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#373 - Joey "CoCo" Diaz

2013-07-10 | 🔗
Joey "CoCo" Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called "The Church of What's Happening Now"
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What's wrong with you, I'm looking ice. You start around him because that you already have start well, that's okay! We just I just we just went live here. Hey everybody want we understand! Folks, we hear your story. You hear your plight that you stream's been fucking up for you. It's been. What was it called buffering you just lost my mic. You know what I've noticed, though Joe. Is that a lot of its different browsers? So if it's fucking with you on one browser, try different ones, the flash plugin alone has been just a Connie bitch. Is that what it is like like like on Youtube? I have problem on certain browsers. Where does certain things and I change changed it around and I've been noticing a lot of browser issues I do.
For the most part. What do you use? I use safari? I went back to Safari. Why did you go back so far because it seems like it's usually the best when it comes to working with everything? It's crazy. It's been fucking with everything it didn't used to write. It didn't used to be the best one. I don't think so now, but it's always been solid. For me, Chrome is good, but the problem with Chrome is is that I just go crazy extensions and next thing. I know it fucks things up like adblock plus. Whatever right, I should things up, and then you forget that that might be the reason why in a number so far, retype among the flock that's right. This episode, speaking of the web, is brought to you by square space. You go to square space, dot com forward, Slash Roku Joe. What is my name swears. First pizza come forward, Slash Joe. If you go
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the cat in the last one? He was my favorite cat, but this is a cool shirt. This is, I love the colors too and it's it's a very high quality shirt as opposed to not do the other ones were low quality, but there like the standard way, you get a t shirt when you have like a big design like that death squad logo. Is they just they take like a vinyl final, whatever it is with some sort of sticker, I think I think it's it's not. The process is just a bunch of it's like a field to give a plastic shield ours like when you're working out, you feel like this, like, like you, almost have armor on yeah, very uncomfortable. When a lot of colors we get, we get sweaty yeah yeah if he gets
he gets where so this this process actually bleaches the shirt and then re DIS, the ink in it. So it's actually this like that they were just just the cotton see, can feel the design. So it's an upgrade from the last couple shirts I did so. I wanted to have a little bit better quality yeah. Well, you know he saw how my higher primates sure it's b rock in it and like Damn son, why they so sweet all. You know, because of my man MIKE Max well drawn me: some funky champs, that's right so yeah, so these become out really soon so jump on now date. I mean, I see a load of these old ones. Every time I performed doing this past weekend, when Joey Diaz, when I were rocking the joint in Vegas, got damn son God Damn will talk about that. Will talk about that. Will talk about the UFC and legal stamps, dot com and legal squarespace dot zoom. Now, I'm just going to rock not to harm him dot com. Sorry real ups to match info that far hives stamps dot com- if
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digital scale and what you do is you print like Savior selling anything like Brian selling, those t shirts you to make it yourself. Have it printed up yourself and you just the package is on a digital scale. You print up everything off of your computer. Boehm handed The postman done. I used it today. Actually I had. I haven't used the mail in a long time and I didn't have a stamp like fuck. I gotta go to the store and, like oh yeah, I have stamps dot com and I just put the envelope in the printer banned smoking in the mailbox so easy. Can you go wrong. Go to stamps dot, com and use the code jre and say give yourself some money on an excellent service and things like that, just to say something official they give you shared a sale like something official but it's one hundred and ten dollars value yeah it's what it is is a really good deal. That's what I think about stamps dot com. I think it just told
it makes sense if you're smart like. Why would you want to go to the Fucking Post office, use anything Joe Rogan selling? That's when I'm talking I'm a song that we don't have that many years left. I don't have twenty minutes to go down there and wait for the fucking. It's a nightmare to deal a lot more in twenty minutes. If you go to the wrong post office at the wrong time, I've been there before where it took me an hour and ten minutes ago I told her. Yes yeah it was uh. Bring people, and they all had shit away there. Also it was around Christmas. I was an asshole. I was like wow. This is bad. I hate going out boy. I got a box at the PO box I go to and you gotta give me together with online shopping, and I forget to when I get emails from people who sent my ship back yeah, and I don't want to burden these fucking people either. Who wants to be the 30th person in line that day access shit for them to send out and they're tired doing your god. Damn work for you, stamps dot com just need to get a passport thing, 'cause! That's the only reason I have to go to the post office now for like when you have to do things like passports or showing that just as annoying 'cause you're mixing passport people in with fucking, regular mail, people,
what do you mean like getting a new passport is in German yeah? That's where I got my passport recently and was a pain in the ass at the PO. Yeah yeah together to doesn't that's drugs, tobacco and firearms yeah. I know they do that'll and there is a Tupac tobacco, alcohol and firearms they're. All together like how old is what the is one of those three together. That's ridiculous passports in stamps, so you could set up package or you, whatever your sending through the air messenger broken. Why would drugs to back on farm show up to arrest you for tobacco, like, if you were in Salem with the stickers on Is that it or where you could sell stolen shit, it could be that you could be yeah. It could be like not having a t
stamp or something so like your company is trying to sell it, not pay taxes on it. People are crazy man. You always hear about people that are like running businesses for a couple of years. Gangster style cash only pay no taxes and they just vanish. It happens all the time you know there is we This lady yesterday, uh from the Oxycontin Express, was talking about those pain clinics in Florida and one of was cash only they were there for two years. He made forty million dollars. They got arrested? Will jailing clinics do they? They hook you up with some oxide Saito Axes yeah, if you're, if you're interested go, go! Listen to it because she was the whole store was fox. Amazing. We can talk about that on the podcast a dog. We just got all doubt to get a full we're also brought
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big dicks. In the ass experience trying my gas my night all day, shocker shocker shocker, Bang son, we back, we live, we which d as Joe, he gave me a pot candy and I got high holding in my hands. Okay, I held in my hand. She backs that. Basically, these people are broken up into high bred city, even indica, and that is even run. Azizi was saying he likes to Cheeba chews be likes to full boat one. The white really Rosie goes deep death ribbons easy over there on Long Island go India. I've had him with coffee in the morning before flight and they fucking pick me up. I will drink energy drinks because I did blow, but these things fucking pick me right up. So why not bad this is? I gave you the pain, relief, twelve. Ok, these guys are.
One deep! If you want, if you do a energy drink, it makes you want to do blow. No, no! I did blow for all those years where they don't work. Oh, that's. Fucking red bone go to sleep. I can coffee go to sleep, to be honest. Take to do that too. I could drink a couple. I used to be able to do that when I had sleep apnea ice available, just typing fucking just hit the crib right after a cup of coffee yeah. It's amazing this. Oh my god. I started to drink two things to Starbucks and parking pass. Get the fuck outta cuban coffee. Fucks me up that not persian coffee. Is that what it is you re coffee, there's some coffee! That's fucking out there that the the caffeine is just outrageous Greek or one of the a lot of those coffees that people think are like really strong. It's like the taste of it. It's not necessarily the caffeine. Like you know, Espresso everybody assumed espressos like stronger than a cup of coffee, not real now it's actually weaker as less the light.
Your coffees are the ones with the more caffeine like a dark dark Tiffany, apparently a dark coffee doesn't have as much caffeine is like a lighter coffee, oftentimes like when and what you burn a more. I guess to make it dark. Maybe it makes sense you roasted longer. What am I not about over here, but the first time I ever had cuban coffee, I'm like. Oh, this is like everything else. Cubans do it's crazy! You take coffee put a half a pound of sugar in it. She start they missed. It is with the fuck. Are those sweets? I couldn't believe how sweet it is. We were working in Miami at the improv. It's always like cuban coffee dog book. That's for girl, still have you been to Miami International Airport and see that Starbucks is always empty,
that's funny, because it's a call it's zero dollars and thirty five cents for shot. I know thirty five cents, a cuban crafty airport, an if they give you the sugar mixed into a union, feel guilty for putting that much sugar in it. You know you like hey. This is what I asked for it's like a desert. I didn't know it's a desert and there's a little pick me up, but I think, there's more than there is. Apparently this is the highest common thing you could do. Benzie Starbucks mean get more in lieu, yeah. I think no, I don't enter new mountain dew that they put a bunch of caffeine in a while ago. Maybe they took it off the right now, that's the one that made me go to Cedar Sinai for a good time. Yeah it was that exact same drink, mountain dew made you go to the hospital. That was one where I pulled over on the side of the road and they they they they act like they. I I I sat on the curb with my phone out with I had nine one and have one about to push enter. I just because I I felt like I was having a heart attack. Do you feel bright? It felt like your
it's going to like like breathe where you high too? No, I wasn't I wore in Hilo not eating that day, but I had one of those to wake me up in one yeah, but it was a big ass. I mean this. This was like a like a humongous like a big goal. Size of a c2, oh like so what is it like? Eighteen hours, yeah and then I've seen? Sixteen to eighteen year yeah, but but they checked me, The ambulance check me like dude, your heart's going crazy. We need to get you inside and then they like put uh. For that water in your blood is 'cause. I said I was dehydrated and They give you like an IV drip, yet they they gave me. I have you tried it, but it cost me like three thousand dollars for this mountain dew. She said incredible amazing how much it cost like for an ambulance to come and just look at you and you alone was nine hundred dollars. Yeah, don't sign the paperwork at the end. Tell run out of it. Is that the so
They charge you nine hundred dollars. Ok is it for their time is? Is the service it's like most expensive limo in the road man? If I was rich I'd be just using ambulances, you can go through lights. Say you have a heart attack, so I'm just kidding taking the movies here. She got it good company, through the faster you brilliant. That's like a felony felony felony Daniel happened, ambulance company and you go through all the right paperwork and you're like you know, I need to be picked up dude. If this wasn't a
comedy podcasts, just because when you said you probably go to jail under the Patriot act. This is like crazy and it's brilliant wing, so brilliantly should all die in long island idea. I'm going to open up an ambulance company to people, I'm gonna run through red light dog, that's brilliant and don't do it. They get fucking pulled over right now, what's going on here and the person, whoever the heart attack hug and no, no, I thought. If I had the lights, I can run through red lights and if you get pulled over a year just in the back seat and go alright stay that you're having a panic attack and will just take it to the hospital who is a guy. When I lived in Newton MA there was a guy who were So, by the way I went back to recently, I couldn't believe how small it was. It was really weird. It's weird when you back home, then you realize how small everything was you don't know what happen specially like Boston area like it was all those tools like
towns were separated by these little two lane roads. It's really weird! It's really weird to go back to it. Um don't forget we're telling you went back home and you use the noon. I don't fucking know either what what did you say just before that but the ambiance tell the guy without sorry. Sorry, sorry, folks, a guy was using the ambulance like it wasn't going to an emergency just using it because he wanted to get home or whatever you want to do whatever the fuck you want. If you want to go through the slide and he slammed this woman killed her, and there was you know it was, I mean they wanted him dead. Remember this, like people were fucking, really upset that someone. Because someone abused a public friend like that. You know people that if an ambulance is coming through its risking safety because trying to save a life in this deck was just driving around thought. It was cute it's run red lights. So I check this out,
you know slammed into somebody, I always pull over. I see people a a cop went, but three cop cars went by me me and maybe two other people. Pulled over that way. They don't fucking pull over. They don't fucking pull over. Yes, it's scary! It's scary, Now people are dickish man like to wait for other people to pull over, so they can pull over and follow the ambulance and like cut a path through I've. Seen people do that they don't do it at all out here, I'm in Ohio, everybody in every little fucking highway would. I just saw a client on like this is fucking rude, California, some of the worst driving manners I've ever experienced in my life ever ever. It's so rare, first of all that anybody ever gets out of the fast lane. It's amazing. When you watch someone in the fast lane, then you watch someone pull up behind them and you see them just sit there and then the process go around like they look and they know, and they know they're going slower going sixty get out of the lane. They don't want to go out. Winners, Morpho can bring this more concrete. My name in the Of course you dealing with these little two lane roads
there's two lanes on each side, so everybody who's going slow goes to the fucking right. You don't want them to move the fucking, it's that simple, but California, it's like everything else. It's like such a wealth of lanes out here, there's so many fucking lanes on the highway. The people are getting in the name mean right handed girl fan, ranking, hang around there. Man check this app. Have you seen this rethink your drink? This just how much sugar is in each different kind of drink. I think it is oh, my god Red Bull holy. Is that real or is that caffeine caffeine? That sugar? Oh, my god, look, how much sugar is in red bull! That's insane same is that small mountain dew though it is right. Oh my god, I didn't even have regular size, mountain dew. It looks like, and you know what here's the other thing would be better if it was actually sugar in there that was there sugar in water. Is that what that says this thing about watering sure fucking water bottle of water? How is that possible? Now? True, it's zero.
