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2013-02-22 | 🔗
Dana White is a businessman, entrepreneur, and the president of the UFC. Dana White, Brian Redban – Date: 02/21/2013
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china china in one way or to china i will be if you want me to go there i would tell brian lovely to a lot of work oh and an eye tee and socket the music i can also say that the american comedy call yea march fourteenth we're having a death squads show there can be me hence clift debo in some big surprises to be announced soon while just you guys is overtly tangents those very funny young up and coming comedian as is t t solaris guy always been whereas he sir he's of of a true veteran of the store commodore rhetoric so that salary rate shows a great fuckin club that american calmly companies set up perfect beautiful downtown that that will that area what point was that had it was ass light of gas loud eldred socio dope area soap such a cool or spot let me see if i can get a video dj to open it up with we're gonna cut videos live and still dj well with her never even heard of them
yeah that's what david david did member we interviewed david the artist david david shell she doesn't do you don't i know he doesn't even know it doesn't it make sure this mother fucker making shit up again people even outside now we had this guy this desk wide pot gas tat was a cabin pereira pirates having prayer was the gentleman named you remember i can't remembering my ground ok like this friday night the free party pulls into anaheim the growth move in anaheim joe ideas and war and so that's tomorrow night we're fuckin fired up it's it's gonna be great i'm fired i love working with joy and anaheim is where the europe sees at so i'm doing the way and then right after the wines we're going out into the show so that's friday night and the grove dana it's on the way but fuck we're starting anyway role it brian
the job will gain experience ass my shop where waiting now for raw data would show up he took a car from anaheim and if you know thing about california southern california los angeles in particular its a fuckin ass the highway is the most ridiculous shit you have ever see life it's been echo ever since i moved here moved here and ninety four but it's gotten steadily and steadily more ridiculous to the point where its it it doesn't make any sense it's like you can't fix this this is just who way too many people for that matter road and anaheim like on one side of allay then we're on and its rush hour i don't you know what he's he's gonna be over our he's been in the car ready for an hour and forty minutes early calmly at five o eight six forty now so is almost an hour and forty minutes
yeah he's you're fucked when you try to get anywhere especially down orange county jesus christ that drive is insane those poor people that live in orange county and then work and allay and do that every day an estimated at san diego everyday no you down as i do who the fuck is that when it wrong we go now what's wrong with him why doesn't get a place here or there why does it think works down in san diego that's why i guess you do what you do with us two and a half hours each why right that's five out yet arrive in a day how's your karnak unexploded or your age yeah how'd you to give crazy i do cabinet being once every four months and every time i do it just i'm amazed i left my house at six a m and i was in barbara to bomber traffic six am i was like you ve gotta be fucking shit in me the euro is asking for people to go crazy
and people who don't see that like fellow comedians you don't get up in the morning like you couldn't you it be unaware of the dangers of your environment where if you were in that pressure cooker every day driving around every day in that insane stressful situation insane levels of stress day in day out chinese water torture monotonous button bright lights and gas fumes until you ready to just go fucking crazy and just drive your car decide the four or five coming people out there are like that dude from mom falling down remember that children i don't know the people they really identified with that movie i think there's a lot of people with huge anger browns and was set prices name but this guy last night was too i was talking to the rage in him this is wholly how you have a built up anger i don't i of anger but my angers always is like that that guy fuckin panem but not to the point where mixed
i will kill him he is my last will usually when you finally misplaced anger you also fly fine a life that's a wreck are almost always give the your doesn't match the actual situation it's like they're using that situation as a focus because focusing on our own life is too fucked up it's too confusing is too much failure bullshit in their life why do that get let's get mad at him and then all of a sudden that person becomes the issue instead of their own fuck ups ecological disorder slashed personality usually wherever that whenever something's in balanced imbalance mount a hate that someone will show towards you that's all because i'm not looking at their own south so taken yeah i'll sell son don't get mad at external sources you got bitch ass genetics yes some fucking which you need to get that here and have a sit down front of it this a little lamb thing is
that's her namely women and one on the matter it don't i don't show that video man because above now it's scarier it's not scare its creepy is is now want to know what it is folks the the video is that girl if you have heard of her she was from where we can can it over vancouver i think she's canada and she was in los angeles apparently by herself and someone tell them did i ever say why she was here for language she just visiting or we should just like now will the eu what they didn't even say someone childer they said they found her body and a water cistern but i mean who knows maybe she fucking climbed inside that maybe word jumping to conclusions and maybe she was crazy i don't know you know we don't really know but it is very sad that's very unfortunate in the elevator videos weird because not only is like the elevator not working and she's looks like she's hiding from somebody but then she starts doing like this weird trippy thing that looks like she's either
on drugs or your she's possessed by the devil something yeah that's what's fucked up about it it's like a glare mode toro movie you know if you watch em paranormal activities not that that's where modelled toro movie but i just saw them i'm a movie says that should some ahead the mama mamma the kuemmel datura harm moving in its here yeah it's fuckin scary it's legit global detours about mother fucker the embassy pans labyrinth yes as agree i he's very original very original and very interesting but dad the movie if you if you look at this elevator video footage you easily could be something from movie demands of some are fake the fuckin murder you ever since i was a a advertisement for the next paranormal yeah if like cnn was in bed with paranormal activities on the label
it's coming and i already almost is that mermaid thing that they did on tv where they pretended they they actually had fuckin real married they made a documentary that was a fake documentary they made it with actors playing a part the end they had this like special effects mermaid thing and you wait a minute what is so obviously fake that like apparently you watch that i didn't even watchin you watch the whole thing thinking like a lot of people thought it was like people were saying they were really mermaids like somebody was actually believing they were really mermaids and so people are turning into a go what the fuck there's mermaids and this is like it was on the history channel what you want to find out what mermaid special hollow and network hers i need to find what would it because i'm talking to our shit i might defect history channel but i was on one of those things man mermaids video animal planners nobler that's even crazier okay so fuckin
most ridiculous share of all time they pretend that there is a body found that a mermaids had been attacked by a giant shark like they literally the animal planet made like a fake movie they made em they third the lines they went gonzo on us are the lines between journalism between documentaries and total fiction like they ve created like www special facts and shit so anybody watch and am a planet you are assuming you're getting reality the work pretend dogs is caesar molars gotta pretend dogs more fucked up any really is you know gonna get a guy who's showing you fuckin fig mermaid footage you still doing the dog whisper i don't know because and i know some crazy about that guy that and is up really public knowledge by one of his dogs and what about one was doors
i heard from somebody thy augur that he has a people that's on his show that all the time you know like it like is number one dog and pity all yours is trying to take tell people like peoples in our rescue this people is spitballs now look i ate it great around children so like that and i heard that that people in need of it has one of the smaller dogs some time ago very calm yeah very common to pull up this mermaids the body found video and prepare to shit your pants because this is some crazy avatar stuff i'm watching us now it is so ridiculous that this was actually on our planet and it's a whale attacks are a shark tax a whale and follow this mermaid i mean is this is the naughtiest fuckin thing you ve ever seen it looks oh unbelievably fag of that's super fake
you look so unbelievably fag there yeah yeah real do of course it's not real look we go to the animal planet web website animal dot discovery dotcom look up mermaids the body found its a video on the animal plant there that's it this ridiculous shit they are showing an animal how many hillbillies or sit at home washes go and i'm telling you it is animal planet we are watching animal playin it will we are watching a fuckin mermaid it's a real falcon mermaid where's the video by the budget your internet i think i've got right here i'm running it s private it's so dumb dude it's so dumb it hurts my brain it looks so fake your i'll stop at so maybe you'd be able to get it right here so wack but only for a few more days it's going to be fixed in in a week
is this one of those things that cause i know like you know like here come on the what planet does have reenact in july i killed my now yours worse when i feel like restricts ip or by cables that whack but is it just reenactment is that they are saying that i know what they say this is real footage are they not saying shared the just shown to but the shown its you on animal planet in our so you wash innocent your woe okay so watch this here we go north america when you do in their why'd you presume in than you fuck it was fucked up so gay you looking at this writing foreign police to them now and you're going ok what am i saying here and a person what is this is this like real water ok so yeah fuck is this
it's a fake fuckin mermaids losing his part before make an open water crossing the shit you watch and has a lot of criticism down into dark water or feeding grounds is gonna call them oh my god they really do have murmurs here is is trying to teach you about the ocean if merman sizes see that's the way i'll shark that praise on them us sharp fuck someplace where it lay the mermaids or freaked out avatar like crazy x ray eyes eagerly a shark that wales dad damn anglo down a shark that wales but look at that stupid look in fake mermaid so this is on animal planet
so it's this using them the merman to teach you about stuff and mike he just swimming around like look this is what a shark looks like of it either well that's learn something else today yeah i guess i mean that that is exactly what it what are they try i know what you're trying to do the same the mermaids exists this is what they'd be like so we made a documentary boy pretend there are real and we in cooperated em into regular world so you porn time to mermaids so they're saying megawatt so that i guess the what they're saying is pretend that back when mega down was real there were also dolphins snow problem is man the fossil record is can a trick because everything doesn't leave a fossil so they could pretend that there were some fuckin mermaids because now and weak every inch of the ocean looking from fish bones that also have you people faces we have really been lookin for that shit so they came up with a stupid
gets get answers now i don't know what they were thinking when they there together he added there's an article on snoops about it snaps noakes snoops snoop attic snoop sounds better than snouts like i've been snooping around and i found out the answer is wrong zero notes like omened snoop it what is snobs mean no maybe right maybe snoops person one out it how they will spell it is wrong with you as an idiot silly that mermaid thing so stupid look i talk about this that guy that i know that has he's he's a man he's china has a trident has actually trident and his wife is a mermaid and they have a fuckin the whole like they're they're wall they have a monstrous house skies like multibillion her and they have this me monstrous house where one side like the entryway because you enter into the house the mural
yea owns like some big companies man lincoln hair care products are some ship i solaris he's a borrower though wicked old school mild time bawler pain himself on the wall as a greek cover my my uncle my aunt they had their so like a proper like their very they have their whole house is really decorated nice and everything and they both have a real job like he's an accountant or sunlight thine but yet he has this taste for really creepy our work and like you gonna each room it's a big one hour one with a big bush hanging out like a painting a really beautiful paintings but didn't like over there in the kitchen they have another pain when a woman just sitting there with her by all exposed algae and it's like hasn't whiz kid i was going through the quartet stuff like my mom how you can say that cover your eyes every single room was that and then you go to the bathroom i remember being like ten year old or nine that made eleven year old am i gonna do
after him in his magazines next the toilet rural play boys like so i would go the bathroom like fifteen times a day and they open awesome is afraid that owes a freak it's always those accounted types other a button down shit and they get home there staring bubbles loses its art its aren't you gonna do anything is like calling it art as long as you like make a kind of crafty make it like shining slippery in black and white and weird in again a bottle it doesn't it's so above all if you look in a beat off it's right there you ve ever seen doc kevorkian art i pull pull that up because that's when i turned a corner on doktor can work in i thought like doktor kevorkian us well you know a disguise and very noble and what he's yes sir you now he's help people that our terminally ill honour and constant pain and he's
giving them a noble way out and i think you know fuck the government for going after this guy and then i saw zones paintings and those like this guy's fuck this guy is fucked work in the sunlight dark look at the picture that picture he's got guy who has no head ok and he's got his head is on the table plate with an apple in its mouth like a pig and i'll pick a mouth so he's holding up a fork in a knife while he's no head and then behind him is like back back it up somebody gets it behind and looks like some aztec warrior or something like that looks like a dog home and yeah it's like a roman nor i guess it's supposed to represent that someone did something horrendous to this person is now propping them up in
just or something i don't know where this is a road war to helmet which is weird because this is like a you know obviously from different yeah initiative frontiers bullets in this wonderful aglow bonds here and in looks like a bunch of crosses in jewish maybe it's very weird j star he's he had a lot of very weird stuff any just look at that nego ok are you in joining killing these people you know look at pulled out one next to the skull you see the one next to the sculls here want to laughter that though the and the militia we see that what's this what is this guy san what the fuck is this guy and brotherhood yeah he's got a gun vampire in the centre that black ahead the neck of the suitors a vampire a guy who's wearing a suit and that the neck of the suitors a vampire and evil vampire in the red men it's like a dm teacher it's really weird does it take
some of it is kind of cool you know like this skull one in the middle doesn't really freaked me out a girl came while the guy dealt with death mean that is an accurate representation of skull and some bones nothing wrong with that but the guy eaten his own fuckin head he's gonna pull over how does ok what is the one to the far right above there s one was the one that looks like an old man is naked see the one shit the one area up in the top not on that next to that one yeah what is jesus christ what is that ask your show yellow light is this he's when someone it's called fever goes observer for the flavor pringles be represent they could but what does that tell him he's got a guy with holding an arm and his bodies breaking
parties wholly his own arm is bodies breaking apart on why i dont member that's one of the ones that i was really dark what's goin out back there this santa claus stepping on a baby said the scarecrow yes santa claus stepping out what was that a pig that's the baby jesus now what is that no it's baby it is a baby she lay these price it is baby jesus granddaughter what does on flask this guy really did draw that is a baby baby drew santa claus his boot come out of a chimney squashing a baby first while who the fuck puts a baby and a fireplace that's a manner that baby jesus manner but it's a fireplace no angel main tourism baby jesus a jewish why don't you let us see the whole picture pump making a full screen original now the resolution's knock that image what is that think the love that a scarecrow yeah you can draw boots step and on babies you fuckin weirdo
why you drawn here's the rest of the wise men up here go in word that baby girl so the combination of santa claus and the wizard of oz like that's a zombie what is that party had on that motherfucker what is that it's done said is it a dancer was weird man he was a weird fuck the guy's gonna leave overs dick though good plaguing airplane jackie that we want to see a dying guys dick you could say but a baby s all well and good but put a leaf is penis like what is it trying to say you know in a closet killing religion when i saw some of that that's why sort it turned a corner on the cat else like while maybe is more to the store that meets the eye maybe you know like well maybe this guy like met somebody but probably was that they saw somebody who desperately needed help but maybe also enjoy at all but now looks like he might have had a a taste for them a cobb
we must draw what you like yeah you jerry oh he's your monsters and serve as a job boobs and eyeballs gap at the differences i wasn't killing people do you know i mean i guess the guy has every right to express himself i thought but i was doing it because i loved monster movies and i was fourteen this guy's eighty and he's a doctor who kills people in our pain people with no heads i mean i guess you can do whatever you want this art right we will come a hypocrite would i be to say that there is any different what he's doing and what glare moldau torres dying is this creating art this is his own art you gonna think you were mandatory really believes is some fuckin dead lady who lives in a cabin who kills you raises your babies there's really awesome artist i just got turned on to name so we milk and like this that this is a
she did the other david look how crazy it is it looks so realistically when people can pay i can get a bigger here but like it's like her face it's hard to get a close one these twitter photos but see better check it out on twitter but how do you know this person i just got turned on to her art i'll see you don't know i just know over aren't the additives are currently tell anything just slow alcan looks like good stuff but i see tidies seated cities that's what it was to see you girls vow cities with the us it was to be girl now i say something on the internet member could it heads of the gay that was part of it that was eventually is today's i can
