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2013-06-11 | 🔗
Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. Some of his writings and experiences can be found on his website, WarriorPoet.us, as well as links to his latest venture, Onnit Labs.
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it talks keep its agenda sorry to keep you together which go cuba together so important people together i know it's hard is thought to keep it together key together for you start we got some shows callin up fine red ban twenty hence cliff and make their wits run i'll be careful a fox cassettes canada or aid to south america it'll be respectful don't go up there thrown your fuckin waste products in a street behind be gentle canadians around you gonna loved raw turn of the very different in vancouver yeah i think well the both awesome canada is like my fair poised to perform doing now winnipeg this weekend us it's fuckin there still they're so fun there there like they like just like reg
you're like american crowds we really good american ground jazz add up like five percent that's it you're really good canadian crap village super enthusiastic through awesome speed in that play so you're going to toronto they may or may not marijuana while the show was going underground cafe and you may or may not not be able to see people in the audience cause you're performing in the fuckin clouds i hear that i think was esther somebody went there and they don't smoke weed and they said that they got so stone they must have a panic attack was just doing comedy there no jostle absolutely no doubt a hundred percent lee there's no air left in that room you only breathing with how it was insane i've never been so high in my life out there was no where did there is nowhere else to go i hid the back of the high wall i got here we are this is the wall this is the three hundred foot or i'm not i'm not going to get this is gonna be scary for me and then you're going to be fine don't be too high before you go up there that's the thing just don't get you have before you go up there or do i get
i like really early in the day so you're comfortable around like five six o clock better build tolerance over you notes or is there a stone is set and is making words a great deal the great you do in three days up their watcher lie eleventh twelve and thirteen so great spot the people the runner super cool all that stuff about weed i made that up has sadly been going on down there to worry about it but it's you're gonna love and tony hitler free taken with you is fuckin hilarious really funny dude he's he's really common up we started out podcast with him the hinge notes and man where we ve only done to episodes but i really see this because being a mere it's like if you would like like american idol fur open makers me doing some weird shit with him can exactly what you do and what we do is we
a show and like where it isn't that the comedy storehouses sign up sheet where like you every sunday monday i u sign up to try to do three minutes on stage dinners tons of people that you must pay twenty hours parking they try to just get you another three minutes stand up in and they don't get on so we take those people that like the people that didn't make the stand up we sign up on this list and then they get to do one minute in front of me tony and whoever the special guest for the weakest and then we pretty much either do this thing called tagging faggot bits but with a ph by which is it about that's really route and now that we have started for your very diverse downtown and accommodate tagged with the p h age you think that's my chattering career i think i am the first while gases of you name that right second of all you didn't run it by any gave right now but we changed it this way to baggage just because i will not nervous allowances its unnecessary dna is fag as unnecessary it's too bad kiddo
because it was awesome really gotta let that how did you know why we gotta let it go we gotta let it go sort of immunity to our gay friends it is the we don't really give a fuck of someone's guy mean we really down so like if you're you're saying like something homophobic just cause it's cute and funded do if you really don't care of someone's gay psyche you do in yourself like a little bit of the service you loved in with something that you don't agree with its absolutely poop joke united states like achieve dumb joke you would say in high school so we changed it a bag the last night and what we do is we pretty much sit there and they do their joking we either help them like like that's a good joke rhino you hear some tags for we try tag it up forum or each has turned the bag and get get the fuck out of area we kind of like almost do it like a roast kind of way in last night we are there and this guy came up his eyes and he was dressed up as iron man and he was just came up those ngos i'm a huge does squad fan and i wanted to come here and show in hang out with you guys so he's our now now our new security guy that guided like gets
people are just age gets a lot of fuckin outfit the heirs of all he's like part iron man part cannot in america look it has a microphone thing and i believe that the battle against any one of our way of life my was so ridiculous having him on board because he was ended up being really funny to like you would like you not give it time and on some of the other comics but it's it's said the first episode drops this week on itunes ok i gotta get disquiet that tv and you can find the yard how get tickets for the toronto roger by hover you gotta hovered dot com ford slash rogan you will save ten percent after domain name registrations hover is a company that domain name registration company of its own but the same people that own tang and they sort of take the same approach tonnage
be bluff try to provide a very good service try to make it easy to use and hovers supervision of use it myself to register websites and there their user interface is very intuitive super easy i'm not that technical when it comes to the internet and not let that like i'm not that proficient fucker blithely i'm always call bryant like what am i doing what's wrong what's wrong my fuckin found what's wrong with it and i don't know that much so if i can do it and do it easily it's not hard to do and they offer three free things free who is domain name privacy so if you have some discussion website if you some sick freaked elects a beat off on feet it is ironic that man you now as long as like some people like it i bet i bet they do some people now need to make a bad people like fat bones through their noses and people like all kinds of creative people like tat to in their face people like crazy shit ok you can't hate but
i don't think i should have to know who owns that website and i don't think people should have to know the closet freak so you can have who is domain name privacy for free with hover so cool company go check it out harvard outcome ford slash rogan save yourself some money at my side boom son go to hover ross roger by ana dot com and shocked because the frequency of on his here today ladies and gentlemen international world traveller psychedelic explore each car that's what i hear well while easy easy there s no need huge is unreal were except when i do about appoint senator thanks to the density of pluto and small diamond it's in the press in his dick or how
you don't think that the effect of many a word we imagine if we found that was the best way to do it just pack it in there like a musket tastes like watermelon if you get it like because there's some drugs there people do take annually and they actually enjoy like there's a girl named neuro soup did a piece on you too where she's talking about it's getting a billion heads could just talking by taking the empty emily but she took deal the ancient put it in your ass and she was one that was in that vice story that hamilton morris vice store where he was talking about how her boyfriend was his gigantic cocaine dealer oh that's an ecstasy dealer windsor hamilton those immersion that's real voice man don't but this chick had is greatly detailed the video about her the empty in her ass this fuckin superintends ride with
devil would have like one time a large sum of money in your bloodstream apparent i was at its talk any allows out an electronic music carbon than i do not endorse or recommend this behaviour whatsoever but i watched the girl who said she couldn't get high from see anymore she takes one he puts one in her mouth and goes under a little too too and puts one in her ass the same time i hope this works oh my god i hope worth the chief least break it up for you to ask you to credit down with her but internal slowly massages into resolving outer dissolving it with the natural do and what you're why once you start with your vagina first is its definitely easier to get juicy in their imagine if you just found out that you're wearing basle thing ever flock racquetball that's like you like there's no way my ass has no strength is no but really you wanna marriages destroys it eli wow of europe
the on your finger strictly smiled but doktor did once had a test wants a doktor looked up my ass with finger while a koane yeah that seems like a bad idea here just stick a pump up you up your stomach and you're gonna shoot water in their unclean yourself including all the good stuff like this a whole civilization go on such summits you're gonna blow water through your your shit hole and then they can examine your poop and going to discuss what you're diet is home to watch it go through the tube see salad but you should like excavating is like archaeology now you see stratosphere like layers of the earth do i differ meals past years pass away you got the red lair brown the chadian re desire that just different part did you see from not just your last meal but is many meals i don't know how often you need to do it but it's what i saw going through the two so you feel good out he did it the very
first one i did i've done like a three or so the very first one today a large i've got every moment i just needs a good excuse they first when i did felt like a slight religious experience live out using i walked out of their like feeling lied and like i was clear and then the other ones were mostly just uncomfortable and i didn't really noticed very much reward lee made it believed that clinics are good like once every five to ten years just a kinder and cases some shit high nap ransom nooks and crannies because the digestive tract as all these little spots and crannies and little areas where waste can collect and start actually really rotting rioting septic so it's good to get there out of their everyone's why did you see that might area you see bullshit on penalties boys it with this and whether a premature went all these doctors in like an hour had they got this guy on craigslist that was broke in eight that gave us like three dollars
do it met them film is poor guy it's a darted knitted arduous like this it does nothing like it doesn't want gleans i don't think you got however does not that's absolutely value there seemed to reach that pay attention and they let you logically be that's next product would go with article onyx just collapse and douche bag apparent literal do apparently a lot there's people that will take epsom salts and they drink it in a glass like a couple tablespoons i added desire go through you like a rocket fuel they had ever heard really gonna gaspe uncomfortable very diuretic during but is it have a benefit is theirs you mean like to clean you shit hello yahoo and if you're doing a cleanse right any needs you need to open up the channel of utopia belligerent clams chances are you do your words fucking eyes cleanse cleansing getting version
but if you are doing some kind of fast or some kind of protocol where you are trying to detox by your body it's good open up the channels of elimination one of the channels of elimination is so it's good to actually cuz you will get constipated cuz you're not feeding your body with a bunch of food so it's good to actually push that out but usually better than epsom salt is going to be oxygenated magnesium as a couple brands like mag o7 and that was on eight in this couple different types but it'll actually help really push that through with her good has absent solves contain magnesium it does right maybe that is the majority arabs yet altogether different form one of the benefits of the tank is that you storm epson salty skin signed the fact you don't have a tank etc we gotta get your shit that's right that's preposterous agreed magnesium like i think that we all need
none of us really get enough of yeah magnesium tanzanian magnesium now below the minimum minerals actually the member that was around dead doctors don't lie there was explaining like sheep it'd minerals saying that mineral deficiencies the reason for like all these issues in an farm animals that we fixed a long time ago because we just give them mineral rich diet we add minerals to their food but we don't have to add minerals to people's food he's like to know a few people take mineral supplements it was like talking about all these different deficiencies calcium osteoporosis and pretty fuckin crazy sharetea convincing because there's not much mineral in the soil i mean they're replanting over and over again in the same fields network vegetables are coming from constantly re so the minerals in the soil are mostly from the fertilizer whether actually putting it when they're not necessarily putting in complete full spectrum balanced minerals back in the soil so the lot of the food we eat dont have the mineral content that we originally had a few reform
in a really sustainable way in rotating around getting new soil things like that solution now easiest one is the himalayan saw eighty four trace minerals right there in the south and that's in one of the reasons why sought was so prized back in ancient times is that that's the best sorcery or mineral the easiest source at least as a lotta good source does but is a really good reason for getting him a landlord his that's like it saw that hasn't reached any there's been no pollution yeah it's like a hundred million years ago so all of the police in its in the world now everything that's in the air everything that's in the water in the fish and all that shit that wasn't around back on a million years ago just pterodactyls and some ancestors roaming round on the ground so there was nothing to pollute the salt deposits at all no oil spills none of that so it's a very pristine deposit i'm pulling a little in your water in the morning yeah i do intermittent actually like it at night and i was i had a pretty dramatic incident where i feel like a week
i started going through i was i was taken the water like highly filtered water discuss its water felt that i had so dan i was starting to hear my pulse in my ears when i go to sleep and as having trouble sleeping and they like while it could be a mineral deficiency for your adrenal glance like ok like tackling the take a bunch assault before you go to bed himalayan sought for your bet i did that and made to me different so now for me i take morsel at night before i go to bed and i sleep a lot better and i dont get that it wasn't so much that i was it you i could hear my in my ears and i know i mean real deficiency which would cause that did they explained the mechanism has moved efficiency greener glands need you know need the minerals to function at an optimum level like most of the systems in our body so all kinds of systems need the minerals minerals are kind of the foundation of what makes us up makes it
run rely well so you drinking distilled water is a highly highly distilled water language kang unwanted scar king and why not just filtered but light killed completely mineral devoid why at my house and i was eating good vegetables and stuff but the vegetables don't have all those minerals and i was i would occasional sprinkle salter my food but i wasn't really attention to my salt intake in then i tried the regiment it and actually supplementally take it and have made a huge impact the ecb has yet to be careful that we all these water systems means the fancy water system are not endorsing it by any means is just good to take everything out but it takes too much out you have absence we know minerals and electric lights in your water if you're using one of these highly filtered system so adding a pinch of salt back in is gonna be important that's your body runs out that's interesting about about like gum spring waters at the best water together danube
like the difference between spring water and look what is it it was genetic spring one unlike the sunny and all those like those are filtered waters right so that's their basically taken water from anywhere can be as dirty is can be in just running it through adequate filters to take the bad shit out of it and that's distilled that's filtered water now bring water is actually filtered either through the ground which is the best way to do it like a volcanic system where the water net ray filters lava yams out and that's going to let all the minerals through the earth that you really need and that can be the best way to do it my friends place in colorado has a well she carefully she gets it like right from the well it's incredible spring water till i give free spring water we probably need half the himalayan solider a quarter or maybe no need any are you know how rich that water is a unique way less than if you're constantly drinking filtered distilled water gathered pour water run out the fuckin ground up there it's nuts