It shows zero right, Kool aid. No, I think that's, I think. That's just reflection, yeah right, yeah, yeah right yeah it's trying to get you to drink water, obviously yeah note or if you need that little packet of cool aid, that's ridiculous at the same out as a little white chocolate, milk, that's crazy! Yeah! There's a lot of sugar in our lives. Folks were kind of hooked on that yeah. I'm trying not drink coffee! Right now and I've been drinking this parenthesized sized passion, fruit, iced tea, everyday. It has no caffeine in it, but I don't get sweetener in it and I get splenda and that's just yeah, but it's gonna give you brain cancer with that. Much splendor that drinking that much easier to go. The Stevie area yeah, but Starbucks, doesn't have stevia for some is all she got a gang of them here. Why don't you? Why? Don't you I think Starbucks goes on Steven too expensive. I don't know. Maybe they deal with splenda to keep steep
people from knowing about Steve, suppressing knowledge. Dog suppressing, herbal goodness delicious took me a little while to get used to it, but knowing and it's an herbal sweetener and that it's like literally no strings attached. It's just you it takes it in, it doesn't seem to have any my tell the truth is this seems to have any health. Recently. I heard some stuff and that's why people were I'm going to go. Do something else that other one it's like with x or z, or a z We are xylitol. I've heard that as well like some people like the Xylitol, where there was a reason that people were saying something recently about Steve would maybe I'm wrong. Let's Google, what's wrong with stevia. What do you do? Joey Dudek straight a little v8 thousand at Aubrey gave me. I have the blue packages
I get it 'cause. It's super strong to have sugar tool, which I don't use every once in a while with the new coffee machine I'll make a cuban coffee, but you know, what's crazy dog. The biggest addiction I ever had was to Coca COLA and went to weight watchers. I stop drinking soda and it was like the toughest three months of my fucking life, guys like I thought it was worse than getting off the blow not having like chinese food or some of the coke. The other day I had I went to some place to eat. 'cause. We out of diet, Coke. I said you know what give me a coat. It was fucking horrible, it's to sugaring. Oh my god, ridiculous. Oh, my fucking God it was terrible, With this, Stevie is used as a weight loss aid. It's used for treating diabetes, high blood pressure and heart burn for lowering uric acid levels, an for preventing pregnancy, also for increasing the strength of the muscle contractions that pump blood from the heart, wow yeah
that doesn't seem like you could eat that all day it seems like it seems like if you eat that. All that you have fucking issues I mean. Maybe we should talk to Tate. He could our patient zero who's, that dude that's tv in his system all day, he just drinks those mugs of bulletproof coffee. I actually give a plug eight hundred and eighty two because Tate just started his own mobile coffee business. He doing a butter coffee truck and they uh they. I guess they roll around. It's called rolling butter. It's rolling underscore butter on Twitter and he's got like a butter, coffee truck all sorts of different flavors and shit. He shows up at Crossfit events. Those Crossfit guys are junkies for that butter. Coffee think bulletproof coffee with MCT oil in it so take decided to set up a truck and just roll ' buried his first event this week. So you need to go to the Arnold Classic
yeah, but you know last thing you want to do is take a fucking truck all the way to Ohio specially in March March in Ohio son. You might get fucked Michael ugly, on you. It could easily snow like a bitch in March right yeah, oh yeah, it's risky in March. Time back when you were making the videos where that dude, he took his shirt off and you made a video about it like he took a shit rough in the audience dancing around over that guy. He was hammered and then he gay big hug and then it was so I mean ridiculously hammered and then, after the show we found in the parking lot blood all over his face. No show about somebody beat the shit out of him and it was like zero degrees out were like. Well, you take care buddy in the car. That's a fucking normal Friday night for that dude, probably totally as telling you the story there pulling a two thousand mah
yeah. Sometimes yeah fucking hit me with a bat. Oh shit, fuck, damn it Can you hear me in the back on the ice on you, an extra bat, an extra jacket, what the fuck guy I'll tell you? What that show Friday night that we did was. I was, and I place, I never been the joint yeah that was great to join. The audience was amazing that you know, because we've been getting lately, is just off the charts there. So happy it's like such friendly, happy group overwhelmingly. So amazing, I don't know how we ever pulled it off, but it's amazing and the joint is probably one of the best ones. Yet is one of the best Crowds ever was amazing. It was just everybody so far that bar was great apple. I had a great time Joey and I went to that center bar and we help court for like three hours. Three hours hanging I'm talking to people. You know we max severally got too drunk,
you see MAX Drug MAX Everly was throwing asians all results in charge. He tortured this little Asian Jersey girl she was half asian half Irish. He was torturing her well Sahel torture, your mom, although he don't give a follow through the Jack septic system. He's done done, he's a great guy, though Zoom in Vegas over yeah. We had an awesome time. You know it was like there's a lot of good vibes. I speak right yeah. I took the limo over to the Fucking s yeah. You did another show after that. Dirty and it was Jay Davis was dead, Jason Rouse was there and what is in light, show Bro. It was mine, Why don't we taking it during the weekend that, like real in August and go give me the one thousand? Two hundred and thirty at twelve, why was wow jacket was, is what's going on that all these comics were like Bobby Collins? Is there right Bobby Collins did ten, some other girl did ten
was smooth and wow. So there's like a bunch of real com? Oh my god. There had to be two hundred and fifty in that peach one or fifty people shirts and was locals, and this is what they were telling me like people coming back with drinks like people, but let me so I went over there and that would be one hundred and fifty people from the joint show no showed up with tickets for me to sign, and we told them you're going, they were going, listen man! This is fun an amazing. I just got four cocktails made for seventeen dollars. Didn't we, announced on stage that you do and he was drinking some sound was going on. I didn't know I didn't know for sure people like he's going to be at the South point yet one over there Cj Davies sing a bunch Thomas. I hadn't seen that just hang out drink it. Well, we should do that when we're in town like in between every Friday every file. Why not? Right? I like a one thousand two hundred and thirty spider was asking. If you guys are going to go. Stop by because they, I guess they had to show at the other club at the hard rock the same night. Vinyl at the uh
the Hard Rock or Illinois diced it yeah. Oh that's hilarious though they were in the same places us and they were seeing. If you wanted to come before, or after I think was before he was. Apparently his son was playing. He wanted to come. Watch the sons band after my show We, you know, we got mobbed by people and we had uh. You know Justin was with us, so I had some friends so he's a like every weekend right. I think, sir, while someone sent powerful, mazing powerful bicycle, how many comics with that, like a lot of guys, came up and said hello to Joe Laude guys I recognize, and I didn't know the names. Well, you know what if Vegas was? Was I really smoothly run, though, be a real comedy scene? There I mean it doesn't make sense that wouldn't be you deal all these tourists that are coming in from out of town on a regular basis it doesn't have to. The on the strip, if you have one good spot, like think of like that steak, joint brazilian place, we go to Texas De Brazil, the Chew Husker,
This is nowhere near the strip of its way the fuck out there somewhere in another. You know part of it's not near the casinos, but but he goes there. He goes there 'cause, it's good 'cause. They know it's there and it's good an you know, there's! people in town in Vegas, they're always looking to do something. The casinos would like to keep the shows in the casinos and it's great to the joint mean we had. That was perfect for us, but like for like the local comics like this, should be a few comedy clubs in Vegas? It seems like you could have like a real local scene in Vegas. I can't believe this is embarrassing. This is- and I hate to say this- 'cause people got them. We walked past Brad Garrett. Winning on a break. Nobody goes right, we're not going to. I don't know. No, I shouldn't say that, because not talkin DOM around he likes it yeah a lot. That's why? But it's I don't know why? Don't we go was because were tutored is owners. I don't know. I think that he just likes a certain style, and you know I don't I I think I don't want to. Did he like these yes ma'am, but
No! When I see it, I'm like like, I never even I think I always assume them to do it in the Ladla comedy Club hit me up when I was in Vegas thing. If we wanted to go over there late night and do a spot, you know with the La Comic closes at Bally's. I guess so. There is a few comic. Yes, this is little. Actually a lot of them have like. Would they have like Roseanne Barr there every night has Roseanne bought it? Ok, let me ask you this: how does that work? How does some and do like the same town every night like five six nights a week Vegas for years, and he shows up on Monday, have new people new people. But how do you not go crazy because it's fucking Vegas and as the hot, this shit, like the best party yeah yeah yeah, but let me talk some best food sweetie pie. If you live there, it's like, we might lose your mind. This got. There's a there's, a void in that town. You know, there's a lot of good people that live in Vegas and is a lot of fun in Vegas, but this is devil.
Is in Vegas. You know he does. We all know he does he and if you live there, if you were there, you live there. Why don't know Brian? I don't know The devil. Has the baddest bitches Jose I'm fifty years a lot of fun in Vegas that uh she is I'm still alive. I might want to go to Vegas, you get old. You do you want to do Monday through Saturday. First. Well, I wouldn't stay in the casino job course. I live forty five minutes I'll, let I would not be in my life at all, but, like my head, Roseanne Barr, she's yeah. She lives in Vegas. Now, no, I guess you commute to stays. I don't know what the one day a week. No, she just! Well, we fudging Masada the whole week yeah Monday. Who she does. The eight hundred o'clock show, then, when the clocks on a lineup comes in and they do it, no shit. Yes, a lot of people like that. Do just change it to ten. You know Bobby couldn't make it work, It takes a certain comic to make it work. The hotel has to get behind you Vegas ain't, what it used to be dog. It's not you know. I read an article at the UFC brings how much money per week and as a Vegas or what,
I don't know knowing knowledge there. I wrote a man's and and it's like wow yeah yeah, I see it. I see the concessions I can do a cheerleading competition smoke a lot when the brass game does that type of stuff. This is the you website, yeah. That's one of the reasons why it's so disgusting that's illegal in New York, because they would make so much money from having a? U S either. It would generate so much revenue for the city it would be fantastic and the fact that these dirty unions have kept it out for that long. It's because you will see it might as well. Go disclosure the nice for five bucks a minute all my! Could we go to the prom first we're going to stick with lobster on it. Also a lot of the best we should all over. Are you kidding me the web's? Would you when we get out of that mother? U s c eleven o'clock because the? U of c ends at one yeah the walking out of the garden at one fucking. Thirty, it's like walking into your oyster, your oyster,
of life. You know everything is open. You get any. Have you get chinese Cuban you get a town in the Bronx, you get congealed salad! You can get whatever the you want at one thirty in the morning and we don't have to look at the state would go to Chinatown with it looks really a clam. How many spots are there in la where you could pull it out this one in the morning is a few name. Santana's stamp that they have done is open till two yeah. I was a little too circle to believe they do that. I'm pretty sure I got a stake. There are no one night after the comic store really late. It was kind Damn Delicious, published with the side of pasta, so good Google Emmu Dance Hannah is just like one of those legit old school restaurants from the east coast that exists in California somehow or another, and this is a few places like that, I'm going to say whatever place, existing carefully Michael Blvd sensational. Oh my god to say it. I would I I just was at the spot a couple weeks ago, one of my favorite clubs in the country, the San Jose Improv and
yeah. I love that place. It's down the block from the hotel, everything's original joes. You got mother, fucking original Joes for lunch and you go and then you get the house silent with the spaghetti meat. I can't even leave the meatball Josh is normal. So much I get so scared. I just get the fucking regular, ragu sauce. Now, no bread, no butter and the house salad. They took a fucking hell of a steak too. They gotta charge Roper Oil, grill Char oh girl, you know, use real wood, charcoal they don't fuck around the way. It is with those fucking tuxedos at original Joe since eighty motherfucking five in the tabular, when you start that one, the tenderloin never been to that one off. It was good, just burnt down they jewish lightning, that fucking son in the cap back open something happened. I don't know,
did San Francisco. Last week I was in town tremendous forgot myself, another tremendous food there yeah you love that one hello. Every time you take me to that hill to eat pasta with some donuts yeah. That's right! Now we're going to this place at Cal zones calzones in Columbus. Oh, my god! We go there. We go there and that's another. That's a legit place. That's a legit place. Yeah, there's another place down the street. We got video of Tommy buns. He was Hanson Sierra was dancing music and you came in it. Was you mean security? Remember that, what's that in place so that we go to that. The like the really call yeah when Danny yeah that's well, so I got a sketchy area where we went outside. We had some asian food after the shell and as we left, we we were outside the door and they have aquarium drive by Phil with rippers. That's correct! Remember that we got a video of one of the whole truck it's on Youtube somewhere. This dick truck pulled up with like this is the craziest thing. I've ever seen in my life and the cops
pull up aside and hit the lights to everybody. Sit down, sit down 'cause. They only allowed to dance when the when the trucks not move in there, so they had seeped all set up to where so it it's like a poll and is like some seeds. I, like, little tiny seats with seatbelts and the fucking cop would pull up and hit the lights. Go sit out soon. This girls dancing on a pole in the back of a fucking I could think of, was imagining life from their eyes. Your naked and your driving around like bait, like you're, like like their choice thing there chumming the whole city to try to get them into this club and they're doing it by putting bait in a box. That's what people been reduced to like a woman in the smallest amount of clothes legally possible with ridiculous shoes that you know she can't run good in and is dance around on a poll asking you to come with her. It's crazy is ridiculous.
Can fish tank full of chicks? I I went to the Playboy Mansion, I got to see all his like rare birds and they have like he has he's like the largest collector of rare birds. Ever yeah and you walk in. I don't know if it's the number one, but maybe in California or whatever, is on the block, but when you walk in through these birds. Are that don't even look like real birds like I was thinking like? I haven't even seen that before, like in a book or a magazine or on tv. So when you saw it in person, it just seemed like it was fake. It was awesome, he is the coolest animals like monkeys collections that I've ever seen. Here's these monkeys that look like old men that just come up in order and have that these beards and like these, it doesn't look like a like an exam rise city freak you out of their of their like locked in a little cage. No because it human
longest cages like like it, was like having a cage be like the size of like a football field. How many acres is, I do have a. It was a lot because I I got like the full tour. Like most times you go to the Playboy mansion. You have like look there, it's like sectioned off in your like at the small piece of it. I was there with friends of the family. The girl I was with her mom was married to Hugh in the seventies, so she's just like. Let me show you around. This is so I got to go eight, I I know you think I saw it all. I mean I walk for long peers at times on these paths, where they would have like these little benches like blow job stations and then got another mile down the cost of managing the place to be expensive as to keep up get a staff about a hundred two hundred people there. All the time I don't know Two hundred people there's a lot. You imagine you had to pay one hundred people and it to run your house yeah. That's that's crazy,
Joan rivers have some shit like that. I don't know Joan Rivers, but you know at the end of the day that place to calmly store. They should just pick those places up and put them together. So people could see that for centuries when the world ends is it 'cause? That's one of the most interesting places in the world, FUCK Disneyland would fucking rides and Mickey mouse. Demention. How many cocks were really suck there? How many dreams were broken there? How many women left there going? I'm done, but I'm saying like I just sucked eleven Cox at crabs about club Medea, I'm done and he put me in the magazine what really happened in that, because that's completely different than being on the EAST coast, yeah, that's hard, that's a fucking den of broken.
You know it was. The coolest thing was how many older playmates were there yeah? They were the coolest girls in the really cute. I was sitting in the game room, smoking weed. On that what I mean, I don't know. If this is it I was up there. Is that there's a respect. The man I mean like that. There's is Rick Rick our room that the the floors made out of like a mattress. So like it you walk in and something your feet feel weird like. What do you want to choose? Yeah, yeah great staff, and it was fucking to get staff with the carpets. Just doesn't look like carpet, it's actually a mattress, so you just sit down anyway. There was like these, ladies, that come out of nowhere, and they were beautiful coat like the most beautiful cougars old, I would say, two thousand five hundred and forty eight and they would just come up and like hey guys, how's it going modified, join you and you're. Just like that,
this chick hot chick today is like that part of their occupation to sort of mingle and well, it was July. Fourth, so I think it's more of just like all the other yeah Bobby Benton, all those chicks with playmates pro Well, she really why we better play man. I think yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, is she still doing comedy no barbie Bent and from the centerpiece, the brunette when we were? Who am I thinking of Barbie with the van that it from the time we still that used to do that, we'd room on fucking vermon to hold down the yellow car, with the yellow message advancement, but they put the vein from a bicep right, writing the it instead of a tattoo, this bitch had a big old yolk vein like he had been doing. Fucking cry which is not bunches but flies. All apple on the back machine, whatever the fuck, it is I
I think I was going to see Felicia Michaels. It was like a bunch of white people, actually some my stomach. I was actively this Felicia go there. No, I don't think she goes. I think she's been that apart, like for parties like all of how she doing she don't understand, she's doing whatever he said she was a fun. Check, my yeah they're, all everybody's doing good, but that paper that place is very interesting like I went there with a complete different like, did the comedy for Tom like this day years ago on Friday, so yeah and I go and hang out and some of it. I can't why it's not my cup of tea. You know it's not really going to suck my dick if you're not you're, going to walk around naked and talk to me like that, but I'm saying period but these these savages were, you know, and it would beep when you looking at him and you feel bad but they're having a great time and they have like people who come up there with the illusion that they're going to meet playmates right like
bad guys in Kelowna on the shit. Polyester suits three piece: the shoes. It's really it was weird. But when you look at that place, you go. What really went on well, what's interesting to me, is, if I think about it, the Playboy Mansion is that it's sort of like the last it's sort of a house like that of a I have It's not gonna exist anymore. I think it's gonna be a museum, because when I was one that's really I smelled very like I could see this being an yeah yeah yeah. You cannot, then that's not disrespectful. Well, I think that don't well I mean. Maybe someone could do something like that in the future, where they could create like a whole destination, but that's a destiny, and it's not just the house. It's not just the business like would be like. Oh there's, the strikeforce fights this weekend at the Playboy Mansion like they had fights there. We went to watch fights there they had. They had more than one mixed martial arts event. There I met Hefner's. Kids, though,
and his sons and I think, they're going to take a. I mean, hey, look like young versions of him, like I see them just stepping and being like fucking pimps. Well, not even make as he had grown them. You know why, wouldn't you want to keep that business in the family? It's a iconic name. You know it's like you can't go wrong with good management with the whole playboy thing, the craze just licensing. Those tattoos when I lived in boulder there was a girl in boulder who there was a limb in boulder at all times it said, half number one on it and there was a white stretch limo and they had a black driver and the chick was blonde and her claim to fame was and she was his daughter, real. She the University of Colorado drove every winter, fucking lemma wow one slash two one: limo F1 limo wow. When was coke. She did not that's what I mean. How many people I know I know like James Kahn, was associate like I watched that movie was on about a month ago that stupid movie twenty one. What was that movie that the girl got killed Eric Rob
play the creepy boyfriend. Yeah. Tell you what I know and I'm sorry. There was a come on guys what the eight she was: a playmate one thousand nine hundred and eighty one Sharon. I know Eric Roberts played killer. Did nineteen what nineteen, whether she was the playmate ladies starry Starry Jesus Christ, fucking from Harvard Stupid Rainy was a movie with Eric Roberts was creepy as fuck and he played The boy fade discovers are in Canada. Brings it to the my research is like fifteen. Isn't change when you see a guy like Eric Roberts that you see me starts out. Pope of Greenwich Village is in this fucking. Unbelievable movie, with Mickey Roarke, like just an unbuilt still to this day, holds up then one day is on celebrity rehab you know, Everything in between is like some karate movies and shit, and you know, for whatever reason like he vanish, is and then has to come back, not just dog.
