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#418 - Jeremy Stephens, Eddie Bravo

2013-11-18 | 🔗
Jeremy Stephens is an MMA fighter currently fighting in the UFC's featherweight division. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author. He also hosts his own podcast called "Eddie Bravo Radio"
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what the hell i'm freaks fertile always german so the jargon experienced podcast is brought to you by law maasai dot com dude by the way the vehicle name now where's lu lu masturbate that's about ass to the internet the helicopter now that's real life that's a lot of the sound effects that looking for you not now sheds they shared listen else jobs grabbed her black helicopters problems and solutions ladies gentlemen luminosity is a website that designed as a jim for your dome as we sit here drink and miller high life lu lu maasai is its essentially what they ve done to develop does games that increase your brain
capacity to do things and what do i mean by that is like a gift brain in shape and there they don't come across as like being work comes across as as games it's really interesting and is based on the science of its core neuro plasticity that's the the idea behind it there's a series questions to ask you when you sign up and when you are you go to their website click on get started now when they start entering all sorts of information like what specks of your memory trying to train like recalling the location of objects can you breathe in writing the might of us now everyone makes you do things and i realize you do look city has memory attention speed like meaning the speed of of recognising things coming up with answers for things flexibility communicate
clearly in thinking outside the box and get all this shit is done in india james it's really interesting stuff i enjoy it it's fun its funding has there ever been a guy that you know there's a bunch of three hundred and fifty pound guys out there that you know that all of a sudden one hundred and ninety get in shape to have been to write to the last year oh there's gotta robber bradley was three hundred and fifty pounds tat a hundred and ninety pounds maisie all cause he cut out soda and started train judges do so with this luminosity thing that you would have the room ass he would have theirs if you start like you know these dude you know certain you know this guy or whatever is an idiot and all of a sudden he gets into these games in his flock and intelligent grandma hancock and shit you think so big like that i think it's possible to increase your capacity slightly that's worth i know how dumb i am so i know like when it comes to have you ever talked a mathematician in six grade
i've ever conversations with mathematicians it's random guys i've met places and start talk what about that fuckin goodwill hunting share and they ran the chalkboard another's weird factor the i know a little bit men and algebra we can easily me and it was all that shit we're our remember what it means now why think this is what it's like i think and i think this is where the money comes into this is that when you do something a lot you gettin shape for that thing now includes comedy inhabit comedy for twenty three years but due to vital couple months off i get on shaky legs if i just gone stage flat i have to go over my material i have to listen to notes i have to listen to old recordings and get myself in the groove because my mind's eye commie shape and that's what happens like what happened to me when i was filming that show the syfy show cuz i was doing it constantly i got out of comedy shape i got to feel it i can feel on stage was off a little and i think that ex especially is one of those things that you get into an you build a base you bill
basis and understanding of you simple stuff like you know paul orthodontic simple steps attracts with any sort dividing things then start getting an algebra equations calculus and you need that base you need like you didn't you gotta be in shape you can't just get a new judges who jim and broad eddie bravo you gotta have some fuckin training behind you you got a billiard conditioning up you gotta get somewhere i think it's like that with everything you do man i remember how to multiply numbers and adamant track them and bear light a mob right but that the division you know when you put it in the three hundred and forty five divided into seventeen thousand two hundred and twelve my default did you start over you start on the house and what are the decimal let's go out our know how to do that in the year has wait stop it's one of those things man will you just gotta do it all the time it's it's gotta be a part of your life
a part of your life it's too slippery zella you that i think that's what would you do too that's why kommeni and it does with aiming hard i think most people forget that shit like this division as i'm sure you to revive fuck fuck so what you i found some simple counterfeit coins of is the is it important to learn how to do it even though you are going to forget it is does is that just an exercise of the mind it's not the actual don't vision process it's just you you're young your twelve or thirteen you're working out the mine we know they're gonna forget it when they grow older but you need that work out is it for that or are you supposed to remember how to do that i think when you take time off of things you just forget how to doom you know i went for a long period of time or didn't play pool in i used to play pool eight ten hours a day when i lived in the order was upset i want to be a professional poplar obsessed and then i took like years off and i start playing again like two thousand six or something after i did a tv show
i was fuckin terrible dude i didn't know what i was doing i lost all my information i get it all went away but i was playing a ten hours a day man i was pretty decent i was a decent life be player and then i just was tara f player assumes i came back to where you can all go why forget how to do everything that methods matters get that thing right up right of honor you may amount that means it's a science is very complex like i think you're born with the it's a serious her skills that you have the costly keep working i fear affected one thing about mathematicians they never argue with each others are not oh no this is this second happening i petitioners i boom it's gonna take or you can argue the math is correct others can do is look at it as you like that's correct the same with this new mossy which is so crazy because to me like science science is basically tone you to put your life your brain your new roger call patterns your thoughts everything on a computer and i think scientists are able to study that light what most
the light what are they going to do this in a new start putting it into categories cause there's these and his heart there another basically learn to control computers through through one's brand i think that your brain is can be a part of the computer one day for sure and his get all gonna be that that computers actually gonna be you and i think lamar city is a huge step and that the era which is like a science it's a math thing is is built on peters are the next you can't and i am we ve grown so much through through computers in this and its history its only gonna get more advanced is going to be a lot more technical and a lot more bizarre yeah the idea of designing programmes that and he in hand your brain the same way you a design something that would work out a computer i think you have a good point about mathematicians too because they don't i bout show its prig but pretty black and if you can understand the math but it gets squarely that some guys can even understand the math it's that is we're super complex areas where they have these million dollar prizes to solve problems i do this one crazy russian cat that apparently he wanted but didn't want the money to membership
no story some russian due to solve this long term mathematical problem and he didn't want the money which like a million dollar prize or sent the ridiculous bind it but he was obsessed with solving these these complex riddles of now birds and he lived in the world the world of number crazies at that that is the pinnacle of intellect we don't know shit about it how know what the fuck and that's like two and it's almost like it's almost to fully understand no one knows exactly what were about and how the fuck we're why were here but it's gonna have something to do with them damn numbers at that workin on writing is gonna like the meaning of the universe a sultan there's a action and their their closer to figuring out than we are you now is that's what life's about julia connected in oak is as far as connected upon connected trying
the whole relaxing connect the dots yeah and math is the true science to it because most people can understand this automatically like not disguise crazy so basically none of us in this room are involved the true signs of life we just fuckin shit and ourselves and jerking off all over the place you look a little reproductions of paragraph eight or species yeah there's only one out there they could look at science though they see the science and they still still there smart aids they look at the science and they still don't see it but it goes put in this put in math like you put it in numbers you have to accept it except the numbers all i've ship but you know those not though check to see if your theories ryan if it is an ambitious becomes law of gravity it set in stone there's no arguing with it it's too long it was something of an air fall down his like so no bias in that year and math theirs
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it says they were running an impossible marathon every day in preparation several world records waiter the room was confirmed that doping tat came up negative and it was revealed that the secret was quarter sex synopsis census cindy answers as i and ii and science how would you say that fuckin words are their online that you know what they are when you read em but you could you have no idea to say that that is very different story if that story isn't true the gene story because how you gonna check on the chinese but can swim tumors and frankly i just make us and should ease law like you'd go online find that pretty quick limits are the returning to i think they are i believe i am behind a quarter sips mushroom it improves oxygen utilization and eighty production to critical aspects of indifference of the insurance athlete so this it's it's untasted work out of it makes sense i could just like we'd we is good in so many different ways of nutrition and
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you pay is a natural way to do that and that's one of the supplements are we sell it honours called new mood and inside a new mood is five http and also l trip to fan which converts to five http in your body the idea being that i'll give you more of a time release effect what's controversial i've never had one person say that didn't new mood didn't have an effect on him and now never had one person say that through tax sport has an effect on a positive both but there people that set out for brandon do shit for them and i dont know what that's about no how some people they were together maybe in africa some people may be there not a sensitive is too what affects their brain or doesn't effective brain maybe it didn't work on them maybe they already have like a high level of nutrients in their system of de need a bump you know too many people take too much nicer than item now or maybe there being a bunch of other shit this does give me the most crazy elusive wild dreams of the amazing dream maison dream i use this i'll take it to three times
they are used to offer brain i used this room tat man and when i go to sleep i sometimes think i gotta listen for a while but when i sleep man i'm i'm out for the whole night i didn't you know i gotta through i wake up in the morning just like sunday sunshine and leg is great every days from new mood mood in our really i use them together man i i sleep so it's not like when you wake up you feel like groggy maybe you guys took nyquil cooling you're sick you wake up do you take this you wake up your man how you know maybe you feeling good really get after elaine automatically in brazil as soon as you where am i gonna get that now enumerates the bathwater live in it now i do i'm new mood but you know i i would take you die every now and then after our late night podcast nemo wound up and i need to get some sleep is it like trying to count what people who were into lucid dreaming they ve been using our brain people who is like a whole billina people aren't you just saw this he bore in a lucid during i try to get an angel i never tried to work twice from railing
hell yeah others all these different techniques out then lucid dreaming there's a lot of people think lucid dreaming is dreams data everything is crystal clear and so it's like so like it affects them it it's not that lucia dream is knowing that you're inside a dream recognising that it's a dream and then having the power to control everything the first steps of the levels of dreaming i think right like when you your mind still half away don't it's it's when you realize your dreaming you know you're not dreaming you know you're sleeping and this is a dream and you can control everything you can really high remember it then when you wake up you can look it up in a black only that you could fly you to do we think you want language you are in the matrix as soon as you recognize you're in a dream you rat you you have to recognise that you have the power to do whatever you want the only time i ever had a lucid dream happen because of something i did was something i saw a movie where guy was saying when you go through a door you should knock on the door
and say am i dream and until it every day when you go two doors like whenever you go through door knock knock em i dream so that becomes like a habit when you go through doors so we go during your dream i did this for a while then i went through a door my dream and i went oh shit i'm dream like there's no door here and i realized it was dreaming and never normally when i know that i'm dream just wake right fuck up and a number can hang onto it i was described dreams is being like a really gentle bubble like kids bubble with a blow bubbles barely holding her hand but dream on new tropics with its offer brain or neuro one or new mood or any these i give these weird rubber dreams like lithium bouncing around a move em in others there durable bubbles i slept with dvds i got into there's people that are really good there's guys they could do it every night and he
yeah i made look forward dreaming while i was ended this like maybe six months i got into an i got a couple dvd eating sleep at these dvds and they keep they keep waken you up like every couple minutes ago wake up and there are actually does wake you up and then you go back to sleep and you get used to just sleeping through the wake ups and then as soon as i don't mind exactly how it all goes down but it's really really hard you gotta keep reminding yourself you gotta keep thinking about a certain place and then you could do all that other stuff where you knock on every time you walk through a door you ask yourself on my dreaming in their everyday life but that becomes really thank you for your dad you lazy you dont want to do it so tar so i i was able to do it twice with these dvds it all these instructions and they talk to you and i try to wake you up and it worked out of maybe forty times that i went to bed doing these exercises mental drills
it worked twice in a pretty awesome and the two things and everyone dodging do it you can do it with a breathing do you have fighter flight so we're all fight or flight so you get home from a late night workout or you just be sitting the joe rogan on it no bells it felt like a beast in europe i warn you can be tired but your body still reaction to the firefly mola we just did this but what are we gonna do next and if you ask take time you slow down your breathing you tell her you're nervous system too to slow down ok it's time to relax which actually says natural hormones which i am sure you are capable of but dreams i've had dreams on these type of supplements where i felt like i could literally push off the and i was flying in the air was like i kept so when i woke up and like many i gotta remember that so i tell myself almost like iraq under remember that and i was was transforming in these dreams like i'd try here now go somewhere else and when i remember that i looked it up and it was like you're in control of your life like you can control your destiny right now it's like all about
so sometimes i have some good like positive results and unlike sometimes it's like you got bit i sometimes think i'd look it up in his dislike i just going through a rough one right now i have no doubt so the anxiety of interpretations they haven't how could i know what the fighting their guests in like a mother it's insane nowhere you really big look up grab grab a book of of a dream book from anywhere and just i didn't tell softly the knock on the door remember this dream wake up and either even google this dream interpretations and you can really look up your dreams some of em a little bit off the wall but some are more light while i mean i'm had more than on both hands and i remember where i looked it up in it like maybe something hit are you talkin about knowing that you're in a dream like you're gonna lose even more romantic why don't you remember that dream and then he finds the interpretation what is a million provided their dreams you're not in the dream goin i'm in a dream i can once people realise our dreams the two most common things they do or fly once lies right away and have sex immediately like
oh sure and the two times i did it its eggs i remember when the first time this dvd work i thought oh my god i'm dreaming of the projects that are you are you some gonna end this commercial commercial sorry he's a code name rogan save ten percent of funding the supplements at tat calm o n i too will talk about this right which go into because i want that maybe the misses hit it we'll get experience martians was is too good to stop and just make the pike s lab because on serious idler radio known and other stuff were gone could solve the commercials but talkin about we're too i'm here jeremy stevens little heathen in a house and the girl eddie bravo my brother friend where we're gonna talk about the sea for sure right now we're talking about lucid dream and eddie was bringing up the fact that you can you can
you study like methods there's books that they have this exercise is you can do what you can we try to figure out how to get yourself in a state we can have a lucid dream and you did a couple times and again lucid drink a lot of people think lucid dreams are crystal clear dreams are lucid dreaming is when you know you are dreaming not a crystal clear profound dream it's when you figure out your dreaming you can control everything everything becomes so we're clear like all once i figured out i was dreaming and it worked all these these this dvd talks to our sleeping in their wake you up he's trying to wake you up in your dream your dreaming weaker your dreaming you dreaming control this dvd you're saying that teaches you had so you go to sleep at this is energy then there's all these mental exercises you do you have to think of a year on an island with you now think about the person you want a dream with and all that be theirs i haven't really it's easier just gonna fuckin sleep what have you got to leg over the five dvd sears you got to dvd number five and it's like
now i come to my house and you gonna unzip my pants nirvana suck my cock programming you saw programming people across the country until these guys at low jobs are the two most popular things there's a lot there's black dots lucid dreaming if you have the met its the mental exercise you just want to go to sleep jerry and at night so very hard to do you have to be militant and you have to be sharping them in while you're tired in ready go to sleep it's hard but worked a couple times for me in the two two things that most people are doing flying as soon as they figure out there in a dream legal vacuum on a flight far come flying shed and then sex they go right descent and its who is the two types of work for me an end when i used to have evolution as a kid i actually happened when i was a kid once or twice a year and i'm talking about being like eight or nine years old and the first thing i wanted to do it just like find a girl and me how would interesting humber where the weird thing i was a little kid was a weird thing i wanted to go look for girls and i remain
