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#344 - Stanley Krippner, Christopher Ryan

2013-03-30 | 🔗
Stanley Krippner is an American psychologist, and an executive faculty member and Professor of Psychology at Saybrook university in San Francisco. He has written many books covering topics such as psychology and shamanism, including "The Voice of Rolling Thunder: A Medicine Man's Wisdom for Walking the Red Road". Christopher Ryan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller "Sex At Dawn" Stanley Krippner, Christopher Ryan, Brian Redban -- Date: 03/30/2013
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Four Ryan are our friend who is on the podcast again today. I believe your book is available. Sex at dawn is available in audio Form Year was. It was voted one of the best audio books of twenty ten when it came out- and I we read the preface witches a story of being attacked by a monkey. Who were who read the book for you who reads the Are there to actors, there's a female and male actor who read because we asked that there be to male and female voice, since it was co authored with my wife someone's all into quality and shit yeah. This kind of weird, though I mean they, that what are you ready, why offer to they? Wouldn't they are like thanks anyway, sons of banks, but no thanks yo! In your first time author, you don't get a lotta respect, I gotta say in the second time around it's a whole different thing, if the first book so imagine yeah, but this time around you, they,
you. In fact, I had a dispute with one of the editors and which ended with her crying and hanging up on me. In an earlier Canada, crying is there's no crying in public and then she quit yeah like within oh yeah. Really, you may acquit why don't know it was me- or I was the last straw whatever but yeah din unwell, but an earlier conversation with her. She was saying something, and I said yes, what it is that we are talking about the cover. I am. Different ideas- and I was like well, you know the when he sent me a cool, but when you send me your other ideas and then we can brainstorm together, and she was like gum. No, no! We authors can only see one idea and I said: well, you weren't business partner, here. Why can't I it? What does that mean Why? Why can I be involved in this and she said? Well, we can have the inmates running the asylum, oh geez
you're a prisoner now what a mental pass in- and I said you know- I'm a psychologist- my wife actually does run a mental hospital like any here at thirty, two year old idiot. So whether what the hell is this that were made her great you dollar thirty zero that world- I don't know if I use those words, but that was the application by the collar cut I might have comes out. Sometimes this does moments when it's no sir, audible other than that audible has nothing to do with. The Christopher Ryan Incident now. They were wonderful exe. For not letting me read the whole book that sons of bitches what's wrong with you, people the monkey attacks the most important part you read that I did read, they should do revived. Version? Let you do it because I generally prefer, except Stephen King Stephen King, is God damn terrible reading his book?
So boring. When you have an author read the Steventon books had become exciting, there's so much drowned, but Stephen King Software, these amazing author and one of my favorite fiction offers authors ever, but if you get his audio books, do not get one. That's read by am that's my my warning to and we gotta audible dot com for its last Joe get yourself a free audio books and thirty three days of service is an excellent comedy. I've been using them for almost a decade. Now I've been using them for a long time, So I can stand of audible there, their outstanding and again they support this podcast. Any. You really know about our common enough to say that today, let's just get the Stanley creditor, he's drove driven all the way here from San Francisco with Doktor Chris four Ryan and even did podcast along the way, don't give a fuck folks, they double dip. Making things happen to you, the music problems with these get these people go on.
Experience. That was the word is one always coming off guard without always and allows waver on it. Well, we just we just rushed through that Stanley Kryptonite. Thank you very much, sir, for coming down here s a pleasure and Mr Ryan. Thank you very much for bringing Stanley when we first did a pod gas with Chris one of the things he talked about was you and he said that the Euro dear friend, in that, If it's possible, we gotta get you on the part castle, and here I am so proud, I'm so honoured. I can't believe you actually bothered to make the trip all the way down from San Francisco doping gassed along? How can the? How can people get their progress? That years did on? Why? Yes, I guess, we'll put it up this week. You know got a bunch of the pipeline, but we'll just bump everybody else, and yet people get here
as driving down from Bakersfield on route. Five complaining about the cow shit smell athletic part of that trip. Yet we are DR right. It's weird drive will I do I took that drive before the elections and when you realise California, although California, mainly liberal there's these pocket. Where we have cities where everybody is fairly literate, an educated and then, if you spread out towards where they grow things. Some reason. Those folks like too, even nonsense, and now they had Mitt Romney Bob stickers and Mitt Romney posters and where I am, I am I in Idaho or someone a man goin on here. While do you know who Mitt Romney as you? I want to pull over and comment on. What is this? Do you know that line about Pennsylvania? I grew up in Pennsylvania and they say there's philadelphia on one side: Pittsburgh on the other side in Alabama, in between
so, my parent, my parents, he's too Wilkes bury oh yeah. That's that's no job! That's where people, where camouflaged the grocery store total rush now country with a summary dear out there you never know when you have to buy current, you want any tangentially speaking, that's me or my bike ass. Anyone wants to check out my stuff conversation was Stanley. If they had I'm shortly, we'll get enough. Never Stanley, that's Stanley What was your your name that the Shopman gave you your ear spirit name while rolling thunder gave me the name everybody's favor. That was, is the name anybody's favorite movie of everybody he talked to like me, but a native American who was not a showman who I dedicated this book to it richer. Son gave me the name of we're Costa Wash Day and the best way to translate that
is to use a yiddish term Mench. Are you guys so I thought that was your great louder. Coming from the first native American who got a clinical psychology phd in the country, That's this gentleman loan thunder no doubt as the mother Dillinger, who we dedicated the book to and regrettably, as soon as the book came out, he passed over advanced age, so the book is dedicated to him and his memory, and our long friendship over the years. Now you are one of the few people that is alive today they can say they did acid with Timothy Larry. Oh good heavens, I'm I'm sure there are more people, because Jim Larry did acid with a lot of people. Maybe I'm sure there's more, but the numbers of fairly small, I would say, is less than one tenth of one
of the population, but you know how it is small numbers can have magnificent affects in case sir, you have both the butterfly wings, causing the typhoon in Malaysia. Did you that's what they say, but that's people, donors now- that's a mellow actually happen, but that's a metaphor. A lot of stuff in Sharm ISM is metaphor: you deal with it at the metaphorical level. Them make sense that their whole communism is is very tricky. Isn't it a very tricky, it's you say, amongst respectable company, o k no shamans, and whether what happens with these shamans do you do go dispirit worlds and you like well, yes, actually and then like ok and then and then immediately the conversation becomes there talking to a silly person, which is when I talked to us college? Just I don't even use the word spirit world for one thing,
to be a sham, and you have to be appointed to charm and by a community and of the community. Doesn't concern. Do you worthy of being a sham, a spiritual leader, then you dont pass the fast and instead of saying we go to a Spirit world. I say Walsh, almonds, get knowledge information in ways other members of their community cap- and I just leave it up to that they show or what Well, they get information from their dreams. They give information by observing plants observing people they have a very Keen sense of observation, an insight and then start it makes sense to them, or you mean, like a sherpas. Welsh. We were the first there, because they, mediated problems between couples. They did a lot to keep the community together. They help people to get better if they were sick or if they were feeling poorly, and so they were also the first.
Physicians, Le First doctors and they used herb, is up for one reason or another seem to work so partaking found who a very practical level. You can talk about charm and as many of them, the due respect that I think they deserve as a psychologist, theirs and that's what you It is not that many people in the realm of professional business who, except those terms they used the term Charmaine and its that's where it gets tricky right. It gets tricky that it's almost like you need a professional word to you know, did to replace it within that people are going to accept and then in the mainstream. Actually, the word charming Comest from the field of anthropology and word charming originated in Siberia. Nobody knows just win because there are three different tribes in Siberia that used word somewhat of a sham.
But the latter apologists began to notice that spiritual practitioners and other indigenous societies did pretty much the same things. They helped people may healed p. Oh, they use their imagination, they get rituals, they pulled myths and narratives, and so these other people who had their own words for Sharm all got lumped together. Bilateral I'll just using the term Sharm and so we're sort of stuck with it, and all that I can say is Take that seriously, because each tribe that you visit has its own word rolling, thunder, for example, the subject of our book, the we should rolling felt thunder, never call himself a showman. He called himself and intertribal Medicine man, because he was
bull to learn the medicine systems of five or six different native american tribes. He had a whole trailer full of herbs, hundreds of herbs and I saw them first hand and he would take the herbs it would be most suitable for whoever he was helping out ass. He put it whoever he was doctoring and though, of course, she did a little ritual that went along with it now, how much of the herbs and gay people were actually effective and how much of it was a placebo. You know This is one of the important ways in which charm and contributed to the evolution of the human species. Obviously, some of the herbs were medicinal. Obviously some of them were not, but they work anyway because of the placebo effect but imagine a sick person coming to a sham, the Sharm and giving them herbs. Doing a ritual waving, her feather raffling.
Rattle banging a drum and the person for one reason or other gets well now. What about the people? The don't get! Well, those your people, they don't have the imagination. They don't have the response to the placebo effect, and so they die what happens when they die their genes draw out of the gene pool who has left the people who are left the people who are able to action their younger healing ability and passed down those dreams, to their descendants. And that's why today we have hypnosis, we have by feedback, we have visual imagery and all of the other, products of mind body medicine that work, the they placebo effects highlights, or a really fascinating aspect of the human animal, this disability to heal itself, by being tricked or tricking itself into believing that taking medicine and enforcing some
sort of an effect, its various it's a very strange and slippery term nodes over or slippery ability and it seemed so strange that the ability to be tricked would be of evolutionary advantage, the ability to trick yourself into thinking you take medicine and healing yourself. We can really do that consciously we can do at consciously, but let's go back to evolution. Rolling fonder often use the term. Sometimes you have to fucker person not getting well, you have to trucker person into using their own self healing capacity thrown in our shame and she put up and Now you can use that deliberately. We have people who are able to hip. Ties themselves rebel to get visual images of their bodies, Ending the bones together and getting well the count yourselves shrinking. This doesn't work for everybody.
But the imagery as a part of a holistic programme were mainstream. Medicine is also used, can give that extra little edge. That can help a person to get well and that little sure edge. Is a linear descend into what Charmond did some fifty thousand years ago? It's it's interesting, be they placebo effect in that it is its scientific term. But yet it's not a very scientific action. The action of his is really sort of mister mainly the ability to heal with the mind and using the imaginations to very, very strange thing, and it's very strange and connected Sherman biggest chauvinism itself. The idea that these plants contained in information and that special, like I was, gets. My favorite shall monistic brew just because of the fact that they had to figure out over these huh
the thousands of difference plants in the Amazon. Which one contained Dm Tee and which one contained an embryo inhibitor and combine the two of em. If you don't know what that means, folks, the the empty which is the most potent psychedelic drug known to man, it it exists in a bunch of debt. Forms in nature, but it's not orally active. The reason why you know you can eat grass and you dont get you don't have a damn teacher, because your body produced something on model aiming oxidation and model aiming ox days. You can inhibit that and you can inhibited with natural play or somehow or another in the course of who knows how many thousands of years The Amazon chairman have had figured out how to take leave vine of one plant in the leaves of another plant and combine them together
and it was the empty and unnatural embryo inhibitor and that's what that's. What created I walk at, which is an orderly active version of Dm T, the only orally active version that were were aware of, and they did it. They say by talking to the plants without told them. Yes, this is discussed another recent book of my being mystifying shalmaneser, where we take all these mysteries of Sharm those, and this is a book by Adam Rock and myself, and we d mystify them and put them into a cycle of Cole terms. Now what you say about, I, who ask is absolutely correct and I bent to the Amazon I've taken. I walk in Brazil and it's very powerful, this very valuable. It's a very good teaching tool to the people down. There are even the people from western cultures and the question comes up. As you said, of all of the FAO,
the plants in the rain forest. How did charm and know how to put these two plants together, and I have asked the shams about that? They say, while the plants Travis, that's good enough for them. I think that it was a little more complicated than that. I think that they watched animals take plants. And of the animals began to turn on and show unusual behaviour. The issue and began to do that themselves. Now. This doesn't really account for the combination of the plants, but maybe They were able to use trial and effect. Besides being the first doctors of the first psychotherapy, farmers were the first scientists they used trial in the fact they tried out substances on themselves if they work on themselves, they turn to other people, but.
