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#402 - Bryan Callen

2013-10-09 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor, stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcasts: "The Bryan Callen Show" and "The 10-Minute Podcast" with co-hosts Will Sasso and Chris D'Elia.
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i just i wanted my aim but it can use the emperor friday saturday and sunday this right is every sunday brian cowen two shows for attitude so saturday that's absolutely the wrong we do rosaria is if it doesn't matter so you say just a little bit of a lower register i wanna be very funny already is is just trying to get someone to come see something awesome you and i'm i'm wearing that i am very proud of my my my current one hour it's coming together to you killed me when we're working toronto had great fuckin time really fun and cigarette killed me to finally while i was saying as upgraded my podcast yesterday and i was sent him you're one of the few people you know look ivan might i did we had a great time but i gotta
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pewter how my writing code i start a panic immediately names like me swear to me like i can teach you that you know it's not that hard line is blowing you were obviously this works found i read it cost me a fortune had blown your blog i asked i asked him what he does with his money you need me to meet a thirty year old guys are really good guy who made a lot of money we do indeed us i upgraded my redskins tickets i got my dad's a huge fan so i sit right behind the visitors bench and to shout at them to shout and get into the head he just insults we other team that's the first thing he did with his money so we can go and insult i never got plays the redskins land errand he sits there goes how many kids do you value what you're protecting a bit like he just kill them oh my like the ones you d cooper whose name started ready yet these are really funny guy larry and he goes around the country talking to colleges and basically saying to these kid hey everything
that you know like higher education in the way you're supposed to do shit it's no longer really relevant anymore while that man is what you can do and as a whole wide open frontier out therefore you'd think outside the box and kind like his mission you know but he was talking about how he was on his this guy cooper who is at justin bieber concert with saying some racial shit you know is a white wide receiver henry stuff about black women he gets behind events and he's basically shouting at cooper gone cooper decent feel that way what did what's it like to be in the long run with all these black people around you and had and his team makes we're all laughing and making fun of american elect snickering stuff that's what he does his money i count will be at the houston and profit and buffalo the next we easily brian cowen dot com and it never ends i guess we suppose mewed duncan musical name robin saved ten percent of any and all supplements do we do
you in each area cannibals yet do you know i'm about to know and i need some i didn't ask you need the primal i've been asking you since i saw prototyping we will contact arby's afternoon after this progress is over and we will get some proteome bells headed your well useless for please i'm all over them one pulled which is how much how much that way it's thirty five pounds to then i got there are one point five poohed which is probably fifty pounds a year and have you it says under their it says the opposite thirty six pounds fifty four pounds and seventy to pursue sound me i can get all three at a low price if on the house happens that have low price if i'm frenzy to hook and get these these are bad ass though we had as disgustin schuman junior he's the artist who were created spoke very credible looking
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the job logan experience like my brain to partners to lose
then you may tell him out and we had to make this breakdown bike as this vital area it hard task and fighter and she's just a kid stop do you don't stop now tell you why don't we get to do with bread and shop so i love his take on fighting in mind kit so mad at me because i have just vaguely do all my research and ask everybody about the fights brendan is a bad mother fucker dude that the submission that he hit material with those unifil that whereas jokers he does he does aided eight policy other day with a hundred and twenty five pounds hanging from his waist strict polyps not kidding i believe it is a serious granular back i can he is strong shit you know he took a lot of heat for that gracie match that matter mansion cause he basically just did engaged for a while but
there were many moments in the fight where they were engaged there's nay moments were that cyborg i had him in his guard and these are dangerous mother fucker cyborg and brennan defended every single one of them stick in his hand in his throat and stop and that that discarded it everything perfect but that's a tricky game you're playing with that guy people don't respect that like that cyborg food is a nasty mother fucker when it comes to jujitsu his jujitsu is really really really high level if there's any body whose earned the nickname cyborg judging by the way they look it's have felt immediate bad about my genetic structure about my fucking bone structure what is a few cyborgs where people i don't know what we're talking about this is the approach is a problem that there's a bunch of cyborgs in brazil ok this chris cyborg santos was one of the best women fighters in the world the up really nasty mortified there's hearse her husband was eventually star cyborg away and then there was this guy rubber
abu rise and i say is outstanding i believe etc damn he's nasty he's gonna crazy guard he goes under guys and enrich their legs apart angel bad is take down aristide where he's attack is tat of a human and look brennan didn't the he did a lot of just keep this guy off we did a lot of that but there were many moments where he was in that guy's guard he said i think was eight times at eight cents seventy sounded out ok that's kind of that's that fact that he was able to do that is very impressive you just grappling look if they were striking brentwood probably theirs
we positions you would get caught and cause you're smashing azure hitting everywhere i wouldn't first round he would know will not only that dude that pole position changes entirely like the guard everybody loves the gardener may in the garden mme it's one thing because guys aren't hitting you guys are hitting you rather when you're in straight jujitsu the guard becomes infinitely more dangerous because you're not gonna hit that kind the bottom so he can grab hold you can do things he can be wide open and still control you as soon as you add punches it changes ninety percent budgets because we honor that's when you jargon you in the faint right now you see alike as very few guys now will close their legs inanimate because you're taken away to your weapons you know it back in the day you know you you you you guys
guys will try to stand up immediately and stuff like that it's it's a very very precarious position of being really depends on your style he and others still glass the attack offer their back in a full guard like vinnie magala well little and have another look at the past it gets that was a very beautiful move or perfect old school brazilian it still relevant the still absolutely there's openings just like a right hookers relevant the idea goes away is crazy it's crazy they're all they're all those techniques for there were you got jake shields damien meyer what you're you're gone ass i have appointed will tell you what man damien my is a mother fucker at one seventy thank nobody did john what worries me about jake going down to one seventy is checked looks unhealthy when it does it maybe goddamn back in order but i've seen him in the way ends where i'm like cheesy walks into our eyes or something i'm sure he's a big fella now is very strong grapple or bud
one eighty five he beat some dangerous guys man he put her put robbie lawlor tapped him he fought a five round firewood dan henderson that was one of the greatest come back in the history of anderson cooper will a strong from tuesday jan henderson tim and that first round i mean tagged there's not a whole lot of humans it could survive that he got hit the first round jake shield showed like the rarest a rare chance because henderson connected flash in he got out of the ground and sword taken henderson down henderson i went into fight with something wrong with them someone told me that he he handed back issues so it could have been i mean and i'm not try to make excuses for dan i'm sure he wouldn't have made an either but times and you seen a guy in a fight like that like that's what you deal with
it goes in there and he's got some long and sometimes they throw strategy at the window just go after guy you're happy place sometimes you know you gotta play it safe and hello like eight miles when measuring when i saw damien maya what are you talking with jake there's something in my control john fitch for that long to get us back into basically ride him like that you know i think that damien maya striking from what i understand is really grown leaps and bounds and he's he's even keep to fight on his feet and a lot of people say that his if he does that were jake he's an attack shake up but then he goes to the ground there's nothing to suggest that jake is going to be able to please take downright damien miser ressler is like percent of something like he's really effective i'm on take downs as well so it's gotta be interest he's a very special grab law is a very special grabber his his area of improvement has all been
his striking catching up to the point where he could use is grappling more effective effectively like the writ story fight was even more impressive than the fits fight to me because story is fucking guerrilla strong that kid is with straw and maya got a hold of him and never let go i mean it was crazy way he did it it just so relentless chasing them down holden singles trip anomalies hole in a single dragged through the mud dry up to the madrid onto the mad dragons and finally got his back and then what he's got you back ass we your back damn you know what i did do you know what they're finding and this raises book called the sports genome obsessed with right now how do you sports authorizing mark epstein david epstein later in the day for why why as they say they do you know what what they were trying to figure out why a chest astor first bob what they found was anybody who's gonna be really good at chaz grandmaster or a great athlete you can
almost always tell by the time the twelve years old and there are few outliers but just by the they behave in the way they work and stuff like that and it's not the ten thousand our real actually is a very shoddy rule because some people can take for out thousand hours other people can they too you know twenty five thousand hours it all depends but one of the things that they found about people master something like great restless great udo guys great boxers life for me where is it even so much that they are faster or stronger experience you have to have a certain hardware what they call a hardware like a genetic hardware you're gonna be but experience when you like a damien my when you when he rules sperience allows the human mind beheld a chunk information you can hear able to function in larger quantities so what he's doing is here reading signals way before his reading signal that you're giving him and tendencies and he be able to make assumptions even if he's not aware of it
these may able to jump three moves ahead because he's making assumption is already predicting what you're gonna do you're thinking about it you can tell by the way are shifting your weight from years of experience oh i've been here before any compensates much faster than you do and that's the difference well when oh well yeah we'll dance on mine blow it a mindless way when they have three recognising patterns before people make specific memorize the board he's memorized every conceivable position on that chessboard as jujitsu player that eggs actually what great masters are able to do they can show a great chest master obscure games with obscure things for three seconds and then they can read they can tell you what it was exactly what to get where everything was it's really terrifying when you're rolling with a guy who's really really fucking good because wanna things as you feel the progressions you feel like you're you're ok
trapped in his full guard oh shit now he's got my arm oh shit now his lock in the shoulder oh shit now it's tighter oh shit now i'm in trouble i'm fuckin real trouble it's like this a real progression it's now go wild scramble were also in catches are getting it's a real you are dictating to an extent whether you know not what he's to do next in the sense that when heap when he moves you have compensation as you compensate he's already ahead of you they will never understand that if they ve never play chess or if they ve never done jujitsu that my wrongs tat way but the book boxing's i'm i think there's less dimensions to it just because the fact that it's just hands but clearly you see a guy like floyd may whether who can t oxen against the best guys in the world and barely get hit and the reason is exactly what they were saying is at flemed were still when you box you learn all the different families right their different patterns that you are for workers at what he is able to do
is he knows that if he were based on this pattern you he learn you you create this opening then you stepped to the side you do this what he'll do his job to pattern three he'll literally anticipate he can you're moving over here and he's so far ahead of you that's why it's impossible to touch the guy he's seen before you throw them what based on you body language and based on we're your eyes are he's able to chunk all that information so quickly that he is the minute you think about it the second you think i'm gonna do this he's already harry this oh he's gonna do this and now his hands up before we that's interesting because it's it's hard to explain sparring i think to some