It's blowing up right now. Who's got his daughter that the chicken actress yeah the door who was the daughter on STAR eighty right there. Wow. I don't even believe I've seen this movie yeah. He was creepy at the end. He fucking gets these benches who's making weight lifting equipment, but he also the real business. He was making sex equipment and he takes her over there. He sit sit down, he fucking ties or he rips her legs up. I mean he just destroy He was a creepy mother, finally shot himself fucking in the move. Character shop cell two do they did two movies that star rating with this broad. They did a different one with the guy from General Hospital. Now the older Guy, I married on general off Tom Chaplin
dog, but he says the monologue what he says to Mickey Rourke when he was what happened here. He goes. She left me on why, and he goes what's wrong with you. He goes. You know, we've only just breaks it down, because sometimes they try to embarrass you and you gotta back Andaman. You look him in the face and tell him you don't look at nobody, you don't say goodnight to nobody that whole little monologue did that again. Very interesting is excellent. Excellent. He was a really really good actor. It's weird when you see him like one day and that the karate movie remember this shit, He played a karate messages back festivals, Nachman calls for satisfying is ready for this. I just saw the mother fucking Audition about eight weeks ago, really understand for what additionally for coastal like me, alright, so that doesn't make any sense understand. How does a guy who's that talented and he was in that um Sylvester Stallone movie recently uh,
he was in the the first one. What is the one with radical toward the Expendables yeah yeah yeah yeah? He was in that. Wasn't me now is it is yeah. Well yeah? I'm pretty sure he was the bad guy. He was fucking. Excellent guy can act his ass off and his sister, don't like him consistency. I know that when he was when they were doing, who's daughter is the chick on blow the little girl and blow. What's the movie remember that little girl and she want to be at Disney STAR she's a Disney store. Look her up bread, bread, man, she's, like some Disney chick, but supposing, when they shoot at the Fuckin studios, they have security there. He can't come on the set, as she is: Julia Roberts niece, so Julia Roberts really like fucking with security, honor and stuff, because she they try to keep her away from him. I don't know the whole story, I'm just telling you what I heard second hand when she shoots movies or a tv shows, there's something going on that. I don't know exactly what the fuck that thing is
she's, really cute the kid she was too cute girl and blow. He tells he's going to meet her at the end. The whole thing well when he was on that celebrity. Rehab was very strange, just didn't make any that he was there like. It seemed like he just he's a break. Didn't didn't really Emma Roberts Emma Roberts, Emma Roberts, she's, real cute right, young yeah gotta be safe. Whenever someone go on a rehab for weed, they really almost like need. Like a behavioral break the needle yeah know you going to rehab for life you're off the rails for everything you said you know if you really, if you going to a rehab for I mean it's like a huge I need to go somewhere. Do you think, do you think there's certain that you could going to rehab, for we like people like you know, like Ralphie May used to be at his prime, where he would be like seriously smoking two pounds away today or something a perfect example. You know and no disrespect to Ralphie, but look at him and so
that's obviously a very impulsive person and that's where I think that it's probably you're not dealing with just the weed self you deal with life in general like this is cute. Look we're all impulsive stay comedians, some most impulsive people, there's something about type person that thinks to say the some of the shit that we say like the way your brain works. This seems like an instinct for us to just be wacky. You know it's so when you get a guy. That, like is a stand up comedian and then you find out he's a gambling addict. It's never a shock it's never a shock when they are, you know you find out they're blown all their money, betting on sports like its norm, Macdonald or no they're blowing all their money on Kobe yeah like years or for me how 'bout I locked myself in my house and I play quake for twelve hours a day, I'm a fucking idiot. You know it's the same thing. It's like we get impulsive. We have this, like almost uncontrollable desire. I would be
sitting around? I was like. I would be sitting around doing something else and all I could think of was getting back to my computer, my God but get online and play some quake and everything will be ok, loading myself up caffeine, it. Why does it's crazy Minnick media. I could kind of understand comedians being caught up in almost any like nutty impulse like that marijuana. Really they go to rehab for that you're going to rehab for life son! That's what you do in life itself is just too slippery right now they need to break, which is understandable. You know I need to go to rehab for Jack Daniels. I think. Are you really going to bed right now? I mean I mean not for drinking in general, but, like I try not to drink Jack Daniels now and it's like, I miss it so much it's so hard not to do. I have never drink Jack now my whole entire life, except for like less what seven,
coincidentally, the last year of your life you've, been fall in and out of control going out layers, scared style son. For this you, you listen, a sweet home Alabama. Your car drive off a cliff and what's the number seven mean in the Jack Daniels, the lucky seven or some shit like that? It says I don't know. This is like old, seven, it's probably like their seventh version of it that they made. If I had a gas, let's find out Jack Daniels Old Number, seven, seven ingredient example for about four months. I knew it wasn't for me yeah. I I can. I can for five months and I was like fuck you. I don't trust my. I'm gonna, give my money to some Fucking Idiot Odina Thursday at five hundred o'clock over five fucking dudes shooting that is not happening, the rest of my fucking life or baseball or fucking baskets or anything that was to I love going like Santa Anita Park and Pasadena
I take forty dollars with me. I go. I got a hot dog. I got a beer once the The house is gone. I get in my fucking car and I go home. Do you say a powdered being pattered beer beer? They sell yet those stadiums we think they sell your fucking trap be and that's why I got a fucking headache for three days. You a football game where you have seen that you drink three beers. Wait till the fucking headache you get the next day. Yeah. You know it's probably be it. Yes, that was real would that be having powder beer, I'm telling you. I gave you yeah This is a weird thing. This Jack Daniels thing, because apparently the old seven is the original recipe. I don't get it why are they called seven says old number, seven known as ingredients also known as black label? This is the original Jack Daniels. All you know what it is, because there's a bunch of different jacks one, two, three four: five: six, six different, there's silver Select
green label, Tennessee, Honey Singh. Barrel gentle when Jack, like that, an old seven, just like six chuck fucking, the dells everybody. There is tough during one weekly and I thought the circle. I don't fuck with none of those cock, suckers and I'll fuck. You out. You believe that bro I really have not drank Jack Daniels. Those new years in nineteen. Eighty We got a big bottle in the other room boy. I had some of it this weekend. Who do you got into Licious yeah Jack Giant is in a can of coke. You fucking taking me for Italian Joey Diaz. I do some of our best comedy sets when I have a little jack Daniels in my system, I'm not bullshit, even smell it biggest fucking smell in Vegas Friday night. I had like through three shots before I went onstage. She brought the bottle back. I see that there was light and you motherfuckers drinking those are diet. Cokes, listen,
it smell 'em. In the end. That crowd, though, was so fun yeah. It was fun. It was so much good stuff in the air at that. At that show. That was such a positive show, man that was a great show and those people that came out. Listen man that you are as C expo far, would have fucked up my ankle. The gun and walked around yeah you're a little bit yeah, I'm good. Now, the next day it was good something that morning I twisted it something with these fucking Adidas, where the high tops no more than fucking hurt, but the next day I was fine but I would have gone to great little thing. Yeah, it's a great little show you get to meet. You can roll with people you pay ten thousand dollars. You could roll with Frank may have seminars. At the same time, if you were teaching things it'll, go see. What is the name of one to do quote when you were a kid? You don't get to play football guys. I body yeah and you never get to talk to you either, like you do all these two days with Rhonda, Rowsey and all eighteen of those points, but yeah, it's a great dish after you're cute
did you hang and talk to people you want to eat is much as I could they had a. I was doing this thing for the twenty year reunion of or the twenty year anniversary of the USA, this a document or they don. So they had to rush me up to this studio that they had set up their interviewed me for like an hour before the way, and then we had to rush back to MC the Wayans and did the Wayans Fuckin lands were in the arena. It was insane the winds were in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and it was fucking gigantic. It was. The event center mentally Dave answer with. I usually do the you have say so the Wayans were modest yeah. I know it was like ten thousand people at the weigh ins and when Anderson Silva and Weidman gone on stage they when nuts, like you, could feel this crazy electricity in the air. You know, and there was, all these Brazilians or Boone. When Wyman came out. All these people were cheering for Anderson, and you hear all these accolades. You her body calling, including
especially me, calling him the greatest fighter in the history of the sport and how long was that kiss for like couple minutes at to you know just Anderson like walked up to him and Weidman, walked up closer to Anderson and then Anderson walked closer to him, and then they were face to face and neither one of 'em budged, so they just touched faces and then wide men as they backed away Wyoming goes. I'm not scared! You man, I'm scared. You, tomorrow night, I see you tomorrow night. He goes, I'm not scared of you. Scared of a man, he really wasn't, and that was the difference on Saturday night. He really wasn't scared of him. He knocked him. The fuck it's crazy. It was crazy to watch like Anderson fucked around like he normally does and like he more so than he normally does he humiliates guys with that? It's a real tactic, but you gotta app absolutely know what your opponent- and I can't do- I mean maybe he
could have gotten away with that with, like a lesser guy or a guy who's like easily be fuddled, but one of the they did Weidman's campus. They had people imitate that they had people like taught him people spar with him and like pretend they were falling down and up their hands in poker, face out and and due and potshot in shit and doing all the stuff that Anderson always does 'cause. He gets you in like a defensive shell, he gets you frozen up 'cause. He moves really fast and one of his time dicks is he taught you a little bit and then blast on you, he'll blast Can you give me his? He could cover distance like deceptively fast, so he's really good at like closing the distance of crack and it's and sometimes you can knock me out and sometimes like the v, well for shot, or sometimes you just lights. You up like first, a few exchanges with Chris Leban Isleta mop him up him up again before he eventually stopped him. That mean the Anderson's, a fucking tremendous talent, but that open up their hands. You leave your
self so vulnerable that even a tremendous talent like him can get knocked the fuck out and that's one of the it's like big lessons of Saturday night. Big lesson is lots: everybody's vulnerable, even the best guys are human beings and a human being is vulnerable. The huh ideas and not get hit, and it doesn't matter who the human being is. If their skill levels really high, it doesn't prevent them from being damaged by a solid punch. Every He gets fucked up by a solid shot, everybody who gets kicked in the head goes to sleep. You get weed, kicked in the head, you going night night, it happens to everybody, it happens to, best people in the world, and that was like a big lesson. Saturday night, the auditory, the arena just shut the fuck up, then was weird as the room. I was in, stop to his weird stopped yeah, I'm just stopped, and it was. You know what it's good for everybody now now they start from scratch and this is gonna be interesting. Whether they're trying to set up the rematch for
the what the word is online for the new year show. Which is December 28th, which would be practice at desk Joey Diaz. Do you know what the hype I guarantee you in a Rematch Anderson Silva is going to dot his eyes as across his team, since first knockout, though he's never been no yeah, it's entire, where people usually get the afternoon, maybe they become vulnerable and they become human beings, and not only that the reality is. If you get knocked out, it's easier you get locked out again and who knows: what's happened in training mean who knows he's sparring with like really high level, guys and training on a regular basis. You know he's fine with with Machida with Phasia like there's a lot of those black house, guys that are fucking badass beasts. You know like who knows who's tagging him in the gym, especially when he's doing long hard rounds. So
everyone turns thirty, eight at one point in their life and Anderson Silva's, thirty eight. So you have to think about that, but you don't want. When I was growing up, it was thirty. Five Dave one feels thirty five, but we both discussed. This look at our border is forty two, how 'bout yeah how about Bernard Hopkins? Forty after e? That's why I was talking about it, but not! I think Anderson's got three three more good good food battles left or now with that, and you know what they are more if he fights smart. Let me type and then before he got knocked out, he was look in lightning fast. He was slamming leg kicks in he avoided being submitted. He got back up to his feet. He got out of a heel hook and got back up to his feet. It's not like Anderson look bad, but what did was he does what he does that that taunting thing I mean when he knocks a guy out because of it. It's awesome. It looks great, but when you get knocked out man, it's like that nost commercial! You know that NASS commercial with the guy does these flip
kicks go fly and the other guy just blast him on a chain just caught him yeah boom. That's some a reason why that's in a commercial that whole scene plays on the commercial as like, sweet justice like just to the guy who taunts and that's, why the whole crowd, was booing Anderson. Booing Anderson with Anderson got knocked out. I mean that that's weird, it's to put it to a natural reaction that they had so no one told them that they had to boo, but there was a lot of people booing there a tremendous amount of people booing though this fighter in history because he got caught and uh that is fascinating. They like they felt he let them down because he got knocked out doing something stupid and they'll yeah. What did you do mad boo? Meanwhile, what happened to him and he just lost the title I mean you made an ass load of money, but he just lost the title in devastating fashion and people have no empathy
like better boo, boo people, don't give a fuck people, don't give a spot cold, realities of life, yeah, that's whole motherfucking, realities, alive, dog and once the envelope sounds, the glam is gone. The pod have you seen, unfortunately, though, that sucks man that sucks that sucks about people that say man I saw it with my mother. I start with one thousand, so you would never do that not. Why would I mean if you, if you were there in the audience- and you saw anything, go down you imagine the world without home heartbroken? I would never boom he's still the fuck. I know what happened yeah. As a fan, you know with the FUCK Toyota, around. You know I'm the same way fucking around when I'm walking around Bryant, not only my fucking around when you're walking around pay, fucking, attention you go to airport and you put your shit online, the people in front of you and you're like very fucking attention. Yes, I don't like that shit, but if you fucking
do it and you pull it off at space spectacular, but you wonder if you look for it or if or when he fought fucking Damian Maia. If you live by the sword, you die by the fucking short. That's why it's called Karma right before that. I did that's the first time I watched the fight. I don't want to end, even if, even if fucking Frankie with an ac raffaelle out all avera. I would have said. Listen let him again let him go six or seven rounds. That was a great fight right to fight. Well, that was a great there's, a great and fight. It was a great night of fire. Oh, it was a fart at night of fights One of the most exciting nights of fights ever every Jujitsu guy is lighting a fucking candle for Roger Gracie. Right now I don't know whatever there yeah. I don't expect that for whatever reason being the MMA game is nothing like his gymnastics digits against often chain. He should just go back to fight Jiu Jitsu tournaments man, it's like it's easy, how about Swanson? Oh my god, damn! Oh, my god that was insane. That was the best
that kids ever looked accuracy- was insane. Try to cartwheel care is he did it. He went to do an uppercut yeah and he went from where he faith and he came up with another guy. He did something very beautiful yeah. He was doing a lot of yeah. He says like download a full shift. His really crafty ways very angry, very creative and unpredictable was filling speak, slow and kicks high does a lot of weird shit. You want sixty five brother noise. Forty five he's one hundred and forty five that adds a complete different just. Let's just put him up against the due to one of the match in Henderson in Minneapolis Tennis. Let's do it right there. That's a hell of a fight would be a great that's a fire right there. Well, I would like to see a rematch with him and, although 'cause you know, he thought, although and got caught with a flying knee like a double may, maybe like ten seconds into the fight, was very quick. All the all the shut up and nail them on the forehead with flying knee cut him open moves, nasty I mean you know, he didn't get a chance to get into the fight he just got caught, and I think that he's a
way better fighter now than he was then I think would be really interesting. After watching him fight Seaver, like God, damn man he had Seaver idea, he lives see. Those combinations are insane because he was so accurate, like the ask combination that he knocked him out with he hit him like three or four ridiculously accurate shots. While you know the chaos going on a scramble in any scrambling after he's catching him on the jaw. I was a great fight was a lot of great fights man lot of great fights two people didn't give him credit Kennedy enough credit for that fight. Not they even had his back. He took him down, then how does back and was slamming him in the face, and I was like what the fuck is going on skin punch stuff, that's going on man Jujitsu one thing, but you just do with punches to the face by a guy who is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu CHE just the whole game, like you might know he might be better than TIM Kennedy at straight Jiu Jitsu. They had a regular jujitsu jitsu match, but Kennedy's got a
good enough to just so that he could hang. He can defend himself like he's, not scared to grapple with, like really high level, guys any strong as shit. But Kennedy he is also a boxer. He can hit hard when he gets it to the ground, he's real mixed, martial arts skills and he gives the ground health thump you with punches, and so the guy, like Roger he's, not really quite a complete, I'm a fighter yet he's just as brilliant Jujitsu guy was entering into MMA and there's is like Kennedy out there, though. As long as they're hitting you in the face like you're not going to submit him, it's just a complete different ballgame you're all dizzy and shit. Your face is puffy and you can't see any alright. I that's the reality of getting punched in the face like seeing it when guys like really good at Jujitsu, and I see come to me and there's getting fucked up just it kind of bothers me because I feel, like you know, they're not ready. Yet you should have if you're going to really enter to MA. It must be a long term proposition and you should look at it as like. What are your strengths? Your strength?
