is that work studying some things that people wrote and the idea that any of that stuff is a message from god man he's not communicating with you today in some way shape or form is crazy you know i think that
most of what people wrote about most likely the origins of it the real big experiences that we wrote about were either bullshit or were probably psychedelic experiences they re in a lot of mushrooms back then the shit grew everywhere they knew the ones you can eat no wonder you couldn't because kept alive you talked about that on our shop and you look at the old what drawings and the old dry and the owner had stuff in here you see the fucking magic mushrooms magic mushrooms first of all all over christmas lore all over depictions of christmas is they emanate miscarry mushroom many sea will elves with like like dancing around these mushrooms sir about a mushroom is apparently it was very variable like you could to hold a sum of energy it doesn't do shit for you and then you get all of some other stuff that gives you the psychedelic experience and might be seasonal and might be geographical might varying genetics so
ricky mushroom but there's a lot of evidence it points to the root of like a lot of these religious things having to do with mushrooms and is in the use of recycled s water they write about that one because its first find a deep on you can find it yeah somewhere deep but there have been people that have written things about it but it's not something that makes people excited the idea of psychedelic being anything other than a distraction and you know something bad for your life do we think about like someone says oh he does psychedelic what does that mean to me was to me you know automatically think contrast obscenities those as my fire is gonna walk you know there's that
a vision pops into mine are you hiding in a way that that's crazy but if you if you said aren't you know the hunter s tavis of our time heart that's what are you getting their eyes even genius wasn't he was using the hawk to mean the end was really nice use fan and the end of his life is very i was a little your day through the annual like almost he couldn't understand just bramble landmines told i know you're not a big alcohol because i listen to the jail rogan podcast who did you have odometer powerful done marilla i pull planned partner i now and then i found it fascinating that you used to hang out at their pull joy which won the north north of the city tell seen chelsea boots now where do you not know airlines white plains oh yeah executive billions and white i was a great pakistan thanks highly all stories of the old poor yeah
that is one of the last fun places where a man could be a man in this country in this something about poor halls like a lot of people like that down they had a negative connotations with it because a lot of times pool is thought of his like this kind of tough person game where you know you gonna be like seedy characters and but ivan some of the best terms my life and pull you good yeah pretty good real came the second place time at last night play while their european turnest alike play tournaments again but yeah love plan land available for money now known i mean if you anna with somebody i would gamble like for the paper the time or something like that play for like twenty bucks or someone tat are really interested in the steel and well you don't have the money but unless interested in just like the game like playing the game competing why why do you like that because it's a control game the game is all about focusing in exactly on the amount of effort that you
after use with your hand to make a ball rolled a certain amount of revolutions and this times where literally you look for the position to be to vary between one and maybe a half a revolution so you're you're looking to get that close you're doing this all striking a ball with another ball now when i put try to get the more have you ever seen anybody that's really good well like really really go on a spear yeah in real life we don't listen there's like an art surname genetically she's very good let's just get a look at this there's guys that you watch in play and it's like you watch an art form it's like i think that's load your mind when yeah i think that's the case with anything if you understand chess i think that the chestnuts like that i think
the people that it really understand me i understand chest but not enough to agreed like them look night to seven for an all that shit i don't really know thou i know look which pieces go in what way but another to peace to people that love games like sit and watch a guy play and they get a or when they see a good move just it like it is jack them with that shit and that you know that pre that comes from like knowing that that form of competition i used to like play just i was pretty good grown up and then when you realise that a vague ten twelve fuck it moves it's a lot of ours dine at a lot of work to think to think about all these different things it could possibly happen calculate what's the risk in the reward and and and a factor and how your opponent plays which deal with alcohol well why don't you like it is just on its back to your body unless you ve talked about it's fun this is bad for your body
are you still obsessed drank i'm you know how i have a couple cocktails on occasion on occasion the problem is like get here word than the next to you feel like fuckin shit ran but if you i'll pay you know about it all you know alcohol does a lot of me now great things it enables people to laugh when they may be wooden did a lot more fuckin high five and a lot more craziness nothing could be listen some people up listen it's great for comedy clubs man and you could telling evenings weakness at the improv like one of about improv during the week the shows a great the very realistic like the crew do not give you any more than you deserve if you did you kill him the laugh really harsher but you gotta be on point and then do not go just give it to do not shrink and you look rio ceiling are soldiers shit i just got a tax from jerry from the improv body
well i flew in you mean laugh factory oh he's left factor by the i'm not the improv other club on either side of town but he writes opie ladies and gentlemen sorry lost my phone your work to come any time i brought two nights ago when i come to town like going to the car restore euro any other places that's where we first met yet yeah we fact my age forever did you showed that have become if you always asked me why i love joe rugged so much and when we are going through our shit for the sex in the church thing you liked stepped out and and wrote a fuckin article on the whole damn thing supporting us yeah i was horrified that no one was getting upset you we're getting o area is getting on sir but i mean you know what i mean it wasn't like it wasn't like
a national free speech outrage in situ in our man you're out a great article and that's when i start a really realising what you are all about inasmuch as such a need for fear factory at an even know that you're a stand up it up type yeah we didn't know each other and then when i saw you stand above was absolutely blown wake as you know you leave things about shit like that i like that from a standard but arm about both gives it out there is no outrage because we have the social networking like harm our fan base was they were out in their minds equity me you guys are getting kicked off the air but there was no twitter back there is nothing so it's colleague i i guess we ve set on our show a bunch of time you know you you kickin anthill and all the let's go fuck scurrying but they don't know what the fuck do that that was our fan base there are it's off there were running you know all sorts of directions but they they can organise nowadays you could organise obviously i thought
was the most ridiculous shit ever the people were making a great outrage about the fact that someone had sex in a church that its you did something so hard man they did something that everybody wants to do but that didn't supersecret special play magic house eliza bed there it's not bad there it's stupid why would it be worse if someone faulkner supermarket that was my point would be i would think would be worth a zone without their toys are now i get your point but what would be the answer to a wise a bed in a church is that disrespectful yeah it's a magic house that's what they're saying saying that magic is real and then all this fuckin corny bullshit that's obviously not real you know really look these people with their staying glasses and as a dude is being tortured to death in these was stare at that feel bad i was in the vestibule anyway uttering the figures in the actual church and to this day i don't even know factually did it it calls for two and a half years of my career
you are one of the groups i mean literally one of the only guy stepping forward it was so gross i couldn't believe it was real i couldn't believe it s getting fired for that i just like this is the craziest thing i've ever heard like if we don't stand up and say this is nothing this is not a big deal while you're making a big deal out of it not only that it's it's it's funny it is funny you know what that they did anywhere else would you have got in trouble that's the real question they did it a lot of other places at the but that didn't get you in trouble then i'm targets the church you got in travel so that's really saying that it is like a public policy well the magic places rail well here's the thing the same day was done in toys or us that's right yeah that's right i was right about that so as a toy store and a church where the two biggest that day but they didn't care but the toy the fact that they do rats schwartz one of those on yeah i thought you might have been a fail short the fact that that the
did the reinforcing the idea of this magic places actually a magic class yet it's really kind of creepy that people go there and they want to worship and they want to be like psychic if they interrupted insert fucking in a bunch of people and in front of a bunch of people but it was no one knows about it they actually pulled it off and i didn't get caught right there is a security guard that sought an action he basically said get the hell out here i want to deal dishes this then someone grandstand that day and a gas the only person who saw was a security guard now is it we're we're done we were good he saw he didn't want to deal with it i didn't want to write it up you d want to call anyone then the grand stand it and then the guy basically they are fine if that's what you want and then next you know the cops got while there was so really we had a chance that we ought to get away with it and then went our bosses like that man then i will just make believe this so silly but after some we ve never come back from that
so far it big yeah you guys were gigantic park and then the world changed by the time we got back yeah two and a half fucking years two and a half years isn't it funny that you know people get addicted to other shows they just like one onto a show and then they just get they they get into and if you take it away from home for a couple years things change while they came back but i mean you know them were competing with everything else in up to this i'll look there woods pod casting ones on their phones now competing with some idiot they just wants to look a sir i will go to try to get their attach it could you have done podcasting at that point that consisted now nothing now there is nothing to do we have to wait they actually yeah painless if you go go per year but do you of doing this and if someone took this away from you for two and a half yours or the usa for two and a half years their pain you would you be cool with that joe rogan novi sad and pleasant
fact that i didn't do that company what hires do now immediately to continue where we were we are you would have mediately got but our company said fuck that were paying every single dollar but you can do nothing that's so gross what a shitty fuckin company policy so stupid i try to get out of my contract at the time but my age and was a little scared he was getting his peace he was getting his taste so my what we'll get this whole fuckin thing back together that so yeah yeah that's a contract conflict of interests interests is i mean we're many is doing something we're making good money and he was getting is ten percent yeah that's a conflict or why we realise why would he called accompanying go hey you know my boys went out but i'd call em like weakly and get the fuck out of this contract the time clear chow is too big a radio company they want us immediately they wanted ah now cumana fournier so what would you know
what did they want money to get it for a pay off to get china contracted they are you have had a just take a chance sued wayward because i haven't luther our said what would they want money like a whirlwind of that you're gonna bunny that all who owned you guys it was cbs cbs fairly broad would they have accepted money to get out of it you know that how could you gonna say people to say you're full of shit but i know that i know this to be true dated one secondly what howard new we go across the street mornings would we beat howard stern and warnings i dont know i would like to thank you the pretty good shouted back that especially and they are we working vulcan huge and in afternoons they know at the very least we can take our nice chunk of his audience away and that that was a lot of money to the company so they sat down
in the board room they said look it's better that we pay these fuckin guys for two and a half years instead of taking a chance you know them gone up against our main guy that is a fact well that's the case you know they probably looked at their own profits and how much it will cost to pay off the appropriate worth a gamble on they made everything now they made way more money paid us that's how daphne weird that's how far up the business world trade in these they used to talk about it it was a business work do you know where you just printed up money did you pay the money and white the advertisers worse were just paying a fuckin lot of money the reds how much is the radio business changed sincere drastically massively right yeah stupid because at at the time you need personality driven radio they they said fuck that so the two is formats irregular radio is sports talk but anyone could do no offense those guys by dana that stuff is easy study and then its pop music that's it
mercosur really it's what you were saying earlier kevin and being they have that they have to play their music now tat i think they have always done it that way you think facts i i feel like i remembered time where they were a street dial in october man they're they're good deeds i i just think that the future is not look good for like regular radio like companies their model that they operated under axis rid deteriorate this too many options and we're like stitches in your car you could listen podcast anytime you want your car goals set that up and being download them and if you put it on your phone you didn't get em off itunes gatorade oecd do i got right here it's really hard for radio station to compete the especially if they had the wacky dj voice you guys
the first two to shit out of the wagon aurelius if he really made it obvious you know and then i thought was obvious to everyone it is obvious to everyone but nobody brings it up what are my fair embeds redo every year is that jack told her that yeah i love that germany radio shows are so fuck you're pissed off at us was you look of yourselves were actually trying to help you out why are you still doing that type a radio will tell you which october september we just we feature one show every day for the month of october this beetle should add but they're all doing the same thing others does shows that they have to have a woman which we call the whole obviously but that's a dumb programme director they d get like they would get like you two together right and then they would throw a woman for her point of view yeah i'm not really interested and this of course diet of play models it's not that i'm a massage this but i am a man and talking to men
have a good women too they have a tendency to fuck you put up the yield side or the stops i like you don't knock it off so yeah we all know that so we ve been offered females over the years we're just said how far can now we will have females on our show and they do well you know if they do really well they could they can hold their own but to have someone in there on a regular basis that would be a fucking night right i mean you'd have to have the perfect mix of personalities because otherwise this look there nothing wrong with what women like but women liking what men like is varies drastically pig fuck indifference and where women are in the mix if you're trying to do anything especially something creative along these lines when it's it's like free
form by conversational type shit if a woman is in the mix on a regular basis changes the entire dynamic of the show or you can watch everything you say you gotta watch everything you say it to try not to be as rude know all you gotta have we not shit on her the way we should on each other you could be very aware yeah you can't talk shit to check the way good telling you did say to freshen up stupid he headed out that's fine but no one ever gets upset but if you say that to a girl shut up stupid like i think our female less listeners understand that to conciliate wait we get the year like guys on filter yes because that you know the guys in their lives there their round their wives or their fuckin girlfriends they're not unfiltered so radio shows like yourself and are seen other they liked her cannot take that you know peak and listen it yeah that's the only opportunity the kansas like when me when i listen to out q gay radio
that's the only way down every gay people have long conversations if it is a good i really don't know i really doubt other they're nice guys we know hall but there's zalm i guess i got it i guess i'll look about i just get it you're gonna get a kick gonna listen into everything i like listening conservative talk radio like listening to like those really silly conservative guys we're everything is fuckin a hundred percent ouch jos yeah down there while he's he's little weirder alex has a lot of that shit now thinks marijuana should be legal gay marriage should be legal he's a conspiracy theories to the wood you scared me for wild some like magic organism really smart dude and you are really to alex jones and i miss all that i miss read it