who's never spartan before the end to a lot of folks when you look at it looks like one guys gonna hit the guy you're the guy is trying to hit the eye and they can meet the middle and figure out who hits who when his there's a lot of weirdness sparring does a rhythm too it is it's a very strange getting him to think something and capitalizing on getting used to being hit two years that you have to be able to keep your ear you about you how things are flying at your face some people just see things further phrases willie hans canvas your head goes down and it takes a long time at work that instinct at eu body being a look see a punch in your face basically will though with a lot of will unfortunately a lot of heat was instincts is actually look for the punch tended to try to like to have a head straight up in the air what's going on here i try i see things more clearly sticking your neck and getting cracked that happens
the panic mode you see a lot of guys in a panic mode like jail drop their hands down i'll never forget them there was a fire from the commission night and i dont know who started what i have no idea what was going on august news that these two guys we're in this really he'd exchange and one guy was a white guy and one guy was black guy and the white guy went into full slap panic standing square and it just literally doing this it was so crazy it was so crazy was just he had a full meltdown i couldn't believe he was about to have a fist fight with this guy clearly looks more physically strong much larger looked like like an athlete you know and so i don't know what happens i saw this lapping the freaking and then a bus drove in front of us now and i couldn't see anything for lack of fifteen seconds or whatever it was into the bus was gone and then boom the way
guys down flat so some in between him flailing he got caught you smashed to be completely unconscious on the com we in the street at all you have to do is get in a ring just chuck play around with a guy who can actually i would say that we believe you think we're getting ring with any cruiser wait whose even an amateur boxing long time you won't touch he'll hit you want in your whole life potential but like i don't whenever do this again and guys at a really good with footwork they'll make you feel so stupid because of you a person is never heard of you gonna move your out this guy is gonna be move and i and you're going to be like oh you're not even there like oh jesus like you know it's a language today they had an amazing spare experiment this book where major league baseball there's almost all of them are off the charge visually they have twenty ten twenty seventeen video is almost no really great hitters there i don't think there are any who have even twenty twenty vision they almost all without a doubt have vision that is off the charge therein
why mr santer i'm talking all major league hitters and in the book is very eloquent about this and so they took our ports and who an hour to regos and some incredible peters like the best of all time of their generation and they had and one of the things they found that when a baseball comes out you and ninety five miles an hour from sixty feet away you have to guess where it going you're not gonna see it the human i cannot register in time to actually see and hit the ball so what great hitters do is their able actually see the seems on the ball endless you seems on the ball and through you ten years of how those scenes are rolling and how that sure throws the ball their able if their very good if there are very good thirty percent time they are able to predict start swinging basically when he lets go above so that's why curve balls and shit work yes because they can change where the balls can evade change direction but also the way you hit occur
both you're really great is youth you can see the way these guys can literally cause s good eyes can see the path and of the red strings coming you had ninety five miles an hour they can chunk on information quickly enough and start swinging low as opposed to high and connect so you have to guess now they did the greatest citizen major league baseball they take a female olympic softball pitcher who pitches underhand the distances about forty feet a little bit more than forty feet the boss coming were at about sixty miles an hour not ninety five miles an hour and she bit sundry now these the best and they had a much smaller ball at nine five miles an hour she struck out every single picture over and over and over again because guess what their novices cause you know why they couldn't guess they were looking at a very different ball they didn't have the strings and she was pitch and underhand so that there is no way for them to predict anything they were swinging blind and they were as bad as you and i have at that
that's a may so the more you learn the more we learn not only about it you have to have a certain hardware we know as an athlete you you never going to be you and i are never going to be sprinter sorry shit you don't come from the west africa was never very fast romeo as the word european do short legs secondly you have much longer legs and made not really i got delong torso it's very unfortunate ass i'm a man is finally going to montana get seventy years i can't stay warm you're all toasty could you put like an anyway i built like a fucking tulip why just dressed right
you now cashmere that's because i have had a very clever she feared cashmere i realized i was where real hunting years where ryan callaghan i've got three expensive layers we wool it's all about war ills and bulls amazing i was amazed amazing that in this day and age like that's the best shit it's like a wolf blend no shit after all these get what you want to be in what they say i'm kills right it does you can get sweaty in the cotton in it sticks to you and cause your body down to the point where it gets dangerous inga hypothermia just like being wet it's not like you gonna take the close off in earlier for your outside frozen so you're fucked no thanks i don't want to die that way wool is what's up wills amazing and enable and they also in this book they also talk about the idea to ride in different cultures of how like when you're closer
the equator you on longer limbs why because it's a larger area of space run you to get rid of heat so so if you look at for the most part people from you know africa who kenya for example they have a very different structure their bodies restructure definitely also borne a much higher out to you not beatnik kenyan in a long distance freight rates it ain't happening here they run down animals until they dying persistence that certainly was the that with you read born iran that certainly what that what our ancestors dead and that's why human beings are the best long distance runners of any animal period we are we can run longer than any animal any antelope any horse we can run for a day
train for it and no animal can do that and tell me this why don't cowboys ride people share clashing ride horses and walk all day i don't care if you and your parable is fuckin stupid this is bullshit say jealous fuck it a person have borne durance in a hoarse be one of the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life what happens when you have me as a guest i can't buy that anyway stress for people right popular worthy man not only get a person ride a horse all day but there on the horse the horses running with a person on them well back that's true saddle never learns if you're fuckin real math travel rifles clint eastwood in life and given my trench co yashmak i can't buy that's on unless male it's actually a fact it's actually fact that human beings are the best long distance runners of any turkey to be better than a horse because a horse actually cannot run after if you had a horse run for twenty six miles you have a horse walk he had a horse run for two
six miles or thirty miles whatever it was started breakdown really us and it will not that will it will even while even a wild horse they never run long distances ever so they just run away from cheetahs jes there they run statutes his chief like a wild boars risk we have and i leave it kills ie browser do you can ever domestic zebra they tried a thousand times the data to bear no that's a good question to answer a good answer sir but you're wrong do you know i was there cannot they because a zebra will bite you that's one thing here so by july horse thereby to guess what does ebro do hold on and it won't let go oh yeah no zebra hold on it and start twisted so that's it a guy you're by two clamps on dealing with it
bert long gigantic powerful jaw yup you are never domestic getting a cheetah i mean i never domesticating as you but you're never riding as ebro and they ve tried even cross be reading it with other animals ain happening they fuckin hates you there and ass the striped motherfuckers i would imagine they would be country they have to be rather livin with fuckin crocodiles left you and lie on his right socks life as a zero that's got to be the worst life can afford an icy i'll tear case have a year that is to say that i was in colorado recently and i saw dear with a broken leg there was so sad the deal a female dear with
why my mouth watering when you say that people are high but i just love venison the poor dears bone was actually sticking out the bottom of its leg and it is made me think like instantly about medical care and about being a being human and how much we take for granted the ability to repair ourselves and the ability to doctors have either that the ability have today of fixing so many elements with the human body when i went to springfield i went to the lincoln museum lincoln lost three of his children but is tat at four willie at eleven and in his lips on seventeen on both to typhus fever and i thought to myself the present united states lost three of us kids to disease back then that was so commonplace in he had one child left by the time he died i believe in and think about united kids thing but the misery of affordable losing for eleven years we can imagine it that was the norm backed and bearing a child why didn't have that
means didn't have antibiotics didn't have any stage it didn't have medical care the way we do now and didn't know really what pathogens worsen diphtheria typhus fever and things like that role through a you know i get some out of the anti vaccine movement pick up a history book pick up a history book and see what happened before we had that kind of healthcare we owe a great deal two people are jonas salk and the inventors of things like the smallpox maxie below here about without not just diseases but also surgery what with their able to do today when there's the first ever fda approve bionic i is right for commercial launch in the u s what let up on my why hold it up a my it's on my twitter feed i put her on there this morning sun cnet dude we are massaging with machine as is a little commercial placed before it but it's incredible thereof they ve been work on this bionic i and the first ever fda approved lie
a guy will soon be launching commercial in the united states divide device you helped tens of thousands of people suffer from a rare degenerative disease so is it an actual or something i don't know but it's alive people to see i think it's something you wear like glasses it attaches to the optic nerve well this is crazy oh my god this is some super cyborg shit let me see yeah this guy was a blind guy now is moving around this is insane he he's these glasses on and he he's doing all kinds of different shit she's really turned very serious indeed lloyd suffers from recognizes pigment hosts degenerative i disease which destroys photo receptor cells and impedes the person's ability to detect light does i saw nothing except maybe i can ascertain daytime
from nighttime there was the only thing i could perceive for seventeen years now a device it twenty years in the making that will soon be commercially available in the u s is helping pay since like lloyd a perception that sort of like a flash of light or a star did you might think this guy now i can see boundaries and borders the august by second sight was fda approved earlier this year and patient serving screened at the twelve major u s hospitals chosen as implant centres and you're gonna hear beating away the devise includes a chip with an array of electrodes that implemented on the retina and glasses with a video camera that wirelessly transmits images it converts that video into a sixty pixel image that delivers electronic impulses to the sixty little electrodes in the chip then stimulate the rat tonight to generate perception or message that the brain can manage
bread and understand the device doesn't restore vision that patients can detect light and dark thus identifying and objects location and movement towards them a sidewalk mobile stop to my office on a daily basis and i can see where the grass comes up to a sidewalk this way regular databases knock enable them to drive car red fine print on a newspaper bed might help them enjoy better quality of life some patients report that they can see the outline but it's a start started to start yeah and another have from the implants now too for certain that certain things go wrong with people's eyes like us and was talking about their there grandmother was it caffeine madigan recycling her grandmother driving four friends around because she had her eyes fixed oh yeah you told me about
i am not sure for catherine whoever was that will you know that work close to i just can't as i'm reading spokesperson unlike what are they gonna come up with jean doping where i can my whole body can be ridiculously fast which i think you're gonna be able to be a zebra one day while ass it's gonna be that guy was craig venter says right you gonna have a brain insiders zebras body the ability to do whatever the fuck you want check this out this what i blew my mind about about this so so if you take a huge guy like astro greener branch of juno much more his skeleton ways than say mine i'm a hundred pound guy but i mean probably a lot more the course six point five pounds more me the really of your skeletons lula but like inches like inches like say three three inches in length bone is alot rights and now you're sick spot or whatever but little bit wider the structure of your skeletons little bit like inches like inches like say three three inches in length bone is alive