that's where they get in the war the free spring water just out poland around we like drink trudging its water here you know trying so there's still your city dig it afforded hall around finally on aggregate socket i will destroy your dead even someplace is that in the whole country and texas we have well and you bring it out smells like eggs sulphur soldier in and it there's no way you're gonna stomach drinking that does so nasty himalayan sought that you haven't on it dot com is to prove to sir it's what you proved prove it mean kosher bailouts kosher what that mean that may make them i think a rabbi ass the blessing i don't know i said sir nigel parameters like like locate yet i am i grab his balls i know now that yeah it s really not who has to know that the process has been observed they have a real strict rules i think the liquor but would slaughtering animals especially very specific rules
what's cushion ones not but you know it's not culture bacon so kosher stupid ok that's ridiculous ok if you dont if you dont like big in uganda fuckers for real i was thinking about that and i kind of like the jews are pretty cool masturbation pretty cool with sex i feel like they had to pick some thing they take it take it outlines a forbidden and they are just they are bacon we can live without that mobile jerked out all day will follow everyone but bacon weaken our law that people take our religion seriously dirty salt it here how much strychnos as pigs have that's you now pigs the thing about pigs is that there is their omnivores and they'd their oftentimes scavengers so though eat like wormy food man and even get all kinds a horrible diseases don't cooked meat so i'm sure back when they did a shitty java cook and meet me to know what the fuck worms were they would eat that stuffing it really sick and possibly even die bacon back then was like raw dog in africa
in dangerous pigs would just be want you in your own risk there were but its tempting because its versus yeah did you know the factory dawn and aspects of wild tubes eaten fuckin cadavers and shit that while pigs are thirty four getting rid of evidence yes i don't movies that right we talked about that this is not even a commercial but then he rose on emily and sought the aggregate some if you haven't been to the fitness action on it we got pretty much anything you need for a serious rigorous strengthened conditioning programme we provide at all if we talk about stuff or functional strength wait vast battle ropes little bells steel mazes end steel clubs both of which are at their excellent for developing like all full body movement and the kind of strength that you could really true
late into any athletic endeavour or murder wove this is a really slow shot this the steel mason club really strong we also jump ropes now pull a bar by metal james is for home jim and you know and really functional stop here as to the ass dvds we eventually will make our own dvd we promise you this we promise you this but for now the extreme kedo bell cardio dvd one and two by the fabulous keep keith weber stuff to keep this fucking things in office right actually took over production gotta look a hammer us with those which are not waiting for o keefe enable banners and am too as you finally worked it out ray i we work that it has been possible to get those dvds now was well international incident every time we have to try and get a booby abbe keith
give us our bees out either that eight he deserves at the outset that is a bad ass work out part of their ruthless so if you if you ve never done any kettlebells before really are urge you to start slow starts and if you can hire up a trainer toes one is kettlebells certified tis go over the movements with you he can work out at home totally get i do care about work out at home all the time but the first couple times you done it it would be really smart if you paid very close attention to technique and very close attention to your form and make sure you don't hurt yourself with once you hurt yourself rarely we haven't much any us up from the eye k a fact which is one of our really cool new partners there are one of the biggest sanctioning bodies for cattle sport here in the u s and to their top athletes around me
i did well given some instructional tips whereas at a savage try to find that ongoing god are you to pay any shock or you can go to you should be able to navigate to it from the kettlebells themselves not the dvd but if you're the youtube page indefinite check that out and can blackburn mitch blackburn while its on mitchell like a hundred sixty five pounds and set the american record for the clean and double clean impressed with seventy two pounds jani going about it do it did it like sixty five times in ten minutes without putting him down about one hundred sixty five nineteen year old kid you can see him on honourable actually if you look up dialogue which backward that somebody just shows you what right do it is i mean and its form these guide their form is impeccable they ve had there not wasting any and all cool the watch em cooler learn from you know it's really fascinating about allow these guys they don't look like you're not like bodybuilder looking guys so there have this incredible strength
the amount of mass they carry around and this guy's a hundred and sixty pounds aren't sixty per about jesus christ i know so tiny little fella there's the guy at the fact that a guy that was a hundred and sixty fuckin pounds can throw tubes seventy two lb kettlebells around like that he was written the nineties up and snatch in the nineties silent whenever doesn't signs i'll go very limited it ok you got some shock people who don't know like fur did the average folk like you you would have struggle with a thirty five pounder trust me it's hard the first time you do it it's real awkward but it develops i'm fuckin huge proponent of category kettlebells what would it gives me is like real functional strength like functional strength that just directly translates since you get to i noticed a big difference in my role
when i got really heavy with kettlebells because it it transferred my work out from out today i'm gonna bench tomorrow we're gonna do squats in alarm that gets you stronger but there was something different about doing it all together when you're doing like get out like alternating cleans and clean press squats and he's crazy full body besides it's like you didn't just gets stronger you also got more fit it also like more indirect see also got like translate a bull explosive energy those other main left like mansion squat there really good for getting bigger in particular yo and stronger in certain finite ways but if you're talking about general functional strength kettlebells the clubs the battle ropes yes that's really gonna get you get the job done instrument and it gives you a balanced strength and look if you wanna get caught
you mean like a lot of people like there's dude second squat two and twenty five pounds easy i government met a lot of guys who can do that but how many guys could do that with two one hundred and twenty cattle works you need tell me you really can do that you be clean and squat too twenty one cables you probably can't you now wobble all over the place you you're dealing with this weird thing that you have to kunak troll imbalance with you gonna learn hold onto them correctly gonna build this weird thanks no strength we swinging these fuckin cannonballs around protectionism you're forearm without snap in your arm manly shed folks got done come in and i d use a code name broken annual save ten percent of any and all supplements did somebody fart sir i did it
the natural didn't pills are coming soon and that was bounded back in my own business in the match with the dick bilsby others rock hard weekends but we found out that the whole in the light of those pills is you just sneak alone i grant it and then you get popped and then you sneak illiteracy alice in it and then you get pop and then you're third version is just pretty guy i mean once you get used to the paradigm of what those drugs can do just forget it i mean you can take all the herbs you want and it's not gonna really moved the neo so to speak but and i mean you can help support the systems in general like with tee plus but as far as dick pills themselves forget it sent his eyes of sinners doesn't even exists so there's no like like an boundaries or anything that you could put in their that just now that scoundrels their colony and bonuses biographer every out lot of the ones in the gas station actually work because their pudding like chinese
agriculture is outside you think they're pay their real peace a ship you look at some terrible label on the gas station it's like i don't know sir laser hard five and you like what the hell is that but if you take it it's like a little bit of chinese viagra scream take those who so ridiculous like why it takes a real right will you know what it is like let's just hope this one works because someone with another this isn't anthrax so you like lose our responsibility for what happened is based on the lucky that right it's kind of like a job it's there's i've found a couple overnight that you really take and it's the most ridiculous agora others hilarious but it's less and days well does the hours working listen don't please don't die come au and an eye to use code name rogan save yourself ten percent of any and all supplements brian
we'll experience ones but you never known to try out new now can i kinda guy trying exactly this motherfucker and is difficult to believe a skype attractive franz last week i knocked the doktor intel i've used it is now really will give you a maiden in the drugs i'm not saying that broke it doesn't have to tell the doktor it broke did they have a test i like does he rebecca like you're lying such a cot for five minutes and you can save dead populist for five minutes gimme the pills here they can't say no candy bars there's no weapon the test force they can now they they don't want us any lay your prosody with a large degree finger death grip and then if you get hard i dont want to have
and there they they can obviously remain devalues they're gonna take your word for why would you say that you can't get hard if you could get heart why you wouldn't lie about that but you did not know what it breaks their dick that's how do they can you possibly like break it so that you like you can't get a boner without it in alex some the addicted those scientists brains you know a few people this deprives the biggest problem is the psychological addiction like back when we were selling the rock hard that worked back at flashlight cuz it had viagra or cialis and then or whatever it hadn't i don't know but back when i work there was people would taken they get and they start off with a girl maybe hooking up and a girl oh my god you're the guy among men and then they get that and then if they didn't have it you know they would start panic and in their brain would start to take action as soon as the brain gets out faded and sexual out using the exclusion isn't a crazy how different you can get excited for one girl over another
like there are some girls and we all know them in your life where when you around them is just like instant flagpole other girls where it's just just for whatever reason they can look just as pretty they can be just as nice they can be just as attractive but is some freak connect and you have what signals in the female any family really do things there i think so i think they re really what you says kind of true like the juice gathered there s an issue of them there ah you they generate eighty ladys i find such as they are now so kind to you i never knew how to say that they don't sound like a severe mister i know it on the other way where they ve had like guys sleep in the same shirt for a few weeks or whatever and then they have gone smell the shirts and they'll be various acted one shirt and completely repulsed by another shirt just by smelling the actual pheromones
i would lose that one for sure what got to go down too much meat coming out my poor smells like low average girls my jet the worst is jujitsu because you'd take your ego sweat so much then you take a shut off any throaty jim bag and only three jim bag in the trunk work cooks khazar intend degrees analyses driving around when you jim back cooking in the truck and then you pop that bitch open in another bit adds dislike mon year and found again that's where there's a lot of skin diseases that people get from that stuff
don't wash those things enough and your essentially your role and around and microbes and bacteria in shit and the worst part is not when its fresh like fresh sweat is not bad same address here and you can drink your own fresh urinal but you leave me i know but if you leave a copper that you're out for a day or so don't fuckin drink there that's poison ivy guys it's like a breeding ground for further back the same with your jim could i would agree that a sound advice don't you think i'm on its european do me that's the legs you go aubrey says don't drink all is here it on it we don't recommend drinking your first one year old story i'm thinking of trying to do and am anonymous scarier experience and i'm thinking i'm gonna eat it and then drink my peers and see what's up that's what he's boasted do i would land saint antoine has tried once and i'm gonna try
i've tried everything else for for real phone this initial manic tradition and now you listen it's like this no one is going to serious now the true shambolic tradition is it was experts to me by discard jack horror and he said that the idea is that you you eat the the drug the plant mush emanate atmosphere which has a very different it's not so silent at some other type of europe what you're shooting for just come all you see that this compound his musket ma and what its acts on a very different mechanism actually so the mechanism of action of emanated miscarry it actually acts as a gamma agonists so it's gonna give you or of the narrow transmitter gabby where's still aside in the mechanism of action that their recently finding which allows a lot about it the maps conferences mechanism of of suicide in his actually restricting blood flow to your default mode network party or brain which is your top down control mechanism in your brain so that your basically your mental
ribeiro filter that allows you to focus on the day to day mundane tasks starts to go to sleep and then happened to be the santa controls depression in a bunch of other things which is why the clinical application is proving so important and impressive in and all these people but that's a totally different mechanism fashion then dominated hysteria which is basically flooding your brain with more gather from us what i understand but the mosque em is a tricky beast and it doesn't nessus they come out through your gut however once it gets process through your kidneys and new piss it it can be passed up to five times they say through d people so like i could pick him you can drink it you could pick give it to brian he could take it and then brian could give it to two other people and everybody we eyes mommy and why they say how do they know how would they know why would they find out what are we doing with our lives were sitting directly to the best to get high
what do you see a fairies cocksucker they love drinking watching pluto was to be kind of like a little bit drunk and a little bit a little bit high like us well i only had one experience it didn't work you didn't rigour and patsy got commit gotta go in the tipping you gotta go miles the path we're supposed to just eat it and then drink your own piss and that's what gets you high there's some ways i think you can heat it in like lightly bake it i don't know but i think the the surefire way if you really want to commit is to eat it and drink your piss and then you can but even so as to what it is worth to sit live piss mouth not high with industry and what kind of losing him i should just become a republic of cash just go the other way and get single malt scotch and sneak in some cuban cigars just become an ass a rented a movie
but if it works were eaten mushrooms reappears fuck em i do i love you you got a dirty garage like i was gonna get to that but i had a mushroom to drink his first our moroccan real winner over filled it further through the savages seawater is perfectly legal u s emanate miscarry has not escaped substance so the reward if works and it was awesome is critical and actually have something legal to do yeah and use guinea we will do that now i dont i'm not angry please let me be the guinea pig here i don't know it could be terrible but i'll let you know you haven't you did it was bad also yet every out additional sitting there just like all with pissy mouth and never less well paid feeling glow isabel although i ve never met anybody's had a good one amnesia miscarry experience a let them member anyway telling me about one day voice said like odd in work for me met somebody you at work