your girlfriend bustle girls but on the internet yeah was like you would do would show of costs tests on time so were like you will again he would get pictures you stateless girl it was like a naked model and shoot sanum pictures it s a good look just like sticking in your face when did you start assault today's i can see hunk of senior girls bottle kind of which we can remember that our more it is a real course was really catchy it was funny we haven't found we failed to do their work from around and somehow another became a song that like repeating itself a couple months i could see a senior girls bow people are also go now this is a classic example of you guys been stolen and think something's funny when it actually is not funny at all and to somebody sober it's really annoying and that's it's annoying about stone people goddammit that's what happens when people get all agitated and shit that's when they find that
and agitation and donors dana white has this thing called venereal disease of ever heard of that she would set a may maybe not spell in it ers disease etc old and me i e r e manure this disease and it has to do with he hadn't where he got i can't fight once with a bunch of dues they beat him up and fucked up his ear and now he gets like vertigo it acts and like ringing in his ear and you know it say a cure for the ship marijuana that's right and as he tried does he d marijuana costa has ever them we can have a boss a while before i think that's a great idea we have any more joint role i might when my car car to go get that you can have one of my kind while micro here fuck well there's an ashtray it does at least fifteen heads here and these asteroids yeah we can make it we cannot buxom will then have to hop box and we might change in our lifetime
we would have we do in other things where like he he puts our i put it his mouth and he sex on the other hand away a jesus christ i come oh god i think he is with that cod it's called i got a thing i gave my mouth and suck on what are even say at the time of its will to advance decades in this old man's i put in its mouth and told him the pact's an old man and yet today did they touched my mom i forgot all about that that's who lives here dogs are silly bitch at i tweeted is pictures in utah stopped in some best buy to pick up some dvds for the little ones so they can watch cinderella shed here's your board if you don't have like specific shit that they enjoy i'm so are we poland this virus i dug balances picture and the commission can of course
in the middle of nowhere you don't know anybody you walk no stormy sea a friend's face did so tweeted it right but i instagram it and when i instagram do you know how you put at doug benson will they cut out the at part when they poured it over from instagram to twitter you know what that means the maser douche bag means that dog benson doesn't have the name doug benson on instagram right you know does another guy but there is about benson instagram but the differences out doug benson on twitter is different i'm gonna go to twitter the same ones who doesn't give the hashtag infuse people right ok that doesn't make sense actually that's actually a smart move but i either way i wanted it to be both twitter and they should give me that option if fox it should be both because i'm in instagram it goes to this other guy and now i have to just say doug benson and so i can ever instagram and tweet somethin because
to ram tweeted than an it leaves that part out cheats and no one other problems that's because instagram and twitter or two different companies so they don't play or long that night they i think somebody needs the pony up the chatter and come up with that two grand monies dog how much you think it's groundwork now i don't know billions represents vine came out i haven't used at once so o brien my own darkened vine not myself if i did i'd be riches fuck em twitter mats dogs is brought up by animated it's all the rage the kids are all talking about it but the problem is that i find myself vining because i want to find somewhat but because i want to play around with that i want to try things and do things but now like one of these guys etc do thirty takes trying to make the perfect vine and that you know we don't have to i now while you ok now you come becoming competitive that's what it has seen other guys shit yeah you're old video editing skills are coming back one
be the bet you try to be the best at well listen man if you are a very talented video editor and you don't do anything with it your videos that you did man when we were doing those death squad videos and we're doing the joe show videos you have some really fuckin cool video skills i can tell you i killed it immediately at this point i know the new final capra sir hard no it's just that the word which program in the world and i know i could buy the old one but whatever i don't feel like i just annoyed the fuck out of me that much so bad it really it's taking it like a view how if you are a painter its take oh you're brushes away and replacing them with crowns reeling that's how bad it it really wanted just go back to the old one either its main they don't really agree you're doing it i knew it then i think they were i think they supported barely you know like i think i even have to install my final cup programme have now maybe before i could even put it on i heard that
your prose really you approach so much money i tried it was like how much is premier problem by there's an eight hundred dollars listen i'll buy it if you want to use if you want to start making videos again because you you're really funny man mean the like look the buffer three sixty if it wasn't for that video that dude will never done that move you know i mean think about that the men see a video there is also the whole fact that that now that we do pie casting it seems like there's nothing that interesting we make we when we hang out whereby just like that it's like you know what i do i can barely muster up the energy to do those getting on stage videos were like backstage where ocean here we go right but those are fun i like doing us gets also there fun for me to step back and look at sometimes i can't really believe how big some most crowds are likewise a step back
see the chicago theatre or toronto and you look back any see three thousand four hundred thousand people holy shit this anaheim ones pretty big right is it a good thing that your theatre thirteen hundred people like that yeah that's like that's a decent size but like chicago's really books cargoes three thousand plus the various places three thousand there's dislike you know those those big crowds or that's a totally different kind of energy that's a weird for but when you get onstage and this is a giant rush you see that kevin heart special the young the the commercial for his upcoming special yeah dude he's on stage in front like a thousand p but when the cameras behind him look there are always people like screaming and cheer in july i think they had lighters up and shit to what's going on with you have seen video game i haven't even is
dead now because i know th q is dead they jet yarly a hundred percent bank repay yeah yeah i bought it onto the usa would you now have you heard anything or even be gone through i see oh yeah decide where shut up i wonder when i'm sure we haven't been wanter yea is often did doing does mean google or poor booby girl for could soon woman actually do work for compulsory that but that the real he has not decided time solid podcasting it's not like writing comedy it's not like doing other things i enjoy doing and it takes a lot of fucking time that i don't have right now that's that's that real problem with everything with this new show that i can only mention and i'm putting together right now and then just riding comedy and performing comedy and doing now i mean this is the fourth one of these we did this week i didn't think we're gonna do for try do three week because i feel like three keeps me from gettin burnt out
yeah it's hard to talk like on top of this i'm doing legs seven other ones and i'm i'm like dead yeah well that's your issue that inside you do it a little too much bug you know it's your choice and its also you know aside business sort of thing you got going on if i don't do it probably would be murdered this point well and also what we're talking about were you know we were we an interesting situation now with all these comedians i was sort of network together with and i think we found some unique ideas as to how to help everybody tomorrow we're looking for the light control stuck green where we have some unique opportunities till i do specials of peace like i like how are you doing his special now he's doing i would like to do one with joey i would like to do one way with you and i think we should we start doing those we're talking about this before the park gas
like doing them out of the ice house like do especial at the ice us be fuckin awesome they already have like one camera that's on you like they film like they'll though give it dvd the set anyway dinner just need like side angles you now set up cameras in the sides the room film a higher sums slab altogether together we and you get the real club experience which as we were saying before the podcast started quite frankly is better than the theatres grants the theatre experience bigger its crazier it's like wows i allow those people but it's really really important actually be able to feel they advised by the audience very accurate yeah when you're in a theater you kind of get like see the front row or to any disappeared that the noise in the feeling in the room canada's goes upwards or something where we were near comic up you can feel up this girl to the right of each cunning irritated you can feel that it is if you kill on this side it theatres we hardly
to that end judging timing is completely different than timing and cause you're laughs have to to carry farther senor timings the timing is a little different and yet sound carries different in the ceiling is like way higher earlier when you're you deal with a theatre you dealing with two floors ok there's a balcony and someplace i think chicago at three floors so you're dealing with three three story indoor building and this gigantic here in this room a completely different experience it is like the ice houses like you can jump up and it's a ceiling in any place its ideas look they showed up right dana wage pull then with a big smile on his face are full of acts of gases we're alive worthy what we are doing here is to hand shaking hands with a body
don't worry about a man we ve been talking ship but all kinds of things yet he has been all there is no reason to live in los angeles and make that commute every day if you have to do that can meet every day you need a fuckin move i'd kill myself there's a lot of people do it i'd kill myself i'd rather far can die rejects comes out can you man brutal it's unbelievable and it gets worse and worse have here i moved here ninety four and it was bad then but it's now it's insane that were bitch about vegas traffic ever get can you know i don't ever experienced i wanna come here cause i know actually i gotta go in and i never did all this while its madness and man i live two hours ago oh that's you got lucky you got lucky mean seven o clock you should if you left an hour before that you have been even more fuck displaces cool entropy where'd you get that i just had a made the skype
magee this desert ass limited like aware for gas samantha wealth in london in the area and right that you gotta get the alien the predator is gonna make me an alien to does that as well you sizes is the path magee is skies special effects dude and he's one of the things you does it makes he's he's made like seventy these can seventy people out there what he's fucking passes create giant well off i'm a up child did i know i just like you what i love about gain and i have known each other for what do you mean like two thousand want or someplace came down to watch you have so we started talking shit and that was back when you guys just taken over the company and you were just sort of trying to figure out what the fuck was going on with this thing self need to see it's like very rare and life the a chance to see a leg some people by a sport like little
by the whole sport mean there was nothing go i'm his pride japan but i'm in america there's not you bought the sport and then became gigantic all over the course of like a decade or so where's that ever happened with skateboarding not with motor cross not with soccer now they tried with a million different fucking things nothing has ever gone from being like a spectacle like the first event i worked was dotan alabama you have see twelve one ninety seven that wasn't with s ear we were in a fuckin like auditorium somewhere maybe a thousand people scattered in a two thousand seat place right and it was it was little tiny can airport you fly into the propeller playin it was ridiculous two go from where went when when people people talk to me and they say in icy should on the internet i read stuff on twitter like or he's fucking guys around it
money rather than the money in that this net we tell you what we ve broken bought this thing in two thousand and one the four teeters own station casinos the fourth largest gaming company and in the country they own beers brewing company they sold it they ve own fucking realistic immune with these guys have had their hands and everything if they bought and sold just about everything and major stocks in all these deals and shit when i talk them into buying this company dude the guy that work for them he knows it is our media guys that work for them to other financing shit thought this was the dumbest fucking idea in
through the world remember they hate the hey do aided me here the fucking u s the we were the red headed stepped out of the forty two portfolio in our i remember wind of lattimer matthew shankar tito ortiz fight went over and i wasn't workin for you guys back there i was i was a spectator and was right after september eleven was fuckin really dramatic mean tito was standing there near the american flag in his hand and people went fucking crazy the energy in that room if you remember at that time on that happened it was two weeks after support eleven and we are we actually sold out man lay bay it was already sold out but we do not anybody's gonna fuck inshallah in writing fi because because number eleven hours flying place what i'm not can you lost this was a ghost out you could fuckin run through a casino naked nobody would see you it was dead and real weird eerie time fucking everybody got everybody came to las vegas for that of that man's like the first big event
back in vegas after all the high came for that event i wasn't workin for you guys i can really why soft white stock and then we went over on the fuckin paper view i didn't have a down our pretty upbeat purse of about the press that i'll get like oh i citizens thinkin about fucking kill myself that i went in a hung out with you guys after was over which you in the renzo needed spoke after party was like the sheer his have to party ever you were like we have to give her body their money back like so you guys got to me this point where you're thinking about selling that's why people you don't hear some funny people always me why i don't do the the fuckin what's it the star spangled banner yeah what is yes why why i don't do that we differ height we did it tat night and i can
we fuck and blame ass that's it that's why papa tat was why it happened he hasn't oars bags almost like you had its over after september eleven writing there is like a crazy energy in the year that night it was really intense when tito may dislike for big dramatic entrance those back when he gets to the ramp and tita the top of the ramp and i don't think there's pyrotechnics and a way out of the way we stop fucking low happy building have like half the place i was so happy when he goes stop doing that we almost lit tito on fire and lacking in the metal lance literally caught fire guys have gotten lid on fire and you know why we did that is why we did that why we did that big stage why ramp and all the pyrotechnics why because we so let me take its back then ah see he ate up out of the rain cut off a quarter of the building and make it look like the place was all thy pride did like as a pageantry thank pride had some amazing entrances but they lived jovial de oliver on fire
enabling them to get off i'm not joking i believe is that i believe it it's that's a dangerous thing fuckin pyrotechnics shit it's not necessary i dont like some lace looking back then that you take up a quarter the arena and then he got less tickets my favorite walk in his frankie edgar because when they let that mother biggie don't do try he just starts run and he just run let me tell you how much better i like eyes coming out of tunnels yeah you know it what we did how to do in the beginning with this thing and an end to those laws smoke and mirrors and stuff the after due to to make something like this happening and to grow it but for me i'm a hard core traditional fuckin took the book fight bad i want to see a dude coming out of the bowels of the fucking arena through a tunnel and through a crowd arms and economic sticking out people going crazy i love that shit yeah me
negative sit down you fuckin nervous prick what are you doing you wandered around back their hold that india did me a whole couch here fellow you you ve been second in gas fields where have out our target he's been sleeping for fuckin eleven hours you kill me now is all wired read it and what role if you ve never seen dana has he's world famous video blogs where there's no no president of any company that let's not even a land and as much as you let people do these video blogs where occasionally some ridiculous things take place and one of our most are good pal joe lows on any negative tooth grappling competition he gave joe those thousand dollars for every submission that he could pull off and fire it's bad move then he put a six six submission written down to you know and ever nick was like you believe tat every he's a fucking professional fighter what are you talking about
people are so ridiculous when it comes to like professional fighters do you not many people ask me they're thither like you get these these fuckin guys who thank you you know that really dont get and appreciate how good these fighters really arm what to be a mixed martial arts really means and i get this guy saying fucking crazy you actually think that rhonda rousing could fuckin do something oh my fucking guy do you know the petty argentinian i dunno what she did thereby another i saw it i watched italy bitch vectors beast she's on fifty pound beast which i can't wait to make one thirty five hundred and fifty year did you see the fifty assigned woman of that report possibilities some fucking do with camcorder he showed up the key and was asked in i said this is a couple days ago before fine she's he says well you know i don't think girls really are that toughen the stand everything us what would it take to from to get you to throw me she goes
the right things already body let's do this she grabbed and by his fucking gay and tell you that the judo shit scares me men when they take your feet oh yeah go up in the air over and she could tell she she was using her fuckin way she came down in that dude fuck him i'm sure man you don't want to lock horns within a libyan in oh and the idea that stoop i've heard people say silly shit about her like that she's she's a woman i would be scaled she'll break your fuckin arm in a night in but you don't know how like when you see like how quick her hips move when she hits arm bars
some really high level shit when she whips those hips overlay the amount of time you have to recognize what she's doing and the amount of control she has and the ability to adjust while you're realizing she's doing she knows what you're gonna do she's done that a million fuckin tighter so she knows she's thrown those things you're going to try to pull out so she's gonna screw forward and she's gonna catch you and belly down on you and snap your shit son she's gonna fucking neck fuck and beautiful shoulder and she's still beautiful she's still woman but she's about is like fit and straw out aaron true areas so silly he does this everywhere i told them yea i told him to stop doing this because he's lying guys beat him up like a like jason ellis beat the shit out of him man shit i am he might well can change his mind this dinner hardwood oh my god that's nothing but wait till she throws him