were these lucid remember couple never forget who isn't an amazing that when you're hormones or your highest that's when you the youngest and dumbest and not able to control that maintaining what you'd thirteen your shit is killing you all day you're baffled it's like you went through your whole life you know feeling like pretty much the same due to slowly growing and then also knew had thirty you get and to a storm of confusion and high school we did his hard all day you don't know what the fuck is gone and god forbid you find a girls want to touch a dick oh my god you stick to her like glue like she's like your drug dealer bureaucratic and she's drug dealing you hang around in a minute what's they caught became believe augmented everything's a hair with a girl when the fact that animal just make it out this is going to make enough well make it out ass i wanna go to move it out just like whatever talk to me as make out it's the only private spot at thirteen that you could find true heart but anyways these dreams i ended up doing it twice and that's
i did the first time as soon i figured out i was doing that you are dreaming of my i am dream we can really bright and immediately i flew with my hands down like ballot monk an iron man through king and it was so bright and all i kept thinking was i can't believe it the dream this is so clear this is so vivid but all i was thinking dreams are easing i'm flying through canyons like iron man i thought oh i'm gonna have sex now and this is what i was single this before i was married i was a single man show italy from the count remember like a video i descended from the kitten in into the king and end up came this girl hiker this hot when she smiled and like a dream in a movie i give this was in a move i kinda to the king and she's hiking she's hard and we i'd take off your clothes and we
love my own and i remember thinking i can't believe this is a dream i soul real and then am i woke up with a vicious born right i woke up it was crystal clear i just got too excited i'm like i can't believe you're very like i'm having sex right now that's always been my coming all the time but not really it's always been my issued lucid dreams that they they go away too easy because you get excited we believe are dreaming and you know they all you gotta do is open your eyes and then you start opening your goddamn eyes whence it hit the sprint program that we're on and tell your dream amazingly print program you on this day alliance program what's the alliance print programme its this good is like the first minute fifteen seconds like you run a buyer by yourself i get a fit incline to search all treadmill spreading its treadmill
granting than we also do four hundred metres fifteen times sovereign wrong track that's one spent fifteen times like five fifty second and again both so this is something that everyone a team does pretty much why that is that you need to and imma make camp that the team has a single story think conditioning protocol that guy everybody follows like i think it is very important to follow a set structure yeah you know you know that you know animals is coloured how we're talking about the math programme the other day the luminosity starfleet's basically said like a good foundation if you have good stability good foundation i think it's your love easier to can gather gold is do a lot and i may camps have that like they have like a sprint series of the whole campbell though do every week or you know our strength conditioning series at the whole campbell do i imagined i think nothing of her like great jackson i think he's real famous furs sandal
domes yeah yeah yeah like that yeah thing i think that's that's a good one you you see by carlos conduct that always hidden summer high altitude i know diego sanchez out too so but i think i think everybody either does her own thing or at least there is some taboo structure they do sam nomes a lot of the big teams at least yeah yeah i think there is some there's a big benefit to a team is now when you're eurofighter means is mostly it's the most intimate individual thing ever smaller lonely separate is often completely yes elfish completely on your own but there's a massive better obviously to being a part of a team cause you see look like this in time there seems to be like a separation is very few high level fighters that are trained like individually no who their training lets you don't hear about them training with anybody goods very very few it's you you guys are sorted just getting into the game in the fund like when john jones before
join jackson's camp he was up and upstate new york and you know didn't have guy like his level around there and you know and went over to jackson's and then really started catch astride they were searching for that a coach for package but i think a lot of fighters neither that's what i do too with a lot of my time and money was spent certain for a coach in industry and a good camp somebody that does fit me yet if we want to settle in the i think i found that an alliance of may give us a gang had good care in this country now in under there point tat it was just like eighty tee and you know there's still got a lot of people in tehran woodley huge over the what have we got out you know what this was what i think is right the guitar on woodley tirades i'm watching a g s p and i'm watching johnny hendricks i'm watching and i'm really thinking i don't know this is a bad thing to say but i'm thinking like who cares who wins here because tyrant little he's gonna come in fact these do both these dude
we'll tyrant would they just lost a jig shields but maybe get knocked out by nay more court two minutes tiring would lose a bad mother fucker tyrant of italy's he's an amazing athletes but tyrant woodley he's is you know he really has to be cross check but he really has to face like the really high level guys like carlos candid and we'll see like if he's capable i think is an amazing athlete and if he's not capable beating those that caliber gun now or he wasn't maybe a year ago when he fought mark warrant he's gonna you can better that's what i think the only reason i say that is just stand back caustic like just based on that here all the potential high level wrestler had the has good striking but in that case check fight i saw a different human being ice i never seen anybody throw punches that fast and emma the fastest most power you see those right hands there was several of them what i just missed
it is just as i saw a display of war a man's power i don't see anybody to punch like bad system with please ice that's that's how caustic but you know it seems like you finally is putting together i know did you notice it is terribly fuck that was fast three different times i just once caught me the same dude he came out you know use ruslan people normally harmon scales it does a rustling next thing you know he's not can do that with the right hand because i feel a lot more confident you know pray after the show you gonna do a good can't which worry noise like all men i have standards there's a marty unearthly i know i can russell the annexes no we start to believe in his hands mourner that private credit that to like him being done in american top team started training do uses athleticism because obviously a freak nature lucy woodley firewood j huron i probably there but ninety percent rose and fight i forget him who run knock out of use credible just swarmed m doesn't it seem the way he threw their right hand like no one will survive that thing if you can
why he's got that that's for sure you know and he's got the rumbling i think you know what happens with even brazilian fighters to is the high level jujitsu black still come in and they d we not where they need to be with their striking and some of like super high level guys they come in and trial in may and their there they just happens and enough time with their striking and they'll just leave anime just go just go back to cuz because they didn't get the striking wishes to heart but then there's some guided stick it out and they go through patches and they lose because of their striking people will criticise them because their striking like we're doing for instance and then after a while they stick it out and my damien maya did you stick it out people talk ashore on strike but they stick it out they handle some losses and as long as they just keep going and keep the consistency of all of a sudden from beast of is a dangerous striker now it's all all of us
damien my as it is a real budget strike or do you find out whatever man you are when you when you you know when you're winning you're on top of everybody thinks you're all good but then when you lose you like man i got really got to work on some things but you find out what type of man guys going to be easy to go back out there is he going to work on things getting better as you just going to go out there and fold over and then that was it you ever some fine as it is a big confidence that they never recover from they have this idea that their unbeatable from the job and then once someone beats them they have to sort a rethink their whole paradigm and some guys don't ever do it some guys come back stronger awesome has come back from a loss and there are different gathered there more focused more intense more where they cut out all the bullshit their camp they thought back on all the things that they did not across them with wisdom you know assessing grown get ordered making changes is even outside of fighting for it doesn't define half these guys at her and i've got a lot more real cool do as you know everybody ever mention been like super down earth awesome see me logical guys were it
it does play a difference here yeah there's no doubt man has no doubt you think tat you just cut down from harm fifty five two hundred forty five pounds that's like one of the big issues and animated people keep talking about the amount away eyes caught in how they cut it you know guy like town thirdly what does he way how is he how is he one seventy that something that makes euro cents a moray sitting but you ever nose like black really huge right as love one point will say that many kind of a black racism having heard your body unkind having a permanent body how's that how is lagging watermelon bad watermelons fuckin delicious exactly and weather jump on the scale and in their like they're they're not is heavier elected bodies less dense remember this friend of mine back home to meet your users to big dude ways to work together at the same company he would dusty whatever chips hot now
wherever he was just always jack why john over again like a bela jesus does like that it's just haven't metamorphic frame that's what it is to a tyrant woodley is an extreme measure morph you know you when you were you cut down one forty five how much did you have to lose man on prior one seven six once every seven oh my god my god a lot away but i couldn't that to the finnish viti die than mine and george locker who does knows how to await curtain sing it
for a long time in just the changes going down there milan faster i feel a lot more affluent and working on my foot a system trying to be a lot more precise and assign or that the powers always there its law more natural but i feel like i have just heard a better mental ledge i can i can use a lot more of tools at a hundred forty five pounds and you know i basically group inside the octagon oppression had been there at a certain time assisted at my heart care me through echo a lot of fight saw but like i said i was searching for this camp to help me to help me out by man is key to hold me i have i have tally nor i swear to god my hometown after a certain why i can only which was which was the more our
in august i now need to get a good horse and better guys i got it i got a train get high level coaching rang arrive and has done i mean i don't have a striking coach house is goin to gender jim whichever was the best hours there so i think i think it is great that too like we said it on my my coaches and in making that could i need the george locker and finish viti cause he gives me everything i'm home water loading a line on owing to give way too much stuff but i feel i feel amazing it is that is the real or after the way cut the stuff in the things he has me eat specifics and everything that i'm calculating it's it's amazing i feel how much you put back on so if you get done one hundred and forty five will you weigh when you walk in the austin by one hundred and seventy sullen crews on god are you using i initially eating evening light yet do comedy ivy bags you pull i don't care i do one water like regular water than i do like a warm temperature like sodium back to obtain like if you didn't have those bags it would make a big difference right yeah how you can definite
there's some people that don't like you know did they don't want to do the bags and i keep them about the high level you know u water rehydration scientifically and yet there was a guy in the you see the got caught way back in the day because he was taken blot out of his body to make wait they i went to his hotel room there was a doktor there and fuckin bags of his blood took it out and what they do they stored it somehow another i guess that a freezer their frederick too there are some then they put it back in his body was like blood doping like blood doping yes but mean they're not giving him and of chances to rebuild the blood cells the blood dubbing the way it works is hereby rebuilds blood cells and then you re introduce us extra blood you get crazy amounts of blood now eu body is eventually gonna burn it off but until now and enjoy the benefits of extreme production of oxygen or you know you nation of oxygen that's what the epa stuff does too so the cyclist keep getting busted for that is going too hard
yeah he's going to hurry outer so this guy he cut the way and then the last couple pounds you took on blood and then he put it back when you went back i pray you something we pass on majority cut down wait and ngo to do that i guess dependent how much because our seeing do look like john death's door ass he do cotton way like travis looter when financial silver and never seen a guy look worse in my life that still alive he was shuffling he couldn't walk ban he was shuffling tool scale a second time he was making way his lip four chapters fuck this whole face was sucked in he looked like he was dying me he was dying it was essentially draining herself out but he just miscalculated couldn't get down here with this close to being anderson so he is alone at all the guys who like super talented didn't live up to their potential travis looter might be number one of my book he's one of those guys you're talking about the train himself trainees of hidden like you didn't like she for want of cancer
he was from texas and he went to jackson's towards the last few fights of his career i think it was a jackson's we lost in the town and i think that might have been the last five he's got some back issues or two from judea too who doesn't know you constantly training roland and you're gonna get some back issues require laborious tommy's kullak six bulging desk or seven bulging discs something crate these guys are all like a list a jacked up their backs it needs economic across borders bon yeah that aeroplanes that does however those i get opens up my posture if i start going this on me you were watching legal story get rounded like vandals can throw street punch right if you get in a cross border area but to break up your pack money you're peck major your lads your traps you know even even like your scotland are able to get in those knots in your ear elbows
hurry more because you your long in the muscles that need to be investigated in if if you can count on my local rumble roller knowledge government lacrosse bar osborne like a soft power base year hard like i get him i hit flexures cause constantly runnin wrestling being like anything like might my knees will start her saga michael across ball i'll break up everything every muscle down from my hip alright i'll start out like the glue the hit flexor nine zero accidentally go up your ass never never never noma trying times you haven't worn whatever did you russell yes educator as ezekiel groaned but generally liking closer to my associates makes it just click the genocide that better regional graduated move it or you can just like that i've been going towards you nice guy gallagher that nice i actually grow up and running as a kid my my one of my because it was my grandfather he was really big and
wrestling boxing and stuff like that so here when my parents were kind your hard time he's one you encouraged me to get into wrestling it involves sports like that so i started ruslan as a kid how about five years all until you recognizable i did ruslan high squire rustled our one you in high school my parents had a complication source can a chance for like a lot of school so i was kind of ruslan by like i was on an other side town that one week as another side tat is a recipe for becoming a fighter you want to schools when i went i ruslan i wasn't a greater anything i just meal used hard to southern stronghold people and are thus basically high involved with see withdrew my grandfather watch that sir i do have a little bit of iraq by gonna see my wrestlings a lot better now working with good guys olympic level
guys like dominic crews coaches pushing me so i'm always in there with a good good set a duty that help how long you been with alliance now you're in san diego right trained young while three years now that's awesome solid yet the fur first year took me watergate to get used to amend which it we train hard up there we spar hard we go hard lotta drills lotta technique does it took you like what was the biggest transition hardest part of it this name or was it was hard to get used to just download it out may i say hung in there you are this night and we now have a good day my bad days bushes assist but after the same goals the same dreams but ass the day in day out you know anybody can fight right to the children in order to start a fire united waking go five but when you she discipline yourself it's the day and you know the hardest thing is i mean your sword like you talking to my right arm and i gotta get up we're gonna go train a pointer your boys ireland you lose the fine yet to give up who you are now for who you want to be in the future yet saint pierre was talking about after the fight
was it was interesting thing i want to hear not about george say people give added value if we didn't later apply we fully share the troll everyone like you're right you're right you're right i got that fight fund even that important wanted this landing but he was talking about i can't sleep got a few personal issues apparently allegedly this be reported on line and unfortunately with his family's health and one what have you are i don't know what's true once natural but that's what the stories which makes a ton of sense why he's saying that he can't sleep you know he's having a real time thinks he's gone crazy aliens yeah he was talking about on the pod cast aside he gets abducted by aliens also it just fuckin hard to keep up i think what you're saying about the day in day out day in day out and intensify that even more near the champ you're that top of a hill with a bunch of honey we sharks nibbled at your feet but start all the time and i gotta you gotta have those like type cross border you gotta keep your story ass down because if
stressed out all the time say it say it fight we come stressed our all week on this i can get my way i'm stress not unfrequent i'm going to crazy so my nervous systems is gonna become like erratic it's like man we're stress and we're going crazy raina by the timing fight you need all those hormones that you need to go by bush yourself about yourself back into their own your biases no brewery tapped how is good but it out we are so then like boom is hit like a crash as competitive like you relaxed all week your children out you know where you think in the good vibes now awaits going down things was gone before things look sharp but use keeping us for lack of time so that when you go to fight your energize to the max you like booms are not this what we for you that's the adrenaline downright link with the wall weak or a few days leading up to it lie ass little tense manner they think it is it is where last friday like this does the fight game where we have small gloves isn't it fixing rewritten yourself with sixteen which is even bad as it is these guys mandy
somebody's do that are swinging and you that who put you out any any second you know about it jones man haven't you fight with honey jason however that shit caught him within the first round all these should did you see that by god damn suit case on that follow up right hand was ferocious there was no hesitation you cracked him with that and you were on autopilot you just launched that right hand on him and that's it was perfect pull out o brien pull a video known my jeremy stevens verses ronnie jason ato and why you pronounce it honey benita poster you know like a great poster that big right that the case is a poster of that upper curriculum a big that right invade how per capita illumine although i failed though sino some great poster come on you you have to give the poster away now i don't like look and stuff like that right that i read this book one time this art architects people come to me like a man like what was your favorite fight or whatever and always telling my next one because
