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#323 - Rick Ross

2013-02-06 | 🔗
“Freeway” Rick Ross is a community activist, formerly known for his incarceration after being convicted as the kingpin of the “drug empire” of 1980’s Los Angeles. Rick Ross, Brian Redban – Date: 02/06/2013
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what again another podcast ladies and gentlemen what more could they possibly have to say have been run i should do so we can have a little bit here i feel like i have to go out alive it is stupid shit just to have stories within i can't tell the stories because it will get me in yeah i feel it
while the exact opposite and a feeling i need to stay home breed shit you're out their tron fuck up your life the super aids this episode of the joe rogan experience podcast brought you buy on dot com right now we're waiting for four recross the not wrapper across the real recross and he's i think he's caught up in some court thing is it because of the recross thing these in court rather than some other shit and he's on his way earlier so when it gets over we're gonna have him on but for now it's just me keep in it
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is this is it is the people that order either that over the hundred pound ones like detractors people are they like me like i'm getting a touch with these people like you are now led lieutenant of the jail rogan army static keep those people in close proximity to the ones who can do stream physical things you're like a google of warriors that's what you're doing here at on energy which rightly put together strong assume things possible what trying to help people become the strongest possible look having a strong body is fuckin awesome if you don't think it is because you ve never had a strong body like someone can give you a jar mayonnaise and always know that you're gonna be the gather opens up bitch when you have to pick something up and you can because your body can do it you can tell you don't have to call somebody and on man i need some help off now you just hoisted up yourself cuz your body works really good don't i don't know why anybody wouldn't want that to me that is a really weird server station that people of may where they try to separate intelligence from physical performance
and somehow another well i spend my timing intelligent i don't time for physical performers but yet exists in the same world that i i know this world this is very physical and for you did not enhance your physical body makes me think you're dumb dumb and some y know if you're if year if you if your physical body worked better your life would be in hand but unless a year your physical parts are just like laying on the couch hod casting a fuck you're a very rare i don't need to be simple i don't need to be fit as you did though you do don't you think you know more energy fuck those girls but the stick around like this with a boner pills are forced a guy like you don't need to do anything you say what is being proposed that can't taken do member who a dim ferris ism acid reflex member we didn't versa though about there's no biological free lunch a year paying for that
where did for you to get that that crazy syrup owners from these boner pills i gotta think that somewhere on the other end of that what it does is that makes all your blood go to your dick ray i consider that like reese like you know like helping the flow of blood at throughout your body more act efficiently you're right actually in fact they actually use whatever the fuck the active ingredient in protest at all or some one of the reckless invite agora as performance enhancing supplement i believe it's been by olympic committees why because it makes you it's it's has a very similar response to he's nitric oxide supplements which are all the rage and what some of my actually fuckin dangerous like day they that jack three d people die on that shit like a woman just died she was a marathon runner in london like twenty six years old get takes him
act reedy runs a marathon boom ticker just fuckin blows it if she was lying on the couch watching fuckin tvs would still be alive as untrained is likely to this guy this is both millard on on it boldly body that the bodies rodya using a famous year i know look at that shit can imagine doing that i could but man i have a friend of yours your friend who was on the u s gdp doktor steve right is it with these colonies show for explaining the cyborg physique the feeling i work and how it has been possible but two steve's on the rescue team and he had massive vulcan scars all over his legs he's had i believe some insane number like twenty five twenty six surgeries on his knees incredible the covers of his knees whereas heart ledges was so chewed away that they receive
first it was like it looks like steel and we now know what it is i will some shiny metal no others attaining home or what the fuck it is but they resurfaced that did caps of his foot bones so it is now bone contact anymore so this cap sits on the bone and adjust their role together he's gotta everything in his knees fact is that everything replaced just last year yet another acl operation means over and over and over again this guy and so when i see scheme that's what i said yeah i see knees i say hey leg on the couch this would not happen and this is what i'm saying i say balance my friend is balanced and over the about a few operations my body works great you only have somebody heartbeats joe in the more you use and that's not true it is true no its natural do think the fat people's hearts just speeded extra five then that's why they died of quick ear being abused your bodies not not helping
what many of you did if you actually didn't have hung a certain amount of heartbeats that that was the key the key it's just i just camp but then what about good movies what about blowjobs what about allow shit that gets you heart rate up or that's ok bye bye every spent an hour day doing at time fifty you know so a lotta heartbeats instead of looking like a quick blowjob it's you mean in an hour a day of accuracy rang our corrects i supposed to your regimen ralph just as a blow job interior doing oh you would like have better performance in an enormous podcasting and in your life has avenue my face life
so you just happy with your body just doing the minimum amount and get you from point a to point b yet they don't want two thousand that needs surgeries at one fucking a ring where my asshole can anyone i said i wanted i wanna be lean and and and luck luxurious for women so that they will not be scared homey dot com you you're fucking pussy if you get a little ring whereby you but whole brody miller body how do you like that that go skiing is kind of fog it looks like a fucking tron guy doesn't even less real ninja how fast you think he's going to college fifty or sixty five miles an hour at ted look at his post i'll bet i know shit silly that's trippy as ridiculous do none he must be fuckin lying right there hu i snowplow and
ever got half the scariest thing for me is the same people who are doing those those things will drop them off helicopter snowboard and they go downsides fuck a mountain those guys an malls and that's i service it was an sometimes like the cotton avalanches and legislate behind them as a common down terrified to watch that's why you guys have the strong thereon volley twice energy at the other that occurs ass the actual active ingredients called strong like my computer in front of me i google you the ingredients africa to bring my laptop duenna borrowing many mature yeah maybe just a guess anita google some shit do often times talk out of my ass i liked correct myself if this barrier
go to on dot com and check out the full range of supplements and again use acone rogan save yourself ten percent off that doesn't apply to the fitness equipment because we literally sell it is is cheapest humanly possible as far as i know we have that the cheapest battle ropes that you can get on the internet and that's another great work out peace but when the sort of cells tat our hopes are you guys redundant others other guys i'm sure they like people that are really no strength of fitness you know what i want to bring disturbing she or the thanks of thinking maybe i'm different things to do chin ups with the chin ups i think are very important part of working out as well they can maybe even some of those softball handles grab a softball do chin ups with its really great for your grip and i like to see can have like a boy alex honnold give that kind of gram scale buildings and shit a doktor joazar laser laser
do these kind of book chelsea even existing where we have like old books and self is now it's just like the touch of grey or whatever and stuff right not back classy looking but old deeds love that look of the shiny outside of the book of the most likely never fucking read they love that shit civic pinocchio right pinocchio jaws quite honestly i trust you wait last if i go to your house and you have a lot of that shit if you looks like that i really i will think that you're manufactured person what what are you reading o peter pan that's that's nice watson i mean that's like look at the volley likud how those books look like who is this guy would would do the fucking buying where you buying these do he just getting his hours of big set that makes you look classing what is this
there's some cigarettes in these books i beg you open it up this fucking guns in their cut out every one got a gun in it to italian can you imagine if every one of his fuckin books is actually has a gun holder this whole cloudy smile and then one day the dot is someone goes to pick up the book got the wrong one gun falls out night what the fuck then they realize dude had a hundred guns whose assume compulsive any collective hand guns and put them inside books that's why not as nobody wants ever read those books if you have one of those shiny bank books with the old style binding that's real super fancy you have what i was in a shelf who the fuck scan take that up in read it even a robbers are going to read that no one will ever touch it this is a blemish paint big penises right here doing my someone's gonna touch as if you left a little kid in the room by himself the ceiling with his books again touched but a groan adult do that's like dna
when you were version look universities repeal becomes say panic and then all that shit becomes dna well this is ruined because the skylight works for on it obviously do not really reptilian lays german he's heard is his world brad you're a physicist you shouldn't do this to his image to doktor laser he worked and fuck head my book this guy works for on it and help you probably should these giggle endlich atrophy gets mad happy about it you don't know about you can't do that while this picture it's not him scan unto who we really is there whose this aid is not its idea that gets market is that of photoshop deduce photoshop as you know i promise you that is their baby that's what he used to look like this on said listen man for the for the dvd kellenberger biker where do an interview with you we need you to
the dress up doktor laser analyzes spend a technique killing is start part we will apologies to the good doctor we're just joking around and we appreciate his he's a neurosurgeon this gentleman and he is a big fan of our brain and he's got a fat rolex watch sporting i gotta go gonna die comets oh and an eye to use a code name rogan save yourself ten percent of any and all supplements are policies doktor laser i levied doktor laser he just messing around sky he sees wacky but you get you get the love em trust me right now i know it's weird tenuous but trust me do give five cassowary hotel logan experienced by powerful brian riband tissue
we budding we haven't done one of these for a while and now its creator many farming did you ever get a little lapse needs its and they're gonna get the charger the young we're waiting for three way wreak ross i should say i say freeware recross because we have to make the distinction between him and the guy was the wrapper who calls himself rick ross has he got his nickname through some other he has gathered watson wacky its exports for why he has the same name as this guy who was once an actual huge drug dealer who is actually involved unbeknown to him to the house i ran contra scandal because back when the cia or whoever the hell it was was illegally selling drugs in los angeles to fund cover operations overseas that they didn't want to get approval or really kind of crazy shit this guy was involved
