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#401 - Doug Benson

2013-10-08 | 🔗
Doug Benson is a stand-up comedian and also stars in movies such as "Super High Me" and "The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled" Currently Doug hosts his own podcasts "Doug Loves Movies" and "Getting Doug with High"
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ha ha ha powerful freaks of the world do you hear that low enerji ha ha ha ha not like brians normal do you know why folks because he's got the super aids super looks so brian has to go to the doctor today forcing him to go to the doctor please whoops that was never do shit every time i go there they say just well look at all your your aids and all your aids cancels each other out like it's battling brian red billiard diseases are duking it out in your system you just i don't know you can't you can't be sick for four five days in a row without at least getting looked at as i have something they can go oh you have this here's that you know the non eating
i think it's really starting to get me yeah that's not good dude you could have a parasite you could have something you might have eaten something it's very possible doesn't catch you smoke a certain strain of marijuana that makes you hungry and less nauseous and i tried to smoke weed last night and just made me puke wow well the not good it's not a good thing that sucks and that has nothing to do with squarespace dot com which is are far can sponsor square space come if anybody is ever used it to make a website where you can look through your webcam and take a look at brian and find out what's wrong installing that's coming right yeah that kind of technology that's going to be available there going to be able to look at you and go dog we see what's up your photo of you like real close up your retina or some shit and then in the future most people look in there and go up dogs got an issue with his bladder i was looking for a body part that was
too dangerous hi is this is the key key to the bladder one of the letters of the latter my i think my logic is i know that they can make platters they've found a way to make bladders are gonna test too can they can if you're problems with your liver is that replaceable they can they can certainly transplant livers they even but you can also transfer in a piece of your liver live is a weird livers like they regenerate so if i deliver breaks open if you get in a dangerous car accident or something like that sometimes you can have like serious liver damage by even if you lose a piece of your liver liver can kind of regenerate so the i yeah is you can transplant like part of someone's liver you can help them by giving them a piece of your liver and then that can sort of you know jumpstart their little system and then their liver i guess i don't know if it grows or what i need to find that out for us
talking about it i don't know if it grows but i know that you can donate a piece of your liver you should make a website on square space that for people that want to donate organs are cooked the whole idea of donating organs wow which is we're fucking so up in parts that tax deductible when you donate an organ anyway go make a website fuck squarespace dot com it great slogan for them comcel website fucks me and doug actually hung out with these square space people all weekend we ran some square spacers yet my food podcast they gave out free what do you the bloody marys to everybody 'cause it was a breakfast edition that's better than square space but bloody marys for everybody but then later that night at the bar there is a girl from square space is just like anyone standing at this bar were buying drinks are you serious place bassist gangster yeah
yes he has great influences i wouldn't do that though what it what if you know if you're buying people drinks they tend to get up and then they tend to do stupid with a up then you get in trouble for it was you know very last college a sin when this went down in a hotel bar you know hotel bars like to close at weird times right like two hours before they could be may they could've been made me to an adult you know turn it on there's more than two hundred and two hours worth selling booze to a bunch of nerds at a podcast festival now now we gotta shut it down so it was less school so like she only had to buy like two rounds though so we can go crazy on it but it was still it's very very key square space very generous yes it's a cool company that does things like that it's also a gangster move their buying drugs yes they did who wants to get fucked up that's what they did they just said who wants to get fucked up no one's drinking and not get fucked up i got news for you there's a lot of liars out there but well i just you know i enjoy a drink you enjoy getting fucked up ok i'm not saying you getting all the way fucked up but if you
have a drink you're getting a little fucked up how you're starting to get fucked up square space is getting people fucked up it was crazy on that ass episode where they were wanting your sponsors they're nice people if they choose to let us go because we're telling the truth how dare you how dare half buried square space they wouldn't do that but is so we just get to this if you know if you listen to us going with the fuck is square space jesus christ shouldn't say jesus christ like that people get mad santa claus same golly santa claus um it's not funny the same to me folks square this is a way to build an awesome website online with their web site you can use their website to make websites super to do and you don't even have to enter in your credit card information when we're trying out their service and they have over twenty
i asked designs works on everything ipods androids fucking mix if you're one of those weirdos when those gangster actor hacker type characters i'm basically i only use unix based space will work on that shit too and you can set up an online store super easy to do and brian is probably built twenty websites since they've been our spot like in these built every single one of 'em during the time that it takes us to do this commercial it's really that easy and it's fucking ridiculous and like i said you can try it out before you actually enter your credit card information you can make your own website and then you like you was pretty fucking badass boom you give me credit card information and then if you use the old joanne the number ten you will get ten percent off your first purchases on new accounts including monthly and annual plans so that square space dot com and use the uh
for code all in one word joe and the number ten cool website very cool people and we appreciate them supporting the podcast we're also brought to you by what's today lumosity vlocity not luminosity how do you say it lumina illuminati it's too much for brian is too complicated lumosity lumosity lumosity you should you would benefit from lumosity i'm not saying lumosity makes you smarter because apparently no one can ever prove that something makes smarter i would i would imagine that your brain five there's better let's say that when your exercise sing a regular basis and so lumosity is set up to be sort of like a gym for your brain it's really badass i've heard about stuff like this for a long time like chris
mcguire actually set me hip to this kind of shit wave back in the day he used to have a video game that he would play some nintendo game and it was a game that was just designed i don't know if it was nintendo it's a game that was just designed to like give you like little mental problems to solve and he was like it's really good to do especially as you get older and you're not going to school anymore and you're not really reading that much not really exercising your mind it'd be amazed at how the mind gets used to certain tasks and if you give it like exercise yes you can actually like speed up the results of some of these things that you're trying to improve like your memory or your attention and they if these games that are set up there very measurable really kind of interesting because you can sort of design a program and uh there's a bug the flexibility to it depending on what you're trying to do like it could be very job specific like if you have
i'm saying you know you at work we feel like you're you're not as effective multi tasking they have they have games and improve your ability to think in a multi tasking where it's really we weird shit it's kind of fucking cool i thought that someone should have come up with something like this along time ago i thought when i when i saw chris maguire's video game i just assumed there were some websites like this out there but until lumosity came along i never heard of a a really popular one i think angry birds makes you smarter does it what about that candy game that everybody plays what's the candy game there's some new candy crush candy crush everybody plays that right i see people freaking about that game and you have to like keep sending them money keeps getting more and more complex those games are genius man i figured out a way to get people hooked on this game and then once people get hooked then you have to pay money to get to certain levels and then once they got you they got you you know but
you know they're designing these fucking things not there's anything wrong with that if people are enjoying it then that's a lot if it's crack i mean let's get into tainment depending on how much money how much money do you think possibly cost to be completely addicted to an ipad game well i yeah better could hurry up one hundred bucks a month maybe i not much why should that be illegal but gambling is legal come on folks come on most things most apps side by if i haven't bought many but when you buy him there like five dollars or something in that it's a one time fee right but i guess i'm not you know i'm not messing around with no angry birds yeah there's some games though that will fuck you this stuff games data keep they keep fucking pulling that money out you just get deeper deeper into it and you go crazy
i'm on this site is called hollywood poker where i play poker in the ideas you can go there and you can play with us you know it's pseudo celebrities like me and they charge the people play but for me it's free so i just sit around playing it a lot because i i like playing poker an oh and people can play with the players doug benson yeah yeah that's what it's like a picture of maine and then they just had a live tournament to raise money for a few different charities and i got to play briefly with bruce buffer is there an i didn't drop your name 'cause i'm sure every guy that goes up to him ghost joe rogan but he seemed very nice and he's very nice guy he came in ninth overall in the tournament i came in eighth
good poker player yeah bruce loves poker he's uh i know he's played in the world series of poker we gave him a microphone when it started they did the whole you know thing solid he's approach he's a real problem he's such character i love that guy he's a sweetheart though 'cause we had never seen casually that is weird right yeah he's always in these impeccable suits big diamond rings and shit he's a bad mother fucker he's a really cool guy too and you know he's been with you have see longer even than me he he was involved i'm pretty sure he did the the broad testing like the one and i went to the first one ever went to which was like ufc twelve pretty sure he was the announcer i'm pretty sure or if it wasn't him he definitely did some in that era and then he's been pretty much doing it eric i put a crazy gig tony's got a really funny joke about him family just wrote that reason it's a really funny but i don't want to give it up i just say tony is an awesome john i hate would hate that
i heard about this joke clubs whenever he knows what the joke is that so gross they asked the yell out for those sons of bitches well that's not bad that's not is bad certainly as as heard yelling out heard it on the podcast anyway like i said a lumosity um is sponsoring the podcast and it's a very interesting website then i started using it i like it's fun it's a bunch of games much interesting games and i don't feel as much like i'm just an idiot sitting from the computer playing games i feel like i'm actually making my mind more flexible preferred by harnessing the brain's natural ability to adapt to new stimuli i think it's based on i think the neural plasticity
you know what i just did background i hear some non neural plasticity them saying i hear him why the fuck doing some shit to his dome thanks looks more than joey diaz you probably lumosity dot com tell them that you heard it from maine joe rogan each session only takes a few minutes you can do it from work at home there's from you can do it from an ipad and iphone they have lumosity app so while i'm go and and check it out lumosity l u m o s i t y dot com click on the start training button to create you the program then start playing your first game andletslumosity lumosity dot com and tell them that you heard it from me joe rogan so go check that shit out and we're also brought you by on it dot com got a new flavor of a hemp force protein it's and now we have vanilla ice ie protein powder it's deal discus it's yummy super good for and now apparently
they're going to allow the growing of hemp in california industrial use really yes yeah yeah so if this if this actually goes through and the federal government doesn't come in and arrest farmers for growing an awesome plant if that happens then will be able to invest in a farmers in california and and help the economy and amy things like horse shit like you know that sounds like promote in horseshit but uh would love if on it was enhancing the economy by allowing people to make a living in two is in thirteen by cell a very beneficial plant if we could do that i think that would be pretty fucking awesome it's not not getting high either doesn't even get you high it's about the approach can you get from at the amino acids you get from it the fact that you can use the fiber makes amazing cloth and amazing paper it's super fucking stew
put that in twenty thirteen that shit still illegal so we're really hoping that this works out and goes through we're not going to do anything illegal we get all of our hamp from canada it's legal to grow an legal to sell in canada it's legal for us to buy it so we buy it from them it's so crazy it's so dumb that totally legal product but it's illegal to grow in america it's a that's a disgrace to disgrace to farming it's a disk the whole idea of agriculture it's a disgrace it is one of the most beneficial plants known to human beings and assholes have made it illegal it racist craziness mean the initial the initial stories were all based on racism it's so stupid but we're hoping either way we buy it from canada and we get the best shit we can possibly get that's the ideal height on it
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the great work done on these insane how tiring it is yeah you can get a really good work on like you know you do you do like these thirty second bursts like thirty second sprints and then put it down to thirty seconds all my gosh this how many different things you could do with it could jump up in the air and whippet you thrown side to side throw him up and down super awesome conditioning stuff and it's really good for your arms like one of the things that condition your arms like if you're into functional strength and movement because it's such an awkward thing to whip a rope around you know choirs like so many different muscles that get engaged but we believe it all that kind of shit different strength and can and equipment that uses the entire body that's the concept behind it that you know i see exercises are good to look sexy if you want to have some nice tentang's you know do a lot of bench bench press is really isolationism is there's a lot of things engaged like but like curls like you see guys doing preacher curls to build it by step up that's such a stupid move that doesn't exist in nature
then would you rather have your arms straight out your pulling your bicep up like that that's so dumb it's just only design at some gyms and walk around school some guys would somewhere only designed to look sexy like you trying to do this weird isolated move and it will do that but then you can have this weird imbalanced body the way you we supposed to lift weights if you want your body to perform at its optimum your hope should be using moving as an individual unit that's really get real what they call functional strength that's where like strongman exercises come from when you see people deadlifts you see people doing squats you see people doing cleans impresses all that stuff is full body movement full body movements and engage everything those are the ones that really make you physically strong in applicable ways like like in sports and and you know if you enjoy doing something you can benefit tremendously from a good strong strength and conditioning program in your life
get into it slowly try it out it's fucking great you can get your body into a really good physical state if you're a healthy person and you don't have any medical limitations you can get your body feeling much better than is right now as doug benson fires up again look at my trial it i'm not trying to pressure you into getting healthy frogs onnit user code name rogan you will save ten percent off any and all supplements including alpha brain shroom tech new mood all that good shit folks doug benson is here so use the code name rogan save ten percent you're not a health push for sure i am i've but i've been a i've been meals with you yeah tell anybody what to eat and you always passover and another big plate of something that's awful for people like you love you still love food oh yeah and eating late at night yeah that's that's a bad thing
email it nice bad thing well it's a bad thing if you're overweight yeah yeah i mean it can definitely put weight on you but i'm not overweight you know i know you can get away with it but it's only only get away with it 'cause i know you're enabling fats like maine that get to go with you and have these delicious meals propose show food is probably one of the most pleasurable things ever isn't it it's food is the most pleasure bathing but food for us to like after a big show like it's like after a big shell that goes well you have a great feeling it's a great feeling of relief there's a great feeling of like you had a exchange of these people they had a good time it feels like super positive all around so what makes you work hard to do so end up and really get good at it and then yeah just go sit by yourself or go to sleep or something you gotta go out and we definitely the posts show meals are like the most fun meals you know we're all relaxed we did our show and then we can go to some groovy placing fucking china
he's restaurant that we went to me segura and bryan callen in toron toe god damn it was good holy shit you forget like if you're in like a real city like toronto you can get i'm fucking serious like legit ethnic food now where people don't even bear speak english in the certainly chinese food yeah books that are hanging in the window and shit one of those joints i was fucking good every time out of the road with you and you're like i'm going to take it easy nine go home after the you know after whatever we just did i'm all i'm always you know it's sad because of them because every time we go out we always you always find some new amazing restaurant every town everywhere and the people there are always super nice to you and it's really it's it's good fun yeah it's always good fun it's good fun i love tipping the shit out of waiters hey we don't need any music dog
experience yeah they would watch we were going for like forty minutes yeah there's no need to like there's no need to have like play music we've already started already off and running yeah and all the shit that's bad for you though i think that a post show meals on the short list supreme to drink so there's a lot of things that yeah well also that's my problem is i can't have a big meal before a show 'cause it just makes me we do not want to perform you know which is which is such a horrible feeling because that's my favorite thing to do is perform yeah it's sort of feel like not getting you don't feel like getting up there that's that's so it's a terrible feeling yes you can't you can't really load up on a huge delicious meal before a show steven gluten i stopped eating put in several months ago that's pretty interesting that's a big thing through does it
real all of a sudden that it's just every year they're constantly talking about gluten well you know why it's because i think a lot of people have just sort of accepted a certain way of feeling they just this is just how i feel this my health is my health level yeah and then can do something like especially if you is that celiacs disease like a lot of people have like real allergies to wheat it's like it's a serious issue in weeds and everything yeah i don't have an allergy to it but i noticed when i stopped eating it like almost right away that my energy level was way more even throughout the day like there wasn't big crash after meals and i start thinking about that is crazy if that's really the case that the crash after meals is always bread or pasta and then i stopped and thought but every time that i got like really like stuffed up on lasagna or spaghetti or something like that that is the worse after food coma it's the most delicious shit while you're eating it yeah but you've