think of like visualization visionary not like always want i use a cool i appreciate her bugging me like all the love but there still more work and agenda that i've been working on in honor ivan this for a while but i really feel like i'm starting like barely tap into my potential chaldean better twice a twenty seven my first priority for my twin first birthday fires my ass i thought then thomas this must have been some crazy mother fucker come up local right for you know like for joe silver to take notice of your twenty one years old to go we gotta put this one beast will you beast and people and i are what what we're gonna do say i'll send people spinning back first flying knew you knock and everybody i knock and a lot of guys out not everybody in i had a few reduce emissions of like that what was your record before you see sixty seven one wants unlike the mostly knockouts what more now vicious knockers did you have a highlight rail of like vicious striking i had a dream
so our shadow i might have a rule is sold because any time i put something for the you see up there they just take it you know so i don't really get a chance and not allow you everybody like a pilot youtube's maize pilot menaces all school stuff like we're yeah you know but when you find you have see guy you have the pretty honoured belay hey can you send me these tapes and they got all the you have see what are you doing but tat about how they got here here's the care right here this is the slow mo version of it by god that shit per and let me there's food down be one of the best one two's ever boom the lamb zuzu shit for roma talking about right there when their heads ferocious if i like that like that i like see and violence you know that i'm a big for violence i like watching it but rather concussions yeah but when we're talkin but the gruesome arpa horse thing were held on the tap to eight
to think then i think you got a minute let's get big controversial on this i think he got a bum deal on that because i think it worth he held onto was barely a second and it's fucked up to do and he does it but he did a way worse in the past and i think he's at least a little bit crazy i think it's real hard to get that guy to let go i think when he's trying to tap you it's some life and death shit he grew up on a farm he like school using pigs lab when i was thirteen i may i think you're not deal with the regular dude here that's a very aggressive behaviour to to be the ever heard that a bomb but i imagine it but more of an aggressive behaviour as in a very very very very tough environment but much much harder than i think most of us can comprehend listen about my son
blow me away did that easy and pig sloppy is a giant scar on his chest from when they couldn't get he had cut open and they couldn't get a medical attention sleeves like crazy glue on and try to pinch of the other is a giant scar on his chest i agree with you that i think you got a raw deal because i think that something wrong with what he did then there's something wrong with what then henderson did the best being or what you just did i love that no no no i didn't you called off mega jumped up and secondly i dont think yeah you know member knows bad like i happened to land the cake and then i came rate about re back to my base i kind of saw him go to git which i thought maybe he was tito cause i know is a good shot and i didn't expect it i expected to land and land hard at least like scaring bow he healing and then it was basically faint so that when i i kick dilated back on my base and he can light went till i get up call me it almost look like you want to get em it's a short split second and you have to decide in orbit
i'm a lion brewer have a family to feed you like that you know that i know you think about somebody gonna maybe about a guy like diego sanchez that's what i think about when anybody wants to stop a fight too soon i think about a guy like diego sanchez because data centers you can hit that due to the media and sport on she hid him with a media and he comes running back at you even more power vital piece and starts fuckin bought those cracked him i mean i think that she might and knocked out any human being on earth but it is possible that it got me diego's been hit with some bombs goes down some on the recovery of i've cracked and before noon i do the same thing we do not really understand his back yard is again do video of essen start throwing down unless a typology diego isn't he d bring that out in you may have had the funniest times training with diego sent him a lot the offer for him maybe in here again to the next level hit him and josh near like one of my inspirational do that i'm hanging out with these guys from young we headed chances
i mounted train with them like i had the funniest time train with diego sages he's a wild ms real while man he's a most in my opinion the most consistently entertaining fighter maybe ever i got a question for you who would you rather be would you rather created would you rather be in my prayers would you rather be my fears or a goethe what might pierce went when it was our party when the live through it read or live with honey jason witnessing might might pierce can heal his neo nazis oily replace another nothing to spring disney you're you're absolutely right in that situation when you do the consequences are i think i would weigh way rather be my pierce way way way way way way way way way but the difference is that here the choice to let those submissions go it's not like a strike that's in motion in an enduring the middle the contest cocaine in absolute legal time he connects jeremy connection
perfectly play shin and then up we place right here right afterwards that is that is there's no reverie stop in that fight is no one he knows this motherfuckers tapping he knows the referees touching on that's where it's weird where it's weird is he fucking knows you know he knows i know he knows anybody's era pudding he'll hook on anybody ever in their life knows that guy was tapping he knew he was tapping into the reference stepping in here the fight was over any still held on yeah but but this this is what i'm saying is when in when it comes submissions right there's you see the submission common he wrapped up his leg if you want to fight them run this right to receive this information come and he's right now he's ready to go so soon anti tactical ok stop and then on a little bit long when in these cases the referee is far away show if the rep
we was right next to him he would stop the fighting that last point will that's good that's a good argument logically the problem that is that you're dealing with a choice and when the guy's holding onto a submission it's a choice now but let's say as honourable members are not something i've been fights what do not someone out there and again i love the violence i love it nothing cut it i'm just saying you can't not with some are parts because it happens i went down anderson cracked busy being in that situation there is a chance i don't know exactly what was going on and inheritance but there was a shower he knows he's out barometer fuck em up more time the rubs too far away to that but they know when we actually talked a nose angrily canada doesn't canada we talked about the postwar press colleague said he wanted to show tomorrow we gave him that last points to shut him up there that's all legal cause a referee if the referees not there that shit's on him that guy asean survival mode he's in full war mode i agree i like that we are saying is what would happen with which my party is
exactly this it's not here's where would be different he made a referee if the referee told him to stop and got in front of him and he pushed the referee aside and still smashed him then that's before then it would be worse than what who's more powers did first because he's he's can t sitting concussed fighter and one refugees are stopped contest this is this a race and this is in the rules that i was talking shit he decided to crack on him he saw him go on down is like you know i've been trying to give you one more before the referee gets here that we have we all know that it was as they have the absolute without a penny s wasn't etas if i know as was an ex the same because i do i am aware the rap did write off him but it was that the mt of time and it's almost like you dude like that it's happening blanche
you know like the fight or not theirs they're gonna times were a drag its cracking knox out ass a guys out because i'm not gonna hit em again stop it rough right yeah no domain you like that like when she's wanted to mark me so there's a choice there zoroaster with those guys are friendly difference you matutina munoz who temporarily like i would rather have the guy get it one more time i like guys go jack like when guys get along the whole paul whose mccoy though he this is where i don't agree i was gonna stop as you know there could have been questionable but the guys down at a couple time yes that's so rather than other godlike ok what they put the gun actually made a statement he goes i couldn't fill the guy tat because the referee was on me now that's
earlier i think he point we're like due to resign you're doing with reveries check to make sure that he'll look is applied correctly is not put in your subjects that such a goddamned dumb statement if we ve actually say that exists it sucks that he got caught he's also amazing here you know what scary guy one sentence because because of who doesn't really listen any enjoys it enjoys the reputation of being a guy that whips needs a parts because he's done it before he had to get caught i understand why dana com the kind of multilateral here but you gotta have that animal back bring em glaring suffer very here and bring them back as he's always a threat any body at any time was specially one seven million entity there's no other guys like that there's no other guys they could jump on you with he'll hooks like that there's nobody by mr wynn ladys is someone
what team was there was never as dynamic is deemed to fund the of sea a few times he never had that kind of crazy scary performance these very very good don't get me wrong is grappling is world class is is excellent but d never had that kind of cited kind of appearance in the eu have see we're just attack someone like a fuckin wild animal he's very and dean wasn't no game was known as a mauler like agreed there wasn't known as explosive and they were supposed to do it you just too much and i think it went down the thing paul harsher somebody got her but i think the endless get your things like an intelligent mauler that's a good way is currently intelligent marge very technical knows exactly where it being the repetition is strongest fuck he's a beast he's crazy he like he'd always tell me yours could i train with him and he's always like i won't let you feel like i'm like and like a formal position these like there's many options you jimmy sometimes he doesn't even know who black go back there again do this and i could be on
it has come up with something like right there and all have an escape for any soul is such a big dude what he roles like a hundred five has ease about mother fucker thrilled shame that gene lister had to go and emma may because i give there was i think there should be a real professional jujitsu on television like an he s p m the same where they have tennis and assembled ass anything i just figured out how to do like an hour but dogmas style submission only thing put it on tv jitsu barely within each i yet or for that too maybe maybe to come in future for like maybe lucky you have c s fresh oars you jets who unlike some mission rustling would be a solid become actions by itself i think you just by itself jujitsu is still very very exciting and there's some guys just never gonna make that transition a striking security and about with some with some guys just don't they just don't get there and some i do like rubber shiver do or damien my or what have you munoz guys get better and better at striking and become like a dangerous threat on her feet as well but
it's been nice to see them just do what their automatic exile should a soccer player also have to learn how to play baseball you're gonna mean or somethin right and between the combat against this right and between no strike standing its ruslan wrestling standing but on the ground you could punch in the face that mixed it's right in the middle between jute novi grappling an end it's not it's quite a quite is hard course a maid but it's more exciting because on the ground that be less stalling because you could punch to the face it sambo guys almost like it's almost like old you have see without like all like maybe the violence we do not want to see so you have i russian sambo dude version the site brazilian in the olympics may not be incredible you know like the wrestling the digits makes you yes we sick with peopled but they'll across train elbow across nobody would ever do just jujitsu versus somber which is figures out what styles better everybody would cross train you know you you gotta learn other guys techniques as well or your cross chamber not admit it we know it's really interesting man is combat sambo
because the car do in emma may but then there are also doing judo because ever judo kimonos about another in between and i may rattling that's probably the closest that's what i'm saying that those those guys would face like a judicial guy cause can early it is like a boxer verses is so if we got this in the olympics i think everybody from some sort of grappling would want to be like okay let's let's compete with these people and in the safety level is amazing high when you think about you know these do the injury rate in nascar the injury rate to fucking polo you know i mean to do is get jack riding horses mantle horse races fall off break their necks gets stomped i mean how many of those go a year it's it's but you gotta know when you ve had enough right for sure it's probably one of the most important things for fighting to be aware of every fighter in the gym knows at least one guy that didn't figure it out a day is that sad news has led a heart but sometimes costume
like a fire if i felt like i have get knocked out like three times in a row two times you know you know perspective my family you know like thank you have c4 let let me enjoy this on this not eventually out just walk away and eventually open up amazon like that by super hard to admit that those guys done there always mean you know as much as anybody that there's always wonders after a loss like if you had done something differently would the fight have played out differently if you train with a different coach would you have been able to see that common if you had done this differently would that have happened and those thoughts they ve never they never go away you never gets a real natural its natural to fill those thoughts and ass and wondering has actually been banquet before before that time i just thought i was is almost like a mike tyson thing i felt like a surreal in there i can go in there and brought in sluggish out and then eventually what our actual into some like bad problems the stuff and i got
bayou's edwards you know he's a great dude but honestly i think i could have beat him and i could have played that fight a lot more different i was asking myself man you know is that you know what my my my weak chin now i know i've been hit with saw shots with that didn't land so finally is you like i just talked my coaches i talked to a sports psychologist and i just pick myself up does must for i knew i was getting better in the gym and the progress it just wasn't there and again like this we start a line things up everything sort of connecting a lot better and i have been a better fighter from it now falls can and you too well fun with this dude i'm still learning so much i mean we could play a role right now i learn something new or just like a different way a different route so of the aspect about fighting i mean i'm senor talkin to you rogan ion and you too i saw my on malta i've never done this everyone for laguna may so i changed my life and in the moment i stop havin fun with it and stop learning dislike charles i said you have that the most that also the longest why was the wanted to adapt to change
and i totally agree with other some young beast is common in the u s ear sergio parents how old that kitty twenty he dislikes we incredible it also means that the two battalions actually come in so you gonna be able to adapt and adjust you can't be the same stand in the pocket type brawler dude you gotta that's what's gonna make a great as that attitude to the being in love with the idea of learning tanks and one beautiful things about i'm a may and you know even there in jiu jitsu it's like you never run out of things in jiu never learn techniques now you striking to that and now and then wrestling too that it's like there's a never ending ocean of techniques out there these are are you thrown are you working on like we'll kicks and shit like that and spinning bacchic the area have you seen as videos of him kicking the bed now you
many back i used to be i was a tag window blackmail you haven't seen those videos none i never never solemnly usages of whenever new jobs as before i ever did daddy settees tag window for living in one a bunch of title no tournaments back and we really serves them not just saying this and everybody knows this everyone to think ass kissing his ass when one when i would try to tell people but now there's video and others proof i've never seen anybody throw it turning sidekick it's hard it's just like when he starts is coming up
you gotta look at the way he is he's teach enjoy your same here i think its earlier than show the whole reason but there's one thing he's about joyce before this before their cause this is what he's already asking the record what you didn't ball volvo like fighting men you you have such a good grasp on things may like i don't even go to bars in order a paper view dedbroke it just a decision commentators who know all thanks man i really appreciate i was attacked wonder guy when i was a kid i won the u s open and one in massachusetts day championship like four years and arouse that then i went from that into kickboxing i had three kickboxing bouts but we do at all while i was still doing stanhope calmly and then i had i to figure out what to do so starting to lose a lot
my last fight and i knew i ll ask there wasn't in good shape i was i was was fucking around too much into a comedy i wasn't focused i knew i wasn't training like i was when i was younger sire how to make a big decision my big city was abandoned all that that whole world just throw us for the comedy plus there was no money man there was no you see there was nobody and then you know i went from comedy i was on a television show called news radio from news radio i watched the first you have say when i was there was i first saw it and like i think it is a public ninety five upper provocateur like a year or two after it had started i heard about it and i watched it on the h s table anything i watched the first one thing i watched you have seen too the first one was an available for some reason tourism the right issues are what aviano i remember what the exact reality was but a member watch employs crazy strangle the fuck out of everybody go and oh god like i felt first of all
all my years of tiny window i was like oh i'm helpless i thought i was just gonna kick dues in the head and unlike any realise gaga just just man hannah me like tat so i went to crossing the races place in like ninety six a start training there that was back when veto was making is debut these com victor because the crazy like when i when i interviewed him and you ll see twelve i call them victor gracie that's crazy that's what i've got them and then he was get sued by hoary are some like that we had a drop the gracie name but he was taking it because of karlsson so that's my stuff and then i met eddie and probably like ninety eight a sort of john sharks i met of nice evan i met any round there and i start smoking weed about ninety nine thousand was it she doesn't know those whose before fear factor the yet there was before was if refer to suit algeria com demeanor on their when i'm over this one time because i knew your let's check out the big fight big forgotten and saw the way there
the sky haven't like this attitude in this crazy near like life but will to allow in the gallery tried like how i fear factor when you sound like a car com demeanor other manual jos brood or do you just tell her you black majority messed him off actually know what that guy was suit i was told about him before we ever did the show they were tell me the disguise a convoy loose cannon he attacked a councillor on one show and he threw his wife to the ground on another show accused the alarm in the show is first finally exciting animals you they knew it while it was works him and his wife were fuckin screaming at each other they really screaming like you fuckin stupid page like it was like there was really entertaining because it was the most dysfunctional and violent relationship i've ever witnessed without being like these mother fucker screamed at each other in swears and all the time what is going on is this little dude who johnny fair play from survivor whose in hilarious the whole time