one and not so good one better lives drink tea brow weird and not so good blood there is pissed rankings color and i find this sets a traditional around it though you know and we that we can all judgments passed by come robberies got it all figured out you just gotta get a free services in the eu and the new president now see that's not how it's done to bring cops we got our works i just passing your mouth and that what we do is either stray from this about what kind of party we do any precious re together is in his answer this will you get high as far dick appeared you will take you to eat is exaggerated
strange i would indeed stumble upon his back and party open up the tent door what the fuck's pass all over the place but should guide the cox nance which china getting lightened meant but imagine if it does work and you get someone really high and they love and then you could trick him constantly go just because my messages like it i don't want you write em and let's communist feel it yet here them first of all want to teach like total primary care maybe shouldn t plus did you pack it like a musket pact a musket cock wise doktor laser wearing lipstick we need to call delays in asking how many those books behind these red because it's driving me crazy pay doktor ladys get those old school books no really reads combined he's all these random let us wait it has never been as the finnish they say but he does have the
brain surgery kit from napoleon's feel doctor at his office they had a brings during my first line big saw like it looks more like woodwork women like a really finely crafted jade was working things like crack things things that saw things all my company debts and he actually uses it basically here as patients walk by and if they get queasy and again animate is i know you're not the person for me he's a visiting i mean he's gonna go in there and actually cut your head and do some work that's what it is i don't like three thousand open skulls or surgeries some yeah he's an is no gi he's go holy shit to imagine work about three thousand brains what an incredible power that must be to those guys like that they they can fix someone's
bring him mechanically cut out your cancer and fix your brain and then send you back to live a healthy life and he did i met one of the guys that he did that for the sky is one of his patience in is pretty remarkable went through there did the brain surgery and then from that's actually how i met doktor bazaars he did the brain surgery then he took a bunch of the ingredients we have in our brain too and he recovered like way fast this is of course just one story but he recovered super fast and that turn doktor bizarre onto the potential for these herbs to work in conjunction with what he was doing on the brain so that's how we and i got got hooked up that's interesting did he did he ever talk to roman ascii no he hasn't by we talk but that a little bit i think it's actually in the long interview that we have up there but on the other the brain dead i guess you is pretty is pretty serious i think he's ever been hooked up with bill
yeah well run ascii that's why created a neural one that was the first new tropic thread hurt him we were on numb no name and no name and alice or else and no name ceremony ceremony rather on alice radio and no name african his real name was although no name how we're does that is tat cool guy anyway he was training with bill roman asking and bill romanesque down the sardine healthy and started giving in this neural one chat with this is like it's a new tropic but it's also a guy with a little bit caffeine in it branch staff and he developed it because of concussion makes sense he had a feed feedback the brain when it's been deprived from here
swollen swollen and pushed up against your skull alexander programme hosanna yeah a neurological research centre today and one of the things that these people will tell me whether there i was therefore this silly tv show but these people to take the kids there like of the kids involved in football football injuries and they talk about like these kids like fifteen sixteen years old they just have these massive concussions and the fathers lie well when you get back in there and the mother is like is he going to be okay the mothers are concerned that their kid is getting really badly her and her father's are they wanting to get back in there it's weird that she choose it describing it to me like you know these situations she's dealing with with his father's and his kids and she's like it's really creepy cuz these kids don't know any better and they're just running adds like want em to get back in their kid they give can cost like to understand what is going on here
getting shut off is running at each other colliding hands do not woe and the brain there so much more we still have to learn about it did you happen to see that thing on sixty minutes where their their people who are now able to control prosthetic limbs with their thoughts alone did you see that so basically they hook up these they hook up these arms now the first the first version the type was they hooked arms up and actually hard wired somehow into the nerves but it's still their thoughts that can allow like they can shake hands with people just from like their brain tat it's completely prosthetic arm to shake hands grabber ball they can tell us all is hard or telephone a soft just from feedback its bilateral since not only their squeezing but their fingers can give signals the brain and let him know if what they're squeezing is hard or soft so it goes both ways and then they figured out how to hook it up wirelessly that they can actually control arms that are not even on them and they can
those arms move just with their thought so sixty minutes like a week ago i was walking blown away so like an avatar type thing totally well i'm not the heads but the first steps like the big baden steps towards doing it with wifi now i mean what is that you remember that as the old experiments where they pay much did levies all those russian dont show the dog had one should of you know that's real that real yeah material i want to remind the house that there was a cool segment on on sixty minutes as thoroughly like by two weeks ago while that's that's fucking freaky pretty at that the crazy part to me was the fact that they could it was giving him signals back from their fingers to their brain that was that was what really blew my me i guess the whole thing did not just the fact that you think of this brain and thoughts as this
nebulous thing but it's actually it is a signal there is some kind of electrical signals that taken yet a machine per grandma machine to receive and respond based upon a thought a willful action to do something it can pick that up i don't know how the hell that is imagine that they can do that now imagine one thousand years from now totally we probably will be able to dislike in bed and sent a robot out to do everything we need to do drive the car you now and we look through its eyes as it drives the car we look through its as i see it goes to the supermarket picks up groceries we just sit and beaten off the not pretend that this person and the robot wandered through the fuckin town does your task come back home and you never leave the house but imagine and then the application for sports there's been a couple movies like that but you can go for let's say you
created this kind of android creature that you can control with your mind you go full gladiator style net and tried sword and just have the most brutal i've saved the expensive his machine judgments or whatever but i began as with every crazy bumper cars with a ferrari that's true he said your fuckin but also robot bodies toward ip no don't do that but i bet you know what they would do you now like people play the sims i bet they would play like a real live version of the sims just let them somebody body go out there and interact with all these other robot bodies they take their body
they lie down and they look through the body look through the eyes of this thing and then send it off like its little game and you send you a robot out and the robot goes on fox other robots and party easy robots and animal he drinks and drives because you didn't you live in the real world citizens fuckin crazy roma then we realise that's what's already happening whereas a robot a nice turned us in do bob i keep hunting and simulation theory the shit like your inner voice is actually you in the future like talking to yourself or something like that in libya i think i think everybody knows especially when your impulsive fuck like i know you are i am you been tucson we alban been louis also and as always when you're about to do something in this area was don't fuckin do it dude you gotta listen to the voice of ways the voices
ways right you know there's like a weird rush on the other side to that tells you not to do it like it's gonna feel good you know like we are about like you're about to yell at somebody known you shouldn't right in a desert pretty much no reason radio jabba you're right but when you get this kind of like energy that comes up and it deals it's gonna be good to release it yet what the fuck is that that you protecting itself most but why does it feel good feels because sometimes people need to be shown that their contents i get it evolutionary snare like the only people learn how to behave is by feedback the way they learn how to be harmonious with their fellow brothers and sisters of the world is by feedback and when you're not good at it and you get bad feedback all the time and you don't know josh involving the way the world works but for most or a lack of education or lack of someone explain
or your own personal critical thinking involving the way the world works but for most people as you get it do you get way better communicating because you ve gone through this feedback loop several times and he saw stabilize it and you know what people like and what they don't like you know how to get things off on the right foot and how not to end it sort of easier to navigate and did the key there is as you know that the key there is not to become completely enslaved by the feelings and thoughts in the kind of world around you and so that you're constantly living to please what the toltecs would call the dream you know the co created world around you so yes don't be a dick you know learn not to hurt people but then at the same time don't judge yourself according to all of these opinions that are generally wrong anyway people don't necessarily always want you to be your best you know so you got to find your inner path as well as
two guiding princess a real problem for young people when their dealing with haters like the first haters in their life my business i was at work with you or so when you go to school with or whatever but it might be like the first have you ever someone like actively hates on you and that's it can affect you and i always say that it's like snake vellum and that like given a little bit of haider is a good kids you know how to deal with it and when when you get a full blast availing beds among unit that stupid shit right now you ve been bitten a few times you understand it because people who don't have never been hated him before you see him get hated like all my goodness just that wave of naked emily that can erupt at any time on the internet is absolutely out of that and i felt that the first time obviously in sports or whatever you get these mild detractors but you can always kind i see him but then as soon as stepped into the public i allowed us up a lot of love amazing people i've met and then a contingency of people
let me just despise me and i was looking at him like why what is the reason i couldn't properly deal with it i think there's ass i had talked of many people currently cannot sort it out so there's some people are just going to be negative no matter what but there is also it's fucked up thing but there's a truth in that it's good to get your asked and it's gonna get your ass kicked by the internet too good no it doesn't seem like its goodwill is and i'd completely off base but if it's right even a little bit doing your servant visitors pointing out hosni tying up your game they prefer the player holding your game anymore be it might be fair and they not be fair to you got a deal with that
that's part of the game that's part of you and eventually hopefully we all hope for some form of peace sovereignty where no matter where they may says about you or how anyway describes you it's better way putting it you now who you are you all right and like all they're doing is exposing this need to detract from another person must need to diminish another person of weakness it is and you know why we ve all been guilty of pressure and along with them its loss of learning to take the praise not to seriously address you can't get your tired lobbies trumped up and areas by into that whole thing and they know that lead you down a stray weird path of ego and feeding off that kind energy that's no good either either detractors or too much praise is appreciated for what it is but really judge yourself by your own country
criteria and are you know only you know really if you did your best if you put out the maximum effort to try and achieve the result and i only you should be able to judges toad yeah well if you're if you really objective especially in that's what we should all strive for really real objectivity if he could really just fuckin really look at what you're doing right or wrong and what will your enjoy about your life wait you're not gonna get that bitch back on track so does harder see yourselves going see other people which is why a lot of the most fucked up people with the most fucked up lies always want to give you advice yeah i want to give you more advice in someone's life is a mess guy do man you gotta get together with a girl and you get to work this out ok i know you don't want to work is now but you gotta work that you really given advice on relationships you crazy fuck it they say that most of the people who get degrees in psychology are the ones who are trying to work out their own problems the most
in italy i mean i don't know that's just hearsay but that was an item the old jackson yeah i would think a psychologist to do the work share when i beat we think what is what is a sexual like one of those people that's a sexual counselor whether they be after you now did they constantly analyzing can't be that much fun i don't really have they really totally cut loose who causally thinking are there not which did is good but up to
objectivity is a real challenge and i think one of the tools that bought me a new found i've been different ways to break through that kind of mental patenting they get you in trouble so the tank is a great way to do it and yeah there's differ meditation techniques that are great ways but sometimes for us really thick skull monkeys like myself and you in some other people when we just need something heavier to do it and i think that's when i've gone to peru and down the aisle oscar you can go so fully somewhere safe into a heavy so simon trap or find some way to actually get that part of your mind to really be objective to kind of cut out all the bullshit and look self with a true reflection yet i feel like the certain doors to get open when you you have those experiences and when those doors get open like that the whole world just takes a turn of the left
i can just not the same world any more it is not an that's scary for local people man made a size but you gotta really look at an objective way and one of the things you gotta look at is do you really like the world the way i should really scared and taking a left her crazy will crazyville crazy film we that trust me the regular work crazy enough take a little trip leprechaun lane and have a chat with a pic he's in the other dimensions idea you what the fuck is going on with your brain that's the problem i would never tell anybody do mushrooms are acid in nor have i will never tell anybody to do any now today knowing what i know would never tell anyone do any psychedelic zanna how the fuck their brain works and then so having and in something i always kind of reader at having a really good guide someone who can not only ask you questions but look you in the eye analyze what you should or should not do i mean even the chairman's down in peru
the ceremony as before you get the eye oscar they kind of get a sense of you even if you can't speak the language they get a sense of a new concept crazy he ain't like especially their highly tune to do that look at you and my as some people get like a really little tiny in a third of a cop nine and then they go on their work as that's all that the chairman's no that's all they can hand that's all there in four and then other people you know thou fill that bitch to the brim they want to come back to more if we wanted to reject that thick brown bitterly fiery i alaska india's them you know i've never said about the eyelash you think i'm a scam when i have to do i ll ask it to learn this the tobacco thing like what is it about those took blowing tobacco smoke that activate some of the house engines i think it has to do with your actually unique authentic receptors in your brain disorders
