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#375 - Shane Smith

2013-07-17 | 🔗
Shane Smith is a Canadian-American journalist. He also is the co-founder and CEO of the international media company VICE.
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You didn't. You asked I was drunk and I just like how I hired I hired. I mean I got a girl off the internet to come to me. I didn't remember doing it the next day and then, while that was easier and more cooperation now so you became a corporation while drunk yeah. That's pretty sweet. That's legendary. That's legend shit! It's done through legal zoom and looking. I wouldn't recommend that no, not a story like this is how I don't know. This is how I incorporated so you could hire the girl. No! No! No! I was in contact with this person from legal zoom. Oh no. What I was comparing it to is how easy it was like this other thing I did when I was drunk where I had flown somebody out that I barely knew from a different country to stay with me for seven days a couple weeks. ago it was just like that, where the next morning I didn't, I woke up and I was like holy cow. I did all this wow. That was easy. I guess- and you know what's They said they send you this really nice, like Borg and have it stamp, with your your corpse,
asian name on it. You know, guess doing paperwork with which are supposed to do. We have a corporation and things like that have like always good stuff that you suppose Emmett it's a really nice package, but just just be careful with what you do This is serious shit. This is not like hey. I want to do this that they really use all the information is available. Legal assumed outcome to figure out what year you're you're you're doing, because it is in an inner some things on their that's. You know adult stuff that option kids like old stuff has kids like me. Drunk backed out shining. I've got himself, and that is kind of weird that you can do legal shit online while you're hammered. But how do you? How do you stop that? You can't have like a usb thing that you plug in you have to suck on and it gives you a breathalyzer and then it's like bitch. You can't put that online. You know It's almost like the idea that you can just go Do some legal shit on hammered out of your mind, that's terrifying! It has ramifications tons of those, yes adult
and go to Legalzoom, that's sound advice from Brian Red Band yeah. You know you got to learn from people's mistakes and Brian's willing to let you get a little peek in his life. Your guinea pig yeah go folks. He did that, for you he's like Jesus I am the Son of Mary yeah Sore Legalzoom dot com. So go and go fuck yourself that I have brought you buy audit dot com. Oh, and I t we have the New Europe Kettlebells come an hour a day. Now, if you go two on it dot com. This is ridiculous. For slash, apps Ford, Slash guerrilla yeah. No one could make that an easier. They have like there's a package like you can win up and on it primal bell. I don't know When did you can enter, and I gotta give on its there's this super badass look and these girl ones. I can't wait till they come out. It's seven,
to pound one, and it looks like you see there, his angry faced guerrilla in my twitter somewhere, but that's the Second, in the line of primal bells, their kettlebells design like evil, fuckin primate as a chimpanzee and a gorilla one. The gorilla one is so bad ass because in pansy, ousting of the chimpanzee, has the face ship makes when it's biting your dick off. That's this but this gorilla. This is the face that a gorilla makes when it's hovering over you and it's about to take your soul. That's what it looks like the gorilla is amazing, the guy who did the artwork for the grill, it's so badass, and I I seriously I look at these things. I work out the chimpanzee one eye, Actually imagine a chimp trying to kill me and it gives a extra rushing regards about relevant chimpanzee areas, areas
we're gonna go find the man, size, gypsy and five. Do good luck with nothing but yeah good! Good luck! I would go near those things they're, just so gangster they're, smart and their strong, it's fuck and if they sit I'd go after you, gotta go you're real problem. Nick you can't fight off champ, too small right. They like bite your fingers off. First, what about a baboon? I wouldn't fight those either you don't want any. I just think I think we are so ridiculously weak human, animal, even strongest amongst us, the most bad ass football player of all time is so incredibly we compared to a real prime who it between Ray Lewis and a baboon. Boon, may be re. Louis could like heard it real bad. break a leg slammed on the ground or something, but what if he gets paid my neck? You know just locks onto his neck and puts his legs around his fucking shoulders and start fucking. His blood
I don't know man, I don't know right. I don't know how you fair there. I I think humans are just weak as fuck, I think, even worse, You got a grey Louis, who unbelievably strong for a person like between a person like my size and a person his size he's not even the same human like he can do things to people. You've seen that guy rag doll, giant men, just roll them with ferocity, a chimp would eat his ass, it would hold them down and eat his ass. There would be no way to stop it. Decided fuck em, it would fuck him until he starved to death, but we just hold him by the neck, and just girls have little time decks delivered one inch I did not know. There's I didn't have a big dicks. They dominate. It doesn't matter to them. The film no matter what size it is all ones, don't get bitten as easy. Isn't there isn't the gorilla, the one where the alpha gorilla gets to have sex with all the female and everybody else is trying to kill him all the time so that they can screw them yeah they're
Their appearance is entirely for protecting themselves against other guerrillas, and other like predators by like they have these giant fangs, but the grass they like lethal broccoli and shit. You know, and they like huge arm all the ridiculously strong, There are hundreds and hundreds of pounds of fury. Do they out someone because I don't think we can even imagine the horse power that something that could generate if it was common after I thank God, I think it's if it didn't exist. Ok take the problem of champs and guerrillas is that exist and that they have always existed. So we look at em, illegal, yeah, there's a chance. That's a gorilla is that if you didn't know that was real okay and there was this black hairy thing that sort of like a person but not really is obvious. We are aware that it's locked in a cage and aids.
In its like six hundred pounds of muscle and its and it's you and if it got a hold of you you do. Are you part you couldn't do anything? You have no option, since you have zero option, would you play dad? Would you kill you? Let it kill you? Would you run you try to come up with a stick, our rock, that you throwing? I or something. If you get really lucky, you can hurt it scared off enough see run away. If you get really, but if you don't throw that rock and it hits him and bounces off like it's been at a styrofoam but, like you know, with a bear you're supposed play dead or yeah. You know the shark is posed to punch it in the nose or the wife. What are you supposed to do with a gorilla? What's the supposed to stand, your ground, you go yeah. I don't think you're supposed to make eye contact but you're supposed to stand your ground so that when they make a bluff charge which they always do, you can't respond
if you respond, if you you up you you are, he just keeps coming. They'll just smash you if you They respond, smash you, but they, if the run up to you and you can handle it apparently they don't want to fight. They just just want you to get the fuck away from them right right, like most of the time gorillas aren't looking to fight people they're, just like bitch, you better get the fuck away from here right and then they'll charge up to you look bitch, I'm not fucking serious, and then what do you do? You got to do? get the fuck out of there nice and slow, but don't run, don't run and stand your ground. It's Terri. fine prospect that happens. Lifestyle in Africa and I'm gonna go Rogan is right because yeah, I hope I'm right too. I like standing there he's still coming he's still coming Joe. Why do why? Do you really want to run in you run bit you each enemy, yeah they're, just fucking. They freaked me out primates, primate freaked me out He offered me a monkey chill the dude in India last year.
like a mayor or some town and a monkey killed them a bunch of monkeys. They jumped him fucked. I sewed up Is your people Mansour Fuckin, terrifying anyway I t check out the gorilla kettlebell comes our very soon and not all kinds of shit- to ignore this news report of this lady. That- and this is what is going on around the internet- of what to do if a barracks Not the funniest should ever listen to this her face. What is she? Don't run our oceans acting, I don't make eye contact. all our girl. Up enough. She threw issue shoe at a bigger. You're, not gonna, worrying flat, I wouldn't run,
I think you shouldn't lay flat. Would you have to curl up in a fetal position and put your hand over the back of your head? What you really got to worry about is I'm serving arteries and biting into your neck. You got to put your hands over the back of your neck, but good luck. Th, that's a nine hundred pound dog- wild, dark and strike kills me We had a bear attack, one of our cruise once in Alaska, the Himo refuge I'd love, that's not hold up music man, let's begin the official podcast, because that's one of my favorite stories, the experience in my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day that actual that you guys did the arctic adventure Hindmost adventure, and that was the first thing that I found. That's how I found out about you guys. I watch that I watch it eyes in a row because it was so
fascinating, first, first of all that this guy who's, not Guy, no, he was a smart guy and he was very like very articulate and really passionate. And about the way he was living his life in this really harmonious way. Hunting and gathering in the middle of our with a log shack and his wife I believe at the time he was the most remote person on earth. That's why we did it But it's us. It was such a fascinating thing. This guy, who never seen the towers fall. In most iconic shit in the history of his countrymen? He had never seen that he does heard of it mean he so remote and so self reliant anyone's utterly fascinate really fascinating. So in the being so harp. Making he was talking about losing his child there, the canoe tipped over and they lost their baby mean. Do it was oh, my God. It was so so heartbreaking. But what is it
It's really fast, it's like into the wild. If the guy wasn't an idiot, yes like, if the guy actually knew what he was doing, I think that into the wild guy I mean I need to really look at the story better, because all I know is the movie. I saw the movie and I believe that the movie doesn't represent the truth, for whatever reason he decided to make it out that he'd eaten some poison but it wasn't really poison. He just starve to death right. I didn't know what he was doing yeah. Well, I think that's a shitty thing to do. Man yeah, I think that's a Should he thing to do to make a movie and put this artificial, ending to semi historical event, among whose he's like a sort of a poetic figure, is I who just goes off into the woods and in our becomes this, so you should know, maybe a bit more about it. I mean lease about knows something about. You know any there I was like he can't live in the middle of nowhere, yeah and
just live? Well, it never gets warm. First of all, he doesn't need a refrigerator yeah yeah he's hanging. This caribou on these sticks outside of his house make the scene is so crazy because the Do it has always food hang from frozen slabs on these trees and then bears come around it? He has to kill the bear. I mean, It is fucking finance. What was interesting about that is. The bear was tracking, so they left to go shooting and the bear was tracking them. It was hunting dance, and so everyone was was aware of and then I'm of us, by the way we're being tracked but he was totally new. He understood and he goes, and if the bear comes in comes tonight, it's going to come tonight and if it does, then we're gonna have to shoot it, because otherwise it's going to get us
she's, so, sadly they they had to shoot up. Sadly, my ass, that's a fucking giant monster wants to eat people. I fucking get crazy. When people go, you know it's really. Fucked up those people shouldn't have been there in the first place, but they were okay, but they were team people, okay, but they were all right. The guy, of course, he had to shoot that fucking bear. What are you just gonna move, I'm gonna move now. Well I mean, and he lives there and it was actually tracking him, because I guess it you know, got some of the meat from before, but yeah. We they brought it back. It's in our office, the head, no the skin, the body, the taxes they taxidermy, oh yeah, they have did when you shoot one. Don't you have to process the skull in some way? Don't you like send it to the fish and game? Nor do I think that was like one of the things that were said was it's when you, when you shoot a barren, should get my shit straight on us by
there's something along those lines that we share our defensive to send the skulls and work for a thought. I know how to do that. Deal with that was no one was an important area. the confusion, my bare things. I've always been fastened. We went to an I don't know if you saw it, but we went to another now. The most remote person on earth is this: I don't know if you heard they live in Siberia in the mountains and they were like Russian Orthodox during the revolution, and they took after the revolution and there still there whether one now she's like eighty five, she was the youngest She lives there in the middle of nowhere on this mountain in, like this crate the sad place with and they didn't have shoes. I like how do your feet? Not freeze. That's incredible! Oh my Then I'll have shoes. How cold is funding a hot in those areas, no frost, I got to I got to watch it again, but it was it was they were going on about no shoes. Now they have shoes, and now they have like they wrapped it shouldn't first stuff alone. There
went there, they don't have shoes and you I you dont have shoes, they musthave wrap it in something, or maybe they stayed in during the winter. It's so fucking crazy, a bare in Siberia. You can google it's it's a totally insane story. There was like five of them. Living on this mountain in the middle of nowhere with nothing, they had nothing that zero. That's insane civilly there almost like like just super evolved, yeah. Well, it's interesting because I was like, if you actually take away everything like there's no matches feel you maybe had matches the first five years of the first year, the first five hours. but like eighty years later, there's no, they don't have matches you. Don't have you know glass, you don't have you don't have anything so to go back to really primo like we have nothing shit but You know that there is another world out there. It's not like. Oh, I don't know anything like the day. The money went, it was like the twenties or thirty, so they had like cars and ship wound. Why,
so how did they get by going to how they cooking their their food? The first is like the first decade. They were just eating like routes and they were starving in the winter and they couldn't get buried and then by the end there you know they were like sixty five and just running through the forest, like catching like animals by hand and stuff and you're like sixty five years. All, they were sort of super cut and tough but they got enamels by hand here what they had snares. They run them into like traps and stuff but but then there they were really religious, but then there was some weird sex shit that was going down. Of course, what's going on down there yeah, if you leave a bunch of people by themselves, the fucking each other in a very weird way, once they realized no one's looking once you realize that there's no one else, but them how many people were that were up there, it wasn't a lot. It was like it was a family and they had like two or three girls. Believe and then there's the parents and then, like Uncle P,
wanted to lie with Jim Cheska or whatever, oh, my God, Jesus Christ yeah. If you only have a small group like that, it's going to be a mess it gets lower to the fly, is quick yeah? What is it about humans so disappointing like consistently pretty interesting. If you strip away like cops and artifice yeah, you know modernity and technology. We just go very quickly. We do a shit really quickly. Yeah, I don't know I just as I get older, especially the broad spectrum of our ability, whether it's to be just utter, complete, cut, merciless killer, ginges, con style It's like super nice philanthropists person like the broad spectrum of literary for capable of its. It hurts you brain.
