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#347 - Joey Diaz

2013-04-12 | 🔗
Joey "CoCo" Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called "The Church of What's Happening Now"
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wow you freak bitches we're back at it again thank the baby jesus my fucking volumes on of course only be known this for three years throw laptops and local shit not i'm looking at circuit boards stance it's a simple stupid fuckin mute button and i never push it this episode of euro experience park ass is thus a professional make those ladys professionals i get some sort of kind of like the fake professional voice not really we brought you buy change to do it on my message board that are always on the mixed martial arts message board that said that he went from a ninety something dollar verizon bill to an eighteen dollars tang bill for the same use
that's true that guy's true and on paraphrasing the numbers and i remember the exact numbers are probably look i would say that that's the he barely is is this phone if that's true why don't know man you know it you said was it was the same use i dont know i don't know how much it would save but i know that have gone so much positive feedback about ten and joy he's been a loyal sprint customer forever ten uses the sprint backbone thing is it's a cell phone company the what i do centrally by cellphone time at at at spread and the the cell to you they saw it back to you but the you would know contracts and they sell like the coast android phones they have which by the way you just see this new fuckin thing that they're going to release the facebook com no the yom sampson's gonna release something called the galaxy mega holy shit do did six inches it's like there's two versions of this a five point eight inch and six point three inch like what the fuck are you too
about this not a phone what am i going to do that's it that's that's a half joy ideas dec if it in your pocket willing i can't i don't know it's nonsense that's crazy thing i don't know what that is what does that some cross cross for world thing that you have to have a man purse to care that around or woman woman would be excellent if i was a girl and i had a bag you know girls to carry purses which is so awesome and others i'm saying they have got us whipped with society not women but the societies got a swift with the stupid idea that somehow another man's i'll carry a purse part of the robin hood days those mother fucker such shoulder bags ok you're allowed to whereby pat and where a backpack like i'm a fucking school kid what doo doo doo doo doo nobody gives me a hard time of it but if i were a fanny path they will get me like somewhat goddamn freakin nature i'll tell you folks we gonna take back the fanny back there
bereft of any back and maybe even introduce a fuckin purse how about them advisers get yourself a purse boys pockets here you go oh man purse like it was nothing with that man the idea that this something somehow another feminine or weak about carrying on a bag is a proposal sing aspect of this society ladies gentlemen it doesn't make any sense we are to carry certain bags betraying a military style duffel bag that's fine but you're not allowed to have a purse you can't go through the airport with a purse due to laugh at you do with backpacks carrying duffel bag will laugh at you you ve got a purse skywards flocking purse what is it a purse bro you gotta can propose that efforts which we know working person a backpack going on here come on man duffel bag okay and i can't have a fuckin purse this is now
since we have subjected ourselves some nonsense we just have accepted over the years and now it's become culture and brian red bank god bless you for making them all young man guideline recognise antics keeps his antagonist antics with a heart of from drinking too much heartburn medicine you take harbour medicine yeah i'll do it anyway tang would thing does this it allows you to first of all if you go to rogan dotting dot com you can save money saved twenty five bucks after service but where they live you do is by phones the highest and android phones and and put it on a network sprint network but can someone over there fuck you want it's yours is your phone to you there's a lot of who could shed the goes along with them a cell phone contracts and one big one is the fact that a few you know you must you don't realize what kind of dealer make it when i make it but when you cancel if you cancel you you got to pay them
just quit you feel you owe them like hundreds of dollars and get it gets fuckin stupid and if someone is in a position where three hundred hours is like a make or break for the month for them and you really want to get out of here you know ex cellphone so you know eighteen t whether its rise whenever is gonna fuck and pay them you you didn't really get the deal that you got is you're paying off that phone over a year period or over a certain amount of time period they sort of add that to your bill so if you just tried to leave you didn't really get that phone for two hundred and ninety nine you got a seven hundred dollars phone for two hundred and ninety nine because they worked it into your deal that you pay the rest of it over time so that's what's going on that's why you can't just cancel and things like what kind of stupid shit is ours was just cut that out of the equation that's that's nonsense does that's complicates things let's also so people can share time and then spread with one course things about using desperate network is it's not like acting has its own little funky network that only works like weird spots it's it's a huge network
works everywhere and the waiting has set up if you don't you whose all of their of their bandwidth if you dont use all of their in all of the time rather they'll give you it on your unused service so if you use less than you thought you would ting drops you down and credit you the difference on your next bill it's beautiful i love it it's just a cool com thy love the idea behind it it would it would sakharov to turn up they were actually evil they just there would like the most evil company were there just doing it really ethically they hit copies rather often have a worse earth or some shit devil worse over i've seen the pictures you in your using six six new tattoo yo yo talk about the approach of people think i'm a real devil worse so fox i was at the goddamn some anton the vase thing we'll talk about it with a black we'll talk about it pull picture i will talk about so ridiculous anyway rogan
daunting dotcom saviours of some money on a cool company and i don't know i think there is any reason have contracts anymore folks go there get you shit i get you free gone or whatever we also brought you buy stuff duncan stamped out comes one of our new sponsors and if you buy any o brien death squad dot tv kitty cats that exactly how there again to the getting to you through stamp stock up so you know that brain is it it's it's an easy way to if you have a small business and going taking your stuff what every selling and bring it to some paused i was get a wind lies some was going away your shit and box everything out it's a painting a dick and it's not necessary and stamped out come he did all they give you a scale the these they set you up you you you print out the postage on your computer
i mean it's it's a beautiful cmas experience and brian you you enjoy it right yeah it's super easy and it's just not going to the post office is the biggest thing because going to the post office i don't know how it is where you guys live button in burbank it's like an hour just to get to the cashier yes you can give him your box of tons of stuff the sand and japan here you just print it out there like you know different ways to print it out if they have like the sticker kind where you can print it on these stickers and it for now it's just the regular stamp or put your envelope in there and print a run on the envelope and i mean this is u ps3 yet no no not you ps now sisters it's this proposal also you sound we will you be imagined that citizens are protected from the box the member then they came up everybody knows then the biggest drugged yes it doesn't mitch hedberg junk mail but that's true story now which become that's how fuckin inside for he was that's the truth they get northern we'd anyway you go now our colleague we
legally we people are by their goods they are a good sales i wonder if the same chance or taken that you take him with the post office because the post office if you like a drug dealer and you send drugs law ale i think it's like a federal united around our mass a bottle with tommy jump but isn't saint yeah but is it the sing with gps nine i think that i think you piazzas arrive at company so still do something over state lines so you are still transporting you stood yeah it seemed transporting across state lines is one issue but there is another issue i think is extending stuff through the post office yes like they like listen bitch you fuck with us will you make us a part of your deal of bringing illegal shit places and where the government you kill you bold mother fucker no so they they when went after this
the thing and can offer a fact if let's say you have a friend that god man you know we grew up together and everybody's out there in kigali wooing listenin to react sent me a beggar we'd make sure you do somebody a favor and get like a vhf box but we re said it all you'll never get of mailmen i've had friends boxes got ripped open like a dog ate it got me with the sound of an item i swear to god and they have taken the we learned this is settled it lay what're you gonna do hollywood postal offers our welcomes don't you go with every filipinos eyes flock about everybody everybody that the trucks look my pocket edibles rise up those guns
it is doing this this is it this is no story is a little liable ledge sent him a little bill reefer eddies book and he said the fuckin thing got there a month later months later i bought the library a month later ripped open with eddies book and then they took the weed that's larry s address book got there you can't leave anything the government these men i was at the tears a look i never complained about the tears the bid did you say in new york was the rudest person like the way was communicating with people i ain't gonna do all that you got it you gotta give there's you gotta move out of the armies and choose not to lie auntie em don't airlines it jfk goes like this incredible i was like and i go you being very hostile she was no i'm not but i could get hostile and i was like wow i might peep
really communicate like that just flip italy with people in public that are in positions like the tea set i do the way who is communicating with people which is so short and so kurt people so shitty she's right off the bat as if some was doing something to her by having her do her job that's offensive shit man what people get can't you you just as their job sucks i gotta get your job sex but i'm friendly i'll be night will we can have a nice little smile at each other and and walk about and you know goethe do still go through our time together it's not going to take any by any extra time yet she's got conti to right away it is a thing man is a thing with people in new york then i noticed this weekend and i thought i forgot about but does that continent that curtness people have sometimes the real short with folks folks are shortly with each other and like what that's interesting because you know one that went away they went away after nine eleven i remember it and always thinking that new york was like there was like a certain
hostility knew that i didn't appreciate there is an amazing amazing amazing city so fuckin crazy it's beautiful monolithic we dislike more beautiful than the mountains really is created by man when their mother fuckers lit up at night it's more beautiful than even announced themselves so i'm looking at them like this is like really like one of the perfect creations by man as far as like one of the most amazing things it anyone's ever create and put this new york city is one of them but you can't have that many people together they just get they get tired of each other they get they get shitty with each other you s p s needs a warrant to open their mail but you yes can just open whatever the fuck they weren't bo sun supersede the government were contractors ella postal offers no mother fucker don't need not just need to win this is our see you at the window and admit moves the speed of light i guarantee that somebody at the glass gone check that back
we got that is for anyway avoid all this bullshit by using stamp stuck up get a free scale scale if you put this there's a microphone in the upper right hand corner if you click on that microphone you enter in the code j r e and that code will take you to the stamps our com website where you get a hundred intend our offer and a freeze digital scale its frank service and again like i said if you order one those death squad t shirts that's that's how the coming to you bitch snooze shit take him to the next level print you should not interesting thing that the only people do it aren't kelly up one i'm not angry and that's it
this is bad stain appeal let like let's say me in jail fly out for years we flew out we made a fifteen minute report of light that shit don't work not worth no more so you and i have said fuck we gotta be that eleven will be to attack yes it opened up a computer you eat you now i went there did kennedy one they now you can go to secure you can't be serious i know you can't go too we tell you so i made only in irish wait they made me an army there and finally had to sleep at new machine and i was fuckin angry and if i get up before and its second heavily in my blood she would go fuck it up and i get dizzy i get that thing that data was complain about what does he mean i did i get this feeling like puke i'll have to illegal listen don't i gotta go to sleep that's the only reason they let me through was at the machine they would help me then our outside tat amazing i got because they know you know meet where i carry as soon as you fucking get up the address water over out so well
is hostile so very very very that's why i was so as you said so tell me i don't even know me to fuck it now nor it's not like that and look what is i have never had a problem in law guardia newark had the problem the one time when i took the follow up my mom landing and the german guys in the chapel follow the astor yarn on the planned yeah outside the cargoes are not usually away fuckin team this is the whole team right day you told the tearing the folder the lord no i never had a problem in the work it was totally and now you had live at had it twice yeah i'm pretty nice man i try to be as nice as i can to people when i them from talking face to face with some of them to a gunshot business i can but there's certain times where you get confronted with continents which shittiest that people have any site ball dude you no fuckin relax i'm getting a russian among our digital tolerating afternoon the more
i'm like we could do this with a couple servers and how you doing brother and everything will be fine we'll have a nice little conversation here but you just doing your job and i'm just talkin and we're just so you know what your people run into each other does not does not conflict you know like there's people there that this hostile attitude that making a conflict money for let me say hello to people look at my bag nothin in it you know i'm just gonna go to my destination take care nice meeting you good scene and most of the time that's what i get especially with the the the x ray people actually for some it cause motherfucker i wanted to those like the duties that are working security in those areas there always ask me you have see questions now has been friendly i noticed ambient should it would be by see a lot of them actually gonna there would have been nice to people so what i'm confronted with with someone just being should he would have to battle mike wow i felt
necessary those totally unnecessary beata you you and i read ban and this young man we're blessed with will love you i call it that we fly alot yet i know that the recent conditions after nine eleven have stopped the latter reg people like me i gotta be i'll show you a couple we shall you have people on it and i know you towards yes i i have no problem with it in other words at all is not a matter of disease either who does your play is gonna fuckin blow up that book and simple ok and we know that we ve met people that situations of happen they ve gotten through them i realise that a footman bazooka they love you know that always get it out of me bullocks yeah friend the boy with a bullet that happens but i am never had a confrontation with time i've had confrontation you people on the lines in times of the worst people yeah real slow when you go oh yeah that's mike it's like i had a problem and fuckin someone biggest why not one morning with some fucking guy that was eighty like
you are you serious but known on and i've never had a problem with those two years alone at all it's so we then they i do everything as they tell me that comes while always valued mirror sweetheart fucking case i take the two i leave my vapor pennon i can somewhat that what is at least a laser but i've never had a problem but that that particular gotta go a j of case did you guys that sucks its unfortunate mean it was only a couple of people but it was just like it was more than one while this is nuts i'm sorry nice would you have moved to new york i thought about it i was i think about it yeah it's it's kind of an interesting situation loot we'll talk about it after get done with fuck fuck all the commercials man do anymore commercials doc the last one oh and an i t v no lord it is go fuck yourself for the site seriously best commercial ever what it is you shit is
for your brain and odd weightlifting equipment one of the core things we have now the champ with the champ kettlebells that has suppression i like to describe the biting your dick or face so if you see that child care about that as the look that children have right as its biting your dick off and think about that why you work out with it and will give you some extra motivation and some action strength as after horrible car fire that so rude that's a chump son scariest fuckin primate and the violence which is lucky they haven't figured out how to use guns yet this crazy fox trying to keep these thing alive crew mean look and ass all crazy smile ass all they can kill you with his hands when we have more thus the sweetest ran through the streets what we do without em what we do we need the bananas that's the fuck we do what's wrong with you i thus aims everywhere yes what's her attire european
where are the maumee yang wendy elder fuckin why do this a lot of mountain oily shit lot and while i was well isn't linda right by new york part when they call it man i don't know what party glinda most but that's like an hour media to be seen as the only way you get with rough macromedia liquid swallows fuckin where is mount line in the back of a white car driving down just now in some you see now give us a they shouted yoritomo on someone's porch oh my god damn but ass we need amount like ten about me give you just say it fuckin workin out like that things going out how does a coup domesticated it's impossible using them as a kid you never can really domesticated they never really domesticate wild animals eat train them and there is a big difference is like the dogs are dogs man if they ve been dogs for so long like you know like like my dad
the super friendly dogs man i never worry about them being mean to me and worry about weirdness unaware by them just flip in one day and ribbon my throat out but with no alliance or something like that that can happen my lines don't you you don't own them bitch that is straight d and a killing trade can women are much more millions and millions and millions of years nothing but killing that's all it knows how much and i am sure and i see a bare wrestling with alliances that real he could be yeah me not silly like a monkey choking the bare like them in the face with left jabs how does that they could do that echo my cable dream they train them they did you see that one this week us not with somebody was a mountain falkenberg big they said amounts tax some it was leopard a fuckin bear like like third wild like something that was so obscure beaver