again pay hard like your body wants to crash 'cause processing all that wheat it's all i just fucking gummy weird pasty shit sit in the body your stomach that doesn't exist in nature some recreation that we've concocted and strength it's funny you said gummy because gum has weed in it yeah the crazy yeah all it took was one guy saying to me you know all that coming at you and you're just you're just triggering yourself to want more wheat and i stopped chewing gum all together and it's already gone have reading it if you look at the this yeah google it up confidence mostly a lot of it does this guy internet bitch gluten the gun which branded shoes wow some gum has fucking gluten in it that is nuts what are the gluten free we it says wheat is chewing gum this is incredible oh my god wow
back in the days before there was chewing gum in this store is farmers actually made their own with grains of wheat that's why you see assholes out in the sticks chewing on the end of a thing a week it's like gum i want more of sweet and wow yeah you put the wow you can chew it down to gum you put the grains of wheat in your mouth you crunch down slowly start chewing your jaw teeth will turn into stone grinder and you will immediately begin to taste the nutty flavor of the whole wheat we continue even for a few minutes swallowing the ss saliva but not the grains it'll be a little mound of dough right in hide your mouth keep chewing it will get smoother and sue will turn into old fashioned farmers dumb farmers go most pure wheat gluten it has please in texture and will last and last i probably know flavor well that's why that shit shouldn't be in your fucking stomach like that so perfect example you read
and that and it did i stop swallowing gum too i decided to stop doing that fucking i'm eating too much cum in my 40s i think it's about time swallowing darius because somebody told me like oh it stays in your stomach for ten years or something and and then i went online it's like oh that's bullshit you shit out but so search like the right thing to have down there that was one of those rude math so that the leg went across the world right if you got a system for ten years or is what amount or watermelon seed to grow watermelon inside your belly have you heard that that's is pregnancy and it's normal well you know anthony bordain told me that people get that uh the same stomach disease that brock lesnar had what is it called i'm where you have lesions diverticulitis that
anthony bordain so you can get that from seeds like a seed can get stuck inside your body is not it does not necessarily entirely from just eating meat like broccoli supposedly it was like because he didn't eat enough fiber such a fucking carnivore is just tune down steaks all day and no vegetables or anything like that so he had developed like a back up you know like you got clogged up down there but he said that anything could do it like you know exceeds can get stuck in there that's good i forced myself to eat vegetables with every time i have a steak just 'cause i somewhere got in my head that like it's just bad to just have a steak even though i could just fuck up a steak and not even the vegetables that it's always get a vegetable that goes good with it and then like put some everybody you know like i'll throw some spinach on my steak you know well they say it's good digestive wise to like to open up the pipes the idea like you have a big salad and in the big now it's sort of like pushes
the door open for the lumps of steak shit but it could come out it's like the fiber and the watery texture of all that vegetables all the water content of that food it makes it easy to process like if you just nothing but salads for a couple days your ships will be magnificent there will be beautiful there if your flight out of you since during the just eats out i don't think it's a good idea to do like long term i think that you know but i think you you would be surprised at how much protein is in vegetables like broccoli apparently has a lot of protein in it like no keen wah as a lot of protein in it you know him has a tremendous amount of protein in hemp is very high in protein and has essentially amino acids like say that you can get a lot at a eating plants it's way easier to be like optimally healthy if you take in some animal protein even if it's only eggs that's a weird thing with like vegans and such v
in such when my tongue with his name fucking huckleberry finn and tom sawyer mark twain vegans and such they will now they don't need eggs as i think it's really weird 'cause i guess the idea is you don't want to have domesticated animals period but doesn't hurt the animals now have eggs eggs it's it's really it's it's super healthy to eat if you don't have to eat the chicken chickens the free range so they can have a nice little life i mean chickens not like super complicated animals they don't really need to be like living in the wild and if they lived in the wild guess what they're not going to last chickens can't even fly you know someone's going to get him whether it's coyotes or they go to sleep at night and they just sit there you know what happens when you just sitting there in a coyote comes around a fucking hate you when the coyotes hunt hunt at night you know i mean the chickens really would even be around man it's a silly idea
the idea is that you know you shouldn't have anything to do with domesticating animals like i think that must be what they're saying 'cause it doesn't have to do with murder eggs are delicious they come right out the chicken and nobody's harmed sim every every vegetarian vegan i knows totally on the egg tip the eat eggs that everyone i know but you can't be a vegan if you're eating eggs that's not vegan eggs are in yeah yeah so there are vegetarians or they go or they say i'm not a strict vegan but i adopt a lot of the vg yeah most vegans i know like they also but i do fish that's not a vegan does a silly bitches that's in la vegan it's tony la being like convenient well with tony very much vegan except for that needs an emote i'm saying i'm saying like most vegans i know like tony they all have that one thing though were there like i'm not die hard to the point of everything because i still eat
yes or okay right so it's more of a health choice yeah the ideology but tony celera's because the smoke cigarettes in smoke cigarettes little chimney and you know and he's like eating vegan that's going to counteract he dreams every night every night i go like i go to the bar and i'm like you know i'm not going to drink tonight and then and i like to you're not drinking tonight we got and he goes yeah i'm drinking he's the one that was put those if he does and i'm going to do it so funny dude to use a funny dude that's called being a comedian were a mess we're fucking crazy people yeah i mean that's why i'll you know made net quit drinking is 'cause i'm in nightclubs every night and i enjoy it yeah it's have fun unfortunately you know like it's why take the fun out of what we're doing by insisting on but now you know like most comedians that turn sober they you know the list they lose a step they they look
interest in being in the clubs and you know and doing stand up and it's like i never want to lose interest in that you know by when i said they lose a step doesn't mean you have to i'm not saying that i'm not saying that but i am saying that a lot of guys who like that i've known that i'm sober they lose like a certain amount of zest they all the sudden now they're like well this is this life now no altering the state of consciousness i'm just going to stay mellow and flat and they have other things that fill the void you know like chris hardwick sober but he plays video games did all day long everyday you have to fill the void yeah you're going to have something fun it's going to be another reason to wake up every day yeah some some other addiction but i i don't think there's anything wrong with being sober don't get me wrong and i think that like hicks did his best stuff after he was sober
interesting you don't have to be fucked up to make good comedy i mean there's no doubt about it that's true for sure but you output to you know to appreciate the experience like once he was so i bet bill hicks lakewood walk in club do is said and walk out of the club like didn't probably you know i mean it's no fun to be in there if you can't participate right right right you know you can hang out and joke around that's like one of the most fun things about being a comedian is hanging out with comedians shooting the shit after shows you know in the morning the best various times man biking just altogether hilarious times after shows that's probably a good look good reality show stand out post so that's a good idea shows over get off stage and you know
everybody forms followed him around farm around to eat and just talk shit after show it's like a great idea insomniac but in packs of comedians and not just david cell actually a great fucking idea it is a good idea it's a great idea holy shit comedians aftershows eating but don't be stealing this internet goddamnit doug ever have any problems because you you are alive do you ever have any tummy troubles or any any problems for me call me trouble you do you every time i see you're always you know with your vodka and you know i do drink way too much vodka but i don't you know like people offer me shots they say no all the time now yeah because that to me is just like once you've had a few shots then it's just like then you just have a lot of shots right and then i hate hang overs like that's my thing is it it's like drink as much as i can to get my buzz go in and then not be hung over the next day and it's very very small window the
where you have to aim for right so i don't always get there but no tummy troubles or anything tell me do you have to go potty go party no i don't really but i also like joe was saying about how people just sort of like except how they feel i could probably feel a lot better if i stop drinking four because every night for sure it will definitely help yeah the food thing having fun you know and i'm not you know that's what the scales have to adjust like you with what you right now it sounds like you might change some things in your life your that if you're feeling that would continue if you didn't that's standard brian talk listen to me he's going to ride that boat right into the fucking rocks celerator press last time most sick it was because of drinking i think and it was 'cause i used to drink jack and diet cokes every night and then i went switched it to ginger ale 'cause that's better on your stomach but it's hard to
turkey one hundred and one and it's it's worse turkey one hundred and one is worse than jack it's more alcohol really that's what that was really i couldn't tell you that's hilarious yeah yeah you can't you definitely can't redline your system forever that's one thing right so good to balance it out like the things i actually always admired about andy dick and there we go on is a mad benders but i've never seen anybody takes more vitamins have fun and kids would have trays of vitamins that would bring to work and take one of these one of these one of these he was just counter amin nest to make up for all the party was the sort of analogous to his life uses you know it has moments of sobriety were completely understands you know that this is this is who is in this you know she trying to be nice guy and then he is off the rails craziness and then he brings it back huge smoothies he had like two liter of smoothie you
who did that he always ate like super healthy and always like and then he would just go fucking crazy but that's just ending but again i don't think you make a person like andy unless they're kind of off the rails like this he's a nut that guy you don't get that you don't get them done and that's like that's yo back me up in this joe there's probably no funnier actor than him solarius likes oh good at like he did it a lot of news radio like a lot of qu turns and beats in one scene that he plays beautifully like he's almost like a silent film comedian physicality wise like he can doesn't like there isn't anything he could do in that in that area as hasn't a comic actor i think he's probably one of the funniest guys ever
he really you know that's what show was full of 'em but yeah but there's a comic actor on a sitcom he's fucking brilliant and that's why he got away with so much for as long as he did 'cause everybody loved him as a person and as a funny character we used to do scenes together and i couldn't get through the scene how to stop 'cause i was cracking up like i'm not supposed to be doing anything i'm supposed to be like stone faced and he's doing here is mad at it and i'm fucking dying i have to like walk away we did one scene where i couldn't stop laughing it was so good we were now standing out and you know everybody is giving me shit about us i was so apologetic i was like i don't mean to be fucking this up he was killing me he was so it was asking who was talking about all these different things that he ate and ask if he was going to die it was just move one ridiculous thing after another in context like you'd have to see it like in time takes time no i'm not doing a good job of explaining why it was so funny but i was stone cold sober at that
me too by the way i don't even smoke pot so when he we can cry i'm sober crying laughing i could imagine if i smoke weed back then and i was hanging out with him well as soon as you said you could stop laughing i was gonna say oh so how often were you hire that she wasn't even i wasn't even i don't think i got high maybe like maybe once or at the twice during that anything i did twice through entire time we're filming that show and if i did it was always drinking he's drunk at a party you know and someone says haiti one i want to try a hit this joint i'm like alright come on hanging out with some comics party with party am i going to party behind the comedy store that's like i'd think that you know comedians are weird when it comes to consciousness you know comedians are weird when it comes to our want to change archon business 'cause so many of us like have like
radical consciousness altering things that we fight with like so how many comics are hooked on like either like some form of drug either speed or there's a lot of comics get coke it's classic stories of boston where all these guys even blow together like i've never seen in my whole career i've never seen another comedian do a line of coke wow isn't it crazy yeah it's just too i run with you know that's amazing well you know i i appreciate that about you too that you're all you're really like you you've talked about coke like really poorly before you know that you'll say like why would you fuck with that stuff never even i've never tried it yeah i haven't either i'm missing out that we are not only that you should try once but i believe that about so many things that i'm not going to get around to that uh but those most of those wouldn't lead to if i did love it i'm afraid i would you know wanted
again you sure heroin feel in a shooting heroin prior feels great but you know why why take that risk you have an addictive personality no so joe i don't i mean brian as he hits the pipe look i don't i think you should fuck with anything that gets that really gets in your system like that that's my feeling i don't trust my system enough i i'm not a very i don't get addicted instances but i had like serious video games addictions and other addictions in my life for sure but when i see something that's like physically addictive too not just mentally not like gambling but like physically addictive it gets in your system yeah i see what it does and people seem to be having a certain amount of fun on coke but nobody's like from the second they do it to the second that feeling goes away is just super happy about it the whole
time now it's a it's a horrible come down see that's why i don't understand why anyone would be addicted to it because when you're coming down for it from it and so actually the next morning where you're like i spent this much money for that i feel like shit i got a bloody nose it's like it's to me i don't understand why you would ever do it again i've done it but where here and there and not too much i used to do it more but but why you recommend an evening that one time is this going to end so poorly i think too many people are scared that they're going to be like oh my god i'm addicted i love it you know and it's not like that i'm not as much scared of that as i just does not deal to me needles in me sniffing something up my nose at all that just does not like i don't feel like that's going to be i'm in my zone of comfort brian even sick for like five days now for four five days yeah do you do you smoke while you're sick now not at all well that's a good thing like maybe you can quit now like maybe do unless you could transition
with gum or some shit i mean i guarantee that's going to make a big difference even if e cigarettes i guarantee this is going to make a big difference that if you could do that that reminds me i brought a really tasty we'd sigur that i got somebody gave me yesterday but it's unbelievable how good it tastes i'm sure it doesn't get you very high but yeah it got like a yam it most tastes like your you know eating a scented handle or something this is a trick he said that up his ass all day pulled out right before the show coming to get joe and brian to put that in their mouth yeah this obviously doug is not smoking from it first so something is that even if you were alright you guys you do side thing where you're just like so it's tasty super tatian did you see that thing right you try one head of that it's just vapor i might be sick
yeah you said you don't you don't want to pass it back to me i'm holding back my back is soaking wet i don't i don't worry about that sort of thing enough i know joe is really you're always conscious of it like it will if you're in a smoking circle in somebody's legs looks like they're sick you know you hit that not a whole lot war you don't want get that in your body it's like a strong virus of a strong bug living the quicker than a handshake probably way quicker is going to go right in it's going to go right ahead shake this gotta gotta google maps and figure out where you don't get it from their hands and bring your hands to your face after you touch other peoples actually exactly so if you want to avoid getting sick one of the big ones make a concerted effort to not touch your face and wash your hands yeah i do too big ones yeah i really try it like especially you know i play a lot of poker so i'm playing poker with other people you're touching all the cards all the time and then everybody the tables touching
always going to not play poker just 'cause they have a cold or something so like i've just train myself to like i just sit there and play and i never touch my face that smart at all that smart and then washed my hands as often as possible during it you know another good thing man is this kind of shit pro biotic this is a computer this is the real commercial i was super into that for awhile i mean i got to the part where i like the taste of it you know because it you know some people they just can't get past i love it yeah what is my favorite thing to drink the very first time he drank when you loved it love it interest delicious people usually make that face they make the icky well i don't drink i don't drink sweet drinks like drink soda very rarely i have a diet coke like i'll treat myself of 'em out to dinner like do i have a water a diet coke i'm gonna get crazy and have a diet coke but for the most don't drink sweet beverages less juice you have more of those in the fridge oh yeah yeah here i mean no no no no no i'm sorry that's our home
for my house i'm saying is i try one right now 'cause what flavors that this is gingerade i like the actually i like the standard one you would like this brother cafe are you sure you for something delicious this is delicious i try one of those or yeah we have those we try the coco cafe is espresso and coconut manor minner printer coconut water was going to say milk or water is trying to figure out which way to go i went with a metal taste like chocolate milk it takes like who i love you baby right there so much healthier than you who is espresso and coconut water that's all it is pasteurized coconut water if you and the way to get like the sweetest most delicious coconut water you have to get come is that that poll outdraw an when you get that my god is it good rock ok water is fucking sensational but you don't really doesn't last that long so they pasteurized homogenize it so they could stay on the shelf longer
about this this packaging why is this specific reason they put it in this instead of like a can or so good question and you share not for anything or better yet shake it a little bit because it's you know it's got two things in the coffee and the better for the invite those cardboard thing i think so yeah i don't know it seems it doesn't seem reusable she going to tough life do you so things away in the refrigerator like when it's expired or do you usually come little over or you can go over with dairy and meat but you shouldn't go over much with meat should smell it but some gross to you that's 'cause it is gross you know shouldn't this is the greatest thing i've ever had coco cafe delicious great right yeah it's super delicious you have him as a sponsor yet no no they just send us from free shit that's good those caps ban is this fucking island somewhere two thousand miles away from civilization and all these birds are dying on this island because they're picking up
