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2013-03-13 | 🔗
Shane Smith is a Canadian-American journalist. He also is the co-founder and CEO of the international media company VICE. Shane Smith, Brian Redban - 03/13/2013
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now hello freaks we on i don't see a show to make silly ustream what the fuck is going on ladies and gentlemen yeah today's broadcast brought to you by on it dot com that's o n n i t um we just started getting these new things in that are not weapons okay and uh brian keeps accusing them being weapons just because their clubs and mason just because it would really help you if the if the apocalypse went down and we went back to sword fighting okay you would want to one of these steel maces that we're carrying around these days we're selling these club tools and steel maces and of course kettlebells all these things are is functional strength equipment and there's two things that are super important to know when you're doing any kind of weight lifting one is
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the same is working your whole body in one as one group that's what kettlebells bells are all about that with steel maces maces all about and we have medicine balls and those kind of activities or activities that translate into everyday life and esports so that's the kind of shit we sell along with different the best protein powder you can buy hemp force protein powder different supplements brain supplements in during supplements immune system supplements all literally best shit we can get our hands on we sell it to killer bee honey we don't give a fuck ok we're selling killer bee honey were jacking killer bees taking their hunting and selling it and if you go to anit dot com and use the code name rogan you save yourself ten percent off any and all sub it's this thursday night in san diego california that's tomorrow yeah right tomorrow tomorrow night uh brian is going to be at the american comedy company with a bunch of really funny guys that are friends of ours like tony hinchcliffe who was fucking hilarious really one of my favorite young guys coming up jason
vivo and awesome due to very very funny comic to billyball now another very funny comic and yoshi so you guys have a hell of a show and it's one of the coolest clubs in southern california that american comedy comp sweet little spot down in san diego if you listen to this in here in la we gotta show tonight at the pasadena icehouse it's our should fear ian edwards and me and it's going to be at one thousand o'clock so that's if you now few hours for now change this year more fixing to get we're gonna get jiggy with it going to throw it put it down i would just like to say whatever uh powders what is this uh huh
sharks already the job will gain experience jane smith please gentlemen the powerful shane smith of vice dot com one of my favorite human beings face of the earth you are here sir it is a pleasure thank you i was just gonna say whatever powders and and supplements you're selling i'm buying because you're jacked little you know do again looking very sad all right when i got a cattle get some sun i haven't i was saying you haven't done jujitsu in several months because of my back and i feel i've never felt better amazing taking time
how much it just doesn't body grape so brutal and just it breaks you down so it's so like everybody who doesn't always walking around like something elbow your knees fucked up your ankle jack you should've taped your wrist is fucked up like everywhere you go but it's sort of it's so much fun like to do it people like to sacrifice sacrifice parts of body body up to a certain point the spine is a real issue that's a scary one right back issues or how's your spying let's find it's a minor bulge and it's getting better through doing this disc decompression therapy with hook you up to machine and they like it's like this slow pulling and pushing it's slowly like separates your spine right now it's only like nineteen pounds which sounds like a lot but it doesn't feel like anything back talk is so hot right now doing a lot of backtalk lately
i don't know why man it's on my mind i know i fucked up my back but it's supposedly the bottom left is fucking killing me and beating my intestines or there's something wrong with my back you got aids son yeah might be that's where it starts it starts right thank you rub maps you know boss really scared the shit out of me the other day that scared the shit out of his arm scared the shit out of me the bosses had to neck surgeries and he's not getting signals to his right arm so his right arm shriveled up we just recently fuse three of the discs in his neck so this there's a second surgery he's had on his neck and then the other day is arm failed on him so there's another blockage so they have to go in and figure out where the nerves are blocked that's you can pick up a gallon of milk that yeah it was yeah i have a a friend of mine who i have a place in history to little sir second he went over on a wave and broke his neck in in the water broke is a shame i was like what and about three years ago in the exact same place went over came up like
rub my face off like on the on the bottom and and my neck hurt i went into get cash in there like yeah you have a hairline fracture you broke your neck three years ago and i've just been walking around going yeah my next a bit stiff you know my god how badass are you no it's actually enact whatever i say is fucking listen there for like four months can i can't really move it but you know whatever i'm not a pussy just walking around with a broken neck but the other thing is i would use your fucking kettle bells whatever you journey we could just this could just be talking about all of our ill i have a omit headed home and headed flesh eating parasite my colon why whites from where well i was supposed to get my hernia yeah we like in does have my hernia x right and so i was scheduled for surgery to get my hernia fixed and then i into a tropical disease doctor in like no no no no if
push on that journey you've fucker living in your bowels and if if it if it push it onto it will perforate your bowels and you could die because this fuckers way and in there eating your flesh whoa whoa there's something alive inside of you not like more i took lots of pills but it's like alien how big was it wow
i am i'm going to be honest i did look at my for three weeks because i was like i didn't want to see the fork why why would you want to know what that looks like you've been all of you say that you've been to karachi a nightmares are made you say that but these you say that but these things these things that make me not want to go anywhere yeah there's not a army of human cheap me from looking at that i would have to note that thing growing in my yard you would not go anywhere man that's that's so scary that's one of those things but like the that show what what is that show that either the hidden enemy or something like that where people get parasites the how may i forget the name i wouldn't want to see it either because i can't see that that she will be don't see it i don't want to see it now each time you go to anywhere and have a glass of water or like eat anything you just sing in fact i just got another one of those in my car lying how to how can you test for this click yeah i feel like i've had a milieu you should go because that i had bad sushi once elected you should be they usually go because the you get a rotor rooter go up there and use
like there's some amoebas or some shit going on this one is an extra you allowed to beat off while they're doing if you just listen to the doctor and the doctors were like ninety years old but they won't even notice but have you been to read maps and they might have this on but it was ah it was apparently quite a special special parasite so i didn't i didn't want to see large the large and they look uh you know they look they look bad they look like an alien and so like the alien the alien right like the fucking each geiger hr giger yeah oh my god dude what the fuck well you know you're getting old when you're like i can't get my hernia operated on because the fuck and parasites are too big that's not you know you're getting old you know you've got food looked on the side of the road in the strangest parts of the world it's actually kind of amazing that you're as healthy as you are when you consider all the different naughty places any john you know
we're let's not blow each other the idea of eating food and all these different places that are never bother you before you had this parasite you know stupid lee i i eat street mean aidid fact you know of argan as well they're doing it you'll do it right bob's in afghanistan their dollars as you know and then what are they who knows right well i remember somebody said to me the first i want to have gas in there like don't whatever you do don't drink the green tea 'cause they give you green tea everywhere you go yeah but the problem is if you refuse the green tea it's sort of like in a front alright why why would you not drink the green tea because the water is very bad and maybe they didn't boil it and so it's very very bad for you and but you if you say no it's like saying fuck you right right you gotta
so savages about boiling water so listen this little owl who be friends here we could be friends here who knows what it is but i need to say how you mother fuckers make you take basically it's the same thing like when i was in sudan they give you these like drinks like pomegranate but they've had just add water to it and then like you can't it's really bad to say right and and and you're just like i can't say yes to anything and then explosive diarrhea is that what it is well is it worse i i actually the tweets that i get most response are like shane's law which is you know the more you need a toilet the ratio is directly proportionate to you know how bad that toilet will be so for example when you have explosive diarrhea in west africa guess what that toilet is just ropes of shit and piss and whereas whereas in sweden when you're having one lovely beautiful log and in one white wonder you have perfect beauty
well clean toilet the smell of jasmine and so it's it's literally like murphy's law shane's laws you know how bad you need to take a shit is directly proportionate to how bad that told it's going to oh yeah those truck stop toilets truck stop toilets in west africa and what it must be like just holes in the ground right well actually there's so bad you can actually get i personally can't even get into the room so i'll go outside into the bush is jesus christ people are so fucking gross at uh our lowest level were so disgusting you're at a concert to go to a port a potty and giant line of people shitting into a bucket of blue water just a bucket of blue water we're all pretending it's okay and as we walk up with dry you would have figured a lot of our technology we could have figured out something bad the only guys who really got it sussed to the japanese because they have know music and
fragrances and spray heated rings and they're really into their sort of pleasure yeah yeah yeah yeah they truly are but the people that have to shit into a hole in the ground well hold on the ground would be better then better then than then then a toilet that's just fucking overflowing yeah that's true yeah that's been baking in the sun having shy one as long as it's a nice deep hole but then you worry about losing your watch like it's free to accidental not us i don't know what you're doing down there if your watch as a freak wiped out actually oft he hit a route near the hole or the windows sinkholes because you think all right away that's a very good point very good point that single thing florida freaking out that scared the shit out of it that's a terrifying thing yes
their fucking house just a whole opened up underneath it and apparently it happens so often in florida that you have to get insurance for if you have homeowners insurance but that's a good horror movie that's a crazy place to live man that is the craziest place to live there's a big slum in mexico that was built on and the reason why i was a dump was because magically if you put your garbage there with his beer because because it was a swamp like this and so they they kept disorder dumping stuff and then as the garbage got got hired they sort of started building houses on and now now like a hundred thousand people live there it's like a city but it's on on on garbage on the dump but the the the garbage was in a sink hole so every once in awhile they won't just have one or two houses don't have like ten houses just hope you
christ just fall through the area what the fuck yeah and it's weird how you weird in uniform the holes look have you seen how it's like someone bryant pull up some of the photos because you can't believe it i think the big one was in guatemala where it started swallowing up entire blocks it's insane it just doesn't look real looks like a horror movie it's like all the sudden where your house is a cliff going down and everyone's walking around the edges looking down not knowing when it's going to expand it is going to expand if it's going to stay that way permanently and uh look at that look at that june come on that looks like a fucking meteor came from the moon and slammed into the earth we went to one of those in libya where they they actually have like cars or whatever junk cars and they throw it in
because you can't hear it land it's so deep that you can hear it land so they like a thing it's like oh you're here let's go throw something into the bottomless pit how could they stand near that thing should they be sure that's back there we we through like some know metal rods we listen and you literally can't hear it hit that's how deep it is my balls hurt would you just saying that my ball started hurting my ass crumbly and uh i'm squeezing my toes what the fuck man why does that happen they don't know right there entirely sure is that the case please of writing and acting aliens land in it and then they called it a single only the alluvial clay is is is it's a lot of cities are built on beside rivers and those rivers used to be bigger and so there's this alluvial clay which is unstable and it just sinks down
sinks down like a hundred two hundred feet sometimes what the fuck man there's a big one there jesus christ at least see the bottom of that one look all those people standing over there what the fuck are they doing anywhere near that thing who knows what's going to happen in around next fall uriel for medusa will just when it comes to the earth swallowing you yeah you know there's spots where that never happens as they go to those spots where you live in la i mean you're really battle shake a little rock and roll will be fine shitting what happens out here oh look at that city just big hole in it now that i said it never happens you know it's common that's a pretty and people going to blame maine wow look at that whole holy fuck yeah you know a single floor dwelling very important a good move if you can afford it i think that's really the safest thing and make sure your house is up to code
build it into like a mountain side like doctor know it's very possibly is going to get fucked up it's really all about staying alive and you i think really realistically you gotta think if you live here it's very very possible that every couple decades or so the fucking cracks the foundation of your house your plumbing is spring water into the street and your powers out for a month you got to be willing to a u s at our yes paas are you a proper no no i'm per shared slightly i'm prepared for like a few a few months of bullshit but i'm not like stock and dried meat or anything buddy i just think that there's no way that with all the possibilities of natural disasters that we really don't take into consideration because the extent of our
history of like what we really know about what's taking place on the earth and the amount of devastation that can occur over an enormous period of time billions and billions of years where all these unique events which have been documented throughout history where they're just need to understand what caused certain geographic features and what kind of cataclysm if any of your rights and on up over a russia right now we just have to after that well i'm i'm nice i would say i'm not a proper but i will say this you know in in northern and they have these millions of millions of lakes like fresh water is nobody on them you know we can get to them all right and you're like if you have a few bucks stashed away and you can build like a you know a cottage on one of these fuckers with pure water and start about you'd be stupid not to because if shit goes down right and you've got this lake in this thing and it's hard to get to and all this stuff then then you can get the fuck up there it's just it's like hedging your bets you're just hedging your bets in and the thing that only
with but that is if she does how the fuck you get up there that's the issue well i think you should have a little bit of food at your house and you should also try growing your food if you can if you have a small patch in your backyard you'd be amazed what you can do with like pots we started growing our stuff in pots just like large pots and you can grow like big vegetable plants you can get a lot of vegetables just from your garden what we were we were we were doing this story on the world the sinking you know we went to the mall these went to venice went to green land and then we were in new york city an accent to view the deputy merrin and i i said you know who you know sandy hidden and it was bad but you know wasn't it was it was pretty fucking bad like i was outside of my house you know waste time
you had a video of you standing out a side wanted was a by the hudson yeah and the right by my house said brats are just floating down hundreds of rats are shooting by but in a current can you pull that video up because that the images and yeah and a current same sex are for and rats what is the video what what was the name of it well that's for the h b o shows we have released yet but you showed yeah i showed you can put it on what about the people the good people out there the folks that are not approved but yeah the hudson went to to to to west broadway and and i was in there doing the stand up and and all all these know rats are going by and whatever but the thing what's interesting about new york was that it fucks a pretty bad but the fact is there was no gas you couldn't get gas nor i mean you know you're right it was it was like line up to get gas the whole city you know sort of shut down gas why people trying to get out and then you realize
like one centimeter away from everything fucking collapse because you're like a sure i got my fucking bolt hole candidate on the lake that stocked with guns and peas and seeds and then you like how the fuck am get there when there's no god damn gas right now and by the way you know you can't get out of the blue ages and you you can't get out the tunnels the tunnels are fucking flooded and at that point you're sort of saying well i don't know what your problem for but something bad like really cataclysmic happens we're fucked so in the meantime have some fun yeah have some fun is good be nice that's good too so that when the shit hits the fan people want to show you where their basement is with their canned tomatoes you know you could develop a real sense of community would actually kind of something refreshing if you could actually ensure that you weren't going to get attacked by roving boards outlaws and have given up on society and it started robbing people but if we could
if we had something to not necessarily something that kills much people but something that gets everybody scared enough to bond together we're really getting dark no it's really dark man we're like we went from zero to sixty year brother i don't even think it's getting dark i really don't brother let me tell you i don't i don't think it's getting dark that's how you used to see it used yeah it used to be communities banded together to defend themselves from everybody else is trying to fuck them up that's the history of mankind why were fighting all the time is because they were there is only a certain amount of carrots and they're trying to get your carrots and you gotta defend your carrots and your kids can eat so it wasn't continual warfare and that was the community all supporting each other that's also why we have this tremendous desire to be around each other this to men tremendous desire for community for fellowship
