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#416 - Ana Kasparian

2013-11-12 | 🔗
Ana Kasparian is a producer and co-host of "The Young Turks" and also teaches journalism at Cal State Northridge.
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science that transition from establishment media to new media and there are really important differences and just this whole media revolution that's happening that's really exciting for anyone who is interested in journalism and i mean you're part of it with this podcast ellerslie you you are a logical and it's it's a really great way for people who want to be heard without being censored you know i i i can basically say anything i want on mars my show without worrying about anyone telling me hey you can't save us can't say that corporate sponsors we gotta make sure the advertisers you know continue giving us money with fascinating is all you have to do is be interesting entertaining informative and that's it you have to have cnn on it or fox on it or any these other names we retributive so i'd meaning what the news is where the news comes from definitely i mean when i first started working at you i t it was this unknown show it
around for a few years but it was a really big risk for me to work there because i was working at cbs radio at the time and see radio had like a very clear path for me you start offers an assistant producer your work you will work your way up and if you're good enough and persistent enough you'll be an anchor and you'll be fine you know you'll be set for life with two i t it was just this huge risks it was unknown i do know if it would survive at the time it was on this radio station called air america i don't know if you heard you remember the provokes a two hour to students for the young turkey at the young turkish you're on a plane with no google in europe what the fuck is that so i just remember being really unhappy at cbs feeling like you know even if i get to the top of the ladder within this company i'm not gonna feel fulfilled doing what they are doing
and the first day i worked at the young turks i heard genk you you're the main hosted the show go on this rant against the bush administration and some of the ridiculous you know civil liberty violations civil liberties violations that they were accused of guilty of not not even accused of and i was like wow you do not see this in the media you see this type of honesty you don't see people go off like that they're usually very senatorial whenever there doing any type of commentary and i was tired of it wanted some real news coverage so that's why i made the decision that i made and i and i left and thank god it may that decision cause to i d actually succeeded in big waves in one what year do you think it was were you know it started to shift because it seems like to me
it's maybe three five whatever years it is but within the last few years there's this shift where my friends on ever talk to me about what they saw on cnn they don't talk to me with this on fox news it's always i read this online i watch this online i saw the young turks i'd watch this show i watched this guy's pod asked in this guy said i mean anybody that i talk to it is talking about stuff that they're getting when they're talking about real issues a shocking that stuff it getting online yet will align things have changed people don't rush harm to watch a newscast anymore and people also know that there are corporate interests involved in traditional media you no use advertisements for things that you can't even by on traditional media like i see advertisements for this company called siemens like what are they trying to sell me and you realize that trying to sell the consumer anything it's a form of control over the network bp has a bunch
advertisements on mainstream media and if they are the people that are paying your bills you are less likely to be critical of their business practices so with with traditional media you have that issue and i think people are now more and more aware of it with all my media it's on demand and k its raw we cause we say how the hell we want without worrying about censorship and people like that it's there's something really refreshing about it well they didn't have it before and they didn't think they could then they thought it did it probably come in and uneducated form exactly be some idiot sourcing stupid things that don't even ring true but it's there's intelligent people and like fuck this war hold on like this we were actually articulate they look like they went to school like this this is our own this is a new thing i actually think that it's a perfect example of the free market deciding because i dont think that the american people are stupid i think that they can do to decide and determine whether or not someone is intelligent enough or credible enough to cover
particular story so a perfect example of that is i'm not assigns reporter so whenever i empty cover science news the audience tells me apart fort as they should because that's not my expertise my expertise is political commentary social commentary and that usually the stuff that does really well on the young turks when i cover it and so the odds decides and they will let you know with mainstream media it's really difficult for you to voice your opinion if you dont like the coverage right you might write an email but you dont know if when's ever going to see it with our show we're on youtube we get constant constant feedback and a lot of times it's not constructive times it is constructive like i said i like the charter there might be the lowest form of human on the planet is the youtube commenter there is slowly hideous people on there
tat it like into per numbers like per capita its gallery forty percent assets ok so let me give you an example of something that enraged me the other day i literally lost it in our studio in everyone's like you need to combat we this story about this guy in massachusetts who was going around taking up skirt pictures with his cell phone and k so cops finally caught him back in when he turned and now he's gonna stand trial for it and actually suing the government because he does that is first amendment rights have been violated and his female lawyer is arguing that since these women are in a public place they have no reasonable expecting no privacy therefore he should be allowed to take up skirt pictures of them absurd is that argument anyway we covered on the show we share our you no opinion on it and would say like about one third of the audience was like yeah right yeah a dumb bitch what does she doesn't know anything first amendment rights it is like what am i supposed to do with these types of situations it's really frustrating dressing those win
and were lawyers are tanks to who doesn't that some gangsters henrietta she just likes them traders shit right back i would be very curious to see if she would be ok with those dealt with our own quieting obscure pictures with her or of her in argument she made was what i mean all these lunar ring underwear we didn't see their value so it's ok wow that's very gangster of her that's is that just what happens when you get to the business world again to the corporate world and you you know you become a lawyer and you just it's about winning and losing indefinite tiggle and on the client just yet you even though your soldier own version
now you know what she saw their own vagina i dont know what she looks like but maybe she has nothing to worry about maybe no one wants to get an obscure picture of her and that's why she has no problem making these arguments and before or move she is dying for someone to get a picture of her essentially free to definitely yeah it's uh that's a fuckin big leap those women lawyers made they just decided in straight to hell i wasn't really surprised by that but you know when you there's like financial gain involve then i guess i can kind of understand where you're coming from your lawyer and you're trying to make some money i guess and it's really does oh for lawyers right now to even get cases to get work so maybe that plays a role net but what really bothered me up it is we have a progressive audience like our audience is pretty liberal so however i see that kind of response to assume like that i'm always shocked unlike week you guys are okay with this
is this man men who are most men were raised by shithead that's a lot of it it's a big the real problem is that i never realized there being shed heads because a dad was a shit the brothers shithead the grub in a community issue heads than i realise it is this is this behavior and there is also a possibility that third straight out trolling like they do believe what they're saying when they're doing it to get a response like this i just i just being just one and i'm totally aware of that but i just i remember being in the studio like reading the comments and also what the fuck what am i doing with my life it doesn't matter does you know and i started feeling really bad about it but then i was like you just can't let that stuff get to you you gotta take it with
made us all here you ve caught up in an online troll war you you guys actually made fun of me the young turks there because i got an online myspace thing i don't even remember is a long time ago but do it he was right i would have made fun of me if i may i should add this interaction with this kid it's kinda cap harassing over and over again it was during the myspace days and you know no one knew like how to handle that it was like the new thing if someone could just contact people can see how some people were just contact people go why have you not killed yourself you notice in you would get an email from someone saying you know your horrible he should do you know if you should eat glass you know what our get like a lot of those in a day like what the fuck like this is weird this is a new thing interesting i get dick tax regularly real irregularly geo tag them and you shouldn't put them
upload my lie let me know that's we take as i consider that but you know a lot of times they'll send me the pictures on facebook because i have a fan page on face look in every once in a while check the messages and they're so stupid because all of their private and from action is on their like where they work who their girlfriend or the wife is pardon me once alike forward it over to their girlfriend or why but until nice like i don't wanta like ruin their lives over there like perverted behave that's very kind of you cannot do that didn't guy recently loses job because they found out he was he was a red its role and its like would do evil evil shit on read it and some people said our who's this guy and then they found you know who this guy was and it was a care did they was playing like to blow off steam he'll like yeah allegedly who just
really evil and nasty online a small part of me felt kind of bad for him because he had a family to take care of and you know it's gonna like destroy his life and i get it off and allows people to blow off steam in that way and a lot of people right now because of the economic crisis because of all the crap that's going on the government all the death in this action that surround us constantly alot of people need some sort of outlet and so they will use online anonymity to do that to say hideous things to other people because that makes them feel good about themselves and i think that if you are mature doll just ignore them in step away i'm not into didn't censoring them i know that you tube is trying to like you know work with their comments or those negative comments get pushed back to the bottom or whatever written and no one can read them i just feel like that you know the internet should be an open forum for the most hateful people if they want to be hateful and we as adults have to have thicker skin
just walk away and not let it get get to us and it's hard to do it still gets to me i mean that's what i opened the show with i like the way you to handle set of too many people say this comments retarded than the day eliminated but yet always see it if you wanted to like show the com you can still show the common and their their slowly getting rid of anonymity where you know attaching the commons to a google plus account so it will be easier to identify who that person is necessarily against that i just feel like you know i dont want to move closer towards censorship online i love that it's an open forum even oh they're negative aspects to it that impact my life you i agree with you i think it's it's an important like method of credit that was never veil before we have a very honest view of like what you do and what people like what you when they like we do when they don't in even if it's like really or hypercritical over critical if they have a point like that point
we would have never got into during any other era like if you wanna like really analyze what you're doing and try to figure out like what's the best way to hone this and give you a lot of input they definitely well i will say that my political views have changed significantly since i started working at two i t and its necessarily because of my colleagues it has a lot to do with audience feedback for instance what i thought about prostitution when i first started was very different from what i think now i was definitely against legalizing prostitution i was in favour of tough on crime legislation it came to dealing with that and then i realized like this is stupid it's not keeping anyone safe people are getting hurt as a result of genome pushing this ban against prostitution so i've changed my views on that i think that we should legalise it unregulated because that will create a safe environs and this is one example of many will we do from the ghetto boys burst you gotta let me be a whole i mean if you up
consenting adults one to do that exchange money for sex why the hell not it's amazing that we have like this huge porn industry in the country and as long as they do it in front of a camera it's totally fine but if they do a behind the scenes it's illegal boats so we're that you can have sex with anybody want for free and think there's no crime committed rob but of monies exchange somehow you become a criminal both parties does anyone really have sex for free though when you oh and i just got deep i didn't want to know this about you i think this people that yeah this people wearing evens out or it's free on both sides there are no but what i mean is usually there's something else involved are not talking about money right but their emotions and others and exchange of emotions there's an exchange of something it loads media fluids true yeah of universities
it is a massive issues with men versus women as far as how the emotionally connected saxon and also that the need like what i don't know what it's like to needs acts as a woman i'm sure it's a very specific edge whereas with a male ice i'm pretty sure after all my years of observing men and women that ever theirs the different animal the horny for a man is very intoxicating in fog and confusing and it is for women i think it's why like a lot of women like few cocktails first i'm not that big light up the crazy furnace without oak i think the cocktails i think men and women have similar sexual desires however women are not allowed to be as open about it because of society the expectations and certain gender roles if you are aware men who is open about how much you love sex and how often you want to have sex and how badly you needed your looked at
as a whole there is no question about people will refer to you as a loose woman slutty woman that's the reason why a lot of women like to have the cocktails before they have sex because that allow them to let loose and do what they really want to do right you know without feeling guilty about it that's my might take and then also if you don't have sex if you decide to save yourself for marriage or are you safe save yourself or someone that you genuinely love or whatever then you're considered a prude there's really no winning women have a total shorter than the stick society society wise when it comes to sex without a doubt but i think if you wanted to say like who's gonna think that you're a home for enjoying sex wilds deafening enemy women's can be a lot of women that figure and it's definitely we're gonna be guys who you won't have sex work right so what's left the young laughed with like two groups of guys there's guy that would have zero problem whether all and then guys that work
only have a problem with it if you weren't attracted to them that's enough most like see its without assholes so if you were a check and you're just like listen i'm a freak alike to get fucked all day long that's what i'm into he'll find exactly the right people you need your life that's it you're staying perspective nicely girls one one i really do you i know but you also attract a lot of really scary purview people no doubt italy recently because i think i think for a lot of people especially in the culture reliving right now if you're that open about your sexual desires you know people will see that as a green light to do things that might even be considered go you know me whether its harassment or some salt or something that's true and also mean this is like probably bullshit but i would i would imagine that if if you time a person that starts getting the like three sums in time each other rob these target like really freaky its
way easy to go too far with that its way if you hear about someone like i'm just in the sex all day long live sex is a just said for how long does it take for a ball gag comes out is it a month in your relationship you know like a year later when you going to be in to hear from now just duct tape repeated off avert this people they get in a car doesn't happen they they go down while those purty roads yeah now you just got deep down purview road and you can't get satisfied if like people have this weird thing of constantly want wanting progress if they have a house that's four thousand square feet they want to house it's five thousand square feet if they make half a billion euros year they wanna make a million rosier they always want to take thanks to the next level and that includes like freaky shit well that's the american way you always want more more you want the bigger tv and even i'm definitely guilty of that you know as i live in really modest department that i love but the other day
like you know i could probably gopher bigger apartment but one i would like myself my apartments fine i don't need a bigger one right when it seems to be no physical stuff i think you can just get desensitized by things you know there have been many studies about what porn does to the brain and you start off by watching something that might be considered soft core and that's enough to you know do the job and then all of a sudden you're watching more and more hard core stuff and you just become desensitize to it and for all of teenage boys they grow up on that kind of stuff that's what they expect from women you know or girls once they start having sex it's really scary stuff and there is changing people sexuality without doubt though the bushes gone the bush died as a porn i heard that europe what about that i'm terrified do they live porn win it just doesn't make sense
everybody let porn went before nobody had a problem until like nineteen ninety nobody had a problem with harry vagina just what it was i mean people trimmed around but generally there was a lot going down there especially if you did italian girl what have you but now it's like their victory is just universal it's like the victory over that aesthetic the victory over this shaved waxed genital slow those women are supposed to symbolise male desire they're supposed to symbolise what a man wants you know and then that has an influence on regular women and they think oh am i supposed to look that way my supposed to groom that way there have been stories of women injure themselves because they go get bleached in areas that they should be getting bleak and it's just amazing to me that its that influential i know very strange it's it's a silent influential thing
it's very odd and i was when when the markets or crashing in government bailouts we're going down i was as you know like how come nobody ever wanted to bail out the porn industry like why would they pretend that the port and sherry isn't this giant monster business that all the sudden just evaporated half of it that way three quarters of it i don't know what the number of it just disappeared because of the inner bright but so like whose pretending that this is a real business like everyone's like claw guess still just after exists to on their own anymore you're watching it persons a fan of any probably has a bunch of different videos ideas like bookmark than his laptop or somethin yeah definitely but at the same time which politicians would mountains say we need to bail out the porn industry that would be political suicide we live in is puritanical society i mean that would be
this also the same sort of feeling that happen with the music business is that they know what the music business went out as well with the downloads of mp3s and file sharing they lie the giant peace a raven images evaporated and no one really was considering baling them out either it's like you know you kosher to figure this out dummies yeah well i agree with you on that but at the same time everything always those back to who is funding our politicians you know wall street these big bankers these are the people that the campaigns for our politicians which is why they just nellie went for the bail out by the way after the bailout happened we did nothing to break up these too big to fail banks they still exist best and there still doing the same type of bullshit that lead to another economic collapse the regulation that we pass was nothing so oh it's just it always goes back to money in politics which you know we talk about on the show all the time