something you know the empty the trip to me like a stack packing latournelles but we know that these receptors and mrs swim a little deeper than i probably can go but i think it has something you know nicotine acts on certain mental receptors i may concern nicotine receptors and then trip to me now in certain sectors and somehow there is there is a synergy there i haven't necessarily experience that but when i did experience which is really weird i am no very good explanation for this at the end of one particular ceremony he smoked the tobacco the chairman smoke the tobacco roustabout which is different than the tobacco that we smoke into different species of plants entirely so tobacco roost together smoked a big hand rolled cigarette from that and you like blue the smoke all over my body i didn't feel anything at the moment only ok well smell like this
burnt plant cool that's good but he really like took care and put it on certain points and there's always some kind of purgative element to the eye alaska but that night i was like shitting and vomiting i'd like there was some evil in my body that was trying to escape like the most violent purge i've ever had in my life it was an on four hours i don't know where stuff was coming out of my body right i've i've done i'll ask how many times i know what the prejudices and have our house war five type now that you have a little toilet in year in your place sometimes it doesn't matter depends sometimes know sometimes that's just the whole sometimes you do have running water depending on where to go but a lot of times they don't have toilet lids because you're not supposed to sit there and really enjoy your supposed to just hover blow it out and then wipe and put it in a basket that's kind of the general pro
but put it in a basket the act as a cat they can't he wisely toilet paper around the system there's some kind of cleansing aspect of it doesn't make any sense at the science i don't know i don't understand but i know that you know they believe it's a cleansing in a ritual and it's certainly had that effect on me wow blows it out and then that fernando it kicked it ain't gonna take something something and he blew alot of smoke all and then the next day he sees me and he starts laughing as i'm walking a clock in behalf just as laughing at me asked me how is last night and in these add someone with me you can help me transit the hell didn't you ve heard of it and he's just laughing and laughing and that's me on the back and just keeps on work i see that's exactly what are you gonna do so he was doing that just to get you to get rid of all the shit inside of you and throw it all eyes and then dose up
next night while dragon james jack than the next night wasn't that i went out the right on that makes sense while we clean system out with some smoke we're outta that they have dm tea in the pineal gland of live rat huge yeah huge
this is a rick strasbourg cottonwood research foundation he he just leaving this is something that they speculated for the last time i thought it was a fact i thought that they had known it was a fact until voodoo chicken on my message board was what i think the first guy too to colombia and to the fact that this only like anecdotal evidence needs a challenging strasbourg on the message board because we know that the human body produces it then they i guess they knew it produced was produced in the liver and the lungs but this is the first time they can prove that at least in rodents it's in the penal gland of alive rather i think when you and when you're the way they let suppose it was the spirit mark or outlets suppose that high papa says is true and it is some part of conducting the spirit from source into life and then back
now let me say that there is some activation for that it makes sense that they wouldn't find the active concentrations in the dead pineal glands because presumably its purpose was yet done that but to see their in live in live while its living i think is critical but as these opens up that theory as possible one of the interesting things about taking the dam to use the shortness of the trip and that's the thing that people's comment on that one of the signs that this isn't this isn't a deadly drug is how easier by getting rid of it in your body can get rid of him bring you back to baseline of fifteen mass like you're on this voyage other dimension and then fifteen minutes later you buyers are okay let me see here we just gotta clean this vote is logical error the broom and sweep up all the memories of what you just did it it seems like your body knows what do the shit it obviously
makes it we know it makes it we know that but now we know that literally the third eye makes it and that's fucking crazy because that's that's literally had my say literally cuz i should have said in times of those my version of doubt literal issues it anyway did they have proven that at least in rodents this sacred of all sacred glands this gland that the egyptians thought was the seat of the soul these this gland that eastern mysticism had forever connected with a an eye of enlightenment attack land produces the most potent psychedelic drug known to man that's fuckin bananas pretty while not it's so many cross cultures to that
you have to have some kind of belief in that centre of year nine that centre before our opinion when is it security it's pretty unique and you know the commons down their interesting thing in our reading generally bullies book about creating your own religion and the distinctions between religion and in what we are both feel as i true spirituality and some of it is in its not people telling you that it's a feeling it it's feeling that kind of activation or feeling what that feels like and there have been times when i've been taking i'll ask aware my most intense experiences com with really intense buzzing energy that feels like not only that part of my head but starting their energy feels like appeals off my soul scalp starting in my third i middle my forehead region all the way to him back on my head what they would call the crown shock too much about jockers but i know that that's what i felt from right here in the back
had it was like somebody peeled it off and it had an electric field and electric current over it and when you get that feeling you know you're in for some fuckin coup that of course it ass a god is the precursor to the craziest experiences of of your yeah that's it this it's a language that you can always speak with people who have some form of experience something because there's a lot of people out there and is not wrong nothing wrong with was gaunt reality was any wrongly going through your whole life is enjoying it why why how psychedelic experience if you don't want you don't feel compelled i feel like if you feel compelled give it a shot but when you haven't these conversations and you're talking about shock or blowing open putting yourself dimensions into crazy slot healers servants flyin above your head i hear you and i'm gonna get why whilst
can i like i know that really happened because i've seen some crazy shit myself not that it really happen that that it's really a snake but my point about there were people who go we know if it's not real ok then you're doing something really infantile ok you're taking something that will allow are you to go in a fantasy land for a little while maybe or listen what if i could pay move that it takes you to another dimension and in that of dimension you'll see things that you could not possibly have imagined and you experience not tea and honesty and wisdom in love in the purest forms possible like their joy like their way hitting you were standing on the beach
i could tell you that it would definitely taking you to another dimension would you go then i don't know maybe not but here's what i now here's what i know for sure if it look you to another dimension have that experience or if you just that experience in your head you still have that experience and i might as well have taken you to another dimension it might as well because this same thing happened you saw the same shit you felt the same things used periods the same things you saw it all it might not have been real but it might have been real to it doesn't matter you still spirits to exactly the same way as if it did take you to another plan and you did ride around the wings of saturday in your underwear and we have reached we does take you to that place so it might real it might take place or might be all happening in your mind either way you experience the exact same thing
at last and the results there you know that you get from it are actually was one of the core things about going to the maps conference which is the multi disciplinary association psychedelic studies they put on a conference in oakland and they had all of top scientists from all these different fields of research common present their findings there's been over eighty patients clinically dose with suicide and most of em and palliative care easing the anxiety of death towards the end of life amazing dramatic stories you have psychiatrists in there have been working in this field for forty years seeing people and they they're the ones running these these programmes and more first of all the funny part is its lights a double blind trial right so how's on one case someone is getting placebo which is doing nothing and another case there being a heroic dose of sir simon and greece it is like one of the problems daddy design is we pretty much know they're not supposed to know its double bind it pretty much now what's up months taken up
jeff sellers ivan it's not hard to tell when that's actually but they're saying that what they accomplishing in three hours would taken him three years to do back in the old pair and their reporting these findings and it's really encouraging obviously the john hopkins study was a great study ninety four percent of people who the suicide and said it was one of the top five most meaningful experience of their life i mean really cool findings that a leading to a potential legalization of set aside for clinical use and it shouldn't be district at this is what really fucked up all these people that are having all these thoughts and all these positive experiences like that that this is discounted by our government dish it shows that were being run by a bunch info it's like they should be experiencing it too you should it also do mushrooms as well sir your prerequisite pre requisite for pillar
frazier its such a silly little thing a glow of grows and cow shit it looks ridiculous it sounds ridiculous it appears in fuckin mario brothers donkey kong and shit but it might be the thing that humanity really could count on right now it might be the thing if you could like a ensure across the board experience ensure them worldwide over a week's period time you the world forever and that's real you really would one one gigantic world trip where like thirty percent of the population the planet does mushrooms one day you wanted about a strange world you would wake up to monday morning i mean people behind
in people on the street what it all this is a thought i've had recently what if all of the churches instead of just bickering about their own dogmas and all this stuff mean there are trying to get the same spirit one if they were all churches of experience and across the world there is no one basic church that you go to in that church was a little bit of everything in that church there is then meditation in one area there is float tanks in another area there is lacking from people like graham hancock coming through there there was yoga in one spot and then there is different ceremonial areas where you could smoke peyote and do you know do a dance out and out in the sweat lodge or you could take much to take mushrooms in a clinical snow like a really relaxed encouraging setting or you could do and i alaska ceremony with the local i maestro and all that was available to you so you look maybe you didn't go every week or every sunday but when you needed to check in there is your local church and you can just kind of talk to
people you'd listen maybe dualism light yoga it's a u really needed a move yourself and then go in and pop in an i ll ask a ceremony here let's say you were feeling you know you got addicted to something accidentally or you could pop into the above a tree ceremony that last sunday through tuesday revealed clinics like that are run by people really knew what they were doing i can change our world the whole thing now a paradigm shift at that point i think and it's there it's like a real thing that's which crazies knowledge something from a doctor zeus book know their rights with now morph amelia orphan top of the earth and travel to a farmer i didn't i do i am really encouraged by what i want maps is doing because there if they're playing by the rules and you think you get nowhere playing by the rules but in some encouraging results both both for india may for ptsd any so assignments studies there
getting allowed to do the research to complete these phase one trials and actually test them on human some subjects for the first time in a long time and that's going to lead to in a bigger trials in the phase two trials in the phase three and eventually they're going to get drug approvals today now why that is significant is that that point you have a massive amount of data you have side effects studied you have clinical use study and if you can prove that there is an actual benefit to something you know it really weakens the argument for criminalization and then of course there's going to be a lot of off label uses doctors were like booked this is really helpful you know just kind of like what happened with medical marijuana a little bit it's been medically legal but pretty much that is a gateway to physician but they're following the steps along the path that could potentially allow this to be legal there's that path and then there's the religious freedom path and i think those are
really the only to pass that are gonna led to fruitful and effective policy change religious freedom is a funny thing cyst i always feel whenever someone gets together in a big giant group and as a few people run in it check as bad it's just it seems very rare anybody can keep it together in our it always turns its errors have been made our been listening rather too were dan parlance hardcore history about martin luther and the rise of the anna baptists and in monster germany whenever some new dude comes along and try to change things and we're gonna do it the right way oh god wanted it always goes bad it always goes bags we get in trouble and at least are just because they realise that can fuck all the teenage girls had suddenly god does in the desert they needed there from this guy dining at sixteen wife's actually it always is always the same job in each chapter on a par with swords and shared eventually got ahold them you know what the other thing i've been kind of
about is too as you know you assume that like some of these i would ask a sham and above shamans different people you would assume that by doing those psychedelic drugs they would have straighten themselves out they were to straighten their morality out and they beyond good people but that's certainly not the case you know they there a lot of examples of these people who are doing the medicine itself and are still completely morally corrupt in division and i was so we're yeah it is weird but you know i think ultimately the power or of the mind know if you put your mind to it can supersede you know the potential of the medicine itself if you decide to override it and just use the feeling it's almost like taking you know mushrooms recreational to watch a cartoon you can kind of override the potential spiritual value of it and just focus on laughter and seeing colors flowed on a screen
in the same way that you can do it with morality where you can take a bunch of i'll oscar and then use that over right it still with your mind and just use it to mean in practice whatever kind of power mechanism so you gotta make sure you get just because they do a bunch of our sarah bolger whatever doesn't mean they're good you gotta find the people were on that that true path path the light so you think what happens is probably these people grow up in this horrible area in know third world country the impoverished and they probably find out by i'll ask as a way to make money because his and i was tourist trade agreement take it maybe one knew just reach a certain amount of fucked up is no no poland you back to civilization in a maybe the way the human body is programme to survive and horrible destitute situation really really disgusting violence it
malaysian the human body designed to be able to function those environments knows how to change and get blackie and crazy and i knows how to deal with war it did add apps adapt and that becomes a new reality that becomes every day to day living now and it just almost seems like when you go off distance down to cut hole you know it's like there's no pulling you back through perhaps and in other cases i think it's happened you know a lot of these traditions are taught grandfather to grandson and i think the grandchildren start off you know when a pretty good at math but they get a taste of power than they realize everybody in their area if it's a tribe or if in their community looks up to them and they have absolute power over these people and you put that amount that mantle of power on people and you see cracks develop in are you see it all over the place people who were once good getting in power and exposing these inner demons he's inner weaknesses that they have and they choose instead of overcoming those issues just go with it at that