rights are now your six five or whatever but that there actual scaffolding allows you to put on my think kamer what the ratio is but like one point one pounds of me so can support eleven pounds i mean of bone can spoil impounded muscle or so your dog like nobody says in the book but i was amazed at that huge guy only his bone structure only six point five pounds heavier out a guess i'll lineman last like much much now there s bones and an dresses muslin tenanted tissues arguments were that's a lot of fuckin weight and muscle intendant smashing you down with the actual sexuality yeah yeah is weird others only six pounds i was amazed that i'm a well information last july i would assume that was way more than that i would assume at fifty or something crazy i'm getting on my podcast excited but human the body weight is a fascinating thing to me because i watch are these guys cut wait for fighting and adjust really shocking but what's past
but like water right how much wonder you others different guys do it different way some guys lose all their body fat first and then they dehydrate you know the disk it takes to get too like your optimum way like damien maya is finally one seventy four in time we fought at one eighty five and you just couldn't overpower these guys like that it was dealing with a lot of guys that will really physically strike anderson anderson's very physically strong so even if you get a whole vanished in that fight which really had a heart have you are toxic fighters talk about strongly as he's very fit this from invasions yes i mean yes anderson's very physically strong tell in the the rich franklin fights when anderson locks a hold of them with the thai cash out it's a nasty type lunch and it's really good enrich rich franklin's a very strong guy and rich frankly up until that fight it never really been dominated fight he had some good fight some winds and some losses he fought well you know all throughout his career that was the fight where it looked like you really just
he was on another level guy was for son a completely different league and part of that was anderson controlling him in the title and controlling human just plain with knees his his tie clinches death here as a strong guy plus he has one you know you don't get to have what that kind of one punch knockout power bills many guys with triangles as well bright unless you have some physical how tall is anderson would you say relay six to sixty not six three maybe six through whatever it says why cannot how much shorter as even john john john is not just taller johns just much bigger here however the two inch thing it's that two inches is never a million miles john is a big deal those long arms johns master at a distance about using obsolete elegance of your smaller guy and you're dealing with a guy like john he's gonna fuck you up at a distance that you can't catch him he's the master at that if you watch is what we were shot evans he watches fight with current jack
and he's the master at keeping guys and the end of his shots like an they come at him no pans on the shoulders pushes em off kids the leg pushes em off back to my range that's my range backs the range were only he can hit you recipes like sniping at you you come out him here controls you and then on top of that he's got the great wrestling so it's like if you actually clinch algorithm guess what we reject a very strong very technical good rising really exert fuckin wrestlers gets its real skills puzzled to wild shit you now he'd he'll like health due to launch due to the air people forget about that he has doing that you know and john was like smashing guys the beginning was clearly view it looked dantes fight like the four fight where gustavo dantes when using the usa he'll launch that dude i mean launched him it was like it was crazy why charlotte and people think the right i now he's very strong it he's
very strong in our man that last fight was incredible him and gustafson i was one of the most amazing fights i think the most amazing fight of everything and that's it luck as you seem thousand yeah i'm pretty sure that was i mean it's it's hard to say like what's the most amazing yeah but it's full certainly right i mean yeah that's right up there i wonder how there how they're going to adjust their training for this next fight you know that's a good question i know that i am really looking for the june dissenters campbell askest fight because john you re goose mouth that's who was it wasn't gustavo dantes castello dances is digital my my apologies as andre goose molly for that was we first heard launch and people to the air spinning elbows there are just a few years ago is which is really weird a two thousand and eight sixty three most amazing what man i've seen
him in some tough fight assignments really good fight i never seen anybody get that close thomas s and it was the one thing i was when i know and you and i were right there kate sided one that i notice was that he would that goes this dozens taller taiwan is an inch i was what are you talking about yeah you know a big due to annex five it do that i got a lot better i think the guy omega three point five percent of americans things that are our six three or over six inaccurate there's an inside the usa thing they do in august assembly showed him training for the fight and the the attitude of this guy has guys like he's straight viking straight i encourage it's all straight viking dna one of the things that he said he said never satisfied because the life of an elite athlete is you never satisfied it can never be happy with what you did because then you gonna get fucked up
like tat was his attitude society every day about how dominant he is like and that that was like how he seemed like after his fight against terrorist fight it was like you know i was what it was and you know johns good fighter that's it jeremy he let it going on moving on but i think you realize that this is the part of a trilogy that you now yeah this is no time to relax why wish they would just get right after i mean i am torn because i really was he clover versus john i think that's a really interesting fight the and global is a fucking killer he's a killer as dangerous globally very very urgently and airy hunting arousing team to his arrest warrant well as you did he could have easily been a world champion by now and in any other way class with any sort of circumstances if he had been in the usa earlier and had a chance to fight against higher levels competition just six seven years ago he could have been a champion that's no bullshit that's really that's legit he had a bit of a big time visa issue but if you look like
the highest level guys who knows he's gonna win when they get in there but you all know who the top guys are in any given night in a lot of search circumstances like the hundred seventy pond division george dominates a vision i georgia's been beating everybody but the reality is he surrounded by a bunch of murderers everywhere he turns and that any good when day one of those guys could get up crows candide almost ganum he had kicked him and dropped them match oh god i'm whose only got ever really get em like that matthews ganum caught him in an back early in his career but when you look at like the out of murderers in his division it makes you realize how good he is all my meat islas conduct is as good as it gets even better now i now conduct even longer is even better now he got that loss made him too
to the next level he's he's he's just phenomenon this fucking i advise all good more encampment is a beautiful man i mean i was i have launched watches ivo gs i was route for ds grandmother tat is because nicky as myra i just love attitude and in every single girl that is watching carlos conduct including mine literally go in the hour i literally i feel bad about myself and jealous and i was i couldn't win rooting for kind of more than i wasn't just keep turned a corner owes like you gotta give it to the skies like a bone fide new mexican cowboy he sure is man is about mother fucker he's we better for short genetically he's got much longer legs and i do sir he's very tall he's very tall and he knows how to use it and is he's is one of the things that he has a lot of people don't talk about as is fitness his fitness level is like very elite the pace he can keep going to fight this one the things you know that's the washington always worked with new ideas is his his ability to outpace guys says
times in a fight and its you ve never thought before it's hard to imagine but there's times in a fight where one guys coasting oh you sort of almost agreed a coast or where you know everybody but rule relaxes the aggression a little bit like in a tough via twenty five and if a hand eyes an ear yeah because you don't go a hundred percent you have to face or self will make d as can go just a little bit faster a little bit longer and he can go round after round it right he could do thirty minutes of em at its called doing triathlon exert cod long training are overturned his machine overturn longterm yeah he's differences insane i mean it's insane so you just get on guys are garlic paul daily just get on and stay ana just go after what are these old school boxers coaches would have you run for an hour and a half slowly not long they keep your heart rate up at a certain levels can i travelled on training back in the day you as a boxer they would make you of your fighting a fifteen round fight good luck they make
you literally run for an hour and a half to two hours and it wouldn't be long running i wouldn't be hard running but it would be running and what did they never really found a substitute for that particular kind of training for it for fighting because it puts you to cardiovascular state where where you will you will be able to sustain for set for a long time it man just having been arrested six minutes is isn t on nine may college freestyle is nightmare i can't in fifteen i can't imagine twenty five minutes when you're mixing in punching knee using it it's it's truly you truly have to be you know a freak and end even being able at your veo max being some people just either have it down that's another genetic thing where you can either you re use oxygen more surely one you're boxing wrestling cycling running some people just convert auction in a much more efficient manner into their red blood cells
then do other people so your veo max can be worked on for sure and you can you can increase your cardiovascular but some people just have a jump on it you know like depending on what you are genetic make so like when you know there's a really fight bill burbage were bill berwin on car o brien and was talking about lance armstrong reefs loan at it i ll the tool that should pull that should play that salerno still cause it's so fuckin true bill bird on conan talking about lands armstrong its g yes yeah well it's his is take on it is so dead on they're all on drugs everybody was on drugs like my friend and your friend you know the guy we won't we have saved name whose it was a pro cyclic one point time he knew about this he's always said this like way back in the day he was like look they're all on drugs i was on it everyone
the team resigning goes you would hear guys get off the bus in the middle of the night and unwrapped thereby because they have to go running because their epa was making them fuckin crazy cod where does makes your heart beat finally any you start feeling weird nuclear each base good coming up your fuckin you gotta get a blow out some some blood that's exactly right and an my problem with with unless armstrong was it not that he even did drugs but that heath destroyed other people who he's doing drugs in law suit enabling us just used here let s influence and money to do harm to peace a bad guy and people were calling him out on it will call an amount because they wanted everyone to be you know what they are point to some of them were subpoenaed some of them didn't have a choice they were brought up on you know
when the u s government going you know you better tell the truth you're gone jail you tell the truth in then this is what the you know the argument against the personal freedom argument i dont think really works in this one because i think you have to know exactly there whenever ones doing to find out if in fact is safe because we your deal with it this is an extraordinarily dirty sport extraordinarily dirty like perhaps ninety plus per cent of the topic and a hundred percent of the winners are doing something there taken blood or other body putting it back in their by that cooper com and i d like to do that one day they like tcp which does the same thing through a chemical they're all on testosterone there the in its actually and argued that it's safer to do the tour de france knows i say france it's beautiful role there that's amazing you just did that i never would have expected to do that that's awesome the tour de france what it was like i said notre dame when times that it knows that this war
doktor was saying that it actually i'd be safer to do it on the drugs than to do it offered a headset a strain on your body when you do it without reserve certain argue about like it's all about your ability to recover from what you putting out and how much can you put out and how much can you recover and how well do you know your body what a certain points how these guys we're late thirties and their recovering like like young pups eighteen year old yossi eighteen you will get a scratch it's gone tomorrow it is he like the academic delivering gather here what do you remember how hard your dick was always hard we were eighteen guy like those levels of hormones are never reached again i never forgot one time i was i was thinking about this girl is a young was quite twenty three i was in new york i was on my way to theatre class i walk down like like lilacs just thinking of my colleagues here this girl
get the fuck and shall be as i'm walking out where these plants and i hear this big very gay black man go oh he got she started was issue as any started walking around with me packages is handicapped will look and gone and he was so enemy hours i gotta get i gotta get this thing down right now and i gotta get out of here it was he followed me for a block gig as we had only just like cars we hit on girls like everybody thinks that because gay you have actually been talking about the sun stated their they're automatically gonna be nice you're crazy like a person them everybody should get there first you know blanks late i agree with that but stray black why our whatever