we finally have a conversation and you you said if you like i believe what twenty percent due to say openly that depends when i was what happens on a subject sometimes ably seventy to eighty percent way says fair enough is the last time he was on our shall i was surprised how much i was there you when you say but there has been the times it's been ridiculous it's crazy yeah buddies awesome and pointless fundamentalist strategies and it's an act now really well it's nine act he's my friend but many of us have known that guy for over ten years now our jones is exactly who say like you didn't get it gave us now on and on and on telling you i'm telling you mighty bodies this that he he understands conspiracy like living in their world is ice is good for his business so he he horses some of this shit continue to live in the conspiracy world i i i
still why you would see that but i don't believe in that but i believe it is more of its confirmation bias happens when someone gets really fixated on the idea that there's a conspiracy everywhere so they start seeing conspiracies in places that the not but it doesn't mean that the validity of some of the shit he's brought up the validity a solution is brought up is unquestionable last out that he brings out it's like and by the way was bring it up way ahead of anybody else he was he was talking about in he d in the first days of september eleventh he was content false flag attack and he was saying that the there was there is possible that in our buildings were detonated in like he was sticking himself way way way out on a limb and when he did that i was like wild man you can't i was like you can't say that that's crazy you can't you know you can't you can't say that their willing to go to war for profit i thought it was being knots of talking tomas like you know you just draw our conclusions but
so you know were at war with iraq and nobody understands why and you know he sang for profiteering their profiteering over their right i dont believe that he's right about like september and being orchestrated by the government i don't know it was orchestrated by the government but i do think that capitalized what about well of course by me one of my thoughts on that is if you want let's say you bring your country to war right and you know that there is some shit that be going down in new york city like planes and into the falcon buildings you know that would be technically really good for for the country because then you would like you said profiteering and end had off to war why when you just happened one of them was that's worth that's where omnia that's where my line is where i wonder and it's like a grey area to me but to to think that you know people were wiring the buildings while people going in and out of work this is ridiculous
possibly let things happening i you know i we notice is going down but the worst thing for what our agenda right now it's past the real issue is the idea of the false flag idea the false flag is the ideal planned out a fake attack would they do that and for most people that answers now nor must we will say the government would never do that the real problem they ve done it really actually have done it not only have they done it they plan unduly bunch other times they couldn't pull it off there was one from when the bush administration was leaving they were talking about in two thousand seven i believe what they were in about going into were i ran and then in coming up with a false flag attack in the to get us into war with i ran before their administration was to set you know the next administration said obama administration into some crazy fuck they couldn't control now and the end is that good for the country in their in their minds and now i think it's profiteering
do i think i think there's a tailor area bodies right there's no other way has nothing to do with actually making that country storm in the if you can justify militarily if he can justify the reason why you there then you profiteering is it really that simple as like is someone profiting abso fuckin loosely ok so you can justify why new there an someone's profiting by that means it's about the profit and that something that we don't like to hear why don't we we don't like to accept that shit breast country alex jo leinen sent us patria alex jones brings up all that shit northwards document and the north was documents and nineteen sixties nineteen sixty two or three years before kennedy was assassinated they sought joint chiefs of staff sinus the agreed on this they were going to faint bunch of attacks on america by the cubans they're gonna below but drone jap they're gonna take it
flight in the air with like radio petroleum blow it up alton sky they're gonna blame it on the cubans we're gonna arm but friendly's in there and a lot more is at guantanamo bay possibly killing american civilians or citizens whether and they're going to do all this so that we would get angry and we would want to go to war with cuba can really well you get to go to kuba they wrote this down there like we're good girl i'm not generally we get the fuck out of here with this kennedy vetoed it where were you i would kennedy but why did they killed him i am almost oh i see i live i met a few people was quite a few people wonder because our what's his name came out what a couple days ago right robert kennedy kid he certainly has i want them to night said there is definitely no that was deafening a conspiracy i don't think there's any question i mean i think there's a lot of people who want to tie things up a neat little packages i think that's the least terrible neat little package on earth i really don't just
video alone is approved a video the fact you know that they had to a trip all those wounds to one bullet because as they found a bullet that hidden underpass ricocheted right so they were like they were coming up with a logical reasons why all these wounds it's kind of from three shots it's kind of insulting to our intelligence yeah why would they say that why would they limited to three shots re wagons i was the only feasible for this guy to pull off cortisone attack or was it to make it to me one guide had no more than three shot and other mainly harvey oswald wasn't in on it i don't know he could have been in contact with the fog he'd be he had a long history with the sea i had a long history of being limiting russia in open we being a russian spy meanwhile we dealt with as a lot that points the fact lee harvey oswald was doing some shady shit to you ever been to dealey plaza tab in there then there were no those whack jobs come out with their books and their card tables now they're still re living on the day and they all have something to sell
you have seen that next time you rode through it now man next time you you played dallas you have to go to daily plaza and you have to hang out there for three or four hours we drove through it and so weird pisa history smaller than yes a tiny and it looks like it looks like a hollywood state try it looks like a set for a movie could nothing has really change under the trees have grown that's about it but these people that were there that day their ultra you talk about profiteering to this day there profiteering they go there every day and try to sell their pamphlet or their book or bore whatever the fuck it is somewhat idea you love with you did you see the sandy hook fully exposed video that's been to feel what he saw there they try to save good yet conspiracy like how you know like that two other shooters and they show like even footage that like the news of people like like the police can a guy in the woods and then whatever happened to that guy and have some of the kids
so did the police catch him or not can't we just talk to the police or where the police in on it as well we're goin for somebody debunks i've seen the videos on my summed gotta be wrong here there are saying that tribute video was put up a month in advance and i was like how do you know that someone did just added something rather than other video like i could ve been a host that was made a month ago and it is something else and they just took out the staff and put like the regular video and yeah acted in this ways till i figure time stamp of you ever previous polio editing i dont know whether not that's real but i do that whenever anything happens now a million people gold for conspiracy have it doesn't make any sense even has no conspiracy oil love a good conspiracy lama good we grew up in that shit do you believe the big foot
that's a good one man awhile relet yeah yeah yeah this is the reason why our citizens one another to ask about likeness which is unsafe again jane goodall whose world famous amateur artists tributaries and bigfoot now hundred percent she says she's convinced that there's an undisguised primate that's that does what i'm pretty sure that's it at her exact words she's convinced there's an undiscovered primate living in the pacific northwest so where the fuck the remains well the deal is well you know we had a hunter on yesterday's gusty vanilla and we're talking about our animals like has ever seen a dead mountain lines never seen a dead man like you know you could any hunters in the woods constantly we know mount minds are real but what are the odds are running around and spying a dead one is proof it's more but no one is found a skeleton skilled remains nothing nothing credible nothing credible
mt line known and unknown enough for bigfoot yeah but have already and i know that the reason why jane goodall believes that it might be real animal is because there was a real animal that look just like that and lived alongside people's called gigantic pythagoras in the photos of my kind of crazy like ever recreational one rights in aid tall by penal giants ask watchman that's really what it is but they have actual proof that it only lived there lived a hundred thousand hours ago because their bones are they do i guess who's talking about a believer that actually was one of the few primates stores it's dead like they bury their dead they had like they're dead in one area right so they they might have like understood life and death more than other chimps are just kind of sudden leave their monkey by lay in around after they die right now they took care of the bodies in which is really kind of freaky
they were really really smart and reinvent milk all primates smart you know there are reasonably smart nor those a gigantic one does that big it could be smart fuck i mean everyone searching for now who searching are you now i don't know anybody i just feel like a good sized nabil everywhere and i would like to say that its true yalta people i mean that would be amazing for somebody if prove that big well enough spike has a new show it's like ten million dollar challenges something crazy like that to five big where am i i think you might have said too much mice duff don't blame me my laboratory where there is a lot of on a grant to go find big foot and ticket costs yeah it's a fucking great concept you know and you gotta go deep in the woods and look for something the only guy that i've ever heard tell a big foot store i heard him tell it on your shoulder came until it on my part cast us less trout right survivor man right his his
foot story was pretty credible kazakh i did why do you say guess he's was here to two different encounters one he was in alaska and is the most memorable and he was is tat it was sleeping and i just lines tat try to go to sleep and heard something thumping through the woods by peter liese and walking on two legs clearly goes and it was really heavy it tell was really heavy and he didn't what to do so just laid there and waited and it got closer tone was coming towards his camp and he said it was about fifty feet from historical like egos clear primates outright like clear primates sounds was reaches for his camera money rustles the thing runs off and the thing runs offices it's running on two legs i hear it thump thump thump camp ten
and he to this day is he's convinced that it was an a bare so there's no way that was a fucking bear there's no way because i know i've been around every animal he's a real survivalist in i'm sand like that guy goes out there the fuck pocket life and it can last month where was it who's in alaska city was hundreds of miles from anybody city they flow men on a plane for hours before they dropped him off for a week and he runs in this work and animal out there there's been a lot of sightings and in alaska by the way it's not just one this hundreds of bigfoot sightings ask we gotta catch one yeah we do there are you scare the woods fakir should be scared fuck it scared and should be scared of everything everything natural because any become a part of the food chain like here when a studio the beautiful but still we have eliminated the food chain a hundred percent this is us in argentina and yet you not like look out
jaguars and if you live somewhere that sought it you'd have to look out for or will you know when you go into the jungle are you going to the woods it's a beautiful thing you know to be with nature its beautiful but you also to be a part of nature you throw yourself back into the lottery it's funny the first minutes and then you starts in the shadows in fact in mine place tricks i was in montana went hunting for weak call here we were now it's what the steve renault was on yesterday i shot this works with shot this thing shot this thing what is it that's a dear that's a nice how many points eight a point fuckin dear would look in our right now just the skull in the end the antlers it was interesting experience but too well to camp out like five nights india in this really wild habitat like that man you really is
looking around for stuff you really they keep it we found outline shit there was a real eye opener like you see a big fat robe of shit with hair in it and you look ok something killed a deer with its face it caught it here and killed it with its face its hang out here drop in shit so how did you know yours do no safe and we had rifles at night when you sleep well you're in a tent i tell you it's gonna know where the attack in the ten in omits its looks at a ten as this big thing that doesn't really totally understand they when they smell if your food in its annex unlike their especially bears in get really turkey but there's no bears in this area bear the main lines already scavengers there looking to kill thing i get asked some how is it to kill someone the night at heart noise is a europe that yeah yeah fine with the cause of eating meat my whole life and if you kill them aside deliver ever you know what you're doing as you're you're ending their life in new york
your choosing to end their life but their life is very temporary very temporary in a very harsh climate and if you don't do it they giddy by wolves now questioning that you i just don't think i could do it do it portugal you're you're prolonging the you wanna be alive limitless i'm your father bother you at all the money and a little bit now i mean i have respect for it i've reverence for the animal i mean it was you know seeing an animal in the wild like tat is you know what he's a word majestic but it's really powerful moment that animal like wild it's probably never seen a human being before me we were in the badlands montana and you're you're running into a deity very likely three sold to three years old and i never never seen a person ever and then you're sneaking up on them shoot them you know it's pretty intense but the food is delicious it's really nutritious and healthy and if your personal eat animal protein
i can understand the ethics behind not wanting to cause harm to animals not want killed them but especially in the case of big game hunting like dear oh doing is you're you're ending their life before a predator takes them out they all get taken out by they get taken our line of their overall opulent address that my dear dive old age zero zero literally zero there just fucking making babies wolves are pulling the baby's out of them mama's pussy while they're giving birth i mean it's a crazy life you're out there in the woods its is fucked up podcast it's dark as it gets out there in the dear world so when you come along and blow their heart out with a bullet ought to try to its like the safest i'm another services like the most humane way for them to die ever you know it's i do understand people's points of you if you want to be a vague and if we want to be a vegetarian you don't want to cause any harm i totally understand that but i think you you do accept that most people eat meat and that is
the case in this culture most people eat me this the most humane way to acquire the meat and doing is acting as a predator in a world filled with predators you not denying any other animal the predation and in fact the de it is that if done correctly it keeps the animal populations healthy so that no fuckin starve to death or trying to stand out just think what goes on in your head that's no i was ready for it i'd i'd prepared myself for for a long time and wanted it is the first time we have a shot seldom you know it's not like it very respectful thing you're eating a meeting in this whole animal takes months too it is a lot at me adds processed and cotton the western new york we had a lot of venison chile oh yeah lighter western new yorkers ohio fuckin dear no shit when you take a ride from buffalo too long allendale where i brought did i was brought up we used to count how many dead near on the top of the cars yes
a lot of hundred's casino especially during hunting season role that yet and then on the side of the road and a lot of people get their cars fucked up by those dear tat that's what it's very important to keep dear populations down my people don't understand like if if dear populations get really big of all you allowed a lot of line diseases well that that happens it ticks travel from do dear and they get into people and lung disease and people's fuck and devastating to your health right and a lot of that is over populations he's fucking dear they get the mean they can get is this a road from massachusetts western massachusetts to new york like planes area forget what the road it is probably want to sit ninety one maybe whatever it is there's it's it's a two lane or are now at one point when you're like