a part of our dna this why one of the worst things a person can be punished with a solitary confinement zachary drives them nuts is we have a little you guys literally drive some notes on what i said just like you because you're canadian and i want to cover it's it's there's a rific thing that happens to the mind when it's tortured without human contact is you you long for it yeah because we really are not individuals over were of we're favors would pretend that were rugged individualists so that we push forward you know an ego and a and a legacy and a and in and conquered all that nonsense but at the end of the day you you must be around other people that's true the worst it isn't you know i'm so i'm you please now please i said it already am verbose well my thing is you know where
where i learned species we learn most things but we are hard wired for three basic things which is survive which is why people commit suicide they figure crazy because you're going against your hardwiring so to survive procreate right so we're hardwired to procreate and protect the project so at the end you sit there and say okay if you're talking about protect the progeny history makes sense because that means if you're in these villages everyone sort of intermingled you know like your cousin and me and we're in and everybody kids are there and they're all pointing so then would fight to the death to protect the progeny it's hardwired into our spinal fucking right so so that's why we have this innate desire to form these unity and to protect these communities and that's been the history of humankind and it's only when sort of the nation state came and sort of had these super national entities of guaranteed security theoretically that
politics and modern in the modern form started but before that it was just about we're going to protect our village yeah i think if we and figure out how to truly recognize that all all people that can speak english and that follow a certain ethic just to just to be cool old people and just be friendly and be nice to people just that attitude alone if that is possible to change if it's possible to peel people psychologically enough to where they don't lash out at others like for whatever reason for their own mistakes for their own insecurities for their own fucked up childhood that they had no control over whatever it is that caused a week figure out a way to communicate with those people and settle everybody the fuck down i think you can make a tremendous difference in how this world is run i mean we're literally that close to it we we the number one thing that was missing throughout all of human history was the really for all of us all of us to have a say all of
to be able to express ourselves and all of us to connect all of us to figure out how to get information to with no boundaries as far as like countries and time limp zones in an internet connections it's so free now that i feel like there's never been a time like this before where people might have a chance of taking a step back it's just overcoming the amount of momentum that's behind as far as tradition and government and rules and regulations and how we've always done things and but if we could ever we can just relax if everybody could just relax and understand that there's no secrets anymore as far as where the bill comes from where the money goes or whether it's not everybody can prosper there can be a way where instead of being insanely overbalanced where the money is going to these foreign banks and all this crazy shit you guys would be happier to you super rich guys if you
less money but no evil karma to go with it i'm not you i'm talking about banker type characters you're a banker and you're one of those evil cunts that has a house in the hamptons and you have you know these people that are around you all the time when you've made a one billion dollars by finn going your way through wall street you just this maniacal gordon gekko type character you failed you you got into a crazy game and you sort of decided that the numbers were more important than people and some how somewhere along the line you figured out a way to manipulate it to the point where you're like
school what was his name to do marty made off pretty made often we bernie made office or were you just you don't give a you just stealing money from the system i only you now i definitely agree with you that look it's all within our own i think somewhere along the line we forgot that it it's in our power to do yes it's it's up to us to do and and i think that you know humans generally are capable of of and really you know i mean you see heroes every day and incredibly sort of heroic feats and and communities sticking together and humanity sticking out of stuff we're also sadly capable of the most disgusting shit do you can fucking possibly imagine and the problem that i have with what we're doing advice now with our news and what we're doing with the hbo show is you know we're going out into the world and we're seeing all this shit and you're like holy fuck were fucking do some really really bad shit and i think that as people do bad shit
it collectively brings humanity down right when you're using child children six hundred and seventy eight years old to be suicide bombers or assassins that's collective bringing humanity down and i believe what we have to do is we have to stop that up we cannot let that fucking go on because because of modern day politics what happens is these kinds of of of his crimes are being you know sort of perpetrated all the time now and it's it's it's it's detrimental to humanity as a as a as a whole unquestionably no i think no one call the the the real question is how to go about doing it and is is the the threat of that is it is it is it cold they did but you can't do it but you can get you can't do it militarily that's the problem because it's like apocalypse now and
and they're like you know we went in an articulated this is fiction but we but we went and knocked me to the arms and then the the you know the the viet cong came and cut the arms off and they're like you know when he's going crazy is saying you know how we're gonna win against that these are the kinds of things that we are capable these are the kinds of things that are happening today that's fiction that well i mean it's it's fiction within the movie but you know when it's three why i brought it up is i was actually when i was interviewing the taliban and they were telling me about that they were going to continue to use child suicide bombers all i could think of was you know this quote from the movie of if they're going to off the arms of their own children because they were in occupies by the americans then you know how can we win against that and i was thinking if they're going to send their own kids to be suicide bombers and how we're going to win against you deaf we can't do it militarily because then it's just a it's one upmanship who could be worse who can
the other guy at the most and you know about this in any kind street fighter okay well you're beating me with fists and i'll use a bottle when you're using a bottle news at night for using a knife i use a gun well that's why i always tell people like avoid conflict at all costs always comes first of all i don't want to be mad at me but it's going to be crazier than ups and will not only that nobody likes it when you kick their ass it's not like they forget that no they make you their sworn enemy and they want to come back and get you and uh lot of times those situations where you make an enemy for life could have been avoided if you went out of your way to be whatever more apologetic friendlier nicer understand his point of view and then he probably would concede a little bit too and then maybe get a drink and then maybe it could be friends i mean there's a lot of moments like that in life where go one way when you get in a fistfight with someone that was totally avoidable but maybe you were in a shit mood because your girlfriend just dumped you or maybe you know he said
something that he wished he didn't say but he's fucking twenty two and you say stupid shit you don't even really mean it you don't even know what the fuck you're doing you're just making noise with your mouth and practicing being a person and next thing you know you've got an enemy for life yeah other thing is is you know it's a game where psychopaths win and and that you know and i'm pays to be a psychopath in what situation because you know you see you see guys you're going out there and you know you're in a fist fight in the back alley into and then you know i was in the place one time where there's a fist fight in the guy sucked out a guy's eyeball but then this with a steep because he's because he's a psychopath and you sit there and go well there's always going to be somebody willing to take it to the next level and then hey could you saw them it was in a place where i was i saw the aftermath of was and actually it's it's a it's a famous uh what they call firms in the you know football hooligans
yeah it was a hooligan move with a date with a pound in the the second it's i don't want to hide it it's it's a it's a move that the that they use it in a football match it the fighting of the firm so like if you're manchester united versus manchester city and they hate each other they have these fight jesus fucking christ how naughty are we man that people in england can't even get along with people in england well that's the whole thing like that that's just goes back to the village mentality too which is i'm from this village i hate that guy from that there's some tough mother fuckers from the uk or some type of mother fuckers anywhere there's all over the world but there a certain like this a london toughness you know there's a whole u k toughness what is it like where you come from i always say the tough for like the actually the poor of the neighborhood the tougher the fighter often because they're fighting for and a conservative member barry mcguigan ira fucking roberto durant fuck yeah roberto durant because he wasn't as good he wasn't as sugar ray leonard he was not as good of a fighter he was not as fast you didn't have the time but he had the
art and he wanted to win and he meet him and you know and i went back and forth obvious well he fucked up in the second fight you know he went from the first fight that that duran was an animal that was a street animal an his boxing was it was underrated he just had a very unconventional style like he would pool with the left he didn't have a stiff left jab the way leonard did like lender would stick you duran paul with the japanese have more of a range finder but he was very clever manner by tied by then he'd already far can be can and you will also find a was the original and took a lot of he up can be can with low blood blasted him right in the deck like to read was an animal man there was a a story where they went to panama wants to interview him about something it was like for like sports illustrated section and while these people were talking to him he picked up a cat by the tail as the root against a wall and smashed its head and there were like whoa
what the fuck that's very like he was just so he was savage i mean he literally a was a wild man i mean it became eventually like a brilliant boxer as he did eloped as a man and after he went through the no ma situation you know for people don't know you don't fall boxing he quit in the second fight and he beat leonard in a really tough fight in the first five very close fight really why build amazing fight even to this day the standard of that fight is very very high like you could picture the diran of that error fighting like floyd mayweather and having an amazing fight there's it's not like looking at old football players or old mixed martial artist really hotly contested yeah little high level stuff and then the set fight duran got fat he had a hard time making the way he apparently likes struggled to make the way like a big steak and it
alan orange juice and got really sick and yeah and then there was also speculation that he was told to throw the fight the people had bet on it but he looked era he just didn't learn any quit and then after he quit man kindle latinos the all the people it supported him all the spanish speaking world were so upset 'cause he was this my ah choo oh fucking savage representative of everything i mean just quit for no reasons like no mas no mas like nothing is fine like you know how much we fucking paid to watch this so he was crushed for years and years and it was sad i watched him fight like you know it's like all the sun he just look like this doughy version of who we used to be and then he came back but davey moore if that remember that fight that was he was underdog soon who's in his late 30s i think he's like thirty six and in those days
back in that day it was like that was really fucking told like thirty six like bernard hopkins just won the title at forty eight but for in the wednesday thirty six was old as fuck but he box this shit out of davey moore and he thumbed him in the eye more importantly he swore up one of his eyes and he couldn't see the he just didn't never overcome adversity that where he was in with the guy he really couldn't hurt the guy was just clever i have to get out of the way of all this shit and land a little bit a little bit more in a little bit more and as the rounds progress you will also my god i'm getting beat up like it's just like this slow like beat down that he put on him that was that is such a wild thing to see i love a guy that comes back i love a guy that's like his life's in the toilet and then he bounces back george foreman george foremans a fascinating story i remember when he made his comeback is thirty six years old and he was over three hundred and thirty pounds something crazy like that like rotund
yeah i love this i love this fighting style which is sort of like a weeble wobble but they don't fall down it just sort of rock back and forth and he'd keep his left way out there like this 'cause this was what was coming yeah well all of it was coming he could knock not with anything he had like hams for fists that guy use incredible specimen but he went into four years of heavy depression only ali fight yeah was brutal fight for him 'cause he was first of all it never been he never encountered that kind of psychological warfare when allie was like dad benson and screaming to the cameras and diverse you've seen the documentary on that when we were kings amazing amazing documentary and if all he had retired after that fight ah man maybe it's silly around to talk about shit today you know maybe we could have him on the podcast you know i mean i mean he he he really gotten to the point where he
his his illness kicked in like it does now it's so sad to watch like his later it's well taking taking the the beating that you know foreman you know the and i seen the doctor country when they say you know he was continues taunting him and finally forming just let him have it they said and then you saw the fear in alleys eyes then you saw holy shit what have i done here yeah but then he lasted it through and then boom came back that was just a wheel a battle in a rope a dope style nobody saw that coming against the gallic forming and you see him like hitting that heavy bag just putting a hole in it you're like you're taking that to the ribs to the kidney there's a guy name of our johnson to fight in the ufc right now who is freakishly strong like that like he's got that ridiculous kind of power it's a huge guys about two hundred and fifty
i think it was two hundred and sixty for his last fight and he fought brendan schaub we just kept taking him down brandon father real smart fight 'cause he's just too dangerous standing up he just knocks out everybody he's so fucking pow for me i mean he's not the most technical guy in the sport but it for sure he's one of the hardest punches hits you you're and everybody just to scramble in to grab a hold of this guy in drag him to the ground as quickly as possible he just got that thing and there's a few guys like a george foreman type guys they just have that thing like they can hit you way harder than you can make them twice and everyone would watch for his right kids would not get it and then he's not going out with his left tyson had not happy but it just was unrivaled the ferocity and speed and the ruthlessness like if you want the market rate retry him in prime when he was still up in in vermont and you know brian pull up the marvis frazier fight pull up
mike tyson versus marvis frazier cousin opinion this was the scariest i've ever seen a human being be in my life i remember i was like i think it was probably like eighteen or something i was watching this at home on tv me and tyson just destroyed marvis frazier in the most violent fight i had ever seen in a box in my and i thought to myself back then i think if there's one person that would be the most terrifying person to be encountered with it would be mike tyson like that adds it's ever lived watch this fight i mean he just marvis frazier was like a top heavyweight contender tyson just step to him and just started fucking will lasting him dajing punches got him in this corner right here and this is the end right here while bing bing
being being baby thing that's all before he can fall down here he's already unconscious tyson hits him four times more before he even gets to the ground it was it was like an assassination yeah when i was watching tyson i was like no one's ever gonna be not for ten in a beating himself well you know what it is man it's a it's a bunch of things first of all that that once you've gotten there it's got to be a very strange and uncharted place in your mind and in your ability of in writing protested land in living in this place also twenty something years old anybody be live in you know he'd he'd been trained you've been taken out of rounds i have been taking a reform school even train yes i one of the greatest trainers of all time you know adopted this effectively by and more importantly customer was one of the greatest psychological trainers of all time and he he saw in him he said he's the greatest raw talent of ours and he would custom otto would say things that to this day there's
you can have a short precise point that an athlete can digest and take with him as he steps out of the locker room and into the ring that actually can help and custom otto said one of the most brilliant things that i've ever heard when it comes to being terrified in the face of combat and in the face of a fight he said that every man experiences fire and that fire can cook your food it can keep your house or if you let it get away it can burn you to the ground and you have to decide how to take care of it a coward in the hero feel the exact same thing it's just the coward falls the pressure where the hero figures out how to manage it and overcome it and act rises to the occasion and keeps it together so for custom model like he had studied like he had studied psychology and he had studied so aspects that are crucial to success in that crazy
the isolated type of a sport where you kind like tyson loses needy young energetic physical specimen just just filled with anger and rage and not getting enough love and all the sudden is yoda motherfucker comes out of the catskills it's one of the greatest sports stories in sports history it's sad the way it ended it isn't sad mad it's not sad he's alive he's fine tyson's doing these story uh shows with dana white told me it's fucking fantastic he goes on and he tells these wild stories about his life and spike lee directed it it's apparently amazing so it's not sad it's inevitable there's no way you can keep beating people up and that's happy b
it's always sad for the people you beat up i mean there is no happy ending if you beat the fuck out of people for the rest of your life is no happy ending there's a bunch of sad endings this your happy ending you're happy you get to retire undefeated yay no i had never had to take it dished it all out tonight everybody like rocky marciano everybody was the big deal that rocky marciano reached whatever it was forty six or thirty nine oh and every like marciana was the only one to retire undefeated that's almost unfair right right it's almost unfair you know i'd like to retire the field now from our side so i think yeah the you lost that game yeah they cheat yeah but it's a performance enhancing drugs your immune system wasn't able to fight off the alien yet to swallow poison i i don't know man i'm just talking shit what was it
