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#365 - Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza

2013-06-06 | 🔗
Kelly Starrett is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and creator of MobilityWOD. His new book written with Glen Cordoza is called Becoming a Supple Leopard.
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hey everybody special late night episode of the german sprints protest and we'll have once bastards oh and and i t if you further podcast before you for these four commercial swore you don't need this can i use aggravation in your life you don't give a shit so limited that on it i went in and to just two ants o n n i t use a code name broken save ten percent of any nor supplements such a substance there it's mostly human performance website you ve never been there before go check it out fitness equipment or chemical supplements protein powders and good shit go check it out that's it bump this weekend too bad sold out tomorrow night s ass other dates gotta disquiet that tv
brain will have all of his future coming shows up there as well as friends of ours and my website joe rogan dot net there's a tour section and its thoughts scuttle the stuff owner alaska sold out sorry bitches snooze used and when a pig sold out too so can we go down again we're going back to texas fast so an idea we should probably get we're doing i now want to get a knight of the use and improv i've loved you yeah we're addison do addison gettin i denounced and i want to do i want to do a weakened or week of the accused in dallas do we need to do is look at ups makes him cause i'd kill starts here and becoming a crack in cuba music the jargon periods be black ass my way so you limits you are now a dj you fuck now
tell you how i sir i'm of giving thanks very much doing this matter really appreciated forest griffin recommends you that's good enough for me and your book is fascinating i started looking into your book and as was tony before the park ass i ve been haven't some back issues myself hamburger bulging disk in my neck then the name becoming a supple leopard where did which come within the college is one is have some tactical friends who are scary and they're always stiffened messed up and you know he tore me kelly the leopard doesn't stretch nose like words good pledges that leopard defence is a you know leopard leopard feels when i start thinking about like leopard cancer of attack and defend for physical capacity through the leopard activating its galoots warming rang or prepping its awesome so why the hell don't you have for physical bessie why in pain you know the resting stately innovation be pain free society behind ten what's gonna wiser because you suck at moving and you aren't you
when being you make a ton of movement errors no one ever gave you the software for you're beautiful hardware and are you beat up it hasn't take some injuries like crap sometimes that's a big one is that the software for you beautiful hardware that goes with the mind is well like magic managing me human side difficult snub uneasy who says it should be likes not uneasy skill so the bottom line is that we ve been source code of sold this horrible mess that like you can just get on the treadmill you have to thank bullshit like you a very very skilled human being that still work programme work every day so meaning that you can't just get on a treadmill and be a healthy person with no pain like you have to do physical real physical work after the real
work out so i think we ve moved beyond i think everyone knows you need a private put the time in under some waits he probably to breathe really hard or really talk about being a skilled human can you do everything that human beings deep overdue yes or no can you can you squat down what you're fit together like your talent having dinner yes or no if you can't you don't have flank or into motion why not that's way a perfect idas that's why tory achilles this is why have back pain so the thing is that europe should be very very skilled in your thinking very skilled and you're and incorporate the pact's three or fifty years ago we saw she writes the book of the five rings he says you're combat stance it everyday stance on you like lots of deep with a short sort goes your billing is to be firm is talking about your core you know random feature needs you need to be able to create tension was probably talk him talk and having you feed straight so we're not the first people to take it
i got it but we are the same people who made the same mistakes over and over again and you should be scaled we know tee to skill even spending your genetics and then you wake up one day and you her need additional without so you're your skill in movement like you need to know how to stand you need to know the correct path
as i was saying like that kind of thing or look my life's work is dreams a child was not lecture dont men about posture like this is not that the apex but it turns out good standing position and yoga called to doesna right you know how to do that yes or no it's also to set a position for the dead lift the problem is that it's hard to kind of understand what positions need to be in what is full range emotion finally we have a language in that language is the modern languages shrinking auditioning you can press and poor and role you know we know you hear the debunked thinking about the old strength coaches say they french press tat the shoulders to the arms near like what the hell does that mean reference out if you teach kids to create torque of fixed object and explain what the purpose of that is you need be skill will then turns out in guard you concrete
work off of any position you can grant grabbed the shopping cart and being a stable shorter position so turns out that the posture that we adopt a day to day work right now in a good position or bad position horrible possessing authorizing the horrible mesozoic heard so is it is it ok be unconscious and zombie internet adds off you very scared him so much said he'll never work out for like the next month is going to work out a freak in amendment no i just have this thing that return like i know i slouch my my whole life s slouching if i sit sit like this it looks like and try to shop my delicious boobs but you should that's how you should think this is how you want to be healthy just tell the world here's my delicious but i've been doing that lately man and i'm telling you that isn't it there's a been a bunch of different things i've done lately that a mitigated my back pain but one of them is i've been really really cognisant of my posture for the first time in my life horrible slump doesn't think was
big deal that was i saw it all i stand up for what are you a fuck but i didn't think you had like health repercussions what do you think the damage it can do for you risks will let's little again so you get away with that you're pretty good athlete you haven't another your life you know your black belt you know have a train to cover soft only things all the sun so it's not working right and that they type one error that we make his is here is that have always done it and i'm that could be the best in the world i know so many gold medals and so we will champions will wreck holders who have terrible positions and bad mechanics and pain there's still the best in the world so if you can't use that i'm the best in the world excuse the issue is are you off to mice are you in the best position pass view we max major potential comma we use pain is lagging indicator away till your pain swelling numbness entangling
arrange emotion than some we all have a problem this like driving a car rental blows up then we like ashputtel yeah i know i fucked up in not getting regular massages annoy factor by not doing enough yoga i know i know i thought that let's not since this is the problem is yet to massages great tabs known regulate taking your tissue you know i haven't really gives an idea of an integrated and stretching so but the problem is stretching we'll talk but that stretching doesnt work stop stretching after you work out stop stretching but how do you get really flexible well with we should take a systems approach it doesn't include the word stretching because stretching assortment collated by think about lengthen your muscles so ok let's take a little figure network for example right one of the things we look at is is your spine and novel position now and what we see is that if your round in your three tasks mind look at that level
right right which is easy if your texting or sitting over your head and a blue ford for every inch friend your centre of master had as its plus ten pounds you your head was eleven pounds plus interest another twenty noisy ok so i have a super it's been a long arm so less extrapolated out so running four hundred metres is threatened three steps riots three hundred thirty loads if you look it sort of the flux and load moment on your neck extrapolate outcomes for study it and why is that you're nervous system is not to mind that this this is the physiology of a human being is no longer debatable we know what the best position is right if i put you had this position increasing force production instantaneously when did everybody sort of come to a consensus on this like minded people really start understanding like real physical training in hawaii corrective bad posture in issues of like what you're talkin moses like fairly recent information i would say it is a very recent and reason
recent when the book come out right when we start mobility what the issue is that for the first what work out of the danes and what it is today at least grass fed fuckers in their acronyms head will do thrusters thrusters the bottom line is that we kept the guy's got a book about being a sub elaborate that he wants to do thrusters is this show filling the black from serve as you say that to be alive as a child so it's a great town come said thrusters settle down there there we were as a grown man what we were talking about how long this information has been out there so look at me look at what happened with the answer the internet we have literally in kind of hit some kind of threshold where for the first time in real time we have the best practices test retesting shared plan
forms coaches are talking to a strange coaches talk nutritious leslie use your own your show as a model look at the picture you brought on right experts in their fields legitimate and for the first time we started tion is very disparate systems you know somebody nutrition guys you're talkin a gymnast talking videos and were able to connect the dots in ways we wouldn't i mean two thousand years ago the yogi figured out the putting your arms of your head didn't align the shock rose it but the children to a stable position you know and so it's not like we haven't taken a crack at the human condition before but for the first time we can sort of integrate the fields will turns out that that shorter position is the same position you should have a short of your pressing or if your young jim blocking it's the same shoulder the motor control technique has been worked out for us because humans are obsessed with performance are obsessed with different have your weights and go faster when we start to cut it
underlie the physiology and match up with the principles now like look if you go into any any jim on the planet people are front squatting in running and lifting and swinging kettlebells when my mom brags about it left pierre riches and our official me you know me like she has her sleeping with your mom as an artificial means does dead lives who doesn't does not sufficiently why not so that that is going to start in iran and she's gluten free right so if in gluten free that's right so if you do that i want you can't i wanna definitely gets other than the gluten issue that's a very controversial issue but it's not controversial i mean a month's through a lot of people maybe not to you but it says a lot of evil that is the issue is suddenly we can tie these fields together in because we have the way to share the information and then we also maybe you notice or in the centre of a human epoch of user renaissance for sure like look at em a movement
or like hey i should probably learn how to fight and rule the self self empowerment i'm not gonna have a pension imminent before one k i would imagine myself oh i'm turns i'm responsible mount health care services but he's deafened shifted back to us nutrition information a sort of the still down shifted back to us like you can start making better decisions about life will as you have to become roused due for a right and i think we're we're we're in a culture people waking up and for the first time now people are engaged in real shrinking addition systems they are front squatting their working hard i mean i think poverty and those who work on those first books he was a brazilian fighter who did the ten minutes like snatch test with a cannibal nomes kill them and it took him like ten minutes or something rennie waves about it now i i have like fortune or kids
four minutes so the work capacity model was out so everyone now is realising hey i need to work better and you to work harder than that mean everyone shows up super fit now right they really do they mean image got pelops in their working hard and into body we ve done really good job but we're not still telling people what the best position is not or not kind of connecting dots because we can get away with a right a lot of bad checks until we get injured right and then you you're the reason i think the reason we're having its success with the book in with a with our our video staffing is that i'm gonna see you either cause you're broken or because you're losing in both of those things are the same harmonization and one that i think the real problems is that this this information has been mired in the injury prevention you know do this anymore get injured but i'm not injure now if a great i'm on the best in the world so why should i give a care now we can start to say by the way this conversation is about where you dump and torque we cancun to good guard position will widen force on the wall where you you and then we start having that conversation
it turns out that the shoulders the shoulder so if you start to understand the principles of movement you understand what we are trying to do in the gym then you can start to translate dust of innocent firstly to whenever spargo so it's more of a like a physical intelligent sort of an idea that you're you're trying to impart physical intelligence like moving correctly well it's moving correctly so think about position positions is skill can you do all the things like by asking you to keep your spine flat and reach overrun gravity severe can you do that yes or no like i don't i don't need a bunch of tests on your lumbar mind look instability do you know how to brace can you get into good position and maintain a speedy or something simple acquiesced ankle major motion before us people getting blown up running poorly with these new she was right to find other fuckers does new shoes inaugurate nother amazing but you don't have one goringe emotion your feet a week you run like a duck in europe run so her room
first of all mean i've been getting grass and i mean the royal you were so i understand we sang what's happening is that we cannot have to confirm or deny to everything is we ve gotta makes it we say if positions skill do possess the motor control d of the skill the technology to be able to do this yes no and then also give the biomechanics and the problem is we ve gotten pretty good at the motor control worst figure that out but people's biomechanics a wretched in the differences the reason we have wad at the end of our name or billy what is it takes some maintenance new should a know that you polly take ten minutes a day to work through your crap we'll just you need ten minutes of preventive maintenance on the car verde get but guess anyone just the way you're nutritionist so down in the course of day you develop a practice of ten fifteen minutes some basic minutes and then that allows you deal with the things that are fraught like him an ex killing me my backs killing me
or i just go hunting so we look at toby tears achilles you know how much it costs them with across his team you known revenue what about a rider lady gaga tears are hip ridden muggers yes she had to refund thrown the guys guys those guys are good i can understand why just roll out there and they certainly around dollar hip thirty million dollars is how much she had found their powerful thirty million dollars if you hurt your hip was was a worthy hate her you hip not amount what to do about pink us so right who i think the real question is no it was causing these well it's a human right to know her move that should not and should not be a physical therapists and i'm must be clear i'm i've clinical doctor in this thing i should not be standing between you know how to move more effectively in you who know how to fix it does this stuff is so simple it's a human right that we're trying to us
when you see some people that have like ridiculous natural intelligence with their bodies and then that's what i'm calling is right the ideas some doesn't natural intelligence and its much like some people just way better at doing whatever singing people just fuck and and some i'm just not a move their body but people man there's some do like you just can't teach him certain things like i remember when i was teaching type window there is always the case just learn everything so quick and there is always some people that for whatever reason their body just didn't move right honey i'm sorry no one use a guy like that how do you correct that will the real issue is at what point do we start to develop skills and kids right right how do we would set a foreign language hocker it's not about recess you'll think about your wired to move quickly to him and so my daughter age eleven months squats like west side style like that she does right because it turns out all the after all the conduits are there
i gotta run the wires to the conduits and that's why we get kid you came out of fighting some kind of martial arts early on condemning gymnastics early on some kind of movement system dance they'll moved that right right and that is because there are some basic primary shapes it we talk kids and then all son you have this language onto under which you can sort a layer of criticism but suddenly there kids figured out early on and it shouldn't be an happenstance like every kids know how to jump the last saw but this acl injure rates and kids under twelve up four hundred percent why me that we should be clear that that is because a more competition is it just because a poor movement and i think we dont teach kids at a move i think we expect that this is a natural
thing injure themselves though and athletic something i've i've torn to asia yells and it wasn't because a bad movement ok fair enough so let's take all the orthopedic injuries on the planet were divided into three categories first categories pathology some wrong with you right you have kidney infection arises right there's something sketchy go on one of my wife's friends mothers had back pain constant back payments scenery everyone's train for back mentioned out she had spinal cancer written it shouldn't tests as cancer there's a pathology there that happens once well and that's why you ok dude you my train partners something's wrong with you could you check out
this is our physicians we handle pathology beautifully the seconds catastrophe sometimes i work with every branch of the government's all the tier one assets there can be parachuting down when the night in land on a stump and break their ankle you're gonna get swept and have someone some fat guy one ratio that's gonna happen by those are two percent category problems ninety eight percent is totally preventable it's you working in bad positions until use body until you tear labour rights right that's it the illness also fatigue fatigue cause you
body to buckle under you occasionally cause you to have poor form that's true so the issue is you know can you maintain a position under duress of card restore demand right you wrap i heard you say if a couple times you like profit like gimme a fighter but because they are the expression of being able to hold the shapes and finer russell under huge metabolic two main incorrect for demand is what makes fighting really good and people really done a good job of taking the conditioning off the table mountains in these methods are so conditioned right but if you lose position because it breathing hard because you're metabolic metabolic demand or load right oars your stressed and what you see is you see complete training and the whole point of training is to exceed your capacities so that you can maintain the robustness influence if your positions so that when it comes time to dance or do we need to do you could do those things and you dont end up giving position so you saying that under
handing him movement and understanding how to do anything correctly suitable lead to an improvement in their let us as an across the board hundred percent one to one suffused walk like a duck the status and can we take a plumber tim sylvia due note himself is to my sylvia s former you have seen headway champion a great fighter just a bit big giant dude but he always had a like a pigeon toad thing going on ok so i think there was is out of genetic thing or is it just slow genetic is in his mom walk like that is deadlocked think that a pattern like that so ineffective ample the real they won't draft you be do you wear flip flops this culture of wherefore flop i happened to your ankle if i take away your your capacity to flex your ankle you're gonna want that nothing will walk through the ankle so what you do you walk around the angle so this is a mechanism for bunyan if that individual bone starts to collapse and would collapse down then that's a tell it's called the path anymore tell for easy l injury in fact in the interval scouts look for that
found video drop the neglect of drop and they d downgrade you because they think you're more likely terrorism so how to put his colleague individually drums regular regular bone is flat on the ground what always seems like you'd be more likely to territories like yours values are kind of going towards each other all the time no kid every child is born with fluffy man no kid actually has flat feet and one in the past he's a couple years are to develop we sitting around too but the turns out that your ankle works best when it straight up and down walk and straight so the problem is that when you walk with a foot out still cradle tunnel torque instability you can kick people really hard you can runway fast but since that light comes behind you then what's happened is that your hip is an unstable position you ve got it all of twisting to your knee you're ankles collapsed and you're starting to dump torque so that that back foot if you're pushed off that back foot to kick someone or hit someone you ve lost a little force there it's a little force believable force dump
