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#319 – Alex Honnold, Brian Redban

2013-01-29 | 🔗
Alex Honnold is a big wall free solo climber.  As one of the best in the world, Alex has attained a number of speed records and also has been featured on programs such as 60 Minutes and Nat’l Geographic. Search for "Alex Honnold" on YouTube and prepare to blown away by a skill that few in the world have. Alex Honnold, Brian Redban - Date: 01/28/2013
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yeah right now it does to list a Starbucks Dave. Asprey is actually doing research on all this stuff to try to find out exactly what the effects are, how prevalent they are, but they have absolutely been measured. This is a fact is, show called dangerous grounds where a guy is a coffee expert. He goes to all these different, really exotic parts of the world where they cultivate coffee, because a lot of the coffee that you buy, like my favorite stuff, comes from Hawaii, but a lot of coffee comes from like really fucking freaky places. I guess it rose, but at least you get to the bottom of this, because I live right next door to a Starbucks every single day. I go there when it when it was new, the one who would have to do as far as test test their coffee. You could test my a ball sway in its probably off. Why? What does your you bought? That would be the way you are the most unscientific person ever because who knows what kind of toxins are going into your body? It's not like your body's a purity filtered spring water, come
out of it? Is that once I did that's getting rid of the talks, and so you have to test you to find out if you're getting it from Starbucks 'cause, we would have to only feed you Starbucks for that scientific project to work. Well, I don't anything except a trend to Starbucks for six hours, I'm away. Well, the do you shoot. You read in the last couple weeks to turn up in your in your system. That's why people feel drug test dummy, okay, the point being there's a big difference between coffee that has been cultivated from a single source and and processed with such process, and we sell cheaper than he does if I'm getting poisoned by Starbucks this whole time. I really think people are. I really do because I drank some Starbucks this weekend and I'm not talking shit on Starbucks. I like Starbucks, I drink it all the time it doesn't doesn't taste as good doesn't feel as good. My body feels different when I drink it. I think I think it's not their fault. I think it's something that Just not that aware of, I think people have to be aware of it now. There's there's a legitimate issue with things that can't see that on your food that can really fuck you up.
You know I mean we know, there's poisons out there. We know this poison mushrooms. I don't know why. It should surprise people that some fungus that grows on some food is really fucking shitty for you. The tower seven of coffee. It's not there's a lot of science on mycotoxins is no, no tower seven, it's a fact. If you go and mycotoxins on corn, it's really kind of creepy man. Corn is fucking terrible for you, man with that being all poison, the corn syrup and all that shit you're, probably getting a little bit and negligible little bit of toxins with that shit as well. Jesus yeah just google it. It's really interesting. I might be wrong. They might be wrong. The science might be all worship they might have made it up just to go after the corn industry, because someone fuck, someone's wife, I know no Fritos and Starbucks in Up-
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experience trying my day, Joe Rogan podcast by name all day, Alex Honnold greetings, load very nice to meet you in person and very nice to have you here on the show. I'm super psyched that you decided to common join us, because I watched One of your videos. I've seen several of them online for folks who don't know Alex, is what you call a free solo climber. Is that how you would describe it yeah? You could say that an he essentially climbs gigantic scary mountains with no aid. You don't have ropes, you just climb it with your hands and your feet, and I mean occasion well. You normally come with ropes, just special occasions, but
you do it a lot. I mean there's a lot of videos of you doing this. You saying occasionally for the average human being, they did something like what you want. They would sit around the campfire kids, Grandpa's gonna tell you about a we climbed the mountain with his bare hands and everybody would go on and on about it like it was a once in a lifetime and insane you know, death defying event. How many times you well how many times I sorry solo, climbed or depends how hard you know. I mean I free solo, easy routes all the time, but but you know the big hard ones that you've seen. Videos of I mean that's a little more infrequent. Have you ever had a close call, oh at all, depends what you call a close call you, but no, I haven't had any like serious accidents or anything well. Have you ever had a moment where you like? Oh shit, like this, could be a problem. Well, I mean certainly some moments where you're like oh, this could become a problem, but never never like all. It's all going downhill and it's about to come in
but have you ever gotten to a point? I assume your process. Is you first climate with ropes to find out where your route would be yeah generally do you know anything more common? Have you kinda know never close, because, like within climbing, you know, there's more of a context for it, but the thing is I mean generally there's already a route established. You have like a little to PO. You have a map that tells you where you're supposed to people voted on before you yeah on all the for the most part, things that are solid or like established routes that people have done before and for the most part, I've done them before two so already kind of know. The series of movements you had to go through once so? The first time you went through it, you follow. A map of people already been there yeah generally. I mean I have it's called on but when you do something without ever having done it before so I have like on site solid, big new roots before my kids get sweaty. Talking to for real my hands get sweaty when I'm thinking about this, this
we're watching a video right now, if you on sixty minutes- and that was a established route that you were climbing there so that route was put up in the 60s, I think maybe the 70s. They start doing this in the 60s yeah, but so when they stay, should they use pitons and hammers and they like whale their way up the mountain. You know, because I was kind of the style of the day. I think they did over multiple, is and then in the 70s. It got done in a day for the first time, and then you know what I mean: it's just kind of the gradual progression of style, so climbing, as a sport has been around for a long time will come in as a sport is like routed back to albinism. People, like you know, climbing in the Alps, in the 1800s, and all that I mean people have always climb the mountain. I mean look at all the monks and stuff in the Himalayan. What attracted you. This, I don't know I just like lying on things. Why do you keep ground? This has been since you are how old? How old are you now seven. Now I've been climbing all the time like in the gym and stuff. Since I was ten, I think just it just was attractive to you.
Just I mean as a kid. I love coming trees, I of climbing buildings of like play on stuff. You know climb the roof whatever and then my parents read about this gym opening inside, like climbing gym, so I went started climbing inside what do your parents think about this ones like surprising Insep? If we only yeah? Well, I mean she just kind of trust me to do what I like to We can do it well and you know make good decisions or whatever make all the decisions. Is that's a real huge understatement. It's one thing to say you know of a son. If you want to get into the insurance business, you gotta make good decisions. Yeah, that's one Would you give thing? Is anybody like in any course in life has to like make good decisions? Yes, you're correct, I mean his. If I was going out partying every every weekend, you know I'd probably have almost as high risk of death. You know like driving drunk and all that kind of stuff is is what I'm doing. You're. Probably right I mean so it's like it's all, just how you view risk and reward. You know it's certain yes, but that I mean that really is an understatement. When you're saying making good decisions, you're climbing up these things like what is the tallest thing, you've kind,
three thousand feet: oh my god. Well yeah, but the difference between three thousand and seventy five doesn't make a big difference. As far as death yeah I mean as far as sixty you're, pretty much hosed, but doesn't it feel like a freak out, when you're will with me. The appeal is: is the big you know like I look at a huge basement like that looks rad. If I look at a sixty foot face, I'm kind of like now? You know that looks ok, but when you see a really huge impressive while you're like that's inspiring, you know that's right about. Do you like people watching you do this not particularly, very little soling, that's actually like live and watch You know so most of the videos that you've seen and stuff, for you know, repeated afterward will actually it's funny 'cause, the one that you're doing right now is well so say my life and the sixty minutes. Things live 'cause there like a legit.
News organization had shoot. The real thing right did, but a little weird for you to have people filming you like on no less. So that's that's! The thing is that generally, when I film on projects like that on, I do things that are like well within my abilities. Kind of come to easy and whatever so I think, even though it looks awesome, it's really cool. That's actually kind of like a modder route. It's not like you know it's not breaking new ground for rock climbing. I mean it never been sold it before and it's and it's pretty hard. But mostly I just chose something that was us that I can like cool. You know. Like good enough, but it's not like what you just said. It never been soloed before, like that's that that's a Well the thing there aren't that many view of the solar. You know right now. The many folks are into it. So you can have your pick of the take the letter you know. Well, if there are that many folks into it, Many of them aren't around anymore. Yeah depends how you count well I mean I can only think of one really high. Consolas. You actually died. So long, really thank
only one yeah who is he hi John Packer uses Chicago. You know: child an inspiration. Space rose last name B, a c h, a r okay. When on him here you fell so on these use, kind of older men use, maybe fifty or something- and you got a car accident- have some like nerve damage. In my you know, who knows what actually happened? Jeez he's mean, like maybe broke hold, maybe just I don't know but like you had, you know, buy back issues and and things going on, because you had the cycle car accident, oh wow, so it's one of those things where it's not like a clear cut like well I mean yeah, I mean it is clear cut. He fell off the mountain he died, but so, but We look at it 'cause he was. He was by far the best of this generation for like the 80s and early 90s and actually the 70s until the 90s. Basically now when you see a guy and that's how it ends for him and he's a free solo climber. Do you did that and say you know, you know what everybody goes. I mean that's kind of a cool way to do it.
Definitely not like that's a cool way to do it. It's horrible! I mean I know I mean honestly. He basically broke everything his body and he lay there for hours and I'd. You know I mean that's like a horrible horrible. He didn't die instantly now he was out like a sixty foot. Cliff right so whatever so, you probably felt like fifty feet. He broke everything his body and he bled out, or I don't know what happened. I mean it's like a horrible. I mean it's a horrible thing to happen, but yeah I mean if you feel like Two thousand and three yeah you would splat like you, would just explode like a bag of water but like but from fifty is like that's pretty horrible yeah. That sounds like a terrible way to go. Yeah I mean it totally sucks, but I mean the thing: is you know he lived his whole life doing that kind of thing, and you know he'd, obviously confronted those kinds of issues in his life and you know he. He made his choice and that's that's all worked out wow how many people are doing it if you I guess is it was so that's it earlier. I said the difference in high and so long in like recreational style. So if you're coming
creation, is going out and climbing fun reach after work or whatever the tons of climbers ago so long, but high end style like pushing it on hard hard hard reset. The videos that you're watching were like that looks insane. Then there right now there's maybe a half dozen dudes in the world. That happen is similar, like that you know, but you are known as the one who does the most ridiculous routes: you're, the one who's one is the guy who were in in the US right now anyway. You know who else is doing this? I get. Where is this? What there a couple days in Europe? Who've done, maybe not like. At this moment there and doing anything crazy, but this recently have done really hard things I mean there's a there's, a history of soul and all around the world. It's. This is completely new to me I had seen like. Maybe you know randomly gonna cross videos on the internet of people, climbing things
but I really never seen anything where people would climbing without ropes. So when I first saw you I mean there's a rich like tradition of it, especially in California, actually in southern California, all the best climbers in the country in the it came from so cal and they were all they were called the stone masters, and I like tree, you know, which is just local, has like a huge history of Solon you know I mean I grew up like hearing so long stories and thinking it was cool and you know whatever wow yeah, I mean there's a total, like tradition of it. So do you make a living doing this? I do now yeah it's pretty it's pretty cool wow and how did that happen to have sponsors? Yes, our sponsors sort of picked him up through the climbing these are one and the sponsors just give you money and they pay you every month and just use go climb in yeah, yeah, yeah, they're they're awesome are there competitions? Are Do you just go wherever you want to go and people follow you and the publicity helps them. Is that how it works? So there are competition,
climbing, but it's kind of like skiing or something where it kind of subdivides into like olympic style, competition, skiing and then there's like big mountain type, dudes to make videos and just like go rage in Alaska. So I'm kind of one of those like big mountain type, dudes it just goes and rages and makes videos and does whatever like. I don't do competitions right, different sports yeah. You don't want to be rushed, it doesn't like something you would want to. I mean how would you know who would I compete with? You know, like nobody else, even likes to do this kind of stuff right right that doesn't that sound crazy, though you're talking about three hundred million people in this country, and this may be like five other dudes that are doing what you're doing well, maybe five in the world and the world. Okay in this country, the only guy, no there's like another duties, little than me, who are you guys, look at each other, we're like yeah man here. Thank God I mean. When are you crazy? another a handful of using states- and I mean and things you never know, because so much is so long- it just has to do with like motivation, because the actual technical difficulty of
climbing isn't very high, like the thing that I did on sixty minutes is actually like a pretty easy routes. Very moderate I mean, like a lot of climbers. You've only been climbing a few years could climb that difficulty level, but they just would never want to do it without a rope. You know they don't have that motivation to be like I want to climb. A huge fee with no no protection. Now when you you know, you say that it's no big deal that you're for you with a first person, a free soul or something there is a big deal. I mean you're. Just being humble, you are you being home, crazy. Listen to me complain all they are, but here's now, I'm not saying you could put insane for doing that. I'm I'm saying you know your your. Your point of view is very self deprecating. You know so your idea that that's not crazy to be the first person to climb up it in the known human race. Stropes, okay, it's kind of fucking, crazy kid.
It's more normal when you do it all the time you know I'm sure, but I'm just saying to a person like I like me, yeah, it's it's pretty impressive. When you do you go up something with row, and say you know what I see enough spots. Do you map it out in your head, yeah for sure so like for the sixty minutes on, for example, I'd climbed it a month before, just to like see if it was reasonable- and I was like okay, I can definitely do this and then maybe ten days before I climbed it again with more like intention and they're, basically, basically, two hard parts on it and the rest is of like filler. You know like moderate, climbing, like the type that I could easily do first. You never know when you stay hard parts and you get to a place. What makes it hard part so the crack is like thinner, so you have lost your phone. So you have to like pull harder and the feet get bad and it gets deeper. So the angle of the walls is steeper. Basically just becomes more strenuous, but so
both of those two sections where maybe ten movements long. So there may be like one thousand five hundred and twenty foot sections and I just have to memorize like ten or fifteen moves or I'm like. Ok, do my left hand to that little thing and I pull really hard, and then I raised my foot, so I you going up there in a rope? Are you just visualizing going along at. Are you actually filling it with your hands? Yeah, I'm down both on what some climbing it and then on some of it. I marked with chalk, which is totally normal for common, so I put a little take next to things. So you remember like which part of the crack is good and the I would memorize like okay. This is the way to do it, and Well, I had the rope on it. I tried to a couple different ways on one part to see which felt more secure things like that, and so do you take yes and then afterward when I was all done, and that evening. I, like I, drew out the sequences I have like a climbing journal. I keep track of things like that and just make notes about life whatever, and so I just mapped out the sequences. So I I could remember in the would you ever was not Well, no, it wouldn't make any sense anyway, it's a bunch of lines divided by
go home and maybe a coffee table book I'll show you some lines. That would be cool as fuck for a coffee table, maybe I don't think I have enough volume for that kind of thing either, but maybe someday you know. If I did do that, really think they'll be a dope coffee table book. Your map into little roots and stuff you're just musings on life in a book for everything, people would see me like what they have. No, with photographs of the actual mountain itself. I think that maybe I mean if it was yeah if it was interspersed with real fun. Yes like this is what it corresponds to maybe yeah, I'm telling you man, I don't even climb. I would buy that. I listen. I would yeah Tony that's it's a golden opportunity, jump on it. Publishers find this young man shut it up, I've been wrong. Have you ever done like over? route and said: well, I'm going to go solo it now and been like. You know what this is. This is an error. I should have done this.