unbeknownst to him he was just out their slang in it this swaying in and didn't realize that he was making so much money because he was sort of in cahoots with uncle sam or not even uncle sam just of corrupt aspects of uncle sam me i'm sure can't say all of uncle sam corrupt though it be producing we got our yesterday i think we did a kind of felt bad why because it seemed like very reminded me of just are you thinking like this right leg like oh shit maybe we should have done this off the air because maybe this is like he's going through some shedding may run smoking too much we'd like maybe he's fine i would have he is smoking just mad amount so we ve made ethically is but i dont think that i just think it's a matter of hours of very smart guy and when you when you're smart person answer
really stupid you can have a really adverse reactions to it where it gets illogical and he's out he's allowing himself to get a logical and he's alive himself to get upset at those people and the end result is you're not really being victimized you're yes you're you're losing a little bit of the privacy of what you bring on board but we we we understand that and we know we're going to do that but i think rei we look at it and i think once he did he started like seeing in a different way which shows you how smarty is to know that he caught up in a fucked up way of thinking but it's just that can happen to you caught up in a fucked up way thinking and it's it's not beneficial it's not the only way you can look at it but it seems like it is at the time at the time it seems like the way to go and ignore fuck that but really when you look at all this shit to be pissed at that's not the sun up there
yeah and you could tell me what you think it was kind of realizing it you know so near the end of a yeah tell you a second guessing himself well you know his is point about the seats plain seats makes more sense would still he's always good it is a really is a good person he just got you know he's got a little will better anger that comes out of him sometimes when it comes to certain things and when when he gets angry about something like it's very hard for him to look at any other point of that super common alive i used to have that a lot i just have a real problem with once i got angry about something i never think that it was my fault that it in the first place i always try to justify it for myself then i had to look at them like when will why am i why am i making excuses for this like look at this for what it actually is like what what would actually is going on there very hard to do a lot of you can bad at it you know
it doesn't mean that your bad person it means you can get caught in a fucked up way of thinking and so you just snap you known for he could have been something else could have been a girl problem could have been you who knows could have been a little bit on edge and then you get in front of somebody and then they do something the evening is so stupid just focused and then before you know it you're getting you don't even know what you're doing you just yelling at someone and you're not you're not you're not taking a big deep breath and going is this really how much of it inconveniences is how much ivy reacting when what is really going on here i see much he doing their job and the ultimate goals stop planes from blown up its but that's what you're there once you're at ten you know like he was he he was show he was he was at ten it was aunt and he was at the point where i was like your goddamn it i won't have to fucking lawyer i'm going to have to call lawyer like how do i get a guy out of jail i've never had to get someone out of jail
of our economies if he gets arrested a fuck what i have to do here and now he means he seems like you need to get back into doing jujitsu like he seems like he has these rage issues you know like in the past you within oleg bobby and with that with all that other stuff and i think it would certainly help em if we had some sort of serious exercise but i don't think he's really into it he does basketball design and once a week or something like that you have been basketball black eyes back late very well with little comics cigarettes about right so true that basketballs a joke cardio those fox have you having murmurs of your murmurs he's this big guy that plays one of the capital one commercial vikings he's in on the basketball team also misguided a huge guy that's funny the capital one vikings commercial
what's your wall i do you buy things based on cool commercials do you ever do that nobody really really tells me like hey like so no sign of u s sono says this is a company that has his bluetooth speaker in it's fucking sounds amazing i a bottom for my whole family for christmas it's this is the blueskin if you go in your iphone abbot yet is if greek and the ethnic small slinger rectangle right yet a little little box is a little blue in the centre of russia just got its great it's when my favorite things ever spats like in your bedroom vizier what was attacking them are you so high level we just how do i know blue is how shed light command
those buying something oh they had a really cool commercial as an example i was like what is this bluetooth speaker anyone on amazon way read some reviews and stuff like that and i did kind of a kind of made me go well if they have such a commercial they are called company they have a cool marketing companies will they have a cool advertising companies re hired we never regard to someone's website you know they sought but the websites awesome hired so many call right figured it out but this certain adds we're like you know our respect you you see the adding you'll be a like i know somebody who buys guy go because she thinks it i go out it's hilarious re so she's always looks like you ve seen one when pigskin for i had so much better than like say progressive and i wanna fuck that girl waves it'll get away from ok that's not true guys wanna fuck that girl really a progressive girls the loud deeds of a type like that again
the other day a weird type their amazing men for why people from ohio that's about his exile get right the cue to they like little boys and girls very attractive did you like agents not always i think god asians r d the idea for white guys while its exotic this is crazy she's like another species and theirs smart you get all the danger without dating a blank cheque kit you get all the danger of being around someone alien terrier your culture yeah but he gives this exotic sex girl that's like zenith thought too like really submissive and he liked people is low the asian girls will in their place in though be submissive and take care there man and like
say again an asian wife i'll tell you what i'll never go back to where girls again a lot of guys like that you know certain part of your age that you become the norm vietnam that likely do you like that you just get in the asian like hard core because it seems like like this in the declaration as you if you use that question you can use that in court to the judge till i give you on paper the way that this question was when break that they would legs they would take away whoever satan care of you they would bring in somewhere else this is something wrong with this development it's always talking i need is one is a girl that she would clean me every night was she put lotion under my eyes and in my fingers and make that popping noise and stop in lower you do do this for professional like how do you know to do that popping noise any fingers and take her yes it is taking care of you watch me with their washcloth it's amazing but then you know normal grocer dislike trying to
look in like your trash can and staff and well yeah i mean what you did in real personal here fellow but your situation you know without talking about it yeah i mean you gotta listen up my current situation so you current situation but situation that great you know you either get than and you have a nice girl takes courier you go on while freaks ex orgies when you're on ecstasy your two options where is world that you find yourself and you presented with very unique challenges and not allow people have those that those problems in our lives most guys the problems actually getting laid you it's problem is trying to figure out you know it's crazy world but when you talented when you are in a position we have some people planet attitude you gaelic superpowers a you right now you got freak superpowers so you got a deal that unleash
i will deal with that is either you gonna fuck rampage or find a good when you settle down those you two options because you know either you either use our power for evil got there and you super aids or were you life and a good girl the problem is finding someone they actually like and then finding someone they can act they tolerate for long periods of time and then like still enjoying being around them so rare so rare the and it's not necessarily the man's problem is not necessarily the woman's problem it's like the eyed the odds you finding someone that what what is wrong with them fits in with whatever is wrong with you and they both like clink and then like fit perfect and he actually enhance each other you actually make it to lives better
you can do that but it's fuckin stupid hard to find you it is possible but you definitely not going to find it when you those coke ecstasy binge situations like then you just it's all about re and in our finding out how i d have to wait for a day your heart again every day with those pills yeah yeah but i'm telling you men my breaks up in your brain i think this was to take that shit everyday i dont exiting will but i don't i say once a week i do you don't you see that integration you're so crazy don't even by the pharmaceuticals you just go to the fuckin drugstore counter mexican talk of a budget at the gas station that sit down the front counter etiquette when at seven eleven the other data what the fuck's ere i know i got this one at seven eleven yet the everyday shouldn't vague as this is a big things like eyes i watch
four counterfeits bates printed onto the box like why would even say watch out for counterfeits and it was such a huge symbol back it was like appeal this us off if you want to use it as a calling card or suchlike hauling so it was a calling card slash dick pill fairly good like use like long distance yelling like ache you can make it like a gift card like when you go to like a gift card place animals fucking gift card eugenio millet calling card like fur like a pay for it was like the pay phone number those yeah yeah it's just like they still sellers do they still member one hundred collect my one that was around that was a big thing there's all those one hundred collect companies member that there is no there's a sprint one oh yeah that's right they would offer you but there were those things that are often you like a phone that you use through the internet what what is the still goes isn't but it's like a late night commercial phone the works and cause your costs down
dialing internationally like what is like a skype only really i was that with that mr jack off or jack something along those lines yeah it's it's it's you plug it in and it just pretty much does what like skype does it's just like a usb thing that you attach headphones to or something like that if i remember correctly that's all it is those italian actual phone no it's just like what unites charter skype is or any of these voice over so you have to do the dialing through a computer i think you could set it up or you can you honor i don't know i think there's a phone jack in it that's what it was it's a phone jack on one side on the us i was a usb plus and what it does is it just pretty much converts your phone into a voice over the internet so it makes so you're using skype with but with a phone line so we will ring in it it's why bother with it yeah well that seems like it was kind of around round more when used to cost money to like be like in