hunting in japan or you weren't you hunting animals no no you're cursing in siberia chernobyl journal you were talking about the last time you remember yeah though the walls like their freakish giant wolves out there yeah well there there mutated yeah mutated is that true for real i have never seen one hundred percent what they look like well the mutations are mostly internal because there are the exclusion zone which is a huge air is radioactive and so that they've gone they've undergone mutations actually read something the other day saying i'm from ukraine and there's these horses out there and and you know their army we actually have the guys the the the the people who run exclusion zone admitting on camera yes mutated scientists are saying the mutated
of course are mutated because they're going up in a radioactive zone about the size of france and but yeah we went to hunt them and the thing is is we had a geiger counter with and whenever they the sort of you you go off and they go into the forest the forest which is where all the you know the dirt and everything is trapped it would there would go there we go off the register i mean it was like you know i forget what it was but it was like four hundred make a rams or whatever was was was safe and we got to fourteenth at one point you know speaking of king of parasites you know i uh parasites i'll take but forty
hundred times this is the healthy yeah but the survey sites now there's radioactive you seen the fish to be seen the fish of chernobyl those videos of the enormous fish yeah brian pull that up because it's really strange i mean i don't know maybe these fish maybe i'm just ignorant and what like sturgeons are but if you look at now too if you look at what's happening in japan they have massive protests in japan saying you have to stop nuclear energy because look at what the fuck happened in fukushima because you know we had a tsunami which we're going to have more more of but guess what now have whole radioactive villages and you know radiation in the groundwater radiation radiational radiation the food what is that like a carp is that a fish yeah she minutes up this is a giant carp dude thing that's in yeah does what you the if you google radio fish of chernobyl there's a
video where these these people are by this river and these enormous fish i don't know what they are maybe it's just that's what they are maybe it's like there's a lot of fish there in the when we were there the people who run the actual zone were say that the animals that the animals are mutated and so there i mean why would you have you massive amounts of radiation how can they we had this dude scott sigler on the podcast yesterday and he's an author and he writes about shit like that let me fuck in iowa have mutated animals that are six hundred and fifty and their pack predators with fins you freaking me out right now man i freaking me out with these siberian werewolf stories that would be an awesome movie though siberian werewolf 'cause then mutation that was like you know all of the like like when you were a kid but will not
but it was always a constant theme for superheroes yeah you know like david banner became the hulk it was bruce banner originally but they thought that was too gay for television so they change it to gain or something it was always you came close to it but just closer next message right yeah they would all get like some super as opposed to testicular cancer or if i can renal renal cancers wasn't the fantastic four like they get they got fucking to or last are something happened and they became super powerful usually so usually funny we were talking about politics like what how how the hell did the fantastic four so i always liked fantastic for men i always like comic books up when i was a kid soon but in that that was such a big theme is that somehow or another you would get into the some better with massive amounts of radiation but you would become a superhero and so every kid
sort of looked at that like wow yeah man as opposed to you know what well the reality of what it does to bunnies being born with no arms or legs yeah weird shared marinship yeah and you don't know like what how is this all going to balance out and how long is it going to take is by the way life can sort of bear litra john and incredibly fucked up state of toxicity for several one thousand years and you know eventually get to the point where either figures out how to clean everything up or mutates the point where you can tolerate it but it's not to be fun you know know exactly it's avoidable too well when we interviewed the iea for our worlds most dangerous border peace which i think we talked about here in deer park not in kashmir which actually the that we were based out of just got attacked yesterday they they said categorically that if you use more than one huh
did warheads of which they have hundreds of warheads pointing at each other new banks then that world as we know it ceases to exist everything is just i mean the yes gone anywhere over it's like you know part of the apes students were living underground that's the type of shit that your you and you sit there and say this is what's happening today is that india pakistan hating each other mean that you know we have the distinct possibility that our ozone is gone or the one of crazy fox pause pushes the button exactly well we have to hope that the aliens land and stop that's the only thing that can save us well maybe alien aliens were real that would be the time to move in between india and pakistan ago guys guys guys got jam what is this mess you've got here why is there a billion people here everybody settle the fuck down you looking
back to the same when you hate each other that's nonsense and you're right across it some stupid divide one person believes one pile of wacky bullshit and the other part everybody settled the fuck down all right you need a spaceship pull that off though like several football fields long and you need to do a magic trick or two let the i just know that you're there for for serious you not take any bullshit make some trees decide player you're you're out here now in the land the scientology you know you know every was you know you the aliens doctors are again the feet and and all that amazing amazing how easy that was to pull off when you really read that story sure make doesn't make you want to start a call just a little baby one it's pretty this i gotta say i'm fascinated by it it's amazing could live in the nineteen fifties and like start your calls from the same time he started his call people start warren jeffs you know is doing it right now orange that's utah though
if an animal he tells a different animal you can pull it off there we didn't get any new mexicans to buy into that bullshit which we did that we did it with the the buy into it all but we did a story on the lost boys you know these the lost boys so because of know in more in jest case you know pronouncement he has like seventy eight wise but the the l sam why you hate it should be elders get like you know twenty thirty forty one but then by am just by math ok there's only x amount of women so so they have to get rid of these kids the book you're not thinking in terms of being bountiful i think you bring in more women see you're seeing a problem i see a an equation that to solve and what your true women bring me bring in more crazy bitches what's happening the there they kicked the and the boys out and so
these kids who grew up in this religion that says everybody else is evil and you can't do anything and they don't have to pay bills and they just kick him out there said you can't you're gone now because they want the girls they have to have the girls ok that's weak that's that's play a rate you not you not loving your your brothers and sisters there in your culture your together you're kicking out your own kids you're also you know people who know how crazy you are nutty cult is and they're going to eventually tell people buying while there so sad why so sad billy remove fucking dead several one hundred fucking pitches to marry so he kicked me out so i can't have girlfriends those poor girls that grow up with no man and therefore to accept the fact that seven year old guys i like the voice that you're adopting it's me it's me and therapy if i if i got kicked out by my dad he was fucking this girl was in love with my own dad like shut ups on get out of the room just fine i mind i need one hundred of am one hundred
but you know what on the other hand you can't hate if the guy can keep it up well i don't know i don't know if we can keep it up in prison you don't take that out of context ladies and gentlemen i don't really mean that i was only in jest i think that that guy obviously victimized some poor people that were easily led my question is always been why are people still so easily led that's a good question is it just a way the body is designed that some of us are were bees and some of us are you know middle management and some of us are the contrarians hanging on the outside like uri life is hard but it is and you're looking for someone to say here's why it's hard yeah here's why it's hard by the way if you work hard and do what i say then you're going to go someplace better because now it's a bitch now it's fucking hard as shit but if you do all this shit is going to get better and you know what else it is it's like being in a group is gray it's nice to be in a group it's us against them yeah
like well we call death squad like not like it's not like you have to join it or anything like that it's not really that too for nation yeah the tattoo is it near right shake i got the whole but it's cool like when we go places and we see all those desk watch or it's like it's insane there's something cool about it there's something like undeniably cool about it like we're not trying to really start a call tell anybody what to do but if we show up somewhere and you learned s quad chart it's kind of badass you know it's like what's up man how you doing like you know most likely unless he's an undercover cop it's going to be a very nice guy stand with this podcast is born out to get your legs selling start starting a cult would be cool
jessica and we don't want a real cult see that though the best kind of cult is the kind of cold that doesn't really have any foundation whatsoever no leadership there's no structure and everybody kind of knows what the to do that's the perfect cult where you can't really like say you're doing anything you set up and you're not you set up the matter the medical he just get podcast that's the eastern star podcast forecast and you've actually you get into their system and once you get in their system means you tom listen man we we just need to spread this and we're all going to be okay we just need to get this out to everybody spread it out as far and wide and it's real simple it's like jim jeffries said about the bible jeopardy jim jefferies bit about the bible it should say don't be a cunt you know and it is really european you getting up to pee more alcohol do you want to do james we or one of you gentlemen this it's not working you sure you don't want the kool aid show
or kool aid is moving processed in a special micro filter that's pumped uphill using on it yeah using gravel and stream water and it's all broadcast live on audible dot com but thank you sir thank you very much i think i i really do think all bullshit aside that your shit that you guys are doing on vice dot com it has as much of an impact on where this culture is going in the potential that this culture has for understanding that the true inner workings of all the various aspects of
governmental relationships and and ninety places like chernobyl in the liberia episode i didn't know anything about liberia until i watch that show you guys have done more look just for educating me okay and i and i can like i'm not really educate people but tell you like what link to click on i but that kind of a connection i've you guys have exposed me to some of the most little understood little talked about things that are so bizarre and hard to believe that exist today well i think i said this last time your audience is maybe the best audience in the in the god damn world because we people used to say vice was the best content on the web that you've never seen and when we to come out here and do this podcast all the sudden we can get these you know fanatical sort positivist wow like great
answers and it was not always with the hashtag in a powerful rogan whatever and it's always a by a hundred percent of the time it's your it's it's you know and i got to say that says but you but it also says a lot about you know the people to listen to this podcast which is you know they're thinking for themselves you know there they're listening to alternative shit or not believe in the bullshit that they see on regular mainstream tv and look there they're positive when someone says look like you said you and i live on the periphery yes and we live on the but we're trying to do our thing and you know what when people who listen to this podcast are so positive it makes me fuckin happy and makes me say i don't mind i got home headed fucking flesh eating fucker i fucking colon because because these mother on twitter and on facebook and advice there's fucking positive and then i'm going to tell you another thing it makes me feel like we can change it it makes me feel like ok there is some negative mother fuckers out there in the world who are doing some really bad shit
but we can actually do things just then and you're doing it and i'm doing it and by the way the people on this podcast doing it and and and the for people that actually educate themselves and listen to you and come in here and check on those links that's fucking how we changed it you shouldn't expect anyone else to change your ship for you 'cause they won't i agree you and i also believe that it's it's also a matter of projecting a certain way of living that you project you project a very honest and humbled view of the world and i think when someone is exposed to a guy like you nah guys sitting on a stationary bike right now riding along listening to the show and listening to you or your experiences in life in karachi and liberia which i really want to get to again the they sort of like get this view like ok this fucking guy
is out here doing all this crazy shit and he's saying all these things like this guy has no reason to lie to me this guy's he's he's not like anybody that i've ever met before but yet i'm sort of absorbing his thoughts and by doing that you're you're in connecting these ideas that might not have ever manifest themselves in hundreds of thousands and millions of people and that some powerful powerful powerful shit and it's not on cbs and it's not an nbc and it's never gonna be it's never going to be broadcast by anybody that doesn't want to rip everything they already have which we get a lot of shit for you know we get yet we get a lot of shit for and this is another thing i want to say but the people in this podcast is a lot of times you know for example what just went down in north korea um you know we get attacked by mainstream media and yet you know people who are on the periphery people who are watching us people there's like exactly this is exactly what the
we want to have go on well nobody expose mainstream well nobody in the mainstream rather exposed north korea the way you guys did when you went to north korea and and show with those fake restaurants and show just how spooky and nutty the atmosphere was over there we were not we there was no shows that we're doing that there was no sixty minutes wasn't doing that the honesty in which you portray things like from lady boys in thailand i mean you know i mean like we know hanging with the lady boys look dude i'm telling you man i became a fan of yours when i saw that video of you hanging with the lady boys you know why here's why because you kinda them in european nice today you were you were chillin out with them in a bathtub in all like laughing too but it wasn't even you were being creepy and sexual you were being a douche bag you're being a sweetheart you're being a nice person to a bunch of other nice people no no bullshit and
it's hard to do that it's hard to do that it's hard to do that with a loose full can forget it's hard to do that without someone being mad at you it's hard to do that without protecting your ego how are people going to think about your your hang out with these lady boys you would you a guy who is there it was trying to be nice to some other people and they were being nice to you back and it was the right thing to do and it resonated and arm watching that video going this guy's cool mother and i'd i think that was before i even saw hine mows it venture oriented venture which was the thing that really sets yeah i mean made me of addicts you know i mean i check your gckey i will i look advice dot com more than any other website on the net pretty much other than twitter and check in my own email right i i i watch all your i would watch that hinemos great adventure whatever was arctic adventure what is the natural name of that was vice guide to travel yeah the most remote man on earth
the remotest place on earth man if you just google hine and and vice you'll find out whatever the actual you know what now just let me try one of the lazy lady boys by the way i mean how daring everyone how dare you you know we're on the internet everyone always asking that question you're like you understand there's like two our guys and sound cruises like like we're shooting you know we're shooting so what you did the right thing man those beautiful i wish i would be that strong i'd be like bitch get off me you said it was amazing but you don't touch me you know how it is at a certain point in your life you don't give a fuck about any things about you you don't give any you like you know what i'm going to do my shit i'm going to try to get through the day and do the best thing i possibly can and that's it i can do it you know well i i i think that's that's a possible state to achieve and maintain but i think it's difficult to get there and for a lot of people that's an alien concept and that's why when i saw you were so like comfortable
and cool about that is like year there's no way that guys not cool i was like that's a cool mother you were just like real easy with these people it was it was fun and i really uh there was an issue that came up last week or earlier this week about transgender gender mma fighters uh there's a a woman who to be a man who is now fighting in mma against women and you know people have been i've gotten some heat about it on twitter that i took the stance because i said that that's a guy that his dick off and he's fighting girls and that's the end of the story you can say all you want i don't care what the olympic committee says there's a different mechanical advantage to being a man's but that in no way i want everyone to know that if you really feel like you are suppose this would be a woman in your a man i am i will still be friends with you like i have zero issue with that my only issue in that venue
is that i understand the mechanical advantage of the male frame i just i just do if i lossed like if i lost my dick and balls if i decided to chop my dick and balls off and be a woman i would still have the giant hands and they're not going to shrink these are going to go away so this is a mechanical advantage to having this big hammer fist to punch a girl in the face with that's fucked up it's just it's not the same and anybody who says that it's the same as far as athletics and company might be the same in track and field if you don't have balls anymore you might not be able to run as fast ever seen the beautiful boxer never seen a movie that this thai boxer that was the lady boy with testicles successful chop them off and then start getting his ass kicked i believe she stopped after she thought for a while yeah that was the issue i interviewed her in bang cock and we fought with her a little
and i gotta say she could kick the shit out of people but you know she she was it was a guy fighting other guys but you know its eyes feel for those people i understand that my thing is what it whatever gets you through the fucking date however not that way however however if it's if you're if you're talking about sports you sit there and today i don't work well you not even just talking out sports you're talking about the most violent sports in the world and a sport which i uh stand and and i am telling you from a perspective that very few people enjoy i'm telling you from the most honest perspective possible i have called more than one thousand fights i don't know how many fights i've ever done commentary on over ten plus years of doing it a man has an advantage there's a big difference is now a little difference is a big difference will also then you start to deal with you know the questions of theirs