so imagine that you walk around like that position with your feet turned out you take ten thousand steps today because you're an average person ten thousand steps so just do the math on that seventy thousand steps a week coordinating steps a month three main stops and suddenly you ve practice this foot turned out position the jumping in landing at your feet turned out ok that's the mechanism for so many of these ceilings for us all the foot injuries and is preventable first things you're coaches like hey stand we feed straight if we test you right now had you jump up from a legacy from the bottom position up onto your feet were half your feet were out i can sweep you so easily right if you're feeder straight you have options you can cut laughed right you can jump but foot turned your feet out you lose this position so i can also look at your hip function so much on your feet out internees come in right that's what happens you shut your hip musculature ass it's not me
we kept your hip is functionally muted you basically put yourself into mechanically opposition elusive function which means that this power so it's not a genetic predisposition it's a training early on that was incorrect practice practice practice so as did my friend and my my friends families like this girl's walk like a duck we ve talked about it you know he's like only category we see who's your surgeon lookin for debt that's what that is to cut the big why path rack says my clothes off conservative girls were closed off they'll do the pigeon style but but you're not thinking that through because women are generating more torque in that position to legislate you know it's you wanna be lucid who want to create torque i don't think the thinking like that man i'd like to know about it that israel's i enter the need to think about that this case like so my friends like eight in a wood you're might well have yesterday not working duck because it turns out you need training in coaching in this way our trading partners he's ok ever can you make your feet straight should ensure that in the promised fixed from
bout but so guy liked him sylvia whose in its thirty's do you think you could fix i give you got with term be kid can is it very noble here's the deal my wife has this great saying she's like make a better decision she looks at me like that so so it's not a hard time believing that the whither guys frame is like it was a great
in spite of his genetic so so what you say is how we optimize mechanics how do we take the best efforts in the world and make them better in this is the revolution wherein right now it's not just about injury prevention i know that if i put you into better position where you can squat more jump higher cut horror punch harder kick harder chances are that sort aggregates into better performance right well imagine if it's someone jumping down from a wall of the hundred pound pack and afghanistan do you think that's a good business your bad position referred to sprawl or get up and change directions from my officers this is the same deal the promise we not sort of connect the dots look daniel coil roots wrote this great book called the talent code of use for them will turn turns out skill is a complex biological phenomenon is it so well ends up happening is that when you practices skill when what we know it takes ten thousand hours and million wraps right
child us do something sixty ten thousand times poor becomes functional right the key to adult learning is repetition you ve heard all of this before what turns out that wouldn't neurons that fire together wire together what happens as those that schwann sell that all go down say comes in and mile and aids that pathway so practice doesn't make perfect practice makes parent so who you are right now so you can be under stress who you are right now right so why when you start cultivating a better position all the time because it's free money right it starts to show up the greatest thing about competition especially fighting cuz if we're going to find out who you are going to find out what your condition level is refined out your skill is when you find out where you go mentally when i get stuff right that's the point of why we train and why we fight because
self actual eyes and see the problems when we start turning to the soul into performance and it's gotta be measurable we can mention that i am a call today on the way and with what am i to france cyclists unbelievable phenomenal athlete ripe his foot was little stephanie anko and this needs to wobble and you think that's not good would you mention vows walking in my knees wobble there is sometimes kicked you every single time new wobble will turn us ankle was so and shall not free up his ankle and guess what is wattage went up anyone the tourist swiss so it's not an ax his anger was stuck stiff i'll just stiff need to be worked out imagine if you start
it's not just stretching right i think about your cast for example they take tons of abuse right running it can be upwards what five six times impulse body weight thing about kicking know if you're achilles serpent dams designed upholsterer but now what happens when that ankle collapsible but now you're kelly's is off access right pulls laterally this is the mechanism for the the achilles rupture is i take a very powerful tissue loaded sideways anomalies in my likely injure myself but that tissue doesn't work very well get stiff so if i just pull on it army to stretch and change anything because i'm just pull on the kind of contractual features radio stiffness of the the sliding surfaces vashe muscle stiff is a joint capsule you just have to start thinking in this in a systems approach in the thing is its thinking easy we use jump stretch bands and across balls this information services has been like kind of care
in this dark clause i have new pain i can i can really make a joke seventeen people and fight and do all these things but i do have my nipping that's ridiculous you're an incomplete athlete incomplete human so what do you do to people that are fucked up like that like we're gonna come to his gun kneepan you just correct that he moves in a first thing in the reason we are glad to movement first is that the movement often we correct your movement parenting and then the jim is not just about getting stronger fitter it's about perfect practice like the formal language of movement like the jim is like the best expression of modern human ballet rights the formal but we are freestyle dance babblers that's what we do but if you can speak this i'm alone where this has gone freestyle dance browsers answer you the issue is that one is how do i make the invisible visible how do i take a guy like that i can see it really good you say it in prison
what's gonna happen is honestly if you pick up this book and much trying to pitch this thing but you can see it you start to get the vision so bad you can see how people are moving you go the olympics and all watch the olympics you like that guy could go faster why is it need wobbling why is that that shoulder incomplete so the first thing we do is to prioritize the moving can you correct i'm a language of that so because especially in a pattern that's i've done a billion times less than the stigma olympic growers right these olympic growers have pulled thirty or forty strokes of minute for two hundred kilometers a week for as long as they been rowing it's insane the patterns so how do i get it break that pattern and make a mess with them no that's your coaches jogger coach teaches you technique my job as a striking addition coach or as a trading partner is to make give you a new pattern in this very formal language they call front squatting swing kettlebells you know doing the basic language finding the problems addressing the problems practicing moving
and guess what every single time off its can put it back into the field more flexible so what you're saying essentially before for the layman is wooden you're doing something like rowing it's a very specific movement so you essentially provide move meant in the opposite direction or like of your pulling pushing like here sweden weaved we ve basically confused people programme all of these movements right but mainly the spine as a few shapes needs to be built pick something up with my spine braced right which is straight birthrate up and ass revenue embrace correctly you probably need to be able to do a somersault don't you think for role that's all right so that's a glands that's a globally flex position can you do that so now right we had to do that we would see that you had a little dead spotty thrashings pinewood stiff right we're not getting good wrong if i was gonna swimmer or block about net above the net is a vital play
the same thing you need to be in that glow reflects an global extended positions dear fluid fluency ito portal great thinker about this stuff is like when you mean you carol backwards roll off your back like that's how you follow backward so why haven't we talk people this basic tumbling skills oh that's what gymnastics is so respond when there's a couple of very soon things you know and you can we can make some new us changed but that's the basic language the shoulders have a couple basic laws that when your shoulders in front of your body right from your from her hands up to your head they have a stable position in that position is extra rotation is trying to break the bar you know all these q screw your feet into the ground as a cue to create torque instability the hip what turns out you understand the movement principles then when you're in these shapes your climbing or in a bad shape you can always create a stable position reposition we're doing generate the most force practising that in the gym and also making it easy to understand
because when you are fighting it's hard to see real given away torque empower it's hard to see how your limited hip function right you're missing hip its flexion like bring you need your chest do it how do we know well that's the mechanism for hip impinge my aunt and torn labour arm and all the problems we see but if i asked you to what can you get into the bottom position of a pistol for example right that that basic shape is not an accident that news the southern like the kneeling position like people can't neil that's a full range of motion of your ankle you know that that these are the basic shapes the formal languages of movement fighting gymnastics all of these things people work this out yoga and so you don't need to yoga if you'll have heavy weights in you understand what you doing you're putting your arms overhead snatching you probably are doing must snatch swinging a cannibal chances are you understand yoga without understanding oh you don't you deal i think people do you for other stuff too will this is this is also what we gotta into this they do for their head hurts but girls but
but just do whatever your hand girls do for girls but yes want to build builder bought up that's what i'd never works those net strangeness never work we have to be a skinny finished skinny facto a skinny faculty let me tell a story please do i was not sure if my family for staying at the baron ban within their beautiful and there's a spar my wife's located yoga class you should take that effect i like will be good for you and be entertained for them so i'm sure there's like twenty girls already know yoga costumes and the woman sees me and she looked at me just like will unite us girls guys huge is can we have flexible it can take up our memories mrs but i understand what the stable shorter position is in any sport in any platform cause it's the same shoulder and we understood physiology can you get invest shape yes how can you mean your spine stable yes or no right punching is the same thing is is being endowed dog basically punching is well mean you like you know just like do you understand what the stable shorter position is
for the same thing right do i organised a hearing position in some punches like specially apricots and hooks here in a very weird position we're position but do you can express to fulfil the ology so what there is the good position so the issue is if your limit range motionless take forced right you know he's got a bad wing right it is missing in motion on that shoulder right some things have been working on for a long time right he got dumped in bad shape the question is now he that limits is movement language down to very few has a few ranges he's very effective in some ranges where is not very effective sorry for some given whether the keys to the castle here but before griffin bar fight but the real issue is that if you have won the basic archetypes for human beings you should be able to put your arm syrup of
ah ribcage down armpit ford right look if you're holding a dumb belov your head right elbow gives little but more breathing room but can you hold to fifty five pound kettlebells overhead yes or no that's full range of motion right but you need we ought to be stable here and stable here still overhead still here stable here's that we are so what happens if i have four in motion and i training these former ways of creating took off his object right i'm i'm sayin kettlebells on breaking the bar and bench pressing impressing i'm doing pushups all the things we do then that gives me movement possibilities were still being in an attorney our position is still jerry force right so i saw you saying so in being able to press overhead is equally important to be able to press sideways that's right as it helps me no what disable shorter position is and that
me options isn't really possible to generate the exact same amount of strength and through the entire range of like cannibals else ended ninety degrees answer now but we can still know what the stable position for the shoulders so you strengthen it is watching you have well there's always gonna be gravity and yet every right so you know the front rack for example listen like the good coaches like dan john grey homes says something like haitian pixels above the ground he built a carried around and put over your head like that's pretty old mental right we'll pick up off the ground delicate right that's a basic archetype region into the crib grab my baby pick up the keg row someone's jumping on you and guard rather they wrapped the rags around you where you stand position that's a dead lift yes so can you do that right picking something up is the
this hang position this is one of architects the shorter which is what camorra when you not have disapproved of fire by get it so do i forage emotion my shoulder if i don't in this position all compensate cause i'm a human being and now my shoulders forward now i'm in a bad position so it ends up happening is that i start fighting in organizing enjoy forest like chocolate i had that new john hackmen he called me at one time is a coma shoulders kill me i'm like we can't punch with this totally enjoy rotated crappy position forever not expect your shoulders ache written and how do i fix it we start restoring is range of motion cleaning up the movement mechanics in this other former finkel training and the now allowed him to press biomechanics when you start to see the breakdowns in its is part of it like how do you make the stimuli to adaptation for stemmed the seamless rotation to give become a better human being to be a more effective athletes to train we put our kids under load like my daughter dead lifts and others twenty pounds why illness ie eight
she's she's martin my second dire lifting maya we actually the two hundred lb stone that's awesome in the front yard and the boys have to build a pick the storm up my kids the first step wow that's the first us there's intellectual rights to take her day they have to pick up a two hundred power rock seems fairly dude i tried that seems like have issues you can try men have tried and try to died held to say that our i'd so that's a larry i sell you wanna pound rock mentone off a pick up a to interpose rock or don't you know there's gotta be really hard to do now but is it put shaped like a thing that's important smooth round so we how does she she's a gay shit where life why would you want to what your eight year old date somebody who the fuck is gonna be able to pick the industry s mr barroso entwined throwing point right so arrogant boy half did we have to use a little extra alone to teach people shapes
as we can to boot camp and never learned how to move and some of my crap and so get injured look i mean me has a million non combat related orthopedic injuries every year this is my shot i told my kids in utter listens podcast zero tonne of them who listen to you right eighty five percent of more reinforce recon retired for disability why because they have not just the ideas because we're putting kids and bad positions we dont train them for these basic shapes the basic innovations of how to protect a body we don't do the main its new capua marine carrie hundred pound pack and about position be dehydrated bodies can it gets if so what we do about it will we know how to fix it you know how to re optimize reclaim the positions so you're saying that guys don't even get wounded and combat wanda being debilitated just because of injuries so he says because they move p early foul load or they just move they were they do families who taught you to run me member for a long right that's the problem just figured it up and we're like good you can run
faster you slow no do you believe in running on the tolls or do you think you should run he'll first was wasn't there's this i'm so later so the debate is so have you happy if you take her she's all right and run around her naked russia as happens in the show every now and then gotta run around naked no one will heal strike strew why's that because it hurts so you mess up the laws of biomechanics negative feedback about positioned rising stop you ll strike is so every single person now that's just take the animal of the human as like an evolutionary machine evolve for two and a half million years of the last ten thousand years really haven't changed the same yellow fatter my theme is along the same same body ten thousand years ago do you think in keeping in mind that you're designed for adaptation right you can suck up bad diet for decades and then blows up your face right rank and you can i know more champions like equal chocolate doughnuts smoking or so what happened
they tie guys rent especially these freaky tigers to lay the integrity and hammered smoke cigarettes and kick your ass and they can because there look at liberty a body like little arrives in bamboo sticks where i live in talent from month as a kid and was terrified of every little skinny tat no that's a very interesting style of fighting they developed if you look at the actual marshall such an innate can isolated form my time is one of the best ever it's like you ve been there d grappling is not as good as it as rapporteur but the real my tie guys are awesome neck note manipulation as well i do a lot of you bill there's a lot of wrestling involved in that so look at a glass year nervous system right jane head back and guess what i own the head on the body rigour the bull goes where the head does that's not an accident like anderson saw the master is right he pins that shit down
well don't you realize he rag doll like really strong guys with that i wrestled in high school is a terrible wrestler and coach wrestled it like iowa and he would get my head against his head and then i was like ok technological yet my girlfriend like i was over and in any gallic silver figures that our partners fighting strategy maybe he's conscious maybe he's not maybe has zen masters i controlled head control the world you know what he's awesome at everything but he's also awesome at that he is osman everything in a lot of that is he's that genetic guy figured it out early as a kid what we need to do then is able to go back and say what are the conditions that made him how do we teach kids not to work harder right behind it teaches the skills of being human if you want a mandate and get rid of diabetes and obesity mandate and our walking in school today but peace and about dodgeball was should be but is it really should be about teaching the skills of jumping landing and lifting things
and physical education heating in my card here's the language here here the skills like you can you have the region right we'll get some great should also be able to demonstrating for back for me back is really is five the one thing you're allowed to fail you told me that you don't you not an verb as you have come together it's going to read isn't it this kind of amazing that no one really cares if you ever get good at any sport right through school without any any proper use of your body at all so that the crazy p teacher guy major climbed the road open right you just have to show up we have to show up and you just dress right and so the human to design for adaptation designs for survival you can take the scratch and and keep going right and you know this because but in a fight yes did you feel anything in the far right away no it's the dirty good about fighting you feel things afterwards right you know why would force griffin keep fighting people using as faces a bunch of back right this is
questioned him all the time is a global feel irregularities and animal to but john john that's perfect example after last fight is tat had been completely torn and like rotated sideways and he knew realize it until he was too is talking in the eu are found saw regulating black and then he sat down and he kept go the interview go and it was amazing so here's the deal you're you pain the pain pathway the brain is the same pathways moving pathways when you're moving you do not get the paints you just don't hear because your constant motion as your family when you're u brains that hearing the pain signal so by the time pain is punctured your consciousness during movement we have a serious problem the brain is like well bro