shiny cabs in plastic and shit they find floating the arms of the ocean and they bring it back to their babies and they feed it to their babies so you find these like skeletons in their stomachs are full of these bird like i mean these pieces of plastic that it was in the birds belly stretch him out it's disgusting like bottle caps and all the shiny shit and plastic saying the plastic rings you stories have to tear apart so that you know if you cared about the the you know anything out in the ocean yeah but the the the you don't have those to do that with anymore but there's still plenty of crap that is just going to get out there and get eaten you know what i love i love when you talk about something online like especially do something like a podcast like this if you bring up a subject especially subject it's like really serious there's always going to be someone comes along goes it's not that big a deal it's actually this you know how fucked up it is like there was a thing on the pacific garbage patch and
we call in an island of garbage and they were like well it's actually not an island to actually just a bunch of stuff floating around together it's more like a archipelago i know it's not an island silly goose that's not important here what's important here is there's a fucking much of garbage texas size hunk of garbage golf swing together and little particles that are floating around in it like it's really really really really really really really really fucking bad because we've only been put that shit in the ocean for two hundred years so how long do we have left how much ocean we have left until the ocean is all like the fucking the the river right next to the harlem you know what is that these river which one is that hudson hudson how does that mean the hudson is just we just everyone knows the hudson is polluted that's just it is just polluted it's just we accept it we yeah that's right next to nyc there's millions of people in new york city there's just no way to keep their to land planes in basically
crazy how we just accept that that's still part of the fucking ocean support of the fucking ecosystem it's right there and we just go get out of there that fucking river is a mess we just to to we accept the fact that we've completely ruined a giant river like that's how fucked up people are we just say but we're here we're here so that's fucked now there's a giant river house that affecting my issued by day to day life joe because out here in california if it was clean if you were in new york and it was clean it would be a masterpiece that big beautiful clean river right next in new york city would be fucking incredible if it is totaly removed of diseased fucking bodies that they throw out there and all the oil spills and leaks and barges for it would be amazing would be amazing would be fuck in an incredible place like
a beautiful like the coast of mexico like you go down to cancun the what blue it looks so fantastic imagine if that was like all the way up to drops in that water or if it was just at least that quality i just have to i start using a eyedrops because i finally i just finally said who am i trying to hide it from that my eyes are red like just fucking wear sunglasses robin thicke style deb disappointed when they see you clear eyed that's what i mean thank you know it's it's funny i can't do anything without people like we were talking about you being whether you're high on news radio i did like this little the line part on friends and every time it gets re run people write to me you were so high doing that like no it was me but i wasn't so high and was that it was a movie studio lot
you know in a scene with jennifer aniston so it wasn't like i was running around the corner and hit in bowls every chance i got at the taping you know but people just assume they're just like yeah you know you're so fucked up all the time yeah well that's your thing though right i can't do four hundred and twenty shows many do i do encourage it i'm not going to lie about that and if you heard about my new web series no it's called getting doug with high i did hear about this an yeah maybe your people might have spoken by people because you know there's people it's i am only shows a look myself in this is finally one where the where the folks that are producing the show are going to book the the you know the the gas and so i can still follow up and say hey please do my show to friends of mine but basically it and try to take the booking out of my hand so it's been a one less thing i have to do but see that's why
i gotta call from someone other mechs normally if i wanted you to do one of my podcasts i call you up say do doug loves movies and you say i don't know that much about movies i said ok thanks joe but i love your pocket you double the time you did it yeah you didn't love doing it well i really love talking to you i really love being with you yeah so we do this we need on your turf i would be happy to do your show but i just don't contribute that much i don't know that much well that's the thing about getting doug with high is it's just we start at four hundred and fifteen pacific standard time it live streams i mean it's basically what you do but it tighter and treating it more like a tv show like it's got like a talk show set right right like we don't have the cans on it but we sit there me in the guest start smoking at four hundred and twenty and smoke all the way to five hundred o'clock and then the last thing that happens is when we're really really high i forced them i forced my guess to watch a magic trick
magician runs in and does a trick for them because nothing like watching a stoner watch a magic trick of really good magician yeah he's great he's just a kid i know that does magic but he's really good at it i've never a fan of manager anything either but i don't like being tricked i think it's probably because i'm a control freak yeah that's why you hate that one show ponte also you hated that so double that show is dangerous you for because you let they let people like there was one where the guy from trap chalice blink one eighty five second leg when a seven was one eighty two one eight two sorry this needs to one oh to the test bad mother a media amazing drummer i just forget the band's name but there was got his face and he was like ready to go like he could have easily punch this guy this guy was at i work at a total douche bag for the show trying to goad him into like sure right but my god this is so close like this you know
now this is not a bitch you know you get in his face and start talking shit to him he's ready fucking kick your ass is just a regular dude with tattoos up to his chin alright hill fuck you up you know he was ready and so i was like this is a bad situation like they let it get to this well i keep god he was gonna kick that guys ask them to go outside and then you know he's like i you punks like okay you're lucky no one stabbed you i don't know who was with steve resin easy resident as it is easy read is easy he was it didn't ever aired on punk because the the athlete was so you know wanted to protect his reputation but i forget who it was now but he said like you know profess will athlete that he went pretty hard like almost took a swing at him dude i would not do that to a professional athlete goddamnit security shit that's so stupid because you wake up unconscious and he's like dude i'm sorry did not know you were filming a tv show and it just fucks you up that
is it could happen did you ever see the time that uh i think it was hold hogan dr richard bells are on his head yeah he choked unconscious and then dropped in and then he hit his head yeah god damn yeah that's what show is scary to watch do john cogan to johnny on he's of fuckin giant man i saw him monster i've met him obviously i did a interviewed him for a one of the ufc shows it was one who's doing tna wrestling on spike holy shit you see me for see if you find that i said behind him during that fight he just combed his hair with a little brush the whole time during the war the fancy pull that up pull it up i interviewed hulk hogan he's a giant human being man if that guy and this is back way back in the day he's had a gang of back surgeries and all sorts of other stuff go wrong with them because of all the hard days of wrestling and i'm sure probably lost height because they had to
i mean i'm short but god damn that guy's biggest flock diet thank you my brother you know to be here with joe mania it doesn't get any better than this brother these guys wore out here it's unbelievable you are the highlights of my life now recently with president dixie carter that i am a reading showed up i've never seen you with the card out there at the fights lately make you do that you know is give you something alien interview mostly goldberg does these kind of things i don't know why i want to do on this one maybe if i i figure if i he's about to ask for you so badly the love actually it's i'm i'm find talking to those guys but you know talking to in a form like that we have to promote something very specific hard
yeah you gotta have the cards i've got my cards on my new talk show because everybody that comes on and you know they're they're agreeing disk smoke weed on camera right so the least i can do is given car give an accurate plus yeah the trouble like though though hulk hogan thing was like tna wrestling i'd really don't pay attention to wrestling so if you want to read something about wrestling he gotta tell him that's where you would probably look down just to catch tna or by like it's some sort of wrestling with initials but if it was like an mma about i wouldn't need any notes at all you would never seen with nodes we came on he was talking about fighting brock lesnar in a real cage fight though be known yeah you just go out there to do it would be pretty simple that 'cause of giant dude though put your head and let you go like that does dangerous so like i i enjoyed that punk show but i was like yikes like this is this i don't even enjoy watching x i'm just makes me to it like even though there's always the reveal of the print person finding out the opposing it's still like the i reach a level of ugliness that like you know i would hate to reach while being filmed yeah i know yeah
and have a couple times not too many violent people not too many people that would fuck you up if you did something like that and then wouldn't even think that there was anything wrong with fucking you up 'cause i thought you were probably going to fuck them up yeah why while i wait for that to happen why wait to get fucked up timberlake yeah yeah yeah he's like he's like sitting on the curb trying it won't show anything we shouldn't show all these we don't own him anyway but yeah and we're not talking nice about it they got away with it but look i should talk because we got away with a ton of shit on fear factor we should have never done that what they did is nothing compared to what we did on fear factor so i really should shut the fuck up like we had people by bulls that was didn't like show eating like you know show up at their place of work and it doesn't documents in the writable doesn't matter then admit to hear it's just a tv show just
in template was stoned while being punked by ashton kutcher that so that was his excuse for crying about losing all of his stuff he said he gave up marijuana after that episode of punked oh well then you know that's bullsh that is looking he's appease the completion could use we could use a guy like justin timberlake on our side let me do that ain't bad you were freaked because they were punching him as an act of aggression plus your super duper i think he's over duper duper famous i think yeah i think it was just a you know i mean if dogs had a press release saying you stop smoking that was a while ago but it's still like anybody says that it's like well for now for press room for a reason they're recording for a reason but they'll be back post sane i ran into posing at disneyland
oh yeah how was it back on the weed twice on the comedy festival so of course hanging out with the other comics i was happy now to the road he's going to do something but i respect the fact he realized that he needed to get his shit together you know and so that was sort of his thing like once you gotta shit back in line you just like he was using a little bit too much n it's like you know is higher this kid all the time that's got you got you want to be present for your children yeah and you also want to make sure that you know you're not out of control you know you know that feeling of let go weather whatever it is it's fucking coffee if you're down in coffee all day everyday and you just get up in the morning and you just zombie toys that coffee slow down stop taking forever to judge anyone for not smoking or never smoking like that's part of the thing to me like it's always amazing to me like
get messages from people on like i could smoke you under the table on like so like that's that's what smoking weed is about that's a new being the best at it being aggressive about it like no it's about having fun you know enjoying yourself dudes though everything's about that well sure that some people just so totally wound that even weeds not going to relax him that much but i think helps everybody that you know most people that use it could be over use like anything yeah it's it's certainly can but you're right about most to be a lot of people rather being tightly wound the the yeah i mean that's part of why i like it is 'cause i'm kind of a nervous anxious person by nature and you know smoking all the time just helps me to just relax and not worry about shit much yeah well still worry about it's not like i'm checking out pleat lee you know what i mean it's more like you're just opening your mind to lots of stuff and hopefully you know
enough good stuff that you know that you can not worry that when you have wax though fucking jesus christ doug had so many ideas right now have been flowing like around about none of them are salmon yeah i'm just saying that like it not only relaxes me but it also helps me to write and think of things and you know most definitely it you know it's not it's not all just one thing that it does now i think it's very beneficial but i think the people develop patterns and sometimes those patterns get out of control it's really easy for a person specially of comedic tendencies someone who that kind of impulsive nature to them anyway they can just get out of control with something so sometimes it's good to just write this ship so so sometimes it's good when a guy does that absolutely yeah he was
it all day every day like i there's some days i wake up and i'll sit around for awhile and i you know won't smoke is eight ten twenty not like it's like i just woke up i have to do this you know it's that when i have to do to get through the day it's not never have that feeling about it you know it's more like i'll do when i do it do you see the thing about the tsa tsa is going to let people read on planes how much and where we're from anywhere to anywhere because from what is likely still illegal to wear when one the the idea being that there it's gonna be a don't ask don't tell sort of situation and if you're bringing weed so if you have a license in massachusetts and you also have a license in los angeles you flying from los angeles where you have a license to massachusetts where you have a license you're good to go think you can only get a license in the state you live in though is that true i think so
we need to buy real estate in other places bro multiball or if you want to fly with weed property in colorado is that why imagine if he did that he had a fucking house you kept everywhere in every state just so you could fly with your weed that would be the ultimate baller become legal in every state and i gotta be could still do it anyway yeah i mean i don't recommend flying with a lot of it but tsa is not they're not their job is not to find that you do they're not it's not to you know look at the web arrest people for minor drug crimes like they're looking for shit that's going to cause everybody to die to die but you have busted people before i mean it happens warwick caught with a bunch of joints in her lipstick how long ago was that it's been awhile 'cause like you don't hear of celebrity pot bus that much anymore and you they were still going on you would hear even more about them 'cause there's tmz and everything that's just looking for those stories right yeah
so i definitely think they're looking for weapons when looking for anything but i to the airport a lot i've never seen anybody pulled aside for me for anything like you know for the what they do is they call the cops yeah the i mean i never really optional cops cruising around in the airport that much other than driving driving around outside like they don't let you know they don't like cars to stop and you know when they are people up the cops keep it moving way depends on where you are you know if you texas you very well could see that not only that you could see someone going to jail for weed for real no doubt if they pull you over for a stop violation and they find weed on you there's a lot of sort of put you in jail and racist absolutely it's legit before nya the laws are so lenient right now that we have the medical marijuana and then we also have decriminalization that's arnold schwarzenegger past that when he got it office real surreal quietly nicely silent was the best thing that he ever did and
what it means is that you can go to jail for it which is you know makes sense it's fucking ridiculous still in this weird sort of a wrestling match with with reality is just an easy way to round up people that aren't white is what these minor drug chances are the prisons are full of people that are hispanic and black and they had three strikes that are all just like you know three pot things in a row or something and now they're in jail yeah the the private an industry is uh what are you doing brian that's a tug benson vomit in the oculus rift this absolutely nothing to do with what we're talking about but it is but it is funny but i made a vine of me wearing the oculus the there's nothing to do with crazy glasses yeah but it was it was funny when it happened no he was filming me there's a there's an article on boeing boeing the other day about prison profiteers extracting bill
means by exploiting prisoners and their families it's really fucked scary shit i don't know i don't how much the the prison system influence is the way laws are formed but the idea that they could possibly do that at all is really creepy the idea that you're benefiting from people being in your jails profiting from people being in your jails and spending money to try to promote laws that would keep people getting away with certain crimes so that you can profit off of them yeah like you're trying to make things illegal so we all know while they're there whatever whatever criminal acts that they don't know how to do or haven't done they learn all about it while they're in prison this is very hearing and then they go back out and that's all they know what it what are they going to do yeah is is
really strange and then there's also they're talking about the of the issue with people getting sick and and in prison for talk about that it says the cruel to the prison medical care contractors who ration vital treatments to prisoners leaving them in agony and worse for example correctional medical services discourages treatment for hepatitis leaving prisoners hemp seed to slide into permanent profound disability wow that's insane and super messed up that's insane like they they pay you in a cage and then they don't provide you with equal attention if you're dying of a curable disease or at least a treatable disease that's fucking sick angry that means they're not responsible for keeping you healthy or alive like they can treat you as a sub human and put you in a cage i mean yes maybe it would depend on what kind of a person you are for some guy went into a school and just start shooting kids yeah i don't really think that you should get any fucking medison but that's
a very rare small segment of our population there really should be snuffed out like there's no sense in keeping those people alive like that kind of situation someone is fucking mass shooter go out and do that sort of thing again someday if ever or they're just going sit in jail for the rest of it's just a waste of everybody's time and money so anybody else horrible horrible person can yeah i mean so anybody else that's you're not treating like what are you going to let them die and fall apart of something you got the medison right there and you could just give it to him funny guys make for prisoner how much money is this thing make a year it's going on here you guys take it how much you guys making millions and millions and millions of dollars off prisons like it's a money generating machine that's fucking terrifying that said if they're like rapists
a murderers it's not going to come you know i'm not going to be more people tonight we have more people in prison per capita than any other any other country and it's by far it's not just by a small margin it's a massive amount yeah it's a massive amount but you know the argument is that's also why america so nope this is safe well not when you're around other human beings yeah well there's disparity and when there's poverty and when there's people that are ignored and marginalized that's the you know there's an issue in this country where everybody is like people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and i i agree need to do a certain extent i agree if your conditions are optimal if you don't have health issues if you are not in a terror violent neighborhood trapped in this horror
school system if all those factors aren't then yeah you should probably pull yourself by your bootstraps stop fucking crying 'cause you could be one of those kids you could be someone whose situation is fucked from the jump and there's nothing you can do about it everyone is abusing you you've got people hitting you there's violence around you you you don't know what you know how to read your fucked your whole situation is fucked now those people to pull themselves by their bootstraps who and teach them how to do that who's going to teach you develop character who's going to teach him to eliminate bad behavior patterns you don't fucking difficult it is to change a person as opposed to develop a person's insanely difficult so that sense were really ridiculous that we ignore the imp average sections of our cities it's ridiculous to allow that to ever happen that should never be taking place and everybody who lives in a utopian exactly and it's by the way it's not like putting people on fucking mars it's a utah