It's ok! What's your weakness your week now just stand up when you gotta fix that you got to fix that first, you can't think about getting in there unless you could fight in a kickboxing match 'cause you to be going right away to some of the highest level, guys in the world. 'cause you're hot drag racing. They take it like that and they don't like they don't like move the long slow fight you guys, because of his name pretty quickly and because of his reputation and you just so. Where is the reality of his striking is, is when the strike in a few years. You know you need many years on the books before you go and try quitting I like Lyoto Machida or something like that. You just need a lot of years in books. You have to get him because he I will write you up he's going to hit you he's going to pot shot you and you're going to crack you and you're not going to stop him and he's going to hit you. Here four times like that and he's going to knock you out to sneaky game the striking game, striking games, different game, some guys just adapt real, quick
and Dan Henderson type. Dudes are like almost right away within a couple of years that dangerous fuck, but some this is never quite get the hang of got it real fucking, quick, real planet picked instant. When you see it, you see what is jitsu guys are real Jiu Jitsu guy, his striking is very slow, sometimes yeah. It's in you saying wow. How is he in the fucking, the octagon, but maybe you know they know, something I don't. Maybe you went so sad know something I don't know yeah well, I think we're dealing with a new era of mixed martial arts. I don't think people were ever going to try there's that, although jump flying knee watch this boom, that's like the first exchange of the fight die well flying needs in the face was insane caught him, I'm real bad over his eyebrow yikes yeah. I mean but that's one of those things you said to me: anybody who gets hit by that. That's the reality and we, you know, a lot of great guys. Don't get hit like that,
but if they did that's what would happen you know, it's can't avoid that. That was a big lesson so important lesson Saturday night important lesson for martial artist. 'cause people like to think that 'cause it guys really good. We can somehow another magically take punishment better, not really so it's a fucking less, for everybody, yeah, that's a lesson for everything in life and karma is a mother fucker! You see it in April. You see it in basketball, sometimes you'll see a team, that's got a reputation to fast break and all of a sudden, this team that nobody's talking about they fast break they going to finals and the coaches say fast breaking and the team. That's been fast breaking mother fuckers, they don't have to execute, but they forget how to defend the fast break and they fuck you loose. It happens all the time in different type of sport in different situations. Man with a rematch is going to be absolutely fest, being fascinating. To see. What's going to happen to rematch with Weidman in Anderson Silva will be the greatest we match in the history of the UFC, no doubt about it
everybody's going to want to know. If Weidman can do it again and one is going to want to know how is Anderson going to recover. That's going to be fascinating as fuck bad. Well, that's gonna be crazy. Try I can't write out a guy like, and this is so. I stand right there with you watching ten seventeen fights in the three or two before that on you tube. Whatever you can't write this guy, you cannot write in mine is not, but then how. However, however, we seen it with a lot of other fighters. Age takes whatever you want the money, the children, you know it, it's all new wage. I can't wait to picture I good to Gusterson against Jon Jones, the fucking. The will never look at that fight. Those are two monsters. That's two monsters, yeah well So one of the things about a guy, like Anderson, were comparing him to a God. Bernard Hopkins is ten years older than him watch out Bernard fights Bernard Hopkins is a brilliant defensive fighter. Brilliant You very rarely see Bernard Hopkins get clipped
you know and when he gets clipped his boxing is good enough that he knows how to go into a shell. He knows how to move. He knows. To give you angles and he gets away with shit. He's gotta, Good Jennie gets away with shit, and one of the reasons why you gotta good chance is he hasn't in a beating ever, is never in the meeting this entire career Bernard Hopkins, like he kept the skills, pass any of the fighters of his prime about his fight with Roy Jones Junior Jr Roy Jones Junior. They duked it out once and Roy feed him, but when they do did a second time Bernard Hopkins Bay, Good, just like box them box box them up because Bernards. Skills had deteriorated like Roy's reflexes, like Roy's bills were so reflex based. He was so speed and reflex based in my opinion, he is the scariest boxer that you would ever have compete against Mean
Tyson was ferocious and terrifying. So I shouldn't say he was a sick man. It was close, Susie ABS, I was he actually a line in the and I'm not a song. This is a welcome to the new world. The new MIKE Tyson's Roy Jones, that was Roy Jones, is just knocking. Everyone silly he didn't do it the same way that Tyson did he did it with just like speed and ridiculous combinations insane accuracy. He this move in a way that other dudes couldn't move like. If you go back on much like his highlight reels. Damn he was amazing, but he not like this weird style, with your hands down and he'd throw a lot of jabs. He threw like a leaping left hook, but he was so fast with it. If we just catch guys on a chin, he would lie to me. With it, he threw a lot of lead right hands. He had like Different style in his style is based on his ability to cover ground and his accuracy and
losing started, getting older and started getting hit and slowed down. That style was like now actually a detriment, and so he stop being offensive like one of the most disheartening heartening things about watching Roy Jones Junior Fight now is not there still fighting. Is it is not hurting anybody? I can you watch a fight? Is she has to be much more defensive, he's been knocked a few times now, so now it's like his boy boxing is almost like. He's he's boxing he's trying to win, but he's also trying to knock it knocked out. How old is he to believe is forty now the ceo's money I think yeah CNN, and make that's why it is that the word is. There was an article about some tax issues and some you know I could. I would imagine that he thinks that there's some good money form in MMA and at his age, all the fights that he's been in the told that takes on your body. His boxing skills are so far above the
bridge mma fighter that it would be kind of interesting, especially if you guy, like Roy Jones Junior little tiny gloves, think I have pastillas regular glass. You know I mean imagine, give me Pacquiao little MMA, gloves and imagine how quick is punching you in the face, and can you even see it coming I mean how do you stop that there's like four pounces on them as a close to what is it six or eight he's wearing regular basis? That's a big difference. Man, those little time knuckle gloves as a big difference. God, Manny Pacquiao got an mma to teach him a lesson some, some butterfly Guard House brawl how to get back to your feet. It's work with them on that for a couple of years. And set him loose. How old is Manny? Now. Good question: please write thirty six Manny Pacquiao.
How old is manual? Paki, owl, hey, don't be a dick. Would you like me to search the web for yes searching the web for handled as many to quell Pacquiao Paquillo, what the fuck he was born December. 17Th he's thirty four door. A young man to know is not know he's now, not in the world of boxing. The world of boxing is a different world. There's only a few Bernard Hopkins as a matter of fact he's the only one that I can even think of there's no one else. That's managed to keep their career going that deep into their 40s. No one in the world boxing skills dirty fool. What time is he hasn't taken a lot of BC He yeah yeah, he said he's been some wars and that knock out the one that does not count as a that's a career changer, it's a career change because he ran into a telephone pole right hand. I mean literally ran into it. So with him movement forward really fast an market.
Catching him on the button and they had two wars before that when they dropped each other. So the Those guys have gone through those fights and then the fight he LOS with Bradley that wasn't a war, but it was a tough fight. You know, but if you go like back to la some of his fights before then. You know he had been in some crazy fights mean, even though he's still winning and looking spectacular what some wild exchanges ready for yeah and you know who not mean There- was also like rampant speculation of performance, enhancing substances? I don't know if that's We're not you know, there's always the question: are they when fighters do those things it's like? Are they going to tin you to do them? How are they going to like regulate it? How how do they like, when you hit like really high peaks like performance, enhancing drug peaks? The real issue is, if they
we're doing something illegal, how are they going to maintain that level and will do maintain that level? It's an artificial level, so it's like you're going to go up so downs. You gotta take time off in between doing it and you gotta make sure you catch it right. And sometimes they don't and when they die Don't you know you'll see like real inconsistencies in there before once you see them when they look absolutely sensational, and then you see them when there in this, like low spot in between cycles, who's not doing drugs. Could you please tell me, it's a good question who's, not doing drugs. Good question: I think a lot of fighters aren't doing drugs. I know Bj Penn, I don't say I know, but I'm pretty sure I mean. I don't think he would lie about that. That's part of like his whole honor with the whole fight game and John. Which I think is another one? Only John Fitch is ever done anything. I personally talk sing about it and he said he would never be able to live it himself if he knew that he got there. As he was doing something he was using something that dude got really far with just like fucking, grittiness and toughness, and will
you know without any enhancement, to his body? Artificial, but there's a lot of folks out there that do do it I don't know how many you wouldn't know. Unless you're there with them, is all speculation. 'cause, some guys just have sensational genetics, some guys just that they just unbelievably robust and they heal quick and then they look great and you would swear that they're on something, but then on John Shit. You know, which is part of the weird arguments. 'cause, like not everybody is born. Everybody says it's an even playing field, but it's not. You know. If you're fighting you fighting John Jones have five foot two there's no evil even playing field, so you both weigh two hundred and five yeah. I should be fine, there's not an even playing field. You're crazy has a super body. You can't even have a chance. It's not even and there's nothing, you can do by the way could take all the steroids in the world you're never going to beat Jon Jones. He said the mechanic advantage of his frame and his athleticism the app
this guy is never going to be able to fuck with that. You figure like every actor over fifty right now in Hollywood is shooting fucking shit musicians on that or doing one thousand six hundred and seventy well most of the guys, I think, using the cream. They use You see those those cream adds testosterone cream that would have this product is going to be huge oral spray good. Yes, that's going to be the next one. Yes, apparently, the absorption rate is is even better than rubbing it on your skin. That trans dermal method is better. When you put it in your mouth, you spray like. I, you give yourself a shot in the morning with you. Like you, you know your mouthwash to your mouth, wash the give self shot. Testosterone you're off on your way to the research is a creamy after I'm all over your whole entire body or you rub it on your upper arms and shoulders. What, if you just measure it is worth it? You can bash bay with a yes to help anything, maybe, but what? If you could dumping you accidentally cleaned up your test cream 'cause? He thought it was just jizz
and you would waste some of your test cream. I've been less your dirty bass and you just not all of yourself and then pull your underwear over it and let it all cook level still inside your ball sack area. I've been after being with Monistat once a week now, because, like keep your peer levels like down your leg of what AIDS, what level you have? What is Monistat first of all is that some women use from Easton faction yeah. Absolutely what is wrong with you, because I found out that you can have the guys have used infections and that's why I'd like him to have sex with a girl, and she has a yeast infection lot of times. You gave it to her because you have don't, usually any symptoms, so one of the things to get rid of that is put my is that on your dick in her
your balls and around that shit at least once a month, but he's like every twenty minutes is the weirdest face Joe Rogan. Ninety four was an open mic comic and I was getting the voice and I moved to New York and I would work in the city and I was on the Coca Madison Child support. I just couldn't make it all work so part of my angle. Every morning I get a suit before I went to work in the city. I go to Fort Lee AMP right there by the George Washington Bridge and they just finished stocking the shelves, and I have a briefcase like a bookcase like I was a businessman going to the city and I put Monistat in there in the cases and Monistat, and there was something else they like like, not the little aspirins but the big aspens and I'd walk over the George Washington Bridge, take it to a boat deck and that's they would buy from you is yeast infection medication. That's what they tell you when you brought him shit that I keep bringing it that's the most important thing up in Spanish, Harlem that seven walking over the bridge. I got like six thousand and seventy bucks. In those days I was an open mic. I don't give a fuck
is going over to just not to have money to get a hotdog a bag of weed and do whatever that's how crazy they were. The guys would say shows the monistat bring. The Monistat seven is is an amazing how much people identify with their genitals, because there's a thing that women hate more than eight not want more than anything, is a lot from this massive generalization has taught myself but is, something that a lot of women really do not appreciate- and that's the pussy jokes, so you could talk about your stinky feet, you could talk about a girl, stinky feet and talk about a girls breath. You can talk little girls, but you can't about a girl, stinky pussy like them to them. Then there's a lot of people that don't like when you talk about it even on stage like yes, yes, yes, I've seen someone do a stinky, pussy joke and then I've seen women the audience going. Oh, come on just
abset that you put that possibility out there. I could but I've never smelt them bad fucking pussy, like when people talk about it because he did a lot of coke nose is fucking against that. If I pick up a at a bar, she's, very don't think I'm going to take take a shower. It's not gonna help. I don't at all. Yes it will. It will help us faction. No! No, but I I don't know if it will go to the bank, the girl in the hole full an American. In the end, I think you said those Daisy dukes on oh no one hundred and eleven night and I'm all horned up. I got like thirty two dollars. I got no blow and drinking Budweiser Fucking furious am dancing and she's. Let me touch your ass, Joe Rogan. I stick my hand in like this way, like full figure, oh, my god, fucking twat, and I had that. Fucking young, your hand, look at the size of his hands Springer. This way you know
Bruce Lee. You know I was like my k wires get out of my parents home I could I was dancing with and I could smell my hand only, and that was it I met my family will do so. That's a bonus. Indeed, you can get off and you know that the smell of fish is actually from old com, usually serve it's a really strong fish smell. That means there's common side of her that's funny.