this is why everyone who knows is ever exercised you lay down at night and then start to relax and unregulated chill oleson like a new stars throbbing round his bed died swiss meaningless brush my teeth what's happened is you're not moving if we ve been waken up until night cause you're you're back is killing you your neck is killing you what's happened to you ve stopped moving you stop flooding the brain that movement signalling and also you just getting the painting we're getting raw on attenuates signal the back the system so that's one of the problems the second problem is that you maniacs of spent your lives practicing being in pain so maybe the really the best answer it can just suffer worse we know like those efforts who can suffer like they just they can work harder than everyone else in general are watching and one i was thinking just forget through fights are broken hands well and then that's the third peace that once the adrenaline is going you are not going to feel it so we can use that pain is a signal that you're in a bad position because you'll always override that every single time i mean what's who's that would gracie
following its wash them tell mom apart and is a good thing i can feel it i'm sure you watched it when you feel a lot of shit man like left looks a little liver you always feel those those fuckin hurt me so they shut you down with it so bad pain right that you can take a shot at the face but it's interesting that people go for the liver shot why because a puncture through that little that little wall and when do people feel pain the first round of this european paying the six or seven thrown over there were the fifth round or when others are really breakdown starting fatigue there's time for that stuff like you well as nothing you fuckin feel those man you feel is true little shin too that's why you feel those did does you feel it doesn't matter if you're moving glenn is glenn produces here he's he's a correct the guy who's the guy who helped me corral the brain and took all these photos england has its thing we walks around the house with his pants pulled up really high in its awkward if first until you understand
he's if he feels like it stressed out if you can't just kick you in the head spontaneously feels like he gets a little stress that right right he see he's actually wherein stretching jean i use where those chuck norris genes that had the gus it built into the crotch are war those bitches you can look hydrogen jean how may says i don't go out of their pants mover squatting definitely onstage i've done it before awkward is that for the awkward who had these are designer genes is there so designer that i can't move function correctly it's a glaring exoskeleton and so he so you start moving poorly you don't hear the signals for design for adaptation so the issue is that you can like kids would damage motor control systems have a diagnosis cerebral palsy that's what it means you have served cps iccat the party or brain doesnt work that the motor
ro part yet those kids walker and find the cognitive intact there too we bright geniuses but just have one part the brain as it were but those kids figure out they turned the foot out collapse the ankle becomes stable they let the knee come in like a values need like attorneys yoni become stable internally rotate the hip palm become stable overstep the back become stable internet the huge shoulder these are the kind of body secondary citizens we reality that weird passed her that they develop opposition of mechanical stability it is because they don't have full control of their bodies right so they just and that's the position it just halt to destabilize is exactly the position you default can you teach someone who has cerebral palsy how to be stable they're already stable the right question is that we know that
we're out their knee a hug and where the hip right there in the same set of problems we see with people who jump and land wrong at speed the same people when you see about front squat for gone wrong right when the knee comes in the back over stands the hidden is this is the actual soussio the exercise that training is the basically the exaggerated reality of what supporters were movement in life you know so you're you're home your baby shoulders forward this is of veal stable but this is the position that a lot of my tat ll athletes have to spend time in their weapons in this budget
insurance forward so it turns out if i'm missing my interpretation my shoulder because i'm design for survival but by but he's got a backup plan for shorter comes forward i still find it can still move that this is why my shoulder starts to ache it's not working with my practising work like a pack anymore rang destabilize my chest living off this front up that's how i told my biceps tenant so winds up happening is that i get away with four while until i can't or until i have catastrophic injury or i said it's different opposition that when i put my arm over my head do something bad we know i get get hammered out that's interesting because in our positions the correct defensive position puts you in a very awkward place like the way you your bodies rotate the collect correct defensive position especially you know four kickboxing like you're all hunch stand near his shoulders are pressed to your chin that's ok i can still be stable here so indisposition right with dunlop ford the sombre unknown up so but look at my shoulders i can still create a stable
stable worm trying to out is there some techniques especially martial arts agnes where they require these crazy movements would like we'll kicks things along those thus acts kick so but that the issue as you know is that done under high load or done arising meat so like punching for example and jump me if i'm wrong right i typically start in in a very table shorter position headlands europe taking the face right and i can punch cards i can the shoulders mechanically varies well here i can transmit a lot ashore energy from my shoulders from earth but then this the arm on wines right rise moment what happens is that our wines i criminals capsule or slack which allows me to create high impulse speed but lot now a lot of force so in in being smooth with the movement you develop more power because it's faster
talks in and you get a lot worse as this is in a very stable position at the end of my shoulder but i don't have to be in a very stable position if i grab you then in this play position what happens different thing then he turned i swear i so why is it that you robin again your shirt you come into this position will turns out this is a stable position for the shoulder right that grip incredible today but i do know that judah right you got that hand in there that guy gets here mrs this fletcher rotation would lower sand for folks who listened on itunes tell you just basically showing like your hand in your fist like quartz or the sideways in front of you and that that's a very stable for this you are holding a bag of cat litter this would be the position of what your shoe hands their hold and you're holding it up to your mouth the tattler bag i know you would be doing that but if you would same position georgia if you hold your baby right right behind him i really first as a factor
regarding the first right baby position in the global economy to freak cellular respects the baby don't do that i want to ask you this before i forget because i think it's real important when we are talking about with people with awkward movement what do you do for someone like say they didn't do any athletics as a kid thirty years old and they want to try to get too and they really dont know how to move right there's look lemme may slaughter in our neighbourhood and when my friends is a sample fighter and teachers and these kids commander like me us now and he's like lord you can't even result we like absorb force in this position sweden's up teaching the fundamentals of movement which look a lot like kenya squire yes or no right ass kids again in a good position rustling in guard you know like what is this this position like their grip you know so we have to do is give people the context and the language but language cues to be able to express that in that that form of fighting so fighting
is this sort of the hot so for example i can say things like no yours older isn't normal unless you can jerk of those you don't know jerking it's in limping everyone knows jerking from the olympics when you're putting your arm of your head you stop you try support we can you drop down on the bar so if you're picking up something really heavy like a log you know you jump up and then drop underneath it back up so that's that's the no the left but what i'm teaching you to do is be able to create stable shoulder and lengthen from both sides of the same time same thing you do as if you're pushing someone had to creep distance away from them zone grab you i push like an like you know in football and i have great distance you have to be able to kind of express this complex movement and the problem is we jump people into sport and hope they do it
without having any of the tools to be able to function we may they may have the range of motion do that and they definitely don't have the motor control to express that in kids who figure that out because they know if you ever did i would like back bend ryan's kid yeah that turns to be a globally arch position right that's responsible to do and it turns out your teaching kids what the stable front rack position is which is the position where they would limpet lift or create shoulder position or this protected head issue right or i'm grabbing you is the same expression as climbing a rope or or or doing that back then back role so suggest all about lady in in these possess do you have the floor and see the language of the human movement and of key is that you're seeing your shoulders this very complex system you'll like it has a rotating coffin labour
when i mean you know what that is but it has one reimer but your brain is wired for movement it's not wired for musculature now wired from you can't tell em manual muscle test your brain is where to move so its lessons this phone right right you need to understand the technology behind the crystal and how temperature affects battery lie and how the interface of the software effects no i do if from high ok through i want to know what the fuck is going on around like this is crazy to figure this out i can take a photo part i take part before pm digital so the issue is unique be a master using the phone rang right u turn on often you move your apps around that's all you need to know your body so complex that you don't need to know the engineering it's nice somebody's no engineering you need to know the operation and the operation is brutally simple what's really fascinating the idea physical intelligence and its fascinating that it was always call physical education i think you seen makes a whole lot of sense and even
more so than teaching kid sports like s teaching kids use their body first is probably the most important thing before they even engagements or the russians and the chinese figure this out in the assessment of logic russia this fucker i think that allow shit man kids need our bells phase that shit right so they did a figure that they figure this fort requisitions stable position right put your aunt miranda snatch sailed wish of course to figure it out because we're human beings and we're obsessed with figured out olympic if these around four hundred years maybe right look more to think how many people blood to shoulder learning technique another allison we figure out what the best technique is and now we live in an age where you can go on the internet and figure out olympic live from the vessel into blisters people are showing that action on your phone yes easel people show up now but there were monet studio i may know a lot about me right are fit in a like that's because we're certainty best practices come apart people are our kind of come together in in systems approach right and
tradition is dialed you know you talk to the average person who takes care thereby i like i gluten free and a drink i put em city or my coffee what about me like that's that's main dog right because the does so but you're right i think the question then is when we yeah can you take a guy thirty if you're teaching him sport like savior teaching them a martial or something like that should it almost required to teach them how to move first well we nice at some point though don't you do some conditioning every single time you're fighting at the end of rest practice fighting pact not jujitsu jujitsu you go over drills than any damage letter drills or a warning letter drills they're just going technology there is now the technique in the technique it has been worked out about what the position the fischler physique guys i'm saying there's no lifting wade surname owe their english is your body right how
just come on let's say i m one of my nfl coaches that i know is a shrinking right he's like how much pressing to my guys need to do in the seas and all do is out there impress right so we took him gymnast of our kids our jim was a formal now shaving just gymnast dead you silly right she's a mission and she understands innately what somebody's greta good positions are because she has been doing my whole life so i take skill set thrown into a sport and she's a monster so the question is what the best way to create the these athletes with his ready state with they can start picking up sports can i remodel people you betcha i've done a thousand times we take people who are the best to make them better we take people who are not the best and break him into world record holder for take people who are injured and messed up and we sat in
we'll championships the testing ground for this information is at the highest level of support in the form it that's how we tested then we take those principles and rules and we will have to build a scale from injured athlete to the libyan from the moment the kid to the fighter it's all the same so we are essentially sayings are people who are not fit and not not well rounded and thereafter fetishism our successful if their fighters especially in spite of their ability to visit mobility enhancing their physical ability and balancing would they would take them too next s right so we look we get someone you know what why is that foot flat wealth because no one ever made a movement that left or practice jumping funding or or or cautiously said when you jump up from the bottom position in or out of our jump up hidden screen feet on the ground so the key is how did i developed
skills and i can do it in my laboratory which is the gym because little jemison just about work and harder ring you workin out it's about working out about we improve skills so let's take my son my tat will guys right the ninja get to work with they go into clear room there are taught to have feet straight because they need sweet from side to side and indeed to have movement options right just watch oh doctor it's legit or active vows guys walk in theatres they can clear the rooms i decide they can move so if i come in when my foot turned out why can't turn my sweep is off right my where my suit my weapon if you jump and land and you sweet from my legs on my legs is turned out i can't move as efficiently in that so how do i develop in practice because when i'm cleaning a room with terrorists or and then over fight the last to my thinking about or should be thinking about my foot position that happens on mcafee that's why we do something drills putting kid auctioning in my tie there's a lot of times when you're real awkward positions nets we're supposed to be shortly
know little about kickboxing we have to stand sideways like this a thousand thrown frontline techniques right you standing very arkell so dont confuse the formal language because my body can twist in contort enough we teach rotation for example right we don t spent a long time teaching nation as it happens we spent a long time training the resisting rotation yet when it comes to if the athlete is mobile right they can twist unresisted twist so you end up in his back positions and my goal is to create a movement live mary with as much capacity and that as i can sum up my ass its position we strongly can be strong and stable enjoy are forcing those baptism because you're gonna be about positions so how does this lessons i stay in good positions if you can but if you're in bad positions because you do so many good positions you'll have more strike that's right and you'll be in a more up my position is in an awkward movements all we'll kegs yes i'd like sidekicks we're bodies completely twisted you still gonna have much
or stability that's right and you still want compromise because we're still assuming that you can do everything that humans should fail to do so full range of alignment of silk but but that's nebulous so tat people like what is forage of motion are no analysis new fair noah clear then no one ever so like something to do with space like the ceiling so if if the so that the idea is google it those are never gets done every last detail like where if as cauliflower like a boy now that's ward sparrow in the form of our resources in the form the clouds haze unclear vague or ill defined nebulous there we go like the girl nevertheless space so yeah oh no no outward just talking about athletes italian about teaching people of men so if you if you can if you can create a
library of human move libraries of positions and mechanics than one incident you teach this formal language that athletes have the capacity they can in these ships working i say as you know the vision she is known to us so if you're missing range emotion your shoulder because most of us are why because you live in this does this environment you designed to be able to create talking you on your little laptop all day long bad positions and so you end up getting steph your body adapts to what exactly we threw at sophie and nutrition is crap it's gonna be look like that reflect the writer the animal reflects the reality at this great pity instructor pediatrics instructors like muscles and too like a beating dogs you just have to have the will so what i'm saying postures all of our well postures about are you in a good position from a foreign willed whom attack solid time like this there were bright
and you have now coin this this is look at my delicious breast enough pervert insects i'm so much pain right now describe it was so look we ve done sitting for it it was one of the most you teach is someone who will never learn he's not gonna listen to what i had my thing my injury is honestly it happens once or twice a year i crash somebody's house sleep unaware biogas and they have too many pale like it's easy we like order black men and make like no in our wake up cause i've been drunk so much that like mine because like does i've been sleeping like another discussion home that can be called settlement policy paper falsely but there oh yeah until a nerve and they actually anabolic long thrust nerve damage woe on maternal you you just see sleep through that you wake up pins needles by no wreaking out but if you pass out bad position as a popular recovery position you're home not only for the vomit so they don't know their hands what i'm saying is that will get back the shore zagat you ve done
that a sitting position right there that's wise its basic lead laying down yeah i'm trying to lay down as much as pursuit is theirs the three positions that they help stabilize your back and standing one is that your butt squeeze such a position of your pelvis right and you can hear this speech about overhead right put your toes that gymnast safe robustness squeeze you're gonna get position you can tell of love in this and when a trainer is wealth that one is ones that are older than that dude not to go there so that so but such presumably not taking advice from twelve year old on how to move i just assume there was a thirty year old at least eighteen i'm thinkin inert over thirty that's here i'm not spent with thailand so the just so you but such a position your pelvis right in sweden but he's future by renault does don't do not gonna eunuch alas what more like ten seconds era so it's impossible the sex
stability system is your arabs and obtain what your trunk either in the hold the whole all right the whole system the sleeve all of that integrates to create hide abdominal pressure and stability including your pelvic floor ripe sphincter to belly button well there is new key i shouted created trip domino pressure sea can stabilize the system maybe you you sound like eyes magic brown when i'm key item throw fireballs in my mind so other third thing is that we could it was through the feed into the ground right distortion of creating grip through through the like the same sort of europe towards now surely rotate right so that's right wax on wax off was teaching what stephen cigar always throw in the same position stimuli momentous either way you run son runs heresy amount that's a perfect example pull up stephen cigar running let's
the programme is apple sea of kelly can fix the waste even cigar runs and this is no have acted ass even suggest easily on the six hours and excellent marshall artist these very good at ikea mean he was one of the first japanese americans rather to teach in japan this right at a legitimate respected doge also now kido is has they figured out to throw away your whining shoulder up into opposition deception and then you have a tremendous amount of power with with balls with judah same position rousing that's rolled getting getting yourself and opposition we ve been running don't tell me what's wrong here everything is wrong lot wrong there and g8 automatic run first he's a levy this look always running actually you know it's not that is running on the ball of his foot there's no i've seen wisely word back he now get older and skin over extended and that this is a different doesn't move this is all this
this guy is starting to stiffen and fly around parliament image music everybody talks about him but the doing he's about average intimate martial arts as he knows a lot about marshall i won't have been navy silk cook after someone is merely autumn achieved a legitimately takes advice from that guy everybody thinks it's bullshit they think i'm just trolling lou legally automata respects that guy enough to take instruction from him and to listen to what why wouldn't meal he figured a lot things out the keys a lot of us don't have the mega cognition manner i wanna see if we run those tells them and we need to see that followed let's not talk about conversations out of what is good but so too are the less because i don't see how is rather there is either running now are not running he'll first man his guys breast out he's in the first no no i essentially let us not better running of italy's armitage that's crazy that guy