Is it so there's this so much conflict going so much weirdness and the potential for human behaviour? And well, it's all based on like that, the principles of thinking that, though the feeling of camaraderie it was to have other community in extending that the people that you haven't met before dont disregard them, because the numbers are so high that your Yo Yo, were welcomed with people. They use a loser. A sense of community hours ring this book and I and I saw where they now so I googled it. No like it's this empire just before the vote. empire and and then I just sort of went down the Wikipedia they're like and it's this empire and then this emperor kill December and then took his wife and then they married somebody else and another empire to save it, but the man that up going and you're reading on this is fucking game sounds like they were just the Regis Kingdom all fully killing each other trying to marry Marian and stowed havoc
and then the kid would come up and slaughter the person is slaughtered. Is that all my and it was just like, but an end that that they killed them, the way that they do and it's fascinating because you're like oh, that's, human history, we just went after each other, like continually. You know for thousands of years until we decided It's a weird thing that we have with. Extreme levels of competition to I was watching some some me the other day I never seen Rugby before I've seen it I've. Seen like you know, guy has a ball and the guy running I didn't know what the fucking rules were. I had no idea so I hit fuel tv the other day. I've never seen it before yeah
also dumb watch, this savvy fucking gleam legacy vast, allow itself first ball. It so aggressive like you know, rest like football. Is all this resting going wrong? Be there's no Wes if any like it's just I get bogged down in some tablet. Darcy and rules are not the fox going on, but I just know some dude are collide, didn't dissolute in the restaurant over shit and it gets pretty fuckin salvage. The only sport, I think, that's heavier weathers too, is a stroll in rules football. Yes, what a soccer quoth they keep the fuck out of its early literally kick each other like they'll jars, and then what the garlic curling you know gave it yeah, so they have sticks, and why should I don't even know about that shit into DOM Ira school beyond? That? Stuff is crazy with that that handle that that carrying around a whipping that shit with what a fucking nut. game man. We have this need for for that?
extreme release and I think that's what what sports are trying to do with things like you know, ex battle? Minutes more? It does in mimics Biometrics war n. It alleviates the need to engage in those activities. You can vicariously engage in explosive, athletic, aggressive activities. Getting your body destroyed without having to go to war without having to harm people around you being a constant state of war. It's almost like. We figured out a way to sort of calm the monkey down a little bit, give the little monkeys bake violence. What's the quote? Business is the modern form of our modern, born formal warfare. It's just like going after each other like we're gonna get them Coke Pepsi. Now you know and you're all these generals get their troops lined up sports The training wheels of enlightenment really because they're allowing people to go through the need for war and conquest without actually going having to do it.
We still going to cross the line. We still little were the word, the really with a weird conflict. The comes at a sports is went sports fans fight because they like, like Jesus Christ, really yeah you're fighting, because this guy likes the red tea? What are you? Are you in the crypt you in the bloods football hooligan? Oh, my god, If the want to or even amazing book it's called among the thugs and it's this literate, editor who goes and lives among the Manchester United Football firm. Go around, and this beat the crowd and they have like crazy, like crazy, fighting techniques and stuff then they'll go like oh, we fly into ventus and there is eighty five thousand italian fans? Oh my god. five thousand of us and we're like okay, let's go, let's have them and you're like you guys, are fucking that is insane five thousand dudes try to took on yeah. They do it all the time, yeah so crazy, what a bunch of savages yeah they have that old.
cool savage gene that goes way back to your fuckin Henry the AIDS days in their fight and dragons, and Robin Hood shit. You know, like most people have like a different set of genetics. Second, does a warriors slogan, a history of war they are. Can guardian extra could feel locally like get over here. Our genetics, like start here, of course, I know this is not how genetics really work is my theory. They get here and they're like no. Nothing going on here: no one's really attacking us that much and everybody calm the fuck down but in Ireland and England there still remember and why they drive on the left side. They drive on the left side over there, so they could sword you with the right. That's what it's for light. They think that's where their strong sizes of the rice coming, you wanna be with a hack Adam with a sword or that's crazy, genetics man. this, I think, learn the best that whoever wins is the last guy standing so
The whole thing is like you know what times are french whatever source of yeah? I got a few licks and you know what we'll get I'm going to go, get stone up and come back and then you risk. I will just stay, keep staying on the field like I'm, not leaving, I'm not getting off of here yet yeah. What a crazy history when you, when you go back to european history and go back to the revolutionary war. I just think that was, only a few hundred years ago that, like the british, the British coming like the Red Coats was a that was a few hundred years ago. That's so recent you get older. You realize how reason is like when I was when I was a child You know someone would talk about seventeen hundreds because I lived in San Francisco in seventy six members, a spirit of seventy seven, seventeen, seventy six hundred years and its to me to be so long ago, was so long, but now that that is like, forty years ago now
I go, oh that's not that long! All what like we've only been here for two hundred years? That's the tiny little little blip of time, nothing, it's it's weird thing when you really start to consider how long people have been around and then how far we ve come like as just it has its cumulative like a gets faster and faster. without a doubt right. The amount of people that you meet that are tuned into what the fuck is going on that jumps. Every year, every year you meet more people that are tuned in. Do you know, you're talking to someone in in the middle talking to him. You're, like okay, conversations illegal into place. This guy there's a roadblock there. Tell me how whenever he is pesticide alien
more men rode at whatever is whenever, whenever foot alleys, strict Republican is a wall, they hit through this lesson. Lesser that I think, Sir, why I think you know if you look at it. I would think about this too, because if you look at him, we're sort of like we had some spears. You know at some bows and arrows he was of sword and then were different. better spears and better bows and arrows all across bow, and it sort of went like that for, like you know, recorded history, and then he hit the nineteen huh and his show goodbye. You know plain spaceships, fucking lasers, you know fucking nukes, so yeah we can blow up a whole continent. Now yeah we can blow up the whole world. If we want you know it just went all in reality. There was a lot of ok in the first half of the century, but the law. ass to have the essentially like from what's a the forties on legal. What to fight like the whole world change the whole we're every fuckin thing. Oh there's the moon. Let's try to it ass. I go home, you know an end
Oh now, going to Mars and other shit. You look like you digging samples from Mars robot since they shot a robot, Jane Eyre landed on another planet, its own dothain I'll. Just like a million fuckin miles and I always wondered like it's like a million miles or ten Momo whenever it is, what are they have their like? A sacred genesis, control badly, how they thought about you, throw it like a perfect. But how do you something? But it's a million, can you? How can you since Mars heard? even if it's going by law speed, which is the fastest shit, can go it still to take like a year to get there to move the robber. How does that we're trying to get using like GPS? Her coordinates know its pride, not actual video or anything like that. Pray using like like a wooden like satellite or some
great I'll write rate our neighbour and I'd like to the satellite will only work if you're underneath it now the fastest you can do it is, is light, speed and light. Speed just to get to Mars will take him like the closest approach when Marty let's closes is thirty. Four point: eight million miles- oh my god We scared I get so scared people, people talk about going to Mars are really leg legitimately start shit, my pants just thinking. What if they sent you out there, where they put on that tube and more was there? I saw that Functional air Schwarzenegger who I saw the source there about dollar. We got out, what I'm talking about just being in space in a tube for six months, no hurly through the galaxy with no safety net. You see the dick pick on Mars that they took. They took pictures of did oh yeah Rover Jonah what about the one the planet they just found, which one which one
rains, glass, Jesus Christ, four hundred and fifty thousand mile an hour winds or something like that with something crazy like that right, yeah, it rains glass, that's like almost as bad as a shark, NATO. I can't believe that was a real movie. You would have to have like diamonds lots of fun. You live there. Shark NATO sounds like it would be a fun movie from moving to me no they need it yeah. I bet it's fun. I like stupid movies, like I love that Parana movie We talked about shark NATO a long time ago before even came out prison reason doing. I forgot never with an hour is also like the octopus that had instead legs had sharks as legs. All you have to deal with those stupid and yet awesome so yeah. This path
and it rains glass. It's four point: eight billion kilometers away. So it's almost three billion miles away. How rains class that's crazy! The fuck man Jesus, it's blue! beautiful blue. It's raining, glass is, I guess, spinning gigantic, like, while those or paper waits glass paper, resolute, bad ass, how easy it Nick somebody out the Philippines, does it have to do and rain and glass is settled down on that sneak anyone out anywhere. You go get a passport which are remarkably easily. Would I be so they have to this is not to leave someone's deviate. He can't like dollar wife. I can do that again,
well they say she says I have to act like I'm engaged to her, but then they have to go through you're gonna get a have to go through emails, two giant brothers, they're gonna, hold you down and take your money. They're gonna be he'll, be like these guys are sleeping in my house. I'm not really sure what I should do thinking of call in the cop. I don't want the girl to leave. I didn't know it's that hard yeah. It's hard man So yeah planet rains glass, yes, but we were told the second half of the last century. I get these because I'm a history buff I get these texts. It's an amazing thing. It's an Oxford professor who, who sort of puts history into like a tweet, so I'm now getting the tweets from nineteen forty one like what's going on. What's the account I got to take my phone yeah tell me what that is. I want to follow. Awesome, I gotta tell you, it is awesome,
because you're sitting there and you're having a weird day you're having a hard day. Let me just see if I got any from there but you know you're like fuck today, sucks or whatever, and then you're like oh five hundred thousand Russians were captured outside Smolensk, arrogant world war tweets from nineteen forty one, it's world war, two it's called at, Time W w to at real time dummy W too. Nazi plans for all of Russia up to euros to become a german fiefdom, full of disarmed slaves goring we can bombs on them in case of riots and you're, saying that these are alike, news, headlines and shit and you're like this was just You read in the news every day you woke up. You got your coffee you're like Goring says we can drop bombs on a case of riots. We're just gonna, have work penza and people oh yeah, and then I'm going to go to work and do shit, but if you if you read the tweets, it's like what the fuck was gone
just like we were saying seventeen, seventy six. What was going on a nineteen forty one when like people are still a lot of people are still alive. Who were there at that time? and you sit there and go holy shit. Like we were doing some fucked up shit one generation ago, like fucked up shit yeah. and near here, Hiller and his chief ministers are now in secret meetings to discuss cutting up the cake of Russia to dominate, administer and exploit it. They're, just like yeah we'll have Russia now we're just going to take it over and fuckin you're like what the fuck nineteen, forty, two, what the fuck are. They think what the humanity was so fucked up or is over so I don't think we've changed so much in one generation. That's I think we ve again. I mean Maybe I'm being super optimistic about this? get accused all the time, and I understand we being again
buyers and peoples that people resist that you now What evidence is it? I think there's a trend. think that trend is the trend, this this information trend and this growth trend with human beings? I think it's it's an honesty trend. It say: it's it's a trap. where people are realising that stimulate just seeking out don't being an asshole and just being a dickhead. You can be nice and you can also realize that there's some some repercussions to a lot of shit that happens in this world and that you can your money to protest, and you can talk about things and like this Trave on Martin thing is a perfect example of this. I think, because there's a lot of people what are very upset with with with how the verdict went down? But so little violence, so there's some people are saying, but there's some there's some they're pointing in a few things and this guy got hit and that guy got hit and somebody did through some rocks or something that's going to happen. Yeah
small in small numbers, that's gonna happen. It wasn't like Rob king, exactly when you consider the amount of people that are that are out there that are upset and how little violence is. Actually, being actually enacting. it's a very strange I'll agree with you and I think it's a couple of things. I think If you ever go to really violent like place, will have super violent reactions thanks there's not a lot of movement of information. There's not a lot of you know. A lot of the most dangerous places are the most illiterate places. If you go to Afghanistan, you go to Somalia, they don't have literacy, they don't have, Movement of information, so it's just word of mouth: it's like that guy. You have to kill that he's a wizard yea or he hates you or whatever, the yet, and so I think that now that this we're bombarded with so much information at all time and the matter? You know if you, if it could be on tv to be on your phone, could be wherever
and because of that, it's it's actually bread. A lot more tolerance, they're like that guy is a wizard, wants to kill you and they're. Actually, like no he's not he's just a dude over there, and you know he doesn't have any water or whatever the fuck. It is, and I think that that movement, formation has led to us being able to curtail our lunacy to go back to nineteen forty one and say just you know. A generation ago we're like yeah, he's gonna kill everybody. Now we would say why the fuck would we do that that stupid, when exactly hope me. No, I do think you're right. I do think you're right and I think it's that that ability to share information that everybody of gets a piece of what it really is instead that's the enemy in their coming holy shit, going to be up on twitter. Now, go no, that's bullshit. Actually they don't want to bomb you. Actually, the people of IRAN don't hate the people of Amerika. It's one far can do. Who wants to do this? Fuckin bullshit, and you know that
whole thing that I think that we have to get technology in the easy consumption of technology out everybody quickly. I think it's the most important thing, for for spreading information. That's ever existed, you know, and it's beneficial for everybody, including the people in power like it's it, the idea, beneficial for democracy. I don't know about for people in power, because people in power to some shady fucking ideal, but they got to cut that shit out and the only way they're going to have the only way they're ever going to turn that shit down is, if it all gets exposed, which is why you? No fucking Snowden it like that, like those guys have to keep doing up if by the way, if you for the CIA, NSA, sorry, sorry, CIA Kelli, you guys tell us all the stuff we want to know it. All, I'm sure is doing really good work. I'm convinced mostly the CIA, does excellent work. Thank you very much. Thank you for your service.