being concept that can be achieved it's a utopian concept that using a fraction of the money we use to support these phone and corrupt dictator all throughout the world of fraction of that could clean up every fucking city in america easily easily now people say that you know people people think that the idea of food stamps is that those people are all just live on the dole or whatever and just like kicking i can get in the money and it's like one dollar and fifty cents per person in your family per day is not you not living the life you're struggling to get by probably all fat because the food you're eating is all just disgusting you know her burgers at mcdonald's and that's shit you're feeding your kids 'cause you can it's like it's the system is set up to keep the poor create more
four i don't think it's set up that way i think you take it it is just a way for people yeah yeah it takes advantage of poor people and poor people also get stuck in a rut i mean it's true we don't have a class system in this country this is a country where a person can be poor and can be real good at something and then eventually wanted being a wealthy person because of that this is a very rare situation like that where like a rapper go from being in the impoverished neighborhood to being like i'm a celebrity a good jz guy look at a great user warts yeah yeah you know or to some extent the you know other forms of performing but it's but it's hard to how do you develop that skill if you're poor exactly and you have to you know work all the time or be starving all the time and even you don't have any guide you don't have role models like we need to learn from older people and like i said it's way harder to change someone once become a certain way it's way hard to accept that you are up
personality has holes in it that you know you're you're psychotic your abusive your manipulative like whatever it is is wrong with you you can't be told that things will be available on that become you become defensive almost everybody does almost everybody does they don't want to hear it yeah and so changing is super fucking hard to do but when so inspires you and you're around people that are admirable and someone cares about you and they they show you the benefits of living a certain way hey in the instruct you on the benefits of being positive and friendly he did change entire generations just massive change throughout our entire country if we just did stab lish some community centers where we made sure there was plenty of cops around that everything was safe we cut way back back on the crime by putting money into these areas and make in areas where people can feel safe where you can feel safe after school we're going to meet like counselors and coaches and people that were happy to
work in there helping these young kids and teaching them how to play games get along with each other teaching a little bit about character and having a place where they know that they don't have to worry they're going to get food for sure they're going to get someone who cares about them for sure they're going to get p that can instruct them in various elusive aspects of life when you're a young man or young woman and you're growing up in a terrible neighborhood we i'll take care of that and that's one of the reasons why we have to worry about bad neighborhoods it's one of the reasons why we have to worry about poverty is because people just been fucking shit on from the moment they came out of their mothers womb they just never gotta break and that's not fair and they see people like you or like i or like you know nice white people that live in nice neighborhoods that have never really experienced anything horrible like that and i almost feel like you stole something like you stole something from aunt why us why instead of them exactly it's all just cosmic
look at but draw it seems like it's the utopian concept is achievable in that way that you can least have a massive impact on the society if used and taking care of its young a little bit better helping them taking care of its young relieving a little bit of the burden you know and idea that it creates more welfare welfare creates more welfare and you know people creates people that can't help themselves doesn't have to be so not have to be you this can be a way to do it where you're trying to help people help themselves and it's just set up the amount of money we spend in rebuilding places that we explode is fucking staggering when you look at the amount of money like military contractors god for rebuilding iraq and they just built shit they didn't even like water treatment plants like well we got build once we're going to put one right here i got a contract to do this like there was a lot of complaints about that kind of shit just like they had to spend an x amount of money to justify
by the amount of money that was coming to them so there constantly you know do sheep the tsa machines the newest tsa machines are all that's some government contract paid for those and paid if somebody to supply all the airports with them you know the ones we have to stand with your hands over your head not only that the hi who sold it to them one of the machines at least he used work for the tsa he speeds is a tsa and then you leave who makes this fucking machine gets involved in cells into the tsa it's like what the hell but the tsa is not like a government organization tsa is right of private organizations so that's actually in a normal thing you think it's government because there packing his shit and they're going through your underwear and stuff but it's really not so they work for the government yeah so that's why we had some lean on you they have to call a cop they can't arrest candy shit right they just say you know they bring a cop over there so they threw it out or something you hope
no i mean that's the anecdotally that's what i always hear is that that's the worst thing that happens but also again these are white friends of mine with a very small amount of weed on that yeah and it's probably happening in california in el paso yeah and it's like like you were saying earlier though i mean it's going to there's definitely like i think that oregon and washington and um maybe colorado maybe all of those you can fly from state to state if you have a card in one of them i think yeah there's no those are things that i want to hear what i'm getting on a plane with weed may be and i think yeah yeah yeah possibly that sounds like a yes astor but that's what that's the trouble with hanging out with donors when talking about these things is people will tell you in fat klay things that aren't aren't true thanks bill still just say no you can you get your card you could definitely fly there and they they don't that's something they heard from another dude will tell me if the you think this is true okay as one of those do you think
i've read this online and i'm very curious 'cause i think i'm uh just feeding this problem that this year shut down the shut down the us has driving take to sugar daddy sites and these your daddy sites a sugar daddy site is where like a girl can go and like people can like bid on going around a date i guess like old rich dudes who got some fuckin billionaire dudes got some cash and listen i'm just looking your profile pay your rent like what's up let's work something out yeah they went up fifty percent i i don't know that's my question do you think that that's true or do you think that that's a really smart business move by this company to release a press statement saying that their business went up fifty percent 'cause we're talking about him were talking about him now is a new sponsor that you know i'm just confused what would what would the direct connection be between the shutdown exact going up because it's like all shut down is done is furloughed a lot of people that probably aren't
he never will be sugar daddies and not necessarily making the peep rich more money because of the shutdown is it but no i think the idea is that there's a bunch of people that don't have jobs now and so so they have nothing better to do then go and bid on no no the girls the girls well you're saying one girls are going there more girls are checking it out exactly you know you can imagine that these girls are following the news closely enough to to know that the government might is shutting down that we might default on the on the debt i don't know i don't know and that there that panicked about it what it's going to do to them directly well it could be that someone who is already financially in a bad situation and then they see something like this structure because obama saying stuff like we might go into a worse recession and the one we were just in exact if we don't settle this debt ceiling thing yeah so that's possible i thought you meant that there's more guys this money with
me trying to get these girls but it just seems like now a coincidence but it just seems like you know it's probably going to be on a steady rise for awhile until the economy gets better wish i knew saying it's sudden they're saying it's a sudden spike yes they say it's a fifty percent jump since government shutdown i don't know can't see those two being connected i don't know i'm showing one of those websites recently joe did you really seeking arrangement com and what you do is it is just a fucking tell us all about it yeah and have used the coupon code no no but and it's so weird man like there's this people that you just tell me how much money you make and do this and that thank do you it seems like there would be a smart move if you were just looking to find people to meet
seems like a website in your money now which is it only your money pretty much entering anything else like what you do or what your interests are you don't write anything have so many messages since i just recently did this as a joke and i only have one photo and it's a blurry photo 'cause i didn't want anyone this is not your real name no that's my photo look out blurry that is i did not blur i did home now people look like that starts rolling you dummy wasn't really using this like i'm going to even check it i forgot all about it but anyway my point is do you think that there's a panic in the air and that's why the sugar daddy websites getting upswing of traffic the idea maybe yeah the i made easy maybe more women are give it i like i mean i having up such you can say will giving up on the idea of just you know right now i don't want to say you know that they're not willing willing or able to stand on their own but they're just there seems to be some women in society that they are fine with the idea of
you know meeting a man with some money and not and then just bring whatever you know they're not necessarily well if the guys nice but you're not necessarily like but it every woman i meet seems to not be interested in money these days but that's that just might be 'cause you hang out with a bunch of liars well i mean nobody's ever i don't feel like anybody's ever come on to me because i have a little bit of money but you're smart guy who's not hanging around with a bunch of assholes but without a doubt there are peep well that will hang out with you just because they think that somehow another they could profit from it you know you could definitely stumble into the wrong crowd you haven't you certainly could this weird thing where people worry about what other people do for money like a if there's a some gal who's married to some sixty year old guy she's twenty four and she's driving a ferrari and you're like oh this is bullshit like what do you care yeah why would you care at all why would you care what she does why would you care
he does too are working it out and chances are there you know especially the guy is probably also still kind of miserable you know because it's not real relation but dole says what he settling for what he's in joining at the time so why not it is possible it's also possible they like each other that's yes will too it's not as likely it's but it's also really like each other for for reasons you know she's hot and he's got money they both get something out of it she's to goggles you know and he's a materialist and he likes taking care of people makes him feel good and she knows i said i do fall into natural left like very much like taken care of people do you like that though just because you're nice you know because it is a nice thing to be able to help someone out when you meet someone you see that they're struggling and you help them it's a nice feeling to be able to do well
any idea when you were talking about earlier about why why not start like a joe rogan a flight camps for underprivileged kids good idea you want organizer of the ceo president yeah right now the scammers will start coming out that's something if you really careful with again we're putting some people come up to you with like the well any charities like the way you want and find out when you get involved in charity whether or not it's legit unfortunately there have been a legit charities ivory tweeted thing sometimes the because i think you know i i pulled on my heart strings and like all try to help these people and they need to get all these emails that that place is a scam that's a that's a you just give me a virus you yeah or whatever it is yeah it's so it's it's hard to not you know retweet those things would you member coney
kony two thousand that's one of the examples where people are all over my shit just 'cause i tried to help i watch the video and was moved by it it was like ok everybody should watch this and then immediately all that guy a few weeks later he's run around naked in the streets that was that was one of my favorite moments in all of civilization because it was so absurd it was so quick immediate all encompassing everyone was kony two thousand and twelve there is bumper stickers and t shirts i saw them everywhere i saw posters i saw so much about it in the news i saw on websites all the time and then boom gone i mean in a flash it was the flavor of the month literally it lasted about a month and after was over millions of dollars had been exchanged one guy had ran around beating off the street naked and you never heard from him or anything to do with it ever again
tony is just still doing his thing i guess i don't know what the he was doing in the first place is in a place like flooded with guys like that i think so i think that's what what part of it was like you know sure that's that's a good cause but that's not going to solve the you know the overall problem in that there's many you know evil people like that yeah yeah africa is why i always say that if you want to find the apocalypse you could find it right now two thousand and thirteen in africa like if watch that vice documentary on liberia have you ever seen that camp general butt naked duties to take close close and run naked and fucking killing people in war would eat children's hearts cut the anna these children's heart take their children cut their hard out and eat it see that's uh right it just needs to find weed and just he still alive fucked out he's responsible for thousands of deaths including children that he ate ate their hearts still alive and was forgiven because now
is a christian preacher oh ok yeah people are trying to you know they're trying to learn again he's you know it's like he's a different person yeah came out of his mother's vagina all over again but it's when you watch them interviewing him an in in liberia it's fuck crazy that was our boy shane it was like one of the best most like in depth pieces i've ever seen on a country in massive term with this guy my general butt naked was talking about how he knows what human flesh taste like and he found a vendor that was selling meat on the corner it was human flesh and he had to police 'cause he knows with flesh taste like i he's eating so many people he knows of people taste like so when they're serving people is like this is not cow this is people then leave over the cops and they rest that guy meanwhile he's eating babies and because he's got a bible they're letting him roam the streets that's way crazier than mad max that that's way crazier than thunderdome
two men enter one man leaves he ate babies came but their hearts out and now he talks about an old read from an old book because of that he's allowed to just roam the streets responsible for thousands of deaths it's it's a crazy place man that's a crazy place he and he was forgiven did you have you heard about that movie the act of killing um what is these old genocidal dudes that were involved in genocides are like telling the stories and reenacting some cambodia way they kill people yeah and it's it's supposedly i mean everyone says it's a great film but i haven't watched yet because it just sounds so horrible to these people who got away with this shit bragging about it you know i can't do that man you can't you need to be a great film though oh i'm sure it's great but i
any of these guys should they get these guys to reenact like seems really kill people like using old movies like skin slight like scarface yeah do stuff so that each of the so how is that what it is to try and put it up there and when i want to watch them yeah that movies really people describe is extremely intense experience so i'm sure human beings are incredible incredible weird things and what we're capable of some really fucking heinous things really heinous acts that ever change is it possible for what's the only changing the way less of it sure i think if you look at the actual numbers of human beings in comparison to what they were one hundred years ago or two hundred years ago and then you actor in the amount of death and murder and chaos and it's probably safer now than ever before probably maybe maybe debatable now because now we can certainly larger numbers quicker everybody lives longer for sure for sure so you know
it's it's it's very debatable but this still no question that there's areas of the world right now where they live and just as chaotic situation and as has ever existed but the people in africa like is perfect example somalia and all those people that were forced to become pirates because uh all their fishing waters were polluted by european businesses the movie with tom hanks looks intense very intense that's the origin of that you know they call themselves the volunteer coast guard of somalia that's why they call themselves the started doing that because these fucking guys had no fish anymore these europeans would dump based off the shore and just polluted everything killed everything and so these poor fuckin people they started kidnapping these boat captains had dumped the stuff off the shore they would find them they find the oil slick and follow the bone they started getting way way more only doing that than they ever got fishing so they're like fuck fishing
and they just became kidnappers so now they're just these gangster crazy fucks i have nothing to lose and there on this thing called cat which is a it's a it's a it's a leave that you chew and it's got like a narcotic effect like a stimulant effect narcotic like a almost like amphetamines and they chew this shit and make some bunkers so this drug they'd there literally messed out with sub machine guns yeah that is strange trigger happy trigger have no signal now i guess in like in some cases they've got you know if they kill everybody then they they're they're cutting into how much money they could potentially make right 'cause 'cause they hold these things for ransom so they can't they can't kill everybody but they still probably are so crazy that sometimes you know it's hard to keep control of all your men right
exactly i'm sure there's situations like that this captain phillips movie is the same guy who did the first two bourne movies and the united whatever the flight number was i can't i don't know why i can't ever remember that i guess 'cause it's such an unpleasant idea that movie was yeah the flight that crashed was at ninety three yeah paul greengrass did that and so this is going to be the same level of city i think have you seen gravity dog you saw a guy who loves movies have you seen gravity no i think you'd like that you'll love it people were given neil degrasse tyson shit on twitter man i got rid of all these people could see it 'cause he said things are inaccurate or something yeah who cares but you know what if you know him he would have said those things with a big smile on his face i don't mind this said that he enjoyed it yeah i don't mind that he's pointing out the in accuracies i just say who cares because it's like it's one of those things where the movie just to get me to a point where i believe what's happening in the movie you know
it's it's telling a good story and it doesn't seem fake or stupid and i mentioned this lame and you know yeah well that's what people are giving him a hard time about like lawyers can't watch not having a suspension of disbelief for a movie like this yeah and p we're making fun of i'm saying like zero is the guy who's trying to push science in here is a movie that shows space and that your your into it it's really interesting i was reading these people attack him but he he's right first of all everything is saying is correct and if he was saying it in front of you he would be smiling and you would love it like a lot is lausten text especially when he said but it was a good movie yeah it's a fun movie but you know a lawyer goes to any movie that takes place in a courtroom they're going to tell you every fucking thing that's not accurate and then it's the power of that individual movie to overcome that you know like it's just a version of space that's being sold to us for entertainment you know it's not a documentary he wrote my