Not so much. I've had a handful, I mean I wouldn't call an error, but I've had a handful of times where I've gone out to solo, something without pre inspection. Where I'm just like. I'm just going to go up and see how it goes, then I go maybe halfway up and I'm just like I'm not feeling it and then I just come back So, do you proceed if you know for sure that you can't climb back down 'cause, you can always. Can you is climate generally, I can climb back down almost always and if I know that, I'm about to like pass a point where there's like no, no turning back then you know I sort of know that that's a big deal when I think about it. You know, I think it through. Sixty minute piece that was actually something that I yeah the narrators he's talking about like being correct? Actually I saw just had lunch with them he's hanging out with whatever Venice or river was uh? Well, I don't know so. He was a big big climber in the 70s and he established a lot of those roots and all that- and I mean I know what he means, that it is harder to down climb, but the thing is like nowadays I mean I don't know I practice down climb and like I could down claim that you know for sure. So you just hate,
now. He wasn't heating but like, but from his perspective people don't down climb stuff like that. Maybe it was a little bit of hyperbole yeah a little bit but I mean I'm pretty sure that the route on sixty minutes like, if I absolutely had to I, could hike to the top and then down climb the thing you know they could have been like. Oh we're, filming it in reverse, but it would be a lot less Brad like that. Like that's what I'm stupid that guys coming down the mountain, it's still just a scary, but I see what you're saying like it doesn't give you that satisfaction, climbing up the mountain. You do a really hard. Like, and then you can do extremely dangerous down. Graham, have you ever climbed to the top of something and then realize holy shit? I have to climb down, because I can't walk down there's no other way to get down a little bit. I've had a handful of epics like that. But actually A couple of mine, earliest experiences have been topping out routes that you conventionally, repel down, since I don't have a rope on me, I'm like okay, I'll just pine you're, some kind of new descent and non so a couple of them in
do you know is on national Park in Utah, no figure really pretty River canyon. It's like sandstone, it's it's beautiful, but on it's like a thousand foot wall And then the rim of the canyons like two thousand feet above it, and it's really really steep sandstone and normally you would climb the one thousand feet and then repelled back down and be like oh sweet. So I climbed one thousand foot wall and then I'm up there and it's like two thousand feet are really steep. And it was all covered in like snow or a sort of like consolidated hail- is all messed up super hard to scrambling. You know controls anyway and then started. Snowing is here that opt out. So I was like clawing my way at this Halen like this driving blizzard It actually and then there's a blizzard why you were up there yeah well, so The day that I decided to do. I was I was a little angst. I was like I'm going to do this God damn it will be at the time this is like last. This last February is a year ago, but but so the forecasts of that is going to start snowing at noon and I was like well, you know just by then going to shit like one thousand one hundred and thirty. It started snowing right on schedule and now
like oh, no problem, I'll hike off the thing is even once I made it to the rim which took me forever and it was I was getting pretty wet and pretty cold there is kinda messed up. Invisibility was so low. I was worried about getting lost and then once you're up on the top, it's just a big plateau and I was hoping to hit this one trail that it was like ten mile hike on the trail back around to get back to the car and and even though it's all just a field of snow and like whiteout, blizzard style and I was just running along and my climbing shoes, because my God, I hope I can find something but Meraki I found the trail and made it all the way on is no problem holy shit but if you're by yourself on all these experience, he has pretty about satellite phone, no, nothing, my phone see, I would have a satellite photo only climbing on top of a mountain. Now I mean well the thing that, though, is like it. So the whole time I did I was like this is a hard core. You know right in this year's. I was back in the car. I was like well, it's like noon. I had a eventful morning but like it doesn't even feel like a full day. You know I mean the whole thing like the whole thing like fuel surreal, because you're like did. I just do that. Like those weird knowing every few hours where you just like whoa wow,
that that most hair raising experience you've ever been on now for sure now, but it was for sure know what was a very invigorating morning. You know what what is the most hair raising experience you've ever had, I don't know I mean, depends what you call her raising. What's the most difficult climb you've ever done, I don't know I mean again. You know I need, like tighter definitions, has ever been a climb that you did. Where are you, you realize, like wild, that might have been the most. Strenuous, the Hari, originally overhead, to work yeah. I have not yet sure my pants or come close so for free soling, maybe on the first time, I've we sold half them, which was in two thousand and eight, I think at the time. I think it was maybe a little bit much for me. You know like when I finished I was like. Oh,
Maybe not that I like got away with it, but that's kind of the feeling. You know you get to the top and you're like Wolf, though you had no more. If you had a for sure, I was like yeah, because the one of, hardest and least secure parts, the whole climbs up, the very top so you're, like the top of a two thousand foot wall and. And it took me like two hundred and fifty to clean the whole route. So I was probably up there at two hundred and thirty five at this. Like super hard part, I'm already kind of frazzled, and you know, because even really folk for like two and a half hours. I tried really hard. You just got a little tired and whatever right right and then you get to the hardest part. It's also to be secure. It's a really insecure style. It's like they're, no actual holds to hold on to is just like a bald slab. Then you just wait your feet, and so you, just meet your feet means when you. Really tight, climbing shoes, it's like really precise edges on him and you, basically just it be like if you took that brick wall and you like leaned back and made it a little smooth and then all you can do is stand on the little edges of the bricks you know actually well, if you is it actually, like eighty seven degrees, you could probably walk up
the wall with no hands but just the edges. You know we were joking around about that. You would look at this wall and thinking about routes? Well, you see a wall and then look for areas in on a little bit a little bit. Is there a day between a guy who does your type of stuff like mountain climbing stuff and those crazy dudes climb buildings, Nami restore his climbing stuff. Do you practice on the floor? Do you like practice, climbing on the floor when that be called lane? I mean like like like like up, I mean I do push. Ups is right. Do I do. You have like a a strength or conditioning program that you did a bunch just do a lot of little bit when I'm motivated, like I did a bunch of planks this morning. I don't know just help your climbing. I don't know that's that's the thing, but I mean it makes my core rose wrong. If you're, if you're climbing, is done right, how much of it actually does involve physical strength, Ferrum Fairmount, Fairmount, eventually
The thing is that what I was just talking about a slab. You know that's all about technique and precision with for work and all that kind of thing, that's all mental, and, and I mean you have to have toned calves whatever but on. But then, if, if you take away, back the other way and you're climbing out some kind of like over hanging ceiling? Then I mean it really does come down to having strong arms and strong folders, not yeah yeah. I mean in general for a recreational climber. You should be using your feet and you should be using good technique and you should keep your weight over your legs, but When you get into really high end climbing it's like you just got to be able to pull really hard to. I saw a video or a photograph of you holding on to some pillars or some beam And doing channel yeah yeah, can you do that? You really and you can change the photo of it. Yeah I've been better mean, can actually ergonomic up and move and yeah not just hold yeah yeah. I could do like to pull ups on those beams before it's all over. I mean it's really hard for me to hold on to him yeah. I would imagine though, but it's got to be pretty rad. Some can even do it too well, but
I mean they're planning to do zero lot stronger, and I kind of thing that I am. Is that right look because of her crazy stories about these free solo, climbers being able to do chin ups with one finger, and it is yeah like a thing that is, you can do that right now. I could we do two. When I was a kid I could do like a one thing. One on, I think one finger one arm chin up. Yeah. I mean hanging off like a slang. You know like a little piece of rope or something that's the photo of you hang in there yeah classic that chalk stuff huge huh. Well, yeah. I mean the same as Jim. Listen everything keeps the answer. Yeah, you do ever solo, something without chalk look at it like I'm gonna need chalk for that. No you pretty much always take a chalk bag and less it's like really easy, and I'm just scrambling up in. Have you ever lost your chalk bag? actually it's funny. You ask this last summer, like one of the biggest things that I've done so long. That ripple, which is like climbing three big faces in Yosemite today. The second thing that I cloud was l, capped and sort of three thousand foot face, and I climbed it through the night.
An accident. Forgot my shopping at the bottom. All knows where I live. The answer when I is all ready to start climbing. I was like, oh damn it you know, and actually it was kinda messed up, 'cause the roots kind of wet Will it rain a lot of the day before? And so it's the kind of thing where you like? You really want to talk back, but I was like well bummer, you know and then I with the first eight hundred feet and then I actually passed a party who is sleeping on the route because most people climbing over like four days what yeah well I mean at three thousand faces, saw a guy that was like camped out on one of those crazy outcropping tents. There were actually well, so it's kind of a standard ledge, it's like where people generally camp on the roads allege. Well, it's like the size of half this table I mean so it's like. So there are two parties of two guys and they were all camped on it, and so they each have the little tents that you're talking about that you know 'cause, there's not much room. So it's half the size of this table and everybody's on it in a big party yeah, but that's pretty comfortable, converted hanging on a vertical face. Like all sweet. I can stand. You take off your harness if you want whatever
anyway. That was our past. These dudes in the middle and I were camping there and the guy gave me talk back like that, while seven when I got to the top I tied off to this little trees and he got it back later. So all that's pretty cool, so it's like, so you just kept going you climb, the the whole yeah, and once you got to talk about, do you like. Then it was game on. Oh, my god. What did they say to you when you like? I forgot my chalk. We like what the fuck man little bit. I think they were like the fact that they are up there for like five days that this dude climbs through and he's like excuse me, do any chalk and they're like what the fuck right it actually is. Our method guidance is that I think it. I think, that's his favorite story, because I probably not like half the climbers on the West Coast. Hey you, you met my buddy Steve. He gave me you gave me his chalk bag. Whatever the views talk right, I'm not like a dozen people who were like hey, I met this guy that I think they were pretty site. You know just 'cause. It's a funny story to vary
story it's a very crazy story, though man to so your reality is your reality to you. It's just normal yeah. I mean that's, that's normal, but I'm so I'm talking to you, my hands are sweaty. I get sweaty, I think, about high heights and I get the butterfly thing I could just think about it being like high up yeah. I can do that and freak myself out. Do you Look at like when you're at a building, and so do you think I could climb this bitch to look at things like that. I don't know I mean buildings. I do look at him like all that would be red except you get arrested, so I kind of nip that in the bud, but with rocks for sure I mean you see some things you just you're like that looks rad and I'd love to do. Climbers ever do things like that for publicity stunts like know that they're going to get arrested, but just climb something anyway, I mean surely heard of honor Alhamra, bear the french Solace guy, who did the New York Times Building and it's like climbed, pretty much every in the world? You know what I'm probably prefer live heard of that guy, but I never I mean really what we're talking when I talk about do sewing skyscrapers he,
the only dude Solon skyscrapers like any skies here, but heard of being sold it's that guy and they don't lock him up for one well now I mean he's been arrested, tons of times like not that you talked about some building in Japan. I got punched in the face by security guard. You know he's at all kinds of weird stories, but I met him in Poland of this, like Film Festival thing last year, and I was like oh it's it's great to meet him actually 'cause. He was like a really good climber like in the 80s and 90s, and then he sort of transition into like he. He doesn't even call himself a climber anymore he's just like. Oh, you know just climb buildings, it's fun whatever it's like a job, but so does we sell books or they'll do speaking staff appearance of books like some of the buildings. I think he gets paid for because you know like Middle EAST, they like unveil like the biggest building in the world or whatever, and then a pay him to climate. There was a guy. I don't know if it was him, but someone was doing. Something recently was on the news, was walking through an airport or something the giants, suction cups and is climbing up some fucking document class president
Tom Cruise in mission, impossible, don't think so, I think, was an actual real person yeah, some guy. He even think that should exist. It yeah yeah yeah, it does yeah, he was climbing up a glass building and he was using suction cups. You can yeah, you can actually do. It seems like scary yeah. It was real scary. He was also one time. It was another video of another building. Yes, he was in a crack like this, like it was like a v crack going smaller as it got away from him and he was climbing the wall that way just pressing up against the, long, climbing that way. This probably isn't standard like a standard technique. Yeah for sure, do you get yours in a situation like that. Well, that's how you're, climbing you're pressing up against the wall and that's actually a lot easier. Probably then it might look to you really I mean generally, when you're doing any kind of counter pressure type stuff without like pushing two sides. I mean you're using your whole body as opposed to just your fingers right, so I mean it's not the not the strenuous sh the pending on how what the angle isn't everything, my god, but
we know how little kids love to like chimney up door frames are always or whatever you know where you put your back end. Thank you for yeah, the other I mean pretty pretty stable on. You know it's easy to do. You know what is that here's, a guy saying he's, got the all right. I don't think that's a! that land Rubar. Does he have suction cup? So not in this one, but that's actually quite easy. I mean he can go now hands right right there you know so then when he has to do the movement. Jesus Christ thing levels. This is insane. He think this looks seizing yeah, but young I mean not that I'm diminishing his accomplishment but like, but that particular like feet of climbing does not look hard at all he's become an you should become a tagger you'd, be like the ultimate, tiger that goes back to when not when you get arrested. You know yeah. Well, that's why you dress up as spider man or some problems here it should be accessory for that to be absolutely Carrie paint with themselves. Knowing you know up your whole balance thing, the exact really just a sticker singers. All
bucket hanging off me this guy. He started doing the regular, climbing and just decided, there's no money this shit? Actually, I think part It was it on. He had a couple of kind of terrible ground falls where, like he fell so long and got all messed up like brown different things, and so I think he now has like a somewhat restricted range of motion and I can't move farms in certain ways, and so so long on rock is kind of out of the question a little bit, because rock requires like real rock requires such a diverse range of movements. 'cause, you never know like where the holes are going to be or what direction will be facing. Where's buildings are extremely uniform. Yeah so like with the building. He can look at and be like. Ok, I'm going to be like that little clip you just saw. He did that exact same movement over and over for one thousand feet or, however big that building is. So to you. This is like, I guess it's just another example of something where, if you don't know how to do it looks impossible to do it. If you know how to do it, you are your whole line. I should know that by now, isn't it
I guess that you have on like that. You know, were you like Astro Physics, yeah, three easier like actually it's real boring. Like thirty, No one is interested. Astrophysics is boring that that hasn't, but I know what you're saying yeah you know I mean it becomes commonplace: yeah, don't you do anime shit or something like yeah punch. You the face, Well. I don't really know that much most of what I do is just to these days, so you throw them into a wall. It's you stress on okay, yeah on Mars and stuff. Have you ever during a earthquake like Is that a fear of yours like having like this big earthquake while you're at it? That was a sucker for one yeah yeah? I am out and saying that you're driving over a bridge in the yeah but you're in a car. If it's like a movie the calm, I hit the water and you can open a window and you get out less likely yeah. I don't know I am but it, but it is the the connection between the look looking at people doing martial arts