whenever whenever our who cares earnest if it is a complicated human me the rest of it gets real freaky just cause you sucked ex doesn't mean you're awesome now nor zaire near now lies authority more than your own tackle you at the knees still unaware people out there period i'm sure there are guys look at you and go there are probably their gay rapists like their straight rapists amene did all mother the whole human spectrum exists within one you are we have two minutes is bad people is bad people in every single walk of life it's this sorts of possible combinations of people how they turn out but that those days those hormone days of the eighteen like that like i look can that sometimes the might how was i ever expected to make decisions for myself back then i was this raised hormonal mess as well
everyone was friends with you have the greatest you put have the grids metaphor i've ever heard of my life when the greatest bits of our actually in my life seen anywhere to me that the what what it's like four to have a hard this younger his hike you're in the back of a bus and somebody else's driving that laws and that whole bit you did to me top five grew spit of our time and i have that on anything you don't oh my god you're crazy thing that's a genius but that's like that's a bit i got a lazy with and i sort of abandoned have let it go blew my mind that was whereas guy literally like was so inspiring i went home and start writing identity with flags that there was a bit there would work really well or those twenty dance moves in it as a thompson
recalls that when you jazz another that whenever you got your physical that that thing on camera dance but if you do not anybody doesn't thing that's genus and by the way it may just be that it's so good people are actually just watching housing and laughing at most thousands watching it so fascinated with the metaphor and how we're doing it that i was just like this is the great thing i've ever seen him so i'll put it on someone put it on the next you know it give it for ever david daily commodity a baby i want to do it on my neck special jumpsuit in january i think we're going to shoot it i think i don't know yet but i haven't offered to do it down there aren't can call here but from a trend in i'm trying to do my way more comedy clubs that that's the greatest i've been the last couple of weeks i've been doing i did a bunch of the improves did break ontario the coming magic club of doing all these club bids and when so much fun madame unlike its it's real the shows or the
intimacy of the room is something really like in love with again i was in springfield illinois which i'm sorry to everybody from springfield it's not replace you'd go for really any how rude know it but the people a great they all grew up together all know each other since fifth grade it's really green reduced fucking great crowds goods yeah yeah yeah buddy around town bang and people that's like today school and now your marriage somebody else we lived on the street drinking eyes do and what they don't the problem is they all complain about the fact that you can get away with it because everybody knows you so you have to be on your best behaviour all the time you can't be anonymous which was really interesting so it's like a small scale model the future internet tat exactly right it's like a giant facebook has but his bag and everybody everybody knows it wasn't everything but i was i love go on the road like that because you had these intimate experiences with a bunch of strangers and an because
i'd love to do i'm sitting there writing the whole time it's interesting when you're talkin about that about this all town and everybody knowing everybody they know doc chris ryan who sat on his progress for the guy wrote a book sex at dawn when he talks about like promiscuity when he talks about promiscuity and in primitive culture which is basically fact ok what basing it on almost the same things a small town it's everybody knowing everybody there in these small groups everybody knows everybody and everybody fox everybody gets right and it happens on reality does right it happens it happens all the time that's what happens when you get down to a group of fifty people they found that even even it's crazy sounds that small groups people that are involved in dangerous situations they turn wife swamping pilots fighter pilots on a regular basis wife swap cops wife swabs really here because
they loved your wife and if they're dead want someone else to love their wife too that makes total sense and they want to be there while like almost wild happening like you introduce somebody wives through a special person and like you almost like accepted a new reality and that reality is light diminish around any second now did i'd i'd way rather have you been my wife and raising my kids in anybody else i now that's that feeling i'm talking about that's that feeling that feeling a little say you know that i can trust you can trust me and you know or vice versa trust you that's all if man that's what people do when they get to small groups they saw a job and they breed with each other in order formed love bonds and so it is more about loved and is about being a freak and the way thing about that word promiscuity is the original origin of the word means mick mixed sacks sex with you sex with her they were fuck
each other there having gay sex like a lot of people throughout history we're having gaze that's absolutely fact and that's one of the interesting things about that i m just talking here i am not advocating gay sex but what i am saying dammit kings it's it's very strange that in groups of of men when men doing a were boring and when they were off like fighting and wars and disappear together and through the woods for six months they were bang in each other and kill each other they were just killing each other they were bang in each other to now is there was the idea we have spartans are you know a lot of cultures that separate men and women for a long time there is a great deal of because geyser fuckin animals rights as we see some due to smaller and kind of a feminist and we're like i'm gonna fuck that guy today they didn't just do that they also formed love bonds because they knew that they were most likely going to die i think when you reality gets radically altered like you're in a situation like a fighter pilot is or
a person who is perhaps going off to war you're dealing with the very real scenario of the end of your life it's really funny my buddies and when i see a paramilitary guys real bad ass any works and other special forces guys ride like that delta guys in the seal team six guys and sealed and they are often aren't use it using their barracks and when one of these groups are they state that what they call a cab combat action groping i love how they break everything tat reality check and and these guys like real bad ass like a triple triple nickel eighteen whatever you now and then and there
i'd be studied and they are all like complaining about the don't ask don't tell i gave the military to further and meanwhile he looked at her music you guys you guys have trojan call names you shave your for arms you guys were invests in nothing underneath if you could you would frost your hair but there's no defrosting area and by the way you guys are literally spotting each other's hits as you're doing slow grinding pull ups oil in your muscles down this is the gay does not occur within fucking five miles this gay you guys have european area because you're all topsecret this is the gayest community i've ever been a part of his legs and all like really good looking young muscular shit due to have names like sparred spartacus and and an achilles ok break it down worldwide in this day and age how much gay sex is going on in during times of war
percent about gay sex i i i know that if i wasn't it foxhole or a prisoner working with you i would probably not only if i go to smell essential man let me clean your back and discover backed and you're old thirty on your back area a few months you just give up needed would strike has never been attracted to a dude is the only thing have to be a radical changing of europe its like when you start eaten squirrels which i still try to stay alive here really is for all right now it is near his tail soon rats with some parts of the world actually the squirrels on a regular basis worlds are actually delicious in our reason though i mean there are a lot of like groups that stay put i don't think there's a lot of do you know they say let me make it here and a gang you're pretty much not fuck and each other those due to fuck around i don't know about that on either i do want to say anything either i don't want to either i don't know you know i d always just choked around like weird thing that humans
more like that they morphine they just decide okay now day well one man are you ever noticed men when you get close to a guy if you're on a wrestling team a year on you know what are you are you watch like emma guys in the back you know when when they're about to go to fight there their huggin kissing each other you know that there is a deep deep and that's formed with training and in going to war together last year and that their their king each other their brothers i know its not but i'm certainly that that that their develops a deep kinship bond and if my date followed your mouth that in my opinion is getting ready for a fight does not mean while the idea would be that they would fight harder for their lover the idea the idea would be that they would find will look achilles from homer kelly the greatest warrior mythological rhymes with his ears of killed he had a lover yet a male lover alexander the great had his attitude is is best friend and lover he killed him apparently when he was
i'm gonna drunken rage but that was his lover that a lot of the great there is traditionally we're get yeah samantha why why that alexander lose his temper zone you don't kill a few thousand people before then where did he kill that guy foggy he'd had conquered the world may only be able to kill his own hands well do not have anything about that but they do not he was so strong he could be in a full suit armor and jump up on his horse was short guy but he was powerfully built what you could jump up on a horse early launch himself and was worthwhile legendary stories about sounds like these across your shit he was very strong is very wide for a day or two small powers type yeah that's gonna build that's what i believe to shore guerrilla like you see his shoulders powers you always want went on a one seventy four tonight how how he looked like death death warmed over really yeah but looked falcon shredded i put
pull up our image paul horrors way in p a j r d ass paul horrors way in and you see him at one eighty five looks like this giant he man and now he's still really muscular is my wait i'm working at one seventy right yeah imagine he's shredded shredded and then he's a rehash trade probably these ten pounds plus heavier tomorrow so must have been helping our saying today they the way allow guys lose weight they'll drink a lot of water and then that's how you lose the waterway there's a lot of shit that has to happen you have it down to certain target way before you can lose the waterway like if you're like say if europe a strong guy like power as there's a lot of extra muscle going on there and you there's only one way to get rid of that extra muscle is unless you have two you have to do it slowly or have to make sure that when you when you're eating you're taking unless calories any need to take
less cowardly needed by source itself so you actually have to do you do have to restrict your color is certainly that there's there are guys you have to do that depends on how big you are and how you know it's also like how'd you get that big like are you still doing whatever you're doing to get that big in ike what's with your hormones are they being manipulated natural does a lot of variables because the assumption always is that someone is innocent until proven guilty the assumption is always that you're not doing anything unusual but when you do you like a fuckin super strong muscular guy like that you always have to remember that there have been people that have been caught doing drugs there have been many many many many once and in fact marvellous powers he caught with elevated testosterone levels so i don't know who he is and i don't know who isn't that's what it looks like now guy shredded i mean that's but when he got onto this like helix ok right there imagine that's before he had his his full
your body on azra indifferent my friend about how policies is like my problem and maybe even shorter than we might be five seven peace he's such a tank man i've never seen a guy that's that successful than that that well built you know that's out a normal frame for emma may finer now that's that's a boss gotta that's it backed is digital man that guy's jitters fuckin ridiculous he's ridiculous videos him wrong with guys that even at high level that's what you look like a twenty five is afraid we're here this ability to launch himself onto a submission that you can't stop it's a whole the leg and it is a yank since spins and it's like a crocodile gotta hold your leg you're fucked you just that should apart because he's
it is very high level it's not just the super super physically strong he he's there's a video of him rome with some like pretty high level guys and he takes it takes his guide down drop some side control spins gets his back and choke some all in like miss very high level guy he's role with alan of thirty second man one use if things may impotent name in iran bar yes yeah i talk to me about that he was i was drunk a shit and so many cities still about us is i'm sure mayhem was but who in lie about that but now partner and as a journalist is he's a beast his leg locks your fucking things of nightmares nay nay mark or when a forum of stockholm way before for me said the guy's got nasty leg locks and all he did his drill how to get others like locks yen he the guy was pointing to needs legs as if like me had oriana allowance is where i broke a sweat was smart we do you break a sweat really sweating like you don't have to be oily if you