there are states with your phone like most people don't have like honesty roaming right i know now and indeed i have issues without state aid as far as i know like that the minutes i have verizon i can use it all over the country and on that roaming rates but memory if you used to like dr just a little bit at your house your fuckin roaming you had been some area we don't really have coverage so you have to use only else's coverage some other company and they bill your programme and your phone company bills you like double or travel would have the fuck was and further and back then it was there was a big deal like make a long distance call holy shit long distance calls were crazy you know when they had phones and planes while one the only peace the technology this slip backwards was the phones and planes that's right you never see daddy never see that you know when you so open up you see in inside your console there was a phoney slotted credit card down at yeah and you'd entering your card information and then you would fuck
use the phone you know why you know i didn't want you to turn on your cell phones in work because now they don't want anyone to describe the terrorist events because they're all under cover you know government agents and is really no hijackers like us at this you know to be like they dont want communication just in case they acted take down another that would play in alex challenge way of looking at the situation is very clear these people i want you making cause he's people really enemies give yourself if you're on a plane and some ship goes down i just have to draw pictures i think that it would be like a sketch artists fuckin courthouse then i wanna stupid is gigs ever like lives well you know weakens do you can show what happened but you can't be really really good about describing it so only draw we that's show i do monday we have a sketch artists that draws we had this idea a doctor who draw
sketch artists for real are like a last that is what is that this is we have every show about what is their pictures eyes from doktor who doctor and then our faces are in the stomach there's mean there's brodie sketch artists are seriously that that the main not the artist themselves people with a gig but the idea behind is serious in one of the most arcane aspects of our our judicial says it's fuckin ridiculous when you see those photos on tv when two guys in court and you see the tv shows you the new shows you dry drawing the vitalizing year that is to me like such a sign of like a fuckin corky world that it so it's so screwed up and ridiculous and so nonsensical that they else film drawing some stuff that happened in a time where paragraphs exist it's now do not pretending that they have no idea what happened that court house we have no news for you know we
guy in there they would let him take pictures were they would let him draw eubulus lads who the fuck in charge here you'd pull over your what is this wise this year why are we doing here take a fucking picture it's two thousand thirteen ass all you don't need to do pictures taken why did you did they do that because for someone's alai someone wants to be able to lie someone wants to be able to control the access to the images they get displayed from situation some wants to be able to control the situation that's all it is if they want the american public which they should have especially in cases of criminal cases we have to worry about whether or not this person is a bad person they're out there like trying to victimize people that they're trying to limit your access to to how the court works to limit your access to how what what actually takes place in the courtroom because a lot of times bullying you now there's
bullshit that goes on in court there's a shit that goes on court did you know the people that get charged with medical marijuana when they get it did they get arrested federally most of the time do not even allowed to use the word medical can't say medical marijuana they just sold marijuana they use the word medical that is thrown in jail says contempt court thrown in jail because they don't believe that marijuana is medicinal substance or it's not their law the federal government therein to say that there is no law so you can't say medical marijuana so even though your sending yourself in a country as well medical marijuana is legal you're not even allowed to bring it up in a federal court that's not some crazy bullying you know it's stupid that then they could sensor that that's unbelievable it just goods would mean
if people knew about these things if you're watching video footage of courts of of constant you know the ambition of the head court tv for a while now cannot fascinating those like our first time did they can't resist i think it was popular mostly case sucked quite honestly this allows shit that's more interesting than watching trials all day and then they had the oj that was uncourtly we do as i think so that was on everything now maybe that was like a television evaders kind of like oliver north where every chance channel was all about will over north hosts of first home we really were pretty sure that a celebrity had killed a woman like we're pretty sure right now there is some speculation about other people in the past kennedy american women around not yes can known row yeah loud people thought the marathon rose talk too much shit but so they would always thanks could it could have been that she was just a crazy bitch de la pills or whatever and died archer gave him herpes
you heard that started it she's the forty zero herpes war did herpes exist before those who went with herpes invented a ban been around forever via guess i see that shit came from france what is with the patient zeros from france a guarantee is actually under your video search in google when i search for her bees first showed yeah shingles is apparently a type of herpes genoa sugar is like that show that some people get this bad break out over the back vienna summit has its was we horrible here i heard got chicken pox a rare chicken pox the other day some food this person and she ran it already had chicken pox allows her second chicken park a thoughtless never spoke i know like goes some way like we're like betty wider solely why if that old man get chicken pox you're fucked
when you really all you have to wash your hands all the time that should be a meme mob i going to make fun of me and my points on medical science if you really you should wash your hands a lot but you really should now that's them they said it's one of the best ways to prevent diseases just not cons and don't get nutty but keep your fuckin hands clean pick up most of it i guess going from hand now you may realise it it's kind of rude tat we have so weird war going on between our bodies in these strange things that attack us that make us feel like shit and literally weaken your body and so and they happen every year is all season will they attack and sums once they get people some people die off people would avoid medication and people are all people compromised mean systems
get em area it's crazy so we don't even think about it but culture monsters it's not that effective relaxing barber walter's hit little chicken pox are rare rare version of it and say she had it already i thought it some the air while issue not accelerated she's eighty three men this is a lot of words dear that sucks though that can be fun the others are those weird fuckin things like the mumps when the moon sk comes around like what is going on what is this shit where's is coming from a cause work and also some kid as the mountainous mumps outbreak in new jersey who was the first to get that mumps like how does it how does the something like that re emerge
or that that other disease that supposedly porn just got back in the porn that was really syphilis syphilis zia with successive dangerous that that shows the fuck out of you a thing differences were got al capone i'm pretty sure i think syphilis does like horrible things to you before kills you too it's really bad hilarious court tv is now true tv real in truth tv is the focus of our tv show so that's crazy cord tvs like you know what we're losing money on real let's go get a vague money let's get some fake i was watching now though that show i just got into that storage war show so stupid it's one why it's so addicting because i want to see what's inside this things and i'm thinking why doesn't like this words companies oxen ease off right why
don't they just go through it and then sell everything and become and make a ton of money these storage companies were i'm pretty sure that it's a hundred percent horseshit what that does happen though they do have auction adze george come why why why why should those shows they are not taken any chances right as to whether they find shit they just pretend are you sure that that's a fake so almost positive that a good percentage of all reality tv is factory that way you seen as overproduced thuggery yellow eye when you watch it it's real obvious when you watch like i why i told you i watched a whole episode of jersey shore where the who besides was about what that's fake one dude wanting to leave the situation wanna leave snuck you i stay that's the whole episode the situation like come on get area sylvia you want to fuck me fuck him and theirs
gotta get at it like there was a whole episode and you know that they like they concoct these fuckin things they decide that is going to be some sort of an issue here's the issue ready go when when when they were trying to do mining store because when there is what duncan didn't want to be involved because i use gonna be orchestrated they're gonna have like this is what is going to happen you gonna go looking for someone can fool you can find it look for some chinese food is doesn't look good indigo and finally get a cell on this and like the i know script they worked it out it's like it's a scam it's just a really bad sketch with no creativity instead of some reality in our following around it sketch about someone finding an old record player in storage container oh my goodness is this
this could be worth a lot of money we bid you know exactly what that's worthy put it there you're fucked that's what you're watching you watching shitty sketch tv why women age as do real ones then because it more fun for them to be able to orchestrated even a fake ones would be crazy i'm sure there finally bodies and sometimes sometimes unified aiming sometimes via the bag in newspapers then what the fuck do you do so as you know i got a collective newspaper graze get hundred thousand issues at the new york times here every day for the last fifty what the fuck it be so lord eve you have i bet you gotta go through a lot of stores containers for i find some wacky suggestion filming and jackie buying these things either can keep growing the dice you might go into one and is not in there i think that if i know the way studios think they have they want to maximize their castle listen journey is when opposed as second leaving a body
let's just leave about here let's go get a faint body now put a body analyse it we found the body the rather fuckin line the one guy on the show africa's name but you just go to you the whole time could you up and he has like where's hats say ye upon it and shirt and his card up on it at this thing yet a distinct and trademark my guy trademark yeah yeah somebody should drop of media and his head how do you try my gap is unemployment why did you do it has to be said that his belt is why you you you pierre sunlike that's more like it was not a real word or sites grows i'm i can't even watch i've only watched a couple times but one of the guys who left didn't want two guys who left side say it was all bulshit it was all staged it was that i am rather yup guy he said it was all states allow minor listen to him now maybe maybe this a drama queen yeah maybe the lion bitches just turn around the whole show
maybe i'm wrong maybe bigfoot hunters are really looking for big finding bigfoot they keep haven't they keep doing the same shall over and over again they have to find something that you have taken about big foot i do not know without this we're deceive him yes would i wanted to ask him about space stuff while slater sets specialty but yeah would like you see his take the rhythm really fascinating professional take honour is the jane goodall take that one really sways me because obviously no scholar of prime metalogy i don't really know that much bout apes i just know what i've read and documentaries and stuff but i've never liked for my stuff so when someone like jane goodall who when i was in high school you know we watched documentaries in class that was the jane goodall documentary was we we read books about jane goodall
