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#355 - Dom Irrera

2013-05-06 | 🔗
Dom Irrera is a stand up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called "Dom Irrera Live at The Laugh Factory"
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while you recorded one beautiful jamie fatima tabs on theirs maria laptop books now it's not like we have dedicated laptop in the studio actually use a slap on the road snatches here slab top is mine for import meat eggs are warning about the werewolf and little love that's good shit that an economy that they regulate you bans was eyeball me speaking the shit you bids i didn't that it was there no jamie about large opponents and others headline here that says lazy san francisco just since that is finally able to ban people who shit subway twelve can be a bit less where was i consider those services goes a beautiful place it's a very unusual please go into a corner
it's important for a place i san francisco to exist to be that far off the left wing trail where it is about there the conservative up there the just conservative liberal yeah that's very well put their unrelenting what you know exactly what they ain't gonna reassure this episode of the job in the sky podcast is brought you buy square space dot com square spaces in san francisco but a lot of small mother fucker czar smart dewdrop diameter bright while they get sunnyvale renewed airily techno people atherton lower squares this is a website building website if you ve ever thought about starting your own website just does the fuckin write it down just to create a blog just for fun so whenever you know make a website with pictures of you and your friends start a business if you wanted to do that where's spaces like one of the easiest way to do it unlike in the past
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you can make like a really competent site and build an online store like super easy to do so go check it out you ve fox good do you like that is through that angry part the enemy legend goods even though i am selling them so this ghetto i gotta get my streak red back that's what it is yeah you know folks this is sort of man grossness and selling anything and i absolutely admit that there is a certain a grossness and saying the same thing over and over again go to teaching and tens of cool company in relation also to believe and that is true and if i'm wrong about this stuff all what you know as well as with tina turner to be obtained the secret branch of the government designed to get you more happy with your phone people again discontent
and came up with a better deal counterweight out another conspiracy people on the phone we mean a man the phone all the time to make a cheap cannot take it you ve ever met anybody through will you wouldn't have to review when he was somewhat but the idea like us from our more like people me black people went commercial now what is this system in place for black people me black like a website so hard when she's got old black neighbourhood for their work what website love if this you know another obvious specific you know i mean i can't imagine ties we would i don't think so there's gotta be in italians are good for italians website it's gotta be exaggerated because it's times love other italians are minor on our the tanker other the worst though the ban to the worst unrelated savages sexually the fuckin animals are my goodness their fuckin beasts there there
they are the savages the savages highlight the statute i'd like a gross now like me like what we used to say she's a good it is a good kid i'll but the last tiger girlfriend i had she's like she's like likeliest well let me show you crazy answered the mirabelle other tuna will ever be reached i mean a neck has asleep yet ago like yell there are still tango over the last i was the last one i was like when you love yeah i was like twenty one she's great kid beautiful person but keep in touch with no i do not no i do just tested new thing is that other parker sponsor thing is a cell phone company that uses the sprint backbone and dumb what it does is the the
have it set up so there's no contract so you can quit anytime you want he by the phones the phone that they so are the best android found available they have a high end android devices including them i'm sorry galaxy note to which is crazy fuck and fond of you never seen a thing before its it'll it is preposterous gigantic preposterous phone start your car and when it does i at last night in the dutch excludes sets the climate of ireland to protect all this ridiculous if you start your fuckin car how's our plausible is possible an app and start your car because this they remote for a while they would do collagen much your call places tom array i'm not ready for this yet jake
ready for absolute start your fuckin car i'm not ready for that that's too much higher pulls up get in jos ease ass yeoman that's that's good cars there doing that already done they already have these remote control cars they drive around the city and they drive themselves they re the cars from they haven't even get in accidents nuts it's fucking nuts the wooden trusted are welcome just sit in the back seat but my car drivers of my fuckin asshole out there drive cars is a lot of fuckin asshole i saw some kid the other day just weaving traffic speeding used lying past people in like a real like doing a lot of terrorists this was in the wrong place at the right time it was doing the wrong thing at the right time there's no cops they were buying with the way was driving was like really crazy aggressively cotton people often raised in front of us it was dangerous like he was like
he was cutting like random strangers like off like barely miss in their car it was caught him maniacal to want every now and then you just get a person like that it's just really crazy about teenagers that their brains are fully developed and there's a reason they get in so many accidents because their perception and the reactions are good physically they make the wrong choices terrible choices i was attacked we'll drive another type of terrible driver now see me dr and in what would you be happy if google came along with something we could say take me home and the fucker robot car yes your that's common mines modifiable the six pack i was definitely your drink it in driving you're not drive your car drivers of kings to get arrested it's a very good question because you after it would have to for sure you know where you goin
now you know wooden you couldn't tell it to hay go fuckin drive in the wrong lane of the street me lord have to be some sort of who would have to have a thing that said it could dare so though and then i would have me how does it know when there's a light to turn to green has no one is like turns red and it's gonna have to be prague plugged it to the whole system now there's gonna be have to be if you really think about it it's gonna have a wifi network or somethin everywhere that controls these cars we know it i've like real control to delete a cargo and judge i've around with no person touching the handles in and make sure that it stays on path while i think that we really hard authorised i mean i don't know how you controlling it at our stand what's causing getting too it's gotta get there from the result on sir he's gonna be some sort of signalled its reaching the car and less cars just a robot ourselves sufficient robot which even crazier that means no one's controlling it that means it
this goes on you know what it knows about what's in front of it with radar whenever to using seminar is using who that's crazy that's kind knots and if that happens that's an app they get the fuckin take down moreira whole map a press that your phone your fuckin car just drive you home the wise that so weird me of course that common right take me home are you hungry that's all color is common common it's amazing technologies so much analysed it is madness down my rare madness weaken a panic attacks if we forget her soul for now i have to address for yourself oh yeah you know it's it's so valuable for finding shit out it so valuable for like on websites that you read me more because they can get the answers it to things like while it's not that you don't have to read but may formations flowing so much quicker now like if you knew you had a question for google we workers
hard thing to do to research the question there was like a lot of people who develops good bullshit arguments back in those days and didn't rolled up anymore is google wikipedia seller always right outside the area and the argument gathers always yeah that's it that's a big one people have to say that there is a but this was gonna be people down planet but the bar wine is it's no one knows everything it's impossible and you can find a more and more things because of this like this is amazing offices a great time to be alive this is your phone you fuckin pick up your phone you talk to it picture dakota to websites for you mean this is where we have to be at google voice yea the ship you press it needs a dime ira and you'll go right to your website pulsar rare i like the one where you go call called joe oh yeah that's ngos to yeah yeah they
joe yeah the almost all of them are also have the ability to read text so you can you can talk that is right shit down which is a really helpful you have used that that note thing on the iphone thoughts beautiful you can talk to adopt like impressed us button and say down my rare is a bad motherfucker and it literally will say dama rare was a bad mother fucker was amazing are trying to get up when this morning on you found out you know i had on a direct directv and it was cause it was cougars seeking kittens gee i don't not find very erotic older women and like young girls really yeah look there's nothing but they wouldn't listen to my phone number i kept saying
six nine forty six nine firewood and made it could be argued that we open up your fucking years six nine for you fucking douche bag this is what you get for trying to buy porn i know why trying to buy point was a super specific yeah i just lazy due to download it and you always much easier to use their credit card is i just send it to your bill he lay with you did read the letters gotta rogan darting dot com and save twenty five bucks to credit danger cell phone company with no contracts i'd like to know contracts that's another commitment in life would rather not me a binding needed for cell phones are bugs me it's it's a gross one and they keep adding
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a rare is here experience my long time ran along standards to friends history of my life mister minute guy rare dr weir diamond i have been friends were shit it's been at least twenty years crazy was twenty years ago and we already have a much less risk and i think it was ninety three thing those and then we met in amsterdam billiards and we talk for a little bit i didn't know you play their role and i was excited there's only a few of us who play pool like four hour i am fireplace really get poor the germans fitzsimons plays really good pull our replace good poor this is why i decided so excited a member bringing you up thinking this is a new breed economy kid looks like a fuckin tough kid
even when i didn't know you were the martial arts enemy were funny you're always funding not just stroking but bring up again the saint the fuckin kid who had problems with his mother talks about this i mean because that was a different i told you this before your group comedians were like more tougher men i grew up a lot of like never she gonna why i grew while doing colony i start on boston and that those guy that was a particular man grandma there particularly manly you know who made me think that i could do it honestly like who didn't make me think that the world looked would be an impediment was nicht apollo connect apollos he had a great had air second devastatingly handsome games way better look in the may any was bigger than may is a big like a football player you know like he was hilarious and i was like while he was away off my shoulders i remember thinking that i looked like like an athlete and it looks like a jack you know if you a job like the autumn
ugly categorized and it automatically makes less one year not stifle any there's like look gary go very government yes the previous ample beautiful man to talk to me it is up to you to the edifice perfect he's cute like about a beautiful he's fucking devastating ass a man is big is handsome lieutenant gallagher he's hunky he's hulking like the taken to prison cell laura cleaner we're in ireland member sharia very funny very pretty to yasser word she's just looks like a fuckin model and she's dying and she's really because what happened i got you look too good guys it left for you girls don't think it's funny because you too pretty in the guise can't live cause your girlfriend you're looking at them see after limp and looking to you do you know but you know brian frazier remember brine frazier from boston problem he stopped to stand out but he right we will i haven't spoken quite a bit but i
at one point time was enormous he was bodybuilder and here i mean he was soup he's like he's one of those like super dedicated super discipline the dude that can like forces to work an hour and a half a day needs strictly healthy he was flogging gigantic i mean he was huge they ve gone stage would like a golf shirt on and i have homes on our duty however that so why and i go to your to beg your trust me i got your trust in us as i go do i you know you're my friend and a year you make me nervous you fuckin arms a gigantic had like bright eyes in his arms through too didn't start we could not look at him we'll have but when he got romania listings the coroner boys you hadn't mussulmans body yeah fiscal look like yes not an o brien frazier is bigger than i'm telling
for integration was the big billy was not go unnoticed fiscal below and maybe but frazier was just like super dedicated he was raised dedicated his funny fucking story because he he's a really funny guy and he'd look like baby like an irish guy from the mid west but he's jewish and he's he at this time had like a really fucking his skin i was gonna temper and he doesn't like people fuckin with them in l a i mean he and i never had any problems but he was at a gig in vermont once and we would get we worked together up there and dumb that he had a little bit of a problem with his voice he had little bit of a cow old and so he was saying the two the owner of the club it was like apology for his his voice being fucked up and up the guy on