if someone is funding you whether it's the media or whether your politician you're not gonna go hence them you're always gonna bail them out return described it as a he'd describe it he described as a special interest oligarchy gazing itself as a democracy oh yeah we have legalised bribery in this country so amazing now isn't it mean when you really stop and think that that is it's gotten to the point that it is today where it is essentially it's open it's pretty obvious it's there they control virtually every single aspect of our economy our society it's all just money generating hubs is big giant spaceships fill with assholes just making money out of out of whatever whether it s oil or natural gas or whatever their doing why why do oil subsidies exist liked could crushed why do people ask the government that like why the hell are we giving these massive profitable oil company subsidies its
saying at the same time were cutting funding for education were privatizing public schools which is the complete and utter design master subsidies sounds like they should get up it's likely so we'll subsidies loco ill subsidies you know it's like oil donations or i'll pay ola if they call it a little pale looked at him in what is that all you why did they get more don't they have a lot of money gatt what's happening in us profitable industry in the united states in the world you know so it's it's frustrating stuff but fortunately you know there are ways around it citizens united was a terrible supreme court ruling you note of effectively allows corporations to act as people would make these unlimited campaign donations to paul emissions so one way that you can get around that is by creating a constitutional amendment which were trying to do at the young turks there's a political action committee that we formed called wolf pack your audience can learn more about it at wolf dot dash pact outcome and basically it would
have state leaders propose a resolution and the resolution would create a constitutional convention where you can make an amendment to the constitution that would get money out of politics and now fixed so many problems because then our broken democracy would chain into a system that was intended to be where our elected politicians are supposed to represent us the people instead of corporation well when you back something in the corner and shine a light on it you really get to know its true nature of that ever does come to play it would be a fascinating moment to see how the system that's in place today would deal with the idea of taking money out of politics and what kind of scramble would take place yet i would be it would be quite weird to say it would be its i'm not gonna lie it's definitely going to be difficult
i u know genk younger is really optimistic about it i'm not as optimistic as he is but i think that if if the american people become a little more politically active and they signed the petitions necessary and they hold their state representatives accountable i think that this could happen you know it just takes a little bit of political activism and unfortunately there this huge level of apathy right now which and understand because the political climate is leading to you know this economic meltdown and all the problems that people are experiencing right now income inequality wealth inequality it's scary stuff i mean we lie to ourselves and we say that we live in the basque country in the world we have legalised bribe we need to fix it we need to fix our democratic process when when you look at the future of this country the way it's running the way currently operated how long can that it seems like its fallen apart at the wheels it seems like it's like
crazy thing that spinning and shaking and sucking money out and freaking out how long they operate the way it is right now i'm not sure i mean that's all good question but people are really starting to feel that in the downfall of how our system is working like just to give you an example this number blows my mind the top ten percent in this country on seventy five percent of the wealth that is by now so her money that's a lot of my lab hours and ten percent by ten percent bars everyone else's struggling their struggling on top one percent owns one third of the wealth of the country and so people are struggling to make meat and the reason why that's happening is because we're seeing these huge tax cuts for the most wealthiest people you know why is it that were supposed to have the highest corporate tax rate but when because of corporate loopholes we actually have the
lowest corporate tax rate we gotta get rid of those loopholes and then you have them we can say yeah you know what we should raise taxes one way can do that is by getting rid of deductions which deductions want to go after homeowners they want to go after people who get that interest rate deduction in their taxes and that of course impacts the middle class so it's just there's a lot of frustrating stuff going on like this to budge stuff going on for everybody to pay attention to everything that's one the regions where the apathy come said it's just too freaky this too much happening it's too nutty it's not gonna get fixed shit cause a shade on and take a nap amateur watch the cried ashiel or leader play video games are do whatever i need to do to distract myself and i don't blame people for doing that these issues are really complicated and complex you know you have to sit down and do so much research we have
this mainstream media that's also broken they're not reporting the real news you know you have to really depend on independent media to get real facts and so i don't blame people for wanting to be distracted but at the same time if we allow things to continue the way they are we're gonna have the wealthy people in their castles with moats around them while we're gonna struggle to find private security because everything that is publicly funded is gonna be defended in including our educate we're seeing that happen now nobody ever want to think that the operating system that we have that runs our society could fall apart nobody ever want to think that all sudden there'll be no cops cause they don't get paid what has happened in places like candy nigeria is a perfect example of cops it's insane and of course i mean it's common sense the crime rate shot up as a result of that of course it was a free ride i mean that that's if you're like a really bad person does like the best placed to move in a country like look there's no cops than doing and have them yeah that's
a small little crumbling and the foundation of our society are just a little one and you know maybe they fix it for now but eventually that could happen there was an athlete border and special is watching today this is great new show for the cnn show he was in detroit and he was just going over these factories with these to make these amazing cars and other just completely fallen apart and it's it's it's freaky its freaky to see how this city of two million plus people now is like less than seven hundred thousand by housework five hundred bucks and he was touring around the city and checking out knows that if that can happen that quickly yet got just one city that can happen other places too this whole thing is like barely hang together with chewing gum and i think the most frustrating part about that is you know we have politicians that will pass policies that led to the collapse of certain cities
california and a lot of trouble right now because of a proposition we pass at nineteen seventy eight called proposition thirteen a cap property taxes at one point two percent as a result we started defending our education which is why the ella you sd went from being one of the best school districts in the country to being one of the worst school districts in the country and we just lost out on a ton of revenue as a result of our low very low property taxes and so they'll past policies like that in the case of california of course californians voted for it which was disastrous at the same time though cut government programmes that will help the poorest people whether it's this now programme or the food stamp program or you know the welfare programmes are ever that help needy kid and it's like look if you don't want to spend as much money on governmental programmes or social programmes then passing policies and tax cuts that make it really really difficult for people to make ends meet
think if it wasn't for shows like yours and people like you and jan core exposing the stuff and people new media people at a writing these very very popular blogs if it wasn't for that this information wouldn't be going out and if the information wasn't going out people wouldn't realize what a cluster fuck it really is tune into the nightly news and get this sense that everything's gonna be ok which is basically what america dead until the internet camera yeah definitely seems like within the ten fifteen plus years of the act of internet the whole world is just stopped in what way what the fuck are we doing like everyone shaken their head looking left and right confusion turmoil and questioning on a level but i don't think we seen before and this your new thing where anybody can just stick your camera attach it we know u s be it to a laptop and boom your online making youtube videos or making mp3s its increase
well it's a weird weird time it gets me really excited like just thinking about it because the possibilities are endless and i mean we had the young turks we had no marketing budget we had no publicity we had enough hang all we did was create a business model that worked juncta the really serious political reporting which i'm jealous of that's what i wanted to come in and i do the stuff that goes viral online why would you be jealous of paying attention to this system i love politic really i love politics i and don't get me wrong shimerda maybe i well know that i love i mean i studied political sign for my masters and it's just always been a passion of mind since i was in high school so even though things are really bad right now i have this passion to try to make a difference and so i see jake making a difference and i'm really proud of him and he someone that's been my mentor someone that i look up to
and you know i want to be able to analyze politics as well as he does at the same time you know i was brought in for something completely different i was brought into make the company money and that's basically what i do the store is that cover in my hour of the show are sometimes very important social stories you know what its gay rights women's rights whatever you know men's rights when it comes to how they get screwed over we know when it comes to children in marriage and basically the law men men are basically screwed over when it comes to sexual harassment and stuff but women are really gives amazing that's a side no but then you know i'll do the stories that are really stupid but people love them it will do a miley cyrus story it'll get like millions of views and women the tunnel money off that video but there's no are you too that story so i always feel guilty doing it so
i'll have days room just like yeah i'm i'm big failure this is what i do for my wife and i guilty about it i hear you saying but at the same time following politics is like following some fuckin fake minstrel show its fake its discouraging there's no question and it's like i was fuck i have this conversation with jamie kills timor sums due from citizens radio i knew what they were talking how to actually do you ever think that by following this fake the horse pony show that you're like you like lending credence to because you're an intelligent person needed pretending this is an all just assholes we're getting bribed because that's what it really is that's really just a bunch of assholes that are getting bribed another ones and their cronyism how this weird shit going on with laws and it can i can't get away with and what can it can't get charged with well i mean look there's there's a huge difference between political reporters in the mainstream that just report on it but they dont really give a shit about making a difference in theirs
the difference between people like jamie analysis on citizen radio or the young turks or any other pino pull of what is called just lost me our jones no not alex alex jones you thunder common actual youtube views if towards our common number one media source in the nation turks tries to pretend they have similar writings proper browser you have seen that that ours is a friend of mine is crazy he's he's my love is mine i have no problem with great gather you'd love if your modem is a sweet our genk did meet him he ended up liking i believe it i believe it but his response video to us was hilarious dominated for levels like put on do you play like your shirt on like if you're trying to make a decent point and you dont want to seem like your loony move
don't have your algeria fucking shirt over a hundred stations axiom airlines probably link a site most likely websites bore views know of your care i'm number one oh i love in alternative media period globally even rolling stone new york magazine all actuaries i'm number one he's not a period yeah by the way he's a here's what these missing is a sure that later you and he's crazy i've known alex for a long time i did a dvd in nineteen ninety nine and he and i put on bush masks i was bush junior and he was bush senior and we put on his mask we ran around the austin state capitol like the front yard like and film that when push got elected
the title the dvd was belly the beast so i will it goes right when bushes get elected we decided in austin and he him and me are in this this video and he sing a song he sings it's like crazy new world order song wrote that's that's not us that's a different one did the other what do we are actually wearing these masks but i've known forever he's a really good guy i dont know deny that i'm sure he a good guy i dont tell me that is evil the playing a role when he's on camera i dont believe that he's really that crazy like some of this stuff he says i just don't believe he believes i do not know i would not pretend to know i think is a very complex man there's a lot going beneath the surface there's a lot of layer so that cake and i think that
lotta people look at em you think he's screaming maniac but he was right about a lot of shit a long time ago he was saying the inner say is gonna be regional your emails and looking through a he said there they're they're gonna make deals with major data networks with eighty in tee in google he was saying this a long time ago and i specifically remember having conversations with a friend in him my friend was like that is so crazy why would they do that are not going to do that in do you really think that the law would ever let them do that the law the law he'll get fuckin crazy in i'll go out josiana but you now here's the thing strategy or that delivery is effective because there have been people who have been reporting about you know civil liberties relations for a while and they get no attention so sometimes you we'll we'll get the attention and you know it if that's what you
to do to get coverage of those important news stories historically fine the thing is you know they're they're liberals and goals of truth to some of the stuff they reports and then some of this stuff that airports is just crazy and it's made up you know so it's like i don't know where to fall with that guy as i want to support and with some store has got another hour is unlike dude you hold it down well i don't know what the processes for acquiring information vetting it out and then publishing yelling at youtube channel i don't know what to do with the processes but i know that he's right about a lot of things and i know that his passionate about a lot of things but i think there he probably needs of better filter yeah you know i think there's a few rats he'll go on oil
wait a minute wait a minute what the fuck are they doing trials do you understand how many patroness guy every night brian can trails blocking out let us on canada about fucking ground to my group are preparing austin texas up your impression of is amazed lemon hanging around them working more than a decade that's uncanny that's insane but he he'll go off about something and then you go but did you know that this man the ordeal you'll have counters to those with those get in there does get in there they they get new world order it out they get black holler captured is ricochet off here want to see a conspiracy in every fucking thing that's ever existed ever if you come up to him about whatever it is name j f k i ran contra white water death events foster there's there's not lillian stories they never end here just fuckin come at you but he's been right about a lot of stuff that's really freaky one thing than he reported on that very few people caught was
the use of pay police officers to pretend to be people that are in a crowd protesting and then agent provocateurs and they would start smashing thanks covered this in seattle when the world trade organization was making their who believe in the nineties when they were there was this massive protests and the protest went violent while he has all these photos of like the their bottom other boots military issues via brooms malay points although like these are police officers their wearing masks no one else is not the only ones doing any damage or smashing things in their doing it so then the police can come in and start arresting peaceful people which they normally couldn't do and i that was the dumbest thing i've ever heard of my life that crazy thing is you know when it came to the occupy protestors they weren't even agents provocateurs they were just cops like breakin shit and starting the violets and you know they got a little bit of criticism for it but the media would
you got the story and make it seem as though the occupy protesters were the violet of crews you everything necessary to discredit them which made me so angry because finally in this country there was a little bit of political activism they changed the conversation because we were talking about bullshit until occupy came along and talked about what wealth inequality and then you know you have the mainstream the trolley discredited them and then they just kind of fizzled out and i had so much hope for that movement as you know in fact that movement there not being i do so with so so we didn't get enough eyes ears there's too many stinky motherfuckers out there and drums circles i cover is a big part of it i can't i covered occupy allay and occupy oakland occupy oakland scary situation to cover because there they were a lot more militant i mean their intentions were in the right place but their delivery was little scary so i just kind of felt workshop
hit the fan yeah like one wrong move and violence could break out but but they d it was because they were overly protective they knew what was happening to other protesters you know look at what when you see davis i thing you know what that cop spring that pepper spray almost students are just sitting there so i think that there were just overly protective as they should have been because of the treatment that all these protesters we're dealing with and the treatment throughout history and we all have to do is go back and to look at what is going to end the vietnam war look what happened at ten state when they start shoot than the the national guard is shooting at their students protest and the lesson that long ago people are aware that kind of but what so this alex jones thing i really thought was the dumbest thing i've ever seen us like there's no way that could ever be possible there's no way cut and then he presented like very clearly very cleanly over and over again all the different news stories that pointed to different various into it took place including them
sequestered they they got all of the agents provocateurs in a house the constant go shaded with them and then let them go i mean the whole thing was like so cut and dry and clear when you have evidence backing up you know your belief that something is a conspiracy then of course i mean you have strong evidence and all believe it but it's one thing to have the evidence is another thing to report that something is going on and then not having the evidence that's why i think he needs a filter she's got a lot of his heart in his intentions in the right place and the dude will go to war like he'll fucking zack gonna take it out on the street with somebody he's fucking crazy out at he's a madman is also a good guy i just that he needs a filter i could but he's right more than is wrong i tell you that especially now that is out of me in this
there's alex on the left me the right this is his song this adds alexander that's my buddy
some areas sounds like a fibres and hang out with the eye is very fun hang out with he's great to drink beers with yeah i can if he's a good dude he's honey he says a lot of really funny shit he's a good guy too is a sweetheart you really so did he ever talk to you about why he got us about leg view now i don't ask and many questions about things like he's been in some disputes with friends of mine have been disputes walkers girls go south expanding you'll have to do without your own that is really funny bodies like i say he's a good guy he's is he wants a better america who really does he's not a greedy guy he's not a guys in it for the money and i will give you the shirt off his hair till clearly uses stamps our come he