it. It totally makes sense to me that you know it's yeah I mean like I watch a video of an aikido master, something like thrown people around the words around the room sentence on must also push it yeah most. That's where all well. I see the rail looks: read a martial art that really works with the other person. Doesn't do anything if you have no idea what this guy is doing or if you are cooperating and that's what a lot of videos. I think the guys are running at you and he's committing to a very specific technique and you're throwing them on the ground. But you never see it that applied in like a UFC match. Very yeah yeah. You see some of the principles of misdirection and manipulating bodies and like throwing bodies and leverage, but the way you see it in like in a Keto demonstration, shit never happens in the real world. It just does it's it's kind of there's a lot of that leftover from there was a time where martial arts had like a great mysticism attached to it, but because of the UFC because of mixed martial arts, Competition become much more pragmatic and now they really understand what works and what doesn't work
so. Aikido is one of those martial arts. It has some practical application, but as a lot of fuckery there's a lot of shit that just doesn't, Workers were surprised that mindset to climbing yeah, I'm sure sounds like sure yeah I am. I am friends. That'll watch like a martial arts thing on television, the guy just do that, like that's, will kick that's like standard. So that's how you looking at this exactly when that guy is on those two buildings or there's two sides like that's uniform, that's a hanger, that's yeah! Yeah! There's nothing to do with everyone's got their thing. You know some people don't other things, so they should find their thing. They shouldn it. You know they should start a garden like everybody can do something. Everybody should have a thing, though I I completely agree. I had a friend who was getting divorced and that's one of the things he said he said he goes. If I find another woman eagles, I swear to God, I'm going to find someone who likes
thing. He was anything fundamental and actually said rock climbing walking rock climbing. He was so man see it did well, he you know he married someone who's a little bit vapid whose fastening their situation in need, something to get, a bed not just to get you out of bed, though just to make one high fund were yet to be fired up about. You know like directly interesting yeah and it affects your health too. Who really does it affects how you feel it affects? I, if you have something you really love to do. If there's anything, I could ever tell anybody. That's out there, it's young it's like it got a lot of people that are telling them to take a safer. Hopefully there, no young people listening to this young people I hope they're all sixteen eight. Our teams are yeah. We go for twelve year olds. Twelve year olds are more malleable there on the internet, I'm sure there's fucking twelve year olds listening I get emails from sixteen year olds, all just don't like the curse with kids. You know why it's just
seven year olds are old. Stuff, that's that's sweet! I feel I feel bad a little kid. Couldn't because they're going to say it when they become adults, it's crazy. Everybody should say fuck that yeah, but it's nice to preserve for a little bit. You don't think no, I say, keep using it but use it in moderation. I wanted to use it like comedians when comedians used the word fuck too many times you over fuck ruins the impact of the word, but when you don't use it that often, then you use it boom. It works. My point is someone with little kids saying fuck, it's adorable, didn't we watch that movie. What the fuck was that movie with Nicolas cage. The kick ass, yes, I am not a girl, yeah beautiful. That's an odd there's, nothing wrong with that man. We're we're silly people with magic words, but if there's anything that you can that young people can hear they can benefit on the big one is do what you're drawn to whatever you're drawn to go to that just
find something you love to do, because your life will be different than someone who just works, because we can all get by just working and have hobbies- and you know and have family in friends that keep us entertained and have people at work that we enjoy being around. So we can have a good time working. I'm not saying you don't have a good life if you're a person works. When I'm saying is, if you have, the choice and you do when you're young you do when you don't have commitments, you have a mortgage, you don't have a family, go to what you fucking love go there go get find whatever it is. 'cause you're a perfect example of that. But you do would make me shit my pants every day of the week I have no desire. I don't I don't ever a look at the mountains ago, man. I need to climb that. Never it's not in me, it doesn't appeal to me. I look over the edge of building hello and I fucking run away and hide. I am so not into that. But I love The fact that you are you know, I'd love the fact,
people are so different that it's whatever it is ones and zeros inside of your system will make you look at a tree and want to fucking climate. I don't know what that is, I think it's awesome. You know it's it's shocking. It's weird, but it's awesome and it's a perfect example of that principle in action. You've always been drawn. Climbing you climb and look at you, you happy bastards. That's why I was saying that my family's always been surprisingly supportive. You know because I think my mom sort of values exactly what you're saying and she's like that's what he loves to do he's do he's working hard at it doing it well, like you know, can't do any better than that. You got gotta cool mom if everybody had a mom like that, we would be a better world. Do you many fears, like I used to go to shit, zoos or anything like that. I don't know. No, nothing, nothing crazy. You know my friend's girlfriend has of arachnophobia likely g. Like if you say spider around her just say the word spider. Her throat starts to close up, but you can't talk she freaks
right. You know with, as she was there the other day, arbors grow, the wisest writer expired yeah you member did, if you say the word spider around her. Her her throat starts to close how for no reason kind of weird yeah and she has no idea. She has no life experience with the spider. There's never been the station and also by the most issues, are molested by torrential issued a baby. You know I mean what it probably was was. I bet someone in her chain of ancestry. This is just totally unscientific theory by many like a daddy longlegs. I have this idea of genetic memory and it's a no I'm not a scientist, so it shouldn't be talking here, but I'm going to say it anyway 'cause. It's just a thought The idea is that when people have like incarnations. You know when you know people say like: oh I'm that lived in the sixteen hundreds and I've been reincarnated, and you know I can tell you about the boat that I was on, that got sunk by the british troops when, when people, those stories.
Really wonder whether or not sperm, whether or not genetics, whether or not you're you're like when, when a person makes another person how Much information is actually getting to that kid. It might be like a lot more than we have access to and it very well be that when you are a person who has You know how many max of thousands of traceable generations that all that information of all those people's lives might be somehow another encoded in our dna. So in her, past somewhere on the along that chain of life, someone had a fucking, horrific experience with fighter and maybe almost died and shits there every time they see spiders and somehow another that wacky gene think finds its way into her little personality box, and now you say, spider around or in her throat closes shot. I mean it does it make sense. To me I mean obviously I'm not
that doesn't matter to me and a lot of existence. I mean you can get raped and feel they want, but that will go away. You know where to instincts come from them. Why? Why do we have instincts? Why do little children? Why are they afraid of monsters if they live in cities? Why is everybody afraid of things with big teeth? It's in the dark I'll tell you why because at one point in time we used to be hunted by leopards. Okay, we go out of our tents at night, we'd get fucked up because we were little monkey people and that it is still in our head, we're still terrified of monsters in the night, and I think that's a genetic thing. I think there's certain instincts that human have that are relayed through generation after generation of experience. After experience, it only sense that somehow or another that human coding tpn is different than personal experience, I think it's not because memes they know that racism can be transferred through genetics. They they there's direct,
Vince that people who do not have exposure to racism, but their parents were basis and they were adopted or more inclined to become races, sort of racist ideology, exactly the results on its only did some some study on means what they had to identical twins. I will I want some documentary and the the the concert is in mind means cultural jeans. Basically, it's not not just its ideas period and the the the the concept is that there's a certain amount of things that you learn in life, that's related to your children and that's one of the reasons why children of musical people become very musical. It's like it's very common that people have children and their children, not just because it's the environment they grow up in, but they stroll like an instant proclivity. Some sort of a thing that you were very good at that wouldn't have to do with your physical genetics as we think of it, as from his You know body type and you know athleticism and things along those lines which
we've already transfer an amino transfer on, but I think there's there's also life experience and mental things to transfer. Doesn't mean that you're going to be racist, 'cause your dad was racist 'cause. We know that's not the case with people that grew up with uh this dad, you know, I have a friend who's. Dad was just can't not be racist. No matter what it is on the news. It means, like Archie, bunker type dude. You know it's kind of funny, but is just so racist. My friend like as liberal as they come, no inclination towards any sort judgment of anybody, and it's probably just his response to growing up with this idiot. You know this sort of thing how dumb it is. You know he's rebounded from it. This is pretty common with people, but if he
hadn't been around that guy and been in different environments. Man, who knows how much of it is nature and nurture, but the concept is that some of it is being transmitted through information through genetics. I think it makes sense, so this poor some make somebody a jack by spider a past. Maybe I might be right. Makes sense. What so funny, like her great great great grandmother, was like sitting there eating up. I once in a little spider bitters years ago. I know a girl who got bit by a fucking brown recluse in her pussy. It was inter under. There she pulled her underwear on didn't, know the spiders in the spider bit her fucking pussy and a brown recluse is the most horrific spider in North America, in fact it doesn't just doesn't poison you it. Literally turns your flesh into the dead flesh, yeah
What happened to her see her pussy died. He imagine Do you have a pussy? Is it just a whole? It's dead, it died. Did it really That's tragic, I don't know the extent of the damage, but I have never seen a brown recluse bite that didn't do some damage yeah, it's pretty clearly. I don't know how quickly she got to the doctor, but essentially the toxins kills all the flesh around. At that point we have to carve it out Yeah we've been a big dead hold, yet we discussed it. So she is a hole in your hole, around, don't say son of a they did do something with Jeremy porn, one of MMA fighters. He had a brown recluse sting on his leg and he had like it was like a golf. Ball holds crazy. He had like this giant
hold it just eaten through his leg and he had a like keep gauze it and everything happened to it lot of guys these fucking brown recluses Climbing your shoes, you know, and then you just put your shoes on it will sting you and your foots jacked their port. A scorpion out of my shoe in you, Semite Digit win. You didn't know it was in there. No Before you put, I was going on wow how scorpions. This difference, not a brown recluse knows probably would've been fine, some of some of them fuck
up and some of them just hurt real bad right. Like a beast and I've heard, the little ones are like real poisons, but I think it's just painful. It's not like you're gonna die. We had, we used them on fear factor will use the big giant ones which really not that bad, which I think aren't as bad yeah. It's kind of crazy, but they us counter intuitive yeah. They look horrific those big black here. You look so evil just intimidating what what is fear factor, fear factor, factor yeah. Yet you were the it. Would you do without you? The host or some of the I read it online. So what does that mean? You just told people there going to get messed up by weird animals and stuff. Do you spend all your time climbing trees and sure we don't never have like a tv and stuff? You know when those things out like heard out, but you never that you know we had a tv, but it was like in my parents are in one cable and we didn't you know. I don't know. I didn't see that much tv wow fear factor was a game, show an it.
People are like toward has now now they had to do things that were difficult like sometimes they would have to give up a dollar off per building. Sometimes it would get stung by a scorpion so that, if mark bugs, or drink a picture or they could say no for real, like bull semen in red bull, you mean yeah, red bulls, know it's white and it was donkey. They drink. Wait for re, oh yeah! That's what got the show canceled that guy That's capital letter e capital. Enough conjuring. Would you drink a picture of donkey? Come for the chance win fifty thousand dollars not for the choice If I was exactly appreciate, if you are definitely getting fifty grand, you would do it. Maybe I mean yeah, probably it's not that big a deal if it was definitely that's what I never understood about those shows. Is that like, if you had to do any of those things, it can't be that bad to do, but if you're just doing it for shits and giggles like? Why would you ever just let yourself go
by scorpions for fun. You know this was warm in curd like there was on top hard layer. Com know that they had no there was it It was actually was everything had to be sanitizer, yet temperature controlled to make sure it didn't. Turn off basement in harden up? Was there a yellow oil on the top of it that this kind of like sat there in the middle? What's wrong with you come you comes broken, which star Yes, Michael toxins, cool, I bet. If you it took a syringe and stuck it in that yellow stuff and pull that I'll, be Puer Michael talks with the anti it's your con. It's just all pure fear. Toxin only can you get. Can you extract a team t from come. I don't know I don't know what the exact content to come up with your extra talkative today with dumb shit. This is something happening over the weekend. You hit your head. You can extract it from any. Did you hit your head? No, you extract from humans and plants,
calms, calmest, Germany, let it be able to get brain cells from calm? No, you can't stannington com can make a brain cell by combining with a woman's ag making a baby, but you don't get brain cells at a commissary. We do get brings grandstand. It is the podcast that people listen to to give a rat's hellsing understand that you wear the concept. How do you expect him to from Crescent okay stop? This is too dumb student. Can do this see what I have to deal with everyday? You know what that's a kid grows up. Nothing but tv. No parents, they put him in front of the fucking TV. They never answer question once they broke him. Tragedy, tragedy for you, because you never been on the show before you know what you expect them. I thought I was gonna come on here and some Regular sixty minutes, sixty minutes sixty find out about you. The producer was like an amateur climber. You just kind of
kind of into it, oh wow, so was his idea yeah and actually had to pitch it a bunch of times too. He said 'cause You know he pitched it and they were like that sounds retarded you know, and so he put it again and they're like no like who cares about climbing you know, and then he said that, finally, he he cut himself. His own little highlight reel type deal from stuff off the internet or whatever, and and showed it to his bosses like look at this and they were like oh yeah. Let's do that. Usually it's a start. The thing that's the thing, but if you just if you just tell somebody, though, there's this kid- that's basically homeless their raw clams a lot you know they're like that, sounds stupid. How did you feed yourself when, before the sixty minutes thing before you had supplied sponsored for sixty minutes, actually sixty minutes and even change. My whole sponsorship, seeing already all the climbing stuff yeah because so the sixty minutes just catapulted me into like the mainstream, but I mean I've. I've been a pretty good climber for like years before that you know so did people find out about you before they just you
just like climbing word of mouth whatever, like climbing magazines, is such a small community, it's a fairly smart mean, and what are you doing for a living back then well, so for What years I'm? If I dropped out of college after one year, I was going to use your birthday there's no climbing in this room. Get here like this is kinda. I wasn't super fired up on for engineering? What was the idea? I don't know it's going to be civil engineering like build big structures or something I don't know I wasn't like sue excited about it, though, and then and then I can stop in and one coming for awhile and so for the like. I spent a couple years just kind of Richard Inclining, and then I had sponsors and ended up more so more and more. What when you first left college, he did. What did you did you get part time? Jobs and just climb everywhere. Ads was so is slightly more complicated, but so on my dad died.