love said something like you know why being a jew or somethin then along those lines like yourself a jew thank you azure whose something along those lines like really crude like and bright fuckin crazy he went crazy there was a desk between him and the guy and that's probably the only thing stopped him from smash in the sky was so scared because he was like really falcon strong amber thank him like his back then like i don't even live weight like out there i never lived awaits you my type window days i was like i was pretty skinny in comparison he was like we beg the males i got them i wonder if i can stop him from from hurting you know it's just so much stronger than i'm just run right through like a ball but that one thing though but said to like don't be a jew maybe in a jew i forget i forget what it was but i remember like go on shit like that's the moment
will you try to talk your friend about doing something really stupid or the moment like i know how you feel i know how you feel and your we have said but please don't do anything let's get the fuck out of here do something i know it's gonna be stupid it's a mistake and it's gonna up your freedom you're gonna get locked in a cage you're not gonna do this now civilized people do and keep the fuck away people if you dont like them but you don't have to beat him up that gets really weird i know when you get that looked at you to think in it but you know go into action whereby one night work than drug and kids came up does the poor and one cages fuckin let you up and you know just looked at you i thought i know he ain't gonna lose it better he has no idea the falcon dangerous and while he was i really taken was just drunk men there i mean i'm i can imagine what site to be a woman and deal with then one hold you dumb fuck you the same type it you're just run in the people that are just
maybe they're did not like that when sober anonymous some people just have a broadens the draken they just get weird but when you around like aggressive drunk do so unfortunate it's like a fuckin predicament this got a sad to be a check than they stop repeating themselves but i always say look out at all bothers me a little bit but at least not threatening likeness to check i really always think about that when i see those generate really drunk do she guys it's gonna be a terrifying thing to have a guy who want to hold you down fuck you it's gotta be off tommy the technology that terrible i can't take it anymore i back skill and we will use the thing about the kind of talk the dead still around isn't it well you know what i'd do you know them
god daughter loom with me i will i can't sleep unless he's home you're gonna mean unlike honestly my god son he's like closed by rope if he got blowed a party by the kids mother through the party go to any that must tell me about it and don't read it don't don't read lady area but you know i mean it's a different with girls is totally different it's totally firstly sought me said before about we need only sit together jewish and he didn't you know your party or cultural party backdrop i was married to a jewish woman and i wonder i said not meaning it in any thing just my own agencies issue maybe you can do tat we can do to guide their yes that's really insulting i go and she could you explain it to me so that i just starts in the christian and mother forget there just have just bring it back almost that's funny kiss frazier got mad at me for use in the expression of that
the esa monygham anatomy like threatened me you know we're friends buddies you know that's really a rude things santa ana gomes like you know i've he said it i never thought of it i didn't think it was a bad thing i would like to know a guy's got gold chains on always guinea ended up they know you want to get some money aren't you the guy down like it i d the data is bad be frugal now you know that the very dynamic connected the two never meant until he said and then i saw then we are obvious what's he said i was like tat i guess it's pretty says do you know that they got a guy today maybe five years old who was a nazi at one of the camps ninety five they rested you think he's gonna get life the seriously as it did you say that's a terrible thing for carmen attack i lived that large and tina ninety five
was a big thing these already miracle right anybody here they or their you said he was a cook at the can't concentration camp for scary by the nazis who said that that shit was not among these cases still alive so muzzle must all too i think about when when millbrook to the producers have fresh that works and we have welcomed ballsy was that don't be there may be a mighty come and join in that party members elected they were doing the goose step dance you have at the moment and i think that was in the sixties and more than then till the forty yeah forty seven i think it was a forty seven through my those four but whatever wasn't that far back and he did this whole thing about hitler was fuckin hilarious in total balls oh yeah mouth was forty five and now approaches
motherfucker you still is still is apparently where ever brian cowen knows him her nose oh no no fitzsimons fits of germans taoism says guy just fuckin pangs around kosovo got coffee shop i'd love to talk to my merrily monastery liquor superpowers look i just real nice guy join life his fuckin son is a bad ass offer it's a wonder wrote that world war z movie his son wrote the book which i kept a lot of people i haven't seen the movie yet but a lot of people are pissed that they deviated from the book sometimes they do that but as his sons bad as author he did to the funniest movies ever frankenstein produces blasi sales through three movies that young farmers
fuckin awareness at the time he was he was the man i mean if you want to see a male brooks moving like there is really no one to compare to today because he would act enemy would ride i always had a thing like i saw high anxiety the single like lounging lanceor he's got anxiety and it goes i and ii each time you are new just with the the desire to advocate stupid mailboxes a genius man he was up a powerful prove problem prolific genius he did a lot of really good start a time with him and woody allen like and i don't know it was more silly yeah asp focus allow yeah yeah sure by loves alone where he's playing the cello than a martian been left to run up and sit there bars rodya take the money right
we ve seen mailbox history the world yeah yeah man that's beautiful stuff it's beautiful at the time like i was just there was nobody there's nobody else like that make movies like those like you you heard it was now brooks movie you knew you it was a certain standard harmony that you're gonna get great stuff though they could never make placing saddles than now they couldn't just lyrical tubes racially charged and they could ever be it on the family the so yeah please i'm in sad that people would you know the good thing is luck is such that people like that ever existed the really could be a guy like archie bucker that that racist there but it still for my uncle is like that i'd we had found members are like that there were people there were worse than that by the way like worse wouldn't even give black people credit for being good looking i mean like like a black woman was beautiful await knows she got away
no i mean like they bring ups as if all white people beautiful that's fine but it was real in i'm he hate he hated like goes out and i was a kid i grew up with the beatles he hated the beatles there it is like anything rock and roll there was ruination of the world will you know what time think i used to wonder what the fuck that was all that and i think what it really boils down to is that people have these weird natural tribal instinct there is weird tribal instincts and that they belong to a tribe and tribes being a republican over their tribe listen then turned and second classical use one of the factors that they decide this they draw the law and this is where they stand it's a tribal thing you know it it's weird deviations of our need to form groups in our so
get upset about shit that doesn't matter even a little bit i try and not be stuck in any one error the only thing i was thinking only notice is funny or not but where's what's gonna happen in the rock and roll or fame and fifteen years is no groups loved and like rap music is down hey you don't owe me like israeli like you know with mother fucker this motherfucker whether we do not like any rap music i do you think i would only like i mean i like like i am i like what's smoked snoop is great yeah i like were eminem i love right some of the music you would you like by eminent on itunes david emergency in denmark where can i get brought up they give you what you want to lose yourself in alleged yourself yes that's fucking great and began a great and just we have one chance in a lifetime don't blow it's a beautiful sire now he's a bad man
background that i like the one mom never met there you norman night i'm clean my class forty four some great fortune songs and i'm coming out in does really good for him and he's really yeah i think he doesn't like to perform heard problem that has led to our targets and why you know i mean with the new fucking famous that dude is in his cell thing i mean you're crazy famous he got famous the point worth probably probably factual your head you know i was thinking list and we wish you pull your very good people but the guy got a new nurse because jos just we will get tired and we both both of us were kind of tired and he said the rat balls who want to take a picture like that many lives written there was no good tat the poor guy i mean he was you damn anyway but i just knew we're in the mood for you just wrong
its eye and i would particularly that was no big deal that was just some images enthusiastic and want to take a picture that's how good it doesn't bother me at all that the public what bothers me is that the drunk thankfully nato the drunk close to you is the clunky repetitive the grab you really i grab my neck again ass governor i'm i'm cool with everything but the drunk and if it seems like you're drunk it's like who boy are you drunk too how close targeting stranger you know you never see me drunk in his job as an intractable factory really how long ago at least an hour then ordered did you see me drunk yeah was always months ago many many months ago
one of the last minute i've only been a laugh at two maybe three or four times over the past decade you're gonna come back now go back like a lighted up wednesday night show my i'll do whatever you join view do and should there be happy do you remember with them rare i'd be happy to do as they like we did a half hour at the end and we have the interview yeah that was fun you re crowd there were smart people you know i was there was a fun crown but i've been a bend to the laboratory assembly for five times one of those times you're drunk you motherfucker i was drunk stage now known as the one time when the eu is one tumbled stages drunk as they set certain and they would i realized drug i said something i know what the fuck are you talking about you heard me say it like an attacking way really confused are you haven't had been irish coffee you can't even irish globally with half that there's so much whisky to court
call was already dead i drank to amount to a damn so what is our trust probably five whiskeys yeah jesus christ the earliest amongst my my balls hurt that would have already to address your lives there was furthermore disguise it make everything sexual like whatever the it is with officials take along which will so keenly sticks this is another dude sex and when would she walks wiggers i'll give you the key i'll give you a bit like not do it the others do that always have that gave a huge sandwich you give your fuckin say when meatball like i said girl ugly that a girl to be fuck it scared
i never seen a girl at such a defined back i've seen em seem too big it came out last week you got it items apple whose forget her name the delicacy did you just want ended approach just days they were written on the national championship nicaragua yet whenever anyone whether approach for what was she like a beard honoured dick shook for so many years when she came out of the closet who is she she's there she was achieved with the auto shop blacken the agency double aid and women's verbally but she is comes illnesses basketball but i mean the thing is it was nothing it meant nothing to anybody then the guy comes ass seven foot guy in the twin was you didn't tell us when brother he was gay you see their land the closet but he came in a closet thirty four
this guy doesn't exist is but look at random sample wait a minute hold up corner that girl that girl you near voice sure mistaken so she just came out clauses always check him out without a while ago there's a player who plays in the nba names jason collins he just came out this week and sports illustrated and right there was a big deal was he the first player ever it is the first be who was actively who still might be planned but they might not even make a team because he's thirty four many good that's what they're not addressing you might have done a behind for that year maybe you'll be president rude you say anyway gay just to four perversity may i remind you that one this guy
i can see that we gain before they tie that we like where we're ready to put this story too bad but we need to see suck first a theory i mean this might be a big publicity gilbert talk about it allows his eyes he should pay a cover charge to guard the shower that's funny that's very funny that's funny bilbil i don't get it people who say that this is the way it i'll just somebody jealous you know there's a lot of bills good as any anything you know these are real disturbing thing in comedy where people dont want other people to be good as well what it is but we all know a certain number of people who ve been afflicted by that voluntarily or involuntarily some of them try to take it with jimmy
it's one of those old bitter guys in nice guy believe referred to nature areas yeah and he was upstairs and went on sunday was one stage young comma use like us suddenly i don't get it i got you know what it doesnt matter they get a list of the audience they get it it doesn't mean everything's quality but good credit you that's a weakness man cycle the y y yo yo either like it i don't like it but now tat really like focused sawyer negative energy like that those those people they were carrying it said that both aspects dealing with with other people as light when you are on the same sort of business together and their becomes a guy who just for one reason or another just can't seem to get it together and so they start spewing and then you around them you picked up like if you haven't really working with a guy