sweaty that's good enough mac so they checked his legs and like no there's no really weird thing we're appointed and then he got and then they just jump ornament that's him getting ivan celebrates its first foreign yo see who took i've insalubrious backward gostar you better better start today takes you back and then fuck and throws lights he's nasty man yeah that's a beautiful submission so that's what i'm saying about the like he's not just but days dude might pierce that's happened today at sir today in such a you might pierce mother fucker dude that guy's a mother fucker he's gonna head like a fire hydrants heads that why punches holes for people's faces totally shit is a fuckin a really strong wrestler like really high level attacking wrestler jerry aggressive wrestler and game up against the cage dry like drop in punches in unduly is very high level he can get
control them up against cage beat the shit out of your hips up in the air industry palm beat the shit out of you and then takes it down a few times beats should at least more but he could not go out with one punch he's got one punch kayo power is an animal so if paul horrors salt like the law questions like how much did paul horrors lose in getting down to one seventy how much have left in the tank because if you lose that much way it's very possible that did it wrong or its very possible that it wasn't really attainable goal within the time period he tried to attain it in unless you get an expert on my dolce type god go over your wake up with you like body fat measurements water i thought it might dolce guy used to fight in he was in the ultimate fighter and then since then he's gone on to be like a fitness consultant for fighters what he's very knowledgeable and very knowledgeable are cutting way like his the guys who is trained with that of
in terms of cut weight because of his methods of coming in in vastly better conditions than they did when they were doing it on their own citizens for god knows what did he knows where where your bodies had knows how to give you the right nutrients knows how to give you cut the things out they're going to make your body naturally lose weight and well what is the one is being one of the guidelines of the mighty culture what what what are they i've actually think madam what what are they will be one of the guidelines four testosterone replacement therapy hormone is very good question it varies by commission varies by by country zero can have a certain number of nanograms per unit of blood was seen the problem is this is this a bunch problems but the problem is first and foremost that its very variable beat me in that if you take it the or levels between today and tomorrow why where gonna be out depends entirely on when
you injected it d entirely on you know what kind of stuff you put your body what kind of testosterone depends entirely on whether or not you injected or the you apply it to your skin alot of people just apply the skin so with all those variables there's a lot of room for factory so what you you do is you it's starting british heeded started out with i'll give you away to cheat started out we take the needle every week in yo yo only allowed to get x amount per week but then every time they're going to test you they're gonna give you a certain amount of known ass the other day you they can't just show up the only people that can to show up or veda veda testing of or double a dna or would double a day or v a deer either one of those two different organisations i think both of em do that like random thing where they wake you up at eight in the morning and test you yeah so the poor problem is if you're willing to gamble the way
gamble is issue what you're supposed to shoot and then he rubbed cream on top of that so have the level that's like really hard to drop which is the injectable level injectable level stays that level for a very long time apparently like if you take it you're level it'll be in your skin being your system at a certain level testosterone yeah testosterone before take a sly say yeah for five or six days the cream only last twenty four hours so you put the cream i hereby absorbs it and that's a rat those who says so in other words you would put it with you were inject it why would the cream on top of that when that spyker testosterone depends on whether now you're gonna get tested if you can't even get tested that day like safe here
up in the morning and you know for a fact is no one's gonna test you today you could run that cream on your body work out an icy liberty the next day you're back down even when you sure but the gem they come in and test you you're ok but meanwhile you have more than the boot proscribed amounted to stop your test as outside really system and you're using that extra testosterone that extra human level of testosterone as a performance enhancing because europe hovering in between fights even if when you fight you you are fighting in the uk you p after the fight at a level that acceptable what was your level throughout the camp sure that's what we need to know and it's hard to tell you you know you can how are they ran oysters are gonna be such ancient history in about ten ten years anyway because with jean doping and when they can pin point and they can kind of like block certain amount of miles staten etc things in europe in your genes had it safe and it's safe now the question
comes wise it illegal like now to the question of who has invested in geneticist was doktor right to compete it's really an instant think what it says about competition now as we learn more more that dead winners have to have us in hardware and then you the software is training and stuff without the hardware first without that the mainframe your father john jones has a ferrari bod correct there's no guesses has that you're stupid ass volkswagen diesel that you have there is never gonna beat afore i it's like this guy and unless the ferrari breaks down this is true that is just like in the racing designated stefan home who is a war the greatest greatest i jump in these five eleven stefan whole yeas assuaged by five eleven he became obsessed with high jumping but only was eleven most item six seven stuff really yes and he he transfer entrenching and he began
so good and i think he's one look i'm up anything you want to know what the gold and several world championships his achilles tenant on his jumping foot is can withstand it would take one point eight tonnes to pull it apart like it's it's literally the hardest it three times higher than regular man leisure those you dick yes you can hang telephone to reckon yes and he's transient any when he's an opposite yet now when he jumps his head almost touches almost much is his his heels that's how flexibly as long as he well knows it goes you as you see a long ago they do this record he's here his face ideally as a ritual he what issues on the same way everything around no it does a young age hi how's right that's insane yes ridiculous cheetah now that came from years and years of training that's insane and everything else to show that again and he's jumped more
jumped more than anybody in the history of high jumping this is insane coiled flies and you see how flexible is thing is tall man at seven four eight look at tat that's incredible seven feet eight inches or seven nine things got you know so along raises fuck man you mentioned date next year so along comes this guy from from barbados or something is canadian he's it is this barbarian guy he's like six like five or whatever and and we're talking and who saying you talkin about things like drinking a basketball it is dumping and crazy ways they really did play much bass byways jumping and so he starts items hydropower says something to the effect of you know but i jumping seventy goes up jack jump like over that thing and it was six five or six seventy six you know it so bitterly for the days over after my for jobs he jumps he clears six
six inch four feet eight inches with no technic literally jumping over it so do oh track coach comes out and goes that's not possible nobody talk about illegal come niggers is it jumping six eight never jump does not love how you dramatize these like it's maybe scientists will show you put in the dialogue we do have a guy with a different voices are possible you got no you gotta give delineate the characters of man i show you do asia south possible rackets way there's no way and he turned on this guy jumps i think in eight months of practice and this guy seven host practicing his whole life in eight months practice in practice much zero really want is whatever he won the world championships he jumped eight feet early cleared eight feet or so the grassy idiotic something in saying never been done eight months actually i told never got better because he just didn't really want to train much but his its it but he had an achilles tendon apparently that was like
times longer than the average person just born with a certain i'm a tree wound digital just certain mechanics ia and where he is able to jump and so no matter how much you trained we some people are jump and run faster and mechanics are gigantic one words really gigantic wants is punching power yeah the mechanics of punch power like the natural born punching power there are certain guys that or or great great fighters but they just perfect example way mccullough what color is a great fighter of a multiple time champion and in a really cool guy on top of that he's so i met him a million times hanging in vegas and it's a super super good guy a bad motherfuckers com the pocket rocket and his his number one issue was that he couldn't like knock eyes out with like one punch
it wasn't enough he was like a volume combination very technical design or something but very you know just relentless relentless boxer you know just really excellent like if you wanted to learn how to box so watch one of his his two way gawayne mccullough you like it was style that you can emulate and be like incredibly successful use a beautiful fighter and dumb either that kind of a guy there's no way they're gonna have that sort of tommy hearns power right tommy herds have this in whip power in his right hand that you cannot teach a guy you either have that you don't win color was a brilliant brilliant fighter but the difference we what he could do with one punch and would tommy herds could do with one part is like the differences in getting hit with a pebble and getting hit with a fucking nuclear weapon here i mean getting a better example is islamic arthur is amicable though that's wasted
stood he's an animal man whose enemy fighters just show some of this we get such shitty resolution with a gross music sound tracks the thing which cause i'm all day you just get on top of duty is fuckin fighters savages barrymore again he was a savage to savages fucking guises movements had always understandably up and there's no breaks for you have announced that never stops moving breaks for use on every round was in punch in you in the face he would just where on mother fucker tiny guy to right is it wasn't isn't very new does have grave a large frame blake those kind of guys like you hit you a bunch times but he'll just continue to hit you at you know that he could certainly not me out pushing his clean or no doubt about dab what i'm saying is that different from what he can do and a guy like mike tyson could dare you tita magnetizing could murder
he bore you know if you go back to when mike tyson be michael spinks and he fuckin settlement that hope to the body and drop dumping said what happened it happens frank's got up and then he uppercut at him through the ropes and images boom son i've never seen anything like it was ruthless man and was ruthless he could just mash you with one try some guys can do that some guys just can't can't they never will be able to they just do not have the ability to knock a guy out with one shot you speak to his ability to join his body like devotees so ridiculous the fights that i would have loved have seen if you could get give me a machine that allow me to watch fights who throughout history and see would beat who i would take the prime mike tyson verse everyone that's what i would
i would take the thyssen package please go back and citizen fight jack johnson i wanna see thyssen fight jack dancing the enticing fight larry haunted his prime frazier eating homes would have beaten him now you know that i'm starting to create jobs it was we who still pretty fuckin good when mike tyson put him to sleep after two rounds glaring i'm still pretty fuckin good back then thyssen with some special and larry homes out it was a great great great box no doubt about it was certainly been much more competitive if you the larry homes at fucked up jerry cootie have you put that larry alms and with mike tyson such a different larry arms for the time they fought larry was thirty six years old started to you know you know lawyers who are good fighter he he's in the pantry and of great fighters larry homes without question who has box
as you know most of the best a heavyweight virtue is now really sparring part of you if you are certainly when we were kings very homes is his is number one spar party the erasure well in a lot of ways larry homes in history doesn't get there were respect that he's do because he came after ali and he was ago beat up ali when he beat up ali people never forgave him for that and you know why he knew already so well i ve been sure they'd been sparring partners india yeah and those those last days of ali though should be the last days of always career should be followed by every boxer very close with a fine tooth come so this is larry when he had already but you know what here's another thing here's the we'll deal larry did not face a kind of opposition that mike tyson did he just didn't he does didn't you know larry fought a lot of good guys but his division was particularly weak thyssen came along like pink one thomas tony tubs all guys that there were just do a very good fighters but they just warrant like this
mother fucker look at how fast i somewhat he was scary and it should work was amazing to elude us any just gonna hit you once and he was so good at that bobby and weaving file he got a lazier as he got further away from the custom motto chaining my own eye they said that that was the beginning of the end also left ruining when he left left rooney you know those guys had a falling out and then another peekaboo god range at style and he also got away from someone who is not bullshitting him and that's what happened in that's where he went from being the greatest in the world to like slowly but surely getting beaten by guys and then the two douglas fight which is like the perfect storm d this comes in and douglas his mother just died and he did not give a fuck and he was scared at all he lost his mother so does him and box that shit out and a huge man by the way i was watching him chad thyssen and thyssen's head go back like that how you see thyssen's heads