droids involved as different things and enhancements another weird shit that's involved in all that also the predatory mind of the mail is a very different mindset but if you're thirty years old and you get your dick caught off at thirty even thirty years a man living there's a different thing fighting and dealing with bullshit and dealing with violence in dealing with you know possible death when you're when you're hanging out with a bunch of creepy people when you're eighteen years old is a bunch of violent sexual men you're in a a yes anything can happen especially if there's a little money and very few parental influences were positive you is there some danger if you get through all that and then you cut your dick and balls off you still live doll that you still managed to a violent mother he still a dangerous dude that happens to want to be a woman and am i am i don't why are you getting it should because i said that although i support anybody become
trans gender if that's what you really want to do i would never tell anybody what they can and can't do can and can't do but you should fighting women maybe the tranny league you know and i don't say tranny and it's not derogatory until it is mean i mean didn't the guy from bravo get in trouble for using the word twink i don't know trust me i just remember i remember i remember seeing a video of these big sort of big you know aussie rugby player types and they i guess we're fucking with some tranny ladyboy yeah and the whatever and kick the shit out and like just flat these three rug i guess they were actually mma or there was something that we are we tire some some sort of fighting right and this trend is this for him level them it's on you too the solaire and i was just like well you got to think that you know if you're if you're in most countries maybe not time but if you're a lady boy or she male or transgendered or whatever they're fighting
all the fucking time you know and so so you know anyway i i saw that video and i was just kind of like because i hate those uh i was just in thailand at a conference and disease all these fucking australian sort of rugby dudes who are just spoiling fight just they just want to go and so stupid you know what those guys need to do they need to get out of rugby and get into some mma if you want
five you should be fighting then then i would tell them that i be like look probably about mother obvious you you're you the reason why you're trying to fight a bars as you need to be tested yourself in in that way in in the gym i agree get out on the bench well get it off your lap sign could take a leg kick to defend the choke come on stopping when you stupid ball that's a god damn euphemism who gives a what happens with that ball you take away your ninety score thing with one all you got a point one no they did what we didn't want to do that's all nonsense what you're doing is trying to stop what you really want to do when you really want to do is one on one man demand someone your size no mechanical advantage no wait vantage let's see let's see what's going on he was going on the so any rugby play that shows up and wants to fight stop being a pussy send them to you i will help them saying you're
bad motherfucker these are rage inside of you you need to project that shit in the right way and this ball thing isn't working out you need to leave that ball alone nobody gives a fuck if you get it across that line that's nonsense you're playing a game oh you kicked it between the two sticks the world is changed now it has nothing's changed okay you still you fight now those bullies that fuck with you when you were in the seventh grade what you need to do is some fucking kettlebell son somebody way squads learn some jujitsu choke some bitches out get it out of your system stop right and bars stop letting the demon alcohol bring it out of your body i agree with you 'cause they just bump my fucking a harsh my both of these new hardware harsh by bus man because the the guys that are that they get it out in the gym they don't look for it anywhere well i'll tell you what when you drink the real
who comes out in the real me is just a jovial eighty year old man i'm like fucking buddha i'm just sitting there drinking my drink about having a good old time and you know when you see these dudes come out and they have a few drinks and i'm cinnamon they get all around iran defied your just like yes it's not necessary it's not it's not good for them they all need hugs what they all do man in ein the mind we are you know you and i and i both know if you're real fire you won't find a bar no but why would you want to hit someone that doesn't want to get hit it doesn't want to fight if they do want to fight is it possible that can be avoided with talking and if it's not there probably a bit too real for you or you're crazy you're not gonna find a brussels into that's fine sure this guy's like tank abbott that will fight you anywhere the front you on a plane
a real fighter and it's just that's that do that's what he's all about you know it's not about you don't let me say i'm most professional with a guy like tank abbott is he's one of my favorite fighters of all time and one of the reasons why it's not because he was the bass not because he was in my technical or won the most titles is that you genuinely new four effect one hundred percent no doubt about it if you fucking fly map your gums in front of tank abbott he's going to make you swallow your teeth doesn't matter if you're on a greyhound bus or on a fucking space shuttle he's going to beat your ass and there's a reality to that that i find refreshing like drowning in the ocean or getting hit in the head by a meteor there's certain unavoidable consequences to being in the wrong place at the wrong time that's why i say most of and you know many more ninety but most of professional fighters are fighters who you know do it for a living aren't going to get to a fight
mark is someone who take a bother hey yeah up your hand you can use them to do that or they would and they would clean out the whole bar and i have a real problem on your hand is because it's only to is a guy like randy couture it dan henderson i don't know this is a true story or not but there's a legendary story about those two guys in high in college yeah when they were both like elite wrestlers in just cool leaning out of foster you know i don't know if it's true and ever talk to randy about it but but what i can tell you what i know about randy i've been around that guy for i saw his first fight in the ufc we fought tony hama and then he thought this a really promising kid i forget his name kevin something another and he beat both of these guys and i was like wow this guys stud like this this guy is the real fucking deal
she is one of the friendliest people you could ever be around you would never mansion that randy co two or would ever get into a street fight if you're talking to that guy whether it's in a bar or at danny's room bowling alley he is us my only in hand shaking constable pat you on the back gentlemen but you would never imagine that anybody would ever find themselves so county that there would be enough this fight with randy couture did you ever hear that story about tyson and there was a guy blood green yeah yeah they fought in a bar and didn't hear it i don't know it wasn't even in the bar it was in a what are those fancy words for haberdashery or something like that when you get like a dope ass fucking pimp suit there it was like two hundred o'clock in the morning and harlem and mitch
red green and then taunting mike tyson for ever and more mike broke his hand on the streets face didn't miss screen had like twenty eight surgeries to like because we broke his orbital have yet leave yeah he can is face broke his hand in his face yeah caved in his face with one punch and your sit there saying ok with one punch she caved in dude space you have twenty eight surgery and by the way this guys this guys are professional fighter well he gets paid to get hit in the face and you get one punch and it gives you twenty accomplish what he wanted to do he dragged a guy into the ring that had no business he had no business challenging mike tyson he really wasn't at that level and by his persistence and his arrogance he really did get that fight and you saw but you saw in that fight why he
wanted that fight and why he wanted that fight is mitch blood green even though he had no business being in the rink technically with tyson he didn't get stopped i should beat the fuck out of that guy and he couldn't put him away that was an amazing fight if you think about it 'cause tyson was in his prime that was that i said that was just start and guys just big big gold medalists was just running for as long i have to try to keep the job on that night jesus christ he's is a rip into your body with that right right to the body in that right upper cut that was legendary and mitch blood green made it through that you know the reason we made it through that is the same reason why you want to fight tyson the first place right he was convinced that he was the baddest on the plane but he got his face gave sort of
you did he got beat up but he was alright i mean it's really amazing when you think about it 'cause who the fuck was training bitch blood green you know i mean i don't i don't know who is train is where i mean it might have been someone really good but i had to think about his approach there was a part of it was kind of brilliant forced mike tyson into fighting him you know but that mike tyson that was the was the best mike tyson and that error that marvis frazier erection that was that was our our joe louis you know that was our sonny liston that was our our whoa yeah that one guy that mitch blood green thing man that was a long time we're like old and that's just a convertible fight where all this fuck were like this jack johnson you about a guy hit hope it bitch and you'd stay down few years ahead which one lick it was hard over what was that video he told me to look up earlier to see if it was the name was for
because i i typed in hyman vice and that's not good night behind not mona most arctic refuge that's it yeah h y hinos arctic refuge is what echo but yeah that that got me sold and then and then david chose searches for the dinosaur and that dinosaur dad got did you hear about yeah hi so we went to hine mo we went to the needs of the the arctic to this guy lived out in the middle of nowhere and you know he lived with his wife out there literally in the middle of nowhere it was the most isolated person on earth until they found i don't know if you heard about this this russian family here about that in siberia they were russian orthodox and during the communist revolution they went up to this mountain did nearly impossible to get to and they lived in this little shack and they live like that they didn't even have shoes with generous tank is i don't know how you get not get frostbite in siberia but they'd rap feet feeding like birch bark and moss and shit and they
you know they're eaten sees and they lived up there the guy was like ninety years old and they finally came in and he had his family they were there and they were like seventy and sixty inches and they finally arrived and they had like ipods and everything and when they got there they they they lived this meantime people that showed up yeah the yeah yeah no no no no no the family had not been isolated since the forties right i believe nineteen thirties yeah i was a nineteen thirties they've been isolated up there there's no about world war two did not know about world war two correct they didn't know about anything sh and they had literally like sort of learned how to how to make shit outta bark and everything and you know complete survival this shit how many people were up there i think it was six of them and then and then they all died it was weird because they they accept the one the so this is inching store they they they they they they got found and they found out there's another world out there and whatever and then one by one they died very quickly after they got found
before like i believe the youngest daughter is now in her late seventies and she went into the nearest side intown sorta lived there for awhile and said you know what screw this and she went back she's like seventy seven year old woman by herself she went back by herself and she still there so we wanted to go up there and do like the high mow the most isolated person in the world which was was high so woman is a woman and she's in her seventies and she's going back up this mountain where you can't do you hear that pussy's okay all you fucking week bitches complaining a good get open chevron to be in the office by nine are you fucking kidding me there's one hundred carl's jr is on the way to work your complaining there's a seventy year old crazy bitch on a donkey and it's eighty thousand degrees below zero and she's by herself like russia six hundred miles away from the next nearest person she prefers she prefers it up come back she went jesus christ
what's wrong with that crazy bitch i bet she has a pussy like a softball mitt i bet i don't even know that means just us fucking thickly padded wall and a lot of pressure could catch up with that imagine the weird it happened amongst those five people sexually no but for seven the fucking years no alone on a fucking mountain continuous orgy the end they probably checked for sperm there was nothing it might be awesome oh you're fucking your kids and your sister so there's nothing shut up that's fucking communism yeah i don't think it would be good ok i don't think would be good to have no tv i think that shits nonsense why not be a woodchuck but they were either out there eating beavers and fucking your kids eating i don't think that's really like bark no
suck park off your two sons it was the last time you had a diet coke what look at that guy is live in and he's not he's in two thousand and third with anybody lives lasers and these are the questions that come to me when you're like okay these people read and bark and britain you know moss on their feet for shoes and i'm sitting there going boy they're just bring us more and more booze which you think and do you want to survive the zombie what i was when i was going to say to you is and this is a serious question right oh no is in uh no not that serious but when you look at shit like that you say ok these people are up there eating bark and there's a lot of shit we were talking about earlier how much of your life revolves around you watch your life revolves around the pleasure that food booze oh yeah you know are we talking nice before the podcast season started about making the choice between booze and was
like if you could eat whatever the fuck you wanted and be healthy and live till your fucking nineteen all that shit or but you couldn't drink or you could you could drink can't eat shit you gotta eat cardboard and fucking grape leaves oh ok well don't work great please give cardboard and fucking great i truly believe that living without good food and live without uh i mean if you're going survive you know if living in the walking dead and you gotta shoot deer and shit that's all well and good but we're talking in this day and age have a choice if you have to make a choice between i can eat my favorite shit or i can drink booze and have the added sort of crank that that gives right well what i was going to say was that the the idea of subsistence living is although frightening that food is delicious eating deer over a campfire this is a really yummy tasting food if you're saying like shitty
food like cardboard tasting bland food that's so sorry and every enjoyment of the day in my opinion a meal my family i think is uh one of my favorite things in life and that sounds like it sounds like utter horseshit in those people but the real ideas like sitting down with your kids and having a laugh and having a meal i think that whole process is is very important and nutrition is very important but for me the taste is very important as well i think it's important to eat things that are delicious if it's like a part of like a pleasurable aspect of life and so if how to choose honestly between draw making booze and eat delicious food i would go with delicious food i think delicious food is important because i've experienced the booze
but i understand the lessons right the the lessons of the dropping of the innovation in the good aspects of alcohol which are often overlooked by people who just can't handle alcohol you know like we were we were talking before the podcast started about not this is a certain level of trust that you have for someone will only get drunk with you like you know that guy's demons well they're all right there they also has a five or six jack and cokes you know you tell a story about tijuana you like holy college hello did you tell your mom full form in the mail you know i mean it's like you get to know and like and you realize that if there's no band if been in hiding all that shit from people you love anyway there's a benefit in telling and the sort of camaraderie that ensues from those draw in conversations of complete and total honesty
where were the alcohol does a purpose instead of inhibiting you and making you make shitty decisions to alcohol releases you from this this idea that anything makes any sense whatsoever and you start telling the truth or you start expressing yourself or you start looking at things from more relaxed perspective even temporarily with that thought gets planted in your mind and then you just have more of a sense of friendliness the next day like you know off times it's it's little encounters it's steer us and uh i remember this the anthony robbins quote who believe believer not have listened a lot of books on tape and read his books and it's got a lot of interesting ways of looking at things that i really think or enabling but one of the things that he said is that sometimes if two people are going along very same path like think of yourself as like two boats if one boat just turns one degree to the right
over the course of the boat's motion through life just that one decision and lead it's so far away from the original path that it was on yeah and that the often times it's a good time that lee needs you you know and it might cost you a day or two of being hungover it might but there might be phone call we call each other on a wednesday like i had a great time to do it that way but if i don't even have to be i'm not even talking about like a crazy busy for again you know crazy time because the reason why ask the question is because whatever i meet people i like and i respect you know i like to ask some questions because i believe that's how you learn and so i have this maybe this problem because i'll tell you what i grew up poor i grew up derp i left home at a very young age and and a lot of what i learned i learned you know initially through books you know so i read books and and then that's why
i have this sort of intense curiosity about the world because i'm like oh fuck i'd like to go there and see that for myself so anyway speaking of a so i i go to the ukraine you know i'm not you know i'm just a regular fucking dude from butt fuck nowhere i go there and i have this dinner and and and and they bring out these potato pancakes with sour cream and caviar and vodka and all this and i'm and i'm as a you know i think is the first time i carry on him and meet and this is fucking awesome you love carrie right off the bat yeah first time i ever had it now granted was a few vark is in but you know like i'm drinking mark and eating the caviar and it's russia and it's crazy right in the middle of fucking nowhere not russia the ukraine we got in them fucking nowhere and it's crazy cossack ships going down and it's it's that i'm like this is like living in a book and it's crazy and i i literally had one of the best nights when i was like living in a in a in a in a book from the eighteen hundred so i want best times like then you know so for
for the longest time i like i have fucking caviar is my favorite fucking food and this is the greatest thing in the world then i was shooting in iran so i'm going to iran when the best caviar comes from now and i'm in my hotel room in my story in my hotel in iran the only hotel foreigners can stay in they sell caviar in the lobby so i'm sitting there in the lobby and i go fuck yeah i love caviar that's my favorite shit now man so i go when i buy the caviar right in the store is like ask is i don't know i bought like ten thousand dollars with the caveat for one hundred dollars or some shit so it get it you upset but they have no booze right 'cause it's around so i have like orange santa and some chips in this cabin and i'm like this is just for you salty for going fishing taste like shit what the fuck is it only taste good when you're drunk well i think this is the whole question that i have is that like when you have a big fucking fat old steak with a good glass of red wine how much of it is the fucking red wine and how much of it is the state when you have your linguine with clams with a nice fucking chris fucking white one