language is better and nasty like you ruin your whole weekend dub david or played an invincible he played a character like that was part of the events but group let it out it was the football player with a base the movie on her and it was launched in character because he was but he saw resentful his friend success there when everybody was you see him looking in its glass and stir in a liking for key you got something else in life and here i am at the bar i may rain but the dutch played it really well but it was its think as i thought about i've seen it with comedians when a comedian get something like when i started out i started out with eddie murphy right and i was a persona alive and i was like i was higher for three episodes and i've ever told you that year anyway eddie became a star and peoples when i click save me
bother you they're gonna do you think if i eddie murphy didn't do forty eight hours i would have to do with me it's him he did it he's town yeah but what is it that stops people from ever seen what is it that makes people disco for for canoe murphy there no a move it being better to work fast eddie murphy petty their petty and follow me in cleveland requires we fuck and buried over he was the metal i was the model used their loves like this usually we know so many of those stories are so grouse the boom off the stage i am an crushed in leicester talking about a decade and then suddenly they become cool yeah and you like or how about deleted lila plates joe you know like bobby count yes to an end
it is only three guys i really don't like a comedy and his work and i do this benefit school rags riches in vegas it's all these rich jews in the tank garment guys fuckin calories crowd the road like the object of funding their broken and bobby college zero last year and i said that it was in the matter how bad i do i know i'm not gonna be worse than fuckin bobby counts right and they fucking cheered because you have set this is in the air i know this is not only on the internet it only reaches a the whole world the people to say to you that weird group i loved the destiny in ireland like i told you of being coquetting three weeks yeah
that's one the most beautiful things about the internet as a get shit from anywhere you can do a pod casts like london real those guys do one from london dickie listener pike ass from switzerland iceland ever going to fuck and co chairs take it so much power from the man when you think about dick about what may be made me like mean what a fuckin mean yeah he was my main man you killed him yeah definitely does it in every comic has appeared cast now forget this every comedian that i now has a podcast funny to me they take pollack has like having a twitter account like habit and act you can have an act but doesn't mean it can be that good yeah that's it but it also it like a kind of its like its other party or act sort of jamie and i were talking about that before before you came in i asked him right it was cut out for it by
there's command do dear make up our seas is a beautiful man with his eyes love another matter like resting on understood i glanced by his eyes looked like he is and make up or is this beautiful the young the idea that year your rum podcast the party or act means like it is when you do and stand up you know one thing you sell an almost more than anything is like a point of view it's like one of the beautiful thing they're watching the guys that you get to your lock into the waste thinking she reached her niece a laugh and by you what you lock into a point of view i figure out where lock in his point of view for its quota do somethin without your act yeah people like you know i told you that not destroyed but be were europe because of the power of your package your popularity or by far the biggest
we were all as far as numbers went while that's us with a lot of good guys damn rare life and their factories five podcast amy was on today you're really good you're so will the thing about you is a would just give it a little massage eliza john lexman we dont show that irish this is how we can celebrate each other you just you know you're the real deal so yeah you don't bullshit things you don't think this is really down my where they are talking some people for what we can't do that they waded out there doing none of you or they may have hard times is completely being themselves but you don't know you don't look punchline we advocate more reasons will you know that there is a lot of guys who doubt they get nervous you think i love value dom as you stated that you always like state truly stand up like stand up is always the big thing for you no matter
you d like you would occasionally do a tv show or you know you that idea be greater forgot a serious but you know i'm santo comic like that's what i do and you ve always loved it you're always raining new shit you're always improving still you still there new still come up with new shit all the time to that's like so portent it so such it's like it's too rare little start a group of of of people that we now like really really love and appreciate the artist stand up in our i encounter fouquet does what are you does already does i went on after briny other night at the lever to heritage is rivet said some persons bombast the crowd and say so nice too far brian because he set the bar so low over you know like he's start out from upstairs they never for confirmed i would really like us only when i hope to shows that the two silent like a person so they demonstrate nay censure
finally a nice just give them for aids and poor people biased anthills like you we passed it his balls and it's really like a pleasure its fire argovie some stupid shit about me if i say some stupid shit about you we enjoy it core quickly make each other laugh and some people dont see like they see like two comics burst until his balls they think like oh they are a sort dominance and heard each other jailing cited now there haven't fun and that the fact that they can do it to each other now in its report part of being a comic the busting boss thing is a part of being a common will when you said something a couple minutes ago about the guys who seriously talk about themselves in comedy like gear are you in one area i presume that braggin but i was in credit i buried him he couldn't find time a rare and they should have a music actually have to meet the family
was a guy that each everyone name mermaid nameless where they had a website i aims man we're on a par canada website and in his website it had whole sobbing relics about how we blew dice off to stage a resident follow up with that i don't know but the second silliest shit i've ever read ok what are you talking about i wanted to things like about those is nothing phases him one stage it doesnt have a fuck he did that special hee hee air that that to see these special called the data laughter died and essentially whenever danger fields in new york no one who is go in there and if you ve been a data feels danger when i was a kid when i first came to new york i fell in love dangerfield tat was my spot new york city night club was an all time night club it was off the beaten track to give you half an hour the crown
a very small itself like weekends and i sometimes like prom shows where like paragraph but you it was it was where they filmed the rainy days field hbo spoke to me that was too that was mecca new york here now i went there all the time but you we had to work with some really fuckin crazy people who is a scottish guy who's the bouncer owner who was it now it's on a friday was me he looked like he was sitting down and we asked them to do so squire he was a brick has fallen bull he was a brick house tat i was again don't get a fucking love for fuck's sake he was a power lifted i do he would like grab people and ro ladies and gentlemen up until someone wasn't gentlemen time then you fucked up a key you notice he was a big guy but he was right to say deadly strike he would do crazy way
putting things he had like cement buckets a bucket of plastic sockets yea had them filled with cement me would do exercises with them he did power lived he did a lot of crazy shit like i was stupid strong what it but he was perfect for them a club he was hilarious too he was always gonna try again with that shite act of yours you place your walls but it was warm you know it's like you do like i have a smile on his face in his ok mom strident do i believe with laugh he was a good dude but if you ever gotten tussle with that guy oh my god he was terrifying i shall pick a guy up by his neck he grabbed the guy at the back of the neck to them up in the air is essentially doing it completely by his neck there's prom shows kids would come in and they would it's so flocked ah earlier they were so far that remember al bluebell yeah kid went on stage took the microphone
from a labelling blue cigar smoke s face while it was crazy without due you know what to do i don't want to get the physical confrontation with me i was a lawyer of error the area so he he he backed away and what if i remember how it was resolved this was jesus this is like nature and i do too nor sunlike namely to anybody ever come on stage for you now know you know it wasn't his fall to just a kid was like really fucked up the kid was really big to his big like football player looking at it is just really bold in other raw china be superstars this was like their add dangerfield zones clear that no one really have the right of the place was also i support the current corral the crowds they were really crazy at programmes also sir dogs wondered what does it's like saint patrick states what their blankets fucked up and there there were to lose the crazy shows i ever worked in my life without a doubt because for
the volume of work from like the time it was darker seven o clock he would do shells till two o clock in the morning and they would get off stage to the more people told me that i believe him but it was like it was good money less spot at the improvised to be three forty five three for carbon good night i remember having three thirty spots while that is incredible but then if ever told you this is the first time i did stand up for money was fifty dollars seton hall right and i'm just a fresh eta improv improved group all this shit and i got one stage and a girl start tackling me she was taken out of her mind so i bring her up thinking of a prob right worse than i could at that
then she's laugh hysterically that she starts crying historical oh my god like sobbing crying and uptake and manage fuckin stand up is harder looks you know i don't know what to do and then the sky in there you would know this guy he died in time what you'll be a week he comes up those days it was like the whose real pro and he just like took her off took found out late her brothers girlfriend was killed in an accident so she was fucked up on pills and stuff and i was the first time i ever did stand up and he covered from me he did the next twenty minutes ago but the inner like out this my first fuckin indoctrination hold new life and gone all that harder than it looks up yet roller dies never brought anybody up after the that's fine
forming a hard stand that really is but then once you are good at how easy it is because you can take your time and you can think like you can literally think when you're doing an act there's its wrote it's not in and then you're thinking oh if i lose my place i don't have a place right i can't lose my place doesn't matter region here right if you go out and something we gotta you're gonna always have like pete team things about you know that i don't know i don't have like you didn't you dont do the exact same act not even close now and then and makes it so much easier because then you know you're free and that's when that's what i think he gets easy year that is why gypsies that's why he's doing like tonight shown shit like that when they have scripted of what you're gonna say takes the by mary went from bullets really unfortunate that still the thing those all seven men are carcinogens artists thing ideal cause you do you do with a stranger in armenia
even if there are means the closest friends with that all those gas craig ferguson you mean the colony and did you come on now do craig in and fallen so like even though you see those guys like you know maybe you every now and then you don't really like bodies with a stunt like now down with them and be yourself everything i say the thing about ferguson he never gets to question him with all the times i don't i've done a show probably a times never gets they asked the that the pre interview in the producers call the second producers nor so worried about even say an auto he doesn't know much about baseball be knows about the football in order and then never yet still fuckin thing while how i wanted my most fun moments ever on television when his show because he asked me he plug the date that made the denver colony works and i had already done it i simply got a really crack staff here
that i've learned so hard they have two posts plug my date because you'd be a riot they all knew i was there right angles and then eighteen seventy from his dash little start over a guy darting over walks over i spotted live factory i gotta get to i said i do i do my little monkey dates for you in a moment or two billion starting over and we had like fake fight but it was great was real i went over to the panel and we just fucked her that's great while he funny guy and he apparently does not stand up to it does worse than does lotta road geeks another's been places that i've been whereas that he was just there was gone there for him and he i would i would like to see him even more and uncensored format for hours and i like to see a fascinating guy i've only work to the mines in toronto you know what i really became a family is
she was talking about britney spears remember that now what he said it was and want to paraphrase but it was around the time she kept run and all these problems is obviously some raw to choose fuckin tales bennett hee hee hee maybe basically was like why does everybody care about this like you're talking about a little girl who needs help like a young girl needs help and it was it was cannot mean a little trouble young lady who needs help and it was really kind of it was refreshing as i was this isn't exactly wasn't something that was like he was posturing and he was making a tie dan saying this because you just wanted to achieve some moral high ground it was a real like like it felt like he has a voice she's on television see if i can just get this message out it was