no she dar boot oh my god oh my god this she does it so easy to freeze up hatred she lay on rwanda rib all like decide oh jesus christ yeah area has cyborgs beat the shit out of him he said how do people beat the shit out of him that's like this race man that's not funny yeah that's so stupid but he always does this he actually asked what he's doing like a jack ass sort of thing that's a good we argue that guy nobody ear serious failings yeah especially since even do not match is like a dance floor is doing it for nothing you're fuckin fighting and trying to be the past and getting paid he's not to have another we're talking about them that's we try to do is go asked i'll listen what's his name aaron true aaron true i hope you of this pod gas the guy
nobody you're out of your fucking mind yeah i wouldn't let that happen he lets allowed people be him up here it's like i said he led a if you watch it this analysis one that's the worst one ellis beat the shit out of him he like spot with jason jason just started well in fact full blast powers it's that he was a guy wasn't right after that for a couple weeks ago my yeah you're kidding and applicant countries can bring them back what the fuck are you doing in my speech a brain damage did you know that you're manures disease that that cannabis is like one of the best cures russia as i did not know that up there you are you not for you a tooth has actually been doing a lot of research for me on the manoeuvres thank you actually found some shit i'm seeing all these doctors stuff and pick mattel mugs what you don't know what we're talking about you ve had this issue for me how many years now so what happened was when i was twenty one years old i lived in boston and i i get jumped one night it at risk at this bar and these do
speed the living shit out of me for about good twenty minutes twenty minutes literally until the police came and at one point i remember i on one knee this it's fucking guy must have punched me in this year a thousand times you know what i was getting kicked and hid from all kinds of different directions there the gods charlestown i'm not getting it stab mucky i got the ship it so after the that happened ear rang for months i mean fuckin loud too i couldn't sleep and stuff like that so i went to the doktor and they said we have permanent hearing loss damage to that ear and everything else it's no big deal you know what what it was and i are in a later on in life it eventually turned into many years which is nerve damage and the brain is telling the nervous telling the brain were moving when were really not in it as when i say spin man the rooms spinning so fast you have to grab honest close rise eyes go in the dark and disclosure
i sometimes for hours in a window this thing hits me i'm down for sometimes eight or nine hours and so there is no cure for it but they have these real com versus surgeries that you can go when in doing in i'm a fucking the text on like i don't give a shit i'm getting a surgery better than the doktor was kind of him and hard on it s just do it doc i just went in yesterday in another because we talk about this yet so this was my follow up and the fucking surgery is a complete disaster so that's why i've been so fucked up it was a disaster and in what way it i aerial some percent of the people it helps on the thirty percent that went the other way so now i have almost completely lost the hearing in this year my hearing is almost completely gone and i've been having a tax every day the last two days i haven't had any tax what's been pretty cool and feeling pretty good like i said so that's that's that
a nutshell there's nothing you can do about it unless now i ought to go in and get the surgery where they cut the nerve which will put me in well for seven days learn to walk again so how long i want take the window to walk in level or further renzo said his dad learned away again in the month so his dad was in his sixtys when he did it here the same operation yeah woe so at an amount month of not knowing how to war and then tat perception like pickin thing up like you hello realise how much the ear is related to equal liberal why when guys get punch sometimes has seen a fight or kicked they they dig it yeah there will be reimbursed as it is an ear injury in inner ear entry and sometimes eardrums get popped they get blown from punches outside specially see that a lot in the old days guys would slap guys in the ears alot when they have when aside there would slap them you know instead of punch in them and the arts like how fuck yeah does a lot of guys
broken their hands ground pounded on duty because the fuck skull is stronger than the knock the reality is and one of things about box and gloves as boxing those actually help protect your hand and look how many guys break their hands and boxing like yeah floyd it's on the low level of others and a lot more hand damage and mme yeah it is i mean what will there is a lot though if you really stop and think about how many guys break their hands it's pretty extraordinary aware that point floyd's hands were so bad look like he was about to retire one year would indeed one of doing about got started some crazy i guess i'm crazy good surgeons got little tiny hands ass we know he's a tiny got anybody ever met floyd on tv everybody betty ease tiny yeah but his he was using special gloves were while these poland is punches in justice outbox and guys and pity platinum we whose birth in his hands like crazy for a wide range of speaking to that of using this kid we can talk about this kid yet the foxes name age browner brought god dammit
it's good i like him a lot worse whole stick he's got going on his fucking stupid now he's comin in iron fuckin actin like did nobody could be therefore cannot match nobody would hang out with the guy ever whether we are just trying to get attention i know your good he doesn't need it i'd other meetings we lock in good maybe like floyd's berlin but accept you know he tries to finish very dangerous hiding and how bout this kid reese from functioning england forum is on top of that with just will not buy brought a pop gunter gunfight thousand album inviting them the other thing too as you know i've always been critical of the european boxing style that dude can box year reese can lock man he's got great box and skills and yah
anyhow he it's hard to he had brought with him shot he did any really sharpened up his head movement for that fight they said that that would argue that will be the big issue whose to stiff bodies like not enough for this guy i'm on a move a lot what a talented guy man you look good browsers amazing he's he's exciting and he's gonna move up to one forty hopefully and is all a lot of good fight for one forty two forty five it's like spreading cleaned out already dr floyd went the showtime you think so because a broader i don't know i you gonna fight over there well meaning some floyd while floyd's one forty seven mean it basically browner toronto oil can make one yes a big game we test so muscular tears fuckin common nations that kid throws there though i have half is like have them a time they take away and five six projects make magazine fat lloyd and broader i mean why think right now floyd's probably his boxing is just like a little too
we owe a little too sharp little to clean and other times that reese popped em what would floyd do would floyd b of the shot him down lecture browner can put together combinations like jesus life was right there the combinations he landed on recent like the second and third cheese unbelievable combinations ruthless speed love it love at eleven is great fights man i love fights eleven as new gotta raises i stayed up in england till five in the morning to watch ef i really was in the uk for the for the wembley whenever guy comes along like a roy jones junior he was his prime or like an innocent still is right now i love it so fond deals to watch a guy that's just like almost feels like untouchable you just like one what's gonna happen here like what is what's gonna happen what this puzzle henderson's lock and find a watch i dread the data to retired i used to think that roy jones junior did some crazy shit like it would put his hand behind his back and then not somebody out but woody
do stand with his back to a cage and let it go on go on guys always wondered five pounds in his on steroids architect shots out and about her height and then blaspheme and drop em with like a perfectly place knee you knew how in a bar flew home of me after that she was having a baby you knew how freaked out he was by their fight fighters faculties like that do lives in the matrix adieu lives these is nobody's ever done that to me before i mean just treating me like i was nothing that never before he was fuckin tribune it was a trip we fight tribute to watch especially considering that like way above his way class and he manhandled bonner when when they got the clan she tripped them and then it is perfectly time bomb stand up and as soon as one or stood up blast them in the solar blacks some news like a shot by a cannon medium went down was last summer guy went down the need of the body like that before i mean that we are lacking a shot me that's what
ass when he throws that nemea ruins people yeah i mean look the same way when he was the enrich franklin in a gradual net coincidences this is most diseases loescher nominal man the guy system amazing fighter unease his prime right now he's i get that perfect combination of finance and experience and and success he's inside has own right to make him an fuckin jones happen then i have to make why do you think i ll go and bovine i was talking about going one seventy right he saw him we're gonna once i only know what what what interests is talking about anderson really talks about you fux with the media lot would he really talks about his big fights he wants big fights you know this we've got to walk this fine i will probably going to do a ten this guy which is amazing lazy thirty seven should be thirty eight and they have a month or another ten fighting human god i hope this guy fights tend more times you now i hope it's possible yeah i love i just
you know it's like when i saw this broner kid in like when you see somebody that especially guys that really got something really special i just anderson silva's i believe he is unbelievable and go man how you gonna keep that up but then you look at herschel walker herschel walker like almost fifty years old and he's should read it i mean he looks amazing and us and they said herschel walker was training would like young foot all players and he was out running on air conditioning them people her like on the fuck is going on here most fifty years old and then bernard hopkins he's fighting for the light heavyweight total he's forty eight four yeah can use a hawk hopkins a shocking especially on boxing yeah ellen's like that but you know i am pretty hopkins was in jail early on his career for a while so he had a big lay off early when he was young yeah you now and always took care of himself stated shape now
now nobles makes it makes no difference whether discipline he's never out of shape so he never allowed himself to have to work back to get their party and kills fighters it kills a mad as i saw it happened shock the air it does we in so many guys like that just they get so crazy with the success and they so crazy with a pussy the world is it so hard to do the whole the chocolate l era when when chalk be tito that night it just fuckin it was crazy man you know i d have been together since since nineteen ninety seven or something like that the eight maybe the sea that fucking explore and just how this do became so huge like after his fights everybody wanted a peace that guy was insane it was fuckin in say madame there
you like it yeah he rode like a wild crazy way for like for five years and then decide now it's like i was like back in a normal do together throws now he's completely forget online but she's good i'm happy man it did it get fucking ricky see when it was saturday a crazy and then he settled down very impressive it makes me wonder if he hadn't partied how much i'm so long we could estate but you know what that dude made so much for money in did our ease design good it was also his style his style was so aggressively it was such a destroyer that like that style you put yourself in danger and is also that he had this incredible chin and here his willingness to trade he would you'd get in there and the other will he would he would eat one to give one and what made him so perfect too for the time
that we were coming up can get all these guys interested boxing in that a lot of people understood the ground game and that was what people love about this guy was a fuckin war horse who just move forward would eat shots to give you know he'd take three to give you that one fuckin now but and it was time where a lot of people thought the ground port like this if they weren't like really good practitioners like some
but weren't into the ground part they would like boo will chuck was the best guide avoiding and best guide getting back up when he would hit the ground he boldly immediately explode with under hooks scooters hips back you would be up quicker than anybody you took him down except randy around was the only guy that even though it was ever taken down the hold of doubt that was when chuck you didn't he didn't take that fight seriously enough dude i'll never forget that as long as i fuck and lived the night before he falco tour it's like two thirty in the morning at the hard rock and i'm walking through the hard rock he's fucking marathon iraq ago what the fuck are you doing what why are you here how do dodged road at the back and worry about an undated oughta do and as i said to get your fucking paul ass home and go to bed are you fucking crazy let me just such a given that he was going to win this fight why and dinner
but i've seen that i've seen guys there were fighting where i ran a true how can one around can shamrock in a diner it was we thirty a m in florida when he was gonna fight tito who's gonna fight the hard rock right number ninety thousand big fight like three thirty in the morning and we were getting breakfast and and can walk there might aren't you fight and today and he was a sad smile he that was no one knew that was the one that i had to do for free because the paper view one sucks so bad member they fought paper view and then the raft jumping to stop it can jump right back up one thought rise not that i was still in this thinking as i did the fight again for free at the hard rock and we put it on spike that's right that's right three thirty am whose get breakfast hanging out like in albania jesus christ
it showed that that's why you think i can hit a point near career where who is the sort of cash and ended up in no doubt about it i mean he was unbelievably ferocious in his early days in you go back and you watch like us some of his early fights minnesota fats and animal he went after it but then after wiles like how many times keen do you know how many times can you have those those brutal fights nobody in this fight tat he had overrun pride to its like after awhile like this does not much left a cash and agri when you seek as against everyone and like dance like recently retired right i mean how old is he now is it fifty as in its fifties you know that's one of the weirdest aspects of the fight game like you can't tell a guide to stop but look at a gallop can i just such a fucking competitor has man was ressler haley's rustlers fuckin tough man agenda as crazy as it is and i respect the guy yeah it's crazy
i respect him well aim is doing things that there's damn telling it and you know you ve been around the game long enough these dudes were fuckin born to do this the guys who fight were put on a fuckin earth they weren't fightin they'd be fuckin some shit up somewhere you know i mean it would be scary imagine you get some of these prior to their somebody's fuckin freaks out there like that wanted how to control people's lives and tell them what they can do and people should be fine people shut the fuck people should be playing golf asshole you don't i mean that's what i think so there's that really me people should be playing fuckin golf now well i think the idea that their san by saying that people should be fighting is it your encouraging something that's anti social behaviour is something that's a bit and contrary to the way we want society to be you wanna see anti social behaviour make it so these guys can't fucking violates make so there's no outlet yeah maybe without time down they can watch opera google could a hog out on you
i ran barkley yeah some after some fight i ran barghouti the guy ass he said so if you are fighting utilities that i'd be robbing your house right now you now in those days were fuckin serious i mean if you ask those guys in boxing some of the guys from the old came from boxing maybe can debtor and jailer doing than bad you know boxing in what other combat sports has taken people streets and fuckin do me mike tyson have talked about this for hours for fucking hours about it he d talks what he would have been doing if he didn't fuck enough if it first didn't hook up with costs and eating up there and indeed any didn't isa costs broke me down as a fuckin human being an in built me back up and he said i honestly truly believe that mean him are put together because he's the only one who could a fuckin done it because me tell you what i would have been doing if i didn't carson i didn't get into boxing
he had so much respect for that guy as a trainer and so much respect for him as a father figure that it like inspired him too to greatness inspired him to focus a hundred percent a pleasing that guy is that was the first got a really shown love and the really show him respect and to have have faith in it then under him all the sudden all these great things are happening gaullist success is happening so it reinforces love for any talked about how much fuck and angry hadn't item at that time we had a lot of anger that needed to be you know yes what do you want this combination see throws when he's training with cost is a video of him i think i think it's i don't know if it's common rooney or teddy outlets or whose working with them but he's thrown off combinations on the bag and is probably like eighteen years old
i'm tellin you just watch unease that ridiculous that move with violent combinations like no one has ever thrown before i don't give a fuck about joe louis mohammed ali was the greatest yes a great cultural figure a great boxer for his error i think thyssen was the greatest freak that's ever exist i don't ever been anybody like i agree that remember that i jesus christ i now is as close to murder as you could watch on television when you start to watch the full fighter of thyssen coming there's just fucking murder murder bruno fine just loved him and the time of day when i first come up as you know in in boxing right those jim called golden locks and gloves was the first time that i worked out vegas and these to shut the place down for mike when mike would come
right so he commanded train trainer be fuckin fifty brand new cars that would pull in the fuckin part right it was crazy the aura net surrounded thyssen at that time and just all the crazy shit that went on by a tigers yeah hey hey tigers ever last made a special bag for him so they come in take down the bags in the fucking jim real bags and they put up these special bags that we're fucking this big they were just massive you can put your arms right when he would hit a regular fucking bag that you would buy you know break a firecracker in half that's what the fuckin bag would look like when you hit the fucking thing would nap and half this way come back this way the fuckin how're that this guy had when he punched you have be there to see it in person to really believe like you said the combination to see him thrown back in