flat footed when he's land and he's right and terrible lotteries left what it is ok wasn't ball the foot strikes first that's not ok that's ok of that sort of some very now what he's doing it was hard to talk much harder to its is moving really fast on target shit i mean it might have been with all the foot here here's what i think its arms are you know that's not sufficient what's going on there what's all out abundance unstable onstage so unstable and that's what he's he's looking for these awful night that's how he uses his eye kido though is all he's like with like cars so you mean practice makes permanent designed to address is that a whole bunch of lie so even when he runs he's got that sort of weapon motion going on with his arms economics and so we will run we say hey protect your gravity chips by put shoulders in this position accelerated position makes your shoulder stable it creates two billion what you see is what you carrying you ships man like you have to potential crusty chips tube imaginary grabbing something else and you dont you want be gentle right
can you see why would he say montana joker our stand like clear elbows tight none of this is designed to be running you just just hold on hold on ships is a remembrance those chancellor whereas hinsdale hands go on crossing body so how much for does he given away all that so my hands coming across i gotta stop at its rider below i want minimize that new sea kids with their elbows up right like our duty to you right that's a test the sith repeal runs with his arms yet what is the attitude she doesn't have arms i'm just let me talk to correct don't try to tell some scene if we really want to see you here i'm fine so rewinding you return misleading them but coming back we're going back so the the who is do you know how to run right if you take people show off they run the same way people or does revolution that mean cheaper i have one running pattern that you do slow and fast you wouldn't have one running pattern that you would do slow in a completely different move impound they would do newsprint you'd be able to cycle up and down
we know what the injury running rates are you can he'll strike every kid is born with her heel flat on the ground not entitled to choose so running is running the way you would run i think you can get away with here striking uvira salve services like rats servers ran right if i can make all these conditions i have a hundred and fifty two issues in my inserts and they run us off surface or a treadmill than i can run like this until i can't write you should build on you signing a hundred ten years old when you're going to be painful for that hundred ten years yeah that's it so when you start to wear a hole in your knee cap cuz you've been heel striking that he'll comes down whole quad lowe's knee comes forward press a ton of sheer you wear a hole in your knee cap and see your doctor and doctor said stop running and you say things like well you know you're the worst doctor ever you've not allow me to express myself through my running this is bs the same thing will the doktor since only reasonable hey you moving like crap you ve destroyed your body something's gonna china than he that he'll struck
happen because of a shoe design right correct as a hairdresser right that is so strange if you really stop and think about that how many people run like that he'll down first and all came about because of a shoe doesn't check this out kids don't he'll strike until about the first great no kid under the first great about until new eta christmas he'll strikes they all want beautifully then they go home a christmas break in half of them ass for he'll try for christmas and then and what happens they started sitting room now you know what sitting does your by travel feels wretched but it's ok for sit eight hours a day the tire of all the all the kid coaches echoed young kids and they all say the same they're so short and the hip they all move like crap we have to undo the sitting from the day before we can even get me work done so we also our to shorten there he'll courts so when we make this jug chinese foot binding rights archaic but you're designed with your feet flat on the ground in a what do as we start this systematically lift that he'll up
the shoe i'm in has a formal millimeter drop or through from known that still a high hill shoe it's not flat so if we look at some people's night in his own shoes they have upwards of a centimeter half which is basically a hail shoe right so we're walking around shoes legs shorting the heel court right which means i take away your ankle rynch emotion and suddenly start to figure out or i can walk with my feet turned out low but makes my ankles more effective with the shortened he'll court position if i take that back ie and i said ok here's a stable young came a brilliant spine right young were doing gymnastics and i just can't the whole thing ford a centimeter half from the bottom that projects out over the despite the kid me too sandwiched recent missus hockin seller mass afford because you're a human being to compensate for it so we start to adopt these patterns the same patterns that if i'm
acting in this crappy position may my upper back his rounded no means why look up so if i look like a simple position like if i've just come around and text but my head of my heads naturally level because my eyes were going always whore you get to the horse outcries online but if i sit up look what position my head is it right i enchantment acquisition achieves member back position right now i'm having this kind of car accident my service mine my neck lower cervical flexion kook upper cervical extension and not only does this whereas this and cause austere fights but it's less active position when you take a shot in the head or give generate force your body prioritizes that nervous system above all and you know this when you entered your back how stoker you'd have while sex you still want have while such we weren't stoked right because our backyard so bad injure nervous system my ass its go down i got like it takes me and take me two days of is a stupid spinal fault little tweak today to turn hoping
it was two days a training most time it takes a couple weeks right before you start feel like you wonder i force again now you're behind you're behind all my other athletes tweet system for real having leg go numb your body is shutting you down because it's such a primary threat to who you are even being you have a brain to move you through the environment so you can interact the environment that's the whole reason that the nervous system develop in the animal to just reproduce itself you can feel you could fight you can run away when you when you trash that nervous system your body prioritizes it in a big way in fact cognition all the higher to thinking the him being has been is called a neo cortex has been bootstraps on top of the moon brain so it's not an accident like hey i of meditation practice and movement practice right after i have to be a really good thank you i have to also train hard woltz because these systems are truly integrated into disintegrate them to get away from the movement and just go be a piece of meat on this on the treadmill
let's go machine does human beings into service so that's it saying this actually the really brilliant people who don't take care their body are brilliant again in spite of this well it's been reaching their full potential engineering so but with a certain amount of time that takes a developed skill as opposed to the amount of time that it takes to spend doing physical training like teaching someone the marshal art for example now you'll have like forties we train how many days a week gee train this guy in or this gal in in physical movement and how many days would you let them go to click boxing class or go to egypt to cloud the the idea is that those aren't disparate separate sis since the same movement right like but it's not a lot of positions like rubber guard there's this triangle there's a lot of weird positions where these these are very odd positions with your feet tucked under people's chains and pulling your foot
otherwise you know but it's but it's really not that weird if you if i teach you like we're not doing polyps i'm teaching you to create a stable pull off of the bar right now what this is really not thinking craig what i'm saying what i'm saying is that the amount of time that it takes to get awesome at that the maritime to get that shit gazer sure i got it i guess repetition in this technique so i'm going over until i got it but you're saying they could be what i'm saying that the skill i'm teaching in the strength conditioning as a side effect i become fit as a side effect of become stronger should integrate and support a hundred percent the train you doing outside the problem like all this is my training this is my conditioning and in strength work it's the same work my
and then what ends up happening is that you'll you'll have a stronger trunk you'll be able to generate force when it's worth positions you be able to recover more quickly skill takes a long time to develop so what we're asking is you know are you skilled are you going where you can put your your eggs in the basket you should probably be skilled in all of your move and then all of those movement skills translate in how many times you need to do you people definite get this messed up the most important thing to do too good at a sport is your sport right that's people aren't you know like if europe finally there not fighting but then i just needed strength conditioning to fit in the holes like if you do if you go fight right and wrestle and find you all the things your conditioning is pretty stellar you probably don't need to do a whole bunch of extra conditioning cuz you just said that on the way life goes by too much people wants and you understand how can
you need to be but i do need a systematic way to uncover your limitations and that's why today we're gonna die lift and and so some of the things we do even three times a week or twice a week is enough to sort of recover or uncover the positional missing so i can see it we make invisible visible one thing is that these master coaches can see you fight and be like that can really get what it and let me give an example my i have a six year old daughter we call bear she is the most legitimate being ever met and she's wired the way i dream about being wires a kid like she's just like she and so there's this old school olympic lifting coaching might burger who is the man he lives down san diego he's an olympic lifting longer than dinosaur he saw caroline move at an early kidneys you will send me caroline she'll live at my house in the summer's she is not the champion how did just how to decide that while she stands forge creates a lot of talk
she's organized wellipets balance right she moves in the same way that your coaches would walk down the hall and be like hey you play soccer kid we should play you know or someone grabs you cuz you know missing so what i'm saying is we ve gotta keep doing skills and covering the problems because if you just fight all the time you're gonna end up looking like a fighter and you'll adopt these positions in its hard to sort of systematically uncover the problems come back to the shoulder if you're gonna be in a wretched position but you're missing range of motion you dont have the control and the positioning you will sacrifice position bad position and that's where you start to get injured because you get dumped on your shoulder that's regenerate torque that's where the guy breaks your grip because you are is untenable positions and your compromised in an untenable position as very fascinating how would you figure out how to schedule the time would you say what will remain
support most important is skill and then right after that would be strengthened conditioning so would you just you'd limit it to like one out of four training sessions if you get for training such working week one out of four three of them were more or less divided up into skimming gimme to get me to twentyman sessions and how would you organize and would you do like the really hard physical training like the first day of the week and then do the other three days skill or which do the other the opposite well i think that is the light that's the conversation between your coach in you wear it and that's really why need coaching right so what i'm thank goodness should you be exhausted why you're learning the physical movement well when you do skills when best during the skills when you're totally exhaust rash when your friend i so forget it you high value pieces weren't during a skill and what methods pretty freshener right i've gotta look boy this is this is the art of coaching my job
especially distribution coach visible therapist is never is to enhance the strength that fighting the sport of my athlete so if you're blown up and you can't fight than what am i doing right this also skill to learning how to train when you're exhausted and that's one of the reasons why some people like to put guys through is a good training first different idea taken through social totally right was illegal content a hassle and do rolling wrestling right row five hundred have a fresh guy beat the crap out of you what's it seems like it's not a good idea but it's a good idea you're right idea and then do it again haven't afresh i'd be the crap out of it also teaches you how to keep your shit together when you fallen apart when you bodies physically part foreign apart teaches you how to delete can serve enough energy and distribute it like to know like ok we can't full blast right now but we can go i can go around forty percent for club an end in thirty six i'll be back so in my jim my laboratory there
always some stimulus load combination where i'm gonna exceed your capacities right is it can be so heavy or so long somebody wraps or so you can we breathing so hard they start to breakdown in the job is to spend the time at the margins of those experience rags no not go fully in were you not in control your body in getting it hurt me and that is that how you can be successful now if i blow myself following him ask i agree a hundred percent but why is it that there's a lot of meat had thinking when it comes to that like us voltages full could you go pussy programme meanwhile your legs are malfunctioning by the way and our policies are awesome we should really take that we're back like if you guys we re thanks man i'm a pussy mills killings it is a weird thing i have ever get to be bad we start saint sally like what changes were taken the word pussy back with alzheimer's and other whack say with dick love dick but they don't gaza deck it's basically the same thing that's also cockroaches cup or so we're with that you write
elsie surpassing old unrealistic behold so what we need right now we need to be scaled we talk about training age it takes a long time to know your capacities it takes a long time to know yourself as an athlete have a coach no you that's the balance that dynamic between trainer and athletes coach and i think what you're saying two's you know you keep saint trainer an athlete but i think what you say and really is applicable for just human beings and i think that so one of the most important aspects of the teaching kid young some sort of sport giving them sort of a sense of how it feels to move your biogas competition two hundred percent right like you have to be stressed here we have to put you if you don't ever compete or fight or perform music like stand it poverty is the same thing as fighting it's the same thing is competing stimulus is the same mental state is the same
just a guess stop your very own things as we know is not even clear you don't think you know thing like being aware of the room and when no no no side even isn't even remotely near is scary remotely will give us make this dangerous recently to hear his fanatic how do you think we need to combat suggestive comedy you can essentially control the entire situation if you are prepared have you material the other does not sound like ours exactly what you're trying to rejoin always control guitar situation a fight but don't you try you try to agree but don't you a trained controls may things you can judge as yeah sure you try to keep all eudoxia rohingya ignition together but if you're fine a bad mother fucker urine infer some danger theirs it is now a reality and romantic comedy was the worst thing happens you know laugh like the ideas are completely different it's for a lot of people they have as we are thinking of mental state as the same you don't think that this target lulli not it's absolutely not because you can think about a lot of other things before you go on stage i can play around with friends i can joke rally people i've compete
before and i was fuckin i was in a world of my own for went out there i knew that i can't have people talk to me i don't want to see i'm visualizing what i'm going to do i can't be having like little bulshit conversations and then go out there and fight cuz you would kicked in the face different things go lowness so relaxed eager good at it you know how the fuckin thing works you just get out there and well ok so pull assign to say that you ve got loose you ve tonnes wraps but performances performance and there the idea though is we should put kids in these stressful situations too to teach them about own heads they should sing they should learn how to compete because they find out about what it where they break down what about that's part of the reason we do support in the first place to learn how to compete i think it said the worst people to be around a people had never learned how to compete multifaceted also don't learn how to lose than a learned how to learn that you need more to learn like you could be fuckin amazing a chess not even know how to play go you know
and brings this thing area like what is this what you ask it and got you gotta know what you you know things and you dont know things in the only way to find that out to really find that out through competition to really be told boom you just got crop this video game unilaterally to shut off so let me get you back on so if you're if funny with your francis was actually become you'd start speaking you're not really a com to stand up in front of a bunch of strangers and do it right now really your colleague into your banned from the common store actually becomes real added value at least once you guys been twice so if europe if your kid though or you know you at some point four musician you never player as i said i got here you a hundred percent you you must but yourself through some stress to figure out what to do when it happens because otherwise its and and and welcoming amount azra stimuli and energy and adrenaline junior and a man do you watch the tapes of you performing comedy afterward sometimes it
are you the more than i watch can say do some too so some of that african so that's your problem you really get at it but what about do fighters look at a tapes after five i think a lot of them yeah a lot of them because a lot of day there yes my most stressed out self i don t see what i did shorn tired and getting my ass kicked like most a lot of data there you are without a doubt in the a lot of guys look at videos of their training as well as very beneficial there's a lot of times you realize that you doing something funny and you realize it like you know like i know what a guy looks like woody's he's really gotta wait i know how moves but if i looked at myself i d like move in china goofy you know i would deal a sea in a video just trains run like little errors that you can't see while you're actually doing so i feel like let's take this back to the pain the spin it back to common stuff right do you have an understanding of what your processes with your spine use arguments
she doesn't understand shit tries might do i understand now what is happening is like it's like fighting in fighting getting the same result over and over again and have twice a year get my asking twice you're going skipper not really paying attention to the details what i'm telling people is that we can solve a lot of crap you decide what does it say outsider we can resolve allow the crap you can take a lot of crap off the table and drink so i do not know if it took a lot of crab table i apologize internationals twice as we gotta legit saw last if you off if you can make invisible visible so one of the things that i want coaches and that an average understand is that it what to see some of these tendencies it's hard to see some of these things in the jim if i could those are just some these movements i can tell where you're giving way force in tell you being inefficient right because the hip is the hip weather
kicking or squatting the same similar position so you think you could handsome ones like kicking a bunch in power even load guy was like really good yes you mean we i have i have met only a couple people who have been what i consider in the ninety percent like you just who are just wiring in and not a very light of a fish he left to begin the system and on a talk about skill i still got trains to go the conditions to go shopping perform round not saying this is a done deal but but having back to our kids thing how do we create this ready state with this with a set of skills so my daughter's swim right is one that teaches them so much about positioning did you nasty acts they swim they do a ball sport like this is the language but also to some form of movement training there that's energy source the formal movement training in swimming we have to create a language type so that kids can understand whether they are aware of what the shortening to be doing it age they somehow turning ipad orloff near that
we make sense you know cause i'm not very good athlete at all like a black grown type window and about bone jujitsu but i had a lot to do other sports i got on i don't doom well i can't escape like you put me on to my gaze i fall and some skis oleg retarded but that's that's about training so this that's not as a about my my whole life i didn't do in sports all i did was martial arts so my body develop that way and it knows how to move that way but if if so tat you mean there's nothing natural but ice skating or or skiing with my kids i can state the shit out of it the spinning around behind today and i certainly might delay you're old learn at a fuckin ski like that dude i'm all or to ensure elastic figuring out right trentham posture sarks look at and robust to see the brain when is wins it becomes difficult to pick up the skills when you're old and fucked up i may especially with bad motor patterns right that's hard to undo the bs so if you're if you tell me have this fighter you this way does