oh right because it was likewise very freaking out about this young lady who obviously does have problems when we're in the middle fuckin two different wars and who knows what else is go around the world who knows what the fuck out scanner it was like little lindsey low him now so actually makes the news and but it's so we're so weird with that man is so weird figures that is a video down so weird fix it on and videos like that so weird that yet we definitely like to build up a knock em down is no doubt about that but it's weird how people just get locked in there you know what's lindy low hand up to now it's like once she becomes like this side show they just as a market it she because just like she becomes infected with fame shame but fuckin sucks onto her and she is it started to give her money and they
her and people like her to fuel the there in the little publicity machines really fast stuff because they also have incestuous relationship loud time somebody's celebrities they we choose to get their photos taken they ask her there to set things ire and their publicist set things up to keep them in there chatter lis jensen in india justin bieber live factory one night and i knew he was up there and you know it even set a couple things hosting that really cute little check that he goes out with her forget singer think it billina gum yes right beautiful i'm sand i know that but i do beautiful but said it before and it here is a manager came up the jamie to ask me to mention that he was there i thought that was so unusual cause you know a lot of times like say sean pen comes vantages where's baseball kept them nothing not a word right now and his kid one the details
something and how much fuckin attention do you need was famous famous extra year olds ever ever know well they wanted to be brought up i mean like like i get a hand when all is really while he's probably this thing gets doing a tv show up places we were children i bet he can like do that just show but a restaurant joe just be retained as a fascinating thing it's better to me that people comp movie stars and given what about the guy who's let him in the early rise start you know it's like but he seems like his handle in that way better than most people well it's pretty unusual here here he says some silly things are renowned again put dislike seventeen years old or eighteen years all one area we should see the grocer young kids grow spoken say that i think she's too young
the legislation in his eighteen if she sent me i don't think i think we're gonna lie used to have little girls poverty and seventeen you know what i mean and up the tab it's ok to sing back that don't forget he was only twenty punching summons chris in sixteen member that question yeah those jean sermons choice just seventy know what i mean where she looked beyond compare well but this is gene sequences sang and how he has to have to have you that's a great fuckin saw besides all grades are as in good that's a mature and so i am in fact you bitch there was a chance shit on my childhood otherwise there will come a couple sweet sixteen soon yeah there was a lot of creepy dudes backed and got away with it be that if your eight people died younger back then
talking about the roman empire jelly where it was not arrive for tom wherever people died early back there is a known fact that some people get it said before before it yet for google that's a big point might there a known fact bullshit you're around and is now he could save he was gonna bullshitting billig our right now you just don't want to fuckin admit the encyclopedia per pitiable britannica i've read all the volumes you don't know we read it i fuck we're quagmire here you can get it is bullshit conversation asshole soldiers bullshitting and always bullshitting and then you find out years later that he was bullshitting lack that's funny those motherfuckers does its unknown factors the toxic crazy look like you look it up yet imagine one if you like a long time bullshitter like if you are crazy con man type do so just an excellent bullshit
for many many years when our pistols people were when googe em all i know someone you know like they could make up a name of a company make up the name of corporate now you go give website they will acknowledge our website you big o really i was watching catch me if you can the other day really inherited a caprio just like he becomes a pile seven dry land and checks and get money he can't you should that i saw locked into a bank and it all you ever did ass he was a pilot area of an operation to that maybe i don't know yet the idea that you could like have a fake company give able to invest in effect covering all where's my share that those days are you have to really dharmu shows people at a really dumb or get the other four gullible older folks with mental illnesses get sucked into a weird deal and people are trying to get a quick again made off thing made of thing i was personally affected by that is people i love but alas
people just look of people that you love lost monies are millions and millions while we love a lot of people are fucking powerfully wretch i know some people jumping around a lot of money around a million this year bernie madoff thing was to me do you know what that showed that showed that this is a crazy system as if you guys didn't know he was cheating has a possible the possibilities are nowhere near came and their people still collecting money so that they were teased by cars will they weren't is teased they benefited and profiting immensely solve a made like big profits but there's other once it was that i just went bawler on everybody just had everybody's money tucked away and just squirreled it off crazy fuckin sociopath castle and it just literature as
he had a bad guy just research upstairs from we're psychopath but the idea that its possible forget to do that that was so disheartening for me because i thought there was more complicated and i thought it was more secure than that i thought it had to do with the greed of the people to want an agreement quickly richer you know there is a people that like i said i know a lot of people then they care about them but they they readily admit they were looking for a quick bar right of course now that's what he's promissory browsing big returns to a lot of people this is a shocking thing equity how much money was handling you know really shocking and his wife a squirrel some away and disappear into the night where the husbands locked up in jail for the rest of his life did one of us hans commit suicide attacks are how jesus christ changes name o my god challenges what changes name the sun made of
to get us leaving that scientists realized like is i think so when you're a young man you're probably grow up thinking that your family is doing really well because your father is hard working smart man and then he brings into the business and its horror along the line they probably have triggered somewhere along the line if they didn't know from the job and then the guy can taken a gas or who knows a pressure of prosecution he talk about billions billions of dollars was this was the number was that had it all another steadily in the billions that i've heard because this is no family in jesus it's not fast enough this fuckin guy lost more money i'm smell in bits key is
they would say what anywhere avarice eddie griffin was an after nine eleven but a lot of people i don't even know that date to a gold under the world trade center in some ways kept one in twenty four hours a day finally it will get high just crazy shit here he actually thinks he's like a genius and i heard when a little at the store than it does now who argued is betty goes we gotta stop given our key in compton guns and nerves and educate their first one who gives the kids are gonna come here john john i want have a gun in my view a good girl and he said gonna start educating them give him pencils and papers in books like who factors not transgress the edge kids i don't think they did education
guns and knives and he griffin definitely had some crazy times but i've seen eddie griffin fuckin destroy i saw him in his prime when he did his first comedy special the short sat i believe i can one say was a half an hour but it might have been even lay at a lotta god damn he crushed our air he fucking crushed he crushed it was i was scary talent was scary level talent and energy that he put out and i remember watching him go while that guy is work in good time no i just got a lot of power and his act in those actors like scary it was like bell was so good so dynamic the we moved the we pause expressed himself and though he had like moments like that that make me think like a fact i just really dedicated himself to nothing by stand up a really like went legit and went down the path he had
moments if he could recaptured those moments i agree i guess a mental issues to settling up there but the most important dizzy it's a known fact that then he added people of his ilk stand up comedian fellows lotta you motherfuckers go crazy to known facts dogma it's a known fact have your tal illness and york being funny is not a coincidence that moreira orcades known fact joey her real it did come very long thick ice these people live in the bushes outside waiting to any grief was fucking funny at one point i don't know i haven't seen it in the long term oceans it isn't he isn't anymore who knows maybe other killin it i don't hear venom which nobody has
one was warm guy too he ate very weren't good it is afraid very friendly guy party his deal when it goes will count club is yes the brand new snake chief area of heard i've heard things like this i knows him whether these were i think it is a big company has a brand new career white michael jordan i think it's ninety breadth fortunately that is where the man that was what i can't find them well if you white to worse if you have a thing where you he too where brand new sneakers right as you walk on stage and that gives you a superpower that might that yours but if you were a young guy and you grew up poor when you a new pair sneakers tell us like a really exciting thing so it could be that not wearing sneakers until he goes on stage
you like leggy makes them feel like with new sneakers on what gives him a little extra power and it sounds ridiculous but i remember when i was a kid getting a new pair sneakers little baby so maybe for him he like kept that traditional and it's easy for him if they buy it why don't you buy cuz i want to change them right before i go on stage and not to be insightful and intelligent not to have any compassion for people to go right that's a good i try to have as much compassion for people's party even people in the rabbi pool game dollar era people to erupt kip leave anyone with iraq and serious here dollar error and i will we when we play like equally occasionally will dry ground but dont please
poor and i play pretty good pool and weak we have some fun battles is really finally getting excited over to only play more in pretty good and i get the same it is a known fact jealous like a mobile out insisted be player now you're consistent like for a regular person i'm in a play i prefer a regular poor pleroma beat play don't have enough time you're more than an ape play for regular person now no i never plainly bite it ran out member like you it's done regular i'm telling you a lot of poor my life i am i beat me not so funny when i'm not plan against you because i get a chance to shoot moore i play better oh yeah early ages it the guy tighten up there and you want to get back on the table i can run some packages but i can't run packages like my friends can so like i have the luxury of knowing exactly whose like where the best
first the one you know max re locker in the impact we spar every time i go to various and we pool spar play he's fucking kill you in the chair of the judges runs out from everywhere he's a monster max max i believe like world class the straight pool championships had the derby city classic this year what it was when the prestigious pull terms in the world i don't know they ran maybe he regularly runs hunter boss incredible we're class programmes a world class and a sweetheart of a guy sweetheart max what a nice guy i find that a mere railways to have a message to whose that now we would villiers you how you billiard movies one before that the way to go to buy the gym the trial of a hollywood boulevard across from the current fiddle number is not only would billions well we went to another place in hollywood boulevard what was echoed what's to places for years to
play such a wow i know you talked about the bosniak whenever it let it yeah that's the first place that police was green i was there was a former athletic club converted into a giant pool because they had the track upstairs i used to play on a saturday tournament there he's dead when it move to allay the had a saturday morning tournaments story like eleven i am i made for i made my good friends there saturday boy children those first moved here there was a great place but they have liked the track or along the top of it yeah remember we doubled one night we took the girls others in geneva jerry yeah only a member from this well in the sunshine yeah who was a great thing to date except a czech beat you check beetroots varied pressing
such a creature pulled but there's a thing about a girl beaten yet pool that's demoralising for some dude i need a why i had a friend who said we shoot my girlfriend pushes practice in a lot and she said to me i'm gonna kick your ear oh my goodness site so first of all how rude she she broke and i ran the table grandma was truck uneasy with those pockets like this while you re not like we play when war for just that fits in it and then around the table and i go so much for kick my ass yours will play gonna go now oh shut down say was over there you don't i took an attitude from women are not the kind of attitude finding anybody bragger is an undertaking that sounds like a woman that can kick your ass and poor shouldn't have to be rude about its women and to grant support humiliating for men
nice woman whose very polite who kick your ass like that out and fisher woman you know she is of course she kick my ass for sure easy cheppe glass trust me is way better than me the big issue is like a sniper champion and where you came from europe and just dominated woman is born in fact his that is the real problem with poor popularity this week alison fisher is probably the most dominant sports person ever in any small in any game in women's burma bludgeoners shoe and now it is only a few women playing women's billiards there's a lot of really good players there's like in not everybody fortunately dragonette she's beautiful beautiful lays moment about there's like a whole gang of like i that would tour around the country and this woman consistently beat all of on a regular basis