I think that was a good man to man. This is my point is that you can have a government. You can have Senator and congressman. You can vote allows it, but do it the right way it can be done, but it isn't being done across the board uniformly, even if you, I want to cry conspiracy just the way it Structured is absolutely ridiculous. Show the way that these people are allowed to contribute it just vast amount of money campaigns that is insanity. That's bribery, bright. Where I love it might look I'll. Tell you one thing seriously: if I can donate one point, five million to Republicans or Democrats. I don't give a fuk who who it is, but if I can, if I can get the american ambassador ship on my own American, but if I can get it to England where I live in a castle, I ride a white horse and put on being a princely robes, and I can
that for one point, five million or Rome you know to be the guy in Rome for five years. That's awesome right, especially if you're, like some Donald Trump Baller dude. I know what's happened, all that's not Obama just Obama, it's all of them like they all do it, but I'm just like how, how amazing is to be in and just be like. You know what I want to be ambassador to to- and I want to be the ambassador to india- be the ambassador to India and get dressed up like fucking? You know like a Roger and I'm gonna only come, and I want tigers and shit and- and you know, like it's- a million and a half bucks. Well, what the fuck sure I'll pay a min and a half bucks. If I can be the ambassador to, I don't know China, maybe that's a big, maybe after a while man. First of all, you get really to be fun. You get really tired of the assassination attempts right because maybe trying to call you every day somewhere like England, where it's just like you know, you just start wearing a wig, and then you start powdering your face and like putting like you know weird. You know, you know like people are seventeen seven, no, no like even like, like little
by little you dress more like more century seventeen, you know and then you're like what are you doing I am the ambassador to England. I just out to be awesome, just to be able to say that I think we get. It sounds like something really good on paper to be like lots of terrible like okay, the you know, ladies hortic, to a club of the Midlands is here for you and in crumpets Eli I won't get out of bed I don't think it would also be like with my luck. It would be like we'd be attacked like Argento would attack us immediately a week for having cross and then I'd like, I don't know, fuck guys, I'm sorry I went out last night, there was a rave you guys, like rating. I don't know like it would be terrible yeah? You don't want any kind of position like that man stick to like doing that magazine about sneakers
it's funny! That's where you guys started out. You guys do these like radical documentary pieces, but living in living in the most remote parts of when you started out like talking about sneakers. Like started out as a fucking Taiwan do dude I mean. Then you became a comedian and then the Fucking UFC. I did the hardest shit first, Don't I wonder whether the harnesses first skate issues are hard? Man does so many types of shoes are any good. listen? I got to tell you in less your Bob Dylan, you know gone electric and, like I rather folk he's like fuck, you fuck and sell out, forgot a grave and then like d like us that we're not them somebody else it out. This fuckin music is way better. I think, unless you're going to reinvent yourself all the time, then why do it I know magazine? I know that after five years how to do magazine? Okay, let's do something else, and if you know The difference is like I was thinking about. My ok hold on a second, he sort of a weird
psycho sport comedian into actual purpose, the cold day stretched in Libya actual and then you go. I see now you're fuckin, intellectually culture. That's the absolutely natural it stole it. You know, I think, is what do you do you come up with you when you come with theories, and you come up with philosophies lie mind. I'm sorry, I'm here and they knew at Harvard. My yes, in my mind, I think on intellectual dollar. think of a real, really intelligent person. I'm a curious person, happen to be a comedian, and I have contact with a lot of people. I have contact with a lot of people through twitter contact with a lot of people through this and it's, I feel like it's an obligation if there's ideas that you have or if you read something fascinating, or if you want to convey the easy it's so they have an obligation to that's. That's! That's an intellectual! I'm sorry
it grandiose it's for me. It's an obligation to explore the certain ideas, enter teacher. To tell you I'm not saying it is a bad thing. I wonder how it is five or six things in there and the same thing like wouldn't you grow? You want to keep doing pretentious word, so I can't accept it is what it is. Is it would we all our human, curious, human to Label like this, an intellectual, we're all curious and, if you're afraid of gorillas and in a No they're, not I'm not afraid of intellectuals, I'm not afraid of calling someone intellectual, but I would never allow someone to consider one okay, I withdraw fence. Thang Ribeiro has a really appreciate lab pressure on me, sir. I started Bag is ways you to carry comes with low expectations. Most like
fifty percent of what you talk about is. This is an interesting. Thing to think about what does this mean? Where does it take us sorry, intellectual, very ok, you, okay, pretentious you the Yom. I mean that the the world we live in now in allows so many more bits of information to hit your mind. Is so many more things to discuss here? It's like, if you just paying attention, you become an intellectual if you're really listening to all the infamy, it's coming back and forth between us understanding, what's going on, political systems are the rest, the world with our own biological systems with what's healthy, what's been and what's good, what's wrong. What we ve been telling you for twenty years. It turns out to be total bullshit all that stuff a common asset and William, even the dumping,
are smarter than the dumb people on nineteen four thousand one hundred percent. The dopest motherfuckers on this planet would run circles around the dummies on the nineteen forties, one hundred percent. I think it's happening too fast for us to truly appreciate it, but we're in the middle of one of the great ages of information and expansion of human the by far and we're in the middle of a way we can't even we can't realize we're in the middle of it cause it's two banana well, it's also a lot of it is super important and a lot of it is bullshit. So, like a lot of it, I am in intellectuals, only use the word intellectual shit. That's what I'm saying! I'm sorry that no, I now remember Bulgaria, nonsense which is at how does it's my fault, it's my fault. I said I how high rise we were talking about how both information ass, the Ets.
Amazingly interesting because it used to be there, were you now generally couple tv channels, couple of a nuisance, burst, like learn a lot of things and now you can get it from everywhere and I think that's what you're getting at before it is. It's got things good for everyone's good for democracy, that you know one one or two or three sort of information areas, verses, ten million or one hundred million, because you get it from everywhere? Your problem? Is you don't know an oil look back in retrospect, will say: okay, you know, Snowden was a big thing or it wasn't or you know you know, whoever like Wikileaks was a big thing. It wasn't, but you know that's the whole thing you deluged with so much information on Twitter, for example, half of its fucking. You know people making bullshit and saying shit and then but the other half is like actually people saying some really great shit. People say a lot of great shit on Twitter. I hear really smart points from a lot of people in this a lot of people
I have communicated with on twitter that have sent me here to allow ship the amount. Links that you get every day of amazing shit. The people are just like you know what you got to do this. You got to do a story on this. You got to destroy in this we're doing a story now in Russia which I'd never about genetic passports. Have you heard about this? What have you heard about that? No, but you freak me out: what's a genetic passport, oh dude, so we got my toes across what's interesting year are, I believe, it's interesting as we got this this hook up to turn what it is they that, though Russia's action, the Soviets to go back to our ninety forty one comes conversation. After World WAR Ii, there's a war and and they were experimenting with atomic bombs on people like not on like buildings and shit like we did here in Nevada, but on on people, so This area of Kazakhstan, with about three hundred thousand foreigner thousand people that were they Davis
over the years expert experimented with on with radiation with actually blowing up bombs near them. Lots of them died a lot of them didn't die and they what they had as they had genetic mutations, so they became mutants like it's like x, men type, shit hole. They become mutants in this area and there are actually not allowed to leave the area and all the shit but anyways. They start passing on. Corrupt dna strains to their offspring, so it gets worse as they go. Oh, no, and so now what they're trying to do to stop? It is to have genetic passports where there loud to reproduce are not allowed to do this, and so it's like It literally is the modern x men, it's fucking, the mutants versus the human, and so it's just hole cover up this whole thing and we're going over there now a shooting it. We we have a couple whistleblowers but like, That's it I'm sure you'd and are we talking here
well that is not allowed say anymore. I am I am. I didn't phobia my immunity phobic now, there's day there there there technically human, mutants, like genetic mutations, that have to have a genetic. by the way, It brings up a lot of help. Philosophical questions, not intellectual, questions, but because he ever genetic password, you saying: ok, you know can reproduce. You now can like interact you can now can't leave this area. You can't do whatever because we made you radioactive, All I'm saying has to be remade radioactive, and I can't reproduce now and whatever- and it's is actually a massive they're, not allowing new, so that? No, no? No! No! No! It is well known on another, not allowed. That's the genetic pass, all my guy. They want to stop the mutiny strains
true, but the way this is a fascinating. This is all too. It is fascinating idea now and then, when you say mutant like today, exhibit any sort of special powers. I'm going to ask you: this became art. Bell came, aren't bell, bits is, sadly, the majority of mutations are and much like in Chernobyl, the animals. It's like in large livers in a man of spleen, you know elephantitis of the balls like. If that's never anything, I could get into that good by the way. All respect to art bell. I'm saying that as a fan, I'm a huge art bell fan, it's been an art bell, fan forever, just want to say. I just became art bell. Obviously I'm joking that guy is awesome. Man he's apparently he's going to do. Radio again, I used to come home from the comedy store every night. Listen to coast to coast with art bell. Have you ever You listen to that show. I have listened to. I know our bell yeah the best is the best who grass
your question. I always forget to ask you this number one: ask you this for three times five: whenever the violent who's, your favorite comedian, ever I always say: SAM Kennison, for one year I had Mark Maron on yesterday and Marin, who was twenty one during Kennison's. A day and actually lived with Kennison I mean he was in the still house. They was partying with him and doing blow with Kenneson like in complete craziness. The story was absolutely fantastic, I was I was in my if I had to say like who's the best I say Kennison for twelve months, things Kennison for twelve months chilling. Eighty sixty seven was the greatest community of all time and we all pale and the shadows, but right our prior was the most influential it's like, but Lenny Bruce had exists for rigid prior to exist. You know it's like the there like a whole series of guys and you can't minimalize each guys guys impact
So, if someone says, was you favour comedian? I say Lenny Bruce. And the reason why his Lenny Bruce was the guy who did it who's? The guy who open up the doors went to jail ones? and did this whole bit about we have to. If you, you say enough enough, like eventually it's not gonna, it's going to mean anything and it won't hurt some small black feelings Had this whole bit about this incredibly powerful philosophical bit about the the nature of hate words the power that they give you. If you don't use them. If you don't use them all the time they become rare, I mean it's a brilliant point and it's a brilliant objective point, and then you stop and think that this guy did this in, like nineteen fifty something
but he was on a not think about all the legal shit that happened it's horrible and what happened even after that is more horrible because he stopped being funny. He stopped big philosophical and he would go on stage with his legal notes and read out of them, and you know there you go come on dirty Lenny. They called dirty Lenny, like people wanted him to talk about sex. They want him to talk about. Blowjobs his was like unheard of stuff, but if you, unfortunately in the comedy, is a weird thing, whereas it's really it gets dated, you know, like music does not get dated as badly as comedy does, and it's hard to listen to like a Lenny Bruce like album and understand the impact it would have had back. Then. I still think it's amusing, since some of his points are hilarious. He had this joke about homosexuals. He's like he goes be homosexual is illegal day, so what they do they they taking a privilege
I a bunch of guys want to have sex with you, okay, it was like it was like. It was almost like a Mitch Hedberg before his time. You know I mean there's some of it, that's very funny, but it's so dated the references are so dated the concepts are dated, but Kenneth, it's not dated and who's the funniest now the one who makes me laugh. The most is probably Joey right. Did you hear that you just fetch Joey is makes me laugh harder than anybody the this of of those moments when DS is on stage where it's funny than anything that has ever happened in the world? There's moments where Joey DES he So these notes he says some shit. Sometimes that just literally makes me fall onto the ground I'll roll around in an airport I'll be on my back at an airport like crying laughing he's the funniest dude ever to me. And Just because I love him and my brother, but
I've been around that dude for like more than ok, there's no one person is made. Me laugh more than him. It's like if I hadn't like all the that I've ever achieved in my life had put it like Joey The joy the US file is like the ceiling its piling over like this stuff. Of laughs from all my friends, but with Joey its you can't even compare him to other comics he's in a different category, different kind of human being he's just the funniest guy of all time. I've met a lot of fucking funny People have seen the great I've seen Richard Prior Livesey, my ex live I've seen a scene of Chris Rock in days. Power, Lucy, kerosene them all live desire ferret chain. Nobody can fuck, which ideas my favorite comedian. Now of all now I mean Richard Pryor has to be of all time. I think he's like brute okay
yeah. If you want to go with the most influential. This is what I feel like. I feel like it's Lenny Bruce and then slightly more Richard, but also, if you look at, if you look at Richard PRY, the reason why I say Richard Pryor is his stand. Up was like Red Fox on fucking steroids. I also love Red Fox, but he was on like and grew up in a whore house, all that shit. You know he worked at Red, Fox's club yeah, but then what I really love is shit like hi, is gene wilder sort of in a movies for the masses. You know I'm thinking of the one where they go to the the rodeo and they have to do the rodeo. What's that they go. Oh yeah, yeah yeah, I don't remember but yeah. He was very fun unbelievably funny very funny in those movies come on. What's that movie, I don't remember any of those movies stir crazy or something no stirk rate. Yes, that's good goddamn shit I broke
you're. So an idea had live alone, stir crazy and neither are gonna, because I cannot tell you why, because he was doing all the the disorder crazy, underground, shit, yes and and like fucked up and whores. And fucking mixed company here right and then but also doing the movies that were just like fucking hilarious, Well, he if I had to put like who had their like the most impact on culture outside are the only reason why I say Kennison was the best for a year, because I think it was the most extraordinary example of a guy who is really amazing and astonishing and repectful and then deteriorate, before our eyes, like a really like almost cartoonish version of himself, a caricature of himself, he doesn't he fell into everything that was wrong with being famous hook line sinker, yes, but he was the greatest
of all for twelve months, even better than prior. I just my feeling is that prior is the greater comedian. He was a greater craftsman. The more honest like the more insightful, the more suited for a long time. He did it for a long time and he was never bad. He was never bad. He was just as good. The day he died, He had a hard time when he came back from em ass and they would carry him on stage. I don't count those sats added. I did six weeks with a dude six weeks. A hard time I did the store, I I followed him for. Why was about five and a half weeks and he would go up by two or three nights a week and they would carry Amanda stage and he was right really hard those hard for him to communicate and you know, but why why We want to see him before I went. That's what it was essentially and was packed was packed like almost every night you. So if you had to say who's the greatest comedian of all time, I would say it's:
It's a tie its prior for the. length of the career and the emotional attachment. The love that you got from his sets like you, got like a positivity from his set. Yes, you got also. He was just naturally fucking funny. He was brilliant. He was brilliant, but Edison was is another thing man for twelve months or whatever the hell was fourteen. Sixteen months he was another thing man. He was a mother fucker you, because the I don't know what comedy was like backed and have a hard time understand nature, but a few. Live. How did you get into it from him right from for sure was two people prior in him his prior. When I was a little kid, my parents took me and see live the sunset strip right and I was in stated- and I remember in the middle of it dying I remember I don't remember the bit, but I was dying. I couldn't believe how hard it was laughing. Remember like holding my sides, laughing sorrow and looking around at all these people rocking back in
the chairs laughing so hard and and then this is just A guy talking all he's doing is talking like. I thought about all the movies and I had seen that I really liked, like stripes, like hilarious hilarious movies, so I thought it was like the funniest thing you could ever see and then also I'm seeing this guy and all he's do he's talking and it's so much funnier than that he didn't need to win a bago. He didn't need anything so that was the first. That was my first, the inkling of stand. And then Kennison was like Prob The reason why I thought- maybe I could do it because I my my sense of humour was so much darker than but I was seeing on, like television, no one else. I was so much more while than when our seeing on some wild man. since the stuff wearing mood rings. Are you serious? I grew up Steve Martin, Joe Rogan and Doug stand. Probably my biggest influences there hell yeah hallo
I've, seen Joe Rogan, probably more than any more than anybody in for sure. There's more pictures with me and him together than me with any other human that ever exist and who are the new bad boys like Jim, I Norton's excellence for sure this is a great time for stand up common. This is a great time for rebirth self promotion or people. Like TIM, Segura Tom Sugar and his wife, Christina Posisi Tom Sugar is one of the best fucking comics in the country, but it's just letting the world know about it. That's all that's missing is far should fear. One of the best comics in the country and people are people because of the whole desk squad network or sort of getting clued inter like who's. Who would if we're hanging out with people as they're, fun, they're bringing people around because they're funny, and so it's spreading and turn they're introducing you Brian's constantly introducing new people new people into the sees he sees. People how many storey introduce them into the mix and then boom? We know Tony Hinchcliffe now hilarious, Tony Hinchcliffe and that's like that this is a rare time, for that is a rare time where the expansion
of of of comics has been so easy and the ability to promote people's mentalities. I want to ask you this question and you know last time I was going. You've changed the world. I love you But who is that that was me personally doing me doing me drunk, oh god, I was like. I love you, I don't know I become ninety years old, but what I wanted to say is every time we do. I actually. I was in Houston coming back from Central America night, this guy came up to me in a full on, like I, don't know, sharp a gear body suit. You know the bright orange you going. You know what I'm talking, but the bright orange back or uniform things like he was like a air traffic controller out like, but one of these guys that traffic controller right on the ground, yeah graph
ground rather own droller guy with a flashlight, thank you to my life life. He came up to me and he was like fuckin Joe rogue. In fact in you know, you and your Rogan like an awesome. And he was just maybe best guy, I ever met, and he was just like you know I was in the city airport and he was just so stoked and was like desk and he showed me all this shit and then, when he took a picture of me right me and he said, can I take a picture? I go yeah. He took a picture. and then some other death squad dude put it up in Times Square like photoshop and everybody way, and I was like fucking desk Shit is crazy. What What I want is a what the fuck is going on with those will be what like? How did it happen like you guys, have created this fucking amazing, should I love this to this to sort of branches of miss them,
take a look. Can we ask a question and then I'm just gonna leave you, because I don't give a shit about what are you getting in there? What could he possibly getting in there? What is he getting? What I'm lookin did you get in there ice. I got something. How dare you? Okay, the world, will arrest my drink spare, I'd somewhere drinking already, I haven't even ate yet today that was bad. You know All is really at this point. This point: there's two branches. One is all the stuff that Brian's doing Brian. What he calls his network is the desk Quad podcast network and it's a great connection to a lot of people that, maybe you don't know- or maybe you do Know- and you never heard him talk like that, like Kevin Pereira or a and then there's a just sort of what we call all of us, whether it's ARI or Duncan, or we don't really call all of us. We don't, but with
so pretty much seal of approval of comics and friends that we're off. Yes, that's a good way of putting it, but why is a nintendo seal, but it seems a little bit more than one is like more political and there, but it's not. If it chooses to be it's not our doing we're. Not we don't control we're doing is Tennessee all we ever say the bottom line, don't be a cunt. That's number one and number two like. If I tell you that Duncan trestles funny. Believe me, I'm not gonna bullshit you right now. So if, if we're all connected like that, like Inga, to you. If I tell you is the the funniest guy ever fucking, seen of my life you're going to see. What I'm talking about it. I see him live you doing so this sort of connect with each other, like that. You know, like Brian, like Brian told me about Tony Hinch left he's like there's this guy, you see This is a young guy and seen him at the store. He's really fucking funny like, and he says, I'm gonna have him on. One of these shows like the desk squad, shows at the ice house, so he put them on and in boom. We know Tony Hinch Cliff is a bad mother, fuck right.