if we start in person you're just like what about love the scene and pray you need to see what you have to do is you to go see his fuckin stand becoming brow if you even mostly like thyssen back in the day mitch blood green story that he tells us that fuck with it because it you gotta see thyssen tell it will now awesome easy just these onto our right you just called me today you just call me the east he's gonna reality show why so he asked me to be in his realities so i start feminists reality show with unlike next week oh my god as the odd couple is my contain it's not just made have addressed the fuckin do an academy or so i dont what he wants for me but the we're time he asked me to do a fair roma do that through with anything isn't a weird migration call yeah do you looking for legal mike tyson com i fuckin dude
the thyssen is my favorite all time in a fucking love might die he's one of my favorite oughta fighters as well there s nothing like a ties and fight exactly with different there were different experiences so true you know when you sign fight somebody like jesus christ has a honey tubs gonna do to him you watch now give a fuck you view there live which i was very lucky that i was able to do that go to a few mike tyson fights live when he fought or if you are sitting at home watching tv as soon they fuckin sure my camera walkin out you jerk and got the goose bumps oh my could you give us on a terrifying i love seen in the movie thyssen where heat talks about what's going through his mind allison securities go away by time he gets the case where a guy tommy gets the ring rather that is such a great with the ways talking through their god i'm indestructible there's nothing that it does not mean when you want two thyssen documentary it's fucking awesome you just you're in i just yet
a completely different cultural experience than like the mohammed ali air must have been the mohammed ali thing was like mohammed ali was different because he was so much more admirable as a human being like what he did was like would turn the vienna war he said you know what man why are we going to war why why do you why centimeter war one want to kill the thai no vietcong everyday and everybody in amerika was like yeah what the fuck is going on what what what are you doing then they took his mean they made a martyr out of him by taking his career way for three years so when you see like mohammed ali you see a different thing you see like a troubled times nixon administration and people die the government of vietnam war was so unpopular when you see thyssen you just saw destruction it was a completely different experience like he was like sunny list in math
it was like sunny listen but moving a hundred miles an hour and there was no mohammed ali to stop him there was no mohammed ali too you know no young brash kid the throne and with boxing always talk about what i'm talking about the usa to two people who really don't understand fighting in sport in step with the the way that i usually break it down for them as i say listen you look at the nfl how big the nfl is anna gobio over their crickets big over there never big over here fighting crop crisis our culture and language barriers joe no matter what color you i will country comparable language speak for human beings and findings and our fuckin dna what really you know when you really about fuckin all the most famous guys think about michael jordan how big is you know people know michael jordan in parts of the world gretzky here there you think of all the great think about who arrive play fucking well known everywhere all fuck and plan and worship guys like king thyssen you know how much i loosely vladimir
go that motherfucker get on a plane nobody in his tends to write our plane with them and now my firms like outta jail you'll do that's though heavyweight boxer chamber in the world she goes the heavily boxing champions a white guy i go yeah it's a white russian guy he's a doctor he's like a professor and shit we could go a brilliant guy place chasin should do just playing chess on his ipod what city imposing boring fucking guys in the history of the fucking sport the cliffs go brothers drive me fucking crazy jab jab whole jab jab whole jab hold right age fuckin whole fiametta put you to sleep so no change elliot write me anne elliot and i think we're sorry are in billy house right i talk so much shit about the cliffs go brothers had at the time and all i do is fuckin him these guys are boring soccer this too that their fuckin that the other there was a big problems with boxing and fuckin heavyweights no he cares as much as i can
so there's this little restaurant beverly hills call hope stale right in literally fuckin tiny but bad ass great food everything else so we go there for lunch when they walk into the black and restaurant both the cliffs go brothers who sit like it i walk into they both look at me i'm like a flock of brothers really right so i said the lady says would you like to eat insider artists and i'll eat outside thank you so take shows us that we tell i hope you tell elliot i go fuck in bali the clinical brothers remit and the ball fuckin staring at me i said i'm probably get my fucking asked what did ass it but don't worry it'll be boring they'll jab and fuck and hold me for about twenty minutes over the fuckin corner here agenda so then they both get up and they walk outside they walked by our table and they were looking at me but they didn't say a word to say anything to me now
do you think they knew i don't know i don't know they did or din but it now you know what i want somebody logs enough shit about your end of luck in here and it is also they were they were kickbacks yeah i knew that so they were martial arts so they probably wash the usa anyway don't make sense if they do receive vitale theirs video of him get knocked out he a wheel kicked some guy act amount in some sort of a karate tournament it is thus needs son of a bitch low young raising a little gun me an attack window tournament an act that dude down spinning back i missed it play again that's for nineteen eighty seven the u s cup this guy just and to me on line he just found it he had the vhf tape of it from back in the day brine you other work fuck and others that your internet sucks
have this already loaded joe no headgear know nothin i had a headgear on this is the headgear is like this little shiny black please take em in the the chest spinning racket that was my technique that's what i work with george saint pierre remember that was my my specialty brand stop that was my favorite technique i was so when not georgia's look if someone help a mouse like this is gonna say ridiculous but i could probably teach you that better than anybody could and he actually listened to me which shows you what a great guy probably yeah the girl rugen once at a fucking spend fascinated me or something and bullshit me so i was very impressed that he actually came down and trained with me i thought this guy's never gonna believe me because i was talking to john down her in
donna her was like george needs help with spinning bacchic he's gives the other mechanics wrong and i was like those guys sounded address but i know the guy i can help em but most people wooden lesson in our george actually listen he's a grassy i couldn't say enough good things about your saint pierre such is such a good burst he's the best example of what's possible today in mixed martial arts and he a true marshall artists like i think that's it was interesting about what's going on with him and me right now is that it's kind of come full circle like those traditional martial arts and the beginning was all about boeing respect and all that and then this became my brawlers sluggards and wrestlers with good haymakers punches and now it's gone circle and the greatest guys in the world are bowing georgiana their anderson silva bows before me these are real fucking marshall artists they had a real samurai no one there when george is living his life he's living his life as a true marshall artists annie's elevating the sport the highest level right now i mean you look at that
fuckin one hundred seventy pound division that some murderers row is andrew and candid fuck endears you got a bunch of assassins and that division just scramble to get adam timely cm he's better every time you see him he puts another notches game he takes time off gets a knee surgery comes back bigger and stronger is doing fucker gymnastics and she's just physically troop yes no man he gets better every time you say i'm just saying today men of fuckin you know the ds brothers you know i respected these brothers i like these guys that their fun kids like that you know fifty thousand dollars between the two of now and not showing up the film shit will you now you spent fifty hours fuckin clues runnin around stockton you now it costs money to send he's fucking guys up there that you know you paying these guys these do the ship by the day the show that were trying to fill now's is fox in now
and then you got caesar ratio the balls to get on fuckin twitter and say a great next ticket the right next going really gonna montreal fuckin greyhound he asking you to upgrade is ticket out their missing a vast just crazy man it's it's crazy it's just like it it's some some the shit that goes on in this respect in sport drives me nazi now alive de as brothers their crazy love the whole thing but you know it's like come on you guys come on but who is responsible you know what else to put together a schedule a lot because you know like i read on his work is warriors lawyer comes out says that wasn't true he's a fucking liar how dare you again perhaps a liar gonna fuckin minerva hammering and have a fucking fall down stairs phenomena have to give you some we figure some of the fans were asking me in we just did that fight and wembley and there will they thought of a dummy was there as like in fact can be there at the moment when it was even fuck and their use em
i believe be there i got man does that vadim thinkers die for people you convert dummy people i know what you're talking about the average sorry the defect time is the manager of feed door emily and ankle who was at one point in time the price champion and the you guys for a long lightly debate or rather rub negotiation without trying to bring fate or over but it never happened and hats too bad a super that guy never came over he just he's another guy that was great during his time but you can we run that shit for so long man you can only run their game for so long after while your boy he just doesn't want to do in any more you don't have the motivation anymore he turned to religion and and then in our very dome bigfoot henderson thrill this is in a row like i but still there so far have that guy come over to the usa tried man i know he does ride hard but when
people here about like like people what is new do you bring fade over when you hear about the deal though it's like they were doing some crazy shit like they were trying to get co promotion and they wanted to me that's how they got em one global and show time randomly rise all like muscling within door exactly they do fight anymore i don't know i mean as in new have like a showtime deal after fate i e there the guy he did have a showtime deanna thing show times screw now them amounting to spend money on floyd oh that's right they spent my employer may where the right yeah that's a good move yeah he's still got it the unified guerrero nigh gray eyes because i think that that was a very strong move by showtime in too great our citizens are not factor do them a man i gotta get out of business its fascinated to watch people try to get into it like apparently that dude in india's hemorrhaging cash the supervisor
i think that we will always look so can pavia due in the post fighting reveals how does he really oh my god that guy is such a thing can tool we help i think maroni amusing victor i think it was or maybe it was superficially barone did someone cometary he's fucking lair erroneous funny his commentaries fuck like maroni man i've always had a relationship of verona when the best commentary times i've ever did miami maroni levied say when that when i say i've tried at all i've tried at all i really am but that was a disaster because i had to do go these job but i don't know how to do that you want to panic and i don't like the way you know why because they were talking to me like a new at the fact that were saying like didn't understand like how loose doing commentary is nothing can happen that i i can't talk about something that's not happening ok and it has to happen for me to talk about it so it's pretty fuckin easy for me i'll have to do is be aware now let's go and i know the fighters i would strengthen the weeks is ready go what goliaths
our working to roll it even more drastic cut open the five with the two with a wide shot and come to a two shall i go what the fuck are you say and i go this written down somewhere you want me to read this oh jesus they thought like maybe i done it before i acknowledge never done this before what you talkin bout had there not described shit you're free a factor that but it works with baronial work or brody yeah you really have tried everything have men fund to be a part of this man to be appointed from the beginning like that to think that the old days using very very beginning to see what it's like now it's strange shit i didn't today we are talking about like the difference between dose now and roger center i was probably when i went i would really was live woe look around in the giant eighty full screen of leo too much heated jumping front taking randy in the face i members seeing that over and over again this boom that that kick he would go down
this is then not he should have ever seen in my life this sixty thousand fuckin peep it so cool to be able to go to all these different arenas around the world and in meet all these different fans from all these different countries like when i was ireland the fucking people so cool england the people are so cool you gotta sweden's gonna be fuckin awesome again you know we're going back to japan ex we just like there's so many flocking cool people that the last time with the japan fans were just insane was it was amazing just so cool to be a part of your brain came in japan that was fond unit are you going to japan x and now i do it's a fuel fight yeah onto the fuel ones or the effects while any magic can i think it was fun better get time there was a fascinating little country and its called at the point where now we're so many fans from let's say they would you know obviously want to fight in american people come from all over the world now people from merrick and all over the world are going about fighting in our we are in now just an english me
so many bridges in their really cool you know it am i not around so we welcome broke the gate record at wembley reeling yeah while henry cooper thoughtfully patterson there henry cooper fought somebody else there i can remember who provide alley there are no and what's his name fought their lennox louis what all recall their why medics louis plot to britain european champ there and we need every we beat every sports related event that's ever benda wembley while knuckle while enemies who's the uk now there's somebody gems coming to the uk and somebody guys come about the uk now you see jimmy manuel gaia guys fuckin beast that was a very impressive fight him and cyril do dear body because deal
it is a really season striker multiple time world more time champion you know now is excited for that fight it sectors link is outside of its actors like got fucked up but i was really impressed with the man who is doing before it's like i fucked up house like while this kid is a beast he's he's a very aggressive guy various dangerous gotta be fun this guy you yet we re all we got a guy that's got that kinda you know has this ground ain't gonna be would rise up against the rugged wrestler ground guy well yeah mean that is that is always the question this there's those guys you know like that's the big question about john fitch like a lot of people say john fish is born john fridges boy like john it is a reality and you gotta be able to deal with a guy i think a guy sales in order it is an important aspect of fighting that oh god what made the arabs yellow light so exciting area that it means
ground that kid down to a halt and eric silva's scary fuck that kid scary is very very dangerous zephyr explosive we dangerous was needed a striking need finishes fight very quickly the carlo prater fight mean he's a dane this kid the fight with that the spaniard charlie brantome india he's a dangerous dangerous kid and man fitch was able to glue autumn crazy was watching damien maya outfits fitch right like how good is that guy when you see that guy got ahold of fish in just two completely control them when it came to grappling outside but the big cancun has our understanding of figures amiens the guy who can to stop to take down and and turned it verses hendricks he is always can have a problem with that what you know is going to promote more court has been interesting rematch around seventy at a very interesting remit smarter fact and one seventy and a good
fight from awkward we got from our court now though don't you have ellen burger yeah and conduct verses ex hendricks islanders all my god of that great card i sit sucks it ruined ds verses georgia and jim is restored of course but it sucks roy got hurt that that does saki up deck it's scary that fight with be japan was like man he he's one of those kids were you don't see him for like five or six months and then all suddenly like holy shit this kid just got fifty percent better combinations he was thrown against be j his stand up look fifty percent completely smooth robotic almost as precision here throw on that question mark kick over and over again thrown combinations to the body and in what is it a second round we really had be j fucked up i was like this is the big is beating i think be j has ever taken no doubt because beach i took a beating with make the as but it was moreover prolong being
being being that they dislike up forty five second like burst in second round what he does beats the shit that's why won't be j to finally more mounted the georgian pierre beating the rory beating the nicky is beating i mean what's what is one of those three five seven com and iron seventy fuckin pound wise guy fighting and a hundred seventy pounds you go back to the bee japan that fought against diego sanchez one fifty five when the more innovation retrain and how many was a fuckin savage he was ripped he had a full six pack i mean be j was super conditioned in that fight because the problem would be penn is he's a fucking warrior warrior he's a maniac fuck this kid to me this kid folliot the cheetah for gas eggs at home and heavyweight i'm not even to a five j as is just incredibly talented freak who had he worked hard enough we got into an done you know what would he could have done who knows skies limit for him
you know he crews on natural ability heart and fuckin huge balls and not just the thing is i i've had my my beefs mommy j and the family but i really love and respect the kid very much i don't i just i don't what's in fighting one he was an amazing fighter but again i dont think i think fighting is such an insane proposition that it can only be done at the eyes levels for a few years you can only do somebody had a thing that they rode on line about great fighters at the nine year point of their career and that all these fighters that were competing at a high level of nine years about nine years start to see a waning the erosion of the skills then it's almost like it's u key almost like you gotta know when to walk away will aid ages were kills all green athletes what's gonna beat anderson silver now i'm gonna be the mets going gonna beat up actually right now is this in its fruit in perfect private media
and has nothing to prove anymore the guys a bunch of money he's got a beautiful wife he's got kids just fuck it man you had your time in you i just again when people talk about joe i don't give a fuck about money i really don't give a fuck money i run a business and you gotta run a business to do in order to keep the thing alive to keep it going in whatever but i don't ever want to make that kind of money at seeing be japan fight again well you don't need to make that kind of money do let's be honest you give a fuck about money you're fuckin wretch when italian crazy rode back to the import again let me talk to your sorrow let me tell you lay aside let me tell you we'll talk and not just in a cell phone dry honestly actually i have also seen a ferrari to say listen well you know when you got money there is no doubt that things in indonesia i'm telling