they play the yellow who knows i'm a fucking years in a row she won the u s open who knows how many years in a row like or what but not one of the most open whatever their with w p ba whatever their version of like their national championship she would win over here i'm saving a monster ire men better than women that doesn't make much sense burgundy says it's just a coordination it isn't it isn't it it can be overcome like women like ours and fisher she could beat a man playing for you but cheap which you will be the task of most likely not in him it is a few issues spatial and intelligence there's something too and this is a really theoretical stuff i think something too the way the male mine interprets three d space that it is is beneficial for certain things and poor maybe one of em because after the break pull doesn't really reliant strength now and
the average woman could easily strokable about his heart is you need to you really don't ever needed hid it really art outside the break the brig shot especially rotation games are a ball it comes big issue because forgot smashed the rack he can make like sometimes you break and you make like four balls on the brake like this like this machine van boning whose effect in character because he's the best that one of the better the best poop landmark on one of the best place in the world yet and his death and when places this hearing it off and is now good because of that but it is an added element is good because he's good he's here actresses relentlessly the guys like super dedicated he's good because that but is also an element weaken shut that do you think arms and he'll hear anything he isn't anything so it is in protein elements here as well as on it's kind of weird the weird it's really fastenings it's a form of sensory deprivation and people have actually decide
that is it helps them so much they people start where like earmarked in really he has got rural stricklin strychnia he's amazing amazing player who puts these these things that like the young after controllers where giant head things over his head and he placed pool with those off can't even it off with yeah so impressed measure the senses yeah but he tries to recreate it he puts earplugs enter it puts earplugs in and then he puts these gigantic fucking earmuffs over the year plugs and then he plays he plays i got man possessed did the both of those guys replace gary put them at that level pool is madness and really really must go any of course have heard of short because he was a guy that was the big deal i run a triple all time high run really thy father and eighty balls oh my god but it was and is a very controversial because around four way wasn't foreign half by nine
this approach would darker that shit yeah yeah yeah lucid last a smart guy who have you ever heard then yes course limping extreme there yet if there is money and pool when i was a kid i would become professional killer is out enjoy any there's your stricken with your mouse on because i enjoying insular play pool is much thousand joint kommeni but i wasn't gonna like what you did we talked about this you would never have the time because you're the up too much of a career it living if you're on a law was a comedian you could you could turn pro but it's it's play four hours a day is so much time and so much effort in the guys that are there playing that are at the like the highest level of the game the several large is better than me it wouldn't be like an easy thing to even like do battle with those guys who take a long time usually cited here you'd windsor noble games thank you very much and that is what we mean straight pool a guy can sit you there's nothing you can do tat
just too bad at that game doesn't get like who is to me it's like a form of meditation it's like can get into the zone and i can block everything else out and i can move the ball exactly where i wanted to go and i know where it's going on i know how to hit it i know what's hit in and kissed the right spot a beautiful feeling too that its emitter it's like you like enforcing this weird zan state enforcing this they were you you know exactly how many rotations abbas gonna go for people play pool the luxury shut the fuck up about pool already joe rogan jesus christ who are you intuitive for a flock and poor boy gas nuclear is only ever talk about emma ok jones book is for you didn't say a word about the bikers lobby i had a shame a shaky hand when you were jealous crazy i got things i've nerve issue here
what did you hurt you hurt you shoulder was in his bed and i never heard anything and it said something in the nerve chiropractor tommy's as you know it doesn't bother you so that bothers my friends border may do stretch out around doing fire beer in i dance my house due to a bird modern do do any everybody's raw stare climber let the commissioner you go this is stretching it is very good for the pliability of that might help you nerve you wanna peace it is now nay i only if i do i do the treadmill ah i do it when you can't tell somebody ever work that has already do you do anything ugly that's not what i meant i may i was trying to find out what it was and whether not incorporated stretches especially stretch zero you
older they stretch on the road after flights and all that and you know that's good yeah i do the what people hostage yoga things let an ordinary luther i learned from the video just my favorite thing to do before i go on stage my fair thing to do a deal if everything to do i've tried a bunch different things to feel good before i go on stage hard cardio is one of them hard cardio makes me high like when i really do agree the hard cordelia that before you go on stage about two hours i to do two hours before special for the big show the fund to be thinking about our trust giving energy it was not that doesn't it just releases some weird endorphin with me well enough i do like a real hard cardio session why he'll silly it makes me silly relieves me the release me have like physical tension its makes me failure and i think whenever angolan stage and being
war vassili mood in the silly or i can feel that the more funny i think things are which is the more funny i again again the more funnier deliver it when you we take out of it and when you're you know you're you're saying it in a way that sir that connects with people sometimes i too upset about something you did urged and why it connects with the way it has to be an honor stir the visit this balance for why you're pissed off or why you happy and i guess it's gonna be on balance it is sometimes you know that weird feeling when you watch him on stage in their active pissed off about some to be known and i really pissed off body and how he said is that ms deserve this airplane what's ivan that like someone like just to just shake it like whatever it and what ideas of vague live always same time yeah yeah i can name you five people to do it anymore given the union you know one someone's man for real and you
why there mad for real like you feel no one someone's mad for real when they really are upset and you know one source facon and when is really weird there so awkward too much of an act yeah and i know a lot of us especially when you do not stay just like you just now you know if you don't realize that yeah or you know maybe you just out of sorts that night could be aroused sorts that nine unused you have a bad sat in on the right groove mean we ve had those over the years illness i let me watch enjoyed this because the jelly sofa real there is not a phoney both his body at the mother fucker and i was just like so pure that sense our yeah he's not try to winning by our now he's just trying to be funny to the people of joy the thank you just he realized somewhere along the line that he is he's really good
he realized he real out but he really set himself and you didn't give a fuck anymore and when you didn't give a fuck anymore it's like that's when people like really wanted to hear more and so all the people around him like if he had any one around him that didn't believe in him at this point that we really have fallen by the wayside took a long road for joey to like it yet recognises how funny he really and along the way a lot of people had a chance to work with that guy and they didn't believe in them people virtue it isn't like ninety ninety eight like you fucking crazy like this guy makes me laugh hard all the time he makes me laugh hard i know he doesn't give a fuck anyway she laughed hard and like he's too this and he's too bad and this doesn't work in that doesn't work and if you can't vienna said com my age and call me up and he says the activity is a go alone because more work what am i going anything would do any ice ass the other july that's all
before that's a beautiful shall i might come and watch you know what i wonder is up think it's twenty seven twenty eight if i remember my mayor but where we are mine than i could ever should i remember i walk into a room like i like em like a savant what data those friday sadly not to myself to say i was wrongly savannas didn't kicking it could be the twenty fourth twenty fifth as i myself it could be there what's unless we can enjoy the last weekend's that unless a thirty first in the first would be at the thirty percent of rose before that one for it damn on running a mere round be in vegas how i see that legal would you got colombo you have seen you kind of john doe in atlanta this week the improve then hello these include whenever they nor have not afford that
proud think i don't know maybe i did what one of the clubs or in cleveland improvin cleveland yeah improbably we think i did that ladys is that is when they sit closer racine looks like a giant cruise ship scott everything's gonna fuck a martini board dancing girls a sports bar theater i did one of the clubs and clean i think it was the improv i did it with her for an entirely ivy scattering ex restrict club i dont member good but there are like things that's life we didn't have much time we did this too i did this maxim calmly to our way back in the day with her for controlling murray it was really fun john was feisty he liked to fight but he never seemed like that with me with we were always very front i had no no not with me people get no really right i've got along woodham gray he's a great guy yeah but i mean we're out a couple trying to think you stop drinking but he wanted a fuckin fires do charlie crazy
probably lose their human and above all deemed a lot too what we are we did that place we did a different place almost every night i was really crazy we're out for twenty this as i have just one issue gigs after the that exposure again yes after he one half run one this kind of standing and charlie murphy it just done spell show i skydrive onward fuckin sweetheart of a guy as as real as they come and a great story time wherever you kill you in the green room hillside stories in the green roads hell you now a storyteller in order to fund thing you get to bring people with the un's stuff that's cool that was my idea that was it was just something that maximum bud light put together we all just did it together became friends did i just i don't know either one of those guys before we did the torso so lucky that there will of course fuck fraud is cool his flock and so is charlie murphy and that's it
at times a year or two were at the celebrity theatre in phoenix and the girl was the opening act alone like it would do maxim higher like a local act like you know local pro and they would do like ten minutes or so before the the showed star with half iran and then he would either be your charlie murphy the most guys we're there are good but one like one guy was a deck went crazy guy boston was a tooth he was crazy you're wrong know his name and resilient libertarian drunk yes i do we use a crazy and boys what they they all we're pretty good but but segura just really stood out lookin oh yeah he went out there in the celebrity fyodor was weird place to those in the round those still shows her odd if you'd never done it before diana done it he went out there just letting lung laid it he did
plenty clack where the clock and now he was a tough lenny clark is fuckin huge is a big fella not anymore marine i mean is big like is a big man banana mona was down in thin almond shaped reviews he was he wasn't always fat but he was being as you know i would find out and he might have a little bit the yale and assistance to voice he slugged those guys were animals those guys like because gavin governs the and no more nice was a little bit later carry roger san those were savage is they don't get nearly the credit they deserve there should have been a time capsule that really captured that moment in common i didn't they did didn't somebody do a movie about them yeah yeah france alameda did pretty good so when stand up set out very good actually mean for me i don't wanna because it was so close to home i guess it was much more impact there and i want to
marcella i thought it was really fast and if your fan of comedy i think it's brilliant i'll just never forget how they didn't bury me in boss dried no no the air they really like you could tell them that we have in their relationship and dont gavin gave me a great in true and nobody tried they didn't want to bury vestige meal i didn't think you were deck they are loved yeah that they were good maybe they would it they would think some guys were decks though and they were green light on because i was like a freight train a common eu argued that of like the green let billy crystal they did that richard lose you hid behind the audience left there is these guys man in you know he was one of them that for whatever reason they believe generated well look the billy crystal but more richard louis they these has generated a lot of hate at a certain
in committee as ensuring coherence like we're like this guy just a fuckin funny not fucking funny i heard like club owner say that us like why obviously some people like em he obviously has like an audience right will you gotta like but it's from his movies more than a stand nor partner with which which louis angelo is not ideal you're too about billy crystal no regular steadily stand yeah but for whatever reason there's like certain people there were loved the hate that guy or disrespect colony psych everybody's got differ tastes and that's so hard for like some people were fancy stand of coming to realise its why there's no best stand up but not always best stand of your crazy look for it like don't even look for it was just just enjoy which enjoy because its objective is not objective like if it is a bit of it there's a best hundred your dash guy who's the fastest guy wins it cannot