there there screaming each other with a fucking flashlight gave it a fuckin flashlight buys a flashlight fact gal screw moves johnny fair play is is yelling at the guy like about the way if like tell on her him you dont need or she's dead weight she's ruin it for you he says he's like you don't need a job then she's dead wage is ruined employer and like you say that about her he would say that about him who just constantly hackler constantly hackler like you guys got this wrapped up because gonna wrapped up far gas so she comes back and immediately punches this guy johnny fair play me fuckin punches in hard in the stomach an ice i said hey just because you hit your your ben doesn't mean you can hear the people you can just hit people and southern he got my phase dahlias gonna hit me sizes grab them it was like we will i pushed him away a couple times it didn't show that and then the next thing i got him in the plum selden whose head dont show this man our heads
now you're so stupid it was so stupid zella you just tell her do the stray high head and the way you hear us like manna sky obviously some tab like martial arts like self control in a word you workin on lead leg sidekick economic rent you ever do thou i mean that's been around a lot more sense conor macgregor i will give him the cut for a better procedures men rimmer way back yet not do any people with i mean who eyewash ernesto whose like all i dont want an eminent acousticon lead like sidekick machine trouser alighted on jobs as to the need which is a machine dropped v towards the body is gonna hit him with iran lakeside kicked the body and drop me to remember that at its core to sudan i also use like a lot of stuff casucha with alice who soften loses a lotta like real trickery stuff like he'll get like hip to hip with you like with your sin and enabled us go hip to happen in like this we view and is almost makes you look stupid son he's got out dominant crews style
nay i mean he purposely emulated dominic who sets out a coincidence right that they move the scientists think uses light on the same coaches you can see they yet for sure but he is doing that day is that iraq is eric delf euro zone is constantly talking about being toes been afflicted smart do so smart do very very smart do style that very distinct dummy shed very few people can do that and good stuff as pointed out you know moves around like that but doesn't attack enough is timidly did she camellia this weekend yea got great footwork man that is going to come with yes i think so too that kid is stupid straw or midwest area only share was that super freelance furtive eu logo teenage little guys yeah i've fast forward through that was good fight matting launchers progress or a lot of movement in the ass he indefinitely in thirty five or in the future the people there are look
what do you think you'll be thirty five is different twenty five using oil only find others a fly away they twenty five you know you don't want a fan of the hundred twenty five pounds i really i want my respect for demetrius johnson i obviously talented but joseph benefit as broad area that little bastard devising hound bro you just see the whole he's gotta technical yummy sets things up like like you start maize or i've never seen i do know boring and is a perfect example what you are talking about before about someone put neither training can never get bang ludwig who's running their whole can in that he runs alpha mail in san jose now we're sacrament sacramento and all those guys like ligature mendez look at how much better he got from their look look at how much better everybody's garden from from that camp and better it and mighty mouse they can have a rematch on fox that's the the main event on fox from la sacramento danica still you use it he's a friend of mine out there he's a fifty five worries finer a good counted tracker barboza norman
did you see how wearing and in an alpha male come up with a strategy no like stories that he's a good duty i throw it throws downeys is getting better and in another have the weight dwayne up there are shown a lot will study that debt strategy for the barber was a fight fire to guess programme we take that do down you set it up but jamie varner must set it out hottam yeah is set up and wrestling yeah i thought he was going to go alone and caught him high james tat long right hand to heat she's she's fuckin he launches that right hand out yet throws out of it and because it covers a lot of distance to as cycle almost like a caustic back neighbour conjoined wing isn't that right now you guys like to throw the straight right hand and catch guys before are able to hit the hook on rice that can sometimes put news asleep yeah the way varner completes the right hands very straight it's very straight galleon if i authorised set ups he was smart that time he made they came out take barboza down you know barboza is gonna get up so or as you do
time acts like he's gonna go down of course respecting guy just took it out right hand yeah big fat tiny varner i love a dude who like was a champion of one point taos double issue champion and then went through a bad streak whereas losing a garage never lose to losses motivation was going back to college and then all of a sudden gets a bit together again made goes world class ago so as you realize shit what choice the abbe go back to regularly superstar you're gonna tv right there at your fingertips you just gotta get a cup of training camps together give it's right there soon birdy status and not worthwhile can apply in a factory in the example you man you gotta keep going you got look at it as i do you know what i mean b i won't have you could look at realistically like maybe i won't get the belt but i'm gonna fuckin my heart is in them in the meantime i'm not gonna work irregular
a job or listen to some other she essentially it is the excitement need they missed that he can't a regular today by regular day job is just a slow drawn drawl major i worked and it was this is horrible on my mind migrants there had had a torment acquitted job nanos conscripts corn and also my all grow for at the time i remember one time i had to stay at her parents house just because i was like believing in this dream and i was just starting out i don't really have much it i struggled a lot and then i remember her dad was just like you know it doesn't pay the bills looking at the skylight may rise sometimes some feedback on noise which is due to one why was it was where feedback it was a form of your phone is going off what it was i thought was a feedback thing yeah man it's a fucking crazy dream to believe in a minute scott its ups and downs van i can imagine
like all the crazy crap your varner like half these guys and you know what scared to death he admitted include everybody does our bowser i mean but especially barbosa the guy's a killer duties on human how are you shit coming hiking barboza coming off their terry eta knock out one of the worst knockouts ever in the up so that when we act without a long time ago down in florida through hermes fraga who i was hanging out with back in the day we went to the armory in and we train with the barboza i remember just might i was really really good and submit with sky fight colleagues i should be fighting here in an already and you have see at the time and i guess there like eastward ground or whatever it is it's really good good striking is workers recipes explosive athlete he's a big fifty five or two and magazine
yeah it's did the weight cunning thing is really fascinating is what most people here that a guy fights at a hundred fifty five pounds or you fight at a higher forty five pounds they assume you're actually a hundred forty five pounds that jesus fuck is that work that is a tyrant with is the best example that there's no way that do looks to be a hundred seventy pounds answer i don't know what a highly ways when he gets anyhow i think he's gonna human hector lombardo just going to take over the top and that's just duchess matches you know that would be an amazing fight hector lombard versus tyrant woodley whole boldly marian shit they probably narrowed by or they wouldn't find until it becomes absolutely that's how they come in hand while others were or prices to see him scrap again out so i love that duties a great guy fund the watts citing fighter presented unfortunate series of injury serves ring peck surgery no impressive means donald surrounding
oh you fight with ever done on the coolest always show was evan dunham hee hee deep have some periodically it's on top gets put an and trying to escape the triangle goes right into normal blob gets yama plot the sweet with the past donna's alone is i control just some amazing beautiful jujitsu they get back on this date though that they throw down again dunham hands upon his back again hit some with another deep ass we he gets on time run into another triangle but this time you finished sir i tightness quick areas jujitsu authorities angry i heard him talk about going on ahern forty five pounds and i've actually thoughts rony in here break my orbital in the first round me i wasn't like you it will hardly any in on us our film is kicks but there's just precise shot in or thrown is more time and when he's on he's on yeah he's a scary duties of big due to fifty five pounds and for him to go
a hundred forty five like men always gonna do that he's so there is a big deal if you can make it an reload for real other eye when an imaginary priority as a sandwich and so he's got a good cameron's a team i don't think he's gonna drop by ten thousand room i think i read somewhere where he said not i talked about it but it ain't gonna happen usually people talk about cutting after they lose you just beat the shit out of him tat he good to the amazon and grief window he had a brief window he could have pulled out of that trying always take a little break there and that's when you just locked it up i haven't done is a tough mother for five years and a tap m is like even more important trade with them are we really going to reduce dominic cruises camp with your i favour when there are competing on the show we're a team it was always a red rise doesn't we got a chance i got chance rolleth evan dunham new uses use ferocious on there
yeah is very good that from what when he tapped efron escudero those real wake up call for a lot of people like this kid's ground games vary so called me right before a vendetta made as you have seen debut i don't know anything about just one of those dude you never heard of general too there's a guy i think he fought africa with opportunities trusting put all your money i haven't done him i just role damn all week the guy's trashed me awesome i haven't so i thought i can't believe it when he fought thyssen griffin world trading partners i thought that was really good has tightened real sought on the ground to an end that fight dunham was just had this back control that was crazy and control i would just all back and he knows you judges on and on top yeah he's very good man i just was completely blown away by how good sir only looked ceremony wishes when is on fire is on fire and i think i think maybe you had a little personal issues that fight with
dose on yours and if you know it's bounced back on thrones when those guys who lay stay active in and get after so generous ensue do you have fought out can be really interesting what did you think about the manner at me persia i think hendricks one i think he completed all or whether the octagon rules are about in our damage octagon control he only relate to take nouns he bought it up his face he controlled the fire you made it a great fi almost he must knock them out and they will not end of the day gs p one in that that's that's a decision but i think i think a lot better things are going to come from that because dana whites them immediately call out these these judges and and pride in things going on that answer every interesting to see what happens where i think it is very much the
i think you're right about that the judges i think that is also not just the judges but that the judging when you look at the scorn systems currently in place is not tat crazy the judges not that crazy it's not that off at least this fight but the score systems terrible the scorn systems terrible it doesnt work when you can have around like this rob we're hendry said she has been all sorts of trouble and then round in the first round are scored exactly the same they're both ten nine one way or another and either judges scorecard that's crazy those are not the same rounds one round you had a good struggle that i think you know one guy did more damage but one guy went for submission its assorted debatable ten nine round but this i can round was johnny hendricks wang george has a wobbled has an all sorts of trouble johnny swarming on how the fuck or those two rounds quantifiably the same that's pro
austria they gotta fix that and if they don't think that big nine new and in time around and say that but i think i think dismay at least in some way motivate the conversation i think as time goes on a few if any member may last twenty years if we're okey they're going to figure out that the system needs to be overhauled and this idea of ten points every round is fucking silly business this is where we are acting like there's a thing in place that we have to follow for a new sport and that's fucking stupid you don't you you never know there's no consistency with these judges like you one thing i do not want do in brazil was go to a decision is closer to give it to him when i went up and i had a close fight with sam's now i thought they're gonna give him like man you know what you did everything i knew my heart i'm on the fire and thankfully i get
in their fight but so closely when there are close fights yeah close fight phil davis i thought be lee automata two out of three rather a very big controversial fight and people were dislike gnarly leona one on that decision down there like in brazil at scary bro you know like oh my you gonna get this i have to watch it again because i thought the mosquito one would have to see it again quote he got the decision but yeah that's not a robbery that's a close fight the problem with the hendricks gs be fight is like let's say people that are watching their emma fans that may not even train they just enjoy the the the fight they join when the sport to them
is he got his aspects pleasure it's pretty god damn obvious so the only way didn't get his ass kicked as if the scoring systems broken because of the average person when you what is a fight about is a fight about touching the guy is a fight about putting a guy on his back and winding up on top of what is a fight about a fight is about doing damage one way or another or trying to finish the fight and one guy clearly did that way more than the other johnny dynamic graduate if we're on the street in the fight was a go down and they know after weiler by breaks it up no matter who's on tat whatever happened they fight we stand john we stand just pure like ok we'll give thou johnny the street but also memory of that could that could be that could happen actually like someone could hit someone an elbow caught him open real early in the fight and even though they dominate the rest of the round they looked the worse for wear that's past answer yet it getting taken hand like what actually went down like how was he doing that damage ryan
you don't look like johnny was actually doing the damage not just you know i got a lucky pensioners i got swollen that could easily happen by huge this he was land and shot after shot on put pushing a good good pace were gnp was even wobbled unease is laying on himself i mean obviously thing you know if anybody was not even like a fan or like your grandma was watching she blight why i think the skies the most shocked and disappointed guy i think maybe i've ever seen after fight was johnny hendricks saturday night he was bravo regions crazy didn't realize you get to sleep so did the night you didn't get it shall not really i when i go to any man it's because i was gonna act echo his breathing echo so yeah that's right that's ridiculous excellently talked in fact it up that's ridiculous yeah man i think tat if you if if you look the scoring system is in place and how it's been utilised so far i could see the
argument i don't agree with it but i could see the argument that gnp one the fight i dont think you one first round erasing in any one the first round that because you have some michel got to take down but it he did a lot of damage in their rally factors legs up with those needs to the legs which understand why people on count those like we would you like an asthmatic strike us like a charlie horse on fog in the leg or like you look like a slug bugs as we like mad at me hitting its largest because just he's not responding doesn't mean those our big shots he just can tolerate the pain was hurt like fuck and those damaging to take away your spring and so in my opinion you ve got people that should not be judging that don't understand what exactly is going down john did a lot more damaging that round here and with some hard fuckin elbows when they are up against the cage with george is trying to take him down he had the single johnny hidden what some hard fuckin elbows and then when they were in a classroom johnny was
julius bautzen up and down a one leg he was tagging and with less apricots those are all really significant detail down picture that take down in this submission attempt close enough it wasn't johnny with scream in book be read in and then he got it out of it like you see him on his back and strangled close enough opinion i gave i gave hendricks around in your eye when i watch what i'm doing com return i washers one thing when i watch it again afterwards that when i get a sense of what i think actually happen didn't happen sometimes you don't cometary just trying to be entertaining you are caught up in a moment but why why do you suppose nothing has been done and this is the first time we read main event the controversial decision like y know i just i know i know you because you have heard the commission asked admitted them in a mistake do you believe the theory that like you really should be to champion now like now has the there's a lot of what those ones would like frank yet europe
henderson i don't know i think it's an even fight i think warlike or you really gotta take it from the chamber i can see how you gotta be have a convict look any decisions close you gonna people that sea for the other guy that's always gonna be the case and in that way the idea you gonna take it from the champion kind of makes sense that's the only way it makes sense to convince the people that this is a fair and just decision even if you're not happy that the guy that you were rooting for lost you stay how do you know you still to look at it honestly and objectively way correct that's a fact as you like he's probably example second round of frankie edgar be japan ok the first i was a close fight second fight it's not second by second the first one of course fight whereas very debatable second fight nobody was debating that frankly be beecher he'd be j period so when you all of us and our eve i worked on he was more motivated he was in better shape pushed our pace that's
fight where you mean dj penance for millions of fans they couldn't deny the fact that media laws that fight so in that kind of fight yeah good see that's one of those sites where you you know you really taken it to him even though frankie was the champ at that time but i think that you should start even issues even for sure you got it you wanna earn indefinitely and i mean i think even gs peaceful face i got told told it off now it's crazy no actually i one of our bodies are might chandler just five eighty alvarez and a sick fights qualify it was this crazy microscope forties lane and take now these get now stuffy noise control is wrong and such a close decision were at the end of it if you look at this eddie alvarez's family looks worry there not hugging and michael shameless families i get over that their thinking confident within boom there's this decision is all you gotta go back and look at things like ok what what what happened maybe something i didn't see normal mayas right as this as those crazy fights you know
it was our fight a second time i enjoyed those while fight channel a bad mother fucker showed his those hours i sat in the june list those over as you think nothing nothing changes because then that would mean the commission would have to admit they made him yes if you if you change things you have to admit that you should have changed things so method of your running things of this is the correct way to do things why didn't you do this eighteen months ago why you did two years ago why didn't you just five years ago you been licensing mme for so long and people have been complaining about things for so long but you have done the same shit over and over again that's that's probably never gonna change that's like the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results it can have people that are untrained as judges is better or worse for the casinos people are taken by is better or worse if there is a logical reasonable scorn system or if there's a phone