and i know what you did on me all day i don't know what you're saying this fuckin happy when i was broke i love what i do i love the sport and i just i'm telling you really don't give a fuck well we don't want is that kind of money from having a guy like dj finally haven't chuck fight again or haven't where you can make money on those guys and by the way i'm sure chuck probably came to you and said i want to try to get i'm sure you know after we we established that that over and he he admitted to it in that retract you never did it again you never asked me that's great while that's intelligent enough to citizen discernd you mean you watch the shot that put him away in a rich frankly fighting shockwave eaten fifty of those and and and smiled right out in nineteen nino ninety nine or two thousand here we had some vicious knock out at the end of his career the overshot evans knockout vicious rampage was vicious you noticed
the show gone to keep doing matters we shall guys which franklin and increased charging dropped him hard charting hurt him he added with a big punch you know and that was theirs there's been a lot of like really crazy fight any go back to a fuckin paley fought pay lay bare knuckles and you know what they're there's a net on the bottom of the ring to keep guys from scoot now and chuck stuffed pale in that region over the bag internet punched him in the head there was virtually no rules back there i thought all those that was crazy i was if they didn't ever loves on either the at that and have gone i was very knuckle nuthin benaco chucks i don't have chucks first fight me you see i think they had gloves but it was like when they were just start new use gloves he when he fell as a boxer kid forget the kids name ramirez now i don't remember his name martinez martinez
no you're not knowing hernandez thank you very much you know your name does that was when i would like to get parodi on the pike s one planet pretty sent me a tweets and how come you never want me and you show we had such respect for you when we when we we hired you for the company but you never ammunition like what are you talking about i ll have you any day the weak the time when you are come on and then i never heard from you i don't know why i dunno what about that guy and a harpy he's a fascinating character but he told check that chuck had goes in front of the check was a ressler had chuck talk about on the podcast tell no already told me when i manage shock what the marks played out nobody wants to see him a lot and then i'll bring them back i said you're not bringing the back of his fucking mohawk that's the craziest thing i've ever heard so we ended up i'm gonna fight fought fuckers that guy's name he knocked him out here i have seen champion at the time
steve somethin members i have seen champion is i have seen champion steve somethin chalk knocked him out and that's gonna back into the usa he had have a fight outside of it that's a larry as they say you see sign check for two into they know who the wind tunnel to to show to the window chose to do without the status of a major new york right now well no we do not question we find this lawsuit and we had a really good response basically the the district attorney whatever could not tell the judge what the language was and why it was illegal and all the other shit so basically the judge said me we agree this is right there could come in here and just be sanctioned by a federation like the pierre the united some federation and put on an event you guys
a figure this thing out so was really really big when for us has great steve heath steve heath what an idea remember say steve some yeah maybe he killed over the head gaps tv knocked him out and that's what got chuck back into the sea that fight yes my heart and all is fight with knowing her nand as was may fifteenth ninety ninety eight i was there that was in mobility alabama it was interesting times man that was then find is but it's been a fun ride the hour so will you mentioned in the no unanimous days was i know well how much before that steve youth fight was it looks like about a year he asked us tv is when right before a little more than a year is that the final it's actually almost too was our fight in between there yes couple fight between one of that one of the other two fighting between he's he actually fought pele after that fought knowing hernandez was his first fight apparently and that was in the u and then he went
i pay lay over in the ivy sea and in brazil which is the fuckin complete valley to rail rules then he fought me horn and he got arm triangle right after jeremy horn i started managing yeah that's when he laughed what year is that that was in ninety nine march fifth ninety nine jerry horn try the judge or silver just tell me said king motives got an act of fog out well by who now holding my fine damn king what did king looking more got released do something grazing what happened what happened to demonstrate fancy what happened was he had it tested positive for something yet he had some gated steroids or somethin and then he was on matthew was on suspension
so while he was on suspension he got the offer and i let him go while yeah that's just got knocked out damn as you have you ever i d like fight of like a different design for the octagon or play with different ideas like like more like like a bull type thing or backwards born was or any other revisions to the arctic that's a good question actually when we first we first started doing it people were all freaked out about the fence even we buy if redoubled offences at his terrible for television at that could you guys put plexiglas there could go about some clear fencing so it's not black its clear and you could see through it the possible all kinds of stuff clear friend we clearly all kinds of stuff do
you still couldn't see through the clear stuff on it it was there did you ever see the thing called shoot box jealousy that yeah where francs mark did some crazy thing where they fought in like a play is like a plate giant like about scoop diarrhea and not quite like a ball it wasn't that might be about extreme but yes or no clear it was i think i think i remember that those numb bob meyerowitz tried to bring to the head right out of pity i was called yadda yadda yadda pit fight i'm a pair fighting that what it was called now my love when suddenly for it and it was like it was a cage though still but it was a cage with like a slope to it for some reason
wasn't it i've never was like a pit there was in the down there was actually in the ground so there was no cage thinks fuck i came and has been so much shit in china suit shock nurse had that those kickboxing match what has come like a bull that actually guarantee that what was called combat league yeah world combat actually why some of those fights in vegas and when i met chuck norris chuck norris gimme a hug you knew i was a great moment of my life now that's cool man like chuck norris man
nor has nor the legend is is tat i love i only have a few things on a tv are here but one of them is walker texas ranger best surprise after you have seen fights i get a bunch yossi fights and i've got walker texas rangers above walk attacks is really remember the way what was the other one to the other was lone wolf book wade was moving that he based the tv show off of that was quite a bit better movie than the tell me it was really the movie was really good do you remember the movie that's hard to find these days the octagon where he goes and fights the ninjas that's right i love that fuck em out one of my favorite movies grown up gathered that was the original mean the octagon that's way pre you have seaward try to find that unhappy leon impossible that term octagon so synonymous now what do you have see everyone thought that it had another martial arts application way way way way way back in a week
think about an arctic on an eight cited circle like that that is the you have seen now that's what you think about the octagon like that's the only time ever hear of an arctic on i don't ever there's no other octagon i dont see them you know nodded geometrician when it would have geometry knowledge does not stop centre yeah in octagon now you have see that's what it is they are in the euro zone that right deal we leave them out to people so there's companies that actually build them in staff they they pass a trade marthy now will you guys bought pride did you think about keeping the kit the the ring or when when you were thinking about actually trying to do show's over in japan outright the out we will keep the ring and do the whole deal now we're going to try to do it does a crazy store of all time sixty five million dollars for essentially a video elaborate that for example has guided us crafty every deal i ever did everything that ever happened there was fucking crazy man they have a different color crazy it's a different world over there when i
bet you you were this fucking regular dude with like a job that you were like i don't know what i'm doing now to go from that to driving ferraris and private jet you ve managed to be the same guy our view of you not like asked you shit have you not like i mean obviously yellow people on twitter and safe you questionable things i you know i see i see so many this so much of the stuff gone elliot the phone or shut the doors stupid but do my monkeys i bring these fuckin guys everywhere they fuck something up you have no idea doesn't village we're gonna fuckin partner in words you too you don't care son of a bitch you make your video obliges italian it's hard worker yes in summary it shut the fuck up donny podcast go have you
if ever like stepped back and had a fuckin this happened i mean there's not a whole lot of people that have that kind of a rag richest story when that's a pretty fuckin crazy store yeah you know from two thousand and one to being the president is unlikely president this company go you are you are like a manager of fighters you know you had some foothold in them fight game you did it done boxer size class the only point in time only real job i've ever fuck and add was also belmont when i was nineteen years old at a hotel in boston and i did some construction work all the shit you didn't you you now seventeen eighteen nineteen and thousand one day i walked out of the hotel nos nineteen years old and said would be in the fuckin fibres that's it i'm done and done with this shit i hate company every day in our area how can we go some kinda just graduated college and come in and start telling you what the fuck can do as like i'm so
with this fight business to be thinking about given to fight business at nineteen showing where the fact even phenomenon of eid anymore if decisions are made my life the people like that's the fuckin dumbest thing earth like literally almost every decision i've ever made because you have amateur fights yeah i fought in the amateurs and there was a time when and i think that's why i came in he'll what the fighters and i understand you know like these with the ultimate fighter there was a fucking time on a day when there is the only fucking i cared about was boxing that's why i literally walk out of that place because i it's so much that that's all fuck and wanted to do the problem is you go out there and you start fuckin that that's what i wanted to do for a living and then the reality starts to set in and i'll never forget i mean i've told the story before but i was in the gym one day and
there was this dude who is a local fighter i don't say his name you would probably fuckin know if i said his name i guarantee you know because he was famous in the boston area you know like a local guy and he came in one day and he was like using is early thirties he was like thirty one and thirty two and i he was fucked up now he was punchy he fucked mobile around kind of thrown fucked a nice i remember the day that i looked i myself what if that happens to me and then the minute you fuckin start thinking like that you're you're you're you're not the real deal you're not no matter how much you think you want it or you think you do the day i realise that i wasn't and i was like while so then you start go and how the fuck am i going to make a living doing this and me this dude peter walsh from boston started in teaching people how to box basically
business man stuff is that the business model wasn't it the first is like martial arts if you take a martial arts glass spock fifty martial arts studios anywhere in any city anywhere in the world and has been since i was a kid i any lack of martial arts schools run your place when you rona no sort of on a bar but if you want a box you gotta go and fight senegalese your fuckin head punched andrea economy especially in other places in boston i get the somerville boxing club had the fuckin place down at the mcdonough down south boston and an incomplete that the petronelle he's down and brought in in places like that and you won
and they would fuckin you'd get your dick knock loose right and if you came back maybe they work and work with you or even guys like you do like i got a trained by germany can that's that's what to do with me he does stuck me and causing a box that they all do not be that they all do that's they do it quickly to like what right right from the beginning find out how much you enjoy doing this do you really want to do they re wasting my time here takes an accurate i'm gonna teach frozen ponchas and then what what you're a gear on when we put you fuck eventually you face a kid somewhat you got the first time everyone in the box that they have me do fuckin ring circles not those are right we go laterally around the rank fucking coming every day that drink circles ring circles rank circles regulators as like what the fuck i paid my duty i paid my fuckin a box you don't owe me here i thought you go now and as it commissioner our fuckin box madame run around in circles for fuckin weeks
is that all you want a box re fuck and greatly fucking gary up man love yet they throw you there and they beat the fuck are you fucking drop me fifty a body shots puncher my fuckin head in the worst of the body shots when you first i needs that taken some body shots from a guy who knows how the throne and are you know your fuckin lips are bleeding noses bleeding plucked up yet out you're completely morally destroyed remain because boxing is never or sparring is never what guys thinks it's gonna be you know you watch too you fuckin movies you goin anything against barn you get kick daddy but then you know i went home that night remember lay in bed in the whole night i got my ass that's like that and i went back to the gym the next day and that
then there is no work or the very few people actually want to fight this one kicks someone's ass true there are stand there can kick your ass to like ie this is not going to be an even exchange and have you not willing to go to war if you wanna take like big shots and be in pain and pushed through you're never gonna do this this is you you have to figure out somewhere along the line whether or not you will it take punishment whether nettles edra punishment some i can't so that was what our but what are busy was based on you now should be peter i you could come you could come into the real jim were real fighters trained and you learn how to box just like white collar bias towards like e learning a box for eating the giraffe kicked every day but some guys you know train for so long and get the level where they want to start sparring but rarely ever have white collar guys that stuff sport and want to do it again you know like say yet that first asked what agenda
and a lot of times what happens the bricks breaks and breaks out into fights in our agenda we had a week we used to we used to bring the inner city kids into you know inside the or bring an inner city kids you know and south back then it was still very segregated so we're gonna bring in blacks and hispanics and all these other kids bring them together and you know we're dollar fuck we used to bring these kids in manner we start train in the midst of an end as soon as guys would start sparring now fucking situations we had were guys would come back and with bats like there be a add sparring deal come back with me so they come back with their brothers or some kind of just ever fucking day those so that whole hell it's bringing the inner city kids and fuck and try to our didn't go over well yeah that's plain tat experiment and then work to us a lot of work it's interesting to see the the attitude you know that used to exist back then the boxing gems and now that people are you
we're seeing this evolution in mixed martial arts where the beginning we saw a lot of like jim wars like tat would be a really normal occurrence in gems were guys which is beat the fuck out of which are the hereby fighters getting knocked out the gym left right left right but now i think people start to realize what will the world is no fuckin benefit in this like what's going on here but we're gonna will look in on a gigantic malta multi multi million dollar business and this is how we are treating our commodities and our prospects were we're throwing them at each other in plenum blast each other and do it again punchy way before their time movie we both know gems we're guys they get jenny way too quick and you go well what has this guy like what this guy at an iron change three years ago was taken fuckin jim wars don't you jim wars on a regular basis that was shooting that was the deal it shoot box and showing himself said like we realize you now have to do in that for a while we can do that anymore we
night that's how wasn't boxing too that went out when i was involved in boxing some of the best you ever the gentle yeah now oh hell yeah one that one day i sought please don't bramble and roger may whether flock and go at it fuckin jim in vegas yeah another time why one of the gems clause because we all work together i worked with may whether i worked with one kick when floyd was first come i mean we all work together in these gems you know agenda one time there was this duty was a heavyweight his name is tracy a hemorrhage may whether fucking got into it you trace it was a young heavyweight twenty four ok heavyweight and roger was fuckin when forty seven yeah in his forties she's a large like what you say mother fucker does it does the fucking game into involve our backing for the girl shit
here we go again in the fuckin ring and start a fight man oh yeah they started fuck a fine and at the end of the room when the bell went off trade he tried to stop and roger i can let em up any goes no rounds mother fucker no round so they just kept fighting straight fuckin through until fuckin tracy quit alma god roger fuckin whoop disastrously me fuckin quit employers yeah i know i know when he quit roger hit him another eight nine times every fuckin quick any is basically like don't have a fucking mouth off me and assume a one forty seven pounds forty year old but rising they lack mama up a lot of people don't know roger you know a lot of people everybody knows floyd but roger his uncle in this time he was a bad mother for europe is the right hand he had a name the job and he would fuckin slam that right hand in he was a bad due for many a year
crazy shit avenant fuckin jim boxing gems man crazy shit ok here that's incredible that's would you ever about the floyd bay whether thing we're like when he was dealing with those wrapped guys they came in and beat what you're gone ass to where people and share what was that all about once you have again i wasn't there so i can't be noticed in the limelight can i witnessed testimony but i i heard about it too and when i heard was the dude that was managing him at the time was like a hawk core like real dude and and even his walk into a gem already walked into top rank their jim pissed flipping people in fucking pulling out guns with floyd and shiting kind just whatever their beef was it straightened out yet that's boxing man raising fuckin business yes boxing is the knocker boxing ass a crazy this is king well oh shit he gets spinning back fist do you wish to have a look at i'll give us
the two minute first round all those that perfect spinning backface will you know what he's been plan with spending a lot of boxing he's been training at floyd place he's been now working with the may weathers that's that's great but you gotta look half of that spinning backface to man you gotta look out for these crazy fuck and techniques me sleeping while well that's a devastating technique there's so much talk in that adieus read it rarely watercolors already out he's alive ass rest till ten mile i thought that he was gonna have a very bright career and i'm a member brian why still ten brian parsons rhine parsons rather rainforest is very high on our guys like you unbelievable wait he said he'd never seen anybody just throw around like real experience recipes the waking well could yeah the whole thing without them we sat down and talked one day we ve never met a smart guy