For the burn. Now yeah he's a guy like a real career, and I brought him with meat in Annapolis, the kids fucking hilarious site, so the What it's allowing is we can bypass all those other systems we don't have to you. Don't have to be on this night show anymore. You don't have to wait for an HBO special, I'm talking. I gotta say death squad love is, is fuckin its using subliminal messaging like using now that's your ass when calf. There are the whole thing. This is the best part about it. Nobody Nobody like is run it and nobody asked for it and nobody, no, no, no one's in charge and no one knows what's going on. You know We have an agenda. There's no agenda. Will today's older and then all of a sudden. You start to let a few into the farm and a few more than pretty soon your life there's. No, I got ten thousand. These mother fuckers there's no farm,
starting a civilization- I don't want to say new civilization, intellectual, but it will be a utopian beautiful place. It's impossible None! This lifetime, not Nautilus, Ray Kurzweil, correct there, Come get you download time. I think if you started a cult, they would get come, get my call wouldn't do shit. No, my cult would just go like fishing. My cult doesn't want to have any to do what you're doing. If I, if I had a cult, the last thing I'd want is to dominate the financial markets like you guys can have that's all. You do right, have a good time, we're gonna what you want to dominate, we're gonna. Do it we're gonna, go fishing, we're gonna smoke, weed, tell jokes: okay! Is it all right we'll just be over here and you were we're not gonna. Do nothing yeah, use the coupon code roe and take ten percent enough all home grown mangoes. If I called over the easiest called Everley go stay naughty is a fuck. No one is trying to do over shifts and I to remember that the I
cultures coming because they they're spreading their own cults too, like there's like like, if you like all these twitter pages. Now it's Saint Luke daddy, I act as well, they're doing that no one asked them to do that. Brian did not. I didn't ask them to do that and by the way, when they do it, nobody says anything. We don't I've, never said any hey. You can't do that or hey you shouldn't. Do that or hey we don't know you or hey. What are you doing? Why did you choose that name or no one? cares. Our duties you want to do right. That's that's the thing. It's pretty awesome! Well, it's unexpected! It's expected and an unplanned and so on. uncontrolled, uncontrolled and only then that one takes credit credit for its beautiful. It's great so I like how like how you like its unplanned on credit. You know that their listening matter. When I do, it might look, look
if I had a society, the perfect society wouldn't be taken over this fucking mess. It would be like living near a lake and having a solar panel that heats my fucking tv. You know I wouldn't be taking over the governor of a heated tv, yeah man I want to be able to. You, know, get satellite whatever getting activate fundamental. Nowhere took the last I would ever want to do, is have any position of power over anybody ever anywhere out even like having employees. That's why my my loan employees, therefore fuckin crazy, look at them. The These are savages. I kinda like a regular employee, some regular dude, it's like communicate with people like that, I'm worried now: and they remember owner of armaments- gave you a lot of people that there be no count, methinks protest too much time is right here, while brands, let another those are on the side of stereos box
so that relationship park in China. Do you know the exact address for this? He had us, I think, was episode. Three of your shows was all about. I didn't know that. There's women than men, in China, fifty million yeah, I know two million more men. Men demand more man, you have been so they have. They do these things where they go to these, like parks would like like pretty much like it is their profile like this is how much money I make. This is my my house, and he had sent one of your reporters urge actually try it didn't. Look like he he's succeed, in any event it didn't work out. It's pretty funny when Thomas goes there, but it's actually pretty said they have. Fifty million was that's the size of a very big country. Fifty million fifty, more men than women, and the problem is that you have Most of the women moved the city so that you know in the cities ok, it's hard, but it's ok, but in the countryside is dude.
And actually one of the things that we wanted to shoot, which we couldn't get, because the government freaked out was They have these towns. That are, just like prostitute towns and and the only women in the process, all the men come in from the country in and have their sex and ngo back out and now they're they're making these sex robots. Do we talk this before? I don't know they're, these sort of sex robot brothels because it literally all towns in the West of China that doesn't have any women the icy with a debt. I believe did, we might have been drunk that time. It's insane story, but yeah hard to when you start doing genetic engineering. You know shit fucks, up and and in the city it's hard to get wives and button countries darn, are women. and so when there are no women, shit gets fucked up. Oh my god yeah she just
terrible terrible idea of controlling the popular in that way, yeah. Meanwhile, the amount of people that someone can have what it's interesting, because you say you say: ok were workers too many people, so we have to have one kid but you figure it would be fifty fifty. But then, if you put societal sort of constraints or cultural constraints and say well, we want the lines to go on. We want to So actually they started a boarding. Girls were getting rid of girls and then all of a sudden you have fifty million which in China, you know it's more than a billion people, so fifty million doesn't seem like a lot, but fifty million fucking people is like insane. That's the size of Germany and it's more men than women. That must be just a social chaos. There must be so much depression, yeah and the relationships you want pushy whip do. But did you see the guy the most interesting most? I think about that piece is the rich guys, actually take out billboards for themselves and take your advertising, but the slubs like the regular guys the guys who are, like you know, just a regular.
With a regular job like we cannot get a girl like we're. Just we just can't compete in writing. Ro the regular good guys like doing a good job, don't ever, but they can't compete against a guy buying. billboard like crazy. Is there a big gay population there or is it? You know a lot of it in China is mostly cultural too, because it's also like we have to take care of our parents and it's it's a sort of economic relationships and all this stuff. So actually you know there are places like. Let's say Thailand where, like you know, the sort of gay populations are, but I think in China they're actually coming up with like robotic hookers and like well. The only good thing about that is that no one, you know, maybe within a generation they'll, have their population the control of the pint where they can allow people to have as many kids as they want. Is that possible? Yes, because that's actually declining now, whereas India, India's now, I believe, bigger than China, and it did that in the last five or ten years,
It has the youngest population in the world and because they didn't have any sort of curtailing, and now China's sort of leveled off or declining and India just went through the roof. Wow yeah India seems like a really insane place. I've had friends that told me they went to India and like as soon as they got over there. They felt like they made a mistake. This is This is too much too crazy. To many bags definitely gives you an insight into what cities used to be like because every haven't have not theirs. Well, that's like Staggerer. We need a piece on that where the domestic pensive enlarge House on it. It is Mumbai which is a tool Story mansion for one dude right, because it has staff of three hundred and eighty. It costs like four hundred grand a month just to fucking, keep going. It's like this crazy skyscraper for one guy, the body but the craziest thing. But the thing is it comes out of
It comes out of against Islam and the slum isn't just like like what we think of as a slum like whenever I come to California, I'm like hold on this is a bad neighborhood. Everyone's gonna Fucking House like it's like you, no yeah, but but but when you're talking about a slum there. It's like like they have one to for every seventeen hundred inhabitants of the EU It's a joke thing reeks of shared reeks of they. They make all their money off. Just the garbage of the regular economists alike. Like half the the economy of Mumbai. Is we take the garbage whatever that was thrown out food plastic whatever? and we recycler, we re, do it and we find that and so The thing is you're sitting there and where people are like sleeping under their sewing machines where they make a bucket a and stuff, and then you down the street and then it's like boom straight out of the same thing, a billion or something is one point, eight billion multiple.
In over a billion dollar house. Thirty stories to olympic size. pause like observation that four hundred thousand square feet and you like take the elevator down, walk two blocks and you're in, like fifty people sleeping in a room, this big it's fucked up, that is so. Gangster live like that, like that like so old school gangster. Well, yeah it's how the kings used to. If everyone was born, a king was rich, that's insane and what must guys reality be like. I did beat that are in the opposition. Oh it's interesting about. India is profits. If it's, you know Hinduism or whatever, but it's like they're like yeah, we're super poor. We can eat he's got a billion dollar house now, really it's not great, but whereas in
they're like I'm off, I'm gonna, burn that shit down. I'm gonna fucking, some Braveheart fucking, take your shit and I'm gonna eat it yeah? That would not slide. the same thing in arab spring. Right now I mean you, people are saying fuck it. I don't give a fuck where's that weird about the world like we're talking about like the variations of these different countries and what let fly eyes in one place we hear about in some places like ok, how about new guinea? You know about people that live and made the seamen warriors of New guinea sure it is the most insane was no any, but new guinea is got every goods in the world we're doing a right there and I'm sure they got a lot of them. Like all the craziest. Like you know, cargo cults go cult. What's a cargo called come on? I don't know my favorite car yeah nor a guy with a look up. Cargo called, as I explained when it is soap.
Papua new guinea was a staging point for the american Army during or to and they cut. These possible runways into the jungle right and the people who were living. There were like bronze age people and so they saw these planes come out and and then they would give them like spam and whatever, like stuff parachutes, and so then they laughed at the end of the war and they started a whole religion. On the plan, so they build these lanes and they come in and they mimic the landing and they mimic. The people coming out may still still have the american uniforms and that the tribes with like a bouncers nose and you like one dread will come out with, like you know, captain fucking, Joe Adams, you know and then they'll bring like the lot the empty cam of can of spam and shit, and they have these. planes meter of flowers. They pretend to launch a study. You like this is the craziest you watch and religion.
They made their religion because of the plains. The beef. Fifty two coming with supplies and the hall religion is like the plane the vessel of God and the captain joy brooms who comes out is that is God and Man s ring boy am, and they all sucralose would spike his hair up and come in here and say. Is it possible that the reason why these things exist that we learn them from helium? yeah I mean they make sense. If, if you live to stone age, life and plain land didn't give you some spam one hundred percent, it would become folk lawyer and it's gotta be so strange. If they are, they are they illiterate culture so now I mean, though there is no help at all. Either cargo called they do they do the whole religious thing through the region. Acting that when the planes first landed but
Actually there's a thing now they are kind of litter. Now, because these people in new guinea who are fighting Exxon, there's a lot of oil learn actions Tron, it Turner, exploit the oil and these earlier, while whatever everyone's gonna get oil thou the day after the oil someone's gonna, get it. But That shows how the handwriting, but they have this tribe, now that's dressing as you know, the gods, the car, the cargo, caught and their attacking Exxon, Dry, stairs fuckin servicemen from nineteen forty two I think the whole thing on this is from Merrick ninety fortitude today, but like it, because they make big huge white helmets and then, if Google, gathered Papua New Guinea verses, Exxon and you'll see the crazy office. it isn't
the path or new guinea he barely knows has Buzz Lou. What is rich, pretty fucking interesting that there's a whole. It's a huge country happening massive and as a whole like a big Texas, sized a much bigger than Texas Mail, and you have, big big country, where, like a like huge pockets of worship, cargo from nineteen, forty, four? I changed up four thousand two hundred and forty is there a? Is there a big city like where you can go and get WI, FI and Starbucks? there's that too, since, like a cheesecake factor, there might be you'll get a Starbucks, can I get a start? so I went to new guinea and probably get some sort of pizza hut product. While must, however, I saw a job as they call a billboard in the Yucatan like this is another should have seen in my life. I went to the job, although the on my in ruins has a giant
if a water hookers everywhere, it's everywhere, everywhere you guys actually everywhere you go except for a lot of the muslim world because they only drink Pepsi, because somebody spread a rumour that Coca COLA had Sort of funded design is a movement whoever that as a marketing tool, was Vulcans Marty Capitalism. Here what is easy easy? What does that mean design. Ism is Zionism, and so, and so I thought you had, a fine is design ism, and so Pepsi. He is now bigger in all these countries, like economic ran right, I don't like Pepsi. I bet you are thy son yeah people, circles, be honest: I've been trying to drink water very bad or you're. A healthy guy. I've been more healthy, late, your healthy guy, I'm gluten free for one week beautiful, try I eat, I eat everything, I'm a I I do too. I
but I've been Traviata garbage. I do what I say garbage I mean extreme me me any place. I can get a crowbar saga. My dog give it our full, like it ass, a causality burnt. Turn me yeah no. I agree in that you're like look fucking strong too I'm a fatal about this. I'm gray inside a gray ashes a wink wink as she gray I'm a gray and you're a pink and strong and bureau the guys get yeah getting gross already. I want to you about, was some some article that who got nasty with you? a lot of people getting that thing. There was someone that said something about you lying about your past sure. What was that all about? You know it's trusting because-
when I was studying in also pop political, sizeable Bob The I was in first year, probably sign a guy goes to me. He goes is a southern guy. Even those in can, and Ngos I was run and race and we were losing the race and we were fighting the income at the Governor and I said to my client: we have to tell the people that he's having you know. Colonel relations with farm animals and the the income and how it is my view that that's right, I'm the guy, goes the other young sort of idealist guy goes like I will I say that the governor of whatever it is Alabama is. Has now is fuckin pigs. You know, I'm not gonna do that I know him he's a good man wearing us. and by the way he doesn't do it like we can't, in other words,
impinge. His character and and and the guy who was teaching me, this political class goes, you know, oh, you ve got to do is say, he's a pig fucker because then the minute he says I am not a pig fucker. Everyone will know that he is a pig fucker. So the just saying thing for me- is that I'm just this dude like doing bias, do my things doing my documentaries and when we did the HBO show and it got bigger and bigger and then all of a sudden, it's not just the far right. It's the far left. Everyone starts taking pot shots because, like oh here's, these guys we're trying to make it sure, fuckin documentaries and news nuisance it and they start taking these Our job- and it is it's a. great question, because my initial reaction is like you talk to my ex girlfriends after record you're gonna fuckin go and there is no
speaking on the record year, going too far go whatever and I realized I'm defending myself again shit. That's just told a horse social peace total hit peace and then I'm sitting there going. Ok, that's how it starts because we've had this discussion where you sit there and the left sits there and makes their comedy jokes about no. You did this and you said this rate and rate just schoolyard, bully and schoolyard just and everybody's just attacking everybody else's character and all this shit Either I'm going to fucking go down there and the trenches and start sewing she and say no. I didn't do this. No, I didn't do this. No, I did not fuck pigs, or just going to keep on fucking, making the shit that I'm making and I'm not going to fucking enter into the shit. Is it No is it fucking hit yes from the fucking, you know whatever, on I've, had them from the right from the left from anybody. Ok, Lou mothers be specific. What are the accusations.