and when she says that she sure there's a undiscovered primate live in the pacific northwest i got down when she as that she believes in the areas while she thinks probably the same animal yeah but maybe you know she's got king order in her age and she picked a soul that she said this is the journey she had year for i got more tweets about melissa average and the most etheridge podcast and any broadcast we psmith sentinel thyssen where people were either go and you know it was just that once in a while where something came out those likely she well you know what well i mean you have the time i was totally on board you know it was just that once in awhile where something came out those likely she well you know what this is point of view is really fascinating because like i said it's like i almost like a religious point of view you're empowering yourself with this way way
looking at the world but it's too now it's it's it's it's a tricky thing that your creating your entire world and controlling your own destiny like that sorry weird where do not recognise that there's a lot of interactions and to ignore all i give you see although the interactions like on a street corner just see people aachen across the street and see car stopped being not star bay people text day but not realising that allows turn green you see all out randomness do people like on their phone with their hand up to their head and they don't see a car that's emerging to the right hand side which is their head is being covered by the phone that's the really common can control all that ok if you're there you're telling me that you that use
if you're gonna be ok cuz you haven't you haven't arranged to have this happened in your existence i say wow wow i say maybe though shit i don't know she might be right if you mean what a strange thing would be if we found out that all this time we what we're really lacking was just confidence and understanding of our capabilities and that you read can completely mad fast your own reality with your mind in that year your whole world that you live in you can orchestrate with your mind while thou mean in the future one dave that tone turns out that that's the next evolving capability of human beings were they just aware of it but some of them made it happen on their own and didn't know why they were doing it than the other major life a complete and total mass but it was all essentially their own choice your own choice to do so without any but it's
it's for me personally i see why she commits to it i see why it would be empowering i see why it makes her feel a really strong and powerful and i see all the benefit in it but my point of view is always will moreover the fuck knows there's waymore who the fuck knows to anything i can't confirm like for sure i never said i don't have anything front of me that tells me that that could be real and i have anything and i'd be a meaning it's one of the possible scenarios the imagination could conjure up you can try a million different scenarios as to why here why you built like you are while you have the interest you have you can but with a million different combinations of hypothesis as to why and what happens in the previous life if there is a previous life but you just making things up that's reality
really the reality is you being in another dimension choosing this life like you really do making it up i dont know if they might be real it might be real it absolutely might be real she almost was borderline talking about being similar simulation theory gaining like like you chose the player you pick them out fit i know and then you went and like like she was almost saying that we played a game we wheat we made our character and we chose the level that we're gonna do where one part of the map we are going to live on and ass it was weird if he thought of it that way that she was almost doing some kind of be version of this simulation theory very much so yeah i think that the p they believe in the secret and the people believing simulation theory made there's all definitely a cross over their right mean if you really creating your reality without fuck did see the promise realities so slippery and weird the idea
were creating own reality doesnt seem that far fetched you now if we found out that this world really is simulation i dont think you would be that much different than it is right now because if if we didn't know there was a simulation of theirs never was even a theory and you just looked at this world any go this is make sense now the world is filled with shit doesn't make sense although the them mean big besides the marijuana laws and skill sketch artists four rooms and there's a million fucking things and make no sense a million things are stacked up all over the place then there's a million things that are like so beyond art capability of even the people that are enthusiasm when comes to cell phones or when it comes to that blue two device you were talking about the solos thing those things were so outside of our our understanding
we like you read that a blue tooth is this ban with nine one away one eleven be with ok arena comes through this way do you know how to make that do you know what you would have to do you know what reactions that are causing the interaction between those two device i have no fucking clue and the things exist right alongside sketch artists it's like that's all together like a giant joke it's like a joke of a movie and if we're gonna make a simulation about the wild west of the roaring twenties of the technological ere it would look exactly like this day in time so if we really are players in a simulation and makes a lot of sense this did that though the be beyond bizarre nature this reality makes lessons in its wake the problem is it so retorted you say that selling fuckin idiot cycle weirdo
on the demand side but scientists way smarter than us are the ones who are pretty her proposing to is not ass i didn't invent the idea of simulation i became fascinated with it i talk about all the time but absolutely never came from my my came from me reading something that a scientist robe or else my i there was not even a thought that i everywhere attained the idea the idea that the whole world is like some sort of massive computer program near it's crazy this growth and jobs did you see that this is video here yet it's community access channel so i it's a guide i want to be like one of those guys are going like the tonight shown brienza animals you know now but this is like like did amateur like this is the open mike of being one of those guys this guy is the biggest idiot in the world he just meet what he does he has a table and he put
a kind of animals on their any mixes animals together that are not supposed to be together like that's and birds come on like checklist check this out you guys i struggled colors one of my favorite ones monkey and of these think they taste good too when issuing on my finger like this what i do is i took no and i programme finger down his throat like that he gags and then he stops ok now you let him do it again supported this little while his teeth ass molly can't hurt me we tell no poker thing it signals let's talk about that now bird feathers i've wanted to raise and take care of as long as they have the right diet we'd better off just keep me away from its possible nothing too i guess we're gonna grow a lot faster and all the other nails what's going on the floor rob rooks puppy down puppy it's important that you we work hard at the fair it on the floor now it's important
really work hard in obedience out student body i love you this can never saw a dog before so he's scared ok suffer he's been here i doubt if you all the kitten albania where they always so i chose this genocide i don't get a lock and even appreciate that mary we wanted to know if they wanted to lax loses its under its on my body in this isn't what the fuck did your reason i use and how it starts in with like dogs and turtles see what happens we not here rick motherfuckers play and turtles are wrestling with calves in all kinds of i apologise worries man we're is they told me don't leave a really this is what lady jungle we said before if you don't know riggers rick is one time aspiring tennis player in los angeles that was a young man that didn't have
even the ability to read and became gigantic cocaine king pin one go to jail learn how to read le became studied the law learn that they fucked him got out of jail because it and found out that there's a dude using his name whose wrapper the craziest thing ever is nay i mean if you if you know wrapping recrossed allowed people like oh shit rip ross gonna vienna joe rogan podcast and then they tune and they know who the fuck is this guy that on this is that people stop me on a street all times in i saw you and your rogue it met event do we show you to see if you put me in the teacher been what is it what is the real request that a rapid by the way a dude came to my one of my chicago shows you have one of those is your workmen that's beauty did the real rig was it is not right at me the
lemon aware unaware with honors what you do with beautiful thank you yeah yeah i want to thank you may put me up on again working if people want to buy them working together i didn't go to freeways up social media dot com free way social media darkened that you're gonna get hit with that of a lance right you thanks oh how you think they will support me me they're gonna support the fucker grasp what the fuck are you gonna get hit with an avalanche of orders deal you make this showed a good meal so what one more time the website it didn't write down freeway social media dac relay social media dot com i do so the real recross is not or maybe see two new businesses european
put me you see now not only am i seventy shows us dollar seventy shares but now i'm a manufacturer will put them together everything that's beautiful you gave me a new career what's a great career to because it either what man disguised made a lot of fuckin money off you you should make a lot of money off you too i hope so and this this is the way to do it to you now to explain like what the fuck it's crazy story man it is due to run around pretending to be you almost got killed ass we get without real because under fifty cent in him ever if you don't know the whole thanks to wrap world these gentlemen fifty cent and the fake rick ross did not like each other at all at all that is that what matters very nice guy he these were saying that the whole thing was stage is none the bullets hit the car ways amazing it then you get ok i know they can
ok i heard it was ok i don't know what it was who was it was obvious fact is rolls royce the worst shied ever happen if you get a giant fat do for you in a merciless rolls royce writes a nice lookin roadway still hidden pretty some eggs loves a lot of sense though you know it's not about it after you said uncle does not mean i couldn't you couldn't just graduated version i am you who were gone in a community let off fifteen team rouses in buildings and how do you miss how do you miss fifteen times when the me i guess you can the right circumstances but he's very lucky it what it he said that if he actually would set a sum up like that when a real gun is unity occupied community i mean he may really wanna be engaged to one day in prison or could be that someone just trying to scare them and they weren't trying to kill on the trying to get them to give money and if he gives the money you know
he can give money when you dead so i don't really want to shoot em what they wanted to scare the shit out of a minimally mind that's when he cried that's what i've got to this when i feel i feel did is a warning shot you know would you oh yeah you know me in and get on your business for people don't know that's our story apparently like he used someone's name in a rap and there's a groove gentle the call themselves the gangster disciples they apparently the game a warning wants and needs it somewhere else i was in jail with some of those guys oh yeah yeah they they don't enjoy his use of their vernacular and the image the amazing i mean who would who would do well somebody to calm represent the thing some net you worked hard for to put together and hit his guy coming haven't paid any those but he enjoys