lot of the downfall is chicks from america with yoga pants come down there and i'm just trying to get spiritually clean i'm just my shock essence big juicy asking yoga pants and she's in love others do because he makes the magic brooding those who call the dragon dumped tum tum tum tum tum and she's in tat can see through yoga pass you know they just fix those three other pants what took some of what are they doing they should give em all out that's the only fair things variation have shut the fuck up but it should have done you know what you're doing dirty freaks who what girl there put those on and get in front of a mere oh my god you can see everything i care where these oh my god you can see everything should i wear these would give you would you think i was i worthies oh my you can see it can you see everything can you am i being picking data
themselves out of it they know that their box is just hang out there and a lot of these dirty we should go to your class with nothing on just these yoga tights and literally you could read their lips you literally there there's i said lily times that i said that i set it literally did fuck can't can't fucking the only thing that this company should do is use animal they should just shut the fuck up they should just go radio silence the mar sailing up selling them and go radio silence and they go are these these yoga pan still see through just go you look great in you there's a good few go to the jesse owens over there if you want to get changed or if they get sweaty you can see through
just have a nice bright dressing rooms in those free can try fao has let em stratum of your box in america that shown awful robot has acquired anybody it be good for everybody that's what i'm sayin except charmond stay no use those american yoga freaks they used to buncher barefoot fishermen women german too much too much their hounds milky white scan and big juicy booty and stretching out in the jungle for its get yoga panza at our noses they may be maybe i should call the ones where maybe invest in hypercolor is nowadays put out alpha tights for guys to show their cock this would be the new the new alpha thing alpha tights everybody's like why do i have to wear why do i have to wear underwear i'm just to wear tights and do just wear tights everywhere but they're see through top we could really show your cock and that becomes a new thing work
i would believe that would be the new thing before would ever believe there'd be dude willing to pull their pants down to their balls and then belt them in place there and have you on where hang out and this would be like a super common practice be industry let's see five ten twenty young men with their fuckin pants pulled down below the crack of her ass what are you doing you know stupid this is so i wouldn't believe that thou be possible and it is so i believe that the the cock tights would be there was it from you that we are talking about that that was part of prison culture and those who do not have belts he came about because you can chokes hands vague till you try and so they would sag their pants very easy access for the further daddy's to just bending over i thought you were dead the boots master was a guy named the one gotta booty bandit
was in now locked up show your signature you ve never seen that brian please follow ups it's it's amazing internet connection the booty booty bandit from locked up or they also call the most terrifying man on earth is suddenly felt but he's our target dude their sagen you now and they told me that sexy his i dared sexy like you you sent for me no finer this is discussed frontline rarefied kentucky statement adventure we met we start the booty roy on time in the pretty warrior s forty thousand different kind of homosexuality right yeah he does such wanting something down upon me tat it was all about
all i'm saying that when the old man they haven't even in the most memorable please look at guy looks like the type a guy that he would lock in his cell this is in fact a deaf or don't devious unlike returns like flashlights returns in order to get a first one's assented affairs my side did talk of a penal system booty they were they were now ah my ipod booty was more for maize but now now at first half correct and the second how long will we be able to fully drank wow boom
oh my goodness that's enough i've heard enough woody warrior i was list then too has listened to my buddy donald what's he was out actually inherit their chasing down rhino poachers which is a pretty crazy experience because they're gone after these rhine approaches that are killing these rhinos just cutting off the horn sell em to china to make chinese people's dicks anger supposedly which is is i'm really odd is it's all its own that's what they used to maintain that uniform as they grind it up and put it in dick pills in china is really the same things in your fingernails like it has no knowledge and has no actual properties are doing but his own bighorn big dick i apologise about my lacks how dare you noted their vitality and apologize you live in a fine known it but the very whenever that paradigm there as one of the reasons for these matters getting killed so he goes out their crazy they end up then up meaner shooter
this footage and then as they're coming up on these poachers they get shot up y y wives video you look up donald builds rhino interrelated via but they get shot out by these poachers and then you see him duck down oh shit in their filming this and then his people is is people pop up he's from south africa his p pop up with i a case and just lay waste where the approaches that wet lap and approaches have high powered rifles these guys have like assault rifles right but they shot first item and it's a shoot to kill policy apparently but then they roll up on the poachers one amongst them one was wounded is crazy kynaston i arrive but the poacher are in league with the actual police in there it's all they're paying them off it's all part of the money system so as they were leaving they get stopped by the police and they're looking for footage of you know kind of what went down and they had the footage and i think some parachute bags something like that and please forgive him out on this go you know we're going to throw you in jail and you're going to come out and different and
met by that was it there's something called slow puncture where they put you in a cell with another do with hiv and then he raped you and they let you go after you rapes you enough times and then you go home and you die of aids at home and they call it slow puncture for people that they can't actually press charges on or but they want to fuck you for life and so there they were threatened him with that was but they held the bluff firm got the tapes out and had been trying to raise awareness to save the rhinos but its area that scary scary slow police get caught in an african prison don't do it i'll do it i'll fuckin terrifying and if you if you're value rate just fight for your goddamn life at their journeys no there's no point we are now going to war to death first day are we gonna die you made i most likely likely
but go out on you see her son go out your shield son don't go to africa that's another one place left imagine if there was some crazy fucking catastrophe most the world got wiped out except the continent africa and we all hopped over there and boats from all over the world and battle it out for chunk congo carve your stake in africa the rest the world just a waste just a giant wasteland small while africa my beautiful i just you know all the people and influences and all the bullshit corruption is fucked it up this a lot that's fucked and it's so fucked up in so many ways like how do you bring somalia back in our very true haughty bring liberia back how do you have a snap those back to the standards of the european cities like london at an alarming the corruption so deep seated there's that problem and then there's the you know kind of middle east
mental its as also like nobody has any desire to go and use resources to help these poor people out these people who live in liberia live in somalia live in any there really poor sections of africa like they got a really control role of the dice location wise they they they were born and incredibly impoverish place and the site is gonna be something that the rest of the world like gonna like the honest about where they civil are the rest the world like well you know they can pull themselves up by the roots traps just like we did over here in munich the structure of some spots is like so much better to get born in those spots i mean i thought when i was there in the slums you know you would see these shanties little shacks of basically sheet metal and that's it sheet metal and they kind of put it towards the ground just to keep a little sun off their head and a little bit of shade in the day but they'd be on
feels right and there's no septic system so they be on are the people at the top of the hill just begun bathroom in their hearts and the sewage slide wrestler place down and meet that and you disease was everywhere you see you and it's a really intense intense scenario and generally a very good people but one of the thing in very cool people there that you meet but one of the problems is that their set the best way to get ahead in africa right now the way to get the most money is not start a business being entrepreneur or create something is to get a grant so we have some of the like the brightest smartest africans instead of like trying to create businesses and of course some of them do but i noticed a lot of really the smartest people i mean we're coming trying to write grants and just trying to get money instead of focusing on starting a bit
this building something from the grass roots so it's almost like some of the help that were providing is not really helping long term it's just their gaming it you know their figure out a game and trying to get money that was well that is a fast in aspect of that bought africa's it that's the head the nigerians ours is a famous nigerian scammers everybody is heard about nigerian scams has been so many of them and so many of them with do i get so duped like it's always guy and they pretended they're gonna get the gold out the gold dears easy it is to get gold any quicker everybody will by gold if anybody comes the eu and says just cats his gold met and therefore share and the other one is they d like to do the inheritance one even areas of the pay some legal fees just a few grandly your fees and the monies common browser forget the christening you ve never run out of money forever starbucks
house when you can use it as you don't even need a downpayment to tell them about this and then you'll just put money in the bank nigerian scammers i guess they just gets like super desperado bunch of smart dudes and then hopped instead figured out how scam why people or they're not even nigeria heads and somebody else just hopped on the fucking own jaynes hands are working let's do it i believe about nigeria they took it to the next level they pretended i think of her but there really like from sweden or some share slight go ahead as this can say speaking of sweden or some shit up thing in a foreign countries where this guy can go that leaked this the inner say documents cuz he's hiding you never saw story had more than other wikileaks kind
exactly the one that showed us that the an essay has been following every phone call on verizon so in collecting method data about every every transaction you having every interaction that you ve had what are you the ultimate endgame is for that i guess it's if anybody is a problem that can go back to the records and fuck you up as at the idea is not merely a horse you that data just pick on people could someone said oh yeah once more and we are what whatever i may i really don't think that's plan i think it's just they have yet just in case they need i think yeah that's the neo downs not that they want invader privacy but that if you turn out to be a creep they want be really easy to build pull out any data on you the problem is i saw orwellian and you having followed with this incredible power to peer into people's privacy and in a wood we lose in return for that are we really really resolute we lose all privacy because
all primacy when you're interacting with unless you're talking in a closed room and even then like if you kinda like foreign places like the little good working on secret shit like embassies and so they only bring iphones do you know why because you can't take a battery out of an iphone an amber lion taught us that she's gone like which was work of cnn she do these big time is it you'd have to get an android found so they could take the battery out because they want don't want anybody the otherwise it can have their own working remotely and they spy on you i mean other techniques jeez available they could just set your phone off while you're hang in it out in your office planning you're dastardly attack on gotham city you know what you're fuckin superhero friends or whatever and taken record at all you know that that would be less scary if every law in the u s was perfectly just right you know there's only just laws you're allowed to experiment with your own
is this you know whatever all of these other financial assign adapt cleaned up first but imagine that i mean all the shit that we're worried about what are what are we worried about word about smoking weed i guess someone could fuck you up maybe if you have if you're being unfaithful to your girlfriend but should be doing should any ways but you know that's something still nobody's business but if at least the laws were just then it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass because we have all these unjust laws where we can thrown in jail for an indefinite period of time well those kinds gary for everybody those two things are brought up too should have absolutely nothing to do with the law fidelity or marijuana or re whether what this has nothing to do with a lot of law should be all about protecting people need protection violence protecting people from theft protecting people from injustice and and ensuring a harmonious goose community and that that's really what it should have all the laws wert you'd be pumped cops how sweet up to here awesome they're gonna kill him
bidding safe instead of me like mother fucker stop creeping we no i didn't really like legislated listener this dance carlin podcast listen dozens of em over the last couple weeks and it's amazing how could we have today just compared like the fifteen hundreds like the way the people were living just five hundred plus years ago is just told this hannity total insanity would we be in hell if were forced to back there was such a short period of time ago site we without a doubt the lottery for improvement in this society and its culture we are seeing an awareness right in front of our eyes then i'm not even sure of weave totally understood the impact of a yet because we use with like this and as a leak thing and wiki lee you're seeing this forced response in this group and global way like they have to respond to these things in a global way the whole
k is for you were there were writing articles about it in newspapers writing articles about it huh calm the fact this guy was on the run me i've been looking for this is a world wide publicity disaster her the an essay and it's been created by one person who took a stand another go and after that since every some sort of a terrorist one per it showed that hey you guys are kind of early in the constitution like what's going on here too we have a constitution anymore oh no this indeed a thing that you folks past that sort of bypass the constitution now all this illegal or that used to be illegal you made it legal so you think you're doing ok job as that what's going on here this is clearly the governing is clearly and i think that transparency is being exhibited in like this reaction to this nsa whistleblower thing where people you know what the president's you having to defend it now and when i think she was saying i was just talking about
two duncan we were talking about how obama was like you know what this is something we should definitely have a debate about we i'm deadly opening to talking about this will really why was it a secret then why do so many have to lead this why didn't you we discussed this people and explain the pros and cons of losing much secrecy losing this much privacy that's ridiculous that's the that this this domini threats to this world i don't buy it i think they're doing agree job and shutting down threats of you stop and look at how many threats and they turn into actual terror attacks besides the austin mine and besides a couple other ones theirs a few very few there when you compare them to actual days of the week compared to actual human interactions that take place throughout fifty states in numerous cities all throughout the day all over the time there's vet a few like those shit heads from boston is very few like you know whether its
nine eleven that happen in two thousand and one or because they can squash most of them without reading every fucking email you saddened they should be able to read everybody shit that's ridiculous you now i think if you could prove that you were just and that you were looking for the best interest man made maybe you should be able to go and like look into the stuff without a warrant but because i been proven like the schools after conservative tea party groups like more much more than they go after liberal people they like they just got busted for doing that like chasing down his tea party fox and making their life hell harassing them making their there their experience with paying their they're just taxes much more difficult while the beauty is is that age of information the internet is allowing all of these people to ban together and make a force on their own the us back in the day imagine if you had to get there are a large group of people