Like this summer before I start going to college well, actually, so, first off I got invited to youth nationals whatever so like, like the Youth World CUP type thing, because I did well at U S, nationals and so on. They give me an excuse to be I'm to take the next semester off and just like go to Europe. Do this youth and then and then travel Europe and climb? But you know it sounds like I'm going to take next semester off and then and then my dad died that summer, and so you know I was taking a semester off and He left enough money for my sister and finish school, like life insurance. You know for us both to finish college, and so I went to Europe. You know: did this Compton do well whatever, but and then just never went back to college and then use the life insurance to like travel and climb for couple years, wow, yeah, wow, so proof. So when you first started doing that, did you ever believe so that you could get to a one day where you would be a professional would make. I didn't even know. I didn't even know there were professional climbers it would be like is such a niche? Little
thing I mean all I know is that I love going climbing in the there isn't anything else that I'd rather be doing and that I wasn't super fired up on school, and so I was just like well, I'm just going to go on a road trip. The road trip is kind of like a classic climbing thing. Everybody goes on the road trip and this travels in climbs and follows the good weather. So I just did that for a few years and then that's just like climber community thing, yeah yeah lot like most climbers. Do that basically 'cause you kind of have to because you have to you- have to be at the different box in different places in good weather. So I mean you have to constantly move wow. So, while you're doing this, you just thinking hey I've, just I've got the time this now I'm enjoying doing this now? Let's just do it because I want to do it yeah, basically, I mean you know the time I was like all. Maybe if I get really good they'll, give me some free shoes. You know, because I
I mean for sure. I knew that you can get sponsored whatever them, and you know it's like all the send you free ropes and I'll, give you free shoes and I'll give you a harness like that. So rad you know, and so on. So I picked up little sponsors like that right, like on on getting my free shoes, I'm so so he can and then, and then it sort of has like slowly snowball? You know where like got another, actually pay me up like it. My first, my first myro sponsor was the first people to pay me and they paying me a hundred bucks a month like yeah, making one hundred bucks a month or rope sponsor yeah, one of those ropes made of like nylon same as every other. Does anybody make a hemp one? That's like the old school it's been replaced. Is the nine one better yeah now is way better. What is music and get tighter or can get stronger as it would have probably durability. I think- and I think part of its US city, I think hemp like stretches more and breaks easier and whatever not one is just better yeah. There's no like do to try to keep it real, go climb,
temperament and everybody else. Okay, with the phone for sure, with the ropes nobody's like I won't use the overthrow possible of people we're with the half man in November, like a weird sort of attachment to it like not, for when your life depends on it nobody's like I you know, but the well. Maybe they do and they're not here anymore. Well, exactly yeah yeah. They smoked a little too much and they're like loops turns on him, doesn't really hold yeah? I got I have these this tee shirt line higher primate and the biggest complaint was that, why are you selling hemp t shirts do or in another minute of hemp, welcome their own hemp. I've, never been a head teacher. The didn't feel like I was wearing a green sack. What what's that one guy that makes those bags that you're friends with that Sora dancer? I have a dutch sir right teacher him teacher in its softness fox. Is it yeah like really nice, it's thick and meeting
well, that's not why I like it Finn. This is yeah you like things like high end fan light waves? Are nice like ordinary cognizant of its kind and, and it's like a blends con, some some sort of buy one or someone you like nice body shirts, just fields of that order. That's good intro to where you can get. Those Midwest guys are. Like you see my nipples through the sir. You know So you were you looking for something to drape of your friend yeah. We need hi and- and I sent her sexy, that's what I just like things are light lightweight that they don't restrict me when I move. But yeah that's sort has great shit. He wants to sponsor the podcast, so we just do it that way. That sort of makes gym bags laptop bags of high quality hemp Colorado recently, as as far as the new thing that's been,
past that makes marijuana legal? It also makes growing hemp, legal and the first guy is stepping up to start of hemp farm. So awesome we have to start a kickstarter for his legal fund for when the DEA comes and locks him up with some because of like the National Defense Authorization ACT in the Patriot ACT that guy becomes a terrorist, then they lock him in some fucking cell in Guantanamo Bay and that's not a joke folks. If you're selling drugs in any way shape or form you're like a terrorist. Now, if you're selling hemp, even though it's not even psychoactive, isn't the psychoactive form of marijuana- it's still federally illegal and they would treat you the same way. They would treat someone who was growing heroin. It's so stupid, it's so fucking stupid, because what what people don't As we sell hemp at on it, we have him protein, it's delicious nutritious, it's you don't test positive, thc because there's not any in it. You get the stuff from the male plant, the hemp plant,
this plant, it doesn't have. Any psychoactive capability would have to get like a whole forest of it to get high, but but it is very nutritious and it is very illegal. We have to buy it Canada, so we're allowed to have it, but we can't grow it. It's the dumbest thing in the world, so they buy it. We have to Canadians have to grow it. We get it from and then we sell it. But if we grow it, lock us in jail for a hundred years. If you could the plants that you you need to make hemp, protein powder or hemp or any they'll just lock you in jail for federal crimes. It's it's unbelievable. How dumb the world is? It's really it hurts my brain, sometimes that it's two thousand and thirteen and that with the it
this information that we have the world and the government still hasn't caught up. The people in positions of power are still operating like it's, the 1950s and 1960s, and everybody's fucking stupid, and it's really amazing. It's drives me crazy. How many people get high and climb most wool? I'm not into it, though, but I would think that maybe not most but a lot say a lot. I wouldn't it last place. You want to be paranoid. Well Munchies Jesus. I have the munchies. You got five hours to go to get to the top, for you need a quail egg Cuellar some specific nest that you go to. It's been mapped out, hikers digest sixty go up there and eat that fucking port birds, eggs and try to get enough energy to make it to the top. So you could stay alive yeah! You don't want to get the munchies while climbing a mountain yeah. Do you have a poop bag?
and stuff when you go up there or they just if you're growing up for like a week or something then yeah, but I mean, if you're doing day, missions you had the highway in the middle of a climb yeah. What happens you just? Let it go? What do you think you do? You just take a bow Thank you. My my labor have to take your pants off yeah. I know for sure you take a graph of the do, while you're climbing, when there was little ledges little stances, are like so and you can get there and you just go buck wild the rest of us do whatever go naked. No, no! You just you shake this, It out put it? No, you don't improve your pants, I mean the point, so you take a poop and then all the best the best is to ship, but were you poop on to a rock and he hurled a rock off into the abyss ship pudding, it's like this is pretty legit.
Okay, you you've never been climbing. Just your pants now have no that's what I thought you meant hard. Knowing you said it all over the place. I thought you just let it go. The worst case scenario is that you have a rope on you have to poop immediately, and so you just like swing to the side. You pull your harness and pants as far as you can just poop all over the wall. That's like the worst Why me we need to make videos of this. Is that no good? I gotta do that. Yeah! There's an amazing video. Do you actually have to get some from all that up? How do you define it? Does Google bill you too, you poop because the guy was climbing a route called boogie to you puke, and then he went up there and then poop himself that Solarius poop yeah you gotta be careful about your diet when you're climbing up fucking mountains, do you do you you die and you have a very specific, nutritious diet. A bit I actually I've been vegetarian for, like a month and a little bit yeah how you like in a I don't know it seems, are at I mean it was the I feel the exact same size as the one with the
actually. Yes, certainly it's. Actually it's one of my favorite climbing videos yeah and is this. Some requires rescue see free soloing. This knows that he has a rope and everything. So the thing is he's come in a wide crack and like it's too big for for his hands in fists into or whatever so, which is leg and and he gets like stuck and he's like stuck stuck so this is, I am I'm stuck. And this other buddy who is filming. It is down there trying to help him like extra cab shits on him. Well now he shits in his pants but think about it like which waited. Now. Is this ever happen to you when you get stuck like this, then he starts drying
These are hungover is back pretty gross hungover climbing a fucking mouth, so this was during like the Squamish Mountain Festival, it's like a big climbing party up and up by Vancouver everybody parties, alignment right, I just shit my pants just seek it out of this by the way. This is two podcasts in a row, but we showed shit your pants videos. Yes, George Brett Shit, your pants story I get out of this. Eventually they managed to break lines layout with allow this is torture. Video. This is scary used. Fuck and shit. His hand is about to puke, and the guy below him is like just downwind. The gamble sellable relax one of my really good friends. He started help them out. You know it's pretty buddy. They both are good friends. Now, when you do this, climbing I'm ignorant to this as well, when the climb up mountain using ropes, how do you do it,
Do you start out? Do you like knock something in it? Climbed a certain part, knock something in that secure and then connect your rope to it then keep keep and connecting it to recover your arm? So generally you started the ground with what's called a rack of here like an assortment of gear, that you have little things that you can put into cracks or, like you know, whatever put into cracks generally and so you climb up and put him in as you go? You clip your rope into him, so at anytime, if you follow, you just follow doubled, it is and so the last piece of gear you know, because you can't like say five feet above the last piece of gear. So if you fall, you fall at 5p, plus the five feet of slack that you had. So how does it relax or how does the? How does the rope disconnect from the one second person has to climb up it after you you're climbing, like a thousand foot wall, then the first person climbs say one a hundred feet and stops and then brings up the second person and then the
then they do it again over and over the whole way, it's called pitches or like rope lengths. So you climb like one rope length and then you do the next one, and then you do the next one. Is the technology for these pieces of equipment so good that nothing? I mean for the most part. I mean it's like everything breaks. You know like everything in life will break in the right circumstances, but on new year's really well made well manufactured in like pretty well tested, so I mean yeah There are circumstances where you can, like trust your life to like a piece of gear like one little widget that you put into a crack and you're like well, you know, but generally you back things up, you have it all tripled or whatever, and these things that you put cracks, the the separate or something like it call. Now, the costumes there came in devices at the two lobes sort of like an umbrella or something so you pull the trigger in the contract minute you put into the crowd,
and then expand outward and then, when you pull on, they expand outward even further, and so they which themself in the crack. You know it's. Yes, just simple camera, so it's just the pressure of that are hosting just. It's like that? Guy was climbing them yeah, exactly exactly sure yeah and how was it designed like what is it made out of like aluminum? I think because light one time, but I mean they're rated to I mean they go through a whole, rigorous testing process and they're pretty solid stuff, the following things. What really freaks me when they fall and hang on that thing. Yeah do that so often as a climber, you know that happens all the time, and so it's just not you know it's totally normal, so climbers are just just a falling and getting so I'm sure like as a fighter you used to get knocked over. You know I mean the climbers used to falling 'cause you're, always to get better. You have to push yourself to failure and so you're constantly falling, obviously not for solos but like, but you know the majority of the time. You have a robot.
Your client failure now? Do you, when I want to ask you about your diet? Do you try to stay light? Does that make it easier one of one of things we did fear factor when the stones that we had was people. They were. Hanging over this bridge by their hands and they dropped into the water. You know wasn't that far, but it was just the idea was like who can hang on the longest and women one because they spider yeah because they were liner 'cause. We had one guy who is like a like a football player. He was big strong guy could yeah but hands. I mean changes such small fine little muscles were being a big guy like a huge liability, if you're hang on yeah. That's what I would imagine. So do you make sure that you don't gain weight I mean I try. I mean I love eating, pastries and stuff. You know I don't watch too much, but but I mean I try. Yeah, but you're. Very thin, it must be a lot of calories, not that then I'm in Chris we not fat
What a man now you don't know, certainly have muscle, but I mean you're, not fat, guy yeah sure I mean well yeah I mean, but you can't I mean you couldn't go climbing all the time and and be a fat dude. You know because it does bring a lot of calories from yeah. I mean would just being outside all the time axis. Nothing is going to get you pretty food like when you have like a big climb that day. Do you prep yourself? Do you have like a pre climb meal? You pretty much the same. All the time just need stuff, just whatever you want, and so I just try not to eat too much or they go hog wild. You know right and no drinking yeah, but that's just 'cause, I'm not into it. I don't know I just don't like it that seems the worst place to ever, be where that guy was where was hungover and he was in the middle of the cloud. That's exactly you know. That's the reason I don't drink. I look stuff like that. I'm just like what a disaster yeah What is your mindset while you're climbing? What do you? What do you thinking of when you're, when you're doing it no one's around since you it depends, are like on hard stuff
probably not really, thinking about anything, I'm just executing the movements that I have to do. You know you know what say about being in the moment, or you know Oh and all that kind of stuff, I don't know, I'm just doing what I do on easy stuff, it's the same as like going jogging or swimming laps or anything where you just think about what everything about dinner. I think about your to do list things like that just so when it when it gets to the point where you must focus exactly what you're doing. That's why you like it yeah? Well, I mean there's some info about just going out and going jogging to. You know like just climbing up a big peak or something and then when you get to the top looking around and being like all that was fun, but keeping a really mellow the whole time, but for sure the harder stuff when it requires that extra little something I mean that is more rewarding and what does it feel like when you get to the top of like hard stuff? You just have crazy shit like I'm in general, just kind of a general satisfaction you're like that right and yet one also you're, always in these beautiful places. The views always amazing, you're you're, is by yourself doing something really cool. So I mean there's always that light.
You know relation with, like being where you are, but then there's also that deep satisfaction of like I just did something very hard and did it well now how many pics started bombing on you once you have this. Sixty minutes be sued, not that not that many get the fuck outta here, that's rude. Occulus. I don't believe that I don't have that much game. Viewed, but you don't have you don't need any game? I live in a van well- maybe not making it has a door that opens it check this winter coincide. Trust Maine, Maybe I'll hang in the wrong places where you can say you have no game dude, it's ridiculous! I don't know you this climbing freak. That in itself is game. Maybe Yeah, it didn't listen, it is. You know it might not be your your main motivation, but, for you know, most human beings. One of the reasons why they get really good at shit is to get push. Well, if you know for sure, as I was getting better at climbing every you know every time I was like. Oh, if I got on the cover of a climbing magazine, then I'd get laid and then and then you get on the cover and you're like dude no calling and then you're like. Oh,
If I get interviewed in like men's journal or something then I'll stark and lay in the near like do turns out. Nobody reads that should either you know yeah when men's journal like all those fitness magazines, you buy it when you're at the airport. You look good that, like yeah that and they leave it in your fucking cover of National Geographic like that will get me laid like turns out: no, not a lot of people, buy shit, look at the pictures problem, yeah set. Sixty minutes piece that had to be a big difference between everything else. You did and then the subsequent viewings of it on the internet, yeah for sure I found out about it. I didn't see it live. It was, I think, twitter. I think someone send me a link and said you gotta check this out and I think I jumped out of my chair there and I climbed on top of it. Like those cartoons, is a mouse on the ground. You know where you crouch and you just feet were on the chair, and I was watching you climate angles hold what the fuck is he doing. J son, you sex scandal or something. No you don't.