The genesis of eyewash going sort of lost in the mists of pre history, nor a fascinating topic in everything that you say about the mall inhibitor Isn t he is absolutely correct. It really is a fascinating topic in the city of fragile peace of history, because the shop are the ones who understand and how I know how to make the brew and they pass this information down from generation to generation and if they're gone if their lost and we're losing rain forest by now by the acre, like literally as we're talking acres of being dissolved, and slowly, but surely these people getting pushed out of their natural home and we're losing the lungs of the earth literally the rain forests are the lungs of the earth mean that's where most of our oxygen comes from and that that that's it such a fragile thing that we, we we know so little about its origins and it's right there and it just these few people that
that that are living there, that that truly understand that their traditions and then had them passed down generation to generation you used the very serve same terms of may help Gorbachev used. When I talked with him. I wanted him to give me some advice that I could pass on to New college conference. I was going and could Brazil to speak out you should tell the brazilians the lungs of the earth are the Siberian Tiger and the Amazon Rainforest and the Amazon Rainforest, is destroyed. One of the lungs will be destroyed while now are brazilian laws protecting the rain forest. But you know the bridge William Army, the bristling police camp protect all of the rain forest and a lot of the ranchers lumber companies are just coming in on slicing up that reinforce right and left. Was ill son.
Brazil, with the war the tribe Warranty Sharma invited me to a very sacred ceremony, and left ceremony he passed around some brew that I dragged from some not that I smoked. Other people also and after around of shall we say, six gourds or types of sight. Who active substances. I was waiting for revisions, they never arrived and still, I could think very, very clearly and then he wanted me to give a prayer and in my best portuguese but I couldn't have done ordinarily. I said yes tell your young people just stop. Hanging themselves from the trees, because, with epidemic of suicide, to protest the destruction of the rain forest, I said you might get the young people to be active and fights, the people who are destroying the rain forest gold. Politics become lawyers, fight this disease,
the rain forest and he said how, Did you know our young people were hanging themselves from the trees? I says all I'm a member of the rain Forest action network in San Francisco and we keep track of what's happening to the rain forest. It's very important for us. Its importance for the world and charm and, like you, are way ahead of the game, because you know what will happen if the rain forests are destroyed. Its very, very fascinating idea that there's an intelligence to plants and that these rain forests or networks of intelligence is just that we can't quite tap into it and that somehow another during these altered states can and then that's where the information comes to the shaman, all native Americans, from both North and South America, used the term in one language or another, all our relations and All of our relations are not wholly human beings, but the creatures who walk on four legs to creatures, who,
were all on their bellies, the creatures who swim in the seas, the creatures who put their roots, enter the round or who stand Paul force. All of these are relations. This is a web of life. This is the ecosystem and you start to destroy that equals stem in human beings are not far off on the way in terms of being destroyed themselves. Isn't it a weird thing that we can recognise that? What we're doing it? The human race for some reason, is doing that and can understand What is doing to itself doesn't that combat Saudi in Iraq does not come back to what you're saying earlier about the possible effect and the no see both at which you know tricking ourselves, right, we're tricking ourselves not to notice that were taken ourselves every damn day word you know, Ellen ourselves will never die and so on and so forth. So, and so call me when you know damn well, she doesn't, or whatever it is. We took ourselves make life tolerable right so within that
on tax tricking yourself to heal yourself seems, like makes perfect sense, yeah Does it just it's? It's weird that were able to do it's like when you are, I've and car you, cars, a broken pipe and you seem black smoke come out. You like that work. Really thinking about exactly week, we somehow another don't feel the impact of the horrible things. We do insight, ology. We call this denial and people deny what's right there in front of them, because they have other agendas and other products. The patients. This is one reason I was so interested unrolling thunder and why we wrote the book rolling, thunder the voice of rolling under because he saw all of this thirty years ago. He saw the global warming. He saw the destruction of the rain forest. She saw the pollution of the earth and who Listen to and his audiences listen to him did politicians listen to him. No, our politicians. Listening to him now
go to some of the debates in Congress, and they say that global warming is junk. Science. Here is real of denial from people who could make a difference, and you take the poles of what the main concerns are of the american people, concern for the environment has now number five or six down the list. Yeah, that's a weird thing is concerned for the actual environment is not the top of the list. The poisoning of our own earth is not at the top of the list. It's. An could be avoided where human beings are so in ingenuity, ingenious and we we have such amazing abilities to figure out a new methods to extract energy from thing the fact that we're still relying on fossil fuels- and we still burning things pumping smoke into the air, although it does make the best sounding engines stuff to argue with that
damn hybrids sucking the second, the sole away from America Prius, those ones with bumper sticker. Something about that makes an extra annoying, isn't a plural pre. I should be, they should be illegal. You know you mentioned to all our relations and cocoa in the end, the hard back of sex at dawn, the first, which occurred at the beginning the preface to know there is an epigram is like to my mother and father or whatever the case, the dedication right. We located it said to all our relations. I was thinking of this north American, south american indian thing, but a lot of people thought it was referring to like you know, grew sex her something holler lovers resolved. I retained it in the favor. Others too. Bad should leave that in their that's actually cool. It's cool things you see this takes us. The very first question: you asked
of Sharm and think of mystical stuff of talking to spirits no shalmaneser very down to earth. There are concerned with the here and now there are concerned with the future. They talk about five accepted generations in the future? What does gonna happen to the earth in the future? There very very practical people. Now you ve done research on undreamed, telepathy, telepathy and VE. You actually been cited in scientific journals, and you ve been on on tv talk about this stuff, including the tonight show with Johnny Carson like those it back in the seventies. Back in the day, the hay Dave Carson down. Did you have a cocktail till they have cartels that they sponsors betwixt cigarettes on Johnny, Carson, show that smoke cigarettes on the set, not when I was there, Oh, I didn't smoke without joining literacy, constantly prof unaware was now
Is there no? What happened on nothing? I just do as just doing Johnny Carson, some others at the man. I know Johnny Carson show what his dream telepathy well. This actually goes back to chauvinism, because shamans felt that they could communicate with other shopman sewer kilometers away miles away through novel, focusing and through imagination through imagery, and this tradition has come to us through time and science by a large didn't take it seriously. But a small group of scientists call Paris, psychologists, devised methods to
What this to a scientific tests and to look into dream telepathy, what we did was to take a sound truth room. Could a dreamer and the sound proof room attach electrodes? Did the dreamers head? Look at the electrodes I photographed Machinima, those machine little eyes, go back and forth rapid. I'm movements we'd wake up the personal and ask them what they were: dreaming, now, at the very same time there was
one of our staff numbers in the distant building and or a distant room who is looking at a picture. Usually a famous are print some of them by several door, Dolly by the way and the staff numbers trying to project that image to the dreamer. The dreamers trying to reach out and see that picture and then who had transcribed the dreams and none would have a team of dream. Experts try to match the dreams with the picture after nine or ten or eleven or twelve sessions to take
place, and then you can you statistics to find out. If the matches happen more often by chance, then they would ordinarily and much to our surprise most of the times they did, and we did about a dozen different serious and about nine that these serious were above chance levels. So we can say that we have demonstrated dream telepathy, because sometimes at work sometimes doesn't. All we can say is that we ve made a case for dream telepathy, but I think the most important thing we did was to take green telepathy off the list of symptoms of mental illness. Back when we first started out
people said that they dreamed about the future were dreamed about. Whether friend was doing that's gotta check Mark, that's a sign of schizophrenia, that's a sign of delusional thinking! No more! You take a look at the psychiatric indices- S pretty far down the list, so I think we may the signal Han tribulation in terms of loving the psychotherapeutic world, especially the psychiatric world, know that one can make a case that sometimes dream telepathy does indeed re occur and that the Sharm and once again we are ahead of their time because they did. This is part of the regular practice. Thousands of years ago, the M original, when, when people with the western world originally started studying, I was gonna one of the things that they wondered dues call harming before they had isolate those harming the one caught Lapithae. That was the that's the name they came to a because it it gave these group
sort of telepathic gave some sort of an effect that people were able to communicate in in groups. While my old friend Alan Ginsburg, as you know, was the co author of the yacht, Hey papers, yahoos another word for a Hamas, He and William Boroughs wrote these wonderful lovers back and forth and they experienced telepathy and elements. Big Ginsburg went wrong, try to persuade her a psychologist, you know was the south american urban. Your experiments, I took him, Sir, initially, but I didn't have away together. Nobody all struck him, curiously, that sperm and still remains to be done. Now that I have asked is available, and now that it is being used in some experiments are another one could see if it lives up to its nickname, telepath Ian.
Yeah. It's it's fascinating that it was already. The scientific nomenclature was already whole harming for it because of its stock with telepathy in, and that was like. The actual scientific word that we use today, be that that's a real tricky sort of a slippery slope of scientific. You no name for something that is in part, some sort of mystical properties. Well, that's true, and, of course, to be properly scientific. One often we'd sees terms out that are a little too s, o terror or a little bit off the off the cliff, and so we use words like harmony in harmony and to describe the M t to describe these active ingredients. Interesting to think about all the different names for what we now call her loosened agenda. Drugs You know they were psychotic mimetic there for a while and then psychedelic send or new somewhere there, three or four
I actually always like the word, fantastic HANS. Never caught on the field. They undue sad to Anthea and yes or no and feel John doesn't work because I M Theo Janos finding the God with them and a lot of I could Alex do help people find the God with them, but some people take psychedelic for other purposes to have fun, to enhance sex to occur floor nature, the things bring. The God within out as well, my opinion. They do. I wouldn't argue with after yeah sure what the the idea of dream telepathy in in mainstream science, it's gotta, be something that's very heavily resisted. Well, is resisted, but I think that as the years go by we're getting
much more intelligent discussion, one of my book just call d bathing psychic experiences, and we have some of the top Paris psychologists debating some of the top sceptics in the very civilised invalid you away back and forth. We give the same number of pages to both the advocates of the cauldron advocates and this the level of just course that never would have happened. Twenty years ago, the ultra sceptics never would have sat down to help write a book with the proponents of dream telepathy another such things? So at least a discourse is now a little more civil and the possibility is now being taken a little more seriously. I dont know what the final outcome is going to be because I'm an agnostic on a lot of these issues, but you know, I think that this is a human experience that needs to be explored. So let's explored with as many tools of her
our disposal is possible. So do you believe the dream? Telepathy is something that occurs occasionally, but cannot be a can't, be reliably reproduce I wish I could be reliably reproduced because it could be put to practical use them. But no, my belief is, it is very unpredictable. Many things in life are unpredictable. I sort of compare it to when people my age have an erection during sex. That's natural. I wish I could productivity well, important things in life like erections for older people like dream, telepathy, see the future happened, but their unpredictable. That doesn't mean we shouldn't explore them study them. What do you believe the components of of dream? Telepathy? Have you isolated it down to a certain firing, the sent out
is the media of any idea of what what causes we have the equipment to do much more with the brain. Now then we could, you have to remember the parish. Psychologists, don't have very much money and don't have the tools to ah ah to utilise allowed of this equipment. But what we did on our studies was very, very simple: the nights the dream telepathy seem to be successful. Were the knights that the jewel magnetic fields of the earth were very calm, very few sun spots very few electrical storms, and so one could hypothesize if there is a field of some sort of global field
were these barely detectable influences and very subtle means of communication that can sneak through also by and large affairs. An emotional connection between the people who are in contact with each other over a distance is more likely to happen. None of their complete strangers. Didn't you have some sort of her crazy cited seven of Kennedy being assassinated actually ideal. Doubtless during my very first suicide and experience that I had the courtesy of Timothy Leary, who I went to Harvard to visit and who invited me to an experiment of Sola Sybil, it was a beautiful and glory. Experience yet was Don during the days when suicide, but whose legal in fact is one of his last legal suicide and sessions,
And there was only one donor during that experience and that was well. I had the actual decision during suicide and, with my eyes, closed, oppressed, Lincoln Being shot, and I saw the gun at the base of his profile and somebody screamed out the presidency them shot and then Lincoln Space more, don't allow of candidates, and there was the rifle, except now it was now the pistols of rifle and somebody screaming the president has been shot. I recorded all that I had such an incredible experience. I may dozens of copies and sent it to my clothes rounds and, of course, in several months, the tragedy of candles. These Jeff actually happened, and so my vision, whether with coincidental or pre cod,
on record and reconsider myself a highly psychic person. You dont. Consider yourself knows that Frank. You out of them know nothing freaked me off in this field. It's just a surprise. That sometimes leave is a sense of wonder because war things going on in the world. If we don't take seriously the take us by surprise, but the thing that really freaked me I'll. Just some people do it do not take global warming seriously. The thing that freaks me out as well mainstream religions in the world don't give women proper rights that control on bodies. The thing that freaking me out is will politicians fighter.