i think that their guy is vast and there's some guys that all they will i mean they wanna see gaff again say anything african says there's some guys and gauss that gaff again just fuckin whatever it is he hits their frequency and for other folks it to tell you now whatever it is it is and you can't get upset that that some guys like you tell a lot uneasy at eyes it relax concentrate on that yeah you just don't get angry people love tellingly the cooks not funny i was i got you relax their sake you don't have to think he's funny apparently he made millions of dollars for somebody to lose money people get too much pleasure and other people second then that is a problem that's a weird thing with people they get this week
pleasure and of other people second how to know what it is it's interesting now it's it's weird little side effect little haider side effect of jealousy its combination of a lot of things but it so bad for the person who thinks it that's what didn't stand like it the mass of distraction you know it takes away so much energy from your own life because instead of trading on this other person issue because turning in your own shed and if something bothers you you should and away if at all possible and that of course it from a offensive crime or some some sort of sin against man and nature find some way to turn it into a motivating factor for you if you feel weak because you see some guy like an old name your fuckin but mogul bill gates on tv and he's got a billion dollars in his underwear you know and you feel like it secondly they must do their loans or figure you figure out what the but i've fucked you need to do so the
becomes so successfully don't worry about bill gates anymore you don't have to be a successful bill gates but because enough of a person of figures your way through the net of civilization to the point where you don't have to worry we ask for everybody has our own gradient for some people might be just making a living is good enough enough for some people nothing do it how much money they make it has to do is get fuckin mind right it'll go into either going to a shrink we're doing milk or gonna from trip figure out whatever the fuck you need to do to get your mind rags doesn't matter how much money a make it doesn't matter anything else is the gaunt gone on your life if you will have your mind right do you not think about life clearly you can you can makes him shitty stupid decisions you gotta you gotta be annoying to almost everybody around you you gonna fuck things left and right get it together which have you talking to me not i what on earth are you know never are you so you're going to define says grudge gonna find so it's architecture yes we are we can
he had talked too much because it has topsecret dahmer before my news i shall very soon in the near future searching for south squash a very peculiar in particular location has been known for i value must ask why sightings dumber era with particular forested he frequency perhaps why can't same i can't say we're them live said too much already but we will be camping and will we be will be getting a freak out in the woods i don't think i wanna go captain joe yeah maybe not i'll tell you when i get back whether or not it was worth it didn't you go somewhere cowan we went hunting in montana knows i said hoddan with no g because as we have said so often just close off the tyrant hadn t live by my colleague and i my rarer my own arose that was the ever see that oh jack they were both jackson that he makes his own errors or does he reeling gaze for concrete
oh he's like a madman hunter and human right these are real nor calibrated earning sitting there in itself that is is made everything in world war it's a girls very fun you know the people domini that because i don't want you got out their killing animals they take thou canst it's fun you say that you call it fine man what's rewarding and beautiful and connection in nature and very high bullying and is also in our wits really intense thing like making your own getting our own food only out hunting your own food is very intense and altogether we should have to do it but for me was sir it's pretty intense j five star restaurant like me created me to this all these things are good as well i just stand lazy they i don't wanna like pickup
i feel you i feel your room i'm not into it all the time i've got every sunday you like it i don't like it now you just do it you just does cause i don't like it doesn't mean another when dealing with bright must liane idea was cause fuck we're camping out in the middle the snow in montana in order middle of freezing whether dense now did rain one data worse is ass miserable but i wanted experience it in i thought i'd be i think we're so far removed from being in the wilderness that to have an eye to the especially with like expert outdoorsman to go onto the wilderness for five days willing i'm goin in the cis there's gonna be wildness i should fear not gone silent fashion we're headed up to the grave north of alaska we're trying to and anchorage to go salmon fisher you get a date yeah we're gonna go are hopefully we'll catch some fuckin salmon dahmer era polo
what i name those cocksucker giant monsters crazy fuck and however your fish sugar her quick you're makin a hard it must have been eat fish back before people figure raw materials and spears shall i tell you fuck and hard to get a fish meal and fish where'd you get it do you gonna go out with your hands stupid will the idea that them swimming dream there are so many of us like bad humanity air so ridiculous that that was like the choice for survival that they would go all the way upstream back to the river or back up the mouth the river at the brightest fish what's not that they live in fresh water ends and they also live in salt water the crazy animal brackish where wild falconer is that a real thing that's when go around this thing with human like teeth it's called a sheep shed she'd she said this she had fish yeah it's all over the internet yeah sure we're ban their prey
in water and shit swimming around i watch it today about a paddle fish known a paddle fishes doesn't have any bones some we good prehistoric fish lives and thank you also exercise my father figure with our science what the u k we catch him with like bait the weakest is by having a line with a bunch of hooks on it needed put down a keep pull it up a key part of china max hampton and that's it if you snag it and if you snag it then you just pull it up to the surface but you never like legitimately catch one ever you just get a snag one still await a catch him yeah they're enormous and they have no bones there so weird there for some sort of weird prehistoric fish in the way they got them so strange they make an incision they pull out the spinal cord edam heavy everything the in this
the role of these animals is apparently very much likes sturgeon row which what caviar is which is worth a lot of money and so in order to make sure that they didn't allow a market for this stuff to develop even though its legal to kill the animal and legal to eat the animal only legal to possess its role on the dock you can only the haven't i your boat or on the dark so you gotta either eat that row or throw it out why because you take it with you because you can develop a market for it you can develop a market for it then the animals road be worth too much and they would worry that even though you you know you have a certain number the even kill and a day and eat like they they say tat girl they said yes i pork as they're saying the grilled it they said it was like a lot of people i have an aversion to eat because it's a strange like it's almost like they have like prejudices against it because doesn't have any bow
it looks like it's fuckin billion years old it looks like a crazy dinosaur fish with amazing they keep discover new species have you ever heard of a snake head yeah those are a real problem they there they have snake at fishes in fishes is central snake had fish have been spot in central central park ethics fashion my son's yeah this they ve invaded in central park and foot they get there so we had to bring yeah well that's a thrown out of the water for a couple days wishes to escape do they want to do that they want to did you ever see that a special about the congo where i think that's where they live i think where they live in the congo its into at nation russia is what this is how it is with this article while there you're probably right amino sure i'm wrong but there's a fish like it it might not be the naked but this is what there's a video and see if i can put it up on youtube bbc congo and
talked about it before it's really a damn shame that this video isn't like what though some you know those mother earth or planet earth dvd saps their superiors together by knows bottom right that's like you wanted some cool shit on nature of the planet earth series is amazing well the baby see one the congo one really should be just as fascinated people it's really sad that that for whatever reason that that videos hard to get a hold of but in one of the scenes there's this weird fish probably somewhere to stay get gets out of water and start to walk in do you like i can't believe this is walks over to another puddle and jobs and like you i can't believe i say it like this is a dinosaur spotted thing just some dinosaur shit i mean were literally seeing life evolve that's that's what in that light the beginning of that right the ability to come
out of the water and walk on the ground to better water holy shit what a freak you fuckin snake fish thing whatever it is called a snake for one who was it's called in the congo snake snake had fish the congo is apparently like one of the densest densest rain in the world you have to know what the fact that the fish scarlet yes assassinated something else bottom if you get a chance to get a hold of their documentary things is called bbc cargo google it will work work i think that's what was called the shop become net for mr fischler go but a video on play well there's also those ones that eurostat show warm river monsters yeah that guy's
ass for figures it is efficient mother fucker that i went out on a wooden two new ice to think nothing of that shall i say hours ago fishing wasn't it no this guy fish is how the locals fish he got in his wooden boat ok with like a hundred hooks and they were in this like tippy tawny button there drop in these lines in four giant catfish so they point time something could find rap on those lives and pull those those fishing lines and who knows how many hopes are flying in that guy's direction and actually people died from that like one of the people tribe died from that he had caught a dragged onawandah guys like jan andersson nothing really he said while he was there there are one of two the people were the main people are tribe the chief disappeared he was gone for all day and they were seriously worried and because they believe in bad beer is in bad omens they
said he caused the chief to disappear and have achieved it come back they were planning on killing him they were going stone him to death thankfully the chief came back and everybody was elated because like but he was i can understand how cross i came to die i say they would try to kill him because felt tat she was a bad omen he create even if in actively do anything to the chief he created the bad luck tat made the chief disappear here's your fuckin canoe mother father whatever was a stupid joke but never a guy that is captured by the savages they're gonna eat him and he said the undemocratic which is just so i just love the punchline what're you gonna do your skin
they go we're gonna make a canoe out of it and it gives a navy was here's your fuckin canoe he just pious holes than us that's harsh to joke at the tough joke adds up to a compromise they will show the philadelphia pennsylvania it's a known fact that ninety percent of all queers come from your down towards the best one is two tabs saying come from or go home upstairs where's somebody was first say that leave somebody's anymore the guys are still of their there still are there in will you you re caught fire no more what i'll start revolution clear seems raw overturned the task easier is selling the mean larry the cable guy the meeting larry the caravan larry dice at a level that i
they are were you guy suck my dick real quick himself my taste is a better manage eurasian obey them with these his name gregor grateful guys great guy i've met homeboy i was trying to talk amount of larry the cable those limits the driver told about about life four billion dollars my guy says he i sit there i lay in his characters strong but you know i like your old character better no doubt still pretty well for me you fuckin wrong i never you fucking around a writer i say twice style moreira bad advice my rarer coming down on me jelly wolf has eta has a guy ever become like really good the union's common ways from the beginning and task as fact does win win
in that area is easy to learn really that was that i was more surprised because he was so shy and brian reagan outcry very ever see brian i know the beginning he was like night nineteen year old kid doing europe that was an m c and he was just like gracious ferryman not silly at all rules like esteem is like a classic like tonight show stand up right and none of that you know the helios ii lu lu lu louisa go over to be able to carry a fuckin brilliantly funny he just knows only funny it's his style too like his style of being funny so get his only by a brain region yeah he's like one this is like a few guys like maybe three or four guys roads squeaky clean but that everybody these are awesome used to be hedberg for hedberg everybody loved hedberg but will people forget as it hedberg squeaky clean really really by local brilliant
it was brilliant he was really an all time great for me is one of the few guys us to this day little listened his old stuff just allow now from the airport or sent my thought i still love he was one member from a comedy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and there had burglars i'm ruined line he said on the matter how much i practice tennyson be as good as the war share the ball is relentless how effective they like he took like an old expression and made it a really funny bid planters bargains war there is fuckin guys pointers bargains war you never know when he told me he turned into like where the fires whatever i can breathe i was just in his home i go up one of his towns austin the always go in peace for minneapolis disney illegally i did a lot of coming in texas
medicine euston but they really are big fans his down there he he was ass a man whose beautiful accounts really frightened funding rates than there is really far can follow my tiny offer me coke party immature and such a nice kidding i go on as i said michel foucault goes down i'm sorry i go sorry fuckin generous its basic like offer me two hundred dollars sweater nicias judges that i don't happen to do it i am adamant that judge in it he came up to me in rochester new york will we met for and they were so proud that he was only drinking beer you know he wasn't doing russia is so basically bragging to me but only be an alcoholic canada there is such a giant difference between those drugs all the other ones the opiates and on the other hand does risk there