he really is like the real deal like he really wants a better america he only wants to get out all the corruption the scum but he believes that the global elites who try to live to be a thousand years old what they're doing right now what stem cells the reason why the bush administration and not just like how did you meet him that have met him in texas referendum on rice with them knew him from his radio day wasters radio show but now it's more base would hero a radio show these ray i shall still pretty popular though unlike those due to have those fuckin does ham radios wishing to and in turn stones the second just taken it does this that thinking that the only problem with that as you said thinking that goes along with that which is like color gold like dig a hole in the ground for a nuclear shelter like paper some people start button battering rams in their pickup truck crazy then
that's the way to do it i don't want to live my life like that were your constantly paranoid and you're worried about doomsday there look there's some really scary should happen in the government right now are you i will not take it take away from that but i don't believe in the doomsday papers like they need to calm down their paranoia misplaced in last something happens like what happened two days ago in the philippines yes yeah that's that's the real issue yeah nature much larger as the issue and we keep fucking with her so allegedly allegedly because you know not enough scientists agree on you know well there's plenty of scientists use me there's plenty of scientists that disagree all happen to be working for oil company great gas companies those other parameters i've been the coat brothers will fund scientist out studies that claim that either i'm a change does not exist it this is a normal trend that we were experiencing with our planet or that it exists
but it's not you know created by humans we back to nineteen fifty zero doing those cigarettes when that when people are trying to come out saying hey i think these things are given us cancer they fuck and funded a shitload of studies are like now look it's cackling i'm good at or you can find certain things were talking about in the park s history they worth nicotine actually can be a medicine in certain circumstances thinking to help you with hearty issues in hd issues and all these different things so like you find a way to rationalize if you're a real piece of shit that like you should probably smoke cigarettes yeah you won't get adhd yeah i mean just like another example of money india and seeing you know the behaviour of americans and and the information that gets put out there yeah i've i women are talking earlier about being addicted to items and being addicted to things and how you wanted to get a bigger apartment even though unita i'm guilty is charged to but i i
think about it all the time and what i'm starting to believe is that you when beings like the reason why we like to think of ourselves as being something that we're in much control of than that just the woes of nature but i kind of thing more more likely than that everything is natural even though we break down like aunt behaviour is being natural and wolf behaviors being natural but humans while you know we have free will and we have education we have maybe but when i look at last that trend like where it is right now it's i don't know how i got here bullets pretend it's all nature what is it doing what it's doing is its making things it's making crazier crazier things every day the whole race is working together in one of the ways and ensures that people consistently technologically innovate is by making an attractive to have the newest latest shit and everybody wants and like who that new lexus like that commercial marianna gonna have it and it's a fucking new laptop and it's a new phone and it's a new earpiece
is also it's also a status thing is add a symbol to have the latest and greatest no doubt we recent covered this story about barneys i don't you talked about it at all in your show but there this young black man who went into a barneys he purchased a three hundred fifty dollar belt with a debit card and allow thirdly the cashier called the authorities on hand because she didn't believe that a black eye can afford this three hundred fifty dollar belt so the cops came they started questioning him they said we know we need proof indicating that that's you debit card he had to call chase and prove like you that is his debit card you know they like detain them for a little while and finally they let him go so he's suing barneys now for racial profiling so we'll see how they can plays out but you know from the racial profiling component of that story i was shocked that i think he's nineteen
a nineteen year old would save up multiple paychecks by the way too poor to buy three hundred fifty dollar belt so it goes against everything i believe i hate that kind of materialism and i'm not he's a victim here so i'm not trying to criticise him it's more societal thing where we all want to show off our new shiny handbag and it's fucking bullshit hey when women fall for that crap when they work multiple months just to afford twenty five hundred dollar handbag and it's like who are you trying to prove like what are you trying to prove and who you try prove it to you trying to show off to other women right which by the way if you're like a real woman i think that you should get jealous by that and a crap you know and of your real one i well you see a real man very masculine y know i have i have this as i older i mean i'm i'm getting obsessed with a person's character and i'm i'm i care less and less
the bullshit that doesn't matter so when i was younger you know i got brainwashing too giving hey you know what you did to make sure that you marry a guy who's like really dabbling in his career because you want to make sure you can take care of you fuck that i wanted the care of myself like i don't need a guidance care of me and thus not to say that i don't want a man in my life i definitely do i want a partner in my life and i wanted to be like a real partnership where we help each other out but at the same time like this obsession with materialism makes me sick to my stomach is distracting and it makes people feel that if they can't afford certain things then they're not good enough that there are not worthy if they don't have the money to sharpen barneys than their less than words i think you're right from a sociological issue aspect i feel like the whole desire is is fruitless and silly and weird and it is is more it with people that can't have it and want it very badly but there's
when people at a rich that just go shopping every day and that is to say the whole never gets filled yeah it's always it's never like the big rush that you get at least if your poor and by two thousand our watch like holy shit you look and i can't believe i got it whoo hoo if you're really wealthy if you some billionaire character if nothing nothing it doesn't have a register so dull thumping your helmet because you never really gets to skin i just i dont like making people feel like they are worthless because can't afford citizen at them they mean who makes them feel like that is it is an unarmed them and whatever person winter i mean look listen a pop culture listened all the rap songs and all that you now i got my new cadillac or whatever area family they brag about not that good car iran or whatever i got my may back re ass i rather doubt that shit who cares about your may back you don't like i dont know why people are so obsessed with that and then these young kids think oh my god
i gotta work really hard for that may back which is why so many people get involved in the financial sector and they sell their souls because they just want to be rich and we need people who want to be teachers you know i'll be it most of them get screwed over with really really crappy salaries and we should definitely pair teachers better but people don't gravitate towards lobbies that actually help the community because they're so up fast with making money and i seeing our brightest students go towards the financial sector instead of you know focusing on jobs do help the community whether it's you know in fields that led to technological innovation or to marry innovation and of course doctors make a lot of money but you know a lot of sense it is the do some serious research that really benefit society don't make a lot of money through and oh i just hate the incentive structure that we have these days and this emphasis on always how the newest most expensive item available you'd stuff we read it
just but as a person trying make an attempt to look at it objectively if i was like an alien species coming down to observe earth i would say there in a mad scramble to create the next technological marvel there in a mad scrambled to create the the new internet the next thing and they're gonna go from that the next thing there transforming themselves are essentially its long term cocoon that since a caterpillar into a butterfly it's just taking a few hundred years but technologically that some sort of a symbiotic relationship that we have with with technology and that's fuelled by materialism materialism drive it ensures that people consistently by the newest things innovate in constantly trying to stress at the latest ice sociologically i agree with your hundred percent yet but i think that there's there's probably some more going on here just not aware of cause we're like trapped in the middle of the hurricane of it all yeah i think you make a really good point about you know gadgets and technology i guess what i'm more
august on is just like the designer bullshit by into that kind of stuff really frustrating i just thought you discharge should have the same issue with them the money thing to think about like they did this desire to pursue massive amounts of money into what is our really doing and made if it's all just a pool of money in everybody's trying to you know keep moving keep an active what is it we do well advised things and of its high think someone's making things so when's making things going to keep improving those things that everyone's newest thank its basically the same engine innovation engine that's like pushing forward and we're all trapped up in it in like a client culture and calling all these are two different things but it really is a mad scramble to make new technology so which air which are guilty pleasure like what do you like to splurge on even you might feel able really here does that get expensive yeah they get expensive yeah yeah well i guess there's an art form to making pool jews believe it or not
and i play a lot of poor and used to play i was obsessed states to play a ten hours a day when i lived in new york was it was two point you were my manager was told me it was those affecting my career was because i was paying more attention to play pool than i was too comedy yeah so pooh obsessed but there's not that many poor q manufacturers makers the but that the artisans the bill handmade ones like there's a guy named zamboni berries embodies like world famous his dad was gus cambodia's what when the original policymakers like that name has like a lot of weight to end these choose otis artists functional art that you could play for with their also like really beautiful i m fascinated by them my friend create my friend eric has a company called sugar tree any makes these beautiful cues all based on woods really exotic and strange pearls and and weird like figure in the wood and he's is obsessed with wood because like you get like you
when you buy when we choose you play whenever you like literally see the passion than it took that this guy may this guy was obsessed with would you know really obsessed with different grains and tonal qualities and aging norman it's real artistic expression and it just it's a functional piece of our obsessed with them so there's nothing wrong with it that's an area like obscure and like i like i've never heard anyone talk about pool accuse yeah that's my gave a big cabotage volvo miss my guilty pleasure nice i just love deploy pool nice stupid thing to do me doesn't matter whether the borders in the hall but it does everything matters if that's what you find a pleasurable and you know it helps you blow off steamer whatever go for it there's nothing wrong with that it is a microcosm to life in it i think there's a thing about pull cities it these are handcrafted put how much these costs amount yeah that some of them can cost several thousand dollars
those ones you look at those are probably two or three thousand at least that's really pretty yeah they get real intricate and theirs ways they splice them together like you see those things that at the end like those hard those little things inside of my little inlaid and as you get further others are different pieces of whether spliced in together that's in cotton glued in place and then bought on a less in there in exotic woods like that's ebony and he could see all these different in lays some of them are probably made out of ivory and so in all these two these too used to be legal to buy ivory too to make poor where is to make the balls and of ivory and then you realize what a piece of shit you have to be to kill an elephant so cut off but there's so much ivory left over it's really kind of sad there's so much left over from when they were just slaughtering elephants before they said regulating it that you can get ivory to make in lays and stuff in poor cues it's everywhere
so becomes like a real issue like a moral issue you have to think like why was that caught fucked up but then this like boutique where they going to do with you today animals like been dead since one thousand nine hundred and seventy and they have these tasks so you just going to let him go to waste or is it better put them in a museum or who can look at them like it's it's time an interesting moral dilemma but a friend eric uses he uses this fossilized mastodon bone the guy who uses like ten thousand year old fossilize walrus ivory that from you know like they discovered get his hands on that that's in his sisters and archaeologist la think it's a sister yeah he's he's like really into the amy he doesn't use like dummy disease like that many inlaid his honest about the word like the quality of the wood i like that i like that that's really interesting i never i would have never again
so they could get that expensive they'll get really matter the old ones there's a man named ballot bush guy who lived in than hitherto ninety six nineteen seventeen i think he made queues and in them we the color of money paul newman gave tom cruise of ballot bushes and just by saying that name that those kids started being worth twenty five thirty thousand dollars because there's a fine number of this fact is probably like the cue the most forgeries is like cambodian embellish go the two lot of fakes while people people like you know that just knock it off from pretend it's one of em cause you could sell for twenty five thousand bucks here guilty pleasure is much better than mine wishers food food like i don't i can't really think of an object that i like to spend a lot of money on i just like to spend a lot of money on like a good experience like if i may travel or if i'm going to eat at nice restaurant i'm gonna go out you know not feel bad about it but that's pretty much that's u sounds like life
i know a guilty pressure i now i guess i m trying to think i'm i'm a huge bargain sharper i dont really by anything full price i'm not to that would you should see this interesting is this because of the way like you your responsibility that you feel for looking at the world sing i fucked up things are that you feel bad spending a couple box on a nice meal mozilla is that like what becomes guilty pleasure like fuck it i'm just gonna do it but normally maybe maybe i think there's something subconsciously that makes me feel guilty about it but i carefully put my thing her on it i think it's because i know how hard i work and you don't say all that money go toward one experience or one meal makes me feel little bad but i actually do what i like to do is if i'm gonna go out and i'm gonna then some serious money i make sure that i take people with me and i spend the money on them as well because then i feel i'm doing something good for my friends and i read
study about how the happiest people were actually spend money on others and it's totally true you feel really good when you take care of other people so viewed i usually do that that's that's not my guilty pleasure that's the one thing that i will splurge john and i won't feel guilty about or feel really good about it and then i hope no one day when when my friends or in the mood like don't take me out and they'll do hopefully one day you will write your way to my friends i love my friends i'm in a really as someone in my age group i'm in a really great place financially because i lived at home for a long time i say money i was with some one that i was going to buy a house with that didn't work out so now i just have money that i'm not gonna put towards the house and i can do other things with it so i like to treat my
and things once in a while you have to justify yeah but it seems like a part of you because you're such a conscious unaware person realises that you're in this rare circumstance yes it feels like a guilty pleasure i feel i don't know if it's guilt but i feel bad not a lot of things pure my guilt now i do not have guilt is something i dont have especially because it by the way i love that accusation that we get from our audience in real time fucking funny because like i'm armenia like both my parents came from armenia so they they didn't have my ancestors and have slaves like this they turned to him you know why i'm but i'm not american you know where i am american does not sound and good woe likes to say that i have white guilt would imply that i have ancestry that did hideous things to black people with why i now want to raise awareness about issues of racism
it's not true i want to raise awareness about that is because i want genuine equality you know you see cases where racial profiling does exist no doubt anyone or you want to raise awareness about that because you want society to progress you dont want to pretend as though these societal ills don't exist they do exist at the same time you to want to demonize people either you to want to make blanket statements about all white people that's insane yeah i've heard some pretty ridiculous blanket statements but that the whites really important is that the did the idea of racism should be eventually she didn't exist anymore if one day it should come a time where that has been ironed out of the human culture we ve been down it seems like if you go back to few thousand years ago when they were burning people the stake for various believes we ve managed to get past that we managed to get killing neighbours in other rival countries that we're like a block away from each other in europe we will now
give us all that i won if one day we gonna get to a point where we don't give a fuck rainbows races i wonder if there is going to be some action make even this word eventually all smooth out where won't matter i wonder the same thing i'm not as optimistic about it though honest i'm pretty optimistic you i didn't used to be but at times gone on the internet is what makes me optimistic when i see like justice and in the voice of the internet is suitably very ethical moral voice what do you think about you know some of the visual anti justice that you see on line like it in the king was the stupid ville rape case and how anonymous you no kind of rallied behind that victim i thought that really inspiring this important yeah it's huge that that thus stuff has to happen as it has to happen you can't let people do that because your daughter that could be a friend that could be your mom that could be anybody you can't let that happen and they can't let fuckin happen either that the fact that they let that happen you gotta clean and whole place out there
disaster anybody who is involved in that what did you do what did you do you you just open the door for this kind of shit to be swept on the road by future generations who find out about as well as like when when there a gross injustice and its and it doesn't get rectified there's there's this we're thing that happens where can spawn more gross injustice i mean it sets a precedent yeah and if one person can get away with doing that type of you no act or behaving in a certain way than other people will think like what i can do that i can get that and you know it the stoop anville rape trot case i i was actually really shocked at how many people bullied the girl
after she was raped and you see more and more stories like that popping up all over the place i think it's a human major issue with a lot of young kids that have not been not only not have not been raised correctly but i think there's a lot of people that are just learning their kids raise themselves and another mohammed conversations with them and their growing up would like animal instincts the animal instincts are they go after injured animals there's a weird dang scheme it's a terrified thing especially when the injured animal is claiming that the alpha the social alpha's have have done this thing today now and then the socialists as saying they didn't do it and then they this is weird sort of appeasement thing going on where people are trying to gain in favour of the offers by shitting on the victim it's terrifying stuff it's the way