how much of it is or whatever how much is the is the is the and the thing around like you said do you meal with family how much of that is with the family and with the think and then so when i was sitting up there in this fucking shitty fucking hotel room in a randy this shit carrier with santa i'm like actually i probably just enjoyed the fucking evening you know i enjoyed the people in the craziness and the fuckin bodkin of caviar and the fact that i hadn't had it before and everything went fucking ape shit and all that stuff not hi and it was it was a very fucking transformative evening and then when i just had the strait of cab manta fighters and that's so funny what a contrast yeah and so so what i what i was asking the question because we're talking about food you were saying like you know if you have a bad back you should need to possibly you know for for
you know what i was saying is that this ah chiropractor that i was talking thio over the weekend she was explained to me the influence of ah certain wheat and uh gluten and how it inflamed tissue and that you can get a sub shil anti inflammatory response by just cutting weed out of your diet i be with you that there's a pleasure to eating that i think is like super important pleasure to eating in a pleasure to drink i mean i like could i smoke weed and not drink 'cause i would talk that problem no you're doing that meat for me weed is like that's the one that really made a big difference like i think is played a good part in a lot of positive aspects of my life as far as like joyful evenings and having fun with friends and you know telling them that you love him and hug him and and you know even whatever romantic altercations you know how it boys though
girls bro cut the shit brian but as far as like what transform me as a human being though marijuana is more important marijuana was to me like there was like almost almost we're missing piece to my sort of conceptual puzzle of like how i interfaced with with nature and what the world was like why am i so god damn aggro you know and then all sudden i find weed i was like boom i know yeah i know for me actually booze was my savior because i was hanging out with a lot of dudes were doing some serious you see a restaurant that bad drug and my whole thing was i don't want to be sixty years old and so i always have this my idyllic sort of retirement which i'm trying to get to you sooner rather than later now is just
i just sort of forgotten like little cold you know it's a little cold maybe a neighbor and i will stop shipping on a wide array of solar i'm sitting there this year i'm gonna send you this i'm gonna send you this this article of this how would your kids three in one half dude i got a foreigner too let's have a party by i'm gonna tell you i i'm going to send you the old you your boys or girls girls okay we have big lesbian super and i and i i'm going to send this article is a fantastic article about a dude who diagnosed with lymphoma phonic cancer like the worst cancer you can never and and he was a greek dude grew up in america but like you know came when he was three assumption so he goes back to greece to this little island in the middle of nowhere and he has to up this hill every day he goes to talk to his buddies drinking the wine he's eating the food from the from wherever and all the sudden like five years he was given like six months to live whatever not even six weeks to live and
and they said you know what the fuck happened you didn't die and he goes you know i came here and i forgot to die because you know he's sitting there and and there's no stress and he's walking up the hill everyday and he's used to drinking wine with his buddies and he's eating the food from the scene of the fish from the the bay in the fucking whenever sit down i say you know now i'm looking at said so my idyllic retirements basically i'm stealing this guy who killed cancer by living this euphoric life of i live on this little cove and i drinking my wine and i'm sitting out there and i'm just blissing out on reality now that's why i didn't get hooked to heroin that's why i didn't get hooked to fucking crack that's why didn't get hooked on the ship to my boys got hooked too because i always was thought to myself if i if i can get hooked to this shit i'm going to have to die or be fucking quit it and if i quit it guess what i'm never going to be able to sit on that fucking cove with my glass oregon wine sitting out there on being this blissful old buddha do right so for me that was booze but
i will say this we were just in jamaica filming this new stuff over new years and snoop and and we are in this place is still alive and unless that is is that i like how you greatest guy when you got right right you never know he's one of the best damn by the way now more than ever because like that that's it's been through should the that guy into shit we don't even fucking understand oh yeah and but anyways so we were filming down there and i was in jamaica and you know generally i don't smoke alot we i was smoking every day i was drinking rum everyday smoking every i gotta tell you i felt like felt like god was touching me yeah i was like i felt fucking spiritually fuck and you know we gotta start doing eating it when you eat that's when you really get into that sort of psychedelic love state it's very feminine it's very feminine sensitive state
you know in a lot of people are afraid of that you know they're afraid of this is going to make you a pussy or it's going to that exxon but you're not here no no no you're not afraid is yet i'm afraid i'm afraid i think another we're free to seek a position for a lot of you know people is to me only for the mountain lions and yeah one eight my dog you know are you free to meet years yeah watch the tv show where they come from the sky like god damn torpedoes yeah well said all the dijo that's why yeah not scare away if you're scared to go with your it up and so you're happy guy yeah life and you don't want to die my whole nothing when i was also aware but when i was a kid i thought i was going to die so i don't give a fuck i do anything 'cause i'm gonna die who the fuck why did you think you were going to die 'cause i was gonna die mean you know everybody i grew up with you know when i was
kid died because we were bad guys doing bad shit people die almost done how bad were you guys like what did you guys think anybody i mean everybody who does like blow farts on people no brian so it was like you know look you do some gang he shit d'oh gang you should but you're doing canadian gang yeah exactly how that's that's going far time how bad you beat but no look people get it people get into junk it doesn't matter if it's by the way this is surprising thing well they into everything but you know generally the android is it now could be met but it and the thing even in shitty sort of sort of nice canada people fun junk or they're doing they start doing more and more serious crimes and and this is one of the reasons why my my was was my dream was because you know you have guys who are dying of heroin overdoses or guys are going to prison for life or worse getting killed and and you know the
seventeen eighteen nineteen year old kids and you're sitting there saying that's the this strategy is you never fucking liver user teenager you think you fucking live your life you haven't lived shit you haven't done shit you haven't seen shit and one of the reasons why i say i'm going to go out and i'm going to see shit and i'm going to do all this shit whatever is because i didn't fucking die but at turning point you sit there and you say look you know and i know how hard life is we know fuckin what good things or can be right an can be and also we realize there's a lot of people who didn't make it a lot of people who just for one that one reason or another they don't get to where you are and so that's why now anyways one of the reasons why i like coming here and having these discussions with you is you know you can actually say look i've come to these fucking realizations and in we're two guys who are saying you know we don't need to fucking fight we we had fucking under fights you know between us like you know we're not i've never i've had no street fights
alright the last street fight i had when i was in high school i was really you're a smart man with me i've avoided everything but that actual fights i've had like yeah you're trying on three kickboxing bouts and i don't know how many times with fights but there's a lot of them but i've never what i'm trying to get at is what you know when you see fights in in in in you know this is me trying to or not much you see fights in in iraq he's invites now those fights invite those fights are like they shoot you in the head fights aren't sure so what i'm trying to say you want to get to more of a of an understanding and this is when i go back to like i don't give a fuck what people think about me i don't give a fuck about about it because when you see it you sit there and say on this hand this motherfucker got shot of this to have on this guy got into this now to go back to this is very long winded but if you go back to it what do i want to do i want to sit in the cove with
my family your family enjoy hanging out have a drink enjoy myself i don't know how which food and although i'm a fat bastard i don't know how much food is going to play into that but i definitely want to be sitting there with a glass of wine looking out back cove and just going fucking made it and that's why i don't that's why i don't judge anybody doesn't tell you what everyone's trying to through the day to get to their god damn cove you one hundred percent i think yeah right one hundred percent right i agree with you so much but we live in a beautiful world where you don't have to choose between the food and the booze and i'll tell you what i'll tell you what we do live i'm going to tell you you know we live in a fucking country where you can still this day make your own should happen yeah which which mode look i'm an immigrant from but but i made my should happen in this country and i gotta say best country in the world and there's
a lot of countries out there we don't realize how fucked up they are and how bad shit is there and we should work and say you know what you can anything here in america so you should you know when you say that it has so much more weight than the average person including me saying at first of all because you been everywhere and second of all because you came from another place i grew up in canada so when you when you come over and you see this situation this no no question this is not perfect and i think we all agree on it i think it's fucking fantastic it's better it's better it's never been we were doing right now is we're figuring life out and still have a lot of old standards and old traditions and old things that we abide by that don't make sense and they trip us up we step on our own dicks but i think ultimately moving forward in a direction of progress as much as people like to be cynical about the possibilities of the future i think
this where we are today in this country despite the eroding civil liberties all that that's all good on paper but the reality of the progression of information through the internet is we're taking the world a different place for not cynical to criticize it's not your and you know what america and democracy was based on honesty and being critical and being allowed to be critical 'cause you couldn't say fuck the aristocrat king and all should they cut your head off so is based on people like us sitting there going you know what the political system isn't right and guess what the political system will not change unless mother fuckers like us and everybody living in this fucking podcast do something about it and that's what america is you're right one hundred percent but more importantly the people who are in the positions of power it must be reinforced that we're all living in this temporary state and to make the most of your temporary state you
can enjoy the bounty of your work in the fruits of your labor and the the overwhelming afil affluence that you get from having successfully figured out capitalism but it's possible to do that in a way where you don't fuck people over and you promote freedom and love in fact in fact in fact you have to an if you did you would be more happy and more success have to you know going to just just one quick story but i hanging out with a guy who inspired the shit out of me and he was he was the president of the maldives deves into was a thirty five year dictatorship there he got elected against all odds you did all this shit like you know underwater cabinet meetings and stuff to bring awareness to global warming 'cause his country is sinking and so he was going to buy land in australia or sri lanka or india 'cause he does not going country anymore and then the
the ousted him and he has this flotilla going around the maltese which is actually like the size of europe but like island so fishing boats and i and i these these these fishing much of this guys just called the mandela of the deves 'cause he's been in jail most of his life and you know i was hanging out with this dude and you know one of the interesting things that this guy was doing is he's just saying look you're you have to you have to you know take individual control you have to say look and less we do it unless we as a community say no to this shit it's continue because people don't want it to fucking change they just i wanted to change even in america they don't want it to change but thing is is you think that people don't want to change the dot i'll tell you what hold on okay i'll tell you and so this is my second point is is you know for the people of the people by the people and you sit there and said the people this is the country the first country that was that was
set up not for the aristocracy but for the people and the thing is i think that was forgotten because if you you actually look at the people on what the people want and what the people can do people want the good life but they're willing to say you know what fuck i don't to fucking have you know all this garbage or whatever the fuck in radiation this i don't want to have the this know you know threat of of nuclear war and all these things if you look and actually if you talk to regular people people are saying people are good actually when you were talking about it people actually if you hang out with your neighbors people are inherently good people are inherently fucking nice yet all this fucking bad shit happens and you're saying why does that bad shit because people let it happen is it because people let it happen not necessarily because someone has to be initiating it mean
has to be willing to take it i lost a train them i thought because you guys are doing some weird i wonder what i don't know if that was it i don't know what you're doing listen there's a row so i left to figure out where it was put out yeah they always get into some deep no no no i'm sorry i really apologize i'm sorry i didn't mean to distract you it's just i thought you keep the trance so i can i can i could have i'm sorry i'm a residual i'm a visual guide is place so there's roaches and all that's well it is not yet i think a moth ate my sweater i'm sorry i'm sorry so what was your point just what i will say is that i think fucking place is haunted i think because i think because of where we are with the the french of information like we're doing device or like you're doing with your podcast when i do that shit
that you are now you are the government is willing to arrest people but that information gets out i gotta say information does get out wikileaks this that the other thing information gets out now and by the way that's what's keeping governments in check because me stream media is not keeping fucking governments and check which is their fucking job and they're not doing it it's really interesting you just set up 'cause i was reading on vice about uh bradley manning testimony that you guys have released like what it what's going on with that what is that explain that well i think look the the thing the thing that the that we're looking at is how much of media is actually so we actually did this story on iraq recently that is the thermal bear weapons that were destroying you know if you if you have to do house if you i'm doing it again it's like a pantomime motherfucker touched my head with a go to pantomime
if you if ryan snuck out behind his very childish if you look at what happened in iraq you know they had these thermobaric weapons with the rebecca it's if you if you have to do house to house fighting which traditionally is the worst fighting you can do right very difficult they of this weapon where they can it's called a small amy and what happens is they shoot it into a building right and the the heat blast which which sort of takes all the oxygen so it kills you right away and then it and then it has this massive heat bus and then it implodes the house right the problem is it's suspected that this is a thermobaric weapon is made from depleted uranium so what happens is all that dust that goes out there becomes radioactive radioactive or chemically laden and that possibly is responsible for the first gulf
syndrome that no one really sort of figure out correct is actually correct and this huge increase in in in in in rare cancers and and and veterans well amongst veterans and also an locals yeah there are people who are living there and so you know you have these sort of incredibly bad i don't even know what i'm just telling him no more we'd say get away from me with the devil devil weed dental cabbage the devil's cabbage sorry so keep going i forgot where i was do you remember what he's talking about this is really evolving no no no no no no we don't know we don't know how late you rank on a podcast yeah i'm having bring it all back i don't know what i'm talking about anymore what happened matter i think at the end of the day i forgot here's here's here's what matters here is what you are saying
what you are saying is that you are seeing the best and the worst aspects of humanity and you truly are seeing this oh that's what i was going to say is that these thermobaric weapons have done these things in iraq and you know what i'll tell you what is no one would have ever reported on that before why because you weren't you couldn't the word there weren't the actual tools to do that and for example i was just having this discussion today and what we're talking about the thank you it didn't exist before yes because if you were you know the washington post even though they deep throat nixon and all this business you know because of your pay similar to the pentagon you can't lose your fucking seat at the fucking white house table they'll tell you whatever now i can sit here and say ok those thermobaric weapons by the way the story was broken by a marine uh ask cody who's a marine who fought in fallujah who saw
thermobaric weapons the marine bro historian said by the way this is what the fuck was going on and i'm breaking this story because i saw what happened in fallujah this is a fucking marine who saying this and sit there and you say because of the fuck movement of information and by the way we're on the cusp of this meeting us we sit here and have a few drinks this is why this is why you have to be honest so to go to the story now i've realized that if you look at wikileaks and you say ok is wiki good exclude about i believe that the free of information is imperative to democracy and unless you have transparency unless you have accountancy unless you have people who accountability not accountancy accountability unless you have people who are going to be held accountable for what the fuck they do then it's not democracy there is no different than here's what here's what i think about bradley go
this is the number one most important thing there's no way they should have put that guy in solitary confinement there's no they they should isolated that guy from the rest of the world there's no way they should have made that guy feel like he was going insane because he longed for the human touch and he knew that he is being punished for releasing information it's inhuman and that unnecessary with a government that doesn't have anything to prove if a government being honest and is not hiding anything it doesn't need to take a guy like bradley manning and put him in some horrifying state of detention where he has no rights there's no need for any johnston a on loving government to treat any of its citizens like that but let me be honest who are government is not honest i understand that but that to their own self there's no benefit in behaving the way there