such marshal day for some sort of clinic for opiate addiction just talking about you know how easy it is get hooked another different people her heart and don't wanna meet their heart and showing you the examples of i would like to do serious i would love to do but there was no immediate towards its it wasn't so dangerous yeah i'd love the feeling because i don't want fuckin i don't wanna be high living i wanna be like men down anything speedy crying yeah that's jerry already know i don't even drink too much coffee but fuck and mellow as i like did we not throw and with a sense of music so here you get to the reader thing when you like china we like to know what the real i don't trust myself i would like it
i don't trust the don't trust any thing this is my rule and i don't tell anybody would do ever but as a true while my line so long as we do that do it i don't fuck with anything that's addictive fuck with any they can get you did i don't even like coffee cookers coffee can get you know that i tabled no i take weeks off upon all the time yeah yeah all the time it's fucked up there only time i i absolutely smoke party used to be before jujitsu but so far ice you can take i'm almost always do it before that our before writing sums due for writing it helps you were alike to he gets really nice grew at the helps me release my current grasp unreality at this thing
when you when you get an opportunity to look at things from like coffee doesn't do that coffee sort of inspires movement inspires like me to act have energy they start things off but for me the best inspiration is like a mental inspiration like an inspiration where a step away from it all see it from a different perspective that's what alongside would get my dismay allows me to just like move over to the next window things through the window of sober sustained ray eighty let's move over good things from the outset over here what you ve caught high in you relax all aware realise this is kind of funny really and then he stopped pocket halls of things said i i don't get funnier at all without the whole thing i ever do but it one more teeny we'll get me funny there two martinis lots of fun it's really a big difference really really big it
just slow me down enough rattled feel that fuckin idea about oh yeah yeah well what i can one is the like a little bit of a buzz with a tiny little bit of a the current nice freelance get nervous judy i get the only time i get anxious at all as if someone i know it's gonna be there like made but that makes me like usually perform better and i'll be a little bit sharper try i'll be a little bit more alert which is ever a common clubs or give me a theatre sometimes two thousand peoples a lot for me it's weird two different sort of experience he i did a trap in atlantic city and see only two thousand cedar than i do that has so much of a meaning for me i've done in canada than like my family's there my friends there it's my home right that's look that's where i get a little bit too now here i feel that my stomach fuck you and beings standing
two thousand was a lot of material soothed and an hour in ten air there is no better giggle a planet so far i done so many different things but there's nothing like the comedy northward like network down either as an audience member like i like a lot of things you know i say alike and sports and i like him a man by like going to movies but i like to see a got a really great stand up alone sophie laugh and be separate yourself i then they get excited is still i like it when i see some was really gonna wanna go right yeah yeah definitely owe you a hundred percent i was left at night and slowly because as the commissioner first and i didn't feel like i canceled friday never cans i'll just be that way
and i said milburgh said something that i have been thinking he goes i just don't have anything to say tonight and fill it gone i thought you know it's not it's bill saying you know somebody i respect so much and why we find that the communist over by the time i got there lay a factory i was joost rye ready to go here and i loved it because it was unfortunately college students laughing at me and yes it is very young crab they wish for when the euro girls range from i go wind would i ever get a chance to talk to you about that unlike three feet away for twenty years old you have to listen came up to you to a her lost pops in report you can manage it it's fine man the ad i'm still driven by that that then you go with clubs showing off for a pretty girls is really not that
how much of a factor is that the new provisions of actor its i mean i get a kick out of a kick out of making them laughin you know yeah i also like tough guys some like an crack liquor it looks like a gang member now i see him at the fucking just get the whole gang member dodger jacket so just like little challenge as yeah yeah yeah that's part the fun of it for sure i just think it's amazing when you can translate to other groups you know i mean let's face it if i was fuckin stuck with goobers my age i'd be dead nor have to translate the girl cross generations i've my favorite it is that laugh at me in their grace my family asylum for can cry of pvc like a girl like sometimes i get cards cuba commoter grandmother
they have been in a jiffy joke first time in her life to do you know a seed be amazed me especially because the old ladys today the like you know there were around the seventies and eighties in our another the sixtys and seventys come now to common clubs like they have pretty goddamn good sense of humour yeah right it and grow up in an ellipse impression that in europe the depression indifference jean our parents parents and and these people that are coming up today that serves more relaxed bunch the group jimmy here is i've had a lot of like older gray haired folks come up to me after shows and beautiful yeah awesome there's no reason to not just enjoy yourself in half like all the same we have a lot of sense imposed restrictions on the way we view things in the looseness in which we approach things and a lot of us just because we have to work they have to be serious the work already shitty fuckin jobs all danes hard side too
tied to really like have time to step back and fond of it all and stepped back and look at it for what it really is some weird temporary state that could end at any minute now in scotland a weird thing to be a person is an old personages locked in ridge certain their ways and seeing the incoming like a goddamn freight trains rolling down the track and they just beginning philosophical road pirogue act in county fuckin overcome energy in life we know allow folks like her i think it's funny the guys who won't talk don't they don't talk was certainly for women at the high level group of women or fucking pig takes about yeah there's some guys just those i'll get a voice club guy some guys don't wanna know either
this is some guys don't want to know that women like some guys want like really answer vanished joke women die with well maybe they just want to find that one girl from wisconsin king herod hasn't been spoiled yet tom our era ever think about that pal you did ok don't you don't get fresh derivative having to me the business you give me the bat abbott afresh i think we should bring their back i don't give fresh that is a nice thing to say the became today's pod christ almighty let him on the pike s first tat he wanted to come very smith was your beautiful man but that's a terrible idea as he was doing to filibuster here i said he jamie did he would tell you told the guests to shudder by they listen to me i'm running late factories scenes nineteen seventy five i work i work four hold on body it keeps and pressures shutter
i have a guest goin down the shut up these afflicted guess he was brutal so many people there pack has to do with you and him there will please don't ever bring it was like the majority of the commons like who the fuck is that guy wisely i would show and arm i tell you what they said to go we think not mature amateur we think you're funny but you gotta lou the little mexican upon the little mexican way blame in this mexicans he's these iranians jewish star to israel that what a fuckin characters being really shitty at being racist thinking in mexico your racist you just suck at it you and stuck it being a woody who the fuck in mexico like a leafy looks even body listen to me when i was in a small country a long time ago now that sounds exactly like a mexican here that there is another body listen to me listen
damn i read i been working life fact that he seemed sire nineteen seventy six every year was sooner he gets younger when he came over here body listen i was six years old time name on by myself by the eyebrows microphone eyes and eat them in my underwear like to make does but hey still taken man started supporting stand up if it was four guys like him a people their own comic gloves they're all crazy but you have to be crazy comic club he loves it now he loves comedy and he loves there's a few people that like they drive comedy in this country in a wendy from colorado from is hardly worth she drives company in colorado story wages she and bone the club she's off if a person to but
drives kommeni colorado like she was one of the reasons why like when i wanted to skip it was project escape from ally when i was looking at a place to go colorado was one of my choices and one of the reason being that she has like a real calmly seen their psychology colleagues as greece gas yeah she's got up bikers although we have two headliners local headlines and she works those guys like she has like like rotation and this you're allowed to do tat hey allowed under fifteen minutes and should develop accessible magnates lotta people forget about open might lies jamie still has its beautiful have devil you have to have him they're so important it's the problem is a place like outlay wherever i think so fucking funny which everybody socks the beginning but some people sought to the point of no return it did in secular being a lucky i did was terrible in your item now and soldiers and but i think i didn't set because i was already over my nerves because acting ok you know i mean i didn't i didn't have much of an act but not the gate
i always cabell myself well i don't sell you jerk off and send it i'm sure i would think i said but i don't i'm not that big fan my today so i was very socially anxious before the stand but i also was able to teach martial arts classes and because i taught so many martial arts classes like a little bit less fear of talking shut up will you please you don't public speaking guides i'd i'd conducted a class many classes in others what i was doing for living where did you go and much more urgent then i was nineteen i was teaching type window at boston universally i was blackmail but i was in tackling those bypassing sixteen or seventeen so probably seventeen summer runner and i won t matthews you championship like for years
i want a couple other so good for your head to learn how to allow really we get hit the motion of it was for me for me at the time was big but dared the teaching and was really satisfying watching people learn things where i learned that i really love sharing things and i also learned that in sharing like teaching techniques which people are really concentrate on my own techniques like i think a lot of my texts and lot of my movements got even sharper because i was teaching them to people i was breaking them down shut them how to do them from scratch and then have you people those was one girl that i had trained she came as a wipe out and she got all the way up to minimise your madam but i believe it was yellow green blue red black like those of the thing she got up to blue which was pretty in a pretty high and means you're starting to compete against people that are than other dangerous thing kick in the face he could get crazy
and she won't astronomer allows culture so coach there from the town she was wiped out other waited until the time she was that's cool i was amazing airs amazing and she was young she's in high school and she was she was right she just knew how to listen she knew how to listen and she knew how to do what i want i explained she could like she was like super focused is really civilians teaching someone something and seeing something like someone complete dive into something that you you you appreciate and watching them get better sore warning we owe the pass out on sport i always used to remember like my instructor when like there was guys or greeley good in the class and they they did something really good you know mother was spying demonstration are whether they are due to drill on the barrier sunlight them he had his beak of joy in his eye when he saw you do it really well like you know like it when you just as hurt you you would get excited me like that
he could see there's like i did our stand then but when i start teaching there are realised like they're u really taking part in someone's joy by helping them create something by helping to create these movements and figuring out how to do this move frankly that is not just like learning at a kick its legacy tapping into this this area where you have control over the whole package even fridges a brief moment doing now like there's a phrase that they had from the tag window brochure when you signed up that i never forget said that it was a vehicle for developing your human pretend so like that's that's how i thought of it and that's how i like would teach it so will you teaching you like it's like i had an opportunity has failed
an opportunity to show somebody suddenly can change their life in ourselves so you were changed my life i showed you to change your life to you you will literally become a different person i took fourth grade and those kids are grown up and that's really cool the same some of them told me it was the best year their lives they come to see me they stand up that's amazing who you teach what whitworth greater in everything but arms with raiders like different as science everything really it's different than what you did because you went to the people who had like an interest in a love for something and wondered to explore you weren't you were doing but mine is different they had to be there so i'm my thing was absorbed and self esteem i figure i can't teach than these subjects are gonna come and gone and lows petite himself