first aspects of humankind is this weird thing that we can have only gang up you know and end the parents of the victim i give them all the credit in the world because i'm gonna be completely honest if i were in that position i dont know if i would be able to prevent myself from doing something that boy that would lead me to getting prosecuted in jail yeah it's some something happens to men than that together and knew of of a bunch idiot men get together they think that that that's something that they can do it italy and in the case of stupid builder boys their natures and they think they can get away with it while just men period mean young men old man theirs there's a man thing that can happen if this too many dummies and they get together and they start thinking that they they're making sense or that they could she spoke its full could do this that's where alike
gang murders take place and gang beatings and you know i'm sure there's a similar sort of group mentality that happens with women but it does seem to turn into as much of a victimization tat it can happen i've heard of my group's women beating up other women i've heard enough a girl like fuck some girls husband or such like than sugar friends now be to shut out the girl i've heard that kind of stuff happening scarce scary style i've heard of stories of women raping men the terror we are talking about this in the park yesterday the problem with male rights organizations you must have gotten some serious hate for that no known or because my point is always that yeah i mean there's a lot of deeds get fucked overcomes divorce laws lot but the problem is when mail its advocates get disingenuous like they were talking about rape issues there are saying the number one group that gets raped in this country is men in prison
the problem that is of course that men are raping those men leads more proof that men are kuntz men are raping men it's this is stupid argument it does that's the worst thing you should ever say you now just you're just saying that we're just rapers which is where we re each other we don't give a fuck will rape anybody that doesn't mean that men are victims miss viner victims from men has that support the point that there is actually a little boy that's a really good what's a dumb pointed they disingenuous thing that they're saying like guys are really wandering around life worried about getting raped they worry about figured imprisoned i just work that you know the men's rights movement is a response to like radical feminism a lot of issues with radical feminism because when you pretend does though women are was the ones they get screwed over and men don't deal with certain double standards and certain issues then you're being disingenuous you know you doing a disservice to your own movement i mean it some serious issues with the way we
and are perceived in media for instance you know the way i'm perceived in the media is very different from how genk is perceived in the media very different from how you're perceived the media you know the comments that you will get usually will question the legitimacy or accuracy is something that you ve said the com is it i get donors verily criticized legitimacy of what i'm saying of course i get comments like that is well but how often comments about like oh you know i want i want and to sit on my feet i want joe to sit on my argue that from do sometimes once a month i stand corrected then let's have some gay bear wants miss stick in there author somehow you happened there's not much don't shore i would even pretend i think that is much more courageous and also i come kiss your ass but it's
workers just for a woman to do what you do than a man to do you do for a man to do what you do is like men with opinions like is common as like birds that shit on cars there everywhere memory and way look man is an opinion but women an opinion they go public and like have this like very strong stance they take on things respect expect to be taken seriously is vital female stanhope convenience has female santa comedians there are so limited and topics because and don't want to hear you talk about politics men don't wanna hear women's about certain things in other like anything where you're telling people how to live their lives when no one here that from women this is a giant group of man just shut you off much harder i think that you know you girl generations are becoming way more open to that like we have really young audience and for the most part i think that their open to me talking about politics like i said i don't get to do that as often as i would like on the show because that's not my role on the show but there
a huge chunk of our audience it's very open minded toward that however there is also a chunk of the audience and i'm just going based but i've read on youtube so there's a huge silence silent part of our audience i never get to hear from but there is so apportion that just them neatly sees me and thinks she's a young whatever relatively good looking and so they immediately see a correlation there with moronic behaviour like oh she's attract if she must be real you had a free ride that's what they say oh yeah yeah really want this golden ticket you're pretty yea so i'll get comments ito asked you know what kind of sexual favours i gave my male colleagues to get to the position that i mean how rude and its and it's so degrading because obviously none of that has ever happen but to be let all the hard work that i've put into my career really really grinds ugly
cable what you're doing right now is your feet in the trial was eating the fucking right now just fetish patrol now these things can we ensure that their rights are the comments of you having sex with your boss in order to get your joe you everything you said it all and how offended you were of the land of ev ry control bell i know i know but to be to be absolutely honest i completely stopped reading comments so they can go ahead and write them as much as they want i'm not going to readjust fucked up right their sister you just open up the door at the gates of hell do your thing now all you do is high and boys and girls everyone behind this real problem with writing things down on line and not having any social choose not like looking at you and say you know i am
watch your saying on science and the just why another year grasp of physics is a bit off and is any would go i you know i don't know shit about science then you'd laugh ha ha it both laughed together and that would be it we want that same guy on youtube is fucking dumb bitch don't know shit about society i as he is and in front of you is not talking to you again as a human it goes back to the whole anonymity think the thing that i actually worry about the most isn't even you know how my feelings are gonna get her because who cares like i'm i'm a public figure i need to have thicker scan and it should be three i worry about like if i i meet someone i'm interested in and i'm dating him and then all of a sudden he decides first of all if i meet someone i'm interested in and i tell him what i do he's gonna google me like that's the world we live in at this point right he's gonna google man who's gonna read the some like the hideous should the people say about me and then
i can influence his opinion of me like i worry about that kind of stuff more that's hilarious do you really do what i mean they're old that would be the last thing that i would worry about that's the very last thing that i would worry about is meeting someone i haven't been influenced by a google search that's literally the last thing that i would worry i then on the show since i was twenty and you want to know how many stupid things i've said on our chosen i was twenty many well that's normal it is normal anybody that pretends it's not like you again you just weeding out assholes any that anybody that pretends not normal say something stupid when you're twenty in iran to show that permanent records it my god if forget permanently recorded when i was twenty in jail for hate crimes is for my words retarded person when i was too one i was too i think most people are fools when their twenty of course your basically child definitely no definitely
no way that you should be held accountable responsible anybody should ever sticking your face things you did we hear you know much younger three i agree but it'll happen i'm a uterus weed out a dummy the year on year life anywhere you're right that's a good way of looking at it the best way of looking at it you know you are if that guy can't figure that out fuck em yeah yeah look at me i'm like the new oprah for women are already the oppermint given advice teaching people factor relationships do you you gotta do yeah yeah it's gotta be hard being checked china trying to meet a dude out there in the wonderful world and also being public figure yes i think it is but whatever i think you're right you know you do weed out the assholes and you just you can't yourself to seriously will you can do to regular do either you're a real problem
me you're smart side ass little in the little educators a little on the articulates i'd that's intimidating for guys we're like you know waters what i'm not getting it shut down where this one i'm gonna pass none of you to try to get a lot of that we're gonna try now now really i a lot these from the guy you know what this never happened freely and then they just start talking so how do we get intimidated but that's good to write the new july ouida pussies doesn't suck what does pussy i dont want those pussies i dont want those pussy s like you have nothing to be shy are intimidated about like ezra whatever everyone is in contact with our she knew right but everywhere in the day they teach you i'm starting to now now but i will say that when you said you can't data regular person i thought like you have to date and other public figures on interest and also about mother fucker you gotta do some dude is really smart definitely i'm deafened
he turned on by so much work intelligence checks are dear to us at all like that she's a rude things super land again you know low maintenance actually i'm not that bad thank you i mean it but i would think that a woman whose public in all button of seriousness that i would think that a woman is a public figure a woman whose very articulate intelligent and in an makes a living off of her opinions that's intimidated fer a lotta deeds specially people that are not good at expressing themselves that's one of that what is the big thing with world ships it's the weird sort of expression dance that you do with each other yet know how does how does she expressed when she's angry how do you russian you're angry who does
kindly who does it whose passiveaggressive yeah whose intelligent when it comes to arguments doesn't want have an argument with you that's fucking rough action you argue on the internet i haven't had an argument with a guy in a while exact scared bunch of bitches no scarier they that i had to put myself out there that much to be honest with you so i don't have too much experience with that a really long term relationship and then now i've just started dating that's without seventies visa comes in power now i started dating chick and then the dude at home here is as good as they should make this crime now he's not yes he is he's a good guy on the inside trust me they'll do me good we are caught cranny inside mercury grew phone dodi's virtue
thing is i'm one hundred percent certain he's gonna listen to our sovereignty which is furthermore own i know i know just forget but i will say like i live in like the gazed of los angeles which means it's like impossible to me guys near me and in europe i like i dont know what to x i love that we're playing music where he is jamie near i don't know i'm just having fun surrender on a problem in your neighborhood meeting guys yeah well i live in a gay neighborhood you ever meet guys who pretend to knock macao a pickup cheer yes i have let me whether really guy and i just don't want to grab it ok so my best friend
i talk about this all the time i've been on a few dates with guys that i am one hundred percent certain or gay and and it's like why why are you trying to ruined my life right now like what do you think is going to happen like you think i'm not going to figure it out and i'm gonna end up like data you long term and then you're gonna destroy my life no you're gay i can totally tat how can you so you can just tell by two things and i might look i'm not trying to push stereotypes but when you're with great guy you just know like their certain body language that indicates or implies that he's like aroused or he's into you you know i mean like physically into you when you're like
if i was a douche bag guy the way the deuce bad guy translation of that is if you meet a girl and she's not turned on bio she's fuckin lesbian guy now you're saying that if he's not aroused by you he's gotta being now that is the only way is what it sounds like now i know it sounds like that's not what i mean at all it's just it's hard to explain unless you're sitting there at on that day with me is it like when you talk to a black eye on the phone and even if he super educated you still knows back there that's real that's some real shit i have to a lot of black eyes on the phone where they were very articulate very intelligent very educated by neither black that's not a bad thing it's not bad
be black rhino that what that means like you do how to tarry how dare you set me up national internet programme such as you know i know everybody listen this including black people that my pretend to be offended you noticed how come say listen to me there's a zero wrong with being black absolutely nothing i am the least races person you will ever meet i will i have zero racism in me so i don't think it's possible to get any less racist however i am a person that likes to look at reality i think it's interesting define what people do and don't get offended at and telling someone they sound black is not a bad thing but people sound black women and men i have talked to them on the phone and had wonderful lab it conversations and i truly enjoy but i knew i was talking to a black person but why because their voice soldiers neither did the way they express themselves into the way their their languages used the way they don't do that
quality the way they speak there's a certain way that black people speak that slightly different white people can speak black people have been cute confused that way i talked to do and it was a rigour and i'm talking to a black eye it turned out that i was just talking to a white guy there really wishes it was black super normal happens a lot nothing wrong with it that's happened with chinese guy that was a freak out here i was talking to you on the phone and then impediment person items like ours the chinese dude the fucker i was talking to block i was weird yeah that is interesting going back to the whole gay because i want a kind of backpedal from what i said that look i'm in a unique position because of where i live and also i'm in los angeles which means a lot of people a lot of guys take a lot of pride in the way they look and they are almost proud of being overly feminine in some ways
like they they like the moisturize her and they like the fancy clothing and so then in that case through these to be called metro sexual i don't know the politically correct term is now is about as much research was your idea these terms are always changing man like sometimes do you think that it's a totally pc term in office and someone like send you an angry emailing how dare you refer to as much or sexual but you know so i could be absolutely wrong and by the way i have been known at work for having terrible gate are so maybe i'm wrong gap but but there's just it's free tough out their atavism i see was going to spell it out for you you're hot check if do so move you sitting began now that suitable given its super simple i'd probably correct to adam that super out checks that stop out there but that does happen there is a lot of gay due to try to pretend to be straight i think first society for what have you they they just keep it together as long as they can and then the fuckin wheels fly off and
there was a guy that are used to work out with the sea this guy is to work out this jim and he would talk about girls the way the best way i could describe it is if i was speaking to you if you are french and i was saying the correct words but i had no idea what the fuck them aunt em like joe medea level was as it was obviously to know what the fuck i'm saying you know he has arrived at a forty year old virgin and how he was describing having actually you remember that how do you see that move like he was like oh yeah number one i like touched her breasts and these they thought they the sketch but he was a pitiful man like beautiful like big tall perfect bone structures handsome and he had this guy the guy that i was talking to you start talking about this interaction that have with a woman in a night club and others came after much start kissing them and make out what it was like
the way was saying it was like the worst like fake story telling you could imagine what it was like you're doing a sketch but he was a beautiful man like beautiful like big tall perfect bone structures handsome and he had this girlfriend they're just always had this perplexed look at her face like justice looked like like logan just went off like thirty seconds ago she's trying to figure out what the fuck happened glance ass you go everywhere issue is like for he was like she was batting way over head with them he was at ten and shoes probably in the six or seven rain and she was a little on the overweight saw it was that there was a it was a clear mismatch and it was just that a guy who have this girlfriend but gay i have i can't believe i want to share this on the show my friends think it so silly but ass then called the mediocre guy theory and them joker guy theory is do not a guy who's overly attractive you're just asking for trouble
because guy who already have like this crazy confidence even if they're not very like they can't what if they're not the most attractive around the world usually there their use a pretty cool let me just point out first of all the euro median yet and armenia due to fuck and savage is in what way does the most aggressive guys on the planet i may do indeed we have a lot armenian fighters and you have c and d fuckin animals yeah don't data meaning savages due to men those are why old men with harry chess who punch you in the face they fucking crazy yet oh
yes do you know how many people have asked me if you're from going i ve never lived in gland i've only binding glinda like a futile i'm the most americanized armenia and it would be nice to meet an armenian guy who's as americanized as i am but most of them are very traditional which means we're gonna but heads and i just don't you have to wear their gold chain the cry i don't really went across and they like where the crossroads jesus come on so you're mediocre guy theory so don't don't go after guy who's extremely attractive because he's gonna get it first of all he's gonna be constantly told that is attractive he's gonna constantly get attention from other women i don't wanna play that game like i just don't want to deal with that you know that's interesting yeah like what you just said right now about the guy who's out of her lee grain let's say best case scenario he's not gay and its straight couple or wherever we trust my right but like you dont want to feel like the guy you're dating is prettier than you wow it's really whenever worry about that would you
really ever think that guy would be pretty and a man is as as faithful as its opportunities uk the items chris rock choke it's not a joke its might have been his joke but it's actually try line yeah yeah like if a guy is really attractive and is constantly getting like bombed on yeah like women throwing themselves at him then he's gonna chief there's no question so you're better off shooting for the middle well the middle looks wise listening so you get a specific thing looks or nice and by the way i'm answer i'm just talking bullshit right i've dated really high before i believe an egg and whatever but what matters to me most is like the chemistry talking about intellectual chemistry physical chemistry like there
gotta be that connection court if that doesn't exist then i don't give a shit how good you are some are another this is turned into a long is absolutely dating show ever i know i'm sorry about that although shows great don't do those anymore never have daily shows now because a stocking issues a member these to have those though the dating game and people with there would be wearing those weird suits with the fuckin bell bottoms and they tell what do you do bats number wi fi met you and i was on a beach looking for shells and you wanted to get my attention what would you say to be u clambered is also planned exist anymore now i don't think i can think of semi legal legal issues yet there are super cheesy anyway do you do you find that you meet guys like inside your community in like dating like other reporters are journalists or people in the world