applying its better leave things better for their well of the certificates see knows are on the board in everything is on the square then you know the house's always gonna win and almost every game right when it the gambling on fights they're pretty i'm sure they get really good odds makers there was a few lines that i didn't like i gave a few of my friends or betting i told him i thought well it good bats and not good bets but i think tat ultimately that the experts of emma may are you not to build a fool them they know who's gonna win or they have a seventy eighty percent chance it who's gonna way better than fifty one percent of the house of the fifty one percent chance or chance or fifty four percent whenever it isn't blackjack then i'm a expert has a way better enough gambling like you gambling on fights shit you're gonna be eighty percent right
easy about eighty percent when you guess who's gonna win a violent sometimes i get em all wrong but little its do you think there is ever been a point in time in las vegas where the people that are run in the casinos who the fuck knows who they are have something to do with the commission like their tied and somehow and at it there was a fight new think ever that then casinos made a decision happen because they don't want to lose a certain amount of my who that's all speculation who knows a minute that ever happens i dont know i'll tell you what i'm the one thing i do know about casinos like they're not stupid you really care people counting cards they get rid of them if they catch but doing things like here's a perfect example professional poor they ve never had a line on professional pool you know why because they had a line on professional pool wants in the dogs is dude name michael abroad when this big tournament and so did the shit out of this dude everybody dumping
dude meaning everybody quit they they they played shitty on purpose and let this dude win and they bet all their money on this guy winning so everybody just head is due to just drive and ball strand to the rather miss in the pocket book inches on purpose totally on purpose obviously on purpose and that the other dude deny casino its trial and error in those you can't you can actually united casinos aside every their people that i got there that are there are highly let people they know how to me good decisions leah no matter what it is that they're waiting for a reason s because they're making good decisions and and taken it those people that are trying to cut cut this getting there might be a crazy conspiracy were like the people running the casinos something to do like every now and then they make the call and the goat that motherfucker lost no matter what if it's closed there's anything like that or you groundwater bodies on judges and go to the casino they play there
very good but someone or harm is like making through some four for a judge to get paid off to do this or that there's gotta be somewhat and says it's our it's the math that people don't understand that's why those people that account cards they understand portion of the math you're thinking people were at an elite love one are always women because of their decision making so there their science in their math mattel like geography way better than yours so they can see these small little snakes in the grass if that's what you want to call my will dirt bag china this scheme on your money imagine if like that that yours and like that you see the full rat over your plane a little game you wanted open likes makin by jim assignment cheating is he's just good at it it so stupid that you can count he caught under the science of math but i mean how crazy they tell you can't be really good at this you can't you can't be good if you can't you can't figure is related to the to the people that are dislike man we're gonna get lucky imagine that man it's like only fighting guys you can absolutely beat can could you imagine you'll never get a title shot like the idea
did you ask anybody peace it is not like the battle between the card counters and the casinos that should never goes down it's not really they they make sure those guys can't work the sorry we see or steel extract when i a gamble a gamble or set of gambling when a gag it's like really good at poker really good at blackjack its economy becomes like these those do just make money man the really best dues ages are making money that make a big risk there they lose a little bit here and again but for the most part they want ahead this a lot of those guys who though it professional them what are they happened to these guys this give funded or that is plain in a basement where these come from it's crazy cause like the executive to see this guy on tv like men's does gave in only thing i'll send it shows like the the chip or the money counter like this dude will think about if you think about how much money it would i mean how much time and effort you put in to get really good at mma
now think about someone is doing the same thing with card counting or with poker they just constantly plant moves over that if she liked poker dork talk they have a poker door conversation with people what they are talking about now i have you no five night and he pulls king sex and i've flop which has the fucking sand but but to them it's just it's almost like a chest thing so let's get going over the moves like oh i see well why didn't you fold in i bought a new weena wanting you this what a new this way and their they're going over positions and i got a bad role the cards and i believe in after all the cards are you ever ever sat down like on like what is it like a black jack table persons always hidden when they should be hidden or not hidden and yours like i gotta get about his last seventy five bucks realise this guy's an idiot these mess up the whole able but you get on the table and yours is hidden in your role slap in high five with some person from arizona you don't even know it
kill it is it's it's crazy that explain that to me how does it see i don't know gambling so if we're all plants a union airplane blackjack together and eighty gets crazy me just focus its gas it had at least twenty hit me i got a lot of work in one bit say i have like a low car like i'm out like a nine these hidden on sixteen to try to get to twenty one could see he wants to be the gain of disposal at that ass enlightened let let me go ahead and hit hit and hid the bigger number said he'll bossed who in my car next thing you know like all he'd like to low cards on my ok amerika a twelve but their shores fifteen sixteen two i got a hit and they blew my boss and it is kind of his goes down the line but if you get the people that are hidden on there cars that are actually function way and flow roy we have it doesn't make any sense seems like you know he's making his decisions you're making your decisions as legislators the earlier angels the guy goes downstairs and they score but darted use like five decks now though it five
that time you know how many they use a bunch you they have a big machine that like was so weak the way you're looking man is if he gets a five that you could have used and he bought because that five he fucked you yes he's gonna had that five and you would add twenty or so matera and you in he might have been then the dealer might have busted and he could actually one but he actually had the wrong carb trying to be greedy too soon i think that's not a good way of looking at it that's like a defeatist logic because it doesn't make any sense like eu the numbers are the numbers if you have fifteen and you hit in earlier you know what the consequences are of yours continued you're crazy thirty doesn't load ones that you're supposed to head on and they tell you not to head on and sometimes the the dealer if you like you don't really know you're doin you start out and obligations want to do that but then i can you but though ass going stop you which is pretty cool because
if you don't know you're doing just blacked out drunk and you making all stupid bets lose money if i would imagine to that if you are a card counter it would actually help you to have someone's betting all fucking wacky next to you you know that he got that certain card like instead of like him folding are holding here actually added additional information into the equation he gave you like all the seven just got use so now you have an extra number that you can eliminate alana mean i it seems to me that playing with idiots would be beneficial if the other right answered it possibly work out of your car counter of europe really good cargo and again and i wish i had a full card carrying works on just talking about it but i still never it's a hard man yeah i saw at norton right it's a crazy it's crazy master that's who knows a loving it known i think it was now that's ok that's a tender love the casino they robbed the casino wasn't i like card counter knows what he's not yet there's a lot of other there's a lot
movies the weather dude birthday is yeah figures out of his genius what movie was it with his wonted genius card counters there i'll be haulage that they and the guy is there any was professor eluding yeah i want to do this they are gonna sweet together their own or on a casual it all goes bad any bravo they get someone some fuckin if i feel certain lie rob system read with light if you knew how to around and i like say you knew the math and you too sit down you know i just wanna complex four hundred was real quick enough and then you would you sit down under be scared out i system but i didn't realize it was an idiot and i and i was trying to make some money in tahoe
how much did you lose before i figured out you suck well it's just like twenty one in an roulette you know you there's red and you just bad reddened blackie to put chips on the numbers or even just put chips on red black so i figured i figured if you put down you know if you have a lot of cash put five hundred dollars on red if you lose you just keep putting you keep dumb when it until finally redheads but you gotta have a lot of money to double but there's a bit so they they already figured that our own time ago so they they limit either you can't do that shit so i thought i had an i didn't realize that they are get out some and tom eminent do this i'm just going to i'm just gonna win once when five hundred bucks and i'm done that could be an expensive method though you better come and listen stagger you gonna like ten thousand dollars even if i did i'd be so all of this but walk away you gonna walk or that the key is to walk away when you get your five hundred everybody is thought this through its hilarious
has always how many conversations have been had across the country people figure profile of albania's but i'm not going crazy it's just can be five hundred dollars a day at the system they get but you could you could live nice we do want to say is happy with interesting if you one five hundred hours a day they fuckin take you out i give the ambition casinos yeah that's a move right when in the country with each other to keep you in that environment they are either like they re pretty girls over to give you a bottle of champagne like you're the man bulgaria's world today i loved eggs i love the idea behind various let people do whatever the fuck they want them gamble let a decision stay open stay open twenty four hours a day why wondering what why don't drink i'll go fuck yeah i like it i like vegas i like the freedom a vegas in people again sincerely parts of the city
it's everywhere if you get a hundred people together one of them is gonna suck stood there too thought as to how to live though to maybe if you were like roland ball unlike care top and yet some giant mansion henderson keeping bitches image i mentioned pullet pause fucking easy rich are you kidding i do not like feldman now he's gotta he's got a long standing show in vegas at the luxembourg guidelines steady carried top has been performing an ox or for all law download that thousands of vanilla ice can in no way dude coward top has been a successful performer in vegas for more than a decade helen killing in vegas for a decade and he puts on a great show you know a lot of people give carrots up a lot of shit but look there's a people that the monkeys and its people that likes layer everybody's got their own thing they enjoy and if you like that kind of comedy care tops of funny dude and he's a base
the essentially taken over that entire market what is there's no product prop comic she's a prompt media brings out a bunch props here today is to be a style prop prop comedies to boost our economy there was a puppet guy eventually requests it was guys whose guys you do impressions and there was prop comics those like style a comedy it's not anymore because care i was so dominant he was how big is the biggest prop comic of all tyler there's a problem here the gallagher is like a fake prob comic liking smashes fruit and shit it's so little different he has i shouldn't say fake i would say he's got his own branch of prop comedy that he always as well if you went on stage interests mash watermelons maybe like pitch are you fucking kidding me you can't steal from him that's gallagher shit you can't fruit whereby introduce clear solaris the man does he still make a lot of money he always latvian wagon road of like
coolness around him you know it is larry's we ve got a pike s a couple times we want to seem in vegas i saw back at its height like i was a massive where was it big plaintive pacific amphitheatre sit down an orange county why i know my gun did some insane amount of theatres cross the country more than any comedian over their eyes probably the most successful comedian of all time like as far as like money that george lopez food at the right time it is came the re air and smash it just now perfect actaean anti kids play back those the thing about his act like you didn't mind if you knew the jokes it's almost like music like if you want to go see the rolling stones you knew songbirds news i get it either way you get new software i wonder you start me up you know get back to the class comedy everything having comedy avenue shit except dice clay dies clay what's up
bridge the whole crowd would sing in along as if they were like music yeah it's a different gain there was a different thing he figured out something different or stumbled upon some different but that's somethin and became mass of people want to see those rhymes they wanna hear those rise little boy
a blue needed the money and the whole crowd would sing it along with his act like nowadays malaria will seem like uses keeping a rule he doesn't give a fuck he's he's worth a ton of monies gotta hot wife he is very few people that legitimately don't give a fuck andrew duff clay legitimately doesn't give a fuck still smokes a ton of cigarettes so where's rest fuckin weightlifting gloves and cut off sleeves and was a nice fanny pack crop i learned about the roots vanni back from him it's an excellent choice for going at a very powerful ruth's leather fanny packages it doesn't give a fiery eyes now afar board fairyland i was such a big energetically than that for failing was still one of my favorite i wasn't sunnyside comedy long do we saw him i guess we saw him about two years ago in vegas was a year ago two years ago i was about a year ago here on earth did you ever ask about what the reason behind that the data laughter died was that about you don't give a fuck you
stage in a huge like decided the news to bigger sunlight that's they weren't stage dangerfield and decided just talk nonsense for two hours joke bomb and then release it as a dvd and it did great so fuckin hundreds of thousands of copies so as a joke it was what he wants to do he just wants to do whatever the fuck you i died sure did he did whatever the fuck you want to do what he wanted to do was to show up and start recording shows where he just start talking and me becomes a bad jokes and maybe not and some things refunding you'd get some funny really fifteen twenty minutes i took that seriously man i'd better get it i think i was at twenty two i didn't get it i would i take it seriously i thought it was a is just he just now i think he got so big i don't think you nor nor anyone in this room could ever imagine what it's like to be the famous
when innocent famous before the internet was there was a weird fame and i was a kid like people couldn't believe they're seen use a lot more exact loose here about spain as this is what our urban no matter how you go through life everywhere you go people go in there spoken jerome and everyone people are in great it's but nice man people almost universally nice to me it's not hard you know people whose object or go hey what's up it's not hard it's not like people comparing dead at restaurants i'm a nice guy man enough to say hi i'll say it say it is not that it's me it's a bunch of people who have been nice to thousands for being like like here's a perfect example of like george zimmermann you now if you re like that's how i gather got arrested for the trade shootin trailer martin if you with that kind of famous that would have to be there will be very disconcerting because you're famous or something horrible that incognito guy he just got arrested again last year punching is allegedly
for son alive outweighed no no no no no no no cameras emerge zimmermann jamming looked you're gonna run into crazy people no matter what you do in this life what are famous with you not famous and you know if your friendly person being famous lousy manager correctly correctly loves you don't think it's hell you believe it i can't believe it i can but you have to enjoy like become you ve come from in our easy basically worked hard you deserve acknowledging never seem to get all people i mean do you ever get nervous i'm like nominate so cool you know maybe you inspire la people mean you're everywhere so people maybe she'll inspiring demand thanks joke you keep on going to school well that's the case i am happy to do it you know i think i've been inspired by a shitload of people in my life so if there is ever anybody that i can inspire to me that's a huge gift to be able to turn their back around you know i think we are everybody in his rooms too and that in some way shape or form and i think doing a podcast is doing that you know i'd
i've been upon gases like with you know literally inspiration in a digital form a lot of them conversations with people that you may never get to sit down with inured you're talking like i had grandma gaza last week and you mean it's just walk again not yet night i tried the biggest donor ever grand hank while he was he was off the rails he was he wasn't just he was smoking every day all day i was way too much but never vapor rising too so when you hitting that vapor rising bag goddammit getting allow a tac gaze day nobody take it there and you know what else is good about we do it with someone like you know like like eddie brabble and i will get together was one would we'd that would they were never you know it is a cool com collected situations can enhance the converse we're gonna have a nice time
some people gather smothered by themselves something that big perhaps said some people are trying to get on their spiritual level made it could be a spiritual waved jonah relax forget it it's a part of the earth it's a part of the earth it we have a relationship with your waken up hit the ball s tomb well you know tat maybe you need it you know i'm not saying what you need a what you don't need but if you dont needed and new fanatic control then you got a deal with you shit and the outer controlled things like a psychological balance i mean and as a fight or think you probably have the most difficult job in all of our flooding entertainment sports you have the most the gold solitary lonely dangerous crazy job i think athletes just in general have that because locally suppose you that we're getting on twitter and stuff like that list of what was happening michael jordan was truth goes back what you're talking about when people were a lot more exclusive them because they couldn't get it your day to day life has it like you know i'm afraid the roma are like man what's was
doing when he's in like brazil or london or somewhere there so they keep up on you know them right elusively so that when they see that i always will that's all a different thing in what we're talking about about like people coming up to let people come up to me are universally friendly gram of avid very few people come out when they were friendly and even if someone didn't disagree with me about something that come up and you start talking to me we can have a nice conversation about and is never hostility but on line when deal with anonymous people really that allows horrible shit internet tough guy because it's what site and they're not even you son of a real thing there san because they don't really mean it they would never say if you were in front of them it's a fake it's the words have no knowing what had i was people spent half the time off the internet or off their cell phone talking so much and i use that same energy that they do on this side but they go to the other side it's more like positive how much more inspirational possibly like how much more like vision they would have an inner may be successful in that