paving and that's what needs to be reinforced is that i think they have this idea or i don't say they as in like some conspiratorial overlord weather what what i think some p well who are scared of losing their position of dominance what they're afraid of is they're afraid that people we're going to understand what's going on and they're going to take over and they get to lock them up and they're going to ice delete them from i've actually you know i said something in this podcast one time when i said if you ever go to a war zone i can remember exactly i said you cried and then you puke and then you freak the fuck out and had so many people respond to that and they were by and large i say about ninety eight percent ex military because if you if you if you talk to the people who go to these things are like oh fuck i didn't know what the fuck i was getting into when i signed up with this fucking shit i did not have a fucking clue
and you look at that and you say ok before we go to war before uh government sends people to war before cheney sends people to war saying that it's you know al qaeda is being sponsored by iraq or iraq is having weapons of mass destruction all of which is pleat lee made up and by the way made up by the government that the mainstream media then said and by the way everybody who had half a brain knew that fucking the second state of the bath party was totally against all kind of there's no way out it was doing anything in there but nine slash eleven was the fucking you know that that's where the card belongs to go in guess who these mother lost their lives had lost their limbs or fucking you know pissing out of fucking cat bags now and when i said you know when i first saw battlefield i fucking cried my eyes out because it was the first battlefield you saw the first real one was afghanistan she you wait never mind ah
and and when you see afghanistan afghanistan where where were you in kunar province in on the pakistani border and when you see it you just go okay this is the worst shit i've ever fucking seen in my whole life what did you say you see bad like ok you want to get into it there's guts coming out of cavities there is hand there's severed heads there's like the bodies are not even when they're not human beings anymore just it's like cow parts or some shit there's running the rivers there's but more that's at the dead people aren't so bad it's the wound because these fuckers aren't going to walk again they're gonna be shitting the bag you know the young kids you know and this is the other thing i say is like we're sitting here debating well my cove with my red wine or would you have a steak
would you have a glass of these fucking kids they're never going to be normal again and you see and by the way i'm not i'm not i'm not saying you can't you can't pull is the world and i'm not saying that there aren't bad people out there that have to be booked out what i am saying if do that you better fucking be cognizant of the fact that when you're sending our best and our brightest in our fucking nicest fucking kids out there that they're going to be i'm home with no legs is no arms and shooting out of a fucking bag and yes we realize that then we should we're going to fucking having having seen that is a perspective that very few people not a lot of people in the military and the people in the military are coming back and it fucks them up so much cannot re enter into fucking society 'cause when you see that shit it fucks fucking wiring it i think we're still operating under this this
behavior pattern that was established before the kind of communication and understanding that we enjoy now exists that's exactly my point my point is our job is to guess what you know sitting here saying don't go to war don't grow we're sitting here saying this is what happens when you go to you see the guys a lot of the guys in the ma it came out of the i met a kid that had been pronounced dead i was multiple times i don't mean this guy was trying his friend was trying to explain to me the amount of times that this kid had been pronounced dead then brought back to life and then he was it was unbelievable and the amount of courage that he had shown he apparently jump the grenade and it was it was a intense intense intense conversation and all i could think of was this guy unquestionably was uh
hero from a joseph campbell story you know i mean i mean he what what what's exhibited in a true hero is beyond ideology yeah and politics yeah influence and beyond special interest groups and what he exhibited is the thing that we aspire to the most the person was will to literally sacrifice their own being for the health and the welfare of the whole he willing to dive on a grenade for the rest of his crew mean that's an incredible lee incredibly honorable human well we have heroes we have real straight up heroes but the whole thing is is you know what i don't want to send our heroes or or i don't think anyone in the world that's not even i don't think anyone
works in their heroes to fight a war that isn't philosophically correct it isn't back a ball very true you know and i think true heroes there were there were the real heroes should be guiding the rest of the heroes we should figure out a way to make people who exactly understand what warfare exactly the people who went and fought should be the fucking voice voices that we hear about next time we go and fight because they're the fuckers that know what fucking time it is and guess what no one listens to them and i to tell you one thing about this podcast is whenever i say you know what i and saw that it was but the response so i get from from people have been there there like exactly exactly and i agree with you one hundred percent if we're going to go to war than we should listen to our fucking veterans because it is not fucking pretty and the people who who
the decisions to go to war are not the people that ever have to go fight those fucking there's the only people that are going to understand that reality that real he is so extreme that it can be sort of justify glamorized and glossed over in a fictional sense by people have never sperian sit under the threat of their own life expiring and that the reality that those people have experienced that no one who can make their decision from an air conditioned room with a custom design suit should ever be allowed to do exactly the only people that are going to understand that reality or the people that have experienced that reality and as a whole as an organism that respects itself it wants itself to evolve we should all collectively get to here and say this is completely unnecessary for what we're all looking
for and what we're all looking for his happiness and we can all compete in all of these needs to accomplish and conquer can all be satisfied in a very ethical way like this idea that we have to continue the genghis khan way is nonsense and if there is a war the people who are making that decision have to understand and have to talk to the people who have previously been there 'cause if you talk to anybody who's gone to vietnam if you talk to me one who went to fucking korea during the korean war if you talk to anybody from world or two toward one afghanistan iraq bosnia anywhere they'll say don't fucking do yeah you're not fucking fucking do it because it's fucking bad it's really fucking but now are there bad people there car there bad fucking is up there is north korea fucking crazy
we have to buck them down of course you give all colors the n korea needs the most hugs and anybody ever then need someone to take them and give him hugs and say listen man that's going down right now by the way we're going to be doing any day now what you're going to see i'm telling you n korea if you listen to me please i know this sounds crazy but you've already accepted dennis admin so i know you're over the d listen you know kim jong whatever your name is sir love god i'll call you god listen his monkey tide on twitter everybody knows everybody knows that you need a hug okay you know i know we all know let's accept that you're the the dominant of of your situation but you shouldn't you because you would be way happier if you weren't it be happier if you let all those people go would be way have
here if you release all those political prisoners and slaves and whatever the fuck you've got going on there with your wacky laws and the people that were in prison because it cry long enough after your dad died if everybody was get out and everybody said alright said everybody settled the fuck down let's vote on this shit let's let's be cool with each other let's be nice to each other and the dominant person the dominant ideas the most accepted ideology will pretty much always rise to the top exceptional people that can influence the groups as long as they're doing it in an ethical way and as long as truly trying to advance their culture could but they all need to have a certain amount of of reality in their own head a certain amount of humility in their own head and a certain amount experiences with
dark situations are bad moments in life or understanding of failure or psychedelic experiences or whatever the fuck it is but i would say for the first time and maybe i'm being naive but i would say for the first time in history because of the internet in the freedom of movement of information that you have this this young you know populations huge massive global young population that most obviously is causing change in in you know arab spring these countries where gaddafi was never going to fucking leave you know mubarak was never going to leave and four forcing change in there forcing change in europe forcing change run because young people are pissed off their unhappy there the broke they don't have a lot of opportunities in there sitting there saying we're going to force change i think that that change is coming to asia yes and i
even that change i think that just come is a global phenomenon world economic crisis has forced us to wake up there's a lot of young people out there and they're fucking pissed off and they're going to fuck shit up and they're either going to fuck shit up in a good way and by the way i think arab spring is a positive thing was going to be an implosion in europe hasn't already happened and we're just seeing the aftershocks there's even shit happening here in america which by the way i'm not a because i like change i like things to be sort of d stratified in very because i don't think america if you look at right now what's happening in congress i think america's political system the americas the political system in a erica is broken because you have congress just fighting each other over things that are detrimental to what what's going on
they all need mushrooms they do they need mushrooms and well i'm done it sounds like somebody needs to force them to say hey you know they need a mushroom you have to work together for the betterment of this country the only way to do that is to take ayahuasca because what they're doing is they're working against each other and their you should not salvia divinorum is legal in thirty six states do it i'm reset it was i'm resetting friday get a motel six in a bong and let's get this party started all you need as well as butane lighters some get a heated to a certain temperature change you know anything about dolphins because i'm swimming with one saturday and i can't stop it can i can i tell you something yes i'm gonna tell you the truth all right so i went down to this dude's which i'm not allowed talk too much about but i mean it's just say his name johnny forgot seas island in panama and i was on and get me i was on the on a boat and went to a super pod
you know have you ever heard i've heard of recently right i was on a super pot with three thousand dolphins right three thousand dollar three thousand three thousand dollars but that in mexico reason origin i saw on craigslist easy so what happened is they gave me in order see bob is so james bond like a little it was a blowjob so little trap it's a little jet engine that you can keep up with them 'cause they don't they don't like you if you can't keep up with them seriously well they need to fuck and get over that shit you cancer judgmental pictures so i had to see bob you born with that finn or is that some shit you learn i was going on my see bob and i was going with the super pod there's three just as well i got shit on because they should a lot i got istan i got come on i saw a baby dolphin being born there was originally stop right there which one of those got you the most hard
no i i gotta tell you what happened so crushed so i was on the see bob thing and then event because the see bob and ran random batteries i was holding on to the side of the boat with my thing snorkel mask and that's when all the shooting in the pissing in the coming out like whites but because they're all all the time yeah that's right can you run save my back for that yeah they just are they if they the nation appears with his and and and in a super pod there's just all this matter all these kinds of like bits bits of shit shit and consider going on yet just everywhere they just company and so this was me this was me being shit piston come on i was just going did i was at all yes i was trying to talk to them through my snorkel 'cause it
they come close to you do they come they come straight up to you and in fact i don't know what you're saying though what if i had a so let me tap out joy division on you to be like like these videos of all the meeting because i've learned been training for like two weeks but i can't there was a radio band comes so you want to know that i'm so kind of straight up two yellow come like that within two inches there check you out they like to give you the eyeball they want to check it these were spinners and spinners are the most right right it's like it's like cream yeah i would dish that i talk to it often but i socked him into it i saw a little more in the superpod then and by the way i came out of that the and out of it i came out of the water covered covered in shit from dollar and i've got to say i've got it no no i gotta say it was fucking awesome it was fucking because because because you're in the middle of you're in the middle of like they're doing
some crazy shit in their society you don't understand what the fuck it is they're all talking to each other they're all talking to each other what is it sound like there's like you can get right now i just wanted to say they did you want yeah the other store how may connie johnson they can talk to how many dolphins are there in this your father is over three thousand oh my god ok this is the three thousand dollars and this is just a wild fuck fest that's exactly right so down there you you scuba helmet on and all have ownership of see bob and you know it's basically just you and a wet suit right no wet suit right no there's union you have a little engine that you push on the button like this is like a tiny engine to keep you you can't swim in fact they consume prices for but they do this the reason why they're called spinners is they do this thing where they're having sexual with and they spin up into the water so you see like hundreds of dolphins spinning up here
when you go down into the water there's thousands of the dolphins like like like fucking and like having babies and shitting and pissing and everything and they're just they're like actually just hanging out there came along and stole all the tilapia i bet that shit was a party and a half i'll tell you what that's exactly what it is to lapis but tuna tuna whatever how long ago were being dolphins have been the same state for a million plus years is that correct yeah and that's the interesting thing about it they have language they have social norms they have all their stuff they have names names for each other all this shit there sorry
the cortex is forty percent larger than human being the hottest often is the actually the paint often it's the rarest once and that's like that's like that's not exactly with the big that's actually there's only yeah dolphins got some big as well as that is is that a saltwater or freshwater dolphins i think frank is or is it all right yeah that of course the other because that they have the biggest aspect is on these dogs that's what i will say i will say i will say spinners on my project spinners it would also extensively ninety pound free i've never been never been happy until i was accepted by the spinner people never been happy as human i finally have found out why she ever watch saturday night live where you run and feta means so i'm doing a show i'm doing this saturday you know that right saturday i'm swing with the dollar i will say it's fucking awesome explain what you're doing with it is fucking awesome it's they're putting me in what this guy has this like pool
but the sizes year pool it's like regular smooth regular swimming pool but yeah it's like four dolphin said just shoves in there and you just pretty much of swim dead pool yeah and he's like this yoga music on and you just fucking swim naked or back pool how long are these dolphins been this pool i don't know i don't know how this is some sort of porn no no it's not i don't think it support i really don't think it's point so they get horny you know that i know very many winning winning winning where are you going san diego super weird and it's got a pool is not like somebody's backyard he's going to give me his address when i get there oh my god do you getting raped hold on hold on hold on don't do that sounds funny you need to talk to my lawyer what dylan are you out of your mind listen oh i've watched he sent me video lengths i've watched it through where people at home going how fucking big is rogans pool it is
totally normal backyard pool i don't have a crazy cool at all it seems a lot is smaller than it should be honest it's a regular pool if anybody has four dolphins in my pool you're an asshole you don't need to congregate with those type of humans i will say this i have i have some proclivities to play cards and i went to atlantis to play some cards and i swam with the dolphins in atlantis you know you swim with them in time there nice dolphins everybody is nice but i gotta tell you one thing when you go out when their wild mother fuckers in the pods there they could fuck you up they could will you bite you fuck you up in the second and you know what they want to do they want to play with you they want to talk to you they want to fuck in to hang out with you and then you realize these are nice nice dolphin the sharks will fuck you up there sharks will get
they're looking for meat there looking there well there's a clean up crew but they don't feel by the dolphins brother we dolphins eat meat dolphins eat meat the same sharks too and dolphins will fuck a shark up but the dolphins for some fucking reason they have this weird affinity with humans they won't kill you they won't eat you they will fuck you up they'll save the sailors always trying to fucking don't have it together either i often i don't know because i'll tell you one thing i've i swam around sharks and i was shit scared and when i was swimming around dolphins i was you know why 'cause they know if we were very polite very nice there like fucking massage parlors are nice settled down bitches they don't have thumbs and they know we have guns it's that simple they don't have thumbs and they know we have guns they're not stupid what's going on here is that they realized that evolution has blessed them with the ability to move through their waters as if they were flying through the
fucking sky like superheroes and they don't to breathe for minutes at a time they can always get to the surface and less some crafty japanese dudes have manufactured some sort of a netting that apps him in the one i just like to say things have gotten really you're not weird at all don't stop until the end of the tractable it's a life and death struggle and the reason why dolphins are is ruthless as they are is because life demands that at the top of