Other leaving the children of the world, especially in the Middle EAST, with nightmarish, post, traumatic, stress disorder, those our practical things thy written about, and those are the things of freaked me out. Yet I think that freaks out anybody with a constant turning these paying attention to the evils of this world. We live in very strange times where we have so much information mean more access to and from it, than any generation ever, but yet things more or less are still going along. The same course as far as global events, as far as the monopolization of natural resources, as far as you now using bore to monopolize as natural resources seems to be the same, has ever been it's a little better back when I first became interested in post, traumatic, stress, disorder of red I've written three books on that topic. That you're listers can find on Amazon com. There were thirty wars going on on the world, most of them civil wars
Now there are twenty wars, that's an improvement yeah. I guess. There are still are a couple of million people who are just placed in the refugee camps. There are still our children who have nightmares every night because or living in war zones are still are women being raped and brutalized, but things are a little. Better than they were thirty years ago. Things are better than there were thousands of years ago. That's for sure how this conversation recently friend we're talking about how Thousands of years ago, if some people showed up from another land like there, were there to rape and pillage when people show up their part of the global economy there. Terrorists- and you know we allow men, even if they don't speak. The language and sell books. Tell tell him where the restaurants are. Try to speak English to them to get their money. You know what the door
is changed drastically in that respect. But yet now, there's still a lot of really fucked up things about the way human beings behave. Well, that was by friends, Buckminster, fuller concept of the global village and Buckminster Fuller had a plan, a logistical plan to feed everybody in the world. If the wars would stop now that vision is still applicable, but it's not gonna happen as long as these twenty wars are going on and food is unable to go from area.
Plenty to areas of poverty, so the conflicts and the war is not only on the Middle EAST, but an Africa and even in our own country, in terms of the in terms of the terrorists, the home, bread terrorists who are victimizing people in the United States. As long as others going on, we still aren't going to have the global village, the buckminster, fuller vision, yet a utopian concept as a really interesting one. The idea, the global village I've always felt like one way to make it happen, would be to take these people that are profiting off of rebuilding these countries have to blow the mob Halliburton and make a profitable to rebuild ghettos, may get profitable to go to companies and edges.
Kids make it profitable to to fix their water systems and and provide them a sewage, and you know in and make sure that they can take care of themselves, bring food and medicine. This seems like this is money involved, in that it seems like it's just a matter of trance the energy to, instead of only doing it to competitive countries where we blow them up do it. The countries that need it like make it profitable for countries like, or companies like Halliburton, to make money by building up third world countries, Halliburton made over two billion dollars from the Iraq war and a lot of that was lost during craft. Corruption. Now what does Halliburton done to improve the infrastructure in the United States? Our country is literally falling apart, especially in terms of transportation, especially in terms of cleaning up the pollution on our come
Dwight Eisenhower was actually the last precedent that paid attention to the infrastructure with his elder state highway system, a is trying to do something for the infrastructure right now, but he's not having much success in getting that through Congress. You are absolutely right. If some subsidy could be given to big companies to build up the infrastructure in the low income parts of our country to clean. The polluted streams on water and oceans and rivers. That would be money well spent more do with corn the amount of money in the matter of emphasis they put on and on farmers, growing corn and the subsidies are involved in pre, staggered and a series of one so much corn, Sirop and corn ness and corn Nan corns fuck it
before it is, alas, while people are getting obese, because if they're taking all of the sweetening from the horn syrup, and look at all the subsidies were going to court. There many natural sweeteners that do not add weight. Some of them come from China. Some of them actually can come to the United States. Why don't? We have more money, going into those natural sweeteners rather than the sweeteners like Aspartame, for example. The Donald Rumsfeld made money off and which is worse, for you, then the sugar and in soft drinks supposedly yeah. I never heard anybody really get fucked up from aspartame, but I've read terrible things about potential side effects, yes, but so delicious in a diet coke That is worth problematic.
Stevie Stevie is good. Stuff is leaving us good start. Fear go along with that, although I have read recently some negative things on tv, but someone said that's propaganda and looked into well, of course, because the competitors, or going to spread nasty things about something, that's healthy, yen, the the idea that someone can come along and have some natural sweetener that doesn't put any calories into were into your food and is actually healthy, is very dangerous for the for the established elite. I'm gonna go back to rolling thunder because in our book the voice of rolling thunder there's a long interview with him about how he did not pay attention to taking sugar into. Body and how he got diabetes, and he goes on along harangue trying to urge people to stay away from sugary drinks. Sugary treats or they will end up getting diabetes like heeded, and
His diabetes was so bad that Mickey heart of the grateful down I had the fly to his home in the valor and give him into an aeroplane, bring him back to Mickey hearts. Doktor em the San Francisco area, who had the amputate his leg to save his life from diabetes and is often does ensure reserve? This? Is it sort of words. Even natural inclination, oh yeah, she allowed diabetes, is something that its ordinary for people together they reach a certain age, but there was a genetic proclivity along with that, but he learned his lesson and hardly under this life he tried to warn people about. Eating more healthy food with less sugar. By the way stand. Why you're? Talking about ruling thunders genetics? You might mention your co author of the book, the fall off overbooking, city and rulings
good morning, star and city morning? Star is the grandson of rolling thunder and he and I got together and we interviewed two dozen people who knew rolling, thunder and told their stories in the book that we called the voice of rolling thunder because Mickey Hart, the drummer of the grateful dead, have recorded several dozen speeches of rolling thunder over the years and we got access to those tapes, and so we actually have the first original speeches, lace through the walk, and so we actually do have the voice of rolling thunder level the is it there's no audio book, those they're all. We are ping. There will be little daughter, an arm. Let's get on that and our during yeah you ve got the original tapes there. That's fantastic! That's amazing! You eat! You were very fortunate enough to
see the psychedelic hysteria of the sixty and see it manifested in law, and then there was a nineteen seventeen sweeping ask schedule one psychedelic act that was passed. What what the impact culture I voice found was most fascinating errors for this. And even humanity that we can study the desk. The distance between the fifties in the sixties, Ike There has never been a time that we could ever look at what has been such a gigantic radical change that you can really tribute a big part of it to psychedelic in this country. And also psychedelic, of course, being put down by the political establishment today, but without the psycho that looks, you wouldn't have had the smart inventors who are responsible for the internet, for the cell phone for the smartphone for computers, etc, etc. The letter of dna replication
I met a carry molluscs. A couple weeks ago, at TED he won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for coming up with the. Dna exile, planetary moleskin, he gives due credit to his work with LSD, has actually net Francis Cricket. He gives credit for his lsd sessions for the bubble Lex, so there are many adventures outside of the electronics that made changes much less the difference in style, the difference in music, the difference in sexual behaviour and Historians, when they write about that area, do not really give enough credit to what the psychedelic stood in the role that they play. No, they don't do that sets a weird thing slowly to try to avoid it. They try to avoid it because they're afraid it will get censored and often does get censored. I know of cases where journalists,
about the role of LSD and other psychedelic actual social change and they're out of hers have. Ah, why is it that out of the article and put the article young without due credit to LSD? Now you don't get this law, the alternative press, and you certainly don't get. This shows such as yours, which RO, free willing and don't have sowship involved with them. But of course I saw all of this first hand. I knew elbert. Often he was a very dear friend of mine. He should have won the Nobel Prize and he would have of Alice D had been allowed to take its actual coarse and help people in psychotherapy and creativity of dying in dignified death, but LSD fell into the wrong hands. Such was dictum eyes by the government and poor L report was very it grieved by though she was grieved from up getting enough
himself, but he had a tool here that could be very, very helpful to people, and then you had the extremists, like my old friend, Timothy Leary, who I like very much, but who I disagreed with going to want extremists LSD for all, and then the government, on the other hand, saying for nobody. It's a dangerous thing, and people like Richard Nixon. They sang cometh, delirious public enemy, number, one, the most dangerous man on them, a and where was the middle ground? People like Jean Houston, Robert Masters, shouldn't column sure yonder some of the pioneers who I knew very well of that air. Their work are completely eclipsed. They were cut off from legitimate supplies of lsd. The work with LSD, the good work that France is credited with the double helix dna, that's very controversial. Isn't it wasn't on his death bed that he said that he, he'd come to this conclusion:
He was very old dozens actual after I met him when he talked about ah lsd and of course we don't know the role that that actually played in something as complicated is the double helix. Remember that his partner watch deserves equal credit. We never know how much credit to give to something like that and it's a source, it's a source, appropriate person will try many things. I interviewed prank sap of further article. I wrote about the influence of psychedelic, some art music, and he says I dont know what All psychedelic play that my music, an artist, a musician, will go to many sources and will pull from life experiences from many sources, and so now you never know exactly all we can say it didn't seem to do any harm and he died
the arm yeah Francis Crick did he tell you himself tat he had known on older soon after I am angry, madam. We had a very good way of four conversation, but this was years after I met him that he made the statement about ATLAS Gazette Mitya Kokoo Wooden, admit that I had a conversation with him on the open, Anthony Show, and I asked him about Frances Cricket. He completely Poohpooh did said is nonsense and that we have the believers psychedelic are bad for the brain and give you brain damage really kind of a disappointing point of view. When I, when I talk to preside, real recognised,
right away that he had never had any experiences with them himself, whose is purely a standard sort of academic, and he didn't believe in at all. He said that it was not true in the newspaper this morning. There was a statistic that, within the last twelve months, one hundred and seventy thousand people have died from prescription drugs. Ok, how many people have died in the last twelve months? Romero wanna humming. People died in the last twelve months from an overdose of lsd yeah, it's ridiculous z. Well, it's also when you are a mainstream academic. Like a guy like me, Cheechako, you almost half do talk bad about Rwanda and illegal drugs, and you We have to ignore the dangers of prescription drugs. It's really not something that you have it. There's there's there's no benefit in his career torrent, for him
controversial snare. But you know that that's like Halliburton, that's like some executive. It, however, It's like you can stand up and say the truth, especially these days as you and I were talking about the other day of the internet, having changed the whole communication in the gatekeepers getting edged out of the picture I mean Andrew Wilder's, a mutual friend of Stanley and me, you know I'm talking about a medical doctor, He was out with a White Ba exactly as on the cover time magazine and others write his first three or four books are all about consciousness and he very open talks about his use of mushrooms- and I was gone, yeah he's to access and he's done all these things and he talks about his experience. Eater and a balanced the dude Harvard met school, you know residency, Mass General, National Institute of Health, like top topped up and I interviewed him a few months ago in its sell his eye, and I said to him: I really admire the fact that you ve never run away
from that? You never said I was young and stupid like now that dude is very courageous about it in his There's doing fine his aunts Mckenna had a great quote about psychedelic City said that often times people are doing the work for the man and that you worried The man in worrying about the man you're actually doing the work of the man himself right now, being that you're, censoring yourself and you really don't have to sensors of nearly as much I'm in a weird field, stand up comedian, but I'm also a sports commentator. I do the commentary for the ultimate fighting championship in the Swamp Fox TV and it's on. You know what the F facts it's on pay per view, and it's a it's a. Multibillion our business, but I'm very open about psychedelic, some very open about the positive aspects of them that I have experienced myself and others.