'cause, that's what my balls always smell like fried jerk off and don't wipe up, and I was like fish business smelling, don't realize! I'm pathetic! I used the chiles about my own chairs. I shoot sheet in my pubes and pull my underwear out by the way. I've done that dozens of times in my life too, just once shoot. If I jerk off, I just shoot a load on my pube, so I don't even bother cleaning it up. I just pulled my underwear up. I do this, so I'm in the house, I'm like as long as it's covered. What do I give a fuck from the whole town by myself? I don't care who cares that one on the bed and lay down- and I don't give a fuck all day? Yes, I thought about it. This is my little tropical helmet juice, but that was you only time. I really ever like. I dated check them before I started dating the check was a little proof. This was like one thousand nine hundred and twenty and I didn't know what, to expect of a pussy, that's in small, my goodness she took care of. It will happen now that What you took care of it was well is good. I I wouldn't sniff it and everything and never sniffed nothing. It was delicious. I
I knew a girl when I was young and they had a problem. Did you say something? No, I did not I was too I couldn't I mean those back then, when you know when you're in your teenage years and you fooling around, you know what the hell you're doing. The last thing to do is start bringing things up. Did you keep eating them? Oh no! There's none of that now. Those down that going on she didn't want you to do that. She knew if something is wrong. ' but it was just like. It was one of those things where I bet you know she was. The girl, I better parents and talk to her about it, but she had no idea. I've actually thought, that's just what they smelled. Like you know it was. It was unfortunate. You know she figured it out later, though later in life, she called me up and told you no, no, no. I hooked up with her later when I was in like in my 20s like once and Psycho. It's all cleaned up now match. If it still is a mess, I longest running yeast infection ever she is no one. Talk to where it was just like always thing that was never discussed.
If you just woman, looked like chicks, sometimes a little woman, I I guarantee a smells horrible. You know her as I can lose a chip. You got yeah Peter Estamos Pharmacy, a girl to get sloppy drunk with dirty feet. You got a mass of something going on. I was go by weight, usually because they're, I have worst smell because they could be like trying to clean their pussy for like the last five years. Like the wrong crack yeah, but I paid this italian skinny chick that had a little wine come monkey. When I was a kid I mean it will angry monkey, it didn't stop me from eating as she was skinny slightly. She had to be like ninety pounds, but her pussy weighed sixty she's one of those chicks and she was italian, It smell like fucking, is tremendous like mozzarella like by the wet dog when you're inside Alan Salami on the block from that fucking cuban joint. You turn me on that Domingos ain't is it and yeah. I got the meatball sandwich at the calamari salad. Where is that? Is it illegal deli, but yeah right up the block from fuck?
on Ventura yeah Domingo's, I went there the other day, my good restaurants on the street, not good Astro. Somebody was telling and Ventura by my house like studios. That's where invented sushi. Is that through no right? When did you each about a breath a year ago? Your bottom should that they invent not even the people, don't This taco Bell invents more shit people such a loopers and the Lupus Suranga Mexicans like what the fuck are they talking about. So you never know anymore. No issue was invented on Van Nuys yeah. What's what Taco Bell doing commercials where they have chefs pretending the flavor had to be just right like they have a show, don't put anything online,
but you know that commercial. I thought you're going to throw up just a little lady with a mexican woman or yeah smell and vegetables, that really I'm going to make sure the saturius finish. She smelled the fucking vegetables get out his fucking radiation shit. Who does that also domino's like have you had domino's with frozen pizza crust with shitty sauce is domino's frozen? I don't think frozen. Only anybody does that, but are olive gardens food is frozen. Is it, I think, so I think I think what the story is is that they get like, like things like almost like a frozen food where they just kind of follow out on noodles, like that, the whole thing's is frozen, fuck outta here. Do you can't say that unless you know for sure we can get tragically shopper, allegedly you gotta stop doing that. Do it you're going to get people suit, Google, it you can't say the olive garden. Does that you're the one who's always talking about the fucking olive garden, like it's so awesome? Turning on them, this is a classic
case of a relationship gone bad. People get used to each other and then they turn on them. Sometime. You are my love, and now I hate you the truth behind their school. Well, you read up on that and get back to this later right, read it up, can't be defaming, find american institution Jesus Christ. I said a legend, how dare you- but I know you in another whole areas- bomb- probably Persei, I'd love that place that cuban joint. Do we go to him with the fucking beans. Everybody says that chicken with garlic, garlic, chicken with amazing, is you like onions blood, a smaller it with cuban style that chicken is so God damn good is the best check it in the world. Yeah that next Baklava factory, I know right in there Fucking make I mean I've been hearing it from Steve, Simone D'Agostino. They bring an indian casino brought me a half a meatball sandwich. Thousands taste this and I was like yeah-
is an episode of Anthony Bordain Shell, where he goes to this spot in New York City. That's been around since the 1800s with the same family and they bring him over Getty with gravy and meatballs, and so they called grave yeah. They called gravy back. Then it's like old style these coast. Italian and you look at the spaghetti, is yellow and the the sauce is ready. Let me Paul and all my God spread, let that lead. That's what kills you blue, but you gotta, eat that five and go for a walk red led think is just tranquilize. You hear only what do real guineas put in that sauce? Let's- down to it. Sausage shown Brazil yeah nothing healthy right now. What town is natural for the last ten years now real Italians because of their heart, they eat Turkey, just a little turkey memo fucked, it taste the same goddamn time for your event, not dog. It taste the same that shit started ten years ago yeah, but you think about what red letters they put.
Beef, the fucking Sunday, sauce yeah, there's nothing healthy in there They always had a Sunday sauce and this Sunday sauce would be just all kinds of shit, sausage and meat. When you go to sleep after you eat it, how many protein grams, your body assimilates? What thirty grams I don't know so dirty you need one hundred and fifty a day to build muscle that shit is nice naked one thousand crashes, like your body crashes, down the fat from the port of pork in the fucking breezeway flavored, the pork, the flavor to flavor in Goodfellas yeah. Oh, my god, you gotta have the pork, the Porsche the flavor don't put too much with put too much onions, pepper. One onion fucking scene makes me hungry everytime when Paulie Slice and the uh the the the the the garlic with a razor blade, a manicure, my she listens flooding I, when I got what I got for us, he gets a breath all of their names because of the rule us about you.
If that was really, I wonder if that was really how they live in jail, they really really did you could get everything that I'm trying to do a special, so I'm trying to figure out what it doing this between Houston in Denver, but if I do it in Denver, I'm going to close to where I did time. I Camp George Webb, it's a little camp right by Golden Co. The house, of course, did. I think I want to do my next special in Denver yeah. I think it's that's a place that I think I'm going to do my next special at a comedy club yeah. I think I'm going to do my next one at the comedy works in Denver at a bad yeah I haven't talked to Wendy about it. Take it back also one of my favorite places to be. I, like those small things too. That's the problem. I want to comedy club, but I heard that sometime because you gotta get twenty grand when you're saying oh, no when you're saying you would do it where near where you got arrested like where was that I got read
in boulder, so I could do the Fox theater. All this great, I could do a bunch of stuff to boulder, while schools in session are you fucking kidding me. We could go there anytime. We want you tell me, you want to book a show in boulder up book a show with you tomorrow in boulder man. I love it. I've been trying to kidnap my wife and bring her back there forever. Boulder is the shit. That's the greatest town on earth mean right up there with Alaska that Anchorage AK, but Alaska gets too cold molding. The that's incredible. Did you get any? Did you know yeah? I know I did. I think we had somehow over the fishermen guys. I have had some crab legs. How good was amazing to me? You get in a fresh, getting fresh alaskan King Crab Legs Gelson's with whole shit. Eighty two hours and they get here two days later- it's really bad ass about Alaska is the people. Though the people are just top notch man, they were so fucking cool. There could have been cooler,
it's just like one of those places you like. Oh, I get it when you just there for a day. You know just oh man, people are there. They are different up here. Different 'cause. They got gotta deal with extreme climate and they all bond together. You know We're talking with that was working. There was talking about jewel, you know is jewel, is from Alaska and a pair only something happened once where she had cancel a show and then, when she came back after she had cancelled, it was like really low attendance. 'cause people were disappointed or they don't forgive you for stuff like that, like they think like do you, like you you're a part of a community, and if you can or something especially you don't have like the best excuse ever they get upset at you. I thought I don't know they said she's now. This is like a normal person. She's out there. Just you know, everybody knows where houses, no one, nobody fucks with their normal. Have you watched Liberace Movie, no on HBO, I heard you were doing a bit about it on stage
I didn't hear it. I loved it really with some people, it's for me. He is to see what I seen growing up: creepy old bags, trying to pick up young fucking guys and do it and how he did it show how he did it, how he did it. He had a lawyer. He had his manager that would just write the people. Checks gotta, give the jewelry back. It was brilliant, that's funny how he did it, the Matt Damon's character. He made him get. Plastic surgery to look like him. Watch the fucking. That's hilarious! Watch the fucking movie you're going to die you're going to die It's Matt Damon in side control with his dick in his mouth who's up. Oh my god, fucking sword. Listen to me! Is it really that good just watch them over there? That sounds amazing, like Brokeback night sounds like broke back mountain, but it's interesting to see. Listen. Man, we've heard some fucked up shit living in Hollywood.
There's a lot of story. Yes, but you never heard of a mother fucker making another mother fucker do plastic surgery. You look like you, look like him and then, through his ass out in game, seventy five grant wow. So I found out the garden thing. I guess it used to be fresher back in the day used to make noodles out in the open, so we're going to see it and stuff, but the cost of kind of cut certain things down. But it's a lot of people are saying always say this sauces were always frozen, supposedly have the shits frozen half of it's not in, but just like every other restaurant. You don't get chick in Rocklin Everyday. She listen. If you want low prices, you gotta deal with that shit. So Liberace Movie, it's called behind the the lab candle opera and- and it came out it came out by the two months ago and I didn't watch it. I didn't know what it was and I got stuck watching it when I'm like what the fuck. This is amazing, he was a veterinarian now this
and he got really is a veterinarian. He got rid of the guy before him like that. He just got rid of am and then he had a bunch of guys and he would just latch onto young guys and touch their leg. It was just really You got to just see the fuck, but that's the thing with Balor Gay dude ball or give all the gauges to get twinks. These guys are real old, school, fax breakaway. He had a wig. He said that he was sucking Dick without his wig on Cook did take his leg off and we're in the movie Matt Damon, who is Disney, goes that's the first time you saw me without awake and it's fucking Michael, do. Oh, my god, you gotta just two thousand and thirty minutes, I'm watching it, I'm watching it tonight. It's my favorite new movie and I haven't even seen it. That might be my favorite movie, and I haven't even seen you know when I first got here in ninety eight. The big thing was that book you'll never work in this town. Again, remember:
Hooker, wrote yeah. She had done Henley in the book and Charlie Sheen. How rude Don Henley would get five hookers talent to bend over there won't even let the pop get open. They will all in downward dog for hours. Nobody in that group of hookers had carpal tunnel syndrome. You understand me right. He would make five hookers come over. Put him down and I'm not trying to be cute. Hidoko can walk around with a row and put his dick in them. Pumping twice. Take it out, walk over to that of the hook, comfort, wise and look at him and got put on Hotel California sit out. Do two more lines are coming up in the hotel, California, but that was before by ghagra too. This is before by Agron. This is, but now it Liberace do you do it. How do you? How do you fucking? Do it? How do you you know? How did you twenty four times today, and so there shit in there too, you could see Liberace. Does the poppers and Matt Damon won't sniff the papa
so wow? This sounds like the best movie ever now. How does poppers make you get your dick hard as I thought, the poppers like a relaxing butter, Papa type of job in the gay community? I guess when you fuck another guy in the monthly him with a papa and it keeps his dick off. I don't know. Sometimes it was. I don't want me, I don't. I was never into pop what they call What's a little fucking thing, email, nitrates, what does what's brand locker room. What is it is that brand is a brand of popper yeah. Now I've never taken over property lines got one of his buddies right now. I've got him in his fucking house, his middle name in Columbus, Papa fucking. This mother fucker was making six graders sniff that shit. It proper speed No, it's! This joint is this drink and what happened was what time is the Miami Improv had a hellish condo across the street from it the old Miami
probably belong to one of the owners. It was where he put his mistresses issue this benefit, but I think, bought the clubhead on today for the club and I had to bed in the wall. I must've eighty women in their time up there, which I'm up into put coke rocks in their pussy issue, and they would all wake up tight up like Jesus, and if you get that bed you could still see like a trope. We gotta get new rope that I'm up, but sometime I wasn't there. They call I mean like: where are you and I'm I come in la what's going on the like, where you at the condo two weeks ago to make known their because weather was there left a mess in there? Let one thousand poppers. Oh I'm not like the type of model I snort Coke dog. Don't confuse me with doing fucking poppy. And it was a little thing like this- and you open it- had locker in it it's it would still like locker room or something that's what it was. I would sniff it and it get you like huh that was the sixty seconds, get the fuck out of that shit supposed to give you like instant brain damage to
no. That was what do's Berg was claiming that that was a part of you know I shouldn't even that the most controversial podcast we ever do the AIDS podcast. We had this guy Peter Duesberg and Berg is he's. Profess for the University, California, Berkeley's biologists, and he was that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, so we this guy on an tried to have him, explain it to us course. Idiot, so we don't know what he's saying is right or wrong. He might be completely full of shit. He might be making shit up. We Brian and I have no idea, and so, but let me get mats tags to. If you can get someone to debate him know nobody would debate the dude everybody was telling me. I was an asshole for having him on 'cause uh. Ok, I don't know. Are you sure that is not right? He's got biologist at the university California, Berkeley published biologist, who has Reese this like peer reviewed research on cancer that everybody respects an he's saying crazy shit like HIV doesn't cause AIDS. The problem is, I'm an idiot
so when I go online and I try to read the arguments like whether or not it doesn't doesn't. It seems to me that if more people are saying it does, then I would go with them. Is 'cause their scientists right, there's a few ISRO guys like him. That's say it's just there taking animal nitrate and making crystal meth and they just crushing their immune system, and that's these guys are all getting sick and it's not HIV kill it's party in this column, but people say all you he's a homophobe for saying this and it's a terrible thing he's doing it's in Justin's and blue. Is on his hands, and people are still dying of a saying that people again HIV 'cause, they don't take care of themselves. Exactly Exactly after bottle looks like this is a song I read anybody hears is run. You know, I'm sorry, all that's legal! I read a horse yeah you just buy in the stores for what what's the word use it for what he supposed to use it for? Oh, my God
at wholesale gay poppers, that's legal hold on son. Go back, listen! I was dropping knowledge on donut comes today. Don't promote these 'cause he's probably killing people, but if anybody knows anybody, that's a biologist who wants a date date. What the fuck introduce Berg shown. Some aids no debate. My apologies, Mister Duesberg, Sir, is just a joke. I'm a comedian. If is any of the show, you probably really be mad at me right now, but those jokes happen. Often I wanted debate him, but nobody wanted to have any peace as he was too intelligent or because no, I think it's like a holocaust denier like if you debate a holocaust denier, you actually giving them some form of credit you like buying I'm debating them, especially for language. It's historian sits down with the Holocaust denier like it's such a preposterous idea that even to be connected with it, is somehow another promoting it, and so it's so distasteful that nobody wants to