listen we i i drive passed with ice came get my requisite dry pessimism school every single day people in there that's probably pretty great all around healthy fitness breathing hard gonna feel great sort of things right and tell what break so let us today that you have a lot of imbalances when specially doing boxing so much left side you left side gets like israeli fifty percent more work than right that's a hundred percent right so my golfer she turned one direction for living fighters who led with the left a tonne that shouldn't be a surprise i should start looking for more dysfunction left side stiffness on the left right the hip doesn't turns effectively on that right side because i'm punching off it over and over and get stiff so if you can understand the positions you can program to it and that's the sort of the second half is it sometimes people by mechanics gets messed up your tissues or just if your joint capsule stiff you physically can't get into the gifted
because you're doing a lot then when you do about it and so if we give people the basic tools they can turn it around weird how like what you'll have one side that's like tightened up like you'll be able through a kick with your right leg and it's real smooth and easy but then when you left like this like this hershey jerky like its awkward doesn't turn over all the way so if you if i watch you squatting that's decided almost up where you re watching you are i begin to a pistol might look at that help you can see it that's so that the formal just reconditioning makes things easier to see if you recognized that left side right side and try to mobilise their position right to dress all the systems in your moving we will chances are you can fix it without even doing that squatting the squatting makes it easy to see it also builds efficiency in the system you know it's also weird
when you practice something left hand it actually shows you this actual data show that you get better with your right size well like there's something about practising opposite handed in certain things that actually allows your mechanics to improve with your dominant man it's because it's called deep pray this you have resolved with throwing yes soldiers who throw with their left hand in actually improves their right here pitch because you're so conscious of the thought patterns it feels farm nine times there a handy thrust nobles it may yet i'm paying attention to me you watching over here right but all the senate in left right left hand the left and in that way with poor play the shit out of some right handed pool but i get it in my left hand and i bear we know how to move my arm i didn't plan to pull all my life my right arm loose and fluid my left arms of popped up and i can't get it to go straight it's a maid
in practice and that it will show you right hand lays gosh you with your lufthansa mad you are terrible look so gangster machines amounting to use my right hand son so we are sometimes so far are ninja france tried that they went like the paris you guys like you know the way they just asked me down there like the cat had anything someone's shows you pursue like this you pretty safe you unless you can write from they miss allowed those guys that's problem right that's the problem look with his position is check this out solid as far right what position is vital applied positions essentially to what our jobs if your head is neutral and i'm control me area there's my luck opposition extra rotate extroverted extra to bookmark and i can reload i'm right here i can see what's going on around me this is how the queen waves she waves in that same position wide stable we can wave like the sunday he goes i know she doesn't she wears you knuckles that's
they are travelling never turned my fucking hand where we see we call this the royal too we can obviously back into five because it you can back and over someone it's more stable and sanitary surely waves that is through this report when you feel like first of all you feel so fuckin lucky or the queen may who gets to be the quaint you didn't like school for it when will they like the unjust fuckin coincide shy little home ways like this so lucky you're all settlement be so rude waving softwares like this need and we hired fears unstable who should be so happy for the queen should be boeing should be so happy but some blowin kisses and check check this out if you shit if you grab a drink with the pinkies up right something's up what is that from what is that really cue to do so how did now that's what it looks like they do not give a guy and so if winners run with their hands out why rightly things out right because it creates stiffness elbow that makes sense
what's the extensive stuff for twelve hours extensive like if you ve sensor power if you put day the hand out you chris stiffness ah well that's what you really doing with a pinky so people figured it out over and over again that pinkies outrage if in the next time you drinking too high tee with the queen put your fingers annabel shaky fingers out budget does interested you know it's such a fascinating thing like learning how to stabilize and put the human body into the optimum position and that thinking of as something lead in education sit through think that is something that can be taught to people has to be observable measurable and repeatable if we work with me and we get better the only way we can measure it is we can learn wantage poundage output you move inviting transitions that's right we can measure it and if it doesn't improve that then what the hell are we doing let me ask so if you are allowed to organise
children's athletics in schools and i will gladly case where are you really what he would supplant like what you would it what would you do want you got in there would you just teach kids proper ways of move enemy would it we require one on one with king lindorm and here's the deal is we have somehow mr vital that also in it we ve got it yours with gutted your school my kids guess nine out of ten stars we live in marine county its dope school ass a if applied it is beautiful eleven centerville in nine or ten stars but she gets a half hour p once a week ignited ten sars that's ok she comes home she's dead we did dodgeball too that you hated i didn't do anything there are a lot of you dont bother like that take that shit away no but that's kind called recess dodgeball is not teaching skills so well we teach is this really really rudimentary stuff can and there's some basic archetypes for the for the body can you bend over and pick something up right can you squat correctly right
can you learnt can you run correctly but can you launch mean those those are the basic shapes of the hips let me ask you this if you if you had a guy like himself again we established great narrator in his thirties and he has this way of standing with his is toes pointed and autos why and why did he figured twas prior whether allowed him to do great more torsion off the ground to her so well his toes in he can create even more grip and talk in this basic shapes he's figured out that that toe imposition louse him to be more stable and and and functional so how would you fix that what would you have him do that rex well the issues is he doing that because as the only reason only way he can move a boy if you didn't have forage emotion is hip for example right that's the so soon as you give if you teach athletes we're doing a skyways hang on a few teeth skills is this is this message with people's minds if you're skilled athlete and europe
training and doing all the drills and all the things if i improve your range of motion you instantaneously use it yields suck it up and use it and i did this with like some some fighters hips therein guard i gave them show them how to mobilise and mobilise them to better positions and guard and literally they ended up in a strong position could they used it right away so hands in internally rotates you and put you into an unstable position what were you said i i just start thinking about it if you point your toes forward it does open your hips up a little bit allows you to create a little bit their grip if you stand up and see how stable yard arrived position with your feet turned out not to get athletes louis simmons best palestine planet coaching he would choose athletes be like yourself i guess with his feet racing we could actually why and how simple is at work at her feet straight if you listen to this tomorrow up and walk defeats re any guy who has his toes or any girl who has the tools pointed it's not they can't it out we'll just sometimes sometimes there and so
we go upstream look at us pelvis if he's in a bad lower spine position and that's the only position he can get his interview is feat of his purposes overextended so one of the things that we got teach people's woody priorities first we prioritize nervous system for the reasons we talked about includes the relationship between your pelvis and you're on your spine which is the best position to kick we're just us looking at a great of tennis player in this he's just completely straight up and down organised toes pointed the gnat like its areas sensible it's just that you figure that was the most position position more fish position so if we if we organised hit what we see is that if your trunk is disorganized and people out there of a ton of shoulder pain if your rounded the upper back you cannot control your shoulders effectively you loose pop power you this position you lose mechanics for example we teach our without pictures but that's how long has passed
that's minors punch like the erika and the optimal it's different thing to glenn pick up their migrant thereon so go to sea would tell me what you don't worry yours what you're lying to lemmings verse that punching so fine we are not necessarily the best expression of human movement right ok but i need to build a go in and out of these positions i can still generate forced from this position but if this is the only position i can be in that my shoulders are gonna be compromised ok so you're saying that not doing it occasionally de occasionally i had to be go ahead in latin swimmer jump off something like you're gonna be have to be you need that capacity right i'm not and people to walk around like ballet dancers of dell in this formal position that's the best way to teach the principle i thought you were saying was never going to that no that's ridiculous i need to be overcome ended up mission out opposition or her but if i'm starved i have one choice which is that position and i have limited my capacities of
limited my abilities of women in my options right so you jump and land in your knees come in you can't go any lower you can't you can't dip in age where you catch his directions you can't jump higher reiser when someone says a guy's pigeon toad always go poor genetics us incorrect i would say that that's incorrect so even though that like families will have been pigeon toad it's really just them watching each other walk in choosing to mirror neuron it's the thing if it look i'm never going to consider the rapporteur will watch kids walk is outdated that's why we thought it was a genetic thing when it would have he figured out if he walked in some sort of others feet the so i feed is a genetic condition is it as for other has and i have so and all of you have said to clap the flat so here's the deal but i mean i can move on the balls my feet move and the balls my feet well that's not the problem i bet of owners got hundred bucks anyway i've never seen of never not been able to create an arch and someone
so how do you train an arch this system the whole body obeys these basic prince well sir that when my foot on the ground and i create torreon through the hip the whole city winds up and become stable so for example i sui samuel shitty posture of the feet that's why we're right so squat run and collapse your arches was that a win no that's that's a the mental breakdown and patterns that take time to change it takes too turn over all the connect to nearby other fascist two years so if if screw my phone to the ground then the macao the facts show the arch the bony structures pick up the arch system because more stable so if you take your middle finger put over point a finger on your right hand that's input put it down that's your acl in the front got it acl
cecile comes in its interior internationally tatches into your tibia if i extremely rotate this thing right are anchored down no it become stable exe extra lags well winds up and become stable what happened i turn her foot out of that if things go wrong self unlike this extra rotate bam that's the thing becomes tighter right if i your foot out move that what happens ratio at unwinds and becomes more slack right if your knee comes in what happens ratio it unwinds becomes more slack so the question is what the best position to create the most force and it's usually a lot more straight foot i have a little breathing room in their exact and move around and i'm adjusting to the universe but we know that when the foot starstruck turn out past that i can measure function i can squeeze your knees and you can't renew tours in that position supposin more andrew cause you're mechanic start to fall apart including the structures of your feet while so
what do you do to get a guy like me who sat flat feet for his whole life how do you how do you get me dead currently oda what harassing higher what color read the eta picture me my shiny rationing unlike glittery what do i do i want to raise is so minority that show vows a chick come on scarcely an emotion red glitter now i would like you in a blonde wig i think tank lipstick and right here so in other any specific exercises that develop ok what's hunting punch jumping in school i mean i mean like scrutiny jumping landings go my feet into the ground wadding teaching dead lifting that's why it so easy to teach these very formal movement symbols under high load height and reinforcing the drill but people who so this is i think a good a good case think about when you're in high school how many drills you did before your actual loud scrimmage college gets worse like reels drills through those rules right and if you're lucky you get to scrimmage
so what that really is practice practice practice practice will let us take the practice idea down not did you complete the task now yes or no but we're unit best position possible yes or no whether the coach has this discreet amount of time to get something done it's hard to teach the basics yet somehow we have to we still teach elbows indicates right when their blocking because we only get their arms take taken off well it turns out we do air squatter squaw offers and warming up we teach to keep their arms and because it becomes the default motor pattern so this is my stable position sauce funny that that's in a dominant position wrestling remains essentially double under hooks here you got gettin a guy under like this you can control the body clamping down like this and what you doing everything you can actually rotation arm tore off of both new things instead of being appear if you have overlooked that's why when a guy when a guy has double under looks on you and you have overlooking its still flip em like eu you must be about mother fucker like there must be a big disparity in the grappling
that kid is really he's got his positions on genes will do that should the people he'll double overlook but an incentive sailing that guy's timing is unreal inside so groped so its physical intelligence fears of intelligence and hair and some of that is the train train train change also his form is very strange body he's a very very strong kid but he's six for you now to thirty begins is caught and long as texas he's long as fuck he's doing shit and getting like leverage can't you can't compete with that but what horses are impositions who says position before submission business their everyone what is position then what's left spain which take they take an area where you are it's though the correct technique that's been assumed after you know honey five years or decades or whatever has been of of testing competition and change it matches the physiology matches the best position for the body and that's that
that's what it sorted does but sometimes it doesn't sometimes it's not it's an awkward position but it works to get a guy in a him in a vulnerable position i please look at us emissions that are very odd angels cover you know a gear teens like that's ok but but how are you still create order is more powerful if your shoulders back and sailed position like variety hang out here all guess keys on a good you know it's a great one let me give an example of how they get a clock jokes but unlike now it's actually how about how about a real example from my firefighters we got firefighters and i want to do the task of the fire fighters to pick people up off the ground after after they after that fallen asked a toilet right in what one of us our jim is america's amateur for san francisco so it goes on in the world and picks up dead people that's his job right he had a three hundred fifty pound women die on the toilet she false between the toilet in the wall
lovely still so the question is can i gag into a perfect position to pick that woman up off the ground yes or no no way but can do as it can optimized positioning as he tries to deliver that dead body of right what about my first how can people down the stairs like you can be in a good position with the stretcher dunstan so but they know how to protect themselves it's a straight didn't ambassador can because that does the peace since i have been reinforced so the same thing happens you start to adopt these on fundamental understanding shapes because they just become wrote and they also happen a massive match the physiology well you know i do the great with you but then in practising the techniques now agree with it because it's like certain shelly goes thinkin about gear teens but the choking is this arm in the centrally that's exactly where it goes occurs into that kind of a position means an awkward especially if you do the dish denny proper ghosts loves this grip jake shields like the script to where it's your pa
we are facing outward so what's allow you do you write a ton of torsion gloomy explained its people of your watch itunes your if you're right handed choker your paw you right phasing out where you left us facing inward as you do the choke its so we're odd odd position but what it does is the way it sets bone up on the neck it's perfect it's like the perfect but its honest fuck that's an honest fuck feeling too your hands like this in this weird position at top but if you get that its incredibly strong but i was just green place physiologist say this is unfortunately sailing as if your shoulders in a good position than your stronger from map is right if you got a guy negating in writing your shoulders for shoulders old for you we have as much squeezing power alone have the same amount of levers put into that versus if your shoulders and then you get your chest over there had ridden collapsing pierre able to get them that's a more stable position knots better represents a person with a comprehensive understanding of other human body should move like you when you can
we probably accelerate their ability to pick up skill hundred percent tell you together like forest griffin is a ninja about his own systems like understands hey i lifted heavy on this day for i trained i start sleeping in my bedroom rights have to be up i'm gonna fight at eleven o clock he starts shifting his sleep patterns is up in eleven is exercising eleven all of them things are the same same language do i have carried you them basic maintenance on myself can i do the basic diagnostics on myself i measure these things that's that's the embodiment we're time out and what happened in the world now for the first time is that we have the convergence of these systems and like it's all there it's really remarkable so i have an injury i have a back injury might have a disk and let's see six or seven that's that's bulging has been way better last couple months could i took offered you did too but all the other things that i do don't bother me living there seems bothers you did so what would
and it was sad to understand straight up and doing that fuckin morgan i posture in half so we get there pain out of your nerves so the first thing is we got you people are paying i'm totally out of programmes zero paint and only then when i wake up the morning i'm a little stuff but i take lacrosse balls and bridge unrecorded across balls and our role started then where did you hear that i found it online is a use your idea was it congrats those are thank you rather gradually i don't know i don't have a jet little across one the back i am well that's listen man i about an answer my fitness form on any remember but aid at in credit given you so thank you because that is talk to me so much it's painful as fuck but i love her it's like a beautiful pain cuz i know the relief is going to give me how do you know tissue is normal this is this doesn't hurt when you're all right and it doesn't hurt you start to compress my bicycle freak out to sea compressing my bicep shouldn't feel like beef jerky addition hurt
you push on a tissue and herds is not normal desire to improve the system works my left side was where i get injured i have this weird left tweak and is thing it's not seriously guy right now have zero hand pay nothing but when i get up the morning it's very stiff and sometimes on a move forward i can feel it when i take the lacrosse ball and our and i bridge and i wrote i don't feel shit i mean it's it's relaxed its lose everything feel moves good and what i always do read before a train but i always do left side so the the day i do the right side of rights doesn't even injured and i was like rights i was so fucked up it was more fucked up an aside that has a disk injury was not adopt the right time because it sucks trying to stabilize trying to compensate for the left's i've been so fucked up one problems i have is that people have made this like voodoo earlier left foot is often see well this is what is not about its misplaced precision like we measure all these myths blah first
you talk to a robber the hits you with that there was not your ribs straightened toes out this is this is a little like yours just look i understand the connective tissue lab like all all my fascist kids out there this this is a well known fact about it i got married twenty five to a girl i did in college we play music was she was a role for dont do the whole theme man that's when the whole works were married a wealth my accident leather raoul no no don't get me wrong or so you don t about understanding that is that this one it operates on one system and that's that connective tissue fascist system it doesn't teach you how to move does it know it doesn't work on that capsule knows work on the muscle stiffness no so the reason rolfing didn't cure squatting kneepan cancer is that it still incomplete because it doesn't still revolve you have to teach people who first you have to explore when you're on the ball you workin on the soft tissue but jobs