i'll be there have definitely been some people have run into or i'm like oh my god you his soup smart he's a good looking guy like we should probably got a date seventy gay it now it's not the case i just i feel weird i feel weird dating someone that i work with russia or someone that i'm gonna run into often with my career because i don't want to burn burn bridges it might end disastrously so i just under that implies on top of that i'm i'm more interested in dating someone who has a completely different career than mine because i want to learn something from someone i'm data we're very large brown bread bans on here right now because he will be fuckin throwing himself that normal duties here like lend them we're different where you could write a totally different
you worry it all that with the stuff you're doing that they'll be repercussions the ever think like when the michael hastings thing went down did you guys freak out of belarus what do you think happens for votes you dont know tell the story of what michael hastings did and then what happened to him yes so michael hastings was one of the few real journalists left in the u s one of the few journalists who actually gave a shit about holding politicians accountable for their actions and he was so driven he was one of the most driven people that i've ever met my entire life he made me feel like shit about my career on a regular basis because he was so inspiring and so just hard work king and determined you know so he broke story about general stanley mcchrystal basically long story short stallion crystal was saying some crazy shit about obama basically criticising him behind closed doors michael hastings role
a rolling stone piece about it and the obama administration forced mcchrystal to resign so that was really big story michael hastings one awards forehead and you know that kind of put him on the map he wrote many great book and he was just a great journalist but the most important thing the key mind is he was one of those people who was fearless when it came to holding the government accountable kane you don't see it often then all of a sudden you know in june of twenty thirteen he gets into this really mysterious car accident at four i believe four hundred and twenty in the morning four hundred and thirty in the morning around then and he was being in the silver mercedes and he crashed into a palm tree and the car explore on impact and everyone was wondering whether or not this was something that was basically
orchestrated by the government or if this was a real accident now in terms of you know those rumours in the conspiracy theories i feel very irresponsible speculating one way or another i dont know what happened no one knows what happened do knows i worked closely with him at the young turks he was on our show often i co hosted a few episodes with him and i remember sitting in the make up chair getting ready to go on air when i found out that he had died in this car accident and i've never felt the way i felt in that moment it was like a ton of bricks like it just fallen me and i was just like tearing up and i couldn't believe it and so i wanted to do an investigation we don't have the resources to do and a full investigation into this but there were some weird crazy aspects of it that didn't make sense like his his engine being toss so far away from his car the fact that the car exploded contacted mercedes benz they refused to answer any questions and i asked him like look don't comment on the michael hastings story
on what happens in your crash tests is this typical of a crash and they not answer any questions i tracked down the one witness that saw the entire accident from beginning to end he he was mexican only spoke spanish and not a translator and he told us exactly what he saw it he said that michael hastings was in fact speeding really really fast but that a really answer any questions either because some people are wondering whether or not the government can manipulate his car to make it excels right to the point where he gets into a crash i don't know i've i've read stories words possible but its very very difficult to do so again i feel uncomfortable speculating but what i do know is his family including as
other have said that he was increasingly paranoid leading up to the accident he was unstable his brother was really concerned that he was you know abusing drugs which is why he flew to los angeles to help him out his brother i think was the last person to see him prior to the accident at least that's what he's alleging and i again i dont know what happened but it did have severe ramifications for peace who want to be investigative journalists because if that fear does exist if that is even a possibility it's gonna deter you from doing real investigative journalism it's gonna do her you from holding the government accountable because you know that the eta he's watching every fucking move you know that if you're watching the wrong kind of porn or if you're doing something that's a little questionable two societal morals and or norms than the government can fight that and they can leave that to the public and they can destroy your reputation do you
journalists wanna take that risk to do what a journalist is supposed to do and i think a lot of you out there are unwilling to do it and i don't blame them it's scary to know that the government can come after you if they wanted to also if this is what happened yeah and again on our picture that you're doing yeah i think that's really report because we really don't know what happened i i looked at it when it first happened i was brief doubt tail like while and i thought about it for minimum like this guy was going after generals you know these are people who are professional tellers they ve been tellin for the government for a long time they nodded to really well they have friends they can pull favours and they can make some should happen immediately it is possible with did it happened it's our
the possible that dude was doing drugs and it was gone crazy bit from dust the trauma of this whole thing about seeing thinking constantly that the governments after you mean that might be just enough to get you to fuckin kill yourself men have to do it might have to just scare you and freak you out and get you to believe that they're watching every move you make in waiting for their time to lower the boom on you and that's that's basically what i am referring to that paranoia alone is crippling it was crippling for michael hastings and its crippling for people that i work with that want to do the type of journalism that he did and that's why i fear for people like glenn greenwash glenn green walled is in my opinion a hero i up to him so much he's the one who broke the edward snowden story he's the one who's you know revealing things that american should know about what for us it's me as a lot of americans feel that someone like edward snowden is a traitor he's not a traitor
he's telling you about how your civil liberties are being violated this is the kind of stuff that should make people want to stand up instead of having discussion about what we should do to stop the government from spying on us we're having ridiculous conversations about whether or not edward snowden can be considered a trader or an american hero those stupid conversation ok we know the information now we know what the government is doing that remit is indiscriminately collecting our medeia em are holding the information for a period of time we can use it to intimidate you if you are political activist or if you're a journalists that intimidation is what cripples our democratic process so i have a lot of problems with that and i worry that there aren't gonna be many journalists left that will do what michael hastings was willing to do no doubt and it was huge price this guy had to pay you mean he's living in russia now hiding doing i t work learning speak russian most likely if he lives he's gonna be there if the rest of his life and work
a crazy stresses yonder imagine we had a hot not random cushy job in hawaii he left all of that year as a pre pre bald move in the the information has come out is really changed the way people look at the government in and how their like other handling privacy other handling this idea of the on terror and what what the i do not want to do there weren't violate everything when they are willing to go against the very principles of privacy every principle of the eye dear you're sending someone something you have a password you log in and they have a password they login you send them an eu us if someone doesn't get in there and breach it here you know what's going on here is a completely private conversation
the government gets to look at it not only that but some fucking employee that they kept going on and on about how we never graduated high school member that whenever there is shining on him and trying to demean him by saying that you never graduated high school then why did you give them access to our private information what you hire him or decisions on the best car you get a guiding graduate high school there seems crazy and the worst part about it is that we have so many private contractors that have access to our private information is fascinating it's it's a fascinating time and i think that we are moving closer and closer to some strange point in the future where the idea of privacy is a thing of the past it's not it's nonexistent i think that's gonna happen i don't think you can avoid that i think that is without with whether it's a decade from now or two or three or whatever it is i think there's gonna
i'm a point in time where the boundaries between people and information are no law that no longer exists i feel like we're gonna get to a point where we will just be desensitize to all private information so that what people worry about most is like let's say you're not a politician you're just a political activists you might be worried the government might use some information about you to intimidate you and cause you dare not be politically active anymore so it could be something like nude pictures of yourself that you emailed or it could be the porn that you watch forever you like with the way things are going eventually we're gonna get to a point where are all of our dirty laundry is just gonna be out there and everyone gonna be like oh i whatever you know because you're gonna be forced through there's gotta be so much crap out there about everyone here just going to have to deal with it while that's going to be the future right that's like one generation from now or two generations whatever it is that those people are gonna have no privacy from birth to death i know i'm not going to see where willingly putting our crap out there as it is with
shall media what's it can i think it's a trend i think it's just like the technology trend i think the we're moving in a certain direction and we know there's no way you gonna stop at it's not like a cultural thing like like today types of marriages are different types of knowledge i have all travel government it's not like that like it's way bigger than that and its it seems to have a momentum all of its own and the momentum of information is the ability to exchange it and share it gets quicker and easier constantly through time it does so you have you know you have two kids how do you plan on talking to them about social me because i always wonder about that there are some parents who like willingly put so much information about their babies online when going right fascinating you know what kind of conversation do you think you're going to have with your kids when it comes to all sharing online as i think that an important conversation to have its definitely improve
to let them know that what they're doing can be seen by virtually every human being that exists that it's it's that it's that why if you put something on facebook page essentially mean where it whether or not you get four nine thousand hits or fourteen billion it's it's really the same thing europe anybody that gets too that spot can get there and you got to realise that like once you let it out there that's that's just this new weird connection where anyone can look at your pictures and if they're on facebook they can comment and they could say weird shit and they can they can be lecherous digby strange this the reality the world we live in now i think you definitely especially for girls you definitely want to be very careful about what you share in what you don't share how many times you gonna someone's twitter page they send you tweet indigo let me just rather their tweets like sometimes people say something interesting and our go either time right now let's look at their pictures oh there
four texts like why it's amazing then not even porn star girls you just hold it sets out smiling like i just why don't you internet i don't get it i don't know if that's like a societal pressure that their caving in to or if it's just maybe they just really like dick and they just want a common and on a daily basis a lot of shipments and the best way is shown what you got i don't know i don't way too much like crap online to put myself out there like that there's no way and how i would i talk about this a lot return we do a story about some teenager who like sex did a picture of herself and then you know it mine i'm like don't take naked pictures of yourselves just don't fucking do it during the end any circumstance i have a strict rule about that so or do
fuck it will you worried about tat either while i agree with you i agree with comfortable with people like sharing your naked picture as you said and make a picture to a guy over here it is over he's gonna show it to his friends and then he might put it online and he's gonna destroy your life and the thing is we still live in that puritanical society where if that naked picture surfaces at work you could lose your job as a result of that that's ridiculous did you hear about the guy who got lost his job because he was mister t for halloween in toronto whose mister t and i was like this country's gone crazy and people like this and even this country again and i know it's an expression yea put on black faces they fired and whose a teacher you showed me mister t how could you mr to their backface are you really saying this is there something wrong with that he's wearing a fucking of its analyses pudding minstrel show and sing and mammy and got like big fig lips and it's not that
don't i know but look canada might a little different but black faces a really arc history strongly in the united states you think if you play mr tonight out and i know it but i don't know i don't think you should fire i do think it's bad i dont think you fired i dont think oh my god i don't think you should fired but its offensive offence so i guess offensive for a hollow wean costume i think it is a warehouse what have you a red face and if we want to be an indian can you do that events of that's pretty offensive to what about yellow face as you only had secured you'll be why can't you be mister t without the black fatal people are gonna get you always like mr too had spoken ridiculous ok what about saw a man that movie with a guy wore black face through the whole movie murmured i dont even know that is how dare you up at all moving yes he thomas algae member that guy now can see who's before you time see thomas hours one those guys who like this major league movie star did a lot of big movies and then just stop doing them he was in
like we he was way back unlike the what's a site out what site out obama reason factor bulgaria so man he was using the the outsiders or what was the one with johnny depp analyse whether the outsiders and he played a guy who wore black face like pretend to be a bar for something like to get college on like that and i mean through the whole movie he wore black face so you think that's various he's back now this year is school and backface this is the nineteen eighty zero this he's getting jericho was on now my answer in the standard is probably a little different movies but no doubt they measure more more real that halloween is that we say no movies or not real and following its look i just i think that
given the history of black face and given how offensive it is to the black community why why go there why i don't understand i don't understand the value of an ok so you want to look even more like mister t or whatever lincoln it's fine you can do it without doing the black face given our history and given how events of it is just move forward that's all yes i couldn't disagree more i think it's this outfit i think if you really pretending that if you are completely non racist guy and you put some on that makes you look more like an african american that somehow you doing something offensive i think that silly the idea of a white person pretending to be a black person is just as weird is the idea of a black person pretend to be a white person but who gives a shit the black puts white face on does that thing that dave chapels doing to show or pretend to be a white man ridding the news with white pain on nobody gave fuck now will white people were not made fluttered and discriminated against and frequent lynched and murder
did you see out pineapples arrests that what is under four tropic thunder traffic that with ravaging junior way where's black face with a movie i did not say that in beautiful moving away you may put declared a black eye and then in the entire movie so use that i looked benson really interesting argument and at my my reconsider my thoughts on it a sound basis where i stand now i just feel like look i feel really uncomfortable with it just just because how society would make fun of black people by making white actors put the black face on an end you know mimic them and make them seamen they were morons and even less than it just has such a dark history so if people find it offensive i'm definitely empathetic with that so our jobs and basically fucked up hollowing that's recent definitely other stupid black face racist portion i think give your racists your racist thinking if you're not racist then there's no
nothing wrong with mauritania a black person you're gonna be it for hollow it's one thing if you like marking black people in general that's offensive but here guy specific guy you're mister t gold chains all your toluene do their station albania like operations for slavery today the very real rights for their ranks by leaders in one way to all he does it was a terrible just as bad as citizens how opportunity black equally confusing i dunno i see your point though and i appreciate it i appreciate that where you're coming from its like why it's not worth it and it is now our them in i wouldn't want to be mr tee for holloway and i see your point where its different in a movie i guess but i don't think i wouldn't bother me if one of my friends as mr t i and billing manufactured racist bro you have make up on your racist there was
was a story about these two women in england or two girls in england and they were dressed as the world trade center on fire after the attack through anything and they had some people like little fake people jumping out of the question and to add insult to injury they were part of this costume contest and they won one best contest for i'm sorry best costume like what is it me is how little people think these things through before they do it you see what i'm saying like i've been there some things that you just do not mess with and that's a perfect example of something you don't mess with us considering that there are family members that lost people as a result of those attacks fan members who saw their own families have reached jumping off those buildings and then you have these two our masses wearing this stupid costume kind of making fun of that situation its there's something you don't mess with than that
that's a perfect example of it well i think it's another example really dumb people getting together and convincing each other than everything's gonna be cool yeah like guys it's a great idea isn't it look i have fire but my god amazing in their little bubble it was a great idea because they one year could pull that off if you live in a small town in alaska before the internet but didn't know any better better but especially that picture goes on facebook or something like that prepare yourself ma am yeah the avalanche of hate asia airlines pilot costume maybe most offensive of two thousand thirteen who is that i don't know this story the pilots crashed the pilots plan that crash and timid cisco couple months ago what was there they just as the picturesque does it must stand but on blood on their face their desires ok i'll god they they just people so people are dumb
they just dumb they want be shocking to they want to be paid cash into go as like the hawk i was going to give a fuck millionaire those out there but if you go as this people got all my god what are you doing and then they pay attention to that's what it is it's gonna get a little shock to skill will arise out of people yeah it's true juliana half who was one of the dancing with the stars performers or whatever she dressed in black face and i feel like i feel like you should the public's public figures to a higher standard because i think you're more aware of this kind of shit like me aware of the kind of criticism you're gonna get you know what i mean like you you're putting yourself out their people are going to see you again and and so i i almost was though when she supposed to be she supposed to be the characters from oranges and new black i forget the characters name and creation of the rule of law