I just need a bigger van theater with him. Band members in a what the heck they're some online thing, it was like a fuzzy dice, ESPN like list of top athletes or some I be Kobe Bryant, because I had had a sex scandal. You know because they had This whole algorithm that, like you, know, took in all these different things that you've done versus, but then divided by the, of terrible scandals. You had not be Kobe because I live clean for some reason. For that kind of gladly that's hilarious. But it also shows how stupid that fucking thing is that that's over the new are yeah and officers ridiculous started, but out, but you know I thought was pretty funny. It is pretty funny now have Have there been traditionally a lot of girls that do this so long yeah? There are two, I think, two in the world. I don't know yeah, basically, basically now, but there are a handful of girls that do do that, but are there go
girls that do like a lot of the rope stuff yeah I mean. In Europe? I mean it's probably five thousand and fifty split. You know real in the US, maybe a six thousand and forty or seven thousand and thirty, but it's that big yeah, it's pretty close so that we are good audience buddy. Yeah I mean if you go to a gym on it, for you then now this down as far as chicks, you need to go. Those are the ones going to be the most impressed with you, yeah but they're all probably gravel faces like their faces? Have a bus travels all over gravel face why he doesn't know from hitting? No, he looks fine yeah, but they probably went in there. I'm not going to go there they probably fucked up more. Is that what you were going to say? I mean honestly that now does the majority climbers climb the gym in the city. You know it's: okay, not like rugged mountain people. It's just like college, kids and stuff that like to go boulder in the gym and that's how you start. You started as a renter bass, town love, Sacramento, yeah a lot of our minds and stand up there. I am
while it's like it's like a combination of like country, people in city, people think I'm weird sort of a blend. It's kind of hackish city, yeah, That's one time now. These people that that do these rock climbing gyms, like that own them and stuff the do most of them, do the stuff that you like, not the stuff that you do, but though the mountain stuff or is your two distinct camps? Is people just do Jim Rock climbing, and you know, I wouldn't say they're distinct camps, but for sure there are people who just climbed in the gym, especially like the bear. Around San Francisco in Berkeley and all that. They're, probably thousands of climbers that to them rock climbing just means going to the gym. You know, but then But then maybe half the people in the gym, also God doors every weekend, and all that you know it would seem to me that the the rock climbing that Jim could not be nearly as exciting, even if it was now but it. But you know I mean whatever that they're also people doing long zoom, but in the him to workout or whatever that you know what I mean like everybody chooses something and
and certainly like more fun than than most ways to workout. You know what I was going to get to is when you first started, you did it in the gym and what? What was the feeling when you did? Your first You mean like big outdoor climbing trees like going from doing it in the gym to go into a mountain and No inclined mean honestly, the first, the first times I kind out like didn't like it as much 'cause. I was like, oh, how do you find the colds and all that you know how do you do it 'cause it's like different sports through. I didn't not to do it, but then, as I learned in there, got more into it? You start to appreciate, you're, certainly in a more beautiful location, you know that's kind of the main thing does it give you a different sense of accomplishment was yeah for sure feels different yeah I mean when you get to top of something in the gym, you know there's some satisfaction in the physical even though you're like, oh I'm, stronger than I used to be here, I learned how to do some technique but like when you get to the top of some outside you like that was rad. You know like this is a worthy objective. Whatever it's like inherently, it has more inherent meaning
one of the things I saw on the sixty minutes, things to ask you to hold up your fingers. You have you have really big, like fat fingers right it's from this area from just climb and and clawing at things yeah? I think it's maybe from climbing cracks where you put 'em in a wedge and torque on him and stuff. Did you to condition your hands in any way, or did it just happen are yeah you just like I'm doing that this is seventeen years acquiring enough. Well, that's what need to tell girls like girls need to know that they know about his hands strong fingers. Do you think that means is a strong? No I'm saying that he's really probably conditioned for cracks, yeah, so you have to like at some points in time. Where you're literally getting like two inches of your fingers in a crack? Yeah are less I'm in class. He s was the smallest amount, you're actually holding your body armor in an inch. I mean that just like half of your last pad, so how
That's not correct. Yeah yeah, you're holding your whole body up? Well, I mean you have your feet on things to you know, probably really really small things, but. Jesus Christ. I mean it. Can I mean that would be like when it's really hard case near you, have your whole hand sunk in you know when you write like a touch that is correct. It's like the cracks, the most difficult thing to navigate no cracks or, if you like, the most secure thing to navigate, because, because once you put your fingers in your hand in you can so like. If you put your hand into a crack, you move your thumb down It's fatter and then a wedges in shape, sort of sort of like a camping device like I was talking, you just make your hand fatter, and then it gets locked in place, and so once you have your hand- been like that. I mean you could just you know. I mean you just hang very sheer pants on, but so like when I come in handy dance like it feels like I'm walking or something you know, and it's like you know, I'm gone. Why have climbed thousands and thousands of feet a hand gems like with no, you know just whatever
now you've been doing this for seventeen years. What keeps you doing this? What is you know, and just like I mean after this soon as we're done, I'm driving to Vegas to go climbing again when I find a Mexican a couple days for like a month, road trip thing and when you're, doing a lot of these you're doing them just by yourself, you're, just pulling up showing up and climbing I mean the big soul is the stuff that you've seen. I mean I maybe do like four five days like that a year those that you're doing with ropes yeah our time with a partner in a rope, ninety nine percent of the time, and then you know the videos and set the scene or like the playoffs and the super bowl of of climbing. You know but you're, not seeing all the practice and all the like. You know the years ago. When do I get ready for the Superbowl comma? So for you, it's just thrilling fund.
To do and it hasn't lost any of its charm. I mean the charm has transitioned, I think, as I get older like now, I love the travel more and, like you know, I'm pretty excited by going to Mexico and traveling around and like seeing new places, and all that You know where is when I was younger. It was just a matter of like trying to do physically do hard news being like all I can. You know deuce whatever this boulder problem that I can do before, and you know it was like seeing that growth. Now, I'm kind of like you know, there's always somebody is going to be stronger and better whatever it doesn't really matter how hard the moves are announced cooler for me to go to like cool places and climb new things and all that, but you know I mean I still love climbing. What is your life like now in terms of like media obligations and how much of that stuff was changed, I mean six hundred and sixty minutes is obviously kind of blown up part of juggling a lot more like speaking opportunities and You know I mean stuff like this from like oh cool check out some of the new and like so it's all about
but I think it's cool that you did this for folks. Listening he had no idea what the podcasts was and never listened to. It just had been just hounded by people online and I was like well I mean it must be cool but then also like my best friend lives in LA so I was like. Oh, it works out just kind of put them together. That's kind of how I try to do all my media slash. You know whatever those kinds, obligations that try to lump into what I'm already doing or like make it fit right seems to work. Do you still live in that Van. Wow, but now I'm probably overseas like half the year, and so then I just leave the Van Park somewhere and you know camp or do whatever now like when you live in a van. Do you just like shower at a gym or something like what you do river or never yeah. I mean whatever yeah you just make it work, I mean often times or so. I'm going to Vegas and I'll be in the van, but I'm I mean I'll be staying at. One of my friends house is probably I'll, probably be sleeping in the van, but I can use this house you
kitchen. If I want whatever you know so everything you own every year, your whole life is in a van. Mostly I mean My mom's house in Sacramento has like some other random piles of stuff in it. You know, like camping gear, that I knew that I wouldn't eat on this trip. You know just leave it amongst us, wow dude, ever like site man, I gotta get a fucking apartment, no, definitely not like. Why would you pay rent for a place, But you don't ever go too well a lot of people they go and they lie down in a bed and they watch little tv I'm just now, their pussies with their silly bed, with your camping on a ledge? I sleep really well in the van that honesty is, you know messy Megan, I'm just like out. Do you know where to go? Do you have like so like when you come to a new town after finally good parking spot yeah, I mean it takes a little doing you to get the hang of it. I mean like suburban streets that don't seem to like I mean, basically, if you see a van parked for night,
you know like yeah, it's totally normal. We got a friend and then like twenty four hour. Grocery stores are always fine, like you know, gas stations, whatever rest areas like do you get hassle yeah I mean I've had a lot of cops like check in you know and like make sure the car is not stolen or like wake up and see a cop behind you like running your plates, but then they just peace out when they see is not stolen. Things like that. You have a cop code, dude, I'm a big fan. Can you actually actually, but only in like a little climbing town in Utah, right around town, the actually how everybody Klein wanna. But no, I do not know it's like a huge mountain biking area, but it's like the heart of our word, but I don't know why, because also in the old testament, if you've been reading, a lot of you know old has no I mean I've heard like an actual geographic location in California. For some reason it's like.
Way eastern Utah like right by the border of color, and it's really cool with the red sandstone. Does it re see like arches and like really pretty all those crazy things that are just car, because the wind in a row yeah exactly exactly how that is so bizarre that really pretty landscape? You must see like some of the coolest spots in the world comes to you know all these climbs are for sure, that's like that's what I'm saying the the bike? That is becoming more of the appeal for me. You know just to go to these amazing places and climb like cool things. Yeah for folks never seem not and we're talking about the sound somehow or another, the rock a routed to look and it looks like it was constructed. Yeah. It's like a freestanding art yeah. You know crazy arch made out of stone. Just shows you, although the randomness of nature, with the weird things they can occurring I've. I went on a north, face extradition to Chad in the dead center of Africa to climb on climbed, sandstone towers and arches. Like exactly what we're talking to you talk cities and Chad, while we drove across blank
empty desert like just completely flat sand with no road just driving gps for three days across like flat, nothing this until we got these crazy towers. Oh, my gosh desert driving through for three days through the desert, is out of control. Holy should wrote. We drove for two days just flat enough minutes. You don't see anything in any direction. You have so much gas to drive that long. I don't know we have this outfitters, that's what he does. Yeah yeah. I think I think he knew how to do it. You know Three days drive well but driving like twenty seven miles an hour through the sand yeah because you're driving across, like it be like going Hobby desert is driving cross country completely straight for three days anyway, After two days we ran. We pass these two dudes on camels that were doing the same thing, whatever just question across the desert on their camels, randomly randomly ran on and I'm sure they were like going to treat or something yeah we, but it was, is there a Matthew or phone. Oh that's, the thing is, we were just we were following GPS coordinates across virgin desert. You know it,
like it was kind of out of control. We were like what the fuck are, these guys doing wow you know and like yeah who are the guys there? Just like desert, Nomad dude, you know, just like indigenous folks I mean they were just normal dudes on their normal life, but you're just like it's hard to believe that that's their normal life, just like taking a camel for five days across blank desert with no food or water yeah, it's hard to grab your head around the fact that that's how people lived for all the wrong people, that's how people still live. That's what's so crazy about going to chat is like we were meeting people that live there like in their entire life, will probably never touch pavement or like asphalt. You know they just live in sand and that's it for all of existence that just end there, goats tend their little donkeys and stuff and you're, just like. Oh, my god, pretty hardcore, and that's why I like the travel experiences, are becoming like more important to me than the actual climbing sort of get out of management? That's really paradigm, shifting yeah, it's pretty heavy stuff. You know you're like whoa, indeed, man
three days driving on virgin desert. Nothing left nothing to the right, nothing in front of you in the morning, so we would drive until we get tired. We park, we do dinner, would go to bed and then in the morning, when you got to go, take a poop. I mean there's no car burn any direction because it's just flat. So you basically just walk in any direction until everyone else got really small and then you just take a poo and then you just walk back 'cause. There's! No, you know it's not like I'm going to go behind that tree is that you just have to walk to people are small. Did you take photos of this yeah? I mean it's all. It's all professional who I didn't take photos on lunch, but I must admit not you I have photos of Bryan Callen pooping when we're camping in Montana, with a little flag in it. We're going to put on twitter that if you could find it will give you one thousand it's on the Missouri River and we're going to give a rough coordinates. Take a picture of yourself Bible give your one thousand dollars, but you can't just
poop there. You have to like put it in Bio bag, backpack it out, and human poop is really gross like if you run across like cows. Poop is a lot of cows out there, cow poop is kind of gross too it's kind of gross, but it doesn't. Smell that bad, the difference in human shit and cow shit is pretty shocking, no no couch, it also smells horrible until it's been sitting there for like a year and it's all big by the sun, that too, like what you're talking about is like fried cow pies that are all dead and like sterilized yeah, but I've been around an actual Cole taking a shit and they can't fuck with a human. I don't know but well it depends. It depends on the depends on this year's diet, yeah, exactly yeah shit, now, cheeseburgers and whiskey yeah discuss to show you guys need to work on your diet a little bit. That's not Maine, I'm saying some other dude, some random dude, just shit, we're grading it you're talking about but yeah. You can't just leave your shit out there and the Missouri, but you can in the desert,
do you do you do encounter any animals. While you were doing this, he said yeah, we saw tons of little things like little Desert, fox and stuff and yeah like Gazelle type. I don't know you know different antelopes one of the eating out there, like tiny shrubs. I mean there were like you know there be a bush every six hundred yards I mean, like I mean there is some vegetation, but it's just like flats and with like a shrub and then like a mile later you're like there's a a little tiny tree. You know, then, whatever no snakes, nothing like that not not really know a strange, each system. That was so when we got to where we were going. There are these amazing sandstone towers, and then there was like more weather there. More going on, I think, because the cliffs and stuff, so maybe it traps more moisture or whatever so and there were more people living there, because there is more vegetation. You know I'm still pretty much desert. I mean it still full fledged desert, but there were at least like shrubs kind of like the american desert. Where you see you know like the Mojabi. Now they get their water. They wells that run small, let me know
Soon I mean there was water running underground. I guess because you could see like bands of vegetation that were supposedly like washes. Grounder. So when the real mind about the the topography of this world is how it's variable- and actually I have a different different parts of the world- are not just variable but variable in the same location over to when the Egypt like where the Nile Valley was like nine thousand years ago, there was a rain forest yeah. That's that's the exact same type area that I'm talking about so mom and actually so, no while we're there, it was rad, we went into a cave and they were cave paintings and- and I mean it's all just you know we're in the middle of nowhere, and so you can see the stick figure, drawings and, and it showed like these big herder people, you know like it drawings of dudes attending their their big cash.
And then then being displaced by the camel people like the people of the desert and all that and and outsiders telling us that was kind of showing the history of the whole area because, like as the as the desert advanced and like the grasslands and forests in a receding thanks to Chad. Now all the all the big cow people now live in, like southern Southern Chad, where they're still like vegetation and the rest, the country's just desert. You know as the Serra, whatever the so, how has like move south in desertification all kind of stuff. It's a really strange thing that happens the climate yeah. I mean it's pretty. It's pretty interesting, though, to see like cave paintings of like this whole process of you know, like different populations. Being you know, replaced. How do you know the paintings the now? Well, I'm in yeah? I I think that the climate of answer over the last like ten thousand years or whatever
or maybe even older, but it was pretty- I mean it was neat stuff for us we're like whoa. Yes, I understood it's really. The king cave paintings really freaked me out. Have you ever seen that Herzog documentary ON was called the cave of dreams or something like that alone? Only find that for the folks who are listening, because it's a really interesting and they they found some really old cave paintings that pre dated what the like the most the the oldest before that by like a pretty substantial amount in front of real quick to to to to to to to to yeah cave of forgotten dreams. That's what it's called.