I've had a lot there's several specific ones. Lately about your past, about your journalist, history, sure there's their shit from like from like twenty five years ago and Bite I can't talk a lot about this because we know with these things it gets a bit legal right. suicide because a lot of its distortion and you're like ok, so well, look at that, and I'm not actually gonna get into you like this slinging of the shed and very myself, because that's what I said I was going to make my shit. Do I don't want you to express itself in any way they not comfortable with indicate that the whole thing about you now, whenever people discuss their past, The idea that anybody has right to talk to you about your past at all, to me is like? If someone wants to talk to me about the past, then they choose to do so, but the
don't I gave you can pry someone's past is completely Rick. I can I can the the thing about it is. when somebody does something that's wrong, then you can rectify that now in an adequate manner, which is what we're doing where we rectifying Sumthin long look. Again we're going gonna get into solely your shit right, but the reality of it is that you know. Look at my perfect now, you're beautiful so you're like a Whitney Houston, Sun. No someone used, but by the way you know I don't want to what they said. Do you know? Do I drink too much to anywhere? No, no! You drink the exact amount that you, but but it's perfect, but if- and I make a conscious decision about this. If somebody's talking shit now, let
lawyers and other people do that and I'm gonna fuck and make my shit, because what I'm not gonna do is into this laugh, the political I fucking attack you you attack me. Then we attack each other and no one's making the Fucking NEWS, what I'm do, is I'm going to make the Fucking NEWS and do the stories that I want to do if people want to fuck attack me. They can fucking attack me, okay, so by the way, if they want to talk about my girlfriends off the fucking record, if they want to talk about shit from fucking, whatever right, if they want to get like employees that fucking never on the record. It's all. So if I could, What are you basically saying? Is it's all bullshit, and to talk about it, sort of like it's they're trying to do, is they there's a lot of energy, and a lot of of lot of attend. Eyes on this whole vice thing, whether to to be our show whether in the way, there's a lot of energy going and for any
not to be. This is my personal opinion, of course, not be appreciative of all the content that you guess put out. There's so much interesting shit from Hamilton, Morris's, Stuffs, Hamilton more stuff is brilliant. I love that got those aware guy on the pot casks Visor vice does a lot of stuff. The one thing is: is I'm the face the face of ice a so people on both sides are gonna come after me, five and by the way, like I said, if you want to avoid criticism, Don't go anywhere Domini, anyone, don't say anything of tat sort the whole thing is we're going to go out there and make our ship our people going to have goes at us on both sides of the fucking spectrum. Yes, am I gonna fuckin get down there and every time someone says your girlfriend said fucking whack off right? No, I don't give a fuck, so you can fuck off we talk about the way work off ex girl, not count area every spinal. I most I'm on my way. Men die the way you have to look at the source and if you're going to sit there and say ok,
go to some dudes ex girlfriends from twenty fuck boyfriends. You know if you're a girl and you got to deal with some dish- bag dude from your past. It makes up shit about you. That's gotta, suck too it's like human beings is like one when we had baron on yesterday I was talking about divorce and the insanity of a person that used to love trying to take everything. Still your house and it was fascinating absolutely fuckin fascinating, but that's humans, man, What I, what I find interesting about America right now is anyone that comes up trying to say: let you know what we're going to try to do something we're going to try to do something different. We going to stay away from the fucking, regular way that most fucking people are doing this shit because it hasn't work. They just that. I have a go at you and you're like on a fuckin: do my shit do like you're having a go at me like well and by the way I gotta say rather say: if that's your best go at me, then so this That's no merit to where we're sayings is number. So all the things they say you did or didn't do you actually did do other things are saying
again soon again into legal Diana salaries, but but the. But so it's a hit job so the trying to find some flaw, your character and they're going to do. What do you do and they don't want, should and they say whatever? Well, you have to be, of zero credibility. Well, the other thing that's interesting is I've always said if you're looking advice forever. Then we're fucked at the to begin with, because right, you know we be, as you pointed out, we used to be this and that, however, have we evolved. Have we have we done have ever gone from talking about sneakers, to news yeah and by If you go back in my life, have I done? Drugs have been a bad boy airliners? What do you people listening? What are you doing from, drug use, my nomination. this is America? Is my America, you're canadian, not even american goddamn it we're all come together. We're all come a certain way right, a certain way right, I mean socialist, not really little medicine, wise they're, just a rich.
Countries that can spread some money around here would like that. ask you: why are they so rich and is it like a fake false of like? Are they going to have a boom with their like finance, like the real rate and everything? This is what it is is because they're not cuts and they didn't get robbed. Okay, they had a totally big country. It's a big country with that. Many that many people harder to fuck everybody over and they didn't have the whole mortgage crisis that we had yeah call so I mean it's. You notice so much resource wealth up there as well, as you know, banking, as well as tag as well as everything else, but they have just a lot of resources. Not a lot of people their friendlier. If that helps, but about an identity papers, imprisonment in the most euralia, reminding built on a group that I think is currently people this country needs. Canadians can be pretty hypocritical real. Do you think the backwards? No What I will say is they're a little bit hypocritical because they'll say we're, not american. You know we,
give out foreign aid were nicer, were better were kinder, but in actual fact its that's buncher, hokum, and, and how did this is like what with letters was held them up? well like we give for foreign aid for sure, but we lot of the times? We were giving it to the bad guys who were running these different countries we gave out for, ample candy reactors and we said by the way. Nobody use this radioactive plutonium. That comes out of here for asking other things. You know and also when they gave it away. They gave candy reactor technology away to. Well. I Pakistan and India right now, so so think they, Pakistan and India there nuke, I believe, Pakistan through a cue Khan and free and some of North Korea weaponized it. But I believe that the initial reactors,
both from India, I'm for sure, India, but I'm pretty sure Pakistan came from Canada, Jesus Christ, But in any case the reason why I said that is just because we're like we're like hold a little bit holier than that we're like well, you know we're nicer, we're richer. We have universal health care, we have okay. Well, let's look at that because look at that decision. That decision was only made by I mean how many people, how many people are involved in the decision to sell arms to other countries. It's probably very. Smile so give gotta, give even give what what there was some influence is something something exchange always either. I think TAT is the largest donor of foreign aid per capita in the world. that's our being out of that's our big thing to say. People people month, whatever you do with it? Fine? But There's a lot of sanctimonious sort of like we're great we're nice we're cool. You know we don't fuck with anybody where everybody likes us some of my favorite. People have met a Canadian but United,
I'm time you know it's it's! U we say. Ok, you know we have this great education system as agreed care system, but it's a two tiered system. Nobody admits it, but it is, you know it cuts off. the tall tree. It may be a two tier system, but it's so much better for the lower tier, correct. Then the system- it's in America. think you can merit, but America system is thought insane. Its notices, fire chaos. You stay. special about if the hundred dollar bill in Canada actually really is purposely smells like maple syrup or just I never did you know that I knew I knew one of the bills melted it near? The new the new currency may at last and melt melodrama if its or driver it's really hot, but two hundred dollar bill smells like maple syrup like
Why would you have one of them melts in a dryer? That's fucking stupid. You can't rip it though you try to rip it. You can't rip it, but if it melts in a dryer, what's more likely that you're going to rip your shit, are you going to leave it in your pocket? I don't know I will say one thing a lot of times I take out bills and I give them to people in foreign countries an american money looks counterfeit goods. Like the faces of the all blurred and shit. So like any two, unlike in ITALY, we are like you never like a hundred analogue in Thailand or China there, like that's, not real, has like the whole thing, is like wiped out and faded and city you're like that, can't be real honey and some countries have like their money like I was at pink die. They have this wall of like every single, like currency if ever got from every single country and are some like currency, that's really it looks ignore monopoly money so cute I don't know either there's a lot
countries that have that Canada has dope money, thereby windows, clear windows, a little clear windows, one fuckers! I don't. I do this is my fair somebody gave us to me recently and they're like here. This is when she gets out of hand. That's real, that's real money. What is this for a fifty billion dollars? oh yeah, that's real. It's like a doll. It's like seventeen cents, something like that. Fifty billion or so weird that you fifty billion dollars simulation. This is fifty billion dollars. That's fifty billion turn the camera on that is it there. You go. That's fifty
a girl in that's real though this is what's weird. I just told me about that same exact bill last night, she's like check this out. She should now have one trillion, I'm fifty billion. Now it's like one trill, oh my god, so what's the exchange rate, we even have that what's the exchange rate, what's that worth with the dollar seventeen cents or something like that, she said: you're. Look it up no way fifty billion zimbabwe in dollars versus an american dollar. What's the exchange rate for fifty billion dollars in bob. We money, babe dollars versus United States. That's pretty good!. Then I'll, let you I'd like the graphic I'd like I'd like to go: Victor be love it better than a rock. It looks like pop You know it looks like a dog just took a dodo out of fifty million dollars. You want thirty. Three cents: no, no! No fifty billion hours is thirty three said well,
guest has been a little decline. The economy don't worry about it. Folks, I could never happen in the air. It's not like we're all. Just human wow. Don't worry about it. Could you imagine a fifty billion dollars for thirty three cents, then my whole farming fit a idea of sense What's your problem fishing? How much does that money cost, though, to make That's got to be cost more than thirteen cents. No, no! No! When no one gets paid and everyone needs rice, you can get people to print it up. Pretty cheap trust me alright, well, the thirteen cents is, same me more just as that's like its conference, where we Khan Brothers movie about a country somewhere in the world where everything is collapsing, and these are human beings, and the co exist with people had ever seen. son Galaxy? As for that, can survive ten feet under water for like an hour? you tell them live in the same. The same time, crazy
how do you also? How do you, like you have to go with her like a wheelbarrow full of cash. By like Britain and of course well that's what we always heard about the downfall of Soviet Union yeah. Do you remember that they would talk about lines for potatoes and whether an eye, and I dont want not obviously have really dont know what happened. I wasn't there. They see it, but I can assume that those stories were bullshit people really yeah. For us, it's really hard for us to wrap our head the idea that society can fall apart like tat, because we we haven't Sierra life, go to a here old noted, a supermarket here like fuck, we got everything is the history of the world, though shit falling apart. Yes, they hit the history. The world is shit, firepower, p, figuring out new and innovative ways to stop it from happening again, and then that works for a little while and then their grandchildren get in charge, and then it all falls apart again and then it keeps going
Honor with a cry for revolution can be just switch, that with the cry for bread, yes, we're fuckin, hungry network and fight or for books I mean they were trying to stop people from having books. In this thing about Martin Luther and The idea I'm a huge fan of Dan Carlin's podcast hardcore history. I talk about on the show all the time, and one of the things I talked about is that I listened to recently. Rather, as you go this hole about Luther ISM, about Martin Luther being the first guy to translate the Bible fanatically in a way that people can understand and that before The Bible was only Lana. Most unfortunate had no idea what it says. They didn't understand the words the bible- and this became like this crazy heresy. The sky done this in the Bible, so its people and its what we need. Here about shit like that, and you realize that this is the sort of always been goin on here- is this control oh, and is this this thing
that we see today with the NSA and with the idea of Jerome ones and the idea that in other into we look, we gotta check your everybody's email, just one of you might be a terrorist yeah. You almost want to stop put your hand over that. Your heart and go. Oh, my god! Dude. Do you hear what you're saying yeah like you're, a movie you're a character and a Coen Brothers movie, yeah you're, the the most evil and ridiculous of dictators ever in the most prosperous of time. But that's what identity? I think, as I do, people have moments of sanity and realise what they doing here because like if you ever like for example, Libya in I get ass. He started as a man of the people who started a revolution and then also you got these mercenaries, killing your own people and shit new, like giver. Wake up, you're sitting on the can- and you ever say, am carry my people same thing now and in in them in Syria. user sitting there you're trying to hold on to power. You like ok, fuck shit up, hundreds, thousands
people are getting fucked up. Tens of thousand people getting killed like these are my pay. I'm supposed to be like a progressive use. We educate Oxford. He must at some point know what the fuck is. Even imagine you Madge, I have to call bullshit amount self, because me saying that, like that, anyone at any point in time is like the like. You go back to Hitler. Hitler at one time was like the most evil controlling dominant dictator in history, just cause, that's where he lived like he was. He was in that time Hague eat who is dealing with the past, but if you stop like look at, members. Are you the overall numbers of humans killed like there's always some new thing? There's always some new focus point of energy and destruction, whether you go back, the Mongols you go to Hitler, you go to what you're dealing There's a human characteristic that embodies itself in a charismatic and enigmatic think about human characterised. This does distant
one need for destruction is doing things. Your turn fight of having doom done to you is almost its it's almost an unavoidable human characteristics in its it's. It's incredibly fascinating to me, friendly fastening to me this. If I was a, was an alien. Watching us from another planet trying to figure out. What's going on. I was people that would be an incredibly fascinating aspect of it. What I what I find interesting, two things: one! Is you look at that time? Let's see the thirties forties fifties and you say: ok, Hitler killed all these people very bad guy stout and killed twice as many as Hitler, very, very bad guy and MAO killed three times as many in his own country and then I point like what the fuck was going back then be nice, can point is when you look at like should like what's happening now, and you say: ok, How does it actually happen? You know like how do we get to that point?