Talk to a holocaust denier. It's you know, you don't even give them the time of day Holocaust denier. Yes, I did not who says the Holocaust didn't happen. There's a lot of people like that out there by the way there's a, crazy. Fox that think that the concentration camps and I'm going to get some tweets now. Would you need to do? Is it exaggerated the numbers and but what I need to know is: why are you concentrating on that? Why you even trying to doubt that aspect of history I mean if you ever watched videos, you see those poor, fuckin people being led to the concentration camps. There's no doubt horrific shit went on. You know that you trying to reduce the numbers- it's it's actually four million, not six horrible time in history who fucked up about the Holocaust. It was so recent you when I was a little kid arm where I was. I was born in nineteen sixty seven and when I was a little kid, I remember that we
for like talking about World WAR two and We were talking about World WAR two in the holocaust and it seems so long ago because it was you know time maybe like Blake. Years ago, was like one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven or something like that when I was ten and seems like a million years ago, but now, when I think back of thirty years ago, like one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven is like basically thirty years ago, that it is so recent, it's oh god, Damn recent, like I can remember one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. I don't remember a lot of things. I remember my mother had a gold barracuda. You know. I remember we. I lived in San Francisco, I remember shit. I remember some shit from from one thousand. Nine hundred and seventy seven so that freaks me out that that recently people could have and that that that recently people could have just decided that all Jews are evil and were kill 'em all you know how many people did stay
Alan kill. You know how many people, how many people did Hitler, kill just forty seven with two thousand and forty seven university, Hitler's artwork, no amazing, he was really talented. Art yes like you, could have totally just been a famous artist. First of all, how dare you you never supposed to give credit credit at all to Hitler, someone in the C, QA said: if you could fight anyone in history who did they? I said Hitler so I'll fuck, her, drop? I'd, kick the shit out of Hitler. That's uh I'll bet, the house. That I'm going to win AL doesn't commitment there, leaving the vitamins back down, who fuck that dude up with stupid mustache. Look at it's pretty sweet, though. I mean it was a pretty good artist that is kind of amazing, so it was a good artist. Well, you know also a quirk in we showed us on the podcast for member Kevorkian. Was our freaky artists die? Yet I do not know,
I think he did for years. You Adam Adam every other fucking week now you're here now they put him in jail when he was an old man. You know the whole things got crazy should be able to. You know to be able to die when you want to die man there's an especially if you're in fucking serious pain like why. Why? don't be able to die. There's a new Hitler's chicken Have you heard about that? It was chick yeah. It's in Thailand that just opened up in their KFC is going to assume because it was an old KFC and they uh. Actually, all my God acts Hitler Fried Chicken, all my god. It's a KFC and they just put Hitler's face. God, that's so crazy. What can you do? That, though, have has enough time passed. I bet you could sell gang is conference. I bet he again things cons fries. I think it's become with fuck yeah, but I think it's because ovens are involved. You know the ovens, I didn't figure it out,
How do you know? They're, not frying am that's true. Yeah he's like deep frying techniques who gives a fuck it's chicken, it's not a fucking human. It's just not long enough ago You could have Genghis Khan, french fries. You could have seen. Little Caesar how 'bout that season. They're all evil cunt, they are responsible for the death of millions. Now they're cute little cartoon, that's holding up pizza fucking little C. Do you ever think of that think of little Caesar. Caesar was there's never been a Caesar Julius Caesar, never been a Caesar didn't have blood in his hands Rome. You are crazy. There fucking savages by the time The fall of the Roman empire was going on. How see those Caesars didn't have like a few deaths on their hands. Quite a few that is that the Hitler checking your chicken fucking crazy yay, yeah. Well, Hitler didn't walk like that and not see chicken right now. What is the say? There's a big boost. Go back to that fucking bottle. You had wanted to say it does to you. The gay poppers
big jelly, still fascinating. It's never left he's been pretending to care about Hitler fuck about him, fuck that mother thinking about this, and I'm done with coke, but poppers and not out of the question- and I talked to my doctor's office- is good for my heart. That's what it said on the black market gate turns out Joe Rogan Gay dudes have a ten percent healthier heart because of poppers, so telcos Berg, you can shove it up your ass facts are in like like brief, but intense at effects there, a sudden surge of blood to the heart in the brain so like, if you have, if you wanted too so, if you want answer really important questions in coppers of really important. Will you marry me hold on one of the ass or let's say, if you're in a game shut it? How long would you say the game show you through a property, the worst advice ever
who is in front of Jim Carrey, is try to guess. The price is right, really bright, red business. Do apart right now it is a it it's time, slowing down. It feels like it's time slowing down to like it. It It also is a heat flush, sometimes like heading this giddiness someone's doing that in tv two to five five minutes and someone's gonna do the anti the way we gonna drugs. You see, the folks Michael Jackson should was going on with this trial. No thank you in this month for the money, who the worst naked had done with this trial was really open up the world to what this guy really was. Did you see that I saw this article. No, I haven't been following it at all, because it attracts on his ass. Oh no like the skin was too damn.
From the shooting himself in the ass. Oh, my god, oh god, this guy was hanging out there and somebody a doctor that go to seek said to me. Goes these people don't know what can of worms are gonna open up by known, as this guy had skeletons in the closet that go back thirty can year since off the wall. Well, any guy who's like doing that. Much to his face, like the craze The city was doing like that famous pig give him he had his nose like have like there was like skin graft over his nose. I think it was in court right you're in that picture. Brian pull that picture up, see if you could find that there's a picture of Michael Jacksons Nose. That's the old, Michael Jackson that we used. Let's him drinking whiskey vodka with two midgets. Oh, my god, is that real yeah. I think so that's a goddamn, the man show
drunk history, Michael Jackson, no deal it's a guy that was a Halloween costume. This is a real Michael Jackson, two doves in apparel underwear, but go go see if you can find the photo of his nose, 'cause it the one of the weirdest things ever and I remember seeing that saying This is strange, exercise and culture that we're seeing in Michael Jackson- oh god it to support it up and if yeah because for every human being you know these are these are strange times like he's, that's a skin graft over his nose or something maybe it's tape looks like it looks like the poster from silence of the lambs. Is that keep over his nose it's hard to tell what that is. Is it a bandage? It looks just like skin hard itself that skin or some kind of a whole face adhesive or something like that. But he I remember looking at that image and saying wow. That was this guy done. Like with a skeleton, then I remember thinking what must the pro?
I should be like when you're that guy, what must real, it would be like if you start off as a child like super famous and loved by millions. You know you man, hey BC, get samples one hundred and twenty three I mean he was huge way way way way way way way back before anybody knew how to handle it and he was huge as a baby. Well, I'm watch, which is just to be yeah, come on yeah. This Justin Bieber's on May Michael Jack, look like a fucking puppet dog thinks he's going to he's going to be black and, like seventy years, open classifier, he seems fine right now it works out. This game gets dark, trying to get some pussy. Why you hating on Justin, I'm just telling you what I see you can't do. Ninety fucking miles an hour in Kalabasa. I see a dude with a chrome car getting his dick suck
on the rowsey is fucking too. I see some's height and you see his car around here. Every job Maecenas and the one hundred and one apparently is a leopard print car now and one of those Audi r 10s or something like that are eight what time is it in Scotland? Then again I forget, buying somebody's car to laugh. I hear it. You get a pop, alright, see that's well, someone died on the Pacific coast, highway 'cause, they were trying to take a pic. German papparazi is run across the street and get clipped he'd right well, look at that. This Audi leopard print that is so silly. That's so silly, it's so silly that he would do that. Wouldn't ugly. Look to that car as the bad ass car like that ever this is one of those is such a wicked looking car cover that thing looks like leopard tremors, but that's that's the silliest. I can do whatever the I want move ever. You know he had a car
fisker that was chrome. You ever see that thing. That's just preposterous! How dare you, how dare you, young man, run around a chrome car? Thank you. Some noise it'll be on heroin. Fucking translator, not sick and fucking people doing a bunch of shit with helping very good kid. Maybe and do some yoga, yeah yeah matter, you'll see is gonna, seem very friendly, seemed pretty down to earth considered considering with the fuck is Sync crazy. You would be if you were just to be thinking well, you would have done if you would become Justin Beaver when you were fifteen or whatever he is with fifty million Oh, my god go crazy What are you actually? We ended? the world is your oyster. Show me constantly says: put your money away again with that person you're going to go fuck, you Facebook Immanuel Standard and fucking just by waitresses, my dog.
Which, for you would be like that prints in the king in the game of thrones. It should be like be evil. You know the amount of power that's not the amount of power that a person should ever attain and incredibly rare, that a person ever does attain that type of wealth, you got Justin Bieber type wealth, and the fact that he's getting and when he said it in my boring, you thought you only back to get it. When is seventeen or whatever hell is how old was he when he got super famous was like seventeen son younger fifteen. What is he now like? Nineteen, some might nice looking young man. Now we have this game that we played like which could you beat up so and so so and so, and we like say to like you Know- and I said no- I could beat up Beaver, it's not really thinking. I was like yeah he's a little kid. I got old man fat strength. I could just sit on him or something like that. But then I saw him with his shirt off the other day on some website and it's like holy shit that do could probably do destroy me. He's fucking ripped his little boy. Now funk you up.
So things like a blue belt or something do you think you could beat you up DS. Absolutely That's funny. Somebody told me that you know you know who is two Michael Jackson son. He just got his blue belt, really yeah Gracie Torrance, pretty sure. So it's legit blue belt, fucking, you stream and use chain, keeps lagging out. I don't know why you strip keeps sucking it lately, we gotta figure what's going on with this, but people are complaining like not complaining the mornings, two shits going on too many commercials well that's on the problem, we're having we're just having a problem with it, cutting out like crazy, but is it come what's that The app is good, it's working. What is it when we uploaded to Vimeo? Do we get clean? It's fine, so watch the video. Don't pay attention to us
I watch this right now anyway, and the fact that it works on the Ipad find distant goes to believe that it is more again a flash plugin problem. That's interesting! So maybe I should try it on another browser. Alright, let me try another browser, I'm going to shut this bitch off and I'm going to try it. We run chrome right there, yeah I'm going to try it on Safari. Where you have this weekend, Jody's got a couple of things this weekend couple spots, nothing to fucking serious. Next week I gotTa Philadelphia yeah, I gotta fucking helium. Friday's, a ridge of rock okay? When you like we're talking about like great clubs, yeah yeah yeah, anybody on the doesn't get in bed, you open one in Buffalo, I had to change that date and I'm doing Portland September also something oh you doing helium in Portland of well all sweet baby Jesus pretty sight for Philly, though you gotta believe so the bomb dude they want. My twelve, the bomb brew I put on Safari immediately. It lags out immediately
yeah. I don't know, what's going on you strain Health, Paris, Jackson and he looks like he's like seventeen or so I mean the girl AU pairs. I think she's like she's in her teens. I think not sure if the eighteen, yet I feel bad about her well, don't feel bad about all the man mean strange way to live. Your life should grow up, that famous what you doing, the reading your phone, send it back in email and what I'm looking at this useless as he left us and he started email people have died, Joey Diaz. Is he ate a candy? I'm not anybody notice this. If you heard some chilling, while the show is going on behalf of about an hour ago, he ate a candy and it's clearly kicked in now hasn't kicked. You have disassociated from this conversation. This mother, Fucker won't kick in till later on. You know so this weekend is Philly next week weekends filling and then will you working with so we can have them with my
and DOM a rare up at the ice house. Yes son, I you guys are co headliner and that's the way. That's a great idea. Yeah! That's that's what a great show hope, it'll, great shows they do. The podcast from school was good to see Don to learn how to be a fucking comic again. You know you working time you like that mother fucker this at all, it is a real monologist. That's a different type of average there! Well, you know what all the time I've known, DOM Irrera he's. Never faltered, like he's, always loved being a comic and that's you know someone was talking about it. I think it was bill. Burr will say he really loves the fact that, like DOM has been in it, you know he was in it. He was like a better and we all started, and yet he still has like a lot of love for it. Some guys fade off. They get. Older and they're, just not funny anymore Don hasn't lost a step he's a larious he's Fucking hilarious man, I watched him to stand up like before. He did that you know he doesn't talk
should have a right where you stand on the still one of these on tonight. I was down the last of the spot down there last night and then on the way up, but how to follow poor reviews of the laugh factory. How was that the laughter was thirty, people were, but it was ok. You know I was only thirty people Monday night and then fucking. I want to put the haha and I seen Damon for a little one in front of twelve people at what Damon Waynes he's making a comeback he's only going. Twelve people, twelve people. He always liked doing that, though he loved it. He was only sold. School beat drop at one thousand two hundred and thirty at night with Keenan somebody, and it is always, and he You know what I love about Damon I used to love watching Damon Work, shit out 'cause. He really work. Something out like he'll, have a id on stage. It's just like a couple of words or a couple of not a couple words, but a couple of concepts you know and healed take him and just run with them, and because he's gay, make all these people laugh like the pressure of that will lead him. 'cause he's a great writer leads him to best lines
the time I should watch him work shit out on stage like he would right right, but you also work shit out onstage, whereas like Mooney, did a lot of writing like moon, he would come in there and like something would happen like remember that airplane crashed in Florida and crashing the swap and moving did a bit about old black, ladies still clutching their purse, remember that they pulled him out of the crocodile they still clutching their pearls like he had that like written like within a all the days of the plane crash, and it was a written bit, you know, so he would like capitalize. We always have a lot of new shit, but it would be like a written bit, whereas you could Damon, was like working it out. While he was up there, he would have ideally would just flush it out. While I was up there so when to him. Like the punch on him, he would start cracking up like not like that fake cracking up shit that bad comedians do it's gross right. When you see people fake laughing, you know
now the exact same way every night until that joke. That's a fake laugh now that fake, laugh gross, but women would like every now and then he's like really make himself laugh. You know I watched him do those late night sets at the store a bunch of times which funny the other morning I was watching tv. I got up and Bruce Lee's change. The world was on any Griffin came on. I gotta tell you a big smile came on my face. Yeah before I walked in here Brian, and I were talking about the comedy store, he's telling me how the crew that hangs out there and how it's changed and blah blah blah and blah blah blah, and you know, he's enthusiastic about it. What Brian doesn't understand is I already went to Fucking college there gyms and we did our fucking time. It's not even about you or call those things. I don't give a fuck for me. I did my fucking time when I did my eight years of spots and sundays and following dice when you, when you got you know, you know what it's like to have two other sets and you gotta do your set and fucking vice is going up as you pull up you like. Oh, this is going to be great and awesome.
Dice is going up like when I was almost twenty. I could still see us sitting by the back and Mooney how he will walk up to the check up box on here. Given the light you know and how you would just all those little things that was my college yeah. That was my college bro. You don't go back to high school, you don't go mad cow, you feel like a fucking, moron and natural. It was the comedy store for me. Was law school? It was six fucking years of hard fuck. Work of snorting blow fucking eat bills, eating pussy, avoid women. You know lying bitches, you know trying to get a manager trying to go up there and fucking in a couple drinks in a rock and coke. It was an adventure. You know he saying that robber that provide when I remember that was still there. You still last night was amazing. Tonight we're going to light him on fire, Adam locked in the bathroom people, throwing paper thousandaire on fire. You know I mean this is fucked up. It's just it's.