It's amazing where it's in France yeah, it's the oldest recorded cave paintings, human or in the end, though it's human, I don't believe, there's neanderthal cave paintings. I think we know that they made tools and if you heard of this crazy bitch there's a guy who won to bring back in the uh. Oh I just I just saw some money think about that yeah yeah totally. I was like that seems like a opening, a bag of worms versions or yeah, but they're asking for some Harvard guy right. In the end, it all baby. It's. Some guy is asking a woman to get fucking neanderthal baby. I have no idea why anyone is letting this guy say this well 'cause, I was saying it senior prom with doing it. It sounds fucking crazy, but this guys his name is George Church and he's from Harvard this is legit. This is not like some
You know what address daily mail he's yeah apple, the the the really scary thing is that we don't even we don't know about neanderthals with you. We have no they're they're built more like gorillas, and there are people in the brain on us. My bill Malik rose and their people. Five foot tall, two hundred pounds really sick bones: big heads, bigger heads in human beings, much larger brain exudes, a really trippy saying the idea. This crazy wants to bring these things back and that the fact that you could do it inside of a woman's body. It's pretty ridiculous, crazy, but I'm so no. I don't believe this Werner Herzog thing was that I'm I'm pretty sure that it was a it's all. It's all homo sapiens. I had the first ones are female the for
baby. You know yeah better better, because if it's a man, it's going to start raping just going to go on a break and cannibal rampage when it gets to full grown. You know who knows we don't know the behavior of neanderthals there's been a lot of speculation at the end it sprayed on the image they might take. Boobs to the next level and the spring on humans obviously didn't pray enough 'cause. They got a job where he was my been why we went to Mount. You know we were just a little bit smarter, there's, there's a lot of speculation as to what happened to them. There's also debate as to whether not the interbred with us or whether or not we have a common ancestor like where, where our genetic material, wherever we definitely have a common ancestor, now yeah, we definitely a common ancestor but enough because enough that we have the intelligence and us you know, because they don't know if it's from breeding This'Ll it's like kind of a if the area they're trying to piece together now, whether or not it's from humans breeding with it but interesting enough, the PA, the pasta
the of humans, breeding with it was only neanderthal, males and human females. Why? I don't know, I think it's a scientific reason for the the the hybrid to be able to kind of weird, because it seems like you'd want the neanderthal woman to be but Kerry like the bigger baby you're, because, like a being a woman to get torn apart by, I think, they're discernment was rape. I think not a cent. The thing is saying it was a you know, a congress and because there's also speculation as to whether or not neanderthals eight home sapiens That's the weirdest thing that I've been aware of recently that I didn't know about how often native Americans cannibalized ate each other when Papa New Guinea or still in there anything are they really they're still in cannibalism? Sort of there are sent a lot of other freaky shit like they're into having the young boys ingest there
human. Is these the semen tribes of make a lot of people in the states of stone right? They're called a catholic priests. This is a very different though this is like ritual lysed and open. Where is the catholic priest thing is? Is in the in the confession: base yeah it's a little more screwed shores, little more sketch so these, these paintings in the Werner Herzog documentary amazing stuff and their cave bears lions, horses, Bison Ma'Am this rhinoceroses and there are other animals between thirty and thirty two thousand year old drawings. It's really amazing man just think we managed to wipe out all this different animals in the last. Thousand years. They don't believe the people had a play and wiping out the woolly mammoth. There's there's there's thoughts about it, but one of the more interesting thoughts about the mammoth, because then the mammoth extinction coincides with what they
pretty sure now was significant. Meteor meteor impacts, meteor shower somewhere around one thousand two hundred and thirteen thousand years ago, when they do the strata when they found this thing, called it's like volcanic glass, an impact glasses, big fish. It's like it's green, looking glass that has come from either nuclear tests or meteor impacts, so when they find it all over the world like twelve thousand years ago and that sort of coincide cause it's a mass extinctions. A lot of the scientists are starting to speculate that might have been wiped out a lot of things, including a lot of like major civilizations. The world just got bombarded by meteors at one point in time, but somewhere around twelve thousand years ago, yeah, it's pretty pretty crazy stuff that they think that might have had a part in the Saber Tooth Tiger and Willy Mammoth and that somehow
mistress were be able make that's another animal, the trying to bring back to try to bring back a woolly mammoth. The russian scientists try to do that, any bigger carpets. What what the is with people wanting to bring things back? A group of you know enough already how about someone make an alien? You know why is everybody bring an old chip back? You know they probably are doing that. That is not telling us. Maybe the Roger Campani or see some freaking ever hear a big foot ever see a UFO. No, not that! I don't really do that. We're stuff! You don't really do the weird stuff. We don't like not into all the leg, weird random stuff, like that, I'm very practical kind of guy you very practical, crazy mountain climber, dude yeah, very rational, rational! Well, you know by ufos being irrational and saying just because you haven't seen something: that's a rational. Would you would you freak out if you're out there, camping and all sudden if an alien landed in a UFO flew overhead, probably wouldn't freak
no body like that is badass. Do you think it still keep climbing or would you like change? You feel the subject and start trying to. It depends. If I got to chat with the alien or not yeah, I think the question. Actually I mean for sure. If I had some kind of crazy experience like that, where I was like, I am one hundred percent certain there life on other planets, like I probably would change my field a bit 'cause. All of a sudden. I would be like there's definitely something like more important going on in the world the real problem, with the, of course, with the idea that there's some life from another planet that's visiting us is like where the fucks, the Evida, That's not that's what I'm saying about rationals, however, if there are much more sophisticated than us to the point where they can travel from other planets, it seems like they could be undetectable. That's the same kind of arguments for you know this God or not. It's like whatever, not really, because the actual fact of human life and the fact that we have tech. Logical superiority over all the animals.
You look at all the other planets and you extrapolate the amount of time that they could have existed. It's highly possible. Yeah. I think it's highly likely that there is life in the universe I mean. Actually I'm sure, there's just don't think there is in the universe yeah. I just don't think they're like messing around here I see that and I believe I agree with you to a certain extent, but then I see the fact that there's so many planets and we are constantly trying to explore these planets- were sending things to Mars, were weird looking with satellites and went with telescopes and trying to observe over there on a really really far part two right. My point is: if we're constantly exploring the universe as far as we can, with our limited technological capability in two thousand three
teen, maybe that's just an aspect of intelligent life period that intelligent life, consul exports dimensions are, maybe not you know, like maybe other really, intelligent life explore, spiritually or a bigger in word. They just you know, that's a good point or both yeah running. You know. I just feel like part of intelligence is being curious. Part of being curious is wondering if you're alone, the heart of being carried some wonder if your loan is looking. So if I was a smart, curious, intelligent thing from another planet, I think I'll go check out the slice the universe. Hopefully, when the aliens come, the media, they're they're gonna, come to you did you gonna, be out there camping thing. I go! How community your pants White clam up that the when you're doing up here, sleeping on a ledge fifty thousand feet above the earth. Fifty thousand that's a big mountain was the biggest one of our client. How was the the biggest face biggest faces like three thousand feet, probably is not opportunity. Somebody in your family yeah, I think so. What's the legality for that stuff is like a really fun. Nobody hassle you about climbing these things as a national park. I mean it's just you know recreation use group. Whatever
You just groupon. Does there ever been any talk of regulating it or keeping people from not really low, climbing or anything like that? No, no! No! No! No! I mean you know, then you might. Regulating like fat people hiking. You know because they're more likely to have a heart attack or whatever. Well that's a good point. There good point is that people should be making personal freedom. We definitely should be so much talk them into it, though I don't think they put a gun to that the personal freedom aspect of it. I mean I'm a big believer in the big supporter of personal freedom, and this is, I mean it's one of the few that a very few people are exercising, but is, really a radically dangerous pursuit for the average person for you. Maybe not you know, you shake your head because eh you're competent be you're, aware and see. If something you love to do and you've been doing your whole life have a massive amount of experience for, but for the average person try to do it. It could be mean if everybody had to free solo climb store. Thank you yeah, it is a whole world would be fucking raining,
but if everybody put like seventeen years of work in the learning, How- and then I mean you know it probably be like, there would be no tv's there would be no cell phones. There be no cars. If everybody did that, no one get anything done because they'd be consistently focusing on not falling and climbing, but it's an interesting personal freedom issue. It's like there certain things that were restricted from doing in this country in this world and were restricted from taking a certain amount of chances but that one is just still completely out there in the wild- it's one I think like going hiking or any kind of outdoor recreation is pretty pretty under strict. In the US I'm here, I just wander into the woods and I go out
adventure. I know, but I mean the nanny state government that we have. I'm surprised that someone doesn't like hey. You can't climb get down from their son, because that's sort of the attitude- I don't know I mean no one ever gets in trouble at all for climbing anything as long as it's not a public building, or something like that, I don't think so. Unless it's on private property, in which case the landowner, gets to choose you know oh wow, so all public property, like so national parks, do have some kind of like recreational manage plan, so I mean you're not allowed to like drill bolts or like change the rock in different ways, because when you climb, you often like put bolts for protection you know some people that bolts in there yeah for, if you're, climbing up a blank face, I see your pretty well look at giant, I hookers was, I mean it's small yeah, but it's small enough that you can clip your carabiner into and then clip your rope into the beaner. There I mean most. National parks have some kind of plan limiting vaulting and things like that.
You know they have some kind of like management use thing, but for the most part you can just go Do you have any other crazy hobbies? No, this is it. This is just this fulfills, all of you. Time is traveling, read, not travel and do stuff yeah. In fact, seeing life man. I I mean. I know it's yours and you like yeah, that's pretty normal, you know it's not pretty normal. It's pretty normal to you well yeah, but but I matter the most to me in order. I would imagine so you two were normal either. I think it's cool. Well, it is very cool. It's a very cool. It's very interesting. I mean your your approach. This whole thing is very unique, you're, very unique person, and that's why you fascinating to people- and I I think it's it's very cheap farming that you have this month that you said that, like ten times
the more I talk to you, but you need to our company. That's your take on things, but that is also why you're so good and you you that's why it's so compatible. You know with the with you your personality like how you how you wrote things that probably must somehow or another contribute to your ability to be so good at good or your passion and desire. The way it fits in your in your square hole for your square peg in a yeah, I I mean I think I just I've always loved and I'm and I'm I mean I'd, put a lot of work into an answer. Your anybody that like loves what they do and works hard out. It's probably gonna get pretty good at it. Do you have Any goals? Are there certain mountains that you have not climbed out for sure? I got all kinds of. I have a lot of like travel goals like places I want to go climbing and then I have actual like climbing achievement goals. You know things that I want to climb or new things to do or whatever. What's a big one, this one, I don't know there
there on the dl, you know. Oh you can't help. You know I mean you, don't want. No, so I actually don't really set like specific, so long goals, because I don't really because, normally, when you set a goal, you go through the whole process of like you set the goal you train for it. You achieve that whatever you know, it happened, but the thing was so long that I really like that pressure. I don't feel like I have to go so was something sooner general asset, climbing goals like Retana climb with the rope for you know a place that I want to go, but for so long it's more like a selling fantasy. You know like something I'd love to do in our sort of keep in the back of my mind, like what kind of shape I'd have to be in to do it or, like you know what time of year I'd have to be in what kind of shape, but but it's never like that's. My goal for this season is more like. If it happens, would be sweet You know whatever. Why has no one come up with the television show that follows you climbing up mountains, and in broadcast I mean people have talked about it, but the thing is after the after anybody chatting for awhile there like turns out that guys,
really boring! I don't think you're boring at all man yeah! I I I I don't think you're boring at all. I think it's fascinating! No you're mellow you! Your can generate a lot with very interesting. There's, nothing! There's nothing boring about you! You have a very distinct personality, very distinct way of looking at this very odd life that you have it's very compatible for. What you do is not boring. What you do is not even remotely fucking boring. It's hair raising. It makes people shit dance, my hands, sweat, watching your videos. What I was talking about, you know super bowl versus training. You know what I mean like you're saying the Superbowl stuff looks amazing, like the big solos you what you did on sixty minutes. You said: wasn't even that big word now I mean, but so I only do that kind of thing. Handful of times a year you know the majority of the year, I'm just going on climbing with my friends and just normal climbing. You know the same thing that people are doing in the gym that they have shows okay.
God. I don't even want to have a hard shell house, like I don't give a out back on shops and they come in and they go hey man, I'm This will give me for this band bio. No in there I was like I'll. Give you two other man I need to fifty. I can. I can go to fifty a give you two twenty five that's the fucking each other so, and that kind of shit makes the world worse and I don't want to contribute. You would not be contributing it to my friend. What I'm saying is that there's people are fascinated by shit. That's not even close. Close to as interesting as you or what you do. I really think it would be. An amazing show, I think, you're dead wrong. I don't think there's been talk like I doubt it. I doubt that there would be a show, but I think there probably will be so it wouldn't be a show so needs to fucking step on his honestly there's, not much content because well what? If you do like
ten episodes or something you have to sort something big for each one like I don't want to or not watching the real housewives of Beverly Hills died. Tennis, a lot I have this is the idea. This is my day ready for this. We make it a death squad production and we have to do. Is we're gonna, bring you with Brian, in between and all of your climbing you're going to hang out with Brian and all of his pornstar friends and your Onstar friends. Oh yeah, yeah yeah days porn stars kids of mass well, I can hear it all the time. Where else I would like yeah ray well yeah, they would I'm up in town. Yeah throw some shit on our outlook piqued his interest. It's like wow cool kind of girls, porn stars, to meet them. Well, listen to come to Vegas! Last week. We can make this happen. That's an easy thing to make happen. I'm not kidding that's a really easy thing to make happen. You want to go with him. How long in town for from this parking lot is going to drive to Vegas, but
maybe drive to hang out with Brian at Burbank, and you will go to olive garden with a bunch of skanks bring seven of am and by ski So I see that lovingly just 'cause. It was the funny thing to say, ladies don't be hating, which you gotta do yeah. He can introduce you that precedes that world to you is like how much more exotic you like your eyebrows, went up in the air. It changes. The entire tone see that's how the show gets exciting. We bring with him in between solo climbs to hang out with porn stars when we look at my set up and listen you're you're, a mellow guy. This would be a new, unique, more considerate of transfers. Boundaries, and so exactly it's like going to chili or taking a fucking car and driving across the desert for three days. Basically, we're going to chat anywhere wherever you went, yeah I'm saying, is it's unique, Yeah, you don't have chili, you could drive across in about four hours. Could you really chili's like this narrow?
Who is really, I didn't know them geographically limited? Have you have you ever? I'm didn't Japan. I have none, but my family lived there for awhile actually, but the family lived in Japan with ninjas conceived in Japan. They were not in inches, but I wish they were having so much God did. What did your parents do at the time they were teaching English and then they both were like college professors in our teaching language, wow moments, french teacher wow. So how many different countries have you been to climbing like two thousand and thirty? I don't know, do you live? lasting life. I I I think it's a it's. It's your you're really neat guy and I love the fact that you don't think you are it's. You know more humility is small, and it's just you know. I understand that's why Brian hangs out these porn stars. You will have exactly so perfect example. I can take you to the UFC next week. You will be in Vegas next weekend and you give me a Vegas, I'm finding Mexican Thursday Dude cancel that shit
You want to see a crazy experience to the your still I'll get you front row seats for one of the best? U F, C's ever do this were happening this weekend, yeah this Saturday night at Mandalay Bay, Frankie EDGAR, is and Jose Aldo Jc J sale. This guy from Brazil is one of the top pound for pound fighters on the planet. So is Frankie. Frankie EDGAR was a lightweight champion, he's dropping down to one hundred and forty five to fight this kind of super fight. It's going to be fucking craziness people are, flying in from Brazil, the flying in from the EAST coast, guys from New Jersey? Two amazing fighters and that's just one fight Alistair Overeem, who is one of the biggest guys in the heavyweight division? Two hundred and sixty five pounds looks like a fucking superhero from a comic book and he's and this guy Antonio Bigfoot Silva was to cotton, wait to make two hundred and sixty five pounds they're. Both giants and Alistair is a former K. One Grand Prix champion like kick boxing K, one r entries like the craziest kick boxing of in the world, so Jesus destroyer, this guy, just this
and upstream ogre who can kick through a wall is a monster. He defeated look up a picture of Alistair Overeem because if you haven't seen just seeing this guy alone is such a freak specimen of humanity, six foot, five, two hundred and sixty five pounds and literally doesn't even look real and Antonio Bigfoot. So is like a literal giant. He actually is a giant busy. Well he's look at that. That's over yeah what the fuck, and there's just in the background that is may second and that's my gig with the unit back to me. I love them a commentator for the ultimate fighting you're using to make more crazy to know that during this yeah I I do when I don't do this or do stand up comedy, I'm a commentator for cage fighting yeah, so you're back there being like this guys, Can you keys the guys, I'm good, I'm in now and sing his official weigh? In I mean I I'm introducing him former K1 Grand Prix champion Triforce heavyweight champion don't say that I would call out the weight see every fighter.