yeah it's like i'm alive when you have a conversation with them is actually really smart guy ever have your hands down can era hands down like that you mean being cocky and being haven't swagger and everything is great but man what a guy klipsch agenda you see a common fund but the light shut off start now you can do about the human bodies design i agree it's amazing how some guys could just take ridiculous shots though some guys just take it through a very different thing me if you're if you're it's one of those things are you can't train you can't let you do you either have a cheer you don't about fabio maldonado gloves to share that crazy fuckin file that was i never seen anybody but indeed vision ridiculous in as long as that guy's been around as long as again we you talk about a guy who's gonna fuck him war dog you know not just forty forty years and i still haven't all still have the punch power still have the ability to fight these guys
his age and well is us on testosterone placing tat right but you know listen in that area there is something that as far as launch everyone staying around but but you re their fuckin good are you not while he was awesome k i had it but there's a lot of guys around two thousand replacement therapy that couldn't fight a fucking lick that's true but is is funky subject now and i'm not a fan now you not a fan though because it allows a garlic dan henderson to fight but if i mean if gotta go again henderson is taking it responsible and not not going over its limits and then the exact amount if that's what was going on yeah but i truly believe that that's not what's going on i agree with you here's the problem this would have said before about testosterone replacement therapy you now say if a guy a bottle whisky give it hey man don't ever take more than one last today ok here's the whole jug one of the guys now the hawk would have arisen what are you crazy guy alone
boy you're indulging when you take shit like that you feel like a fuckin romania like wait a minute what anomalies hampered up just a little bit more or less pop up a little bit more and aids in self indulgent ridiculous athletes are fighters in the first place the crazy reckless mother farmers and you say hey he's gonna jugglers shit land around coming needles and if there's only then menino that are supposed to be here who cares i'm your doktor ray come on i love you watching you fight on tv i love how these guys are doctors by name when you short sees testosterone guys are fucking doctors right a prescription for areas that we'd is illegal there's some people think that we'd i've i've that we'd is possibly a performance enhancement with either who smuggle out of it drove budget every dude that i've ever known spokes we'd turns into a fuckin zombie after he smokes we'd how could it be
performance enhancing drugs i won't say what i love a man you get into this year because only that about what you're gonna do you think that don't know exactly different types of wheat first of all others indicate in city indicates the far more common style of wheat and what that is like its known as like oh gee cushions what they usually cadets like what snoop dogs most amazing go down thing you did a little a real like mellow couch we right then there's like carl sagan weed carl sagan we'd is achieved and settee was much more like an upper type a weed makes you want to watch documentaries makes me want to write makes him one of i go running it makes me want to do things in a lot of people on our stand i've now i've never heard that what's harder to grow there the south american strains and their there they require a different growing cycle they require there they usually from where the equator and they the economic growth endorse in america so when you getting these these there there their low yield they dont yield is much harder to grow and they don't get as much marijuana out of it so most stuffy get is like that
he be sort of narcotic we'd but the can i get is not like that at all like that's what people say we do so much shit near potted sorted yam offers why not i take a lot of days of smoke upon an oblique doing anything every day but the stuff that i smoke is the kind of stuff that makes you tired it's kind of stuff that makes you think about shit it's going to stop over going to give you a human now my guy straight urine fuck my fuckin head would explode i think you monument should already you do i ll have you lie back looking at these constellations gone the fuck am i telling them in a faint business do you wish good idea the tooth european agree do you wish there was the the first round somewhere around somewhere down you fuck wandering around do you ever wish that that that you had a first round now you're reading should have the forms now this is something we talked about like two weeks ago and i just wondered what data madame du everywhere i want to wish that you had a ten minute first round kind of idea the old pride do not always to do now now not
and for game for a grapples yeah i like like the structural ass you get your three five min rounds of five i'm rounds like five m around for non title vi so do feel like i do if its main event and i think that's the real problem that everybody had with with monetary policy being the main event as they want to see henderson but she did five rounds how about we didn't really finish it but the real issue at the testosterone replacement therapy is that these guys can take this in czech themselves up through the fuckin roof right while their whole either through through throughout training and suffer it means there is really they're not gonna get any real problems of the just universe six to eight weeks they're gonna be fine if they do it so it's not a dangerous thing to them and the benefit is pretty substantial benefit as far as performance you get
hyper human levels and as long as your body sustained color you don't cover fast or fly trainings actually that's like that and that is that's undeniable its undeniable and when you look at some guys and you see like the massive did differences in their physics and how quickly you know de led some of these guys you look like do i mention names let's go with veto offers last fight against this but you fuckin fantastic i mean what i have opposed to bore for testosterone placement therapy i'd like whatever the fuck that guy's on give it looks fantastic meaning in the way and well looked flogging shredded perfume and the big question after why was i represent is he going to pass the drug destitute pass drug dust any did he did but quite it's nothing it's not even that he passed the drug testament here being monitored yes for the fight to was he being monitored like all throughout the camp genetics before to each before
see by long as they know when i mean i'm not accusing veto of anything but i'm saying that if a fighter was like if he was willing to bend the rules as long as he knew when he had a common and piss it's not our super elevate you're levels that's one of the things i know you're not a fan of victor content but one of the that he enlightened beyond about drug testing is that the actual bennett it's the steroids go far beyond the time we test part of me tell you what i don't like above victor fucking conti this fucking piece is he's this fuckin guy when i dont like we're about him is with the two this over there like a fuckin cia spy snap and picture through this smile have you have no idea so this fucking guys biggest cheater in the history of fucking sports yet now after he gets busted fucking rolls over and his buddies and shit wants to come out and act like he's trying to stay fucking sports do don't don't come out and start point come on my fucking twitter it start
you fuckin figure me and said o the u s he isn't doing the this you fuck you whether you have see does not have the obligation to do that its under the obligation the vouchsafe s letter commission to deregulate and if they want to make more stringent rules which they have been that's how they caught ovary they decided to do some random testing and that's how i mean there's there is obviously been some some movement made to try to regulate certain certain aspects of of emma may but in our food first when our fighters get a hard fought the consequences the huge are hugh a year of no were exactly that's that's what i just don't think the media at an end the fans really rap their fuckin brains and its devastating its devastating for your confidence devas injury career you to answer questions everywhere you go it's a huge you'd have laws and if it happens again boy then you're really got exactly really fucked in matters are substantial is well exactness you lose your window answers you lose everything you losers in bonus is imagine that happening in football
is as much as it can happen and emma may view being regulated by the government while the football is ridiculous because there's no way you get humans that big unless they're doin somethin mean everybody knows that i have a friend who was competitive high school of football and he's now he's technician like you say and i think i brilliant guy but he too when they were given him steroids in high school right he goes i was because i was a competitive football player and they were there give me since i was a cold we gotta go seventeen as like that's fucking crazy who else in new team was on steroids because we're on steroids i go what the fuck are you your coach was given you steroids goes yeah as we were in a serious like it was a very common of team and that they let us know what we needed to do if we wanted to get bigger and stronger and we're all i what you ve got in so like we ve seventeen year coasts as do want steroids me i want to win vegas turn ice golan when i was in high school was a dark
in town you ain't gonna weight gain programme weight gain programme they are and what they do they would they would give you injections and pills we shy and in high school playing football and this guy just used it to the gills and everyone what do i with those on rights he was and wants his name very nice guy turn years later i saw many too should shrivelled argues hundred sixty pounds now but when we were in high school everybody was terrified of this kid he was like up to fifty pounds five foot seven ok whose can maybe five a gigantic i mean just huge stretch marks oliver s chest his arms were enormous i don't know what he was taken but he was on some super hyper elevated level he's playing football and this guy just
due to the gales and everybody kind of new but it was not like fuck in the eighties man ever know what else there but this was i was in high school we didn't know anybody else it was doing it how do i am forty five so i graduated eighty five eighty seven this guy was he was a year older than me and he was on a football team and everybody knew that it was upstairs but no one else knew anybody else it wasn't like there was a whole epidemic people on steroids but was this one guy that which is unbelievably ridiculous big an aggressive and he like he kept it for like a few years and then just got off the shit into shrivelled up to like nothing and everybody's i what fuck happened and he didn't really well talk about it and it was it was very strange for all short period of time the seventeen year old kid was two hundred fuckin and whatever pounds of just shredded muscle come out of his head may it was incredible what there are willing to do to this kid i was like them in vegas
reach every single school in vegas was competitive if a bomb they say it's a real issue with high school kids it s because they know about it especially football players man kids who play football and now it is being bigger is being better that's a and there's a real lottery in that i mean if you're impoverish impoverished kid and a bad community and you can enough your big your six for foreign you can fuckin around man jesus christ footballs you your big take it sure is rubbish football go to a good high school you go to good college go to college maybe not thou earliest get an education and just there's so much stake when the craziest things i've ever heard about football is that eighty percent of the nfl players are bankrupt within two years of retiring eighty percent and sixty percent of nba players percent and you deal with the the impacts ahead impacts and football like theirs
this certainly had impacts in emma but the heading action football dude running at each other running full clip three hundred pound manse lamb and knew each who run is fast track stars seeing each other in the fuckin head how going i'm at the helmet lightning neither my someplace football my son's accordingly both my sons to one's a quarterback that area and the owner of the other one place defect jai people i was ass men like i'd rather my kids i fight area what and they do not fight too but i'd rather i'm fighting then than play for i would have nobody gonna do oldest son is a lunatic ali cares about us above all wants to do it all years about has yet get that for me now he just what he loves has he hadn't gas nothing more of knowing how do you know that there's been i know you'd love your gamblin yorkers gamble bucker do you know
as a direct correlation between gambling and brain damage really well that's why you say that never thought about that note what you want you know it's funny when i went to you know when that hold you don't things happen and i had to go in and get full medical's done so you know from pipe down times i've punch ned probably a lot lot you know i went in and i did have i had spots on my brain well yeah so when i what is i mean it's just you know it's trauma that damn that's been dundee from being parched and how and whether you play football you you know you baxter you did mix martial arts wherever it is any type of blows to the head prolonged the head for years so i was getting than a head till i was thirty one years old then i didn't do any anything for maybe three or four years and then i'll tell you what may get ready for that tito fight fucked me up bad man i really
will you were spar i really aren't myself a lot of you but don't even know what that was like you had made some sort of a deal with tito if you re signed them you would like boxes tito put in the contract if he came back and we did new deal part of the deal was that mean him had to fight in a boxing match three three minute rounds so you agreed to it then you started train and i remember you were you are still managing the you have see rhine you are bringing guys out with you and you are telling me about these fuckin wars it you would get these hiring sessions these animals i so eel i brought in heavyweights i brought him real heavyweights guys boxers real have you kids they were not but there was one kid that hold me how old are thirty seven thirty seven when i did this dude i'm telling you right now i sit on my fucking office right she remembered ass though that movie three o clock i or the kids
he could do to us after school try to get out if i can get this aspect i be looking at the clock i got all my guys the clock those due to gonna be here two hours because i would spar three o clock and i support every fuckin day in the middle of at once i got in shape and i was born with these have a real we brought we brought in professional boxers that i was born with i'm telling you man i fucking the day for me to get my license for me to get my license the commission had to say we box so they want to know who was boxing with that day so eyebrow in this kid this heavyweight i won't have to skipper cow put his name was but he still fighting today is far from think here he will use ray i think is ranked number six in the world right now and i kid came in and that the kid i spotted with that day and we had a fucking war because the commission was watch and i want to make sure these guys gaming licence in this too
and taking louisiana scouts fuckin put to me what the fuck this guy do as you trying to kill me right now is trying to make me not get the license so said fuck we gotta go on iran are these guys aren't gonna fucking life so he was a show of david they didn't want to license me anyway mean this whole thing i really kind of got a bad relationship with the commissioners through me getting this licence to fight tito it wasn't a good thing so we had a can worn that me and this guy i mean fuckin dropping bombs on each other right so when it was over my nose was so fucked up after getting ready for that tito fight can to go have surgery and snore like a beast now if you could tell you look at me i got like red lines she'd like the red light outside of my nose her why the fuck it they are better than used to be there and now snore like crazy already had a surgery the surgery and then workers like but man at
nothing you will you now is my last hurrah you have deviated seven surgery it didn't work and work man a mine work ray a great doktor including some amazing hind socked actually my nose wider thou it's funny i like look at photos makes sense somethin they dug why didn't i know some makes sense but at some better man i go back to how are you to be most of my life i couldn't breathe out of my nose i broke my nose when i was five i felt on a flight of stairs and from then a lifetime of martial arts boxing and wrestling who's this mash them stay inside was all fucked up the years is still like that i'd going again man i've got a better doctor surgeries fuck that's really snore far gonna get the mouthpiece like atomic keeps animated what i do know yeah you don't you have said about me i got a bad i don't sleep at all brow i'll i'll sleep at all you need to sleep again achieving good for your heart son would you do
grazing land where money now eager resource world yeah we're gonna die this way with large rincon some green shit over there must be a police thinking about your health you you basically worryin about you i put on a diet i got it i'm a mistake as are the ear dear what is here to stay away from salt and all kinds of all kinds of shit the triggers voting out good for you for me bad for man years probably sodium and food but actual natural halloween all that shit triggers desire alcohol the fund should really now the funds take i was cakes take for i haven't i mean i've certainly for like i was eighteen pounds in the last four weeks what would make sense that keeping your body healthy would stop the manoeuvres plus i'm just doing everything i can to try to kick this thing healthy again did the boxing accentuated did get worse when you sit here any for the tito fight on a wide and have it then i had had it was
worry but i didn't actually have them i didn't get them in years my first attack was not this past miss but the christmas before we do anything brought it it just tat time and ali this stuff that happened in bosnia the accumulation of punches over the last however many years but the i i i i have spent my brain when i went in for that thing and you know that there's one when you do this for living you know it's like that it's not like you don't know that there's risks i always knew the rest the whole time that i was doing it but it was what i love the deal you know if i could go back and do it all again i wouldn't change one thing while about it down the tito fight but just the brain damage seen in chronic chronic gamblers its there's been a lot of studies on that lately that they don't know why but they visit direct correlation between people who have suffered brandon
a loving began i can tell you this i was again were before i read brain damage i've always loved gambling since i was a kid i grew up in vain his brow i said i should go to the casinos and little east fuckin hang out gesine as one back in the old you get chased out like you do that today that in other so many more rules and regulations in vegas than there used to be when i was there you're too in early eighties like one eighty eighty one stuff like that so you like that the shoah boston by then we moved my family lived and died often we moved vegas when i was third grade so i consider myself really from vegas because that's where i really remind you went back to boss led back to boston when i was seventeen a movie what have i don't really move back i went back and on vacation slackened state i was having a blast back there is like an ominous day so i stayed fox but i used if i to go into the casinos and watch play big money just watch