Next, remember quarry Cuomo Kuala mean going. Did you threaten them and going to Corey? I'm in Miami I've been here for three weeks, That's how fucking crazy is. Ok, that's how fucking crazy rather than the fires, unlike I avoided him after that when he accused me of doing something- and I was out of town that bad him in it and I don Barris that huge of raising it's been going on for decades, these guy? What what yeah? Don't? Don't? Don't do this to Robin to provide? No! No! He does that. I see in the right this Hitler mustache fingers Don was on stage last night, a ski just runs and room. There was like maybe like thirty forty people in the room and discuss onstage and so like you just have to like get Robert out of their using lasers and paper towels right, the robber is still a good institution in the end is an institution like he's a part of the store yeah I mean in any so goes up. I mean I I say hi to him every night, I'm nice to him. I never do any
I am mostly nice guy, but everywhere all the other guys. Always you fucking, throw menus at a minimum, have always been cool. I've always been really messed that guys yeah. I never had a beef with him till he accused me of when I was out of town I don't understand that. I was sitting on the stairs he's crazy. I was sitting on the stairs and I think it's a long paper thousand light them on fire he's in there like. Oh, what's the smell my phone fire when I let you fuck what it was really dangerous with him 'cause remember, especially in the winter, he would insulate himself with plastic bags He had these plastic bags that we stuff inside of his clothes keep them warm, because he would. Walk home that and he would be downtown, so you he walked downtown when he would leave the comedy store, he would walk like five miles. There was no joke like that. He did that all the time he he
so does that and he goes to the grocery store after every show. Every night he does. That gets the exact same thing like a banana in like a sandwich and an Paris. Does the exact same thing. He follows him to the video trip. That's so fucked up man, That's one of those things that the store had with those long running gags like do you. Member went Brian Count still does it with Don Barris everytime Bryan Callen Tombura sees each other. He pretends Brian Brian Partenza Dombar, is forced to suck his cock and so He fights it off for awhile and then like put on a show and then finally, Bryant Count will put his lips right. Embarrasses cock and blue wood barrels would be home. His face, it's so fucking and they go for it so uncomfortable to watch. This is a who is. This is Robert from two nights ago, and this is a girl on stage with no clothes on yeah. That's her name's roller girl and will
yeah she never wears like underwears, always brags about RON Jeremy. Could you tell us on stage or on the yeah? That's totally fine, okay, but as she a she she's been like this going on stage and like showing her vagina to and stuff like that, and he shows it to Robert yeah. It's getting real nervous by the way. How durable is that jacket and pants? I know it's the same one back in pants is one hundred years old. This mother fuckers wearing that same jackin pans everyday for a law, long time. Those are some strong threads. I think he might have a few of am so this girl. She goes on stage all the time yeah hit like all the girls. This is from last night. You know, there's Mary Jane and Eleanor and stuff like that and Eleanor is there oh yeah she's there every night is she really yeah and but because all these girls are on like the Dingdong show and stuff like that, but it's open Thailand or is very funny man she's. A very funny stand up now. It's interesting we always kind of knew. She was a funny person
when she was working at the store. Are these all stand, his girls yeah, that's a schizophrenic surfer he's got skin is schizophrenic and he I used to do open mikes with him and I in West Hall, or in a ha ha cafe by talking the boy when I'm asking about the girls, as I drove their underwear he's like yeah that guy's yes, there's Mary Jane stones girlfriend. So these girls are all stand up comedian, so this earlier community down there of girl, stand no yeah and what's crucial that me and Tony, hence clips podcasts have a guide to girl, stay cups that started on the show and they've never done stand of comedy before and every week we give them, give them one minute and they, like that's awesome yeah stand up comedy. It needs more chicks. It's not enough money checks in this world now, when things and bad like they are now. That's one more fun ones will rise, is more funny, Jerry Lewis.
He says it again, anyone off a month ago. What do you do? It's just that he doesn't think women are funny right at all. I can't stand them talking to me on that funny. I laugh there's plenty funny women, that's a silly thing to say this funny people if someone is funny they're funny the idea that you would say that they're not funny, because their check tell me Morgan Murphy is not funny that bitches various well she's lyrics Sarah Silverman's, not funny. Sarah Silverman is fucking hilarious. This girl right here is demons out of the girls up my he was married to Hugh Hefner right here. This girl right here, though her name, is Jessica Shores. An she has a music video that you just put out like a month ago. That already has like one dot. Two million hits her dancing around with you. You look at it you'll. I laugh my ass off. I don't
It's no. I won't laugh my ass. How can we were still talking about it? You would in a laugh about it way. No thanks been there way up in there. I've done that. Stop trying to make me sad. You never get to hang cling to go back there we drive by you ever wish. You could just pull into us that You still you doing the improv I've been there lately, just gotta tech. Maria I gotta text her back the in drivers that bar freaks me out. Oh the persian barring window bar. What is this Reese sliding the fuckin lamps built into the wall and shit like what he's doing so glad. You said that 'cause I was like. You need a corner that you couldn't like suck. Pussy and there's no there's no hidden corners here. It doesn't feel like a comedy club with white boots.
Like. Where are we are in Miami one thousand, nine hundred and ninety eight? It feels like a hotel room or a hotel bar. It feels like a road gig. It feels like a gig. You would do if you're in western Massachusetts, where they had like the bar, the clubs, those great once you get inside. The actual setup is pretty fucking perfect, you know and the way they have it now with the bar over there. It does have less noise 'cause p. I have to leave and go down that hall and then take a right and then take a left. So it's probably like quieter for them. That way, it just seems weird. I guess that annex though it wasn't making any money, you know They got rid of the annex. Annex doesn't exist anymore, they're also. The bar is also running out the front part of it to a hamburger place. Some kind of hamburger is going to be that you Manami, but it's actually, oh no, the burger. I don't know. If I mean I've had those before
but the weirdest thing the weirdest. The weirdest thing is, is that the murals uh, if you ever been to the Hollywood improv we used to have these big, like drawings, are paying a bill room yeah and there's this new mural that hopefully no one yeah and it's huge- it's just a bunch of comics. Sit there and you're trying to figure out who's who everyone does not look like they are. It looks really like who picture the only I have is There's only one microphone on this mural like and there's only one person standing in front of the microphone, and this like a simulation theory, but that one thing is a fucking dolphin for some reason. For no reason at all Adolfo in front of the microphone and then you could kind of see a couple of the comics here like I can tell. I know who that is just quite a pup, so that's the only photo of it. That's what I have and I can find see if I can find a that's like only a partial of the yeah part of a hero yeah. I don't think it's weird that they would often sunglasses so yeah. I don't know man. This is there's no lie rhyme or reason, there's no law,
which is why they would takedown those other paintings. Those pins were old. As fuck there was like a pie. History. I think he, I think, here's the here's, the here's, a news story about it. The new mural God There's a story in the news, this guy it will. How dare you allies see they're gonna, Miro, there's a dolphin now this fast But look look at it. You can't go Robin Williams, you sit here and look at it and you won't even be you can't even figure out. Half of the house is terrible. These are working on and I want to say it's terrible set up set. His style. Does not look like the people at all like like if you look
yeah Jeff Ross, it looks like Jeff Ross Chevrons so needs hello to you, that's what that is where they have the unknown comic with a paper bag over his head yeah. Thank God. This is so now they at the entrance it's over here, where the want of what kind of neural is that. And there is so many think, there's somebody there that I forget what it was that George. Harlan is pretty obvious yeah. Well, some of the people look really obviously allows for the obvious, but let's see if I can get it, I don't want to make, I know it, but it just shut it off. Let's just be nice, that's what the comics are saying. It's kind of weird going over there now, because people are like what's up with this bar and it will Is this crazy mural somebody? Somebody got crazy and they forgot that things are nice when they stay the same. I forgot in the day who gives a fuck about the fucking mirror you know so I'm saying dog by I come all the way up here. Fucking talk to talk about a fucking mirror fucking impressed Jesus Christ, your deers saying who gives a fuck about some fucking ugly ass mirror with them. That's why I'm saying
I'm saying dog, uh huh. What else like I'm a? fucker? What movies you see lately anything good. I saw it. The couple's slowed to a trickle into movies. It was a good movie was always good, but I really movie could move, is so good Focke in moving from Masako, I watch cartoons. Now Fox television fall ball that family guy much of sponge Bob. That's the yeah population of pineapple. Under the seat. True, is it good because the 3d or you just do so just like the first one was great. The first one is not bad either they're good movies. I love all that shit. There it's like it's uh, I mean. Obviously I went for my kids, but it's legitimately good moving, but that's where they put their fucking screen. That's where they put their creativity and the kids shit in the adult shit you sit there. My friend said he went to see the end of the world last night and this guys a white dude is very geeky and he went to see the Kevin Hart things at the end of the world had to walk out.
Really having a hard thing was. Ok, there was just too big to stand up at the garden he felt like. It was just too big to tape there. He goes at the end. He watched the credit that goes. There was dirty fucking cameraman. But I'm saying the priority cameraman, so it's didn't feel intimidated, feel intimate enough. Which means are you doing those fucking places? You don't you you don't feel anything. Then yeah. You know there's a certain level like one thousand eight hundred and something after that, now after that, for a guy that it's downhill, yeah It was very slow, like we see the guy in Jersey or slow pace, that's great, but the guy steps on his own lines, that I just don't you're absolutely right. That is the issue when people laugh and you can't hear what they're saying like one thousand eight hundred or above yeah, I don't want it prize money yeah. We have a good time, but I don't feel good when I walk off this, I don't feel like I did nothing yeah, I'm just struggling to talk slow. My part was off my times off yeah.
I like that. That's why I'm! I don't know where I want to shoot a special I like to shoot at somewhere where it's fucking small, I don't wanna do theaters. I don't want people consume in a fucking Atlanta, I honestly Atlanta Punch was a great idea. I think that's a great idea. I've honestly think three hundred is the threshold for things getting different. Two hundred and seventy yeah four thousand seven hundred and twenty seven is nine thousand and fifty gets a little kinky even cops, just tremendous. It's big though it's too bad carbs is tremendous, and then, when you have the little thing on top that's a little up, yeah on top in the back to it goes way back and above you don't feel much of a connection with euros. Is a perfect place to take the perfect. American Comedy CO because that's not bad either. There's a lot of pillars in that spot. I don't want to shoot in California,
yeah! That's the problem. We do shit here. Yeah we want to go somewhere in the front light up a ceiling, grand funk, railroad, we're an american band will come into your town will help you party down we're an american fucking. Are you kidding me how your party jam dog? Listen to will help you party down, will preach Ibos refa papers now that so I wanna go somewhere when you do a set in LA it's fun. It's great they can see us anytime. That's true, because if I was Louis CK I do the Orpheum and jump up and down if I would fucking, you know a Kevin Hart. I do fucking, whatever standup live downtown, whatever that's, but I'm not right and I'm never going to. I don't want to do that kind of stand up. I remember smaller. That's. Why do good, your aunt and shouldn't have big feet. I lose it. What's also So it's a matter of how much do you really need? Because if you start getting into the eight and ten thousand seats, it's one thing
if you're doing it because of demand is really high. You don't want anybody to not be able to go, because you know the shows would be all sold out, but you can make a lot of money just doing clubs, I mean how much money does a comic need to exist in this life? You know if you or if you're living like a normal person. You do clubs, you make plenty of money, you know, but the show will be more like you, I can go see you in a huh good seats and you could be screaming and yelling at the top of your lungs and rent I'll know everywhere that comes out. Your mouth would be more questions. What did he say? I couldn't hear there be none of that, but you get into those like two and three thousand seat places. There are moments, and I noticed that when watch that guy in Jersey there was a there was a few moments where I didn't know what he had said, because he like ranting as they were laughing and I was like oh, this is interesting. I re interested gets rocket. He was in the dynamics, were great, four, twenty fourths hundred seat. Do you know the dynamics of Chicago?
Oh yeah, tremendous I rented there and it came up perfectly, but that's a very few and far between that place is magical. I would also consider shooting a special if it wasn't so big in the place. We do in Pitts Burg, That was a great place to see her. That was the Carnegie Library of our God. That, with a ceiling fan was amazing. He spent all librarian was no library, there's so many places. If I can find a good all fuckin joint, like for six hundred you see she is do it is healing a man I want to do it. Do it either healing in Portland to import local fought one hand grazing. I wanted to a brick wall in a brick wall right only brick wall was poor. One slash two giggle. We can put this up like giggle, some ST giggles. William giggles is the comedy club that I used to do in Boston, Boston, yeah and giggles is also and Seattle, a place that was run by the Vietnam veteran. I would take a draw from him on Thursday.
A salaried forget issues again, and then I called him Monday and asking who was there next week and he goes on his last time. You work the club Although Celeste three years ago said Friday, he had he forgot not that bad. Oh my gosh, I learned I would get the waitress on Saturday with me. I find that was the feature act next week. I call him Monday, nine hundred and one baby. What's up buddy joke this who's featuring this week. When was the last time you were at my club, oh a year ago and you have to be fucking spotless clean, but he would show up till to see the headliner and there was a curtain on the stage and you could see his Jaguar. Oh that's hilarious, Jagua pulled up. I did my cleaning stuff soon, as you want it only coming from one minute and I just bombed for two minutes. It only come in look at the battery going.
This is hysterical. This is how much how this is. How box this guy was. I forget that guys name he's a track coach in Seattle. Very good guy was on HBO, just a college track coach. He doesn't travel as much. He was headlining he's a great comic and a great monologist he's completely clean. This motherfucker gets all stage and the owner of the club goes up and it goes. Let me tell you some. I went in there three minutes ago and you being dirty. Don't ever do that. My clubs like Maine and finally concerned because I was just about to Rach out, but I remember he's a Vietnam vet and he got hit with a miss some this is told that he sold the club to a Mormon right. Yes, we talked about warm in on the interview. Yeah, the Mormon got mad at us and then he offered me a week up there. Yes, the more now it's done yeah, it's done yeah. He got mad because he it's.