I'm very fortunate that I've had other job. So I could just stand up. Comedy toys fall back on and I never need to worry about censoring myself and I never thought I never thought about it, but I experience a lot of frustration from various people from agents and producers and executives, whether like what are you doing, what are you in this is gonna hurt the big picture. This is gonna hurt. The package is gonna, hurt the things and unconnected to never has Never have you never got pressure from fox or anybody know about you know what here's the thing debate me said: still sit down with me. Let's discuss what what is it? What is the real issue that that's a problem here? Is it illegality? We'll do you understand roots of the illegality, because, if not based on science is based on hysteria, is based and worry is based on three issues and racism. But surely, when you talk about marijuana propaganda and in really up it was based on the the suppression of hemp as a commodity
didn't, even have anything to do with marijuana psychoactive drug. So anybody who wants to sit down debate with me, you're, just gonna, reinforce my point. I've talked about this and have read too much about this too. To take this step backwards, It seems to me any. You would be able to speak on this because you seen this happen. You were there from the fifties, the sixties. The second Alex in the change, the psychedelic can in part in beings. Although I think anything can be abused. I mean, I think, any the humans have a propensity to overrun doll. In almost any sort of behaviour. Positive, ordinary people get addicted. To love. I mean people yet obsessed with relationships that could are you now the control of someone with discipline or with the you know, someone who has a grip on reality could be a great thing. We we have this though you fuck, Annie up,
overall, I think psychedelic have an incredibly positive effect on on people. Overall, you know if you look at the broad spectrum of user, and talk about me. Johns Hopkins had a recent paper that they they published about the long term effects of suicide in you. And in these people that took it Edward handsome. Nearly twenty years later, one mushroom trip This is one reason why I am glad that I am in mainstream academia. I don't have to worry about these things. I teach Sabre University, which is very open minded which allows people to do their dissertations arm. I Hawaii scar on Ls D, even on calamity and were completely this is where were you San Francisco online University people from all over the world can get and credited masters or doctors. Degree by doing
say, broke universities? Where were you sound Francis outline its an online university people from all over the world can yet and credited masters or doctors, degree by doing work through their computer through the internet through Skype and half person to person? Conversations with me, another factory members- God bless efforts, Oh you know, services, Gillies is the free capital, with this country, what can you know- and it gets back to your point- about the the cultural, effective psychedelic in the sixties, right, it's an Francisco's, the place that still vibrating a little bit for gas. It still wearing the gong. Still Ike lived in San Francisco from the time when I was eleven till I was thirteen or act she's seven to eleven and it was a fascinating time because it was when the Vietnam WAR was ending, San Francisco was, unlike any other place in the country. I didn't know it at the time of course, because I was only seven years,
but we went from New Jersey, which was this barbaric. Shit hole to SAM this and then went from San Francisco to Florida, which is another bottle at all. So is it was really interesting. I didn't know what the word nigger met until I was eleven years old. I didn't I had never heard it. I never heard in San Francisco mean the people, don't believe that, but there was I didn't experience racism. I went to school of blockades. Asian kids, but he was just a kid all. This is a body. Is families from Korea does MIKE is and these black there was there was no weirdness to it. Until I went to Florida Landwehr gap, my mother, Believe me, I I asked I said to my mother, said I said Mama. What is nigger me and she said you know it means I don't know, I don't know what it means like Tommy on my mother, Grub New Jersey spoke earlier time, but when we lived in floor- was the first time I heard it in school and I had to come to her and then she is, I guess it. Rather to return for black people and also what I was so shocked because
from age seven to eleven, I Grubbin is really open minded and halogen environment we lived Lombard Street. We were like in the heart of San Francisco Gay neighbours like a gate. Me- was I gotta guys gay the skies tall, you know like just a part of life sentences goes just amazing amazing spot low San francisco- I you know I want to hear more about your life every time I come on, you were talking about me. This case we're talkin. Stanley, which definitely is very ancient, but I gotta get you on my. Do we guidelines? I already here you're, more than happy life. My stories are weird one, it's very good, but when the course things about the story, is this the podcast, the ability to have a guy? Like you on a conversation, hours at a time. What was it like? Did you? Will you living in San Francisco during the sixties? No
doing the dream, telepathy research or New York study of my mama, these medical center during the nineties sexiest, but once I met Becky heart, I would take a trip to San Francisco a couple of times. Europe stay at his ranch and others right, mouth rolling, thunder as well as other members of the grateful dead and other members of the rock community, and I got a tour of hate ash very had friends and hate ash vary. So every time I came to San Francisco, I got myself immersed in the hippy culture, the cycle, our culture learned. A lot came back to New York. Surely put that knowledge to use in the research that we were doing and then we actually run out of money. I couldn't do the dream telepathy research anymore, but I got an offer to teach Sabre University and that's when I moved to San Francisco in the in the early night,
sovereignties, so you move their right after everything became illegal. Yes, that is correct was the effect on San Francisco, the that the change from well there, the fact was sort of negative on. I saw a lot of people who had been dabbling was I could Alex on them. They switched to call K and some of them switch to heroin and so the illegality had some very negative effects upon a lot of young people again, not to say that they shouldn't have the responsibility. Was their decision to turn these hard or drugs, but to the beautiful summer of love? Didn't last very long, they finally grew up everything in one as one of the did. You know Terence Mechanical, yes idea, one of the other things that he said the earth, a family fastening was
that what we really learned from the sweeping psychedelic act of nineteen seventy when they just made everything illegal, was how easy it was at least at the time to throw water on this revolution. This this revolution from I was use body Holly and Jimi Hendrix as an example of my body He was like a rebel in the fifties. He now paying see pig see You know why I feel blue, it's like so calm, and then you go from that. Two voodoo child, I'm or early beetles, too late beat you ever want to hold your hand to eye on the wall risk wagging. I have a daughter one of my daughter's sixteen and she's she's really into the Beatles I pity her boyfriend's has time to me. Dad are man made easier amnesia aren't might die. You know I'm my feeling is boys like girls and girls like boys.
If you're, nice dad don't like them, I don't I really don't. I don't. Have an attitude that there's something wrong with two kids Megan out. They do not think is anything wrong that I liked it in. I remember when I was sixteen my girlfriend like that. It's like it's not me. It's it's certainly awkward and strange, but I'm not a scary dad to meet at all under very friendly, but she's she's, Initialling kid and she's in love with the Beatles and one of the things in her and I've been talking about was the difference between the Beatles early stuff and then like the white, album like what radical transformation and that this came about a lot of it because of their fascination with altered states of consciousness, and then, stern religions which came directly out of that yeah, the real problem with the Beatles those highlighted by my good friend Belburg and that's fucked,
Yoko honour. How did that she is like the one exists like if you wanted to say maybe ass. It is bad for you. What the FUCK John like what we think in man I haven't. I was just Well, my mom about this, and I didn't know that, like everyone hated Yoko at UNESCO Time, like I did, I always thy one like the YO go. You know back then, but no Edwin hated good, but maybe that's the key to it, because because he was such an original thinker, the fact that everyone was Saint John you're wrong just makes him say you want see something called pull up the the video with Delbert on Yoko. Now we're bringing my friend billboard views on Tuesday yeah, but one of the funniest guys in the world really really hilarious comedian, but he is also a huge b. Van and a huge chuck bury Van and one time John Lennon got play with Chuck, bury on television, and John Lennon brought Yoko Ono with him to play as well
sabotage the entire performance, but she started like screaming into the mic and bill. Burr goes absolutely crazy about this and highlights- and it's it's it's one of my favorite videos on the internet. When it comes to music- and here I will play for you right way. People talk about the Beatles and how great their music is, what whatever you want to say, I totally agree with them and the greatest band of all time, but I have to be honest with you John Lennon and Paul Macartney redefined pussy, whipped. You have to watch this video. Its John Lennon is singing which up very check. Very is probably one of the main reasons why John Lennon, when an ever picked up a guitar, We on tv, he gets the play with his to their plan. Chuck berries hit Memphis, Ok, John Lennon Scott Yoko in his fuckin band
there in the middle of singing this song on television and the killing, it's going great yokels planes. Stupid drown, you never know she has no fuckin talent whatsoever. These partner in the fucking bad just show so shut the fuck up and stop nagging much of a fuckin pussy. The tell her that she has. No talent are The only reason why you're here Yoke goes to just suck my dick right now you can't play the bongo anyway she's up they're playing the far right, John Lennon Chuck bury through the great full time harmonizing singing this hit from the nineteen. Fifty that's what this moments above and Yoko in the middle of it can't handle that she's not getting any shine. She takes the fuckin microphone, out of a stand, starts playing the bongo and, as this thing and go go, Johnny go whatever. She picks up the Mai
and I swear to god- goes some fucking crazy and you see tat various development as wide as they are and in its that its hopping. Look, I'm gonna like a body of yours and he's he's ease date. Some fucking psycho, but he's in love with their sea camphor can say anything you just sitting there waiting for the fuckin lightning bolt to hit you front in the head when he finally realises that he's dating a psycho kind. Very high up? That's what the fuck she did in short, Gary's, like what the fuck I, like John, that's your woman get her in line and John Lennon does not even fuckin. He doesn't. Blink he Jesse just playing and then she does it again later on in that song you look at all the other musicians and they they just keep playing the song like Yoko, isn't even fuckin there,