Halfway done. All you do not know. I do Sixty five that's one day the next day. I'm the commentator when I do is I explain the nuances of what the right here is so good. I got a death no like what he has to look out for. What's going to happen, if he does not do that, what's going to happen, yeah, that's me. The winds it's a made video people get silly, because I took that one picture in the photo shop did you know about Photoshop right number today are out there in the woods yeah, but backward it's. If you can make it, it would be a trip. It'll freak you out on the you know. Fifty in sixteen thousand people completely sold out Mandalay Bay Events center. It's going to be nuts, it's kinda, bad out, a wild thing to see live. It is why, because you're going see the bed best martial artists on the face of the planet. Without a doubt I mean there's a few other guys that won't be competing this Saturday night that are also the best, but the
examples of excellence that you get there between ovary man, although and EDGAR, just those guys and Bigfoot Silva and there's a guy named Damien Maia from brazil- is the baddest fucking jujitsu? guy on the planet in MMA and he's fighting this guy John Fitch, this badass american wrestler and oh gonna! Be from your side. All my god are you commenting for you. That's right! That's my job! That's one of my job! I too much jobs in like a jamaican phones. I try to keep your house for jobs. I my luck, but these are all things that I'm drawing. Just so much like your thing with the mountain climbing it, it probably seems unreal t that's why I'm saying like it would be another paradigm shifting moment forward to be at the UFC to see how fucking crazy
If you can stay clear, you could actually get in yeah like it was June in front row, will get you front row your life experience? I want to make sure that you are. I will have you sit behind me. I will give you a seat right behind me for the? U S, so you will be right there, the cage you could step forward and touch it with your hand. If you want yeah it would be the nuttiest fucking thing you've ever seen in your life. I don't like some fuck yeah they're, going to get her listen yeah. This is this. Is there desert job? Your job is to try to hurt the other guy that tries to hurt them, but it's very scientific. It's very technical. What it is is very good experience, though it's a great experience. I know what it is. Is human competition and it's one on one competition in its most difficult form you using your body to how to submit and stop another person who is also using their body, and that's all you have. You have pads over your knuckles and your wits and your techniques and your conditioning in your training. And gotten your ability to overcome the pressure of the moment and all those things it's gonna be fucking Cray
easy to our armor, I might just you should go. I mean I'm just going to Mexico to go climb. A few go will fly into the wind and hail flying a couple. Gals with loose morals and you'll have use of a party. Would you have anything going on this weekend right? You want to go sure it's an we just made a party I just brought in Bryan and you'll sit how 'bout you sit next to him after you've seen the bunch of ports or help, give you booze and will tell you where to get the good ecstasy, We might sweet. We might ruin your climbing career, but trust me you're, going to have a memorable weekend. If you can get me a sex game that will be super site, he could definitely get sex scandal would do, is fuck him and will I could do. That would be especially with all these cameras in here. We could just do right here. We could do it right here, just clear These salt lamps and put the deer antlers will go climb. The Luxor yeah. We could go yeah. You could, That's really low angle that seems kind of fruity. Pretty easy. You know
that's where it did on fear factor. They claim the luxe. There was on the actually slid down a let down yeah, I think we're going to market yeah, yeah yeah yeah, probably was there's quite a few thing. They did on fear factor that were dangerous. Do you have a call in deciding what they did? No, I did not. There, isn't it or whatever. There was two times where I would have said no one time when they had a ride bulls. I definitely was not into this. It was really thought they could actually get killed, Yes, they could have. We had two different stunt coordinators. There's this one guy from the beginning who is like you know, they're bad oops. You know how you're looking at like climbing, yeah yeah, fine yeah, so his stop. Man's live news, Perry, great guy and his attitude was like yeah. I would do it I'll fucking do it, is if his idea was that yeah want to be out here this due to, but I'm cool with a lot of that until it gets to animals animals survive. Unpredictable and
this thing was they were going to ride these I mean these bulls were fucking enormous. I don't know if you've ever been like right next to a riding bull before, but I was standing on the bike store. Warm next to where the cages and I'm looking down at the bull and I'm like no fucking way, there's no way. I would get on that thing. There are thousands of pounds in there. Bucking in there, and you see his muscles and I go winded after ride the bull. They don't get to ride the bull very long, because the bull fucking sends him into orbit within like three seconds It's good, rodeo guy tries to get to eight seconds. It's not like you know, there's a guy who just Do it all day long like you can climb all day long yeah? No one can do that. There's! No one who's ever lived, who rides a bull? so the bulls tired, it doesn't happen, you go flying. So it's a matter of How long does it take before you fail? That's all it is. It's like try to succeed for as long as possible, but you can't win and then does the work keeps the bowl from crushing you.
That's a good question: they have rodeo clowns, they have a bunch of different people that distractible, but my beef was the guy was like well these here, training clowns or these are. These- are training bowls What does that mean eagles? Well they're, not as aggressive my that bold know he's a fucking training bull. He doesn't know. Is it raining bullets a bull? So basing it on how he's thrown people off him in the past. How he's going to throw in these people off just to some sort of random calculation they making their cowboy mind, and so we put these people on it and they got law launch today and launched. It was really scary and one girl. It was really scary, 'cause. She only weighed like ninety something pounds and she just mean it with the bull like for one second choose on this boat, and then she was literally flying through the air and the bulls kicking and the bulls. Foot just went right past her face, and I was like ok if that Bolt KIT her face. It would crush every bone interface, even though she has a helmet on it would still probably crush or helmet
this is ridiculous and I think like who approved that Should NBC every Eddie that produced the show. I think that occasion they essentially rolled the dice? No one got hurt. Everyone was fine, but I is a lot of luck and the other times the donkey comes time. Wise said this is this is crazy. You shouldn't do this. I said the people don't want to eat. Come you can't just serve people. Com, cook crossing some sort of okay would not propaganda like we were talking earlier. The reality tv com and stuff- you won't call me so I was actually saw like a pitch for a a climbing reality tv thing with put that down son put that down. We bought me this photo. He went to some Avn awards because I brought your present. Oh my god, thanks mam brings this photo of guys with giant cocks in their tight jeans.
Anyway, so I saw this up on the Wall Side Pitch, for this climbing show where they were like we're going to. It was supposed to be survivor, meets, meets ultimate fighter or something like that, but in climbing sense like it was going to take non climbers and professional climbers, and then we teach him to solo, and then we sold a big walls and it was this whole progression, and I was like how are you going to show where you take non climbers in the solo walls of them. You know it's like you can Like the liability. Is you know, you're like dude? That's right started. It is retarded and because also actually I wrote back this scathing thing because they asked me for a cat and also do you take your email for it to me and I'll put on Minecraft we do that. I gave up for yeah because I was like I would want to see. Well, I was like what the heck you know I was like you might as well. Just have gladiators like butchering each other on tv, 'cause, you're, basically just going to be watching carnage, you know, like I mean 'cause people will actually die. You know, but I messed up and I was like well, nobody wants to see someone at
we die, you know it's so funny that you say that. But yet this is what you do every day you like people will actually die, but You do that, and you know these. I spent seventeen years for pride for how much time would they need to be conditioned before they could do anything with. It depends on easy. It was I mean if it was something ultra easy. I would just take any relatively fit person. Take them out with a lot of supervision, and you know if it's like a really easy, so low that you have a bunch of dudes at the bottom, holding cheap by each corner. Exactly no like you know, my ex girlfriend I mean I took her out to cut a handful of really really easy. This is kind of like extreme hiking. You know right but, like you know, I'd be selling right next to where she's you know. Take your time, you're kind of like talk through and you're, like, oh you're, good you're, good. You know it's I mean like really fit light on the top and give someone that he. You know something like that. That's about what side were all freaked out
full of adrenaline MUA, but that's a wild ride. You have to choose her or the mountain like that. You have to get in that situation. It's either mere in the mountain. So that kind of shit- listen, that's important! That's a good question! Thank you. Obviously, that was actually kind of those yeah that's about it. Did that happen before, was ever girls like. I can't do this. I wish it wasn't like near the mountain, but yeah I mean those are basically the issues that like you're way too much you're not like involved enough, whatever yeah. It's always that way. Those chicks! They want you there greedy. Once you give him some good dick. They want you all the time take book. There was a problem. Best though I was trying to I'm sure you tried super hard. Thank thanks for being honest with you. Listen cat, dude, you're, fascinating guy, I think I think what you're doing is really very unusual, and I'm I'm I'm always glad when I meet someone who's doing something completely different. You know that different than Mariam, it's one of the coolest things about this podcast- is that we
and sit down with people that I mean I probably would never meet you in real life I mean. Maybe we exchange emails. We have a little thing to be able to sit down, face to face with you and have a conversation for whatever reason only exist because of a medium to display it. You know it's really interesting. I think it's! It's just imp important, I think, for a human being to realize there's a lot of different ways to be a person, so a lot of different people out there. You know you probably would not be happy if you were of a singer in a band our in our car, to be horrible? You know I'm saying nobody else would be happy either be like. Oh no, but you know what I'm saying like something: that's their dream turn for the mirror with a hair brush. Is that right. I see I got invited to speak at my old high school to to tell the kids that I was it and don't like lime. Rock always in life is like gift and talented type program where everybody goes and become the doctor whatever, and they invited me there to speak to tell the kids that they don't have to go to college that if they want they can just go and live there during
and do their thing and whatever there's actually were super satisfying. For me to go back to my old high school to be, there was there, was there? Was a high school diploma, just like a high school in in second wow? No What a cool program I mean! Why is the international baccalaureate, it's kind of like AP program but kind of like high end? Like you know, academic probe, so this is not specific to that area. This is a national program where the program is national, but the one that is in that specific high schools are quite good and they do really well nationally and everything, and so- and that is you know this is where I went to high school with someone. Teachers asked me to come back and tell the kids that, like you know, even though your parents are expect me to become a doctor like you don't have to like, you, can just follow your dream. Travel the world. Do what you love to do. That kind of thing it was like it was very satisfying to go back and like have that talk. You know after having gone through the program and then like I need to go to university. I gotta get my degree, you know be like you know what I mean. I mean I think, that's great. I think, and I really value education but, like you know, sometimes you just gotta do what you have to do. Yeah I value education as well, but I completely
agree with you and I have the same issues coming out of high school. I went to college just so that people didn't think I was a loser. Exactly exactly is really all I was. The entire taekwondo tournaments back then there's obviously no money in that either. But that's all I wanted to do and so I had to figure out some way to not be a loser, so I started going to college. While I was doing it was doing its fucking up my training just taking away that I could be napping and set up, and then I could be that what we train that horror. You know when you training for talk when no tournament specialists, like I didn't party at all, when I was in high school and in doing doing I mean I had a couple of times randomly and gotten drunk a party like over my entire high school career. Maybe smoke pot like twice or something but for the most part throughout high schools I was terrified those gonna get killed in a tournament smashed, so all I was doing was just like eating healthy and drinking water, and you know try to sleep as much as possible and ran and training like a demon. So I want that feeling of like
being out of high school like this is no there's, no feud in this I was like what is this. What am I doing like this obsession doesn't go anywhere. It eventually worked out, though that's the member exactly but feeling that I had that feeling of uncertainty was it's. I think it's so important to let other people know that you have that same feeling. It's so important to do what you did and get in front of kids and go listen. Nobody has a map of where the fuck, must go. You could go anywhere and there's a lot of different ways to make a living. If and if you see someone who's doing something, whether they're on author or a pain, enter or their flying plane, whatever it is. If someone's doing it, you can do it too, it can be done. Or you can do your own doing it. You know you have no ones doing it. You can be like. That is what I want to do and
And I'm gonna do it as long as it's logical. Unless someone to take your doctor, tell you crazy, yeah and actually fly it going a little of that yeah. But you know all extreme examples aside. I think it's so important to do that. Important to give kids mean how many times in your life have you seen something that was inspiring. That's sort of like pushed you like give you like this feeling of confidence like there's like ok, that guy did that God, this world is kind of nutty, there's a lot of different places. Shit. I think a guy like you is like a really important example of that yeah. What do you feel like to do that speech? Did you shit your pants when you think you know, I mean I'm talking to high school kids like it's? Not it can be that nervous. You know they're all like sixteen all trying to get laid except they're, never going to 'cause they're all like little draw yeah! That's what Brian comes in so long as I'm willing to do this on film, we can get 'em all late. This is not a problem.
I don't think that's really the school to recruit for for porn see. You say that it got sticky hands say I want to get laid. So I don't see what you as long as their penises and vaginas work. I think we got a problem there you go and we could solve it, Rob Ryan. Yes, that's that could be something that could derail the karere. Even inspiring person, though he had too much high in pussy at a young age. It's like win the lottery. You know 'cause. If you won the lottery you like, why would I work? Why would I be inspired to go? Do things right? I have this free money, I'm going to play Xbox until I die like it. Can motivation. I think that also can happen if you fuck above your head at a young age, think that I never had from ruin. You still extremely motivated. It could ruin you if you got a hold of some Tera Patrick Types, when you were eighteen years old. The only thing you can survive that that go would wreck you. There would be all you
think about you be on those climbing peaks and instead of thinking of your next foothold, you be thinking of her mouth on your penis and then you could get really proud panic it wouldn't be focused, wouldn't keep your eyes on the prize, the thrill of getting to top, but somehow or another, be dwarfed by the thrill of her mouth by the yeah. The memory of thrill of that ' is that you know they have to do, is get in the same room with her and shut the door and you will be having sex with her. Is that all it takes choose your girlfriend. I think she's actually marry nothing. I didn't use her, as example, because it shows lose morals. Just exactly a good friend, she's, very nice, very nice person. We've met it before it's very nice, but she's married gotta, baby and everything else. So I don't think you can fuck right, but I'm saying, if you did when you were eighteen would be a disaster for your future proof, it could be right. How do you jerk off when you're in a tent in this, like you're in the middle of
Where like do you just you save it? It you get get back to civilization. Three, do the same thing you do at home in a tent out there, hiking wanna I don't think a jerk off intense. I say waterproof if you lived in a task manager, common yeah, yeah for sure a certain point we like. Are we gonna just do this just for me, Arnold's yeah are for sure you got to keep quite screen, but it's all it's all on memory. Do you like corner on a phone or something like that set it up? You could've, been on memory is kind of the way. I think. Rolling it Kate feelings. Have there been pornographic paintings ever found well, I mean porno yeah. Definitely, It's interesting. The idea that these cave paintings represented reality because there's a lot of weird shit that they drew. Then, like you know a lot of UFO, ologists and bigfoot people look to as proof of the fact these people Experi
with the message. If you looked at all, or did you get harder, yeah sketchy sketchy, so I get it so like you know what there was a real. Mickey Mouse like Mickey Mouse is real because there's a drawing of Mickey Mouse like that, doesn't make any sense like there was these guys. I watch finding Bigfoot we've had the Bigfoot Hunter Bobo on the show before fascinating conversation is legit. He's honestly, hunting big front. Yes, I mean he's legit in the sense that he's honestly honey, big foot, as he really think, there's a big yeah. He believes he's had experiences. If you were to lose a little weird yeah, he could benefit from Brian's programs well Prize Brian's, a wound. Well, whatever he's a but is, is life is dedicated to finding Sasquatch apparently saw it once or twice or something like that and then goes on these expeditions and they go Looking for places where you know, people what's lot of fuckery involved, but
the reason people keep going is 'cause. There was an animal called giganto pithecus that lived as recently as one hundred thousand years ago, there was an eight foot to ten foot tall Pidal, primate, an enormous animal, the coexisted with humans, you know just like we drew. The man. This is a real animal, so when they have these cave paintings and drawings of this big tall The thing it may very well have been something that existed and died off because it lived in Asia and must much like people came to North America following the Bering Strait, yeah it. It also could have done this accent thing. They think it's road possible, especially because of the density, the force in the Pacific, northwest in fact Jane good. All the the private
she's pretty certain that there is a there, be actual undiscovered primate living in the Pacific Northwest. She said she believes hundred percent, which is a job, I'm absolutely certain, or something like that forget our exact quote, but it's not coming from a primatologist like hers, that's something to be considered, but it also could be romantic confirmation bias in a she could just. Be psyched about monkeys and yeah exactly open. This update went out there and that's exactly finger blast yourself to sleep every night. Thinking about this big ape being rio catching! Please prove me right, oh not! So she may be not one thing. I've ever heard anybody talk about Jane Goodall sexual sins, that's how I got trouble in science class. There was a. There was a a woman who is this science teacher? That was this. A kid was a high school quarterback was like really smart, kid he's very, very charming charismatic and he would flirt with all the teachers to go, try to get better grades, so I got to class early and I had a. I drew a picture of him banging her
her and she was screaming out to do it. Do it to me monkey style, like my hero, Jane Goodall, I got in trouble for that. I can see yeah, I gotta that's before becoming comedian. Most of my comedy ideas were expressed from cartoons 'cause. I was sort of a draw. I drew illustrator when I was young and I could do a lot of comic book type stuff, and so I would draw teachers doing something fucked up and get in trouble. You could do this one teacher. She swear a lot of makeup, so I drove without come true? Where will werewolf facts, but they got they suspended me for that should that you would get on the internet every day and you would laugh out. You would lol lulz. Yeah back in the day, got trouble. Bastards. Did you get in trouble at all in high school? You know you're good kid I never got less than in there
never got less than an a in anything. Wow graduated four point: seven or something. That's amazing. So and you went from there to college and just like this is just not Stimulating enough, not yeah, just wasn't interested, you know, house like, I would rather be homeless wow. Do you anticipate keeping this lifestyle He died traveling living in a van and climbing, whatever you can yeah well, maybe, but not the full time. Travel until I die is because at some point I'm sure One like settle down. Do you think you'll ever move up to a mobile home probably get a real house at some point at some point in time. Yeah. The thing is it's hard to find a place that I'd want to live full time. You have been bolder, yeah boulder is actually that's like the heart of climbing in the US, a bunch of climbing companies are based. Is it really and there's so much climbing on the front range there that, like that yeah, that's like with that's the heart of us, climbing yeah well is there someone died. Someone fell off when those flat finish in elder.