Send somebody home or said someone couldn't work. There are some things we say man or something hold and have found one of those guys, someone someone had problems with them, and so I just wanted to put the word out so that I can't work wise guys in the Mormon Ville in wise guys in salt lake. He left any Boyd giggles. So I never did that club. That was, I think, I'd heard about it, but it was like you got a big kid. You have to be clean, yeah, yeah, a live body slate work that that was what he did. He call the because now I don't know I don't allow The Bobby Slayton work there and he was saying something like this is not my cup of tea. You know I he set it like any, was when he was bringing up the show or something like that. This is not my type of show. I just want to say that, like he like introduce to show that way and someone was offended. News is Schimmel or it was Bobby CALL Bobby Slayton, one of those guys fucking got married when Thursday night was the capital of the hotel. Those are Seattle, GIG,
Friday and Saturday, with giggles and in the U district. You know it's fucking fan plastic pool are live in Bellevue. Have you done that place? Yeah bro listen! I was salivary call me today, number one. You got a call okay, because when you go to USC this guy up that made you well a tank for you to go on the the bomb under a fucking war. Like the guy made, you will fucking video projector that you see shit after the bond. Let's number one number two. I've been called me today to tell me that he's got a cop buddy in the cop, but he looked into my warm this crazy. I thank crazy they're trying to get the exact dates on extradition warrant. They won't let me down anyway, but if I get caught in Seattle, they're gonna arrest me and they're going to keep me in there because it's an expired warrant. He was telling me I'm in the whole story. Finagle I haven't. Do me a favor, get me a fuck
attorney, and let's just do this pick me up. Turn 'cause, I don't know, know: Ciara Tories get a fucking attorney. Elsa number retainer right. Let's get this Warren over with I'm not going to turn my cell right so what they say. I don't know I'll be back tomorrow, I'm going to write a check and send it and let you know how many letters I get like. Please get Uncle Joey to come with you to Seattle. Please I gotta go up there, so I'm going to fucking do this and get this over. With send Ivan the attorney the money. I think the guys name is savage and the doctor saying lawyers there was savage savage. Oh my god, that's hilarious go up there and get it out and then I could probably go up there with you next month. I'm there there July, twenty six with Tom Sigara, where my angel. Now that's like that's two weeks yeah, it's two weeks, I'm I'm there I'm going to get see Jill Himitsu in Seattle and shit. My girl is awesome. She is watching, the darling darling, the Moore Theater. That's what I'm doing. I'm doing me in Sierra Seattle, so fucking bad ass
we had a good time up there when I was looking for Bigfoot too that's a good lawyer up there so I've got some place. I dis respected, but not really. Why did you expect it? I lived up there with that fucking, filthy and faster and love choking around she stabbed me ha. Have you disrespect in Seattle? Because of that and that's why I like, alright. Now I love to get outta here and I loved you know: Bro, there's only one fate place for me to go and that's Cala Rado yeah, that's it, but I felt like I disrespect them I would have to disrespect the collar on. I had done. You know when you will die because I fucked up dead, but so what along long time ago, man you're a different human. Now, Colorado, it's Lloyd Country has a God's country Bro when Drive in Colorado. Breathing that air doing fucking God's living room. I don't know what the fuck to describe to me. One of the things about boulder is just that you're at the base of those mountains, and you you leave boulder. You dry Ten minutes welcome to the woods like literally you,
ten minutes out of boulder. You are in the woods and the beauty of the places so it's so stunning that effects people it effects. It's like living around the most insane art work all the time. I really do believe that I think, that's one of the reasons why the people are so healthy there. I think the view It's not just the air is clean, which it is, but it's also like the view of those mountains like enriches you. I really believe that I think this, than two places like that specially 'cause, it's uh, college town, so it was like intelligent people. There intelligent cool people at the base. Amount in this insane view. Listen dog with buy some land, and let's do this. Let's start a farm sort of fucking call me up there on my boo. It'll be raised. Why not? Let's do it you want to go. I want to go Kala once ago, Brian, before some to before some ago,
price check with James of funk and by saying all that goes, Branagh box them up the bird cages from the mansion ship off southwest. I wanted for myself. You know what ma'am that's not redeem myself by special and then go I'm not listen. We could do. We could go back to back you know, prisons, say hello, those mother fuckers, no back to back specials, like we You want a week. I do another. The next week you know will do like two weeks in Denver that we could even film a documentary two weeks, Denver I'll. Open for you when you do your special you over for me. What I do, I figure a way for you to bring me up on stage so I'll. Do it fuck yeah? Did you tell me I'll? Do it I'll be happy to do it? If, even if I just come in just to bring you up, I'd be happy to do it just what's next legit UFC, you brought Every special I ever did did the I'm going to be dead someday. That was Maguire every single thing of Houston. Every something I've done since then, you brought me up. No, what's the next Big UFC Fight Bill gates
Brazil, Brazil, yeah that's well, no theirs. Seattle, Demitrius Johnson, John Moraga, that's on fox! That's coming up soon! Yeah, now. The US is going to Japan Dude, but they do. The fx or fuel shows there and I haven't been doing those, but I'm doing the First Fox sports, one. That's a Boston card, I'm going to do that. Going to be at the show, but I'm not going to fight I'm gonna be at the show, though yeah with two shows sold out to show doom son sockets you it's Alaska judge next to us, and I listen to me this summer before The time is up before it gets cold. There go go to Anchorage Alaska did comment. I did yeah. I did see some bear to slaughter. Some like that was in prison. Bear tubes, I think, was bear to the bear to see it's a theater, they show movies there and they have a comedy show it was Falcon. What's the city we went to Accurate Anchorage, didn't go choke with Charlize now now
I went to this bear tooth theater. Whenever the fuck it is, it was amazing, they grow. They grow. They have their own beer. There they grow their own weed powder, fear powder. It's like they brew their own beer. It's amazing! The mixture, I'm saying the name right, Beartooth Lodge yeah. It's right. Is it yeah. Yeah, it was amazing man, it was it was it One of those places where, as you're up there like you, would think before you went there, you be like who the fuck Lockwood live in Alaska, like my friend Eric Eric Crisp of sugar tree cues, he still to in in Alaska is make a badass maker makes pool cues like the best pool cues and uh. He was he at one point time you did like he was. Where can I think you live database there when he was in the military or live there when he was in the military and he always talked about going back there, and I go why the fuck? Did you go to Alaska man? Are you crazy? I was thinking
how cold it is in all the stories I've heard, but then you get Daniel. Like I say I get it. I've been the same to happen. It was, I gotta, get it it's weird. We go outside to third in the mornings blight out, that's good two hundred and thirty in the morning we did our show. We took pictures of the show we hung out. I would just want to go party all night, oh yeah, I'm sure people do and by where that myth of no pretty girls there myth ok, length of ten to one man myth it more than half of the population of Anchorage is girls an there's, a lot of hot ones on there like rugged hot in love with the they all regional brews up, I don't no, no! No! We didn't go to Strip club. Now we we did basically was we fished all day were efficient, we go We went on a rented, an outfitter and went for ten hours a stretch, so two long days in the first. We did ten hours a second day. We actually called it quits like a little early so that we could get ready for the show 'cause we were exhausted, I'm not saying
went to strip clubs, but we don't do anything. People were saying you gotta go to. You know like when we where we go and their strip club there is huge because women come from all over two in the middle there in these uh in early that there's a ratio ten to one men, Women go up there in and have a season fishing season. They'd make fucking house, and I shake it. Yeah there's another season in uh in late July, and the silver salmon are running like like, towards towards the end of the month. Apparently that's another big time. Some people come up and then there's also people come up for, like the various hunting seasons like new season. It's September. People come up for that, but God damn that place is majestic. You see eagles, you just see eagles everywhere. We saw five moose. We were there for two days. We said five moose and there's just something about the place it just makes you this is like humble, you know, makes you it humbles, you 'cause it's just it's you. When you're flying over you look down your jaw, just drops:
it goes on forever and then forever. You see nothing. You just seem mountains and trees and mountains and trees and mountains and trees and mountains and trees and then ok, we're starting our descent into aspect or at the anchorage, and you slowly start scooting into anchorage and buy you get when you get there. You like these people are gangster as fuck. Thank you think about the farther living from the real world like there up there, some weird little patch of land that they decide to clear out some trees and start some fires and fucking half a million of 'em up. There was like three hundred thousand people live in there. It is only like. I think. The whole state only has like double that, or something like that. I think there's only like six hundred thousand people in the whole state, but Anchorage got like three hundred thousand people. You could live there, man, I'm telling that four hours away before we even start the party yeah, that's fucking, you get the Seattle into Alaska and get to Seattle from Alaska to
life feels like the fuck. I gotta get the other places if you could live anywhere outside of la now. I know now that you have your little daughter, you I'm sure you probably think, and I don't want her growing up in California. That's one of the things that I thought of immediately when my first daughter was born. So beautiful thanks goes on. If you could go to another state which would be it would be Colorado, why not yeah? I can't figure out Seattle. Would you do that if you could get back so how come fucking living in Seattle from September to fuck in December to go up there to doctor? these people are so cool, yeah, Seattle School. What in September and with you two fucking weeks of nonstop fucking rain and the gutters and you can't go nowhere, and all you want to do is wake up. Look around. You know when you wake up here, you go to pee in the sun, creeps through your fucking windows. What do you do when you wake up for two weeks and it's fuck great and grand November, and
it's a little sunny for three days. Then it's raining again for three weeks cool. Ask people will right every once you're in no danger. We want to be so it's already in there for two days and also we have a place but doubt lived there for six months. Seattle is great the You look great that's great to do comedy there. It was if a fucking meet that long stretch, September to December it rain or be there fog? there's more to life than fucking waking up the fucking rain, my friend, it's like living in Buffalo, NY put the fuck. What is that called the protractor, where you put the protractor the Buffalo and put the protractor the fuck in Seattle, it's in the same missile, the same missile to take a buffalo and then to take out fuck in Seattle, they got the same suicide fuck of rates. You know you gotTa Fucking Buffalo Dog
It's a tough live. I love is I love it, but it's a tough live. I think it's hard to fuck her in California in July and go yeah. It's nice shadows gorgeous in the summer. The only problem counselors is too many people Santa Barbara. You don't think that if you go to my bright that might be the move, Santa Barbara might be the move. So I'm going. To do a helium in Santa Barbara? Do you bad. It would be theater that we did was perfectly only know. He leaves the Senate Bob that either did for six hundred square? Doing it again was fucking or just when you want to do it again, say the word December December or the week before Christmas. I love it. I suppose we still gotta do what we're doing Vegas two hundred and twenty two Vegas that December 27th. We can't, but we still gotta, do an end of the world somewhere, really yeah. They offer us the Wilma. Theater again. Do it went in Boston now here we have the will turn around the lower chamber doing well over. We have to do the will to end the day before Christmas test in the world of the twenty third yeah. He had been once a
Nobody wants to go out and Christmas Eve. None on two days before Christmas. Are you sure about twenty people are shopping and shit December 20th, but last time we did it December 21st December 21st. Is it halloween? What should we call it if we don't call it which brings Stanhope hunting? Again, everything show everybody. What should we call it. There's nothing in the world. The end of the world part two at the beginning of the new world, beginning of the new riders of the purple sage, we should do it in Denver. I do whatever the fuck, you want If you want, we should do. Let's move to Denver Bitch. Let's do that. But still, let's move to Denver Bitch show put a boulder shell. Do less. Let's move boulder bitch! Let's do it. I think I said to do a definitely a monthly show in Vegas like every month. You I don't know about that man I I enjoy going in every few months and rocking it I'll. Tell you the joy, that's. My new favorite place, the joint at the Hard Rock
First, however, he works. There is cool as far cool as is so was dynamite, Rizzo, dynamite, great vibe and decks that crowd could have been better joined. The phone maze we had so much fun to me, as is so much fun with that, was like they weren't stoners. We just hung out of the bar. We don't want to smoke one time and go to smoke at all. I was fucking stone inedible. I was just talking to rated movies. Wait the goonies on the players on fucked up at nine hundred and thirty yeah by four. I was fucked up in that hotel. I had three goonies before I went. Onstage Julie bears yeah any Ivan Saluran. Then I would love to go to Seattle on a regular basis. I wish I could get you in and all that shit, but I can't risk going to fucking jail for something that happened eighty fucking years ago that believe nothing. Bad happened, not yeah. That seems. Are these older in the I think go to our anger management? The judge threw me out of the state to you really family. The judge told me I gotta go that's. How was yeah that was it you gotta go dog
Joe, go Joe. You gotta go. What are you doing next weekend? So are you out of yes yeah? I got family going on. I don't have a gig booked till the gig book, out of town, at least until Seattle. I some other shit cooking. I'm trying to finish up this tv. Show too it's it's! It's it's more difficult! I thought it was going to be it's more diff time wise, and I thought I was going to be and it's more difficult as far as like getting it right, it's a lot of work. You know we put together kind of the Shoba ARI's in it and Duncans in it too, and there's a lot of interviews and they're doing when I'm not there, like, I said and to interview some scientists and our egos and interview some other scientists and all these other crazy people involved in all these did discipline, so it's kind of interesting and it's uh. We only Open. It comes out right. It's a big experiment, rights era with a scientist. So do you like gummy bears,
now are is very intelligent. Man he's very good at interviewing people and talk to people. We hadn't talked to some some crazy. Religious guy. We went to the global future, two thousand and forty five conference in New York. What a bunch of fucking, intelligent, superfreaks that place is filled with. It was so fastly all these people with robots that look just like M and people with bionic hands and like the little the cutting edge of life extension science, we had our interview in some religious guy. It was really weird. There was these religious guys and they were all like telling people that you know not to not to concentrate on technology and not to be persuaded by technology, but the beauty of a rose cannot be defined by science, who she, no, why is seed? Becomes a flower and a flower becomes a beautiful part of you like this weird resistance. Sort of you know like this weird training to
great their religion into the idea of the future and like listen, bitch, you get left behind and getting left you dressed like a wizard and you getting left behind I'm going to what you do. You get crazy beads around your neck and you think they're important in your fucked. Ok, 'cause, you're style of living. You can't rocket. You can be reading sixth, one year old books and saying in saying they had it right. They were on, but these global future. Two thousand and forty five people Ical chips in their head. They don't know what the they're doing Jody is a lost gem. We got to get out a anyways yeah. I can accomplish yeah next weekend at comic con two thousand and thirteen were having a midnight show there, Friday and Saturday night, and so with me. Sarah Tiana, MIKE Black Yoshi Benji, and special guest, so they can't say excellent club. It's a fun spot. American got to go and get your freak on, and when is the comic con next week?
Friday is Friday and Saturday midnight shows so the 20th and 21st Yeah and if you want to see me insecure aware at the Moore Theater in Seattle July, 26th the Boston Wilbur theater on August Eighth, meet with Joey, Diaz and Arisha fear an main suck up on it. So loud full shows July attend an Milwaukee were doing what is that there were doing the paps or something in Milwaukee. Apps is doing we're August 30th. That's you and me, and you know then fucking already Philadelphia get over gone to the 20th and then the following week on with my main man, DOM Irrera. That's why yeah well Brian, and I actually talked about this yesterday. We eventually got to put together like a real, serious death squad, page with all the different guys we could. Click on the link
I have a picture of you next to a picture of Dunkin next to pictures everybody who's in there at once, top shop go there, our budget, but nobody Gelastic too perfect is a counter with all their shows on it. Right here. Beautiful jail does this powerful chill he's awesome? Alright, thank you to everybody tuned into the podcast. Thanks to squarespace dot com go to squarespace dot com. Come forward, Slash Joe to sign up and use the code. Word Joanne the number seven to get your I made a website I'm doing a fucking commercial dude to get ten percent off. Your first purchase were also brought to buy stamps dot com. If you go to stamps dot, com use the code JRE to save yourself some cash and what was the other one Legalzoom Legalzoom aah. Yes, legal soon, Legalzoom, which is the latest of our. The latest of our podcast sponsors, if you go
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Monday? Six hundred am. Do you understand that fucking around you stream cock sucked he's not even playing games? Six hundred am, and he does it on the regular. Alright, Thank you! Everybody thanks! Everybody came out to Vegas thanks. Everybody comes out all the shows. You guys the shit. We love the idea and will see you soon, big kiss. I'm online.
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