like an iraq that they're all play image board together what the back needed we definitely need a mound line kettle well that's for completing only i have let they have now lie problem the girl fournier yes i want to santa barbara last week how big it was big the mean you'll have to kill you brochures like coyote size trifling campaign it wasn't as big as you know at the big ones in other get up to two hundred pounds i guess but it was probably like seventy or eighty pounds live like coyote it was me across the road coyotes all like stiff strategic but mount lions boats they haven't bouncer and i'd just as soon as a chaotic sissies wild animal running across the road but then i see its tail and then put it together you're looking at you know it's a flash glimpse as it runs across your headlights but it was probably about seventy pounds that's the devil
oh you that'll fucking killed the shit adding on material was killed motherfuckers that's no cholera yes colleague jan what i mean i don't take into deep april some light of that's why jack nicholson snap that's why that movie that sea could tolerate november december that's all yeah we january february yanza them right morleys ghoul too but now you rather weeds yours paddies daylight fuckin put away the boots martian they dumped were coming into the lake and i don't know it's a big blizzard forty inches philosophical much for a month and told one problem about they just like the airport wednesday didn't they are they didn't have military is tweeting about instructor mine then that's why you can that's great places a liar but damn if you get a flyer stand by april april you have a poor glow in the guise of a potent chlorine
and i see people facebooking pictures alike lights which six or seven inches home now why flock of april two different kind of live in different going to live in you you deal with nature in a completely different levels than so pacified here california but we got mom lions we got mom lines and their movement in there's been more of em i mean come on this is not this is not a war time situation they should when in santa monica last year and then you get this one in glenville they're moving in the urban neighbourhoods they found wanting and monica last summer we allow podcast mood discuss they found one of gore recently how near goro they there's this seeing them all over the plain i what is the reason why the coming down into the city's given well this two things his hat go and i mean i don't wanna be ignorant about this dispute stephen now will be on the pod cast on monday the hunter from the media to show and he'll be able
explain yourself a little bit better i think there's vince play music now it's fuckin let's do this actual podcast is ridiculous dot com au anonymity zirconium roman lyndal nepal we are but would not that's crazy and audio the audio version is always a dog class logan experience i just realized slaves us doing parkers that stupid saw what fucking difference unless what does it mean that you know what i'm saying i mean you're waiting now it's the podcast burma don't wanna crazy purchased began a fork in half an hour ago wouldn't need to put our goddamn song the thing about mountains joy joy ds joe ideas in the house these gentlemen we need to stop editing this thing to just fuckin except it serious can edit it nobody else can affect themselves and that's really all its happening right just the series its editing the first point the commercials
did during the commercials sometimes the best shit we say sorry so if you listen to some serious you got to go go to itunes it just makes the commercials and i can in our woods pull out like a cell homelike dan mix it like they brian what does not cell phone you have in your hands and what tell me about ten which is due at once for fun but the she would the mound lines we are seeing more of them is one of the gutter tranquilizer yesterday glenn dale we're talking about this i saw one last week in santa barbara and of course it is the big santa monica that killed so i think it is about a year ago but they're not using dogs the hunt him anymore california they changed the regulations and we change the regulations you going to have more mountain lions so lucky it's it's still legal to hunt mountain lions cuz they're trying to keep the population under control by not allowing hunters these dogs hunter say
that's the most effective waited to kill my lads and still incredibly difficult look how dogs they use hounds is no hunting dogs and these these specially trained dogs are designed to go find mountain minds they find outlines in they trim and then the hunter shoots up that's all was the only way to catch he's fucking things ok because they are there in the it's ok when you talked about in an intelligence like like nature elegance their way fuckin smarter than you they know what they're not gonna get below you they're gonna stay above you they know its harder to run a pale than in his downhill than the likely have like instinctively things the users the person has wandered through the woods you know what the fuck is going on here you literally need dogs to find them because there too fast you're gonna be gonna hear you walk in and get into bed get the fuck outta the cats the big job cats through living in the woods can we have this weird attachment
certain aspects of what which shouldn't shouldn't be legal when it comes to managing the wildlife around us but you gotta be really fucking careful about allowing predators to take hold meaning really careful because right now we're fine but it is the i once can shift and you start getting to know australia crocodile situation where places in australia you can't fucking know whose go you will get eaten by crocodiles come and they will fucking get you and this too many of them and you you know you is aries a water you can't go there if you go there you were going to get god it's just going to happen i don't find that acceptable don't find an acceptable i think the idea behind it is ridiculous now percent of everything that's ever existed is extinct ninety percent i dont think any problem would get make crocodiles i mean it becomes we'll keep around and look at but if it
lou with like crocodiles overpopulated it's time to fuckin kill people became can't think about them as being like one of us you can think about them as being like europe nature now that's a monster that's godzilla mt lions that's the wolf man made get the mean from airline did you with wolf man gets the same shit you just got night night night may bitch all those big cats gets you too shit fuck cheese us that's a monster that's a goddamn monster it's a mountain moment when we are working so hard to conserve and protect killers these things need kill every day these monsters it run faster than us jump higher than us only kill things with their face that's all they do and then
julia many of you have a knife it so probably tell you even if you have to knives publicly even if you trained they don't give a kill you that first lunged that they go at you you had done their problems you that rips lynn that'll fuckin what would you call a vain that's does bleeding carotid artery and they hid from every angle you regularly every angle the way this why don't you go get something tat you don t what you know what the biggest animal farm bold was really went off with her road i never seen the light that will those yellow while the fuckers coiled like district where people can sneak was why stop there asked them away with chrome ilo you can make it was like ireland or something aachen died with someone like pet that they let out in the most legs on way while the laws properly and he was i was what we had to pull over apparently that's the thing they have a real issue within florida people has taken
i thought so i guess things too big for this they just throw that fucking any no it's why people by not only that's that's crazy why people in florida man i got me a path almost eighty the rabbit come all the fema feed must make a rabbit and then all of a sudden you realize what you gotta gravity monster learning house and then one day wrapped around your armament let go you like our jago you're really thinks eighteen feet were taken out of the swamp and is go call be free my friend i didn't want to take it and kill it i mean new is thinking about killing me but it's my pet eirik action to it so i just let it loose in the swamp i saw a homeless person walk down the street with a snake around his neck like a big one to acknowledge his pet almost out of the snakes scary thing over the rather tiles weird man that's that there's a weird thing with reptiles because they don't give a fuck about you they never give a fuck about you did you
condition to maybe do or not by you to buy your not bite you what should i do they have to think about it but they might just decide to fuckin bite you if you feed them and if you keep feeding them stay with them and you become this connection to food for them they'll accept you but die than going to cry didn't give a flying fuck about you and if they were hungry and they thought they could eat you of course they would eat it doesn't matter doesn't matter how long you been feeding them you gotta twenty foot long python your house you are living in his house okay we you you were his low slave bringing him offerings that's king kong that things tied to a fuckin poor that's a monster as long as feedin it may be to let you can close maybe we got a new backyard would you wanna go cage backdate crazy fuck
they can even kill a man i can't go to salaries ass it seemed like a white fucking mouth yang especially where am i i thought i'd use i seen it i've seen people say come oh oh yeah yeah i've seen right that's why i don't like it but man that's fucking crete thousand me are now completely i don't know this the terrifying animals it mother vessels and where the snakes walk outside the snakes around its those motherfuckers we heard on their shoulders which makes me was not like especially like guarantee this money as i sit down i get so eyes and time it's a fucking eagle just like i will you never see that i would love to see some like that like some jerk off your magic tricks would have welcomed i wish i had also some one else fuckin buried it just comes you walk in the park and ear busy disagree video of a hawk the comes into
eagles nest to try to get the hawks bade the eagles babies and the eagle just goes batch why grabs it and eat it in front and start sweden into the baby's fucking crazy an eagle just flies into this hawks the hawk rather just flies in the seagulls nest why it's great i know that there was a guy i'm here to tell you this watch this is eagles is chosen covering its babies and this hawk is like can we give you gimme your babies and the eagle just like pitch don't you know there's a man kills it on top of his babies look at this hour her baby is rather sure that's mama right only them democracy the ones who are garden ass i believe and another but looking fox up that hawk and eats it that's great yeah they caught that on an eagle camera because they have a nest camera to modernize birds but when a creepy world of eagles eagle is the meanest
other the batter smoking shells have those in hollywood did gives no no no what's in hollywood my friend hawks ok the hawk he has on vista right next to it although street wheezed icon and i welcome padre he's is imminent wipe put cameras because they would wake up in the morning seed that pigeon to some can figure out what it was when they gotta keith yeah a picture of a fuckin pigeon landing and then this thing coming behind a grab a ripple it's fuckin head off like like like a monster just rip his hat off star eaten it will happen can had right there are vast on sunset i went to the museum and natural history interment and that's where you gonna get to see it's amazing amazed when playing the thing hang in the whale and crystal there the dinosaurs alone the misuse of the gigantic gallatin they have incredible vice
they showed the transition between a dinosaur and bird and you know that's that's a dinosaur i could stay they explain the whole thing like those for the dinosaurs that survived became birds when you see an eagle that crazy country monster that represents our country like what a perfect thing to represent our country like we always thought we thought the eagles the eagles bore the evil is a county monster from the past that somehow another has managed to stay alive and his eyes you keep given it birds at all what you'd fuck and hold it show this the thing about eagles dinner quite big enough to kill us did not quite big enough am i ll kill illegal man i'll tell you fucked up a little bit i'll get scratched up a bit but i get hold of an eagle homage to kill that fuckin don't take a finger off probably fuck me up pretty bad are probably cut out pre hard but i'm gonna win a molecular fuckin eagle and he knows it he knows it he looks at me understand i wish i could tell you which is too little too late
there's an eagles only like fifty pounds or somethin right you know they look them in the pretty fuckin scary like i said they will fucking hurt you but most likely then i can be able to take you out but they try to pick up kids and shit eagles have picked up little boys before him fly off for the manufacture of video of an eagle picking up a kid that's a fact that it is in effect vignette i was s pension students and sons he's not gonna somebody scale j got very video i think i see a chicken dog and panic skating why is he chickens moving i fuck him should it or i can go into one butchers shops will have this animals those italian like me it was also in these goes you ever go to those places where your mom goes a new work and they have the fuckin italian butcher right but that women have like everything like all those brute what's the brig whale right than they have like a chicken earlier thing then they get here
why would you go they deserve eager eyes where you go times who you know i'd know people learn to eating like shit leg eagles but there's a place we could stick your hand then the guy would take the ticket out break its neck while caught it and your mother brings now you mean like pheasants maybe not all that i mean in the old days about a polar bear they'll give a fuck italians and it will you leave again it we got it just can we fifty apparently there's a company that will serve you let lion stakes weathers every sal you like i like near there is some sort of exotic game me company now don't sell you lie and you can eat line in colorado is known for that shit restaurants communicate with you take your i thought we discuss where they take your pick you meet up the top is no mass village and they take you there are those things that the dogs rational much they take you over mountain you your wife raper blankets on you too has to be in the winter
this is real shit that pick you up at five thirty sharp you get there you come out he's a little alligator fucking dinosaur her eyelids porter we can meet the rat anything it's amazing i saw i never went up i know that guy that at that would whip the fuckin dogs now what s so we colleagues i guess letter when agenda but i know that if we fly into china hong kong don't call me on which conflict is a restaurant budget specialists in testicle organisers did you see that shit type but that there's one like belongs like a fuckin allah it's a scam and that's big one that comes with a supertanker testicle fruit i think it's a good thing allows for them can sue arm i gotta look at all it's disgusting but make sure i will pay the animal dec crazy about was nobody allow funding is that of a real life i give mob kill somebody value
a year has already in each other s nose like muslim recalls in real life or eat your browser like promptly you must ban platinum it's that that is not a cat to feed what it maintaining this cat oh my god there are eating a cat holy shit god do that his hurry beak ribby animal it's really just pulled the meat away from its babies by the way what it was like that is mine what it's illegal taking it apart and feeding it i've been watching for rights really cute what have you ever the a video of the wolves getting killed by the eagles wolves yeah guys have trained eagles you gotta see this i think it's among mongols abortion gang there they have trained eagles golden eagles that swooped down in and kill wolves again
golden eagles or even bigger than then baldy eagles i think i should look like i like it ass she describes the size of that thing look how it does us and the duties are like done up in tribal traditional like animals enclose mean he's a harsh harsh world and he's got this eagle these get trained they are just as much luggage this shit you're close after a fuckin wolf man i mean what gangster bird you wanna talk bout that that's like the wolf is like almost the top of the food chain it probable thinks it is the top of the food chain like it's another they oh shit word you know what a terrifying that must be to be of a goddamn wolf and still be scared of this evil look how it takes it out just swoops
grabs of bull by the back of the neck and starts jack and don't you think though this wolf could easily just fucking attack the bird know it you would think but though i think the birds are stronger than you think they'd there there there really primitive man they're not like we look at them like they're off fluffy enchant but you look at their musculature in the way their designed they're not designed like any other animal we sort of associate their size with the way we would view like a mammal that was that size like all that's you know no not a big deal i prefer it you know whatever poppy or something in or a dog rather that was that big was trying to go after you think that a dog that's always fifty pounds not be able to kill you and what about us is that what i that's a golden eagle now they have they kill that that thing with a cloth yeah to the they disappear the climb the neck and then they they tear apart i mean they're clause or unbelievably strong in their third essentially knives they have
ignore on their their food huge arms do they can pick up fucking salmon that swimming in a river stop and think about that for a moment how strong you have to be to grab a salmon where you are you're a big guy joey do you think you can grab salmon you think you can hold onto a salmon there's no fucking way how about greece but in then fly off with it do you know how fucking strong eagles have to be done evil aims an animal that we're late it's the noble proud eagle remember that guy that saying though size the gout john ashcroft let the eagle sore rule jeffrey you that's all the gym it is a one craft was the woozy attorney general jump like that wouldn't whenever made up fuckin title it was whatever job distinction at his work for the bush administration whenever functioning admin and he was completely crazy
nutty christian guy and he had the most amazing song that he sang once when he sang and everybody knew right away like well this guy is back may we knew he was nuts but why the fuck is this the girl saw like she's never saw before and he said yes i mean it's it's man you you're watching madness you watching a hundred percent pure unfiltered madness and he just watch in it are you thinking what kind of twisted shit is this guy doing when he's not doing this because if you do that for or out there you're that for that way you singing a threeg oh you know and you like it was super super duper christian i tag i had some fuckin bones and his yard man what do you think wolverine verses wolf who would win if i had to that let the eagle sore need here the what's a wolverine
say a wolverine is it's like a badger bat the badger family and their fears unbelievably fierce animals that are crazy look into they look bad ass man it's like you grant he doesn't make sense if they call him wolverine because the whole idea of wool rain is walrus was he built like sean shirk a small guy but he had these crazy muscles any had had like this a man dm skeleton by some metal skeleton but was a little like fierce thick guy but then you have that's the guy plays them what's his name in the due to play at what is a huge acme vagina so isn't i like him to whenever i blame the weed but you jack music is beautiful tall hands in a like statuesque sort of male model looking dude is that really doesn't work like that characterise character is supposed to be like a wolverine and that's what this guy was like it was like this harry dude with his
hands would turn into these swords like they would come these giant knives come outwards knuckles arnwood just fuck people up it was one of the most ruth superheroes ever when you think about it because you just killed while it i to the comic how i found the x men listeners the nazis never saw that's a real simon a wise gothic cowbell it's the cavalcade is to consolidate the cowbell socks these are they get there was a cow bell thing going on through the internet for a while so that's it that's crazy person as a crazy person go crazy purse with black socks stinky feet sweaty fee time and leather shoes just wanting to get weird one stick as some of you but