too late to lanes on each side or later i guess i'll wait way up in the upstate massachusetts in western massachusetts as you're driving down in new york it gets so bad with deer that you got to go like twenty miles an hours fucking crazy to just start in front of the lights just running out and funding a car you ever see when they hit by a car yet the actual brief it's pretty fucked up i've seen a bunch of alongside the road you now in boulder its will they're not scared of cars and all don't even run they just stand there yeah bolder there was a dear we part the car got out the dear was twenty feet away twenty the way and we're all just stand there looking adamant dears like fucking bitch and it is that he has eaten is grass is used to their so used to it was clear to cars we took a picture packing the car he jumped across offence but they they get used to be and you know if you don't keep those populations down they're gonna be slamming near cars at night they like the lagoon
the squirrels but they'll kill you the go through your windshield canada have you ever seen photos online again have giant for the last three wins the beautiful i understand their beautiful i'm not saying we should eradicate em but we should eat em you know there's nothing wrong with the eating i'm there's plenty of them now just try again to head i was just curious guess i've never done it that's well i never did it until this time and i wondered whether nanos can have a problem with it but i mean i've always meet i like it the deletion of course it would be hypocritical to my feet food in the world which want snake states love it stick over miss ski it's a musketeer lump charcoal and salt pepper them its thrown out there you go at the grass fed you have the grass fed is terrific respite
beef yes very nice really gets interesting a different kinds ace way better for your body to where you drinking step bulletproof crawfish told you about but it's maybe potter yes maybe grass fed butter where'd you learn this is a guy named dave aspirate who came onto brian tells me everything he's my is my rhinos issue so like yoda yoda like pretend to be stupid around with all brian turn on the strength of the young this guy that we had on the podcast dave asprey he gave us really fascinating speech about and micro toxins some that i wasn't aware of but most coffee when you buy coffee from a story like starbucks or such like that is mould on it in the way that like coffee is stored in the way of coffee is treated when it comes off of right out of the plantations have taken care of
actually proportionate how healthy it is for you and those michael toxins you haven't mouldy coffee or really fucking bad for you that's where liver toxicity and i different he's different effects that there is an issue with some car he is not bad for you at all but other coffee shows like bad liver markings liking and what that is is fungus it's in corn and its in coffee it's a bunch of different shit we're gonna coffee isn't it different quality they guys will that you don't ever see there's a joke out dangerous grounds the show is about a dude who desire on the travel channeling travels to all these different exotic places where they make coffee like shows you like what it's like to acquire coffee in these tropical and he was saying that somewhere between seventy plus per cent of all the car you get has mould on it and that could be a health issue so when people talk about the health issues of coffee this dave aspirin guy says they're talking about michael toxins and when you dealing with talks and free
clean fungus free coffee you dont have movies is many issues and the energy does it you don't crash afterwards what we say is that you basically being poisoned by shitty coffee isn't the water killing all that stuff so that's a crazy thing about fungus europe which is not a good i now see their voices getting it sounds like its fake you should get us and even hawkins at one of those old ways and click ok i gotta want to do i don't wanna get strap he's not gonna contagious just don't make out with them your question and no they can't doesn't the boiling it doesn't kill them see there survive and space they can vibrating nation yam of spores can survive and insane places it's one of the main risk why some people believe that magic mushrooms came from outer space the idea that this there's there very different and in sars a chemical composition from other mushrooms and and
they mere human neuro chemistry and they can survive in a vacuum that could survive incredible radiation and that we need that certain shit has come here from asteroids we know waters come here from asteroids we know that things have hit their planets and sent things to us and could have contain organic matter will note we know all that so they're pretty sure that these and spores these countries borders could survive in space and that's how we got some of these mushrooms well you know that's like prior to that shit that causes mad cow disease that can survive like a thousand degrees for like seven days something crazy like that like there in their insanely tolerant does this stuff keep you awake at night now europe has filled up alex it's fucked up it's more family you know that complement consistent way say nine cannot take a fuckin lee you gotta believe go to their torrents work what happens if i take a leak commemorate back we will keep talking this is casual fuck man the internet use
and at the ceo of the company i hear you ve just never take a break would you rather we want so finally to take about if i leave we re talking about me no more swami do helpful whatever you want my wants we talked about what on the room you checking it whatever the little girl any diana just checking it i wanna get a couple plugs without help fight few follows for christ follow obi radio or p i go to the door and take her right look would radio when toxic show by unita what's yeah yeah yes really yeah you got yeah there's a story i met your mother fuck are we going to hear something cuz it's tori got something to show us so poor poor brian you got the bad aids each car peter duisburg up right now atomic go fuck himself is impeded gooseberry i got mouth aids s trap is no joke too
how many days is trapped contagious were i think is the first forty eight at forty eight hours after taking the medication and how many hours you maintain the message emily to see you but it gave a little buffer it feels like there's a piece glass of my throat do you sound like a good sucking cock for years like they just put you on a cock sucking plant you know you just for a year you run a cocksucker implantation that's they debt is lined you up and he added sucks all day for years imagine a world without existed without was the punishment someone bestow upon you yes cox for years for years and years and years and years you have two years in the cocksucker factory so they send you some place and your life's existence is you get four sleep a night and the time where you're awake suck index that's your whole day you get like five minutes to shove some food down your throat five
shit twice a day and then the rest of us to certain cox or death your choice it was a guy who did something someone paralyzed him and the punishment that they gave was to paralyse him medically yeah i forget what the story was i going to find out the ruling judges rely this was like i want to say a couple years ago they paralyzed man found guilty of paralysis or jealousy paralyzes walls words willing pronounces what happened to talk about some guy who saudi arabia was
paralyze a man who crippled another man there they will i wonder how this we're gonna get this guy had crippled someone so they were trying to were they one about sever his spinal cord cripple him as punishment right and people got really fuckin freaked out about the guy he stabbed someone and severed their spinal cord they were going to do the same thing to him because under sharia law this guy his victim requested that reality that's living in that world under sharia law this was his right to seek wacky as part of the world the way i mean an adult especially as a father when you read about the though business the world we see like some woman noses gun
because she was they thought she possibly have been guilty adultery so the guy gunned down the street and everybody is fine with it in your hat loud how these honour killings all don't stick our country could use a little that honour killings or just something what do you mean fuck me like the aurora shooter i don't will exceed his fucking face on the news every day why can't we just take him out back and shoot the fuckin head ok but that's a big difference between that and honour tat when i know i'm just bring it altogether now of course i don't want honour killings and maria almost like what are you but i think that i think are a bunch of pussies as far as we take care of you know so these fuckin people you want to take care of school shootings fuck it fuck it take these is out immediately yeah you have to also find out what the fuck is going on with her mind though in keeping them alive you can study them you can find out what would you we might be able to prevent ones in the future we might have like markers or flags that the authentic yeah they gonna do they figure out what it is psychologically
have to figure out what is chemically there's a lot of these guys are on antidepressants more than ninety percent of them in fact i think i think the mental illness part of this whole equations way worsening how can gun part yeah yeah you're right that i'm all right i'm intimidates eyes timothy mcveigh killed a lot of you with fertilize right somewhere to tell you that a failure and i grew there this is such a weird shill environment is it there's a lot of my own i know you didn't know somebody's hullo blah charlie radio and trying to step out of my comfort zone these days are you really different thanks jack is like the type radio show i do i care will student my sleeper right right right you got it always has environment to me is really fucking strange on this pouring out some shit you guys are really become a home for the comedian hang out right you know which the hay comics on the on the show really yeah when
we're in boston why we fuck and hated home and then when we first came to new york refocus eight because we have we got came in and instead of just how the conversation we're having war this be funny because of your stand up can't you just be funny bright and about a lot of these guys at first because we weren't getting the quality comics either because we are just starting out it came in and they want their bit set up why can't you just come in and have a conversation and maybe will fit in what are your bits would i don't give a fuck but let's talk about you know some shit and maybe you get some jokes out there so we actually avoid comics for a long time and then you know it do radio new york can avoid it and we value ray and do not we'd love it of course we love and you guys come in are you you guys figured out how to do it the perfect way and real comics come in and just fuck around and shoot the shit and talk shit and creates is on ably hysterical moment sure whereas in
if you got a guy just come in set up his bit how can you do that for us we'll conversation but that's what they want a lot of radio stations they like even i i did a big radio station like a couple of years ago and i still ask me do this they got we would like you to know what questions you would like to be asked to set up your birthright and i got set up my bets right and the guy was disappointed like what bitch you gonna do what pits am i gonna do with waited not now say we did not know who's coming into your fuckin show yeah i can't understand if somebody where maybe the colony called made you take em but some like you really what will you do i would you wasted time with that shit i only did it because i was not not i don't mean you them where they dead arbitrary to have you just did you not talking the radio show itself has great it was that producer the hostages where did me out without any besides so disappointed me that i didn't have bits prepared there and i was like what bids you gonna do what he talking about
can we just go out there put its present that radio thank right get out of here you're fucking my head man cycling in those days do fuck with you had to go part of like a fun radio show is like having a good time and being can we around someone is super tents within our standards they tense you up to you why are you so weird it out about me go on a radio stumpiness procedures while press play ball with that said how many cool shows are are there out that's right you re it's like i love the handful scattered across the country name five kevin ally for sure and i'll say that there might there might be more understanding and eighty five cause you're gonna piss off somebody i can't then i'll stop right there i'm not because our
i don't mean to know but i'm your right under our hearing nonsense from unjust alex jones alex jobs all you need ladies and gentlemen we got internet radio we ve got live radio we are a hundred people strong enough fillets one of the best things is with jim norton said about our chosen never thought of you brought up this brilliant port point was that how he was talks about like the government is you know that changing the papers are doing this at the papers but then he uses the government's research and papers for other points true may have you can't do both right you can both as a factor that sounds it hurts a lot of time to the acts like fact yeah he definitely does do that i mean look well don't worry but ours is also a guy who you know hill he'll research shit that a lot of people would find out some things while people would maybe a little wacky yeah outside
will i junior my peers and oregon and it was also look do you rate fuckin tv create theater i just went loved when he was pretend you haven't the english access talking to our sitting its accidents like alex crazy mother fucker i wouldn't blame fears of repulsion at that point we are he appears i forgive me i just a fuckin pussy here he earlier i really do phases to pussy he seems very gross to me appears the chasm very we are dirty there's some yeah there's something we had got its sub shit over there he's dirty yeah but it's like i think he's a very intelligent guy and these are very good host but man i feel like he was involved in tabloid journalism before this site but she was yeah it just seems like bye bye
why do you want to talk to that guy wreck the word that those categories of growth that that thing the tablet journalism like that it's really and they did this sneaky shit billy glistened in people's phones stuff that was peers yet has really gross that's really grow stuff like why why would anybody want to get involved at but alex and i wanted to deport them because he said something about the second amendment is going after him it's like so there was this greatly and try to get deported back to england preacher socialism and take our guns angry and fighting large do there ice is so find a watch uneasy pierce like holding down very professional he plays plato master but we don't understand is you can never win against alex jones because he will never feel ridiculous slight pierce is trying to like embarrassing by being like choir while you know i alex shown screams yells
then you just allow alex jones to go into full hours jones mo ryan any farc because in your dwarfed by his personalities and they say it hilarious shit you know what he's talking to you in an english acts are you not even a drastic it right cheerio chap our guns away and peace just peers eleven back casinos that's good that's good too i am sure we will have to have four rattled too i'm sorry will back let us go on rear than they went from larry king to that guy me fast they had to do something again we ve had larry i'm sure he's also it's like larry heat he tells good stories though at the smell psyche rodya causing your teeth bookstores onto eyes these awesome he has lots of rage where she gonna milder you shall seem like a real nice guy i use it i've done it show a couple times than when he was on cnn coupled house for fear factor was an be an unseen it it was weird go that's a big
an international body whose very friendly is very friendly so now that in bothering you ever get nervous about people watch me on tv none of that law really know you did between the u r c and fear racked or i'll just so many times especially the usa which is like to me the like i all those the people that are fine i owe them my best performance more than anybody and me like the guy has great fight and i dont do great commentary over his great fight to me it doesn't feel like you know if feel my my side of the bargain i feel very shitty so any those guys are retainers ring at you should sometimes been upset me but i have now
been disrespectful now in my depictions like i don't like a weird wage brave cause you that's a crazy world to live in this crazy world and yet you for taking some these guys have always wonder men i wonder just one of those guys shut it doesnt mean that they can kick my ass delorme them wrong i know i know what could make them better you know best what they i hear that without in any way i wonder if they ve ever taken a personally and by the way they might not even be able to physically achieve what i'm asking them to do this like some guys are getting a striking too late and you know you say what he needs to do is really go to a great striking camp and really get a striking together because as that's he's got you missing is big hall there's some guys analytically i don't know what it is but that they can never really get the striking part downright it's weird thing sometimes you see it in its rare wrestlers who been wrestling for a long time and for whatever reason they can't seem to get snap in there