there were some people spend that same amount energy as you would over here on the good side spend on the negative side if you re going to turn it around the same effort ye i learn that very early in life that even though there is a real big pool to think about other people and well on other people and be angry about other people and look up their success or compared to your success that shit is all for laud and dangerous cuz it robs you of your time the time you spend even though it's it feels natural to hate on somebody
time you spent hating on someone robs you of your own time you are literally hating on yourself and you don't even realize it because if you're a smart person you only have a certain amount of free time of your fucking day cuz you're a smart person you find shit you love to do whether it's a relationship you love to do with her it's a sport you love to do whether it's a job you like to pursue you don't have much time and any time you spent some nonsense and gossip and stupidity when you see these ass a bee websites and people talking shit about people where you like why would even write that what are they doing their distracting themselves from their own failure and universally samisen as some people even on that level in our last a lot of friends girl growin up and get into two hour amount but by the good decision making some people
never get it they don't ever know how to flip the switch and realize it is the same amount of energy that you spend new embodies the same amount that you could be spent and doing good yeah it all goes to the decisions he's gonna momentum they get a momentum they get caught up in this wave of hating hating on people or gossiping about people were talking about someone that didn't even fuckin know how many people you heard like talking about like reality stars on tv talk about someone i see people like there s three types of people in this world man there's there's talkers there's watchers in theirs doers if it wasn't for like people like like rule fame people whatever team if you don't even have a jobs you don't know who to go follow anymore and delay or what are they doing now like i'd like to think of when i mean it's dmz guide that he's just a cool dude transition or job that's my approach
you think they're right now is taken a camera from people's phase of the airport but hey ma am strive to make some money i know dude icy deliver newspapers were you know i don't want china to judge anybody do in any of that shit you know but it's a job that exists is not his fault that job exists the problem is there is a demand demand there's a demand for nonsense and mom i'm guilty discharge man if i see cause there was a fake video proudly wasn't really cotonou s but it was there was saying that kind of west was knocking out these these people that were paparazzi in austin i mean whoever this dude was it looks like kind you wasn't it wasn't conduits is this on work and laughed hands the videos been removed just bombs on these dudes and his ease obviously skills because he ducks under a punch connects with the punch he hits fuckin harney nazi three do down this video the three times what what can i watch therefore why do i give a shit have kindly let's get brawls turns out
wasn't even but if he was getting browser photographers is a new thing going around the internet call a game called knock out gas because we think the east coast was doing these like young kids are knocking out all people innocent people there's gonna buy hey haven't conversation boom does hit him in their kindness game knock out or some like then as an old man who called let's go find those faggots and took him out no break there aren't squadron of guys go out and look for these motherfuckers sorry you now you walk down the goddamn street you could be a lady fuck man with the kids at home waiting in these dude combine punch you do those that it should be totally legal take a baseball bat to those files clearly the chill out there you know there's a lot of dumb kids out there that are not raised right they don't get any guidance in their life to live in a terrible environmental darrell terrible their broken me i'm not you can't be fixed but
damn that is a utter lack of respect for humanity if you to strike someone for no reason for a guph does it there's a point where you grow up though you know you can't you can blame you can blame it on the parents but there comes a point where to a certain point where you like ok i can make a decision from my song to make either a good choice i gonna have to live like this for the rest of my life i can go on and do this but just the fact that you would use as an excuse like bad parenting i'm gonna make bashing people were granted us start with the panting unless it is very important the guys that are involved in those it's one dude it there's a group of five or six eleven one duties clocks his man passed by and that the people in that group man there's gotta be one per group that is has half a heart and can call
cops and report this fucking bastard before he does it again he's a rat cattle out of a thought by his group's awry we re ok yeah that's really need more rats eddie robert said quote enclosed knew me on twitter we need more arouse fellows eighty bravo all family rather ads or bad that's a good rat yeah you know that's sick such its incredibly cowardly move but it's also like they're looking for some excitement alive probably and its success and do something horrible like that for the wrong reasons but still exciting about get paid a hundred thousand dollars get into a jim you know dana white stone our businesses gsm laid down at the real that's the thing that i said say to people when people talk to me about fighting they know they like why don't you go find em imago what are you talking about like do you understand what fighting is you mean you ve kicks obeys ass i say there's like you you think of fighting is kicking zones ass now that happen sometimes but its fighting
and everybody wants to kick someone's aspen nobody wants a fight nobody wants it a john jones alexander gustafson were you yeah you where you have you know you're latin it all hang out in there and if that is not your soul idea of what doing with your life you shouldn't be can do it exactly because i like that out there there's the alex gustafson out there is a john jones out their jeremy stevens out there is due there that's what they do is geyser fine for romania you're born with like natural talent like with those guys they made the decision to take it to a home the level right on your right man did you find out a lot about a guy when you hit him two fold overloads beat him up there programme offers you gonna take a hate keep coming back fine strong on that's that's what class comes in like we're at the inn at the end fi sousa buzzer heads and they know it's all over all the training everything in it if each other how can people decide man it's amazing
those two fighters have like they know each other better and anybody at that particular moment it is the rest on on the other have somewhat respect for one another in other able to go to war and plus its entertained for the fans to see something that's that's almost priceless yeah i know it's most exciting sport of all time you know there's sport that gets closer to the raw nature of of fight to the death of fighter flight of being able to test your will your heart your courage you're willing to put on the line against another person's and now just in that moment but all the time that you spent preparing for that moment the guy who was more willing the guy who was more enthuse the guy was more discipline and smarter all those things have to come together and now also your deal and also like what we're talking about these super athletes he's gaza corrected lumbar these guys like like tyrant woodley
these guys at a common along like cheese writers yo pedestal surgeon had a is you name all those guys within europe think here before too long there's gonna be some little kid right now that he's gonna turn a teen anyone like not this one training for this is where i do and by the time nineteen years old could be found in the u s c and be one like thyssen i do like ties when thyssen i first started you member those days we used to watch thyssen on yes paean and here you see the highlights in zoos are just fly and across a body size or right up if you just admitted that he was on coke during those fine now another later fights after prism yea free is we had like three hundred million people are taken advantage of he was just being heard it causes it was after so wasn't roche's days i think he was saying that it was out what's find out tasted immense hope dunkirk with school because it would make sense because if you look at his early fight which is destroying people that makes sense he looks like he's uncle i think he is so so crazy
had so much power in such a gift but here he would like cry before us do you like that scary part when you're about to go on staging you're in the back is waiting that's that's the crazy part like normally fighters bring its funding as you talkin about that one document breweries crime before the junior olympics regos didn't yea and will you when i found out through frankie whilst their good friendly did my pont pot cast my glass former that we be a champion he said he was this whole time i thought my thyssen is crying outside his his coach has to come out and get him tenderly teddy outlets and it appears that he's talkum throwing like saying you can do this you train art that you and then they come back and that's what it looks like but according to frankie wiles is really good friend he said no he was crying because he knew he was going to kill the guy and it was gonna be so much fun i couldn't believe is finally going to be he's gonna win this junior olympic thing that's why it was and tell you won't come on issues like let's go get the scope do it we can celebrate later
take us from two thousand and funds from the rain in nineteen in two thousand we flew salaries he was high and he was on coke and that's when using a rubber dick he saw using whizzing ada what year was as this is in two thousand the prison and he did as positive for marijuana after a fight in two thousand with andrew golota he had they they find him two thousand bucks he said he didn't have a chance to get the wizard from from member of his team as soon as all those rubber dick that's crazy he said he lost his mind but back then he said he said that he was a bit lennox louis renews higher cocaine two thousand to all that it were a fucking funny you you're not fuck you t love me faggot over there is a great maybe the gracing anyone's emphasising why did he ever uses you i hope that your lucky to you love because
real only homeland me man enough to follow me these eyes how long now he's on the real year olds grisha dude he was insane do that ferocious attitude and he would is land blow after heavy blow and he blogger i just keep punching cosy noses can you in those guys with this for he was high when it was finding any wasn't training dimensions got knocked down before the buzzer douglas fight yeah buzzer douglas action as a crazy story by him his mom died like three weeks before that fight and he still took them vice oh you know that do dislike unlike another mental level because that are you just been really screwed up but it he obviously seem like he was on a whole other level listen to this he ruinous memoir the history of war is a history of drugs every a general and warrior from the beginning of time was high who put the thyssen wrote that
that's what he wrote his memoirs you know what has a lot to it when you find out the bushes brought in more coated stayed in the states than any other drug cartels mind you imagine if you found out that the military industrial complex just a bunch of coke heads were held a new day it was it was chosen they call him the angel of the law the skies there's this old cocaine dollar before chopper goose mine they called the guy the skies and in my spanish that good to even remember what what it was but the sky was one that he was the riches and probably no one else will ever top the guy the lord of the skies what here he basically all the police or the government and was pay in top top dollar and he was born in love he was in mexico period it's gonna be fine and drugs to the u s and with reason all resources so there is no doubt in my mind i know no disrespect anybody but there is no doubt in my mind that stuff is is very for sure and people cops governmental
shells are getting paid off have you ever seen the clinton chronicles turned you too to duck when we now what is it now watch the clinton chronicles it on youtube it's free it's it's a history a bill clinton man and when you find out why he became president and what he did in arkansas ass governor that dude was ten times more gangster than any a hundred times larger than like john gaudy what about the bush go in the family and stuff like that the original tat bill clinton was working for george bush yeah they're all tonight in this this family bloodline of bush goes back to the guy they called dracula in this dracula guy would he would thus be i would find him or try lot hackers yeah that he's he's like tied into a bloodline of does deep war routes in there that it goes all the way back to to that but none of them are right like rob ford rob ford still on top the toronto mary
guy you know it's been a while when according to the clinton chronicles man all the stuff that the media was there was a media black out at all this shit that he did he went through in arkansas jeez you heard you are the shady shit around him i've always for all the stuff about bury seals and the mena art and saw the cocaine drops into exactly what he did what went down it's like a two hour documentary it's insane bill clinton according to this documentary the clinton chronicles he's a super cool get him and his brother roger super coke heads they were they were the ones that we allowing the code to be dropped off from america from colombia they drop it off arkansas was the hub mina arkansas looked at up give arkansas that's where all came through bill clinton let all the coke come through i ran contracting d got busted doing this
rigour is there any evidence that there was a coquette like saying that he's a coca like that do how does this energy output is according to the documentary who's the documentary binding which are called it's called the clinton chronicles trust me on this when this will blow you the fuck away he had everybody on locked it hundred by all public health issue that you don't love doing those people the reason there and powerful positions because of the decision making some of the stuff that i imagine that they have to do i mean you you read it like royalty in this crazy staff that thought though do two kids for power and in all this crazy stuff i like the bohemian grove type j ai but there's stuff like over like this this is like in europe theirs this castle where they talk about these little kids at that they basically like do these crazy acts on almost like molestation for like their their power and like they're they're crazy
it adrenaline like when they scale on bone structure data it is gives way different types she gets bizarre in on do you ever do do google like when you see they like someone curtain cargoes dear google the clinton crackled debunked terribly gorgeous wikipedia though those there so many people paid to put up those debar websites i believe any of that shit i i need to see the alternative media the stuff that's all the affair story of this is with them and stream wants you to believe i already doubt anything sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes it's facts though you got it you gotta look at both the areas that there is a matter of fact and the clinton chronicles man didn't is the new york times caught it discredited due to its weak circumstantial evidence in coincidentally pretty nice that's it course i kind of washington hostess embarking on jobs you watch it
black dollars you believe man where's that documents it's insane man and the environment arguments officials to washington post thereby salt months lie and solve their bob zoellick national aid and to say that receive bitch yes for sure there's definitely a lot of fucker gone on some some of those things you know the problem document or as is almost anybody can make a document or will there is it put it there are other about munich arkansas shit went down i ran contra about that you're right about that but who knows whether nice actually cocoa and wonderful don't blow again crazy and witness but you know what i'm fascinated with right now is there so many exceed agents coming clean and talking man and in there punch really yeah dear watch homeland now people are
third dinah great shown car crashes they then how about man having a nine eleven the year balikh loose change and all the other documentaries over talking about and like all suddenly this guide died in a fire at is how that's good that's a camera chronicles and hard as everybody this anybody that comes forward as a witness they are they get their heads blown off and then the corner put suicide she doesn't over body after body after body people die dealer tequila whose during the johnson and johnson what happened that has the girl number two particular right she was doing a lot like baby johnson the shampoo stuff or she was like don't like her words same thing with the daughter and while the daughter i like enough will warlike teal tequila come on this crazy youtube videos was talking about illuminati was i going to keep trying to nearly killed others are
nor are another shirts i really doubt anybody do anything but laugh they found to tell it to you if i was illuminati i would want teal tequila talking about illuminati kabila send their fuckin dossier with everything in it tell her everything we do in its other big start a website is doing a good job there sure she started doing that and then they would go yea till it he'll authority that can we're done here you just release all the truths and is given to tell it to killer that's where when she started showing blake with the works what till it accuse edward snowden tailored to kill joint size now it's fucking deal at the killer stoppage you see there ridiculous that she's crazy the using air she's she's a pawn they have the documents you don't say that and a better spokesperson for taylor fuckin tequila she will not encounter entail a particular lovers to secure
died seven timed sure she has to shut that off stuff that is exactly the shit i'm talking about you where's your previously we can try talking to kneel thyssen you know sam harris about what he'll kill told you organize a glaze over the conversation we done in ten minutes to stop another novelty zeal to kill it's a very pretty girl maybe he's got some good points my point is given of that's the thing about homeland homelands and interesting shouts on showtime about cia are really enjoy it nature yeah yeah yeah cia in fighting terrorism and people turning terrorism soldier turning on the government as it may this year the good news now it's it's a good show it's really good show its it shows how difficult the intelligence businesses though and it shows how much they set things up and they create fake stories and they release fake stores in those it's god damn fast
name really down five year because in you you watch it and you go ha i wonder what they actually do cause this is purely fiction so i wonder how much how much is actually going on how much is actual narrative how much they create but first sure they create some of it for sure for sure if there's some this shit going on they want to cover up their common rivers good story mockingbird that's not a conspiracy theory about operation midnight climax aesthetic and spares you know that's that's a fuckin real thing that they did with the fbi brothels new york and san francisco and they got people flocked up on lsd when they thought they were going to get a hooker and then they monitor them checked did studies on they dig these they would go they get their dicks locked you look tired of organ my wife from tired of my life from time everything but i scraped of two hundred bucks my wife does know about it i'm a sneak out this brothel
blow a lot it's gonna glorious any get they wouldn't i sent a lotta baby for you started shouting glass watertight drink a glass of water and i'll sudden do you do do due to do do the fuckin guys in the suits come in with clipboards the big glasses and their freaking you to fuck i asked questions and these poor guys mandate they they did this for years and in it is these of unbeknownst to them studies on these dudes after that the government couldn't do it anymore soldiers because like mine mine morbid another might just trying to wealth they were trying to figure out what the fuck lsd did and for a long time they thought lsd when robert hoffman albert hoffman rather than albert hoffman created l s de one the intelligence community found out about this incredibly potent psychedelic drug for the western world there was one of the first psychedelic people aware of it wasn't until