it is a strange case of american my opinion sits at that i find it quite fascinating because you know that we are in so many ways were so silly with our culture and our are going way out of the way to pretend to be something that we're not and selling an image for an image and hit case his story is one of the most fascinating ones that i've ever seen because making our contribution is like members see me forty the chris rock you like an updated version that he's occur corrections officer i mean it sounded worsening city for it sounds like you're writing a move right corrections officer whose to be like didn't like who
employee the month and share deity did you got a warrant ok see you know what he's insane owes you had to do to get a word as correctional would you have to look at a lot of balls and assholes they get a five minute they're real jobs there would be a job there there would suit me right if a female facility who maybe that's but what if poland dynamiter too expensive oil apparent we'll be fine you what it means facility handled thing how not me and we have to wait so guy pretends to be this guy with this crazy criminal past of selling drugs and he tattoos your name on his hands la through your name rick tattooed on his hands he's got like money too in all kinds are the crazy shit it's really interesting and just keeps coming out more and more that get eeg it's busted with those bullshit
the more and more they just did a story on him in her own it was ended he comes from a suburban areas not even from a good i mean you know just it just doesn't even with this guy he's making mercosur to annul the first major artists they ever had the council was a concert from death you know it's really fucked up though i think he could have done everything he did with a different name really do really emily my work and there s more weight did some hard work it's not like you didn't do any hard work at all he deaf we put out those albums he definitely those shows he's definitely hustling range so fuck did he have to try to do it onto your name it's like he showed just as grand weakness as a man
who are you you know if you it's one thing if you invent your name like you i be jesse you know or even cheesy supposedly there's a do named jazz oh that was in his community that was like an older rapid that was really bad ass so we soda like tat showed a jet magazine you're doing other how do you know what i know shit i gotta my thumb on the pulse of a part of the hood parlor willing note you know joe connected me joe is connected to pay attention to shit do but it means think too to make your own name you know two coils of dissent or whatever but if you get your take another man's name you deal with completely different thing that's not you didn't mean a name you're crazy person will you know the whole thing about being successful i'm coming away when i came up the whole thing about the emphasis successful was to be a to do it yourself right you know not to where you come in you know somebody just come and bless you
vanity needed in here you are you know you succeed for now but you didn't on it you know how you did it right so i want to make a name for myself in and i felt what he's doing right now he's making a name for me yeah you know nothing so please help in you trust me with everyone else is how people that are helping you a guarantee it's way better than this guy wasn't around this guy wasn't around you gotta jails like well you know sort of life as usual and people going this new story but now the story becomes ober craze it becomes really does not like you know is this a lot of dudes like gangster rappers especially they'll disorder have like a tribute name like to call himself something gambino or you know what i mean but use the whole name you know they won't do that i'm al capone can't say you know we say i'm your recross he did that i think
thinking you would never come out of jail yeah yeah i don't think that they thought i would ever get out in you know was vacant ass a vacant how's nobody's widely house movie and because it was really like a squatter you know he was a squatters squatted on my name and it's all your your reality happen before the internet your europe the craziness of your you know you're selling drugs you are basically being one of the biggest dealers the country has ever known like all that happened pre internet yet have today he would never be able to use that name o known no no absolute yeah but you know i mean it is what it is joe you fascinating hee hee hee hee hee hee hee got it you know and now he has a name in in what i want right now just for him to stop using it in
pay me a little mobility attitude may from using my name i tell you this cake becky he's never stop using and he's got that hardly loveday and why won't anybody else why should that due to their only sat waiting in tat but what exactly will man's name while you're fucking hands got me you gotta fight you gotta fight not in love with you sure there's gotta be crazy every tammy jerks overseas your name that's crazy brush industry this is your name on his hands and he knows how you feel about it too you know it's not like you you're like subdued is like live in tibet in hiding in a village i have to have contact with my dear you know grind it i believe truly believe it's a gift i really do i think the whole thing is a gift
he's a ridiculous human beings we lose you re rising guy everything you told me to do so what you re body a mamma eddie it's avant man trust me on this the i think that here him being so ridiculous he's preposterous human being he's obese he's covered and in tat he's a fake right bird who was at one point i'm corrections after four that gonna take your name its glorious it's like you couldn't if anybody can ass anything that could ask for better candidate because when investigated the good took his wonderful and was even better is actually talented so a lot of people are gonna hear about em so a lot of people going to hear his name a lot of people going hear the story so he's a gift to you he really is this is the greatest p representative you could have ever hired by far no one ever reach as many people
and somehow and are they give the seeds of your story as this guy pretending to believe what i got a guy he wants to meet you there he may be able to reach more kindly in america whose he's he's the world's greatest spam world's greatest spammer his name is beale wagner hunting ought to be in the room with a yet what are we gonna fight with them that we found the shit emailing you know what he said and he does he does have like a little farther when he doesn't know who they are right polices image he goes on his shoulder somebody causing embed multi these guys go again really incident like a thousand that's what there be a wants to meet you may well book i have in this this guy though what we're going back to the fake recross his him as a was i give you hired him get your name and scurry i want you to know how much money would cost just to get as much
detention as it's got the fact that he stole your name and the fact that so many people are talking about me that's an incredible story that like i would have to think million why do you look at it and i don't look at it like that millions of people of her that story now you know a more to the point where you know the guy stole my name he didn't have these they d come in rio look man abortion hey ma am we give it back i'm just trying to change the whole way you look at it because i really believe the universe gave you a gift you're looking at it like this dude came along and heat victimize you over and over owes you and i see that too but i say the universe owes you a gift gave you a gift and that gift is you got an end
you get a silly energy review whose super talented mean the guys really that everyday i'm hustling that's about ass on that's about i saw even if he stole your like the way you talk about it you said that there was a your quote everyday muslin right near work and put it in a song in the guy did a great job with it when i'm saying is that and so so many people will pay attention to him because how good he is down to got here and there on top of that he's got you named to his hands and then again spills out from its uniform he's like it's like a trojan horse like he he'll get your story into neighborhoods where it would never ordinarily be people investigating all they have to do is google the real recross boom the story supporting the first two or three paragraphs and everybody's megawatts it becomes crazy
yeah i guess i mean when you look at it from that aspect i'm coming i guess you're right you can't lose you know loosen he can't stop you from using your name your real name is spoken requires he can say shit what does a lot of circles it you know like savings i want to go to university and get a record deal it's not gonna happen yeah that would be i wanna go to one of brothers and get a record book aziz already working with him yeah what would you do if you would have you were just undeniable and you had a gigantic following you the batter fuckin wrapper on earth but you know also rick recross what the fuck would they do really do you change your name but you need a stage name requires he can't be recruited me i'll be with you robert elliot www operates is the actual fake recrossing that's what you should do when they hear you rob yeah and see about make them make that exactly annually roberts is kind of a bad ass near some say another wrong william roberts is dead thought it was pretty good yet
that's a strong named william roberts that roberts men rode the name you know that henry winkler lived his whole life is henry winkler he turned out great henry winkler can't fuck with that will you hardly sounds gauge the tuna does we sell draw something do hold my glass eye contact with a pistol and i'm sayin jack daniel i'm fascinated by the most ridiculous aspects of our one of the most ridiculous aspects of our culture figures people like you know whether its guy pretends that he was a navy seal wasn t gets caught i love region that shit man there was a dude that was on this mixed martial arts form he wasn't one other all the skies to ever fight inanimate fighting for an m may find fight when he was like sixty guy was crazy big yoked up dude at sixty two but pay it was a big crazy liar too and he pretended to be
like in the special forces and pretended to like a bunch of kids in vietnam and meanwhile he like work behind a desk somewhere with values total liard smear the store but he had a whole security company and i am fascinated by this shit yeah i'm faster i can't i when i find failures because to me are over there there perplexing work that we braden a whole culture now failures from england watch tv would do reality shows an initial somewhat i think that would be bad force our kids you know four years to get that dead dead dead ideas that you know you can fake it and be successful in really not be successful economy yet we win given a whole generation of people the idea that you can become famous for having no qualities near his aunt nothing there's nothing there are then you know some people want to fuck you i guess you'd like
you are you watch well ask him car dashing chosen you will you shut that tv and just stare at the wall for an hour ago what the fuck is going on and what did i just watch i just watch a dumb girl go shopping i mean this the crazy shit ever that they made a tv show the vienna got someone a crazy stuff on tv now and most of its about fagin yeah ask wives that's going to be a backlash though i think one of them we dealing with this first of all the fact that tv is really only been around for a couple generations in that though a vision the reality of it when did it start fiftys the son of tat for us to really get a handle of what the fuck is doing to our culture and then do something about it and is any sort of an opportunity be opportunistic to make some cash the easy way to make some caches does put some stupid people on tv and make them
ridiculous sheds a people go what the fuck are they doing you're watching dummy and then they sell you tied in the commercials and you you know i didn't want him ass a money that once more people into i dont believe that i really think that is just its sunday they dont once more people on tv just they want a lot of people to watch its lazy but the easy way to get a lot of people the watch is just put ridiculous shit on like jersey shore like in algiers real housewives what you know these bitches go screaming yellow each other overnight then they talk about nonsense their minds are filled with air is not nothing going on then she said this and i say this and i was like fuck you bid julian fucking know me don't fuck with me what are you watching you watching moron squawk you know i've been watching the language you watching birds that's what you want you want in the human equivalent to kroes the nonsense people but you can make money on them once you ve if you lazy but do the people that are producing shows is that their true interests