she looks more bronze and i wish you a very bad faith tat she went later west hollywood spray tat one of them real ones here and so she was like what oh mike i had no idea i apologise she had this appalling and like that i felt like i was a little bit of a publicity stunt that's my speculation yeah probably most likely what progress we were just dumb and that's not his dark is like one of those bodybuilder women when they get that spray tat stuff like figured out we really dar are you off you're not as tenure but the moment girls they would potentially kick my ass yeah or be more manly than me my favorite discussions on the show usually set around like the appropriate way of female body part should look
number hearing guest was because we're talking about the appropriate look guarantee you i know was jim norton was zero nor dirty basher yeah that was after i was confirmed to come on you're show and i remember talking to my friend christian who loves your show by the way christian lopez you want me to say we are doing and i was like what the fuck did i just get me in theory we give our bad impression no not at all you're totally fine i'm like we do we do give out about impression if you wanted to cherry pick shit out of our past you know things we have done in the show yeah i could look look a little sketch yeah yeah well i mean that's true of cherry pick up people like to compare to howard stern i actually don't think you're like howard stern at all i think that you're a little more intelligent
how it turns a brilliant man he is morally wrong yeah he is i think that the topics you choose to talk about our little more intelligent well you know he doesn't lot of pop culture stuff you know interviews lot of artists and he's really good at getting them to talk i can say things maybe they ordinarily that they would but i think he's also got a much larger audience and there is also a bunch of people behind him probably would of kind of like want the talk about certain subjects but as in a week start this out just on a laptop and i dont really give a fuck other people are interested and i give a fuck what i'm interested in and others whole thing started out just for fun so if i yesterday i had a real astrodome on a mean i had that do who was on the they leave a book night in this illness senators he was on the space station four hundred and sixty six days who is really fuck an interesting stuff yeah it was fascinating chris hadfield he's he's
some he was there and i was like a real honour like tat to me is like that people that i want to talk to her son tartu fascinating people replace ryan go we will look at it is his photo before you i love chris rain he has been on our show several times he just really interesting i love is openness sexuality in here and you know what humans are actually you know physically driven to do biologically driven to do and it's very different from societal norms and expectations than others is that conflict there or just extend comedian or just mme fight or just a friend i'm in a vague just friends on its think too many people are out there trying to get the attention of of people by like people on their famous or had he blunder there pop culture
in an interesting to tap into sometimes to find out what makes him take but for me i want to talk to like neil degrasse thyssen i want to talk to sam harrison wanna talk to brilliant people i want to talk to people they're bringing people i don't normally here on the radio or don't normally here interviewed on television shows yeah i mean and going back to the discussion we had on new media that's what millennials respond to better they like the interviews with real people or or brilliant people who are trying to make a difference in the world they like that way more than we know the celebrity oh becomes a celeb restores fund to its time its funds but its max yeah i mean i think millennials will take that for what it's worth but they're more interested in change i am not an that's the reason why most of them voted for obama because he kept preaching change even though we don't really get any of you so but margaret like with stern interviews like corey feldman i want to listen to the enemy
like i'm i hear them there for the train wreck our two very recently howard stern interviewed sharon osborne one person that i couldn't possibly care less about and it was such a fascinating and i was like that's the magic of howard stern here he can make any interview interesting because he will ask inappropriate question he digs into your your psyche even with some election osborne yeah you know he mirage osborne what the fuck is going on there craziness that it fascinating crazy then yeah the the idea of having a pod gases i mean i never really thought that i would ever have a radio show because i was kind of figured like none i always enjoyed going on morning radio and i always enjoyed it when i would go and do stand up outcome in early to promote do radio like back in the for the internet that i sell tickets and i always had a good time on the air said why would we could have a radio show but then as i do
folks can give me a radio job in and that's not gonna happen and on top of that you can tell me i can't swear and that shit's gonna get tired and then satellite radio came along and i started doing the opium anthony show a lot and those guys are are great and there the way they have it set up as a lot like this show words just a conversation didn't have like a specific agenda than have games you wanna play i ride anna it's time to play what would you rather do you know they don't have that kind of stupid shit it's just the conversation it just hang that's really what sort of fuelled getting this thing started blouse so you a three hour long showed you ever have a difficult time waiting my blotter boldly yes that's that's a good question but on top of that it's really difficult to fine gas that are willing to have a three hour long conversation well yes i know you know we don't have a hard time fine i guess but yeah some people are just not so right for them some people
i want to talk for three hours because it for three hours long enough people going to find out who the fuck you really that's share it takes time it now and they gonna find out what two weeks you or what do you know what you like what you dont like what's weird about you they think it until you like very very deeply do you think your audience has a good sense of my my weird year you're aware as i said earlier i got you a nice person that's all that matters being a nice person the way thing is like who the fuck not weird airlines weird one's got there like little habits and step i was talking to my friend about how important it is to be open minded especially at this point in our lives like when were you know willing to meet new people and make new friends and all that other stuff and like you come across people that have certain habits that are strange and when i was younger i'd be like like i just don't want anything to do this
person and now i love this i love that i've grown into this person were world where i will step back i'll realized something weird and it'll make me uncomfortable i'll ask why it makes me uncomfortable and i'll be like our that's fine it's not something that's gonna hurt me or damage me so live with it run other me like if you're out with people in their holding hands new like so what's your deal like we're swingers where to go swimming globe it if you're talking areas like i'm not i don't want to join you guys but no one does you yeah yeah are always disgusting humans i dont know i ve actually never met swingers omit to swingers in my whole life the world out now tell me they were swingers introduced themselves where's one are you and i were in nashville we're doing stand up and guy was driving us around two days and it was a limo driver and did do just like yes sir no sir and then finally drop in us off of the airport and the duties of up the floodgates and just
let's talk about swing in what way does what he likes to do he don't i don't really like to watch my wife get fucked but sometimes she likes watch me have sex and violence feel comfortable about a guy can tell her know we were like what i can't i wonder what kind of guys is uncomfortable with big ones probable when he's he's probably a fan of them joker guy theory absolutely you dont one low your girlfriend guerrilla fought by some giant lineman in front of you be horrendous that was that's the last thing you want so he can i give the red light is he won't you save himself for a guy who's coughing someone a man with a limp you know take him honey are you looking guy yards i do find some guy who's like less endow the new yes veer old and new yeah that's understandable though you dont want to deal with that competition i guess said we had a conversation about like
worries on the show of tat and so i don't see anything or i mean i i dont prefer furries don't get me wrong but like whatever they like to dress up his animals when they're having sex like i don't care if that doesn't bother link if i found someone i'm hanging out with is into that then i would just like our you're into that it's totally fine really so if your data going you found out that used to be in a fairy any we gotta furry conventions they sniff each other's fake bites bouncer like squirrels he'll be like that's fine now with that come on you a judge them i'm not an that's ok i would like to say that i would not judge him judge the shit out of a girl if dating and i was and i met a girl and we're hanging out and she's pretty cool and she's like well this is one thing that i really like to do i like to pretend to be a mt mascot and i put my chipmunk mascots outfit on and i go to these conventions in pittsburgh we offline with our furry off it's on
dancing around together only planet pretend have sex with no one really penetrates anybody yeah i like it is what it is i feel like there definitely there are worse fetish out there there really are like guys who like to wear diapers and they like to get change like that ninety is dumb scared the hell out of me you even preacher conversation i don't even know i don't even know i i don't know how i give them all like furries for instance i give them props because how do you find someone who is willing to deal with your fetish well i think there's something in being willing to deal with almost anything that's like its extra tract of to be open minded there are more people started dating each other this is my thank my life my thinking on it when when people start dating each other if someone really want someone to be a part of their life they might like wanted something like really weird but them to show them that i do not care i'll do anything i'll change your diaper wipe your butt
i remember a do that i know he would take we were in a fight it was backstage my friend was warming up in the green room and stood when into the bathroom with his girlfriend and took a shit like info over his leg bathroom together and i go to just take a shit in front of a really because i went in there afterwards it was wrecked the bathroom why why but i asked my go go would set about it goes we do everything together man would do everything that's not healthy that's not healthy but how do you say it's not a new software for conferring outfit is but that there is like a dependency issue there that's not healthy if you have to do everything together that would be my nightmare my goal in life is to find a guy that is comfortable with me living by
i've and not just use right now running on twitter with you now having your work i feel like sometimes like my issue is i'm too like wrapped up in my career ball and i'm really attracted to like independent guys that don't wanna girl whose like always on him the guys guys pretend like they don't like that but they do they want a girl whose all about him all the time and i'm just not that kind of person spreading you have your own career pursuing convenient i love it is it is it inconvenient some people i love like independent strong people like that
biggest turn on not me like i'm weak dependent alike on it if you like a like what we will get circle i will mean to give him soup and will do like that day i guess i didn't see the real issue here what people want in is not really the mediocre guy fearing that you want to make sure it wasn't go anywhere now sort of similar and binding i don't have it in other words to be completely crystal clear my mediocre guy theory is a little bit of a joke like austria like obviously i dont want to media ochre guy and obviously i wanted guy that i'm physically attracted to but i do believe that guy is as faithful as opportunities same goes for women by the way it's not just men those dirty butchers account we assume yeah well what a its especially human beings when they're not like if you not if you if you haven't found someone that thralls you are someone that you're like deeply locked in with
real easy so i lose a relationship but you gotta relationship like you know not invest more time and as the accused and improve and guys are always worried about the music ending and then being left with a chair a k plain musical chairs the music stops there's no one to sit down and no one wants me now thing that thing that a lot of people want someone to want them and their dating independent woman they realize like this check whether she enjoys your company or not she could do without you dude and she's fine you know that freaks guys out a lot of guys they want some girls like waiting by the phone when you collar oh my god i'm so happy called should i say that you know that the low stupid virtual world so that such buying at first sight now it's true it's the recent reason why like people pretend they like to fight back men like always say like via new avows blackboard go you have seen kicker brazil nuts that
not with you you don't understand what you're saying what you say and as you would like to beat somebody up but you don't really actually want to fight because the fighting is fuckin brutal and somebody may be you up you could lose its not guaranteed it's a risky wild the whole thing the whole does the whole proposition is in to risky sore relationships release ships are unbelievably risk of course a lot of people daunting why anyone relationship taste want smash it there go in there and kicks somebody's ass the same way they want to go in there and kick somebody's ass in a fight and not actually vienna fight they do want to date some grow smart intelligence gonna see through my ball shared and i cant use all the stuff that i learned in my pick up artist book that i've been reading for the past six months you to see right through that any gonna pick the flaws and all my arguments fact that i'm just looking for a dumb check with a limp then i could damage
for a short amount of time and then bail that is a sexy man right there it's a week dude but there's a lot of them because people are scared of failure i've met some really like strong intelligent and confident man and i love that existed they exist there like their view a very rare but they exist a nice i shouldn't even say their very very well how do i know i've been dating like a billion guys right but the eggs and and and when i say that i like the independence it doesn't mean like i dont need him it mean this person makes me about her person and i want to make him a better person we have this strong bond strong partnership but we don't suffocate each other a lot of relationships are suffocating and i want to avoid that at all costs you know what i mean here is is tough to not be suffocating sometimes very scared new cling the last piece of wood found floated in the ocean horrible wreck of the rest last
x amount of years in your life people we re until you not just running into a person you're running and person is just getting back on their feet from some whatever fuckin disaster whatever whenever break up whenever you now homely possession lost job what what what is the crisis that you just recently survived and its work on shore and now you're meaning that person salome meat so in their thirties my god you're meaning a lot of shit you meeting a lot of shit a lotta years is a bad thing some people are better for it does mean there's the bright side of it something because of all those disasters they develop character and they understand what's good and not what how they should behave or the ramifications of different kinds of behaviors tat the you find that out but you will learn from our mistakes half affluent video kind of evil airfares at least half i hope i would but i think it's even forty i think it's probably like thirty i the recipe which is banned
heads i coconut trees people crazy they are crazy i just i feel like it better to look at show meet someone that makes you feel good about yourself and you do the same for them i feel like it's just better too be alone and live your life in and wait if be an lady will our cats and a vibrant we're not the cats viper did you see that new oculist rift thing they have the three d reality goggles they ve come with one now that allows you to have sex connects you to some sort of an artificial thing move your flesh slow moving up until now and i know nothing about that but i have like read stories about robots that their creating that are very lifelike so will you know women will be useless and immediate ten years or something but these are perfect in japan i'm just
hitting about women being used here they'll be first some men there'll be something that they won't have the effort to pursue anymore right that's gonna be real i've talked i've talked to a guy who cannot wait we cannot wait for these sex robots to be perfected so at an he's like totally honest about his a cat there so lifelike that you can like have a relationship with a sex robot and it's like i don't i don't even know what my response should be to that majority where it will always be an empty hollow relationship there's always can be something missing from the euro is gonna wanted to have sex with four maybe they look like super hard the robots but hang out with them is going to come in time we realise that this is just a bunch of circuits just a bunch of election impulsive going through a board staring at you and coming out you with some prerecorded voice yeah it's gonna be weird
people are always going to that part of what people like about people is that we're all in this crazy thing together yeah that's true and you know going back to her the necessity of human interaction in some countries they prostitutes offer something called the girlfriend experience and they probably do that here in the united states too but i distinctly remember talking about it in korea belief and they don't just have sex with the guys like they in some cases they never have sex with the guys the guys will pay for the girl to be like a girlfriend where she's like nurturing and carrying in cuddles with him and watches movies with him and stuff like that and that actually give me a little bit of faith and humanity because that showed me that there are people are that just want that you know that connection they want more than that physical raw interaction they want something emotional yeah there's always gonna be that but they would like to fuck as well that's true the problem is allow times a girl for experiences fifty bucks whereas
the saying if you're an active saxo higher and twenty five zero budget you'd be no feeling japan china you're not my late nothing rarely now that this cancer there coddling because they would do want to colonel they definitely want to move to the next level i don't think you're giving guys enough credit i think think guys i they live they like to pretend like they dont have any emotional connection or want that emotional connection but a lot of them want all year no don't get me wrong i am not saying that men definitely want in emotional connection with girlfriend or away for a woman in their life what label in any way want but they also affect so if they can get that following get us coddling does overcurling but there like all other more so natural why with some of the affectionate with maybe not one please me all the way to get rid of this throbbing thing like that's just a natural amidst as natural as like you know eating one piece of your food and wanted to eat the rest of it
its natural it's completely natural so like the other is a thing recently were a woman was like making ninety dollars an hour cuddling with people she's like heart hardly any sort out the cuddle people that's i mean i couldn't do it but make money i was thinking of like what a dangerous situation that is for the girl to be with some man holding onto her like in like very close proximity how many guys are just going to stop beating off on her back you know how many guys are gonna be cuddling with her and try to re birds it's i wouldn't trust a guy to cut with them like that we as a guy wouldn't trust a guy our cuddle endued look i don't i don't know what the legality of that is but it does go back to the whole prostitution issue and how important it is to legalise and regulated and create a safe environment for women to do that type of stuff so you can actually mitigate or minimize you know those types of instances where a guy will be abuse ever do something too