Is that whether I can in from now was it people, I'm in a handful, be with other every year seems like it and do you guys look at those people, just people that are just an experience? Should the world know generally there's a different. I mean there's a there's a publication every year, axons north american Mountaineering and it's just a list of every accident, happened over the year and they have an Alice's and causes an. I mean some accidents. You read in your like what an idiot you know in some sense, Livia, red uh Ok, like the first thing that comes to mind that I've always found is totally comedic is on half dome. There's like this long, horizontal traverse, where, like you, basically walk across this little tiny ledge. It's like the photos. I don't know if you've seen me on the internet, there's a classic photo of me standing on this little tiny ledge and it looks all crazy, but so, if you don't place protection across, going through the ledge, and you follow your going to swing like you know, I mean it's just like a pendulum straight across and there's a corner at the other end of it. So if you swing the distance you're just going to swing into this corner and just get totally messed up
and so on. I read an accident of like a korean woman, climbing going big walling or whatever it's like their first wall and she gets up there and she like takes out the pc protection is like well I'm going to take the swing rather than like crawling across the ledger. Whatever she's just like takes the swing oggers into the corner, breaks both their ankles and you know when you're like what he ate. You know because it's basically like imagine, holding onto a rope swing and looking at a brick wall and being like I'm going to swing into that wall. You know, with a ninety degree angle like I mean, is you know so you been accident like that and you're like what was she thinking? Because it's like simple you know any kid would be like this looks like it's going to be a terrible. I mean it's pretty simple physics, but then, at the other end of the spectrum, you see, accidents where it's just like some totally say:
the family man or something and like you know, an ice pillar collapses on him like say winter, climbing or something 'cause. That happens a lot when people are ice, climbing things just collapse or whatever you just get hit with ice and your dad or like rockfall or something or like freaking, the head of Knowles. I think you know the national Outdoor leadership school like the outdoor program use climbing some peak in Montana or Wyoming or somewhere, and tourists up on top or throwing rocks off the top like, oh on top and now he got hit by a rock and died. You hear that kind of an accident in your like that. Just sucks, because I mean you feel bad for the dude on top that too, because you're like how can you know and the rock at bonnet exactly it's a bigger rock hurling rocks, and with this you ever thought about that, a good point. Brian yeah. I thought about that. I heard you say: hey there down below about to throw my shit and it's attached to a rock know. Everyone cool with this. It's super poor form to throw rocks. So I mean shit. Pudding is actually strongly discouraged, but, like generally, that only happens like early morning when you started like during the night and then you have to poo and whatever, and you assume, there's no
have you ever had any weird wildlife experiences? Mountain lions bears anything like that. I mean I've. Had I mean I've had bears eat my backpack all the time, so really photos on my phone of a bear eating my pack, but that happens to me all the time is there. The bears are so she sends the times to humans. That they're like used to interacting, but there's been a few deaths in Yosemite response from bearers. Yes, there has been two very very recently how recently really recently people getting killed by a bear. Yeah sure I'm Apple died from haunted virus. This lesson, absolutely one hundred percent pause, Yosemite in the winter Grizzly Bear hold on the no grizzlies in California. It's a bit there. Piper's Yosemite is not self right, so your time by Yellowstone did I say yes, yeah in Yellowstone? There are grizzlies and they probably did get killed by bears Yosemite Grizzly, yeah, there's California.
Don't be killed a lot. Also grizzly kills actors yeah, not yet Yellowstone Yellowstone Yellowstone. Recently I got confused. There are going to gather. No, I make sense, yeah, but yellow in this. In the kill off all the bears of the they had grizzlies. Is it and yet on the on the album in the state fire? California, whatever it's a grizzly bear, but a couple of screws in my eighteen fifty years, yeah yeah, the last California. It says it here that there were there were killed. That's it! That's it fast and as do any of them, because they know that polar bears, travel like long distances do grizzly bears ever try to come from places,
but they don't. I don't think so. I mean like how far that they don't move house. That would be that is kind of a grim place to walk across the desert. It's probably there because they know that mountain lions have made that trip which is really kind of creepy 'cause mountain lion. It's really interesting. Mountain line pressure has changed because they don't they don't hunt them. One thousand nine hundred and twenty two was the last time agreements killed in California, the Sierra Foothills in nineteen twenty two last one. The mount lines are haunted in Nevada, but in California they how many more so there's sort of moving in Nevada or from Nevada into California. It's really interesting. It's like they've sort of figured out that there's a hunting pressure in California. I was just reading this article about herb
animals about like small predators like foxes in Katie's and stuff adapt in urban environments and how you know, there's footage of like a coyote going to an intersection, looking both ways and crossing the road is that these basically animals learn the same way. You know anybody else. Does you know it's it's pretty funny stuff thing about like a little fox, you know like living in a skyscraper in like using the streets, just house yeah that is interesting. They've they've got a bunch of coyotes at they have Tagged that are living in Chicago and is actually the the example. The article I was reading is by Chicago is not not. I mean I think, there's like sixty ELO, they eat the rats and all that shit, and it's really weird like they really have track of, am actually have I think, radio bands, radio bands on stuff yeah all the all those areas and are you sending your tag Thank you. So when you well, I mean except a little cups and stuff, but yeah they take the bears the season
and so, even though seventy is California, Yellowstone is part of our California. No, no! You know as soon as wyoming- and I don't know if it's a surrounding states, but it's one and that has bear stamp revise. Grizzlies yeah you've got there. I think I mean I have the tourism as a kid and stuff, and the Tetons in Grand Teton National Park is also like, like joining to Yellowstone, so the Yosemite bears that attacked your bag. We're just black, bears just they're just little blackberries. They just eat your food and stuff. They don't really talk. People know I don't think anyone's ever been attacked by bear in Yosemite Really I mean they're really like their cute. Little bears, and I mean they're totally. I mean they're cuddly looking, but it's just there around people so much that they get used to it and then they eat your shit, yeah. When you see people feeding bears out of their car. You want to punch you in the face, that's that's a real primary. If you don't see that you somebody, but you have to a is a yellowstone when they do that. Maybe did you ever see a video of a? Is it's one of those
faces of death videos where a guy got out of the car to take photos with Grizzly and they were feeding the bears. So I can tourist or something to fucking, see it 'cause. I know what are did. I don't know what his deal was, but there's a video, the guy he's in the car fucking malls in front everybody when they were filming it. They wanted to take pictures of him out there feeding them. Their saw him there like bitch. Yes like. Why take the little piece of meat when I can take the whole peas in need? That's pretty messed up, yeah, I understand how dangerous grizzlies are the they. They think that, just because they could be in the car and throw the stuff out the window that somehow or another you could stand outside the car like a guy was really ballsy thanks. You could go out there and do the That's a lot of meat because for tangle in front of them, like you look like meat man, they know Like me, sure, have you the video. Did. We show that video Brian of the guy in Antarctica who's in the Grizzly Box
we in early? I'm not are not an article, the not the he's. He is in the Arctic and he's in a polar bear. Plexiglass like Bob, and we show that yeah. Please get worked by bears; no, no, no, he went up there on purpose, will pull it up for you, yeah he's a loser like an armored case yeah. He they they it's a upcoming documentary that they filmed in that they did. They designed this piece of equipment this the structure just specifically so this guy could be dropped off there and have these bears try to get Adam was like sitting there with these enormous polar bear. Is like chewing at it and sniffing it and opening his mouth and trying to bite it. It's so terrifying when you're watching it 'cause, since they recounted attend,
alright, so intense. Well, he can't he can't get in they designed it. Well. Where can I get in? But there's like spots where you know like air slots? Yeah, I'm gonna get through their silence like and it opens its mouth and trying to bite it yeah. We can't quite, but it's so big a you didn't understand, for whatever reason I knew they were big, but it to Fix, seeing it next to a person to really exceptional eyes. Like oh, oh god I mean it's like twelve ft tall. It's big and this guys in There- and this thing is just got its arms around the box and it's trying to bite it and it's trying to figure out where the fuck it is here. It is look at that box at this guys in Ann.
Is up there and just chillin around for this. What is the BBC I'll? Give it a plug so that people know what it is? Yeah, it's a BBC documentary Polar Bear. It said from Gordon Buchanan Gordon began today. What is the name of the show? It's a nature, documentaries.
Yeah, because there this is thousands of times more powerful than mine is gathering information before reproach is like it would, when stalking is sealed, my ST is strongest at the weakest point: the door, just fans of the door open, eight systematically trying from all angles. Look at this one of the most powerful intimidating animals on the planet, one of the few animals that I see see else's food. He is known as isolated to a
Because of his nose, if you haven't seen this video you've got to go online and just watches is just a clip. The The video is, I believe, in errors, Okay, there it already, it's called the polar bear. Family and me on aired on Monday January seventh, on BBC two, but you can find it online, and you gotta see it just to see how fucking insane I wanna watch the rest of that on total being gross. That was amazing. Well, I would imagine that guy, like you, that's so into thrills like that, would be or I'm not into getting
my bears. I mean I'm not saying that you would want to do it, but it would be fascinating to you yeah, that's pretty hardcore yeah. If you truck climb anything, then I use anything like for sure when I started for the first time like last week in SALT Lake, so really there, which chronicled, where waterfalls are so much as I love ice, climbing yeah yeah. Basically, it's like a water course and MIKE Ice builds up in yeah, so like what we did was called the great white I school, but it's the kind of like a it's almost like a steep sort of wall, Slash Gully that, like forms up a lot of steps of ice, so you like comital clips of ice and you go up like a steep snow slope in another ice cliff whatever is that real unpredictable crisis? Yeah yeah? I can be. I would think that the for sure it's much less predictable than rock. You know, because it's constantly like changing temperature and yeah just fall off, and yet your internal one, that's just part of the reason, a room that into it things can skate. So you just Insta G so you just did it as a just like it. Let me just do this
but just to learn how it basically 'cause, I'm pretty sure I might be doing some trips to like Alaska or something this year and to climb bigger, granite rock faces. But the thing is: when you go to places like that, I mean it's still climbing like a big granite wall, which is what I normally do, but then on top they'll, be like some sections of ice or whatever you have to at least be comfortable like hiking in your crampons, and things like that. So I was like well Please learn how to use all this gear. You know so I went out and practiced. Do you have any desire to do Everest? I don't know even if somebody would pay for the trip. I probably would just for like the life experience, but it's definitely not like a climbing thing. Actually, somebody posted some rant that you had maybe from stand up comedy or something about making fun of people on on mountains. The Everest one yeah totally, material I mean well. The thing is climbers make fun of that stuff too, because, like what people do on Everest is so far removed from actual climbing that it's like you know they don't. Hike right well yeah, it's like yeah, it's a hike but I don't know if it was your answer, another one, but but I mean you're, basically hiring service to do all the actual.
Sing for you and then you know if you're like a conventional western client. Whatever you know, I mean you're, basically shuttled up a mountain, I don't know yeah who I see it so I climbed Kilimanjaro, like that with my girlfriend and what my then girlfriend in September and just kind of like a tourist vacation, you know like it'll, be fun and it was my first experience with people like carrying all your stuff for you and setting up your tent for you and doing all the work, and I was like do this is pretty it's pretty freaking party I mean I felt weird about it, but, like I mean it is a vacation, I can see why people would do that, for you know to feel extreme 'cause you're, like oh, I climb the biggest mountain in Africa, but it was like a dude, bring me tea, everyday and former number, but as far as like going somewhere with the girlfriend, you know zero, the privilege of vacation in school when we get to see more after you know, that's like full service, camping yeah. No, it was it was like I was like do. This is as good as I live. Home or better. You know pretty legit. You know that's fascinating man.
Do you live an amazing life? It's really awesome, and I really You taking the time to come in here and sit down and shoot the shit with us. It was fascinating. Intriguing, and thank you and best of luck to you and stay healthy, and I would love to have you come back here and do the scam man, I'm sure Thanks, love, ya. We love to hear stories and if you want to do that thing with Brian he's down this week, you can come to USA is it on. Maybe I ask you about it? Well, I mean you know this is a rare opportunities, doesn't happen that often where you're going to be in the same thing, I think I might actually, we'll talk about it, we'll talk about it. Thank you very much. I really appreciate you Alex Honnold latest general. Please follow him on Twitter. It's Alex Honnold Honn. A l d, o o d, o l d- I'm sorry don't go to any of the exits of different dude yeah, like I said, I'm done right now. I don't even climb eight for eight hours and and the h, o and and O L D. Thank you very much better! Follow Brian Red Band R, U D D A and, and you
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will see him tomorrow see you tomorrow and that's it. Can I see a big kiss.
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