working on the rib joints are also working on the thrashing joint so what happens is that you're stuck stiff because your teeth by get stuff it's what happens you started we believe that mechanics your head positioning changes the whole system up regulates i have been in surgeries where they have literally they look at our guys me and the knee looks like a bloody cave like there are still lag mightest slag tighten their boulders and there in this blood there's no issue and the physician is like what the hell they while rocks and pops out and when last well it turns out that doesn't have kneepan so the issue is that you're designed to be ridden hard and put away wet you are designed when you just get a picture i know so many will record holders of so many will champion to have her needed discs their ancient they just don't hurt you cover that thing what you ve lost is the position of the right to be in sheep positions you sort of car given up that right evil if user get out jeffrey
and now you can be more precise positional sensitive as you open up that ass expire he'll feel that disk one our friends how does it he'll the distance this vision if ice just stand up straight it'll human desolate dis he'll overtime there merely were poorly profuse which is a reason why you can't be inflamed all the time and run around you gotta set up the conditions for healing the theoretically you can't be grown acl or a bloody bone but your design he'll until you die so the question is how are you optimizing that huh the situation i have this little little formula right lifestyle you're doing with your stress you get enough sleep the people are here no they don't enough sleep less than six hours a day you can be thirty percent of being compromised and your fasting blood glucose is up elevator pre diabetic like yet plus three pounds on your instantaneously
we have right left our sleep nutrition hydrogen you do and all those things plus correct movement you should be pain free and continue to get better so we take that grass accelerate whose three so nice little who anderson now no two templeton sylvia assaults are too so yeah sylvia is right rabies like insulate thirty okay so one of the things that i'm interested in is how extend the careers of these great athletes because it takes a long time to become a good fighter young in their twenties or genetic monsters they can they metabolic we super fit freaks account in fast but by the time you sore your thirty's you have fought a lot you have a lot of experience but that's your body starts to break down but you're really good when you're thirty four you're really good when you thirty five ivan fighting for twenty five years your soldier your tour de france guy your peril how do i stand your career how do i optimize my as you can do it until you physically can't do it anymore right until you do
either to slow or are not worth the training verses taken out because my neck hurts my backwards in we're having this lock reveal to extend guys careers because we resolve their positions we adam into these better lifestyles where they're they're not even the gluten their drinking more water to sleep some a lotta mme fighters is damage this damage to the bar that's a hundred percent true like that sport is gonna kill me its and trauma but if i know what a kick correctly but to say that when i kick you turn the leg over one thinks it happens that the hip ends up in a more stable position let me ask you about a guy that i know that just retire recently shane car one was great fight a really beautiful guy to really friendly brilliant guys actually an engineer for ever gotten mme he a retired because back injuries he gets stenosis and he started to haven't impinge reynines nerves and he's had a couple operations and he feels that a lot of this he got during football
the heavy collisions so completely so now is the nordic and for those of you don't know what's notices it means your extension sensitive if you put your but back like a cheap stripper not a classic strictly easy we don't judge on the show i'm not judging but i guess i'm an and the biggest trip in the room where no one cheap that's going to college so when my when i over extend my pelvis too low lumbar spine what i'm doing is i'm closing off this facade joints i'm locking down below in law it is the first set jointly to await bearing doorstep of the of the of the spine so but the problem is that what it is worth in the back so what happens if i take your elbow and slammed into extension over and over again right dr events
you can handle that but after while poem that starts to hurt doesn't use em into extension that's an end was one of the problems with jujitsu arm bar that's right now i was not born in some areas arm problems that's right so it's the same thing for your back except the problem is you're back is set up to take billings of oscillation so it doesn't happen overnight and sometimes you gonna get dumped on your head and that's called sport we that's that catastrophe now let me ask you this though the when you see a guy that gets a serious back injuring and goes through surgery do you think that's a mistake not always nano not always how often isn't a mistake well if the guy's moving poorly still is in poorly we don't have addressed the reason why he's had the problem not just catastrophic he just didn't you get crushed one time dumped on your head like you know you can get dumped on your head and turn into disk that's not your fault weren't but this denotes this happened so he sang here happen these high collisions position was his back and when he collide in these other kids we teach chest up to tackle its right we'll get kids
performed some of these basic squats and so they overstep and in this shape because they dont have this language are keeping the spine straight and they may simply end up defaulting tis but on my own position in all fairness that he's gin hid from the side by fuckin guy was this a dazzling not as simple as you know a guy having poor for work but it's a lifetime of this russia why device is there but you ain't football the other guy socket slamming into each other s case opposition matters more so mean you i but can i agree i agreed does if you can control the situation but sometimes you can't when you're football player you got dude coming at your side do you think it's that one shot that takes him out that there were no hated shots and i think that it happens a lot though you gonna take them into consideration we talk about three hundred men who can run you know they can do hundred and what like four seconds in this visage giants
regarding i think athletes who why you like a crash or their backs now just blocking right what about the scale down we see kids and school have thus to know something you're obviously the expert in this physical movement thing but i think you gotta take into consideration the physical trauma over three hundred pounds running at your lowly now i think this region's says if you're having now drama in a bad position then it's gonna have higher costs whence it so if that person that show that same person say for example understands how the squad understands how delicate understands a proper organisation the spine and then than motor pattern is ingrained ride so that's just a part of their wiring and then they go on the floor field there hitting in those good positions their chance
of getting injured are while lower since say if they develop these bad positional running no habits right running over so almost solemn overspending now every time i get hit boon now that's that's the bone on bone because also terms where they get scissors sure but hard right should not that's a lot of times what how guys get really badly injured yeah that's fighting that's like both january right having wrong meagre uncontrolled i feel about you going to detain mitigate that by being in a good position or training or butter unusual and unique moments and control that networks which is sport so but i'm fine sir i am if i grab him oh yeah here's the deal keep this is the the understanding no one is being asked here everyone's working let's have their understanding onawandah and you are no wait
saying no announced i mean i don't wanna be now i want to i want to ensure that people understand that i think is that people are working at the limits of the understanding we have burnt athletes athens at the stake of performance that we didn't understand all the ramifications of got the job done we lived on the cockle means an analogy for i learned this from you this is like this is one of the four main yes this is one of the swear to god guy forces of my life don't hang tough fear factor this guy had eat like a foot long horse cock and like an hour than ever but good there's a pang tat he had eat something so you guys eating and he's making jokes neoliberal watch the clock you it was like in the best your factor to wash the clock watch the clock you're trying to help him you're coach and he's making jokes is flirt with the girls he's in any swallows the last bite the last second and you're like sorrow we timed out and the guy freaks
yeah i remember that in trying to tell our guy i know what you're doing but you can't do it don't do it don't fuckin waste your energy talking and having fun and like you got a lot i've been near before i've seen a lot of people dick it takes time take some serious work and time thank you take the first couple of vice like i'm fine dude you got five minutes z that hold deck it's not that easy you gotta tell you gotta watch the clock you gotta managed the details you also have to have chewing endurance that sounds so crazy but this shit like livers and kidneys kidneys is a perfect one so tells you hey i'm gonna make a bet with you listen what makes him money tell mother fucker i can't eat a kidney like a cow kidney tell him that he either our because he's not going i can eat it does make we can't have any water you can't wash down was shit you just have to it's not happening
it's not gonna happen shouldn't you know how i know i'm an expert on that i've seen i've seen a lot of people seem ph do it for a hundred bucks i've seen contestants do he can't eat it too hard it's you'd show in this shit as something it's like you uphill hill sprints with your jaw that's what it's like and so your wrestling corral and with your jaw cantrim for that the kidneys insurmountable that you have to control we control right so is an iron from control the clock broke so let's say that i'm teaching kids to do like what's not a wizard but like we also black simplex area and if i dont teach kids to gets embrace against that the same way we teach our young throwers we teach him to arches hearts they can with arching hardly can is me cranking on those those joints over and over this pattern was set up from him in high school in middle school buildings were up
accelerated under big lives within european guys accelerated in the ring so could we have extended his career long enough and more importantly i want these fighters to finish their careers and not be disabled to finish the careers and have so makes him pains and day they tore the ratio but they should be disable the same thing with our firefighters simply with our kids in the army you know would in your forties you still be able to change still will pick up your kids and were seen as at that guy his rang the bell back seriously because maybe play probe on an insuperable some unviable things how do we maximizes positions brown what the fuck are you put on the highway appears buffalo penis everyone so happy ok stop that goddamn you stream okay this is in your house we can't suspicion on that shit only with these legal buffalo buffalo peacemaking again what i say
will we just saw where will we outweigh which we asked how to extend the careers or abbess out and we're finished how do we do it so how so i love i mean you should be able to wrestle your whole life right jesus christ crazy do that you're just on one august on did you do you but you flow roar those old do they do you just see what is a different thing now all you guys know what's up like yeah just what you can just pick out this huh we care my friend yoshi is sixty three years old and he's a black balance on shark machado and he's very text but he's a little guy he's a japanese man he's sick three years old and has only probably a hundred and forty five pounds at the most he's not a big guy and find the guy's row with smart now but he's u causing mover the well he knows today very well he's a jungle china doesn't give omnific bark boats that guy's given your black valueless of yoshida blackmail he's a real blackmail is he has
his movements are you now he just smart he doesn't want taxes body six three years also when he he roles look if if the shit came there hit the fan and he had a joke you to sleep he could show you to sleep but is one i have to do that every day as sixty three years old and i mean manassa he's not below roles last summer the tissue tolerance yeah i think we are in and we're in an excited i was retired hired me what is it what is retirement age but so we finally usually is typically why no one's retirement age for murder by bodies for like people work at the post office sixty five or as a fifty five sixty you used to be younger and then they extended it wasn't like fifty ninety one point two million that it's a bad now you i think i think it's longer now i think i understand health bobo
what we are talking about just people in general who retired from jobs and this guy's going in there doing jujitsu you now is in your access master young man takes care but also look at look at some of the management of training opponents is very important it is important that those young kitchen you you could ask a lot more time is all this young kids i a hundred percent trust it would it would it about is not wrong with your whose not wrong with anybody who use does nor the doing i dive on shit that doesn't really work that is land your ankle or something just cranking lands for no reason wrap your fuckin wasted correctly colleagues who have taken a turn for called hanging on the meat we see those get all the time and they do the same thing they also you excited about having you to settle their far down like you're trying to tell so one too hard you know do you not in a position where you're really effectively utilizing that technique you squeeze the shit out of the bag spot like you actually wasting effort
other guys do survive that and then you're done you know you're done you oh yes it is through this one squeezed cap twenty dont tab and then dominate you yet and then follow flow rolling like you have is an art in and of itself right and it's an aren't trust as well as its flow kickboxing you know you know my heart which way ardor to control strike intact in you you see the timely simon skill so i spend a lot of time in thailand and they don't spar at all rio on when they had work it's all found work it's all clench works like fifty percent of their trains clench workforce in earlier that mean now now people really very underrated growler oh you like in most of my grappling comes from my tie and then i'll go in and russell division one wrestlers an end and that all apply slow credits is the traveller seeing you smile sanch i fuck around that guy
imply less guys boo cow share incredible trip so they lead because a bouquet outlawed clinching and k one robin and because it ouster over you too they wouldn't allow the double hand ass he who would grubby he so strong he's a fucking gigantic powerless to do to get to hold that double hand but over on their knees or common with this sparring you watch the thai spar no need parents know nothing and they know what's up they tap and each other super relax in and when you can find a trainee party like that it's a beautiful thing i can progress you'll meet
two o clock you want me to two o clock and you'd need both now that neither was going doing stupid is quality numbers flowery able to get in some quality non eu develope knows quantity then you develop those those instincts where you you don't even know you're doing the movement to authority over see in this is what's brilliant really what with kelly system for example a sick the squat like if you understand some the underlying principles a squad what he's talking about poor incur dover crew creating torque rings hildy right you see same rules applied and jujitsu or in fighting right so you know when you throw across you you know turn your foot into the ground will then all that is is is a mechanism instability right you just creating stability through the hits you can transfer that force up through the ground through your body out to your hand so if your practising that franklin conditioning ride say were pricing is split yorker squad whatever is were able to choose to practice those
canning solemnity go in your sport fighting whatever it is it's trains of all the son you see it even windmills exactly exam maybe it's all the same the same ideas your router but you know throw in the fact that these guys have cultures around massage and sleep and these were to enter gough heizer big chance para para then i'll fuck around do as you have such as this are no less let's go let's go you for saying one the problems that we have with athletes who are in a very sympathetic state right you're fighting this training is very high sympathetic state so sympathetic nervous system is up and go in your ins flight caught up we measure this with hurry variability in our efforts we can put a modern early in the morning when you breathe in herds accelerates when readout decides
you are not recovering their heart rate stays the same boom boom boom their driving you lay down at night you're just you can't turn off i know good coaches work would like a baby is the only way that it be player can come down after the game or from training or practices smoke a ball and roll out on the formula and that really is about tricking the body into accessing the pacific nervous system is non action i think some others cultures around physical cultures have so many things built in about bringing you out of that sympathetic state and bring into that parasympathetic state which is about adaptation recovery so that that state where you can so i mean how weird is that that you know handle type place after you fight is really also by relaxing relaxing so guess why use you start to recover you sleep better yeah right so there's a whole world of things we are in how are we systematizing that how do we give people their access their diet i'm the one on things that i'm i'm interested right so my my
ninja like special forces gus come back from the gan they ve been long deployments because in just one more time your officially my goldberg say who they are scared i say ok does every sunday testosterone comes back into testosterone willow the testosterone like one seventy which is that of like an annual man high have you got in togo miss his odorant so if you if these guys are caught in this sympathetic outflow state right there just that you know the eighth the dirty secretive pro sport is ambient like that is dirty secretive gascon on on the bus back up from after plan to take an indian all the soldiers surviving sort sleeping to take an immunity to be in the wake of particular ambient like this is how they are trying to sleep again so we start measuring all this stuff yet weren't bad position so fine over
standard which is more most of us are living were most of us are living in this overstep position not this superfluous your lower back is overextended your upper back is slightly next mrs like when you're sitting up in the car when you're standing their feet turned out your pelvis is dumped for little bit newer and bad position despite your body doesn't work very well the whole thing just like your bad position foot can kick as well can't move as well where the same thing happens with musculature of your trunk so that if you're in overextended position your pelvic floor doesn't turn on which means you can't create as much interest domino sure this is why you see overextended women exercising and they p when the job i do but you double wonders and p comes out when their abilities woman it's not pretty over two zero peered outcome
already in my mouth don't don't go to a limp lifting prototypes baldock com i don't do that i've been there to say so but when but also the saving cannons are in vain when you're over there your pelvis your powerful in turn on when you're saying you ribcage your diaphragm doesn't work very well and so we start doing this breathing in your neck and so i dont have good access to your you ve diaphragm control is just a bad position so you start making veo two compromises i do not put not the same visa to your breathing is innocent in the diaphragm as attachments on you're so as like the holster some deserves to get about why because you said about position so that senses that's really looks a little whether with really interesting we tigers take the shot they hear no they're really straight up and right breathing out managing breathing because this text just so aerobics and then in that sense it is actually very important never over extend yourself it's never its importance
actually during training to extend yourself to the brink never overseers i'll never get yours in a position where using shitty form well that's gonna happen automatically it happens because it's called training and you're coaches like that was shitty right happens because right because you're improve that's right right the practice of that learning with your left hand he made a ton errors you you in a great you're making made me your feedback how do you mean more feedback i want you to make errors if you do more than once its practice right that's that's the different but i've been wondering ash or whether we gather yoda those more those sighters does a goddamn also much about champagne to offences we drink i had cider in england and in ireland zero times i've ever had cider they love it over there man they say you want to sign or i'm like a thought we were drinking and then they go cider and you like oh shit this is delicious because you're not thinking about you still think it a zimmer that was the gave you the bad side irritability some fuckin drank zimmer through the day they pulled it out of bars i don't give a fuck