we needed this in some ways this kind of fund because it's like the fast food of of television if you sit there eating lunch you turn on the tv work where can he wants to bitches yellow each other you fucking you want teach a real you know you watch that shit you laugh you you you guph out there but the problem is that it becomes a major part of our programming when it it's x amount of percentage of all its on television to absolutely absolutely in any defects ways did so many people already understand me even more for myself when i look back life i noted television movies effect i made my decisions because became a reality you know when you young and in you impressionable then you see someone using harmonization real yeah i will try to myself and see if it works for me you know just like with the sky we robert the rapporteur is using my name where grass i believed it
he's given kids the wrong impression that you can go on sale drugs in poland at into a wreck a career in i believed is gonna have a tremendous back national on our young and our young people that's also an issue with you you this guy user name is not a guy jays edith username whose you know an excellent the community a guy who's a real good business man a guy was very smart doesn't say stupid shit is wraps you you knows the answer must i mean you you look you know the guy was a preposterous person and so you know his his whole persona is sort of we the polar opposite of everything that you have been speaking about since you gotta joanna learn i mean you know i know now i was duped and then i was bamboozled into believing that did i was hunting in and i could have been anything you know if somebody would it came to me like you did in in in games
a t shirt game now seventy shirts yeah so lead that would he's doin is hidden secondly would he's the one who is listening to kids boots dislike you deal with me what he's lace num for negative it and it's bullshit story historic bullshit store abalone non doesnt work as a fairytale yes a fairytale so i think that your story is also a very important story for people to listen to when there's a lot of folks have that sort of nonsense yet a police officer by bootstraps mentality when it comes to certain aspects of our society especially people to grow up in it i wished areas people to grow up in again there's this sort of well you gonna fuckin make it out of your own sort of mentality i think that's crazy way to look at raising children too think it's insane i think this does not only one way to raise children correctly love and and someone who they can respect that someone who provide a good example as someone who they can learn from and if it
it is not a round that there it's a free for all absolutely i didn't know where he's gonna write and there being raised essentially by a bunch people who grew up in the same exact environment so there's no breaking that cycle it's a cycle and i think that's one of the big problems in our entire society and i think that we spend on his time looking at things that can weaken america overseas when the number one most important come to be in in are in our culture is us itself human beings the more weep everything has been built everything that's been invented everything that's been engineered everything that's on this earth that makes our life better is made a human that means a human invented that that means all this potential that's in impoverished communities gets ignored all this potential will of of discovery of curiosity of of key
activity all of it gets wasted in a world of crime and and repeating cycles and there as a resource no one looks no one no one in this country looks that we look at all we need oil lawyer we gotta go over here we looked at the our number one resources human beings are but i mean in it when you with your resources like what is important to us as humans other humans man other humans have it set up so we don't have to go hunt some food we can go to the store and by a stake you know you don't even have to cook you go right next door this place is bad ass they'll do cook a volume they know what to do in our seas and in this i leave we ve simplified the whole game of a human being because we are important many of us get together and we provide the resources for over each other and we have a system in at all works out well what you gotta a look at it in terms of air weird is at all come from it all comes from children it all comes from that's when you really have you shot you really have you shot and growing in developing and learning things
so you're your story is really really important story to be told because you or finding herself in a situation where you couldn't read in europe at a high school and you find yourself all the sudden involved this drug the game and that seems like the only prospect you couldn't go to school for fur four tennis because you did not read you made it through school system without knowing how to read and that's common that happens a lot a lot more than people want to admit sixty five percent guys in prison carry that's fucking crazy those fucking crazy you know the someone posted something's i'm always talking about this about how many different prisons are privatized this country and how many are actually privately owned institutions guess that's the big business right now there's it's somewhere around eight to ten percent depending on who you ask of all
the prisons in this country and its why do you not one out when i was in prison they were trying out even the prison there was owned by the federal government worst to turn prisons over to two waggonette she's christ it's it is really crazy the idea that you could put people in germany can make money from it and that actually like a whole crop of people come out of this one areas lungs ignore it we're we're not a day so that they can tell from which he had descended third great if he's going to prison was college associations in what they say that's ridiculous that you can't tell pollack then strain amount mean almost any kid can be raised correctly assist almost every kid can be fucked up if they're not raise for absolutely i don't think that it did it did it matters really kid it's is it really the environment you know if you leave create an environment would have climb they'll start
doktor to cry you know you think the crime is ok initial its because i had got to the point where i believe that was where life no less everybody did it yeah i think that's environment they grow up in is a huge factor on who you become two huge tractor and like i said one the weakest areas of our country are the places with the most crime and the places with the most despair that's the places that also get the least attention insight is likely we're person has like a pile of garbage in the corner house and we keep saying gonna get to a boy just ignore walk around it instead of just fixing it sitting fixing the situation if we put just a tenth of what we put into a military budget just one tenth to just settle the inner cities down provide guidance put put places in where people can stay if they have nowhere to go and see you keep people better just make it's so there's profit in
building cities the same way this profit and rebuilding cities where we bomb the fuck out of them we just figure out how to do that with me and you need to go up and white house and help obama because as it takes some of that money to be spent on the drug war unity spin like sixty billion dollars a year fine fine drugs you know the problem of stopping the drug war as a whole lot of people fight drug war and they'll be out of work that's gonna be a real problem one things it keeps drug certain drugs illegal as they the prison guards actually have lobbyists they want to make sure that certain drug laws are there they stay in place gazette keeps him in business absolutely which is karim easy that someone would actually without gonna be there and see the look in a person's eyes with slam it's the cell autumn when i actually to be there and experience their pain their willing to make decision because they're so far removed from it has just them talking to a lobbyist and you know writing something down and they they signed something and make an agreement shakes her hands then also
boom the cell somewhere down the line gets shut on a man and a man loses his life he loses the reality of the life that he lived because someone megan some money off him being a jail just lose a fallacy yeah children as a father wife loses of men in crazy and for victim was crimes and for some means something completely illogical like most drugs when you look at most drugs and harm the most drugs do nothing compared to the harm that legal shit like alcohol does which nobody is trying to stop i never heard a single politicians say we need to stop people smoking cigarettes of never heard one on this way for one person to stand up and say do you know that there is a company that is selling poison that kills a million people every year every year in this country half a million people die because of that this come that selling poison they know kills people and they make billions of dollars well you know
he's gonna lose his contribution so he can i just say they never well said but i mean it's a new company came along that was to selling poison to kids would really be as bad as cigarettes i mean i want to compare cigarettes damascus methods a quicker job a mean onawandah exaggerate the effect but when you see dude is like seventy years old been smoking cigarettes is all i presume this and then if it takes another dragging a well they got that dude you got it would any trying to get new ones cuz they always kill their customers but they keep you around this slow cook you you know they like a smoker tony one hundred and fifty going to take a date you takes a long time to kill you with cigarettes not quick thing it's me it's amazing that no one ever brings it up and everything gets talked about well someone like you you know that we need people it's gonna stand up and held in and educate our people may have to insult skeletons michael
they need someone to listen to me that's got the fuckin feed on the straight and narrow i mean nobody's perfect but we all got we all got our faults oh i know we are but you know that's my path is definitely not to be in any form of political office it's not it's not for me i don't have that time i don't want to listen to anybody and i don't want to have to do should i don't want to do you know i don't want that responsibility this system to i feel like jumping into this systems like just into a tank for sharks it's like you know the rules you know how these fuckin crazy assholes been operate i would like to talk to arnold i would like to see you ask him what the fuck was it like to go from being mr olympia to being a governor california you'd think he'd come you sit down with you he might he might i bet i could get em maybe a year
like maybe not right now of starting to get bigger examples i have to find someone and actually do certain know someone who knows and brian cowen did a movie with them he said it was great so great finally after the scandal has made many things that you know how many men get to have two wiser than in the same arnold is quite a character i would like acting well what it was like to be a governor but there was what he thought i was gonna be like if you look at that shift from the outside you know what is it with what the hell do you do what you get in there how could you fix any the stuff look at you i wouldn't have any money i got damp demanded schools and money very all these programmes one initiate this this is really not that much resources it's gotta be really difficult and then you get all these people are trying to steal we will try to get out i'm trying to steal a kind of the media the monroe you gotta had money promised i would love to get high with