and actually get infuriated. When I watch this video, the fact that John didn't just stop playing in that and what he should have done was dressed her down right there, I have a fucking moment. This is your moment, give a fuck to do that. Again, I will slap you so fucking hard in the head. Your eyes are going to look like mine, young Stanley. You play that fucking bongo, shut your face a pitcher crawled out of work and well in ring out of you know, I'm fucking you gonna fuck in anybody. You can't played upon bongos you. He had seen shut your fucking face and then he just walked back up to them. I can just the band back in right, is that what the FUCK we have done a good there's, no perfect people! That's what- We will have to accept that all idols are flawed and even the John Lennon, this beautiful a musician and powerful cultural figures he was had terrible, hasty lemon. Well, I happen to lie
Yoko owners, are how dare you Harry zippered of hers. Ammo am I, and I thought it was extremely original and very provocative. Now I don't like what she did with the chalk, very John do what she was not completely without tell. I went to see Yoko on art exhibit when I lived in Boston and one of the things that she had was a block of wood with nails in it and a bad. Of nails and of a hammer- and she encouraged people too, dissipated in her art and that's it to do when you walk by Bides, pick up a nail and and whack it in and that was art in what I had the joke was if really wanted encourage people to participate. She should take the nails and put him in her forehead, fuckin line alone. Lock you like that seen from airplane, with none with the guitar boxing gloves everybody we wind up, but it would take Us Lamb and when those dumb nails. But
also mention that I had the great fortune of hearing the Beatles Authorship Stadium concert. I should I saw the Beatles you couldn't hear what they were saying. There was so much screaming from their fans, and so I also use the Beatles. Some of my articles about the influence of psychedelic, some art and music, and you are absolutely right. They did make a switch thanks. The psychic Alex their work with the mockery. She, the influence of eastern Religions, George Harrison taking the sooner it all like musicians, a change the of they evolve, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but I think on the Beatles case, they were venturing into new one unexplored territory. They were to artists in they were really expanding a new. I'm worried about you know sticking to their sound in others there, eighty DC sort of rifts civility
signature rifts in eighty disease. I love is easy, but damn you can come here and it's easy sign a mile away once you here, you know it's amazing theses up the Beatles really really went out there. They took a lot of like really crazy chances with similar stuff. Yes, I did, and I met drolling thunder through Nicky heart of the grateful dead, because rolling thunderous sound was living in the hate ash worry and he met some of the grateful dead and when his father rolling thunder came to town, he made the connection. This is all told about on our book the voicing holding founder, and that is how rolling thunder. Gotcha meet Bob Dylan and participated in the rolling thunder review, and so there's a lot of rock and roll stuff. That's part of the rolling thunder ledge of yesterday in the cards, and they were talking about some of the musicians he's known over the years, and he mentioned that Hendricks
opening for the monkeys, You talk about again blown fiction. I was able to take my stepchildren. They hear the monkeys because they love the monkeys and Jimi Hendrix Open for the monkeys, and I told He is going to be a major rock n roll star. Never forget that name and they didn't two years later, the monkeys were forgotten, Jimi Hendrix shows a classic poor monkeys they didn't do, show badly. They each went onto their own career, they yellow founder play. Returning from a big deal, mean they're fine. They were cute. I liked the monkeys little kid, what they like one of the first, a fake ban, never metal, they were like they were like the first boyfriend rests actually the manufactured boy band, Now, when you see like the
in the day where it was the Beatles and you know an id Elvis and they that was the teeny Barbara. They nice. He like Justin Bieber, is sort of a sign of the times. He now that that's that many bopper. Now it's like that, the tiny barbours an eighteen year old that looks like a twelve year old girl who so many things I girl now meets its of its very odd where we were induced really strange time of almost like spend. It adolescent suspended childhood. They want to contain and carry it, and he sort of that's that's the ideal, spokesperson for, and I wonder I dont know enough about the history, fashion and saw and another. This is true or not, but it seems like. Since what Ladys ninety somewhere, we started. Lakes. Circling in terms of fashion. Rightly disco came back, you know in Belgium or anything like that, Albanos barely they try to come back to a year, but it seems does if sort of feels like like we ve, come to the end of,
the line in some way or another trying to circle around and redo stuff, others nothing new under the sun. You know what's old today as new tomorrow, and this is just part of the fashion cycle has been happening for censure. I think that, what's most interesting and even a little but dangerous is the prolonging of adolescence with adults, adults who are acting like their teenagers. I dont have any problem of Justin Bieber early, the teeny bopper favorites, you, oh, that's their thing and their welcome to do it. But when adult start to act like teenagers and start acting out and start to behave, Specifically, I think this is where people really have to grow up, especially with all of the crises in the country and the crises in the world like what you move in a good example to use like adults acting like teenagers. I think that
there is a tendency for some adults to look at their kids is pals and save. My daughter is my best friend I'm her best, friend. While this is nonsense year. The mother you're, not the best friend of your daughter you will lay down the rules. You give instructions, you teach your daughter how to become an adult. You teach moral codes. You teach rules you teach regulation should serve as a role model. What's this best friends crap all about you can't be both the Gambia best and as well as a role model, somewhat lays down the law. I would not say never all that I could say. As a rule, confusion is not really power Apparently what about when you see like a man, this thirty's any sagging his pants of you, witness that? Yes, I have how about that the weirdest thing ever you Verde, were you ve, seen some shit and I have to say pants thing really makes me worry about the future of humanity. Grown men grown
there are probably gonna have babies of their own, so there's just and nothing wrong. With this point, Yeah separate stupid, baggy, panties lillehammer bandying he sagging that you understand Burma. That sagging is that what they are they all sag. They like tie ourselves, a probable Justin Bieber having parents. I have trouble with grown men having sex, power is trying to be teenagers. What the fuck is out about, I know, do love and the death, but when it was like thirty nine starts arguments pants come on site and that's just when you need them to hold your balls up anywhere yeah, that's when they start go, and maybe that's what it is. You just didn't want to tickle higher setting the base of his balls as withdraws drop to combat, say it like a comb over with Spanish Dixon. This work where silly and I think, there's this up, prolonged silliness from the seventies to today, but I think that what we are today over the last decade or so, as I think that even the others
still plenty of silliness like Justin Bieber? In again, I have nothing against just him he's a child and he makes music for other children and in our own maybe one day from now we will look back and say well. This is when just to be, it was a child. Now look is brilliant, adult musician, making us really Stevie wonder. Attack happened, Ricky Martin, he was part of it. Noodle. This boy is bound from Puerto Rico. Who would have guessed that he would become a broad the way star in a brilliant Broadway star is easy. On Broadway no yeah, she is lay misery. He isn't a veto. I saw him in LAS Vegas, one of the best acts I've ever seen in LAS Vegas she's, a marvellous musician he's gotten Raby views for his role and eighty to replace shade of our of all people stand Agrippina Ricky, Martin Fan absolutely narrative now you know he's philosopher, I live in love you to look at one o absolute. Great outside inside out, live in my view
the town, the guy doesn't know that in the end and finally, the closet to or think that's another another beautiful thing, that's why he's had amended for that? Yes and lady guy Hu, I also like children yeah born that wave. That probably save the life of dozens of gay and lesbian kids yeah. That's a sad, sad, sad thing about this world. Is that still an issue you know in the wild is gay? Marriage debate is going on in our who knows what kind of creepy shits gettin pass through Congress, a study we getting The recognition everybody's pay attention to whether or not people should have the right to do whatever they. Once sexually with someone who also wants to deal with them. It's it's a strange thing that I sort of say it's like so much cultural, beach, ball of in a concert and someone throws a beach ball and it goes but comes down? It's like you know what it's like. Nothing ever fuckin happens just He gets tossed around like what you think
gay marriage, you know just like what an affirmative action nothing ever gets fixed, but they just get sorted. Passed around back and forth. Whenever that I'm gonna go after shalmaneser beyond because in Somalia, traditions around the world. What we would call gay and lesbian people were given a great deal of honor. Many of them became dancer, singers, even charms and native Americans, not one hundred percent, but most native American said look here. Somebody who acts like a woman likes members of his own gender or her own gender, depending on which, when you're talking about the great spirit must have devoted some very special time to making them that way. So we have to give them special honour and respect them. Now, the European came in, oh, that's. Herbal, let's get the inquisition on them and they killed what we would call gaze lives.
They killed shams, they killed them, sometimes very, very brutally At the same time, the Europeans gave much less power to women Then the native Americans, native Americans, gave a lot of power to women in their governing council yeah in their decision making and in their family really I got them go nowhere. Market came over the Europeans came over and stormed the place. Is checks are running every now and then the greatest growth genocide and history, probably not merely on NATO. Americans die the North America, ten million snide in South America, mainly through disease. Yes, sir, it's the weirdest story. If you re, stop and think about what how quickly changed here in Amerika in this out in North America from the time the Columbus and in out from the fourteen, hundreds too, you know the nineteen hundreds or whatever to today mean that is its an insane episode of genocide.