pyramid of fucking craziness you're a bit weirded out by dolphins and no is it where we're gonna like it is american caesar is building up i don't know this is a bit that all friends and single about something we figured it out dolphins and simple but about being there was a dolphin that became a werewolf yeah what about all that what about syphilis you being rude you being rude by eliminating a lot of my fears trying to categorize me in some sort of a normal meathead something so why don't we do podcasts i think i think also i think also incapable i think also my question a food versus booze has been answered thank you very much you're right i haven't had to take a cardboard sandwich with a good pause and i'll be fine i have not tasted have you ate yet today i've eaten several times my god i haven't yet i'm ready to kill a buffalo bitch
to go to aubrey's hunting stamp acrylic buffalo yeah need a lot of red meat man it's very important imperative to keep my fucking i thought there red meat was the inflammatory shit not sense at the real issue is the highest thing of cholesterol is the real issue is brian what is that word ham training hey i have to worry about you know you're getting a little word fart raz fat bitch battle ropes re feel inflammation as far as animal tissue there's a lot of it that's been correlated to cows eating corn my problem is i never i love it to eat i love eating food i love drinking here's the problem with corn fed beef god damn delicious ok a rib eye a solid with a favor mesquite charcoal you were talking you were talking about when you first saw bison you're like i saw your chernobyl shit i said the fur rogan podcast ever heard was
you know how much fucking it takes to make a skirt steak steak is strips that you were talking about strip steak but maybe was the board members somebody you were talking about a strip steak and you were saying this fucking steak and they take it out of the whole cow and this is a fucking thing and you put it on the god damn barbecue and whatever and i was sitting there and i was like why the fuck is need talking about a porterhouse because the porterhouse as the strip and the and the filet is you don't want you to vote with the bone so it's got the best of both worlds it's like a my right arm has to both it's got the it's got the filet and he's not and the fund from handle and the boat so anyways the first podcast ever heard was talking about steak and that's when i film wasn't anthony all you found a lot not sweet i'm glad we're it's a bitch i don't know how this feels like the marathon like what our dog i don't know what i think what i meant for dane who's on the first guys was like i hope this guy likes me wood sock
if i i awesome i love him i love his shows i love what what he's done is off yes well who he is he's so he's so honest about his intentions and but i got you could take food and fucking make it into what he did listen let me tell you something about how committed anthony is to food he takes this drug so that he can still eat pork he takes some sort of was lipitor whatever the fuck it is some anti they literally said to him you must change your diet you traveling all over the world you eating because he's got too much cholesterol exactly cholesterol field fatty food red wine red wine make decide you have to make a decision it's either lipitor or it's it's no fatty foods you either take this which takes deliberately takes to dry up fuck he doesn't give up uh things like he's like i want the porsche yeah well pork my guess well port 'cause if you go
any country generally sucks america the beef is fantastic but generally it sucks cuz beef is is if you needs a lot of you know grass and lot of food and or water so beef and most countries as shit but pork like when you have from one third world country or or you yardbirds the best like a yard but i call those like that lives in the yard pigeon no chicken let's say you go to jamaica right right they have a yardbird they just go out and kill it they take it and they cover it in chile and they barbecue the fuck out of it not jerk everyone always talk to a jerk chicken is fucking barbecue chicken in jamaica and it's the best fucking thing ever because this is yardbird just been eating the fucking shit whatever same thing
you go anywhere else just yeah well you can people don't realize that like you can take like your scraps of your table scraps the same thing with pork yeah if you had a bunch of chickens you can throw them in the backyard and they can like live very well i order apps yardbirds and the most delicious mother fuckers you ever have in your fucking life what we here's some produce genetically modified bullshit but if you ever have a yardbird just from anywhere like just rotisserie later put on a grill do another fucking it's the best you know sit there you go what the fuck am i eating this is the best thing ever let me ask you this because i have i have two inclinations and one inclination is to be in the woods on the top the mountain right the well an dancing nature and the other inclination is to be in the hive to be inside a building in manhattan on twenty
the mobile world all street in for the may i think of on the mountain guide the ball yeah yes and no it's like i don't know what will where's the gravity coming from is it coming from the masses of humanity who although in perfect at the moment it might be trying harder to work shit or is it from this sort of reluctant agreement that the earth is much more powerful than culture at this point time it's better just isolate yourself from all these idiots who haven't gotten the information yet and get your own water from a hole in the ground i think you know again and that this may be the queen sensor question of the modern age you're urine bowl spot yeah 'cause you're in a guy live in manhattan you have children so you're on that next level of sensitive but also i spend the majority of my time out there in the shit and i i'll tell you this when you
actually have something like for example like you said if you kill a deer and you cook that on an open fire nothing tastes better than that you're right however the thing is this might be my paranoia you got your sinkhole senior where wolves my what i think is happening is there's there's a global restructuring happening yeah there is there is a global restructuring happening that people are seeing their calling the greatest recession since the depression there deserves well this is this and this is that i think is the new normal so to be honest and i'm not necessarily proud of this what i love about new york city is icon going feel like nero's rome is burning because i believe new york city is the greatest city in the world i believe it's capital of the world culturally and economically and politically for that matter and you know when you go out in new york city you know it has
the best restaurants in the world has the best nightlife in the world has the best the best i believe it best the best everything world i'm a huge fan new york city i'm not from new york city here's the problem i'm going to new york so i say wrong well it does and so you can fuck up but what i will say what i will say is when you when you go out in new york city right now now today in and be shanghai in ten years whatever but today new york is the global capital and you can go out in new york city and you can like me come as a penniless immigrant and become a fuckin rich mother fucker you can go out and have the greatest food and by the way that food can be like a dollar spring the vietnamese place or the best steak at peter or whatever the fuck it is are peter new york will give you everything new york has everything it's fant mastic goddamnit are moving in new york but i uh
pack your bags but we got blue cross blue shield but chinese with us but where where are we going where are we going underground to a bunker with crocodiles where are we going is an where do i feel the happiest is i feel the happy stout in nature i feel the happiest at sea i feel the happiest in the forest villa happy is grilling meat over a grill you know all the bring manhattan but before but what i will tell you is i don't believe that the sort of roman bacchanalian craziness that is new york today going to be around that much longer moment bacchanalian well rome in like the end of rome the roman empire and bacchanalian back is the sort of the god of wine and drink and partying how obscure your references
so it's not no it's like shel silverstein times tucacas god of booze you know about these people i read books bitch i understand this bacchanalian it means boosie i've been three times are podcast at the mag safe electrical cord connecting to my laptop dropped off through my flailing hand that means it's a good and
dude you have a battery last three hours you don't have to work no no no i'm upset with apple why that change this it's one hundred percent change how they change their charges all the time stop playing game noise ok right now i'm finally at forty five years of age am a part of an actual company that sells things and one of things that i realize is you can decide to make more money fucks are you peeing no no but hey ice t ice t the rap now you want it yeah yeah you meant to say we never came up with all of no of guardian off guard yeah just keep the camera off a man as he meditates into a trance a trash yeah i mean it's not going on a transcendental meditation point where he understands the point of use any is in
right now does not represent where he will be in infinity is it if he is in fact a soul and if a soul transgresses from one point in history to another over and over and over until you get it right now this sounds like hippy bullshit but do you understand that helio gracie beli even this helio gracie says something once if you don't know who he is his real name is in helio gracie i say that for all you white people who don't understand how brazilian people pronounce things but they pronounce the for whatever reason he'll e gracie helio was pronounced helio gracie that's how the porch he's in brazil use that that word helio gracie he said something once and he's the guy who trained hicks
gracie and hoist gracie the original winner of the ufc one and ufc two i mean voice gray he changed the entire face of marshall wasn't he the dude who also said i'll take on all comers all weight classes and will will pay ten or one hundred grand or whatever is the number changes but he said i'll take on any fighter anyway class and i'll fight not only did a leo gracie do this he did this when he was one hundred and forty plus pounds he was like one hundred and forty five he developed a method of using leverage and using techniques submit guys that were much much much larger than you ok he trained who trained hoyes he trained some of the most influential martial artists in the history of the world
one of the things he said hold on us again one of the things he said is that you live this life an if you make even one mistake and you live this life incorrectly you will return and you will do it all over again until you get it right that sounds crazy i heard about that i was like oh you mother fucker why you put on that bullshit on main there's no way anybody's ever going to live this life perfectly and get it and then i thought if any nobody knows if any he understands the path of man in its truest form without without hyperbole without directing other peoples insecurities back on different folks to
alleviate the pressure the pressure if reality if anybody's going to understand what the fuck is really going on it's going to be one hundred and forty five pound man who's willing to take on the greatest fighters any any fighter any fighter any style anyway any or any fucking wait that's insane come of broke his arm with a kimora it's a shoulder lock it the catch wrestling guys called a double restaurant a double wrist lock but this technique became known as a camorra he broke his arm ilia wouldn't tap out let him break his arm did you ever see the thing i did i went down to sao paulo and rio and you know what the gracies and hung out with the fighters down there in the valley tudo guys they are the fucking toughest dudes in the fucking world did the valley tudo guys are fucking now a crazy way to live now they're all fighting me they're all fighting ufc well they do
that now because they realize this prosperity yeah they can they can get out of the of of the if the balance but they are the toughest mother alive yes what the one of the most beautiful things about what elio said would really grace he said when he said that he will like that he literally had sort of figured out a way to test who you are and test what you could figure out and test what you could do and he truly believed in these most extreme of circumstances literally fighting these much larger much stronger man and letting them break his arms he believe that if you live this life that you must do it correctly and if you did anything wrong anything contrary to your sp
period contrary to the the soul or the collective idea of humanity as whole being of the utmost importance so you who the one who is tested must represent humanity and in that saying that if you made any mistakes you would do it again i was scared when when i read that i was like that might be the one of the most frightening things i've ever read by life 'cause he might be right thank you i in his battles literally almost to the death fight with anybody the modern day commit a blood sport does a small man exactly and he kicked the fuck out of every day i weigh one hundred and ninety pounds that means this guy he was one hundred and forty
they could take anybody and he would take anybody on pounds more than me that's less than me that's an insane amount of weight and this guy would take and i wouldn't take on anybody in the world he would take on big giant people and throwing himself into the fire he had an understanding of human life and of hugh nature and he he sort of in anyway related that can i can i give a shadow and can i tell you one story are you giving a shower yeah you a black guy or a white rapper can i give is happening here i would like to give a shout out to one guy who i met easy guide matt ruskin right and he was in the marines in iraq and they had these fight clubs in here in iraq and they would do the marines and the were there for like force recon these these are tough mother and he is doing this they had these fight clubs and they would fight fuck out of it and he
he is like two hundred pounds and he would fight guys were two hundred and fifty he would fly geyser one hundred and fifty he was fighting beat them all and he came back and he started doing mma started finding me and he hooked up this guy one of the macy's and and you taught him brazilian jujitsu who of which who is i believe five time world champion the gracie is fucking amazing amazing guy gracie donna brazile what weight is here i compete at heavyweight have he was heavy was five time world brazilian jujitsu champion ann and will will hodges not quite heavy we he he competes in mma at one eighty five i i don't the fights in the morning while he was he was he's a brazilian jujitsu champion five times okay global champion anyway matt ruskin
hook me up with this guy went down to remember his name at all see gracie that's a prominent god but but easier is a big big heavy weight heavy weight yeah yeah really crazy yeah i i went down if you can look it up i went down with them on you know shout out to echo shout out to heavyweight gracie anyway but i gotta say this matt rusk in the marine fought in iraq came back started fighting with gracie's took me down there show me what the fuck is going on i've got to say the i learned the story of the gracie's from the gracie's when i was down there and that's story of you know brazilian jujitsu and him sort taking on all comers with bounty you know like if you can beat me when i heard it was one million bucks but i think it was actually more like one hundred grand what years is this is like the seventies and eighties this is
like the valley to dotimes heavyweight gracie no no now than did the gracie that brought me down so i'm going to call us and we had a gal is great no whole hollers grace is very famous but well hollis the the son of holes right it's i'm gonna get a shit for doing that well well think about it he's a real good looking guy he was a model real looking guy pics and fictions the most of all time in the greatest of all this guy was actually a model in brazil
hey brian and matt rusk in if you can if you could tweet me is name outside any was a model yeah model anna great somebody lied to you and get your pain which is that structure at sears and five time globally or jujitsu champion we are now in a swamp of dis information it's true no wikipedia if someone could tweet us right now problem we don't have a great young over here let me tell you something i'm going to look at my phone i'm not i'm not mad rusk in email me his name i'm sure matt brusque in he's probably got a good gator hola mami and anna khana choke orbiting earth right now hey victor good half guard he shaves this guy was more of a jujitsu straight up let me explain something first no bullshit i've been doing it's it's it's one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight and i've never heard of a gracie he seems like a vicky's is a heavyweight is a heavyweight who won were
old jitsu in ship i understand okay call hollis gracie in mma who was he beat bob sapp i think he's he fought in the ufc once he lauste but i think it was more of a case of when when a guy a media lee gets thrown into the ufc there's a thing that happens calls on it the call the adrenaline dump where you get in front of the big cameras and you think about the hoist gracie fights of nineteen ninety three and you panic it's like the overwhelming input of the the moment is too much man how are you
i'm here with joe rogan we're talking about the gracies we talked and i'm saying who's gracie daniel gracie that's well daniel daniel gracie world you just you champion how many times three times yeah so he's a global jitsu champion daniel gracie you i'm going to put you on the rogan hold on a second target by the way matt ruskins fucking awesome dude and that hey what's going on man how's everything can you what's up matt how do you know powerful shane smith from vice dot com shane smith walked into a fucking generally used to work at
how rude first of all how road how 'bout how 'bout hey settle down first of all how 'bout you tell him first and foremost that you love him you don't have to go right into your you're a fat fuck and you're going to die he knows how much you love him you say that what is that to do alleviate the only issue though we love it we love it so no gay stuff this is a late night podcast there's a lot of dudes that are listed in this in the shower sorry keep going matt alright so he knows how much i love you don't go let him know gay stuff bro where this is late night so we just became friends after that and i did some work with the device before before flight landing at this whole thing with me when i was training for one of my fights
that defense thomas around with me for while but we went tell him about when we went down with daniel gracia went daniel gracie the with here's the thing about daniel gracie daniel she is a very very very tired brazilian jujitsu fighter but his real last name i don't believe was initially gracie i think he sort of his hands his cousin yeah and i think his is mom's name was crazy but his dad's name in his birth name was not gracie right no his birthday yeah i i believe this is what i believe i believe he's a very talented fighter but i believe this whole idea of connecting yourself to the word gracie is
it is ultimately very self defeating and the guy does that i almost want to pull him aside if it would have daniel you're a bad mother fuker whatever the fuck your last name is it doesn't matter you know you know get your your head wrapped around the fact that that's all boo gracie is a great name but it's two thousand and thirteen and when he was competing eight nine ten whatever the fuck it was two thousand doesn't matter what matters is how good you are and adopting the name gracie almost makes people think like oh well this guys trying to get a little extra attention for for no reason the world champ ships in the world championship so you either mount guy would take his back you tap them whatever you do you either do or you don't do and it doesn't matter if your name is marcelo garcia who's on bill believe aebli respected me mar garcia is the top of the pyramid when it comes to
he introduced to in the world today in twenty thirteen or gracie it doesn't matter so whatever his name was what was i real the family name is ozzy error or call matt how many times you been in your life don't lie to me have you hi in your life no within ten is it more than ten yes okay so we could probably go camping together how many times you eating pot brownies and thought about chicks you fingered when you were fourteen you were really upset like kira gate gracie more than ten that's why i love talking to you matt see keep it together matt but there was a few guys that did that the gracie thing