tat if i had the like one thing if you said would you like to be fly through the air like super man for three hours fly wherever you want or sidney smugly with obama for three hours i will take the ladder edward obama more than i would fly like super man for three hours an idea and a lot could fly like soup mail would be cool as fuck the view could you have and especially of your high and you flew like superman roma letter flying a superwoman what the above them if you say this is not true its way back to check in these dark crossing our get your period halfway and military fly no stop i would add which i would love to talk shut up talk did find out what it's like to actually be presently online without telling the truth oh my gosh homeboys imprisoned for now
violent offences when you let him up do you think he would do you think you would have said down someone like you have a conversation he might be the only guy and i never eat political correctness in out with me you know your buddies would you mind lame duck it's like you can't me can't win again you guys the headlines no bombers is now a drug dealer yeah yeah you know you ve shown since you ve got out the you been tried to put people on a different than the one that you been on that's all you can ask for a man cannot remain and i make mistakes we asked for a man is the once has made mistakes be honest about those mistakes and try to help people to keep for making the same mistakes themselves you ve done that's an exemplary the eminently designing they steal you no one at all the drug dealers the drug adzes listen they did on appreciate that you a bad mother fucker in an illegal business ok that's what it is that they did
don't appreciate that bad mother workers in illegal business are still bad motherfuckers in how you you u focused your energy then and put a gun and nobody's hang you know i've never know walked up to know why do you say look well fuck you know smoked his here right get the pipe picked a piper put it on in smoke it right now on why do you think you would avail i mean it's really kind of this aid is again but we kind of is a gift that you got stopped from from you know from continuing to sell drugs tis there's no all drug dealers there's no all drug dealers and there's no old drug dealers in the certainty no old bowl drug deal it right and you get to certain points time somebody wants your spots are sent there's something going on this a lot of money involved ship goes down but you managed to avoid all of that work the twenty years you did and you learn how to write ok and when you came look at you now
ok now you your positive you're happy every time i see your smile and you have a warm way about you you know you very personal with people like i would never wished twenty years imprisonment anybody but you handed it about as good as a person can do well you know what i was there i made up my mind and i wasn't on prison do me rain or a lot of guys when they come near that they mope around they cry about being there and what i said is that you know what i'm make the best it is because i'm going home even i had a life sentence always in the back of my mind it did i was now get out one day and so i stop apparent too do that with a new nobody was no harm me you know sometimes we say man if you ever get out the first anyone say about you you're drunk being so you gotta do some until where you can gideon and you don't have to need anybody to approve you you know like
so many guys they get out they have to go to people you know go to mcdonald's fill out a application and hoping that they accepting well i don't work like that right look to away where nobody has improved me by myself well that's the way you would like to work everybody everybody would like to be in this situation but you demand that and that's what made you a bad mother fucker in illegal business and that's what makes you a bad mother fucker and legal businesses that you focus yourself on its it's really it's i think like for someone like oh bomb or anyone to meet with you i think it see it's important to give people the is first of all shelby police story and second about to let people know that when you make mistakes in life even those and be better because of it and then have part
you contribution is explaining mistakes and ends and letting you don't think that's important is very important i think is very important that the people who made mistakes come back and tell others will you know where did you go that way this is what's gonna happen but a lot of people you know day they don't look at it that way you know that sometimes i wanna go and speak the kids in me one day i met a high school in l they call a news and tell the meda gotta drugged ilona canvas on the whose crude i shoot down to the school and in just walk out and they like where's your drug dealers is a drug dealer on campus and ass a nicer ex drug dealer in this i know we thought it with somebody else so you know one sensationalism they just lookin for four things too big well you know negative new sales yeah you know that they are looking for anything positive didn't wanna want to positiveness in in what i'm doing you know and i can do it
because i'm not doing it for the approval i'm doing because this is what i like doing in i think is the right thing for me to do i think it's the right thing for you too and i think dad would what you said about that it's good for people to see these examples of people have made mistakes and then explain them i think something is missing in our world you know and i think that if there were more books written just about crime and glorifying crime about a written but due to ditch and which they could take you back row about talk to do too murdered the wife and my god dammit i love that girl whether fuck was wrong once you settle down you realize how crazy were killed someone and then it is not this ratio books where people are honest about that about its own authorize impression you know i think that we should have system were guys and imprisoned in these maximum security prison get away tell the is what is like sitting sail by yourself twenty three hours a day twenty four hours a day
when will they have that scared street you know that that scared cared straight program that they were doing kids for wild made a lot of videos about that demand that i remember when i was gonna in some even more because i don't know if that was real and that where seem a little theatrical right yeah i'm tug might some dead did really because a lot those guys in prison you know you like the guy larry hoover who were who'd wrapper wrapped about a guy like him he's he's famous he would be great to reach out to the key is intelligent what it's like to live in a maximum you no one more secure printed penitentiaries in the united states i mean cuz i'm even fascinated what is like any of you not hear that their dialogue down twenty three i was a day the shower moves to the door so you know you don't come on just shower you mean here comes over screen is like
do you have any human contact why so everyone's essentially in solitary yet and then our day you you are you allowed to mingle with people were you allowed to go out in the sun and these are the people there's well i don't think so sir god in some by herself walk into a little box is a little box you know what were alma monkey can shine down probably through a window was open in early let you play hand borders or something like that but i hears off with ain't you know and we ve got i did it that should be able to tell the stories here the crazy life that some the world change is not the way i plan on my life and in you know i was closer to live like that yeah you know instead by really just a few decisions you know me fuel would right decisions you know a time and in its spare bad me from being in position because i could have made you know some decisions that
could a land media was timed it other people suggest doing as you do is you something violet some vital you know somebody hit and run off with some money in in you know my guy near less teach him unless it no one is someone just you know just told me you need the way to go well very intelligent that you did that it's up i think it's a your story like i said it was very important for young people i remember very clearly how you stupid i was when i was young thirteen or fourteen about the future and where are they and i are blue really remember like i could have made a million dumb decisions when i was that age and i think every time you as a young man get to see the example of people who have made mistakes and corrected the more you know once the wrong way in life and then we re wrote their path later in life and became sex for i think those are the really important for for young people to shape their
vision of the world to understand that there's gonna be decisions even have to make and part of the learning process is making the wrong decision absolutely we one time i read a book about a guy and he was soon that people think that he's smart and he said he i smart he just made a lot of bad decisions in make so many bad decisions you made a few correct ones yeah that that is thing where we want people to have never made any bad decisions we why it only be correct all the time yet and you have to develop you know one of the things that dead dead dead i've been telling the young people working we right now you know i gotta a young artists and denham i'm working with right now see carter shut out he corridor your check out and i am so called you managing a man is an emergency dope to seek see like let her see there and then another see a artie are c carter
the main thing is that i'm trying to get her to understand is he added she's out see as a remarkable story to when people investigative i wish he comes from and she was telling me this she's never had a body like me to give advice did i'm givin it in one of that i tell her is that you must continue to develop in order to develop have to try new things and when you try new things you gonna make some mistakes long as you don't make mistakes is going to send you to prison or kill you you good yeah as long as you make the mistakes that you just taking chances you're not doing something fucked exactly there's a lot of mistakes that are most important things that you're going doing in life some of the family that have had over the years have been like the motivating factor for success times a million like if i'd done well instead of just will fail miserably maybe i wouldn't again so excited about picking up the pieces again my shit together again and i think that some of them the big
fuck ups i've ever had early the most motivating factors in my life you know people need to hear that man we're many for mine you know one of the biggest mistake sammy was to get involved with selling cocaine near you know but has been one of the problem educational things in my whole life you know i spent in oh game i spent about twenty eight years of cell in it for eight in the twentieth imprisoned so it was a big chunk of my life and i spent in game but i learned so much from the dead man i wouldn't give it back for so fast thing is that the life that you think live when your kid watching tv shows the actual life they lived over all these years there it said very strange doesn't it does does it does now you i know you're in the middle of some sort of a court case with this dude oozed stealing your name what
where's the stand right now the trout day right now is one brothers we go to trial august twenty seven just i'm from court forever now yeah i can't talk about it right but you know i'm not gonna give up you know no matter what they do you know though all these lorries at me you know everything to give you a settlement as anybody tries would you ever licence your name if you want like like hey i get thirty percent of everything you do i don't want to you know right but at the same time you know i'm really tired of dealing
with this issue you know maybe get licence openly on the internet a lot of people who become make it a website you re right rise dakar led the internet will read losses if you do like as a pay pal fine words only five bucks and four five bucks you can use a neighbouring were so always be was red websites like the newest of the new recruits obvious like white views with red hair pretended to be the newest rick ross because they take their licence that four five bucks and then there it becomes a joke and then he becomes a ridiculous person you don't even know what am i right at me any public allowed a fuckin money and by the way the other people how long they gonna keep using that name week together this is gonna fuck around thing i waiting might adapted for ever the lot of people would the miller and tat to it on the powers will ignore one at least one i did you see that crazy girl who met a dude for twenty four hours and then had him