gordon watson discovered the psychedelic mushroom that people knew that its eggs it existed in the western world that the information for what have even those thousands and thousands of years of use had kind of been lost too to the modern intellectual well ass it came along by accident outward hovering discovered acid and then the gun initially when they found out about thought that it was going to be a true sera they thought what would you do is we're gonna get these enemy guys we're gonna give them ass it and edges go tell us everything turnout in work that way it was just we're too fucked up they couldn't get says you're talkin about butterfly steel in their underwear and you know that there were their madness and this is our trip there been hard and bought by the way they didn't know what the doses were like the way i voted described acid biochemical it's fast indiscretion deterrents mckenna said at best he said ass it is so strong doses so small that an ant could destroy the entire empire state building in thirty minutes
like that's literally how powerful ass it is precise per dose that and the analogy would be an ant destroying the empire state building in thirty minutes so it's so intensely power when they were given these people large doses so they were getting annual truth out of them then they thought about it said well maybe this is the opposite this what would they will give it our soldiers and then when they get captured we say hey pop the shady matthew intolerable shit don't even like fucking like one of those juice box is filled with acid they would suck it down when they were in the trenches and then no one would be able to talk at all for sure that's mine yeah they mine worked or will they did it the test for sure on people where they didn't know about acid they did those they did allowed us on soldiers both united states and the armed the british armed forces did that and they all the united states did tests on unbeknown towns they did these claims their stein operations where they just they took this town in france
and they put acid in their bread you know and i who died like people freaked out they did crazy shit me neither seriously though starts land red yeah is actually i agent talked about what he did personally one of the things that stick out in his head is in cuba they would find the truck route to like elementary schools hijack the truck fills a milk throw cement that's what he said he could be totally crazy in this documentary insane buddies savings in exile agent and this is something they wanted to cause chaos they would infiltrate cuba they wandered off they specifically targeted to blow up bridges were they'd be women and children so people
god they wandered much chaos as possible to start a revolution and in the chaos according to this guy they would cause the castle that's when they would come in and take control of the drugs and seldom arms to the rebels that that was the formula whether it's a latin american country i got nicaragua wherever mean no salvador wherever allows the plan is to go in their cause chaos arm the rebels seldom arms and blow shit up blame it on the commies start a revolution try to assassinate again according to this cia agents theirs they try to get the dictate assassinated caught in the chaos they take control of all the drugs natural resources oil and and selling that's to the cia that according to these guys that was the job master mood they do it in asia they do it
latin america they do it in the middle east cause chaos they want the cats and then once the country's decimated that once the economy collapses because of all this casts the internet bankers come in boom and they may become the saviours they come in come in and then they they they put it our own dictator born out of control that whole kosovo basically bankrupt them yes weep over so the expense right on for years for shares or gangsters and our concern with the state this not a conspiracy theory went out i ran contra here if they got busted ronald someone has a senior the head of the cia is the vice president they get busted doing j f k and they knew arkansas was wherever bring it in and is not a conspiracy theory this is exactly what happened who is the governor of arkansas do when all this call came through in the eighties bill clinton he was the one letting it happen and then who takes over as president after george senior
head of the cia once he steps down after he invaded iraq bill clinton is the present the running together bill clinton is cooking of george singer by letting him use arkansas and he becomes the president and then watch their debate to go to you too can wash their debates are talking about sending jobs overseas and and and this with her head like they got thing man this is what this is but they this must mean as some beach thing speech thing the guys doing to try and make a point they did it i don't want to do this if we don't want to do this because this is aggressive you this is like the economic questioning but you're not hidden anybody like this is clearly not effective family of lower taxes and we're going to create more a stamp on you here i am talking about their sometimes it gently do this in knowing owing to their main businesses is bill clinton was hooking up george singer know in this and then
they're talking about the fuckin balancing the budget its hysterical like pro wrestling it's like their bodies find the scene but on camera their pretending like their enemies so those are the conspiracy to this story is the aged nineteen fifty one in france suddenly mysteriously people struck down with mass insanity and hallucinations at least five people died dozens were interned in asylums and hundreds afflicted that's the facts and it was assumed that the local bread had been unwittingly poisoned with a sigh godard mould which happens and that's what they're saying was responsible for the salem which trials they said the ceiling which trials they ve they ve narrowed down to apparently when there's an early frost when you have a wheat harvest early free i can trigger the growth of ergot ergot is but fungus that grows on wheat that has many of the same qualities as lsd so when you consume this bread with this earlier we were there
as early as in it you trip your fuckin brains out natural naturally in obscurity way this humanitarian massive doses of acid in your bread act on your children are trip and out your children are free get everyone thinks everyone's haunted our latest the star drown in which as they like you know some say that will figure out some netflix about sandwich trousers is it a lot of people to stop there were being there that the runner spell they they really didn't realize what was gone so this they had aim this shit on ur got in recently and now they they believe that what's going on was that the cia had there's other cia documents that this guy found while investigating the suspicious suicide of a man in frank orson whose biochemist working for the s how do you feel from thirteen floor window two years after the cursed bread incident in france and one no transcribes conversation between cia agents and sandoz official santos as the people that eventually
producing and mass quantities lsd they mention the secret point saint s experiment point us free saint esprit was where this all went down so as mentioned in a memo and explain that it was not at all caused by mould but by die ethel amid the d an lsd said they had they done affected this shit into this town's bread supply just to work watch it just to sort of just to absorb what happens when you get a whole town on in nineteen fifty one they didn't know what you mean i didn't really have the data nineteen fifty one and ass i don't know anything about that but you telling me that its course sense criminals yet will some of them were some of whom are you know some of em back then the my hope for is that the internet provider such an access to information such a ban andrey dissolving fang between people
the truth that anything that happens from now to the future or from five years from now on a future everywhere would be so accountable for their actions because it to be so obvious in clear that there is war able to run things business as usual the rapture most slowly morphed down to a very reasonable level because it all be transparent like i remember there so many different conspiracy theories and and and use don't have time to really look into all and i remember you being williams j k and i never really spent too much time it just seemed like when someone tell me that was it was an inch a job just knowing what these criminals do and ok i believe that i just haven't looked into it but recently just recently i've been fast
kay case mass it's amazing man to think to think that all the stuff that i did spend time in that it's all connected often war war to prescott bush george singer j of care nixon all the way up to george singer becoming vice president ronald reagan bill clinton bam george w how did that and then obama all of it is all connected and it all has cia one right through our likes to play the part of the average person ultimately underground right now go what the fuck are you talking about conspiracy theories were german deeds on part time work or die right only matters about training and diet nutrition we do take creating we do it here but the stuff makers on honestly if it opens up a lot people's eyes to really stuff that's going on in you you bring about good points like why are we seeing documents like then school this is
georgina cia type staff in some of these you and that's what really much history mean he was the head of the cia that's history georgina but that alone is it's it's again that's not a consumers throughout history that is what we more disturbing george bush but that's not least limitless that's kind of disturbing but george bush senior being ahead of the cia and natural progression going from one big top office to another kind of make sense what does it make sense at all is really scary is the dick cheney halliburton connection that fact dick cheney was the ceo of halliburton he leaves halliburton becomes as president states then halliburton starts getting these no bid contracts to rebuild iraq these huge multi billion dollar can't these contracts to rebuild iraq a war that chinese trying to get us into at the tipp of the iceberg to think that that's only happening because a george singer
what's happening horses busted they got busted wide open selling arms to the contrary they got busted and in all the coat and nobody will jail you think that's us going download often oriented the he oliver nor to begin i think i think i think this is where i live i live close radar meal of estonia and two of this is real close to the election but basically to rwanda and when you go down there and like you hear all these crazy like homeland stories about decide these cartels this net selling guns worthington his guns from and truly vista now to us in mexico right there again like american guns and are like you basically legs go down there and come back up here than they have like state stash houses and like all this crazy stuff that goes on there don't think about it and you're going on right here in amerika to look you rossi was unusual and i remember being
we to end some and i work with the couple mexican gangbanger type dude and were deepen in india and the hood and mexico mafia and i remember them saying or you you would think the government brings in the drugs outside the government brings added value because you think weak aeroplanes how do you think the drugs and they looked at each other and laughed like i did not go you guys are insane the government brings the drugs and are you crazy and and it turns out that that's real and then see that tormented you so that tunnel they found recently in san diego the goes all the way to mexico superman stated the lad electricity why lighting a dish leering cab is a new one but they found many these tunnels but this is the only way for patients are placed where they could just pick up the drugs and in this the stuff go the stuff goes down it's insane there are you live in san diego what is it like in san diego being that close to mexico being that any honest seed or even though the difference to you go over there it's like we're over europe
and for like this crazy fish market less like a hundred bucks you downtown tanzania you you have thirty the tender ended tijuana you the best fisher lifers dollars in know so it's a lot cheaper but other than the quarters is was way different there's a lot of different things like san diego has away laid back vibe everybody's cool nothing going on but really that like a half hour away their shootings every day that's going down and and i just their buildings although a lot more get on just a where they live you almost when you go back you have the type of experience mean over there you almost just appreciate going clean neighborhood in old driving down and make so what is it like being that close to the devil think about it the ever hear about it spilling over here about kidnappings you hear about ellie you hear law here a lot of stuff you know then like sometimes i helicopters flylike have you seen this guy whatever bubble also kidnappings because it's easier back into mexico yeah
came back into max goes like human trafficking in drugs that people there's stuff that people are making movies are making millions of dollars that's that's all cool but that's socially really goes down rather than theirs big war on drugs in like you said that you you know you hear bobby like men's funding and this is our me where you think they're getting these type of guns in and type of muscle because the drug cartels well basically though no by though by like say like saint jerome you're like an army general guy you know you know some seekers stuff on weapons and you're lying and paid a hundred dollars a week to feed your family and there today what we're gonna pay you a hundred thousand dollars will put you in your family in an hour and a half whatever but if you must a brief you do anything wrong will kill you your whole family and then some in our southern take like headquarter people that know how to build like the brittan like submarines we'll get these people need angle that know how to build the staff and in those submarine hundreds of millions of dollars of drug cartel in its
just saying you don't stuff actually goes down i wonder if we could manage if there was like a map like an overly of the united states we could just theoretically watch the highlight of all the cocaine boats that are coming daily basis to set their own legislation and a right there just imagine that is that the law in force we couldn't see it but you can see long force me they are not see it or they do they know it's crazy that isn't that all does exist all these cartels are real according to these ex cia agents and the all stop there was going on in mina that's a small tiny fraction compared to what the cia is dumping and they're bringing a giant fuckin military planes elbowed tons and tons of coke and they did the court then every now and then the bust a little cartel put the new to say look we're we're we're doing our best to stop this watch the lord of the skies their documentary like you talking i'm gone more sakhalin chronicles but i'm after show the spanish word of it but i'll check out the lord of the skies like i was he was the most biggest powerful drug dealer and i
there's another guy you dont down there right now that's that's coming but no one says that there is anybody like this guy they called the lord of the sky this guy that's very seal sky funded the whole government and the government was pack them he was by unpopularity seal we bury feels the best the most famous biggest you're talking about a guided the live now now he's dead they are just like he came over here for surgery like in san diego unlike was into plastic surgery to change his like me like he's like i ran and ah he died like during a surgery that supposedly within there's like empiricism cooperate there is that are like now the he escaped because he i'm sure you heard of a chapel goose mind from a high security prison escaped quotes escape the highs easy you got billions of dollars man billions that's that's funny authorities have you seen the documentary the two escobar's where do you get to see the to ask about one of the greatest
eddie bravo fuck innocence glory silly picks up talking about conspiracy theories and others about less more about this than it had an undue conspiracy this is one of the biggest drug lords ever pablo escobar and it's about him and how he got involved with soccer and be and how she here he almost became political but then there was a back of the things that he was doing because they loved him like a goddamn he was feeding the poor like he was doing this crazy stuff with like his his drug money but he doesn't want anybody messing with his family but he was feeding though the poor he's doing so much for politics or theirs a killing going on which it which is involved in drugs you a lot of families were dying so then there a big retaliation toward him and the things that were going on so then like that politics like cut him off was like what we can it be associated with that not not like with people know you like that the two escobar's etc what he did what i
spoiler is they wanted he was obviously he was helping the poor any was building houses and he was really in the soccer building build soccer field all over the ghettos and he raised a bad bad i saw players that's why colombia ended up during the world cup because he raised them all the all the guys on the colombian soccer team that made it to the world cup this working with ninety three wise people escobar in that what does he have like the ip no one really new legislative just then when you looked into it here who all those guys you raised them up his kid he was really super have you ever had anybody try to get you to dump a fight that have like some published barter gangster due to bet a lot of money factual issues because as i am always intellect paris's i watched you stuff in and i always like to pick and choose and like i get the stuff like that but one thing it's always interests me never
involving is just drugs drug cartels i actually you know i grew up from a family where it where there's a drug problem in the household and which is reason why i like i kind of live porn in the ghetto and stuff like that so then when i hear about like these drug cartel these big billionaires that does come from nothin these guys come from my you'll hear talk about being or help in their parents parents farm they never when the live like that they want to live large and they had these dreams of just vision and saw the stuff like on their way up another gotta do some crazy thanks too to get in heavy words the crown they say so crazy some of the some of the stories and an interesting facts and and i kind like it
they wanted to the u s one or two extra item and nag and thrown in jail and states europe rather should he was doing and a public escobar went to the governments that i want you if you re right the constitution a rewrite the law that says you i cannot be extradited i will go to prison here i will you can have been present in builders and then they said fuck that and they they they thought he killed a lot of politician there was like a warzone the street and it was so much bloodshed that they finally said okay we are changing the goddamn law you know now go to jail because the jail and meaning the whole time built the jail he set it out we had night clubs in their tunnels to escape they had no idea that he went to his own jail he was party was leaving anytime you want it the document is set up and so when they finally figured it out there they took their arrest
his rival rival drug cartels they send him into prison and he was right there in his own prison so they murdered him so what they pointed out that the figure oh shit he's writing this jail they went there and conduit had escaped tunnel lang club there yet soccer field they pay i ended up dying later but they chased him down i killed a massage new yeah aren't we colombia's awesome now colombia like the drug problems like a thing of the past and second i saved place to be censured thing man from his courage it's interesting how that deck box out there ten planet budding key those guys are savages this is an interesting you know your places can go and come and i wonder what the fuck's gonna happen in the future max koko's when i the kid man mexico was about ass place to be you go over there and got a canker devising a canker and everybody like never heard anything about violence in mexico mexico's like a nice chill place he thought of people fuckin marguerite is shown on the beach in ireland you don't think
its content is heads off i was where they're still beautiful places like mass and as a bad battery or mexico has some pretty cool ancient stuff like over there were not enough has its guiding us a dog school by any means must go there there very humble people ever knows that make maximum people always say care of you you can't you know you're amazing families house you know you re in good further their manners are trying to take care of you very family oriental your core mexican i'm a quorum ask him my girls are harbison next guess i come from a mexican backer love a great mexican fight man you want to talk about one nationality that has produced incredible boxers press for gay look great he looked like he's improving for sure painful ask as i do whose born america son or thirty jargon finally we gonna maxine isa my pretty due to merit can born here is a marriage tarifa jailer farm he determined and pretty good i imagine above