where they use the word what i'm going to say is daniel gracie whatever you want to call when i'm going to say is a bad mother fucker but by the way he took us around brazil he took us to the valley to do gyms he took us to the gyms he took us with matt and i gotta say it was fuckin i gotta say you see a different level of shit down there than you will see any well they did these guys train like motherfuckers do you hear this map and do you agree with this go you know i was in the record rack you know for we walked into chevelle and we were in the complexity all in now which is at the time was like the worst of the worst and we had to go ask the boss if we could come in their film so the boss again no problem just don't film the kids with a gun and what we take a turn down the street ann
he was just wore the wall fourteen year olds fifteen year olds with like military great weapons i mean you gotta picture the look it was like board shorts flip flops you know like a nineteen eighty nine luther campbell like gold rope chain with a medallion you know mount the mount side to side goat cheese fucking you know collapsible stock m forward in a car grenade launcher the whole night i mean these kids were armed to the fucking teeth and everyone that we went down there was just looking around like holy shit listen man you never end story by saying like holy shit
but i was with my was very good story i was with however you leave us today i'm going to say this i could give us the respect of a v end i was i was with matt on that and there was there was fourteen year old kids probably would drive from one of the don't lie to me matt say yes yes okay listen bro i feel what you're saying and i was only fucking around i was feeling so dead space we're trying to re calibrate are reality do to your circumstances and your story being paradigm shifting that's that fucking listen i want to tell you about man i'm giving you a shout out i love you guy fucking is an awesome guy ex marine and a fighter i love you matt i'm very sorry to get dragged into a podcast it was
just a phone call for you and all the sudden shane smith talking about some crazy shit and you like damn it i gotta now the truth 'cause i'm matt but daniel ruskin i don't give a fuck but daniel gracie is a bad ass mother yes unquestionably was his real name matt what's that daniel gracie what is his real name name name is at sierra or similar is one do i know i know my complete by the way i want to let everybody know is no judgment involved net whatsoever i completely understand why someone who espeche he was in a situation where they were very talented guy and they were trying to maximize the sort of this read of their name as far as possible in the word gracie because of hoyt and because of in and what they would be accomplished in ufc one it was one
the most important moments in the history of martial arts would you agree matt it's it's for people who don't i know the history of it or weren't there when it's happening as martial artists it was one of the most important moments ever is like all of a sudden we found out what really works right but and those guys that name that gracie name that shits like q tips or kleenex you know synonymous i don't give a fuck about your tissues if you have tissues and made by kraft mac honey and cheese if the right next to kleenex i'm taking the kleenex okay 'cause they amen as does the nfl they dominate as well
you know i'm saying mass jesus christ back me up i got to tell you i think the name by hands on one hundred percent thank you matt thank you in what way like daniel daniel was a you know why do you know why do you know why 'cause you're smart mother 'cause they're smart mother and they know how to make that paper son matt don't don't freeze up on me now we're in the deep into the pool map and we're not close to the lip hang in there did you right are you with me buddy i'm sorry listen matt i need to apologize to you as a human being you didn't know what the
what's going on here you get dragged into this conversation shane's missed calls you it's where do you live sir don't tell me east coast west coast or mountain time what i'm what i'm trying to say is matt is an awesome dude do you hear this map now what you say he said matt is shane smith just said matt is an awesome dude and then your grace is an awesome daniel grace is awesome boots and what an what they showed me was off credit any of that we're not trying to discredit any that matt you understand this correct so you shot no not yet three minutes listen what's important matt is you understand that i next in adorjan gracie and anybody gets in there i just think that if i could be in there when hens oh
and all those other guys are trying to talk daniel into using the last name gracie so let's think this shit through vanderlei silva did pretty good with the name silva ok okay okay going to be fine we don't need gracie are you crazy is your name pencil he dares hanzo do you support this daniel character yet what the fuck differences make what noise you make with your mouth or represents his last name we cool jesus christ for the grey good of humanity the world how about we forget about imperio dictatorships in names that dominates search history if you only want did you know eating marijuana is different if you aim at matt matt i'm sorry dude this is so tell matt you love him i love you matt i'm so sad that i dragged you into this and even though i did it with no malice
at one hundred percent mattress congest batrus skin i didn't do this to be mean i just did this because that's my nature i am the scorpion you are the frog this how should goes down i didn't mean to do this matt ruskin is a beautiful a mat rest we do we do my podcast i would be happy to sir i'd be honored if you would do my podcast when we will you do with chain i would definitely do that happens have just opened up hot tub in san diego with dog stop it no dolphins and no shaman i think experiment with a dolphin matt yeah just tell him you love him matt have you ever watched the rodeo and felt sorry for the bulls would that nothing listen matt
i love the fuck idea even though we've never met a good man if shane smith says you're a good man you're a good man do you feel me alright let's okay jihad hey you can give us out to mountain grip you can crank out a girl i'm sorry and green mountain grills are bad yeah matt raskin and then you raise your great because you could i just want to give your settlement i just had my first cook i was one of the most the least entertaining no that was better with it did that broke my face that that was one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life my face hurts judge mark tomorrow you're going to look at that video and you're going to be like listen i just type daniel crazy into wikipedia i don't even remember doing it but that you crack correct me about that huh bad mother though
roger hadji gracie one of the most races full stop or bad ass mother fucker yeah hotter is fighting in the ufc i believe i want to is fighting tim kennedy but i i'm not it up what do you left you know what i drag this guy i met him online you know can i can i say one thing can i say one thing yes sir i'm pissed off because i saw because i follow you on twitter you fucker yes and and somebody was tweeting their shoes they made with your design yes and i don't have those you know they well they they asked and then a year old that's joe who does the counter for death squad dot tv she if i don't get a fair enough no i don't get shoes with that design that i can wear every day well and then i'm
to be pissed off before you request this shoes understand that brian is in the middle of number three but that's like passing okay saying i pissing on your that's what what what he's about listen i know i don't even know what that means stop listen vision noises come in panic right now he's on cat number three he was he's i guess what cabin number one who originally was my favorite that's the one over your right shoulder derek does desk watch and but then once i fell in love with the wendy's cat and the second cat is my fave can i say one thing tom ford is making money off of doing these baroque slippers or with like baroque gold things and i'm saying hold on was broke get you know tapestry harder hearing that words i know tapestries from the 17th century he's taken tapestries making slippers out of them sound for one thousand dollars
i want a red fucking man fucking to that i saw on twitter and and the fact joe shows you the fact that i don't have those too i love the shoes may well he's working i want to wear those when i go to the academy awards although i mean that's the to do this i know it's the right thing we got a no tammy awards okay okay did you know some of the deaths the death star that's when that i wanted that one on and our if i don't get a pair of those shoes on campus okay we need new shoes we need like one of the letters i slippers that he
is designed and made otherwise i'm pissed listen brian does not have any time to design and make slipper he does but as i see them on brian i am working there for us to do what a decade now two thousand three dodge by that those are bad i see bad out hello goes either way i want them but i wanted more plus no doubt about it made out of sort of how how long we've been working together for ten years this is the most important thing with brian you can't tell brian which do you can let brian i want go to pressure on a you can tell them lucky at least a couple of days a week you have to show up and do this
other than that you got to leave me alone i was the only way these hypnotic cats get discovered i will fight what that if you live in a cubicle and you're panicking taking adderall all day to get through your work load i will fight always gracie if i can have a pair of those days that you say that but no i made those two no one is ever gotten you into a proper rear naked choke if you if you if you if you choke maine if you choke me you would win in three nine three point two seconds on but i would i would be wearing the shoes so that's what i nation where you'd win i'm giving about i i can see but i not the shoes even know how we got to this can i don't know what i'm telling you we've gotten off try it expects the kids on his way by the way fucked
your shoes are amazing your designs are made i know i said this last time this is what i'm trying to say is last time your fucking designs are good i want those fucking shoes i understand what your sample will you need to understand is the next cat is going to be on the next level no why you bring the pressure on me getting me looking at the other cats seem like fuck those slippers that squad sue i'm fucking want chocolate filled twinkies when not fucking around
dear hillbilly by the way your fucking spying his bulging you're eating a fucking twinkie i'm allowed to have some fucking shoes and old twinkie show stop chocolate don't even make that or not like that shit you have put in your tire when you want to fix a flat expired cockroaches cockroaches and twinkies are the only things that will survive the apocalypse and you're you're getting ready you're getting ready your fucking getting your twinkies ready but i want my shoes ready as the fucking bomb goes off i'm gonna be looking good for anyone right now collecting their thoughts and gathering their finances on their way to the bank on their way to financing their very first yoga studio i want you to know i know this this this podcast represent how you feel right now when you're when you're
you're in that train and you're thinking yourself as you make the connection to the boss on your way to work i don't want to be that guy i don't want to be at a control worrying about asteroids within intestinal virus is it looked like fucking aliens grown inside by ship tracked umm how old how old is this help me this one this helps me the squad makes on again because it sounds all of because we need all of the information about all of the possible realities of all of the human beings existing in this temporary state that we both exist in that you all three of us right now this two thousand can i say one thing joe rogan taekwondo motherfucker
the voice of the mma how drunk are you dear factor fear factor fear factor and and and and and fashion fucking mogul because unless i get those god damn fucking shoes there's going to be things going to be how we're going to get those shoes and we're going to find this gal who made those shoes you know we're going to ask her ask jail himitsu that girl yeah see so about my super fan i will see ok i will say one last thing 'cause i just podcast has been going on for eight hundred hours but i will say this i will say this how about fucking joe rogan joe rogan shut up between fear factor an ufc shit and all your other shit but the fucking our cast that you do and by the way i'm sitting here in a room with seven hundred cameras that red band the set up i'm sitting here doing the doing park as with you the for that you do these podcasts and you out these bar casting these bucket i've got to say i fucking
send it to you my friend i fucking handed to you this all made hey how about this how about eyes you would also be oh how about this you gotta take it you got it if i say you're fucking awesome you have to fucking take i understand sweetie pie but here's the problem with that you can never believe you if you start talking to me in these craziest relatives and tell me how awesome i am like this guys basically full of shit i'm going to tell you the truth i'm gonna leave it lock it up and throw it in a dark place i'm inactive you're mine now see now this is going to be seeing you in the back alley but i'm going to tell you the truth is you do have to do do this but fucking you you don't have to fucking here and and deal with heads like me but i
to you watch when you're wrong sir because that affect their money comes at a price mental or damn panaf us us us talking about this shit is because you paid for this room with all the cat in the dock a microphone did not pay for this from this is mostly brian's the only thing i i paid for with it by the camp the the look at my i mac well i think that iraq i want the money thank you yeah yes and i give kudos to you and if you don't take it then i'm gonna put this pen up your okay this is that we would normally i would say thank you very much but this why why why do i get if no no no no no no no no no no i'm in and you know you you're absolutely allowed to but i have to tell you that in this particular situation since we're at the ice house this ninety nine percent brian's work which i give him kudos well i'm trying to fucking buy fucking
where offer me won't give it well no no selling no i did knowing that footwork what i'm saying is that although he's i get very strange strange situation brian and i have friends and employees and i try to distance myself from the employee aspect as much as possible but really created this whole room he decorated it he's a smart motherfucker our friend brendan gave us rancher brandon gave us that picture i asked him to put that up and that's it other than that it's just some brands we don't have to do these podcasts and that and the fact that the fact that he's not because of the fact you have anthony bourdain and you divide you have means of that you have all these people are that is some special and i know we always get to this at the end of it but i got to say what you're doing with with brian and then with yourself come on now
at least accept affected that's an important fucking mother fucking thing and by the way if you don't accept it i will do something bad with this listen i have a krav mcgaw t shirt on i got my keys in my knuckles and i'm ready to fucking party i'm telling you you're asking me to take the kool aid and fucking brush my teeth with it but not switch to rogan laser not interested to rogan even though my gums have lacerations on them with allowed the sacred liquid from the kool aid get into my bloodstream not well i'm not willing i want everyone in the joe rogan universe to tweet the mother fuck out of him because joe rogan is the fucking man app or this is a trap kahol there's a lot of douche bags that army twenty years from now there going fuck that guy
the real i'm gonna say i like joe rogan i like red band death squad powerful i love all you guys i love you i love you i love you three hours in five minutes you're a bad mother fucker fuck you i gotta tell you this is very very unusual podcast but all podcasts with my favorite one of all time yeah it might be up there it's probably number one my only weird thing about this is we only have real meaningful conversations with headphones and microphones and hold on i'm going to tell you this you guys i seriously respect what the fuck you're doing and there are people out there in the fucking world are listening here and i gotta say i'm fucking stoked to be here and so if it's you and i we can see me or maybe you can see me i'm pointing at you right back if it's you then fucking thank you very much because you know what my favorite thing to do my favorite press ever like i have
you press all the time and by the way you don't even know what the fuck i'm talking about because vice sent fucking dennis rodman to fucking north korea we have the fucking only interviews with kim jong il we have we have like one fucking shit that abc cbs nbc everybody fucking wants you know where i come i come to the joe fucking rogan podcast and i'll tell you why because those are the only fucking people i give a shit about and that's why i'm here i love you fucking guys and by the way if that's your fucking shit red band and by the way you don't have to share and by the way he's not and by the way and by the way by the way by the way by the way you don't have to do this and you
and i gotta say a love you guys and i love what you do and you can tell me to off or not but i shop listen we love you too man it doesn't there's no need for anybody to take any extra recognition for what the fun not going out right no no no no no i mean i know you're not i know you know what you're what you're trying to do is what any cool person tries to do is you try going to spread the love as far as possible to as many people as the peace of the people that listen to this fucking podcast the people that i give a shit about and i don't give a shit about the fucking people that you give a shit about that don't listen to this 'cause they don't know about it but the reality is that that the ethic of what brian is trying to put fourth and when i am an unquestionably without a shadow of a doubt in my heart what you're trying to put forward it is what resonates with a lot of the people that are sort of waking up in the middle of history and looking at this crazy world that is
indian captain sidetracked aninat hobbled by these ancient traditions that were written back when people couldn't even fly fucking planes and didn't even have printed cheap and there was no internet and unfortunately this dish tribu shun of information is far more swift than the absorption of it amongst the people and the altercation on the changing of the culture because of that information and you're you're the let me tell you you're in the shut you are people to alaska i have the none of this
i put in a broom closet with a blue cross blue okay dental how unit so you if we can finish with this one last thought about you finish with this one last thought what is this one last thought why you need to ram it up you you can we just say i buy dabuy shabat goes who's it is maybe it's about dolphins all right fuck the dolphins i love the dolphins i would give a shit what you say i loved alrighty people date people teen people god damn it can i say one thing i love all you bitches and i everyone who's listening to this joke
fuckin rogan deathsquad brian fucking red band buckle yeah shane smith tom segura arisha fear joey coco diaz i could try talking trussell suck it two thousand and twelve oh whoops i guess that shit didn't happen day december 21st daniel pinched back where the fuck were you with an apology and explanation where we used to let people know i want to apologize to frankie boyle i got into it riddle twitter altercation with him this weekend and i just you know frankie
retarded i'm retarded we're all retarded it's okay boo just stop front just up front all right keep it together bitch shane smith two thousand and thirteen the soviets say that an asteroid is coming in ninety three years i won't be here to see it holla see you next week
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