hunches it's really weird and that some guys who have it like right away rightly if you start hold the paths for them and right away their scariest fuck with their power there just super athletes but some guys can't get that striking together and i dont what did as i really dont understand it i've seen it it's an age thing at an off its they caught it too late in life and they don t just cannot develop the kind of explosive that should a zombie yeah many issues guys ok immediately day they look they all look i take a strike well get well it's one of those things where if you you the more you appreciate martial arts the more you understand martial arts and the more techniques that you know the more you appreciate seen application the techniques so it will be the seller in a way get so excited about it you know i'm a may why do you watch jitsu matches and go crazy why are you so about it because i know how hard it is to do with that guys doing i know it intimately in our so when
see a guy who's triangle in some guy and you hear me screamin it's because as this fuckin do just pulled off a crazy asked trot it's hard to do right so i am exe exciting radicalism intimately aware of how difficult it is to do with this guy's true love how you call fight that's great it's fine man it's a fund gig that that's that's the we think that i ever announced i wouldn't say nervous does one thing that i ever do i feel like my responsibility is more than just me it's like to salute the guises lighting as well as the support to the fact that you know the fan base and millions of fans you know if i'm their favorite guy do this like i can't like slack off their bad that it take legs i take that superciliously so if ever do feel pressure its then but that precious good pressure but
like as far as like don't answer to do and larry king aside radios easy like i did tv yesterday which do i'm going to show for tv s who gets less laugh its past and cultures company oh really their car reinventing pont i did something when asked increases can be their great people we didn't i didn't raise rotten meat ashton but the people were awesome a handsome man i'm infinite alive a feature i'm in front of live audience on on a stage fright sort of their basically like i directed at upright kind of like what you see on part three of us and we all directed a prank and then we'd presented to us through the audience that fucking horrifying for me but i but i could do radio like lake did i never get mr ready will you also your radio the fans and i'll yet while yeah i mean first of all they they introduce me no one knows who the fuck i am well you didn't stack the deck when it mean didn't tell their own a fancy get tickets i shudder
i now know what is you showed throw that fuckin phone as well that we have had little bird the keep goin on here we couple minutes liked bird rather than in a previous part guys we're talkin distracting well maybe like ass we talked about how every time a man a restaurant like those operating on interest with let me whistles and i gotta be answered it look it's one of my guys great review rogan asked to try his deputy can take trippy tripping i do want to try them i want to float do is there a place in new york where you do i don't go look it up but anyway dallied open one but i was horrified just presenting my stupid prank well if you stacked deck with own affairs you then they were cool there is great but it was great it was funny but my point is to live tv so so when i do it's like you wanna talk about stepping out of your comforts fuck yeah that's fucked
you that's like wont load only see those sports castor guys at him and do it like a million years america like the nfl guys or entities gathered mineral they just so smooth and whenever they do is they ve been there done that thousands so it's all about the job it's not about oh shit we're on tv right that's out the window out just about me in a job gazed be nerves to radio remember that left two years ago so the only person has ever intimidate me it was yoda ditty intimidated and what it was about we came in recently and i definitely did better i just did better he's one of these guys man i know what it is has forfeited that's about the first time he came here where i was barely talk it eddie finally looked goes here like i that's how like i gonna sick i don't know what it was it's like no one
how does that to me but really odin and fans new and then when you know when you come back here and they are all talking about tweeting and identify the second time but he's a bad mother fucker what it is i guess you respect for his acting funk fellows fuck you come on man did you ever see him in narc he's inordinately right to really oda is a ban on the fucking isabel s i think it's him and dark not only does shut up i'll have to go to the i db see was but just as performances fell assuming that it was so good the way he was keeping everything together you know running back and forth coke houses his girlfriend their chief arose and relaxing bric a coke adam it was just like when when he in the car and he was drive around the helicopters are over the hair like you were there with the amended and you are high with and not an what the fuck you have really odor was and what the fuck they did his eyes
scene i mean maybe they kept him up and gave him coke because he looked like he was come to know those are the eyes at that's we're dead yeah i was stares at his eyes he talks were near you got guys in your interviewing you got look i'm reign the fucking eyes and i was look in his eyes on my fog that's really oda fuck freak me there freaking me out that scene where his eyes were all fucked up a new driving the car my dad guy that's pretty much as i saw where right but i'm tellin you that's very much his eyes and general even think about like a shit actor doing that same part if you take some guys like total carbon actor of course we could do that same part of your dad him knowing whether it really only their right on it as it is and what we know and we would not know good fellows as a good movie i wonder about that a lot like these bad fuckin commies i command you wonder if they got a different guy right without a changed everything you have you got you don't mean
if you got someone else to play this character this movie could never been as good really oda was blue when the play this kashmir but saying that some are going to come up with some announced you like here about the actors that were also up for rules like that yeah that's always fascinating i don't have an example right now nobody good on this he was so far at perfect with this it was so perfect look around you get share very is that there's a few of those guys out there that i like real craftsmen like daniel they louis really oh russell crop forgot fat lazy weakest still kick it out of the park wanted to lisbon gone well now to hit yeah but it's you know what it is keep they did skid fuckin crazy it's nutty life to be a movie star out their chet set in the globe track keep you shit together like to do it but to me as it could be pot casting or to be do stand for i could be doing some denounce equality want to do that she'll exporting
we build up to a long point in time and in the fun things in the movie comes out yeah and nobody likes but other making in the movie shit that shit takes forever forever you stuck in a private us grounds not nothing now really interested i get it i see how the people live to do it but to me as i could be podcasting or we do not stand up or i could be doing something else i would want to do that she'll exploring via my latest thing is exploring the exploring new york city a really exploring did you ever see dark days were the more people used to live dark days grit well i should say it's great document we are documents we really cool documentary its black white basically talks about the abstract tunnel under the upper west side you went down in their wanting to do there forever you worry about super aids that they now raise manage if you are what the funds the middle the earth the fuck what happened when did you do this post or pre sandy
after only about a month ago i come in on our show that got the news book hidden cities of the elder under fuck you could try looking up needs moses xaver tv now but he's connect to rely those guys there it's like it it's like a network of guys in the go around the world like hey you come i'll show you shit right come to new york you show us your shit so you went with them while this guy moses we went into the at the old amtrak title and the train still run but that's where the mole people used to live under a part of west side and we wanted to low fuckin rat hole on the side of the highway there is one wholly want me to go through my get the fuck out here is just garbage and smell like just horrendous let's see if there's another hole and we went a little further churn after the whole just enough to fuck a body in and then also you're you're under underground and this tunnel where these people lived some of these people live down their flight twenty twenty five years they kick your way out a kick
loud and like the mid nineties finally how weird people that they just fine these little collective glue groups of other the people willing to live in a tunnel and they find each other of together in a lot of them are drug annex how many of them were down there they don't really know i mean some say hundred some say thousands don't really know a dark days in the dock you didn't do a really good job because i would love to know that type of shit they focus on it prior about a dozen people that were living down there built little really nice fuckin living arrangements for themselves dollar what really yeah leave little shantytown but they had cable their electricity they caught the tv tv they they plugged into they figured out our plugins everything's all free they had pipes at they broke for their showers there was this costly run in cold water they would take really denies called the showers really they had pets down there
when i went down there recently it was me this guy moses and we saw three people the entire time we walked underground two and a half miles to the way out i mean when you commit you gotta go the distance and its two and a half miles get the fuck out we're gonna where you gonna come back from you know where you came from two and we only saw three other people and they were explores to sir there explorers as well yeah chicken in checking that shit out so there's a will this guy unexplored on that day there is what five and was total so there's yeah that's not big from new york grant an elixir creepy thing to do though isn't creepy school but the reality is that the union's military woods stuff they used to be there when they do that all that is pulled it all out of air and yet they cleaned it because i'm sure i can name i guess i think that the tunnels worthy news back that or they were being used
a lot and amtrak one of their fuckin tunnel back so they kept all the people out in the cleared you know that clean house got all the shit out of there this beautiful our work down their murals from my these fuckin just on literally underground artists ray yeah graffiti arson shit often the people lived in their pretty fuckin call stock as the great you know where people walk above obviously the light comes we'll run on the wall and every area area that has the light coming down someone do not do something or pain assumption on the walls why and some others should is really fuck and pretty pretty good that such a trip it such a trip that they had developed like a little under city down here and allow these guys were come up during the data to hustle you know collect canyon money would have the however they or they go to the garbage and get their fuckin food and then they go back now hello he's gone for according to
dark days they retired about guys over down there for like two decades jesus christ fuck it to you now society to society and decided one lived down there but a lot of where drug addiction crackheads shitless so many crazy but it will in the world in the movie dark days like somebody guys would right no crack on their little homes because they were sick people you know breaking an oar knocking arrive crack yeah it's hard to get crack in the basement sorry things other eager i keep again there it check some of so strange i recommended either i mean i i think i think they could have done it at our job with this documentary but it was definitely look that guy has a dark board refrigerator behind it refrigerator tall enough free electricity in that's crazy so they just into the water tat of everything why it's really enjoy
yes when was so fascinating how people just find a way to adapt right you know they find a way to adapt in siberia they find a way to adapt living in the fuckin tunnels right there seemed very very happy down there too it becomes your life yeah i bet they promised to get away with like not paint or so of course cripples everybody right ran i was crept out i thought i'd see rats down there and see any and the guy moses hours with these like look there's no people down here anymore and dinner rats need people to survive so they are the people are is rats basically just eat our garbage i was on the upper west side wants now that the gas station somewhere in the west and i was on the people in this along with this and was on the phone up my car was parked gettin gas rats or jumping out of the sewer climbing
my wheel and into the house oh yeah area just immediately right away looking for like whatever fuck and what i met a run over us on a tyres and look for a way into the car look for a way like into the engine compartment this sense that he come off of it i mean i thought i saw six seven rats climb all over my wheels it most disgust and their highly tells you to so many there's a book out there called rats you wanna be crept up to highly until yeah they really are they learn and did i really tough to fuck entrapment all that shit really understand when you're fucked up their environment that they do not they set up all their path and stuff so you don't dopey humans guy well put the falcon rat trap right where their path as they'd they understand that shit where fully aware yeah rat traps enough for those cuts now we gotta go all right let's eat rats they says more rats in new york city the people and they saw in this book they said
any given time this is this will blow reminded given time when you're walk around new york city is a rat with its feet of you because of all this you know these tunnels on the sidewalk and all that shit so freely their own tunnels under this love fucking tunnels rags but occurrences back at any given moment in new york city are very close to a rat we're not be nice if they had an app for that are you looking for like how many rats or near me and you look in everyone feels like that seen in aliens right when the little girls hiding in the aliens are coming through the ceiling look all over the ground is like rats or under age you in tunnels everywhere i think people would move out they wouldn't be so fucking in closing the upper east side what in our penthouses if you could look down with it with a phone and just see all of rats move the service you know the plaza hotel obviously new york yeah i think is the daily news that an article about the park across the street is infested with
and the reason is because the horse the horses marriages near they put all the feed down so that shit is everywhere it's a great you know food source for rats so i read about it in the paper i went there that night they said did you gonna wait till the sun goes down ensure the fuck there were rats everywhere hoppin across the fuck lawns and everything you sometimes they run blake on just two feet what fuck you i don't know if it's cause they're excite i've no fucking idea not not a lot but enough to creepy alec what the fuck rats run her eye and then their people or people were discarded sitting on benches and shit and run were literally right behind omen they didn't know my because i was fully workers the articles on my neck climb on people sometimes to nanny that but but then you also see all the path where they were there come from pass from one place to another humming vision you saw that night a couple dozen probably oh yeah they came out man and that's problem
a tiny fraction of how many of them around the little park it's like i don't know it's like maybe four times these were in vienna as just a small part but it was a festive i am sure the city has claimed it up said sir how do they do so if you want if you want chagall rats gather cross street from the plaza not central park which is right there too how do they keep a rat population correct disguise and make a shitload of money is killing rats killin rats it's only the these these buildings aid they hire the best guys and they make a fortune keeping these buildings referee in cats cassowary go we cooked brats on our radio show the aid it is in no doubt about our maybe it we did more shit at any w than satellite radio really yet day we got the idea i don't remember why maybe some dumb cooking show baby bird they want was any doubt a graceful conveyed ever and we can talk about the destroyer before i get out of here the nickname
that's right you were therefore probably the greatest bit we ever dead baby burke let me tell you about the rat they real fast so at any help you we decided cook up rats and we act we got listeners to come into to rat why and i looked at anthony like there's no way but will try so we we get our way through the question out there who would community rats phones fuck it later and people had ali rats so we had to looks coming we have one guy that was a french chef and we had just if i can run of the mill barbecue type guy and eight they bullhead library we we gave him the live rats and they have to do everything else and one guy killed the rat like very you know humane found a spot on the neck or whenever this fuck instead the real fast the thing was dead and like a second half the second and the other it took its red which has
watch it and death on this the table kilo cause you don't know how else this is on the radio all on regular radio my guy then the french chef nice recipe any made like ireland with brown saw and nice i feel like i was the nice presentation and the other guy just fucking cooked up this bloody mass didn't even just cut all thing basically when you know the losers came in and aid they tried the door especially the one by the french chef they went back four seconds they went back four seconds will not only do they let us do our ran or was it a street i don't remember where we get the rats from completely we were trying to get like subway rats but i think we might end up getting him from a pet store something but there are big ugly the fact that the whole things on you too by the way it's under opium his arrival show rat eating so i checked out but then you were there