and choke you or something with j c z cuba i don't know i don't know i saw it on the news you see that you saw on the news was was was hilarious was that the other people in the news were looking at it as a political liability for president obama the jay z's you know going to cuba and it like weakens the the obama position like he can't can't be friends out of me and i was watching those like while this is where this is like they ve managed to turn the white house into the real housewives orange county literally have managed to turn the white house into like almost a bit of a reality shall i go what is where's obama guy do about cheesy being cuba are that's is it s a really important thing think about right now because it's not like this a country called north korea that as weapons that its threatening shoot at us and has nuclear capability yeah man what about them wrapper that guy who make stuff rhyme why did you go to a place where everyone's for
what the fuck i just seen the headlines from hotlanta havana or something like that on this is terrible it so weird how right now in today's world the white house is real what's going on around as a reality show compared to what really going on the wife is ongoing o brien jumper down credit would have an i got my eye member lover i love that woman but jim the stamina if all different like it's like the government is pushing that should have you to worry about that role will which really really going on right now is fuckin scary whether rich clear whether it's gonna old what wandered through the post office ain't gonna fuckin those now did you see that now was on satellite start in november or yahoo mail delivery and say no more male and scientists zero november but no day just they guy chain found the money they found the bees somebody opened their markets are you fucking serious i get my copy of my fucking time street
level of luck in his magazine i hear i really wonder whether now we would be better off with a privatisation in alex i thank you piastres on awesome job mean there their amazing the postal service the only issues that i've ever had with the postal service is going to the the actual place to the actual uno place of waiting in line that's the only issues i've ever had but why do you need you know it could shoot em in the post office as as it exists is great but shouldn't exists why would you ve needed you know why would you need what why do you need a post office why do you need you know it could mean the post office as as it exists is great but shouldn't exist because of the market because it's like it you know it fills a spot known to me like why should it be why should it be the government the does that that's what what it one of we're questions or sign in an ideal world it would be great if the government did all stuff right in an ideal world they'll be great if we could trust everybody to handle everything but it seems like everything gets
the best when it gets treated like its business and when you whenever you like government organizations that are taken places that could be taken place by business is sort of like your controlling things in regulating things mean obviously in the post office it works great but it doesnt work brightened at the envy right doesn't work in the t s ay doesn't work is a lot of ways or doesn't work great jonathan windows start heard sex why is it you know i hate to bring this up and keep out us but why is it that like the post office had although shootings what would happen there because the workers worse overworked i mean if you look at if you go to the post office live zack on a day when though this isn't doesn't have any more than the shootings on haven't anymore yeah i dont know why is now happening whereby there was a time they can go to the post office now you just look at the people are working very that looks like them was miserable job ever
just sitting there nonstop from eighty in the morning wealth everybody just u stamps dot com lighten the load and then there would be less work and everybody could show the fuck out do you imagine that the thankless job man check my mail in like i don't check my mail except maybe once a month now and it's like the worst idea in the rug because i'll check in his like all these bills and like late payments except i hate the mail so much that now it literally is like a stack this big of male once a month and only about five percent of it is something that i need in setting up the mail do you have a huge mailbox i just biggest amidst ryan friend my house i don't care i just saw the power services is completely government get grant i think it is my i have friend back home of an adam whose postman he's been postman forever he used to work out with them at the boston athletic club like back in the day and he like what he was a real neighbourhood postman
he now would like go door to door knew everybody said hi there would like give em tips for like christmas and stuff it was like a real neighbourhood postman do they still have those yet some if you still have a real a guys like you do in the morning i knows everybody that's got now is a dick put together a guy and hollywood he was filipino gambles lie on them ione deli deliver to me first you know if i i would talk i'm going to check this week stop by here first and i see him like at nine he give me the check early and shit good guy still see faintly still still though how those guys feel about things like stamps dot com i mean there they started deliver things so unknown amanda adds not affecting them that's actually making them yet public lighten the load of guys like they're fucking job that's a great rag bag you're walking especially in california what the male people hate more than we do is the ship they have to deliver that's why a lotta museum problem you from the other at the time would reduce that dump
the fucking circulars so if a mailman dump soak it was they gonna tell him when you talk about turkey is what are you gonna think from rouse its has great brutes briefing ionized says span batman your mailbox ray i know male guys that have done time like i knew a fucking hippy and bold who is mother fucker attends pool is why do i love them from fuckin some white investment in oklahoma love long ere he use if they walked in and put in the bali tail this motherfucker filled his garage oh no for ten years with this and some have of this house he had a fire in the back yard they found ten is the wording is anyone it no you didn't want to demand a peep we thought it was fuckin terrible but he had to do it as part of his job they drew up in jail or they throw india because he didn't send it out ass those because you don't want to lose em yeah like the people with his neighborhood and these people got together and they got
legal divides light to grant to two years time the federal time and then i met other guys a diagnostic who would comment maybe just that's the big beef and my what kids i grew up with a very tight would still to this day got five and he tells hysterical i used to take the little car into the sea the gun or tb right and he got bigger grandma blowin little male kites go back over the jacuzzi over the bridge draw the male away tell me how the whole place was he got fired before he got caught because all their phones and listen to this this is twenty years ago so here you go you ready for this by they had them on tape twenty years ago gambling the post office for a while i'm listening on the farm before nine eleven the act of sixty six that we all by into
so they just where the hoary if you were gonna legacies where nineteen fifty have been tabled everything when you go home and dynamic and enormous that was declaring a guy like you know that it's hysterical they call them in and play the tape hilarious and then say like told us that we will one day investing in the book may goes no we will call the book make my shifting dwell come no one's ever done a movie about wild ass mailmen as some crazy mailmen steel and shit and finding like some check and figure out what they fire fox prior lie checks to i mean like they walk around there's like these girls at our at home by themselves you now these these these wives that you now and at a price no they met the male man if you run if you're round the rights gags you can make an app at all and do me a favor tough guys or the right ones for you tough guy touch your mail touch him touch i'm going to be for your mail mill one time federal employ yeah that's a nice officers and that's how you ve male may at one time a fuck up
come over here don't fuckin hit the gate does my baby say that the amendment one wanta see what happens why have i dont say that maybe some within fifteen minutes you have a police car you out and then you have another fuck and employs some carter you ve never seen before and they falcon not i had a friend that mail man would have frisbee no and i was only they would do in that shit and the guy got across animal a phrase mean they laughed so the guy thought it was done in time surely the misguided a year in fucking jail duty fuckin assault tries touching fuck a mailman black involves at one time there's an interesting story the boulder there was a guy got bit by a dog so now is phobia he hated dogs but he needed a job as a mailman so if you left your dog in the argument spray you dog shifted
so one woman was home when they heard the dog you know the dogs outside and seen the male man's falcons prime and some she told the neighbors some other dog had died in that rat and the guy weight of amazing ninety no eighty six embolden i waited for the male man s day to them the fuckin boldly i'll be careful broke it took him in their second backyard heaven is brought into a b and his fucking guy one of them went to jail bold is a fucking crazy place like that when you you'll know your message was while those people in colorado or the descendants of old cowboys i mean you're gonna think like back if you get a region is emerging fucker the male man by come what it did in good values but well if a guy killed your dog you know that you love me but you might you might be willing to do a little time you know this a piece of shit and some piece of shit they will kill your dog fucking
ways and i don't care i have a friend a move to place a barkie dog so i'm poisonous dog you know me let's that's crazy shit man i mean i can understand that you have a problem with it it sucks socks at some guy has a barkie dog but poison the die is crazy not only that it was it was a big area he lived and like a big rural area so his divers new knowledge i kissed his die was allowed to rome free but apparently people didn't like it that this new dogma than their parents are barking of its poisoned it you know that's just i hate when people le get defined in life has been like an animal lover or not mean everybody's an animal lover we're all we're all lovers of animals i can trust you now you mean a person and they have a cool dog like like you know a friend
person by their friendly dogs you know like the idea that you could do that to spray dogs and the first leah that's like a traffic sort of thing they looked out do you have a ridiculous search were italian and we are running around your dog eat dog barked for his first time last night and or days and when you come now now he did i have meares and my bedroom and on the doors stairs stairs at at himself cuz he didn't understand mirrors and probably last night you went crazy on the mirrors and just barked his first time it was so cute that's hilarious that's ridiculous idea i found something i've been cleaning out my office i found something the other day and completely opened up might like a man marie that i completely forgot about when i was younger and this is so crazy i can't believe i forgot this leads to have this thing called time attend should you guys member i you guys have where you live where you called a phone number
like the time is yeah it's your member that as i call your mother war both working kill you i didn't know that eighty bucks and fuckin time in temperatures wallet but the time that budget i gotta pee bucking clocked all over i remember that when i was a kid i had a calling card and if i didn't know the time i could use my calling card and a fuckin phone booth and corn get the time a temperature there was stupid as the one in ohio was free i think and it was just a phone number you called but what happens is that one point something broke where anyone else that was calling could talk to the other people listening i became a chat room for like three months you'd call them temperature is an heroic low re there and when their yeah i'm here how are you know like you start talking to people so i met this girl on top on time in temperature and i got a phone number and then we start
talking for like two weeks in she said she went to a different school and all this stuff and she was a very and she was like i will pay you dollars if you sleep with me and i was like ass i will take up my o seventeen i was like a hundred dollars that's amazing so she i was kind of scared of how she looked in everything she came over at to my i was when i lived with my mom and my mom is out of town she came over one weekend never met this oh just talk to a few terms on the phone better on time and temperature over issues like a lot older like i'm seventeen she was pry like thirty and i was like are at she acted like she was in high school the whole time and i just would like i guess she's in high school like i know i knew there she was older like and then she wrote me a check
with her name on it and give it check book are well let's call it like i was seventeen i am a czech first she and i fucked her and i now looking back at it i never thought about she was totally in order to make that was fucking younger guys like that see i was under age and she paid i was a hooker at seventeen that was a long time and whether one a pickup has only got here can only kids were doing it like i remember like this was like a chat line for kids and i would be like what's going on here so she was just some crazy free bits of his fuckin seventeen year yet meeting on time interpreter that's amazing but did she know you're seventeen oh yeah yeah i said to her what she said she went to this other high school that was twenty minutes or was it possible that she just did a lot of math sleep when she first came over i was like oh my god i'm in trouble this is the person's mom but then she was girl and she like we didn't
talk remember she walked in and we talk for a second i just turned off the lights in my living room we fucked on the floor and she gave me a check and she left it was like in and out having powers you spend the money it took me awhile to cash a check if they didn't have a checking account and so i had to laugh think i had to like that get a cash out at the grocery store or something but yeah i spent the money it's my regard about it wouldn't it be an amazing reality show to follow that woman around here i give you could go back in time watch how she did it in the age of no internet just fine guys and meet him somewhere in just four come and pay em actually pam like how ray it was at check do you think she was that crazy or maybe it was just like a one time what she just lost or mining are caught up in the thrill of the moment i have no idea man think about how creepy that movies how creeper a how creeper we we'd make believe run the bottom of the bottom at the stairs the communist or watch checks chicks
the bad news wait a while to telephone somebody's gonna be drug zombie legal should never taken down their pay for nato that pay out also has to all my god they should put a pay phone back there should fire pay from the era and get a click it down and they also took the one down at the improv that used to be outside of it they shouldn't do that but you know it's still there at the calmly store is where like all the guy comics come in a tilt the the window so it's like perfectly is eaten goaded stairs outside and sit territory looked down the in a girls in the bathroom that's so growth that's so fuck that's why whenever i like my girls like i'm with a friend that's like that's really league will really be talking about that on the phone around the pot allegedly i've never done it
similarly that's really really sit down by the following four fuck and preventing the greatly if you're a girl norman does i'm gonna tell you shut it that's discuss that this new piece of shit that's that's a terrible human being you like thinking so silly moran your foot jamie chelsea would be yelling and right now i dont writing i don't know i don't think i've noticed a year and i price well you someone just fuckin blacked out man these common call the manager and then they have to do now they're gonna have to buy the way you just fucked it we want briefly changes but that's real elsewhere are you crazy nagging email pull that often talked about on the package that the commission is going to have to fix that or they'll be liable it's funny because every time you have to let them know man if you go in there you going to let them know for real people
talk about on the part of that's a big issue man you're making analogous big issue but looking on girls like fixing of a mere or a window to look in on girls what shit that's like a seriously against the law and seriously creepy yeah i agree joking around about a point saying that every time i have a girl i'm with a girl and she goes the bathroom is the one thing i say make sure those things are shut when you go in there that blind things well emmy if you go in there as a girl though and you see it's obvious like all right there's an open window right here i should shut this ridiculous it shouldn't be there that shouldn't be like that a girl shouldn't have to be especially in the place where they're serving alcohol the last thing that should have to happen as a girl should have to worry about who could possibly looking through a window while she shouldn't yeah that's nonsense
answer and soon fix that stephen s edible aegis each idea edibles careful you're a dangerous man chimpanzee can be jam and the others these animals are potent doesn't oppression sterile tat hold back on an early that this work and they also used to its like i told you fucking kill you it's amazing by next year in california doesnt have been examples there would be somebody here concerning the double has this is for fucking load a dublin down don't they'll say that people gotta be walk around we shirts ripped open like some zombies shit that is lacking grip you know we ve got no member look into the people over there you don't remember don't like just it was just fucking crazy shit that you try to think of all the crazy woman i met through their over the years and this difference
patients it's fucking kind of crazy you could write a book and it's kind of disgust over the coming stories anna scott you know it to be the beautiful thing about mr was the camaraderie between car looks like we are certain that back and hang out there was though somewhat camaraderie enough it's like having a guess millions yeah i'd say coming unemployed meeting with the euro your peers jerry night and its it was so loosely regulated no it's getting more tighter now unfortunately well you're gonna have to do that it should have proven tighter long time ago but do the real issue was always in out how how do you run a club and run a business and then still sort of communities you whatever the fuck they want their sometimes does our committee is a wreck your place why i was trying to contribute to that place is much like a like is like i would do it for free paiva pay for sound system there it's like what you need to go back there and paper in his answers
now that's bullshit i'm sure it sound system i bought in late two thousand and one or some shit and old sound so it's a scary there took as i do the show up in the belly room and end up in the belly room is like falling apart like you you like i want to pay something in and like all the electricity went out and then i'm like these these outlets are not legal like this is impossible you would like like turn on my mind i'm gonna bust appeal i forgive you wouldn't try me there's gonna be here that there are things going conspiracy well what i know is a joke rogan abroad with us next thing his little birch brian read out these just talking about a plank eyes about our security staff with some of the finest los angeles i hand picked them myself
things from less than twenty people she's dead it's always run along the building block she i have nothing but love i'm not love to await the grave one of banana appeal that she's a very very unhealthy but i've never had any any issue with her neither have i but i'm talking about the building that no i want you to know because no maintenance a walk around in the daytime looking at the fuckin no no share tension in its wider nowhere by she now left iraq there are rules and a ten years ago that motherfucker must be leaking like a mother for that thing that they want to go membership bob baker up their potent spackle that motherfucker made a black tar and all that shit if i were you i'd say about your roof but the roof a building block and probably would have happened a lack of flood jump off a roof welcome its