weeks after everybody went after him he wrote my tweets hardly ever convey opinion mostly perspectives on the world but if you just know i enjoyed gravity very much so he enjoys gravity everyday 'cause he would hate to just float away is giving you fax me like mysteries of gravity nearly all satellites order orbit earth west to east yet all satellite debris betrayed orbited east to west ok he's just right i mean it's only saying i mean there's nothing not going to ruin my enjoy the movie i remember there was a movie along time ago called krakatoa e of java about a volcano and krakatau is west of java is just wrong right there in the title yes a little and there's not much gravity and gravity is it turns out yeah mysteries of gravity live bolex hair otherwise convincingly zero and in otherwise convincing zero og scenes did not float freely on her head so he's just
basically he was talking about the actual scientific in accuracies in the movie she looks good when she's floating around in her little like sports basically my take is if you're going to fucking make a movie like this talked in the degrasse tyson first throw homeboy a couple grand and given the script and say hey dog let us know if there's some shit in here that doesn't fly because you're talking about fucking science and he's an astrophysicist but he's there is going to know about it but you know no i mean why don't you get knows the difference when the degree he knows you're just going holy shit look at that debris that's crashing into them so exciting but couldn't have just been the right way couldn't have been w to east orange whichever one was the right way i don't know why not do it that way we've got to talk to alfonso curon maybe it's a alternate universe where is in our universe it didn't really happen in the alternate universe it travels in a different direction and the g0g has no effect on your hair in the alternate universe maybe they'd
get super dope hair spray in the future and just slow that bitch on no matter how much the wind blows it just looks so natural and sits there perfectly like a shield she's a palmade girls wasn't really looking at her her personally but were you looking at her little outfits you actually her hair cut makes it look like she's wearing a green shirt chestnut hair cut so she kind of looks like peter pan floating around but interest but she still i've always like sandra bullock as a person and as a you know i've always such as attractive but managing dumb movies a time so i'm just excited she's in a good one some and i like and it's only ninety minutes long wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute so you didn't
that cop movie with her in the dude from mike and molly the dude of the girl melissa mccarthy dude i haven't seen that one it's meant to 'cause i like bridesmaids and the director paul feig but i do it from my kamali is actually my friend billy billy gardell super nice guy very good very funny guy jesus sweetheart love ok so yeah she i think she's very funny but i didn't see that identity thief movie issues in 'cause it got such bad reviews oh yeah that looked like ass yeah but the heat looks ok it looks fun i just haven't seen it yet but with a chick like that like really over the top hilarious it's all about finding the right you know there's no sometime any fucking vehicles no that's the problem is that they're just you know they're just going to throw she's going to make two or three movies a year and some are going to be better than other
this also when you start making a movie you think it's going to be really good and then half way you like all this is a wretched piece a out of all of that i mean that's that can happen jason bateman's been a lot of crappy comedies but there's hardly a funnier comedic actor he just you know you just got to be in the it's impossible just being good ones yeah that's why it sucks to be an actor going to wait around for someone to give you a good role he that's a bateman just switched over to he directed his most recent movie really all bad words and i guess people loved it at the toronto film fest well he's a famous guy in a very successful guy he can do stuff like that but to be a regular actor trying to make it like damn what a grind they just waiting to get picked up waiting for someone to say you can do it and there's so much and by the warring here's a real problem it ain't that hard it ain't that hard you can see athletes and they can act and do a really good job how about that how about how much you know people have done
acting in a big movie for the first time and kicked ass it's happened several times way more than anyone's ever done that then actors ever play in the nba and kick some fucking ass that shits never happened once not in the history of the universe but fleets have gone over and acted very successfully and it looks good you know i mean even like pro wrestlers you know like we're talking about hulk hogan did hawk can act i mean he acts over the top most of the time but we gave him a role where it was actually acting up any good pulled off quite nicely dice was great in the new woody allen moving ice is not an athlete i don't know where you going with this 'cause this is big guy who's like you know i mean i've always thought he was a good actor but he hasn't obviously hasn't had the greatest acting career and now i thought he was really good in the movie i i heard is made my point was just that and that not only you know okay individual probably learn pretty easily how to act but also that
performances could be gotten by good directors yes can you know obviously they have a choice of different takes in different reads the stuff and they can they can make somebody that's not that great at it still look pretty good that's only possible specially someone works hard at it which is what a lot of athletes have done you know a lot of it's work hard you know so you not everybody can give like daniel day lewis performances like he does in lincoln and my left foot because what actors are being are are winning roles where they don't look or sound anything like the character they're going to be playing there only being cast because how brilliant they are and everyone knows that they'll get there that they'll make it work you know like human sean penn and a couple others you know lately al pacino seems to put on a different crazy wig for every you know every movie where he's playing a real life person but they all act like pacino you know but it's like grey
acting is like the really really great acting most actors don't get that much opportunity to do that kind writing those roles and transforming into something else and no no one else will have to to someone read no we got to addition to play raging bull you know i mean did you know said i'll get in the way let's just do this those roles are going to go to someone who's like a huge draw those roles are going to go the first person is gonna get is like a russell crowe type character or rent you know reputation is helpful to like like a sam rockwell works a lot yes always great yeah even though he's still not a household name you know busy these are household names c level household names i guess i don't like i don't like i don't really see it very much but it is gross that movie moon that he did was and sensational that was a yeah he's really he's he's really a really good actor but but you know sometimes enough of a chameleon that that makes it hard for not only the public to track him but also you know for him to be cast and stuff you know it's like on
who's that guy you know 'cause he's he's always so good and so different he was so good in that movie moon because it was that was a really subtle role and it was a role where the entire movie was basically i don't want to say i should stop myself right there i want to say what the entire just go watch i want to give you a spoiler but he can't even say what he does in the movie but very very interesting moving very intense and interesting movie and she shows his range you know from that to the iron man character that he does prime go to my twitter and there's a thing that i retweeted earlier today from uh dan car a hardcore history guy he put up a trailer of gay thing is khan and the mongols from like the john wayne era they did a movie john wayne played gangus khan it's so bad oh my god it's brilliant it's if you go to my twitter to third one down he got it look at this crank this up so you can hear the
which is here john wayne as genghis khan first his car was fucking chinese alright yeah look at this way forever counselor protect the great car that's the great khan john wayne listen to him talk us getting his card slaves have this spot looks so fake acting but otherwise my brother listen to me there are moments for a wisdom timoga then i listen to you and there are moments for action then i listen to my blood i feel his charter woman is from maine he sounds the same like easy doesn't every other movie i have taken you for a whiteboard time and i take your dowry tomorrow energa i'm a gift of it to wine cons he doesn't believe a word you say strength in siege of wang khan city
i keep of all my goals and headed n ruler over the position to applying i'm making an allman present at a bar are also opposed me shelby did driving should not disturb me in his faithful are let not treasury prevail were so dumb back then use that big of a fan asked also but somebody made a new trailer for is that what this is yeah yeah they did have trailers back then today i did but they never did this is a bad mother fucker i don't think they said that day and date it almost could be like the rocky horror picture show of barbaric dramas everybody could go to it and
the words that john wayne says as getting as god do you think do you really think that they did they let him do that for voice because he was that big of a badass they thought if he was to be like all you are going out and stuff like that they would you wouldn't do that he's actually do that was that was it's always funny in any movies where it's like english or american actors playing for in foreign roles is that why would you have a accents but speak in english you know so they just go they just say fuck it and they just have him you know not have an accent and speak in english it's like tom cruise and valkyr e kevin costner in robin hood prince of thieves sometimes they're just like he's a big star fuck it will just talking it is very windy hill just talk how he talks i'd rather can do that then actually try to fake it you know yeah i just don't i don't i wouldn't see the point you know the only thing maybe should do it
you know say it in the actual language and then have subtitles but that's like there's only so many i can pull that shit off i was watching it dumb movie called the was it called french kiss it's french something it was kevin kline and meg ryan but kevin it is french in it and he speaks french a lot in it you know and it clearly knows was french but it was still i was impressed i watched sneakers last night again i haven't seen that forever does that hold up not secured movies still yeah yeah i highly highly recommend watching so it's robert redford dan aykroyd that one dude from there's like a team of five and they're all like hackers such a good movie i tell you what's all in it right now i think that fifth state movies came out speaking to hackers
like i really looks and sounds like julian assange using but i hear the movie is kind of muddled like they don't do a good job telling the story robert redford and aykroyd river phoenix that so yeah would you call again sneakers watched it's about hackers welsh were the other two i think is like team of five sidney portier or sidney poitier told you you fucking barbarian do not know he was like the just like super acceptable black i was there a girl in a team or or a super nerd he talked like european right he was pretty fancy super ella girls in super eloquent joe like if you think back like the old days like the 60s and 70s who's like the most elegant black eye call me mister tibbs cindy party yeah he's very always enunciated and that's they you know the e you know all the
great folks that kind of eased 'em in with like guess who's coming to dinner after like a whole movie about white family that doesn't like a black dude coming addon man mcdonnell who mary mix oh yeah so because he didn't go on the mission though or whatever they go on like don't they have to get in somewhere sidney portie there's a van they ride around in a van a little bit accepting an honorary oscar denzel washington brings up sydney port ea so that was put in the last year or two right since two thousand and eight the video five years says this 74th annual academy awards that's sane there's been seventy for academy awards isn't it funny how much they love you so do we just saved a button that sound like you were trying to interrupt joe should save that as a drop like one of those corny morning zoos do to what
fuckers are saying about how the academy awards who cares about him how why is there been so many it's just amazing how much back padding there is that they have these gigantic elegant award shows for essentially entertainment you know i mean it's really cool that you do this it's really cool that you provide us with his awesome entertainment but the amount of fanfare that goes into that like here's a perfect example the guy who the guys who were working on the higgs bosson trying to uh find the god particle they're getting a nobel prize and who who knows that i mean everybody knows when the academy awards are out everybody knows is a red carpet yeah the lights going off that the scientists if the these guys who won the nobel prize in physics three of them these guys were walking down the street no one to give a flying fuck no no one's going to take photos of them they might be more responsive
for changing the way we perceive the universe in any scientist who ever existed and they could just walk freely down the street and no one gives a shit but if you know the red carpet and some person who is in the awesome pretendre be king of stars nothing wrong with them being an awesome pretendre but as they walk through i mean it's really weird where weird weird so beautiful people to mostly the winners are often very attractive not these winners there's no other ones the nobel prize so that's why i'm saying that that's why more people look at the oscars this 'cause i'm attractive to look at one of these doctors need date like a lohan or something like that it's a symmetry the face symmetry guarantee it's probably some text him bass man dog is like man scientists out there is looking to get himself a movie star wife like that might be like a good move like in the old first tyson type character he could nail himself like if he wasn't married i don't know if you know but if you watch let's just an alternative universe very least you could get like a padma lakshmi who's that the girl
is married to salman rusty i don't know she you know who he is yes yeah she's like he you know he had to go into hiding for awhile because of the satanic verses and and she's just the host of top chef oh really she's gorgeous whoa yeah that's interesting yeah so she's married to 'cause like that's your point was that there's you know these hot it's out there that really really really smart dude with a lot of notarize for being smart could actually scooped yeah it makes a girl look like a bad ass bitch yeah she's hanging some move so i was hanging around some superstar astrophysicist guy who's creating fucking laser beams and shit did you see the railgun that they developed hole holy shit you want to see the next level of warfare weapons there is a fucking thing they develop that it shoot through this solid wall of steel punches a hole through and goes straight in a straight line after that seven kilometres wow yeah you pull
sup rail gun invented watched demo this is going to make you shit your pants that race in it 'cause there's one from two thousand and seven oh its recent here let me find it real gun invented it's incredible i mean it really is like and they show up they have which of its shooting through a wall will they showed they started it with bricks they where they were shooting bricks like they just load up a brick and fucking punch through this fucking thing i'm not going to feel safe in here now and then they and and they decided at general atomics railgun test two thousand and thirteen google that they developed this alloy bullet this is giant metal piece that's aerodynamic and it breaks off sort of like a stage rocket i guess they shoot it parts break off and then there's the aerodynamic end of it which is like a little beer like a little like a giant bullet is what it looks like and it just punch is right through this fucking steel wall check this shit
it's like the other parts of until it so fast that when they jettison it goes mach six not that impressive so we came we basically came with an aerodynamic round and that's that's the next round of testing we did we did at this this is the right there's actually developed by boeing we paid them to support this program what you see here is the armature that used to generate the force and around so with that there's there's a hundreds of thousands of pounds pushing around down the bore and then once it gets out the boar then air hits the sibo and causes the sobo to separate
and then this was the round that we launched down range and we launched this particular round of one thousand six hundred meters a second which is about mach five and with no gun elevation meaning zero degrees elevation this thing went seven kilometers downrange before it stopped and that's after punching through a steel plate about an eighth inch thick one hundred yards downrange look at how it just keeps going after going through that no plate in aid instead and it goes through it like it doesn't even exist didn't even look like it's loaded down and goes seven kilometres past that here people were like when it's not good enough at killing people yet we're missing something you think that guy in that video gets laid a lot you think he shows girls that video i think one the camera was waist above is 'cause someone was talking this deck that he demands that he demands that at all times where he sends a railgun through your fucking house i think he once you pull the parts often look like a dick to that thing looks like death it was a death
it's incredible that we are not satisfied with our ability to blow shit up like we're constantly inventing new and terrifying ways to show through a wall i want to see a villain get that killed by that thing in a bond movie did you see the video of the serbian rebels getting hit with a missile no well it's not not super gory but it's all going to be brutal insanely shocking guys in a window and he's looking out the window and this guys in a truck and they drive in the look up the street and the truck has arman on it has guns on it and these guys are stand in the middle of st and the guy drives a truck off and i guess he was driving the truck off the missile was already common's people that were standing where the truck were all the sudden you see them like go fuck and try to run they get like a couple of steps and this phone thing hits the ground in this huge ball of fire this insane explosion everything goes flying by and then you hear like allah walk bar
how long walk bar that's what they'll say god is great god is great when it's still it goes wrong they're like it's like holy fuck that's like god damn jesus christ jesus christ and so you look out the window and it's just fucking huge crater this fucking gigantic missile just slammed down the middle of st and you a sense of how fast it would hit you like you're on the ground you don't know it's common and then these guys just looked up the like shipped and is too late no thanks yeah really good at blowing people up i say we as in you and i oh did you see that picture that somebody sent me any on twitter of his emotional needs pitbull that he brings on planes with him no way yeah look at this guy brings it emotional needs pitbull on planes yeah it's so crazy that's so crazy eleven pitbulls that's so crazy wow well you know what it's nicely
dogs nice and you love him today they're making here in los angeles they're making it a law i think they're voting on the law but i think it's going to pass that you have to get your pitbull spayed and neutered after the age of four months yeah that's crazy yeah because i guess we're just there's so many pit bulls here that they're just killing like piles of emma de unite the pounds and stuff that's crazy though that you could for someone to get their dog spayed like what is your breeding dogs but if you're responsible dog breeder that breeds dogs just saying you know maybe they get a special license you're probably wondering since i think just by just for private ownership of a pitbull yeah maybe it's interesting because it changes the personality of the dog have male dog it makes them more sedate and make some they to get their tired are they lose like out of their energy enthusiasm i noticed a big difference from my dog got got fixed so cold dudes on you know that have low t exactly i mean sir it's probably a calmer dog but uh