snap back as us dollars is just throwing those amazing job to do my best douglas in that like when he it would in that fight put on the greatest performances in boxing history was brilliant wasn't just brilliant because he was frightened mike tyson it was brilliant period it was a tremendous fight he finally thought up this potential mister douglas was always a town to god it was little kind of a little lazy monotonous fight and this he fought like a fucking king he hooked off the better than anybody i've ever seen and heavy legal provisions to the way you hooked off the jab though dude i mean it was like really like ali ask i mean it was beautiful he was firing the job and hooking off it and the fuckin our bomb left took this starts this off was this shit look it's jabbing just tat i'm tired of disparities look at that left bow he catches that right uppercut first and then that power left we i mean
that is a fucking beautiful combination man in heavyweight boxing there been very few combinations that with that gorgeous to watch on the wise that again put that leave this the way he fires in the jabs he's fire and jams on thyssen's face set them up for the upper got little league lays a trap forum fires in these jobs on em lays the trap form and then sends the upper cut up the middle was this top when he finally fires this off man that's that's like it's one of the great performances man with jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs there's a rap for him he set a trap for him with that africa a beautiful combination and that's just an example of a guy mean he might not have been able to maintain that he might not of milk
maintained it after you made so much money off this fight and after the holy filled fight asked momently added mona greatness meaning made a tremendous amount of money and maybe he just after his mom died he didn't want to do it anymore maybe the thyssen fight which is such a high water mark that he was done no one can take this away from boston douglas that this night it wasn't just that he was fighting and under train thyssen it wasn't just that he was hiding guy or underestimated him it was that he came to give zero fox he came you give zero fox and show what he's capable of and he trained like our mother fucker for this fight he came in and incredible shape throwing palms here i think it was in the tenth they stop him in the tenth around a lot of guys it came in against size and worthy beat to a lot of ways they did they were so afraid of punching power i believe the tenth billy was laid the fight and was also by the way after buster douglas had been knocked down here was a tent i remember down i think in the eighth night i didn't know that gets robbed thyssen clipped him and in africa adam hurt look
that was a fucking masterful performance and it wasn't the right thyssen made i would i see that bus legacy and citizen that fought marvin david yeah they are raising wasn't training as much as they should have that and that was when it was hard to get the scariest all time thyssen was the thyssen those still trying to prove himself if you look for thyssen verses marvin frazier that's the mother fucker that's the bogeyman that's the bogeyman because you watch thyssen and you forgot you see marbles frazier across the ring from any citizen warming up you like i'm about to witness in execution and you see joe frazier trying to pompous sun up tell us and a box and guy walks in there and he can barely breathe because he knows what's going to happen to me so nervous he's in the ring with the peak thyssen the ferocity because the peak really wasn't even after he had become the champion the it was on its way up though it is look at him but let us build on its work
give us i wonder how you think he'd do in emma may against gaza john jonah this was before you fought for the title i'm pretty sure let me let me police it was when he was on his way up and everybody was shooting there perhaps get him because he was on like a b c i think this was so the jail frazier located twins twins vanity and is bad frazier was a great fighter lebanese daily though that we address the item just like a but margaret was like more slight in frame at that but more slightly him that's like i'm here now you extra look at that thyssen thyssen is just built to administer and asking look at that look it he's like he's like it's like a joke he's got a cartoon character he actually thought twice after that before you won the title so do you know the guy is twenty years old here this is this is a jump the bogeyman i didn't know the written barbarous rageous face how enormous fraser box not long
this is it for him he might have for one or two times anagrams who wealthier sound but this is a terrible beating this is growing up to wealthy maybe whatever there's no way we're gonna be this guy this is forcing our well look at us this was two completely different types of human beings here look at this fight this an assault this is not boxing match this is a boxing match between the son of one of the greatest fighters of all time and after seemed frazier s prize fight him yet but could you imagine the horror of being garlic frazier and senior son just get destroyed but with the movement of thyssen as he sets himself up for those punches that's another thing take a look at that again back up the last combination way crack some just to watch the feet of thyssen as he's throwing these shots he's adjusting
constantly as he's throwing these bombs like this look at us boom watch this move backwards backwards backers boom boom is little subtle a move that lends itself in the perfect position those par the genius thyssen that a lot of people don't notice people watch guys punch they assume that is just stand there pungently girl no chance now he's constantly moving he's just always in the absolute perfect position to punch so as he's unloaded these combinations he's moving back slightly back in there's a genius and brilliance thyssen's destruction of frustration a lot of other people that a lot of other fighters that people don't respect or understand because they don't know how difficult it is to just just a and your guy standing in front of you this many times and the way thyssen is doing it with movement is ridiculously this boom boom now watches feet man watches slides back and then perfect position paying
position and it looks at marvin his head swings again set em up bang right hand it's almost the left is measuring the right being left here everything is perfect the accuracy of both the hands and feet is spent its master phobia their dot unitedness excellent whose very technical is an excellent technical back that's they said how hard he worked at footwork and it was a perfect executioner who was a perfidious usinor thirdly can result in more muscular there than than any time in his career subject the bogeyman mike tyson that's when my thyssen was the scariest mother fucker ever ever forget about sunny list in forget about jack dempsey forget about jack johnson they're all great but dat thyssen was the scariest mother fucker of all time that was the bogeyman i never thought i never saw a similar died we was a destroyer tomorrow view would you agree with them at this point most deadly any
my manager my train of thought i'm confident and they will enable me to try to an issue i could be the jimmy i'm sure i could beat a morsel of the three champions who would you like to fight anybody muttering to put me in what could i promise not to be any fight in world what do you think that every european scale of that fight if they have to be a good fight it can't take that away from becoming to champion but i'm confident i'm ready and waiting for my trying to tell me why you let's take a look at the free play of my opinion this guy their growth does not get all theirs users i think he's the greatest boxer of all time real terms i in that time period cases the greatest boxer of all time only cause he's not just is not just a great destroyer if you're watching how he's landing these combinations and how we can forces will on fighters opinion he's the most devastating boxer period existed which is he continue it for a long time right you gotta like put it in perspective of one who is capable of doing just because he was only capable of doing it for a few years it doesn't mean you didn't do it like people try to judge people
overall overall career i don't because i as a person whose hats of competition in my life i know how difficult it is to maintain even them a mediocre level reform it says that i it she is and i know to be a world champion like my tries in training alone solomon requires madness mobile and wireless mad what do you think of that thyssen with someone like russia's everybody what about will right today what's presumptuous go quietly crushes you think's rush corrosion the mike tyson of up jump the bogeyman mike tyson runs through clear go like a wolf through a pack of sheep really i think he crushes all them even when i feel i just think there was a time period we could not be beat lifeless as well for one i've seen i've never seen anybody go through people like he went through frank bruno like he went through larry rivalries erotic was a giant medical razor radical way now but he knocked and across the lily knock them across europe put him away tommy martin
working time on his last autumn elected them pennies touch the most bit of a question will stop here he unlocked combination that i'm thinking let it go on a low birth and made an unwanted tired when forbade milburgh albania's guy looked ok ok maybe i'll see you later stoppages is all i'm saying is aung san fixed i've been in i think thyssen if you put him in like if you had a time machine and you get all the money from nineteen twenty six whatever the fuck jack dempsey was the champ and put him in
by thyssen just bring vice like my taste it would run through hell i don't know enough about our nervous catered i've never seen anybody from with my eyes hit harder than lightest snags hitting i think guys probably hit harder like ernie shavers they say if it honours saw but ernie shavers was a farmer is built different could move is fast and it wasn't just a fact that thyssen could hit you so hard it we see was so accurate and that's what people to understand there's a brilliant to his movement it's not just punching power there's been guys have ridiculous punching power ernie shavers is one o people we bring up tolerance is another one ridiculous punching power in a heavyweight division is quite a few guys george form of course great when the graves punching power guise of all time not just punching power thyssen seizure brilliance of his movement and accuracy of that combination that just spect a killer it's amazing to watch it
our work to forego who knows how difficult it is to land shots like that on a moving opponent having seen so many different fights my life and never seen a striker that could fuck with prime mike tyson i think it was the perfect combination of emotions and this massive desire to be loved needed and perfect athleticism ridiculous genetics let us genetics will power end the perfect trainer in the perfect moment of his life like a movie man custom motto was a boxing genius a guy would in a round the sport his whole life and he saw this kitty was like whole leaves shit i'm gonna take this kid in like here and have an anybody like that for a long period of time from the dew dead above before patterson he had floyd patterson back in the day and then the light heavyweight championing of ali for no no known as tat none of the others dundee custom otto had had fled patterson those like he's probably most famous fighter and
adam jose torres ago one road to tell all book about mike tyson the young mike tyson indent thyssen and he knew when he had teddy atlas of course to upload a ghost and teddy was work where the back then but do you hear the thyssen in the up jumped the bogeyman mike tyson when it's and after is like you know is he's confident but he's crazy not eat your babies yeah right he's i'm a patchwork can't be pre can be disturbed age children that might take very good note mr those are different mike tyson that wasn't my thyssen who is already redlined heaters too much heed already been
you too much you dirty party too hard hit already lost three hundred million dollars those already tuning about losing that much money by crazy crazy life around ten million dollars a week how do you lose any was like when you see him there in there in that image than up jumped the bogeyman he's a young man he's living in the cat skills new york in an old man's house and he's being taken care of like a plot a prime like like best prodigy per of a master could ever have in the last days of life it's like incredible story it's out of a movie you have a boxing master was not just a box and master but a master of psychology in the psychology of combat sports and he has stories to go along with every one of his lessons and he puts this kid in harm's danger in harm's way over and over again slowly but surely in amateur box in competitions while teaching him all these psychological principles in this kid can recite them back and forth at you and his lonely under the tutelage of this great master
almost invincible and then right after his master dies that's when should start getting crazy that's when he loses himself and that's when he's not he's not that same guy after years and years of not being around cross anymore not having that sort of relation father figure not justified the figure but the master for men tour every young athlete wishes he came across when he was an orphan i mean his his story is so incredibly unique you know and i think did a good job of of on certain aspects of it in that movie with michael jai why don't like job degraded it is a bad montenegro and you know you believe and when you look at him he's a beast in amendment eight why he's really talented striker giving you ve ever seen that guy work out before now i see after yet i always had a lot of coercion fights array lot of the mia unease he's a legit black belt likes