from their guy or so i don't think he would mine knowing what kind of a beating is gonna give jail the end of it how do you think came to ask is what doing boxing who knows me he would have to get really good at it you know there's a there's a big difference between a guy like you say andre ward see andre ward fight this weekend he fought this dude who is a serious knockout punch i forgot the guy's name but andrea gorgeous box circles around them and it is a crime what's the big shots you know a base they dominated m this guy was a bad ass fuckin boxer and he's a really high level bogs gobs undefeated big knock out record just as it is a big difference between a guy who's a guy that's good boxing in may when the tsars other techniques specially guy goose like kings such a great wrestler can mean his his green is all about transitioning from striking to take down take on striking meaningful a box or wanted to fight him and then and then maybe he would kill him but he would have to
really absorb the game of boxing to compete as a box and has the best chance to be king question no man i was also does now he's been knocked i think travis browns common up travel around other stars gotta get jobs are not that's in then any joint action with the submission or something that that would be a guy that that would eventually discharge can take came down who knows mom most likely know anything you know they never now good range and beheld a rustle and russell muffin that may be taken down who knows call josh barnett's going to show up you know this guy at this guy you know he's busy with a lot of past off but i think we it back and you have sea especially not this time i think you might be reduced did you know in this fight would travel round as a huge fight travis brown yeah is definitely young town to do it on his way up he's hungry unknown danger heart so the to a really gonna set the standard who who wants it
get to the next level and go there and challenge came for that but that's a great fuckin fight managed freshly coming off the hours to fight a mutation managed not allow heavyweights on the planet they would have withstood the beating that he took in the first round from from our employees got out and seen do those i forgot do you like that broad gimme second his new are so much harder than everybody else's he throws himself found like anyway he's like one do you intend to bombard you this need the ruthless craze hence i get it over and over again with a battering ram but somehow or another travis brown got it through that shit literally got it through his amazing he got up and front kick them in the face and the same round we could he's in a warm and if you get kicked in the face one time he by ok you got me i'm still love you if you're so anxious but he kicked
the face like two three times and he was leaning toward it you have i told my said he i just shot his why do you can just shot at everywhere there was left do not last snap kicks to the chest into the jobs that are no joke you see your seen him alive now you didn't see him two years ago have another good honest honey not to honey jason this last fight try to throw a madman as a whole we know there are there to see because i also this guy are normally look the chest when i fight because i can actions towards hips are gonna be i could see is based i can see his feet and i can see where his hands are lined up so i know i want to keep good range but those though kicker deceiving cause you got a like your niece what's like your elbow going
who first to hit like a baseball so that the elbow always lead just like any so the need pops up you're not he's not like a like maybe a vague back me but it happened so quick pops rain your face its quick fix it makes me we ve gone this long and the eu have see and we just figured out this old basic karate crowding actually really useful devastated years will know what we're fastest it nobody abed emanate jim out ever made jim was that their striking cultures tell him there and students not to throw those on please don't work it's an interesting thing we see how much of a follow the leader thing is going on and ever may because a garlic anderson lands at front kicking naxa veto in the whole sport changes like overnight everyone's thrown from josh thomson storm like a mother fucker stolen crazy cakes thrown crazy knees i bet you did i think i think we know now that all these crazy kicks do work you just gotta have goodbye
and good rustling here you gotta make sure that if you get taken down the eager pop right back up or you have good you you just gotta be won't that's all you rest the only reason they won't work and because the other people who knew how to thralldom did not a fight on the ground so we went to a dark period where we have to take away these these techniques disappear for a while until the wrestling and striking merge as one it's so interesting to see these guys that the that are coming up that are throwing these games throwing these techniques that people that you never saw like veto landon we ll kick on luke rock hold due to throw we'll kicks all the time it's good even third in my i'm no striker but in my opinion it seems that if you we strongly of another heartland sometimes when you throw it takes a guy this games like all disguise wanted throw these motherfuckers so china sea jorge macedonia and restart hobby love i saw the five don't remember hobby love will take them in the neck i gotta nowhere limit mean hobby love is a fucking some now rock them know how to bulgaria must we can take it man but
caught him in the neck with a wheelchair like out of nowhere at a nowhere do it's a straight grappling with china strikes that's what catches among people people wounded the risks alive he will have a lot of good arsenals like in their tools but they like in the fight me there stick to the basics and i want to risk it but the yankees win when you throw something spinning at you you must look at em like are at risk was the risk everything ok i like that like what's gonna happen you're gonna throw down like ok this guy's laundress restoring to knock managua risk rest something but if you just sit back let it happen you're not really taken any risking i really get any reward you there you know one thing about one say about gnp is yes i think i think he lost and yes it was a bad decision just look at his face what i admired gs p for go forward sticking do his game plan he was throwing down the whole time he was gone forty guy rock and backed up all over but generally about fight he was stolen had kids like a motherfucker he was don't big right hands he was
he's a true warrior bees are proud to have been seen and it seem like in that it really seem like after the first round here which started gas we was breathing really heavy but he kept going forward for he had hit harm yet fill of car fell by fishermen in the press conference in there's no no i just pay that he's not he's not a gamer those is wanted do what it takes and i he almost seem like recycling he doesn't really carries a psych madison i left at all for you guys i what do you want me to do i am not a judge i'm a fighter i went in their duty to who johnny hendricks this throws them serious bricks is hitting me in the freakin face horsey nobody he did he did five through any did he did finish the fight in eating give up into that is that bother you man is a lot of insensitivity in how people view fights and fighters after fights happen i mean i've seen guys come out i've seen guys come up to people and say rude shit to them like would have mammalogical knocked out like
i've seen guys say that and it's a site we shot evans is talking about some due to came up to him at an autograph signing and try to get him this autograph a picture of him you know that famous picture of him after which he did knocked him out to get stuck in this phase like smile and laugh when they make you autograph this and read our shod crumpled up until we get the fuck out of here like this that route in this and not respecting the fact that this guy they think that is because it gets paid for it here we will deal with your douche bag area you she's jerry banish public i vision a pub guy last us attitude man that's as this is horrible most words fans are used to how can shit about athletes they ve always done it with baseball players they have always done with football players you know mean a big part of a basketball games people behind this that the basket too can shit to the player while you shoot and three pointer talk
it was on the free throw lie given them those fucking things like blocking them in front of his face funding it is kind of funny but but there's a difference between devil is understood i think that in these they need to understand and appreciate the debt between the loss in that sport this up they feel the loser basketball game and i lost an fight which is a life changing proposition now you're in a completely different from category as far as your expectations for your future you have to rebuild you have to regret really really think like the other day when she was in led the float lab and are actually by the workers and search for in the car from how do you like that that was amazing you talkin about like does this journey that people deal with like people use a lot of meditation i thought that flow lad dislike i just three redid finances my whole entire life than others to address one on this freakin trip rouses i felt like something was pull me out atta atta things and i was like
i was doing so much out of their own like mentally and i just think that some something we know like when you get setbacks like that some people dig deep and come some eggs groundbreaking news i can there in their mind without the little change within some people to stick to that pattern and fallen off in a year while this the reality of self examination is you don't always like what you see and you their change it or you can just ignore it because it's too much work and get tired or you get into that sorted deflecting mindset where foetus gap defeatist latest attitude and a lot of perhaps get that they just keep getting back on the wagon other keep getting back drink in the can help it that that happens all the time majorities they did a cat they can run out of port pull through in too much work at its heart united in that the thing is its eighty percent mental and twenty percent fiscal really think that you have to have your mindset to the to the topic if you if in a completely new stuff like that because if you go in there with a
maybe something going on right at homer you noticed anything maybe a family members i moved to some angolan right and you go into a fight that that whereas in tears on mentally in its mentally taxing what's been the toughest five for you to go into because you ve gone into fights would like legal issues hanging over your head you going to fight for a lot of bullshit gone on the background of private part of what the eu edwards fight which is where i got clip in us like i told you before us augmented felucca like a young girl bessie many i can take anything whatever and i you know in the jim i was actually working on my athleticism milestone a lot more barrels allow at my feet and then when i went to that fight all stressed out i felt like the old me i'll just all shrugged up our titles is going for it and there is really no excuses that's my style fighting is that is among the risk it to together you know i wanna make bank brow hidden and in i was going fight is not a clear head in have my head on my shoulders and i was this guy before i needed the money like i forgot the scar robbed of so much i got
my freedom i got robbed them like my my kids put food on the table my kids like i like to what happened with you you you had some sort of a legal situation or someone accuse you of assault and then it s basically this salting them and in meeting them like real i guess i personally like stop breathing but was it a missing identity mistaken identity case like nod is this classic factor through an after party like a smaller bar and to be honest any monsieur fight break out in a fight broken out in it carried on outside and there is there is a commission communication with people i guess like the bar owner which i kicked is drawn guy out who from what would i know he was at the bar he got kicked away from the boys are given my credit cards is being disrespectful groping on women has been obnoxious dry can i got to go home and and is take a chill pill keep in mind the skies like in in the army noise he's he's like somebody you think that you look up to her has some cyber respect
and he diskettes gets drunk basically the bartender kicks him out in any ends up kicking the owner and the knots for trying to get a moment put some dude actually and the dude hit him back in like self defence it kicked the owner and the knots gets gets thrown out sorry i came in like a private party you got you gotta leave he starts get he starts into a with another guy anymore that's when it was happen to be my after party from from a fight that i had where my name and got got brought up and i was actually called down to the police station the next day was like hey and i heard you guys we're looking for me like what's goin on you know and my management team what was there actually seen the fight and he he knew lie a lot about what was going on so weird side being proactive so you didn't have anything to do with it around know nothing at all a dream and see if i even break out or so it is a fact that do got knocked to fuck me thought you didn't he guy i guess you got beat bad and like then people would like to mention and like my name is my party in the guy who actually did it turn himself in to the police
a trip so an iron again in trouble like almost a year therefore for something i completely didn't do it actually in the morning was calling down to see if i needed to be questioned like on others there's nothing to be correct so just something that you are on the hook for for a while they had nothing to do with nothing to do with it costs a shitload of money and fees and it's a lotta doesn't mental stuff now that i look back at it crazy i'm a lot stronger of a person from inside i really watch your hanging out with no don't go out in i'm gonna have kids this time too we have a serious fuckin career now to man me near highly rank that honey jason knock out was a big wake up call for a lot of people a hundred forty five politics to fight there now discredit to michael tis man might my t my family in aren't they thanks for ufc in like dana wife really believe in believe in me and i was just like man i had nothing to do with this dude you know like i and i just got i got robbed the so much but that in that in defined me as a person the person i was becoming in the gym and you know it
going to show not nazarite time i think everything's really connected in my career thanks to my coaches and everybody so support me i think i think right really started a girl because no one i foresee knew of divers this turned twenty one in the you have seen i really gonna grow up inside you have c and five guys our price i'm fine i that didn't really have a chance and i go on i win you know so i had it young career you know when i was twenty two years old i had like one hundred thousand dollars in my bank account i don't even know what to do with it this joint while you did the smart thing man you realize that you have potential and you went down to a serious jim you know alliance in san diego without a doubt as one of the best gems in the country's excellent move that the perfect thing for you to do look it's it's a beautiful thing you see right our work and reap the rewards viral man he's demanded he is like a is almost like a sport psychologists he just really knows how to cook with me knows what to say how to work with me and i was for that for like the longest time when i was travelling to go and went to florida with hermes and and had some running some bad management and like us skin screwed over there so distant really have the
people around me at the time and i was searching for somebody just a grab behold him this more me into something you i knew i had all the all the skills and talent i just needed that type a coach i think i've really found now culture darfur romana guy he's train a monster i love whereas what's what's next we now who we find next to you because i know that there was so gunnbiorn quick turn around because your fight was quick yeah if i was quick on health is a personal gold mine to to get in there get after get a huge win and i had some goals for myself when i see him every day there hung up on my door this is what my goes on i'm going back close to my home town which is chicago january twenty fifth i just thompson vincent henderson's on the hour and my home towns is right next door and this is a real huge five from your line oh i'm fine dern daring elkins that's good yea fund lines a tough rushed through the mid west guy and i really do i think that i have all the skills to beat him to scan unspent keep to search bar steamroller nice beautiful thing is not to try to take you down yeah i think so
i think now tens is tough as fuck do he banks with everybody who does bang but he also he's very smart utilizes is rustling he is he's he's got a good good ground and pound he's lengthy knows how to use his range but i see a few holes in his game it's gonna be a great fights can be a fine fine i think you'll help bring out a vicious assume by by his attacks yeah there's going to be an awesome fuck and find their cars i love that benson henderson josh thompson fight i liked affected josh thompson even those in life for a title you know that gets hurt like who else am i like that about fighters may now i don't believe in waiting around mendous cohen's proof can you florian actually somebody actually looked up to a long time ago use is being these guys are like man's flooring was next natasha i know what magnetizer got his tea ways i gods brink bring me whoever he's i'll albeit anybody from top to bottom just to prove that of this type of chinese i got is one or both to know that analysis i wanted peace in a year i love i love the fact that thompson is coming into his own you know after a long history of area in the fight game but he's
good as he's ever been that fight against any deal was fan passed in this fight in strike force with gilbert were fantastic before then he's really improved area it was always been an athlete even back when they what do you see you find easy i ended up gettin vicious kick your ass backface in his game cobb he's had a long goods successful career is very athlete very skill and he's really coming into his prime rhino yeah been around for a long time man he's like through very yeah true that but a real smart dude scaled smart he does a lot of sneaky shit those triplicity hickory others trip city had gilbert with i love those relevant he grabbed your neck and trips you and shared it does a lot of weird shit and in austria ill he'll do like he'll do like a take down and right away he'll pop up just to strike and throw elbows are you with its
he's really interesting to watch it is is funding to watch it real israel active at fifty five yeah he's this such a good fuckin way classmen fifty five so some so crazy to so many good fuckin talent filled wait class is now thirty five stag thirty first act i was impressed like josh thomson rashid evans all these guys like that human rights jail man that was about fires a different i was a different shot i think he's our different love we had a wrap this up unfortunately we're almost at a time of three hours run on a gas ok we turn into a pumpkin you you she can't handle recordings one three hours long for whatever reason my point is a real quick robbie law oh yeah another that's another good all of a sudden peace he looks fish he strode kicks now he's coming into his own common and was on my stick it out they discussed sticking out keep going it takes years
it is striking together takes years and a lot of fighters quit before they strike can get what's also just focus and maturity india put really put in the word open side the octagon him and even yes desolate why eighty eighty on waller and arrange liners roy mcdonald ended the fight on top elbowing lobby some problems not all right machines about mother fucker there was great fight jeremy seems we ideas again
thank you again and they remain are really pressures on your now i may do it again if not fund let me go get this women half weeks out from a camp right now sombre go back in it an ominous can enjoy myself minsk before gratulation is all your success man you ve been really doing grades beautiful the watch improve its awesome the watch a hard work pay opportunity amandas pledges in annex ii s thinking thanks brother was an honour our thanks thanks eighty bravo as well go to tenth planet j j dot com and learn some jujitsu son ten plenty headquarters of the tap out jim and loss angeles the master eddie bravo teaches there himself on a nightly basis you dirty bitches goddamn gonna ten planet san francisco this saturday go to the new bureau form on temperature do not come for all
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