before its eight degrees outside pluck barbaik welcome bob baker put four come on tell me you fucking graham of water at roof i'll be the soup do you remember when you guys were lodged in water balloon from there to talk about the other day whatever was that those like that was about seven years ago steve rent is easy air was who the fuck are you talking about jesus christ son you need to go to a doctor i swear to god manawyddan lively i would like to live someone who's china we can tell a story i heard the story as five years before when tupac shot at all a black globally used metal detectors at the door and ninety five i never saw that i was there i was there and ninety tore it wasn't like that and what they would just have like fad tuesdays we'll get crazy what the one that any griffin was saying one my two buckling then they have issued out nobody random it's a ban them because she told it was him affect the bullets still on the euro area
why one in the tank still you have my word i wouldn't doubt that there is some crazy shit they went down there because they they did have crazy shit happened there even like innocent shot gun in that place you there's a whole on the back sign that came from tennysons gun still there the whole still there but kind of fucking cool you know to be around a place recount sanchez lawson shot a whole fuckin sign i think was about dice too was a yeah i think we should have acted we talk to anybody and i say i did my memory done they always my memories its filled the room i'm taken it information lately is crazy thirty years from now ass any day now they gonna call say somebody often ten million for each other store any day now i need day somebody's gonna break and go you know what the fuck but by that side this side the sad across the street
well it's worth a lot of money would allow their history that places and another histories undefinable but subject to fire on the japanese we don't give a fuck about us through the shop was sixty mill but humbug casino in there what are the they do is all those entering into a new level be driven by their tea is gonna come because its is it possible to still sunlight that off today someone to gamble that much money today or is this a tricky economy i don't know so little asia we can't we gonna vegas everytime you little vegas aren't they building aloof hours always somebody's drop in some by right tell them that the future is bright gonna be bright you noted also is too they just just like instead of making ten billion ok we're making five we call with over five was because five billion and they candidates have another and they take the lost some of those all those guys i've some that's loosen though that if an angle to write off and have a good time but to take their place down it would be so sad replaces gun even fuckin models
that happy days those arnold lincoln ambrosia everything down five real enough but they shoot the vulcan take everything the flock down and that's that yeah i'll do it so we are even going outside a sunset i know how to drive by it i feel guilty when i had my own affection i go to the seneca to go get a hearing test and i drove past it was amazing like almost the last time i a one sided buckin sense when you and i used to hang out there between like wasn't i think like ninety societies around these around ninety seven two thousand five i was in i wish you guys would hang out with us one day i just me don bears and all of us all just all just sitting back shooting a shit looking too much we go back you see people the same people who were in charge back then during the
and still your internet there still in charge they're on their innocence in person there's one person for supplying people me that angle of is forgotten i take it from a different angle that was then this is now is not like a due to bring that back why don't i wanna go home get my football jack put it on a young fellow my eyes while listening to the improv has never been anything because i know that my report was being poor of all of us please can we work all of all of all of us a great and hop that i mean there's so the lad factory jimmy i'm sounds a wacky do died and always bad i'm making designer dynamo and then there's the fuckin ice house which is the greatest club in the house round world that's our back i won't even me to go anywhere the happiest the thing that's cool though is that all of you like if you guys were to have come last night on the patio as an example you guys would have had they like oh my god you're like thirty people
here that i know on one big group once got their dogs now and it's out of handling by significantly reintegrating it's amazing play somebody you from a different the angle utterly hires man finally got the angolan look i was a member being up them being authority seen old guys dangle when he was here he dam and let us add one you know i'm so when secure when it comes to that joe i saw carlin there did carlin another they went away but it says live you guys that become that all of a sudden i don't wanna be but you know these guys like down moreira he'll stop in heaters sat hangs out a little bit domino era is one of the cruellest motherfuckers that guy is here go real stand up you know agreeing on the one hand and she doesn't working together one weekend together at eyes ass the last
we can avoid shows might be was going to crush will like the building on fire once and if it's gonna implode by the way only a junior there tonight automaton serbian dahmer area is one of the most underrated headliners ever that's my take on him hi is when he's on when dahmer like i did that show with him at the factory and he was on on he's fucking really i'm in these rural areas this shitty comes up with the quick any constantly rights is costly writing is costly like looking at the news coming up with new shit approach to beautiful joseph last six months a brilliant the one joke was the one my boy said the ask as we said that right now this shows being viewed by two billion people that's why jody forces come up here and ask you about privacy sunlight that's a well written wherever athletic job that's a great job is one of the best jos
heard and along till dawn decided to join the call that is one get down say the fuckin that that athletic that's an athletic neighbour there is such a fine and you know what i say the joke i don't know i don't want you gotta see you get a chance i am see this because you guys whereas this guy's going working at nice house the i sat one went watch when last july late for show macgyver government shows friday to sally ann because you know what travel watson that that wednesday night he's got at the last factories will you really get the seed yeah that's it he's in the catch see his legs all things to all right if you don't know what's gonna bust emboss without wednesday to does it has more than one show their rights warmer little tugela matter we got there sometimes i don't like to say that sometimes used and you'll understand what i'm saying joe sometimes he's gotta comecon there that doesn't she
social avenue commie right sometimes some people just so introverted right go watch him with those people he brings to light right and these brilliant and round pop up my so friendly indeed easy like banter with back and for when they call me and asked me i said yeah why not i just watch now i want somebody for four shows i get different labour is very tough the loathsome somebody when you watch ten minutes setting yeah i lay to me doesn't give people come on i'm not discouraging people come about god one wants you joe rogan excuse neither can we stop at a twenty minute said at least i'll have you know sometimes yeah we'll get there the sea ten minute dahmer era tar forty five minute now moreira it's two different things
yes i think zoe with you as well you know i think it's that way with anybody you know i seen you do ten minutes that's not what i want to see you do a half hour i want to see you do forty and you have a certain point in time i'm done and i'm cool with someone want to do fifty minutes of hardship you know i don't mind on mine but i really like a long set like when you new a guy and start laugh that stuff you wanna keep laugh you wanna get you mikey go you wanna keep god like ours or i saw nor in austin and he had like a fifty set i was like wow that's like that's like almost like a perfect time to get like two two guys going before him and he fucking devastated for fifty minutes and then after the fifty mrs always like you feel like perfect like it was this he is nailed he eagerly but black it's like an episode of game a throne about fifty minutes it it's not really an hour just paul ass you with malaria shit and then you like was great it was like the perfect em up and is just like a balanced trying to find a perfect about how much
too much how much or too little but those ten minutes are always to tart it's bad for finally i love it i love it i love gonna local places do fifteen some just to get out of here now i was at the last two lights and i had a blast our the two like i want the mice by lorries and packed with esquire people people brought pictures chimps i'm sure the fucking two hundred and seven is a sandwich bar can you believe the sandwiches i told you about this place before and then last night i went to a place in alhambra this place is on fucking about it was cut out i'm register this is really a balcony our now far outside outside on the third floor while the second night they didn't like once a month who is with you by myself and formulate yesterday we had a full house i was alike tremendous thirty minutes i was home by eleven thirty and his people come not see you mix mixed you norway local guys go again
it's amazing that some weeks i stay home and some ways i got this week i'm gonna five nights just to feel what that's like right and i'll do five night with the friday being the highlight of the joke not take sadly off i'm almost done most ailment why what i'm sorry son might i like doing that some weeks twos and i did something really cool i did i restate other storyteller showed tat the sea with common sense it was it was good to see her brother was his baby yeah you don't say he's no one ever coming central no yes i was united when i call me use embarrassment what does this nightmare care for those companies that come with him was embarrassed i get to see was lady palu heed what is common we're gonna u all gig random diana and it was beautiful everything good i'm coming social don't get a lot of you see that he put together this was he had two sets work that you know the can we make up he wasn't neurotic jus he was
mom when our is legit now allergies very arduous and it's really wish to see a guy that really paid is dues i saw him when we got to the story with sit back like a nerdy mother fucker that have got one day but with like minded in commercial and the whole time it was gone out and fucking everything and yet hemorrhoids and his supper remedies shit the sizeable manga we started taking area the road was like well you're fired at that are really restarted now five on this way earlier leir waylaid isn't that i think it nothing was before two thousand sex thousand remember was michael could make a gig he came instead and yet in denver and are in shrewd and he was only doing comedy a few years back then you know but to him like a thing was probably
crowd he'd ever had and then like his development from then on really a lot of it was like going up for these giant crowds like he went from like open mike's till i do in these sold out gigs and in tween he would do the store you know and already went liking of our eyes from being like a guy just starting out to being like a fucking legit headline that i would go see if i was in like say if i lived in a town i lived in utah social i found i was going to wise guys i would goosey ari like that's like i'm a comedy and out to see that and that's it it's is it watch it's crazy to wash crazy crazy watching having a youtube man and duncan as well and it's crazy how much it means to me now like in the early when i was here didn't mean to me enough now right now i have to sit down and write it out right after really think about it i think about my thoughts have to think about because i don't want people to be disappointed
i don't wanna write material it's bad for me i wanted to be you know right you have other than my thing in the responsibility on the same way i won't do fifty minutes now i will be analysed more dope you don't wanna drink some fuckin water whatever just the it's been a real pleasure lately it's been a real the whole twitter the whole riding really as fuckin made me shark in the path casting the fuckin podcast needs to a different level now yeah we get out of here now i can listen to a podcast now for fifteen minutes and i could tell what's good imbalance radio wish we do a podcast they tap into a conversation it's like walking incident downing idea ufos my sandwich in that field you just listen learning what has like they get to see you in the most real environment possible dv moser real you possible which i shall feel represented by and things at heart forty characters like when i write on twitter la times a random angola has i'm gonna be conveyed
it means less harmful characters when you want to hear you say something i'm i know exactly what you're saying i know where it's coming from you you're inflection your paws the seriousness and your voice the intense in your tall whenever it whatever it is i know www san it's hard expresses express yourself on twitter but on the pie tat s where people go to love you man then they did they hear that voice on twitter when they read your tweets they know you they know your vote i mean you know who you are so they they see that your tweets its then it works but it some lots of things on twitter like people people who had an issue this week or people have you better people keep getting upset at things that are right on twitter that i think are pretty obvious jokes yeah the kind of duty i said about vegans i said if you're a male if you call yourself a male v again i hope you choke to know if not male vegan scuse me scuse me male feminist i said that if you
of a male feminist i hope you chose to death on vague in pizza why crying to a lady gaga saw ok i'm just joking we fuckin lax forty characters when you say something like that people like oh he hates of male feminists or hates feminists or he's a chauvinist so my parents i know but let's be honest how many guys that you talk to that are male feminists are really annoying how many its most of them most guys or male feminist are really knows enough animal what is unless it has been a few theirs but listen the ideals behind it nothing wrong with it the ideal we have more of ethics and some of the outcome cafes man those are the shit yeah have a cook effort but this sum the tweet i just first of all it all starts now i get pissed off and i talked about this little bit on the ice chronicles citizen laney that that was saying nasty shit about kids like didn't like kids and so rode on twitter that i have you women who don't like
it's a similar view dogs like deterrent shit that's i look like what is that you know it was this is being fly on the wall during a shitty conversation rights ira de down twitter and then people get angry me like your creating women to shit eating dogs and now not exactly i mean yes and not exactly what i'm basically saying is it's it's kind of a gross thing when someone does like kids and that's what i was feeling of tat but i didn't i promised shouldn't wrote women i probably should wrote men think about it cuz it was actually a woman who is doing it and i always liked it when i see women that like kids especially cuz i have kids and women that like kids really cute to the kids and it's kind of fun but i should have said people and not in our men or women and i should probably said hate instead of not like we're saying all like or with women don't want to have children and their position to do it i don't care for woman doesn't want to have kids you should have
we will do it if we want to do and i could totally understand not want to take on the responsibility of kids if you're a woman the seller sand i dont mean doesn't want to have one i meant was doesn't like em that's it like people dont like chicken eggs kids away from me that's creeping like that that works it hurts me with anybody with men or women but i saw women do it's i tweet about that and i say again all these white knight feminists do that will give me a hard time unlike man you weak bitches either shut your mouth you silly fox it was just like over and over again is non and about this is this contributes to violence against women and your attitudes are missing genetic and like we're talking about someone who doesn't like kids that's it sam you know in obtaining the hundred forty characters and maybe it's a stupid way to say anything controversial it'll maybe twitter if you dont want to be misunderstood and if you dont want
explain yourself don't say anything controversial because anything because people lucky because such a limited form of expression they all the sudden imply all sorts of meaning to it and then right hold blogs about this implied meaning they all the sudden have like this whole cause and doing is misinterpreting an original statement but because it so narrow in its definition because only a hundred forty characters which room for just them bullshitting coming up with their own meaning and also its because and i like it had a bunch of feminist red blogs about me was hilarious like reading all this like my mother genetic attitudes in this now like that about as far from the truth as i hope you know i always try to be as is open to everybody's possible i like being a man but i dont have any problem with anybody just because i'm a woman i think that's completely ridiculous i think though that there's a lot of factory in this world man there's a there's a lot of people
you're full on both sides of the fence hell satan than hell satan thing there that some duncan this thing he did doesnt murder is a wedding tom lava that internal event and that's era he was he asked me to do devil horns and where is a t shirt and look at the intake picture is a cool wedding and danzig was played therewith what's that guide hank williams third was hiding it we got a guy i wanna meet an iron gray i love the wonderful white to west virginia but anyway i know because we were my shirt and do the devil warns why you have i could do it i'll do it and i are always people say joe rogan a a is like that is for real than is like damas form of satan is what you really thinking that that satanism me standing there with a tribute what does it say a tribute to what tributes nos six exactly six
whatever we are also seeing your tattoos have satanic things and i've been seeing a lot of crazy things lately where like your left arm i think has like some kind of satanic snake on it fuckin dragon to represent my ferocious spirit son shame on people people too silly people take the time to acknowledge but we are not on the knowledge and we can you know but also celebrate yoda sovereign people on both ends like you choose to get upset about some really ridiculous arena tweeting you got that person's paid me i get it personally i read somebody's tweet and i go to their main page i gets put i got out right in one minute i get it i get where he was come from i understand why you said that he's a musician he's daddy's a politician he sells this i'd like to display somebody at me and i ran he's a poor rise a faint i get it you're fuckin book
you're insane i never met a poor rise a fan of your poor rise of itself in the foot and mouth right now my wondering what somebody's if i got assemblies paid as you like music exactly and those of his choice of music says that final see fucker one of my three i'm gonna peoples are these two things i judge people injured people money and knowledge of people that music collection but maybe i should aid or have sabbath paranoid you now have the staple zepplin to others we will have a separate two while we hope and open wasting my fucking time i'm over that you have mentioned and judy granted and that's an mathilda nobler somebody's refrigerated they certain yes true global that tells me everything of your fuckin more give your much if i see like low and be a fuckin medina becoming another certain people that they have made glance around just because it's cool but tons