ro dear i think more than one different martial arts is a legit black belt yet is also through the leaves you see if you were once those videos rees down a bunch of martial arts moves you see michael j white throw kicks the godmother fuckers get perfect technique with everything he does he's a gulf of really high level black belt and striking while so his movements when he why you washed and plate i wasn't offensive right but i don't think they captured dogma miss that way his childhood and how it led to beat him maybe i'm wrong maybe if i went back again i would say that just forgot about it because raiment these can i don't think a two hour movie capture what what forges someone like a phenomenon like mike tyson move is never going to capture the real thing nobody one thing that we just watched what amazing about it is not just the fact that we are watching a guy punch a guy and yours
it actually happened that is a video of rule reality that took place its undeniable and we saw something incredibly special happened i think what even just as amazing in some ways first from an american like phenomenon we know as it as it is figure of the twentyth century is if that he has a one man show that sells out all over the world in theatres dude i have a picture with him is like one of the happiest moments my life me like four well there you are and i shall now he was that the usa is whether you have seen many times i wear a picture of how i put it on instagram
i've never seen what he knows who you are using we do things the same kind of that's the same thing is where lawrence fishbone came up to me because i want a mutual rogan brigham over ass i hear my body hit luxury tat i was so weird man returning i was sent here goes on a fan and they re like a lot of family here who acted morpheus is yeah that was really cool but he's a very nice guy is a great that's spent two months with em coming out in a movie so proud to be in a movie with lawrence wickwire yeah i'm always like this certain guys like that level may go you're always like why i can't believe i'm talking to you know nick nullity pretty well knit naughty is the most down to earth motherfucker you will ever me nick nausea ran into him at fries electronics and age nearby and a video card for my kid
joining about he's a glass version is glasses are exacts from tat his son was really into computers whose buttons hooking sonaput some some stuff for a computer rise you ve never been there is like fuckin key kevin of european i've been there with you for sixteen years ago are now regarded as this is literally sixty seventy years ago and you were now we were you on the internet or something but you you you literally went to get a more memory for your computer and came out with a switchboard i'll never forget this i was like doing this
i suggest you must be a scientist like i was a more memory for hearing i don't even want to fuck you are talking about an you bought like a switchboard that you're gonna put into your computer was this memory sticks difficult that is very serious you may i remember just be put in place in and it's not hard memory is one of the easiest thing really wrong lines so far you were on line five years before i even at an email well i was only because my friend robbie prince robbie friends hilarious communion from boston then i came up with and robbie was he sold computers or he became a comedian and so when we were starting out together we were both in california around the same time there are ninety four
he was out here doing some stand up and i was out here and he took me to an apple store no wasn't even apples torres compusa might not have even been apple story act then and i don't know you tell me about my first computer yeah remember that told you they also get on get online bear j ai gets can be a little expensive we should by us ok let's get this get this i thought i would like some crazy amount of money you know it's a buzz smart move though in the movies get on it more you really bad with your we're talking about this i tweets moaning yourself turnings that and also you you got a lot to say man in i'm glad you're finally doing that in these parts gas and i think you should write to i am writing you should write a blog i am writing now and i you know i really excited the pod gas thanks you like this having done it and what i like the difference what i do is i'll take i read a book that i think is great and i get the f i think somebody who's got something to say i will pay
on the pod guess i have this conversation with these fuckin award winning historians like oh man i just i just did a package this guy wrote fourteen anyone for only three sir the world before columbus and the shit i learned about like just like basically things like why in the south black they use blackmail we're supposed to white indentured servants was because there they were resistant malaria they were stable at a genetic like resistance or the fact that that a tomatoes and potatoes you know that come from south america and europe the italian food for five years the base we fusion cuisine detail didn't grow tomatoes until they got him from south america yak potatoes change the landscape could even one hundred when did they get a tomato the roma meanings change just put a finger in the fourteen hundred when when when when spaniards and and you know and french and workable coming in to south america in this area and they and they
bring pigs with them so they get enimont bore the pigs will get off was escape into the forest they carry a lot of communicable diseases to humans that's how they think about a lot of these communities these fast communities of indians and turn hey man said that there may have been up to fifty to eighty million inhabitants of the united states when white people first came here that is what most this discussion and talk about six so you know about this stuff and they were all decimated by by by disease i mean literally could have been as easy as when they come out the mississippi delta with their pigs it could have been sixty p or brought diseases that no one having no one had anything can you know resistance to they all die too when they came back the entire area was abandoned
it was just pottery and stone and nothing was there that so crazy because you know we're always taught that there was nobody here almost just a few indians fifty two eighty billion according to the latest estimates by historians now an archaeologist paleontologist did the numbers are vastly larger than we thought namely that mean good percentage of was straight genocide while there is still a lot of genocide is well able to grant a trail of tears and the mean but even long believing that they still have reservations to this day long before that though was disease one i think is the disease really truly decimated ninety percent of the pocket so you know i don't think it's important to differentiate what we don't actually no long before was disease but we do know two things to a hideous histories way to buddy i think to you that i think we do know too thanks we know they definitely got a lot of diseases from europeans and they definitely were murdered by europeans we know both yes so i think one disable this happened first and then have a second boy that
squarely you're gonna fourteen ninety to share their gets real squirrel and we also know that very warlike with each other by well they were savage is columbus in those people were all fuckin savage ever was it's so stream avery was the order of the day one of the great turning point in history as the abolitionist worldwide abolition is moving the worldwide movement and slavery was done so like nobody these were like fanatical usually religious people at the most part slavery if you think about it throughout the history of human was the order of things it was just the birth you took em one from aristotle socrates they all had slaves i mean it went all the way up until the idea that you could actually change the how we look at human humanity as you're not chattel europe you shouldn't belonged somebody wasn't was so not in people's pantheon you when you were conquered by another army you are simply sold into slavery account
tend to noble which was a society a civilization stand that stood for thousand years it was the the hall of christianity when it fell in the fourteen hundreds the entire that those that were put to the sword the rest of them probably fifty two hundred thousand which is sold into slavery and that was the that's what you did so sorry i know your family is ever taken their kids topic and you just what the brutality is beyond what you know people come into play and i think it has to do with what people are used to but that that was what they grew up that's what they saw that's what they were used to there was one talking about lincoln's kids die i was even worse back then we were sure there was a war spring a misery you know where where if you had an abscess in your tooth rheumatoid arthritis bitch it's a you die
its staff infection take care and scratch you get from hammer and nails to build the house to keep your children but you might lose your hand that's right now and that it is possible that was it but but what what the other side of it was that kind of contact with humanity was a great deal of trade and an so potatoes kept europeans alive fort because you grow on the ground there not as vulnerable as wheat wheat in the wind will where they get of hailstorm potato stands the ground when marauding army comes in to take all your shit that did not looking at the ground you get all your food at a sweep data even of data which is where you can you can basically with a sweet potato and with milk with milk products you can live you can thrive so you had tired communities in europe who were building in europe was built essentially you live europe was built not just on bread but on potatoes went taters came in and tomatoes and and you had no products like cheese your basically fine you will you will be fine you grown
big strong boy will nutrition is such an underrated aspect of language why people succeed and why they fairness and not just in terms of like nations but in terms of human beings that you know like the people but take care of their nutrition and give their body nutrients their bodies worked better their brain works better make more sense it's really that simple that one of the turning point in american history was when we got rid of hookworm there's a score of hookworm in the south after the after the civil war do you know that they're trying to give people hookworm to cure asthma really did jack as it makes rarely make there's something that happens with hookworm network worm stops asthma so there was a doctor that was trying to inject hookworm into of chronic mad again through your feet doktor infects himself with hookworm for health experiments this guy had so he swallowed
he swallowed a camera to try to fill the action in his stomach infected themselves names doktor james logan infected himself with these hookworms and then swallowed a pill a little the appeal camera to find the action in his got that guy let us do that guy's gangster that's a doctor that did then hookworms make you anemic they they'd they robbie body of iron and you have no end so i say dope were hook worms relieve my asthma sesar that's awesome through the body dramatically in vehicle and his team have lined up a spatial scanner which can see through the top layers of doktor looking skin before placing a water chocolate containing fifty book larvae onto his arms right here in my skin like straight away or
gonna take for the sort of things we don't really know so well let's not forget apparently whether or not this is because you were there not hookworm cures asthma unfortunately those hookworm that's in disguise body that can see the camera they were real scourge and once they created out houses and be borne going into the bathroom in the great outdoors they walked round and bare feet it it change the entire landscape of the south and change their entire economy because you have communities where ninety percent of people or anemic hell energy to work from oquirrh that'll credit when you go in ages your whole changed everything everything you human being is a machine you if you're not gonna be all take care of the dead the pathogens diseases and stuff and people to feel good they're not can build do anything it's it's like the importance of sleep i'm having asleep expert on the package because sleep is way more important thought way more important to g are all chronic them so if you're not sleeping hydrated sending everything falls out the damaging us you know and i encourage people this and i can't stop saying i'll say it again if you can
if you have access to an isolation tank please do it please the relaxation that you get from one hour of sensory deprivation tag is like sleeping the best eight hours of your guy i gotta get embody feel so loose and good when you get out of there it's amazing you know as a transit the water because now horsey jobs so yea j j water near you had only last like a couple of years and you have to swap it out i mean i've had i've had it for five years the most i think i've ever had but crash the guy who runs the float labs hill he services that if you have a unit in your house he comes to my services the play to go though is near you a meaning go to float lab dot com it's in venice loved survival i can incredible i ll be there like i thought i can i stay there for an hour i did i get bored too when buying you know you should be doing that all the time did you should be doing time you should you ve got some cash
you should get one of those in your fuckin house really show like this one the greatest things you could ever have i mean i have access to the most incredible environment on earth in my house on a regular basis change who i am as a human media when i get away from it i don't do it for wireless tartan squarely i need it so i need it back in there is a balancing weren't you would you like learn about what would you where i saw that movie with altered states harrison losing that's that's come on we heard your name or is it yes swimmer yeah he's about mother fucker that's problem of motorway try watch now our guy doesn't know that not all terrifying has like how did i think this is good news i retorted like it's almost like i'm a verging for my own idiotic shell because i it's there's weird things about