first time you did radio to go though i think was in vegas at the poker torme now wasn't vegas was out here was in california oh yeah for the first time you chose abner called you the destroyer what yeah but he was at asters but then you pushed forward will you you king was not the first time it did the did radio together a yes yeah that as i didn't i didn't really i knew of you and your stand up obviously and like i said earlier united support us and that we finally get to derail the area lord antony was in the poker torment yes so unlike yo joe hang out let's do this we have a good time and effort there came on i mean he had no reason to be our shared the answer to these agreements i have just using our eye is you and up and you started fuckin with a vote now we waited we got along but i'd i'd recently explain this somewhere that i do that shit just to get up
can get arise out of some out of you not am and i don't give a fuck about so you you went after him to get arise out of mere that's how fucked up that's that's fucked up i did it i showmanship i did too superfly jimmy snuck in the other did you really well packing three died that he was with and is very suspicious oh really very suspicious he said she fell on some rocks they were they were driving to a i think a wrestling match or something and stopped at a rest area and she was checking out of streamers she fucken hit her head and then by the time we got to the hospital stuff she was but some say you might had something to do with me didn't know you imagine if that was actually just girlfriend and your accusing killing and what we got a video horrible and it's mine it's one of my latest videos on youtube child because what happened was i wish we and in the story which which was pretty big was was insurers and talk about it and he told how fuckin story
and just to get arise and i were in the room i go well what is she doing now knowing and look at the reaction of getting now just to get everyone in the room extremely useful and that's what without an answer at their head ass he didn't do anything to me but what the the people i don't know a producer start do me like hand signals and stuff like that he was trying to my attention for something else money even been wearing was out in the pocket torment and who who said what that me was it you're at eisner about what with the hand signals that lead to what i did i don't remember ok but anyway like someone ass like what were wise i get guy giving hand signals and i said well when the guest is boring
as there i go when the guesses boring they give me your hand signals to get about the fucking air and that's when as there cannot be a destroyer here and for some reason that made you really happy i was a larry i made you really have it was fine because you are you're fucking with em obviously both good nature wasn't that but you also gonna fight with that that poker player that we're there fine i didn't know you were there for me you mean you talkin about dead the ground yeah yeah i didn't and will again in arguing he is wrote some stuff on his his why are we words fail at any rate we weren't feel enemy it he's a good guy just he misunderstood what i was saying he thought that i was talking shit about his ex girlfriend i was not doing talkin about like when i and he realized tat he went back and looked at the listen to it actually wrote an apology on his website
reality is a nice guy are gonna around what will we didn't i just related hidden in the oceans your radio we're talking about it was on exams we're talking answered we haven't fonder of thought and then you're the one that officially came up with baby bird here some say is probably right up there one of our greatest bits think bill burn named they might have been building said the name baby bird wasn't your ideas idea i can take credit for thou my idea was we were doing the acknowledged ass we no longer can do its illegal now there was a lady died that drinking water yeah yeah they shut down just bring powerful shut down shut down disembodied we're there the year the guy the fruit loops what the puke milk yes i thought you had it not in fact what did he do that day i think yeah why was there when it did it get paddock as we did last his teeth with dogs with catch it i should attach dog shit he's a fucking crazy
greece is a nice on twitter you just like real love pat off i loved it wouldn't whatever happened him outcome is not working as in the case we can't do this stance anymore we got it we got a couple positions that are open so you know he wants interview forty eight hundred depress the other day just hear him any sounded so solely in that he called in the djinn norton show and he just like nothing worked for me i'm on my last desire enemies who is willing to eat shit he did amazing stuff for us but he was the one that decided to go over the garbage patch why not from the start puking format where we knew path from we knock it was gonna puke sewerage i figure what would be the most fucked up way to cap or is already awesome radio which by the way we're on regular radio creators was on regular radios we couldn't swear it's like that and me from haven't do in fear fact the only way that if ever thought to do this i was like
someone leans over the garbage paley throws up in their mouth i never thought anywhere would say yes duffy's fuckin stepped rider pad duffy stepped up immediately and i might there's no way this is really gonna happen this noah's really gonna happen and our two missions of the throw up coming out of path and will not be the fact that guttural literally all ignore it was seventy but something shots of ignorance and it was like a broken fire hydrants green we're it was the craziest thing i've ever seen it it could be the most amazing thing i've ever say with some owes i can't because you could imagine there is that much fluid and one guy just kept go away go away go if you haven't seen at least gentlemen you deserve to you to youtube took a lot of the video that where it is really want while there is from a cell phone they let the cellphone version palatine airlines all we can do is believe what pat pat duffy just sitting there with his arms cross relaxed and path from
marcie who is about what three hundred plus pounds is a gigantic tiny little thin legs and he's got this huge got filled with egg and he's ready to blow at all over pats faced and once you ve got where the floor is covered with plan set up like a text to cut it room can wait to get us out of their fuckin sure can chew man didn't want to deal with the other you're fuckin jazz showed its on their use that studio so i am asking this anwar patrimony lucky he said this is it more is golfers seventy five shod sedition so you go on farmers in any so me such a professional i find people who come from all over america they ve been puking all over seventy four by about everyone video erica
it because other people it already started hurl and they gave up early it was your billboard studio and i think that it is that's my screen massive war did darwin how big was and you think there's no way no became more power was how i have seen this video hundred times it never separate dumpsters all seven seven and he's not darn it sets a sizeable milling other gallon how do you explain the uk but how do you explain how much liquid is coming out of his mouth still lived yours a s but how do you explain that like their massive blasts of literally so why
first you remember the stephen king we we stand by me with a duty as the piloting outdoors literally crazier than thou literally doesn't believe i dont believe that it came out of his body petrified i did i did one study where we decide to make gum ice cream out the sisters breast milk so an ice everyone's while our step up and do not still do some of these fuckin bits that was one for whatever reason ceti alpha billet via the ice cream it tasted really good he was a first second and then who is the most horrendous tat she could ever imagined this a where nobody oh i mean who we are it
stephen king is such a bad mother how many good movies books this guy trashed us you trashed high cameras powers more impressive zealot more fake it did looks you tell me drew astrogas member exact somebody be over what somebody peeps twenty people trust us forget after well do you think we went after one of his radio stations are one of his morning show jock toper sort of it i think someone did of someone they want to help us out is a recently that he did this couple years back okay because recently you guys went after one in maine is like a portland maine when i was flat on my ass off we probably really fun in the jocktober i allowed those and i love how they always shut their facebook pages down like almost me ass time went on tat just hope that shared but he could take but they take it to the euro the end
its various it's hilarious yeah the pass alike the most loyal and active the radio fans i think of any show and they also turn on us as well keep us out our toes they are they are definitely all due at the comedy shows you guys had some we once you what he shows i did when it shows yes and it was great the addis is great well our audience has it has to be said they are a great harmony crown tables it down and fucking listen man for that joe and fully the infamous show or vat when they arrived there is very little hast thou well there they were drinking all day we did these commie shows cross american fully one is legendary now and a few bacchus are you closer dahmer air but here he ate his balls that lot but i've thought about many times is that went on he never had a chance he never had a chance jimmy schubert never had a chance
jimmy schubert actually bombed in front of his fuckin family there were basically sit the front room they had a deal that shit the jimmy go first now jimmy king coast i think is neither you who didn't bomb norton berwin next dilber so what is happening with jimmy hubert and then dahmer air and then went on shit all any goes you know what they're fucking not doing this to me and at that point our audience didn't really know bilbil yet you know that embrace him yet like other guys that came before bill he was short the cost of being accepted by our big fuckin in a lunatic audience and he said i'd they do that shit to me so you know it's legendary that that backdrop is out there tat we took on the entire view finally liberty but yeah went after philadelphia that nobody's ever do now for an end he he they started
wing on by the end of it he got a standing ovation it was one the most amazing things i've ever seen i now say that a lot but we're bringing up a lot of benchmarks but that was one of the most amazing i've ever seen a guy turn a fuckin room like that yeah those legitimate save what bothers me about this video this i wish we had a better copy this it's just how does it have a phone video it somebody a blow got it on their cell phone bill bert starting on boston you deal with so many crowds like that wrong angry crazy fox they develop style that that right you know that attack style there was such a boston as positive the set tougher you guys
since a great place but our place to stand up while as i got you you shit together but it me when you're coming up i would imagine his heart well when when bill and i came up i was a couple years before him but when we came up there was so many good comics around that like the rules the land had been pretty much established and there is a lot of like really good places do stand there was also a lot like really falk double shit holds that you get sent to resolute support now course i can't have a only easy crowds when you starting out really learn how to do comedy you gotta be able to do some past our place right so i see like a guy like bill in that videos like that's right bills out again do stand up and have to deal with it if you get it i mr shows where we're thinking about bringing them back let him back man if i may be this coming summer will do want to tell you the guy that need you first came over the named des quad do you understand that there really here
our shower or now the name desk why you came up with me personally shown you did you did is to make the name of a pluralist s one the euro mrs guy worse then how do i get a little credit jones enemy a little credit when i showed up showed up would take fletchers big giant ultimate fire dude render eighty bravo sure and you go here comes joe rogan with the desk while k i do remember and when you did that that literally became the nickname we started miser so like all the podcast recalled a desk with a little came out of that one thing how do i get a little taste you what you want to do so was i got my tears was out data that that's did stuff to get that neither the arctic
gets wacky lost you know i'm amazed illegal in new york dinah what can we do in fact when you have seen how we talk about their data white all the times do it's ridiculous what it s about do it is to do with fuckin commoner union the telling our eu merely by people off it's amazing it's amazing how it works we talk about the amount of revenue is being lost in the cities like giving work around that knowing how much money the lives and because the the industry is set up where the influence of these unions is was really been established and when they want us if something out these spend the money the they spent a lot of money on anti you have see propaganda until you have see websites they they put out and put out press release we cannot make only a few have say i don't i don't understand here's the issue break it down to the contrary union right ok is in dispute with the owners of station casinos stew
should casinos are non union organization and apparently according to station casinos the workers in the casinos voted to not go union they don't want to be involved munich as they don't have to pay the dews and they believe that the company treats of really pays and well so since they don't want to be in corner union apparently this is allegedly in i don't really have any direct connection to any this now your site is lotta hearsay will hearsay allegedly the canary union would benefit in terms of millions moons dollars induce if they got the station casinos something like twenty station casinos summarised if they got those casinos unionized then it would be very financially beneficial for them so they have used lobbyists and they have used politicians that they have relationships with and people that they can pay off to try to keep them at a new york it's amazing
amazing because his millions of people in the organs of the tiny handful twat there are keeping emma and it's all financial and it's made from new york city can you imagine and i want to talk about school so i don't know what the real out details of their dispute are and pretend that just because i work for the yo see that their correct rainbow gregor but it to me like some typical you in goon strong arm bullshit you know that sir i'm i'm i'm i think unions are important i'm offending unions a fan of people getting paid well for their efforts and i think that there is a lot of merit in that but when they do stupid shit like there's a thing it ruins it for although the good benefits of the euro coins they start using themselves as they like a mob of course and trying to enforce their own interests and has nothing to do with safety you nothing to do with the public and to see these for poor people petitions that have been bought off by these people see them lobbying to keep the see out assist discuss this dana getting closer thinks i think it's an
there's josie madison square regarding it are impossible harding madison square garden colony you see fuck if i can you imagine yeah i can imagine that everywhere that'll fuckin for galileo but no massive square garden now wooden i found was our jails and the casino when you guys rather it wouldn't even shake me because its historic building but at the end of the day it is to build a master this may be five years i never knew that it as look how young you your priceless sweetie it's hilarious whereas where these pictures this will make a scene but i may well what side of the house is one of my private says well fuck man goes was a girl i noticed anything my pictures just way back in the day what year was like two thousand six wasn't really sex was it even when we guys when you go first get on is this guy i'm two thousand four thousand flat
i know that is who wants to take a guess some famous very famous michael her duncan you're looking at a verna famous athlete decent michael click dunk why can't see their good he's you're crazy fate you are looking at a very foolish what's his name tita deacon joan deacon jones tried whose i think this is two thousand format i think we're just gonna when did you start working with me eleven years girl ten years ago so two thousand too when we went to satellite vetoes two thousand for two thousand years ago have you guys want satellite every just starting to get back yeah shit here's the table it's funny now look that vast fosters there of us was there so it's me you vos jimmy in and it was that day at abner steep and i that just for you fucking guys you know it and he didn't deserve that day boy i listen
the boss and in a body and bodies podcast driving home it was on your station wanted to fuckin throw myself out of we really did i don't think it's a different hid the gas and kick their door old guy get leap i don't love you out for them but i am saying is their conflict there keyser back and we like that's really love it is actually loveless close to the main sheet torture them and you know what she smarter than you and that's that's a little bit now riches unified texting smarter than him and there in a trap she's he's got him locked up whenever they start going there banter back and forth she's always right everyone's luggage romping over and over again and unless they do it like armada open this door jump on large car a ridge brutal girl it's one of the few pike s idea listen to yet what went on