my veterinarian that i went to for years before he passed away never believe didn't spang male dogs he didn't believe in having them breed and create puppies that you know you don't take care of it is like you know with your dog all the time if you're responsible dog owner you know that your dog is not going to breed he's like that said like unless you do is a really aggressive problem that you don't need to spam and then but then other people have said yes you do be 'cause otherwise your dog can get testicular cancer and i'm uh take on that has always been like ok so they can't get testicular cancer if you cut off your testicles like is that are you really is that really what's going on here like why is the dogs getting cancer their balls like is there a way to avoid that just check for lumps on the dog's balls once a week just i am sorry to stuff around there anyway so decided he's so excited i don't know i we've even discussed about this on the podcast why this is a concerted effort on my part
women ryan why does your dog run away from you every wednesday oh no no no no no wednesday i can understand the girl thing getting girls made because you don't want them to have peer is all over the place well it's also that the you know the the going he and then that attracts dogs and i i when i had a dog that live next order a dog that was in heat it was crazy because i thought they were wrong with him he was in pain he was like going downstairs and yelping in pain so i thought he'd like broken a hip or something like that i thought it was in pain because he was injured so i brought him to the hospital and the veterinarian was checking amount and it's like is there a dog in your neighborhood that's in heat and i said i don't know why 'cause your dog just horny as hell and i was like a serious
my dogs so horny he's crying so bad you know this big strong dog but he would walk right thanks type and i could nero many would panic and i believe it's ok buddy it's ok what's the matter and my poor dog i carried him to the car 'cause i thought it was broken meanwhile just horny noise i make you know if a girl comes back to my place and put out skype benson sexist use the term put out how dare you give it up alright how my god he said give it up give up the honey hole you heard it give it up i'm sure it's a thing people called for sure honey pot i think they close at it honey pot hole would be better off with the whole the pot seems like a hoe could be a little more specific about the size of it
anything call called being a whole i don't want to your dick in anything you're calling a pot can't be big was even if my child parts that they play in those are still fucking quick quite big you know a cauldron back in the day they had cauldrons yeah so that's what chuck brunswick giants would fuck have you been paying attention to this fucking government shutdown you know i enjoy paying attention to it it just makes me angry but i do check in every day to see what they say about it yeah i am so confused it's a big hole mass it's just stupid i'm so confused kids exactly what's wrong with american politics i'm also i'm just so confused that they let it get to this point too i don't understand i mean how could they fucking if it's really is like a stand off thing or one side won't won't like one slash three it's not even aside as much as it's like one slash three
i don't understand crazy i don't know how it ever even gets made i don't know how it's possible everyone's just like you know everyone be reelected is that it is their number one goal you know and if they're about to retire their number one goal is to take down the the you know number one person on the opposing team that seems all they want to do yeah i just i just have a hard time believing that you know in this day and age that we can allow the whole system did you shut down for more than a week because they agree on something like seems like i understand i'm not trying to be naive that they have to represent their constituents and that they they have opposing viewpoints on certain things like obamacare but apparently that's the big stipulation it's all about the the the program that's going to be instituted for healthcare mandatory healthcare there's certain stipulations about the program i know that a lot of business owners don't like but i know
other people think it's good another thing that people think that it's a great step so no i need to fucking really dig into it and make an evening and really research it from a bunch of different points of view because right now i'm getting you know just sort of abstract information about and i don't have enough to talk about it seems to me that divisive issue i try not to talk about these things just 'cause i you know i don't consider myself an expert but i do pay attention you know i do listen to all of it to try to understand it and in the case of this it just really feels like uh if obama care is fully implemented then that they no longer have the obama care is going to ruin the country argument unless it really does rue the country in which case why won't they just let it happen if they think it's going to ruin the country and then they can jump in and be the saviors yeah i guess so there somewhere that it seems like they're trying to stop
any kind of success that can be had by the current administration needs to be stopped at any cost feels like what's going on also laws that are put in place are much more difficult to resende yeah it's uh bunkers a law yeah you know so they're they're going to all this trouble to fight it when there's all these other issues that's genuinely need like why are they all just trying to create jobs like why is this the discussion you guys understand the obamacare at all like like if if if is that because it kept temporary just signed up for it like that night at midnight he was on the computer signing up for obama care and i think he days like two thirty dollars a month or three hundred dollars a month for like really fucking awesome insurance because of it now but it doesn't start until january i guess you have to january first since this is the sign up period they're trying to get everybody but like there's all these ads on tv telling you that it's bad and that you should sign up for it they have to try to encourage young people to not sign up for it because they have
young woman is sitting in like a gynecologist office with her feet in the stirrups and then the gynecologist has a giant ugly uncle sam paper mache uncle sam head that rises up is like looming over her vagina like find a tell young people don't sign up for obamacare because then they're good then the to tell you what you can do with your vagina what was that is the government have a vagina agenda well the thing is is they found some argue that republicans do rr do you have a vagina agenda but it's not too so weird that they've they basically just flip the script like it's supposed to be that you know the republicans are anti woman but they're trying to make it look like obama is really the one that wants to tell you what you could do with your vagina so it's just manipulative it's about health care period so they use it to like sexual health care they go to that right away babies vagina your wife's pussy yeah
that's what the democrats have been using they've been saying the republicans are anti woman so this so they're just using the same approach but saying pudding it on obama care that obama care is anti woman it's really fascinating that they're allowed to do that it's really fascinated their allowed to editorialize at all that there not allowed to have like any sort of dramatic influence at all in their commercials it's so crazy like you're allowing people to manipulate you know benson has shown time and time again he doesn't care about the people of los angeles doug benson promotes smoking marijuana for underage children including your children doug benson is not a good american in fact he would live in canada if it wasn't so fucking cold
bensalem resident i think they'll almost can say that man whom they could be there so dramatic it's not facts good very clear simple vetted facts that have been verified and both sides agreed to no no no nonsense hi verbally drama dramatic writing fucking manipulation of the truth all that standard fare and all by the way we've been paid for by giant corporations all this manipulation changing of the opinion of the culture the sheeple of the culture has been call manipulated by giant corporations under the law all all totally squeaky clean in legal and encouraged and necessary for the political process doug benson while there people process needs money injected into it very few laws that are against rich people
very few rich people can get away with almost anything yet so long as they cannot rape or murder rich people are set there's never going to jail there's a lot of well unless they rip off rich people unless you party but even then i mean there's nobody's in jail from the last crisis on wall street nobody got arrested for that well bernie made off you can't really connect to the crisis on wall street but no no but i'm just saying went down because he ripped off their sound super hard but if you think about it there's the super rich people there's people that lost money but there's also people that had gained money in the craziness of the market as it existed before and these people recognize the correction was going to be in place and there's also people that recognize that because of the political money that they put into the system the banks were rescued so even though they lost all this money and it could have been a catastrophic strophic failure for these companies like this and we're going to be taken care of and so then the government ganks
from the people props back up the bank saying listen this economy is very fragile we have to keep it going as only we know how so we're going to need some money we're going to need some money and we're sorry about this and don't worry about it wherever would never going to happen again your tax dollars would never go to these why is he getting a bonus oh he needs a bonus man he's gotta get his bonus if you don't get his bonus met he'll leave it will go somewhere else he did the job bonuses their bonuses were half a million dollars that was the limitation to cap cover there we've been informed that people are upset about the bonuses we need to raise the depth ceiling yeah we have limited their bonuses to five hundred thousand dollars and so much money for the average person to get a five hundred thousand dollars bonus in the mail they built holy fucking shit if you imagine if you go to your mailbox you view just received a bonus from work
is this what the fuck is they say you just don't think about kind of karmic by a fucking new car god damn it you just simply how much is a down payment on a house how much am i going to have left you start going over the money in your head that's what their bonus was this is after they already making millions in their bank failed crap crashed into the fuckin ground and was propped back up by taxpayers in a way that i completely don't understand but if you talk to right now and he will fox news you to death and this really well you know pay the loan back within nine months where that money go then come out and they need to pay more everyone needs to pay for figure this out work this fucking yeah this thing is a mess with this is a fucking house made in a sticks and gluten gum all fucking patch together can we bring in the wind joe please tell me you saw the yoko ono on david letterman i refuse to watch it why she makes my blood boil guy she makes my blood boil and i don't
want to be mean person so i don't want to say mean things about her but this yeah that what she's doing some summer i guess it is a performance art if we're talking about it elicits a response from you but the responses not the kind of response that i want from my thirty seconds to a minute of watching something it's uh it's sponse that makes me annoyed what did she do on there that i love the first comment or the mo i voted comment you know and you to the one at the top was so is what the god damn for what did i just watch like almost two hundred thousand alright 'cause she came out and did a song or something like ninety yeah well she when she john lennon soul into her body she got a double life
david letterman hanging in good guy but he's only having her on just for the this sort of attention i legendary band news lineup has changed over the years but whose namesake has remained at the helm and their new album right here is entitled weird interest oh my goodness what a trip that would be
is what we see what i'd without leaving lips yoko ono i think what's the name of your album i know you're talking to sell over now it was going to be terrible i don't enjoy what you're there but it's not she's mixed with the flaming lips yeah it's really good this all day with different songs yeah they're seeing two thousand beautiful things you could do this all day her singing songs they can actually be pretty good song because i like music that doesn't have songs sometimes like i listen to foreign orders i don't know what they're talking about i enjoy it courses you get tired of listening to every day a broad spectrum of what i like by frances weaver yours isn't on the wheel somebody meanwhile dying to pull over i don't know jz i was listening to what dwight yoakum a regular country music i guess i guess that is a good actor i guess at the end of it david system
who's in sling blade right is scary in that yeah she's tiny when he's big please leave the theater humming the music from the show thanks a lot and good night everybody was a friendly burn yeah so she has no idea she's rosie you have to be friendly to her even if you know she drives you crazy but if she like if bill burr and hardware in a room together and you saw that bill burr bit have you seen that bill burr but i could imagine it's a video that he from his monday morning podcast his podcast is one of the most unique podcast because it's just him talking into a microphone which just goes off which i've done before i did back in the early days i did a few of those like that where i would like reed twitter and uh there's a couple things i was going to talk about it just wanted me being baked rambling but
bill does it every week and it's really funny in some one of the best ones if you google it bill burr this google bill burr yoko ono and it's john and yoko are singing with chuck berry on stage and bill does the fucking most hilarious commentary on her and him the whole situation between john and yoko that i've ever heard it was fucking and with the video like whoever made the video 'cause it wasn't build is fan made video and spliced it together perfectly and edited it perfectly so there like as he how can you see the look on chuck berry's face when he and realizing the jogo screaming into the microphone yeah yeah yeah 'cause bill burr did the ran and then they made the video to match the ram yes fantastic oh that's one of the most beautiful things about the internet is these
man created things these fan created videos i was in a film festival a couple weeks ago and i just tweet it on my thing i wonder i want to know someone make a picture of what it would look like if james woods had a lisia woods eyes and with in two minutes three people had photoshopped his eyes on to james woods and every picture was creepy as fuck i'm sure that then it started getting even worse and then someone started photoshopping his dick is james woods has a notoriously big dick does he can you get those on twitter can you allow child except williams i guess why you so very cocky's are supposed to have a monster hog are you allowed to have naked stuff on twitter how's that work yeah you are because a lot of the strip girls uh the like you know there's super crazy pony pictures like if you go to a porn star yeah that's what i'm saying page how's that work this pictures of him with dick cinnamon stuff do they have to be locked like you have to prove
so that it looks pretty pretty open range i think maybe like you know twitter could shut him down well i want some of the things that people like about instagram so you can lock it you could have your own thing like we only your friends can get into it to check it out you have to approve them if they don't get it that scraping wow that's weird using a robot yeah james woods with aliger was eyes um how do we get to talking about james woods just i just brought it out example of we know about how you can were talk and how people should cut together like how but i've been thinking about you also you know how we talked about how you should do commentary on street fights and stuff yeah other thing you could do though that would be awesome is just take classic fight scenes from movies do joe rogan you commentary through them as if it's you know as if you're calling a fight but it's
has no one ever done that before i don't think so like like a movie like they live that really long fight scene and they live be so much one if you just recorded the audio of you talking over it and just at that out and then people just get that and then they rent the movie and watch it and then listen just think it up so they listen to you talking about it while they're watching it work probably thought he'd have to pay money you have to get the rights to the movies and shit like not to do that you can't just do that no they just do it really yeah how is pete holmes and adam carola they'll watch a movie and do dan just have a discussion while they're watching it allowed to do that as long as you're not recording the movie and using the soundtrack of the movie i talked to this about you about two years ago i couldn't talk to you that we should do this and you
we're against it at the time don't know well i think as you are as you were referring to in terms of my bentsen movie interruption like why don't you film it or why don't you release it and the reason for that is because i can't record a lot i like the live audience element i like improvising while watching the movie and the live audience element so you can't there a way to record the audience without recording the soundtrack of the movie that's in the same theater and uh so that's i just think it's fun is a live event but what i'm talking about here is is is totally doable you talking it's something i want to do necessarily just you could call it comedy album you know just like you know joe talk through some of the greatest fight scenes and where do you put a bunch of am out there it seems like you would have to pay them it seems especially if you're profiting off of it you would have to pay them for some reason carola gets away with it they just they just you know it's sort of like the he's talking about the movie so as long as you're not playing the actual movie
i'll find out you know like if you wrote a book that i had a lot of quotes from a movie i don't know who i don't think you have to pay anybody as long as you're saying what movie it's from or we could play them movie and have joe do it like on an ice house chronicles i don't get it well there's no answers or an opening still i think the person who's doing it you can see still you open yourself up because then it could be possibly yeah with that every week if he does the i cells chronicles and the people listen to that also lived listen to his show so it's basically like his show you know there is an argument for that too sure takedown notice is that what happens just give you take downloaded to send you the like trial see the thing is man it depends on how the laws get changed it depends on who's coming in next it depends on if republic going to be to office with another with tighten down on this kind of share it with another going to promote lawsuits like this you know what what weather make legal and what's not legal 'cause you know people can sue if they think they're going to get paid they're going to sue
suing is a way of generating they might get paid just so you don't have to pay more yeah sometimes i know people that have been sued for things that they never did and they had to pay because they didn't want to deal with any more legal drama takes time away from them and so they had to give up like twenty five grand or thirty grand for nothing like i know a guy was in an argument with someone and the guy claimed him he didn't do anything and he wanted giving him money just to shut him up you know once you do that that's the problem is you know then if what if he has fresh so he tells everybody hey you know i fucking i go to this going into an argument and then i said do you hit me and i made money off of them like there's creepy fucks out there they just try to manipulate the legal system make cash i'm i'm going to stay inside from now on do it doug do it don't be put in no wheat they'll be gumming up your fucking insides patent lawyers are kind of like that sure
pat lawyers patent trolls had not as well yeah those those that we're going after podcast is called pan the troll is he coming data words are coming i don't know he's hard to nail down the city fell as he works a lot do you watch justified know he was on a like bring character on the last season of how is that it's a great show elmore leonard so it's really like you know tough and this is based on elmore and are not a novel based on his writings and he wrote a lot of the episodes he passed away recently but he he was really involved in the show and it's i love it it's one of my favorite shows on tv with his most famous lamal probably because of the movie was the most popular movie based on his novels probably get shorty yes yes did you ever read that now i've never really read any of his books but plenty of things that have been adapted from his books especially the ones that he has a figure on