movies that we just accepted a few years ago this is him it's based on the work of a great man a fascinating man named john lily christ john lily wrote the deep self which is a fascinating on on floating and he also invented the sensor deprivation tiger lily did a lot of weight weird shit like indoor species communication work with dolphins were take acid and and put himself in us sensory deb tank near our dolphins live it's he d freaky shit and his work was you know he was known like one of the most daring of the psychedelic delicate lily was thought to be like our true madman like he would do ketamine and get into the sensory deb tank that was the big thing my friend todd actually has lilies tank
the owns lilies tightly gave it to him and the first time he ever went into a tank lily put in his tent lily to tank side by side and they would do care together we didn't get all amphetamine is it's a fucking cat tranquilizer it's it's psychedelic apparently but a very dangerous one a very hard core very addictive one by the way not just psychologically but physically addictive one of the rare physically directive psychedelic and apparently lily wafted the way it's described by mckenna i've never experienced ketamine both the weight mechanic describes it is he believes that one of the things you get in a psychedelic like a mushroom is that you're not just getting substance interacting with your brain you're actually getting a database of experiences one of the reasons why we take eyewash casey jaguars and black people and snakes is because that's what they see in the forest in the forest they see jaguars see black people may see snakes that's who lives in the forest so when you take it
your literally not just taking this substance in our your brain are also taking this incredible database of experiences which is why so many people have extremely similar accounts of the trip their trip reports are very similar when it dial oscar and guys line ketamine ok ideas academy is a very recent drug so the amount of trips very small so when you do that i mean trip it's not this overwhelming rush of dollars and patterns in geometry and an information and egyptian iconography and you dont get i'm ketamine you can't like an empty building like you're in put some strange place what you're the only one there are you going to these i have indication someone's watching you occasionally sea like a worker whose written looking behind why all i know they're paying attention to you but it's like you're in this field gee psychedelic journey where very few people have gone before so you might not even encounter other experiences or travellers but if you do it
gather with someone apparently go somewhere gather this is what little used to do lil used to that likes it he asked my friend because i do want to do you want to do ketamine with this cuz there's a first time that he ever done isolation tank make sure you know a keys i couldn't say no to john lily whose holding a fucking syringe full of ketamine he had a prep form am i worried we hit some internationally and then just and then apparently my friend was like yelling some shit out on an old tom mccormick is he's much better to store than i am but he we apparently had yelled out and so lily to go like rescue him so lily banged himself with the ketamine gets in the tank next to him is to tanks in the second tank and meets him on whatever fuckin channel he's on wow yeah and he like literally has a physical memory of lily in communicating with him in this ketamine world that's also the established of certain tripped means like
i was glad that other elements in iowa pasqua is this disc plant this camera called harming and they first identified it they were gonna call it telepathy mean because it is the when they took it together they encountered this group state of telepathy that they all recounted they all round did the same experiences while there are taken this i ask early pure similar enough in their description because our sole fantastical whose hard to really rare your head around exactly what you saw but it was similar enough that they work in instead they were having some sort of a group psychedelic experience and its what's the idea that when you take a psychedelic drug it's not simply that your your brain
is interacting with a chemical because in reality that's all your brain does all day it reacts to stimuli real at reacts to love reacts to hate reacts stress quarters all levels adrenaline there's a constant soup of chemicals that are influencing whether or not you think one way or another whether or not you get excited whether or not you stay calm so ideas that this one chemical which is produced by the human brain and is so closely replicated by dm tee by i was gonna buy mushrooms like mushrooms are really similar in like their chemical structure to dm tee so the fact that mushrooms are really similar to natural human neuro chemistry is pretty fuckin freaking
the fact that when you take these things you have these these weird inter dimensional hallucinations idly you feel like you go somewhere i had i wear this thing i took mushrooms i took a three hour shower and i kept seeing myself from the side like i could see my profile which was terrible i was like this terrible profile dancing about that disasters profile have i've done my chest lying in a barrel it out i got a lot of bench to do and then i kept seeing somebody in the corner where the whip like who was cut telling me to tell the truth you know what wasn't whipping me but that it is like this i kept feeling this presence of this person with a whips i think it was my might decide to me that was the truth in and not lying i realise a lot of my life was a lie young young trying to do i was living other people's lives those two others do listening to other people and it was a very
very profound trip in a sense and i actually after i got back to normal the next day i had a i gonna do you'll reassessment of my life i have to say i cause i'm not gonna be do what i want to do and listen to my own inner compass and i haven't been doing that you're very different than when you were when i first met you you're very differently you're very different in your good yes much much much better and not that is anything wrong with you back down you were awesome so i met you in nineteen eighty four today if i met the ninety ninety four can still be best for its now that you are now but i know you were way more under the control of other than other directed it was weird like in we have always been my hat luxury that luxury you didn't see the world was a dangerous place for you i had a lot of fall backs and i think the luxury of not having to think for yourself i think that one of the that one of the worthy fall back of having a supportive homes structure is which is a good thing but
you you know when you have to fend for yourself in a lot of ways and i did to an extent but but you know i always say to young people it's normal and when you're young to be overwhelmed by forces you can't explained his lot of mystery in the world and you will be directed other otherwise your job as you get older is to find out who you are and what you're supposed to do and where you're supposed to place your energy on your own terms that is the communion you have with yourself that that is that is the idea of it you know for me now at this age the dinner could have been a format is no mystery i know i know to an extent is a lot to learn but i see i know who i am i know what i am supposed to do and i know why that's a nice place to come to this one of the reasons i love stand up so much by the way it it's a kind of one of the things that i think is wonderful two privilege i feel i get to expire i myself in original way and
never that challenge never goes away and it always changing its one of things it you know it's fun loving you and i gotta do the road was one of the bond experience i know you feel assemblies when you watch your friend growing is an art growing in itself exploits and constantly changing and having the change and and and being right of into whatever is going on it with you at the time and having the ability to be generous loving open pals where you'd not worried about the other people getting success competition there's a lot of that in the art is to communities whether its music or whether its comedy there's a lot of them and they want best things that we ve ever done is eliminate that from our entire group of people like we have an amazing group of people whether its ari or joey or dunkin or red ban are all these people were hanging around with that are up there and there did there they're doing things
like we are all having fun together right like no one is lying only brings around town to the stage tom cigar tom's occurs brilliant man and others is so many there so many good guys now and then to have all the hinge cliff twin his crystal areas guy a work of them sunday night at on terriers fucking larry's he's constantly work until these guys are constantly working growing and when you have i got a group like godly like everybody inside grows everybody everybody isn't a scenario city it's not a pie your peace this no scarcity that's where people i think fauna and trouble where they think of of the world is a pie and he's got this massive means i don't have as much is not true it s a great point its again point in that year that you're one of the best at describing that that that that mindset and you ve ever had that mindset now it's one of the reasons why be we ve been good friends from the moment that we met i just there's you don't have a douche in you know because i look at his inspiration yes i see a friend of mine because very successful you know when i
not sure what the success you you ve created for yourself to me it's very inspirational either the jealousy doesn't ever play a role in it jealousy in fact is false emotion and you you can have it we all have we all want something that you get worried about your own account and when you see somebody being really go you like on being lazier when you see an approach that energy and indifferent where right that energy is gonna be there no problem you if you could also be a good thing yes it is a good thing you could look at yourself unfavourably you know and that's where the jealousy own let the energy don't let that energy
then as you say that guy just lucky he just good politics never helps us in its loss as it is a lie and even if it isn't a lie who cares what to do with you who cares if you see a guy and that guy hit the lottery gotta know tv show and you know it was like friends or something like not friends but you know what is kind of cultures and then also he's doing headline in clubs and really shouldn't be onstage raw would you give a hoot hair so cares you know you know it you know what happens to me if i see somebody is really good first by spain metallic people are good and i walked my friend kickin ass like you are cigar or something like that i get oh palmed it just says it says to me i feel like i'm in the right company these people are inspiring me to move forward and keep i want to see what i'm capable of you that's what discovery and invention is what separates human beings from animal but also as a creator you know you're the beautiful thing about your act as a your creating something what i said to you when i first met you was like why you know like putting more emphasis in dear stand by you first of all
you're trying to do what these guys want you to do you doing it's weird alternative thing we are being like real like on threatening on stage you weren't being yourself this is weird and then always consciously politicking for your next gig and your primary gay like you are looking for the primary gig and also jesus christ you're primary gigs right here yes and i'm acting unit who comedy for a long time the ears that is so fuckin crazy to me so crazy we were friends during that time now i never did stand abide industries onto his arrogance of thirty six hours that's so weird man because you are always so funny now i see you know and i am you know about my second our ear it just is an things start to jail i can't believe i spent so much time not doing can imagine my life you need to listen to me more bitch i know by the way i'll tell you what i'll be in houston houston improbable buffalo
calgary mom all over the place gotta brian cowen back come and you'll see you'll see my schedule yes you my schedule your look you're doing really funny weird shit on stage right now you hit near stride you can tell you been doing all these sets that's what it's all about that's one things about doing clubs as opposed to and theatres unlike in doing five sets in a weekend like any thing once you get in comedy shape do you gotta get in comedy shape we gotta get used to doing those long sets in like because it saw a crucial year because you gotta be we like especially with second shows like second show saturday night you gotta be real careful on we're settlers causing get lost and what john and have a dog is a shows start merging together they start like they start becoming one show gets really weird
i've gotta run to go to the final part cats i don't do another part gas and if i don't that's rhenish i will take a big warm hand in my face and i want to do i don't want to do that i have to be there by three thirty of again he's got a large area etc houston improv brian cowen is available this weekend you freaks so the free party roll out the use and improvin and support and i guarantee you you will laugh you dig off i have
old people about you for many many years of course but lately on twitter i've been getting a lot of tweets of people that went to show how to fuckin blast experts so we're gonna schedule some dates we weren't is just what we are here to what we just did yes we are right and i just we ve worked together couple times now big ears and we know what we want we waited long white only total blast let's go no i didn't we weigh the selling dock at least in the morning i was amazing legal zoom dot com you use the code word rogue in and thank you to legal sundar com thanks also stamps dot com use the code word j r e for special offer and thanks to on it dot com it's o n o n oh n n i too
colored rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements we'll be back tomorrow thursday with my boy just call it from the actual report dot com and i will see then it's a then big kiss
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