you know you and you couldn't do it you have to put out an ad and then you have to get that ad approved by whatever newspaper you're going to do i mean or find a reputable news outlet that you could go tell your story but now with the internet these things can spread in these things can gather and people can communicate and that's a fall that i don't think the powers that be are fully compact ending and are ready to reckon with diana feinstein was explaining that we needed to do these things because we need to stop terrorism and she was when she was saying this i was imagining that this person gets to speak from i was imagining like the ridiculous of this this person getting to speak for me the silly person who if there was a couple of us and start talking like ok stop talking nonsense like you talking nonsense if she was just around us right now and she was explaining why that will be important she would look like a buffoon within a couple of minutes time should
stan ran it would be a disaster it should judge is is it does no argument there in there's not a single argument that you could point to wear a cop in society that cares about its citizens and cares about the quality of life which includes respect for your privacy that that culture would allow these ass fox just download every email you send duncan had a great way of describing it today he said could you imagine government in the nineteen sixty said hey everybody that sends a letter through the male we're going to take you in xerox it and they i can read it but we're gonna have to enable you to send it back to you and we're gonna do keep all your letters in store facility in utah usually get up fuck out of here you know how to read my letters why do you need you just because when a person call themselves a copy of the cia are the fbi they put themselves into some sort of a group now suddenly leave they have power that irregular person doesn't have because it was only to people in the plan you and mr fbi guy and mister
the eyes like i believe you might be why terrorism someone read your emails like emails to who the fuck is this you and me no you can't read my email get out of here go fuck you just a person but when you're in a group you're the usa the cia or the fbi or any fuck another three letters you on to string together all of a sudden you have the power to go and do really rude shit to people in ireland that that's the problem with the big groups rennie brood by throwing them in jail definitely i mean beyond romania's rude terrain and your girlfriend reads her phone decks even if you been done anything wrong you know it is rooted in people in dig into people's it's a mean i write i write in journals and things like that and one of like most sacred things to me is that nobody picks those motherfuckers up because if somebody goes in and reads that journal that means every time i am writing my innermost thoughts there's gonna be
a little sensor voice up there saying but if somebody reads this shit i better not write this exactly how it is well known as soon as that sensor voice comes on the whole the whole practice of riding in the journalist fuck you load i will enjoy a journal after you beat off that way your most honest i really know you're a piece of shit spell it out i think that recently got out a situation where somebody did die you know where some one in my phone and screen shotted every single text i have every single photo every cent thing and send it to themselves and that that now questions me when i talk to anybody could even if it's something legit i don't even want to type it down anymore because of that i mean there's like that programme its popular right now snapchat you know where you send a photo an in a three seconds of your balls and some people found out a way to
that now so you can go in there and take all those photos and all those videos that airspace to be you know gone forever while you have to do this so silly i have to do is have two phones right and you tell your photo of the photo and that way you don't even have to get a screenshot invited uploading there are so many into we gain that we gave as we home any designer shots that you just said these motherfuckers supplanting tactile in there's no girls with workable vaginas that we're gonna send good pictures anyway it's all this the games terrible terrible game but then is it that is scary though if you think about costs texting so popular now as you know realise what you're typing the people regular typing secrets that only une that person supposed to know where i know and then like me six months later the energy they lose your farm or you lose your phone euro i don't look at this guy what he's talking about all this you don't think a shit you should make your journal you should set unit should like right it in like a very specific like do you
those you know those scholastic white and black book covers disliked sk was weird pattern that they had and there was a high aren't i cover activity as firm as it will you should only right in those right and write my journal and then make up a dummy one with one of those nk bombs like they have for bags that they give away in her aunts bank robberies and when she opens ship whammy write her mother all over my green it with envy and and desire but ass you fucked marine forehead like dirty green like a rotten stinking green or not about what don't write ridiculous sheets of paper leaving run your house if i was data we have probably fuckin red eyes avowedly easier bath and when i took a league is like this motherfucker riding on a shit or reading you and you like why
still in their man do them constipated don't you realize that your book is in there and i read your book most likely yet only rebecca though maybe journal initiator there but i got it i only have books in the shelter if i'm not taken mikhail shakes because of i'm on a regular kill shaken from around this agenda item do i describe it is like a tunnel and then those lobbies from world war z or running down dead the tunnel just all stack and on top of each other that's what the caille shake is it just feels your entire pipe with a thick green gooey substance i doubt about thirty ounces and then those motherfuckers just push everything out it's all the wild ride that's what i am no what you'd i told you we someone on the message board actually found out how much of that shit is in cale as opposed to other things salary has more than
yeah he's an auditor said the doktor said that while you're here i feel good the darling you're not the data spree dame asked are currently being dare you but he said that i guess but still has a lot in it no i don't think he said that a thing you said seller had less actually he was wherever they occur adam online apparently they corrected but he said was incorrect is a state whatever he said but the way to combat that apparently that's affair is calcium and adding calcium to your kill shake is supposed to offset the effects of any that take you know tv it's it's got it in there but what i was gonna say people discount how you know the feedback that you're getting from your body yourself you know like it you feel good when you have a care shake right you can you like if there was something poisonous in that i really us that the body would be like you don't don't you don't you failure to agnes regular press nor does it was really warm
but you know i mean people that's the same mean you can apply that name if you really kind of pay attention to those signals coming back you can learn a lot here that and that's a with this in an earth grown nutrients thing that might dolce always preaching about you can tell the france and then you get these weird kind of ideas i mean like a lot of the aspirin principles about high fat but if you take some of that stuff to literally and start hammering like lots of butter and i just don't feel that great yeah you know but following a more kind of nonsense and is listening to the feedback from embody it eyes tend to trust that more this kind of feeling what feels good yeah but it's also a good to have some real science knowledge by two which out for sure ass free you know he takes a lot of heat but he knows a lot shows that is now a rational so if you go somethin wrong occasionally you gotta realise like i also runs like an ip company
people are always like accusing them of china hawk his items which definitely is like over bullet proofing everything ass if he had a bullet proof wife goes home to his bulletproof marriage as bulletproof sex he's you know he's just starting a business great ideas that a great idea but the point is like that guy ad free shit up on his website for a long time there's still a toy the free information the greeley in detail excellent staff that he's pulled down has references he tells you worry ready tells you what it's about it tells you what the benefits of these certain things are really good stuff and i know that his like his his thing is tries it is on a quest to try to figure out the ultimate combination of food and exercises and treatments for to rehabilitate injuries and he is right about a lot of shit like me gimme a great tipp on that for all those therapy for four back issues fuckin tremendous is tremendous gotta lotta we'll why
the ideas bulletproof coffees gene shit the journeys invention it's another one of those things we can really feel it yet what does the combining it with fat so that is a slow release of caffeine that's that's what car always needed that would cover is missing all this time that fuckin jolting you get laid down like a twenty out starbucks its black you get that weird shaky how far their real druggie feeling much man put some butter in there some coconut awesome mpg changes game you're not that slow release wonderful you know it also aiming really change the game for man and maybe i'll tell my whole hunting story two year if we get into it by iver in i went out on that hunt down and south taxes and we got a lot of meat back from that hot and every single i am i have that meat as compared to some other me i m
the way that i feel it digest away that i feel it absorbing my it's completely different yet town asked eels completely different than even if you're buying some kind of grass fed cow stake you know this wild game that we went out and procured ourselves i mean it's not only delicious i mean everything we ve had has been pretty fuckin good maybe one day but most this ever make it for he does were making stew can tacos or make it stakes are making stir rise and this negative hungary it's been amazing but that was a really cool experience and maybe some that we ve now we ve talked about doing something like that for on it so it's a really how it could potentially work and it's a challenging scenario so hopefully we're we're just now that we're working out a guy's potentially make this possible because i think the health benefits are there in the whole process is really valuable because if you ve got your whole life and i know you ve made this pitched too but if you ve got your whole life and all you do is show up to the grocery store pick some sir
a faint wrapped piece of meat that all identify is as a stake you know you really don't get it really dont understand even if you do you don't yeah you know you don't feel again until you ve been there inside the animal arms up to here you know arms covered in blood actually cutting those pieces of meat out of something you ve killed that changes your reality then you have a full appreciation for what you do so so what we did out there in south taxes there's he's ranches this one was ten thousand acres and so there is a confine space it is ten thousand but these animals are procreating they just kind of loosely measuring the herds because their mostly while the problem with hunting most native the aim is theirs very select seasons and which are allowed to hunt him so you have to real
kind of stock up if you're gonna hurt white tail you better be in october and you better have book some shit advance her go somewhere it's that's very small seasons so what these exotic it is done if its non native game you're allowed to basically take animals from the heard all throughout the year so they ve gotten species of animals from different parts of the world and their just note that country's version of the deer so there's fallow dear which come from europe there is some black book which come i think they're from indonesia tiger food there access dear which also come from around that area black buck might be somewhere else button then there's or x and attics and all these different kind of antelope and dear that they get in there just live in there live in it up out in south axis than the plants down there have roughly thirty percent protein and even though their sparse they have pretty good adequate protein and when there is kind of a drought they do supplemented with a little extra food as well but pretty much is living off the land and thriving in procreating
so you're going down there and not only is it like a cool safari where you seeing all these exotic creatures you're actually able to go out and take your rifle and hopped out on some sticks or you know track em down in these kind of outdoor vehicles do like these commando style suburban and go hunting for an animal that you're going to take then and butcher and have meat for man i've been in the same guy for like three months now so it's a really fucking cool experience where you're out there in the land and these animals are you know ostensibly as wild as as other animals mean they're not sensitized to the truck a few of the species are they get kind of used to the truck and that would be a little shoot but these black box i mean i was out their hunting for the entirety of the day and night and i was really didn't think i was gonna get one in i was hoping to get one but i can't sadly no i'd if if today is not the right data taken animal so be it rock cruising around in every animal that came within
about two hundred fifty yards with just scattering and i knew that ballistics on my gun i wasn't going to comfortably take a shot that was over about uno one hundred and fifty to one hundred and eighty just because at that point my particular ballistics on the bullet the bullet was going to drop about six inches and i didn't feel after gazed at a gauge that follows goggles that you look through and it gives you the number now do now that's it was all by you know had we had a guide their any be like adds about one ninety per day or else i know and i need to get her down so three months we finally it's a very end of the day i didn't think i was gonna get anything and we see this black box dough at the very top of a hill about two hundred sixty yards away and instead of scattering losing our great she's gonna run away like everything else does
instead of scattering away it ran like right towards the truck for eighty yards so is like a hundred and sixty and this is like right when the sun was kind of starting set definitely the last chance i had so i made like a quick mix brace sought in the crosshairs trying to steady my part b pounding and try to keep the cross from dance and all over the thing see and sky c and ground and then focus antiquity breath and then it just kind turn just the right way and i pulled the trigger you know the big blast and then it was just full adrenaline from there i thought we are up in the air fell to the ground and i remember rina running up to it because i knew that if it was in pain they say the kind of a wait and see if it gets up i wasn't play down with that i wanted to make sure that if it was there that i could you know he's as suffering as quickly as possible so i just dropped the gun and went up there i knew i hit a pretty good
sprinted up why'd you jump the gun tissues heavy and clumsy i've had a knife or my i had a knife and i am i say so you going do it nice style you organize the gun now what is the gun can spoil me right if you mess with the guy you could hit a shoulder which is gonna be ten pounds of me you could in a mess and clips and back strap you could really the cleanest way to do it to preserve the me which is why you're doing it and kill less animals is with the knife to be ass do you were excited about with a knife he saw how to tell you right now that's creep me out i'm thinking are you going to stop caveman fighting ear like you saw it and it was open and i tell you i'll tell you all the emotions it went through a really at that point so i'll just leave out horny i didn't i about so you know i mean so we ran ran up there and obviously your heart pounding and it's a really weird experience and i go up and i see it