The candle didn't have to be that way. There is pretty good evidence that the Chinese came to the Pacific Coast and even further down young, maybe the early fourteen hundreds may be earlier, and they were there to learn from the people to take samples back to China. They didn't invade. They didn't say this is gonna. Be part of China will make these people into good Buddhists. They respected what they did got their information and they sailed back to China. No Europeans are, there are true, bring people too. The true religion, they were there to trade to get gold to get more to get first, enrich the old world at the expense of the new world,
an amazing time. Now, if you look, if you looked at a time limit and animated time limit of the world and then showed North America and showed North America from the arrival of the first european than this massive change takes place over this continent over the course of the next session, hundred years. Gigantic cities is to rub the biggest cities the world has ever known. Military complex builds up nuclear bomb start getting developed. You know the internet airplane all. This shit happens in this one continent. I mean there's one com, essentially, the last big continent to get established by human beings becomes the craziest mother fucker. About of all you know, it's really weird. If you look at it from a historical timeline, the massive amount of impact that these immigrants had coming over Europe and other parts of the world to this around it and it could have happened, a different way, what we
call Mexico City, what they called Kyoto or com, or tonnage lawn and Mexico. That was a bigger Surely the London and the sewers were clean, the Spanish, she came out. They couldn't believe how clean the city was Miller, coarsely ruined, but all had they ruin they re at all because they wanted goal and they took the Spaniards, ruined the Spaniards, ruined and they took Montezuma, they tortured him. They killed him even though he filled the room full of gold with them. The same happened in Peru with Pizarro an auto awoke. Ah, here there were these great imp errors with magnificent cities, magnificent libraries, the mayan libraries- were all burned the pieces. We don't hold the mayan wisdom because the preset all of that is pagan stuff. We have to get rid of it. So there was a very, very different mentality that, as you say, completely change things and then thing
said the start all over again took a much different route. Well, the young, the Aztecs did some Fuckin Chris, shit themselves they did? They did human sacrifice, but at the same time the inquisition in Spain and in Germany and in parts of France and ITALY were also killing people by burning them at the stake. I dont let the ass tax off for the human sacrifice, but you know, let's be fairer. Let's look would have the other part of the world you didn't. They sacrifice, like, I think, over the course of, like I'm gonna. Look it up. I think, over the course of four days. They sacrifice some insane number appear. Eighty thousand people, the the pyramid of tea Kyoto, Lahti or to account after they in fourteen eighty seven after the construction of they sacrifice to all the prisoners than they used to make
eighty thousand people who, in one reason that they did all the sacrifices, is they thought that the gods were angry at them by bringing in the Spaniards and bringing on all of the diseases of started. They kill people off so, like I say, no not with the Aztecs off for the sacrifices that was a flaw in their civilization on very important for, but they did create clean and beautiful cities and they did have a form of government that work It is a beautiful artwork, miss streets, we mention the sewage there, they had sewerage systems and they also had the streets lit at night. If I remember, I have a three seats rather like than Europe yes lamps or something I don't know, you know that a ghastly. I'm not sure if I retorted ordinary glory, but it was built. Was an island in the middle of a big lay great, and it only had like one or two causeway so was perfectly defendable while, but paid invited corps tears and it's got him such a mess and wanted
theories out. You might know more about this than I do, but the Vikings came down to North America. We much earlier like the tenth century or something and one theories was that they had gotten is far south as Mexico, because there was- myth that the there was a lie. God that came from the east and said he'd return some day, and so when they found when the Spanish showed up there, like you now to the second coming well, the vikings, of course, are now memorialize by the current tv series, which is not bound by the wits. Further, really and what did you just start, that by its good and the Vikings Heather
very, very important impact, not only Europe, but yes, they came and visited North America. They didn't kill off date of American Indians. They collaborated with them. They learned from them. They had their colonies, something scholars who truly on coal uncomfortable silly sailed back, but they did not leave the legacy of destruction and disease that the English and the Spaniards and the Portuguese did much later on and one interesting thing about the White God Legend is it wouldn't core task came? He came at just the right time. The legend was the thirtieth day of the thirtieth month, the White God will come, and so every time elapsed cycle the the White God was,
how come they had scout's honor, the Gulf of Mexico. Believe it or not, Cortez came just one: the prediction was there and they welcomed him with open arms. I think it was one of the cruellest coincidences. The history of humankind then became at just the right time, so he was welcome. Do you think? That's a coincidence, my last, I'm I'm not into mysticism, so I would say that that was either a coincidence, or else they got their fur. Strong. Will you not inadmissible yeah, you are you what your are if you're talking about, is the psychic dreaming model? They now that, MR, I consider that quantum physics, I think this is something that ultimately be, will be explainable in terms of a large world view. You don't think possible connection may be mean. Do you believe that there is a destiny for the world? They believe that it's possible that
You know all these things that are foretold that come to be true are bad absolute bullshit hunted down. Yes, I think that you see. I come from the point of view of evolution watch adaptive. What's adaptive is not always for the best of the world. If we were to have an atomic bomb blasts, Who would adapt? It would be the insects humans would be gone. Insects would be the ones who survive because they could adapt. They could withstand the atomic bomb and Keith minor points anti through my point, those that as you are the Kennedy assassination in in a psychic vision possible that these people saw the that you know Cortez in a psychic vision, thought or quite so, Clotel who was often, third too, as a white beard denied, it was council coil who, according to the legend, sailed off into the Gulf of max-
Poland, so I will return just like Douglas Macarthur. Should I soon returned during the Second World WAR except capsule. Quabo was a mythical figure and again he he not only said that he would return, but the legend specified win in the cycle he would return about. Was this incredible coincidence that I'm not going to explain, I'm just a point about you mean. I wouldn't think, though, that, if you're willing to consider the possibility that you had this vision of of Kennedy, he might consider the possibility of long range visions that people these these as Eriksson Mayans lions are sitting around taken mushrooms contemplating the future might have a vision of these white men going up well, why not allow time
social com struck and native Americans have the at least before the Europeans arrive. They had the concept of the long body that our physical body is the short body, but the body exe and into the future, and long bodies can sometimes pick up information from the future that it brings back to the short body this is is about is metaphorical but tell them. It would be no surprise when rolling Thunder talked about global warming and when he talked about desertification and the pollution of the air, he was basing them. On his observation of what's going on, but also he was going back to native american prophecy unloved, then term long body in shore Party. That's really fastened
nothing of the native Americans shut, all sorts of concepts that are consistent with quantum physics. We devote a whole section of quantum physics and our book about rolling, thunder the voice of rolling thunder, and there is an entire book called Blackfoot Physics, which takes the Blackfoot indian tribe, shows how closely their philosophy of the earth corresponds to modern day. Quantum physics, a book by David PETE, whose a quantum physics themselves would have the attributed need. This information from like what the but would the Blackfeet say: I've gotta. They learn these concepts passed down over the generation, as you can see, some of us on the rock carvings, but mainly the myths and Legend says of impasse, down. Remember that most of the native Americans did not have a written language. The buy and sell the very good ripped language, but it a new them any good, because the Spaniards burned all of their books, and so this is,
ass down from tribe, to drive from person to person from plant the clan, and you can see it today and the legends they talk about and how the, earth and how the people on the earth are part of a whole and how part of a swerve a change can have ripple effect that affect the entire organism, the entire family, the entire clown, the fire caught in the entire I suppose, I'm all. She had only talk about parallel universes, which was a quantum physics concept. They talk about the upper world, the lower world, the middle earth, I'm gonna throw something out at you and tell me if this makes any sense, because this is something that I've been contemplating myself over the last few years and that that's the idea that human behavior, even the most complex and in self destructive of all human
Asia is natural in that, like we see complex social communities in Wolf, tribes and Wolf packs and with with various animal, As we see the way they interact, and we say all this is just nature. This is the way sort things out a much more complex scale. Is it possible that all the self destruction all the there that's crazy the battles for resources that we see in the world today that all this is in fact just a natural behaviour pattern and candidates. Literally the only way that human beings exist and that this strange contrast bitch. In massive amounts of information being available in being spread rapidly back and forth between people and all these horror. Injustices that are going on. At the same time, it's that the union, the Yang of Human humanity, that's a good way to put it. This is the yen and the young. That's the balance. People are neither good nor bad. There
both on the way that society constructs their behaviour conserve them. One way, or the other, and also that, like one well we're doing battle with these evils. This is what propels nation. This is what sort of propels people to move forward that if we lived some sort of a utopian in our beautiful society of orgy asked Dick love that, and you know, maybe would never get anything done, and maybe that's part of what the human animals here for in the first place, like the ant, makes the ant hell. The bee makes the honey come the human being creates this over complex society and one of the mechanisms to ensure that society keeps moving forth at this breakneck speed. Is this conflict this constant conflict? That's going on both caught social conflict,
economic conflict that all this is a part of this gigantic ever complex natural behaviour pattern. It certainly is natural, but don't overlooked the other side of it. When you go to Darwin and read what he had to say he uses terms like love, cooperation, color, aberration much more often than he uses conflict. He sees this cooperation Action is what engineers evolution and social progress. He never used the word the words survival of the fittest. Somebody else use that he looked like that term. He was more for more emphatic on collaboration and even love. Those are the words you find in his books when I
when I speak of these things, when I'm all I'm saying is almost like, as if I was someone from another world without looking at the human race a completely objectively and I'm looking at what is one of these crazy things doing in what direction and if we're trying to study them and trying to figure out what's cause, all this stuff to do to be taking place at the same time? I almost would look, would look at it that way than like. Maybe this is really complex, natural behaviour that's moving towards some sort of mean seems to be some sort of technological integration. Amid seems to be that, that's what's that, though, the number one push if we look at where it was people are doing with with innovation with technology. It all seems to be a connection between humans and and technique
Jake, this symbiotic connection well, this is the so called singularity that you hear so much about where the humans and the technological innovations are going to come by and into a singular society or even a singular organism who knows, and that might be adapted. That might be a direction that humans can go, and so I think you are on the right track. I think that this is a very innovative way of thinking, but let's talk about practicality and the listeners of your show at some point have to decide: okay, which side of history are you gonna, be on our gonna, be on the side of the fence. MT suicide bombing in religious bigotry or you and beyond the side, the facilitates love and human cooperation and care for children and women and men which sign as better strip clubs, which side has better Strip club
as the side of religious bigotry. Lobbying collaboration that I have the better stripped clubs there on the side of beauty there on the side of love. No doubt about it. The way you want to leave will you I was just saying you in your your point there talking about to what extent this is natural human behavior, keep in mind that an comically. Modern human beings are most scientists, would say about two hundred thousand years on the planet right and until very until the last couple hundred or thousands of anyhow, when I look at it, they were living in the same way forever, and you know, like forty thousand years. You'd get bow and arrow instead of spears. You know that would be the one technological advance you now and answered. Been a lot of debate like what happened. Why wasn't there more movement and progress and other stuff and at the moment,
The best theory I know of is that people were comfortable. There wasn't any need necessity. The mother invention right, like there's plenty food around plenty, get you know how many hours hunter gatherer people spend working compared to us. They work a lot less than we do so You know I I see your point and I agree with what you're saying in the singularity. I think we're definitely go in that direction. But to say that natural human behaviour. We have to keep in mind that its there's been a quantum shift. In the very last seconds of human existence. Isn't that sort of like almost like the Rosetta stone like we figured out how to make metal and we figured out how to conduct electricity and then we're after the races, and it's like we put a couple of things together the HE pieces in the language of technology and that set off this, but there is intentionally there you're attributing it, whereas I think it's happenstance, I think it's a question of population density
that we didn't ever choose. That's what I get the question all the time like if agriculture sucks so bad, why did we do it right as if we saw you know some guys were like hey? Why don't we start farmin? You know they will be, will make a deal. It happened, I am reminded of this guy. This happen you might have known about this in Sonoma. There were some. There are two winery and dumb there's some tour They are getting ready to take balloon rights over the winery and they are setting up but the balloons, hot air balloons and and it started to pull away and the balloon, read like having trouble managing at any german tourists who was standing there ran off. They help them and grabbed the basket the balloon, and then the balloon took off. It broke free, your professional working with balloons you never let both your feet off the ground
That's like the rule. If you're working with balloons once both feet leave the grand you let go discarding now that he hung on so what happened he went out be hung on his eyes. He could many fell. Always friends watching it couldn't poems over in the parking lot. You can't fight mother nature, you can't fight gravity so that's that's! All I see at the advent of agriculture is like you know it made them said the time a man you get tied into the loop. You can't get out, but isn't it sort of the same pattern of complexity? It's like we. We figure out one thing that degrades as more deeply with each other and then from their that innovation leads to more innovations which led to bigger buildings which led to you now but different irrigation methods which led to larger supplies of food, which leads to more
people which rest more innovation, because, as more people which leads to communication issue which leads to the invention of foul which we mean its constant technological perversion. Yes, technological progression, but along with that comes pollution coms, desertification comes global warming, the dark side, but is that necessary in? Is that not more of the Union Yang like the the solution? It needs to be acquired someone needs to figure out a way to have a sustainable sort of But environment like instead of this idea, were constantly burning: fossil fuels, there's other waste extra the energy. Why do not? Why why? Why don't we have solar cities when others button it wise? In LOS Angeles, solar city? I talked with the dumbest fuckin thing