rating or demeaning to worry is also mean always that you're promoting it and then a few make prostitution legal and the people are gonna prostitution that would never go to prostitution before so what women are you who are you i will love it when you know that you are there what those lawyer women and all of you sell your machine is down the river just sell em i just feel like people who want to have relations with a prostitute do it anyway and if legalizing prostitution somehow convinces someone who wouldn't otherwise go to a prostitute to go through with it then ok like there are worse things in the world it's just itzhak so where i agree with you obviously planned devils advocate but what was it that being on the show changed where you had the shift in your attitude about legalise prestige i worried about the safety of the women that put themselves in that situation and also the safety of men that put themselves in that situation because if you regulate it
can ensure that these women are getting tested for us tidies you'd want a bunch of people getting you know aids or other sexually transmitted diseases pregnant pregnant you know a regulated industry in this case would be much better than you know criminalizing it and allowing people to harm themselves or be put in a harmful situation and on top of that here's another thing i want to do i want waste our resources on incarcerating people for these so called sex crimes because i dont see prostitution is a sex crimes i see it as a normal human behavior people want sex some people unfortunately have to pay for sex but if it's that transaction has to happen let it happen let it be regulated let's get it off the streets and put it in place that's safer that's just better for society it's a totally rational way looking and unfortunately we have this weird attitude when it comes to sexuality
and we have is weird attitude when it comes to naked people mean member that janet jackson thing we showed a nickel in the suburbs hooper voluntary lost their fuckin mind yet i remember it's where we really weird in that way it's ok to give some massage you could rub their feet to the cows come home with oil you could run on the moon out loud gaza nobody has a problem with the rub my bag rub my but don't touch my dear wow that's a crime that's a crime no it would feel fantastic if you did i can't do it these again when you consider that cheating like if you are married and you'd will you are married but like if you were to go to a massage parlour and get that done would that be considered cheating i definitely think it will give you a lot of trouble of course is why it seems like someone be happy about that but it would be awesome if they were go and what they were a mask the coils mexican wrestlers
even though they look like you go in there were like a wolf man mask on emission just like a mexican ressler yearning and look at each other you both where sunglasses it since it's just like a massage in a situation like that it's really not that different the reason why they do it out a massage parlor right now and the real the guy's protests guy actually get a massage and then get a happy ending they just go right for the happy ending though the woods prows they sit there they have a real massaged first thanks how the japanese how does that conversation come up like how do you find a massage parlor that is willing to do that those websites there ah yes acid is websites that i'll tell you where the spots are and you know the rate places with stars in detail there hand job experiences why of course it doesn't just stop at a hand job it goes further than that in some cases re allegedly sadly
yeah it's it's one of those weird things where we decided that people can do it for free and no one gets hurt but if they do it for money it's illegal in the idea the logic behind is very weird and the logic behind the laws are email there's the morality ideas there's ethics ideas but the reality is that money is gonna be changing hands whether you like it or not and most likely it's not gonna get taxed its legal yeah it's just gonna it's gonna move into the economy and some sort of a weird way but the government in that in and also in drug laws there can themselves at a massive amounts of revenue like a war on drugs is the most colossal fuckin failure of a war in the hit you guys do the time you're a war the business got bigger way huge or everywhere in the world it's a huge part of the economy and the business
become medical and california various sixteen other states league in two states now now legal in portland main it's the work the failure of a war ever it is and when you look at the war on drugs specifically the wan marijuana very little of it has to do with stopping people from using these drugs most if it has to do with paying for correctional officers paying for private prisons paying for private contractors even private contractors abroad who continue to let's try the war on drugs people are making a ton of money off this prohibition which is why contained use and it'll never stop and i love that we're seeing the snowball effect with the legalization of recreational marijuana or recreational use of marijuana there was reason p a small town in the east coast that legalised that i believe it was in maine for more than may yet it was portland me they justly
i used it and it was more of a symbolic thing because of course state laws and federal laws will trump you know whatever municipal laws of impasse but i love that now politicians are forced to pay attention to the polls and make changes because worse spending untold amounts of money just incarcerated people for simple marijuana possession its hideous citizen that the real problem with the war on drugs being with when you have marijuana illegal means you're not getting their tax money from it just like you not getting it from prostitution the government doesn't get their cut their not getting it it's gonna make its way to the economy in some ways like in b c and british columbia there is a huge issue because a giant chunk of their economies based on marijuana but yet marijuana is illegal they arrest people but then let him go there's like a lot of weird fuckin games going on up there because it's illegal they're not getting their taxes from it it's a huge issue they know it's a giant there was a documentary there arose in called the union and it was
about that's what they call it they call the union when they talk about the did the all the different marijuana growers and besides there is more hi billion dollar part of the economy up their souls weird hypocrisy that's going on what you have thing that's a huge part of why everybody is doing well and that things are illegal and that things hurting no one and by the way because its illegal you're not getting your cut do you know about the schaefer report what's during and i love this story love telling the story during the nixon administration nixon wanted to commission a study on marijuana specifically do you know about it nobody nixon report area called the shaver yeah he commission i believe he was a governor at the time as a politician with the last named schaefer to do this leon marijuana so she forgot went ahead and did it and he that marijuana had no real long term naked facts on society or human health or anything like that ages was not a threat to society period nixon the same free
person who commission that report took it ripped it up and said no i'm going to amplify the war on drugs i am going to continue making this legal and illegal i'm into continue criminalizing people who have simple possession of it and nixon i mean of course he did a lot a hideous things but that had so many negative ramifications in the country that's what led to you know this explosion of the for profit prison industry and now that industry first of all i don't know why it's called for profit or or private prisons because their funded by tax dollars so how are they private and on top of that now we have an incentive to lock people away because these companies make money off of it it's sick private prisons are very scary it scary that not only do we have private prisons but you have private prison lobbies and you have used a guard lobbies yet were prison guards make sure that certain things stay illegal so they can ensure that they have work yeah that's slaves
making slaves mean you you want people to be locked up more than not locked up in miami if it's not robbery or violent crime those are the two things that i'm worried about robbery or violent crime that's when you need to remove people from society everything else should be on some sort of a penalty thing you need the ideas demeanor citations some side to me what is it what's going on i mean did what did you not do did you not pay your taxes why do you get locked up for that that's crazy why don't you use o taxes haven't you make them pay because when you learn to my way of making any money why you often of how doing that you're locking them up and that's better than getting money from them while their working what we're doing the same thing as people who are undocumented immigrants rights so that come into this country their undocumented we find out there and documented and instead of deporting them which is what we used to do we will detain four x amount of years and spend our region mrs on imprisoning them which doesn't make any sense
all and i get it like you you my ok we want to punish them and show them like you can't you can't do this again but you punish them by deporting them you know what i mean and and that's it like why would you want to incarcerate them and spend tax dollars on that especially when we're having this huge issue with public education right now here it's it's a weird little fake thing that we have gone on more we pretend that ella doesn't have ten million illegal immigrants we just kind of like what you know what i now they're allowed to go to college at least there is a long time where immigrants were their children of immigrants or immigrants like that came over and their children are born in mexico but live their entire lives here in amerika tat they were allowed to go to college i now so unhappy to california passed a dream act it yes ridiculous that we haven't been able to do that on a federal level absolutely and disgusting what is america its domination of immigrants mean that that's all we are we are a bunch but the came here from other put into penalize a baby
more to say that while you know want the parents they brought the kid overhears the kid could sponge offered the kids are part of the fuckin cisterna out an anchor baby by the way the parents are part of the system to the working here i hate the argument that they don't pay taxes in a lot of kids especially in california i mean they pay taxes in the form of first of all they pay social security but then they never get a dime that social security later rain so there tribute to the social security system and on top of that they're paying for state aid says as well or or sales taxes usually do pay taxes they do contribute to society and i'm not sure to you don't make excuses or to justify coming into the country illegally but if you ve been here for decades and you ve had your children here there we need to create some sort of comprehensive immigration reform and right now we have clowns in office that can't seem to agree on anything and refuse to work with one another so i feel like it's gotta be difficult for that to happen but i feel like
something like the dream act is common sense it shouldn't even be polluted go issue it shouldn't be a partisan issue you should just do it yeah i completely wholeheartedly agree i think there's also this weird thing were connected to a third world country by a fence me we are right next door to the biggest war on drugs and all of the world playing out on our border and then i'd across their you have intense extreme poverty if you take it are from san diego you can go from loya will you of the most elegant clifton mentions that will blow your mind just these great gatsby house as we like oh my goodness like this can giants circular dry way with enormous fountain you like what our house in wanting marriage you're a wanna twenty five minutes and you might just just get their way these cartel members are dropping off headless bodies and aligning them up in a street with signs item or you know you might see a brothel where you can go fuck some immigrant for
dollar that made their way up from el salvador or or peru or in aware mexico is the promised land for them there are hoping to get to mexico because they live in the jungle somewhere in ecuador them in its the extreme intense poverty an extreme intends violence and we're just sort of like not dealing with it we're going dealing with it but we're actually feeling that type of system here in the united states by keeping marijuana legal we certainly are by keeping marijuana legal and also through our current fiscal policy by allowing companies like walmart to basically pay full time employees so little that the government has to subsidize their health care or foods ams whatever it is just so they can make ends meet like we have we have that system here now in and we need to do something to change was exact with your protest about turn a doubly tee o thing goes all back to alex jones i told you joe rogan
what he was his his document i think was nine hundred and eleven or road to tyranny it was all about that it was all about how this is like an established pattern of behavior and you know it this asian provocateur thing that they do to break up peaceful protests that world organization meeting was just about that very thing about moving jobs to these other places and figure so shop in third world countries you can pay people dirt wages yeah i don't know how that's gonna get fixed do you when you were you cover this stuff on a daily basis mean you guys are more serious issues and we are moving basically just fucking around and fight these are the internet that i find it interesting but you guys are like covering like some pretty legit stories and getting pretty in and do you see any light at the end of the tunnel dc like a pot of gold in the rainbow for all this i do see a light at the end of the tunnel but we really need a revolution and i'm not calling for violence and i'm not inciting violence but i think that their hand
to come a point where we hit rock bottom and the political activism actually makes a difference you know the political activism needs to exist to begin with by the way because does even this now we were at a point where the government can literally do whatever it wants and no one will make a peep out of it the inner can spy on us bomb administration can go drop a drone or do a drone strike on an american citizen and sixteen year old son and no one will say it damn thing about it that's the country or living in right now our civil liberties are being destroyed our fiscal policy doesn't make sense we need people to be politically active and we need to get money out of politics those are the two things that matter the mouse using there's also the aspect of the the amount of information that we're getting overwhelmed with on a daily basis when you think about us a story about the can citizen that was targeted that was the ottawa we hardly guy and kill the sun withdrawn
and you know he was an american minted in try and they just assess is there many stories common enemy go to cnn dot com right now and you ll see a fuckin million of them on the front page go to yahoo go to all these new sites and you like god damn that's that's part of the problem but i didn't most of these stories are important news stories yeah there's a lot of bullshit sprinkled it there but a huge problem is you know every american i am i have the luxury of keeping up with this stuff because it's my job a lot of americans don't have that luxury because their working twelve our work days you know they're they're working a few jobs just to provide for their families who the hell's gonna go home after a long day of work sit down and all of these new stories much less understand them wants of these new stories that's a difficult thing to do in its law to ask of the american people but though the way that you can fix that is by create
being a media a form of media that is informative with no corporate interests because right now the gold standard of news is still the msnbc cnn fox news it's the stuff that you just turn on you you watch it in the background while you're trying to feed your kids and take care of your family problematic because a lot of those networks will spread misinformation or they have a party our agenda and as a result they will only cover the news that fits their agenda and there is an issue with that but fully new media will grow to the point world take over that system and it all you know educate people enough to where they will want to stand up for their rights and they will want to be poet reactive i'm teaching a class calcium northwards right now to journalism class prepare for stalkers stalkers common i have our private security it'll be good move double up on our now ferocious and i remember when i first started
in the class i asked every single one of the students to tell me what they find most interesting and media what do they want to cover what's their beat and the vast majority of them were like entertainment new sports news you know stuff it's really easy to cover and very profitable so i don't blame them for wanting to do that but i wanted to instil in them a type of intellectual curiosity where they would want to know about what's going on in the political world where they would want to be these many people black to this and i dont do it in the sense that i hey you gotta be progressive i definitely shy away from that but i want them to look news stories critically and question the way that their being covered so that's like my little tiny bit of trying to make a difference and i love doing that being an instructor at a university is a very thankless job i've learned that this semester since my first time doing it
you got it you gotta start by you know changing the way people learn about journalism changing the way they cover stories and you gotta get people to be cut go thinkers or at least try to inspire them to be mean really tough to get someone to do anything it is it is it is tough but i will say i open every class with production meeting like we do mock production meeting similar to what you were doing newsroom and the type of stories that they pitch now are very different from what they started pitching in the beginning of the semester so their way more politically minded way i love oversight in their bringing up the glen green wild edward snowden type stories and unlike chess like that's a little bit of a difference and it makes me very happy do feel like because meaning you do this for a living but do you think that you can even keep up with all the shit that's happening on a daily basis now is how does a regular person difficult it's difficult how can they mean it's almost impossible to be informed today it's almost impossible
penny truly informed i think i don't i don't think it's impossible i think its overwhelming but i dont think it's impossible as a responsibility how much do you have a responsibility to be informed not you but a regular person with a regular job and a family and a god forbid a second hobby but a few working on something during the day what are the odds that you can pay attention to the top ten new stories of the day and form of really clear opinion on any of them very difficult reforms too many hours difficult but you know what a here's the thing and i'm gonna people are not gonna like like i am about to say everyone loves distractions like how much time do we spend on social meat how much time do we spend watch you reality shows and doing things we want to do is we just want to shut our brains off we want to know marcella to what's going on in the world right that is doing that maybe we should change the culture so people will want to use that very precious time in that very precious resource to be informed they want
use it for that as opposed to being i think the star the problem the people have with being informed over being distracted is that its incredibly frustrating any feel helpless we start reading all these stories about the stock market manipulations about the banks being bailed out and about bailouts where the fucking people that were involved in the bail out somehow another warranted some crazy commission they got bonus of the garden and the presidency is gonna limit to a half a million dollars like a fuckin half a million dollars a lot of money meant we mean your limiting it to a half didn't we just give them a ton of money you feel helpless when you read about this shit over and over and over again we will you watch documentaries on fracturing when you you know you you read stories in the news about how poorly veterans are being taken care of when they come back from war and has so many different things that you read word that doesn't make sense and i now but when you look at all
of these new stories there's always one underlying issue in every new story it's kind of amazing and it all it goes back to who is funding these politicians if you get the money out of politics that virus if you destroy that virus things will change quickly be our representatives will be forced to pay attention to the american people the people that are voting for them as opposed to the people who are paying them you know if you get rid of that type of bra bribery that we're dealing with right now the entire system needs to be changed unquestionably but how does than ever happen me what does it mean you have to get them to change themselves as well how old they're gonna change here's the thing congress is obviously very corrupt soap how dare you his kindness of america there obviously very much bought by corporations and as a result its really difficult for them to propose any real