this idea of a generation of people that want to say and i know this not all hate you kind of the same way that they don't want alike floyd they prefer to listen to that so commercial yes the more we see you know that make me feel bad the worst being the tom waits era those motherfuckers ones i want a punch and lock and face because they're the ones you having a good time listen to something your bible like really impressed i some fuckin dumb check with freckles everybody's fact already go there and we have worked all you need is the killer and a grandma blows you'll be sucking indicative battle weren't you wanna be cool the time late everyone's time weight yes my shot yourself don't that's good thing you want that you're fucking idiot but the only reason that people would put that shit on is to try to
the power you with their fucking star wars will you fuckin thing with my of joys mind yet i might change right that's it be all he so oh my car likes tom wait listen to re they trying to members zalzal down what a gun next the ad you'd tell me that's that's good profit second beetles yeah fuck you shoot you can put a gun to your pocket at all right tell me that's good music twenty years old man but all like one somebody says i like the day matthews ban i will pistol whip you with you i have satellite on the way up here it was an accident occurs to me that would do with access this by brought them about molly i almost cracked gave a why do would know shoes on a black new planet it fuck that it's too joey i think is yours and its neighbours
if you can sometimes leads you get me emotional about the fact that i was too quiet oh i hate all that shit is less you don't like it you could move on i can't stay back in time and the people in my time we look at them and go to your page and i'll tell you the whole delighted that something right there weekends out and there you know stopped a milk pilgrim they care for some that you'll really i was really the time wasted a guy probably has a sign that i would like but i don't wanna go find it is pro like one it was announced on one page your allotted to pick the song and it sounds like he's taking a shit it sounds like a do what the fuck is this more single payment and oh my god he's a revolution and urge former colonies a bad motherfucker why he's alive areas that burma got me one this war learners george areas is dead everybody's dead michael j dead that'll comical
you still don't even his wife killed the fuckin brutal kept in check by do all fuckin kodak gene do i need to know you drove it i'm gonna fuckin sandwich buying a car remember doug nobody fuck it then he had what would the missing leg many lives look i'm game we be well one everybody macartney outlived everybody the only want him elton john but we make would you know you want to fuck with all those the guys doing my job as a filthy motherfucker did i gotta eight that mollify they hate me because you wanted just wrangle mick jagger why mick jagger is a different do the big giant comes mick jagger what was his background but look at the background is back most likely what like the best business school did you know that really like like a fuckin wizard economist something now their store you don't do not as usual but a big bag booked
on both sides we talk about this in the pact has one time and bold outlined count its seat behind you some but mister jack and nobody cells the tickets behind and they won't i'm a jug all those cigarettes we don't go ass they have you heard their new shit it's horrible about their new songs not only has not just why didn't we re where they are of a limousine legged find it lets help them promote the wrongs don't think that you have is that you will help me out rolling stones and now you need this you know when but i guess she's got a book he's gonna book that somebody wrote a bottom and they interview somebody who's the check that thing you know your soul simon colleague simon sat next to choose awesome at some movie premier asylum mick jagger said next joy now you have a quail and many other talk now about a blow job
mick jagger just kill how do you know if we really could well be that talk this guy married his wife and marry in a country where fuckin it wasn't even we gotta be married this guy's one step ahead of the game are he gives a fuck is good dixon he's some you fix the lowest shootin shit this guy off if labs alone what is deck this guy shootin everything he's got every six months ago the functional model only kids mick jagger i don't know how many kids hotels song it's called one more shot i think other sites that will automatically guinness banned from you too you know nobody no i just knew nobody slung listen we'll chambers that he fucked over a hundred or whatever thousand women but believe nobody far more women than sinatra image that's that we can we play one lou excerpt of it not even like a little really damn that's why
we need to work somehow youtube you to hook us up stones is good not bad man on release like a song about what they do is it not solve this those are the biggest business merger ever their release it's all songs and two new ones and a bang up another nineteen mainly final dude when came back or when it was like what is it like ninety eighty nine eighty nine ninety they had like one big hit again what was that one big head bad okay so eighty one was shattered and all that then after that it was the other one they took some time often gave back neighbours not that now that kept going because like bruce springsteen now think that i'm from jersey the year i'm like somebody i like them for a while i like that was a freezer yeah i like
thus on the edge of town but after that born in the usa with the tea showed him jump up and down cash rejects fuck you know why as zag law where what thou parked well that's a four hour we shall i don't give up at the two hours earlier we are aware how he's like like the peace based on the east coast they that that i like you know really emotional software and he's got some great four concerns thunder road that is rarely shook rain americans but this is what happens what happens is when a guy gets like super famous it's really hard to keep up that struggle and so you sort of become at least a partial parity of yours
have you seen him let me have fucked up does not become a reality is beautiful he gets on my last for a bit of a guide to me still blocking outbreak was goin to run my love all our ship enough already taken the time comes and what is their inflation nuns ring that you do not like what they know it's not going on my last pocket type outta jovi should i mean i'm a bad job i'll be back in other areas where boy alive you guys it's us in that shit is born to run is a thousand times better than any of those song so not to run its how does it have any freeze out cards romania's fishermen from the arab spring tyler bruce springsteen when he had that though the divorce then he can
with some jam in munich manner because he like fella greeley like broken hearted over this do you know him in this chick breakin up so we came up with that brilliant disguise on that's a great flock and song that is a great fuckin song he came back with some strong should have that chick crush them little girl would you do you want as amended does not give any aid to manage it no one would ever make that song today hey little girl is your daddy home i had a bad desire what this would have make that's on today you couldn't do that song in the age of the internet they would crucify you they'll go after you did the fake recross loss reebok as sponsor year but the oh really had so ridiculous taken from us made up of some rare come out reparation yeah docendum with molly put molly and it you didn't even know it
some along those lines and bangemann whether asleep while have the desired amelia check or give a chicken ruefully yeah cause you got game son now even let us raise our now check if you wanted a roof i have i have is low jus brought involve actually roof is on sundays me we freak show you let me there ass a sixty nine shape i was while she warming are not showing a boyfriend that was navies that's a larry s and she kept hope alive and yet we are largely the roof which put a roof ass she liked them we're gonna right road the call the quota was i got those industrial part of their some do like this when she tried that sheetrock metal and he saw roof is she death a couple rufus we pop
its day we split the fuckin roof we ll have a couple margarita talk about bad karma you sell em ruffians this here good doing and we want you know but i was a little but i will get out what the roof though not you not not i couldn't i'm seeing the guy who sell i couldn't imagine to one that would change work hard it are taken would enable and this week up on you give you asked dorothy you suck my dick you know how run you to the fucking walls like the egyptians but i can't see that i can never see route
of mature that's real sweetie you joe hell you rightly rape is wrong i'm just saying i just think it's wrong i mean i can't believe you do it i know it i can't even watch one on as review i love more than the one when they re i can't watch it that's why you in a minute what's this yeah that's you you you know you we all know that happens after a while when you know that a certain amount of violent crime takes place than you watch and like bodies on tv like i was watching the other night i was at the airport in the middle the airport there their plan this one of those shows like law and order ass we or someone there and i'm i'm seem like like a body you know i don't know he was a commercial to know what the fuck was wells like well that's pretty graphic like wants to see that they will want to see that think about it wasn't an airport was is it a store i think was a store either way the that though the port thing is it
like the seeing those those images on our shores repeating over and over and over again they have always like graphic images of bodies and pulling things out of bodies and site it's pretty intense that year taking that stuff into your psyche you're you're taking that stuff into your bank of experiences i don't like sexual stuff on television early he believed that you may like girls make an hour or not i am watching dialogue that like a common commercial glass my mind a cardinal gradual value its little on relieved destroy a cap on commercial wanna chop myself my wife is in the road like your ants in a room with some all the woman was acted out tax commercial i would sit down and look straight ahead i never get so embarrassed of my life i don't want them to ask me if i know and i don't want to fuck no blood comes out yes that's what you put up there that's gonna do a bit straight i dont even breathe you have some women that's cute be out there
it's cool cause i'm gonna go get up tampa listen i want to know of your bleeding ruined everything from me i don't want to know that really bottom bobby namely the sight of blood can now decided talking about that you m pussies bleeding around me that's why buck and eight were even when they haven't their press i get sick to my fleckenstein others on how they want to see a flock and tap on i don't want a flock and see a tap on it all around when i'm watching tv and a tap on commercial comes out evil by myself i feel creepy that's a whereas can't common commercial that new commercial to chicks had pop out contain what that you put on your finger have you seen that some commercial check whether creepy finger try this is great their release dress you know what i want to know about that shit player at the water flock is that zombie gaza is as a result of any policy to put that away
that's broken balanced growth and that is just that it means that if we get that sexual is day anything gradual sprays anything as you know on television clotted drives me up a fuckin i've never had a period problem i had a period nor have i am period where i have my beard every now and then but i've never have like a period problem a problem of the girls period it doesn't bother me at all i told you the one i had to his day and i got there it was fucked up because my mother just died and it was the first time a chick called me like that was my first booty call ever i had dated this girl before she was a cheerleader at franklin school i played hoops at mckinley and we have messed around a little bit not really sexy remember joe i think i suck the titties i know a brother you know i'm saying like we would like his grammar school high school and i had to the terrorism act like a dancer some and after
mother died when i was home for a week and this lady was taking care of me and i get this call one night and this this chicken she goes you you wanna get together not i was feeling bad you know i didn't notice what formula lottery pussy like mine we'll funeral pussy guy funeral possible existed a funeral procession yelling at the somebody dies and your family such a causing such a dick really guy political bad like that like maybe they're like like women can hang out calmly clubs in the high com group rupees they must be somebody dies i'm sorry but i knew her she paused just call me on the kindness of my heart to make me feel well if i walk from 38th street to forty six grab this bitch and walk back to my house on 38th street i'm all fucking phone we starts wanting to take offense up eye popping
and his love and the cortex communist like a tongue in one of those fucking heart that thousands right i would like us and i just sat there arose and like i had never seen that before i'd never smelled that i've never been around even like my mother just died that was dramatic enough this would just but of working women still alive today tuesday i we look on her face but as soon as i might kill it she fucked yup joe rogan father i told them the pants i'm a walk home i want to know how to control myself is dead thing about that motherfucker larry's because she do i don't know that's the first time i ever seen a woman with a period and the last i made a fuckin boy that's funny
if i'm out of our farm in a bar i got a bag of coke and somewhere in the light that checks as you gonna perry that's the conversation and it ends there's no more talk in these the bad this freak they submit his check ice the mess around with a hollywood and i knew her cycle she will have a period when the toilets with joy for i would not cause those five the like six or seven nicest measure to make why and she never figure out to those areas she's never have i would bring us always coca itself a bloody pussy fuck it s not about myself injured but i still feel good was it just the way it looks you don't like the way it looks moments in order i like it there's blood is that bad enough for you that's fucking life is that bad enough for you right now that you're fuckin blood no matter what you're doing your fuckin blood i don't you like it and all red men
for this campaign a little grey becomes out i know you son of a bitch that's the problem as you know what to look the blood on the tampa grads blood there was plan a month ago or whatever it is not a moment i was limber grant our whatever this dried up and coordinated rule ninety three yes member that was i never did i guess i don't know that happen after i left right so it was a thursday friday savvy sunday open might she did the weekend throws it was not my gun i would have liked we need at the weekend and then new stable weak and during the week i would do monday fang faneuil tuesday some room and fucking quincy writers day wooster and then i go back to the actual aqua whatever but the point the story one sunday at that place i met manner before open my girl was the navy the hotel the club fifty six is right next door and she's a kind of tipsy and i kind of like this she had a crush on me we saw swap we spent when this law
that was the first time i was involved or those bark light swap and spit things disappears somebody in the dark will all over the place on the bed and i'm in my pants came off how she came off alone given this chick establish but this chicks pussy was fuckin weathers and on the bank and its like a soldier these days at stamina is like ninety eight i was a savage before i got followed the belt and dollar china light on and there was blood everywhere yes you are right and the low didn't feel fucking good at all i knew something radically does not worry not locked up and the resulting sumter smoked something that's probably you motherfucker my fire you not he's good normal wanna do you know i like wanted this isn't that like all now i think a fuckin shot before i go to calm you take a shower i take a shower before i got a job that's african clean i have always felt battlements risk feel bad about nor would now call somebody a bloody doesn't does model even get involved bothers difficult to read
so our northern her she's fine those are extra horny two thoughts on girls in appearance labour law job if you don't mind isn't bomb you don't care bismarck what let's go get em bloodshed what are you getting letter how did you feel better try that's a little or no you down a towel you shit to work but in this life out things ass one of them ever period matrix feel bad man no i'm not gonna make nobody feel badly somebody must have some people might make light snakes i'm sorry i'll yoke awaiting snakes girls period is unsafe advocate same thing was monsters little fucking consume you saw so rightly a cocksucker long spell it out for you listen just police forces name casting adam and eve not everybody likes the same things in life you know the people if you don't have you can handle your life people are like
no doubt i just don't like that some general like fat guy some some checks that some people i just never like we remember the time we have realised that was probably like an early twenties whatever that some girls not only like would light they want you to come and their mouth and other girl get mad if you come in the mouth like me i just there's a there's a different thing very different responses like some girls was don't come in my mouth and like ok and then other girls come when i thought well for real what you see is she really want that trick me like what is going to link that girl that after you fucker she always wants to take a little taste of it like alma like every single time that's a dirty best somalia and your own pussy but she's not too lazy to work out stretch to his lazy to become one of those what are those contortionists that's what that is just like a taste of the
this is when you're eating out a girl and she is honour period any don't realize it until the next day you see like the dried blood already face and he got a story like a cloud in your too i think that's algal drug problem really how the fuck do you not know what's going on girl wasting tastes like a bag of panting and what s going on here time has urged them things my link i like all that is just as of this year a year giving you draw you like guaranteeing shit over blood little sharing each a roman lead from fuckin vampires companies and by the way you're rich over by think about it if you really think about blade set this mother an old lamp he's out yeah he's always made blade line yeah
for anybody thinks i have a problem that guy and i never had a problem the guy there was supposedly anymore may fight they were trying to sounds like bullshit another talk about sleeps with was it's nice it was not idea and i didn't i didn't you know i didn't have any animosity towards our guy at all how much time do two to three years three three fucking years man first the fucking will look in namely that he is willing to pay doesn't matter you gonna you going to jail like he admitted any mistake tried pay them off and like do time never do time they put him in jail for three years you can't just government whether you the especially if you're in a position to prominence like a giant movie star like that you run around saying that you're not gonna pay taxes that can fuck up everything and they have to make an example of you so much like to have two in august there's a lot of people out there that will argue about the constitution the legality of this in that and the reality is everybody's ban
yeah bay in oh yeah does it no one voted down seventeen seventy six or cable its two thousand and thirteen the reality of the situation is that everybody pan and these people to go you know we have found a clause here deep within the constitution that clearly states that what is going on is unconstitutional unlawful and they would never have this brought up in a court of law because if this was exposed it would take down the very empire itself people go fuck i pay in taxes let him come get me i'll start talking shop i start tell them about how the tax code is illegal and not even the constitution tell them honestly tell wesley next thing you know i'm a man ass it went down that we can discuss and make it should only be meat meal but then next thing you know he bought into some guy idea and didnt pay taxes wilfully and so that was really for years and when when they were gone after a woman like they're trying to lay the heap he will pay one one but didn't witten he didn't lose