and in are really good like his books i imagine are like screenplays you know and have just lots of clever dialogue and interesting situations and characters yeah we were going over the other day how many different movies stephen king books have been turned into i can't wait to see it did you did you find the number looks crazy number of stephen king books so he wasn't in the pot was on the podcast we must be at least fifty there's a in that range is a line plus is a bunch of mini series for tv include the shining lingle years it number in salem's lot salem's lot you have a lot of a man he maybe the baddest motherfucker of all time when it comes to fiction i mean he really might be when you stop and think about how good some of his movies were thinner or how good some of his books were he had some great fucking fiction books really fun with the shining is a fucking fantastic book
yeah well that was that was a funny thing when the shining the movie came out at lovers of the book were really mad about it and then the shining kind of had to take on this of its own and become like a it's like a separate classic you know yes it's a classic movie and the book is classic but they they really you know there's not a they don't have a lot in common other than a family staying at a hotel over the winter yeah the transformation was much more much more slow in the book the transformation of jack to jack nicholson's character to increase it looks crazy when they're driving up to the place what he's going to do his first interview is already like hey this is great talking honey i just need to do my work and everything will be fine there's a lot of great conspiracy there's a movie called room two hundred and thirty seven and it's all like shining movies scholars and kubrick scholars or at least so called they call themselves that but they it's a whole movie of just talking at length about what all
hidden messages in the shining you know 'cause like because you know people like to say that stanley kubrick's the one who directed the fake fake moon landing yes and in in the shining little danny wears a sweater that has a rocket ship on it that says usa on it so everybody is jump to the conclusion that he really did fake the moon landing footage and this was his fun way of poking admitting admitting to others as opposed to he's making fun of the fact that people you know said that he fake the moon landing which it could be or it could just be it's a cute but in a cute sweater that happens to have a rocket ship on it there was a bunch of parallels apparently he wasn't just that one oh yeah now there's a ton of stuff but it's get so deep and so ridiculous like pattern the carpeting and like also about the movie when they're moving around from room to room in the hotel like way
are there going in from scene to scene doesn't match up so sometimes if they go down a hallway that's just a long hallway sometimes they had off in the same direction they're just in a kitchen you know like it's the the architecture you know the way the whole place is laid out is doesn't make sense but you could say that probably in a lot of movies because just the way movies are shot yeah you know like will use one side of the room for one scene will pretend the other side of the room is somewhere else or whatever so it so deep but it's called room two hundred and thirty seven and also you never see any of the people talking about these theories the entire movie is just clips from the shining and then tips from other movies that kind of reenact the things he's describing yeah there's another one that are watched by a guy named a wiener it's called kubrick's odyssey hidden in the films of stanley kubrick part one cubic and apollo an it's all about
those connections between the apollo moon landings and cubics films and he even has some sort of a claim that the method that kubrick used was the same method that he used on two thousand and one something called front screen projection yeah some type of something along those lines and he claims that they used it to film certain scenes in the moon landings that he could prove it this guy was he's his these guys that go like way out like that i can have like in there was a two hundred and thirty stares at jack walked up and he moved overtime two hundred and thirty six which is exactly the distance between earth and the moon and hundreds of thousands of miles any like yeah they come up with some really good ones like there's a poster for skiing you know like advertising skiing on the wall but they say the skier in the shape of it looks like a minute are and
and then there like and they also say you know and why would there be a poster for skiing if the resort is closed every winter because there's too much snow there and they don't the visitors can't get in and out and it's like yeah but they just stanley we just put a dumb poster on the wall you know like it's that you know art director on the set you know anybody on the set just put that poster there 'cause it was ugly blank wall or something exactly it's like they think they think way too hard about every little joys the distance between the earth and the moon varies it moves around a little bit doesn't stay at two hundred and thirty six so then it goes farther and i'm pretty sure the distance between the earth and the moon various let's look at that distance do you at see that carrie remake yeah yeah he was saying that the the the the the looks great it to me it's a it's a little bit of sack i love her very own girlfriend doesn't editing the original one girls carey know it's going to be more straightforward in the original original such a unique movie it's got so many weird depalma isms in it and now
this new one is just going to be i think it's just going to be a straightforward telling of the you know the exact same story oh so it's just the same movie yeah but without you know without depalma's wacky you know the marketing for this is fucking awesome you see that video that they a viral video that they release that's going out right now it's crazy when they took a coffee shop and they set it up with pretty much built the whole thing they had like this track running up the side of this wall so this guy can throwing up and i pushed up and like they have remote tables and so what they did is they they did all this shit and then when we're coming in to get coffee they just started fucking with people
this is a kerry did this the moving there yeah that's so smart yeah and it's really good i think this is probably the best pranks while like those are all actors around i'm sorry she snatches up will be fine there's copy inside of my computer just for me the thing is okay automatically i was start laughing yeah police i laugh we see that with anything that he flies on got a big line on it yeah see i will have been down for five more those because right now it just looks like he's on a track you know it looks like one of those carnival things you hear the news try to ring the bell right that's how you feel right back alright this is a service i like the way the tables all spread out is like the scariest part yeah recording and she's like what you know it's it's it is an interesting book the book is amazing and it was the big hit for for stephen king the book was the
look that got him out of poverty and it's interesting because he had thrown it out he we've written some and thrown it out and he decided like he didn't know what it was like to go to the prom he didn't know whether or not the girls would do that and the guy would go to the prom with are he didn't understand the emotions behind it like coming from as a woman and so he was going to and then his wife pulled it out of trash like he was out of the house and she started reading it and then she said stick with this wow that's good that's where that mood wife as to the booking i and i his first wife we still with us first of the distance varies from the earth to the moon by forty three thousand five hundred and ninety two kilometers so yeah it varies a lot forty three thousand kilometers that's like twenty something one thousand miles that's a lot of fucking miles dog yeah yeah so it does stephen king hasn't had as many adaptations as that but
two hundred and so that number two hundred and thirty six or two hundred and thirty seven the distance of the earth to moon one oh yeah what are you doing twenty six thousand seven hundred miles boom there we go thank what is it like one mile i think is two dot two or two dot two kilometers is one mile one hundred there's a sixty two miles an hour i think think that goes 'cause they do that like zero to 60s with european cars you know when they talked to tell you the performance numbers they did they break it down to kilometers and kilometers per hour per second the too much freedom manson reviews i think his seven bottles of panic might be i'm still thinking about it i'm thinking about the new version of kerry and how i don't you don't want it you don't know hate being against it to be honest with you 'cause i like the idea of it but it's just like to me it's just going to be i guess
we should look at it like a play where you like the play and then you can see more than like i've seen who's afraid of virginia woolf a couple of times with different casts and it's like different people emerged as the strongest characters and you know that you see different things in the writing because of different performances but it just seems like julian moran that girl chloe moretz are just so forced to kind of go through the motions of being like the two people in the first movie so she's just a religious zealot is yelling at her all the time and eventually the daughter starts getting some cutlery out and making it fly across the room and yeah it's kind of different than like king kong when they redo king kong they have to have the fay wray character and unless the original yeah i d like depalma had tons of like split screens an like you know lots of wacky stuff that he used to do all the time so it's got a really unique and then sissy spacek
this girl in the new one is like she's an outcast she's gorgeous like she's a cute girl and like you know how messed up is she that she i assume she has the same incident in the beginning of the movie where she gets her period in front of everybody i hope so they don't have they don't have sissy spacek type actresses anymore and what actress but that's right that's what somebody said to me there like do you think sissy spacek's ugly and i said no she's not ugly but she's ugly enough that and in these early scenes it's believable and then when she's at the problem she actually looks pretty krista american hero over that yeah yeah william katt that guy was the first guy that i've ever met that was famous when i was in la he was in front of me at starbucks and you had a gut is nice like why did gm i shouldn't say meet at my first when you first sighting my first sight yeah see look at they go to the split screens right forgot about this split screen shit yeah and it was
crazy people getting host i don't know if that's going to happen in this new one back then it was really special weird fucking moving man weird movie know you made it really kind of artsy fartsy movie out of a lot of just basically as straightforward book you know uh wow i forgot your volto is in it yeah it was a good fucking moving man and especially for the time for that time it was a major is a big hit in the ceiling and it's a reference point you know like don't take care to the prom you know like pigs blood he jumped on you like people make references to it you know to this day even though the original movie doesn't it doesn't get a lot of play now that's true yeah when we need to talk about a girl going crazy and psycho should have should go carrier delco kerry anne books incredible though it's
good yeah i was i was i was super into stephen king i wrote a letter to stephen king about how much i didn't like q rick's the signing and he wrote back willing typed on a postcard like you just sit and type letters to the fans and he wrote back you still have that a very yeah he wrote a very diplomatic response which is just like you know i don't i don't control what happens to my books when they made into movies but he was it was well known that at the time that came out he thought he hated it like he was angry about it yeah well that's why they that remake where they did it on television they did it much truer to the book still not a very good movie just 'cause of other choices were made like the kid that got to play the kid was annoying kid actor you know and so he wasn't an engaging central character you like the guy from wings steven weber yeah he was alright i guess but i so uh i haven't liked a single made four tv stephen king from beginning to end there
that's that are good like it like the pennywise looked cool was really scary looking but i thought the movie was too silly well it's also the you're trying to make a movie out of a book but instead you're making like this miniseries thing many many hours to why i get out in a lot of times they lose the make energe of a movie you know if you're sitting in watching a movie movies beginnings middles and ends and you take 'em all in one chunk books you let it sort of unravel in your day you know you dream when you can you come back to you get right back into it and it's fine yeah people usually don't watch movies movies one chapter at a time yes when you're watching an hour a week or an hour a day for three days or whatever how the they did it when they have it as a mini series it just doesn't work that yeah like i do i think the stand miniseries was terribly good i didn't see that who was in that up
i think the main guy was played by jamey sheridan i don't show this because i want to see that movie i don't i hate watch trailers or worse these days like if i'm really excited about a movie i'll just not but you're just avoid that rewrite the reason i was watching it 'cause i'm so in love with that girl in that movie she's just beautiful chick so i don't buy that at all the plane this and like that yeah i mean they have to change it to that everybody hates her 'cause she's better than all of them so stupid that was going to say about when somebody said you don't think sissy space that's basics beautiful it's like well no she's not ugly but she also was not on 'cause
a politician team when kerry came out she was an actress who was chosen because she could could seem like a religious nut outcast yeah which is very pale her eyebrows are this girl in just call now is the girl of the moments there just well she's got a play kerry because she's you know we want we only wanna bet on horses that are gonna win and she's she's a good actress the people like but the problem is i don't think that works you know i mean i'm not saying that she can't pull it off maybe she does it awesome but i don't think people go to see movies because the stars at you know i don't people want to see avatar because that australian dude nobody knows who that guy is absolutely know that he works but they want to see avatar because it was avatar 'cause it was a bad ass movie but stars can push something over the hump you know like like like the heat we were talking about earlier if that wasn't sandra bullock and melissa mccarthy it could easily just not be a thing right so if it sucks it's ok well big name actor that's what you're saying well i'm just saying that the unfortunate system
needs insurance policies all the time so they only want to work with the people that have already made a lot of money but all those people were in a surprise hit at some point and that's why they are now bankable stars you know like when they sandra bullock for speed today if you know that was probably they were just looking for a young actress who could you know fill the role clarity had a star he keanu reeves and then she rusted out and it's been a huge thing ever since so you just counting the chemistry they had the chemistry they shared she i i mean i thought she was adorable in speed and i saw these waiting for to make a good movie until gravity it finally happened so these images of keanu reeves poor guys apparently gained weight and so people are taking photos of him and i can't keanu reeves fat no i just saw him a couple weeks ago he looks like maybe there's a fake fat canary he's got this movie man of tai chi that he directed where he also he also plays the villain in it oh it's a fake guy
fake fat keanu fake like a fat and old on suicide watch did calories get fat so is it him or not wow well this is weird cano reeves is forty eight do is allowed to get how much is middle age which looks like he's happily doing judging from these photos at cannes baby get his shirt off and he's little in this show key or the normal no he doesn't have a shirt off fuck that's for a roll or something there's no way he looked like that it can in may of this year no way someone's in love with piano these were just how did you buddy google keanu reeves at fantastic fest he was there in front of me doing a qa and that's not what you look like so you think it's photo shops it's either or he playing a fat guy in something and people got pictures of it at what fest
member that time matthew mcconaughey went nuts on the beach with some palm fronds was running around and it was on tmz and stuff that he was whacked out of his mind running around on the beach that was he was shooting a film and there was a scene in the film where he did that and people just put out there like they did it in my other great example is when see look at him ok so how long does this this is a month ago or two weeks ago maybe just went gangster in the last two weeks and got fat as fuck yeah then in healthy yeah great yeah so it doesn't make any sense so what is that other one is that it is a real maybe this i even him i think that's not it might be a guy that looks like him it's value them looking at let's look at it again this yeah 'cause it really is really doesn't like him looks really just got fat for a couple of months yeah but that's hard to do to chop off that weight that quick there's a lot of weight like his name i mean there's a lot of fighting in his movies kiana and cocaine he looks different
so like his nose looks bigger in the fat one is that 'cause his nose got fat i think it's easy he was either acting as a fat guy 'cause you saw the pictures of mcconaughey is the aids dude right well that was when he decided to lose a shit load of weight but since pain it's like life threatening how much how thin he got you should never do that those guys who do that for rolls their crazy i know why what's his face batman fox's name yeah you should build machinist the machinist was incredible that might be one of the scariest transformations of ever seen a person make ever 'cause he on store door like purple images over that brian or if they have a video of christian bale in the machinist i've mean i think it's a big deal when rob dinero mcconaughey's is just as bad i think so i don't think that's pretty bad is it really i thought this guy was the war i've ever seen mcconaughy looks like a like his neck is
both in then his heads kind of normal mcconaughey seasons so weird do you member when robert dinero did it for regent bully gained all that way to play jake llamada is an older man and everybody was like this is incredible how did he do that look at that see if you can on video over though god damn the video is even more terrifying 'cause you see him walking around you like jesus christ like that really ellington well that's really him really is batman yeah well he never remember that guys name question bill he's like super trance if that guy he was amazing in the fighter yes looks like he's got a crazy haircut in this new one american hustle weird japanese over thing yes yes it was great in the fighter he played a mickey wards cozen dicky ecklund the famous boxer from boston sanely aggravating personality like that movies really it's great but it's also like almost every scene is he's in is just an awkward
horrible will dickey akron was a crack head and he was on that hbo series about a crack in lynn lynn massachusetts r lynn lowell lowell ma massachusetts an area was really bad crack hit lowell super bad in the 80s what is this is the video of him in the machinist say see him or he's walking around like how many jason really hasn't slept and then to go to all that trouble for something that's not even a particularly good movie well i think he tr to make a good but sure you know how fucking you even tell what's going on around you when you're that skinny yeah i mean that dude literally died he got down to about two days of no food from death yeah being christians at laurence fishburne did he eat all of his food hotel
christian bale gained one hundred and nine pounds for batman begins after losing sixty three pounds for the machinist bill went from one hundred and twenty one pounds to two hundred and thirty pounds in six months oh my god he was uh huh june twenty one pounds needed this movie yeah that's insane so by the time the filming began christian bale had dropped one hundred and ninety pounds oh my god trapped oh you mean back fourth or no had been moved one hundred and ninety pounds and dropped one hundred and ninety pounds right now he had dropped two hundred and ninety pounds i'm sorry you're probably heard the christian bale can hunter nine pounds for batman begins meaning it popped up for batman begin yes after losing sixty three pounds for in the message machinists so yeah it's a swing of a hundred ninety from as low as to his you know his full that natalie yeah that doesn't make any sense because that would mean that he's like three or four compounds he was never that big
he was one one nine thousand eight hundred and sixty three is like two hundred and fifty i wouldn't be that much yeah he's not that bad i don't get that that doesn't make any sense stop breeding that source whatever that is that doesn't seem to make sense pull up a scary movie matthew mcconaughey it's the movies called dallas something it's not magic mike no so this story before but i saw the this reminds me i saw a movie with my mother magic mike yeah well aid city a go that time we were in san diego for comic con and i just saw the first cut of the we were making cronican both of you guys are really funny in it really yeah remember we were in the green room and the guy that runs the club said hey can you meet one of the investors and you're like ok this comes in he's holding like at one point