age but when it comes to the state level when it comes to state legislators is a little different so we actually manage to get a state representative from taxes to propose original resolution for constitutional convention it goes back to what i was saying earlier about wolf pack and if we get you know states representatives from all the states to agree to this constitutional convention then weak actually have this constitutional amendment to get money out of politics it's possible we just need to inform people about it wolf dash pack dot com das packed i can't get on it well i hope you're right and i am very hopeful i just i think that its incredibly difficult to get venom out of the system once the once it's in there it's in there pretty deep it's gonna be very hard to heal this poison system and people that are accustomed extracting money they mean that's a giant
of their motivation for being the position when there in the first place now all of a sudden there there and they can extract money anymore what kind of happy bullshit is then all of a sudden they're gonna have to pay attention to the people that voted for that that's crazy they get to a point where they can't do that anymore i think that's one of the things that we need as we need new young politicians i think that you cannot really hugely important until happens and principled politicians i mean you'll have some policy some candidates who will run a campaign and their genuine and how they want to change the system i think obama is an example of that i think he was genuine to begin with and then they turn the system in their corrupted by what we have to deal with their corrupted by the money in politics and what are you gonna do at the end of the day you gotta you gotta run for reelection you need the funds right and you're gonna get the funds from corporations and then you have to basically get down on your knees and do it
the corporations need you to do that's my opinion i'm with you on this but i talked to sam heresy respect vary greatly his opinion is very different here believes that there is so many dangerous people in the world that are bomber got into office than immediately realised how fuckin scary the world is and then started tightening down drone attacks by big cut cut down of any sort it cut down on whistle blowers surveillance ups all all the things that he didn't want to get into office that what explains that is reversal in guantanamo bay he believes that its because the stack of papers he gets on his desk every day of memos telling on what's been avoided what how fucked up the world is what dangers were facing on a regular basis we need to attack before they attack us that they're just trying to avoid another lot nine eleven i if i'm really buying that argument i think that we have this military industrial complex and i think that obama
not want to seem weak when it comes to national security so as a result he will do things that are extreme i mean if you're really concerned national security it's very curious for you to go about keeping the country safe by causing so much hostility toward the u s think about that we are bombing and and doing drone strikes on innocent civilians abroad that creates hostility towards the united states that makes people want to attack us so i mean i'm not really buying that you know of allah got in and he got scared i think that people are making money off what's going on a broad right now and i i i think that all bombers worried about seeming week to republicans every when you look at almost all of his policies he's always been so afraid of republic which drive me crazy the only thing that he's really had a good stance on was gay marriage and it was after what years of
president he finally came out and said yeah i guess i've changed my mind civil unions aren't enough we should have same sex marriage what you really but if that then we should do something on the federal level this is not us these rights issue this is a federal issue this is a civil rights issue i feel a game rights and gay marriage is one those beach ball they tossed up at a concert tell everybody has to keep in the air because it keeps her be distracted gay marriage or no more tone and they back in this stupid beach ball around and the input decisions are now using it for political gain which is really frustrating you know what i mean it's look it turns out that the majority of americans are in favour of gay rights so let's change our stance on that there are still not principled and in that case is a good thing because i want gay rights but i just politicians will be politicians you know and and a lot of them lack prince well it's always been so that their like it's like politics are show business for ugly people and act
cars are notorious for sticking a finger in the air and finding out which way the wind blows culturally and then saying things that they don't necessarily believe in or necessarily have even researched and hugely common when you're on sets is always is dumb bimbo actors that have opinions and males more than females bimbo males don't have these opinions on something political will that war the democrats wants is like what what are you even talking about like you you're talking nonsense did you read a front page article and still on for five seconds and now all sudden you going to tell us what's wrong with the world what they do is try to appear liberal they try to peer progressive cuz you're not even human but there are some weird form that like they're they're like a mold that i can grab human flesh and fucking fake it and they can
through life pretending to have regular emotions irregular feelings meanwhile they just trying to get people to give him the next job trying to get people to like them enough to cast them in the next tv show or movie or what are they barely even alive today
weirdos and i think politicians are very much the same we obviously massive generalization this is not all actors amid a lotta cool actors but i have been a lot of fuckin weirdos the bill extent four wives like robot people they like some weirdo whose just trying to be whatever work whatever pants work to have to have fake rip so my genes what what's the new thing you know should i wear a nose ring no knows rings around mean there on the fuckin whatever the edge is everyone's where and what everybody else's where and when those von dutch hats we're going around those fucking stupid trucker hats and you as what are you doing you a fucking stupid trucker had on everybody's got them i just started ashen culture eddies everything it showed hasn't of ash and catch he was young man at a time and unfaltering by a think it's that sort of thing where you get that in politics as well you get a human that's not even really a human what the hour is this this
thing that's leaning towards whatever pole gravity or the wind or the the rush of the water beneath their feet whatever the fuck it is pulling in one direction is no stability is no basis no real ethics and when do have ethics they look folk and grazing overdrawn pour some some nutty do do we work some gary johnson from new mexico i fringe character while i mean i think there have been politicians in the past who had ethics in and people will look down on them but a perfect example of a politician that actually gets a lot of respect as elizabeth warren elizabeth warren ran for president i'd be like hilary who you know like she's an amazing person who actually stood up to the banks when it was an unpopular thing to do and also when in this current system its political suicide because these are the assholes are disposed to fund your campaigns
right so elizabeth war and you know it is an incredible senator either i dont think that she is actually gonna run for president but people are becoming more and more open to principled politicians because its refreshing its i mean when this whole rob for thing was ford thing happening in toronto there were a number of supporters because they thought that it was refreshing that he was so honest even now freakin crazy smoking cry but they're like gently he's honest alright innumerable vote from it yeah i did say that a small crack it was pretty ass about it but you ve get a guy that's that families this giant moonface he's while these girls do anything so indulgent he's doing with food will use to his body thingy scares some crack scared of anything who smoke some crack yeah i think that one of the things that this this shift that's happening with information one thing
it's gonna be very fascinating about this erosion of privacy is that you're gonna get real honest politicians because they have no choice exactly you don't amazing though is you'll have politicians that are on the record saying one thing and then like a few months later they buy pedal where they say something or flip flop and they say something completely different and they deny that they did a flip flop and it's like like mitt romney is an example of that there was evidence indicating that mitt romney supported plan parenthood and then when he was running for president he's like i will shut plan parenthood down it's like you're on the record do there is evidence like how are you are unaware of the internet how it holds you accountable to what done and said in the past four member on new still in denial that he's a first generation makin yeah these stones annihilated ceramic living over in mexico me memory talk about that like very briefly during the day campaign that is father actually was born in mexico in areas like what then he did genuine your you're fine like all your dad was in a sex called
hey romney was a character he still as yet governor massachusetts for a long time people love them did a good job some people of them yeah i mean fiscally peep had health care in massachusetts it's very similar to the affordable care act and then he went off and started criticising be affordable act it'll take amazing to me he would affect opportunity gun offers too i think all of them once they get in their pages they just go taken down you know they did they get sat down and they they get spelled out how the world really works and they probably have hints of it before they are they get in there but once they get in there and they meet with the fuck and build a bird group and the meat with the international bankers that control the world's economy in ages realise the the depth of the puzzle is probably
where they all go gray like instantly out bombers age so much it's kind of incredible when it be amazing if he did like an eisenhower type for like like final speech when i see how our warned of the military industrial complex o burma all these are not my words about the eu military doesn't complex that would be very funny if he got on tv unjust said listen i've been bullshit you people for eight years like this some is fucking crazy you move to canada would be move to hawaii i'm going back there too he never went their area even though he doesn't have to worry about getting reelected again democrats are holding him accountable didn't want to look bad because they want to make sure and other democratic it's like that it's all bs it's the same as long our system is dealing with that virus as long as our system has the money in politics doesn't matter if your voting for a democratic or republican it's the same at the end of the day
they might be different with social issues they might be a little different when it comes to fiscal policy although obama's not a good example of him being different when it comes to fiscal policy there not different when it comes to international policy i'm a little happier when a democrats in office because of what i think they do socially when it comes to think a gay marriage things like right to choose and that things along those lines i feel like when the one you have republic in in office those things tend to get squashed here and i think it's one of the benefits of having a democrat in office is yet more qualities which we are dealing with a democrat who also happens to be black i think it's good socially then when you look at what he's done in comparison to what bushes dunce man it's real similar guitar to tell the difference in the democratic republic in other than that healthcare issue seems to be a cluster far
but i would imagine everything that you get started from scratch clusterfuck i don't know why anybody would think that it wouldn't be a clusterfuck yeah i like the one thing that i just don't understand is why everyone's panicking about the website the website keeps crashing it's not whatever they figured out it'll get the porn guys to figure it out of those guys get six billion had today their up that's their prob like the problem that the obama administration to think about they just hired the wrong people this entire foreign people here who was the last time you went to a porn website and crashed to move you were on that should never happens i'm not saying you gotta porno from saint anybody out there perverts you weirdos if you ever gone to wanting you found out those too many people on the server crashed that doesn't happen they figure out how to make that work and guarantee way more people are going to a porn sites that are going to any government signed right whether its obamacare or medicare or whatever name the site so that that the one thing
i will agree on in terms of it being a clusterfuck is only fifty thousand americans have signed up through the the website which could be disastrous because in order for the affordable care to work you need what a sailor year doubled out of my instagram page pitch doing that's amazing now saw their march dispute with millions more than a million on twitter that's the most places i have a twitter i think i have i am a ton of folly on twenty one million one hundred seventy five thousand six hundred eighty two that's bananas vessel i think i have like forty but i'm sure a lot of them are fake i've never paid friendly that are fake but there's a lot of money out there and a lot of people that use the use fake twitter account is ill late things i don't do that pretenders event like a big superstars there's a lot of people that have done it though it's it's pretty common apparently it's pretty easy to do you just pay some money and they get you x amount of fake followers
i think for some people it like gives them some sort of confirmation that there ok janius these got twenty five thousand twitter followers you must be legit yeah that's shale gas it so funny because you know going back to the classroom teaching one of my students looked me up and she's like shit all these followers in your verify like how does that make me more legitimate now because i have like a verified twitter account but people think it's a big deal really funding the years why it's big illegally of someone says hey man i want coming your progress and i go to their page they have two and twelve twitter followers like bitch many of our just like you to go where you like debate whether pain i didn't senior showers soon eulogy ok i didn't i didn't go to twitter page but we know there right now when he got how much a majority so i think forty two thousand is that a lot i don't think so that's decent how are you been on the young turks gosh for seventy
yeah the sign off anymore twitter flowers which now now what i needed for sure and i take the teddy picture now to go it's hideous take some pictures with like you like in a bikini like looking over your shoulder in our europe does a huge she's one of those programmes you're gonna wanna do that obviously pr here screaming at me right now this is why we need feminism holes like you do get for saying that you you dont like radical feminism d ever get people angry you for no the funny thing is a lot of people think that i am a radical feminist which i'm not wearing a girl that smart as feminist insulated skies really funny i'm i'm actually i think the word feminism is tainted at this point and i i would much rather refer to myself as a gender equality specialist specialist diversification to whatever you want to call it because look men get the short and the state
comes to some serious issues women get the shorter than the stick when it comes to serious issues i dont like the brand of family something tells me that i can't be feminine a fucking hate that like i won where my dresses and i want to feel sexy and beautiful and i want to push for equality you can do that those things are not mutually exclusive so that's just an example have you looked like fred flintstone you know like where and make up they probably becomes an exclusive rights i think it's one of those things where there are certain people that don't want other people behaving differently than them especially they feel like there being judged by the fact that you're wearing make up and you have heels on and they don't like tat then they get judged will then they start turning that at against you instead of saying look ok it's different strokes for different funds again some people like there's somebody like that instead of that they look to you like europe's you're some sort of a trader meanwhile
same people if it was a man that was wearing make up and wearing a dress wearing i heels they would go you go girl then there would be happy for you that's the progressive move if it's true gender person that a man who became a woman and wants to work long nails and wants to like be really date in feminine that's all well groovy yeah but when a woman is tea and glue yeah be wary of the argument that they'll make is well if you dont want to be objectified and don't objectify yourselves knowledge notified also i don't find it objectify just because i'm wearing something that's considered sexy doesn't mean that i'm asking people to objectify mean if people do then that's on them like it's it's kind of like hang you know for woman dresses sexy then she deserves to get right should expect to get raped right now like a woman who so sexy shouldn't expect some one to do anything i don't think should expect to get objectified ever the word is objective five a mean someone if some
attracted to physically are they objectified you if they want to look at you what they have sexually are they object to find you like what when they finally sexy at what point what it where's the gradient like what's the spectrum falls into objectification women do not profiting off worry you objecting objective finally what it what we the grey area it's kind of a strange thing if someone like the way you look in a dress or they objectified you it's like that that objectify it's it's just a fashion sense or is this an aesthetic its and it's it's stupid to pretend as if women don't objectify men as well i did the other day when i went on a hike in there is like a ton of hi guys without their shirts i like human teach her to a well it's i don't like that word i think it's your admiring your truck did you it's what is objectify you want to turn them into an object it means dehumanizing them into means removing their humanity and use them as a factor but that's not what you
looking that do that's not we are looking to do you are physically attracted to someone and that's the first thing that stands out to you i think that it becomes wrong when that's all you see in the person right where that's all that matters to you and you know someone's level of intellect or character means enough why don't you think that's wrong is now i think of your nice to each other and yes like dating people that are really pretty who gives a shit what am i supposed to be upset you have you have dumb friends now
when you fucked on people i'm supposed to get him a man can you do better maybe doesn't why do better behaving like being around dumb friends maybe like seven a dumb girlfriend dumb boyfriend who do i give a shit i don't care what pete what other people do i dont really article on that way like i don't want people to look at me and say like oh she's just a pretty face and nothing more no one's gonna do that unless they're trying to define you mean you know better than that how dare you day whether this like a fly yeah that i think is also an issue where people they they feel uncomfortable but if there there is not seen as attractive and so they try to squash other things people think are attractive they try i too like they did to try to be little attempts at being attractive may i think so there is an issue in that as well wasn't an issue in that and if you are version and likes wearing chuck tailors and lose genes and teachers what you care for women is wearing a bikini right
what do you care some awards a miniskirt like what how does that affect you doesn't effect you i think you know competition jealousy all of that kind of plays a role in that as well it exposes douche bags it's an excellent that in our exposes asshole man mania yeah you put yourself in a vulnerable position if you walk around like wearing a bikini in your walk down main street fuckin high heels on pay you gonna run into a lot of weird people yet it's gonna given the green light to get freaky with you are least go look a jew bubu weren't you owned were wherewith ended we have two time three three hours and we turn into a pumpkin this is a great shame i enjoy it to a lot of fun i got to know you yeah i hope i hope they liked me they like to according to twitter they fastened just one last shout out to robert you have a lot of as though i gotta give you shut up robert in my robert in miami go fuck yourself to how just getting robert thank you two are sponsors thanks the legal zoom use the code
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