fly over downtown outlay, everybody's operating on coal powered electricity, and this fuckin sunlight everywhere. Three hundred sixty days a year did rings for days a year out here and is no solar panels anywhere in downtown Ella. When I was a university Wisconsin back in the early nineties fifties. One of our chemistry professors was preaching solar power and nobody believed him. They thought he was off the wall and he even had invented solar panels, which other people had bounded. Also solar panels and solar power have been with us potentially since the late forties of early nineteenth fifties, but they were a threat
establishment, governs the lot reliance on fossil fuels, and so only now are we waking up well, we'd better, go in that direction. If we're going to avoid the destruction of the earth and most people still don't you veil high priority, so the knowledge was there, but they were bypass while, like the electric car, you know what happened to the original monger car it just right I will fall with commercial interests. So a lot of these innovations of could have led to sustainability long time ago, whereby past and only now may be before it's too late. Can we go back and bring those enter for will brings us back to what we were talking about earlier with the hemp and the original issue, with him being that hemp as a commodity, where Henry Ford made the first body and all of a car the remit of hemp, his
car also ran on hemp fuel, and this is the very first cars that Henry Ford created and that's very little known fact that the camp in in a fire form when they turn into body. Panels is actually stronger and lighter than steel. O hampers wonderful. George Washington grew help by the way, and now you try to get government subsidies for hemp. You ve even tried to get legal permission to grow and you run up against a brick wall where we are you own, a part of a supplement company and one of the things that we sell is hemp protein powder and we have to Canada, we can grow it in the United States. We have to live and care in all its very popular. We can only get fifty pounds a day from these people because of the fact that it so is so much in demand, it's really hard to to keep keep up with the demand we there's been laws passed in
Colorado and washed in state both pass laws legalizing marijuana. They also are trying to, legalise hemp farming even though hampers non psychoactive. There still facing them a massive backlash. Federal government and people are scared pull the trigger and start farming, even just hemp, just just farming hemp. Which is non psychoactive again. The cousin of the marijuana plant. You can't you you'll go to jail, the lock you up in a cage for growing a plant. That's problem The most spectacular plant available to human beings on the planet today that the AIDS the plant the longest verified cultivation. It's the first thing humans ever cultivators as we know, is now the best son that were crazy, that that's illegal. It's one of the best eyes it completed, largely signed this revamp little irrational. I mean on top of everything that govern brothers out of money. I mean tours of the White House or being curtailed
Flowers for the tomb of the unknown soldier are not being placed on because of all these stupid little budget cuts. Why can't we grow hemp and tax it? Why can't we grow marijuana and tax, just think of the tax revenues it would come in and all the money that will, go to the drug wars. Is it shocking for you to have lived this long and seen us go from the fifty two thousand thirteen and see where we're are today. Did you think that we would be much further along by now now I have always been very much of a realist and I have never been a utopian. I just sort of take. What comes I have seen? Human food
all in one form or another or life, certainly can build some human folly myself. So I am dismayed of course, and I am disappointed, but I wouldn't say I'm shocked if you could address the people of the world and urged them to move in one direction or what what? What do you think would be the best method for change for this world? Good heavens, I would never reach that pinnacle of publicity or success or egotism, but what comes to mind most quickly would say, be little kinder to each other we allow kinder of to. If I were a little more enthusiasm, I would say, be aloft kinder to your less enthusiastic. What won't It holds you back. I would go one step further. Start off by a little client or work somebody aloft
yeah, that's a psychedelic, isn't it yonder those psychedelic ideology and get this guy? That's one thing most certainly learned from my experiences- is that there is some sort of a strange connection between human beings and when we exercise our connection- or I should say when we respect that connect an honour, the connection, it enhances the way you feel about life and enhances the mean being kind. Other people has a positive effect on you as an individual like the universe, reinforcing that sort of behaviour. Well, this really ties together. Much are talking about here. About shalmaneser and our will eat this defying Sharm and help the community be kind to each other help the community work together, shams in terms like rolling Thunder
saw the need for communities all over the world to work together. Politicians haven't quite gotten that message up and the psychical ethos, if you want to call it that is one of connectivity, is one of kindness. It's one of seeing the whole grandma military. All live it's interesting, shamans and the term chauvinism. Almost all of it comes from much smaller populations, and I think that may be a key to the issue that we were in reaching like New York City LOS Angeles YE. These ten million twenty million city populations, you almost There's almost too many people to manage. The term Sharm or the idea of a showman gets very weird,
when you're in a tribe of a few hundred people- and you have one trusted man- you ve known your whole life. You know his character, you know it is really all about he's, not he's not. I knowed run some Jim Jones Bullshit and start as on called but When you have a multi million people, you have ten million people. What do we have any new start calling of a shaman and gather up a following and they come from all around next thing. You know you ve gotta called near you do. This is why you don't call yourself a sham and a community appoints you a showman. If you call yourself a charm and then you get into the whole called mentality, and you know what happens to calls. Usually they get out of hand and a loose to leave. Jim Jones Phenomenon, the mass suicides yeah as possible to avoid that to have a nice called that something
we'll never figured out like left any new figure out the airplane to eighteen hundred train. Is it possible to figure out a nice called? I don't think you would call a halt, because the word called is taken on negative connotations right, but it doesn't have to be I think you could have a nice called I'd, have to strange biomass strain my imagination to think of one, but I would suppose a theoretically as possible why I a nice call up the quakers I mean I was, there are not really a called because they never had a primary leader
so's. I had called soon's that personality at the centre of it. As I have two well, that's the definition of called focuses on a person you could see. Well, I hear talk about the grateful dead cult and that certainly has been very beneficial during the era that the grateful dead were around with all of the dead heads and even though you had some people going off the edge grateful that concerts by and large was a loving whole average of cooperative group and the grateful dead singers themselves certainly didn't preach violence and terrorism. They preach loved and peace and joy and happiness, and you hear that in the music, that's called a halt. I would not use that term myself, but though, that had a not one person but a group of people at the head of it and when the great
that ended while you have the memories linger on and the members of the great through thou all do a useful, the beautiful the largest take things on their own burning man, DNS server. Cultivating have you been to burning man? Yes, so you ve been there. I have bound to something like burning: am burning man. I've been to one of the smaller values, but I dont think that you would call that a called, because that doesn't focused around a particular person. I would call about the social movement, there are social phenomena read I could get down with how grateful dead thing said: the music sucks a kiss
the matter of tat, others only fucking around, but have you, but you know the grateful they now have. Their own archive was not their idea, but University of California, Santa Cruz opened up an archive, and I was there for the ground. They view of the of the collection and they're doing a marvellous job in terms of showing the whole chronology of what they call the grateful that phenomenon additives such a mosaic with no linear movement at all. It's a challenge to put that into what's going to be twenty four rooms and they have gotten donations literally from all over the world and they ve arranged very, very tastefully. This is open to the public and there you can get
real taste of what a social movement can do and artistic whoop of also and how it can start and what has led to yeah the. I think that in that sense there is a very positive movement in the dead. You know sort of emphasised peace in love that everybody would go out. My cousin actually fall the dead around for years and years. And her and her boyfriend used to sell eggs and bacon from the back of their car. They had like a little grill new cook and these concerts and feed people and make beads and shit do weird crap see stuff and mean she was a full on deadhead for several years has followed them from venue. The venue than that I don't know how that happens. How does, a ban like that. That happens for them, but it doesn't happen for throwing stones. It happens, for you know it's a strange thing that the merry prank stairs right it does. I would away where the house banned for can keep zis now. In fact, she had a great deal to do with a bright and they used to go around
the boss right onward, and they would go from town to town into the what they called the electrical late ass it exactly. So they would have concerts. They were also now ass it. So they like pull into some town in Nebraska or something you know, find a big field somewhere in everybody would come out, there'd be acid, and the grateful dead would play, from the very beginning, the altered consciousness was part of the music bills are harmless Wolf's book. The electrical late acid test is really a very good chronology and you didn't have other bounds, who had a camera, QC sort of adopt them as a visa.
For his own creativity did you ever me can keys. Yes, I did. I met mountain girl. Who was the significant other of both can QC and of Jerry Garcia Mountain girl? Was there for the day you of the archives on her daughter is the one who cut and Jerry Garcia daughter cut the ribbon. Open the archives. Now, that's a very important part of the history mound girl was Jerry, Garcia End can QC girlfriend yes, at the same time, no, no there was a link between the two is a little bit of gap who got her first. I think that Jerry Garcia was half Jersey, How many issues have been too because I've been to, but I'm sure you ve been, do hundreds grateful dead? Just oh, not hundreds good heavens, remember that I have a full time job at the time and I had a family to take care of. I asked them. I've been to at least fifty
This is a dreadful, DARE Jos, and yet still can hold a conversation say folks, not Alexander has been not only with Stanley at the shows, but he was stayed and values please tell me sitting behind the drum drummers looking out and no one concert. The guy comes sits down excellence, David Byrne, while the first day first time, David Byrne had ever been to dead, show- and you are his guy- had educate David Byrne about the grateful dead so that he could have an educated conversation with them after the show here. Did you we're doing. It's like a dog with dolphins are de jure experiment with that no islands, one with dolphins, but I've never done psychedelic. So dolphins, not not necessary being with dolphins, are high and ethics. You're in on itself. Did you know John Lily? Yes, I know him very well. Yes, yes, Lily had some fastening experiments with dolphins and psychedelic acid in the tanks and sensory deprivation
salute, did not get involved in the tank, it all sensitive. Yes, I've known supper deaths. I've done sensor, deprivation, tat, actually gale, not with psychedelic, because their experiences good enough in and of itself a lot of experiences that I like in another themselves, and I don't need them to be augmented by psychedelic yeah. I agree with that with these censored deprivation tank of, but I think it takes a little wild, get get the hang of it does yes to relax and learn how to let go in there and really find those altered states of consciousness. Oh yes, I've had several people talk to me. Like I try to take a couple times. I really didn't trip my balls off like mile, maybe
describe this wrong, and I cannot I dont bother being to be town to hear. But when I enter into these experiences, I do it with what Christus called intentionally okay. What am I going to learn from this experience? What am I going to take away from this experience? That is beneficial for me, my friends and the world at large. Every time I've taken, I Hawaii sky, I've written down what I've learned and I've gotten a very important lesson from each of my town. I wash assertions the last session so powerful. I'm still learning from him still try to put those lessons into practice along Rosa that was a year and a half ago year and a half. So powerful, yet still trying to absorb it. This is in Brazil. Very, very
powerful. What is the most profound thing you ve learned from psychical experiences. If you had a most, I try not to play favorites, because I've learned so much. But if you put me on the spot, I would say that human beings are not apart from nature. Human beings are part of nature and that when human beings separate themselves from the rest of nature, they run amok. They get in the car so living a natural life with the principles of nature of all of our relations is the way not only to a happy life but are fulfilling life and meaningful life, You think that our current state of ignorance, when it comes to that is just a by product, expanding from the world of primitive needs to language too
splaining feelings and thoughts to eventually understanding the full spectrum of our impact in the world. You ve very well and I'd like to put that in the context of neural science in the brain, we ve gotten our selves into a situation where the western consciousness is focused in the frontal lobes and in part of the left, a sphere of the brain? We ignore the reptilian brain, the Medusa, one god of the spinal cord. We ignore the Ellie, all mammalian brain the limerick system. Worthy emotions come in. We ve enough. If you ignore the right hemisphere, except for left handed people. The right hemisphere is the whole list. A chemist fear where we see things as a whole is a complete stalled. We are focused in the left hemisphere which again for everybody, but the left handed people
We can't leave them out there a little bit different focuses on linear thinking on bits imparts in pieces on reason down on rational approaches. Stuff and we leave out imagination, intuition, emotion or the things that make a person fully human yeah. That's very, very important point. I know I I'd think Science is an amazing aspect of our world and our ability to measure nature and understand the very that, just as the building blocks of of reality, is really amazing stuff, but one of them that science can account for is love, can account for appreciation of art, can account for
The way you feel when a great song comes on the radio and I'll can account for the that's. The beauty of a person's personality, certain people that are just amazing to be around the CMU smile. It's like there's, this immeasurable connection to passion and love that the human being share? That's again to measurable you there's! No, you can't quantify write it down can and it's one of the most important aspects of humanity. It is, and I am going to put them a plug for Say, Brook University, because you are trying to expand the boundaries of science and say that there can be art based science. There can be love based. Science were people, come
narratives to describe their experience. Roofing use neuroscience to figure out. What's going on on the brain, the got the heart and the body, and that's not going to completely explain all of this, because you have to depend upon literature and the arts and poetry and paint to do justice to it, but please much more than we ve done in the past, with very narrow conceptions of science
in teaching and sabre. Conversely, you said that the courses are all available online, so people from anywhere in the world listen to this. Can yes, of course, I have to pay for the courses relished. Everything well depends upon the course I would say people can vote were website, say Brook Don t you and I'll get the whole. How do you smell Sabre S? A? Why be r o o k say Brook Don T? Do you yes, and they can find out how much everything costs they can? I handle a car sung. Actually, a certificate course of anybody can take.