he lost like the second most important one but i think he was acquitted in the most important one which is like conspiracy or something along those lines but he still oh wilfully avoiding paying taxes and so they put moveth recently the ears you know when you're forty seven years old but he was that's that's a long chunk of the future of your life you know how much more time we have to give the who's that personalities like one hundred and twenty yes we got eighty years left last less than eighty years and somebody stole three they still three and one slash to put you in a cage cuz you pay them that is legs some was gangster shit like any i can never pull on its citizens if you give us a piece of what you earn then we're gonna put you in a cage it's not get that it's not like this some money on alleged that has to be corrected and you have to eventually re compensate us until we're even now now we're gonna lock in a cage that's all and when you get out you still have to pay us
but that's a fairly and that's a fairly victimless crime if you really think about it and the greater spectrum of all the things it goes wrong in this country that's a fairly victimless crime i mean absolutely it's a crime absolutely people should have to contribute to the fixing of the highways and paying police officers knowledge all but the idea that someone should be just locked in a cage for that is kind of crazy i mean this people they don't get locked in a cage for assault distributed people don't get locked in a cage for much more horrible physical thing whose actual real trauma to an individual is an actual victim and they don't get locked in a cage for three years you said the reasons why because they want to make an example out as a person his position here you go to the goblin guy pains get really we will send tax down but you dave garage you haven't while they want they should they get their poppea it don't matter that governments are you fucking constitution production at the fuckin window and i pity you for even believing that if you fuck a bad enough that coming to get
yeah it's this at this point retracting that is gonna be met with furious resistance the idea that's not is really silly it's almost at a point in this country things are so weird that is it's almost like one of two things has to happen either this some sort of technological breakthrough that makes it simple aligning more from now on everybody s operate like on a hundred percent no bullshit it's either that when we get adapted to that or some fuckin walking dead zombie type situation we have to reinvent civilization because we keep going the way we're gone right now this is there's so many opportunities for us to trip over own dicks justice north you're thing alone she was going on with this crazy mother fucker just point rockets at it bobby and sabre rattling and saying i mean what are they need they need food what made the need power electricity that need something obviously this is really the guys doing something to get some sort of attention
and get some some people call him down how long look i'd be around for how long can you have india and pakistan hate each other point nuclear arms each other right right there dislike staring at each other you know how much longer can people do with the dawn weird is like one or two things has to happen either we they got a fee you're out some new invention that met lets people all realise that we all have like sundays repercussions to everyone's actions positive and negative and everybody has stake in everything that happens all over the world whether it's in the congo or the fuckin that people are getting the brazilian rain forests loggers of those guys are douche bag like elites let's be clear about that people are living in some ten some guys want stealer trees like everybody needs a settled the fuck down we need to look at this globally and the fact that my country shit can happen in the amazon and the congo and all these different spots while that bends and we know about it will never be it balance and it seems to me is like something has to happen that connects everybody weather
stage of evolution whether its slow progress of things it's we're going two right now that we're we're people getting upset at things right now they never got upset it before people are sort of realising that there were much more connected than than people have ever been before and if that doesn't why continue on that trend when you got things north korea when you got things like what's going on in the congo and he got a really bad spots in afghanistan really bad spots on iraq and that what the world is this there's parts of the world but now that are in the apocalypse the right there the apocalypse exists and it's going on right now and why we're all just sitting here living our lives that's taken place and we know it because we know what we always feel out of tat we always feel like if if the whole world got it shit together if wig human beings figured out a way where no one was fuckin already buddy anywhere in the world nor
modern anybody anywhere in the world no one was raped anybody anywhere in the world that could be possible if it's possible doing this room it's possible do in my country too late already raped chambon zeb make sense most who stand back to another we have had this gushes about your fears and you always said that what are your biggest future stain health when you got older you didn't want to you really got a hold of you knowing why don't want my body to feel feel walking around with a failing body i'm going to tell you something that petrifies me more than you know nothing scares me i never wanted to go to jail afternoon yeah i know all these gangsters a glorious and they fuckin glorify biography an hour a dial a fuckin how i know glory in dialogue fuck it all when you ve fifty five above i tell you what i know this when i was twenty that the fifty five is only one thing should be worried of malaria
grandchildren and your pension you pay for it's amazing that those creeps made it that long and then we see gaza guardian jail sam salmon the ball they let him out because it show you how many on your those you have but i mean they let a man that amount when he was involved and they knew he was involved in at least like how many murders pointed some insane amount of murders and they let him go because he gave them information on god it's a beauty is that twenty thirty years from now she'll be going to find a file on sammy the bull gravano and it's going to be one of the biggest smacks to the american people that you've ever known nobody really knew what really happened nobody knew
the government wanted gaddi so bad they wanted him i don't give up at listen i don't give a fuck i want this guy that will do but what have we kill any people flattened there were times they got what it is for them and their mother that's the thing right you know and what people are no is that sammy was brilliant says that he was the first one to wrap katy was the first one to read what he lit the government was brilliant gum i told you this the stories of the governor was collecting his own truck payments when he went away he won't this system got out and then it's only really blew up in their face is all these people felt a golden testify save i would never lie i saw drugs the sound of the bulk of our government go now you didn't sammy never solved a juggler his life but at the fifty people came in and said yes they did the government finally said they fucking why and then that fuckin idiot will be out
the algae iceman when unease beyond its third last interview he said he killed the top and they send me the book of honor gave him the all they went into the files they said the scene sammy never caught up and also a move out of ecstasy really pull them into jail and the ice ban mysteriously died the tell his story to prosecute sammy they took the born they put him in colorado in tomahawk under impressive under the present so the government this is a king so you never see the light never sees live again when the government and give a fuck when they cut the deal and that's not just with him do this all the time but it's a different government that's the thing it's like the people that are in charge today and not the people that put sammy the bull out on the street back during the gotti time most likely by fucking he is
for killing twenty people and to take his money now you gotta take ten million dollars and he got her i didn't then they put him and it was in phoenix right demeanor jimmy i try to go under us a fake name he told to go fuck also pay tom come and get it how crazy qualify for five train with teddy atlas five days a week shoe is the wall the flaw fuck did you see him well it was huge bulgaria when you got nailed he looked scared he was free i find it to something whose about human bulldog he was and he was five every morning over there were thirty hours that's the truth to the atlas was trade while now there was scary time
we now look real would yet mafia criminals like not flaunting at new york one about which go around you should about how they just that i should say this away they arrest arabs in new york and try to flip two things on them and try to get like those terrorists case will they do in our discussion about they take the people to go and push they take out they got push men on those and those terror groups will they did then in doubt as i read something gave a guy i think was down they gave a guy a fake bomb and they they had him try to detonate away try to detonate their rested overtime trying detonate a bomb like you gave a bomb like you know and we got so crazy the idea that they would be able to make a fake bomb get it's u herodotus do they cognitive diana due to the conversation closer my friend
the bomb for you not i'm gonna give you the bomb guy why think he thought he was dealing with a terrorist organisation gets no use deal with the enemy he had some fbi guy who's is this my friend american is devil we're going to take it down you already in your important part of our programme and its causes it is like i'm an important point finally something anything what do i do is at an offensive voice offensive stereotypical arab type did voice what do i do i don't know i saw what they think hazing window and set it on that's gonna worry that you said you'd take this are you pull him when you come back we give you badge any private like any i patching up there in the guys like can you imagine insurance fifty five thousand a year to start and budget i've got an gasoline gasoline
i'll be back that's so we planned ahead who's that type of person off of governments always two steps ahead of you thought i think the guy was probably like if i do this you'll be my friend we planned a terrorist music that's there it is you know a terrorist music is that john ashcroft song cutter errors that's terrorism using knowest terrorism bro subway sandwich how is i was thinking i was a nurse www across the street from national subway sandwich right that brain i'll fuckin cooled nashville natural naturally i am i look around me on to me it's it's nice people cool nashville say leave had ass tat was his as of blocking called their yeah but i was somewhat unlike those mother fucker so turkey fucking salami turkey fuckin salami bright yellow do such bash
let me give you a full foot did you hear senile and i know what i'm gonna give you in africa by local gave me when you get six inches that's when you know what kind of success because i a lumberyard for fucking years you know if it's why is it a six inches more like what in short the whole the full at the foot long saga instrument of monopoly i've flock and talk to sit at one time man that's our food the boys from the tuna the tunis but i got at one time i liked the tuna for years but i guess i can see that progress billion trouble now i'm just so largely allegedly which one are you saying that someone should sell the post office to private contractors superman like gps and fuck this guy retina communist yeah we were gonna because this would happen and we take a few days after the horizon showing up i hope the parlor their way right now economic all issues the problem is that i wanted to explain our station now they arrest him as a girl enters into the bathroom
security is hovering over the window looking in such a fucking chromium you just fucked everybody who has a part to place sprang really did terrible pencil mother thought this for years looking at some pussy i can't even dream of how can you be such nostril forget they see us even me you know i judge everybody by such a code on visas the least discuss those looking to fuck import levies pussy through a fuckin thing even looking i mean i don't understand well that's the thing about any open institution where there's a car restore or a park were kids hang out and you're gonna get you know yet all kinds of people at risk only people in the area people that suck at the comedy store you gotta have both of that too we a
how does a few comedians that would come around you like jesus christ you get a backup move away and as they that bad joe and they're all upset that they now why am i am i this time i'm joe ideas on this time this bullshit they stop around here we get that right always always put the people put cameras of battles places i see little time chunk there didn't check very get in trouble for doing this they causes chuck berry i believe got in trouble for doing that problem that put the fuckin taken aback women go and what are you doing you go back at the other day in empty the camel agility this is why you ask me i don't know went on i can't say that i don't want anyone out there you well you take a pre lines our seas watch no one night as a number of lack of logic is ice all joy by not i gave the banana bread i called a moose phone or vienna he was tabled somebody at the ice houses for you gotta get some fellow members have said true by
i admit that i was talking to a comic that we are offering with and he's like i want to send you something i was talking about the rub maps website where you know and i hear as i have some they send you and he gives its end take it runs like a two things keys i key chains and like the little things for you for the alarm likewise he's sending media currently live open it up into a camera and what you do as you put it on your key chain and so then like we're somewhere like a massage parlors on like that you hit recordings put down your keys and records hd video he descended tv like trust me i have the greatest thing for you to meet ok i gotta get to totally wrong story of chuck berry very did a lot of wacky share with us not one of them was things in nineteen fifty nine it was arrested out of the man act that he had sexual fourteen year old waitress from which it
sport overstate lines to work as a hatchet girl at his club fourteen wage rates where are they even have a two year old witcheries he was convicted fine five doors and sentenced to five years in prison his appeal that his comments and the attitude were racist prejudiced by the jury against him was upheld and a second trial was held in may and june of nineteen sixty one which resulted in very being given a three year prison sentence after an their appeal failed berries one year one and a half years in prison for february nineteen sixty two to october of nineteen sixty three pleaded guilty tax evasion was sent to four months in prison the thousand hours community service doing benefit concerts nineteen seventy nine and ninety nine the very pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession of how the last one got for wheat they should it looked at his ledger guns has done of time she's
so you say listen maybe cries of sunday mellowing suck my dick my job as a mafia hat check quarantine fourteen year old hacha girl holy shit while very was about mother fucker you allows it totally for a time in the world tat little benevolent racism yak i felt what about the gonna pay the penalty factors causing this red ban what sector what's come on guys we talk about that can allow generally louis yes locked the as appropriate today factors cousin and meda do the allegations were that at one point already killed his wife was the need to get in trouble that's what they call them the killer that was actually is nick now
so for me so fucked up on edibles consolidate eyes again as i do i write small power over week you didn't i didn't really for the show now we're off to deepen its asia so this guy fuck this cut killed this yeah some drown like one of his wise drowned now you're not gonna drowned man might not have been what are you doing business landry now get slandering now he was so crazy generally louis was so fuckin crazy that him and shut very we're going to get together and chuck very piano to right i think so the ass was it was it was chuck very let us keep his piano bonfires at liberace no no no that's liberace didn't jerry lives here it was very low
also private jerry louis lit chuck berries piano and fire remember them i think he did i think i think he did and i think he said like follow that motherfucker like you let the piano and far i'm pretty sure i need to pull that up because maybe i'm just combining scenes and movies made here might louis chuck bury now zulueta he was crazy which one jerry lee jerry lee lewis was crazy he was crazy now that guy was nazi i got to fight you got a fist fight with chuck berry yeah jerry linen materially louis chuck bury feud you had these were women think about this type of people and is a wild motherfuckers jerry just just think it check very thank again in a fight
the galaxy perry law do in time did does a year and a half in the pokey for transport a girl across dateline apparently he sacks of asian apparently caught the piano a fire then walked off age telling bury fall and word in order in committee we actually did say and in word file that in word has a sad time sad time cannon we're just that whole lifestyle gold into prison and common values you john i love chinese food too much wandering around until much thought you were especially in the sixties passionate assists especially like yeah do it too i don't give they all listen any time they u glorify on television that bullshit you still your family to be sixty five and live your whole life and think that you were a gangster to get put jail when you fifty yeah have to be sixty seven fuck in prison
nobody i rapier beach up just a thought just waiting for your freedom removed and you see these idiots and discovery channeling when they lose prisoners shows a mom on the road i'll stay up late right and proper that challenge and i watched the visa these guys like you know i'd get it what the fuck did you do you fuckin pissed away a life yeah passed away a fucking life you two to three years when you're eighteen shit jerome anybody had been standing an epoch did you hear at that time that they just arrested that was alive being in the woods of main by himself he hadn't talk to another person and thirty years and he had been surviving all this time by stealing things from campgrounds didn't talk to people for thirty fucking years till they are the police finally arrest them so he was like a fuckin kid and just disappeared he would yet twenty seven years he lived in the woods for twenty seven years he didn't speak to another person he just lived in the woods snuff
the campgrounds stalls and went back to his camp and so they arrest this guy he's got this spot and they have all these pictures of it if you go the cannabich journal k j online dot com can about k and n b e c and d be easy k and be easy it's part of main where the sky was can among port right we're her that's were bush had his compound other his family the older bush but this guy man just living like a character in a movie by himself not talking to any human beings and then in the middle the night stealing people shit pretty not much i've brought his death hugged yeah fuck him out at night with a dog she's really amazing that's fucking praise and especially in mean means unflagging bearable called no winter it's really really cold new york
called boston colder main is a mother fucker is that feed when you get out you car you just get it's a totally different kind of colleagues show what the incentive is hot little yeah yeah yeah they got a video this video up there this guy's places gonna things hanging in were these hanging from a wall even as a clock that is get taped up to a tree stole someone's clock i stole all the shit and just like packrat it into this weird sort of one thousand and thirty i set up in the middle of maine second all kinds of helium man for you have eaten knowingly le fires and shit we know we are starting to see because we can get a story like this online so easily inner and read into it they never had anything like this twenty years you never they start they didn't show on twenty twenty or on one of those you never really got like this sort of an in depth look it's whacking is and working in every day