holding a bottle of champagne and then he just let's it go and it drops on the floor and crashes everywhere and then you're standing right next to him in the movie going yeah normally when you let go of a bottle like that it just floats in the air but there that's a good step brian brian was hit on some girls out on the street in san diego late at night and you're like you do this whole rant about when they're barefoot they're at their most vulnerable way because if they yeah open also because if they're willing to walk around and glass and piss and everything that's on the ground there like you
so there's no rules anymore you show these girls you see girls but their faces are blurred but there's one that looks like she's taking a shit in the middle of the street and that's what gets brians attention he's like i'll go talk to her and then you start talking about girls holding their shoes they're vulnerable well there were so many chicken girls comic con people got so drunk downtown san diego's like that every week what is the deal with san diego why is it so wild it's just six st it's just that one st it's like same thing with six st in austin or you know everywhere it's gotta street or a neighborhood where there's just so many bars in one spot it's also you could walk around yeah yeah it's the words of people moving around and then get too drunk and then next thing you know fiserv yeah i've seen that more in that area's gonna think anywhere else this will show real world the mtv show when they have the kids in downtown san diego and in downtown austin in a few other places the
everybody so drunk and there's cameras following these kids around and the show hasn't started airing yet so somebody is going to get jealous and angry that these people are on tv ran through it start throwing fists there people on the real world to get arrested in the san diego and austin additions like there were a regular arrest of cast members because they get too drunk and get in trouble on those in party neighborhood i can imagine it i don't know you know whenever you get people drinking together in big groups you're going to see a fight you're going to thing and are now austin version there was this one kid who like got hit in the face hard like by a guy like you know i couldn't even see a common the guy just and the guy his face is blurred i think they eventually found him and tried him but like on the tv show it looks like he just some guy got away with it 'cause he didn't stick around to sign a release you know wow yeah that's crazy but those girls in the chronicon will be blurred and it's also not the movies not going to come out for a while he just
the picture you found it yeah look at that that's nothing christian bale that's not christian mask and then it shows them in that how to lose a guy in ten days and so this is just him these greatest hits of mcconaughey ryan caroline do and do not your brian count started on matthew mcconaughey because he will go go into this whole rant about acting and being authentic and like he gets like he's not mcconaughey man so he gives comma has been killing it lately though democrat mcconaughey's been i love a very versatile lately super strong opinions on actors yeah it's really going on here it gets how many of those parts would have you'd like to have done when one person says i like so and so in that movie oh she was terrible on that ok well we both just said a bunch of words let's go find something to really do well
so brian does a lot of acting so he like judges active you can like sit see i looked at acting completely as an outsider so i see even if i don't lie the type of movies in definitely can act like how could you say i can't do you see contact he's fucking great that movie isn't great what was that movie where he played like a killer killer joe what that movie's intense with version and when do you see that there's about a couple movies like that there's another one where he sort of free can move the needle i don't know where he's like he's a hired killer but he he does this thing to gina gershon with the chicken wing that's really grab when was this pretty recently i but three one slash two stars s by sw last you know it's a twenty eleven movie some recent movie i haven't seen that now it's really is it out crazy you can you know
you can get around the tunings or some shit concern killer joe check that out tonight there was a there was another movie though what's it called stricken or something like that god damn it matthew mcconaughey cereal let's there was one in the past where he played some really fucking how do you spell yeah that's tough located yeah it's a tough one kinda hang serial killer serial killer khana hai yeah my handsome bastard is alright let's say fraility yeah free ok two thousand and one that was crazy man bill paxton ann i haven't seen it logs got seven two seven dot two to ten on rotten have you ever heard of the movie bernie bernie what's it's jack black plays bernie mcconaughey plays like a local police detective how you spell brn
bernie at b e r and i e and it's but it takes place in austin and it's based on a true story so the the movie is filled with people that were really involved in the story and knew the real guy as themselves yeah it's and it's really it's really well done it's richard linklater the guided days and confused am doug benson come with a strong recommendations i got like two movies to watch now killers are both really interesting but you know they might not be your cup of tea but i like a lot of different kinds of tea i know that about you for sure that you like whenever i see raving about a movie and and we find it interesting because i know you don't you don't see a lot of them yeah and so and then also don't cry i love a lot of them want to do so when you read about some
very passionate her young kevin and bean talking about rick they were talking about me see really it was so bad i yeah i didn't even see the whole thing i just saw a section of it and all this is just not for me but well i enjoyed pitch black i thought pitch black was really cool that's what i immediately said to kevin being as i defended the that it was that that really wasn't bad and that was good and then their chronic chronicles of riddick riddick was ridiculous and then then the la when it was like they were trying to go back to pitch black but now they're kind of stuck because they've got the budget of a bigger movie so they could they didn't really force themselves to be terribly inventive it's weird how much he's alone so much if this year is the weirdest year in that tom cruise will see junior that guy and there's a four oh and then of course sandra bullock like all these movies were big stars are just sort of like a low alone in space or in a futuristic planet and they've all
you know until gravity they've all just failed you know everyone doing thrall doing terribly like one of these starry goes like i don't need anybody else in this movie but that's different because at least in those then all these movies that have come out whether it's a tom cruise movie that will smith movie it's some distro in future is more current event and the reality of space junk entering until i think gravity came from a better i don't think sandra bullock was like i need a star vehicle where it's just me but you know i don't think tom hanks did that about captain phillips but it's still it's interesting ego thing that any actor thinks that them alone is worth people to just watch an entire movie well that's the other movie we talked about earlier um sam what's his face yeah moon sam but that movie done from you know real place of artistry you know and it was such a interesting premise yes yeah that was an interesting it wasn't like you know him just i'll just it's not show
coffee you're trying to be a movie move the script came before the actor i'm sure yeah tom cruise are developed oblivion like it'll just be me running around on this planet he did i'm sure did yeah you know he's he's i think that guy works really really hard like i admire how hard he works to make the silly movies that we get to see you little fuck you know twice a year no sure i'm pretty sure is there a is there somebody that you could dude there you would let fuck you could just 'cause you admire him so much anymore what happen once shame on you yeah i just don't yeah i just don't think i would just be like can't we just to get some drinks have a smoke meant flavors in a twitter war right now with do you know a guy named philly prince no philly prints one on twitter he is a former oddsmaker head
i don't know espn host fox radio host what's again now joyful i i don't know but it's whole page is just going off on him like well maybe so that guy like you will mention it yeah going off on him saying that he got fucked in the ass in prison and doing all those who care back into the sky if joey wants to talk about it have joey talk about it don't give any guy like that any kind of attention when something that comes up that someone who's tro ling and what they're trying to do is they're trying to get attention from guys got a lot of attention and which so we just gave attention yeah it's hard i mean in this case brian could have not done that but in sometimes it's like when it's at you especially when someone says something really mean or stupid to me like sometimes i'll retweet it or something and be as i just get a re charge out of the horrible things now that some of my fans will then say to that person you know and it's fun to see that all the people defending me but uh same time you know people
write to me and say you shouldn't feed the trolls you know you shouldn't just giving them the attention they want it's like yeah but no i think ignoring it sometimes makes them go on to seek more more of that attention this was not even be out with this is going to have to do with us and yes i know he wants to talk about religion we talk about it but if i wanna talk show you want to talk about how great he is but it was funny earlier when you met when we were talking about having the people on the on the plane is it's like you were kind of shrug your shoulders like well i guess you know guy really likes his dog or whatever and my feeling is i would hate to sit next to on board but it's such a lottery that went away when are we going to sit next to him so let the guy have his dog you know like we're not going to have to put up with it yeah but that's one guy the problem is other people see that and they want to do it there's a reason why you can have dogs on planes one of 'em is the people fucking allergic dogs some people are definitely allergic to dogs some people their eyes swell up shot second of all it's not sanitary dogs in a wide open ass is no diaper on
it's not clean they fart like crazy they don't give a shit whether or not people right next to him if they have to what are you going to do it's stupid it's a dumb thing if we're going to travel with your fucking dog a dog should be in the luggage compartment like everybody else is dog that's how it's just to be first but if you're on with somebody that does have their dog 'cause it's happened right yeah i've been nice to people that had already talked to you to say all that to them or do you just go well dogs are you just know i'm never going to have to sit next this person again so what difference does it make yes but no in the current the current climate you know most likely you're not going to have to deal with that but doesn't it make you feel like larry david though when you see something like that and like on his show he would consistently call people out on stuff and it would just lead to these horrible arguments and these horrible interactions like don't you feel like you you just can't police everything yes you can't police everything but i was at the fucking book store and this lady had a giant dog it's like a fucking great dane i'm reading a magazine i feel a dogs nose touch my hand and i looked
over there is a fucking great dane i go whoa and she don't worry he's friendly and i go why is he here and she goes he's a service dog lego service daughter what is he servicing like what are you doing like you know gotta fucking bookstore is one hundred eighty pound dog dogs enormous and it's licking my hand like this lady she's not in control of it and i love dogs but they not cool you should have a fucking animal in you can totally control inside bookstore what she say to the service question she didn't answer me yeah 'cause there no answer she went to file the paperwork and got it anyway even when very discusses on the blog as i know is awesome unfortunately that anybody can get one rational support dogs yeah they're trying to change that law the trying to because people have used the shit out of it yeah it's weird man people are fucking weird
so it's weird that anybody would think that's ok to do there's a lady that goes to my restaurant restaurant that i go to near my house and she brings her dog and all the times the famous lady movie star should come this fucking dog and this dog has wide open ass just sitting there rubbing on the ground where people drop their forks and drop your cell phone pick it up get dog shit on your hand even if it's microscopic amounts it's disgusting this stupid fuck thing is farting in there and licking its own dick it's ridiculous the the idea that you should be allowed to bring your fucking dog into a restaurant that shits ridiculous if unless you're alone by yourself in your blind fuck you alright come in 'cause it's an emotional support dog that's nonsense yeah that's a good and that's really figuring out a way to rig the system hacked american disabilities act that's what they did they cut into the fuckin the laws that are in place to help people and they're
there's a little loophole here and we can fucking bring our dogs everywhere now twats yeah they bring their pull through the loophole twats anything good say before and can negative oh yeah let's get real positive it's been three hours already it's over god damn it's over so fast he does 'cause you're awesome is that why you're good at that i listen to other shows drag that you and i did a long time ago man i just listen to like it was in the one hundreds i was looking for podcasts on my talk to something remind me after this is over can talk about on the air but i gotta talk podcast related remind me because isolated less i was listening to some just different peoples podcasts was just going over the podcast app on my phone and then i found one of you and i from and brian from like fucking
three or four years ago it was like three years ago when we first starting out and i was like wow we listen to this i don't remember half the shit we were talking about it we talking about things in the news that were like a big deal that i don't remember him at all i don't remember it at all yeah it's weird it's weird go over old podcast done so see so many of these long conversations like if we had to go through and recap what we talked about today we probably you know would only come up with miss some things you know what's so we it's when people come up to me to go dude what was that story you talk about the podcast about there's like a russian guy and he got in trouble like shit your guess is good as mine four hundred fucking times last son which which part of russia jesus louise is there's also a lot of parts where i don't even remember if this person had been a guest on one of the podcasts i've done before so i go up to him like shit how do i know this person this person on the some like googling the persons name in death squad just to see if they come up right sure enough most of times like oh yeah is a member
pointless yeah yeah yeah well we went over that number two is that dunbar's number you can only keep one hundred and fifty sort of friendships in your head after you get over one hundred and fifty just like if there's no room is no hard drive space you hard is filled up and so you so those are the names you forget even though they're people you like very happy to know their name you walk when you're just like i don't have any fucking idea what you should new doug benson's go to lumosity dot com and learn how to have like a name game you can play they have a mother fucking memory enhancement situation type deal with a hook you up with games and if you well you tell them that joe rogan sent you it will benefit the podcasts of allegedly there we like what they do i play the game for myself i think it's important to work your brain and besides doing podcasts and talking about things and doing stand up and writing things something i like i like to use bring a bunch of different ways i like to play certain games i think god
the games they have animosity have a real benefit tell them that a joe rogan sent you you freaks and also thanks to squarespace dot com if you use the code word joe and the number ten altogether one word joe ten to save ten percent of your first just a new accounts include is monthly and annual plans square space dot com were also brought to you by dot com onn t use the code name rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements will be back at least one more time this week possibly twice i'm work and some shit son i got irons in the fire keep it moving but
i want to thank everybody came out the ontario improv this past weekend i had a god damn fantastic fuck oh shit i'm going to be there october 16th exactly i saw they had a promo for doug benson i told i asked them specifically to play i don't like the whole clips before shows of other comedians thing i just think it's just there's usually not any real connection there's another person that tells jokes that you should come pay a lot of money see so i'm kind of against that whole thing but knowing that you were there last weekend i was like made sure they're playing my clip because i know that you know the joe rogan fans are nothing if now dedicated they love you done better love i love that they come to my shows they love joey diaz too and joey diaz is performing there soon can't love him and for him there playing the podcast where goes off on ranch dressing
so if the whole blue cheese with wings are go fuck your mother that rant is what they play at the beginning when they had instead of his stand up they just play him going off so they should do more of that is mark that's a smart move you know that would have been lost if i didn't bring it up 'cause he told me that in private once like i heard the original line we were just like hooters or something and he's a fucking ratchet and he went off another holy shit ran stressing it might have been wise but it might have come back again because someone offered him ranch again the other day were hanging out again and some guy offered him ranch would you like branch with your wings like a joke like he thought it was a joke i wanted to get that now like people that know who he is i'm sure there yeah they want to hear the ran in person i do not think this particular gentleman was strolling i think is really just offering a ranch with wings like what you got which are ways and the guy was like well get you some ranch sir like use pretty serious fucking branch i want to bargain ranch and he was a very mild about it wasn't rude i hate asian pussy well you say
but you hate and then people just start giving it to you never mind jesus christ how can i say that october 31st i'm going to be in san diego death squad queen showa sam tripoli and tony hinchcliffe and in a bunch of surprise guests american comedy show dot com right will be there soon november i think like the night before thanksgiving beautiful next thing that i got only plugs i'm gonna do were ones of their same place you guys have been october eighteenth in houston at the by you music center with beautiful tom's agora and then i'll be there in november houston are you really yeah yeah we doing hey can you give me the driver's name info the do you still use the same driver in houston yeah yeah that guy's great yeah okay that's this fucking chose over oh november first second third of the irvine improv i'll be there in december but our clubs lately man i mean
doing like weekends or clubs i kinda stop doing that for when you're playing these yeah they got a lot of these kind of like big clubs that are practically like playing a theater yeah but i really like the size of the irvine improv with the ontario improv or break that shits perfect yeah that's what i'm really enjoying more than anything so doing these shows in front of like a tight group like a club a real club it feels like a club and a theater like in one you know it's very very good experience what's the right amount of people i'd like to in both i like mixing it up and man i'm really enjoying the shit out of doing a lot of clubs and it's not fair when people are sitting far away from you it's not really you know they might as well just be listening to it if you if they can't see you you know well this that and it's also you also can't will hear everything that's going on the room there's a lot of weirdness when you're in a big room when the people are laughing if you can keep tagging things yet gotta wait till after dies down or you can't hear what the guy saying like i've been no i saw lewis black recently and i really is that when i was in the crowd i was like oh i can't understand what the fuck you saying
while everyone's laughing hard yeah alright phone we love the shit out here and we'll see soon that's it the big tits
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