add to his name on her face yes that was the most horrific thing i've ever seen in my life and then move on to pull up the picture when agendas is unbelievable yes those in russia summit that our whole face was his deeds name the whole side of her face he tottered and giant black letters his name was near well i might try to find out if they know that sound like that it's not a bad idea if you give me will you guys anything licence lame recross hostile five does the only problem with does that sets a precedent and then the rigorous robber goes well give you five bucks like this like this this rig this tattoo girl got on the left and right side of her face as unbelievable she was dead there car accidents geysers tattooed his name across her face and this photo those actually was a pretty girl she's beautiful data picture before the tattoo crazy maybe we should she's not look at the guy you guys
that is always first look she was really be ready before the scroll back up again this guy is a job for letting her dress he's like a baby letting her dude he did a tour he's tat tudor jerk he's not a nice guy it makes me my words fuck man does at least one do little to add to your name on the knuckles we ve been i tried it you ve been i tried it yeah let's not rather until after the settlement the settlement after rick inevitably have to pay it is inevitably going to pay you but when he pays you what does he do to become prosaic does he changed his name become rosea this is new sort of gallagher identity i've got a bit of an escape identity with that other name right yeah yeah yeah he came up with that too often so bad move you should really committed that i think you should commit
to add to his room i mean you know you are very proud of a year you know united around here they come to a concert ass my son of deer these bill like his dab dab hawaiian around i would change my name to our two are today now just hour to hour two requests to just art that's gonna hit our dose the whole thing's amass man is it surreal do you mean that how does it feel actor to have a guy that you see the cover rolling stone magazine you see your name on it and you like what is this what do you know where i live in canada we know that i did accomplices in life right i mean you know when people start name in himself at the you know you can't you did it oh it's such a fascinating way because he did it first of all voted violence and then you got out and then
learn how to read went too far to jail and everything and then you came on the electors peaceful persons like you managed to avoid like a lot of the negative karma negative repercussions that situation but you also manage to keep that the name i mean you you are recross you the real regret the railway i heard about you before you went to jail you the news yeah fuck a long time ago i wasn't wait where no one i used to believe in a joint business i believed i was ended a radar people know about me right because i use vague names you know too high myself right when i go around people didn't know me home affairs become a child a joke all its i'm different names yeah yeah yeah yeah you know one away nor your name because it dry knows your name not in telecoms a dark eyes the guy that's the guy right dear regrow so right now we will go to clubs and stuff like that people would call me anything but we brought you know
when you found out when you yeah i guess you said you in jail when he found out about the whole connection to thy ran contra scandal here how did you find that out well some folks you don't know where would have been given the imo gemmill around well what i was my lawyer hours me when america a lorry one day we talking about my case and he tells me man is report calls me in says he got some stuff force but he not give us what he got listen we giving where we get you one hard to remember their lives in itself i got none the lose come on down what do you do you can do no more than already done so he comes down we start talking and in his turn me about how many is bigger than you and you don't know what he was in two and then all of a sudden i'm thinking like well because i just what do the thing with the court
gaps you know right away see if there was planted drugs is still in the mining and had two houses you know in arizona river and would not why something bigger maybe these the agents and right so i don't know so any and all of a sudden we go to trial which lie trial and in he doesn't give us the information but what he does his eastward to ask questions do my lorry in an starts talk about ronald reagan in enrique renewed here the nicaraguan conjurers and unlike in them like the nicaraguan conjures worse so i go back to my cell lest our study in what was a kind as you know who is we gave in mute is in and the whole nine he still doesn't tell me i don't find out the whole scoop into his newspaper drop when his newspaper droppings
alzheimer canoes ammonia front cover and is is it the cia army was selling drugs meat which they was anew you know new bland on but i do know he was working the cia like damn the guy i'm working with you should have told me we could really again right so when i first found out that was my first i had and if you don't believe me when i tell him that i had no knowledge but i had absolutely no now is that he was a cia operated it's crazy that the people there i said you were not aware of your whole situation there aware of who you are making money for now well so that's it shows you how much chaos in the whole world of of black eyes we're not a drug that drug businessman is is so big you know descend from the street level but from forty
you know i watch a documentary about two weeks ago i spoke at a church in compton in had some cops on sonya was ended these cops wooden investigate homicides because you get a better promotion by investigating drugs if you want to give you want to go and be the captain of the station you know go two homicide if you homicide you want to switch to drug enforcement because that's what were given out of most to tie up that story for the folks you don't know the story or listening to this for the first time what he was saying was that while he was soon drugs hid the money that he was earning the selling drugs that the drugs actually coming from the cia which was using that money to fund the contra army right against the sandinistas there was backed by reagan so now you north yeah
reagan olive and all that stuff that was on trial the irene contra trials that over north united say out of a north might become out speaking now really ass though you should get really speaking about what's he gonna tell the truth but it ain't gonna come clean i saw me too he's gonna documentary when it produces within innovation and have me in his document oh my god so you already know what a motel appear here you're gonna be in it how do you not sit down so he started back that's a fascinating situation yes allow me now would be the last link so he was the guy that when he was a big part of the organization of the whole thing where he was a guided did it dealt with the white house you know it the opt out of the north why you know i didn't go to the bush in in in in reagan avenue stop it and here i have an alley northrop president t shirt i didn't no story i was like fuckin sixteen or seventeen though you bad mother fucker you know he was trying to say two hundred a year the idea
behind those fastening the way they chose to do it it's too shows you that that is that the most redeem this conspiracy very good ever come up with the cia selling drugs in the ghetto and then they using that money to fund illegal war and always a crazy how do i keep getting mixed up in these that are not evaluate and cried i got to credit is wrapper and world right you ve got initialling like my friend take my maid and then i was involved with out of a nerve here i mean that is one of the craziest drugstores ever in the fact that you gotta have a completely unscathed mean how many driven still alive that you were in business with twenty a lot of my friends idea must be right out of france a day a lot is still in prison with life sentences while you know one of our goals is to try to change the laws and bring those guys home with us you know i don't think i should do thirty years meaning kill anybody you i agree with you
hundred hundred percent in and more so i think that we need to re evaluate what legal and illegal in this country because we gotta the ever up a corrupt series of politicians and have been bought off and have put a bunch of laws and i have allowed people to sell all kinds of shit that kills people all the time in people voted to let you make me i want to legal and they still won't they voted to make a medically legal it's even the legal the locality of state widen colorado and wash estates come the question federally in other there's a bunch gangsters run this country and the not nice people a lot of shit don't stupid as stupid and unnecessary and you are we want a government we want a police force we want a fired upon we want a president we want all that shit we just don't the corruption that comes with it almost inevitably and it is on no but your story is a perfect example of how far
the whole system is the fact that the cia was absolutely selling drugs right in your seller through you were the guy well ok faded they wasn't actually sell them sale right it was their operative there was that in these guys they made it very clear what did when i was an alias you see he was well that's gonna make it even just on our payroll yeah she's a different unity on the payroll you're going to check up on the cia but united cia agents it's not without heeding nazi i used to see i it's fucked up world i had hoped that when obama got in and he represented something different and maybe maybe assisted so hard to change it takes a long fuckin time deterrent anything like phones takes
long fuckin time to turn everything around but its is i want to find do anything for a hood well you know now's the time rise we got exactly in any enable remained united came out no vote right there were they came out full bomb twice a year so you know the open data did here you know take this time and in and do some and programmes in the hood yeah yeah like i said one tenth of what's used to blow up other countries to change everything ethically we could have an incredible nation if we started focusing our resources on on putting money i mean it's we spend so much money in embryo militating cities after we invade them why do we spend in iraq how much money is halliburton made one day when i do it money hookers let's gasoline while shit man
i got a wrap this up i thank you very much weakened by again and if you want to buy a shirt where where they buy one more time then go to freeway social media dad come free way social media dot com and follow the real rick ross on twitter it's a freeway ricky threat yeah freeway rigging fruit freeway literacy dot org it s my non profit i got my nonprofit road scenario the angular i'm taken advised me that's beautiful man freeway literacy dot org so that's one more time from the beginning its freeway literacy dot org freeway ricky on twitter and the other one is leeway social media that country where social media are come late java go support the real recross in case of a fat teaching like this one here real recrossed is not meant as a business did you got me into i hope you make a trillion dollars our flagship thank you very much everybody thanks to on it for sponsor in this part gas go to an end i t used to code name broken save yourself
ten percent of brian and i love joey cocoa ideas we're billion west palm beach florida this weekend and she's gonna be epic it's gonna go and saturday night go get a file will florida but yeah initial mammon you want unwelcome so jody as me and brian publishers are also sold out so will be the era friday and saturday and next week no podcast oh go fuck yourself season we love you bye
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