it was still alive but it was probably bleeding at was deafening bleeding out i caught a piece of the hard lot along and is definitely bleeding out but i wanted to make sure that didn't suffer but at the point that i got up there the feeling was in any feeling of like you know it was nothing but just pure gratitude and appreciation for this animal i put my hand on its neck and pulled the knife out and is actually very special knife to me is one of my uncle gave to me before he pathway in and i mean but my hand on its neck and kissed myself and then put it into the heart and i can feel the heart reverberating through the blade a knife in my hand whoa and i pulled it out and just got my hands on one hand on his chest and went in on a snack and could kind of sense the life leave the body
and you know i said a little prayer kind of avatar style wrote one up beforehand you know basically the ideas you know as your spirit goes back to the source to nourish new life may your flesh funeral bodies in this life thank you sister that's very our tar like a very out of you said it next to me and i would never lay let me say thank you oh says it's too while looking later be last may and eyes ellie bitch and our guide which would do the same thing most of the people that is out i've used it to no doubt they would say the same things you i mean this is for me what i needed a thought your sentence if seen rise you beat nobody would say nobody sages may suffer me that's what i say i got away on your hard time but the reality is that so beautiful way of approaching it i mean it's just something easy to make fun of
i'm a writer i observe but then also are i look at its eyes its face and its face was covered in these spines and so i thought i had a cactus and there all up in its eyeball and stuff like that and then the i smell the flicker the flick of a lighter and cigarette and are in our country guide like a bug eyes and a cigarette out an ice south texas guy he says a porcupine spines you know you you won't see that one time in two thousand and so basically some porcupine whacked it in the face vines were working their way through its eyeball so it was like kind of cool feeling to know that at that point you know i'd taken an animal out of its misery right to speak to which was not necessarily my idea and i was gonna take an animal it presented it but that happened to be the one that presented itself then a really weird thing happen i got really angry at the porcupine my love for the animal my appreciation for the animal was
strong plucking hated that porcupine really like i've felt like that was an enemy like if someone observed at your sister yeah not support you biologists puglia you fuckin stab for that's what i did i staggered that's we waited three detroit i'm fuckin poor dear conti preoccupy us was ironic is that i mean i'm the killer i killed a report by mrs do in its thing but i hated the porcupine like it was something like slapped a friend of mine that so near the anvil i guess you hence experience with so then you know and then from there we went there and skinned it in a year stomach is stomach smells like old guacamole smells terrible i try not to talk to that i got a little nick in it but i did pretty good job and clear all the guts out and then you know cut all the pieces the wave we went fully from their skinning it and then butchering it entirely and it was cool you know the best part of the media the tenderloin you know that's what these flame unknown chateaubriand
and that's what all this tenderloin meat it's really tender but not enough i was up in there actually cutting the tenderloin out and feeling it felt like it feels more like organ meat than regular me but i understand i owe this is different part of the animal as part of the animals up inside like the cavity self it's not the exterior part so it works less is just different fields different why taste so delicious and then the other parts like the haunches the backdrop they have a kind of a more sinewy gritty or feel what the backdrop is the up along the line that is the line now the back backdrop is right along spine on either side on the exterior the tenderloin is actually up inside the animal underneath like you go inside the kate so it's has covered accidents than another section of it no it's completely second backs rather than allowing no the backdrop is alongside of the spine and then the tenderloin is up underneath the animal part of the internal muscles that move the legs as well
the really cool video of a dude taking apart a pig i haven't my twitter if you want to see it it's kind of fact that like it's on my twitter from while ago so i dont know why what do you want the name of the video is saving a fine o brien because and i cannot do anything else you want to shut down the stream i think you can do taken apart the pig but my point is when you watch it like you watch like this like they're all that there's bacon or there's the ham hawks overnight that there's this there's the pork loin there's the when you when you watch it like be dissected from an actual pig broken down the dot does it and like three minutes there fast yeah is gadgets hacks through this fuckin thing he's saw in some spots this isn't it this is this is it
in part but this has taken a party cooked pig this guy's got a raw one that's that's the one you want you want the raw pig i think this is for europe while this isn't the one that i but i had seen but this a similar when they just start slicing through and it becomes it goes from an animal to meet their makes that we're transition but when you kill yourself it never makes that transition even when it's me it's like there's a re une when you put that state on the grill adhere seasoning at your cooking by this as are weird connection with that animal out of fuckin movie absolutely most people don't get that ever have a chance to get yeah and it's it's definitely something something completely different changes your whole opinion of the meat in
you'll probably there some there's some placebo affecting their because of your emotional state towards the animal but this also really feels like there's something tangible there too you know some some deeper appreciation that actually manifest syn i don't know i mean your mind is so important and so many bodily functions to think that your mind couldn't effective digestion or absorption and things like that i don't think unreasonably there but whatever it is whether its tangible or whether its mental the connection and the way that you approach and digest assimilate that me which is energy from another animal just different young even if it's not i mean it is healthy and if you think it's different it becomes differently if you have this even we can't hearted dismissed the emotional connection that you have to it goes out emotional connection is very important that is it is a most no connections or something people poohpooh all used mostly attached to that well maybe it's good you know
need something that you like and i'll keep that thing wherever fuck we're talking about the most connections and unnecessarily bad and if you have an emotional connection like that it would make the meat feel better make you feel better like about your sustenance every time we cook this dear we're popped like were excited about all this day so good and it really does take good like this feeling of having gone out there and caught it butchered it put it in our freezer and then cooked it up at second connection is something that you know our ancestors women doing for thousands of years there really is weird even though you do in a place of fences it's it's not like going to africa and taken out a wild zebra which by the way parlor delicious zero says good i never had horse before till i went to joe beef in montreal and they service horse homer gots goddamn delay
lotta cultures a lot worse hates you sailor man hey you say that and i get it i've seen people their horses that's like their dog when his pony better popular more tender and another shetland pony tatar vacillates anything with like the crazy palm palm feet don't spend crazy ass budweiser horses the adams big fuckin orders to man with a chip and elsewhere the idea of its could be big diamonds why would the light so you're the chinese voice earlier the gay voice now you son of a bitch you son of a bitch so the where we would do if we were going to have an honest hunting thing is basically just use that ranch and you know work it through like that do it through us through our website we explain it may be
madam your experience whitneys experience and i'm gonna go there soon to my experience on should a buffalo bill in young people i sought very sporting i want you to buffalo and on one issue out of me i want to have a giant freezer and set it up to eat my own meat i just think is the smart way to do it i think it's the healthiest way to do it and i think that wild game like that with its buffalo or dear and especially venison i'd things like the most delicious meet on earth elk is absolutely delicious it's really smart thing to do if you can do it if you can if you have the time if you have the finances to did they go to a place in and hunt it's really smart way to gather meat it just its way we really should i'll do it and if we did we would have a totally different sense of disconnection between
the nature absolutely yeah you could combine it with a lot of other cool stuff we could do kettlebells training work out mace club in the day get people familiarize without aspect you now have some talks in discussions about different things and the knights and make a cool experience out of it the problem is that you can't really get that many people with guns together at the same time we got a lot of awesome customers you wanna go do this it's like can we we do these things at ten at a time every nine living in our so not out this gale ability of the gun thing is really challenging but we're gonna try and get some thanks to face some sancho the only thing smart to do with the gun thing is to let them do it let the branch do we not because you don't wanna put me
but with cycles we're gonna have four you're gonna go hunting either one guy just shoot and ground under his feet and trying to rocket jump you never know what the fuck you get again do you meets random strangers agenda we are we all of our brain outbreak you have our brain let's play most just look at her rob paper says there's two girls who gets killed dag there's a lot of nuts out there's contrasts i've been but having a place where you know you have a good gathering of the jaguar tub situation for on investments but against the yellow does batter rubs till they throw guarded robes full control jerks amazingly chaz bump and sounds like a natural progression founded to start hunting well not on its door hunting but on it have have an option where we know we connect you with one of those places big vehicle guidelines
tat have all your ted knew just our set up and it is definitely not the is this as going out into the woods of alaska and gone i think what i would call i there and you call a conscious meet acquisition like it's your choir your meat in a conscious way and that's really it happens to be at didn't you know at the tipp of a rifle but yeah that's really what you're about to laser dat laser tag hunting animals what's funny thing mainly that with photos people learn how to get cross eagerly do that the closer bottom to really dangerous mountain minds people try to do that the photo tat would it would enable us later eggs will you wear like that strange way we could play like a vast on an animal like a cat you just have a laser tag cat ranch and you just try to shooting with her fast people i don't have any problem with fishing in a place where they stuck the fish like nobody is you go to allay
can the fishermen the lake like all they stopped there recently great catch big trout if you go like two offence in place and had an animal your piece of shit i mean i guess the mammal thing your video seem there so different from us at a cool experience fishing there recently i've always gone rod and real fishing and that's really foreign you just gotta wait around analysis using i oh shit you grab the rod and real it in you hope you get something and then someone you know on the head and you know maybe you pull the hook of your brave and sometimes with somebody does it whenever the whole programme as it's it's different but i went spear fishing recently which was kind of like a little bit of a different paradigm as well that one feels a lot different it's like hunting but for fish efficient cause you're out free diving with this last big wooden archaic looking thing with these bungee cords hook to this little metal spear and yours free diving freediving down in eight ten feet in chasing after
fish and try and spirit so would it visited spear gun yeah so basically an old trainers bill gun the trigger releases the bungee courts are you wrap these bungee cords like this you poem manually like any they gone is like rod right the spear slides in a groove and the bungee court behind the rod and then when you pull the trigger releases the thing is holding the bungee cords like a rubber band got kind of and so release is that in that propels d the these spear forward through the groove and spears attached to a court right so the bungee cords it's all for manual energy pull the cords back wrap it around and then release it in the bundy's go but it's really particularly challenging as soon as a spear hits the water it starts to dive but it doesn't always go perfectly straight because a resistance it's not like
air so how there is as yet no good people who were good could probably do it you know twelve feet fifteen feet maybe even more even farther people sock like me in italy a i had to get like ride upon these fish to canada like sixty feet how many do miss before you got a time i was missing m constantly you smell around is hard current but there the thing is is some of the fish you can't catch without like you can get snapper which is really delicious but the guide on the boat when i was down in mexico ernest got in the boat was telling me that parent fish tastes like lobster and i should really get perfect will parent fisher these built there is a tiny mouth all they do is eat algae and you never can and with a hook because you can never get book a little tiny mouth he's got nothing they want to eat it's on a hook ass he had a really algae hurt but it would never happen so but with spear fishing you can actually target these fish and so we got one actually whitney gotta get i fucking
missing in the way work actual she comedies verifies and there we a vagabond has really curious to eat it we brought it in the chefs cooked it right away any whose fucking delicious best light over one of the sufficient i read it was like a cross between like of nice flaky whitefish an and lobster like somewhere in the middle of it had a kind of that richer conor crustaceans taste and texture i want to know their kill one just like it was so good we had that i had trigger fish of each day which is another type of fish that you would never catch was a opens up the possibilities and these fisher plentiful it's not like there's endangered danger speeches and sharks i didn't but that's dangerous when you're spear fishing because the sharks will know that there's fit because when you hit is this fish guts exploding she's so if there are it's not an optimal sexual
in so doing it like i've south african coast a bad idea subdue discharge as in france honeymoon does that as a tiger sharpen i do not know what charter was but i do know that it was the third guy in two years to get jack there too many for my car hi this is should have they should have a restaurant the heavies in japan where he it's just like this humongous salt water poor in the middle we got to piss where you fish and you catch your own dinner and seems like more places would have that like you just have pretty much a huge aquarium and you kind of get that the fun of catching your own fish and then getting it on top of it when i was thinking of silly las vegas restaurant ideas i thought of an idea where you had that with like lobsters and crabs and all kinds of stuff and that you could a mermaid the mermaid fin the ghost town and point to the one you want the mermaid ok that's when you want she dived down and swam and grab before you and everybody could sit around the tank and watch the murmur
from around there there's a there's if anybody here that idea i want to take a go ahead i don't need any credit i just want to go this gimme reservation there's a bar in sacramento cod i think the mermaid bar where it's just this huge long bar and on the top there's this he mongers aquarium and they just have hot chicks in like mermaid outrages swimming back and forth and it's so here you see like this mermaid shakes swimming and bobby by sex is everyone's a sincere and takes photos ignorance even talking there just taken further to the mermaids right and there's no real point to row it feels chemically like if they were actually fetching matching stuff fetching staff working for or maybe you know they're trying to catch it with a net like the vision i like you say yeah they also have this restaurant i've been researching like things and japan lately but they have this restaurant