steam and so the most rewarding things were like this one can use your show you so shy whose real tall barest by it and he would stay in the clinic cloven cloakroom they call it the coats they just stand there were commander go sky was calm sky king with space cadet go sky you gotta come out can't stay i can't let a kid to sit in the euro and by the end of may just like work in his self esteem and all he was in the middle the class just what everybody else waving his hand and his mother came up to me and she was like really touched by and told me that i think is life and out at conscious cool and now i got like couple the girls come to see me i was well the gross goes mr why did you let us do so much stuff you know like i said because you're smarter than me i see she gonna me i say look
i was by men more knowledge close and adopt the kids ladder you have more brain power to me i know i wasn't dumb i was smart enough to know that i was in that's why you ran the class don't even so you were uneasy teaches us reach us really is and i told them at the beginning of the year i want this to be the most fine year your life only you can message i said i'll fucking us laboratory them ass i said i want to go to the gymnast wanna play basketball said jim more than you do so the retina without can i have a party every friday afternoon i would have we would have liked kids it would do break dancing and stuff and real was that also is was great to a piss as a second no but somebody else had an idea for times without be hilarious com it seems like a natural you as a funny teacher because you really did it it's legit and if you will stop and think about it that would be like for a kid
that's like one of the greatest roles of the dice a kitten gave her fourth grade teacher your dollar rarefied fourth grade teacher he still closing miss guerrero she's telling us issues or whatever and this causing mr error and i go teresa firstly your taller than me she's hotline i go he stopped with mr either call me damaged because i just can't call you dont let funny like she's guys got me down as mr error that's good i will keep you from being a dirty birds will would stay away without anyone noticing she's a little girl let it i'll call you missed irish try established boundaries somebody somewhat it well brasiliano cause i can't prompt bumped oh this on design possesses the those who in my view videos that i mean it wasn't even like it was almost like an interstitial
a thousand there already between the kill i'll come up folks gave a little gonna be high horses even jokes were killing you withdraw that ever nathan lane nathan lee actor yes it was like a musical but a bunch of them is this great is losing the europe it was in the producers i should have a for they were here to give me used a grey his great memory and he went my would do that pretty edison character and he would membership biggest cut off your high was the governor i was has come down up your exalted mounds retreat free of fatigue plateaus come out folks and was just so much fun dukes was so physical brain and loud and was going to kill my voice they called dog when no legs none the matter when you call me a come where did i lose you
oh you're having characteristic bring back like those always one time it was a fine character readjusted what was conglomeration of every land mountain comedian i've ever seen savvy songs i write a joke to make the whole world smile i hadn't nightmare last night i was last night that i bombs on stage in hell gig and long island were very specific ah because the island where i did a lot of hell gangs yeah some of them brokerage and governors did the nice places to browse the fast eddies and heightened as a half my manager i got my manager convinced to let me be dirty because f
initially it was in whichever motor yeah from the beginning you pick me up another scrub pick me about has no pimaicaira we ve been together forever he's the best is they love him too he is my friend as the managers of the best manager and i love em butter who in the beginning you know we were still try figured out i was alone like twenty seven years all that no shit and noise pollution be clean like that was back in the day wherever but it should be clean you know what i done some clean sets do like ass may do what i think i yes we do want clean set forms a clean said a catch rising star but then we went to arm the play it was way out was inside your recycling got what are they gonna settle there and then we do said this fast eddies places fast in his place and there was a do new george gala off your member who lose onstage real physical agonies do understand where he would do for a ship with a banana
you're a very shit he's too i guess you'd like put the banana like fully formed on his lives than soccer back and was mounted on without a collar over shit what is it jeff unnerve forget he looks or goes you don't have to do it i'm gonna get journalists and i go no no no not tell them i go these are my people i go there s going to be fine here are not made these people ass time went on did my helga material i did somebody hell gigs start being it was the one he he was convinced he gave in watching that one set in this crazy night club like it was the end of discussion with an ashby clean because ok we're just gonna concentrate on just go off dirty is that he's the best haven't a guy like that as a marriage is takes all though worry like
career handling things you now i can get a relationship like that will guide you love the guy like family and his also your manager and you really alleviates so much you know on the market is the best so sandra the best but got so lucky that i met them you know it's not a cookie faces out there man what a crazy fuck and people business men having loony tunes managers are we met her made people off the divan how many people that fuckin swindle people on linda stolen money or owen money are embroiled in controversy every other year lenny clark i ah we got five tarred so dead so de jure seinfeld fire as well a lot of guys did some agents stole hundreds of thousands of dollars on the majority
saxo shit it's funny business weren't armourer you and i have known each other for no fuckin time now yes speed but other too many years twenty years and nine walter you think i'd be a little better while fuckin pool dahmer error level concentration is strongly still gonna shoot and far garbage calls on ninety hours and minutes that's all i need to ours is in the report that the doctor ordered son you make they're gonna tell you damn i ll ever relax over here dahmer reawakened folksy next abate the improbable lana there this thursday friday saturday in the following i didn't you know they linda the day haven't those this new pretty new here why don't hear how i got to get it for you i was doing a benefit for animals was drowned heavy and for animal shelters haven i don't even know what it was i just went in cause was alan i said i thought maybe
needed money and then they go nuts for dogs and cats and dogs and cats i'm kidding you know but why so then i get a call the next day i don't want to go to lana and then but freedom called in my agent than a funny oh but freedoms opening the strike while he spoke in a ah that's funny loud and nobody book things anymore is he dead reno in tahoe and i hear like has something at the empty a couple years ago is like officially retiring but he always does yeah you know what it is proper to foreign form the guy's been in the fuckin business is all life i can give our loves gettin up and say hello he does and you know what a comedies gray fucking things still be a part of its fun thing still be a part of it is that met cleveland apply we gotta hilarity them being cook any if europe stand up calmly fan out it has ever been more funny guys around and now i don't think so i think so has this year to so many good people
women disseminated somebody many to so many more funny chicks now than ever before you ever before i know i think there are so many other night when she forking cheese delirious just her in any humor i think they rank up with the funniest chicks of i don't know work macfarlane does as well she spoke in alaska she's larry she's very smart you know is a smart person she sees things she points out things you know you they make sense you go with it it's good rate the guard our hilarity was gathered they give her the party she gives me inside tortured him towards it hurts my three nights grids they shouted he shut the fuck up just please rich will she's hot around you saying various martyred i'm just saying that its funding that's funny parkers the bed the basket a couple by far is secure and christine upsets you didn't know her thinking terms grows wife dude that chick is fuck info
we did want to san tripoli shows us actually naughty show and sanction these naughty shows of nursing does it show improv and they're not just comedy there's like all signs crate yes to it there is life yeah poisons there like they played some thing where if the guy got the quest wrong the porn star beaten with a belt so this chick is like being this dude ass the belt and everyone scream and going nuts in their boom they bring christina possess ganz stage and i would she's very pretty yeah she's not like a porn star looking churches like a very pretty regulatory so she goes on stage and by the way don't ever asked me my wife my friends why his heart that didn't really that's what you're gonna do you son of a bitch you she's nowadays appropriate be handled it well guess she's pretty for
so wasn't like she was sound sex just sell and funny you know she was going up there being funny you may see she hasn't she dresses like anybody lizards say was about ass trial disrespectful splash let me stay with all due respect and anyway she goes up there and i'm taken man i just meet our right and she's with she's with tom and like you know she seemed so nice now for sure she's gonna go you dig up there whatever i find the guy just beater adieus ass with a belgian evidence scream any father took is better i want to say yes i would say at the very least like his underwear was again as underwear only the beads ass with a bell a cap fucked up to get hurt anyone she crash shit just grab it makes fond of it makes volatile situation relaxed gets that gets to it on our own due time just control the whole room like a pro
so nice when you say that like she's gone this is nothing more than befriending someone and then you know you ve never seen before and your nose like those those weird poppy nights the improv where are you know like a lot of times like on those wednesday and whose night shows like this some of the people in the crowd will be supplied the guy on stage they bring like ten people with rare you never know have averted girl i'm bringing their but she was she lives in chicago let factory was is in chicago and i was doing it and she asked me if she could do some time families there stage his heart knowledge you bring your firm which put a shitload of people and she did very well and she's really
wait a minute she's good analysis is good but i mean she's probably not like an christine's christine's yeah cassim possess glad she did very very well she's a newcomer you know she's really really green but at i mean like all all was was just like me you're hot forget to seven minutes what do i care you know who impressed me the most doing like opens however little lester the larger argo cargo theatre down those thirty four hundred people there where the fuck exceeds one three thousand how many would say it's bits one three thousand destroyed the kidnapped she's good she was twenty on the parties to the solemn many fine if i could be this is crazy time crazy time they came back i mean forget it better it's better than ever i really do likely kevin heart a mean think about brian cowen net apollo
jim brewer bilbil david tell david tell dave chapelle chris raw lucy k tosh just stop right there and look at how many guys you deal with their mean patent laws won't care for your partners walt he's one of the best so many good guys right now man there so many fuckin good guys know fuck it makes me laugh though even though is that traditional stand up her any killer always lead yes he is a traditional stand up is as you know this makes you understand it looks like he does so when he bombs does better he's doing good yeah he's the funniest bomber ever he's awesome isa is quite a character yeah we live in good times greater harmony in the fact that everybody has a podcast now i think you are i just think it's one of the most amazing things ever that all these different people have something
it connects to the act you know like here to see the person like instead the scene the jokes onstage get to see the unfiltered human being can i get to fuck around with shared talk about syria shared talk about not so serious shared bus balls be silly we sell little king so they sell that bring around if you didn't i think that can someone employer somewhere for yourself ok square they start com go there till you folks your fuckin warmest i am supposed to like what is this bruce worse with europe your mother fucker who is a factor that was from really could not proceed from mother fucker hume fucker he told me that she came in the sea is god daughter delivery and i thought i was gonna go up so wait did my by radio shudder radio shared time got two years ago and now
it gives you guys i'm like one i'm tired of this european law on left fuckin doing your package i don't do because people's time i gotta this fucking time restaurant vegas you pitches in fatty all i'm looking i felt a fucking fag gonna u what i'm taking a pits of your budget serves as a joke noah teresa reeling variables what do he is he felt like he was a fag thus treasure she's pretty cock and see what happens now he massive job register mowing down your car now i can't even if here you know obviously in our guy but even if you just for the experiences on sale the point of the tibetan people extend with their happy brings it up again try to figure out why was down you will because my pictures up above the earth can he loves you
pushes goggins has it all and he just q so memorable how to bring it up we'll get the fuck attainable squares based dot com ford slash joe use the code joe five save yourself some money and thank you too on a dark com o n n i t use a code name save ten percent of any and all supplements dominic motherfucking ira esquire thank sir they know who the fuck man i am proud to be a my friend honour it and i spent a lot of fun and joy over the twenty years and now you ve law good times what we pay more and more common right you folks powerful dan hardy will be here wednesday will be early park ass then a m now civic time for powerful den hardy and there will also be one on thursday and i'll let you know who's gonna be
firefox real overshoot area pressure you all and in mad love two biggest extra
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