i play big money watch these guys gonna wholly she was the most money of every sensible fifty grand was the most whatever gambled the most have ever lost in one night a dollar ten ok what's monsieur last one million bucks why did you sleep pretty good alleys though it's been with me for some praising ones how much is it was the most over one six million jesus who six million in a night in box my god is it true that the reason why we don't go back to the palms is because they cut back your gamblin budget because you were kill him i got really seems ridiculous into but that's the way vegas is now but that's how you did they would do that with you but that's the way vegas is now these gave these guys the way economy is still vague as being what it used to be brother you
the wind or try to play big money at the wind and other policies it's fucking crazy we haven't in vegas today there is a wonderful idea i want it there's a shoot out right on the strip wrappers dead and three people are dead whose wrapper eyes name is can eat harry junior wrapper awesomeness kenny clutch of europe of em now mean but yeah there's other where where where did happen at believers ran from the belies you love oh big shoot out happen and people just gotta get shot yet how many people have started on for twenty a m in a valet lot of the area hotel aria hotel what a block away and then the driver was hit the majority continued into intersecting the boulevard and flamingo collide with a taxi which caught fire movie three other people died in it well
holy shit that is free to do remember when the all start the asked our gain dreamed of it is that it is fully created murders zoom out through their i'm telling you i was actually funny cause was the biological when that was there at the palacio and it was just who is may i was like she's just a bad five and there it was weird well how do we re icy week our knowledge is i'll tell you it felt like it felt like the night that we i was at the thyssen wholly feel fight when he can bid is here and all that shit the night to pocket shall yeah do thou fuckin there that night in it was bad and media report how bad it really was people can grab and ships off the table people jumping on top of that on top the tables for when we walked out the fight somebody took in through the program slap them out of the guys hands and people just going fuckin crazy it's weird and people
listening might have been in this situation before especially canadians and shit cause a fuckin hockey but when a right starts to break out it is a creepy weird feeling man but i can't splain it and people open ended will understand what i'm talkin about you free it started to happen and i was like we gotta get them walk out of here man and we are we got out we started it felt like a bad but like a wave come on behind us and just it was goin on everywhere and we just in time before they locked that place down they don't fuck around a vegas man i remember when we were in vancouver and then there was the riots right after we left the hockey ran right that was right after we left was fuckin crazy right because that was the first time there was like real accountability for that shit what they got photos of her but it doing like hey asshole we know who you are and i
after all these guys never like regular college kids these days without i am yeah the other thing we blast you know go into to sell tickets your games man in layaway its awesome what's the best i love doing it so for game seven last time that the legislator celtics but in the championship i was there for game seven dixon when in the whole game they end up losing the end right so we leave and we're leaving and were started dr wait they one right people are jumping on car people started you know your entire i forget not of their people just jump on your fuckin carter and jumping from carter car as we this is crazy so we go over this restaurant astonished the palm and we're gonna go over there and i like it i can always people out alleys laker phantom like data
what's up dana why you're a fucking felt expand our ear i sent her only reflect a watch basket popping up yet again that i wasn't even their game voting getting older i would want you're late or fancy you get me they gave me the fuck out of here today the dodgers beat the shit out of some fuckin kid giants in the autumn well we're not crumble them right he's really really really fucked up that's a thing that fuckin that thing happens after games and allay it happens a lot like cars on fire flip em over and should even if they win its like there confer an opportunity to do something really crazy and fucked up i must add at the last you have sea because you tweeted tickets at monterey bay and there was just as roar coming down the hallway and i turned around and there is probably a good two hundred people running down the hallway mandalay there we ve had some bad situations retweeting tickets i usually try to control it as best i can have the worst ever was in toronto
trot was really scary bad situation up there were people just went fuckin crazy we're china russia and i'm looking down i see these juno's girls in there to get smashed in its breaking fiji big p bought usually ata big people coming my way yeah the last time you want to fight the last time play want to start a fight is in the crowd you have serious social who never who the fuck is in their ninety percent of training so true it's funny because you know you say that i was driving the other day and die and i had one of my body from the car right and i said you see that due to the light and his flock endued with geese guinea is how glasses on fuckin pasty white fucked up here guy look like the biggest in dark you ve ever seen in your life right this is do that you would you now said my body had dude would work here broken ass you realize that rights are going to talk about the fucking driveway
big jujitsu sticker on the back of his car like he goes to want to judge its schools that's one of those dude that like joe lozano more those type a guy's you'd be like or whose the kid that used to fight for us and has a vote yes his him in all the other one that there were two brothers this whole thing was kind like being a nerd that you look like a nerve reduce a bad ass duty and that you came from franklin's place idea the barn cat yeah violent dammit so those that those that look like you know if they setting tb like to know your ass those of the guys little put in a fucking com is look at the ears tandem across macro tandem was glad motherfuckers tough kid what does he do in these days and always was tough so many as in anatomy we ve seen so many finders you how many viruses you guys just cut i think it was like fifteen fifty shares a lot of people got bomb doubted some of them right like fitch people got bummed out of fear if there's if there's one you really want to make a case for its fetch you know remain but this is
nothing new this didn't just start a minnow interest i say i'll start cutting guys guys they cut that every event we have there there's two things for every that there's a list the guys that the car acts are almost up a need to be reassigned and there's a list of guys i'm gettin cut is there a way to make more fights that is the saturation point right now now that i mean that that's what's funny because everybody's like there's two when it finds to fight to get to it what to fuck you talk about twenty fights the tumor football games item as long as we're put not good fights people want to watch them that was one of the big problems with with our or other television deal they couldn't handle our content as we can you d grow we ve got more more content that we need meaning we need to put more fights on tv they couldn't handle the load you mean despite tv radio as opposed to fuel in firefox and far right fox can handle did the
on a fight that we want to do is go to and they have effects on fuel on all the time and it just fuckin fights fuel it is like the f it's like that you have seen network to fuel become awesome fuckin channel if you sit have you ever used to watch fuel back in the old days you now it seemed i guess you know what you want fuel now it's fucking bad ass such a really good now if you love the you have seen here you gotta watch vulcan fuel i was there this pool although the day they had the best of two thousand twelve on news like short attention span theatre just bang bang like highlight reels not even the fight it's better the highlights of these fight so just insanity after its it was so hard to pay attention to pool because it was just like herod kick strangled fuck and take tat boom boom to kay it is its awesome the other thing that they had on
me oh rents were in this meeting in the rents is often sees got this huge fuckin tv over the side right and fuels on and it was like the prides like pride greatest knockouts ever and there were sitting there were or try talking i keep looking over the fuckin tv unlike all shit got about thou into that we are watching the fuckin markets for their way back to the medium like to turn this fucking tv off we can't we came flocking talking here in it is causing in tune with a single currency that all pride because kids we used to watch pryderi went back office was we on the whole building now but it used to be forty two enterprises gordon beers and an eye fuckin broom closet over an aside or for the u and dad we will have this is his dad had this big library was fuckin suppose all pimped out their gordon beers on tap and shed and it was really cool and we used to get go there and we used to watch all the pride fights and so you see those old pride fights you now sir
it's it's one man i was the biggest fuckin sakharov man i was such a huge fan sakharov a huge pride fan you know they offered me the job is accommodating pride before worked for you guys and they for me when i was at your after party deprived people came up to be like to talk to you met again celebrity do commentary for pride but i do come over here as i get the fuck out of here luggage definitely not doing that do it was crazy it i'm really surprised with all the stories that i hear and stuff that i just know myself about pride that more the footman the fighters will talk to me about went down a prime stuff the fuckin happen i'll ever hear talk about a publicly what we had ensign on the pot gas news tell us to hold the accuser connection it was fascinating listen to him tell about what it was like workin back then in our work and for these guys and went with it you know he became like
enzo always coups a guy's got in with all the accuser whose like that's how they run things over them it just that's the that's the price of doing business and pride was just completely into interconnected with it it's it's mean it's part of history you know but you know no more a part of history than the you see you really do you ever stop and think how crazy it is your part of this thing that guy before just sort of exploded onto the the popular culture didn't this before when we were kids there was different martial arts was judo and karate alice shit and no one knew what the fuck was that staying everybody had their own beliefs but have from nineteen ninety three to two thousand and thirteen so this this this twenty year gap that we ve seen we ve seen the evolution of martial arts just completely change and this support just
poor allowed into the mainstream and you're at the front of it that's a wild ride dude that's a wild ride for a regular guy when i met you i was on tv you were fucking regular guy was a boxing manager and all the sudden you're like a celebrity now and you're like a part of the hosts the ultimate fighter but somehow or another you seamlessly sort of smoothly operated through this strange thing but you're still the same guy i appreciate every other word it's fuckin it's fuckin guy is fuck me fuckin table fuckin victor content here the same guy i mean that's the same guy that i could talk to in two thousand one we can have the same conversation mean obviously you you grown you ve learned you ve evolved and you know i'm not saying you like your stunted growth i'm saying you that you are the same no it's not like i don't even know dane anymore you and i've never even had an argument ever and not even close i mean that's that's kind of crazy to hear the same dude yeah but you know that
that you and i have never had an argument is because you're a fucking good guy your ear solid guy you're a fucking stand up guy your word you weren't you fuckin where would you say you gonna do sent me do it you know every however long it is we renegotiate your fuckin contract and we we re up you shit that african call you up and say dude i need a fuck in favour and you do a favor and this time we say dude i need a favor and i'll give you the favourable youtube operate like a fuckin real guy in your real guy to an end that's really all it takes to be whatever but the fact that you say that i'm the same guy means a lot to me and i appreciate that one hundred and twenty one people say that but no that there's a lot of third there's a lot of myths out thereabout me in there's a lot of things that are really true though that the message that is this fuckin tyrant that you know you to go out and destroy people's lives and wants to do this nationals that shit and then those guys who fuck with us
if you want to pick a fight with us right then we're going to walk into my big difference that people understand have to understand that there is a big difference between someone who's an asshole and someone who just doesn't like to be fucked with there's a big difference you're i mean i'm just not just saying this because you here you are remarkably nice person i've seen you deal with fans and this is accusing you possess the poor girl her you know your daddy dude if anybody says anything we're about me your kiss my fuckin ass it lay truth but that situation in you you know you you ve handled the remarkably well remark the bilbao but when you get fucked with
you go crazy and you go overboard there's no doubt about it there's no doubt and i will admit to that that's probably i don't know if i don't know if it's my biggest flaw or my biggest strength i called dana white and it was like i don't know what time it was it was late at night and i said i guess you i guess you're fucking celebrating right now is right after josh barnett piss positive and they canceled the fade or fight and you like i'm gamble and right now what the fuck is going out never that way was yesterday i could say that thing playing cards man ever ass my pocket for important unlike fuck romans call me wet weather fucker broken communist this can't be good so you tommy's like he passed i'm like what created a level i left my fucking chips on the table walk the fuck out of the place i remember collar was shut down required about him over where do terminate it was i heard tolerant what at tat time it was like cournand music with what did i say that night when you call me i said you're fuckin kid me did that's it there done that debt to data that was it
osborne i just kill them there was there it was a lead accede me there's been so many different times over the past or you gone to war with whoever was running whatever organization is trying to fuck with you guys and its end its every guys had the same m o that without without we ve done it with all come out and talk shit about ass they said yeah these guys don't fucking runner right we're actually going to be good to the fighters and treat him good and we're going to what the hell are you talking about the eye fell they wasn't that there the rat that was the fuckin funniest one ever those guys we're fucked where arizona wolverines say her bad teacher budgetary teams and that was fuckin who were well everybody has to try to figure out their own slice of the that one was that one was actually fuck and it is funny but here's what's what's unnecessary to compete i have to talk shit you'd i have to do i mean like i've even her balance or talk shit why would i do but none are now let's be fair here let's be very low that tore his made a couple of snake
offbeat fuckin comments you know i mean in it happens the fucking pr guy over its spike david schwartz he's the fuckin guy he did some can punk ass shit last season and the ultimate fighter and i will do so what he's doing was every time the ratings would come out he would send off the fuck and other media fuckin told me you think they're not gonna fuckin tell me that you dick you know them they tell me what this guy was doing not like our eye what was he doing you sending them all the ratings oh you have its tank in its vulcan tank and also the occasion this young man wider doesn't work now as an airplane its everybody this was when you guys had already been on your way out so no arts so everybody understands when when we found out that we weren't when a deal my mind it is not with ballot or or new york or any of those guys are not my beef his name's bjorn bjorn it's ok it's not my beef with them
that guy's never really said anything he's out a couple of little things that he said you know and in that's that the whole spike in how we wanna there's a guy his name is felipe dumont kay this guy runs viacom via com the two guys run viacom couldn't get along split down the middle but he runs a com which is spike mtv comedy central nickelodeon and all that stuff less moon vest run cbs ok so guy felipe du we start in our negotiations for a new contract and this guy basically says to us are here's the deal signed by to morrow or fuck you what kind of shit that real fast yeah for all those years been in business young and and and i have right working relationship with spike with kevin kay
with doug herzog the guy who runs comedy central and spike this guy's like yeah like you we built you just build another one and in the way that we are like fuck you fuck do you think you're talking to you fucking you don't mean you fuckin built a you have seen you piece of shit no you ve can didn't you know and so we know what more sign with these guys we need more signs so suitors we're not silent we shut the fuck off all the things that we used to be able to do on spike was done six before we even gone right so we go out and start shop around we start talking all the big eyes we doing this deal was with the fox right we'll have done great deal with fox though the greatest guys and world everything's right now these guys start acting like fuckin chris the ex girlfriend you know
we like they wanted us and we went with somebody else no you are they doing now you fucking shit on us this respected us treated us like fuckin assholes and instead you built the usa for the self one guy yeah that one guy you have him on so how's it going to be ahead of viacom has our how that works his real name is filling from fuck a new jersey wiseguy weight of fully dumont sounds like this from fuck in france or some reassurance yeah when israel is names not felipe its phil from its cotton makes pack sizes funny that posters balls out may think like that when but put gentlemen so jerry rice was his name the guy from jerry milon wasn't that with him we're the figures that guy exactly but in fact i would didn't boss written so that that was in his real name like it changes named oh yeah yeah i did i did hear that meet him by now we ve got some the whole thing with your mom yeah eggs i'm glad sick fuck
i wouldn't do that to my worst enemy interviews your mom now they did some low shit man that than the other their competitors and try to do shit it's i've pledge apparent my mama goes low she can get anybody wants to try to whatever it is it's gotta be cute so so we end up doing to steal a fox and these guys start acting like you know we did something wrong to them and in even the guys it's like like david schwartz you know i worked with this guy for six years now you're really going to do that do that's what you're gonna send out these things in imports he's what when people dont know first of all was probably trying to protect his job maybe garlic felipe dumont was tell him to do so now fifthly doesn't packing these need not look uses hours do this they make this decision to buy this thing it and do whatever you know he's not evolved in the day to day spike spent fifty million for shelter i don't know about that another would allow people don't remember with a body do you think that