every day this like some new due to get caught doing some really fucking weird and then you look at how many go this is crazy fuck what's going on here and then you forget about em cause tomorrow do is get a pet hippo that he rides around till he eats and then you want fuckin hippo eightam the next day it's a mother store its it never as guy walks into home depot yesterday try cut his arm off here that know now what the home debo picks up a saw starts hack and it's fuckin arm off guard down the bone screaming and howling cutlass aren't they got on the bottle it they stop them what the fuck really jody is something about that for a moment ago walks into home depot and sources own falconer can you imagine being line you go in there just to get a gown for complaints about this fuckin guy now doing this
you want when you might be there in the wrong place at the wrong time when that guy does that or does something even nuttier that harms of the people you know i was like now what that guy was on you now i know what these guys like tale i guarantee life that's where they lost a mortgage lost half the wife left kid is on drugs the other kids a fuckin moron gardner there's a lot of that doesnt not alive gonna stop people right now you know you re think about what's goin on they got miss boy that is what the fuck listen if we launch i'm sure united states do what they can and will be fine it's just a thought that it's right there it's it's right fuckin there were about to be pointless everything will change what do you know what people don't realize who and been over there like you and i we we all realise what the actual conditions are in that country
and when you read about it almost seems like fiction when you read about the slave camps and people were born in the same camps and you know some of them escaped and they told me stories of like how we can they let people get and then they they literally literally like people ants and share trysdale ivory and north korea and slave camps horrible horrible shit was slave i don't know man they won't they vice dot com expose it they have slave camps in siberia the north and have a slave camp in siberia and the people siberia they don't even know they're not north korea they think they're north korea but really there in a slave camp in siberia is really fucking crazy and what what i can't wrap my head around i'll think and i either you can you is that these people living like stolen russia there live in like a real communists dictatorial sort of you know you toe big view of the world you know their idea of of life is they have dear leader you know when people
didn't cry for dear leader you know when the guide died who didn't cry got sentenced to six months in jail they sent something the jail because it cry so people if you ever see the video of people cry it is the most ridiculous overproduce over acted naughtiness that you ve ever seen you alive it's people just terrified its who said watch because these people are terrified and their wandering around crying just wailing itself fake lookin it looks so fake but like they have to put our show that the government is so it's there there so controlled at such a horrible dictatorship that the eu not crying for the guy diane are you fuckin cage yeah the balance of power for whatever reason people always my get to that sort of total dick coral position given the guy who who there was the overthrow of the government in egypt the news
i came in like a thousand when i think the washing apply to us and we're going to do that but he was like what like it was like riots in the street but this is what we just got rid of your trying exactly what the government before you like i we see where you go on with this crazy fox it's almost like i guess i'm running a slave get what is the purpose of a sleigh they're making them were there working there making things whenever it is north korea has almost no money there are their unbelievably broke if you fly over north korea at night they lighter out they shut their lights off at night where'd you go south korea looks like any other part of the world we should be with lights on not create new known of money to keep the lights on meat so it's it's a terrible you can't run it she like that then i got a profit did not going to prosper a ghillie way to have a really strong economy if you have left a lot of people that are trying to make things happen just like they're the people that are in large and then their slaves you can't run it like that you know you can't run it where either entire civilizations under you he'll because
a strong man is gonna prosper strong woman is gonna prosper and anybody who knows it's there under the heel of the government like that you're never gonna prosper time is never going to be vital seven going to be like in no one's going to be out there trying to make shit happen to kick ass and take names and you know an inn in keep the economy energize they're fucking terrified they're terrified of jack booted thugs coming into the house and locked them in a cage cuz they weren't fake crying enough and i know the twenty thirteen that's the naughtiest part about it so this is happening right now just like you and i are taken fuckin south san jose and having a good time and fuckin drive vegas and waving peopled gas station is how can people another part the world right now i live in a horror movie you mentioned man you live in a horror movie me you you literally are living in star wars it might as well be storm troopers that might as well be darth vader really are that means they they have nuclear power
they have nuclear power machine guns tanks and they're all willing to walk in a straight line with a lifting the leg up at the same time which is scary for and everybody moves mindlessly in a unit together left right left right that scared the shit out of us that means you willing to do whatever the fuck they tire once they got you march unlike that left right left right will you can't just walk in carrying guns how impressive that we say southern just why can carry those guns there was going to share their pants anyway but you walk in and one that the right le sergeant coroners what is dying there what is that the eu letting people now that you got these motherfuckers undercurrent oh completely under control and you're you're doing that while you're in this nightmare of a dictatorial society it's gotta be horrific to live over there have not shown the dice all pissed
so like live so lucky the fucking one on one at five o clock capacity to fuck off until there's no traffic lightning our traffic how bad is it got this bad is around the grass is very bad i read this i can't believe that although as i said to the tunnels and bridges and gained a thousand british can be inside insanity it can be like turkey this is not blank calendars take its craziness the amount of humans and by the way no one striving ok are one thing gaps so most of the city people in a city or taken camps it's that the rare few there are clogging up like did this the amount of traffic does not in even closely represent amount of actual humans luckily
because the amount of humans are staggering but most of them are not taken cars explain some three and ninety four was doing com and i went back there was an open micro i lived and seek what this new jersey data girl i'm fifteenth and night avenue by hand of manhattan geronium i'm telling you i could get my car kuwait and be a manner tat after it you know me out they had a fabulous i pick her up my show would be admired your calmly club but trees you i went to new york city pick my buddy up at the bus station i've never seen anything like while i thought i was gonna take me our talks to me for fucking snapshot no i don't know the sand and there's nothing i what
do there anymore i'll go get on the bus and train over but am i the taking over of data done i was hanging out with that chain psmith from levice i come here he lives in new york he has his view window that it's like mountains it doesn't seem real his his view is like it's like you'd looking like mountains their merit their mechanical mountains that will create a more beautiful even then the mountains that the new york city skyline is fucking staggering it so i see that it's almost worth being there just to see it on a regular basis because it really is like a work of art just like the mountains are you know the reason why people like moana pay for paintings and shit cuz it makes you feel good when you see something bad ass when you look at something something beautiful like a sculpture that this gentleman sent me the buddha for my tattoo dad i love art i like looking shit that someone made you know i'd like a like things that are beautiful but
in new york city skyline is like one of the most beautiful things you can see that things are lit in the cars and moving like i've never seen a paying that makes me do there member states a painting pay me i know why that's cool i like that are that's bad ass but i never your pain it makes me sit now my john but the new york city skyline will make you go well and make a sit back if you look at it from one of those due to get some crazy building with a giant window and a lot of those people who have those at risk of honor navy degree views i people with like crazy cash and giant apartments their view is the greatest view in the world a view as a main seeing all that sky line those lights in the
where's moving i totally get it now are totally get with one people be addicted to live now that's the main thing all like i told you live in new york is live like john lennon if you're living near my job yet not it's fuckin tough but if it's tough put in place to live they ve got to come you from brooklyn the manhattan mobilise its working time which one is a perfect example though why it's crazy about as on dubious wait waiting outside where he knows you live some wacky do that want to shoot you know i mean that's a secure building doesn't know people know that you live in that's cured building in your john lennon mean job was one of the most famous human beings on the planet earth didn't care vasquez live in this building two naughty way to live stacked onto everybody but got so beautiful and we were there in those lightning storm broke out farc and a man to be unlike the fortieth more of a hotel and look at the when i see lightning dance across the skies all leave fuck this
i want to call it shows you can ever see was amazing new york has not really move in paris dog subway sandwich feel clarity got something they're gonna get that there is not a meme up people would not friendly there though man that's that's the weird thing is the dealing with that constant stress i went away after nine hundred and eleven after nine hundred and eleven p dot m super friendly there for a while we don't fear fact there and like two thousand and two i think and i won't maybe it might have been two thousand three but everybody was so friendly it was it was really interesting it was like we went there people were like you could noticeably see that there was like an extra effort that people made to be nice to people that felt it was like a felt in the air and i remember thinking going with this
you know like this is like its new change the way people are behaving in new york on how long and alas alas in a long time it lasted that quite a few years before i started feeling like it was back to normal yet this last trip specks silly back people they just some baby i mean this plenty a nice folks in new york does i must play a nice folks everywhere marijuana nice fox fighting isn't i walk in new york the sums bucks stop it just fuckin moved me yeah moves me because i'm a common often cuban walk at a man had a male little kid i'm a walking down broadway and seeing the first war posted to her majesty's secret service ass a james bond movie with a in debating james bond is they was jointly and be he was in between roger more i guess really yea i look up diana reg codes i was in the movie is called our majesty secret service came out like a nineteen sixty nine may be sixty eight may be seventy wound how many james plans were there
the new ones the best that guy's futterman about our seas bad sees bad ass he's the batsy was these global roger moors good to roger gerda let live and let live roger more conflict which on countering chandra roger i these are the men david nathan was the first one oh no not let listen this choice this is crazy very nelson was the first one in eighteen fifty four you know sean connery so on the contrary was sixty two to nineteen seventy one and again he came back to call it a comeback and eighty three a twelve year hiatus and then came back with a new wig and is david livin with fox david given they tried david given out sixty seven that shit and work and then they tried george lassen be they tried that out and sixty nine the movie and then there's another guy christopher chasm chasm move cause an old as old as it yes see its sea aisy
i know the ie and then roger more from seventy three which was roger more deliver led die too the question that's a go but dimension where did darwin and pierce browsing those two duds in a row to kick you fuckin totalled does we wanted to hear many are like the same person it's probably timothy dont was talking shit and i love to we got pierce brosnan speed down for ransom would probably be good get the fuck out of here both those guys i can't imagine those guys kick in anybody's ass ever imagine them guinea hindu start crying but daniel craig i could see a guy kick it someone's ass i totally one hundred percent by i think he's the best one of all time he's he's a beast he like seems like a killer like when i'm watching nobody it seems like the type of big guy who would be a problem drinking womanizing train killer i get off together in the most realistic version of it a lot people said it sought man it's funny this dude
posted on this message board i go to help our fuckin every tell them was the best bond areas like holy shit was it a piece of garbage man get thought it was roger more shall before getting you don't live and let roger i'm telling you that that was just that was this but why she hit judgment wi fi means finger up your ass that's all about those guys that's what it means to be fuckin james bond that's what it means suave debonair failure of your ass well he was swab that i'm telling you i didn't think so we see grew up on the saint when the saint was popular when i moved what was the saint roger more the saint a tv show was circle around fuck him at once he had to work on other that was the watch roger more that really is he has on tv show you he had a halo beer that was the commercial
hey what was members showing automatic allowed the mental is fundamental as the air he was this powder so funny i never who show yeah oh my god tremendous what what was better than other danny by duty show has anybody listen bhamo drop some shows my years in a bust your fuckin head enmities shows right now it takes a fucking teeth were rather wagged how the while while was its on now yeah i watch that for travellers and my head blows up brothers a fuckin tremendous the wild was handsome bastards yes it was a guy's name there was the curly head brunette the birth of what's his name like this battle you have my shoulder a bull smith came back play it right he played it later another sought me athletes but don't blame me when the war wonder ass the right to widen the guy's name them in the seventies that commercial not that battery on my shoulder
he is of the that series was sixty five to sixty nine which worry the wild west this year sixty five to sixty nine the guy was right was robert conrad and his body ross martin who can never get any credit man roscoe the shaft nobody give ross any credit damn it there was a good show neither didn't knows only four years i stopped what's that show and i was a little john dutch the y y know please remember that with w all the while while west it takes a theme those a channel nine shows general level shows what are known as the outcome will be ass ever the sun the twilight zone so had a more but my friend benito was on double or that was the beginning of my calmly curry watching by the hell have you not benito fan can't talk to you if somewhere you don't look at being oh yeah but joe you fuck it out
do you really mean turner and thereby adding a new wife and because you gotta tell papa you because once a week somebody showed dead ten dollars did it actually show a real tat while they showed something like a net or at least are you will go crazy you go graze every school the next that opening up the category as i think yes elucidated they ever actually through in ever actually did everything he close regard hold out over the land over than ever you lost your way you eleven land your face gets read you get busy yeah you get sick kimberly was happening this certain shows there were also for kids you know that i give you i guess that's how we looking at things today you know that we look at like shows a terrible like what the fuck is watching his butt like for a little kid the show is still be pretty bad ass my biggest rush biggest crush ever with will load from good times i can see that fine black bit ly tower you sexy motherfuckers because our vacation
as everybody is he still banging whether wigan who that black jack will get time wasn't in one or another one that lives upstairs that the czech she beautiful she still fuck had not got but then the other one died right surely surely temple was chief in good time though she was a young one the one with rerun which i was the more we re run out and all those funding people sure yeah shirley helpful was what's happening picking up right right right what hat what's happening kicking it wishes they can as well what has taken it may bucking geronimo you look back on shows some some shells falcon hang in there man socially like on the family hang in there you know still hangs in the prince songs prince science i still fucking bad i was in a storm and i want to be a lover came on and i was like wow
this is like nineteen eighty whatever the fuck it was eighty want to sound like that and i was like this is still go see it's all i should go mattel eaten mushrooms near my plane i would say what was we up you motherfuckers i wasn't a car i don't give a fuck about traffic other jerome whispers moves banish all one later on boom mobile phone oh yeah yeah it's a great site design of the title is silent but it's a great so openly all that thing he was doing a vegas where it was like you would pay five hundred two hundred people after at the pearl i guess tat would be
sure people all attacked me we're he would do so really small daniel for a lot of money five hundred but you have to call the salt well that's all summer you would say you know and just it i always look look kid rock to you might be some fuckin redneck ok and i am probably is his uncle does matter whatever but doesn't really matter one thing about kid rock is he knows move right you know one thing about communism may not be the funniest guy in the world but i love watching all coming to see where i came from jersey our job and winters diameter while i'm a big fuckin levy bruce guy and you know jackie gleason i loved the watch that stuff i talk to somebody and when you talked somebody you might not like some bottom but just the people they admire you understand where they come from which all about this early round me is what you want with their page i get it
i'm saying there riding around with a wig or some shit i understand now why do we need this with the same thing with me with comics you know like what you that that all combines i like to know what people like you we talk about exit right the idea was taken of biogas what am i influences also was lenny clock believer abilene w thy love letter clock become a major style whatever yeah he was because he made me get off my fucking ass i wait till he was duly onstage and already the other guy from boston i lie to this couple guys boston i really really function like that they may not be stars to you but their stars to me i thought so yeah there's a leaner what we came from an era there's a lot of great comics from like the eightys and ninetys like we're talkin about herrera we don't get recognized today there was some guys there's some goddamn killers teddy
urge round titty version was one doesn't get nearly never read it because you know it's tripped over his own now addictions and his life but that guy at times like one best comics of our cinema tastes on dive i listen to an old hedberg and i had a stop in czech myself i realise how bad i really was a fucking listen to him in a cardiac college alan nashville yeah fuck him what a great town distribution great hamburger let this place jimmy how are you thinking about moving now i don't know the humility got me it's hot air they get that guy it's it's guys that's the that's this stance in nashville itself is safe but when i was there how can one hydra fifty miles in any direction then you're in a zombie moving and affiliates what it's like you in here you drive and through the dark areas of tennessee like you can get through some weird spots off guard