would you have on your show now you and your channel the weekends you have more show our show the we called friends the show it's your friends and a shudder to become rich body i think bobby's part gases are there we mix and match every weekend in its on saturday and sunday is always leave sir i don't listen to much we see guys don't you dont control when your shoulders oc has left i'll love run affairs there but i dont like the fact when i get up in the morning from driving around at nine o clock in the morning i don't hear you guys we're doing your show i hear run it as well get the demand that serious what's up you have a one on drivers driving put in a fucking pardon if what it does is it is thus down emerged
connect to your internet and then you get i shall you is having a very first you can choose where every episode you want you can download tomorrow or yesterday's and headed playing on angli place it's kind of like itunes for serious exam ok but can i listen to it today yeah yeah i will super fast i will love for our show to be on of course morning dr sewed archives right away yet erika i would look at the outer but you have to have a three g connection or some sort of a connection to pick it up you always have a connection easily but yet you have to have some kind of connects some kind of innovation like your voice the saddle i don't have to have a connection exam connected the mother for thy mother they accept bridges storms bridges storms or clouds snow fox it up as well the churn gaelic directv snows our doom sign fuckin worse good luck widening and wish you had cable and pissed off i like the pure cocoanut water uganda not freaky stuff around here because going to war is very freaky i'm sorry
it's not a brain jargon about how can i wanna frankie does a freaky you just why either freakish i guess maybe i'm not describing it perfectly ready a new mood thing over there you get fuckin alpha ain't over here we're freaky people i'm drinking pure cocoa water very good for you which i now israel but at all with surrounding you with like organic items were good and break and then you can hardly made with border linux again like coffee would plotters its bulletproof coffee its color ass butter no twenty years my answer like oh talks and free coffee i say that would love i know it's ok is any one of those answers i think i've heard talk about zealot we sell it on it but did not answer on it's one of our sponsors we started violator of coffee cause it's so good did the key trying to find coffee that's like has very little money you are you can treat it too was cobbler you ever have the star bucks
coffee word words slight the fuckin really good shit only a few starbucks serve it what is it kind of like weight they have i think show you an acute even told me about this that some starbucks have liked this million dollar coffee make me oh yeah the erasmus where they guy made that he was a coffee freak he made this machine that bruise the beans to perfect temperature allah churchyard boxes the experimenting with that in boston you get a cup of coffee i actually had it on what is a boyleston street to get here is a boyleston down your boil some boss is that where the finish line for the marathon is what role no no i'm just my road support goes a little does now goes around runnin now you never read i do race quicker superstructures i was just teasing i was getting nothing really running anyway there were twenty miles without stopping now let's do that why would i do that
so in the car circuits sway easier but a starbucks are there in boston and it's like seven or eight box for one cup of coffee so i had it it was amazing is it the type of being as well as its shall blasi as it is like fun lou or green somethin fuckin coffee gains and aid they brew individual coffee and it takes a whole thing it's like a somewhat saigon of a pizza pie tray and it's a whole thing you watch it being made the most expensive coffee or drinking something called copy the walk and my dear what it is it some its coffee beans that are you by an animal hall of civil rights and it shuts it out and when it should set out the coffee beans are not digested by its body but its bodies acids stomach gases do something to break down the outer area the outer hardy area and then when you brew those beans its unbelief we smooth and delicious editors it is like shit someone has to say
where where where i want to know you slate clean it i am really just fucking drain the means a little bit they clean you should try that it's good talents delicious where it gets a different resource get around the fact that someone like coffee so they picked it at a pilot no kid this little country flattened civic and you know they had it he's my being someone had to try for the first time to think about anything that levine yet we ve we ve lobsters shit right someone had to go and i think that might be tasty the irregular shot and they but i think of the stuff they they tried lake you're not someone had a try poison ivy yeah oh yeah but the aid they had a tree all that shit didn't we finally said nights leave that should alone yeah it's funny how some plants are delicious for you and other plants will kill you immediate right and they all like soda and someone had a fuckin figure
shit out for the robin like documented is essentially to accept for like the rain forest there is dead the fox in their newly deal with like the gigantic vast reaches of the amazon and how many plants or another we don't even know about their ask its very possible they send partners down there all the time they discover new shit and we're just fuck it destroyed yeah tell us it's no big fucking deal well good worthy borneo was it borneo they keep fine new species of funny about bunch a new species like tropical rainforests new species of primates new species of bugs new species of birds is like their constantly finding all these weird freaky fuck and animals they didn't even know existed in its two thousand and thirteen we do not have a good inventory of all life on earth because most of its out there's not bigfoot now but about luck
monster think that's most likely horseshit or could be just a big fish or an ass to be yours are shared by our they d been damon knew now look around enough within that did not just look around enough to actually like troilus owners and they thought it was a place you sore i think but if not mistaken i don't think that animal breeze water i think that animals possibly air breathing thing like a whale kind of a situation i don't know i don't know if they do they breathed water but i just don't think that a dinosaur to be alive today it just doesn't make sense to me but how cooler would that cool ebby cora you think will bring dinosaurs back thinking i do that eventually is working start doing so much i can imagine them not is there already talked about mammoths advances some diversion thick getting closer to figure that out of that there very close to do what they ve always been extinct how many years thirteen thousand
someone somewhere in the place a single miranda that's nothing imperative fucking dinosaurs yeah i don't know why they they think that they might have been killed the same way they think tat their stairs last speculation as to what killed off the willy mammoth but they think the bully mammoth passivity tiger might have been killed off by meteors they think that the decline of the last ice age like the abruptness might have might have been started or triggered initially by media showers because they found out about it i think twelve thousand years ago the straw i when they do a coil soil samples in twelve thousand years ago they found this type of glass that exists at nuclear test sites in on media impact sites and its everywhere all over the earth so they they found in all sorts of different countries and all the same area so that pretty sure that that's what happened and they think that that might have coincided with a lot of
extinctions including like the bully mammals and sabert tigers as they found they found some areas really interesting areas where they found a laudable mammoth skeletons altogether in one place like they i'll die together and i know you know what kind of classes that that their fighting impact glass what does it look like greenish it's really comprising like big huge pieces others outside microscope like us coming of age last minute microscopic it's wrong word i think it's varies in size but some of its small pieces of they just find that's pretty cool india while i meet let me find it so i can answer your question but impact glass glass twelve thousand meters yeah it's fastening ship because what they're saying essentially is that its most likely that if something like that did happen a lot of people died and then it might have killed off a huge percentage of our problem but it's so long ago that is a
is about it that the fables everything that was it writing back then everything those written down is gone long gone and it's my it might be very well that the amount of civilization that we had back then was like we're on our way helping civilization was pretty rameau pre pretty crude and then it got reset and then we have to start all over again the figure is crude might be it's this lot everything said around highly intelligent beings before us sure it's possible which is no evidence true where we ve found new evidence somewhere in front of well in greenland there's an alien ship that you know came here for another fuckin planet they found it in the ground they found is alien fossils they had a whole city set up here hundred million years ago you going well no shit you're yet mean but until they fight sunlight and i just talking on your ass well that's what i said i sit big for right
except as i defer to that lady that late ashen is all the more jane goodall she's babbage channels foxes talking about but then again that could be just her super excited did the melt glass forms at seventeen hundred degrees equal to an atomic bomb meteorites are thought to have trevor triggered a cold snapped it killed off every so early civilization and giant animals
this is what i think and evidence of this meteorites intense heat was found on two continents researchers bleed hughes caught huge cosmic impact triggered a vicious cold snap which caused widespread destruction in international team found a substance known as melt glass which forms a temperatures of seventeen well seventeen hundred degrees to two thousand two hundred degrees celsius and can result in a cosmic body hitting the earth sets what is for a result from so they think that that's like one of the leading us big man they have big piece of shit i thought it was small below its balance in the sky does look like glass though we has weird created by 8ball does hear more it looks like like melted plastic or a doubt they just looking at the sort of a weird picture but there's there's a thing called the the clover
comment and that's a comment that their impact site that they they were researching too there trying to figure out as we are on the same same time around twelve thousand years ago they think that that might have coincided with a lot of the or might have rather been now the source of a lot of the stores of cataclysms in like the old text sumerian tax and in the ancient stories from the original hebrew bible like a lot of those cataclysm restores might have had something to do with it re telling of the days of the impacts of me or you boarded school bs pre border because they were teaching this shit while they were in out with a promise school is there just
to get you to conform to sitting in a chair and absorbing information doing what they ask you to do all the right now when you're you gotta kid though the way to get a kid excited about learning is to get too excited about learning something that is interested of course and then once they do that sadly year and then once you do that then you know learning fun but for most of us learning became a bore a burden so i had a kind of real learn what learning met now how you handle that with your kids in what way how are they learning just traditional school yeah but merely having a good time with it are they going to the same we dead grown up my kids are still to gather the the water that next year i guess the the four year old is in pre school right now it's fascinating to watch them first start to interact with their little and they just starting to learn things and their learning things it's fun and what's really
seemed to me is i was watching you the day they teach in this class and you know that their teach them stuff they get excited when they raise your hand they figured out their rights and they are like laugh they haven't fond of my what happens where this stops being fun rank were how does this because the grossness that is nonchalant high school teachers who don't give a fuck and kids in a class i don't give a fuck and everybody seems to be misguided and lost and ready to fuckin just get out of there and break free i get the answer but first the first day they gave your homework it though i don't think you should do homework really well schooled was absolutely fine until they started fucking given your homework and m and it was busy work most that she was busy work and if it did it look you can only you can only focus on certain you like one thing or in whatever whatever you're subjects are you really trying to gather information on you'd only firms focus
for certain among men of ours in the deaf course it was you gonna lose the absorption rag and i was or when you force its into getting home and work but what about the rest of their life were growing to make an imbalance person right if you they're going to school eight hours a day that should be after that that should be good enough should be or is doing anything and they should be good enough to ridiculous you're not gonna get i do not know how to handle that my my son is almost three and preschool next year in the fall i don't i don't know what are your thoughts on the way to know what you mean firstly you made a living in a very controversial and dumb anew way right by becoming a radio garlic very few people make it as radio guy so like mean lot appearance there big scare the big fear is one of my son or daughter becomes a loser what if i fail to get there
ready for the real world and in their out there and they become like this big burden so then when they hear some like hey mamma i wanna be a radio dj no son don't you know it's hard to make it in the radio business the radio business has one of the smallest rates of success of any business in america why i do that or do you will work with your fellow in stocks and bombs and mount my dad said go for you dad's a good guy he was an amazing guy absolute he told me from a very young age he said look fine something you really enjoy cause you got to do forlorn fuckin type you don't give a fuck if we were a sou or if we do not try to be a radio guy and he supported we support me every step of the way that's all at its fine use you say what you just did because i remember my friends were so far could jealous of may because i was able to go from my dream and they want to go for the same falcon dream but they had the parents that you just bought they basically said there is
five careers that were the hot careers back then and they basically forced their kids go to college to get a job of one of those areas yeah is the safest do you know rap and those those guys do not their miserable there absolutely miserable yang then you're fucked because you're stuck on that there's nothing you can do you get the mortgage you get the wife and kids you got the job that's good job we're going to quit this good job and then i'm gonna live where do you gonna be a musician now really not you time to be a musician was when you were torn and an end to be fair my dad always said have something to fall back on he was aware tat you know the odds were gives me buddies again i'll make sure you did you have something to fall back on the agenda is really yeah i just got it you can't do that it is by a bomb or something i think but as far as my kid goes i just want to just try every everything whatever he enjoys right has or suing enjoys i would say that if this guy out there anybody out there that's making comic books you can make comic books to ok
it was the there is making movies you can make movies to your person you gotta figure out what he's doing i'm not saying you gotta figure it out my nebula figured out but if it was so easy to do everybody be doing it but if someone's doing it it can be done right it doesn't you you have to figure out and along the way you learn about yourself and you learn about gettin shit you learn about making things happen of course that's what people don't learn when they take to save route they save the take that save rudely they don't learn about making she had happened right to learn about the thrill of carving out a life out of something that's like a really difficult business like the right your business like you gonna kick back at the end of the day and we fuck it opie from opium anthony it's one of the biggest radio teams in the history of business a ten year period at the end of the day there's no one can take that away value that's pretty fucked up that's fucking awesome thing i've done my whole life but at eighteen years old but it's great and think about how few of them how few people who
the radio ever get to be an open brought few people get to be on a shell like opium anthony where there are few and they were scared to take them so you can understand why your parents would be you know i am reluctant to info you now to try to encourage you'd rescue that kind of a dream if you don't like it to be a loser and you see something like radio i got fighting kid i wonder i wouldn't i wonder what they really thought when they weren't talking to me here when i was away doing this fuck if they are wonderful you now i wonder if they had relations i forgot how be gives up on you now fortunately for days my parents in have any influence on maybe it's almost twenty one days is nothing they could say i was so stop guy hobbs when i had it in my mind those like did matter to me so when i started doing stanhope colony my mother's in recent years and funding are not really do my mind anything else i think i'd ever back in eighteen oh yeah jackie i came from a kind of a strange our brain machine was fuckin mentally insane and i knew