and what happens is you know you sit there and you say: okay, I went to school and I learned this mothers, but you get cavalier- and this is all these guys in the USA or see. I remember like you know what it's like: doctors, you know. Doctors are like I deal with livers everyday, so I lick it lift up the liver. I take out the fucking thing and put it on their kind of cavalier about the liver's cops or cavalier about the mafia. Everyone's cavalier about the shit, what happens in the NSA is like yeah. It was a sin of the guys, of course, we'll listen to the guys, because so I can listen the guys who, like yeah but you're, fucking up everything, democracy, freedom, fucking, private fucking, shit, life, everything Abbott Fuckin. Will you know we we settled, we gotta, listen to these. as you know, shit them and once you but calm, cavalier about shit and to go back to it is like ok, these people aren't, you know, part of the revolution or they're, not part of the thing they've got to be done away with that's the problem is when that humanity out of shit and when you take
and it's just like your day in day out job. It's like I got to make the donuts or fry the eggs or whatever that's the problem with running a corporation when you're dealing with the bottom line time. That's a number one complaint that people have bud corporations is that they remove humanity. Air move the repercussions for doing things he environment, move the repercussions for influencing politicians. Are there directions for influencing politicians and if a government is what is it you? One of the population. Then it becomes operating procedure. Yeah absolutely in. I believe it's not only to think it's not healthy, doesn't have to happen. That way. I knows, and I think that this Something wrong with capitalism and competition, because I think that that fuels people- I think everybody looks at it in terms of competition bad and those your enemies? No, I think it fuels you to do better. Think there's
nothing wrong with being in competition with other companies. But we tried communism glacier. We try communism, it didn't work right. We'll do this capitalism works or even if it doesn't work, it's it it's a system. It can be I think that could be it is. This would be a moral capitalism, and a moral ethical, honorable capitals are but I'm just saying capitalism, one between no doubt or between communism cap, let's not perfect, but it makes more sense, and it's just one. It is it. Is there that the dominance? You can't just expect people to work if you force them. into a job, you can you're stifling creativity or your stumping, russian, your fucking up the whole cycle of humanity. You can't do it if you take out incentive. Yes, it's not gonna! Well, that's a huge problem with the doctors I am I'm not I'm not really a right wing guy in I'm, not a left wing guy, but there's a lot
like really insensitive shit. They get set about people go on welfare. You know and like the eye, de as they are, they become lazy in their own. Do shit. They just one fuckin lay around and get their check like, maybe but that's the way to handle it for humans. Like you, you can't help people, that what the problem just give a money like that, the problem is, if you look at history, there's always pretty much around ten percent of the population, the just doesn't fit it like it. Just does a different system could be, communism could be, couples could be whatever, but they just can't get shit together to work within that system, why it is hard to sit and hard and miserly hard act to anyone in the wild. Ten percent of the fucking people to just aren't gonna get there to be a glaring could be, Austria could be political. We anything just
going to be ten percent that just can't get there. They just don't get it. They can't fill out the forms they can't fucking, whatever the fuck. It is. So what do they have to do? They have to find a better gig. Wow I think it's part of the human equation discharges into the need people for some reason? Why but part of the EU integration is there's just always gonna be ten percent. The people you gotta go. I gave to the fuckin, know church the soup kitchen or whatever they're like just and they're, not going to get there they're just not going to get there. It is that just the broad spectrum of I ology of its, I think said always. Can we aim Serbs? I think right by the water who I think so I think it literally just like there's, always ten percent of the people for better or for worse. I don't know why. I don't I don't like, but its flaccid, it's a self fulfilling prophecy too.
fuck, that, once you get locked into a system of power to get it, it's very difficult hard to get it's hard to see the way out. You know, even though you see prosperity in front of you, it's hard to see a logical way to achieve that. For yourself. No, I came up. You know in answer ouch is the most anti capitalist city in the the and really here anti capitalist. Where I don't know much I know about. Montreals is beautiful and awesome. Yes, it's beautiful it's in there. It's literally one of the best cities in the fucking shout out to Joe Beef but they like they just it's a weird. You know are stick community where community they want to Ray from Canada or they did it. it is like they didn't give a fuck about success like Toronto. So much I was richer and bigger and more powerful than Toronto, and then it some point drawn us at our. You may, like New York in Montreal, said we're just gonna, fuckin Durante, so much
became like its own weird, you know better. crazy, crazy place. Toronto became a want to be in New York, so it's it's when I say anti capitalist. It's like, for example, bands. Like you know, gods you black emperor, argued fire. They like we're, not gonna, go on major labels, like you know all kinds of people, we all care about money, Hermes, visa they argue Meyer, Fire is one of the biggest you Campers like more, you know, Orkut our Kestrel cool orchestral outright, similar so who's, one of the biggest fans in the world. what change I never even heard of them. They're fuck off great. What kind of Is it your awesome pellagra? No ever forget the jazz poker rogue, reckon rock n roll Musica. I give you oughta compared to someone. That's
that's why they're so good is because I can't anybody else. Yet let me a ten of it. I don't think we can Unfortunately, I listen to it off here. How do you say their name known, sparking ire like like Arcade game fire anyway, arcade fire. Much also listened to all the way home must draws a great town, but no one cares about and by the way, that's what makes a great fantastic. I really enjoyed there. I love a lot of very smart people came out of their vice came out of there. It's a fantastic fucking is an excellent community of human beings. It's fantastic! There's that place that comedy works. You know that place no it's been around, but they do this yeah yeah yeah, just for laughs in English. They have. I was on there in ninety three yeah hold. cool sites that I want to be recognised in Bulgaria. Really Well, you can you you to go to could be. Did I
On the canadian journalist philippine story. No, we canadian journalist you that I don't think so I to make that Fucker movie what happened? Okay, I'll! Do it quick, but it's a true story There was once a time a magazine called Saturday night in a which was the only time. Canadian magazines were any good one magazine that one may is concerned, and I and they had this one writer and he was like De Ruyter. He was like to Joe Rogan Bod Cast, but of writing a magazine. Are you too kind, and so he he was like this really respected, like He was like a young. I don't know like a young huntress Thompson like coming up like changing shit anyway, he kind of disappears like goes off, and he had this young protege
right who start writing going like what the fuck happened. Oh my god, and they had they. They were like having this real like what the fuck is going on, but in the magazine it. Turns out this guy. This writer, like real, smart, incredible writer. Whenever one the Philippines, to write a story and disappeared right, and then his protege goes on. Go, find him find him right, I'm going, and then what happens is that this is now this is you got imagine this is like politically correct Canada, Like really super liberal, like rack politically correct anyway, ok, so he goes over there and it turns out that this super, like the most respected writer in the best magazine, ended up living in a whorehouse. How, with like a young, Pino girl and he's here he went like Kurtz into the junk.
please, I'm not coming back So then, actually I remember, I got this story because he came back and he was I can in a canadian supermarket, unlike using the girl back. No, he Just come back for Christmas or something supplies, and he wrote this completely. He wrote this completely scathing thing completely scathing thing about the supermarket saying. food is shared, an edible the person at the second thing is like simply face: they. Don't you Nice, I vote, can handle its but little. He just like basically had escaping thing. I cannot now you have to imagine what happened to all the people because they went attacking Canada Buck you and fuck. You know your phone so there was this huge, huge outpouring of like animosity towards the student. So then his protege goes. You know and he's like fuck this guy and what happened
We gotta figure out what happened. I gotta myself an alien fucking apocalypse now we're so exactly so. He goes over the Philippines. To get him is doing. stand how's undying ask our motion will never forget the first. line of it's it's really sanctimonious and against the sky and against his mentor and his mentor, and he he in the first line of his dispatch from the Philippines is, I shouldn't, have put my tongue into her pussy, because now it's covered with a green film. so he's gone there and he's he's gone, he's got into the heart of darkness and buys anyways, and this is all by the way and inserted my rose tinted retrospect, whereas I what agree Buddy film the outer make of like do so. Canadian Chris Talker and Bruce Willis, totally sort of like, and
intellectual like like smart guys who I'm going to the Philippines and just getting socked into this abyss of light of of of you know that why we're talking about it? If you need a location scout, I'm down. The Philippines is like one of the best spots in the world. If you're a pool player there's so many high level pull players in the Philippines like some of the greatest poplars of all times Cloud, the Philippines Apparently I don't want to play, pool after the war, the there's a lot of American GIS that were stationed in the Philippines and that apparently this is what started the billiards crazy. I may or may not be correct about this, but they're like this guy named effort rays. This is like one of the top Three pool players of all time he's a Filipino and there's like a a whole bunch of Filipinos like demand day, and this I got a million of unlike literally have so many lies-
Sue is like one small countries and what, in the numbers of like high level professional pool player in the Philippines, like top to other all the countries in the world, credible. My family for lesser is not actually a pool. First Snooker story, Snooker being, I believe, harder than form, but it's the most successful he's. Well, you on that, it's very hard, no dies? I might have been a little Durham reminder play pool to the best pool players. I think and up to the best Snucker place. Did you ever hear about this guy, I'm going to ask you cause I might have been pool to, I think it might have been pool. He was a Snucker champion than a pool champion, which guy is an english dude, big fat guy, and he drank forty pine of Beer a day Tony what the fuck, because he had a thing and he could take the pill, but he couldn't play pool or he could drink. Forty points and and he was the real world. I believe he is a whirlpool champion for a day
two or three years. He was a sucker guy, but he won the pool, but he had to drink forty beers a day because he had a murmur, in his arm I don't know, but I love that shit amazes, like your five feet to but you're gonna be, like you know the the vast Basque about where you have Fuckin thing, we're your arm, doesn't move, you're gonna be in a pool player. But if you drink enough, you can do it. The best story ever yeah control over a spastic arm yeah. I don't know who that is. We look that up. There's so many already forty point, today Pool and from where from UK? yeah, there's a lot of snucker players that wind up doing really well in pool because they have really good fundamentals because it's a smaller pocket, it's really difficult to pot what they call upon longer yards bigger table, small budgets? It's a very very, very, very difficult game, but it's a different game your Cuba and moving moving the cuban around four position ball. The Basel II is slightly bill where
Minister Guy nuke? What did he ran, though? Did he was a poor champion to or just one best dress dork girl January January, forty seven through two and and three was canadian professional snickering pool player recognisable for his earth. He nicknamed big bill How do you know this? Is the guy? Is it when I googled way like the forty pounds a day here, alcohol consumption was sir. I can't really was notify he up to thirty pines logger per day said that he generally drink around six pints of logger before match and then one pint for each frame. He said he did it to contract a benign tumor that he had oh wow yeah a tumor later in his career. He also took a pro polina. A better black to cope with the effects of these. Did he ever win the pool championship? I think it was pool and Snucker
there's a lot of those guys that come out world Snucker Championship four times, there's a bunch of Snoke chance that have become really good at pool. They start doing really well and like the Moscone CUP, and they start doing really well on the pro tour. I know if you guys have won Darren, Appleton who's a Snucker champion and he played Engle Shape ball to he won the english word. It's just a different different style of what happened to eight ball, The color of money is no pool ban. Pause people don't play its too hard. Video games are easier. It's easier to run out in a video game when you're playing, especially if you're, gambling or you're playing in a tournament when you're playing pool it's really difficult to hold your nerves together, shot the shot, and it's very challenging, it's very challenging mentally. Why was a ball so big? was because you yet more options and people got that suck. They liked this whole bunch. Basel
place and they can pick anyone. They want to shoot that that's initially, but a poll is a very strategic game, because when you deal with fifteen balls supposed to nine, how many people want to slice their risk right now and jump off a building, Samemonth, the one you we have like a really high level player. Then it becomes interesting because then it becomes very strategic because you have to figure out what I choose should choose. Colors should stripes, because one of them there's turn and the other one it doesn't exist, and so I have to figure out whether or not I can get out and when you play in a high level player. It's it's all about the percentages that you can clear. The frame clear, the table rights, that's what it's all about. If you watch like the best players like the Efron raises in earnest glens, it's all about. If you give them a chance to get loose, then they start clearing tables. They start running out racks and hit you with packages. Earl Strickland about ass, his mother, Fucker was
and there was a things this guy- see J Wily, whose very famous pool player in world champion real high level player himself was a promoter of this event, and he insurance policy on the event that If anybody ever ran ten racks in a row, they would get a billion dollars the odd do you run in ten racks. If you live a hundreds of lifetimes or like a hundred to one the nobody run ten racks, because if you break and run out, even if you like you, get hit a guy with like a six pack like the you getting a shot on the one ball, the first opening ball they're, so small, because you break when you break ball scatter randomly you don't know have so the idea that a guy can now tender Rossini impossible. put a million dollar insurance policy on it. Where Earl tricula. Is this crazy dude from North Carolina, and he does not give one tenth of one fuck ok so he's in there and he's playing in this tournament- and he knows it, there's a ten rack, one million our challenge. So he starts blast and nine balls in run.
package's he's one in seven not he's making half able length combinations on the nine Balikh saying shit. They would never do of your plane for a million dollars. He's free stroke in for a million dollar serenity runs a weapon racks. Just ten eleven file, com, boughs and just one and stupid, rags banking out for the cheese, what it's like unbelievable pool plan and they don't want to give him the money. Why? Because, as a definition of running a rack like if you make a combination on the nine ball. It's like a three nine combination. You know is that running the rack know: what did you? What did you decide? Is it winning the game? Because nine ball is a game where you run one ball to the two ball to the three ball you always got to hit.