finally as letting you mean like my says but i went to a spot where my in lhasa from mile and all that one might perhaps he's from trenton and all i should re muffled another one night time is yeah you have no idea german i will outline the door and i saw a walk they just rules everywhere they get the dear population there but they kill someone and every time i was got the dog outside in the fuckin balcony what the buck and there's wolves not would you wanta utilities i always they give that they did they brought them indicate the dear publicity about relations not amazes ethical amazing for bringing monsters eat the food this one science rather that kills moussa although it killed the rabbits go we killed the fucking rabbits so
one night you can hear method i'm fifty yards they the introduce them that's so crazy fucking crazy fucking crazy so that was while i like that style eleven but lemme tell you some style alive and listen to our room to know that like i want a cup of coffee one above nobody because this time as these data hotel much too far right it's too far ass i mean they're out their job right out there now she's beautiful land is pay for gorgeous but thereafter right my one and i was like terry antigonus prejudice you'll get a cup of coffee its forty five minutes well each way by thirty seven thirty minutes you but you know where you go first
forty five here's my question what's more healthy that or new york cause i don't know could sometimes sometimes i think new york is more healthy but in being they are just for over a couple of days and comparing the pace of certain place it i've been to like bolder and then it to new york and dealing with the people and i don't think can't say it's like new york people shitty people in its not at an it this sort the percentage of the people that i ran into was very very small that that we're not nice but as you might not ever run into an bolder in i'm sam it's that the possibility of like rudeness was there in a way that is in other spots so you think bubble why are people like that like what is it what is it with the causes people to be rude is it just this too many of us would it what is it i think that's part of
i really do i think there's a certain number of people when you get stuck in a certain amount traffic and a certain amount of lines assortment awaiting a certain well frustration is now worth everybody everybody this fuckin room right now at one time or another the voices got allow with somebody at some point oh yeah yeah that's the answer why people are the problem with us as we call in new york is just so much i still have it i still have at times i have i grew up in that mentality he inmates who the fuck i am i get it right but i dont get it all the time i don't get somebody be media of the fuck about right does a different food and feed there's some rude vista you appreciate yeah you like a thank fucking god we got more people like that around that make this lady push a little bit right little they appear but that there are other tied that rudeness i can't live with at this point my life
and when i was young i would confronted with confronted now idle confront anymore but then on the other hand you got about new york people are more street smart they just are this people their hyper they d like like you like they just seem to be more on top of things in our data es obsessed with hollywood i think that's a really bad thing about the area we live well that's good work that's what i read the worst over and over and over again that in this area particularly went listen this is very funny cause i didn't think about this on stage a day you brian i dare you to get a fucking parking ticket and before five minutes late the court i danny motherfucker to be late decoyed instead we will get a bench warrant issued and when yet they have to redo all the paper why is linsey lonely and always in our life a court case is michael jackson shut up a pajama yeah
our lay for court the job as well as as well and they try to be strict like michael you know your phone six minutes late for court come with this fucking fat cuban to court late one time and see what happens after i fucking a half hour this friday juice to it let's pretend you got a parking ticket speeding ticket and you know the cop a lot of times is the best strategy but my attorney in jersey with do you would always set tell the copy i show up and then he would call him joe rogan's running late but he would tell the court clerkship would never get to the judge so the judge would issue a bench warrant for you and wait for the cops to leave the building we just say you got traffic there we do you bench warrant does nobody testify in spain ticket they dropped a choice that ticket that's long school that's uncle joe we drop and knowledge on the right path but there are other situations where you don't wanna be later coy especially if you all for free
rapport jackson molested it that's why rightly that that tells you right i've been to court before i day even both nice people will get the court ten minutes late very much in the fucking do what they close our doors bolder sorry go to the third floor that means they coffee and go to the whole fuckin thing all over you it's it's like the idea that you can come to a place and this is the place to go if you want to give as this is the place and the whole like entertainment industry services like the main hub of it you can get a lot of cool people too local people that we know that all live here look at how many cool friends we have but all live here you got a lot of goddamn cool people till you get people that have gotten through the whole thing and sort of figured it out and relaxed and settled in and then you know
but became understood how do i know how to work within the parameters of the business without getting caught up in it and becoming in one of those weird lost hollywood type people this is my beef but i think it should be for also to read ben doesn't look at this way in this and i have always thought of echo's i'm fifty but i go for additions which you don't and i see a little bit more this bullshit yeah i once saw girls maybe six useful that were adorable i walked into a room this big that was path but these two little girls that was six decided to take twenty of ad shots and problem all over the floor okay and i heard the one girl say
until girls you gotta move this an onlooker that my daddy's a director of sunlight that ok so this is my problem guys me i'm a piece of shit i live anywhere you really want to raise a child here you know i don't want this is probably values a life here are judged differently them what they i chicago was dead and you might look down on that some people might look down on that but i don't i never thought i thought what thing for us this like four first of all this the only place where there's like such a conglomeration in those people so that's like if you live your whole life and you never come in contact with them you know this is it could become a shocking when you around like a bunch of actor a bunch of hollywood types but the leather real promises is not any other business does looked tat like that prominently here that so overwhelming that so many people that are involved in it that kids like automatically sort of gravitate towards it they like
everybody wants to be famous the gravitate towards it where is in denver who the fuck is going to be famous so you might be staying with us a real goddamn pipe dream if you live in boston it's a real goddamn pipe dream if you live in a hollywood it seems like its attainable guy we saw this guy them all and then there we saw this and i we went in our dish in southern africa and it just becomes it we ve comes will more of a focal point not enough other shit here may i see some how come i ve never seen any paparazzi picture jerome of job hate did never articulated are really the other i'm just saying why his shoulders one
rocky page smell suddenly now and will do all that shit noise to stay i don't like to go to party not to know i'm just saying even anywhere it listen if you gonna laurel canyon farmers markets you family now on sunday proxies that ten fifty yeah ok i'm telling you re not as i've seen by encountered a bunch of new york i'm that i might say nothing bad about proxies i am dismayed that boy if you want people taken pixie people to overcome busy if you'd only answer your want the people will not bobby people all bother you people are bottom parole people that are in the in the in the limelight wanna be in the land but there's a lot of folks they do things on purpose for sure i just wait there's something the other night that was
secondly for any other day who is a proper at sea and he's like you want to go to the elite ex tonight my quiet as well here i got liddy lovins boarding pass she's flying and at five thirty a m and unlike what fuck smarting eyes while the day or read i rather line about jimmy presley did you guys red that's what about her get into a beef and i we were because the czech store this is historical so her sister somebody stole her system purse right did you you heard about now went to to to get the assistants pressed back but the girl had something enough in the purse they let you know that the per you gotta gas like a gps on a phone was in the first and they say that it was poison for this bar whatever happened to celebrity still out to jaime pressly showed up and yelled at the girl but then it turned out that in that purse with drugs
so the cop showed up and then nobody knows who first it was i was it got there late in the day my but you guys would just they got into a fight over the fuckin purse but ones that cars got there they open the person blow steroids and there is some you know where i was like that in african personal more but we all know so as a pleasure my friend george you remember this year tv under sopranos i'm sure torment married that as this authorities within by such aimed gaddafi walk around the earth are busy spaghetti got a salmon that movie killing him softly i was actually pretty fuckin good movie matters the movie redefining good moving i knew anything bribe puts out of solid they kill that block them
why they killed it i enjoy them movie it was a good movie though as well as under the radar trap it's about mother father how goes ghana phinis calamities he's a killer i don't love you know what happens in this country with their five o clock now what happens at five o clock they started the sopranos from scratch your hbo they brought him back because it was just too overwhelming hbo took him back from mainly and they said it we're gonna play him every day and there are duly season want watch them on any was torture fortress but not all the swears another bad shitty zambia there was the episode the third episode the season when they take the power back when jack you prove buys a right that is one of the best written show of off again fini was very i forgot out good summarily was earlier the sub pie was he's amaze he's a precise he plays of total psycho in this killing him softly and it's so fuck unbelievable it so believable great they appear
guided the district nine his next movie with our matt damon in it now oh god it looks fucking amazing remember the name was it yeah but it's takes place like a hundred years in the future in the trailer is so bad ass it looks amazing well i was in new york this past weekend for the the up front for cipher for this new show that i'm doin that i can now talk about the on going trouble called your open questions everything but they get this new show called defiance that's coming now that's a combination video game and science fiction show dude insane it's this it's a shoe huge huge project to the channel is undertaking and this site is of typhoid show were bouser galactica came from ethics was at that they do boss our bouser act goes one my fair fog it shows however that that remake about argool i've it took till season to four brian and to convince me that i should check it out
can tremendous twenty one fifty for what is it this is that new movies call it elysium and it has matt damon in it and just look at that the work of our right there that's fucking beautiful yeah what's thy father did now galactica like it's best be at twenty one fifty four i think i like really belong in the future and it's like mad damon's all buff in it and said ah format if it's just like district now my kind of sick i now when as is coming out august knife wow to relieve their experts while the six incredible upgrades his body oh my god here you can see everyone breaking
his body is like that its drilled into his body yea of greatest body holy fuck you know that yeah well this site some mad max type shit yeah what does this come out august nine sucks jerry fosters foster very district money looking to subdue aliens that we know of though we know of maybe going are you might be interested in what he said i just make it shut up now somebody delicate for aliens now like opens an alien looks badass oh yeah breed though but i prefer aliens we going to be all in the future and shit i want to see something that's not real i want to see starship troopers i don't see giant
people i wanna see like the movie alien like the are we really and as the shit folks shattered organised pump sacramento yeah yeah men are next month five three five four may third and fourth we mean sacramento with tony hinchcliffe cliff and sam tripoli and in san francisco sunday may faith or doing one show their tickets on sale right now and then to night me enjoy d as are at a house with a couple of their guys and do in chile will also be a flapper on tuesday on its round cigarettes benefit and i'll be arrested and brian and army is gonna be there as well and i'll be there have you heard that the line up it's sick gets ladys eyes and then burke christchurch enemy there has in its riddick and it's all for the little the aid of tommy's dog eat dog really riazanov so they arrived there put in the dock to hospital care and other stuff and cost a lot of money so it's in care buddy tommy please come and support its tuesday at flatterers yes
everybody thanks for other the the powerful love out there from the air that's why i appreciate should otherwise april nineteen them in miami you and families abs all doubt already so help me out all night did jackie valise enjoy data you're the one more year the former two shows eight and ten o clock south bend calmly festival bill burr thursday already mortgage their citizens then a nice little fucker line about going back if what pointy smokin dope somewhere but may issue of you west palm jew whose come on down fuck what lot they'll juice come on down cox up as i did that gig a couple years ago with tom meantime security is fuck and fund the miami colony fast was really fun you don't start doing it every year i couldn't do it this year those i had something booked already and i was really diamond my was palm beach what legal reality she had we had a great time yet shows bang bang bull sold out twenty four hundred people
good said good allergy keep dollar yeah all whereas wherein that's what you do you know what else to its like what's and now is all these clubs we go to we're bringing our crown so you getting all these really it was fun positive people matter where we go we're gonna members nashville was fucking out sucked andy out stay out stand in india now i list was our standard squad nashville i want to give all these death squad china's rio you listen you back three fuck has just please keep together on our behalf dont let any government agents infiltrate and start the fuck up the group allah there are already there's always a government there trying to find out where the weders once we will become legal they have nothin talk about us for whenever they look and anything just relax government agents and i'm in austin to next month having a good time i can't wait lucky food beautiful i love ass a result i am headed to lay i want a seminar in austin for the tv show i gotta go talk to some doctors about some wacky disease when you come back you beautiful but
you're beautiful maybe too then we got leubronn we need is bronze whale son is basically sold out now he was there and i don't think he's anything it's available for our peoples on cod have in front of me but i'll pull it out thank you figure a second with sub be roundly taken a second let's thank our sponsor like the thank stamps dot com you bad motherfuckers again if you have ever ordered any of those death squad dot tv tee shirts from brine red van all of them came from the sun where the brine uses from stamps dot com it is an excellent service you dont have to go to the post office ever again you can sit at home you use their software you measure it they give you if you use the code word j r either as a microphone if you click on the right corner in the corner jerry that's jura experiences don't you get a freeze digital scale and it was one hundred ten our offer hundred ten dollar bonus offer
five dollars up to fifty five dollars free postage and digital scale its doug service if you have a small business it is really like the best way to go mean don't torture so use it post office works awesome stamped i can't get it holler jerry musical thanks to honour dotcom that's o n i t use the colony rogan save yourself ten percent any and all supplements thanks so tat if you go to rogan dotting dot com and enter in shit just go to rogan daunting doc entering information and get twenty five dollars credit towards either a phone or a device does it for this week because i've been doing that that tv show thing i've been busy so why are we won't be back until monday but on monday we started back again with steve ramallah and brian cowen and this day gregg fitzsimons and
somalia and most likely will one more podcasting next week as well and to answer joey yes i'm going to were the you have seen and i'm looking for the schedule of coming events to hear what we got baby let's see rembrandt tonight took a still available tickets i ask colleagues that calm and don't forget my army next fragile get you shit to get on with a blow just reefer roland papers edible bazookas cuban sandwiches girl get us just like that would suit the fight around this is we're looking at the edge once versus sun and fight card cod my internet socks and dana lays generally reflects alum delta verses michael best bang that's a shit that's a grey focusing how about designated for this role big country nelson versus check congo stir rap the fuckin son that could get crazy
country and chuck congo god damn that's gonna be a great fight vinnie margolis unfilled davis i fuckin lover i love that find my going megaliths has been asking for that fight to involve any margolis when he left the ultimate fighter went over two and one global and kick das and became their champion and just really develop some stray king to go along with his jujitsu which some of the best in the fuckin whirl and fill davis beast man he's a wicked wrestler comes from alliance a great camp that's a great fuckin fight jim their verses ryan healy that's a great god damn son theirs great fight in the underground too that guy blouse we get here open saint preux yeah he's he's finally fighting he's on the effects fight he's the due date was a beast who is doing really well over and strike force
finally yeah he's in the usa as well there's one two three four five six seven eight eleven fights card so its actual and there's a girl fight too powerful ceramic man and sheila gaff scale be wild men having all these chick fights inside the octagon is going to be is going very interesting measured taters fighting soon to and when measured tate fights that's gonna be really fuck an interesting because she's the one is gonna fight round arouse either gonna like compete against each other in the ultimate finer i like me i'm afraid she's asano who went with its awesome she's very very cool person i love as her boyfriend brand caraway schools for two are right that's it for this week's did we say thank you to stand stockholm yes if you don't give everybody gets it thank you every thing pray you thank you all eu laws are you ain't i love all you motherfucker you savages onto other i d this are you people there make it in the free world readable rockin don't worry about and kept
federal flags bill and it's gonna fan toby scared so biscay article j keep it together you fuckin briggs we love the shit out of you we appreciate very much joey i love you guys from the bottom up black brown whereby we can i never see a miami beach we are we love are you freaks was he shit
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