i remember i was that i was at the improv and john hansen member john hence it from talks who he was like a cat you drink adzuma goddammit john handsome i enjoy a fuckin z momentum to drink the zebra do with pride model desired bottles like little bottle of miami vice like an hour ago had a black you have a problem with label i know i've told you that's what gave it about member that add i'll have zeman please i believe fuck about that they should take delicious mark sites heartlands don't confuse meek ok that's why i get mad when people get shitty with advertisers listen that is one of the easiest con games of all time that's three card money for blind people right now mad you get mad at advertisers how dare you they're weeding out sheep if you can't figure out of you by that car that girl will not fuck you if you cant figure that out then needed
are to lose every penny you're stupid ass figured out how to squirrel away that's mca more pop in tax through you dont get ganz commercial does on talking about dog don't get excited about that car thing in this case can you know you iran southern that we're sees that culturally there's the shift going onwards so the big corporations so the best thinkers and i say there saying what hey stop blaming the corporations legs now madonna's faults your fuckin fall we don't drink kids certainly is that and it is also look there's nothing wrong with having corporations as long as the even the corporations abortion people and in that way with advertising rather not lying but but it's also its it's us that are not accepting responsibility for our own diet and getting together and figuring out the spots in maritime you spend pursuing your career maritime pursuing your diet truth your diet considerably taken in your body makes you getting them
provide a means are how much about how many vitamins are you getting in a day how much fido nutrients with water are you drink and how much sleep are you getting and if you about all the other shit in your life like your career and you fuckin score our craft you think of it all that shit you don't think about your body but people are king you know responsible for more than ever we need more so now you see it everywhere documentaries books whatever but why hasn't had done this is what you know what i've really taken kelly is he's put movement on the table movie position as a skill were unwittingly scale sleeping is this you don't you kids asleep right the new you got a crime you go to sleep or drug em they ve and scream and shit you're gonna drop em well the fact is died out that's what we do and under your saying earlier like oh i messed around the caspian i feel better like everybody should know that by everybody knows now like oh i should he real food as posts industrialized food arrangements common knowledge becoming common knowledge mean but
not common knowledge asian role our lacrosse ball or that i should understand that i should sit or stand or be in these better positions made all she had on get that they're like alone in pain they wait till something's wrong and then they go the doktor and there like oh you know do this do massages my right arm woe european money has been versus she a tiger when i was it man the book a five rings and most important things ever read i'm eyebrows sweden and i was like in mine mine eyes like this guy fought with fucking swords listen to him on a lenient learns from you that's what i mean like he was it was it was a jerk off when he was like hague organise yourself being comments dance all the time so if you took massage your fighter and you take it you take massages word at it is your combat since you ever do stance is that how you stand when you cook eggs yes or no for me no i couldn't eggs now
did with a hard on you that's a good position is a good position and back i cook a cook eggs with one hand in my ear i can pick up my ears a terrible combat stance monsieur she was a bad mother fucker mean he wrote a lot of amazing things and one of the most amazing things hero was the need for balance the need for art the need for philosophy see the need for calligraphy did he carved the or beyond the way kick courtiers s exactly but what you are saying is it sort of balances that it makes sense because we are saying is that you need the balance your body and would he sang is your body is just a part of your whole you'd about the whole thing you're mine your personality everything all of it this balance in order to perform a year optimum level exactly is a movement is the missing piece right so like nutrition sleeper creative people understanding need be hydro the understanding neither exercise but
do they understand what those good positions are do they understand what like if i have any pain is not is not just our no words because i gave myself annie pain through bad mechanics and bad movement right unless i was followed congestion unless we have allowed you gotta let me take a europe where he was probably a bit swordsmen japan then right the long sword he understood how the longed for better uses analogy for are really to laugh at some equipped fighting north moving like little short you're not six foot five so be like a long sword but he was an integrated didn't bring my fullest all the things why are you practising this training why are you lift and waits why are you fighting the whole point of this ultimately don't barf self actual zation this was about no it is not a barf word that's it's worth has been co opted by people barf worthy that's the problem it's like people say speed virtual i'm not religious bum spiritual
what that means to me that's what it means run because you're about to gain a stupid fuck conversation about forestalls someone's going to tell you about you know experiences they ve had my grandmother was there with me i felt her shut your mouth you don't even no you're sand item is a golden crystal unam uneasily crystals the little crystal they pretend that they give you power yet dr dammit you get mean tully this is this whole conversation in literally the the people bring an honest saying what is the optimized self myself how much more passage do i have the men four for saying that training what have i done refiner expresses but i should still be a skilled human when i pick up my kids or one i'm in a cooking or when i'm fifty my versus the same thing shore the in physio we have this test it's called the timed up and go you like this the tug test ripe you get out of my point forever come on he's a is it useful to the hall
talks on tv do it again if you if you if you out of a chair you walk three metres you turn around he sat back and chair that's the test if you can do it fast you not less likely to foreign kill yourself they can measure that there is a famous hammer throwing livin of who had a squat work out here on monday is he would front squash to kill us seven wraps and then run four hundred metres those things are scaled what we have to do it's same thing skinny avatar walking squatting roy same our thinking has to be integrated enough on what this buckminster fuller we're talking integrated systems are mutual coming systems it has escaped my kids what you need to eat is the same thing your kids need how you take care of it that is why your kids together by has to scale up and down i have to be great and all the systems and if i don't know wonder we see so much wasted effort with all the b s problems would you must take them off the table we have a chance to get it right there i'm sorry i'm in this this is the message of hope but literally you
be empowered because our people talking about putting information for free and in if you don't understand how it's not impact the quality of your life you you're leaving it on tape not think you're making a lot of sense and i think this is the first time where this kind of information has been so freely distributed will you know like google using the internet using twitter using youtube videos and now you put out a shitload of videos right how many videos you put out five sixty yeah and you slammed amount there and people of eventually took notice and mean that just how goes when you have quality ideas and that's a beautiful thing about this world is at all kelly's dora needs is one dude to find that video and say hey man check the shit out that dude sends to another dude and it goes i've been having a problem just like this in the hay sentences lenny and then from above annexing you know because takes office on five bears on togo boss rudy remain renaissance you call him back so find new and living people living
the shit out of you is left side still good is it he's a guy you could talk to cause boss who sadly serious neurologic guess what issue that you studies must have on his neck and certainly can better are better dead his his right arm is he was talking about the pockets like his wrist all the way up he lost like amazing amounts must tisch massive atrophy atrophy pinch of the nerves and he's had to next surgery so far and you know what manfred dude like i'd like former you of sea heavyweight champion if one of the guys an accountant and his arm turns into a neutral freaks amount but garlic boss guy a heavy weight guy they could do one arm pull up a series of yours and animal the video video of him limit armies and am animal animal i fucked up took kosher for the title when fucked up t gauges feed off on him fast and was like one of the best strikers in that day he was one of the first guys to william corps great like a high level athletic striking stole here's a pre coca coke
but even more mean he was all germans islam is higher and it was also the thing about boss he could take it boss took it with kevin random and he won the title of this year the first i've just got it right people say dino ay doesn't deserve eligible jean lapel called me up right it that's tom beggars preacher bullshit i ever seen in my life but jeanne the boughs grapple and these are judo champion and at the same time was random and trying to advance position no was the israelites drawings was insurance rights no i mean i mean bathroom was fucking him up for those bad l and he was trying to advance position to exert a suite is trying to get up for annulment was is using a superior wrestling keep him on the ground and took it took a lot of shots alot of people didn't here's the here's the rub though he did not want to be there and that's why a lot of people think that random and one that fight is because
random and put him where he wanted to every single fuckin top he just was unable to do anything other than keep him there and boss was thrown these strikes off the bottom the question is how effective whether strikes in what dictated to find more honestly i save random and wrestling dictate the fight more because he took him down when every wanted to and he held them down whenever he wanted to boss fuck them up from the bottom body only fucked him up the bottoms reynolds touchy and this is where i think that judges new start take into consideration damage inflicted like you look at it you need do you need to be able to start as you know i mean like you look at a guy was a file i come in sanchez for example whereas close i bet you look at both fighters and can in looked prickly in all the images war but giggle look like alpha man like taylor little acknowledging ban monitor eyes a fuckin beast obviously but i mean the point is guy beheld a tag gotta be old taken account
mt the damage done guys on the bottom like you see at sunrise guy on the bottom is going you say it all the time i ve known for submissions whose attacking who the guy was attacking year and in that sense boss written clearly what exact no doubt about and i agree with that i think it has to be a sort of an acumen thing and i also think we should take into account more what happens at the end of the fight and be eaten listen this is how we judge the fog no listen and thailand then they don't even judge the first two rounds and many people have been towners emulate i know that they play is that during the five year and do so as a fiber gases that tempo increases yes ryan ideas that as a tumble increases that they're gonna increase temple the fighter and fight harder than national traditions adolph emails or better yet so exactly right but they don't even start judging the fighting and grand the judges pretty corrupting not balance but
wine is they only list are judging told third round so these guys have fought for six minutes already and the fighters start according to the judges till the third round therefore and in the fifth so every sub school around is judged higher than that and that's why it's can't just ever be about who is the best physical specimen whose trainees most complete and this is why rocky beat you know oh right its will and that's why competition keeps us and specify keeps us and because what you really seen as let's get to the heart the human spirit more importantly how do we other bs off the off the table your out cause you near back we can expect we all know that one guy that's like super talented and jim with can't put it together when he fights there's certain comfortably colleague grey hairs certain guys that in the jammed the most frightening people on earth and then something happens to them when they compete and they follow parts really strange i know some guy
we also know that guy that everybody knows how do you and we know some guys the other ways well we're cars that are physically talented but they just fuckin ferocious china wait a winning this motherfuckers fighting above his head we're everybody's having ten twenty percent below their capacity it's like his expertise since been lowered so much by his own physicality that go in there and i don't give a fuck i'm gonna fuckin fight with what i've got whereas everybody else is like don't fuck up don't make mistakenly it's almost like he benefits from being the underdog yeah designer how there is less pressure on the underdog every all the fighter say for sure i got for further beyond dogs psychology of the pressures on the guy that's expected to win your line dude i gotta show up i'm not getting disappointing but if i lose because everybody is next in that as a subject it's been covered the psychological managed totally usually covered much more than the your your ideas which are physical movement physical move has been discovered really like tune
on the same level and i think it has been discovered oceans are discovered i mean more like opted people don't understand that how they squat would have a direct effect on how they punch like people haven't connect those dots i grow kelly's trying say earlier about making the connection between strangling auditioning unlike fighting for example is that if i understand what the athlete needs a do when he's squatting then i'll need to be a fine in coach to know that he's gonna lose power when he punches so i can watch you squat i can tell already based on higher squatting say your knee as caving in your ankles collapsing and a shitty squat right why can tell right away that that that's your motor pardon that's your default movement right yeah so if you take them and you transplant than into a fighter a guy the sewing a punch all i can do so i'm going to be the same motor pattern easier to fix that moving pattern when you're squatting like ok
sketch you to understand the correct and canada the body while you're moving in a controlled environment and then hopefully over time comes in grain is then in when you throw a punch then inside they started make the connection there like oh shit you know like tor my acl because i was squatting my foot out my knee was in thou was my that was my brain like when i needed to be in that position my brain was like this europe is wise where you must make sign in your browser it has a scale so if if we look at the science of chronic pain for example the pain pathway and this is important for athletes were in chronic pain especially people who engage in high contact sports these bad positions get mapped with the the pathway so your brain source to think even if the pain stimulus isn't there your brain starts to think you move in this way that's been painful for them six months or last year and no it's going to cost pain so if i give you a brand motor pathway your brain boom i get this clean
motor pathway i'm able to get acids out of painful positions that's like we must check yonder thinking my there i wanted to ask you about two things we gotta get gluten before we end this thing and so in the other one is head trauma is there is a u you talking about how the body has the ability to heal itself but it seems like a dozen with head trawlers advocated head traumas is super nerli where i think you know whatever may has done for decreasing had travelled for boxing in only like its own people understand it's so much better i dont know if that's true they're right look i support emma may obviously more than anybody but i think that that's actually been disproven i think that this concerns impact is empty and it doesnt really there more possibilities and emanated defend yourself them boxing but impact as impact and we have to medical care absolutely so if we look at lucky leaky
rain and the inflammatory response and the quality of your tissues how do i optimize those things how can i change that can i can limit the damage you know what our friends who is named john wellborn plentiful for twenty years part that big brain study and they basically when anne looked at his brain after they you played left tackle we complain that fell for it years we can tell by the head trauma that you have a terrible tests and here you know that like ninety nine percent title and analytics in like he was maybe ten percent tyler emotional iq right by marrying rig strong do with shitty emotional weird well we look at selina fellers gas this head trauma guys boxers as well boxes so anti pituitary gets damage to and there is not just the brain that gets round so suddenly i threw off the neurons can access you not making hd age and i of you now travel not making testosterone so now make sense your tissues
fall apart you start to lose your sense of self identity by i'm so we shall have kicked annie after my that will know are there are their mouth cards that change some of the force we're working with university taxes right now on looking at concussion good luck to gratify croak opt that shit doesn't give a fuck what kind of big mouth accessing simulation of blows like but how many have highways also that you know we're seeing this higher impact of blows when it comes to kids and now we take an consideration as well there's some things that are happening right now with we'll kicks would ve tore with it's in barbados edson barboza started off harry and knocked out terry item and then it was you re a hot air but as i what the fuck is going on and veto or in areas like what the fuck and then in dog jeweller dos santos that tourism is ever thrown into fighting knox out markenheim so brutally was right
the words that technique is a mother fuss why will you pants her up in my kitchen i know i stay with the amount of force you get put on the end of that he'll be isn't saying and what they think what's what was awesome is his eyes half beat strike meaning that when that the time it takes for the person turn actually gives a flint response where some a guy's oh shit he doesn't think it's a care and what a perfect times if you're young guy training on a practice this shit because people are used to using the thing is there there trained to in an mme like a dream it's been now guys training pretty conventional you know that's why you're the guy like paris or you get it the torrent santos those guys are guaranteed not even us and even their background you don't be towards rose so few kids and also he's got to head kick knock out in a road smoking is raised the issue you have this thing disaster hard kicked ahead what're you gonna do about so you
you throw it happened to be in a modified are becoming trimming delivers professional fighter you know i'm gonna pay a price does knocked out o money to a really supports your ideas man i gotta tell you that cause vetoes it's fucking tremendous athlete he always as moves here if so well in every form and look up with these picking up this we'll kick shit this right is but one that one of our definitions of best athlete is who's the kid you can pick up the new skill the fastest way how how could fast can you learn new skill in you you probably know you see this kid's yoke just be like that you show up there a hobby sport can almost in their back flipping off the trampoline and then there are better at you you're scared you know that you're so how decreed that close to them but also i think one thing that you we're talking about the gluten is how do you measure lifestyle how do you measure nutrition you know i'm in by a t sell tat can you have optimize those things tat can optimize the healing response from being knocked out can i
we have all this amazing supplementary medicine write lotta guys you know go on the gear because they need to go on the gear should go on the gear forties when their certain breakdowns between them in their physician are you that about testosterone placement therapy amongst combat athletes what i think mind you combat yeah i guess different it's also damage the pituitary gland well i mean it i think it depends like if you take for example you have a guy that's experience say has been fighting for thirty years and right and he gets now he has the same testosterone levels is a guy that twenty years old that have men fighting more than two years right then i think that that's unfair right no i'm sand but if you so wish like so subjective depending on who hears weird how often they being tested and what
levels during training and are they levelling arguably normal level when their fighting and where and what are they doing during the week that the normal onto my testing and throughout the term can in anything so that with some guys but that's how i was to overrun got busted really randomly surprise this is this is this what life my friends who who know about these things they look they ve never seen gear make a crappy ass integrate athlete and less good aphids to train harder recover faster and more work done and whoever does most working remains the freshest wins amazon so if i am also looking at you afterwards and you're not making tenure life sucks are you kidding me like we have wasted mandate it's never really cute romantic version of the idea but the reality is that it improves you drastically who's your ability to perform work and improves ability i said it i got it also improves your explosive ness and improves your speed and improves your power in approves a lot of things it's not