get the fuck out of here you are one of those stories about your dad and the gambling right when i was out you fuck was that are now known metabolism look i'm sorry i confused with somebody else for the fact that confusion with it sounds like a good story shit god damn forget it gave so now i knew now your mom was noddy do you feel like you have any other naughty sauce working around your brain i'm sure we all do not like now like she had now he has shown that she was diet she's diagnosed with those he did but she's scuttle sorts of should go now what would you do today they were today though just hook runs like a kid in the pit the come a long way but back in the day man holy you have your stock of your mother had a mental illness begging today nobody did anything about they nodded and heavy results she went to what she would go away to mental hospital
and those kids willingly mama she's visiting like a long was fuckin relative be god for we could two at a time and they did they did the electric shock cheaper back then the bad kind they ve been able to pinpoint that shit so when they you give electric shock now they that canada the understandable better by backed areas fry the whole fuckin brain hoping they return some shit off her her what's really interesting when you look at like respected peer reviewed medical journals from like the sixteen hundreds and shared authority i thought you'd like lobata my people only cool thing the dual kid mariner what year was really le bottomest people but are making the number up whenever they decide to do it like that they know they thought tat was the way do it right this is a good move in a fog and stick in error and scrambled and i made some day they look at the shit we're doing today going to these idiots back then thought this was the right thing oh yeah like you no artificial hips artificial hips tweet
i got i could see when someone needs them and you know i we're gonna do it you gotta do but i know in a few years they're gonna be able to regenerate ahead of course they're gonna be a figure it is really not share right they build a woman's bladder they made a fig ladder they built it in a fuckin built it you some sort of tissue from from her skin and constructed a bladder and put it in her body work on the same day her urine brown drink other people's europe just moan and unlimited email anymore i tried it a few to try dreams not that bad it was a bit yeah yeah it's one of those things where you could survive on a boat if you drink your urine or died dehydration road the lesson is actual rockin pussy you know i'm sorry
and i must say as a father you'd be able killing dear if you kids were hungry and you that's all you had to do blur brewer tone of the great thing about being a father because when you become a father you completely understand that could kill another human being i didn't understand that like my wife is printed the time and i say no abroad are you get all this advice from italy france and that's what you told me boys at the fuckin truth out totally lunatic father at the playground are you sure you like my little kid what's my son's common on the slide of honour not that bear but there is a there's a girl that push my son right or paul bad and i a little girl my shit while she was bigger than my son but still what therefore he was pray a year and a half and sundry the little girl yelled in mike just like in general but the kid was pretty damn scare i was out of my mind the pair wasn't around as i could i start screaming starts grave whose fuckin kid
there's a lot because my kid is like you know when you see your kid cry brutal right yeah with brutal and i mean in i've learned since then you gotta be a little cool about it but i lost my fuckin my shit cause she went right item not papers penal insular kid just kind of like shadow play with them and found them around the house she turned her i gave him a shovel what fly into his pole i thought is fucked up most is that do that like physical cast off its because that's happening to them when we all know the kids are sponges right yeah they say when kids like react like violently like tat of a sort i can't believe that i notice most kids are passiveaggressive assholes go to the playground your kids area how do you handle it i just wanna play and you'll get why would i dont have a two and a half year old and i have four and a half year old
four and a half year old i watch or lose a little bit more distance but the two and a half year old i mere there her shadow where we should go snarling i let my kid get rough duffel bag that's not being pushed into well just as assumed very necessary i would definitely say somethin but it wasn't really badly her trying to scream but it's hard when you're i was embarrassed i lost him in some impetus apparent came up but it wasn't her kid it was a friend of the of the parent that was watching the kid he's trying to go i mean i'm like what you don't even know what the fuck sheep while you were saying because i'm yelling he thinks i'm gonna kill me i'm technically not yonah your kid i'm i'm losing because you as you see my kid is screaming over here and and i and i go you don't even know what the fuck happened i said for restoration of water a go well
do you wear warrior you want watching your kid yeah people you're real defensive it's very emotional when you deal with children injury shit and when you are when you like to see our fuckin wacky the world again do you worry about the future me you guys is party or show you constantly covering everything that's fucked up about the world constant stories and its brutal a car like today's rightly said a word by myself yeah this is and i also i also know that i will absolutely take one before my kid does right i know i hope i will up in front of a car and all that shit why firstly that we hope that as is never off course i got all that shit you know plays into being a father home gods is all stuff and never had to think about a worry about this world is beautiful in certain spots for a certain amount of time
and they too the key is trying to take those certain spots where it's beautiful for certain about time stanley maritime spread out spots nice now mean that that there really is a mean think about obviously we all like people manner we all love people we all love people others are we all have really good friends we all family we all have people there enjoy seen in movies the key issue to bring everybody else into that like so in environment like this this idea that we need constant conflict i think that's all some outdated ape shit and i think that that needs to be like lie over and move forward and it could be managed downward conflict it's us open after locking did you mean the world though the fact that every fuckin day in the news we're talking go in some new country and there's some new outcome
strong point did you hear about that shit this is a new talking point really yeah they'll have em an island in like manner we there's some place com maui worse mally normally i do brian anyone mailing maui google map and how they will not allow a silly goose its mally emmy ally so this is the somebody sent me this tweet how correctly as this is al qaeda moves to molly just so happens mally has golden mineral deposits of course switches hilarious so what out in the headline in the world news on yahoo is al qaeda carves out own country in mally that al qaeda has its own country allison the sudden deep inside caves in remote desert basis this sounds like you're reading something from the fuckin nineteen fifty as well as propaganda deep inside this is how it actually starts on yahoo knows yahoo news demons
i'd caves remote desert bases in the ins escarpments escarpments these garments and click faces of northern mally islamic extremists fighters have been burrowing into the earth erecting a formidable set of defence it is to protect what is essentially become our qaeda's newest country has africa that's like they got aware that is saw the girl living in the mountain dan is wacko power began to honour that a couple days ago i think it's today today's news it took them yet ten hours ago apparently i mean of extra maybe it is true the really is al qaeda african country also there i haven't i have it turned out so far extremism bc only two or three days can a nice it seems like the government wrote that though i can't believe the journalist wrote that the way this is written sums the government said here that this is also the government hired sunlight
gay guy he's hiding from the fact that his game is very creative any rights and you know he has a boy from but no one can now and so he right cyclists kind of shit for them they pull messiah say listen we need something that really gets people excited about us going over to molly and taken over that goal so do what you gotta do in your fancy little typewriter say heidi a boyfriend form in this game sweated out drinkin drinking bourbon clinking is glasgow this is what i want genocide kings while imaginations search in the escarpments its carpets escarpments is this a phrase only a gay man uses gay man under the influence of alcohol is trying to come off as being a little bit more literate verbosity is skype and click northern mally islamic edge
he missed fighters islamic extremists fighter planes can a scary have been borrowing into the earth do you have a picture of these fucking people please can only see one i'm satellite photos do you ever leak a leak in what i have taken a leak oh yeah go to believe i can handle i ever fuck and powerful bladder but you been drinking coffee the whole fuckin time like i told you up i got a powerful bladder how much time do we have left and this programme like not many of us are twenty it says we almost three hours ope already that's pretty gracie i am i think we d you want a rapid up right now i don't care are you gotta illegally come back we'll talk about mothership opie took notes is a fucking goddamn professional knows utilities must prevail nor had of all the radio ass we have ever had on the show me the radio guys we're gonna show such norton nortons comic as well when you get tom
on another linking chemic smith back on yeah we need to get it i got to do is show next i owe him one but they held yours but we have to do it that way as i did him first and then he did us swallow io but i'll do it then they'll do us again to big swap but we gotta lotta gas of up we're gonna do what david show with with yoshi he's coming up soon we got soon in most likely is gonna be here tomorrow but duncan is undergoing his first doses of chemo so now yeah so he's
very optimistic though the type of cancer that he had is he still had hitherto the gorilla yea he has to do a version of it i don't know exactly how it works hilda he'll explained to us could it's pretty interesting accused is explained to me on the phone today they this particular type of cancer testicular cancer a lotta research has been done and apparently the very good at napping it at stopping it and very good you know bringing people back to being cancer free sky shit the scary shit when a friend s up like that you should check out the movie fifty fifty it deals with set rogan and early guy from blue bird and stuff and i just want to download it on netflix and i was kind of interesting the watch you know like a young kid getting this cancer and having to do like the cancer stop unlike bags i wanna day will grow once she she died a cancer yeah i wanted a day whether
she was already suffering from cancer when my friend hooked us up together but what i like this double date she was very nice very nice light and get some guy she had something i think she had her lymph nodes already removed she had some some some issue like her neck had like a scar on it she wore a scar to the cover up this ask our father to cover up a scar she's very pretty and very smart and very nice and look so vibrant and full of life but she was such a fun person was hard to believe that she was like on her way out the door and then within a year she was she was gone that was really weird but you know my friend was like which microloans double date with with my my girlfriends friend and i said yeah sure biogas by outside sumptuous die of cancer and it was like ok so i'm ok as its have cell for me now shoes you now to herself for anyone she was all she was alive you know me
she was if she did want to die of cancer but the night that we want and hung out she was very alive and she was laughing and happy and it was weird it was weird to know that i was saying that she'd already had an operation she wore a scarf cuz she had a big scar like on her next i think she had something removed from a neck but you still like really pretty and really and she was only twenty seven or twenty eight to think and then i'll how long i was this one time long long long ago in the nineties and she died crazy you know it's swear to think that your body can just go wacky on you and early your body such growing shit that's not supposed to be growing there and it in enters into your system and before you know it you got a real problem everything shutting down rose gonna check out horrible yeah that's that's great i went to the bathroom what the hell happened i heard through the great vine that you
there's a video out of you being on top of the fucking chrysler building or something this is this true de judy you get into the bowels of the crisis are building with some fuckin knotty dude any club a bunch of the roof and you gotta video of this is advisable where there's no video does not very there's no video out does the video out leather the roar of rumor is you heard through the grateful the rumours i don't know i'm and i want to say anything i just tell you would have heard rumor is that you have a video that you were there personally while some fuckin lunatic was climbing out onto the actual eagles that over on the chrysler building so he's literally why looking around on this metal that is not designed to carry a fuckin grown man by the way i would imagine that mental would be slippery slippery as fuck he's got street shoes on and he's
standing on top of this thing in its how many floors in this how many forces and might be the stories cheese us rises that guy's got serious i've heard this what i heard these words is it true that gets really wendy up there did it will have you gotta get there in the first place how does one get there let's see hypothetically how would we get there of your writing a novel that was exactly how it all went down how would you have the characters do is novel this is our fiction so you and this is this didn't actually happened but if it did happen in your book i would the guy do it tat we never is this not be nervous is nothing you do there's a hypothetical we verde laid out while the guy moses that took me underground he you know some things he's done some things he might have been
equally with him the same guy you might minor then he might have been on your book in your book his book you will you be writings butch has come out in march there's that's the thing does a slippery ego that mother fucker stood on the year oh my god just why looking map my skins crawling by assholes quivering i haven't even talk about loans are sweating raising i haven't even talk about this on my own show you what did you do what happened someone like you can be so tough shit what i mean luxembourg it's out via the internet has not secret so why would he we have this amazing tor allow me a tab and allow me to film it cause these crazy why fuckin climbed around metal eagle sixty nine where if he slipped can you look up his later most would have gates what if he slipped off and you have i had my first term anxiety attack panic attack looking at that
when i went home and over and over it overnight again i pictured him fallen from that eagle what would you have done what you ve done in trouble if he'd woody i think how may get explain that i think you're managua how how do you know i've been pushed him you have good laws why would you push him yes i'm sitting jesus christ as at him it's on the internet so he's crazy fuck way what photos of him it's on its goddamned twitter page up photo him on his fuckin twitter page is him sitting on that eagle studies after worrying that's moses gates he's cities hidden city far more as a team i swear to god what's wrong zone wrote that while it's well i'm i did make up of a proud of his book comes out a mock him and his promises do get a picture of himself on top of that thing on twitter page bases i don't tell anybody that stand on top of this thing you guys get a photo of it basically just
he's got a photo of it we went off the hook we went underground were the more people used to live because i want to show you something else i got a market but they won't tell me we're taking care bride and i can see the distances the crisis building on why haven't you spoken taken me to the crisis shit and son we got past security his name was analysed and we went in the elevators and we want to take the selective and i don't want to say but in the fifties and then all sudden we get the elevator do a quick door to the year the stairwell and then we went another item like maybe seven or eight floors the next thing you know her mind been a door unlocked that is an office that is abandoned and from that
get that off allegedly to the bowels or rather the peak the attic while you go in there i thought i was doing furthermore the stockade god differs from now i is this so this abandoned office lee i think it must be an observation deck back in the day but the railings really low it's only about four feet over whom i think something like that people think of a fuck back that no and i will write or people and that anyone can i right now if you're watching you know watching this pod cast that's the iconic eagles that had been in a shitload of movies and what not i'm telling you right out all round the lot my fucking hands are sway now get that picture my hands are sweating my toes your wig went back and forth i'm shit in my pants i'm just gonna unloaded my fucking psycho right now so this guy knew that the office space was abandoned and this guy in our new also that the door was unlocked so how to do it well we ve done his best