The lowest numbered ball on the table. Everything is wild right, and so it's a it's a game of packages putting packages the guy the ends of the guy, putting to get a ten racket. So what happened? They had to settle out of court? They had to give them like a percentage the cheese they didn't give it all to them, but unfortunately the world, we'll, never know how crazy that is, because if you ve never play pool you don't know how in saying that is like getting like eighteen holes in one doesn't make sense, I gonna fuck. Did he do that? How the fuck did you run eleven Iraq's at a row on tight tables for a million dollars grows? Decide people reach those weird height those weird cash Clay versus Cleveland, Big CAT Williams, heights, we'll watch a guy performed you Jesus Christ we just hit some new level, it some new revolutions fermented has never been achieved before, but people understand that shit
to me pool is like it's an art form that the only people that appreciate the people that do it. You don't a volume I can appreciate it and you think a lot less people play for, yeah. Well, I'm not sure I mean I play pool the other day, but but immediately to another level, you take a look at this dirty levellers. Now Well. My poor was my my saviour, my my bridge, which getting injured in martial arts and then becoming a Santi comedian. Who was my bridge because I had tore my acl and I was still like, I was still competing and then a trauma ACL, I have like a six month downtime or had do real knowledge. Ass, and I was a ton I got addicted to port was Durham. I zones to walk around pool was stress on my knee and I became fascinated with its four, It's not easy to do, and so I went from this this, credibly psychotic connection to martial arts is incredibly psychotic connection to that. So,
came like a way for me to get out all these ideas that I have my head about like about. Like compete, being against things about like knocking in things in controlling things. It's like a vehicle like anything else. As you see everything bad ass, badminton players, you're slinger, some do me to check out high level bad mint and online. I'm like what and he's like you'd be surprised like he was all these fakes and all these different movements, I'm like okay, yes, yeah, It's crazy! It's! But if you don't know, if you I bet, if you play bad mint and you're, like God, damn bad mittens the shit right. But if I ask you hey Shane Smith, would you like to play bad Pitt with me you play? Can I call you back playing badminton. The fuck. Are you talking about? That's a dead man's game. What are you living in nineteen? Seventy? What do you have a white when when was the highlight of Batman and the
country never never happen forever. It's a Gulf gay! I mean it's a lawn game, some shit, you doing your backyard the croquet down, if you have you and decent Kirkham down overwhelming a big? I don't even know, I guess I was nothing. It's a tennis, its contents with your ball who's. This guy and wiser you holding up ten fingers, is trying to get me out here. What do you got this next week where you going next I have to go, have a business dinner, what times that we probably missed it there. You have shown us it's only four p for Pierre. Why etc, I thought it was like. I have It was two in the morning. It should be checked at this be. This never bring us these other people dumping them anymore. They probably cause problems, they want to control things, hold up fingers tables. schedules, this nonsense, all nonsense. You done mushrooms, you know what I'm saying: don't fucking bullshit me here unless ten things
nonsense. This is eternity right here this guy is encrypted, for some data should be the projected a cave wall like them with the day Shane Smith Tromp signed it would be able to say we all figured it out the day. We realize that we're like a couple years away from getting a shit together. I hope so are you supposed to be out of business? We in our name right stories about nice flowers and shed shit winner, yes, Flowers and low job hand, jobs and ice cream how to give the best, job with flour and how to go gluten free. All those things is at the future, What is that? Why you play an elephant? Sometimes you have ideas in your head and what you need to do is you need to count to ten and at the end of that ten, if you have,
any doubt whatsoever that this is a good idea. Don't do that's my advice, you I like to work as restrictions to work with love love, will land mines and roadblocks. And that's what he's here for his letters. I know it doesn't make sense to most people, but I think I have talk to a plasma just dealing with it deal with the best I can. How has been husband, stop with the sole fact. Was the Adam Corolla show oh shit. No, he did no. He from CAT Williams, Jamie Fox Type, shit, okay, just joking around how's hpo begging, you enjoying it yeah Nice, I really like the show man his demand by the way on demand. Yeah oh I suppose greatest they have the greatest. The two greatest in the history of humanity to grant shows ever the surprise
game of thrones. There's! No second! That's it! There's not even dead wood. How dare you I heard the wires really good, but I know I never. I never watched more than two episodes of the wire and I did enjoy it, but I never got any dead. What I was like, I don't believe they swore that much yeah. I loved Edward. thrones is awesome, spreads. Does it too asked, in my opinion, my two favorite all time, but I gotta be honest. It sounds crazy, but that show Showtime show the terrorist guy. What does that show home Homeland Homeland, That is right, fuck it up their rightful economic and walking dead, is and isn't episodes walking daddy like is this the six million our man that I go back a fuckin time? My watch is Steve. Asterophyton big foot, this shit retarded. There's this episode the walking dead. We like who wrote this one find em town to stop Tom to stop
do with this: how did this happen, but then this other one, if you had to want to show what would yeah me too? No, not even second, because to me it's like they're, making the more they're making. What is it the woman from Gilmore Girls, Lord of the radio they're doing Lord of the rings every week, like the literally doing it or doing something's better better than Lord of the rings, because the thing about Lord of the rings and I'm a by the way I should state this- I'm a huge dorm, An are talking dork s name are J J R talking on rats ear rings. I read the moment. I was a young boy and I remember them being like amazing amazing like just this is apes from life and was a huge fan of their work, but the prob is that these books are incredibly long and to condense them into a movie and keep the subtle new Azure story like a beautiful things, was like the
the struggle of Bilbo bag and carrying this ring in the hope that this is so much there's so much to it and hundreds and hundreds of pages that the charter can Instead to a movie, you gonna mess a lot of what made a cool since why the harm it was to me, I had to see it is my duty as a fan to see it, but it was like and then this happens, and then that happens like I. I don't invested, I don't feel it's like. I feel like you're. Rushing this whole idea and I'm not I'm not connecting with it. But game of thrones are like here the falcon Diabetic and there's some coming now from the and Antarctic and they go gangster. All humanly possible. They make the sopranos look like access, mystery, red weddings, God damn don't say anymore to our spoiler. There is an amazing show, and I think that that's one of the cool downsides two or to cool upset, to the downside of the film industry, it's
harder and harder for the film industry to China. What is that bad? It means in his game, its harder and harder for the film industry is harder for people with a regional. I D is to get the May well and that this happened yes and we made on line, as we were saying, are not like what the you'd not respect me. It sounds like or my standard lands in no dog would talk about bad men. Targets should on bad men since way back. Do we find the golden age of them now it never happened. This was an idea, but the pros like they are really pad ass. If you watch like really high level ping pong guys you'll be fucking prison, it's crazy! How far do they get away from the table like I get really far? ping. Pong guys have to, because that shit is coming and crazy and you got to be able to dart in and dart out. You got to have these explosive, fast, twitch muscle, fibers, and it to tell you that our house COS of the is you're like now calling the greatest
ping pong game over yellow retard that It is a lot more slung oriented. I don't like other sports I'll pop come on professional. Can I say to you miracle: China, Ping Pong Championship Canal and aboard Fucker. and I have enough things if this too many things at em obsessed with a ready. The last thing I want to do it was getting on now America, verses, North Korea for war but they have to play a game of ping pong. Whoever wins you have to call it. What you? Yes, sure I'm a patriot. I would do that. I think that would be interesting. ago that would be like full on running man. Out of this second wouldn't go well. There we pay more attention to bad men and their close to death. So private real problematic here.
Come back to what material tab and do a small shit. I was you put another whom the arm badminton. All those games that are like really old that have been around for a long time, polo and shit like how much longer can polo keep going. At a certain point of time, I'm going to run out of rich. You know what the weird thinking about is they don't actually play Pato they don't. No. What do they do? What if this happens? They hire the dews. This is, Whole thing I was like because we are coachellas on the Polo Grounds so we went out early to film this thing that others polo here and it's all the argentinian, ringers and gaian ringers, that the guys their teams, what they pay, like hundreds of thousands, have the team and then they, but they, play themselves? They hire a young buck, took home. Blame you like what
doing so hire a guy like a wild dude to ride their horse, their ball there you go so there they essentially there, the people that own horses and team, so they have someone represent them individually. Is it's it's of ringers. It sounds like Do central at five doors dude, she is people ever like how many more years can polo keep going yeah I found out to do like super in I don't think it. Thank you comes from back. So whatever, which is what the guys had or really That makes it way better or also now they do with like a sheep, a sheep pen or sheep, an actual you have like pull the sheep through the field wow with some point: how do you hook up to you with your hands? reach out and grab and the horse runs yeah. Then the other people to get the sheet it looks like
Paul over with a sheep. Does anybody the internet, but that portfolio came from. They need the internet to your question last yeah there's a lot of those old school sports that you like come on on the decathlon, really really Bruce Jenner? What else we got? What's the oldest sport? Ok, how about curling that should they do in Canada has pushed us we're lookin hockey parks across dies, brooms yeah. The sweep the Swedes Isley gas, nice clean. the thing really slides, I know what you're even talking one, the muzzle hilarious sports of all time, and now you're, like the best worries these people live in up here, it's called a spark d like there's gotta, be more cool share. We can do in the calls when I guy smooth areas further, because this is an era. When you start with curling, I'm like fuck you
Curling is awesome daylight, let's slide smooth rights. That should be a better than like animated movies are interesting books, banking, oh yeah. How did they become like a big sport? and get so big that it became in the Olympics. Curling is in the Olympics. I don't know, that's pretty insane. how? Who else does it like aliens and who else we always win just do it. It you're win the craziest games all of all time. Maybe Finland, Finland, FUCK Finland, I don't really mean that to all I finished friends. Sushi would have said fuck Denmark said Denmark. I don't mean that America's. I don't mean that neither are they good at it. There are good at it's a handle. It's got a handle on a fucking. I don't even know what's happened, we're talking about cure. The problem is there? Was this one drunk podcast that went south?
No, it's perfect Ngos that have sounded now air or Thailand, Denmark and cure great people? We love them. We joke about this to fuck me fuck. I don't mean anything. I was saying we're just talking shit. This is called talking shit. If you love me, I can talk shit about you. You can talk shit about me, we're playing yeah, we're not being serious. We don't really need FUCK, Denmark. I have no animals, so Denmark see jokes they're, not even good jokes, we're just swinging on their folks trying to make you happy. Okay, no one's trying to hurt anybody's feelings special people from some frozen country, fails to do so. I'm just kidding. I made that part up smells like ques, place you just made that he made them I support him. They smells like we ve there shit, you know what. If a pussy smells like fish, that means there's old come inside of it allegedly. No, I just mean she's got fish in her pussy no shit
we have all been didn't, really have a fight about this last time. I highly doubt that we did I said the two kind of sperm, so just one sperm that goes for the egg and one yeah and you're like oh hell. No, no! No! Actually there is no sperm fighting other sperm. It was unfortunately disproven because it's a beautiful theory. The idea that there's some sperm that serve the only purpose they serve is to kill fighting fighting sperm. That's not true. Apparently it was, One? Guy wrote a book, let's, let's it's been pretty much. I've got to say I don't want it to be disproved. I don't want it to be disproven either. That's the problem! I'll! Do it this new shall I'm doing is a lot of shit. Just proven proven. I don't really want to be disproven, like God, damn really good for you, though I don't know if it was you, but I told somebody I said: there's two types of sperm one that goes for the egg and one that faces firmly said now: that's not you but
the penis is shaped like a to scoop to scoop out the sperm listener. Yes, that's true that, as I was about to say if you're saying that, there's not two types of firm but yeah, the plunger shits true. Well, it's shape the shape. That's in violent, we're not screwing with the plunger, but the two types of firm. Not right are you talking about dolphin com? I can't remember I was covered in dolphin. You know that you know God damn well was covered in dollar. You come. I told I actually touch stay dolphins, vagina, on mushrooms at zero. That's that's frowned upon what no we're aloud it- and I didn't know that the vagina was shut like like you, can't see it when it shut just a line, and I was just like: oh that would hold up in court except the fact you talked about it before you went down the fuck you Craver Dolphin, create. He really dogs about hatred,
If they want to take him to court for a deadline of dolphin, they would say we would like to take you back to April two thousand and eleven post. You indeed say I wanted to do it being inside their asshole. No sir. Oh my god. I can't remember that. I think that was upload or a new to rest for a your. They were. I bought the Kodak Pitcher cities that they want to have it. did the principle behind this guy's idea of sperm wars? Is that the somehow another sperm are competing for me, announce it dominant again and then some sperm were sent in to kill a sperm but a coup to most interpretations of the work on line. What they're saying is that really like shitty research and that they they can't really prove that sperm serve any other function other than penetrating an egg. And then some sperm just died and like this is bad research. Yeah yeah in there it is never did they haven't shown here. His approve want, no,
evidence for sperm or other selective interactions between human spiritism in spermatozoa in ejaculates of different, males in vitro, so there's no evidence of them actually trying to kill each other inside there, which makes sense a coward sperm be so complex that could not only pregnat someone which is incredibly complex, conveyors the gene for right and then also they can kill other sets yeah, it's a good idea like four to write a book, but it isn't makes sense, but neither does anything needs eyesight, now how does the ability to smell fart? How does that make sense? You can't even see them you smell them. This doesn't make sense how can you hear something? Not even there like what is it hearing. What does it mean? I'm not sure does make sense, but it's real hearing things. The idea that you can.
Tell in what direction you just drag that Jack Daniels bottle across the table. I could tell by my hearing that doesn't make sense. Nothing makes sense. Am I right very big bottle how much talk and shit could be both But I don't think this killer. Sperm thing is real and our, I wasn't argue in you in this round Moriarty away, and I wish it was true, I believe in it more than Bigfoot do you believe in it more than Scientology? No Santa is legit. If you have money you can buy rankings and some fake church thing. You don't believe in Bigfoot Oral. You don't believe in big hell. No, I don't. Leaving big for that's the dumbest shit. Ever I mean like look at Charlie Shin with his little ones. Lock ness monster ship, Charlie Sheen. Going down to go, find the Loch Ness Monster getting what is provided. They must have good crack of the body.