and i coronation be able to travel on genoa racquetball doesn't do that but if you already have those things it will make you better than those t t does change the way you all i see we say so because of the power and the judges to change a nervous system had aroused by the especially the hyper ipo levels on this has also even now at the end of april levels that some of these so brat let's let's go to back to the pride days ok i'm not urging that anybody steroids but god damn it looks like a lot of people did steroids evil this error and the people there were over there told me people doing steroids do i know you did sorrows i do not know the people did stars but let's just assume not name any nationality loves let's think about some certain fighters that just looked insanely jack to the gills didn't even looks fucking human they would come out
things on the tipp of their nose and jane curs ryan in fact more when they want you would be watching you like that is barely beyond stop rougher macho rather mme fan you have not seen pride you are doing yourself a disservice i would suggest start with the vandals silva collection that is the quintessential pride fight and if you don't own fate or is she how jerry jane dairy on the failure of today before christianity debate or pre religion i think we always had christianity man i think you went out of high and i visited fame what failure and i didn't see any of that are really yeah do when did he take out on i don't know man it was it was definitely posts we worked on a book within and it is definitely posts book is trans though that i must be going through duties carrying the weight of initial less
and destroying killing monster killing away how we put our love away laughing comes in and for g2 after forty two fuckin rang his bell o below you another environment by sound like so on his neck look over there fringe ology mean like that's for executive outlet well you know what that guy was that i was bullet proof in the brewed in when his brain was just ferocious holes in the terminator that's how they all refer to men and women in interesting like study in not wasting energy tourism that you never saw how's face ten stop can ever saw you crazy about allies it was always like hey relax and progressively i'd trained ino eight hours out of every day that he now i mean those guys reinhard visa wee wee has also taught whose smartest yes put put back into the realm of this room of him formats
say that you're actually eating right we'll save a great coaching removing right in your actually eating right and sleeping in managing these things then then you're you're augmentation choices matter even more but we see level making covering bad lifestyle bad nutrition and that's the problem that's my biggest problem that stuff can you make a guy who doesn't have punching power can you give em punching power or is that a certain innate thing i mean i think thus we are we why we do here we ve all meant those guys it just have that like they touch you you're our power never ends we are diverted either and i have a guy thunder but you have that yeah i'll know man and i've talked about this along with like fire friends and coaches and whatever it is you always know that guy but genuine has weird there's a guy liam harrison he's my tie fire but probably not people know we as but they everybody should i know my time i mean he's got badges weird i touch you you're out power
and i think a lot of it is one it mechanics play a lot i have a lot to do with their life you understand how to be positions and understand the transfer and energy through the ground through your body all that stuff but cannot are you that there's someone those weird guys out there so we re going to get joe joe you that use far those guys were you just like you get a binary fashion and not have heard is much did just now nervousness you'll see the fires matisse boxer lucas but he's not he's this new guys kale when people left and right so it's amazing to watch what do you think about that transparency these guys think it's a bone thing for one of his identity they just die away the size of fists like so something of a very large fish like george forming european george foreign service like hams though i can hams and other actors also the like tommy hearns others the shoulder with think i think shoulder with has to do with leverage and has to do with more out of the amount of x
travel that's going on before your punch lands of europe very narrow shoulders you not getting as much rotation and dear punch but if you got some tommy hearns type should go on by the end of that poverty is a lot of talk well what have we done when one of the russians do they developed all of these skills if we were a coach and our jim whose whose russian whose plucked out of the ukraine to being a russian swimming programme which was five basically they just trainer jpg people bp gps they identify energy people in general physical paris skills they taught skills to these kids and then guess what they decided onlooker that kid has huge shoulders he's gonna be good this this kid is upright has long torso short legs he's an olympic lived this girls can swim later making decisions and in certain dip for some of these guys who cut find their calling and find their skill set and they have hams four hands or maybe i think as i said so you can still make the best athlete in the world better through good mackay
i cannot rise optimize europe is slack out of you that's interesting because it really always becomes a disproportionate battle because if a guy has perfect genetics annie's intelligent any displays hardworking he's gonna beat the guy who's just hard working and has as yet i'm shit slow genes second we all know do just especially when it comes to strike strikingly one becomes apparent there's something about jujitsu that allows you to be technical if your positioning knowledge is two or three moves ahead of the other guy and you roll long enough it seems like eventually you catch him for the most part illicit guys like really defensively minded but due to help us when it comes to start when a guy has a fast which muzzle fibre and the good conditioning and the skill set your fact none of you will realize striking different edward juniors perfect example that would mean when georgian was in prague in his prime he has such incredible athleticism that
doesn't matter how do i know cresty of boxing is your gear fact so how do you think any quantum definitive he's got knocked out and then his way i got older and as is ray i wanted to talk to you about the excellent results of steroids zeus there's two things with roy jones junior ok and i must say this in all due respect with a huge roy jones junior fan but he changed the job are we fight it was my opinion turning point because i went up to fight john reason for john ruiz at heavyweight it was big was like two hundred pounds and then he dropped back down a fight tarbert at light heavyweight you look like shit faced you look drained his mouth the was deflated he had a hard time making their way he dehydrate the shit out of himself megan one seventy five what has all this mechanic change so we know this from our politicians who i have a friend just vertigoose hugh he didn't leat total it nineteen pounds and then six months later to three eighteen and perilous did there and when we there's a way component
when you have this natural weight and all the sudden you do opposite lunch await your mechanics and leverage changes your proprio exception changeling the game is different now i have a friend whose mark bell great peril after his brother chris bell did the doktor professor stronger somewhere was us a heavyweight using your sort of adjusting as you're moving now because there's no really want it also marks now like to forty two and he had to figure out a bench again is done nothing was stay want to know where i am and so we don't you think about that with our fighters hey you're hurting although i have a vineyard around in giants support they gave in part the game is how this help part of the game is like as water management right in and if we look at just being dehydrate or just salt being down tal salts you can oh that reaction time coupled with being dehydrated coupled couple the nervous system you're not sleep being very well is your second way and then all europe change i'm a cash injure kicks don't feel the same to change your way class is legitimate
it really is it's really it's and also its out what's with the elephant in the room is the gear in i think you have to if you're in you cities and you gain thirty fuckin pounds iran gear ok
this be realistic was any realistic when i was six months opportunity what do you think percentages of pro athletes us just be safe and say mass ants lance armstrong walk that debate side oil like or allocate like now it seems like almost everybody like you think like eighty percent where if you're gonna put a percentage behind i think like rule would like all sports i think you i think i am a name i be like eighty percent enemies actually lower than i think most professional sport in my opinion these guys like roy nelson does logic on edge argue against like you know i've fucked any taken a stance and now they're not gonna end it's an honor and overpower thing those opposed to that i guess combat is backed basketball no not at all but like in basque while you're not hitting another person the face on purpose could agree more and i think that its also there's a reality of the sport itself the impact that you take over and over and over again just and training when you're gonna get there
dramatic injuries that almost don't he'll naturally that's its natural occurring neil parameters are still have to train so go you have worked me i'm gonna get and our right to do that this is the condition of the fighter is that they feel like they you know and emanates specifically you have so many variables that you have to cover so you're constantly we're com only pushing to train every single variable all the time it is very difficult like right so you're always over train bulgaria and most in any fighters nowadays over trained and then they look for something like hey how can recover so that i can fit all this fuckin wrestling iraq saying in my tie and skill into a like a day session dude i've train provides i've over trained its some of us will not do it no more so how do we look around then and say ok i'm a fighters my main thing how do i look round say someone is invented this we'll already where the best part
this is elsewhere so i think with with fighters once it's impossible not do what i mean is impossible not do it if you not approaching the whole situation knowledgeably with a heart monitor and someone knows what the fuck is going on and i think that's what really what's important oh it's crazy about this in this is what and work has also just a little bit background so like robin paleo solution nutrition genius right right i was like ring are too great guy yes i was lucky enough to be under weighing stringent conditioning it ain't gonna fishing exactly but like woodward's green about like kelly brings in the table as everybody knows like all fighters no like hey i need to correctly i need to sleep i need to train i need you all this stuff but none of them and i guarantee this cause i didn't know it now understand like them the movement blueprint hey what's the master blueprint what are the the fundamental principles i need to know to optimize movement function so for example if i'm gonna to my mind nutrition i know if
taking a paleo stance i note i need a i need to give it a gluten right i need a maybe in some situations though my carbs or or did you know dairy cows damage the whole online and and and maybe you can still buffer writing so that people know this vote my point is like fighters know this but now a lot of people understand hey what's the movement blue like ok i'm in pain and all the unless pain founded gluten but why am i still in pain we keep saying that without even explaining it so let's get into that because we gotta raptors pitcher five minutes which one with gluten gluten causes inflammation disproportionately freedom people so we will have a small reaction to it some big reaction to it that inflammatory costly flam state that means that you do not adapt as well recovers well it's always running a low grade infection i had a chiropractors tommy
so he was talking to me about an information so these tests recommending the mackenzie protocols wants a different kind of stretches test test we test kill the gluten do bear yes or no did you times go very esther now i feel better except when i'm eating that's so good link we clams one my fucking weaknesses man glue mostly italian you can eat shit to sit down with a bullet dicks a modest gluten free your desk we need to know who the fuck tate was trying to tell me what could have almost giddies why some like how dare you could potentially allow something shooting spaghetti swash to lazard but here are usually vano and my friend tape if you're eaten right you should probably have was on your mom's house and not right use which is due they have a day right we'll monument you like listen viewing if you're a wedding area daughters what
miss probably the fucking take the germans you'll meet ass if i make my bread its home my brain and abroad like joe unique event was thrown in sixty five daughters yet will joe years deal like everybody's on spectrum right like you might be on aspect that one in my colleagues is and where you can did not feel sweet fuck all right you can be on the other end where you yeah silly act disease like you eat too much of it you'll like everytime seo thou go hogs is so we have this we measure with we ask our athletes to get a good blood panel that we work at a company in our jim that's cos out of our jim and we'd like don't you take your car where we fraction classroom we look at the inflammatory markets because you suddenly like i'm freely dairy but i mean they can everyday in and we saw people's cholesterol like triple quadruple turns out i you're not actually i'm not set up to run that match saturated fat and eat nuts new poor bitch because something i fuckin flowed through bacon like i'm surfer in fact highway
it's ok i'm a settlement with as we might lie that's cool guy right as beautiful as i get my cholesterol checkpoints surfing the genome float none but you river they give you handle it amateur what is your hang in turn on big but the key is how do you know where you measure so you you did what you said exactly what we need to be doing how do we know we know which observable nominal completely bullshitting over how big an once every four weeks a thought i tried a pretty cool yeah i'd try to eat o only things grow in the ground i try to eat grass fed meat as much as humanly possible fighter has a hunter form which is a it has a cowboy thrown here there's only one hour sore heavy terms sylvia again is a big hunter he needs holler brok lesson that guide our dear yeah if yeah you hunter d me
like you go hunting array of innocent is this i have crazy theories about food when it comes to especially things that are fast thinks is it a really difficult the chemist natasha from you i think you better for you whether so slippery i think we figured out how to beat the whole fish thing with hooks but try kitchen a fuckin fish without a hook and mimi fischer nutritious a shit you now i mean they're like really fuckin good flowing would have forced they know what you eat your what you eat what does why you're eating energy i would like super healthy exist either eat a lot of grass and like leafy vegetables and delicious nutrients or in their protein eat them in there they taste
better concentrated vegetables re air and sea larger what's your question with gluten they fly hamburgers your signature and they get there that is the most plucked up thing they eat mosquitos and flies they'll take up like a bucket and if the whip this bucket through a big cloud of flies and until they get it at the bottom of the buccaneers scrape into panties and make burgers out of it but it's protein me fact in your in africa gravity which gotta do is right in and the human being is designed for survive might if action because we did this is gonna end really soon and thank you very much join us been beautiful we gotta do again for shore the the issue gluten is it just our bodies are not designed for it is it have to do with genetically modified the actual we'd itself which did happen and like the early nineteenth fifties are sixties i believe i forget which one but look it up and i've done google the
did the people that were making weed this country they they sort of engineered it to be a stronger hardier we and that some people started having real issues as far as like digesting it some people didn't and some people still don't but for a lot of people it's a big issue my kid is supersensitive she wanted the birthday cake some processing you kids a freak out of here we talk to your goddamn aliens rule i just had a five year old birthday party miles kids written cake like this fuckin good style how dare you day you lie to the children of your territory for other normal probative value if your daughter got some real kagan you weren't around she would go crazy problem as you did you guys don't you go caressingly eyes grew i'm so near me just one year on we are gluten em in the here's the we should never take our word for you should turn are test yourself don't take any ones were fort go ahead in a bunch of mean chain triglyceride oil in your coffee some butter and tell me if it doesn't is better yes or no do you feel
more today yes resolve matters to us like you or your best expense and you have the right to information of the whole life in society they would like yours amiable crossborder like you do that right and learned that none of this is the brilliance buying kelly system is like you do it the tests we test is immediate like all my shoulder feels very rightly you really literally immediately divide my guy last earlier what do you do about kneepan and and and it's like one you cracker mechanic to understand what is the movement is causing kneepan and then to like what can i do a tissue level this can improve the pay slightly worried when others are should what is going on with the record what is the lacrosse ball doing when the crop osborne like with like the technical explanation has its material that absorbs your pain it happened in a soldier i you are stiff you'd you're improving the function and congestion in them
migration of the tissues one too your undoing this stuck pattern of fashion of sea change that until moves again threes that you provocateur ribs moving forward changes change mobility you change their orientation through asks by nor system up regulates membership last question what is it about gluten something we totally cover that's what is it about it that makes your body inflamed what going on we retain it states that the dismantling small and large states it has because it's a foreign thing that it's not normal to the human diet right what it is you caught it's like having a route canal festering your mouth that you're smart testing the airlines have but its it comes in the form of spaghetti evaluating and there's no is just a protein re or small internal nuns doughnuts are gluten right and sugar cats and dogs about hairs wumples oh my god waffles the belgians
fourthly and even sometimes chicken because fried chicken is made with bread and now joe rogan you will never go balloon freak as these can like i'm not i get married i don't you right i'll never glow like no you weren't sweet as you can see here s your legal low glue loosened have one cigarette day how many servings of gluten would you recommend in a week for a man like me of obviously robust character and strange and delicious recipes that the russian federation bin laden delicious almah how much heroin is it is it is but it's not but like look if you're looking ass if he thinks is a drug things gluten the drug do that hasn't opiate affecting your body right out like a similar effect maybe not saying to the same degree but like look what you have to understand is are you trying to optimize your life your function whatever be movement sleep whatever it is his lesson is your re my money from why are you making
your body if you do why are you might want to plan this corners like you're really right you like this making money from your body but most of the people you talking to aren't they even for them optimization and also their reward for that discipline when you eat on sunday you have achieved dance and if you eat six days of good food a week and then one day muddling euler rightlier why not even being your human being or you might be the rock rocks twitter he's got the greatest she days of all now can you can offer a bunch of stuff you care you know you should in and you should of life like marxists and has a really reasonable ideas about as possible sugars coffees like you know what my life is better when you put sugar my coffee soon as a policy for the that's a compliment us such a nice they say about anything we already established and that's how aware and this gonna go full circle thanks a priest that was awesome kelly bad motherfuker if people want to get kelly's book that is called becoming a supple leopard you have a copy of a bryant should put it up in front of the camera look at that become
a supple leopard doktor kelly start you are bad mother fucker sir and i appreciate you come in here and as our monthly salary some books that are really things can happen i'm so glad you were the guy that invented the lacrosse bark is that thing i'm tellin you has helped me more the last couple months demons of you it's so heartily a person massage you that hard you know in our view massage early autumn we only resource it where you bullshit is exactly cordova though of those dover those whatever centre change name son it's not catch the next conversion in berlin moreover ladies and gentlemen shouting irish
thank you but if a tune into the park cast thank you on a good oh in and i t used to code name broken save ten percent of any and all supplements and please follow kelly on twitter is mobility w o d which has worked out of the day so billowy m o d or w odious he's mobility wmd on twitter glenn what is your twitter man like fifty that's so as far as greece is that's gangsters failure rodya twitter know why do not sir i have a twitter body will be check on monday with bobcat goldthwait lazy gentleman bobcat returns the podcast big kiss and we can work out something next week for kevin smith his place into his by gas holler brining my comp debts as you do you want you to come i will i will seek as monday jihad praise odin biggest
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