this leads to overcome pictures of their others there is there's all like network of people they go to each other cities into the shed some climb on top each other's roofs whenever this does videos guys on the ground and like all water tunnels and these guys like climbing the fuckin bridges all that of being up there must be so so we had to go up so then the door was toward the outside was open and sliding door and then it's like an old fuckin observation deck with those eagle and then as i met as i'm at one of the eagles just kind of filming shit also look over and he's still in on the head the eagle he doesn't tell me so yeah there you go there's a picture and then she did it again and i do have a video of them doing it fuk it i do have a few when he turns around and get back to safety
i saw the slight slip i saw how it would happen where that's all i would take this thing is like kind of its first months not flat it's it's it's some kind of metal which to really slippery and there was a win win was about thirty miles an hour that day and i saw turn around and that just slight slip unlike that's how would have happened so what i went home that night and i saw that play over and over again in my head and i had my first fuckin anxiety tat i'm a middle aged man i've never had an anxiety attack before my heart was pounding out of my chest i woke up my wife and she had a fucking com because over and over again i saw a fuckin fallen if i was there i would give me a hit some of this shit and will put your right over the edge no shit right there at that moment any give ahead of that green crack below what now we might have done
watching them just washington almost gives me a heart attack minnesota video of him goin out kissing the head he's crazy prick man yes crazy that's those things break off then it kills people below to remove breaks off with it broke off would have as it were of his way is this not design carry a hundred eighty per man i wonder what alleyways other areas on twitter so the craziest fuck that car out so that part of the story i could tell what that thrill we know who we have come in folks we have likes huddled to know alex huddled is alex handled is he's coming twenty eightth he's that kid who free climbs he free solar climbs like things that go like backwards silicon hanging all from farming and pulled himself up like thousands of feet he flung resource places that nobody else can do what about the guy i forgot his name and jim neurons big fan is the guy that climbs outside the buildings without any anything whose french did somebody help us out
times buildings does amelia videos online it's by romania is its does it comes less by our man's hamlet spanner but there's a video where he was climbing a building and they made him where harness you didn't want to get this video his flock is slipping it would have been his death may manage online because of the harness that's why slip say you always get an answer seems like always gotta get your fall you're always think another box hope you didn't have a safety net and that's why you're successful in this radio business if you that safety net a revolver gun band what is this is the the world's largest building in china this is the climate is fortunately spiderman guy uses these sexting tat things oh my god he's gotta court resisted the time many of the safety of the safety line all my god look at this got you ve never seen this guy knows climb pretty much every
building a world of just hanging off the sky like it's no fucking idea makes me shit my panel shitting my pants swans no shit i did that damage the that fear of its thing man looking over the edge of a building theres many times will reform and fear fact world top buildings and i will just freak myself let us recall rambo go the other crisis building that was pretty amazing that's one of the tallest billion now without with a world tracer towers number one amnesty building number one empire steepling when i say that the new freedom tower of the fact they call it is officially taller and the freedom tower is not done yet right now it's almost there really what is gonna be done maybe next year that's be crazy to live in a city and see something like that happened because all of us that experience september eleventh we experience it from the west coast let you know is creepy i'll never forget
smell of plastic and death smell dramatic pause yeah my god i stay i wasn't women the city the time but i stayed for in a few days so we could broadcasters they shut down all fuckin city and in midtown you smelled burning plastic and you smelled death there is no doubt your fuckin mine i was i was dead people always midtown i don't know how many miles officially that is from ground zero but do not quite a hike and i also remember that some people were just going about their daily nothing is different i remember like studying people a murmur of looking at these two women they're gonna happier and they're just talking about the dumb office in other day at the office of sit there i think myself holy fuck do you understand what happened to the city twenty four hours ago i never never
forget the yet it's weird how people can do then it's where some people can discuss shut often disconnect iraq as most of the people living in the ark they were all i got only farc but you did see these other people that they basically there do their lives didn't change that day notice that women temple our work that people were friendlier i the people got a lot friendly beyond friendly also unlike you look at people in the eyes like when you live in new york city you don't look at anybody it's a very lonely place this how many people is now weird it's a lonely place like this no one looks at anyone know what strikes a penny conversations very rare but after nine i am always talking each other's really cool there is a weird about new york are you go to a big place in crowded with people and no one's talk in anybody on everybody's being themselves unless they know they can get a buck off you restrained they know they can make money off in their talkative general you not having that that you know that
more like i'd i live in a building i've been there for years i don't know anyone in my building no one talks they won i see the same people the elevator i want to look like we know each other about we talk a little bit and i've tried but i think your group now it happens everybody obese say that but then when you do have a conversation with someone in the elevator my building you know their visiting whereas no doubt your might cause they're the ones that are having that small but they don't think you're creeping turnus turn up a conversation oh i don't knock i feel like we ve seen racism at times i don't think of doing anything the ordinary i never like at about new york aerostat there was a really unfortunate that that sort of behaviour exists right people like real stand office each other and man one of things that i like the most about living when i lived in colorado was how few people there were three hundred thousand people and older people very friendly and visits is less less bert it's like you know you're around people all the time you like fact we get
walk away but then if you see somebody that you haven't seen a reverie so happy to see them like you gotta find you to strike a balance point the balanced pointed stack and people seventy fundamental is high and a kind i used to live in western new york it was like a small town you know mentality how do you guys ever layer of your guys thought about moving somewhere else you and anthony ever thought about not living in new york and just fuck and taken the show on the road somewhere now you know how many more years we're gonna do it what do you do if you don't do that and chill out forget fuck out of here we die gonna get all how far can i get right back in and get a gesture knowing i should do for really should do exactly what we're trying to figure out what's next for should do exactly one but do it on the internet so it's gonna be in everyone's fuckin stereo everyone's cars there is going to be connected to the internet reproached me the leap this last contract but you can we the you in earlier years slowly you know you
do it under assume names that everybody knows and i could come up with your own name and i'll fuckin do you know whatever call it i think of dell dudley they call themselves teabag contained in annex i think you ve got some sort of a contract is a thing like that too do it and started up what could they do i've done for a long time nobody is easy in its fun i'm just looking for something new indifferent or yell at work i don't know that's the problem i don't i've been fool around this video west coast come on i've heard a lot of forward cannot have a video on death squad bring you full circle outcast fuck annex videos varick squad be right next to kevin pereira so i hope moses sammy listen moses is a crazy fuck and things are worry about how about his need to climb on top of that eagle crazy asshole then we might
other ship onawandah here and i'm getting nervous her hands literally are sweaty like their wet whereas what that was i think it'll come out a march is a sore promised to go well one sees but it is in our view is sitting on the eagle twitter i guess wherever that yeah these alex huddled guy that we got come in a we're talking about told steamer now i got ya gotta alex honolulu companies can do the podcast goes better get him in his quick candles gazing at last i don't i don't you know who he is too because we he's the climber guy the free so low that our care for i like it better get a mink he's not alas is your follower of actually maybe not knows what he's doing that takes far can you ever see those guys like those those real mountain climbers where they have to be up there for the night and they set up their fight
you kidding call tense whatever the fuck the apparatus is that is hanging off decide of italy and the rebel able to get a good night sleep of how the fuck did you do now if you roll over sleeping son wow i don't you realize as you feel your back touch the ledge oh my god i'm going in tents know you're you're you're off the ledge these these sleeping i don't know what they're officially called your actually off the ledge sleeping somehow they hammered into the sight of the fact which struck cliff whatever can you find a pic that is an insane what is called i dont know he'll find it but they shut up cuz you know they're climb is that that fucking long and they got a light camp out for a while just know it out there on the side of the fucking do you think it was crazy fox wing suits say did you see that one video doesn't look there were in jobs a thing there
just hanging off the side and and it's somewhere in your brain you i guess this is cool i'm getting and i'm gonna now sleep now continue my climb in the morning insane you're one of the war what are those all my god look at how that is set up that is the craziest fucking thing i've ever looked at in my life really and you ve seen some share those things are crazy their hanging those things off the edge and they just sleeping in those little tent things you got it got a hope there would however you fuckin fast it put it to the side of the door face though it's gonna be all right fucking benignly open that when our brain that one would there that look i just having ten the left to that o my lord hang in reading is so seeing this one re i've kind
happy that i was able turn you want my garage these people are not you're always turn me out to some shit i finally got kicked out one big white guy could you do that i may i guess like but i wouldn't like it at all hello last no i mean like you're essentially shutting off that party your brain cells you you shut your pants yet fuck now the tells eager die with one slept those guys die all the time it was climber guys that's that's crazy life of core he might you might make it you might be fine so what's up with the wing suits does cousin the man did you see the one video where the guy thinks holding up the balloons or something and the winged suit guy comes flying through i think it's video or somethin he's holding up a balloon somewhat sweet day was just amazing he jumped off the top of a fuck man and now is flying
the valley and he's coming towards body in his body i think holds up balloons or somethin literally right over his head and he come flying it you can barely it's just like a flash rather going really ass they got a hundred miles an hour had its first that is so silly look at these motherfuckers why in this war these people are so crazy era fingertip strengths gotta be ruined oh yeah these guys can do match up to their hands strength and there billy degenerates fucking nuts what am i like one fingertips mars worse on our show i didn't see it i heard him talk about but i do something before we start a radio show last week there was a video you he was go this fucking guys doing chin ups with one finger have you seen it now but i believe it you do believe here there are people one fuckin finger does takes time you know you start out
your full hand than you work your way to forefingers three fingered drive and the more you keep dona you can do it the gas can do in ups are pushups rather with one finger seen that one thing at his side rise to push up cheese full pushups amazed to support them one finger you can develop crazy strengthen your hands you tendons it's like that france between someone is really strong and someone who is not really strong at the summit is really strong powers through the sky for the living there has been a decade his eyes for having the difference actually having fun because he slipped caught himself and was okay but the difference between someone really strong some was now really strong besides genetics is that someone is really strong force thereby to get strong by making it live wade's lot and keep going keep go fuck you lived awaits fuck you live to wait so there's alex honolulu ironies climber guys they constantly climbing inclined oh my god this guy just fell over this oh shit he's got
i am i gotta they knows how to grab them right you get a slam into the side now but the impasse fact the impact on an ally on that thing that supporting him so crazy right who that breaks off man you're far and he's just silly around him ass their hands super strong as it has forced them to the constantly tearing shit with their hands very their hands just gets sick as fuck the kid is come at any as these faintlier his fingers like sausage fires twice the size of a normal thing really just dig just get huge from carrying his weight he's not a big eyes i greatly wanna be very slight big hands and be a slight per se carrier suffer but you know it's weird way to get you thrills you know you're too weird way to just did you jollies at a climbing the top assumption that can fucking kill you sleep it on the side at at at at at at at don't go to the top of the chrysler we arrived this bitch up joel
as for men got me out of my comforts i'm so happy on this i would this podcast owes you a lot man not for a name and death squad which is ridiculous name but that deserves a twitter by anyone but not not just a guy but desk for stan creating a radio show that allowed us to realise that there is a show in just fuckin talking resolute there's a show and just hanging in that you now you i make it so comfortable for us for comics to come in and fuck around man i think a lot i guess really follow that we can i dont want to play that game you lay but i can't get their feelings are the podcast sir very very much like oh and i feel like it you guys are she'll most unstructured of all the major radios i told you that because we're lazy and also because it works that's the right way to do it you're lucky the lazy ways the right way to do it we actually use interest we used to prepare for a show and we with that was like somewhere where shows
we did try have structure for while air and there's some they were like we don't even know what the fuck reduce but it by the end of the show we know we had a good one you guys have an awesome groove you know between norton whose in my opinion the funniest fuckin guys ever been on radio ever he makes how am i gonna regular basis listen that show just because he's so perverted and twisted in these carved out his own little fucking slice of the world with that his wife and you know this way of thinking so its extra hilarious when he says some of the colors up and then anthony's welcome as you are crazy in the three guys together no each other so well then you bring in complex issues since i gotta get rod made it as and it is for real the reason why we do this part i guarantee it has a lot to do with a kind of weird that someone will acknowledge us we're not many people do
really know an auto that do i feel left our poor oh no no i just love honestly means a lot thank you i don't know how to handle that because we use it on here that well listen you guys you ve created the most fun environment and radio for comics to common hang out and brown and because of the leaves so many funny fuckin shows me sister it's brilliant really run in elder inside it's all right i'm saying it like it's over like you retiring and shit don't worry i'll be on the radio tomorrow i stated just what have you done live in the compound we don't let macabre he's another reason for these and other reasons to do that is why we are doing an unused dream he's not not evil fuck you i love my love i got yeah i'm gonna be there i think in april or somewhere march so whenever there's a u does he see coming up there soon until we had i am with the other radio tomorrow be there a day early just hang what you guys joe aroma brother
be file opie on twitter you u creeps opie radio at opie opie i e radio thank you everybody and thanks to our sponsors thanks to team if you go to rogan dot dot com you can save yourself twenty five box of any their super slick mobile devices they get everything from flip phones are the way to the sport is most highly advanced annual phones all of it on a sprint network oliver with no contracts all of it from an ethical company and they spot his podcast so you know they must be the shit thank you too on it tat combat oh and an i t used to code name rogan and save yourself ten percent of any and all supplements are right you folks yeah you know them sand we will see us tomorrow tomorrow we will be here what the one and only duncan trestle that's just in case he might have to debate
so don't get too jolly for it because i'm going to radiation there kansas sala yeah yeah but he's doing good freaks see tomorrow maybe not soon allow should go by my fibre
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