On the psychology of dreams and dreaming repeat, because I have to learn how to work with dreams and learn the brain science behind dreams and dreaming. So there you have both the cycle: Neuro Cycle, neurology of dreams, neuroscience of dreams, but you have the arch of dreams, the interpretation of dreams, the length of dreams make with the rest of the body and with the significant people around you went about the connection between dreams and the bodies. Endogenous production of the house on it, like D empty, my gun, Rick Strasbourg work on an unending MTV or you were yes, yes, extract, be great. Another great pioneer, you know all the important people and very very impressed by his name he's a good man. I love that guy in his book the empty the sphere of molecules, one one of the most important books, absolute badly, absolute, the the brain. While we don't really mean lab likes to say the pineal gland produces DM two
some anecdotal evidence to that. But we know Bob just forget about where its produce. We know it's made an abiding manoeuvres. Slowly it exists in the human body and that its one of them transient substances known to man, meaning that when you take DM tee in hours, especially small, to form your body brings you back to baseline extremely quickly and one of the weird things about the DM two. Experience- is that it has a very similar effect to dream states, in that their very vivid immediately after the experience, but then shortly afterwards like a dream, like what happened? What was it, and it's almost in my You know humble estimation, like protection mechanism like Gear Europe, Your reality, this, material world, knocking on things wing things that reality is. It so hard to combine the two, the hallucinogenic reality. The empty reality is so bizarre that it's almost like
the brains, I listen bet she's, just gonna race that shit for you. You know I mean how can I do you have? I mean I've heads many DM teach Europe's and though the most vivid ones, there there so incredibly powerful right after it happens, but they're gone within five minutes. He of the. If you dont record if you don't write it down. It's like most of the experience somehow another slips. Audio fingers, love course, shifting from one type of conscious just show other type of consciousness is difficult. You're gonna forget what you did. This is why, when people wake up from a dream that they don't write, a thousand right away, the river forget them, even though they don't remember the entire dream. One nice thing both dreams. This involves the whole brain. This was why chauvinism are so closely linked with dreams, shambles,
The Sharm and uses the whole brain, the Shopman, through drugs, through dreams, through dancing through drumming, etc, uses parts of the brain that other people in the community did not use and in dreams. You ve got the emotions. You ve got the reflexes, you ve got the survival mechanisms and you ve got the transcendent experiences all on one neat little package out. If you don't write that stuff down and put to use you're gonna forget it, I do it all the time I've been in bed, and other Solaris idea, like I'm, not gonna, forget that one awakened mornin, Justin Bieber went about just here. After all, its imo drives me nuts about going the nineties, I've been carryings. Little DE recorders digital voice recorders because of that next to the bed, every night under my pillow, sometimes like, because you just hit
and you don't even have to wake up here ass, I'm going to have to say do not because I record everything on my iphone, but then you gonna open the Iphone going absent. The desert yeah. I mean these things, some of them each plug it in the computer and it transfers at into text Ray I sold yet has risen to tassel. You don't have to listen and decidedly that's a good one. That's about when you just get a list yeah, that's an voice, recognition that that's good! That's that's a beautiful thing yet have you seen any that our voice to text software I've seen it I'd like to put to use? I think it's a great advance once you something called walk priority right now is how amazingly things are this
just a regular Iphone when you go into the notes application. When you go into the notes obligation, you want to make a note to get this little thing. We're here. That looks like a microphone press that any girl, Stanley grip there is a bad mother fucker and that our butchered you dead Stanley. Ripped there is a bad mother, Fucker and then cause. I said, opening its mother fucker, my mother, my trained it. Oh you echoing from other far by that's pretty good sailing budgeting who doing up after Christopher Ryan is a bad motherfucker. Chris Vereinsbank motherfucker perfect dice. Finally, have proof proof if there are no, it yeah,
there must be an amazing thing to have witnessed it to see people going from textbooks to the internet and credible. Yes, it is and to be able to hold studies and to hold classes online that that's true. This is why should he in mourning star- and I worked so well together on our book- the voice of rolling thundered, because you want a round with his eye pot, entered when people and he has his own website, Opensource religion, which your Williston should plug into her people from different religious persuasions can come to a website on our you things out and discuss things on the internet without even meeting each other. Physically, some people from various ideologies can compare notes to whose crazier that's a kind. Putting it when you see like in him. After all, you ve been through when you see like for the ship, is going down this. While we have a new pope and every lines and other
your media and the news they treat it like it's a real event. Is really mind. Boggling you gotta, Guide, dressed up like a wizard, runs a whole clan of kid fuckers and they're taking it seriously. How come Jerry send if Jerry Sandusky had been religiously ordained? Would he not be imprisoned? Other would sneaking around. There would move somewhere with it. A guy that one of the reasons why they had to get rid of the Pope for folks, you don't know, is that the Pope was responsible. The passport, not the new on the passport brochures, sensible for having a man released to molested over two hundred deaf kids. Two hundred he took am shielded from prosecution and then moved him to a new parish where he molested markets. I mean a huge, huge scandal and you're right if Jerry Send hadn't been involved in the religion of football, but instead
involved and religion of Catholicism you're very right about he would be you'd, be frayed. There's a lot of people that are free right now. He did just be shifted to another team YAP, while the one of the things Donna's date. They take people and they they say. They're. Punishing them by removing them from you, know the from churches and they bring them to these. Gigantic religious compounds made these beautiful grounds this place in North Carolina where they took this. This guy was responsible for molesting dozens of kids. You know their criminal ceases at a horrible horrible criminals is somehow another. We tolerate it. It's it's. It's really a weird aspect of our modern culture. Give him tax rate on all that our authorities, yes, three, three, zero taxes, if you're in the cult mean, while you do know Alex Grey, Alex Gray is he's his old chapel that user around my neck, brilliant guy and a beautiful human beings is a really loving. He was
Finally, we are on the park. Ass, an eternity anything negative about anything he just like. Well, you have to look good find the positive of inside. Criticising anyone on my comp. Choke a mellow really mean that's. The Sahel is our deserve steadily the same way, and so over the years I was standing over the age of twenty years or something and you don't stop- we talk about sexual in how we spend a lot of time on the roads is dogmatic and its they say it. I went. Today it is the sun, so she's, so beautiful and I'm thinkin style is
we things everyone, the beautiful Vienna Clinic, advocate efforts. It's a beautiful thing, while you think in terms of beautiful in spirit. Oh yes, Alex Great is a wonderful artist, but one of the reasons see such a wonderful artist is a t. Don't take a very positive, optimistic view of people out of life and that shows up in his art. Yes, and I think his art is spiritual, it's fantastic, I think, he's yellow, historically very important and I've been impressed with his art from the beginning and his wife. His wife is equally tell beyond those wonderful work. Yes, he she was with him when he came in and the part ass. I do he's a true visionary artist, precisely that he in my opinion is. He has the most accurate representations of the trip demean world again and again did my guy it. When I look at his paintings, I see
I see like there's one of its a gold. One looks like who Pharaoh heads like there there are facing in opposite directions like I, literally it seems like something that you would see. If you were urundi- and I know the painting right, brilliant, brilliant artist, he is actually achieved a tax exempt status, because this TAT chapel the sacred mirrors his his religion, is actually being recognised as a true religion. Wow yeah. It's it's really interesting because he's in sort of like locally they don't want to recognize like they want the tax money from him and he's like to listen to I'm a religion like who I am tax exempt and if the Methodists are tax exempt in the catholic church, why why not? The chapel save your marriage and lino he's like serve duking it out with these people in his area because they want they want
the money they want. These grants is an unbroken. No, he only obsolete do your yeah, oh he had. He was in my hand for a while, and then he he moved displaced ups in New York and he's constructing this incredible compound. Where the the walls in the building of it are all his art, like his fractal sort of geometric art work is going to be what the entire out
side of the building looks like me. He showed a similar plans and it's it's amazing, some of his art right. There is amazing, amazing stuff and, in my opinion, the most accurate in terms of like capturing that that that that those visionary experiences, those house into how assented and based experiences, he's the most accurate in doing that he did. The poor trade of my dear friend Albert HAWK s that half the love snow on the cover of a new biographia off. Yes, I love that picture. O Brien saving a pull up the picture of Albert Hoffman than he did yeah. That's that's a brilliant picture, our often the guy who first isolated lsd. Yet the guys, like Alex Gray, you see that vision, you see that our work and he makes you wanna, try those drugs like he. He makes you wanna like now. I see that in what the others that have their this,
That's an amazing amazing! That's a very show, Monica representation of unto absolutely and as long as arbiter calm. Selfish, Armand, ok, right he's got one of Obama, so this is ridiculous. Alex these ago read about drones so Alex his wife was in Poland, a Yoko on you, that's good enough. Now sat down during the whole thing. She let him talk the entire scream. Why does she does she? Ok, I just can't get that thing out of my yeah. Well, I always a negative opinion of yoga, or at least not a positive one, but that one was so great, a lot less Stanley. Thank you very much for joining us. This has been a really fun time. I really enjoyed it was a real honour to get to sit down and talk to you because a pleasure I learned a lot from our discussion. I learned a lot from you as your having you
to say that the young folks out there, the people that are in charge of moving this thing to the next era of yet you're you're. Getting to talk to her mother in people right now? What would you say that you know we ve been talking a lot about about about psychedelic and I'd like to remind people that that's only one way to gain wisdom? It's not necessary! You can do. Just about the same thing by emerging yourself, a nature by half a loving relationship of somebody by meditating praying by emerging yourself in great literature and great art, psychedelic, Sir Import. They were important and human evolution, but there is no one way: there's no one road, that's best, for
body yoga, meditation, transcendental, meditation sensor, deprivation, tank users, a lot of different methods to sort of reset yourself and get an objective. Look at the surroundings were you're not caught up in the momentum of your lie. Exactly the important thing is to do this with intellectuality to know where you're going to do it in a disciplined way and learn something from it and one of the cause things about this life is that we get to meet and talk to people that have lived longer and then how had more experiences, and it's beautiful that a person like you is willing to share those experiences and come on a show like this and express yourself in and give us the wisdom of your years and give us the insight of all your ear you contemplations on this world? I really appreciate it. Man very kind of you and very kind of you to say nice things about the voice of rolling, thunder and justifying shotguns
yet these books they are available on Amazon honourably are the available on audible darker now, no, not yet what we gotta work with audible and find some due to who would you like to read these maybe Duncan trouble everybody we were deemed right here. You know Duncan, I know of here. Would you like to if we come to serve Cisco which do apologize without losing about me, but I'm into you. Next, you came to us. We will come to you. Ok, what are their work that I have to because I'm in the middle of a right down a fuckin, love and he's right here, Christopher Ryan, sex at dawn. We had him here this week, but can have enough fuckin awesome doing you looks amazing, so deep. Divine shamans in their world is one book, the voice of rolling thunder? That is another book. How many books you have you have again, but I have ten books out there, available on Amazon COM, the once it has impress beautiful, powerful stand, the creeper
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