i don't know how much money the beyond guy put in himself what there were a lot of investors in via coming to go buy out all the investors right what fifty million i don't know you know it depends on what number i dont believe that a number of you think via comes run it now hundred percent so what does bjorn a figurehead those guys those guys are they the majority the company them they're making the decisions over there i'm sure guys over their putney gotta fight and do whenever but let me tell you what that there's theirs the guy over there what the hell is his name there's a guy over there the remember he's a fucking super sharp dude if i come guy over thereby comets double trouble sharpen hubert cameras name i know our suspect for the guy not that i know but i'm i'm so do i look like i'm so bad with names like eyes the guy what with with viacom he's high up guys what's his name talking about another day but this guy
super smart and again here if there's anybody that's involved in trying to figure out how to build this thing he's dead it's in there doing it the eyes of its a fascinating thing to say and i like jimmy smith i think he does a great job you know over ability or and i think they ve got some good fights but it's it's so interesting seeing how the you have seen become like kleenex or you know it's become its become like cuba let me tell you carmelites it's it's not even it's not even that what people yeah i agree but will people don't realises how hard we work at this it's like we we get in that office in the morning and where there are two fuckin late at night and everything we do what were absolute crazy about man and while building the business in dealing with all that that the goofy should that happens every day now fires and things are just have to deal with the fuckin colony union scumbags
all that stuff you know we say who are the business we sat together and do deals in it it's crazy man just never stops thing is like baby that you can't leave alone you have to take care of it twenty four seven years it's crazy motherfucker never sleeps the people another kono business thing folks i know what you're talking about the commentary union is been trying to get the u s he shut down because the you have see his own by super witches by the four teeters who also on station casinos which are non union the coroner union withstand a profit how much the numbers like eleven million a year eleven million a year if they are a thing gets station seen us so they just constantly torment every day every day something goes out the right before i left here there was a flyer that came out where they took a quote from jail zoning and i you know was chair on one of his ran at a q and a
and they they re put together a flyer and they send it out to sponsors television networks everybody they they do this every day and i'm a fucking gold mine for them so i'm in every one of their flyers they created a website about mean everything but it's amazing but it would even listen to me this point time how much pull this account they're losing their loosened tons of respect gather their losers of yeah it's a lot so truly others no doubt in an end as we continue to talk to a lot of the you know the sponsors and television networks and everything happens there they actually stand the union now what gangsterism o dude these guys actually have gangster routes that these guys literally amateur well at the lineage and of the las vegas culinary union i want to get it it would be great for your red gangs telling people and there are literally gangsters as eleven million a year and then go and union and the work the casinos dont want this apparently is other than the case or is exactly that what they say even there's a story even about the m gm how
then the communist some deal with the union so what they do is they let the union coming to the hotel to get people to sign up it took four years no they're in the fucking kitchen you no doubt whether people eat everyday terrorizing the people to sign it's a fucking nightmare me a bad people their bad people will vegas as madame it starts tree then they start like for instance man fuckin mandy more right many more is one of the swedish people could have ever meet yeah one of the nicest fucking people and one of the most unlikely you fc fans on earth right fuckin sweetheart the girl is is it if you ever talk there is not a bad boner fuckin body these fuck a piece of shit scumbags start here bring disney and could you know she did that movie tangled how
you be in business with somebody like mandy more who supports the u f c and did you know that their against gay people in did you know that they did they fuckin hate black people and you know that they hate falcon yellow people and did you know that this that and you know that the guy who runs swears any any any is like a ball nazi and like all this fucking shit they send a tete a tete to disney about mandy more what kind of a fucking piece of shit do you need to be too fucking do that many more is a strange strange place and the fact that that can still exist in a place like vegas vegas has so much old school about it when hamster to that mr straw and these people are so scummy do you like living there don't i do have a video entering about doing a weekly show i think about like the fire like a weekly showed a casino like i could do
smaller casino or like a hard rock type of thing and have some kind of a weekly show what would that be like live now you may live there now can never live gel let me tell you what if you lived in vegas you could set up a shop just like this in our even bigger and better i'd be cheaper there's no axis you know you paint they tax tonight you gonna live in vegas right but when you live there you can stay if in the strap and all that shit not even though you there it's like being near chernobyl you're gonna get that do not get the black reign of us does thou art or lives there deliberate audio syrup is a city that i'm telling you how far do you live how far away the way that you are the way you're fucking built there's no way
i'm probably i live in what's called someone which is probably fifteen minutes with mister i would live in the mountain said after dinner snowmobile to drive down there really taken are you can live on you know my charleston some cool places up their fire ways from vaguest twenty minutes stuck and live there have kids how do you have your kids in vegas mean you don't have any problem with look really you kids being near that that fuckin giant story of sin i grew up pulsating battery of sign i grew up there look look how great i think the fact that i guess if you grew up then you wouldn't be worried about it i'm an alien looking at it from the outside i can't tell you what i love hung over gonna get me the fuck out of here and i can imagine living there we pay less i gotta play some laguna right i got a house in vegas and i a hundred acres and main kay good fucking live you see shit that i've seen happen up remained kids kids get a locked up on drugs at present fuck and sixteen
you name it doesn't matter where you live as long as you stay on top you kids you just gotta stay on thus true ya mean i would imagine at least maybe if they are aware that someone like vegas exists early on maybe they'll be inoculated to the pressures maybe i don't what the fuck fuck i talking about i wouldn't wound on live in vegas but i'd like to week show there simplicity funding that they should do a residency somewhere over the weekend vigilance eater shut up will you do the dutch that's a good room due to hug him now you did a louis and their assured it there's a girl that's it's called smart but it's nice vegas it's it's a palace they still have a lot of good places to common anymore these have they do a lot of shit the mirage the other matter i has re romano they have carried out and james they have tosh that is there
there's a botched comedians there they are pretty good comedy seen laugh factory pen tell it likes it like pen and open for pre well if not i see him every morning is kids the girl seems combined australia and what kind of schools elegant a private school kids like normal kids yeah it's the greatest private school there there's a fuckin freaky private school there to my kids started they're gonna fuck out of amply freon aware the likes of aachen germany nineteen fuckin forty two what do you mean it's just kids aren't allowed to talk at lunch everywhere they walk in the school they have to walk in a single file line fuck you not talk at lunch sing fire wine in vegas you what're you doin here the mast making hookers display of taste good is not back the other way the schools expensive is how right so one day i fucking shop the school they call us in like yahoo sons having trouble reading ok so why
here are trouble written its problem but the how come i pay you for aren't you supposed to be sure saw this conversation there that's cool out day so what was it like saying would you needed you know like like fucking getting one of these a leader schools where you're either so you're fuckin smart and you pick up their curriculum cause they don't really teach was there curriculum there that the kids out the follow these kids in fucking kindergarten get buried in homework it's one of these places where you go there every fuckin mother their face you're fuckin sound back to their ears and out of the report on the fucking diamonds the size of this egg to go into all done up at fuckin six in the morning to take their kids you know last and from alaska logic of that breach hell yeah i'm like
the fuck am i pay you for my own i pay you to teach them how to read you give very angry renew reenact agnes no it's it's a touchy says it i say if you reject it i've how do we get anywhere rhino try school rather entries girl yeah that's what it is you training people for the reiner but that's where you put your kids dawson that school over their school you love it none iguana bangs now move and i just say that you're movement oh i'm trying to get back to the mountain china go go back cholera that's fucking crazy you found out what that's alibi locking up the sabre to tigers in your backyard and show me i'm gonna find if it wasn't for missus rugg and i'll be back there right now in colorado is actually taking place i like it too well for me to its also that dealing with a giant crowds of people do have seas and commonly shows i like
the contrast to being in the woods i like i liked the contrast with both unlike you think it's good for you in the colorado school race the only problem with colorado is you gotta have that one year gotta go through those winners minute their bad colorado when it was not that crazy use other laws dude i'm telling you i'm too old for that shit when i get a vegas and its forty i don't like what i said forty vegas forty in cold because there's no heart at last night a different kind of cold hearted demonic coal has creeps into your email agatha like big some this kid and i like coming in and get now there was another problem is i'm always in town we know if there was any bravo we're always hammered you know from there for the fights it's the place do you know how what i feel that way that's how elections for me oh yeah
like unto away i'm like this places the fuckin devil i live in vegas for christ's sake to raise here lemme get me the fork is later it gives you got drang yet so you're avoiding al gore completely now while so went sherman we'd just i've been trying to six weeks you can get medical marijuana medical from a doktor was never been into it would have been don't wait and you write the fuck out like one like lightyear equilibrium all that shit you're vertigo so so if it did that you'd have to be high yes i can't do it now on trust me you would love it before hammer try right now i'm through all optimal there's no such thing you know just fuckin take a week off whenever we got you will shut
let me know when you ready you know when you get a fucking here s one day you like listen i can't take this take we somewhere good or bad i felt a little child like if you don't do it don't do it anyway i don't do what the two this mother fucker bring a grab and put you on hard furs they're gonna go slowly maybe that's what i do is get the tooth hi i'm telling you right now wait to every fuckin thing i do with this guy it's unbelievable why is like my little kid but such a personalities whenever round it is bound to have a sort of say what there's never fucking day that you wake up the tooth in a bad mood to ever has a bad day never like four what's the matter to what you have said today that aids is a pocket he's never never listening to this in the park just going what he is talking about who the fuck is the terrain scan him nick
good do we talk like we're talkin about fucking you now brad pitt or something exactly everybody should know the two we get around this thing out because it three hours and we turn into a pumpkin we finally did it we finally proposed was three hours while our desire to plus two dividing anything see out like well that's my skill dana why unlike my skill is i can get people to talk for long periods of time be comfortable you are a talented motherfucker joe i i'm not talented but i'm good at the things that i'm good at talking i think it's ugly little talk and shit i'm a professional chautauqua because on us shit talkin to and between this and comedy that's what makes when commentary so easy so before rapid she had all the things that the fans wanted to hear what asked what else that they want to announce a fuck what they want is crazy assholes they want to know due to worry shoe cruel to foods war you learn to cross the fans and light on what an eyes and actually said that there was one of the things that i tweeted he this is
was i lie about eggs listening vetches liar i am probably the most fuckin honest guy did that could you know his acquaintance i can't tell you guys everything all the fucking time i know you love to leg torture to people on twitter so fine this guy's name is sunny said jesus you can try retweeted it it says as dana how often who lives on purpose to the media in the that was a tweet at all the things you get past we ask so of course me in an area does the one guy respond as other people there is they ask me some legitimate questions not you're right i'm a man i ignore it stated this guy seljouk someone need a hug you know it's funny to the one thing about twitter that you'll always notice you get the guy that starts talking fucking shit randy saying all this crazy shit you want you to find out more
but the scale and click on his fucking it's the guy who's got a fucking shirt off waxing right if it has got to fork and followers and i know he's telling you what a fuckin do you are here right so the then you get this guy this guy today fuckin glasses the whole thing it looks like you know and as by talking shit dominions bio it says he the girls like to bring home to their parents and you know i'm faithful and i'm cute and question are you what can seriously talking shit with with that's when you wrote down your fuckin bile dude i'm willing to smash you u famines abloom nasty is gay shit written to me by christians by suppose it can christians like you look the thing that god love and christian god god bless america god bless the usa and you
queer homo logical carlos carnage deck grandparents ugsome dead ball rider thank you for jesus make up your mind you fuck i go there's a couple years ago i asked you joe and i saw cyborg fighter some like that and i was like with u s he ever get females in it and you are like what's never lie i have for a long time what made it changed because i am i am i think it's the greatest idea ever run arousing arousing when i met her i saw some are fights that i met her and then we sat down and talked one day elderly jesus christ she's a marketing gold mine in she's fuckin the jet she's sula judges is farc and she's angry she's angry man doesn't mangled sheriff euralia she really is angry is also growing when you meet her in really fuckin hang out with this girl is a fuckin tissues
and look at that car use of finisher look that card we oughta cheetah versus dan henderson great fuck and fight dan henderson the only guy to ever hold to wait classes consecutively the one hundred eighty three and the two and five pound title the same fucking time and pride taken only yoda cheetah form a light heavyweight champ in one of the top two or three light heavyweights on the planet earth without a doubt and then you josh near versus court magee so cormick he's gonna want seventy so that those are those of those there i think i'll is is that one ankara designate already cormick he's a grey fuckin fight will doubtless nazi affects one is the main event for the premiums the coroner inside iran and sharp au revoir johnson yet ethics so court may geese drop down to one seventy is that what it is must be mean josh nearest going up to one eighty five right right am i right you're right mri ethics near so big fuckin kid once every huge you know and huge his indeed aids is staggering that guy's got incredible endurance you know ye runs like like
five million miles was fuckin wait there's time is an animal that's a fund fight it's a great fight and then so is josh costs check lawlor excited verify that fights gonna be fine gone crazy what else is on card we gotta go we got a rap major varn in favour of many of our favorite that's flying in under the radar that's a great fuckin find many of our fate or fate or are they depart be mile ivan many of our fought gs p the first sight of his fuckin career he weighs a hundred thirty five pounds ok me he would fight favor he would fight fate or if you looked up ivan many of our fate or he would fight him this is a great card man i'm fuckin prompt and that's this weekend in that's seven p m eastern ten p m insert anaheim if you're in l are there any tickets available the second is the great part is it's all the gipsies man there's like
as a few hundred cheap tickets that the cheapest tier nearly was what we needed when you don't sell it's usually that metal tier themselves are the cheapest tech itself the things can be set up while it's a great hard to on top of that there is the effects fights as brennan schaub first laval johnson that's crazy fuck and heavyweight fight that's gonna be a great fight i can wait see that holy shit and that's the so the premiums they start facebook dinner on effects and then of course the main card is on paper view robbie lawlor verses josh cost a crazy fuck and fight court magee versus josh near that's a great josh nears when my favorite guys unlike what's that kid finally turn ever in a boy's awesome he's gritty is far grandkids he's a savage message of our and favour is gonna be fantastic than a coarse hair cinema cheetahs a fuckin amazing fight i can't wait to see that fight and i can't wait to see iran iraq rhonda rousing cartouche list com
is about as bitch do she's really have kids really are both tough it's gonna be fantastic lord man she throws crazy unorthodox she had spent an hour bows fly unease in her round and round his neck and she knows is a huge opportunity she's gonna go for brooks is its be chaos data white guy we're friends nato rather than a levy do i folks that's it shows over go fuck yourself thanks to dot com for supporting the plot gas go to an end i t use the code name rugged save yourself ten percent of any and all supplements this weekend this friday night i'm at the where my anaheim what is called them the grove the grove and anaheim which ideas that's tomorrow night there's a few tickets available those less than a hundred as of today and brian was a big show in san diego march fourteenth go to american comedy code dot com it's in san diego
watch around my friends so that's it for this week next week we got we got some great ship coming up next week we got dan carlin this coming next week and where are we where are we yeah dan carlin yeah he's on monday and then we got donkey and on tuesday eddie any harm on wednesday is getting on a guy from vice maximov sweet cool fuckin do real excited to have him on and then next weekend weren't columbus cincinnati on friday night columbus on saturday night tickets available vultures are free
we love the shit out of me i will see soon thank you
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