how the new panties restaurant here where they have they how did i know you're gonna say that they have this this this thing which like a conveyor belt going around the top of the restaurant they just have huge dishes and so you just go there to your waitresses like i would like that roast beef and then she said stands up on this like thing to get it why did choose roast beef and she's going opening this is gonna panties on in but these should be one restaurants like this in the mayor i mean if you really liked to grow you'd be constantly getting more dishing or food woody you think that america's to savage and the people just start grab and are only one believes this letter do the gas joe i mean did many restaurants i got an american anywhere crazy actors that restaurant decks where ones it they just or an asshole to you the whole time i just think that i would not email i think that most partners most spouses and in america is would not allow we're not go there and will not allow husbands or boyfriend i may go there period ever it's nice
with my life now now more hawks restaurants like habit hooters whether just just note well they do mean that place in florida that we got a strip because right now they serve wings and there's no tat its active in debt ratios bess yeah there's there's nothing wrong with looking a little box where you haven't roast beef will win the china just like there's nothing one for the gauss two to go to tax and get some chicken what do the swinging dixon pheromone height they really one what's wrong with it nothing nothing whatever they want let him do what they want right now would that be better and let us all decide what we actually like said a confusion the shit out of catholic school girls by tell them the kok is bad whose biggest freaks right catholic school the regressed however have a catholic school girl experience moliere one of my first conference in catholic highschool all girls high school and every one every girl in that class was rabid
bed they got a carcasses school they would just start jerkin deeds off it can help themselves in a trance anytime you press there's naturally get everything else fascinating isn't that girl was easily like most sexual explosive girls had ever date of error as soon as you would start making out she would go for like satanic possessed it was insane rich when so many other emotions of yes in danger in all of these things wrapped up with an already exciting sexual experience had ceased to mice and we're both seventeen fuck your dog seventeen year you look just a meat machine just me moving to the whim of phone like those details that's what happens to me it's not that at the same time the same your forcing the usual good plop lug lug lug luck is a big difference in that
when you do remember those seventeen year old donors those things were ridiculous they would hurt you dick would get so hard it would hurt my dick fella goes out below this morning who can anybody here until some wacky fuckin shit you go the council i had to do anything we had to take a shit when i woke up this morning so i had to make have a bucket that easily to carry out all worse in this like a peanut bucket work as it can text should we learn how to have better balance get a look at it like do a downward door just grab a holder the top of the lid of the top with upper deck is right and then just been down push you dig down the abbot don't push your basel don't push eyeballs i so far back that it gets in the way you shit yeah that's a six year redone you're gonna have to do one time that's why i have to let me have a fucking iraq langer fourth i mean when you got shit and hit really stop that p that's a p that you can't stop when you're shitting because it will stop the shit also
gonna name and then it ever read all about it that deal play but now fortunately i don't think i've ever actually shit with about whaley i just we will try and is constantly every day get rid about its affecting the way shit he's like holding it in because he knows is boner last for six thousand other three hours will build shit so one one of story one of the stories i've been reading after reading daniel able alleys book i went i can re read some of my biographies rasputin yeah you wanna dec frida answered has apparently has i loved what long dick with a word at the root of it didn't recently they have today killed it the guy well apparently that this promise our brand is press putin's cock prince you support was lee try to make homosexual advances arrest you wasn't feeling rasputin's old hard drinking siberian
the wizard and he liked women and that was part of the adaptations he made to his religion is that he was he always struggle with the fact that you know you couldn't have sex and christianity but he wanted to be man of deep faith brands right there on google images rather etons cock they really do have a holy shit so so yeah yeah put up would you go in any struggle with a you're allowed to have that are used in a targeted read today looks like a pig nato and set up a new streamed down they got is rasputin's deck but apparently he could basing revise and has so an exception in his religion if you saw some birds singing in the premises historic the birds were singing and they removed by sexual desire to sing such a beautiful song and if the god made bird sing to create such a song and bring that out of him then
man sexual desire must be for the same thing and then he had this revelation in the forest probably eating emanated miscarry mushrooms and then apparently came across three went three women bathing and he made love to each of them in turn and prayed more clear we then need prayed in months core and i was so that it really does your mind is totally others so ok so after that point he was like ok god didn't strike me down and praying better than ever so he doubted that too is a kind of lost but apparently he had it was kind of a bit of a cabinet is wizard when our honour far you wanna go with his powers but the reports were that he could contract and dilate his pupils at will like through mental control so he could do like weird shit and he had a huge and we just made just cut swath through all of us will that just saying thing everybody was able to dilate his pupils it will apply means using drugs probably yeah like the rotten giant dig dude on drugs and they could
where then cut it didn't cut it off and looks like they went in a kind of doug some of their dick out yet do what they had to do to kill us all valleys guy you support over the provider a lot of people in a lot of people didn't like him you know they hated him for he was perfect every move there is accusations that he was fucking is already use healing tsar nickel the sun now these kind of meaning people were jealous at one point one point he was having so much sexy love drinking and dancing in fucking in using this bar and he's all haggard you're not rasputin's like hell i'm not and he pulled his pants down and waved their ground you're espionage ever down but anyway this one guy wanted to prince you suppose apparently wanted to have sex with rasputin rasputin wasn't down it and the tide of the tide it kind of turned against him in popular culture and he told us
family that he's probably gonna die so they go there and they start feeding him cyanide cakes right now apparently fed him enough cyanide cakes to kill many many people but that didn't work rasputin got a little bit sick and then captain the cakes and he's like play me some gypsy music used above and started dancing i got fuck this is working so then then they took out a gun shot him in his back batman shot him right in the torso his back any panties just roared like a bear and stared at them so they all freaked out started kicking and stomping him and kicked his head kicked him so are that it eyeball fell out and just totally beat him to a bloody pulp and then wrapped him in a carpet wrapped him in chains and threw him in a frozen river and then when they found the body washed up he did die of any of that shit he died of drowning because they had the water that they saw his lungs from him gas being for air wasn't whatever the fuck what this guy was doing you as a strong where fucker
no you're not really unhappy with him here do dick was eleven inches ass big and is dick is most men's risk so its fairly the russian women were all about it that is invariably the was just super gangster would mean it doesn't look that big it's beginning the chicks whole entire had its soft do it son of a bitch i don't think you're allowed to devise brad from eu stream will frowned upon those kind of shenanigans we don't want to get them in trouble brian look at the about the big foot looking too shut the fuck up to stop talking to me big for people this this the show is very fascinating i'm learning a lot i can't wait to talk about it but i can't talk about it yet from learning alone crazy people son
south watches to oh i'm learn a lot about everything it's all connected africa's connected cycle psychics ask watch the whole thing you're foes all europeans now now shaven balls trammel trim the upper stack deports shaving criminologist lightly glide though gladiators prime i like these double blade razor and defence soap i lather up deals sacco rooney was so get at nice and primed with soap and then just the brazen today you don't need to play around five banana mohammed blades or on their second account so get in there whenever it gets worse on these razors are so good these days you're not gonna make english and i pay attention about animal health ago i got a let welcome to the jungle we got a funny
i don't know what's going on back there i leave it alone i wash it whenever possible and ignore it i guess it's like a squirrel with a bullet wound very happy with the balls ford everything back is an outsider i don't know i don't know we're fixing the equation i want to move to dubai usually looks like like like allowed is a lot of green in their like chunks of leave vegetables until gorge on me and then it becomes harder chunky find you think that harry vaginas making about an hour for they are but i mean there's two different kinds of the ones that have always had the hairy vagina and then there's a girl that recently like i'm taking care of this and bring back his eye there was one recently where it was just like now this has not this is like seventies vagina hasn't been touch since the seventys and i think that's a little too much yeah that's too much is discussing i don't i you know i like it completely shaved
and rode that either it's interesting though what a total victory porn his hand over the way women take care they're vaginas complete name interactive internalize the whole philosophy will they have to keep up they had to compete to meagre guys we're like looking at these perfectly shaved vaginas and with girls like in them and in our view after the women catch him until i got this mother fucker like this she and i share all down like the little hitler ones at the girls do that almost like hey you're putting an eyelash are an eye brow on your pussycats creepy or human and having here's the thing man i never had a problem with the big bush you know when girls are trimming it all down i was like i guess that's better but do member like when you were in high school and girls never shaved it it was always craziness down there was kept down there and he didn't get upset you know eating the alarm doubt remember when we tell stores are due to all the waved her assholes
africa here all right back and there's a girl in a data who had here she had here everywhere i was crazy shit like her lower back was harry shoes eyes facto dude in matter she was not the author you could of trust me you gotta die with a definite down the whole harry all thing down let us now but ran but then the armpits still lad i can deal with that yeah i'm not even good work that went to see a little like fun on their cheek you know when the sun is arising creeps but the armpits an item even the hairy legs out so much but the armpits still fuck me up i was friends with a girl who went to an all girls college in in boston fear which one but is superfluous cooper left wing like the most levelling personnel dated edged harry and like full law on her friends in shape the legs at all she did she ever legs either but she was blondes he couldn't tell right but her friend look like a habit was the strangest thing ever we
don't ever how her friend was greek she had hardly legs her legs were just black with hair and blackfeet and i'm like a complete and total hypocrite decided something wrong with the complete overrule hypocrite doesn't really fit doesn't fit it all how could i doubt dare i say anything strip is wrong with that that's her choice but damn it was growth that's it that's the matter i have no business thing in its gross i'm fuckin gross or for sure but it was gross rather freaking me out for him harry for heat and we just so weird they were so weird they were like they were they were ballsy both came from money money and educated pants and they were like just fuckin fight and the power to in cloth and i guess i really appreciate that a lot of ways like you know if you have like really upset of parents are very strict parents and when you re rigid in their focus you wanna break away that unlike make warm completely
radical opposing opinions make a but when the armpits hairstyle criminal i've been a newbie to such creeping over on the two year diego heritages nipples yeah being generous didn't do it down the nipple sierra esther we have heard one of my back aware places there there s your had one really long ago cotton light between the two front tina plot reading cheese son that's not true he called out you just called the fuck out now leaning tell the truth it was a true or is it not true yes to tell it sitting on monday i saw these rules is only really brian sorry rhyme i apologized no perfect person where there must get the fuck out of here it's late ten thirty i've been working all day talkin crazy people i talked with center table
our first gave way to tell you but you're gonna have to if anybody hasn't seen any of my latest videos adjusted one on the psychedelic experience pretty cool please try regular doing like these rights data wasn't that video pillar and their fuckin good man what was at the one on the secondary experience is called the psychedelic experience romeo dot com slash warrior poet u s check him out it's fun that's a very good one it's very fond i enjoy very much i like that you doing that to me it's really easy to criticise those things it's really easy to mock and make and if you were in front of me when you did it i probably would amount to a little bit but it's not that in china puts in france but you involve putting the right vibes out there in there's a problem with the right vibes they ve been corrupted by silly douche bag so if you get in that makes that energy vibe love makes you can do you know
immediately like what did what he does reach i go over there you started a colleague in the sharm and you fuck head you know it's like now you're trying to do the right thing with so many people than art are mixed up in the same vein i guesswork i mean i hear gonna burning man's lot of fun good fuckin luck with that good luck with axes the least ten dudes there that you do not ever want to be start talking to and there intent right next year does it ten dude ten do that a twenty maybe let's be super generous if bernie man has fifty thousand people known how many people ass if it has fifty thousand people and ten of them are just insufferable twat why would you go right because tenable murmur on in possible inspirations but the people too good a brave man or somebody called people the girl there's a lot of fun the girls so you for though you ve figure those guys balance out the kind if you can stay at em stick close to the herd
i just sounds like a lot of pretty intend to do everywhere and is no sandwiches bartering forever is i can probably awesome i ve never gone how can we think of it like the retaliatory that some we never did we gotta go sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry listen all view people out there enjoying burning man why you the very fact of guy you make up your mind about share before i don't even have to leave what i say i'm just trying to fulfil three hours and entertain you in some way and if you try to me i'm tired of me to say it's ok so good you're fox this episode brought by hover go to hover dot com ford slash rogan get ten percent of your domain name registrations you sexy bitches saucer brought you on it dot com if you go oh and an eye tee and use the code name rogan you will save ten percent of any and all supplements go check out
all the cool new should we have if you haven't been there for a while we got a lot of new stuff so i'm a lot of food killer bee honey cuz they're actor and although human optimization that's a goal and thanks to all the customers out there you guys are some bad bad motherfukers your great people i've really enjoyed interacting with all you guys and i just hope that we can continue to be some part in pushing you towards whatever year you no matter a piece of life is going to be whatever is going to help you be better i hope we can just play there my party and i certainly appreciate all the support we bad it's been amazed a massive amount of positive people you put an earlier and it comes back to you why whatever that's it folks we love the fuck area that's what you must learn to launch a fancy words it's this really this
we love you check me on facebook i'm super active on this if you want to talk to him about facebook facebook dotcom such where poet u s twitter it's a warrior poet u s on twitter is what actually freaks we love the shit out of you and we will last see you soon pay saw by
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