Elegant work sounds cooler. I believe that there is a God Zella that sounds cooler behind our islanders makes sense. Prime, goes it no like that. Makes more sense than fuckin big, then Bigfoot? Why then make less sense? Why tell me just as a complete outsider, because it's been already perhaps the old bigfoot, like videos and staff, I've already been proven that it's been just hoaxes well and just everyone is trying to make this bullshit thing be real when it really it's just a bunch of hoaxes, there's, definitely a lot of hokes, I mean yeah. There might be monkey that lives in the woods. But that's not the big foot that everyone else's talking that anyone else's tongue when all these hoaxes so like to believe in and put to those two things together is just really just like our move on getting this way about something. That's real, like AIDS! Well I'll tell you what like doing this show that I've been doing and actually going and looking for Bigfoot. I hear you
but I also go there just thing about looking for big foot, is I wanted to but semi seriously. I went into it for this I show, and my idea was that you know what man I really would like for bigfoot to be real. Goodall says Bigfoot real. I mean she, believes she believes. One hundred percent she's absolutely sure. There's an undiscovered primate said by the uniformity of the sightings by the fact that Gigantopithecus was a real animal that mimic the size shape. The fact that it was bipedal, oh lived, recently is one hundred thousand years ago, and this is just the bones that they found. They didn't even find those bones, so the nineteen twenty so at least a giant window of possibility. Then you go there and I'm telling you man, you go to the Pacific Northwest and you walk around you go, no one knows what's up here I mean you out there. We went to Mount Rainier and we went into the woods. You just take a road into the woods, the dirt road. You go a couple miles down and that's what we started to make camp and you go off in the
words from their urine the dimension you're you're goddamn, avatar movie, I mean It goes on for hours and thousands of square but there's a lot of people walking those woods Brian, I'm telling you the penetration by human beings, extremely limited you'd have to go there to understand it. I joked round about it before we actually went there, but once I once actually there in Duncan I went wandering through the woods were like oh no what the fuck is appear. Like literally, we sent these drones abode with cameras above the woods to get a view and you're talking about just in to the horizon. As far as you can see, and no one's there. It's just dense trees like a box, acute tips, it sounds so silly that just Crazy monkey live in the woods, sounds so silly, but the reality is no one knows what the fuck is. So why again do like Jim?
and gorillas. So much and no sorry hate them so much but love! No, I don't I don't hate any of them. I don't hate. Changes are irrelevant, dab where free terrible, I would have said big foot and where was well. It's all. So I know that human beings are dangerous, I know I know a lot of dangerous human beings physically dangerous, mentally dangerous human beings can be very dangerous, so the potential for destruction trying to manage and mitigate TAT is fascinating to me. and you see something that takes it to a complete different level like a gorilla and how ass one. this without say one of the fascinating things is are obviously not a smart as us, so and what do they get instead? Well, they get the ability to swing from branch to branch of fly from tree to tree. That's what a chimp gets at is, really get. What gets a lie in the ground does give a fuck. Is I'm worried about jaguars jaguars best up the fuck away from a gorilla? Nobody wants a with the gorilla lions don't want to fuck with a gorilla elephants, don't want to fuck the gorilla. They look at
They got out Jesus Christ logistical over here, that's what they do. So I think there's that in others that this The idea that this this weird sort of balance to the world and these dumb fuck is eaten? What why roots and pull him out there, the strongest things I've ever live. If you have a legal guerrilla, but Paul team that co that fucking team would be undefeated throughout human. He loves Sasquatch, I love all of it. I'm Look, I'm fascinated by everything they can kill me every in this dangerous everything. That's that's wild, because I think they were too used to these things. We just accept the fat I went to the zoo. Recently I was in Colorado. Like dysentery or lime, Stick shared all that shit to lime. Disease is terrifying man. I tweeted something about lime disease. Recently, lime disease is fairly recent, so I been the last few decades that people have either been diagnosed by this or contracted this, but lime disease is terrifying and it's also been connected to more jealous
you know, Morgellons is it's crazy disease. Where you have the fibers growing out of your policy. It's been connected to hyper characterization, but that's what's that's what's terrifying to me? Is that shit, yeah, terrifying or the flues horrify. This is all stuff were covering on on. My new show, too, is there's a whole episode on diseases and the idea of these these these twenty days later type scenario. How possible, as it is, bioterrorism, bio martyrs. The idea that someone can now give someone a disease and send a monopoly, These are all things that are being considered. I am not in any way shape or form in support of the government being able to read your emails. I feel that the whole thing is just deuce tactic, but if you really, There was some twenty eight days later shit common or the potential of stopping. It was only achieved through monitoring everything you need me
You didn't do it. I think that the problem is you the result as a sort of bureaucrats with just as our common yeah of course, of going over there in his eyes and at some point you have to say where there has to be some sort of privacy. There has to be some sort of democracy there s some sort of something, and and sure like they should get better at at at data gathering, but they shouldn't watch all of our shit. All the time, it's also like who's, who gets to do this, like our these regular p are they the most moral of of all of us if they ve been proven to be the most qualify? to sort of dispense, knowledge and gambling that I'll just go talk to guy I know everything about is shit yeah. It might be that yeah and he twenty ran. Do that that already simpler? Have the people are people gonna do yeah, but but
some people know everything about other people, but I think tat I am certainly not in favour of all this happening, but what what I am and what I am It is about. Is the debate? I'm excited about the debate of information, distribution of information and the discussion on possibilities, controlling it and if there even viable, because I've becomes a, I think that becomes a real question. so what do you think is Snowden? I don't know. I have these I add my ideas very wildly, and none of them are substantial, like substantiated or whatever. The word is: Was you can't I made it up you can't I think you can't really make an accurate prognosis. Think is of people lovely reviewing what this exponential course of text She's gonna take us too, but I wonder radically, like Wiki Wiki, leaks versus Non Wikileaks, so so they live get and we know, but it's weakening us, but they
leaked it and we know more and actually it started. This whole thing that we I take it to a crazier level. I think Bunny itself is going to be invalid we're gonna reach a point time where information is so freely distributed. That money is essentially information. This point ones I was keen Liddy on hard drives in and databases they dont really mean anything anymore. We're not the satellite one dollar is, will one paper note? Is one pound of gold doesn't mean that animal rights, in this weird stage where everything's digital and trend seems to me at least to me too. The uneducated try to follow the trans seems to be for a d. all thing of all the barriers between people and information, and if money becomes information, which is what it is just ones and zeros how you get us people from controlling and maybe dispensing that want. Ones and zeros, and if something comes along during that process of of confusion,
of integration. Something comes along, that sort of red, distributes people's competitive edges and turn them into a social thing. It says. Listen the money thing really do otherwise things just like sort of evenly spread it out like Datsun you'll possibility- and what do you think, you're bitcoin them I dont know too much about it. I don't know about how cure. It is how how much it could be manipulated. I wonder if idealistic people who get involved in some sort of a counterculture currency, how much? How much can that currency be manipulated by some? a truly understand finances. I might have actually just a new pawn new game that we fuck up here. We have the new pact man, so it's or they shouted down. Yeah could be that to the they could be sabotage it they can tank. It there's a lot of weirdness to any sort of a new currency, but its excite
that someone's willing to entertain the possibility for you now. But it's scary to because people that are in control of this world are not going to let go lightly. That's the problem! That's why we need to get the mind you shouldn't trust. Xbox live currency. more than a bitcoin you, I really. I really trust to keep my money in live points. baby boy is like a man, whereas I gotta go. I don't know I hold. You probably know. If it is that it's it's obviously an alternative currency, so people are using it for different shit and they're, saying well how long until they shut them down, but they're saying well we're going to operate in such a way that you can't shut us down. Well, it's very interesting, anything that happens on the internet, where the gall anonymous e he go. All free ball, when you go out there Bitcoin in this, if we realise that these people are coalescing, they have these ideas. The measure lands. Ok: here's a new car,
say boy what happens now, what is it doing? When is someone wanted to say, hey, let's all meet in Sweden, we got a spot thousand acres start building houses, that's like, That's one of those things I think has happened throughout human history. Is this a reason my America exists and these people? like so pro America but Tied change have to understand. and is only one reason why this spot is populated by white people. That's because England, sucked it was fucking terrible, it was a mess and they got into this breaking point. Where people like we gotta get the fuck out. We got a risk, our lives get on a boat. We have to do get through the ocean survive plague have to get over there. This is, not going to work anymore and that that's it and they created, in my opinion, is the greatest nation the world has ever known and that trend to continue. It doesn't mean it's bad for the people in power. It just means They have to understand that growth has to be achieved.
have to move on and what things are illuminated that show very clearly that there's inequities that things were all wrong? They have to be corrected, still make money, but he can make money just cut the shit. You know got to understand. What's moral and what's out there going what's not and when things become really transparent get away with just fuckin. Put a bullet profess. People set out with guns. You gotta come up with answers. Yet you gotta tell people yeah, I know words control, but we're trying to evolve as well, where going as well, where human beings as well we ve made mistakes, run a bad path. We ve following the momentum of barbarous people from the big of time to today, and maybe we didn't realize the repercussions of our actions that actor we would perhaps even happier if we didn't engage them. And then slowly the dust settles, that's the rosy picture That's the rosy picture of humanity is,
The crazy monkeys meet in the middle of the street and hey go all right. We don't need to do this anymore right. Okay, how do I I don't want? This is not making me happy, find another fucking outlet find an outlet for that. All those assholes that out there the world. They need you to analyze the need to go around choke unviable to take a more class. Get their ass kicked, stop trying to dominate the planet, which is ridiculous, Deanna suppression If it was me, I download this podcast and deleted immediately a certain point in time like we all know this. I know you know this. Somebody doesn't know that, though that's the problem sure, so if they did know it, and it's not happening at a certain point in time when you say things that you would like to happen, but they don't have a go. We fucking stop with your utopian bullshit. I don't think it's a bad idea, maybe about, I didn't be nice to each other, don't think it's a bad idea. Tat figure
better way to control the resources of the world. That's because you know you grew up your old and you're, like you know what? Let's not just fight, let's just hey, but could you imagine if you imagine, if you were the head of, like you, know some gigantic oil company or some huge bank, and you just making just on cod links- sums cash like your strapped onto a roller coaster and your flying down through a river of million dollar bills, covering you constantly Europe's or being money every second of the day, just constantly buying cities and families in private jets. Getting your dick sucked and its and tat intoxicating and impossible to get off that ride that right is so phone No one knows questions. You you're walking around. You have a million butlers and you just tell everybody what the fuck to do and you get in your jet and you
fly to Paris. Need you do you want? That's? That's! That's the people that have the most money in this world that's further at they're at resent ridiculous position, where no one should have ever. Let them get to the point where they can have a boat that seven hundred feet long happen there. What did you do you of numbers around that's a boat did even sell anything holder whose, making the most of us alone, gimme. A research on the cell life was a billion half hour just coming out of a slump. Why do they fucking say I don't know we'll be taking this now. This will be our shit and the same thing here. It's like okay, as a guy who does a hedge fund, whose hedging against the economy who has a four hundred foot yacht? Okay I know you re against us when he figured out a way to manipulate the system and extract money in some weird way. It's legal, you know and he's allowed to like be a baller. Do I mean the guy in India? How does he make all that money? What is he doing? But I sort
I think that the indian way of dealing with it is more appealing for just go out unless what he did. I dont think that the way to die a riot up every time someone is more, no still Robert. I would actually tried it in war yeah, that's the worst doesnt work. What does work chain Psmith, an obvious you ve seen on vice what? What Think works. What's like the best system in this country in this world, rather. In Canada. No, I mean anywhere where you make a lot of money. It's going to be. Okay, that's that's the best. You gotTa Switzerland, everything's great works and is clean. in nice and Germany toilets in Switzerland, in particular. Has it small its rich so like? If you go to a toy their its awesome. If you go like, I need something whenever Atossa was right, healthcare whenever
But you know it's small, rich. That's the thing is smaller rich's good. You know if, if you're going to, if you're going to pay, you know for for those things for public benefit, then it has to be rich, so the using a european countries like Switzerland, like now I mean I mean what I'm saying is as those countries are like, where you see something that works like your works, because it costs a lot of money. Make it work in. If you want it doesn't work when you go to countries that do not have a lot of money, the system does not work as a breakdown. This is also a debate this country about about, like how difficult is getting getting Canada and of talk to my friends bothersome like it. I think it's good view run a great guy Canada. You want people to come and have had. a lot easier to get into Canada than America? Is it because I only know one way, but I know that a Canada. Won't let you in. If you have a dui or friends ever: do you I can't get it can do the same with states. Is it
criminal record criminal record. You sense so there, but so they're illegal, but so smaller richer countries, where, like Switzerland, where they get their money from bankers and sang to make knives to make cool nice training make good cheese. What are you doing? Some money, all right? What is wigglers? Okay, we're going to move rap. The side in you guys have to get your. do. You have something else to do. You do something else tonight. So how are they going to deal with the fact you're all fucked up very used to it? That's what I'm saying although like Emma yeah. I got to go to you know you see my buddy in there like what are you doing really and I'm like? Well, I have a friend that you know oh I wouldn't erosion there like. Are you not come you're, not gonna make it gonna, make it everything's gonna, be fine. People need to relax about these silly things around our wrists. Okay this is just as a suggestion, a certain time and place when you get it
certain age, if you really still have to listen to that, you've made a mistake. Okay, a certain point in time, unless you're catching a flight Can things and the egg? He got better the people that have them, even more Ballard than actually having a watch. I have another due to where's the watch you're like I don't want to be burdened by metal. Let's tell me when my meeting arises, so I can collect more ones than zero watch. Martin yeah there you go, make sense. Kids got knowledge look. Thank you awesome. Whoever your friend was that we called in the last podcast and apparently I was drunk, and I said rude things to him that I didn't really mean it was just for the sake of comedy fellow who was it Matt Ruskin. Matt Ruskin, I'm so sorry he's a big boy. We were fine, we were lit up, we were it, we were so lit up and the next day. I wasn't really sure that I remembered it even happening. I thought maybe someone was trying to suggest some shit and plant some false memories, one of my favorite podcasts of all time. It was fun
number was know, tell people if they want to download a good one of me being belligerent. Three thirty, eight powerful Jamie. Three. Thirty eight Jane Smith bad Motherfucker? I love you man, I love you too buddy. This is a lot of fun. This is always always fun vice economy. Freaks, get your shit together, and on and on each beyond doubt. I watch it stream it. Oh, I know what I'm doing tonight so, Sir, things up sperm. Worse, not true. Sperm are killing sperm, there's no sperm wars, thanks to these stem God is the cold war J R e save yourself some money. Thanks to legal zoom use. code, name, Rogan. Savers some money there. This weekend, San Diego Brian Red Ban would be. There were Tony hinge, clear, fair knight, errant clay authorities. Only then Brown story, Sierra Dexterity, are we got you
she's down their benches doubtful yoshi. We got some secret guess. We also might black been in there and its also like during COMECON, so little a bunch of weird characters midnight. Midnight shows who's on the earlier shows per se, so be it ass. A brain pursuing early death Squad Party late at night and you gotta, be special guess beautiful, Jesus Louisa, ladies and gentlemen, how can you go wrong? thanks also to honour that calm, gotta, oh and an eye, tease code, name, Rogan and save yourself. My next gig will be with the Great Tom Secure and that's the twins six of July in Seattle at the more theater and me and Tommy bonds with Iraq in the house and then August succeeds in Boston at with the Wilbur theatre.
Bull shows are sold out, unfortunately, notice. How I said sold out, I don't even use a knitting. I give no fuck that with Jelly ideas and irish ferries in boom suck upon it and then the pact's theatre in Milwaukee on the thirtieth of August love the fuck out of you guys and we'll see you next week. I'm gonna do a podcast with Duncan, while I'm on the road and we're going looking for ufos and shit questions find how big kisses.
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